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File: 1716006523264.jpg (57.61 KB, 640x620, amorphous_globosa.jpg)

No. 77002[Reply]

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No. 78420

goodbye cowball!

No. 78423

File: 1717582147784.jpeg (41.48 KB, 1021x213, IMG_5528.jpeg)

80% of that thread is just one autistic anon replying to every single post with a wall of text and getting mad when people don't agree with her covid vaccination opinion. It's obvious who it is because of their writing style and refusal to sage, you'll literally just get banned for replying to them too much because they literally will not stop posting

No. 78432

personally I think that poster was being annoying in other posts and that red-text is just a technicality. I can't see IPs but I just know they were shitting up other threads.

No. 78442

This has been a rule for years

No. 80320

File: 1720534292713.png (1.43 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_9787.png)

Please reopen the Onision thread. Ever since yall closed it he’s been prancing around the internet acting like he’s invincible all the sudden.. he has a new YouTube, pushing his website again and pushing onlyfans again and asking old patrons to sign up to his OF for a year free

File: 1707778229712.jpg (219.74 KB, 960x610, 2964740354d9b0fcde88e16.069961…)

No. 71238[Reply]

This thread is for discussing the results of the Jan 22 - Feb 5 Hellweek of 2024.

It was requested in the original Hellweek thread that we provide some statistics, so we've spent some time putting together a spreadsheet with some stats which you can access here! Please note that the spreadsheet has 2 pages which you can switch using the tabs at the bottom. The first page is statistics about users, and the second page is statistics specifically about moderation.

For those who don't have the time to read that, here is a brief overview (the spreadsheet has more detailed information):
>Total posts
>Total reports
>Unique posting IPs
>Unique posting devices
>% of posts that are by VPN users
>Total bans
>Total permanent bans
>Top 3 most common ban reasons
Derailing, infighting and lack of sage
>Top 3 most banned threads
The Celebricows thread, the Shayna/Dolly Mattel thread, and the Twitter/Tumblr Fandom Discourse Thread

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No. 73680

The problem with that is that some anons don't title threads properly

No. 74155

I saw someone a few weeks ago asking if admins posted any statistics of bans pre and post the dumbass shit thread autosage, and honestly I would be very interested in seeing it. The autosage was supposed to cut back on newfaggotry and infighting, but as far as I can see, there's still a lot of both in /ot/. There's also the issue of anons posting off-topic things in other threads that would typically go into the dumbass shit thread, which for some reason doesn't seem to get banned most of the time. And the mods nowadays frequently bend to the wants/demands newfags, so it's incredibly unclear what direction you guys are trying to take.

No. 76759

It's actually super disappointing that townhalls are being refused, because the polls in townhalls would be a lot more reliable and verifiable for making decisions than holding polls on poll sites like what was done in the past

No. 76894

Please understand. There are no chat platforms with an archive function and also screen recording software doesn’t exist. So they just can’t I’m sorry. It’s for our own good.

No. 77667

>As for why other threads are not locked or autosaged, we have discussed as a team whether or not to close the worst offenders (e.g. Unpopular Opinions) and we’re still keeping an eye on it. We aren’t ruling out closing them in the near future if things do not improve.
So are we ever going to get an update on this? Or any updates literally at all

File: 1713533795384.gif (982.02 KB, 256x256, IMG_0054.gif)

No. 75552[Reply]

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No. 76997

A tiny amount of cartoon blood is not nsfw, spergchan. If you're a cutter, hide it yourself.

No. 76998

what a bunch of spergs who cares if its spoilered

No. 76999

>suprised farmhands haven't said or done something about it already
well the admin allowed the embedding feature for tiktoks in the first place (tbh kind of a dumb move, but it was the result of anons constantly asking for one)

No. 77000

i dont know maybe because its a op pic meaning the thread will be less noticeable at a glance and theres no reason for it to be spoilered in the first place

No. 77001

good it will filter newfags

File: 1711867834557.jpeg (393.74 KB, 750x671, IMG_9784.jpeg)

No. 74111[Reply]

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No. 75537

how is finding actors attractive attention whoring

No. 75538

for finding scrotes attractive? please, it’s /g/

No. 75539

This. I need this.

No. 75540

I love this thread it's hilarious, but for a thread pic it's just dumb. Posted in the thread with a spoiler would've been fine though.

No. 75541

Can I appeal a permaban? I wasn't infighting or anything that's worth that. I guess I band evaded but my ban was a temporary one.

File: 1709292753068.jpeg (852.4 KB, 1242x1606, you will never be farmhand.jpe…)

No. 72411[Reply]

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No. 74106

Why do you think you can shit talk staff and not get banned. You're perpetually retarded.

No. 74107

ntayrt but the staff shittalks anons too so it should be fair game kek. the anon who actually started the fight should've been banned too tho. (tried reporting earlier but nothing happened) >>>/g/388156

No. 74108

I really do love how this place alternates between kek kek this is an imageboard my fellow kekkers and an overmoderated discord server where staff disrespect is a punishable offense depending on the day

No. 74109

NTA you can shit talk the staff in some circumstances without consequence but I think it depends on the mood of the mod banning and how badly they can miss the point of a joke. However in this case both should have been redtexted for derailing and both were kinda being stupid. I think in the perspective of the mod anon was the one who dragged on the arguement and so she was the one banned, unfair but makes sense.

No. 74110

thank you for trying anon. I appreciate it. That farmhand clearly has some bias.

File: 1703907679609.gif (39.64 KB, 300x118, lolcow_awards_2024.gif)

No. 67199[Reply]

Thank you for casting your votes!

Beating out the 7 days of Kwanzaa, the 8 days of Hanukkah, and the 12 days of Christmas, we bring you the 15 Lolcow Awards! This year we had typical ups and downs with our cows churning out milk some weeks and going bone dry others. We faced tinfoiling and fears that the site would face another Bunker Thread. We laughed, we cried, we drew and we watched moovies. Many of you beat SpaceX’s record as your sides have been launched into orbit endlessly over the cows we celebrate today. So, Merry Milkmas and a Happy New Year! You can view the full results of the voting by clicking here!

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No. 72525

I hope someone makes it into a real banner

No. 72951

One of the Admins (Sentinel) made it. We will add it to the banner list alongside newly made banners from the banner thread on our next update.

No. 72955

thank you for banner updates, cerbmin

No. 72977

Yess I hope it comes out cute! I love it

No. 73735

I can't find the glitter redtext, can someone help me out? please I scrolled through it 3 times already

File: 1707936388338.png (2.69 MB, 1694x1544, IMG_2399.png)

No. 70459[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/meta/67831
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No. 72406

Nobody is taking your bait in that thread and nobody is taking your bait in this thread. Get a grip.

No. 72408

Circumcision derailer is back talking about circumcision in Confessions thread in /ot/.

No. 72409


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 72412

No. 72421

but what if you already are the mommie

File: 1708069712791.jpg (39.23 KB, 651x512, pondering the admins.jpg)

No. 70855[Reply]

How many admins do we have left? Communication admin is obviously gone. What about the other two?

No. 70856

Kek we have one admin and 3 staff members? If I'm not mistaken

No. 70897

Did you really need to create a whole new post for something that could have gone in the meta discussion thread?

File: 1705493359276.png (277.51 KB, 354x471, lets_see_who_the_REAL_admins_a…)

No. 67831[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/meta/66283
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No. 70454

File: 1707935670173.jpeg (163.7 KB, 750x383, IMG_6631.jpeg)

Radfem uses both of these words kek and she would be the type to lock the thread over something stupid like people arguing

No. 70455

my sides kek i also use the words uglier and sperg all the time i hope that doesn’t make you think i’m RFH

No. 70456

Everyone on lc uses sperg your retarded sperg

No. 70457

Everyone uses those terms?

No. 70458

who is the mod then? if you don’t know then it could be her. she was talked about in leftcows and got very upset over it and her mod pins have the same tone as her twitter. most people do not care enough to mention lolcow by name on twitter, yet she does

File: 1705870687091.png (809.53 KB, 800x629, hellcow.png)

No. 67909[Reply]

Hellweek is over. In the next day or so we will update this thread with some statistics about moderator actions over the last 2 weeks, as well summary of what we have learned and any changes for the future.

The core of this community is (and always has been) discussing and documenting lolcows. This site exists to serve farmers. Part of the reason that board culture has degraded as much as it has is due to the number of posters who are not here for the milk, but instead to use /ot/ and /g/ like a chatroom and without any attempt to integrate or use the site as intended.

The quality of posting has also dropped significantly in recent weeks, particularly in relation to blatant bait being posted in /ot/, /g/, and in milk threads that attract a certain crowd (such as Tradthots). A lot of this traffic is from ban-evading spammers and tourists posting in bad faith, but they are only able to disrupt threads as much as they do because of how many users keep taking the bait. We have noticed that many long-term users see this for what it is and have been calling it out, but the number of other users who continue to engage with it have been exacerbating this problem significantly.

If you are not a farmer, you are merely a guest here. You are a welcome guest as long as you integrate and follow the rules. If you continuously post without regard for the rules or board etiquette and culture, that privilege can and will be revoked. Frequent rule-breaking, infighting and trolling will be met with a permanent ban. You can screech as much as you want about how the site will die without your low effort shitposts, but we do not care. Slower boards with better quality posts is preferable over the current state of the site.

During this Hellweek, we want to get the site health and quality of posting back on track, and we will be facilitating this in a number of ways:

  • All topicless, chat-style/shitposting threads will be locked for the duration. Do not make new threads to replace them. Do not try to cicumvent this by giving them new titles.
  • The cooldown required between making posts will be increased to 2 minutes (it is currently 30 seconds)
  • As it has been a particular problem, all posts breaking global rule 7 (racebaiting) will receive 3 day unappealable bans. Users with very little else in their post history will be assumed to be posting in bad faith and be permanently banned
  • Blackpill posting outside of /2X/ will be treated as bait and banned accordingly
  • Every response to blatant bait will receive a ban. Report bait and do not respond
  • Every post accusing someone of being a scrote/tranny will receive a ban. Report suspected males and do not respond
  • Reporting someone you disagree with for being a moid/tranny will receive a ban. The vast majority of reports we receive accusing a user of being male are incorrect. Women are not a monolith and can have opinions that you do not like
  • Reporting posts for retarded reasons will receive a ban, e.g. an anon posting an unpopular opinion in the Unpopular Opinion thread is not bait, please use your brain

As always, please use this thread to provide feedback on moderation decisions throughout the week!

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No. 69626

Is it the insult Olympics retard?
Faggot is targeted towards men, bitch is nonspecific and broadly misogynistic, cunt has a variety of uses but is also nonspecific misogyny, nigga is a race-baiting term that actually could be targeted towards specific women and it is banned for race baiting for this reason. But yes, lets play insult Olympics to gauge what insults are most vile and targeted. Shit uncritical thought.

No. 69627

I don’t think nigga is banned, i see it used fairly frequently

No. 69628

Nta but "bitch" and "cunt" are misogynistic too, because they can only be used against women. No one calls men "bitches".

No. 69629

Yeah but they’re not banned and no one really cares if you use them here

No. 69630

nta but i've seen it redtexted as 'racebait' several times in dumbass shit threads and once in a /snow/ thread

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