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File: 1714350456983.jpeg (2.14 MB, 2500x3750, gross.jpeg)

No. 1989982

"Ethel Cain" and "Hayden Silas Anhedonia" are pseudonyms of Macon Horner, a misogynistic troon, awful musician who rips off nicole dollanganger and lana del rey, and who fetishizes girls getting abused in the church and sex trafficking. he used to be an irrelevant moid DJ called white silas who was involved in the soundclout scene before trooning out and finding his "niche" fetishizing female trauma and skinwalking nicole/lana >>1764675 >>1917800 >>1761141 and he has fanbase in current coquette aesthetic who kiss his ass cause he's a transwoman uwu

>kissed nicole's ass >>1845218 and even got multiple tattoos of her lyrics

>got nicole's ex-boyfriend to work on his shitty music >>1793816 >>1642065 and then surpassed her/denounced her >>1987336 while nicole was rightfully cancelled for her shit, troonthel gets away with it because he is a "transwoman writing about the girlhood he never had" >>1812183
>troon rage about how he thinks radfems secretly want to fuck him and he "won't touch us broads with a 10 foot pole" >>1914239 calls women "nasty slugs/beasts" bc we have "coarse hair on our pussies and assholes" >>1914200
>writes insane tumblr spergouts about "small breedable 12 year old girls" to "own the terfs,"
>namesearches himself all day to argue with teenage radfems >>1586186
>wrote an entire album ripping off lana del rey's old americana/sinister suburbia aesthetic with lyrics about his preacher's daughter alter ego uwu sad girl getting drugged, murdered, and raped, in a really fetishy way
>his 'aesthetic' and ethel cain 'character' is about a girl being abused growing up in a southern american protestant church, but he's so stupid he thinks that is the same thing as amish, tried to start beef with drake >>1694081
>made a tumblr video discussing which slurs for women like bitch cunt etc are his favorites to use >>1593815
>disgusting stupid coomer lyrics >>1593770, >>1593790
>loves posting his horse piss gynecomastia moobs >>1735064 >>1816209
>posted on tumblr hes a wincest shipper >>1622989
>told his followers fascinating stories about his childhood fantasies of jerking off doc baker from little house on the prairie >>1889097
>got called out for faking/glamorizing female trauma on tumblr and called OP a retard, got himself cancelled >>1914323
>hangs out with lana's zoophile ex boyfriend who fucks roadkill >>1629064 >>1629159
>poverty larps and makes up trailer park tier fake tragic backstories for himself to fit his 'image' >>1930000
>has some gay porn discord his stans know about? >>1618136
>went to go model at fashion week in paris for being a troon and whined about transphobes saying he looks like a man in his interview there >>1976741
>his cringe old youtube and pinterest accounts before trooning out: >>1618927, >>1618954
>seethes about lolcow whenever he is mentioned on here, namedrops lolcow on tumblr

macon and his simps will probably come to shit up this thread, so ignore/report suspected troonposting

also can discuss his retarded stans here ie horrorlesbians >>1987404


No. 1990004

Very detailed OP, anon. Nice job

No. 1990010

File: 1714360753999.jpeg (687.05 KB, 824x897, IMG_3613.jpeg)

great post op.
let's not forget what he really looks like

No. 1990026

I hope to see him seethe over this thread, it must eat him up inside that he will never have our acceptance.

No. 1990030

Love the OP, love the pic showing how clockable he is, love finding out his real name is "Macon". Thank you

No. 1990034

Kek he's kinda giving Randy Stair in this pic
Why do so many male musicians insist on those awful forehead tattoos? Ronnie Radke and Tom Macdonald have them too. Is it supposed to disguise a receding hairline or something?

No. 1990035

Jesus Christ, what a beast

No. 1990064

This retarded fag breaking every rule of gun safety for the aesthetic.

No. 1990069

Randy Stair is the perfect comparison for this man.

No. 1990101

File: 1714398127933.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2400, 1708335909322.png)

thanks for the detailed thread, OP!
picrel i took from one of the couquette threads, they posted a lot of photos of his hulking-troon physique. he's disgusting

fucking kek

No. 1990139

op should've mentioned he's clearly skinwalking ginger bronson too kek
>posted on tumblr hes a wincest shipper
based although i don't understand how the hell this man isn't getting completely canceled by the tiktok zoomer crowd let alone accepted and praised by them. truly male privilege

No. 1990229

At least Randy Stair had a much more unique and unprecedented set of artistic influences, kek

No. 1990256

File: 1714437403165.jpg (117.96 KB, 736x981, 0da85dd10370b9f2499842a12acc5e…)

So annoying that he deleted his tumblr just as he was showing his true angry moid colors. I felt the same >>1990030 kek it suits him perfectly too. Anyway here's a pic of him looking especially bald and chinny with his forehead tattoo, it's going to look real good in about five years lol.

No. 1990267

This crypt keeper looking ghoul is oozing psychopathy. I really hope he won't take others down with him, especially women, when his grift eventually subsides.

No. 1990281

kek I grew up in the U.S. south and there were tons of shithead boys named Macon. they were all semi-retarded, every last one. even the way they say their names was retarded. Macon is the perfect name for this ugly moid

No. 1990314

He certainly looks like a Macon. I still can't get over this guy having the typical 4chan edgy racist discord phenotype, who would post about shooting libs, yet here he is prancing around in a fucking cheerleading uniform, larping as a cute teenage girl who wouldn't give him the time of day. He disgusts me so much.

No. 1990321

i can't fucking stand his singing voice, also calling himself a teenager when he's 26 is funny

No. 1990353

>So annoying that he deleted his tumblr just as he was showing his true angry moid colors.
Bare on mind that this decision came AFTER he mentioned lolcow, meaning he likely seen himself mentioned in the Nicole Dollanganger thread. If he read her thread then he was aware that people dug through her years old blog and found questionable things. Deleting his blog was to avoid making the same mistake Nicole Dollanganger did since he was running in her circles

No. 1990355

shout to the danny phantom headcanon x columbine x dimensional merge crossover

No. 1990362

File: 1714475318613.png (65.1 KB, 826x580, weird.png)

i found macon's tumblr has been pretty extensively archived on wayback, at least. i found some gems and will dump them here

this is the weirdest one to me: his preacher's daughter persona/character is apparently based upon a real girl he was obsessed with. he's a confirmed incel also. one of those classic troons who gets so obsessed with a girl who rejected him that he decides to wear her skin and emulate her, except much weirder because his "preacher's daughter" character has this disgusting plot about getting sex trafficked, raped, and murdered. so basically he is projecting these pornsick fantasies onto this real girl.

No. 1990367

File: 1714475798447.png (158.29 KB, 608x477, psycho.png)

this thing is worth reposting too though its in the OP because it is so deranged. he has a bizarre amount of posts about terfs with weird sexual undertones (projection much)

No. 1990369

File: 1714476004909.png (115.05 KB, 618x764, ok.png)

there was a series of events in the last few days of the wayback cache before the blog got nuked:

>got cancelled increasingly because radblr got on his ass and macon was so retarded he kept engaging with them/arguing back, and stalked radblr tags to pick fights with 16 year olds

>even his fans started telling him to log off rather than posting those deranged malding sort of rants that were making it worse for him
>he posts picrel and says he is leaving the internet after all this, but wont say its bc of the radfem drama, but because he is uncomfortable with his fans saying "slay" to him or whatever kek

No. 1990370

>u are not delicate, you are a BEAST
the projection on this mongoloid-looking ass. he looks exactly like cobweb head from the jonny craig thread kek

No. 1990374

Kek I remember ripping him a second hole in my radblr days. A wholesome end to a nostalgic story!

No. 1990377

File: 1714476565295.png (18.86 KB, 847x253, ew.png)

the rest i combed through are mostly asks/personal posts and also sickening moid porn i regret having to look at. so nothing too notable to cap all of them, but he revealed a lot of details about his life.

>he's autistic

>he's gotten rejected by many men and women
>he is a virgin
>he claims to have grown up extremely poor, and used to make a living as a nail salon worker after high school
>now claims he can barely pay his rent and puts all his money back into his music
>lots and lots of talking about the girlhood he never had, lamenting being an autistic boy
>the religious trauma stuff falls apart bc he said to some anons his family wasn't even that religious and none of them even go to church anymore
>definite obsession with the real preacher's daughter his fantasies are based on, referenced the crush that got away in a few other posts

No. 1990378

>reduce "women" to being small breedable 12 year old anime girls floating in a glass jar of formaldehyde waiting for some old man to come along and fuck them tell them they are so teeeny tiny and worth it
what the fuck is he talking about? that's more in line with what trannies desire to be
reposting for the 3rd time because I'm retarded

No. 1990393

>he claims to have grown up extremely poor, and used to make a living as a nail salon worker after high school
>now claims he can barely pay his rent and puts all his money back into his music
uh huh. this is just him mimicking the same pathetic LARPs as nicole, lana and ginger. anyone writing music romanticizing being an uwu poor trailerpark white trash abused babydoll is guaranteed to be a complete poser. a fucking man doing it is even more laughable.

No. 1990405

I really love that he thinks it's a gotcha, when this disgusting concoction of words really reveals the kind of things he thinks about…

No. 1990406

File: 1714487225180.jpg (131.82 KB, 1050x1039, 714P-AhqgtL.jpg)

minor compared to just about everything else ITT but the thumb for that video is a rip-off of (er, sorry, "reference to") picrel for those that don't know

No. 1990411

How insulting, that album is a classic for a reason. Has he ever made any midwest emo inspired music or is he just trying to capitalize on "haha funny emo house meme" set to some shitty pop and retarded gyrating.

No. 1990433

Man has he ever had an original idea in his life?

No. 1990471

why make this thread now? is there any new milk? everything you referenced happened like a year+ ago, and his tumblr has been deleted for a while

No. 1990493

File: 1714504646993.png (75.51 KB, 726x832, drl.png)

OP forgot this moron is best buddies with Dr Luke, until he gets called out, of course.

No. 1990494

File: 1714504695593.jpg (372.9 KB, 1080x1765, 1658153700506.jpg)

Abusing women as a cute album concept uwu. Because his "soyboy bullied at school" childhood is totally comparable to being a woman who was a traffiking/sexual abuse victim

No. 1990495

File: 1714504816645.png (823.21 KB, 2048x1858, 1658444971147.png)

I had some pathetic whiny bits saved, have this "I'm so famous this is so tough all i wanted was to share my fetishizing women abuse album i didn't mean to be famous" boohooing

No. 1990496

File: 1714504853685.png (431.37 KB, 2048x1159, 1658509908461.png)

What "chronic illness" is this munchie talking about?

No. 1990498

File: 1714505010095.jpg (74.02 KB, 449x750, 1655876773266.jpg)

While i contributed some to this and coquette thread, i agree. It's a little too late to start a thread on Bacon, plus i thought we agreed it's better to keep him contained in coquette thread instead of giving him validation he craves.
That being said, we did poor job at archiving his old ass social media accounts and videos. somebody posted some info and old internet activity on 1st threads but they're all deleted now.

No. 1990501

File: 1714505554122.png (636.46 KB, 1752x2712, 123123.png)

Haven't seen this one. Posting his further bullshit trying to track back and explain himself cause i haven't seen this in OP description, just for archival purposes.
No matter what he says and how he explains this, nothing changes the fact HE came out with "you're all nasty slugs with pussy hair" and "breedable 12 year olds" talk himself, unprompted. Amazing how all of his casual fans who follow for this retarded aesthetic just close their eyes on this and pretend nothing happened.
Also want to add he still has Tiktok and Youtube account, if anybody is masochistic enough you can still look for milk there.

No. 1990502

Kek giving someone criticism then immediately folding when “omg famous man replies to me”

No. 1990509

Probably hypothyroid or hrt induced estrogen dominance

No. 1990524

OP here, cause he was getting discussed in the nicole thread and anons were saying make a thread, at least to compile his misogynistic bullshit into one place. he’s also still pretty active in his ig comments and tiktok and since he can’t stop himself from raging at the haters it has milk potential

No. 1990536

File: 1714513727437.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0561.png)

here is some recent milk so this thread isn’t totally useless. a lot of the milk is on IG now, i think. this was being discussed by all parties in the past couple weeks

>“salem anhedonia” (makes music as e_death/@salemanhedonia on ig) is another sickening transwoman failed dj who used to be close friends and “trans found family” with macon

>rhey chose the same pseudonym last name and said they were “sisters”, and were roommates even
>salem was dating some fag moid “nicholas” @viividsmiile
>macon steals the man in question (i guess he is no longer a self admitted virgin incel kek) and nicholas cheats on salem with macon while macon is still friends with salem
>he is now dating him (picrel)
>salem malds and sells all of macon’s old shit on depop for revenge
>depop listings including clothes, random crap from their shared house, physical copies of macon’s old music from when he was a man for 500 dollars a cd
>ethel cain stans freak out at this act of transphobia and report the depop and it gets taken down
>macon replaces pseudonym hayden anhedonia bc he’s mad at salem and changes his personal spotify back to hayden horner

No. 1990542

File: 1714514693859.jpeg (981.08 KB, 1131x1369, IMG_3376.jpeg)

Can someone explain to me why Florence Welch did a collab with this moid I’m actually raging

No. 1990549

>26yo troon larping as a teenage girl from an 80s coming of age movie
the whole subgenre of ''zoomie larping nostalgia they only experienced through old movies'' is already cringe enough, now add the pedophilic larp and its 10 times worse

No. 1990557

nyart but one of the anons who were against his thread, but now i think maybe it is needed after all. This gives a chance to collect all of his misogynistic bullshit in one place. Even if he's not consistently milky it's important cause nobody else documents proofs of his degeneracy
What in the cringe. If anybody looks for more of ethel cain calves, here's a couple of tumblrs/shitty "singers"/troons that interacted with him directly and pretty much cosplayed him (or rather, cosplayed Nicole along with Ethel kek): vyva-melinkolya, salemanhedonia, expiredidealist, rigorwhoretis. All ugly moids larping as this americana bullshit guns and lambs, going to abandoned cartoon churches in the south, 70's dress and blah blah. Vyva Melincholia is the only one that's not trans i think. Wonder if Bacon started yet another tumblr & his crowd knows the adress or he abandoned it all altogether.

No. 1990559

File: 1714519611341.webp (11.98 KB, 300x300, 65025caa6a4d3e94a04df03c642857…)

Reminder of how he looked like just a couple of years ago, when he recorded shit tier soundclout music and nicole Dollanganger covers as White Silas. He had to go trans, he knew he just COUDLN'T make it as a man in dollanganger clothes. He'd come off exactly like other male larpers (like that hamburgerbaby moid that some vendetta retard reposted several times on /snow recently).

No. 1990560

File: 1714519683121.webp (126.65 KB, 770x1368, a08d4dd732db1da3788d62b8e5c6a6…)

No. 1990561

File: 1714519750773.webp (33.14 KB, 770x759, 75a18c9830b0c80927b2aa4915907a…)

Nicole calves threads readers will remember what this shit is modeled after, right anons

No. 1990562

Does every troon base their womansona on skinwalking some woman or girl they’re psychosexually obsessed with? It’s always their wife, mother, sister, childhood crush or best friend, favorite porn star etc.

No. 1990563

File: 1714519788291.webp (40.62 KB, 770x770, c0adbcdcca2fe5e586ac434569b241…)

No. 1990569

File: 1714520369817.png (128.5 KB, 1108x458, 1111.png)

So, was he drugged, raped and cannibalized by this religious community or what? Cause i fail to understand how this Nicole tier bullshit connects to his life…
>the religious trauma stuff falls apart bc he said to some anons his family wasn't even that religious and none of them even go to church anymore
Can you please post the cap of him saying this anon? I'm very interested in seeing that, and his brainless fans should see it too. That was obvious, but we need a screenshot. All of his fake "lore" and "religious trauma" story falls apart this way, and so he can't use the "B-b-but this happened to me, so i can make concept album about raping women!" argument.

No. 1990571

Even hard up faggots would say he's too ugly to rape.

No. 1990581

He was kinda cute here. Its like he turned into a troon and it sucked all the life out of him.

No. 1990622

He looks like Keith from the try guys

No. 1990625

screenshots> pls

No. 1990649

It’s insane how all of this is just 2018 trauma narrative tumblr shit but it’s pushed as some groundbreaking high art concept album. RIP Soren, you were the blueprint.

No. 1990665

Moids think any woman theyre not attracted to is literally lower than dirt so it makes sense that the only women trannies are "inspired" by are also ones that they want to fuck

No. 1990734

>RIP Soren, you were the blueprint.
Ethel Cain wishes they were as interesting as Soren was kek

No. 1990738

he, not they. go back to twitters

No. 1990748

File: 1714580630631.jpeg (316.01 KB, 750x674, IMG_0572.jpeg)

Nta but found this on the Rolling Stone profile of him where he basically admits his fiction is made up and says his family left the church when he came out as a tranny

No. 1990755

>the fun of making a story
>writes a redneck snuff cannibal sex fantasy
How "fun". These freaks really are so transparent, this is obviously some weird roleplay for him.

No. 1990760

Yeah I still refuse to listen to it, just pretend it never happened nona lol. I wonder if it’s bc her label pushed her to collab with him in the same way they pushed her to post TikTok videos.

No. 1990762

put those grippers away!!!(sage your shit)

No. 1990773

Always thought that this dude looked like the tranny version of varg vikernes for some reason.

I mean it's no surprise since florence is super pro LGBQTV.

No. 1990805

File: 1714596101392.jpeg (60.1 KB, 476x954, IMG_4825.jpeg)

They have the same shovel face shape

No. 1990809

It’s really similar to Melanie Martinez’s album crybaby from 2015, involving a little girl in an abusive family who gets drugged and kidnapped and there’s implied sexual assault. People used to call Melanie Martinez out for saying she based it around her real experiences when she admitted she never experienced abuse, neglect, csa, kidnapping etc. Except now that a tranny moid does it it’s groundbreaking storytelling! It’s even worse because at least in crybaby the little girl escapes by poisoning her captor, macon just had to make it so that she is explicitly raped, murdered and eaten. If he were a woman I’d think it was a little tasteless but since he’s a moid and nicole skinwalker it’s obvious he’s just larping using the actual trauma and femicide women face for his retarded aesthetic

No. 1990829

You know what, i think it's a matter of… HOW you tell the story. Theoretically, you don't have to be a murder to write a novel about a murderer and so on. Nick Cave for example had a lot of songs about murders, prisoners, crime, evil etc. but nobody screams "B-but you've never been to prison!". Same with millions of rock/metal bands. Same with all the shitty rappers that keep yapping about living that gansta life, except they don't live that gansta life, they're rich kids growing up in rich, stable, safe gated communities in loving, normal (if only a bit hippie/artsy) families (see: soundclout threads).
Storytelling is right. However, i'm a bit more cautious with this when someone writes a song about something like sexual abuse. There's a fine line between just telling a story and telling a story in unintentionally weird, psychosexual, fetishizing way. Melanie Martinez's song (Tag, you're it) always seemed odd to me, like she's highly romanticizing and fetishizing the whole thing. It's even more apparent in lyrics of such "artists" like Nicole. But Bacon? There's a bonus misogyny and double dose of fetishistic shit there. I can't stomach listening to his music, but after a brief checking out, i get incredibly strong "obsessive moid with misogynistic, abusive fantasies" vibes from this. I mean even Bacon himself admitted there was some real life preacher's daughter he was obsessed with, right? If a normal guy wrote an album like that, he'd get cancelled but since it's a troon, it's suddenly ~incredible and innovative~.

No. 1990893

The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 1991056

File: 1714659371965.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1168, Screenshot_20240502-151133.png)

spotted this in the wild on tumblr, insane school shooter physiognomy

No. 1991082

they both suck

No. 1991148

all the edginess/forced transgression of "ethel cain" is instantly neutered when you learn that his favorite artist is florence and the fucking machine. was adele too spicy?

No. 1991218

well that sure is damning lmao, in all regards he continues to be a massive poser. where did he say that, just out of curiosity?

No. 1991262

File: 1714712565415.png (Spoiler Image,213.66 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20240502-235714.png)

All of the lyrics for his old albums he made as a man are still on Genius. Back when he was more brazen about his rape fetish

No. 1991269

He says this shit but he was the one who came up with the album concept, it was quite literally him putting a girl in the freezer

No. 1991369

Cervix? What cervix? Kek

No. 1991385

There's a "Daddy" mentioned in Inbred referred to as an incestuous rapist too. People say it's about an abusive relationship, is this "Daddy" character an ex boyfriend?

No. 1991386

>rape me into the bed
>daddy be my servant, come pound my cervix
>don't give this pussy a rest
Thank you, i've had enough. i'm sure he's got more of that fetish shit, but i'm not sure i even wanna dig for more. Barf

No. 1991475

when he says “pussy” he means his asshole. repulsive

No. 1991476

Fucking gross, it's so disgusting when trans identified moids like him write this fetishizing garbage and call it trans introspection or whatever the hell. It's a very raw, unvarnished look at what goes on in a man's brain and we only get to see it because he thinks he's untouchable now. Ethel Cain aka Mason Horner (lol) is just like every other male who fantasizes about rape and incest and he thinks he's above criticism because he doesn't identify as a gross incel scrote, no, he identifies as a dainty abused woman! So that makes it okay, he's just venting uwu. Except none of this actually happened to him and it's all just a disturbing fantasy he jacks off to.

No. 1991904

Does anybody remember if he was aready ~identifying as woman~ when he was called White Silas? the interview above mentions he came out with this shit at 20 years old, but who knows, he can say whatever he wants NOW. Just asking if anybody specifically remembers how far back this goes, if he went trans already in 2018ish white silas days, i'm sure somebody came across this idiot in OG Nicole days of old

No. 1992082

File: 1714963437754.jpeg (86.74 KB, 788x384, IMG_2124.jpeg)


i remember when i came across this one lyric it had me laughing for a pretty long time

No. 1992104


ywnbaw, kys scrote(learn2integrate)

No. 1992108

No it isn't, this is pure cope. If you're making something about rape it's to jack off. Look at this males lyrics. Don't make excuses for rape loving women that do the same as disgusting rape loving males.

No. 1992214

Reading comprehension, where have i made excuses for Bacon's rape obsessed lyrics OR "rape loving women" like Martinez? I specifically said Melanie's song is creepy af and fetishizing, same as Bacon's obvious rape fantasies.
>of you're making something about rape it's to jack of
Disagree, or rather agree partly. How about rape victim songwriters that write songs about their own experience, or experience of somebody they knew & felt bad for? (This is obviously NOT the case with Ethel or Melanie) Obviously, it only applies when it's NOT written in creepy fetishistic way - when it is, for me it's a sign that the songwriter is bullshitting. Which brings us back to my original point, it's the matter of HOW story is told and for what exact reasons. That's what i meant, i thought it's obvious.

No. 1992305

File: 1715039538062.jpeg (341.21 KB, 750x765, IMG_0761.jpeg)

serving school shooter realness(learn2integrate)

No. 1992497

His “story” is garden-variety incel creep shit. It’s all based on girl(s) he’s obsessed with in real life, and his sick fantasies about seeing them get raped, murdered, stuffed in freezers etc. There is nothing feminine or womanly in any of his lyrics, he clearly fetishizes femicide & female suffering and identifies with violent males.

No. 1993150

File: 1715330997274.jpeg (635.53 KB, 1242x1370, DBD8380C-8BA4-4DFC-8F21-8AE7DA…)

I think it’s moms cheerleading outfit (which makes me think of creepy cross dressing serial killers who hate their mothers/ want to assault them) which wouldn’t be shocking with all the gun posting and incest imagery

No. 1993689

>looks like the tranny version of varg vikernes
hate to say it but even varg looked better in his prime. they only look alike because it's two white guys with that same light brown hair color. all white people with that hair color look the same kek

No. 1993690

he still looks exactly like this just with long hair now. i wonder if he thinks he looks different after surgery and hormones. the troon delusion

No. 1993963

File: 1715572526984.jpeg (214.01 KB, 536x626, throuple.jpeg)

they were a throuple

No. 1993967

it's true, i remember seeing tweets from 2018 when he came out to his family and everyone congratulated him

No. 1994045

>and everyone congratulated him
>his family left church
So where the fuck is this magical fever dream abuse he experienced from religious communities. Did they also put him on this prostitute ring (while he was living at home with his family) and then cannibalized him? what am i not getting?

No. 1994052

He is LARPing his first female crush getting raped and murdered and cannibalized. >>1990362 he is retarded and male rape-ape brained so ofc his whole wahhhh I'm talking about personal trauma UMM NO NVM I'M TALKING ABOUT THE TRAUMA OF BEING A FEMALE IN AN ABUSIVE RELIGIOUS HOME, he and his fans love to switch it up to suit a certain type of narrative (female trauma in general, NO WAIT, his ACTUAL trauma that ACTUALLY sort of happened if you squint hard enough!) but in the end it's just some rape fetish fantasy for a bisexual AGP who, like every single moid before him, cannot let go of the girl who got away. The next best thing to do in that situation as a repayment rape-ape is to LARP as the girl getting raped, something he both wants to do and have dome to him.

No. 1994066

File: 1715613231116.webp (38.69 KB, 640x640, IMG_9678.webp)

literally all i see

No. 1994104

sage this retarded shit

No. 1994744

File: 1715812113024.jpeg (72.79 KB, 1024x1024, GNpGU4VWoAAf6L3.jpeg)

Macon stuns with his cringey attempt at activism, curtsey of pop base. People actually think this will get him on a watch list and not the weird incel shit they happily ignore.

No. 1994762

kek he's afraid of the blockout, I haven't seen him post anything related to the topic before

No. 1994773

File: 1715820140883.png (677.94 KB, 1082x1268, Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 5.37.…)

nta but looks like they broke up, @viividsmiile just posted a screenshot of macon telling him to kill himself kek

No. 1994774

File: 1715820202850.jpg (179.57 KB, 945x2048, GNpXcPGXQAAEKMg.jpg)

(screenshot in og tweet)

No. 1994777

misread this post as Macron telling Horner to kill himself lmfao

No. 1994785

cut me some slack, too many moids to keep track

No. 1994790

Oh shit it's a tranny? I thought it was a very unfortunate looking girl. Now it makes sense why his livestreams on YouTube are so popular and why YouTube pushes it. I never actually heard him talk but I randomly got recommended his crap and all the comments were some obviously tranny pandering shit about growing up in the south, ashamed I didn't put two and two together.

No. 1994829

I just want this idiot moid to get absolutely destroyed by the secret service. What a fucking idiot. The music/image is painfully derivative but ofc the women he ripped off are less famous (also only minimally talented as well, but it's beside the point) and he gets asspats from Taylor, Florence, etc… like, actual musicians with some sense of creativity all just because he was born with grody little nads

No. 1994970

Bacon hasn't been dating vividsmile and unfollowed him over 6 months ago, while e_death has been hanging out with him, making music with him, and calling him his "brother" all this time
Vividsmile deactivated his Instagram and Twitter after posting this

No. 1995005

Male sexuality is such a fucking abyss

No. 1995029

tinfoil but to me it looks like Salem introduced Nicholas and Bacon, got mad when they started dating, fucked Nicholas, then Bacon kicked them both out. Salem has followed Bacon around the country and lived with him rent free for years, and openly admitted he makes no money from his music and lives off of scamming incels on snapchat, depop, selling plasma, and shoplifting, he's a fat loser and a leech

No. 1995063

it's even funnier when you know the youtube algorithm only promotes men.

No. 1995107

people on tw congratulated him, dont know about his family

he claimed he was raped when he was a boy/teenager

salem made A LOT of money selling macon's shit on depop

No. 1995109

you know what macon hates? when his old music as atlas/white silas gets posted on youtube/soundcloud. easy to find on telegram or dbree

No. 1995885

File: 1716125695077.jpeg (112.12 KB, 1179x225, IMG_1566.jpeg)

Since it hasn’t come up yet just wanted to mention that he was homeschooled. I have a personal interest in homeschooled cows and celebrities so it may not be as interesting others but I find it very clockable and important.

No. 1996094

I have a feeling that he is lying and this is part of his larp.

No. 1996096

But some anon in earlier threads claims she's seen Bacon's real name in a "high school yearbook". He could've been homeschooled in earlier years but somehow i'm pressing doubt, that must be a part of his "muh strict upbringing" LARP.

No. 1996412

No. 1996868

I don't believe this shit for one second. he wants to be an ex fundie so bad kek

No. 1999233

File: 1717137836988.jpg (77.75 KB, 900x1200, IMG_20240531_033804.jpg)

so feminine

No. 1999237

glad to hear we finally found the missing link

No. 1999250

this is so dorky. i'm not even into guns and i know he's holding it wrong

No. 1999282

File: 1717160027644.webp (216.26 KB, 3000x2001, IMG_3730.webp)

Spot the difference

No. 1999288

Dylan is at least touching grass

No. 1999297


No. 1999312

LOL nonnie i was just about to post this

No. 1999413

File: 1717186368542.jpg (639.68 KB, 2048x1536, grave squat.jpg)

was thinking the same damn thing. he looks like he's trying to emulate dylann, but is trying far too hard. dylann is so effortlessly sinister and southern gothic uwu~

No. 1999416

In another life Dylan went down the neo nazi to transbian route

No. 1999419

File: 1717186734222.jpg (110.15 KB, 1776x1340, the ghost.jpg)

they are like the yin and yang of southern retardation

No. 1999430

File: 1717187637446.jpg (8.92 KB, 300x295, R-26546141-1679799228-8762.jpg)

this looks like a 100 gecs album cover

No. 1999435

holy shit lmao

No. 1999474

what the fuck, this dude seriously went online lying to everyone about how he transitioned early in life

No. 1999496

Colorado isn't part of the South anon

No. 1999612

isnt bacon from florida?

No. 1999666

So when was this Dylan Roof/Klebold LARP photo taken? I'm starting to think like ~i went trans early~ thing is an exaggeration, that and this >>1990010 somehow tell me he's got an unsuccessful school shooter wannabe/Dollanganger calf phase (perhaps even pre White Silas) and went trans because nobody gave a fuck

No. 1999753

he never said that as far as i know, he came out as trans at 20

No. 2000021

Nonnie I was just passing by the thread and ended up reading everything and this photo is fucking me up so bad for some reason kek it's so eerie, never saw it before.

No. 2002565

File: 1717896478093.png (322.19 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2024-06-08-21-29-20…)

Guys, he recently said that Joe Bidden should be assassinated and billionaires should be hung in the streets

No. 2002576

>billionaires should be hung
I assume he meant hanged?

No. 2002592

Kek, I hope he gets an fbi agent watching him now if he didn't already.

No. 2002629

Pandering pandering pandering

No. 2002638

this retard knows calling the assassination for any president no matter their politics is a terrible idea right?

No. 2002708

if he's american it's illegal last I heard. enjoy men's jail, Macon

No. 2002715

Kek, I would love to see him filming a video a video in jail and call it "jail livin" or something stupid. Getting sent to jail would probably be something he would enjoy because it would fit his Southern Gothic uwu morute serial killer vibes lmao.

No. 2002726

nice try mac, but no amount of fedposting will ever wash out the stain of being featured on obama's summer jams roundup

No. 2002743

Kek ikr. I'm sure he was horrified a democrat liked him because that would clash with his conservstive skinhead American teen boy aesthetic

No. 2002969

It would be funny to see him get jailed for terroristic threats(sage your shit)

No. 2003203

Only billionaires? Shades of Hontra

No. 2003207

Macon looks so obviously male in this photo, his hair is disgusting and he looks ugly af in this photo. Imagine being in the bathroom and seeing that walking in.

No. 2003254

that's Bladee lol

No. 2003264

lmao bladee can be cute but don’t compare him to macon

No. 2003273

Kek sorry, I was talking about the one on the far right, that's Macon isn't it? His hair just looked like teenage boy with long hair style to me lol

No. 2003324

File: 1718080882289.gif (123.6 KB, 220x127, visipoor-copycats.gif)

I just looked into Salem Anhedonia's music and Jesus Christ it's a fucking terrible ripoff of Macon, who's music is just a ripoff of Nicole. I've noticed that within this community of men pushing 30 larping as uwu ruined southern bbydolls, you literally see the exact same concepts/themes and visuals reflected everywhere, and that stems from Nicole Dollanganger. First Nicole Dollanganger uses Snuff Films as song titles, then Macon does it, then Salem does it, then you have Tumblr troons using shit like "snuffteddybears" as their username. There's no originality whatsoever within this niche, just a bunch of mentally ill women and troons larping as abused nymphet ghost girls.

No. 2003362

Even the community/fans are just copying the honeycore kidcore traumacore blogs that Soren used to be a part of. It's a mystery we didn't have more cows from that side of tumblr because despite so niche they were all insane nonces and snuff movie enthusiasts

No. 2003411

File: 1718113149732.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.23 KB, 360x540, 4NovOR2Cekb9WEh9afsAMPIjhag.jp…)

Ooh look at me I'm a special snuff film victim snowflake uwu~
Something Salem Anhedonia made, absolutely disgusting

No. 2003420

Nonna the far right one is bladee.
Left is young lean and in the middle some random little person

No. 2003460

Is Macon even in that photo?

No. 2003495

no, it's a meme

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