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File: 1526595072305.png (4.66 MB, 4000x3073, itsbabydash.png)

No. 519998

New thread: HERE

The old thread is almost full, so I'm taking this opportunity to start the next installment off with an announcement.

I'd like to address the complaints regarding the infighting and nitpicking in the past threads. While investigating some of the most active posters in order to combat their evasion of priorly issued bans, we stumbled upon one particularly committed poster who turned out to be none less than Dasha herself. We are certain that it's her for multiple reasons. Without going too deeply into the technical details of tying these posts to her, all of the following conditions applied to all of the many different IPs found to be her:

- her correct geolocation
- using three different iPhones (Dasha is known to have two, Cyr has another) and the browsers shown in her vlogs
- little typing quirks that lined up with tweets and other messages posted on her social media
- English language mistakes that are typical for native German speakers
- an intense vendetta against Mina while praising Dasha, posting a lot of 'inside' knowledge without providing proof, but as if she were personally involved
- active posting times correlated with her twitter activity

We have marked all of Dasha's known posts with the little drawing shown on the left. Much thanks to the staff member who came up with it!

You can read the entirety of Dasha's known post history here. The deleted file you'll find a placeholder for was an attempt of Dasha's to post a photo of Mina's passport to lolcow.

Please note: We are also aware of a different user who has been banned multiple times. They have been accused of being Dasha by other users, but despite a similar location, this user is NOT the same user we have concluded to be Dasha. Aside from the stark difference in post content, there is enough evidence including technical data for us to be absolutely certain that they are two different users. If you want to read more about our methods, please refer to https://lolcow.farm/kiki. We have been observing this thread for a long time and made sure to be absolutely certain before outing her. User outings are taken very seriously and are only executed in cases of severe rule violations.

No. 520002

File: 1526595855214.gif (1.87 MB, 480x270, bahahaha.gif)

Putin is fucking insane holy shit, Ooo bitch you outed now you nutbar.

No. 520003

File: 1526596107718.png (53.13 KB, 291x187, butminaa.png)

tfw you argued with Dasha but thought it was just a rabid fan/Mina hating sperg

No. 520009

>Cyr wasn't dating Taylor Allard!!! They only went on one date
>So when Cyr was dating Taylor Allard…

No. 520013

Holy shit Dasha is insanely obsessed with Mina jesus fuck.

No. 520025

File: 1526597648624.png (4.92 KB, 660x73, lul.png)

This is my new favorite thing ever! Thank you so much admins.

No. 520029

File: 1526597854132.jpeg (143.61 KB, 750x845, 1149D5BA-6160-43B3-9F09-0BF714…)

Holy mother of milk!!!! I fucking knew something was fishy! She’s sperging out on IG stories right now, being a complete hypocrite.

No. 520030

File: 1526597861912.gif (2.98 MB, 500x368, 8E1ZpwL.gif)

>I just watched Minas love stream and I seriously hate her. she talks like a retard child. “uwu I look so littol with my bangs i wish papi Edwin was here” I’m gonna throw up

No. 520032

Take pics, record, SHOW THE SPERG! lmao I wanna see her shit.

No. 520036

File: 1526598126816.jpeg (666.79 KB, 2078x2078, C22CA4DB-12E8-4F52-8BF8-0105CB…)

No. 520037

File: 1526598151016.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, A92107D3-A576-45A7-BB49-A74FCA…)

No. 520038

Peep that grammar, the German-style apostrophes, and compare with that post history… LMAO Dasha. You done goofed.

No. 520039

File: 1526598173512.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 0B28393A-6483-41B8-8897-89C8A7…)

No. 520042

She says while she shames the shit out of mina for a straight month like the crazy lunatic she is. Girl you canceled.

No. 520046

>have you ever thought about the fact that the individuals you send hate to, are people like you and me?
>do you have any idea what your very personal opinion does to us? it's cruel. it's fucked up.
>be naturally skinny without being anorexic
Oh, the irony that she posted all this RIGHT before she was outed!

No. 520047

Nobody forced you to post either Putin, Yet here we are.

No. 520051

Hentaii guy also admitted to lurking and posting here about an hour ago, under the itsbabytrash tumblr post.

No. 520054

We are very aware of this user's posts. They have been banned multiple times.

No. 520055

File: 1526598832127.jpg (156.67 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_inline_p8w552L1FL1rgewf…)

In case she tries to play the Hitler salute off

No. 520058

File: 1526599162122.png (284.1 KB, 439x684, dashatwitter.png)

No. 520060

File: 1526599259472.png (62.71 KB, 615x340, dashatwitter2.png)

No. 520061

File: 1526599282101.jpeg (140.48 KB, 750x634, ECC6A817-54EE-4514-A9CD-F4B98E…)

Someone go get the worlds smallest violin kek

No. 520072

File: 1526601057603.jpg (45.65 KB, 640x426, 11809840_887963921273925_15765…)

I found an old photoshoot with her and the ex bf she called 'the love of her life' even when she was already with Cyr (on her old ask.fm)

No. 520073

File: 1526601068627.jpg (50.02 KB, 640x640, 11910393_1625605784380809_1503…)

No. 520088

File: 1526603493661.png (235.35 KB, 600x600, 4a971023f31039f32499ee25618bcd…)

Don't you wish you'd stayed a basic Model-Kartei bitch now, Julia Stadler / Julia J'Zargo / Dasha Anou / Julia Blinow … as many names as you got faces, huh

No. 520089

File: 1526603639996.jpg (31.64 KB, 600x337, 55c03591ed7c24811f69ec1ba37e37…)

She tried so hard and got so far…

No. 520090

I'm fucking dead these comments are fucking golden. And the fucking fact that these past 2 weeks or more it's been dasha shitting on mina alone !!!

No. 520099

File: 1526604007926.jpg (1.2 MB, 1440x2045, Screenshot_20180517-173912.jpg)

She is treading kota levels of shooping.

No. 520102

she doesn't look the same in any of her photos…

No. 520103

This is so much more jarring if you have >>520088 for comparison

No. 520104

File: 1526604287574.png (427.57 KB, 590x593, ig.png)

Posted 2 hours ago

>people on the internet suck


No. 520107

Did you guys catch her live stream a couple of minutes ago?

No. 520110

Peep jaclyn in the comments
>jaclynglenn This comes as a total shock to me

Naw did anyone capture it?

No. 520111

File: 1526604422623.png (59.12 KB, 306x365, text.png)

I never noticed how weird her grammar and syntax are, but after reading her post history I can't unsee it

No. 520114

File: 1526604562292.gif (1.43 MB, 301x250, 44E719B4-11D5-4CC2-A76C-CFBDAF…)

I fucking knew it. This is hilarious. I cannot get enough of the batshit insanity.

No. 520115

Bitch you mad you got outed for the crazy that you are?

No. 520118

I recorded it, there wasn’t really anything interesting tho. She seemed pretty upset, but wouldn’t really go into anything drama related. Just kept repeating that people on the internet suck.

No. 520119

Care to post it anyway?

You can turn it into a .webm to upload here https://y2mate.com/

No. 520120

Aw c'mon anon upload it anyway I wanna see this lol

No. 520121

One thing. I was commenting while recording, would I get banned? I was using a fake throw away account.

No. 520122

You're fine as long as you didn't comment links to lolcow or anything of that sort.

No. 520123

Ok, one second

No. 520147

Oh YES! The milk is so milky today! Keep producing Dasha!

No. 520148

I just don't even understand why she shoops herself so much. She is not naturally ugly or anything and do people like her really think that people cannot tell that they have airbrushed the fuck out of themselves?

No. 520149

Yea, people on the internet suck because her careless retarded ass got caught posting on here praising herself and obsessively shitting on Mina. Get off the internet if you can't handle the consequences of your actions.

No. 520151

And how great are the admin anons for outing her? Props to y’all for being able to track the samefagging/self-posting.

No. 520152

I fucking love admin! Thanks for outing the cum guzzling cunt cow :) You know what is hilarious though… she basically confirmed that she prostituted herself for money hahaha. In trying to attack Mina, she said multiple times that she was coming along with Dasha to suck old man cock or whatever. I don't think Mina went, but you can definitely tell that Dasha did hahaha

No. 520153

All her posts are pure projection. I love seeing a cow comeuppance how glorious!

No. 520157

File: 1526609411273.png (24.72 KB, 1215x77, crazy.png)

What a psycho, holy shit. She just had to make Mina and Edwin feel paranoid about their fans.

No. 520158

File: 1526609598075.png (25.8 KB, 1709x186, ew.PNG)

I'm living that Dasha confirmed she is a racist by posting here. Why you got beef on Edwin for being mexican? trumpsha.

No. 520177

Not to mention the self-posting and samefagging in extremis ostensibly discredits her allegations of Mina’s FAKE ACCOUNTS!!1!!!!!11!!! Our collective cup overfloweth with glorious milk. Bless you, admin anons!

No. 520184

YES holy shit that's what I was thinking. How can she sperg over Mina's "fake accounts" when she's been shitposting all over her thread about Mina?!

No. 520187

Wow…all I can say is wow.

I wasn't the spergy dasha white knight as I criticised both Mina and Dasha but I did think that Dasha was doing better socially. Now I take back everything I said, including the fact I like her gala costume.

She is not original at all, and by the looks of her posts, extremely mentally ill. I don't doubt for a second she still prostitutes,and while sex workers are free to do what they want, Dasha is a cunt for saying Mina cheats ect, when she cheats on Cyr to go escorting.

So much projection. What a crazy bitch.

No. 520192

I dunno about you lot but I cannot fucking wait to see Edwin’s response to this. I don’t think Mina is the kind of person to be an overtly smug asshole about it but Edwin has been bringing up Julia’s fuckery in his most recent videos. I would put money on him putting out a self-satisfied “I TOLD YOU SHE WAS A PSYCHO SKINWALKER, HERE IS YOUR PROOF!” video about this whole shitshow.

No. 520195

She did say she was intending to make cyr suicidal to break him at one point.

I think it's been known for a while that the girl is very mentally ill. She needs help.

No. 520196

She just gave Edwin fuel for his channel for the rest of the year. He and Mina finally don't have to grasp at straws to prove she's obsessed.

No. 520210

File: 1526619555820.png (77.06 KB, 1024x414, nOtLuRkInG.png)

Holy fuck, this is so embarrassing. And here I thought the milk had dried up already.

No. 520211

>so we’re sluthshaming now? that’s nit picking. the way she dresses or not dresses isn’t any of your concern
>yes and we nitpick on all the cows. fact is her boots are ugly and can share my opinion on that
This is great.

No. 520225


I’m hollering. There has to be some epochal social media spergout in the works.

No. 520226

File: 1526622444862.gif (806.47 KB, 240x180, 1506928691384.gif)

Just waiting for more faux positivity posts and utter denial that she ever posted.

No. 520227

File: 1526622664480.jpg (194.05 KB, 1062x671, C24TzYL.jpg)

You know I would usually think the hitler salute type shit is edgy but considering she shills for doe deere and limecrime AND this post… it's all starting to fit. Trasha is closeted racist lol

No. 520228

File: 1526623521590.gif (2.31 MB, 236x208, E891F5E6-B806-4082-8A55-009AE1…)



Ty for blessing us w this glorious milk admins

No. 520229

wow, now I feel like an idiot for suggesting the thread be moved to /snow/ because of nitpicking!

I can't believe no one learned from Keekgate.

No. 520231

File: 1526623898268.jpeg (136.91 KB, 750x1334, 2190A9FC-E6D4-4608-B05C-ED3228…)

it’s ok Dasha, I’d be mad too kek

No. 520232

File: 1526624225352.jpg (18.4 KB, 500x368, whitepeople.jpg)

Bonkers. I read through the other 2 threads last week to try and understand the drama but between the wigs, photoshop, absurd fashion, and dumb twitter/insta handles I couldn't make heads or tails of which girl was which in pictures/screenshots.

Can anyone give a summary of how the bad blood started in the first place? I still don't quite understand the whole Edwin history

No. 520233

File: 1526624296436.gif (601.74 KB, 200x200, 024AD7EF-0BFA-49BF-BDAB-82663F…)

No. 520235

No spoonfeeding, newfag. Lurk moar.

No. 520236

File: 1526624648435.jpg (65.62 KB, 422x750, tumblr_inline_p8wl0r2MLL1uhu78…)

Dasha's now going off on Tumblr and posting more 'unreleased' screenshots but it's totally not her!!

No. 520237

>I have a lot of confidential shit me and D keep between each other because she doesn’t wanna start anything. But ya’ll wanna label her the most. Idgaf anymore, if D gets upset with me ot blocks me oh well. I’m screen capping out conversations, and all the shit she send me. I DONT DEFEND HER BECAUSE SHES PRETTY AND ALL THAT SHIT. I defend her because of what I seen, the one sidedness. Edwin never admits to his wrongs. That’s bs. Edwin shamed her for her, saying she got lip injections, guess what, I have screenshots of Minas private account where she admits she got cheek injections. He shamed her for that sugar daddy site she was on, but Minas also a sugar baby but there’s screen caps of that too. Girl I got it all, the only reason she didn’t reveal it is because she didn’t wanna stoop to edwins level, talking shit about her taking xanex and framing her for shit. She didn’t wanna shame mina for being an sb, or getting injections, because that’s what Edwin did, he said “fuck that fake shit” but his own gf did all that he talked down about. Stay tuned hoe.



No. 520238

lol i was catching up on these threads earlier and thought how boring and unmilky this shit was with people just arguing with each other about if mina/dasha are better. Hilarious that it was dasha. Keep being crazy girl.

Any chance mina and edwin post in here (besides when he outted himself)? I'd love if these threads were just 90% them arguing with each other.

No. 520239

File: 1526624891926.jpg (65.86 KB, 422x750, tumblr_inline_p8wl0rkNKp1uhu78…)

Now she's framing Mina in a Melanie Martinez-esque situation

No. 520240

We did of course make sure not to unfairly out only one party. We're aware of Edwin's (admittedly very short) post history and to the best of our knowledge, neither Edwin nor Mina have violated our rules.

No. 520241

I'm in a goodmood so here is the gist.
>mina was cyrs ex gf
>cyr cheated on mina with dasha (he is a serial cheater)
>dasha and mina had bad blood for a bit
>dasha got cozy on twitter
>befriend mina
>tell her cyr was an ass to her and forces cyr to apologize on cam to mina
>pressures mina to come to LA because cyr owes her
>mina flies to LA and hangs with edwin mina and dasha
>after billiegate something strange happens
>edwin posts a vlog of him and mina leaving the apartment
>apparently edwin was kicked out
>poly shit with dasha cyr and mina revealed
basically dasha is insane

No. 520243

>has a boyfriend yet uses tinder
>calls mina creepy for inviting her over after matching
>accuses mina of trying to date rape her
>claims mina will cross boundaries just because she likes kissing girls

I am confusion. Even if this were a real story (highly unlikely) none of it makes a shred of sense. I don't see how this excuses Dasha's rampant post history, nor do I see the point to these caps at all.

No. 520244

File: 1526625518273.gif (71.42 KB, 220x117, 13B674B5-D802-4399-91C3-F8DBE0…)

>what I seen

No. 520246

There are literally 7 threads about these people, most of which are maxed out with just people arguing over 2 identical white girls
what's ur damage


bless u anon, that's all I wanted

No. 520247


No. 520248

File: 1526625772908.jpg (118.19 KB, 1235x355, mBDpmIW.jpg)

She basically admitted herself Cyr cheated kek

No. 520249

Lmfao, Dasha and her stupid whiteknight brigade never make sense. They love making mountains out of molehills in an attempt to paint Mina as being just as bad/worse than Dasha.

No. 520250

File: 1526626172941.jpeg (107.83 KB, 576x1024, image.jpeg)

>>520236 it's Hentaiiguy look on Twitter. Why don't you post the whole thing
There's more

No. 520252

File: 1526626211216.jpeg (116.94 KB, 576x1024, image.jpeg)

No. 520253

Definitely him, didn't Farmhand namedrop him when he was permabanned like 3 times in a row? So now he's posting on Tumblr instead kek

No. 520254

File: 1526626280768.jpeg (107.4 KB, 576x1024, image.jpeg)

No. 520256

there's a reason twitter verification exists, god damn dasha minions have weak ass proof
I'm more inclined to believe dasha was also behind all those creepy mina and cyr fan accounts considering the 3 phones she has plus the fact she's been posting here on a kaka high

No. 520257

and why would mina make an account called "mina bell priv" if it's supposed to be actually private kek

this is pure autism at its finest

No. 520260

File: 1526626736036.jpeg (7.29 KB, 225x225, f522fe9a454f0bb8d08bd917057265…)

so putin's post history is outted as obsessively hateposting about mina and wk'ing herself BUT mina got fillers so she must be the BIG BAD in all this. jfc. these people really don't have any excuses besides "but mina".

No. 520261

>Damn Dasha is kind of a psycho stalker
>buT MINA HAS CHEEK FILLERS???????????????

No. 520262

Mina's an sb so that means sugar baby there's other screen caps posted there other than these(ban evading again)

No. 520263

we don't even know if it's true considering the caps come from a banned dasha minion/sperg. Let's also consider how badly planted that account is lmao.

No. 520264

File: 1526627473127.jpeg (213.93 KB, 750x1048, 98A25F21-8FC6-4B77-BD17-B3C75E…)

>dAsHa wiLL GeT soOo MaD aT Me
Hahaha, suuuuure. I’ll bet my whole life savings that Putin and Hentaii guy have been scrambling to find any way they can take the heat off of Dasha the past few hours and this is the best they could come up with.

No. 520265

yeah obviously don't believe these caps at face value, but even if the story was true idgaf about fillers and sb work. dasha's sperging is a much bigger deal.

No. 520268

File: 1526628420902.jpg (117.6 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Thank you so much admin

No. 520272

File: 1526629876811.jpeg (23.81 KB, 428x343, E40C267C-425B-4F31-8628-97ED1B…)


What’s that? I can’t hear you.

No. 520287

This is actually insane. Here she was preaching about how she's above it all and doesn't even think about Edwin or Mina anymore and meanwhile she was one of the most active posters. I can't wait for Edwin to come out with a video on this. Tbh he's a little rat and untrustworthy but his drama videos bring the milk.

No. 520301

File: 1526636497478.jpeg (211.88 KB, 750x641, B83D03AC-3F98-4E67-B1AE-87C7AD…)

Fucking kek, the samefagging and replying to herself. My sides are in orbit.

No. 520305

What's so great about all this is that Dasha would've gotten away with it easily. She has a much much bigger social reach than Edwin and Mina combined and has Cyr to back her up. If she'd played it cool and focused on being a victim and ~healing~, she would've come out on top.

But no, she had to indulge in Mina Memes, liking shady posts, tweeting her own, rubbing it in until nobody wanted to hear about it anymore because her smug and self-satisfied attitude showed everyone that she was happy things had turned out this way. She has been living for Mina's ~downfall~ and yet the only one whose bullshittery will be remembered is hers.

No. 520313

File: 1526640654328.jpeg (442.08 KB, 2048x2048, 6B5AC761-BF16-456A-A5DA-059357…)

No. 520314

File: 1526640668695.jpeg (458.15 KB, 2048x2048, 01E42E17-2EFC-482F-B290-F8ECE6…)

No. 520316

File: 1526640838881.jpeg (252.45 KB, 1640x741, 3A909994-C0FA-43D0-AA4A-27B36C…)

Fuck yeah, grease daddy
Take this shit to people’s court
Judge Judy that bitch
Maury that bitch
I want to see all 4 of you skelators throw it down Jerry Springer style


No. 520319


Dios mio, Papi Edwin isn’t holding back. No subtle shade or subtweeting, he is dragging her FOR FILTH.

No. 520321

File: 1526642172323.png (1.82 MB, 1024x768, 0BAA4253-0F54-4C99-8951-9CEDBE…)

No. 520322


Serious question: if she is illegal, how the fuck has she avoided being deported? I’m not American so I have no clue about the law pertaining to all that business. She’s not exactly keeping a low profile, what with MUH LIME CRIME &c.

No. 520323

She’s white anon, lol. If us beaners can go years without being deported, Dasha can go by completely undetected. No one looks at her twice.

No. 520324

That's what I want to know? I am not American, but I live here and cannot legally work at the moment because I'm waiting on work authorization and I am a fucking nurse! Like how the fuck does some instahoe get a visa for working?????

No. 520325

>English language mistakes that are typical for native German speakers
I know that's super OT, but can you name a few/give some examples? (I want to know what to avoid…)

No. 520326

I wasn’t trying to be mean, sorry if it came off that way! As for the rest of your questions, I don’t know. ):

Dasha should really be deported, she doesn’t deserve to be here. There are way more deserving people.

No. 520328

>>520326 No problem, I wasn't upset or insulted or anything. I just legit want to know how she can live and work in the USA when it is so hard for people who actually deserve it! I kinda want to report her to immigration :3

No. 520330

File: 1526643408552.gif (560.92 KB, 500x284, 52DA4766-3417-4D49-825B-E66A72…)

I think the anon who claims to see her around the DTLA area should do the honours

No. 520331


No. 520332

I know it’s been brought up before, but I’d have thought Lime Crime would require papers to employ her. But then it’s no secret that they’re shady as fuck, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Carry on, anons.

No. 520336

Please do be aware that we don't condone announcing plans to fuck with a cow's life.

No. 520337

She doesn't have one, anon. That's why she does 'alternative' types of jobs like sucking dick or instagram modelling.

No. 520338

I don't want to reveal too much, but here are the two things that initially tipped me off:

- I suspect she uses a German phone/keyboard on at least one device, as she has the habit of using ’ rather than '
>example: don’t vs don't

- starting off sentences with 'and?' (from German 'Na und?' -> 'So what?', shortened to 'Und?' in German slang) rather than 'so?'

No. 520350

It's okay. I would never report her to the authorities or anything.

No. 520364

They're probably not really paying her and instead give her make up as a "payment"

No. 520386

I was just about to stop lurking this thread and then this happens. I was so close to being a fan of Dasha before this. Now I’m glad I stuck around. That girl has gone full psycho and can probably be considered dangerous.
Is it considered cow tipping to offer advice for a restraining order? Just out of curiosity.

No. 520397

A transatlantic restraining order would be stupidly difficult, expensive and time consuming if you mean to advise Mina. Mostly we just watch, point and laugh here.

>I was so close to being a fan of Dasha before this.

Yeah, she was always a pioneer in the field of shut-in Instagram models wasn't she.

No. 520415

I still find Edwin annoying with how he has to act like mina's white knight and she can't speak for herself. I laughed at "i'm going to make a video". Of course you are.

Even though dasha is crazy, nothing she does is really going to do anything to mina. It just makes her own self look bad. In the end this is still just twitter drama with instahoes and it's not that serious.

I still don't understand how these people are holding onto drama from years ago. Isn't Edwin like 30 and his life mission has become to protect his insta-thot from another psycho insta-thot by making strongly worded videos?

No. 520427

Agreed. This thread has made me dislike Dasha even more, but Edwin is so immature and insufferable. I do wanna see his video for milk's sake but his whiteknighting is insufferable. Mina is a dumbass that got caught amongst it all.

No. 520433

Damn, the staff was right it was well worth the frustration of all of the infighting.

Dasha, please get a life. Seriously. You only went quiet on social media cause you were acting looney here. There is more to the world than Mina, you obsessive psycho.

Yeah Dasha's psycho behavior here gave Edwin milk for his dying channel.

You're still a cringy cuck Edwin and just as terrible, whiny and dramatic as Dasha. Let Mina stand on her own two adult feet and stop acting like her bobble-headed father. You need to get a life and a job.

No. 520449

Maybe fan was the wrong word. I like some of her wigs and when she seemed quiter about everything I thought she was being more responsible. Should have known she was just stirring shit in the shadows.
If Mina was planning to try and return to the states and continue modeling maybe issuing a cease and desist would be wise? That is if the restraining order is out of the question.
Would sage if I could.

No. 520513

3 year visa!? How she's has no real job aside from being an Insta "model" which doesn't pay much if anything, and prostituing which is illegal. She not married to Cyr and she has no family here. What kind of visa can she get?

No. 520515

Im sure youre fine and they wont ban you for those mistakes, its probably a combination of all the evidence that it was her (3 phones, same replication, active goes, e.t.c.) Those are all things that prove it's her, if you aren't Putin, you have nothing to worry about.

No. 520519

Same, I was also sick of the bad grammar of what we now know are Dashas posts, the Sasha whiteknighting and the constant fighting (Dasha again).

Bless admin-sama for their superior sleuth skills and for the glorious milk!

No. 520531

It is really interesting looking back on the Dasha posts. I realise now that a lot of the time I was arguing with Dasha. I guess I called it when I said that her FB was deleted as soon as someone posted it here because she was lurking hahaha
I also noticed that the person who I was arguing with RE the wimbleton tag locations proving that Mina owned the fake accounts, was actually Dasha all along :'D

No. 520535

He's not going to say what she did this time?

No. 520559

She basically buried her own grave. I think if she went on the right route we'd all still think she was innocent and bright

No. 520560

Kek, not everyone. Some of us saw completely through her bullshit, but yeah, this whole mess is her own fault. She only has herself to blame and also her minions, because as much as they tried to change the narrative for her, they only made everything worse. This is why you don’t choose stupid little tweens to be your brigade of whiteknights.

No. 520562

File: 1526681457810.jpg (74.93 KB, 873x218, r8nOXeh.jpg)

Because La is a sanctuary city meaning they don't respect federal immigration laws.

Also the irony is that she tried to imply Edwin is illegal because he's mexican and there is also various posts of her trying to convince us that she isn't illegal kek

No. 520564

Charlie and hentaifag are great representations of what the average dasha stan is like

No. 520573

File: 1526682301292.jpeg (58.03 KB, 750x271, 2D80B88A-1DCD-4FD0-8122-17B3D7…)

Uh oh, if nothing in the past 24 hours has set Dasha off, this simple retweet of Mina’s will probably do the job LOL

No. 520574

File: 1526682347195.png (55.23 KB, 630x477, psycho.png)

>The deleted file you'll find a placeholder for was an attempt of Dasha's to post a photo of Mina's passport to lolcow.

Is it this one? What a cunt

No. 520576

Is there any evidence that Dasha posted in the threads previous to the last one?

No. 520577

>Edwin is MEXICAN don't forget MEXICO
>Mina's name is FOREIGN

Bitch you live in LA, what's 'foreign' to you?
Bitch you're an illegal.
Bitch you weren't joking with your racism.

No. 520588

I wondering the same thing. Admin only posted from the last thread, so I am wondering about older threads. I bet she has been commenting this whole time!

No. 520592

It's pretty obvious she was posting frequently at a certain point. Go back several threads and you can see where the
starts and how she polices the topic for most of the day.
It would probably take too much time to mark all that old shit.

No. 520597

I would kill to know Cyr’s honest and wholehearted opinion about Dasha’s stupid minions lol

No. 520605

Yep, when I saw the passport picture I thought “well this is against the rules at best and illegal at worst”. More importantly, what kind of creep goes through someone’s personal belongings and takes photos of them? What a psychopath.

No. 520608

Hahaha, but guise Dasha didn’t bring Mina over to fuck with her!!! Mina befriended Dasha and Cyr to get to idubbbz!!!11

Sneakily taking a photo of Mina’s passport was an attempt to stop Jasmina’s evil plan to be E-famous!!!11

No. 520621

>3 following

what a super legit effort that does not look like a fake account at all

No. 520624

Right? If you’re going to make FAKE ACCOUNTS!!!!1!111!!! at least make them seem plausible.

No. 520632

The Twitter account could be real, one of Edwin and Mina's friends follows it and it tweeted at her. (@x_xniamh) But still I don't see the big deal. So what if Mina has fillers and was a sugar baby, that applies to every second instahoe.
If anything, this makes Dasha look even worse for sending people screencaps of Mina talking about being sexually assaulted on a private account only 3 people have access to.

Just when you thought Dasha couldn't go lower. And to think her whiteknights believe they're doing her a favor…

No. 520635

I mean, what was the actual motive for that? Is Dasha actually racist?

No. 520638

Are you kidding? No, she was pretending to be racist while posting anon.

??? Of course she is.

No. 520650

What’s the deal with mina and idubbz? I’m working my way through the past threads but i can’t find this info

No. 520651

Putin accused Mina of using Cyr to get to Idubbz. Seems like bullshit to me.

No. 520687

I always thought so too, I mean, Cyr and Ian aren't really friends, besides that she clearly has a thing for the artsy, emo guys which Ian is not.

Also why would she be Poly with Cyr and Putin if she was pining for Ian? Seems sketch.

No. 520690

File: 1526699787817.png (21.78 KB, 271x312, dsha.png)

Dasha's screenshots have already claimed their first victim

No. 520721

File: 1526704585082.gif (671.03 KB, 320x176, 56058CAE-8769-44D1-947A-D76F08…)


Wait what? B-b-but how was her kissing Edwin and sleeping in husband bed the same as cur cheating on mine?!
Mina wasn’t dating cur when she kissed Edwin? He was very much dating dasha.

Godamn the mental olympics this women plays to justify her actions and victimize herself is mind blowing.

Thank you admin! This really validates anons suspicions and makes me so glad, I honestly thought I was going crazy when “anons” were saying that Mina is the worst and dasha is doing “so good! Booking PROFESSIONAL modeling jobs and totes not thinking of ugly obsessed mina”.

Merry Christmas everyone!

No. 520740

Looks like Hentaiguy has privated his twitter and Dasha isn't posting very much. My guess is that like the first time she was called out, she'll sulk around for a few months before sperging out again while trying to get her revenge.

No. 520742

I’m thinking the video Edwin has in the works will probably make her rage again, but we’ll see. I don’t know how she’s going to live this one down, she literally has no excuse. Her only chance at redemption will be publicly apolozing, but we all know she’s too prideful for that.

No. 520743

Also, this is circulating now, so her SJW fangirls will probably jump ship asap


No. 520747

Yeah, I’ve been keeping a watch of the notes! It spiked a lot today, the SJW’s are going to rip her apart if it goes tumblr viral.

I’m cringing so hard for her, she really dug herself into one deep ass hole and I’m thinking this is probably going to drag Cyr down as well. I honestly can’t believe the mess she made.

No. 520748

File: 1526709749801.jpg (95.01 KB, 1200x1200, CzR8NKVUQAAh81S.jpg)


absolutely. back when i followed dasha most of what she posted was generic feminist tweets, went on insta and took provocative art-sy pictures and stuff. most of the fans were sjw crowd. hell, i remember posts of her wearing tacky feminism slogans like "uwu satan is a gril" that were popular. she attracts that crowd. so no surprise its causing a stir.

probably now everytime she tweets something smug on twitter someone will link a video to that tumblr post and say something like "ain't you that nazi bitch?" and the argument will be over. these people never forget.

No. 520755

Between the samefag/self-posting sperg rampage here and that nazi video, she is done. Julia Stadler, welcome to your tape.

No. 520769

alright I'm a dweeb who's out of the loop, I've seen like one video with Cyr where he was making fun of asmr (I kinda giggled ngl), how did he get involved with this chick?

No. 520774

ffs there's a summary another anon made literally less than half way up the page

No. 520776

There is a summary here

No. 520787

So the day she gets called out about stalking Mina she posts a story about LEAVE HER PLASTIC SURGERY FRIENDS ALONE and then less than 24 hours later has her "friends" post old screenshots trying to shame Mina for getting cheek fillers? That's really all you got on her Doucha? With as much time she has spent swfing her you would think she had some milkier bits that didn't showcase what a hypocritical psycho she is

No. 520794

I think if he talks about it for a full year he's kind of obsessed too, that's fucking gross and creepy. The best thing you can do after initially acknowledging it is moving the fuck on and acting like an adult, but I guess he and Mina wouldn't be cows too if they could do that.

No. 520797

I mean would you stay silent if someone was fixated on ruining the life of your girlfriend?i think he has every right to call her out

No. 520806

Hahaha, that’s my new my favorite!
Seriously, he and Mina are in all their right to defend themselves after the way Dasha has targetted and harassed them. I don’t know many people who wouldn’t fight back if they had some psycho bitch slandering them and sending armies of autistic 12 year olds to harass them for nearly 2 years.

No. 520807


thanks man I'm restricted to mobile atm and trying to navigate hurts my eyes, you're the best.

No. 520808

This. Edwin is annoying and Mina is ditzy but the one thing I can't fault them for is defending themselves and even making videos about it. If they get some coins and attention out of Dasha's full-on crazy fucking smear campaign, whatever.

No. 520810

File: 1526745815211.jpeg (246.27 KB, 513x1599, A84EAF74-09B4-429D-9333-B682C6…)

People are saying: https://mooooorrttteeaa.tumblr.com/
Is dashas secret tumblr for shit talking mina?
According to others blog IP trackers its her, and also her ranting about us…. and mina, naturally

Tfw you rant about minas “whiteknights” (aka anyone who dares criticize dasha) when you, yourself, spent months whiteknighting yourself on the internet.

No. 520816

File: 1526746799508.jpeg (334.92 KB, 684x1502, F8C13994-43B1-49C7-AD75-45CEF9…)

Doublepost but I can’t stop laughing KEKEKEK

>you’re the cow ripper!!!!111

No. 520818

Fucking hell, why do Dasha and all her minions type like retards. It's like she doesn't take a second to think about what she's writing.

>;) ;) cow ripper baby girl

At least if it's her, it's less obnoxious than her sulking and whining about having depression as though that excuses her psychotic behaviour.

No. 520820

File: 1526748339643.jpeg (227.68 KB, 769x1388, 5B1BCD34-A06E-4C26-819B-C88F21…)

Have these caps been posted yet?
Apparently “toatally not dasha” exposed mina being a SB?

Hypocritical and two faced huh Julia? Pissed you got exposed for being a SB?
What happened to “But I won’t expose Mina for being a SB bc I don’t sink that low and I totes respect SBs!!”

Apologize if they have been posted

No. 520821

Once again proving how obsessed she is with Mina.

Mina wasn’t the one who outed you for being a SB Dasha. You literally exposed Mina just to take the heat off yourself and somehow think it makes you the good guy? Can you and your minions not think critically at all? All your damage control is only making you look worse. YOU are the villain here Dasha.

No. 520822

This is getting pathetic Julia, please take a nap. How long have you slept in the past two days, ten minutes? You know her brain is on fire.

No. 520823

Agreed, Cyr or someone needs to take her aside, sit her down and explain to her that it’s over. Anything she does now on top of what she’s already done only makes ~her look worse. Mina could be hooking on Fifth Avenue and no one would even care because this is all on Dasha.

No. 520824

I literally don't even care about the sugar baby thing either of them were doing. I just find it hilarious that Dasha is outing herself in an attempt to take Mina down with her. Truly a master of strategy.

No. 520826

This is where I'm at. Dasha could release video footage of Mina sucking off Trump for 50 bucks and at this point I'd just think Dasha probably set her up for it.

No. 520830

I have to admit that I am not at all convinced that it is Mina attached to that message chain. Anyone could change a contact in their phone to ‘Mina’ and put her photo in the contact details. It’s super easy. I think Dasha thinks we are morons. Well, I don’t believe you Dasha you dirty hooker.

No. 520845

It was some random farmer who found and posted her sugar baby dating profile. And it looks like dasha was giving mina advice on sbing, like mina was just getting into it and the more experienced nazi-whore was giving her tips & tricks and telling her what to do.

Shes such a skinwalker that she, not only, tried to look like mina, but tried to get mina into SB-ing and sponsored Instagram posts to be more alike. Just like when she suggested mina get fake follower apps bc “everyone whose instafamoos gets fake followers to boost their account, I do it all the time!” and even suggested she make fan pages and cringy fan edits, like dasha has done for years. Then tried to flip the switch and scapegoat and set up mina.
Just like with wearing minas clothes and plastic surgery, It’s all just dasha being a hypocrite x10

I was confused about that too, it just looks like an iphone imessage text convo with some random contact she named “mina” then for some reason chose a random edited ig photo of “mina” and made it the contact photo, which is strange, barely anyone uses contact photos, esp using a selfie from their social media…. unless they want to make their screencaps look more legit.

>I'd just think Dasha probably set her up for it

Kek and she’d probably “call mina out” for it, when wholetime she had secretly sucked off trump for only $5, months before mina did, ignoring the blatant hypocrisy and making fake mina/trump convo screencaps for her minions to spread, as-per-usual.

No. 520857

Right, mte. The whole thing is so juvenile at this point. She just keeps digging that grave and thinking there’s some magical combo of words she can come up with to a) make this stop and b) get everyone shitting on Mina. Good luck Dasha, you sound like a crazy bag lady, please keep it up.

No. 520867

What does Dasha expect from "exposing" Mina as a SB? I thought she was soooooooooOoooO supportive over women doing sex work (if you count it as sex work). All of this is funny cause Dasha is acting like she's exposed Mina when in reality the only one exposed is putin herself.

No. 520874

File: 1526758059284.jpeg (125.58 KB, 909x1024, A2F1B20C-2A27-48E9-9E7F-72AA7B…)

>thinking there’s some magical combo of words she can come up with to a) make this stop and b) get everyone shitting on Mina

Dash: “two words, FAKE.ACCOUNTS.”
[more crickets]
Dash: SIRI GOOGLE SEARCH “mina accounts fake” “fake accounts mina” “mina using fake accounts” “does mina use fake accounts” “fake accounts minabell”
Siri: no search results available, recommended google search results for “therapists near me”, 5 found, would you like to continue this search?
[autismo rage induced]
Siri: appointment scheduled for May 24th, 2018 at 10am with Dr. Bell MD at John Hopkins: Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, is there anything else I can help you with?
Dash: [spontaneously combust]

No. 520879

File: 1526758461090.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1200x1598, 8DF9472F-32ED-42F7-B823-13B306…)

No. 520889

File: 1526759737316.jpeg (31.23 KB, 600x424, 3C02C538-ABD4-4F1C-A0EB-E8B5A5…)

Thanks for the laugh anon
Is this the reason why she’s so insecure about her jawline? We all have double chins Dasha, even the thinnest people do. You don’t have to photoshop your photos to the point you look like a whole different person just because you have a little chin fat.

No. 520899

File: 1526761154018.jpeg (442.5 KB, 2048x1275, 9226B750-0D51-4CD5-983E-2CDA58…)

I’ve honestly never been able to stand this Lettie chick. Something about her extremely annoys me.

No. 520908

File: 1526762768146.jpeg (296.05 KB, 1422x927, 92681D82-1F00-4C12-8443-EC2539…)

I’m guessing not all of Dasha’s minions are aware of her threads in lolcow? They’re in for a rude awakening when Edwin comes out with his video.

No. 520911

Yeah, Lettie is a borderline personality cunt face. I have always hated her.

No. 520914

File: 1526764538445.jpeg (170.2 KB, 750x936, 807644E7-E608-460A-B3F2-46A7A9…)

Kek all of Putin’s retired minions coming out their basements

No. 520918

No. 520931

This whole drama remains the stupidest drama that never ends. I'm laughing at the thought of Edwin creating files on his computer titled those things like it is some super secret important investigation.

No. 520939

Is he in the loop with whats happening here?i mean this is her biggest fuck up yet why didnt he make a file for the shit that she said here
If not someone should tip him so he doesnt miss it in his video

No. 520946

File: 1526769652257.jpg (79.08 KB, 800x800, CzR8NKVUQAAh81S_副本33r.jpg)


why do they whiteknight this girl so hard. she's not talented or even pretty. and dasha is literally the only person who was still pressed about the situation. maybe ugly charlie can ask dasha why was she still pressed about shit that died six months ago? you can pretend to be unbothered all you want, but your leader is clearly still obsessed. its useless to play dumb.

stan literally anything else, a musician, a writer, a goddamn vlogger if you want, but not some psycho insta hoe jfc.

No. 520950

To be fair, Dasha has a long list of grievances and it's going to be a lot to explain, I'd do the same thing. He's probably filing all the screenshots so he can go through each claim on vid.

No. 520958

File: 1526775319351.png (150.98 KB, 593x716, Screenshot at May 20 02-14-01.…)

Now the haters are just Onision fans. Dasha liked this

No. 520981

Can it be assumed that the "lip thingy" is referring to Dashas lip fillers? She probably gets free lip fillers when she promotes them on her instagram. I don't really have an issue with her having them, but it just reminds me how she would be such a cunt when asked or called out on it, claiming she got nothing done.

No. 521052

Lime Crime's Hitler costume drama from almost 10 years ago is currently coming up again with Doe Deere streaming about it, this would be really good timing to ask them if they really want to associate with another hitler scandal…


No. 521053

File: 1526817714674.png (222.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-05-20-07-56-50…)

Her minions are so brainwashed. Obviously Dasha is guilty of coming on here, she hasn't even tried to pretend otherwise. She knows that she'll just be digging herself deeper which is why she's resorted to leaking texts to take the heat off of her.

Its like there could literally be a video of Dasha giving a nazi salute while shouting siege Heil and her minions would still kiss her ass. Oh wait..

No. 521055

Lettie isn’t even in the same country as Dasha and has never met her irl, but somehow knows for a fact that Dasha doesn’t go on lolcow. Kek

No. 521059

My question is if Dasha is doing legitimately crazy shit like posting here then why is he still clinging onto Dasha copying Mina SO HARD? The man-child lacks focus.
Sorry for double post. Had to fix some typos.
Would sage if I could.

No. 521062

That's what I was thinking too. His video looks like it's going to overlook some of the more important issues, like how she tried to post Minas passport on here, or her level of obsession.. it's not about copying, it's about the fact that Dasha is unstable. But he's just going to turn it into a drama video. It'll be fun to watch, but obviously he's not legitimately getting a restraining order if he's planning on poking the bear more. That's why he's a cow too, though. He's going to escalate the situation for a buck.

No. 521063

I don't think he could get one even if he wanted to. Dasha has been bullying Mina, but you can't get a restraining order for bullying

No. 521064

File: 1526824996051.jpeg (214.92 KB, 500x1390, 7573D024-B3E6-4277-A27F-C83E8B…)

Lettie is such an annoying cunt. She literally never shuts up. She’s so self centered, me-me-me, and has this oddly, passionate, hate-filled vendetta against Mina all because of her not being a psychic and knowing she was in the hospital before she texted her. Yeah, sure it might have been a bit rude, BARELY, but lettie never shuts up about (even way after the drama ended), mentions it in every other tweet to or about dasha/mina/edwin/cyr, uses it to justify revealing her secrets and talking shit about her, b8 screenshots with “evidence” of her claims that she never actually ends up posting or showing, and if she does show sc they’re normal, milk-less, and reek of being sh00ped. And has turned the story from “she didn’t show concern that I was in the hospital once when I was depressed” to “SHE CONTINUOUSLY HARASSED ME WHEN I WAS DYING IN THE HOSPITAL FROM SUICIDE, STALKING ME FOR INFORMATION ON MY BELOVED QUEEN UWU!!1”. She even posted her retarded screencaps of her texts on here, outing herself as a selfpost.

How autistic do you have to be to keep stanning someone, who you never met, after seeing everything, all over a 4 message text convo? What a shit two-faced friend, she probably clings to dasha bc everyone hates her in london lol

>photoshopping her pics, just like her idol

>lettie: the skinwalker’s skinwalker

No. 521066

File: 1526825543525.jpeg (84.16 KB, 622x646, B6361AD2-4962-4604-9665-FFAC50…)

Sorry, I realized no one posted the whole image of this. People have tweeted at Edwin to include dashas newly discovered post history, he’s seen them and liked them so I’m pretty sure he’s holding out on it until the video drops as his ace-in-the-hole. Fingers crossed.

No. 521071

Did I say anywhere that he can't say anything at all? I said if he talks about it for a full year then he's just as bad. I've been in a similar situation but blah blah blogging, so yeah, no, I know it's suffocating not to speak at all. Its just the insinuation that he'd be in the right to make videos for an entire year about Dasha being a cunt. That's just gross.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Just because Edwin is right to shit on Dasha doesn't mean he isn't a weird creepy cringy awkward fuck. Dude is skeevy.

No. 521072

If Lettie is this far up Dasha's butthole, why doesn't Dasha fly HER over to be a part of her weird twin sister poly fantasy she wants so fucking bad. If she loses a couple of kilos, they can wear each other's wigs,tampons and skin.

I'm sure Dasha would love it.

No. 521075

I have a feeling Dasha's a masochist and wanted to be cucked by the girl she hates the most. She just doesn't feel that spark with Lettie.

No. 521077

I had a conversation with that cunt once on twitter. She loves to play victim and is desperate for attention. Look at her tweet history and she is like "Dasha is the best person ever blah blah…" "I'm depressed" LOL she is so fucking weird. Get your head out of your ass Lettie and stop being so fucking annoying.

No. 521078

I hate myself for finding cyr funny when will he be over with that cunt ughh,i cant support him while he is enableing that psycho bitch

No. 521096

She's obviously very manipulative and I dare say fucking scary. Semi blog post but I once stayed in an abusive relationship because the guy was psycho and I was scared to break up with him. Once I got the courage to leave, he refused to accept it. He sent me sucidal photos, and used a lot of emotional blackmail which is hard for an empathetic person to ignore.

Dasha probably emotionally blackmails Cyr or maybe she builds him up by making him feel like he's important and dating a model, but them rips away his self esteem and emasculates him when she gets bored or not enough attention.

Or maybe the pussy is just that good.

No. 521115

File: 1526839435793.png (679.31 KB, 1488x934, Lettie is fucking psycho.png)

Lettie likes to pretend that Putin didn't do anything, but then she lurks here and reads posts, but is still so far up her own ass that she cannot see what a psycho cunt Dasha is. She also misses the point that no one cares about her, she is not even a cow, she is just some lame ass psychotic borderline cow fan. The people on this forum are not Mina's minions you dumbass, they just think you are a waste of space and so is Dasha lol.

No. 521126

so she reads lolcow, she’s been on here today, and convienently missed all the proof that dasha posts here? are these people blind

No. 521129

Jesus fuck, thanks for the recap! I forgot why exactly I hated this snaggle tooth cunt so much. Lettie has always sounded suspiciously jealous of Mina imo.
Maybe he didn’t want to add about Dasha posting here seeing as we shit on him for mentioning us last time? Speaking as one of the farmers who was talking shit, I don’t really mind this time around, lol.

No. 521144

File: 1526846584023.jpeg (134.47 KB, 747x746, E7E1C145-C7D1-4720-B7A1-79425E…)

Dasha, you are the epitome of cringe.

No. 521158

Lettie, shut the fuck up you fucking autist

No. 521183

Noticing the "no sim" icon in all of these caps. What are the chances that only 1 of Dasha's phones has a Sim card for calls/texts (because realistically why would an Instagram model need 2/3 phones with a working sim card in each tbf - like who would she be calling that she couldn't email?)

No. 521254

I don't really follow too much on their drama. Edwin milks it for sure. However, I did find it audacious a couple months ago that Dasha was strongly advocating "ADOPT A FUCKING SENIOR DOG THEY NEED LOVE TO" when she basically did the exact opposite and adopted a puppy chiweenie.

No. 521255

I just don't understand why she is unwilling to see Dasha for who she is. There are clips of Dasha on youtube sperging out, acting truly psychotic. There's a video in this thread of her throwing nazi salutes. She's been proven to be an active poster here, completely obsessed with Mina.

I guess Dashas stans are all just lonely little girls who will take whatever bone some z-list instahoe will throw them. I can't see any reason why someone would willingly make themselves look so stupid, just to defend her.

No. 521265

File: 1526866548848.jpeg (84.12 KB, 750x450, 11783000-0FF4-4A6D-A308-DAC7A8…)


It’s fucked up because the only reason she pays attention to them is because they trash on Edwin and Mina. If they didn’t, she wouldn’t think of them twice.

Here’s one of her main minions talking about being suicidal on Twitter and no Dasha in sight. Yet, she has no problem enabling this 14 year old to harass people online. If this little girl had been tweeting about Mina, she would’ve responded, liked, and retweeted in the blink of an eye.

No. 521271

>underrated t-shirt

No. 521290

File: 1526870462803.png (422.64 KB, 720x1033, SCHtwitter.png)

Yo, was that the sparklycornhair girl?
If so, why is she getting involved trash talking Mina to Dasha…
Yeah maybe she 'upset' you on tinder but why is she even tweeting mocking things, doesn't make sense to me lol

No. 521292

Lettie 'Kelsey' is truly an idiot, she should have just stayed out of the whole thing in the beginning but the drama is too popcorn worthy

No. 521359

Dasha appears to follow all the onionflakes on her twitter. She must be obsessed with this site.

No. 521379

My lord, the latest video on the Edwin and Mina channel is especially cringey. I don’t understand people who think it’s cute to act like a retarded toddler. The DDLG shit is so forced and gross too.

No. 521405

I always hate their crying videos. The cringe is real. I just want them to produce another milky video.

No. 521422

I would actually like them if they werent so emotional idk something about it makes me uncomftarble

No. 521426

Yeah exactly. But at the same time I have to remind me that Mina especially is still very young. I don't get the furor about Edwin's age. He isn't an old man or anything. When I was in my early twenties, I did some cringy shit too. I am pretty sure I cried when I had to leave my boyfriends for any amount of time. The main cringe factor here for me is the crying on camera.

No. 521453

Edwin creeps me out and mina is too ditzy/acts like a toddler that needs protecting. They aren't as psycho as dasha, but I dont know how some people here like them. All their videos are boring and cringey. And edwin gets off on this drama because he gets to be mina's "savior", gets attention/views from the videos, and hes obviously still butthurt about the cyr thing so he must be happy that dasha has proven to be a psycho.

No. 521464

well dasha literally ruined edwins life, got him kicked out, continues to sperg about him, and turned his best friend of 8 years against him

No. 521466

Mina’s increasingly more childish mannerisms and speech just feels incredibly disingenuous to me. I don’t think she’s actually an idiot I just think she’s “playing dumb.” It seems to me like she tends to take on a passive role in her life and generally lets others make big decisions for her. That being said, as cringy as the DDLG shit is I don’t dislike her or think she’s a bad person. Her and Dasha aren’t even comparable in my opinion when you consider Dasha’s history of manipulative and borderline abusive behavior towards everyone around her

No. 521472

I doubt that she is like that all the time,some couples just act like that around each other its not for everyone but there isnt anything wrong with it,some find it cute some dont its just a matter of opinions

No. 521483

Dasha just deleted her twitter

No. 521485


yup just saw that too! whats that gonna accomplish? her other socials are up

No. 521488

Kek, I don’t think she’ll have it down too long before she caves and reactivates it again. I do wonder why she deactivated it tho, preparing for backlash?

No. 521502

Yeah blame it all on one person.

No. 521506

File: 1526940674794.jpeg (527 KB, 1530x1530, 0A7A6723-3E4A-4B5C-8E04-DE2166…)

This girl is seriously mentally ill. The fact that she honestly thinks this is what she looks like. L o l

No. 521508

lol for real. Saying an almost 30 year old's life has been ruined because he had to move out of a house when he couldn't even pay his bills is so overdramatic. It's pretty obvious cyr had problems with edwin outside of dasha. Also edwin clearly wanted to date mina while she still had the weird poly thing with cyr, which im sure he wasn't cool with regardless of the drama dasha was starting.

Also dasha's obsession is mostly directed at mina, not edwin. But not like anything she does is going to do anything. If she lived near them, i'd be more concerned. All she could do is post angry comments on lolcow and try to "expose" mina, which the majority of their fans dont read or would care about. Like does anyone actually care about who is copying who??

No. 521518

I mean, in the end he got Mina, so he kinda won. But I know what you mean at the time she really broke him, that video of him breaking down and hyperventilating because Putin threatened to make Cyr suicidal because Edwin told Mina about Dasha deleting her instagrams.

No. 521519

Bitch knows she got busted. KEK!

No. 521522

I wonder what she has on Cyr thay he doesn't drop her. Is he as brainwashed as Lainey or something? Because if Dasha, Cyr is known as a cheater, some speculate abuser because of the slap thing. He has lost his closest friend, he puts out crap content now (just remaking ASMRs) because he has lost so many friends over Dasha being psycho. In Edwins original video he had screencaps from mutual friends saying that Dasha didn't let them and Cyr talk. She clearly uses Cyrs phone (three IPs, same geotag)

No. 521537

Lol, 3 of her minions twitters are protected now. They’re up to something.
I think Cyr really believes Dasha’s bullshit. It blows my mind that out of all the girls he’s dated, he chooses to stay with the most batshit crazy one. imo Cyr lowkey seems like a shitty ass person, it’s just not as aparant.

No. 521583

>Is he as brainwashed as Lainey or something?
considering he was Onsion's butt buddy for years, yeah probably. he's not a great guy, he's just less obvious about it.

on one of the old threads someone posted some caps from his snapchat where he says some vaguely crytpic stuff defending his relationship with Dasha to the effect of "I'm turning 30/in my 30s and I need to be more serious about settling down and focus on a lasting relationship" so if he's committed to being in it for the longhaul he probably has blinders on (not unlike lameo and greg)

No. 521585

I dunno, I kinda think that Julia’s psychosis is what Mike finds attractive in keeping with his edgelord persona. Like she’s not everyone’s cup of tea but he can handle her antics like screeching autistically on Twitter about feminism and fuck knows what else because he is 3edgy5me.

No. 521587

Yeah, that’s what irks me the most. It seems so forced and awkward. It’s not even like she’s a “littol” so much as she’s acting like she’s dumb and/or mentally handicapped. Still, she and Edwin are nowhere near as cringe-inducing as that degenerate inbred piece of trash Binkie Princess and her pedophile boyfriend.

No. 521628

File: 1526963927909.jpeg (650 KB, 2048x2048, 7642C9C5-1D09-4663-804A-CB55B5…)

Photoshop is too powerful a tool for these insta thots

No. 521629

File: 1526964299123.jpeg (87.26 KB, 488x729, 5DE5A784-53A7-4996-8C7F-0768F0…)

My personal favorite tbh

No. 521632

I like that just because Dasha got outed for being a psycho the Mina white knights are crawling out of the woodworks now that they can get away with it. Someone doesn't have to be as a bad as someone else to be weird, gross or questionable. She's enabling Edwin, who is quite frankly, disgusting. And this DDLG shit? The videos? His body language? He's so gross and greasy.

It feels like people can get away with whatever they want as long as they don't sperg out like Dasha does. If you're completely silent, it means you've never done anything wrong! Can people think about that for a second? How would we know if she ever did the stuff she's being accused of if she just never says a word? I think Mina is a weird insecure codependent fuck and probably did do (some) things Dasha accused her of, just that Dasha is a psycho so she'll come out looking good no matter what.

No. 521640

She looks like an elf with downsyndrome

No. 521644

File: 1526969979461.gif (23.62 KB, 293x41, but mina.gif)

No. 521646

I legit cannot stop cackling at this shoop. Fuck me. Why. WHY?!

No. 521648

File: 1526971205225.jpeg (31.13 KB, 398x457, DBEAAC04-FF3F-4DC5-885D-2712D4…)

No. 521649

Like I said in the last thread, but Mina does suck and I'm not Dasha as this current thread proves so you can suck it tho. I'm sorry not everyone likes your awkward cringey ~littol~ Mina.

Is it just filter apps and shit that makes her look so different in instagram videos than YouTube ones? Do lives have filters too? I'm old, this shit freaks me out.

No. 521651

she looks like a kneecap and its upsetting me.

No. 521666

Woah, calm down there period-chan. Most of us are aware that Mina has ‘possibly’ done some shitty things, we just don’t care. She’s not being milky atm, so what’s the point of going over those things right now? I’m more interested in the milk storm that’s brewing thanks to our sperg queen Dashcula, rather than Mina’s stupid baby talk that’s most likely caused by age regression.

No. 521668

I don't think she looks ugly but that hair makes her look 'special'

When she's laughing unshooped, she looks kinda downsy, but if she didn't shoop and posed nicely, I really don't think she'd be that bad.

No. 521680

Agreed. Without the shoop and the horrifically bad sartorial choices she’s just an average white girl, i.e. a dime a dozen in LA. She has to make herself look “special” to stand out. It’s her selling point.

No. 521692

I like how now we hear nothing from that hentai ass licking guy,like suddelny you got nothing to say in her defense now huh
Wonder if he is still a fan of hers

No. 521713

Hahaha YES. This is the best.

No. 521714

No one is whiteknighting Mina. Just that no one cares about them at the moment and people can also see why she hates Dasha so much because Dasha is psychotic.

No. 521753

I wouldn’t consider her average in the least bit. She is BELOW average, but the funny thing is she actually thinks she is beautiful. Nope Dashface- you be UGGGGGLY. On the outside AND the inside.

No. 521754

Just getting caught up in this thread and I’m not surprised Dasha got caught it doesn’t seem like she has much of a life outside of Instagram but I’m lmao at her posts..
Anyways they all lose. Cyr gets psycho Dasha and his personal business blasted everywhere and Edwin gets littol baby Mina and making himself look over dramatic and cringy as hell.
The drama is entertaining though can’t wait to watch Edwin’s new vid since they’re all still at it nearly a year and a half later.

No. 521756

She’s pretty average maybe her personality makes her uglier lol but she gets overhyped because she’s white.

No. 521770

she's just as dumb in old videos with her friends from home & her captions have been full on retarded since day one.

No. 521779

File: 1527012781847.jpeg (83.72 KB, 806x1577, 90B4720E-A53B-4766-9A3D-2EFF73…)

She’s doing it intentionally, when she’s been lurking the thread and screencapping it every single day. I guess they don’t give a shit …. or? …..There’s no way they’re that blind…..right….?

>pic related is response to being tweeted the link to all of dashas posts, when she’s obviously already seen them here

No. 521785

I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s in on everything, she seems just as set on ‘destroying’ Mina as Dasha is. All of Dasha’s minions are aware of her bullshit, they’re all just too stupid to think logically.

No. 521811


I believe she's been lurking the thread from the beginning. She has no excuses for Dasha so she's just playing dumb. I doubt she cares how vile her fave is, Dasha gives her a little attention every now and then and that's all it takes to buy her loyalty. It's too bad because she's going to get burned by Dasha at some point, she's too self absorbed to invest that much time into her moody stans.

No. 521888

Putin just did a live stream, says she’s deactivating her itsbabydash ig for a while to get her “thoughts” and “shit” together. She will also be changing her username, but will still have her IG neuphs up. Apparently she has a “surprise” and will be making a video about herself and this is one of the reasons she’s deactivating her ig. She was also bitching and moaning about being depressed, kek.

Dasha, you can deactivate all the shit you want and change all your usernames, it’s not going to stop anyone from finding you and it’s not going to magically make all the shit you’ve done disappear.

No. 521889

Damn, did anyone happen to record it?

No. 521895

Dasha did a boxycharm unboxing on her IG. umm isn't she meant to be vegan? Sorry bitch, but boxycharm is not vegan hahahah

No. 521918

i’m actually dreading this due to the last time he mentioned lolcow and we had an influx of teenieboppers on the board.
i feel he’s either going to piggyback off the hard work of the admin who outed doucha’s posts, or he’s going to make it sound like lolcow are also his littols uwu army fighting for the justice of littol mina and dorkdaddy against big mean old trasha’n’friends when all we are here to do is bitch and laugh at the shitshow. either bring us a pint of fresh milk in your video or stfu.

ngl would probably still watch on 1.5x speed with adblock kek

No. 522039


It's probably the smartest thing she could have done, since she's not decent enough to own up to what she did. She'll just play it off as a boohoo poor me I'm the victim to her minions but this way her fans are less likely to find out the truth by people posting it on her social media. I'm sure she wants revenge but she needs to salvage her career first if she doesn't want to go back to full time sugar babying.

No. 522070

This made me so sad. Influencers don't have to be supportive but these kids look up to their instathot idols so much… Please be better Dasha. Ffs. She'll never be a good person, not to her minions, not to anyone.

Same. I want them to shit all over Trasha but outside of that I can't stand those cows either.

Agreed. Age regression comes in many forms. Some people don't have the stomach for even simple couples' baby talk and some can even go for full blown diaper shit like that one girl on YT. I personally find it gross to witness but in private, some forms of ageplay can be healing.

No. 522084

File: 1527059400333.jpeg (334.45 KB, 750x1082, CA44FFC7-E445-4427-96EC-9139FC…)

I wonder which one of these cows has the most STD’s

No. 522107


lol there is a video of her admitting to it and that i was her intent to ruin her life and she was smiling
>Saying an almost 30 year old's life has been ruined because he had to move out of a house when he couldn't even pay his bills is so overdramatic
none of that can be backed up however it is fact that edwin was forced to leave his residence because of dasha's pettiness

No. 522153

Hell no, the retard didn't see it coming even when he wasn't on the lease

No. 522225

Having lived in cities all my life, I can’t imagine why these instathots feel comfy sitting/squatting on sidewalks. Shit is filthy. Don’t they give a fuck about their clothes piling up in puddles of vomit? Just no.

No. 522251

I'm a newcomer to the drama and have been aware of Cyr from the Onion days and follow this a bit. These polyamorous shits are wild.

What i just want to clarify is - Is Cyr totally ok with his girlfriend hooking? Jesus christ he always did look like a pansy.

No. 522262


if dasha told mina about it >>520820 cyr absolutely knows.

they have never adressed it publicly but he has to know. she's been doing it for a long time, it was speculated in old threads. she's an illegal immigrant so she can't get normal jobs, this is the easiest way for her to make money. cyr is a literal cuck as long as it keeps the bills paid lol cokeheads.

No. 522265

dasha wasn't on the lease either. She moved in out of nowhere gradually.

No. 522305

Cyr is on the lease and shes dating him. He clearly wasn't going to kick her out. Edwin wasn't on it, and involved himself with the drama and sided with mina and they did the dramatic run away thing.

Also he clearly wanted to get with mina and she was sleeping in his bed, while she was still semi-dating cyr in the poly thing where no one could communicate clearly and she is his ex in general. Are we actually surprised cyr had a problem with him and didn't want to live with him anymore? He was pretty dumb about the whole thing.

And clearly he can't pay rent if he had to move back home with his parents and couldn't just find his own place/new roomates.

No. 522307

Dasha kicked edwin out for telling mina dasha was the one who went through her personal phone to delete her instagram, which is much like a portfolio to insta thots and hurt her career
>Also he clearly wanted to get with mina and she was sleeping in his bed, while she was still semi-dating cyr in the poly thing
Clearly, that's the way you see it anon. Your theories about all this don't change the facts or what both parties have admittied to.
>Cyr is on the lease and shes dating him. He clearly wasn't going to kick her out.
Actually, cyr admitted on periscope that he told everyone they all had to leave the apartment at one point, including Dasha so there goes that statement (his brother helps pay for the lease which he also disclosed).
>And clearly he can't pay rent if he had to move back home with his parents and couldn't just find his own place/new roomates.
It takes time to find a place and build credit and be able to sign for a new apartment and it is Los Angeles where rent is very high. It can be hard to find a new place last minute.
>And clearly he can't pay rent
Well to our knowledge and Cyrs admittion he did at that location despite not being on the lease…

No. 522320

>cyr admitted on periscope that he told everyone they all had to leave the apartment

nta you were replying to, but edwin also went on to say in one of his earlier-drama vids that cyr was very quick to redact that statement and say something along the lines of "come back, we can all figure this out". which leads me to personally believe the whole "my brother told me we all have to leave" stint was a shitty lie cyr and dasha made up to shed the "responsibility/guilt" off of themselves for kicking edwin out.

No. 522321

I don't disagree with you at all anon but I'm just debunking the other anon's claims.

No. 522334

No one denied that mina was sleeping in edwin's bed? They all admitted it. They just acted like it was friendly and platonic. Then they got together immediately after leaving. Pretty obvious edwin had a thing for mina and wanted to get in her pants. Cyr acts like it didn't bother him, but it probably did.

And Cyr said his brother wanted everyone gone because he thought it was taking a toll on cyr because he was upset about everything, not that he himself wanted it. It could be a lie, but that was his side of the story. But not like hes going to kick out his own girlfriend and leave her homeless and I doubt his brother would expect him to. I don't even know what you are trying to argue here? lol. The point isn't who is on the lease, but if CYR or his brother is on the lease, then of course cyr is going to be in control of who gets kicked out and he wasn't about to kick out dasha.

I remember cyr saying he covered some of edwin's rent in the past, but don't remember the exacts, so w/e. But all he does is make youtube videos that get shit views. Didn't him and mina make a gofundme to beg money from their fans so he can fly her over and fuck her? It's not hard to believe hes broke.

I don't know why people want to act like edwin isn't a creepy loser like everyone involved? Sorry if you actually believe hes a poor angel who got his life ruined and does absolutely nothing wrong! I'd love if this thread could shit on all of them without someone trying to defend one of them.

No. 522344

File: 1527128263951.jpeg (164.6 KB, 750x704, B441CB14-D8A3-42A8-9CA4-A31B96…)

Edwin needs to upload that video asap, before these anons start cannabalising each other out of boredom.

As for me, I’m moist and ready for the milk

No. 522350

File: 1527129416899.gif (383.86 KB, 267x200, 9200F0E2-2A31-4BBF-9511-BAD44D…)


You and I both, anon. I wonder if Julia will go AWOL never to be heard from again or sperg out on Twitter until she spontaneously combusts.

No. 522354

For entertainment purposes, I hope she spergs out and all her main minions come out of hiding to defend their Kween. I can’t wait for the shitfest that’s bound to ensue.

But I guess if she’s smart, she’ll lay low kek

No. 522358

Likewise. I want to see her attempt to defend herself. Also, I’m dying to know how Mike feels about the whole situation.

No. 522393

I too would like to see Dasha dig her grave more. I don’t think she will lay low for long. She clearly is obsessed with drama, she won’t last.

No. 522933

Why is this thread so dead uhhh
Cmon edwin we need u

No. 523004

Dasha isn't posting lol

No. 523047

We really need that video Edwin promised because Dasha is hiding, maybe she couldn't handle the shame.

No. 523053

Dasha is live streaming on insta right now with lettie

No. 523074

What's the stream about?

No. 523083

Ew can't stand that bitch.

No. 523127

Anything interesting happen?

No. 523139

File: 1527300050776.jpeg (314.91 KB, 750x1204, B77C7CC9-5CD8-42CD-B8A3-AE4190…)

I can already see what excuse she’s going to use when Edwin comes out with his video.
>I did it because I’m depressed!!!!11

No. 523145

either that or she's going to pull that she's a "changed" person and recovering

No. 523151

That therapist better figure out quickly that this bitch needs intensive DBT.

No. 523153

For fuck’s sake Edwin, quit dragging your feet and publish the damn video already.

No. 523154

Depression my ass, you sociopathic cunt.

No. 523203

File: 1527310109527.jpeg (76.71 KB, 750x451, FBB15A47-EC25-4C5C-8ECB-5BD2C4…)

This is definitely the story they’re going for, how cowardly. A strong person doesn’t use mental illness and trauma to excuse their shitty behavior, Dasha and Cyr. A strong person admits they fucked up and apolizes.

Keep trying to cover up for Dasha and dismissing her shitty behavior, Cyr. One day you’re going to wake up and regret all the bridges you burned for that drama loving cunt. Kiss the memory of a calm life goodbye, because people like Dasha always have drama and problems no matter where they go.

No. 523261

Oh my god what did the cunt say?
Lettie was getting fucked on twitter she must have said something lol

No. 523268

Fuck i hate her even more now,just fucking apologize dasha no one will move on until you own up to what you did
And firsty apologize to MINA
I really want her fans to know what kind of person she is,seriously she doesnt deserve any of them i wish her the worst in life

No. 523288

Ugh Dasha, even if you apologize, no one's gonna believe that, you're so rotten, paranoid, just stop trying. We know what kind of person you are and your "depression" isn't gonna help.

No. 523309

No one with depression that I know actively tries to ruin people's lives and act like a total sociopath. The truth is she's just moping because she was exposed and is trying to change the narrative to make herself into a victim, which is ironic considering how much she bashed Edwin and Mina for acting like victims in the past.

I'd like her more if she just owned her crazy.

No. 523338

Me too. Many people are crazy and have guilty pleasures online. It’s not a big deal to me, it’s not like we don’t talk shit here either. Hers happens to be deep rooted insecurities projected onto online threads, considering this isn’t the first time she did this. Remember when she made fake profiles of photoshopped pics of Mina? Everyone already knew it was her but she didn’t stop there. Then she found lolcow and she could absolutely not resist and she got exposed. She’s playing victim claiming depression right now because it’s the best defensive course of action for her to keep her SJW fans. Even though we all know she wasn’t depressed talking mad shit abt mina anonymously lol. and she is way too prideful to ever apologize to a girl she has a hate boner for, even if she knows she was wrong. Hopefully she does go to therapy because girls got issues.

No. 523343

There’s crazy and there’s psychotic. If she was just a lunatic who did harmless shit for the lolz and owned up when she got busted and had the ability to laugh at herself, no one would give a shit, but she has actively tried to ruin people’s lives and been proud of if.

No. 523351

She wants to protect herself against Edwin's videos, "so unfair!". He's been too slow with this.

No. 523380

I'd love to believe that he's making her get therapy and this is his way of supporting her because he'll dump her if she doesn't re-hinge herself, but I can only dream.

No. 523382

He is way to spineless for that. He is delusional as well and quite honestly just as bad as Dasha. The guy is a man baby.

No. 523472

If the dumb faggot hadn't advertised he's making "Dasha exposed" videos to generate hype for days, she wouldn't have been able to do preemptive damage control. She would have only had the option to respond after the fact.

Have we learned nothing from Beyonce? Drop the content without warning and let it explode on its own merit. Smh.

No. 523478

I agree so much if he just uploaded it without any warning she would probably lose it on twitter and we would have so much milk but nooo he had to give her a chance to think things through and fuck it up for everyone

No. 523479

Dasha went into damage control mode the moment she was outed on here and on Tumblr. Edwin's video might even help her in that she'll try to pin it on him and Mina for making her depressed and crazy with how much abuse she went through or some shit like that.
>See, they're STILL following my social media! They read hate sites! There's no proof I did that and they went with it!

No. 523498

If she does that i swear to god
I may be an ass but i really want all of us to colectivly bully her like she did to mina until people realize who she is,if nothing changes from this and she doesnt own up to anything
Bully the bully kind of seems like cosmic justice for her

No. 523524

According to Edwin’s ig story, the first part of the video will be up tomorrow. Putin will probably be deactivating and changing her username sometime today or tomorrow. Kek

No. 523542

File: 1527360591311.jpg (185.22 KB, 1673x1160, ew.jpg)

Was looking at random online stores and found her ugly mug "modeling" among the product pictures on mixxmix. Look at how cute and marketable the real model looks in comparison.

To be fair the site seems to have added Dasha's pic off instagram to be like "look at this famous insta thot wearing our shit fam buy our shit" but it still grossed me out to see her. Wtf are those temporary tattoos?

The two-part video was a mistake. The constant advertising was a mistake. I'm all for profiting off Dasha's awfulness but he's sacrificing impact for milking $$$, which makes it easier for Dasha to slither out of this one as she always does.

He should have done one video, dropped it without any bullshit hype building, and provided timestamps in the description for easy navigation. Make it accessible af so more people are exposed to her bullshit.

Instead I predict we will get a rambly video with cringy editing and repetitive content. Also going to go ahead and assume he'll focus more on how he feels rather than what Dasha has done. He supposedly has receipts which is great but how you present the receipts matter about as much as what's in them. Edwin isn't the right person for this kinda tea spillage.

I'd be delighted to be wrong about this but this faggot is not very bright and I doubt he has his heart in the right place.

No. 523578

>I'm all for profiting off Dasha's awfulness but he's sacrificing impact for milking $$$

How is anyone surprised by this? This is exactly an Edwin thing to do. He's a cunt who's in it for the money.

Dasha fucked up big enough that she can't completely backpedal her way out of it or seem like a victim. She's probably still lurking here and if you are Dasha, get off of social media and seek some damn professional help. You're pathetic.

No. 523587

File: 1527365146725.jpeg (548.95 KB, 2048x2048, 2331D8BA-4D85-4F1F-B1F1-9B2772…)

>Mina is promoting Annabelle’s wigs?!?!
>quick let me go promo them too!!11

Tbh, I think that by deactivating all her shit, she’s only incriminating herself more.

No. 523599

File: 1527365998275.png (589.1 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-05-26-14-18-10…)

Not WK, but she already has pictures of her posted on their Instagram, at least for me it isn't that weird.

No. 523601

Tomorrow??? OMG Edwin, you're so naive, Dasha is already trying to excuse herself.

No. 523602

Damn mina has killer body

No. 523706

Noooot really. She was contorting her body all kinds of uncomfortable ways to look like that.

No. 523709

Thrift Store Haul / Cloud Inspired Makeup
No thumbnail because lazy.

It isnt worth watching it, is really cringe with 2005 humor.
She is doing again that stupid face of sucking food and talking about her clown clothes, wigs and make up.

No. 523716

As a fan of neither attention whore… Mina's body looks super unhealthy and creepy.

No. 523743

The fuck did I just watch? The weird sucking on food thing is so fucking gross. And like, I understand wanting to be unique (I’m a fashion ho, we all want to be unique) but she dresses like an autistic toddler who had run off to join the circus but was captured by Russian traffickers before she got there.

No. 523747


Ahahahaha what a retard, that fucking face paint, holy shit.

No. 523785

This. Holy shit she makes herself look like full blown cringe sometimes.

No. 523840

And Edwin willingly goes out in public with her dressed like this. People must think he’s either her pimp or her carer.

No. 523937

Wow what a horrible amalgamation of all of the worst aspects of internet culture. All of the awkward camera closeups and meme references still can't compensate for her utter lack of a personality.

No. 523981

I honestly think that Mina's face painting is ugly, but it is also obvious from the video that she was just doing it to be silly and wasn't going to go out in it. She even said "this isn't pretty" or something like that. Honestly, I am still focused on Dasha being a cunt. Why do I feel like Dasha stans are getting on here to deflect hate back onto Mina? Mina just isn't milky imo. Yes she has questionable fashion and I hate the fucking littol thing, but whatever, there are plenty of retards in the world. They don't cause any harm, so whateves.

No. 523984

Mina's a cow as well.. just because one happens to be worse than the others doesn't mean she gets a pass. She's not 100% innocent by any means. People are just focusing on her because we're all bored waiting for Edwin to come out with his video and Dasha is in hiding lol.

No. 523986

Would Mina be a cow if Dasha wasn't, though? She's cringy, but she wouldn't even really be /snow/ tier on her own.

No. 523992

She's not relevant or outspoken enough to have a thread of her own, no. In my opinion, anyways. But her littol uwu stuff does rub people the wrong way so I don't think it's fair to say that other farmers are Dasha stans unless they're very obvious about it.

No. 523996

Mina isn’t even interesting enough to be a cow imo I mean what does she even do besides where strange outfits and have a daddy littol relationship with Edwin? If anything Edwin is more of a cow than Mina with the way he’s like her attack dog lol. I mean why can’t Mina talk about this herself? Why is Edwin making this video?

No. 523997

It’s annoying how Edwin is her littol attack dog too like why can this girl not stand up for herself? She’s in another country is she that scared of Dasha?

No. 524000

He’s a 30 year old man who has a 20 year old girlfriend and calls himself the ‘king of receipts’ and ‘broken boy’ what do you expect?

No. 524001

I’ll still think she’s a psycho but if she apologized and showed she’s making attempts to change her behavior a lot of her haters would get off her back.

No. 524019

File: 1527443034807.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, C3217E71-3822-47F0-8652-F535FB…)

Dasha that you?! Your video is coming out whether you like it or not! Kek

No. 524024

She's Austrian though lol I don't get the Russian/itsbabyputin references

No. 524028

File: 1527446578757.jpeg (84.44 KB, 512x512, 0CCD05F7-C6AF-475F-98CD-734611…)

She’s Austrian and Russian, sir

No. 524067

Pretty much this. Mina can speak for herself, she's not a child she's an adult. Bobblehead needs to get a life of his own and stop trying to babysit what people say about his womanchild. He sees himself as the spokesperson on this drama while forgetting that his name is in the title too. He's been that way since this whole thing started and is probably still lurking and possibly posting here.

No. 524071

lol i cant believe some people here feel sorry for him. Look how excited he gets when new drama happens and he gets to make a video. How is that not cringey as hell that an almost 30 year old's highlight of his life is white-knighting an insta-thot? And Mina is obnoxious that she doesn't speak for herself and lets edwin do it for her so she can act like she is an innocent child. She gives me lainey vibes.

No. 524074

File: 1527455480188.jpg (178.57 KB, 1080x1350, 32063939_1480039145475382_5588…)

What in the everloving name of fuck

No. 524097

I just don't see how Mina's video is appealing. That cloud look I mean. Do UK folks like that shit? I know there's different fashion styles everywhere but it looks like a sad kindergarten project.

No. 524098

File: 1527457868608.png (454.36 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-05-27-15-38-14…)

I hope the milk is good.

It's really funny watch Edwin white knight Mina on Twitter while she tweets retarded things like " my ass is like freeshavacado" or something stupid like that.
She is 20 years old, she need to learn to speak for herself. If Dasha all ready burn all her instathot bridges (which I don't think so, Dasha is not that special to have that influence) she needs to educated herself, go to University and find a real job.
I think Edwin is a really bad influence for her, how it never cross his mind Mina couldnt stay in his parent's house in Arizona forever? Why he never thought on paying her a Visa so they could move together on USA? Seriously it amazes me how fucking stupid they both can be, specially Edwin.

Edwin if you are reading this, which you obviously are, grow up and let Mina go, at this point she is better off without you. At least try to convince her to study something since being an Instahoe won't last long.

No. 524101

Yeah, I mean it will burn out with time. I am certain of that. They just have a very typical 'teenager' type of relationship. It isn't very deep.

No. 524103

Just wondering, for those of you who are mad about Edwin defending Mina. Would your opinion of Mina change if she did defend herself or would you just shit on her?

I feel like she’s playing this smart (unlike Dasha) by keeping her mouth shut and letting Edwin do all the barking. I would love if she actually said something directly to Dasha for once, but wouldn’t she appear just as petty and unstable if she did

No. 524107

I agree. Everyone shits on her for not defending herself, but maybe she just doesn't want to be involved directly in the drama.

No. 524108

I think Mina has a much prettier face than Dasha. I personally like her body better too. Dasha looks fat skinny (the kind of skinny where you do not fitness), whereas mina looks more fit skinny.

No. 524109

I think Mina has a banging body too. She looks a bit unhealthy right now, but looking at her proportions and such, I bet she’d look super hot if she gained just a tiny amount of weight and toned out. Dasha looks too boxy to me, like if she gained weight she’d be super top heavy with skinny legs.

Imo, I think both girls are pretty, but can look odd at times and need some help in the makeup/styling department (mostly Mina)

No. 524110


It is getting annoying everytime someone dares to say something about Mina someone always jump to defend her, she is a cow too, wherever you like it or not.
And no, I'm not defending Dasha, she is just how petty and immature like the rest of the cows.

Damn nobody is talking about who is prettier anymore and still there is anons who keep choosing between these two.

No. 524111

Kek, someone’s been itching for some infighting. Calm the fuck down, half those replies weren’t even for you or have anything to do with what you’re talking about. You’ve been trying to bait people into fighting with you for a couple of days now, so you have to lash out when you see people saying anything positive about Mina. Kek

If you want to sit around and nitpick about her stupid outfits and the way she acts, be my guest, but don’t be mad because some of us like to talk shit only when there’s actual MILK.

No. 524118

Edwin paying for a visa and taking her to Arizona for good would have been way worse than her returning to her hometown and continuing her life there. She didn't intend to move to Arizona, so why should she stay there rather than going home?

No. 524119

This looks so unbelievably tacky. I'm not sure why I'm surprised by Dasha's lack of fashion at this point. It's as tasteless as her personality.

Bitch how about YOU address the allegations make against you. Do something for your damn self for once holy shit.

>Would your opinion of Mina change if she did defend herself or would you just shit on her?

I would honestly have a little more respect for her if she did. But she's the equivalent of a vegetable so she probably never will.

No. 524154

If Mina didn’t want to be apart of the drama she wouldn’t post shit like that on her story. She’s just wants to be apart of it without any of the consequences

No. 524158

That's the way it looks to me too. It keeps her hands clean and more like a victim by not doing any of the work herself. She's too old to not make any decisions for herself and it's going to bite her in the ass later in life if it isn't already.

She's not as bad as Dasha by a long shot but she isn't any smarter either.

No. 524190

File: 1527469961468.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1701, 6CDA90F2-2F18-4F76-B536-A92304…)

I honestly think Mina is incredibly pretty. She has great bone structure and would be a great model, but her fashion sense is just terrible. Mina if you read this, you need some styling stat! You are super pretty, but you are not going to make it while you are with Edwin or doing this ‘littol’ crap/wearing horrible costume fashion. Seriously, drop Edwin because you could do soooo much better. He is like a 2/10.

No. 524196

looks like the twink made a video calling out dasha

No. 524198

30 minutes oh wow another short film! Time to get the food ready.

No. 524199

Incoming: 300 posts rehashing everything Edwin says with point-by-point deconstruction from several anons, 100 posts of infighting, and then the rest of the thread will again revert to the super exciting and not at all repetitive game of Who Copied Who?

can’t wait.

No. 524205

Use a hooktube link.

No. 524208

Re-upload it so he doesn't get the views.

She looks better here than she does 80% of the time.

No. 524213

its not very interesting, he's just going through screenshots that the mods tagged as being from dasha and commenting on them.

No. 524220

No. 524239

I think Trasha has removed her twitter?

No. 524242

Ugh, she’s so trashy and gross. This is nasty as fuck.

No. 524245

I completely agree. She definitely has more of model look than Julia, she just needs to get away from Edwin, stop acting like a retard and stop dressing out of a costume box.

No. 524250

The video is basically just going over her posts on this site so mostly nothing new. Apparently Dasha has been posting unseen photos of Mina though (including nsfw ones) very fucking weird.. She could get arrested for this too.

No. 524252

Yeah I think Mina is tall enough to do legit modeling too but she looks so damn tacky.

No. 524255

I found the following paragraph on a website about the LA sanctuary law:
Does the Values Act mean immigration agents can’t deport people in California?
No. No one can claim that living in California makes them exempt from deportation. Federal authorities can conduct raids, arrest suspected undocumented immigrants and do other work separately from state and local law enforcement. In addition, they can continue to communicate with local agencies about arrestees who have committed certain crimes and will be able to take custody of those individuals from local lockups when they are released. Agencies will not honor “hold requests” from federal immigration agencies that previously could last up to 48 hours.

No. 524256

So it looks like Trasha is able to be deported I guess.
>>524252 Yeah her fashion is horrendous. Just wish she would dress like a normal person instead of this uwu littol shit. She would be so much more marketable!

No. 524261

File: 1527476310499.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, 154C95C3-409C-402E-BD03-F94A75…)

I’m crying.

No. 524268

Fucking kek! Ogreg is so desperate for friends he is sucking up to people he has bashed. What a loser.

No. 524270


She probably thinks that being “quirky” is her unique selling point. There’s quirky and there’s retarded. No scout will take her seriously if she keeps dressing and acting like a child prostitute.

No. 524272

Dasha’s ig isn’t popping up, can’t tell if blocked or deactivated. Check?

No. 524274

i just checked and she's still up, you might be blocked. try logging out and then looking.

No. 524280


Kek, she’s made it private, no doubt in an attempt to block any trolling directed from Edwin’s video

No. 524282

Mention of copying should be an offence punishable by banning. No one cares, we just want milky spergouts.

No. 524286

I wish. It would cut back on a ton of infighting.

No. 524292

File: 1527480784457.jpeg (247.66 KB, 750x1155, B52C5386-F657-4008-8C8E-D9874A…)

No. 524294

File: 1527480844150.jpeg (135.69 KB, 750x662, 7E28C77D-0398-4A46-B4F1-33D2DE…)

No. 524300


i feel so bad that edwin & mina get so much shit. imagine if you had to deal with that amount of crazy in your life. she genuinly has nothing better to do than lurk on this thread. i mean this completely, she needs help. seriously. she needs fucking help, she’s a psychotic bitch.

No. 524301

at the people who said mina is obsessed with drama, IF DASHA DID HALF THIS SHIT TO ME I WOULD BE DOING EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO DETROY HER FUCKING LIFE. that includes making as much drama as possible to tarnish her reputation. and guess what? she’d deserve every minute of it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 524308

I'd agree with her if it weren't for her saying that Edwin and Mina wanted to move on. Mina maybe, but Edwin is just as drama hungry as Dasha.

No. 524312

When people come in here defending Mina to no end I really wonder if maybe she self post too, we know Dasha did, we’ve seen Edwin visit, maybe Mina is here too. For her to approve of and promote Edwin making a video defending her against the drama only proves she wants to be apart of it. She just wants to be the uwu so victim much pity part of it.

No. 524316

IF she doesn't post, her friends likely do for her. And that drama video will only attract more mina/edwin stans here.

And lol at anyone suggesting mina is over the drama. Her and edwin watch this shit like hawks. She obviously wants edwin to be her spokesperson but shes obviously talking to him and helping him with what to say for the videos. She is 100% involved and just as into the drama as him.

No. 524322

File: 1527485029686.jpeg (58.39 KB, 750x373, 95089EAD-6BCB-47C2-8E9A-EE773D…)

This sounds interesting

No. 524323

Yeah, I’m not looking forward to the influx of newfags. We’ve already had our first spergchan, I strongly suspect they won’t be the only one.

No. 524325

Dasha DMs companies/influencers telling them not to work with Mina or speak to Mina because she's a stalker or something lol especially other girls that fall into their weird Instagram aesthetic.

No. 524326

I dont know why Edwin and Mina act like they dont follow or dont know about Dasha's moves, when they do, there are somethings Anons couldnt catch because there wasnt a new thread at the moment.
Like Dasha claiming Mina is anorexic and the photoshoot fiasco.

No. 524327

They want to seem like they're mature and not about the drama while continuing to talk about it. They really should just own it and be like yes this crazy bitch keeps talking about us and subtweeting us so I'm going to respond to it but that doesn't make you seem like the bigger person. I mean they probably talk about this everyday in private conversations still it's the reason they bonded in the first place.

No. 524335

File: 1527488846491.jpeg (402.14 KB, 1242x1175, 461A4EFE-5B0C-48BC-BE02-7C6031…)

But getting you to address the situation, when she’s a grown ass women, to speak on her behalf does not make her look good. You can’t play the “non confrontational” card forever. If you care enough to have Edwin devote an entire video discussing the allegations being made against you, AT LEAST have enough nerve to put your own two sense in.
In the video edwin said Cyr kept things private because he does some pretty bad things, if Mina is also keeping quite does it mean she too has some secrets she’s not telling.
It makes their side of the story seem weak and flawed when you have to hear her side through him.

No. 524339

File: 1527489246223.jpg (101.51 KB, 800x450, 1508706957757.jpg)

Edwin lurks here far too much to not talk about it in private with Mina. When he was posting here about Dasha, he forgot to cover his own ass and ended up showing how cringy as fuck he really is. He stopped posting(probably not) but I highly doubt he stopped lurking. They both seem like the kind of people who talk just as much shit as the person they're talking shit about. But the moment the camera goes on, Mina puts on her toddler act and honestly, it makes her seem like she's too stupid to be involved with drama. She's with Edwin though, so that act doesn't work on people who know better.

He needs to stop licking Mina's asshole and let the woman speak for herself.

No. 524343

File: 1527489664774.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 1350570E-3B33-4943-98D8-E93818…)

Ah, knew there was something interesting in that YouTube comment. Can’t wait to see those testimonials kek

No. 524344

So, giving Mina some credit, guessing no one in this thread saw Mina address the drama and discuss Dasha herself on instagram last summer? She had about 4-5 clips on her instagram story talking about those tweets Dasha obviously made about Mina being anorexic. In all fairness she did stand up for herself and talked about how she knew it was obvious the tweets were about her etc. Didn't really hear much from Edwin, and after the videos Mina dropped it fast but ofc Dasha kept sperging.

I genuinely do think Mina doesn't want the drama. To me she comes off a bit like Cyr, a private person, and I'm betting there's a reason for that. Probably some stuff she doesn't want known, which is fair enough.

I just think it's unfair to say she /never/ stands up for herself when she has. It's usually just Edwin taking the role of her father or "lawyer"

No. 524351

There's no limit on standing up for yourself and letting some bobblehead bobble in front of every problem that she encounters isn't helping her.

4-5 clips nearly a year ago don't mean anything since these are her current problems, not Edwin's. She could have made the video instead. He's not her father or her lawyer and she needs to stop playing dumb, grow a backbone and fight back.

No. 524352

She has stood up for herself. In the first video they made explaining the drama she spoke, I didn’t know about the insta story thing, but for this whole video to be about Mina and for her not to say anything other than go watch lawyer papi’s video. It seems stupid to not help defend when it’s “such a serious” topic i.e. the passport, the nudes, Dasha trying to get Mina to over stay her visa.

No. 524358

File: 1527491251057.jpeg (133.91 KB, 750x631, 8B31A50C-1C43-47F9-A24F-5B505D…)

Apparently Edwin is claiming that one of Dasha’s main minions is actually Dasha. I checked the all the minions twitters and sure enough, this is the only minion going off.

I don’t think it’s actually Dasha, but there’s no milk atm so I’ll just post anyway.

No. 524359

File: 1527491274017.jpeg (117.74 KB, 750x693, 001A72D8-043A-4D62-B475-E60D16…)

No. 524360

File: 1527491384923.jpeg (492.04 KB, 2048x1347, F7827BC5-FF6C-41BA-BE71-3B40E7…)

I did find it interesting that this person didn’t even bother watching grease daddy’s video

No. 524362

File: 1527491758496.jpeg (43.47 KB, 750x241, ADCF834A-6BE3-4B54-9811-49D444…)

Noticed this a while ago and thought piggs might’ve seen Edwin’s video, aaaand~

No. 524363

File: 1527491776961.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 276C2371-D2BF-46A4-B05E-CEEDC0…)

No. 524365

File: 1527491791021.jpeg (553.36 KB, 2048x2048, A39DDA85-1953-49C0-A040-750905…)

No. 524420

I think Mina is simply too lazy to make her own response. She clearly gives zero fucks about YouTube, all she cares about is cavorting the streets of London like a special needs preschooler who got taken in by the circus.

No. 524431

File: 1527497028047.jpeg (116.6 KB, 750x922, 98246424-D7DD-411F-92D1-759703…)


No. 524441

I think Pigss might be one of the people who gave ~testimony~ to Edwin
Hailey and Dasha were so buddy-buddy together, I bet the psycho shittalkied Mina to Hailey hard. Maybe that's why Pigss reacted immediately when Edwin dropped the vid. She confronted what she heard from Dasha with the truth.

No. 524447

File: 1527498837802.jpeg (124.08 KB, 749x854, 4A9DDABA-671F-4A3C-B476-FEF501…)

I think she found out from Timothy retweeting Grease papi’s video. I am so curious to see what Dasha was telling these instathots tho, I think that’s one of the few things we haven’t seen yet.

No. 524456

File: 1527502367174.jpg (83.29 KB, 720x394, IMG_-tmb5nh.jpg)

One of Dasha's saddest posts

No. 524458

eh, not really. he really just goes through the known comments posted here in a logical order. he gets a little bitchy around the immigration stuff but that's it.

showing that dasha posted naked and barely clothed pics, and mina's passport - you can't really call that "flawed." admin here did all the work to prove it.

No. 524459

File: 1527502728748.jpeg (110.67 KB, 1742x598, B19BC8BB-3DF4-48A5-9318-45CBF9…)

and there goes another of Dasha’s instathot mutuals

No. 524479

File: 1527509679332.png (860.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180528-151304.png)

this might be related to dasha, considering she did many story shoutouts of her

No. 524485

Just watched a little of her live and she basically replied the exact same thing when asked about Dasha, so yep that post is definitely towards her. She also mentioned that she thinks it’s low to grow your social media platform off of drama (Might be towards Edwin or Dasha) but ended her reply saying she won’t be taking either sides. Smart girl.

No. 524488

File: 1527514653188.png (2.5 MB, 2208x1242, 89086778-B2B3-40D9-A1BA-546FF0…)

Why does it say Sinday instead of Sunday, if it’s to be a screenshot?

No. 524490

Kek! Good eye anon! Do we know where this screen shot was from? It looks like Facebook, could this be a file name or photoshop fail?

No. 524502

I do get the impression that he manufactures some of his proof, like the clip of himself crying from his first drama video, and possibly these screen snaps. It's impossible to trust him or Mina completely. I also still believe Mina is behind those fake accounts since she never outright denied it, and think it's likely that she's lying to Edwin about that, and the sugar baby stuff too.

It's a shame they're both shady because they really don't need to be to get people on their side. Dasha is 100% psychotic and clearly in the wrong, he didn't need to make such a lengthy video about it, even though I found it entertaining.

No. 524503

I saw this too, but then looked at the window and realized it is just a file name. Remember how he had all those folders on his computer? It looks like a file name and window to me anyway.

No. 524504

That threw me for a loop too, but Sinday is the name of the person he's talking to. (like Cindy)

old vid for proof https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=4e4rvjyABdw

No. 524510

Dasha seems like a really rotten person inside.

No. 524512

Oh wow, you have a great memory!

No. 524522

I assume he didn't mention the comments where dasha implies mina is also a prostitute because there is truth to it.

No. 524524

He's probably going to address it in the second part, anon. Pump your brakes.

No. 524525

He’s releasing part 2 today, he’d be stupid if he didn’t add that in. It may get a few people judging Mina, but it’d be worth it because the sjw’s would get all riled up.

No. 524535

Just watched part one, kek for days that Dasha is ~depressed~

No. 524542

I'm kind of sad the videos doesnt contain any new milk
Anons basically did all the job, he just saved ss and that's it.

Again he seems really hypocrite with Cyr slapping Dasha, if he is such a feminist why he didn't report it at the moment? Oh yeah he admit he didn't tell anyone because Cyr was his friend.
Stop using the slapping like you actually care.

No. 524543

A lot of people here complain about there being no new milk but you have to remember that this is old news for us, but not for his audience and Dasha's supporters. He put everything together in a way that lets people outside of the dramasphere follow what happened. I don't see anything wrong with it and he mentioned that Admin proved it and staff made the caricature of Dasha, so he gave credit too while omitting the site name and saving us from the newfags. As far as videos made from lolcow receipts go, he did good.

No. 524544

Agreed. He doesn't really care about that, he just wanted something to hurt them with. Every single person in this situation is a selfish cunt who only "cares" for clique points. They'll do anything that they can to hurt each other including stoop to middle school levels. They are all far too old to be acting like this.

No. 524560

He actually said that he wasn't worried about Dasha because she is so fierce that he would be more worried for the person slapping her.

No. 524561

So why bring it up if he wasn't worried?

No. 524563

I don't know because I am not Edwin, but he was spilling milk so who cares? He said in the video even that he didn't hurt Dasha, he slapped her and that she was not hurt or injured and that Cyr cried about it and came to Edwin about it all upset. He was just telling people about one of the skeletons in Cyr's closet.

No. 524565

Pretty sure he was reacting to everything she's been saying, and she was critizing him for just trying to make Cyr look bad.

He is leaving some things out, like the sugar daddy thing as well as Dashas hate campaign against ddlg. He's probably trying to avoid anything that can be spun around on him or Mina.

No. 524568

File: 1527533350448.jpg (54.61 KB, 543x519, Capture.JPG)

I swear her fans rival onion boys. They're literally being told her IP was traced and there's definitive proof and they stick their fingers in their ears and go "b-but Edwin and Mina".

No. 524587

I love the replies from Edwin and Mina's fans to his comment.
>shut up meg
>ew nigga
>fuck off noone wants your support except your spouse you abuse
>you are married to an ugly dude

Seriously almost all of those comments gave me a hearty laugh.

No. 524588

Hope Mike has some more fictional friends who can abruptly pass away. They make for fantastic scapegoats.

>it's not the drugs it's the grief

No. 524612

File: 1527543333656.jpeg (239.01 KB, 750x805, 06F94900-C201-4782-A845-C210AF…)

Oh shit.

Haha I saw these too and was cracking up!

No. 524614


I really do hope Dasha gets help at the end of the day, she is clearly hurt and lashing out in almost sociopathic ways. Girl needs a therapist and some self love.

No. 524616

Right? Fucking hilarious. Between him and Julia, our cup runneth over with glorious milk.

No. 524617


Yeah, it’s actually quite scary, the lengths she has gone to and the time she has invested in harassing Mina is nothing short of psychotic. Mina is a bit of a twit and Edwin is cringe personified but them being annoying cows pales in comparison to Trasha’s sociopathy. She should be committed.

No. 524619

She really should be committed. People like her always end up on some Crime Investigation Discovery show. It never ends well with people like her.

No. 524623


Is it possible that Cyr is scared of leaving Dasha? it may seem farfetched but breaking up with her could lead to some kind of violent outburst, she just seems psychotic.

No. 524628

that syd bitch needs to shut the fuck up.

if dasha was posting revenge porn on her, posting her passport and full name, and overall just being a creepy fuck, i think she too would want to make a youtube video about it. how is that milking the drama? it’s defending you and your girlfriend

again, if dasha did half this stuff to me, i would want to ruin her life. that shit isn’t cool.

i don’t get why people give mina and edwin a hard time for “liking drama”. we all love drama, everyone who used this form loves drama. who cares? it doesn’t change the fact that dasha is a pychotic bitch(newfaggotry & ban evasion)

No. 524634

i don’t think therapy could help dasha, she is too far gone.

No. 524636

she’ll probably hide her ip address (really easy to do) and continue posting on here and insulting mina and edwin. sad, really. how does she have that much free time to harass mina? doesh’t she have a boyfriend, friends, a modeling career? it’s unbelievable to me that she sits on this thread and talks shit with her time. i couldn’t even do that and i’m just a student at uni

No. 524638

File: 1527546851302.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, 71BD578F-7346-4A97-965A-72B4E0…)

She’s posting in her other ig. I think she’s just brushing it off and deleted her Twitter so her stabs could feel bad tbh(namefagging)

No. 524641


No. 524642

She's replying to comments right now too. I tried DMing her to ask her if she was going to respond but she has it turned off or something. I don't want to comment because Mina will probably block people who do lol. These are some serious allegations and she's just posting like normal so weird.

No. 524645

what’s up with all the namefaggers right now

No. 524646

Annnnnd she's gone private.

No. 524647

File: 1527547295179.jpeg (241.18 KB, 750x893, 4D9CD458-4C58-4984-8B91-7210C7…)

I love reading live accounts of the shit Dasha does to turn everyone against Mina, literal fucking psychopath. Kek

R.I.P little ones

No. 524648

Okay I honestly hate Dasha and I am a Mina fan but I kind of feel bad for dasha. Even tho she’s a psychotic bitch. Her ig thot friends are all leaving her and following Mina and shit idk it’s just kind of sad

No. 524649

Thats kinda what happens when you find out your friend is a psychotic liar hellbent on making some girls life a misery tbh. If dasha was my friend feeding me all this BS about mina and then finding all this shit out? You'd bet your ass I'd leave that toxic waste behind, Because you'd never know when she'd suddenly get obsessed with you and start that twinning shit. Dasha deserves all this heat, Don't feel sad for her. If she does work on herself and get help this is better for her, If not then well the more people out of harms way the better.

No. 524650

i wonder what dasha is really doing right now lol, i feel like she is biting into a pillow screaming or breaking the windows or something while posting chill stories trying to seem cool lol

No. 524653

If you are new to lolcow I suggest you read the rules and don't namefag. You will be tempbanned for it.

No. 524654

Thanks, Farmhand.

Hopefully seeking several therapists.

No. 524657

You feel bad because people have found out she's manipulative and a completely psychotic different person to what they had portrayed themselves? You tend to not want to associate with someone who is now known to try to destroy your life at the moment you try to leave or upset them. Ok 'mina fan'.

No. 524658

Sorry for samefagging but yes, exactly. Would anyone really want to risk being associated with Trasha now she's been outed as an obsessive, nasty bitch? Especially if you'd defended them all the time only to find out they were wrong and to a much larger extent than the other party. Edwin and Mina are cringy ass attention whores but everything they've said pales in comparison to posting revenge porn, stalking, and doxxing someone under the guise of being a loving, wonderful person who is 'over it'.

No. 524664

i went through all her posts on here and had a good laugh. i’ve never seen someone so hypocritical that they’d preach to “love girls!!! i’m a huge ass feminist love me” on their twitter and turn around and slut shame and mock one for her apperance

No. 524665

i don’t feel bad for her, at fucking all. in my opinion, she isn’t getting enough hate.

No. 524666

Would anyone really want to risk being associated with Trasha now she's been outed as an obsessive, nasty bitch? Especially if you'd defended them all the time only to find out they were wrong and to a much larger extent than the other party

i don’t know man. i’m seeing a few fans so brainwashed they’ll still follow her and believe her even though she’s clearly insane :/

No. 524670

dasha has to be in love with mina, by the way, that explains some of the obsessiveness

No. 524673

She certainly acts like a lover scorned.

No. 524676

Edwin is live rn on YouTube answering questions if anyone wants to watch and get screen caps. I can’t right

No. 524682

There's a difference between fans who only feel relevant when someone (dasha) tosses them a bone so hang on so relentlessly and her Instagram ho buddies who are more out for their self image.

No. 524687

Edwin said on his livestream that in the part 2 he will be talking about a big accusation against Mina so i think it will be the sugardaddy shit. The second part will be up either tomorrow or on Wednesday and will not be based solely on the forum

No. 524689

I just started watching and here is what I caught so far:

- He is still doing the second dasha video
- he is happy dasha deleted her socials because he doesn't want her to get hate (lol sure)
- he almost felt bad for Onision because onion boy left a supportive comment and people were tearing him a new arsehole within minutes. he did not feel bad though because onion went again the "holy spirit of youtube" shane dawson (lol wut)
- he will talk about the instagram models calling out dasha in his second video
- edwin thinks cyr was a good person but is not sure anymore
- he can't give immigration dashas details because he doesn't know her full name
- he was talking to some twitch streamer girl while mina was poly with dasha and cyr when mina started flirting with him and telling him how shit things were all of a sudden.
- he said dasha did the whole nazi spiel in front of their "jewish friend" after only knowing cyr for about a month and cyr never cared.

No. 524694

File: 1527552745262.jpeg (924.25 KB, 2022x1763, FD3BA346-6296-4DA3-A51C-668579…)

Holy shit, when did I miss this?! Dasha tried to feed Mina laxatives?! What the fuck!

No. 524695

edwin said in the stream that he hopes his part 2 video will be the last time that he ever has to speak about dasha.

No. 524698

File: 1527553996014.jpeg (344.78 KB, 1826x1370, 8B0CD1B4-D30C-4266-9788-EFBBA6…)

L O L, Dasha’s on IG pretending that her lips are real. Brb going to the bathroom to cry of laughter

No. 524725

Cyr's the same edgelord who does serial killer ASMR and built a persona around being school shooter-esque. He probably gets off on Dasha's crazy and sees it as a "cute but psycho" thing, and I don't doubt she's up for whatever weird fantasy he wants. If he wants to fuck other girls she's "poly" so she'll be up for it as long as she can also wear the other girl's skin. He probably sees her as the sweetest deal he's going to get because of his age, fading relevancy and haggard appearance.

No. 524727

No. 524734

What’s this? It won’t load
Kek, agree with everything you said. Cyr thinks Dasha is the one because she has a social following, fans that cater to her, and their relationship makes cute uwu “relationship goals” to stupid teenage girls. Cyr is a pretentious stuck up cunt, yeah he loves the attention Dasha gets him.

No. 524738

File: 1527558106909.png (655.47 KB, 1126x1028, Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 2.41…)

No. 524742

It is hilarious to me that this bitch thinks people will believe her. I know a facial plastic surgeon well and I have had fillers and I can confirm without a doubt that she has been injected. I even asked the surgeon and they were surprised I even asked as it is SOOO obvious.

No. 524747

Damn. Not only was she cursed with small ass chomo lips, her actual lip shape is also really unflattering.

No. 524754

File: 1527560033491.jpeg (148.2 KB, 1054x675, 3AA9CDB1-AB5A-44C6-B0F8-680102…)

I imagine Edwin salivating like a crazy addict who’s finally getting his fix of drama. Still agree with him though, lol.

No. 524756

File: 1527560049704.jpeg (90.89 KB, 750x398, 6547C991-BC53-4A91-ADFE-F71082…)

No. 524757

File: 1527560097614.png (308.83 KB, 1038x662, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.12…)

holy shit, how did we never notice that the screenshot has the little stats icon in the corner? thats only available if its your own tweet. we're blind lmao

No. 524776

what's up with @laetytiyah on instagram constantly defending dasha (on Mina's posts, neaphs' posts, and on anti-Dasha posts)? Is it just an extreme stan or..?

No. 524779

well this basically puts a nail in her whole defense

No. 524797


She basically did an Ogreasion and flew Mina out to be poly so yeah, I think you might be right

No. 524821

>a psychotic bitch
>thot friends all leaving
?? It's not sad. You get the fuck away from someone as soon as you find out they are like this.

No. 524829

No yeah I know lol what she’s done is no excuse. I just like to see the good in everyone. I feel like she’s the type of person that wants to connect with someone really badly like wants to be just like them “ bff twins” like how she’s doing with her blonde friend atm she tries so hard to look like her. That’s why I felt bad lol she just seems like she’s so lonely inside! But what she did isn’t right at all. I really hope she seeks help and leave Mina and Edwin alone

No. 524859

I get what you mean, but she fucked herself over. If her and Mina had a falling out and she was self posting here, I'd still be like whatever, she's a weirdo, but deleting Mina's instagram, the passport photo leak, Mina's real name and the naked photo thing creeped me out big time. White knighting yourself online is one thing, but this is next level crazy and dangerous.

No. 524866

Wait, what? Dasha posted revenge porn of Mina? What the actual fuck? That's worse than doxxing

No. 524875

Yes. She stole a nude photo from Mina's phone and posted it on lolcow.


No. 524894

you're itsbabydash1fan, aren't you?
Pay more attention to cropping the picture you post next time

No. 524896

File: 1527583172939.jpeg (207.49 KB, 750x601, 3EF5E128-6912-46F7-A5DE-E9D213…)

It seems like Mina is calling her out directly on her page as well now

No. 524898

this was posted already. 11 hours ago

No. 524925


She actually does seem capable of serious harm. The situation is just creepy as hell.

No. 524933

File: 1527589818201.png (610.13 KB, 924x590, Screenshot at May 29 12-27-19.…)

Her fans are blind to believe this is facetune…

No. 524971

Her fans have shown on multiple occasions that they are blind to her psychopathy and shooping.

No. 524973


What's the backstory behind flying her out?

No. 524975

Dasha told people that she wanted to bring Mina out to 'destroy' her. When Mina came to the USA, Dasha got her to agree to a poly relationship with her and cyr.
She also tried to get Mina to overstay her visa. I honestly think Dasha was in love with Mina. What else would explain the hate?

No. 524976


whoa holy shit. Did they ever like.. meet irl before that? Or is that all cyberstalking before that?

No. 524977


They only talked online. Its all very sketchy

No. 524978

All cyber stalking before that

No. 524980

Do you think Cyr knew she was posting here and all that crazy shit? Admin said that 3 iphones were used so probably also his one…

No. 524981

I think he was probably complicit.

No. 524984


I really want to believe he just pretended it wasnt happening and purposefully ignored it. I just cant wrap my head around that, its too fucked up.

No. 524988

She has a proclivity for going through people's phones so it's possible he wasn't aware. He also has a drinking problem which she seems to encourage, so I'm sure she finds time to "borrow" it..

No. 524990

Lol Dasha really fucked up by posting here so much. What a dumbass. Such a good cackle reading all the shit she posted. Just holy fuck

No. 524991

So I finally got around to watching the "Edwin and Mina get Kicked Out by Cyr and Dasha | Sharing Our Story." on edwin's channel.

I need more clarification…
Were Cyr and Mina in a long distance relationship before breaking up?
Did they breakup because Cyr cheated on Mina with Dasha?
Was Dasha mad about how Cyr wouldn't get it up while Mina was with them? Like… was she planning on filming a drunk rapey sex tape?

No. 525006

Kek, calm down its a fake account.

No. 525016

My god the girl basically RUINED her face with god knows what! In this blond photo she looks young, healthy, and vibrant. Where as now she looks like Joan Rivers or something. Maybe that’s why she’s so jealous of Mina. She has such a scary face now, and at such a young age. Usually it takes a girl until 30-35 years before they sport that common “Lion Lady” face.

No. 525018

File: 1527615806641.jpeg (111.68 KB, 815x523, 537A9DFA-4591-490A-B84B-7A33A3…)

Went over to check Dasha’s thread on PULL and they found out she had her double chin injected. On one of her last livestreams last week, she was implying that she’s never had anything done to her face and said that she was planning to get her jaw injected to even it out and make her chin appear less fat. She already had this procedure done months ago. Kek

Note: the circled parts are proof that’s it’s Dasha. I know some of you don’t think she has a Monroe piercing, but I’ll post proof for that next~

No. 525019

File: 1527615946160.jpeg (158.57 KB, 750x1334, FAA25ED2-7A2A-4401-B85D-555DC0…)

The lips that her “mama gave her”

Kek, Dasha I’ve seen what your mother looks like. Beautiful woman, but her lips are small, exactly like your natural ones. :)

No. 525021

File: 1527616055965.jpeg (151.99 KB, 750x928, 33711B65-0F9E-4D0E-9AB3-4F4608…)

No. 525030

I'm absolutely not a Dasha stan and I KNOW she has had her lips injected because you would be a retard to think she didn't, but isn't the other photo of the monroe piercing on the other side?

No. 525033


the receipt on her drink is flipped indicating its a flipped photo

No. 525035

File: 1527618473648.jpeg (207.3 KB, 750x1113, 59C82CD7-4140-4E8C-804C-BE30F6…)

No one cares about her having lip injections, it’s the fact she’s lying about it and trying to pass herself as natural to her teenage audience.

Her friend phiphibb liked the photo.

No. 525036

I do believe that it's flipped, but the receipt isn't good proof of that. It just looks like a wet receipt stuck on a cup.


This is better. It even looks like the lower part of Dasha's face.

No. 525048


but it says CAFE and TIME backwards?? unless people print backwards on receipts, this pic is flipped

No. 525055

File: 1527620024186.jpeg (130.88 KB, 750x928, 9C7C92B0-0F65-4ABE-B637-2EFA4D…)

Flipped it. It’s blurry, but you can tell it says cafe!

Some people just come here to be negative nancies and to argue with other farmers.

No. 525058

Yeah you are right. Sorry I didn't see it was flipped :/ haha yeah they definitely look like her lips!

No. 525061

I wasn't denying that it wasn't flipped, I even said that it was. To me it looked like a face up receipt that got wet and made it see-through. Some people want to argue even when you're agreeing with them.

Yeah comparing the lips is proof enough on its own, especially with the monroe.

No. 525064


It’s a sticker that lets the barista know what you ordered, so they don’t have to write on the cups anymore. It’s thick.

On another note that’s a pretty big Monroe scar, unless it’s still open…but I doubt it since she doesn’t ever seem to wear anything in it and the back heals up pretty fast.

No. 525065

File: 1527621677956.png (87.87 KB, 835x768, californiarapelaws.png)

Cyr is really lucky he couldn't get it up when Dasha was pressuring him to perform when Mina was living with him.

Dasha nearly ruined his life.

No. 525066

I missed this part. Did Dasha pressure him to have sex with Mina while Mina was intoxicated?

No. 525067

Holy shit. That is so psychotic. Poor Mina!

No. 525070

Yeah I believe I remember Mina saying that Cyr cheated on her with Dasha but Cyr cheated with multiple different girls. I genuinely think it was the fact that Mina was one of the only of Cyr’s public girlfriends before Dasha and Dasha came in to swoop in and control Cyr and grew an insane obsession for Mina because she can never truly be or have Mina

No. 525071

This video is a year old and is way too fucking long. Timestamp 29:32 where it describes how Dasha was putting down Cyr because they hadn't had sex during the time Mina was living with them.

Reminder that this is when Mina, Dasha and Cyr were sharing a bed together.
Remember that this is after Dasha pressured and, in Mina's opinion, coerced her into being in a polyamourous relationship with Cyr and Dasha.
Remember that Dasha and Cyr were getting Mina drunk on wine every night and Dasha was pressuring her every night about how she wants to share Cyr with Mina.
Also remember that Cyr cheated on Mina with Dasha which led to them breaking up in the first place.

No. 525076

The thing that made me like… the maddest I guess? Is that Mina is sitting there talking about how she got to know Dasha and how she thought Dasha was kind of nice or whatever… and her IRL friends are telling her NOOOO. STALKER NO. NO. NO DON'T GO TO AMERICA NO. And not once does she say her friends were right about Dasha!

How many times and how close has this girl been to being found dead in a ditch? Jeeeezus.

No. 525096

Is edwin gonna post a second video today or?

No. 525100

Yeah, Mina isn't the best example of self-preservation
But then again, she probably got use to crash on random people houses.
It has been imply many times she doesn't have a stable home, and definitely have a shitty relationship with her mom since Mina couldn't even present Edwin to her.
It's sad, and Dasha knew about that and still explode Mina.

No. 525101


I think it's interesting how Dasha projects her insecurities on to other people. Back when she and Mina were still friendly and living together, I remember her tweeting a picture of profile shot of Mina sleeping, and she had edited it to give Mina an exaggerated double chin. (Unfortunately I don't have screen snaps of this, it was so long ago.) It was played off as a joke but I thought it was weird to edit picture of your friends to make them look ugly. I didnt even think about the weirdness of taking pictures of people sleeping. Foreshadowing, I guess.

No. 525102

File: 1527625905832.png (82.51 KB, 720x552, 20180529_222909.png)

Yuup its definatly your choice,not because you dont have a models body..or a models face
All agencies are fighting for beautiful one and only dasha but she is too good for them

No. 525103

Also it's likely she's in the country illegally which makes it impossible for her to be signed lol..

No. 525106

That just makes Dasha so much worse IMO. She can see this is a vulnerable girl that's going to be very easy to prey on.
Does Dasha even have any family? Or have they all disowned her for her single white female act?

No. 525110

Shit, now I wonder how many pics she has taken of Mina without her knowledge. She's fucking insane. I agree that she has this crazy love-hate going on.

No. 525125

Remember that when Mina lived with Dasha, Dasha had access to her phone. Dasha has pictures Mina has taken of herself that she's never posted.
Dasha has pictures that Dasha has deleted off of Mina's insta.
Dasha has posted naked pictures that Mina took of herself that she never shared with anyone.

No. 525144

Yeah I meant that in addition to all the stolen pics, I wonder how many times Dasha photographed Mina (like with >>525101)

No. 525165

Dasha clearly is a very broken girl, I mean did you see that part in Edwin's video where Dasha was crying to a Melanie Martinez song "Pacify her" and literally turned to Mina and said these lyrics relate to them both. Literally psychotic and I hope she gets help, she seems borderline dangerous. Why is nobody reporting her to authorities?

No. 525177

That's what I don't get… If Edwin and Mina are so sick of her why are they not filing a case? I mean he filed one against Cyr over his things and this is a lot more serious than that.

No. 525180

I think they will, tbh it wouldn't surprise me if Dasha is controlling Cyr and he is scared to leave her etc.

No. 525185

Really? Hasn't he been really shitty to most of his exes and left them easily? I'm not buying this whole master manipulator thing with her lol I think he knows she's batshit but he's into it.. Believe it or not there are some men that are into women like Dasha. That or she has serious dirt on him.

No. 525187

Yeah he is notorious for that, idk all i know is that whatever it is, they're both fuckeddd up people.

No. 525189

I can't tell if it's some Single White Female shit where she wants to crawl inside Mina's skin or if she has romantic feelings for Mina but she's so fucked up that she doesn't know the difference between romance and hatred.

Edwin's been asking questions like 'How can a british girl get a restraining order on an illegal in the US?' They literally don't know the questions to ask or who to ask them to. And Edwin is the one between the two of them that has any like… spine. Mina would have straight up been pressured into staying with her stalker if he wasn't there telling her she didn't have to stay in a situation that made her cry.

I bet you she's filmed some of the rough sex shit that would look reeeaal incriminating. She's already posted nudes of Mina as revenge.

No. 525194

I don't think Dasha wants to be Mina even though she kind of stole Cyr from her.. I do think she really liked Mina when they met and wanted to be with both of them and then when shit went sour and they both had the same kind of style Dasha just wanted to get rid of her. Dasha is clearly obsessed with Instagram so she wanted to be more popular and she wanted to warn all her "model" friends about Mina (or her perception of her) and she went waaay too far with it.

Even so, if they filmed things like that consensually and she tried to turn it into something else we know Dasha is the type to threaten so I'm sure Cyr has texts of her threatening him if that were the case. Blackmailing is illegal so she'd be incriminating herself.

No. 525197

Getting a restraining order is really hard, and if you're not even in the same country, forget it. Sad but that's how it is. Warning others is probably the best they can do.

He's not with her because she's hot, that's for sure - I remember him saying that he wasn't into her initially because he prefers 'art hoes' and isn't into 'insta hoes' (those were the terms used)

No. 525201

I'm not even talking about the restraining order I know that's hard I'm talking about the posting her nude photos and passport.. That is illegal is California. It doesn't matter if Mina lives overseas she could still fight this. Especially if Dasha was the only one that could've had those photos. And admins on here already have the IP address they were posted from even if it was removed.

No. 525212

Guys, Dasha’s main instagram account is back.

Dasha was copying Mina before she even flew her over. She even went to the hairdresser with a photo of Mina and asked to get the same haircut. I have a screen shot somewhere, I’m going to see if I can find it.

But yeah, I don’t think she wants to be Mina either. She’s just really really mentally ill and has these sorts of issues with girls all the time. This is some deep-seated shit.

No. 525221

File: 1527638032186.png (1.97 MB, 750x1334, D66FB90C-7D00-48BF-94BE-F59679…)

Hmmm. Thoughts?

No. 525223

File: 1527638135030.png (3.94 MB, 750x1334, 0BFA45FC-921E-47BF-939B-6FB4C0…)

Jacklyn is hanging out with Dasha right now and liking her photos. She has to know what’s going on considering Onision was tweeting about it?

No. 525227

Jaclyn is addicted to drama and attention, so of course she's going to latch on to the object of the newest controversy. She's honestly the worst and I'm not at all surprised.

No. 525231

This is all recent? you'd figure Jacklyn would watch Edwin's video considering she's been complaining that she needs to 'not have toxic people in her life'. If she defends Dasha in all of this I'll honestly be disappointed in her.

No. 525232

File: 1527638901757.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, 950BE8BC-0308-4E89-A3C9-3234F4…)

Edwin is so stupid. he doesnt want to upload today because he doesn’t want Dasha to gain followers, but right now is the time to do it seeing as she re-activated her account.

I thought she had a little more integrity, shame. It just came to me that Dasha opened her ig again to gain followers from Jaclyn’s shout out.

No. 525240


You're absolutely right, she's trying to gain followers even in the midst of the controversy. What a scumbag lol

No. 525247


Jaclyn can't help but latch on to narcissists because she's most likely an inverted one herself.

Bad move, Jaclyn.

No. 525265

I know right? Wasn't Jaclyn hanging out with Edwin not too long ago too? Maybe Jaclyn is trying to get to Trisha since Dasha was at her bday.

No. 525266

File: 1527642200548.png (1.09 MB, 774x730, glenn.PNG)

I went through her twitter to see if I can find a post where she was hanging out with him. Jaclyn is an idiot for sure.

No. 525268

File: 1527642345610.png (489.93 KB, 1242x2208, DF42C6C3-462E-4551-A93E-F41DDF…)

People are trash honestly… why the fuck is this whore getting more followers????
Itsbabydash should be losing followers!!!

No. 525273

This is just speculation but I think Jaclyn is just being an idiot and genuinely doesn’t know the drama on dasha yet. I know dasha and jaclyn were close on social media and liked each others pics and Dasha would comment on how pretty she is and whatnot, probably bc they both mutually hated Onision. It’s possible they bumped into each other since they both live in downtown LA and jaclyn just took pics with her since I don’t think they’ve ever met. Plus from what I’ve seen from her blargh streams she mostly gets drama details from her followers.

No. 525281

Jaclyn has shown time and time again she has very poor taste in people so it’s safe to say she knows and thinks is giving her the benefit of the doubt, despite all evidence Dasha is a loon

No. 525284

revenge porn is illegal for sure but mina is in the UK and edwin isn't the victim so it might be difficult

No. 525286

She’s still following Edwin on IG, maybe you’re right!

She definitely should be losing followers. Edwin needs to drop that second video now before the heat dies down and she decides to lock her shit again.

No. 525311


Jaclyn is such a cringey “I used to be a christian and now I’m an atheist, I’m so smart!” narcissistic 3edgy5me cat lady, this is not surprising in the slightest. She’s a fucking retard.

No. 525321

Jfc, I already disliked Cracklyn but this makes me dislike her even more. She is so desperate for attention, she can’t help inserting herself into other peoples drama. She’s so annoying. Plus she’s in her thirties, she needs to stop trying to be emo/scene circa 2007 and get some friends her own age,

No. 525374

This fucking thot, please. JG is an attention whore of the highest order and also fuck her.

No. 525375

Good, let her start to skinwalk Jacklyn.

No. 525381


oh wow, i had no clue JG was 30.

No. 525398

Really? She’s haggard as fuck. She could pass for 40. Trying to dress/act like the teenagers she associates with gives me massive second hand embarrassment. Jessie is 19 and more mature/accomplished/seemingly together than this wigged-up Gollum.

No. 525400


honestly? she's ugly af,a 25 year old doesn't look drastically different than a 30 year old in a lot of cases unless they've had a rough life. A lot of the time they are more mature though.. and she is not.

No. 525402


I can’t stand her. She’s a plagiarist and not nearly as clever as she thinks she is. I don’t think Julia will skinwalk her though, she’s too ugly and basic (even though she tries to be an edgelord)

No. 525405

I agree, she’s an ugly bitch. And immature. And stupid. Good company for trasha to be keeping.

No. 525408

File: 1527658262355.jpeg (26.98 KB, 750x135, 7448E6B9-08D3-4203-A350-9F762F…)

Dasha just followed doedeere, lmfao.

No. 525411

File: 1527658509691.jpeg (113.36 KB, 750x551, EE125FC6-C720-4E01-AEAC-A86F70…)


No. 525417


that's awful for cyr… don't like the guy, but i wish he had someone who could actually be supportive for him about this. I just can't imagine dasha being the one

No. 525420

File: 1527660105580.jpeg (60.95 KB, 750x314, 43B4D9A5-39E9-445F-9BDA-CB6C7A…)

All I know is I hope he’s not lying about something this sensitive to get the heat off himself, but yeah you’re absolutely right about him having 0 support from Dasha. She’s literally on IG liking photos right now. For once, I feel a bad for Cyr.

No. 525426

ffs Edwin needs to stop dragging his feet and post the second video already. The milk is starting to curdle.

No. 525427

I actually love Jaclyn and think she is very intelligent and funny. However she repeatedly seems to let manipulative and just shitty people get close to her, I think she is just easily fooled and this is also the case. At this point I think dasha tries anything to backstab edwin and since Jaclyn is also his friend its fishy they JUST NOW went out. I think she’s using Jaclyn and I am convinced if she knew everything she would NOT associate with Dasha… it would at least go against everything she has preached so far.

I feel sorry for Cyr. This stuff is the worst. I truly hope Dasha can manage to emotionally support him

No. 525428

it's insane how Dasha looks like a completely different person in the photos she's in with other people. Idk why she thinks those brows are doing her any favors but homegirl needs go look up how to do brows that compliment her face shape. Jaclyn makes her look like a rip off/dollar store Khaleesi.

No. 525431

I'm just curious how she's able to even be considered a model. All of her instagram photos aren't even her. I know in the industry editing photos somewhat is normal. But she's way too obsessed with photoshop and facetune to where it (in my opinion) disqualifies her in having a REAL modeling gig because that's not her real face or features. No wonder she isn't signed. But that's just my opinion.

No. 525432

Idk if its because it has been revealed just how big of a snake she is but i find her absolutely repulsive

No. 525433

It seems fishy to me. Wouldn’t be surprised if Dasha made him say that considering she got him to lie about cyr’s brother making everyone leave their apartment, yet they just replaced Edwin with that dude simon she was weirdly obsessed with

No. 525434

i think cyr wouldnt take it this far, after all it is his father’s life we’re talking about.

No. 525437

Why not? There's a whole range of options here.

how do you know it's even him using his phone? We already know he's an alcoholic and that Dasha doesn't mind getting into other people's phones.

Alternately, how bad is it for him now that he's alone with Dasha to manipulate him? She might have him thinking it's not even that bad because if he doesn't say something to get the heat off her she'll try to kill herself. 'Do you want to be alone without anyone, with me knowing what I know' that kind of shit.

No. 525439


Yeah, no. Intelligent people don’t repeatedly get themselves into the same sort of unfortunate situations as she does. I don’t think she’s entirely stupid, but I wouldn’t call her clever by any stretch. Do I think she would willingly associate with Putin having been privy to all the gory details of what’s gone down re: this spectacular trainwreck? Absofuckinglutely. She loves drama. How much do you want to bet that she makes some sort of holier than thou statement about not taking sides and giving people the benefit of the doubt?

No. 525440

That's a major tinfoil. I also don't think he would lie about this, he might be manipulated by her but thinking like this goes a bit far. We have enough milk, there's no need to make up stuff without any proof.

No. 525441

I actually think that JG is the one person she can stand next to and actually look better. If we didn’t know how much of a cunt she is, we’d probably be less invested in nitpicking her appearance. World’s worst shooping notwithstanding, of course.

No. 525442


Mike is a twat but I don’t think he’d stoop to the level of making something like that up. If he was really in “damage control” mode vis a vis the revelation that his girlfriend is a prize lunatic (as if he didn’t already know) he would ghost on all his platforms in order to avoid engaging with anyone, full stop. I think this is legit “I know my girlfriend is psychotic, but I’ve got more important things to worry about”.

No. 525447

Of course the bitch obsessed with milking drama with onision will try it with fem!onision lmao

No. 525449

I am so pissed at edwin for not realising the second video,he is a fucking moron,he ruined it for everyone and himself

No. 525451

Has he said that he’s not releasing it at all? I thought he was just waiting. Either way, he’s a fucking idiot.

No. 525453


On his livechat he said he was planning on discussing Vincent as well. I’m more interested in that than Julia at this stage tbh, seeing as us farmers probably know more about the situation than everyone else on account of us actually interacting with Putin’s insanity

No. 525454

anon don't be that dramatic. The followers she gained are for sure bought as a damage control. Nothing is ruined yet, it's just a beginning I hope

No. 525455

I like your optimism, anon. Semi tinfoil, but given how fucking crazy dasha has proved herself to be, surely there must be other loony shit she’s done/people she’s done it to. Maybe not on this scale of autism but there’s gotta be some skeletons rattling around in closets. Possibly literally (but not really, I don’t think she’s that unhinged…)

No. 525456

That’s what I’ve been wanting to know. Edwin has mentioned multiple times about people contacting Mina before and after she met Dasha, to let her know about shit she’s done to them.

I think mentioning Cyr is going to be a really bad idea in the next coming video, he really should’ve uploaded sooner like he originally planned. Now they’re going to look bad once again, because of Cyr’s situation. If Edwin is smart, he’ll edit that out and leave it for another day, as much as I’d love to hear about the possible shady shit Cyr does.

No. 525457

Exactly, anon. Edwin knows that if he says anything remotely disparaging about Cyr now he’ll get dragged for being a big booly because Cyr is having a hard time. Edwin isn’t completely stupid (as much as we like to think he is) so I bet he is kicking himself for not releasing the video sooner in light of Cyr’s tweet. If he has any sense he’ll just edit those parts out and preface/append the video with a PSA re: why he has done so.

No. 525459

As much as I want to see the next video and see that lunatic exposed once again, I kind of wish Edwin will give Cyr a break, cut out the bits about him or something. Not that he deserves any kindness but like… man. Bad timing. He has a lot going on currently.

No. 525463

Isn’t it interesting that Cyr’s family and friends always get sick or die whenever Dasha is exposed? Let’s be realistic here, cyr is a cow and is lying for sympathy.

No. 525464

Where’s your proof?

No. 525465

Honestly, strokes happen ALL the time and they are very often not very bad at all. Even if someone has a huge stroke, they can usually go in and release the clot and the person will almost immediately recover. I worked with a neurosurgeon for a couple of years and I saw him fix stroke patients all the time. I have also seen people in ER with strokes that had little to no deficit. If he said his dad was critical, I may care more, but with current information in hand, I think he is looking for sympathy to get the heat off Dasha. I mean, isn’t it coincidental that his friend that I never saw him name, died just after the last time Dasha was exposed and now his dad has a stroke just after she was exposed again. Sorry, but I just don’t believe him. But even if it is true, I have to admit that I don’t care or feel sorry for cyr. Cyr is just as bad as the others and I wish people would stop white knighting that piece of hunan garbage.

No. 525473

File: 1527678170707.png (73.69 KB, 720x432, 20180530_130153.png)

Oh boy

No. 525475

File: 1527678271940.png (130.68 KB, 720x854, 20180530_130442.png)

No. 525479

What will happend if we all reported dashas instagram?

No. 525483

Lmfao, savage anon is savage. Completely agree with you, although I do hope nothing bad happens to his father!
Holy mother of shit. Cyr, you really dun goofed this time. If Edwin sees this and goes about it carefully, it’ll be the complete and utter end of Dasha and CO.

also, not surprised that Cyr is a slimy grease ball, that dude has always made my alarms go off like crazy.

No. 525489

I completely forgot about his “friend” who died, good recall anon.

If he is lying then he is as much a POS as his psycho bitch girlfriend and I hope Edwin eviscerates him. And soon, because this is becoming painful.

No. 525490

We all know Edwin lurks so if he hadn’t seen it before, he has now!

No. 525494

Sorry for being the asshole now, but I don't believe it.
I wouldn't doubt that Julia manipulated him into saying this so people will be on their side when Edwins second video drops. They then can sperg about what a horrible person Edwin is for posting his video while Mike's in such a situation, in hope to get fans back.

No. 525496

I'm the one who ran the itsbabytrash IG account and Dasha's main account was reactivated not an hour after my account was removed for boolying - I kept tagging her sponsors in my posts and it was gaining follows and comments quickly. She had it blocked on Neuphs too. I'm blocked from making another account, but I really wanted to upload the skin agency pics and the video of her admitting to her intentions of ruining Edwin's life. Maybe someone else wants to take a stab at it…

No. 525499

Can we report her acc for bullying too?

No. 525503

There's not going to be any action taken because she doesn't publicly harass people with it. You can report her but to what end? It'd be better to alert other people to her fuckery rather than trying to mess with her account and 'victimize' her (lol)

No. 525504

Instagram has blocked your phone? That's ridiculous!

No. 525507

File: 1527684518090.png (31.04 KB, 433x351, unknown (1).png)

Yep, I tried to make a new account on my phone, didn't work, then went on my computer with a proxy and still got the error message that I was blocked from making a new account and I was too lazy to spoof my useragent and go to all that length. The nazi salute post was removed first, then I posted a screenshot with a hint to look for it on Youtube and the account was gone a bit later. RIP

No. 525513

Wow that sucks :(

No. 525563

File: 1527695275311.jpeg (4.63 KB, 200x69, download.jpeg)

post the nazi salute on liveleaks.com

No. 525564

* www.liveleak.com/

No. 525575

No. 525597

After reading the comments, I have decided that Liveleaks is the internet equivalent of a toilet.

No. 525608

File: 1527702696600.png (74.38 KB, 800x448, LiveLeak-infographic.png)

No. 525636

I watched the live stream Edwin did a few days ago after he dropped the first video and noticed he got a fair amount of small donations during the stream from his teen fans. I counted about $60 worth. He was also promoting his Patreon and encouraging ppl to donate there. I am sure he will do another live show after he drops part two. No way he wants this drama with Dasha to end anytime soon kek.

No. 525687

File: 1527712087871.png (955.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180530-222752.png)

I hate jaclyn so much

No. 525690

It amazes me that either of them has "fans." Their looks and personalities are both just fucking terrible.

No. 525697

I love their washout look, the skeleton and the lioness face.

No. 525698

Jaclyn comes across pretty well imho

No. 525701

Why is Dasha posting photos on ig and such when her boyfriends father had a stroke? I’d be looking into plane tickets instead of liking other insta-hoes pictures.

No. 525718


I hate the ugly dumb cunt too. Has she actually commented on the situation yet?

No. 525720

File: 1527715919150.png (414.81 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-05-30-15-30-35…)

10/10 the most supportive girlfriend on the world

No. 525721


kek I wonder if dasha is posting with that horsey grim reaper because a) she’s desperate for friends with a following, b) standing next to someone that hideous makes her look better or c) all of the above

No. 525783

Edwin isn’t going to post until tomorrow, as supposedly someone with new info and receipts has come forward.

No. 525784

Because I think Cyr is probably making it up to get the heat off Dasha, or it is just a tiny stroke like a transient ischemic attack, which lots of people have almost no effects from.

No. 525787

File: 1527728040075.jpeg (402.05 KB, 1242x1807, EFD9036C-69C7-43AF-B27E-7B50BD…)

Someone got defensive lol. God Dasha is a cunt.

No. 525796


looks like Edwin’s video has attracted a lot of newfags.

No. 525807

If he's making it up that's pretty fucked. It is weird how every time Dasha gets into deep shit something dramatic happens.

No. 525812

File: 1527731581873.png (75.74 KB, 730x417, edwin.png)

Deportation incoming?

No. 525837

I hate this bitch so much. Edwin better have some fresh milk in his next video.

No. 525838

Either that or they’re going to take action for the revenge porn. Or better yet, both!

No. 525864

Did anyone catch Jaclyn's younow earlier adressing the drama with Dasha? She basically said that it's not any of her business and she doesn't know Dasha well enough to judge her. Girl, a quick search to educate yourself on the type of people you're associating with doesn't hurt. I'm so dissappointed in Jaclyn tbh, but then again she's just as drama hungry as anyone.

No. 525868

That’s exactly what I said she would do further up thread. And I wouldn’t have been the only one to predict it. She’s so fucking transparent. She’s a haggard old cat lady whose life is so boring and pathetic she has to insert herself into the drama of others and then leverage said drama to pretend that she’s so mature and so high and mighty for not taking sides. Stupid cunt. No wonder Social Retard got sick of her.

No. 525875

File: 1527738562272.jpeg (279.49 KB, 748x1103, F82F8C2A-065D-4451-8743-09A523…)

No. 525880


Those are fighting words, this video had better not be an anticlimax.

No. 525887

I'm sorry but Edwins dramatic posts and the 13 year olds responding telling him to spill the tea papi have me laughing.. I'm ready for this mess!

No. 525899


"Guise pls donate to my kickstart so we can sue dasha, and mina can buy more ugly wigs kthx"

Everybody here who keeps tinfoiling about trasha's legal status in the US is dumb as hell. Cant y'all just call/email one of the "companies" she modeled for (Lime Crime for example) and ask them about her status? Cause if they paid her while she's in a tourist visa , THEY can get in a lot of trouble.

As an end note, it wouldn't surprise me if this all ends up with cyr marrying dasha to keep her here. Yes, he is THAT stupid and she is THAT manipulative. Although if she did get pay while working illegally then she might just get outright deported even on a "fiancee visa". We can only hope.

No. 525930

I've been following this drama only a couple of months after my favourite cow Raven disappeared,so I'm fairly new to this. So pardon me for asking to be spoonfed, but how long has Dasha been in the US at the moment and why did she go there in the first place? Was she in a LDR with Cyr before going?

No. 525949


>you judge people based on what you see on your phone screen

this argument is so fucking stupid and transparent. yes you fucking wanker, this is the way you CHOOSE to represent yourself - as a selfish vain cunt. so yes, that's how people will judge you, like it or not that how it fucking works. god she's a stupid asshole

No. 525953

Hey leave cats out of this. Also SR was no catch himself.

No. 525958

She's been in the states for over two years now.
I'm not entirely sure with this but as far as I remember she won a green card or something like that for a party weekend (? please correct me if you know it, I hardly remember) with a friend and she just didn't leave.

No. 525965

Agreed. SR was/is a disgusting pig on top of being fuckin' ugly, and nothing Jaclyn did or does justifies how gross he was. Ew.

I know she's an "inoffensive white girl" rather than a "horrible dark skinned Mexican" or whatever America thinks RE: deportation, but there's honestly no way she could live there that long without her lack of citizenship impeding her life, right? I just can't believe it.

No. 525968

I thought the same exact thing. I am a legal non-resident and I don’t know how she can stay that long without being deported. Also, if she does get caught for working without the appropriate visa, she will never be able to re-enter the USA. Even for a holiday. I have never heard of anyone winning a party green card? I thought a greencard gave you permanent residency? You can come on a visa waiver, which is what I think she is likely here on. It gives you three months in the USA, but you cannot work.

No. 525970

Every time I’ve expressed this exact sentiment here I’ve been shot down by anons who claim it’s easy to go undetected if you’re white. I don’t buy it. Even if she’s getting paid under the table, it seems highly implausible that she could avoid the authorities for over two years.

No. 525973

No one cares, JG and SR are both fucktards

No. 525975

I can't at "Yes, I am very emotional - people say it's cuz I'm a cancer"

Every youtuber who says they are taking legal action never does lol.

No. 525979

Green card lottery is a real thing but you have to be in your own country to apply and win it. You do get the chance to stay permanently but I think you can't leave for the first year, and you can't leave for long periods or you lose the card. I've heard of people winning them (friends of friends). Some countries have bigger 'quotas' for them than others.

The thing is, if she had one, she wouldn't be acting stressy, trying to cover her tracks, or talking about California being a sanctuary state. So she's probably lied about having one for a cover.

No. 525983

That’s what I mean. I have entered the green card lottery before, but I thought it gave you permanent residency and the legal ability to work. I am on an E3D and I can’t work because I don’t have work authorization yet. I can tell everyone that doing things the right way and taking the legal route is not easy. I think she must have gotten either a legal visa, because she flaunts the fact that she works online, and I just don’t know that immigration takes kindly to that. One time I got a job and got excited and posted it on my linked in before I got into the USA and they looked up my linked in, found it and said they think I am illegally working in the USA (despite being in my home country still ). Immigration are hard asses! I didn’t continue that application either, I had to let the job go, because I knew that if I was turned down for a visa, I would never get into the USA again and my husband was there already! So I just don’t know how she is getting away with this crap.
Surely it would cause problems for her family entering the USA too? I don’t know, but I assume you can’t list an illegal immigrant as a point of contact in the USA.

No. 525984

Austria is one of the countries that doesn't require a visa for a 90 day visit to the USA. If Julia's family gave their reasons as tourism there wouldn't be any questions about their comings and goings.

No. 525986

Yeah I’m from Australia and we have the same thing, but I still got asked when I came in on the waiver. They always want to know why you are coming, how long for, that you have a return flight and who is a point of contact in the USA.

No. 525992

before cyr, dasha was dating that tristan guy that i think siiickbrain is dating. remember on her askfm or curiouscat or whatever she would go on abt how tristan was her soulmate even tho she was with cyr? does anyone know how long ago she dated tristan? was that more than 2 years ago?

No. 525993

samefag, but she wouldve been in the US when she dated tristan

No. 525996

I remember siiickbrain from some of Dasha’s pics. Looks like they are not friends anymore. Neither her nor Tristan follow Dasha on IG anymore

No. 526005

File: 1527776160845.jpeg (111.42 KB, 750x1204, 8E8D8152-7BBC-4695-AD2A-57DAC2…)

Not exactly related, but Dasha is a bit creepy.

No. 526007

File: 1527776769018.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1242x1880, FC26016A-8ED2-4DB8-87B1-8786BA…)

She is a fucking headcase

Dasha keeps promoting that ugly bitch Lettie. We know you are getting low on stans these days Dasha, but giving Lettie attention is scraping the bottom of the gene pool barrel.
All the Dasha fans saying “you’re so beautiful” makes me want to vomit lol. This girl is not at all pretty. Even before she started defending that cunt Dasha, I always thought she was ugly. Not in any definable way (apart from her god awful teeth-even after braces they are too big), but she just doesn’t have attractive features I guess.

No. 526010

I wouldn’t be surprised if Dasha and Cyr have already had a secret green card marriage to keep her here. Does anyone know their legal names in order to check marriage records? That could explain 1. How she’s still here, 2. Why they’re so secretive about Dasha’s status 3. How she’s still getting work 2 years later

No. 526011

Her nose is kind of pretty, but holy fuck I’ve seen aliens look more human. Chill on the face tune girl, you doesn’t even do it well.

No. 526012

Tbh she's a huge attention whore and lurks here so it might be best just to ignore her. She got way too excited to complain about how she was being discussed here before. That's just my opinion though.

No. 526013

Yeah she is.

No. 526015

>>Cant y'all just call/email one of the "companies" she modeled for (Lime Crime for example) and ask them about her status?

You don't really think companies are legally permitted to tell random idiots that call them about their current or former employee's info like that do you…?

No. 526016

I think she just slathers the makeup on to make it look smaller, but it is too wide at the bridge.

No. 526022

File: 1527779788737.jpeg (162.02 KB, 905x905, 9E1FD583-3EC3-4D14-AD7A-E9CDEF…)

Are you kidding me anon? You’re really going to sit there and call Lettie ugly when she hardly even needs facetune and is naturally beautiful?!

All I know is that their real last names are Stadler and Cyr, seeing as both have family members on FB with the same last names

No. 526029

Hahahahaha yeah such a 'natural beauty' I saw her say "I am flawless and beautiful" once bahahahaha

No. 526031

I think it is Julia Stadler and Michael Cyr… I don't know for sure, but I hear people on this board call them Julia and Mike all the time

No. 526041


She is called Julia and her 2nd name is Daria. However nobody is really sure what her last name is, but Edwin said it was not Stadler as he saw her passport or something.

No. 526044


I find her really pretty but extremely annoying. She whiteknights for Dasha like crazy

No. 526060

ew…just ew.

No. 526061

File: 1527785517367.jpeg (205.11 KB, 749x1159, 391ADE9D-60E7-4A97-A4A1-605C0A…)

One of her possible names

No. 526063

JFC Julia, how psychotic can you be? lol. How many names can one person have? I think I saw blindlow at one point on this site and stadler and anou. It is safe to say that her name is Julia though.

No. 526065

File: 1527786143713.png (615.92 KB, 720x1144, 20180531_180022.png)

Her sisters fb. I found it through searching her bfs name from instagram. Im sure you could find out a lot of info if you dig deep enough, its not that hard. Took me less than 2 mins. Also i blurred tje last name because im not sure of the rules surrounding family members…

No. 526066

Dashas last name has to be stadler

No. 526068

File: 1527786656619.png (786.63 KB, 1344x1172, cyr.png)

This is clearly Cyr's last name. I searched through people that follow him and found that he posts on other 'Cyr' family posts and even older people with that last name interact with him.

No. 526069

File: 1527787068522.png (767.53 KB, 1324x1285, dasha.png)

It has to be stadler, because I found her mum's facebook and they share the same last name and she has a photo comparing herself to Dasha. Also covered first name to avoid name dropping.

No. 526070

It looks like her maternal last name is Stadler and her paternal last name may be Waldhör. The thing is figuring out in which order her first and middle name go, I couldn’t find anything marriage wise with Cyr even though I searched her name in various forms.

I’m almost 100% she’s illegal. She might be loud on social media, but she keeps a pretty low profile irl and doesn’t really go too far from the DTLA area. I know someone who’s illegal and beat his wife multiple times. He ended up in jail and was going to be deported, but somehow got out (don’t know the details) and is all comfy at home right now. So I’m not surprised at all that she manages to stay here undetected, specially considering she’s white and uses multiple names.

No. 526074

File: 1527787607693.jpeg (353.72 KB, 640x1055, A9017D08-FEE5-4445-8E19-4CC1FB…)

i’ll admit i haven’t read through every past post on this so sorry if you’ve already saw this

No. 526075

File: 1527787724541.jpeg (152.05 KB, 640x899, 244BEDB4-1F16-4EBC-AB8E-69427F…)

also stumbled on her old pinterest.. no milk on there but i found the “but i mess around a lot” line pretty funny

No. 526087

File: 1527788310089.jpeg (95.9 KB, 750x1110, B6C10787-C9D9-4A9F-8A89-B73AB0…)

>British cunt
Kek and here I thought sassenach was a regular username she might’ve used in the past

No. 526090

File: 1527789355923.jpeg (287.32 KB, 1542x710, 799F5D0B-236E-468C-8D09-AA6BCF…)

I love coincidences :D

No. 526093

The coincidences are too on point for me to believe Cyr tbh. If I saw proof of all of cyr’s problems right now I’d believe it, not saying he’s obligated to show proof but it would be more believable since there are accusations against him and his psycho gf right now.

No. 526098

Is Dasha staying in LA? Ohhhh boy, she'll be unsupervised and ready to blow things up once Edwin's new vid comes out.

No. 526099


This doesn't even remotely prove it is dashas pinterest. The type and brackets there and that Intro are 100% what people type when they are role-playing which is surprisingly huge on Pinterest especially with instathots like dasha and kenna.

Deleted and reposted to add that I'm Irish and sasanach just means englishperson in our dialect, if this pinterest was of any value. It's not hugely derogative. But again I sincerely doubt that's her.

No. 526103

I would assume that she'd be going with him because according to her he's a mess and needs her. Her sperg out right here is proof >>525787

No. 526107

If she is illegal, there is no way she can fly even into another state.

No. 526108

Exactly! In fact she can’t even drive through state lines, much less get on a plane kek

No. 526113

File: 1527791998717.jpeg (79.36 KB, 640x377, 14D5B826-4EFE-440E-B79F-DE3E78…)

New video apparently in about 5 hours.

No. 526131

File: 1527793136212.jpeg (173.12 KB, 750x854, CA39CE14-99D4-420F-831B-53F17F…)

Lmfao. Oh Fettie, Edwin wouldn’t have the opportunity to make videos and monetize them if Dasha didn’t constantly give him material for his videos.

Then again, I’m talking about a moron with 0 logic, who got personally offended because Mina befriended all of Cyr’s ex’s and repeatedly texted him when he broke up with her. Still wondering how that affects you in any way shape or form, kek

No. 526132

Come on now, don't be so foolish. They do not check people's legal status at state borders.

No. 526151

True, but she would not be able to fly

No. 526156

File: 1527795221528.jpeg (203.37 KB, 635x778, 8D742086-BC3C-49B2-BECE-72C707…)

oh my

No. 526161

File: 1527795679667.jpeg (570.74 KB, 2048x1280, D39F1C6E-50CF-4F40-86FC-D4F925…)

>To anyone trying to introduce negativity into my life right now, there is actually a place in hell for you.
Hey Cyr, how about you stop using tragedies to cover your cowardly ass. You really think it’s not obvious that you’re trying to set Edwin up to look bad? This whole mess started because of YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Edwin is making videos on you guys, because DASHA is the one who keeps causing problems. Instead of being a slimy sneaky snake and using your dads stroke as your little trump card, why don’t you stop enabling your psychopath girlfriend and covering for her?

It just makes me laugh how you act like Edwin and Mina are the ones fucking over your life, when the cause of ALL your problems is right in front of your fucking face. Control your bitch already, put a leash on her and tell her to stop subtweeting, slandering, sabotaging and stalking.

No. 526165

I agree completely. I doubt it even happened.

No. 526171

Dasha is like Asuka Langley irl.
German bpd narcissistic psycho.
Also, I agree with other anon about Cyr's dad thing being sketcy. He lied about his brother kicking everyone out of the apartment. He seems like the type to try and weasel out of things without actual confrontation.
Even if it IS real, adding the last part about 'negative people' is so tacky.

No. 526175


I strongly believe he's lying.

Someone with a facebook account could look if his siblings posted something about their dad.

No. 526176

File: 1527797358286.jpeg (487.95 KB, 2048x1108, 2F6F4A4F-2480-4651-A2C9-41D8FF…)

No. 526178

I actually did this as soon as I saw Cyr tweet about it, but most of his families Facebooks are either private, don’t really post, or their posts are just not viewable to the public. His mother doesn’t even have a profile picture.

I think whether or not it’s a lie, it’s still super low to use his dads stroke as damage control.

No. 526179

I feel like the last paragraph is something Dasha would say…

No. 526182

Honestly the entire post reeks of Dasha. Didn’t he say he would be offline? Why would he decide to randomly post a picture of his father with a long sob story but also adding how his haters should go to hell on the same day Edwin was going to expose them both? Seems fishy to me.

No. 526185

As much as I dislike Dasha, Cyr wouldn't lie about his Dad having a stroke, they do have boundaries and I think that would be too far for even Dasha.

No. 526189

>> 526161

This seems so sus. Didn't something big happen in Cyr's life the last time Edwin made a video on the whole Dasha situation?

No. 526191

The stroke might be real. My father has strokes as well, it’s common among older people with health problems. But I truly think that Dasha and Cyr are capable of lying when exactly his father had a stroke and are using that to their advantage. I also think Cyr is the type to lie to get out of certain situations because Edwin would describe him as flakey in previous videos and don’t forget that he has cheated on multiple girls so he’s not exactly a saint or victim. If he had just went offline and managed his life privately, I think our perception would be different.

No. 526195

Sassenach is probably an Outlander reference

No. 526198

I think his dad really did have a stroke, lying about that would be too fucked up even for them.

However using it as a reason why someone shouldnt call him out on the shit he has done is very tacky. And how exactly is it introducing negativity into his life when he is the person who did all that negative stuff and now its just getting exposed… YOU introduced the negativity into your life buddy. You want sympathy now but where was your sympathy when you enabled your gf to literally harass someone, or when you cheated on all your exes, or when you backstabbed your best friend…?

No. 526200

Yes. One of Mike's friends died.

No. 526202

*one of his friends APPARENTLY died ;)

No. 526224

Here's some tea: her mom has three facebook accounts (all with the same name, all of them are friends with eachother) and a different one has pictures of Dasha and Cyr all over it 👀

No. 526227

She has more than 3 accounts. She has about 5, some with no profile picture. Apparantely she abandoned Dasha when she was little because she was hard on drugs and her grandparents legally adopted her.

No. 526229

Wasn't Dasha's mom supposed to be Russian? Stadler is a german name

No. 526231

File: 1527805053652.png (543.43 KB, 1316x810, Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 3.16…)


Julia confirmed via post from a different mom account. Seems like she isn't on Facebook.

No. 526233

Not completely sure which of her parents she has Russian from, but she said it herself on a live last week that she’s German/Russian

You won’t find Julia’s Facebook because she deactivated it literally minutes after it was posted on the last thread kek

No. 526234

Look up Yshmael on Cyrs fb, they named their dog after him “yishi” he was a Hebrewish man. He was a father figure to Vincent. But they got in a fight. That was the friend that died. I’m just popping in but I know that info for sure before you say anything else. If you ask Edwin who Yshmael or Cyrs friend he will know.

No. 526244

I think I actually dislike Cyr more than Dasha. He is such a weak, pathetic little man. He is super gross and has the personality of a pencil.

No. 526251

He used to be hot though so he can do no wrong.

No. 526252

He fought with him and later on used his death to avoid backlash from Edwin’s video? Lolok

Also, I can’t seem to find this persons facebook?

No. 526254

Is this the Jewish friend that Edwin was talking about in his last video? The one that got offended by Dasha’s hitler salute?

No. 526259

No (I think) that was the British guy Sam Carson

No. 526268

Jewish guy was Simon, Sam was cyrs new roommate after kicking Edwin out iirc

No. 526269

I think you have these two mixed up.

No. 526275

In the fanfinction video, they’re discussing cyr’s roommate Sam. In the video Edwin posted, he said that their “Jewish friend Simon said multiple times he was uncomfortable about it”. I don’t think either of these people is the guy who died, regardless

No. 526276

Edwin said Sam. Simon is Asian. Stop clogging the thread until you learn to listen and read.

No. 526279

My apologies, I must have misheard in the original video. In other news, Mina has just started a livestream on her Instagram

No. 526281

I'm on there, but it seems pretty darn boring so far…

No. 526282


What a boring ass stream….

No. 526283

I had hoped it would be addressing the current situation since Edwin still hasn’t released the video that was supposed to be uploaded by now but seems to just be drunk bs

No. 526284

Yes! I actually did a double take because I thought it was Julia! How much d’ya wanna bet she posted it “on his behalf”?

No. 526286

I’m a lil upset that Edwin hasn’t posted his milky video yet. I’ve been excited since yesterday for it. I need my hot tea. If he’s delaying it for cyr I’m gonna be pissed😩😩

No. 526287

Same, I’m getting so impatient. Edwin don’t let your testicles retract just because you’re afraid you might get backlash.

No. 526288

Yeah.. people on twitter are giving him hard time about it.

No. 526289

Dude I’m getting blue balls waiting on this vid to drop, it’s frickin Repzion with his JoySparkleBS vid drop all over again

No. 526292

What is delaying the video going to do anyway? Cyr is not even the main focus of it? Yes, he enables her behavior but his had having a stroke has nothing to do with his girlfriend stalking another girl.

No. 526293

It's kind of annoying how none of these Youtube commentary/drama channels will talk about this because they don't want to piss off Cyr. You would think they would eat this shit up lol.

No. 526295

The thing is that Cyr will be briefly mentioned and that’s all their retarded fans need to pounce on Edwin. I think he should still do it, it looks like he has more support this time.

Same, keemstar is a biased little bitch so he won’t do it. Has repzion seen Edwin’s video? I haven’t watched repzion in a while, but I remember him doing these type of videos once in a while. Maybe he’ll do one seeing as he hates Putin?

No. 526296

Cyr channel and popularity has gone down the shitter lately but at one point I guess he was popular so maybe drama channels don’t wanna get themselves caught up. Also Dasha is just a side piece in Cyrs older videos, it’s more Instathot drama?

It is really weird though, surely ONE drama channel or drama ~hunter ~ would be commenting.

No. 526297

Samefag but I bet Gergles will make a video to insert his own opinions at some point

No. 526303

He's not delaying for Cyr's sake. On Instagram he said he's still working on the video cuz keeps getting new 'testimonials' and he wants to include them all.

No. 526307

Unless he’s posted something new on insta, that’s old news that was posted yesterday. The Cyr stuff is new (from the past few hours)

No. 526317

File: 1527818243292.png (18.28 KB, 588x147, Capture.PNG)

Delayed again

No. 526319

This honestly better not be fucking anticlimactic.

No. 526320

File: 1527818483418.png (1.86 KB, 223x176, ECEC7DD8-70F0-4103-B6A3-1BF3F4…)

This stupid motherfucker. Maybe if you hadn’t stopped to take twitter breaks every fucking 2 minutes the video would’ve been done already.

God I’ve never wanted to punch someone so bad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 526323

Lol chill bro it’s the internet.
Has anyone heard anything at all from dasha regarding this drama?

No. 526326

The hype for this video, man. Edwin this better be 51 minutes of pure milk, anons are getting restless

No. 526329

Anyone who can see Julia’s accounts got any milky caps to tide us over while we wait?

No. 526330

Dunno man, I have met Australians over there that just got a job in NYC or wherever and stayed. They end up trapped because if they leave, they are caught. So they fly under the radar. She's been flaunting her work for the same reason all cows do - they flaunt their own lies.

No. 526335

File: 1527820229811.jpeg (66.72 KB, 750x383, 0C04DDE6-1717-43AE-BD87-53F776…)

Just liking every single comment that kisses her ass on Cyr’s post

No. 526336

I am an Aussie anon in the USA. I’m the anon awaiting work authorization. I know a lot of people do things the dodgy way, but it would be horrible to never be able to go home. If you follow the rules, you can come and go :) that’s why I hope Dasha gets caught by immigration. It will serve the bitch right.

No. 526346


Fellow Aussie anon here, every time I visit NYC or LA for work I get suspiciously grilled like never before re: what my “business” is, why my trip is so short, &c. And I’m an affluent white girl. I think some people are just fortunate in their propensity to fly under the radar, so to speak.

No. 526351

He should just make a third video then if it's that important.. At this point it's going to be the length of a movie.

No. 526353

This actually makes me angry. Even if his old man legit had a stroke, the way these two sociopaths are milking it and using it as a preemptive strike against Edwin is fucking abhorrent. I hope his video (assuming he actually releases it) does irreparable damage to both their reputations. I’m usually not one to wish ill upon anyone but both Julia and Mike deserve to be dragged to hell for this fuckery.

No. 526354

omg he’s delaying his video again? I can’t stand him I’m starting to become #teamdasha

No. 526355

He didn’t baulk at making a 2 hour video about why he and Mina left the apartment so I don’t why he is pussyfooting around with this.

No. 526357

Don’t be an idiot, anon. We’re all getting irritable, but there’s no need for histrionics.

No. 526358

Right? That’s what I’m thinking. I keep waiting for this Darn video ugh

No. 526359

Right #teamdasha #fuckedwin just kidding lol like if what people are sending in is that important then just make a third, it's going to be film length at this point

No. 526363

Because you’re actively looking for work, anon. Dasha lays on her bed all day plotting/scheming and taking selfies, ofc she’s not going to get grilled and spotted as foreign.

Exactly. His initial reason for cutting it in 2 pieces was because it would be long, so what’s the difference now? Just post what you originally planned to post and upload the testimonies another time.

No. 526365

Yep you know he's going to get more overnight too and he's just gonna wanna keep adding and adding shit

No. 526366

Not looking for work, the company I work for has offices in NYC and LA (along with several other cities in Europe and Asia but I only get interrogated in the US. Apologies for the blogpost.) But yes, I can see how someone who “works” as an instathot is less open to scrutiny from the authorities than someone who is seeking gainful employment.

No. 526374


All that time he spent on twitter today could have easily gone into the process of getting the video done and we'd have it today.

Fuck the excuses, he probably caved by giving in to the delay.

No. 526389

File: 1527826619886.jpeg (26.97 KB, 750x223, 4EA02DBF-24BA-414E-89C3-F31D65…)


No. 526391

LOL. As if Dasha has the capacity to help take care of anyone. She can't even keep her apartment clean or show up to an instagram modelling gig.

No. 526393

I’m not even excited for that video anymore lmfaoo I gave up. Not even gonna bother watching it when it comes out in two more days

No. 526394

File: 1527827797148.jpeg (96.84 KB, 750x648, 3D75FE06-68B1-4C9F-A164-17DCAF…)

Looks like stroke wasn’t a lie, still shitty to use as shield tho

No. 526407

Nah, this doesn’t prove jack.

No. 526416

Not the anon that posted the screenshot, but how do you figure this doesn't pretty much prove his dad had a stroke? That Matt person is obviously real and knows Cyr's dad well, which would make the whole situation extremely awkward if Cyr was lying. I think it seems legit, but definitely a weird coincidence.

No. 526422


Sociopaths don’t give a shit about “awkward”. I’m not saying there is conclusive evidence to prove he’s lying but this doesn’t prove that he’s not lying.

No. 526426

File: 1527833325208.jpeg (292.84 KB, 749x1079, E2C48653-1432-46DE-A9C4-98BB33…)

No. 526433

File: 1527834781463.png (433.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-06-01-02-29-26…)

Dude, you're the one who invited negativity to come live with you. The way he worded it is obviously directed towards Edwin. You can't just take a passive stance while your gf is doing all this crazy shit and then whine when you start to take some heat for it. Dasha did the same thing in her own way, claiming she has depression. Both scumbags, honestly. Edwin better not let this delay his video any further, no one cares that Cyr's dad is having health problems. Everyone in the world has personal problems, and you still have to be held accountable for your actions.

No. 526434

OT, but does Julia still have the puppy they got?
I didn't keep up with them when the old thread died and Julia blocked me on twitter.

No. 526435

We should message Trump via Twitter about one illegal immigrant(cowtipping)

No. 526438

Good to see your supporting your bf by not focusing on yourself for once, Julia. Oh, wait.

No. 526447

How the fuck did dasha gained more followers on her main acc

No. 526449

People watching the car crash to see her response or bought (likely bought because the rate it was going up makes zero sense and it way too consistent)

No. 526453

I’ve been watching her activity and she follows really random accounts and then unfollows them

No. 526455

Will he drop the fucking video already what the fucking fuck is he waiting for i am getting so annoyed ughh

No. 526457

You and everyone else, anon. He said he’d be posting at 10am PST tomorrow. And he had better be serving up primo creamo with that tea after keeping us in suspense like this.

No. 526459

she's been in the U.S since she was 19 and she hasn't checked in her some country and there is no proof she goes to any unis. She is most likely illegal since she gets super defensive on the topic lmao
and No it wasn't LDR they met on IG and fucked around while Cyr was with mina

No. 526460

she can stay that long because los angeles is a sanctuary city, how do you think all these illegals in california stay all these years lmfao

No. 526461

I remember when this happened on her curious cat, she's since deleted it.

No. 526474

File: 1527856514904.png (75.41 KB, 720x491, 20180601_143437.png)

Are her fans actually retarded or

No. 526477

Basically, yes they are retarded.

No. 526479

Lol "you're lying because Dasha said so". Okay, so why hasn't Dasha made a public statement denouncing everything that's come out about her? Oh right, because there's proof of everything.

No. 526489

Im just curious, when you google itsbabydash or Julia Stadler, how high do lolcow, PULL and LiveLeak rank in your results? Search results are impacted by your prior browsing history, so I'm interested in the overall ranking, especially from the users who are newer to this thread and don't have a ton of drama sites in their web history.

I don't think LiveLeak follows DMCAs (duh), so that one would be really hard to get rid of. I predict she'll start going by a new name pretty soon.

No. 526491

I’m not new to the thread, but lolcow doesn’t com up in my search for her name. Livestream does come pretty high up though for both her name and her username

No. 526500

File: 1527859802420.png (927.35 KB, 1242x2208, 420C7D8B-E7AF-497A-89CA-FE6663…)

This is the first thing that comes up on my search results and I never visit PULL

No. 526501

No. 526504

Both dasha and mike have blocked me even though I’ve never interacted with them on Instagram lmao safe to say dasha has access to cyrs account because I wasn’t following him

No. 526518

Dasha's eyebrows look like K.K Slider's eyebrows from animal crossing.

No. 526522

Getting real tired of your shit edwin,post a damn video already

No. 526523

He said 10amPST. It's only 9:18. Chill TF out.

No. 526531

File: 1527871426043.jpeg (243.05 KB, 750x781, 4EA26FD9-1F8E-4383-9F9A-D39E18…)

Get your buckets ready, fam

No. 526532

i’m lowkey excited i hope this reams dasha a new one

No. 526533

File: 1527871663212.gif (1.53 MB, 358x200, AB646E31-2D8E-46F3-BCEC-923786…)


He fucking better!

No. 526535

I can't wait for the new milk, Edwin, we're trusting you.

No. 526536

Could someone who's better at technology than I am download the video incase he removes it? I need to sleep as it's 3am but don't want to miss the milk if he deletes it for some reason

No. 526539

It's really disgusting watch Cyr milk his father condition to win sympathy, what happen with his "I like to keep everything private"
You keep everything private has long has is convenient for you.

No. 526540

Ahoy fellow Aussie anon! I’ll give it a bash for you

No. 526542


Holy fuck. The accuracy LOL

No. 526546

Diffrent times zones anon

No. 526554

Anyone else feel like Edwin is chickening out? He's delayed like 100000 times and is getting mad push back from other youtubers

No. 526555


Ready for those buckets to overflow with sweet, sweet milk

No. 526561

If he delays again then I’m officially going to become #teamdasha and I’m gonna fly to London and harass Mina myself.

No. 526562

Hahahahaha I'm with you anon
Grow some balls and post Edwina!

No. 526563

Lol! Who and what is the pushback???

No. 526564


He claims he is uploading as we speak…

No. 526566

It’s been an hour. How long does an hour video take to upload anyway?

No. 526567


Depends on broadband speed/quality

No. 526570

FML Edwina. Hurry this up. I had my popcorn ready, my tea boiled…

No. 526573

You say this in jest, but I am actually eating popcorn and drinking tea. If this isn’t top shelf cream Edwina is going to be dragged to hell.

No. 526575

I know Twitch streamer Jon Brence has been pretty vocal about Edwin not posting. He called him out on twitter after Edwin went on that cyr dad's rant

No. 526576

He said, when the video was 36 minutes long, it would take 2 hours to upload. It is now 51 minutes, so I assume 3+ hours? He said he started uploading 2 hours ago. I speculate…

No. 526577

Just got the notification, popcorn.gif

No. 526578

FINALLY!!! I was refreshing like crazy. It's time, farmers.

No. 526579

OMG I wonder where he got the screenshots from showing Dasha whining to her friend… is the tide turning??

No. 526583

Hooktube link please?

No. 526584

Don't be a lazy cunt, all you have to do is copy the link and exchange youtube for hooktube without even giving him a view.

I'm 10 minutes in and holy shit it's raining caps. He deserves the views for the milk tbh

No. 526585

Whoa whoa whoa… Ryan Cyr? Isn't that what he called him?

No. 526586

His full name is Ryan Michael Cyr

No. 526587

hah I thought I just imagined that, I was surprised as well

No. 526588

File: 1527878182488.jpg (70.78 KB, 620x372, Woman-drinking-milk-012.jpg)

here we fuckin go

No. 526592

dont be a bitch, he deserves the views like this anon >>526584 said he really went in 100/100. Edwin if you're reading this bless you for the milk and thank you admin sama for doing gods work

No. 526593

The girls voice at 20:16 is Hanna Beth Merjos lolololol

Trust me…… I know her voice.

No. 526596

THANKS EDWIN! Time to let it rain milk

No. 526598

Sorry i didnt know how hooktube works i just know you can download the videos and i wanted to download it in case he deletes it since the DL button here never works on mobile for me anymore.

Moving on. It’s a good idea to include the timestamps in the description so nothing can really be missed or glossed over. He’s been pretty thorough in these vids so far and I usually think he’s pretty cringey but so far he’s handling himself well imo

No. 526599

Hahaha I love it Edwin! This milk is great. He called Dasha Julia as well and even pronounces it as Yulia, which is the was someone Russian pronounces it. (some of my family members are Russian)

No. 526600

Samefag. Actually I don’t want to say it’s her for sure. Maybe just another Cali girl….. but I’m pretty sure it’s her.

No. 526605

Julia (pronounced yulia) is how you pronounce it in german/austrian, it's a very common name over here

No. 526608

File: 1527879718278.png (451.79 KB, 958x526, Screenshot at Jun 01 20-59-03.…)

Edwin is coming through with a ton of receipts. Holy shit a lot of people she was in touch with have turned on her.

No. 526615

File: 1527880119249.png (576.51 KB, 959x532, Screenshot at Jun 01 21-08-08.…)

Charlie confirmed for posting on lolcow on Dasha's behalf, maybe now Admin could check for all the other IPs that were suspicious like the one hinted at in OP?

No. 526623

Wew lads, what a ride. To state the obvious, she’s a fucking nut job. I hope this lures her out of hiding and into a spectacular spergout.

No. 526625

wonder if Cleo sent those screen caps in or another “influencer” in the group sent them. After the first video Cleo started following Mina and Mina followed her back but Cleo is still following Dasha?

No. 526627

Agreed anon. I bet she does that too.

No. 526628

I’ve been wondering if Julia has covert interlopers here, now that she’s been outed/banned. To be honest I would not be surprised if she ends up using public devices (Internet cafe or library) to recommence the autistic screeching. She’s obsessive and loony enough to do it.

No. 526630

Dasha is nuts. Funny how she wanted to ruin Edwin’s life but in the process she ruined her own. Karma really is a bitch.

Mina is lucky she has Edwin to speak for her. Just imagine Mina making this video… it would be incoherent rambling and her choking on her own saliva and giggling.

I still don’t like Edwin though. He seems a little creepy. He’s the “king of receipts” and has sued both Cyr and his ex girlfriend. Just imagine dating someone who’s probably keeping tabs on you all the time. I bet when they break up he’ll end up making videos on her too.

No. 526633

On Mina? Doubtful I think. I never watch his old post on his ex, but I doubt he even went into details on her. Cyr is a psycho too and deserved to be sued. Plus he owed money so why the fuck not right? I would sue that wet towel.
Who was that insta thot that Dasha posed with on top of the roof that time? She has long chestnut hair. Dasha deleted the photo and I’m just wondering if she is one of the girls from the video?

No. 526634

has the she demon posted anything on her private accounts yet?

No. 526635

Edwin definitely did a good job and even tho I've been tried to be neutral about the whole situation (I mean, they're all cows in the end)… Holly shit, Dasha can't deny her mental state after this, I'm really looking forward to her new lies and what she's gonna do to cover up her mess, it's gonna be gold comedy.

No. 526639

wasn't it also kinda odd that someone was constantly pushing for this thread to be revived? I remember seeing an anon asking if a new thread could be made even when there was no drama really going on(besides Dasha posting shady things)I wonder if one of her minions were pushing for a new thread.

No. 526649

Before this video I didn't like Dasha at all and just though it was entertaining drama but this made me look at her as legit insane and scary lmao

No. 526656

I feel like I was stupid for talking to her, she also sent me compliments and praised me whenever I talked about the drama with her. The only thing edwin lied about in this vid is that mina is a prostitute. Her private account exists and she called herself an sb. But I think dasha got her into that when you look at the messages on how she’s guiding her. I’m in shock at Charlie, dasha probably pinned that Charlie was behind the Fawnie account too. Being manipulated when you don’t even know it, it really sucks.

No. 526657

I also feel so dumb for seeking out and wanting her approval. I remember lighting up when she finally liked one of pictures and followed me but then I quickly realized not long after that she doesn't give a shit about what anyone has to say unless you are kissing her ass 24/7 or if you are popular on social media.

No. 526658

It sounds like Mina used guys for money but didn't sleep with them. Even in the supposed leaked stuff here Mina was saying she was trying to leave without doing anything.

No. 526660

I don’t really blame Mina much about that because it seems like Dasha peer pressured her into a lot of things while she was there and got her drunk every night. Edwin admitted that Mina was docile and submissive but can you really blame a lost 20 year old art student who pretty much got herself stuck in a situation with a crazy manipulative bitch. Any decent looking girl in LA can make a sugar baby profile easily, even some of my friends have explored it and didn’t go any further than a coffee and realize it wasnt for them so that doesn’t mean Mina really did anything until we have proof of that. I do understand why Edwin wouldn’t want to explicitly talk about it in his video though, it’s kind of embarrassing for anyone to get exposed for even trying it.

No. 526669

I look back on it and she seemed inexperienced asking dasha for guidance. I didn’t question it before. I would message her other I guess you can call them minions or people in her defense group that would have her back. One of them sent a video of dasha going through Minas private and she said that she needed to prove it was Minas because mina will deny it. She then went on to say here’s a post where she said she was allergic to strawberries and she was obsessed with Ian at the time and then wanted to find proof on Minas main twitter that mina was allergic to strawberries. Then they showed me a screenshot and said mina blocked dasha from her private account and that Minas in trouble now. Now knowing this type of behavior I really don’t want to be associated with her or her other minions ever again. In the end I never really cared if mina was an SB or if she got cosmetic enhancements. I only care if someone’s smearing her got the same thing they themselves are doing. Dasha is the queen of hypocrisy and I’m upset that I was following her.

No. 526671

Art student? Can you please give give more information about that.
As far as I know she never went to college.

No. 526676

And I’m samefagging, but as of now the only thing I know from the minions I’ve been messaging. Cyr is doing damage control for the most part. I do feel bad for him only because I know he’s far more manipulated then anyone else. He’s done shitty things in the past with the cheating but it doesn’t relate to anything dasha did. She pushes him to speak out when he won’t. She pressured him to say something and have her back and he’s the one making her seek therapy. He’s carrying all the weight and she keeps a lot of secrets from him. She didn’t even want to tell him about the fake accounts to supposedly protect him. She sent me a video about that on Instagram. She uses his phone without him knowing, think of what she did to mina but in Cyrs shoes. She uses her feeling suicidal and anxiety and all her past abuses in order for cyr to cater to her and stay with her. I used to really like his videos. Now I just want it to be back to the way it was with cyr and Edwin.

No. 526678

Where are all this ex dashas fans coming from i thought everyone here already hated dasha

No. 526680

I know a lot of people hate Mina for it, but I respect her a lot for keeping her cool and quiet about it for so long.

Dasha comes off to me as someone who'd go through with a murder honestly. Scary af.

No. 526684

Not everyone, but now I do, I thought I would just come out with it so I don’t have it on my chest either. Plus when you’ve been manipulated by her. She will guilt you and make you feel sorry for her. She’s also has a very strong personality and will try to make you feel how she feels. And I was under the influence. Weaker minds are easy to get ahold of, which I was pretty weak mentally. An a totally separate note, I messaged her on her second insta before. Where she forgot she told me the same thing on her main Insta and thought I was an entirely new person. Sad to say She doesn’t care about her supporters like friends. One of the things I will note she said if cyr doesn’t say his side she’s going to be so angry when the first video came out. She said cyr knows how I am when I’m angry and I totally got something weird from that. When cyr did the video you can tell he was pressured into it, and his speech was terrible along with him being shakey in his voice. Dasha is so sick

No. 526691

he said he didn't sue her and they're on good terms, did you miss those dms?
I mean dasha never had definitive proof on mina or edwin so why did you blindly do anything for her without thinking how it would make others feel?

No. 526696

Dasha's minions on twitter are literally as retarded as her. It's the same 'refuse to watch the video Mina is not innocent tho' and ignoring everyone providing proof. I swear to fuck crazy attracts crazy.

No. 526706

Has Dasha said anything about the video yet? I wonder if they would even watch the whole thing and how Cyr would react to Dasha cheating on him with older rich guys. It’s crazy how her ex friend was going to expose her to Cyr and then she deleted his messages before he could even see! If Cyr can’t see how fucked up that is then he is really a goner

No. 526708

File: 1527891923428.jpeg (36.55 KB, 750x306, BDED4376-9451-4C0D-BC60-234438…)

Or she can run away from the whole situation and just turn into jaclyn next lol

No. 526716

No. 526717

I fear that with all the control Dasha has over Cyr, she may even try to prevent him from finding out the truth and watching the video. Even if his other friends were to try to tell him, Dasha would probably convince him its all lies

(sorry didn't mean the first blank response)

No. 526720

File: 1527893023874.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1223x1843, C8002317-A69F-4AFE-B8D7-2579A4…)

Sorry, but that’s delusional. She reminds me of a troll.

No. 526721

Can you post screenshots of what they are saying?im curious how are they defending this shit

No. 526722

Honestly, why do people think that little cockroach cyr doesn't know what a psycho cunt Dasha really is? Is everyone so brainwashed that they think that roach of a 'man' isn't directly involved in everything that Dasha has done? Let's be real, he makes his own choices, he doesn't have to keep dating that crazy cunt. He didn't have to give up a close friendship for a sociopath. Stop giving that loser a way to come out unscathed. Hold him accountable for his OWN actions and reactions.

No. 526723

In the way dasha explains things on the down low to me and all the other minions. It could be quite convincing. When you even see what other minions show you and tell you it could be shocking too. Dasha has mentioned that mina even wanted a green card from cyr but when I interacted with him about the drama he was really confused but just said he doesn’t even know anything about that. She speaks for him. But I thought he just didn’t want to say anything at first. I Know he’s told the other minions not to show dasha screenshots of edwin or mina to trigger her. He’s practically begged not to show her anything because she will probably go crazy. I can ask for the text from one of the other minions but I’m sure they read here too so I’m probably not going to get anything. She’s Can be very intimidating and very convincing, the stuff she said about mina and Edwin made me feel bad for her. It’s a whole different story when your on the inside circle.

No. 526724

Yeah me too. I am blocked on most of their accounts :D

No. 526725

Alsooo heey hentaii guy we know you are lurking so please come out of your hiding and give us your opinon on the video muahahahah

No. 526726

Give us some insight then,post some screenshots of the convos or anything really we are all thirsty for some more milk

No. 526727

He is at fault don’t get me wrong. But I’ve read different responses under edwins video, someone said he’s being gaslighted and threatened as well as saying she has a narcissistic disorder. I’m surprised I didn’t see it in the first place. They pointed out where she calls him ugly and I can even say that’s true. Also pointing out his week sexual performance and picking at him. It’s quite insightful but Cyrs never going to get out of it because he’s picked up on her traits. She’s the fucking devil who sucks everyone’s personalities out of them.

No. 526729

Fuuuck jaclyn how do you manage to anger and annoy me more every day, i used to like you,you old desperate cunt

No. 526730

File: 1527893989139.jpg (163.54 KB, 792x1144, dashamightbecrazybutmina.jpg)

No. 526731

Yeah someone on this thread also said she seems to have borderline personality disorder and I don't want to play armchair psychologist but I suspect that she definitely has some sorta personality disorder (narcissistic, borderline, etc) with all the manipulating bs. Also her obsession with Mina reminds me of the' Favorite Person' stuff people with bpd have, although her obsession is just hateful/cruel rather than love/reliant. It doesn't excuse her terrible behavior though

No. 526732

Not having eyebrows ≠ being ugly

I feel almost bad for Dasha because she obviously has serious mommy issues but Jesus fucking Christ, she needs therapy. I wonder if Jaclyn enjoys hearing her ramble about the whole situation non-stop, considering she's a giant drama whore herself.

No. 526733

I have videos, but I wouldn’t know where to post them.

No. 526734

Youtube, dropbox, vimeo if you want that's a lame excuse

No. 526736

You could easily make a throwaway twitter, tumblr, or youtube. Or upload them on vimeo or dailymotion or even liveleak.

No. 526737

You know what shocks me more, she slipped laxitives and who knows what else to her ex, then mina, and Edwin said she did the same thing to him, imagine what she’s doing to cyr, making him sick on purpose. It’s like one of those investigation discovery shows she’s slowest going to kill him or damage him mentally or physically. He’s the source of her energy now that her platform is going down and she has no social media and people around her to give her attention.

No. 526738

Well idk me just not experienced with uploading things I don’t need an account right?

No. 526741

File: 1527895878080.jpeg (128.56 KB, 750x750, C35A5DA7-7897-4721-9ADD-A0DDCE…)

Here’s a screenshot dasha sent me, I’ll send another one, she mad it seem like mina was Cyrs crazy stalker ex that messages Cyrs exes to get back at him and now I’m noticing now that it’s minas broken phone, She lied saying she didn’t go through it when she’s even been on her twitter messages. I know I’m an idiot for not noticing before.

No. 526743

File: 1527895953415.jpeg (80.55 KB, 640x640, 4590AD55-CBA1-4E22-840B-FEAFF7…)

>>526741 I’m going to screen shot me and dashas messages and save videos before I block her.

No. 526748

Yeah someone on this thread also said she seems to have borderline personality disorder and I don't want to play armchair psychologist but I suspect that she definitely has some sorta personality disorder (narcissistic, borderline, etc) with all the manipulating bs. Also her obsession with Mina reminds me of the' Favorite Person' stuff people with bpd have, although her obsession is just hateful/cruel rather than love/reliant. It doesn't excuse her terrible behavior though

No. 526750

BPD could be a possibility. She would 100% be the "loud" borderline type because she acts out so much. She pushes people away after she lets them in so they can't abandon her when her guard is down. Although, those with BPD tend to push those they care about away by smothering them in other ways, but it would really make a lot of sense. I could see her as a narcissist with how much she obsesses over others giving her attention to the point where she will have convos with herself on gossip sites in shitty attempts to improve her image. She will "destroy" anyone who doesn't bend over to kiss her ass. She needs some serious help before she physically harms someone.

No. 526764

Yeah. I hope she seeks professional help. I mean if she did already poison her ex with laxatives, which can be serious and potentially fatal, then I can only imagine how much worse it could get.

No. 526767

You can send the videos via email to lolcow.farm@gmail.com and we will host them on this thread for you.

No. 526771

Did she tell you about the laxatives or is that something you read?

No. 526777

No. 526778

Her old friend mentioned in in the text conversations on Edwin’s newest video

No. 526812

That decrepit old haggard sack of ugly and the psychotic Russian mail order bride deserve each other. Cunts, both of them.

No. 526845

File: 1527925708276.png (808.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180602-094743.png)

Dasha continues to preted like nothing is happening on insta
Hate to say but she kind of looks really good here

No. 526846

In glad mina got like 10k followers from all this

No. 526847


this isnt creepy at all lol, please put the gun down dasha

No. 526853

That’s because it doesn’t look like her.

No. 526854

she's holding that gun like a fucking retard.

No. 526871

I wonder if she genuinely sometimes forgets she isn't Mina

No. 526882

I can't believe y'all are just glossing over the fact that, per the video, Dasha is a prostitute and she was looking to be Mina's pimp.
They could probably nail her with international sex trafficking offenses if Mina has any evidence of Dasha encouraging her.

No. 526894

Gimme a break. She’s all photoshop on a lion lady face. Anyone could look good with the amount of photoshop done to their face. Anyone.

No. 526895

Quit being so dramatic.

No. 526897

Lol giving your friend sugar baby tips isn’t sex trafficking calm down

No. 526904

File: 1527936592091.png (85.65 KB, 916x849, trafficking.png)


This wasn't a relationship between two adults with no power imbalance or malice. Dasha created this power imbalance for the purpose of having terrible things happen to Mina.

Dasha was misrepresenting her intentions, saying she wanted to 'destroy' Mina to people privately.
She got her to come to the US away from friends and family through deception. Tried to convince her to overstay her Visa in the US, which makes her ineligible to do above board work. Dasha apparently had control over Mina's only option for housing in the US. Dasha proactively ruined potential business relationships for Mina.

Apparently she didn't succeed in getting Mina to sell sex, so it's not like she can be prosecuted. But maaaan Mina got so fucking lucky to have someone willing to help her get out of the apartment when Dasha started to push for a poly relationship. So many people aren't so lucky.

No. 526907


No. 526908

Guys sorry for spoonfeeding, but has there been any definite proof that Mina was involved in the sugarbaby thing? Are those screenshots of that private twitter proven in any way?

No. 526914

What’s actually creepiest is that I’m actually thinking that maybe she did plan to get Mina trafficked. Maybe that’s how she wanted to destroy her

No. 526916

There are so many people in comments of edwins video that are saying that cyr send them dick pics and that he was messaging them when they were underage..

No. 526917

Eh, I'd say she wanted her to come along with her and perhaps do it too. I imagine they'd get quite a lot if they did it together with a very rich man. Like high class escorts or something, but I think you are being a little over the top in saying that Dasha intended to ship Mina over and enslave her into sex trafficking. That's a reach.

It was probably more like 'come fuck my sugar daddy with me, he's got a yacht'
I could even see (although this is a tinfoil) Dasha getting the idea to introduce Mina to one of her regulars formore money. Even if Mina didn't wanna suck old dick, they could get paid quite a bit just for a live lesbian show.

Or maybe Dasha wanted Mina to partakein the SB lifestyle so they would have more things in common or so she'd have something to use against Mina when they fought.

It's honestly hard to tell what Dasha's intentions were because she's such a rollercoaster of the 'i hate mina i love mina' emotions, but I really don't think she'd be smart enough or have enough connections to a sex trafficking cartel. That's Alex jones level tinfoil anon

No. 526920

So why is Dasha lying about lip injections?

No. 526921

Evidence is presented on this page, just scroll up ffs.

No. 526924

I asked WHY. Why would she lie about it when it's so obvious? I'm trying to understand her demented brain. Does she think it will make her worth more?

No. 526925

This. There's an influx of newfags asking questions that have already been answered if they lurk a little bit, and ridiculous tinfoils.

The whole Cyr/Dasha/Edwin drama isn't that hard to follow at all.
If you watch like 2 or three of Edwin's videos and Dasha's perscope you'll be up to date. If you are THAT lazy and don't feel like reading.

No. 526927

You're too retarded to read. I didn't ask for proof that she was lying, I asked WHY she does it.

No. 526928

Because she hates herself and wants to live inside Mina's skin.

No. 526929

I was referring to the newfags asking about the escorting and other minor details, not sure why the anon tagged you as an example, but your question is kind of dumb though.

It's obvious, she's insecure. Why would anyone lie about having fillers/plastic surgery? They don't want to be subject to critisism.

There's a lot of people who lie about getting fillers and surgery and usually it's to avoid judgement but a lot of lolcows do it because they want people to view them as naturally beautiful and untouchable.

Dasha wants everyone to think she's open and honest and only uses a bit of facetune, when in reality she hates herself and projects everything she hates about herself onto other people.

>uses facetune

Look at how thin Mina photoshops herself as!!!

>gets obvious fillers

Mina has cheek fillers omg!!!

In conclusion, she's very mentally sick and extremely jealous and insecure.

What else would you like to know about why Dasha does half the things she does? She's a psycho. End of story.

No. 526930

You're acting like you need to do this to more than one person for it to count. It doesn't work like that.
You only need one whore to be a pimp.
You only need one girl stuck in your country illegally at your mercy doing sex work for money at your behest to be a trafficker.

No. 526931

I'm not acting like that anon.
I know how sex trafficking works.
I'm just saying I don't think Dasha flew her over purely for the premise of sex work. I think she intially wanted a friend/poly twin/whatever and when Mina came over, she couldn't deal with how jealous she felt. She chopped and changed her agenda and obviously because she couldn't get Mina to open up more to the friendship/act the way that Dasha wanted, combined with the fact she was insecure and jealous, she decided fuck it, this isn't going thed way I want, and set out to destroy Mina. She did the same with Edwin and will probably do some crazy shit to Cyr when they break up.

No. 526935

Not only that but I'm sure Mina would have been able to get out of the situation had Dasha actually been playing to pimp her out.
Like I know they said shit was bad at home for Mina but I doubt she couldn't contact a friend to send her money for a plane ticket to help get her out of the mess.

Yes, typically they take your passport and isolate you from family and break you down but if that was Dasha's plan she's an idiot. Mina has a large following and only being young, I'm sure her parents would start to wonder where she is/contact her. Your tinfoil is a bit of a reach, stop getting so hurt about it.

No. 526938

As someone with BPD, I can tell you that Dasha has some traits but falls more under NPD. I think you all need to realize that just because you read on google about borderline, that isn't how every single person diagnosed acts. For one, borderlines are extremely empathetic and feel deeply. Dasha is in no way an empath. Dasha only feels deeply when it's her ass on the line and things aren't going her way. She definitely strikes me as a narc because she's abusive, selfish, manipulative and down right cold. Not to mention her gaslighting. Speculation of course but I doubt the girl is borderline. And that's coming from someone who is in treatment for bpd and goes to group with other borderlines. And i'll probably be blasted for writing this post but oh well. I know what i'm talking about and after everything ive read and observed from her, I don't get where the bpd comments came from. Unless you're someone who hasn't had it, or are a psychologist I see where you'd be ignorant. And a little side note, I've had quite a few relationships with narcs and they have all been like Dasha. It's known people with NPD are drawn to us borderlines because we are the empaths and get attached to narcs which feeds their ego. Charming and seem like they're the perfect person at first. Talk you up with those sweet little nothings. Then the real person comes out from behind the mask. There's no real way for us to know what is truly wrong with Dasha. But if she doesn't get help.. I fear she might actually hurt someone. Maybe even kill. She's a terrifying person and I couldn't imagine being that ill and not in treatment. Maybe after all this, she will. But she's so in denial I highly doubt she will.(don't armchair)

No. 526940

Uh you do realise people can have both bpd and npd? I think she has both tbh. I understand why you feel hurt, the stigma that all borderline people are manipulative psychos is annoying and people are quick to diagnose, but Dasha fits the criteria from more than a few traits so I think it's fair to say she probably is a narc with bpd. She was pretty hurt about Mina. Even her friend in Edwin's video said she would sound hurt and say she just wanted a friend then instantly flip and bitch about her.
Don't take Dasha's behaviour as a reflection of yourself.
As you said, you are getting therapy.(armchairing)

No. 526944

File: 1527945852142.jpeg (563.89 KB, 2048x1480, BDB46831-3F11-43AD-907B-D80ADD…)

This is what Dasha was doing when Edwin uploaded his video yesterday. She was hanging out with this girl (freshly graduated from hs) at their apartment. Most likely grooming her to be her minion ofc.

No. 526945

File: 1527945864838.jpeg (577.14 KB, 2048x1480, ECEEB2BD-FD4B-413E-8C29-B7CCE1…)

No. 526956

Both being a narc and having bpd? Sounds like “the american way” haha… In the rest of the world diagnosis counter eachother… So narcissism being “higher up” (don’t get flattered anyone) than a more so emotionally unbalanced personality disorder makes bpd beyond the point.. Dasha acts like an absolute narcissist and best proof possibly being that JG wants to hang out haha… But seriously though, only one cherry on top.(don't armchair)

No. 526957

Dasha had told people she 'was going to ruin Mina's life' well before inviting her. She wasn't looking for a friend.

No one ever said Dasha was a genius, but she did pick someone without strong ties. Dasha knew she had a bad family life, as evidenced by the fact that edwin wasn't introduced to Mina's mother. Add on to that how Dasha went out of her way to shit talk Mina to any of her followers? I might have some tinfoil but at least I've bothered to read the thread and watch the drama videos. Don't accuse a farmer for getting hurt when you can't even bother to get the story straight.

It's a shame Edwin's family doesn't have enough money to pay for a ridiculous attorney.

No. 526972

I'm saying you are hurt because of the butthurt way you are replying to anons that don't agree that Dasha wanted to use Mina for sex trafficking from the get go. Noone is saying you are wrong, just that it sounds reachy. I already agreed that she probably wanted to Mina to be a sugar baby/do sex work like her/with her, I just don't think she was planning to sex traffick her.

>dasha knew she had a bad family life

>evidenced by edwin not meeting Mina's mother

Edwin not meeting Mina's mother happened after the drama was over, they had moved out and were a couple. What are you on about?

I've read all the threads and Edwin's videos/vlogs, follow all the drama on instagram and twitter plus I've painfully watched all of Dasha's crazy perscope so I have my 'story straight' as you say haha

No. 526973

File: 1527951669265.gif (466.49 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

That girl looks kind of like mina. Has she found a new replacement?

No. 526975

Actually it's really common for people to have more than one cluster b personality disorder, but it can be hard to diagnose since npd and bpd share a lot of similar traits (obviously not all)
But I'm not going continue arguing about the bpd and narc shit because armchairing is stupid anyway.
Who cares, Dasha is fucking crazy whatever disorder she has lol

Dasha's new victim.

No. 526976

I think she could definitely be a runner up for a replacement, but I don't see the Mina resemblance in the face at all. Dasha seems to have a penchant for curly haired chicks with berets though kek

No. 526978

Watch out simplykenna you are next

No. 526979

Dashas behaviour reminds me of myself when i was younger and that's why I'm certain she is actually in love with Mina. The aggression she has towards the girl and the obsession of calling her out for copying etc is uncanny to a situation i was in. Her behaviour displays certain jealousy and infatuation. Mina really is the victim. If Dasha can't HAVE her, she wants to BE her.

No. 526981

You should've slimmed down your torso in that right picture before letting your new victim post it, Dasha. That is not a good look.

Please tell me you got help if Dasha's actions in any way shape or form remind you of your younger self. She slipped Mina laxatives ffs. That's not love.

No. 526983

Those two together would be toxic

No. 526985

I got help and I'm a lot older now and embarrassed to even know i was like that. I'd say her actions online remind me of my younger self, not her irl actions which are extreme even from my perspective.
Safe to say, Shes the craziest case I've heard of when it comes to these situations.

No. 526991

Weirdly enough, I had a similar thought that she was in love with her intially anon.

Semi blog post, but I had a friend who was intense and full on and would suddenly adopt phrases I said, and things I liked. I didn't care about that shit though, but it got weirder.
She would joke that her friends would say things like 'why don't you date (me)? You talk about her so much!' I knew she was lying because she had no other friends. She was saying this to test the waters. She even did the same thing as Dasha where she would give me alcohol and not touch hers. Eventually I distanced myself politely because she would lie about everything and stole something from me.
She got clingy and accused me of hating her so I told her I wasn't mad, I just didn't like some of the things she did. I guess she didn't like that. She then proceeded to blow up in my face and posted my phone number on a public website.

Anyhow, this whole Dasha thing brought back memories and I have no doubt that she was hoping to have a girlfriend. The problem is, with crazy people like that, they don't like it when things don't go their way so they then turn into absolute monsters and instantly hate that person.

No. 527012

File: 1527957407502.jpg (525.29 KB, 1080x1627, IMG_20180602_123527.jpg)

Noticed this. Mina can't even comment or like pictures of other girls without Dasha pretty much trying to claim them immediately after. This is all so fucking strange.

No. 527035

Probably common to have the same circles and a couple of mutuals but it's also probably Dasha's way of intimidating Mina. I wouldn't be suprised if Dasha bitched non stop about Mina the whole time she hung out with that girl.
On another note, has anyone noticed how Dasha kinda looks like the grinch or a dr Seuss character when she smiles in candids? She's not ugly, and the grich is kind of cute, but the likeness is hilarious given her personality.

No. 527036

The photographer mentioned in the video how dasha did a bad shoot and was rude and asked for shoes after is scmurray. Remember dasha did a shoot for shoes but the pictures never came out.

No. 527040

Here’s just a bit of insight from someone who has had a skinwalker try and copy me, to when I was like 13 I think I was a skin walker myself(I know it’s embarrassing, but at least it was before I was 16). Real fast, in a nutshell without getting into my own issues that are way gone, as this was a looooong time ago… I was diagnosed with body dismorphia and basically hated myself so badly that I couldn’t understand why a guy wouldn’t want to be with me, and just what was it about the girl they would choose? I would always think that the girlfriend of a guy I would like was oh so gorgeous to the point of trying to look like them. It was sad because when I look back there was nothing wrong with me. I can tell you however that at the time I did hurt, and I had a horrible mother figure to the point that I moved cross country, all the way to LA to get away from her, and I had a strict father figure. I’m not trying to derail here, I’m just trying to give insight from a girl that went through this. Also, even until I was about 26/27 I was still like this: where even though I had the guy in the palm of my hands- I would still obsess on their ex being so pretty. The only thing that changed was that I stopped trying to actually look like the girl because by then I had my own look. But I would still fuck with my man’s exes for some reason, thinking he loved them more than me. So bottom line, I blame Dashas bullshit on her own insecurities in head coupled with a shitty home-family life with the added factors of competition in her media driven mind. I don’t even feel sorry for her because I myself blame my fucked up family instead of myself for my own fiasco. And finally I grew out of the skin walking phase by 16 so her mind is rather underdeveloped imo if she is still skin walking ffs. It’s one thing to borrow a look, another to steal and attempt to actually become the person. Dasha thinks she’s taking the high road by ignoring this whole thing when this is something that needs to be responded to since the allegations are somewhat serious and will absolutely ruin her reputation online. All she would have to do is admit, and apologize. I’m sure many will not accept it, especially Edwin and Mina but she owes them one for sure.

No. 527041

File: 1527965748815.png (396.88 KB, 808x589, Screenshot at Jun 02 20-55-49.…)

I'm on her IG and it looks like she shot with Dasha a handful of times and talks about how fun it was. Are you sure it's her?

Kek at this rare Julia though.

No. 527043

Wow, just how low donher tits sag in that photo? She is just nasty with her stamp tool face. Hey Dasha, bright/contrast is clearly your friend, isn’t it……

No. 527044

I thought because she shot with her for some shoe brand. Also to note, she liked Minas picture talked about dasha.

No. 527045

File: 1527966813292.jpeg (160.85 KB, 750x1273, CB5950CD-BB15-44BB-912D-71E8B2…)

When I would talk to dasha in DMs. She showed me that niamh screenshot already so I’m assuming she deleted the conversation between us. I thought it was weird. But I knew instantly I didn’t want to give her my phone number. We only messaged one time but I find it weird to automatically ask for someone’s number like that. At the time I just brushed it off because I felt bad for her because she made Mina seem like a crazy liar. I know the fake accounts are Minas but the thing is, they were not abusive accounts, they are simple fan accounts that didn’t do much of anything but comment nice stuff on Minas and her friends pics like Leon. She also sent a text conversation Leon had with her but I’m hoping I can get that from one of the minions I had a convo with on twitter. Leon didn’t want to be involved but dasha is buddy’s with him.

No. 527051

I’ve noticed her liking multiple photos of Leon’s this past week, it’s like she’s been attempting to gather up people she can use against Mina.

No. 527058

I can’t get the convo because her twitter isn’t reactivated yet. As soon as it is I will get it. Other minions have that convo too. Leon was basically saying that Mina lied about how long she was vegan, then said she never finished school, and she screwed him over. Him and dasha were just talking shit mostly. But he wanted to keep the convo private because he didn’t want to be known for Minas drama. I find that sketchy how she never keeps any conversation private even if someone asks her to. There’s also a video of that fake apology, the one who sent that to dasha is this girl that’s jackylolita something like that. There was a message between her and dasha to say “use it only if you really need to”. You really can’t trust her with anything you say at all. Just like that girls private convo about tinder. She’s shadey like that, she’s just a user.

No. 527065

Out of curiousity and because I can’t remember, why was Leon mad at Mina again? If I remember correctly it was because she ghosted him or didn’t reply to his texts? Something petty of the sort.

Also, was it Edwin’s video that made you change your mind about Dasha or were you already noticing these things beforehand? Not the anon who was being a bit aggressive towards you yesterday, but to me it’s always been clear as day that she only acknowledges certain fans because they trash on Mina and Edwin. Not judging you, because when this whole mess started I was on Dasha’s side, but it became apparent very quickly that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself and only sees other people as pawns. Basically she only sees others as a means to get what she wants.

No. 527066

Here's my thing, why Mina? Like it would seem Dashas initial obsession and skinwalking came from wanting to steal Cyr from her. She stole him and he dumped Mina so why did she continue to harass and stalk Mina? Like it would still be crazy to fuck with Mina and skinwalk her if she wanted Cyr but she has him now and she has only gotten worse. Why did she want to destroy mina before they met in person?

All Mina ever did was date Cyr and Dasha ruined that. She never did anything to Dasha.

No. 527069

She didn’t even date him for that long either only a couple of weeks.

No. 527072

I think it has less to do with Mina previously dating Cyr and more to do with Mina not wanting to be bff's with Dasha or be poly with her. I think Dasha has developed an obsessive crush on Mina and is trying to destroy her because she has rejected Dasha on both a friendship and romantic level.

No. 527073

File: 1527973295067.jpeg (227.91 KB, 743x989, E5C04E9F-03D3-4B2E-92DC-3CF091…)

Because they were subtweeting each other on twitter, mina was mad and made a snarky subtweet with a picture of some weird looking people saying “cyr and dasha look good here” it was back and forth petty stuff. Cyr told idubbz to block mina because mina was obsessed with idubbz at the time. It wasn’t even a big fight but I guess at the time it was and maybe dasha kept that vendetta ever since. Mina did that fake apology at first, but she grew to like dasha. And ended the fued but dasha was still not over it and still plotted to do things behind her back and find her weaknesses went through her personal belongings. I never payed attention to it because I didn’t see the bigger picture until now.

I think it was getting there I felt just a weirdness when I would look back on things. Initially it was Charlie that got to me. Seeing what dasha would do, it made me feel relatable. The other minions she would do the same thing. She told one of them “You’re the only person that has my back, not even my own close friends have my back and I consider you a close friend” and I was creeped out because she would sent that to all of them. Charlie was manipulated for a long time. Everyone has their own lives and own worries, she only cared about her own she would barely ask you about your personal life.

By the way the picture is for reference that people didn’t believe cyr had contact with idubbz back then but he did, they commented on each other’s stuff. But I don’t think so anymore, only maxmofoe and anything for views. But that’s where that dumb argument over Mina liked idubbz came out. It really didn’t seem like a big deal but she made it Like one. She’s one to talk when she homewrecked the entire relationship, she really snapped being in bed with cyr, I can’t stand her anymore.

No. 527076

Does anyone have the snap she put up of her and cyr in bed together naked when he was with Mina?

No. 527078

File: 1527974376536.jpg (161.14 KB, 768x768, 90UccuLtajZsZ3gZ1xuEJzOiluPTVT…)

Who is this chick and are she and Dasha still friends? I was wondering if she was the one who said that Dasha seemed to flitter between hating Mina and desperately wanting to be her friend?

No. 527081

I’m glad you finally realized that she’s not a good person and (hopefully) you never fall into the hands of someone like this ever again. Empthatic/sensitive people are literally magnets for toxic people like Dasha.

Btw we know that Cyr was ‘acquaintances” with idubbbz, but they were never in any way close like Dasha would try to make it appear. It’s kind of cringy how she would refer to idubbbz as Ian on her tweets related to the drama for the whole world to see. She did this in purpose to make it look like Cyr and her have close ties to idubbbz. Going back and forth on twitter doesn’t mean they were or are friends.

No. 527082

It is her! In edwins video she said the only one that visited dasha at the time and I noticed she unfollowed dasha and follows mina. She was also in the rooftop with dasha. In her insights you can slightly hear her voice, but I’m sure it her.

No. 527085

File: 1527975457635.jpeg (291.72 KB, 750x1092, 97084B98-B9E4-499C-99A2-A1C998…)

Universal angel is the only one I’m aware of that personally visited dasha.

No. 527086

File: 1527976513160.jpeg (187.55 KB, 1378x572, 1A4CE4E2-3902-49F9-ACD2-BF15A1…)

It grinds my fucking gears how these people with followings always insert themselves into the drama and act like they know it all just because they heard one side of the story - like kawaiiguyla
How dumb and stupid can these people be, someone sends you a DM or tells you a story and you automatically believe everything and take to blindly defending them, when you don’t even know the people being talked about? For example example that Cleo chick who called Mina a bitch and unfollowed/blocked her or whatever. Like even if the things being said about Mina were true, how does it affect you enough to insult and take petty actions towards her?

No. 527089

I thought it seemed like she would be the one. I just got the vibe from their photos etc. that maybe she wasn't fully comfortable. Also Dasha deleted their photos together.

No. 527094

File: 1527978746740.jpg (16.96 KB, 218x160, 1527974376536.jpg)

No. 527096


Lmao and Dasha looks like she wishes she was holding Mina instead.

No. 527097

Hahahaha yes her eyes say it all LOL

No. 527104

Mina and Edwin are on insta live rn (he got off but), talking about the Dasha issues; Edwin got emotional which is understandable

No. 527106

Behwah is a little bitch.

No. 527107

She also liked and commented on Oceau's posts with Dasha iirc; Unfollowing her now lmao

No. 527108

I think Cleo follows Mina now; I believe she's one of the instagrammers that realized the lies

No. 527110

I know she follows Mina now and apologized. The point I was trying to make is that calling Mina a bitch and unfollowing her was unwarranted and super cliquey/catty of her.

No. 527116

I honestly feel bad for Edwin. How frustrating this whole situation would be for him and the fact that she is such a psychotic bitch and is still turning people against them. He lost his best friend too. I just think I would be emotional too…

No. 527118

Even though he’s pretty cringe I can see this through his perspective. I would hate seeing my SO being harassed, it would infuriate me.

No. 527120

Yeah, I mean I would be the same too. I would be so mad. I get teary when I really sperg. I could imagine doing the same and being like "How are you all so fucking retarded???? How can anyone follow that vapid cunt??"

No. 527128

On Mina's live she said Behwah unfollowed her because she supported Dasha without even watching the video

No. 527130

File: 1527984811255.jpeg (526.9 KB, 2048x2048, 31AA3821-3ED9-4A98-9C61-428B36…)

Seriously. I’d rather watch Edwin’s cringe (but genuine) crying any day, over Dasha’s fake attempt to cry.

No. 527133

I don’t know how these girls feel okay supporting someone so awful. Don’t they want to set good examples for their followers? They preach a lot of positivity but don’t practice it.

No. 527134

File: 1527985197332.jpeg (24.2 KB, 354x415, 62180C60-75FC-45E7-885B-6B8508…)

I wonder if Putin and her flying monkeys will attempt to get Edwin’s videos removed on the grounds of boolying…

No. 527150

File: 1527986807762.jpeg (70.95 KB, 750x427, 070D648E-01E7-4CAF-B008-D3831E…)

If even her hardcore minions can realize that Dasha is wrong, these instathots have 0 excuse.


I’m down, I was also thinking of sending the link to Edwin’s videos to all of Dasha’s instafamous mutuals, but it seemed like too much work haha. I’ll def report tho.

No. 527151

report party? I'm in.

No. 527152

do it. pander to their egos like "hey lovely i noticed you were friends with dasha and im sure she has been nice to you but there are actually a few things in here that are concerning and i wouldnt want you to get burned down the line because you dont deserve it (link)"

No. 527153

To all our new users: Please familiarize yourself with the rules and usage guide.


Asking for mass-reporting is called a personal army request. Don't do it here. Thank you.

No. 527155

I saw ppl say that they're annoyed by the fact that Mina didn't even do the video herself but tbh I think that attitude probably pisses Dasha even more and results in more hilarious raging from Dasha's part. The girl she obsessivly hates on isn't really giving her the time of day. I think it fuels Dasha's hate for Mina more than if Mina gave in and went to properly defend herself. Dasha desperately wants Mina to properly acknowledge her; like a little kid who's ignored by their crush and gets more and more frustrated.

No. 527163

I know Dasha is crazy but the way they're demanding that people take a side is controlling is totally something Dasha herself would do. As long as no one is sending hate to either wants wrong with staying neutral?

No. 527165

yeah i dont agree with not being able to have your own opinion ie remaining neutral. but tbh i also dont get how delusional you must be to remain neutral unless you hate them both. like doxing someone, sharing their passport and their nudes they didnt know you even had is so fucked not to mention very illegal. say what you want about e&m, say they are fake, cringy and doing it for the drama, but they havent stooped that low and i doubt they will

No. 527170

I agree with this, if Mina made a video to defend herself, Dasha and her remaining minions would have a goldmine of material for another round of dumb memes, picking her apart and all that. It must drive her absolutely nuts that Mina slipped out of her grasp and won't give her any public attention.

No. 527172

They’re not asking people to choose sides, they’re them to stop supporting her. Unsupporting Dasha does not equal support for Edwin and Mina.

These insta famous girls should simply unfollow and do the right thing. It’s that easy.

No. 527173

look at the bright side if they dont unfollow and get closer to her then there will just be more testimonials to destroy her with in 6-12 months lol

No. 527181

True, plus Ian doesn't seem like Minas type. He's not moody/emo looking like Edwin and Cyr. He also doesn't have the shaggy hair.

No. 527184

Which is Mina's type tho? I personally dont think Cyr and Edwin have the same style neither personality.
Edwin and Mina admit they werent each other type.

No. 527214

Mina’s type, I’m assuming is probably a model/artsy/edgy type like cyr. But I can still see why she likes Edwin because he has a different type of edge to him with the colored hair and emo bands.
I think edwin’s type was very regular women because personality wise he seems like a regular guy. And judging from his exes.

No. 527240

In his video Edwin said anyone else with testimonials should email him. Now I'm just waiting for Dasha to reactivate her Twitter, since that's where most of her incriminating messages probably are.

No. 527253

File: 1528008977624.jpeg (664.16 KB, 2048x1200, EC9DF407-E52D-4047-83F8-C59200…)

Honestly, I’m on Edwin’s and Mina’s side about mostly everything, but I don’t know whether to believe them or not about the accounts. Seeing how psycho Dasha is, I guess it could be possible that she was plotting and scheming before meeting Cyr, but at the same time it seems like a reach? I don’t really care about the fake accounts AT ALL, nor do I think the “harassing” of Dasha was that bad, but I just don’t know what to believe. At the same time, if the accounts were really Mina’s, wouldn’t she just own up to it? It was mostly just cringy edits and nothing super malicious like Dasha would love everyone to believe.

How long were Dasha and Tristan broken up before she got with Cyr?

No. 527273

Before when I was a minion of dashas I brought to his attention that the accounts interacted with niamh and mina on twitter because they had twitter counterparts. As well as lina account being Minas irl friend. There’s a lot of evidence pointing to mina because when the accounts were privated when mentioned on here and dasha was so upset about it because they had “evidence” that mina was obsessed with Edwin and talking to mina and niamh. Mina has meme edits before being sent by fans that could explain some, Mina used to edit herself before knowing of dasha too so he can’t clear her for everything. I just think that dasha over did it, and tried to justify that mina did this horrible thing when it was just fan accounts that didn’t harass her like she said. She made it seem like mina having those accounts was a good reason to delete her Instagram and she said “she could just build that up again” like it was no big deal. Mina left herself open because manipulative people look for openings, dasha was purposely trying to find dirt, and she did, and that’s what gave her such a big head to justify all the shit she’s done. She really can be scary and that’s no lie. She really plans things.

No. 527274

File: 1528020740444.jpeg (Spoiler Image,58.9 KB, 750x601, 7FAE6E01-EAD0-46B8-9510-E7C258…)

Like this made no sense to me, it didn’t relate to what we were talking about really, back then I agreed with her that mina has problems and is really manipulative and she said mina would always request her and cyr to get wine for her. So I thought mina might have abused alcohol and had other problems or insecure she’s hiding then she mentioned mina is a prostitute. It’s insane when you’re one the outside looking in now. Why insist on saying you don’t want to shame her for it but still mention to everyone like it’s shameful?

No. 527303

Maybe Because she doesn't care about your opinion? All she care is to feed you/manipulate you. If you are thinking mina is doing bad things that means she is success to manipulate you.

"I won't slut shame her for it ever"
Is her way to act like a nice girl. All she cares is herself. Smh

No. 527309

"Manipulative people are really not interested in you except as a vehicle to allow them to gain control so that you become an unwilling participant in their plans. They have several ways of doing this, as many of you will recognize. They will often take what you say and do and twist it around so that what you said and did becomes barely recognizable to you. They will attempt to confuse you, maybe even making you feel as if you’re crazy. They distort the truth, and may resort to lying if it serves their end."

No. 527332

that oceau girl who tagged Dasha in a photo recently removed the photo! she also has a story about ending an abusive relationship recently but I imagine it's an ex and not dasha?

No. 527335

I honestly do think Mina made those accounts but at this point she’ll never own up to it and Edwin is her dog so he won’t believe it anyway.
That being said what Dasha has done is waaaay worst than some dumb teenager making fan accounts.

No. 527347

I have a strong feeling Dasha sperging cause she doesn't want to give us milk lol I'm betting she's going full blown psycho on the inside.

No. 527348

There’s still like 10 Instagram models who are supporting dasha and reporting Edwin’s video. Jesus Christ these girls act like they’re in high school. I want people to call them out on defending trasha

No. 527349

Piggs put the second video on her story. That’s gonna reach a big audience

No. 527353

for real? who?

No. 527356

No. 527357

yellabambi, phiphibb, behwah and more. The other models haven’t publicly commented like these, or publicly state they were reporting the video. They all have a group chat. I’m sure more names will be drawn out

No. 527361

File: 1528049941750.png (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 750x1334, 9A561B5B-F24C-4C56-87E4-81B2E3…)

No. 527365

File: 1528050527181.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 3AA95B3B-12FC-4653-8DB8-CA7412…)

I’m actually laughing because I told behwah yesterday that it was immature to participate on IG group chats set to destroy other insta models and she deleted the comment in a nanosecond. I wasn’t even sure if there was a group chat or not, but finding out that there really is one? Just fucking yuck, like how aren’t they embarassed of themselves? That shits so fucking highschool.

No. 527368

I just seen that too! The names Edwin blocked out when calling out phi, one was universal angel because you can see the U and she’s the one who sent that to him. Also Edwin watched her live, She’s the one in edwins video I’m reallt sure if it now. That’s her voice.

No. 527391

What is funny to me is these are adult women. Adukt women who can’t use their better judgement. I don’t think their life extends much outside of Instagram. It’s pathetic.

No. 527395

Yeah they must be embarrassed and don't want to look bad which is why they are doubling down and supporting Dasha.

No. 527400


Speaking of adult women, someone tagged Jaclyn Glenn or whatever under Mina's new post promoting Edwin's vid (sorry no caps). But since she likes to give people a chance I guess she will ignore it too.

No. 527402

I'm starting to hate that crusty drama hoe woman. I hope SR keep shitting with her because at this point she derserved. She does know that what a shitty person Dasha is but that didn't stop her to hang out with a day after Edwin upload the video.

No. 527403

I really find that phibib girl gross. She's got no personality, her lips look like they're going to burst at any second, and her and dasha's photos together look so uncomfortable. Her and Mina were cute together back in the day (from an outside perspective before this all went down) but Dasha just looks so fake in all these photos with her 'friends'

No. 527430

Edwin says there’s 16 insta thots in the group, can anyone list them all out?

No. 527444

I can name a few. Daintyviolet, Yellabambi, Behwah, Phiphibb, Universal_angel, Douxfairy, Urfatherfigure, Peachyjazz. I assume them, given those are the girls who constantly shoutout each other. There was another girl, itsyeli who I believe WAS in the chat but she announced she is no longer associating herself with Dasha.

No. 527450

Universal angel has also made it quite clear that she’s no longer friends with Dasha

No. 527453

urfatherfigure also took a stand against Dasha along with universal_angel.

No. 527456

She did? When was that. I thought she was ~neutral~

No. 527458

Urfatherfigure is still following Dasha

No. 527461

Behwah unfollowed dasha but dasha is still following her

No. 527463

ive never seen them shoutout universal or doux

No. 527465

Oh I could have sworn urfather figure wrote something in her story at one point about Dasha. I followed her after seeing her denounce Dasha in some way, shape or form. Otherwise I would never have added some instathot. I just appreciate them standing up to her.

No. 527479

I think Dasha has also unfollowed her now. I wonder if Behwah finally watched the damn video.

No. 527487

What is the point of Edwin getting these girls to be friends with Mina and unfriend Dasha? It's like he's stealing her friends for Mina. It's kind of weird. And very elementary school lol.

No. 527489