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File: 1669960712529.png (1.73 MB, 1404x986, Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 4.23…)

No. 1716408

Nicole Ann Bell (better known as Nicole Dollanganger) is a 31 year old musician/artist from Toronto, Canada, mostly known for her music about true crime, domestic violence, school shooters, DDLG, and other nonsense that Tumblr loves. Despite claiming to be a musician, Nicole has not released an album in 4 years, and a large portion of that one was recycled music from old EPs.

Expired Milk
> posted gore and CP on her Tumblr
> Grimes set up a record label for her, nothing really came of it
> constantly delays albums
> shelved Hillbilly Noir to release an album of recycled songs
> notoriously unreliable, cancels shows
> blatantly steals concepts/aesthetics from books/movies

Current Milk
> releases "new" song, it's actually one she posted in 2018
> desperately trying to be relevant now Ethel Cain stole her aesthetic
> is 30+ still making music for teenage anorexics on Tumblr
> got new wig or something idk

Social Media
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/nicoledollanganger
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nbabybell?lang=en

She inspired a legion of orbiter-cows (thread here >>841145), and also is vaguely linked to those "doelette/nymphette/coquette/traumacore" Tumblr dairy farms (>>1616017), so post about those in their own threads please.

Old Threads
1. >>>/snow/71407
2. >>>/snow/239951
3. >>>/snow/694958

First time making a thread please let me know if I did anything wrong!

No. 1716432

how is any of this new stuff milk? Shes doing literally nothing nowadays than drop a song every two years. Her age and her shitty wigs are not milk

No. 1716615

Anon, remake this thread in 2023, when there's anything ACTUALLY happening. she's not gonna provide milk now. the summary is very succint and nitpicky - new wig is not milk. You missed important milk/info from the last thread: forgot to mention for example that it was discovered she was sending flirty letters and nudes to underagers on tumblr. you could've mentioned she uses people for fame, used to have fat fetish blog, fell out with some of her calves, etc. Besides, we had 100 posts left to post in the previous thread still. Should be enough until January 2023 when she releases something finally (or not, probably). i'm all up for discussing this creature, but the milk is dry so far.

No. 1738854

File: 1673041593933.jpeg (199.79 KB, 1170x1733, F4F56D61-5B11-441B-AEC3-CF9164…)

nicole released her album today, to absolutely no noise. it hasn’t gotten any reviews or press coverage and her announcement tweet only got 100 likes. i think she really thought this would be her big comeback but instead her few remaining fans just got bored of her years of doing nothing and moved on kek. all of the songs basically have the same theme “uwu abused drug addicted trailer park babydoll with a terrible boyfriend”. picrel is some of her dumb lyrics she was proud enough to tweet

No. 1738960

Wow this is just sad. It’s expected that even immature songwriters grow and evolve throughout the years but Nicole is still singing her about her Lana cherries and pepsi choke me daddy cigarette butts on my coquette asscheeks garbage a decade later. Yawn. I’m glad most of her fans have grown out of that pathetic needy insecure phase, sadly Nicole hasn’t.

No. 1739015

sad, i wonder how this would have been received if it had been released instead of heart shaped bed. it seems like nicole tried to remake that album after reading the criticisms because the themes seem to be exactly the same, married in a spooky love motel to a a bad man but things go south and she's left broken but still loving him or whatever

No. 1739041

With a few exceptions, each song sounds similar to each other, "my boyfriend is mean and bad and I'm in love and sad and shmad and holding a gun"
I was hoping it wouldn't be another love themed album since Heart Shaped Bed was a love themed album, but all she really has in her life is her parents money and a greasy boyfriend. Not much going on in her life plus no original ideas that's not from a book or movie equals a boring album.

No. 1739362

Well… that was unexpected. Why no promotion? Has she ever announced it's gonna be January 7th?
I'm not surprised that everybody grew bored with Nicole, but i'm just amazed that people just prefer Ethel Troon, who's virtually doing same things but even worse.

No. 1740102

File: 1673235205592.jpeg (189.64 KB, 828x1466, 1E0A5D42-9DE6-44FF-A0DD-2FF8FD…)

no way…

No. 1740381

Bump 4 porn

No. 1760326

Ethel doesn’t sound like she’s doing a baby voice, and singing about the same thing over and over

No. 1760333

ethel cain is a man

No. 1763979

Hey anon Ethel Cain is a man no need to be transphobic faggot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1763986

File: 1675893723384.jpeg (437.55 KB, 842x601, 81240ECF-14BE-4D05-B061-A16725…)

Shoe-faced faggot

No. 1793816

How do you guys think Nicole feels that Ethel is getting more fame than her? Also matthew tomasi worked on Ethel's music with her. Wonder if it bothers her at all(necro)

No. 1793929

File: 1679598770443.png (356.52 KB, 788x830, 555g.png)

eh, probably seething but not enough to try to fight him. If it was 2016, she'd try to cling to him and pretend to be besties (but they've already done that before), then hoping to get a chance to turn around and stab him in the back/ghost him like all of the calves she left behind on the way.
Feels like she gave up a little. she has an album out, but doesn't promote it, no videos, no physical release i think? and she didn't even promote it on her tumblr, her main fandom source lol. and then, all of the sudden… a random festival slot in Netherlands

No. 1804865

Surprised no one has mentioned this but Married in Mount Airy sounds similar to Woods of Ypres's (canadian metal band) "Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery". It even starts off with the same words. "I was married/buried.

There's not an original bone in her body.

No. 1804871

damn, he is so fucking ugly. i don't even see the appeal of his stuff. it's just because the new tumblrinas don't identify as women anymore because it's trendy and it makes them ~quirky~ that he is popular. i'm not fond of nicole but her shtick makes more sense than whatever the fuck ethel is trying to appeal to. his voice also just sounds so generic….

No. 1805662

troon armor is astonishing. cain can take every hackneyed hillbilly americana cliche in the book and make some "ugh so sad so sexy" concept album about a "troubled girl" (falls for dangerous men! molested by daddy! who's a southern preacher!) that gets pimped out, murdered, necro'd and eaten by the sad sexy dangerous boyfriend (the "freezer bride" still loves him in the afterlife, ofc) and not a single critic stops to question even the slightest bit of this depraved coomer fantasy because changing your ig profile pronouns means instant access to your preferred gender's "lived experience"
like imagine the response if ed sheeran wrote and performed this

No. 1811592

>imagine the response if ed sheeran wrote and performed this
Kek exactly. These type of degenerate fantasies is why neither ethel or nicole will truly ever make it big in the entertainment industry. But ethel gets a pass and trendy brownie points amongst gen z for being a coomer male who flails his body around like a drag queen while trying to larp as a woman. I actually feel bad for Nicole that he ended up stealing her entire shtick and ended up having more success with it just for being a tranny alone.

No. 1841332

File: 1685968879922.jpeg (50.81 KB, 706x734, IMG_8234.jpeg)

Any thoughts on her new photos on IG? No hate but isn’t she a bit… mature for posing like this?

No. 1841339

It's been over 10 years. Nicole needs to let this recycled tumblr aesthetic go and get a new concept. No change in neither sound or visuals.

No. 1841383

it was a cute aesthetic 10 years ago but she really needs to evolve

No. 1841422

File: 1685984984727.png (76.25 KB, 722x504, nicole2.png)

She's been playing some shows. Genuinely surprised to see she dressed in something else for once, rather than her infamous black potato sack tour dress

No. 1841426

File: 1685985223952.png (176.95 KB, 688x840, nicole3.png)

Also upcoming show in NYC.
>Sky Ferreira
>Nicole Dollanganger
>Elita (Yungelita/Emma Harvey)
I see it's a real festival of tumblr used-to-be washouts & DD/LG idiots, only Melanie Martinez is needed and the squad is complete.

No. 1841469

Ethel Cain is famous now as a sort of diet Mitski drink so the influences are natural going to come to peoples attention

No. 1841488

never mention Mitski in the same breath as that vile man ever again

No. 1841619

Ayrt that's a comparison people are making now. Idc about mitski because she's made out of milk and toast but I know her fanbase overlaps with Cain fans since theure just sorta sad generic nlog music

No. 1841651

File: 1686015290464.jpg (137.17 KB, 765x1022, johnson.jpg)

>Uffie is still around

No. 1841802

anon Mitski is a musical equivalent of a butterface, except disguised as ~deep~. Perfect mix for coquettes, self proclaimed femcels, Phoebe Bridgers fans and zoomer indie NLOG girls thinking they have ~exquisite music taste~

Btw i see Patience (Torturegardens) is still around creeping and uwu praising Nicole in her comment section, too bad Nicole dropped her ages ago just like anyone else

No. 1841829

she toured with alice glass last summer, she looks very different now but she seemed very happy to perform and had good stage presence

No. 1844579

I remember Patience/torturegardens she was top tier cringe. Iirc wasn’t Nicole about to be 30 a few years ago, so that’d make her around 33 now? Not that it matters but I don’t think her age could possibly match her bbydoll aesthetic anymore kek

No. 1844584

File: 1686472644733.jpeg (189.77 KB, 1125x1426, IMG_8285.jpeg)

This is her Roadburn Fest photo - such a stark difference between the bbydoll selfies she’s been posting. She looks haggard and tired, not like a sweet bbydoll the way she presents herself in her own edited photos. Do people really believe she’s not nearing her mid 30s rn? Those eyes kek

No. 1844609

Just out of curiosity, what do you anons think Nicole should do with her style? I mean we all agree she looks like shit & still does exct same shit she did years ago, but i don't even know WHAT kind of style she should switch to instead
She looks oddly flabby and clapped here, like some alt reality ugly, fat Chelsea Wolfe. I know she's norml weight and she's only 30yo but she looks weirdly bulky in this pic. But still better than this shit >>1841332 can't believe this 30yo woman is STILL doing that DDLG Melanie Martinez uwu lolita toddler tumblr shit (and yes i know Nicole was before Melanie… but this pic gives off that "adult in toddler clothes" cringe type of shit she used to have).
Nicole is too late, should've come back before Ethel Cain wore her skin and made it mainstream lol

No. 1844629

the creepy hands lol. it's giving grimes

No. 1844734

good lord what the hell happened

No. 1844736

i think she could do well with a less frilly but still vintage focused 60s-70s style? i remember she'd post 60s movie gifs often on her tumblr + lots of references to old hollywood in her music. it could work(sage your shit)

No. 1844762

for some reason all these female indie musicians who peaked during the late aughts-early 2000s never moved on and seem to fall into self-destructive death spirals

No. 1844787

She can just age up her aesthetic and improve it in terms of quality and variety of influence, that would already be a big improvement. The problem is she insists on wearing the cheapest looking shit and lazily rehashing the exact same stuff over and over again with no "update". Normally, when you have a personal aesthetic that you wish to keep, you "feed" it over time, it becomes richer and more complex and remains interesting over time because of that, but she's lazy about it and thus becomes boring.

She isn't conventionally attractive enough to go for the martinelightblue look unfortunately, but she can definitely pull a sort of 70s ghost look. She has to drop the short puffy silhouettes and all that's explicitly childish but she could keep the pale ethereal aesthetic and even the vintage lingerie bits if she chooses them right.

The first step should be updating her make-up and hair skills because they are still teenager tier and it makes her look like an AGP in >>1844584. The white plastic claws are ridiculous.

No. 1844817

Nta but I was always confused as to why she didn't age it up with her. It's not incredibly difficult to do a 70s look and she could still basically do the same trailer park and old timey motel photoshoots, write the same songs, and get away with an aged up 70s look just fine. Not necessarily in a Lana Del Rey vintage way but very easily modelling herself on someone like Tammy Faye

No. 1845045

She’s above 30 at this point. Saged because who really cares, but she’s not just 30 years old

No. 1845046

Sorry I tried to sage whoops

No. 1845218

File: 1686583200122.jpeg (12.48 KB, 300x300, IMG_8292.jpeg)

Speaking of, here’s her with Ethel Cain. I can’t tell what year this was taken. All I know is Ethel’s music is godawful (I’ve TRIED to like it, since I’m into that aesthetic) and he really can’t think he looks good or passes as a girl in any way shape or form. That is a full blow man and always will be

No. 1845220

I like this dress. Anybody know what brand it could be?

No. 1845341

Brand… anon, brand? It's a clothing equivalent of Nicole's famous party city wig. Knowing her standards, it's random no brand plastic shit from aliexpress or alibaba

No. 1845354

Glad someone else mentioned this. Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus is also just a ripoff of Deftones's Beware. Really sad how many times she's been spotted plagiarizing things in these threads. It goes beyond inspired when you're just blatantly ripping off lyrics and inserting literal movie quotes in your shitty songs.

No. 1845356

No. 1845362

I'm not usually one of the posters that picks people apart in their photos but I can see exactly what's wrong with this. That black hair does her no favors. It ages her and makes her look haggard. Can't stand that the eyebrows are visibly lighter either and that ivory dress just doesn't flatter her skintone. Nothing about her hand tattoos or fake nails matches her aesthetic either - it's something I'd expect Ginger Bronson to have during her ghetto chola era. Not only does she not know how to style herself but she also just simply needs to grow out of her old ugly frilly dress look.

No. 1845918

File: 1686674469924.jpg (565.69 KB, 1960x2836, itsmylife.jpg)

And/or 1920's-esque housewife with a bone to pick. Both with neat, shorter, natural nails and some type of silver shoe.

No. 1845919

File: 1686674552798.jpg (653.84 KB, 720x3996, gg.jpg)

Fuck I dropped my sage
The Beales of Grey Gardens or >>1845918

No. 1846040

File: 1686687735470.jpg (139.79 KB, 900x1200, 1537713796511.jpg)

I know what you mean nona, but after seeing Gwen's hair i thought: well she already tried this one, but she sucked kek. All in vain, you know Nicole loves plastic wigs and alibaba nylon dresses way too much

No. 1851421

Honestly we took this era for granted. She looks much better like this than that awful long black mop on her head and balloon dress. Problem is she never dressed like this on stage. She should just stick to her natural hair color and short hair as that's what looks the best on her and get some prettier, quality dresses.

No. 1851436

these are the answer - something vintage. i don't even care if it's a glam, wannabe glam, old housewife, or trailer trash lingerie look. she's so lazy she didn't even think to thrift an old wedding dress which is only appropriate for her new album. she's tall and can pull it off.

she is flabby. she doesn't work out, does drugs, and sits online too much. i'd hate to talk about her weight since she used to be anorexic so i'm not sure if this could trigger her but there's no denying that she's not a thin woman and she's tall (so naturally bigger bone structure).

No. 1857849

jesus, i know i’m late but i can’t believe there was a time when i would have given anything to look like this woman. baby jane for fucking real.
as someone who dressed similarly ten years ago, she could easily mature her style by just wearing tailored pants and keeping the flowery flowy shit confined to blouses. ditch the zooey bangs too, they’re doing her jowls no favors and to stay in that 60s-70s realm she lives in she could try out a wig with curtain bangs or something. just incorporate bits and pieces of current trends in with her existing style. oh and a surefire way to look old is using eyeshadow on your lower lash line when you’re in your thirties. apologies for sperg

No. 1868158

it's from 2019, Ethel posted a cover of one of Nicole's songs to Tumblr and Nicole liked it so much she invited him on her tour for some reason

No. 1947553

File: 1703623736182.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2023, IMG_9456.jpeg)

cows crossover

No. 1947557

she's being nice to him but I just know deep down she's seething that this man stole her persona and somehow made to gain a following outside of tumblr wannarexics with it

No. 1947875

Jfc, it sounds so stalkery, even though you can sense he's trying his damn hardest to sound tame & lowkey.
She's 100% seething, i'm just shocked she's doing nothing about it. It's been a year since the album release and she played what? 3 nobody gigs nowhere? and didn't even post any music video. Is she too afraid of cancelling (or life post-cancelled)? Is she working full-time somewhere, somehow. Ngl i'm disappointed, i wanted to see her compete with the skinwalker troon just for the milk

No. 1949044

>Is she working full-time somewhere, somehow.
She’s the only child of rich, doting parents. She doesn’t have to work. Pretty sure her entire music career was created by upper class boredom

No. 1951651

File: 1704576639557.png (840.98 KB, 802x632, pugs.png)

Not any new milk, but Nicole adopted a new pug and posted these pics. Not 100% certain ofc, but these pink walls make me think she's probably still living at her parents house.

No. 1954753

does anyone know if her columbine fan blog/fat fetish blogs are still up?(unsaged newfag)

No. 1954775

Lurk moar, links & screenshots of her old blogs were included in older threads. Haven't checked, but i think it's safe to say these blogs 100% aren't around anymore. She purged her tumblrof all the dirt long time ago, i imagine she yeeted all these sideblogs are long gone as well. Parts of these blogs are archived on Wayback Machine though.

No. 1955316

she left home sometime in 2018 and moved to a shit hole city called Durham. I'm p sure these walls are white with some christmas lights

No. 1955542

I can't help but wonder what is she even doing all days. I don't think hermusic makers that much money, so parents are probably helping as usual, or she's milking some boyfriend who works 2 shifts for her or something. She's not back to Matt, is she?

No. 1958418

I'm pretty sure Matt's been old news for a while. She ditched him when she decided to get rid of her cringy "bad boy lover" aesthetic. She's dropped so many people when she decides they don't fit her aesthetic anymore lmao(sage)

No. 1958421

Is it for aesthetic or just because she outgrew him and nobody is inclined to pretend they still love their ex?

No. 1958553

They don't date anymore, but just checked & it seems that he worked with her on her new album.
and just wow, it's been a year since she released that album, hasn't it. She didn't promote it at all. not even a music video…

No. 1958608

I wonder why she didn't do any sort of promotion for her comeback album. That's very odd for a musician. I wonder what she's even doing these days. There was like 5 years between Married in Mount Airy and Heart Shaped bed, what was she working on during all that time?

No. 1958857

kek, I know. Honestly I think her popularity is fizzling ever since her "bad boy ddlg assault precious dolly from the 60's" aesthetic lost followers. She needs to move on and do something else with her life

No. 1958925

File: 1706118698536.png (Spoiler Image,62.62 KB, 461x769, Screenshot_2024-01-24-12-46-16…)

These lyrics almost made me barf. I don't get how she doesn't realize that there are young girls (very few though, veeery few) that look up to her and she's basically teaching them that domestic violence is cute. She is so disgusting.(learn to sage)

No. 1958939

She had a lot of more DDLG/violence glorifying songs, Cute aggression being one i think. it's just a minor tip of the iceberg tbh
I think she could safely ride that crusty old ~ghost sadbbydoll with religious trauma in wild west falling apart cardboard evngelical church/pink cardboard victorian villa shit~ (graciously leaving out the fact her new album is just the same old concept - a ghost bitches about tragic love in a trashed Poconos room kek), if only she crawled out of her cave and stooped low enough to ride Ethel Cain's coattail. I mean, we all know Bacon is riding HER coattails (and walking in her skin), but if she used her old tumblr skills (using & dropping people for her benefit/fame), she'd prob have some success, i mean coquettes like her. I mean on one hand it's maybe good that she faded into obscurity nearly Emilie autumn style & can't spread her influence on dumb teens anymore, but on the other i'd love some fresh Nicole milk. Even if that was just endless nitpicking her potato sack dresses and party city wigs kek.
The only reason i can think of why she's hiding is 1) she's scared of this threads content & pedo blogging past to bite her in the ass or 2) she got fat

No. 1958950

you're not wrong that the lyrics are disgusting but i do wanna just point out she's also using lyrics from the song "he hit me (it felt like a kiss)" by the crystals. still a fucked up message regardless

No. 1958953

(I'm >>1958925 btw)
Oh yeah I forgot abt that. But I'm pretty sure she was just sampling some of the stuff from the crystals, most of it was her own, uh creation lol

No. 1958956

Other ddlg themed songs I found:
Sweet Girl
Smitten With You
True Love Café
Blue Moon Motel
There are probably more but this is all I could find

No. 1958958

So true! And if a song's not about that, it's "a bunch of hot bad boys are gang raping me but its ok because it makes me feel cute and I like cum xoxo" or "waah i love dylan klebold if he was still alive I would be his girlfriend" or "I'm a sweet little baby doll, I want to die and bleed and starve myself." She's so fucking gross its almost funny(unsaged retardation)

No. 1958983

Holy shit these lyrics are embarrassing, an an insult to the song she lifted the he hit me and it felt like a kiss line from.
The sentiment is problematic but it at least makes sense from the 60s, this is just embarrassing. me catgirl meow! Make my botty red!

I think she probably outgrew it and ddlg is out of fashion now (seems like the girlies are all radfem-lites now, radicalised by men being loudly terrible online and irlevery day) so she has no real audience anymore and probably can't figure out how to rebrand

No. 1959040

she needs a feminist rebrand. same kind of vibe as hole's pretty on the inside except not harsh noise rock

No. 1959137

Nitpick but pretty on the inside is not harsh noise rock lol

No. 1959141

He Hit Me was considered shocking back in the 60s too. Many radio stations refused to play it because they were afraid the neutral / ambiguous lyrics would be taken as promoting domestic violence rather than condemning it

No. 1961404


to be honest i think she is just working a normal, regular civilian job like most millennial women(learn to sage)

No. 1963354

File: 1707274204280.png (Spoiler Image,137.03 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2024-02-06-21-49-24…)

Umm…. these are actually lyrics that she had no problem releasing despite discussing pedophilia, and possibly grooming and incest, in an ambiguous, even positive way…. has she no shame? No decency?(bumping with ancient milk)

No. 1963630

shit bait

No. 1972141

I know this bitch has fallen into obscurity and this thread is dead but I'm still going to add my two cents.

This bitch needs to shave her head again and start singing about horror shit again. The long black hair ages her and her shaved head would once again set her apart from everyone else. No DDLG themes, no cheesy ghost girl with a bad boy lover themes, just straight up horror is what she should be singing about. The abusive guy themes worked in Natural Born Losers only because this make believe man was shoving blood in her mouth and holding her hostage while putting her head under water. She forgot how to deliver the fantasy of real life horror that people have gone through.

Also, I never noticed it until recently but her vocals since Heart Shaped Bed sound atrocious. They sound so different from her first three albums and Natural Born Losers was her best era. It was the last time her vocals sounded nice. Her niche is childish high pitched singing while singing about darker themes and oddities. She lost her way with Heart Shaped Bed's boring ass sound. She could be making her shtick work still but she forgot how to write lyrics and fantasize now that Tumblr is mostly dead. After all, it's been documented here multiple times that most of her song lyrics are from Tumblr posts that were popular circa 2012 and movies or other songs.

>Emilie autumn style
Kek anon

No. 1972310

File: 1709554335176.jpeg (980.27 KB, 1170x1980, IMG_3382.jpeg)

sage for stale milk but i often wonder if nicole secretly seethes that matt joined forces with the troon that usurped her throne, gained farther-reaching recognition with an album about pretty much the exact same themes she’d been singing about for a decade, and whom simultaneously skinwalks and fangirls over her obsessively.

No. 1975764

Fuck it I still think the original lyrics should have been about cult suicide and maybe the 12 oz mouse shit, swallow your lighter take laxatives and drink and maybe in the next life it will be you as an animal in the gas chamber

Like fuck


I hear him screaming

Like late night white trash Walmart/tv stations

Black worker boots pacing

Into the school building

He's gonna fight the good fight

The noble war

He's gonna fight the good fight, the noble war

Yeah my baby

Has a baby

But it's not me

No matter what I say it's an a47 a47 and it loves her more then he loves me

(I don't care. If you don't quit haveing Walmart quit having ideas I will make you shave your whole goddamn mess of hair of mess of head up. We're not supposed to be this weird you fucking piece of crap)


My mantra

6-7 on a western

He wore his hat on backwards

Will walk her to the lockers

He's gonna fight the good fight

The noble war,

He's gonna fight the good fight

The noble war

Yeah my baby (wallmart the freaks and retards will always love Walmart more then they love the others even like go as far as to insist it's "their baby")

Has a baby

But it's

Not me

(Inb4 schizoanon was molested by Oprah and abc and Oprah and like swish women fuck Mary Kay Bergman)

(The freaks and retards will always love Walmart more. Idk why I wrote a song about her and her bf sharing ice cream jk I know)(unsaged unintegrated)

No. 1975765


Idk why I even said that like honestly wallmart gives them the option the the chamber

(No parole to juvinile offenders)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1975842

kek i do often wonder how she really feels about that. obviously we'll never know but i'd be malding in her shoes
she was doing this for a long time and he became so dedicated to the skinwalk and made it further in terms of reaching a wider audience. i had no idea even matt was hanging out with that retarded troon
the fact that he knew her prior to the whole larp is just deranged, ethel is pathetic. i'd be absolutely creeped out if i was her but also rightfully pissed off. men get away with anything, amazing how he still has fans after those nasty tumblr posts he made at the end of last year. i actually feel bad for nicole in this situation, i don't blame her for not doing much nowadays

>Also, I never noticed it until recently but her vocals since Heart Shaped Bed sound atrocious. They sound so different from her first three albums and Natural Born Losers was her best era. It was the last time her vocals sounded nice.
i agree. she peaked at natural born losers. i enjoyed half the songs on heart shaped bed but that's simply because a couple songs were just refined versions of existing demos that i already liked (and i prefer the demos still, kek)
…but married in mount eerie was a snooze-fest. i think i only enjoyed two songs out of the whole thing. you're completely right about the vocals.

No. 1975866

Idk, Nicole has never had a nice voice, nice lyrics or anything at all really. Her voice is dead & unemotive in every song of hers, so i don't see much of a difference.
>themes worked in Natural Born Losers only because this make believe man was shoving blood in her mouth and holding her hostage
Kek anon, make believe who? it will never work when you know she's a rich kid growing in rich family boring ass suburbs of Stoufville and she's ever experienced is sitting among her mother's dolls, making up ridiculous stories and pretending she's a weirdo. Her glorification of this abusive, white trash incest life is about as impressive and believable as Ethel Cain's songs about the experience of being a trafficked woman~. after all, maybe it's better to have random ghosts at the hotel story than that, I'm not sure it would be better if she still faked this shit in her 30's

I know some of you anons were her fans in Tumblr years and we're all just missing the milk, but sometimes i think you all just got massively tricked into believing her uwu anachan sick child in cult party kei clothes era or Natural Born Losers album was something more than it ever was lol. also I thought about it the other day and maybe the reason she doesn't come back properly is just simple: she's outgrown it all but writes about this ghost boy shit out of habit, bc she cannot do anything else.

No. 1975886

>I don’t blame her for not doing much nowadays
Honestly after the whole Bianca Devins thing, I don’t blame her for not really releasing anything either/staying out of the public eye. it must’ve been unnerving and to have people contacting you about it is disturbing.

No. 1975913

Eh what i meant was i didn't agree with the other anon on lyrics matter, but i might've originally misread that post and its context. also some of recent posters are just commenting directly or indirectly expressing how they miss Nicole's old music and how it was better which i personally don't get cause it's always been more or less terrible imo. But you're entitled to your opinion i'm not mad about it or anything, all chill

No. 1975941

I honestly really like Gold Satin Dreamer and wish she would make more music with that kind of vibe and sound to it, she seems to really like singing about things she hasn’t experienced and some fantasy other life. So if she’s going to do that I think the themes in Gold Satin Dreamer of being a bored housewife cheating on her husband is better than larping as an abused child dying by the hand of some serial killer. But that’s just my opinion as someone who really enjoys all of her music, except maybe her early early stuff. Just something about Gold Satin Dreamer is so pleasant and dreamy sounding

No. 1976491

I also liked Gold Satin Dreamer. The annoying thing about Nicole is that she is standing in her own way. She has moments where you can see her potential but then she has to insert the larp which kills it. Nicole could easily be on par with someone like Flower Face if she just grew up or dropped even half the larp

No. 1984700

File: 1712870652364.jpg (246.43 KB, 720x1136, Screenshot_20240411-172111_Chr…)

I just found this on her Instagram… there was no explanation whatsoever, anyone have any ideas?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1984707

I agree, the "in love with an alcoholic in the 60's" thing is getting old, but was the Natiral Born Losers aesthetic any better? Nicole's idea of "horror" was still cringy, go back and look at the old threads lmao. At the very least, she's not posting cp anymore, but she's not posting ANYTHING, so it feels like she still has no idea what she's doing when it comes to music.

No. 1984858

That man was infamously mauled to death by a bear and the audio of him screaming as he's being torn apart was recorded. A few minutes later the bear returns and mauls his wife too. Maybe she's sampling the audio for one of her songs?

No. 1984942

I don't think they ever released the audio to the public though.

No. 1984973

Ayrt correct, however there are copies and "totally real supposed leaked audio" that surfaces and circulates every few years that a lot of people think is real. Some of them are decently convincing (and tbh a man begging his wife to run away while he's torn apart then she also gets torn apart sounds like a Nicole song anyway)

No. 1985023

Fucking kek. Here, you all wanted your "Nicole in her prime" writing about cutesy horrors, you got it. Bored with ghost in motels? Grab a song glamourizing tragic real life events, cause it sure is so romantic to be ripped apart by a bear together.
Yes i know she didn't write such song (yet) but i couldn't resist. even thought it's just a photo, it's something up her alley. You just know if that audio was available online, she would've sampled it or posted repeatedly on her blog a few years ago. Maybe she hasn't changed much after all.

No. 1987336

File: 1713626777229.jpeg (649.57 KB, 1284x1992, IMG_9658.jpeg)

Thought you guys were being dramatic about these threads being the reason why she’s not bigger but I was going through the ethel cain subreddit and apparently some of his stans are actually insane enough to justify listening to him but not nicole based on some 2012 tumblr shit massive kek

No. 1987352

File: 1713631405942.jpg (422.41 KB, 1440x868, 1697401429886.jpg)

bet you they all went silent when he was lashing out on tumblr talking about "breedable 12 year old girls"
they can fawn over the troon skinwalker but can't handle shit she did over 10 years ago when he's saying shit like this present day. she's the whole reason why he's anything at all

No. 1987358

i literally can't believe these tiktok zoomers will give the tranny a pass but cancel each other for listening to nicole. can they pick a lane?

No. 1987371

KEK it goes like this every time. Some woman: you're a man. Simple as The tranny in response: WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS

No. 1987374

>women does something = bad
>man in dress does the same thing = good

No. 1987399


sage but can someone please remind me why we don’t have a thread about him?

No. 1987404

I'd love a thread on that shovel-faced faggot but I'm assuming he has very little internet presence now that he baleeted his tumblr bc of the meanie radfems. However, he has a strong following of retarded fangirls that could also be included.
If anyone wants to make an Ethel Cain and Retarded Fans thread, I recommend keeping tabs on tumblr user horrorlesbians who is a fauxbian who aspires to be a renowned filmmaker and move out of her parents house but she refuses to pick up a camera and film anything and she also refuses to move out of her parents house because she wants to own a house and not rent an apartment (she literally works a service desk at some tourist resort). Also she's an annoying "nonbinary lesbian" and reeeees if you call her a girl.
Horrorlesbians has met Ethel multiple times backstage and has a creepy obsession with that faggot. I'm assuming she wants to skinwalk him.

No. 1987410

Ethel Cain is heavily discussed in the coquette threads but for some reason not the nicole calf threads despite being the biggest of her skinwalkers

No. 1987456

i just scrolled through her tumblr and my god she's obnoxious

No. 1987516


I thought it had been on purpose in order not to give him the relevance/attention he wanted, but if someone had started one 1/2 years ago there would’ve been enough milk to fill 3 parts (threads) at least. pretty surprised no one managed to even care enough to make any kek

No. 1987517


samefag, don’t know much about her but truthfully seems like the epitome of a faildaughter. people get a desk job and don’t realize it’s time to stop living vicariously through ~~artists. that’s for people in high school who are at the very least still young enough to daydream online without much repercussions (yet).

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