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File: 1702924349507.jpeg (385.9 KB, 828x1234, IMG_4380.jpeg)

No. 1944726

>What is Breadtube and the leftist sphere?
A new leftist movement aiming to address, fight, and destroy the growing presence of fascism in the USA. AKA, breadtube is keyboard warriors making response videos to anti-SJW’s and the leftist sphere is a place that preaches diversity while all their biggest players are White, TIMs or upper class minroties

>General summary of their beliefs

- They are not liberals. Liberals believe first and foremost on changing the system from the inside while Leftists want to destroy it.
-They have slap fights over the intricacies of their political beliefs every other wednesday. The only thing uniting them is a vague dislike of capitalism.

>Breadtube: The big players only. Other online personalities exist, but these are the ones pulling the shots.

Famous 'Breadtubers' include Contrapoints, Philosophy Tube, Hbomberguy, Xiran Jay Zhao and Shaun.

Previous threads

No. 1944813

Not really milk but it was nice to see Samsen acknowledge women's concerns regarding men's porn use, I didn't think I'd ever hear a breadtuber call someone "pornbrained" with how coomer-y the fanbase is. Maybe because his audience is more recognizably female than others?
Had a bit of a schizo moment when I first saw the video because I literally just finished catching up on our NoFap snow thread lol

No. 1944909

File: 1702959798533.png (536.09 KB, 646x2263, kBep5LZ.png)

So, this hbomb plagiarism drama brought up something from his previous videos. It was another video about plagiarism in youtube gaming. In this video, a minor gaming YouTuber named Lukiepoo clearly ripped off a concept from one of Hbomb's video. Harris refers to lukiepoo as 'the most fuckable twink ever,' in a now deleted chat, and it's worth noting that Luke was 19 at the time. According to Luke, Harris fans allegedly harassed him during and after this incident and he has been doxxed as well. I don't know about you all but I do find it creepy for an adult man to make such comments about a 19-year-old, from what I've seen Hbombers fan still think the comment is hilarious and "joke" about it constantly. just look at the replies to this tweet.

No. 1944917

I scrolled for several minutes and all the replies were babying this bitch boy so maybe get over it, especially considering what the replies would look like if he was a woman

No. 1944923

> adult man
> 19-year-old

so… two adult men?

No. 1944929

Vaush having the Palestinian flag in is twitter name is so embarrassing for those of us who didn't just start caring and condescendingly lecturing others about it on October 7th. I'm surprised he doesn't think they're antisemitic white people haters

No. 1944931

only based thing that faggot's ever done

No. 1944940

Why are they acting like a 19 years old is a child

No. 1944947

troon comment.

No. 1945017

but have you seen how hbomb looks? that alone would constitute harassment

No. 1945019

Any news on somerton himself tho? Is he just hiding in his home trying to evade solicitors?

No. 1945020

>creepy for an adult man to make such comments about a 19-year-old
Hbomb was born in 1992 and this man was born in 1997. Go back

No. 1945023

>i was a 19 yearold idiot
at the age of 19 you should be able to comprehend that plagiarism is bad. I hate that men use the "I was so young" excuse all the way up to their 30's.
Anyway calling someone a fuckable twink is weird but it's not pedophilia

No. 1945026

I mean Hbomb is bisexual.

No. 1945054

It wasn't in a "now deleted chat," and saying it was is just trying to make it sound more dramatic than it is. It's directly in the plagiarism video.
>Lukiepoo (clip): At this point I’m convinced the only thing Hbomberguy needs more than a testosterone shot and some estrogen blockers is a lesson in humility.
>Hbomberguy VO: Okay, where does - and I mean this as a compliment - the most fuckable twink I’ve ever seen in my life get off telling me how to manage my T-levels? Is he speaking from experience?
Grow tf up. Why are you acting like that little shit was somehow victimized? This post reeks of twitter zoomer.

No. 1945057

Around 13:20 I'm surprised Noah didn't talk about how he did something similar on ig live about a month ago. He was talking about men acting so fucking pornbrined and need to move away from the stuff if they wished to have more fulfilling relationships.
Many women in the chat were talking about their similar experiences with moids hitting them without consent and of course some scrotes were mad that he appeared as "antisexwork". Wished I saved screen caps.

No. 1945127

I'd feel bad if he was a girl but when it's this scrote I just find it funny.
I'm not sure about Vaush in particular but most of these men have no sympathy for MENA women and girls and defend islam to hell and back. Their solidarity only extends to the men.

No. 1945133

yeah it was extremely cringe, no fucking idea why he thought it was a good idea to say that

No. 1945158

the average breadtuber just a liberal with a che shirt, this isn't surprising tbh.

No. 1945212

two opinions for grifters:
>anti israel = antisemitic
>I don't know anything but I can virtue signal with genocide if I don't have a job that would be at risk

No. 1945228

File: 1703023013311.png (64.86 KB, 604x546, israel.png)

Don't forget the

>I'll RT any gruesome image. Don't you like it? You're part of the oppressor.

No. 1945251

twitterfag comment, 19yo MEN arent children stop babying rape apes.

No. 1945293

the fuckable twink comment just felt like Hbomb trying to score bisexual points, i guess as a preamble to the "omg im so queer this is my queer community" shit later in the video, but it just comes off as unfunny forced coomer "humour"

No. 1945296

he wouldn't make the same "joke" about a girl 5 years his junior. that comment felt really out of pocket and especially unsettling coming from a sickening bearded QUEER toddler-phenotype like hbummer

No. 1945297

OT but context: the thing she's talking about is misinformation. The video of tents and bulldozers is apparently from Egypt ten years ago.

No. 1945302

Are you serious?(sage your shit)

No. 1945316

so what you're saying is this faggot who voluntarily calls himself 'lukiepoo' is a vulnerable 26-year-old minor who's been a victim of misandry and sexist double standards because a man made a joke about him once. you are SO strong and brave for defending him

No. 1945321

He needs to man up, what a fag.

No. 1945390

I don't get why this is such a big deal when literally every youtuber starts by aping someone else. The amount of game reviewers who wanted to either be hbombguy or seeth in 2020 was insane. Is copying the script the only line not to cross?

No. 1945416

File: 1703075116295.jpg (128.68 KB, 1080x1644, basednona.jpg)

Hbomb clearly meant it as fag mockery despite claiming otherwise in the vid as to save face with the "progressive" gendie crowd. Calling someone fagbait or "so emasculated that you look like a fag" won't exactly come across as a compliment or progressive in gendie circles. Contrarily, "Twink" is a common belittling and emasculating moid insult that has been used to emasculate rape apes for over a century. It has also recently in the past ten years ish been disguised as gendie lingo like "queer" therefore gendies think its neutral now or even a compliment kek. The comment is literally born from the backwards logic of gendie/leftist types, its the natural conclusion to "women like pink and makeup; man like blue and cars that they push vehemently. Men are masculine, if they aren't they're "fuckable twinks".

I think its a good homophobic insulting response since this Luke guy said Harris needs estrogen blockers and testosterone shots ala emasculating him, so Harris hit back in violent, rape ape male fashion with a "no u" but also degrading him kek. It is pretty good mockery for a faggy looking retard male. You're hyperfocusing on the fuckable part which is clearly intended as a fag insult since degrading someone is the ultimate insult; no less rape apes who hate the idea that they could be anally raped and made "fuckable". He basically said "you look so emasculated that you look like a fuckable fag" in progressive sex-positive gendie speak. To anyone sane, this comment is disgusting; its humiliating, dehumanizing, degrading and homophobic but used against men its absolutely based. It almost reads crypto homophobe towards men lel. Its basically "You look so emasculated that you look like a fag, fag". Its nothing deep, this isn't about women; its about a shouting match between 2 violent male fags.

No. 1945460

nta but I do agree there is something about "non-threatening" progressive moids that always seem creepy to me, like I would not trust children and animals to be alone with them.

No. 1945581

>unironic "groomer" discourse on here between two adults
Please never have children

No. 1945704

He released an apology. Apparently it took so long because he was in the hospital after a failed suicide attempt

No. 1945725

Is this apology plagiarized too? Suicide baiting won't abscond you from plagiarism. The ratio of dislikes to likes speaks for itself.

No. 1945731

I got 15 seconds in before turning it off in disgust. this man feels bad for himself and no one else.

No. 1945734

there is nothing he can do to salvage this, just leave with your stolen money and get a job.

No. 1945738

god why does this even require an explanation.

No. 1945743


I think the reason this video exists as a heads up for his paypigs because he’s charging his patreon again and making all his videos viewable again so he can collect Adsense again.

No. 1945753

the absolute gaul of this fucking bastard.

No. 1945758

Hold on, he says “I wasn’t the one who wrote that stuff” a number of times, is he referring to the people he stole shit from or is he throwing his cowriter under the bus?

No. 1945761

“I swear on my mothers grave”
>hey guys by the way wanted to remind you that I have a DEAD mom

No. 1945772

God, he looks terrible. Or, worse than usual, I should say. That bisexual lighting sure did a lot of heavy lifting.
But anyway, I'm looking through the transcript for this right now. Though I don't think there's very much he could say right now to get people back on his good side, it funnily enough is similar to a "typical plagiarist's apology" like Hbomb described in his video. Lots of passive voice, minimizing, and he also really wants your pity. Apparently his co-writer/friend Nick has cut all ties with him, he'll be moving back in with his parents soon because he (paraphrasing) "doesn't make nearly as much as people are estimating", and he is fresh out of the hospital from a suicide attempt. For what it's worth, I think this might be the truth for once, but with James it can be hard to tell.
What's really surprising to me though is that he still wants to come back. He wants to keep making videos, resume Patreon billing, and he also swears up and down that Telos has been totally legit this whole time and will definitely produce real films soon. And maybe it's just me, but he seems to take a swipe at ToddInTheShadows at this part (around the 20 minute mark), because he says that "other youtubers, not Hbomberguy" have been lying about him. That to me seems like a reference to Todd's video debunking all of his lies, since Todd spent awhile skewering Telos and its stockphoto "movie posters" for being an obvious grift.
If any of you have the patience to sit through the actual 30+ minute video though, please share anything else you think is juicy that I missed. This is just the stuff that really stuck out to me.

No. 1945780

This is a real douche vs. turd situation, because this man is an insufferable, talentless twat, but I really think the breadtards got carried away. Three creators instigated a dogpile against him in the span of a week, one of whom was a music critic who had literally zero business weighing in on the situation. Hbomb's video was probably plenty, but these people have no restraint and they smelled blood in the water. I honestly thought Illuminaughti's nonsense was just as egregious and transparently a cash grab, but for whatever reason she's not the person they decided to go all in on.

No. 1945784

Oh shit, did he delete it already? Nevermind, then. If any of you know of a good way to archive youtube transcripts and/or comments please lmk, because I've still got it all pulled up.

No. 1945787

Yeah, this is why I actually believe what he says about being recently hospitalized, because I can't imagine what this must be like to experience. Sure, he shouldn't have done what he did, but still.

No. 1945789

People found out he's a liar and a thief and a scammer who openly despises women and who's been taking advantage of the mentally infirm. Come on.

No. 1945792

Because being "progressive" is the new edgy subversive trend when you are so progressive that you loop back to being ultra conservative and calling feminine looking men twinks just as moids did in the mid 20th century aka a fuckable faggot.

The later I believe.

You're right nonna, both Illuminati and Internet Historian were just as bad but haven't caught as much flak by their communities.

No. 1945793

Oh, trust me, I know, I just have a bit of a problem with empathizing with people that don't deserve it kek. I just mean that I could understand why he might possibly try to hurt himself rn, but he also 100% put himself in this spot in the first place.

No. 1945795

File: 1703147288505.png (69.84 KB, 524x303, IMG_4427.png)

What the fuck is wrong with you people?? He’s a proven liar, grifter, thief, and plagiarist he deserves this. I don’t believe he was ever hospitalized to begin with narcs never kill themselves. They lie about attempting for attention and pity. This nasty misogynistic faggot deserves everything that’s coming to him.
Also Dan Olson known as foldable human has beef with him because he called out Sommerton for lying about going broke months ago and his fans dogpilled Dan for it despite the obvious evidence that James was talking out of his ass about being broke.
Anyway I’m glad he took his patreon down and scrubbed his YouTube channel again. He doesn’t deserve a single dime.

No. 1945797

>both Illuminati and Internet Historian were just as bad but haven't caught as much flak by their communities.
Internet Historian ripped off one article and Illuminati paraphrased from documentaries, neither of them went to extent James did.

No. 1945798

Somerton being misogynistic yet again for uploading and deleting his apology video while i was asleep, smh.
Does anyone know if it's been archived somewhere?

No. 1945800

Oh, I’d forgotten about this. Interesting how he's all faux-humble and apologetic about the claims made against him in Hbomb's video, aka the "big" video about him, but the stuff in Todd's video or Dan's twitter thread is just "other youtubers lying" about him. He really is just upset that he got caught in such a public way and he couldn't save face anymore.

No. 1945803

I doubt anyone had the time, it was only up for about three hours.
HOWEVER, since I scrubbed the whole thing while reading the transcript (I'm >>1945772), my browser seems to somehow not realize it's been deleted yet. I can still watch the whole thing provided I don't close or refresh that tab. So I'm trying to screen-record the stupid thing as we speak.

No. 1945806

someone reuploaded it

No. 1945809

Damn, that was fast. But thank god, because I really did not have 20GB to spare for this dumb fucking video

No. 1945812

Come on, she literally steals the footage and puts it through a filter so she doesn't get DMCA'd. Half of the time, she just says the same thing as the muted footage. She's not as bad about misinformation as Somerton, but her theft is on the same level imo.

No. 1945813

I think he absolutely deserves to be dragged, but at a certain point, the response is disproportionate to the transgression. There are people in the breadtube orbit who've done way worse things and were held a lot less accountable.

No. 1945815

TBF, Illuminaughtii has some other shit going on rn beyond the plagiarism. I'm not too familiar with it beyond that she is apparently abusive to her friends/employees/etc., but her community is definitely turning on her; that's why comments are disabled on her channel now. She just hasn't deleted everything like James has.

No. 1945823

nta, but this is why I hope there will be a response and backlash against breadtubers and maybe they'll end up eating their own.

No. 1945824

I agree w you, for sure there is a percentage of people reveling in the opportunity of being shitty to a smarmy fruity dude. Im betting at least 60% of the outrage now couldn't care less if it wasnt the hot drama rn.
I think, honestly, plagiarism is absolutely not something you can ever redeem from. Absurdly, if he had been gross to another youtuber the he could spin stories of the other person lying,or being the abuser, or what have you.
But with plagiarism, for the wide audience there's only the plagiarist and there are the victims. Of course it's gonna get vicious. You can make big bucks off of them promising asexual representation (lol. Lmao.) but if doing so you're stealing other people's work, you're without any shadow of the doubt the bad guy.

Of course it's extremely stupid ppl take you in higher accountability over copying someone elses homework rather than rape but it is what it is

No. 1945833

Historian I can understand but Illuminati? Really? Have you missed all the drama/callout videos by every single channel for 2 straight weeks?

No. 1945855

Agreed. The moment Hbomb's video blew up suddenly everyone is an expert and is dissecting random youtube video essays. I hate that for stuff like IH's claims against him I have to look everything up myself because I quite frankly don't trust the average breadtuber fan's take on what is egregious. I mean even with Somerton there should be way more attention called to how insanely misogynistic he is but we all know breadtube doesn't give a fuck about women.

For IH at least it's a matter of difference in audience. He isn't acting like an expert on any subject and for the most part makes elaborate shitpost videos. Doesn't mean he isn't a bad person, but people simply aren't going to care nearly as much about it. People watch that type of content to have a laugh mostly, not to be educated.

No. 1945856

IH's fanbase get upset about das juden and were irritated hbomb criticised IH at all, of course the majority of them aren't going to care.

No. 1945862

I love the part around 16:15 where he says "people think I hate asexual people, women, bisexual people…" and chuckles to himself on the word women kek. And then instead of denying it he says "that stuff shouldn't have been in the videos".

No. 1945868

Yeah fuck this dude, giving the benefit of the doubt to someone who hates women, I don't care if this woman hating buffoon is dog piled. He deserves it. He wouldn't dare defend a woman if she was dogpiled for anything I'm sure he'd join in happily.

No. 1945875

Why can't men even kill themselves properly?

No. 1945887

>Hbomb's video was probably plenty, but these people have no restraint and they smelled blood in the water. I honestly thought Illuminaughti's nonsense was just as egregious and transparently a cash grab, but for whatever reason she's not the person they decided to go all in on.
Are you new? This is what happens you the progressives/sjw's come for you. You court a sjw audience, they will try to destroy you if you ever break the sjw rules. That's how they operate. Remember when Lindsey Ellis got her dumb ass cancelled? That's how that circle works. Illuminaughti and Internet Historian were never a part of that, didn't court that audience, so of course they didn't come for them like they did for James.

No. 1945893

Very true nonna, but the issue here is >>1945795 this guy lies about everything, including his financial issues. The very moment he was claiming he was about to be shutdown and put in the poorhouse was when he was pulling the Telos grift that Todd mentioned in his videos. We cannot tell what is truth and what is fiction with this fat oaf.

No. 1945897

I don't know if this changes things, but since she makes it clear what she's referencing and that she's narrating from various sources, it seems more like videos for people who otherwise wouldn't have known about or watched these docs. If they're interested they can watch more but most people are just looking to be generally informed. Plus videos are shorter than watching a doc, or multiple since she will usually reference at least a couple of watchable sources and some people don't have the time for that vs a video. So it's not really news if she's just a cliffsnotes doc channel and these people probably still watch anyways. Unless the internal conflicts ruins the business because anyone who cares about drama is more worried about how she's been treating employees
they normally can cause they use very extreme methods that end up giving clean up crews ptsd (and anybody selfishly brought into their display), but do extreme damage. Maybe he wasn't actually suicidal when he harmed if he did

No. 1945904

on the topic of plagiarism, why is noone talking about this hilariously ironic thing


No. 1945906

File: 1703177295981.jpg (282.76 KB, 1000x980, le.jpg)

>Remember when Lindsey Ellis got her dumb ass cancelled?
I would argue she allowed herself to be cancelled. The picrel she was being cancelled for was such a non-issue that she could've just ignored it or told them to go fuck themselves, but instead she made a 2-hour long video confessing every bad thing she's ever done, basically flagellating herself in front of thousands of people. All over a dumb tweet.

No. 1945909

Samefag. On top of that, she knew she was being cancelled, but she refused to call it as such because, in her mind, that would be admitting that those on the other end of her political spectrum might have a point. She was so brainwashed by her inner circle that she couldn't even call a spade a spade.

No. 1945913

Yep, retard let herself get canceled. Never apologize, especially to the vermin. Compare that to Contrapoints, he didn't give a fuck and his "apology" video was basically mocking the people trying to cancel him.

No. 1945914

So, I know that no one cares but I have to say that I always find it odd how easily people cut others from their lives when internet drama happens.
Like, idk what was happening behind the scenes but Nick seems also kind of questionable to go no contact with a James when they were apparently living together for 7 years?

Do any of these people have real, loyal, friends?

No. 1945920

I literally can't even watch 5 seconds of PT, his voice is so grating, can anyone please TL'DW for me.

No. 1945928

90% of video essayist are talentless hacks, who either plagiarize or make up bogus claims and try to pass it of as a fact. Ideally the outcome of the Sommerton fiasco would had been that people became more critical towards internet sources and would stop giving their money to random hobby historians. But the point of internet controversies isn't to spread awareness or stop hacks from profiting from their hackness.bit's to create outrage for the sake of outrage. The people who dogpilled sommerton doesn't care about him being a liar and a grifter they just want to make themselves look better.
The same goes for Sommerton's misogyny. All most every youtuber hates women. Every dweeb on twitter and Reddit who is calling Sommerton out for misogyny are subscribed to another woman hating moid breadtuber. That's how these spaces operate in a few months they are going to find another youtuber to dogpille.
Honestly getting cancelled somehow worked in her favor. People look back on her fondly now. She had lots of haters in her TGWTG days because people thought she was cringey that was the case for every TGWTG member and she also had haters when she rebranded herself as a breadtuber. Leaving youtube after being called out made her look sympathetic towards many people regardless if they like breadtube or not.

No. 1945930

File: 1703182340263.png (112.25 KB, 418x800, Lindsey Ellis.png)

>hat she could've just ignored it or told them to go fuck themselves, but instead she made a 2-hour long video confessing every bad thing she's ever done, basically flagellating herself in front of
That's not the timeline and yes it was her fault she got cancelled just like it was James' fault he got cancelled. The timeline is: she made the tweet, people came for her, she made a tweet thread defending herself, which pissed everyone off and then they came to ruin her, then she disappeared off the internet for a bit and then came back with the 2 hour video. If she had played by the sjw rules, and apologized the first time (or ignored it), said she was sorry and would work on her privilege or whatever, she could have avoided the cancellation. Instead she thought she was above the rules she made others play by.

Anyway, my point was, the original tweet and defending herself tweet thread weren't bad at all and the response to it was completely ridiculous, but that's what sjws do. You don't play by their rules, and you cross even one line, no matter how small, and they try to end you. Somerton played that game, just like Lindsey, refused to follow the rules, and they came for him like piranhas. That's why it was so bad for him and not IH and Illuminaughty.

Re: the tweet thread defending herself she used the word 'squint', called people 'ya crazies' fro misinterpreting her and explained how they all interpreted her wrong so this was all their fault. All things guaranteed to rile her up her audience more. And if someone has made a similar tweet in a similar situation she would've been on the side of the mob. Lindsay was 100% "I can't believe the leopard eating faces party ate my face."

No. 1945931

nta but her fans unintentionally pushed it as well, I remember how annoying they were on twitter, insisting that all or majority of the haters were straight white men and no honest POC or queer person would ever hate Lindsay cause she was such a good ally, which made the situation worse and caused more outrage.

No. 1945933

he reads quotes from other people's work about how women perform unpaid emotional labour and then somehow ends up making it about himself

No. 1945940


I know he probably just downed a few pills for attention and didn't do anything where his life was actually in danger, but man imagine killing yourself because you can't stare dead-eyed into a camera and read articles about how mulan is nonbinary or alien 2 is about queer found family for money anymore.

No. 1945943

File: 1703185639457.png (582.57 KB, 2494x1780, Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 3.50.…)

I was able to take a few screengrabs of the comments section of this before he took it down, and they are all pretty much like picrel. People were NOT having it. And if I remember correctly, I don't think the video had a single like, either. And it got at least 40k views, so that's almost kind of impressive.

No. 1945951

People have been making videos about how Illuminaugthy is the worst person om the Internet for months now, also she was part of a leftist podcast and branded herself as super progressive so for someone who likes writing essays on the workings of leftie Youtube audiences you seem remarkably uninformed(sage your shit)

No. 1946089

I’m pretty sure she blew this cancelling thing out of proportion to use as an excuse to stop making content cause she was pregnant and had a baby. Internet drama isn’t worth endangering her health during pregnancy. I also think since she made that abortion documentary a long time ago people would flame her hard for getting pregnant and carrying it full term.
I don’t think she planned this from the get go but used it as a convenient out from the breadtube spotlight.

No. 1946157

If I recall correctly this whole thing was pushed a lot by seething YA writers who tend to have insane drama and ruin eachother constantly, and the instant Ellis published her shitty transformers fanfic book and it sold decent she was a target. They are SO envious of eachother. She had no idea what she got into

No. 1946166

I mean yeah i get it, it was an incredibly sweet deal lol. 30k a month for a few hours of work + people adoring the ground i walk on? Sign me up

No. 1946247

yeah, like that woman who recently published a book and targeted non-white authors with fake goodreads accounts

No. 1946299

liberals and leftist will defend the most violent ideologies. It feels like liberal misogyny has worsened over the past few years

No. 1946327

Cait Corrain! Yeah, it continues to blow my mind that she lost her own book deal just because she was so insecure that she had to sabotage her fellow authors. Something about the YA space seems to really bring out high-school mentalities.

No. 1946339

What brings the high school mentalities up is the fact that it's YA. It's literally books for children, that honestly, even children with good taste don't read.

No. 1946354

>why would that kind of heteronormativity be enforced

Xiran, yourself MC marries two guys, MC never gets married to a girl or think lovely on other women. Just say you want to rub the response you got from Mitsuyasu Sakai, not because "Iron Widow is different" when is as generic and hetero like any other mecha anime.

No. 1946562

It's genuinely embarrassing that some of you here hate limp wristed leftism so much that you would defend a moid who made his living off of being a turbo misogynist. That should be a come to jesus moment.

No. 1946671

File: 1703369526231.png (502.92 KB, 1031x798, lindsay.png)

Agreed, annoying though that she still tried to pass it off as muh trauma.

No. 1946700

What the hell are you talking about? I literally never saw anyone here defend the fat fuck. It has been nonstop mocking here since he did that fit shaming Nazi video.

No. 1946751

how do these people muster up the strength to watch turbo moidish coomery shit like darling in the franxxx while getting angry at ''heteronormativity'' super leftleaning sensitive weebs is something i will never get

No. 1946905

I don't know if this applies to others, but Xiran has always been a weeb. If you've ever seen her Twitter, she watches whatever flavor of the month anime is popular, or is reading webtoons and watching Danmei c-dramas. There's nothing wrong with these tastes, but she would probably judge you for what she deems as "problematic" stuff.

No. 1947008

Lindsay Ellis her first video uploaded to her channel in over 2 years, which is a 10-minute teaser for a 100-minute video on John and Yoko one

No. 1947031

john and yoko ono? ugh. pass. who tf even cares anymore

No. 1947032

faggots crying >>>>

No. 1947080

Does she actually interview Yoko Ono or something? Or is this something I can just look up on Wikipedia?

No. 1947086

Can't watch the full video because it's on nebula, but it seems to be in-depth look into why Yoko one was hated and the misconceptions and myths that circulated about her (I guess that's something she might relate to).

No. 1947109

petty but anyone else hoping nebula will shut down soon? who tf is paying for a streaming service to watch these mid breadtube videos

No. 1947135

>who tf is paying for a streaming service to watch these mid breadtube videos
the same people who subscribe to their patreons

No. 1947219

File: 1703532321246.png (51.25 KB, 743x424, fv34afava.png)

Big Joel whining about women on twitter making fun of frumpy looking moids.

No. 1947221

lol either trollshielding or too insecure to admit someone called him ugly! he is disgusting to the eyes and I can barely listen to him bloviate over the most retarded shit.

No. 1947223

Projection. He need to focus on grooming himself instead of whining.

No. 1947242

Little Joel once again crying "but what about men's feelings?!" I see. So sad that some women don't care about the feelings of their oppressors. Clearly this is a problem, and not revolutionary, since it's not like we live in an oppressive system that forces women to take responsibility for whatever feelings a man might have, or anything…oh, wait. Anyways, isn't Joel one of the Breadtubers that has admitted to having a "past" as an antifeminist/MRA?

No. 1947273

would like more info on that if true because tbh haven't heard even a lick of the sort about him

No. 1947296

I could be mixing him up with some other Breadtube male. But at the same time, birds of a feather flock together, and Joel is pretty firmly aligned with the specific branch of liberal politics that is well-known to appeal to "ex" misogynistic males like MRAs and alt-right men. It's hard to see his current political leaning without that context, especially considering how easily triggered he is by women criticizing or mocking men for any reason. Evidence is important before we can say anything with certainty, but I would honestly be more shocked to find out he didn't have a "phase" where he openly hated women than if he did.

No. 1947348

wasnt hbomb the one with the MRA past?

No. 1947350

He wasn't an MRA but he did associate himself with the gamergate crowd early in his career.

No. 1947351

Haha how pathetic. I never see men posting to stop trending tweets that dehumanize and outright bash women for any little superficial thing. Suddenly someone insults a man and it’s pity party time, boohoo the humanity!! Like first of all it’s fucking Twitter… not Mr Rogers neighborhood. Second, men will never deal with a fraction of pressure and shame to look a certain way and if a fucking tweet makes them feel so sad then imagine how life is for women bombarded with this shit every day. What a selfish loser. He should stick to reviewing click or whatever lazy ass content he makes.

No. 1947359

what did the original tweet say? what a projecting ugly retard. He's the same faggot that defended moids who ran away like cowards instead of helping their female classmates when an incel mass shooter entered a school with the intent to kill women. He's angry he got called out.

No. 1947366

File: 1703572737060.png (341.65 KB, 592x659, Screenshot.png)

>what did the original tweet say?
it was a QRT to picrel, saying ugly men should be shamed more often.

No. 1947372

He definitely took this as a personal attack lmao dude looks just like him.

No. 1947375

File: 1703573747850.png (359.54 KB, 492x554, bWUCEOE.png)

most likely.

No. 1947376

my lord this proves we dont shame men enough

No. 1947377

File: 1703574939045.jpg (120.31 KB, 941x1357, FucWaLYXwAE3AjG.jpg)

Remind me that Amazing Atheist has been pathetically trying to associate himself with a breadtube crowd for the past few years. Thus far, he has only managed to impress fellow open fat porn addicts like Vaush and no one else

No. 1947408

File: 1703586854552.jpeg (711.03 KB, 828x1277, IMG_1689.jpeg)

Jesus Christ, Amazing Atheist is still around? I remember in high school reading threads about how he was a washed up cow who needed to move on from YouTube, and that was 10 years ago. Imagine having an upload schedule like picrel and not even been able to reliably crack 20k views. I would have assumed he’d be at least smart enough to rebrand and start fresh away from his meme of a channel.

No. 1947409

also even came out as bisexual a few years back and commissioned a gay furry porn comic.

No. 1947418

Never liked her stuff in the first place because her rantsona looks retarded and you can literally tell that she's fat just from hearing her voice.

No. 1947419

The fact that he's allowed to look the way he is without it affecting his views or popularity should make it obvious that our expectations of mens appearances are in the gutter. Is there any female breadtuber that looks as crackheaded and disheveled as he does? No of course there is not.

No. 1947432

Nobody is defending him. Some anons just pointed out that there are others getting away with equally shitty behavior, and that a lot of the dogpile was motivated by outrage content being profitable. But everyone acknowledged that he's a piece of shit. Frankly, there's some real cognitive dissonance at play when this guy is rightfully taken to task for theft and misogyny, but it's a-ok for Hontra to waste all his patrons' money on drugs instead of making videos. If Somerton were a tranny, he wouldn't have been held accountable, full stop.

No. 1947446

File: 1703599316071.png (658.62 KB, 1280x720, TC9gTjt.png)

He actually paid for this to be made, I don't know if he's self-inserting as the pig of the wolf, but one thing for sure is that he's a pervert.

No. 1947491

Can't wait for him (Somerton) to transition. Fuck why didn't I see that before until you pointed it out.

No. 1947551

I'm sure things will blow up over there eventually. Second Thought (commie economics youtuber) mentioned leaving the platform because they demanded he make a statement about Israel/Palestine and they specifically wanted a statement that goes against his actual beliefs (he mentions it in the end of this video, that it felt like a "both sides-y" statement which isn't how he feels). It seems incredibly weird to me that they'd ask their creators to make a statement that goes against their actual ideas? And aren't American leftists generally pro-Palestine anyway?

No. 1947559

Hmm, do you really think he will? He's already big mad about other gays not wanting to fuck him, and I'm not sure if that would help. But hey, what do I know.

No. 1947566

yeah I don't see it either, it's usually AGP types who transition at this age.

No. 1947583

I still remember back when he was big daddy youtube atheist and the pictures of him smearing peanut butter all over his hairy ass came to light. kinda wish I didn't…

No. 1947602

it could be an advertiser thing maybe? or maybe to show they didn't hold any overly divisive opinions one way or the other as a platform?

No. 1947648

Maybe they have Israely investors or an israely parent company.

No. 1947649

>It seems incredibly weird to me that they'd ask their creators to make a statement that goes against their actual ideas?
Jill Bearup, a ytuber who does stage combat, mostly does sword stuff videos, and never gets into anything more political than women's armor should be functional not sexy, had a contract with a nebula but got dropped when it was announced because other Nebula creators were still upset about the time, like seven years ago, she said troons punching old women in the face were bad on tumblr (and hasn't talked about trans stuff since). So Nebula is clearly a "silence is violence" , "it doesn't matter what you believe, what matter's is what you say" and "everyone has to spout the approved line" type space.

No. 1947707

>two wolves inside him
>one's a wolf
>one's a gay pig

No. 1947731

File: 1703669310356.png (122.07 KB, 717x516, lindsayellis_tomscott.png)

I think Lindsay Ellis was involved in that

No. 1947796

This is why I have no sympathy for her. She was "cancelled" herself because of the insane audience she cultivated. Instead of just leaving quietly, she decided to mess up another woman's career who did nothing to her, just because she had an opinion she disagreed with.

No. 1947806

And instead to give a "homonormativy" to combat against the evil straight stories… She wrote just another straight story. I'm even wonder if the Tweet is even real and not another troll.

She's posing like Seto Kaiba as her author photo in her second book.

No. 1947843

OP of this tweet is an insane black girl who dates white men but hates white women. fuck james but i’m glad he quote tweeted her. i hope she continues to receive hate and is attacked even though i agree with her tweet kek.(racebait)

No. 1947922

Damn, even J.K. Rowling knows about the banana. lol

No. 1947948

I don't really get what people gain out of spreading racebait lies on lolcow(derailing)

No. 1947973

it’s not a lie though? you can scroll through her account if you don’t believe me and see her tweets humblebragging about racist (white) guys following her and other black girls. she would hate on white women too on her old account. sorry but there is a weird trend of black and asian women dating white men but hating white women and tweeting weird shit about white girls. it’s strange and makes you look jealous.(continuing derail)

No. 1947982

The bitch is on edtwt kek did you expect her to have intelligent thoughts

No. 1948026

I do think there's point that it mgith be derailing, but pointing out someone is also a cow isn't racebait in anyway.(continuing derail)

No. 1948050

it is when there's no proof and it's an image board where screenshots can be posted(continuing derail)

No. 1948215

>piece of media has thinly vieled pedophilic or incestouos
>the average person: hmm that's this writers thinly vieled fetish, gross
of course they had to use made in abyss and a corny dating simular weirding people out as examples of media illiteracy.

No. 1948225

File: 1703812329284.png (1.26 MB, 732x908, MadeInAbyssGross.png)

It's weird how many scrotes want to defend this anime when the author is literally a pedophile. He owns a child's mannequin "for reference". These breadtubers are likely pedophiles themselves and are hiding under 2deep4u crap. The original video showing picrel's interview was removed from YouTube.

No. 1948229

File: 1703813242030.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1443x2048, 7874dac7b354d410f41650ceb0f26a…)

made in abyss would be decent if you can ignore the fetish shit, but it's so constant that it's really hard to do. it would be so much better without mentioning kids peeing every other chapter, or talking about the main robot boy character's penis (which is noted as looking just like a real one), or the "traditional punishment" which is just an excuse for the author to draw naked children tied up.
it gets worse as the series goes on too. the current state of things is the introduction of amputee furry twins in a bathing scene where an adult member of the story comments on the robot boy getting an erection while bathing them.

the anime is actually tame compared to the manga

No. 1948230

>Ripping off Franxx
Christ if you're gonna rip off a series at least rip off something good, franxx itself from episode one was pretty clearly just coomer Evangelion and only furthered that as the series went on (with the added 'make babies')

No. 1948241

I hate how people can't just be like 'Incest is hot' and leave it at that, they have to make it into some overly complex thing about toxic relationships when in reality it's pretty clear from the start that the game exists for brcon/siscon fetishes.

No. 1948243

pedophilia and incest being in media doesn't automatically mean that the author has a fetish but there also is tons of media where the pedophilia and incest is there for fetishfuel. Not everything is deep and profound sometimes people just write stuff with one hand. Obviously something like Lolita doesn't pander to lolicons but generic loli manga no 72638292 does

No. 1948244

Trying to rip off Evangelion is so '90s.

No. 1948263

If it’s written by a man then he’s definitely a pedo, 100%.

No. 1948276

if the boy were to be posted to fujochan's porn boards it would be deleted for shotaposting thank god for that ban. this is such obvious fetishwork with drawn cp, the amputee stuff for example, anyone saying otherwise is either lying or naive. and regardless the child-reference makes it pretty clear he's a creep. it'd be like claiming leon the professional wasn't a pedo fantasy while blatantly ignoring luc beson saying it is and the actual shots in the movie involving the kid. you can love media made by terrible people and you can acknowledge the shit. though if you're going to let people know you like something, everyone has a right to question it. you should have a good explanation of "i enjoy the content around it" or whatever reason you had for that thing, it's really only weird when they get hyper defensive and sidestep the facts

No. 1948279

Reminds me of precious retards who defended Cuties. Their argument is that people judged it too harshly "without understanding the context," and they also mentioned the entire biography of the director, who is a black Muslim woman, as if that somehow changes anything. reviewers who watched the film pointed out the ham-fisted message of Cuties (our culture sexualizes teenage girls), but they didn't trash it because of that "deep message" that they simply didn't get, they trashed it because it featured 11-year-old girls twerking when it really didn't need to show that. Having 11-year-old girls twerk is never going to be deep or meaningful, no matter what message you're trying to convey.

No. 1948325

What the fuck am I even seeing?

No. 1948422

When you combine the success of online media critics with someone who mainly consumes anime and video games, something like that is bound to happen.

Things can't just exist for the sake of existing anymore. It has to have some deeper meaning and be subject to over-analysis. I haven't watched it for obvious reasons, but QuintonReviews recently uploaded a video on Sam & Cat that's over 9 1/2 hours long. That's where we're at right now.

Also, it wasn't just 11-year-old girls twerking, it was the creepily self-indulgent nature of the scenes. They went on far longer than they needed to (especially at the end), and the camera focused on their bodies like they were in a hip-hop music video. It was really gross, and no amount of context makes it better.

No. 1948424

Samefag. Plus, regarding Cuties, I'm pretty sure a lot of breadtubers saw that the right was getting mad about the movie, so they did their thing and stepped into defend it. Everything has to be a political battleground now.

No. 1948457

>the anime is actually tame compared to the manga
The thumbnail shows a clip from the anime so that’s why I mentioned the anime. I know the manga as well, but most of these normies just watch the anime and don’t read the manga. Anyways, the photos speak for themselves, weird to nitpick anime vs manga when that wasn’t even the point.

No. 1948463

File: 1703884118653.png (350.76 KB, 715x433, sevsQz8.png)

I mentioned this in relation to cuties, but the one and only film that I found that actually does a good job depicting CSA is this obscure animated film called Princess. Even though it's animated, it never depicts anything close to the sexualization of a child. It only shows the damages left behind, both physical and psychological, with shots like picrel. It also highlights how fucked up the porn industry is in general and the abuse of women and children. I have no desire to watch Cuties, but from the shots I've seen, it does sexualize the children and unnecessarily focuses on their bodies. It's similar to anything made by Sam Levinson. No matter how progressive or subversive the theme is, nothing ever justifies even a few seconds of footage shot of an 11-year-old girl biting her finger and twerking on the floor.

No. 1948481

File: 1703887499295.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.93 MB, 2102x3000, 4.jpeg)

oh sorry i wasn't trying to nitpick, just saying that things are even worse than the anime and people still try to minimize the weird fetish shit instead of just being like "yeah that's gross but i like the story in spite of it", hey say that the weird stuff is actually deep and if you don't get that a 12 year old peeing is an allegory for capitalism then you're essentially illiterate

high art and totally not fetish bait
this actual page from the manga that i could just go to my local barnes and noble and buy off the shelf is INTEGRAL to the deep and meaningful message of the manga
literally the actual issue this is from in shown as in stock in the store nearest to me, which is extremely disturbing to think about bc some kid might look at the cover art and think it's a story for kids and end up being exposed to this crap

No. 1948497

what the fuck. Eugh.

No. 1948517

>I haven't watched it for obvious reasons, but QuintonReviews recently uploaded a video on Sam & Cat that's over 9 1/2 hours long. That's where we're at right now.
I went to this guy's channel cause I thought he was another ytuber, who had made a 1 hour video on Cat (the guy I was thinking of was CJ The X) and he has made over 20 hours of videos on Sam and Cat. I think there are only 13 hours of the show. WTF.

The Scandal of Sam & Cat - 5:07:13 - 1 year ago
The Decay of Sam & Cat - 6:28:24 - 3 months ago
The Collapse of Sam & Cat - 9:30:35 - 3 days ago

No. 1948606

File: 1703920737376.png (221.25 KB, 696x627, LmwPm9l.png)


No. 1948614

>We won't force women to have sex, but some women will have to become sex workers.

To entertain his dumbass idea, what if the conscripted women refuse? Would they go to prison?

It's best to just ignore people like this. They've made criticizing the right and capitalism their bread and butter, but when it comes to creating long-term solutions to the world's problems, they don't have a fucking clue.

No. 1948620

I haven't seen the film you're talking about, but I agree. The argument I've often seen in defense of Cuties I'd that it's supposed to make you uncomfortable, but unfortunately that sort of exploitation of young girls is so common that I think Cuties adds to the problem just as much as it raises awareness of it. Like you said, there's a way to discuss the issue of preteen girls being sexualized without accidentally making something appealing to the gaze of pedophiles. I'd argue that there's even a way to do it while eliciting feelings of discomfort from the audience. I think at the end of the day, people gave the movie way more attention than it deserved.

No. 1948622

Prostitution wouldn't exist under communism. In every communist revolution pimps are among the first to be executed. If he bothered to take a break from his porn time and read a book he would know that communists see pimps and johns as exploiters.

No. 1948629

"a service people need" this fucking pig. trying not to a-log this zoophile pedophile rapist

No. 1948637

He actually considers all communist revolutions from Russia, Vietnam, and Cuba to have actually been Fascist.

No. 1948640

>"Any time communism ended badly it was because it wasn't Real Communism™"
Typical western "communist" logic.

No. 1948644

So he wouldn’t force them to have sex but he’d force them to do sexual things. And why just “women”? Are male sex slaves not a necessary service in his communist utopia too? This ugly freak needs to face the wall.

No. 1948647

considering his thing for "femboys" I'm sure he'd also only want little boys to be conscripted.

No. 1948650

Average pedophile

No. 1948651

people leave it on the background while sleeping i cant imagine putting so much effort into something zoomers are going to sleep to

No. 1948652

>its a service people need
no, only moids need it that's why male prostitutes arent a thing. Stupid coomer moids always feel entitled to sex, no matter if far right nazis or lef leaning commies

No. 1948697

yeah as we all know it’s totally fine to force women to jerk men off. that’s definitely not sexual assault. what kind of retarded take is this? how the fuck does it have 445 likes?

No. 1949029

pretty sure male prostitutes are a thing, for gay males

No. 1949126

Do you remember when Xiran said China was LGBT+ back in the centuries, like other people claim for X antique place? But it wasn't because they were: Male concubines were mostly used for pleasure (not to them, specifically) and women in general were for procreation. And the fact that most of the concubines were minors do not help that fact neither.

Marriage between two people of the same sex was still forbidden and even punished.

Moids always felt entitled to sex only.

No. 1949141

For as much as modern leftists talk about the ethical 'power differences' and whatever, I'm surprised she didn't mention that all of the 'queer relationships' in ancient were between aristocrats and literal slaves or eunuchs, like in this video about the Han Dynasty being so 'bi and queer'. where she goes on various tangents, she fails to mention that the Han dynasty also had extreme institutionalized state patriarchy. Of course, a state that treated women like subhumans also had the same philosophy on pederasty as ancient Greece
Like her first example of Ji-ru and Li-bu, she kind of willfully ignores the fact Ji-ru is described as a "boy" in the historical texts. The other one, Hong Ru, though not a boy, was still a eunuch (most of them were peasant boys sold by their families into being court officials). All the other examples are just this, boys and eunuchs.

No. 1949191

Of course she wouldn't mention the smaller part of "they did it but because they were misogynist and pederasts". That would ruin the LGBT+ image she's trying to making looks like.

No. 1949723

File: 1704202167255.png (153.32 KB, 891x644, Screenshot.png)

Reminds me of picrel, These men (and deluded libfems) publicly support terror groups like Hamas and claim it's praxis, but then at the same time claim that any feminist who opposes porn is a fascist without any redeeming qualities.

No. 1950008

File: 1704243296232.png (432.23 KB, 1414x1256, xiran.png)

sage for non-milk: Swell Entertainment who is cozy with Breadtube types just did a video about Booktok where she repeatedly pronounced Xiran's name as "zoo-RAN" kek.

No. 1950056

That person doesn't pronounce it correctly neither, it would be shee-RAN, not shi-RAN, with a long i (like She, ironically). She even posted how to pronounce it in her page.

Of course I'm using the xī pronunciation, but since she doesn't have her name in hanzi, I cannot confirm it.

No. 1950128

>citing Handmaids tale like it's a real thing that happened
at least read Persepolis what the hell

No. 1950159

What’s confusing about someone getting a name wrong?

No. 1950205

Why does James dislike Forest Gump so much?

No. 1950223

Yadda yadda "POC people always have their name misspelled" yadda yadda "microaggression", etc.

No. 1950369

Why would this person write THIS many paragraphs about it though? Like obviously it's a mistake, Amanda would have no reason to deliberately or "maliciously" mispronounce Xiran's name. You could address that in less than a single sentence.

No. 1950682

File: 1704375674973.png (333.21 KB, 720x590, pfxEuXv.png)

So, the current controversy on breadtube is Yugopink(a Serbian communist) made a chart to categorize breadtubers. Now, there is a big bias in it, as all the popular ones are just labeled under 'entertainers', while Yugopink and his friends, Hakim(an Iraqi Socialist), Paul Connolly(an Irish Republican), and a few others are, who are for better or worse, true communists and socialists, not just pretentious liberals like most breadtubers. This has caused a lot of backlash and response

No. 1950690

well at least he calls everyone a tumor

No. 1950691

Is there anything bigger? This is is tiny and I don't know enough of these people.

No. 1950696

since when is wow_mao breadtube? kek

No. 1950758

We’re going to have to kill you, unfortunately.

No. 1951763

I remember there is this one breadtuber that is this Austrian troon communist. He has the most irritating fucking voice I swear.(sage your shit)

No. 1954754

Zoeunlimited got called out by another video essayist for constanlty making video essays criticizing beauty standards while also posting anachan bait.

No. 1954789

I'm glad that people are finally starting to call out breadtubers and bad video essayists in general.

No. 1954813

Her YouTube Shorts always annoyed me. Bitch be like "eat whatever you want!! body positivity!!" meanwhile she weighs 90 lbs and probably purges off camera

No. 1954839

Fuck this bitch and her demonic "diet advice". It's like she thinks by gaslighting fat women and convincing them that you can binge on hot pot and stay 90lbs, she will become the only skinny bitch alive.

No. 1954908

Kek this was a great video, I always see this girl’s youtube shorts and thought she was really dumb. I think a lot of influencers online know on some level how embarrassing ana-chan behavior actually is and try too hard to convince their audience that they’re just naturally thin no effort hot girls (like when bella hadid was pretending she eats pizza every day)

No. 1954911

"I eat whatever I want and stay skinny" girlies are so annoying. As if only calories count. The nutrients you get in are also important, even 'if' you eat pizza everyday without rolls on your stomach you still have an iron deficiency

No. 1955021

That's because none of them actually care about health but being as skinny as possible instead. They're also all 'naturally thin' despite having diets that would make an aspiring anorexic take notes from.

No. 1955294

enjoyed watching this, thanks. there are so many youtubers and influencers with this exact gimmick of criticising the very thing they perpetuate. the projection of her own fears and narcissism is hilarious.

No. 1955325

Moids are all functionally bisexual so this is completely fucking retarded.

No. 1956232

they way how chinese names are romanized is so stupid anyways

No. 1956400

File: 1705556021166.mp4 (4.53 MB, 1280x720, dL8RBwkhUp9LM7i8.mp4)

Destiny is an actual moron. This is not obscure political knowledge; they teach this in schools. And if you pose yourself as political commentator, you should know this.

No. 1956450

Not even a burger but weren't most initial American settlers from England Puritans encouraged out of the country because the other brits didn't like them? And obviously any other English settlers had a high likelihood of not being Catholic due to the church of England. France and Spain were the big Catholics but they didn't take over the USA.
America is also internationally known as a non-Catholic Christian country and you'd probably have a harder time meeting a Catholic than a non-Catholic so I'm confused how a man living there could get this impression unless he went to church every Sunday and can't understand he's just surrounding himself with a particular kind of Christian?

No. 1956593


this is correct.

there is a huge concentration of catholics in certain areas of the US where there's a higher percentage of catholic immigrants (i.e.; NY/MA and the irish and italians) so that could easily skew someone's perception on it but destiny is from somewhere in the midwest so lol who knows

No. 1956624

File: 1705614177397.png (1.73 MB, 885x891, 432423423.PNG)

I'm just so sick of breadtube and how more clowns are being added to the video essay circus with how many 30 minute "deep dives" or "retrospectives" dedicated to a conclusion that someone can reach within maybe a minute of critical thinking or a single Google search. My blood pressure spikes whenever I see "The Rise and Fall of X." This sphere is cannibalizing itself. Do they not have any self awareness for how retarded they look dedicating hours upon hours of work and breath time on such meaningless topics? I wouldn't care about them making a 30 minute video on Stanley Cups or why Youtubers Grooming Minors Is Bad if they didn't take themselves so fucking seriously with the moral high-horse of someone who is marching in the streets over internet drama. Pic related is the header for a 2 hour essay and it makes me alog. It's not breadtube but it's the exact type of fucking useless overanalysis to say absolutely nothing of value and completely miss the core of the issue at hand. The absolute state of leftists.

No. 1956625

File: 1705614386545.png (907.37 KB, 1157x833, hate.PNG)

More of this garbage. Also hate how everyone is now hopping on the tradwife "deepdive" trend while saying nothing insightful, new, or anything past surface level. It's especially rich when male youtubers make videos on them as if these sleazy mustachioed motherfuckers don't choke their girlfriends out during sex or make them do all the housework.

No. 1956635

You know what really gets to me? Those people who can't stop griping about "Capitalism" are usually the most consumed by consumerism, blindly loyal to brands, and utterly fixated on products. Oh, how I'd relish hearing the critiques of "dreadful capitalism" from someone whose room is a shrine to X products from corner to corner!
And all of them are consumers, whether it's Lindsay with her toys, Hbomb with his video games, Hontra with his high-brow art pieces, or second thought with his cars, they are all consumers

No. 1956645

I’m also tired of surface level video essays on male mental illness. Lookism, tradthottery, incel epidemic etc are all products of the warped moid mind. The obvious solution is just euthanasia for 95% of males.

No. 1956657

You're so right. It's essaytubers groaning the loudest about capitalism while they're reading off their script in an multicolored lit up room, makeup caked on their face and some extravagant and expensive outfit or even worse, doing their fucking make-up. I think the overdone make-up pisses me off the most with these idiots because they're all about environmentalism and capitalism but can't give up consooming from the beauty industry, THE industry that invents problems so you buy useless environmentally destructive and unethically made garbage. Online liberals who you can tell watch a lot of breadtubers do this thing where they admit or show off to their Squishmallow collection or shein haul but end it off with "but I'm aware it's made with exploited labor and it's bad for the environment and muh capitalism" as if knowing something is bad will un-do their financial enabling of exploitative industries.

No. 1956672

when i imagine one of these videos, i picture a wall behind them filled with boxes of funko pops
>Hontra with his high-brow art pieces
not to mention his identity relying on plastic surgery, synthetic hormones, make up, wigs etc. the fact that so many of them are trans or have some complicated label for themselves and are so obviously wrapped up in a consumerist mindset that they think they can BUY an identity and personality, whilst lecturing their audience on why capitalism = bad is what really gets me.

No. 1956703

Nitpick, but did use “I was in the kitchen by age 3”? as a quote to highlight in his thumbnail as if it’s super shocking? A three year old is perfectly capable of handling basic kitchen tasks with supervision. Maybe if his parents had him work around the house a little bit more he wouldn’t be another terminally online man with a mullet making bottom of the barrel tik tok react content.

No. 1956728

That's exactly what I was trying to put into words but I couldn't. 90% of the issues video essays discuss can be traced to men creating and perpetuating them and this would provide far more insight for most viewers than 40 minutes of yapping around the problem

No. 1956781

File: 1705643075143.png (43.98 KB, 644x445, IMG_2891.png)

Taken from the other farms, here’s Sophie from Mars responding to the abuse allegations from last year.

No. 1956783

File: 1705643121570.png (46.15 KB, 649x466, IMG_2892.png)

No. 1956785

i’m not even a burger and I knew this, kek. How can he try to be an authority on anything political while lacking such basic knowledge about his country?

No. 1956786

File: 1705643336227.png (36.62 KB, 647x348, IMG_2893.png)

No. 1956787

File: 1705643390120.png (255.25 KB, 726x2106, IMG_2894.png)

One of his victims responds.

No. 1956821

All of these usually include that stupid ass "there is no ethical consumption under capitalism" line that just defeats the purpose of even talking about consumerism. If there's no error in buying useless shit and getting in card debt, why talk about it? Why have any restraint whatsoever

No. 1956824

I wonder if this shit was written so long in hopes everyone would yawn and not read it

No. 1956855

I don't understand why this or the mars guy statement needed to be public?
Like, how is having weird sex something to air out on public forums wtf. Ok, so he was a sex pest and they are all a bunch of drug addicts, who cares.(bait)

No. 1956874

This is one of the reasons why I am predicting a right-wing shift on youtube. Everyone is either retiring or shifting to nebula. Almost every single progressive alternative to YouTube(Vimeo and Nebula) are behind a paywall, while far-right content on YouTube(as well as alternatives to YouTube) are fairly ubiquitous and I think they'll win through sheer persistence,

No. 1956916

So lefty to make your supposedly educating content only available to people who can afford it.

No. 1956923

Sorry, but doesn't it being unexceptional just make it more stupid she's using it to highlight how "trad" she is?

No. 1956979

I doubt it. There's many areas of youtube, like tabletop or video game content, that I can't see shifting away from the left anytime soon.

No. 1957187

I understand this is a woman centered website but what’s up with this place and constantly downplaying female pedos(unsaged retard)

No. 1957229

So someone who is conventionally attractive isn't allowed to criticize beauty standards? That affect us all the same? Zoey is just another youtube essayist with nothing important to say but you can be fit AND healthy AND eat what you want. It's just portion control and movement, it's not rocket science.

No. 1957313

Are you being purposefully obtuse? The issue is that she'll criticize things she completely supports and is part of. Nobody with as much of a disordered way of thinking regarding her body and food should be the one speaking up on diet culture. Did you even see the photo where she called herself fat? She's no different from those ED recovery accounts that are still deep in their disorder giving fitness coaching and nutritional advice.

No. 1957315

I think there are 3 main groups here doing that. The first group is just women who are sick of every discussion of men’s pedophilic tendencies and the danger they pose to children being derailed because some retard just has to say “but women can be pedophiles too!!”. Of course they can, doesn’t change that the overwhelming number of perpetrators are male. Seems pointless and intentionally deflecting to focus on female pedophiles in particular unless you’re discussing an actual specific case involving a female pedophile.
The 2nd group agrees with the first but would probably claim that women can’t be pedophiles at all. There’s been an increase in more intense man hate here lately. It doesn’t bother me (actually kinda refreshing on the internet) but a lot of it does strike me as disingenuous and partly exaggerated/done as a joke to scare off moids and handmaidens.
The 3rd group are the literal female pedophiles/pedophile apologists. The mere existence of shota defenders here shows we have some real nasty bitches in our ranks.(derailing)

No. 1957670

There's always gonna be channels like think before you sleep but a total shift is never gonna happen. Right wingers just don't have the economical or cultural power they used to

No. 1957837

not sure if you guys caught up with the scrote on scrote drama Lady Emily and chuggaaconroy debacle.

No. 1957935

File: 1705873089224.jpeg (125.65 KB, 720x1600, big and stinky.jpeg)

kek, yes. The troon got angry the pokemon lets player guy called his feet BIG and STINKY. He even censored his ogre feet size on the screencaps.

No. 1957939

autist on autist more like
this isn't how you converse

No. 1957974

perfect way to describe the average everyday troon

No. 1958207

Is Maggie Mae Fish a troon or not? I can't tell.

No. 1958287

File: 1705954146397.jpeg (493.96 KB, 828x1265, IMG_4604.jpeg)

He’s so assblasted that no one cares that he has Jenny Nicholson malding on behalf of him. It doesn’t help that messages clearly show chugga asking for consent to talk about the troon’s “big stinky feet” and on top of that get free shoes out of it

No. 1958289

How much you want to bet he wouldn't have done this if the youtuber referred to his feet as "feminine and dainty, with a sweet odor"?

No. 1958298

not a troon, but like a supreme pick-me, and she really likes drag-race as well.

No. 1958345

File: 1705968884159.jpeg (190.84 KB, 2048x1243, IMG_4606.jpeg)

She’s a woman. She just wears unflattering makeup that makes her look like a troon. Her voice gives it away though.
This is the screenshot where chugga double checks with tranny to see if it’s ok to keep shoe rp lmao
Chugga is confirmed autistic and is always straightforward with everything because of his autism so I don’t understand how the tranny can even victimize himself over this especially after getting a free pair of shoes out of it.

No. 1958405

File: 1705982321774.png (73.5 KB, 607x647, ohnoanyway.png)

How many of you think is about Xiran posting antisemitism stuff?(bait)

No. 1958438

Calling it just a game while he types with one hand is bit cheeky lol

No. 1958648

I don't think this should be bait, xiran was genuinely weird conspiratorial shit.

No. 1958655

File: 1706050946981.jpg (118.02 KB, 1080x956, GEfYUg9bgAAs03N.jpg)

reposting from the book thread. xiran and rf kuang have been disqualified from this year's hugo awards (hosted in china). apparently the people in charge refuse to tell her why she and rf kuang got disqualified. rf kuang handled it professionally and only made one post about it but of course xiran is being a drama queen as usual and makes being disqualified her new gimmick.

No. 1958721

As much as I'd love for this to be on account of her complete lack of professionalism or something milky like that, the disqualification was probably on the basis of some boring bureaucratic technicality. That's always what happens when people make a gigantic stink about these sorts of things and cook up conspiracies about it. It seems doubly likely given that someone who isn't as insane as she is got axed, too.

No. 1958744

Giving her Twitter a quick look, she's absolutely obsessed. Complete brainrot. Probably retweeted some insane neo nazi conspiracy or justified jewish women getting raped or defended the houthi flag or something like that which crossed a line for her publisher. Though >>1958721 is more likely.

No. 1958764

File: 1706067869294.jpeg (138.31 KB, 1178x1998, F-dmDFeXoAA_CNB.jpeg)

IIRC She made this meme. Might be a petty reason, but if you know whatever you do might affect your persona… The best thing is not doing it?

No. 1958817

she's insufferable. Someone needs to make a thread about her because she's so incredibly milky and annoying. My milk prediction for 2024 is that she's going to get cancelled pretty harshly.

No. 1958822

the way these troons larp as rape victims and then the accusation is just "I wanted to hook up with her but we did drugs and I regret it" and "he called my feet stinky while asking if I was okay with erp"

I can't understand why people play up this nonsense as though real crimes have been committed when every time is just two males larping.

No. 1958864

more people have come out about chugga. seems to be a consistent pattern with a moid pushing his fetish in others but idk

No. 1958894

I'm surprised no one have done that. Claims she gets fanarts when is commissioned art, support Palestine while ignoring the concentration camp in her own country, says misleading info like "China was soooooo KWEER before white people came" while ignoring male concubines were young and eunuch, and now this.(racebaiting)

No. 1958899

A correction: this year's Hugo Awards will be given out in Glasgow, Scotland. The validity of nominations was somehow being handled by concom from last year's Worldcon, which was in China. Rumor has it they dropped anything that might offend the CCP's delicate sensibilities off the list.

No. 1958907

>while ignoring the concentration camp in her own country

She's Canadian; you can't even hold dual citizenship with China. It hasn't been her country since she was a kid.

No. 1958917

oh yeah I'm not disagreeing with that part, Chugga seems like a standard sad pervert (moid).

I just find it ironic that a tim is complaining about this when that's exactly what he's engaging in publicly.

No. 1958937

She may not be a citizen, but she's just short of being the Chinese diaspora equivalent of a hotep. Her entire self-image is built around being Chinese and "queer".(racebaiting)

No. 1958952

Egypt isn't the real country of hoteps either, nona

No. 1958974

yeah no and I also agree. chugga is an autist scrote who thinks he’s smarter than he is trying to pass of his fetish as a joke. at the same time i hate this tran in particular. lady emily, sarah z s co writer is the most astroturfed youtuber ive ever seen and literally blew up because all her famous friends kept shilling her stuff

No. 1959503

update on chuggaaconroy situation
> masae came out with statement
> antdude came out with statement
> antdudes girlfriend came out with statement
> protonjon is going to replace his friend
> exiled from trg
> tim is defending him
> old gaia online chat where chugga rpd leaked chugga was 19 girl was 15 chat happened 16 years ago

crazy how much powerr troons have
chugga suicide arc when(no screencaps)

No. 1959580

>the creepy moid nonas defended is revealed to be an even creepier moid


No. 1959683

File: 1706270893483.png (105.58 KB, 768x507, pedoconroy.png)

He's a confirmed pedo into loli. The moid farms are defending this pedo super hard and making excuses about how its not weird for a 19yo to flirt with a 15yo, but if the moid was a tranny or someone they didnt like they would be gloating about another pedo tranny getting exposed. Moids are all pedos.

No. 1959842

Moidfarms is one giant illustration of this hilarious effect in which moids are only capable of condemning their own degree of degeneracy if it's played back at them by something they consider significantly different from themselves (women, moids of other races, moids in dresses).

No. 1959845

Fun moid fact of the day: moids habitually call rape crisis centers and pretend to be rape victims to rope the counselor into the roleplay. This is your daily reminder to never believe a "male rape victim".(blackpill in /snow/)

No. 1960137

File: 1706394173196.png (84.64 KB, 1500x249, chugga.png)

A lot of them seem to be defending chugga simply because they used to watch him when they were young, which is absolute insanity, they're going full damage control saying it's not a fetish and it's just an innocent special interest. Shit was cracking me up while I was reading the thread. Mind boggling how low men are ready to go simply because they liked a dude 15 years ago. Why can't we both dunk on the troon and on the autistic male, both are basically the same thing.

No. 1960165

Why is there a big 'ol Edit Profile button in that screenshot? Is Xiran selfposting here?

No. 1960205

they are defending him so hard, It's weird. Regardless he was cheating on his GF trying to get fit pics from a troon.

No. 1960516

video essayists finding out about the word media literacy is so annoying. Vivzie's writing of an SA victim has much depth as AO3 fanfic. Vivzie writes it to boost her sad yaoi plot

No. 1960551

File: 1706514976843.jpeg (523.18 KB, 828x1403, IMG_4633.jpeg)

This is so stupid y’all are literally feeding this stupid troon’s power trip. I can’t believe I’m defending an autistic male but this is stupid and reaching. 15 and 19 isn’t that much of an age gap especially when the dumbass male is an immature autist. Literally still a teen fresh out of high school. Yeah it’s scummy to talk and flirt with your younger fans but none of this points to being a pedo. He’s a nasty retard moid with a foot fetish.
Are any of y’all even old enough to remember the retarded meme language and humor from 2010. People were literally laughing at a news story about a rapist breaking into a young woman’s bedroom. Rape and pedo jokes were a dime a dozen and as fucked up as that is now that was the reality back then.
It’s insane how people want this retard’s head on a pike. He didn’t solicit nudes, foot pictures, explicit videos, or anything like other actual pedo moids have. This jackass did cringe roleplay as a teenager and is getting way too much shit for it and it’s stupid. And all of this is happening because an ass blasted tranny saw a Reddit post that pissed him off. People are actually praising this stupid troon for being brave and exposing a predator.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1960558

>The Act of Supremacy issued by King Henry VIII in 1534 declared the king to be "the only supreme head on earth of the Church in England" in place of the pope. Any act of allegiance to the latter was considered treasonous because the papacy claimed both spiritual and political power over its followers. It was under this act that Thomas More and John Fisher were executed and became martyrs to the Catholic faith.
>The Act of Supremacy (which asserted England's independence from papal authority) was repealed in 1554 by Henry's devoutly Catholic daughter Queen Mary I when she reinstituted Catholicism as England's state religion. She executed many Protestants by burning. Her actions were reversed by a new Act of Supremacy passed in 1559 under her successor, Elizabeth I, along with an Act of Uniformity which made worship in Church of England compulsory. Anyone who took office in the English church or government was required to take the Oath of Supremacy; penalties for violating it included hanging and quartering. Attendance at Anglican services became obligatory—those who refused to attend Anglican services, whether Roman Catholics or Puritans, were fined and physically punished as recusants.

>In the time of Elizabeth I, the persecution of the adherents of the reformed religion, both Anglicans and Nonconformist Protestants alike, which had occurred during the reign of her elder half-sister Queen Mary I was used to fuel strong anti-Catholic propaganda in the hugely influential Foxe's Book of Martyrs. Those who had died in Mary's reign, under the Marian Persecutions, were effectively canonised by this work of hagiography. In 1571, the Convocation of the Church of England ordered that copies of the Book of Martyrs should be kept for public inspection in all cathedrals and in the houses of church dignitaries. The book was also displayed in many Anglican parish churches alongside the Holy Bible. The passionate intensity of its style and its vivid and picturesque dialogues made the book very popular among Puritan and Low Church families, Anglican and nonconformist Protestant, down to the nineteenth century. In a period of extreme partisanship on all sides of the religious debate, the partisan church history of the earlier portion of the book, with its grotesque stories of popes and monks, contributed to anti-Catholic prejudices in England, as did the story of the sufferings of several hundred reformers who had been burned at the stake under Mary and Bishop Bonner.

>English anti-Catholicism was grounded in the fear that the Pope sought to reimpose not just religio-spiritual authority but also secular power over England, a view which was vindicated by hostile actions of the Vatican. In 1570, Pope Pius V sought to depose Elizabeth with the papal bull Regnans in Excelsis, declaring her a heretic and dissolving Catholics' duty of allegiance to her. This engendered a state of war between the Pope and England, escalating to extended hostilities and culminating in a failed 1588 invasion by Spanish forces.
>Elizabeth's resultant persecution of Catholic Jesuit missionaries led to many executions at Tyburn. Priests like Edmund Campion who suffered there as traitors to England are considered martyrs by the Catholic Church, and a number of them were canonized as the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.

>The beliefs that underlie the sort of strong anti-Catholicism once seen in the United Kingdom were summarized by William Blackstone in his Commentaries on the Laws of England:

>As to papists, what has been said of the Protestant dissenters would hold equally strong for a general toleration of them; provided their separation was founded only upon difference of opinion in religion, and their principles did not also extend to a subversion of the civil government. If once they could be brought to renounce the supremacy of the pope, they might quietly enjoy their seven sacraments, their purgatory, and auricular confession; their worship of relics and images; nay even their transubstantiation. But while they acknowledge a foreign power, superior to the sovereignty of the kingdom, they cannot complain if the laws of that kingdom will not treat them upon the footing of good subjects.

Other protestants weren't safe either(derailing)

No. 1960561

>15 and 19 isn’t that much of an age gap especially when the dumbass male is an immature autist.
No, 15 and 19 is a highschooler and college student. the guy being immature doesn't make it better, men who date younger are always immature and 15 year old in highschool doesn't have the same mindset as someone who moved out to college.
I'm not defending predator scrotes, let them fight it out

No. 1960563

the french definitely took up a lot of usa/canada, it's why detroit, maine, vermont, maine etc have french influence in their state/city names. german and dutch protestants also had a lot of influence.
definitely a lot of puritan/protestant influence but saying it was english first is wrong

No. 1960568

>15 and 19 isn’t that much of an age gap
Cosmodore was cancelled for the exact same age gap. Its creepy. Men shouldnt talk to minors on the internet.

No. 1960569

Oh, and animated james was also cancelled and outed as a pedo for the exact same agegap, in the 2010s. So yes, it's creepy and pedophilic and the fact he doesnt even try to hide behind ''ummm lolis are just cartoons actually'' and instead outright calls it pedo makes it obvious.

No. 1960632

File: 1706538175319.mp4 (1.67 MB, 1280x590, q4AUW48w3u3e-QcQ.mp4)

Reminder these are the people who call you a TERF or a Chud online.

No. 1960648

ordinarily I would probably say 15-19 isn't necessarily pedophilic, though it is predatory. However, given that he literally refers to her as a loli in the messages it seems as though that's exactly where his mind went. The fact that she was young was obviously something he liked and sought her out for.(15 is underage)

No. 1960664

I agree, but it's less ick when both people are adults. 18 and 22 is more appropriate imo.

No. 1960681

but one wasnt an adult, thats the point…

No. 1960691

I feel like that video is proof of a correlation between neckbeard atheists of the mid-2000s and male leftists/feminists of the modern era.

No. 1960709

independent of the subject I just hate this essayist in particular
hes just an absolute nothing of a person and creator

No. 1961160

… so vaush is basically a glowie, right?

No. 1963567

File: 1707339965497.mp4 (5.19 MB, 720x1280, 1000010976.mp4)

Sage for non-contributing but I found this clip of Todd in the Shadows and Sarah Z doing karaoke. My fucking sides. Now I actually like most of Todd's content but he loves hanging around the pretentious breadtuber types.

No. 1963606

File: 1707348522675.jpg (Spoiler Image,282.07 KB, 1200x674, 20240207_182928.jpg)

Vaush got caught with folders full of loli and horse AI porn folders

No. 1963613

Kek TITS is one of the online creators I’ve watched the longest, been watching him since at least 2011 back when he was only on blip tv and it’s always a jumpscare to see his face. It doesn’t surprise me he’s friends with her though since he dated Lindsay he’s probably into slightly annoying leftie types, and he talks about karaoke a lot

No. 1963615

that face of instant regret
he's so unfortunate looking if he weren't a shithead i might feel bad for him

No. 1963637

File: 1707353161533.png (336.27 KB, 552x655, 1000010993.png)

Another thing. The cohost for his podcast is a troon.

No. 1963654

>Why keep your taxes next to your porn?
>Why have a photo of a horse mounting a girl that is bent over a table?
>Why let any of that happen when you could easily separate this stuff?
I didn't think it could get any worse than him flashing his nude gf on stream

No. 1963663

It was inevitable, really. Vaush has always been an obvious degenerate, but I'm guessing his fans will defend him to the end.

No. 1963695

they seem to mostly be quibbling over whether it was loli or not since it's too low res to really tell, as though that matters at all given his pro-pedo comments, the fact he got caught liking loli and bestiality art before, and the visible horse

No. 1963730

File: 1707370957598.png (33.11 KB, 1319x189, Figure 8A.png)

someone on twitter found out what most of the pics were
>femboy/sissy Link porn
>Lolicon of DOTA characters
>and of course AI porn of MLP characters

No. 1963731

Is there a clip anywhere? I need to see his reaction to realising he fucked up kek.

No. 1963734

File: 1707371666822.mp4 (281.27 KB, 1280x720, kzdZTaPw7skuC3AD.mp4)

Here you go nonna

No. 1963735

He saved it to his desktop? KEK he's fucking retarded

No. 1963736

he’s so insufferable, I like Todd but I can’t bear to listen to his co-host because he’s so obviously full of himself and AGP. hilarious that he looks like the crypt keeper with bolt-ons

No. 1963737

he has porn of one character thats 16yo, so its not looking good
ugh i am so tired of moids sissifying Link, go fap to astolfo or bridget leave our bishies alone

No. 1963744

File: 1707374508740.png (Spoiler Image,344.88 KB, 1065x442, pD4i9iI.png)

I don't why there's a debate, this was literally one of the pics he had.

No. 1963751

I tried watching his podcast once years ago. Never again. The troon totally ruins it. I've watched all of Todd's videos multiple times except for the podcasts, which I always skip. I would greatly prefer it if his cohost were someone less repulsive, like Rap Critic. Given how often rap comes up, I'd much rather hear the opinion of an actual black person over the world's pastiest AGP tranny.

No. 1963752

I hate men so much

No. 1963779

Thanks anon. Did his stream bug out or just this clip?

No. 1963800

I also enjoy Todd’s videos and have been a fan for a long time but I can’t listen to the podcast because of the troon either. Even going beyond the agp voice, he often will get weirdly defensive over small things or unnecessarily snippy. It’s kinda hard to describe but from the few episodes I tried to listen to, it felt like there was this weird tension whenever Todd slightly disagreed on something.
Like if Todd hypothetically was going on about how much he loves nachos, the troon would go “Um…yeahhh…nachos are alright I guess, for some people”. And then Todd would stammer over himself to then list some bad qualities of nachos before ultimately saying something like “Oh well I don’t love nachos, but I like them. But what do I know?”
Has anybody else noticed what I’m talking about? The hypothetical I used isn’t great but it’s hard to articulate the off putting vibe he brings to the show.

No. 1963801

I’m a podcastfag so I’ve listened to most of the episodes of their podcast at work and Dany (the troon used to go by that name but fuck if I know it’s his real name since he also changed the last name for some reason) pisses me off so many times. He always has bad or contrarian takes and then sometimes he’ll completely change his mind from episode to episode

No. 1963961

I'm listening to the Grammys episode, and they have no chemistry whatsoever. It's Todd's podcast, but the co-host sounds like he's trying to control the thing.

No. 1964397

it's so irritating to see this kind of "analysis" because it implies I should take this show seriously

No. 1964769

That's breadtube for you. They all make videos about content that really doesn't deserve analysis or really any of the thought they give it. Like that one British troon with the irritating voice who made a ten-hour whining session about how much Harry Potter triggers him. Or hbomberguy wasting his time over the origin of the fucking Roblox death sound (totally something a grown man should care about).

No. 1964916

File: 1707683634524.mp4 (3.88 MB, 854x480, RenUqU1.mp4)

Vaush is now claiming is he didn't realize the porn he was watching featured "loli" and instead assumed they were "shortstack goblins"

No. 1964920

That ‘shortstack’ coomer shit is basically midget fetishism anyway kek

No. 1964938

not to whiteknight hbomberguy cuz i think he’s a faggot but the video is mostly about how the guy who took credit for it is an insane lolcow & how easy it is to exploit freelance artists

No. 1964945

Out of context that has to be one of the most insane things I've ever heard

No. 1964947

>totally something a grown man should care about
The irony of posting this on here where we waste hours away doing something nobody should care about either is biting, to say the least.

No. 1964952

He's so unlikeable and full of himself. I watched a clip of him bragging about how much vagina he could get and it made me want to puke, "I can be inside someone within 5 mintues" he seems so gross.
I also heard he tried to accuse H3h3 of being transphobic because "My audience is mostly transgender people, interesting he's trying to call me a pedo" or something like that.

No. 1964965

yeah I can't stand that guy at all. I stopped listening all together after that episode with Stay vs Torn. He kept going on about Lisa Loeb like she was his waifu kek it was so weird.

No. 1964973

Destiny went to an expensive Catholic school, he’s half Cuban, he’s lived in LA and is currently in Miami. He probably just has a myopic view of the makeup of US Christians from being around Catholic heavy environments.

No. 1965074

This is on the same level as that journalist who got caught with hentai open on a tab and he tried to justify it by saying he wanted to show "japanese tentacle porn" to his wife.

No. 1965122

His fans have literal brain damage if they believe this. I watched him for a little bit back when I was into political youtubers but you very soon see that he is a degenerate.

No. 1965250

>Hasan comments on the vuash controversy and subtly defends him.

No. 1965302

The world would be a better place without these two. I grow a grey hair every time I have to hear either of their names.

No. 1965345

hasan is looking uggo these days

No. 1965401

Hasan has always been uggo, he's just tall. I've only ever seen "straight" men gush over his looks.

No. 1965547

>Rapist male defending a pedo male
Is anyone here surprised? Their pornsick misogynistic audiences will still defend them, too.

No. 1965696

he should keep putting his face next to ugbutts like ethan and vaush. makes him look more attractive by comparison. also the fact that hes not fat helps

No. 1965863

File: 1707892029765.mp4 (748.35 KB, 482x270, ACOySv-ZPMzFw1gu.mp4)

Mind you, this is a man who says people care too much about victims of child sex trafficking and not about children in other child exploitation industries, literally no one is defending things like cobalt farming. This implication that people won't care if they hear about it is such a fallacy.
vidrel was being posted by his fans to prove he isn't a degen pedo.

No. 1965866

The Nick Mullen effect

No. 1965885

Kidology came out as lesbian. Ngl this video is so real, the lesbian dating field even in cities with a large "gay scene" is so shit. If you don't look like you listen to cavetown you're stuck with bihets looking for thirds for their boyfriends.
Can't imagine how shit it is for her in rural england.

No. 1965897

so I have a chance

No. 1965907

This 'explains' her TERFery I guess. She’s likeable, good-looking and level-headed, I wish her all the best.

No. 1965910

okay and?(bumping thread with zero contribution)

No. 1965949

File: 1707927776588.png (25.58 KB, 529x209, contra vs keffals.png)

got this from kf, Contrapoints is calling out people (like Vaush/Tipster/Keffals) for using the, "Why are you calling Vaush a pedophile..uh..uh is it because trans people?" or whatever their point was. Says he's making a video. Keffals/Tipsters were trying to whine about H3h3 and others calling out Vaush, making it about troons and Vaush straight up accused H3h3's reasons of calling him a pedo having to do with him having a large trans audience.
Also, that Tipster scrote is so gross. He is in love with keffals, constantly flirting with E-girls/troons and has a disabled wife at home. I watched a clip of him going, 'Can we just say that keffals is a good looking gal when she cleans up? Usually she dresses all tomboyish" and he did a long live with Keffals where they whined and connected the vaush situation to transgenders or something.

No. 1965950

>Yes, the video is coming
Yeah, right. When? In 2025 when this drama is largely irrelevant just like him?

No. 1965951

rare hontra W

No. 1965953

File: 1707928291496.png (245.54 KB, 1066x902, 1707876764299.png)

Also, keffals started whining about h3h3 first for even talking about the vaush shit, so I don't get his point. He's such a crybaby and everyone hates him kek. The only people defending Vaush is Keffals, Tipster and that Jaylen troon, the only known people. 2 troons and a fat retard who flirts with anything with a wig on, while having a disabled wife he doesn't deserve. I guess Vaush's audience defends him but they are probably just like him. I also saw someone mention old messages of Vaush Allegedly talking about putting a lizard on his dick and it licked it and saying Animals have no rights or something. They keep whining about context but Vaush has defended pedo shit/cp shit and the context doesn't change anything. He seems to truly think that.

No. 1965962

is he aware that vaush has many many troon fans(like even more then hontra has in pure numbers and %)

No. 1965968

Love to see troon on troon violence

No. 1966071

I checked his twitter and I'm pretty sure he's talking about the video he was already working on, whatever it is.

No. 1966086

he might have been too high all these years to really get just how much the online trans and breadtube landscape has changed since lindsay elis's generation started. he's from the legion of rich AGP SJW academics, he's a fetishist to be sure, but i think he's from the more moralistic sjw time so he thinks people haven't "well actually'ed" their way into being more open about pedophilia. back in his time he was being taboo by humanizing incels, he arguably even recognizes he needs to hide a lot of his AGP feelings. but now things are even worse in the mainstream trans activism sphere, being openly AGP is fine because it "doesn't exist" and they're normalising something awful "gooning" through keffals and his ilk. not to mention the fact that before any of this came out, Vaush has openly defended pedophilia and his audience agreed with his pedo-lie that there is a way for adults and children to have relationships if the world were just built around it.
i am honestly curious what the mainstream reaction would be if hontra came out against some of these people and their opinions. hilariously i think if hontra made a video against pedophilia in the trans community he'd be absolutely eaten alive but he might be too optimistic to realise it

No. 1966123

>xxx girls


No. 1966206

File: 1707979146673.png (609.08 KB, 1080x1305, 1000021201.png)

So there's actually a bunch of screenshots of vaush joking and laughing about cp/lolis+beastiality for years. If you haven't seen this already: https://www.reddit.com/r/Enough_Vaush_Spam/s/McnVIAjGaQ

I've attached a screenshot of one of the archived posts here because it's hilarious how he always tried flirting with June.. I've heard that they've fucked??? She's deep in the narcissist cycle one after another kek

No. 1966331

File: 1708016157268.jpg (933.04 KB, 1080x2203, Screenshot_20240215_165607_X.j…)

So he's still trying to cry victim and rally support from people

No. 1966343

He just can’t help being a smug shit

No. 1966348

That anon who said he looks like the rugrats twins was so right kek

No. 1966359

File: 1708019691064.png (707.09 KB, 1170x996, GxEtlQ3.png)

what the fuck

No. 1966360

Nooo leave Killing Stalking alone!!!!!

No. 1966361

I thought he hated this webtoon?

No. 1966364

he's going insane

No. 1966366

he also said fitness was beyond anyone's control and he seems to have lost weight, so maybe he's changed his mind?

No. 1966368

how long before he starts grifting rightwingers by pretending his cancelling redpilled him

No. 1966371

File: 1708022868149.mp4 (8.48 MB, 1280x720, UxdYHsO.mp4)

>vaush addresses the horse porn.

No. 1966382

He is such a stupid narcissist kek. He sexually harassed vulnerable people over and over again and likes actual loli/beastiality. 100% needs real fucking repercussions like being put on the sex offender registry or some shit. He thinks the therapist will think beastiality is a kink and super normal LMFAO

No. 1966395

I will forgive Shoe some of her crimes if she publicly goes after him.

No. 1966428

File: 1708033500292.jpg (486.99 KB, 1080x2123, 1000029994.jpg)

I knew about him being an unrepentant animal fucker and pedo but the info in this post, wow. trying not to a-log. anyone know where this poppy girl is now? I was taken aback to see her talk about Gail dines and Cathy Brennan kek

No. 1966433

Vaush is a sex pest Jesus Christ, this along with the clip of him saying that women would be assigned as sex workers and be forced to give handjobs in his ideal communist society makes me believe he’s an actual rapist

No. 1966451

Waiting for people to come out and accuse him of something because he reeks of ceorcion

No. 1966461

guy who made a video crying about how he'd just tried to top himself less than two months ago calling other people unstable. ok

No. 1966487

he's THAT forever alone that he had to try to top HIMSELF? im cackling no wonder he's so weirdly bitter

No. 1966489

it's british slang for attempting suicide

No. 1966552

File: 1708073336041.jpg (122.36 KB, 751x858, 1000021221.jpg)

They have though! Look at the reddit link posted above, you'd have to scroll down the post. There's two people he sexually harassed. But you can tell he's probably done this to more people just from how comfortable he was saying things to those women alone. It's "old" news but honestly still very relevant in a lot of ways: " Poppy talks about being told she looks young, and Vaush responds "i do imagine you looking like a loli." "

No. 1966678

File: 1708106013223.jpg (736.42 KB, 1080x2203, Screenshot_20240216_174851_X.j…)

I shouldn't be surprised that his ego has survived being called out and mocked in front of millions of people but hilariously it has. I think he might actually end up a full cow if his ego continues to grow.

Also he's since deleted his selfie from yesterday. Not sure why since he has replies turned off. Probably name searches himself 400x a day lol.

Side note but he has the most disgusting skin-sack of a neck I have ever seen. It's like a tube of wobbly flesh. He has a neck that inspired the TIF neopenis.

No. 1966683

There a clip of Vaush admitting that he harassed this girl but then saying she didn't deserve basic human rights, and that he wanted to invite her onto his stream not to apologize but to make her cry because he knows that she's emotionally unwell. He's a vile vile person, a huge asshole.

No. 1966684

>"i do imagine you looking like a loli."
not a shortstack goblin?
he thinks they're good? why do men think doing something different with no talent in the execution still means they did something special?
he shows no improvement in his lighting across any of these screengrabs, his face practically blends into the background for most of these and looks so visually dull. the top right looks out of a low budget medical horror you'd find on tubi where they filter everything to look "unsettling" and hide the production quality unable to properly light their actors

No. 1966712


He's chronically underlit and thinks that putting random red lamps in the room and "bisexual lightning" despite hating bisexuals makes it look good.

No. 1966732

I will never get over how he thought Rocky Horror Picture Show saved 20th Century Fox, which released twelve years after Cleopatra and notoriously bombed, gaining a following from being a midnight movie played around Halloween.

No. 1966735

File: 1708117099582.png (11.63 KB, 444x227, Screenshot_11.png)

kek, how are you too retarded to understand what a cult classic is? did he see that it says 226 million dollar profit on the wikipedia page and think that happened back then?
also as we all know, 1975 was the most accepting year for gay debauchery

No. 1966742

Are you too much of a fucking dumbass to understand that it didn't at all "save" 20th Century Fox as James Somerton claims? I swear some people just argue for the sake of arguing. I wasn't denying at all that the film was a cult film. I said that it performed poorly when it released.(infighting)

No. 1966777

i was talking about him…

No. 1966817

Sorry Nona

No. 1967010

Do you have a clip of this? I believe you 100% but I want to hear him say it.

No. 1967470

Hontrapoints and his consequences

No. 1967782

File: 1708395344758.jpeg (895.94 KB, 1170x1887, IMG_2201.jpeg)

Still trying to come to terms with him popping up in house of the dragon in the near future and entertaining the popular zeitgeist.
But I wonder if with it the theory of him assaulting Contra will also get more traction among normies (or at least HOTD normies i guess)

No. 1967818

Pedo tries to defend himself:

No. 1967826

could someone TL;DW, the future troon, gives me the creeps just hearing him speak.

No. 1967829

No. 1967838

That outfit remains a crime against humanity I never want to see it again

No. 1967864

I hope hontra is just waiting for the day philosotroon comes on the tv for maximum damage like those gays who wait for a drag queen to premiere on drag race before coming out with their sexual assault story. The milk would be so creamy, especially since we've only ever gotten vague stories from Hontra I believe?
Also kek at "l not g", because god forbid the male tranny be associated with being a gay man. "No homo" said while being a male in female lingerie is peak comedy

No. 1967946

if he plays the one lesbian woman in HOTD im gonna boycott the show kek

No. 1967947

that would be awesome i love clown on clown violence. nice to see a man skinwalk another man for a change too. diversity!

No. 1968345

He's a fucking abysmal actor anyway. His accent is worse than the one Keanu Reeves had in Bram Stoker's Dracula.

No. 1968350

I watched the thing on 2x and the first half is basically him just adding context to every clip where he does his cp argument and says it was bad and he stopped doing it because it did not communicate his "anti cp" point well but when he arrives to talking about his folder he just completely missrepresents the loli accusations and tries to weasel out by lying.
He says he only had "adult looking women" who happen to be drawn by a lolicon but like the images have been found and some do look underage on purpose so the whole vid is null and void

No. 1968395

thank you for your service nonna.

No. 1968415

File: 1708541639999.png (193.03 KB, 357x293, jew.png)

This woman is truly the poster child of being so open-minded that your brain falls out. Here are some of her hyper-spiritually-and-philosophically-advanced takes (her brand is all about being more intellectually and spiritually enlightened than everyone else despite having zero credentials) re: Vaush:

1. The probability of Vaush genuinely being a pedophile is low because pedophiles are rare in general. I don't know about you guys but that reassures me - a lot.
2. It's weird that people are concerned with Vaush watching loli when they should be concerned with men who pose a real threat to your child (family members, stepfathers, etc.), bc everyone knows you can't frown at two types of predatory behaviors at the same time.
3. The people who are super disgusted with loli are suspicious and are being "weird about it" because "it's just porn"
4. Loli porn should not be considered child porn because, and I quote, "what if we find studies that trauma victims actually watch it to sort of like relive their trauma to also move past it? What if trauma victims watch porn that resembles their rape in order to help them move past it? What if people were watching loli to help them recover from their traumas as children? Would you then call them pedophiles and say that this is what they're doing? Or would you say this is a great opportunity for human beings to use unorthodox means to like figure out how to move past their pain?"

These kind of autistic/BPD women who dabble in BDSM and polyamory and reason like contrarian autists are probably my absolute worst category of people ever (Aella, Caroline Ellison, Grimes to some extent). They have zero appropriate boundaries, they are seemingly unaware of how unhinged they sound to others, their opinions are batshit insane, and they take any criticism levied at them as "the philosophically cowardly mob" being unable to handle the truth.

No. 1968418

HOTD ruined oh my fucking god

No. 1968432

libfems gonna libfem.

No. 1968447

>It's weird that people are concerned with Vaush watching loli when they should be concerned with men who pose a real threat to your child (family members, stepfathers, etc.), bc everyone knows you can't frown at two types of predatory behaviors at the same time.
>The people who are super disgusted with loli are suspicious and are being "weird about it" because "it's just porn"
>Loli porn should not be considered child porn because, and I quote, "what if we find studies that trauma victims actually watch it to sort of like relive their trauma to also move past it? What if trauma victims watch porn that resembles their rape in order to help them move past it? What if people were watching loli to help them recover from their traumas as children? Would you then call them pedophiles and say that this is what they're doing? Or would you say this is a great opportunity for human beings to use unorthodox means to like figure out how to move past their pain?"

This kind of retarded galaxy brained take is one i've seen more than i'd like to on these boards recently… ugh

No. 1968449

>muh nuance
You don’t need to have a ‘nuanced’ take when the issue is a guy jerking off to images of cartoon children being raped by horses

No. 1968527

#4 pisses me off cause there are so many actually traumatized women manipulated into engaging in harmful behaviours and being told it's good for them by people who are aware that mentally ill people have a tendency to fall into destructive behaviours.
Also #1 is just so stupid lol, I couldn't imagine someone not taking into account the fact that the internet pretty much includes everyone on earth now to make such an assumption. And when the internet didn't include everyone it if anything had a higher per capita of pedoshits.
>4 hours
holy fucking shit how do you spend so much time being so damn braindead. I hate that these women cape so hard for men, meanwhile 4chan, rule34, the incel sites, gore sites, etc are literally just a click away but these women would rather stay in ignorance and also spend hours of their day supporting men who don't give two shits about them back. It's like they didn't even befriend one man or boy in their entire child or adult life

No. 1968586

>These kind of autistic/BPD women who dabble in BDSM and polyamory and reason like contrarian autists are probably my absolute worst category of people ever (Aella, Caroline Ellison, Grimes to some extent). They have zero appropriate boundaries, they are seemingly unaware of how unhinged they sound to others, their opinions are batshit insane, and they take any criticism levied at them as "the philosophically cowardly mob" being unable to handle the truth.
They think also being victimised absolves them from harm. They are the type to be inactive bystanders because they always gravitate to scrotes who also like boundaries and abuse other women during their open relationship. In fact these women prey on other women to get them to fuck their scrote bf/friends. She is probably the kind to say a guy was stressed when he is accused of abuse

No. 1968633

File: 1708586807568.webm (1.23 MB, 406x720, Dan Harmons DISGUSTING video _…)

This reminds me of a sketch Dan Harmon did, where he pretended to rape a baby doll as a parody of Dexter, people were obviously disgusted by it. He defended himself, saying, 'Oh, people are fine with glorifying murder and violence, but act like child rape is the world's most evil act, even though both are equally bad.'
That's exactly vaush's defense as well. He insists that child slavery is as bad as child sexual abuse, even though no one ever compared which was worse.

No. 1968659

this is why I hate debatebros, the obsession with "nuances" and what ifs that got Vaush into this mess in the first place. There are universal laws in society, like pedophilia and incest being bad, and there is no practical use in defending them. Any good that might come from 'de stigmatizing' them is incomparable to the bad

No. 1968857

is this man fat? he has an obese neck. keking if he's not fat and it's just his neck that's fat, loose, and jiggly

No. 1969384

I fucking despise the whole "rape isn't any worse than murder!!!" arguments so commonly used by moids. Murder can be an act of defense or retribution. It can be (at least to an extent) justified. Rape is never justified.

No. 1969418

a rape victim has to live with bullshit stigma as well, if you survive a murder attempt few people would treat you like the trash rape victims are treated like. Few look at murder survivors and blame them (though of course it changes if it's a female victim who dared not be a perfect victim but still, better than rape victims who are constantly told what they should have done)

No. 1970220

James Somerton just released a nee apology video

No. 1970232

starting out strong by copying the video title from h-bomb

No. 1970234

>cis white man
>queer community
>non binary person on the ace spectrum
oh my gddddd who gives a shit about this stuff can we talk about the plagiarism

No. 1970241

It's still up.

No. 1970255

The mic placement to hide his double chin kek

No. 1970257

damn he lost some weight kek

No. 1970268

He discussed this on some episode of his podcast, and I remember listening to that clip from it on Twitter a few years ago when the video resurfaced, so my memory might not be entirely clear. His main point was that shows like Dexter glorify murder and vigilantism because Dexter in his view was as an evil person, but he was played by an attractive actor, and his murdering of criminals(including serial killers, murderers, and rapists) was presented as a positive thing without any nuance. His Daryl sketch was his way of mocking the premise of the show and it's fans by asking, 'What if Dexter was ugly (like me) and was raping babies who grow up to be criminals? That wouldn't be cool and sexy anymore.

No. 1970279

File: 1708982097280.jpeg (191.13 KB, 828x828, IMG_4715.jpeg)

Some Twitter fag thankfully summarized it so I don’t have to watch it.
He also claims hbomb’s fans tried to kill him

No. 1970282

it's also youtube's fault for their algorithm promoting him bc hes white. so he felt he had to make more viddys and then plagiarized

No. 1970290

don't forget blaming it on his "cis white privilege", like he absolutely refuses to take any sort of personal reasonability.

No. 1970294

That’s so retarded, yeah if you change the entire premise of a show then the response to it would be different. Can’t believe he’s acting like this is some deep critique, the Y chromosome, not even once.

No. 1970319

i dont think his dad died just his mom and her life insurance didnt pay out.
he also said he reported threats to the police and the po po said not to talk to jessie so he didnt
also he says he's putting up a new video soon he said its a "documentary" type all facts with no commentary from him

No. 1970322

>'What if Dexter was ugly (like me) and was raping babies who grow up to be criminals?
Why ruin the joke with that part? It's not even parody if you're just changing the entire premise of the show to make your joke. A parody could be funny (and the point would be made) if he just played Dexter as a fat nerd and could have ripped any of the self-important bullshit philosophy monologues from the show. Men just have to insert the most vile shit out of nowhere.
Also it's sad when a braindead show like Dexter already thought of these things so made sure he targeted cartoonish evil people, made sure to labour the point that Dexter was too "damaged" to not kill, and punished Dexter for going above the law when the law was an option (in select plots). I'm not saying it was well done, if anything more annoyed the prime parody material was ignored for a crass and commentary-less joke involving baby rape because it's "shocking". Yeah it was the time, but it was never clever to be a shock jock.

No. 1970336

File: 1708995797542.png (416.7 KB, 640x541, D1131AA3-1B4E-421B-B661-A89C99…)

No. 1970341

File: 1708996283381.jpg (10.11 KB, 220x229, 1000011882.jpg)

No. 1970343

Kek, obviously it fucking wouldn't. If Dexter was a schizoid inbred sack of shit who rapes kids, obviously no one would fucking like him.

No. 1970419

Your right, I watched all of it, and Dexter was a really stupid show. So much goofy stuff happened, and plot threads would drop and then reappear so often. You could easily make fun of it without the joke about child rape.

No. 1970433

File: 1709024717330.jpeg (52.23 KB, 783x391, IMG_2119.jpeg)

>What if trauma victims watch porn that resembles their rape in order to help them move past it
I remember having this argument forcefed to me on tumblr by proshippers in my circle and even as a high schooler I thought it was completely retarded. Engaging in content that reminds you of a traumatic incident is going to do you serious damage in the longterm, any psych worth their salt could tell you that. It’s the digital equivalent of engaging in destructive sexual or pleasure-seeking behaviour following a traumatic event. There are people who can’t go to the dentist after suffering sexual violence because lying down on a chair while some man pokes around in their mouth triggers them, and these wetbrains actually think that enough (if any at all) victims are using simulated CP as part of their recovery that it justifies its existence. A few decades ago the left were staging pickets and sit-ins for workers rights and now the best they’ve got is caping for pedos and dogfuckers.

No. 1970461

careful, for some reason this facts offends "certain users" here.

No. 1970472

They completely ignore healthier, more productive alternatives to treating that trauma as well. Nope, they just have to coom to simulated child porn. Another thing about people who write that sort of thing is that they know that they're pandering to actual pedophiles as well. They know full well that legitimate pedophiles read that shit while fantasizing about doing it in real life. That's the consequence of absolutism on certain platforms.

No. 1970673

He obviously didn’t watch the show or read the books. Dexter killed people (mainly dudes) that did heinous shit like sex trafficking, child murder/rape and other crimes committed that didn’t get justice. Using the show to justify assaulting kids is so gross. I don’t understand how anyone could think sexual assault isn’t anything but devastating and life altering for the kid.

No. 1970693

Dexter had its fair share of character issues, but the writers of the show outright stated that it was primarily about wish fulfillment. The entire premise of season five revolves around the Dexter's goal to eliminate a well-connected group of men who rape, torture and murder women while covering their tracks (like the Burning Sun club, but taking it one step further), one of the victims of this group, who Dexter saves assists him and together they eliminate all the rapists. Once their task is complete, she leaves, and Dexter chooses not to kill her, unlike every other male partner he's worker(cause they always go overboard)(derailing)

No. 1970696

it's sad cause the Dexter writers weren't exactly feminist masterminds with how they treated their female characters but even they were absolute in the idea that sex traffickers are rapists and among the worst scum on the planet. Dexter even soft-targeted abusive men for scares.
this guy's commentary is as braindead as the argument "if a person kills a murderer there is still a murderer in the world" being applied to serial killers/rapists. except worse because simulated baby rape was his method of making his "point"
if this is the female character I'm thinking of they even explicitly wrote it that she was totally normal and fine. once she killed all her rapists and kidnappers she was healthy and fine to continue life as a normal woman and so left to do so. the male side kicks (and the crazy bpd side-chick cause of course) were broken murderers and abusers but she was a woman harmed by evil men and was set free by their elimination. the show knew that sex trafficking could destroy a woman and decided to write an honestly satisfying revenge story for women with a nice end note. she could have been played by the ugliest woman in existence and the sympathy would all still be there for her. shit, she could have raped them all with barbed wire and it'd probably still be there for her because of what they were written to have done to women.(derailing)

No. 1970782

File: 1709131397649.png (351.14 KB, 640x541, J_Somerton.png)

made it more accurate.

No. 1971131

now he's faking amnesia? cool

he should give up the video essay grift and just become one of those gay commentary youtubers who talk about shane dawson and stuff

No. 1971259

>hilariously i think if hontra made a video against pedophilia in the trans community
optimistic of you to imagine hontra making a video about anything

No. 1971273

He said the video was coming so maybe he's filming it in between opium sessions kek. It's been a while since his last one, he might be due for another bland, badly stylized "essay".
Unless he saw what a mistake it is to try and separate pedophilia from the trans community which tbh I don't think he does considering his tweets. He's surprisingly insulated from most of the tranny pedos as far as I know, he's mostly surrounded by rich handmaidens and hbomberguy. I don't think he's a part of any of their tranny discords since he's been in his opium haze for a while now and I don't remember him in any leaks. Liz Fong Jones has been found before he has

No. 1971444

Controonpoints is too busy buying expensive outfits while tweeting about how capitalism bad.

No. 1971704

Hontra just returned with a thrilling video about Twillight about a decade after it's culturally relavant kek

No. 1971731

I can't watch this video, it's from the dream sounds Disney troon. I am unwilling to trudge through this troon's long winded reasoning for dating a professor grandpa at 22 and later marrying him.
Any nonnies that can get through this torturous video will enjoy the full extent of his degeneracy. The video before this is all about a Snow White.
Article here:

No. 1971746

Hontra's new video. About… Twilight of all fucking things. A little late to the boat, don't you think? I haven't watched it because I can't stand his pompous theatrics but I can only guess it's a lukewarm "Don't make fun of ppl who like Twilight!!!" deal, that's already been done by other breadtubers.

No. 1971754

bet he'll start the author and the woman who liked though, claim they were stupid and naive white women and so they didn't know any better.

No. 1971759

It's breadtube so of course there's going to be some bizarre, far-fetched racial/sexual/whatever analogy somewhere in there.

No. 1971780

I'm kind of loving the extremely pretencious hapsichord playing in the intro just waste that Patreon money away!

No. 1971790

File: 1709413472216.jpeg (380.98 KB, 1263x2256, 5rjm6rfgwslc1.jpeg)

He posted picrel on Patreon. Not watching the video because it's three hours and about Twilight, but this post gives a gist of what it's about. He really needs to work on putting out videos quicker because this topic is tired in 2024

No. 1971794

"Which was having a Renaissance at the time". Has it? I mean sure, there were super fans of it who were less embaressed about it it's not like general audiences suddenly started caring about it again.

No. 1971796

"Defense of psychoanalysis against the sexual ethos of my generation"… how can anyone not see this as the inane psuedointellectual nonsense that it is. That string of words might as be the first thing I see when I look up "psuedo-intellectualism" on Google.

No. 1971827

just say infatuation you pretentious fuck

No. 1971848

It's not even topical right now. Lindsay Ellis also already made a video about Stephanie and the misogyny around the twilight hate. Why step on toes his friend has already discussed?
>The sexual ethos of my generation
Twilight was famously modest about sex? It was different from pretty much every other teenage book which covered sex and romance and encouraged waiting until marriage in the Mormon sense of the man holding the female temptress back. What bullshit is he connecting this to? Probably his own fucked up fetishes under the disguise of "this is how women feel, for I a male, am a woman and spontaneously developed female sexuality after decades as a male and certainly can talk for all real women out there".
To use twilight to represent sexual feelings during a time when girls were basically told they were prudish and not real feminists if they weren't sluts is beyond stupid. But of course everything has to be about sex with this man. Bet you he repurposed his script about tops and bottoms referenced here and just overlayed twilight on top

No. 1971868

Vangelina Skov is getting called out by this freak who I think is also a breadtuber who has a massive hate-boner for Rachel oates for failing to disavow JK rowling hard enough in a livestream 3 years ago. Apparently Angelica Skov copied their video but so far the video seems to be baseless. I think this guy might be a bit delusional. Maybe Essenceofthought isn't big enough to cause any significant drama but i wonder what will come of it.

No. 1971872

It's because Twilight is getting a TV reboot and Contrapoints wants to make sure he's reaping that sweet sweet monetization whenever that's announced within the next month or two. pretty obvious the channel's desperate for adbux considering how comparatively low-budget and LONG this movie was. it became 'twilight-themed' only to make sure a three hour rant about radfems and sex would be interpreted as virtuous to her audience and 'pg-13' to whoever controls demonetization on Youtube.

No. 1972505

I saw her response today and then watched the original video. It sounds like Ethel (why tf would you choose that as a name???) wanted to shake Vangelina down for 30% of her Adsense, patreon and sponsorship money for February because she took some screenshots from a video (Vangelins said she found them on Reddit and kiwi farms) because he and his wife have been “in the red” since September and for some reason rather than finding a different job, he decided to go after other creators. He comes off as one of those trans women who is jealous of bio women and thinks everyone is out to get them. I wouldn’t even have known it was a trans woman if he didn’t say “Ethel whatever she her they them” because he’s not even trying to pass.

No. 1972580

He's into old men. That's literally it.

No. 1972678

File: 1709648078196.jpg (57.27 KB, 382x683, jamesomerto.JPG)

James Somerton apparently posted a suicide note on his private account. Some people are speculating it's legitimate and have attempted to call in a wellness check on him. Some people think he's doing this to take the heat off of him so he can disappear and then reappear at a later time in an attempt to "rebrand". Some people just think this is another way to garner sympathy or manipulate people. I really have no idea. I got this screenshot from the hbomberguy subreddit

No. 1972679

I am laughing my ass off, what a fucking attention whore holy shit. Creepshow art's departure was less dramatic than this.

No. 1972687

He's trying to act like he's just releasing all the old stuff he was working on but didn't he just open a new patreon and rebrand his whole channel? Assuming he didn't actually kill himself I Feel like he's going to comeback as a podcaster since he'd be able to stay anonymous.

No. 1972689

>he's going to comeback as a podcaster since he'd be able to stay anonymous.
he has such a distinctive faggy voice though

No. 1972695

Looks like Vaush is continuing on after being outed as a perverted degenerate, and now he's commenting on political figures that are vastly more moral then him.

No. 1972705

>If this message is live it means i scheduled if before ending things

What luck, he'll be alive to see the flood of moralfags telling him he's worth something and nooooo we love you!

As of now (10+ hours after the post) there are no local news reports. Calling bait.(sage your shit)

No. 1972707

He fucking deleted it lmfao, what a baby.

No. 1972708

kek i cant believe he's 34 he acts like a teen

No. 1972710

>gets outed as a hack/plagiarist/misogynist
>gets hate
>attempts suicide, makes a half assed apology to elicit sympathy
>1 month later immediately goes back to acting like a smug shit and bragging about his YouTuber skillz/intelligence
>makes a new apology video blaming everyone but himself, thinks people will forgive him now
>everyone tells him to just give it up
>attempts suicide AGAIN for sympathy

No. 1972748

I sincerely doubt he did it, he’s too narcissistic to go through with it. When he crawls back I hope he gets called out for suicide baiting. He had the perfect opportunity to DFE, lay low and get a normal job but narcs gonna narc.

No. 1972750

Most people just give up after being called out because they have enough sense to know that's it, but he's so narcissistic that he still thinks he can "come back" from this, because he literally can't handle not being famous.

No. 1972760

How rude, it’s clearly the childhood induced memory loss that’s making him forget he already tried to suicide guilt trip people

No. 1972799

File: 1709672388941.png (428.39 KB, 1365x678, Screenshot 2024-03-05 3.46.29 …)

everyone's telling him, "get a normal job!" "get a normal job!" there is no way this mf is ever getting a normal job. people don't realize that youtube is his only choice now. what employer is going to hire him based on what comes up when you search his name? i'm not even just talking about the highly sought-after media jobs he wants; there's no way this guy will want to work the trades, and there's no way this guy will work minimum wage. any fast-food place would rather hire the non-controversial 16-year-old.

No. 1972817

Do you seriously think a fast food or retail place would give a shit about some youtube drama? He could totally get a new job if he wanted to. Apply for a job at tim hortons, there’s a billion here in ontario and they won’t care about plagiarism. Don’t give him more excuses.

No. 1972833

It does keep surfacing with people defending it, the fans, or Meyers herself or trashing it.
Personally I wouldn't want to hear what Contra has to say considering he's never been a teenager girl who was either utterly obsessed with it or utterly against it.
You know as the libs say, lived experience.

No. 1972836

NTA but I think he'd rather go into poverty than get a job that he'd think is so beneath him. Sucks for him, literally anywhere else is going to see he's a histronic mess and not hire him.

No. 1972837

She identified as bi, you always had a chance.

No. 1972838

i think they would give a shit because he has a reputation for being a liar and stealing people's money, as well as throwing hissy fits over people calling him out.

No. 1972839


The dude got criticized once and then fucking dies hilarious.(sage your shit)

No. 1972840

also, this is canada, there's hundereds of international students looking for minimum wage jobs.

No. 1972869

Aaand privated. dudes likely actually having a breakdown given how much weight he'd lost in the video, but i highly doubt he'll actually die, as funny as it would be for hbomberguy to have a confirmed kill.

No. 1972884

The only real concern we should have for this is…was this plagiarized too lol.
Also I think hes won the internet's most dramatic bitch award, if it exists.

No. 1972941

You'd be surprised how little background checks people do. He can totally get a normal job after this fiasco.

No. 1972945

He has a reputation of that online, anon. Go outside and you'll find an entire world continuing on blissfully unaware of this niche drama shit. McDonalds absolutely does not give a shit about their burger flippers being plagiarists or failing to make films, no matter how hard you wish they did.

No. 1972946

also, he can just change his name, becomes James Thomson or whatever.

No. 1972948

File: 1709706996809.jpeg (597.02 KB, 828x1483, IMG_4739.jpeg)

Peter “Sex doll wife” Coffin is accusing Hbomb of murder if James committed sudoku lmao

No. 1972951

Literally how is Hbomb to blame? The majority of people just memed James, fucking iilluminaughtii got a worse reaction (albeit Hbomb's video came out in the latter stages of the whole drama but it was essentially the exact same situation) and Blair hasn't attempted/threatened suicide twice. Internet Historian got some flack but ignored it and eventually no one gave a shit anymore. James is the one to blame for this whole thing because if he hadn't of made that stupid second apology he would have been forgotten and would be able to slunk off to a new channel with a voice modifier or something. Retard keeps shooting himself in the foot and gets shocked at the consequences of his own actions.

No. 1972960

I think saying Hbomber caused JS suicide (if he did) is stupid but what doodoodadi said is even stupider. I guess bullying is fine now cause if someone kills themselves over it, its their own responsibility.

No. 1972965

Yeah iilluminaughtii definitely got attacked WAY worse than Somerton and she just carried on like nothing happened and creepshowart basically disappeared into oblivion without a melodramatic suicide note. Men are such drama queens.

How is it stupid? Like the tweet said Hbomberguy did nothing but call him out for hypocrisy and blatant plagiarism based on facts and research. If you decide to use unsanitary means to fake a career then you take the risk of being found out and choose to live with that sword always hanging over your head. It's not like he was cancelled over petty shit he didn't see coming, he must have known what he was doing was wrong yet he chose to keep going.

No. 1972973

Internet Historian got the worst pushback of anyone in that video. Hell, even Wendigood caught more flak than James Somerton. But I guarantee if either of them attempted suicide people would be clapping

No. 1972974

Oh for sure people would be cheering on IH's suicide because he's an evil 4channer that tricked everyone even though he never really hid that in the first place

No. 1972981

Maybe is not just the "bullying" maybe is also the fact he tanked his career as a YouTuber(a phony one) and have no other skills or education.(learn2sage)

No. 1972982

what did Wendigoon do? first time I've seen him mentioned

No. 1972993

Please reread my post again nonnie, I said saying Hbomber caused a (theoretical) suicide is stupid not that what he did was stupid

No. 1973015

File: 1709726494512.png (640.25 KB, 1130x499, DlQH8wT.png)

Despite losing half of her average viewership, she's still pumping out videos.

No. 1973016

Seconding, thought that moid was pretty wholesome as far as moids go.

No. 1973018

IIRC he was somehow involved with that Internet Historian "Man in cave" video that was outed for being plagiarized but I don't think that was a big deal, most of the shit being flung his way is that he's a christcuck and rubs shoulders with right wing influencers. The latest drama if I recall was when he invited the notorious rape apologist fence sitter Turkey Tom to his wedding and turns out they're friends. In other words nothing major but enough for people to become suspicious.

No. 1973055

What was already said but also generally piss poor research on his videos where he has a bad habit of presenting his inferences as fact. Also a (perhaps former) /k/fag who identified as a boogaloo boy which is a pro-gun far right group.(sage your shit)

No. 1973073

men say women are dramatic and then they go and suicide bait twice kek

No. 1973107

I like the idea that this video was originally supposed to come out alongside Lindsay's but that Hontra wasted so much time buying useless trash and doing drugs that he only just finished it like three years later lmao.

No. 1973141

Self-admittedly, the video was never about Twilight in the first place. Claiming it was is only to give an excuse for ranting about radfems for hours.
Personally I found it hilarious that he mentioned the radfem who advocated denying sex to men until they act normal. you can tell that really got under his skin, presumably because he's been rejected so many times on account of his mental illness.

No. 1973217

>he's been rejected so many times on account of his mental illness
Well, if he ever needs to get laid, I'm sure Choob would be down for round two.

No. 1973224

File: 1709772178526.jpg (116.04 KB, 1186x714, c80ae57a1e596be1621ea8e655190a…)

James really is a gift that keeps on giving

No. 1973235

it's amazing all the people claiming they had to read a reddit post to learn he's a "n@zi", his videos constantly reference his right-wing views. i like how he avoided ever mentioning the plagiarism scandal to avoid the streisand effect and clearly just wants everyone to forget about it, but his retarded fans constantly bring it up in the comments because copying an article about a caving accident owned the libcucks somehow

No. 1973329

File: 1709794798922.jpg (332.3 KB, 940x1347, Screenshot_20240307_175847_You…)

Yeah there are claims floating around the internet that there are signs of life on his private social media. They might just be lying to be relevant but who knows.

No. 1973339

Turkey Tom is a faggot and I'm sick of him regurgitating threads from here and kiwifarms for content. To me it seems like in true Christcuck fashion he (wendigoon) befriends people indiscriminately. He's also good friends with "the lore lodge" who does irrelevant hour long intros on native american history at the start of literally every video. If assumptions are going to be made, that guy very likely leans politically left. This is what's cancerous about the current social climate, people are more complex than left vs right tribalism retardation and people don't have to agree with or support everything their friends do.
>(perhaps former) /k/fag who identified as a boogaloo boy which is a pro-gun far right group
Now if there's any evidence pertaining to this that would actually be milky as fuck and I would stand corrected.

No. 1973355

File: 1709803189446.jpg (158.92 KB, 884x1022, GH8VtjSaIAAsgIX.jpg)

Metokur is gonna stop sperging about Ralph for an evening to talk about the trolling forum he was a member of with hbomberguy

No. 1973445

Fuuuuuuck it's boring. For all its flaws at least some parts of breadtube used to be entertaining until they all disappeared up their own arses, emerging biannually to post multi-hour pretentious shit that absolutely does not matter at a time when their influence could be put to better use. They all had to come out as trans/gay/bi to lock people's support in, otherwise they'd just be seen as boring. Son I am disappoint.

No. 1973453

20 bucks on him trooning out shortly

No. 1973512

now this is going to be fun

No. 1973728

I hope he spills everything and digs deep into all their pasts. These grifting virtue signalers deserve to have their skeletons brought out that they're so desperate to cover up.
the cream we all deserve after years of boring breadtube slop

No. 1973743

yes yes yes yes YES

No. 1973780

it really is! I'm actually excited for the stream like an autist. can't wait to see if he comes for hbomberbald

No. 1973866

people are shocked that a man from rural fucksville in the middle of nowhere with a population of 3 inbreds is into god and guns

No. 1974072

Starts at about 10 min.

No. 1974074

*an hour and 10

No. 1974191

Nothing interesting, then?

No. 1974341

It was a big fat nothing burger. He just implied hbomb was some other troll guy’s “English friend” that helped dox some guy.
God what a waste of time. Metokur is trying so hard to victimize James sommerton because he hates hbomb more. It’s just a petty slap fight that was boring to listen to. No milk or anything.

No. 1974551

we could always use less Nazis so I wouldn’t mind if IH bit it

No. 1974552

lore lodge is literally too stupid to realize people can get lost in the woods

No. 1974553

I don't see it as him "victimizing James Somerton", he barely mentioned him. He just wanted to riff on hbomberguy because Jim/Mr. Metokur has a huge chip on his shoulder about Habermann shutting down the Metokur forums which was his most cherished internet friends meeting spot so he takes any chance to harp on Habermann in particular, hbomberguy was just collateral damage. But true, the stream had nothing new or juicy in it and anyone who has followed Jim's streams for an extended amount of time has been aware of all of this for years. Basically hbomberguy hung around older male trolls as a teenager and is suspected to have doxxed a group called EDSingers who pissed Habermann off for some reason. That's about the gist of it. He wasn't even one of the most problematic people on the forum and was a leftist even back then, so I'm just left to guess that Jim wanted to milk hat money for his posthumous fund.

No. 1975272

Yeah, it was a big ol' nothingburger. If you watched Metokur's Sargon stream in like 2019 or so, you would already know most of this shit, since he discussed it back then, also mentioning hbomb and that whole "British friend who sent pornography to ED Singers". The only new thing to me was the revelation that Haberman was a closeted faggot (I'm actually suspecting he was just a spicy straight and claimed being "queer" to avoid persecution for his unforgivable trolling sins, which he at the same time blew out of proportion in his fluff piece about the forum which he tried to pass as a remorseful writeup).
I agree, Jim is def just grifting off this whole shitstorm. I say let him, who cares, it's always been his entire schtick since he got tired of GG and came back after IA era.

Come on, he was clearly joking about Somerton, not trying to victimize him.

No. 1975626

File: 1710291740733.jpg (264.14 KB, 599x867, Untitled.jpg)

He used to use 'boogalooboi' as a username and when a fan asked him about it he posted this confusing, likely bullshit statement (for instance the boogaloo boys have never had any affiliation with Che as far as I'm aware). it's all rather mysterious, but politically he's an open libertarian and he's also a bit of a shoeonhead simp

No. 1975811

This is such a stupid lie lol

No. 1977595

File: 1710789936226.png (1.26 MB, 1958x762, f.png)

Now I remember who James Somerton reminded me of, this pasty fat gay whinger who found out the truth about Super Size Me three years ago and went on to try and out eat every Breadtuber. Actually a LOT of breadtuber are getting so fat, did they look the Bread part of the moniker too literally? I was served a video of
Noah Samsen talking at length about his fat body and low self esteem as he records his workouts to monetize every last bit of his life (he also does his dishes, cleans, and mentions his huge lack of self esteem!) Maybe the workout are a good push back on the pudgy breadtube sea https://youtu.be/7K2DJOyZmMY

No. 1977704

so many people accused him of being an ftm due to his effeminate genderblob build and squeaky voice that he had to make a video about it

No. 1977796

Do you think kidology will be what /contra were to online discourse culture?
She’s gives me the same feelings I had when I came across both of them. Unlike the other clowns she’s articulate enough to string together original thoughts that many people want to express but are afraid of doing so.

No. 1978302

it's not just breadtube, most youtubers across the spectrum end up gaining weight. it just isn't a good lifestyle

No. 1979554

I believe this is the best offensive breadtube video ever made. "Cuck Philosophy" created a video essay on the urban leftist guerrilla movements in Western nations (and Japan), where he whitewashes their actions. He even starts off by saying about how much braver they are then right-wing terrorists, as if it's a competition. I'm not expert on guerrilla groups in the world, I do have some knowledge about the Japanese Red Army(thanks to a few documentaries) and the Weather Underground(from accounts by various second wave feminists). Both groups were filled with reads who caused harm, with the latter fortunately avoiding casualties while the former committed a mass shooting at an airport. I'm certain the other groups mentioned by CKK have similar dangerous elements that he's goanna gloss over.

No. 1979574

She doesn't regurgitate nonsense in a circle like other breadtubers so no.

No. 1979686

Wendigoon regularly hangs around with guntubers.
Basically what this Nonna said >>1973866

No. 1979732

She seems very intelligent and not up her own ass. The only thing people watch hontra for is for his "aesthetics" and clothes. I think many people get distracted by the set dressing, music, and general vibe to actually pay attention to the total gibberish he's saying

No. 1979890

she's a woman so she'll never gain that level of popularity and worship the breadtube men do.

No. 1979893

File: 1711427180871.jpeg (88.48 KB, 1107x533, IMG_3047.jpeg)

Contra apparently tweeted then deleted this. Saw multiple users grab and discuss this screenshot.

No. 1979908

I would much rather a 2 hour video essay on this than fucking Twilight

No. 1979916

It would be really womanly and girly and sis if you spilled the tea Hontra, promise. Girls love drama.

No. 1979928

He basically admitted to chube skinwalking him. I wish he went all out, the milk would be great.

No. 1979932

I've seen people speculate this happened because Contra watched envy/desire. It IS interesting timing, and we know he uses tttt https://youtu.be/r6Tp-zSjiD0?si=2FKOSY6FY5p6kmjB

No. 1979938

Crazy how this video is also yet another way in which transwomen are skinwalking women, by trying to co-opt the experience of being skinwalked. You couldn't make this shit up.

No. 1979952

This is totally about PhilosophyTroon, right?

No. 1979999

shes blocking people in the replies who just reposted the tweet asking who so yeah lol

No. 1980009

No. 1980014

>>1979952 yes it’s about PhilosophyDude. The hypocrisy is so reall

No. 1980038

what a fucking retard lmfao that is a very intentional tweet, this guys way too old to be subtweeting and deleting

No. 1980043

File: 1711480127881.png (1.64 MB, 1600x816, very apt background.png)

kek, nona.
considering his track record, i honestly think he might have been drunk while tweeting that. that's freshman sorority pledge behavior from a thirty-five-year-old man.

No. 1980141

File: 1711502087152.jpg (2.3 MB, 2806x2048, 45689.jpg)

wtf is going on

No. 1980147

I like how he discredited the sexual assault part, but literally nothing else. Maybe he's realized that the cat's already out of the bag and he might as well double down.

No. 1980148

Oh shit.

No. 1980150

Is it any suprise that both of youtubes popular troons are weird sex pests what a shocker! Also kek at 4chan using "she" since when 4chan is so progressive or is it that infested with troons?

No. 1980155

It's from /lgbt/ the tranny board

No. 1980158

oh shit so he confirmed the skin walking, I really hope this turns into troon beef

No. 1980172

Classic lost relevancy move tbh

No. 1980175

One of the times PT hasn't copied contra has been when he copied hbomberguy, and just to be meta it was the "my work was plagiarised by a man" thing. He also came out as bi around the same time as hbomberguy.

Just an observation on the duality of man, I guess.

No. 1980181

To be real here. This isn't confirmation of the skinwalking. Having eyes and a barely functioning brain is all the confirmation you need of the skinwalking.

No. 1980187

Any bets on how long it'll take posh Oli to craft a response

No. 1980202

Unfortunately PT is smart in regards to drama that they know to keep that shit in the group chat. What we can hope is that one day one of their friends leaks the convos

No. 1980225

> they

No. 1980232

Holy shit, their AGP battle will be legendary. I hope Contra takes down PT though, I find him more tolerable and Olly is an insufferable smug asshole. Also kek at 4chan sheing them, even PT who they assume to be a fraud.

No. 1980257

Finally some real fucking confirmation from hontra. I assume this was posted one lonely drunken night spent seething about PTs getting cast in that disney star wars show

No. 1980379

That's what gets me, what the HELL is pt doing in star wars now.
Even tho i spend time on this website i truly have nothing against trans ppl. Oliver is now Abigail? Poggers, goodforher.gif
But shes just such a shitty actor and it's clear being a trans woman gave her a leg up! Goddamit and she's inescapable too, listen to any bread tube video and you're going to get jumpscared by her terrible acting putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable.
Yes i used she yes ill accept my ban.

No. 1980413

I think when anon said "they" she was referring to both Hontra and PT, like multiple people.

No. 1980428

How do handmaidens find this site and have the audacity to be "woke" up in here? What the fuck?

No. 1980430

I hate newfags so much it’s unreal. Please don’t come back here.

No. 1980436

If you twitter search contrapoints you'll find people whining that she's being transmisogynistic by bringing this up kek

No. 1980459

stop calling that porn addicted alcoholic a she you guise you're embarrassing us.

No. 1980462

Sorry, I forgot to code switch lol(learn2integrate)

No. 1980586

That’s what I thought, he is basically implying in this tweet that PT is not a brave and stunning real woman (or that TIMs just want to skinwalk each other instead of discovering their tru identity). Hope that he manages to turn this in his favor somehow and cancel Ollie after all.

No. 1980804

People are fickle and a lot will probably just go with whoever's content they prefer if they feel like they have to pick a side. They (fans) can be like "well Contra/PT did XYZ and that was insert ism here" but at the end of the day it's probably mostly about popularity on social media. I don't think Oli will be permanently cancelled or anything super dramatic

No. 1980810

People fucking hate Contra for whatever reason(s). PT doesn't seem to have any diehard fans/anyone defending him, they're just shitting on Contra for running his mouth.

No. 1980831

I thought Contra had a fair amount of handmaiden fans, maybe not huge fans but ones who casually watch and enjoy his stuff

No. 1980863

I hate contra but I can tell the 'haters' are just spiteful of his success. Makes a 100k a month easy, releasing one video every 3 years. That is insane. I can't deny I'm envious too

No. 1981074

File: 1711764975979.jpg (190.94 KB, 1241x1138, hasan.jpg)

Hasan's views are down and he isn't taking it very well

No. 1981079

I genuinely do not understand why people subscribe to inactive creators. Like you become a patron for more content. Hontra's patrons apparently just want to feed his drug addiction.

No. 1981083

parasocial relationships

No. 1981131

>Hasan's views are down
what happened?

No. 1981142

retard was all around social media for a good few weeks a month or two ago for saying that streaming is “hard work” that no normie who’s likely an overworked wagecuck would be able to understand. compounded with his house drama, brothel drama, many hitpieces and commentary channels talking against him and his overall shitty politics and grifter lifestyle he shoves into his minor fans faces that was probably the final nail in the coffin for him and there’s probably way more to come that could completely kill him. all of those oldfag streamers are about to be phased out and replaced by a new generation like kai cenat, etc. hasan unfortunately for him accelerated his irrelevancy and future career death by engaging in politics kek, destiny will probably go down too

No. 1981154

Apparently he does patreon chats once a month, and like anon said, people are parasocial

No. 1981173

>streaming is “hard work” that no normie who’s likely an overworked wagecuck would be able to understand
this just confirmed that he's probably never had a real job in his entire life.

No. 1981186

he’s complaining about 14k viewers?? i’ll never understand these people

No. 1981195

I disagree with the other anon that drama is what turned views down, if anything it kept the little interest in him. None of the retarded shit he says is on par with pedophile accusations and the like, that actually turn down viewership and kills collabs (aka vaush)
covid-period young viewers are just growing out of Hasan. His content is boring and never changing.
Destiny keeps attention going by coming up with contrarian opinions (israel should genocide the palestinians, epstein didn't have any connection to the government) and controversial collabs (candace owens, nick fuentes). He's an awful degen but he knows how to play the game. Hasan just had his 'career' served on a silver platter and doesn't know how to do anything on his own.

No. 1981199

I think he'll be right back up to normal viewership levels once the US election season rolls around tbh. Interest in politics is just at an all time low right now.

No. 1981214

He sounds like an entitled child jfc

No. 1981216

Oh that's a given. He comes from money and his family connection to the Young Turks launched his career.

No. 1981242

File: 1711811145677.jpg (366.98 KB, 2340x2340, 1000013385.jpg)

Just discovered this TiF clown's channel. Pretty much all the issues with Breadtube are present here. Also, why is it that these types that happen to be disabled seriously need to fucking plaster it everywhere? For sympathy? For attention? I know people in wheelchairs and their whole philosophy is "it is what it is", they don't go around saying "oh I'm in a wheelchair aren't I special". Does she seriously think anyone's interested in her takes on Barbie? Pedantic takes about Monster High, a children's series, mind you? Again adding to the archetype of the TiF who likes stereotypically hyper-girly things, trooning out because they don't want to be seen as a "normie" or whatever the fuck dumbass reason. The croaky frog voice is there, of course, and it's absolutely insufferable to listen to I just can't. No surprise she's autistic, too. Again I don't understand why they plaster it all over themselves. We get it, you're autistic.

No. 1981246

this is by that gay trans TIF?

No. 1981249

Anyone watch this feminism to alt-right pipeline video that for some reason keeps getting recommended to me? I didn't watch it but I bet something something radfems something something jk rowling something something transphobia holocaust denial nazis?

No. 1981255

I did and I'll repost what I already observed in the MTF thread.
>Around the 14-minute mark he presents this strange logic where he says "TERFs" only try to appeal to 'white cis heterosexual middle-class petty bourgeoisie people' and no one else. It's ridiculous, like he wants to claim that 'TERFs' are both this mass movement, but their populism is also super narrow. he then goes on a tangent about how middle-class people are prone to radicalization, claiming that shop owners and nuclear families are simply afraid of losing their class status and want to blame queer people for it. Instead, they should join the progressive force that will eventually happen.
>At 23-24 minute he goes another tangent begins about how you shouldn't care about certain groups committing mass crimes and the media only cared about Jessica Yaniv because they wanted to make trans people seem people bad and no other reason, he then claims reddux spreads propaganda and that he knew 3 community leaders who were reported by them.
>At 32 minutes, he says canadians are stupid for blaming any issues on immigration and thinks they should stand against the ruling classes
>At 37 minutes, he makes a sarcastic joke about JK Rowling being a bad writer, and then adds in Helen Joyce as well
>At 39 minutes, he repeats the joke, this time with Sheila Jeffreys and Kara Dansky
>At 42 minutes, he criticizes a Jewish gender critical feminist who wrote some previous piece about how Jews are overrepresented in certain industries and run media
>At 50 minutes, he seems genuinely confused why "poc's' and white canadians were supporting an anti-trans protest
>At 1 hour, he says that banning HRT for minors will lead to deaths and suicides(including his own)
>AT 1 hour and 4 minutes, he takes a clip of Helen Joyce, who talks about how many people who received trans medical mutations might suffer from lifelong ailments, and how we should work to reduce that and he compares that to eugenics. Then, he goes on a rant about how "TERFs will never win" because reactionaries and fascists will always lose against progress and just a few seconds after this "queers will survive the genocide" rant, he spends the next 5 minutes shilling for Nebula and also shills for Jesse Gender and philosophy troon's Nebula originals.

No. 1981260

he's been trying to branch out from politics (the stream he's talking about in the screenshot is a travel stream) but his audience isn't interested

No. 1981264

Adults who write long politcal essays about shows for toddlers are one of my least favorite genres of person.

No. 1981272

Like Lily Simpson making videos about tween sitcoms. It really shouldn't be thought about that much. "This episodes is so twansphobic because a boy is dressing up like a girl and it's a joke!!!" as if that hasn't been a common joke for centuries at this point.

No. 1981283

damn hontra I truly can't imagine what it's like for a male to try to co-opt your entire identity and gender(learn to sage)

No. 1981295

let me guess, her "disabilities" include but are not limited to POTS & ADHD? and you're spot on about wheelchair users nona, I speak as one who's been in a chair for 26 years. not to blog but I've had these attention-starved, oppression-craving malingerers call me ableist for calling them out on their bs more times than I could count kek

No. 1981303

POTS is something that can be very easily treated. Literally all it requires is rest. Considering she's a breadtuber, I can't imagine she's very physically active. As for the mental disorder, I'm pretty sure is autism, which in all fairness is a nigh-meaningless term when you really think about it. It's such a wide spectrum that it might as well be called "general social disorder", that's how vague it is. It can range from complete dysfunction to barely even noticeable (like having fixations on bizarre interests and fidgeting around).

No. 1981560

Has anyone mentioned yet that Ollie named himself after Nathan's character Abigail Cockbane, aka a strawman character of women that are against transsexuals? It was clearly done to show him mocking Nathan being trans.

No. 1981627

Slight nitpick, but Hontra's real name is Nick.

No. 1981904

File: 1712019464758.png (2.46 MB, 2606x1594, JamesofTelos.png)

I am not sure how long ago he did this, so it may already be old news to some of you, but James has rebranded his Youtube as "James of Telos" and unprivated some of the old videos. So suffice it to say he is definitely not dead.

No. 1981914

he's definitely not dead as has been confirmed by nick the cowriter and 'kat', who works with hbomberguy behind the scenes

No. 1981943

No, it's actually William.

No. 1983708

It's always funny to see these breadtubers going out of their way to defend one of the worst religions in the world. Like Richard Dawkins said in an interview that he prefers Christianity to Islam and said that he is more or less a 'culturally Christian' person, because Christianity has had an impact on British history and culture, but continued to insist that he was an atheist and for whatever reason it made these morons think he was actually becoming a fascist, he also brings up Ayaan Hirsi Ali(a woman who suffered FGM and had her friend murdered by Islamiists) I genuinely wish they spend just a week in an actual Muslim country.

No. 1983715

Kavernacle is a fucking Soviet-cocksucking idiot. He's probably the left-wing equivalent of TheQuartering. An absolute dumbass who has no idea what he's talking about.

No. 1983725

don't understand how tankie breadtubers can exist, given the rather well-known anti-gay polices conservative family policies of the Soviet Union.

No. 1983743

tbf, compare any equally third world country to muslim majority nations and regardless of the religion, terrible shit goes on. hell, catholic france loves its pedo films, the hindus have hijras, the dalai lama is a pedoscrote too, etc. pedoshit just happens because men and fgm primarily happens in christian countries if we wanted to get technical on the religious demographics of shitholes but imo those christian nations would have fgm even if they were muslim, jewish, pagan, whatever cause fgm comes out of cultural superstitions and misogyny that will be backed up with whatever morality codes they follow. the religion just flavours how the scroteshit takes place but scroteshit will happen regardless

No. 1983821

Ntm the soviet union hated most ethnic minorities and actively attempted to destroy their culture.

No. 1983863

even leftists of the 1960's understood this, they realized the Soviet and Eastern block were just strongman authoritarians and they rejected every aspect of eastern block communism, that's why it developed the way it did.

No. 1983935

It's because most of the planet at the time had anti-gay conservative family policies. So they don't see it as special in that regard.

No. 1985097

Just watched Contrapoints Tangent on Generations.

He really shows his privilege when he talks as if the 2008 recession wasn't as serious as millennials claim it is.
We get it, you grew up in an affluent middle class family and therefore the 2008 crash meant nothing to you. But for those of us that grew up in a working class family, it was pretty traumatic for everyone, boomer, gen x, etc. Fuck my next door neighborhood killed himself because he lost his house and entire life savings in that mess.

No. 1985802

>He really shows his privilege when he talks as if the 2008 recession wasn't as serious as millennials claim it is.
WTF, he really can't be that retarded? I'm not even American but even I felt the economic impact when I was young.

No. 1985907

It's true. I would go back to find it, but I'd rather not listen to his grating voice twice.
It think it's about the last 20 minutes of the video. But yes, he legit says that millennials need to get over it, it wasn't as big of a deal to other crisis.

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