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File: 1662200758467.jpeg (993.97 KB, 1170x1057, 782696B0-9CC9-4E0A-8683-9D00BF…)

No. 1634333

Since no one knows how to make a thread here you go.

MyahAlanna a 24 year old Homebody moved back from LA and is currently living with her mother playing video games all day.

Some old milk:
> everyone from her LA trip has dropped her
> Moved out of LA moved back in with her mom
> Is not that active on YouTube anymore but she’s active on tiktok
> still can’t keep her friends
> still does not have a job
> still has an auto immune disorder however drinks a lot of alcoholic and says she doesn’t have a problem.

New milk;
> created the xo discord server filled with her minions
> actually has a lot of half siblings some want nothing to do with her and found older threads.
> one of her half siblings dropped her no longer in contact with each other
> was bffs then dated a girl named kaitlynn and then dropped her and they are no longer mutuals
> her and Meghan no longer friends
> a lot of past friends are no longer in her life
> still goes on second life and call of duty spurt out a lot of nonsense and gets mad when she’s recorded when she retaliating against obvious trolls who want a kick out of her
> on her kpop arc loves kpop, active on Twitter again mostly posting kpop
> supposedly has signed a record deal (who knows what will come of that)
> released team but that is about it
> a bit anti vaxxed against the COVID vaccine but are we surprised?

Instagram: myahalanna
Tiktok: MyahAlanna

Link to previous thread: >>>/snow/1629438

No. 1634337

In terms of new milk it’s not much but people have requested another thread. She has been pretty under the radar
Most of you vendetta post anyways which is against the rules so bring something to the table with evidence no one cares about your personal experience with her without any photos to back it up.

No. 1634338

> a 24 year old Homebody
> living with her mother playing video games all day
> still can’t keep her friends
> still does not have a job
Wow, she's literally me (help)

No. 1634344

>Living with mom,plays video games all day
some people are just so lucky.

No. 1634346

fuck i know right. with i could be a NEET but unfortunately i have to be an adult and live in the real world

No. 1634564

Ngl kinda want a neet hate thread. Spoiled bitches.

No. 1635305

File: 1662259050409.jpg (97.34 KB, 673x892, w901555646586-2-673x892.jpg)

No. 1635413

File: 1662265418291.jpeg (112.05 KB, 828x622, 09EA25B7-39F1-45D8-98EB-E74572…)

Okay but Jamie cut her off too… Elena left as well… now she’s got her minion kiss ass “annoying” friends on discord, but not irl idk what’s more sad

No. 1635504

if you’re going to constantly bitch about what ppl post about her and be passive aggressive (“Since no one knows how to make a thread here you go.”)…then you didn’t have to make a new thread nobody was begging lol.

No. 1635785

I think I said this in the last thread, but good for her. She doesn’t need myah fucking up any chance she has at a successful music career. Jamie seems very hardworking, the complete opposite of myah. All myah does it drag people down with her

No. 1635860

>homebody who lives with her mom, can't keep a job or friends, anti-vaxx
literally me wtf

No. 1635868

all of you ppl who don’t know myah…you might want to figure out who she is first before “relating” to her.

No. 1635884

i’m not wishing anything good for anyone who was or is close to myah, bc they always condone her behavior. like why did it take you so long to realize she was a shit person…?

No. 1635930

i can't believe how someone with so much opportunities and relatively good looks can still fuck up their life so hard. the only thing she's changed over the years is her hair and those atrocious nose jobs. her step dad is so loaded, her mom so supportive and she could do anything if she put her mind to it, yet she plays a shitty game and hangs out with social rejects all day everyday.. such a cow on so many levels

No. 1636240

To be fair, people tend to wear rose colored lenses when it comes to family. And unless her sisters were looking for gossip about Myah, they wouldn’t have come across lolcow which gives more than enough proof of her behavior and patterns. It never seemed like Jamie condoned her behavior though. She definitely stood up to her, you can see that in the livestream they all did together. I don’t know how to link, but you can find the stream in the last thread

No. 1637153

condoning someone’s behavior is seeing them do grimy things and still sticking beside them…that’s what everybody who was or is close to myah did/does. her half sibilings, friends, or partners don’t need to look on lolcow to see the bad things myah does…they witness it by being around her.

No. 1637158

myah is the one holding herself back, she likes to blame other ppl, but it’s always been her. bc she’s actually talented and her music isn’t bad, but she just sucks as a human lol.

No. 1638574

File: 1662446982587.jpg (647.54 KB, 1080x2168, Screenshot_20220821-222139_Dis…)

No. 1638575

File: 1662447022120.jpg (655.14 KB, 1080x2168, Screenshot_20220821-222147_Dis…)

No. 1638577

File: 1662447102927.jpg (623.07 KB, 1080x2168, Screenshot_20220821-222152_Dis…)

No. 1638578

File: 1662447184794.jpg (612.45 KB, 1080x2168, Screenshot_20220821-222159_Dis…)

No. 1638580

Just enjoy the milk faggot. Why else are you here?

No. 1638589

No. 1638594

agree with u on this one. people who are neets and not disabled can kiss my ass. anyone who chooses to stay at home living off their parents at 30 but is perfectly capable of actually going out into the world is pure definition of spoiled bitches.

No. 1638708

Seethe harder wagie(infighting)

No. 1638839

I was making the obvious joke you clown.

No. 1638985

Enjoy dying alone on dirty piss stained sheets in a state run nursing home, parasite.(infighting)

No. 1639006

Ty anon for this blessed bounty

What was the lead up to this? Someone told her how to act?

No. 1639512

Ahh okay I wasn't sure, thought you were one of these newfags that don't seem to know who she is lol

No. 1639722

File: 1662507045206.png (351.42 KB, 446x330, unknown-2.png)

Honestly I'm not fully sure but it appears some people in the discord were upset with things Myah says and she became fed up with it.

It's funny because if anyone says anything anti-LGBT her minions spaz out. It's definitely not a free for all in there

No. 1639844

File: 1662509603096.jpg (221.59 KB, 1079x1148, Screenshot_20220906-170051_Dis…)

Any guesses for when Cam is the next to go? Lol

No. 1640118

As someone that’s been in the server since it’s beginning: she has NEVER posted public messages like this in chat. Singling out a name like she did in a POSITIVE light- she’s clearly desperate. This is so odd to me, almost off-putting. I hope she isn’t the next to go because I don’t want to see what would happen if she is.

No. 1640183

File: 1662518158167.jpg (325.17 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_2022-09-07-14-35-23…)


No. 1640262

File: 1662521002730.jpg (118.85 KB, 1077x814, Screenshot_20220906-205723_Bra…)

No. 1640264

File: 1662521189870.jpg (258.39 KB, 2880x2880, 20220906_212406.jpg)

Looks like she still makes up people in her head like when she was 16. She also repeatedly tweets about daydreaming especially in regards to meeting this person she has created in her mind. I remember when she made a whole video about how she had these "abilities" and that she hasn't met anyone else who can create people in their heads lol

No. 1640289

File: 1662522414878.jpg (86.16 KB, 1057x657, Screenshot_20220906-210051_Bra…)

Elena? Lol

No. 1640294

she is putting cam on a pedestal to make everyone else feel like shit. I don’t think cam will budge though, she clearly has no self esteem.. myah mocks fatties like cam and she still sticks around lol

Also why should her server members “fear” them. What does she even mean by that?

No. 1640296

Considering cam likes hrh i don't think there's much myah could do to hurt her feelings, she'll probably last. Maybe when myah gets some hotter friends and stops interacting with her

No. 1640373

File: 1662525636710.jpg (193.38 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_20220906-210725_Bra…)

Jamie pt1

No. 1640374

File: 1662525762760.jpg (183.19 KB, 1080x1026, Screenshot_20220906-210753_Bra…)

Jamie pt2

No. 1640379

File: 1662526002466.jpg (99.73 KB, 1080x621, Screenshot_20220906-210758_Bra…)

Jamie pt3

So, Jamie has OCD but Myah also says she has OCD, which is a mental illness. I have no recording of it but I remember a live stream she did with her mom where she said they took her to the doctor because she was seeing dead bodies on the playground as a kid. She even got her mom to verify that this happened. I know she is referring to being called a narcissistic abuser, but let's be real she definitely is one. I also remember a stream in L.A. where people were saying she was a narc and she spazzed out on the stream for it. She is at least an energy vampire, if that's a real thing.

No. 1640636

I called her a narc to her face and the switch that I saw happen… it was truly a vile emotional response. she might as well of got on the ground and threw a temper tantrum like a child.(cowtipping)

No. 1641506

she’s never ONCE looked at herself and considered that maybe she’s the issue, it’s been years of the same shit yet it’s always everyone else who’s retarded & doesn’t treat her correctly. i don’t think i’ve ever seen her genuinely regret or sincerely apologize for any of her actions because she has too much pride. she’s said that her number one fear is appearing/being out of touch which is funny since everyone who scrolls through her socials can immediately tell she’s a narc who’s completely out of touch with reality

No. 1641794

File: 1662605745748.jpg (139.6 KB, 720x564, Screenshot_2022-09-08-14-56-12…)

she can't be seriously complaining ab slurs rn

No. 1647429

File: 1663116581458.jpeg (231.44 KB, 1125x1490, 599715CE-A6C2-4B16-A1A4-2C9CE9…)


No. 1647434

File: 1663116897665.jpeg (846.04 KB, 1125x1351, F34E9B69-4509-4286-824A-5F5C8B…)

2/2 I know she’s openly admitted to editing her pics, but how are we supposed to believe she looks anything like the first pic when there are videos/pictures of her looking like this? Lol

also kind of embarrassing how much she’s using tiktok now when just a year ago she was speaking against the platform and looking down on anyone who used it. And now she’s hopping on trends and twerking for views just like the e-girls she was shitting on. Where’s the self respect?

No. 1651208

File: 1663630968446.jpeg (679.08 KB, 1284x877, B1E19FE4-8D27-4F6C-B87E-AAC686…)

I can’t listen to it rn but she’s live on YouTube

No. 1651254

Did anyone catch this? I also noticed she deleted her video with her sister in the past couple days.

No. 1651290

i only caught 17 mins of it but here

No. 1651333

Ofc the record label dropped her. She has no work ethic and has 0 desire to behave herself, what label would want that mess. She's really going to be 30 living in her moms house

No. 1651642

can someone give a brief of the Livestream? couldn't watch it + no longer available

No. 1651692

her new label dropped her? the one she’s been bragging about on twitter? cant say we didn’t see that coming

No. 1651725

Is this someones personal vendetta whos that nobody and what is the real milk

No. 1651727

Just say you don’t know who the fuck she is and don’t read the thread

No. 1651890

It was a lot of nothing. She seemed to be referring to a specific girl from her past, someone she loved once, but didn’t give a name. It seems like this girl was harassing her b/c she talking about having cause to call the cops. She spent 5k on a layer to look at the deal only for the record label to not sign her. Then she just said “I don’t want the smoke” 100 times and asked people from her past to leave her alone

No. 1652046

She is apparently getting interviewed by a “big” tv station about her sperm donor, does anyone know more? I thought the other siblings would sue if she did that

No. 1656089

File: 1663991492624.jpeg (171.75 KB, 852x1546, 368DAC9F-A073-4B0B-9B63-7130D0…)

Looks like old habits die hard??

No. 1656097

Ew she got her ugly nose pierced

No. 1656220

File: 1664008925579.jpg (443.36 KB, 720x1430, Screenshot_2022-09-24-20-40-48…)

this is the strangest development.. wondering how long this will last and what they'll get up to, I guess myah has just forgotten those texts of ava calling her a narc and intersex lolll

No. 1656223

Ava literally called out Myah so much for being racist only to return to being friends with her….lol

No. 1656278

This is quite shocking I don’t like myah but she had every right to dislike Ava since ava got this thread even more attention by leaking it everywhere and slept with her boyfriend at the time… didn’t Ava call myah a narc and manipulator?? This is a crazy arc are we going to see party girl myah again??

No. 1656295

ran here to posts it, glad anon was already on it lol

And you guys are right, Ava drug her name through the dirt (myah deserves it idc). At this point, Myah has to be doing it for clout. Because why would you willingly hang out with someone who told hundreds of people you don’t shower, have terrible mouth and body odor, and apparently don’t have a good body for fucking. If you guys don’t remember from previous threads, myahs ex (who Ava eventually slept with) told Ava that Myah has a weird body and is bad at sex LOLLLL

Myah is so embarrassing, is she not embarrassed?

No. 1657021

File: 1664075470397.jpeg (106.28 KB, 864x1146, 17C215F8-AEA5-4648-9868-A41870…)

No. 1657514

they honestly deserve eachother…they’re basically the same type of person. when i was a supporter of myah, i used to think they didn’t go together but now i realize they do.

No. 1657516

interesting…idk why a big tv station would want to interview a bunch of sperm donor kids. it’s not like it some strange phenomenon lol.

No. 1657518

ok, so did her label drop her or did they just not sign her at all…bc that’s two different things (and i’m seeing both in this thread).

No. 1657521

this can’t be the same person that verbally abuses ppl online everyday and once threatened to punch someone when they were uploading her instagram lives on youtube. myah is actually such a scaredy cat when ppl give the same energy back.

No. 1657523

she’s always so nasty when she falls out with someone, that you know this is what she thought of the person while they were on good terms.

No. 1657536

she still follows all the sisters she’s close with…idk why she deleted all her sperm donor videos.

No. 1657782

File: 1664141451839.jpeg (223.59 KB, 1242x768, 195D3B5E-3DE3-4C03-A534-01FBC0…)

This was the post in question. Seems like she’s only close to Nikki. Jamie dropped her and Kelly doesn’t acknowledge her anymore.

No. 1657912

she’s definitely still on good terms with the other one bc if she wasn’t their posts together would’ve been deleted (and she wouldn’t follow her).

No. 1657916

god she was foaming at the mouth to announce she was interviewed lol. Its probably the most exciting thing she has going for her since the label deal didn’t go through. and she was never signed >>1657518 she was tweeting about a big meeting coming up that would determine things a while ago. They probably found her internet history

Any guesses for who did the interview?

No. 1657929

maybe she was joking bc i can’t think of a “major tv broadcasting company” who’d want to do a basic sperm donor story. if it is true it’s probably some small local news stations.

No. 1657939

this can’t be coming from the person who’s put out multiple songs where she basically talks about being schizophrenic.

No. 1658292

anyone remember that one female friend of hers that joined the US marines?

No. 1660693

File: 1664376184119.jpeg (653.11 KB, 828x1463, 438710F0-1FAD-4AF3-AEC1-958DCA…)

kait and jaz are friends again now

No. 1660696

lmao is that fucking stray kids?

No. 1660757

i mean i don’t think that every friend she made (that’s also connected to myah), was cut out of her life. like the fallout was really between her and myah, and i wouldn’t be surprised if ppl from the discord were talking to her, shortly after.

No. 1661187

iirc about a week ago she posted a text string with her and said she was excited about them reconnecting or something like that, i didn’t save the story unfortunately

No. 1661308

I’m more surprised about Myah & Ava linking tbh. Former friends of Myah reuniting after being expelled from her life is becoming a pattern. I’m sure she isn’t happy(sage)

No. 1661383

oh, yeah that was an interesting development…but the more i learn about myah, the more i realize how alike they are.

No. 1661651

File: 1664448006449.jpeg (927.27 KB, 1078x2140, 6E2F6AEC-934C-466B-A1FF-391DE2…)

shes the biggest catfish

No. 1661697

File: 1664454926084.jpg (21.92 KB, 390x220, 1.jpg)

No. 1661700

What’s with her and kaitlyn. Kaitlyn seems to be literally morphing into Myah and mush unfollowed her and removed her from almost everything. I’m just nosey Idgaf about either of them lmao

No. 1661843

Kaitlyn doesn’t talk about it, she acts like it never happened. We know Myah badmouths anyone from her past but I don’t know about her specifically. I wish she still had twitter, I’m sure there’d be stuff there

No. 1661985

tbh she looks way better now than she did when she was dating myah. I feel like the stress of dating myah made her uglier? lol. I don’t know how to put it into words but just look at pictures of kait before she started dating myah and when she was dating myah. she looked like a shell of a person

No. 1661991

File: 1664476418498.jpeg (339.75 KB, 1200x900, 04D8E725-4F06-48C5-A54A-9B5A1F…)

1/2 Obviously people are tanner in the summer but she just looks so..empty

No. 1661995

File: 1664476736082.jpeg (315.99 KB, 1200x900, 66B97609-B691-41A4-9F1F-3776BF…)

2/2 effects of dating a narcissist that tries morphing every pretty girl into an xoxo doll

No. 1662224

Does anyone know what happened to megan? I haven't heard anything

No. 1662286

Yea I was just wondering the drastic change, I was in Myah’s disc server which was so horrible to be in. At least in my experience. My interactions with myah were so random I popped in vc and she was so drunk with kaitlyn myah dropped a bomb and basically said something among the lines of a girl being involved with a person committing su!cide and was happy about it that they were deceased. I was just trying to chill and idk wtf I was expecting LMAO. Shit was just so random. Since I left I fr didn’t even know Kaitlyn and myah were even dating, just cause I didn’t even know myah was into girls. But I was looking thru my instagram feed and I just see Kaitlyn looking spot on as Myah. Her room is all covered in pink paint, hello kitty shit, the way she poses for pics and dresses. So fuckin similar to how Myah looks. Kinda as if, she’s morphing herself into Myah to just keep seeing her. Some weird shit tbh

No. 1662480

check out her last thread…it’s all there.

No. 1662485

go look at her social medias, her and myah fell out, so she created her own discord server as well.

No. 1662491

can you elaborate on that vc story, can’t say i’m surprised myah would say something like that, but i am interested.

No. 1662591

All I can remember is bits, and i don’t think she was dating Kaitlyn yet, she was dating some dude in the server, I could be wrong tho. I was always trying to be friends with Myah or any of the xoxo girls, I was fangirling at the time since I USED to be a fan of Myah during her green hair days. And so I would pop into vc here and there, to which myah kinda just recognized my name from general chat and she was so wasted with Kaitlyn. They were just so loud and talking about all kinds of drama, and somehow Myah just brought it up to me that there was this girl they were interacting with in another server I was not in but they were, who was so happy about basically being the enabler and high encourager, for the minor who was attempting to actually do it and she did. Which is disgusting first of all for anyone to be like that and let shit happen. And I was just so confused and shocked that I didn’t know what to say but then they decided to keep arguing with someone in the other server that they eventually switched server vc to deal whatever drama and I was just left alone and left vc myself to my friends.

No. 1662713

she freaks out every time someone asks about meg on her lives so I think whatever happened is still a sore subject. she made it seem like Meg picked her cheating boyfriend over her

No. 1664176

Aka Myah freaking out when people don’t prioritize her over their boyfriend of a year (who did not cheat btw—-)

No. 1664315


Did she live in Little Tokyo while in LA? She seems familiar…

No. 1664381

File: 1664677875619.png (1.99 MB, 828x1792, 9BE3319E-0DA6-4979-9FF5-61C1B7…)

Kait is literally myahs clone now. I feel sorry for Myah cause what in the fuck. Kait is friends with jaz now and literally poses and LIKES everything myah does.

No. 1664417

you’re in the wrong thread if you “feel bad” for myah. also, myah doesn’t own pink and sanrio, she didn’t even have this aesthetic until a few years ago (when it started becoming more mainstream).

No. 1664420

are you megan…how do you know her boyfriend didn’t cheat?

No. 1664478

I just know. I was there in vc when Myah and Kait got on after Myah yelled at Meg like she killed a person. It was all very dramatic when Meg needed her best friend- not a rude and angry person who’s never felt love

No. 1664492

what do you mean you “just know”…unless you’re megan or myah, you wouldn’t know for sure if her boyfriend was a cheater or not.

No. 1664495

File: 1664687296825.jpeg (1009.15 KB, 828x1478, CEBB5379-D4EF-4288-BD4E-8F6B80…)

she was definitely on ed tumblr, at one point…

No. 1664502

unless, one of those ppl disclosed this information to you, then you’re just making an assumption.

No. 1664513

and how do you know this? myah has never seemed to have an ed before, she just hates fat ppl and thinks shes better for being small

No. 1664546

i love how you didn’t answer me, but went straight to my other post. but, anyways, myah has been on tumblr forever and her language/actions is very akin to ed tumblr. maybe you’re not familiar with the platform but it would be very easy for a young myah, to stumble upon fatphobic, ed rhetoric.

No. 1664572

Type the word “sage” in the email text newbie. Also you better have evidence to back this up. >>1664513
Also this is the same myah that refuses to eat foods due to her medical auto immune disorder and would flex that but would constantly drink alcohol. But then later on snap she’s eating fucking cheese from her cheap as lunchables boxes. A mid 20 year old grown woman eating lunchables for a meal that isn’t weird to you? As a meal??!?

No. 1664664

I think she romanticizes being skinny and smol. It’s safe to assume she was around a low weight for most of her life (her weight seems to depend on her level sickness in that when she has a flare up or whatever she doesn’t eat and loses a lot of weight). So maybe she just has food aversions and is also afraid to gain weight? You anons have been speculating she has an ED for years, better reasons why with photo proof would be cool

>>1664381 kait is nothing like myah, PLEASE lol. people who are into kpop have similar styles because they are inspired by the same aesthetic.

No. 1664811

I was in VC that night too so im not sure why you're lying but yes she was in fact cheated on

No. 1664869

first of all, if you have something to say respond to the person(s) you’re talking to. second of all, i said ed tumblr, just bc she hasn’t admitted to and/or been diagnosed with an ed, doesn’t mean she doesn’t exude certain vibes. also, eds come in different shapes, sizes, behaviors, etc, just bc she doesn’t look like Eugenia Cooney, doesn’t mean anything.

No. 1665060

Oh relax, you knew I was talking to you right? or any other anon who thinks myah has an ed. I’m not being argumentative and I didn’t assume any of those things. but this is an image board. Just back up what you’re saying if you can.

I can see her engaging in more “fatphobic” corners of the internet def

No. 1665170

that’s not the point there’s a reason that threads on here work like that, to keep order and make it easier to follow different conversations. you would be down someone’s throat about not saging, so you should participate, in the correct way as well.

i also, did post a picture from her tiktok, and many ppl over the years have posted things that show her troubling views on body image, weight, eating, etc. you need to be asking that other person (who claimed megan’s boyfriend didn’t cheat on her) for “photo proof”. i also, never said that she definitely has been diagnosed with an ed, again i said “ed tumblr”. i swear ppl on this site lack reading comprehension skills.

No. 1665539

please stfu, no one needs to 'answer to you' were all having a general discussion about myah acting anachan.

anyways she seems more like shes fatphobe/skinny superiority. her showing off her body on tiktok isnt 'bodychecking' if thats what were trying to say here. maybe she has an ed, maybe she doesnt who really cares, shes never said anything abt it so speculating isnt milk

No. 1665580

Again I never assumed any of those things or bitched at someone for not saging… why are you acting like you have a stick up your ass? We have a mutual distaste for myah, can’t we play nice over that at least? lol

I really wasn’t being argumentative. I think the possibility of her having an ED and being on corners of the internet that glorify EDs can be a good discussion. All you did was post a screenshot of her calling herself skinny. “Skinny” was a buzzword on Twitter for a while and it’s a compliment for gay people. I don’t think her recognizing that she is skinny is reason enough. Again fatphobic for sure

No. 1673700

File: 1665597989862.jpeg (284.48 KB, 1125x1926, 18599A0D-4358-46C5-B6C3-DFBA20…)

looks like posting all those tiktoks begging for a gf pulled through?

No. 1673934

File: 1665612465927.png (4.92 MB, 828x1792, D7656B2F-620B-4D3E-8278-69F503…)

No. 1674151

>I'm a lesbian now guys see!
>I really hope it makes me relevant again…

No. 1676171

File: 1665858394022.jpeg (640.95 KB, 3464x3464, 9BDDA54D-C048-4276-8F84-E03AE4…)

a bit strange

No. 1676356

is it myah in here trying to make this page about Kait? we don’t care and seems like it’s dead in here….there’s been a lot of other tea that ur not even catching up on lol

No. 1677143

myah has said a while ago that megan was addicted to drugs, like hardcore shit, and that her boyfriend was responsible for being a bad influence and Myah called him abusive. Myah then made megan choose between her and her boyfriend, which is why they're not friends anymore.

No. 1678222

i really doubt it, it’s myah we’re talking about lol and she also accused her other ex bestie of doing meth so who really knows

No. 1678534

yeah she uses words very loosely. Like I'm pretty sure she counts watching porn as cheating, I think i remember she said a bf cheated and it was just him watching porn. She also looks down on drugs a lot. By her standards she's addicted to alcohol

No. 1678728

myah loves to exaggerate. even if megan did drugs i’m sure it’s just weed or maybe even cigarettes (megan openly vapes)

No. 1678729

didn’t myah say that scott was in jail for murder when in reality he just beat someone up?

No. 1678732

Yes it is. This chick is like 99% of the kids on tiktok and half the users here. Being a lazy online addicted loser is pretty much every millenial and gen z person nowadays. What exactly is the milk?

No. 1678961

>no friends
>no job
>no prospects in life
me too OP so what

No. 1683553

File: 1666641385826.jpg (85.2 KB, 720x408, Screenshot_2022-10-25-08-52-47…)

"unwanted" is such a weird way to describe it since she's constantly body checking on tiktok captioning it "she's skinty" or talking ab how petite she is.. she's gotta be doing this for a self indulgent pity party lol

No. 1685885

This is a weird randy observation, but I accidentally stumbled across the fact that Myah changed her last name from Scavo to Lunde. Any reason for that?

No. 1686639

it's supposed to be in honor of her dead uncle.

No. 1687501

Getting drunk several days in a row. What a surprise. And she wonders why her health is deteriorating and she’s aging at a rapid rate.

No. 1687595

why would she do this to herself after an apparently major surgery? she is reeking havoc on her body. I genuinely believe she is an alcoholic and has severe withdrawal symptoms when she doesn’t drink. She is probably to ashamed to admit it. She’d need the medical necessities of a rehabilitation facility if she wants to quit alcohol. Alcoholics can die from withdrawal on their own. This is one of the ONLY things I pity myah for.

Her chat.xo besties are are too busy walking on the eggshells of their idol to intervene. Fake fans

No. 1687724

any thoughts on the new song? imo it wasn’t terrible but it just reminded me of generic forever21 background music.

No. 1687794

it’s giving disney channel, her older self would be mortified she’s turned into a cringe shell of herself, dating people she would have bullied or called slurs, it’s not mentioned enough that her skin problem was because she had bed bugs biting her from her dogshit headboard.

No. 1687922

Lol I just listened and I know exactlyyy what you mean by Disney channel. Also I thought that her skin breakouts were caused by an autoimmune disease. Am I wrong?

The production quality is pretty bad. Don’t @ me anons but myah used to make pretty good music.. idk what happened. She seems so uninspired these days.

You guys think this song is about kaitlyn?

No. 1688244

About the alcohol thing, she has no job so her mother is probably buying the alcohol for her. Really damn sad that she is enabling her own daughter’s habit. Getting plastered five days out of the week is not good or normal and anyone with a rational mind would be alarmed to see their loved one going down such a destructive path. It’s like no one around her cares enough to tell her that she’s 24 years old and to get her shit together.

No. 1688389

Meg’s boyfriend did cheat, i was one of the girls (I’m assuming there were multiple) he was messing with. I don’t know if she took drugs, but i can say he takes (or was taking) ecstasy a LOT when i knew him. Not posting this to defend myah, cuz from when i found this thread she seems not great (to say the least). Also not saying this to embarrass meg cuz idk her, and i stopped when i found out about her. Just saying this to say he really is a piece of shit

No. 1688475

well, she has a new girlfriend so, i don't think she would be making songs about kaitlyn.

No. 1688479

i don't pity her for her apparent alcoholism because she's really judgmental about ppl doing drugs (even just smoking weed). she will whine about being around ppl who smoke (bc of her health problems), but will then go drink vodka until she's violently ill.

No. 1688481

i always knew there was a high chance that meg's boyfriend did cheat, but the way myah handled it was really shitty. like this girl is supposed to be your best friend (the one who stayed when no one else did) and you abandoned and expose her.

No. 1688483

actually, she had issues with her skin bc of this disease she has/had (i'm not sure anymore lol).

No. 1688488

myah puts on this intellectual front, but she's actually very ignorant, and i mostly put this on her mother. anybody who drinks like myah does (even though it makes her sick), is an alcoholic. and her mom definitely knows that but doesn't help her, bc she's obsessed and afraid of her. myah's own mother, literally calls her "mommie," it's so bizzare.

No. 1688493

myah actually used to put more effort into her music but then got fucked over a bunch of times, by ppl in the industry (like a lot of artists). that made her lose some passion and also, she's afraid of being famous (she's admitted this) because then ppl will hold her accountable for being awful. and then she's not signed and doesn't have a manager anymore, so she has to find ppl to produce her music herself.

No. 1688511

looks like she fell out with that sister she had on her youtube channel (doesn't follow her on instagram anymore).

No. 1688917

it’s 50/50 way back when we became friends she used to talk about the bites she would get but at the time didn’t have money to fumigate her $2000 headboard and had to move her ferret out of her room for a few days after from the chemicals, the immune disease only causes her nausea which she makes worse with vodka because her body can’t keep up with it, long story short the skin rashes were from bed bugs the illness is the auto immune disease

No. 1688942

so, are you saying she lied about having rashes on her cheeks (and other places) due to her disease (bc that what she said, i didn't make that up).

No. 1689151

File: 1667156856871.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1125x1573, 523B7C65-160D-4C34-BC43-33CB2D…)

she took down a lot of the pics she had with Kelly too. Only left two up. She didn’t untag her in those pics so at least she’s improving somewhat lol. Why is everyone in her circle so expendable to her? I wonder what happened

This is her new gf. How long until they breakup because she didn’t respond to a text from myah within 20 mins :’((:’()

No. 1689399

i keep thinking she must be super sad about falling out with most of her new siblings…but she doesn't show it, i think she's too used to kicking ppl in and out of her life. even her mom basically told her, in the beginning, to expect not getting along with them (her siblings). like her mom definitely knows she's a horror to be around.

No. 1689404

is this supposed to be a harry potter costume…she might as well just wear underwear lol.

No. 1689425

where is that cameron girl? are they not friends anymore, has she been shunned from the xo cult lol.

No. 1689546

But she had these rashes before she even moved to Maryland and before she ever had that headboard…..

No. 1689611

Her ass is so gross. It looks stinky

No. 1689792

They are indeed still friends seems like Cameron tries too hard to fit it and it’s so sad agonizing to watch with her “racist” comments. You can tell she does everything Myah does and likes and it’s so excruciating to watch🫥

No. 1689793

dates 2 girls and calls herself lesbian when she used to date men HEAVILY which means… she’s bi that girl is super dumb for labeling herself something she isn’t.(do not use emojis/emoticons)

No. 1689813

the flat rashes are from poor hygiene, not changing her bed sheets often or showering her immune disease flares up, the lumped rashes were the bed bugs if that makes sense ? none of the rashes are PURELY from the disease itself but the disease not being able to fight off the bacteria on her skin.

No. 1689818

i’m supprised at cameron staying, me and myah stopped being friends because she called someone i was close to the hard t n word and i couldn’t let it slide, off camera she’s slipped and said slurs many times especially agaisnt black people. But then again her excuse was always ‘my people don’t care when i say these things’ and said xoxotila was black. she’s not she’s white italian but this was before she knew cameron. god knows how many times she’s used cameron as an excuse

No. 1689820

not to mention the orginal XOXO’s no longer speak to myah, (tila, solarized, gigi, karli ect)

No. 1689886

oh wow, has this been mentioned in any of the threads before? I don’t remember reading about that or what happened. It would explain why she started chat.xo

>>1689399 right! She kept talking about how it’s been her dream to have a real family and be an older sister (a role that could have changed her for the better tbh) but then she just kicks them to the curb? Relationships take work but it doesn’t seem like myah understands that.if someone “fails” her even just once she writes them out of their lives. I wonder what happened with Kelly. I think myah said that Kelly uses slurs too so it couldn’t have been over that

>>1688488 It’s a shame we can’t discuss family members because myahs mom… ooooweeee lots to unpack there. But yeah she’s a big enabler

No. 1690062

oh well, yes, that does make more sense…other ppl have said that myah has poor hygiene in the past.

No. 1690070

when she started chat.xo she was still friends with those girls, well at least ik she was friends with karli.

No. 1690075

yeah, myah's mom is mostly to blame for the craziness that myah is today lol.

No. 1690092

File: 1667237240744.jpeg (793.8 KB, 1125x1916, 72D1FF9B-441C-4101-8E4A-906C10…)

No fucking shit? Those “2000” followers were probably all simps who found her cause of her ass pics and followed for soft core porn. Her dating a woman ruins their fantasies of getting with her.

And of course she left the likes up on that picture with her gf. She loves to act like she doesn’t care about engagement but she is clearly embarrassed by how few likes all the posts before got. Also why was she so quick to reveal this gf? I feel like it took her a while to announce her and kait were dating

No. 1690118

also, taking into account, the type of political opinions that myah posts (conservative ones), of course, some of her followers may be homophobic. and, idk really how long they've been dating but it doesn't seem like she's known her for long. she doesn't seem to have learned to keep certain shit private, seeming all her relationships end in flames.

No. 1690121

all her male friends are disappointed too, seeing as they definitely want to fuck lol.

No. 1690139

@ that one black guy who is always at chatxo events even though myah says the n word and prob calls him just that behind closed doors lolol. These people have no self esteem

No. 1690203

myah definitely knows they're in love with her and she's soaking it up bc she's full of herself.

No. 1690360

File: 1667258408041.jpeg (104.29 KB, 1280x714, BC2CA638-B024-4A28-88BB-022D83…)

why does she despise people who smoke yet she gets blackout drunk almost every single day? once she was ranting about people who smoke weed on insta live and got asked why she’s against smoking even though she drinks 24/7. she was speechless before responding “i’m against both, drinking and smoking are both awful for you” then why constantly attack smokers as if you aren’t addicted to alcohol? there has to be a reason she’s so incessant on letting everyone know she hates potheads

No. 1690377

her first serious bf and others close to her were drug addicts (or maybe just users), so she's against it. also, she says being around smokers does something to her health. and, she always needs to be above others, in whatever way.

No. 1690852

i actually think her new song is a huge step up from what she usually releases

might be a nitpick but i just dont know why she insists on using 'bitch' to refer to the girls she talks abt in her songs, 'girl' would sound a lot more professional imo. not a big deal but she does this in almost every song

No. 1691048

this song is actually a step down from, her recent music…have you listened to her last song compared to "inLuv". also, it's a pop song with hip-hop influence, i don't really think she's going for professionalism lol.

No. 1691173

oh man, I think it’s a huge step down. I think Team is the best single she has released since Princeton. What do you like about this song? I will say I’ve never heard a lesbian refer to women as “females”, “bitches” and “hoes” as much as she does.

Let’s all take this moment to acknowledge the deeply intellectual lyricism that brought us hallmark moments like “fuck like a gemini, fuck like a gemini.. go stupid hmm”

No. 1691207

She’s not a lesbian

No. 1691267

File: 1667344392715.jpeg (203.47 KB, 1125x1953, B81B3E4B-218B-4CFF-AFA4-F2A906…)

I didn’t think so but I’m not inside her head or her vagina so idk. And honestly unless she’s queer baiting I don’t really care lol

She posted a tiktok of the halloween trip and towards the end she slaps multiple “friends”. Could be a drinking game, but I don’t see any video of her being slapped… once again, these people have no self esteem and are way to happy to be placeholders

Also kinda funny how she said she’s glad no one ruined her halloween meetup when she was the one who ruined the halloween meetup in 2020 with Ava and aancy.

No. 1691270

File: 1667344513475.jpeg (876.96 KB, 1125x1926, A60B7500-522E-456F-ACAA-197FC1…)


No. 1691280

myah's just a bi woman that got tired of men.

No. 1691283

controlled chaos compared to her singles now..is just such a step-down. but all her singles before this one were better.

No. 1691291

any chance she gets to degrade or embarrass a friend, she takes bc it boosts her self-esteem.

No. 1691448

ayrt - i dont think the song is good by any means i was just thinking in comparison to idol & platonic, i prefer this

No. 1691634

I listened to foreign the other day. It was one of my favorite songs. But even her good music leaves a sour taste in my mouth now. It’s hard to listen to her without thinking of the long list of offensive shit she’s done. Maybe it’s a good thing her recent music has been trash. One less bad artist to support

Chat.xo might have been a major key narcissist move lol. Got abandonment issues? No problem. Make a group chat filled with people from your fan base who will never leave you because they are so obsessed with you. They will never see through her bullshit because all they see is their perfect idol.

I can’t believe she got that wasted after a major surgery?? I didn’t think it was that bad anons. Do you guys think she lied about the surgery? Who the fuck gets plastered for 3 days after a medical procedure like.. it had to be a lie. Or maybe she got her tonsils removed and she hyped it up for pity points from her beloved xo’s

No. 1691719

IG was glitching on Monday, people were getting messages that their accounts were suspended for no reason, she didn't lose any followers bc of her content. she just wants to make it seem like people actually care about her and what she does (they don't).

No. 1691876

yeah, i was thinking the surgery couldn't have been as "major" as she made it seem. even if she didn't get drunk (which i doubt), why wouldn't you be home in bed after something like that.

No. 1691877

yeah, "foreign" actually isn't a bad song, but i can't really listen to any of her music that i used to enjoy as a former supporter of myah. like i used to blast "cash" and "circus freak" in 7th grade but she ruined it by being an insufferable human being lol.

No. 1691881

she even calls chat.xo a cult and refers to herself as a cult leader, she definitely knows the power she has over those people.

No. 1692420

i have a feeling she's trying to appeal to the tiktok youth that uses parts of songs to dance to that's why it says bitch
she's so pathetic. always been

No. 1692707

File: 1667495768283.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1519, 6BC36B80-5044-4E2E-B1C6-73ABD5…)

speaking of, didn’t mommie dearest and her manager tell her she’s supposed to be using tiktok to promote her music? she hasn’t posted about the new song once but she’s posting cringy shit like this

No. 1692836

File: 1667506624977.jpeg (588.97 KB, 1170x2431, 0465CD9E-8A64-445F-A267-FF20B9…)

I feel like she’s devolving into someone she hates, aboriginal and simple.

No. 1692842

nona i think you meant unoriginal kek

No. 1692964

i've seen her new girlfriend and i honestly don't think she can "pull way hotter bitches" lol.

No. 1692970

but she still thinks she's so original that ppl are always copying her…when in reality she has one of the most mainstream styles for young women rn (sanrio, pink shit).

No. 1692975

File: 1667518536603.png (596.63 KB, 1029x919, Screenshot (168).png)

she's such a middle schooler. playing cod as a child rotted her brain significantly.

No. 1692977

this video isn't up anymore, i wonder what happened?

No. 1693258

what the fuck is she even saying

No. 1693420

tiktok probably took it down for violence lol. tiktok ai picks up that stuff pretty quick, no one even has to report it. That or someone in the video was recently exiled from chat.xo. But it’s most likely tiktok

Basically “I’m not hot, but I’m not like other girls cause I can get smarter”
Remember when she would describe herself as an intellectual? Haaaaaaaaaa

No. 1696809

File: 1668055656119.jpeg (328.78 KB, 1125x1905, 618282B7-3104-4094-BDE2-5A27E0…)


No. 1696811

File: 1668056082843.jpeg (592.44 KB, 1125x1773, A2E4C554-F2E8-4546-96E9-FB9F73…)


Why do they let her talk to them like this? She acts like she’s their moral superior. “Follow my lead”… where is she leading them? She’s a washed up, alcoholic egirl with no real job or responsibilities who lives in her stepdads attic. When has she ever exemplified someone to aspire to be?
“u females” my gosh

No. 1696860

that's the thing there are ppl who aspire to be like her (referring to her friends, as well), despite who she is.

No. 1696861

these ppl literally let her indoctrinate them into her school of thought lol.

No. 1696867

File: 1668065602788.png (406.74 KB, 1037x779, n.png)

this recent tiktok just further affirms that the only reason she claims to be a lesbian now is bc she didn't like the men she dated. there was a point where she was so obsessed with men that it was the only thing she could talk about. even before that she would say she was not straight and has dated women, but would never do it again. she just switched sides to see if she has more luck with women than before, but so far her recent relationships are just as successful as the past ones.

No. 1697280

File: 1668115705798.jpg (763.47 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221110-161456_Ins…)

No. 1697281

File: 1668115728580.jpg (44.51 KB, 473x533, ed738cc7792c286e2675dc8d10dea5…)

No. 1697337

she may be worse than karen bc she's an airhead who thinks she's aristotle.

No. 1697391

she’s so boring and predictable. nothing she says makes any sense, it’s all one big word salad.

No. 1697984

File: 1668198919537.jpeg (294.18 KB, 1125x1811, 788F3989-A6DF-44F4-BD90-C540E2…)

they really pretended to give a fuck about each other and “family” long enough to wear matching outfits and run around the mall making tiktoks

No. 1698093

i actually do think they cared about each other (or at least kelly and jaimie cared about myah), but like always myah's close relationships get destroyed.

No. 1698784

you know what, that’s fair. but i think a lot of the things myah does are for appearance. they were always color coordinating in photo ops. Ultimately it’s a shame things ended however they did. I think having sisters (especially being the eldest) would have been good for myah.

No. 1698785

File: 1668310422730.jpeg (14.87 KB, 226x272, D76AA6FE-C48B-4AE5-AA37-CB7E4D…)

No. 1698803

yeah, she's been trying to form the perfect clique for a while now, but she can't hold onto friends for too long.

No. 1704399

Myah is hanging out with Ava again?? So embarrassing. Not to mention her all of a sudden becoming a lesbian? Probably to suffice to her cult following in her group chat. I used to like the old her but now she just gives me second hand embarrassment and treats her followers like shit and uses her gang to attack people.

No. 1706290

oh mufgucking god i used to play imvu with her when i was like 13 and she and her boyfriend who was like 23 wld tell all her fangirls to lose weight and develop anorexia and shed go live and spout slurs and call girls ugly/fat.
she said she was studying to be a psychologist but bullied chilrden daily and has yet to actually go down that path kek!

No. 1706307

Okay so you’re 15/16 now? You need to be 18 to post here. Fuck off and then integrate, you’re giving no new information.

No. 1706345

on a recent tiktok she said how she hated being petite because people pervert it… myah didn’t your tumblr get removed for that EXACT reason? sexualised petite females and infantilism of grown women to look like pedo bait? used to only date 6’7 men to feel smaller to fix daddy issues. Hypocritical till her dying days she says whatever she can to try and get supported when she doesn’t believe the things she says while making out she’s woke. nitpick because we all know what she’s like but it’s so crazy to me she’d even try it.

this was all over a comment that had nothing to do with the subject mentioned

No. 1706348

File: 1669087350653.png (7.15 MB, 1170x2532, 6EB96E8B-A6FF-4484-99D0-A314EF…)

screenshot of the comment mentioned

No. 1706509

stop being insufferable.

No. 1706512

she still reblogs and posts the same type of stuff on her tumblr now (last time i looked). she just had to tone it down and apologize, so her blog doesn't get deleted again. but, yeah, she does give off very much "i smol" vibes through her actions, mannerisms, and words. which, it's fine to want to be cutesy, but don't be hypocritical about it. she would also talk down on men who would message her and leave comments (flirting with her) on instagram and tumblr. when she would post suggestive stuff on instagram and reblog p*rn screencaps and gifs on tumblr. it fits in with her whole, "i hate men, i'm a lesbian and feminist" vibe though lol.

No. 1706519

Right let’s encourage the child to post period not sage and post shit that’s common knowledge with no caps

No. 1706528

"it's not what you say but how you say it," and the way you said it was very insufferable.

No. 1706912


wish I had a tiktok so I could comment this. she’s projecting and being such a fucking hypocrite. she had images of children next to pornographic and suggestive images on her tumblr. there is nothing inherently sexual about saying someone has a little boys body. I mean maybe it’s rude but isn’t it the equivalent of saying someone doesn’t have any curves? idk anons weigh in

No. 1706916

File: 1669151387623.jpeg (278.92 KB, 1125x1554, 6237A970-2A98-41C1-BB02-BB0D4D…)

sorry to break it to you myah but you found the lesbian equivalent of a fuckboi on tiktok and slid into her dms. maybe try therapy to address your trust issues instead of expecting perfection and unfaltering loyalty

No. 1706930

File: 1669153402726.jpeg (286.7 KB, 1125x2307, F094AE62-5D73-47D5-BA32-16A896…)

I would never wish this for anyone, but her gf looks like a player. There has to be a reason why myah cropped her username from this and why her gf went private shortly after myah went public with their relationship. Couldn’t have any other girlies sliding into her dms

No. 1707002

File: 1669160315182.png (33.58 KB, 513x216, am.png)

well, her girlfriend comments on her tiktoks sometimes, so her username isn't a secret.

No. 1707010

literally like why was she desperate for a relationship when she has serious trust issues? i remember when she was making posts on tiktok, practically begging for a girlfriend. and her new girlfriend has a post about having anger issues, like i thought you didn't mess with unstable ppl, myah? it seems like she goes for these ppl (that are so obviously not right in general) and then complains about mentally ill ppl and how her relationships don't work out, so she has trust issues.

No. 1707012

myah's right about that part though, there are ppl out there that get off on grown ppl with "childish" bodies (i mean i think that what she was basically trying to say).

No. 1707015

File: 1669161140917.png (95.97 KB, 220x316, ironic.png)

this tiktok her new girlfriend posted applies to myah lol.

No. 1707053

but myah is that person to get off on it.. read previous lolcows of her.

No. 1707084

ik i made this other post (>>1706512) about that. i'm just saying she wasn't completely wrong.

No. 1707182

does anyone know how old she is? she looks kind of young

No. 1707285

she’s been deleting comments on her tiktok, when i last looked people mentioned her old tumblr now it’s all gone

No. 1707289

Why is her new kinda gf cute? I'm jealous

No. 1707534

Dont be. That will crash and burn eventually, you’ll get your chance lol

Of course she is. She’s as gross as her tumblr was and even more embarrassing

No. 1707681

ppl mentioned her old tumblr on recent tiktoks? bc, i've never seen ppl mentioning her old tumblr anywhere except here.

No. 1707684

no, but i wouldn't be surprised if she's younger than myah, that's what she goes for in friendships and relationships.

No. 1709421

File: 1669389175317.jpeg (419.04 KB, 1125x1978, 9348365F-21CC-496C-92C3-A2BF78…)

sorry if it’s off topic but I think it’s nice that jaz and kaitlyn are friends again despite myah trying to ruin their relationship. hope they both realized how shitty she treated them

No. 1709994

jaz looks like she’s thriving more than ever, that’s usually what happens when u cut the toxic people out of your life

No. 1710401

if I remember correctly, jaz is much younger than myah (not sure about kait) so it really bothered me when myah “exiled” her from chat.xo and told everyone not to speak to her anymore. Like… what if those were her only friends?? Jaz insta is private but kait posts screenshots of them facetiming sometimes and they both look great. Especially kait when you compare how she looks now to how she looked when she was dating myah. I hope they never return to the toxicity of chat.xo and they continue to heal

When you start to think about all the people myah has cut off and screwed over, it’s pretty sad. She seems to use abusive relationship tactics. I don’t want to jump to conclusions but why would she tell a bunch of people not to talk to someone anymore just because they are no longer friends with her?? Thats abusive as fuck right?

No. 1711008

in my opinion, they’re almost as fucked up (if not exactly) as myah…i mean, you can’t be close friends or date someone like myah, if you aren’t very similar to her. it’s just that myah turned on them, so now they only have themselves to turn to (and act like how they did in chat.xo).

No. 1711266

Yeah I see what you mean. “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. I’ve always thought that the people around myah were just star-struck. Not necessarily clout chasing, but just in awe of her notoriety and talent. It’s almost like they believe that by clinging onto her, they themselves become important. Most if not all of her friends were/are fans. And no offense to the main chat.xo ppl, but their own individual lives seem very uninteresting. Being friends with Myah Alanna is the most they have going for them. Getting plastered with her is probably the highlight of their year. Imagine spending two holidays in a row with her… do they have nothing better to do??

And it’s always at her place. How come she is never visiting these friends of hers? Why do they have to spend all their time and money to see her

No. 1711272

File: 1669528026353.jpeg (970.56 KB, 3264x2803, E811A5EB-0B2C-41B1-BDA7-66EAFB…)

No. 1711284

File: 1669529260611.png (1.03 MB, 1262x936, 15E04DA4-F043-4C83-B269-14B79C…)

she went back to being scene kind of…

No. 1711288

i don’t necessarily see anything wrong with spending multiple holidays with friends, some ppl aren’t close with their family (or maybe their family doesn’t celebrate certain holidays). your friends can be your chosen family. also, sometimes she would go and visit her friends, and she would stay with them for days. when she was friends with meg, she would visit north carolina and stay over (she went there for her 23rd birthday i think).

No. 1711733

wasnt she only there because the lease at her LA apartment ended? Like Meg stopped in LA to pick up myah then they went back to NC. Even still, when was the last time she visited any of the xos?

and you’re right! friends can be family. but if all their family time is devoted to myah or if chat.xo is their only family… is that a good thing? We’ve seen how easily people are kicked out and myah tells the rest of the chat not to speak to them. They would essentially be abandoned. Yes, people can choose their own family. But this family they’ve chosen is toxic

No. 1711753

i agree, it’s not smart to only be close to the ppl in chat.xo, bc you can be dropped from that friend group in a moments notice. and, yeah, her friends from chat.xo, are the ones who come to her. but, she is their cult leader, they’ll gather wherever she tells them to lol.

No. 1711767

Why does have Asian looking eyes here

It looks terrible on her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1711846

File: 1669582586736.jpeg (357.01 KB, 1125x949, 0E95DFA9-3215-48BB-82BE-956AD0…)

An example of their level of obsession with myah. This girl also likes and comments on almost every single post

No. 1712043

it’s the way she does her eyeliner, also i think she’s squinting, as well.

No. 1712047

it’s really so weird, bc she’s been a supporter for a long time, but she’s not even friends with myah. like she’s apart of the discord and everything, but she never really interacts with myah (unless it’s through instagram comments, or comments in general on myah’s posts).

No. 1713128

File: 1669686246588.png (8.54 MB, 1170x2532, B7B3B3AD-45E8-4140-BC76-B942EF…)

No. 1713207

is this the photo she’s crying about being leaked?? it’s not even that bad my gosh

No. 1713212

this is definitely someone from lolcow lol.

No. 1713213

when was this “leaked” and was she recently talking about it…bc this looks like a photo she would post on her instagram story.

No. 1713246

The first time it was leaked was not that long after it was taken. At the time she didn't know who had taken/leaked it. It just kind of died. Years later, but maybe two years ago now, I forget exactly (she told the story on a livestream I think), she figured out from a friend that it was ant who had taken/leaked it in the first place. The live used to be on yt but it looks like the person who posted them all is gone (the recording of her saying nigger is also gone RIP)

No. 1713260

File: 1669696590453.jpeg (496.25 KB, 828x1469, DCE7190C-6DE5-408E-A230-C1B0D0…)

myah and her sister have the same vibe lol.

No. 1713265

File: 1669696809634.jpeg (782.57 KB, 828x1449, E777326E-48B2-4669-9D1C-712091…)

the same guy she slapped in the face as a “game”.

No. 1715195

around the 4:30 mark, this girl needs to stop going on omegle drunk lmaoo

No. 1715321

omg, i thought you just linked a random youtube video, but i went to the time stamp and there myah was lol. she doesn’t look too good without makeup on a webcam and she was acting embarrassing. she’s always so desperate to have human connection, even if it means acting like an ass on omegle. like go talk to your “adoring” mother and “best” friends in your server, bc this just reeks of desperation and loneliness.

No. 1715534

File: 1669867557216.jpeg (32.91 KB, 455x341, 127C58FF-E200-4F54-B429-7CB091…)

lol good find anon! I was wondering if anyone got clips of her on omegle

No. 1715545

File: 1669868178919.jpeg (86.7 KB, 1125x558, 43E5ADAB-C249-4E80-8997-6771A7…)

she romanticizes her life but in reality she’s a miserable, alcoholic attic-dweller. Chat.xo will never be enough because she needs constant attention to feel validated and important.

No. 1715547

there was apparently a video of her where she was cussing out a streamer (with a sizable audience) in a drunken rage. i never found it, but if you go to her older music related videos, you’ll see his supporters dragging her in the comments lol.

No. 1715552

File: 1669868885751.jpeg (565.97 KB, 828x1292, 6131974A-6125-41FE-8939-C38118…)

this has been said about every group of friends she’s gone through over the years…

No. 1715555

I commented on Myahs TikTok about her complaining about being petite, calling her out for her posting that video yet her tumble she has children posted right next to porno graphic images. She’s disgusting and projecting this weird behavior trying to cover up and delete anyone mentioning it in her comments. Fuck the people that support that weird pedophilic romanticizing shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1716375

it’s pretty fucked up. I’m glad the mods keep her threads up. It’s visual proof of her internet history and its tied to her name. She can delete comments all she wants on her own accounts, but she can’t do that here. Anyone who googles her name can find the truth

No. 1716683

this is an old photo from when they were friends. literally taken in megan's apartment. it's from over a year ago. you are obviously a bit slow

No. 1716688

she just travelled to rhode island over the weekend to see them

No. 1716689

if you're going to post in here don't be lazy. at least get the facts right.

No. 1716710

what are you talking about…chill out.

No. 1717782

File: 1670109817189.png (7.92 MB, 1170x2532, 130C8BE9-A59D-4061-BDE6-FE9CDD…)

I thought she was 24? Strange…

No. 1717794

she’s is 24, maybe it was just a typo…but i have noticed since that person called her out for rolling up her shirts on tik tok, she’s been doing it more (idk if that’s true or i’m just noticing it more lol).

No. 1717884

Myah has never had good fashion sense but atleast she’s somewhat aware of that.
It’s sad to see this down fall of hers. And her mother is a huge enabler. Who even just idles by buying alcohol for their unemployed daughter and just praises their daughter for being a NEET. We should really get a NEET thread because myah has just been doing nothing except go on discord and post a cringe tiktok she really doesn’t add milk anymore.
She’s 24 getting drunk on Omegle and discord has no job, dropped out of community college.
Her poor decisions are going to catch up to her because she’s getting closer to 30

No. 1717886

To add it’s only been 2 years and she’s aged like milk. She looks older than 24 and just doesn’t look good at all she looks nutritionally malnourished could be her auto immune disorder but I don’t think that’s the main reason her lifestyle just isn’t healthy at all.

No. 1717924

Why do her hands look so big kek?

No. 1717985

i think it’s bc she’s petite and (almost concerningly) skinny.

No. 1717986

myah actually thinks she’s a fashionista lol…like she sets trends and ppl follow (in her delusional mind).

No. 1717990

i think she’s starting to look older bc of her auto immune disease and all around unhealthy lifestyle (getting so drunk that’s she pukes multiple times and eating like toddler). i think she would have aged better if she wasn’t a crazed alcoholic.

No. 1717991

i honestly wonder what myah’s life will look like at 30…will she still be living with her mom, barely putting effort into her music career, and being a lunatic online…?

No. 1718547

File: 1670194546457.jpeg (708.91 KB, 828x1416, 6FE06637-27E9-493C-A4AC-C4032F…)

No. 1718581

at least that aspect of their relationships is reciprocated. I think I’d speak for mostly everyone here when I say there’s nothing wrong with making friends over the internet. but the chat.xo power dynamic will always be imbalanced because most of myahs discord friends had already developed parasocial relationships with her. they are fans and they idolize her. a lot of them even support her monetarily on patreon. In addition to all that, we’ve had many ex-members of that discord talk about how toxic it is.

>>1717990 I will never understand why she drinks so much if she has an autoimmune disease.research has proven that the toxins in alcohol aggravate symptoms. Maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal if she was an occasional, social drinker but she is an alcoholic. she harms her already frail, suffering body with alcohol all the time. >>1717884 yes her fucking mom. wish we could discuss family. her discord clan are enablers too. all they do at their meets ups is get drunk. have any of them ever even tried to intervene on behalf of myahs health?Chat.Xo is as bad for myah as it is for its members.

>>1717986 the outfit in the last tik tok she posted… like wtf? lololol

No. 1718585

her body is weirdly shaped in general. That’s why she pushes her shoulders back in a lot of her photos/videos. one of her exes said something about her body in a previous thread kek

No. 1718784

the only reason she likes Kanye is bc he’s mentally ill…she started being a “fan” when he was posting all that stuff about kim and pete, she thought (like many other women on social media) that his crazed love for kim was admirable and desirable.

No. 1728387

Funny how people keep leaving her server

No. 1728909

what’s going on over there?

No. 1728998

ppl stop being friends with her or supporting her and leave the server everyday…what’s the special reason now…?

No. 1730010

maybe they see her hypocrisy because the server all ganged up on this girl taylor for being racist, ableist, etc but honestly myah is worse in all of these aspects plus she’s fatphobic, classist. a lot of them are still deluded and praise myah for going off on her

No. 1730032

go back

No. 1730110

i’m just calling it what it is when they resort to calling this taylor girl fat when weight had nothing to do with it, sorry u had to find out this way

No. 1730336

is there screenshots or something of this incident…like where did you find this information?

No. 1730347

File: 1671408779545.jpeg (457.54 KB, 828x1401, 3D4BC415-B28E-45C6-ABE3-C56FE5…)

i give it a couple more months until they fall out with myah…1/2

No. 1730352

shes a lesbian?

No. 1730355

File: 1671408953314.jpeg (515.3 KB, 828x1455, 2B099529-BF69-4020-B7E5-841556…)

No. 1730356

she likes to call herself a lesbian…but she’s bi.

No. 1730360

File: 1671409209543.jpeg (503.1 KB, 828x1429, 9398D37D-007A-4745-A3EB-C78CE5…)

two ppl that deserve each other lol.

No. 1736827

I’m letting everyone know now, all
Of the half siblings dropped her besides one because they are the same narcissistic manipulative negative person. No one in the “family” she claims she has, wants her or wants to be near her. She tries to take over people who have a weak mindset. She’s fucking sick and none of the half siblings want nothing to do with that pedophile ugly fucking bitch and if anyone supports her you are a pedo too. I said what i said. She’s fucking psycho and plays off how she’s the ✨nicest✨ person ever but she’s the biggest psychological liar.(emoji)

No. 1737047

File: 1672818105387.jpeg (262.27 KB, 2000x1000, R (6).jpeg)

No. 1738310

what exactly did she do? these are kind of just general statements you know?

No. 1740460

I know because I may or may not be a half sibling. Can’t say too much because I got reported

No. 1741649

File: 1673411380204.jpeg (259.85 KB, 1170x1204, A1043565-406C-4219-A768-381FB5…)

She is so far gone…

No. 1741650

She's right, though. A broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 1741668

File: 1673414316088.png (212.87 KB, 1080x1043, Screenshot_20230110-211713~2.p…)

She had a real shit fit against some genderspecial on Twitter stemming from a rant about polyamory. Hate it when she's right though

No. 1741875

Hate to say it but very based

No. 1742209

File: 1673479507796.jpeg (469.23 KB, 1125x998, DE4F1B7C-5F35-4BCA-9820-F7B974…)

idk anon, how is this based? she called them a woman

Also hilarious she attacks ppl based on their weight but one of her beloved xo’s is a fatty. I just know she looks at cam with disgust sometimes lol

No. 1742217

File: 1673479736888.jpeg (273.24 KB, 301x1107, D603B2EA-5BD4-43A2-9FD2-32873A…)

she even liked the tweet as if she isn’t a “fucking lard creature” in question. her fan girls need self esteem and awareness so badly

No. 1748232

Looks like myah and the gf broke up lmao

All the pics together are gone

No. 1748241

Saw that one coming.

No. 1748983

the photos are still there for me.

No. 1748995

They’re back up… I think her gf cheated on her according to her twitter(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1749040


No. 1749116

File: 1674250913361.png (728.25 KB, 1080x1594, Screenshot_20230120-134019~2.p…)

She has just been retweeting soppy sad stuff and tweeted something about everyone always lies to her. What I'm wondering is why did she delete and remake her twitter

No. 1749301

lolol I love how we all called this. still shitty to happen to someone but

Sometimes Twitter bans accounts that have been suspended too many times. That could have been it

No. 1749716

File: 1674336944649.jpeg (691.27 KB, 1125x1913, 636B565F-4E6D-41E2-8364-59CD60…)

she just found out the “love of her life” was fooling around on her but sure myah. fake it till you make it

No. 1750657


very happy with myself unlike all of you miserable fucks whose lives are clearly way boring than mine or my friends! < 3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1750664


how how y’all finna fat shame me but as soon as someone does it to a stupid rando on twt y’all defend them??? pick and choose, y’all are weird i suggest a job maybe!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1750777

why are you fat shaming people when one of your close friends is fat? it’s weird. also it’s clear what is said here affects you, stop engaging

No. 1750940

you are fr stupid if you think she would come on this ghetto ass site LMAO we all know who y’all r in here go get hobbies, jobs, a life maybe!!(you must be 18 to post here)

No. 1750976

As someone just passing by and who will now read your threads based on your unhinged replies, I can assure you that you don't know who we all are. Thanks for the new material!

No. 1751025

oh shit my bad, cam is that you? sorry your bestie thinks you’re a fucking lard ass. A little sad that you felt the need to defend yourself. Don’t worry, most of us feel bad for you

No. 1751339

bro tell me why i get on here to see if they broke up yet and cam is posting LOL myah literally shames people who look like you cam ur weird

No. 1751372

it’s so delusional (cam please don’t take offense). I don’t see how she (or anyone) can watch myah make fun of physical traits that she has and think she doesn’t have the same disgust towards them. You are fat cam, there is no shame in us pointing that out. Myah actually shames and bullies fat people and she has for years. Doing it to random strangers doesn’t make it better. If she can say that about strangers on the internet… I imagine she has thought the same about you. A fat person she watched and interacted with in real life.

The cheating we saw coming, one of the XO minions coming to the thread to defend their self-obsessed overlord.. never imagined ahahaha

No. 1751442

I'm just passing by as I'm making my way to the troon thread but stop bumping with your underage twitter sperging, how embarrassing for you.

No. 1751456

File: 1674576686721.png (33.22 KB, 751x288, hulk-smash.png)

>if y'all were loved

is the reason why this thread bothers you so deeply because you're so well loved at home, cam? is that why you came back more than once to express how mad this thread makes you? maybe if you put this much energy into developing a healthier lifestyle for yourself you and your weight would have never been mentioned here.

No. 1751578

Not cam putting down living in mom’s basement meanwhile Myah lives in her mom’s attic… and she hates fat ppl… girls can you rewrite your narratives unless they just apply to everyone else but your best friends? It’s becoming confusing.(sage your shit)

No. 1751618

this is actually pretty sad. The only reason her weight was even brought up is because myah constantly bullies people who look just like cam but for some reason her minions think they are so special and different. Cam wouldn’t be so bothered if a small part of her didn’t agree. Myah looks down on you, sorry we’re the ones to tell you

No. 1751822

File: 1674623201065.jpg (945.1 KB, 1080x2168, Screenshot_20230124_220413_Bra…)

Why are her cuticles in such horrible condition

No. 1751825

File: 1674623581652.jpeg (28.37 KB, 548x282, 474EAE84-46B9-49C4-AB9F-2285F5…)

No. 1751840

Oooh big spook. I've literally made videos on her retard I'm not scared

No. 1751909

No. 1751938

hey andrea! you’ve made 2 videos from 2-3 years ago, you’ve been married since, does your husband know you bully a girl younger than u “anonymously” online?:)

No. 1752244

omg fuck off. no one cares lol. cyber bullying isn’t real, just stop engaging

>>1751822 she’s been doing acrylics for years so it might just be damage. but she could bite her nails from anxiety too. her nails looked really fucked in that one video she did with her mom

No. 1763361

Myah ur mad(sage your shit)

No. 1764928

File: 1676013785054.jpg (433.02 KB, 1080x2168, Screenshot_20230210_001801_Twi…)


No. 1764929

File: 1676013821493.jpg (344.62 KB, 1080x2168, Screenshot_20230210_001826_Twi…)

No. 1765119

she’s so obsessive and possessive. does anyone know if that is a symptom of OCD or is she just a fucking weirdo?

It’s pretty normal to borrow clothes from your partner (i.e a hoodie) and like the smell of it but to preserve it…? It’s not like they’re in a LDR and see each other once a year. I also hate the way she included the hello kitty cup detail both times like stfu you infantalizing weirdo. You’re in your late twenties

No. 1765123

she's just a fucking weirdo.
>you're in your late twenties
nona she's 24

No. 1765310

she’s turning 25 this June. Regardless, no 24 year old should have a majority of their Twitter dedicated to how obsessed they are with their significant other or how dependent they are on them. It’s like she’s stuck in a high school mindset. She lacks a mature view of relationships.

Kinda makes me agree with the anon who said she went back to dating women because she couldn’t find a man who would put up with her strange levels of affection and clinginess. Lesbians are stereotyped for being clingy and rushing into relationships. Surprised they haven’t uhauled yet. Did ally definitely cheat on her?

No. 1767465

>she's turning 25 this June
so she's 24
you're weird

No. 1769536

File: 1676566400094.jpeg (126.14 KB, 1170x634, D4A89A03-DFA5-4B2C-AABE-87FA7A…)


No. 1769644

Anyone spending time in a forum like this is fucking weird. What is your point(lost faggot)

No. 1769916

Go back

No. 1770079

Was there ever any concrete proof that she cheated? Or screenshots of myahs Twitter breakdown after their first break up? Sorry if it was already discussed anons. It’s crazy that she gave Megan so much shit for getting back with her boyfriend that allegedly cheated when she did the same thing?? She’s such a hypocrite

No. 1771981

no…everything surrounding myah has been so boring lol. it was actually a little interesting when cameron came in here, but it hasn’t been truly interesting since like 2019-2020. y’all run ppl who know myah off this forum, but they’re the ones who make this more intriguing. posting a picture from her instagram and saying she looks horrible or posting a vague tweet, isn’t cutting it anymore lol.

No. 1774007

Exactly why you avoid cow tipping. Every new fag with a revenge boner for this chick ruined this thread. Shit hasn't been interesting in years just a bunch of girls calling each other fat and ugly

No. 1774407

Maybe it’s time to do something productive with your life instead idk like…. Getting a job, paying rent ..(also lost)

No. 1774967

hello, myah…actually, this might be one of her minions, she has a reputation of sending or “influencing” others to do her bidding lol.

No. 1774991

Probably cam, she literally acts like myahs dog(learn to sage)

No. 1775499

maybe you should do something with your life like go to the gym CAM, you fat, gluttonous creature

No. 1775989

Hi Andrea how is your husband doing? If he is still your husband.

No. 1776134

File: 1677286942399.jpeg (109.02 KB, 828x208, 474B4CDA-98A5-4964-9259-91CC47…)

I haven’t seen anyone post this vid so I watched it so ya’ll don’t have to. Here’s the summary

- says she doesn’t like to be asked questions - makes a Q&A vid
- confirmed that her song Team was about someone who she knew at the time (we all know it was kait)
- she has a compassion for people and their insecurities
- lost her voice a lot this year because she “put herself out there” (not because of the constant drinking)
- is angry that ppl bring her green hair days when it truly was her best era
- says she was the “blueprint” since the green hair days
- while living in LA. she was going through harassment and bullying by ppl she loved (ava etc)
- the ppl that were mean to her have since came back and apologised
- confessed that she gets drunk and goes on omegle (apparently there’s multiple complications on yt she’s in)
- she is sad that kanye hates jews but she loves him
- says dyke
- feels like she would be the Edward (from twilight) in the relationship
- used to identify as asexual
- is demisexual now
- acoustic album in works
- only talks to one of her half siblings
- again talks about how much money she spent on music videos that she ended up not releasing
- wants ppl to forgive her bcs she would forgive them for them
- “the reason why you even know about these (friendship) falling outs is because these motherfuckers don’t shut the fuck up” (when in many instances she was the only one to talk shit first)

No. 1776159

No we do not “all know it was about kait”
If you paid attention at all during the time they were together you would know they both publicly said team was about someone else

No. 1776198

In the time it took you to write this novel you could have done literally anything else I’m embarrassed for you

No. 1776240

No. 1776244


Are you dumb? This is an update thread that’s an update.

You’re definitely one of her minions who likes this thread to defend her you sort of type like she would on Twitter.

I haven’t posted in this thread awhile myah doesn’t produce anymore milk. She has a weird taste in fashion and makeup and hair definitely not a blue print for something generic and she has no job. She’s a NEET besides going to school for vocal training she literally doesn’t have any other skills to fall back on. It’s weird seeing people with these vendetta’s move on Myah has nothing going on in her life. She stays in her mom’s attic and sips alcohol all night while playing those stupid social games or call of duty she literally is giving nothing.

Also to the minions of myah what is there to look up too?? Shes got no actual job how store she even get money?? Is she on unemployment or disability why praise this woman who literally does nothing not even the bare minimum.

No. 1776484

How long did this one take you? Another 15 min? I feel bad for your mom who probably has to wipe your ass while you spew dog shit on the internet all day over people you’re jealous of(infighting retard)

No. 1776497

Lol you are 100% cam or one of her minions keep bumping this thread go off

No. 1776505

You bottom feeders are so obsessed with cam it’s funny

No. 1776533

myah’s minion.

No. 1776535

well, whoever you are we know you would suck the toe jam out of myah’s toes, if she asked lol.

No. 1776558

Yeah keep trying to guess to distract yourselves from how pathetic and lonely you are

No. 1776578

we’re “pathetic and lonely” but you worship a has been niche internet personality.

No. 1776686

LOOOLLL worship?? Your mindset is awesome. The only people with any kind of obsession with myah are you psychos. so keep projecting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1776758

sure…(don't feed the troll)

No. 1776866

her false idea that she was the blueprint for green hair always fascinated me. so many girls were dying their hair green, blue, pink and what not around this time and using sequins as makeup accessories. she was never edgy or the blueprint for anything lol. what is she talking about

No. 1777223

Myah wrote a song about a girl who never even came out as lesbian… (i.e. Team)… anyone that was in the server during that time knows it wasn’t Kait- this person was pressured into romantically liking Myah and everyone witnessed it happen. How can you reject her after a little bit of flirting when everyone is watching? I wonder if Ally is in the server… does she experience the same thing?

No. 1777465

who is ally?

No. 1777855


you are on crack for real.(sage your shit)

No. 1778019

wow, that’s super weird. I can definitely see myah being over bearing with her feelings. It’s like she suffocates people with herself (presence, constant need for validation, obsessive communication). Her Twitter is showcases just how obsessive she is. Nothing milk worthy for screenshots though. How was the person pressured?

I always thought it was weird that myah never officially announced kait as her girlfriend. Maybe she was afraid of backlash but she seems content parading ally around >>1777465 myahs current gf

No. 1778023

oh, yeah, i forgot her name…but i think she didn’t parade kait around as much bc myah was kait’s first girlfriend. like before kait was involved with myah, she identified as straight. myah used to hint at that on social media, i remember something she posted on snapchat, in particular.

No. 1778167

Did anyone not notice in her newest video she mentions that on paper she has more similarities to males? (and captioned it that she’s vague because she’s uncomfy to talk about it?) this kinda confirms when Ava posted on here months ago saying she is intersex and has a “bad body for sex” I didnt know what that meant then but it makes sense now

No. 1778462

i never finished that video…do you have a timestamp?

No. 1778615

around 8:40

No. 1778768

Oh shit thanks, I don’t remember that ever being discussed. I assumed kait was dating women before myah. But you’re saying that kait wasn’t the one myah pressured into liking her, right? Didn’t kait do a lil promo video for the song?

>>1778167 can’t believe myah crawled right back up Ava’s ass after all that lol. She is so desperate for ANYONE to give her attention and validation. But why on earth would she rekindle a friendship with someone who ridiculed her body, vindictively slept with her ex then bragged about it online, and called her a smelly intersex. Like come on

No. 1778929

myah has said before that team isn’t about kait.

No. 1778972

i think she meant more personality wise…and if that’s not what she meant, and she is intersex, then her current radical feminist, “i hate men,” stage makes more sense. like she’s overcompensating bc of how she was born.

No. 1781807

one of her mods in her discord was apparently outed as a pedo

No. 1781809

Show don't tell.

No. 1781842

tbh when you see female internet personalities they usually have some weird male followers…but what happened? who was the mod and do you have screenshots or something?

No. 1790829

maddie is based(newfag necro)

No. 1791908


No. 1800526

One of my buddy account got ban after her so call friend mess up her account. According to all the friends on discord. My friends account was alive when she could not lock in

No. 1800527

She decided to touch people account with armpitshow, Sarah Mercury, jaypac, semaonges,
Lastly, everyone message my friend on fb to ask her whether she online because her avi keep appearing at the fundraising event(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1801113

she is so boring now omg. nothing to snark on and nothing to commend her for either.

No. 1801365

i honestly think it’s just that ppl don’t really care about her anymore…bc she had a new talking video, that came out on youtube, and nobody posted about it until like weeks after it came out.

No. 1807856

jesus christ her twitter is insanely obsessive it’s borderline scary. i’d include a screenshot but there wouldn’t be enough space. 100 posts a day talking about how she can’t live without her gf.

No. 1811898

It's funny how her speaking voice is suddenly very low now that she's lesbihonest

No. 1811943

She's always had a low voice, and it's more likely that it's from her inflamed vocal chords like she spoke about

No. 1812188

Is there any anon that already watched this and is bored enough to give a recap? lol

No. 1813517

Woah her voice is super low. She said she got it from throwing up and coughing every day. It makes sense why she’s so skinny now.
With that condition my guess is she’s on disability or something since she said she’s tired of sitting on her ass all day cuz how else is she making money and sustaining her lifestyle of drinking and going out??

No. 1813742

Is it just me or does she kind of look like millie bobbie brown(learn2sage)

No. 1816231

File: 1682605991248.jpeg (91.21 KB, 883x492, 747BD908-8054-4A93-AB62-C48B1F…)

why do so many of her followers lie to boost her ego? like am a tripping or weren’t there artists with the same music style and aesthetic as her? Also almost every one fucking dyes their hair

Didn’t she shun help from the industry as well? she (or her parents tbh) payed thousands of dollars for recording sessions and music videos only for her to cancel multiple releases because the people who helped her “didn’t get her vision”. she moved all the way to LA to pursue her dreams but instead she stayed inside, got drunk and played dress up, COD and second life almost every single day. she blames that on covid which is partly reasonable but there were a lot of independent artists who tapped into their creativity to release some amazing music and visuals during covid. she’s lazy and needs to stop pointing the finger at everyone else

No. 1816329

Typical gaslighting/retconning, I wouldn't be surprised if a Myah sockpuppet wrote it.

No. 1816933

the delusion is astounding. she’s never gonna take accountability when her audience is a bunch of yes men that will coddle her into believing that she isn’t to blame for her level of success

No. 1832606

File: 1684809243156.jpeg (151.56 KB, 1170x976, 8B2F7CD3-4270-4EC5-9583-B74731…)

the crossover of a century…myah’s back in her “clout chaser” era lol.

No. 1833112

File: 1684881842682.jpg (15.24 KB, 719x147, Screenshot_20230524_023932_Twi…)

I was nosey but look how this tuned out went from the "deans list" to dating some butch and dropped out uni rip asf

No. 1838181

File: 1685529671512.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 89.13 KB, 442x589, CA38A624-25C4-4141-B747-47118E…)

she looks nice in this pic and genuinely happy. I wish she’d fucking ditch Facetune, she doesn’t need it and it makes her look like a different person in every pic

No. 1839153

she's part of the illuminati(sage your autism)

No. 1846847

Did anyone see in her most recent video they talk about yelling at Taylor for drinking diet coke… when Myah quite literally is drinking her way to a cirrhotic liver by 30? And then she goes on and on about holding her minions accountable lmao.

No. 1846872


Is is the 25th birthday one?

She’s a bit more active on YouTube now. But idk if I can call her milky as she used to be

No. 1847733

yeah that's the one. She's definitely learned her lesson regarding not posting everything but I think her personality is still milky… I mean she's an unemployed, uneducated 25yo who's ruined her one shot in life and yet she walks around like she's in any position to give life advice

No. 1860952

File: 1688919701417.jpeg (728.39 KB, 711x1249, 7D480986-3E9E-4D05-9864-E74888…)

I don’t understand why Myah buys so much shein garbage, her outfit looks like it’s made of plastic trash bags

No. 1881216

Did she delete her TikTok?(sage your necro)

No. 1886726

which friend did she lose to homophobia ? her recent youtube video(spoonfeeding request; unsaged)

No. 1886730

How are we supposed to know

No. 1886825

it’s about sophia(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1886890

who is Sophia and why are we supposed to care enough for her to make an hour long video about discord drama? So weird

No. 1886930

honestly because she wants attention i guess??
its literally just friendship drama and she is being petty about it(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1886961

File: 1692814044504.png (1.07 MB, 1056x1002, Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 1.09…)

wait like this sophia? From her LA trip all those years ago?

No. 1887043

File: 1692824112378.jpeg (820.48 KB, 845x1051, 961D4116-72E8-470F-AAE0-A2995C…)

no it’s this sophia, she’s strictly from discord and was a mod on myahs server>>1886961

No. 1887153

and here I was thinking myah was maturing and coming around smh. I’m sure Sophia is somewhere getting off on the attention. But seriously why would her YouTube audience care about this? She acts like her discord server is such a big deal

No. 1887289

Based sophia

I give it a couple years before myah goes back to bouncing on dick anyways. I don't get how she can claim to be gay with the lengths she would go to for men, esp considering she wasn't closeted about being bi

No. 1887442

Yeah it's so weird on poserish of her and her friends to suddenly claim "gay" with such assuredness.. like first of all you guys are bi, get over it. And the way they keep screeching about "VIOLENT HOMOPHOBIA" kek just LOG OFF DISCORD and WALK AWAY they literally have never experienced VIOLENCE from someone typing to them that they don't want to be friends anymore, grow the fuck up.

She always talks about how she doesn't want the drama in her life and she doesn't want people knowing her dirty laundry, but it looks like Sophia leaving took a massive hit to her ego because she and her gang of mouth breathers made an hour long feature film reeing about their hurt feelings. Talk about arrested development. Bonus points for myah of all people outing herself as a tranny bootlicker, your mind on too much internet.

No. 1887716

I laughed when she called it a hate crime. Afaik calling off a friendship isn't a crime lmao. She's always been a pussy but it's gotten even worse as of late.

No. 1887834

It's definitely the people she's associating with, terminally online libtards who are younger than her. The only one on her digital short bus who's any old than her is a "lesbian" married to a tim Troon. She hangs out with people younger than her because of her guru complex but it in turn has stunted her mental growth moreso

No. 1888696

I remember when Myah was popular she literally had a Trump sticker in her room for the 2016 election. She was larping as an alt republican Trumpie. I’m sure if her younger self saw her now, she would kick the bucket.

No. 1889648

Saged bc although this is old milk, I feel the need to post this in light of her video. I would find it extremely hypocritical that she has suddenly reached this turning point in her moral views, but it’s actually pretty consistent with her character. I knew her for years and was what I consider somewhat close to her, spending most of my early 20’s in her online social circle (not that it means anything as she referred to me as her “best friend” when it was convenient just as she does so many others). Eventually, I cut her off but not before I realized I had compromised my own moral values and self expectations just to be in her presence… gross. She is someone who is always more than willing to feel wronged and justifies her feigned pain by bringing in her loyal followers to back her up. It doesn’t matter if she is the target of the offensive comments, it’s always about her and she is always the one going through it the worst. Her self importance is always under the guise of empathy- it is never not. She does this, yet commits equally heinous acts of racism, homophobia- virtually any form of “ism” or “phobia” you can imagine. Exhibit a, “I cant stand all these ‘f-slurs’ (in reference to gay men and trans women often younger than her) on the internet,” this was said by Myah in the most sincere and hateful voice I had heard her muster at the time. This comment was followed by, “I can say that I am one!” Her obnoxious laugh bellowed out afterwards- and we (the xo’s) awkwardly laughed along with her. It was said behind their back. They believed her to be a friend but what friend would say that? Exhibit b, “You look like you date blacks.” This was said by Myah in her fun little discord server that could pass as a fucked up deluded nightly AA meeting to her girlfriend at the time. The tension was palpable as not one, but two of her black friends were staring blankly into their screens in disbelief. We all blew it off and moved on after a second of awkward silence. That was my turning point. The point in bringing these comments up is to say- she has always done what she is accusing this religious nut of doing. She talks shit about her friends at all times. She betrays trust on a consistent basis without a second thought- but oh- someone did it to her and now she is in so much pain. No, I don’t think myself a saint- I feel disgusting for ever being involved in such a toxic and hateful group. I was like a lobotomized sheep ready to follow this overgrown child in anything she said, silently disagreeing but never standing up for anything I felt was right. I fostered this monster. When no one else would drink with her, I would. When she thought everyone was out to get her- that consequences for things she said or did were unfair, I agreed. When she told me about past trauma, I excused her behavior even though I knew that is never an excuse to hurt people. I helped her form this mentality that she deserves friends who will not put her in her place. If she had no influence, I wouldn’t care to share this or even think about it, but when her video showed on my recommended, the first thing I thought was “I thought I blocked her,” and the second thing I thought was, “bullshit.” If you’re a follower of hers and you’re reading this, what the fuck are you doing? Why are you here? Probably for the same reasons I was. You know she’s fucked up. Just get a life and leave. You’ll be ok, if not better for it.

No. 1889708

Anyone who has half a brain and has been aware of her social media presence for any duration of time can plainly see her true colors in her vernacular alone, and it's so odd that in recent years she's cultivated such a following of braindead libtards which is the exact thing she despises. They're all to starstruck and weak-willed to disagree on any point and face the wrath. They all inevitably slip up eventually. Also it's funny how much she hates fat people yet has so many big friends, she just doesn't care at all about how it could hurt them.

No. 1889914

Know the person the video is made about. None of this should have been made public. Myah wants her Amberlynn moment

No. 1892202

Give yourself some grace. She intentionally created a friend group out of fans and people who were already in a parasocial relationship with her. Whether you know it or not (it sounds like you might), you were too timid to correct her because you idolized her. That’s what she wants. She wants an echo chamber of obsessed yes-men and people who worship her and put her on a pedestal.. not friends. Who makes monthly patrons their “friends”? Let it go and give yourself a pat on the back for making it out and blocking her. Don’t look back and don’t check up on her which includes this page. She still has a hold on you if you do. Post your grievances, milk and then go

Speaking of, whatever happened to Cam?

No. 1898363

How do y’all feel abt the new video about addiction. It’s a little ironic(post milk, tard)

No. 1898376

I ain't watching that boring shit but I'm sure she completely disregards her rampant addiction to alcohol while spewing shit about others with substance abuse probelms.

No. 1898380

>Whatever happened to Cam?

Nothing? She's still an active mod in the discord server.

No. 1898587

are you gigi?(are you retarded?)

No. 1899985

File: 1694991605616.png (362.67 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_0856.png)

No. 1899990

Another one bites the dust?

No. 1900421

She removed the pictures and videos with Ally on her socials, must be over

No. 1900745

did she not literally post an anniversary post like 12 hrs prior to the breakup?? cant say im surprised

No. 1900784

those pics and vids are back so I guess it’s not over??

any guesses on what even happened anons? The lesbian larping is tiring but she did seem really happy in this relationship. Although social media always paints a different picture.

No. 1900818

Wouldn't be surprised if her gf got tired of Myah after a year. Yeah she seemed/seems happy but she's someone who latches onto anyone who gives her attention and that seems tiring and suffocating in the long run to me. Just look at all her past "besties". I think Myah is still super into the idea of having "her person" and probably wants someone to "complete" her, despite the video she made about hopeless romantics. She just has zero self-awareness when it comes to herself. Weird that the pictures are up again so I guess we'll see.

No. 1902350

She probably expected a ring and got sad when it didn't happen
She has that one vid where she talks again with her gf about wanting to be married by 25 and the clocks running out on that

No. 1906748

File: 1696049000581.jpeg (213.23 KB, 1206x1000, IMG_0341.jpeg)

24 yrs old and commenting this weird cringey shit while thinking your intellectually superior to others is crazy

No. 1912161

in her stream last night she said that she wants to live in a van, and that this type of boho lifestyle is in her blood because her mother’s ancestors are gypsies

No. 1912186

is she going through an identity crisis??? wtf

No. 1912461

No, she just went camping for a weekend and it inspired her to want to live in a communal setting in the wilderness

No. 1923815

Did she delete her tiktok or did it get banned lmao(learn to sage/don't necro)

No. 1926929

File: 1699717804579.png (10.21 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_4301.png)

She’s actually so insufferable

No. 1929311

does anyone have any xo discord tea? ik it got deleted and she’s made vids abt it but i cbf watching and just want to know the actual drama as i was in it for a bit lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1931249

no, you retard. stop being a nosy pos and get a job instead of obsessing over someone you dont even know. now that myah made a new server all of you nosy fucks who want to try and get in everyones business and try and pick myah apart wont be able to join anymore and get your "tea". fucking pathetic. a bunch of fat neck beards obsessing over someone who would never acknowledge ur existence. get fucked <3(whiteknighting)

No. 1933327

Mildly interesting that in her last vid she mentioned not having a father when in her sperg homophobia video she talks about her "dad" and was living in his apt for a while before she got this new place. Wonder if she got kicked out and that's why she's pissed

No. 1935473

She always goes back and forth on whether her dad is in her life or not. I was surprised when she was living in his apartment again because it seemed they didn't have a relationship for a while.

No. 1937774

File: 1701699250039.jpg (15.8 KB, 340x227, 1572710596073.jpg)

kek one of Myah's troon soldiers coming to defend her fat ass on here again. She doesn't care about you. To go after and dog pile on people who make the most minuscule criticisms of Myah's shitty, contradictory and borderline psychotic behavior over the years is just as corny and pathetic as her. And you really thought you did something with the "get fucked <3"

No. 1938424


No. 1939247

File: 1701925876816.jpeg (221.71 KB, 519x539, IMG_9063.jpeg)

who does she think she’s fooling with this Facetune? lolol

It’s also interesting to see her bodily identify as a lesbian when she’s been a notorious boy chaser for years. I’m curious when when the switch from being bi happened. Sorry if it’s been discussed

No. 1940612

I think she's trying to revamp herself as "classy" and being a slut for face-tatted drug addicts and frat boys isn't really conducive with that image. So if she makes up a narrative that she was never actually into them it kind of wipes her clean. She's always talking about how guilty she feels for the way she acted/that it was "out of character" for her… it's just coping

No. 1943227

File: 1702605265312.png (439.46 KB, 543x290, Capture.PNG)

this taylor girl would skinwalk myah if she could

No. 1943305

who the fuck is taylor

No. 1943369

she’s one of her best friends from discord. she’s in her tumblr breakdown video and birthday vlog. in the birthday vlog she drunkenly laments how upset she is that people have been mean to myah over the years (potentially reads this page). myah seems to have forgotten to disclose to them that much of the heat that she’s received over the years has been from her own shitty behavior.

No. 1943461

just here to add my two cents as this is old milk but care to add anyway but myah has repeatedly said very transphobic things to me in the past being a fan to friend to frenemy with her over 4 years when we did associate with each other. She has also called me the n word after repeating one of her shitty bfs at the time and has also made several racist comments alongside her "og xo" members and often referred to calling me a monkey because of me being black and outed as nonbinary/genderfluid they would often also attack me for my gender identity lol so I find it funny now she is trying to "rebrand" herself as a full on lesbian and paint an accepting picture and "losing people to homophobia" when she actually was super homophobic and transphobic when slandering and attacking certain peoples lol x(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943560

that part of the video was so pathetic. And I’m pretty sure Taylor is the one who comes here to defend her. She came out as gay shortly after that birthday weekend. I don’t know if she actually is but I’m sure it’s just another way for her to relate to myah. She copies everything about her. From her posing, style, hair cuts and dyes, to her aesthetic (which I understand is pretty general). She’s also a patreon. Imagine paying to be friends with someone. Myahs close friends are a bunch of parasocial dependents

I’m sorry that happened to you. But what did you expect? She’s always been openly offensive. Did you think you’d be different? Genuine question

No. 1943628

Honestly, no when I was friends w her during the time I didn't know much or anything about her prior to my initial experience with her so yeah I wish I had tbh I wouldn't have even tried being her friend

No. 1943630

File: 1702683725250.jpeg (861.03 KB, 1170x2300, IMG_5100.jpeg)

The fact that Myah has a Patreon makes me think her xo chat just buys her shitty content. Meanwhile Myah makes fun of her greasy army of femme orbiter skinwalkers, such as Taylor, to her real life friends.

No. 1943631

also new video being uploaded reacting to her videos and calling out the bs bc someone needs to do it and shes gotten me doxx'd twice so idc who sees it atp

No. 1943649


You’re that anon that went spergy and made some videos on her.
I don’t like Myah but this shit is old we’ve been known about her.
She’s trying to make a comeback but she literally offers no milk besides larping as a lesbian.
This shit is just so old.
She’s a generic former e girl who’s just like everyone else and getting older. I can tell her newest videos her voice is fuckeddddd.
This shit is old news sperg elsewhere I remember you typing in all caps lol I bet that you were furious and emotional typing all that.

No. 1943655

Yeah idc :3 I can do what I like and yeah ofc I was pissed?? I was literally doxx'd twice and was already going through personal things outside of SL and everything. If I wanna voice my opinions in a cleaner and more comfortable setting for myself I have the right to do so you dont have any room to tell me what to do and what not :3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943656

also I know she's making a come back and ive been working on my youtube and other things anyways so why not larp on her parade if shes going to constantly make slick remarks about me bc she thinks I wont say or do anything ab it? I have fun with it and I like being entertaining for my viewers and I assure you they aren't disappointed you dense or sum? lol its ok when myah wants to make a bag dogging her "victims" but when I speak up (as a former friend not victim) it's a problem? lol yikes :3 I just like story telling too! :D

No. 1943962

lol yall are lame asf in here why u complain ab old milk but still here checking the blog every week? lol I hardly come here unless im SUPER bored and have nothing else better to do :3 I hope yall do the same bc… its really not that deep LOL she's gonna just keep being the shitty person she is what "new milk" is there to have other than her trying to revamp and pretend she's not shitty? Yall are dumb asf in this blog you sit here and all hate on the same person but then also are rude to people like me who simply just wanna join in the convo :3 yall are weird lol whoever you are specifically… xD
wtf does that dumbass shit even mean lol "user has been put out to pasture??" wow.. good one thanks for the fancy red text?? lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943964

No I think they are ACTUALLY her friends which makes it so much worse. Who makes friends with people who have a parasocial relationship with you and pay monthly to see extra content. She can’t keep a consistent friendship with anyone who isn’t an obsessed friend. I wonder if they can decide to stop being patterns. Like this taylor girl what happens to her if she unsubscribes? does she lose mod privileges

No. 1948546

Let it go jesus.. imagine going to the psych word over a jersey goomba on second life and milking it for over 2 years. Also she's still with her gf

No. 1948966


No. 1949455

The people that orbit myah are something else, but she welcomes those types. She keeps around a literally autistic backwoods hill billy in her server as a punching bag for her friends

No. 1952445

File: 1704736578024.jpeg (888.62 KB, 1111x1200, IMG_5267.jpeg)

Is that you in the video? I don’t like Myah but honestly you’re just as wack and a lot fatter. The mini tantrum because you got flagged for not integrating, revealing identifying information, and using those retarted emoticons, which are against the site rules if you even bothered to read it. Myah is a voracious cow who will continue to be an edgelord that will forever try to replicate her peak while managing a failing music career. She’s completely socially unaware and shitty and she deserves to be called out. But getting angry and keyboard smashing or typing in all caps and demand that anons watch your video because they need to “be on your side” is behavior that is just as bad as Myah’s, it’s cringe and not cute.

No. 1957987

You’re so unbelievably cringe mate. Grow up

No. 1962636

myah is now friends with jamie le rose again
she’s distant from nicki but doesn’t speak to narcanibal anymore.
and had deleted her tiktok account(this is an imageboard, sage if no proof)

No. 1962938

taylor is not friends with myah anymore it seems. she used to idolize her so much and myah was following her on insta even but now it doesn’t show up and myah removed her birthday posts/video from insta and youtube where taylor was in it too. anybody know why?

No. 1963510

File: 1707330778020.jpeg (123.57 KB, 750x591, IMG_1319.jpeg)

Myah is still following Taylor but it seems like Myah has knocked her down the ladder, and honestly good. Jesus christ she genuinely would skinwalk her.

No. 1963903

I was wondering if she got booted from the discord or something. I’m not sure why myah kept her around so long as she hates people that copy her lolol. I know the kawaii/pink aesthetic is pretty common but Taylor copied her tumblr style, her hair, her fashion, her poses. She even got a dark haired girlfriend just like myah and copied their poses lolol. It’s so weird. But I guess that’s what happens when you have a parasocial relationship with your idol

Narccanibal (can’t remember this sisters name) ghosted the internet after they’re falling out. I still wonder what happened. I’m surprised to see Jamie back tbh, it looked like she had stronger morals

No. 1964241

Myah and her sperm donor siblings seem to be reconnecting more to be interviewed for articles or podcasts like this pushing for laws to regulate sperm banks or something. It's so weird to see her try and behave around regular people

No. 1964354

of course she has alcohol in hand. can she do anything sober?

No. 1964413

There’s no way she’s drinking is that alcohol? I can tell this was recorded awhile ago but if that’s alcohol she has a huge issue!!!

No. 1964597

let’s give her the benefit of doubt. maybe it’s water. but you can see everyone else has water bottles so why would she be drinking from a glass? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was vodka. She’s definitely an alcoholic but I thought I remembered her saying her girlfriend ally got her to cut back on drinking (because of her health and ally quit vaping for myah). So it would be really disappointing if she was drinking heavily again

No. 1964602

File: 1707596038218.jpg (189.37 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20240210_121135_You…)

She commented on the video calling herself drunk, confirming it is alcohol

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