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File: 1447223695752.jpg (25.94 KB, 408x256, cow.jpg)

No. 1706

Excuse my autism, but I've noticed posters sometimes seem to mix up the following terms. I see this on other websites, too. This is understandable, since the terms are vague and not widely known.

These are subjective to some degree, but here is how I personally define them.


This is a general term for deceptive posting. It can mean the following things:

- Taking on more than one persona in a thread to make it seem like your view has wider support than it actually does. This is also called sockpuppeting. May involve replying to your own posts agreeing with yourself, or significantly changing writing style to make it seem like a different person is also giving similar positive or negative remarks. Particularly dedicated samefags may try to use a different IP address as well.

- Making multiple posts back-to-back, without obvious indication they were all made by you. This is not always deceptive, though is often annoying.

- May also apply to general false or omitted self-identification. For example, if the subject of a /pt/ thread started secretly and anonymously posting in her own thread to disagree with people or defend herself, this may also be called samefagging. There may be a better term for this, but if there is, I'm not yet aware of it.


Posting about yourself in any way, whether anonymous or self-identifying. For example: posting a picture of yourself, linking to your own profiles, giving excessive details about your life, etc. Self-posts are completely acceptable in some threads and some contexts, but they usually are frowned upon otherwise. You shouldn't try to make yourself stand out on an anonymous board. Valid spellings also include self posting and selfposting.

Vendetta / vendettafag / vendetta-posting

Posting about someone as if you are a random person who happens to dislike them, when in reality you have some sort of personal connection or grudge. Often involves samefagging. Generally has no relation to self-posting, except in cases of self-victimization. In cases where you present the chan with an implicit or explicit "call to action", to further your vendetta, this is also called a personal army (PA) request. It often involves misleading or deceptive information.

An example of a vendetta post would be arguing with a girl on social media, and later posting a thread calling her a whore. Asking people to send things to her parents, or falsely claiming she's violated some site's terms of service and requesting people report her, or including her address and phone number in the post, would be a vendetta post as well as a personal army request.

Self-victimizing / false flagging

Anonymously posting negative remarks about oneself while pretending to be other people. A rather humorous combination of self-posting, samefagging, sockpuppeting, and vendettafagging.

Other terms


Derailing means causing a thread to go dramatically off-topic, often intentionally. It does not mean merely disagreeing with the OP, others in the thread, or the premise of the thread. That kind of disagreement is perfectly on-topic. Derailing is off-topic and distracting.

Please do not send reports just because someone is taking a stance opposite to most of those who've been posting in the thread. This is not against any rules. People are allowed to disagree.

If you think there are valid alternative definitions for any of these words, please discuss them. Also feel free to submit definitions or suggestions for any other terms, acronyms, or jargon.

No. 1789

This is really cool.

No. 1793

What are robots?

No. 1794

No. 1820

What's the diff between the 32-inch waist chan with the skull on it and without the skull?

No. 1821

I mostly switch between them randomly, to add variety, but I guess the one with the skull is for more egregious cases.

No. 2006

What does "sage" mean exactly?

No. 2007

Though a lot of people read it as sage (the herb) and that's just how it's pronounced now on English-speaking boards, it is actually from the word "sageru" which means "lower." So it should really be pronounced "sah-geh." It just means to push the post down rather than allowing it to be bumped.

No. 2008

No. 2100


Derailing means causing a thread to go dramatically off-topic, often intentionally. It does not mean merely disagreeing with the OP, others in the thread, or the premise of the thread. This kind of disagreement is perfectly on-topic.

Please do not send reports just because someone is taking a stance opposite to most of those who've been posting in the thread. This is not against any rules. People are allowed to disagree.

No. 2188

wow, I didn't know that. I thought it was sage, as in the ritual, in which you burn sage (the herb) in your home to clear the bad energy.

speaking of sage. can someone tell me honestly HOW to sage? people keep yelling "learn to sage!!" then never telling anyone how to. then making fun of the people trying to figure it out. thank you.

No. 2193

Just write sage in the email field of your comment.

No. 4224

Thank you for clearing it up I had no idea I'm new.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 4706

I still have no understanding of what sage means….(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 4707

Sage goes in the email field and keeps your post from bumping the topic. You use it when you have no milk to contribute. See #2 in this https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 10147

What does “been put to pasture” mean? I’m assuming a ban but for how long? Are there other terms for different lengths of bans?

No. 10841

The length of the ban varies. The wording of the redtext has nothing to do with the length. Sometimes the redtext tells what the ban is for (blogpost, nitpicking, self post, etc).

Also: Not all bans are redtexted.

No. 16540

could someone enlighten me on the stigma behind namefagging? i definitely respect the practice but i wonder why the name field exists if we are discouraged from using it. if anonymity is key then wouldn't it be better to not have a name field?

No. 19658

What does NTA mean?

No. 19659

Not The Anon

No. 19873

What does ‘‘canyon” mean in red text?
I see a lot of red text that people got banned for and I don’t know what it means and I’m familiar with the basic 4chan terms but Lolcow has its own lingo.

Also why do we call it “snow” and “pt”??

No. 19875

canyon is the implication that the poster is Canyon, a cow here.

as for pt and snow, you'll need to just lurkmoar and pick up context clues. It's not difficult if you understand the site a bit more. Keep lurking and lose the newfag status.

No. 19878

Since it took me a while to figure out pt, pt is pixyteri = famous cow and inspiration for these kind of sites, therefore the highest cow status for the worst cows. Snowflake is a cow-in-training, not a fully fledged cow, may be salvageable as a person (usually it goes downhill for them though)
w is for weeb snowflakes.

No. 21452

Specific to trans threads - TiM & TiF?

No. 21586

trans-identifying male/female

No. 21778

what does (you) mean

No. 21791

need context

No. 21805

On 4chan, when someone replies to your post, it appears (you) by the side of the number.

>>637893 (you)

So it just means you've been acknowledged.

No. 21940

what does it mean when someone says sure, jan? like i see it a lot and im never sure what jan means

No. 21942

it's a joke that came from this old clip from the brady brunch where one of the characters says 'sure jan' in a sarcastic way. it's just another way of saying 'yeah, that definitely happened, you're totally not just making shit up'. if you search sure jan brady bunch on youtube the clip will probs come up

No. 21976

thanks but is there a meaning if someone types it manually in their reply? I can't remember a specific context it sounds mocking though

No. 21997

File: 1619933936997.png (101.34 KB, 1186x522, you.png)

Usually when someone says (you) it's in response to a post they feel like is bait. It's just like, "here, here's that attention you wanted so bad". Picrel is the best example I can come up with. I'm not really an imageboard user, so I hope this answer makes sense lol

No. 22285

thanks that explains it perfectly!

No. 22544

It's a thread to keep a certain group in that others find annoying if they visit other threads. If a Manson sperg was talking about him in the vent thread, for example, someone may say, get back to your containment thread (the Marilyn Manson thread).

No. 22550

What does jannie mean? I know its referring to mods/admin, but like is it short for janitor or are they all named Jannet?

No. 22551

they're all named janet, you're right

No. 22552


No. 22553

File: 1621109289549.jpeg (616.38 KB, 2070x1380, 190605-good-place-darcy-carden…)

To be clear it's Janet after the artificial intelligence named Janet in The Good Place

No. 22598

i took a LOOOONG break from the site so i'm really out of the loop but who is the current admin of the site (if they are known)?

is there a timeline of the leadership? iirc ian(?) was the first owner, then we had a few others and iirc when i was last active null ended up buying the site? does she still own it or what?

No. 22603

Null-chan is still the current admin and working on integrating lolcow into KF but as a subdivision with a dedicated admin (hence the admin applications at the top of the page)

No. 22654

The current admin isn't known.
>when i was last active null ended up buying the site
When the fuck did that happen

No. 22658

Anon's reality in which Null was an owner of lolcow clearly merged woth ours. It's the Mandela Effect! 100% valid.

No. 22714

No. 23944

I keep getting called a nonnie/nonna on here and I don't know what that means.

No. 23945

cutesy nickname version of anon

No. 23946

What does minna mean here? I mainly see it in the /w/ board but it reminds me of the Mina/Dasha thing

No. 23950

Minna is a Japanese way of addressing a group, so it's like "everyone,", but you should report them for being weebs

Nonnie/Nonna are cutesy versions of Anonymous and the mark of a newfag. When a word turns red in a comment, it means Admins have addded it to a word filter to shame people who use it. (e.g. twitter slang like "oof" or "valid")

No. 23956

lmao stop being salty, I use nonnie and variations because it's endearing and I've been here since 2016. Stupid, ok; but not necessarily newfagish.
TERF and abusive are also redtexted and I don't think they are inherently Twitter lingo.

No. 23957

Same with the word victim lol, I guess the news media need to stop using twitter lingo

No. 23965

I never said Victim was twitter slang, I said twitter slang was an example. Victim was added during the Onision saga where everyone who ever talked to him was declared a victim by newfags. TERF was added because everyone who comes here to complain about Terfs will have a rude awakening. But keep showing off your newfaggotry, Nonnie

No. 23967

Damn so the entirety of /ot/ are newfags?

No. 23968

What's a TRA?
I know it's related with troons, but what does it stand for?

No. 23970

Trans Rights Activist. It's applied broadly to any person who devotes their life to spreading genderist propaganda.

No. 24087


A term used to describe one expressing disproportionate levels of hatred for someone, often including wishing them physical harm, usually for perceived "crimes" that they are "guilty" of.

Anthony LoGatto was A-Logging Chris when he said, "What Saddam did in the Gulf War was potatoes to what Chris has done."


No. 24102

umm.. okay?

No. 24469

>majority of /ot/ is rife with newfags
I thought this was common knowledge.

No. 24726


No. 24727

cute way of saying banned for cows

No. 24731

It means the ban reason hasn’t been specified, but the anon will know why they have been banned if they try to post again (as mods/farmhands always write a reason)

No. 24732

So does that mean that if someone got banned for infighting, if they post again, their post will have (infighting) in red or will the post that they got banned for will have (infighting) in red?

No. 24741

How do I do bold text

No. 24742

bold text

No. 24744

thanks love you

No. 24745

You put two asterisks on each side of the text, the same way you do italicized text. I think three asterisks gives you bold and italicized text.

No. 24765

it does
Like anon(s) said above, one asterisk for italics. Two for bold.

No. 24775


No. 24822

What does Gc mean? I don’t lurk on the MtF thread but I’m guessing it has something to do with that

No. 24823

Gender Critical

No. 24907


No. 58888

We're opening this because it seems useful. Here's the definition of Nigel, as told by >>58714
>coined in radfem/GC groups to make fun of those het-partnered women who got overly touchy whenever someone criticized straight men as a group because "well MY boyfriend/husband would NEVER!!", the name Nigel comes from Nicest Guy who Ever Lived (also a typical bong moid name and we know bongland = terf island so yeah), and some took the word in a self-aware humorous way to talk about their own male partners but no it's not just a synonym for boyfriend. if anything it's NLOGging (Not Like Other Guys) your own bf/husband. if you think your moid acts shitty and scrotish he is not a Nigel because a Nigel is supposed to be "NLOG" (therefore "acceptable" to be with as a radfem)

No. 58996

Not sure what NTA means can someone enlighten me I’m extremely retarted

No. 58997

"not that anon", when you reply to someone who is replying to someone else and you want to make sure she doesn't mistake you for the anon she was replying to (AYRT = anon you replied to)

No. 59009

File: 1687673481187.png (693 B, 117x97, robot.PNG)

Can someone enlighten a newfag? Who is the poster who has the little robot stamp of shame?

No. 59010

not just one user in particular, but robots as in /r9k/ moids

No. 59012

Ah, thank you anon.

No. 59104

I used to think ayrt meant "aren't you right though" kek. Thankfully I used it in a funny way just once.

No. 60368

what does (necro) at the bottom of a post mean ?

No. 60371

What does the "t." stand for when at the end of a post? Seen posts with this and it seems to be another way of saying signed by so and so.

No. 60372

File: 1690082053237.jpg (274.54 KB, 1080x1980, t.jpg)

No. 60375

necro means you're doing necromancy on a thread i. e. posting unsaged in an old thread, which will bump it.
bringing an inactive thread back to the front page is only allowed of there's new milk. if your post doesn't add anything or if you're posting on an old thread when there's a more recent active one, it's a necro

No. 60386

The meaning of samefag/ samefagging has changed to its literal interpretation instead of sockpuppeting.

No. 60389

imo that's pretty stupid, it was really always meant as someone agreeing with themselves, not just posting twice in a row or harmless shitposting in /ot/. I'm not affected by this change but I do find it weird and strangely applied

No. 60531

nevar4get catpiss-chan, 2022-2022

No. 60616

Pretending to disagree with yourself in order to sow an infight also has always counted as samefagging. So yeah, pretending to be multiple different people in order to shill a thread or topic. Literally only on lolcow I've seen the word being used as interchangeable with "double posting". Also pretty ironic how so many anons here who are so anal about "muh board culture" use it incorrectly.

No. 61007

you're right, only newfags conflate doubleposting and samefagging, doubleposting is also a retarded term

No. 61798

what does kek mean? i'm usually pretty good at guessing the acronyms but this one i just can't

No. 61805

It's LOL in orcish or rather korean WoW players wrote lol in their language which got auto translated to kek.

No. 61882

Everything you need to know you can check on

No. 61887

didn't it originate from Korean starcraft players (kekeke = hahaha in Korean) and then added to wow as a nod to them?

No. 61888

>doubleposting is also a retarded term
what other term would be better? not using any at all doesn't work because i once saw someone banned for not indicating that they were adding on to their post even though they weren't trying to pretend to be a different person, and other times not indicating it confuses others.

No. 61913

tayrt. omg thank you! i could see from the context that it was being used that it seemed like LOL but i didn't understand why people wouldn't just use LOL, so i thought maybe it had some meaning behind it

No. 61962

that is still samefagging

No. 62031

There's a few anons who constantly samefag like this and reply to their own posts but they never get banned for some reason.

No. 62032

how do you know if they are or aren't getting banned?

No. 62089

I'm confused, I thought samefagging was when someone replies to themselves pretending to be someone else, what's it called when you just forgot to add something to your post?

No. 62409

samefagging is pretending to be more than one person, anyone who says otherwise is a newfag

No. 63588

What does it mean when someone mentions another anon and they put “.t” under it? I didn’t grow up on boards so I have no idea what that means

No. 63589

It's supposed to be an abbreviation for some finish word that you use to sign off letters/emails. You use it like this

Goldfish are orange
>t. have a goldfish.

No. 63590

*Finnish not finish

No. 63654

it's short for "terveisin" which means "regards"
t. binn egsbert

No. 64071

It’s a scrotey 4chan meme, don’t use it.

No. 64138

how is using "t. " a scrotey 4chan thing??

No. 64152

Because it originated from a scrote board full of racism and porn and only moids use it.

No. 64157

Newfag. It originated on Ylilauta which is a Finnish IB, it spread to other image boards such as krautchan and 4chan's /int/ board. It pre-dates the splintering of LC from /cgl/.

No. 64160

Which is also a scrotum board full of sexist garbage. Your point?

No. 64167

Do I need to remind you that LC originated on 4chan or are you unaware?

No. 64253

t. Underage, perpetually offended, twitterfag

No. 67545

when do you sage? According to the rules it's for when it doesn't add anything new to a conversation but been told to "learn how to sage" when it did so I'm so fucking lost. Does it vary from board to board? thnx

No. 67546

Sage on cow boards when you're not providing milk. You don't need to sage anywhere else, but many do out of habit or because if you've already saged elsewhere on the board the sage will stay in the email field.

No. 67558

what exactly is a "personalityfag"? i think that's what it was, i sort of forgot the actual term because it confused me so much.

No. 67624

someone who breaks the anonymity rule by adopting a gimmick or frequently announcing which posts are theirs. you're not suppsed to make your posts stand out.

No. 67725

Is a "calf" someone who is somewhat related to a cow and kinda milky but not enough for their own individual thread? Or something else?

No. 67755

Potential cow, but in development stage. Like HIV to AIDS. Doesn't really need to be related to existing full blown lolcow.

No. 67813

You're thinking of a snowflake vs a cow. Calves have to have sprung from other cows or flakes. >>67725 You got it right the first time.

No. 70724

Why is the current admin called cerbmin?

No. 70787

File: 1708058864085.jpg (24.27 KB, 375x401, cb1599e539903ed51846c9793129f7…)

Three admins working together. Derived from Cerberus.

No. 70869

anyone dumb enough to actually believe this needs to be tested

No. 71228

Complete newfag but is there a way to search for specific cows/threads here?

No. 71262

Scroll all the way the down to the bottom of the page and click search. Be forewarned that it's a very shitty search system and you will have to sort through many unrelated things

No. 71828

What is avatarfagging?

No. 71832

posting a picture to signal you are the same anon. Example is an anon replying to everything with a picture of sonic, it's unrelated and the site is supposed to be anonymous

No. 71833

holy shit is this real? I thought it meant the admin was from Serbia

No. 71867

KEK nona please be joking

No. 72267

This isn't in reference to any specific post but I've been seeing the world "malding" used a lot. I thought it was a word meaning "getting male pattern baldness," meaning you're a moid + you're raging so much you're going bald.

Does it just mean "raging" now? Is there no inherent moid accusation anymore? It's a real question, thanks in advance for the input.

No. 72282

Yeah, it means raging so hard that you go bald, and imo the term only makes sense when applied to moids. It's male behavior in both aspects. It started with Twitch gamers. The male implication is there even if it's not explicit

No. 72338

Twitterinos stole it from radfems on tumblr I'm pretty sure. I used to only see it referred to males "male balding" due to anger and initially mostly just used against troons when they were mad at feminists over whatever issue as a ywnbaw joke. Then twitter started using it recently and now I see it against everyone when mald = male balding and doesn't work against women. it's explicitly an anti male thing mocking their inferior hair quality so of course that couldn't stick, it had to be sanitized

No. 72342

thank you both. I was genuinely confused at seeing it used here towards other farmers (with no indication otherwise that the poster was calling them moids). I'm not on twitter so I must have missed the change.

Sad though, malding for male anger was such a funny image, it used to make me smile.

No. 73475

What is a scarethot?

No. 73489

I believe it's an offshoot of those creepy-cute girls who do the goth shit mixed with sanrio characters

No. 73494

maybe it has something to do with the red scare podcast?

No. 73500

Fans and imitators of Anna and Dasha from the redscare podcast

No. 73590

Redscare podcast fans.

No. 73895

How do users know how long their ban is? Do they just try to post again to see if their time’s up yet, or are there informal standard ban lengths to expect for some of the most common infractions?

No. 73909

Your ban message typically tells you when when your ban expires. You see the ban message if you try to post (page redirects to ban page after you hit Post). You might even see the ban message after it expired, it will still redirect you I think.

No. 73915

Ayrt thanks for your help.

No. 78995

I recently saw on the Jess Woods thread (which is dead but some schizo recently bumped it for no reason) that some anon had been "put out for life". I had never seen a redtext for some getting perma'd that said anything other than "put out to pasture" before, is there s difference between put out for life and put out to pasture?

No. 79342

What is "hi cow" ban? I didn't find it in rules, just this tagged, but I don't know.

No. 79399

Accusing an anon of being the subject of a cow thread

No. 79400

What the other anon said, or it could also be for posts where the anon is writing a personal letter to the cow. I.e., posting on the Jill thread saying stuff like "Wow Jill you are an obnoxious liar reee I hate you so much Jill!"

No. 79440

untrue. those get redtexted as "fan letters". hi cow is always implying/stating a cow made the post in question, not being addressed

No. 79675

Not as I understand it. You get the (hi cow) ban if you reply, like, "Hi, Jill." to a post in Jill's thread because you think it's Jill selfposting. you are not supposed to say Hi, [cow], just report the selfposting if you suspect it, that's why the ban. I admit to thinking it was what you said when I first came here and I wonder why a farmhand never banned me for using the report system wrong (thanks farmhands)

No. 80304

Does it count as personalityfag if someone asks for a resource ("how to perform X action") and I provide it by linking to a tutorial post I made myself in some other social media? Am I supposed to pretend the post doesn't belong to me and shill myself? That would prevent me from answering any follow up questions so I'm uncertain what's the recommended course of action here.

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