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File: 1537713435307.jpg (113.69 KB, 1280x720, nichole.jpg)

No. 694958

"Nicole Dollanganger is a Toronto based musician and artist. She’s a beautiful little bug child living in a dream-like world with strange yellow lighting and lots of abandoned buildings and cute punk boys who get into fights and throw up a lot. Every one of her songs is like a beautiful lullaby and all pieces of her artwork are the bomb diggity (I can’t think of a really good “poetic” way to describe her artwork it’s godly). She is the sole owner of ponyboy and Danzig (#Daddy). I don’t know what else to say, I just love her so much oh my god."

-makes songs about violence and ddlg
-has posted child porn and extreme gore on her blogs
-steals her album and song ideas from movies and books
-ebegs drugs from followers
-constantly cancels shows including recent ones w bigger artists such as Poppy
-works with grimes for years, has nothing to show for it
-loves to post pictures in trailer parks, cemetaries and grimey hotels for the aesthetic

-Been working on a new version of Hillbilly Noir which is now entitled Heart Shaped Bed
-Is currently spamming ghastly pictures of herself
-has yet to release the album which she promised would be out late summer but is now pushed till late october
-made a music video with her calves
-has 3 music videos total coming out
-currently trying to "make a comeback"

Social Media Links:
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/nicoledollanganger/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nbabybell?lang=en

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/239951

Please keep the discussion her about Nichole. Her calves have thier own thread here – >>>/snow/252726

No. 694961

File: 1537713726075.jpg (10.11 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

Image dump of recents


No. 694963

File: 1537713757842.jpg (74.81 KB, 700x700, a0323744647_16.jpg)


No. 694964

File: 1537713778987.jpg (27.08 KB, 400x400, mBqhxgq4_400x400.jpg)


No. 694965

File: 1537713796511.jpg (165.99 KB, 900x1200, 0012971932_10.jpg)


No. 694966

File: 1537713833554.jpg (66.25 KB, 1080x809, 995bde15147da04374007e5d9ba431…)


No. 694968

File: 1537713855295.jpg (234.8 KB, 1080x1080, 025f8bce855de2986d96859013988d…)


No. 695036

File: 1537719483132.gif (2.49 MB, 480x270, 7B3F05F6-B708-4FF8-8318-54B66A…)

I love you for making this OP

No. 695051

File: 1537721055569.jpg (24.76 KB, 186x192, 20180923_114104.jpg)

She literally looks like a man here

No. 695054

All of these are…really lame. They have the terribly tryhard composition that you'd expect from a 14-year-old fan. What the fuck?

No. 695277

1. the wigs??? hate crime
2. the calves litch look like dudes
3. how does that promote the resulting video at all?

No. 695299

She’s always doing this over the shoulder pose. It’s actually kind of ridiculous. Like how can you post so many pictures of you hiding your lizard lips and jowls with your hair/shoulder? It’s just so obvious that she doesn’t look good from other angles and knows it.

No. 695324

she didn't do the Poppy show due to "personal reasons" aka she read the comments telling her how stupid it would be to do that show

No. 695327

her ig is riddled with proana esque photos of her in that dumb fucking wig

No. 695329

File: 1537739172968.jpg (54.58 KB, 396x516, 40edbc41e971aff060adc350520100…)

This picture is definitely inspired by a Jayne Masnfield photoshoot lol

I get the 1950s horror movie taking place in a Nevada motel aesthetic she's going for, but she can't pin it down right at all. Also who the fuck does her photoshoots? They need to invest in a polarizer.

No. 695347

File: 1537740921013.jpeg (131.62 KB, 750x753, AE2DB4A5-8DF9-478A-A4BD-97F307…)

Nicole taking a dump on what remains of her career

No. 695371

File: 1537742408252.png (570.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-24-00-36-55…)

i love abandoned places but this almost made me vomit

No. 695372

File: 1537742509636.jpg (90.81 KB, 698x544, IMG_20180924_004144.jpg)

No. 695373

File: 1537742561240.jpg (117.75 KB, 683x907, IMG_20180924_004232.jpg)

No. 695374


95% of these photos are probally just self timered

No. 695376


i swear this bitch has NO IDEA how to urbex safely. i know it's not ~aesthetic~ enough but ticks, spiders, poison ivy, mold contamination, ASBESTOS, snakes, tetanus…. and so on. And she's up in ther in damn vintage lingerie and no covering of area that could be injured/knocked up really easily.

just sit down on a filthy carpet that has god only knows how much semen in it, with broken glass and plates in the background. Thats not going to end badly at all.

No. 695379

I hope these aren’t actually self timered, because she should not be exploring alone.

No. 695385


She already admitted getting lyme or something when she shot her music video

Also this is in her bio right now: Heart Shaped Bed LP out October26 🕊🕷

are we taking bets on whether its actually coming out or not?

No. 695393

Ot but did someone edit that or does it really look like a man in a towel in the reflection?


Bad blonde wig, flash, self timer or drunk friend (maybe they can't see anything in the dark), pretty white dress/lingerie, messy semi-dangerous abandoned location as backdrop

Repeat forever

No. 695395

Now that this thread is back I can see her retreating again and claiming to have another mystery illness that somehow prevents her from uploading songs to Bandcamp.

No. 695418

File: 1537745607482.png (3 MB, 1372x1372, F54FE384-846E-49B8-97B8-C6EF10…)

No. 695422

this picture makes me feel sick, her ass is touching the filthy ground. She has leveled up her trash-level with this shoot.
And how can she go to these places and wear such little clothes considering there are often other (usually weird if not downright creepy) people there? I REALLY hope she doesn't explore on her own?

No. 695533

If you trawl back on her IG, she has or had photos with other people in this place. Nicole doesn't do ~alone~

No. 695558

In a bunch of her hotel pics you can clearly see the camera leaning against something.

She probally has someone with her but she def self timers a bunch of pics. Its probally why they are all shit quality. But thats her "aesthetic"

No. 695562

File: 1537758050420.jpg (240.43 KB, 619x494, 20180923_215924.jpg)

What even is this style?

Lil bo peep got lost in the dark?

No. 695592

File: 1537760634043.jpeg (649.69 KB, 2048x891, E7F00440-3949-4493-A65E-BFE8C9…)

these posts just keep on coming. They’re so incredibly bland and repetitive… this is coming from someone who is an actual fan of her. What is she trying to even achieve with this new aesthetic? The wigs do nothing for her. Also someone, make a new thread.

No. 695593

^ Sorry about that last bit, I tried posting in the old thread and ended up just copy and pasting what I had wrote. Anyways… Nicole said her album was supposed to come out this SUMMER. A few days ago someone commented on her post asking when new music would be available and she said “in a few days” and then follows up with a damn release date at the end of October. Nicole has literally already released half her album. I would have had some expectancy for it to be release a little bit sooner :/

No. 695612

Her hideous aesthetic has always been "Mallory Knox & Lana Del Rey/Lizzy Grant rip off, but let's make it edgier so people don't notice" it's just more obvious now as she no longer cares. Album is probably taking a long time to drop, because she's already used up the lyrics she got from edgy 90s movies. She's probably watched all of them by now and doesn't know what to do. I gotta give it to Ginger (Kayla Day) her music sucked ass but at least that crap sounded original (it was still horrible, however).

No. 695617

I watched a Daniel Johnston documentary last night and her early style was copped from him pretty hard too. The bedroom recordings, weird doodles… Now she’s the ghost of Lizzy Grant. It’s so obvious that she’s going to die at the end of this album and end up haunting a motel. What a concept.

No. 695663

File: 1537772694071.jpeg (78.85 KB, 640x468, 193D1EF5-B953-4F83-94EE-763673…)

She’s not even hitting 1,000 notes on her tumblr, the site that gained her popularity in the first place. Most of her calves and fans have already moved on

No. 695665

her mom often helps her with photoshoots iirc

No. 695683

That is justice Tripp from angel dust / tui

No. 695850

Haha, absolutely cringey. Her 2012 aesthetic is so outdated and dead that it's embarrassing, especially at her age. Why can't she move on like her fans did? At this point, she's just gatekeeping and clinging onto her youth and extremely short lived fame.
These weird new pics of her in a wig in the dark aren't even a coherent aesthetic anyway, idk what the fuck she's trying to go for now but it's unflattering and ugly. She's always been a dull, spoiled child. Grow up, Nicole lmao

No. 695891

File: 1537804078075.jpeg (126.12 KB, 640x812, image.jpeg)

>ugly crop
This was in Nicole's story.
Who would want Nicole tattooed on them forever?

No. 695957

Wow this is one this person is going to regret (if they haven't already). They're going to have to cover it up with a larger tattoo. Imagine being 50 with this short lived random tumblr user's face tattood on you.

No. 696046

god catching up on these threads after listening to Nicole in high school is a wild ride..her comeback makes no sense literally all attention and the small bit of media she received from being on Grimes' label is basically gone at this point…I dont understand the new aesthetic, the dirty white babydoll dress uwu I have sex with my uncle in abandoned barns look isn't a thing anymore Nicole nymphet Tumblr is dead like ur career at this point

No. 696176

File: 1537829887650.jpeg (272.84 KB, 357x635, 41FA304E-E548-4C2E-8DFD-E0A4E0…)

“Nicole’s adderall tweets”

No. 696178

Also the “I have read the lolcow thread” and “I know what she used to post on tumblr” is probably just setting up a trap to find out who KNOWS about all the fucked up shit she used to reblog and STILL supports her

No. 696192

Her current fanbase mainly consists of skinwalkers. They're doing the typical sadbbydoll and just using her now to get followers, the random shoutouts etc, they don't care about her. I just wonder who'll start making the same whiny baby voice edgelord music next.

No. 696256

I do wonder if the original thread hadn’t gotten the traction it did if things would be different for her now. She got exposed for reblogging child porn right after Grimes picked her up, iirc, and then she disabled asks and stopped being as active on Tumblr. Fan confession accounts actually linked the thread.

Anyway “mattcole” makes me gag. I’m surprised she’s still with him, she never posts about him.

No. 696258

like imagine still supporting someone who reblogs borderline cp and images of disabled people suffering couldn't be me

No. 696478

File: 1537872086575.png (393.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-25-06-34-21…)

Nicole, please. Just stop

No. 696484

It looks like a fucking cosplay kek

No. 696487

I want to know what y’all are talking about when you reference Nicole’s jowls. I know her face definitely looks offputting in some ways but I haven’t noticed jowls. Can someone explain this to me?

No. 696488

Can someone please make new Nicole meme/art for the thread? Idk how lol

No. 696582

File: 1537892543862.jpg (227.33 KB, 720x686, 20180925_112113.jpg)

No. 696605

>when ur so uncreative u steal captions for ur instagram pics from ur hate threads

No. 696647

Just look at the op pic for the last thread and the saggy skin around the corners of her mouth

Bitch you got Lyme disease. We’re not telling you that these pics are gross just to be mean

No. 696729

I have to see an ADR episode in this motel.

No. 696809

She could try to take some advice and work on her hygiene. Imagine what her family/relatives actually thinks of her when they google her and she images like this.

also she looks mtf here.

No. 696826


She looks mtf in this wig period ugh

No. 697053

Nicole used to keep bags full of puke and posted pics of her bandmates pee soaked jeans. She enjoys being grimy for the aesthetic

No. 698019

File: 1538016771930.png (635.53 KB, 640x1136, 8488D72B-50AA-4DC2-A90F-A9CD89…)

I don’t even understand what she’s trying to accomplish by posting these repetitive, low quality spoopy selfies

No. 698020

How awkward, the artist made Nicole even uglier looking somehow

No. 698027

File: 1538017949780.jpg (370.83 KB, 1600x900, virgin-suicides-prom.jpg)

I think I know what she's doing with the party city wig now. It's still her trying to be Mallory Knox and Lana Del Rey/Lizzy Grant but I think she's now trying to blend that in with the aesthetic from that movie "The Virgin Suicides" The movie is good (I hate the narration, however) but appeals to sadbbygurlz because the remaining sisters end up killing themselves at the same time.

No. 698255

I think you’re reaching. Besides the blonde hair, there’s nothing else in common. She’s always worn wigs, especially during her bed rest/tumblr fame days. She does it to seem sick, like her hair is falling out, and because she’s a closet weeb cosplaying her own persona

No. 698760

>cosplaying her own persona
Damn anon, that’s exactly what she’s doing. She’s wearing her past glory days like a costume, it’s so desperate. She didn’t even dress like a sadbbygurl before, she was wearing floral dresses and sweaters. she just embodied the aesthetic

No. 699047

It seems she doesn't have an actual personality, Nicole, in general, is disgusting, I think degeneracy is her aesthetic, tbh. CP, extreme gore, diseased bodies, pics of toddlers with bruises on them, murderers/school shooters, and don't forget her fat fetish blog. She seems to genuinely like that stuff. It probably annoys her more now that her famous calves get more attention than she does on the interwebs these days.

No. 699054

I think what Nicole is attempting is a complete persona shift. She’s building a new image and releasing tons of staged selfies/photo shoots periodically but all at once, so that when she releases her new album and videos her past will be buried by the new shit. Kind of how Lizzie Grant disappeared for a year or two, and suddenly came back as Lana Del Rey, with a more polished persona and music video.
I think Nicole is, once again, taking notes from LDR

No. 699060

File: 1538102056491.jpeg (135.06 KB, 631x762, FCC5ACCB-EA21-48F2-8BB7-D5E421…)

When will she stop trying to recreate her tumblr days? It’s so creepy and pathetic for a woman her age

No. 699467

File: 1538152472450.jpeg (167.2 KB, 750x813, B065F720-1DE6-4005-96E5-143F60…)

Nicole posted lyrics from Bat For Lashes album The Bride a while ago and as soon as I heard her new song My Baby I knew she was going to plagiarize it for her new album. If you haven’t heard it it’s a concept album about a woman who’s fiancé dies on the way to their wedding

No. 699656


when did she have a fat fetish blog? what was the url? like it seems completely unlike the ED era Nicole.

No. 699726

http://web.archive.org/web/20131026220707/http:/bugcake.tumblr.com/ That was the link, hope you don't mind naked fatties.

How very creative of her. She has another song called My Baby, is she seriously naming one of her new songs after it? "My… Baby wears all BLACK!!! Says he (words I don't care to know) my baby says he luvz me but i kno, he dont care til he killz us both uwu~"

No. 699737

She also reblogged some fat acceptance stuff on her main blog around the same time. I also remember her sending angry asks to one of her mutuals because he lost some weight and made a positive post about it. I think the whole thing was just performative bodyposi shit, not an actual fetish.

No. 699829

My bad I worded that post poorly. I meant that Nicole's My Baby is very similar to the concept of The Bride. I bet later in the album she's going to die and her ghost is going to have sex with her lover or something.

No. 699935

File: 1538186545204.png (509.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-28-23-53-23…)

she posted this on her story

No. 699939

this could also be inspired by Lana's dark paradise though it might be a stretch since it's such a generic love goes on song

No. 700890

File: 1538310643026.jpg (172.26 KB, 720x909, IMG_20180930_141725.jpg)

No. 700892

File: 1538310677147.jpg (127.38 KB, 720x919, IMG_20180930_141704.jpg)

No. 700904

No vintage granny panties nor shiny stockings is gonna protect her ass or vag from the amount of filth and bacterium in all these locations shes been at.
I mean fuck matresses collect mites and dead skin over years and shes been seen barefoot in several of these which I can't help but wonder what kind of fungus problem lil miss sadbbygrl must be going through.
Nothing pretty about diseased feet and body parts when you can't just take it off at the end of the day after a photoshoot.
I mean christ how anybody lets nicole touch them is beyond me cause no amount of antibac is gonna make me feel safe and she looks like the kinda girl who thinks washing her hands in cold water makes up for shit like touching the abandonned pool ladder among all the filthy physical contact shes had with these locations.

No. 700986

Probably not a good idea to have a career around your voice and constantly expose yourself to mold too. There's a good reason urbexers wear respirators when they go in places like those, just breathing in there can make you very sick.

No. 701001

You sound demented

No. 701296

She probably doesn't wash her hands at all, all for aesthetic of course. She likes more of this stuff than she would admit to, she's just uncreative. I wonder what a Nicole Bell in say, the 90s would be like.

No. 701399

File: 1538355365365.jpeg (263.12 KB, 1079x1776, 0567CAE5-AF8E-4A52-B6B7-9CFDBB…)

i have nothing to contribute to the thread really, just thought you all would enjoy this pic of nicole looking like an ogre with grimes and her weeb friends

No. 701434

this was posted in the last thread… sage if you have nothing to contribute

No. 702443

File: 1538483232679.jpg (370.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181002-065123_Ins…)

No. 702875

those shoes don't fit her aesthetic at all…

No. 702897


No. 703663

have any of you listened to this interview yet? i just found it and i'm only about 5 minutes into it – in all the years i've known about nicole, i've never heard her speaking voice. it sounds exactly like how i'd always imagined.

No. 703668

Anon, could you maybe do a summary when you are done?

No. 703678

So that uguu baby voice isn't real? She sounds like a fat awkward chick, I always thought the one real thing about her was her abnormally high pitched voice. But no, that's fake too.

No. 703693

i'll definitely try! the only interesting info thus far is that matt is apparently an engineer alongside being a musician? never would have expected that.

No. 704040

Not surprised. I’m sure once her parents give up, Matt will support her financially. Engineers make good money, he doesn’t look intelligent enough though tbh

No. 704043

File: 1538660304151.png (726.56 KB, 640x1136, 00E2FE56-15D8-45EB-8D91-8E2FF3…)

From her story. Shes looking old, even with the excessive filters

No. 704096

I was going to try and summarize everything, but it was honestly kind of boring. Some cliffs (feel free to fill in the gaps with anything I missed):
-Her pug, Freddy, is with her a lot of the time she's making music.
-Her mom introduced her to VC Andrews and Flowers in The Attic at a very young age. She chose the name "Nicole Dollanganger" for privacy reasons.
-She likes the first Flowers in The Attic movie despite her saying it was PG in comparison with the book, but didn't watch the second (newer) one and says she's "very sensitive about it"
-She's gone from being a guitarist to more of a keyboardist, she just found the first easier initially. She usually writes a poem or has a concept in mind, then makes music and freestyles her lyrics to fit a melody.
-She says Grimes/Claire Boucher is one of her closest friends to this day.
-She personally chose everyone who helped her produce Natural Born Losers, and they recorded for a bit in a studio made from the basement of a defunct elementary school. However, most of the final tracks ended up being made by her and Matt (a musician and engineer) in her basement.
-She's still living at home.
-Her mother collects and refurbishes chalkware carnival dolls. Her father used to collect guns, and let her display one of his most special ones in her room.
-She's never fired a gun in her life.
-Her mother never tries to dissuade her from anything she creates, and respects her privacy. She says there are some songs she asks her not to listen to, and she obliges.

No. 704277

It’s that awful blond hair. Nicole, it doesn’t work for you.

I think she meant an audio engineer.

No. 704379

File: 1538691747107.png (Spoiler Image,564.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-05-00-21-21…)

She's posting disgusting anime babby guro again.

No. 704401

I really wish she'd go back to the dark brown hair and bangs, it suited her style so much better. I think we can all agree the blonde ages her and washes her out.

No. 704558

Pretty sure this is from the Doll Sickness comic short by Junji Ito. It's not porn.

No. 704565

Doesn't matter, she still posts it out of context for the aesthetic points. She did not change that much, maybe just about covering her ass with ~artsy~ sources

No. 704599

It's actually from Shoujo Tsubaki, an anime film based on Suehiro Maruo's guro manga, Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show.
There's a lot of grotesque imagery in it.

No. 704653

As >>704599 said it's from shoujo tsubaki. The plotline is about a young orphan girl being sold to a freakshow where she is raped and abused. It does get pretty pornographic.

No. 704806

File: 1538747213619.png (1.49 MB, 640x1136, FDBC9B3F-31E8-4E05-880E-F7832B…)

Those eye wrinkles are impressive. From her recent story

No. 704808

File: 1538747328948.png (624.66 KB, 640x1136, ED53D32C-0FE0-4E43-8FF9-095DBE…)

More keks. I guess this is what Nicole spent the last few years working on

No. 704810

Flipped it the right way and undid some of her editing

No. 704812

File: 1538747793639.jpeg (209.68 KB, 640x1136, 9AACE335-F513-403A-BB5A-4BE2CC…)

Forgot pic

No. 704842

File: 1538751992627.jpeg (251.14 KB, 640x725, DE9B80A5-88A3-4CCF-B0ED-C8A08A…)

Nitpicking and sage, but her face is so strange looking to me. Something about how high up and odd looking her brows are, then add the deepset eye wrinkles and it seems like her face caves in at the middle (around the nose). Her mouth is also so small. She’s definitely pretty in a strange way, but not by common standards. I’m trying to imagine what she’d look like without the makeup

Of course she’s never shot a gun. I can’t find words for how… contrived and fake her act is. She even says it herself. Her dad basically used her room as gun storage. Her mother collected dolls and there were some in Nicole’s room. She’s completely boring and her parents are more interesting than her, kek

She and Claire Boucher have a similar awkward lisp when speaking. Her voice is so hearty and laughable, especially when compared to the way she spoke in her videos she posted on tumblr (links anybody?) In those videos, she must be forcing a fake babydoll voice. Lol

If Grimes was really her closest friend, I doubt she’d be spending so much time at home with her parents

This girl is so contrived. Sorry for the long post lacking milk.

No. 704895


Don't give a shit about this girl, but she is objectively pretty. The 'flaws' you listed are classically beautiful. Sorry that not everyone has a moonface anon.

No. 705057

>her face caves in at the middle (around the nose)
Wut. Do you have a lot of fat in that area or something? Most people's faces are sunken in a little there especially if they have good cheekbones hence nasolabial folds when people age.

No. 705129

File: 1538787863609.jpg (405.46 KB, 702x1118, 20181005_200339.jpg)

No. 705130

File: 1538787877404.jpg (235.87 KB, 720x646, 20181005_200351.jpg)

No. 705138

>she is objectively pretty
Do you look like her or something? She's not Quasimodo, but "classically beautiful"? Uh…

No. 705149

Kek I’m sorry but she is in no way a “classic beauty”

No. 705162

Anon is used to chubby moonfaced girls with no visible definition in their face. Everything they described is normal unless the person is on prednisone or just fat as hell. It’s like saying if you can see their cheekbone they are anorexic or a man.

No. 705192

File: 1538794351339.jpeg (92.74 KB, 750x800, CFCECAD5-AD83-4439-9E7B-E6E87C…)

She revealed the rest of the track names on her Bandcamp. Two more old songs, so that’s 6 new songs in 3 years. As a fan of her music I’m disappointed.

No. 705399

Lmao I’m the op anon and no, I’m not into chubby moon faces. I guess it’s her nasolabial area and eye wrinkles that really throw me off. She looks beat. Why so many white knights? We’ve already established she looks like a troll without the caked on doll makeup in previous threads

No. 705410

She's not pretty but not for the reasons you listed except the mouth area and eye bags.

No. 705484

this. she's haggard af and aging fast but you were acting all flabbergasted about her mouth being small and her skull "caving in" like you had never seen those features before

No. 705594


this girl is shooting herself in the foot by not having "have you seen me" on this album, the whole lost girl in shady places would have worked well for that song. tbh, it's kind of a weird song w/ the mix of the heavy instrumentals with her voice, but i dig it a lot.

No. 705915

File: 1538919333469.png (969.76 KB, 640x1136, 512D3DB1-9BFD-4C43-8D77-31F068…)

You’re right, I was nitpicking and maybe projecting my own body dysmorphia (been diagnose a few times). Regardless, I’ve never found her very pretty, attractive, hot or even cute.

This is from her recent IG story

No. 706090

to show off shes not chubby anymore/ripping off aesthetics from others, and also to show off the white trash lifestyle that she for some god forsaken reason wishes she was a part of

No. 706093

thats right!!!!! i remember her fat fetish blog when she first started recovery, shed post morbidly obese women in underwear and gross pictures of donuts

No. 706597

>no covering up of vulnerable areas
Can you not see her flesh coloured foot condoms? I'm so sick of those flat shoes, if she wants to look barefoot then she should just go barefoot but this looks terrible, she would look better in a pair of heels. Lingerie with heels would even fit the more mature vibe she has been aiming for.
>>696582 triggers me the most

No. 707182


is that a menstrual cup??

No. 707351

File: 1539082381963.png (775.76 KB, 640x1136, 611EBA2D-46BF-466C-8C9B-84D0F2…)

Does she really think this looks good?

No. 707356

File: 1539083342113.jpeg (94.2 KB, 580x678, 657B8CEC-6330-4155-9070-CD7B1C…)

My god she is looking spoopier than ever. Her underbite drives me wild

No. 707364

She needs to fire whatever photographer is doing these half assed shoots for her. They look like they came off of some teenager's rejected disposal camera, and not in a ~cool edgy aesthetic~ way. The lighting in every single shot is totally abysmal and the contrast is always wonky.

No. 707373

shes on self timer lol

No. 707388

I just want to give her some hand sanitizer.

No. 707528

haven't even watched it yet but she's been hyping this video up for months just to post it as unlisted?

No. 707546

I watched it earlier, it was really boring. Just a lot of walking around and then they sit in some fake blood at the end.

This probably wasn't the video she was hyping up. That one is going to be for heart shaped bed, right? This is for lemonade.

No. 707566

the end was really bad lol like that just made it look even cheaper

I really hate when she says fuck like it's really jarring for some reason, same with when she says cum

No. 707579

That makeup no longer works because it's aging her now, instead of making her look younger (her target audience is edgy Tumblr nymphets). She should've gotten a realistic blonde wig, at least for the music video. It looks like she's cosplaying herself ffs.

I think the video was only made for Tumblr gifs anyway, and she ruined the song. Lemonade was one of the more tolerable songs by Nicole, but she had to mess it up smh.

No. 707719


How boring and unimaginative can someone get? All her underage fans are gushing about aesthetic in the comments.

Also, I honestly find her face gross - it looks so harsh, rough and mtf-looking.
And her posture disgusts me, walking around like quasimodo's deceased long-lost daughter.

No. 707748

File: 1539112060800.jpg (72.82 KB, 1103x374, cow1.jpg)

not sure if anyone knows who this is, but classic old luna aka angelic.corpse back in the days of her instagram ghost girl dollanganger-esque tryhard phase left a comment saying how amazing and glorious it is lol. of course a deluded cow like luna would still be clinging onto this overused aesthetic after 5 years. she was discussed in-depth in the hybristophelia thread just in case anyone cares to know more, hopefully at least one of you guys remembers her though, she actually had some fairly good milk before she faded into obscurity and started deleting all her stuff.

No. 707755

File: 1539112263881.jpg (23.43 KB, 804x183, cow2.jpg)

No. 708095

This looks really cheap. It’s just an urbex video with two weirdos walking around in it and progressively getting more bloody. I was instantly reminded of some of Grimes’s imagery in Flesh Without Blood. I guess she’s supposed to be a siren?

No. 708103

It does look really cheap. Not even on purpose. Why spend so much money on a professional looking video but use a dollar store wig and makeup kit?

This is so sad. I remember when Nicole’s aesthetic and look was so unique that nobody else was doing what she was doing and that’s what made her so special and alluring. This just looks like a bad student film. Not even the setting is cool.

No. 708117

The edgier she got, the more the aesthetic went to shit, imo. When she was just making whiny baby voice music and prancing around in floral granny dresses it was just her look, no one else was really doing it. Then she started pretending to be a metalhead nymphet and looks like one of her calves impersonating her.

No. 708128

I don’t think she spent much money on it. There are some very amateur shots that should have been edited down or taken out completely like her ungracefully ducking under a tree branch or the ones with her wig completely covering her face while she walks. She probably got one of her friends to shoot it and then edited it herself. I guess this is why she dropped out of film school.

No. 708383

File: 1539136325755.jpeg (1003.24 KB, 1125x1706, E00F4D78-12D7-4F4D-B34D-B5F6B0…)

Didn’t Mac Boucher aka grimes’ brother shoot it?

No. 708391

I was about to say. I think he is responsible for at least one video (probably the one with her calves)

No. 708395

Is this supposed to be blood? Why does it look like chocolate sauce?

No. 708411

The whole video just looks like a low rent Born to Die video. Top kek

No. 708417

Her shit is about to blow up and It’s gonna be a cringe fest milk farm for a few months. Hope you’re all prepared

No. 708435

Ah well that explains the Grimes similarity. My point still stands that it’s poorly shot. All I could focus on was that atrocious multilayered wig.

No. 708443

I almost forgot Nicolas, is a Lana superfan and copycat.
The video also reminded me of Ultraviolence with her frolicking through some woods or wherever the hell she was.

No. 708447

In the interview posted upthread the interviewer brings up Nicole’s similarly to lana and you can practically hear her discomfort.

No. 708448

the song is actually kind of ok. sounds just like grimes 6 years ago. why can't she just do an interesting aesthetic to match it? why does she need to hitch her shit to to this white trash americana babydoll shit? it honestly doesn't even match the song.

she's a terrible person so i'm glad her aesthetic isn't appealing enough to draw attention to her beyond tumblr tho

No. 708589

File: 1539151139535.jpeg (333.06 KB, 640x613, 25F63FCB-3B50-4A2A-BDA4-A78F7B…)

Just why?

No. 708613

That's the face you make when you sit in a wet spot. She really has no quality control.

No. 708630

what are all these photos in aid of? she isn't promoting her music or recording, what's the point of the photos?

No. 708634

File: 1539155896717.jpeg (104.36 KB, 863x1390, D239A71C-98D4-4253-A965-E08040…)

she looks like a male mannequin from the 80s, face and body wise.

No. 708636

Lol this! Sometimes I wonder if she’s mtf

No. 708645

I was trying to figure out exactly what her face reminds me of and this is it. Thank you anon
Wish we had some decent parody artists in this thread to draw Nicole

No. 708648

please don't summon those shitty drawfags, anon. their art always sucks ass.

No. 708840

woah this is a really bad photo. her shoulders look really broad and the coat gives her the illusion of having no curves. she does look mtf. we all take bad photos but she always post the ones that make her look worse

No. 708858

lurk more, this was posted a day ago upthread.

No. 708925

I just want to scream holy shit THAT WIG IS FUCKING TRAGIC WHYYYYYYY

No. 708960

She deleted this picture lmao

No. 708975

I love it when Nicole exposes herself lurking here. It is truly an awful picture. I just noticed how meaty her neck is, you can see it here >>708589 and >>701399 here, she’s very good at hiding it with her hair and shoulders. Girl knows her angles and I have to give her props for that, there’s no way she would pull off the bbydoll image if she faced the camera head on.

No. 709016

File: 1539193364367.jpeg (987.76 KB, 1125x1697, A8EE3522-77B2-402D-87B4-3B49C2…)

i bet she thought if i tie this bow around my neck and take this photo from the dad selfie angle, lolcow can't *possibly* say i have a meaty neck lmfao

No. 709023

This makes me so uncomfortable. She looks like a mannequin bust.

No. 709050

File: 1539195669309.jpg (1.19 MB, 1500x1000, 12.jpg)

Oh look another actually plastic wig
Doesn't she have money to just get her own hair done? Is it really that fucked up and thin? In that case, why not get extensions? Or at the very least a human hair wig??

Her clothes are shitty too… why? Can't she get sponsers to send her clothing? Or buy her own? The problem Nicole, is cheap fabrics. Stop with the polyester thrifted nightgowns. I know it can be exciting to find something in a thrift shop that pings the aesthetic, but for a CURATED image online (and otherwise) the cheap fabrics don't work.

Can't she find a more stylish person to skinwalk at least?? I mean if she doesn't have good taste why doesn't she copy it from someone who does? She must not have any attention to detail beyond hoarding lacy doll bullshit

Wearing contrasting colors on top & bottom only cuts her in half visually and makes her body look less graceful. Nicole stick to monochromatic looks

Ps I kekked at the misspelling of her name in the thread title

Saged for pms sperg

No. 709056

File: 1539196104757.jpg (108.93 KB, 570x855, 11ecf2a5363ba3b0dc15b1e0548060…)

Forgot to add that pic related in this post is an example of good fabrics, silhouette, draping, and proportions. Notice how the hair is simple, yet it still works?

Like at the very least if you wanna wear boring cheap clothes, the wigs should be more realistic to elevate the whole look. Cheap wig + cheap clothes + trashy locations = you look like shit. At least one of the first 2 things needs to be refined in order to pull off the effortless waif ghost bby look.

No. 709067

File: 1539197254422.jpg (351.16 KB, 800x800, 20181010_114652.jpg)

Taking bets now: will she throw it away now that it's been covered in corn syrup and red dye or will she attempt to rehab it?

No. 709070

Lmao I'm the one who posted about her in that thread and dug up those old photos. Her major photoshopping is hilarious.

No. 709074

What is this angle? She looks like a thumb or a worm someone stepped on…

No. 709112

>will she throw it away now that it's been covered in corn syrup and red dye or will she attempt to rehab it?

Probably not, it'll be stained and sticky with corn syrup and red dye and she'll still wear it because aesthetic.

She's a tryhard, she probably thinks wearing cheap stuff will make her more #relatable to her fans when she's literally rich lmao. She has enough money to get better wigs and clothes.

No. 710443

This ratty wig is driving me crazy. That cheap wig tangled look is gross

No. 710634

File: 1539308647340.jpeg (108.42 KB, 640x1136, 1B84167F-2A5C-49AC-BC05-D2D549…)

No. 710636

so i'm guessing andre the giant is making a comeback in nicole's entourage

No. 710663

Nicole has given Cryspell some clout, I don't know why as her music sucks ass. Who would really enjoy listening to this?

No. 710683

>no wig
>thank you god

No. 710902

she looks… dare i say … cute? it's filtered to hell and back but a better look than that fucking wig

No. 710996

File: 1539339177583.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.85 KB, 640x324, BBC971DE-3F46-4373-AC6C-5C491D…)


maybe not that milky, but a curious find nonetheless. I’ve never heard anybody refer to a pedophile’s victim as his “little girlfriend” before.

No. 711088

Lol I imagine she's annoyed with us in particular in this pic
>here you crusty bitches here's a pic without the wig jfc HERE. TAKE IT.

No. 711571

File: 1539391357467.gif (166.08 KB, 422x317, A7FE6213-962C-4BFE-BC9B-258CBA…)

Not really. She looked cute in pic related, without shoop. Now she looks so unhealthy and gaunt. It doesn’t matter how much she filters and Facetunes because you can still see it. It took only a little over five years for her bad habits to catch up with her. Nicole is my inspo to take care of myself so I don’t end up a spoopy grandma when I’m her age.

No. 711698

ya I don't think this isn't too milky other than shows Nicole's old romanticizing of nymphet and lolita shit other girls were into years ago on Tumblr but it does make it creepier knowing Nicole went further and was actually into cp and other disturbing things for ~muH siCk aEsthetiC~

I really don't think she sees the actual predatory nature of these relationships but thinks of them as cute in her fucked up mind

No. 711745

Female pedophiles creep me out more than male pedophiles, especially the young ones. I feel like so much of girlhood involves fighting for the right to exist as something other than a sexual object for men to ogle. There's just something so gross about a woman leaning into that and believing that girls exist to be used and abused.

No. 711836

File: 1539434857324.jpeg (281.82 KB, 1122x1313, 0B57B598-A6AB-4812-92F9-A1B72C…)

oh, wow. this is one of the worst ones yet. zoomed in pic below.

No. 711837

File: 1539434930725.png (8.09 MB, 1125x2436, 6F1CC68D-D455-4070-BC19-EF9317…)

all i can see is her lack of lips

No. 711856

File: 1539438024513.jpeg (853.56 KB, 1125x1428, FF323B61-92D4-43A4-BF0B-52A3D5…)

does nicole think she needs to do dramatic, harsh stage makeup for music videos? that's the only explanation i can think of for this shitty, borderline-drag level of heavy makeup she's had going on lately.

No. 711864

she really looks like a man

No. 711901

File: 1539447004112.jpeg (73.13 KB, 640x345, A65419F5-92F2-4759-83AE-92476D…)

Can’t wait for this shitshow

No. 711902

Also op spelled the thread title wrong “Nichole Dollanger” kek

No. 712286

I mean, it’s a concept she’s been trying to shove down everyone’s throats for a while. This could’ve been executed well and acted as a visual aid to the album, but the dollar-store version of what could’ve otherwise been a neat idea is truly unsalvageable.

No. 712431

Tinfoiling here but… I almost feel like Nicole herself made this 3rd thread. Why else would her stage name be so improperly spelled? I think Nicole herself (since she has been exposed as lurking here) made this thread, in correlation with her new album/videos.
Sounds insane, but since she lurks here, I’m thinking she purposefully misspelled her name to detract attention via her Google search

No. 712443

you're really reaching, anon

No. 712460

Not really. She very obviously heavily lurks here.

No. 712473

no, you really are. sage your ot paranoia.

No. 712480

Nah i think op is just slightly retarded misspelling an easy name like that.

No. 712529

not op but that's how my middle name is spelled and now i cringe at it because of this thread. still like it more than the general spelling though.

No. 712571

Cool blog. No one cares.

No. 712585

no shit, that's why i saged. maybe remove the stick from your ass next time you wipe.

No. 712614

it's still blogging anon

No. 712749

File: 1539550506767.jpg (90.21 KB, 600x598, i'm scared.jpg)

as awful as nicole looks in the wig, cryspell aka hambeast nymphet looks even worse lel

No. 712871

Your post was so bloggy and unnecessary that you shouldn't have made it at all. Saging doesn't save your shitposting. Learn the site rules, Nichole.

No. 712887

Jesus lord that was bad. this is an insult to Daniel

No. 712903

you've shown me the light, anon. i'd delete the post just for you if it hadn't been longer than a half hour. but did you know you can also reply to some actual shit milk that's been posted since my post? you know, posts that technically belong in >>>/snow/252726

No. 713025

File: 1539581602402.jpg (87.64 KB, 960x502, 530157_10150714142698070_14889…)


weird, I've followed her as a personal cow for years that I came across via the unschooling community. that's her in the back with pink hair.

No. 713030

nah deflecting blogposter, my photo of cryspell belongs here because everyone has been discussing nicole's shitty blonde wig and she is wearing it in the image posted here >>712749 so fuck off loser

No. 713031

holy shit i completely forgot un-schooling was a fad from a few years ago

No. 713038

>i forgot un-schooling was a fad from a few years ago

No. 715288

File: 1539808674736.jpg (274.91 KB, 689x737, 20181017_153704.jpg)

No. 715359

no. clearly you don't understand how posting works so lurk more before you start shitposting across the site.

No. 715372

This post is days old, sorry milk is so dry

No. 715416

She really needs to hire someone to do her PR for her. She's been posting shit from these shoots for 6 months now. We're bored with these images before we even get the video. It happened with Lemonade and it will happen with whatever this Virgin Suicides/Manson family shit is. Nicole, stop blowing your load early and just release the damn shit if you want to show it off so bad.

No. 715423

File: 1539817008294.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1125x1521, 17C55FC0-4868-45B5-B799-FD8F34…)

I wonder why she seems to favor Maggie so much when she has the least amount of followers from the Official Sad Bbydoll Squad.

No. 715456

it's all about who provides the most asspats at any given time

No. 715468

File: 1539819085538.jpg (19.07 KB, 721x111, 38748932749832749832.jpg)

Another bit of interest on that old blog - here's Nicole all but admitting that she has BPD.

Careful, Mags, she'll ditch you too eventually.

No. 715953

File: 1539868843592.png (6.83 MB, 1125x2436, 2289D605-26FA-472B-A196-AB3527…)

she and that group look progressively worse in every photo she posted on her story. photo dump incoming.

in this one she looks like an edgy 14 year old going to their first anime con with that damn wig.

No. 715955

File: 1539869629285.png (7.79 MB, 1125x2436, 59DEFA6F-14CC-4D93-867F-85BEBD…)

No. 715957

File: 1539869681406.png (6.32 MB, 1125x2436, 8B74A9B6-8445-4FAE-8B4A-D21C5B…)

No. 715962

File: 1539870516085.png (6.22 MB, 1125x2436, 075DD62D-0F5A-4418-9BE3-24E9DF…)

do you guys think nicole's made them all use those ugly-ass filters to try and mask how busted she looks? also lmao at andre the giant just coming across as a hanger-on.

No. 715963

File: 1539870572710.png (7 MB, 1125x2436, 3B668F7E-4C7E-4BBA-8B6D-85F471…)

oh wait it looks like they're using snow, i'm retarded

No. 715964

I think Maggie has her own personality and interests, which is probably refreshing for Nicole. She’s also pretty and edgy enough to be a good accessory, but not pretty or edgy bbydoll enough to outstage Nicole kek

No. 715967

File: 1539870658898.png (2.31 MB, 1125x2436, B27E1801-8622-4F51-A00D-6FC7DB…)

I lost it at the butter knife.

No. 715969

I think that’s a reach and it’s probably for fun and to low key hide how busted they all are

No. 715970

The wig is awful and the color just doesn’t suit her. I don’t understand why she’s doing it to herself

No. 715997

File: 1539872820437.jpeg (277.38 KB, 750x1334, D8DA2347-908D-4F83-A965-1DF97D…)

From Twitter. They all look like they’re tweaking or something

No. 716012

Is Nicole… straight-up wearing a robe? As in a bath robe? Even her giant green coat was better than this.

No. 716014

Some sort of trench coat of big fuzzy coat, I don’t think it’s a bathrobe. Still awful. They all look really beat. I couldn’t believe that was Matt

No. 716029

File: 1539876763087.jpeg (12.72 KB, 199x234, 1539872820437.jpeg)

what the fuck

No. 716081


Her right hand is grasping her left wrist, and her left hand is holding the water bottle.

It took me a minute to understand what was going on in the OP.

No. 716095

File: 1539884264778.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1125x1836, C0C7B8EA-398F-4420-B063-8F36A9…)

somehow I don't hate this photo as much as the 600 others she's posted just like it.

No. 716189

I think she only hangs out with these girls because standing next to them, she's the dainty waif looking one while they're all "fat" and "ugly" beside her. I've never seen Nicole stand next to an attractive skinny girl.

No. 716217

I think its just cus the colours are nice. I'm sure I've seen editorials like this also second to left girl (idk their names) looks like she has a fake head on

No. 716262

You're right! And this may be an unpopular opinion, but I honestly think Maggie has the soft, nymphette uwu features that Nicole wishes she had. She's definitely the most conventionally attractive one there. She's also wearing the best dress out of them all.

That would be Patience. I think that's just because of how her head is turned, though she's probably got some facetune going on.

No. 716265

idk if it contributes to the mask look but she has no eyebrows

No. 716295

The girl on the left is the only one achieving the look

No. 716369

i think theyre going for a virgin suicides-esque look which maggie achieves flawlessly and the others look awful lmao

No. 716376

Uh…girl all the way to the left looks leagues better than nicole especially in this photo with that horrid wig and unflattering, heavy, dark eye makeup. She also knows how to pose instead of standing there like a stick-straight daikon radish.

No. 716381

Maggie pulls it off well because that aesthetic is based around looking young, being blonde, and looking as natural as possible. Nicole, Andre, and Nicole junior look haggard. Also, we're probably about to get Maggie kicked out of these photoshoots lmao.

No. 716465

Nicole's never going to include her in anything again after seeing this.

No. 716533

i'm sure maggie will live lmao

No. 716670

File: 1539927940564.jpeg (88.34 KB, 403x715, 78CC35AC-475F-4BFD-B88E-EA8169…)

Nicole and her sidekicks must feel like they’re making some big dramatic “comeback”, which is so laughable it’s almost sad

No. 716674

Maggie is the only respectable, individually-minded person in their group, and she’s not a nonstop cringe-fest like the other 3. Don’t understand why she even chooses to associate with this crowd

No. 716677

Patience always looks like her whole face is just painted on, like a bad rubber mask or some shit. I have a hard time imagining what her real face must look like

No. 716681

lord they did patience so dirty with this photo

No. 716686

File: 1539929054105.png (1.14 MB, 640x1136, 671F1EA2-317B-43C4-94C1-E56157…)

Photo dump from IG stories comin up

No. 716687

File: 1539929085470.png (1022.72 KB, 640x1136, A0DAB755-AD41-41A1-92F7-697C5C…)

No. 716688

File: 1539929125402.png (1.51 MB, 640x1136, A3CAEB63-D84A-4832-9DD1-8DA0D3…)

No. 716689

File: 1539929245256.jpeg (103.53 KB, 640x469, BDD03DC3-5EDD-442F-B874-D4A51E…)

No. 716690

She's still an edgelord, just not as bad as nasty Nicole. Give her time, she'll delete everything and do a complete rebrand like Millie. Also, I feel like Maggie is posting in this thread for some reason, not saying it's you anon. Just how some of the posts seem. What is the difference with her and the other sadbbydolls? She is equally an edgelord, and is quite plain and average looking. She's very forgettable, imo.

No. 716696

Definitely not Maggie. I’ve followed her for a couple years, before she ever associated with Nicole or this aesthetic. She’s just never come off as try-hard like the others, and while some of her interests are edgy she’s actually gone to school and has done some pretty cool photography and art in the past. Guess what I’m saying is, just never grouped her in with the sadbbydolls. She seemed like her own person.

She’s not strikingly gorgeous, but she is naturally pretty (especially in comparison to Nicole and the others). I don’t think anybody is really awestruck by her, we’re just shocked Nicole is willing to stand by someone more naturally dollish/prettier than her

No. 716702

File: 1539930722430.jpeg (155.41 KB, 640x737, B531AC19-3D08-42BB-AE35-E01197…)

Just my opinion but it seems Maggie naturally is, and always has been, what Nicole WISHES she could be. I can’t decide if their friendship is genuine or some sort of competition

No. 716706

Definitely just competition. Maggie seems to have just gotten into this "aesthetic" so she most likely doesn't know how catty these bitches really are. Remember the Nicole Dollanganger calves threads? A lot of the posts were those chicks gushing about themselves and then insulting their friends. One of them even forgot to crop their FB profile pic out.

No. 716708

File: 1539931611157.jpg (806.28 KB, 1500x2250, _MG_5492.jpg)

when did patience become an un-iconoc bootleg goth emilia fart

No. 716711

Kek that’s right. Wasn’t that the Rien/dollbl00d (?) girl who was outed? Remembering her being confronted for forgetting to crop her icon a few times. I think Patience also wrote about the thread on tumblr iirc, so did Millie and they all started infighting when it became obvious that they were all reading it

No. 716714

File: 1539932043065.png (798.17 KB, 832x602, Screenshot_24.png)

>tfw Nicole forgets to tag you

No. 716715

File: 1539932088007.jpg (1.23 MB, 2560x1920, 18-10-19-02-53-03-034_deco.jpg)

kek at ppl calling maggie pretty. they're all hags.

No. 716755

agree. she just looks ok next to nicole lol

No. 716800

I'm >>716262 and this made me realize that Maggie is plain, or at least not strikingly pretty, although she still looks better than Nicole. Idk how they'd compare if Nicole were still in her prime though.

No. 716835

don't do my girl emilia dirty like this, anon

No. 717048

was gonna post this exactly. you never see her with anyone skinnier than her (except for when she is with Grimes)

No. 717189

grimes' low weight is not a threat to Nicole because Grimes carries it all in her nose.

No. 717725

File: 1540067563819.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1125x1529, 4381013B-28B5-4477-899D-4CBCEC…)

did she shoop her legs thinner or is she just wearing knee-high boots?

No. 717767

I don't think anyone called her pretty. She just looks better than nicole in that photo.

No. 717832

File: 1540081615280.jpeg (824.86 KB, 1125x1312, 0D7AF374-AD68-4FCB-A625-5E7FD6…)

she just posted a video of herself flailing backwards in this giant wine glass cup in the most graceless manor lmao.

No. 717878

what was that? that was the most awkward leg lifting ive ever seen while trying to be sexy. she legit looks like a retard doing that but i guess it fits her unconventional "aesthetic"

No. 717908

what the fuck? she kind of reminded me of shay here. not a good thing.

No. 717915

This is at a resort in the Poconos. My husband and I were gonna get one of their other rooms–the one Nicole is in is around $400+ a night and it looks gaudy as all get out, like a knock-off Vegas. Linking just to show that we'll probably get more ~nymphet~ styled photos from her in this place. She won't give up the opportunity if she paid enough for it.


No. 717997

File: 1540111498857.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x1639, 47EA7ADC-F2C9-44FD-A1A3-48314B…)

maggie is never ever standing next to nicole in these pics because god forbid someone closer to her size outshine her in the looks department.

No. 718058

Lol is this supposed to be sexy? It’s so hard to watch

No. 718156

Are all of the recent outdoor/fall photos being taken in PA? Everything else aside, wherever she's at looks comfy as fuck

No. 718192

File: 1540143884754.jpeg (890.88 KB, 1125x1243, D941854A-2256-486C-8A55-E744B5…)

i don't hate this one.

No. 718195

I do. Worst than American apparel in terms of photography “style” and framing. At least her other recent photos had delaputated pools and rotten bed in the background that could distract from her godawful wig. Lame as fuck post.

No. 718205

Yeah, that's what I'm assuming. The tri-state area, especially northern PA, has abandoned areas that could normally look gorgeous but Nicole does them no good. The resort she's at is actually really nice, private rooms and they aren't all as ridiculous as that one (and all of them have hot tubs). Sage for scenery-talk.

No. 718244

Really? The red rat eyes from the flash need to stop. She looks goofy.

No. 718246

oh, i didn't even notice the red eyes. i'm just happy she's not in the pitch-black with significantly worse flashback lately.

No. 718383

that's not the only problem. she looks terrible here.

No. 718446

I’m a fan of Nicole I guess, I like her music and style & but god what the fuck. I finally had to mute her posts because I have a huge feeling she’s gonna be posting like fucking 50 pictures of her in the same fucking wig at the poconos lmao I can’t fucking take these god awful pics anymore

No. 718457

it frustrates me so much that she chooses not only to buy cheap shitty synthetic wigs, but she clearly doesn't care for them/style them, probably just pulls them straight out of the bag. at the very least she could soak them in fabric softener to make them look a little more matte for christ's sake. it seriously reeks of bad cosplay/an ita at their first attempt at lolita

No. 718477

Fan here too, although I might not be after this album. God I miss the days when the content she shared was pictures of her room, the stuff she bought, and posts about her life. I don’t know what she’s trying to prove now. That she’s some ethereal beauty? That she doesn’t only hang around males? It screams desperation and it makes her seem vapid.

No. 718502

File: 1540178651660.png (948.35 KB, 750x1334, 3BEA9980-98EB-4156-9536-76A44E…)

Nicole posted this picture of her drink,
couldn’t help but notice the synthetic hair tangled in the straw. Gag.

No. 718524

File: 1540186057019.jpeg (864.11 KB, 1125x1612, F7728C17-8956-404A-A13A-A98126…)

Cryspell posted this really unflattering picture of Nicole. I must say I didn’t really see how other anons kept saying “she looks like a dude” until now. I see it now.

No. 718546

File: 1540192090392.jpeg (Spoiler Image,182.43 KB, 1125x762, 520C8E8C-6044-476F-8505-45EA9F…)

I saw this and wow could not be more true, right? Also, look at how many likes the comment has. I am glad other people are noticing.

No. 718623

Holy fuck, that's disgusting. I bet she didn't notice it until after she took the pic, how embarrassing.

Cryspell literally looking like Michael Jackson.

No. 718630

File: 1540215045932.jpeg (143.31 KB, 750x1334, 9A8C3B6F-25BF-4DD7-B1F8-0906FB…)

Lol’d. It’s at the top of the comments on her Lemonade video, which has hardly any views

No. 718637

I thought they meant her awful wig but i think they meant it in a stan twitter kinda way

No. 718714


No. 718779

sooooo do you think nicole’s bf is suspicious when she writes songs about cheating? lmao

No. 718781

i'd be more suspicious of her recorded history of actual cheating

No. 718801

lmfao wavves is a cow within himself but I didn't know he followed Nicole still KEKED

No. 718817

I wonder how he felt when he changed his whole appearance for her and she cast some other ""hardcore"" dude to be in her video. I bet part of him died when she laid on top of the dude half naked in the bathtub.

No. 718821

what did wavves do?

No. 718845

Nicole does the same thing, she posts unflattering pictures of her token calves. It's usually Andre getting revenge and posting fug pics of Nicole.

The other fake ass poser dude does seem to fit her aesthetic better tho. Like his tooth is chipped and he's tatted up. He and Nicole probably fucked tbh.

No. 718854

That dude is the front man of trapped under ice, a super well regarded legacy hardcore band

No. 718860

Shame he's working with Nicole then. They def fucked.

No. 719040

File: 1540258318249.png (6.12 MB, 1125x2436, 6CF2F8EC-2AC7-41E0-9F53-166DC6…)

sure, nicole. it's so hard to recycle the same songs everyone's heard from you before and tack on 6 extras. also peep her pro-ana stance lmfao

No. 719047

i don't know what it is about this album/era but i find it all so off-putting. any other anons feel a similar way?

No. 719051

to me, it doesn't feel authentic and it comes across as her forcing herself to stay within the persona that got her tumblr famous. it especially feels like she's trying to hang onto how she was in 2015, but with a more polished, solid version of that aesthetic.

No. 719063

Her lemonade video looks like a cheap wig with even cheaper dollar store extensions she didn’t even bother to brush out. The mismatch is so terribly obvious it’s embarrassing

No. 719120

I actually don't know why she's still clinging onto her Nicole Dollanganger persona. Maybe she likes the attention from it?

Is it even polished, though? It seems tackier. When she was wearing pastel sweaters and floral granny dresses that's when she got popular. She reminds me of her fans when they copy her, it's almost like Nicole is a caricature of herself, very tryhard and just sad.

No. 719136

sorry, should've elaborated. i think her look now is what she thinks is the polished version of her 2015 aesthetic — she's always seemed to want that slutty stepford smiling housewife aesthetic, and i guess she thinks her granny lingerie and ratty wigs fits that vision.

No. 719154

it is tackier. before she was singing about blood and now she covers herself in it. it's just so obvious. i get the feeling that she doesn't really want to do this anymore, but she's getting older and craves validation and has to get it somehow.

anyway, more cringe:

No. 719194

I swear it’s always the corniness bitches that use the 8mm app and swear they’re doing something

No. 719785

speaking of which, did she finish any education she pursued? like, did she finish hs? did she go to college? does she have ANY degree to fall back on when she's 40 and withered and her retarded fangirls have long outgrown her?

No. 720094

it’s been mentioned before, but afaik she finished high school and dropped out of Ryerson. so, no, there’s no plan B for this almost 30 year old woman which is probably why she tries so hard to cling onto whatever little she has left in terms of popularity.

No. 720105

She’s just planning on mooching off her parents and Matt per usual. What does her mom do? Does Matt work? Trust funds? I’ll never understand

No. 720134

Matt is neanderthal-tier ugly. There's no way Nicole didn't cheat on him knowing her.

Not familiar with anorexic people but it looks like she's trying to do a little girl stance. Matt's wide "my balls are stuck together" stance is just as disgusting and where tf are his shoes?

No. 720143

Matt looked so much better with long hair
They’re both hideous tbh

No. 720167

>Not familiar with anorexic people but it looks like she's trying to do a little girl stance.

i don't think she is; she used to flaunt her anorexia that was "sooo severe it put her on bedrest for a year and that's when she started making music" on tumblr and even had a fat fetish blog for awhile.

she was getting to be chubby about a year ago and after anons on here picked up on it, she started abusing adderall – not to mention getting her underaged fans to give it to her after shows – and doing god knows what else to lose the weight. now she's just kinda skinnyfat but oddly gaunt in the face.
saged for infodump instead of "lurk moar"

No. 720169

File: 1540390804499.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.22 KB, 741x1200, CpBYqh0VMAEJvGY.jpg)

samefag as >>720167
forgot to mention that the way she's standing is a classic pro-ana pose that's supposed to make your legs look their thinnest. pic related is an example of the same stance that comes up when you search "legspo" on google images.
saged for anachan talk.

No. 720921

File: 1540481419101.jpeg (385.49 KB, 669x676, E2B26419-1B62-4777-B8DD-E05B8D…)

This is stupid anon, I don’t think she’s consciously doing that.

I can’t quite word it, or put my finger on exactly what it is about Nicole, but just in her face alone there’s something very offputting. Also, there’s this stark contrast between her true personality and her persona, and it’s so evident in photos. The way she stands, her facial expressions, etc. She’s trying to be a star, but her natural personality isn’t magnetic or enigmatic enough to attract the attention she wants.

Picture is from IG

No. 720922

File: 1540481482516.jpeg (96.67 KB, 661x675, 356CD08F-6BCE-4EA6-A36F-595501…)

No. 720981

I don't understand. What's stopping her from getting a decent blond wig? >>717725 is the only time I've seen it look good, and that's because the photo is taken from afar.

No. 721028

Another anon said she wears the wig because it makes her look sick, which it does seeing as she's lost a ton of weight. A realistic platinum blonde wig wouldn't make her look as sickly.

She looks zoned out.

No. 721051

>she looks zoned out
doesn't she always? lmao speaking of which, does anyone know if she's still an adderall fiend?

No. 721123

The milk will flow again once she's on tour and has more access to her minor fans.

No. 721258

I've been here longer than you, I'm sure. I just wasn't familiar with the little girl stance you're sperging about. Lots of women naturally stand like that because it's much more flattering in general than standing with your feet apart like a dude.

No. 721363

Kek it's literally not a competition of who's been posting on this site made to bitch and nitpick longest, but go off. I was just saying it's possible given her history of EDs and her trying to stay relevant to her following of anachans. Let it die and anticipate the milk from HSB dropping tomorrow.

No. 721372

Her skin is so waxy… bad facetune?

No. 721379

hey nicole veteran, this is the chick who shaved her head because of her severe ana right? i'm trying to work out if it's the same person to a memory i have of a video w a shave

No. 721388

Yeah, and she posted pictures of it to her blog and a YT video as well if I remember. The video is probably unlisted by now.

No. 721578

Well she released the album with only 3 more new tracks the rest are old songs.

No. 721584

She butchered chapel lmao and the chorus of beautiful and bad. Original versions were much better

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 721589

>>721379 when i was a nicole superfan id just look through her personal posts through her tumblr and she definitely had a vid of her shaving her head, i remember it pretty clearly. id try searching for a link but i don't really care that much. she seemed really happy in the video, if i remember right, and she had matt and his friends shave it in the basement or something.

No. 721618

File: 1540563075106.png (1.28 MB, 765x1024, bbcbffeca77648a849e486d3411775…)

No. 721665

File: 1540569902353.jpeg (71.42 KB, 827x576, B2B26B27-1200-4F58-9D25-1A0E41…)

nicole just posted this article to her story. i've just started reading it but already cringed at grimes' brother saying "she could be indiana jones in another universe" only because nicole goes to uwu spooooky abandoned places.


No. 721690

Nta but it obviously was to you when you said lurk more when nothing of what anon said implied she was new.

>Go off


No. 721696

It's nice to see actual decent photos instead of her shitty attempts at "aesthetic dark cursed lo-fi" ones. That's all I got.

No. 721699

I really want to disagree but compared to her recent photo spam, this one is pretty decent.
The angle isn't flattering and that wig will forever need fabric softener but yeah.

No. 721712

File: 1540577937381.jpeg (40.7 KB, 608x912, AFAAEFED-57B5-4B53-ADD4-83C361…)

even a decent photographer couldn't make her look good in this one.

No. 721722

idk but i feel like she's copying allison harvard aka creepy-chan's style right now

No. 721942

kek what is with grimes and her brother being so easily impressed? is he not aware of how many people are into urbex?

as for the album, there is way too much going on with production. i feel like she sat on these songs for so long that she started to dislike them, and thought tweaking them over and over would make them better but it actually made them far worse. just like her idol grimes who ruined realiti when she put it on art angels.

No. 721944

File: 1540601575975.jpg (29.34 KB, 587x221, nichole.jpg)

always so dramatic

No. 721945

well maybe it was gonna kill her cus it was almost impossible to make with no talent or ideas

No. 721957

I remember her getting a rude ask saying she's ugly now that she shaved her her. She got thousands of asspats from her fanbase in reply but she was so fucking rude. Mostly replying something like 'thank you but it was literally months ago'. It sounded really rude and dismissive. Why did she reblog her old photo and posted the ask if she did not want people showering her with compliments?

No. 721969

Seriously! She recycled four songs, encorporated weird electronics alongside extremely auto tuned vocals. The album is awful. It’s uninspired, cringy, and boring.

No. 721986

>be nicole bell, beloved daughter of rich, smart parents with obscure hobbies
>create a nichole dollanger persona aka sad poor traumatisted ana bby
>post child porn and acoustic songs with fake baby vocals and lyrics half-ripped from fave edgy media
>get fanbase of teens wishing to live the white trash lolita thanks to you
>stan lana del rey like crazy
>decide to rip off her obsession with honeymoons and ~problemati aka toxic relationships
>watch urbex blogs and decide to go to the dilapidated poconos honeymoon resort as it fits your uwu eerie aesthetic
>literally babbys firt urbex
>pretend in an interview that you expected to see anything but ruined remains of the establishment and that it's such a surprise to see it ruined!!! wow such unexpected metaphor of a broken love !!!
>have a brother of a celebrity that shills you babble how you are an Indiana Jones of a girl even though you visited a place that every urbex fan had visited so no risk whatsoever as you took neckbeards to protect you

jesus I can't deal with this bitch's bullshit

No. 722027

The new album sounds very Lana
Am I the only one who actually likes a few tracks? And I hate Nicole as a person, so thats saying something

No. 722037

i like only angels have wings and the last track. tammy faye is okay. it's still a disappointment… only 3 decent songs in 3 years. i don't want her to be lana or grimes. but she doesn't seem to understand what made her early music good.

No. 722047

i feel like this is very easily summarized. she gained popularity on tumblr and a lot of people found her relatable. she blew up way bigger than anyone expected and completely lost all relatability / connection with her original fans aside from her stand / skinwalkers. she built her entire “empire” on being accessible and girl next door. now i feel like she’s struggling with her very identity and where to go from here. it’s honestly sad to me. she seems to be falling back into old habits and is clearly losing shitloads of weight which honestly makes me sad. i think her new record has some objectivity good tunes on it but I think she needs to do some soul searching towards wtf she actually wants to do. it’s honestly just depressing to see. i wish her the best honestly bc it seems like she’s in a super weird place. idk. Sage 4 blog

No. 722048

She's always been a Lana super fan, it's how her persona started. Her better songs seem to happen when she's copying Lana., her worst songs are the edgy ones and the ones where she's copying Grimes.

No. 722098

It sounds absolutely nothing like any era of Lana del Rey I have ever heard.

No. 722111

I honestly thought I had posted a comment about this when it was first posted, but I guess I forgot, apologies for lateness

These were all taken at an abandoned 1970s honeymoon hotel/resort in the poconos, pa. It is literally the first video that appears when you search “abandoned honeymoon hotel” & the first for “abandoned love motel” & “abandoned hotel” on YouTube. Vlogged a year ago by the YTer “exploring with josh” and followed by other top urban exploring YT channels, known/visited by urban explorers (myself as well) for several years before it got out in a big way on YT.

These too, they’re right outside the hotel

And these are from the same place, but the nightclub lounge, stage area, included in video done by the same youtuber, plus others.

….is she really that lazy that she’s just searching the top 10 abandoned building videos on YouTube, stalking the “exploring with josh” channel and scrolling to the comments for the address, going there and acting like she loves these places, knows them so well, and is just a shy lost uwu little girl who randomly runs into abandoned vintage places on her many aesthetic road trips? What a poser kek

>”ABANDONED honeymoon resort love hotel” by exploring with josh on YT for video

>sans nicoles ugly mug thankfully

No. 722195

the new recordings of the old songs actually ruined them

at least Natural Born Losers was a good album, to me anyway

No. 722245

Agreed. I personally think Observatory Mansions was her best album, but she peaked in popularity and style with Natural Born Losers. Even then, the demos for songs like "Mean" and "Poacher's Pride" were so much better than the final album versions. She's constantly messing up perfectly good songs. I don't know if her boyfriend keeps telling her this and that needs (his) tweaking, but it's aggravating.
Everything else she's put out since has been a slow slide downward. The only really great track she released after that was "Have You Seen Me?". I was looking forward to more eerie, soft-yet-harsh gothic "white trash angel" anthems in Hillbilly Noir, but we got this instead, and it's disappointing.

No. 722250

Yep. The video was already posted and talked about in the first thread.

No. 722259

File: 1540647389947.jpg (73.21 KB, 837x859, curdledmelk.JPG)

some oldass posts from nicole's moved/deleted blogs. nothing to see her, just posting for archive purposes.
also cause I want to ask who the fuck is this mf and if she is still with him? was it her bf or a beta orbiter?

No. 722260

File: 1540647411841.jpg (16.41 KB, 672x132, curdledmelk2.JPG)

No. 722261

File: 1540647424530.jpg (194.74 KB, 1846x911, curdledmelk3.JPG)

No. 722264

File: 1540647633161.png (90.51 KB, 540x370, tumblr_mhwlfcMKgh1ry0s32o1_540…)


~uwu men are terrifying predators to women but also pls hurt me sexually uwu~

No. 722270

File: 1540648890368.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.17 KB, 783x585, curdledmelkthinspouwu.JPG)


for the anon unaware she was thinspo trash - she posted her thinspo photos under guise of talking about her recovery. She did not even post her recovery pics for comparison for obvious reasons kek

No. 722271

I think she's doing what she thinks kids will like, she makes it edgier or ruins the sounds and it's just ew. I wouldn't doubt her bf is fucking around with her music too, isn't he some kind of mixer?

All these sadbbygurlz date neckbeards or generic fug beta dudes. I'm pretty sure that's not Matt, who knows. It could be some random dude she started lusting after.

>teehee i dont condone the actions of eric and dylana
>just here to accumulate info on the columbine high school massacre
>insert long hearfelt paragraph about alienated teens feeling the same way as eric and dylan and loving them in spite of the massacre
Meanwhile she was 23 when she made this post. What could she possibly relate to? A rich scenekid turned tryhard edgelord who's damn near 30 years old, wearing platinum blonde wigs to give the impression that she's sick, and pretending to be friends with her underage fans just so they can give her adderal.

Some hardcore sucking in going on in this pic, not only that but she's doing a pose that would make her arms look smaller than they actually are. I'm not surprised, this is the woman who allegedly starved herself purely for "aesthetic".

No. 722272

I remember her fan sperging about Nicole being an owner of a ponyboy from the previous thread OP, but I never saw the guy and had no idea he was a real person. I also don't think he looks like Matt but I am terrible at telling apart ugly blokes

No. 722356

So she named the album after Neopets and not love motels? But the title track has the lyric “get the room with the heart shaped bed”…? I don’t know why she has to backtrack about the meanings of her songs constantly.

No. 722415

File: 1540673181632.png (117.06 KB, 935x582, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 1.40…)

i'm sorry, i've been a (former) fan of nicole's since the shaved head tumblr days and maybe i'm forgetting a huge chunk of that time but i've literally NEVER heard anything related to her being any kind of queer until this comment. but yeah queen of party city wigs, i'll give her that one, go off!

No. 722748

See >>722260, she was claiming to be into girls for some time. It might be true, it might be for tumblr sjw clout

No. 723202

I think it just fit with her aesthetic and her labelmates did a video there last year so it’s an easy location to organize around for rfc

No. 723241

sage but ‘snake’ from her new album is the worst song i’ve ever listened to. what was she thinking with this album anyway?

No. 723271

There are a few songs that are actually decent, but you’re right. I tried to give it an honest listen, and I think she was going for a more noise or industrial sort of sound in Snake, but she failed miserably. In the stereogum interview she says her friend helped make that one, maybe it was his doing

No. 723273

She’s verified on IG finally kek. Seems like she’s not making big waves with the album or video, though

No. 723319

i can't believe i was so naive to think that "lacrymaria olor" would be a new song with no recycled shit, when she literally threw 2 new verses in front of "he went away" and called it a day.

she is so lazy and uninspired that it's really starting to feel like she's bored of this music stuff and is only half-assedly continuing to do it because she knows she'll never be able to get a real-world job since her
actual name is easy to find and link back to the cp, etc. she used to post.

saged for not technically contributing, just replying to everyone talking about the album, and tinfoil hat rambling

No. 723329

ive had this idea for a while, but i think what nicole's trying to do with the wigs and makeup and stuff, is she's trying to make a new persona for herself. or use that sorta as like a costume for herself? a kind of branding? who knows. theres several singers who dress up or look a certain way or "Get into character" such as, oh, i don't know. david bowie, slipnkot, marilyn manson, the misfits, yolandi, etc. whether you think she compares or not doesn't really matter; she's just trying to create a persona for herself with her shitty wigs and lace lingerie and dirty surroundings, reminiscent of some damaged woman figure in old black and white films… coupled with trying to vaguely look like an escaped serial killer victim and LOVECORE since its what's popular on tumblr nowadays but doesn't stray far from her own aesthetic. did i crack the case?

No. 723333

This would make the shitty, half-assed attempts she makes at ~aesthetic~ even more pitiful and awful imo

No. 723334

File: 1540821811823.jpg (172.21 KB, 1000x562, imageproxy.jpg)

No. 723335

Yeah, it's obvious she's trying to make a new image for herself. The problem is, she's not pretty enough to make a shitty, trainwreck wig and bad-quality night photos look like art. She just doesn't have that mystique. She was better off with dark hair, peignoirs/CPK-inspired style and her doll collection in the same room as porn magazines and guns. She's a "girl wearing a latex mask or other BDSM gear with a church dress while wandering a flowery but run-down white picket fence neighborhood in the middle of broad daylight like it's Gummo 2" type of bitch, not a "Blonde ghost girl appearing in a dirty, run-down motel at night singing eerily about her lost love" one.
When you do this sort of thing, you need to ask yourself "If I were not me, with a following, would this look and these photos get any significant attention?". I think she knows the answer. She's just half-assing everything.

No. 723338

The urban exploration gate keeping itt is cringey af

No. 723339

this is exactly what I said earlier on in the thread. Obviously she’s trying to recreate her image

No. 723349

I think the issue is that she claimed she expected it to be some ~*land of love*~ and was "so shocked" when she found out it was an abandoned area. Fronting like she didn't know what was up from the start.

No. 723388

She's looking for validation and is trying to polish her "aesthetic". Of course, it's half-assed as she no longer cares about the music or her persona. She's trying to grab onto what little e-fame she has left and it is sad. I would say she should just get a job, but she doesn't have to. Her parents are rich and they probably enable her.

She's trying to appear more mature now, it's failing (obviously). Nicole needs to let go of the past, lmao. It's embarrassing that this 28 yo woman is seeking clout from teenage girls and her boring calves on IG.

No. 723456

Are you saying she didn't know it was abandoned before she went there? How? Any caps?

No. 723544

It was an interview that was linked a little earlier up.

No. 723587

A genre singer created a persona to go along with their music? Unheard of.

No. 723598

Obviously she has a persona, her real name isn’t Nicole Dollanganger and she doesn’t live in a spoopy trailer park. We’re talking about her rebranding her image.

Also “genre singer” kek, are you one of her boy orbiters or a calf?

No. 723734

huh, guess i must have missed that. regardless it's mentioned so subtly and infrequently that it's weird for her stans to be bringing it up like that, i think if she wanted lgbt queer minority points she'd play it up a lot more. if she's the 'queen' of anything it's of weird incest/ school shooter kinks

No. 723748

It’s fine to have persona.
But when you are defensive and sperg about how “authentic” you are and talk shit about others for “lying” and being “inauthentic” about their interests or having the same cringey “persona”.
And “stealing” your fake get up.
When wholetime your stealing your parents shit and shilling it off as your own interests to appeal to an audience, launch your career, and are the fakest of them all….. well then you’re just a hypocritical cow and lezbihonest she’s way past “a genre singer [who] created a persona to go along with their music”.

No. 723864

I’ve been trying to convey this about her for so long. Glad someone else sees it

No. 723880

File: 1540912989247.jpeg (471.78 KB, 609x808, 73B8FDAE-41BC-4B60-8470-3A3534…)

She looks like a cheap tranny crackwhore why would she post this

No. 723882


No. 723971

>>723587 woah there. i wasn't trying to be rude with what i said about the persona thing lol. Theres no reason to get snappy about it(newfaggotry)

No. 724114

did i miss something? when did nicole say anything about other people being inauthentic?

No. 724312

Nicole veterans remember her blogging days, when she first gained popularity, and the way she talked about herself and the way she spoke to others

No. 724418

That's really vague and not really a proof. Any details?
I wish we had her blogposts archived. I missed them and I am curious to see what made her so likeable and relatable.

No. 724466

A lot of her stuff isn't archived, and she's wiped out her blog of it's CP and extreme gore crap people found through her Tumblr archives. The only thing we've found archived from her back when she got popular is her fat fetish blog and her soft weeb blog.

Why do the cows eventually start looking like their insides? Nicole looks like a creep who begs underage girls for Adderall in her most recent posts.

No. 725079

okay so… for the past few months ive read this entire thread along with the older ones.

ill get this out of the way first, i do sometimes listen to her music. and I use to be a major fan back in 2015(?)

however even though i like her music on occasion i cannot deny that she’s definitely done horrible things and that her current state is really pathetic. Her new album was definitely not amazing, and it took her how long to release? A lot were just remastered songs that sound worse than the original. There’s maybe two songs I enjoy from her new “masterpiece” of an album.

She’s trying to leech off of the last seconds of fame she has and it’s sad but, then again this is life. As a semi fan of hers I agree with what most of you say here, she needs to get a real job… can she still make music? Sure, but her E-Fame isn’t going to last much longer…. she’s barely making a comeback with this new album.

That’s all I have to say about this anyways.

No. 725083

you bumped the thread for some weak-ass blogpost? sage your shit next time please

No. 725099

I’ve never used the site before, sorry for the mistake. :/ just wanted to put in my opinion as someone who’s been a fan of hers. The point was: she definitely deserves her place here… she’s a joke

No. 725418

File: 1541180437517.png (101.15 KB, 317x475, Screenshot 2018-11-02 at 12.39…)

just w h o at the spotify headquarters chose THIS picture for the playlist cover?

No. 725495

Such a horrible photo. It’s her Twitter pic so they probably are just lazy. I wonder how much Nicole is paying for this and the Stereogum article. Or Grimes…..

No. 725534

Why get a job when she can mooch off her rich mommy and daddy? They seem to enable her, so I see why she won't get a job. Next time just put sage in the email field, anon.

The pic looks like shade to me, seems Spotify doesn't like Nicole. If someone's paying for her articles it's either her parents or Grimes who used to try to make Nicole happen. Grimes seems to have ditched her after she started copying her.

No. 725538

Why get a job when she can mooch off her rich mommy and daddy? They seem to enable her, so I see why she won't get a job. Next time just put sage in the email field, anon.

The pic looks like shade to me, seems Spotify doesn't like Nicole. If someone's paying for her articles it's either her parents or Grimes who used to try to make Nicole happen. Grimes seems to have ditched her after she started copying her.

No. 725539

Why get a job when she can mooch off her rich mommy and daddy? They seem to enable her, so I see why she won't get a job. Next time just put sage in the email field, anon.

The pic looks like shade to me, seems Spotify doesn't like Nicole. If someone's paying for her articles it's either her parents or Grimes who used to try to make Nicole happen. Grimes seems to have ditched her after she started copying her.

No. 725863

so learn how to sage, then

No. 725892


something about her face in this photo makes me think of Kotakoti tbh

No. 726571

File: 1541352397922.png (28.29 KB, 486x112, Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 8.11…)

lol ok, shouldn't it be the other way around? since she only latches onto people when it benefits her

No. 726577

>retweeting a rapper
Is she planning on transitioning to the Soundcloud rap scene now? She's too late, Lil Bo Weep already took her spot.

No. 726684

It’s so cringe how she’s now obsessed with Lil Peep, Post Malone and Triple Red or whoever the fuck. She’s definitely in the midst of a quarter life crisis and is trying to hold on to her youth by pretending to like shit the kids are into these days. She gave literally no indication until now that she even liked rap or hip-hop. It was all uwu sweet but soft metal and hardcore

No. 726808

File: 1541388935701.png (26.26 KB, 860x264, Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 7.31…)


could be about anyone tbh but it'd be particularly funny if she was shading poppy when she herself has no room to speak

No. 727761

Nicole was on this radio show again if anyone cares to listen and sum up the interview

No. 727779

Not much new info. Is in LA right now doing god knows what, more about the Poconos being the "visual" for the album, she is still the only artist signed to Eerie, she claims to have written new songs but chose the 4 old songs instead because she wanted to "see them through", she had an actual heart shaped bed made that she wanted to take on tour but it's too big, videos for Heart Shaped Bed and Lacrymaria Olor are coming soon and "share the same narrative".

No. 727811

Heart Shaped Bed was a huge disappointment as someone who thoroughly enjoyed NBL. I hope she can bounce back from this with a more focused record.

No. 727816

I don’t think she’s bouncing back anytime soon, or ever. This was supposed to be her “comeback” and she’s already stopped gaining views on her newest shit. She didn’t even hit 100k views with her new uwu profesh music video kek

No. 727817

She’s almost 30 years old. She’s already lost most of her following. She’s stuck on repeat in a sad,
embarrassing echo of her 2014 tumblr “fame” and she’s clawing at it like that’s all she has left. I don’t think Nicole herself even knows who she is without her contrived tumblr persona… she’s a 28 year old crack-
whore-looking college dropout with no real world experience, who still lives with her parents and never mentally matured past her teens

No. 727840

what's there to bounce back from? she lowkey led a small non-original tumblr movement. which ended just as quickly as it started; the only reason her thread is still relevant is because SHE is trying to still seem relevant

No. 728631

File: 1541673992858.jpeg (437.72 KB, 476x831, 8AC5D056-BE8C-418F-ABAC-0F9CFC…)

Her IG story today. What the hell is nicole trying to prove, or even say when she posts shit like this? I think she’s trying to appear ~mysterious~ but even then, she just comes off as tryhard, low-key dumb and really narcissistic.

No. 728665

idk anon because you didn't explain what she did

No. 728726

That’s just it anon… she didn’t do anything.
This is IT. It’s not a screenshot from a video, this is a selfie she posted on her story. No context.

No. 728808

oh I'm so dumb I just woke up n thought it was a video for some reason sorry lol

No. 729959

File: 1541841960774.jpeg (652 KB, 750x1088, 7D257598-541F-4A60-9438-C9A687…)

Posted on IG. Not milky, but what the fuck is wrong with Nicole’s jaw and lower lip? The bottom half of her face always looks wrecked. It looks like she had dentures and took them out, mega kek

No. 730023

looks like an under-bite to me, but hard to tell from that angle

No. 730385

File: 1541924499422.png (738.54 KB, 640x1136, E343B1AB-9F6A-4234-9322-2AD984…)

does anyone else think she’s relapsing with her ED?

No. 730394

I think she has an underbite but tries to hide it by placing her teeth on top of each other, which gives a weird look. At times, it looks like she has jowls.

She could be starving herself to become relevant again, but it's probably just her posing in certain ways that would make her look like a bonelord. Nice to see she's in yet another dirty motel room

No. 730501

All of her pictures are just so poorly done and trashy. Everything about this is unpleasant to the eye

No. 730597

she's 27, stop calling her almost 30

No. 730822

That is right on the edge of 30 anon. Is that your age? Plus, if I’m not mistaken she recently turned 28. Don’t sperg about us acknowledging she’s way too old for this bullshit.

No. 730824

File: 1542000233311.jpeg (Spoiler Image,91.6 KB, 669x502, ECCB1B9A-F541-424B-B7E4-FDBE19…)

When will she stop posting these pictures? They’re so gross and she looks like a coked up, haggard prostitute.

No. 730867

This photo is less "intimate night between two lovers in a motel" and more "I gave my eight year old a disposable camera while we were on vacation"

No. 730889

No. 730914

File: 1542027028038.jpeg (250.11 KB, 719x406, 5FFEF084-E3A1-4770-B163-6371DE…)

She is so fucking nasty. She also posted this grimy picture of her busted nails and filthy shoes on ig

No. 730918

she was born september 8 1991, making her 27

No. 731063

i thought that for awhile, every picture she takes is to show off her body now that she isn't the size she was post recovery + after touring with grimes. i think shell end up back to her ~tumblr baby angel state again

also probably for relevancy

No. 732000

I don’t think so. She’s not lost very much weight, she’s just posing in flattering angles.


This review is somewhat amazing. HSB gets a 6/10. The critic sounds bored and unimpressed. (Sorry I don’t know how to post a link)

No. 732255

Is Cryspell dating Matt now?

No. 732297

Writers have little say in the score at p4k so you occasionally get weird reviews where the writer is vicious/bored but the score is high or vice versa.

No. 732329

Matt posted a photo with Nicole where he called her "his inspiring friend" so maybe they broke up? Who knows

No. 732330

Where did you get that anon? This is an image board. Doubt he’s dating her, but it does sound like he and Nicole are over

No. 732386

File: 1542260010363.png (187.7 KB, 335x290, lmao.png)

i wonder if they're regretting those matching tattoos they gave each other. this is old but what a gem of a photo. i never knew her mouth was so massive

they've been posting pics of them together on both of their instas. not hard to find

No. 732445

File: 1542272336176.jpeg (174.08 KB, 750x744, 900EF9CC-6025-4DED-83BC-676B51…)

If I’m not mistaken that is Matt’s shirt. Tinfoil, but I think cryspell might be living with them. That’d make more sense. Definitely seems Matt and Nicole are no longer dating though, just collaborating

No. 732449

File: 1542272734452.jpeg (713.55 KB, 744x1109, 0101E037-F287-4FE2-B060-73562C…)

To further add to this, here is a post from Matt’s ig calling Nicole his friend. Obviously they’re split. I wonder what went down. Thought Matt was her “one true love” kek

No. 732456

File: 1542274099360.jpeg (151.75 KB, 750x1010, 5C6F8029-9B0D-4FE8-BCE1-05840D…)

No. 732457

File: 1542274363471.jpeg (70.32 KB, 750x396, 7982F08C-92CC-4754-871F-B73339…)

No. 732461

Nicole is plain at best, but wow, what a downgrade.

No. 732472

File: 1542281158847.jpg (457.76 KB, 927x595, 8FrPBV6.jpg)

duuuuude. do they all just fuck each other? gross

No. 732473

They do. Nicole herself has been dating guys within her friend group since high school. I’m wondering who her new toy is, did Matt dump her for cheating? It’d be milky as hell if Matt cheated on Nicole with this Andre the Giant character

No. 732474

I’ve never seen any picture of Matt looking at Nicole with that much affection in his face, I know it’s speculation at this point but I really think they’re at least fucking

No. 732480

Also dying to know where the hell Nicole lives now. Did she leave her parents? She made it sound like she’s living in LA or NY in her interviews

No. 732496

It's really telling that the new album's only reviews are stereogum and pitchfork. If Nicole was paying a halfway decent publicist, she would have gotten waaaayyyy more coverage. I'm guessing that Grimes and her brother called in favors to get those, and that neither "Eerie Organization" nor Nicole herself put any money into promoting the album.

No. 732534

that social circle must be a scalding nest of STDs

No. 732773

there is also a sputnikmusic one though it's a much less popular site tho. it's 3.5/5

No. 732934

File: 1542333378444.png (1.01 MB, 1866x896, Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 8.54…)

gross. can definitely picture her trying to break into the soundcloud rap scene eventually… probably after it's already died.

No. 732989

>>732000 i kinda want to see anthony fantano review HSB lmao. he'd probably give it a NOT GOOD knowing him

No. 733006

New boyfriend?

No. 733147

File: 1542367467476.jpeg (286.64 KB, 679x351, 4E875DC8-9381-4FFE-B8F6-7DA4D6…)

Anyone else notice she started posting pictures with the new guy immediately after we started speculating about it here?

This looks like it’s going to be awful. I’m already sick of seeing it repeatedly too, and the video still isnt out

No. 733173

cryspells looks SO out of place here. her pose makes her look deformed and does NOT favor her, her dress is different from all the others despite being, technically, a white dress, and idk why she didn't go with the blonde wig theme either, the black hair only makes her stand out like a sore thumb

No. 733197

Anon you sound stupid. It’s pretty obvious they wanted her to stand out, she probably has a specific role in the video. Sage, just sick of hearing about how ugly and out of place she looks. I think she’s cute in an unusual and refreshing way.

What really gets me is patience, she looks animated and not in a good way

No. 733221

he liked lemonade which is… weird considering he dislikes lana

No. 733260

this is painfully amateur

No. 733720

Cryspell kinda gives me punk Chola vibes for some odd reason, which is quite refreshing now that you mention it. The others look like drag queens trying out natural makeup. (inb4 HII CRYSPELL, i'm clearly luna slater, duh)

No. 733755

I agree, I like cryspell’s look even if I wish she wasn’t into the pedo baby shit. Patience and Nicole are the worst with their draggy makeup and wigs, while Maggie and Cryspell pull off the look in a much more authentic way. It bothers me that the four of them are so incoherently styled.

No. 733954

File: 1542510430447.jpg (173.23 KB, 932x596, desperation.jpg)

imagine being nicole, thinking this is the album of your career. i wonder how little streams it's getting that she felt the need to remind everyone that it's out, even after doing relentless promo for it on ig

No. 733959

Forever triggered by how she wrote flats for urbx just because wanted the edgy barefoot look but was too lazy to commit to it. Nicole just either commit or wear some fluffy boudoir heels next time

Idk maybe there's truth but it's also pretty fashionable among sjw to call your SO friend these days

No. 733971

Me three. I think she stands out in a good way, though her body is mighty unfortunate.

No. 734238

File: 1542558969586.jpeg (615.88 KB, 741x1252, 6E42B81C-F27E-4B28-9E86-A015FF…)

Same here anon. And the tattoos look awful under those tights. Poor styling and posing all around

No. 736166

she looks like a corpse

No. 736167

I agree, but learn how to sage if you don’t have milk.

No. 736171

File: 1542876881137.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, D9513A77-BEA3-41A3-AC72-E37CB3…)

If anyone is interested in some real milk, it’s almost confirmed Matt is now dating Cryspell instead of Nicole

No. 736203

how is this “confirmed?” cryspell taking a picture of him isn’t really confirmation. Is there other proof of this or are you just speculating?

No. 736432

i have to agree w/ y'all. cryspell is refreshing to see in the whole ~*blonde sad bby uwu*~ stick nicole has for some reason kept up. i can't bring myself to dislike her but i wish she would dress more to her body type and her style not just her style. sadly what gets me.. maggie is the only one out of the all the blonde ones who looks good in the style and not like a haggard crackhead.

No. 736448

Nicole has brown hair, not blonde. Wtf are you even talking about. Why do you sound jealous about something

No. 736543

File: 1542930619524.jpeg (225.65 KB, 727x757, 033F088C-5133-483E-A409-D99193…)

It’s not confirmed but it’s fishy. Alone in her room, wearing this, posting a lot of pictures with each other. Where is Nicole?

No. 736562

>maggie "not a crackhead"

go check her personal IG and come back and tell me she ain't a crack head.

No. 736567

nice bait but im clearly referring to the wig nicole is wearing idk why i would be jealous of 27 year old stuck in 2014 and wearing a amazon 15 dollar cosplay wig and that nicole and the other girl look like haggard crackheads not that they are crackheads but go off if it makes you feel better anon.

No. 736572

eh its a reach anon. doesnt cryspell live with him and nicole? it could just be them hanging out but the picture of him smiling at her defintely confirms it lmfaooo i wonder how nicole feels knowing her ex is dating someone much heavier than her

No. 736602

Was it confirmed they live together?

No. 736631

No it was only speculation. I was the anon speculating. Them living together was never confirmed

No. 736947

Does anyone else find it weird that Matt started dating Nicole when she wore a wig that looked similar to the way Cryspell has her hair now? And how they stopped being publicly together when she dyed her hair blonde? Like he has a weird goth gf fetish

No. 737037

File: 1543021975929.jpeg (688.81 KB, 1125x1588, 71646B5C-7709-41C7-B820-873D38…)

kek she really is going for the basic ig goth thot aesthetic, isn't she? reminds me of o mighty.

No. 737065

honestly i barely even follow nicole because i find her so boring but this really proves it. why is she bothering trying to revive some 2014 tumblr era uwu soft bby music career? she really needs to reinvent herself or go back to working at the scarborough town centre

No. 737097

if it's anything like o-mighty she'll also definitely sell them for 10 times what they're worth

No. 737100

killing 2 birds with one stone by shilling her ugly merch and showing off her new ana chan body

No. 737167

she doesn’t look Ana-Chan to me. She looks average for her height, even a bit skinny fat.

That onesie is terrible. I can’t believe she really thinks someone would want that, especially with her own initials on the front? Who wants to wear someone else’s initials on their own lingerie? What a narcissist

No. 737168

This is so stupid I’m sorry. #1 it’s not confirmed they are dating. #2 doubt it has anything to do with hair style, and furthermore you can be goth… without having… dark hair and bangs…

No. 737192

yeah tbh all the cryspell/ relationship speculation is getting dumb… literally nothing has been confirmed yet, just a few vague context clues over which inbred lookin cryptid is or isn't dating the other one. i'm sure something will come up eventually but until then it's all pretty boring dried up milk

No. 737208


They basically called her music "monotonous" and "predictable." Obvs, I know, but the fact that Nicole retweeted this tepid review is hilarious

No. 737255

File: 1543075553635.jpeg (396.77 KB, 532x998, 3EF82037-0D3B-4E25-84EB-9E8A1B…)

I lol’d when I read it.
No milk, just a quick photo dump. From her story

No. 737256

File: 1543075574175.jpeg (471.33 KB, 560x989, 2639C701-1F2D-4446-B7FC-79EA7F…)

No. 737274

Honestly this reminds me of something Millie would do. Nicole becoming a Millie calf, I never thought I’d see the day

No. 738005

We've come full circle, guys

No. 738175

Is she trying to be pedobait now? In the past, she used to at least pander to young depressed preteens but this looks like something a pedo would probably whack off to (minus the tats). In the second pic she looks like a haggard 14-year-old.

Nicole should get the Yolandi haircut and make some SoundCloud raps. Speaking of Millie, she might be making "music" one of these days. There was a pic of her sitting in a recording studio where her calves commented how happy they'd be if she releases music.

No. 738182

if Nicole starts calfing Millie because now Millie drives the bandwagon i s2g… just imagine the possibilities

No. 738419

Are we sure that cryspell is living with Nicole and Matt or is it vice versa? Nicole and Matt don’t seem responsible enough to purchase or rent their own place if it’s not a motel. If anything they’re lodging up with Cryspell after their abandoned hotel photo shoots; which could explain the possibility of Matt and her becoming a thing. Either Matt likes mature chicks or this is a scheme to have a free place to stay so they don’t have to go back to Nicole’s parents house and miss out on all the possible abandoned spooky places in Utah.

No. 738447

No, as said before it was just speculation and there is no evidence or anything substantial that would back the theory up

No. 738450

File: 1543242364010.jpeg (442.66 KB, 750x1073, 2A3F2920-1F47-4751-BBAA-CCB1EB…)

I believe she is back home with her parents

No. 738451

File: 1543242439793.jpeg (99.78 KB, 410x766, 3101EC12-D94A-4CA1-8CC9-8C3CB9…)

Because she is with Fred on her ig story

No. 738530

i gotta give nicole credit for one thing at least: her parents must absolutely, truly, unconditionally love her (and be grade A enablers, too) to be THIS patient and supportive of their almost-30yo unemployed daughter who still lives on their dime, barely pursued education past a high school diploma and runs around abandoned locations in her underwear and a ratty-ass cosplay wig.

my parents would take a hundred bullets for me, but i'll be damned if they wouldn't have kicked my ass to the curb and told me to get a job or seek professional help if i were still pulling these stunts by nicole's age.

No. 738667

Nude dolly flats again? Reeeeee!
It's like she wants to look stumpy and unstyled holy shit

No. 738822

If Nicole is an only child it might explain why her parents spoil her and coddle her.
I’ve noticed for many parents when they have only one child they tend to accept their behavior more and have no qualms with them living at home for the rest of their life.

No. 738903

Right? Back in the day when I was displaying similar behavior, the people in my life who cared about me urged me to stop. If I hadn’t, Lord knows where I’d be now. Probably in the same sadbbyboat as Nicole.

It’s so sad the way everyone around her enables her, when her music and art is mediocre at best. I remember in 2013/14, she at least had aspirations beyond tumblr, and wanted to write, study film, study to be a funeral director, but now all she does is… whatever this is

No. 739009

She’s so short and has such a frumpy structure as is, why on earth wouldn’t she wear heels? It’d fit the aesthetic more, too

No. 739625

File: 1543380492385.jpeg (636.02 KB, 666x745, FA54A577-F6B4-4F1B-8887-8D18B7…)

She’s so bad at business. Why wouldn’t you release an album/merch like this around Valentine’s Day?

No. 739631

Maybe she's making a grab for preteens that might ask for this stuff for Christmas?
It's so basic, red isn't even part of her aesthetic

No. 739654

>>739631 actually i think it is. her new aesthetic colors are sorta a deep mauve, deep purple, red, and desaturated pinks. coming from an actual fan though i would've much preferred a pink version of the romper, had i decided to get one…

No. 739900

File: 1543429992686.jpg (657.98 KB, 1440x2455, Screenshot_20181128-123237.jpg)

The romper she used came from a brand that only makes 2 colors. This and black. It looks pretty cheap and ugly on the company's website

No. 741067

File: 1543551233799.jpg (91.86 KB, 587x482, melon.jpg)

So Fantano gave her new album a negative 10 second review and she retweeted it. He basically said that the trap and electronic production is tryhard.

No. 741176

Video is already removed. Wonder if Nicole eventually realized it was a bad review and asked him to remove it

No. 741510

lol @ thinking nicole out of anyone would have the power to make him remove an unflattering review

but yeah, i've noticed that she will like and retweet ANY mention of her regardless of how good it is, which really makes her desperation apparent imo. like a 'no publicity is bad publicity' kind of mindset or something

jfc these are like… aliexpress tier

No. 742879

I agree with Fantano, I'm not sure what Nicole is trying to do with the weird electronic and trap stuff. It completely works against her aesthetic.

She completely butchered the new version of Beautiful and Bad, which imo, the original was one of her best songs. Now it's just lost all its power as the chorus is so unsatisfying.(read the rules and usage guide)

No. 744309

I can’t figure out why so many people are saying her aesthetic is ruined by this new album? Like it was pretty garbage to begin with and boring as hell.

Reminds me of when she came out with “have you seen me?” and there was a lot of criticism about deviating for her aesthetic when it was the best shit she had come out with in a while.

Still can’t figure out why her chorus-less, boring af music is considered her “best”

No. 745411

File: 1544222682831.png (368.74 KB, 591x670, grimes.png)

Grimes is a serial associator with terrible female artists: Azealia, Nicole, That Poppy…

No. 745413

>this anon implying Grimes isnt a terrible female artist

No. 745439

Terrible attracts terrible

No. 745674

File: 1544251511949.png (491.27 KB, 383x723, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 10.3…)

nicole's IG story right now is fucking weird, did they get in trouble for trespassing during one of their germ-infested love motel photoshoots or something?

i'm not gonna whiteknight grimes or azealia in spite of loving them cause i know they're both crazy as fuck, but it says a lot when even GRIMES (for all her said terrible associations) comes out to say that she's disgusted by the poppy situation, and it kind of makes me wonder if she'd drop nicole too if she ever found these threads (though obviously poppy's a LOT more severe in terms of problematic/ literal abusive situation). i get a weird vibe that something between the two of them and poppy ended up making them closer friends but that's def just me reading into it too much

No. 745675

File: 1544251724141.png (407.75 KB, 376x713, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 10.4…)

samefagging for a cute bonus

No. 745676

god and to think maggie selfposted to say she was the cutest of the group lmfao.

No. 745719

Was it ever proven she self posted? I’m one of the anons who thinks Maggie is naturally much more attractive than the other 3. Just saying, the self posting was speculation iirc

No. 745725

File: 1544272315624.png (114.44 KB, 128x375, mnmn.png)

>much more attractive

No. 745748

She doesnt even make top 2 kek

No. 746188

nice try maggie, we know it's you. you dirty little cow

No. 746323

Most of those streams are from sadvpreteens, sadbbygurlz, and her actual few fans who're probably only listening to her older stuff from 2013-15. Why does Grimes keep trying to make these rich untalented girls from Tumblr popular? plz stop, only one talented I see is Azealia, and I don't even like her music tbh

Mags' ass up here looking like a whole blonde egg

They aren't cute enough to pull off a Virgin Suicides theme, well Nicole could be (i guess) if she'd either wear a more natural wig or bleach her hair otherwise I think they'd look better doing a 70s hooker theme. Oddly, the music video for Bartier Cardi seems to be the overall vibe Nicole wants, kek. She should get Petra Collins to direct her stuff.

No. 749534

File: 1544886861838.png (364.38 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20181215-121221.png)

Is this matt?

No. 749562

No. She has a new bf

No. 749770

Already? How quickly did she get over someone whose name she has permanently tattooed on her body?

No. 749772

anon, do you know where you are and exactly who you're talking about?

No. 749798

File: 1544941091708.jpg (74.63 KB, 473x593, benjisubzero.jpg)

this is her new bf lol. such an ugly fucker

No. 749801

Bald people with huge ears make me lose my shit. They look like literal monkeys.

No. 749852

File: 1544971729379.jpeg (146.79 KB, 750x757, 2BD43FB1-0201-4417-BAE5-040531…)

So I guess the cryspell and Matt rumors are true

Who is this guy? Social media? How do you know they’re officially dating?

No. 749914

Lol what the fuck?? Howd that happen

He looks like a prison rapist.

No. 749930

Aww, Andre the Giant found love!!!

No. 750071

LMAO WHAT. I am honestly shocked, only because matt and nicole were together for such a long time and made it so much a part of their ~image~. and now here he is with andre the giant aka one of nicole's calves.

No. 750118

File: 1545013444661.png (344.39 KB, 756x583, Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 1.53…)

a v romantic night out with her new boyfriend!!!

hahahaha holy shit i honestly didn't believe it was true for the longest time, it just feels so fucking awkward to date the very recent ex of a good friend you used to be a fangirl of, and it's even weirder to me that nicole seems totally okay with this

No. 750223

Aren't Andre and Nicole living together or whatever? Damn, in Nicole's house AND stole her man rofl

No. 750243

Actually it seems like They we’re living in Cryspells house at the time in Utah
I’m sure we’d have seen plenty of guns and dolls in cryspells photos if she was with Nicole and her parents house.

No. 750264

That was speculation lol. It appears they do not live together, and I don’t think they ever did. They obviously spent a lot of time together though, and made special trips to meet up. Wonder if they’re still bffs. Might explain the delayed release of her music video with Andre and the calves

No. 750429

File: 1545090396266.png (439.01 KB, 929x445, 543254325423543.PNG)

No. 750432

it's lookin awful white out

No. 750463

thank god no one likes it when its dark out

No. 750495

What? Genuinely can't tell if you are bickering (?) about race, or drugs kek

No. 750532

what? are you trying to racebait?

can he see? why's he squinting all the time

No. 750541

He's squinting because the weight of his gigantic forehead is pushing down on his eyes. That's a long ass head.

No. 750550

They look like white supremicists and knowing Nicole, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that was actually the case

No. 750556

um it was an unfunny joke cus they look like white trash

No. 750725

Lmao she facetuned him too. She’s looking more uncanny and BDD by the day. Nicole, we all know what you look like and you’re not fooling anyone.

No. 750894

Already deleted

She looks like she's melting and I wonder why. Drugs? Just aging poorly?

No. 750978

File: 1545202135577.jpeg (531.9 KB, 750x1076, F745A7A8-687D-45AC-A590-C7C9FF…)

It really bothers me how quickly and abruptly Nicole went downhill

No. 750979

File: 1545202218591.jpeg (626.97 KB, 750x1215, 1943A384-E81D-4946-9B40-CAC237…)

In my opinion Andre is the only cute one there

No. 750981

She looks really rough, like she’s drinking or using drugs daily. Probably also due to her eating disorder. Anorexics age like milk

No. 751141

Ah yes, hilarious underage shitposting. Great contributor.

No. 751425

the sneak peak for her upcoming music video on her instagram is SO boring, it's almost like she's intentionally trying to become as underwhelming as possible

No. 751451

I think a lot of the appeal to her was her daily “adventures” or weird objects of hers she’d post, but now it’s just pictures of herself and she’s just become a caricature of a sad bbygirl.
I feel like a good portion of herself became inauthentic was when she got rabid 13 year old fans with meme pages and fan pages of her who stalked her every move, I’d be incredibly annoyed too and would want to shut my personal life closely.
Then again, it’s Nicole, and she probably loved every second of the attention.

No. 751939

File: 1545371820755.jpeg (565.77 KB, 1125x2319, D3E643BF-379E-4BBF-B9C3-69650D…)

Shout out to all the anons that called her breaking into the SoundClout scene, looks like she’s working on something with a label mate who also happens to be a gbc member. Can’t wait to see her shit up another genre of music like that phoned in full of hell collab wasn’t enough.

No. 751954

Could be tinfoiling but I reckon he's w andre to piss nicole off/get back at her

No. 752223

Aren’t the guys in that scene all like 18? Nicole is ten years their senior. She’s too old to be doing this shit. She should stick to her lane because contrary to what a lot of you think, her early albums were great.

No. 752253

In the lager scene? Yeah it’s a younger crowd but everyone in gbc is like mid twenties-early thirties, Tracy’s the youngest and he’s 23. Wiccas the second oldest and gonna be 30 in March. Most of the established artists are in their 20s honestly, she wouldn’t be a creep in that regard at least.

No. 753379

Opposite tinfoil, Andre is doing it to get to Nicole. Really irks me that the only reason nicole seemingly is “ok” with it, is because she likely views Andre as a downgrade/fatter, and therefore isn’t threatened by the replacement. Nicole is shallow as hell so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Came across this loser on Spotify shuffle the other day and cringed so hard. Of course he’s doing a collab with Nicole, and of course he’s yet another 30 year old failed artist. Mega kek. Didn’t think Nicole could get any worse, but there ya go

No. 753386

File: 1545627666069.jpeg (105.01 KB, 920x585, E3988455-0413-465E-81FC-80F17D…)

His photos look oddly similar to some of Nicole’s recent woodsy shoots. I think she either copied, learned from him, or he helped out.
Anyone else slightly peeved by Nicole’s Lil Peep shrine and inappropriate obsession, and then she collabs with a GBC artist? The girl is too old for the scene and she’s so creepy about it. How long do you think she was DM’ing GBC boiz just hoping for attention from one so that she could slip into their scene and be popular one last time lmao

No. 753387

File: 1545627712021.jpeg (105.01 KB, 920x585, E3988455-0413-465E-81FC-80F17D…)

His photos look oddly similar to some of Nicole’s recent woodsy shoots. I think she either copied, learned from him, or he helped out.
Anyone else slightly peeved by Nicole’s Lil Peep shrine and inappropriate obsession, and then she collabs with a GBC artist? The girl is too old for the scene and she’s so creepy about it. How long do you think she was DM’ing GBC boiz just hoping for attention from one so that she could slip into their scene and be popular one last time lmao

No. 753388

File: 1545628166413.jpeg (394.55 KB, 666x502, 49805F6C-171B-4DF2-BD13-DA4C2F…)

Saged but I also find it hilarious that Nicole ONLY looks okay-ish in low resolution, blurry, high contrast, washed out pictures where you can’t actually see her real face

No. 753431

He lives an hour from where she shot the lemonade video/that adandoned love hotel she was wondering around so maybe that’s what you’re seeing? Dude looks like a hipster accountant otherwise (fun facts his old band also shot a video at the abandoned hotel and the tatted up dude in lemonade asked him to be in his band)

And they’re on the same label so I doubt it was much dming and more her people telling his he’s got his first job as a member of their roster. All her collabs seem super fake the way full of hell talked about made it seem like it was something a suit floated their way.

No. 753490

>>750978 nicole has been posting pics from the same shoot for MONTHS. As a fan, it's actually really fucking annoying??? Like we've seen this picture 10 times already. Just fucking release it. Otherwise she's doing the opposite of what she's aiming for; kiling the hype while trying to hype people up. Her new aesthetic makes no fucking sense either. Like it's just some lovecore bullshit thrown together.

No. 753542

The difference between this and >>750429
is crazy… what has she been doing in the last year to make herself look like that

No. 755014

She's so fake and desperate it's so obvious these days, what happened to her pretending to be an edgy uwu metalhead grrl? Oh yeah, they made fun of her and she got embarrassed and stopped. Hardcore Nicole? She only hung around the poseurs and no one took her seriously there either, now she's SoundClout Nicole, is she going to rap about Tupac tying her up and raping her or some shit? Like that Danzig BDSM song she got deleted from YouTube?

No. 755639

The worst thing about it is that she has shown NO interest in hip hop at all until this point, coincidentally when it’s the whitest it’s ever been. Doubt she has ever even listened to Tupac. She only tweets about Peep and Post Malone (seriously read her tweets where she digitally sucks his dick basically), never mentioned any of the black rappers who are in that scene. She reminds me of Ginger Bronson with her dumbass trap beats. Keep it, Nicole.

No. 756311

File: 1546182908849.jpg (44.15 KB, 587x228, 2PHcBH7.jpg)

Grimes still kissing Nicole's ass for some unknown reason

No. 756312

File: 1546183028524.jpg (298.27 KB, 582x422, OGMHMfk.jpg)

Forgot to drop the bondage Barbie image. Nicole is such a disgusting tryhard. Pretty sure she masturbates while reading about serial killers/school shooters

No. 758859

File: 1546582198538.jpg (62.38 KB, 563x941, wig.jpg)

This isn't as tragic as the wig/tangle extensions combination in the Lemonade video but that plastic look and extremely fake scalp makes this look like a Halloween wig

No. 758862

Getting Shmegeh vibes here.

No. 759269

>displaying your nasty fetishes for everyone to see
>almost 30 year old woman
Wow she's a womanchild.

No. 760133

Wouldn’t doubt it, she had a Columbine fan blog. Of course, Nicole claimed she was just doing research despite seeming to defend them on that blog at times. If she was a teen I would get it, but she was in her mid 20s at the time. I think the gross bits of her “aesthetic” are her actual interests.

It’ll probably sound exactly like Ginger’s stuff, if Nicole bothers to make new music. She’ll probably just spit out her not so horrible songs and remix them into hot garbage ‘techno’.

No. 760706

File: 1546915076483.jpeg (73.99 KB, 640x626, C7B0CD54-7D88-44FE-AD4D-660076…)

Remember in how the last thread somebody said they knew Nicole in high school and she had an emo/scene phase? This looks like it could be from around that time (found on Pinterest)

No. 760911

It is. Iirc that’s her during her first year of college, or very last bit of HS kek. Already confirmed it’s absolurely Nicole. I miss the anon who provided that milk, I wish they’d come back with more college photos kek

No. 761422

File: 1547022551573.png (953.11 KB, 750x1334, 62F5D3E7-CDFC-4130-AE07-70BE05…)

Twitter dump

No. 761423

File: 1547022589352.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, C074F0DE-8CE6-498A-98F8-ED1E91…)

No. 761509

someone take that petti out of its damn misery already.

No. 761524

>Casually showing off her ass
I’m so curious about her meth looking bf. Where did he come from?

No. 761702

Pictures of her emo/scene phase were already posted in the first thread. And yes, that's obviously around the time.

>already confirmed
Yeah, no shit. That's definitely her face.

No. 762031

No wonder she sounded like a fat awkward girl in that interview posted earlier, it’s what she literally is. So pretty much, Nicole is an almost 30 year old cringe super stan of Lana Del Rey, (who she has an odd love/hate relationship with, seeing as she gets annoyed whenever people point out their similarities) who masks how plain she really is with an edgy persona. But tbh, she does actually like gross shit. That’s why when she started getting a bit of attention she made sure she deleted that stuff off her blog.

No. 762119

Don’t be a cunt to me because I had to playcate idiot anon who was too stupid to put it together and recognize Nicole’s face, lmao. Everyone in this thread is obnoxious. saged

No. 762192

I wonder if Nicole is the next to join Elon Musk’s quirky internet girl threesome harem. She’s freaky enough and there’s only one degree of separation between them

No. 762248

I doubt he’s stupid enough to associate with her

No. 762335

he's stupid enough to let his new army candy associate with Azealia "Chicken Rituals" Banks. Azealia wasn't even a friend or a part of Grimes' clique, but Nicole is. no doubt she'd be a candidate.

No. 762733

Please. Azalia banks has 10x the following,
gets way more media attention. He is legitimately too intelligent to associate with a boring Tumblr artist who screeches about pedophilia, violence and death in a forced babydoll voice, wearing a ridiculous party city blonde wig…

No. 763315

Is nobody else going to comment on the other music video(s) never coming out? Lol

No. 766192

she deleted tons and tons of old posts recently, like ones with her old guy friends, tumblr style winter landscapes that were popular in 2013, etc. kinda weird, considering she left up posts she made of school shooters that only have 10 notes yet deleted her own popular and innocent stuff that had thousands of likes plus her personal photos.

No. 766386

Yeah, she’s essentially erased her whole past on IG. Most of her Matt pictures are gone, too. Little to no pictures of her with the black or brown hair atrocities, no record of anything before HSB really. She’s so contrived and shady

No. 767533

not gonna lie it made me really sad because i used to like her stuff years ago, i liked occasionally looking back at her old archive on tumblr for the photography and her old style of selfies etc and now the only good days of her aesthetic and music are all gone.. disappointing.

No. 768732

Nicole used to be a somewhat normal person before. She’s too gross now to even go back to that. Probably thinks how she used to be was “cringe”.

No. 769151

File: 1548057457662.png (4.36 MB, 750x1334, 558C132F-BCCB-4F7D-91B3-1744F8…)

Gross. Saged

No. 770901

File: 1548292704827.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1639, C85818C7-7523-4899-B16F-AFF135…)

Sad that she only looks good with a shit-ton of photoshop and filters these days. Does anyone know if this is from yet another music video she's never releasing?

No. 771055

File: 1548320402211.jpeg (477.67 KB, 744x816, 35627348-FA86-4D51-90EF-852CD5…)

Judging by her hair and styling, it was the same shoot she did with him a while back. Nothing new

No. 771056

What aesthetic is she going for exactly? This would look nicer with dark hair

No. 771081

File: 1548333068291.jpg (43.12 KB, 668x695, DxY_AtqWwAAI38h.jpg)

at this point is heart shaped bed literally EVER gonna be released? i'm still amazed at how much potential nicole has had in the last couple years to really milk it and use her little bits of fame/ connections to her advantage, and how spectacularly she has squandered it time and time again

No. 771143

maybe the REAL heart-shaped bed was the friends we made along the way…

No. 771177

She would look better with light brown hair. I don't think she understands, this platinum blonde wig ages her, she has harsh features (imo) and a light brown color would really tone them down and make her look younger. I really think Nicole wants to stop all of this, she seems less invested and all her stuff is the same. The same pics of her in a nightgown walking around a forest, in a long dress standing in a dirty motel room. I assume she hasn't stopped because she still enjoys the attention she gets from her few calves left, but even then, they're just making fun of her.

No. 771197

you mean the music video? Cause the album was already released

No. 771481

I’m assuming they mean the other 2 videos she hyped up and never released. Anyone know the milk on her new bf?

No. 771482

Sorry forgot sage

No. 771634

yes i meant the music vid lol, it was teased for the longest time and all of the sudden she isn't talking about it at all anymore. wonder if it has anything to do with cryspell or the other calves in the vid

No. 771861

I need her to ghost her calves so they end up in here spilling all the dirt they have on her

No. 772004

In sure the majority of her calves have already been posting in and/or reading these. They’re all snakes kek. The girls in that group are completely contrived and low-key competing.
I’m betting Nicole cheated on Matt with the new guy, Matt ran to Andre the giant, and now things are too awkward to release the videos

No. 772491

My guess is she (and that tangled wig/extension combination mess) look terrible in this video and she had a breakdown and doesn’t want to release it after everyone made fun of how bad she looked in Lemonade

No. 774648

File: 1549161789848.jpg (383.71 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_plumuzKJXC1r4ht6ho7_128…)

"no home/sad in spirit, drifting through 24 states with you"
Wasn't she supposed to announce a HSB tour soon? Or is that not happening either?

No. 777066

I get the feeling since she released her album & made one music video for it she's taking a break or something. I doubt there will be anymore music videos even though that's what she hyped it up to be. Disappointing if she doesn't release anymore

No. 777068

she looked so much better with dark hair. She's trying to be a Flowers in the Attic Dollanganger Doll look. Blue eyes Blonde Hair etc. I prefer her goth girl look

No. 777071

their relationship sounds so unhealthy, I feel bad for nicole. You can tell just by how she looks

No. 777079

kek probably because she is on drugs and not eating

No. 777080

can anyone post more bugsinricepudding tumblr shots like these? I miss the old nicole…(spamming, replying to every post separately)

No. 777465

>>777066 i have the feeling that there could be some drama between nicole, her new boyfriend, matt and cryspell now which might mean she would never release the videos.

No. 777467

That was really bizarre how he just switched like that. Nicole got cucked by andre

No. 777808

First time poster hope I'm doing this right.
I remember nicole vividly from her tumblr days. She would reblog pictures of young girls bare chests covered in bruises and cuts. Little girls/boys in compromising strange poses and sometimes half naked. These pictures often floated around in the community of uwu sickly cherub girls.
One of the worst incidents that occurred was when some sick fuck screencapped literal child porn and no one knew but it fit the aesthetic and was blogged a ton. Nicole was one of the rebloggers. I remember seeing her getting literal dozens of messages telling her it was childporn and not her ~aesthetic~

When I personally first saw her she was posting herself in her undies showing her insane weight loss. I'm not sure if many of you remember but ED was basically the key to joining the community and after she cemented herself in that particular group I never saw her mention anything about struggling with her weight or having a problem
I do remember her posting pictures of fat people's insides being cut open in autopsy photos though.

Idk if this is relevant or if anyone cares but I remember a shit load of weird things she did if anyone wants to hear it.

No. 777854

I’d be interested in knowing more. The shady shit she pulled online that gained her “devoted niche fanbase” fascinated me to no end, both then and now. I can only vaguely remember Nicole’s because I was following another cow in her circle more closely at that time
Was it ever proven that it was indeed child porn she reblogged? I remember her reverse thinspo blog littered with reblogs of her fat uwu mutuals, and wish I could find caps

No. 777996

Yeah, it was confirmed child porn. The photo was of a little girl sitting in an adult males lap.
The other photos, not sure. Probably just weird fucked up ~aesthetics~
I have no idea how she got this fanbase when literally she entered the community by faking an ED with her shitty thinspo posts.

She did this weird shit where she would constantly stalk my blog and go on like mass reblog sprees of 60-80 posts and I would get notifications for every single one lmao. At the time I was a bigger blog but I enjoyed her art before I saw it was just a copy Risa Mehmet's work but garbage.

I remember the first time she uploaded one of her shitty uwu babydoll songs and it spread like wildfire. I still have no idea why people enjoy her voice or whatever ~talent~ they think she has.
After that her blog turned into her just playing celebrity.
I believe the first "album" she released was Curdled Milk? I listened to a few tracks and the recording was just amazingly shit.

No. 777997

File: 1550107545550.png (138 KB, 400x400, tumblr_mdrejwuLwv1qdillso1_400…)

I remember the name because I had the album artwork reblogged.

No. 778025

Does anyone have old videos of her singing from her blogs? I've only seen the one where she's bald. I still don't understand why she had to completely delete everything.

No. 778027

Because all of her content was controversial. It was just pieces of other people's personalities and interests that she garnered in hopes of getting noticed.

After the child porn shit and Grimes noticing her she had to delete everything.

No. 778409

I’m wondering where the anon that knew Nicole growing up went. I’d like to know what parts of her “image” are contrived and what’s legitimately her personality. Do you think the child porn etc. was just for edge points, or is she really a bit pedophilic? I know she wishes she was underage and the object of pedophilia, but the sad truth is that being a nearly 30 year old women makes her the pedophile

No. 778410

i still think it's weird how she deleted like.. literally everything though, like her friend's photography and stuff, she deleted basically everything that people liked her for lol

No. 778650

yeah you literally hit the nail on the head with the explanation about her pedophilia tendencies. when I saw her on tumblr all those years ago she was bragging about some guy being obsessed with her as a kid and I was like mhm yeah sure Nicole.

If anyone actually supports and likes this girl they're just as disgusting as she is. I don't understand people who can just look the other way when they know all of the shit she posted in the past.
How can anyone support a girl that faked an ED to get attention? And simultaneously posted little kids in compromising positions/or being physically harmed.

No. 778868

File: 1550379147278.png (Spoiler Image,414.65 KB, 275x688, bugsinricepudding1.PNG)

I went back on my old Tumblr and tried to find some of Nicole's content but sadly because of the Tumblr NSFW purge I was unable to find the exact image I was talking about regarding the child pornography. I did however find some of her "Great Content" everyone likes to remember so fondly.

No. 778869

File: 1550379187277.png (Spoiler Image,371.56 KB, 447x333, bugsinricepudding2.PNG)

If you want to see more let me know.

No. 778880

> I was unable to find the exact image I was talking about regarding the child pornography.
Don't worry. One of the pedophilia images (or a few I believe) were posted in the first thread. It's already recorded.

No. 778902

Would love to see more of vintage Nicole crap.

No. 778912

Isn’t it a bit too far to call Nicole’s ED fake? She was skeletal
For attention or not she was really sick, EDs aren’t real or fake based on why you do it

No. 778914

File: 1550416077071.png (491.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190215-171307.png)

Nicole posting same photos she always post and making a shout out only to Maggie..

No. 778915

File: 1550416166463.png (1.39 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190215-171318.png)

No. 779095

File: 1550475460310.jpg (Spoiler Image,568.82 KB, 880x1313, tumblr_mi0j5saaEq1qikszdo1_128…)

I remember Nicole's mutuals reblogging this image over and over AKA obvious inspiration for Poacher's Pride. Is every song lifted from a tumblr aesthetic or is anything an original idea?

No. 779098

wow that is so gross and pathetic

No. 779139

Are you going to call out every musician that's ever written a song about a scene from a book or film?
Give us some real tea because this ain't it

No. 779164

the point is that she relies solely on it and is incapable of conjuring an original idea, for all the special unique snowflake points she tries to collect by refusing to accurately cite her sources of inspiration. literally everything she's done came from scrolling through her tumblr feed. even her frilly spooky beige doll era came from cult party kei and copying the decor from the stores lmao.

No. 779165

There's a difference between being inspired from it & blatantly copying it though. I would disagree.

No. 779184

I would agree if it was a handful of songs or a concept, but her entire identity is taken from tumblr or media popular with tumblr. I distinctly remember her making snide comments while answering anonymous tumblr asks about other people’s originality when they’d “copy her” which is highly ironic.

No. 779186

I remember this. So glad someone else does too. I’ve been trying to convey this about her for years, even back then… her entire persona is entirely contrived and all taken from popular tumblr reblogs and she’s never been original.

No. 779187

Sage for no evidence but I remember her being especially mean about a girl with an ED who shaved her head too. Bodyofbugs? She was definitely a calf but pretty harmless and obviously a young teenager but Nicole treated it like high school even though she must have been in her 20s at the time. I also remember her making subposts about littleotesanik/kaytee and reblogging her photos posing with dolls and wrote captions underneath like “-_-“

She was so mean to fans who were clearly emulating her because they liked her music and style. I remember being surprised she even had fans but I guess it’s the same people who stick around through the cancelled shows and the YouTube copyright claims on fan made tribute videos.

No. 779206

Lol, can confirm I remember that happening. She was so vile and narcissistic back then, it’s a shame she stopped sperging out online. I’m wondering if she’s matured at all.

No. 779370

>is anything an original idea?
No. Even the album title is just ripped from the movie "Natural Born Killers" and Matthew Good's "Born Losers". Nothing about her ideas or lyrical content is original.

Also remember when she used to have random pictures of real amputee toddlers on her blog? That shit was disgusting to stumble upon.

No. 779396

because she knows how unoriginal she is she has to call out who supposedly "copies" her aesthetic because it would be so easy for her to lose attention to them. real artists know no one could ever touch their creative process because it's organic and ongoing, not be threatened considering what she was complaining about was styling of all things. if anything those people probably knew her source of ideas and copied the original. i wonder how many people followed the people she reblogged jealously instead lol.

No. 779406

I wonder if her new !1!1!!! style of posing in front of abandoned love motels with dirty wigs with the flash on was entirely copied from something else. I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 779420

File: 1550574867507.jpg (138.38 KB, 1002x1200, nkvK5Sh.jpg)

I can't believe someone got this…

No. 779421

File: 1550576436867.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.01 KB, 700x467, 2100.jpg)

The abandoned hotel room selfies in a wig alone screams "rip off of Juno Calypso's The Honeymoon" imho. I definitely think Nicole stole some ideas from Calypso's work.

No. 779424


Wtf. I dont understand why an able-bodied young woman would be so fascinated by seeing people who had been severely injured like that. Especially children.

I can get MAYBE medical students who want to go into surgical research looking at those kinds of things, and I could possibly see someone who had been seriously maimed as a child perhaps posting it because they want to feel less alone.

But Nicole has never been either of those things. I've been a long time follower and I dont get her weird fetishy "always sick bb" part of her aesthetic. Possibly because outside of anorexia and addiction to stimulants, shes never been chronically ill. It seems weird.

No. 779443

File: 1550582089578.jpeg (135.1 KB, 750x499, B259914C-7628-4D82-AFF2-042DBE…)

Attention. Who gets more attention than a constantly sick or fragile person? I remember before she revealed it was an ED she would call it a “mystery illness” she was hospitalized for and would talk about tests and getting fluids taken all the time, obviously on purpose to make people think it was more chronic and dire than it really was.

Odd because she’s so awkward in real life and so unprepared for attention when she gets it

No. 779448

that big meaty neck. wtf

No. 779476

didn't she said that she had an abortion too?

Also that jacket, for every person that asked her where she bought that jacket she had a different story. I remember one time she said a man gave it to her out of the blue and it already had the patches, another time she bought it at a fare and the man that sold it to her left something in the pocket for her (i don't remember what) this time she added the patches. On e time she said that her friend added what they wanted so she didn't add the patches. She's full of shit even when it comes to a simple military jacket, it's incredible.

No. 779876

I sincerely hope we don't have to ever see this wig on her again. I am so tired of looking at it in every shoot Insta pic etc.

No. 780742

she def didn't come out and say it was an ED at first to milk the attention even though everyone knew from what she was describing her days like + how she looked at the time. everything was for attention.

also i remember this jacket phase it was because she gained all the weight back and then some and wore this all the time to cover her body up, couldnt pull of the "delicate sick baby"

No. 780761

She should at least get nice wigs if she's gonna be wearing them for basically every photo. That Amazon quality hair isn't doing it for her.

No. 784677


Nicole copied half of Lana Del Reys early aesthetic tbh

No. 786422

File: 1552536458457.jpeg (103.65 KB, 456x720, 5CF0F5C6-8320-4652-89D4-5FC294…)

I feel like Nicole also takes a lot of inspiration from Courtney Love/the kinderwhore style

No. 787694

Sage for pure speculation but does Nicole buy her instagram followers? I’ve been checking up on her this week and she gained 2,000 followers in a few days with not much posting, no new releases or any exposure. She also has 70k followers but only has 5,000 likes on that film photo of her? Her twitter following is also really low in comparison.

No. 788014

She probably does, especially since her ex-skinwalker is almost even with her for followers. Millie may also buy followers, too, since her photos average ~4k-8k likes with not very many comments.

No. 790655

File: 1553627062778.jpeg (863.78 KB, 1125x1610, 077310BD-FA31-4B44-8517-820527…)

Lead singer of Angelic Milk is upset that they'll never get to collab with a has-been? Lol

No. 790822

I think Angelic Milk is sad they couldn't go to that location for their own stuff not that they were supposed to collab

No. 790853

Millie definitely buys followers. I once made a timeline of her likes,!comments, and followers over 2 or 3 years and it was pretty obvious. I think Nicole does to, maybe not as blatantly as Millie though. But Millie has this weird self-competition with Nicole’s likes.

No. 796012

Okay is she in a romantic relationship with wicca??? If so im officially pissed, hea literaly my wet dream(no1curr)

No. 796343

File: 1554851324971.jpg (197.23 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nmx54aj0MX1r4ht6ho1_128…)

found an old pic of her on someone else's blog, no milk just wanted to share

No. 797914

wicca has a long term girlfriend

No. 799271

He also talks about her, by name, non stop I wonder what made that person think nicole was with him

No. 804331

File: 1557461953047.jpeg (144.71 KB, 750x746, 67A3B94D-2967-4D78-B0AC-C63190…)

I know Nicole is boring now because she’s squandered literally every opportunity and is barely supporting Heart Shaped Bed except for a few basement bar tour dates and the video is never coming out but hey looks like Matt is doing okay with cryspell

No. 804347

Who is Wicca?

No. 804399

Andre actually looks cute her. Cuter than Nicole. Wouldn’t that be fantastic if the giant ended up doing nicole’s shtick even better than her, esp after all the times Nicole used her as a prop to look more ~uwu smol~ in ig pics.

Andre the giant for prez 2020

No. 804485

It seems like she's losing weight. What a twist, she was basically a fat ogre before.

No. 804498

She's very cute.
Dunno why all those ~fragile bbydolls~ fall in love with the boring ass guy, but whatever.

No. 805626

File: 1557639414198.jpg (62.86 KB, 563x551, d34dc1bb56466f658930223a62d443…)

Cringy old high school Nicole. This is stale milk now but I can confirm some of the antics in the past threads, like her telling orbiter boys she was in love with them after stringing them along for ages, especially when they would get sick of her BS or they'd meet other girls. Cringing hard at her comparing herself to Beverly Marsh. There's even a drawing she did of her and her orbiters as the kids from It, with her as Beverly.

No. 811121

Am I the only one who thinks its weird that Nicole Dollanganger obsesses over “Flowers in the Attic” constantly to the point of having that rib cage tattoo and using the last name of the main characters for her stage name but never acknowledges or references the rest of the series?

No. 811129

The Beverly Marsh thing pisses me off so much because Beverly's main reason for being in the loser's club was that she was living in poverty and the other girls ostracized her for being poor. Nicole is a rich spoiled brat who never wanted for anything.

Also not to book-sperg but Beverly's defining characteristic wasn't fucking everybody in a sewer/being a slut and an enormous part of her characterization revolved around her confusion about the way that she was starting to be sexualized by the adults around her as she came into puberty.

No. 811235


Her new song is mixed really well. It seems like she is taking music more seriously than Nicole these days… tbh Matt is a good sound engineer. I am looking forward to hearing more. KNIFE GAMES isnt quite my own taste but I can really see where the potential is for her. Plus she rebranded as Rosie Diamonds, so I think shes going to pull a Millie on her social media but unlike Millie, do a thing???

Ngl I have always enjoyed the aesthetic and edginess of the artworks in this tumble subculture so much but I think Nicole screwed the pooch post NBL release and didn't bother to put in effort.

No. 811452

Is Nicole ever going to release those music videos with Cryspell (or Rosie Diamonds now, I guess) Patience and Maggie? Were they even music videos? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out. I wonder if she’s going to pan them out and post them over the next 4 years until her next (admittedly subpar) 10-track release lmao

No. 811563

Cryspell (or Rosie Diamond) will actually release an EP on May 30. The only available track on her bandcamp, knife games, sounds a bit like Nicole's "In The Land" IMO (or like another low-tempo sadcore shit in other words) and is obviously produced by Matt.
saging for obvious reasons

No. 811577

File: 1558618182167.jpeg (493.32 KB, 750x990, 44C99C7B-655B-4B24-8C08-1ED62A…)

It was produced by Matt. Says it on Bandcamp in the credits

I doubt it’ll be released, now that Rosie took Nicole’s man, genre and audience. Might be an unpopular opinion but I kinda dig Rosie/Andres more polished, less cringe version of the aesthetic?

No. 811607

She actually looks… insanely striking here wow!! It’s almost like all the girls nicole hung out with wouldn’t be hideous if they just didn’t try to shove themselves into granny dresses and bonnets because nicole could (barely) pull it off by being small, I’m just really surprised how pretty she looks when she actually looks like an individual.

No. 811612

on what planet? she's still ugly as fuck, she's just skinny now.

No. 811639

The gun pushes it into costume territory but I love the outfit she chose here. It's not so on-the-nose, unlike Nicole's sylistic choices.

No. 811693


>ill-fitting, wrinkly suit

>can barely pose in it for fear it'll fall off
>toy gun
>insanely striking
>not so on-the-nose

Tumblr gtfo, this is embarrassing

No. 812047


give it a fucking rest, andre. you will not ever be as popular as nicole because your aesthetic is played out. it's still creepy as fuck that you skinwalked nicole so hard you got her sloppy seconds. you still have no identity outside of her. your music sounds like a nicole song made by an algorithm

No. 812455

File: 1558734954858.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 9D5EA6E6-A9D0-4B8C-B565-11AD75…)

She’s still involved with Matt

No. 812821


Andre the giant has something to prove since she’s so goddamn ugly, so she stole Nicole’s man and her career.

The dynamics and history of this relationship is crazy and disrespectful to Nicole, yet she doesn’t care. Matt has been obsessed with her for years even before they started dating. He’s always been a loser, leech, and he signifies the end of her career. It’s been downhill since him & her album Natural Born Losers was released.

Now that Nicole is sucked dry Matt got with her homegirl. Replaced her with the same type of woman that makes the same music so he can piggyback off the success. How disgusting that Nicole introduced two of her skinwalkers, her boyfriend and friend.

Can’t say she doesn’t deserve it. Nicole’s 15 minutes is long gone, girl needs a comeback and to expose Cryspell/Matt

No. 812824


What is flattering? She doesn’t know.

Everything about this is a hodgepodge of ugliness. An eye spy of bad taste. Between the baggy suit, toy gun, pose, background, color palette, I don’t understand how she conceptualized this and thought it was a good idea. Or saw this photo and thought she looked good lmao

Not to mention “Rosie Diamonds” jacked her friend’s music career and style

No. 813019

Ohhhh boy. Nicole played after a friend’s band- Bitch wore a huge frumpy black floorlength housecoat thing? What the hell is up with that. Thought she was trying to look so uwu creepy petite doll like. Why do people even bother watching her live? She offers nothing but those “Im so sad and baby” vocals, basically no movement on stage at all. Crazy.

No. 813173

File: 1558897675178.jpeg (283.96 KB, 750x1071, B8A1C824-7B53-4B74-9706-085AF4…)

Lol yikes

No. 813335

I'm still kind of laughing at a handful of anons trying to make "cryspell's glow up" into this canonical thing, and other anons just completely shutting them down.
I really wasn't seeing/hearing what others were when they were saying she's very cute, that her new song is "mixed really well", that Matt is a good sound engineer (he honestly ruined Nicole's music), etc. She's no longer as disgustingly fat as she was before. Good progress, but that's it.

No. 813380

File: 1558940544309.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, 9ACACA01-6A23-4C9A-8BF4-FFEB7D…)

Right on cue Nicole posts this to her story. Why does she make it so obvious that she lurks here?

No. 813394

It's literally just cryspell herself lmao. Like anyone would… openly stan her. It's always been these losers gassing themselves up with selfposts like it isn't obvious to every seasoned farmer.

No. 813395

File: 1558944790310.gif (2.29 MB, 480x268, gsns.gif)

please stop spam selfposting and trying to make your new stage name a thing i fucking promise you no one believes you have a fanbase who puts the effort into whiteknighting you when they can't be arsed to like your pics on instagram no one gives a shit or thinks you're the glo up version of nicole. go home. go back to showing off your hank hill ass on instagram in your crotchless granny panties and matted amazon wig. i promise you it's more dignified than whatever you think you're doing here.

the fault in these girls trying to pass off as fans will always be the sheer unfathomability of these bootlegs having FANS when nicole barely had anyone come to her defence in her og thread.

No. 813604

File: 1558983547608.gif (1.1 MB, 244x280, 04u33ujf.gif)

damn, anon

No. 813626

Half of those aren’t even talking about andre or nicole positively at all.

No. 813645

This picture is not only NOT flattering, it’s straight up unnerving. Looks like her face is (badly) shooped onto a black mop. Nasty.

No. 813664

Hi Nicole?

No. 813706

File: 1558995241657.jpeg (33.93 KB, 339x813, EC66EFBA-D5AB-41AE-A6E1-8D226E…)

Frumpy coat Nicole

No. 813707

File: 1558995287270.jpeg (95.01 KB, 570x743, 7EF4E8AF-E2CE-49AC-AE9E-64447C…)

No. 813708

File: 1558995340113.jpeg (46.54 KB, 392x672, 89C3B21E-73EB-4CAF-B4C7-35D5A4…)

(Srry stole from other locals stories)

No. 813716

I have no idea who you’re talking about- I just saw this chick was playing with a friends band and was confused because she’s not…a band? Or even rick? She’s just some….soft singer? Why does she play with pop punk/etc when she’s just soft edgy I don’t get it. Crazy.

No. 813740

Also why doesn’t Nicole tag the people she plays with in the image? Or who’s created the artwork she’s posted (especially if people are asking)
does she think she’s too cool to credit or promote the people she plays with unless they fit her aesthetic

No. 813748

I just don’t understand how someone could think they will be successful when they don’t even play with musicians in their niche or even similar. She’s doing nothing in her own favour- nobody around here cares. Especially not in Toronto let alone Ottawa. If she can’t even make it locally how does she think her career will thrive?

No. 813777

Because she always surrounded herself with skater tier "come watch my screamo band" types and instead of trying to actually cater to the disgusting niche she has, she would rather dick surf other peoples tours as a warm up/appearance.
She had so many possibilities thrown at her for no reason and still kept to her routine, idk how far she thought she would get with her "romantic" dirty tour van lifestyle when she never even tried to do the hard work you have to do to actually graduate being surrouned by piss bottles in a sausage truck.

No. 813779

they always do that lol. when they wanna position themselves higher than one of their friends they try to pull a weak drag on them both before laying down how one is superior. patience always did this with millie and so did that eggfaced blonde one in nicole's clique who selfposted saying she was the prettiest of the group. just recently one tried to expose herself as a copycat but blew it when she started saying "but everyone leaves her alone because she's schizophrenic" when this girl had 100 likes per pic. who is everyone? lol. they want attention good or bad. why do you think they pull edgelord shenanigans involving ~controversial shit like pedophilia and snuff porn?

these girls do not have fanbases. these threads have always consisted of the girls talking shit about their own friends lol. nicole had a small fanbase and no one came to her defense in the first thread so why the fuck would anyone come in with the belief that andre is better than nicole? who? lol.

No. 813801

i humored andre and listened to this. it isn't the worst thing ever but for an ep it felt a thousand years long. her mumbly vocals really start to grate after a couple songs. lyrics about basically nothing but filled with sadbbydoll signifiers like abandoned houses, heroin, mary janes, shooting guns in backyards etc. most of the time i couldn't even tell what she was singing though since it was all done in the same droning, unintelligible mumble. i enjoyed nicole's music for how upfront her voice and lyrics were so this is definitely a significant downgrade. matt took a giant shit all over nicole's music but he is easily the best part of this project.

No. 813868

I gave it a listen as well. I do like a few songs on there and saved them, but I definitely don’t think her music is perfect/will ever gain traction. I think the way that she sings (like very breathy, pitched vocals) doesn’t do her much of a favor at all. It doesn’t really sound like shes using her real voice which sometimes makes it very difficult to listen to.

No. 813877

i just realized that cryspell is lifting up her dress here… like a little girl would. i thought she was just wearing a puffy shirt with short shorts, but no. these people are disgusting

No. 813918

>just recently one tried to expose herself as a copycat
Mfw I was the one who posted her and there’s been an autistic sperg in the thread who’s been screaming selfpost.

No. 813926

She wants the aesthetic of being the only soft singer who can make rough metalheads and skater boys cry, lmao. I picked up on this a while ago.

No. 814051

well yeah that was her whole thing on tumblr, she only hung out with The Boys, cus even though she was some poor sad baby girl she was obviously cooler than anyone else could ever be

No. 814054

That’s hilarious because the other night most of them took a smoke break during her set.

No. 814635

nicole's current aesthetic = laura palmer's cousin pretending to be laura palmer

No. 814675

File: 1559109155096.jpg (32.91 KB, 500x388, dd0b110458e91426d727285d453319…)

The doodle of her Mary sue-ing as Beverly with all her neckbeard friends as the rest of the loser's club is so cringe.

No. 814696

wow, I love me some Nicole cringe.
Wish that someone saved her old blog posts that made her so famous.

No. 817150

File: 1559541627066.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.79 KB, 699x860, nicolewtf.jpg)

More gross old Nicole posts. Gross as hell so click at your own risk

No. 817708

how do y'all know she's from such
a rich family? can't really find much on it.

No. 817778

I’m not 100% sure if she’s from a rich family or not, so don’t take this as gospel. But some people on here have said that her family owns 2 different houses — one in Canada & one in Florida I’m pretty sure.

Also, I collect dolls & I know a lot about them. I’ve seen pictures of Nicole’s room & collection and she owns a LOT of expensive and valuable things. She owns several brand new boxed Takara Blythe dolls, which can be anywhere from $200-500+ per doll. She also owns a lot of German bisque dolls which are pretty expensive (some can be thousands of dollars)

Not to mention the never ending supply of furbies, ventriloquist dolls, pullips, and vintage toys she owns. You can definitely collect dolls & vintage things if you’re poor since you can find many things at the thrift store, but most of what Nicole owns is super valuable and hard to find. Again, not proof that she’s rich, but this is what I’ve gathered

No. 817787

she owns furbies? where can you see them?

No. 817842

Her family also knocked down a wall in their house just to create an addition to Nicole’s bedroom to fit her junk collection

No. 817887

How else can she afford not to work? More concretely though she does own a vacation house, she talks about it in one of the videos in this thread. I’ve been following her since before she was ~famous~ and I don’t ever once remember her having a job. She also owns some pretty expensive things… Blythe dolls are hundreds of dollars and she has many. She also owns that mourning hair thing which is easily a couple of thousand. Some of those bisque dolls that are dressed and in good condition are worth almost thousands depending on what brand. The River Phoenix collection, the columbine yearbook, the literal shelves full of DVDs and books, the flowers in the attic keyhole books and original unedited volume etc etc these things are all rare collectors items for a reason. They’ll set you back a lot if you want them.

No. 818025

File: 1559686293513.jpeg (279.05 KB, 750x1000, C66C3F1E-CA03-40B6-8AB5-571849…)

No. 818363

That’s $1000 of Blythes and pullip dolls alone

No. 818368

There's no proof of this anymore so you'll just have to take my word for it but I remember her complaining about a customer at her job on Twitter and when she started selling CDs she was posting excitedly about her last day at work. So I think her parents let her live with them rent-free which allowed her to blow her paychecks on all her stuff.

No. 818439

and they bought her a pug to celebrate her recovery from being an ana-chan. Assuming it did not come from a puppy mill, must have been pricey.

No. 818692

File: 1559794614755.jpeg (153.42 KB, 750x1334, 3DFBBD59-4289-4C32-B491-4BCDBF…)

It seems as though Nicole got a new house. She posted this a while ago

No. 837788

File: 1563080520099.jpg (44.24 KB, 457x521, n.jpg)

She has gained a ton of weight recently

No. 837901

Is there a better pic than this?

No. 837958

File: 1563112110757.jpeg (102.5 KB, 750x736, 1282E7AE-E4E9-4589-B85C-D542BC…)

No. 837993

Oof yeah, you can see it in her face esp.

No. 838331

File: 1563164890350.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, BB014ED1-B765-4D15-8A04-BDBBFD…)

Last night after Nicole’s concert a girl named Bianca (@escty on Instagram) was murdered by her boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend)… it doesn’t really have much to do with Nicole personally, but the fact that Nicole’s concert was the last thing she ever posted to her Instagram story kinda gives me chills. Also there’s a possibility that the guy was able to track her down because he knew she would be at the concert

No. 838451

Oh jesus. I read about Bianca in the other threads. Do not post your location online, girls. Stagger posts so nobody knows where you are and when.


No. 838476

File: 1563203462076.jpg (86.69 KB, 502x621, jim.JPG)

>a relatively unknown artist

No. 838478

OT: he wasn't her boyfriend, it was a one-sided delusion on the guy's part. Which makes it even creepier

No. 838534

it's really horrible what happened to Bianca and this will sound very insensitive but i can't help it but think that this would have been Nicole's wet dream during her tumblr days.

No. 838556

exactly - if she was still in her tumblr days, she would've made a song about how brandon is misunderstood, and then reblogged biancas photo multiple times lol

No. 838573

>if she was still in her tumblr days, she would've made a song about how brandon is misunderstood

Isn't it going too far? She never claimed that the Columbine shooters were misunderstood, just commented on their fangirls' deluded perception.
I am not a fan of Nicole, but I don't think she would glorify recent violent murder of a teenage girl by her friend.

No. 838578

uh yes. yes she would have

No. 838599

Of course she would have, and her fans know it, which is why they keep sending her the picture of the murdered girl. This is 100% Nicole's 'aesthetic '. Stop making excuses or trying to rewrite her history.

No. 838602

When has she done something remotely similar? Writing shitty ddlg/bdsm songs doesn't count.

No. 838651

Are her fans really sending her that? That's incredibly fucked up
I know all the sympathy in this situation should be saved for the victim and her family but this must be a weird situation for Nicole. If she doesn't respond to it then she will be seen as heartless but if she reacts too much then she will be seen as milking it

No. 838659

you're talking like she didn't make a Columbine EP and used kip kinkel and eric harris audio clips in her songs… wrote Rampage… i mean, cmon..it was all of her aesthetic.
NOW she wouldn't do it but back then she would have.

it's sad that her fans are sending her that. it's seriously messed up.

No. 838661

i remember her having a river phoenix dead as her icon on tumblr for a while, also her reblogging that girl sleeping w/her dead bf or something photo, also her song dahmer and limbs - like hello gross. she would totally have done it.

No. 838667

damn i thought she was losing, she either knows how to pose to look skinny or she gained a lot recently

No. 838683

File: 1563230939916.png (982.9 KB, 1166x750, 1563215895057.png)

I guess I'm assuming none of you have read her threads or seen what she used to post on her tumblr, Nicole was very popular and well-known for posting gore.

No. 838706

OT but I'm surprised at how useless he fans are at finding out information, someone commented on that post they would dm another to explain the murder, and a chain of 60 comments followed all asking to also be messaged too. I thought they taught kids how to use Google in school?
It's fucked up, even if Nicole chooses not to capitalize on it then a sound cloud rapper will soon enough

No. 838708

This was my immediate reaction as well. She's probably secretly elated about this

No. 838765

I have followed her threads and know about all the skeevy shit she's been up to. I still do not believe she would be tactless (or plain stupid) enough to post gore pics of a recent murder victim from her own turf or write ballads about some murderous incel fucktard.

She was posting random gore/pedo pics and writing about an old true crime case. Not saying it's better, but there is a certain degree of separation involved.
Also don't think the Dahmer song is about how uwu misunderstood he is, but YMMV.

She's an edgy cunt but not to the point.

No. 838822

while its undoubtedly a disgustingly large part of her """"aesthetic"""" it was only ever a fantasy, and she had a distance from it, from her nice comfy safe rich life, which in turn gave her room to further glamorize that kind of shit. current situation is very unfortunately and sadly ironic, but its nothing she would be into, because she can no longer enjoy it from an arms length. that being said, shits fucked

No. 838849

He was a family friend who had previously slept with her and drove her to and from the concert

No. 838965

I’m betting nicole will write a song about this tbh. She’ll probably use this poor girls murder to further her own career and gain more publicity.

No. 838974

"an edgy cunt but not to the point"
not to the point of what? finish your sentence please, i was interested

No. 839038

Isn't it obvious? Not to the point of glorifying a misogynistic murder of her teenage fan, reposting the gore pic of her and being like ~justice for Brandon uwu~.
She has always considered herself a feminist (remember her sperging about Lana Del Rey and rape culture)? No way she would stan for some pasty incel murderer.
I could see her writing an unsettling song inspired by the murder from the point of the creep or the victim, but not showcasing it in positive light (though if she does write the song, some people will still say that she's glorifying the murder no matter what the lyrics are).
Anon >>838822 is spot on IMHO.
I am not saying she's a good person, but I don't agree with anons saying she would become a Brandon fangirl or whatever. I get we want another reason to dislike her, but this shit ain't it.

No. 839441

> No way she would stan for some pasty incel murderer.

Implying Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold weren't pasty incel murderers.

This shit is EXACTLY what she's drooling over for years. You can't glorify something publicly without people assuming that's exactly what you get off on.

No. 839745

Yeah I’m with you anon, this sort of event is Nicole’s wet dream. She probably already has a Bianca shrine in her room, she’s probably already writing letters to the killer

No. 839960

>" I sampled Eric Harris because there’s this big fandom of teenage girls on Tumblr who idolize him and Dylan Klebold because they think that the two of them were just lonely and that their love could have helped prevent the shootings. I felt like that was how I often felt in relationships – you want to believe that a violent person won’t hurt you because they love you. My personal opinion though is that these boys were violent and that nothing was going to stop them from committing the shooting."

>"“I think with Columbine in particular, it’s not that I’m drawn to their characters as much as I’m interested in the way that narrative’s been presented and told to us. There’s a really strong narrative of how they were bullied and experienced horrible stuff in high school and how this terrible thing that they did was a result of that. While I do believe that they had rough high school experiences, I think most people have rough high school experiences, and I feel like it’s bizarre how they’ve been made into these likeable people. When I started researching, I was interested in the way that they were portrayed after their deaths. Their privilege, their being white, contributes to the way we look at Columbine. I was interested in exploring that further, and it came out in songwriting.”

Ah yes, the words of someone who would love to suck a pasty incel murderer's dick.
Are you people unaware that you can be interested in true crime for reasons other than hybristophilia? Maybe it's an edgy interest, but not everybody's some retard fangirl.
Dunno if there was something on Nicole's Columbine blog saying otherwise, but she sounds reasonable in above quotes and not at all how you want to portray her.

No. 840340

As we said, NOW she wouldn't do it. Back then she would have.
You can take all the interviews quotes you want but there is a reason why she had to delete her tumblr once she became 'famous', people were questioning her interests. And obviously you weren't following her back then.
Why are her friends sending the pictures of the victim to her? Because they know it's her aesthetic.

No. 840833

i have it on good authority that nicole was attracted to eric harris. don't drink her kool aid

No. 840914

File: 1563594941671.jpeg (58.05 KB, 750x137, 6B9E461B-4A3F-4BFC-B8FC-C1FB07…)

I think NOW she still would do it, she just can’t because she’s in the spotlight. Nicole probably has secret accounts where she still posts similar things. Coincidentally right after Bianca’s murder Nicole is feeling inspired again. Hmmmm.

No. 840920

I clearly remember Nicole sperging about how sexy murderers are in 2014/15. She’s gross and hiding her true colors these days. Should’ve taken screenshots back then

No. 841154

bianca's murder has gotten her the most attention she's had since grimes. nicole is such a gross, transparent opportunist and i could see her rush releasing a new single to capitalize on it. not upset about it tho since i actually enjoy her music and feel like she dropped the ball with hsb.

No. 841215

he invited me in his car
we were smoking pot and make love
he held a knife on my throat
and i felt his love inside me

No. 841575

File: 1563718855481.jpeg (104.81 KB, 640x636, 2CEBFFE9-9898-4568-9D74-A3722C…)

I was just rereading the first threads and Matt and Nicole have their names tattooed on each other (pic related). That’s so embarrassing now that they’re not together, does anyone know how long they were together? They got the tattoos in 2016 if I’m guessing correctly, was that long enough to warrant matching tattoos?

No. 849776

File: 1565137870923.jpeg (819.25 KB, 750x1031, 270D436A-00AF-4EBF-9C14-EB9B66…)

To anyone doubting she’s rich- high school Anon here to show you her parents house. It’s not as extravagant as she’d like people to believe (it’s not a mansion- and is pretty dated) it’s still a fairly large house in a decent neighbourhood. Hope this doesn’t count as a dox, I cropped the address out.

No. 850205


Ok you are creepy as fuck. Wtf anon. It's not doxing but damn if you're not a creep.

No. 850207

…it’s a picture of a house. It’s not that creepy lol

No. 850224

OT but backing out of that driveway everyday would suck.

No. 850239

If you know the town and her real name it’s a google search away

No. 850260

It’s not creepy, actually pretty standard to post photo proof here.

No. 852268

What do her parents do?

No. 858584

File: 1566873018520.gif (2.85 MB, 500x375, tumblr_pwtdgzNlG71vjo37so2_500…)

She really is turning into Luna Slater

No. 860469

they are similar, she's just the adderal version, which means she can output enough to call a career while Luna grows moss and does nothing on dope

No. 861523

File: 1567281868378.png (6.74 MB, 1242x2208, 1A32FF65-6561-429A-AB20-378260…)

She’s been going on tour with Infinity Crush. Infinity Crush posted this Instagram story with her and she genuinely looks… okay? First time in a while I’ve seen her and she’s looked a little bit normal.

No. 867370

Dont inflate Luna's ego like that, shes what tuna is aiming for

No. 867377

of course she looks normal, its not like she just walks around in the fake creepy babydoll persona to the grocery store or business meetings

No. 875582

File: 1570031759537.jpg (265.91 KB, 1080x1080, 69493175_205287147146917_53057…)

 @millie_graves you got me conflicted 😐 how is it that you have another family on the other side of the country that your local family doesn’t know about? Why did you tell your married bf that you and he had something in common regarding childhood trauma if the person who did it may not exist? And when your then bf asked for proof-you dumped him and then told us he abused you? Why did you stop talking entirely when I mentioned that I know someone who went through the same thing and you could talk to them? Why is it that you only talk about these things to strangers to get them to follow you, but refuse to open up when someone has gone through a shared trauma? Maybe @torturegardens @ominous_abby @crys_ai will meet that half of your family at the wedding and can post proof when your own mom didn’t when I asked her about it.🙃 anyway, I’m just done enabling and blindly following someone. Victims need to believed, and you, Millie, need to do what you can to support the #metoo movement by building bridges with fellow victims and not make others question if you are telling the truth. #milliegraves #milliegravesfanart @milliedollgraves #milliedollgraves #velvetdarkness #rockyhorrorpictureshow #truthhurts
@millie_graves @torturegardens @ominous_abby@crys_ai @milliedollgraves #metoo #milliegraves#milliegravesfanart #milliedollgraves #velvetdarkness#rockyhorrorpictureshow #truthhurts 

No. 875588

dude what the fuck, going after her family is way too far, even by lolcow standards. Millie might be an attwhore and a liar but thats not reason to cross into stalker territory.

No. 875592

what the fuck are you even talking about anon? take it to the new nicole calves thread at any rate

No. 875593

Calm the fuck down with the emojis and hashtags, this isn't Instagram.

No. 875594

@vulgarakrooner posted it on Instagram, she sent me it through dm wth

No. 875595

File: 1570033580841.jpg (903.59 KB, 1061x1204, 20191002_102121.jpg)

No. 875596

File: 1570033618754.jpg (467.02 KB, 1080x897, 20191002_102529.jpg)

No. 875948

checked it out. that's their only post and they only have 2 followers. dumb no tea

No. 877018

File: 1570369031694.jpeg (300.73 KB, 750x1008, DF21F480-E5AF-4CA3-BDA9-109782…)

I assume it’s gonna be one of those videos she filmed with Patience, Cryspell & Maggie last year. If that’s the case I assume she’s gonna be dropping 1 music video a year to drag this shit out

No. 877921

You guys are all sick and fucking horrible, Nicole is so amazing and lovely you must be some lowlife cunts to insult someone you don’t fucking know and really? Making comments about her weight are you really that sad and deranged that you make insults like that. Get a life stupid cunts(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 877926

you all need to get a life and stop being so hateful it’s pathetic grow up.

No. 877931

File: 1570546602878.jpeg (28.16 KB, 500x375, 35EEB5A7-F403-4BC5-8C21-0B3D09…)

You gotta stop assuming we don’t have lives. Reading about this cow is akin to looking at memes, it’s just funny. What’s really pathetic is coming here to whiteknight some sub-par, burnout, cringe-worthy whiny singer who romanticizes rape, murder, pedophilia and poverty. Bye!

No. 885109

perhaps the most disappointing mv of all time

No. 885157

Agreed, after waiting a year to release this music video she ended up with something boring, with no plot, and a complete lack of meaning. It’s truly a yawnfest and one of the worst music videos I have ever seen.

No. 885163

Speechless and angry at how awful this is, at first I was laughing at how cringy they all looked but the repetitive laziness of this unnecessary 4 minute video was maddening! Literally the worst music video ever, if you can even call it that. Boring snoozy cringe fest. They look like tryhard morons wearing cheap dresses posing over and over and holding hands in an uwu so spooky abandoned building. At least the building itself was nice if you’re into urbex stuff lol

No. 885179

lol yeah what was the story here? at least have her singing and then idk have the rooms fall apart or the bath overflow like make something happen

No. 885196

How in the hell did they make a video even worse than “Lemonade”?

Besides the lack of plot, the camerawork is shit. Is Grimes’ brother generally known to be a shit director who just rides Grimes coattails? (I honestly don’t know because I’ve only seen the ND vides he’s directed).

No. 885234

What was she thinking making these overweight nothings the entirety of her video? Did she think she was appealing to her fanbase, because she's about 4 years too late. All of these girls are completely irrelevant and it's embarrassing how long this contrived shit has been hyped up. It all reeks of a cheesy photoshoot with cheap wigs and props. This cow has milked itself.

No. 885238

There never was a story. It was all an excuse to show off these "friends" of hers who are relevant to the aesthetic, but she waited so long to release it that people stopped caring about any of them.

No. 885243

File: 1572145013030.jpeg (230.5 KB, 828x831, BCB4C4D9-C207-4EDC-88DF-17615D…)

No. 885244

File: 1572145213980.jpeg (179.85 KB, 828x939, 730140E7-B036-4B31-8875-64D7A7…)

No. 885286

What exactly about this caused it to be delayed for an entire year?

No. 885367

File: 1572183857434.jpeg (163.5 KB, 750x769, 1BEA0BD5-7E26-4F29-B724-EC014B…)

Part 2, are you fucking kidding me? So, the 5 song release was…. 1/4 of the full project? And it took over a year to put out a video she milked at least 50 Instagram pics from? I’m calling a HSB 2 estimated release date 12/31/2020, at the EARLIEST.

Or you know, never. Hillbilly Noir will probably come out in like 2022 instead, with plenty of drivel like, “I’m so glad I let this project go at its own pace, I slowly bled out all my soul for it and cried a million crystalline tears while making it.”

No. 885412

Not to be overly shallow as well as blatantly state the obvious, but they all look doughy, and hideously aged.

No. 885499


holy shit i can't believe this is just getting posted now. i seriously thought she was posting like "throwback to a year ago with these babes uwu" or whatever, what the fuck is her career even

No. 885509

This bitch needs an actual managers bc her time management skills blow. Like honestly theres almost no editing or transfer effects….. how did it take SO LONG.
Dang girl, Patience gained 100 lbs in the time it took for this to come out.

No. 886341

File: 1572382756521.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 0777A9DB-CE90-4F1D-BC6E-28BD2D…)

I feel like this project is the death rattle of Nicole’s popularity as a musician. The lateness, the underwhelming visuals, the milking of the same imagery for over a year… she used to be so creative and interesting but that was almost ten years ago

No. 886375

She still has an ever-shrinking audience who eat this shit up, no matter how late (stylistically and timewise) it might be.
I fully expect her to be 40 and finally releasing the first video from Heart Shaped Bed 2: Bed Harder.

No. 886635

>Heart Shaped Bed 2: Bed Harder.
holy shit, thanks for the laugh anon

No. 886723

File: 1572457388226.jpg (708.65 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20191030_133950_com…)

Another canceled show with another bullshit reason. Why am I not surprised? And why does she still try?
Chastity fucking slaps tho, so I'm not mad.

No. 887013

I was actually excited for her to play with flower face ngl. I wasn’t going to go so it doesn’t really matter to me I guess but still. Nicole cancels so many shows though, and what for? She hardly ever says why

No. 888719

Isnt she addicted to addi? She probably couldn't find enough to prop herself up for the show (either that or had a freak-out because shes a sped-up mess and canceled for "anxiety" aka "i took too much amphetamines")

No. 890417


Late to this but I'm guessing legal issues with the filming locations? Maybe they had to negotiate with the owners of the property, it's hard to get permission to film in derelict places (largely due to insurance being impossible) and I vaguely recall them posting photos of the police showing up when they were filming.

No. 891708

The Lacrymania Olor video is out with a whopping 4,000 views, Nicole claims to be done with HSB on her tumblr

No. 891859

I can’t believe how awful it was, all the hype for what? They look horrible, the closeups are laughable. And nobody cares about her anymore

No. 891865

Personally I think overall it was a better video than heart shaped bed, but still a mess. Nicole said she was done with the album so if she’s smart she’ll move on to something more … cohesive. And get rid of the blonde wig.

No. 891923

Where’s Patience?

No. 891947

She couldn't fit in the frame. Lmao.

No. 893445

So many incels here.. discostang

No. 900622

It is so so wild seeing how she has just completely plummeted after being obsessed and in love with her when I was around 12/15? (19 now). I do not think any of her songs hold a vein of truth about her, and as she does less and less with her life, she has less and less mundane experiences to garnish with aesthetic. You can only make begging for adderall sound so poetic! So many of her lyrics are just harvested from film and books (which btw, should be compiled just to put more nails in the coffin), and by now shes used them all up. I think she is an excellent study on how not to do "fame", but also a cautionary tale about legitimacy of people online. Shes a phoney, self obsessed pedophile rich girl that attempted turning an (at one point for me, beautiful) aesthetic into a subculture of sorts when there was no culture to be had; and dear god she is/was the blandest option. Good riddance!!

Also all the boring ass music videos for HSB confirms the vanity eating away at these girls. No story, just a way for them to maintain the "more aesthetic than thou" attitude towards fans. You're straddling the cusp of irrelevancy, Nicole, AND you're standing on one leg. Film school did nothing for you it seems and for someone who claims to be a writer first you can't tell a story for SHIT. You'd THINK someone would utilize that sort of thing to patch up their legitimacy, to show that they are serious about their art, but dear god I guess pouting at the camera in grandmas nighties transcends all and I just don't get it. I hope you're lurking and know the dedicated fans you had turned out to be the people with the talent and the truthful stories you never had; and have found honest artists to appreciate! Take notes next time.


No. 903913

I miss little Nicole that would post japanese baby gore porn. I hope her next album is so vile it makes all of you vomit.(necro)

No. 903955

What makes you think there will be another album? She's tapped the daddy's cummies lyrical well dry. Considering the delays in the few things she does, she probably knows it too.

No. 904090

Saged but I really enjoyed reading your take on this anon. You should compile the films and books she lifted her ideas from.

No. 908329

anyone see she released some new songs?(necro)

No. 908365

File: 1576957601894.jpg (95.48 KB, 579x704, 02d788b97edde9b47ddc404f851d9c…)

It's not really anything new, it's just demos and B sides.

No. 921794

New video just released, it's literally the same fucking video she just made twice, but this time there's no Patience. Which, I guess is an improvement.

She really was given so many chances to succeed but she fucking blew it man. She spent so much time fucking around and creating hype that it's gone.

No. 932914

File: 1581907196071.png (5.89 MB, 1125x2436, 217230A7-F8B4-45B6-85EB-C8B61A…)

Sorry for necro but thought you might get a kick out of her stupid wig finally getting tossed

No. 933054


That’s definitely still a wig, there’s no way her natural hair isn’t still a scraggly tangle.

No. 941220


sage but I'm 1 year younger than you and I agree with all of this. I liked her a lot from 14-17, but never knew about her personality. I still do enjoy the aesthetic and the themes she explored, they helped me through hard times, but I really wish they were made by someone who wasn't a washed out, tryhard edgelord.

No. 941282

No worries. Her aesthetic lives on without her. Yeah her themes were interesting, but she never improved much as a musician. Hopefully you’ll find someone with a similar style with more talent

No. 945806

File: 1584275444143.jpeg (173.88 KB, 1242x1500, 3BA17CD5-A90B-4294-BA5F-E98A37…)

Bumping this thread for an absolute laugh

Info: a real living human being on this planet was dumb enough to do this - we are mutuals

I get the previous replies about liking her when they were like 15-17 etc - Nicole and I actually used to be tumblr mutuals and I was around for the start of her music
But like then I grew up

This girl is in her mid 20s and got this tattooed in this day and age of 2020

No. 945810

what's her tumblr?

No. 945883

This is, sincerely, tragic

No. 945931

People irl will just assume this bimbo got her own name tattooed on her chest.

No. 946240

This tattoo is about as creative as its namesake

No. 946539

Id piss my pants laughing if I ran into her irl Jesus Christ, I hope someone slaps some sense into this neanderthal

No. 950211

File: 1585327710486.png (653.34 KB, 1080x2246, Screenshot_20200326-123546.png)

Anyone see this horrific tattoo on her story yesterday?

No. 950216

Angels of Corn

No. 950227

kek, but for real, what does this say? angels of lorn? porn? i've never seen a letter like the first? it doesn't even look like anything

No. 950801

It’s supposed to be porn yes, but it looks like shit lmao

No. 960350

Nicole did an Q&A on a discord server and someone said they loved her "old music" and brought up Have You Seen Me specifically and it made me really realize how long it's been since she's consistently put out music. Have You Seen Me came out in 2015 (maybe late 2014) but she's only put out 2 albums since then and no random covers or demos. She miiight put out HSB II or whatever but I can't imagine anything else is coming after that

No. 961259

Have you seen me is the only song she’s done that I like. Wish she would do an album like that but no she’s got to stick to her usual boring shit

No. 962314

do you have any screencaps of the Q&A? Not only that one question obviously

No. 962701

Someone posted the transcripts of both Q&A things to reddit, and I'm in the discord and they're all directly copy/pasted

this is the first one

and this is the second one

No. 1003554

File: 1594129273910.jpeg (972.34 KB, 1242x1661, FAF36249-84D2-4B49-BABA-A7874C…)

I just came across this lol Nicole is being called out here

No. 1003559

File: 1594130537234.jpg (167.31 KB, 1080x1080, 106499748_2642755582494598_104…)

post the whole thing

No. 1003560

File: 1594130566943.jpg (175.66 KB, 1080x1080, 106477362_727297331404922_4989…)

No. 1003563

File: 1594130743407.jpg (142.63 KB, 1080x1080, 106557494_3240617909338488_414…)

does anyone know who the Lily girs was on tumblr/instagram?
Not sure if I agree with the callout without any proof tbh, we all are capable of making shitty choices

No. 1003591

Eh. Reads like shitty chain mail. I was expecting to see "regram this or you'll wake up to lily-leah standing at the foot of your bed in a vintage nightgown holding a stuffed bear and an ak47".

No. 1003595


Just had a look at your IG, selfposter. All of your likes are from Turkish bots. The story stinks of bullshit. You couldn't even consistently use the same name throughout the story.

No. 1003639

account is gone for me?

No. 1006162

File: 1594605177429.jpeg (415.36 KB, 640x1014, 304313E5-9CDA-4F0A-A27A-75CAC4…)

No. 1006210

Jesus Christ I’m sick of people defending Nicole. She’s a sick, 30-something year old women. When she posted those things online she was in her early 20s. She was only “bedridden” for the bulk of one year around the age 23, and that was also just a ploy for attention. She would even post about it saying things like “my mystery illness”, when in actuality she was just being a fucking spoonie with self-induced anorexia. Everything Nicole has done is for her aesthetic and her uwu tiny angel preteen followers. She has been and will always be a full grown adult larping online for teenagers. And fuck yeah she has some warped world views she pushes onto anyone who speaks with her. I’ve been watching this rancid woman since 2011 - anyone defending is just a sad babydoll superfan

No. 1006214

It is 100% right to call her out. And it’s about damn time. And yes, she did post actual child porn photos ex. upshot of a teenage Japanese girl’s skirt on a bus. A real photo, not loli. Oh btw she posted loli porn, too, which is as close to cp as it gets. Children being fucked by insects, etc. All as a fully grown adult in her 20s, with no real “illness or trauma” besides the eating disorder she used for attention - after she moved back into her parent’s mansion when she realized living with her boyfriend post-abortion wouldn’t work anymore. Call. Nicole. The. Fuck. Out.

(& might I mention her reverse thinspo blog, where she posted photos of obese women & even had the audacity to reblog her “fans” selfies there (Tina) Whoops I still remember everything about her vile personality.

No. 1006217

This is so sad. What a waste. Nicole is fucking cancer.

No. 1006225

It definitely wasn't loli she reposted. Those of us who were there know, lmao.

No. 1006228

Do I really need to go through the last threads for you and link the loli porn she posted?

No. 1006229

Those of us who were there (like me) also watched Nicole panic-delete the majority of her loli and pedo posts on her blog right as she gained attention and traction. You sound like a sadbbydoll fangirl

No. 1006230

I’m sorry but is a nude loli girl being fucked by bugs, or a loli child sucking on a naked decomposing corpse… tOtTaLly NoT LoLi PoRn? Do you really want me to post the proof again? It’s rancid. Educate yourself before defending this sad excuse for a woman

No. 1006232

I was implying she posted CP. Take a fucking pill, holy shit.

No. 1006233

Is an upshot of an underage girls skirt on a bus, with an older man ogling her not borderline cp? And loli is cp no matter how you frame it - it perpetuates and encourages pedophilia. You ever been on 4chan? All the pedos there share loli photos to jack off to. 100% yes, Nicole encouraged and posted cp.

No. 1006235

“It definitely wasn’t loli she posted” sorry to attack, but this certainly read like you were refuting what I said about her posting loli

No. 1006236

Thank you for showing me you can't read. You're repeating what I just said.
Also, it wasn't just that one upskirt shot. That is what I meant by "Those of us who were there know".

No. 1006237

Not really, you just chose to read it that way, probably because you were already on edge from the Reddit post.
If I had said that in response to the other anons claiming she did post CP and loli, it would've actually read that way. Instead, I responded to the screencap of the Reddit post, which would imply I'm responding to him/her, not you.

No. 1006239

I’m not trying to argue lmao, you’re right I am a bit fired up about the fact that she still has people trying to defend her, or any sort of fanbase in 2020

No. 1006378

Haven't been to this thread in a while and kinda glad to see there's stuff being posted again. I was just going to mention though

Does anyone else find it disturbing that even as she gains popularity and gets older she hasn't changed the album art from the Columbine shooters? I get maybe it's trying to "own up to it" or some twisted shit. But if I just got included in a song with big names like Fall Out Boy and Craig Owens, I'd probably go edit that shit because both of them are bringing in fans that know nothing about her or her history

No. 1010264

i hope other ex sadbbydolls come out w more receipts of the shit nicole used to post

No. 1010688

File: 1595350473436.png (49.53 KB, 501x392, Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 12.3…)

i dont know what to make of it, but looking thru pinkcum on the wayback machine i found this. i dont think anyone else has pointed it out b4?

No. 1010968

lol this dumb bitch is from Oshawa?

we never heard ov her(no1curr)

No. 1010970

Shhhhh. Your city smells like pee and Im assuming you do too since you don't know how to sage.

No. 1012212

She's from Stouffville, not Oshawa. For whatever reason, Whitby musician Chastity and her pal around a bunch which had made her weirdly popular in the area again. Iirc they were supposed to do a show together last year in Toronto, but she pulled a Classic Nicole™ and decided she didn't want to like, the day of or day before.
Chastity is a pretty chill guy and I have no idea why he fucks with her, or why any of the locals do, seeing what a shitty person she is on the inside.

No. 1012299

chastity is cool and personable, we dm'd when he was performing in my city and he even messaged me after asking if i'd made it to the show that night. off topic so anyway, he's like the opposite of nicole as in he actually pays attention to fans. he only linked up with her for clout and because their fanbase sort of overlaps on instagram.

No. 1013312

Wow so she lied about having a twin? Kek

No. 1065750

im glad somebody is at least holding Nicole accountable for all the harm she did in the ED community by essentially raising to fame as a proana star

No. 1067954

i am NOT defending her but shouldn't u come up with some more real reasons to cancel her other than just shitting on her looks??? the lolita nypmhet bbydolls are gonna cry and piss their pants because ur not coming up with good reasons(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1067965

Nobody is 'canceling' anybody lol but please see above screenshots of proana bullshit and… pretending to be in an incestuous relationship with her own (imaginary) twin?

No. 1104163

Is there a way to read the PULL thread still? I tried looking into it but it seems like it's been taken down?(necro)

No. 1104169

Why did you bump up the thread newfag sage dumbass

No. 1111635

hi sorry this is weird and if it's wrong to necro a thread like this i apologize. did nicole ever send anyone else pictures of her during the "worst" of her ED? i messaged her back in 2012/2013 on tumblr asking about her disease she kept talking about and she told me it was ED, and sent me these pictures her mom took of her topless and in her underwear when she was really really skinny and all fucked up. i didn't know her well at all and was kinda surprised she would send something that sensitive to a stranger, i figured i wasn't the only one. i was underage at the time in high school i dont think she knew my age back then. anyway i'm super weirded out by it now even though it made me feel so special at the time, idk if this was a normal thing for her to send those kind of pictures to ppl

No. 1111785

Screenshots pls

No. 1111957

i tried to get access to my old tumblr but i can't log in anymore. i saved the photos though, if i can find i will post them censored

No. 1111995

File: 1608573669287.jpeg (23.08 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_mgko6sPNcd1r1czd…)

here are the photos she sent. her nips were in them but i blanked them out. part of me feels bad posting this, i really do, because she was always nothing but sweet to me. but i have to come to terms with the fact that a woman of whatever age she was in 2012, should not be sending photos like this to a fifteen year old. she said it was because she felt i would understand the photos or something and that they were very personal.

No. 1111997

File: 1608573744916.jpeg (20.1 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_mgko7l105e1r1czd…)

she told me in messages that her mom took the pictures, i think. that was part of what had me reacting like, oh she must send these to everyone, it's not like regular "nudes."

No. 1112000

File: 1608573830486.jpeg (22.58 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_mgko76Vj9G1r1czd…)

we had a friendship for a few months i think, she would send me a package with a letter and i sent her piece of my hair. in one tumblr message she told me about a dream she had where we were making out or something, and i told her i was 15, she got really embarrassed and i think we didn't talk after that. these photos are from before she knew my age though.

No. 1112001

File: 1608573995985.jpeg (32.39 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_mgko82Oqw91r1czd…)

i kind of hope i am alone in this experience, and that she didn't send these photos to more minors. i don't suffer an ED but i can only imagine what it would do to a young person who did, to receive these kinds of photos from their idol (she was mine at the time).

i just remember feeling very sad for her looking at the pictures. all the glamorizing of ED that happens doesn't show the real result like this. i am honestly glad she's doing better now i think. but still, fuck her for sending nudes to a minor. even if she didn't realize my age it's still important to ask that shit before sending this. she did it right out of the blue, too.

No. 1112003

anon, i’m sorry she did this. i think it’s disgusting that she sent you these and they’re giving me a pretty bad feeling.

No. 1112005

her expression is creeping me out in this pic and just ugh. this is not cool.

No. 1112025


thank you guys. i really feel like it was a secret i was holding on to and didn't know why. i'm now realizing how it was messed up for her to do this. i don't believe she was being malicious or anything, she definitely had issues. but i'm now around the age that she was when she sent these, it's feeling so weird. it made our relationship feel very special and personal after she sent these. she also sent messages gushing about me in different ways–not sexual or bad, just that she loved me and the art i would make for her etc.
i really had a thing for her and she made some allusions to having a crush on me before i told her my age. i do believe that she didn't know exactly how young i was until i told her outright, although from my selfies and posts on tumblr it was quite clear that i was a not an adult. i simply approached her as a fan before she was super famous and from what i can tell she had personal relationships with a lot of her fans where she would do similar things like exchange mail. i don't blame her for how she interacted with me in itself, but rather for the fact that she didn't check that i was an adult before acting this way towards me.

No. 1112045

She posted some of these bodychecking images on her blog and absolutely chimped out when people said it was blatant thinspo and did nothing for “recovery inspo” like she claimed

No. 1112049

ugh are you fucking serious?
now it feels even weirder that she dm'd them to me and made a big deal that they were "personal" and she "didn't show them to anyone else"

No. 1112052

Honestly, even if she thought you were an adult it’d still be wildly inappropriate to send someone a photoset of themselves body-checking. I really respect the perspective you’re able to see her actions from.

No. 1112061

what this anon said. anyone else would have been horrified and probably would react with anger not understanding. sorry that happened to you.

No. 1112064

hey, eating disorders can fuck up your brain to the point where you're no longer yourself anymore. i feel for her in that respect, and where she was coming from she honestly just seemed really lonely. i actually do still like her and her music, even if she was an extremely weird person. i'm more put off by her antics of posting those pictures as "recovery inspo" to a fanbase where many others had ED. i personally found the photos upsetting and in no way did it inspire me to lose weight, but also i said i don't struggle with ED, i imagine those pictures are extremely triggering to some.

back when i started following her, she actually wouldn't speak about anorexia. she posted like she had a "disease", as she called it, and wouldn't specify which. she mentioned the symptoms of her organs failing and whatnot and losing her hair, to the point i thought she may have had cancer. i believe my asking her what disease she had is what led to her sending the photos: she told me privately it was anorexia and asked if she could share with me some personal pictures. she was telling me how horrible it was to be sick, i mean you can see from the photos how painful it looks. i think oversharing was her way of trying to find people who would accept her. but honestly it's a good way to surround yourself with impressionable children and weirdos as well

No. 1112068

lol, i was also a pretty immature and ~edgy~ teenager and i think i was more stoked to get "nudes" from the famous girl i had a crush on than anything else at the time. sharing those kind of photos is something a teenager might find appropriate, in my opinion, and now that it's almost 10 years ago i can look back and be…how do they say? "not mad, but disappointed."

No. 1112080

When someone called her out for it on the og PULL they were dogpiled for “shaming” her.

No. 1112158

File: 1608585629565.png (154.17 KB, 518x338, Screenshot 2020-12-21 at 22.17…)

to be fair she hasn't posted (as far as I know) the exact same pictures, but very similar ones. See pic related.
I think she also posted a close up of one of those photos but in black and white, to flex her Flowers in the Attic tattoo.

No. 1112212

If it was saved from Tumblr it would have had a tumblr_[random combination of letters and numbers].PNG filename. Screenshot or selfpost? Did her Tumblr at the time have a right click disabling script?

No. 1112221

She had right click disabled for awhile, it’s more likely that an anon just screenshot and cropped.

No. 1112396

Anyone remember the old threads where anons were calling her out for hanging out with barely pubescent fans? This adds a disgusting new layer to that. Not to armchair but it seems Nicole is stunted forever as a perpetual teenager, and she probably is a pedophile to some degree. I'm close to her age and she ghosted me HARD but I continued to support her and eagerly anticipated new music. I don't know if I can after this. Longtime ED sufferer as well but it doesn't suddenly turn you into a pedophile. There's no excuse for this behavior.

No. 1112445

Yeah she was hanging out with that Kiki girl and Nicoledoppleganger (on ig) in like 2015/2016 who were both around 14 when she would have been like 24. And she was talking to them a bunch online/sending mail and there were some selfies of her and Kiki together at shows and stuff.

Both girls talked like they exchanged private messages often and I think Nicole dropped both of them when people were bringing it up in these threads. I found Kiki's page again sometime last year and there's not a single mention of Nicole anywhere on it so she must have been pretty distraught by the "friendship" ending or realized how creepy it was after she stepped away from the whole thing.

No. 1112448

Thanks for sharing. Sage for no proof because this was years ago on pinkcum/curdledmilk/bugsinricepudding/whatever but I do remember Nicole sending suggestive messages to certain followers and friends who were clearly teenagers when she was in her 20s along the lines of like "I wish I could kiss you!" or "I'm going to steal you from your boyfriend hehe" and saying how beautiful they were and how she wanted to date some of them. I didn't find it weird at the time because I thought she just had a flirtacious personality when people kissed her ass but her sending you these literal nudes just kind of adds a creepy vibe to it, especially since I remember some of these girls posting their ages and they were around 15-16 as well

No. 1112449

I believe her and rottinggirlsrestingplace exchanged a lot of personal letters and sent each other hair and (don't quote me because I'm not 100% certain) I think robyn actually sent her a letter with her blood rubbed on it too. And Robyn was definitely only around 15-16 when she was exchanging letters with Nicole who was over 20 at the time.

No. 1112474

dude yes thats exactly the kind of things she would say to me. she also drew some artwork for me/of me in her babyhead style with milk/spit pouring over my head…man if only i could get into my old tumblr i still have all the messages she sent me

No. 1112507

Sage but Robyn is in her 30s, so she was older than Nicole

No. 1112538

What's up with Robyn, is she still a nymphet/Nicole calf (or however you wanna call it)?

No. 1112553

Now that this thread is becoming active again, I’ve genuinely been wondering - what happened to Nicole? Like where did she vanish to and why? She hasn’t really posted anything since August

No. 1112575

Anon I wish we could talk privately somehow because I have a similar ish story (I’m underage at the time, weird flirty/sexual behavior and more) but I’m not 100% ready to put her on blast yet on a forum. Just know you aren’t alone and you’re brave for sharing this. It seems like she picks young “favorites” then gives them special attention and turns on them. It did a lot of emotional damage at the time.

No. 1112609


How old was Nicole at the time? Isn't this grooming? No one should be flirting and sending 15YOs nudes, it's fucked up.

No. 1112615

damn that's fucked up. how old was nicole when that happened? for me it was back in 2012/13 and she was 21 i think.

No. 1112617

Around the same time, I remember the mystery illness thing too and her talking about always being connected to tubes and machines at the hospital so it must have also been around 2012-2013. I wonder if we were mutuals. I never said or did anything because all the friends I had made online were all diehard rabid Nicole fans. Later on though I got messages from old mutuals complaining about Nicole's tendencies to lovebomb people and then ghost them. Which I don't necessarily think is the worst thing in the world but because there was a sexual tone to some of our conversations I feel like that crosses a line. I look back and I was also a very naive and impressionable teenager and just excited to get attention from an older and cooler girl that I was very flustered and it would have been very obvious to her.

No. 1112624


It's really not ok to do this, I was groomed and sexually assaulted by an older woman as a teen, you always hope you can trust women so it's a horrible breech of trust.

I think when you think about this grooming young fans in context with the fetishising of incest, domestic abuse, child abuse etc Nicole's sadbbygirl act is particularly gross.

No. 1112732


yup it was definitely a lovebombing type of thing. i feel like it was a popular way for teenagers to interact on tumblr at the time, giving really personal compliments etc. but then again nicole acted like a teenager in a few ways so i'm not surprised. i agree that she could probably tell if someone was a flustered young fan by the way they talk–i mean, when i was 21, it was so obvious to me who was a teenager online just by their behavior.

i was thinking about that second part. she used to post really absolutely grotesque photos that nowadays would have you banned from tumblr–like violent porn, pictures of surgeries and murders, deformed animals and children, and not to mention all the stuff fetishizing abuse. her blog was the first time i had seen pictures like that but i was really into the style, so probably would have seen the same kinds of photos on other blogs similar to hers anyway. but it's crazy to think that she knowingly let minors follow her (and interact with them) when she was posting stuff that's illegal to show to children. nowadays you would get absolutely crucified for having a blog like that where you allowed and encouraged minors to follow/interact

No. 1112984

A fan in the discord said she talked to Nicole over the phone and she had stepped away for "personal reasons" but had a bunch of demos and material for a new album. Some people are speculating its because she was "cancelled" for posting CP. I don't really keep up with Nicole very much anymore so I don't know how strong the backlash was but apparently there were posts on twitter and tiktok about it.

No. 1113136

Why the fuck was her MOM taking these pictures of her? Does anyone know anything about Nicole's relationship with her mom? And wearing a bra or bikini would get the same message across, so why are they actual nudes?

No. 1113137

honestly was starting to wonder that. it's also super enabling to take those pictures for her when she has ED.

No. 1113140

I think her mom takes a lottt of her photos for tumblr, her music etc. she’s also posted other photos her mom has taken, like they have little photoshoots together regularly

No. 1113262


I wonder if she's still claiming schizophrenia and painting the walls of her attic with blood.

No. 1113919

I honestly wonder if she'll ever come back at this point. her past seems to be catching up with her lately and she seems to be less and less interested in actually making music

No. 1119313

File: 1609470806189.png (1.44 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20201231-211028.png)

No. 1119322

>new music
So her old shit remixed?

No. 1119917

Ballsy move after arguably the most damning evidence of Nicole being trash has come to light >>1111995. I do enjoy her music despite my reservations about her as a person though so I hope it's good. I hope she ditched Matt and found some new collaborators.

No. 1120558

File: 1609631284565.jpeg (646.58 KB, 750x838, 32CEA2DA-5DC2-4604-9D95-ADB51E…)

She’s back lol. Apparently working with Rosie/Andre now.

Is it just me or did she get lip fillers? There’s something uncanny about her face now

No. 1120572

wtf, is that really her? she looks totally different????

No. 1120579

it's not nicole lmao

No. 1120606

That's someone who goes by Megan Perks, @bilebunny, not Nicole.

No. 1120610

This is absolutely Nicole, are you kidding me?

No. 1120617

I swear if this isn't Andre trying to self-promote again…

No. 1120621

I thought the same thing.

The name is literally right there >>1120606, and even Andre links to the girl's account in the post. Stop this shit, no one's convinced.

No. 1121516

that's definitely not her, that girl has the same shitty wig as her though kek

be interesting to see if she actually keeps her word about new music in march

No. 1182305

No. 1182473

Was wondering when someone would post that

No. 1183367

File: 1615619262458.jpg (141 KB, 1080x1350, 159430985_477644436600588_8060…)

Nicole posted this to IG today. It's definitely an upgrade from that blonde party store wig. From what I can tell, it's her real hair.

She's probably going to attempt another "comeback" soon, but her 15 minutes of fame from the 100 gecs feature is long gone. To be honest, I would really like to hear Nicole's side of the story about the cp and the nudes she sent. Like, I'm dying to know what her thought process was.

She has a lot of explaining to do if she ever wants to be relevant again.

No. 1183394

why the fuck did I have to hover over this shit wtf. Holy fuck.

No. 1183423


its clearly a cheap wig from amazon, i doubt her hair is that shiny.

also didn't her 100 gecs feature kind of introduce more ppl to how shitty she is?

No. 1183608

probably she would say that she was mentally ill uwu and not in her right headspace because ana bedrest and it was just an edgy aesthetic for her. or that she identified with those pictures as a victim of whatever

No. 1183646


she had a wave of new fans after the gecs feature, but most of them were 13 year old girls who were into the whole uwu traumacore kuromi thing.

i'm pretty sure most of them migrated to either the jazmin bean or poppy fandoms once they found out how problematic she is.

No. 1183742

File: 1615664849548.jpg (148.1 KB, 736x981, download (1).jpg)

I know this isn't really new milk on her, but I found this on Pinterest a few months ago, and was reminded of it when I saw this thread. She seriously had a Columbine shrine complete with the yearbook.

This was originally posted on her Tumblr (i think) and I found it along with black and white photos of her room so i think it was an image set.

I know this was a while ago, and I don't know if she still owns the yearbook, but being a sensitive ana bby doesn't make it okay to obsess over 17 year old mass murderers to the point where you drop thousands of dollars to buy their high school yearbook. That sounds kinda sus to me.

No. 1184006

This is known, read the first thread. She was close to truecrimehothouse and that's how she got this. She also has a photo of River Phoenix's corpse on her wall. I think this cow has been milked dry for now.

No. 1193300

End of March is fast approaching. Who wants to place bets on her not releasing anything

No. 1197275


She also said on ig that shes releasing the new song wednesday

No. 1198108

New song is out

No. 1198153

>singing in baby voice while looking like amanda palmer on the cover art

No. 1198206

Lyrically, this is a surprisingly normal breakup song, except she outright says she'll be happy when the guy dies. I'm kind of glad she's not glamorizing being in a shit-tier relationship, but the end of it.
>"When she wants a garden, you give her a rose. Just the taste of something you could give her, but you won't. When she wants a garden, you give her a rose, and you know it."
>"You just have your ways, what with all of those grotesque displays of love you show her from pages of books, every word which you know, and recite that to them as if they were your own. I feel sorry for them, because how could they know 'til they've died by your hand? Still, they've felt the cold cut of your shutdown with your delusions of grandeur. You give nothing, and think it too much."
>"When you're dearly departed, there will be all those broken-hearted, but I'll have a smile painted on my own face. There's a spot in the grass waiting for you at Whispering Glades, and Hollywood suits you, darling. I think you should've stayed."

No. 1198427

I wonder if this is about Matt or someone else… kinda funny if it is about Matt given that I'm pretty sure he still works pretty closely with her to make her music

No. 1198518

File: 1617210974794.jpeg (410.74 KB, 735x899, 5B8561CC-CFFC-4A57-A3F8-53D8C6…)

I don’t think so. Nicole posted about the single & said Matt helped her make it

No. 1198565

I think it's about monkey ears >>749798 From his ig it looks like they're broken up.

anyway good job nicole for producing a song i actually like this time around. hsb mega sucked

No. 1199917

File: 1617329759429.jpg (369.46 KB, 720x720, 20210401_201430.jpg)

Looking stranger than ever. What's with the black line around the left of her face? Bad shoop?

No. 1199946

Is that her shoulder in front of her chin? The posing and PS makes her look like she's got no chin.

No. 1200064

It's like Lillie Jean photoshopped Kota's face onto a picture of herself.

No. 1200075

I thought the exact same thing lmfao

No. 1200235

This is actually really good
Definitely a lot less cringe than her old stuff

No. 1202431

Since when were her eyes that blue and her nose that small? Did she get PS and some contacts while on hiatus?

No. 1205887


who is this copycat bih

No. 1225549

>takes pics in grimey places.

i'm not a fan of this creepy coomer girl but y'all will get mad at anything.

No. 1226048

Who's mad? This thread hasn't been bumped for a month. What's with these faggots dredging up old threads for Tumblr hasbeens lately to call us mean for shit posted years ago

No. 1226368

Nicole released a new song the other day, so I'm guessing she's going to be at least somewhat interesting for a while. Weird to see her come back after, what, like 4 years of nothing?

I miss the old Nicole threads where it was like a bunch of retards attacking eachother with foam swords

No. 1226430

The entire aesthetic seems to be making a comeback right now, unfortunately

No. 1243190

File: 1622499026177.png (195.95 KB, 496x637, Screenshot_20210531-170725.png)

Someone in a Nicole fb group is claiming to be her sister

No. 1245990

that's weird, i thought nicole claimed to be an only child

No. 1251238

File: 1623283598369.jpeg (37.4 KB, 554x554, D7E9E322-A559-4D1D-8713-41EDF3…)

does any of you guys know where i can read any of Nicole’s old zines? i have read a fine day at the fair but i can’t find the other ones

No. 1261792

So… where's the album? Nicole is not popular enough to put out a single and then dip for months. I thought she would have learned her lesson after the Heart Shaped Bed rollout dragged on for almost an entire year. Way to make sure your fans lose interest

No. 1274878

Was Nicole ever that into music? The seemingly lack of dedication and passion makes me think she only ever tried to make music to have something to accompany her aesthetic.

No. 1275252

I kind of wonder if she just doesn't like making music that isn't grotesque. She said Heart Shaped Bed was going to be "super weird" but it was absolutely nothing compared to her early albums. I think having more fans has made it difficult to produce the kind of music she actually wants to put out. I imagine that if Grimes never got involved she'd still be writing songs like "Ball Jointed Doll" and "Blood Brothers".

No. 1275281

Learn to sage but I'll give my two cents since I rarely get to interact with the Nicole board. I think she actually peaked with songs like "Ball Jointed Doll" or "Blood Brothers", it seemed like thats where her heart was set, and you can really tell that this is the case when you compare the album Curdled Milk or Natural Born Losers to Heart Shaped Bed. Oddly, she doesn't seem to notice that most of her fanbase mostly listen to her older stuff. That fanbase isn't too big and imo she wouldn't lose anything by returning to that older style. People can argue that the era for that music is dead, but realistically she'll have a place for her stuff out there for as long as cute/creepy style girls exist or southern gothic people are still around

No. 1275771

I think she did, but the exposure these threads got made her scared to put herself out there anymore. You can't really come back from posting cp, gore and River Phoenix in a coffin, buying Columbine yearbooks, and sending nudes to minors. I agree with >>1275281 but there is a genuine fucked up and malicious undercurrent to Nicole's content that has soured her to a lot of people. And she knows it.

No. 1277602

She mentioned on that radio interview for HSB promo that having a wider fan base means she has to censor herself a lot more. She also wrote a lot of those songs over a decade ago now and probably isn’t the same person with the same ~weird~ interests but probably has to keep it up because that’s what she made a career on. Weird she totally disappeared though and it seems like her moment has passed hard. Her fan spaces are dead and only a handful of people post in them now

No. 1282605


Don't forget she copied Lana Del Rey's early persona aka Lizzy Grant.

Halsey copied her too lol

No. 1282606


Not just that but times have changed. The creepy doll thing isn't big anymore and tumblr is long dead. She's 30 years old. She would've been better going down the Grimes or Poppy route.

No. 1282621

How did Nicole? I see people saying this but seriously how? They are totally different from each other.

No. 1282949

>"abuse is so romantic"
>ride or die attitude
>romanticising junkie life
>uwu I gotta taste for men who are older

No. 1283092

Sorry but Lana was not the first to do all that kek

No. 1283094

She didn’t. People like to think Lana was some groundbreaking artist that everyone copied but Nicole was doing whatever you want to call what she does before LDR was on anyone’s radar. Posting demos on the internet has always been a thing. Singing about older men has always been a thing. The glamorization of abuse has always been a thing. None of it is original.

Their aesthetics are totally different and Lana doesn’t write about school shooters kek don’t like Nicole but she didn’t copy “Lizzy Grant”.

No. 1283921

She’s 30 years old?! You mean to tell me artists age like the average human being? Man oh man, she better not make any more music now that she’s an ancient 30 year old hag, she must be living in a nursing home at this point! THIRTY, such a big number so OLD kek

The anons here I swear to god. I can’t wait for y’all to hit 30

No. 1283938

>> steals her album and song ideas from movies and books
Isn’t that completely normal

No. 1283939

Learn 2 sage (type "sage" in email slot) but you're right and wrong. At 30 she can still absolutely make music, even similar music to what shes known for, but at 30 she needs to ditch all the Lolita nymph stuff. Like we took our appropriate jabs at Lana for saying she can't sing about older men and being a nymph while shes 40, that absolutely applies to Nicole too.

No. 1283945

Write her an email and tell her how you feel about this horrible act of hers maybe she’ll listen to you

No. 1283955

take your meds

No. 1284049

Ayrt, is this an Anon I replied to?

No. 1284085

>creepy doll thing and tumblr are long dead
In a lot of ways, true. Nicole is dead for millenials, old tumblr users and people who remember her times on tumblr. what about zoomers though? tumblr user base changes, it's made of those who still haven't deleted old accounts and lurk every few months, and 15-17 year olds. idk how popular number-wise it is, but Nicole's sad bbydoll/rotting places/broken knees/worm infestation legacy is lowkey kept alive on horrible doll-themed blogs. the difference is that it's called "coquette" and "traumacore" now. there's a surge of teen edgelords glorifying problematic things, i wonder if Nicole and others alike will have resurgence in popularity.
i'm curious what is she doing now cause sure she can't make any significant money on her music anymore

No. 1284281

Why do people keep saying that she ripped off Lizzy Grant? If anything, she ripped off Lisa Germano

No. 1284303

Saged but I have a good idea why this is the case. If I said "hey, do you like Lisa Germano?" people likely wont know her. However, everyone knows Lizzy Grant and her iconic Lana Del Rey thing. It's a simple case of Lana Del Rey being the most well known out if anyone Nicole is similar to

No. 1284313

I don't think Nicole knew who Lisa Germano was. She's one of my favorite artists but tbh I'm surprised someone else on lolcow knows her

No. 1284652

I know Lisa Germano. Geek the Girl is a classic.

No. 1285034

I'm glad! Tbh the reason I got into Nicole was that her Observatory Mansions album reminded me a lot of Geek the Girl. I really miss Nicole's lo-fi music but I liked her new song. As disturbing as she is as a person, I can still separate art from the artist and will listen to whatever she puts out next

No. 1287565


Nicole hasn't been doing her "into older men" thing for a while how. Heart Shaped Bed had Uncle on it but that came out a few years ago. She doesn't post online often enough to say she's still talking about it. She's still got the same type aesthetic but you could argue that Nicole has seemed to have that creepy/cute aesthetic for over a decade now and probably even longer if her childhood room was like it was in her bugsinricepudding days.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1287579

I still think about her weird obsession with jilling off to Glen Danzig. She definitely "gotta taste for men who are older" as Lana would say

No. 1287780

File: 1627709159832.jpeg (8.59 KB, 225x225, images (4).jpeg)

I know she ripped off the Honeymoon theme from Lana, also wasn't Nicole also pretending to be fascinated by white trash/poor people things? That was Lizzie's thing.
Minor thing but she either took the photo as a homage to Lana, or it's a freaky coincidence (Lana had a super similar one).

No. 1287895

BJD and some others are OK. I tried listening to her older "good" albums back when I was into her aesthetic, but her voice gets annoying after a while and all her songs sound the same, just different lyrics. I'm just not that into spoken word. HSB is probably the best she's done as far as musicality. You can tell the difference between songs and her voice isn't intolerable. Her albums in general are snoozefests imo

No. 1288504

Are you all new to Nicole's threads? There are screencaps of her account and posts on Lanaboards. She's a superfan. I don't think she's ripping her off entirely, but she took bits of Lana's aesthetic and sound and just creepied them up a bit. The pop culture and literature references she makes, fascination with bad boys, self destruction, trailer parks, and motels, it's not a ripoff but Lana opened the door for artists like Nicole.

No. 1299919

Holy shit never thought the calves would be so virulent in here! Nicole must be bolstering the defence force now that any attempt of progressing her career will be met with "you posted cp, used an image of Harris & Klebold as an album cover and clearly glorify abuse." I hate the word but I'll be glad to see her "cancelled".

No. 1299928

Thanks for your contribution, newfag.

No. 1299947

Been on these "sort of" websites since 2005 but at least mine was better than yours, newfag. Inb4 bawwww sage, if that's you're complaint you can fuck off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1299965

I was interested in seeing how Nicole drama is perceived in 2021 and i'll be honest, it's not as well known any longer. Nicole is currently having a third (or fourth?) wave of fans (teenage girls ofc) who aren't aware of all those things anymore. "traumacore" and "sad coquette" blogs/new calves are thriving on tumblr and nobody knows. When someone points out these things, they're really surprised or enter whiteknight mode. some girl made a video on Nicole on youtube this year and everyone just ganged up on her saying "she must be really boring" if she cares for things Nicole posted. Second, they usually immediately refused to check these threads cause "ok lolcow, now i know it's all lies made up by 4chan haters, i can sleep peacefully now". Same said about her PULL thread on archive org.
My point is 5 years passed by and these issues are not acknowledged anymore (not on tumblr), and if they get very rarely brought up (youtube/reddit) they're immediately hushed. "None of things she posted were shockign then! it wasn't cp! her interest in columbine was tasteful!" or, most commonly used: "She was severly mentally ill when she posted this" as if it was any excuse. Her original fanbase grew up and realized what was wrong with her, but new fans are either blissfully unaware or they actually aprove it all cause it fits their "trauma" blogs.

No. 1299971

File: 1628959066196.png (475.92 KB, 1890x628, nd.png)

Adding screen from Lanaboards. some girl claims she talked to her on discord about these issues and supposedly Nicole is no longer into those things (that i can believe) but her explanation isn't any better, it only sounds worse imo. she was mentally ill and that's why she developed "novel fascination"? that's still mindless fascination/romanticizing of those creepy things she posted, and it's hard to forget. correct me if i'm wrong but she never apologized/explain it officially?
yeah she posted on Lanaboars, even appeared in her own thread.

No. 1299978

Baby Bugs has started becoming more popular with boomers these days, and shes actually taking in all of Nicole's fans lately. Baby Bugs does the same soft voice cutesy uwu infection and teeth thing that Nicole does but Bugs is more musically talented. I'm starting to wonder if between fans of Baby Bugs openly talking smack about how dried out Nicole is and the recent uptick in Jazmin Bean fans, is Nicole finally going to come out and start being more active? My guess is that her song Whispering Glades is indicative of a new album around the corner

Lanaboards is still going? Kek, I'll have to swing by

No. 1299979

Saged, sorry I meant *zoomers

No. 1299981

Why does every recent post feel like some falseflaggers pretending not to be on damage control. It appears to have been a semi-recent trend of posting where everything reads like "oh no I'm totally not a fan of Nicole but-"
>I'm totally not a fan of Nicole, you heard this new song by her?