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File: 1597303855452.jpeg (1.83 MB, 2880x3840, 5BB0D2E1-5B37-415C-9C98-707B7D…)

No. 1022186

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell - 32 year old self obsessed woman living in Long Island with her parents while promising to move back to Brooklyn or beyond soon! Her life goal is to remain relevant on instagram, cannot help but constantly air out her dirty laundry online and constant oversharing, public breakdowns, etc. Has spent quarantine lurking in her parents' garage, getting engaged and then dumping Eric from Tiger King, not using her Peleton, photoshopping herself to oblivion, not bothering to make any sort of statement about BLM or police brutality, and of course "recovering" from "a partial mastectomy".

previous thread 1 >>943302

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New milk since last thread was formed:

Erik and Amanda are engaged! >>975716

Complained about her family and ex, who she mooches off of constantly: >>976332

Trouble in paradise? >>977128 >>980262

Pretends to not know who Bret Easton Ellis is >>977610

Parents start moving her into the garage >>977668 >>980153

Went through a wig phase >>978740

No longer sober, she asks her friends and their children to bring her bullshit during a pandemic: >>979059

Did Johnny and Amanda ever actually marry? The jury is out >>979404 >>996454

More grifting >>979672

A vaguely supportive BLM rally cry from our woke queen >>981183 >>982849

Oh wait… maybe not >>982873

Her "elective" "cancer" surgery finally gets a date: >>986072 >>986621

Her parents finally let her out of the garage >>986490

We bid an official farewell to Erik "Tiger King" Cowie >>986631 >>1017570

The Anachan Princess is trying her best >>986638 >>988387

Still insisting she knows how to ride a motorcycle >>986695

Banned on BOTH her FB accounts >>987018 >>987032

Employee accused of rape; an inquiry about it on her business Instagram goes unnoticed for a long time >>989422

Happy Father's Day daddy! Here's some Juuls >>990888

Surgery time!! >>992608 >>992660 >>993963 >>994059 >>994206 >>995264 theres a ton, it goes on

Smoking 2 packs a day for 20 years, since she was 12 >>996044

The magically healing scar >>1001601

No routine cancer follow ups lead to speculation >>1006922 >>1007010

Another deceased friend leads to another sadness spiral >>1009884

Serious about getting fit, Amanda gets a peloton and uses it exactly once >>1010271

Begs for donations >> 1011472
But is also very successful >>1011623

Why can't we not be sober? Amanda officially breaks edge after posting about a harrowing detox last year >>1019099

Amanda's lumpectomy is now a partial mastectomy… with possible worse to come? >>1021907 >>1022026

No. 1022211

File: 1597310555973.png (3.82 MB, 750x1334, 0593950E-1CCA-4BF1-A626-088D30…)

Only half of her face caught the filter in her newest video lol

No. 1022212

Thank you for the new thread, anon! Really hope this anon pops back in with more milk: >>1022026

No. 1022215


You're welcome. It took forever, sorry for the delay!

No. 1022216


Same anon, sorry for the double post; pretty sure I just accidentally reported my own comment. Sorry, mods.

No. 1022223

Lmao looks like she’s having a stroke

No. 1022247

File: 1597316401205.jpg (40.94 KB, 600x450, ladybirdamandabret.jpg)

Found some extra links:

personal: https://myspace.com/duels

old music page: https://myspace.com/ladybirdamandabret



Saged in case these were already posted and I missed it. The music on Myspace didn't work for me. If it does for you, let me know what kind of genre-defining classics you find.

No. 1022481

Here ya go. Like I said. It isn't really that funny.

I got sober a while back and now I have livestock and a badass lifted truck and other redneck shit so I figure she was probably fetishizing me. Lol


No. 1022803

File: 1597406765211.jpeg (148.8 KB, 828x373, BFF01A7D-820A-44A1-BD4A-FAE10F…)

“Declining health” but still got an active social life even though you haven’t left the garage in a year.

No. 1022805

does she not accept people easily on fb? i've been waiting forever despite her interacting with me on both accounts.

No. 1022910

declining health but drinks herself stupid everyday and smokes a pack a day. Yes, she's really looking out for herself.

No. 1022932

A mask would be a blessing. Hide that rotting mouth.

No. 1023085


I just love that she has this very original take they most people had 5 months ago

No. 1023198

really bummed we're never going to get that Tiger King sequel with Amanda doing meth and getting prison tattooed in the background

No. 1023489

Idk. She added me again after months.

No. 1023734

File: 1597585888614.jpeg (507.96 KB, 828x2939, B5F20B92-4517-4B9D-9117-CA53B9…)

Someone was up late going in about Erik Cowie. Acting like he pulled a gun on her over the phone. Didn’t she say he did this before but he was a “confused soul” or something enabling like that? Claimed he was sober too…

No. 1023735

File: 1597586012888.jpeg (334.85 KB, 551x1037, 78020170-B0EF-45AD-9F56-C7517B…)

Went to his friend page, who she also made friends with and this is her comment on a video he took of Erik walking around…

No. 1023736

File: 1597586050969.jpeg (288.81 KB, 819x635, 52B585F9-5822-4B13-96AA-40A743…)

And then this comment on another video of him…

No. 1023739

ah yes…to quote 90s legends Tag Team, Whoomp there it is!

No. 1023780

I’m sorry, what did she expect? Did she expect the perfect gentleman to escort her to cotillion? I feel bad for him, and I don’t care if he did “point a gun at her,” (over the phone? Are you fucking kidding?) It’s obvious that everyone from TK is irredeemable white trash, that’s why literally no one except bobblehead snaggletooth here would attempt to marry one of them. Now she’s publicly thrashing him because what? He’s an immature alcoholic? This white Deep South toothless wonder is supposedly racist? God who on earth could have anticipated that? She’s punching down so hard for literally no reason.

No. 1023796

Lol the hypocrisy yes let’s shame him NOW about being racist and abusive… but it never seemed to bother her when she was “engaged” to him. She has tons of racists/rapists/sexual predators on her friends list so why don’t you start calling them out as well? Because you don’t give a shit unless it involves you. Amanda, you are a selfish, narcissistic, toxic piece of shit just like everyone you date and associate with. You always date the same type of loser and you’re the common denominator.

No. 1023806

She literally does this every single time. Every single things end, they are usually the following: a rape apologist, a rapist, an abuser, an emotional abuser, a loser, psychotic, narcissistic, racist, a drug addict/alcoholic, and a pedophile. She runs to social media to blow them up, tear them apart and make herself look like a victim. Amanda, you wonder why you attract trash? Because you are trash. YOU ARE the alcoholic, drug abuser, emotional abuser, physical abuser, and rape apologist.

No. 1023814

File: 1597598204789.jpeg (178.08 KB, 1242x625, B41E50FE-447F-4323-98D5-3E8260…)


No. 1023890


Not for anything but there was literally a video of him with a gun in his bed and her chatting him up like it was the funniest thing in the world. Pretty sure there was another video of him yelling racial slurs too. I'll try to find it. So why is it bad now? Suddenly you're against it and talking street talk to "karma"? Embarrassing.

A guy with a gun a thousand miles away isn't going to shoot you, Amanda. Calm down.

No. 1023905


Same anon as above. Can't find the gun one but there's these.

>> 971578


No. 1023913

File: 1597616076983.png (2.69 MB, 1242x2688, 5132E565-F67F-41A6-AC54-68B087…)

There’s a lot to unpack here

No. 1023925

File: 1597617088608.png (486.27 KB, 828x1792, 6AB7FCFE-F669-4B85-A303-6A250A…)

Found it

No. 1023932

File: 1597617439984.png (533.89 KB, 828x1792, 8E192CF2-B221-4772-AEC5-CBB1A0…)

So delusional

No. 1023933

Where is this from? I don’t see it on her page

No. 1023934


Thank you! I knew I didn't imagine it


What the holy hell? Who is she talking about here? Erik? An ex? Who is she to hate on anyone doing meth when she sounds like a rambling lunatic? Amazing.

No. 1023936

File: 1597617783631.png (646.84 KB, 1242x2688, 49DFCDAF-C09A-4A9B-9201-685E9C…)

Under this post

No. 1023960

File: 1597620572942.png (4.54 MB, 1242x2688, CC9214BC-01D7-451A-8FDB-4DFB60…)

I think she’s talking about the younger dude who lives with Cowie?

And this is the woman she’s talking about(emoji use)

No. 1024064


So TK's roommate was jerking off while FaceTiming her? Classy

No. 1024069

how did brat show tamara proof that TK's friend jerked off while facetiming her? did brat take screenshots or videos? that's pretty fucked up on brat's part if she did

No. 1024074

When she first started face timing Erik tiger king, she would post screenshots saying, "my reaction when x happened!" And anons were speculating that she had been screen recording their chats. Maybe she makes a habit of that with everyone

No. 1027618

File: 1598192524777.jpeg (136.44 KB, 828x343, 7D600ECC-A072-4B16-85DE-9A3C6F…)

She’s back from her hole!

No. 1027738

Wonder which fiancé is offering to house her now?

No. 1027762

She’s talking about the Texas guy

No. 1027783

That makes sense, they don't have coffee in Texas.

No. 1027791


yeah, really gonna miss that gourmet 7-11 coffee, huh?

No. 1027793

No we sure dont,no coffee, not here no sireee and our winters are wet n nasty and the are no metal or punk dudes and it's just the worst. A rattlesnake will bite you in the taint ever single night, too. So dont come here at all, ever again.

No. 1027827

No. 1027923


Guess she's still ~in love with an outlaw~ huh.

Or she's getting bored with her garage and realized there's no way she can make it back to bk.

How stupid or lonely is that dude to willingly invite this trainwreck narcissistic pathological liar back into his life? Is she that good at sucking dick with her dry ass ~kiss pillows~?

No. 1028060


Wait, you think this actually happened and she didn’t make up this whole interaction? You’re giving her WAY too much credit

No. 1028097

Hell no, but I'm not gonna take that chance so if you would be kind enough to spread the word of taint chomping rattlers in TX, the whole state will thank you.

No. 1028621

Wonder what would happen to Johnny if she does leave. Hopefully he’ll be rid of her and finally get in with his life

No. 1029353

File: 1598485863520.png (405.71 KB, 496x805, Screenshot_20200826-184825.png)

She's so gross when she acts like she's the best dog owner, even though she dumped Clyde at her ex's parents place months ago.

No. 1029470

Street rat… you live in your parents garage at 30 and it has a pool. Stop pretending to be punx Amanda.

No. 1029483


When was the last time she even saw that dog? I don't even remember why he's not with her. She's a shit animal owner.

No. 1029570


If I recall correctly, her parents have a dog and the dog doesn't get along with Clyde.

Not totally sure about this, but my guess is that their parents dog is on the smaller end of the scale and they don't want a hulking 150lb beast that was bred for pit fighting around for fear of their dog's life.

No. 1030381


So Bonnie, Clydes sister, died mysteriously years ago. She says that her dog walker brought Bonnie onto the roof of her building where allegedly she jumped off the four story ledge to her death.
Anyone have the real story?

No. 1030614


i thought she had jumped out an open window? who knows, scamanda can’t keep a lie straight for the life of her

No. 1030620

Don’t forget about her cat that she stole from a bodega after losing hers that she abandoned with her employee.

No. 1030918

File: 1598790721408.jpeg (803.8 KB, 1242x2084, D235D7CF-FA5C-4B52-88A7-5236A0…)

Can I get “staying in your parent’s garage for ever” Alex?

No. 1030994


Well, she did it. For the first time I have secondhand embarrassment for her. I usually just laugh at her, but the 7th grader-who’s-a-compulsive-liar language of that post done did me in.

No. 1031002

Lancaster??! Wtf would she possibly do there? There is no one with her aesthetic there and she’d be seen as a demon by the Amish

No. 1031058

Who the hell considers moving to Lancaster ? 1000 dollars says she knows one dude there who talks her up and that's the only reason why. You could literally move anywhere in the country and that is on your short list?

No. 1031108

Lancaster’s all methheads and junkies so I’m sure she’d fit in well over there. Plus she would have so many toothless, long haired losers to pick from over there.

No. 1031288


You're all wondering about PA and I'm trying to figure out what the fuck is in IN

No. 1031319

She does not have the capability of being independent, so there’s guaranteed be a guy in each city she’s been talking to. Gross.

No. 1031325

File: 1598874977538.jpeg (683.95 KB, 1125x1646, 157D2B3A-FC51-448C-89C6-D75510…)

I actually think she’s dating this person now. Who is in Lancaster.

No. 1031331

Has she ever dated a woman before? I really hope not, I think her motives are too transparent for most women to fall for but on the other hand, her circle doesn’t seem to exactly be brain trust.

No. 1031335

Pretty easy to bi cosplay if you never actually meet the person

No. 1031349

I hope she does move to Indiana.

No. 1031367

File: 1598885269442.png (4.54 MB, 1125x2436, 0DE7A3C6-2542-4B24-95E7-2116A0…)

She had mentioned them before but like maybe once. So not sure if it was for teal but there is claim of dating a woman!

No. 1031391

And I bet she claims she’s the number one pussy eater in the whole world bar none and has apprentices working under her masterful tutelage

No. 1031401

Portland OR - she's got some dude named John Brest she's been tagging in her food posts on FB, I have a feeling its him, he lives in Portland

Lafayette IN - Denver "Riddle" her FB friend

"Austin" TX - altho her ex fiancé doeslive in TX, he's in San Angelo

Lancaster PA - is her new "wife" she's never met

Miami - Johnnys parents condo

No. 1031494


Ding ding ding There’s a new victim in each of these places, that’s the only reason she ever does anything! Also, there’s loads of half-stupid chopper guys in Austin, and they live for IG clout. Toxic Utopia.

No. 1032262

File: 1599047422664.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1232x2336, 31795C2E-0814-485F-BAE4-70CD6C…)

Seems like a good thing to do during a pandemic. We all know she won’t go anywhere but my god the delusion in this woman

No. 1032302


honestly, could she be anymore cringey? “concrete sherpa” yikes.

also, doesn’t she not have a license? why’s our dear Scamanda buying a car if she can’t drive? will her money pig, johnny be schlepping her around?

No. 1032304

No. 1032540

File: 1599085879152.jpeg (724.9 KB, 1242x1964, FE6665F4-B124-4591-8C44-43155E…)

This Instagram exchange is just bizarre

No. 1033323

File: 1599220139187.jpeg (209.63 KB, 828x748, 0F67CFA3-3D09-4EB6-8727-21952D…)

A great post a delete from last night. Some dude comes over for sex and brings a bunch of randoms from Craigslist over?

No. 1033330

File: 1599222097950.jpeg (164.08 KB, 747x661, 2279828A-37DC-4E71-8629-CA3860…)

Part 2

No. 1033551

If she didn’t portray herself as such a slut who’s “ready for anything” maybe it wouldn’t have happened to her

No. 1033564

That's still not okay.
But the whole story sounds exactly like the one she tells about GingerBeard's friend finger raping her - except with different people. Sometimes she'll portray herself as this fantastic mythical see-through vintage tee wearing kitchen goddess. Making the most luxurious meal pantless for her guests, serving plates of coke for appetizers. It varies you know - gotta keep the new fans entertained and the old lurkers on their toes

No. 1033590

>People are not believing of my many assaults
Gee I wonder why? I couldn't possibly be the fact you're a compulsive liar who's admissions read like humble brags (of all things).

No. 1033634

>being able to put a down payment on an apartment

This girl just gives herself away. No one calls a security deposit a down payment.
Also who would willingly pay 4x more for nudes? Her prices were really high. I can't find the pic but I remember a 10 minute video being $150+.

No. 1033700

File: 1599256443303.jpeg (299.46 KB, 828x613, 4B977C1C-AE69-4546-A8A4-2F4A47…)

Wait, now she said she’s going to rent a place after “saving her pennies” (aka johnnys penny’s and literally zero income from her store.) bet her parents kicked her ass out.

No. 1033744

Nothing she says ever makes sense. Does she read what she writes or is she so deep in being full of shit that everything just sounds okey dokey to her?

No. 1033781

I think she's referring to that night where she had a bunch of metal heads over at her apartment while she was naked and then something happened. Not saying she deserved whatever she's talking about cus she was hanging out with strangers naked, but I think that's the night she means

No. 1033819

Wait, so again she's not getting a car like she claimed a few days ago, nor is she packing up her shit and going to some buttfuck town? I'm on the edge of my seat. Can we just assume she's staying another year to expand on her recovery?

No. 1033827

Truly impressed by all of the high-quality leatherwork, painting, digital design and embroidery I have seen this master of multiple crafts produce while "running her business" "remotely" in her "work space."

No. 1033851

>publicly admits to scamming somebody and then redacts once she realizes she just implicated herself in fraud.
hope the guy takes her to court honestly. Bitch will be stuck at her parents for a few more years "saving pennies" lmao

No. 1033913


She's told this story often and it's changed a million times by now.

No one deserves to be assaulted but I just believe her. Any sorry Amanda but if every single person you ever meet rapes you there's something wrong with the company you're keeping.

No. 1033945

File: 1599312682304.jpeg (908.09 KB, 1125x1713, E7FFE689-AF4C-4812-9AE0-E459EA…)

When you literally live with your enablers.

No. 1033964

File: 1599317350514.jpeg (40.26 KB, 828x255, A7EFB958-E4C4-42B8-BFFD-EFA376…)

New car day for someone with no license must lose some of its luster, no?

No. 1034162


any update on this? i feel like if she actually got a car there would be some tasteless photos of her with it to brag

No. 1034180

File: 1599358796298.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1459x1459, B011E0F7-87E6-477B-878D-A0C034…)

Slow Saturday night, Amanda? Your lies are getting more dull.

No. 1034213

Right? What about the car

No. 1034218

I’d contribute to a gofundme to help pay for the surgery so she could actually get the alien slit nostril, bug eyed face of her dreams

No. 1034273


Lol how'd you snort all that coke then, Amanda? God she is fucking nuts.

No. 1034288

File: 1599388777661.jpeg (114.03 KB, 828x370, 97594BC4-A7F5-4FD1-A140-DA2F5D…)

Shopping for a new car (probably John shopping for a car and her tagging along) is so exhausting.

No. 1034298


Saged for tinfoil but I wonder if this status is her laying the groundwork for an nose job under the pretence of it being medical necessity…

No. 1034407

File: 1599409172560.jpeg (168.08 KB, 828x394, C788F31D-AB8E-4615-8BBA-671304…)

Your nostrils are so “tiny” but you want to get 3 nose piercings… she knows you have to clean piercings right? Barf.

No. 1034445

She wants a chain across her nose like TND? That's the ugliest shit ever where are these cows even cribbing that from, never seen it irl

No. 1034447

File: 1599415027197.png (248.84 KB, 390x390, foundonthegaragefloor.png)

with one of these, duh. good thing her parents forgot about a whole megapack in the garage!

No. 1035013

File: 1599514802602.jpeg (574.94 KB, 828x1070, DA3972DB-849C-4286-9558-A29D4D…)

I will see this in my nightmares…

No. 1035018

Fuck her nose and non-existent car, what ever happened with that cancer Scamanda? Was her parents garage so toxic that she just didn’t need chemo? Stop lying Amanda

No. 1035047

File: 1599518039569.jpeg (721.29 KB, 828x1594, F1A02F4F-5943-46B7-AA07-7D321F…)

Just a successful businesswoman hawking her panties through an “agent”

No. 1035077

Wtf is wrong with her teeth? the gold tooth is one thing but her gums look black

No. 1035079

this is the price you pay for smoking 24/7.

No. 1035118


Not trying to knock the panty selling hustle, but i always wonder how women who sell a lot of them that are almost never made of cotton manage to maintain a healthy pH balance. Amanda seems kinda gross tbh, those yeast infection caked thongs are gonna be a delight lol.

Sage for gynosperg

No. 1035157

File: 1599529536937.jpeg (35.55 KB, 225x487, 6B9080F1-6CAD-4034-924B-3D7008…)

Is she wearing clown makeup to Home Depot?

No. 1035173

File: 1599532018524.jpeg (651.93 KB, 828x1418, DC6CC46F-07FE-4B82-8872-21639F…)

It’s those creepy contacts

No. 1035977

File: 1599673619749.png (221.37 KB, 828x1792, 9412C99C-9A26-43CD-8DC7-2942C6…)

Well, apparently the breeze DOESN’T live.

(FYI: only the business owner can change that status to permanently closed on google)

Was that trip to the city this past weekend not to see new apartments but actually to clean out her “successful” storefront?

No. 1036000

File: 1599676807915.jpeg (115.05 KB, 1242x552, BA83B80F-82BD-4DFB-83EB-E53C3F…)

Five days ago she was boasting about having saved money by not paying rent.
$2. Two. Dollars.

No. 1036032

I wonder if the care package is a load of shitty merchandise from her recently closed store? Hmmm

No. 1036097


Well there’s that old saying that if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere. So I guess that means if you can’t make it here, then lie about it?

Nah jk, your city pass is revoked Scamanda now GETDAFUCKOUTTAHEA

No. 1036231

It goes “if you can’t make it here — then be a Venmo panhandler who sells nudes from your parents garage”

No. 1036252

Mooove bitch get out da way, get out da way, get out da way, move bish get out da way…

$2 bet she’ll switch to another ny borough while claiming she’s still in Brooklyn or lie that she’s “looking for lofts” in LA again, kek.

No. 1036340

She can't scrounge 2 dollars but can send a care package? Dafuq?

How broke is this bitch? Did her ex finally cut her off?

No. 1036369

Whatever happened to her very public therapy sessions?

No. 1036454

i remember this chick back when she had only an etsy, and sold shit to kat von d, then opened her store close to my place, i never went, but it was reportedly burglarized right after opening for its taxidermy. the ups and downs happen so fast and often i cant stop watching.

No. 1036616

Asking for a number that low and specific is pretty common for people asking for drug money. Tinfoil maybe but that’s what it looks like

No. 1036626

File: 1599787835207.jpeg (422.9 KB, 1125x957, 6451387B-DFFB-4480-A545-7C99A1…)

Buys a car.
Looks for an apartment with her saved pennies.
Asks for $2.
Plans a tattoo.

Honestly what.

No. 1036641

There are other ways to “pay”

No. 1036679

Omg someone needs to call her out on this

No. 1036751


Didn't someone mention in the previous thread she was actually 86 from greenpoint tattoo for trying to fuck reardon?

Whether I'm tripping or not, she's a mess.

No. 1036780


Yea her ass is banned from there for being a skank, John’s wife ain’t fuckin around

No. 1036912

File: 1599843953565.jpg (550.79 KB, 1079x1470, Screenshot_20200904-153040_Bra…)

Dont think this was posted, it made me kek

No. 1036946

File: 1599849553629.png (708.7 KB, 720x1035, Screenshot_20200911-133928.png)

Is that a pepper spray dangling from her hand, phone or whatever? Tf she needs mace to go to home depot, what a try hard.

No. 1036955

not to say she wouldn't do some shit like that but it looks like a key fob for a car

No. 1037067


her saying that the “gay side” of her is really coming out because of … shitty cargo pants. nah bruh, you look like euro trash in them sry2say. also, is she trying to get ~woke points~ for being “””gay”””?

No. 1037198

File: 1599876518322.jpeg (354.83 KB, 1181x1433, 0DEB6D9F-8010-4795-8A30-D218F1…)

Just an absolutely normal thing, dressing like this to go to Home Depot for the ninetieth time this week

No. 1037445

As someone who goes to hardware stores constantly for a home reno and am almost always in rags, if I saw someone dressed like that there I'd be like "this person has no plans to do any kind of actual work(blog)

No. 1037447

Imagine bragging on the internet about walking around in public "in rags" cause that makes you a better worker kek

No need to put on a face full of make up, but if I see someone walking around in sweatpants in public and looks like they haven't showered in a week I think it's fucking gross. Just because you are "just going to the store" doesn't mean you can't put in the least bit of effort and change into some proper clothes. Maybe it's an american thing.

No. 1037450

Tone down the autismo.

No. 1037465


kek chill out, amanda(hi cow)

No. 1037481

learn to sage, becky

No. 1037755

File: 1599956877346.jpeg (373.5 KB, 579x924, 8A89A505-A6EF-422F-8467-EA66A8…)

Spotted on a mutuals page lol she keeps the grossest company. All these industry people is do cocaine and drink together.

No. 1038004

File: 1600012973024.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3264x3264, 5C62C08B-EF60-4389-89A4-112A4D…)

She poor, so she’s selling her used makeup and other things she’s bought from Poshmark again. But not poor enough to have the new AirPod pros. She gave away her other ones kek.

No. 1038213

File: 1600040777330.jpeg (49.61 KB, 313x640, 60FBD034-ED83-426D-8241-B898AC…)

Selling totally not used shoes retail value $98!

No. 1038216

File: 1600041007363.jpeg (211.62 KB, 750x1294, 9942BB92-5DF1-4CAD-9483-82E8A6…)

Not even a good deal, those shoes have been on sale for less than $50 for months. Stay scamming.

No. 1038218

File: 1600041336038.jpeg (359.76 KB, 828x3040, 35C83060-882E-4FCB-BD7A-3C2845…)

Even better… she’s reselling shit she bought. So now you REALLY need the money? Habit getting that bad?

No. 1038221

File: 1600041777465.jpeg (249.45 KB, 828x953, 00EBB51A-DCD6-4BB3-B896-37A846…)

She’s getting a new job! Is this like the job at Sephora she was gonna get? kek. November 3rd is voting day in the US, doubt she even knows that.

No. 1038226

I don’t think this will go well, if it’s even happening at all. I believe poll workers start work at 5 am and go til 10 pm. Not a lot of time for alien elf-selfies and cigs to be spared.

No. 1038239

They’d throw her out if she started having a paparazzi moment. Pretty sure having phones and cameras in general are prohibited…assuming especially this year with all the voter fraud talk

No. 1038277


Not being able to have phone is a perfect cover for her claiming to be a poll worker when she's really just at home chain smoking and hitting on her dad

No. 1038969


Why would you get a job as a poll worker if you run 3 successful businesses?

Stop lying Amanda.

No. 1039862

File: 1600269985601.jpeg (471.64 KB, 828x1293, 2494C7E7-7F9F-4FF4-AB60-323951…)

If she’s so broke and her Venmo account is locked… why is she still buying used makeup on Poshmark. Not gonna save up for that car, apartment, boob job and more tattoos?

No. 1041434

File: 1600492598671.jpeg (530.61 KB, 1241x1816, B07163BC-1EF8-432D-ABCB-8B3C15…)

I accidentally deleted the screenshot of Amanda claiming she doesn't want kids (even though she's talked about it with every boyfriend) and her mom demanding that she have them anyway. But here's a delusion from today. Amanda, you didn't look like that a year ago, either.

No. 1041626

This is a TJ Maxx look…..normal people don’t brag about that

No. 1041651

File: 1600526979685.jpeg (757.89 KB, 1125x1648, 6E18232C-4EA6-4AA9-BD48-B0ADAD…)

“anti-cop” but pro-justices? doesn’t seem like scamanda even understands her own backwards ass punxxxx politics.

No. 1041696

idk how to tell you this but justice are not cops

No. 1041704

>>1041651 her reaction is retarded but you can be anti-cop and realize that bader ginsberg's death has huge potential to cause a rollback of women's rights lol….this is a pretty retarded criticism too.

No. 1041710


we all know she’s not anti-cop anyway though soooo

No. 1041815

File: 1600550569583.jpeg (229.65 KB, 828x1415, BEDBE9E5-4910-475D-B41D-510DDD…)

Good job showing your whole boob and no dent but somehow complaining about her “scar”. What about that goFundMe that you scammed for your super amazing surgeon? Still have taken out any of the money…

No. 1041818

Lol this is so on brand. Full underboob for a tiny scar

No. 1041850


*where they removed the lump

Not cancer Scamanda, stop lying

No. 1041860

There must be a special hell for people who fake cancer.

No. 1041872

Yeah it’s called Medford, LI.

No. 1041896

She's going to look great with those tats when she hits middle age.

No. 1042039

File: 1600604987681.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1919, 6371DDBD-8256-4BAD-856A-DA0F1F…)

Lol..really? If she actually ever had roller skates and or bladed we would have seen over hundreds of posts and pictures of it. LIES.

No. 1042053

Oh lord. She’s trying to hop on the tiktok trend train, huh? Skates on most sites are back ordered into December or January, would love to see her get a pair now and end up eating shit in the brutal New York winter lol.

No. 1042272

File: 1600634553950.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, FF2916A0-8C23-4E88-BA0A-B35657…)

How long is she gonna drag this fake cancer shit out?

No. 1042284


Came to post this, she really calling it a partial masectomy? Fucking shameless. This bitch.

No. 1042322

Jesus christ. It takes more than two months for a scar to fade. I'm sure if she leaves it alone for a year you'll barely be able to see it. Any excuse to get internet sympathy points/free money from strangers tho.

No. 1042338

It technically can be called a partial mastectomy- it’s another term for a lumpectomy. Google it. The issue here is that she is really trying to drag out that she had a mastectomy For cancer. When in reality (if it’s true for her at all) she had a lumpectomy for a benign tumor and doesn’t need reconstructive surgery. The pics show her tits are fine aside from a scar which isn’t even fully healed yet. She’s dumb as rocks and milking something that is actually very scary for people to deal with.

No. 1042618

File: 1600701993873.jpeg (529.17 KB, 828x1220, 6DD06E0E-76C9-481E-AC96-A7FDCA…)

So she’s been staying at some AirBNB in Flatbush while she “figures some things out” I bet she was kicked out of the garage, I mean her parents house. Also, where is she getting money to rent this place?

No. 1042693


Tinfoil: she’s getting two tattoos so she can upgrade the lie from lumpectomy to partial mastectomy to bilateral mastectomy for maximum sympathy points.

No. 1042921

I second this tinfoil.

No. 1042979

It's her bday on Wednesday, brace yourselves for throwback pics and since she's back in bk a very likely breaking "sobriety".

No. 1043390

File: 1600816605603.jpeg (182.29 KB, 828x558, 6703F848-11B1-435C-9015-8BEA27…)

Sorry for off topic but she has this listed on her FB profile as her job. Is she serious? “Passion project” kek. That John’s family’s medical supply company. I think she made a logo…once? Does that make you a partner?

No. 1043482

“Partner/slacker” to the business she married into (doubt John has much to do with it either). Nice. If anything this’ll serve as a handy excuse for when anyone questions her ill-gotten/crowdsourced money.

No. 1043567

File: 1600845057163.jpeg (964.28 KB, 1242x2080, CF5E7102-4700-4660-B552-A821B5…)

Probably my most favorite thing about Amanda is her utter joy over a perfectly normal hotel room.

No. 1043568

File: 1600845117540.jpeg (321.84 KB, 1242x1939, 1A97078F-08D4-41C7-80AD-9E646F…)

No. 1043569

File: 1600845196281.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1884, 0AD62EAB-23D6-4DD5-83B1-57B1BB…)


I'm sure they love you smoking in their rooms. She trashes up everything

No. 1043647

In this video tour she says the room is 10 feet from the ocean then proceeds to take 10 steps into the dark and says “you can’t see but there’s waves crashing basically at my feet” which you can’t hear. Her thinking 10 steps is 10 feet is the most simplified version of how her brain exaggerated things. Incredible glimpse into the mind.

No. 1043648

After posting this two days ago saying she will never leave the dog’s side again she’s now alone in a hotel room in Long Island.

No. 1043825

File: 1600882977741.jpeg (707.55 KB, 824x1615, 0371E2B2-6176-4816-BC0A-D64BD6…)

When has her face ever looked like that?

No. 1043910

What “closest friends”?? Almost anyone she ever gets close to eventually get their head out of their ass and sees her true colors. No one needs to take the time to “harass” anyone about you. In fact, she is the one who constantly harasses people with lies and fake assault allegations and tries to encourage other people to do so as well.

No. 1043932

literally everyone she’s ever shared breathing space with is her favourite all time best human ever best friend. it’s becoming really fucking grating and she’s too dense to realise that if you lavish praise on literally everyone, it stops being praise and just becomes lip service and exposes your narcissism. her actual friends will notice how fake and fulsome she is if they haven’t already.

No. 1044048

File: 1600900580764.jpeg (449.12 KB, 750x904, B4B57F28-EC43-4840-9848-B280C2…)

Must be all the snow filters

No. 1044059

This isn’t a cheap hotel either! The room she is staying incosts ~$270 a night.

No. 1044073

I wonder if an actual “wonderful gay couple” gave her a photo shoot or if she just used a timer ‍♂️(emoji)

No. 1044075

File: 1600904186241.jpeg (764.32 KB, 1125x1744, 795E79A1-5DD6-4FFF-B2E0-3F9E71…)

Here’s photo for reference

No. 1044080

So many hotels are slashing prices because COVID/end of the season right now, it could be half that. But still.

No. 1044115

She’s just trying to show of her boots, prob a Poshmark splurge, those insane contacts and avoid actually showing her body. No one showed you how to do that, she does that as a default. Haven’t seen a clear photo of her body since quarantine.

No. 1044372

File: 1600954275799.jpeg (470.73 KB, 1125x1762, 4F5F56EE-1FCF-464D-8B61-159456…)

What “thing” did you do, stick your fingers into a bee’s nest?

No. 1044378

File: 1600954806665.png (1.02 MB, 1125x2436, F4696549-42FC-414F-AC58-0171C3…)


She’s been buying stuff non-stop (even though she’s “cash punched”), including the All Saints boots she’s wearing in the pictures that definitely weren’t taken by a gay couple.

No. 1044387

File: 1600956322078.jpeg (272.89 KB, 828x1442, E4A454A2-4D73-4221-B9B0-C71D31…)

$300 boots, 2 nights in a hotel $500, room service and a carton of cigarettes $100. Store has been closed 6 months. Still has $4000 in her GFM. Sounds strange for someone asking for $2 to pay their phone bill a few weeks back….

No. 1044453

File: 1600963433016.png (2.9 MB, 1242x2208, C5E50846-78C8-481D-BB7F-00AA6C…)

Don't worry, Johnny is there with her! Spotted in her most recent Instagram stories, she panned away as soon as he was visible but we saw, Amanda. He must be the only person on earth who can tolerate her.

No. 1044861

Do you think he’s not on the internet? Like does he not see the stuff she posts?

No. 1044895

He has an IG account and an FB but he never likes or responds to anything. I imagine she hides the posts like she probably does with her family/parents. Also… he doesn’t seem to care she’s a raging asshole, so maybe he knows and doesn’t care.
She’s told John that she’s fucked with a guy to his face, upon meeting said dude…and he just shrugged.

No. 1045072

He's such a beta cuck. She purposefully hides him being there like she's ashamed. Honestly what is wrong with him? There was some sad anon in the last thread lusting after him so we know he can get someone else.

No. 1045080

All I can see from her pics is an endless amount of split ends. Get a trim girl, seriously though.

No. 1045092

>>1045080 if your ends are that bad it’s not the worst idea to just trim a little yourself, she doesn’t have to give herself a full blow out to just help her poor hair out.

No. 1047355

GFM allows you to make withdrawals daily, weekly, or monthly. You don’t have to meet your goal to make a withdrawal. I’d guess she’s been taking it out since the fundraiser began and that it’s long gone.

No. 1047902

File: 1601393743596.jpeg (153.86 KB, 828x597, 78FEB1E3-EFAC-44C6-9093-AA7102…)

“So proud”

No. 1048508

File: 1601485278355.jpeg (Spoiler Image,766.19 KB, 828x1388, F6ADB891-BAD7-4A88-9EDF-897346…)

Her finger is stained with nicotine and she wants a tattoo over a 3 month old “scar”.

No. 1048546

She has to “treat” the nicotine stains??
(Or is she talking about the scar?)

In any case, you’d think such a ~cancer-survivor-warrior~ would cut back on the carcinogens…

No. 1048600

File: 1601494929035.jpg (489.83 KB, 810x1488, Screenshot_20200930-124228_Ins…)

her left eye is especially bugging out. it looks….. inflated

No. 1048607

Why does every product she writes about sound like a hard-sell Amazon description?

No. 1048629

She looks like a frog.

No. 1048676

That’s like a $30 dollar conditioner she uses and her hair still looks dry af. I wonder how much she spends monthly.

No. 1048709

It's so painfully obvious she just tryna show off her tits. Like bro that scar would've been just as visible by pulling down a cami, calm down.

No. 1049146

File: 1601550838278.jpeg (255.6 KB, 828x1229, 64C95976-ACBC-4C2D-8DB8-41065B…)

Still stringing Texas guy along… he doesn’t even follow her back on IG kek

No. 1049173

why the fuck would you post a photo like that?? she looks like a fucking martian my god

No. 1049225

File: 1601559128311.jpeg (515.16 KB, 828x1039, E72AFA37-FE03-43F1-B0D5-47D4C9…)

He hasn’t taken it off in 6 years… since 2014? You met him in Feb 2019 for the first time. How wet is her brain?

No. 1049394

Is it just me or has she started aging fast lately? She looks exactly like her mom in the top left.

No. 1049636

'Bought him from my store'

No. 1049640

File: 1601596598844.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1649, 95E92398-3B60-45ED-8F73-73BA44…)

When was she ever sober for that long?! Also this is not a glow up this is called two different face filters

No. 1049693

File: 1601602928770.png (3.17 MB, 828x1792, CE6EFE57-C322-4CD5-9E94-B9F9B6…)

Also on her IG she says 46 days today - and them also 2.5 months
Her math doesn’t add up once again - 46 days is not 2.5 months

No. 1049960

The tumblr-poetry style of her writing makes me nauseous. “There are no mistakes, only lessons.” Right, take no responsibility for your repeated shitty decisions. And be sure to repeat them and not learn from them.

No. 1050247


24/7 binging on drugs, drinking, and smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day will do that to you. Imagine how much worse it is without all the filters and facetune.

No. 1051392

File: 1601804025599.jpeg (977.2 KB, 1242x1762, 25981BD2-38DE-4194-9298-D96074…)

Didn't see anyone post this. Another victim lined up?

No. 1052240

File: 1601910115104.jpeg (574.96 KB, 813x1256, 3CF3C24C-E50F-4CB7-9BEA-AFAF7A…)

Well, maybe that’s what happens when you hang out in highly infected areas in Brooklyn, with your husband who’s family lives in the center of the Brooklyn Orthodox outbreak. Also, his family runs a pharmacy, so probably not the best place for a “cancer” patient to be chain smoking Marlboro reds, around people who work with possibly other sick people in the Jewish community. She’s a genius.
Tinfoiling, but I think her parents kicked her out. She’s posted some comments about how things are “complicated” at home.

No. 1052445

I couldn't help thinking of "continue taking the stomach cancer medicine" line from Royal Tennanbaums reading this

No. 1052485

“I know what stomach cancer looks like. I've seen it, and you don't eat three cheeseburgers a day with french fries when you got it.“.

Or smokes enough cigs to stain ur fingers probably isn’t how you ward off cancer.

No. 1052530

File: 1601936448456.jpeg (386.87 KB, 828x2266, 51F0801D-DC36-4D9C-9DEF-D7099A…)

A filter on a choking pic Yes you a dumb bitch.

No. 1052570

What is the video of even? Her drooling? Ugh

No. 1052634

Spitting and drooling outside… I figured I’d spare everyone

No. 1053456

File: 1602038868931.jpeg (196.65 KB, 828x440, EACEEE30-39EB-446D-9C4C-72EF7B…)

Typical “conversations that never happened” Why wouldn’t she just name the show since she such a name dropper… also didn’t she drop out of high school at 16?

No. 1053682


also, didn’t see just say she was worried about having covid and was isolating w/ just her dog?

No. 1053687

How can anyone associate with her? She's a pathological liar.

No. 1053691

File: 1602077910005.jpeg (318.28 KB, 828x683, EF4CE9A2-57F8-4C7F-8ECD-52C118…)

She knows this is visible right? She’s so full of it.

No. 1053904

File: 1602100903136.jpeg (361.63 KB, 1241x1729, 0BEB4A00-3F29-446F-B268-6850CA…)


No. 1054060

What happened to her grey streak? Tbh the makeup is pretty, maybe she could focus on that instead of abusing facetune like a retard.

No. 1054222

File: 1602157281199.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3264x3264, 3980BE75-2CB2-4D62-B448-78BE44…)

Just posted the photo on the right complaining Ginger is in such a great photo. Can’t render that it was 3 years ago, not 2 years ago. Look at how much his eyes are edited by her filter. Can only imagine what she did to her own face.
IRL she looks like a drag queen in all that makeup during the daytime.

No. 1054973

Naive little old me always wondered why this dude always looked sooo off in all of her pictures….little did I know she was editing both of them to oblivion!

No. 1054993

File: 1602250626091.jpeg (889.29 KB, 828x1556, 184B3DB6-C230-4764-AA8B-5B7E62…)

What it should read:

“I’m 33, having my 19 year old cousin/sister/daughter sleepover because she broke up with her boyfriend, while I put a mask up to my meatball eyes because I claim I’m moving out to badass Brooklyn, but really I’m just going to be in my garage forever”

No. 1055011


for some reason I immediately thought she was larping a geisha before scrolling to read her caption

sage 4 stupid

No. 1055501

She never disappoints with the cringefest captions filled with unnecessary details and bragging on dumb shit like blankets no one gives a fuck about.

No. 1055613

Why would a lavender pillow mist matter when you’re a garbage chainsmoker? The only consistent thing about her is that she reeks.

No. 1055663

Do not feel stupid, anon. I wouldn’t put it past this cringey cow to do something like that.

No. 1055781

File: 1602347307381.jpeg (604.42 KB, 828x1509, E02807EE-3167-4EEA-A246-9C1B94…)

Saving up for that apt, I see. Hasn’t gotten her license yet either kek

No. 1056055

File: 1602375319908.jpg (Spoiler Image,369.93 KB, 1286x2130, IMG_20201010_191041165.jpg)

I entered those measurements into a body visualization tool. All hail the curvy queen of photoshop lol

(Sage for autism)

No. 1056359

And this is totally normal and fine for a woman in her 30s who doesn’t exercise. The blatant photoshop is what really gripes.

No. 1056916

File: 1602500413328.jpeg (165.98 KB, 1144x1144, 4ACCA005-45D5-48AB-8578-5FB1D6…)

Most people just shared the original post, gotta make it seem like you thought of it to get all the praise.

No. 1057977

File: 1602626047241.jpeg (219.53 KB, 828x469, 9957E836-932B-4CC6-8858-845D3A…)

A verbal agreement with a commercial landlord. What a wonderful business woman.

No. 1057978


Worms for brains. Saged for tinfoil but I think her “cancer” will be making a comeback soon and she’ll be tapping GoFundMe again for her rent arrears. Fuckin lol.

No. 1058037

Hasn't her store been closed for months anyway? Not sure why she kept the physical store, there's no way in hell that place was generating any kind of profit, she would've been better off breaking the lease and finding a new location when she was able to reopen safely. Rents are apparently going down in NYC. Or just put it to rest and stop leeching off her ex. She's so fucking dumb.

No. 1058045

File: 1602629573312.jpeg (398.92 KB, 828x1034, 93A8F9C2-44D2-4944-B493-E03675…)

Don’t worry I’m not going to post my address for weirdos on the internet to find me, but here’s the address in a house that only has two units. You’ll never be able to find me.

How dense is she?

No. 1058268

You can’t just break commercial leases without paying; the landlords will almost always take you to court for the cost of the full lease.

No. 1058298

If that’s exactly what her landlord said, it still means she had to pay the back rent. He gave her a break during the duration of the shutdown. Seems like he did her a favor not forcing her out after stage 4 (what was that, July?)

No. 1058330

She could’ve just cropped out the address…it’s so intentional that she posted it. And to piggy back on the rent thing; why do people assume they just never ever have to pay that rent again? Not evicting for past due balances during a pandemic doesn’t equate to months of free rent. It’s owed unfortunately, just later than normal. She would assume it meant she just doesn’t have to pay her bill.

No. 1058417


I think she could have cropped out the address if she had just uploaded a photo but it looks like she posted the link to the listing. Within the same day she’s talking about owing $17k whilst taking on a new rent for $2200 a month. This is a 30+ year old adult?! Astounding..

No. 1058458

It smells a whole lot like fraud. Whatever happened to her successful wholesale medical tool business? Or whatever that was. If anyone wants to file a complaint or get their money back from her gofundme and they are out of luck contacting the gofundme directly. Call the New York State Attorneys office and ask who to speak to regarding filing the complaint against Amanda and getting their money back. They will refer you to the proper channels. This goes to same for fraud assumingely that has also happened through her store.

No. 1058557

lol I’d bet it’s about 50/50 on another GoFundMe or onlyfans

No. 1058615


this is basically what i was going to say. in the same breath complaining about an owed $17k AND renting a new apt for $2200 a month? hopefully her parents have in fact kicked her lazy, lying ass too the curb.

No. 1058681

File: 1602695934541.jpeg (333.25 KB, 828x699, E71B178B-9948-4F9A-9CE7-3643F3…)

No… no one here wants to fuck you. Maybe if they did, you’d have money for your “store” because I’m positive there are more people who hate her, than like her. Hence this board…

No. 1058708


It never fails to amuse me how many cows cope with the narrative that we’re neckbeard incel men with hate boners for them when THIS IS A WIMMEN’S IMAGEBOARD. Yeah, some of us are gay, but I guarantee not one person in this thread wants to bury anything under your nasty photoshopped fupa, Scamanda.

No. 1058727

Does she not realize that the only creepy weirdo giving us information about her…is her.

No. 1058733


this made me spit out my tea lol honestly though. no one here is lying about anything, there’s literal screen-caps from what SHES posted for … all of it??? yikes the delusion is strong.

No. 1058775

File: 1602703962550.jpeg (81.29 KB, 1144x476, A5D78A65-CABB-49FA-9D78-05807D…)

What the hell roommate is she talking about? $10k Esquire? Sell it and pay your landlord you dummy.

I love that she thinks everyone is an incel basement dweller and she has one leak feeding everyone info. There's at least 8 people I know trashing her and they're all friends with her. Maybe it's you, Amanda!

Also having makeup for 14 years isn't sanitary you grossout. Selling it is even worse. You're not supposed to keep makeup for more than two years tops.

No. 1058851

johnny is the "roommate"

No. 1058993

You mean that 10k tele esquire your "roommate" bought you?

No. 1058999

Stupid Amanda you’re the pos, not Johnny (well, assuming). Is she any fun irl?

No. 1059013

no, she’s not

No. 1059031

Word. I figured, the image she tries to project just doesn’t hit the mark

No. 1059100

No. I don’t actually know her but have witnessed her many times as “loud girl at bar”. I don’t think she knows my name but has told me she loves me on two separate occasions. A mess and someone to avoid.

No. 1059271

File: 1602767053679.jpg (237.98 KB, 1080x802, 20201015_150506.jpg)

Anyone knows this guy?
Tagged her in this picture but I'm not sure if it's really her

No. 1059357

I don’t think that’s her

No. 1059814

File: 1602849586958.jpeg (320.61 KB, 828x1382, 1074D1C6-A2BB-4302-AB53-ECF605…)

This photo is from 3 years ago. Stop trying to promote yourself, as if this is what you actually ever looked like. You have two chins and weigh like 20 more pounds. Even this is photoshopped to shit, the missing arm, the bendy plant on the right photo… not even her best work but she loves promoting it.

No. 1059869


oh, this is rich coming from someone who straight up steals other people’s art and designs. she’s also posted photos to her (and her business) igs that belong to other people w/o credit, which she’s done people i know and then ignored messages about it when asked to take it down. what a hypocritical idiot.

No. 1060274

……..it might not link directly to her Instagram but it says her user handle in the caption right there? Is she okay?

No. 1060286

File: 1602909893262.jpeg (845.55 KB, 828x1159, BC13FE4C-38D7-4E9B-A4B8-ABA7AA…)

Yes you are weird and air bnbs don’t have landlords. That’s like… the whole point.

No. 1060430

I thought she owned the condo in miami? Stating she occasionally stays in it makes it seem like it’s an air bnb too?

No. 1060467

This is such a weird brag. The view is shit and she didn’t show the interior at all. Who flaunts their apt with a view of the main drag?

No. 1060480

That’s Johnny’s parents condoning Miami. The same people who own the pharmacy, medical supply company and the lease on her store. What the fuck does she actually do? Nothing.
Lies, lies, lies.

No. 1060734

File: 1602972999365.jpeg (927.43 KB, 828x1442, ED4C36A6-AC35-40AD-9CBD-D8F878…)

Guess no one needs to see about opening the store until you can relax enough after none getting an apt… but are staying in an “Airbnb” that isn’t listed anywhere on their site.

No. 1060739

Realtor “Jon” eh?

No. 1061008

Bragging about the shit job you did shucking those oysters spilling all the brine out. Those creatures deserved better.

No. 1061942

File: 1603143668939.jpeg (272.25 KB, 828x864, 603BBF19-BB36-4D92-BEE7-5722E1…)

You called our ex brother in law for his HBO password.. can she do anything without mooching off his family? (She apparently is still at her airbnb)

No. 1062459

File: 1603221548908.jpeg (205.78 KB, 746x989, 380CD580-80B9-4D49-BF0D-F8C4B4…)

Bipolar? Is this a new thing she’s claiming?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1062461

File: 1603221570922.jpeg (206.85 KB, 1194x360, 6C8A3915-56E7-4519-AC75-62FD3E…)

Sounds fake to me

No. 1062491

I think (hope) BPD stands for borderline personality in this. Everything she does is textbook BPD. I’m not surprised she is still doing that edgy teen girl “my diagnoses make me more interesting - I am but a sad, mentally ill troubled artist”

No. 1062497

Except now she’s in her mid 30s, owes 6 months of back rent to her landlord (???) , has no income, bega for money to pay her medical and phone bills on the internet despite having no living expenses, and somehow still believes she will quality for an apartment in nyc. Landlords do not mess around - realtors check your finances, they ask for bank statements and tax records and proof of income (even more if you’re “self employed”)

So who is her guarantor? Her ex husband is going to get her ANOTHER apartment? Or she’s just wasting this poor Nooklyn guys time?

No. 1062946

She will definitely need a guarantor. Probably the simp ex.

No. 1063047

File: 1603299542603.png (3.02 MB, 1125x2436, 14636194-C1C9-4270-A5F4-6CA50C…)

“Jon” the realtor, kind of ironic that the dude below him on the Nooklyn website (@burn.wizard.matt) is one if ex fuck-buddies.

No. 1063235

File: 1603317860593.jpeg (1.82 MB, 2880x3840, 803DF4D9-F968-434A-BEB1-4A3CE0…)

Desperate times call for desperate rekindlings

No. 1065464

She turned comments off on this post….

No. 1065608

File: 1603367587201.jpeg (263.65 KB, 828x855, CC6CE240-9CF1-4C4D-8DDC-69FC4C…)

Another trip she’ll never take

No. 1065662

I'm pretty sure she's slow.

No. 1065846

yes, she's slow mentally…and USDA plant hardiness zones have fuck-all to do with how many hours away a place is…basic shit goes waaaay over her head

No. 1066060

File: 1603413672584.jpeg (233.2 KB, 828x873, 909A81BB-069F-4C51-B837-C51AFC…)

She posted videos looking at two apts, of course w Johnny in tow. She is beyond exhausted. Now she’s going to spend more money and go back to her airbnb.

No. 1066107

Beyond exhausted from figuring out how to spend someone else’s money. Life is so hard.

No. 1066288

File: 1603461218564.jpeg (639.03 KB, 828x1264, 24D4650B-130D-4B95-AF06-B717E2…)

You can clearly hear Jon and the realtor talking specifics about the apt and she’s just walking around taking video and talking to herself.

No. 1066557

People are just hoping to have a roof over their heads next month but sure, hold out for more vibes

No. 1066581

She’s such a loser, strolling around an apartment she isn’t going to buy al by herself taking videos like a teenager. Why does she post all of this shit on fb?

No. 1066601

because she has a compulsive need to brag about every minute detail of her life and make sure everyone knows she (Jon) is rich.

No. 1066609

File: 1603492116017.jpeg (215.43 KB, 828x709, BD532A33-2A33-4FA8-9AFA-51B9D2…)

But then she begs for money ….

No. 1066611

File: 1603492168416.jpeg (460.77 KB, 828x1269, 06FCE05C-08BA-4503-99E9-4086B7…)

But she also brags constantly about buying things…

No. 1066637

You know she’s complete trash from the way she brags about things

No. 1066923

Dollars to donuts no one sent her money >>1066609.
And she didn't buy anything >>1066611.

No. 1066983

File: 1603552788965.jpeg (652.06 KB, 828x1100, 6A0FBB26-327C-4E26-8B23-4B5FB1…)

I have no words

No. 1066989

Was she posted on instagram reality again? Kek

No. 1066990

Posts about her were banned from that subreddit because the mods thought it was “too personal” or some shit kek

No. 1066993

Ok one- yes you are a piece of shit so. Also no one has ever compared you to a Kardashian because those women actually have their own money to alter their appearance and have the best doctors in the world to do it plus they actually work out and don’t smoke 4 packs a day instead of just squeezing their heads into an alien filter but anyway. More importantly though she is such a supreme gas lighter: she’s the one who herself is always claiming to not photoshop…it’s just her totally natural meatball eyes And gets super defensive when anyone calls her out but now she admits it’s super obvious editing and those calling her out are dumb because it’s evident her pics are fake?? I’m lost

No. 1067005

Why is she unable to sell clothing and accessories? And when has she ever sold electronics? I’ve thought for a while now that something is up with her banking. She said at one point she couldn’t use Uber. She has also said she can’t use PayPal. Any ideas?

No. 1067035


You get banned from PayPal for doing things that you aren’t supposed to do, like not sending things out or giving people refunds…

No. 1067149

"i really am that 'cute'" i remember that specifically from one of her "i don't photoshop" rants. Photos to stories, everything about her is tweaked and then gaslit for denial. Inflating a lumpectomy to "cancer" is still lying to your friends, Scamanda. Making your scar look worse with image manipulation might not be "makeup" but it is scamming

No. 1067218

You also get banned from PayPal for selling nudes

No. 1067277

Probably because she's a nobody. Reddit can't appreciate a good cow.

No. 1067309

Im pretty sure she never actualy sold any otherwise theyd be alll over the internet… people are always askin for em

No. 1067490

I would love to see the comments on this post

No. 1067608

File: 1603628565435.png (767.21 KB, 720x1450, Screenshot_20201025-072137.png)

Johnny gets to go apartment hunting for this leech on his bday. Blessed!

No. 1067981

File: 1603671771805.jpeg (463.57 KB, 828x1289, 6E2D586F-AD3B-4D22-A72D-0EEAD6…)

Still not any closer to getting an apt if you have zero income. Makeup rehab group? kek

No. 1068115


Hol’ up…. didn’t she claim to have gone to Suffolk Community college for some bullshit? Which one is it Scamanda?


No. 1068245

File: 1603742694679.jpeg (275.53 KB, 828x1476, 51842334-0043-48CE-8532-789187…)

She tried to claim she was signing up a few times. This year and last year.

No. 1068350

File: 1603749598086.jpeg (265.05 KB, 828x615, D11DD1DF-09DD-4C77-AA7E-E87A64…)

But so much more money for air bnbs! She didn’t even offer gas money.

No. 1069001

This is so dumb. Credit scores don’t take a year to update. It typically takes 4-6 for your credit score to update. If you aren’t utilizing your credit (credit cards, loans, etc) then of course there will be no change. Please anyone reading her dumb shit don’t assume credit changes take that long. It’s important to monitor your credit and work towards a good score.

No. 1069003

No one cares if you smoke weed. So dumb to intentionally put on a wild and crazy outfit to sign up for classes….

No. 1069290

4-6 weeks*

No. 1069365

The credit score she’s claiming to have doesn’t seem possible…..for logical reasons. Bankruptcy is public record, which makes me wonder what’ll happen to her business.

No. 1069368

You have nfi what you’re talking about

No. 1069458

I think you’re reading into what she’s saying too much. She’s just blabbing some nonsense to try to justify posting her credit score which may or may not be real. When she lies she always includes way too many details. Remember when she was going to get that black vw car and posted all of the pics? Then said well not this exact car but one like it? Same with that apartment she was “about to sign on”, she posted a screen shot of the listing and then said not to dox her? Her whole thing is trying to build this blurry picture of a super awesome life. The details are besides the point.

No. 1069525

File: 1603897810639.jpeg (387.75 KB, 828x1334, 52682EF8-F260-4ADE-87D6-83D080…)

Wow a 350 piece kids puzzle. No one thinks you’re confused, they think you’re a liar and a scammer. But yeah “gifted” is totally what you are.

No. 1069529

Wow this very well may be her most cringeworthy plea for attention.

No. 1069656

Isn’t that the size of a plate?

No. 1069695

This is the most pathetic flex i have ever witnessed

No. 1069699

File: 1603914710229.jpeg (72.6 KB, 400x373, 2330039C-3C2F-4E04-B602-F7CD2A…)

The box says 14”. For ages 9 and up!!

No. 1069714

File: 1603916856587.jpeg (858.9 KB, 817x1463, FF9273C1-5FA1-46B1-B991-26335D…)

Guess dad had to drive her to her appointment. No friends to take her kek

No. 1069836

Mine clarifying why stating credit scores don’t take a year to update is wrong?

No. 1069885

File: 1603927129434.jpeg (483.46 KB, 750x1177, C643D106-DFE5-409D-ACE2-A4CB82…)

why is she trying to sell the idea that the nurses thought she was a badass with sclera tattoos? You’re not Grace Neutral, Amanda. You’re a beat-to-shit Ed Hardy bag from a goodwill.

Also thanks for the in depth bile story. Spoiler because it’s TMI.

No. 1069887

Same fag forgot to spoiler and make a password, now you all have to suffer with me

No. 1069900

I know that is a sucky thing to get done but she doesn't realise just how fucking lame she sounds? People rarely puke, like be a big girl now.

No. 1070942

File: 1604056421740.jpeg (631.61 KB, 828x2057, 3C9774F2-80A0-41B0-9DA6-38626E…)

“May need to begin chemotherapy”

No. 1071027

Who’s throwing money down on the over/under for when she starts smoking again (if she ever even stops) Can’t she just real die from her fake cancer already

No. 1071060

Who STILL smokes cigarettes in their 30s? She’s so stuck in her late teens/early 20s. Still living with parents, still dressing like an “edgy” college student, still drawing basic bad tattoo flash “art”, still dreaming about getting a car she’ll never have and talking about moving to places she’ll never move and still making up weird stories and bragging about mental illness like it’s interesting and cool. All this stuff is kind of excusable for someone who hasn’t fully matured but this is just sad for someone in their mid 30s. So yikes

No. 1071065

Though it is weirdly impressive she has managed to acquire so much stuff while never having an actual job or income of her own…her hoarders nest studio apartment, all her cheap-looking expensive clothes and used makeup and cartons of cigarettes and knife making shit and her (?) motorcycle she doesn’t know how to ride..that fake husband bought her all of that?

No. 1071080

I'm taking issue with her PaRtiAl MaStecToMy. BITCH. BITCH, LISTEN TO ME YOU STANK ASS LIAR. Your dumb lol booboo scarcaint shit compared to what women who have had partial or full mastectomies and struggle with their body issues now. Fuck you to DEATH.

No. 1071108

Omg. Did she not even do a quick google search to make sure her lie checks out?!

“Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) is a type of breast change that is sometimes seen when a breast biopsy is done. In LCIS, cells that look like cancer cells are growing in the lining of the milk-producing glands of the breast (called the lobules), but they don’t invade through the wall of the lobules.

LCIS is not considered to be cancer, and it typically does not spread beyond the lobule (become invasive breast cancer) if it isn’t treated.

Having LCIS does increase your risk of developing invasive breast cancer later on. But since LCIS is not a true cancer or pre-cancer, often no treatment is needed after the biopsy.“

Makes sense now why it wasn’t deemed an essential surgery and why she was able to put it off for so long.

No. 1071116

File: 1604082894020.jpeg (352.4 KB, 546x839, 5EAAD2F9-A6CA-4A5F-B1C2-98D9DC…)

Love bombing “James Lee”. Must need even more attention.

No. 1071232

i understand the point you are trying to make, but thinking 30 year olds dont smoke cigarettes might be the dumbest fucking thing ive read on here.

recreating a photo of him just standing in the fucking subway? kek

No. 1071430

It’s just such a teen/early 20s thing to brag about smoking cigarettes like it makes you cool and is not just an embarrassing habit you can’t break. Especially in nyc when they are like $14 a pack. Just yuck

No. 1071719

File: 1604159053301.jpeg (125.23 KB, 1125x299, BCC13E5A-F769-4EF7-AC79-4A9186…)

are we really “roaming like a tumbleweed” if we don’t leave the garage that our parents have banished us to? also, still hanging onto to owner/operator of a store that no longer exists, huh? yeesh

No. 1072152

File: 1604200376764.jpeg (426.73 KB, 828x953, 9A38FC33-F625-4128-998D-4B31F2…)

Ghost Malone. What a great excuse to draw on your face (or buy fake tattoos) for Halloween, where no one will see you.

No. 1072164

Did she draw the goat head tattoo on her neck? I remember her talking about getting it but if she did get it done, she would have posted a ton of pictures talking about how her artist drills the ink into her skin

No. 1072181

Where’s her natural gray streaks?

No. 1072233

Somewhere in that pile of compulsive lies she forgets about.

No. 1072335

No, that’s probably from the pack of fake tattoos you get for his costume. He has a cow skull on his throat.

No. 1072663

File: 1604264529608.jpeg (200.3 KB, 828x1021, 28FCCC0F-959F-4E21-8C69-0B5143…)

Wow you let your license expire and lost your SS card… getting them back and still living in your parents garage doesn’t mean anything Scamanda. Good for you for being a fuck up addict for 9 years and have nothing to show for it except a closed business and cuck husband who pays for everything.

Also, tinfoiling here but “If your New York State driver license is expired for more than two years, you must apply for a new driver license. You must pass a vision test, a written test, and a road test.” $5 bet this girl never got her license today. She managed to do all that in the past few weeks? Doubtful.

No. 1072693


They’re with her naturally large meatball eyes

No. 1072712

They take a new picture everytime you renew your driver's license. Even if you lose it and get a new one made. They retake your picture. Strange lie.

No. 1072717

I didn't have to renew my picture, I just ordered the renewal online. Is that just an NY thing?

No. 1072759

It’s a weird nitpick. I’ve lost my license before or had to get a new one to update my address and I definitely got the new ones with the same picture. I’ve used the same pic for years now. It might depend on what state you live in

No. 1072786

Has it been verified she even can drive, has had a license before?

No. 1072789

DMV is closed on weekends everywhere since…forever. So I’m calling bullshit. It’s Sunday.

No. 1072797

Varies state by state

No. 1072830

She didn’t claim she did it today.

No. 1073034

Yeah she didn’t get her license she got her state ID. I moved to NY and never changed my out of state license then lost it. When I went to get my NY license I had to get a certified copy of my driving record from my home state. She has told us multiple times she never had a license. So this is just a street ID.

Also signing on an apartment in a matter of weeks is just an idea she has. When you find an apartment you sign immediately and put down a deposit even if you aren’t moving in for a while.

No. 1073042

Can you renew a permit for 17 years? I bet that’s all she’s been doing.

No. 1073043

Remember when she said she was going to be a poll worker in nyc? Election Day is tomorrow……

No. 1073044

Will she be getting an imaginary drivers license for the imaginary “new car” she was getting a month ago?

No. 1073085

File: 1604329705549.jpeg (396.99 KB, 828x1636, 6A102E4A-273F-4C72-BE4D-677433…)

One of my favorite post and deletes. From March 12, 2020

No. 1073188

That post makes me chuckle.
I would just hate to be in a car with her. It’ll probably smell like tar, cigarettes, four Loko, and patchouli. Plus that air filter would need to be replaced each week. Her and her little put put mobile.

No. 1073319

>>1073188 "tar, cigarettes, Four Loko and patchouli"…MY SIDES

No. 1073405

Tinfoiling, but hear me out.

Could it be that she’s having such a hard time finding/getting approved for an apartment because she owes $17,000 in back rent for the Schafmayer storefront; which John would’ve had to either co-sign or be a guarantor on (therefore is also on the hook for the 17k as well), so now nobody will rent to either of them.

Or she’s just making up finding an apartment and moving, I’d be equally not surprised at either

No. 1073482

File: 1604358031037.jpeg (93.91 KB, 828x287, 42BE9B63-14A7-4E22-A739-74F7F8…)

Where is she moving stuff to and from this whole time? She acts like she has 7 properties. She has, I guess, a storage space (provided by daddy’s job) and no apt and half her shit in her parents garage. What’s with all the trips and moving and Airbnb’s in Brooklyn when there is no apt. You don’t need to stay overnight in Brooklyn to look at apts when you drive an hour in from Long Island.

No. 1073910

File: 1604405794813.jpeg (93.33 KB, 828x617, A6536B20-A3E9-48AE-BF2E-F9AA83…)

Quick post and delete because of how stupid this post sounds. Looks like someone isn’t working the polls today, they opened at 6am. She apparently doesn’t care if her mom is a Trump supporter or not. Did you vote Amanda? Or too busy “moving” and “getting a license”? Bet she uses her moms “I voted” sticker for a post later today.

No. 1073958


does she even read her own posts? I can’t imagine she does much else. She begged for TWO DOLLARS (usin the ol junkie trick - ask for a super specific amount of money so it seems legit!) to pay her phone bill on Facebook like a month ago, and begged for money to pay her “doctors” on her fraud go fund me and now people are supposed to believe she can afford a car and GET APPROVED for an nyc apartment now? Does she think everybody forgot she constantly complains about being broke? She pays no rent right now but she also has no job so…Is she just banging the ex? And that’s why he’s paying for everything? Are her parents desperate enough to shell out $1800/mo to banish her from the garage? So many questions

No. 1074052

New York apartments usually need at bare minimum first months rent, security deposit, and brokers fee (usually equal to one months rent). For a $2000 apartment that means around $6000 cash. Most of them also need proof of income anywhere from 20 - 40 times monthly rent for your annual income. Now all this could be moot if Johnny Moneybags is cosigning, but NYC is definitely not the place you go apartment hunting if just a few months ago you couldn't scrounge up $2 and the only job you have is a fake store that's been closed for months and probably wasn't making any money before that anyways.

Her whole story is just so hard to follow, nothing ever adds up. 17k behind on store rent, buying a new car, doesn't have $2, living in an AirBNB ($$$), nonstop buying on Poshmark, selling nudes, owns three thriving businesses but out of money. Lives in parents garage or airbnb or brooklyn or moving to texas or penthouse suite in miami??? Guy she's dating is ride or die best there is never been better or serial abuser rapist piece of shit??? Ex-husband best friend gaslighter hide him from all stories except when you lovebomb him randomly???? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

No. 1076006

She’s so quiet during this election- is she busy counting votes at her imaginary poll job? Kek

No. 1076020


aren’t her folks avid trump supporters? a little tinfoily but with the radio silence and her love of virtue signaling i wouldn’t be terribly surprised if she was too to an extent.

No. 1076339

File: 1604677536499.png (2.17 MB, 828x1792, 1508870B-EA09-4DAF-BD53-A84162…)

….No Poll job like she said, and did she really vote - or did she take her mom’s pen from her vote….

No. 1076393


That pen says vote NYC, but that paved walkway says mom & dad’s house on Long Island… I’m guessing she took John’s pen for a photo op

No. 1076459

Oh for sure, they would not give that out on LI

No. 1076466

That’s the first pen I’ve seen someone post when referencing they voted. There is no doubt she would be documenting the entire process if this actually occurred. It seems unlike her to share this bold achievement by only presenting a photo of a writing instrument.

No. 1076483

File: 1604689519451.png (1.94 MB, 828x1792, 051215F0-243A-4563-B2DE-0280B8…)

She went to a shooting range on a vacation to Isreal and now she trained military

No. 1076494

6 years ago kek. She brings it up every TBT. Only time she left the country.

No. 1076497

File: 1604691078506.jpeg (452.25 KB, 828x1102, 67640515-A1A0-40F5-B42F-10B67A…)

First she says she has trigger discipline (because she shot a gun like, once.) then she learned it in an Israeli base, then it became a central command training camp. I can’t with this bitch’s embellishments.

No. 1076507


what a weird thing to brag about and she’s only been to a range once? no one should be handling a firearm if they don’t have good trigger discipline. that’s like, safety lesson number 1. what’s her need to “show off” basic af shit all the time?

No. 1076540

I refuse to believe anyone likes her irl. She has never ending that happened moments.

No. 1076623

This is like bragging about wearing a seatbelt or looking both ways when you cross the street

No. 1076669

I think people in the Brooklyn scene are generally super wary of her and stay away. She exclusively dates guys she meets online who lives states away and only meets them once or twice bc everyone who knows her irl knows she is a mess. she has a new internet bff all the time because nobody irl can keep up with her crazy lies and behavior. I know a couple people who met her at bars back in Brooklyn and they all say she is totally insane (in the bad way)

No. 1076678

Even if there was the remotest possibility of this being true, I would not brag about learning from the IDF if I was her.
She’s such a fucking fantasist. Top of the class.

No. 1076700

File: 1604708257019.png (828.97 KB, 828x1792, 768EFEF8-238E-4038-B9CD-376688…)

Here’s the IDF training, available to any tourist- including children, and Amanda

No. 1076716

lmaoooo Amanda Bret / bratoutofhell / Israeli counter terror soldier. This is pure comedy. A whole two hours of family fun activity made her a pistol carrying bad ass mama with major trigger discipline. Don’t fuck with her y’all.

No. 1076723

This is one of her best and cringiest exaggerations yet. There’s some pics on the site of participants- just families with kids all around 12/13.

From site- “As per Israeli law, adults will participate using .22 caliber rifles and 12 gauge shotguns and anyone under the age of 18 will use a paintball gun.”

She’s in her mid thirties and truly believes people are impressed by this? God she’s so insufferable I’m actually embarrassed for her dumb ass.

No. 1077268

File: 1604773137201.jpeg (707.05 KB, 828x1208, 453FB15D-D525-4CFD-A502-123A1C…)

She posted from Austin Texas with her babe (Ken) but she posted a picture of him yesterday with a black eye - which he doesn’t have here - and she said she has cancer dr appointments in four days- there are still quarantine restrictions…..and she went to Austin for three days? Doubt it

No. 1077271

File: 1604773230093.jpeg (808.54 KB, 828x1214, E59C7C3F-D2E0-4390-B9FF-4897F0…)


No. 1077273

File: 1604773275802.jpeg (244.17 KB, 828x884, E8214DB7-14E0-45A2-A9E2-EEA6E7…)

Today’s post, same day she posted that she is at the Austin airport

No. 1077276

Autocorrected (kek) to (Ken) oopsie

No. 1077279

>Slips on ice
>Austin, TX
I'm sure it can get icy sometimes in TX but a quick look at the weather shows lows of 60F at the latest of night. Does he like to indoor ice skate?

No. 1077294

Someone spilled a slurpee in his local 7-11

No. 1077300

File: 1604774941398.jpeg (514.46 KB, 828x1792, B9642132-F147-4B47-86FF-5C70D4…)

Shes also pretending that she’s been with Texas guy during the quarantine

No. 1077359

File: 1604779322434.jpeg (768.04 KB, 828x1510, 80980946-ADDA-49DF-80AA-DC731E…)

No filter! Why does she specifically make a point to say it when it’s so fucking obvious.

No. 1077377


wasnt it just like 2 days that that she was bitching and moaning about how she always owns up to using filters and editing because of her body dysmorphia? and everyone was just body shaming her or whatever? this bitch is 110% delusional.

No. 1077391

Yeaaaah we only get ice in December thru February. And the only ice rink is in cedar park. So this is a big ole lie.

No. 1077439

Even if there was ice, how the hell do you get black eye from falling?

No. 1077440

File: 1604785646670.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1534x1676, CE29CD21-4575-4FBB-838A-C0D3E1…)

the filth

No. 1077809

Well first of all stop putting your name in the field

No. 1077869

This is too much.

No. 1077889

File: 1604839258610.jpeg (249.2 KB, 827x1364, C899C6B8-477B-4834-B726-34758E…)

Same pic but different caption than on her Facebook. No filter? Her bangs blend into her forehead. And she’s in BK at TX at the same time?

No. 1077890

His beard is different on the left vs right. And I recognize the pic on the right from a different trip to TX. No way she is actually there. Doesn’t he live like 4 hours from the airport? Based on her other posts she was on Long Island on Tues AM posting about her mom left the house at 5am to vote, and then was back in BK yesterday looking at apartments. Are we supposed to believe this person went to TX for 3 days and didn’t document any of the travel?!

No. 1078035


Exactly. This is a version of that thing she does when she posts something from YEARS ago and then says, “My phone reminded me of X a year ago.” It is, to me, one of the weirder lies she tells. Re: Being at the airport in Austin, guarantee she’ll say later that she never said she was at the airport NOW.

No. 1078057

File: 1604865702279.png (601.47 KB, 640x1136, D7A81A7B-7E99-4B89-BA6E-672A7A…)

She has a YouTube account with 2 videos… I’m fairly certain this hasn’t been posted

No. 1079096

Does she think we're stupid? No filter? Does no filter mean you can still use Photoshop to completely break your nose and then to make your meatball eyes twice as large as your mouth. Don't forget about the anime pointed chin too.

No. 1079564

File: 1605045371191.jpeg (178.04 KB, 822x828, F26FC548-E13B-4A2A-BB68-76C2A4…)

very much looking forward to whatever shitshow spirals into

No. 1079599

File: 1605048654154.jpeg (644.23 KB, 828x1274, 3F3C6D79-0645-4DA1-B192-3954B9…)

“Can continue operating during the pandemic” Most retail shops in Bushwick have been open since the spring. There’s no reason she can’t open the store except if she lost the space. Oh and room for the cat but not taking Clyde back from your in-laws yet? Good choice pet mom.

No. 1079600


oh, she’s not just gonna steal another cat?

No. 1079605

In the video she said she wanted to use the side room for her makeup. Now it’s to house her kickass super successful company.

No. 1080025


Well they’re currently “restructuring” aka being sued for $17,000 in back rent to the storefront landlord, so not as successful as she wants everyone to think

No. 1080034

File: 1605104853998.jpeg (212.26 KB, 828x681, 0F464596-E68A-4A7E-9CFE-FDCA40…)

Right cause you don’t have breast cancer… so you better edit it.

No. 1080043

How much does a 2.5 bedroom apt go for these days?

No. 1080048

In BK a lot more than she should be able to afford

No. 1080121

I live in Bushwick, in a “2.5 bedroom” and I pay $3400 a month. But I think any apartment is going too expensive for someone who has no income or way to make money other than scamming people on the internet and selling nudes of herself on OF.

No. 1080164

Glad to hear you're doing well enough to afford that, anon, that's impressive. If only amanda would work instead of being a bullshit artist she too could pay for a place.

I dont get her larp, so poor and punk rock but so successful entrepreneur? Pick one.

No. 1080286

No. 1080847

File: 1605186163064.jpeg (371.13 KB, 828x710, 9B5F71B2-E77A-4B49-8EE7-C23451…)

Can’t forget to lovebomb “James Lee” while you vaguepost about your fake cancer.

No. 1081016


Her “hospital appointment” was probably just another mammogram from her mom

No. 1081182

I messaged the realtor - it’s still available so I guess she’s full of shit again. What a surprise.

No. 1081374

brooo these YouTube videos are wild. she looks like a completely different person. I mean obviously this is not a hot take but it is really wild to behold. AND they are 3 years old.

No. 1081503

The lip puckering….

No. 1081630

File: 1605293255917.png (459.88 KB, 828x1792, F20BC913-4208-4ECD-B923-061842…)

So after a little digging, wondering why she doesn’t own the schafmayerandco.com domain… someone got it months before she opened the store and made this site… now turned into a Wordpress blog. So if people have been calling her out for at least 6 years and she doesn’t seem to care… what do we think will ever change with her from people calling her out? Nothing obviously, because she doesn’t care what people say about her… she lives in her own world. In the garage kek


No. 1081850

File: 1605313412313.jpeg (687.82 KB, 828x1424, 88270C1E-019E-4351-8103-4E7B65…)

“Will open back up in 2021.” I can’t with this girl. I take the subway everyday to work in NYC and work in retail. Been here the whole time. She’s been in dad’s garage since last year….what the fuck does she know? I’m sure you can open a hole in the wall store that no one ever shops in, Scamanda.

No. 1082290

Please please post the vid I can’t see it in her fb

No. 1082847

File: 1605444991912.jpeg (158.55 KB, 828x389, F857B34A-082F-489D-8A85-6241EF…)

It’s called a single mastectomy when you only need one breast removed. A double if it’s both. She isn’t using the right terminology at all… $10 she isn’t even seeing anymore doctors. Also an oncologist would have suggested this FIRST and then the surgeon would help decide what’s best. You don’t get a lumpectomy and then all of a sudden need a double mastectomy months later. That means your doctors are shit.

No. 1082904

File: 1605452512830.jpeg (698.44 KB, 3264x3264, 2F9D1512-D46E-43B6-A697-0DF114…)

Here’s the videos she posted about going to see that apt in Bushwick. She claimed she put a deposit on it but isn’t moving until December.

When she point to a wall and asks “is that the…the yellow one? No? What?” And the realtor has no idea what she’s referring to.
She walks around talking to herself about what a big place it is, Jon and realtor actually talking money.
Avoiding walking in front of the full length mirror (spoiler: she’s not a 25” in jeans)
She’s so out of breath walking up one flight of stairs.
How she thinks she can sneak a pitbull into an apt with hardwood floors, where she can’t have a dog and then repeatedly asks if he can ”visit.”

1. https://streamable.com/gyo5my
2. https://streamable.com/q2z73n
3. https://streamable.com/eazyka

No. 1082911

Omg she's massive

No. 1082931

Damn she’s such a hambeast. Listening to her huff out of breath trudging her beefcake body around while rambling with curse words forcibly thrown in for Max badass points was top cringe. She’s so gross.

No. 1082939

A lumpectomy is occasionally called a partial mastectomy, which I suppose would make sense in her mind that the next step is a “full” mastectomy since she’s making this all up on the fly. I doubt any doctor is actually telling her any of this and she decided to call it a partial mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy because the former sounds more dramatic.

No. 1082955

She’s such a scumbag. Gonna insist her her landlord her dog’s “visiting”, batting her eyes to talk him down on the price. Still a spoiled 16 year old.

No. 1082981

Just the breathing and the coughing, Jesus.

No. 1082992

Its less hambeast issues, more the fact she chain smokes 2 or more packs of Marlboro reds a day. Also kek at how confused and uncomfortable that realtor was.

No. 1083000

At this point, all I can figure is that she has dirt on Jon/his family, because this makes no sense. C’mon Jon! Is he really that codependent/low self esteem/etc, to keep her in his life? Their whole relationship is blurry! Why weren’t they shopping for places months ago when Amanda originally landed at her ‘rents garage? Was he staying there too and she just hid his presence? I don’t understand why (from what it sounds like), he’s now paying for an apartment when they’re long “divorced”. Even if Jon doesn’t care about her motives, it’s still interesting his parents are okay (apparently) enough with Amanda sticking around after all of these years.

No. 1083013

Whatafucking moron.

>like that the kitchen is closed in cause that’s an eyesore

She means kitchens in general, doesn’t she?

Love that she tries to say she isn’t gonna tell the landlord about the dog, agent says no you gotta play it straight, she assumes that means the landlord lives in the building and agent is like “no, you just have to play it straight”. She’s so fucking dishonest.

Also refers to convo in flat with agent as “in the video”. As in, she refers to real life as a video she’s going to put online. Mental case.

Also, the interminable bragging. What a vile creature.

No. 1083761

The agent is going to tell the landlord she has a dog because he’ll lose his relationship with the landlord if she lies about it. Why she would openly tell the real estate agent she’s going to lie about her dog is…beyond

No. 1083769

The whole way she acts looks like she has no fucking clue about how to present herself and what to you say in this kind of situation.
The excited 'whaat whaat' made me cringe so hard. Calm the fuck down, you're with a stranger, ffs. Act moderately interested and listen what he's saying instead of acting like a 9 yo.

No. 1083774

Everything made me cringe, but especially the “bro….broooo…bruh!”

What. A. Dick.

She does this cause she tries to be all cool and friendly with literally everyone. Then is totally disloyal and will bitch about them. She tries to play everyone off each other. I can almost hear the cogs whirring in her clunky old brain.

No. 1083779

Does anyone know Johnny IRL? Is something super off about his personality or does he have no friends? Why does he still spend time with her

No. 1083814

I wasn't prepared for this level of cringe.

No. 1083932

File: 1605551546053.jpeg (171.25 KB, 828x1082, 38EF06CA-EE52-4E41-A954-9CE388…)

Cue a new GoFundMe

No. 1083958

Is this the truth, or…?

No. 1083962

Sorry for that if it's true, if not lol burn in hell bitch

No. 1083982

File: 1605554168256.jpeg (679.72 KB, 1125x2323, 321E1793-8B9F-40E4-9C81-675FE2…)

Dr. Cohen isn’t a radiation oncologist so I’m calling bullshit.

No. 1083997

She has the voice of a 45 year old Midwest auntie that’s been to prison?

No. 1084033

File: 1605557152172.jpeg (727.16 KB, 828x1588, D86127D6-ED6F-4F3F-8E55-E71BE1…)

He’s an oncologist, but he doesn’t work with radiation.

No. 1084035

File: 1605557381434.jpeg (193.62 KB, 828x383, BC7E991E-D068-47BF-A955-51B621…)

You don’t lose hair from radiation therapy. That’s a chemotherapy side effect. Not unless she’s getting radiation on her head. A cursory google search can tell you that. Not buying it.

No. 1084040

File: 1605557516286.jpeg (429.26 KB, 828x1022, 19FC511D-05FD-4B48-A203-E470F8…)

Same anon, this is the second thing on google.

No. 1084048

She said she’s going to lose hair?? I really just don’t understand why she just digs her self further and further into her lies all the time. It’s so pathological. Honestly for a long time I just felt bad for her because she’s clearly a sick person but she’s done too many terrible things to deserve anyone’s pity at this point

No. 1084050

File: 1605558281701.jpeg (262.32 KB, 808x573, D4F775A4-7A57-48E6-9F1A-8D1DC0…)

No. 1084064

Something tells me she’s looking forward to the idea of having fake breasts. It coincides with her body issues. I suspect a gofundme will go live within the next few weeks.

No. 1084073

This girl is insane… the only way she would lose her hair from radiation is if the treatment area was her HEAD

No. 1084078

…what? No. You lose hair during radiation therapy regardless of where it is on your body. Learn how to sage, btw.

No. 1084086

Actually you’re incorrect, during radiation you only lose hair on the treated area, not system wide like chemotherapy.

No. 1084096


ooof, if you’re going to correct someone you should probably check to make sure you’re right.

Wait… Amanda is that you?

No. 1084112

File: 1605563076009.jpeg (632.35 KB, 1125x2070, 7548CB16-171A-42C2-A60F-E07824…)

“Former” - I wonder if this man still even works there…

No. 1084120

No, I'm retarded lmao. I thought anon meant chemo radiation, that's my bad. Still, sage your things.

No. 1084123

File: 1605563558222.jpeg (220.6 KB, 828x1369, B02E31B5-1A75-47A1-B92F-F21002…)

No. 1084133

She milks every thing for the most amount of attention ever. Imagine being this flippant if it is actually true…
>I might choose a double mastectomy if it makes me that sick

Seriously, just fuck off. I understand that people deal with things in different ways, being flippant and extreme is one way. But a) I don’t believe this is real and b) you’d lop off both breasts to avoid sickness and hair loss (which isn’t going to happen anyway).

No. 1084158

Idk man, if she gets mastectomy, she will not get some soft beautiful fake boobs. I don't want her to actually have cancer, it sucks but I also cannot believe someone really lies about this shit even though cows keep doing it.

For the oncologist, you sometimes get referred to the right one for you once the treatment starts so it may not be a chemo specialist at this time? This bitch is not deserving my gullibility wow

No. 1084192

As someone who has actually had cancer and had radiation, it doesn't make your hair fall out like chemo does. It can burn the skin and cause hair loss in the particular area receiving radiation.
Also the oncologist is the one who decides what treatment you need and then sends you to that specialist. My oncologist isn't the one who gave me chemo/radiation but she made my treatment plan.
Idk just letting ppl know!

No. 1084207

This is what I was trying to say above, also with covid I have been working with oncologist who are actually not officially employed in the hospital I go to, they're kinda like extras. But then again, it's scamanda.

No. 1084368

not wking for amanda, she's a malingerer, but some women get a double mastectomy just because they have the gene that can cause breast cancer, without ever actually having it. Removing them because chemo makes you sick is not as uncommon as you might think. sage for barely related

No. 1084582

I hate her. She's a disgusting piece of shit.

No. 1084608


So this website clearly outlines that all insurance providers in NYS must cover all aspects of breast cancer screening, surgeries, preventative treatments, reconstruction etc…

Due to her little income - Amanda would clearly qualify for state health insurance - which obviously covered all of her surgery costs. The same insurance that would cover a preventative mastectomy.

Just further proof that the go fund me was all fake. Even if she was dropped from her original insurer, she would’ve qualified for state health insurance and they would’ve covered her pArTiAl mAsECtOmY

No. 1084617

My mom had a mastectomy - nipple removal, huge painful scars, lots of aftercare for implants, as you have to slowly stretch the new skin, as they literally remove the existing breast and skin. If she thinks that’s a better option (ala Angelina Jolie who found she had the BRCA1 gene and opted for a double mastectomy as opposed to suffering through breast cancer as her mother did) then why the hell did she have a small lumpectomy to begin with? Surgery is serious business and opening someone up is only done as needed. Something seems fishy here…

No. 1084620

My mama also had a double mastectomy. They literally had to take a 12 inch x 6 inch chunk of skin off of her back to replace to removed tissue. She had drains in for months, dealt with so much pain with the expanders, reoccurring cellulitis and so much more that I won’t go into.

This girl is vile for even throwing getting a mastectomy around like that - she has NO idea what it actually entails.

No. 1084883

File: 1605646006553.jpeg (752.89 KB, 828x1217, E66F51E6-73DE-46A7-8D92-76B5F4…)

She just posted this. Nowhere near covered her scar if that’s the actual bandaging.

No. 1084902

This is ridiculous. Insulting for all those who suffered through this. She actually looks like she’s smirking.

No. 1084919

if she really is making up all of this the only hospital she needs to go to is the mental one… take your lithium Amanda!!(emoji use)

No. 1084999

She truly thinks wearing a compression bra for a few days is beating anything? God I fucking hope she doesn’t really have cancer because oh boy do I have news for her grimy ass. There’s many anons here who know the cancer game and this shit stinks.

No. 1085103

File: 1605664016408.jpeg (433.26 KB, 1081x2062, 551E3A8C-E8A3-485D-B962-0CC108…)


She posted this pic like 4 months ago so I’m calling bullshit. I don’t know how to properly link the previous thread so I will just leave this here.

No. 1085110

File: 1605664282044.png (1.12 MB, 1000x1000, FB72D7CC-4922-4DEC-A176-E49729…)

Edited together for your viewing pleasure. Fuck this vile piece of trash.

No. 1085111

I mean, read her caption, then it makes sense.

She’s using the old pic as yet another fucking reminder that she has >kicked cancer’s ass
Um no. You had a benign lump.

Anon that said about preventative mastectomy because of BRCA genes but she hasn’t even mentioned any family history like that. She was just throwing the suggestion around like she owns it, like she does with everything.

No. 1085127

File: 1605665830989.jpg (379.96 KB, 1065x1568, Dcis.jpg)

Radiation is a normal follow up procedure to her lumpectomy. It's not like the "cancer" came back.

No. 1085146

It’s a blood test she could take

No. 1085156

My doctor had me take a gene test due to my family history. I was told that if I tested active for it then we would consider other options such as having a mastectomy. So I’m a bit surprised after all this time she hasn’t taken it. I was given the test prior to my first mammogram and ultrasound.

No. 1085157

Forgot to mention. She has family history, as she has posted on the book…her aunt I believe. So that is weird.

No. 1085162

Nice catch, anon. Definitely seems like she’s trying to act like that is a current picture of her “having to wear her compression bra for the next two weeks” but in reality that picture was taken 4 months ago when she had her cyst removed.

No. 1085272

Can either of you read? The caption is clearly her talking about wearing the bra FOUR MONTHS AGO

No. 1085339

File: 1605700799276.gif (317.11 KB, 290x480, F70850C6-0032-4FB3-AE73-551BF1…)

She also edited her body 100% different from how it looks.

No. 1085341


Ah yes, perfect opportunity to flex the ol facetune bod… when publicly talking about your “cancer.” I hate this vapid bitch

No. 1085351

I already tried to point that out but it seems not.

No. 1085353

Why the fuck does she photoshop herself uglier every time??? When you see a before picture u remember how fucked her shooped pictures look.

No. 1085369

File: 1605706624824.jpg (75.55 KB, 750x735, 1600514098294.jpg)

Seeing what my mother went through and the permanent effects chemo had on her make me really want to a-log this cunt. I'm sure there's a lot of us here that cried a lot over the REAL thing. And this useless windbag lies and uses it for some sort of internet cool points. I honestly want to drive over to LI or wherever she's hiding and beat her ass.

No. 1085914

File: 1605756534651.jpeg (326.99 KB, 827x1119, 140E304C-24C3-407E-8DDA-9A6A66…)

Off topic, but I found this and just had to chuckle. Of course he was “abusive”…. over the FaceTime… during Covid. And you stalked him online and conveniently placed yourself on his radar and scared everyone else away from him. Knowing he had addiction issues and still pursuing him anyway, then vilifying him for it. And…to each their own but he was the same age (to the day!) as her father… ugh.

No. 1086485


nobody but her thought he was a great or cool guy. also, if he was so abusive why not just hang up the phone? it’s not like she’d ever even met him. god, the drama with her is unreal

No. 1086560

They were EnGaGeD kek

No. 1086563

If livejournal were a human

No. 1086630

“I heard it roar and it scared me to silence” omg shut the fuck UP this is so cringeeeee. Jesus Amanda grow the fuck up, or dont cuz I love the second hand embarrassment I get from you.

No. 1086795

Scared me to silence. Except when i talk on the internet in hyperbole for attention.

No. 1086841

>legit I have stalkers
maybe stop doing things that make you so easy to make fun of

No. 1086914


"So much of my life wasted"

It was like a month

No. 1087038

So weird that the guy who exploits wild animals is an asshole. No one could have guessed

No. 1088581

File: 1606041452905.png (5.25 MB, 1242x2688, 821A67AC-0012-4EE1-BED7-76198C…)

I notice the lack of a response to "what neighborhood are you moving to"

No. 1088663

Yeah Nooklyn still has the apt as available so I HIGHLY doubt her move in day is Dec 1 for anywhere not her parents garage.

No. 1090393

File: 1606237461371.jpeg (145.52 KB, 828x1055, A05DB34C-0D98-4761-9642-AA502A…)

Kek they raised the rent 2 days ago

No. 1090830


lol, I love the unintended side effect of this being animated together. The wings of the bird tattooed on her chest look like they are flapping.

As if the bird is trying to escape her body.

No. 1092118

Wouldn’t you want to escape if you were stuck with her forever?

No. 1092336

File: 1606424423116.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3264x3264, 35B2A651-F7ED-4027-BB53-8ACFAD…)


No. 1092609


I feel an engagement with a ring she’s got laying around her room coming on

No. 1092959

She was already engaged to this tool. Then after they broke up of course she went on a tirade about him being an abuser and also made fun of how bad of a tattoo artist he is.

No. 1093212

File: 1606522628226.jpeg (237 KB, 790x1124, 1ECE3CE2-0BBB-4C31-93C8-AF3FCD…)

Is she getting a bald spot near her bangs? All the hearts are just to hide the photo warping on the carpet

No. 1093236

The insane amount of warping on this picture is giving me motion sickness

No. 1093245

it looks like she tried, and failed, to give herself an undercut

No. 1093724

File: 1606584956037.png (612.88 KB, 1125x2436, 8BAFB6A6-EB92-4141-A740-47F0C2…)

This confrontation/joke thing in the comments was resolved but her dropping how she has black relatives….feels like the first thing a woke adult learns when trying to argue how they’re not racist….this is also news to me. I have seen her post about maybe one black person ever and as we have stated a million times she documents every fucking mundane moment and always has.

No. 1093757

What is the supposed stereotype that she's never witnessed?

No. 1093801

Yeah I want all the details so I can get the full cringe.

No. 1093809

File: 1606595159875.png (649.31 KB, 1125x2436, 955DFA9A-BDEA-42DD-A3B1-906AD4…)

Oh it was in response to that photo of her tonguing her dog which major cringe for me.

No. 1093818

guessing he said black ppl don't tongue their dogs or any dog? he's right and she nasty

No. 1093881

File: 1606601871374.jpeg (162.83 KB, 750x741, EB57B090-2B41-4266-B3A5-B8660E…)

Can you imagine the huffing and puffing going on if she did actually try to skate?

No. 1093949

Pics and video or it 100% didn’t happen

No. 1093964

You've got to be a real asshole to go to a roller rink during a pandemic

No. 1094229

As a non white person, I'd like to point out black is capitalized with a B within certain realms of academia and Black culture. It has also been very recently adapted by white people trying to act woke.
Where are these relatives? Why have you never exploited them in posts with pictures prior?
Idiot, are you going to now filter your real'nose' and skin tone to match what's on trend?

No. 1094235

I can't say I fully understand his statement..

No. 1094242

Bets on a badass roller derby saga ala “Whip It”

No. 1094419

File: 1606659568703.jpeg (516.93 KB, 750x1269, 0E5ABCFF-CCA3-4725-9418-6BBFBC…)

Still looking like a sleep paralysis demon.

No. 1094427

Are people even wearing that much makeup these days? Also why is her arm bigger than her head?

No. 1094477

This is comical. Who does she think she's fooling with the overinflated eyes and teeny jaw line? Looks ridiculous.

No. 1094722

Where are her nostrils?

No. 1094794

>Where are her nostrils
I think she breathes with her pupils.

No. 1095074

File: 1606730202328.png (609.63 KB, 1125x2436, F20E81F7-6617-4BB1-8033-F33F39…)

found her reddit account and holy shit what a psycho

No. 1095193

Anon delivered.

No. 1095223

Kek anon my sides

No. 1095236

File: 1606752323564.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1125x2004, 6968FA5A-3A96-4C9E-B1C3-16ECCC…)

found on her reddit. anyone else really creeped out by her relationship with her dad? am i the only one that feels like there is/was something going on there? eww

No. 1095267

We’ve done her Reddit before - at the time she was hooking up with Meth Eric.

I don’t think her relationship with her dad is weird. You’re reaching. Or have your own issues.

No. 1095297

She fawns over him online because she lives for cred-by-association, and I get the impression he's embarrassed by her being such a huge poser, but I don't think there's anything weird going on. This pose is normal.

No. 1095302

Yeah, exactly this. Remember those videos over the summer where she’s shoving the camera in his face, asking him to perform. And he’s just like…pls.

No. 1095303

Seems like a nice guy but how is he intimidating? Looks like a Manlet

No. 1095312


he seems like a totally normal guy imo i don’t get her obsession for “cred” with him

No. 1095342

Because he’s the biker in the family and that’s her link to the culture.

No. 1095369


Her dad clearly has no tolerance for her.

No. 1095401

File: 1606763917006.png (1.7 MB, 1080x2520, Screenshot_20201130-201457~2.p…)

So she's engaged now?

No. 1095403

File: 1606764001545.jpeg (690 KB, 750x1080, 4488E994-2293-4205-B0CB-B969D5…)

How many can you repost this since you broke up last year? Still got that old ring you already owned and turned into an engagement ring?

No. 1095404

It’s from last year.

No. 1095405

No. 1095408

File: 1606764419763.jpeg (375.56 KB, 1125x2319, C1291054-B361-49EC-AD47-9DBD0B…)

Not sure if anyone has ever viewed her train wreck of a Tiktok page…

No. 1095417

She keeps lovebombing him but he's not tagged, she deactivated the comments on that post and he doesn't even follow her.

What's her malfunction lol

No. 1095433


Did I really just watch an adult woman try to make her father perform in return for a dog biscuit? What the fuck is her damage?!

No. 1095442

She genuinely sounds retarded, how did she think this was funny to film? Her dad has nerves of steel

No. 1095471


I genuinely feel bad for her family sometimes, but then again if you look her brother up he seems to be quite the prolific liar as well so maybe it runs in the family

No. 1095525

Those look like those cringey “Smule” songs she had but erased the account because they look… like these videos. What a trash bag.

No. 1095550

File: 1606773959191.jpeg (491.43 KB, 750x943, E2B662C2-77A4-4E5B-9F2C-703F3C…)

Commence the lovebombing to someone who doesn’t care and who dumped you.

No. 1095568


The lovebombing/hoovering is so classic. Hope he knows better.

No. 1095576

File: 1606775652637.jpeg (75.07 KB, 826x1097, 6BCA5F0D-28C0-4EC3-8C1A-17FA89…)


Well he doesn’t follow her, but is the sole follower of an obviously fake but hilarious ig page called @bratoutofheck

No. 1095584


He’s definitely in the double digits IQ club with Amanda.

No. 1095589

File: 1606776593295.jpeg (684.55 KB, 1242x1966, 1183CAC9-8001-4EE7-9A90-60B6F2…)

Which was set up like two hours ago…

No. 1095648

File: 1606782201851.jpeg (278.26 KB, 750x1161, 3F9F663F-4C71-43D9-88EA-DFAFEF…)

And this account only follows her, her side accounts and him and links to this site in the bio… so someone’s cowtipping.

No. 1095709

File: 1606785759181.jpeg (46.94 KB, 340x253, F79E7B22-5525-424B-AFCD-6E9B7A…)


Don’t worry, we’ll catch them

No. 1095724

File: 1606786936256.jpeg (197.38 KB, 828x748, 9D9682B1-2B0F-46DE-B120-491A34…)

Here we go, asking for money again-
Posted vaguely the other day about bad news….tomorrow she was allegedly moving in to her new apartment……

No. 1095743

Can you elaborate?

No. 1095757

File: 1606789564680.jpeg (460.23 KB, 750x1240, 30914793-0549-4539-A1CB-B1E781…)

Not the same anon but … he was placed on the ballot for a Grammy? Ok crazy. Self nominated? Pretty sure he didn’t win in 2019…

No. 1095769

File: 1606790375247.jpeg (194.7 KB, 828x1421, C8F0231D-3225-43F7-A334-1B6142…)


Oooooof, not with numbers like this fucking LOL. Seems like they’re a lot alike since they both spout outlandish shit that can easily be fact checked

No. 1095775


You should do yourself a favor and go listen to that song he claims he was nominated for, it’s on par with Scamanda’s musical abilities but even more cringey

No. 1095791

If he has the key, why the fuck is he so off pitch?

No. 1095805

File: 1606794036538.jpeg (267.46 KB, 750x778, 41B39BA4-1C6B-4BC1-8F36-6BADA3…)

This is from her Reddit. She calls her brother a “dbag”. Class act

No. 1095811

He has a line in a song about a "love concussion" it is the sleaziest, cheapest, worst garbage I've ever heard

No. 1095816

File: 1606795608742.jpeg (220.87 KB, 750x704, 03797123-BD00-4A9D-947D-B52EEE…)

Any of “MY” treatments, to just “treatments”.

No. 1096055

File: 1606828884775.jpg (49.86 KB, 800x445, Love-After-Lockup-Shawn.jpg)

Reminds me of this trainwreck from Love after Lockup.

No. 1096352

Just noticed her friends last name at the top of the image. Wondering if you can scribble that out.

No. 1096373

Sorry McKenna, it's too late

No. 1097533

File: 1606945873571.jpeg (562.12 KB, 750x3670, 9C2E7033-43E4-4290-88F5-63C197…)

So the rootin’ tootin’ pile o’ love in Texas had a huge party for thanksgiving with many people and no masks anywhere. He’s a tattoo artist and someone called him out on it and he went to social media to get people to harass her. Of course tone-deaf “immunocompromised”, breast cancer Amanda doesn’t even away anything about the masks and just makes fun of the other woman for being a pseudo-intellectual. Have you heard yourself Amanda? So random cashiers at Target get a thank you post for wearing a mask, but her hunny can have a huge unmasked gathering during a pandemic?

No. 1097606

How is she acting "pseudo-intellectual"??? She's literally just talking like a normal person..

No. 1097621

Omg. I’m the girl who posted that. He turned his army of freedom on me so fast, like with a quickness literally posted a story asking people to come to my profile to harass me. It got so stupid, I felt like I was taking crazy pills. Bottom of the barrel Texans are still randomly messaging me telling me to “mind my own business” lmao. Ummmm ok Mary but if the holler gets wiped out by covid that’s on you.

(I have screenshots of every single thing if anyone is ever interested)

No. 1097625

Post away, Spooky. I read you’re sharing caps on your stories. Let’s see ‘em.

> but this is a meatballs eyes thread!

What we really wanna see are any caps from convo with Scamanda. Did she Dm you?

No. 1097628

Oh no I won’t clog up the thread, but if anyone ever wants a laugh, say anything to him that could be even considered critical and watch him crumble. She never messaged me because she can probably tell that I have absolutely 0 tolerance for bullshit. I feel like anyone who fakes this much of their personality can tell when people are actually who they say they are and get intimidated.

This whole thread is amazing, all of you are hilarious xoxox

No. 1097631

File: 1606956028277.jpeg (367.28 KB, 1125x2020, B4471722-6A50-4E95-8D7A-6D595C…)

Lol I feel like Amanda is talking about herself….oh nope just attacking another woman bc she’s such a feminist and so self aware. What a POS.

No. 1097632

Chef’s kiss, Young Spooker. Well done.

No. 1097635

File: 1606956332092.jpeg (147.27 KB, 1125x385, 3F1AF948-16EC-48DE-B7D0-1F43C4…)

Ahh such a wonderful role model for women

No. 1097637

Love ol’ Scammy getting in on this when just a year ago she was crying abuse and mocking him for being a scratcher.

No. 1097682

File: 1606962020860.jpeg (354.64 KB, 750x858, 09EF584B-D03A-4E94-BC3C-B54CE0…)

I count 29 people…

No. 1097683

File: 1606962073627.jpeg (499.38 KB, 750x1454, 4D9C86A1-2AB1-4B48-8289-67326A…)

For reference on how Texas is doing…And she thinks she’s gonna visit him kek.

No. 1097964

She could've simply not said anything, but she chose to defend her boyfriend's super-spreader event.

No. 1097973

I don’t think he is her boyfriend, he doesn’t even follow her back on Instagram

No. 1098014

File: 1607003305584.jpeg (511.09 KB, 1125x2354, 0638D09C-4ED4-4DAC-86E2-B6AEDD…)

If you ever needed proof as to how her employees were paid.

No. 1098020

What’s funnier is she was doing it first, with one employee… but apparently john needed to take it over because she would always pay them late or like 4 weeks at a time. (Her venmo payments are private now). Oh and John’s only friend on Venmo is her kek

No. 1098026


I’m dumb and don’t have experience of any payment apps apart from PayPal so humor me: is that showing shop employees being paid out of Fatboy Jon’s personal account? The cuckery!

No. 1098036


I did some work for her building out the storefront and I was paid the same way too

No. 1098038

But ThAt’s HeR “bUsInEsS pArTnEr” kek

No. 1098047

Payments from his personal account to employees every week

No. 1098048

He can’t even spell friend correctly. What a catch.

No. 1098050

I foresee her getting fucked by the IRS or OSHA or something in the future. I highly doubt she keeps track of any essential documents or permits needed to operate a legit business, and this solidifies that idea.

No. 1098177

I wonder how the begging for money worked out this time….shouldn’t she have a lot of money since she said she had enough for a “down payment “ on renting her new apartment that she clearly didn’t move in to?!

No. 1098688

File: 1607056829164.jpeg (401.91 KB, 828x854, 95B5CDDA-AFE3-4419-93BE-B00210…)

Another fantasy trip that’s not going to happen….

No. 1098702

Another lovebomb that won’t be reciprocated.

No. 1098734

That skunk drawing was one she stole from a vintage valentine design.

No. 1098782

Oh god that girl is such a crazy delusional violent alcoholic bitch too! At least she’s actually talented and doesn’t steal work from others but that’s about the only point of redemption. Also last I heard they had a falling out and hated each other-shocking.

No. 1098784

File: 1607073622777.jpeg (64.6 KB, 750x501, 9A5A8BC7-B14B-4757-B60B-A31542…)

No. 1098881

Original masterpieces that look like every other repetitive coffin/sword/axe/skull/rose piece of jewelry out there. Never mind hospitals begging people not to travel.

No. 1098914

Her online shop is still open but based on reviews I wouldn’t order from there

No. 1099091

ah, yes, radiation treatments and a weakened immune system from “cancer”, a trip to a coronavirus ravaged state seems like the intelligent answer. and when done in Florida, maybe a quick hipskippydoo trip to Texas, another Rona ravaged state. She is more concerned about “hair falling out” (even though MULTIPLE friends have literally told her that it won’t) than catching COVID or giving it to someone during her doctor visits at a fucking cancer center.

Also, how tacky is it to ask for money during the holidays, when folks are financially challenged right now? Then to brag about multiple trips you are planning and a 2K deposit on an apartment? We have mutual friends who are worried about their kids not getting presents or not being able to afford rent.

No. 1099286

File: 1607113212547.jpeg (188.25 KB, 828x805, 8498AFEA-531B-4F9B-BAFF-11128A…)

Caught this gem of an exchange before the account disappeared. I don’t even know where to start

No. 1099316

File: 1607114386500.jpeg (141.33 KB, 750x739, B21A5132-837B-4DE6-840D-205BE6…)

Looks like she made him follow her.

No. 1099320

Whoever cowtipped by making that account, tut tut, but fucking lmao at the desperation of Scamanda here.

No. 1099339

File: 1607115858751.jpeg (329.76 KB, 750x1284, 4EA22B6A-54E4-414F-B2AD-530976…)


Small IG hack here: if you log in via web browser, it will display someone’s following and folllwers list in chronological order. As in, the people the followed most recently will appear first on the list/on top, and the account they’ve been following the longest will appear at the very bottom. Looks like that bratoutofheck comment really got to her and she made him follow her back lmao. This is so rich.

No. 1099482

File: 1607122493063.jpeg (281.46 KB, 750x1682, 20CED16B-3BD0-47FA-A80F-038192…)

“These people are jokes who literally wish Covid on children….” No, you’re right, the people who had a 30+ get together when close to 3,000 people died today of Covid, are not willingly exposing their children to Covid.

No. 1099492

kekkkk he was busy following the largely busted ladies and didn't have time in his feed for amanda

No. 1099525


Let’s not forget that cancer patients are immunocompromised, so she’s defending someone that would potentially kill her (if she had cancer, which she doesn’t). Yet again Scamanda forgetting which lane she’s supposed to be in

No. 1099726

File: 1607137223090.jpeg (297.04 KB, 750x849, DCA6C2D8-51C9-4ACE-A868-6F2974…)

You’re vagueposting to your “friends” but ok.

No. 1099735


FYI Amanda you can’t be anti piece of shit when you are one

No. 1099764


lmao good for her for standing up for her anti-mask, dipshit “boyfriend”. very brave of her.

if she were “anti-piece of shit” she’d understand the outrage of having a gathering of like 30 people NOT WEARING MASKS during a pandemic. god what a fucking idiot.

No. 1100043

didn’t she publicly shame and threaten to kick out her exhusband if he spent time with his family to watch HER dog because she felt it was so irresponsible and unsafe but she is defending this dude and letting him harass someone for calling him out on it?

No. 1100212

File: 1607191887844.jpeg (454.89 KB, 750x2268, 8CC6698D-62A9-4E21-AF41-CD7A46…)

Virtue signal much? She copied that word for work from the UN site… also it was two days ago but I guess time has no meaning in the garage. How’s that dope/sick/bad ass new apt?

No. 1100388


Kinda like how she has an ACAB tattoo, but that one cop that rides a Harley that she met a couple times is cool. Scamanda lies too much to even remember her stance on things or which lies she has to keep up with

No. 1100886

She probably met one person with special needs and can’t even remember their name to tag them. Piece of shit.

No. 1100992


Well does knowing herself count since she’s obviously retarded

No. 1101369

Oooof, we don’t use the r word, Anon. Spread the word to end the word.(absolute retard)

No. 1101378

Sage your shit, retard.

No. 1101388


Sorry didn’t mean to trigger you, and congrats on being high functioning enough to use the internet

No. 1101420

What fucking site do you think you’re on??? Retarded autist.

No. 1101461

On any other platform I would agree with you, but you're literally on lolcow. Learn to integrate

No. 1101547

File: 1607290903172.jpeg (149.8 KB, 1015x528, 37814C1C-BEB3-4E88-AFE1-459B69…)


You shall not pass!

No. 1103456

File: 1607488340196.png (90.51 KB, 494x345, Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 8.29…)

How has it been 5 biopsies already? Was her "partial mastectomy" just 4 biopsies at once? this girl……..

No. 1104139

“I don’t want to talk about it”… except for in this long winded paragraph that I strung together because the more words are written the more genuine my bullshit seems. Also ew on sexualizing this poor healthcare worker of questionable existence having to hold her gross tobacco stained hand like his life hasn’t been hard enough lately.

No. 1104143

“Playing with my fingertips”. Oh, please. I believe he held her hand, but that part definitely did not happen. It’s like sexualizing a doctor doing a breast exam. Can you imagine how creepy it would be if a man said that about a nurse? She’s just as creepy.

No. 1104149


That shit reads like some kind of white-trash trailer park fantasy romance novel

No. 1104172

File: 1607564362119.jpeg (790.31 KB, 750x2951, 18B9058E-01E7-4E3B-A5D2-533C26…)

Attention everyone: I have no plans of actually working anytime soon, so I’ll pretend to half learn a skill but never produce anything. Is she talking about making stained glass with Twiggy?! Amazing. Let her assist you in making your stuff so she can say she’s a pro at something. She can’t even use a fucking sewing machine because “hand sewing is stronger” Right, definitely kek

No. 1104173

Same anon again, also she mentions NOTHING about making knives or metalwork because she definitely pays someone to make her stuff for her.

No. 1104178


Ok there’s a lot to unpack here

1- what happened to your 3 successful businesses and 2021 being your year? Now you’re putting out a rambling ass cover letter/resumé on your Facebook begging for a job nobody is going to give you?

2- if you have that much material, tools, and experience; why would you be taking a entry-level position?

3- on what planet do you just declare that you can start work at 10am, you come to work when the workday starts (you’d know that if you actually knew how a successful business runs)

4- nobody in their right mind in NYC would hire her (guess what Scamanda, employers typically look up potential candidates and this website is high on your results)

No. 1104188

"Or anyone who makes accessories" so a milliner? People go to school and actively work on trades like these, goddamit scamanda give it up

No. 1104376

If she had all the experience and references she says she has, she would be applying/contacting with specific people and not making a vague Facebook status looking for a an even vaguer job. ??

No. 1104380


No attached examples of work she’s completed, just lists all the expensive tools that her personal cuck Jon bought for her as her ~credentials: brilliant.
I assume she’s typing this from her new BK apartment that she definitely got and moved into like she said she was going to at the start of the month. Good for her.

No. 1104389

I am a professional craftsman and never in a million years would I hire or train a person that braggadocios with that much self confidence. Also, what 7-8 year old doesn't work with their hands?, that's literally all children.

No. 1104392

Same anon as above. Also, you are fucking red flagged if you've been caught copying art. Whose to say she wouldn't rip off the ideas of the person she's working with?

No. 1104401

Twiggy lurks. If you imply anything remotely negative about her, she will go rant on a live.
And i think any suggestion of being connected to scamanda qualifies as an insult.
Saged for off topic.

No. 1104405

So many grammatical errors in this employment pitch. 'Preferably not those house'?
Writing while drunk isn't a good move. This post showcases her inability to focus. The extra info about her aunt just doesn't make sense.
Multitask my ass. You can't even focus enough to write coherently.

No. 1104413

But nobody mentioned the
>references shooting out my butt like a rainbow

God damn, girl. You’re a fucking lunatic.

No. 1104417

A truly esteemed professional

No. 1104419

So, why did her now defunct business only feature other artists work and not her own?

No. 1104458

File: 1607616332274.jpeg (583.73 KB, 828x1792, 7E502FCA-9849-41B7-9567-92CDEB…)

And what happened to her Flower arranging biz - Daymade- she was looking for a storefront for it and it was opening in the spring….

No. 1104472

You mean her buying grocery store carnations and rearranging them in a vase for two days?

No. 1104476

It was her lifelong PASSION

No. 1104479


Saging since not really relevant, but holy shit Scamanda and Twiggy are cut from the same cloth. Both have a history of taking people’s money, not sending stuff, and making up sob-story excuses. Follow the link if you want a good read.


Hopefully you’re reading this too Twiggy 👋

No. 1104488


Seconding this as a 15+ year crafts; I’d question why someone claiming so much experience is basically begging for a bitch-work entry level job. It shows zero confidence in her skills and I’d much rather train someone that doesn’t know much but is eager to learn, isn’t cocky, and (this is a BIG one) willing to put in the time- aka you come to work when the workday starts, not 10am. This resume/cover letter/incoherent babble would go straight to the trash bin

No. 1104496

Oh, she is definitely reading. I also think she might be one of the anons. She was getting lightly called out a few months ago, and as soon as that post showed up, she went on live/ranted for 30 mins about hate boards being toxic. But, how did you find out so fast, Twiggy?
What you shared is a pretty common opinion of her business failures. And she goes on live, with so many excuses about why she hasn't filled orders a year later..
She also calls out anyone who is upset about their order and rants about them on live as well.
She seriously should be added to the cow catalogue.
Saged, again for off topic.

No. 1104502

I'm so experienced due to owning a shop for years. Which flourished due to all of my creative abilities like blah blah.
But, hire me as an apprentice. I'll constantly tell you how successful my business *is, but I'll also go pick up coffee for you.

No. 1104518

Kekek anon ilysm

No. 1104521

She has to post on her FB so anyone has to contact her. So later she can brag about how artists are BEGGING her to work them

No. 1104529

Where can I find information about twiggy??? Sage for not knowing what’s going on here. Want to be in the loop!

No. 1104530

Sorry just saw someone posted a link.

No. 1104536

File: 1607624794765.png (604.06 KB, 1242x2688, 98431890-C7A7-41CC-AC5B-94497B…)


What happened in her life to make her so fucking dramatic about everything?

She used to talk about doctor’s appointments like a normal person would.

I’m starting to wonder if this entire harrowing cancer tale is 100% fabricated and just loosely based on the events surrounding a lump she found 10 years ago and was treated for


No. 1104540

File: 1607626135878.png (13.18 KB, 492x135, ok.PNG)

i mean that's kind of the general consensus of people who have had to deal with cancer. she really doesn't try

No. 1104543

“Fighting fake cancer is so way worse than having real cancer guys”

No. 1104587

Honestly, I take more offense to her calling The Blood Brothers talentless than anything else in this post. I mean, clearly she's incorrect about that assessment.

No. 1104597

I second this sentiment

No. 1104600

Right? I’m actually upset lmao, bitch just wishes she could be free like a pineapple in a tree BAAAHA

No. 1104631

File: 1607635836713.jpeg (365.73 KB, 750x710, 8642FE65-141C-42DF-ADBC-8829E3…)

“Love you like a sister” kek. From an Etsy blog about Twiggy.

“ I run a side business with my best friend Amanda called LYLAS leather .We turn iconic images into pyrography on leather. It’s nice to be able to do something with the images I love that I can’t make in glass. Eventually we’ll get our shop up and running on Etsy, but for now it’s a friends-only kind of deal.”


No. 1104738

So wild! Thanks for sharing this. Birds of a feather it seems lol

No. 1104740

She “OWNS 3 businesses” but wants to make coffee runs for a ….crafts person?

Did she ever say anything about the apartment? I can’t wait to see why she says she didn’t get it

No. 1104803

Both 'have cancer' and use it as life pass for everything. Sorry you feel like i took advantage of you, i have cancer!

No. 1104811

No. 1104825

"At least two" toolbox drawers was my favorite part, followed by the detour into the fact that a family member once knitted some sweaters, good sweaters in fact!

No. 1104984


Her dude of the month has a Casualties patch, when it's a known fact that The Casualties had earned a bad reputation for fucking underage girls and bringing girls as young as 14 years old into their tour vans. This guy is perfect for Amanda and her bad taste in men.

No. 1104998

I heard Michaels was hiring.

No. 1105031

Oh no they open at 8am. That’s too early

No. 1105086

my dad helped build the SR-71 blackbird so i am going to email elon musk about that spaceX apprenticeship now. also at age 6 i played with toy airplanes soooooo thank u amanda for teaching me how to be a working adult so inspiring

No. 1105379

The Texan's Punk O'Rama vest would have been a big red flag for anyone who wasn't a complete poser

No. 1105701


Not everyone can travel via freight trains, has a pitbull that wears saddle bags, and begs for change & cigarettes outside 7-11 oh mighty Gatekeeper

No. 1105731

No he looks like a poser. No need to be embarrassed if you have the same vest.

No. 1105735


Saged but great comeback anon, topkek

No. 1105736

That anon isn’t flexing at all because the vest is literally fit for a 15 year old poser

No. 1105751


came here to say this. it’s like he stumbled into a hot topic for the first time and thought this was punx but really it’s just laughable. what a perfect pair of posers they are.

No. 1105777

File: 1607788876424.jpeg (516.47 KB, 750x1027, 403A304E-746C-4A37-9741-83364D…)

Hanukkah matters y’all. Cause her husband lwas ate to buy wrapping paper DURING Hanukkah (not before, like normal people) she has every right to cause a scene about it at friggin Target. Way to slum it girl.

No. 1105817

why is she complaining to target employees about wrapping paper when they have no say in what is stocked there. maybe she should apply to work at target and and try to fix that(emoji)

No. 1105833

ffs there’s no way that target didn’t have regular wrapping paper and only had santa. she’s just a retard who wouldn’t find it and took it out an employee. watch her turn this into some kind of hate crime kek

No. 1105885

Even that is probably being generous, I seriously doubt this situation took place anywhere besides her mind. I doubt she even went to Target, she probably felt the need to have a story to tell for attention when she realized Hanukkah had begun.

No. 1106047

The last sentence in the paragraph says she was hung up on. She most likely didn't set foot in the store.

>because gas ain't cheap, y'all

If you can't afford the $2.00 in gas to drive to your nearest Target/Wal-Mart/any other big store, you probably shouldn't be buying wrapping paper in the first place.

No. 1106069

She didn’t even go. She said she was yelling at these poor employees on the phone

No. 1106099

She is literally a disgusting idiot. Of course stores are sold out, we are halfway through Hanukkah rn.
With prime shipping, you can get guaranteed delivery tomorrow and looks like there are plenty of options. Or guess what? The super creative artist could hand draw wrapping paper for her best friend aka John because how cool is custom wrapping paper? Dumbass could get off of minimum wage worker's dicks and think about an alternative solution rather than being self righteous with your Hanukkah matters bs. I'm surprised she didnt hash tag that shit.

No. 1106455


Best part is that if you look on Target’s website it shows that most of the Hanukkah wrapping paper is in stock at the Selden location, which is about 15 minutes away from Medford….

No. 1106460

Love that you looked this up. The sections aren’t huge but target is a retailer that stocks general Hannukah themed decorations and they always have non-Santa themed paper….maybe don’t wait so late in the month Amanda???

No. 1106461

But what we all really want to know is, how’s the new apartment, Meatball Eyes?

No. 1106506

File: 1607878238554.jpeg (137.53 KB, 750x677, F9FBC668-27FB-404E-B1CD-37428E…)

This account showed up commenting on the stores IG

No. 1106512


Oh man somebody else that went to school with ol’ monkey arms

No. 1106736

Tut tut if that’s a farmer, don’t cowtip etc, but also… I laughed at that bio.

No. 1106788

Check out twiggys Reddit thread too. Absolute thief.


No. 1106826

File: 1607903954624.png (11.43 MB, 1242x2688, 43CA5688-D39E-44B0-A749-428951…)

When you zoom in on all that non-Santa wrapping paper

No. 1106840

File: 1607904541946.jpeg (249.77 KB, 822x651, 021708A3-3E4B-406B-A8A5-EDFDCB…)


Pure gold

No. 1106902

My favorite part is her aunt makes blankets that are “18”-20” width” she doesn’t even know what she’s saying. God I love it.

No. 1106951

File: 1607912254372.jpeg (320.71 KB, 750x1283, 5FCBF6C3-83B6-4D97-AC50-80E3FF…)

“Self isolation that nearly drove me insane” You couldn’t handle living alone anymore because you were an alcoholic mess and nothing has changed much.
She sticks her dirty fucking fingers in the cookie batter in her video.
Who is shipping food to people she doesn’t know, during a pandemic, in the mail?

No. 1106952

Youre not funny

No. 1107126

I like the part about the nuts "not even allowed near the house" they have to wait outside.

No. 1107129


Another lie clearly because she’s posting from inside the house as a verified nut.

No. 1107134

File: 1607947635538.jpeg (480.32 KB, 750x3166, AB7F4970-EE98-4B91-B35F-E7F230…)

How long did you spend photoshopping yourself to look “thin” when we all know you are a wheezing, 140 pounds, and filled with 7/11 gas station snacks and cigarettes? 17 pounds to go plus another 5? 22 lbs? What a weird number.
Good job paying $90 off Poshmark (not legal on the app) for a garbage Unif tee. Is she 15?
How’s that dope badass sick new apt you got in Bushwick that’s still listed as active?

No. 1107141


me: please send donations for I am in a financial bind and cannot pay bills

also me: buys a $90 yellow discolored white tank with a cigarette burn on it because it represents the trash can that I am

No. 1107205


Who invited Squidward to this thread?

No. 1107235

What does the two have to do together??? Like she wants any excuse to talk about her “cancer”. Just post a photo of your tits already.

No. 1107257

It is shocking shes not naked anywhere on the internet. And that she doesnt have an onlyfans.

No. 1107282

File: 1608036893589.jpeg (532 KB, 750x1126, 509809A9-CFFF-414B-9435-6BD7DC…)

Drug free and alcohol free, still smokes weed. Definitely not sober. Definitely didn’t “lose 17 pounds”

No. 1107284

File: 1608036981333.gif (16.75 MB, 480x284, 9B09C091-107F-4C2B-B070-3E167C…)

Same anon. Who seriously wears that much makeup to an MRI? Aren’t you supposed to not even have lotion or deodorant on?

No. 1107328

>the only time I’ve ever worn a bra
Is it ever possible for her to speak without trying to brag about something?

No. 1107346

File: 1608044256116.jpeg (655.46 KB, 828x1792, B614A1DB-BCE8-4FA0-A1DF-2F7D71…)

No - even her response to someone complimenting her mom turns on to a brag about herself

No. 1107347

File: 1608044372086.jpeg (676.32 KB, 828x1792, 10539CA3-1F04-4924-8CB5-8DDC7B…)

Sorry the whole response here

No. 1107398

File: 1608049165511.jpeg (345.66 KB, 750x1162, BE483984-E8EE-451F-8699-58185B…)

Just airing out some family business online… maybe her aunts have seen this board kek.

No. 1107421

Jfc WHY does everything she posts have to be so convoluted and filled with unnecessary details. Bitch NO.ONE.CARES. You made edgy shaped cookies. Big fucking deal. Just post pictures and keep moving. Gid she must suck all the air out of any room she enters.

No. 1107446

Jfc, she’s going in hard. This bitch is a total egotist.

No. 1107486

3D printing isn’t that hard with a basic machine. A lot of people provide the coding thingy for the design online and you just download it into your machine.

No. 1107529


Good lord they gave your mom a compliment and you respond with a fucking babbling novel about something so mundane, with so many unnecessary details that it just screams “none of this happened”. Kinda pathetic having to steal praise and attention from your own mom

No. 1107769

Pathetic tagging your shop that is permanently closed.
Next thing you know, she will have a bakery added to her businesses she owns.

No. 1107786

Wait a minute is she saying she put food into a giant tool box to dry? In a garage?

No. 1107824

Craftsperson, florist, baker, crank.

No. 1107912

Honestly every single time I see this bitch commenting on anything it reads like a paid amazon review.

No one cares! She always feels the need to overfill everything with unnecessary details like, why do we need to know the colour of each part of the cookie? Why do we need to know why you made the cookie for?
Ironically, over explaining is a mark of compulsive liars. People would just naturally say “Yeah my mom taught me everything I know, and now I even make my own cookie cutter shapes!” and done.

I noticed she often feels the need to over describe everything especially when it comes to her work, she might be aware of how shit her skills are so she drowns everything in unnecessary info and hope this will impress everyone.

No. 1108157

This dumb bitch is gonna add Solidworks to her resume.

No. 1108789

File: 1608177086950.jpeg (153.04 KB, 750x463, 223C7010-EE52-44F4-9014-D4B596…)

Oh didn’t you move into your new apt that you definitely put a down payment on?

No. 1108817

Sober, cancer survivin', activist, best friend.

No. 1110297

Here she goes again, rambling and giving herself compliments… Just say thank you and move on !(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1110301

File: 1608351164625.jpeg (399.04 KB, 750x1142, 0E39CD40-C549-4F68-AAB2-E84866…)

No. 1110305

File: 1608351930271.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3264x3264, D3B7D2EA-E2BE-4284-A804-53375D…)

Also back to editing old photos to look thinner… left is from a story. Right is from today. It truly is a sign of how warped she is that she sits around and edits these things and then posts them as if we think she isn’t posting an EDITED photo of a photo. Don’t you have cancer to be busy with or picking up a new skill while someone pays you kek Psycho.

No. 1112833

File: 1608676192848.jpeg (357.41 KB, 684x1308, AE790B2B-A563-4920-9BC4-5D8F29…)

Just carrying on about herself for no reason in the comments.

No. 1112922

File: 1608682122354.jpeg (494.76 KB, 750x1090, E0303A5C-F478-4693-ADED-51C44E…)

Because it absolutely is possible to make everything about herself

No. 1113334

File: 1608736896340.jpeg (490.03 KB, 1125x1087, 14113D6E-FCAB-4B2D-BA17-CCDEDC…)

A true talent to make literally everything about herself. You do not get congratulations for being a decent human fucking being you trash.

No. 1113345

File: 1608738458934.jpeg (295.22 KB, 827x976, AE029E91-402D-413E-940F-F04B4C…)

Her drug dealer thinks she’s special

No. 1113361

Stop. You just owed him money too many times and he’s not retarded.

No. 1113408

The words dealer and care don’t go together.

No. 1113421

Highly doubt he said any of that to her. She’s just scuzzy. Why brag about shit like this.

No. 1113438

File: 1608747150015.jpeg (280.25 KB, 828x1792, 3C667CA5-E0EE-409A-90A2-3EE9DC…)

Yet another brag post that nobody asked for

No. 1113459

>I’ve done many interviews and photo shoots
In your mind

No. 1113517

So this is the video they made… that never got picked up by Levi’s or used for anything…. (1 of 2)

No. 1113520

File: 1608753601399.jpeg (413.85 KB, 750x797, ECF0FE21-6263-438F-BA80-F6A4B3…)

But the same girl posted this to her Twitter after they made the video… which wasn’t for Levi’s. They faked it, hoping to get picked up.

No. 1113525

File: 1608753900669.jpeg (413.35 KB, 750x1496, 72402F27-42F2-44A0-AAFB-B39F57…)


This is the Vogue article she wasn’t even mentioned in or has any photos. Doesn’t mention her name. Basically just saying they have a cool IG

No. 1113648

Oh honey, that isn’t an article, it’s a mention. The delusion.

No. 1113662

this one also isn't an "interview". rather, it's badly scripted, badly read. shades of BPD embellishment in every statement.

No. 1113672

All she does is chain stitch tired clip art, and poorly at that. That doesn't make you an embroidery wizard. Who are these people that eat that shit up?

No. 1113925

File: 1608784312008.jpeg (430.39 KB, 750x1272, E1BA48E8-3441-4C9D-B0DC-DA4BF3…)

Can’t wait for this to pan out….

No. 1113927

File: 1608784560890.jpeg (216.25 KB, 750x472, 45DCEB1D-32A0-4A56-9501-68E57A…)

Who is giving her hundreds of dollars on gift cards? It literally sounds like a junkie scam.

No. 1113992

What a dumb bitch, this is legit the oldest scam in the book. Then of course they get "lost in the mail" or "I totally sent it, you're trying to scam ME." wheres that ex husband bestest fwiend money at these days?

No. 1114000

Omg hopefully no one is dumb enough to fall for it… she’s 100000% trying to scam people

No. 1114051

Damn Scamanda, try harder

No. 1114058

Bills to pay or is there another nicotine stained cigarette burned $90 shirt she needs to buy? decisions decisions

No. 1114070


Of course you can't add gift cards to your Venmo. Just use them like normal gift cards, retard.

No. 1114089

File: 1608816100759.jpeg (516.23 KB, 750x1324, E2F5D014-9A96-44F9-B801-EE8133…)

Someone has not quit smoking, even though the definitely, really have cancer.

No. 1114098

Excellent. It’s the perfect platform for her loud mouth opinions to utterly cunt everyone off.

No. 1114185


When you “apply” for the most vague and lowly of jobs on your Facebook and miraculously don’t find one; I guess this is the next logical step

No. 1114251

What the fuck? Maybe you can't add them to venmo but you can use them exactly like visa/amex cards. I've payed bills with visa gift cards. How the fuck else do you think they're used?

Fuck you for trying to scam people.

No. 1114316

why was she counting on holiday presents to pay her bills? the story doesn't add up

No. 1114753

File: 1608912181861.jpeg (915.46 KB, 3264x3264, D05E5387-9FD8-493A-ADAA-C1E96B…)

So broke guys. Buys my gift card from me so I can pay “bills” (bills for WHAT? You live at home) but sure a $1600 bracelet sounds good. I’m sure Johnny boy got it for her. Wow you have no place to live but sure, jewelry works.

No. 1114769

That looks like some garbage you'd see in a grocery store vending machine

No. 1114775

Oh and John definitely got her that bracelet, (he’s at their house) this guitar and a MacBook Pro. So poor. Someone donate to her please.


No. 1114782

Idk about u guys but to me, Tiffany jewelry just screams punk rock as fuck. Kek.
How does she pull every contradiction possible?

No. 1114783

File: 1608917229489.jpeg (90.85 KB, 828x397, A7900574-A6F4-4612-8AA3-91BAF0…)

Yes this is true, it’s def doesn’t feel like Christmas for the unemployed, truly sick, and less fortunate- but they probably give out about it way less than her- what a spoiled lying scammer

No. 1114791

I am pretty sure that’s a knockoff. The pearls look fake and aren’t spaced the same as the stock photo, plus it looks like they’re connected by twine (you can see the texture of what looks like twisted threads) and not smooth metal beads.

No. 1114812

File: 1608920769402.jpeg (625.88 KB, 750x1204, 8A737DE2-C5F0-4952-BC50-E9FAE3…)

I think he actually dropped that money on some girl who lives in a garage and won’t admit that they’re dating. So romantic.

No. 1114855

File: 1608928114127.png (895.8 KB, 828x1792, CAE21002-90AA-4070-B428-8A8990…)

Of course she deleted my comment immediately. Merry Xmas y’all.(cowtipping)

No. 1114859

Lol. You tried. Hope you don't get a ban from Santa. At least you know she saw it

No. 1114878

File: 1608930175204.jpg (481.52 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201225-154603_Bra…)

Saged because I'm not 100% this hasn't been posted but I took a little gander at her fb and found a woman discussing how hard her life has been, Amanda replies with this

No. 1114882

She thinks she functions well- the delusion is STRONG

No. 1114889

Stop cowtipping you absolute snot for brains

No. 1115043

lmao « as someone who has it harder than anyone » while saying shit’s not comparable. this person is insufferable god

No. 1115225

File: 1608985789920.jpeg (234.24 KB, 750x1349, 003168C3-E242-4061-A748-657F98…)

The same guitar Johnny cash used. $6Gs. Still def doesn’t have a new apt

No. 1115283

Has she bragged at all about what her bf/fiancé in Texas got her? Or just the very expensive gifts from her bff/ex-husband/slave? What planet does this girl live on?

No. 1115314

Sounds more like her therapist was trying to tell her that she comes off as full of shit, not believable, obviously embellished, yet she still didn't take the hint…

No. 1115316

Nothing says punk like unapologetic materialism

No. 1115370

Must’ve been really difficult growing up in upper middle class LI with loving parents that still take care of you.

No. 1115504


What's that trauma she's talking about? Being a privileged compulsive liar? Living with the guilt of using idiotic men for money, drugs and clout? Not getting daddy's approval even though he feeds her and puts a roof over her insufferable narcissistic ass?

No. 1115592

I've had the most terrible trauma to the point therapists cant help.
I'm responding in sympathy and this comment isn't about me, it's about you.

No. 1115708

File: 1609048609129.png (246.2 KB, 828x1792, 58688E7B-1E4D-495F-A095-89F712…)

Is she pretending again that she is getting married - for the alleged second time?

No. 1115819


First time, there’s no marriage license on file for either her or Johnny…

No. 1115830

>if you had told me this at the time…i wouldve expected it

once a cunt always a cunt

No. 1115885

File: 1609084387865.jpeg (437.24 KB, 743x1006, 5F18BF00-507C-4C21-B844-B4F5E4…)

Gonna recycle that old ring you tried to pretend was from Texas dude but was really 5 years old? They broke up last August after meeting a few times and getting engaged with no knowledge of who was moving anywhere to be together. So how are they going to figure it out this time.?Thought she had “cancer treatments” she had to take care of. FYI -NY suspended all non emergency surgeries again so I’m sure she’s not getting anything done anytime soon (even if it was real)

No. 1115886

>androgynously cute


No. 1115887

Yeah I don’t think she knows what that means…

No. 1115907

File: 1609087536078.jpeg (59.57 KB, 750x439, 1B4F8F56-FA61-49CC-ACEF-2DD253…)


Love the reactions from the actual guy Jay, and her dude from RVA 5dread

No. 1115952


i’m gonna go out on limb and say she doesn’t know that androgynous =/= edited to the point of no longer looking human. she’s such a fucking insufferable dumbass.

No. 1116731

File: 1609182964897.jpeg (243.51 KB, 750x1843, 8072D980-1C36-40A3-8105-3668BB…)

“It makes dating hard, but worth it” What!?

No. 1116846


so are they engaged again or is she going to gaslight everyone into thinking they never broke up

No. 1116879

And the icing on the cake… there’s no marriage license on record for them!

No. 1116952

Any guesses as to who she is supposedly marrying? Her two most recent ride or dies reactions makes me think it’s some new rando.

No. 1117068

They started dating TWO DECADES ago?

Wouldn’t she have been 12? Long distance dating someone in Texas when you’re 12?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1117072


Learn to read, she started dating in general 20 years ago

No. 1117176

Didn’t she recently claim that she never had boyfriends when she was young cause her dad is a big scary biker?

No. 1117215

Doesn’t mean she didn’t hookup with most dudes she encountered during those years. Her old livejournals are full of boy crushes and hookups

No. 1117239

File: 1609250708848.jpeg (215.97 KB, 750x574, C0C7E6B6-5E4D-42A1-8693-0F3382…)

Imagine being Shamanda, living for free at her parents, waking up at a leisurely 9am to smoke in the garage and HEAVEN FORBID your mother, whose house it is, dares to speak on the phone and have fun with her friend whilst you awake from your “I don’t have a job, I don’t have cancer, I’m a successful businesswoman smoking in the garage as opposed to my own apartment” sleep. Must be so hard. Enjoy that new apartment!

No. 1117248

>not anytime soon but it’s getting there
Kek this deluded street urchin. I wonder if her husband to be knows he’s getting married (but not any time soon) or if it’s just her plan to snare is going well. What a cursed rat.

No. 1117294


i cannot imagine talking about my mother this way if she let me live at her house, for free (especially publicly?!) i’m assuming her mom also feeds her and wipes her ass for her. what an ungrateful, childish, useless sack of dog shit our punk princess is.

No. 1117386

File: 1609266077536.jpeg (163.06 KB, 828x1229, D3CCBC76-F4F9-493C-B71B-345F80…)

She admits to wanting fake tits……

No. 1117518

File: 1609274586848.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1204x2060, 47B3DE10-C280-48E3-AF89-298682…)

Look how Amanda looks today! She also looked like this on July 28th.

No. 1117520

File: 1609274792487.jpeg (353.25 KB, 1241x1984, 0E2B72E3-69B9-4312-BB26-CFF4F5…)

No. 1117521

File: 1609274846924.jpeg (226.52 KB, 1242x424, 9A13FAC2-B420-4BBA-B0A1-DEE05F…)


Same Anon but realized I cut off the date of today's post and want to make sure it's there for prosperity

No. 1117522

what happened to the apartment she just bought kek

No. 1117556

Yeah it's def the skincare, nothing to do with facetune.

Also a tube of grandebrow is $70. Glow Recipe ain't cheap either. But she needs to sell those xmas gift cards to pay her bills right?

No. 1117692


“As my sister puts it…”

Amanda I’ve known you since we were 15, you don’t have a sister

No. 1117838


Anon please don’t flex a personal connection to a cow like that if you’re not going to offer some milk too. Also I remember seeing some posts of hers here before where she called her cousin her sister… because I mean why the fuck not? - sounds like she has no sense of what is true or real and maybe never did.

No. 1117980


I have supplied enough milk to this thread for all anons to have bowls of cereal simultaneously. Sit your ass down(samefagging)

No. 1118056

Stop being cringe

No. 1118063

File: 1609340756208.jpeg (641.31 KB, 1125x2000, 88B8CB95-EFC8-46F3-A485-44F92F…)


No. 1118224


Wow. I’m so very interested in this “paintball out of a helicopter” claim. Wtf does that even mean?

No. 1118382

File: 1609377186455.jpeg (827.08 KB, 617x5356, 27C9F454-ED80-432C-8766-4CB3F6…)

How does someone even have the energy to type this kind of self appreciative, narcissistic crap? Me, me, me. No shame.

No. 1118423

Oh for fucks sake what is this shit?

No. 1118436

I wonder if they afterwards all went paint-balling out of helicopter together. A delightful Christmas.

No. 1118451

Holy coke rant, batman.

No. 1118455

File: 1609382142104.jpeg (226.14 KB, 828x1792, B6C8A258-4E8D-4C9C-B1B7-2B61ED…)

What her timeline for when she was allegedly was married? Because this reply was on the same post as this reply- where she talks about her second engagement ring to the dude she was dating - in 2011- wasn’t that when she was already “married”?

No. 1118457

File: 1609382328679.jpeg (953.44 KB, 828x1792, 8849C02A-80F3-40D5-8E9C-9AEC62…)

This was the post - where she is wearing the second engagement ring - from the owner of the dog on her lap- in 2011 - when she would have been married already to Jon - and this second sucker allegedly still wears his engagement ring (dudes don’t wear engagement rings!?)

No. 1118494


She dated Benny (owner of the dog in the pic) while she was “married” to Johnny, which she claimed Johnny was ok with. As far as I know her and Benny were never engaged, and she can try to claim that but he sure as shit doesn’t wear any ring she had made for him.

No. 1118496

Learn to read, she said he still wears his wedding band. And she’s talking about John, lurk previous threads she often brags about how John still wears his wedding band and her rings around his neck.

Not that smacanda isn’t the biggest liar there is, she didn’t say she wasn’t already “married” in her fb post, just referenced her engagement ring, which people, yanno, wear still after they married. They just add a wedding band.

No. 1118515

Shes alluded to dating Benny almost the whole time she was “married” to john, which I figure she’s making up as 2011-2014. Anyone know this Benny guy and what he did with John hanging around? Or did she just live at two different places?

No. 1118530

Damn i know cuckolding is a thing but it johnny really is in on all her shenanigans, real or made up, he's really taking it to the extreme. Enjoying watching your partner fuck someone else is a thing, but being their doormat for years is another story. That just sounds miserable.

No. 1119035

I had a rather amusing encounter with Amanda a few years back. Apologies if I may have shared this story before in part or in full, but I don't think I ever really got around to typing it out here.

I met Amanda, Johnny, and her boyfriend at the time at a bar in Williamsburg sometime around 2012. I'm pretty sure this boyfriend of hers was Benny, but one of the details about that night I can't recall exactly was her bf's name. It was a Wednesday night a bit past happy hour, a certain mutual friend of ours I won't name was tending bar (hint: her name starts with a T and rhymes with "Wiggy"). Anyway, we were all just marveling at what a trainwreck Amanda was and making dumb jokes amongst ourselves like maybe she was some sort of sentient tattoo flash book. 8 o'clock or so rolls around and her boyfriend says something about needing to leave because his sister is in town and they were supposed to meet up for dinner. This INFURIATES Amanda, and she is so wasted that she starts having the dumbest argument with him for wanting to see his own family. I didn't catch the whole argument as I was sitting a few barstools away, but I do recall there being some kind of "would you rather fuck your sister or me?" false equivalency thrown at him… Like, what?

Anyway, my friends and I duck out to the backyard to smoke, and maybe a minute later Amanda and her bf come storming through the door, and briskly walk past us to this little shack at the opposite end of the backyard. I'm not sure what that shack was, like maybe a supply closet or a walk-in, something like that. I'm pretty sure that room is normally locked, we just assumed Amanda got the keys from the bartender and went to have a quickie with her bf before he left. A couple minutes later our conversation is interrupted by what sounds like screaming and a crashing sound coming from the general vicinity of the room where Amanda and her bf were. Amanda stomps out of the room and screams "FINE! I'm calling my HUSBAND!" and comes barreling towards us (we were smoking by the door that connects the bar to the backyard). As she walks by us she slows down and very intentionally dips and brushes her entire body up against my friend's, and she looks him in the eye and says "hhhheeyyyyy" - clearly she's making moves to try and piss off her boyfriend who was following not too far behind. Everyone was laughing hysterically except for my poor friend who was subject to her impromptu full body twerk.

We recover our composure and go back inside to discover Amanda's boyfriend has left. About 15 minutes or so later Johnny shows up to pick up Amanda. Meanwhile we're all just so bewildered by the situation. This is the kind of shit you hear about behind closed doors but rarely see unfold in such a spectacularly public manner. My friend feels bad for Johnny so he offers to buy him a drink, he asks Johnny "do you like scotch?" Amanda says something like like "he doesn't know shit about whiskey", so my friend inadvisably buys him something decent, like a neat top shelf single malt. Johnny takes the glass and downs it like a shot, we all laugh and laugh and feel so bad for all of them and go home and go on with our own little lives…

No. 1119088

Kek anon, thanks for sharing this little tale. T ends in wiggy was laughing at her too? Wonder if they were Sisters in Scam at that point, or had they fallen out?

No. 1119145

I'm pretty sure at this point they were still ride or die badass mamas. Their falling out came not too long after this. Maybe around 2013 or 2014?

No. 1119185

Does anyone remember what thread talked about their falling out? I’d love to know why.

No. 1119257

Seconded. I’ve always wondered. It never was posted why they stopped being friends afaik- Been in these threads since Scamanda was just a blip in the Instagramers you hate thread.

No. 1119392


I know there's some Twiggy stuff in this thread if you scroll up. I thought Twiggy accused Amanda of stealing her aesthetic/ badass biker mama thing?

No. 1119498

They couldn’t agree on who got to use the “I have cancer” charade first

No. 1119556

File: 1609513953598.jpeg (1.69 MB, 4000x4000, 5DFBC950-5FD1-4A95-8F5F-55F0DE…)

Sage if this has been posted before but even her "claim to fame" shirt was stolen from a vintage design.

No. 1119591

File: 1609518786770.jpeg (195.78 KB, 750x1053, DC6ED41B-BE0C-43C3-A4D1-2B8115…)

Moved in… but hasn’t fully paid for it… bu living in Brooklyn… everything is in storage… the deposit might fall through?? I don’t even understand how she’s thinking she’s living somewhere if she didn’t sign a lease?

No. 1119635

there’s no fucking way that any landlord in that area (or any????) would allow you to move into a place without signing a lease first and deposits don’t just “fall through” if you’ve already signed a lease and begun moving in. what planet is she fucking living on.

No. 1119711

>I’ll also be travelling the world…
The delusion is real

No. 1119718


You don’t even get the keys until you sign the lease, upon which you’re expected to pay the first month’s rent at the very least (this is besides any deposit/security). At which point there’s nothing to fall through because you’ve already been approved. Sounds like she’s full of shit again

No. 1120597

File: 1609633801508.jpeg (373.65 KB, 750x1936, D0F52DDB-5DB4-464D-8B58-2CDDE7…)

She keep posting food pics “for one” but you can hear someone moving around in a video she took of an omelette (eyeroll). All her food sounds like vomit.

No. 1120608

It is up to the person leasing the property. If they don't demand a signature and deposit, that's their right as a property owner. Now would that foolish bordering on retardation?, you bet your sweet bippie. There is no law saying tou have to pay a deposit and sign a lease for private property. It could be a friend of her parents. Pure speculation on my part but I have known a non lease apartment rental before. 99% sure she is lying thoigh because, Amanda.

No. 1120639

I forgot she's also a chef, she hasn't posted her creations on ig in a while. Is there anything she can't do? So talented, so badass.

No. 1120644

I associate NYC/environs with top chefs, this is some pasty-ass white girl mush…raw, unseared lamb served with overcooked gruel and a nice gruel stew later…careful amanda, don't burn ur mouth on the spicy spicy cilantro

No. 1120665


The only thing she can’t seem to do is hold down a boyfriend/husband

No. 1120723


That lamb is fucking raw in the middle. Also saged for tinfoil but surely I’m not the only one who feels like like her Mom cooks all the family meals and Amanda just scuttles out of the garage to take photos to pass off as hers on Facebook…

No. 1120873

Could she have gotten a scammed Covid business loan and is just living off the funds? Who is buying lamb who hasn't worked in like 9 months? Does anyone know how those loans work?

No. 1120883

Her wimpy ex-husband paid for it likely.

No. 1121026

That raw ass lamb is going to cause someone some serious indigestion. Woof.

No. 1121115

File: 1609702433671.jpeg (474.95 KB, 750x2679, 1D61278C-0286-407A-AE61-2750AC…)

Conversations from a 7-11 with someone who definitely isn’t Johnny, helping her “move” to this mysterious Air Bnb (because she doesn’t have an apt, and that gross food is on plates she’s posted from this air BnB that doesn’t exist on the air BnB site)

No. 1121317

File: 1609718471602.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1708, A153DDB7-1E96-4A92-8FA4-D4D17B…)

Lived here for 7 years in 5 different neighborhoods this shit doesn’t happen like this.

No. 1121328

File: 1609718978520.jpeg (572.18 KB, 888x1081, 23E4FC21-E064-4A3C-B697-25E54C…)

Amanda, it’s okay to say you had no idea that this super passionately thorough and accurate depiction of you that you paid someone make was a direct Sailor Jerry ripoff. And when someone mentions it she spirals like the lunatic we all know she is…

No. 1121331

File: 1609719015628.jpeg (79.21 KB, 779x437, 7B443114-C2F1-4C2D-A068-3097E8…)

Her reply on this post…
People don’t buy pastries for their new temporary neighbors - in East Flatbush - or anywhere else…

No. 1121406


honestly…how much coke do you have to have done in order to ramble like this about a piece of ripped sailor jerry art

No. 1121424

Damn, girl is straight up having opiate cravings.

No. 1121431

File: 1609726400852.jpeg (457.11 KB, 750x1097, 21006491-8FEA-4502-87EF-C8EFEA…)

Shes at the “air BnB” she keeps claiming. I figured out the address, but don’t want to doxx her. She posted a video from a balcony (she said the street so it wasn’t hard to find) It’s not listed online as a furnished rental, that’s for sure. But it’s in btwn crown Heights and East Flatbush. She hasn’t moved anywhere. This is all part of her facade of actually living a functional, adult life. Her store has been closed for almost a year and she hasn’t sold anything. She’s a fraud up and down. Grifter at best.

No. 1121437

File: 1609726951649.jpeg (283.22 KB, 750x1131, D3C6FA70-2818-4D0B-B9BA-93AE70…)

Take literally 20 weeks, 4.5 months to get back to a potential customer to tell them they’re closed because of Covid

No. 1121447

Hasn’t she done this before?- Said she was “moving” and ended up at some random air bnb for a couple weeks- only to not move?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1121449

yeah and was it the same airbnb? because the dog on couch pic is from September, I knew I'd seen it before… did she just re-post it claiming to be current, or am i confused

No. 1121477


That’s funny they were closed before the shutdown, and owe $17,000 in back rent. Covid didn’t have much to do with not sending people’s online orders out and generally not selling anything out of the physical store

No. 1121502


It’s getting so hard to keep track! Seems like she gets her “husband” to rent a place every now and again when she can’t stand being with her parents anymore. Whatever happened to his apartment, I wonder?

No. 1121504

not a lot of bakeries that sell Italian pastries in East Flatbush. nor locals giving gifts to the airbnb guests causing rents in their neighborhood to rise

No. 1121514

File: 1609733801399.png (293.82 KB, 828x1792, 58679ABF-7CBA-4381-BB3F-0F4474…)

Who hurt you this time? Luckily the sap ex is always there

No. 1121522

oh this is rich coming from her

No. 1121674

File: 1609760375433.jpeg (553.32 KB, 750x1201, 602FA4EE-E6C3-4AE6-90EF-B800A2…)

Found on that artists page that made the Sailor Jerry drawing. Amanda won’t have a mailing address until February…

No. 1121702


… which she hasn’t even signed for so it’s clearly more wishful thinking.

No. 1121732

Isn't misrepresenting herself kind of her M.O ?

No. 1121753

File: 1609772250816.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1242x2074, 5D5E8EC1-9DAF-4238-AA28-6985FE…)


Wow they really did represent our curvy queen anachan so well!

No. 1121755

File: 1609772305383.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3464x3464, 7C104B28-6FB1-4EF4-B1C3-2CDA0C…)

No. 1121788

>>1121674 >>1121328
Someone's not happy the cathedrals on her feet are missing from her 'portrait'..

No. 1121796

Sage for no milk but commissions aren't cheap. The artist tattoos flash for $80-$100.
Where does this money come from when you don't work, you stay at air bnbs often and you are moving into a new apt requiring a deposit and first months rent?

No. 1121807

File: 1609777000041.jpeg (522.99 KB, 828x1336, 0FB9D95B-E567-4AF1-9C47-FA0DDD…)

Posted this am then deleted
Are these the neighbors that gave her welcome pastries? She only just “moved” to her “temporary” apartment this past week- that’s a lot of observation in a few days……

No. 1121819

she’s such a boring slob that she now has to air out her “neighbors” drama publicly. how tf does she think this is her business to share online. she’s a reaalllllll class act.

No. 1121830

File: 1609780222542.jpeg (55.67 KB, 750x304, 29948741-9DDD-4A10-A88F-ACB94C…)

Do you have illnesses causing chronic pain? Nope. So why bother said it? Does the guilt of faking cancer not hurt your insides? Congratulations.

No. 1121861

You're giving her too much credit, she most likely made this shit up to show how "I support the wimmins!!!" she is!! Grrrrl power. Whatever, lying ass.

No. 1122070

File: 1609797067796.jpeg (729.77 KB, 750x1447, 23CB6198-5B38-4194-834A-4E0713…)

Whenever Scamanda panhandles for money online, or brags about how much she has, or owns or has purchased…. I like to think of this post where she claims that “her” “medical supply business” is worth 8 figures to someone… but they won’t sell. What an actual psychopath.

No. 1122087


I don’t know which part is better; the first sentence about all of her “paid-in-full collaborations” when her name on the list for the class action lawsuit against Forever 21 for (get this….) not paying people for using their designs? Or her claiming ownership of a medical supply company that was founded by Johnny’s dad in 1990.

Fucking pathetic

No. 1122234

File: 1609810541801.png (2.82 MB, 750x1624, 6B198280-846E-4097-85C7-B7A472…)

Ok Scamanda, you can change your name and erase your Poshmark profile so no one can see the constant purchases you made. Good call. Nice fake name kek

No. 1122380

Do you think she is just staying at John’s parents or did he get her ANOTHER air bnb in Brooklyn

No. 1122477


I wish she had followed through with her NYU writing course because she desperately needs it

No. 1122498


That reminds me, didn’t she enroll in community college last year apparently? It’s hard to keep up with the lies…

No. 1122587

If I was her- instead of hemorrhaging money on useless vanity, I would invest in school, trade or something. Man, if you think this girl’s life is sad now- wait until she’s forty and in the same position.

No. 1122663


Why go to school? she's like, soooo wealthy! She owns a pharmaceutical business worth over 10 mil, plus her hobby store which brings in massive bucks despite being closed all last year. She always chased down by fashion magazines for interviews, duh. /s

These lies don't add up and idk how her "friends" don't call her out more on fb. One day she's e-begging for two dollars to pay her phone bill or her benign cyst/fake cancer treatments. The next day she coke rant manically brags about her wealth which we all know is just Johnny's parents money. All while lowballing folks like wild on poshmark, folks who actually /need/ to make a buck. Only to then turn around and claim she got the purchases from a charity bin.

I can't wait for something awful to happen to her; her entire existence is sad, pathetic, nasty and riddled with inconsistencies in her own lies. She has no real friends anymore, not even sure she did before- at least ones she didnt bribe with coke and merch from her store. She's an overweight, 34 y/o hambeast six-chins despite photoshopping herself to convince face tat scrotes on the internet she's not shaped like a potato. In a way I pity her, but I mostly enjoy watching hit rock bottom time and time again, only to be frustrated that Johnny continues to feed her money and pharmies. C'est la vie.

No. 1122681

File: 1609867813991.jpeg (488.61 KB, 750x1010, F7822682-1B63-46A4-976F-9945CE…)

You mean not every random stranger is your ride or die? That people who randomly stick up for you and pat you giant ego have never met you IRL?

No. 1122692

File: 1609868495438.jpg (107.88 KB, 498x739, gw3Pn0r.jpg)

she's tired of all the fakes who don't keep track of when she wears pants, only true ride-or-dies can ATTEST

No. 1122694

>anyone who knows me
I love how total cows like her and Ariana use this phrase like anybody at all gives a fuck

No. 1122774

Just wondering, where does Amanda find her online buddies? Is she active in Facebook groups or something?

No. 1123019

Drinking game: take a shot for every time she posted this exact picture on her socials. Don't forget to drink water to help with the hangover that will follow.

No. 1123192

Still wouldn’t drink half as much as she does during her amazing sobriety

No. 1123198

This is extra hilarious because she’s so delusional that she often calls out other people for her exact MO. She doesn’t let any of her partners have any female connections whether it’s family friends coworkers whatever. She goes through their phone, makes them cut ties and even attacks women online and in person who don’t have anything but a platonic relationship with whatever poor sucker she’s managed to stick her claws in that week. There was a girl here she tried to stab because she was friendly with a dude she wasn’t even dating anymore. What a loon

No. 1123202

Funny you should ask. You see that post above about her complaining that her Facebook presence grew too much and it’s full of fake people? Well maybe if she didn’t add every single person on the Internet who looks mildly alternative in an attempt to wrangle new idiots who haven’t seen her full saga yet, She might have one less problem

No. 1123212

File: 1609891126209.jpeg (273.24 KB, 750x1767, 49B39093-BB97-447C-B1B8-3A32E2…)

She accepts adds from literally random people who have seen her one, mega edited Miami photo reposted on “goth” pages

No. 1123315


No one calls her out because they're all watching the train wreck.

No. 1124194

File: 1609979620779.jpeg (202.45 KB, 750x1415, 2736647D-2A1B-4338-9611-6EAD83…)

Sharing a friends Covid vaccine post “for the status” and also only asked him where he got it, as opposed to congratulating him like everyone else.

No. 1124245

She has nothing to brag about right now- since her new apartment seems to be another lie…so she has to brag about knowing someone that got vaccinated?!?!

No. 1124440


Watch her pretend to be a firefighter so she can mooch a shot too.

No. 1125156

File: 1610070245721.jpeg (96.75 KB, 750x383, CFBA9D32-14FF-493C-8B58-5A1022…)

This is the only thing she has to say about any thing that’s going on. Way to be a badass, outlaw, activist by bringing up someone barely involved in the news.

No. 1125262

Just added me on FB and already in the dms. No mutual friends aside from tattooers, I’m in LA.

No. 1125267

Post screenshots

No. 1125466


Pretty dumb of you to cowtip and out yourself here before posting anything good

No. 1126165

File: 1610160001284.jpeg (181.43 KB, 828x781, 3DD106EC-C0CA-48D5-A3B6-0720C0…)

“Always rolls back to nyc” aka mom & dad’s house on Long Island

No. 1126702

File: 1610196690403.jpeg (114.64 KB, 750x645, D71647A3-3738-49B3-B611-3AA94C…)

Looks like someone can’t get Jay (Texas) to pay attention to her (they don’t follow each orher on IG anymore) after all her love bombing, so she’s moved back to bother Korey.

No. 1126790

File: 1610206903172.jpeg (737.05 KB, 750x1141, A08FB424-6000-44FC-8F8C-AE0D1C…)

Oh shacking up at your in-laws while Johnny finds you an apt? No more air bnb funds left?

No. 1126848

wasn’t he super AbUsIvE and got her arrested and pulled a gun on her and is a pedo? she’s so fucking stupid and full of shit

No. 1127019


wait… a week or two ago she claimed to be engaged to jay right? how can someone expect people not to notice that she announced an engagement and a week later they’ve cut contact? amanda is possibly my favorite cow because her lack of selfawareness but strangely large following in lieu of her extensive photoshopping is mindboggling. jon might be the biggest emotional cuck to ever exist.

No. 1128534

File: 1610385147751.jpeg (326.9 KB, 750x1860, 76FB36FF-882B-4A5D-BE64-40A8A8…)

I carry three knives at me and my dog at all times, cause I’m a tough bitch who can’t go walked my dog in Johnny’s fancy community without getting annoyed about SOMETHING. Also your dog knows to sit when it sees a cop? Uhhh ok.

No. 1128556

File: 1610386756560.jpeg (214.66 KB, 828x666, E53E6069-E590-4FE1-827A-D75272…)

She’s pretending she’s in Brownsville - which if you’re not familiar, it’s a rougher neighborhood in Brooklyn- though 2 days ago she posted video of her and “her” dog on her in laws fancy deck in the suburbs of Brooklyn

No. 1128567

Was posted and already deleted…..

No. 1128599

What’s the amazing job she is alluding to?

No. 1128622


ah yes they dog expert that doesn't even know about allowing people to hold eye contact with an animal

No. 1128817

No. 1128895

she's "slumming it" at Johnny's parents house in Mill Basin, which is a well to do Jewish neighborhood.

No. 1128922

Is that really her? Hard to imagine she would publicly post that jowly jawline.

No. 1129247


It's her from 13 years ago

No. 1129583

File: 1610479154892.png (61.22 KB, 420x285, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 10.4…)

Someone commented on a post of hers that they did crossfit. You can all be assured that this bad mama is an expert crossfitter and that she had a word vomit post on the ready. I have been following her on IG since before she started crossfit so I went on the hunt for some posts. I'll reply with the evidence she has about 6 months of on and off training lol.

No. 1129593

What an elaborate and unnecessary tale

No. 1129599

File: 1610480287839.png (990.86 KB, 1501x673, crossfittimeline.png)


1 is her very first day and post about crossfit.
2 is her last post about crossfit in 2015
3 is her first day back. She also has a post later where she says it had been 11 months since she did it, which matches with #2 in the timeline.
4 is the very last post she ever shared about crossfit.
she consistently posted her progress and documented every single workout. So I am fairly certain this WAS her last time lol

Crossfit for 3 years KEK

No. 1129623

Also “then-husband”? pretty sure she was claiming Johnny was her “ex-husband” even back in 2015. I love seeing her caught in lies, especially several at once. Thanks anon.

No. 1129674


Can confirm; I was around Schafmayer a lot when they first opened up, she referred to him as her ex even then and claimed they were separated/in the process of divorcing

No. 1129677


Same anon as last reply, forgot to mention that this was 2014. So that lie has been going on since then

No. 1129863

Imagine bragging about deadlifting 125 pounds after a year of uwu balls to the wall tough mama puking everywhere hardcore training. That's probably not even her bodyweight. Not sure if I'm more impressed by her "progress" or the fact that she didn't pick a random impressive looking number.

No. 1129876

'Until i broke my back'…bitch what?

No. 1129930

File: 1610499644765.png (397.68 KB, 800x432, 264AB158-86B8-41B2-8242-A97163…)


Probably got her X-ray from the same place as her mammogram

No. 1130296

File: 1610548239670.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20210113-152927~2.p…)

Reposting more old shite, her fingers are revolting

No. 1130297

File: 1610548363275.jpeg (633.9 KB, 750x1106, FD426EC9-AEDC-443C-9067-64989F…)

again with this fucking photo? there’s no way the dude who work at that tattoo shop in miami aren’t closing her every time she does this kek

No. 1130315

Nothing says "No gods no masters" like a giant Jesus tattoo

No. 1130334

Someone must have the before and after of how she edited this pic to make herself so smol~*

No. 1130349

File: 1610552944935.jpeg (141.94 KB, 703x416, 7C6F1DC9-B586-4602-B1F4-2F410A…)


The photo the tattooer tagged her in on the left versus her BDD-fuelled photoshop effort on the right.

No. 1130382

Did she really get tattooed with her whole nipple out? Don’t artists usually provide pasties or at least tape to cover them up?

No. 1130444


yes, they do if they’re not scummy

No. 1130445


wow two whole years ago. so old. her grey streak really shows how old she is …. wait

No. 1130450

I’ve always wondered how the tattoo artists who have tattooed her feel when she shoops her pics so much that it distorts their work. Like oh there she goes again making me look like I can’t follow body lines and have no idea what proportion is.

No. 1130466

File: 1610562410921.jpeg (400.84 KB, 1125x1403, 466EEC51-BE94-4A75-8433-855FDF…)

Took this screen shot the other day knowing she would delete it and it seems to be gone but is she claiming vaguely to have covid?

No. 1130474

I think you're reaching with her claiming she had covid, she must mean how gyms are closed and people are losing muscle (that she never had)

No. 1130480


> “I stacked books on my head as a teen for fun and walked on stepping stones”

This woman can’t post anything without shoe-horning some weird bragging lie in there wtf

No. 1130483

Yeah maybe reaching but that sentence still doesn’t make sense from that perspective and she claims everything else why not covid

No. 1130510

File: 1610565448767.jpeg (626.69 KB, 750x1439, BA764A70-F2E1-4C6A-97E6-0AE4EC…)


Here’s a video of here, coke sniffles and all at Johns moms house.

No. 1130512

File: 1610565537330.png (3.53 MB, 750x1624, D52935AE-D776-422A-8DA9-A4CA69…)

You’re not stealing food from your air BnB, you’re at your in-laws and they have food for the grandkids aka not their sons 33 year old mooch wife.

No. 1130517

Atrophied muscles? Like do you have bed sores too? Your muscles don’t atrophy because you’re a lazy fuck. She exaggerates literally everything. You have to be bedridden for a long time for that to happen.

No. 1130524

Oh yes. The sniffles, the hormonal sniffles i get due to hormones. The hormonal sniffles.

No. 1130682

File: 1610575283688.jpeg (156.18 KB, 685x735, 143B6C4F-8218-45EF-B9F4-B0CBC2…)

Sure, he was accused of rape but you let this creepy kid (@alonewolf666) not only work for you, but in your apt and on your bed? Cool cool.

No. 1130731

File: 1610577038864.jpeg (69.81 KB, 828x669, 58501D1A-5942-4A79-85E2-77AF14…)

She “cut him out of her personal and business lives completely” - except she still follows him on ig….I guess that’s excluded from her definition of “completely”

No. 1131007

What do the facts that this person had a crush on her/is a predator/an ex employee/was w her on her bed in a deep conversation have to do with an electric blanket catching fire?

Just say "i once had a wired electric blanket that caught fire out of nowhere" and move on. No one asked you to set the scene you dumb overdramatic narcissistic bitch.

No. 1131015


You know how to make a hormone?

Call her out for using facetune and Scamanda will bitch & moan on live about it

No. 1131063

Kekekek. I love this board.

And she just happened to have a mop bucket around??!?

No. 1131170


And why are they throwing water on an electrical fire?

No. 1131320

File: 1610634120447.jpeg (477.46 KB, 750x1164, C5EA215A-9D5D-4CB3-B429-393AC6…)

Here’s a tour of her air BnB in East Flatbush. Looks like a lot of clothes in the closet for one person… noticeably no talking or breathing like a late stage emphysema patient. No mention of heated floors in her video also… strange Johns moms house doesn’t have the same amenities as your halfway house.

No. 1131361

I actually cackled at this part. she is very fuckin weird.

No. 1131491


I made the mistake of wearing headphones while watching this and absolutely hear her huffing like the rotted lungs hambeast she is, even over the loud as fuck traffic sounds. God she's so gross.

No. 1131500

Is she saying she bought weed from an air BnB neighbor.? but didn’t she shit on the downstairs neighbor (which there doesn’t seem like there is one since she showed a empty staircase) for smoking weed and doing nothing to help his wife with the baby. Her stories are so over the top… they will never line up.

No. 1131580

File: 1610656347403.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1829, F527E4F9-FB6A-433E-82DC-3D53AA…)


I saved this too but only for this face

No. 1131582


Same Anon but it reminds me of the poster for The Room

No. 1131888

It's the insufferable pursing of the lips for me.

No. 1131920

File: 1610673820620.jpeg (300.53 KB, 1125x1614, 451F7A1B-5FE0-49F0-AF48-3896E9…)

1. what is a “full sized portrait”? why couldn’t she just say portrait
2. “sweetest binch in the whirl”? i’m gagging. why does she talk like this? does she think it’s cute? because it’s straight up embarrassing.

No. 1131988

It’s the missing jaw bone for me

No. 1131998


This looks like a photo run thru the Toonme app, not a "full size digital portrait" that was done by hand.

No. 1132015

File: 1610680432973.jpeg (193.74 KB, 1080x1080, 2C367686-5C92-429D-9798-0608E1…)


ran the original thru that app real quick - seems like you’re right

No. 1132019

kek i guess 'nic' is what she called herself while downloading the toonme app

No. 1132031

You know, sometimes I look at this board and think, “eh, maybe it’s all a little harsh, maybe she’s not that bad of a person..”
But her making her own Toonme portrait, saying someone else made it of her themself has finally 100% convinced me that she is absolutely awful.

No. 1132048

Tinfoil but based on the other recent vid her land lard sounds could also be due to residual coke nose/breathing.
Also, i want to slap her, really hard for slamming every door she opens.

No. 1132063

Omg y’all may be total right - she deleted any image tagging or mentioning “Nic” the creator in both Facebook pages. So she’s also a regular lurker seems…

No. 1132072

She looks like the big psychedelic autistic woman that died

No. 1132082

I laughed

No. 1132236

File: 1610713118636.jpeg (520.51 KB, 750x1104, B4F4E993-1F91-4520-9726-6EF586…)

Someone made them and posted them on both her pages.

No. 1132243

The craziest shit about this and her in general is that she seems to think that no one else has ever done any of the things she's done. No one has had an MRI, no one knows what cancer treatment entails, no one has made knives, or embroidered, or done CrossFit. And especially, no one knows what Facetune is or recognizes photos that used it.

No. 1132302


Just catching up on this and as a person who's lived in West Oakland for the past 20 years, I can assure you that no one in any real hood would gift 3 mini desserts to some random new tenant. Larping as a hood chick is embarrassing af when you're using verbiage like "Welcome to the hood" to try to get scumbag points.

No. 1132303

Yeah what about that cancer and all that chemo and radiation she was going to need. Seems odd that she pivoted to needing a new apt so bad and doesn’t mention being “sick” anymore. Also coincides with NYC stopping all non-essential hospital visits…. it’s almost like… she doesn’t have cancer?

No. 1132390

Along the same lines, why would they gift an AIRBNB tenant anything? Where i live locals hate airbnb because it's destroying the city by pushing people out of neighborhoods so their homes can be transformed into more profitable high turnover short term rentals for tourists. Another amanda flex that shows how disconnected from reality she is.

No. 1132401

Wonder what happened to this Miami trip mid January- guess it’s postponed like her cancer. Maybe she’s waiting until after she moves in to her parents garage- I mean in laws house - oops I mean new apartment that doesn’t exist

No. 1132452


It looks like the excessive lip pursing is so she can try to create her high fashion pointy chin instead of showing the real shape of her round, bowling ball face.

No. 1132540

File: 1610742821462.jpeg (495.1 KB, 750x861, 82E843D2-4A79-4984-9983-BEB71F…)

Who drove you around and rented that car on vacay since we all know you don’t have your license? Johnny boy? What’s the obsession with mentioning her ripoff @castlebasas tattoo? You wear shoes all winter, how often does everyone see your feet? (She didn’t report her “viral” photo in in this carousel, so I assume that’s coming next)

No. 1132613

File: 1610745742634.jpeg (501.93 KB, 750x869, B17C7BB6-F746-44C7-AF64-A82191…)

Question: why is she tagging her ex Jay in the photo? She called him a scratcher and got one tiny tattoo from him. And not in Miami.

No. 1132884

Probably because he doesn’t follow her so this is the only way he’ll get a notification she posted a picture

No. 1132944

That photo A: looks so shooped. Also I vaguely remember her posting a story of John with his hands all over her, while she was with the moped dude and a break up shortly following.

No. 1133053

I vividly remember this too. at the time it seemed so strange, the hands moved awkwardly.

No. 1133105

File: 1610803274637.jpeg (330.11 KB, 750x2700, 77355C2D-6AA9-4F54-B0C1-040418…)

From her Facebook stories. Maybe since 2 years has passed of her claiming to go to Miami every two months, she’ll actually get John to pay for a trip to Miami this year.

No. 1133154

File: 1610810149464.jpeg (301.94 KB, 827x1430, 815ACE60-CBBA-4F08-B51A-930A7D…)

It’s actually been three years since she was there- she just keeps posting the same pictures to make it seem like she’s there more frequently

No. 1133172

File: 1610812143057.png (421.17 KB, 1125x2001, 9A61B324-F540-4CD4-92DB-602385…)

Well, if that doesn’t say it all.

No. 1133174

She reposts so often, I lost count many years it had been

No. 1133228

He hasn’t liked any of her photos she’s tagged him in on FB and IG, neither has the tattoo shop or the other artist. She’s such a loser.

No. 1133240

Well he probably realized how crazy she is and if not it’s probably because he knows what’s best for him. She’s banned from the shop because his wife put her foot down because of all her nonsense and trying to fuck her husband.

No. 1133256

John Reardon and John Vale are two different tattoo artists. She is banned from John Reardon’s shop by John’s wife because Amanda was inappropriate with him. John Vale works in shop in Miami and probably doesn’t fuck with here, well for many reasons I can imagine. Seems like the only people she can keep following her are just along for the train wreck.

No. 1133258

Fuck with her* - sorry auto correct.

No. 1133265

Ah got it, can’t keep track of all the Johns whose life she tries to ruin. Thanks for clarifying and sorry about the error

No. 1133270

Amen to that.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1133288


You know she's only trying to fuck tattooers because she thinks she'll get the homie price for work, when she's really just made fun by every tattooer she encounters as a poser try-hard that's annoying. Bitch doesn't understand you get the homie hookup by being a homie, not by being a thirsty ho that turns down an offer of tape over her nipple because she wants male attention so badly.

No. 1133350

But she has soo much money though!!! Lol

No. 1133982

a friend of mine tattooed her inner thigh and said she was “moaning orgasmically” the whole time and made the whole session really awkward for him. any respected artist would see right thru her bullshit

No. 1134021

This doesn’t surprise me in the least and is absolutely fucking hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

No. 1134227

I'd ban her from the shop just for that alone. Hope your friend is coping since the worst hour of his life.

No. 1134406

That's so random and cringe. Now considering how covered she is i have so many questions. Does she do that shit every time? Does anyone ever tell her to knock it off with the dramatics? Every time i think she reached peak try-hard something else comes up, how is she even a real person.

No. 1134471

File: 1610929151770.jpeg (862.05 KB, 750x4252, 71ABDDDD-341E-4109-8EB9-85CB60…)

I mean she rarely gets tattooed if she’s not being provocative. she gets tattoos on her thigh so she can keep her legs spread the whole time at the artist. Her last post about getting tattooed at her shop and didn’t have underwear on, barf.

No. 1134576


Lol, the discomfort/fear in that man’s eyes

No. 1134846

Pretty sure this is sexual assault

No. 1134933


sage but no self respecting tattooer would’ve put up with her not wearing underwear like that. also, imagine the smell…between that and her nasty ass fingers ughhhhh

No. 1135301

Was she is shorts or a skirt? Can’t really tell. Either way so gross.

No. 1135404

File: 1611023799290.jpeg (288.29 KB, 750x1430, FE4B4BB0-7E67-4133-97FE-707F65…)

You’re a huffing, puffing hambeast. Not a thin little waif. No one buys it. The lack of a new photo from her in more than 2 years that hasn’t been heavily edited is just proof she can’t accept how she looks.

No. 1135523

Her tights specifically cut to accommodate the tattoo are sending me kek. Wonder if she still wears them for nostalgia.

No. 1135598

She’s going to use this to justify her next shoop release of her looking half the size

No. 1135663


A lot of respectable tattooers see nudity constantly and see their clients' bodies more as canvas and less as a sexual object of desires. .. if they're respectable artists. Most artists will later talk to their friends and other artists about uncomfortable or thirsty clients, but will just do the tattoo and avert their eyes and be respectful. Amanda was just trying to come on to this dude and judging from his body language, he was trying to stay clear tf away from her nasty vag.

She knew the tattooer was coming to HER shop that day because SHE arranged it. So she planned her no underwear on purpose. Her desperation to try to be trendy and hip and sexy at all costs is painfully embarrassing to witness as a female.

No. 1135671


We always point this out but just to reiterate, why tf is she always giving us these stupid long-winded, tmi stories regarding shit no one even asked about?!!

No one cares how many days you claim you went without stuffing your fat face. This is just as believable as Luna Slater saying she's starving and hasn't eaten in days, yet still looks like a snaggle-toothed walrus.

"Seedy crackers"? We needed to know you bought SEEDED crackers?!

Honestly, Amanda is in the running with Ariana for Most Annoying Cow in my book. We know you're a disgustingly filthy scumbag that hates yourself, yet you claim you're so talented and successful. We can see right thru these fake pieces of human trash, yet they seem to be oblivious or in denial to the reality of their situations and shitty lives.

No. 1135672


I can totally imagine how stressful her life must be as an unemployed fatty smoker whose "ex-husband" aka ex bf and his rich family fully support her lifestyle and packs of cigarettes. That sounds sooo stressful that I can totally see why she'd forget to eat for 3 or 4 days and then finally make the tiresome trek to the corner liquor store for seedy crackers and pasta. I really applaud her resilience to the hardships of her AirBnB lifestyle and living at home with her parents. Someone get this adult woman a medal!

No. 1135673


I like how she even pointed out that she didn't eat for "only 3 or 4 days". Only. Like her fat ass frequently goes longer without eating, but don't worry guys, this time was ONLY 3 or 4 days!

No. 1137227

This one actually just killed me. “Only” 3 or 4 days! She FORGOT TO EAT for days at a time. Why? Is she busy not working and not doing anything? 99% sure she’s ordering dominos on her ex husbands credit card and chain smoking cigarettes on whatever air bnb stoop he’s renting for her desperately trying to make eye contact with people walking by.

I love this. I can’t get over this. Forgot to eat. Because..she’s busy? Stressed out about having..too much free time and nobody to see? Wtf is she doing if she’s not just eating all day long

No. 1137254

I still think of this frequently when I pass this thread. I can’t get this caption out of my head, actually. I’m obsessed with her pretending to have such pro beauty advice when the truth is that she’s a bloated, ugly hag that looks like she’s missing a chromosome. This American Psycho ass diatribe to try to explain away why the photo looks ridiculous.

No. 1137300

Such a serious beauty influencer, buying other peoples old used makeup on resale sites during a pandemic while begging for money and chain smoking into oblivion which I hear is great for your hair and skin

No. 1137321

File: 1611181965911.png (513.71 KB, 1138x807, Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 5.28…)

I know it's old but she updated her old Etsy (before she had her store) in Nov 2020 to say they'll "be back"

This was never her "schafmayer" Etsy. Who are these "loyal customers" for her cottage core, cross stitch, faux punk aesthetic?


No. 1137386

If she’s not eating it’s probably because she’s on coke again

No. 1137467

I love that she can't even pop adderall like normal addict

No. 1137614


but anon snorting 75% baby lax up her baby nostrils is way more biker chiq.

No. 1137865


Because addicts don't pop shit, they snort or shoot. And Adderall is nowhere near the feeling you get on coke, so if she likes coke, she's not gonna want Adderall.

She could be doing coke, but I honestly think she isn't because she'd post her sooo thin body for all to see in hopes she'll get concerned messages. I think she's just lying about the not eating for ONLY 3 or 4 days because she's still a lumbering fat ass that wants the same concerned messages as if she was emaciated.

No. 1137870

File: 1611232346747.png (3.29 MB, 828x1792, 13E55857-539B-4620-B6E0-F9BC52…)

She posted this and took it down right away on Monday
This is what she’s on daily….

No. 1137885

Lithium? I don’t believe her for a second.

No. 1137890

I don’t believe for a second that any one with a medical degree wouldn’t be aware of or inform her that such common prescriptions and foods were contraindicated for her medication program if this was at all real. If there is any ounce of truth In this it’s more likely that whatever prescriptions she’s taking have a negative interaction with the cigarettes, nasty food, and illegal drugs she shoves in her bovine body

No. 1137892

Whoever filled that prescription would have told her of the side effects - prob getting more illegal shit from her husband

No. 1137925

>literally need coffee to stay sober
She’s such a fucking weakling. You literally - in the literal sense - don’t.

No. 1138003

File: 1611243568157.jpg (335.45 KB, 1015x1415, hambeast.jpg)

Hambeast has high blood pressure at 33 and drinks that much coffee and smokes Red's? Good job…

"Avoid excessive intake of caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, since these may decrease levels of lithium and decrease effectiveness of the medication. Discontinuing caffeine use may increase lithium levels. Consult your healthcare provider before reducing or stopping caffeine use."

a Doctor would have told her this…

I love that a last year she ADORED her shrink when she thought she was going to get experimental Ketamine doses (Spravato)… for her (get this) medication resistant PTSD, never brought it up after that. Guess its not the best place in the world now?

No. 1138018

File: 1611243965336.png (29.67 KB, 569x137, Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 10.4…)