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No. 60569

This is a containment thread for meta discussion that doesn't fall into complaints and suggestions. Feel free to tinfoil or talk about the state of the site but try to avoid being too autistic.

If cerbmin needs to hear it, post it here.

Previous responses to anons:
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>>58949 janny is removed for leaking IP history, several threads are locked due to attracting racebaiting retards
>>59172 some info about LCF 2.0
>>60076 the moderation policy towards redditspacing is relaxed as a result of hellweek discussion

Previous thread:

No. 60572

As a general update for transparency, there have been several technical changes to moderation tools on the site over the past few weeks, with the aim to improve the response time to CSAM and raids and to minimize how many users are exposed to them. There have also been some updates to the moderation panel to make it easier for farmhands to do their job. There are a few minor updates planned to the current site (such as improvements to embedding and further improvements to mod tools) and after that, 100% of the development time will be spent on LCF 2.0.

The current wording of the KOSA bill means that it only applies to for-profit organizatons. LCF is run by volunteers and does not make money, so we would not be affected by the bill in its present state.

False moid accusations are not generally bannable unless they become disruptive or are clearly malicious/bait. They are a pain in the ass, and we have discussed making them bannable in the same way that "hi cow" is because they shit up threads and the report system, but we also don't want to discourage legitimate reports and identifying blatantly male posters. We're keeping an eye on it and may change our approach to it in the future.

In reponse to this and the general discussion of the decay of our board culture, as long time users of the site we are all aware of this issue too. We welcome any suggestions from anons for ways to mitigate this, as there is only so much that moderation can do.

No. 60573

>such as improvements to embedding and further improvements to mod tools) and after that, 100% of the development time will be spent on LCF 2.0.
Thanks for your work admins, I'm excited for when LC 2.0 (3.0?) finally comes.

No. 60574

>we also don't want to discourage legitimate reports and identifying blatantly male posters.
but directly replying to stuff you think is bait is bannable, and direct replies to accuse anons of being men is directly replying to bait. in fact, making that kind of "call out" bannable and instead promoting reporting instead will help prevent derailing and infighting. the use of redtext and deleting obvious bait will also help. i feel like you guys are bending too much to the will of the users instead of making logical choices.

No. 60576

scrotefoiling that breaks the rules generally like you describe (taking the bait, infighting, derailing) would be bannable anyway. please report it when you see it!

No. 60577

AYRT meant that the oldfag that would tell them off isn't really an oldfag and just a regular anon that's only been here for 2 years. I don't think they have a problem with actual oldfags

No. 60578

I agree, as ayrt

We don't need to brag we just mind our own business. Thanks for the update cerbmin.

No. 60590

>We welcome any suggestions from anons for ways to mitigate this, as there is only so much that moderation can do.
Bring back redtexts. Infights keep going on because anons aren't discouraged from replying to the bait post and it affects general morale seeing low quality or malicious posting go unpunished as anons can't see if a ban was handed out or not. When you redtext a post, it's a warning to other anons not to engage with posts like this or write posts like that in other threads either. The previous admins kept gaslighting the userbase with their "not all bans are redtexted" mantra when addressing the situation of low quality moderation which created this distrust in them, it's basically a Schrödinger's ban without one. Let's assume anon posts racebait in the vent thread, a mod bans them right away after receiving a report, but doesn't redtext them. Other anons keep replying to them and creating a heated infight since they have no idea if this behavior counts as racebait or not, so now we have a 2-day long spergfight that starts leaking over to other threads as well. A simple redtext would've acted as a warning to everyone not to engage or risk being banned. Don't be shy with them.

No. 60591

The only time someone gets accused of being a man is if they're baiting or being racist. Stop doing those two and you won't get accused anymore. Baiters always come here and request that the anons who call them moids to be banned, it won't happen. Just stop baiting.
I agree with this. Also racebait should have longer bans.

No. 60594

would be nice to see the actual bait or derailing post redtexted instead of people replying to it. Especially when anons correct someone with facts or proof and get a ban.

There are some insane mods who let contentless WKing or pointless defending stand while banning any discussion of the cow. Would like that to stop too.

No. 60600

Amen to both, but at least on cow boards the redtexting got more efficient.

No. 60601


No. 60602

>The only time someone gets accused of being a man is if they're baiting or being racist.
I was accused of being an american scrote (?!) the other day when I was venting about the quran burning drama in my country, Sweden and how we now have a threat of terrorism against us. I said I hated the situation and was anxious because I live in a big city. I got anons saying it was racebait. Because what? Muslim scrotes are involved? Islam is not a race. Surely responding like that is some cruel baiting itself.

No. 60603

Admins when you code LCF 2.0 would you consider adding a bans page similar to what 4chan has?

Having a dedicated page to show bans would stop some of the complaints that not all bans are redtexted and it would clearly show what isn't acceptable on the site.

No. 60608

There's an Anonymous in the 2X Islam thread who accuses everyone of being pakichan, and it's so annoying I just gave up on the discussion. Maybe that was the goal kek.

No. 60609


No. 60610

I know some anons think it is ugly, but heavy continued moderation with redtexts imo is a must. Every ban should get a redtext.

No. 60615

>proving the point that you only get accused of being moid when you racebait

No. 60617

There's one anon that let's pakichan live rent free in her head.

Racebait is a specific type of posting that involves prejudice, negative stereotyping or insults against a certain race. Expressing an emotion towards a recent event is not racebait.

No. 60618

>Expressing an emotion towards a recent event is not racebait.
NTA but it's one thing to express disgust at a specific event but it never gets left at that, it always goes into a derailment about how all muslims and middle eastern people in general are savages and lesser than some other race, finally devolving into a circlejerking about how white feminists don't know how good they have it when they can fuck gorgeous white men and so forth. Don't act like this doesn't happen all the time, not once have I seen intelligent discussion without going full ethnonationalist-chan. Discussion about race was banned specifically because it created too much infighting and tension and opened up doors to genuinely racist posters.

No. 60630

Nta but Muslims aren't a race and we should be able to critise religion here. No one bats an eyelid when someone brings up Catholics or Christfags so it's ridiculous to extend race privileges to a religion followed by all races, not just people from the Middle East. That being said I've seen instances of what you're talking about but in the same vein I've also seen instances where anons insist valid critic is racially motivated to derail conversation and bait infighting.

No. 60633

All religions are just fairytales with assertive assholes demanding its truth. I agree, fuck religions. They should always be criticized.

No. 60645

Didn't you assume the nonwhite immigrants were terrorists in your post as you detailed >>60602 ?
Also if you believed a group was a serious threat, why would you support provocative actions towards them?
Right. There's always one racist anon and one selfhating nonwhite anon who keep derailing whenever race related topics come up. That's why they're banned. No one here can have a civil discussion related to race.

No. 60647

File: 1690891607629.png (79.29 KB, 742x815, news.png)

The person you replied to wasn't me, who wrote the orginal vent post here >>>1647613
You misread my original post completely.
You are the only one talking about race. And you do not understand the situation here at all.
Here are some english language sources if someone is actually interested in understanding what is going on right now.
Also the victim complex on social media is a reference to posts like these
Politician complaining that little girls can't be forced to wear hijab in schools and that funded to mosques overseas were shut down after it was found out that the money went to terrorist organisations.

No. 60648

File: 1690892062945.png (21.11 KB, 844x231, Skärmbild 2023-08-01 141207.pn…)

Well I fucked up the link to the other thread.
Here is a screencap. Perhaps people read the first line and thought that I somehow agreed with the racist Dane's dumb actions. Obviously I am not, I'm pissed that this drama is happening in my country which has led to threats to my entire country from example Hizbollah. And that you can't even went about it on LC of all places because someone who can't read think it's racebait. Maybe the farmhands can clarify what racebait is so people get it.

No. 60649

this kind of gaslighting also needs to be banned.

No. 60650

Thank you.

No. 60652

Seconded it honestly just reads as bait it's that disingenuous

No. 60653

File: 1690903376518.png (650.06 KB, 910x711, iraqi-moids.png)

To further prove the point that this is nothing to do with race and therefore not racebait. The men burning the Qoran in Sweden are Iraqi refugees.

No. 60654

Then why is it acceptable in any context? What's the difference between what admin is describing and anon mentioned? The only options when anons call others moids are that they are baiting/trolling or legitimately think they are moids. Both of those are bannable because they're either infighting or bait. Reporting posts isn't viewable to the rest of the site, so it shouldn't even be a factor in banning publicly annoying shit.

No. 60655

>calling an anon a moid because it is an actual moid
Replying to a moid which is replying to bait which is bannable
>calling an anon a moid because of a disagreement
Baiting and infighting both of which are bannable
I don't see a scenario where it shouldn't result in a ban.

No. 60658

What about anons who come here to say "there is a male shitting up X thread" all the time? Should they be banned? Because that's the only situation where I don't think it should be bannable either way (like if they were wrong about it being a male)

No. 60661

Coming here to complain isn't the same as taking the bait in those threads and calling anon a moid.

No. 60662

I agree but for the opposite reason. It's absurd that some anons think racist language and shitting up the site with the low iq phenotype talk can only be men. Plenty of our in house schizoposters are racist but towards races no one feels the need to defend. Not islamic people if that's not clear.

No. 60663

That's different because it's to alert staff, usually that you've reported it. Admin is just making an excuse not to ban annoying behavior when she knows that accusations often result in many more reports from anons in the thread listening to someone's bad opinion, especially since being a moid is bannable. It's just something that needs to stop because it cannot be anything other than bait/infighting or responding to bait. Interacting with someone who may be male isn't worse than CP or gore, but some anons act like it's the most horrific thing ever but always end up the ones interacting the most with bait. That's part of why I don't like the current userbase, they are too fragile and impulsive and don't understand that this space isn't and can't logistically be fully safe for women.

No. 60664

That's why it's used as an insult. Anons doing it know they're not talking to men and using moid accusations to rile up mental posters. Then they come here to gaslight and say they only say it to people acting like men uwu. It's like they believe in tranny male/female brain theory as if women in shit countries(like the us kek) can't be socialized badly due to their misogynistic cultures. I just wish the site was more like a regular imageboard as far as freedom of expression goes, rather than it only existing in one direction creating an echochamber situation. And not to say board culture shouldn't apply, but there are many things here that are considered extreme views that are very tame given the current state of the internet.

No. 60665

Adding to this, the impossibility of the site being entirely free of men is why I and many oldfags were so resistant to radfem/manhate being promoted here, not the posters but it being outside of containment. Their userbase oftend demands things that simply aren't possible and they react to the reality of the situation the most poorly. I don't want men here, but I at least understand the limitations of exterminating them and the freedoms the site provides us as women. I just feel like many anons need to not take the site so seriously as a bastion for women, when it has no safety net due to anonymous posting. We will get raided, there will be moids infiltrating the site we will get to freely talk about female issues and hate trannies without fear. It's like part of the price of freedom.

No. 60666

let's be real it's not even just racebait, you might get called a moid for the even most innocuous things if there's an anon who is really willing to die on that hill. if not a troll or actual moid accusing others of being moids because it's so ridiculously easy to start shit here through this method.
Very true unfortunately. As much as there is need for female-oriented spaces that do not cater to males, including pronouned males, an imageboard (public and supposed to be by default anonymous), especially a gossip imageboard is maybe just not the ideal format for that.
>limitations of exterminating [moids] and the freedoms the site provides us as women
As long as most anons have yet to understand this every single splinter imageboard that promotes itself as being "by women for women" will have such problems with bait to some extent.

No. 60667

Please stop repeating "us oldfags" everytime you make your retarded points. Speak for yourself.

No. 60669

Stop making out scrotes are some fucking James bond types infiltrating the site. They're gay cunts and any suspected male post should be reported and banned. The containment threads were stupid as if man hate won't spill into other threads. Living amongst men is a fucking drag and ruins so many facets of life. Calling anons sensitive because of hostile language towards men lol

I mean there's a fag rn attempting to bait on /ot

The issue with this site is that it's been harvested by drama channels and such that it's more popular than it was in 2014. Oldfags were better at hazing newfags and encouraging retards to lurk before posting. Integration isn't happening because the culture is changing due to twitterfags and kiwifags

No. 60670

>there are many things here that are considered extreme views that are very tame given the current state of the internet
Unfortunately this is true. We're just a microcosm for society as a whole. Makes me miss the 2000s.

No. 60671

You can be nonwhite and still hate nonwhites/be racist to them. Take pakichan as example. I'd actually say most of the racist users are nonwhite/mixed who are overcompensating or trying to appear better than their own kind.

No. 60672

>ban the person who thinks I'm wrong
You're underage, right? Stop racebaiting and it'll all be fine.

No. 60674

You're trying to stir this same shit about muh quran burning episode even here in /meta/ of all places spamming multiple posts about it and you still don't understand why racebaiting is banned? This is why, people like you can't let it go and need to "be heard" all the fucking time i.e. machine gun fire posts about how the western society is under attack from evil pedophile muslim migrants and how "nobody is talking about it" despite you having the entirety of internet except maybe twitter to doompost about it. You even have an whole ass thread on the hidden board and you still choose to go link spam in threads around the site.

This, Seal-chan being another example. A shocking amount of the most racist and xenophobic people with internalized self loathing are insecure about their own mixed/ethnic background so it's not a get out of racist jail card to claim being non-white.

No. 60675

It's probably the India-chan. I don't understand why but we have a few nonwhite anons whose sole hobby is shitting on other nonwhite minorities. Pakichan and sealchan are good examples as well as you already said.

No. 60676

Who is sealchan? I’m so sorry I’ve not been on here in a long time.

No. 60677

No. 60678

sealchan is white tho

No. 60679

No, she's mixed. She posted her selfies on her social media.

No. 60680

File: 1690974343241.png (79.28 KB, 615x289, white.png)

no, she's just one of those white people who happen to look somewhat Asian

No. 60681

Who exactly is indiaanon? I thought it was just Pakichan being pakichan

No. 60682

She's just brown. You can stil be asian and have asian features if you're brown like her. Anyways, it's sad and I hope she embraced her features.

No. 60683

Some anon in 2X who said some women deserved to be raped

No. 60692

that wasn't in reference to racebait, dumbass.

No. 60710

File: 1691041872281.png (59.13 KB, 2692x140, Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 10.52…)

Allowing links to questionable 4chan porn seems like a very slippery slope

No. 60714

I'm one of the anons accused of being "nonwhite self hating exmuslim" in the twoX thread, and I'm white as snow and have never been muslim. Seriously you should stop making retarded assumptions if you don't want to sound retarded, quran-defendingchan.

No. 60715

I don't get why someone like that would be on LC. This website is full of completely haram content.

No. 60718

Stop. You guys been talking about this topic in ot, meta and 2X for a whole week. Why are you trying so hard to infight about a certain topic?

No. 60719

If it's not illegal I don't see an issue if you warn about the content like that poster did

No. 60720

The infight is only happening because a poster can't handle any criticism of Islam/muslim's behaviour and bait by accusing others of racebait and racism.

No. 60721

You've been mentioning the same topic for at least 10 times yet no one wants to discuss it with you here, when will you stop? If you didn't intend to infight, you wouldn't mention it on here or on random threads and go back to meta to cry whenever people called you out.

Stick to r/exmuslim or r/atheist if you want to discriminate against minorities jews and muslims without backlash.

No. 60726

>Stick to r/exmuslim or r/atheist if you want to discriminate against minorities jews and muslims without backlash.
Why don't you go back to twitter if you think criticizing an organized religion is discrimination.

No. 60727

Seriously, how could someone think that farmers venting about muslim scrotes is "discrimination?" I wonder if they also know that we "discriminate" against the stunning and brave male group that is troons. And all scrotes in general.

No. 60728

She's not venting about scrotes, she said she wouldn't help muslim and Jewish women in need because she hates them.

No. 60729

Muslims aren't an ethnic minority you sperg, they're one of the biggest religions in the world.

No. 60733

That anon clearing up the point - been here longer than I care to admit and miss the other oldfags. We had a good thing, once.
My specific complaint there was that I have noticed an uptick in anons claiming to be deep in LC lore, calling others summerfags, etc and then saying they've been here since 2020 or so. As one of you said, it's not something we brag about but the newer ones love to.
They said "I and many". Sorry you feel sensitive being called out as an exception. All those years, those threads were banned because we knew damn well what it would lead to. They get opened up and surprise, surprise it plays out just as expected.
Maybe Miranda is back kek

No. 60734

Are you aware there are many different posters on this website?
Islam is also a religion that, to use other anon's words, discriminates against women, little girls, homosexuals, atheists and free speech. I will stop criticing it when it stops that shit.

No. 60735

Admin(s), please … lead us. You run the boards. You don't need to be people pleasers. This is not a forum for healthy, reasonable, well-adjusted people. It's an imageboard for spergs, autists and psychos. And asking for suggestions or soliciting advice is only ever going to attract a tiny portion of the userbase. The townhall years ago that spawned /w/ and /m/ had less than 100 anons voting and that's assuming no socks or bots. Userbase was way bigger then.
Think back to how this place used to be and why. Discuss it among yourselves. Then try to move it in that direction. Don't let the inmates keep running the asylum. That leads to silliness like 'reddit spacing'. And you should definitely harden up on the moid accusations. We all saw how bad it got when it was 'hi tranny' instead. And given the mood of the site these days, there's absolutely zero chance it would discourage legit reporting.

No. 60736

Literally where did anyone say that?

No. 60737

On 2X, she also said that if the muslim women and small children face bad conditions in life they must've deserved it. She's only been complaining about Muslim women in there so I doubt her issue is with men.

She even said she'd cut off all her fingers instead of helping a Muslim child in a bad situation which really weird me out. If a child is in a bad situation I don't think anyone would question their race or religion before attempting to help them unless they harbor hate for specific groups of people just for being born into that group.

That's why I'm thinking it's a racebaiter instead of an anon who's arguing peacefully.

No. 60738

ngl I wouldn't blame the new admin for being wary of enacting sweeping changes that could alienate lolcow's user base, if that's what is going on here. iirc there have been a few previous admins who took the site in a direction the user base didn't want and it led to quite a bit of dropoff in interaction, to say the least. that said, the constant infighting and lack of transparency around moderation and bans, as well as asking for input from users to correct long-standing issues about board culture instead of laying down those corrections themselves, is also just as likely to drive off what remains of the user base.

look, I get that tard wrangling isn't easy. I get that this is both a thankless and unpaid position. but sooner or later the admin must take a stand for what is acceptable, expected, and encouraged on lolcow, and stick by it. I get that their resources are likely being eaten up on developing lolcow 2.0, but a new site doesn't guarantee a clean slate, and I hope the admin and mod team are actually thinking about what sort of posters will be following them there.

transparency, accountability, and fairness should be expected from the mod team. and the admin must verbalize and demonstrate what sort of behavior is acceptable and even exemplary for this board. as an admin, you will sometimes end up making decisions that are not popular but are still the right path forward. and it's fucking trite but the admin needs to be a leader and not just someone who's in charge.

No. 60787

This is a free website that doesn't even use captcha. You're entitled to nothing, including updates.

No. 60788

You're right but what's the point of running a website without a user base? It's a two way street anon.

No. 60790

>the userbase is smaller now
>please don't listen to the userbase so even more people leave
Uh huh. I agree that they shouldn't just act according to whatever a handful of spergs spam /meta/ with (which includes crying about being called a moid instead of just ignoring it) but completely disregarding the users of the website is a bad idea. There's already examples in previous moderation where it backfired tremendously.

No. 60801

how the fuck y’all gonna ask for suggestions when this is how you respond to genuine and well-meaning criticism lmao

No. 60802

>(which includes crying about being called a moid instead of just ignoring it)
Why do some anons defend the right to do this so fiercely when absolutely nothing good ever comes from it? It's a crutch used by newfags who can't deal with anonymous discussion and can't cope with seeing different opinions. It's also innately misogynistic because it implies that women are basic hivemind incapable of independent thought and it disregards the various lived experiences of women that lead to the formation of different opinions.

Purely from a moderation stand point it is a behaviour that causes more problems than it solves. If it's a moid, the moid has achieved it's aim of getting female attention and is now going to come back to get more, if it's not a moid, it's inflammatory bait that causes infights. It also creates an easily exploitable fracture point with which to subvert any thread. Troons have already openly admitted to using it with great success. The need to ban false moid accusations is so obvious that it's tempting to suspect that anyone defending it is a tranny or moid themselves.

No. 60803

There's always one anon who makes an outlandish post then comes to meta to cry when anon say she thinks or acts like a moid. I've only been accused of being a moid 3 times or so and I've been using this website for 5+ years, if this is common occurrence for you, you're the problem and you're probably one of the lesser liked posters.

There literally used to be a "female" poster calling anons whores, cocksuckers, prostitutes, etc. and preaching about how biology makes men superior. Are you really surprised that anons like this will get accused of being male?

No. 60805

>There's always one anon
This is first post I've made on the subject in this thread and no one has accused me of being a moid. You're deluded if you think only one person can see that it's destructive.

>thinks or acts like a moid

How is this defined?

>I've been using this website for 5+ years

Doubt. Anyone who has been here for that long will know that this has only been a reoccurring issue in the past few years and was at one point completely absent.

>you're probably one of the lesser liked posters

This is an anonymous website with no way for users to discern who they are actually talking to so how would anyone form an opinion of anyone else outside of specific and isolated interactions? It's possible that you could be in another thread where I agree with you or we could be both contributing to a thread on a subject matter that we both enjoy, while disagreeing in /meta/.

>Are you really surprised that anons like this will get accused of being male?

If you genuinely suspect a poster of being a moid report and ignore. Admins and farmhands are able to check post history and see information such as device and IP address that will enable them to come to a more accurate conclusion. Accusing someone of being a moid doesn't achieve anything.

No. 60807

Stop the weird spacing, stop baiting. Moid accusations will never be banned, if you're butthurt leave the site, not like any anon who constantly gets those accusations could provide anything positive to the site.
Also it's good to point out the anon is a moid without replying with anything else, that way no one replies or argues with the male and the bait goes ignored. It takes several hours for mods to sometimes see and remove male/bait posts, you cant just lose your shit because one anon warned others of your baity posts so it wouldn't derail the thread until mods took care of it.

No. 60808

Again, just ignore it. Either you get called moid because your posts sound like one, in which case you should reflect on yourself, or the other poster is just being retarded and wants to bait you, in which case you should ignore it like any other insult. This is like getting triggered over getting called a retard, I have no idea why you get so worked up over it if you're truly a woman.
In the same breath, I really enjoy trannies seething over getting clocked here. Once I thought we're being invaded and looked at the archives of their 4chan board and lo and behold, there were several posts of them crying about not even passing on an anonymous imageboard like this one. Our resident cp spamming tranny also hates it for that reason. If you don't call them out, they start to feel welcome and if you make it banable, they will start reporting every post recognizing them as males.

No. 60809

>Stop the weird spacing
This is how to quote and reply on an image board.

>Moid accusations will never be banned

It already has been. Burritomin attempted to ban it but due to her difficulties with moderating the site it was only implemented for a short time. She even closed /ot/ because of how bad the infighting became. You would know this if you had been here as long as you claim. The precedent of banning false accusations already exists when accusing other posters of being a cow was banned on /pt/ and /snow/.

>if you're butthurt leave the site

I'm suggesting a way to improve the site. The false moid accusation issue has been ongoing for years and it is now used by men and trannies to subvert the site.

>not like any anon who constantly gets those accusations could provide anything positive to the site

Again how do you make judgements over who contributes what on an anonymous website? What if an anon contributes milk on a cow board and then gets accused of being a moid on /ot/? It seems extremely ironic coming from someone that thinks derailing threads by using false accusations is a positive contribution.

>Also it's good to point out the anon is a moid without replying with anything else

It's good to point it out to the mods which is why you report and ignore. Pointing it out in thread does nothing because the other posters in the thread do not have the ability to ban the potential moid. The accusation is also likely to inaccurate because you as a poster do not have any information about who is making that post.

>the bait goes ignored

Calling someone a moid is replying to bait if it's a male and it's also posting bait if the accusation is wrong.

>so it wouldn't derail the thread

But the exact opposite happens. Accusing another poster of being a moid creates more mess for the mods to clean up. Report and ignore. If it's a moid the farmhands will deal with it, if it isn't and is just a woman with a shit take, the thread isn't derailed into who is and isn't a moid.

>Either you get called moid because your posts sound like one
Define what moid like posts are? Outside of the obvious, what does a moid post?

>Our resident cp spamming tranny also hates it for that reason

Blaine admitted to using false moid accusations to cause chaos and make the site difficult to moderate and it works. For this reason alone it needs to be banned.

>If you don't call them out

Report and ignore. Calling them out is giving them what they want. It gives them the attention they're looking for, encourages them to come back and it derails threads. Getting ignored and then getting banned is the worst outcome for them.

No. 60810

>weird spacing
Some of you are autistically fixated on ”spacing”. That’s totally normal post formatting for ease of readibility.

No. 60811

This. I'm tired of anons posting obvious bait and coming here to seethe when their bait gets ignored or anons assume they're men.

No. 60814

You're here, aren't you?

No. 60815

File: 1691164047870.png (75.82 KB, 1822x1074, 1680993052375.png)

Very interesting how you keep ignoring half of the sentences you reply to just to repeat the same mantra as you did for 3 threads now. If you aren't a moid, there's no reason for you to get so upset you over it you want whole words banned. I see no one advertising for the use of newfag to get banned, even if it can be used as bait/insult. I get that it can be annoying if you're rilled up over a discussion, but you always have the option to just ignore whenever someone is baiting or insulting you.

>Blaine admitted to using false moid accusations to cause chaos and make the site difficult to moderate and it works.

Yes, because he thinks it makes us seethe as much as it makes him seethe. And no, it's not successful because he's too low IQ to understand why posters get called moids so he literally just does it completely at random.
He also has been caught doing that and then advertising for farmers to stop calling out moids here on meta. He also did the same retarded psyop with calling him out with his name, like in

And then there's also posters like:

No. 60816

Right. There's one resilient anon who keeps trying to get anons to stop alienating moids or voicing their opinions when they think an anon is a moid. It's either the same one who's been samefagging and baiting in 2X or another regular baiter.

No. 60819

File: 1691169091473.jpg (63.14 KB, 930x360, RaceBait.jpg)

Obvious racebait in vent, possibly also a male.

No. 60820

File: 1691170557633.png (193.79 KB, 829x501, Screenshot_20230804-193126.png)

Admin, please know that the person who is hell-bent on getting some /w/ threads closed wants Dakota's locked as well. That should be automatically suspicious, as the thread is glacially slow but as Dakota is a legacy cow, there's no way her thread should be closed. Lately posts have been popping up there and in Kiki's thread about how they are both not hurting anyone and so their threads should be locked. This isn't how threads work. There aren't only 3-4 people posting on /w/, come on now.

I do think this poster has a relationship with your /w/ mod, so please pay attention to that situation. There are a lot of clues and repeated words, the obsession with nitpicking and Belle and Vloggers in Japan. idk what's going on but this is really something for Admin to look at so I'm putting it here.

I'd like to know what Admin think is "nitpicking" and "derail" because this has yet to be defined recently and bans are handed out over these things regularly in /w/. Some threads never have these bans, and a certain handful are full of them. Could Admin weigh in?

No. 60821

>Very interesting how you keep ignoring half of the sentences
What have I ignored? Not one single question that I asked has been answered, where as I made the effort to quote and reply to the parts of the post that I disagreed with.

>If you aren't a moid, there's no reason for you to get so upset

I'm not sure why you keep accusing me of being emotional when I'm not. I'm simply asking why accusing other posters of being moids needs to be enshrined as some holy right bestowed by the mods when it clearly has no positive outcome. It isn't effective at deterring moids because it gives them the attention they're looking for. Report and ignore.

>Yes, because he thinks it makes us seethe as much as it makes him seethe

I doubt that he cares. His motivation is gaining female attention and causing disruption so the site becomes more difficult to moderate and more difficult to maintain. Interacting with him in any way is giving him exactly what he wants. Ignore him and report it to the mods so he can be banned just like any other moid. I don't understand why some anons are so hell bent on interacting with men on a site for women.

>alienating moids
But it doesn't. Moids don't care that we hate them and don't want them here. They already know this and that is why they keep coming back. It gives them a sense of satisfaction to know that they have come here and caused upset. Giving them no attention by not interacting with them at all and reporting them so they can be banned is what needs to be done. If anons stop giving them what they want, then they will stop attempting to post here.

No. 60822

Reminder that this anon is posting right as blaine is baiting in snow saying pedophilia is natural and that were all cocksucking whores in ot. Wasn't blaine one of the main anons complaining about moid accusations?

No. 60823

>gets banned for nitpicking

Are you ban evading again?

No. 60824

the issue with moid accusations are that they are combative. even if you think it's a man posting, calling them out is against the rules and causes more issues. women can also have stupid views and we have no shortage of them on the site but being combative with them simply gives them more attention, same with actual male posters. the only ones who need to reflect are anons who are choosing to interact with people they think are maleposters, being combative with mentally ill women or trying to engage in infighting by using moid as an insult towards someone's post. there are no other instances in which moid is directed at other anons and all of them are against the rules. it needs to be banned.

No. 60826

adding to this, i don't actually care about them as a whole, i am never accused of it, i just care that they are somehow exempt from the rules when they are exactly the same. replace it with anything else and it would be banned. it's just as annoying and serves the same purpose as accusing anons of being "twitterfags". the site needs more moderation, more consistency and less leniency. the hellweek recently was pathetic at best.

No. 60827

Samefag, but anon knows this probably because the posters always get called out. Saying you don't think threads with little milk need new thread isn't a new sentiment 9n lolcow as a whole.
>>>/meta/59143 Mod pointing at the bad attempt to pretend theres a mass amount of people who definitely aren't nitpicking. You have to deal with the fact that nitpicking endlessly will give you bans if you keep it up and threads that are all nitpicking really don't deserve new threads, legacy or not. Anons can have those opinions in the personal opinions threads kek Some cows go off into obscurity and that's okay. They can easily fall into group threads like "fashion and style vloggers".

No. 60828

>I think x because of y, an example of it is z
>nuh uh!
Amazing. Anons in. the past 2 times you derailed meta with this already answered you. No amount of spamming and retarded psyops will change how imageboard users want their board culture to be. Either deal with it or leave.

That anons constantly derails on /ot/ about every thread she doesn't like and the sassy twitter lingo always leaks through her posts.

>there are no other instances in which moid is directed at other anons
Bait. As for the rest, I (and other anons) already said why I think moids should be called out and named examples of how certain moids react to it. Infighting is against the rules, not wanting men/trannies here is not.

No. 60829

I have not seen the situation that anon is talking about bc I haven't been able to go on /w/ lately, but from what she is saying about the Dakota thread alone, I agree this poster is suspicious. Not to mention Kiki, I mean, come on.

I do want to bring up the glaring mod issue: they fucking suck. They're unfair, they don't enforce rules consistently, and there is blatant favoritism. I will often report obvious bait or even both sides of an infight, and it will be ignored. Even worse, only one half of the infight gets banned.
And I hate the "oh well maybe they got banned somewhere else on the board" excuse. Okay well the other nonnas who brought it up in this thread are right; every post that results in moderation needs to be redtexted. Expecting us to just take jannies' word for it that they're definitely doing what's best for the board after the influx of shit tier bans lately is ridiculous. At this point, I do think mods are posting on the board and then using their status to shit on people who disagree with them. I'm tired of it.

No. 60831

Every text should absolutely be redtext, agreed

No. 60832

ayrt. I've never ban evaded. I actually respect the rules of lolcow as I understand them.

No. 60833

samefag. imho large group threads suck and always have.

No. 60834

She was posting in a thread saying pedophilia was natural, there's a reason she gets accused of being a moid. I know its her because the post appeared at similar tining to her chimpout in meta and had the same writing style.

No. 60841

No. 60857

Just checking if I'm still permabanned for no given reason

No. 60858

If your ban had no expiration, you're just announcing you're bypassing it somehow.

No. 60860

>This is like getting triggered over getting called a retard, I have no idea why you get so worked up over it if you're truly a woman.

feels like we're getting soo close to understanding why certain anons sperg out when they're accused of being a moid kek. must really hurt when you're on an anonymous imageboard and still getting clocked.

No. 60875

>they still think it’s Blaine
Man this faggot got you all good. You’re not wrong that it’s a guy but it’s not that tranny. He’s some gay curry scrote who wandered over from 4chan about 3 years ago. You have been falling for his shit on here over and over and over again. You desperately need to revet your mod team if it’s not already way too late. He has used this places intense need for gossip and drama against you all and you keep falling for every misdirection he lays out. He is insane and I fear this place is already lost in the spam and impersonation sauce but keep arguing about arbitrary shit that doesn’t even matter when every single female imageboard has slowly been destroyed by him and you all just cheer it on like gawking retards because you hate other women almost as much as he does

No. 60878

I don’t know who he is other than that he spammed his face a couple of times on fujochan and choachan. He might be Yozoh from gaypg and no I don’t have any proof.. What proof could there possibly be? I only know what some of the actual female imageboard admins have told me about what they are dealing with behind the scenes. You don’t think it’s odd that fujochan and choachan both closed after being ddosed, harassed, spammed with child porn, animal abuse, gore and scat? Fujochan even had a very bad case of malware that deleted a whole board. I know this place dealt with similar issues and the last admin I know to have been a woman just wasn’t aware enough of what was happening and I do not blame her because he will sockpuppet and invite friends and do all sorts of nolife shit to convince people that nothing is going on. But we all noticed that this place has changed and that something is off, so that’s my proof. Use your brain and figure it out

No. 60882

How do you have contact with Admins? What type of posts did he usually make? Pedophilic? Misogynistic? Does he use incel lingo

No. 60883

I'm sure in part that's the case but I imagine for some anons having discussion devolve into baseless accusations is annoying.

No. 60885

>t. said moid failing to take credit for the scrotefoiling

No. 60889

Anon is talking out their ass, stop believing them

No. 60905

the choachan admins never knew who was spamming them, most likely lied about several factors leading to their closing, and unironically claimed a stalker of 3 years infiltrated staff and hacked admins devices before leaving the final msg that "no accounts were compromised"

good credibility there, fuck off

No. 60906

>claimed a stalker of 3 years infiltrated staff
kek what? did they actually say this?

No. 60907

Yes and then they told their userbase to reset their routers and reinstall their operating systems. Deadass.

No. 60908

do you have any screenshots of this?

No. 60910

File: 1691399835397.png (605.71 KB, 2034x686, ccc_last_post.png)

> I only know what some of the actual female imageboard admins have told me

anons should know that whenever these specific tinfoils are being peddled, they likely come from the same two clowns that said all of this, then redacted their statements with "I'm not sure"

No. 60911

samefag, i'm curious because i was abruptly removed from staff team in june and permabanned for from what i can tell no reason and i never sought any answers, i just figured the board owner found me to be an annoying poster and wanted to get rid of me. she said "we all know what you've been doing" when i literally hadn't been doing anything and at some point was coming on the site like once a month because i was busy with school and life in general. the admin also knew my real name and would sometimes try to intimidate me by replying to my posts using my real name whenever i made a post that she didn't like kek. but anyway when i got removed from staff just like that i took that as my cue to leave the site all together, only to find out here that ccc shut down. i wasn't on the staff for anywhere close to 3 years though, more like 1.5. and i definitely didn't "hack admins devices" nor have the tech knowledge to do so kek.
>i kicked him from staff in may
okay, this must've been about another staff member then, though i don't remember anyone being kicked out from the discord

No. 60912

Touch grass.

No. 60915

I believe you and I've heard others on the crystal bunkers say similar things, they also spread rumors about cerbmin at the end of last year. A lot of what has been said before the closing and this thread makes me not buy the moid narrative since the admin admitted she wasn't sure in emails to a user. You should read this thread if it helps clarify anything:


No. 60916

This is what I'm questioning though. What even is the userbase anymore? 'old faithful' threads like Moo are basically dead. Granted, a lot of the posting was just haha she's fat and shit at cosplay but still, they were burning through threads in a matter of days. Same with the shaytards. The active threads seem to need intros that include a lot of directions about how to use the site (and a lot of frustration about it). A lot of the time it feels like there's more tourists than regular farmers.
So yeah, I'd be fine with a smaller userbase if it was like hellweek but not a watered down version, to reset things. Quality over quantity any day of the week. If this site doesn't know what it wants to be anymore and the admins are just going to flip flop making rulings and then reversing them, what's the future for LC?

No. 60917

So they said a moid was the one doing the "soft doxing" aka responding to users by alluding to their identity and post history, but you know for sure it was the admin(s)? So all the fear mongering, trolling about malware, sperging about an indefensible stalker moid who somehow accessed all their shit was all just to cover up that they were socking and baiting on their own board and even towards their own team.

No. 60918

i can't say anything for sure because i honestly have no idea what any of this "moid inflitrating staff" lore is, because it wasn't brought to our attention in the discord at any point when i was a staff. i'm not sure if admins discussed these things among themselves privately because they thought one of the janis in the regular discord was a moid or something.
the board owner did tell us around april or so that she was going to take measures to try to stop the constant spam that we were getting and if it wouldn't stop she would probably shut down the site. no stalker moid mentioned.
what i do know is that my real name that i accidentally revealed in discord one time was used against me quite a few times, thankfully only my first name and no one really gave a fuck (neither did i at the time) but i still thought it was a bit fucked up of her.
for some reason i trusted her and the rest of the mods to not do anything with it or any of my personal information (including ip and other details about my life that she probably knew from constantly looking at my post history) and honestly this was one of the reasons why i didn't try to fight being removed from the staff team, i was worried that if i push any further and write a post about it on /meta/ she was going to straight up dox me because she believes i was an "infiltrator" or whatever. so i continued posting as normal and like a week later i was permabanned with no ban reason stated. then i left.
whether the stalker moid exists or not i'm not sure but i definitely wasn't one of his sock accounts kek…

No. 60919

This was on choachan?

No. 60920

They had your name (and could have presumably confirmed your identity) and still tried to blame the moid shit on you? That makes no sense, the fact you accidentally selfdoxed would have made you safe. I don't buy any part of this story they're trying to sell

No. 60921

File: 1691415932997.gif (998.26 KB, 498x359, Popcorn Bobby GIF - Popcorn Bo…)

The choachan admin is a farmer, right? I personally think she should just come here and tell us her side of the story.

No. 60922

to be fair to them i don't have a social media presence under my full name so i don't think they could find anything substantial. if they asked for a hand pic with a time stamp i could've given them that kek
honestly i think she's moved on and so had i but when i saw on here that there were claims of a deranged moid on the staff team it rubbed me the wrong way that the posters (presuming i am the "moid jani" she mentioned) thought some deranged guy had access to their personal information. i was an annoying poster and incompetent staff at worst and never had any ill intention. i had a lot of fun on there over the years and never wanted anything bad to happen to the site or its posters, especially since female only ibs are so rare.
at least in the end they said "no accounts were hacked and no ips were leaked" and i hope that calmed down any of the posters that were worried about it.

No. 60924

>named anonymous
And you want anons to believe this? Sure, Jan. This is just the /meta/ sperg we had a few days ago here >>>/meta/60575

No. 60925

wtf is an "autiny jani" tho

No. 60926

Moo had exeptional milk, are you kidding? She constantly had something going on whether its stealing, pretending to be nude for porn, scamming through her patreon for 2 years, working with shitty harassers like Leon Chiro, her fake made cosplays that got leaked other people made them, her obvious attempts at trying to go over someone's work [KBBQ], the video saga stuff, starting OF and laughing at how far she goes, her ghosting cons, sponsors pulling out from helping her for a short while, her miserable Stay-At-Home con segment, the entire camversity thing was repetitively milky because she wouldn't shut up about her dad… Anon, the thread is slow now because she's stopped making a lot of shit public, but it's not all making fun of her being fat at all. In fact, there's rules you can't nitpick that unless it's regarding new posts due to how ill-fitting she usually makes her cosplays, but otherwise no one mentions it even then sometimes. Also the rule about nitpicking her tit vein and stuff. Moo's thread is moderated well which is how a /pt/ thread should be. Moo is one of the rare cows on this site that's been continuously milky.

No. 60927

kek don't worry about it it's retarded

No. 60930

I don't believe they're farmers or they'd know how to present drama. This has been going on for months without a single decipherable summary or greentext or whatever the fuck and whenever these retards come around they just shitpost more vague gay bait to announce themselves. See >>60927
They're probably a bunch of newfags who found lolcow from Tiktok or the Creepshow Art outing, we already know they don't know shit about imageboards because there were posts from someone who spoke up about having to build choachan for them and then getting treated similarly to >>60918.

No. 60931

Was choachan not a a daughter imageboard like crystalcafe? As in they essentially came from here before making their own imageboard to be able to discuss their topic of choice freely.

No. 60932

Choachan was made cause of the kpop critical threads being banned, the admin would be a farmer

No. 60933

"autiny" is a nickname for fans of a kpop group called ateez. "autiny jani" was a running joke/not joke for some posters, about how there is a jani that is an autiny and goes out of her way to be a nuisance and be more lenient towards other "autinys", only ban people who shat on her favorite group etc…
ccc had a big personalityfagging problem and there were always people trying to connect posts to people, figure out which posters the staff members were etc… if you regularly posted a kpop idol you were labeled as the "(kpop idol) poster", there wasn't really an escape from it. probably the reason this autiny jani shit started

No. 60934

yeah it was well known there that the admins are former lc farmhands and made ccc after the ban of kpop on here.

No. 60936

There's a thread to continue the discussion without derailing >>>/ot/1656865

No. 60938

Anyone interested in a lolcow discord server?(never again)

No. 60939

after all the crazy drama from the last one?

No. 60941

No. 60945

There are offshoot ones already lol but I don’t think we should have official one ever again

No. 60946

I can't even imagine why anyone would want to talk to this site's user base as a group
like just punch yourself in the kidneys, it's the same amount of fun

No. 60948

Not a good idea, last time the majority of the discord weren't even farmers.

I don't understand why anyone would visit and post on a website made for discussion if they don't like the userbase.

No. 60951

>I don't understand
That's okay, you don't have to

No. 60952

Always a man.

No. 60954

Being a mentally ill loser or attention whore cow + control freak is why anon.

No. 60957

not wanting the discord back means you have to be a mentally ill attention whore?

No. 60959

they are talking about the second post reply, not the first.

No. 60960

File: 1691599488309.jpg (108.45 KB, 1025x403, reportingabuse.jpg)

I use a VPN and catch other people's bans sometimes, so I don't know who this was actually for.
But really? You're going to smack us for "reporting abuse" after leaving /ot/ unmoderated and rife with infighting for days? And most of those posts were never dealt with?
I've reported posts multiple times if I run out of room in the "reason" section (because that isn't very long!), or because I accidentally submitted a report early on mobile. Does that count as "reporting abuse"? Multiple anons have admitted to spamming reports on a post until it gets taken down in /meta/ before, so clearly not all report spammers are the same in mods' eyes.
>one is enough for infighting of all things
Mods could try actually moderating the infighting, but that would be too hard, I guess.

No. 60962

The new jannies seem very into banning, and don't seem to know that you can check post history
I don't use a VPN, and I've been banned for completely innocuous shit unrelated to gender for being a tranny, like literally a completely unrelated post, like where it doesn't make sense that the ban reason is "tranny"

No. 60963

You or the person using it probably reported a jannys posts lmao

No. 60964

I don't know why some farmers assume using a VPN makes it so mods can't catch you samefagging or ban evading. A VPN isn't a failsafe for posting. Also the only way you'd catch an anons ban that isn't yours is if you're both using the same VPN service.

No. 60965

NTA but I saw the recently banned moids ban message when I was using opera browser so it's not rare to find new ban messages on vpns

No. 60967

nta, getting other peoples ban messages has always been a thing here

No. 60968

samefagging to add, it is on a lot of chan boards

No. 60969

You can obviously get that IP ban if you use the same service.

No. 60971

Are you new? That's not how it works.
Yes, I agree but it seems like one anon didn't know that

No. 60972

With the absolute state of the site lately, I believe it.

No. 60973

I literally never said that. I catch people's bans literally all the time, for posts I've never made. Obviously that means we are both using the same VPN service. I never said it doesn't. Why did you feel the need to reply to me with this post.

No. 60975


No. 60977

no… kek

No. 60980

I've gotten old and recent bans for other anons when I post on mobile data, since it's a dynamic IP. A couple times it was a permaban so I wrote a note to the admin stating that it's a dynamic IP for a large mobile carrier.

No. 60982

Christ will you girls get a life with the lies about this shit? Get a job or a hobby or anything else outside of imageboards. The intense baiting for a response from her is creepy and obsessive and we all know none of this shit is true and you’re just bitter you got trolled a bit last year by ccc posters. Move the fuck on you’re entirely too old for this

No. 60983

Why tf would we lie about an imageboard directing bans wrong? Literally happens all the time on 4chan, it isn't a big deal

No. 60984

Yeah definitely a real choachan janny. I believe it all. Man I hope she doesn’t check this place because you guys are obsessive as all hell

No. 60985

Sweet anon I did not mean that

No. 60986

I'm sorry, I'm high

No. 60988

Also if anyone is actually seriously interested as to what’s going on:
There was a discord server where the choachan admins hung out in and it was for the most part friendly with occasional spats. The original owner went by “Bib” and is also “japananon” on here. Bib is extremely insane, strong case of batshit crazy and she lied a lot. People would make fun of her or call her out, specifically board owner. Bib was very manipulative back then already and would constantly message us in private to try and get us to turn against her. Eventually someone who met her irl dug up a bunch of stuff about her (such as spamming her own child pornography online) and she left the server in a huff and threatened to kill herself a bunch. She’s very vindictive and she will make up any lie to get people on her side. The discussion about shutting down choachan because of CP spam was shared in this server as well which is probably how she knows. I don’t feel bad mentioning her or what she has done as she’s been mentioned before and like I said she’s genuinely an awful person and anyone else who was in that server and doesn’t also have an axe to grind with the ccc admins can confirm that. I suspect she’s one of the current new admins, I don’t know who the other two are or who else was involved in all of this but I’m sure anyone else who was in the ponycord can make their own guesses as board owner wasn’t afraid to tell people what she thought of them which often caused hurt feelings.
Tl;dr this is all dumb discord drama perpetuated by people who deservedly got their feelings hurt and will now not stop because they are quite literally insane. If they could feel any shame I would tell them to feel it for ruining so many spaces where women could go to have discussions about any sort of thing but unfortunately… we are here. I just hope bib got some other tech anons from that server involved in her silly takeover and not one of her many tranny friends or 4chan scrotes but who knows when it comes to her.
This is the god honest truth but be prepared for a lot of screeching in response to this. RIP lolcow, choachan and crystal cafe you were nice while you lasted I guess?(there's a thread for this, please post whatever you want about it there)

No. 60990

Stop posting about it on meta there's a thread

No. 60991

Does anyone know what happened to the old general costhot thread on /w/? It was in the #8 edition but it filled out and I am not able to either find the link on search (on google too).

No. 60997

No1currs scrote. Stop spamming this shit.

No. 60998

Just use cringe for now. I'll make a new one later.

No. 61000

>a discord server
didn't read past that, no1currs

No. 61001

waiting for new admin tinfoil to drop any day now kek

No. 61008

This anon is probably lying. I was in japanons server and there was one anon in her 30-40s who was obsessed with japanon. She stalked japanons socials until she found pictures of her underage, her name, her old accounts and even told me she found her nudes.
This person is obsessed with bib/japanon for some reason and attempts to accuse her of being pedo because japanon dated a 19 year old or something when she was 21 or something.

No. 61018

Different server that she made after getting kicked out of this one. That person you’re talking about sounds familiar though and she’s batty too. Think she went by general Armstrong in the lolcord and is a complete schizophrenic and easily trolled into believing any sort of bs, terminally online, sjw but with a twist where her delusions justify any means. Think Elaine found her socials together with the admin before shaymin and she’s been on a vendetta hunt ever since except in all the wrong directions. Is my theory at least. Complete newfag too and used to? Be a farmhand and is married afaik. Rumor has it her husband made jschan

No. 61019

Is it the Regina George larper from this thread?
She matches the description esp the Elaine drama.

No. 61020

Holy shit. More info on this person? She either idolizes people or makes them her sworn enemies very quickly. She’d have very vague, moralistic reasons for why someone deserved her ire. She wouldn’t shut up about her perfect husband and his Rolex collection. At this point I don’t know what to believe.

No. 61025

why would E or B know about japanon unless someone told her about it? It seems like multiple anons in a offshoot server have a vendetta against her where they try to point her out in threads while posting tinfoils that japanon is a mod on lc and cc

it's very transparent tbh

No. 61026

Stop talking about yourself in third person please.

No. 61035

Remember that time around 2020 when oldmin temporarily closed /ot/ for a week? Can we do that again?

No. 61036

just ban the baitposters. It's clearly the smae few people trying to stir shit in a bunch of threads

No. 61045

I think ot has very few farmhands right now, at least that's my impression.

No. 61046


No. 61048

There's "very few" farmhands, and then there's no farmhands. Can admins step in and fix their fuckup mod team. If it's not absent/useless mods, then the only explanation left is the mods themselves are shitting up the board. How are people not getting banned for continuing a now two day long infight in some of the threads. Why are we allowing people to openly bait. What the fuck is going on with this website.

No. 61051

i don't think there's any jan'ies in /ot/ at all atm. there's bait all iver the place, ibvious scrote, and a massive infight that has been going on for hours in the crime thread, but the reports do nothing and there's not a redtext in sight
the "rapesock" bait poster has even been posting here woth no mod reaction

No. 61060

yeah, /ot/ needs a hamster shake from the mods

No. 61061

We've gone through the /ot/ reports and handed out bans, and I myself personally went over the 'rapesock' post and the original poster did not intend it as an insult towards women or the news article, just used the verbiage in a way to indicate how scrotes view women. This was clearly misread, twisted, then reposted over and over in a way to make it seem worse than it was. The infighting/derailing was in several threads and the people have been issued bans.

No. 61062

File: 1691870739685.png (5.04 KB, 225x225, Untitled(9).png)

thank you for your service

No. 61063

So you looked at the "rapesock" poster's post history?

No. 61064

yes, they are not a moid.

No. 61065

You're acting as if the post wasn't made by a literal mod or a vpn-fag whose post history would obviously be mixed. Literally every anon that called it out got banned but it didn't.
You guys are being weird today, there was a literal Indian moid who posted for several hours about how Indian men are hot, deserve blue eyed blonde haired white women and disagreeing is racism yet you're still not banning the weirdly misogynistic posts but banning anons for "infighting" when they disagree with your decisions.

No. 61066

No. 61067

can someone please repost the "punching bag" explanation
they got banned for infighting and misunderstanding intentionally to do it

No. 61069

Was the person who posted the weird memes and baits a different poster?

No. 61071

>This was clearly misread, twisted, then reposted over and over in a way to make it seem worse than it was.

No. 61073


No. 61078

I dunno who's at the wheel right now, but the long-winded yet even-tempered explanations are weirdly endearing and seem to be working pretty good

No. 61079

>there was a literal Indian moid who posted for several hours about how Indian men are hot, deserve blue eyed blonde haired white women and disagreeing is racism
i wasn't involved in that fight but read through it and nobody said that. there were posts defending those groups sure, but this is straight up fanfic.

No. 61082

I agree with this suggestion, I know it might be a little extra work for jennies but I think they should all be redtexted for transparency.

No. 61083

>did not intend it as an insult towards women

No. 61088

You anons insisting mods are out to get you by planting posts need the highest dose meds ever.

No. 61089

I love the redtexts. I used to do mod work on another site and they would just have us delete posts. Publicly shaming posters with a visible ban or at least a redtext warning of what rule they broke, absolutely helps with moderating. No matter what you're always going to have idiots hurrdurr the site and threads with their stupid shit, with or without redtexts. Its better to make it annoying for them to any degree. Feels good too seeing your report go through.

No. 61094

>almost 10 anons who complain about rapesock get banned
>mod and admin keeps defending rapesock-chan
>an anon in the same thread claims rape is natural and nature hates us women but doesn't get banned
>rapesock randomly accuses everyones of being the same person and the ban messages told me to stop talking even though it was my first post on the topic
Do I need to continue more? We will end up like choachan or whatever the fuck its called because mods are making weird posts and banning every anon that reports or disagrees with the mod posts.

No. 61095

>doesn't get banned
Anon. One of the redtexts might be theirs already. Jfc.

No. 61096

>ban messages told me to stop talking even though it was my first post on the topic
anon, that's probably because farmhands made a post telling EVERYBODY to stop responding, and then you responded. Chill out.

No. 61097

Anon, they were banned. Move on.

No. 61099

That wasn't me. I was banned before that.
Why does it take mods a day and 10 additional bans to ban an obvious male poster? I doubt the ban is even as long as the ban they gave other farmers.

No. 61100

>I doubt his ban is even as long as the ban they gave other farmers.
you're literally just making stuff up to be mad about… anon close the tab.

No. 61103

at least try to hide your possible samefagging. Anon…

No. 61105

>possible samefagging
If you're going to accuse someone of samefagging at least commit to it

No. 61106

The funny part is how she is intentionally misrepresenting every post she is getting mad about.
The initial rapesock post was in response to a news article about a woman who had a near drowning incident when she was 2 or 3 years old, and was kept in a vegetative state in hospital since, where she was repeatedly raped while in coma. >>>/ot/1660589
An anon gives more information on the case, and it is revealed the the mother of the girl had filed a request to have the victim only cared for by female employees in 2002 (17 years before the story breaks in 2019) because of previous assaults. >>>/ot/1662497
The original comment was made out of disgust for the parents who essentially kept their daughter in a coma for 27 years (initially thought by op to be only 14 years as this was posted before the above post with more info) to be used as a, well. >>>/ot/1660600

She is also lying about another anon's post:
>an anon in the same thread claims rape is natural and nature hates us women but doesn't get banned
An article was posted about a woman with PPD who killed her three children with cable ties. >>>/ot/1658908
It comes to light she went through IVF about 17 times. >>>/ot/1658920
Anon posts that children who are conceived through IVF are soulless >>>/ot/1660560
After anons disagree, she doubles down and also implies that children conceived through rape are either partially soulless or do not have souls at all >>>/ot/1660910
Either a second anon or anon samefagging herself maintains that most people are soulless, and especially people conceived under "unnatural circumstances" >>>/ot/1662245
In response, nonnas point out that not only are many people born from rape, especially in societies where it was acceptable, but rape often occurs between animals in nature.
And anon is still in the thread insisting that rape isn't natural, and in fact, most rape babies are killed.

In case anyone was curious, pregnancy by rape occurs at the same rate as pregnancy by consensual sex.
>The current scientific consensus is that rape is at least as likely to lead to pregnancy as consensual sexual intercourse, with some studies suggesting rape may actually result in higher rates of pregnancy than consensual intercourse.

Sorry for the long post, I just figured I'd provide the context and links for anybody who was curious but doesn't want to read through a million infighting posts and sperging. Please excuse any incorrect links, I tried my best.
In short, it is anons (or a singular anon) being asshurt about getting told to stop being weird, and then dragging it out into other threads. And accusing everybody who is annoyed with them of samefagging or being dirty mods, kek

No. 61109

I've only made one of the posts you quoted, so you're wromg.

No. 61112

Anons who are annoyed by the rape normalization posts or posts equating rape babies to ivf babies aren't one singular person, retard. Most of us are annoyed by you guys who love preaching rape and saying it's common and women's biological fate.

No. 61114

>love preaching rape
just shut up, I can't roll my eyes hard enough at that

No. 61117

You're so wrong, you're not even funny. This is obviously bait, I hope you catch a ban.

No. 61122

You posted your shit takes on rape and ivf, got banned in that thread for derailing and came here to still defend yourself even though everyone just wants you to stop sperging. Go outside or something please.

No. 61123

It sounds like other people have told you to shut up too, cuz I don't even have any opinions on ivf

No. 61125

You literally included the ivf stuff in your compilement, rapebaby.(infighting)

No. 61128

I literally haven't said anything about ivf once, you actual mongoloid, more than one person can disagree with you

No. 61135

Lolcow has already been taken over. Ever since shaymin left.

No. 61138

I'm late to this but I'm honestly starting to suspect that powertripping jannies (or janny?) are the ones instigating retarded infights and then handing out bans to people telling them off. It can't be a coincidence that some unhinged, overly aggressive anon keeps going for literally hours while people disagreeing with her suddenly report being banned for a single post with some equally bitchy ban message but no redtext so it's clearly some janny trying to be sneaky. Admin should check her staff's behavior and find out if there's a pattern of abusing their power or being too trigger happy with bans due to misunderstanding or misreading posts.

No. 61139

I would have agreed with you until about two days ago; redtexts and ban messages actually seem to be becoming more explanatory than inflammatory, and frankly the ban messages I've seen posted very recently are pretty mild

No. 61140

File: 1692010838644.png (80.03 KB, 1080x390, 1692009309883(1).png)

/ot/ is getting infight-spammed, and someone has posted screenshots from r9k, saying that it's probably the spammer

No. 61141

is this from that shitty waifu thread on r9k? unfortunately quite a few anons from lolcow are also frequently posting in that r9k thread plus in the associated threads discord which causes more scrotes to come here

No. 61142

No. 61143

>equally bitchy ban message
"Bitchy" ban messages have always been around, you are being overly sensitive. Are you the person who won't stop shitting up news stories that fuck with you in /ot/ and keeps complaining about mods when you get banned for sperging.
I'm starting to think it's a coverage issue. The morning after the huge meltdown in /ot/ a couple days ago, a mod was cleaning the board out for hours (infights I reported were getting almost instant redtexts) and admin issued bans for the rapesock drama.
I'd help out, but I was never contacted. I guess my app didn't make the cut kek

No. 61145

>a mod was cleaning the board out for hours (infights I reported were getting almost instant redtexts) and admin issued bans for the rapesock drama
I got the same feeling because I received an infighting ban for admittedly falling for bait but only like 8 hours after I posted, unrelated to the whole rapesock thing. I feel like the mods went full scorched earth

No. 61146

my bad
deleted my reply cuz it was blogposty; I really want to re-apply but I dunno if they'd take someone back who was already on board

No. 61147

Yeah, I think the /ot/ mod either wasn't around for a few days or was seriously slacking, so they had to play catch up.
Do you mean somebody who was on the mod team in the past? I don't see why it would bother them if you're honest about it. Unless you're the ex-mod who recently did a post reveal in a cow thread without permission and exposed her ip. In that case, I don't want you on the mod team again, sorry anon

No. 61148

The infighting and derailment in the News Stories that Fuck with You thread is still ongoing.
Still tinfoiling about moderation
Derailing and tinfoil about a poster's identity
A two paragraph off topic anti-tif manifesto. I don't disagree but this is not the thread for it
Infighting. Pic used is also weird
Taking bait, engaging in infighting, interacting with a suspected moid, not reporting and ignoring
Infighting, taking bait, accusing someone of being from kiwifarms, not reporting and ignoring
More off topic derailing

No. 61149

The overlay with lolcow users that browse 4chan is getting really annoying. I left the fujo thread discord because posters like Rance and the admin post on 4chan and only discuss scrote shit (which they also carry over here in the BL thread), and unsurprisingly there are still troons and incels trying to shit things up too. 4chan might have been funny like 10 years ago but letting a bunch of Spoony-tier posters on here go off with zero consequence is ruining LC.

No. 61150

I still can't believe either of the two ip incidents, like how shitty and petty do you have to be?
Literally no one would want to post on this site if they have to live in fear that pathetically samefagging your own post because no one laughed may get your anonymity revoked, like? God damn, are you heartless? Lmfao, she wasn't in-fighting, she basically went "please clap," should have just let her live with herself lol
I have to admit, I'm not as familiar with the other event, but it doesn't matter; you just don't do ip reveals

No. 61151

so rita is obsessed with the lolcow and comes here to bait for attention. users should report and move on and bait posts should get red-texts more often that actually say (bait) (I know there's a limit to that that could cripple discussion but some posts are so obviously inflammatory and looking for infights that it's getting tired at this point). I don't think mods should reveal her post history again because she would get off on seeing her nickname but they should slap a (poster 123 banned for repeated baiting) label or something on it for posterity.
so annoying to have repeat visits from this butthurt troll.

No. 61152

>pathetically samefagging your own post because no one laughed may get your anonymity revoked
that's never how it happens and you need to lurk more if you don't wanna come across like a fearmongering newfag.

No. 61153

The site explicitly says that if you use this site they can revoke the right to your anonymity if you attempt to be deceitful. You use this site at your own risk. Also one instance was a salty janny. Don't know what you're scared of, anon, unless you're a chronic shitposter.

No. 61154

Could be that some reports weren't seen yet.

No. 61158

Nta, that isn't usually how it happens, but from I recall, that is how it happened once.
A key detail people are forgetting is that this was not done by admins nor admin approved. That's why the janny who ip revealed got kicked from the team.
>you must be a salty shitposter
Again nta, but expecting mods to not be jackasses doesn't mean she's done something wrong. Everybody already agrees the instances we are talking about were inappropriate. Stop using every opportunity possible to shit on other people.

No. 61160

That's literally exactly what happened to catshit-chan
Yes, by an admin after investigation, not a power-tripping janny just cuz she feels like it
I guess they want nitpicky-ass jannies looking for bullshit reasons to drop the ban hammer and write a cute little redtext; I spent most of my time sitting on top of gore spammers deleting the shit so fast, most people never had to see it while I was online
I didn't say SAMEFAGGING IS COOL AND I THINK WE SHOULD DO IT, I said it was faggy and lame that whoever busted catshit-chan did that. Because it was. The way it happened indicates that a janny had literally been sitting in that thread checking IPs waiting for someone to samefag, and then she felt the need to show everyone her janny card, like? You power tripping their, chief? Weird behavior, there's almost always more to do on lolcow

No. 61162

The rules do say that, but that doesn't mean we have to agree with the actions of the staff. I think we all know that IP and post history reveals should be saved for actual extreme cases, not for petty things.
Assuming this is about the cat piss incident, even the current admins themselves said they didn't agree with it so idk why it's still a topic. Shaymin was fine with it though, which was weird because she publicly shamed a janny for revealing someone's post history.

No. 61163

Yeah, let me be more clear; I'm saying that an ip reveal for something stupid and petty (such as samefagging once without infighting or shit sturring), would obviously discourage anyone from posting here

No. 61164

This conversation is too annoying to follow, but samefags should be redtexted more often. Especially when they're infighting.

No. 61165

Well no one disagrees with you, so I guess it was too annoying to read at all

No. 61166

This wasn't the post that was posted in /ot/ yet is the one post that makes the tif-anons identity clear. It's suspicious for you to post this here and then pretend to not know what board it even was from.

No. 61167

It was one of three caps posted on /ot/; and I posted it over here to alert any farmhands that weren't aware. I assumed /r9k/ because that's usually where our resident retards come from. Have fun continuing to shit-stir though I guess, fag

No. 61168

Nta but what are you talking about? That screenshot was posted in /or/

No. 61169

>nitpicky-ass jannies
yes, they have a few, and they are biased. You can completely follow the rules and get banned for days with no recourse. The people who WK the weird janny are bizarre, possibly janny's sockpuppets, possibly discord kittens.

No. 61170

No one else visits r9k aside from you, stop projecting.

No. 61171

It's post
In the things you hate thread on ot

No. 61173

That's not how you quote something from another board, anon.

No. 61174

Who are you people who claim stuff like this? I’ve been mildly annoying on here for years and have only ever been banned like twice for less <24 hrs each. You have to be doing something really wrong if you’re getting multi-day banhammered on a regular basis, it just doesn’t make sense. Most of the time farmhands will just redtext and not even bother banning.

No. 61177

Anon just wants a reason to villainize the staff in general. pointing out old shit is the same thing they always do. They came in here, probably the samefag tbh, and did this by trying to spook people about how your IP is going to be used against you and blah blah blah.. They got a ban for it several times. The staff that did all that stuff, like you said, already got the boot. There's a bunch of anons trying to get others to agree that redtexts are because mods are interacting in the space, however, if they were, why would anons still take bait and get themselves a ban? The logic doesn't make sense, anons just don't want to be held accountable and want to use scare tactics because they are upsetty.

No. 61178

File: 1692037756156.jpg (467.4 KB, 1080x1084, RitaAdmits.jpg)

Remember how we had anons complaining about terfs and reporting transphobic stuff? Recently rita and a few of her likeminded female friends made posts on lgbt admitting to using vpns to both make those posts and spam report any post they disagreed with until a janny bans the other anon they were arguing with.

No. 61179

Anon, why should we care? We fucking don't. This is all tinfoil too. Anons really don't like dealing with the fact that they deserve bans. Go hang out on that other site or some shit anon. No one here is going to defend you.

No. 61181

Wtf are you talking about? This isn't related to the staff tinfoil you were talking about, this tranny disaster happened like 15 days ago and I was just baffled with the amount of terf-haters we randomly had that day, this post explains it.
I also don't hang there, I saw some anon mention rita started posting again and I just searched up lolcow on the archieves to find them admitting to their antics.

No. 61182

Ayrt, What? No I'm not trying to spook anyone and I've also made a post agreeing with the suggesting to redtext all bans so idk what you're trying to say.

No. 61183

what boards do you post on? I've only ever been banned for days on one board, despite having a stellar reputation on every other board

No. 61185

Nta but it isn't tinfoil, retard. Admin has revealed her post history. >>58669

No. 61187

Yikes, ot, but I feel kind of bad for retards like this. How low does your iq need to be for you to waste all your time on crap like this. And think it's fun, to boot. She needs a caretaker to turn the modem off and wheel her outside so she can get some fresh air and sunlight.
>every time they get mad about trannies and say they should die i report for alogging
I can't imagine bragging about fake encounters on an imageboard. Cringe infinito
If that's true and you were anon who used to be on the old team, I hope you reapply. New mod team is a little wack.
Okay, show us the bad bans and nitpicking you are talking about. You say it happens but there are no linked posts or screenshots.
I have said before that there are jannys' pets running around but that is because whoever is in charge of /ot/ right now is either taking sides in infights, or is simply shit at banning both sides of an infight (with the exception of whoever was handing out bans a couple of days ago when admins also stepped in). But it sounds like you are complaining about something else.

Read her post a little more carefully. She is saying the anon you replied to is probably trying to spook people by bringing up that the site says they can reveal your IP. She was explaining what she thinks that anon's motives are.

No. 61191

>male screenshot
>no evidence of it being the admins or Retard
>in a thread on /lgbt/ where there were likely multiple males admitting to raiding lcf
>multiple posts on this board of evidence that /lgbt/ trannies were raiding this site
You're a tranny. You will never be a woman, and trying to drag down a real woman (if that's even her, anyone can set their name to "Gloves" and that isn't her typing style) because you know you have XY chromosomes and got caught in a lie is pathetic. Take your cum covered hands elsewhere, moid.

No. 61192

File: 1692047089063.png (639.16 KB, 1080x1190, trannybaiter.png)

Samefag, the tranny here was threatening Retard in the same thread. If that even is her. There was also a spam raid on her thread two weeks ago. So this faggot is definitely a male

No. 61194

If only you went outside and got theraphy for your mental disorders instead of hanging around in places that you're obviously hated, rita. I feel bad for you, you could be happy if you just got your mental illnesses sorted out.

No. 61195

File: 1692049905844.jpg (206.86 KB, 929x600, scrotescrote.jpg)

I'm not rita, tranny. This you, sexually harassing a lesbian on a board none of her leaked posts were in?

No. 61196

Can we please have the anti-husbandafag unlocked? Why did it even get locked?

No. 61199

The farmhand in that thread already explained, because shotafags were filling it up. Besides, the thread was bait from the start.

No. 61200

nayrt but there's a bunch of antifujo threads. can't we have a yumejo cringe one too?

No. 61202

Multiple? We only have the one fujo cringe thread.

No. 61203

>yumejo cringe thread
Well good luck filling it up kek

No. 61205

No. 61206

File: 1692078827573.png (37.67 KB, 1925x325, twirls moustache.png)

Admin for the love of god check your runaway janny fighting people in the fandom psychology thread in /ot/. The post in picrel was pretty damn obviously being ironic and making fun of a sperg calling women into fandom erotica "just as bad" as coombrained scrotes and unironically saying fujos "rape characters", who the fuck hands out a ban for this? In /ot/? The janny has been dropping her trip and going bananas redtexting people who call her out for it yet the sperg in question infighting and derailing the thread for hours and hours gets to go at it. If it's not a staff member then I apologize, but it's just not looking good in general to allow a person to bait, infight and derail for hours attacking and insulting other anons but redtexting and banning others for spelling it out in the thread.(ban evading newfag continues to ban evade)

No. 61207

Shotafags weren't filling it up, antifujo one is also usually bait but it's stays up so this one can too. Just ban the shotafags permanently and it'll be fixed.

No. 61209

File: 1692083777857.png (96.98 KB, 1951x700, redtext.PNG)

Just to top this off the irony in this is palpable. I don't even know how you can get banned for telling people to be vigilant of people intentionally derailing but the post below it makes the redtext even more pathetic. Btw the anon still carrying on the infight was still allowed to do so.

No. 61210

Because you’re continuing to derail and aren’t warning people of anything but being apart of the fight and continuing the derail.

No. 61211

File: 1692088393340.png (379.25 KB, 1192x852, newfags.png)

>newfag gets banned for continuing to infight/derail thrad
>posts proof of their own ban evasion
>claims mod is poster they're fighting with because they were banned for derail/infight
>goes to cry on meta about being banned
>others (possibly same evader) continues to derail infight about being banned and it being a conspiracy
>"Why am I/they continuing to be banned for reeing about being banned!"
Newfags get banned for a reason. Based farmhands herding newfags.

No. 61212

Ot's farmhand is being weird, I agree. She only bans one side in infights and for some reason loses her mind over anyone critiquing husbandofags to the point she shut down husbando-hate thread.

No. 61213

Newfag, the husbandofag thread was banned for attracting shotafags and being the essential duplicate of another thread that I think was also closed due to lack of quality. One side is being banned because only one side is continuing to derail kek.

No. 61214

You were banned for the twirls mustache shit.

No. 61215

They allow the antifujo thread to stay up despite anons posting there being notorious for intentionally hatestalking the fujo thread to bait and then minutes after run back into their containment zone hooting and hollering about fujos being pedophilic woman hating trannies ruining their fictional husbandos. It's a thread entirely based on infighting yet jannies look the other way while locking down a "husbandofag cringe" thread immediately as if the antifujo thread didn't attract shotafag debate all the time. It's clear that they have an agenda and they should really just be honest about wanting fujos off the site for their personal reasons instead of being so immature and conniving about it. People constantly start inflammatory infights calling fujos this and that with their degree in Tumblr psychology and turn into rabid dogs frothing at the mouth when people disagree crying "twitterfag" because being insufferable is the only way they know how to debate, yet like seen in >>61209 they NEVER get banned and are allowed to samefag and attack anons for hours despite sounding scrotey as fuck at times (in the sense of "fujos are ugly fat bitches who can't get laid"). Fujos live inside their heads indefinitely and you don't even have to be one for them to start accusing you of being such, they even cannibalize husbandofags for disagreeing. None of those bans are mine so you can stop with the "you got banned and had your feelings hurt" cope.

No. 61216

Samefagging to add that the husbando thread was actually unlocked shortly after it was locked, but some farmhand locked it again. No explanation of why this happened either.

No. 61217

Husbando farmhand prob locked it, another farmhand unlocked it and then husbandofag locked it again

No. 61218

That's so cool that mods can see your post history. At least they know I'm not a cock sucker uwu

No. 61220

You are willingly posting on a website visible to anyone online (and site dedicated to laughing at weirdos online, mind you). Some people might see your posts and not like them, even complain about them. You might want to stick to closed discord groups etc if that’s something you can not handle.

No. 61222

>"I'm not the one who was obsessed with the insult cocksucker"
>"haha at least im not a cocksucker like you! "

No. 61226

imagine writing a paragraph over this

No. 61228

>anons posting there being notorious
there's just one anon who does stalks the fujo general and fujochan, and we all know who she is (the hand poster, proably Pakichan) and usually her screencaps are ignored if they're not actually funny. We know she's obsessed. But she's the only one who posts like that, the others post more relevant stuff. You're just butthurt that anons talk about their bad experiences with fujos, we've all had those because fujos are so common and we all knew cringy fujos when we were young.
Also you can't really prove that this one obsessed anti-fujo is the one making the retarded posts in your guys' thread. Maybe you do have actual retards saying stupid shit completely unironically.
NTA but there was a shotafag avatarfagging with her shota character pics and generally being an annoying attention whore that was clogging up the thread. That thread went to shit pretty quickly. I also read the older locked thread and that one seemed unnecessary, given that most of the anons reacting to the yumes posted in there were calling them endearing and funny rather than cringe kek. The contents of those two threads and the fujo thread are very different.

No. 61229

Actually there's been an influx of soyjak antifujos.

No. 61230

Nta but hatestalking might be fine (it's pathetic) but using it to start shit up in several threads and spew misogynistic bullshit isn't exactly based.

No. 61231

When did that happen, I wasn't aware of it.
Were the antifujos in the first fujo cringe thread actually soyjak moids, too?

No. 61232

Lol I doubt the first ones were, but there was a poster in a cc thread sperging about fujos that either outed themself as a soyjak poster or had a soyjak poster defend her. Either way not a good look for the anti fujos here when one of your own could be an incel.

No. 61233

>in a cc thread
How does that affect farmers who just dislike fujos?

No. 61234

it was the lolcow hate thread where anons come to complain about lolcow

No. 61235

This is being willfully ignorant. I don't even use the fujo thread in /m/ but someone always posts bait or starts attacking the posters, and when they respond it is conveniently posted in the fujocringe thread. The same with both relevant threads in /ot/; every time fujos are brought up, they get shit on and their replies are posted into the fujocringe thread with anons mocking them while intentionally misrepresenting what they're talking about.
You're annoying for fujobaiting, you're annoying for shitting up threads, and you're annoying for pretending like it's a "normal" part of lc.

No. 61240

And it's not like their criticism of the fujoshi is even intelligible. It's just repeating "fujos are pedocoomers who hate women and love trannies" over and over again with nothing to back it up besides "because I said so and this one fujo was really mean and cringe when we were 15". They derail literally any thread with this and even when nobody grabs the bait they start aggressively replying to themselves trying to get a rise out of people yet for some reason never catch a ban despite being excessively hostile and argumentative. Even in the fujo thread they do this because they always have it open in a tab to monitor it, they're literally so bitchless they kept an eye on Fujochan just to find out of context things to get mad about.

No. 61241

>Read her post a little more carefully. She is saying the anon you replied to is probably trying to spook people by bringing up that the site says they can reveal your IP. She was explaining what she thinks that anon's motives are.
Oooh, my bad. I was honestly very confused reading that but I understand now.

No. 61242

You'd think mods would ban such hostile infighting (literally one of the first rules on the offtopic rules list), but it really seems like there is a mod that is a part of the problem.

No. 61246

When is the last time this has happened?

No. 61247

>This is being willfully ignorant.
Well I wouldn't know all about normal fujo posting habits because I usually ignore the fujo thread. But on the rare occasion I see the thread on the index, sometimes I've seen really dumb takes.
>You're annoying for fujobaiting
Don't tell me you think everyone who uses the fujo cringe thread is that one obsessed poster kek
>you're annoying for pretending like it's a "normal" part of lc
I never claimed baiting to get retarded fujo responses is normal. And by the way there have been multiple posts by actual fujos saying retarded shit. I'm not trying to pretend like there aren't one or a couple of really obsessed fujo haters on the site, so why don't you admit there are a couple of really dumb fujos as well? I don't even think all fujos on the site are like them.
>"fujos are pedocoomers who hate women and love trannies because I said so and this one fujo was really mean and cringe when we were 15"
No one has said this in those threads. Again you're assuming everyone there is the same poster. Why don't you just accept that some people just want to talk about cringy fujos? It's not an attack against you, really.
>even when nobody grabs the bait they start aggressively replying to themselves trying to get a rise out of people yet for some reason never catch a ban
Or maybe you're wrong and those are actually multiple people and that's why they never get banned, which would be the simplest and most likely explanation. I mean you guys literally think there's a mod conspiracy against you. I'd say you're a little paranoid.

No. 61258

File: 1692135702215.jpg (77.28 KB, 982x430, Hicowban.jpg)

Does this really count as a "hi cow" situation? I've seen people say the same to kirbynon and ritard and they never got banned. I was on /ot/, there's not even any cows here. Banned from all boards for 6 hours kind of seems like a lot.
Can't even find my own post to see if the person who called her paki-chan got redtexted as well.

No. 61259

>that post formating
So the person who gets worked up over getting called a moid is also one of the antifujo posters. Color me surprised.

No. 61266

Didn't you just use the same post formatting?

No. 61267

how fucking new are you?

No. 61268

Do you post anything except calling people a wheel-spin insult?

No. 61269

File: 1692162121192.png (85.35 KB, 1251x365, Screenshot_20230816_005812.png)

farmhands need to stop posting redtext like this. this post obviously should be properly saged but farmhands shouldn't inject personality into redtext, or anything really, it's cringe and embarrassing. there needs to be some kind of code of conduct or rules for farmhand/janny/mod behavior to stop this behavior.
>inb4 they do it for free!!
yes and that means they chose to do this . they should make an effort since they are taking up a spot from someone who would do a better job.(no fun allowed)

No. 61270

i'm not the original anon, you're just retarded and probably new if you think that just quoting is the "post formatting" they were referring to at all. i'll throw you a bone and tell you that when you quote with greentext it's to single out a specific point and doing it to reply to the entire post with piecemeal quotes it doesn't add clarity like you think and makes your posts easy to recognize.

No. 61272

Snarky users don't think snarky mods exist? This isn't a business.

No. 61273

>Taking up a spot from someone
I'm pretty sure we are low on farmhands, the applications have been up for months now. Your concern isn't the biggest issue right now.

No. 61275

That isn’t something mods have just started doing, or at least in my experience anyway.

No. 61278

sorry about your feelings, anon

No. 61280

>i don't like it!! stop this behavior at once!! mods should show no personality at all
why don't you just apply to be admin then since you want the site to be ran how you like it? I literally could not imagine coming to lolcow.farm of all sites and complain about redtexts of all things.

No. 61281

i love when they do it

No. 61282

Snarky mod comments have been a thing for ages. Go back to twitter newfag.

No. 61287

I wouldn’t mind if they were actually funny but they’re always try hard and awkward. I see you got banned for hurting the jannies feelings, lol.

No. 61290

They're funny sometimes but the example that anon posted did seem super awkward and tryhard I agree.

No. 61293

crap, is that a real ban or just a red text? Why would that poster get banned for saying something in meta?

No. 61294

i've gotten banned for not sageing in meta before so…

No. 61295

I didn't know we had to sage in /meta/

No. 61296

Because of ban evading. Anon didn't post their ban for a reason, just the screencap of the ban in thread.

No. 61299

No. 61306

What do the admins think about transgender individuals

No. 61307

Why does that matter? If you're a tif, you're welcome here. If you're a tim, you're a man and you're not welcome here, per the site rules.

No. 61308

Is this bait is that why everyone ignored this and didnt call you a horrible newfag? are you just pretending to be retarded? did assley buttsmells do this

No. 61309

They have addressed this before already basically what >>61307 said. I’m too lazy to link the post lol. Announcing you’re a male using this site gets you banned because it was fucking annoying (if you look at really old threads, men ALWAYS announced themselves because they think it adds to the conversation somehow.) tifs are allowed. Lolcow has become female user encouraged for lack of a better term and imo it’s better that way. Trans identified males are still males and shouldn’t be encouraged to post. They have plenty of places online to already

No. 61312

I love this post because you can really imagine the tensed neck muscles and damp forehead when you read the overly polite oldfag larps that are missing any and all context

No. 61315

NTA, but this is a top tier example of a true schizo response. what are you even talking about kek

No. 61321

you sound terminally online kek

No. 61325

Yeah we are on an imageboard everyone here is terminally online and insane it would behoove you two pant shitting retards to remember that

No. 61330

Fayrt, are you having an episode or something? Why are you so mad about me popping in and saying “????” to a random incomprehensible post? Nonnies are crazy lately holy moly

No. 61332

Your so sexy when u get rly mad at me

No. 61337

File: 1692383441831.png (135.97 KB, 2794x450, 6f9ef376-86b0-4ea9-ab4d-8fe437…)

Lolcowsisters…how we come back from this? Are the moids right about us?(nice try)

No. 61339

Where is this from? Does that mean the antifujo-chan was a seething ugly moid all along? Lmao.

No. 61347

no this is retarded

No. 61359

i read this like 4 times and i still don’t get it

No. 61365

it seems this was from a thread about some guy on jakparty.soy. the poster is a /soyjak/ tourist

No. 61370

It’s so dumb when screenshots from other ibs or sites where it’s mainly retard men talking about lc and then they get posted here like who gives a fuck? I’m only interested if a cow mentions us.

No. 61380

Does anyone actually check the lolcow.farm Gmail account? I've apparently been device banned on my laptop and I really would like to know what the hell I did to warrant that. I've appealed my ban and sent an email asking wtf is up over a week ago, but i've received no reply and am still banned

No. 61383

So you're ban evading?

No. 61384

I'm device banned on my laptop and thus posting these on my phone so I can get a fucking answer on why I'm still banned when i haven't done anything to warrant it. But sure, technically yes I'm ban evading if you want to split hairs about it.

No. 61385

Did u try clearing cache

No. 61386

in my experience, no one ever replies there about anything, even if it's not about a ban. And I can't stand it when people reee about ban evading if someone has an unexplained ban & is asking about it here. Mistakes occur. Where else should she turn if no one replies to emails?

No. 61389

No one owes you an answer because you got banned. Your post history must be filled with bans. Enjoy probably getting rebanned on your phone too.

No. 61390

yeah sure that's the only possibility for this situation. ffs

No. 61391

I got an email back from there once but it took a couple months. This was right after Shaymin Xmas fiasco so it was probably an exceptionally backlogged time since a lot of people emailed the site email at that time. I bet normally replies would be faster.

No. 61392

nyart but I've caught bans for other users on multiple factors including vpns or different data ranges (someone smarter could probably explain that for me kek) dunno why you're being so up tight about something simple

No. 61393

it should be admin@lolcow.farm not the Gmail domain

No. 61394

then why isn't the ban page updated?

No. 61395

It hasn't been updated since OG admin but it's listed on the about page

No. 61403

Mods can see your device. You think they can't tell post history from others even on VPNs? Anons are massively retarded. Mistake bans aren't as common as you think.

No. 61404

>how to spot a tech illiterate

No. 61406

>Mistake bans aren't as common as you think.
Except for the time they banned an anon with cancer for venting, the time they banned a black anon for venting about racism, the time they banned an anon discussing moid behavior as a 'moid'…

No. 61407

Doublepost, also a few years ago when they did a post reveal of some sperg but it ending up lumping in other posters since they were all using an Opera vpn

No. 61408

Is this just one of the resident /meta/ schizos? What are you talking about and why are you riding for the mods so hard.

No. 61409

You literally missed the part about getting other peoples bans by accident. They can see the device and VPN. The IP on the VPN would be banned, so switch the IP of you get one that's banned. There options and anons want to play ignorant that they aren't detectable.

No. 61410

Chin up, buttercup. No one is wking mods by pointing out retarded anons.

No. 61411

Why doesn't anon post the ban page, then? I want to see what the mods ban was.

No. 61414

There are ways to change that.

No. 61415

why are you always so hostile to the users of this site? The way you talk about us is so bizarre

No. 61416

Probably because anons have repeated the same replies about the bans before. I remember seeing anons complaining about device banning a few years ago and they were laughed at that, that wasn't even a thing.

No. 61417

Am I going crazy, or is this a blank post? Recently I've been seeing a lot of posts with a quote, but no text or attached file. Maybe something isn't displaying correctly on my phone?

No. 61418

there was an anon a few months ago in one of the dumbass shit threads that admitted to doing this emptyquote bullshit on purpose in order to encourage more activity in slow/dead threads or some shit i honestly wish she would get banned for it

No. 61419

I keep seeing these every once in a while, sometimes they get deleted fast so I thought it was just phoneposter bugging

No. 61420

I thought they were bot posts

No. 61421

wow, retards in new tradthots thread really spent 100 posts arguing about thread pic

No. 61426

That was me, that post isn't mine. Probably just someone trying to see if they got unbanned or something.

No. 61427

can the tradthot thead be locked for a few days, I feel its become a battleground between two troons at this point.

No. 61434

I also wish she was banned for doing that
I wish you were banned for doing that, but if it was someone testing their ban status, wouldn't they delete the post afterwards? My theory is newfags clicking the wrong part of a post and then posting their own blank posts. But I think newfags are more likely to reply to posts without quoting, so what gives.

No. 61436

File: 1692563962261.jpg (43.71 KB, 720x720, please end the madness.jpg)

Admin, I am once again begging you to lock the shay threads and wrangle them onto the containment board.

No. 61437

What's happening in there, nona, tell us

No. 61444

it's a spam bot that's been going for years I think…

No. 61448

File: 1692603805047.jpeg (182.04 KB, 940x424, IMG_1211.jpeg)

Can we permaban this smelly jobless retard from the tradthot thread?

No. 61449

Has tradthot thread always had this level of infighting? I feel like there's someone trying to start infights there the last few days so anons can't discuss anything else.

No. 61461

some moid spamming on the dumbass thread on /ot/

No. 61470

does anyone else notice threads get hidden in between pages? for example if im searching for a thread in ot and scroll page to page looking for it i cant find it anywhere, but when i click the catalogue it shows it between two threads that happen to be the last thread on page 1 and the first thread on page 2. idk if im explaining it well enough and it's not a big deal as its easy to find the threads in the catalogue but ive had it happen more than once

No. 61474

Yeah this has happened for years. I assume it’s some glitch. I call it Thread Limbo.

No. 61480

I’ve noticed this too lol we need a new site soon, I think it’s funny when there are users being like omfg no don’t change the site it’s perfect as it is. It’s old and broke

No. 61483

can there be a cracking down on posts that are unsaged? i'm seeing this across all the cow boards. newfags need to learn you can't just bump a thread for no reason. also there should be bans for people who reply saying "sorry i forgot to sage" a minute after not saging. theres the delete function for a reason. its really annoying and shits up the boards. i miss hellweek it was pure heaven for a time there.

No. 61492

Autistic people tend to be particularly resistant to change.

No. 61494

Anytime someone posts a different opinion a user calls it "bait".

No. 61495

Newfag retard faildoxing a tranny's parents in the MtF thread. They just posted some random person's house.

No. 61497

The tranny that wanted the thread shut has been spamming the thread to try and close it. He always mentions the same thing every time and mentioned in his previous bait that all tradthot thread posters are lonely cat lady fujo neets >>>/snow/1861707 and then started his recent larp trying to pretend he is that >>>/snow/1884560 himself and then started reeing about the jews and AI like he did last time.

No. 61501

male spamming /shay/ w the same pic over and over. has been going for hours

No. 61508

File: 1692714130093.jpg (140.78 KB, 965x1259, 31226889945.jpg)

In my day we called 'em farmhands and we was proud to do it see

No. 61510

this. show our girls some damn respect

No. 61513

Because they're not the same things but anons don't know the difference these days

No. 61515

We exclusively called them Farmhands and sometimes mods/janitors up until we were swamped by tourists from other chans and the big wave of "tranny janny" spammers. It's unfortunate they had this much influence that newfags picked up on it.

No. 61519

That's because newfags conflict farmers and farmhands.

No. 61522

Do you mean ‘conflate’?

No. 61528

Can you show me one example of that?

No. 61529

I'm saying that's probably why. If you haven't noticed, barely anyone called farmers, farmers too. Imo, I think new and old users have just devolved the terms just because they can.

No. 61530

Nothing you say makes sense so I'll stop responding now.

No. 61531


No. 61532

Does 2X have a moderation team? If so how are you allowing TIFs to call radfems cocksuckers and lesbians bitches/WOMByn? There's a clear bias there and if you disagree with the trans identifying anons who are spamming about their dysphoria you get banned but they can call anons cocksuckers, womb havers, bitches, sluts, femoids, etc. and not even get 1 redtext.

No. 61533

how come it's the supposed terf containment board where troons run amok and terfs get banned

No. 61535

Idk. Some anon posted a terf-esque picture in the radfems captions thread and like the TIFs ate her so hard and argued that even though fanfiction readers are %97 women, the tifs arent women even though their behavior online is so typical to women.
Also some anon in blackpill (who also admitted to feeling dysphoria) called a lesbian "gender critical bitch" and argued that gender critical stuff harms women. She called the lesbian anon so many weird stuff and even told her lesbianism isn't natural because women's nature is to get fucked ans give birth. I hate tifs so much.

No. 61536

How many times are you guys going to ask this before something clicks for you lmao

No. 61537

>something clicks for you
does /2X/ have literal tranny jannies?

No. 61539

Replace 2x with the whole site and… I mean you said it! Not me! Don’t ban me bioqueen farmhands

No. 61541

Idk but one redtexted me because I told a "dysphoric" anon she was a bio woman, lmao. I wonder if one of the TIFs that constantly spam 2X with cocksucker insults is a mod because she never gets banned but disagreeing with her catches you a ban right away.

No. 61542

I'm still confused as to why the secret containment boards exist when most of the posters who belong there are still shitting up /snow/ instead.

No. 61544

File: 1692795083707.jpg (464.96 KB, 884x1590, Transidentifyingfemale.jpg)

I've been reporting this trans individual for at least two days but farmhand finally banned it after several anons accused 2X-janny of bring trans. I don't think janny is trans but I believe they either forget to check 2X reports or allow some anons to sperg there for some reason.

No. 61545

The ones shitting up 2X discovered the board when it was public. 2X used to have quality posts but there are 2-3 trans identifying/trad female anons who keep derailing any thread whenever there's an interesting discussion.
I wish it'd be public again but we'd need active moderation for that to be possible, even now the few mentally ill trans identified females(including rita) and a few trans identifying males(blaine) bait there regularly.

No. 61547

>farmhands only pop up to do something when the rumors are getting too spicy
>samefag praises to themselves
>kek are you xyz? hope this helps take your meds
at this point I hope they’re men because it’d be shameful for a woman to be this bad at manipulation

No. 61548

Also pro tip to the farmhands: if you want to look like a normal anon you shouldn’t make references to a different post I replied to you on just minutes later in a different thread. Seriously how new are you to this

No. 61550

Are you by any chance talking about the post in the vent thread because holy shit kek

No. 61551

Which thread
I think they forget 2X exists and that's why.

No. 61552

2X is a garbage can.

No. 61553

Anyone pretending the quality of the board was better is straight up delusional and wasn't around for a containment zone being set up.

No. 61554

I was around for the setting up of 2X, its brief stint as a public board and its return to being hidden. It is, was, and always will be a ghetto.

No. 61555

Ban evader is back in 2X and attacking farmhand and accusing that everyone else is ban evading like her, kek.

No. 61557

Can someone get the drug tinfoilers to shut up in the Moo thread? It's such a dumbass take to try to keep pushing.


No. 61562

but we already know she does drugs. are you guys complaining new? she did coke at cons years ago and smokes weed regularly.

No. 61566

Regarding recent complaints about moderation, we acknowledge that there have been some mistakes, and also that actioning reports has been slower than we would like. The reason for this is primarily that we are understaffed. We get multiple hundreds of reports per day, and while some reports are quick and obvious (e.g. unsaged, spam), others take some time to investigate and get the context. At the moment several members of staff are on holiday, which means each of us have to deal with more reports than normal in the free time that we have. As a result, the quality of moderation has suffered and we apologise for that. We will correct any mistakes that are brought to our attention and we appreciate those of you who take the time to call them out here.

This is correct, no current farmhand is “taking a spot” from a potential applicant. We reached out to every promising farmhand application, less than half of the applications of them responded at all (and we tried every contact method they provided). If you’re reading this and you have applied to be a farmhand and did not hear back, submit again and make sure that your contact details are definitely ones that we can reach you with.

Almost all bans are redtexted, but there is only one redtext per ban. If a user makes several rule breaking posts in one session, they get one longer ban. The post that is actually used to create the ban is the one that gets the redtext. If you see a bunch of rulebreaking posts as part of a large infight or derail and only a few have a redtext, the most likely scenario is that there was only a handful of users participating. This is how it has always worked. If the above situation doesn’t seem to apply, then we may not be aware of the post because it hasn’t been reported yet, so please submit a report.

The vast majority of bans are done based on the reports that we receive. Farmhands are not randomly going into threads and banning people (we can see a history of their actions and whether or not it was based on reports). They have made mistakes (such as mismatched redtext or incorrect bans) by acting on shitty reports without double checking the context, which is a side effect of the understaffing problem mentioned above. It's still obviously not ideal and we want to stop it from happening, and we’re doing what we can to enable that (such as developing better mod tools to make it easier to deal with reports with the staff that we have).

If a post is not reported it is unlikely that it will be banned. If you see a post that deserves a ban and doesn't have one, please report it. Please be as descriptive as possible in the report reasoning, this helps the farmhands a lot when issuing bans.

We are aware the moderation on /2X/ has been subpar lately. One of our long-time farmhands has volunteered to take a more active role in staying on top of threads in /2X/, so hopefully you'll notice an improvement.

To be clear, there is no way the Dakota thread will be closed. The threads for important/historic cows will only ever be locked if the cow dies.

The tradthot thread has been closed for now. There were only a handful of posters in there who aren't the tranny, and those users were also constantly samefagging, derailing, infighting etc. We'll consider reopening it on a trial basis after it has cooled off.

We've updated the report box to allow more text, thank you for the suggestion! Due to the way pages cache it won't update everywhere right away but you should see the change soon.

No. 61568

I realize that you all have a lot on your plate but there’s a very obvious right wing/frog twitter user posting in a lot of cap threads on /m/.

No. 61569

A lot of the complaints about moderation have nothing to do with staff numbers. And being understaffed doesn't explain why the moderation is subpar.
I don't know what to think anymore. On the one hand, anons complain they step up to become farmies and get no response. On the other, you're saying lots of applications but somehow they all fuck up their contacts or just don't bother.

No. 61570

They aren't going to allow people who have a bunch of bans to become farmhands. I don't doubt they check post history in regards to whether the anons constantly sperg out about moderation too. Who wants to promote someone who shit talks the site constantly?

No. 61572

Applications are through google forms which doesn’t track IPs or location.

No. 61573

We don't know the hiring process, but they do vet the farmhands as they've said like validating through discord. Tinfoiling, but they might have to post somewhere on the site, so that they can have their post history checked out after the fact too. If I was admin, that's what I would do because I wouldn't let someone who has a history of derailing, misinformation, multiple bans, demanding stuff from the mod team when they don't get their way, reaction images.. There's no way they don't check if a poster is a shitposting idiot before letting them on the team. Otherwise so many anons would go on modding streaks just for posters they don't like. Hands down there's people applying just to be able to check other user's IPs. You need to vet those vendettafags out of the possible moderation team.

No. 61574

Well at that point you’re tinfoiling yeah. The discord is used to validate sex, I don’t think discord has a way of getting IP or location natively. Also janny/mod access get special obfuscation while posting if they’re logged in to maintain their anonymity as a user. I get what you’re saying and I’m sure some people have applied in bad faith but there’s not really a way to vet for that before it happens. Either way it’s weird so many people have applied and not heard back.

No. 61575

No one said anything about using Google Docs or Discord to track an IP.

No. 61576

Well someone claimed the hiring process would weed out trolls or vendettafag applicants and that’s impossible with the tools they use. Even asking someone to post, you can just use public wifi and an old phone. I guess they could get them to click an ipgrabber or something. I think a general lack of organization is the reason they haven’t gotten back to so many people. Or they just have super high standards for technological literacy but that seems unlikely.

No. 61577

I applied to be a farmhand during the Christmas crisis when they just stopped interviewing me midway after two days of questions, but they never asked me to post on LC. Maybe I just didn't get that far into the process because how else could they weed out the tards

No. 61578

Thats what I'm thinking. How would they know if they were letting someone who constantly spergs on site onto the mod team?

No. 61579

So I was recently red texted for this post >>>/ot/1674762 but I can still post, so was this intentional or just an error that's happening cause of the Chinese Internet service I use?

No. 61581

>reaction images
What? Since when have they been not allowed

No. 61584

I miss when this place was filled with good ones. I'm not surprised anons think we're not allowed seeing as they've all but disappeared.

No. 61586

This place has slowly but surely been developing the atmosphere of a prison since like 2019. Actually I take that back you can probably banter in a prison.

No. 61587

It's because of people like Trump-chan who posts Facebook meme reactions or tourists from other chans who think you have to attach an image (especially of attractive women) to get more (male) attention on your posts. Reaction images have always been fine if used within context. I swear we're drowning in newfags

No. 61589


No. 61592

Can the mod who's responsible for 2X either ban the ban evading anon who calls every woman cocksuckers and samefags in the blackpill thread or just lock the thread? You farmhands will lock threads for the tiniest amount of infight but somehow the two retards in blackpill thread are allowed to ban evade and infight for literal MONTHS now. You only do something when we mention it on meta.

I'm at this point assuming one of the misogynists who's constantly posting blowjob porn in 2X is a mod because she somehow always gets to ban evade and her blowjob fetish posts never ever get deleted.

No. 61593

File: 1692899367003.jpg (99.19 KB, 926x279, Misogyny .jpg)

Like why the fuck is this anon, who's most likely a man or a trans person, allowed to talk to every anon like this but never gets a redtext when you guys ban for much less severe offenses of infighting? Is this a mod in your team?
Why don't you device ban this person? Didn't they get perma-banned numerous times already?

No. 61594

He ban evades, but I'm glad 2X nonnies make him seethe to this degree.

No. 61595

we perma ban them, they just ban evade. Please report them so we can continue to ban them.
Please just report them. We get on them every time we see time but we're understaffed at the moment so actioning on reports is a bit slower than normal. Give us some time as some farmhands come back from vacations soon.
the admins/cerbmin weren't even here or have full access to things at that point. You were probably talking to the previous admin. I suggest reapplying.

No. 61596

Why don't you just device ban those ban evaders instead of continously banning them? I understand that being understaffed means it's harder to ban them but wouldn't a device ban solve everything? If not why not shut down the threads only men post until you have enough mods?

No. 61597

if by device ban you mean mac address ban, that isn't technically possible for a website to do unfortunately. Also I want to add, we ban all moids on sight but often times, and this is especially true in 2X, the person being accused on the report for being a moid is not actually a moid but a very sexist and weird nona. Sometimes nonas have different opinions and takes and whatever else that others might not agree with, and that's fine- But that doesn't make them a moid.

No. 61598

I know it's not a moid(although there are male baiters in 2X), it's a wanna be fakeboy who even admitted to her dysphoria and the aspiration to be a male on the same thread several times. Why did the other anon get a device ban if it's impossible though?
Just shut down the thread. Why are you allowing someone to post hundreds of posts about oral sex and her hatred of women? What does her thread contribute to the board as a whole? You guys banned the anti husbando thread because two anons baited there but you won't ban the blackpill thread although its obviously only used by avid ban evaders.

No. 61600

There are several of us who like the thread and post there, why close the thread because of one person? She doesn't even post outside of 2X (I think) and I personally ignore her kek. You can just hide the thread.

No. 61601

I'm not gonna ignore a thread that's %90 posts from a woman who believes she's a man and calls other women whores and then spergs about sucking cock because muh moids are superior. Threads like that have no place on this website, maybe you guys should try R9K instead if you want to keep posting about how you're dysphoric women who are totally better than all women as if you don't spend hours talking about hetero sex and how men are superior.

No. 61602

I'm not dysphoric and I don't think men are superior. Take your meds.

No. 61603

File: 1692904920871.jpg (136.93 KB, 981x603, areyoufuckingserious.jpg)

I know admins just posted a message about moderation quality, but this is ridiculous. I was in the Dumbass Shit thread, I was discussing aggressive newfags running rampant on /ot/ so I was on-topic, and I get banned and told to take it to /meta/? With the excuse that I was "tinfoiling" when I was joking about something anons say in /meta/ threads?
Farmhands who don't even look up context before banning don't belong on the moderation team. Admins need to come up with some sort of junior mod system, because this is a joke. At this point, I believe the other anons who have been saying an /ot/ janny hands out bans if anyone talks about her shit work, or disagrees with her stupid posts.

No. 61604

No1currs, stop posting incel-tier takes here and ban evading. There are at least 3 ban evading anons there who spend hours posting there, consider going outside sometimes for your ban durations instead maybe.
I don't think there are enough anons who apply so admin has to do with the bad mods until someone new comes along.

No. 61605

Some of y'all are SOOOO fucking tech illiterate. Twitterfag zoomers always outing themselves as not having a basic understanding of the internet. Literally google it. The another anon was too retarded to understand how to ban evade, that doesn't mean lolcow has magically manifested the ability to ban devices from a website. It cannot be done. Google it instead of typing dumb shit next time. I don't even have a dog in this fight because 2X is a cesspit and never should have been added but jesus fuck.

No. 61606

Are you one of those trendy gendies who thinks you don't need to have dysphoria to be trans?
What is your purpose, to be so irredeemably low that you need to think of every other woman as beneath you to soothe your rotten ego? Insufferable. Take your hangups and hang yourself, you're miserable and nobody wants you here.(a-logging)

No. 61607

Amen anon

No. 61608

How am I supposed to Google if lolcow can ban mac addresses? You can't call anyone newfags because they don't know if device bans are possible on sites, I've seen several anon complain about device bans here so I thought it was a enw feature.
And why are you saying anon didn't know how to bam evade when she literally posted here? She does know, she's not stupid and I don't understand why you're insulting both of us randomly.
I've been around for 5 years btw altho it's not too long, I'm not a newfag.

No. 61610

This. I'm tired of gendie-fucks who come here, spam the threads with their blowjob or humiliation fetish and insult women as if they're not the ones who are porn addicted mentally ill women who believe they're men.

No. 61613

Device bans aren't possible on any website at all in general. Please just read a book or something. Wikipedia at least.

No. 61614

I knew a few games I played wher I got device bans. Stop trying to infight, anon. Not everyone has to know everything and you should go outside if you get this upset over someone being a little ignorant.

No. 61616

nta but you do realize the difference between being banned on a website/webapp vs a game, right? There's different ways to ban when you're on game or downloaded platform that aren't available on websites. jfc the amount of tinfoiling tech illiterate retards in here is insane.

No. 61617

can you please kick the tard saying how much shz loves her dog out of the dog hate thread? she's been baiting for a while now

No. 61618

File: 1692923842858.jpg (99.91 KB, 1080x455, anotherone.jpg)

Okay, so I don't get it. I'm trying my best to report infighting or what I think is bait, because mods have been constantly saying "report and move on", "we only see things if you report them", "make sure you report it so we can see it". And now I have a 24 hour ban for "abusing reports" with no explanation. How am I supposed to know what I've been doing wrong if you don't fucking tell me. This site is a fucking joke.

No. 61620

Someone else also got a similar ban.
Also, staff have told us to spam reports before and things like "if you see a post with no ban, report it" but also "no redtext ≠ no ban". There was also that time where a farmhand said anons hadn't reported something (It was gore or something similar) but then multiple anons said they had reported it, so we don't have any way of knowing when our reports go through on our decrepit site. Idk.

No. 61621

can something be done about the cry baby obessed with Florence Pugh? They whine about her in Celebricow and now they've moved it to a whole nother thread and it's been going on for hours. It's obessive

No. 61622

Came here to say the same thing, I don’t even think she’s baiting, I think she’s genuinely fucking unhinged and believes she can get us dog haters to agree with her/change our minds. Pure retardation.

No. 61624

And what posts were you reporting? Were you reporting the same posts for multiple instances too? I've gotten this ban before and it's usually because the reports aren't actually rule breaking like you think they are or you are reporting the same posts multiple times. So what aren't you telling us regarding your ban?

No. 61626

You're weirdly hostile. Anon probably reported a mods post, I once infighted with someone who I thought was a mod(this is before the current admin) and they kept banning me and anyone who disagreed with them. Sounds like mod abuse.

No. 61627

You still haven't banned any of the ban evaders on 2X and now they're sending blowjob related stuff again congrats. I really am starting to think that the misogynist woman who keeps posting about her blowjob fetish is a mod on your team. Even the previous admin didn't enable anons like that and I literally got banned a few times when I reported blowjob anon(because somehow reporting her when she said women are submissive blowjob machines is report abuse) so I'm %100 sure someone on your team agrees with that type of beliefs, that's probably also why plenty of infights in /ot/ don't get redtexted but random anons like the cancer patient get banned.

No. 61628

Please for the love of goddess ban the psychotic dognutter in the dog hate thread, she is still posting unsaged essays about her fucking mutt

No. 61629

The mod team are all newfags who don’t even know the rules themselves, I use a VPN so I see a whole lot of other nona’s bans (in addition to a few of my own, but mine are usually warranted because I’m a shitposter) and almost all of them are completely unwarranted. I should compile them because the level of ineptitude is fucking embarrassing.

No. 61630

Ignore the baiters, I doubt mods will be able to ban it given how slow they've been towards infighting reports.
Yeah post the ones that are unwarranted. As I said, I'm quite sure that SOME mods ban more towards their own biases than actual rules. I literally got banned for reporting some anons like the cocksucking fetishist yet she's allowed to ban evade for days

No. 61631

Are you sure it's not more likely she's ban evading? We have chronic ban evaders like spammers or personalityfags.

No. 61632

Just ignore the troll. I’ve reported her twice. She just likes the attention

No. 61634

Yeah she's ban evading and samefagging in the thread but they haven't redtexted her evasion posts for two days or so. Also, I wonder why they don't just delete her posts since most of them are inappropriate and either texts or pictures of women doing oral sex on men, she even posted a half cut picture of a porn video from Twitter of a woman sucking a man off although she pretends she doesn't watch porn

No. 61637

This is me and I honestly haven’t seen a single ban kek. I’m not even trying to evade, I haven’t actually received a single ban, they just deleted my posts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 61638

Get help

No. 61639

I hope your mutt dies(stop)

No. 61644

can you post them here? I am legitimately not seeing them outside of 2 that I personally handled.
We really are understaffed right now. I personally can't be here everyday but I check every 2 days. Please be patient as again, some of the farmhands are coming back soon from vacation.

No. 61646

Was >>>/m/317483 banned because you're using tranny-jannies now? I suspect that mod is a tranny - please investigate.

No. 61647

that's very clearly trying to incite infighting. It's not the content itself, but rather that any responses to that is really just infighting comments. Take out the tranny comment and exchange it with any ad hom and the result will be the same (infighting/inciting an infight). I can promise you none of the staff are troons/moids and the vetting process is extensive.

No. 61648

Then why ban only that user for 'infighting' while spare everybody who replied with even worse
>incitement to infighting
and derailment like this one:
>But we're all pedotrannies in this thread sis, we need to act accordingly

No. 61649

probably because I haven't gotten to that specific report yet as it's new. There are hundreds to go through each day and we slowly pick them down. I've personally handled this one just now as well.

No. 61652

The "pedotrannies" is an inside joke in the fujo thread from antifujos (Paki-chan specifically) calling all fujos "pedotrannies" i.e. aidens who will troon out and love pedophilic porn.

No. 61655

I understand being patient, and both you and admins have mentioned farmhands coming back from vacation. But why are you guys telling people to stop reporting? I know you have a lot of reports, but I am genuinely reporting what I think is infighting or trying to incite an infight.
The first person may have been reporting a post more than once bc the mod message says so, but they explained themselves. I also made the mistake of reporting for each rule broken for a little bit, because I thought that was how the system worked. But why are so many people getting banned for "abusing reports" right now. Not to mention my ban literally did not say anything about how I was abusing.
Again, I understand that you're understaffed, but how is mod team going to ask us to help by reporting, and then ban us for doing what you ask. You just admitted that you aren't even banning the other side of an infight because you "haven't gotten to that specific post yet". So mods don't even investigate the thread where a post was reported most of the time?

No. 61656

>Also, staff have told us to spam reports

Yeah for cp and gore. Not for any posts that break a rule.

No. 61657

Users have been spamming the same post multiple times with multiple report reasons. If it's gore or cp, that's understandable. But trying to make it seem like you're different people reporting a singular post is abusing reports. I've seen instances where a user will report the same post about 5 different times, all with a different reason just so that it can seem like there are multiple users reporting it. We can see who reports what.
If you have reported a post ONCE we will see it. You don't need to report it 3 or 4 times for us to pay attention to it.

Additionally, reporting posts that don't break the rules also counts as abusing reports. Reporting an anon for simply disagreeing with you counts as abusing reports. Reporting users for doing something you don't like is also considered abusing reports.

We have seen a major increase in all of those things lately.

No. 61658

Thank you, literally what I tried to explain >>61624 but apparently I'm hostile

No. 61659

to be fair, you did sound a bit like Nancy Grace in that last question, nonny kek

No. 61660

Sorry for coming off too strong, hope you have an easier time and a good rest of your summer.

No. 61663

Anons tend to not be truthful on why they got banned.

No. 61664

How is it that you are understaffed yet Cerbmin made a post a couple of months ago announcing that you “only” had 20 applications? I’ve also seen multiple anons mention their applications being rejected as well and before you say they were insincere or whatever, they were very clearly long time users confused about why they were being rejected.

Why is it that you allow malicious rumors, bullying and obsessive baiting of other female ib admins as well, such as CC and CCC? Both were ddosd, harassed and threatened and each time they were, lo and behold someone was bumping hate threads for them here with the most insane ramblings and outright lies?
The CCC case being the most egregious one and I suspect they were intimidated behind the scenes to change the story at the last minute from a ddos to an issue with lynxchan.
You are incredibly lucky that they disappeared and aren’t able to be contacted because one look at their data would probably blow your cover. Is that why you’re still going so hard on them?
This stuff is honestly beyond belief and in all the years lolcow has been running it has never been this bad. Your users are very obviously being spoofed and you gaslight them about it at every opportunity and try to discredit anyone who wants people to be cautious on here. You’re legitimately criminals at this point and I am saddened by the wilful ignorance of a lot of the people still posting on here. Please believe people when they say this admin team has no good intentions for you or anyone else but if you don’t, don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly mysteriously blocked from a bunch of websites you frequent for sending too many requests. Fucking sad what has been happening and downright scary

No. 61665

How can you come here and try to ask these questions objectively as if you don't have a raging hard on to see this site fail, the average anon or even oldfag wouldn't know any of this shit unless they were former mod/janny/admin so maybe take the mask off and admit that you are praying for the site's downfall instead of pretending to "care" kek

No. 61667

I’m sorry? I don’t know what in my post is somehow secret knowledge only a former staff member would know… everything I know that I have mentioned I have gathered from reading the many threads made about this, where you are a constant presence. You seem to think yourself very intelligent but please believe me when I say that you are so painfully obvious to anyone who isn’t gullible and naive it’s actually a bit funny. I don’t know who you are, or who you think I am, I’m sure you have your ideas as anyone with your mental deficiencies has likely made many an enemy but I don’t know you, seriously. I’ve followed this drama after a post made on here by a user suggesting she might have been spoofed and you (obviously, as you are always incredibly aggressive and manic) were doing your best to make her feel insane.
The CCC issue was insane to watch unfold and I’ve tried to contact them to no avail same with Snail so again, your luck. But yes I don’t know what mask to take off or what horrible crimes you think I have committed against you that would even begin to justify your criminal activity. Very telling that this is your only response to this by the way, at least you are finally beginning to take your mask off.

No. 61668

By the way, I will freely admit that I want this website closed, because you are an unstable, malicious criminal who should not have access to the data of this many people. I don’t know why that would contradict my caring for the innocent people you are exploiting for your weird revenge plans. Feel free to accuse me of being one of your 500 “enemies” next in a desperate attempt to justify any of your ill games, don’t care.

No. 61669

I'm nta but you sound like you're wearing a fedora, just thought I'd let you know.

No. 61671

I don’t even know what that means but you sound like your initials are LB. See? I can do that too

No. 61676

File: 1693021634677.jpg (30.65 KB, 1164x97, 6784379854.jpg)

>Why is it that you allow malicious rumors, bullying and obsessive baiting of other female ib admins as well, such as CC and CCC
Stop pretending to have any contact with cc staff or snail. You're making shit up and I'm willing to bet you are one of the choachan failmins' buddies in their discord because you regurgitate same bullshit everytime.
>The CCC case being the most egregious one and I suspect they were intimidated behind the scenes to change the story at the last minute from a ddos to an issue with lynxchan.
It was definitely choachan staff who were accusing the admin of the new board to be someone from here or spoons/slug. Then a former ccc janny confirms they were mods. ccc staff emailed the new hk admin accusing her of being multiple people to the point where she had to tell them to stop contacting her. But I know none of you will address that.
Pic rel, one of the ccc admins admitting to spamming cc in the past, when their other admin complained about being banned last year for breaking the rules and having her posts deleted. Any anon can see that ccc users have spammed lc and cc at any opportunity they get. Why do you think the mods restricted their bunker thread?
Cerbmin backtracing all of our IPs right now oh noes.
Please take your medication, go to therapy, whatever it is you need to do to get mentally stable. You can always logoff and delete system32.
Reposting because I found this post from when cerbmin made their introductions. Very informative to see our residents schizos are still at it. >>>/meta/52228

No. 61677

going to propose that the words “dysgenic” “physiognomy” and “haplogroup” be redtexted

No. 61678

I’m not reading all that but keep showing everyone how manically obsessed you are with them to the point of it being psychosexual. I don’t care by the way because I’m neither them nor their friend so keep crying, seething, dilating and posting screenshots of the conversations you had with them like the weird serial rapist fanboy that you are lol

No. 61679

Also I literally said I had no contact with snail or the CCC admins, you should try to calm down from your rage induced illiteracy before replying with more insane ramblings about the objects of your obsession. Which is how I figured any of this shit out in the first place because you get so incredibly worked up about them that just invoking their name gets you to reveal a lot lol

No. 61680

You haven't posted proof of CC being DDoS, I've only seen raids both here and there from soyjack raiders. Make up your mind about what happened to CCC because I thought it was decided it was a stalker or moid who infiltrated staff.

No. 61681

I’m still not the CCC admins so this isn’t the own you think it is, unfortunately. My theory on CC being ddosed is based on your own users posting screenshots of CC telling them their IPs are ddosing the site, on here, on ot. Glad to see this is all getting to you and you’re spiralling harder and harder looking for anything that sticks or would intimidate me. Unfortunately for you I’m not a vulnerable young woman you can abuse so you’re shit out of luck there. All you’re doing is showing everyone how absolutely batshit insane you are, gg

No. 61683

Ayrt, I don't know who you think I am but I'm one of the anons who posted about having an issue posting on CC earlier this week and now I'm able to post again. I saw the cloudflare error message on CC but it only happened once recently. Maybe it was a DDoS, but I certainly don't believe anything coming from CCC staff because of what the former mod has said about the situation.

No. 61684

Lol you expect anyone to believe this shitty attempt while still being insane enough to accuse me of being “CCC staff”? Can’t decide if hilarious or concerning. Lay off whatever black market horse piss you’re injecting because it’s making you lose grasp on how dumb you look

No. 61685

I haven't accused you of being anyone kek

No. 61686

Unlike you I’m not illiterate
>I don’t believe anything coming from CCC staff
Is that staff in the room with us right now? How weird that a random miner would pop up right now, who is up to date on the drama to such a detailed degree and is also upset at an imageboard for Korean boygroups!
>no proof of a ddos
>okay so maybe it was a ddos
I know this site isn’t really used by anyone but you and 5 lost souls at this point and nobody is really reading this, I’m just laying out to you how obvious and stupid you are, which I know hurts you more than anything. I know all your secrets and you have no idea who I am, hope that eats at you

No. 61687

I said I believe cc may have been DDoSed because I was one of the anons who posted in the thread about the ban message I received at the time. I don't think it's likely because there was a maintenance message up. You should journal about whatever anger or resentment you have towards this site tbf.

No. 61688

Does anyone else feel like there's been more racebait lately? Specifically religion-based racebait.

No. 61689

Maybe in the hate thread because Christianity vs Islam was mentioned but I think the conversation died off.

No. 61690

For the 100th time, religion isn't race.

No. 61691

Yes, but not related to religion.

No. 61692

Lol sure jan. Keep pushing it, we all know there’s a lot of wrath after you.

No. 61694

I saw rancefag post on R9K about hating brown and black men. I'm %99 sure she's one of the constant racebaiters but since she uses a vpn each time, she never gets detected.
Aside from her, pakichan and indiachan are two brown women who constantly attack muslims AND white women, muslims because they blame all their issues on their brownness, white women because they're jealous of them. Indiachan said some women deserved to be raped and pakichan has attacked white women several times, even saying they shouldn't have rights to abortion.

No. 61695

NTA and it's not a race but I'm tired of seeing brown people racebait about hating other brown people. Like the amount of "ex-muslim" anons who compliment white men every chance they get are cucked as fuck and cringy.

No. 61696

Islam deserves any shit it gets

No. 61697

Can you really blame them? If the men from their own countries are so trash (and they are this way because of drinking Islam kool-aid since toddlerdom), they latch onto idealised portrayals of men, preferably 'foreign' and 'exotic'. If you're gonna chastise them for it, you should do the same to the crazy non-Korean fangirls of Korean boybands, for the sake of equality of treatment.
It perhaps also makes them feel good to post in a way that makes moids from their own countries/cultures seethe at being 'cucked'. Why are you so bent on controlling the ways other people use to vent?(racebaiting)

No. 61698

Who the fuck is India-chan?

No. 61700

Nta but she's from the blackpill thread. Ctrl+f "indiachan" or "india-chan"

No. 61701

I think she(?) made other posts in ot as well, the racebaits increased since she came here and "exmuslim" brown people are usually the only ones who obsess over Islam to make it seem like they're different than other muslims(india-chan and pakichan being proofs this sentiment is wrong as one says women deserve rape and other is against abortion)

No. 61703

Yeah I can. Indiachan said women deserved to be raped to death if they had sons, even if unintentionally. Pakichan said white women don't deserve any rights, especially to abortion. Does their beliefs seem similar to their men? Because to me it does. I'm not fully white either but whenever these nonwhite racebaiters start sperging, it annoys she shit out of me. They should stfu and stop parroting their mans beliefs about how rape is deserved and women shouldn't have rights.
Also stop comparing two women who say women deserve rape and women don't deserve rights to dumb teenager who are fans of boybands. These women knowingly target other women and keep making ragebait posts putting down other women. Didn't you forget how pakichan pretended to be a black anon for almost two years so she could mock black women, call them aggressive, crappy, etc?? They're both mentally ill racists with inferiority complexes and they're not any different from the men they pretend to hate.

No. 61706

It's not about the quantity of moderation it's about the quality and the quality is shit. Farmhands are running rampant with bullshit bans and we're supposed to believe it's because of understaffing? The staff you do have is retarded, get them in line or tell them to fuck off.

No. 61708

Can you just leave? All you do is post massive walls of tinfoils

No. 61711

Quality is bad because no one good is applying i think. Even if mods abuse powers/don't view enough reports, since there are no alternative mods-to be (who have more time and less biases) they don't lose their positions.
If you wanna make a change, applying for the position could work. We'd find good use in mods that care more.

No. 61712

If I could interrupt for a second: Can a farmhand let me know if a "joking" alog should still be reported for alogging? An anon told another anon to kill herself for responding with a joke answer, and I think she was being silly. Like, I don't want to be a snitch but idk if mods would want us to report stuff like that anyways.

No. 61714

Nta but not really tinfoil. Pakichan admitted to:
>Saying she wants to marry varg(neonazi) and be his slave
>getting outed by a mod when she was larping as a half black girl and posting as (c)rap-chan.
>calling black people subhumans while pretending to post as (c)rap-chan
>speaking against women's abortion rights
>saying she hates white feminists
India-chan did:
>Say "some" women deserve to be raped
>Said women who give birth to sons or marry men deserve to be raped

These aren't tinfoils, most rapid racebaiters are either mentally ill retards or self-hating racist misogynistic nonwhite anons who want white men but hate white women (india-chan, sealchan and paki-chan, probably more but they're not namefags so we don't know em).

You probably don't use ot or started coming here this year, otherwise you'd have witnessed one of pakichans racebait spergouts. Next thing you'll tell me romanianon doesn't exist, kek.

No. 61715

Bringing back this pakichan classic:

Not posting photo because of the glitch.

No. 61719

Thank you dear nona for helping ne feel less schizo, lol. I wish I could find her abortion sperg too but I don't think I can. I do feel bad for her at times but whenever I remember her blatant misogyny or racism (esp towards random black people even tho he never saw black people irl) my pity turns into indifference. I still hope she manages to move to a better country though

No. 61724

You should be able to upload images again. Please post in this thread if you are still experiencing problems.

No. 61725

There's a difference between a generalised statement and a weirdly specific tinfoil schizo-chan.

No. 61726

So I was banned 2 hours ago(I wasn't given a reason why) and now I can post again, and IDK if this was deliberate or has to do with my Chinese Internet service, it sometimes this with Youtube and Tumblr for some reason only
I also only ever use lc on incognito mode on chrome if that matters in anyway

No. 61727

File: 1693067957717.jpg (88.92 KB, 700x489, Evstafiev-women-pray.jpg)


No. 61731

It was a bug and many of us were affected, the bans have been lifted >>61724

No. 61739

File: 1693074210133.jpg (120.74 KB, 1024x915, gettyimages-glz053-1024x1024.j…)

anons when they get banned for being a retard, then running to meta to complain about being banned for being a retard

No. 61742

Can you stop huffing farts for like, five minutes?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 61746

I was permabanned for no good reason and the site is still flipped for me.

No. 61747

Who is LB and why should we care?
I'm trembling in my boots anon, you sure spooked me

No. 61748

Nobody thinks you’re funny or clever tranny janny, we are all cringing and we have been cringing since you pretended to be a Mexican woman and sperged about sisterhood. You’re the most unlikeable and retarded imageboard admin there ever has been and that’s saying something with jim watkins and null being around

No. 61749

I'm not a tranny or a janny/admin schizochan and mods can check my post history

No. 61750

Jesus I sure hope you aren’t because you’re clearly a horrible newfag. There’s literally a banner making fun of “ADMINS CHECK MY IP/POST HISTORY”… this site is fucking lost

No. 61751

I'm not a newfag but you know it's pointless to tinfoil and accuse anons of being specific personalityfags or people when this is an anon board. If you hate the site so much you can leave but we know you won't.

No. 61752

Bla bla condescending tranny babble bla bla why don’t you just fucking rope already? Everyone is on to your shit and I can’t wait for this to blow up in your face in a real way because you sure fucking deserve it for thinking people are THIS gullible and retarded you incorrigible narcissistic fuck

No. 61753

Who is on to what shit, when's it gonna blow up, please enlighten us

No. 61754

Gotta love how the raging tranny sperging about emails you probably faked or sent yourself just proves that you run that creepy choachan clone site. Hope it’s all trannies on there and not actual women for you to stalk and spoof and harass some more. Really hurt your feelings when the CCC admin told you to not let trannies mess with your user base huh? Why’d you let Spookybones, who is a certified doxer tranny, run amok in the lolcow discord and dox people? Did you ever explain that? The people want to know

No. 61755

Can you make one post where you don’t sound like the dunning kruger psycho tranny that you are? Incredible how fucking grating you manage to sound every single time you speak

No. 61756

File: 1693086060666.gif (5.12 MB, 498x300, alexjones-alex.gif)

Fresh new tinfoil straight off the rack

No. 61757

Kill yourself nobody is buying your shit and you have always sounded like an out of touch creepy moid with anger and narcissism issues. Pepperidge farm remembers

No. 61758

Also it’s fucking weird how you keep infiltrating female only discord servers and copy the women you have a crush on for the newest identity you craft to seduce Null with, who is as always a massive retard for constantly falling for it, lidl drip

No. 61761

OMG WHO IS THIS? please provide milk. Null-hoes are the best cows.

No. 61764

You're talking to Elaine kek. She's obsessed with that kf user "lidl drip"

No. 61765

I have a guess but if I'm wrong I don't want to summon their presence kek

No. 61766

are all the recent aggro schizoposts itt also hers? I thought she was considered a ban on sight but farmhands don't seem to be doing anything

No. 61767

He’s not a null hoe it’s just spookybones hitting the bottle and 200kg of weed again while accusing me of being the 300 women he stalks in rotation. Im clearly not fucking Elaine Jesus how unoriginal is this gonna get? What’s next? Blaine?

No. 61769

I think she's been in contact with some disgruntled anons from other pastures, I don't think all the posts are hers.

No. 61770

Elaine isn’t here and this is another one of your lame zonked out attempts at gaslighting. You really have to update your tactics man because it’s getting fucking old

No. 61771

even so it's still just insane tinfoiling and infighting, even some alogging thrown in there too - I'm wondering why farmhands are ignoring the reports

No. 61772

Why are you so defensive nona?

No. 61773

Is spookybones in the room with us right now ?

No. 61774

Defensive? I’m angry that a tranny is using this site as a data harvesting honeypot so he can use innocent women’s personal information, devices and lives to do abhorrent criminal shit with. Fuck off and die already

No. 61775

Does spookybones have any original jokes or sentences he doesn’t lift from the women he stalks? Fuck even your cerbmin larp was just a carbon copy of the CCC admin posts, you’re unhinged.

No. 61776

Please tell me
Idk who's posting it, I'll make fum of fags or hags that waste their time to impress null

No. 61777

No wonder this site is so fucking broken now, all those failed websites and you still haven’t learned how to code spooky. Yet you wanna shit on women who ran circles around you in webdev, sad!

No. 61779

So we are back to accusing cerbmin of being a tranny? I can't help but wonder why you would be so hostile towards the kind hk nona and cerbmin if it wasn't jealously or mental illness, I'm reporting all your posts btw. You are stinky.

No. 61781

Lmaooo you’re so bad at this you’re really pulling out the last stops now with the ole Regina George huh just jealous n bitter and mentally ill sweaty. Faggot

No. 61783

I think you have to clear your cookies, after that it should be normal again.

No. 61784

Hey spookybones why are you ignoring me? Why can’t you code? Are you hitting the bottle again? Is it because you’re sad you lost yammy tammy the most elusive stalker victim you’ve had so far? You really liked her huh ):

No. 61785

I don't think this mental anon actually thinks spooky is involved in this site. It seems like a ploy for something else.

No. 61786

If only this rumor hasn't popped up a few times before …

No. 61787

They're just taking advantage of the confusion surrounding the situation to alog people. It's not that hard to figure out.

No. 61788

Then why are they mentioning 3c board owner by her moniker?

No. 61789

Because it's been posted across the site multiple times now throughout all of this discussion, I'd imagine.

No. 61791

Loool oh come on dude, this isn’t a logging btw it’s called banter but you wouldn’t know because you’re terminally unfunny as seen by the cancer redtexts you keep doling out

No. 61792

99% sure it's just the pedo tranny talking to himself again

No. 61793

I was hoping the constant tranny janny spam and alogging was just moids/Blaine/Elaine again but too bad it had to be women who have returned from their nuclear containment zone to drag us down with them

No. 61794

By the way there is nothing confusing about this situation
Spookybones is a tranny who has been the lolcow admin since at least so called “Burritomin”. Bet newfags don’t know this but the main mod for the lolcow discord was called Maxxine who turned out to be a 14 year old tranny. Weird huh?
Yammy (ex farmhand) left the lolcow team in 2020/2021 (unsure) and he has been stalking her ever since because he still hasn’t managed to dox her and spookybones is very very keen on doxing. Remember what he did to Isabelle janke? He’s very proud of that one, gave him an ego boost for decades and is the cause of his insufferable smugness. Whenever he got bored because yammy had a life and wasn’t online, he’d stalk and dox other women. Maybe you even know one! He likes to spoof IPs and give your routers aids so he can ddos imageboards (choachan, crystal cafe, soyjak party) and other sites who deemed his holiness too cringe to not laugh at (kiwifarms, onionfarms). Remember all that Blaine shit on here? What about Michael Thurlow? All bitter enemies of the bone man! Yammy (CCC board owner) was eventually baited to pay attention to his loser ass when he made that retarded lynxchan site where he badly copied choachan css, made a kpop board on it, and linked choachan in cutesy uwu hearts all over it. Unfortunately he still can’t code so the site didn’t work and yammster made fun of him and eventually figured out who he is, which he did not like! Hence the month long hate obsession with choachan and its eventual downfall by too much ddos and creepy crawler scrote behavior

No. 61795

can i ask why you bring up maxxine?
i remember when this happened, but i do not understand what this has to do with anything?
i have been lurking and am confused at what is going on…

No. 61797

Lol I was thinking the exact same thing. But there's no mention of the other tranny that yam had a sexual relationship with named lyn. Maxxine was banned because several anons pointed out that it was an underaged tranny. Discord mods aren't the same as farmhands from what I understood back then.

If yam was a farmhand then why doesn't she have proof of any of this and why is she only coming out now? It's very convoluted.

No. 61799

you are so obvious… kek

No. 61800

Regardless of whether or not this is true, how the fuck have people been talking about this for hundreds of posts and we've only just now gotten any sort of clear attempt at an explanation for what's been going on?

No. 61802

Because it's all speculation and fanfiction, if there was proof for any of this it would have been posted by now let's be real. A ex farmhand had no idea that the site was run by a kiwifarms affiliated moid until her own board got shut down? Ok.

No. 61803

Maxxine was swiftly removed once a regular user caught wind of him being both a tranny and 14. I mention this because why the fuck did a discord server with voice verification let a 14 year old boy be its main mod? Maybe because the admin is a groomer Troon? One ponders
Sucks for you but yam isn’t all that ashamed of herself as you like to make it out to be and she has told us extensively about Lyn, who was castrated at what? 6? And tricked her into thinking he was a woman after non consensually masturbating after randomly drunk calling her on discord. Is that the sexual relationship you mean? She told you immediately afterwards that he’s a tranny, I call that sexual assault but of course you would use a woman’s sexual assault against her as an own because you are what? A disgusting pedo troon. Bingo!

No. 61804

Don’t listen to mad as fuck spookybones who all but confirmed I’m telling the truth by bringing up the fucking tranny who earraped his janny who was the only one ever deleting any CP and gore on this piss site with the CCC admin. Cute huh? Don’t you just wanna sign up as a farmhand right now and show this nice man your passport so he can verify you’re a true an honest woman? His bitch ass probably sent Lyn after her because he’s fucking revolting. Good thing she’s smart and lies about who she is to every retard she talks to online! Including the other rapist tranny - Lyn

No. 61806

you're either stupid or new, and neither are reasons for me to give you a valid response honestly

No. 61807

You told on yourself way too hard this time spooky, think the wild ride might actually end here ):

No. 61808

Proof this is all just to shit up meta. Probably a constantly banned and ban evading anon. No1currs, tinfoil-fag.

No. 61809

This is something I've been constantly wondering throughout all of this: if this situation involves things like cp spam, blackmailing, impersonating people to attack other sites, etc. then why are people sperging about it across multiple imageboards instead of contacting the authorities?

Maybe I'm just naive but you would think that if this is really that serious then the people involved would file a report with whatever info they have, and then stop talking about it so that the authorities can do their job. But instead nobody involved seems to be taking it seriously and we get this.

No. 61810

File: 1693095947636.jpeg (645.53 KB, 828x1322, IMG_0215.jpeg)

Just give it up you fucking vile loser. She got your ass and we all know it because this is the best response you have and you’re also quietly seethe permabanning me like the coward rat that you are. You’re going to jail and you’ll be on reduxx. Smile!

No. 61811

He has been reported but the feds are pussyfooting and in the meantime he’s still being a bitchass predator by using this site as his honeypot. By he I mean you, because nobody but him would twist the truth being revealed as something negative, it’s hindering him from getting more victims through this site (you)

No. 61812

This one goes out to Isabella by the way. We are making this faggot internet famous!

No. 61813

The fact that you keep accusing everyone in this thread of selfposting doesn't lend you any credibility.

No. 61814

Broken record strike uhhh fuck 303847294784
Your desperation reeks to all the way over here, hope you’re scared bitch boy

No. 61817

if you retards don't stop replying to the schizo having an episode i swear to god. Have an ounce of self control.

No. 61818

Lmao did your hands shake while typing this? You can make your pathetic attempts at astroturfing all day long if you want, I take great satisfaction in knowing that you’re experiencing a fraction of the terror you have inflicted upon kind, funny women for years. You deserve to rot in hell. Yammy sends her greetings

No. 61819

It's funny tho

No. 61820

I-I swear I’m actually laughing and s-she’s a crazy s-schizo now let me quietly permaban you, bring up previously hidden sexual assaults and confirm I had a 14 year old boy as my discord kitten. Real knee slapper ya

No. 61821

Leaving this thread now to let spooky and the 2 tranny friends he hasn’t chased off yet with his thoroughly unlikeable personality samefag the shit out of this thread with the same 4 talking points that they think are very clever. Enjoy the show or snooze through it who cares

No. 61822

This is my point as well. They want the site to shut down and cite serious allegations but nobody has contacted the authorities or actually done anything. Nobody in their right mind wants to associate with anyone willing to use the exploitation of children to advance their vendettas.

No. 61823

if spookybones owned lolcow and used it as a honeypot then why did he try to bring farmers to his shit ass burn book forum? was it a decoy honeypot to distract from the real one? all i'm gathering from this is that an ex farmhand (proof?) failed at running an offshoot of an offshoot imageboard until it closed and subsequently got owned by some honeypot copycat offshoot of an offshoot of an offshoot version of her site and for some reason is extremely heated about a new kpop board being made? the biggest lolcow admin related scandal here is that this kind of retard was ever on the team in the first place if any of this is true
>I’m telling the truth by bringing up the fucking tranny who earraped his janny who was the only one ever deleting any CP and gore on this piss site with the CCC admin. Cute huh?
you legitimately aren't doing yourself any favors spewing this incoherent crap. is this a gayop against yammy because I can't imagine how you could think this is in any way making anyone related look sane and reasonable.
why are we personal armying for the woman who egged on chris chan raping his mom? what am i missing here?
one ounce of proof. i'm begging at this point. if anyone is covering up sexual assault (how do you get sexually assaulted over discord anyway?) why aren't you laying it out coherently instead of acting like this. you're not serious at all

>inb4 hi spookybones kill yourself tranny janny rope you spoofed my router to death and now my IP has aids [insert more moid style aggression frothing at the mouth]

No. 61824

This is so much more entertaining than anything happening on the cow boards right now, keep up the good work ladies.

No. 61825

You’re deliberately misreading and misrepresenting things and straight up misquoting even! Tsk tsk. You’ll cling to this until your dying breath I guess. You know yammy is nobody right? You can talk as much shit as you want there’s no reputation to ruin or to discredit, it’s a random name to a faceless person, you trying to whitewash the literal two year obsession we all saw first hand on here does you no favors. You can’t even string a coherent sentence together without at least 12 typos, either because you’re very upset or not sober lbr, yet you are so hellbent on trying to act like this was all completely difficult to understand and nonsense despite it being better written than anything your broken mind could spew out. Bella janke was an edgy 20smth who was hacked and massively harassed by spookybones and Michael Thurlow. Chris-chan didn’t even rape his damn mom, that’s how insidious and far reaching y- I mean his misinformation campaign is. It’s really just arguing with a brick wall at this point because you are an expert at twisting everything to make it sound ludicrous, real npd stuff. It’s exhausting and annoying. We can all read for ourselves and see that the things said are not the way you repeat them. You’ve done this for months already with both cc and ccc. I suppose it’s futile to tell you again that you are stupidly obvious and the only reason anyone drops shit with you is because you are so fucking irritating with this. Like a toddler who just refuses to understand. Your mental disease will never ever let you admit that you have lost, so enjoy twisting all of this into the most ridiculous pretzel you can conjure up, try to get a proofreader though because you sound legitimately disabled at times

No. 61826

Honestly I have absolutely no idea who LB is, or what that fedora wearing schizo is trying to covey with those vague walls of text.

No. 61827

Posts like these are a really bad look for you. I’d avoid telling you so as to not give you tips but I think you’re too far gone to care right now. Idk what your beef with Rita is either or where she even came from lol. She seems to know that you guys are unhinged stalkers of the criminal variety too though from what I have gathered so I guess that’s why she bothers you.
Also lolcow used to be 90% walls of text at some point, miss that time. Think our totally real bioqueen admin was absent during those peaceful months

No. 61828

>sexual assault is only real if it’s done in person
Ah thank god, guess we can throw out all those revenge porn charges you’ve been collecting then. Breathe a sigh of relief. What a radical feminist thing to say by the way

No. 61829

Take your meds no one knows what you're talking about let alone who you think I am kek.

No. 61830

I'm not reading all that but you're making yam and fumo look like idiots. I can't fathom why a Norwegian with a brother working in the cybercrime division wouldn't be able to report any of this, let alone find out who hacked or DDoS their site.

No. 61831

Lol what a lame threat, she lied to you, she has never liked or trusted any of you. You don’t know anything about her or fumo. You’re dumb and just further proving how creepy you are by thinking you’re revealing personal family information. Like how insistent on self sabotage can you be? This is like the time Hex asked about the spookybones stuff and you thought it was appropriate to post her picture on here, you are seriously low iq.

No. 61832

Pretty sure there’s only one asslicker left and it’s natu. Did he give you hk as a little gift for being such a loyal little footsoldier? Get a life you goblin

No. 61833

It reeks of kiwifaggotry in here right now… jfc

No. 61834

That’s just your admins up to their usual brain dead insanity

No. 61835

You're the only schizo in here dropping names that nobody cares about and did you say Chris didn't rape his mother? Jfc

No. 61836

I mean I know it’s just you again samefagging, just assume when I reply pretending that you aren’t samefagging, the reply is for lurkers so you don’t really need to respond. You can though, I welcome it, because you look super retarded lol

No. 61837

Perhaps it would be a good idea to close this and the suggestions/complaints thread for a bit, since it's devolved into schizo kiwifaggotry, but I half have a feeling that's what they're aiming for. Confusion and discord. I feel bad for the admins having to deal with this. Most of the rabid posts with wild accusations here deserve zero attention, because it's taking up valuable time that could be spent on resolving real problems, as intended by all this derailing and baiting.

No. 61838

This is so embarrassing for you like I’m cringing. Do you seriously think people don’t see through this? How are you such a bad actor through TEXT for christs sake. Banging two pots together would produce something more intelligent than you two lmao

No. 61839

Mentioning a farmhand that nobody has spoken to in 4 years isn't the own you think it is. Have you considered she came to her own conclusions about all of you? You won't address yam spamming crystal cafe with kpop or the softdoxing of a mod because you are losers nearly in your 30s.

>Inb4 samefag kys tranny spookybones oogabooga

No. 61840

It’s so creepy how you keep reusing my words and sentences, are you a bot or just so genuinely stupid you have a limited vocabulary so you constantly have to mimic others? I mean I knew you were dumb as rocks when I was a janny under you but now you’re doing this publicly, fully convinced you don’t look like a massive idiot. Funny

No. 61841

Also what? Lol I don’t even know who you think I am now but you’re really spiralling queen. Listen to your little pet dog and lock this thread because you’re only hurting yourselves and my cringe tolerance at this point

No. 61842

What in the god damn hell is a softdox this is getting funnier and funnier

No. 61843

why are you faggots discussing so dumb shits

No. 61844

Eating my veggie crackers, smoking a joint and witnessing a schizo war. Fun Saturday.

No. 61845

?? I'm not whoever you think I am, you're clearly mental. You're throwing whatever you can at the wall with all your might to see what sticks. I'm pretty sure there's at least a couple samefagging while pretending to be two different people. I don't have any dog in this race, but I do wish you all weren't so compelled to shit up this site on a Saturday night since you're clearly lacking any other worthwhile entertainment. I'm out, i'm losing braincells by staying here.

No. 61846

No. 61847

>I don't have any dog in this race
>I don't have any dog in this race
>I don't have any dog in this race
Pedo tranny spotted. Kys Blaine

No. 61848

Write this one more time with your mimicry maybe it’ll come across as an organic post then. Or maybe another 4 times? Throw a take your meds, xyz schizo in for good measure too. You make no sense, never have, smoke less weed you’re too old and fat and male to behave this hysterically

No. 61849

I think smoking more weed would help us all vibe out.

No. 61850

Oh boy here we go with this boring shit again. I’m taking my dogs out of the race too. You’re all still pedo groomer troons and your retarded behavior in here hasn’t helped that perception. Nobody is pretending to be different people by the way, it’s very obviously admin aka burritomin aka schizobones posting by the stupid way he keeps revealing information only he would know in his blind tardrage. Baited to oblivion again

No. 61857

>admin aka burritomin aka schizobones
so are you saying spookybones is cerbmin and every anon you accused of being spookybones doesn't exist kek

No. 61858

I’m sure this made sense in your head but I don’t even know what tf you’re saying like you’re reading this thread crosseyed with three fingers up your ass while sucking on your toes

No. 61861

It's been hours and the schizo is still going…

No. 61863

Uhuh and what were you doing at the devils sacrament?

No. 61864

File: 1693108917966.png (281.82 KB, 540x494, tumblr_ba3cecec3f7908f1e12dd4a…)

Lmfao.. what the fuck

No. 61869

File: 1693113254636.png (207.26 KB, 944x332, IJPxq6r.png)

That was just Dawn spamming crystalcafe

No. 61870

File: 1693114600646.jpg (29.09 KB, 736x414, 75b1e8c1d46ccddfc73fbc06073743…)

so that's not yammys best friend and co-admin admitting that yammy spammed crystal cafe on her public admin discord she linked on 3c? >>61676

No. 61872

Baiter is spamming gay male asses and calling anons homophobic grandmas in /ot/

No. 61875

File: 1693124503576.png (23.97 KB, 1496x227, c.PNG)

Presented without comment.

No. 61877

can you link the post?

No. 61878

It was an retard seething about anons here being misandrist/hating men. It said we hate men because we haven't been with enough men to meet "nice guys". After mods banned it, it ban evaded to insult mods, the mod insulted it back using a redtext and it lost its mind and kept ban evading until it realized no one was paying it attention and left.

No. 61880

Samefag, it's in unpopular opinions. Both sides baited and derailed for hours yet no redtext

No. 61881

youre so clearly crazy why are you still bothering with this? nobody gives a shit and everyone thinks this place is a creepy shithole now. who the fuck is yammy and why are you so obsessed with her? just go the fuck away already you really are the worst and creepiest admin we ever had. i believe everything that was said about you because youve clearly lost your marbles

No. 61883

>I mention this because why the fuck did a discord server with voice verification let a 14 year old boy be its main mod? Maybe because the admin is a groomer Troon? One ponders
I shall think it's because it might not be so hard for a 14-yo boy to sound like a woman?

No. 61884

god imagine being so obsessed with the ongoings of personality fags and an image board admin.

maybe some of you should get up off your fat arse and go to the gym, learn to cook, maybe get a career?

No. 61885

the thread was screenshot and archived before you cleaned it up from all the personal threats to people’s families you made jsyk
psycho admin

No. 61886

Link to archieves please? Can you explain more, anon?

No. 61889

Post them here or on another site I’ve been refreshing this page all day I haven’t seen anything lol

No. 61890

Post them on crystal.cafe lc hate thread or something

No. 61891

File: 1693148488120.jpeg (683.65 KB, 828x1040, IMG_0250.jpeg)

No. 61892

I was the anon who caught that ban and I didn't even take part in that conversation, I was just commenting on the redtexts.

No. 61893

Yeah, we were having fun, glad to see you seething hours after the fact.

No. 61894

Why is this namefag still here kekk? This thread hasn't been "cleaned up" like that other anon implied, I also archived it and it's the same as it was yesterday.

No. 61895

do you ever sleep or do anything other than being on this site trying to make people believe you? is this really all you have? im not checking again after posting this but you are psychotic and im glad your life is so miserable and empty

No. 61899

So much baiting and so many stupid people

No. 61903

Thread is pretty much the same you’re just being baited again to go psychomode

No. 61904

File: 1693149681921.png (145.76 KB, 400x288, 7b76.png)

No. 61906

All encompassing you, dw

No. 61908

Sorry English is not my first language I believe it’s called a “general you”? Referring to nobody in particular

No. 61911

What the fuck is going on? Can someone give me a rundown? Who are all these people?

No. 61912

I don’t think they themselves know but they keep accusing each other of being people they dislike to rile one another up

No. 61915

Meh there’s some truth to that if you’ve been paying attention. The admins here are absolutely not kosher and neither are the crystal cafe ones. Stuff is strange indeed but who knows why or who is doing what, it’s clear there’s some upset people doing a lot of legwork though. I wish they’d both pack it up and leave it be or at least stop falling for very obvious bait

No. 61916

>The admins here are absolutely not kosher
I'm not Jewish and I wasn't planning on eating them anyway

No. 61918

No one knows, it's some randos the cp spamming tranny is obsessed with. He always switches the names up every few months kek.

No. 61922

I wish I could just stop thinking about it but there’s some stuff about this situation that really irks me not regarding these two’s drama, but it makes me believe there’s some truth to the rumors being spread

No. 61923

With regards to the mess above, in general we discourage farmhands from banning in /meta/ unless it's extreme, as we don't want to silence any criticism or discussion of the management of the site, even if it is unreasonable/unhinged/tinfoiling. Obviously, this definitely went into the realm of extreme and it should hopefully end at this point or be contained to the respective threads. Unfortunately, with it being a Saturday night a lot of staff were not available. We understand that this was our fault for not dealing with the mess at the time it was happening, so we will not be banning regular users to took the bait in this instance. We have permabanned the handful of posters who instigated this mess.

No. 61924

>there is nothing confusing
>schizo word salad
>red string wall
What the fuck is going on in here

No. 61926

Oooh my god shut the fuck up dude.

No. 61929

Too bad they won’t allow us to have any anonymous space to discuss this where they aren’t also in control and can shift the narrative but you’re not alone in thinking that nonny(aren't you exhausted)

No. 61930

Yeah it’s confusing that this isn’t being spilled to other areas. You would think people would be making fun of it in other places. When I tried to post and ask about the drama on kf in January I got banned with spam. I don’t post on kf and not sure what rules are on the lcf thread…. But it was really weird. It happened minutes after I posted it.

No. 61931

Wow that redtext really makes you think! Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone on here. They’re smart enough to figure out what the truth is eventually(ban evading schizo)

No. 61932

Why don't you actually just make a coherent thread on any other site that you don't think is ran by Spookybones and link to it? Looks like your posts aren't being deleted. But you don't want anything to come out of this other than clogging up the boards you insist are silencing you.

No. 61933

Who even mentioned spookybones? Careful with that anger of yours, makes you sloppy.(ban evading schizo)

No. 61934

Lmao if only you’d moderate any other aspect of this site that quickly. You look really mad always calling anyone who questions you a schizo btw and also male. It’s abuser tactics, but you know that. See ya whenever you get bored again and blow up another community!
Ps: You know as well as I do that I can’t reveal any details due to the blackmail you have on multiple women you’ve done this to

(Ban evading schizo)(ban evading schizo)

No. 61935

this is actually cringe

No. 61936

Mods thank you for banning the infights in the 2X

No. 61939

So called "black-pilled" autist keeps coming back to the /ot/ autism thread trying to hand out her/his though love lessons by trying to start another infight desperately

No. 61940

Link to it? Is that anon even autistic? I saw her say she thought she was autistic because she didnt feel as submissive as she assumed other women did. I doubt she's diagnosed.

No. 61941

Can you link to the post(s)?

No. 61943

what? those posts are still here… idiot. you forgot to scroll up

No. 61944

Autocorrect just helped me find another hidden board. It's /verify/. What was its purpose though?

No. 61945

Isn't the name descriptive enough?

No. 61946

Not really. Unless it's a "hi, I'm new here" board, in which case why call it /verify/ and not, say, /hello/. Weird.

No. 61947

Well then I guess it's none of our business

No. 61948

i guess it could be for farmhands to introduce themselves/ test if they have mod powers

No. 61949

A long time ago it was used to verify people in the discord, but most anons are probably going to conflate this with a different discord server.

No. 61950

This isn’t true, it’s for people to post on the thread for farmhand applications. Verification through discord was done through voice channels.

No. 61952

You've just gotta be here to spread wrong information purposely. Why on earth would they require you to verify on lolcow for the discord? and not only that, why would anyone be okay with that and not bring it up?

>>61950 is correct

No. 61953

>most anons are probably going to conflate this with a different discord server

No. 61954

This actually doesn't refute any of my points.

No. 61955

I'm not trying to refute anything. If you were in that discord server then you would remember, it's still active.

No. 61956

Why does lolcow use google analytics? And how come so many trackers are on it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 61957

Why does lolcow use google analytics? And how come it has so many trackers?

No. 61958

File: 1693191665854.jpg (179.54 KB, 1080x429, Screenshot_20230827_200336_Chr…)

There's over 37mil sites that do. It's not a big deal or anything anons need to be worried or concerned about. Your IPs are visible to mods/admin and you're freaking out about analytics that don't track anything important.

No. 61961

The schizo that was banned yesterday went on to continue her posting over at cc

my biggest question is that if anon says she's seen the creepy backend then why would the cc bunker thread throw them over the edge ?

No. 61963

File: 1693192643363.jpg (173.54 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20230827_223520_Bra…)

No. 61964

You're right but it's still gross to allow this many bots on to the site. I noticed my browser blocks a high amount of shit from CC as well as LC (on certain old pages) but this is still higher than most chans.

I'm just curious. How come it's this way? Is it because most of us are phonefags? Or because threads stay around for years so they accumulate more bots as more people visit?

Why even use google analytics in the first place?

No. 61965

No one is just "allowing bots". Every website gets bots. They aren't 100% preventable.

No. 61966

I'm with this nonna, is it really necessary to use Google Analytics?

No. 61967

Can someone share what the ad is that is running because you can also register banners, photos, and other posts like those on this site and block elements. I can't think of a single ad I've seen on this site and you usually need to use GA for search engine optimization. Otherwise how else would admin be able to see how the site does?

No. 61968

File: 1693197742546.png (245.94 KB, 1874x881, why.png)

4chan vs. lolcow

No. 61969

No. 61970

>Or because threads stay around for years so they accumulate more bots as more people visit?
Are you saying that webpages accumulate bots over time? Was tinfoiling about a zuoRAT not convincing enough for the naive anons here?

No. 61971

File: 1693202455517.jpg (1.12 MB, 3264x2448, MTXX_PT20230828_000227495.jpg)

No. 61973

File: 1693202862007.jpg (180.72 KB, 630x1077, trackers.jpg)

I think you're full of shit.

No. 61974

Thats why I said I think anon might be blocking images and claiming those as blocked ads. It's very easy to do. It's just the same scrote who keeps pushing this fearmongering repeatedly in every new meta thread.

No. 61975

File: 1693203212810.jpg (62.47 KB, 559x215, umatrix.jpg)

And here's umatrix from a firefox based browser.

Or someone that doesn't understand how the internet works.

No. 61976

I don't know how this works obviously, and I'm not the other zuroRAT anon from yesterday, I'm just trying to understand why LC has an insane amount of tracking scripts compared to other chans.

Because this >>61968 isn't normal for an imageboard.

Is this data used to track users (maybe lolcows?) to other sites? Or to generate money? And if it's for search engine optimizations, why does there need to be so many?

Turn on blocking scripts. I had the same thing shown above when using 4chan and LC with this option. And images and banners still show for me. It would be nice to get an answer for why this is the case.

No. 61977

It's not a scrote it's a group of vendettachans or ex mods that have been doing the same song and dance since December of last year. Last time one of the ex discord mods claimed Shaymin was a groomer alongside Elaine and Blaine. Yesterday some ban evading posters claim that spookybones was always the admin and today there's a completely new tinfoil about Google analytics. The anon said they were banned and called a man so I guess they were one of the ban evading anons. Now they say they have seen parts of the backend via webscraping. You can't access anything that isn't relayed through the webserver. There's also multiple anons affiliated through their discord antics >>60988 spreading the same rumors because they think the admins here had something to do with their site closing and they think the hk admin is a tranny or mod they know.

No. 61978

>in general we discourage farmhands from banning in /meta/ unless it's extreme

No. 61979

>unless it's extreme

No. 61980

Not all redtexts mean bans.

No. 61981

So, then you're new? it's very obvious that these are bad actors or "extreme" that we are unaware of, that are banned, they do the same thing when those retarded kiwifags or cc kooks post here.

No. 61982

it's actually kinda genuinely humorous that the attempted tinfoil brigade failed so now they have to switch to something technical that they don't think anons will know much information on KEK

No. 61983

They always change the storyline they're trying to sell I don't know if they're genuinely this stupid or paranoid.

No. 61984

>Not all redtexts mean bans.

No. 61985

What does other creepy things mean?

No. 61986

>just TRUST there must be some secret knowledge the farmhands hold that make these posters obvious extremists/bad actors
>Meanwhile meta is full of examples of farmhands making crappy ban choices as of late
Yeah, no thanks. I've never seen a more destructive staff team towards Lolcow than the current one. Admin posts random excuses that never lead anywhere and whenever someone brings up questions about moderation choices they're never actually addressed. Unless the rash of 'anons' that pop up white knighting farmhands' every whim counts as addressing, of course. Funny how it's always 'there is obviously justifications only farmhands can see!' despite the countless promises of increased transparency.

No. 61987

>this aggressive over something nobody cares about
you're glowing

No. 61989

How many times are they going to go on about the same shit? They really wait until a new thread is made on meta to redo the same repeated shit.

Anons, ignore the fake ads bullshit. Lolcow isn't tracking you. It's fake.

No. 61990

Did someone post a corpse in /m/ and it got removed or was that a dream.

No. 61991

Not you again. You may as well just namefag at this point.

No. 61992

No need to be this rude to the dourifags

No. 61993

File: 1693235178460.jpg (183.41 KB, 1139x1424, IMG_20230828_163658.jpg)

it's not fake. I can literally block scripts rn and the tracker number will shoot into the thousands. why are you and other snarky anons itt trying so hard to convince me it's not? I'm actually starting to believe the schizos kek

No. 61994

No. 61995

File: 1693236160773.gif (1.87 MB, 498x373, 62B35AF5-CC49-4196-8560-7727D1…)

No. 61996

If you don't clear your cookies, those are scripts/ads accumulated from all your LC visits. They're not 2000 ads from one page.

No. 61997

if you got "aggression" out of those messages I am genuinely sorry for you kek

No. 61999

Right, it's /meta/ not a board where hapless /ot/ jannies can easily make mistakes. iirc there are mods for certain boards, not all mods have access to other boards. in other words, p sure the bans in meta are justified.

>despite the countless promises of increased transparency.

I also find it kinda of weird that you are itching around for every single piece of information that you don't know about on this site, especially in the midst of this tinfoil brigade attempt. they tell us about the workings of the site, they tell us about how they are short on staff. what else do you want? an explanation for every single ban on here?

>w-why were these anons banned in meta! they said they don't ban in meta unless it's extreme

that kind of answers its own question. Farmhands have been a lot more active in meta than anywhere else and an admin literally just posted here and explained why they ban in meta, so any normal person would use context clues to come to an understanding that the bans in meta are attached to users that violate things that are not always explicitly obvious. they even said they don't ban unhinged anons or tinfoiling anons, so isn't that even more of a clue as to the type of schizos they are banning? I could see if it was ot or snow where i don't expect admins to be super active on, yes that can be easily explained away by retarded or powerhungry jannies, but not /meta/ because as I stated before, it has been brought up multiple times that they don't let just any mod have access to all boards.

tbh I'm not even sure why I'm replying to you, you are likely one of them or baiting.

No. 62000

They aren't tracking you, they could always use IP to narrow it down if you aren't using a VPN. Re-read what has been said about SEO and why scripts run. It's not to track or follow the users. Even 4chan uses this in order to track how many users visit. This isn't something new for websites, certainly not for chans. Take your conspiracy crap and leave already. You've already tried this attempt at fearmongering.

>>>/meta/57067 [suddenly its 2000 trackers. sure, anon, whatever makes you think you'll make the site sound scary, even though you're using it constantly]

You samefag this same thing constantly. Shut up.

No. 62001

Posted what amounts to "it's okay for a guy to jerk off in the bathroom alone", got red texted as moid. >>>/ot/1680477 What the fuck? Are you out of your mind?
Inb4 VPN. I'll stop using VPN services when my authoritarian country stops jailing people for posts made in 2005.(admin@lolcow.farm)

No. 62002

Your take was disgusting and sounded absolutely scrotal.

No. 62003

So I got banned because a janny didn't like my opinion?

No. 62004

>my authoratian country

No. 62005

Not her kek. I'm Russian.

No. 62008

Just saw your og banned post. You said it's ok for a man to jerk off after he gets an erection from watching his gf cry because her best friend passed away.
No wonder a Russian whore thinks that's okay, don't all of your fathers leave and husbands/bfs beat you on the daily before dumping you? Of course you think it's ok for a man to get aroused by a womans pain, your culture normalizes it(racebaiting/autism)

No. 62009

And the people here who admit to getting off on men getting hurt are any different? Oh well. I won't continue this conversation. Too bad you won't get banned for calling me a whore.

No. 62010

>wahh wahh the people here can get off on men getting hurt but I can't get off on women getting hurt?! Wahh wahh!
Did daddy hit you too hard with his vodka bottle, natasha?(terrible racebaiting)

No. 62011

Find me a post where a nonna talks about masturbating while her nigel is sobbing in the other room because his friend died. That's the difference.

No. 62012

And btw, stop ban evading or posting here. Idk why but lately we've had a ton of weird mentally ill baiters lately and after getting banned, they'll keep complaining about the userbase here as if they're being forced to use this website. Just leave if you get upset when someone calls you a whore because you defended a man getting off on a womans grief/sorrow. You can't say wild shit and lose your mind when you're criticized and told you're not ok.

No. 62013

I don't care about the stupid tinfoilers, the issues with the mod team predate their little raid or whatever it is. I ignore them like a normal person and don't use it as a cop out to avoid facing legitimate criticism, as you've clearly attempted to work towards by insinuating my entirely unrelated crit must mean I am one.

If you read 'context clues' in meta, you can see a lot of questioning around bans, even meta bans, which farmhands reply to with snarky remarks. You're telling me while they're so woefully understaffed, yet they had time to be petty but not to give a simple explanation to confused anons?

Go open up the meta catalogue, scroll to the very bottom and look how original admin-sama (red name) handled things. Even if you account for the growth of LC, you're saying three fucking admins and a handful of farmhands can't manage even one decent post/reply like those? What an absolute joke. You seem to have endless faith in anonymous authority figures despite the rapid decline in actual communication and moderation quality. No, blanket statement posts that make excuses but never actually address anything while the same problems repeat daily are not the admins actually doing their due diligence. You think you're being helpful WKing for them, but all you're really doing is enabling their negligence to aid lolcow's rapid decline. Not all of us care to live in willfull ignorance, anon. Having eyes and being willing to call out what I'm seeing doesn't make me part of the schizo tinfoil brigade.

No. 62014

She’s a clown but you are not better for calling her a whore

No. 62015

>sounded absolutely scrotal
there is no way to prove that you aren't a scrote so when you sound like a scrote and act like a scrote, you are a scrote

No. 62016

How is this not racebait

No. 62018

File: 1693244417092.png (26.09 KB, 872x412, Banned.png)

>if you don't conform, you're not a girl!!
Wow, lolcow never changes. Like clockwork.
>What next, you gonna call me a TIF for having an opinion of my own?

By the way, I got banned FOR THREE FUCKING YEARS. This is insane.

No. 62019

you were banned for that long because you're a moid

No. 62020

File: 1693245262760.png (31.93 KB, 872x433, Banned2.png)

Another question to the esteemed modding team: do you guys even know what VPN is? Dozens of people can use the same IP over the course of a week, so you checking the posting history is not bulletproof, especially for older posts. Why are you quoting somebody else's post here?

No. 62022

>until you found one with another lolcow ban or its a ban that is also yours
The "nice redtext" post is mine. The one about incest rape or whatever is not mine.
>when you lie to begin with
>ban evade
How else do I try to shorten a ban that I think was unfair I got on one of the IPs that literally allows me to post here, which might as well be a dynamic home IP at this point? Three years. What the fuck.
>They don't complain as if they got home ban.
I got a lengthy ban for being a moid when I'm not one, which means my ban was unjust, which feels incredibly shitty. Do you want me to post a timestamped photo of my hand or something? I could do that.

No. 62023

why are you using a vpn and then being surprised other people have bans on it, moron?

No. 62024

You email them like it says. You don't ban evade.

No. 62025

Why isn't this ban evader redtexted when she(?) admitted to ban evading several times

No. 62026

Samefag, I just saw that she(?) also posted about wanting to rape her daughter and got the mod mentioning that previous post of hers in another post. This is so schizo.
She's saying it's someone else who posted that but given she defended men who jerk off to women that are mourning and crying I wouldn't be surprised if she also defended men who got off on hurting girls.

No. 62027

not to be rude but based on what your posts in the reddit thread say, those words absolutely came from your mouth, russia girl

No. 62028

It just sounds like your average drunk alcoholic abusive moid, kek. I guess mod was right for banning it.

No. 62029

>Samefag, I just saw that she(?) also posted about wanting to rape her daughter and got the mod mentioning that previous post of hers in another post.
Yet another person who doesn't know how VPN works.

No. 62030

If you think it's normal for a man to get aroused and masturbate when a woman is in indescribable pain, it wouldn't be shocking of you to defend men who hurt women. Guess the anon who made up shit about your culture and normalization of abuse was right judging by that post of yours.

No. 62034

That's why anon presented it through a accumulated report (available only on mobile) to make it look worse when multiple anons like me only get 2 trackers. I get 5 on cc, and 2 on 4chan. They act like Google analytics is only used for advertising and not SEO and tracking which pages generate the most attention.
I guess claiming that spookybones was multiple admins across the years wasn't convincing enough. Neither was this post from one of their discord buddies >>60988 where japananon is said to be a farmhand or admin.

No. 62035

Whats this whole mess and why did this only happen after CCC shut down? Who are you people and how is japanon related to this???

No. 62038

Go read the /ot/ 3c thread for a rundown but it's very confusing and mainly a discord slapfight. You can read what a former moderator who was softdoxed by the boardowner said here, the public version of events was that a moid had been stalking the boardowner for years and hacked all her devices and accounts. A friend of the 3c boardowner and admin then admitted to spreading tranny rumors that she knows were incorrect. This same person has been spreading similar rumors since December of last year if you go back to the cc bunker threads while lc was down.
Then on schizo Saturday someone loses their collective minds and says that admins here are behind DDoSing 3c and 2c and that the owner of the new kpop board is a tranny affiliated with them.
>>61931 >>61664 >>61667

I don't know how japanon is related to this, but someone who says they are friendly with the former 3c owners said this
>There was a discord server where the choachan admins hung out in and it was for the most part friendly with occasional spats. The original owner went by “Bib” and is also “japananon” on here. Bib is extremely insane, strong case of batshit crazy and she lied a lot. People would make fun of her or call her out, specifically board owner. Bib was very manipulative back then already and would constantly message us in private to try and get us to turn against her. Eventually someone who met her irl dug up a bunch of stuff about her (such as spamming her own child pornography online) and she left the server in a huff and threatened to kill herself a bunch. She’s very vindictive and she will make up any lie to get people on her side. The discussion about shutting down choachan because of CP spam was shared in this server as well which is probably how she knows. I don’t feel bad mentioning her or what she has done as she’s been mentioned before and like I said she’s genuinely an awful person and anyone else who was in that server and doesn’t also have an axe to grind with the ccc admins can confirm that

I'm not going to derail anymore and I'll take a ban if it's warranted.

No. 62040

File: 1693251382390.png (10.3 KB, 1512x102, whaat.png)


>Neither was this post from one of their discord buddies >>60988 where japananon is said to be a farmhand or admin.

>I suspect she’s one of the current new admins, I don’t know who the other two are or who else was involved in all of this but I’m sure anyone else who was in the ponycord can make their own guesses as board owner wasn’t afraid to tell people what she thought of them which often caused hurt feelings.

The post didn't give any proof but gave a baseless accusation. They just said they suspected it, and it doesn't read like anyone who would know this tbh.

>someone who says they are friendly with the former 3c owners said this

Some of this information is incorrect, I'll greentext what is:
>Eventually someone who met her irl dug up a bunch of stuff about her (such as spamming her own child pornography online) and she left the server in a huff and threatened to kill herself a bunch

This is not how her information was found, or who found it.
I don't think she's related to this, but rather a red herring, and I think whoever posted this wasn't actually in that server but heard it from someone else. As, anyone who was in there would know what happened because it happened in a channel everyone was in. Anyone who was in there would not think she had the capabilities/network of being an admin/farmhand.

Also, Rita posted about hearing this from Elaine… who no one in that server would have contact with at the time… but there are people who have been known to misinform her of things.

No. 62041

File: 1693251403128.gif (19.59 MB, 450x956, GIF_230828_151929 (1).gif)

No. 62042

File: 1693252352377.webm (572.43 KB, 480x1020, scriptblocking4chanvslc.webm)

Stop embarrassing yourself, this only happens on mobile and if you block scripts in general, not just trackers. It's most likely a script trying to turn itself on infinitely. 4chan won't even let you run the website if you do the same for example, so LC is even better in that regard because it lets you run it without JS kek.

No. 62044

Rita debunked it and said where she heard the rumor from. There was definitely more than one anon pushing it and multiple anons have come out speaking on behalf of 3c admins pretending to be in hiding. The same 3c admins say that everything that happened to them is the fault of a former or current admin after they publicly blamed a male who got into their staff team. Make it make sense.

No. 62048

>Rita debunked it and said where she heard the rumor from
Can you show me the post?

>There was definitely more than one anon pushing it

Going through the thread I didn't see anyone pushing it, nor did I see it get much traction here.

>multiple anons have come out speaking on behalf of 3c admins pretending to be in hiding. The same 3c admins say that everything that happened to them is the fault of a former or current admin after they publicly blamed a male who got into their staff team. Make it make sense.

What does that have to do with the current conversation? I just said that this post >>60988 didn't seem to sound like anyone who was in that server.

No. 62051

It's the post you shared a screenshot of that I'm referencing. Rita was responding to someone saying it on cc and she said where she heard it from. I'm not in any other discord servers but it sounds like the anon was in the server if you're pointing out inconsistencies in what she said. It could have also been a game of telephone but the rumors seem to originate from that server if japanon was there. There were other posts on /ot/ fixating on her and another anon here gave a similar account >>61008

No. 62054

No one believes you. Move on, scrote.

No. 62055

File: 1693263618882.webm (6.22 MB, 624x1280, VivaCut_video_1693262656386_HD…)

1. I just installed brave to check this so I had no cookies
2. I used my second device which has never visited lolcow/vpns and it gave the same answer
>even 4chan uses this
3. I checked 4chan with block scripts on and it doesn't fucking go up into the thousands like lolcow does
4. you showed this video but you didn't load the full page
>if you block scripts in general, not just trackers
5. scripts can be used to track

why are there so many gaslighters itt? I don't care about the tinfoiling or the discord dramas there's clearly suspicious people from both sides but the ones specifically from this thread seem to be lying and diverting the truth about lolcow's data mining/tracking and it's fucking weird lol I'm not whoever you are trying to pin me as

I can upload a vid of what I see too but this time I won't block javascript like the person (mod) above did to hide the number

No. 62056

I guess since you can't disprove this with more lies you will say it doesn't matter now lol??

No. 62057

In rita's post she said Elaine was the one to start the rumor that bib is a farmhand/admin. Someone else says that they think it's Elaine. It sounds like Rita heard it from Elaine?

>I'm not in any other discord servers but it sounds like the anon was in the server if you're pointing out inconsistencies in what she said

If this person was in the discord server then they would have given the actual way she was found so no, it doesn't sound like they were in it. Considering they knew generic information about it and not specific stuff.

>but the rumors seem to originate from that server if japanon was there. There were other posts on /ot/ fixating on her and another anon here gave a similar account >>61008

These are not the same servers, this was a server that someone (bib?) made after bib posted her Japan story. No one knows who that 30-40yo that harrassed/doxxed bib in this new server is. Or how they got that information. There were screenshots of this new server around here somewhere of people asking her if she was bib. These are not the same servers, as bib is not in the one >>60988 mentioned.

Like I said, Whoever was harrassing her in the server she made.. was likely not someone in Ponycord, and probably heard it from someone in there. Not sure how that information got around tbh.

Those rumors did not originate in that server, and the first time I saw them were here.

No. 62062

No. 62063

Fuck off with your samefagging already scrote

No. 62064

>block scripts
LMAOOOOOOOO holy shit. You don't even know what a script is?! This is fucking golden.

No. 62066

For those wondering what is going on …
This tard just tried the equivalent of:
>bad-chan has been seen using vowels in their posts
>I will block all posts with vowels
>(6 million posts blocked)
>Obviously bad-chan posted 6 million times

No. 62075

Must think because this is a female centered site that we don't know anything about tech lol

No. 62077

this isn't coherent and doesn't even make sense. vowels..? do you think posts get blocked when you block scripts?
>6 million funny holocaust joke
you're a tranny
>immediate snarkiness
>obvious mod vendettafagging
>lame twitterfag cancel culture attitude
alr kek this is enough to tell me that this is shady and I should never go near lolcow with my real IP address again. I'm done

No. 62079

Good, fuck off. You're absolutely retarded. Next you'll say you can hack the site or some shit. Seriously, learn anything about scripts and how they actually function.

No. 62086

You are so obvious Blaine. KYS

No. 62087

Pedo tranny lmao

No. 62091

I can’t believe you guys seriously ever thought it was her posting on here lmao I’ve been baiting you scrotemods for ages to reveal that you are in fact scrotemods. It’s really as simple as putting your vpn to Norway and saying some random shit and they’ll go apeshit. Glad the cats out of the bag now. Track my clit you fags and trannies.
Is cjocker still pretending to be a 17 year old btw? You do know your dox is archived right? Have fun getting another call from the feds

No. 62092

These retards all blame shit on people they dislike. I saw the person who started the japanon/bib rumor and it was NOT Elaine. It was an anon from japanons server who doxxed and stalked japanon amd posted japanon past social media(which had proof of japanon beings roasted for posting underage nudes)
This person isn't elaine, she's a married woman who has beem obsessed with bib ever since the first lolcow discord server existed.

No. 62093

Bib wasn’t even around for the first lolcow discord stop pushing this married woman stalker shit you fag

No. 62094

Man you guys are so fucking stupid. Who’s making these braindead posts? Empresa? Stop jerking off over Elaine for a minute and at least read the site you’re shitting up if you want to convince anyone. Even then you couldn’t because you’re missing years and years of lore. Fuck off back to your SeKtUr and die there

No. 62095

Oh and the Norwegian you have a crush on knows who you guys are. For dudes who have all been doxed you sure love to ddos and spam child porn and other illegal shit. Really smart

No. 62096

You can't take back all the alogging and schizoposting that's been orchestrated for days and go "haha I was only pretending to be retarded"

No. 62097

Like I give a fuck what you think? Lol you can think I’m schizo all you want. You think I value the opinion of a bunch of faggots who spam cp? Whether I’m schizo or not, it sure worked to show everyone that you’re retarded men

No. 62098

I'm not a man or whoever you want to pick out on your Rolodex, but you're not doing her any favors if you're confirming information she didn't want out there in the first place.

No. 62099

Yeah yeah you’re a bioqueen and a rill woman and a real human bean I know. You don’t know what she wants out there or not lol you don’t know her at all though I know you want to real badly. You’re sounding more and more jealous that she didn’t join your cabal of stalker fags so you could orbit her some more. Did you want her to do the coding for you gay site or something or what was all this about?

No. 62100

You give yourself away when you're rageposting and making ESL errors in your posts like you've done for the past 4-5 days. ngmi

No. 62101

Who’s the schizo now lol did sig leave you guys btw? Saw he’s back on KF. Is that why you’ve lost all the fun and are just all cringe now?

No. 62102

>esl errors
>accidentally erased the r from your
Lmao this from guys who can barely speak English I just have to laugh

No. 62103

Why does kiwifarms live in your heads rent free?

No. 62104

Never even mentioned kiwifarms until now, should you perhaps take your meds, Blaine?

No. 62105

Do you just type and forget what you said before making the next consecutive post kek

>Saw he’s back on KF

No. 62106

You really are illiterate…
It says right there in my post
>until now
Seething too hard to read properly or just a gay Mexican on Xanax?

No. 62107

Okay anon that's why you're deeply invested in kiwifags no normal person would pay mind to.

No. 62108

Oh so you’re telling me you know who these obscure kiwifags are? Curious, are you saying you’re not a normal anon? Lmao keep telling on yourselves for the lurkers

No. 62109

>Who’s the schizo now lol did sig leave you guys btw? Saw he’s back on KF.
>he’s back on KF.

No. 62110

I would say you could do better than this but I know you really really can’t loool why are you even still trying this? Everyone knows you guys are fucking creepy men at the very least now and all of you with doxes out there will get reported to your local police departments once your crush reads her emails and I confirm her suspicions

No. 62111

File: 1693296661002.png (9.97 KB, 325x144, 4b3deb49820c1b2f7112d2a8662dae…)

No. 62112

Snoooooze. We all know the dumb bitch admin gave you all access to the site when “she” pissed ”herself” over Null on org because “she” was mad at the users here for deservedly roasting her constantly

No. 62114

She was. Stop lying. She just had another identity. I'm not pushing this conspiracy, a lot of anons had this married stalker harass them and she's just as dangerous as japanon.

No. 62115

nta, it is insane to me how many newfags are so unfamiliar with the internet a mere decade ago that the concept of multiple online identities doesn't even occur to them as a possibility, hell they argue against it
it's absurd; we never used to post our names or faces online, I guess the kids don't understand how easy it used to be to play a whole cast of characters online, it was not an uncommon thing to encounter for most of the internet's history
it does not attract healthy, normal people

No. 62116

>She just had another identity
bib or the stalker? both?

No. 62117

Why do you think they're lying about it?

No. 62118

You’re full of shit and probably just the nikocado asshole spamming faggot who goes by ope. Can you tell me why the HK board owner is claiming someone contacted them?
Nobody is emailing that idiot, thanks for letting us know once and for all that the place is also run by you guys. How do you even have time for anything else when all you do is sit on 3 imageboards to shit up about a woman you so deeply hate because she reported you for spamming child pornography on her website and tried to warn people about you? You must fucking stink so bad from never showering and pissing into bottles all day.
It’s very obvious whoever you’re trying to frame as this “married stalker woman” is who you suspect me of being because she was dumb enough to cozy up to you guys on org.
I’m not her so leave her the fuck alone whoever she is

No. 62120

Also absolutely hilarious to claim Bib had another identity as if she would ever have the self control to not stand out immediately with her sperging and attention whoring. Multiple people know her, she might be your pet retard now because she’s eternally jealous of your current enemy but she’s made enough of an ass out of herself in other places for this one to simply not work you dumbasses

No. 62122

>she's jealous of your enemy
An unemployed 35 year old woman who married her e-bf? Kek. Even bib's dating life isn't as pathetic

No. 62123

Bib did for sure. Someone here also told me the stalker was around and posted with a different Alias but idk too much about it since I wasn't around

No. 62126

You’re so retarded. Who do you think the ccc board owner is? She’s in her 20s. Whoever is feeding you info is lying to you and doing you no favors lmao or are you talking about this alleged stalker woman? What did she do to piss you guys off? Told you that spamming CP isn’t nice? Oh golly let’s get together and dox her everyone

No. 62127

>Can you tell me why the HK board owner is claiming someone contacted them?

Because you schizos keep accusing the hk boardowner of being a moid and made legal threats against them, pretty much like what you're doing on cc and this thread right now >>>/ot/1659494

kek why are they defending japananon's stalker…the plot thickens

No. 62128

Post proof of anyone making legal threats. That’s an outright lie. Nobody has ever emailed the damn HK board owner because it was obvious from the start it was one of you guys running it with your weird “is the new board owner prettier than ccc board owner??” Shit. It’s probably just bib who owns the joint now because she’s demonstratively fine with child pornography and a deranged lunatic. Nobody gives a fuck if she’s getting “stalked”, I have a hard time believing bib would even care, she enjoys any and all attention.

No. 62129

That’s also not me posting in there. It’s just you idiots samefagging up and down trying to make me look nuts. I’m not even gonna bother looking at the posts because I’m sure it’s mind numbingly stupid

No. 62130

Can anyone tell me how you even stalk a woman who goes into lolcow discords and posts her house, address, pictures of her IDs, face, boyfriends, workplaces, social media’s and other shit? How in the fuck do you stalk someone who so openly and freely gives away that information lmao like you really couldn’t get someone better to use in this scheme? I guess that just tells everyone how unlikeable you are that you could only get motherfucking BIB to be your little sycophant.

No. 62131

>Nobody has ever emailed the damn HK board owner because it was obvious from the start it was one of you guys running it with your weird “is the new board owner prettier than ccc board owner??” Shit.

So you're saying that HK boardowner lied on the bunker thread and the new site? How coincidental that one of you posted a warning about faked emails recently. 'anons' come out about the 3c DDoS attacks and gore coming from admins here, but after they blamed their own users for it. They're somehow able to spoof our IPs and infect our routers with malware. The mods can view your google and youtube search history with google analytics. It's like you guys are battling Lisbeth Salander in cyberspace from the sound of things.

>It’s just you idiots samefagging up and down trying to make me look nuts

You're doing a pretty good job of it yourself.

>I guess that just tells everyone how unlikeable you are that you could only get motherfucking BIB to be your little sycophant.

You seem extremely fixated on bib and defending an unnamed stalker, and I'm saying this as someone who hasn't been in any of these discord servers.

No. 62132

You’re annoying and obvious, still. Post proof or fuck off. Not talking to you anymore and please for the love of god learn English. That might be a healthy hobby for you to pick up instead of doing the worlds worst thought out gayop that hellen Keller could see through

No. 62133

And yes, I’m saying the HK board owner is lying. Can you not read? Don’t answer that, it’s obvious you can’t. You also don’t know shit about tech but please keep going on about it so we can all laugh at you and your little cybergaslight larp

No. 62134

Are you retards aware this is lolcow's meta thread?

No. 62135

Shut the fuck up and stop trying to distract by acting like an annoyed anon. This is a gossip site and the most exciting thing that’s been happening on here in months, acting like people aren’t perched and F5ing this thread just makes it obvious it’s you sweating because you’re being pushed into a corner because you’re a lying fuck

No. 62136

Don’t even bother photoshopping more emails btw. The photoshopped email you posted in the ccc hate thread was so laughably bad I can’t believe nobody even pointed that out

No. 62138

I remember hearing about this stalker on the friend finder thread so I went back to what caught my eye. A description of an older, married woman in her 30s doxing multiple anons on discord. I am not going to post the photos from /2x/ since a mod banned them. It looks like multiple anons in a discord clique were posting japanon's photos and saving them on their devices.

No. 62139

Lmao keep pushing this, it’s great that you think this is gonna look good for you because you have no real ties to the real women in this community who all despise bib and know very well she’s full of shit and an awful person. Nice job, moron

No. 62140

Hilarious that you have been caught spamming child porn, photoshopping emails, ddosing websites, spamming gore and gifs of women being beaten to death and your sincere best distraction tactic you could come up with is
>Well known attention whore who is an autopedophile and a documented lolcow who used to have a thread on here is being STALKED by DISCORD CLIQUES
Shiiiit you are so dumb my guy. Cel & bib are both going to be reported too, that’s a legal threat you can screenshot that’s actually real. You’re fucking retarded beyond belief and I wonder if your parents know what you’re up to online lmao

No. 62141

This shit is boring as fuck.

No. 62142

Cope and seethe

No. 62143

yes, it's just shitcord drama and no proof. just shows how having a shitcord server for any major community creates unnecessary shit-stirring.

No. 62144

You’re so desperate. There’s plenty of proof that’s being saved for the police report don’t worry

No. 62145

If I wanted discord drama I'd be on discord

No. 62146

When your whole life blows up over this ask yourself if it was really worth it to fuck with someone who is 100x smarter than you. These aren’t empty threats, you weren’t good at what you did or careful and people know who you are. Other people who read this and recognize the names and aren’t sociopaths who are okay with what you did will also report you. Your best bet at this point would be to shut this all down and try to scrub your gross ass computers, but you won’t do that because you’re a pure narcissist convinced this wouldn’t catch up with you. I’m not even here to convince anyone of the truth of this, I just want you to know that people know and that there is proof of what you’ve done because you’re fucking retarded. All of you are.

No. 62147

Yeah yeah keep going on about how this is discord drama when you spammed child porn on cc and ccc and ddosed both sites. Do those websites look like discord to you? Horrible attempt at distraction. What’s next? Making fart noises? You don’t have much left at this point you really rattled down all of the dumbass schemes you could think of in quick succession here which further points to how full of shit you are. Enjoy the anxiety

No. 62148

Am I the only one who can't add YT videos to posts here right now? I copy the link to video (on mobile) but when I paste it in place for YT link and I try to post my message I get a notification that LC can't make sense of that URL. I don't know what's wrong, it worked before. Is it a temporary problem? Or do I have to change the link to some other format?

No. 62149

I can add them just fine. Maybe remove anything that's beyond "&" (including it) in the URL?

No. 62150

Lmaooooo ok you’ll really just keep going with this huh? Sad how this site is all you have in your sadass life. Enjoy your “open relationship” and this empty place that’s crawling full of feds. You’re in for some real bad times(ban evading schizo)

No. 62151

this is a testament to shitcord enabling personalityfags

No. 62152

This is not me, I believe you wanted to reply to someone else.
OK thanks! I came here back because I already wanted to delete my post but I saw I got replies. I realized I have to change "youtu.be" to classic link format and include "watch?v=" which somehow isn't in the generated share link on mobile.

No. 62153

is someone having a manic episode right now?

No. 62154

Very likely.

No. 62155

I'm not talking about ccc. Bib had a married woman who stalked her, that married woman also posted on crystal cafe about conspiracies of bib being in the lolcow mod team because she got banned for attacking bib here. That bait didn't get attention so now she's lying about bib being in CCC.

Namefags all accuse one another of doing made up stuff out of vendetta.

No. 62157

Do you know what this person went by if they're also a personalityfag? They're mentioned in /ot/ and some other threads over the last month.

No. 62158

4 months ago

No. 62159

She’s not a personalityfag on here she hangs out in lolcow adjacent discords and tries to get info on people. Some people speculate she used to go by general Armstrong.

No. 62160

No fucking way, a married woman stalked her? Married? Fucking hell

No. 62161

Lmao, why the fuck is that her only descriptor?

No. 62162

General Armstrong is the alleged stalker? From what I know she was a mod for the peanut gallery and I don’t remember if she was a farmhand or not… I think she was in the bunker discord server too. I know she was friends with oldmin.

This person was never in the discord server bib made and then left, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she heard it from someone else.

No. 62163

Probably because the stalker usually insults the relationships of the women she harasses and always brings up her marriage so it ended up being her description nothing more than that.
Could've been an ex farmhand or someone who lied about that. I once posted negatively about the stalker and she told me "I hope you use a vpn"

No. 62165

anyone having problems embedding youtube urls? I swear I'm putting them in right but I get the couldn't make sense of url error

No. 62166

So I searched for general Armstrong and its some character from full metal alchemist which is like catnip for trannies. Literally no cis woman watches that show, even the author is a blatant TIM. idk if I believe the tranny janny tinfoil but it makes you think(ban evasion)

No. 62167

>"cis woman"
go back

No. 62168

well I've actually been in movie night calls with her and she's shared plenty of pictures with us in discord.

This is 100% a red herring, so what are you trying to hide by bringing her up?

No. 62169

>come to meta for the first time in months
>blaine is still shitting it up
how selfish do you have to be to have not 41%ed yourself by now. you should try getting into fent.

No. 62170

go back stop caping for trannies(ban evading schizo)

No. 62171

LIKE FUCKING CLOCKWORK. mention proof of trannies infesting "female only" imageboards and some handmaiden arrives to screech within 10 mins of the post!! (coincidence?) to mention how its totally a "woman" because she just coincidentally has been on calls with him? and seen his pictures? and now I get banned for pointing it out. the coverup is so fucking blatant and you stupid bitches can't see it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 62172

???? This is actual schizo shit wtf. Plenty of women like fullmetal alchemist. Idk about the discord user or whatever, but fullmetal alchemist was created by a woman and has lots of female characters that are great. I don't know about the rest of stuff you're talking about but that's kind of a retarded take. Why discredit the creator?

No. 62173

samefag,especially when manga is male-dominated in general and she is praised for being a woman who has created an iconic manga.(aka, it's popular with people regardless of your opinion of the story.) This is a derail but that's such a weak and retarded argument.

No. 62174

File: 1693340996591.jpg (48.26 KB, 341x500, fuck off scrotes.jpg)

>author is a blatant TIM
>all "female" characters are a fucking caricature of womanhood just like troons
you people are fucking stupid. but remember my warning when the scrotes running this site start using your IP information to steal your private pictures and make AI porn of you

No. 62176

File: 1693341343480.png (38.16 KB, 1163x1090, 1680362370020.png)

>This person was never in the discord server bib made and then left, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she heard it from someone else.
They're trying to deflect about it for sure. Why mention someone that wasn't in the server?

>I once posted negatively about the stalker and she told me "I hope you use a vpn"

Ex-farmhand maybe, or someone who was friends with the 3c staff since they were ex farmhands themselves. The whiteknight insisting that japanon and someone named cel are also behind the DDoSing conspiracy is suspicious as hell. None of these names make sense unless you're involved in some shitcord faggotry.

Not subtle!

>This is 100% a red herring, so what are you trying to hide by bringing her up?
It's not the first time someone posted this to try to pin the stalking on someone else. They're 100% trying to protect the identity of japanon's stalker because they either know her or are friends. >>61018

>Rumor has it her husband made jschan

What software was the new kpop board made with? jschan. They're really hurt about their own userbase moving on and continuing to post husbando in peace.

I'm not sure if this was japanon from the thread mentions calling her the resident discord cow, but a bunch of franticly deleted replies mention the 3c boardowner. This discord drama have been going on for months and it's pathetic.

No. 62177

I could believe other stuff you can say but this again is just retarded. What makes her a man? Just because she doesn't have a dainty kpop surgery face means she is one?

No. 62178

if it looks like a scrote and it writes like a scrote… do the math.

No. 62179

Nonna, I'm just saying this is a weak argument. There are troons who are troons even if they shoop and get surgery and you can always tell. The author is a woman and she definitely looks like a woman. You said you haven't even read fullmetal alchemist so it just discredits this argument. It feels unfair to women who write things other than shoujo or girly stories, or women who look gnc/not feminine. I again, can believe what else you say but it's just dumb.

No. 62180

Is this satire

No. 62181

people like you trying to deflect and distract from the fact that the males that run this site are trying to cause real harm to women are the fucking problem. this isnt some drama you can just enjoy and dissect, sites are disappearing and they are spamming cp here every time people get close to working out what is going on. mark my words the site will get "raided" with cp and posts will get deleted to cover allt his up. general armstrong was in every server larping as a woman and had access to all those users who were not anonymous, and as people have mentioned was best friends with the admin who handed this site over to Spookybones on a silver platter. I dont understand why people want to claim this person and their actions as a woman. stalking women, abusing women. and apparently creating the fake 3c honeypot site with his "husband"

No. 62182

It's utterly fascinating how many different users are on this site. I've been posting here daily since 2014 or some shit and happily have no idea who all these discord wankers are apart from japanon. Maybe all you weirdo gen z attention seekers and autistic millennials should stop oversharing your personal details to each other and then bullying each other. You're acting like a bunch of 12 year olds from 2002 who just discovered they can write mean comments online

No. 62183

>sites are disappearing
One imageboard that was around for 2 years shut down, it isn't that serious unless you have a mental illness.

>people have mentioned was best friends with the admin who handed this site over to Spookybones on a silver platter

So you're saying bib and this random cel person are besties with the admins here even though other anons know you're lying through your teeth.

No. 62184

> They're trying to deflect about it for sure. Why mention someone that wasn't in the server?
I’m not sure. Most of the ladies in the server are really nice and don’t seem like the type of people who would do this. Nor is there anyone in the 30-40s range who is married in that server. I think it’s creepy someone knew that much about the server without being in there. I don’t think anyone in there would think bib is a farmhand or the admin.

No. 62185

It's hilarious that they're accusing japanon of being in cahoots with the hackerl0lc0w, nobody would have started asking questions if they weren't so quick to defend an unhinged stalker that was targeting multiple women on discord. I don't know who else they've done this to but I hope bib and others come forward about what they know.

No. 62186

None of it is hilarious. It's a little hard to care about to follow tbh. Japanon only came on my radar because she did that discord about the plain guy she flew out to fuck and talked him up I was expecting a hottie or an unconventional guy, something to look at.

Anything that's adjacent to kiwifarms, 4chan or crystal cafe is instantly boring. It's like when the penny shop makes own brand products. It's low class

No. 62187

I doubt it's a one time thing, they did threaten to doxx me but failed.

No. 62188

They're throwing out random discord usernames and accusing every anon of being mods or kiwimoids embedded in some deep conspiracy, it's nutty and not helping their end goals.

What server did this happen in? The friend finder anon said that they've done this to multiple women. Another anon confirmed that this creep is deranged >>62114

No. 62189

Moids stalk the friend finder thread and the discord. I mean the discord use to be linked directly on the site, think it was around 2016/17 most farmers stopped using the discord except the attention seekers or people thinking they could speak direct to mods. The discord and site are separate entities. This site is meant to be anon. It's hardly this sites fault for what users do off of it.

No. 62190

Fujochan is going to be destroyed as well. And no not bib or whoever the fuck cel is. General Armstrong is the stalker who stalks bib, but they ARE NOT a married woman. that is a front. and not the current admin either but the one before who gave it to current admin (Spookybones).

No. 62191

I mean they might be married but they are not a woman. just to clarify. but they do stalk people on discord

No. 62192

>Fujochan is going to be destroyed as well
This is pretty based.

>and not the current admin either but the one before who gave it to current admin (Spookybones).

Can you write a coherent sentence ESL chan? It's hard to follow along.

No. 62193

the current admin is Spookybones who is a male, not a tranny, just a woman hating autist/incel. the admin before was the tranny. he gave the site to Spookybones. people tried to start a tinfoil that bib was the admin but that was just abuse, because they are all involved in stalking her because she fucked someone else from their discord. ccc was run by women who were also stalked/harassed by spookybones and general armstrong (who people keep claiming is a woman but he is not - if you reverse image search the photos "of her" you can see they are stolen) were used to steal womens info from the discords and ultimately DDOS ccc and destroy it as well

No. 62195

bumping this also bib is an idiot and so are all of you lol

No. 62196

okay so why did 3c owner's confidant say she was wrong about the tranny rumors >>>/ot/1659649 you say you know stuff from the inside but you're saying the opposite

No. 62197

please get a life

No. 62198

>This was a mistake on my part, when I posted her site people on the thread were calling her a tranny due to her schizophrenic excel posts.

It was taken for face value, the site itself wasn’t actually admin anyways from what is being said. Other people in the thread thought they were a tranny too from the site, I just rolled with it until people realized it wasn’t definitive.

I’ve actually never heard that admin speak or have seen photos of them. I don’t know if they’re actually a woman I just trusted them, which I shouldn’t have considering they are not a good person. When I asked them about spookybones in August (I think) they ignored me for months and changed the topic.

No. 62199

how am I retarded? I'm not the anons with the discord or malware conspiracies. it's true that scripts can be used to collect data on you so it's alarming to me that lolcow uses so many

I don't need to know about how every single script works to know to that 1000-2000 is excessive in comparison to 4chan that only uses 10-14. even imageboards with the same software don't have this much shit blocked so it doesn't make sense to say scripts block posts with certain vowels. I'd appreciate it if an admin explained why instead of constantly being met with twitterfaggotry and aggressive anons calling me a scrote for pointing this out

so far I've heard this:
>scripts are blocking posts with certain vowels
some threads only have 2 posts and the tracking number still goes above a thousand
>it's due to cookies
I deleted my cookies in the vid I posted yesterday
>it's due to IP
I've used many VPNs on lolcow since this weekend and the number still sits at two thousand on the same pages
>it's for search optimizations 4chan does the same
4chan uses 10-14 not a thousand like lolcow

the most likely reason is that lolcow is using google analytics to mine users for money. so can an admin be honest about this? why do that when you have donations already?

No. 62200

sorry to butt in on the discussions itt

No. 62201

have any of you cleaned your living spaces or washed your vaginas?

No. 62202

They don't have vaginas kek

No. 62203

I was in the bunker and most of us didn't buy it anyways, and like another anon mentioned in thread it was obvious the excel file wasn't theirs.

Oh so you're boardowners friend that made doxing threats against a random woman you thought was tranny admin and after saying you were wrong and sorry for your actions you're posting in this thread trying to convince us all that it was a man all along again.

>I never posted about spooky being admin. I was just asking why they had him in the discord server meant for private verified users.

>Also, didn’t I mention that I redacted that troon accusation quickly already? Why are you going in circles?

lol. lmao even

No. 62204

Vagina is the inside and you shouldn't wash the inside, nonnie

No. 62205

so that's a no? lmfao

No. 62206

>posts a reference to my post
>respond to clarify
> you're posting in this thread trying to convince us all that it was a man all along again.

No I’m not. I am not participating in the slapflight because idk what’s going on or why we’re at this point again. I will clarify things about my posts though if you’re going to use them as “evidence”.

> I was in the bunker and most of us didn't buy it anyways, and like another anon mentioned in thread it was obvious the excel file wasn't theirs.
There were a lot of them on the site so it would make sense that people would think it belonged to the owner of the site.

>Oh so you're boardowners friend that made doxing threats against a random woman you thought was tranny admin and after saying you were wrong and sorry for your actions you're posting in this thread trying to convince us all that it was a man all along again.

The butterz (admin) account shared this site to people in other discord servers saying it belonged to them. I found it through asking a mutual about it. So no, it wasn’t against a random woman. Why did they share that website to people on discord if it didn’t belong to them?

Also, why didn’t they clarify the stuff about spooky when I asked about it in august?

I don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes or what to believe but I do know that it’s sus. So I will try to share what I know when I can.

No. 62207

>why don't you wash your insides?
Moid moment

No. 62208

petition to get mods to delete all of blaine's posts on sight instead of just redtexting them. you can't read these threads because between every legit post are 5 posts of his schizo word salad. there's no point in keeping them up.

No. 62209

yeah I agree. It just causes confusion for the uninitiated who don't know to look out for his brand of crazy and then they try to argue with him kek

No. 62210

I feel like it's not even Blaine this time but whatever it is, if this person has real complaints and stuff I feel like they said a lot of retarded shit and it just is confusing. I don't know

No. 62211

it's absolutely the schizo tranny's brand of schizo babble, if it's not him, it's an admirer
>obsessed with random discord drama and current/past admins, claims they are all moids
>bringing up 7,000 names no one recognizes and adding more the longer the babble goes on
>when asked to clarify by naive anons, makes no attempt to make it easier to understand and if anything goes out of his way to make the babble more convoluted
>when people are like yeah i still don't get it he screams JANNIES! ADMINS! THE LOT OF YOU! CONSPIRACY!

No. 62212

The level of autism is pretty on brand

No. 62213


not a scrote, i rinse my eyeballs too

No. 62215

You could speak directly to mods on discord. I've done it personally over a ban 4 years ago. Newfags know nothing about the site, mods, or anything they keep conspirizing over.

No. 62217

The site has changed a lot since 2015, but what irks me the most is that old threads could have some leniency, from mods and users. Lately users are so eager to jump down the throat of any user they deem a male, which derails the thread if any more than one anon sided with them and gangs up on the “male” (read: female with a different/bad opinion). So much of the site seems like baby radfem’s first imageboard. I’m not one to post in meta, but lolcow is not a feminist imageboard. I was particularly surprised by some lost anon saying that “you can’t wreck your vagina with a pussy pump, that’s moid speak blah blah blah” in the Shayna thread, some lost anon who clearly is unfamiliar with Shaynus. Anyone who thinks lolcow is a feminist imageboard should stick to 2X. Otherwise, you’re on this gossip site with the rest of us bad women. Enough crusading, just have a laugh.

No. 62218

okay anon turn in the soapbox it's somebody else's turn

No. 62221

someone deal w the fags shitting up all the threads

No. 62222

>No I’m not. I am not participating in the slapflight because idk what’s going on or why we’re at this point again.
You need to stop lying when you're terminally online and obviously in contact with them. Just like the schizophrenic retard posting about some criminal conspiracy. Let's look at some more of the posts you made on /ot/.
>You continue to push this agenda that whoever you don’t like works with Blaine or Elaine and is spamming cp. For someone who’s hurt against such an allegation you seem to throw it pretty willingly yourself.
Wow that sounds a lot like what your doughboys have been peddling here and on cc. Why were you guys trying to reach out to somebody you believed was behind everything? Oh right because you know it isn't true.
You definitely don't know this anon that's describing the time your photos were posted on here and deleted by farmhands, and you blamed mods even though you posted your photos in a discord server when you're over 25 and should know better, but you have different standards for japanon and other users you guys chronically harass >>61831

No. 62223

>No one thought you were a troon for more than that moment in the bunker thread. We were convinced of a lot of things because you do nothing but lie. Jfc this has nothing to do with ccc and you’re still bringing this up. Get over it, she apologized to you already a week before ccc shut down. I apologized too. I don’t get why you’re trying to change the narrative to be more than what it is.
It only took 3 weeks for the choachan admins to decide that everything that happened to them was the fault of this site and kiwifarms. Please keep your stories straight, it would make things more plausible for the average idiot. If you are friends to any of these people you would encourage them to go to therapy and log off, not enable their neurosis.

No. 62226

she’s right thought, anons shouldn’t accuse others of being a tranny or a man just because they have a “different/bad opinion”. (yknow i think the ones who accuse others constantly 24/7 of this are the actual trannies or men lol)

No. 62227

>thinking 2X ever was or will be a feminist board
KEK. Dear newfag, if you wanna post misogyny freely, just go to 2X, most of the mentally ill anti-feminism retards post there and mods keep 2X up as a way to quarantine those retards from not fucking up other threads. Most anons on 2X will literally sperg about women being submissive worthless cocksuckers

No. 62228

It was, seems a lot of moids found it sadly.

No. 62230

Or they're just the insufferable tradthots they have always been.

No. 62231

This. The 2Xers are complaining about how all women are cocksuckers and then saying they're better than other women because they don't suck cock. They're against radfem beliefs. They also believe all women are submissive and whenever a lesbian posts there, they say lesbianism goes against nature.

No. 62232

nta but at least in theory it was supposed to be a terf containment board but ironically only the biggest misogynists congregated there. was it because of the blackpill thread?

No. 62233

If you post terf views it'll start an infight there. There are several trans identifying female anons who will attack you if you say anything antitrans. The radfem screenshots thread got derailed by them for several days because someone posted a meme mocking tifs. They even admit to wanting to be men and feeling dysphoric in the blackpill thread.
I think the new tifs came because rita(a now-banned tif namefag) posted about the board in some lgbt 4chan threads.

No. 62234

the most annoying radfems were those self hating blackpill trad psychos, the board is working as intended the users just went mask off.

No. 62235

The meme got mocked because it defended gender roles.
"women use pinterest and men use reddit" how is this gender critical?

No. 62236

keke anon you're right

No. 62237

>The 2Xers are complaining about how all women are cocksuckers and then saying they're better than other women because they don't suck cock.

The irony of it all seems lost on them. Women aren't a monolith and we don't have to all be lovelies to each other but no matter what the original intention, it tends to draw in the worst types (self hating TIFs, misogynist tradthots, and men). Women who identify as men really have no business being on lolcow, exactly because of shit like this. They pretend that they want some sense talked into them but what they're really seeking is validation by proving they can be somewhat "accepted" by TERFs and the thrill of posting in a space where they're not welcome. Whenever TIFs feel the need to ask if they can post here, the fact they feel the need to make their Trans identity a part of it is a red flag to me. They need to either post as a woman, or get out. We don't want males and male-identified persons here because it almost always devolves into misogynistic sperg fests with them.

No. 62238

While burritomin made /2X/ as a containment zone to try and lessen the infighting on /ot/, it did have the potential to be a good board. The main reasons that didn't happen are that the portion of the userbase that has been here a while and know how to access a hidden board just aren't that invested in feminist discussion to want to post on it regularly and the more recent arrivals that do, aren't familiar enough with image boards to know how to access it. By the time shaymin made it public, feminist discussion had already creeped it's way back to other threads on other boards which removed the need for /2X/.

Making it public also attracted newfags that couldn't handle different opinions so threads for more controversial topics surrounding feminism were full of infighting and the ability to have a peaceful discussion, constructive debate or simply share different opinions was destroyed. The board becoming a home for mentally ill TIFs that post blatant misogyny under the guise of being blacked pilled was just the final nail in the coffin. The board is a corpse that serves no real purpose anymore.

No. 62239

Radfem cow thread has no cows, is always bumped, and is just theory sperging. Put it on 2X

No. 62240

Anti feminist people camp twox to try and control the narrative same with radfem cows thread, there is a salted conversion going on to control the opinion of the user base to be more in line with male thought

No. 62241

Yeah, this.
2X needs to be moderated harshly. It was meant to be a place for pink pill/gender critical/radfem discussion, not the opposite.

No. 62242

Weird how “this was never explicitly a feminist site” posters appear now. Weird how tradthots is closed to capitulate to one annoying poster. Also weird that potential lifeboat sites alternative to this one are being attacked.

No. 62243

It's ironic that those "this was never a feminist website" anons are probably new.

No. 62244

Newfags showing themselves up once again. The original admin was a male named Ian. The purpose of this board was originally for discussing lolcows and nothing else, with other boards being added as a bonus. The fact its now turned into a nest of radfems is relatively recent.

No. 62245

>The 2Xers are complaining about how all women are cocksuckers
>The 2Xers
It's one ban evading sperg who constantly gets told off.

No. 62246

Is it actually one poster? Maybe it is and I even hope it's one single idiot, but I visit 2X sporadically and I swear I've seen posts ranting about cocksuckers or anything along those lines months ago.

No. 62247

She the one who doesn't sage and sounds incoherent.

No. 62248

It's one poster but she's been ban evading and samefagging/replying in two parts to make it seem like others agree with her.
Yeah. Her posts sound really incoherent and usually like she's sending them during her manic episodes. She's been here for 6 months max and I still wonder where she found this site on, probably either tiktok or Twitter because she posts screenshots of both apps and seems to spend a large chunk of time on them.

No. 62249

We know those stuff but those changed, lol. When robots/r9k moids were allowed, the site was unusable. Newfags will see these rumors and tell them as if its an own when the changes actually bettered the site.
Next thing these newfags will request is for male posters to be allowed again.

No. 62251

lolcow was made because the girls on /cgl/ were too mean to the fake cosplayers simpfarming on the board. men wanted to ogle these girls so they banished the girls complaining so that the thots would keep posting. now men complain about e-girls shitting up their nerd spaces when they allowed them in the first place, all because they wanted to coom to hot girls and could not hold nerd solidarity.

No. 62254

Somehow we are the newfags for telling it how it is. This is a gossip site first and foremost.

No. 62255

Yeah and men were allowed to shit the site up, no one would think the og version was better if they were around back then, most threads were shit up my retarded men and it was impossible to have any discussion. I understand that the petty gay men and insecure women of PULL came here after their little site crashed but you still can't consider lolcow a purely gossip site like PULL once was.

No. 62256

File: 1693420468311.jpeg (5.63 KB, 302x167, download.jpeg)


No. 62257

Samefag, there's a male poster in the unpopular opinions thread that's been calling anons pedos for dating 20-25 year old men and saying he wishes a "crystal cafe foid" would groom him. This type of poster was literally allowed in the early days of this website that "oldfags" so greatly recall and wish to bring back.

No. 62258

NTA but you're making a false equivalency argument here. No one said they want people allowed to post about being openly male, but that still doesn't make this some feminist radfem imageboard (as was the original statement). Newfags think LC has always been 'female lolcow for womyn only we all must be extremists' to the max, when regular oldfags were never that adverse to men posting if they could just keep their retarded mouths shut about being men and blend in. Your argument of that they couldn't means nothing, because calling it a radfem site doesn't dissuade them, as we've seen. In fact, if you actually have such an insightful memory of the 'old days', you'd be capable of recalling that the whole thing didn't start purely because of men shitposting, but also because us bitches were being petty about how the men of 4chan treated female posters in the same scenario. That's literally why 'scrotes' caught on as an insult on LC, because it was the opposing term to them saying 'roasties'.

Bet you can look back in /meta/ catalogue even and you'll see a vast majority of users openly stating they don't care if men post here, just that they fit in/don't announce it. That was the majority opinion those days, because as petty as everyone was, they were infinitely less aggressive. The weird wave of 'THIS IS A FEMINIST RADFEM SITE KILL ALL MEN' was a newfag development that overrun the site when we had a completely absent admin/modteam. And I'm still not sure that I feel that admin/modteam did a worse job compared to our current one, which should really say something.

No. 62259

This, it's always the same shit.

No. 62260

if male posting is openly allowed the female userbase will move on to greener pastures, it happens to every site. sites full of males are worthless

No. 62261

Please quote where any post ITT says they want to allow male posting, I must have overlooked that part.

No. 62262

men have 4chan, kiwifarms, sharty, rdrama and many more shitposting drama sites, why do they absolutely have to have this one too. it's not about being allowed to hang out, it's about control and being catered to

No. 62263

They don't need this site. Not a single person here has said they do. You two are instigating a boogeyman problem no poster but yourselves has suggested.

No. 62265

i've never been banned on 4chan kiwifarms sharty or rdrama for being female

No. 62266

Yes exactly, because "being allowed to hang out" ultimately leads to them invading and shitting up the place. Great example of that is the state of modern day /cgl/. So it's funny when those self proclaimed "oldfag anons" complain about us being too agwessive to poor witlle moids and akschually everyone was okay with them in the old times!! kek.

No. 62267

Nobody here said that, calm down. We're just saying this has never been a feminist site, and you're right things were different with men and race-baiting. Some things changed for the better, but it still isn't a feminist website and it's time to stop pretending otherwise.

No. 62268


I'm beginning to believe this is just the troll being intentionally obtuse to steer conversation in /meta/ away from actual discussion or concrit. That or an anon samefagging who doesn't want to admit they jumped the gun on what they were replying to, so they started digging their heels in deeper. Most likely one innocent anon and a troll piggybacking off of them.

Cerbmin, I have no life. I work from home. I have openly stated my disdain for you and your staff's current approach to the site multiple times… But, if there is a position that is literally just sitting here in meta 24/7 wrangling it, I would apply. I can't see anything ever improving when the main way you should be receiving feedback is constantly being spammed.

No. 62270

That doesn't even make sense. I just think your opinions, historical revisions and desperate attempts to reheat them on meta over and over again are ultra retarded at best and manipulative at worst. I will always prefer the most spergy radfems on this website over moids.

Also very interesting that this spam pops up right as you try to advertise yourself as a janny. You aren't slick kek.

No. 62271

The anon you're replying to, yeah. This isn't a feminist site but since all anons are women, some will uphold feminist views, some radfem, etc.

No. 62272

Someone who hates admin and infights here won't get hired as a mod. They check post history and I think they won't hire if you have a post of infighting or vendettafagging (esp towards mods or admin)

No. 62273

/cgl/ in it's current state is not a valid comparison because 4chan itself went through a huge cultural shift. Around the time stamina rose was made because pt threads were banned on /cgl/, there was also the exodus to 8ch and gamergate. For unknown reasons moot intentionally alienated a lot of long term anons from various boards. This includes everything from /cgl/ to /jp/ and /v/. 4chan was unironically less of a misogynist coomer shithole back then because it was mostly nerds and weebs talking about nerd and weeb hobbies without being political. At the time 4chan was around 40% female.

No. 62274

It's a valid comparison because it shows what happens if you don't aggressively moderate moids in female spaces, both through staff and board culture. I named it as an example for how threads degrade when moids infest it (pre ~2010 and current day cgl, it's essentially the same).

No. 62276

It's not a valid comparison because it was the moderation of 4chan that drove the original userbase of 4chan to other sites. /cgl/ was far from the only female majority board on 4chan before 2014. It was a combination of introducing boards like /pol/ and allowing /r9k/ to turn into what it did, along with poor moderation that caused the cultural and demographic shift on 4chan. It had nothing to do with not controlling moids because 4chan as a whole was always majority moid.

No. 62277

How does that negate anything I said? Cgl was mostly female dominated for a long period of time and got worse after both moderation and users stopped cracking down on moid-like posts. The board was relatively fine, even with pol/incel moids shitting up 4chan as a whole, because gulls themselves told them to fuck off (or regrettably took the bait) and jannys then enforced it. Cgl's decline started when jannys stopped banning and deleting these type of posts, so moids first freely shat up popular threads like the vent thread and eventually started creating coomer threads again in recent years, which in return drove actual gulls away (together with other factors).

My point is that this is an example for what happens when you tolerate men in female spaces for too long. They first take the little finger and then bash your hand.

No. 62278

Honestly, it's not unreasonable they wouldn't hire someone who has continuously exhibited inappropriate behavior on the site. I don't feel any reason to hide that I don't agree with the direction the site is being taken in, though. I still want to help clean up /meta/ so actual crit can be properly discussed/voiced, even if the rules I'd have to uphold go against my own crit/feelings. If keeping /meta/ cleaned up isn't at least part of the responsibilities someone applying can be used for, though, I wouldn't see the point in applying. Guess the best I can do is apply and see what they say. If disagreeing with them means I can't help, oh well. I'm not going to lie just so I can do that.

NTA but I don't think men as a whole were the problem in that case. It all kind of came to a whole around the time moot re-made /r9k/ and it got twisted into some weird incel posting ground. There were still lots of men (even trips) in /cgl/ that were active and decent contributors before that. What was shunned were creepy/inappropriate posts, not specifically males. What aggravated all issues/pushed 'raids' was identity politics/the seemingly forced shift in user identity to 'women hate' causing stricter men vs women-isms on 4chan as a whole (further backed by the 'gamergate' garbage).

I still agree moid-posting should be strictly moderated, I don't think anyone here has even once disagreed with that. But strict moid moderation /=/ radfem/feminism, and LC culture has moved in the direction of being the same as r9k was - causing overall issues from an extreme identity politics/men vs women divisionism. I am, once again, not trying to say this means men should be allowed to post freely/openly like old /cgl/; we aren't niche enough anymore to have that kind of comfy space. I do think pushing radfemism-feminism to an extreme is part of the overall rot the site is experiencing, though. And I still stand by that historically, the userbase was brought together by mutual interest (in the case of /cgl/, nerds/cosplay, and the case of lolcow, gossip/cows), and not how much one can hate men or not, though. I think actual radfem/feminist anons should hate the vocal extremists more than anyone, honestly, because they're diminishing the real value of their cause. (And they probably do hate 'em for that!). Problem is, with anything, that extremist minorities tend to be the vocal majority. I move the subject to this because I think that anon, like myself, are more about having a reasonable, non-extremist userbase, and bringing up the reality of LC's origins allowing men helps point towards that outcome. Not because we actually want to condone or promote male-posters, as you rightfully fear.

No. 62280

>like r9k

Yeah because we have a bunch of edgelord salty women posting too with scrote-tier takes. It's not all male posters that make this shit unbearable.

No. 62281

(I'm >>62278)
For clarification/to avoid any misunderstandings, I'm not trying to say the posters here do the exact thing as /r9k/ posters. Simply that part of what made /r9k/ such an issue in the overall culture shift of 4chan was it's push of women hating extremism as a divisionary tactic, and the push of men hating extremism here also causes issues. I am not against it for the sake of men, but due to the unnecessary problems and misunderstandings that arise out of it across the board, the negative audience it has attracted and the one track mindset it eventually attempts to enforce. Extremism in anything causes problems, plain and simple.

No. 62282


so you're saying we should have an opinion genocide? one opinion for all?

No. 62283

You’re on your period(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 62284

Every social site online cultivates a hostile culture towards women. if men want to post about hobbies and interests in a semi-civilized environment with women they should fix the culture on their sites to no longer need porn for visibility, have nasty joke filters, not allow unhinged male grievance posting etc. look at what happened to redscare sub; art and culture posting died because lonely midwit men only want to dread and bait women into engaging with them. why should the female majority image board have to be the one to amend its culture to make men comfortable? The man-hate is a reaction to the filtering techniques men use to make women feel unwelcome. Men should feel like they have to walk on eggshells to get away with posting here. No one will want to post here if they think that 80% of the time they are most likely speaking to a man. There is no clout among imageboard admins for having another male dominated user base. Feminism, implicitly, is part and parcel to a woman’s life, and women cannot discuss their lives fully without it.

No. 62285

Why can’t we have a tradthot thread? I get it scrotes love to derail it but we could just be really strict about responding to bait like in the MtF thread?

No. 62286

You’re a moid, aren’t you? Post hand.

No. 62287

people took the hand posting meme seriously…

No. 62288

Anon, at literally no point have I said this should be a site for men, that men should be allowed to post, or that I am against extremism to 'make men comfortable'. If you cannot continue this discussion without accepting that, then there is really nothing to discuss.

No. 62289

If you think it's a male poster, just report and ignore

No. 62290

As that poster, I'd like to apologize in advance to anyone who felt my use of
>us bitches
is what made my post appear 'moid-like'. It's a term that's stuck with me from old days when on /cgl/ seagulls (particularly within lolita gossip circles) would ironically reference ourselves as such. In no way was I intending to allude to insulting our userbase as 'bitches' for rightfully hating the term 'roastie'. I was part of that group, still am. Wasn't really considering how that might come off when I made the post - sorry, anons.

No. 62291

nta but it's just that some anons (some of them may or may not be trolls) are way too quick to accuse anyone who disagrees with them on even the most harmless subjects of being men or trannies or pick-mes.

No. 62292

I don't think anyone is disagreeing with this though. Male posters should be discouraged, but when that devolves into constant paranoid accusations, it's just creating a new problem for the site. And the point that none of that makes this a feminist website still stands.

No. 62293

It’s not that, it’s your relentless crusade to get us to accept moid posters. “They’re ok as long as they don’t reveal themselves!” no, they aren’t. They should be made to feel as unwelcome and subhuman as we do in every other corner of the internet.

No. 62294

Samefag, I agree with >>62292
I’m not even really that interested in feminism, I just hate moids. I’m sick of them shoving their opinions down everyone’s throats and making themselves the centre of every single discussion. They’re literally so whiny and unimportant to me.

No. 62295

Nta but you know there's absolutely nothing we can do to prevent moids posting on an anonymous imageboard right? Outside of them announcing themselves or spewing /pol/-tier vitriol. We shouldn't be letting them live rent free in our heads, just report and ignore suspected moids.

No. 62296

I have not, at any point, said male posters should be accepted. No one has. Not even once. Not a single poster in this entire discussion has.

No. 62297

How has it been 7 years but anons can't comprehend this?

No. 62298

But in a way you are, because the feminism is what filters out moids, much like posting porn filters out women on a site. Vibe-checking posters on takes that don’t need protracted explanation, but are implicitly understood from female experience and socialization is how you can identify moid posters most of the time. Without it they will feel comfortable to infest the site until it’s all “you’re on your period” or “you must be low iq or a woman”replies like the state of current /cgl/

No. 62299

>But in a way you are, because the feminism is what filters out moids
Oh yeah really? How has that been working out? Hating men, trannies and camgirls doesn't make one a feminist. The bar is in hell.
>I’m not even really that interested in feminism, I just hate moids.
Point proven.

No. 62300

I suppose we will have to respectfully agree to disagree then, anon. I fully believe with active moderation and ignoring/reporting what you deem as 'moid posts' that we could achieve a much better result than with anons clutching their petticoats and infighting over it. I also don't think it's made moids less welcome at all, if anything it seems to draw the most deranged ones to us. And I do think it alienates women and 'polices' them into 'needing to present a certain way' which, in my opinion, is honestly a lot more sexist against females than anything. If a post seems overtly 'moid-ish', then report it so the farmhands can look more into the user's post history. We've undoubtedly already alienated a ton of female posters simply because they had opinions some anon felt was too 'male-centric' and went on to completely derail or ruin a thread or discussion, which honestly, is kind of regressive and anti-feminist, if anything. And no, I am obviously not talking about the extreme out-there takes, which on their own should be banned for their content/bait regardless of whether it is a female poster or not.

You can still hate men without having it be a site standard to derail and infight over the fear of one posting.

No. 62302

Feminism is not an effective barrier against moids. Instead it does the opposite. The more men know they aren't wanted on a site, the more they are tempted to come and shit it up. Going to a feminist site and riling up the feminists is low effort and low hanging fruit. It's a cheap and easy way to get a reaction and give the moid a sense of satisfaction. Asherah's Garden was an LC spin off IB that was dedicated to feminist discussion. The main reason it died was because it was subjected to constant moid raids. Being an IB that was entirely feminist did nothing to protect it.

Before you accuse me of either being a moid or being pro-moid, I'm not. All I'm doing is stating what is easily observable and has been known since the dawn of the internet. Don't take the bait, don't feed the troll, because all it does is encourage them to come back.

No. 62304

lmao nice falseflag changing vpn and posting this right after you posted nikacados asshole

No. 62306

AG failed because it got out a moid ran it (by this sites previous admin) and the moon goddess aesthetics were so cringe and not of the culture that it felt like a larp. It’s weird because of the sites relationship to the user base is admins way or the highway and don’t vote with your feet because every other site is moids and trannies. They want users to change but not leave. We’re currently living in a time when women around the world are experiencing a huge backlash in their rights and status which happens whenever there is an economic downtown and men take from us to sustain themselves and it affects all of our lives. It can’t always be girls and gays tea party, it’s another role men want us to play, catty friends, but don’t ruin the fun with your mundane troubles.

No. 62308

Men win if we stop

No. 62309

NTA and not the anon you're talking about but when >>62293 said
>“They’re ok as long as they don’t reveal themselves!” no, they aren’t. They should be made to feel as unwelcome and subhuman as we do in every other corner of the internet.

You realize that has nothing to do with preventing them from visiting the site, right? We aren't stupid, it's an anonymous imageboard of course they will come. This has everything to do with how they are treated when they do. And guess what? Of course moids come here and if they blend in, fine. But if they CAN'T blend in and keep their mouth shut, they deserve to be clowed and treated like subhuman.

Honestly, I feel like the both of the ideas can be united. You are indeed correct: we will never be able to prevent moids from coming here. But the point is that we should never know. If we DO find out, then we treat them like shit. It's a win for us and a win for them if they can keep their dick in their pants, but most of them can't so…

No. 62310

What are men winning by being ignored, reported and banned?

No. 62312

I don't think you know what feminism is.

No. 62313

Feminism has nothing to do with men being unwanted on the site. I feel most of you confuse feminism with misandry.

No. 62314

but they're not trying to infiltrate the site, they're trying to bother us so any form of response to them directly is a win. men who come here and try to pretend they are women are trying to "troll" us that's why they out themselves, they're doing it on purpose. it's a gotcha. even the trannies who come on here do it with an "i'll show them!" kind of goal to upset us into thinking they actually blend in until we find out they're just trannies. that's why most of the unhinged frequent posters trying to pretend to be random anons are women and they go crazy when they're outed.

No. 62316

I'm not talking about directly responding to their bait. I'm saying we can and should talk shit about moids. Anons