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File: 1658591965225.jpg (16.8 KB, 404x303, ead16a00206ecf77c73e2ad9c2d474…)

No. 35976[Reply]

Anyone else think that it's very creepy that Adam clearly runs the site and refuses to let other men around. Anyone else have an abusive rapist partner like that? I get you don't want men around but maybe a gay GNC to sniff out the rapey males since one is your fucking site owner MIGHT NOT BE THE WORST IDEA AT THIS POINT LOL

Ban the IP, delete the post, idc Ian or Adam or one of the other names you use online to creep on girls, you did this brazenly on another site and now I will make sure you can't harm a single user here.

You shitty scote.
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No. 35985

Adam Driver is running Lolcow? Nice!

>You shitty scote.


No. 35995

I'd prefer a creepy regular scrote to a supposedly well intentioned tranny any day.

No. 36000

kill yourself damaged xy chromosomoid

No. 36002

You loathsome misogynistic piece of shit do you not even notice how this might come off?

No. 36011

Stop pretending to be a "one of the good ones" HSTS anyone who cares to can do their research on you and know that you are anything but that.

File: 1653852748259.jpg (267.32 KB, 647x900, mystic-woman-and-earth-collage…)

No. 33807[Reply]

Most of you might not know this, but we actually have an entire board dedicated to international topics, right here:
The board was intially closed due to "lack of activity", but there's been a very big interest in making international threads on /ot/, to the point of clogging the front page with them.
My solution to this is: tweak the board a little, don't make it about cows only. Move all international threads from /ot/ there and delete the shit threads and duplicate threads on /int/ (there's some vandalism atm due to the board not being properly closed), replace them with the current ones.
I think this might help /ot/ stay focused on off-topic threads, and we already have an /int/ board for the threads that are bumped constantly and don't really belong on /ot/. My only request is, make the board visible so more traffic is guaranteed, and truly reinforce the no racebait rule-

Here's some threads from /ot/ that you can move there:
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No. 33854

Putting the idea on the table is the first step, so maybe it'll happen. I hope /int/ becomes a place of all nonnies to socialize in a healthy way.

No. 34088

Yeah worked out great for /m/ hey. What are you smoking lmao

No. 34108

The defeatism ITT, sheesh

No. 34241

No fuck off. /int/ scrotes are not welcomed. Back to your dogshit bongoloid thread and suck each other off.

No. 34616

We already have an /int/ board in here though, that's the whole point, it's not for scrotes it's just a thing that exists inside lolcow's weird assort of hidden boards

File: 1652336673903.jpeg (364.28 KB, 1180x600, suggestioncow.jpeg)

No. 33094[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/meta/31751
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No. 34570

spammers on scrotechan still get around that by using their phones (since their ip changes easily on that, something to do with the mobile data)

No. 34571

Oh shit yeah, you're right. What a retard. Nuuuuhh don't ban muh vpns I need to racebait to cope

No. 34587

Can mods please wake the fuck up. Open up janny applications, jfc. This is pitiful.

No. 34592

Agreed. They seem to be doing stuff now. It's quite late. The workload is clearly too much for their small team. This may embolden moids to try this shit again.

No. 34688

Get rid of /ot/ and watch your jobs become easier.

File: 1650887104046.png (3.4 KB, 332x122, emoji.png)

No. 31755[Reply]

Hello, this isn't really a complaining thread, but a thread to compile the unfair emoji bans when you use the # < 3 code that turns into ♥ that dumb jannies overlook all the time.
Proof this heart shouldn't be a reason for an emoji ban here:
Feel free to post your own examples

No. 31756

It shows up as an emoji on some devices so maybe that's what happened. I've personally never been banned for it.

No. 31757

This thread is so pointless. Why do you need a compilation of five million of the same bans?

No. 31758

Because mods are dumb, and they need to be reminded.

File: 1646264707040.jpg (378.16 KB, 1800x1013, thegreatfireoflc.jpg)

No. 30359[Reply]

stop ignoring us challenge
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No. 31754

New thread here: >>>/meta/31751

No. 31759

nta but it's possible to dislike two things at once. also i can't tell who's supposed to be the based one in that shitflinging, just see some reeeeing about 'whores' or something

No. 31760

File: 1650902920321.png (157.7 KB, 1289x336, 4-C21-B31-D-6-E2850238956.png)

You think posts like these are made by women?

No. 31761

NTA but some anons in that thread were defending depp and calling amber whore or prostitute, I called those anons ugly and jealous. They then went onto other threads to cry about how I was a man when in reality they were the ones defending the abuser and laughing about his misogynistic texts and how Amber got hurt.
I definitely think that's a moid though, there are a lot of moids in that thread alone.

No. 34894

okay no one on here is actually a woman though(thanks for outing yourself, makes the job easier)

File: 1641364696508.jpg (42.46 KB, 474x490, downloadfile-2.jpg)

No. 28830[Reply]

Because it's been 2 days and admin seems to be asleep
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No. 30375

Sounds like more spam. Those cat spergs should've been banned too.

No. 30376

Okay, well, mods aren't gonna ban the cat spergs now. You're a little late for that one.

No. 30377

Maybe because this isn't even a rule here. You're confusing lolcow with 4chan, Mrs. Want-to-be-janny.
Banning dumbass-shit posting that isn't hostile in any way is just banal and autistic (no offense janny, I get that the europe and celebricows thread is a pain to moderate but that really wasn't necessary).

No. 30378

Kek if a retard like you got into such position you'd just ban anyone that annoyed you or broke your made up rules. Go get an actual job if you got so much free time and learn the rules before you beg to be promoted to jannie so you can ban the big bad meanies

No. 30384

They were open for literal months on end until just recently, why didn't you apply then?

File: 1645668653648.gif (2.86 MB, 275x264, 1645111353105.gif)

No. 30039[Reply]

Risking a ban to ask this question, should mods start banning the anons who accuse others of being "x" other anon? Example:

>Omg you said this word! You must be x!

>Stop saying (thing I don't like) you must be ____-chan!
>Only ___anon would say that!

I often see these accusations without any basis or proof, and I also see a lot of anons complaining about this calling it annoying. Should mods start enforcing a rule about this? It would honestly prevent so many unnecessary infights with very stubborn anons. This rule would be very similar to how people think x cow is in the thread (omg Lucinda is that you?) Etc.(complaints thread)
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 30057

Yes please

No. 30058

I think it depends on the context and how often the anon does that. A ban would be too much, maybe a warning?

No. 30065

there are many "hi cows" and the posts made by scrotes are generally deleted

No. 30074

Yes. It’s annoying when some retard starts tagging multiple anons claiming it’s a single anon. Some people just have very similar typing styles. It’s annoying as hell getting dragged into arguments or berated because a retard thinks you’re another anon. Banning would lessen the infighting.

No. 30075

>This rule would be very similar to how people think x cow is in the thread (omg Lucinda is that you?)
Really bad example

File: 1643295954548.png (427.41 KB, 492x509, Screenshot_12.png)

No. 29010[Reply]

Can I make a thread about Katherine Ann or are mummy vlogger threads not allowed?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1641554831073.jpg (72.56 KB, 1080x735, 1629362643188.jpg)

No. 28844[Reply]

Mane a new complaints thread, I have complaints.

No. 28845

does anyone know when new admin was supposed to start cus wtf

No. 28846

Someone already made this thread retard >>>/meta/28830

No. 29029

valid complaint

File: 1631739642899.jpg (725.39 KB, 3024x4032, 4isnvvwfz3i41.jpg)

No. 26555[Reply]

3 Rules:
Nicole anon stfu already
No spam
No derailing or infighting
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No. 28820

Please expose the post history of romanianon and permaban them

No. 28821

jill's thread looks like it's about to fill up with DID munchies…

No. 28822

THIS! Delete that fucking shit. Why do you leave it up for them to just do it again 2hours later and have people reply to it to get them even more attention? Just delete it.

No. 28823

Elaine’s history hasn’t even been exposed idk why you all think admin will just mark anyone’s posts

No. 28824

Jill's thread has so many newfags from tiktok and twitter. I bet 100 dollars that the person she bullied off of tiktok is the one writing those long-ass essay posts about DID. At this point the anons in her thread almost rival her in how eye-roll inducing they are.

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