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File: 1451279732526.png (13.62 KB, 300x300, farmhand.png)

No. 1981[Reply]

Due to issues with people sometimes seeming to trust me more than other staff, from now on, I will also be using the Farmhand tripcode outside of /meta/ when making moderative posts (like "stop derailing" or "don't do that"). I'll only use the Admin tripcode in /meta/, or when dealing with general administrative or site tasks in other boards.

I've already used the trip myself sometimes in the past, but I will now use it all of the time. No one will be able to know if a particular "Farmhand" is me, a mod, or a janitor. Consider all Farmhand posts as decisions made or endorsed by me. If you have an issue with a staff decision, still complain about it here, but don't assume that I'm not responsible for the decision.

No. 2120

That's called a capcode Admin-kun

No. 2121

I'm aware, and usually call it that, but I've realized almost no one knows what "capcode" means.

File: 1439542497332.jpg (39.85 KB, 512x288, unnamed.jpg)

No. 1127[Reply]

Just wonderin - how come so much heavy moderation over here? Has shit posting been a serious problem in the past?

No. 1128

nah only since the r9k established an embassy here

No. 1136

"They" ruin everything

No. 1153

I wish the mod would just perma band those assholes.

No. 1164

What about a 24hr temp ban for any IPs that have directly accessed cow from /r9k/ (or 8chan /b/) and have not previously posted anything on here?

It should quell the number of people finding it through "raid this femboard" threads, and if they actually have good intentions, they can just wait a day. Or would that be too extreme?

No. 11273


File: 1447223695752.jpg (25.94 KB, 408x256, cow.jpg)

No. 1706[Reply]

Excuse my autism, but I've noticed posters sometimes seem to mix up the following terms. I see this on other websites, too. This is understandable, since the terms are vague and not widely known.

These are subjective to some degree, but here is how I personally define them.


This is a general term for deceptive posting. It can mean the following things:

- Taking on more than one persona in a thread to make it seem like your view has wider support than it actually does. This is also called sockpuppeting. May involve replying to your own posts agreeing with yourself, or significantly changing writing style to make it seem like a different person is also giving similar positive or negative remarks. Particularly dedicated samefags may try to use a different IP address as well.

- Making multiple posts back-to-back, without obvious indication they were all made by you. This is not always deceptive, though is often annoying.

- May also apply to general false or omitted self-identification. For example, if the subject of a /pt/ thread started secretly and anonymously posting in her own thread to disagree with people or defend herself, this may also be called samefagging. There may be a better term for this, but if there is, I'm not yet aware of it.


Posting about yourself in any way, whether anonymous or self-identifying. For example: posting a picture of yourself, linking to your own profiles, giving excessive details about your life, etc. Self-posts are completely acceptable in some threads and some contexts, but they usually are frowned upon otherwise. You shouldn't try to make yourself stand out on an anonymous board. Valid spellings also include self posting and selfposting.

Vendetta / vendettafag / vendetta-posting

Posting about someone as if you are a random person who happens to dislike them, when in reality you have some sort of personal connection or grudge. Often involves samefagging. Generally has no relation to self-posting, except in cases of self-victimization. In cases where you present the chan with an implicit or explicit "call to action", to further your vendetta, this is also called a personal army (PA) request. It often involves misleading or deceptive information.

An example of a vendetta post would be arguing with a girl on social media, and later posting a thread calling her a whore. Asking people to send things to her parents, or falsely claiming she's violated some site's terms of service and requesting people report her, or including her address and phone number in the post, would be a vendetta post as well as a personal army request.
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No. 24765

it does
Like anon(s) said above, one asterisk for italics. Two for bold.

No. 24775


No. 24822

What does Gc mean? I don’t lurk on the MtF thread but I’m guessing it has something to do with that

No. 24823

Gender Critical

No. 24907


File: 1548567216957.jpg (39.34 KB, 429x430, WCHSh7D.jpg)

No. 8313[Reply]

A user survey was opened at the end of December based off of nominations in this thread >>>/meta/7479
The results are as follows.
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No. 8343

It was so dry no one could believe it. I still can’t believe it.

No. 8350

I just feel for Taylor placing second and third when she was shooting up all this time. There's always next year!

No. 8427

Surprised that Momokun's sexual harrassment didn't make it to any place. Threads were being filled in 1-2 days during #MooToo

No. 8447

And no representation for emzotic's "career"-ending spergout.

No. 8626

Thankyou Autumn i am so glad to reached you you've saved my life i love you i wish you and i were mates what do you think of frogs?some girls love them 22 love them 13 dont(namefagging)

File: 1437018031621.jpg (38.03 KB, 300x250, rules.jpg)

No. 1023[Reply]

Discuss and debate rule changes here.

Rule changes can be found at >>1014

No. 1028

In the survey you mentioned the possibility of splitting /pt/ into two. With the new rule about having to justify posting someone new in /pt/, maybe there could be two separate boards: one for established lolcows and one for new/potential ones, to see if there's interest in them? I think that might be a better solution than moving them to /b/

No. 1031


I was initially against the idea of splitting /pt/, but this really is a very good idea.

It means if you're looking for a specific type of drama no more sifting through page after page after page of lesser known cows to find the juicy stuff, and if you're interesting in new drama you can simply head over to the other board.

I want to make a request though.
If the main drama board is /pt/, please for the love of god name the lesser cow board /kiki/.

No. 1034

I have been considering this for many weeks now and debating it with the rest of the staff.

The big problem is that there is potential for disagreement and drama when staff move threads which are in a gray area. If staff think a thread should be moved but 30 posters think it should stay, they may not be happy with staff essentially decreeing "this is a shitty thread and we don't care if you like it and think the person is a lolcow".

Of course, the thread will still exist, but it'll be surrounded by much shittier threads in a board with less rule enforcement.

I'm still pretty undecided, especially since most people are fine with just hiding threads.

File: 1622324318001.jpg (310.12 KB, 1080x599, Screenshot_20210529-143609_Chr…)

No. 23160[Reply]

Any more TELF meltdowns will be banned. You too belle anon, not everyone is a WK.
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No. 24545

Why are they doing this

No. 24546

The goreposts have been happening for months ever since the MtF thread has been posted on 4chans /lgbt/ and for years before that.

No. 24547

there was already a few on /g/ yesterday and several in the KF thread

No. 24548

they’re already here shitting up various threads, there has been a noticeable increase in suspiciously scrotey and /pol/tard sounding posts since a while now.
I guess because they don’t like the idea of a female only imageboard.

No. 24550

File: 1624991995457.png (44.09 KB, 916x752, ban.png)

Wtf kind of weird ban message is this? What is going on "behind the scenes" with lolcow.org? Is admin really considering handing the site over to one of those scrotes? Or does this moderator not know that lolcow.org and lolcow.farm is not the same site? Cause ROFL if true.

File: 1618577424910.jpg (82.27 KB, 671x761, 6f04c1491c4ce2b53a7bd37182bd39…)

No. 21723[Reply]

A thread for actual complaints and suggestions staff will actually take the time to read. Filling the thread with spam or your personal vendettas will result in an immediate ban from /meta/. Coming here to pretend you didn't evade a permaban will result in another permaban. This thread may also be used in an emergency when abuse material is posted. Take technical questions to the appropriate thread.
This thread is not for:
- "can you ban this anon?"
Use the report system and don't waste our time.
- "Can you lock this thread because I don't personally like it?"
Use the fucking hide thread feature. If the thread violates a global or board rule then use the report system.
- "Bring back a banned topic!"
- "Hi cow! Hi scrote!"
If you complain about a ban, at least post the actual ban in question. You can also always appeal or email admin@lolcow.farm if you want the matter discussed in private.
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No. 23155

Lolcow isn't a radfem site. You go to the other sites like admin has mentioned too. LC was never a radfem safe haven. You guys ruin our boards and threads.

No. 23156

Who is "our"?
How can you know if it is or isn't site used mostly by radfems without asking majority of its users?

No. 23157

You seem to miss that most of the userbase is already "transphobic", as in barely anyone agrees that troons are whatever they claim to be. What differentiates your average transphobe-chan from gc-spergs is that they don't fly off the handle and spend their free time letting troons live in their heads rentfree.

No. 23158

Why do you keep bringing up admin like it's at all relevant what she thinks? She is one of many admins and she doesn't get to dictate the userbase of the site. She doesn't even want to be the admin anymore because she literally hates us lmao.

Not everyone who doesn't want to suck girldick is a radfem. Seethe and dilate.

No. 43542

File: 1661732129215.png (588.76 KB, 720x1476, Picsart_22-08-27_19-23-07-465.…)

>Yep, it’s always the fat ugly black women with the dry, ashy grey skin that like to shit on white women.

Black women like to moisturize their skin. We're known for shea butter products, unlike ugly snow monkeys who call pool water a bath and smell like wet dog. That's not even getting to your higher skin cancer rates. Ouchies.

>I’ve never seen a good looking black women seethe about le cracker bitches, because they know they’re good enough to bag a man of any race.

Not everything is about looking pretty or fucking men, Betty pickeisha. Black women, Asian women, indigenous women, and all other nonwhite women verbally tear your asses apart for reasons beyond jealousy, because not everyone fell for your little propaganda that white women are always beautiful, or that their features are the best. I can bring up the fact that when white women get surgery, they always, always, always try to mimic what comes natural to black women's bodies (having fat tits an actual ass, and existing lips). As for why people "talk shit" about white women, maybe it has to do with white women having a historical and modern pattern of putting down other races and the women within them for societal brownie points (KKK, the happiness you get when men bash nonwhite women's looks, white women being the most likely to murder but playing the victim to get away with it more often)? Maybe it has to do with the fact that white women are the statistically the most likely demographic to falsely accuse others of things they didn't do (such as rape), and using those accusations to get random people in deep shit. Maybe it's because you're always in denial of how your men impact the rest of the world (take the numbers of white men raping native women so much that they're the most likely to be raped by white men even more than white women). Women across the world, regardless of race and appearance see that white women don't make good allies as a group, and there's a million good reasons for that besides "mUh JeAlOuSy" (please, jealous of what?).

>Unlike ugly niggers like you, who aren’t wanted by anyone.

Puh-lease. If the man is nonwhite and foreign, he only wants you for the green card. If the man is white and foreign, he's only fucking you because you're a foolish American girl who's "easy". If the man is nonwhite, from what I've seen, he's most likely a fucking loser who's only using you because he can't get with his own race's women. If he's white, good for you, though I do have to mention that white men are getting more and more tired of your asses. A study that was done regarding interracial dating at Rutgers University. 87% of White women desire Black men sexually but only 13% of them are open/interested in having a long term relationship with a Black man. 98% of White men desire Black women sexually and 63% of them said they would have a long term relationship with a Black woman. 82% of them also said they would cheat on their White girlfriend/wife with a Black woman. White men statistically make the most money when they're married to an Asian woman, instead of white women, and Asian women are becoming more and more of your own men's favorite women. Coming from a young black women who had a diverse number of guys she slept with on campus, I can tell you that black women absolutely can attract whoever the fuck they want, regardless of how they feel about whites. The only reason why men "worship" your dumb, ham looking ass is because your MEN built YOUR IMAGE of you being the most "beautiful" and "wealthy", and even then it's only because white women are the white man's pampered dogs (or bitches). You're a sad, pathetic, highly insecure, and jealous, below-average Becky girl who'll probably die alone some day and even if you do get a boyfriend, I can probably steal him from you :) This wouldn't be the first time I fucked a white guy behind his Becky's back.

File: 1621913963570.jpeg (163.89 KB, 700x761, FB33F60F-3177-4D2D-9E65-767EA3…)

No. 22677[Reply]


How is this not a personal vendetta thread? Also they’ve been caught cowtipping numerous times. Even Kiwifarms and ED are bored with this troon and the thread is no more than people having a spurg fit I’ll probably be banned for asking but it’s really a necro thread they keep reviving

File: 1621663430810.png (107.49 KB, 1280x800, you must upload a picture.png)

No. 22636[Reply]

Upon account creation I was banned as "spam", the fuck is this shit?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1619038731250.jpg (45.09 KB, 1080x540, 83897870_233170067707053_75565…)

No. 21815[Reply]

No. 21816

what is there to say about him ? he's not posted as much as AD used to be to deserve his own thread imo

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