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File: 1649208211426.jpg (82.27 KB, 894x894, naoto.jpg)

No. 195093

>what is transwashing
Transwashing is when a character is forcefully made into trans, even if they're just gnc, homosexual, or crossdressing. When a character dresses or behaves in a way outside of the gender stereotype associated with their biological sex, oftentimes fandoms (and, even the creators themselves to appear "woke") start percieving them as trans. And, sometimes, even if those characters don't have "any sign of being trans", some people's headcannons becomes too out of control and fall into the gender ideology. This unfortunately happens to real people too.

Post those characters, discuss why they're transwashed, and vent if you want to. Please don't infight and ignore any shitty bait.

No. 195100

File: 1649211904897.jpeg (222.13 KB, 850x1333, 63132496-1AC9-4212-8264-8DE861…)

Fakebois literally only pretend he’s trans because his Japanese seiyuu is female and he’s soft spoken, ironically I’m pretty sure the majority are of them are dubfags.

No. 195104

>because his Japanese seiyuu is female
That's like every male character below 25 lmao

No. 195106

File: 1649212975305.gif (286.8 KB, 288x217, IMG_3906.GIF)

This one pisses me off so much. Leave my childhood crush ghost boy alone.

No. 195107

File: 1649213172165.png (574.26 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_inline_oxukrjuzkG1s8zbf…)

they keep insisting that pidge could be nonbinary despite entering the garrison space academy as a boy to find her brother. she even admits that she is a girl to everyone in the show. it can't be helped her voice actor came out as nonbinary and her words are treated as form of canon for the show.

No. 195108

File: 1649213280645.png (366.52 KB, 521x451, Ec1BobWUEAArWgz.png)

I can't believe people actually think this was supposed to be a trans flag. Did the trans flag even exist then?

No. 195109

No. It didn't, kek.

No. 195110

File: 1649213673033.png (63.42 KB, 400x400, 1579311909913.png)


No. 195111

File: 1649214260351.jpg (200.75 KB, 1440x1080, x1080.jpg)

mikumiku_ebooks was such a cancer on the fandom.

No. 195116

vil from twisted wonderland

No. 195118

File: 1649216015710.jpg (72.79 KB, 1368x770, 1602872326415.jpg)

I don't understand this one at all. Is it because they are attracted to Black Hat and feel the need to make Flug a woman so they can better self-insert into PaperHat shipping?

No. 195119

File: 1649216240089.jpg (9.19 KB, 800x600, sketch (6).jpg)

No. 195121

There are already multiple female Ghostface killers. Why must you make FtM trans Ghostface?

No. 195140

File: 1649229449732.png (562.99 KB, 1030x600, naoto.png)

People who unironically think that Naoto is a tranny are people that can't read and stare at P4 sprites instead, or they haven't played the game at all. They would be seething to know that Naoto got what she deserved, her own spin-off Light Novel (and manga too, but i didn't like manga's artstyle too much) Detective Naoto. Picrel is the cover.

No. 195148

They almost never played the game, most of them watched like half of a playthrough on youtube and called it a day. Naoto herself says she's proud of being a woman if you complete her social link, and that's when you stay her friend and don't unlock any of the fanservice scenes where she willingly wear the female school uniform. She herself says it's not because she's a tomboy that she shouldn't be confident.

I'm shocked Chihiro from Dangan Ronpa hasn't been mentioned yet btw, too bad I'm phone posting because I can't elaborate right now.

No. 195149

File: 1649237571241.jpg (27.92 KB, 591x443, IMG_0425.JPG)

back in the day everyone made fun of you for liking him but now the uwus have decided he's a kweer nonbinawy icon

No. 195154

File: 1649237993752.png (452.03 KB, 1024x575, ezgif-4-d366886bef.png)

Kino from Kino's Journey. Apparently she's a nonbinary icon because she doesn't like to be referred to as a little girl. Just because a character rejects gendered stereotypes and language (she starts using boku instead of atashi at some point) doesn't mean she's nonbinary ahhh

No. 195156

File: 1649238964653.jpg (71.2 KB, 335x499, grell.jpg)

An okama character and remember that a man saying he wishes to be born female doesn't make him one

No. 195160

Remember Kagamine Len lol. The iconic transwashed icon

No. 195161

kino's a girl? i assume kino's a dude after watching clips and epi 1 of kino's journey: a beautiful world. gonna watch it again.

No. 195163

She's a girl yeah, her backstory makes it quite obvious although I haven't watched all the movies where it's more apparent. I watched the whole tv anime when I was a teen though and I always thought she was just gnc.

No. 195185

File: 1649246400878.png (416.17 KB, 735x670, Viktor_Arcane_1_Render.png)

Idk why but fake bois love pretending that he is trans, maybe because he's a twink and ill or something. Anyway it makes me sad because he's my fave character and it's annoying to keep seeing troon fan art of him.

No. 195186

len is what now

No. 195190

Unforgivable, Orochimaru was my edgy husbando to scare off the normie fangirls, it doesn't help that Boruto made him too soft. Also my personal cow is an enby woman who skinwalked him back in the days and now she feels validated, I hate this shit.

No. 195192

File: 1649248615486.jpeg (215.07 KB, 540x810, p_encanto_homeent_22359_4892ae…)

cause he's an uwu softboi that loves science with a tragic background. some even belief that him becoming a cyborg is some sort of trans allegory so there's that.

there was even a vocal minority when the show was still airing that said vi was trans because she has muscles. it's like that headcanon with luisa because she's strong, has muscles and has a deep voice.

camilo madrigal was also said to be nonbinary or genderfluid because of his miracle too.

No. 195193

Wtf really? Why? Because she kills herself?

No. 195197

File: 1649250142931.jpg (109.36 KB, 695x837, JesseElCamino.jpg)

No. 195198

File: 1649250639867.png (3.42 MB, 2952x2048, W6XfCG3.png)

I've seen way to many fanarts of my beloved Kim being trannyfied. please leave him alone!

No. 195201

>guy displays behavior or appearance that could be considered typically feminine or girly? Trans!
>guy displays behavior or appearance that could be considered hyper masculine (but is kinda short)? Trans!
>guy is reserved, polite, refined, smart, and isn't overly feminine or masculine? Trans!
Is there a single kind of male character that isn't "obviously" trans to these people?

I thought the author said he was an actual tranny

Fakebois particularly love turning nerds into FtMs. I think it's obvious self-inserting/projection because subconsciously they feel like can't relate to a character otherwise.

No. 195216

There’s plenty of official art that shows she’s female

No. 195218

File: 1649255654862.png (135.02 KB, 501x640, 81DC5E71-A0A5-4AB9-ACF8-809BEA…)

The fat manlet from What We Do in the Shadows got trooned by the same artist that drew all the Kaiji FTM porn

No. 195221

File: 1649256186444.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

>Kaiji FTM porn

No. 195223

File: 1649256568100.png (397.14 KB, 602x767, BBF6BC2A-CB26-40EA-BA9A-9D597F…)

don’t get me started
>voiced by a man, obvious tranny joke but she is a bio woman
>incredibly smart & considered sexy by all main characters
>occasionally makes jokes about her smokers voice
leave my sexy scientist wife alone please faggots

No. 195225

File: 1649258826864.jpg (54.15 KB, 540x304, tumblr_inline_no23v1ycVg1sybgk…)

Why don't they stan the actual cannon trans woman character on adult swim? Is she not UwU pretty enough?

No. 195227

File: 1649260276425.png (946.89 KB, 1200x628, l-roy-dunham-the-marvelous-mrs…)

I don't know if this fits as this was a previously unseen character on the show but the marvelous mrs maisel on amazon decided to make the muckraking journalist a troon. I imagine it was hard being a working comedian divorcee in the late 50's early 60s, and it would be difficult to a women journalist during those times too. But a TIM can't say we're all women here just trying to survive. seasons 1-3 were pretty good. my mom enjoys the period wear and I even found bought some of the curling devices used in the show. in 4 the writers must have all got covid and lost their taste and/or died. A few good moments but overall what I've seen is eh. (picrel troon making mc look tiny)

No. 195229

This one is really funny to me because, if you see the scene with trans lenses, the line that comes after she confesses she's a girl could be interpreted as transphobic kek

No. 195230

File: 1649261682694.png (7.34 MB, 1600x1600, E8ynqRoVcAIry_a.png)

People on /v/ and social media be really claiming a character from a 1999 PS1 game is trans, nevermind that just as many species of sheep have ewes with horns as not, and her horns are also the exact kind of short horns an ewe from those species where the ewes have horns would have.
And this headcanon has gotten so big that a fake email about her started circulating online and people believed it until someone emailed one of the creators about the email it came from and not only did he say he was not the one in control of the emails at all, but he didn't even know who was behind them now at all anymore, meaning that that email was 100% fake.

>guy displays behavior or appearance that could be considered hyper masculine (but is kinda short)? Trans!
I swear this is the reason why people even headcanon Parappa of all characters as trans, and alongside that the skinwalking is also comically obvious for it, lol.

No. 195231

>her voice actor came out as nonbinary and her words are treated as form of canon for the show
I really wish this wasn’t a thing in western animation because it seems like the VAs love inserting themselves too much

No. 195233

One I found kind of weird, but not surprising with women latching on to nerd characters, was someone tagging a post I made about Sleeping Dead with how Mamiya was their transmasc equivalent. He has every bad male trait in existence, I don’t get it.

No. 195234

File: 1649262219936.png (824.61 KB, 514x802, gwyndolin.png)

This one is such a weird one for me. Gwyndolin was always referred to using male pronouns in the games, and isn't it implied/outright stated that he was forced into looking feminine since he was a child because of his affiliation with the moon? I genuinely don't underatand how trannies looked at this and thought 'Ah, yes, a brave trans woman!'. It gets funnier when you realize that he throws away his reversal ring (that makes his body look feminine) in ds3, and even his character model looks more masculine kek

No. 195237

File: 1649262356172.jpg (19.03 KB, 300x420, hange-zoe-1.jpg)

Could have been a powerful, GNC woman but then the author gave in to the gendies and said "Hange's gender is up for interpretation". Fuck that, she's a woman and I refuse to engage with fandom that says otherwise.

No. 195239

the "i can't man up, i'm a girl" line followed by all the other characters besides lance being aware that she was a girl all this time? cause if you think about it, they're transphobic for assuming pidge is a girl for her appearance despite identifying as a "male" in the garrison

No. 195243

File: 1649264903837.png (580.11 KB, 512x724, S297_Stage1.png)

I could write an entire thesis on why calling "gender unknown" Servants enbies or troons is factually untrue, that they are qualified as so for technical reasons and stories shenanigans and they pretty much "identify as their AGAB", but one that particularly annoys me is Douman, because 1.he is my husbando and 2.he is classified as gender unknown just because he devoured a goddess to become more powerful and so it messes with his spirit origin, and now you have a bunch of terminally online kweerios who use they/them for the 2m tall muscular dude. The only character that I would see as completely gender neutral is Enkidu but even then the game pretty much treats him as a guy.
Another one I find particularly irritating is Caenis, who in her original myth was a woman who was raped by Poseidon and asked to be changed into a man to not have it happen to her again. While it's actually often the reason why a lot of traumatized women troon out, the fact that people insist on calling her a trans guy and using male pronouns for her implicitly validates her sexual assault and refuse to acknowledge that she would have never turned into a man had it not happened to her.

No. 195244

File: 1649265262997.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 155.78 KB, 1280x720, 7D0F0D2C-F53C-4874-96CD-B6AC4B…)

they don’t like venture bro’s actual twans rep because it’s a pedo who got boobs as a side effect of his anti-pedo meds. spoilered for man tits

No. 195245

aren't most people into the Venture bros 99% fujos at this point

No. 195246

i liked it! i’m not a fujo myself but my boyfriend got me into it so perhaps i’m not aware of the female fanfare

No. 195247

File: 1649265539180.png (64.26 KB, 250x241, 250px-Pyro_Armageddon_Taunt.pn…)

All of the mercs are victims of this but "muh enby" Pyro especially

No. 195248

File: 1649265726121.jpg (31.36 KB, 580x323, gathers-580x3238.jpg)

There's also the military dude that is trans, isn't that representation enough? They even nailed the 5 o' clock.

No. 195249

>enby = masked face
actual denial to pretend it’s anything other than a stinky man in there

No. 195250

YESSS omfg they turned hunter s thompson into a troon as a side gag. god i love VB

No. 195254

i love her, god. please do not transwash my waifu

No. 195257

Serious? /v/, of all places, pushing a trans headcanon?

No. 195258

/v/ is a tranny haven, what are u talking about

No. 195261

AFAIK he just said that because it pissed him off how people couldn't tell she was female just by looking at his art in the manga.

No. 195262

he only did this because he was angry that people couldn't tell what hange was because his art's quality kek. she's definitely a woman.

No. 195267

I read a quote of his interview he even said that Armin could be a girl so I didn't get if he was pandering or trolling lol

No. 195274

File: 1649270635722.gif (535.71 KB, 640x538, 3C4E1AF4-DD47-4071-A403-6BD98D…)

Both these characters get called mtf and ftm frequently enough, because they're both GNC. With enough effort I can warp my mind to understand the mental gymnastics of calling Ralsei mtf and Susie ftm, because we know the understanding these people have of gender roles is the same as your average Bible thumping rightoid, but even trying to follow TRA logic the Ralsei as a tif and Susie as a tim is so bizarre. (Though personally Susie makes me angrier. It's like GNC women can't exist)

No. 195276

I don't even like Naoto, but the Naoto is trans shit pisses me off so much. She literally states she pretended to be a boy because she couldnt get taken seriously as a female detective. We even have actual historical women who had to go this same route because women are for some reason not taken seriously like men. Naoto has no issues being a woman. I hated her character though when she removed her sports bra/binder shit is like OMG LOOK AT MY BOOBS. SO BIG

P4 is shit anyway

No. 195277

Yeah, Gwyndolin was always referred to as a man. The whole moon thing was because his sister is the sun and the night is the moon/ a woman but he was not born a woman. It comes up a lot but the trans shit all autists trying it. Gwyndolin is a man.

No. 195290

>he throws away his reversal ring
The troons go full tinfoiler on this one, they think the devs did this deliberately to deny he is trans despite the Gwyndolin is a woman theory being confined to Tumblr and Twitter (even fucking TV tropes calls him a man and says the theory is retarded), the royal boy forced to crossdress for whatever reason is a common trope in media.

No. 195291

LOL maybe but also because she has the ‘ability’ to enter a male bathroom in a dream

No. 195295

File: 1649273752839.jpeg (585.25 KB, 1428x2048, E1bi92gVIAMujwe.jpeg)

I hate that the only switchfags I find in the western fanbase are delusional he/theys who unironically believe Natsume is a tranny because of this
>Akira: "Natsume-kun is a mage of traditions much older than Lord of the Rings and D&D. In fact, "Natsume-chan" is originally a result of such a spell that is cast on sickly young boys, where they are raised as girls instead."
>**NOTE: In Ye olde Days, it's said that young boys who are weak, sickly, etc are affected by a malevolent spirit/god/demon/etc, so to protect them from these things, they are dressed and raised as girls to increase their chances of survival (usually til 7 years old, when it's considered "safe"). This is because apparently the survival rate of younger boys was lower than that of girls in the past.
Basically he's implied to be from this clan and his mom used to make him crossdress as a girl. I love how twinky and mystical he is, such a fun character is wasted on trannies.

No. 195297

File: 1649274542583.png (222.65 KB, 377x345, SoaHrmG.png)

People say Mion is FtM because she's a gender nonconforming girl and people say she's MtF because she gets sad and says the boy she likes "doesnt see her as a girl" when he insisted that Mion wouldn't want a doll as a present even though she actually did want it. I've seen people interpret that scene to mean that Mion is a MtF being misgendered. You barely see well-written tomboyish girls like Mion in fiction to begin with so it pisses me off when people say this stuff.

No. 195312

Who's this?

No. 195315

File: 1649277424737.jpeg (24.63 KB, 400x400, 3fs2hZzY_400x400.jpeg)

Chrona is literally a frankenstein monster, a freak of nature, a chimera, something that went wrong and wasn't meant to be. Chrona isn't trans. And if chrona had a "prefered pronoun" it wouldn't be "he".

>i assume kino's a dude after watching clips and epi 1 of kino
first mistake right there. Also watch the 2000s anime/ovas first. The fact she's a girl is part of the reveal, she just doesn't want to be called "missy". She also has a pretty rad older female teacher that teaches how to shoot.

No. 195316

File: 1649277569541.jpg (258.79 KB, 1332x850, houseki-no-kuni-strana-samotsv…)

The way they look and act, even with short hair, is female. They call each other brothers because they're literally rocks and rocks don't have gender stereotypes. And they have barbie anatomy. Doesn't make them less female. If I suddenly started calling all my female friends my "bros" it simply wounldn't make me into a male.

No. 195318

This is something I deeply hate, they're both gnc and wonderful. A cute male goat, a cool female lizard. Trannies need to die.

No. 195319

Imo they don’t have gender, they’re rocks.
Closest they come to gender is Phos when she becomes a human, and she looks more male than female at that
Claiming they’re trans is still pretty ridiculous though.

No. 195324

File: 1649278756123.png (1.54 MB, 1200x675, (Mage_of_Flames)_Natsume_Sakas…)

Natsume Sakasaki from Ensemble Stars

No. 195326

I see the subhumans on /a/ refer to Phos as male. Is it the usual male retardation? I don't read the manga but I always thought it was weird since they're just rocks

No. 195330

File: 1649279759474.png (1.16 KB, 148x125, BF802690-B334-4647-8D07-E1B73A…)

Subjectively It sucks on an added level because I ship them. I hesitated saying that because I know it probably won’t be canon and fandom people are unhinged but two GNCs romancing each other is just so comfy to me, and then they just make it so it’s a generic het couple with extra steps, succumbing to all the stereotypes I’d love to see them ignore (I’ve thought of raving about them on the OTP thread even, kek) I care about them a lot, both individually and as a pair, enough I can settle for them just being close friends…
Sorry for unleashing the beast on you nona, I needed to get that off my chest. They’re so unashamedly gnc without canon even bringing it up as anything unnatural and I hate people spout the same rhetoric tomboys and effeminate men are bullied for under the pretense that it’s more progressive or whatever.

On another note people tend to troon Noelle out to pair her with Susie, or because of the horns, and it just feels horrible for lesbians that their likely canon couple gets wiped because one of them needs to have a cock (maybe hypocritical of me, but at least I understand what I like won’t probably happen and respect that, I don’t know) I don’t understand the internal logic of how they choose characters to troon out kek.
I’ve seen art in which both of them are mtf that piss me off, even if I’m not invested in their relationship I wish the lesbians who do or feel comforted by them had that.

No. 195331

They do use male pronouns and speech patterns in the original japanese though, and my language doesn't have a neutral pronoun so the translation went with male as well, I see all of them as "guys" even the most feminine looking ones.

No. 195337

I’m not an authority of /a/ but IMO most anons referred to them as male when it was just the manga and started using female with the anime because the rocks were all voiced by women.

No. 195341

File: 1649280831466.jpg (48.08 KB, 381x487, kongo.jpg)

I actually see them as boys for the fact that they use male speech to refer to themselves and each other.

But this is a really strange case because the fandom's argument about that is that they naturally imitated Kongo-sensei who himself uses male speech and probably teached them to speak like that. Thing is: he is a gem himself and later revealed to be a machine. So the fandom is ADAMANT about the gems being non-binary because they lack a sex but are completely fine with Kongo to be viewed as a man. Like it's so strange, it's probably because they want to project into cute gem-boys but they don't mind gendering male the older despite himself being sexless as well.

No. 195352

File: 1649283792720.jpeg (252.21 KB, 828x814, 1F1CF310-07EF-4CEF-8267-201094…)

Blue would maul MtFs because of their threatening and perverse aura.

No. 195370

They actually encourage it in this case, as gross as that is.

No. 195371

Wow, how lovely to see my husbando in the wild like this, nice picture nonny.

No. 195373

Great taste anona I love him

No. 195379

File: 1649292035218.jpg (244.5 KB, 1000x1277, __hinata_hajime_danganronpa_an…)

For some reason Hajime is one of the male Danganronpa characters I see transwashed the most. Probably because on one scene he admited not liking the shower why do troons pride themselves in not showering… ew, for the 91cm chest or because most FtMs kin him.

Spoiler bonus: While most trans headcanons for Hajime are "FtM" like, for Kamukura they usually go with nonbinary/agender or whatever. Why? They are not only the same guy but also Kamukura is just long haired, even playing along with their logic, why is he less likely to stay as a male? I just know that I don't want to see more fanart with top surgery scars

No. 195382

>I see them as guys
this is where I disagree. Their voices and the way they look is female to me. I'm also primarly attracted to women and I don't like relating to male characters. So there.

No. 195383

>So the fandom is ADAMANT

No. 195384

This, they be calling each other "he" while sounding absolutely female, what's the point? isn't obvious they are not bishies?

No. 195388

File: 1649294755740.jpg (283.78 KB, 1000x1436, ha71gi0k6om71.jpg)

>look like girls
>sound like girls
>but use male speech aka gendered language so that makes them male
>their prefered pronouns are male therefore they're male
I thought this was the anti transwashing thread lmao
They're literally female coded even if they use the word aniki (and I'm not just talking about their appareance, but also their struggles. Aechmea's society is painfully male as well). Let us have a cool all-female coded warrior gem society. The gendies already have steven universe.

No. 195389

I saw a lot of cope edits when S came out of people adding in scars and shit to his chest.

No. 195392

File: 1649297647996.png (23.9 KB, 611x541, 1622175809063.png)

To some degree or another, yes. 4chan threads about Lammy are mostly just autistic waifufaggotry and fat fetish porn, but there's always a couple of shitposts about Lammy supposedly being trans as a way to "own" the anons posting there to the point that I don't know if they really believe it or its just a way to insult the coombrained scrotes who post on the threads there. Picrel is an edit of a meme supposedly claiming she was trans to /v/, and I far prefer it to the original.

No. 195393

They trooned Gonzo the muppet fml

No. 195394

Anon, nothing is sacred.

No. 195397

>Let us have a cool all-female coded warrior gem society.
But that's the gem race in Steven Universe. From what I can tell, the gems in Houseki no Kuni are even more "non-binary" than the ones in SU.

No. 195398

>thiking anyone but the gendies would like SU nowadays

No. 195403

File: 1649301230350.png (296.34 KB, 1280x1821, download (1).png)

Really? Nothing gets more nonbinary than this

No. 195405

she's one of the characters i love in vb but i always knew she'd gettroon out by people because of her voice.

No. 195412

File: 1649304736260.jpg (143.93 KB, 850x511, sample-57cac1fc26e4320afd711a1…)

Cairn is pretty female at this point, she calls herself the Moon Princess and Aechmea's wife. The only ones I've ever perceived as male are Sensei and Padparadscha, funnily. Pads just looks like a long haired pretty dude to me while the others look like ladies. But gender shit in Houseki is retardation anyways, they're literal rocks.

No. 195425

Let's just all agree to disagree then, I guess it's the one series where the characters are truly sexless and not just male/female-lite and you can use whatever you want for them, I just refuse to use they/them pronouns because that's playing into troon retardation.

No. 195430

Good lord i forgot how ugly some chara designs were in this show

No. 195439

Tbh I thought Crona was a boy for the longest time because Medusa gave me vibes of "mom crossdresses her son to humiliate him/because she wanted a daughter", but apparently she's a girl? And even then the gender confusion was just a running gag and not some kind of "agender representation".

No. 195440

File: 1649313823229.png (206.58 KB, 2403x4833, 1269CF07-B55A-4253-A89B-A83184…)

i believe that is fanart of a nonexistent steven/rose fusion. this abomination however… is not

No. 195441

I want to burn these designs. SU was such a mistake.

No. 195450

I watched the English dub and was perfectly chill with Crona being a feminine dude, what >>195439 said was perfectly in character for Medusa to do. Either way yeah it wasn't meant to be troonery and it's stupid that it became about that.

No. 195464

File: 1649317086781.jpg (44.58 KB, 400x461, tumblr_pe341rpJY51tt8ztoo1_400…)

>Cairn is pretty female at this point, she calls herself the Moon Princess and Aechmea's wife.
Why does the annoying pickme nlog get to be a girl and not the others? Short haired Bortz is my wife. She literally makes me blush.

No. 195466

File: 1649317172482.png (7.43 KB, 196x257, perpjoe.png)

ftm or mtf……………. your choice

No. 195474

File: 1649318613678.png (663.96 KB, 719x843, BA622AD2-70E7-4C60-A569-432692…)

>the most stereotypical gay man character I have ever seen
>is a trans woman t. the trannies of the fanbase

No. 195475

>fusions are clearly an allegory for sex
>tfw steven had sex with his dad

No. 195481

What the fuck

No. 195483

>Cairn is pretty female at this point, she calls herself the Moon Princess and Aechmea's wife.
For acting so insufferable and self-centered I consider this one as a troon.

No. 195485

Basically lol, he transitioned from earthling rock to attention whore lunarian.

No. 195486

File: 1649322534275.jpg (152.62 KB, 1215x717, Evelynn_0.jpg)

a year or two ago, some people are beginning to consider evelynn as genderfluid because she can transform to what people are attracted to. a few refer her as they/them. but she's a succubus-like demon, of course, she's gonna seduce her victims to the kind of people they're into.

No. 195529

File: 1649340458176.gif (773.62 KB, 500x375, tWR.gif)

I also think he's visually somewhat of a reference to Griffith from Berserk given how much From Software gives nods in most of their games to the series. Beautiful silver-haired feminine man with an association with the moon? Also Griffith, Guts, and Casca all get transed by fan artists. Especially Casca which is a massive bummer because she is one of my favorite strong female leads. Short haired fighter =/= man!

No. 195537

File: 1649344457183.png (1.81 MB, 1600x1846, __diamond_and_bort_houseki_no_…)

Lmao anon
Bortz a shit this post was made by the Dia gang
Nah but Bortz is a lady if you want her to be. Legit only retards think short hair = man. And Bortz is neat I'm just memeing

No. 195545

These two are fusions between one full gem and the male protagonist, that's why they're they/thems. All the gem-gem fusions, just like the individual gems, have female voices, use feminine pronouns, and look like women.
What I'm saying is that the SU gems (not the gem-Steven fusions) are all more "female" than the ones in HnK, which I think are truly sexless or ambiguous like >>195425 said, since people in this thread can't even agree on what they are. It's not surprising that genderspecials love HnK too. And no, I'm not saying SU is better, not at all.

No. 195560

>Legit only retards think short hair = man.
Bortz had long hair 90% of the time in the manga tho

No. 195569

This. Just because he uses female pronouns and says he’s a big sister doesn’t mean he’s trans. He’s clearly an okama/otokonono. Westerners love to project their own culture and views onto eastern culture as a fact and it’s annoying

No. 195580

he's a stereotypical japanese fag. he calls himself onee-san because that's okama slang
one thing is that westerners don't know how to properly localize okama slang but another problem is that in japan fags are associated with troons by default so that's makes the translation even murkier

No. 195586

>he calls himself onee-san because that's okama slang
kek I just noticed it's quite literally the same thing as when flaming gays call each other "sis" in English

No. 195590

File: 1649359372930.png (159.8 KB, 250x332, SSR_Goromi_Card.png)

Gendertards found that Kiwami minigame and haven't shut up ever since. And there are also the ones who make him FTM even though he literally got a woman pregnant

No. 195592

Isn't there a problem related to the writers because the first one created him as a gay guy stereotype but the new one who took over around 2018 decided to change things up and made him a tranny? (read a post about that on reddit)

No. 195593

it's possible because as i said, it's common for flaming gays to get troonified by japanese writers themselves, so i can't really blame the underage western fanbase for being confused

No. 195601

File: 1649362905809.jpg (110.53 KB, 888x888, TLf3i4q.jpg)

It still cracks me up Sugar tried backpedaling when people rightfully were disturbed by Connie and Steven fusing. If you're going to pretend it's just 'relationships' try not to have this being the canon reaction to a fusion by one of your characters.

No. 195603

File: 1649363204838.jpg (75.2 KB, 1280x720, garnetanddot.jpg)

What's even funnier is after that backpedal Sugar claimed Peridot could never fuse because she was "ace". Is it sex or isn't it? If it's not, why does it matter? If it is, congrats, you implied Steven has fucked his mom figures and his dad.

No. 195606

Shouldn't genderspecials label this game as transphobic because the director has stated Kiryu will never hit a woman, yet is beating up "Goromi" in the minigame?

No. 195614

The thing is, the woke west sees someone being a tranny = good. It's still a joke in Japan and some other parts of the world. My country for example still see trannies as just gay men who decided they were too girly so now they live like freaks in dresses. That's a thing in Japan as well.

No. 195615

I fucking hate this woke shit, they can't even make up their mind about it.

No. 195623

File: 1649365366695.jpg (99.22 KB, 1280x720, st1Fm1B.jpg)

Makes you think about what she sees with what she's ripping off. Not into DBZ, but from what I understand it's just another one of it's zillion powerup methods. There's no deeper meaning or anything to the two kids fusing.

No. 195631

Kek, you two are right. I never really gave a fuck about the fusion=sex thing until now. That's hilarious

No. 195634

Sorry for autism, but it wasn't actually Sugar who said that, it was another staff member on twitter and it caused drama with a different staff member who was a Peridot/Lapis shipper lmao. Even the SU staff can't agree on a lot of what happened in the show.

No. 195640

I thought they considered Goromi to be a transphobic caricature or something

No. 195645

Yeah, one of the reasons why he's trooned is to "fix the transphobia in canon"

No. 195648

kek, that's what I call coping

No. 195668

File: 1649377231507.jpeg (142.74 KB, 772x1035, szZj81V.jpeg)

Found a fan art with both, but Samus and Chun Li because can't be a strong woman nope obviously is a troon

No. 195671

Of course, women exist to be uwu waifus, if they're anything but they're obviously trans! Fucking vomit.

No. 195710

How dare they turn my girl Samus into a fucking troon

No. 195763

My nonnie, I could join you in that thesis about trooning out Fate servants. Most of the ones referred to as "gender unknown" are entities who ascended physical limitations and only chose the form that suits them the best, but they're obviously coded to either male or female sex like Douman, Enkidu or Shi Huang Di. Enkidu was definitely male in the original epic to the extent that Gilgamesh and Enkidu are universally called the first gay relationship in written human history, the only reason why he's described as "gender neutral" is that he copied the kind temple maiden's face out of respect for her. His body is definitely male though. It's just that people can't accept Gilgamesh being in a gay relationship because he's the most popular husbando/scrote self-insert so they forcibly try to make Enkidu into some nonbinary AFAB icon to erase the gay factor entirely. So to me it's lowkey homophobic to have people police you for using male pronouns for him, there's no way in hell I'm calling him a "they" unironically.

Besides those characters like Astolfo, Caenis and Mordred are another can of worms. I could fist fight people trying to troon out Mordred or Caenis because god forbid we would have a muscular, assertive woman for once, but it's made even more offensive seeing how both have very tragic backstories with their obsession of becoming a male being based on being a victim of medieval misogyny. Caenis you already described, but with Mordred it's her being denied the throne due to not being a woman (the same reason why Artoria had to fake being a man) and her becoming obsessed with being recognized as the king's offspring. How people can be aware of these backgrounds yet still go yass slay transmasc king without a drop of self-awareness is infuriating.

No. 195779

Kind of keking at you saying that about characters that clearly look like humans. The authors should have drawn them as animalistic or cosmic horror-ish monster and a formation of rocks if they weren't gunning for the "it's a cute girl" response.

No. 195780

you come across as bitchy and unimaginative. Humanoid creatures exist too.

No. 195781

First anon, I literally said chrona wouldn't be a "he". Are you retarded?

No. 195782

you guys are talking about fate, which is infamous for troonifying historical figures. the battle is already lost

No. 195787

That's the point, saying "they are just rocks" doesn't stand for an argument when talking about characters that are more human than inanimate objects. I think it's normal that people try to perceive them one way or the other (I don't mean trooning them out).
I thought Chrona looks like a girl, that's why I said it. I believe you the character is whatever it is (a boy), it's just that it looks more like a girl than a monster.

"It's not meant to be human, stop assigning sex to it" doesn't convince me when we are talking about characters from weeb media that clearly look like cute girls (or boys, though I don't know any good examples and the HnK ones appear female).

No. 195788

Fate isn't "troonifying" characters, the bullshit point about historical figures manifesting as female is that they were women but historians falsified the facts and wrote them as men to keep up the narrative of only males being relevant and so forth. It's a stupid excuse to make them all into waifus but not at all the same as making characters trans. They're basically saying that King Arthur was actually a woman that was turned into a male in the legend to save the whole nation of Britain the embarrassment of being led by a woman.

The only "trans" character that could technically be counted as such was Leonardo Da Vinci manifesting as a woman because he was so obsessed with portraying female beauty that he wanted to turn into Mona Lisa as a LARP, but even that is more akin to transvestism than outright transgenderism.

No. 195790

Agree, the ~they're literally rocks~ argument is stupid when anyone can look at them and see cute, young girls. It's obvious there's a gender assigned to them, it's not like they look like grey aliens with no distinct secondary sex characteristics at all.

No. 195834

I never said chrona was a boy, I just said that chrona would never use the pronoun "he". I never said "chrona is nonbinary". I basically called Chrona a girl. Reading comprehension pls, you would think that by simply saying "chrona isn't a he" you would immediately understand that I don't see chrona as a boy. I try to not use pronouns with this character because of the ambiguity (and to not piss people off), but I also see her as a girl. Chrona is still supposed to be a monster though, it goes beyond that.

No. 195842

>anyone can look at them and see cute, young girls. It's obvious there's a gender assigned to them
I don't know it's pretty clear the author designed them with shota in mind

No. 195862

Lmao. Because of the bathrooms and all the references to female anatomy I guess.

No. 195865

KEK but in all seriousness it's because of a silent depressed little NEET girl resonating with trannies and how some retarded fan theories started interpreting the abstract imagery as symbolism for being ashamed of having a penis and womb envy because everything is apparently a dick or a uterus stand-in in this game. And the "long-hair" effect is apparently representing the desire to be female or something stupid like that.

No. 196090

File: 1649495782326.png (4.89 MB, 1920x1280, q1x4x9J.png)

literally all of them

No. 196092

That's just the kweer zoomer fans that are unfortunately in all fanbases of mainstream weeb media lol, Chihiro definitely fits the thread: weak boy crossdresses to avoid bullying so troomers see him as a true and honest woman, proving they paid zero attention to the game and that themes and messages go completely over their head.

No. 196101

I hate the Dangan Ronpa fandom so much ever since the first game became popular in the west in 2012 thanks to Something Awful. Between the retards spamming their "Chihiro is trans uwu" headcanon and spamming literally spoilers before the game got its official release in the West on the Vita they single handedly managed to make me hate fandoms as a whole.

No. 196104

File: 1649501096750.jpg (83.84 KB, 640x640, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-7fAY…)

he's literally a depressed 14 year old japanese boy

No. 196105

Ikari Shinji is one of the most misunderstood fictional characters of the latter half of the Twentieth Century.

No. 196107

>TIMs love Evangelion because of the teenage girls in plugsuits, moeblob waifus and gratuitious robot violence against said moeblob waifus
>TIFs love Evangelion because the main character is a short, mopey, vaguely feminine boy who falls in love with another boy at one point

No. 196193

File: 1649534179213.jpg (92.99 KB, 1024x749, lmao.jpg)

>TIFs love Evangelion because the main character is a short, mopey, vaguely feminine boy who falls in love with another boy at one point

No. 196195

troons truly are the most schizo of fans, they always want to relate shit to their fucking disgusting fetish and then victimize themselves into martyrs for it. 0 empathy.

No. 196213

But they have no genitals or chromosomes.

No. 196234

File: 1649551341391.jpg (28.23 KB, 650x354, ezgif-4-5f04fc3a23.jpg)

Of course they don't, they are SFW cartoons.
Seriously though - if the artists don't want the characters to read as human, they need to try harder. Even Transformers seem more inhuman in design than the above-mentioned rocks and monsters. Otherwise, people will think of characters as being male or female, especially when they are attractive (but then again, that's the exact point lol, comics with cute moeblobs sell better). I get the narrative may state 'no chromosomes' or something else, but it's undermined by the design.
Picrel truly screams 'genderless space rocks', nice shoes btw
still don't think they should be trooned out

No. 196239

File: 1649553635159.png (1.24 MB, 2362x1968, E4HMQsSXIAUPRhT.png)

The whole cast gets hit with it but trooning Cass specifically pisses me off. She's a one gender species alien, how the fuck do you apply trans to that. Especially from Newgrounds, anything tranny in the 2000s was a edgy pervert joke

No. 196244

Because the fanbase is largely children in middle school.

No. 196246

Yeah and? children in middleschool shouldn't be trooning out characters willy-nilly. The fuck?

No. 196247

File: 1649558109509.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1080, Bachelortrade.png)

Troons keep trying to make him a gay ftm and it pisses me off.

No. 196248

File: 1649558116341.jpg (240.51 KB, 958x519, sz.jpg)

I was watching a sarah z video where she was talking about fanon and she mentions that chihiro fujisaki is considered trans and not a feminine boy because many fans take him to be "transphobic" as a feminine boy so they just see him as a transwoman. They seem more intolerant to women and men defying gender binaries than the cis people they accuse of doing just that!

No. 196286

He is a Tumblr Sexyman, of course a lot of his fans are fakebois.

No. 196296

The problem is that it specifically, directly contradicts the game, which is story based. It's even worse than with Naoto because you can miss the later part of her social link if you're bad at playing P4G or if you're playing the original P4 because she's the last playable character you unlock. Chihiro being a guy and IDENTIFYING as a guy despite crossdressing out of necessity is so important in the 2nd chapter of Dangan Ronpa you basically have to skip the entire chapter to miss that. It's not even like Grell from Black Butler where I could see him as being an extremely sexist HSTS (so a realistic portrayal of trannies) despite him being an okama in canon. No idea how a series so trashy, violent and offensive attracted that kind of fanbase in the West, now that I think about it.

No. 196297

>How it attracted that kind of fanbase.
Anime + edgy concept.

No. 196298

Add in unhealthy fixation and self hatred. Projection is one hell of an addiction.

No. 196301

God she's such a fucking handmaiden, how embarrassing.

No. 196337

>Chihiro being a guy and IDENTIFYING as a guy despite crossdressing out of necessity is so important in the 2nd chapter of Dangan Ronpa you basically have to skip the entire chapter to miss that
Considering that Alter ego refers to Chihiro as dad, I think it goes even further than that. You honestly would have had to stop playing the game during chapter 1, which knowing these types wouldn’t really surprise me.

No. 196338

File: 1649601322634.jpg (35.23 KB, 350x490, haruhi-fujioka-1.jpg)

ouran highschool host club has a resurgence in popularity, mostly in tiktok from what i've seen. new fans says haruhi is an enby cause she dresses up as a guy and is okay with it. and is not overly feminine with her appearance. oh, and her dad is trans too.

No. 196342

That's what you're going to have to deal with if your preferred fandom is aimed towards children kek

No. 196344

"akshually she's just misgendering herself because of internalized transmisogyny!!!" is an actual take I have heard

No. 196349

NTA but what are you talking about? I think it's obvious that she's trying to avoid upsetting certain people in her audience
Ok so in this fucking clown world, your identity is directly tied to how much you fit into gender stereotypes? I wanna kms honestly you can't even say "I am a woman but I don't mind being masculine" or anything like that without being seen as some kind of troon anymore

No. 196350

Clearly, these people haven't played the game at all. I know I must have said it like twice in that thread but I find it annoying that people ignore all of the mandatory scenes where she appears in the game and say this shit. Her arc is all about how women in male-dominated work environment are treated as less competent and how it affected her directly, it's not very well-written because we never see her interact with the police on-screen and do her job, but despite that it's really not subtle at all. Now that I think about it I'm sure that if Naoto didn't exist these fake fans would have used Chie as their trans representation, with her saying she wants to be "Yukiko's prince" in Yukiko's arc. They hate tomboys so much after all.

Yeah, they just read the two first lines of his wikia page and are now official Dangan Ronpa experts.

No. 196351

AYRT, you misunderstood, I was talking about Chihiro danganronpa getting headcannoned as mtf despite calling himself a man in canon.

No. 196354

I know, that's why I said the DR """fans""" who headcanon him as a mtf character didn't pay attention to the game and must have only read the first lines of his wikia page.

No. 196355

fuck, I tried to reply to >>196351

No. 196357

It is rough when the devs keep trying to make it blatantly clear the game is not for children but the children refuse to leave. It's like reverse Friendship is Magic.

No. 196365

The worst thing is that these people have played the full game, several times at that, they are adamant about Chihiro being trans because they can "read the subtext", like he behaves like an uncracked egg, he has a similar backstory as them, the devs were not aware they were writing a trans character… Basically they are projecting their headcanons super hard and if you disagree you're bigot who doesn't have the tools to understand tranny shit.

No. 196366

Im the anon who posted it and its funny because she has a whole section in there addressing how she was accused of being transphobic herself in a previous video because she "spoke on behalf of transwomen" but (and I didnt know this before now) her co writer is a transwoman and she had the transwoman in question speak and her mime saying it was the transwoman talking about his experiences not sarah. So funny how troons are offended even by people on their side kek.

No. 196371

File: 1649611894396.gif (347.37 KB, 498x280, mulan-haircut.gif)

trannies trying to turn a sexism issue into a feel good gnc bullshit

No. 196374

I find it weird when people insist the male love interest is bi because he loved Mulan as both a boy and a girl le uwu, except that I never interpreted the movie like that and this apparently makes me an ignorant bad person, and Mulan didn't look like a full dude anyway, or even sounded male.

No. 196389

>That's what you're going to have to deal with if your preferred fandom is aimed towards children kek
"that's what you get"
But here's the thing nonny: CHILDREN shouldn't be so exposed to tranny shit, even less making characters into trannies. Tranny shit is so pushed that they think making a character trans is super progressive and shit. I feel like these children are already doomed. I know you might see it as "lol of course they're children they like trannies" but this is completely not normal at all. Tranny shit is a fetish and they'll end up mutilating themselves.

No. 196390

samefag: You know we're doomed as a society when you think children making things into tranny shit is normal and totally acceptable

No. 196392

Anon, I get it. Unfortunately that's just what happens when kids are online 24/7. That's just how it is. There's nothing you can do about it, kids are going to troonify every fictional character they like because they're easily influenced and troon shit is everywhere. I grew up on the internet and I was deep in the tranny shit as a kid as well, I know what I'm talking about.

No. 196393

fuck gen z!! Haruhi was always a woman and she just didnt care about female stereotypes. she literally cut her hair because she got gum in it. she still dresses traditionally feminine outside of school but feels comfortable in both pants and dresses, like most women! this is the tomfoolery i hate.

Chihiro's entire character is sexist. he only dressed as a girl to avoid being bullied because he saw himself as weak man, therefore it's easier to dress as a girl, but he never once identified as a woman. That's why his death was so sad because he was really trying to go to the gym and left weights and be stronger physically and become a true man , according to himself. It's like these retards never played the game.

No. 196394

>the devs were not aware they were writing a trans character
kek that's not how it works, they're so delusional

No. 196396

And I was too anon. However I think that
>That's just how it is. There's nothing you can do about it
Is just letting the trannies win. I also agree we're doomed to this stuff becoming the norm (it already kind of is). But I don't want to just say "that's how it is that's how it should be and nothing can be done". The fuck? Not blaming you, but if my hypotetical kid showed signs of being corrupted by the trannies I would simply do something. I'm saying this as someone who has always been terminally online and supported tranny shit as a teen at some point.

No. 196397

They see the most sexist misogynistic and retarded shit takes ever and then they're like "that's totally trans!!!!!!!"

No. 196402

Anon, sorry if I'm being a bitch, but I can't help but feel your tone is not necessary for what's being discussed. I don't understand how I'm just "letting the trannies win" when I say that it is normal for kids to troon out characters. It really is normalized because it's a fad, simple as. Yes it's a fetish, yes kids shouldn't be exposed to it, but if a kid is online they're definitely going to be exposed to troonism and if they're shut in nerds with little to no irl friends, then they'll probably end up identifying as some type of themby or troon which is unfortunate. The trans movement is a fad, just like how bisexuality was a fad in the myspace days, just like how pretending to have schizophrenia was all the rage before that, etc. Troons are more dangerous because of the possibility of harming one's body, but that's a given. In the current year and the current internet climate, troon shit is normal and you'd be lucky to find a single account with "minor" in the description that didn't have some weird pronouns or dumb gender shit going on.
Be as openly gender critical as you want, and maybe you'll change some minds, but kids right now are largely into gendie shit.

No. 196410

File: 1649621960509.jpeg (220.94 KB, 1200x1200, 4683F957-C364-4FE2-8651-3E971E…)

Fake boys in the Marvel fandom love making him trans for what ever reason.
If I see one more "here are all the movie clues. Peter Parker is 100% canon trans" I'll probably go insane.

No. 196413

Shang was pretty bi to me, especially given in those days soldiers fucked one another all the time

No. 196416

Ah well thats telling given most transwomen are sexist and misogynistic retards with shitty coomer personalities

No. 196424

Also in that one substory, didn't Kiryu beat up these trans or crossdressing siblings that were gonna mug him?

No. 196426

that one actually makes sense, he was under the impression that she was male yet was attracted to her anyways.

No. 196432

Was wondering when this would happen. I stg every time I see shit like this I'm waiting for someone to burst out laughing "gotcha". It's like a drawn out who's line is it anyways but without someone refereeing these assholes. So bizarre.

No. 196437


Those who argue that Samus is trans like to refer back to how one of the developers mentioned how she was a "newhalf." But when you dig more into it, the situation was that the developers called her that at the time of her creation because at the last minute, they decided to make Samus female for the hell of it and that she was performing work that is usually seen as masculine. And by that, I mean that they were actually being misogynistic and calling her a tranny as a joke because, "She's a woman acting like a man!" sort of logic.

Besides, plot-wise, it doesn't make sense for Samus to be MtF, anyway. A number of sources for the series' overarching plot show her as being female when she was from three to six, which is when Ridley killed her family and other humans who lived in her colony and that the Chozo found her among the ruins and raised her for the rest of her youth. If anyone thinks she's trans, they're pretty much implying that they'd think that she was outwardly expressing and accepted as female from the age of three, despite being AMAB. I could see these sorts saying that the story takes place in the future and not on Earth, therefore trans issues are addressed differently than they are in the present U.S. But that seems like a huge stretch, especially considering that Metroid isn't some sort of social commentary sci fi series and the way her relationship between her and Adam has been handled cement that it's not exactly the pinnacle of progressive thought.

No. 196441

In order to avoid confronting the sexism that women suffer, they turn everything into tranny shit. I'm sick of it. They're not looking at the real issues.

No. 196451

File: 1649631450451.png (721.42 KB, 1080x768, Screenshot_20220410-155245.png)

Why do fakebois love run-of-the-mill manic pixie dream girl scrote anime so much

No. 196452

Most of them don't. If anything I see more MTFs or enbies obsessed with them.

No. 196453

what shit anime is this?

No. 196455

>woman is even slightly assertive over the male lead
I want it to stop.

No. 196460

God this one is always so cringy, for some reason they always insist Tom Holland’s Peter is ‘OH SO SHORT UWU’ when in reality he’s a pretty average height for a guy.

No. 196461

Tbf, it was kinda implied in the first season that she might be a man. But they abandoned that idea pretty quickly. Anyone who still think she’s trans is clearly not paying attention.
Butch Hartman sucks but it was pretty based of him to tell the fandom to knock that shit off. Most creators are too scared to do so.

No. 196462

File: 1649634898072.png (259.76 KB, 820x1259, mettaton.png)

No. 196464

File: 1649635639649.jpg (112.19 KB, 1023x357, humantale.jpg)

Mettaton definitely gets disproportionately transed, but transing is just kind of a huge problem in the Undertale fandom.

No. 196466

Did he really? I heard the other creator catered to the fans saying Danny could be trans.

No. 196469

>dom woman, sub man
No one enforces strict gender roles harder than troons.

No. 196470

File: 1649636922512.jpg (95.13 KB, 548x908, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

He was twitter’s favorite they/them for a good 6 months in 2019

No. 196476

My gay friend i used to meet up with at cons two or three times a year was obsessed with this character. He trooned out 3 years later. fucking Undertale.

No. 196523

This still pisses me off since he's one of my favorite Undertale characters and I hate all the disgusting cuntboy porn of him. Was he transwashed because he was originally a ghost which are referred as they/them or is it because he looks androgynous/feminine?

I'm sorry to hear that nonny

No. 196525

while the transheadcanons are cringy, tom holland is short by western standards, there's no denying that, not super short but slightly below average height

No. 196527

Isn’t he like 5’10”? That’s pretty average. Actually slightly taller than average

No. 196528

he's 5'6 1/2, that's below average height, its not super short but by its 3 inches shorter then the average western euro man

No. 196530

and another thing, Mondo who was a masculine biker was envious of Chihiro cause he could be honest with himself and had a desire to be better, the twist was that Mondo thought Chihiro was more of a man then he was

No. 196532

The troons want our suffering as women for themselvesd, but make it double trouble because they're sooooo ~oppressed~

No. 196533

>And by that, I mean that they were actually being misogynistic and calling her a tranny as a joke because, "She's a woman acting like a man!" sort of logic.

This is something I don't get. Troons are the butt of the joke everywhere. West, japan, etc. Do they want to seem like a joke too?
The most "making fun of trannies" nintendo character I can think of is birdo for example. But birdo is their totes uwutwans representation. Shut the fuck uuuup

No. 196534

no, tom holland is a manlet kek

No. 196537

File: 1649654328925.png (203.54 KB, 541x747, trans kayne.png)

all manlets are FTMs according to fakebois, so 99% of men in south east asia and like half the men in latin-america

No. 196541

actually I was talking about TIFs wanting to make every GNC woman an enby or FtM but yeah you're right

No. 196542

>these are not fun things to do with a cis het man
I beg you, please, go outside.

No. 196545

she honestly looks hotter in drag. we need more gnc women

No. 196657

He’s 5’8 actually kek

No. 196659

File: 1649688955969.png (66.4 KB, 904x389, Tom_height.png)

where are you getting that from

No. 196664

>cuntboy porn
Kek I've never had to see this from a non-Japanese artist (which I excuse from being troonshit because with the Japanese it's basically an anatomical part fetish and nothing about his chest/rest of his body is changed). Is it an unrelated grievance of yours or have you had the misfortune of seeing it drawn by western, TRAs?

No. 196665

he is actually 5'7, check celebheights (more accurate source)

No. 196667

yeah and that's still below average height for most western guys, If he was Pakistani he'd be above average height then like 60% of guys but not in the west

No. 196668

>If he was Pakistani he'd be above average height then like 60% of guys
This is a meme at this point

No. 196670

what is? I have been to germany and most guys were like 5'10-ish, Tom Holland is about my height and I'm taller then most men in my country

No. 196674

File: 1649691381742.png (910.69 KB, 714x1007, shield knight.PNG)

I dunno if people regularly transify her but I did see a one-off comment on the fandom wiki theorizing she was trans which made me mad enough to post her

No. 196681

Because of being groomed by the internet into defining gender and sexuality by your animu fetishes

No. 196687

Yup he did on his old forums, someone asked what he though of the trans Danny headcanon and Butch said he wasn't a fan of it. Since then, Twitter and Tumblr trannies and their ass kissing fans will draw trans Danny to "get back at him"(which is laughably lame)

No. 196694

File: 1649696837828.jpg (51.97 KB, 492x750, c33e7195b8595c2ff9130db76d4d77…)

Its mostly cause of her contrast with Shovel knight, shovel knight is hc'd as a FTM cause he's short and shield knight is tall, so the whole t4t thing gets applied to them

No. 196696

File: 1649697277195.png (124.88 KB, 442x474, d5hw9pe-ee9dc439-7d87-40af-b5d…)

What the actual fuck. Are they new to the whole manlet saving the beautiful princess trope? What? Are Mario and Peach now trans? What about Farquaad and Fiona? Holy shit these people are retarded

No. 196697

File: 1649697447587.png (255.56 KB, 620x916, 1528819271838.png)

I hate that gross programmer socks trannies love Lain and claim she's trans because she becomes consumed by the internet. I swear to god, an XX autist can never get any representation in this world.
The fact that an artsy, slow game like Pathologic somehow became a tumblr game is astounding. It's a very stressful game too, so I'm surprised that mental wrecks on tumblr managed to get through it.
I'm gonna blame hbomberguy for making a vid on it, it might not be his fault, but I hate that fag and I need a scapegoat lol.

No. 196699

File: 1649697532701.png (167.56 KB, 603x628, m.png)

No. 196700

File: 1649697867970.jpg (133.94 KB, 1024x681, kyskot.jpg)

Someone please delete twitter I beg you

No. 196704

File: 1649698579502.png (174.95 KB, 500x423, Sebastian's hands.png)

I'm pretty sure there is actually more FtM material of Fenris than "cis"

No. 196715

>Spongebob and Sandy

No. 196717

I mean Birdo (and the ghost from paper mario) is confirmed tranny

No. 196723

File: 1649704797570.jpg (31.02 KB, 543x289, c764ad8589953d6d3a21f9fe86c9e5…)

Girl on the left gets made nonbinary because she's nerdy and has short hair, girl in the middle gets made into an ftm because she is aggressive, angsty and violent, girl on the right gets made into a mtf because reasons her being thai is probably one of those reasons

No. 196726

Funny staff cucked fans who wanted to see Peridot fusions by them doing this

No. 196751

>Is it an unrelated grievance of yours or have you had the misfortune of seeing it drawn by western, TRAs?
Both. I had the hots for Mettaton before the Tumblr purge and was conflicted and confused to see a shitton of trans cuntboy porn like why does he have tits and a vagina? He's a dude! Where's the robo dick?!

No. 196767

they're treated as jokes though.
And I'm not 100% sure about Vivian because she was called names by her sisters as a way to dehumanize her. She's my beautiful ghost witch girl in my heart anyways. Fuk da h8rs

No. 196768

>nerdy and short hair means troon now

No. 196769

I unironically like the term "transwashed" more than transed or troonified now merely because I like how it implies that it's using the same language those sjws wokes do (whitewashed ciswashed heterowashed whatever)

No. 196774

You just can’t play around with the concept of genderless creatures anymore people will assume you’re making a statement

No. 196775

File: 1649726670971.png (344.04 KB, 434x464, 66446.png)

I've seen Kyle from South Park get trooned, I don't watch the show anymore though. Someone published their fanfic about him and Stan last year, it's called Both Sides Now by Peyton Thomas.

No. 196780

>birdo is non-binary
What?? After all these years of saying "Birdo is a transgirl"? At this point it feels like people just pull random gendershit headcanons out of their asses to see what sticks

No. 196782

File: 1649728806704.jpeg (12.03 KB, 200x252, download (1).jpeg)

Besides Kyle, Kenny is another popular choice to be trans. Kenny is usually something gender special with stereotypical homophobic parents. Princess Kenny didn't help.

No. 196959

OH NO. Hell fucking no. I made my male Hawk go for this arrogant motherfucker because i wanted a BL ship for dragon age 2. It's the only reason i sat through his unreasonable demands to murder children and anything mage.

Fuck people hard.

No. 196960

To be fair, selling knitted packers made for small children definitely sounds like something that would happen on an episode of South Park

No. 197033

File: 1649846325884.png (1.35 MB, 796x824, Shichiseiken-2.png)

He has been available for just one day and twitter already thinks he should be trans. Just based on the clothes I guess. There is literally no other reason.

No. 197036

Lol why? He is a run of the mill long haired bishounen, or do they just assign tranny headcanons to any new sword? Do they call the more feminine looking swords like Midare troons too?

No. 197064

File: 1649863705989.png (41.13 KB, 599x481, twitteridiot.png)

I have seen someone call Jiroutachi trans because he uses atashi about himself. I don't think they understand what touken danshi means.

No. 197075

Oh yeah I remember that, even back in 2015 they said he was ~ambiguous gender~ when he's just very fabulous and another case of okama stereotype being trooned out.

No. 197079

File: 1649868666239.jpg (410.73 KB, 800x1211, Prince_Shotoku_with_Attendants…)

This is what the historical prince who owned the sword looked like, he must have been trans too!
Seriously the tumblr generation needs to chill out and let men be fabulous.

No. 197094

Late but oh my god, poor Shinji really does get trooned out by TIFs and TIMs alike. For every TIM-written fapfic where Shinji finds out he's a akshully girl by wearing Asuka's sundress there's another where he's a tit-chopped fakeboi getting her pussy pounded by Kaworu. Though sometimes Kaworu is the one made into a TIF, not as commonly though. So glad the jpn fanbase doesn't do this, even if they're fucked up in their own way kek

No. 197145

Leave my boy alone!!!

They always say it's cause of how he dresses… but Badger and Skinny Pete dress the exact same way and nobody calls them trans. Also, as to be expected from fujo tifs, who do they ship him with? His canon female love interests? His best friends? Nope, how about the much older father figure who gaslights and manipulates him :)

No. 197169

I think Walt/Jesse is a really fun pairing but Walt would probably be whatever the male version of gender critical is.

No. 197171

File: 1649901202641.png (258.16 KB, 909x752, 1631194057552.png)

Never forget

No. 197175

They probably thought they were funny with that gender liquid part.

No. 197212

File: 1649917385464.png (398.03 KB, 844x542, d76g27n-15709628-d418-470f-80f…)

love wins

No. 197284

File: 1649950577027.jpg (82.26 KB, 674x960, 2793191-9624180657-tumbl.jpg)

I've seen a few say that Chloe is trans. I don't know if they mean closeted FtM or MtF but there's literally pictures and flashbacks of her as a preteen where she's a girl. I don't know why people think all their fantasy trannies are Jazz Jennings and can transition at age 5

No. 197294

I've seen her portrayed both ways.

No. 197297

That Cartman of all characters was racebent sends me even more than fakeboi Kyle. And that he's supposedly Iranian, like is that supposed to be a dig towards Jontron? That book is already full of outdated memes anyway.

No. 197310

why does this come off as low key racist to make a generic pretty asian character transwashed? hmmm

No. 197317

God yes please do tell people that transwash Asian characters that they're racist. I'd love to see the reactions.

No. 197386

File: 1649967314214.gif (82.4 KB, 650x450, 01903.gif)

recently i've been hearing people say dirk and roxy are "very obviously trans-coded”, except somehow nobody saw that back when the comic was actually running in the early '10s. nevermind the fact that they look male and female respectively as babies, pic related (don’t ask me how babies can be born with glasses and headbands). pisses me off because i identified with roxy very heavily as a young teen and i hate seeing adult tims putting their hands all over her.

also, roxy became “trans male” in the supposed epilogues, so what does that make her, circumgender male? lol

No. 197405

They transwashed ROXY of all characters? Man, I'm glad I left the fandom in like 2014, it really jumped the shark, huh?

No. 197451

What the fuck, I had no idea. I tapped out like previous anon around the same time. Jade would have made more sense. You can tell this stuff is just to cater to the retarded fandom too

No. 197522

File: 1650000670651.png (323.38 KB, 720x600, 720px-Npc_zoom_3030055000_01.p…)

I'm not sure if he counts as a character who is transwashed technically but it was always weird to me how people would consider this character to be a woman or trans when he canonically has no body discomfort and wouldn't want to change it ("transition") even with magic. He's reffered to with female pronouns and has gender listed as "other", yes, but I thought the trans crowd believed that "pronouns don't equal gender"…? His personality came off more like a flamboyant drag queen, and the pronoun use was more of an ironic thing that a big hulking dude would use female terms. I dunno.

No. 197563

you know for a game that likes to pander to gay moids i don't know why they decided to release this okama stereotype, for shits and giggles?

No. 197584

File: 1650037641819.jpg (32.76 KB, 500x600, Kyza.600.3540968.jpg)

Speaking of okamas being transed, poor Kyza from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn has definitely been on the receiving end of this. NuFE fandom is convinced he's a transwoman and will bitch at anyone who calls him a man, and even the official gacha game, FEH, made him a they/them instead of just letting him stay as a man. If there ever is a remake of the Tellius games(as if lol), I really hope they don't add any gender shit to it.

No. 197587

>roxy of all characters
is that all because she was gay?
Didn't they turn her into some NTR cuck in epilogue too…

No. 197596

I know nothing about this character but he very clearly looks and dresses like a man, wtf.

No. 197606

File: 1650043357330.png (156.92 KB, 626x299, wat.png)

Some people think he's a transbian. Which makes no sense since he canonically has feelings for Ranulf (a man)? If he was a transwoman, wouldn't that make him "straight" then?

I know Fire Emblem has some gay/bi characters, but it feels weirdly homophobic how INTSYS they/them'd the character who has explicit feelings for the same sex. I personally can tolerate neutral pronouns as long as they don't claim he's a woman, but it's really fucked up how people will see known tropes or metaphors for homosexuality (in one of the Radiant Dawn art books, Kyza is said to have something along the lines of "a male body but female heart" because he has feminine mannerisms and loves a man) and interpret it as "transgender" instead of gender-nonconformity. Especially when "transgender" used to be synonymous with gay crossdressers and still is in less "woke" countries, so while characters like Kyza, Ladiva, and Grell could count as "gender-bending" to some degree, it's messed up to erase the fact that the non-conformity is an expression of being gay, too.

No. 197608

It's not intsys, it's the localization teams. They tried very hard to make the gay pairings in Fates and 3H less gay and I've heard they tried to make Ike look straight with the green haired princess whose name I forgot in the gamecube game. Meanwhile they tried to make Soleil, a straight "gay until graduation/kawaii high school yuri lesbian" stereotype, actually gay anf utterly failed so she acts like a lesbian rapist half of the time. It's super weird shit.

No. 197610

AYRT, ah, I slipped up, I forgot the localizers of Radiant Dawn sure as hell aren't the same localizers of the mobile game, that's true.

Three House's localization was a lot better than Fates, but the amount of things that were removed was also messed up. I know entire scenes like the debate between Edelgard and Dimitri and significant parts of Dorothea's backstory were totally rewritten. A lot of same-sex stuff was toned down a bit in Three Houses and Fates, female Corrin and Rhajat's support conversation was completely different in Japan but in English it was some creepy groomer shit like with male Corrin.

Soleil was kind of shitty character in the original though (I was there for both sides of that discourse), the localization still made her vaguely "bi" but even if Fates sucked I felt less gross playing the game knowing her relationships with guys and male Corrin was rewritten. She's a gross character overall, she actually kind of acts like a transbian in some ways, lmao.

No. 197611

There are different teams depending on the games and they all manage to fuck up something somehow. Treehouse is an abomination, 8-4 made Henry lolsorandum xD and gave Gregor his retarded Russian accent, etc.

No. 197612

samefagging but the reason why she seems like a transbian is maybe because of some autistic (literally diagnosed) transbian who never played FE games posted a very long blog post on Soleil/Corrin's support being about conversion therapy based on inaccurate fan translations. He made treehouse rewrite the dialogs despite him not even speaking Japanese and not wanting to play the game to begin with kek. He's name is Andrea Ritsu he has an old thread here.

No. 197615

AYRT, yep, I remember him, but it was mostly Soleil's boundary issues with other girls (notably Ophelia) that reminds me of how a guy would act. I actually don't think Ritsu "made" Treehouse rewrite it since there was a lot of backlash from half of the fandom (like I said, I was there and I tried to send a message to at least change the support because while it wasn't "conversion therapy", it was badly written) to just redo the support entirely, not just from him.

Slight derail but when I first saw that "callout post" about Fates on Tumblr, I thought it was written by some SJW lesbian, but was shocked that a pedo autogynephile wrote it because the whole scenario of the Corrin-Soleil relationship is a trans-incel's wet dream…

No. 197616

I was there too, he heavily contributed to the backlash for Soleil all by himself just because he wrote a long post and people reblogged it and retweeted it a lot. As for the game itself, there are so many supports, you shouldn't expect good writing in random supports between two unrelated characters. All the main characters became very ooc for marketing reasons to the point the main plot was affected, the original main story really isn't bad at all. As for tranny shit to stay on-topic, I've seen some people saying Leo is a transwoman because he's also the typical "man with a maiden's heart". But the majority sees him as a flaming gay dude so it might be less bad than the furry guy you posted.

No. 197618

Why does he hold so much influence lol

No. 197626

File: 1650048233136.jpg (322.37 KB, 596x811, 66006878_p7.jpg)

Ah, I didn't post Kyza, I just replied about how some SJWs say he's a trans-lesbian even though he likes men.

There are a lot of badly written supports, but I was personally super uncomfortable with most of Soleil's because while I'm not a SJW by any means, a lot of them did have homophobic tropes involved about her being S-class or lesbian until graduation (or bi, whatever, I don't know what she's supposed to be). It made me uncomfortable personally, but it was something I ignored when I got the game. I don't think a few bad character interactions are enough to get a whole game canceled but I think constructive criticism (not fearmongers over it being literal violent conversion) isn't bad.

Technically, Forrest from that game is transwashed occasionally even though he's canonically comfortable being a guy and just likes girly things.

Because he's a poor oppressed transbian "sex worker" (posts nudes sometimes), apparently. I think he's been canceled by some of the trans crowd for being a pedophile but the fact that original post was taken seriously shows how much people are brainrotted by identity politics.

No. 197647

Damn, we just can't have normal, confident otomen anymore. I never saw anyone trasnwashing Foleo/Forrest myself but I'm not surprised it happens. As for Fates' story, some specific characters were so ooc because of the localization that some scenes and thus the story as a whole went from "coherent family drama/period drama with fantasy elements with different timelines" to "Xander is a schizo and Buddha is a greek historical figure somehow"

No. 197649

ot but I like Gregor's stupid accent

No. 197654

File: 1650052248078.png (87.76 KB, 1022x611, Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 14-50…)

People either headcanon him as a transman or transwoman, but the latter is worse because his conversation with male Corrin is all about how he's allowed to be a guy who dresses the way he does and people who don't accept it are ignorant. Seems like they're the ignorant ones to turn around and go "no, that's a ~transgirl~ in denial" or whatever.

No. 197656

Given how Leo is shit talking him for crossdressing because he's projecting and he doesn't like looking like a girl himself and Foleo doesn't really give a fuck I'd say these people don't have enough reading comprehension to play a jrpg at this rate.

No. 197674

>don't have enough reading comprehension to play a jrpg
more like none at all, terminal online brainrot be real in these freaks

No. 197679

The pic is his gacha New Year's costume, his canon attire is even more masculine(he's a soldier). It was removed from the English localization, but in the Japanese version he's very much an okama(calls himself onee-san, uses feminine language, etc) when in private and has a crush on his male superior officer, but is very clearly a man.
>AYRT, yep, I remember him, but it was mostly Soleil's boundary issues with other girls (notably Ophelia) that reminds me of how a guy would act.
Not a defense of Soleil as a character since she's trash, but her entire thing is that she's a riff on her father's(Inigo/Laslow) gimmick of being a failed playboy who flirts with women but is unpopular with them. Soleil learned how to flirt with girls from watching her dad as a way of bonding, but is actually really good at charming women despite her lack of actual romantic interest in them. God I hate Fates

No. 197687

>chloe is trans
No wonder she's fucking INSUFFERABLE just kidding, she's not trans.

No. 197688

Seriously I want people to fucking stop transwashing the okamas. Okamas are just GAYS

No. 197689

Hearing that the official FE translation made a gay guy into an enby pissed me off. Woke homophobia.

No. 197690

The current translation industry is full of woke shit. I'm tired of it. These people are literal discord trannies and I'm not making it up.

I have no problem with this one, but: for example, the splatoon 2 dlc translation was changed to include racial issues in it, even though the japanese original has 0 of this. I actually liked the translation, I don't mind it. But why change it so much? Same thing is happening with tranny shit.

No. 197692

This thread gave me an idea: a tumblr blog with transwashed characters saying "x character isn't trans" and then showing them with the actual gay flag because they're gay or just calling them gnc. Kinda how they're like "CHIHIRO FROM DANGANRONPA IS TRANS (shows transflag in the background)". Similarly I would be like X IS AN OKAMA etc. I won't do this idea justice but in case someone wants to do it please go ahead lol

No. 197695

I have a hard time not seeing him as a tranny to be honest. But I agree, that doesn't mean he should be accepted as a woman. Seeing fans use she pronouns for him makes me roll my eyes

No. 197697

AYRT, yeah, I know, I was never a fan of Inigo but the idea of him having a lesbian/bi daughter who is actually better at flirting is actually a funny/cute concept, but the way it was executed was complete crap by making her act like a dude and not more like a charming lady like Heather from Radiant Dawn.

"Your fave is a transvestite/crossdresser" would be fun since it would rile up the transheadcanon crowd to imply their faves are just gay and gender non-conforming.

No. 197698

>Heather from Radiant Dawn.
Love her so much. A TERF icon. I hope she doesn't get transed too, but knowing the FE fandom it's only a matter of time

No. 197699

I’m all in for it, Nona. Your fave isn’t trans, but as other nonnys said, GNC in some way or another.
I’d also like to see your fave is detrans, too.

No. 197703

She absolutely would be a TERF. I'm not pressed over people transing her via headcanons since the woke crowd transes everyone, but I think it's safe she'll stay an actual woman if there's ever a remake of Radiant Dawn or if she appears in the mobile game.

No. 197708

If Life is Strange was written today Chloe would absolutely be a they/them kek. Half the cast would be trannies

No. 197725

>Was he transwashed because he was originally a ghost which are referred as they/them or is it because he looks androgynous/feminine?
Yes, but there's a lot of reasons people see him as a trans. One I've seen a lot is that him being a ghost and changing to a robot form is a metaphor for transitioning. And the fact he loves pink and girly stuff, but got a male robot body.

No. 197726

File: 1650080135055.png (99.3 KB, 860x912, buttercup.png)

A girl dares not to act traditionally feminine? That totally means she's actually a boy! So progressive!

No. 197738

So how many years until this tranny trend is finally over? Never thought fandoms would be so into het ships but here we are kek

No. 197744

Scary part is, I know you're right.
Depends on a couple of factors, but it'll still be longer than any of us want it to be.

No. 197753

Tomboys arent allowed anymore.

They also made a tranny voice a female, feminine character in FEH, one of the girls from Roy's game iirc. Her name is Marisa I think but basically she first had a summer skin so you get a cute girl in a cute swimsuit and parasol and she suddenly sounds like a gorilla on steroid. You know how Effie in Fates went from "cute delicate looking woman with unga bunga strength" to "chain smoker voice woman who only talks about training"? That's it but worse.

No. 197758

File: 1650090740388.jpg (10.12 KB, 700x467, labrys-lesbian-pride-flag.jpg)

Trannies make a big deal about how they know ~advanced biology~ yet they're unaware of the common knowledge that female reindeer have antlers. Noelle is obviously a reindeer because of the Christmas theming, and reindeer are one of the few kinds of deer where the females have full sets of antlers. Fucking retards.

As for Susie, she's literally a walking, talking labrys flag, and we all know how much transbians hate that version of the lesbian flag.

No. 197765

File: 1650092408256.jpg (35.97 KB, 500x500, 614f685a6902074d5c7d278ff720b1…)

I think all tranny headcanons for the human characters are stupid, but Dirk takes the cake. God forbid someone with a cock is exclusively into cock. Nope! Gotta make sure the only gay man in the story is all about that PIV! As much as I fucking abhor the epilogues, I have to give them credit for portraying Dirk as a TEHM. Imagine being a gay guy and your female friend who spent years hitting on you relentlessly suddenly troons out by way of skinwalking her own son. In his position I wouldn't enable her bullshit either, good for him.

The other tranny headcanons are retarded, too. John is depressed, but he's nowhere near enough of a mentally ill narcissist to troon out, and the story gives no indication that he's uncomfortable with being a boy. Why the fuck would Dave have been so melodramatic about being into guys if he was FtM long before that? It's stated outright that Roxy is biologically female (she literally gives birth at one point) but having her be an FtM is equally idiotic because much like John she never expressed discomfort with her gender. Having Jade or Roxy be secretly male obliquely implies that they can't possibly be brilliant scientists and female, so fuck that shit. Jake having an emotional breakdown after being mistreated by his friends does not mean he's a theyby, Christ.

Troll trannies don't really make sense either; they have caste stereotypes not gender roles, so if anything they'd be trans-blood-color. But that's too close to transracialism, which we can't have because it reminds trannies of how contradictory and retarded their dogma is. All that said, I guess having Vriska be MtF isn't unreasonable given the fact that she's an erratic, unhinged, narcissistic sociopath. I guess I can see why the faggot Kate saw himself in her, kek.

Sorry for Homestuck in Current Year, but god I hate how totally plagued that fandom is by trannies. I miss the Homestuck fanbase of 2011. I'd take cringey bucket-throwers over trannies literally any day.

No. 197767

Wait, Dirk is transphobic in the epilogue? I love him even more now kek

No. 197777

File: 1650093569967.jpeg (36.79 KB, 400x500, 547B985E-7106-40CB-8C74-A826ED…)

I HATE to see F.F. called nonbinary or referred to as they/them. Yes, I know her being plankton is why fans jump for it but I still hate it. Stone Ocean is female-focused for once, let us have as many badass characters as possible who are FEMALE. Same with her being a goofy weirdo, we need more female characters like that. Finally my biggest reason is that I love her, the end.

No. 197781

File: 1650094516796.png (174.16 KB, 923x1100, based dirk.png)

He is. Here are some excerpts.

The epilogues (which are basically just a setup for the awful sequel) are still 99% garbage, though. They shoehorned Dirk into the "villain" role, so having him be twansphobic is their way of making him more villainous.

They also throw all of his character development from the comic in the trash. Remember all the moments in the comic where Dirk wrestles with self-hatred and cares deeply about overcoming his flaws? Remember how willing he was to sacrifice his life for his friends? How he responded to Dave's venting about Bro by saying he wanted to avoid being Bro? Poof, all gone, because we need a villain to force conflict into the story so we can have a shitty sequel.

Sorry for the autism. It sucks to love something that jumped the shark.

No. 197784

To be fair the body she inhabits is a corpse but that should make genderspecials even more included to refer to her as female, since she chose this new identity and calls herself a girl. Not very progressive to ignore that is it?

No. 197786

Pay closer attention to the story. In his quest to look like a human celebrity, he acts like a total dick to everyone who cares about him. He and Alphys pretend he's a robot and not a ghost in a machine so she can get promoted to royal scientist– this is all so she can have access to the technology to build him a better body. However, Alphys is horribly underqualified and ends up making monsters sick and creating the main villain while working on an experiment the king assigned her. Mettaton helps her make friends with Frisk so she can feel like a hero (because she's horribly depressed after the experiment went wrong) but then stabs her in the back so he can be famous for saving humanity. Mettaton also abandons Napstablook after Alphys helps him.

So if becoming a robot is a metaphor for transitioning, then they portrayed it as a profoundly selfish fools errand that results in alienating friends and family. Which is all true of troons IRL, but probably not the message trannies are trying to send by headcanoning him as such. They headcanon him as trans because he's androgynous and they want to fuck him– that's the actual reason.

No. 197787

No apology necessary. I hate the epilogues too, not that I read much after Hussie handed it over to trannies. To me it's not at all canon. Honestly I didn't like the ending to the original HS either. I feel your pain though, this series and its fandom was already a cesspit, lo and behold it got worse. I still hang onto my fond memories of being a fan as a teenager. It sucks that they botched my favorite character (and everyone else, haha) but at least there's one good thing about him. Hearing that the rest of the cast got trooned out in such bizarre ways too is just so wild btw, I mean I seriously can't believe this happened. It's almost funny how crazy you have to be to do that and for people to take it seriously.

No. 197788

Sorry for misleading you– technically only Roxy trooned out, and it was just in one timeline (the epilogue follows two diverging timelines.) They pull some revisionist bullshit by calling Calliope "they" when she was always "she" in the comic. One of the Pesterquest (Homestuck dating sim, also considered "post-canon") episodes was written by an TIM schizo who kinned Vriska and wrote her being trans into her route.

Finally Andrew did a retarded thing a few years ago where he hid signed Toblerones around the U.S. and Korea and granted "canon wishes" to the people that found them. A tranny found one of the Toblerones and asked that John be made an MtF named June. So far it hasn't been integrated into any "official" content, canon or non, but trannies now run around screeching at people who call him John.

No. 197789

Oh, thanks for clarifying. I'm surprised troons don't take issue with the differing timelines, since muh gender is some kinda metaphysical truth to them. Have to be honest as dismal as it all is, I find these developments hilarious. Maybe it's karma for the sins of the worst early HS fans. Still a shame the rest of us have to witness it.

No. 197793

>I'm surprised troons don't take issue with the differing timelines
Oh they absolutely do. Before the epilogues dropped, a lot of TIMs headcanoned Roxy as MTF because she like programming and pink. They were very assblasted when Roxy was made a TIF in one timeline and got pregnant in the other, because it was such a blatant admission that she was biologically female. The Ayyydens were also cranky because having Roxy only troon out in one timeline implies that it's a phase, and because the epilogues confirmed that their precious Dave Strider was cis.

Plus I'm not sure if this counts as tranny shit, but the epilogues also state that Jade has a dog penis because she merged with Bec (even though Andrew clearly stated years prior that his ears were the only physical trait she inherited from him.) So in one timeline, Jade marries Dave throws a big ooc tantrum about the fact that they both have dicks and therefore can't have biological children. She apparently didn't want to use ectobiology because plot convenience. That's why Rose cheated on Kanaya with her, btw– so they could have a secret lovechild (that they immediately send far away to be raised by strangers despite the fact that Jade did all this because she wanted a kid of her own.) I hope all this gives you a good idea of how truly awful the epilogues and sequel are– they're on par with fanfic you wrote in middle school.

Gomen to anons who have to scroll through this.

No. 197795

>rose cheating on kanaya with a DOG DICK having tranny to get pregnant
Absolutely haram.

No. 197799

>Character has a dog dick.

Why. If you want to troon out a character on an alien-setting you have tons of less degenerate alternatives. Why you want to tell the world that you have a dog dick fetish.

No. 197812

Very glad I dropped Homestuck at the beginning of act 5.

No. 197819

didn't her voice actress also say she considers Chloe "gender and sexually fluid" or some shit? so just a slightly GNC bi woman…

No. 197823

5 more years, at least. I've been aware of this whole thing for over a decade, but it went from being insular and niche to mainstream around 2015. I doubt it's going to last any longer than 5 years or so because the people who were once supportive (including me) are waking up because of things like "transkids" (eugenics), men in women's sports, more people detransitioning, etc., is making people quickly wake up.

Both sexes of reindeer have antlers, but female reindeer have them around winter. So Noelle is actually female.

WTF? Canon NTR and pseudo-bestiality/furry/omegaverse? If it was a fanfic that would be par the course but the fact this is canon is…wow.

Original Homestuck seems to be fine (besides some retcons to be PC and hiccups in writing), it's Homestuck 2 that was written by some pedo SJW transbian that's the real mess.

No. 197824

File: 1650113066357.png (81.34 KB, 900x1025, png-clipart-yuki-sohma-kyo-soh…)

Yuki Sohma from fruits basket. I absolutely will not accept it that he's female. Disgusting. Anyway how do you accept this manga drawing then? He clearly has no tits

No. 197827

If thesd bitches read the langa properly they'd know it's physically not possible for him to be a girl. Same shit with Ritsu, he's a crossdresser and he's straight, he isn't a tranny.

No. 197831

Wow this takes me back. A lot of years ago in the "it's time" threads a fujo pushed the idea that they're all guys for her dreamy yaoiz fanfics, kek. Most guys call them female because of the anime, fujos call Phos "he".

No. 197835

File: 1650116978449.png (337.22 KB, 512x578, haruspexprofile.png)

Nonna don't get me started on Pathologic… I can't count one male character that hasn't been transed in some way. Besides the Bachelor (who straight American girls latch onto because he's short and a dandy and they want to call him a transfag they want to call him one so bad they convulse just at the thought of calling him slurs they salivate even) you also see (less, because he's taller, but STILL) the other main male character being transed. He has a whole plot about doing surgery as an indigenous, spiritual medicinal practice and a way of healing the world with his hands, and straight suburbanite girlies latch onto it like "OMG it's just like me when I e-beg for 15k for a surgery done by money-hungry surgeons who give no shit about my well-being and see reattaching my nipples as optional [pleading face emoji] [pleading face emoji] he's just like meeeee!". His father has one quote towards him "any choice is right, as long as it is willed" about whether or not to allow an entire group of ancient yet living and strong mythologies to die in the hopes of saving people from a deadly epidemic and the twitter and tumblr users jump of joy like "JUST LIKE ME WHEN I DECIDE TO GO ONTO POORLY-REGULATED POORLY-STUDIED SYNTHETIC HORMONES WHO WILL GIVE ME LASTING HEALTH PROBLEM! HE'S JUST LIKE ME!!!" It's so funny seeing 5 foot 1 inch round-faced girlies latch onto this guy. YWNHACCJLHD (You Will Never Have A Chiseled Chad Jaw Like He Does).

No. 197836

chloes npd and constant victim complex are enough to make her pass as trans in my eyes

No. 197847

You're talking about Fiora I think, the blue-haired pegasus knight from FE7(precursor to Roy's game). Kek I remember everyone on /vg/ bitching about her voice when she was released, she truly sounds awful

No. 197914

It technically isn't canon since the original is about the characters escaping the narrative– by definition the story ends when they go through the door. That's why they call all the garbage after that "post-canon" or "dubiously canon." It's also how the team/Hussie feel like they can get away with intentionally shitty writing choices without necessarily tainting the original. And it is intentional– the team has had open contempt for fans (not just shitty fans– all fans) for quite some time. That's why they included the dog dicks, pregnancy drama, cucking, etc. Everything Andrew does is "ironic" and he's totally disappeared up his own ass. Mental illness.

No. 197966

File: 1650153438053.png (259.52 KB, 888x835, 1631194086057.png)

>forgetting the best bit

No. 197971

Why are troons and enbies so terrible at writing?

No. 198013

I love how distinctly feminine the writing style is and how the characters don't act anything close to how an actual man would.

Also, why do troons think homosexuality is so taboo in the first place? Every anti-gay kook will outright tell you that gays are evil because they can't make babies and only have sex for pleasure(and love of course, but homophobes usually think gay people are incapable of it because of the aforementioned lack of babymaking). Gay men being 100% into dick and lesbians being 100% into pussy is the entire reason they're oppressed in the first place.

No. 198014

That was also why only gay people were allowed to become transgender in the past (and transgenderism was considered an extension of homosexuality), because it was a way of "fixing" them. This still happens in other countries like Iran where gay people have forced sex changes by the government. "Gay trans" people are literally heterosexual (or opposite sex-preferring bisexual) people who want to be gay.

No. 198065

File: 1650194359040.jpg (639.01 KB, 1638x2048, __zhao_tianyou_ryuu_ga_gotoku_…)

He's literally just a man with jewellery and painted nails.

No. 198069

Yes, her. I already hated the English dubs for the games but this was the last straw, as soon as I heard her voice in FEH I turned off sound for the entire app.

No. 198083

File: 1650200303759.png (174.09 KB, 722x692, tumblr_papj2ghLXb1xsn9tbo2_128…)

Not a specific character but the modern Warriors fandom loves making the characters trans. Especially for shipping purposes so their non-canon gay pairings can have bio kids together. Yes, the book franchise about feral cats fighting each other made for tweens somehow needs tranny headcanons. It gets even worse when they transwash characters who the readers have known since they were kittens like picrel.

No. 198097

How the hell could a cat be trans? They have no concept of gender. How would SRS work here? Would the medicine cat claw off the tranny cat's penis?

No. 198099

nta but the cats in the warrior cat series are basically on a tribal level of civilization and society, even then transwashing doesn't make any sense

No. 198100

Because they’re narcissists and it becomes extra obvious when they write/draw self-inserts who they pretend aren’t self-inserts. But also they’re just bad at writing

No. 198115

They only read badly written YA shit and gay fics and they barely have any real life experience on literally anything ever because they're spoiled brats with no problems in their lives so their characters barely act like human beings to begin with.

No. 198163

File: 1650225788403.png (468.18 KB, 392x888, f.png)

Wait, her? It's been a long time since I played the mobile game, I thought that they would try to do that with her sister Farina instead since she's a tomboy. But Fiora is pretty feminine, but I guess the TIMs would prefer to self-insert over a character like that.

Maybe I'm optimistic but I'd like to think having a bad voice doesn't mean she was canonically transed (Effie sounds like a dude, yeah, but she can still have kids in Fates which is proof she's actually a woman, it takes mental gymnastics to deny that lmao), I listened to the clips on a wiki and while it's not well-done, she sounds like a deep voiced woman which isn't inherently bad. But I know it'll add fuel to the fire and people will use that as "proof" she's a dude…

People transing gay ships so they can have biological kids is one of my biggest peeves. It just shows that in the end they still worship penis-in-vagina as "real sex" despite claiming to be "queer". I thought being transgender meant they wouldn't want to use their genitals/organs for reproducing anyway (if hormones didn't turn them infertile), but most of them are fetishists, so of course they would.

No. 198184

File: 1650230885077.jpg (39.08 KB, 800x450, Fire-emblem-Three-Houses-1.jpg)

>ctrl + F felix
>no results
Im surprised. He is the most transwashed characters ive ever come across. Its a real shame too since hes one of my favourite characters in fe3h. He gets tons of lewd artwork with having a vagina and its hard to find fanfics of him where he hasnt been turned trans. Its crazy too since in canon there is nothing alluding to him being trans yet the western fandom seems obsessed with the idea. Now that Three hopes is releasing soon i worry this hell is going to continue for him.

No. 198190

> in canon there is nothing alluding to him being trans yet the western fandom seems obsessed with the idea
Because they're all teenaged Aiden fictionkins projecting on to him

No. 198194

Yes, her. I remember how everyone hated it. As for Effie I gave her as a very general example of the localization teams making characters OOC just because "lolsorandum xD muh funny outdated reddit memes lolol" or because "muh SJW representation that only liberal upper middle class Americans care about despite the localizations being also applied to European translations and markets". I could have used Xander bragging about how he wants to rebel against his father in some scenes (which is so OOC it made the entire story in Fates nonsensical just by itself) or Hinata's son being obsessed with pickles when the joke was that he mentions once or twice only that he likes pickled food because that's what old people eat and he acts like a mature old man compared to his own father.

I mentioned Felix so often in the previous fujo threads (rip) that I didn't feel like talking about him again and bothering everyone with repetitive posts.

>Its crazy too since in canon there is nothing alluding to him being trans yet the western fandom seems obsessed with the idea

Well, he's slim, he has long hair, he has a pretty face, he has daddy issues and he has plenty of gay fanservice with two much taller men, that's more than enough for his retarded fangirls to make him ooc and trans. What's funny is that in the context of Sylvain/Felix, making Felix trans is lowkey erasing how Sylvain is often implied to be into guys. The ayyden fangirls are so into trans representation they become homophobic.

No. 198195

I don't know anything about Homestuck. What the fuck is this writing? How did this shit became so popular?

No. 198205

Surely Hussie himself didn't write this? Sounds like this was someone else Sorry, I'm out of the loop

No. 198206

So Jayfeather is trans now? FTM? Or MTF? Or enby? I am so curious.

No. 198216

>What's funny is that in the context of Sylvain/Felix, making Felix trans is lowkey erasing how Sylvain is often implied to be into guys. The ayyden fangirls are so into trans representation they become homophobic.
I always thought it was funny how people would draw Felix with a vagina, and pair him with Sylvain. So they're basically saying that Felix has to be born a woman for their yaoi ship to work out. Even though you could argue that Sylvain might be bisexual as a way to justify pairing him with guys.

Homestuck 2 was written by someone else.

No. 198219

To be fair Sylvain has some dialogues and supports unrelated to Felix that imply he's so horny he'd fuck guys without any problem. Like when Ingrid says he was hitting on a crossdressing guy once in front of other students (changed in English because, again, the localization teams are retarded), or Flaynn accuses him of all sorts of things. I wonder, would Sylvain be the transwashed character if he were shorter than Felix? I'm sure that would be the case.

No. 198223

File: 1650239638748.jpg (241.51 KB, 1500x1279, tumblr_52a62f6cbae782b8b4720a1…)

My experience in this fandom is that basically everyone has been transed (picrel, I found it when searching to see if someone drew Sylvain like this), but the ones that are the most persistent tend to have reasons why like being gay/bi, non-conforming, "too pretty to be a guy", popular among Aydens, etc. I've seen some people say Sylvain is transgendered, but it's not inescapable like Felix is.

I've actually seen some people say that line about Sylvain hitting on "a man dressed like a woman" in the Japanese script is transphobic, LMAO. It's almost like they're telling on themselves if a TIM was the first thing they thought of if a crossdresser is mentioned.

No. 198234

Hussie hasn't written for Homestuck since the Act 7 flash, and that's being charitable. I'm guessing he gave up somewhere in Act 6 and let these shitters finish it not gonna lie.

No. 198243

From what I've seen of Jayfeather tranny headcanons he tends to become an enby but sometimes a Gayden. The former headcanon also holds true for Crowfeather but uwu enby Crowfeather seems to be a more popular headcanon because some idiot made a multi-animator project revolving around the concept. I guess the headcanon is a thing because Crowfeather was an edgy emo kid in the New Prophecy arc? Wouldn't put that kind of reasoning past the Warriors fandom lol.

No. 198254

26 artists and 0 talent. impressive.

No. 198255

>Its crazy too since in canon there is nothing alluding to him being trans
Like the other anon said, it's literally just because he's shorter than the other Blue Lions men. Him being angsty and having long hair probably doesn't hurt either, though
>The ayyden fangirls are so into trans representation they become homophobic.
Gayged fangirls are pretty blatantly homophobic, in my experience. Like they'll try to dunk on "cis gays" for wanting to have anal sex but not vaginal since the latter is perfectly suited to fit a penis and can have bio kids and whatnot, how only bottoms hate them because tops are fine with their pussies, etc. I honestly don't remember these types of girls being in fandom when I was a young teen in the aughts-2010's. Where did all the little miss Westboro Baptists even come from?

No. 198256

It's weird because they're actually worse than old school yaoi fangirls. The Ayydens who get mad over "cis gays" are usually incels who want to date them, but can't, so they take that energy out on making trans-yaoi that's actually heterosexual. Old school fujoshi tend to hate female characters (Relena, anyone?) but at least most of them didn't want to trick real gay men into fucking them.

No. 198262

I'm so glad that Gundam Wing is a dead fandom because I KNOW people would they/them and trans the fuck out of most of the cast. Most of the men and a few of the women characters are pretty GNC.

Being a Fire Emblem fag is suffering, though. I've only been following artists who don't speak english at this point because it's the only way to avoid it. Plus their art is better in general. kek

No. 198266

There's nothing more hetero than watching two hot men fuck. It's eye candy for straight women. But then Aidens self insert into it because they want to be the one getting fucked by one of the hot guys. I've unfortunately seen so much "fuck me so hard so I remember I'm actually a girl" shit on fakeboi tumblr that it actually has its own degradation kink tag (porn is banned on tumblr but people find ways to work around that). They forget that actual gay men don't like coochie and their fantasy is nothing but a fetish fed by a cycle of constant trans validation and hate towards "cis girls".

No. 198268

>that voice
>significantly deeper and more masculine than the original
>the japanese voice sounds nothing like it

Yeah I think this was 100% a deliberate thing
Trannies work for Nintendo now I guess.

No. 198272

I'm thinking until 2030 is when shit will really hit the fan and everyone will realize mistakes were made. They will realize this libfemmy troon shit and "empowerment" was actually wrong and they will backtrack and act like nothing happened. But this shit is damaging so many lives and ruining society big time. Very pushed on social media for a reason. By 2030 we'll have more transhumanism and authoritarian shit too so who knows.

Sad thing is I live in Latin America so everything comes in like 5 years later. In my country this tranny prostitution "sex work is work" empowerment shit is pushed like it was a few years ago and everyone is eating it saying twerking is actually feminist etc. Fuck my life!

No. 198277

Relena was a bad character though, but I tolerated her way more than Noin who was the biggest pickme I've ever seen in anime at the time.

Regardless, I'm grateful Gundam Wing isn't popular anymore as >>198262 said. I can already see them making Trieze demiboy ace, Quatre a transwoman, and I guess Duo can be the transman unless the aidens want to fuck him, so they'll make Heero the troon, kek

No. 198280

Yaoi fangirls back in the day could be really annoying(speaking as a girl who was one kek), but the worst I ever heard of was smacking someone with a yaoi paddle or glomping a cosplayer, which while unacceptable were nowhere on par with the corrective rape attempts or homophobic abuse done by today's gaydens. It just blows my mind.
>Being a Fire Emblem fag is suffering, though. I've only been following artists who don't speak english at this point because it's the only way to avoid it. Plus their art is better in general. kek
Same. Western FE fandom is a bust nowadays, even for older FE games. If I see one more transman Soren headcanon I swear…

No. 198281

AYRT, what you're reading here is the sequel to Homestuck, which was written and illustrated by different people. It's not even considered fully canon by the official team, and is basically a glorified fanfic.

The original was a fun, ambitious mess. It's a multimedia webcomic with music, animations, and minigames (though since flash died most of the minigames don't work anymore.) It's about a video game that creates universes, sort of Zathura-meets-creation-myth set in the internet age. It's also absurdly long (longer than all the GOT books combined), so I wouldn't recommend reading it unless you have a lot of time to kill.

Andrew mentioned in an interview that he experienced really bad burnout toward the end of the comic. He stopped illustrating it right before [s] Terezi: Remem8er, but he says he continued writing it through the end. Supposedly he wrote an outline for the epilogues and sequel before delegating it to the team consisting of his friends and people who worked on Vast Error (the most popular fancomic for Homestuck.)

Linhardt is the one I often see trooned because he's effeminate and bisexual. Soren, too. They really can't stand the idea of gay/bisexual men existing in fiction.

No. 198284

>The yaoi paddle
Fun inoffensive thing that never got anyone disfigured. Annoying and autistic? Yes. But it was mostly done between dumb girls who just wanted to have fun, most likely in the same friend group. Men have always done worse shit at cons. I'm talking about grooming, stalking, groping, molesting. Drugging. Or just harassing any cosplayer in general. No one says shit to men, but everyone blames fujos.
Again, just excited girls being dumb and cringe. Is personal space important? Yes. But a woman huging a dumb nerd dressed as a japanese cartoon has never resulted in murder. Can you say the same about incels?

No. 198285

Aiden fujos have so much superiority complex over old fujos for no goddamn reason. They:
>Pressure other girls into becoming ftms (being cis isn't cool etc)
>Hate other women for simply existing
>Cake their entire face with makeup and still look like women
>Victimize themselves when their corrective rape rhetoric doesn't work on gay males
>Hate themselves so much that they multilate their body and advertise it as a good thing on social media
>They want us to take them seriously
>Somehow this is all ok

They will never be yaoi bishi men.

No. 198286

I was cringe and autistic as a teen, but I didn't go around hitting people for no reason, you have to suffer from sort of social problem if you go around doing that to random people and need therapy if you even think that's alight, there's nothing more pathetic when fujos try to act better then the degenerates they actually are by bringing up men

No. 198287

>Linhardt is the one I often see trooned because he's effeminate and bisexual. Soren, too. They really can't stand the idea of gay/bisexual men existing in fiction.
Lucius too, since he's the "pretty male healer who gets mistaken for a woman" trope character and has a possibly romantic ending with another man. And I see Soren trooned out usually to justify the existence of Priam and satisfy the fakeboi penchant for their "gay" couple having bio kids. Especially egregious since Ike is basically all but confirmed to be gay, and Soren is 100% confirmed male due to his mother, who was separated from him at birth, knowing her lost baby was a boy.

No. 198288

I'm not even a fujo and I've never hitted anyone. I legit think men are worse.
Take your fujo debacle to the right thread in /ot/.

No. 198290

File: 1650260197736.png (1.15 MB, 607x877, orugio.png)

For some reason the aidens love him, and they also draw him in the most repulsive, ugly way possible. The manga just got an anime announcement too. I'm not looking forward to the mouthbreathing spergery that's gonna bring.

No. 198292

I took a bet with my friend on if it would be Olruggio or Qifrey that would get trooned, I bet on Qifrey but I was so wrong

No. 198321

Good thing I've stayed away from any online discussion on this manga. It's such a great manga, I miss the times where fujoshis would be satisfied with just making them a married couple instead of forcing troonism on them.

I'd think Quifrey would be more popular to force FtM on too because of the poofy anime hair Aidens love to give their avatars and also the slight ~edginess~. I guess they're at least getting slightly less predictable?

No. 198336

It's so annoying because Fire Emblem is one of my few "mainstream" interests and I enjoy talking about it, and while I'm pretty tolerant of interpretations I don't agree with (I autoblock NOTPs and use filters), so much of the transing is super sexist or homophobic and it's everywhere (especially smut lmao). I used to be in a few FE discords and it was half neckbeard coomers posting censored hentai and queerio Ayydens complaining about "TERFs" (in a game server?). I kind of wish there was a non-dudebro server that didn't have woke headcanons but also doesn't handwring over "problematic" content.

It's super gross and homophobic that people love making an all-but-stated gay character have straight sex. I personally always believed that Priam is a descendant of Ike from one of Mist's future children since she can marry Boyd in Radiant Dawn… I've also seen people headcanon that Priam is adopted. But that doesn't lead to kawaii gender affirming mpreg

No. 198384

I'm shocked that Qifrey isn't the go-to fakeboi self-insert. Maybe they prefer Olruggio because he doesn't do as much day-to-day caring for the girls(too feminine I guess) and lives in a disorganized little room separate from the others? kek
It is sad that they just can't be seen as a cute married couple caring for their students/surrogate daughters. Troonism is just so grotesque, I fail to see how titchop melodrama is more appealing than cute domestic shenanigans. Though to be fair I don't think the girls who do this even count as fujoshi; they're het-obsessed through and through.
Yeah, there's no need for mpreg at all but that won't stop them kek. Mist/Boyd descendants could easily exist and Ragnell isn't a bloodline sword, so he doesn't even need to be a biological relative of Ike in the first place to wield it. He also has no reason to even have Ragnell since Ike left it with Sanaki before fucking off with Soren or Ranulf, but given that Priam was made by the same geniuses that gave us "Soleil the heterosexual lesbian rapist" and the hyperbolic teen pregnancy interdimensional baby chambers, and next to none of the Radiant Dawn team was involved, they probably just didn't care about the lore in the first place.

No. 198475

File: 1650304937039.jpg (689.58 KB, 1280x1579, tumblr_0ac0e9e141327e31255d626…)

From what I've seen, the aidens want to fuck Qifrey (so Orugio is their self-insert), and also they enjoy making him look as exhausted, unwashed, and pube-stached as possible. For realism, I guess lmao. Here's one such specimen though this one isn't so gross looking as usual

No. 198483

File: 1650305644570.png (1.55 MB, 592x1348, Yamato_Manga_Infobox.png)

I don't follow One Piece so I don't know what her deal is but I've seen a lot of people insist she's actually a trans guy, when she's apparently just some kind of female successor of a male and wants to be referred as such for protocol or something. The general consensus on the wikia seems to consider her a woman since they use feminine pronouns, and we all know how much wikias are den of fan autism. I can't imagine the amount of cognitive dissonance terminally online kweers go through to call a character that looks like this "their precious trans son uwu".

Damn the Kaneoya Sachiko influence is huge in this drawing, what is it with this artist and the fakebois drawn to her works?

No. 198496

Kek it’s more believable that the character is a cis woman. I don’t like anime as much as I did when I was a kid but I noticed even though there is a strange side of anime that is incredibly sexist and heavily sexualized, there are a good amount of female characters in anime who do not fit be tight western mold of femininity. They truly don’t want to believe a woman can have her own goals and want to achieve her own strength unless they think trans women are brave and courageous for pissing their toxic waste into bottles and being internet warriors.

No. 198500

Enby Crowfeather?? The deadbeat dad? Who hates his wife and doesn't care about his forbidden lover after impregnating her? Interesting I guess.

No. 198521

They probably want her to represent transpeople who can't afford surgery, I guess. Mordred from Fate gets this treatment too

No. 198536

Dirk kinda makes sense because he was obsessed with sexually harassing Jake into liking him back and that's how fakebois are too.

No. 198541

I got into FE thanks to Awakening because I had no idea the previous games got released outside of Japan thanks to Smash mentioning that Marth's game wasn't released outside of Japan. I really wish I never interacted with anyone in that cursed fandom after that. Between the fakebois and trannies, the waifufags, the people who never ever played Fates harassing people who like Fates because "it's shit lolxD", the horrible localizations, the retards who think playing on classic/lunatic is the only way to play these games, etc. They're all exhausting. FEH definitely made this worse too.

No. 198575

Fates sperg, stop bringing up how it's actually the best game ever anytime Fire Emblem is mentioned in any thread. We get it, your unpopular opinion is that the game is hot shit

No. 198587

Not saying it's the best game ever, just that when you want to talk about that game, the only people you'll see are people who didn't play it. And it's similar with FE3H and the whole Edelgard discourse: you'll have people saying she's right because they only played her routes, and people saying that Rhea is perfect or a complete monster depending one which routes they've completed, which leads to insane arguments over video game fictional characters. I've never seen this for the previous games because they tend to not have several different routes and/or you have to bother emulating them to play them. Sage for OT.

No. 198591

NTA but I didn't see any comments about how Fates is the best game or whatever. I personally dislike it but I don't care if other people like it critically. I do find people who never played Fates trash on it (like half of my friends during the Soleil wank years ago; they all saw that pedo transbian's SJW post about it being literal conversion therapy and believed it), especially when it's easy to pirate 3DS games now or watch a let's play.

There is wank for the old games, but most of it is about Geneology which I personally never played. I'm sure the English-speaking fandom (both the coomer waifufag and the SJW sides) will be shitshow whenever that game gets a remake. Should we have a FE thread?

No. 198602

I don't know about making an entire thread for the series, but we should probably take this conversation to the video game thread for now. To stay on topic, I'm starting to see more and more manga about legit tranny shit being published in my country, I wonder if this whole trans headcanon bullshit could potentially become popular within Japanese fandoms.

No. 198690

TIF art is so disgusting. Can't wait for this awful fad to end.

No. 198718

File: 1650357411568.jpg (140.84 KB, 1459x974, a3098e66d73b6d456ee29f8ceb1f65…)

poor guy

No. 198721

I don't understand the appeal in the slightest. TIMs don't even include their worst aspects in their art. They draw fantasy futa or femboys that leave out their receding hairlines, Adam's apples and giant feet, so why do TIFs have to include their gross hormone-confused body hair and fat patterns and boob scarring.

No. 198724

It's the same concept behind racebending characters or making them fat and have skin conditions, it's because of representation. I don't think tif artists draw tif characters like that because they think it's hot, they draw ugly, deformed tranny characters in a sexy way to project and make us think "oh, tifs can be hot actually" when they shove their shit are down our throat.

No. 198728

File: 1650358419960.jpg (186.49 KB, 1378x774, Hawks.jpg)

everyone in mha have been transwashed from the fandom. hawks is one of the popular ones because he doesn't like his real name and was traumatized when dabi uses it against him during a fight.

it was inevitable.

No. 198729

I think it's because TIMs only want genuine fap material with impossible unrealistic beauty standards, while TIFs want people to accept the ugliness of real people, in particular, their own flaws. In my opinion, it's their twisted way of trying to cope with their actual, female bodies, like their natural body hair, and their unappealing but normal saggy bits. Which is why I just can't bring myself to hate TIFs and their art, even though it is kind of gross.

No. 198732

He deserves it.

No. 198735

File: 1650362978425.jpg (37.38 KB, 600x780, 90b.jpg)

How dare you

No. 198737

He's an interesting case because the was transed by coomer males long before the transgender youth of today was even able to walk, but now it's woke and shit.

No. 198739

File: 1650364131350.gif (879.09 KB, 329x260, 143af8c0a05e93156c27ec2f95eec0…)

Poor Kurapika is prime troon fodder. His gender was the subject of a lot of debate early in the series publication, and iirc he was only officially revealed to be male when the 90s adaptation went into production. In addition to being effeminate, he's implied to be either gay or disinterested in relationships altogether depending on the version.

Honestly, it makes me glad that Kurama from YYH was mostly spared from this shit thanks to the show's age. Although I'm sure some retarded topscar fanart of him exists somewhere in the bowels of Twitter.

I used to be a mod in a large HxH discord server, and I remember seeing a lot of "straight" guys thirsting over Kurapika. It's similar to the fixation people have on BotW Link. I also remember a girl on there who trooned out, citing Pika as her "transition goal."

No. 198747

I never understood it tbn, Kurapika looks so boyish to me. I mean he is pretty, but that's so normal for anime boys I never even questioned it. He's got a plank body and looks like a pageboy. But I guess I did watch the anime first and his voice acting is obviously male, maybe it would've been confusing before that.

No. 198752

There's a lot of people who get confused by bishounen/vaguely GNC characters in the first manga they read (for me it was Android 17 from DBZ), it was the same with Hange from AoT, that's why it's mostly young people who come up with tranny headcanons on androgynous people.

No. 198755

True but I remember lots of people were confused about his gender without thinking of tranny shit, like they just couldn't figure it out or were convinced he was female and were shocked when they found out he's male. I just never doubted it personally.

No. 198756

Not really, because at the end of the story, Dirk acknowledged that the way he treated Jake was wrong and decided to respect his space. I can't post a screencap because I'm on mobile, so I'll just copypaste it:
>DIRK: It's not any one thing. I think I was just a completely toxic element in his life from day one.
>DIRK: I don't know what he's doing now.
>DIRK: I wouldn't be surprised if he was trying to avoid me as much as possible.
>DIRK: I'm sure that's for the best.
That's a level of maturity and self-awareness I've literally never seen a tranny of either gender exhibit.

No. 198764

this is pissing me off so much, Kurapika is a good character with a solid agenda and people made it all about if he was a boy or a girl just because he’s a bit feminine looking, as if anyone gives a fuck besides commers anyway. When I was really into hxh back then I remember some especially annoying ones harping on about it and derailing every discussion with that.Tbh related to this thread topic in general: idgaf about the troon shit, do what you want, but it’s become so obnoxious you cannot go literally anywhere in terms of fandoms nowadays without people gushing about how this and that character is such a twans kween, acting and virtue signaling as if they’re the wokest mfers on earth with their arguably sexist and retarded shit, I swear to god I would be way more sympathetic towards this stuff in a pitiful manner if it’s truthers wouldn’t be so goddamn annoying about it all the time lmao

No. 198803

Kurapika is the typical 90s anime bishonen. wtf

No. 198901

Speaking of Steven and PD/Rose, I laugh how the fanbase lowkey thinks that Rose Diamond giving birth to Steven or how the Diamonds calling Steven as Pink is SOMEHOW a metaphor for being trans and misgendering when its just an gem alien mom giving birth to a half gem alien/half human child and B, Pink didn't "trans" out because she hate her female gender and wanted to be a male coded gem, all she did was just steal another female gem's looks plus the Diamonds don't care about learning about how humans work/ gender shit at all, they thought Steven was still Pink in disguise

No. 198969

In the Sonic fandom (kek) Sonic is often ftm because he’s short and cool? And then there’s Tails

> tails is mtf because he’s voiced by a woman and not masculine

> tails is ftm because he’s voiced by a woman and not masculine

If a male character is softspoken and not very masculine (especially if he likes art or tech) there’s a good chance fans will agree he’s trans but disagree about the type of trans

No. 198983

File: 1650415612512.jpg (63.21 KB, 720x720, 89734d7b2049e267b535aff7c47da9…)

apparently a mtf or an "enby" she's just a cute tomboyish girl that's it

No. 198997

I thought it was hilarious (not what happened to her, but the ironic realism behind the "representation") that the ftm character who had a crush on her transed because she disliked being sexualized and then her own kendo teacher raped and impregnated her. Women transing because they're traumatized by male hatred, power imbalances and sexualization? Hmm you don't saaaay

No. 198998

Without more context it just makes the translation team look highly bias. No wonder official translations are seen as a joke

No. 199009

File: 1650435996421.jpg (43.53 KB, 474x564, downloadfile-3.jpg)

I feel like she's 100% biologically female and just treated like a thing/calling her a "him" because using male pronouns against women in Japan (as it is in the west with any GNC or "weird" woman) is dehumanizing & abusive, and this is something that also happens with Vivian from Paper Mario. I think it's unfair to transwash characters bwritten in the 90s and early 2000s.

No. 199011

Another example of how transwashing negatively impacts foreign works by taking the most literal interpretation of its translation and ignoring cultural context clues. Color me surprised.

No. 199012

Togashi is just a degenerate who likes traps, he is a boy. You're looking too much into it.

No. 199013

Yeah I'm pretty sure he's a tranny too, it's not the first time the author made a character like that (3rd time?), this one's just less explicit.

No. 199015

Yep this. Dude is just a perverted freak.

No. 199016

File: 1650441724352.jpg (52.08 KB, 500x500, -pdw5q9-t500x500.jpg)

if you think majima is a troon, you should die <3(<3)

No. 199017

File: 1650441806792.jpg (367.89 KB, 1638x1071, 1347462-rikiya2.jpg)


No. 199019

>vriska is trans
What's even the point when the trolls can all reproduce with each other and the majority of the fandom headcanoned them as being hermaphrodites? What stupidity.

No. 199046

File: 1650457516314.jpg (894.98 KB, 1280x720, Tumblr_l_124802822077639.jpg)

another gay man transwashed, this time by the homophobic devs

No. 199066

The funniest part is that the timeline when this guy is a biological woman doesn't exist, there is no way to reach it

No. 199074

No. 199306

This is ironic because the game and original anime made fun of Otaku tropes, him becoming a woman might as well be a joke about weeb's obsession with "traps" as a fetish kek

No. 199434

File: 1650590442080.jpg (264.49 KB, 1280x747, mvjwVBJ.jpg)

Since he has a pretty big face and someone mistook him for a girl it’s not a surprise

No. 199441

skinny blonde twinks have it so rough online

No. 199447

File: 1650592735190.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1536x1105, 7404F214-3505-4F73-B820-9A2A16…)

Genuinely surprised that Link hasn’t been mentioned in this thread yet. All versions of him have people insisting that he’s a tranny, but botw Link suffers from this the most, likely because he’s short and more androgynous than the other Links. Usually people depict him as ftm, but I’ve seen a fair amount of nb and even mtf fanart/fanfics.

No. 199448

File: 1650593204947.jpg (307.41 KB, 1345x1901, FOlyHdgVcAMqpgs.jpg)

Somewhere, horrible topscar fanart of Amane Nishiki and Azreal exist.

No. 199538

I had a former friend who headcanoned Link as a "transwoman" and Zelda as "an open-minded cis girl who accepted Link". It was such an obvious wish-fulfillment fantasy.

No. 199602

IIRC Miyamoto or someone said they have Link androgynous so that both male and female players can relate to him I might be confusing Link with Jesus?

No. 199607

>so that both male and female players can relate to him
Right, we all "relate"… fantasize

No. 199611

>Does the shit for ages
>Eventually realizes it was bad
Yeah, still did the shit trannies do to gay people. I like Dirk but you don't have to pretend he's not a scumbag.

No. 199628

Are you saying Jesus is made to look androgynous for women to self-insert? I've never heard that before.

No. 199637

File: 1650670539405.gif (1.26 MB, 540x304, todomatsu.gif)

No. 199638

I think it's something about him representing all humanity, idk I'm not Christian

No. 199640

But I grew up Roman Catholic and I've never heard that. Sounds like one of those other branches like episcopal or something cursed like that.

No. 199697

File: 1650696309715.jpg (77.4 KB, 1080x388, IMG_20220423_144249.jpg)

How are anime/media portrayals of literal trannies (esp. those that got amholed/want their dick off asap), would they be different from traps?

No. 199698

Bruh the butler literally called Alluka a "boy", it really is a "he" and a tranny kid

No. 199699

There's no proof of her being a tranny, because real women do not need proof of womanhood. "Proof of womanhood/SRS" is proof of troonsgenderism. The only problem is that the tranny is not her but her wonder egg.

No. 199700

don't forget momoko is tall and butch while the tranny looks like a girl hiding her hair going into the army or sort

No. 199708

File: 1650700913915.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1004, fushiguro-megumi-birthday-2021…)

Fushiguro Megumi from Jujutsu Kaisen was transed (the FtM way) because in the early chapters there's a line about him hating having a girl's name even though it's supposed to show how little his father cared, and there were fanfictions and comics about Gojo being his cool mentor getting him on HRT as a KID and other horrors. As far as I've noticed it died down with him never expressing any gendershit feelings, and Aidens moved on.
Poor Maki also gets transed because of her being a musclelady that hates traditional female gender roles.

No. 199739

They just handled it very badly, she's gnc but they decided to add representation and made her issue vague enough so more people can relate. Then they added an actual ftm tranny (in a world confirmed to only trap girls inside, mind you kek) and tried to mirror them.

No. 199740

File: 1650713550465.jpg (160.61 KB, 1215x717, Taliyah_0 (1).jpg)

annoyed that one of a few times lol has a female champ with different features, it's a tim. there's hint of it in her lore and voicelines from other champs about it but it doesn't out right say that she is a troon.

ironic, that the same people that loves her for being a tranny are angry at rito for the samey faces on female champs, especially on skins.

No. 199743

Prepare to get disappointed, its a western game and they’ve been hinting at it.

No. 199745

File: 1650714555681.jpg (64.52 KB, 638x944, 54308111134317f5f29cf8884e5538…)

yeah, i know. i'd be less angry if the troon just looks like every female champ than taliyah tbh. taliyah is so pretty, it's so disappointing that she is being used for diversity points. she doesn't deserve it.

also, i hate that poison got transed because of some censorship made for localization in the west. she was changed to a man in the western edition of some street fighter-related game (i forgot the history of how poison became a troon in details) but she was originally a woman in the original. but people think it's still a significant reason to change her gender identity for some reason.

No. 199749

They changed it because of some law or censorship rule about violence against women being portrayed, so it doesn't count if we say she is a man.

No. 199754

Nta but what prompted the change was a single american playtester saying they didn't think the protag should hit women, and the japanese devs panicking over american feminist groups potentially suing them over this. It was entirely cautious self-censorship, as before 1991 I believe there was next to no home console video game in NA where player-originated violence on women was possible (SF1 featured only men, SF2 came out in 1991, same as Final Fight), or at least none that the devs were aware of

No. 199774

Yeah I hate that they troon her out for that. You can't draw anything with her without trannies yelling "TRANS RIGHTS" or liking fanart of her where the artists slaps a tranny flag emote in the picture twitter post.

No. 199776

>japanese devs panicking over american feminist groups potentially suing them
Oh god, I wish all of the game industry would worry about radfems suing them.

No. 199779

Isn't it usually American localizers worrying about such things? Japanese devs usually care about the Japanese market only and the rest is an afterthought, but Capcom is kind of an exception so idk.

No. 199787

She is canonically a trans woman even in Japan now, however the producer keeps backpedaling on this issue all the time. It's ironic though because she's exactly the kind of hypersexual fetishized HSTS from poor conditions and a traumatized chilhood troons are stereotyped to be yet people gush over muh trans representation.

also based Chun Li for being confirmed terf queen for saying "You're not very lady-like at all! I felt like I was fighting against a guy." after defeating Poison kek

No. 199795

This sucks, Taliyah is really cute. At least it's not a more popular character that we'll have to see all the time.

No. 199800

File: 1650730736421.png (403.89 KB, 685x697, img565.png)

No. 199808

why? of all characters… why trixie? she is more of an actual TERF pony if anything if it was 'ever' a thing in MLP.

No. 199811

File: 1650732384109.png (481.42 KB, 1835x2048, FK9oMCiWYAA_vY9.png)

I know Naoto got mentioned and it was kinda inevitable (also most fakeboys just use her as lip service, they only care about male characters anyway and coomers absolutely love her as a girl) for her to end up as a FTM icon.

I think Yosuke and Akechi are more blatant examples of characters the fakeboys have totally latched upon. I find it scary some girls admit to taking testosterone because they want to look like them. They're the perfect wish fulfilment sympathetic ''gay'' characters (because they're fujobaits) but they run with it and make them fakeboy icons. Every single midly attractive Persona character receives the same treatment though. I saw a poll asking ''how big is Haru's girlcock?'' from a fakeboy, i dont see how these people fail to see how humiliating and deshumanizing it is. Internalized misogyny all around

No. 199819

File: 1650734019659.png (199.93 KB, 788x652, img5067c43.png)

Certain people started claiming Trixie was trans or Lauren Fast was "alluding" to it somehow because her original concept art was of a stallion and she "acted" like one (whatever that means). It's the same thing with people believing Rainbow Dash is ~nonbinary~, because female characters can't be anything but hyper-feminine.

No. 199823

It's so disgusting how they romanticize taking T (that is pretty harmful to women) and other medical stuff like the horror that is top surgery. And of course pretty boys get turned into ugly fakeboys, god forbid women have something both appealing and well-written. Gotta ruin it and make the character into a tranny.
How fucking dare they touch my boy Goro and girl Haru with their filthy fucking hands I'm so sick of them trannifying anything that doesn't perfectly fit gender norms (Haru is good with the axe and she's a bit sadistic so OF COURSE she has a big horse cock!!).

No. 199827

>Transing Haru
Absolutely disgusting. I could understand the "Akechi is a FTM" headcanon because he's a cute, effeminate boy with severe daddy issues and mental problems but Haru being assigned troon just because she's elegant, shy and feminine pisses me off on another level.

No. 199832


maki transwashing is especially annoying like cant we just have ONE woman that beats up her patriarchal family and doesnt get sexualized in the uwu im girly and powerful way

No. 199839

File: 1650736507738.png (418.13 KB, 708x915, y6ylo82j3ao31.png)

They trans Josuke a lot because of the male symbol with a dash Araki drew on his jacket one time. It's a really retarded reason because I'm sure Araki drew the symbol because Josuke is based on Prince and Prince's symbol looked similarly, it's just pointing down with a wavy line. Also because Crazy Diamond's color scheme is the tranny colors but part 4 was made in Japan in the early 90's and the trans flag was created in 1999 in America. Josuke and Crazy Diamond preceeded the modern troon movement and I will rest easy knowing Araki never in a million years intended for one of his protagonists to be an abnormally tall and muscular self-hating sixteen year old girl with boob scars.

No. 199869

That was the intention for the BOTW design, but I don't necessarily think that makes Link "trans" "non-binary" etc. Androgyny is a body type, not a gender identity, and it's not rare for characters to have an ambiguous sex for people to project their own interpretation onto, especially when most incarnations of Link are mostly a blank slate (he doesn't talk in most main series games). Correct me if I'm wrong on that, I haven't played every Zelda game.

No. 199879

File: 1650741826668.png (348.52 KB, 400x540, roxy.png)

It was a western play tester that brought up the concern that having a game where a man beats up women would cause problems, which is where the excuse that Poison isn't a woman and is a transsexual/transvestite came from. So Poison was transed midway due to that, but it's a part of their characterization now.

I'm pretty sure Poison's friend Roxy is an actual woman though, it's never been confirmed or denied. I saw a claim that Roxy actually dislikes Poison's crossdressing, but I'm not sure if that was a rumor or deconfirmed, hardly anyone has proof for things like that. But I've seen people trans Roxy.

Yep, so Poison is a pretty accurate representation of transwomen like that, although they tend to be black or latino IRL. I think one dev said that Poison is MTF in Japan but had SRS in Western versions, but that's basically the same thing, since an inverted penis=/=vagina. So Poison is male, it just varies on if they had surgery or not. Poor HSTS prostitutes tend to not get surgery, though.

I actually think it's gross how I see people pair Poison with women, since HSTS are gay men. But fandom is obsessed with heterosexuality in the end.

>also based Chun Li for being confirmed terf queen for saying "You're not very lady-like at all! I felt like I was fighting against a guy." after defeating Poison kek

Love her for that!

No. 199911

File: 1650751860359.jpg (69.36 KB, 750x734, SNBppmt.jpg)

Because fuck fantasy amrite. I know for a fact that the writers over at bungie will turn him into a trans statement if he’s ever bought up again in the future.

No. 199920

Contexte please? I don't even know where these characters are from and I'd live to read about drama.

No. 199937

File: 1650759777084.png (645.57 KB, 1136x640, 1649369982353.png)

SJWfags should stick to their "true" LGBT CalArts picrelated ponies.

No. 200036

File: 1650804840265.jpg (416.8 KB, 1463x2048, VvURI4y.jpg)

My post was about Oryx the Taken King from Destiny. Before becoming the taken king he used to be a girl called Aurush with 2 other sisters from an alien species called the proto-hive. The 3 sisters made a pact with worm gods , the worm gods have the sisters power while the worms fed on their bodies. To continue surviving they. The three sisters transformed according to which worm god they consume Aurush consumed a king worm/morph and became a male called Auryx the king of the hive. The siblings went to their people and fed them the worms in order to create the Hive, a whole race that had to kill beings in order to not die. Auryx becomes Oryx the Taken King (he was able to create the taken, another enemy species in the game) and had a few kids (Oryx and Nokris) with Thyshik a Taken Wizard. Wizards in destiny are ALWAYS women.

None of this was really explained in the game mostly in lore pieces outside the game. Fans just took it to mean that the proto-hive/hive are aliens and sex/gender functions differently to them it seemed like they had a very strict hierarchy (hence Aurush becoming a male in order to be the king) or that the worm Aurush consumed was a male god . Nowadays it's "yas oryx transmasc rep"!1!!! Knowing bungie and seeing the trans emblems in the game I'm certain they'll eventually go "well he became his true self!!!" instead of allowing the weird alien to be a weird alien.

No. 200175

File: 1650837555159.jpg (55.09 KB, 1024x576, e8573cd4095ba17c0247c05652e7a9…)

now i don't know if there's any wank regarding this character, but he is such an accurate depiction of a predatory troon infiltrating in an all girls school to seduce a girl who is afraid of men

No. 200194

File: 1650840302267.png (221.4 KB, 427x621, 904e889e97e0a3b742a8bbac88b673…)

yuka, blue period. his entire arc is about NOT being shoved into a box because he's a feminine man, but the fandom insists on labeling him with things like "genderqueer" or "trans girl uwu".

at one point in the manga he does actually start using "feminine" jpn pronouns, but the mc is quick to call him out on it – he's only using those pronouns because he thinks he has to, as a gnc guy – and he soon stops.

whenever you try to bring this up, people are like "well he never ACTUALLY says he's a man in the manga so :) he's probably non-binary!" as if any character in the series has flat-out said "i'm x gender". girl your stupid-ass brain just can't comprehend that a man can want to look pretty sometimes. retards

No. 200200

late but i see the gems as male simply because i'm a fujo and they refer to one another as males in series. other people have said it, though; they lack genitals.
also there's no real way to "look" female kek, you either are or you aren't (and they aren't as uhh y'know they're stones)

No. 200201

this anime is garbage but isn't there an actual aiden in series for the girlies to project onto

No. 200214

Agreed! His whole thing is a bisexual guy feeling that he have a better chance with men and also just enjoying cute/feminine outfits, and I really like that way more then this whole oh no he’s actually just genderqueer or she bs I see retards on social media push it as, it’s so regressive honestly

No. 200243

>that entire plot
Jesus, sounds like some AGP lesbian fetishist troon's fantasy. Why is that shit so common in anime, especially with the "troon/cross dresser infiltrates/inserts himself in women's group" had to see that shit in Genshiken too.

No. 200251

File: 1650856466533.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.22 KB, 250x452, 46f9a9e6480b7961703b0ca74f58e0…)

Well there's a show I haven't heard mentioned in a while. It was so bizarre and it got worse as it progressed.

No. 200253

File: 1650857002538.png (850.87 KB, 1280x1280, 700Sylveon.png)

Just because it has the colors of the trans flag doesn't make it trans or is a trans icon.

No. 200254

Kek. He has a maid too. Her name is Matsurika. She helps him yet she comments on his cross-dressing tendencies or sexual perversions. Troons would definitely get off on this.

No. 200255

This, even though I hate Eeveelutions, I gotta admit Sylveon's design is pretty cute. Why did it have to be appropriated by troons? Why do they have to appropriate everything with pastel pink and blue? ffs, I can't even enjoy that color palette anymore because I inevitably think of disgusting, balding MtF trannies in programmer socks, kek
There is a whole sub-genre of this in eroge (cross-dressing male in all-girls school), so yes, this troon fetish has existed in weeb media for a while.

No. 200265

Japan is a really pedophilic country and should have been occupied by the soviets, their degenerate culture should have died instead of being allowed to foster and breed and spread to the west

No. 200271

File: 1650862831547.jpg (125.02 KB, 1000x890, D2oXcJEWkAAXCCp.jpg)

just remember sylveon was designed by atsuko nishida, a woman, and was never meant for males

No. 200295

File: 1650871454050.gif (939.71 KB, 450x255, DscV.gif)

All of them. It's mind boggling.

No. 200298

I 50/50 agree with your post
There's cool shit in japan that I like, mainly the traditional clothes, music, rithuals, food, I love the Ainu too for this reason as an example. It's the ugly and disgusting pedophilic pop culture that makes me want to gauge my eyes out.

I also love all kinds of art and design and japan is very good with those (I'm talking about the real art world, not just anime kek) but GOD the loli shit makes me want to kill myself. Like, in my idealistic world, somehow they would ban all that shit and only make good animation and art. But the pedophile industry is SO FUCKIN BIG that I doubt they will stop anytime soon. This fucking world is doomed.

No. 200299

You forgot to say that the main girl is literally allergic to scrotes so whenever he has any contact with her she gets a very bad allergic reaction. The guy is very pushed onto her and when I watched this anime I felt a looming feeling of "they want her to fall in love with the male, they want to correct the lesbian". it was very gross.

Watch this clip. He even threatens to rape her.

No. 200302

File: 1650873553667.png (732.62 KB, 1024x557, imagen_2022-04-25_025900461.pn…)

Cringed very hard when the creator made her a tranny. Women can't have anything anymore.

No. 200304

File: 1650874674202.jpg (24.74 KB, 412x338, 1628526111879.jpg)

I agree fully, I love aspects of Japanese culture, aesthetics and art(I'd say over half of my favorite media is Japanese) but there are cultural aspects of Japan that are so awful and I feel so many weebs willingly ignore, there's a reason why lolicon, shotacon, fujoism and waifu culture went mainstream in Japan rather then confined to underground sex shops and frankly Japanese degen behavior is only getting worse and more blatant, both the men and women are contaminated


No. 200310

because it is a nasty fetish and at least they don't pretend it's about muh gender dysphoria

No. 200311

ah yes let's put fujos together with the pedos

No. 200315

File: 1650878483349.png (2.62 MB, 1758x2102, imagen_2022-04-25_042047202.pn…)

I want the trans freaks to leave kirby alone

No. 200318

I'm not comparing the two, I'm saying are a product of pedophilic japanese society, some of the first japanese "bl" stories featured characters that were explicitly children being sexually abused and were based on real children
my point was that only a fucked up pedophilic society could produce a culture like that and be part of the mainstream


No. 200324

This. I don't blame fujos who ship adult characters or characters that clearly look like adults (like jojos) but there's some dark aspects to fujoism as well.

No. 200332

File: 1650888795073.jpg (68.25 KB, 600x470, Poland-hetalia-poland-31612420…)

Poland from Hetalia. It was my favorite anime as a kid and he was my favorite character (mostly because im polish but also he is pretty funny). He is very stereotypically gay and I guess he was shown in the anime crossdressing for fanservice once?
Anyway, it disgusts me seeing troons portraying him as a femboy tim.

No. 200335

Why are they transing Kirby? He’s a fucking blob

No. 200338

Wow the first one talking about how the characters and story are meant to liberate young women from sexual restraint and societal misogyny and then it goes on to discuss the themes of rape, incest and overall being pedophilic? Buck fucking wild. I wish she had written about adults.

No. 200339

They trooned Russia out as in "reveal he's actuly a troon" way.

Well because they trans the minecraft bee too

No. 200340

is kirby a >she ? i always thought it was male i never played the games

No. 200343

Is the scrote the one in the maid dress

No. 200345

The scrote is the blonde, but the girl in the maid dress is his enabler to some degree.

No. 200351

i saw some genderbent ladyklok art that was pretty well done, but the artist made pickles m-t-f. i didn't personally care, but also why? i know TRAs find genderbends transphobic, but not even sex-swaps are free from having someone try to be woke.

No. 200352

He's a boy.

No. 200353

Kirby can absorb the traits of the enemies he inhales. That sounds pretty similar to trans skinwalkers of both genders who will imitate the style of and name themselves after their "transition goals". Just kidding, but that's probably their reasoning.

No. 200358

File: 1650893399241.jpg (140.4 KB, 461x600, 4Qg7ziB.jpg)

dean winchester.
the aidens have decided that because a pretty male character at times gets treated like a woman (re: forced to take care of siblings, hints of sexual violence and "delicate features") then yeah, that's now a transman.

there's one fanartist that makes the ugliest shit i've seen in over 15 years. borderline obese and ugly-fied dean fanart and i hate every single tif who decided to try to ruin my fav character.

No. 200359

File: 1650893606765.png (394.35 KB, 603x446, 980e046ac62ef3da6af04508900fed…)

Trannies have. I noticed a lot of trannies sperging about the scene where Sunny was afraid of Izzy's horn because in their fetid minds they thought the horn was a metaphor for a penis and that unicorns were analogs for trannies. Zip also has colors vaguely reminiscent of the tranny flag, so I wouldn't be surprised if people started trooning her as well.

Sorry for ponysperging but the new ponies are blah. The mane six last generations looked so nice together because of how varied their colors were, but the new ponies have too much orange, blue and purple. Putting some token boy ponies in the main cast wasn't a bad idea, but having one of them be a fucking fascist was so hamhanded and cringe. Here's a concept: since last generation had a tomboyish mare, why not make one of the stallions kind of feminine in this reboot? As opposed to what they actually did, which was make Zephyrina, who is just recolored rainbow dash.

I've only seen the movie because the animated show looks like absolute crap. They just have it the same ugly beanmouth style everything else has these days, fucking shoot me. I'm not saying it had to have the same style as FiM (I actually really liked that they gave the ponies markings and hooves) but at least pick a style that's somewhat unique, ffs.

No. 200361

>there's one fanartist that makes the ugliest shit i've seen in over 15 years. borderline obese and ugly-fied dean fanart
you can’t say this and not share

No. 200368

File: 1650894345162.jpg (1.04 MB, 826x773, bSj5alm.jpg)

it's so fucking bad

No. 200369

WTF, dude is 6 feet tall, the size of an ox and has a granite jaw line, how would anyone view him as anything close to an uwu fakeboi, If it was any supernatual character to be hc'd as trans my money would have been on castiel cause he's shorter then the main cast, awkward and doesn't understand social cues cause he's an angle

No. 200370

WHAT THE FUCK that’s so much worse than I expected why did I even ask oh my god

No. 200371

File: 1650894517958.jpg (54 KB, 800x576, jensen-ackles-shirtless.jpg)

and this is what he really looks like

No. 200372

File: 1650894553215.jpg (630.25 KB, 2048x2845, KcQrNBF.jpg)

the op has a massive fat fetish, everything she draws is just obesity over and over

No. 200374

>UwU anon he's pwobwamatic!!1! you can't like him!!!1!
Why do puritans like you even engage with media with morally ambiguous characters in the first place? Have you ever considered that being "a scumbag" makes him interesting to watch? That perfect little cinnamon rolls are fucking boring???

If nuance is too hard for you, feel free to go watch Barney instead.

No. 200377

Why pretend you're doing fanart of a specfic character when you have changed everything about him?

No. 200378

I don't understand.. Why not latch into actual fat and ugly guys if they want to insert themselves so bad? Why choose the good looking guys and uglyfy them?

No. 200379

That's the furthest from Dean Winchester you can get, and I barely know anything about Supernatural!

No. 200380

File: 1650895421979.jpg (560.74 KB, 2048x1844, huFq575.jpg)

other characters get the same treatment too

No. 200382

Reminds me of a tumblr artist who would draw skinny and muscular bishounen as fatties wearing american teenage fashion, I wonder what drives this behaviour.

No. 200384

projection i would say

No. 200385

File: 1650896007171.jpg (1.47 MB, 2048x2518, Tumblr_l_468033300770539.jpg)

I've seen her art floating around Tumblr. It's a shame because I think she's legitimately talented, but she wastes it drawing the same identical fetish crap of "Dean." You'd think she would at least try to get his face right if she's going to fuck up the rest of his body, but no– he looks like Sylvester Stallone with his weird lips and droopy eyes.

No. 200386

Mental illness, social isolation, being in front of a screen all day long.

No. 200387

It’s extremely awkward to me when they try to trans HC chars who are played by live action actors.

No. 200388

If I were to guess, I'd dean artist is probably an FtM fatass herself. This kind of stuff is always either self-insertion or virtue signaling.

No. 200389

File: 1650896265459.jpeg (82.64 KB, 596x557, 45219CAF-63D2-4971-9FEA-25F8BC…)

Ah yeah. I remember this. So gross.

No. 200390

the only trans hc in spn i support is transbian sam, because he has the same hairline as the ordinary tim.

No. 200391

I thought those were pizza boxes around them kek as an explanation to how they became that way
Sure, sure, exactly the same

No. 200392

kek that small pink one looks legit like it's missing a chromosome.

No. 200394

i used to follow this chick on tumblr who did a sick murderface cosplay with a friend who also did skwisgaar iirc. then she trooned out and seemed to stop hanging out with her skwisgaar friend. she was the first instance in my life of having someone gnc i knew come out as trans where i thought 'oh thats a shame…" b4 i peaked.
>>200351 pickles is the one i see ftm'd the most often, kek that theyd do the same with a genderbent interpretation

No. 200407

File: 1650900758715.jpg (13.63 KB, 229x435, qq.jpg)

This supernatural talk made me remember when I was still very into comics had my tumblr dashboard slowly transform into lazy trans headcanons.. the batfamily for some reason are very popular with troons but the worst seems to be with dick grayson, the transmen really latched into him and he is often a tots gay soft trans man.
X men too, I remember seeing monet st croix transgirl hc, transwoman emma frost, transman jono starsmore.. I guess maybe I was just unlucky because generation x is not even that popular, there are very few fics and fanartists but it baffles me how tranny shit is spreading everywhere, even reaching small fandoms. Most of these characters are from the old comics, then we have the new comics and quentin quire happens to be trannyfyied quite often (or at least when I was still in the fandom) and they totally ignore his "problematic" personality and all the shit he's done in a way you don't see them doing for female characters. But this tells me they haven't read much of him before.. I guess I can see why they like him kek (see picrel) and it's kinda funny cus this kid is insufferable. Also I've seen my fair share of tranny gambit! For some reason he attracts lots of enbies and idk if thats sad or hilarious, I wish I had saved all the beautiful trans art.

Now, I ain't talking about peter parker, I'm glad I left spiderman fandom before tumblr.

No. 200409

Same. I too hated when the creator changed the game meaning from being about mental illness to "Well now its all about me trooning out so now the main female is now a tranny". I hate when they do this

No. 200416

>They trooned Russia out as in "reveal he's actuly a troon" way.

No. 200422

I think we should clarify the definition here, point is someone made Russia/Ivan a ftm troon.

>what is transwashing

Transwashing is when a character or media is forcefully made into trans or about trannies. Any character or real individual can be prone to transwashing, albeit higher vulnerability for characters who dresses or behaves in a way outside of the gender stereotype associated with their biological sex (gender noncomformity)

Transwashing can either happen if a character is "revealed"(read:headcannon'ed) to be a tranny, or made in such a way by fans that the character is given bouts of gender dysphoria (if not already present) in a narrative and troons out within the same narrative.

No. 200432

my personal tinfoil is that nippon's overall dissociation from the nagasaki/hiroshima bombings, loss of territories, and military destabilization traumatized the nipponese into creating kawaii culture in the 1970s. The 1960/70s, in general, also had the sexy baby look that was super popularized worldwide, literal infantalization AND sexualization of grown ass woman and exclusively women. Innocence is the most sexy, make yourself look like a 12 year old! Free love! NAMBLA! Baby groupies of rock stars! Pornography was also created in the 70s. All of these mixed together create a pedophile's haven and while a majority of countries where these were originally affected by dropped them within time, Japan didn't, thus we see nippon's cutesy pedo culture even today!

No. 200435

I hate that tomboys aren't allowed to exist anymore

No. 200436

Nta, but why does it make you so mad that anon called him a scumbag? No one said you can't like him anon. Are people not allowed to say they think a character is a shitty person?

No. 200444

If it's any consolation, they don't end up together, neither in the anime nor the manga iirc

No. 200447

It's even worse when you realize Makoto was teased by boys for being tall, which made her insecure, so she made up for it by learning domestic skills.

No. 200450

File: 1650910824429.png (196.1 KB, 540x609, tumblr_inline_pr1noovPZA1tirkl…)

>someone made Russia/Ivan a FtM troon
That's hilarious actually. He's a total creep with attachment issues in the anime/manga. It suits.

No. 200461

I know what transwashing is I just wanted to know why they made russia into a troon if the country hates gay shit also is this canon?

No. 200474

no way i follow hetalia and russia isn't a troon he's just a creepy sociopath

No. 200477

No, of course not. Himaruya has a hard time admitting a character is gay, he would never make a character troon out.

No. 200478

the one who was troonified was hungary, although i guess her NLOG ass does fit the aiden stereotype

No. 200480

well yeah they're personified countries after all, it's already weird he decided to make poland a crossdresser when that country is anything but pro-lgbt kek

No. 200481

She isn't troonified. She has acted manly as a child and thought she was a male, but when Prussia asks her if she has a penis she says that she doesn't have one, implying that she believes penises just grow. It's just a gag about child naivety, not troonism.

No. 200482

meant to say she was troonified by the fanbase. her character in the story is more of a NLOG, all the NLOGs back then were projecting on her

No. 200483

What's interesting is that the strip with Poland crossdressing was later removed by Himaruya. It stayed in the anime though.

No. 200485

himaruya "himself" might be an aiden

No. 200493

File: 1650914371165.jpg (46.12 KB, 624x352, Snakes_N'_Barrels_HQ.jpg)

Pickles is more popular to be ftm. I think it's the combination of him being the shortest, his glam mental look, and his piercings. Kek. His Wisconsin accent gets me every time.

No. 200508

A lot of female japanese authors are 100% pretending to be male

No. 200521

The new MLPs fandom tends to be a cesspit. I noticed it's either brony coomers that jack off to the Nazi pony OC (I wish I was joking), softboy TIMs who think liking the show as a teenager meant they were "girls all along", and TIFs who headcanon all the characters as autistic polyamorous fae/it/she demigirls.

This is pretty decently done art. But I can't even tell that it's Dean. Why not just make an OC?

No. 200538

I saw so much gross art of Pickles with a giant deformed t-clit it's not even funny. Although it would have been pretty funny to see an artist like >>200368 latch onto Murderface and make him an ayden kek

No. 200545

It's obvious he's not a "good" person, setting aside how reductionist it is to sort characters into "good" or "bad." Why point out something obvious like that if your intention isn't to either A) shame me for liking the character or B) insinuate that I'm some kind of retard incapable of making that observation myself. He's a bad person who's trying to be better. I think that's compelling and I like him.

This is neither here nor there, but he's fifteen. Most people that age are assholes in some capacity. If he acknowledged that what he did was wrong and says he wants to improve himself, I see no reason to disbelieve him especially when he's at the age where people usually start doing that.

No. 200547

I still think that woman in that Japanese TV show is the real Himaruya
My guess is that they pick popular characters that a lot of people find attractive to get ready validation. If they only went for the characters that are already fat/ugly that nobody cares about, what would be the point? They want to make a statement.

No. 200557

File: 1650923017639.jpg (880.98 KB, 3268x3759, Testament_Guilty_Gear_Strive.j…)

Testament from Guilty Gear. I know that in the game they made it canon that he's "nonbinary" or some shit but IDAF, Testament was obviously always intended to be a male character and it's clear they transed him just to be wOkE.

It just sucks because Testament had a very cool design, a nice blend of feminine but yet still masculine in a way, a great blend who was confident and owned himself (him wearing that dress).

His new design I'm eh with. Some elements I do like like the skull belt, skirt, and boots but the waistcoat and top hat are just gaudy and make his outfit look mismatched.

Either way still, I was beyond frustrated when he was revealed and they confirmed he's an enby.

No. 200562

>based retard
I literally said you can like him. I like him.

No. 200565

They only transwashed him to attract more coomers (who will draw tons of porn of "them" and thus make the game more popular) and to win wokie points. Both worked. The other day I went on some subreddits for fighting games (I don't usually touch that shit site) and even though they pretended to be excited about the pronoun shit, it's so fucking obvious that scrotes don't give a shit about woke "representation", they just want another sufficiently feminine character that they can fap to.

No. 200568

Right… I get that it was a smart move business-wise to attract gender tards to their game and may pay off even more if they make figures of him and said coomer tards throw money at it. But still, what could've been a truly progressive male character was ruined for fake woke cred. To me, he'll always be a male character and have hope that when the gender fad ends, they'll change his profile back.

But seeing what they did to him makes me worried for if they bring Bridget back and they fully trans him. "Nonbinary" really means nothing at the end of the day but troon is more heavy handed and I can't help but feel they will troon out Bridget. That or maybe just make him uber masculine looking lol.

No. 200577

File: 1650927085229.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1172x1317, EC5421C1-940C-4341-A931-CB5919…)

No. 200582


kind of unrelated but sometimes i lurk the ratings on sites like anilist and its amazing how many moids with watchlists filled to the brim with yuri hentai will rate this manga poorly presumably because it wasnt the pornified kawaii anime schoolgirl story they expected

No. 200584

>those hips
>those shoulders
>those legs
This is a girl. I hate the way japanese people draw fem""""boys"""" so fucking much.

No. 200585

I have seen troons reading and liking this manga so it's no surprise they self insert. Barf.

No. 200586

I don't get how these girls parents don't get uncomfortable with this shit

No. 200589

Relax anon, it's just Homestuck. This post >>198536 wasn't anything to get upset over.

No. 200593

>quentin quire happens to be trannyfyied quite often
How the fuck does that character even have a fanbase

No. 200596

>but having one of them be a fucking fascist
Wait what? Please explain.

No. 200612

I only watched the movie once, but one of the boy ponies was a cop who wanted to enforce the pony-segregated status quo and had a corny song about it.

Honestly, I still like him, but I'm not gonna pretend that he's suddenly not a man anymore just because he had a design/pronoun change and is voiced by a trans"woman" now. Guilty Gear is a 20+ year old series, not to be a boomer but you can't randomly change that and expect people to get used to it.

No. 200630

kawaii started as counterculture movement against strict norms of japanese society by teenage girls. then i suppose got coopted because women are advertised to so heavily

No. 200637

he has a dick nonny. i guess all troons with wide hips and narrow shoulders are totes girls now just because their frames are feminine.
it's a drawing either way though, kys

No. 200656

>Honestly, I still like him, but I'm not gonna pretend that he's suddenly not a man anymore just because he had a design/pronoun change and is voiced by a trans"woman" now. Guilty Gear is a 20+ year old series, not to be a boomer but you can't randomly change that and expect people to get used to it.

Nah I agree anon. I first played GG back in 2002 and Testament was one of my mains back during the GGX2 days. I don't believe in transgenderism or "nonbinary" BS (it's just androgyny honestly) and so long as the whole gEnDeR thing isn't a big thing with him, it's fairly easy to ignore. I was just more annoyed with the fact that they actually entertained that bullshit y'know?

No. 200739

NTA but she obviously meant that males with that kind of body that is exactly like a woman with a very curvy body don't exist.
>it's a drawing either way though, kys
Chill the fuck out

No. 200746

File: 1650985759598.jpg (1.34 MB, 1280x5400, 11.jpg)

Mob, cause he's a small shy male whose unsure about his sense of masculinity, so for TIFs that means he's a uwu smol transboy

No. 200749

I know trannies are shameless and there’s no low they won’t stoop to, but trying to co opt an actual woman’s lived experiences is still shocking to me

No. 200752

lmao as if those TIFs didn't troon out in the first place because they were unsure about their own sense of femininity
Again and again and again it's always the same shit, they're basically reinforcing gender roles, and saying that GNC women and men can't exist and that if you don't conform to gender stereotypes you must be some kind of troon. I'm so fucking tired of it.

No. 200757

it's because the mom is making money off of this

No. 200761

I don't want to start political/SWERF/TERF discourse, but I found that manga awkward to read and even if the writer is obviously a woman, I'm sure the transcels mostly relate to the part where she hires a prostitute lmao

>I don't believe in transgenderism or "nonbinary" BS (it's just androgyny honestly) and so long as the whole gEnDeR thing isn't a big thing with him, it's fairly easy to ignore. I was just more annoyed with the fact that they actually entertained that bullshit y'know?
My hottest take is that this kind of things only makes sense in the realm of fiction (which is why so many transpeople are into anime/games/fantasy novels/etc.), so I could accept Testament being so-called "genderless" but still clearly a biological man. But I do think the transing into using different pronouns and being voiced by a transperson is pandering to the queer gender geek crowd, but what can you do. I'm sure when this craze ends, it'll either be retconned or not touched on again

No. 200780

File: 1650993127843.jpg (91.71 KB, 540x537, tumblr_a4e4534a1228029c7700ba1…)

the entire cast of the magnus archives, but especially martin and jon. doesn't help that the writers/va's are massive TRAs and the main character's va's gf is an enby too.

No. 200782

are those stink lines coming off the fat one? kek

No. 200784

Why does the fatty have to be airing out its fat folds in front of everybody. At least the odor is flying in the opposite direction. Also Jon and Tim look fucking filthy but no wonder, considering there are bacterias floating around their heads. Then the last one is a tranny so smelliness is a given.

No. 200788

File: 1650994075345.jpg (1.15 MB, 2855x3840, E7KLQEuUYAEwXQ1.jpg)

everyone projects on martin because he's chubby, lonely and a soft sad boi (man) so they all trans him so they can imagine themselves as scary archivist jon's cute chubby boyfwiend. the amount of disgustingly scary fanart this podcast has is disturbing.

No. 200791

File: 1650994393794.jpeg (39.61 KB, 519x590, BBA5E741-DE80-4CE2-8F99-36FD6A…)

I haven’t been active in the WoW fandom lately (migrated to FFXIV kek) but fakebois love to latch onto Kael’thas since he’s effeminate/gay-coded(?). Considering people criticize the lore for having too many crazy female characters wouldn’t making him FtM just add more fuel to the fire?

No. 200794

File: 1650994477587.jpeg (30.75 KB, 341x512, images (15) (17).jpeg)

Not an specific character but I hate how MTF's basically hijacked this show and thus I don't see the point of trying to enter the fandom

No. 200796

why do they insist on drawing them so repellent and ugly. at least normal fujos draw their faves as being decent looking, and sometimes more attractive than the characters actually are

No. 200807

Most fandoms are trash fires that are best to avoid. Just watch the show/read the manga and enjoy them, anon.

No. 200826

I knew an MTF who was a Homura kinnie and convinced he looked like her. He was a manlet with no chin, an eagle nose and a balding 5head. Like yep, nailed it, you look exactly like the 14 year old japanese cartoon girl

No. 200852

What is it about this show that attracts so many troons?

No. 200855

I guess it's the combination of very feminine magical girl outfits, the "dark" theme, the loli faces, the popular lesbian ship and that mascot who makes wishes come true??

No. 200865

File: 1651003146857.jpeg (61.44 KB, 668x397, so tired.jpeg)

Nah girl I agree, I liked her one about alcoholism but seeing so many wokie types go crazy for this one in particular also left a bad taste in my mouth alongside just her going through/writing about it and I do like her work. OT but I was trying to find cute Spirited Away fanart and saw trans Chihiro, Rin and Haku, made me weep for the love of god when will this dumbass fuckery end

No. 200870

Didn’t the author come out as non-binary too? Bleak

No. 200890

God I really liked her but fans using they/them confused and ruined my experience

No. 200903

>OT but I was trying to find cute Spirited Away fanart and saw trans Chihiro, Rin and Haku, made me weep for the love of god when will this dumbass fuckery end
Fucking gross. Nothing is safe from these coom brain creeps.

No. 200913

File: 1651009609774.jpg (20.74 KB, 232x320, Hades_cover_art.jpg)

i've managed to see nearly every single character of this game be trooned but they seem to fixate on zagreus. i'm assuming because he's canonically the shortest character in the game and you can romance a male character so i'm sure it's all self inserts

No. 200915

Also fujo fakebois love ancient Greece and shit (look at the Percy Jackson fandom) so no wonder they went batshit for this game.

No. 200918

which japanese show? please share the clip, I need to know

No. 200919

I don't think so, but in the original manga she says she "doesn't identify with any gender" and in her tcaf interview she made some cagey comments about not really knowing what she was, when asked about issues in the lesbian community. I wouldn't be surprised if western fans memed her into coming out as nb soon

No. 200921

Did she? Fuck. She's dead to me now.
I overlooked the escort shit because otherwise her experiences were very very relatable except for that very thing. Now I can say I dislike her.

No. 200934

File: 1651011723462.jpeg (36.88 KB, 292x341, E362838D-4FFB-4BCA-B60B-05280B…)

This fucker of all characters…

No. 200935

I always felt the short thing was a gameplay choice rather than something canon considering he's the only moveable character. But leave it to fans to assume it means he's a fucking midget despite being 3/4 god and Persephone being a half-breed yet is taller. Fucking retarded. They should have kept the incest to make people repulsed and stay away

No. 200941

I gotta give em credit, at least he's not the kind of bishies Aidens usually go after.

No. 200943

I'm so glad I listening to this pod totally isolated from any fandom nonsense. I had enough of it back when I listened to WTNV

No. 200952

oh nonnie aidens love projecting onto ugly old men

No. 200971

File: 1651016791778.jpg (68.28 KB, 290x586, wtf.jpg)

it actually genuinely makes me angrier when they transwash a slobby older man, like, holy fuck that's peak masculinity and you would NEVER look like that unless you spent your entire 40 years being extremely male

No. 200975

Remember the anons wondering about the genderfags who identify as unwashed little gremlins? Here is their kinnie kek.

No. 201019

She’s a twitter addict, a mentally ill woman, a lesbian and a CSA survivor. In modern day she has 0 chances of making it out un-trooned. It’s kind of shit.

No. 201027

File: 1651020358468.jpg (206.32 KB, 1280x853, avan jogia.jpg)

oh god no, I wish I've seen because sadly I work in the arts, so like many TIFs I have the displeasure of knowing, identify and say that the following characters have "transmasc" energy:
Tony Sopranao (even his actor gets claimed, like ladies he's dead!)
Jesse Pinkman
Vito(especially Vito but also Michael) Corleone
Some random k-pop guys, idk who they be
Avan Jogia (sorry king)
Like a lot of grimy men in fiction and pretty men irl from what I've seen and it's like girlies calm your (sadly lopped off) tits, and accept your autism/CSA and that you will never be men at all

No. 201028

I remember hearing that MTF troon Laura k buzz say that shit about destiny. Damn, we cant ever have good things.

No. 201030

An artist I otherwise like once posted a fanart of this guy years ago wearing a dress, saying he's genderqueer. Now I've never played GTA but that never seemed to be a very "queer"-friendly series, lmao. I thought Saints Row would be the troons kind of series instead.

No. 201050

trevor is very openly bisexual ingame but theres nothing "genderqueer" or even really "queer" about him, he'll just fuck whoever he thinks is hot. he likes to wear dresses sometimes but it's definitely a comedic thing like "wow trevor sure is crazy!" than a serious part of his identity. he makes up a story at one point swapping himself with a "girl" named trina or something i cant remember, once again it was a joke and not meant to imply anything.

i love trevor, he's a wonderful character, and unfortunately i can see why twittertards would also like him.

No. 201053

Please no… I love that howl was one of the OG pretty boys that women were allowed to lust after and moids could only seethe about it

No. 201069

tbf no adult man in the world looks like howl, his facial characteristics have more in common with a 9 year old boy rather then an actual human adult male, so a tif would technically be closer to his appearance then most actual men

No. 201090

If Howl looks like a 9 year old, then IDK what to say about moeblobs. He looks like every other anime character, no need to look deeper into it. Especially to justify trooning him, which makes zero sense.

No. 201092

not justifying trooning him(think its retarted asf) but almost all bishe characters who despite being adults are still very clearly modeled after real life young male children, a fusion of euro-centric and pedo-centric aspects of japanese society

No. 201097

bishies aren't modeled after children, they are androgynous males that women find attractive, drawn in a weeb style. Do you think that women into Howl and drawing adult bishonen think of children? You are right about one thing - they look a bit like women, which made scrotes seethe back in the day.
Stop with that retarded argument. No need to look to bishonen to talk about pedophilia in weeb content, you have shota and loli to discuss.
>but Bjorn Andressen, Każe To Ki No Uta and that one 'too beautiful' kid!!
Fuck off, Howl is clearly an adult. He is in the same category as Cloud, Sephiroth and Raiden.
Stop trying to tarnish attractive male characters that women enjoy.

No. 201103

Why are fujo fakebois obsessed with Ancient Greece? Please tell me it's not the paedophilic homosexuality…

No. 201106

I'm not trying to "tarnish" them, In fact a lot of characters you stated are my husbandos, but it doesn't change the reality that yes bishes are based off european children, though I will say that with 90% of current bishes they are a different matter, they were formed from cultural osmosis of the real bishes, a copy of a copy of a copy, sort of like how memes and art styles evolve, those aren't anything close to real human beings at this point

think of this miyazaki quote
>You see, whether you can draw like this or not, being able to think up this kind of design, it depends on whether or not you can say to yourself, 'Oh, yeah, girls like this exist in real life.' If you don’t spend time watching real people, you can’t do this, because you’ve never seen it. Some people spend their lives interested only in themselves. Almost all Japanese animation is produced with hardly any basis taken from observing real people, you know. It’s produced by humans who can’t stand looking at other humans. And that’s why the industry is full of otaku!

No. 201107

File: 1651039646489.jpeg (401.35 KB, 1280x2048, wow.jpeg)

have they ever seen slobby older men in their life?

No. 201108

I don't think you're wrong considering the best cosplayers for these characters are typically women. But I think there are some adult men with softer, more androgynous features that could pull him off. Bartek Borowiec before he transformed into a gross IT troglodyte. Lucky Blue Smith although he's kind of hit the wall. They don't have to be kids but men do tend to have that sweet spot of early to mid twenties then fall off hard.

No. 201109

God fucking damn it it's the bjorn "anime bishies literally look like children so you're all pedophiles!!!" sperg. It's a moid, don't reply.

No. 201110

The image is pure cope holy shit. Because the designer didn't draw an obvious dick bulge on their concept art, obviously it's a mutilated woman!

No. 201124

I realized that this wasn't fanart, this is actual concept art with insane autistic ramblings scribbled over it. Wow. Like, do they actually believe this? Or is this a cope?

No. 201127

File: 1651042131218.jpg (381.86 KB, 1284x2778, lucky-blue-smith-iphone-12-pro…)

those men stopped looking like cute boys as soon they entered their 20's, twenty two is probably as far as most men can go for a youthful appearance, even then even when lucky blue smith was young he still had some clearly masculine features that signaled his maleness and age, I think other then pre teen boys, its impossible for a male appear truly "androgynous"
I have literally never stated that

No. 201128

yes but anything is possible in the world of fiction and anime characters generally do not represent real people. why is this so hard for people to understand?

No. 201131

File: 1651042812384.jpg (284.96 KB, 1336x1418, Boyography-scaled.jpg)

sameafg male beauty is distinct from female beauty, its something gay/bi scrotes(along with faghags) can't understand or appreciate, its a natural occurrence, but it can only exist for a brief period but its glorious when it does
also there is no such as thing as "masculine and feminine features or traits" a man is just man and his features will always be "manly" in that regard
I think a big problem is calling attractive features "feminine" when they aren't, like long eyelashes (men on average actually have longer eyelashes then women just because they're hairier), well-proportioned noses, thick/full hair, expressive and clear eyes, smooth skin(men on average have clearer skin then women), etc… Matter of fact is either men or women can have these features and they're universally beautiful. but men with these features will be called feminine even though in some cases these features are far more common among men then women

No. 201149

Please, get help. It's not normal to see little boys getting fucked in everything. You're obsessed.

No. 201156

File: 1651044014957.jpg (17.52 KB, 236x346, 9f036e85d73cd21ca8dc9e393d249c…)

I disagree with you so much. Howl reminds me more of Richey Edwards than children. Even if androgynous men aren't as perfect as drawings or get ugly quickly, it doesn't mean that said drawings are based on children and not the idea of a "feminine" men.

No. 201172

Go away pedo moid, stop trying to gaslight anons into interacting with you. You aren't welcome here, fuck off, stop reeeeeing because girls would rather look at cartoons than your ugly ass

No. 201195

nonna I hate fujos, In fact I think their turbo-pickme's s for wanting to see two dudes together engage in shit sex, I am not one of them
see >>201131

No. 201203

the myths and the gods are cool, you weren't obsessed with ancient greece when you were a kid?

No. 201204

>pick me
do you know what that means

No. 201208

this woman should fix her raging alcoholism

No. 201211

File: 1651046643889.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.47 KB, 680x659, FQOT1BiX0AAf6rZ.jpg)

I guess pick-me was the wrong term here, but they are self hating women who have coomed themselves to deliberating brain rot and often mutilate their entire bodies so they can be uwu gay bois cause again coomed themselves into thinking their heterosexual desire was somehow inferior to gay buttsex

No. 201216

le punchable pooner smirk

No. 201223

Pic makes me want to puke. How could a woman wanna mutilate herself? It looks so painful. Also there looks to be nobody home in their eyes. Spooky.

No. 201224

I wish you'd spoiler that freak shit.

No. 201264

Please spoiler this. It's sad to see a biological female that clearly looks like a young woman cut her breasts.

No. 201268

15 years ago they would have taken the exact same picture but with MCR shirts instead of their tits lopped off, this is depressing.

No. 201280

File: 1651054498632.jpg (218.34 KB, 1907x2160, edb8c831d6c6824_5c1c67d4_2048.…)

Saw way too many times people calling this character "canonically transgender", theres a difference between being a hermaphrodite and being trans

No. 201282

Exactly. You can take off the MCR shirt when you're done with that period of your life but you'll never get your healthy bodyparts back. Tragic.

No. 201295

What do fujos have to do with this? You just think everyone into bishie men (which you see as children because you are obsessed with kids) is a fujo because you're a moid who can't stand that women prefer beautiful guys instead of your ugly incel ass.
Also love that this fucker keeps sperging about tall beautiful anime men but doesn't say about moe shit where the "women" have a child face, high pitched voice and behave like retarded children (but of course, he doesn't say anything because he's a moid and he's into that).

No. 201300

I'm just as tired of bjorn andersen anon as the next fujo but this post made me do a triple take lol. I always assumed he was around 13. Inb4 'he's a thousand y.o. river'.

No. 201304

Uh are you talking about howl or haku?

No. 201306

Same and Radagon/Marika aren’t even hermaphrodites. There are a ton of people smashing the trans stuff by saying they truly are two different people, which is kind of obvious bc they both want different things. One destroyed the ring, the other tried to fix it. The fight shows they don’t even exist in the same body at the same time, more like they take turns with it. But people see these chars and make it sounds like trans is coming from word of god.

No. 201308

She’s been shitting up other threads too. Like no one cares, and she’s never going to change the minds of girls who are into bishie chars. And who cares if Howl looks young or whatever, he isn’t even real. That’s part of the reason girls like him and every other char like that, bc those men don’t exist irl and they’re desperate for it.

No. 201309

"Fujoshi" and "TiF" are not interchangeable. Trooning is pretty rare among non-anglophone fujoshis, for one. About half of TiFs aren't even attracted to men, they're just lesbians with internalized homophobia. There's also a generational difference– the older the fujoshi, the less likely she is to have been groomed into the troon cult.

Also, seething at fujoshis is not going to make them change their hobbies. It's honestly a retarded, inane thing to fixate on when the porn consumed by scrotes involves real people who are being exploited by a predatory industry.

No. 201311

Honestly this. They are retarded and screechy but I’d rather deal with that than rapey scrotes. Most of the loud ones are young and will hopefully grow out of it while the older ones seem to (mostly) keep to their little nests. I couldn’t give two shits about them sexualizing fake men. In fact I support that objectification after having to see male coomer art time and time again.

No. 201312

File: 1651060847441.jpg (324.79 KB, 677x735, 183525015547333.jpg)

All the mercs get transed by retards, but Scout probably gets the worst fakeboi treatment.

No. 201315

TF is wrong with his mouth in this drawing

No. 201320

File: 1651061945836.jpg (5.09 MB, 3300x7650, 1333.jpg)

ah yes developing porn sickness and mutilating your due to your porn-sickness is so based, this is what fujosism leads too alright, like why are you so insistent that eastern drawings gay cartoon boys fucking is such an important thing for you, if it is then fucking hell I'm sorry for you, also we all know that real life scrote are worse but these girls develop brain rot due to their porn consumption and really they damage themselves porn then anyone, cause mass pornography consumption isn't natural for human beings, it fucks up our brains

No. 201322


No. 201323

I don't think it's purely yaoi which leads to TIFs like with men. I think there needs to be a few additional elements, like being considered unattractive and having low self esteem, being afraid of sex-based violence, friend group approval, fetishization accusation avoidance etc. I don't really see FTMs that are pure coomer sans one of the other mentioned contributing factors like you do with men. Maybe for men it's autism and coom?

No. 201324

+ wanting to be perceived as special or not boring.

No. 201326

This. Blaming it purely on yaoi is a little braindead.

No. 201343

sure it's yaoi that makes women pornsick and willing to mutilate their body, it's not like seeing 10/10 stacies with balloon tits all the time in the media would make average women feel insecure with their appearance and feminity and turn into nlogs then trannies right

No. 201345

File: 1651063624895.jpg (141.59 KB, 949x567, wh.jpg)

heres another weird one i noticed a lot of when i was into overwatch. people really want to trans these extremely masculine older men. it's so cringe. even my sjw friend who typically capes for trannies was like "man, it sure would be late in life for them to be taking hormones" lmao

actually, almost every overwatch guy was transwashed, though some were more than others. 76, reaper, junkrat and reinhardt seemed to be the most popular ones

No. 201351

How the hell did you read "retarded and inane" and somehow get the impression I said "based and important"?

Also BL isn't all pornographic. It's literally just any manga with an m/m romance. Your fuckin grandma could read Ganbare Nakamura-kun.

No. 201368

Like the other anon said, fujo =/= TIF. The girls who do he/him out are almost always autistic, CSA victims, bi/lesbian, or some combination of the above. Some fujos might call themselves nonbinary or put she/they pronouns on their profiles to avoid accusations of being a "MLM fetishist"(kek), but the vast majority don't get titchopped like this poor girl.

No. 201375

Is this the self-hating, white boy loving, self-inserter RPF anon who hates fujos because they ship her beloved white husbandos with other white men instead of black women? KEK

No. 201379

Being a fujo online was a quintessential part of being a female weeb in the early 2000's and I can tell you nobody back then was trans just cringy and stupid like all kids are. The ones that grew out of internet discourse remained normal people, the ones that stayed in todays fandom circles and the like might've troonified themselves because that's practically a requirement for being terminally online these days.
Girls into yaoi today are pushed into being trans due to multiple factors, one of them being this mantra that gets repeated in all online spaces for teens nowadays which is "yaoi and mlm is fetishization of gay men" which in turn makes girls confused because of the way they obviously relate to shit made by women, for women. This, among other factors other nonnies mentioned is a perfect recipe for transition and wanting to mutilate yourself. A lot of these girls mostly read fluff as well so porn sickness really isn't that much of a contributing factor here. While men are more often driven by porn sickness, women are more driven by peer pressure in my experience, and they won't want to be excluded from spaces they enjoy being in so they do dumb things.

No. 201381

what are you on about, I'd say 90% of modern TIFs are almost always straight girls who coomed themselves into developing brainrot
I'm south asian you idiot porn addict
no it wasn't, you were insane minority of fetishistic porn addicts back then who ruined discussion back then and your fetishistic porn addicts now

This is what pornsickness does alright

No. 201384

legit aiden or concealed identity?

No. 201389

>no it wasn't, you were insane minority of fetishistic porn addicts back then who ruined discussion back then and your fetishistic porn addicts now
I'm neither a fujo now nor was I a fujo back then.
You have a weird fixation on female pornsickness and the stuff you link reeks of you being a pornsick aiden into public humiliation so I'll stop taking the bait. Take your weird fetishes elsewhere.

No. 201405

a painting of hima exists and it looks aiden-ish

No. 201412

File: 1651069739460.png (Spoiler Image, 3.21 MB, 1280x1477, oZgeyXv.png)

new dean fanart dropped by the same tif as >>200368

this one needs a spoiler

No. 201415

Ignore him/her, it's a sperg who keeps getting banned and posts hand selfies with it's little brother.

No. 201418


Yeah, I'm not a fujoshi or pro-fujoshi (I think romance and shipping is corny in general) but I've spoken to fujo women who didn't become trans and realized a lot of fujoshi who TIF out tend to already have mental issues that led them there. The yaoi can be a catalyst, but I feel like if they're hellbent on getting their tits cut off and growing a synthetic beard, then they'd do it anyway if they never saw anime in their life. Lou Sullivan was the OG gayyden, and she didn't need internet access and fanfiction to lead to writing long diary entries crying over wanting to fuck gay men in the 70s.

It's not 1:1 the same as when men become desensitized to violent live action porn (although it can be similar for the nympho CSA survivor TIFs who wank to shit like Black Butler "to cope", but even if that series is gross, it's not real), since that stimulus involves real people. Most sane-minded people can look at an anime or artwork and know it's fake even the story is emotional or if it's sexually titilating, the issue is a lot of nerdy people who used internet instead of socializing (which most transpeople are) have comorbid mental illnesses already that makes them use fiction as a coping tool or basis for their identity, which now usually manifests into "gender identity" since that topic is trendy now.

No. 201421

Anon I fucking hate you for bringing this into my life but also thanks for sharing im going to go blind myself now.

No. 201422

File: 1651071024235.gif (466.39 KB, 250x250, F1A450AE-19E2-437A-8E52-812E8C…)

You know what I’m honestly surprised about not seeing? Trans naruto fanart like you think it be there with how big and freaky the fandom is but thankfully this is something my eyes have happily not been subjected to! Now time to figure out how to cleanse my soul from the trans Soul Eater fanart I had to see when I just wanted Excalibur gifs

No. 201424

Excalibur is the best thing about that show. Love for him

No. 201438

God fucking damnit you have the fujo cringe thread and FTM thread right there, can't you keep this obtuse "yaoi makes girls troon out, not the sexualization and dehumanization of young women" sperging in there so I can keep both hidden?

No. 201453

This. Fuck off and stop detailing with the fujo hate. I could care less.

No. 201457

Honest question, is any woman who likes m/m a dreaded fujo? I’m comfortable being a bisexual woman and enjoy being female, but I’m not gonna pretend I don’t like shipping two dudes together.

No. 201459

Yeah, you're a fujo and that's fine despite all the shit the sperg with her/his little brother's hand pictures keeps saying.

No. 201470

of course nations like Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Qatar are famous for their TIFs, even in the US its mixico with 4 femicides per day which is know for its fakebois, not the US

No. 201475

tbh even as a yumejo I occasionally like shipping men or looking at yaoi. I still don't consider myself a fujo, though, since it's not my "main" interest and I'm not really obsessed with gay 2D men.

No. 201482

>You just think everyone into bishie men (which you see as children because you are obsessed with kids) is a fujo because you're a moid who can't stand that women prefer beautiful guys instead of your ugly incel ass.
>Also love that this fucker keeps sperging about tall beautiful anime men but doesn't say about moe shit
IMO he calls all beautiful anime men children as a way to try to use the same logic that is used against his infantilized anime waifus. It doesn't work because most anime girls really are tied to pedophilia, "bishojo" and "lolicon" were closely related to one another when they were created.
Also let's not forget that males are the main consumers and creators of """femboy""" and trap porn which more often than not is actually shotacon or borderline shotacon.

No. 201508

File: 1651080781221.jpg (91.44 KB, 990x1200, CwbMZyJWQAER94r.jpg)

Surprised no one posted him yet

No. 201510

I feel like he and Murdoc have to be tied with regards to transwashing.

No. 201514

File: 1651081286195.jpg (14.04 KB, 554x554, 1636950916533.jpg)

when did I ever state these opinions, can you please give me one example of me stating that one liking bishe means one is a pedophile and I also I pointed out that males who like trap/femboy is just degenerate male sexuality cooming themselves into a fetish, maybe Its cause english is my third language so I can't really get my point across correctly

what I was trying to point out was that bishounes in the 80's and 90's were undoubtedly based off actual european children, however later on due to a sort of a meme evolution the "image" of a bishe got copied and copied repeatedly to the point where they were not even resembling humans, like that traced mads mikklesen pepe pic, literally a copy of a copy of a copy and etc
I never once stated that liking bishe anime men makes one a pedophile, also I have proven my gender on multiple threads to the detriment of myself, cause the mods of have given me warnings about "not being anonymous enough" and so I don't wish to risk being permabanned over this

No. 201519

You're right, sorry.

I'm fascinated by the fakeboi tendency to project onto smelly unwashed ugly motherfuckers.
I have a theory that they're just attracted to that kind of guy because they identify with them a lot in the first place, and a decade or so ago, it would've stopped at attraction and wanting to fuck the characters. But ever since gender shit became the norm, they identify even harder with those guys, to the point that they want to become them and turn the characters into themselves in their attempt to feel validated. It's not a very solid theory and I'm very tired and sleepy rn so it might not sound like it makes a lot of sense, sorry.

No. 201521

No you're right, I think they are attracted to them and find them beautiful, and they look at themselves in the mirror and think "I'm ugly, I wish I was beautiful" and somehow they conclude they should become the man they are attracted to
But you are a straight woman, you don't need to find yourself attractive to be beautiful

No. 201522

yeah they're attracted to them but at the same time they want to skinwalk them, it's very weird

No. 201526

>however later on due to a sort of a meme evolution the "image" of a bishe got copied and copied repeatedly to the point where they were not even resembling humans
How do bishonen not look like humans, what are you on girl

No. 201528

It's literally the autist hatelurking fujochan and sperging about how fujos are "porn addicts offended by the 96% majority sexuality of the human race" and "shipping rape victims and their abusers and siblings together", then posted his/her hand on the "fujo cringe thread" as a "proof not being a scrote" and when people told them it looks like a fat boy's hand they posted a comparison picture of their and the little brother's hand like an absolute buffoon. They even admitted to being that anon. Do you expect an intelligent take from them?

No. 201530

Oh well. The only people who seem to care are jealous scrotes and insecure twitter girls, so I don’t mind pissing them off.

No. 201531

>NLOG pickme is fat
Color me surprised

No. 201535

File: 1651085553038.png (329.33 KB, 931x1321, fujosperg.png)

I can't believe that this faghag-sperg, "pornsick fujoshi TiF"-sperg and the bjorn andersen-sperg was actually the one anon with the little boy's hands. But of course it was. You've been a busy one, haven't you.

No. 201536

Honestly the reason I think fujos like feminine, youthful-looking guys is because 1) nonthreatening 2) many became fujos in their youth and 3) (doesn't always apply) resembles a woman so they can self-insert easier. It being a man however lets them enjoy stories of turbulent relationships without having to dwell on what it's like to experience as a woman (which we all know too well). I feel like fujos are such an easy target it's kind of pathetic to keep sperging on at them like that anon does. Annoying too.

No. 201538

Otherwise correct but barely any fujos self-insert, anon. Most of them like BL because they don't want to self-insert. That's a scrote cope for the "ackshually women want to be the small uke being fucked" because they can't comprehend any form of media that isn't a self-masturbatory power fantasy or much less a form of female sexuality that doesn't involve them wanting to be fuckable to men.

No. 201540

File: 1651085994098.png (213.27 KB, 350x366, 1651085982903.png)

its not specifically related to bishounen but modern anime characters in general, they don't have any sense of human essence to them, they are quite simply copies of pre-existing tropes, the way they act, speak and behave is just beyond unnatural, especially compared to animes of previous eras
nta but you are correct, its a fetish born out of porn addiction and not much else

No. 201542

I get what you mean but there are fujos for whom that's the case, talking about myself here. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as there's awareness of why and you feel secure about being female. But like I said it doesn't always apply for that reason, not all fujos feel that way about it.

No. 201543

>That's a scrote cope for the "ackshually women want to be the small uke being fucked
Didn't early BL authors literally say that they made ukes feminine to make them easier for the readers to self insert though
Also plenty of fujos (obv not all of them) have admitted that they don't like self-inserting as a girl because they're too insecure to imagine themselves with a hot guy so they might still self-insert on a subconscious level as a guy (which is why we have fujo aidens)

No. 201545

I don't self insert but it's really easy for me to project on them sometimes. with female characters it's harder because i'm not that pretty

No. 201546

Okay, i agree with you when it comes to tropey personalities of characters, but they still look mostly human to me.

No. 201547

>its a fetish born out of porn addiction and not much else
It's not that simple. Many fujos are in it for the romance stories, and the smut is just a bonus. Yes there's straight ships and yumes, but there are a number of reasons to prefer BL, some better than others. One being that it's already popular so it's easy to get drawn in, another being a way to enjoy a wider range of plots without thinking about negative real life female experiences. A reason I would call unhealthy is feeing uncomfortable with your gender (which I differentiate from the former), which does apply to many fujos but not all, though I know you'll disagree. Yes there are pornsick fujos but I don't care as much compared to pornsick men. Another thing is that women are often denied our sexuality, especially unless it involves pandering to men, I think BL/yaoi is based because it panders to women.

No. 201551

There's a difference between "self-inserting" and "empathizing with". The characters feel easier to approach because they're not as threatening or lacking of charisma as a lot of male-written ones would be to a female reader.

Someone took that Ghibli quote way too seriously.

No. 201553

I personally can't even enjoy the porn if i'm not already attached to the characters

No. 201554

Same. I often skip over it as well. I know it doesn't apply to all fujos but myself I wouldn't be there if it weren't for romance between those specific characters. It's fun to explore relationships. I like het ships too but sometimes people just assume they get together because man and woman, so it's interesting to play around with characters that lack the assumption.

No. 201555

It's really tiring to see this sperg astroturfing with the muh pornsick fujos rhetoric when the entire fujoshi community centers around building character interactions and relationships in a completely safe for work manner, and the smut is an afterthought saved for private accounts. Even the works with actual porn in it always establish a romantic or at least an emotional relationship with the two characters whereas you don't see scrote-aimed straight porn that isn't just cervix penetration on the first page and when it comes to stories about romantic relationships it's a hollow bangmaid throwing herself at the main character.

In before they start posting cherrypicked screenshots of teenagers being horny teenagers or a twitter post made by some unhinged coomer fujo from 2014 that has been reposted and recompressed so many times you can barely make out the text.

No. 201557

File: 1651087901084.png (217.3 KB, 400x672, D7D84BBF-8720-4CF3-88B7-05BF7E…)

To try and bring the thread back on track… I hate seeing Narancia get transed one way or the other, just because he's short and wears a skirt.

No. 201559

You could've used anything that's an actual, average modern anime instead of Tokimeki Memorial as an example tbh

No. 201560

File: 1651088266009.png (332.59 KB, 1000x891, BD8CEC8C-8276-4B30-AE04-ABC216…)

I also don't know why Neferpitou is a target.

No. 201561

File: 1651088447212.png (1.12 MB, 629x846, Hot_Pants.png)

I feel that, anon. My personal Jojo transwashing beef is with the part 7 crowd. They enbyfy the fuck out of Hot Pants, sometimes making her a fakeboi.

No. 201563

Holy fucking shit why are we even entertaining this absolutely autistic sperg? We're clogging up this thread with psychoanalysis (always on women of course) pulled out from the fathand's ass. He keeps spilling obvious bullshit in broken english and you're all replying to it. If you really want to talk about it, take the autism to the fujohate thread.

No. 201565

This one makes me sad since Hot Pants is awesome gnc WOMAN rep.

No. 201567

God yes. I just want them to let her be badass and gnc. I love Hot Pants so much.

No. 201570

>I have a theory that they're just attracted to that kind of guy because they identify with them a lot in the first place, and a decade or so ago, it would've stopped at attraction and wanting to fuck the characters. But ever since gender shit became the norm, they identify even harder with those guys, to the point that they want to become them and turn the characters into themselves in their attempt to feel validated.
I think another thing is that a lot of these girls are mentally ill and have the stereotypical traits associated with that, like bad hygiene and social awkward behavior that comes off as creepy. I've seen trans reddit posts about how they won't shower for months (!!!) due to "dysphoria". I think it's a mix between they find these "unconventional" guys attractive and feel validated by the "unwashed weird guy" trope because they want to be guys too.

TIMs love catgirls for some reason. I'd be interested in seeing theories why.

No. 201571

Neferpitou's a very androgynous character, I was confused if it was a girl or boy at first too.I haven't seen anyone insist that she's trans per se, people just can't agree if it's a girl or a boy.

No. 201578

True, but I notice a lot of weeaboo TIMs like cat characters like that.

No. 201587

really? you can't tell why from that design?

No. 201589

>TiMs and catgirls
I don't really have a detailed reason that goes in depth about why, but the simple answer is that TiMs are very often porn addicted weaboos that love fantasy, and since catgirls are fantasy characters that often appear in anime and hentai they of course obsess over them.

No. 201592

File: 1651101496013.jpeg (256.64 KB, 2048x1671, E8B58D19-C4D0-4F21-8BED-496719…)

damn hank joined the 41% percent rip

No. 201594

derailing but is this from the same tif that claims to be an “indigenous mlm” despite being a straight white girl?

No. 201597

She was literally a former nun, never heard of a troon nun

No. 201601

I usually see Tifs HC her as one of them or nonbinary, so I guess according to them she could have been one. Still stupid and annoying though.

No. 201613

I'm dying of laughter. Dean would have made more sense given his emo phase. Kek.

No. 201616

Samefag, and who could forget the fact he dressed up like Leia?

No. 201627

This has always confused me so much. What about her is even GNC or androgynous? She looks like an obvious woman to me.

No. 201635

For me personally, I love and am attracted to very big, dominant, masculine guys as well as small, submissive, feminine guys, so getting to see both at the same time is a best of both worlds scenario. It can be as simple as that for some of us.

No. 201657

>sees this and suddenly remembers all the “Hank is nonbinary” hcs on Tumblr years ago.

Kill me please

Dean is definitely the less masculine of the two but Hank seems more into dressing up and feminine things. Like that one time where he wore a female strength suit for like a week. So I kinda get it but it’s still fucking retarded.

No. 201662

File: 1651126583057.png (276.38 KB, 720x404, XNDPtWBrWnClB482XSTNfulmRCxFY3…)

Hank as Destiny was great. SPHINX.
>Dean is definitely the less masculine of the two but Hank seems more into dressing up and feminine things. Like that one time where he wore a female strength suit for like a week. So I kinda get it but it’s still fucking retarded.
People forgot characters exist to entertain. Too much blending fiction with reality seems to have warped people's perspective. Then again, we have actors/actresses acting like they are the character they portray in movies/tv which is disturbing in itself. Fandoms are such cesspools and pandering to them is such a bad idea.

No. 201674

Isn't the joke that he doesn't care it's a female strength suit because all he cares about is the strength part? I really hope they don't add any troon pandering in any future VB seasons.

No. 201678

File: 1651131669335.png (316.66 KB, 540x582, 1651127164379-0.png)

we were just discussing this on fujochan but dan from dan vs. gets transed a lot, in a way he's almost the perfect character to hc'd as a FTM, probably more then any other character in this thread, he's a short, chubby physically weak male with anger issues and can't grow a beard

No. 201791

It’s so depressing seeing people with decent art skills who use it for the power of evil. Like imaging drawing this unironically. Basically feels like tell me your only character trait irl is being “queer” by saying nothing.

No. 201796


No. 201970

Reigen / Serizawa from Mob Psycho 100. So many chest scars.

No. 202069

Love the arm scar from the skin graft used to build the floppy sausage (bottom surgery)

No. 202313

I'm personally a fan of how the other guy is "pansexual" - it shows that normal gay/straight/bi people wouldn't bang that.

No. 202544

Women are mutilating themselves because of western left-wing culture. BL has nothing to do with it. LGBToids hate fujos, because it's gay fetishism or whatever.

No. 202545

Go back.

No. 202550

Bullshit. BL has a lot of yumejoshi fans. This is why retarded things like traps, effeminate x masculine dynamic, and omegaverse are so common and popular. Just like moids created futashit to self-insert as lesbians.

No. 202551

Back to the place you came from? The modern LGBT movement is retarded.

No. 202557

>Women are mutilating themselves because of western left-wing culture.
There's nothing "left-wing" about promoting mental illness to sell meds, hormones and surgery to insecure teenagers. It's a product of liberal capitalism.

No. 202566

File: 1651358324304.png (269.53 KB, 508x508, tumblr_4acd4a20e18ef9eae84e72f…)

I've seen Shin (Dorohedoro) get transwashed a lot just because he was a long-haired twink when young.

No. 202598

File: 1651366975128.jpg (492.9 KB, 933x981, otp.jpg)

i would expect Noi to be headcannoned as MTF, but maybe she is too big and fit for that

No. 202604

moids be like oMg StEp On mE MomMy i LoVe mUsCULaR laDiEs but then they see a female character drawn by an actual woman and are silent

No. 202605

I've seen a couple "t4t" posts about them but I think this manga has no children for MTFs to cling to, so we mostly see "ftm Shin".

No. 202789

>wishes he was a woman and murders women to harvest their uterus
>deranged, perverted and misogynistic
>first appearance is him constantly crying threatening suicide over nothing lol
yep, checks out. That's a tranny for sure.

No. 202907

File: 1651452550339.png (456 KB, 1280x1118, DE237A43-6F79-4E07-B0D9-8BA10C…)

Came across trans Bill and Ted fanart on tumblr, and half the comments praising it were from users that have never watched any of the movies.

No. 202908

File: 1651452783147.png (1.4 MB, 1179x1441, EB51DB53-F7AD-4815-A36B-135E61…)

Also came across FTM Robespierre.

No. 202911

I like how it implies Ted's a shit friend

No. 202917

>Horrendous blood tubes.
I don't…

No. 202922

those remind me of the deviantart guy with the disabled kid fetish from one of the past threads.

No. 202924

Was not expecting this, I hate it. Just why?

No. 202937

I think that turned out to be a woman and possibly a regular poster here

No. 202953

this made me realize there are probably fujos who ship bill and ted of all things, porn addicts really should stop watching porn

No. 203014

It's not really a porn thing IMO, some people spend so much time in fandom and internet (not necessarily the porn side) so they see everything they see as consumable media that you can ship and headcanon as queer

No. 203024

Nonna that's literally the fujosperg anon from this post >>201535

No. 203055

Nta but damn, I thought so too. He needs to get a life, get off the computer, stop obsessing over kids and go for a run, let the little brother use the computer. Please.

No. 203521

File: 1651624764957.png (512.47 KB, 1793x2048, tumblr_6c4ba53d6cfc2785a848a65…)

Sniper gets the fakeboi treatment a lot too, and from what I've seen, more than Scout does.
It seems fakeboi fans trans Scout if they have ADHD and Sniper if they're spergs. Both if they say they have both

No. 203741

I know it's not that deep but as someone who never played TF2 this image is fascinating. I remember over a decade ago "kinning" was basically schizo religious shit where you would claim to cross-dimensions and communicate with anime characters that live in your head, but it seems "kin" is like a pop culture equivalent to astrology or MBTI

No. 203773

>It seems fakeboi fans trans Scout if they have ADHD and Sniper if they're spergs.
This is painfully accurate from what I have seen in the fandom, Pyro also gets this treatment, but that one is at least understandable. I feel like the reason why the tf2 fandom is so fakeboi infested is because of how quintessential this game was for teenage gamer boys during its heyday.
It's funny because a couple of years ago I saw similar images in the style of "What your Overwatch main says about you!!" and they were mostly light-hearted jokes about certain types of people in the fandom, now they called it with kinning and replaced jokes with: you're a tranny, you have mental issues, and have abandonment issues. I want to laugh at it, but the caring part of me is thinking that these kids are screaming for help with this and using a meme format to cover it up.

No. 203901

File: 1651725095388.jpg (116.38 KB, 735x552, 765bd49f81dfe031566f4c36395476…)

Sadly i can see why. A tall, awkward, colorful girl with a double identity, it even got a pinch of a d/s relationship that many troons crave. If she was from a western media i would call her troonbait (yes we can't have awkward girls anymore without them being troons dogwhistles, the absolute state of western media) but still is very annoying that the sjw fandom doesnt allows you to see Pareo as anything but trans, they even say that Reona (her actual name) is her deadname (!) Pure mental illness.

No. 204106

File: 1651786346684.jpg (195.11 KB, 850x901, Laura_Cure_La_Mer_Profile_Asah…)

More than anything, it's the color palette. When Laura/Cure La Mer was announced for Precure last year, I genuinely thought she'd get trooned because she has the colors and is a mermaid. Fortunately I haven't seen it happen.

No. 204390

it's one of the cutest designs i've seen in pretty cure to be honest. the color fits and doesn't seem overwhelming.

No. 204394

I don't think the adult PreCure fanbase has many troons, from what I've seen, but I don't really interact with the fandom either so I might be wrong.

No. 204409

File: 1651935766927.jpg (187.62 KB, 1237x2048, __bede_pokemon_and_2_more_draw…)

Him. And for what? A waste of a perfectly good adorable boy.
Also, the monster fandom has seen a resurgence on twitter lately so expect to see the same treatment given to Johann as well.

No. 204411

You just knew anything in that game with this color palette was going to be kidnapped by troons.

No. 204412

Nta but really, they cursed that color palette and it will take a while the 41% growing steadily for it to stop being considered tranny shit.

No. 204422

Samefag, and not to moralpolice but imagine looking at a 10 year old boy and going "hey, I will co-opt this child character as having a very serious mental condition and wanting to mutilate his genitals because he feels like an ungodly abomination in his own body". How many young pokefans do you think this will normalize transgenderism to. Children have no identity at that age. Showing them that liking traditionally masculine/feminine aesthetics means there's something wrong with you to the point where you must cut off your genitals to feel right again is a dangerous fucking thing.

No. 204608

File: 1652019797064.jpg (27.44 KB, 991x518, Kuvira.jpg)

This one stings. Mainly because the Amazon warrior or military leader archetype has always been my favorite especially when the woman is written as undeniably heterosexual. Back when I was a teen any interesting female character was turned into a "lesbian icon" regardless of canon and now they’re just straight up trooning them out. They hate to see a girlboss winning.

No. 204609

I know what you mean but korra x kuvira is hotter than korrasami

No. 204610

People turn female characters into lesbians bc there's not enough canon lebsian character , and a lot of female characters are too cool for the mediocre-ass men they're paired with
the troonwashing sux tho

No. 204616


I think all women want to see themselves in cool and interesting female characters (heterosexual and lesbians alike) but there’s just not enough to go around because of moid writers. When fandoms take the ones who are written as actual individuals and agree on the unspoken rule that they’re gay it’s like declaring “nope, can’t be you – het women (majority of women) can only be the damsels, love interests and tokens of the world” and there is an underlying sexism in that. I’ve also seen lesbian-washing from people who are not lesbians themselves looking for representation but usually fujos who want to guarantee nothing gets in the way of their fetish.

No. 204618

its always really funny to me when tf2 gets wokemobbed, cuz the game is extremely not woke. it's full of stereotypes and xenophobia and toxic masculinity because of the time period its set in. if a trans person came into the tf2 team theyd be met with misgendering and slurs lmao.

No. 204623

File: 1652024797182.jpg (115.8 KB, 564x1077, flowercrownuwu.jpg)

>They hate to see a girlboss winning
Very true.
Also very true.

No. 204666

I headcanon Sniper as transphobic

No. 204676

Exactly. Based from my own experience most actual TF2 players are right-wing 4chan type moids who have been into it for years, while these fakebois don't really do anything beyond read fanfictions made by other aidens who haven't played the game and coom to porn of the characters.

No. 204834

File: 1652106574362.png (550.54 KB, 1100x1020, cool.png)

I'm late as fuck but tayrt! I totally agree and support your sperging lol! I feel very passionately about Pathologic and the intense turmoil that the characters face, and yet for some reason troons have latched onto ALL of the characters?? Don't get me started on how annoying it is that the ftms hate Eva and Aglaya for no reason other than them 'cockblocking' the totes t4t Burakhovsky.
(Image related because this artist draws him trans but has such good art that I have to ignore it)

No. 204905

The most baffling transed characters of this game/these games were Yulia (the canon lesbian who dresses "masculine" compared to the other female characters, at least in Classic HD), that I've seen drawn as a he/him transmasc lesbian with wipsy teenage boy T facial hair, and Eva Yan being given a dick. The ways of twitter brainrot are impenetrable.

And pwease no infecty with a deadly plague I do appreciate Burakhovsky, but navigating this ship without 1. seeing people be fucking weird toward female characters (a number of which I prefer above any of the main, especially Eva, she's the sweetest to me, and would love to seen drawn more often but I'm afraid just saying that the monkey paw finger is curling) or 2. seeing one or both of them be given top surgery scars/a pussy is near impossible. And for having been unfortunate enough to come across the nsfw account from the artist you just posted (whose normal art I also really, really like), you can't tell me making Dankovsky trans is just not an excuse for them to draw him getting assaulted/raped (the artist defends herself with "it's just tacky erotica it's completely consensual uwu" but then he looks like he's having the worst day of his fucking life, and that's saying a lot considering the games. But sure. SURE!) or be put through a porn actress' entire catalog but he's twans so it's hashtag empowering or whatever. I must not be mad online about video games. I must not be mad online about video games.

No. 204954

I always lol at Eva as a MTF because of course the character that commits suicide is the fucking MTF! None of the characters deserve to be transed, not even mentioning that it doesn't make any sense when the time period is an ambiguously early 1900s in a small Russian Steppe town. I've never found her nsfw account and now I REALLY don't want to see that, it just verifies in my mind that most of the troon shit is self inserting for their weird fetishes. I'll probably still follow her because I really do love her art but God. I'm not a fan of Burakhovsky but I think it's an understandable ship, what does piss me off is how feminised Daniil becomes when drawn by the tranny masses that flock to that ship.
(And i'm glad to know that some of the people on Pathologic twitter are cryptos, unless you're the terf patho account that popped up a little while ago then I have to applaud your bravery LOL)

No. 205034

The (a)historical element of the games are perhaps what pisses me the most about transing characters. The plot is set in a time period where homosexuals were treated as inverts and every single instance of "historical twans" of this time was a homosexual living as the opposite sex to escape persecution or incited to transition by a homophobic culture and you think they would give T injections to a heterosexual woman so she can be a dandy gay boy? The twitter users have latched onto the fact that these people are doctors/do surgery to scream that OF COURSE they'd do their own surgeries. At a time they barely managed morphine. Sure girlie. SURE!

(And while I'm not the patho terf that popped up (I'm not sure I know which one it is because while I lurk here there are many things I don't catch) I have seen A Number of terfy tumblrs be into Pathologic… On twitter I like to joke and tell myself that any artist/writer who doesn't draw/write any of the characters trans is probably a crypto, and while they might not be… how funny would that be I'd put the emoji of hand over mouth giggling here but no emojis allowed. I think there are more of us than believed out there… At least there's the two of us nonnie <3)

No. 205348

File: 1652300664832.jpg (78.74 KB, 336x800, 645656934198614638.jpg)

Surprised Ginger wasn't mentioned. This one pisses me off the most, because it ruins her character's horror of going through puberty as a girl.

No. 206834

Does adding the tranny narrative/ideology in a show with no trans characters or doesn't involve trooned characters a transwash?

No. 206842

No, transwash is when a character is retroactively trooned out either by fans or in canon, when the character originally isn't trans.
What you described goes in the woke media cringe thread. At least, if I understood your post correctly.

No. 206857

Transwashing is when they take a character that wasn't trans and the fans or the creator makes it trans. If a character was trans to begin with, it goes in the woke cringe thread. But tbh, don't sweat it if you want to post cringe in here too, there's characters like the ones from Steven Universe that are mean to be "genderless" (aka woke shit, even though they're rocks) but do look absolutely female, even the gnc ones. They can kinda also be discussed in here.

No. 206859

Samefagging but, I just realized cartoon network did indeed have less of a problem with making characters "gender ambiguous" even though they're basically girls, rather than 1.Let a show have a female cast 2.Let a show have GNC characters (some stupid fans still argue Ruby is meant to be male kek) 3.They would rather have Steven and Connie fusion than have two lesbians kiss.

Also I'm going to laugh when these genderspecial people become politicians and turns out they watched SU as teens kek. I hope they get bullied for that.

No. 206883

>The Path
absolutely based, I should have posted Ruby in the relatable characters thread. She was literally me in my teens.

No. 206982

Another anon said it but I still laugh how hard the fanbase (and maybe low key Rebecca) was trying to make Steven and and his mom, Pink Diamond a "trans" metaphor just because Pink "shapeshift died?" into Steven and that the Diamonds "misgender" him

No. 208005

File: 1653117515607.jpg (160.39 KB, 1440x1080, Versailles No Bara - 01 (BDRip…)

Oscar. I'm only on episode four, so maybe there is some troonshit, but god the amount of people that think she's "transmasc" or something piss me off. The first thing I see when I enter her tag on tumblr is some tranny meme about "transgenderizing" the world. Fuck off idiots, she's a GNC woman.

No. 208010

File: 1653119656408.gif (2.78 MB, 640x508, bill-and-ted-why-would-we-lie.…)

Genuinely disgusting and fucked up. Not to mention this kind of butchery was extremely rare in the 80s.

People have shipped Bill and Ted for ages. The third movie even leans into it a little by having their daughters call them "dads." However the boys are straight-up homophobic in the first movie, so that pretty much puts that headcanon to bed.

Relax, anon. At no point is there troonshit in the Rose of Versailles. Oscar is just a tomboy.

No. 208104

No, they "deadname" him, the Diamonds keep calling Steven "Pink" because they think she's still there in Steven, or that she's just pretending to be gone/have turned into a boy, even though she really is gone. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if it was an intentional metaphor for trooning out, because Steven still had some of Pink's memories that manifested as dreams, and then there's that dramatic-ass scene where a dying Steven is reunited with his gem part, and said gem part screams in a super loud voice that Pink is gone (White removed Steven's gem to force Pink to come out of it, but she never imagined that gem-Steven would appear instead, so it could be interpreted as a metaphor for "I'm not a woman anymore, that part of me is gone and now I'm a boy, this is my true self").

No. 210097

File: 1653906714412.jpg (224.36 KB, 1570x1438, E0G9cDIWQAUPQYO.jpg)

Maybe this is about fanart, but this is Hillarious making an one of most hated characters into FtM.

Anyways Talking about transwashed characters coughs coughs Chichiro
Fujisaki. Its sad That MtF Chichiro headcanon is becoming more popular among fanartists

No. 210102

oh fuck NO, trannies keep ruining my favorites ffs

No. 210103

It's ALWAYS the pretty twink

No. 210104

Why do they want to claim griffith? KEK

No. 210113

they see a pretty guy and they think that it's them

No. 210129

>sexually abused
>sexually abuses others
>lusts after hot beefcake man
ftm see this and think wow! that’s literally me

No. 210173

File: 1653925160243.png (51.16 KB, 250x216, 250px-MNOLG_Matoran_Tamaru.png)

You forgot about this one Le-Matoran whom almost all of the Bionicle fanbase had considered as trans.

I give you, Tamaru. The coward who's afraid of heights, yet he likes to tag along with Kongu and the others. Why the hell would they consider him as a troon? HOW?!

No. 210177


It's most likely from the diary entries written by Mettaton, before he got his robot body that Alphys had built for him. What idiots would think he could be trans?

No. 210178

File: 1653926180683.jpg (63.33 KB, 485x768, tumblr_pa7ycovgYl1tz2508o1_540…)

And for some reason, Anonydeath from Hyperdimension Neptunia: Victory and the franchise's anime adaptation.

What gave it all away was Plutie asking him why he spoke all girly, even he sounds just like a boy. It doesn't even help that in one scene in the game where we see him without the exosuit, unfortunately shown as a silhouette, because all guys that are human in Gamindustri are nonexistent (with an exception of Mr. Badd), he was shown to be a pretty boy as implied.

No. 210183

Jesus Christ… how is she able to breastfeed a child if she were to give birth?????

No. 210184


They're genderless, didn't you know?

No. 210223

She looks like a girl

No. 210231

reminds me of the retards who think Majima's hannya tattoo somehow means he's anything other than a "cisgender" man. i swear he's transwashed in pretty much every way possible, one moment he's "transmasc" (Yakuza 5? Mirei Park? I don't know her!) as if he isn't very obviously a sperm-dispenser, sometimes he's "nonbinary" or "genderfluid" (Goromi was literally ONE minigame in ONE game ffs) or even a full blown transbian if shipped with Makoto, or sometimes even Kiryu or Daigo or Saejima in a "t4t transbian" way

No. 210233

Hyperdimension Neptunia is a scrote franchise and its fandom is most likely full of pedo trannies. It shouldn't surprise you.

No. 210249

No. 210364

File: 1653978576111.jpg (194.66 KB, 1107x1008, katetori.a_20201213_132844_1.j…)

Ive Got reminded of another characters, who fandom very often headcanons as FtM
Kakyoin Noriaki and Giorno Giovanna from JJBA. But from other fandoms let be Hinata Shoyo from Haikyuu Yut Lung from Banana Fish (I samw people headcanoning him as genderfluid) and Saiki Kusuo from Saiki K.

Anyways yall Lucky, you didn't see FtM Griffith Yaoi (aka NSFW) works

No. 210365


God, Katetorias' art is soooo fucking ugly. And the fact that she's inserting herself and some autistic quirks like stimming, echolalia, etc. on her favorite characters are just dehumanizing on so many levels.

It's not cute.

No. 210366

File: 1653979984243.png (379.59 KB, 640x488, 31D1BB81-24C6-416D-AB6C-1D3D88…)

Does it count if it’s a depiction of a historical figure? This is Crusader Kings III depiction of Elagabalus. There’s debate over whether he would be considered trans or if he was just a schizo fag and writers at the time just wanted to depict him as bad as possible since he was hated (90% sure it’s that by actual historians) but seriously even if you wanted to depict him as trans why give him BREASTS he died at 18/19, there’s no possibility that he was injecting horse piss. For a game that does its best to be historically accurate (my professor was a researcher on the game because he’s an expert on one tiny island in the med) you’d think they wouldn’t cape so hard and take away from the actually female rulers who went through so much shit just to name him as the first. The player base is full of men that like that you can do incest in the game so I don’t know who they’re appealing to.

No. 210372

I know nothing about this game but maybe the breasts are just fake, I don't think it would have been impossible to make some kind of prosthetic back then with hay and fabric. Maybe the devs just wanted to crank up the perverted crossdressing to another level, is he even referred as a woman in-game?

No. 210423


Yeah, I heard that CWC was into that shit and added Nepgear in his comics with his MLP self-insert.

But never forgetti: https://youtu.be/txOG7NT7xeQ

No. 210445

File: 1654003533190.jpeg (62.01 KB, 507x500, F3BD3D09-7D40-408B-B729-A32A5F…)


No. 210446

well two of these couples are indeed gay just a bit confused kek

No. 210451

I’m so confused
>trans gay T4t
Means two girls pretending to be guys, right?
>trans lesbian t4t
Is two guys pretending to be girls and
>trans het t4t
Is a guy pretending to be a girl, dating a girl pretending to be a guy
How the fuck have we come to this?

No. 210470

File: 1654011855890.png (408.2 KB, 507x500, Untitled202_20220531104327.png)

fixed it

No. 210471

To fully fix it the trans "lesbians" need to look like tall, ugly and balding men.

No. 210472

>I don’t know who they’re appealing to
chasers and trap fetishists I guess?

No. 210474

File: 1654013038431.png (412.13 KB, 507x499, Untitled202_20220531104327.png)

No. 210476

File: 1654013259420.png (79.69 KB, 585x278, 1357088156687.png)

No. 210477

His title is the equivalent of Empress and his name ‘Heliogabalus’ would be the female form of his name. Although he’s long dead by game start.

No. 210571

How many people were saying that Rodney Copperbottom was trans? Wasn't the hand-me-downs scene played for laughs?

No. 210572

It was played for laughs but trannies love trying to find anything that validates their stupid and flakey made up identity.

No. 210574

Now I don't support bullying, but this thing really instigates the evil in me. Such an annoying expression and behavior.

No. 210576

>Implying het trannies or fakeboi trannies are cute

No. 210584

>Is a guy pretending to be a girl, dating a girl pretending to be a guy
Yes, it’s the same relationship that the MTF troon who tried to breast feed an infant had

No. 210723

File: 1654095949105.png (267.09 KB, 1200x1800, why.png)

Paul from Petscop for some goddamn convoluted reason which makes no sense and makes the already bad plot even more inconsistent.

No. 210814

That series ended up being so disappointing, sucks since the nightmind vids on it were pretty fun.

No. 210817

Kek, I came here to say this is the one trans headcanon that is acceptable given what a colossal asshole she is. Making her canon trans would actually make yeeting her into the tornado even more satisfying. For real though, as a tall woman it's kinda depressing to see "Chloe trans because Chloe tall" posts. The average tranny reinforces gender stereotypes harder than the most religious and conservative "cis" people.

Dontnod already made a game with an FTM in it (Tell Me Why) so you're 100% right. If they made Max a themlet I would riot though. Let me have my wishy-washy, backbone lacking, wallflower. She reminds me of myself before I learned to stand up for myself. That said, I can totally see Alex Chen as non-binary, she has that annoying aura to her. True Colors was garbage and the DLC ruined the one confirmed lesbian character by revealing that she dated an MTF in the past.

No. 210931

my favorite explanation for this one was that is voice is kind of high pitched. That's it, that's the whole reason. I wonder if the creator saw these theories and how he felt about them since that's just… What he sounds like

No. 212628

Make sure examples like Magne do not count as transwash because he is officially made to represent TIMs in real life kek

No. 212783

File: 1654714527394.png (122.61 KB, 464x706, Red_Pyro.png)

he's a "cis" white man and was always intended to be one but trannies are incapable of understanding jokes i guess

No. 212790

File: 1654715613826.jpg (238.2 KB, 1139x1500, EcyGQlXWsAAh4Wl.jpg)

this one makes me so fucking mad because if you genuinely transwash oscar, you missed the entire point of her character and story. especially since the entire character arc she goes through is about accepting and embracing her femininity, after having to push it aside while she assumed an image of a man for the sake of her family.

No. 212797

I liked it better when people used to theorize Pyro was 100% woman. I wish she was…

No. 212799

The entire gender debate started from a misreading, Pyro was always meant to be a man just like the other mercs, sorry to disappoint anon.

No. 212804

File: 1654719215396.jpg (246.01 KB, 1440x900, tf4.jpg)

Pyro isn't definitely male, because valve likes to mess with us too much. At one point in the main menu there was a "challenge" card with a random class and it said "why don't you give him a shot?" for most classes except half of the time for pyro it said "why don't you give her a shot?" instead. So I like to believe there's two pyros, one male and one female and when you play you never know which one it is. But anyway the pyro is definitely an alien

No. 212837

File: 1654724063979.png (77.09 KB, 394x131, Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 2.33…)

fuck anilist for this shit, really?

No. 212838

File: 1654724166721.jpeg (139.66 KB, 750x1064, CA7CF754-E3E1-4C6B-ACA1-27BA97…)

Ik he’s a robot or whatever but still

No. 212843

File: 1654725116097.png (321.04 KB, 1313x1452, Sorbetshark_sharkformbase.png)

even literal cookies aren't safe

No. 212844

I just love the idea of a woman setting men on fire and chopping them off with an axe, laughing hysterically as the world burns around her. Oh well, at least the alien theory is better than being a moid

No. 212846

AW come on, those are humanized cookies. Of course they get trooned

No. 212847

File: 1654726781153.png (49.71 KB, 540x257, 20220608_161718.png)

Never forget. Sorbet is now a girl, no one can convince me otherwise

No. 212851

File: 1654727434299.jpeg (228.55 KB, 827x1399, 0B7B91AC-C432-464A-839B-031FB0…)

This has prob been said before a billion times but I just saw this on tiktok and needed to purge

No. 212860

Are they implying that Morticia is a troon?

No. 212861

No, both are.

No. 212865

Well she's based on the little mermaid so

No. 212869

Wait really? I hadn’t seen people gender him before, but I do try to avoid the fandom these days.

No. 212873

It is because of the "Do robots have dicks?" thing. Since he is a robot and doesn't need and probably doesn't have a dick, the fandom thinks he is meant to be non-binary. Weird thing is that the same fandom often hates Tenko for pointing this out, because it also implies that having a dick makes someone a man.

No. 212898

He's a cute boy because I like them and I said so

No. 212910

File: 1654758281783.jpg (221.16 KB, 2206x1784, Strawberry.Crepe.Cookie.full.3…)

Kek, fair enough nonna. This is somewhat of a personal opinion of mine, but while I preffer to view Sorbet as a girl, I'm okay with her/him being a guy too. I don't want to revive the genderless characters discussion from a while ago, but since the characters are magical cookies I feel like there's no need to take too seriously how their biology or genetics work, specially since even the games make fun of this a few times and how the cookies don't work like humans. So I believe that both "She is a tomboyish mermay" and "He is a cute boy" can coexist as 2 different interpretations if there's not an official one. It's more the whole "Nonbinary" label what annoys me, because gender obsessed people can't tell apart fiction from reality. I hope this rambling makes sense

Picrel, Strawberry Crepe Cookie is also they/them'd a lot, but I think of him as a guy.

No. 213739

Lol. I have a (sort of) old friend who’s really into One Piece. She’s also a giant genderspecial. Earlier today, she was ranting to my parents (don’t even fucking ask. They have the weirdest relationship) about how this character and how she’s totally a transguy and can’t believe that some of the fandom still sees her as a girl. I don’t know much about this character (I kinda get the impression that she thinks she can’t be badass as a female, so she adopts this male persona. So basically internalized misogyny). Regardless, the fact that she was ranting this to my parents was really cringy. They’re 50 something Gen Xers. They don’t give a shit about an amine character and her preferred pronouns.

No. 213844

What the hell, I don't even talk about my hobbies to my own parents, this is so weird lol.

No. 213891

File: 1655126999875.jpg (378.76 KB, 1440x1800, Tumblr_l_48792409468334.jpg)

>Not even Steve is safe
I'm so sick of the internet

Also Steddie is for Aidens. Chads ship Harringrove.

No. 213893

I don’t know who those characters are but the one on the right is very strong for pulling through breast cancer and kudos to her gf for supporting her!

No. 213896

File: 1655127643766.gif (7.79 MB, 540x458, Tumblr_l_49546555011326.gif)

It's two men, both of whom are played by male actors.

No. 213900

this one pisses me off in particular because those fuckers are misogynistic as well, beyond implying that men can't be victims of sexual abuse. so goddamn disrespectful

No. 213902

All i see is disgusting fetish with trannies. none of this is even hot. It makes zero sense to take an existing male character and give them disgusting scars. These aidens need massive help

No. 213904

Zoomers need to die. They have zero originality and even less brains.

No. 213906

Tranny/themlet shit is literally a subculture for zoomers, including tanswashing being akin to emowashing, except the emos did not yell "emophobia" if you called their emo Spongebob edits autistic.

No. 213917

True, and if you like a franchise that is also liked by a lot of kids you should be prepared to see tit-chop scars and tranny flags in much of the fanart tbh. It's gross but what can you do. there should be an "un-transing art" thread. That would be fun

No. 214649

File: 1655317111522.png (22.18 KB, 200x200, yuzuki_sos3ot.png)

Decided to look up my favorite Harvest Moon part on tumblr, and seems like it's semi-widely accepted in fanon that Yuzuki is a troon. First time it happened with a character I loved…

No. 214785

Fucking kek anon, you're not wrong. It's been awhile since I've seen Black Butler but I remember him and he was a total creep. He's actually the perfect representative for the twans community.

No. 214786

I'm not even surprised that poor Haruka got the troon treatment, it's mostly moid troons who do it because they think her looking "like a man" (delusional fucks) is the perfect imprint for them to be in the lesbian relationship they want so badly but will never get.

No. 214787

You both make fair and valid points. I kinda grew up on the internet but not really. I'm currently in my 30s and I didn't use social media regularly until I was 14 and this was back during the MySpace and DeviantART days. The troon bullshit was ractically non-existent in the mainstream so I didn't have to go through my childhood to teenhood seeing that crap but I can only imagine how it can be for the kids of today who see this stuff and blindly following it because they're kids.

The best thing we can do is just if you have kids try to ask you about this, just be blunt and direct. Do not entertain the bullshit and give it to them straight that men can't be women and women can't be mad and affirm that there's nothing wrong with GNC women and men. It may not be enough but at this point you never know. The point is that kids need to see that there are people who reject this crap and don't blindly follow it.

No. 215368

File: 1655565481384.jpg (420.82 KB, 2352x2236, gAz1EVs.jpg)

Came across this looking through FFXIV stuff. I'm not sure if implying both twins are trans or just Alphinaud (boy). If it wasn't so pathetic I'd laugh, the twins don't perfectly fit female/male roles? obviously troons. Alisaie being more of a tomboy enjoying fighting, hating that she gets mistaken for her brother to the point she blows up at someone who only met her brother and called her more manly? Naw obviously gotta be a male. Alphinaud being a healer/scholarly type whose more about keeping his sister safe than action? Nope that's obviously a girl.

No. 215389

It's kinda funny that majority of the fandom gender her female compared to the mtf samurai who is gendered female despite both of them claiming to be the opposite gender.

No. 215414

do it yourself, newfag, it's not that hard

No. 215504

OK, I really don't understand this one. Is it because he's more babyfaced than the likes of Kiryu or Majima? Of course he is, he's like 25 compared to Kiryu's 41 in Yakuza 3! Is it because he's 177cm tall? So are Kazama and Date and they're all still like 5cm above the real life Japanese adult male average.

No. 215514

Fakebois probably love Alphinaud because he's an uwu soft boy who isn't seven feet tall and jacked but isn't he supposed to be like…fourteen? Trannies are always so weirdly obsessed with children and child-like characters, although of course males are way nastier about it. For Aidens it's probably just copium since the most "male" they'll ever pass for is an effeminate 12 year old boy.

No. 215754

File: 1655737718953.png (4.3 MB, 1330x1650, fnv.png)

Not a character, but this whole game has become hijacked by troons and is getting transified out the ass.

No. 215763

noooooo wtf why, why do they ruin everything??

No. 215766

File: 1655740029802.jpg (971.21 KB, 2000x2200, 2634689397660048.jpg)

God anon, thank you for mentioning this, trannies claiming NV as a trannie game makes me wanna scream. It especially makes me feel bad for the LGB, since it has pretty good, well written representation and likable gay and lesbian companions.
anyway, pic unrelated

No. 215813

I have no clue what this game is about, what's the reason behind trannies claiming it's their game?

No. 215821

had to look it up myself cuz I have no idea WHY it happened

it goes in depth but the tldr is that you can choose to play as a girl and dunk on the fascist faction in the game (completely ignoring that you can also join said faction if you want to)

No. 215823

Jfc trannies are a fucking plague

No. 215825

File: 1655747966303.png (349.78 KB, 1003x1186, 0f1.png)


Jesus Christ…

No. 215826

Thank god I'm not involved in fandom shit at all so I never see any of it. I guess it makes sense because it's a popular game with the demographics that are most likely to troon out, but it still sucks.

No. 215832

Same with Bloodborne, troons cling to this game because it has body horror, it's about "transcending one's humanity" and a troon made the infamous demake from a few months ago.

No. 215837

i actually enjoy siding with the legion, sorry sis

No. 215849

I haven't watched Pokemon in a long tim but I remember hearing about the "Goh" character and how people label hi a "femboy" (seriously?). I can't really comment much on him since I haven't seen what he's like in the show but looks-wise, he looks like a tanner Ash with messier hair.

I haven't seen people trooning Ash, like wtf? LOL I don't doubt you anon, it just shows how out of the loop I am with this stuff kek.

No. 215850

So these troons are equating their gross, voluntary body mutilations to that of Lovecraft Cosmic horror monsters? lol

No. 215871

You're making it sound like FNV was some indie hidden gem that Tumblr discovered first then was embraced by 4chan. It was a Fallout game and an Obsidian game, I remember it being popular on 4chan from the start

No. 216262

File: 1655922308251.jpeg (224.67 KB, 827x1424, 24471F2D-0088-4C5A-B4F5-C901DE…)

And it begins

No. 216271

File: 1655923847587.png (104.12 KB, 250x515, Reinaportrait.png)

Reina also seems to get trooned as mtf unfortunately.

No. 216274

At this point it's just a combination of a fetish and trying to get a rise out of people. Also ffs if you're going to make shitty tranny art, at least draw it yourself instead of tracing it.

No. 216300

I know I'm late but I keep laughing at this so much kek

No. 216821

File: 1656154407855.jpg (194.59 KB, 1280x1530, 3D80Lqs.jpg)

>Fray is enbie because of course
>Sidurgu is ftm now because of course
Reminds me of the boyfriends goth character.

I didn't talk to Sidurgu yet

No. 217036

saw someone claim she's "transmasc" today and rolled my eyes. these people are so stupid and regressive with how they stereotype characters.

No. 217076

I came here just to post her! People who think she's an Aiden miss the whole point of her character so much that it makes me sad. She's a tomboyish girl forced to be in a position of power by her family when really she DOES like 'girly' things and is insecure when she's not seen as just the normal girl that she is. Mion would be upset if someone thought she was trans. How can they miss her character so much?

No. 217140

File: 1656264649431.png (807.11 KB, 968x1920, 25ff2730c27628eb171e45a6dc3dac…)

Nick musical made it canon, tho she's been heavily hc as a they/them for a while, why tho

No. 217179

File: 1656266919400.png (362.51 KB, 746x689, th.png)

But a lot of faults lie in the translations

No. 217182

She gets called "non binary" which is fucked up given she was one of the most example of two women in a relationship

No. 217284

Mion and Shion are my favorites in Higurashi, but how the hell did they get trans from her just because she's gnc?? trans movement is so beyond sexist. aidens are retarded

No. 217290

File: 1656291790044.gif (501.44 KB, 650x400, 1656285923655.gif)

Can we include characters that MTFs go "wow she is literally me" to but not necessarily say they are trans?
Saw her pop up on another thread and thought of that immediately

No. 217401

File: 1656337619014.jpg (300.89 KB, 1952x1078, 1656283310908.jpg)

Nonnies I hope its ok to vent. I know I shouldn't let this affect me but I really just hate this change so much. I love MH and collect the dolls and recently with all the horrible stuff happening in the world I've been finding solace in my dolls. But now this gendie shit has infiltrated it and already in MH communities people are demanding we use the "correct" pronouns for Frankie and calling people transphobic for disliking this change. I can't even collect dolls in peace anymore, I now have to be reminded of this societal brainrot when I just want to collect pretty monsters.
Sorry for vent. This is just the first time something I truly love has been canonically transwashed and I'm not taking it well.

No. 217542

I feel ya nonnie. The only good thing that came of this is that it made me delete my dolltwt cause of the pronoun wars. G1 Frankie is a girl, why are they mad when people say it.

No. 217562

>Non binary
>It's just a woman with funny hair
Every time

No. 217567

They're actually retconning the Frankie Stein doll into a themlet? Would the actual kids playing with her be expected to call Frankie Stein a "they"? Could a kid be put on timeout for "misgendering" a Frankie Stein doll?

No. 217577

If they got parents who look like they be renters from Portland then yes, sorry kids but misgendering is hurting your parents who are trying to have clout on Twitter by being so “queer” even though they’re the straightest straight people to have ever existed

No. 217578

yeah they'd probably be the kind of people who would go on twitter rants on how they "tried their best" to raise their "theyby" "away from the gender binary" but "the cisnormativity of our white supremacist society" still reached the kid and made "xhir" "misgender" "xhir" "canonically nonbinary doll".
i swear to god the TRAs in fandoms for franchises aimed at children are literally just as bad as the bronies. unsurprisingly a lot of the early 2010s bronies too are trannies now.

No. 217585

In the live action reboot by Nickelodeon. I hope it stays in the reboot but you know the fandom isn’t gonna let it go. They’re already pronoun policing anymore who refer to the G1 and G2 Frankie as “she”, even though they aren’t in the same timeline or aren’t the same character as themlet Frankie. I reeeeeally hope the series reboot doesn’t follow the live action lore.

No. 217588

A lot of this shit can be traced back to bronies honestly, I don’t think bronies either mostly becoming trannies or neo nazis is a coincidence.

No. 217598

I blame Lauren Faust for being such a pickme. The brony thing should've been shut down by her a long time ago, but she told unwashed losers it was okay to like a show targeted to 8-year old girls

No. 217599

Bronies made me feel like a creep for liking MLP at the ripe old age of 12.

No. 217616

Can you blame her though? She could have been fired from her job and bronies would go apeshit at a woman not coddling them. I don't think anyone genuinely thinks overweight unwashed adults obsessed with little girl cartoons is okay.

No. 217618

She literally left shortly after the end of season one and started working on other cartoons for girls.

No. 217620

Someone in some other thread (Art Salt maybe) said that Lauren Faust actually said that she didn't like bronies. When she did that AMA on /mlp/ she did hint at her finding the porn shit disgusting.

No. 217622

The "feminist BAD" episode of PPG is entirely on her, so I do not feel too bad

No. 217639

NTA but afaik she has said that she regrets that episode

No. 217655

To be fair most people did give bronies the benefit of the doubt at first since they were men who were not ashamed of having such a stereotypically feminine interest. But since moids will be moids, especially since it all started on 4chan of all places, it had to go downhill shortly after. This is why I can't help but be wary of men with feminine interests and I don't give a shit if that makes me "sexist" or "homophobic".

No. 217658

Sadly most of the times moids who have "feminine" interests are in it for the fetish, so thinking like that isn't wrong. Moids only like things that makes them coom, so if they like feminine things and little girls' cartoons, you know they're jerking off to them.

No. 217666

What I find even worse is when fandom members are randomly headcanoning characters to be trans, even without any crossdressing or whatever going on. See this happen with Starscream a lot. Basically a character is considered relatable by the fan, so he/she must be trans because the fan is trans or whatever.

No. 217693

It's like we were going backwards again. Women can't have traits or hobbies associated with men and vice versa for men without them being trans. It re-establishes outdated stereotypes and forces everybody into categories based on behaviour. It kills the diversity within genders. I like tomboys and manly men that maybe have one trait or interest that's "feminine". If you turn tomboys into boys and such it makes them more generic.

No. 217707

So glad I left that fandom for the most part before that happened.

No. 218326

>My nonnie, I could join you in that thesis about trooning out Fate servants. Most of the ones referred to as "gender unknown" are entities who ascended physical limitations and only chose the form that suits them the best, but they're obviously coded to either male or female sex like Douman, Enkidu or Shi Huang Di. Enkidu was definitely male in the original epic to the extent that Gilgamesh and Enkidu are universally called the first gay relationship in written human history, the only reason why he's described as "gender neutral" is that he copied the kind temple maiden's face out of respect for her. His body is definitely male though. It's just that people can't accept Gilgamesh being in a gay relationship because he's the most popular husbando/scrote self-insert so they forcibly try to make Enkidu into some nonbinary AFAB icon to erase the gay factor entirely. So to me it's lowkey homophobic to have people police you for using male pronouns for him, there's no way in hell I'm calling him a "they" unironically.

Holy shit anon thank you, you perfectly highly what's so fucked up about these. These morons really went and thought erasing a relationship between two men by turning one into some agender thing is "progressive". They'd probably argue 90' stile censorship of turning one character female is "progressi" because he's now a trans woman or something

No. 218328

I remember when SMTV was announced people genuinely argued the main character was "non binary" because he was a bishounen with long hair.

There is basically whole generation that has a complete fucked up with gender due to tumblr grooming them into thinking that NGC expression= you are not a man or a woman. Women get told that they can' have short hair or wear pants without being trans

No. 218334

Sole people said he was nb because of the english voice acting. A bunch of american delusional fags thought the english voice actor or actress giving the MC a faggy voice meant anything when he sounds like a manly man in Japanese, the original voice acting of this game. These same people would shit their pants if they ever saw Yuki from Fruits Basket or Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho.

No. 218336

>They'd probably argue 90' stile censorship of turning one character female is "progressi"
Not directly related but that's already the case. Look at Fire Emblem Fates' dogshit localization and who supported this by saying it was meant to correct all the problematic stuff in it, even though it tried to make the bisexual characters look as straight as possible while trying to make Soleil a true and honest lesbian even though she's straight and an annoying "gay until graduation" stereotype. It's a miracle they didn't make Forrest trans but he sure acts like a "brave and stunning yasss kween slay" stereotype thanks to the localization instead of the shy guy he actually is meant to be despite being a cute straight young man who is into fashion (like Kuranosuke in Princess Jellyfish)

No. 218371

This actually enrages me. An at-the-time novel couple where the man was affectionate and sweet and the woman was strong and powerful, and zoomers see that as impossible so it must actually be a woman and man pretending. What the fuck.

No. 218385

Why do the vast majority of transwashing of ships have the couple be (either become or stay) a biological male with a biological female? In the rarer cases where they're still of the same biological sex they're both troons (two FTMs or two MTFs). I see straight ships headcanoned as "t4t" (FTM and MTF, still straight even by their own definitions) or one of them being headcanoned as a troon of the same "gender identity" but still opposite sex as their partner (male character becomes MTF but the female love interest stays a "cis" woman or female character becomes FTM but the male love interest stays a "cis" man), but never the same sex (male character is actually FTM but the female love interest stays a "cis" woman or female character is actually MTF but the male love interest stays a "cis" man).

No. 218387

Because otherwise they can't self-insert

No. 218389

They could self-insert as FTMs with "cis" women too but they never do…

No. 218391

Because they're straight girls, they want men, not women.
TIF lesbians who self-ship with "cis" women are probably really rare, and most likely prefer to depict themselves as FtM with another FtM.

No. 218395

Yeah because "straight" TIFs are seen as "evil privileged cishet men" unless paired with "trans women". Hmmmm…

No. 218401

Tbh I doubt that the straight T4T ships are for self-shipping. They're just for virtue-signalling, imo. But the TIM/cis woman and TIM/TIM ships are definitely for TIMs to self-insert, while the TIF/cis man and TIF/TIF are for TIFs to self-insert.

No. 218404

Eh I've seen a surprising amount of TIM-chasing TIFs, along with "cis" women who think liking "cis" men and TIMs makes them bisexual or liking "cis" women and TIMs makes them lesbians. TIFs are often obsessed with feminine men and that extends even to TIMs no matter how hard they virtue signal that "trans women are women!!!!"

No. 218408

No offense but wtf are you saying?

No. 218409

Basically all troon ships in fanfics are
so still opposite bio sex
if they're the same bio sex they're always
but never

No. 218491

File: 1656740392794.jpg (25.23 KB, 538x138, firefox_2022-07-02_07-39-09.jp…)

Oh, I think it's just about how cis bad + fetish element

No. 218517

Kek, while watching the movies I actually did get the impression that Mari is what would result if an AGP somehow managed to get a hold of a woman's body.
>legit like fucking 50 years old
>nya nya catgirl shit
>wears hair in pigtails
>autist glasses
>smug motherfucker
>molests teenage girls

No. 218564

That's another thing I hate. It legit erases potential or even canon gay relationships by making one character fucking trans. We already have few enough series that hint gay characters, especially male gays, now all these have to be headcanoned as trans and if it is a western series they will even openly say they are trans or non-binary or whatever word they use to make a character less of a man.

No. 218567

If you observe the woke bubble closely you will notice that most of them are stealthy anti-homo. They just hide it between an abundance of progressive newspeak.
Example? I knew a person who was sadly into an unpopular character I also loved. This person spent her (or they, since they said they were trans) whole day accusing others of all kinds of shit, homophobia among other things. But she would always, ALWAYS, without exception, call every homosexual canon couple or fan ship homophobic and toxic etc. They would also always turn one of the characters for hinted homo/lesbian pairings into trans to get their hetero ship and they wrote a billion fics of which every single one was pairing up canon male characters with female OCs that were housewives with 3-8 kids. The funniest part is that the only time they ever wrote a gay character it was an OC who was abusive against the canon character they later paired up with their shitty female OC and he was the villain of the story.
But these people will still do everything they can to bully artists, attack artists and writers, shame them or even threaten them while pretending they were homophobic for making gay ships.

These people are literally fundamentalists or Karens in disguise.

No. 218572

I really want to know which characters or story you're talking about now.

No. 218581

No. 218588

I read a ftm/female fic once but you're right, I noticed that too, it's very rare to be same sex unless it's two troons paired together. It's just woke homophobia, especially when these people waste their time attacking other women for "fetishizing gay men" aka writing an interesting story where two men kiss lmao
Idk, these people tend to be so very straight it hurts, it just makes me so annoyed because they're loud and talk over everyone but have a special grudge against other straight women, be they writing m/m or f/m, it doesn't matter, and this shit makes these women go either they/them to avoid more criticism or disappear from the internet. I also noticed the ftm writers that self insert with male love interests only tend to pair two females together when they want to get them out of the way of their husbando, something that was also common with many m/m fics in the old days, when these female characters weren't downright vilified.