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File: 1440769580796.png (42.51 KB, 1024x1024, info.png)

No. 1183[Reply]

I have been ambiguous about my gender up until now, but to prevent confusion, I'd just like to inform everyone that I'm male. (Every other staff member is female.)

I prefer to preserve my anonymity as much as possible, but it feels wrong when someone assumes I'm female and to not deny it, so I think it is best to let everyone know.
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No. 2123

>An interesting caveat of your admin is how he is totally self-reliant. He detested the idea of operating a joint wiki, he refused to let me run an mx server for him, he unobjectively rebuked my offer to consider Infinity Next as an upgrade to Tinyboard.

>Basically, he doesn't want to participate in anything I might have a hand in.

I wonder why…

No. 2125


No surprises here. See the idiotic Next fiasco forming on twitter. The two imbeciles are going to sue each other like idiots they are in this matter. The worst aspect is that the user base has to carry the can for this failure and the meta debt 8chan has amassed.

No. 2134

He knows you're a control freak, Josh. You utter cretin

No. 2135

File: 1454122335486.webm (473.14 KB, 680x697, pig farm subtitled.webm)

No. 10306

Oh fuck, I thought this was recent because it was bumped to the top. Jesus.

File: 1549754396510.jpg (101.31 KB, 850x476, znBZH50.jpg)

No. 8771[Reply]

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.
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No. 10297

I just had to close it. Hopefully she gives the dog away soon enough and they'll become readable again.

No. 10298

Can the Plushie and Pokemon general threads be moved to /m from /ot? Would be great

No. 10299

I really can't figure out where else to post this, this was the closest thing I thought it was relevant to. mods, have y'all seen this site? [redacted]
I swear this isn't like an ip grabber or something, and definitely use a vpn if you go to the website (I did), but apparently it's run by the same people with the petition to take down lolcow, gg, and kiwifarms lmao, supposedly building dossiers of lolcow posters and mods/admins. Again my apologies that this probably isn't in the best thread, wasn't sure where else to post?

No. 10300

Why can't anyone on this thread just use the report function

wtf thanks for sharing this anon. i hadn't heard of it yet

No. 10301

this is literally one of the most pathetic things i've ever seen in my life. wow. thanks for pointing it out, anon.

File: 1552683250359.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2110x2940, 2019-03-15-986386.jpeg)

No. 9355[Reply]

What is this site even about?

No. 9356

It's about friendship and good times.

File: 1538712517721.jpg (19.08 KB, 384x188, 1439818584170.jpg)

No. 6816[Reply]

Third edition!

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.
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No. 9998

test 2

No. 10307

I know the milk is drying up in the Onision thread but anons have taken that opportunity to clog it up with Lainey talk and it’s annoying as hell.

She’s boring and it’s the same stuff that’s been talked about for months. Ew, she’s ugly. She’ll never transition. She’s so boring no wonder Greg hates her. Greg will leave her if she gets top surgery.

I can’t take one more boring repetitive post about her.

No. 11423

The Onision thread is kind of out of control. Half.. ok maybe that's a bit much… a quarter of the posts in there are non-contributory and should never have been made. ie. no one gives a fuck on how all this milk is making you feel, speculation without reasoning or argumentation, newfags bringing up OLD ASS topics that have been done to death (what kind of military discharge. credit to the oldfags who didn't beat that horse to death… again), posts that only reference other posts in the same thread that don't contribute. Can you just like wag your finger at them or something?

No. 11667

Hi mods and admin.

I have a suggestion. The onision thread sometimes gets bait and spam from people trying post fake screenshots and updates.

Would it be an idea to have a locked "verified content" thread that contains only images and updates that have been verified to be true and legit, and maybe with a level of scrutiny so only the most interesting stuff gets archived?
This way, people can easily look up stuff, without having to risk taking bait, or us unknowingly feeding trolls. If its too much work, then whatever. It's just a suggestion. But I think it would help against the motivation to keep trolling the thread, as there's no way (hopefully) that troll content could get inside a verified thread.

No. 12152

How do I get a response to dox regulation violation on /snow/?

File: 1548641236598.jpg (436.58 KB, 1999x1221, 4YvJwAM.jpg)

No. 8345[Reply]

It's been a very long time since the community has gotten together to discuss the site and changes. I think it's about time to fix that so I've scheduled a townhall as seen on the announcements.The townhall chat is scheduled for Monday, February 4th, at 9 AM JST via cytube (a link will be posted).

I don't plan on rescheduling the projected date because it's futile to try to meet everyone's preferred time frame. Anyone that can't make it will be able to read a recap in this thread.
Please use this thread to bring up points of discussion you would like to bring up at the townhall.
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No. 8718


Since the rule has been applied so unevenly, yes, it needs to be clarified.

Were you in the town hall? What Admin said there seemed contradictory, and the chat was going by so fast not everything was addressed.

>image laws

As in copyright or ownership of the image itself or rights of personality and publicity in countries such as Germany?

>Parents have rights over their child's photos.

Over photos and video taken by others?

No. 8719

Admin kind of basically said don't post stuff that would get you in trouble.

The site is in USA so the laws are USA laws. In the USA there are laws against "harassing" children and using their pictures for things other than their intended purpose or without the parent's permission. Parents have the right over their child's image unless they consent to it being used publicly. So even if someone posts their kid on IG it's a real grey area. Child stars don't have the same rights as a celeb's kids who aren't child stars.

No. 8720

File: 1549535584872.png (321.21 KB, 800x755, 1546362316786.png)


I asked because I've seen all of the examples in >>8686 both redtexted and deleted (even memes and stock images) and not despite being reported like >>>/snow/755698. Anons in the Celeb thread have asked for clarification. And look at the ban that happened in the Mommy Vloggers thread for asking for clarification, yet the pics and videos remain.

No. 8724

nitpicking kids is gross, even if they're in the public eye

No. 9366

It’s also weird as hell

File: 1546219952944.jpg (396.68 KB, 1200x800, PsVg0H0.jpg)

No. 7951[Reply]

- we found a new admin based on the applications that were sent in. She has been a lolcow user from the start and we are confident that she'll be a great leader. She'll start sometime during January.

- the new admin will use the applications to pick her own mod team. Whether or not current mods stay will be up to her.

- once the new admin is officially owner of the board, she will move to a new server provider which should offer better performance and fewer concerns about takedowns.

- we have chipped in together to upgrade the current server for the remainder of time before the switch so that lolcow can run smoothly until the new admin takes over.

Sorry for the wait and all the open questions. I'm just posting to share an announcement, the rest will be worked on once the admin is with us.
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No. 8536

Seconding this, there's a few threads on first page of this board that are clearly outdated, would love to see potential new banners instead

No. 8561

Will you be taking applications any time soon? I would love to try my hand at being a janitor or volunteer in some way.

No. 8566

they just held applications 3 months ago unless you're that new

No. 8567

Not a newfag; just happen to have more free time now than I did previously. I just figured you can never have enough people cleaning, organizing, and keeping watch.

No. 8589

I was wondering the same thing, I wanted to all the past few months but didn’t have time until recently to do it, and now applications are closed. They probably will sometime in the future but I’m not sure about when or how soon.

Hope we can though!

File: 1544131142788.jpg (105.74 KB, 1280x720, JWoNRG1.jpg)

No. 7479[Reply]

Rejoice! Another round of festivities is upon us!

To celebrate a year full of rich, creamy milk ending, we'll host the lolcow awards 2018!

You can now submit your nominations.

> best milk
> favorite cow
> worst cow
> Horrorcow
> best troll
> worst troll
> best comeback
> biggest plot twist
> best user submitted content (photo edits etc.)

Once we have a good amount of nominations, a poll will be posted for everyone to vote.

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No. 8096

Onion boi is best and worst

No. 8097

You need to vote here fam >>8011

No. 8262

When do we see the winners? I've looked but can't see if you have a date to publish the winners.

No. 8266

Sorry for the delay but I can announce winners tomorrow since the previous admin handed me the results. Expect a new meta thread with all the winners.

No. 8288

my body is ready

File: 1496798702583.jpg (10.62 KB, 200x252, TPNyoxo.jpg)

No. 4265[Reply]

Summarizing tonight's Townhall:

- A new team of moderators and janitors has been hired and is working hard to keep lolcow clean. Staff has an all-new moderation guide with specific ban reasons and times. Bans increase with a factor of 2 for repeat offenses in succession.
- A posting guide for new users will be added in order to integrate them more efficiently rather than filling up threads with attempts to alienate or teach them.
- Users are encouraged to use the reports system to let staff know privately if they agree with moderation decisions (public ones like warnings). This is a way for us to (under consideration of bullshit reports and bias) keep tabs on which moderators reflect the community.
- Posting new threads on /pt/ will be restricted to staff members. For thread continuations, a warning will be posted once a thread has reached 1100 posts (100 posts before bump limit).
From that point, users can submit summaries of recent drama and thread OP pics to a dedicated thread. Staff will then post a continuation thread. Recently, continuations have been missing social media links and summaries, so we'll try this as a solution.
- Posting new threads to /snow/ will be aided by a new post form (pic related). Until the form is installed, a post template will help new users make decent quality threads.
- Race and trans wank will be reduced to one thread each in /ot/ which will be put on autosage.
- Proposed: In times of zero milk, when a thread is mostly speculation, it could be put on autosage until a moderator undoes this when there's fresh drama.
- Nitpicking, armchair psychology, and absolutely baseless speculating must be saged and kept under control. Endless tinfoiling about e.g. Taylor's or Dakota's income or specific shade of hair color must stop and will be punished.
- Hellweek starts tomorrow. This means strict moderation and lots of temporary bans.
- For example, all posts that only consist of "hi [cow]" or "lol" or "underrated post" will be removed and punished with a short ban.
- Taking bait is now a bannable offense unless saged and kept to minimal interaction.
- The Chatango box, although requested as an alternative to Discord, seems unpopular and has been voted to be removed.
- Incel threads will be banned until farmers learn not to lure them to lolcow by attentionwhoring in their communities.
- Zero tolerance for male posters who identify themselves in their posts or otherwise fail to fly under the radar.
- Ember's thread will be put on autosage. You can keep posting in it, but don't make a new one.
- /sty/ and /cream/ will be removed.

Feel free to make further suggestions or post your feedback on any of the above.
105 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 4549


/Sty/ was a goddamn mistake and now it's gone. Shit threads are rightfully deleted forever now.

No. 4554

It's technically still there, and usable


No. 4557

Can we get Kelly's posts tagged, like with mystery, spergchan, etc?

No. 4558



No. 8145

File: 1545297857031.jpg (41.08 KB, 472x599, 1438090634461.jpg)

No. 7764[Reply]

What's the difference between Lowcow and Crystal Cafe?

No. 7772

one is openly full of trannies, the other isn't

No. 7796


Their site actually functions.

No. 7799

the only positive of having a site full of trannies. you will never have to worry about tech shit going awry because every single one of them majored in comp sci.

No. 7906

>well-run site made by women must be secretly run by men

do any of you even listen to yourselves

No. 7931

take a joke, autist. good lord…

and to call cc well-run is a reach. anything would appear well-run compared to this dump.

File: 1540688798918.jpg (98.89 KB, 900x598, UfcDe4b.jpg)

No. 6965[Reply]

Hello everyone,

we've exhausted the last round of applications, but our team still needs more helping hands. If you'd like to join us, please fill out the following form and if it's a good fit, we'll get back to you shortly.

You can apply to

- be a Janitor
- be a global moderator (Farmhand)
- become the new lolcow.farm Admin
- help with technical issues
- moderate specific threads
- moderate Discord or volunteer in other ways.

You must be willing to use a Discord account to communicate with the rest of the team.

Fill out the application form here.
16 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 7188


We’re letting this retarded team vet the next one why?

No. 7278

Please make this happen.

No. 7281

I remember the multiple people who promised to make such boards back in 2016 and never delivered. Not holding my breath on that one.

No. 7283

Yeah, it's usually a pipe dream but I thought encouragement would be nice for anon to hear.

No. 7289

have they gotten back to applicants?

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