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File: 1468695658836.jpeg (311.26 KB, 1200x742, image.jpeg)

No. 3138[Reply]

The time is nigh.

Hellweek is upon us, Farmers. Prepare yourselves:

-stupid personal blog posts will result in a ban
-overtly samefagging will also result in a ban
-generally poor quality or baiting posts will result in a ban

Moderators have the discretion to temporarily ban anyone that is going off-topic, if they see fit.

I have promoted new moderators and brought in new janitors so let the fires blaze, and let the milk forever flow!!

File: 1458083060417.png (867.21 KB, 1000x1000, cow.png)

No. 2276[Reply]

Indefinite hellweek is now in effect. I do not know when or if it may end. It applies to every board.

You can use this thread for discussion, but I likely won't reply to most posts. To appeal a ban, use the actual appeal form.

Note: If you're banned, don't assume I was the one who necessarily banned you. We have several mods. If the ban isn't reversed, though, you can consider it a ban I approve of.
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No. 2366

Sorry, newfag, but what is indefinite hellweek(this)

No. 2367

Hey Admin quick question how far back can the ban go? Another farmer pointed out that when one of the farm hands banned a farmer it was for a comment made a month prior to the ban.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2445


Can I get a red ban marker too?


No. 2447


Okay I lel'd.

No. 3578


File: 1436999744828.png (1.94 KB, 244x106, rules.png)

No. 1014[Reply]

This thread is locked and will be used solely by me to document significant rule changes. Each post will include the date the rule was added/deleted/changed, and the change that was made.

You can make your own dedicated threads to discuss specific rule changes if you like, but otherwise, you can discuss all of them here: >>1023

The rules are at https://lolcow.farm/rules
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No. 1920

December 21, 2015

Anorexic girl threads

Threads about anorexic/ED/wannabe-anorexic people should now all go into one single /snow/ thread. The only exceptions are Ashley and Aly. Ashley's thread will remain in /pt/, and Aly's will remain in /snow/.

No. 1974

December 27, 2015

Kawaii [X] girl threads in /b/

We've decided these threads will stay in /b/ (instead of /g/). The only requirement is that an excessive number of clearly unattractive people should not be posted in them. "Excessive" here is subjective, but if you're posting more than 2 in a day, that's probably excessive.

All other discussion is otherwise allowed.

No. 2037

January 4, 2016

Vendetta false flag threads

A new rule has been added:

>Do not post vendetta threads in the direct or indirect guise of a self-post, by impersonating someone you have a grudge against.

Vendetta threads are still not necessarily banned, but this specific kind of vendetta thread is. However, don't post a thread impersonating someone you have a vendetta against, with the intent of people calling them out for what they think is self-posting. It can be considered a kind of "self-thread false flag" attempt.

So, now, both "real" and "alleged" self-post threads are disallowed.



No. 2207

February 22, 2016

Unintegrated users

Any user who meets all of the following criteria may be subject to a permanent ban:

1. Explicitly says, or appears blatantly as if they found this site through another website like /r9k/, /pol/, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, MPA, or elsewhere.

2. Holds some extreme political, social, or religious view (e.g. a SJW or fascist).

3. Contributes nothing or almost nothing to the site other than discussing their views in various threads, and arguing with people.

To be clear, this is not a restriction on simply having far-right or far-left views, or arguing with people about them (as long as it stays in /b/ and doesn't derail other threads). Rather, if you've come to this site solely to talk about politics and nothing else, have no idea what the site is about, have no interest in lolcows, have not contributed any actual content, and haven't posted anything on-topic in any /pt/ or /snow/ threads, then you might be banned.

We have no problem with people finding this site through other communities, as long as they lurk before posting and try to integrate themselves. All 3 of these criteria must apply in order for a ban to be warranted.

No. 2435

April 27, 2016

Multiple rule changes and clarifications

See >>2430.

File: 1461801034235.jpg (1016.11 KB, 3300x2550, seacow.jpg)

No. 2430[Reply]

Here are some rule changes and clarifications of existing rules.

First, since there is no objective definition of what "self-posting" or "samefagging" actually mean, I'm going to define some terms.

The actual rule changes will be in the post below this one.

Sockpuppetry - General term for any deceptive anonymous posts made by an individual, where the poster tries to give the impression that they weren't the one who made the post.

Anonymous attentionwhoring / attentionfagging - One form of sockpuppetry. Posting about yourself anonymously, while trying to hide the fact that it's you who's posting, to attract attention to yourself. Generally the person will pretend to either be a fan or a "hater". This may include complimenting yourself, insulting yourself, linking to or uploading your own photos or social media posts, or just mentioning yourself at all. Examples include Princess Doll (>>>/cream/64) and Eboni (>>>/cream/12).

Samefagging - Another form of sockpuppetry. A few things can be called samefagging, but in this case I'll just refer to it as when a poster tries to reinforce their own position in a thread by giving the appearance of multiple people who agree with them or who disagree with and/or dislike the opposition. Often occurs during arguments and disagreements.

Blogposting - Sharing personal anecdotes, details, stories, or experiences in a thread intended to discuss a specific topic. This includes posting about your physical attributes, physical or mental health, family, childhood, job, relationships… Sometimes referred to as "self-posting", but I will call it blogposting to reduce ambiguity.

Branded - A poster who has violated a global rule and had some, or all, of their posts labelled with their name or username. Please re-read the rules to understand what violations may merit this. This is only done in very rare and extreme cases. >>>/cream/ should have pretty much every instance of branding.

No. 2431

1. Anonymous attentionwhoring is now banned in /pt/ and /snow/, and will result in branding. Previously, only anonymous self-threads were banned. This change means posts of that nature in threads you have not made are now banned as well.

This rule change is not retroactive. Only future offenses as of today (April 27, 2016) will be revealed and result in a ban.

2. Sockpuppetry of other forms may or may not result in banning or branding, depending on context and staff's discretion. One example would be the subject of a thread anonymously posting in it to defend themselves, but where it is not clear they are trying to attract attention. General samefagging won't result in banning unless it is extremely excessive.

3. Reminder: Blogposts in /pt/ or /snow/ are bannable. They've been disallowed for a while, but the bans will be harsher than what's been seen so far, and will last longer than general derailing bans.

Make these posts in /b/ or /g/ instead, or use another website.

Examples of blogposts:


4. Reminder: Unwarranted tripfagging may result in a ban, depending on context and staff's discretion.

5. Reminder: Vendetta and personal army posts will result in banning and may result in branding. Don't try to get this website to do your dirty work for you. We don't care if some girl called you mean names and now you want us to go after her.

Example of personal army requests:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1459726656428.jpeg (332.95 KB, 2000x1309, 136607.jpeg)

No. 2359[Reply]

I'm new to this website.
Does a [Catalog] or a search exist?
Does lolcow.farm has an API?
Does lolcow.farm has an archive, even if it's a third-party one, like 4archive.org is for 4chаn

No. 2363

>Does a [Catalog] or a search exist?
There are catalogs for each board.

>Does lolcow.farm has an API?


>Does lolcow.farm has an archive, even if it's a third-party one, like 4archive.org is for 4chаn

lolcow.farm is a natural archive. Threads and posts are never deleted. If you check the catalogs, every thread and post ever made is present.

No. 3329

Is there a list of all the post tags used? I was confused by the robot image at first, and I just saw one for 32" waist-chan, and I want to know more.

No. 6156

You know the Paul guy because of the character, not the lengths, but I lost 40 lb and fucked up.I'm sorry that people can argue that the change really does suck when you were yesterday, and as said, how do you think foreign cultures are untouchable because they give Anon, are you me shit girl, what a sheebposter's gotta do.

Uh like once when you are telling your body and core.

And hopefully have a tumblr out of it??????? To J Dear God you have a thread!

No. 6752


File: 1456112450944.jpg (21.63 KB, 244x279, aly.jpg)

No. 2196[Reply]

During the recent townhalls, the majority of people voted to merge Aly's thread with the ED general thread in /snow/. On both day 1 and day 2, no one could come up with a decent argument for Aly retaining a separate thread other than the fact that it would clutter the general thread.

If you think she should have her own thread again, please provide alternative arguments.
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No. 2231

I questioned your whereabouts primarily due to your very juvenile writing style and irritating, oblivious questions. Your support for the Aly thread only further added to my suspicions. If you're really 40, then there are many 18-year-olds here who sound far more mature than you.


Actually, I could maybe believe you being 40 now. I may have confused you for a minor because you essentially sound like Hillary Clinton trying to use the Internet for the first time. Horseshoe effect, or something.

No. 2232

With all due respect, Admin-sama, I thought this site was a place where one could come to have a laugh. Many people come here to let loose and shirk mainstream societal constraints on demeanor and self-censorship for a little while. I certainly do not come here to vie for maturity points. If you wish to foster an environment facilitating genuine dialogue with the community, where genuine feedback is welcomed and wanted and freely given, laughing at and kicking people out for questions or comments which you perceive to be 'irritating' or 'oblivious' is not helpful. This kind of action inevitably results in people either declining to contribute altogether for fear of being slammed, or deteriorating into an echo-chamber circlejerk fest.
Lolcow is not an etiquette, maturity or scholarly-focused platform and not everyone is going to agree with you or 'act their age' here. That should be a given.

TL;DR: I have great respect and appreciation for all you have to deal with administrating a site like this, but it seems you want to homogenize this community, and as has happened to far too many sites before, doing so will inevitably squelch the vitality and much-loved anon spirit of the site.
Thank you for all you do and all the shit you put up with. Thank you for restoring the Aly board. ~peace~

No. 2233

I'm sorry I missed all this conversation, and I'm glad it went the right way. Thanks all.

No. 2234

I only banned you because I, and the rest of the site staff, genuinely thought you were under 18. 18 is the minimum age limit. I do not ban or punish people just for disagreeing with me or being irritating.

No. 2236

In that case I would be grateful for you to un-ban my IP in meta chat, and I will endeavor to post more maturely in the future.

File: 1456015865286.png (32.13 KB, 736x761, under18.png)

No. 2194[Reply]

We are currently deciding whether or not to allow threads about underage people.

If you're interested in discussing this, please join the townhall discussion at https://chat.lolcow.farm/r/meta. We'll also be discussing a few other site issues.

The townhall is starting now.

Arguments for banning threads about underage people:

- Threads about underage people attract underage posters, and worsen the site as a whole.
- The minimum age to post is 18, and it's unfair to not let people post in their own threads or defend themselves.
- People under 18 have less self-control and are less culpable for their actions, so it's less justifiable to mock them.
- Creates less liability.

Arguments against banning threads about underage people:

- Freedom of speech.
- We could still allow it, but put the minimum at 16 or 17, and add some stricter criteria for threads about people under 18.
- People like Dakota and Charms were discovered before they were 18. We'd also miss out on the Princess Doll drama. We may be missing out on potentially humorous cows.
- We couldn't have incidents like the shoplifting doxing drama.

No. 2195

We decided to set the minimum age of thread subjects to 16. Threads about people 15 and under are no longer permitted. Also, threads - and in some cases posts in general threads - about 16 and 17 year olds may now only be posted with approval from staff. This applies retroactively.

I also intend to allow certain ways for 16 and 17 year olds to defend themselves or otherwise "post" in threads about themselves without actually posting on the site.

Further details will come within the next few days.

File: 1450571308672.jpg (350.25 KB, 1024x678, hellweek.jpg)

No. 1904[Reply]

Hellweek is now over.

Hellweek lasted from Monday, December 21 to Monday, December 28. Dozens of bans were issued.

You can also continue to discuss what you thought of it in this thread.

Things we plan on improving in the future, if we do this again:

  • Making it clear which boards will receive increased moderation, as there was some ambiguity and miscommunication regarding /b/.
  • Responding to reports more quickly. (Though all of them should have been responded to within at most 24 hours.)
  • Possibly providing some kind of public ban board so people can get an idea of what's being moderated.

Reports were very helpful to us. I also created a new mod panel that allowed us to quickly review and dismiss every single post made during hellweek, though this did get a bit backlogged.

The original announcement can be found below.

As discussed in Wednesday's townhall:

From Monday, December 21 to Monday, December 28, lolcow staff will begin an experimental "heavy moderation week". The purpose of this will be to gauge community reaction to moderation actions, and help determine if permanent policy changes should be made. The secondary purpose will be to hopefully encourage people to improve their quality of posts in the long term, without moderators having to step in.

Only posts made during this week will receive extra scrutiny. Posts made before or after hellweek are not eligible to be moderated more harshly than usual.

Since this is just an experiment, all bans issued during hellweek for rules that are not currently listed at https://lolcow.farm/rules will last no longer than 4 days. Most will likely be a lot shorter than 4 days, but that is the maximum.

Heavy moderation will primarily be enforced in /pt/, /snow/, and /g/. /b/ is mostly not receiving any additional scrutiny.

Moderation will be extremely subjective, and in some cases, may even appear arbitrary. I can't really provide a list of specific things we will be targeting, but here are some general ideas for what will likely be focused on:

  • Immaturity
  • Vendettas
  • Giving clear signs that you are new to the Internet, imageboards, or lolcow.farm
  • Blatantly injecting your own agenda into a discussion, especially when apropos of nothing
  • Self-focused or very off-topic derailing
  • Talking about yourself excessively
  • Use or overuse of specific words, phrases, or emotes
  • Unwarranted/emotional overreactions

Of course, this is pretty vague and not helpful, but that's pretty much the best I can do. You all will probably get the idea within the first few days.

Importantly, rules will change a little around samefagging during hellweek. Samefagging may be called out in specific instances. If you suspect it, feel free to report it.

But rules around identity will still exist as they currently are. If you aren't breaking a global rule, staff will never publicly out you or identify you in any way. If you're samefagging in a thread about someone you know, you may be banned and/or called out for samefagging or having a vendetta, but nothing about your identity will be revealed. So, vendettas won't be called out in cases where they would blatantly identify the person with the vendetta; that would be a non-public ban instead. It is impossible to call out many kinds of self-posts without outing someone's identity (like a cow complimenting themselves in their own /pt/ thread, for example), so those cases will always be handled privately, without public outing or ban messages. General self-posting will still be called out if it wouldn't reveal details about someone's identity.

People are encouraged to report many more posts than usual during hellweek. However, too many frivolous reports may result in yourself being banned and/or your report being called out, in extreme cases. I'd say for most people, it's fine to report as much as you want without fear of being banned: just don't report someone for arguing with you or insulting you, or something like that. Basically, just don't do this: https://lolcow.farm/pt/res/187661.html#196112

If you have any questions, you can post them in this thread. I may not answer all questions.

84 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 2065

You assume all "teehee she's cute all you jelly chans"is done in earnest but I and probably many others do it to troll. Nothing funnier than seeing anons falling over themselves frothing at the mouth to tell me why berry isn't cute.

No. 2119

Holy shit my sides

No. 2150

Hellweek needs to come back.

No. 2178

We need another Hellweek. PLEASE.

No. 3337


File: 1451279732526.png (13.62 KB, 300x300, farmhand.png)

No. 1981[Reply]

Due to issues with people sometimes seeming to trust me more than other staff, from now on, I will also be using the Farmhand tripcode outside of /meta/ when making moderative posts (like "stop derailing" or "don't do that"). I'll only use the Admin tripcode in /meta/, or when dealing with general administrative or site tasks in other boards.

I've already used the trip myself sometimes in the past, but I will now use it all of the time. No one will be able to know if a particular "Farmhand" is me, a mod, or a janitor. Consider all Farmhand posts as decisions made or endorsed by me. If you have an issue with a staff decision, still complain about it here, but don't assume that I'm not responsible for the decision.

No. 2120

That's called a capcode Admin-kun

No. 2121

I'm aware, and usually call it that, but I've realized almost no one knows what "capcode" means.

File: 1448839504796.jpg (38.06 KB, 560x297, cow.jpg)

No. 1798[Reply]

This thread records changes to the functionality of the site, including new features and changed features. Changes to policy, rules, or moderation are in >>1014. You can discuss all changes in >>1134.

No. 1799

I've noticed that linked or embedded Youtube videos sometimes get deleted by their owners after they're posted here.

To help people save copies of videos, I've added a [DL] link under every Youtube embed (unless the embed is in the thread OP), and a [DL] link to the right of every Youtube link upon hovering, similar to the [Archived Copy] link.

If you use Chrome, clicking this should automatically download the video. Firefox does not allow cross-site downloads, so you will either have to right click the link and select "Save Link As", or click the link and press Ctrl+S after it loads.

No. 1811

After seeing several instances of posters deleting content many days or weeks after they posted it, I've decided to add a maximum time limit for deleting things.

This change is in effect now and applies retroactively.

After 4 hours have passed since making a post, you will be unable to delete the post. After 30 minutes have passed since making a thread, you will be unable to delete the thread.

Do not contact staff asking us to delete your thread or post after this time limit has passed, unless it violates one of the global rules. Do not make a post or send a report or email asking me to delete your thread or post.

There has never been a minimum wait time to delete things, and there still isn't one. That is, you can delete something immediately after you post it, if you want.

If you have any issues or questions with this, please use >>1134.

lolcow is forever

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