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File: 1614696354968.png (800.39 KB, 1063x986, 1562426902922.png)

No. 1174665

>What is Breadtube and the leftist sphere?
A new leftist movement aiming to address, fight, and destroy the growing presence of fascism in the USA. AKA, breadtube is keyboard warriors making response videos to anti-SJW’s and the leftist sphere is a place that preaches diversity while all their biggest players are White, TIMs or upper class minroties

>General summary of their beliefs

- They are not liberals. Liberals believe first and foremost on changing the system from the inside while Leftists want to destroy it.
-They have slap fights over the intricacies of their political beliefs every other wednesday. The only thing uniting them is leftism.

>Breadtube: The big players only. Other tubers exist, but these are the ones pulling the shots.

- HBomberGuy (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClt01z1wHHT7c5lKcU8pxRQ)
Defended his rapist script writer because they were trans and made an entire google plug in the block anti-SJW videos from appearing in ones feed.

-Philosophy Tube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2PA-AKmVpU6NKCGtZq_rKQ)
Trooned out recently, might be simping for contra

-Contrapoints (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA)
Anti-SJW college dropout turned communist troon. Hates capitalist exploitation, but blows hundreds of patreon dollars on buying fancy clothes made from exploitative labor.

-Peter Coffin (https://www.youtube.com/user/petercoffin)
Faked a girlfriend once. He also didn't do anything about Laurelai Bailey, a serial rapist, who ran his discord server. Peter Coffin also went so far as in to say he didn't believe one of the victims.

Wants to reclaim the skull form the anti-SJW’s. Is dry as bread.

>Leftist sphere: places where leftist congregate. Only ones big enough to stir drama are listed.

The current refugge camp for former r/ChapoTrapHous users, Virgin upper class males who have never known true tyranny and hate the west. They will support Islamic theocracies and fascist states If they nominally say something against the west

It’s just Chapolight.

The incels of the communist movement. They spend all there time browsing and posting about how capitalism has ruined everything, but refuse to fix their situation because it’s to late or they’re vote doesn't matter. Latestagecel

It’s just latestagecel light.

- /r/ShitLiberalsSay
A place to shit on conservatives, Nazis, and leftist that go against the circle-jerk.

The real underdogs of the leftist community. The only thing leftist can agree on is the fact AnCaps are retarded.

>Actual communist reading if that interests you


Past thread

No. 1174666

I seen farmers here and on kiwifarms predicting PhilosophyTroon would troon out six months before he did, I wonder how other anons picked it, because he seemed very comfortable as a male.

No. 1174667

File: 1614722166463.jpg (73.83 KB, 1080x391, Screenshot_20210302_225457.jpg)

he always caped extra hard for trannies and apparently was a chaser, both things tend to correlate to trooning out in my experience. He's comfortable as a man because he's an autogynephile like hontra, he self-admittedly never had gender dysphoria

No. 1174668

I've read some people saying that he did it after sexually assaulting contrapoints to try to keep him from saying anything about it, can't say I have any sources though

No. 1174669

I think I was one of those people on Kiwi before I stopped commenting and started lurking. Are 90% of the women in breadtube men? If so no wonder they want Shoe so bad, she's the best they got. Standards are low as hell.

No. 1174670

I only saw a video from him, and noticed how much he imitated contrapoints, to skin-walking level. It was pretty clear. Digibro surprised me a lot more

No. 1174730

I appreciate someone making the thread but the OP image is kind of autistic when they’re all “sex work is work!” types
Yes, they’re all male except for Lindsay Ellis, but they aren’t the ones sucking up to shoeonhead. Her main wk vaush has a thread of his own, but I don’t think it ever took off

No. 1174758

The image really isn't about belle dephane, its about leftists(male and female) who simp over some tranny who has basic takes and earns roughly a million dollars a year

No. 1174780

Lindsay Ellis's latest video on trannies earned my unsub

No. 1174790

Honestly I unsubbed from her a long time ago, when she spent a large section of a video caping for Islam(cause of course)
I don't think anyone would ever dare to criticize the faith of the pedoohile propeth

No. 1174967

File: 1614757720807.jpg (1.06 MB, 1802x2460, 1612221392016.jpg)

re: pt and hontra, some of this is spergy because i think this is from /tttt/

No. 1175008

I was one of those people kek
I thought he was on the way to troon out the moment he put up a video of himself with plucked eyebrows
And now later on I heard he also did streams while dressed as a woman so it's no surprise. He did strike me as someone secure in his male identity too though

No. 1178196

File: 1615094319821.png (653.94 KB, 720x1533, Screenshot_20210307-101458.png)

Most breadtube content is just pretentious over analysis of media that they subscribe deeper meaning to

Like this faggot, trying to make parallels between Legend of Korra and Communism when the main writers never once said that was their intention

No. 1178226

she caped for islam because she was compensating for her past as nostalgia chick she made an "islamophobic" video about charlie's angels with her and her friends wearing burqas lmao

No. 1178306

Asking here because breadtube is the closest scene to it - are we really out of a leftthot thread now the old one autosaged?

>thread autosages on weekend

>nobody makes a new thread
Only conclusion is that posters towards the end of last thread must have hailed from twitter, and all farmers went out to actually enjoy the weekend. Sasuga leftthots.

No. 1178307

>Peter Coffin
>Faked a girlfriend once.

Do you mean Ashley? Cause she is real and the real story is even funnier. She was just an ugly chick who photoshopped herself so much that everyone thought she was a sexdoll. He paid for all of her plastic surgery and impregnated her with the ugliest baby ever, dubbed by the internet as "toilet n-word" and then she left him to become an e-thot communist who flirts with ShoeOnHead. Pretty sure she has a thread on here.

No. 1178347

nyart but lmao I remember that, it was based in her own eyerolling NChick way

No. 1178352

If I remember correctly Hontras yearly earnings are close to a Million $ a year now, he's probably richer then all the other breadtubers combined

No. 1178371

I think anon's talking about the time he stole pictures of random Asian women and girls and catfished as his own girlfriend, "Kimi Kobayashi". He got into beef with Xiaxue, and she exposed him.

No. 1178449

rumor has it that ashley was the one catfishing him as kimi, and once it was revealed she apologized and they kept e-dating with her catfishing as “herself but with giant tiddies and no horseface”

No. 1178481

Someone can still make a new one but I do find it kind of surprising nobody has yet considering it was one of the fastest moving threads

No. 1178511

i'd make a new one myself but i don't want to do the recap, hope someone else makes it though

No. 1178524

I wonder if the person who had been making the last several threads (very similar format) got slapped with a ban or took a break from the site

No. 1178710

That's Coffin's current rendition of events but I never really believed it because he'd say things like "of course my Asian gf is real, she's sitting right here next to me" during his beef w/ Xiaxue. Ashleigh was somehow mixed up in it all but I still believe Peter faked his own gf first.

No. 1178750

File: 1615155669076.png (701.21 KB, 1633x1784, PT dishonest income disclosure…)

I didn’t predict that he would fully troon out, but I was certain he was going to come out as some sort of non-binary following his Queer video. In it, he dresses up as a woman, and he also skirts around the topic of his queerness for the entire video before very lamely coming out as bisexual at the end. I felt like the subject matter of the video, which focused a ton on trans and gender nonconformity, didn’t line up with the conclusion at all. ofc I’d expect some pandering to the troons, but it really went overboard with it.

His video on ment@l he@lth and suic!de (he seriously writes the title like that) is dogshit and obvious attention whoring. The entire thing is a pity-fest that shows no understanding of what depression is like. (For contrast see thoughtslime’s videos on depression; he’s a wokescold, but he is very obviously genuinely depressed, since he can actually describe the thought processes of a depressed person. See https://youtu.be/GDlyFebMZ14 if you're curious.) This is when I first noticed PT’s obsessive need to be included in oppressed groups whilst being the furthest thing from it.

The video right before PT's trans coming out video was a great example of it. In it, he uses a bunch of language implying that he is one of the poors and that the struggle of the poors is his struggle. https://youtu.be/c_X-812q_Jc
That video + some of his tweets prompted a three-hour debate between Vaush and Destiny. It goes off the rails a lot, but for the most focused shitting on Olly, go to around 2 hours and 52 minutes (should be timestamped). If you don't care to watch all this shit-flinging, just know that Vaush simps incredibly hard for Olly because he's now a beautiful twans woman, despite his obviously intentionally deceptive wording and behavior.

picrel: I calculated PT's minimum monthly earnings as of March 2021. At a minimum, he makes roughly $336,000 per year.

repost b/c i fucked up the image

No. 1178776

File: 1615158309276.jpg (1012.77 KB, 2580x2390, fuck this guy.jpg)

anyways, fuck this guy. his most recent video was so painful to sit through, even though I went in knowing it would be a hate-watch.

No. 1178782

trying so hard to be the poor man's hontra lol

No. 1178783

Those foot close-ups are cursed

No. 1178784

Anon, Legend of Korra is one of the most political cartoons to ever air on Nickelodeon. Whether you agree with the guy’s analysis or not, there is very clearly a deeper meaning to that show lol

No. 1178804

He just thinks he's so clever and he's so smug, I think this is 50% contra skinwalking/fetish and 50% trying to get ahead in his acting career/money.
He knows there's a lot of sympathy money in being trans. Justin Bieber could troon out today and he could be like, "i'm now apart of one of the most vulnerable women in the world. I'm a lesbian woman" and no doubt he'd have 80% of troons/tras falling at his feet.

This dude immediately started doing interviews and comparing himself to black women. He knows what he's doing. He failed at being a "Cis" male and he let the trans shit groom him.

No. 1179494

>Makes a video on capital punishment
>Right around the time people are asking where Contra's 2 part video on justice is
What a desperate worm

No. 1179512

merrick and vaush are so fucking gross and their success in leftist spaces completely turned me off from the whole spectacle. they are digusting human beings and its all so shallow

No. 1179585

I noticed that too. He's been hijacking Contra's topics for a long time but this is just nuts.

No. 1179646

i'm still shocked that they hardly interact online anymore. they used to always comment cutesy stuff on each other's videos and someone on kiwifarms said that it looks like the word "contrapoints" is blocked from appearing in philosophy tube's comment section

No. 1179779

Does anyone have a link to the unlisted video where he mentions gender dysphoria?

No. 1179966

Go to 16:38

No. 1180378

someone in the leftthots thread said that PT has allegations of sexual assault against him. were these just tinfoiling about him and contrapoints or did something else happen?

No. 1180650

I posted this on a thread but it really fits better here

what leftist online spaces used to be like, before the rise of the degenerate dirtbag left and the troons, libfems and soyboys of breadtube online leftist spaces were just something else

they were much smaller but they had a more diverse array of people (men and women, gay and straight, black, white, Indian and Hispanic) and we would discuss social issues, what we could do with our limited resources, activism and in those spaces real hateful speech like racism, sexism and any specifics of violence against women would get you banned

Now you compare that with twitter leftism or spaces like r/ChapoTrapHouse and breadtube comment sections and you see nothing more then a much of degenerates spewing bullshit, talking about cat girl skittles and how much they hate their Chud parents or analyzing random films

I'm saying that ChapoTrapHouse. vaush and breadtube ruined leftist spaces and discussion online and IRL

No. 1180665

i agree but chapotraphouse was banned. I also know they dislike vaush as well kek

No. 1180668

Both are degenerates who hate women

No. 1180725

Like most "transwomen" he's clearly just a fag who wants to dress up as such.

Why do they have to hide behind the gender dysphoria bullshit excuse, just cross-dress and be done with it. A cishet white man cross-dressing is more progressive than yet another troon contrapoints 2 electric boogaloo.

No. 1180919

CTH and dirtbag left are more palatable than vaush. holy fuck i can't even listen to him for 5 minutes hes so disgusting and annoying.

but i agree in terms of the fans of chapo etc, all are horrible. the comment sections suck

No. 1180982

chapo fans (especially their most online ones) are all insufferable and don't seem to grasp the irony of being anti-idpol whenever some female DNC worker mentions sexism or misogyny but are also all unabashed TRAs

No. 1181500

>but are also all unabashed TRAs
Thats the weirdest thing, they protected and considered the feelings of trannys over real women, they hated TERFs and would send them rape and death threats

No. 1181558

What kills me is that they'll go send rape threats to any woman who doesn't perfectly toe the TRA line but no one shits themselves over Vaush saying sexual dimorphism exists and trans women have the physical advantages of being male broken clock and all that I guess cause I guess it's still woke if it comes from a fellow moid. I really think that the main thing holding them together is just misogyny and perceived intellectual superiority.

No. 1181889

File: 1615485993226.png (35.05 KB, 583x289, 55777.PNG)

Okay I said before he trooned out if 50% Coom and 50% attention but I really feel he trooned out so that he could advance his career more so anything.
I think he knows as a troon he can get more attention and feels entitled to it because, "I'm a part of the most vulnerable group of people now"

No. 1183707

did anyone watch this? the fake high voice and the feminine gestures (fixing his hair every other minute and the high pitched nervous laugh) made my skin crawl
here's the link since it's not letting me embed it https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=g9nlORpR1I8

No. 1183729

The Contrapoints skinwalking is horrifying. I’m not his biggest fan but if I was him I’d be terrified by PT.

No. 1183734

I didn't want to sperg out about his mannerisms in the MTF thread around the time he trooned out, but god, his voice is somehow even more grating than Contras deflating-balloon-tenor. Also, the arm flailing, exaggerated facial expressions and head tilts, etc., etc. It really does seem like he's just wearing a skin suit of mannerisms, things and clothes he thinks women do/wear all the time. It really creeps me out, and I'm not even being skinwalked.
Lol at him saying "I dont even have to do 'the voice' anymore!" in his first video - kek, we can tell you're putting in a massive effort just to sound like a gay male.

No. 1183759

oh definitely, it comes off as so fake and disingenuous… i know radfems get really peaked by drag queens and how they think that they're parodying womanhood, but at least with a drag queen you can immediately tell it's an act… this just seems like blatant skinwalking, but of some other moid who barely passes with a professional lighting setup and $100k worth of surgery

No. 1184023

It definitely looks like Contrapoints skinwalking. I think eventually PT is going to detransition though.

No. 1184105

what makes you say that he'll detrans? I don't think he really has gender dysphoria and it wouldn't surprise me if he was doing this to milk it for clout and cry about opwession points, but if he detransed it'd be a complete shitshow

No. 1184280

Nta, but if really is just for clout and skinwalk/fetish reasons, it will eventually wither away, just like his obsession with contra will, too, and then he'll basically have no reason to keep up the facade, which won't rake in as much wokepoints as it did from the start, anyways. So that's a surefire way to become miserable already. I think he genuinely enjoys being a male, even if he likes to dress up as a woman.
From here, he has two options - either detransition, which will make everything he said about transitioning false and undoubtedly leave a huge dent in his youtube stint, or join the 41%, since he's been open about being suicidal and having bad mental health even before taking hormones. Plus contra could open up about being sexually assaulted by PT (if it really did happen), and i know he has no qualms about calling a trans person a shitstain regrdless - that could open up a can of worms.
I can't see the result of this ending any other way other than, well, badly - for him, of course.

No. 1184300

>contra could open up about being sexually assaulted by PT
what makes you say that? it wouldn't surprise me if it was true, but there isn't any proof of PT assaulting hontra aside from a bunch of discord leaks and screenshots from 4 chan. i initially didn't think it was PT because in contra's video, he said that it was a "fairly prominent video in leftist politics" which made me think of an actually elected official and not a youtuber

No. 1184313

Well, I said it was plausible PT would be called out IF it even happened. There's no really solid evidence, and Contra has said he won't #metoo him because he doesn't believe in the twitter mob's cancelling power, but he also said he'd be leaving twitter forever, and look at where we are now. Also, just imagine the milk, kek.
I mean, a "fairly prominent figure in leftist politics" could be their egotistical way of calling themselves - i don't see Nik hanging out with any major political leaders in the US, lol. His only bf in 'Shame' sounded quite a lot like Ollie, then later, him and his bf broke up when contra said he was a transbian. PTs transition could also be attempt to make contra attracted to him again, not just escaping critisism for sexual assault. But again, this is all just kinda baseless speculation.

No. 1184421

yeah, i initiallly was confused by calling the person "a prominent figure in leftist politics" since "the left" in America, as a formal, coherent political force, is basically nonexistent. hontra and breadtube types don't really consider your average American liberal or biden voter a "leftist" so that just leaves a lot of terminally online people who listen to chapo trap house.
>His only bf in 'Shame' sounded quite a lot like Ollie
i also thought that this was the case in the shame video, since it really did seem like they had been dating for a while back in 2018. idk how plausible it is that PT is the person hontra wants to me too if they had been dating for a while

No. 1184540

Well he is an actor after all
It's hilarious how he switched up his behavior to a dumb air head so fast after coming out. Bit sexist innit

No. 1184559

Ladies, redpill me. A boy I like revealed he's a big fan of breadtube, do I need chalk up my loss now?

No. 1184572

Ye, bit enraging, too, innit

If you're planning a non-serious fling and nothing more, its probably fine. Absolutely do not consider anything beyond this, however, if you're a terf (and even if you're not, there's a big likelihood of him trooning out, being a coomer, being uberwoke, etc.). I hope I don't have to spell out why.

No. 1184598

Run fast, run far

No. 1184890

There’s a third option: non-binary.
I predict he’ll begin “Drag King” shit and start presenting flamboyantly masc as a shtick, after which he’ll come out as formally genderfluid or something and just present androgynously from that point on.
I unfortunately don’t think we’re going to get a big “oh shit” moment of him revealing the whole thing was a charade or anything. Gender ideologies are so nebulous that literally anything besides detransing is brave and valid uwu

better than a mgtow or qtard. If he can intelligently disagree with a breadtuber he likes on something, I’d give him a chance.
Oh, but if he’s over 25 and watching breadtube, drop him.

No. 1187176

File: 1616039698838.webm (6.99 MB, 1280x720, 2002043-32c5ce65fee9b5ce9bc1fc…)

someone asked contrapoints about philosophy tube's transitioning and his response seems pretty telling. i think it's safe to say that they're not on speaking terms

No. 1187182

Let's set the timer and see how long it takes for him to troon out.

You can probably do better, anon.

No. 1187191

Goddamn, for someone who screams about "twans wights" from the rooftops, thats a cold fucking response to someone transitioning. More so because he doesnt even want to talk about it.
PT's using the transition as a preventative measure for sure

No. 1187192

philosophy tube definitely assaulted contra
that neck clench and choke

No. 1187196

is this from today? this is so awkward it'd be impossible for other people not to notice

No. 1187213

Pretty sure this is a few streams ago judging by the outfit. Contra adamantly tells people to "go back to 4chan" when they bring up PT in the chat these days.

No. 1187225

never seen him talk about blaire like that and they're enemies, interesting to say the least

No. 1187227

I was an original skeptic of the whole 'PT assaulted contra' conspiracy when it was posted in the YT thread, but I've gotta say that is definitely screaming "I don't want to talk about it because something happened". If you disliked someone you'd still probably have an opinion and say something on the topic, but Contra flat-out dodged the whole question. Chilling.

No. 1187411


>that person

Kek not even tossing a she/her for stunning brave PT? Guess not all skinwalkers are valid

Nick seems heavily sedated too, how's that opiod recovery going?

No. 1187489

Every Contra stream is extremely sad, alcohol addled and horribly slurred in speech. It's depressing.

No. 1187500

I used to think transing out ruined his life, but real talk, I think it just made shit that was going to happen anyway happen sooner.
He just seems like someone who was going to go down a bad path regardless.
Having money, attention and fucking with his body only made it worse.

No. 1188627

File: 1616203471938.jpg (116.37 KB, 1183x565, contra 1.jpg)

i feel like it's just an outlet for his narcissism and vanity… having a ton of surgery and constantly picking at your appearance must really fuck with your head

No. 1189018

Everything about philosophy tube transitioning seems fake to me. The way he acts seems like a complete act from the fake dainty womanly voice and incessant giggling. He also keeps mentioning that he's "one of the most famous trans people in Britain." Is that true or is he just that insanely delusional?

No. 1189024

Famous to fucking who?

No. 1189030

Probably to other Breadtube types? In a recent live stream he mentions that he can't go to public protests and stuff like that because since he's just so famous it'll be a security risk. I cant imagine him being that famous to where he needs a security detail much less in a city as big as London where he's just another busted man in a wig

No. 1189047

fucking ari grande went to a protest but this ugly ass troon can't go to a protest??

No. 1189049

I know she went with security but if someone legit famous can show their face, even if for a photo-op, a troon from youtube can't go out for two mintues?

No. 1189055

Not famous. I have never heard of this person outside of the internet and I live in London.

No. 1189183

File: 1616278225820.png (1.38 MB, 1263x875, wahooligan.png)

Has anyone come across this channel? It's completely bizarre. This guy is grey-haired and pushing 50 and has spent the past few years trying to pivot from Marvel soy content to making Breadtube-styled videos responding to Breadtuber drama. Really bizarre.

No. 1189259

whys he lying on… trash bags with energy drink cans on them? funny

No. 1189265

File: 1616289861988.png (228.96 KB, 498x436, Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 6.24…)

it's a reference to the thumbnail of the contrapoints video he's referencing

No. 1189267

File: 1616290973016.png (1.44 MB, 1824x952, D43F2B5D-9147-40A8-A297-65A351…)


He comes off as raging narcissist with delusions of grandeur. He doesn’t even have 1 million YouTube followers and yet he thinks of himself (and refers to himself out loud over and over again) as being extremely famous. It’s very secondhand embarrassment-inducing.
Also, this is completely off topic, but I hate-watched a few minutes of his most recent stream and nearly threw up when he started performatively eating grapes (or something) in an over the top forced “feminine” way. I can’t even describe it, it was just so gross and troon fetishy

No. 1189556

i'm watching his coming out video and i managed to get to the part where he actually talks as "himself" and one of the first things he does is talk about how living as a man was like a shitty job. he's so delusional and i cant see this as anything else but a masturbatory fantasy or fetish

No. 1189560

Funny he compares it to having a bad job, because it makes it even more obvious to me his trooning out is to get ahead and get better jobs out of pity and this "Fame" he claims he has.

No. 1189571

yeah it's especially funny since someone on kiwi found his records from primary school and he went to some elite all boys boarding school and is from some upper class family where he'd probably never have to work a day in his life

No. 1191336

oh wow, abigail quoting contra with "to paraphrase a very good friend" and contra being like "i'm not in THIS PERSON'S life so…" (not even throwing a sympathy female pronoun for validation) is. Wow.

No. 1191404

Where do guys get the idea that contra and olly ever dated? They live in different continents right?

No. 1191636

File: 1616567183156.png (194.17 KB, 742x499, mums.png)

um… there literally is

16 year olds working as cashiers are taught the correct order

its not an old lady thing
your larp is transparently bad

No. 1191639


Not sure if this is bad larping or calling dudes too retarded to bag groceries lmfao

No. 1191683

Does he mean shit like heavy on bottom light on top???
That's common sense even my retard dad knows that

No. 1191739

I don't think they necessarily dated but it's more likely that they did hook up. Last month or in 2019 (Can't remember), I believe they met up and hung out together for a few days. This was before Philosphy Trooned out and it was speculated that he enjoyed the time, much to the point where he wanted to troon out to be closer Contra. It kinda reminds me of when Contra met up with Theryn only he seemed to keep him around as opposed to Ollie.

No. 1191740

That sounds pretty gross (the eating grapes thing…) but yeah, he does seem to have an overly inflated ego about how famous he is. No one that I know knows who he is lol.

No. 1191742

oh i can totally see them hooking up. Man i was not aware of their falling out, ESPECIALLY bc PT is completely in denial about it (last he referred to Contra, he called her "a dear friend".) damn i want to know more lol

unsurprising that an actor is a narcissistic egomaniac lol. In his defense, the UK is a much smaller country than the US, and having 1mil subs is a pretty big deal, especially in the smaller circle that is Left discourse, and especially especially bc he came out as trans in a moment where that is the big debate over there.

No. 1191799

I noticed I goofed in my last post, I meant "last year" not last month. I just remember reading about them meeting up on the Kiwi Forums and how many speculated they most definitely hooked up lol But I can't say I'm surprised that Contra wants nothing to do with him now, he's just as narcissistic as Ollie and two narcissistic personalities cannot coexist together, at least not for a long period anyway and also because Contra can no longer claim the token troon of Breadtube since now Ollie is doing it too lol.

And ah I see. Yeah I'm American so it probably is different in the UK when it comes to YouTube fan.

No. 1194303

File: 1616817881993.jpg (175.53 KB, 1059x1392, very regular posting.jpg)

Lindsay Ellis tweeted some dumb shit that her hyper-sensitive following would hate to hear from a white woman and then doubled down, and then deleted her twitter.

No. 1194316

rofl these are usually thoughts you keep to yourself, but these idiots always have to use Twitter like a personal diary

No. 1194356

File: 1616822990479.png (248.75 KB, 680x629, le2.png)

That's a tweet from last year. This one about Raya is what set her followers off and got her to delete. Funny thing is, I actually agree with her, but this is what she gets for courting the kind of audience she has nowadays, lbr.

No. 1194359

I mean she ain't wrong. There's nothing to disagree about here. I bet Lindsay doesn't act woke behind the scenes I mean she wrote a song about rape for crying out loud.

No. 1194365

Wow that is what she's being cancelled for? I thought people just found the one I posted and got mad retrospectively. The one about Raja isn't even offensive.

No. 1194378

It probably resurfaced because twitter's favorite activity after a prominent figure gets softly cancelled is to look for receipts to justify their overreaction. The Raya tweet is tame but that Harriet tweet is chef's kiss

No. 1194432

I think the issue they had is that Asian culture inspiration =/= Avatar.
I haven't seen the movie yet but the 'avatar reduxes' are just movies inspired by Asian culture so it's all kind of dumb.

No. 1194608

it isn't offensive but it is funny as shit. Raya and Avatar's only common elements are taken from the mithology of the countries they take place in.
Quinton has mentioned that she's more edgy behind the scenes than she tries to appear, I don't like the guy but I believe him on that 100%.
No pity for her, she tries way too hard to appeal to the woke crowd and unironically says shit like "yikes" out loud. Her Mel brooks video is still good, the bush era music one is so limited, the transphobia one was just the last straw.

No. 1194653

File: 1616858727927.jpg (358.71 KB, 900x637, youd think theyd be flattered.…)

Sad thing is, I became a fan because of that Mel Brooks video essay because she understood that audiences today are satire-illiterate and too quick to "cancel" based on subject matter alone. And now look at her.

Anyway to make this comment not so useless, people have been bringing up receipts left and right and it turns out that she's guilty of the gravest SJW sin of them all - coming after the poor twans

No. 1194666

is she wrong though? Trans men pass much more easily than trans women, and it reflects in how well people treat them irl.

No. 1194679

She's not wrong but its still fucking hilarious to see her get canceled by her own bizzare woke fan base

No. 1194686

Maybe this'll get her to reconsider her stance on siccing her fans on people she doesn't like publicly. She has vocally defended her public reactions to people less influential than her (some were shitty people but still far less relevant than her) and said she should essentially get to inspire her fans to dogpile on them or how else is she meant to live and express herself freely??? Well, those same fragile fans are now against her. Contra at least learned a lesson on cancelling people, Lindsay needed to also learn.

No. 1194690

I’ve seen Raya and what I think she meant that the themes are similar. But it’s just a fantasy adventure with political conflicts and ensemble cast, something that has happened way before ATLA. Americans can be kind of obnoxious with comparing everything with ATLA, like Zuko was the first villain with redemption ever.

No. 1194694

I checked in these resurfing takes and I'm surprised no one mentioned her insane "Sasha Baron Cohen is wrong about antisemitism" take on her Borat video. Like Sasha said as a rich jewish guy he doesn't face much issues in the uk and she thinks she can just tell him how wrong he is. That was the one that made me lose respect for her, I'm so tired of hyperwoke gentiles lecturing jewish comedians about antisemitism, it's such a change from her Mel Brooks video

No. 1194750

if trans men are men, then YES Cis women are more oppressed. This is what she gets for trying to cape for these people who love nothing more then to cancel women.

No. 1194925

A bizzare take because if shes referring to Jesuotaku of course he hasnt faced the vitriol contra has, no one has a fucking clue who he is and his only claim to fame was his brief stint at channel awesome before transisioning lol

No. 1195557

File: 1616935283797.png (79.89 KB, 725x504, lepatreon.png)

Just posted to her patreon. tl;dr twitter was making her "so unhappy" which is why she's been so rude lately or something. She thanks everyone who's still supportive. The comments are full of people simping for her. You know what, I honestly hope she DOES fuck off twitter forever. It's for the best.

No. 1195605

tbh this "break" just comes off at a denial that even someone as ~woque~ as herself could be canceled by the hivemind. if she paints this as 100% voluntary she can just pretend like the crown never slipped

No. 1195634

Breadtubers getting cancelled by the woke twitter mob they helped create is honestly hilarious, I can't to see who gets canceled next

No. 1195640

Place your bets!

No. 1195656

I feel Shawn maybe

No. 1195888

maybe hbomberguy? im shocked that more people haven't tried to considering he has rape/assault allegations

No. 1196054

File: 1616975043116.png (514.18 KB, 1466x762, 1616974880573.png)

No. 1196116

>I’ve been sitting on this for a while, faffing about whether I should post it somewhere or not, for a lot of reasons (including that my reputation will be shot to shit now, everyone will know I’m transgender and some of my history of sexual assault).

>On the other hand, Hbomberguy is making his career off being a “sjw feminist” when he has the balls to say shit like what he did. It infuriates me to know that he still not only is friends with a guy he has outright admitted is a fucking creeper but has him contribute to his videos and moderate his livestreams. I’m fucking furious that I only feel I can post this because I’ve left the gaming industry all together and “have nothing to lose” mental-health wise because otherwise I’d be fucked out of a career when my real name is attached to this, whether by his supporters or anti-feminists who can’t wait to see another person like me destroyed/kill themselves for speaking up.

>What I want from posting this is that everyone starts holding him accountable for this bullshit. I want people to know that when it comes time to actually put his feminism into practice, he’s shit the bed. People need to hold him to his word and he needs to actually demonstrate he isn’t just another white cis man making money off repeating what everyone else around him is saying while doing the same shit anti-feminists are doing. I do want him to actually get better and grow as a person - I just don’t want it to have to get to this point where it’s at my fucking life’s work and career’s expense.

>Happy International Woman’s Day everyone, and Fuck You Hbomberguy.

>And be wary, that does seem to be getting brigaded. When I first found the top post it was at -8, at time of posting (~40min later) it was at -3. Which given the size of the sub and how old the post is does not come off as normal. Archive incase the mods get delete happy.

No. 1196131

this is a nothingburger. My bet is on Sarah Z, because women and trannies always get the worst shot in these circles, and she made the big mistake of posting some dumb thread about "twitter toxicity". Also Sarah, Jenny and Lindsay are all rampant anti-reylos for some bizarre reason.

No. 1196136

Sarah has also admitted of liking m/m shipping, she could probably get canceled for that

No. 1196147

Sarah Z is also honestly irritating in how full of herself she is in her videos. She used to post a ton on the Killing/Stalking sub when the webtoon was still coming out. Though it’s a tough call on whether her whole mob followers would find that comic problematic or “realistic portrayal of toxic relationships where no one is happy so it’s ok”. Could go either way for her.

No. 1196202

Calling Jenny a rampant anti-reylo seems like a massive reach, just because she made some jokes about the unhinged ones here and there. If anything she is sympathetic to them and likes Kylo Ren as a character and wanted him to have a better ending than he got.

No. 1196204

The way SarahZ talks is so long winded and annoying. She’s always pre-clarifying things she’s talking about, to try to preemptively argue with anyone who might comment.

How is this a nothingburger? Hbomberguy caping for a sex pest and trying to gaslight a woman about what she is claiming to have experienced, straight up telling her he doesn’t believe her. That’s a pretty bad look.

No. 1196210

>post on the killing stalking subreddit
Fucking seriously, do you have any screenshots

No. 1196218

Sarah Z has psycho white girl vibes that make my skin crawl in ways I can't even describe. I don't even know what bothers me so much about her; I just get the feeling she's up to no good.

No. 1196227

File: 1616996924978.png (32.88 KB, 616x300, cp.png)

Gotta love it when Contra inadvertently defends actual confirmed pedophile-enabler Aimee Challenor. Only like 1 out of every 10 replies is trying to explain the reddit situation to him.

No. 1196230

What? People accuse Jenny of being a reylo all the time though. And in reality she just doesn't seem to care about the ship that much and speaks about it pretty diplomatically.

No. 1196256

Troons always back up other troons, even when it’s a pedo

No. 1196258

I would LOVE to see PhilosophyTube canceled. Such skin-crawlingly creepy predator vibes.

No. 1196338

Sometimes I enjoy watching sarahs tumblr history videos but good god is she annoying with the constant shoehoring of tra shit. I can see the "cis women aren't allowed to read/watch mlm content because it fetishizes them and makes them uncomfortable" crowd to cancel her. And what's up with that claim anyway? Porn in general fetishizes anything and everything.
I'd love to see this too kek

No. 1196487

i can't fucking stand her continously pouring water in her oversized cup while she's talking and the fact that she ticks off so many cool girl wannabe boxes, when she came out as bi (sorry, PAN) i was like of course she is

No. 1196640

jenny isn't an anti reylo? she skirts the line around it definitely, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was. she has mentioned it in videos but i think it's so that she gets reylo fans to watch her videos (she has made jokes about wanting to get te 40 year old Disney mom and reylo shipper demographic)
plus, people were getting mad at her over that one old clip of her from 2015 where she makes a joke about the janitors in Disney parks looking like finn. sarah z just comes off as a fandom tumblr containment breach. she's mostly harmless

No. 1196906

If she gets cancelled for that then I guarantee it’ll be by a bunch of fakebois who are guilty of the same thing kek

No. 1196947

Merrick Deville got banned and is now ban-evading on twitter


No. 1196964

she's fucking awful, post this on the leftthots thread

No. 1197137

File: 1617068140175.jpeg (248.8 KB, 1125x1385, 416810BC-B1DD-4C76-B458-35DE76…)

Straight to begging corporations for money from their virtue-signaling funds. Oppression: profiting off being a non-passing troon after a measly 2 months of being out.

No. 1197156

This boils my piss. I have artistic friends who are struggling and this guy's gonna get the red carpet rolled out for his debut shitshow because he's a) trans and b) famous on the youtubes.

No. 1197274

soooooo anti-capitalist

No. 1197448

what a corporate bootlicker. Could have just made a kickstarter/indiegogo

No. 1197455

he's not even hiding it. He's about to cash in on troon shit, while pretending he's doing it for some greater good, when truth is he failed as a man trying to act/produce now he's trying it as a " woman" but a "Special" woman, a trans woman.
notice how demanding he's being? Wow. I feel like he's going to cancelled soon, he's way too cocky. In fact if he does get big, I can see Contra's depressed ass spilling something negative about him.

No. 1197666

honestly can't wait, he's always given off creepy vibes and this was the last straw. Honestly, if twitter can cancel someone over something idiotic like "the new cartoon sure reminds me a lot of another older cartoon" they should have a field day with good ol oliver

No. 1197789

File: 1617137367121.jpeg (629.04 KB, 1242x1564, B516B0AF-7EB6-48D7-95FC-F3D1EE…)

Oliver sees someone talking about their autistic son’s developmental accomplishments. Olly responds, making it all about himself and his trans-ness.

No. 1198048

>most of my memories [of being 17] belong to a dead man and now feel like they came from someone else

It's called getting older. His gender identity is his midlife crisis

No. 1198050

File: 1617157050518.jpeg (648.49 KB, 4096x2731, ExwUWumWQAcM2bG.jpeg)

patricia oliver thorne bateman's new video is on jordan peterson… cow on cow violence

No. 1198155

File: 1617170546508.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 49.68 KB, 339x408, FC9B0794-8465-45BA-AFEC-7A1FA7…)

That hideous feathery thing immediately made me think of (picrel)

No. 1198169

holy shit that's amazing, can you even imagine trying to be friends with that person. How long till she'll also claim some form of autism for extra simpathy points?

No. 1198170

Jordan Peterson sucks but he seems like a dead horse at this point. Every breadtuber has done a video on him. I know he has a new book out so hopefully there’s new content to discuss and not the same old points they usually make against him.

No. 1198220

>that person
It’s ok, nonnie, you can say he/him.

No. 1198225

File: 1617178686542.png (553.81 KB, 1242x2688, 29B49D92-927B-434D-8F9C-3DE25A…)


Sorry anons, I was the anon who posted about her posting on the K/S sub and totally forgot to check this thread. I noticed it about a year ago when she posted on the r/BreadTube sub, posting her own videos and answering fans’ questions. When I went to her profile I saw she used to post in the K/S sub frequently, but shes since deleted the posts and comments of her confirming she is Sarah Z. I guess so people can’t link her back to her old shit.

Pic related, her account (u/Sazley) posting about a K/S fan game 1/3

No. 1198226

File: 1617178791470.jpeg (720.34 KB, 1242x2320, 91CF9E1E-8402-4CCE-9A0D-6CB634…)

No. 1198227

kek great find anon

No. 1198228

File: 1617178832191.jpeg (487.45 KB, 1242x2580, 9C813B1B-AE95-44A5-BFBA-A1E58B…)

She deleted comments admitting to being Sarah, but couldn’t hide from removeddit

No. 1198230

File: 1617179313270.jpeg (16.42 KB, 225x225, 27D1A407-14EC-4FD0-9894-61101F…)

It’s actually very easy to hide from removeddit. She’s apparently just been drinking too much dumb bitch juice.

No. 1198240

Thank you for delivering!

No. 1198242

trying not to be a bitch so sorry if i come off as one, but this is milk why? cus she likes a shitty manwa that relies too much on 3d assets? Or is it actual ground for her fanbase going apeshit on her? I honestly don't know, i always found K/S nothing more than torture porn and never got into it or its fandom

No. 1198245

being a fujo is a terrible sin in woke circles, you are fetishizing those poor mlms!

No. 1198247

ah, of course. i wouldnt think anything of it but they did manage to cancel their most prominent figure over her comment about a fucking disney movie so i'm sure sarah has her days numbered

No. 1198250

Depends on who you ask and how well Sarah can spin her liking it as just “from a critical standpoint” for the “story” and not because she likes it for the problematic gay shit like everyone else who read it.

Like with Lindsay, she is too deep in the woke community she helped create and cater to that will cancel her over anything they see as “problematic

>>1198245 funny how she reads tons of m/m content but SHE isn’t the fujoshi guys! She’s just here for the story, not like the rest of you!

No. 1198255

File: 1617181899928.jpeg (492.35 KB, 1242x1364, 841834F5-8EAB-49E8-9E88-235BAC…)

Samefag but looks like the mob is already turning on Sarah anyways because she told a fan who was being harassed to “go outside” but when Lindsay got cancelled she went off about cancel culture

No. 1198256

File: 1617181929551.jpeg (83.59 KB, 720x743, A3ED1C0D-18B4-4646-9A48-F53C3F…)

No. 1198262

oh lol right, the whole proshipper thing. TBH i agree with sarah, it's an incredibly idiotic thing to think you're being harassed over fucking ships of all things, it's really a product of being terminally online.

No. 1198264

As much as I dislike Sarah I also agree.

Funny how breadtube ranks are dropping like flies. Is PT still delusional that he and contra are besties? I’m surprised I didn’t see more people talking about contra snubbing PT and saying “that person isn’t in my life anymore”. I thought that was gonna blow up more than it did

No. 1198267

yeah, for sure! i swear i saw some comments being like "omg wlw queens! now they're gonna date for sure!" completely unaware they arent even friends anymore, and tbf i never saw that clip outside of this thread; but it's just so juicy it's weird it didnt blow up at all

No. 1198274


in addition to what all the other anons have said, killing/stalking is also massively controversial in the wokesphere because it contains rape and murder but also it's gay. so if you're not treating it like the bible of the antichrist, not only are you fetishizing mlms but you are also fetishizing abuse, and people tend to go ballistic over that. the only permitted mlm shipping content they stand for is ~pure and wholesome uwu beans~ where the hyper-femme uber-twink bottom is totally not cope for hating women and is totally not fetishistic of mlm in and of itself

that said since ks is over and its peak of controversy has come and gone, i don't think the cancellation can start there unless some fannibals tried to nail her for hypocrisy. but i do think it's some pretty solid shit people will sling at her once she starts going down

No. 1198276

File: 1617184457296.jpeg (457.39 KB, 2048x1538, EF0E2F93-36DD-4FEB-BB6E-7D3663…)

>I’m surprised I didn’t see more people talking about contra snubbing PT and saying “that person isn’t in my life anymore”. I thought that was gonna blow up more than it did

Me too! I think the only explanation is that not many people saw it, because the comment occurred about 11.5 hours into a 12-hour stream. Who was even still watching at that point? The clip has been posted here and on KF, but I’m sure most wokesters don’t frequent these types of sites.

No. 1198280

you're right, i am one and i'm absolutely too much of a coward to show my ass and try to get the clip have any traction on twitter on my main account lmaoooo

No. 1198283

contra made a video on jordan peterson so now he has to as well. how many daddy jokes will he rip off from contra's video?

No. 1198286

counting down the days where the new obsession will be Mia Moulder, they sound very close on twitter and Mia ticks off a lot of what is seem his type (intellectual, not overly feminine, long face, etc)

No. 1198329

is JP even still relevant between the right? wasnt he in a coma over eating too much meat lol? "fellas is it gay to eat zucchini so i don't get scurvy"

No. 1198346

Its interesting what's happening, breadtube was sorta created (or more accurately forced created) as a way to counter the right wing influencers on the Internet and it seems to have a worked, I mean right wing YouTubers are seen as a joke by most of the internet and mostly mocked but now the breadtubers are tearing themselves apart or are being torn apart by their own community of fans that they helped create and its over shit no normal human being cares about

I honestly think the whole thing will collapse in less then 2 years

No. 1198375

He is going to have an interview with Elon Musk so more brainfucked incels are going to join his ideology.

No. 1198448

File: 1617205031586.png (851.72 KB, 1184x1020, Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 8.36…)

how many glamour shots does one """woman""" need. surprisingly, people in the comments are actually pushing back on the tweet instead of the usual choir of "Stunning and Brave"

No. 1198464

how does the UK not grant trans people the same rights in terms of marriage and having children? what a crock of shite. there are some issues with adoption if that's what he means, but those issues also exist for same sex couples, unmarried couples, single parents, couples with no children, and even working class couples to the same extent (if not more in some cases). then again, the whole post is unhinged bullshit - i'm almost surprised he didn't start ranting about those even teenage girls and their abortions again.

No. 1198475

How does this dumbass even reconcile self-ID and free healthcare?

No. 1198488

he's so fucking goofy looking.

No. 1198495

>no more consultations
>informed consent

pick one

No. 1198507

his diseased mind imagines only have one consultation for troon procedures, where the only information they give him is that surgery is going to hurt and estrogen can make him emotional.

of course he'll never admit it but he and most troons think that actual serious warnings on hormones and various surgeries are terf bullshit.

No. 1198517

File: 1617210959387.jpeg (864.56 KB, 1242x2142, C6096254-F12C-4E6B-B002-927824…)

I’m really enjoying these replies.

No. 1198520

File: 1617211024809.jpeg (803.41 KB, 1242x2025, 227913E7-7254-4E0A-8E31-8CED35…)

No. 1198564

I know this sounds silly but for someone who's in art twitter, harassment of pro-shippers is something out of this world. Discord groups are organized to target jojo artists, girls are constantly told to kill themselves for fiding an anime boy character hot, it's a weird wave of concern-trolling, mostly organized by grown ass "they-them"s in their late 20s with an army of minors. I've only seen the deal from the sidelines tho, as I'm not into m/m, but they're generally a lot more aggressive than they are to coomer artists and such.

No. 1198722

As an “anti” who doesn’t get involved in these twitter wars, I’m sorry the they/thems are suicide baiting your friends. I would love to team up to suicide bait male coomers instead, if you’re interested. Maybe one day we’ll be able to look back and laugh at all of this as we hold hands and touch grass together.

No. 1198743

Sage for OT used to be a part of group of "antis" and I don't think there were any sort of non-binary or Troons(In fact a lot of them were explicitly gender critical) but they were like extreme moral guardian's who belived straight characters should be shipped with the opposite gender, no age gaps, no power difference, no sort of abusive dynamics, no bdsm e.t.c

On some level I did agree with them, cause I do feel that there ware a lot of problematic aspects with ships(especially the m/m ones) that should be called out but they often went way extreme and were abusive and hostile

No. 1198858

>will collapse in less then 2 years
Isn't it already basically collapsed? The only people left are the woke zombie horde, which is not really a group of people, more like a ball of energy that's still going on momentum alone. They haven't dissipated yet but the motor powering them bit its own tail and stopped going anywhere

No. 1198955

What fuels it is that people who aren’t part of the woke crowd, but who hate the person being canceled, will often play into the fake outrage just because they want to see them go down. Basically like you said, momentum alone.

No. 1199343

it's incredible how fast political trends go on the internet. Anti-sjw was all the rage barely 5 years ago, then died, and it's probably gonna be back soon, probably in some form of edgy left wing.

No. 1199824

4chan's /lgbt/ guessed it a year advanced with I think a few of them speculating 18-24 months before then.

No. 1199826

It's unironically capitalism. More and more people are becoming apolitical and thus they have to shred each other apart to get that diminishing market. Fight fire with fire? Lol.

No. 1200501

File: 1617390353605.png (2.23 MB, 1188x1204, Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 12.0…)

did contrapoints move homes? also peep lindsay's book in the stack

No. 1200520

That’s such a display book pile, what a poseur

No. 1200526

Someone said in the MTF thread recently that PT comes from a rich family. Does he ever mention this and is it confirmed? I know he went to a very prestigious university and private school.

No. 1200529

well according to him he is descendant of british royalty

No. 1200530

it is back and it’s dying again, it’s called the dirtbag left

No. 1200580

Surely that would have been sarcasm?

No. 1200583

It looks musty already.

No. 1200602

Absolutely not, there are many British politicians and businessmen who can trace their lineage back to nobility/royalty including most if not all of our prime ministers. Name any British actor and you're likely to have named an Etonian/noble.

No. 1200756

Money sure doesn't buy taste. That poor wilting orchid.

No. 1200797

Would Lily Orchard be considered part of Breadtube?

No. 1200902

more of a breadtube wannabe, like quinton.

No. 1200971

I mean, if by breadtube you mean a lefty with an unwarranted superiority complex, sure; but he's too far up his own ass with thinking cartoons have way more bearing on reality to say anything remotely interesting politically. Gotta say i am fascinated by his own resiliance in the face of pretty serious accusations, pedophilia and rape among those. He always ends up coming up with new labels to protect himself of any accusations, first he said he's native american, then trans, then raped and now he's poly. Gotta love the creativity /s

No. 1201148

gashunk gashunk shark manga lmao.
contra is such a grifter, how do his fans not see right through his act?

No. 1201239

>i am fascinated by his own resiliance in the face of pretty serious accusations, pedophilia and rape among those
She/he/whatever deflects them by calling out other brony pedos.

No. 1201291

lol he only reads childrens' books, manga, and shit you read in a community college humanities course

No. 1201299

File: 1617489650897.png (591.24 KB, 1279x735, rweugfifDQ.png)


Abigail Thorn was on the bbc. Don't think this has been posted yet. Must have hella connections to get yourself covered like this honestly

No. 1201301

I guess >>1200529 might be true then.

No. 1201303

Oliver Cromwell unironically did nothing wrong. Good fucking God what a travesty.

No. 1201304

Sage and don't even know why I did this but as a brit bong I assumed PT was a commoner like me and just happened to get into a top university because he was smart. I'm too trusting.

No. 1201324


This ballbag says he doesn't have equal marriage rights or healthcare which is a big fat fucking horsefaced lie. If a half decent journalist was conducting this interview he'd be called out on all his porkies but nah

No. 1201331

It's the fucking BBC, the same publication that can't stop demonstrating their hard on for getting Assange executed. You wish those pig fuckers would give a shit about journalism.

No. 1201336

Wtf I love BBC now

No. 1201397

I read multiple UK news sites daily including society/culture/LGBT interest stuff, and the only place I saw this mentioned was on Reddit. So much for “making headlines”. Ollie is really getting a fat head with delusions of being the English Caitlyn Jenner.

No. 1201456

File: 1617514721620.jpeg (164.86 KB, 1080x692, ECED0939-2B88-48E5-BF4D-EDCE39…)

Contra made and quickly deleted these tweets about getting srs

No. 1201462

He used to brag about how rich and noble and connected his family was before it went out of style, even admitted that they pulled strings to get him into university. I don't have caps on me but I remember someone posting them in another thread forever ago.
I really wonder what he's gonna do when he gets botched. Lie and pretend it's everything he wanted? Throw a fit and make himself out to be the victim? Time to start placing bets ladies

No. 1201468

What can I say, sasuga commie

No. 1201469

>research seems daunting
And having a neovag installed doesnt?

No. 1201473

What was he thinking, crowdsourcing SRS surgeons from a fanbase mostly composed of untransitioned teen enbies lmao

No. 1201475

he doesn’t seem like the double down type but the fact research is apparently too much for him pretty much guarantees he’s gonna be miserable with the results, regardless of what emotions he shows.

No. 1201485

Oh my god is contra getting cancelled over wanting a surgery? I love these crowds, "my body my rules!!" Until it's something that i wouldnt do lol

No. 1201486

Was this supposed to make the BBC sound bad somehow?

No. 1201489

The fuck you mean executed, dude is still in ecuador presumably raping at his heart's content

No. 1201511

at 19:45 in this video he talks about being descended from some obscure royal. he claims his family lost most of their money through gambling but somehow still went to private school.

No. 1201522

Wondering if he's the kind of silver spoon little bitch who think havin 50k as a baseline for your bank account is being extra poor

No. 1201548

but now he's a the most famous trans woman in the UK and he's fighting for trans women because he can't get married, he can't get decent healthcare or adopt. He really thinks he's a fucking hero and he's done NOTHING but talk about himself.
I predicted he'd want to get the surgery, it's weird how coomers get their dick chopped but they love tranny porn and trans pornstars who ALL have working decent sized dicks.
Trans without dicks are unpopular. I guess he'll find some dude to fuck his neo-pocket. Also do your own reasearch, that is a serious surgery, every troon is going to say, "oh my doctor did this or that" and make it seem like it's the best in the world.

No. 1201550

>he claims his family lost most of their money through gambling but somehow still went to private school
idk but this is just making him sound like more of a pathological liar
he's definitely a narcissist, i'll give you that

No. 1201621

I don't think Nick will last long if he gets the chop. Long enough to have sex, probably. I'm not entirely sure what sort of "lesbian" activity he's looking for after the fact, though. Even if he pulls in some self-loathing handmaiden, they usually start having panic attacks or refusing sex once they realize what they're working with. He's already depressed, so he'll probably 41% after he becomes even more alone and stops being able to coom.
Also, I feel like I remember him bragging about his dick size, before he trooned out. Let's test that theory. Will he invert his schlong, or make a second butthole?

No. 1201692

He's nowhere near the most famous trans woman in the UK. Off the top of my head -
Debbie Hayton
Kellie Maloney
Paris Lees
Miranda Yardley
Eddie Izzard (genderfluid but in 'girl mode' now apparently)

No. 1201693

He's made a bunch of improbable claims, I can't recall them all right now. One includes his mom being the person with the most precise color vision in the world.

No. 1201713

What a bizzare thing to brag about

No. 1201803

He is INSUFFERABLE jesus. I thought his pre-contra skinwalking content would be better but it's just him being a narcissist that makes it unwatchable. I hate him for making me sympathetic to contra for having to interact with his penis

No. 1201975

Should PhilosophyTroon have his own thread? Not complaining about him being posted here. Just noticing that anons have a lot to say about him.

No. 1201979

ehhhh I’d say that all of breadtube is incestuous enough that having individual threads for PT and contrapoints would just be a bit of a headache
The milk is more of a steady trickle than a stream, too. I’d say this thread is at a good level of activity.

No. 1202022

Good points, anon.

No. 1202179

seconding >>1201979, contra and PT have separate threads on kiwifarms but they might as well be the same one since they overlap pretty frequently

No. 1202471

Learn 2 sage.
The topic you mentioned has been discussed extensively in this thread already.
Here are some posts, out of order:

No. 1203203

Sorry to samefag but when I said
I wasn’t trying to shut the entire conversation up, or imply that it had been discussed enough already. I was just responding to a post asking if anyone had heard of the PT/Contra assault rumor.

No. 1203281

is there any archived version of the 4chan thread on that? i don't really use those boards an my understanding is that everything is now lost. I guess the only thing we have is the masterpost posted here earlier? I really wish Olly would piss someone off and they'd spill the beans, breadtube is due to a honest to god scandal that's a little more substantial than "by having a .02 seconds cameo in her video, contrapoints said that XX is NOT valid!" you know?

No. 1203346

there are a lot of sites that archive 4chan threads (warosu is one that i can think of off the top of my head), but if you go to one of the sites that archives /lgbt and search "contra" or "philosophy tube" i'm sure you'll find something

No. 1203468

wait does anyone have caps or a source on contra saying that?

No. 1203511

No. 1203575

Ice cold. I would love to see more of Nick publicly snubbing Olly.

No. 1203579

File: 1617833262428.jpeg (390.19 KB, 1242x1090, C461A50C-04E3-459F-9899-065C2B…)

No, Olly. Stay the fuck away from us.

No. 1203583

File: 1617833848944.jpg (297.77 KB, 1211x734, 1617818356780.jpg)


No. 1203597

"quite pressing reason" = stalking Contra

No. 1203608

I don't want to be mean but I can't get over how gross PT looked before the transition. I actually consider this transition to have been an upgrade.

No. 1203678

Lol he really did scam his way to an acting career by trooning out. What a sociopath you kind of have to admire it

No. 1203703

he's not exactly handsome but i guess he's above average for breadtube and online leftists' standards. most people who are that terminally online aren't exactly known for being super attractive. even contrapoints wasn't bad looking prior to trooning out. PT post-transition seems so surreal. he looks like a man in a wig and acts like a shallow stereotype of a woman

No. 1203704

It couldn’t be more apparent at this point jfc. No shame whatsoever.

No. 1203767

no offense US people, but the idea of olly wetting his skirt hearing "HEY GEDDAOUDDA MY WAY, IM WALKIN OVAH HERE" in a thick NY accent is immensely funny to me

No. 1203919

File: 1617895549753.png (94.89 KB, 874x1062, 1617889001177.png)

No. 1203920

Absolutely beautiful anon

No. 1203925

KEK this is incredible

No. 1203928

anon please make more

No. 1203932

No. 1203952

contra is thinking about upping the ante to try and outshine philosophy tube, but is having a moment of clarity seeing the ugly reality of srs.

No. 1203953

The way you captured Olly's massive pepperoni titties. Beautiful. Next thread pic

No. 1203964

are those heroine syringes?! anon you are an Artiste.

No. 1203970

i cannot imagine being attracted to contra kek his voice has never improved from "gay man upping their pitch". even blaire passes better

No. 1204001

File: 1617904321690.png (3.89 MB, 1920x1920, 1617564295871.png)

the 'tube just likes whatever makes his girlscythe hard

No. 1204011


It's the money and the clout. Contra has loads of it, in excess. Olly is just looking to ride off his coattails.

No. 1204059

File: 1617908937590.png (61.93 KB, 1476x368, Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 12.0…)

uh oh!

No. 1204085

has he always behaved this way? I really feel like he thinks being a woman means being "sassy" and not having normal "rules", but also because he's a "trans" woman, he has even less rules and can do whatever he wants without expecting any backlash.
I don't know if that makes sense.

No. 1204139

File: 1617914142813.png (12.41 KB, 598x140, Screenshot_2021-04-0.png)

Anyone else get a huge woke black Incel vibe from T1J(he's as of now the main Token black guy of breadtube)

He seems way to much interested in white or Asian women and almost never mentions black women in any context

No. 1204140

wasn't he an anti-sjw back in the day?

No. 1204147

Whenever men/trannies make this exact point as a "gotcha," they're just admitting that they see no difference between sex and gender. Blatant homophobia and conversion therapy rhetoric aside, it's basically an invitation to point out that, if TWAW to that degree, surely we should be giving them medical treatment for female bodies instead of male bodies and not bothering with HRT, GRS, implants, or FFS/FMS. Your body is already female, no?

No. 1204148

So were Contra, Shaun, and PT, iirc. Incels don't change, they just rebrand.

No. 1204214

File: 1617919797126.png (84.47 KB, 720x513, Screenshot_20210409-010841~2.p…)

The swedish murderer is bragging how him and his girlfriend had a baby through state sponsored IVF

No. 1204218

File: 1617919900693.png (51.83 KB, 720x223, Screenshot_20210409-011133~2.p…)

And how he was only on probation for a year.

No. 1204219

While I understand why you would think this is the MtF general, I think you are in the wrong thread.

No. 1204307

I swear hbomberguy used to be too. His earliest YouTube videos (now deleted) were rebuttals to Anita Sarkeesian. Then I guess he spent enough time on the anti-sarkeesian side of YouTube that he realized what a bunch of losers they all were and he switched to making fun of them.
I remember finding his videos making fun of the sarkeesian effect guys when they were new, and liking his humor. So I went and checked his older videos and was surprised that he seemed to be arguing both sides.
Now if you go to his YouTube channel and sort by oldest first, his “sarkeesian effect” response videos are the oldest ones there. I can find no evidence of his older videos but I’m 99.99% sure they were on there. I am starting to doubt my own memory though. I wish I had downloaded them at the time but I didn’t know he’d become a thing. This was 5-6 years ago.

No. 1204327

sorry for samefagging, the furthest back his waybackmachine archive shows is mid-2016 so I can't find any of his older videos. There's a chance I am mistaken but I really believe I remember seeing this.
Any chance anyone else remembers this, or was he not really on anyone's radar yet back then?

No. 1204505

i discovered him around the same time and i can't say i've ever seen those videos you talk about; i did notice a lot more quips against sarkisian by Contra in the early videos, but i can't recall from Hbomberguy.
I wouldnt rule out the possibility that in your memories you fused more than one fugly pasty white guy and assumed it was all hbomberguy lol

No. 1204565

ok so olly is full skinwalking contra and is doing a jordan peterson video (who even still talks about JP anyway, i've personally heard of him again because marvel of all people decided to troll him). By this measure of remaking every Contrapoint videos, what do you think will be next? My money is on "darkness" or "transtrender". Then again one about climate change ("apocalypse") would be pretty inconspicuous so maybe that?

No. 1204704

Hbomberguy used to be an admin in the Metokur forum, which was dedicated to trolling and triggering people online with offensive remarks, as were many groups like encyclopedia dramatica forum, something awful and butthurt brigade. The proof of this was in a mister metokur video where he showed a screenshot that had hbomberguy on the admin list, and a few testimonies. I'm sure he genuinely changed since then, but it's interesting that he's feeded by trolling remorse.

No. 1204884

anyone watch this?

No. 1204893

it was mentioned before, but nobody cares about Peterson since that embarassing debate with Slavoj Zizek.

No. 1204894

Tried to, but gave up within a few minutes. Idk, this thread has me seriously questioning PT lol the whole transition seems weirdly sketchy to me now. The voice and mannerisms feel so put on, especially in this video. I know PT was always theatrical or whatever, but there's something really inauthentic about this new upload.

No. 1204896

women have life on easy mode, duh!!!!

No. 1204903

At about 7:05, she brings up "an old friend who is a transwoman". I bet it's contra. She wants to be acknowledged by her soooo bad.
Also everytime she talks about trans things it sounds exactly like videos that contra has already made it's so creepy

No. 1204908

the bit about british police brutality, lol. Bitch where? British police can't even carry weapons

No. 1204913

Wtf was embarrassing about the debate anon

No. 1204914

weird ass extensive talk of incest

No. 1204932

File: 1618006770366.jpeg (220.71 KB, 1080x1440, 2315BE1F-6ECE-4D80-9FF7-37C24A…)

Thanks for the info. Got any screenshots or videos? I think it was right around 2014/2015 that he switched to his current politics, most likely be realizing he was surrounded by idiots in the anti-sarkeesian circles he probably used to actually believe in. I wonder how involved with gamergate he was before that, if at all. I’ve been having trouble finding any other dirt on him, or really anything on him at all from before 2015/2016. It would be funny if some things came to light and he was forced to address it. Then again, he’s male, so I doubt he’d get crucified as badly for maybe being an ex-gamer hater as Lindsay Ellis did for having a mildly spicy opinion about cartoons.

No. 1204951

didn't he excuse friend who a (woman)trans man accused of sexual assault or something like that? I can't remember the details but I think thats what happened.
And yeah he's a man, women get cancelled for anything but men will get three strikes unless they really do something fucked up.

No. 1204975

File: 1618010558733.jpeg (283.7 KB, 1093x412, 0DE879A4-1AD8-4933-A090-2EADB3…)

Something like that. I’ll try to sum it up briefly but this is bound to be a long comment:
Apparently someone who was working for him (hbomberguy) said that she had a problem with someone Harry was friends with, but didn’t want to talk about it because she needed to keep her job to avoid becoming homeless. She was worried that telling Harry his friend was a maybe-rapist would lose her that job. (Spoiler: it did)
But Harry pushes her to talk about it anyway because it’s been really bothering him. (Instance #1 of him prioritizing his own feelings when approached by a woman saying she’d been victimized in some way.)
So she tells him this story about how his best friend invited her on a date and then said a bunch of creepy stuff implying he was going to rape her on the date. Or that he wanted to do rapeplay, or purposely get each other drunk to have sex “without being able to say no” or some gross weird thing. She wasn’t into that idea so he called off the date. Then she felt weird about it and didn’t tell anyone for a long time.
Harry’s response: he doesn’t try to ask her any followup questions or anything that could maybe verify what she’s saying. Instead he basically says she waited too long to bring it up, and he doesn’t believe her now, and he even tries telling her that her memory can’t possibly be correct.
Then he again makes it all about himself by being like “I have to go, I feel awful about this.” He says a bunch more self deprecating things about how he’s awful and such a terrible friend for not believing her, but he confirms he’s going to stay friends with the alleged creep and does not in fact believe the accuser at all.
They then agree to part ways and never speak again.
I am just recounting a weak secondhand version of what I remember from this, so I could be wrong. And I’m not even saying I agree with the accuser that “some guy said he wanted to do weird kink shit I wasn’t okay with and then called off our date when I didn’t consent” necessarily counts as a violation of consent. According to her, he didn’t really do anything to her.
My issue is with Harry’s public persona of “one of the good guys” and “male feminist” compared to his reaction to being told a male friend of his violated a woman’s consent. Instead of asking more questions about it or discussing why she felt that way, trying to clarify things, etc. he just jumps straight to “no, you must be misremembering things. This whole situation makes me feel like shit, goodbye” with an unspoken “and by the way you’re fired.”
If you think the person approaching him is full of shit or their story doesn’t make sense, that’s fair, but his response is still a bit shitty and insensitive. Does fit with his “hashtag believe women” public image. There are better ways to discuss sensitive topics than patronizing instant messages implying the accuser is delusional.

No. 1205027

I hate this wispy "feminine" voice. Women don't talk like this! He just sounds like an upper class poof as opposed to Contra's yasss slay drag queen voice. It's just gay

No. 1205035

This is worse than Contra's video on him isn't it?

No. 1205061

I’ll let you know if I ever get through it. I keep trying but he’s just so skin-crawlingly creepy. The phony voice, the exaggeratedly “feminine” mannerisms and postures, the crazy eyes and Buffalo Bill facial expressions. He’s just so viscerally offputting.

No. 1205087

insult to gay men it's AGP for both of them. PT British flavor and contra… whatever.

No. 1205091

It's not worse, in some ways it's better because it's far less theatrical and easier to digest than Contra's. He addresses JP's magical way of thinking without mocking him too much or sexually harassing him which I think gives it a bit more weight. It's good to put videos out there critical of that clown that address his arguments instead of going too wacky with it imo. PT is still a loser but the video was ok if you can ignore the TRA shit he throws in there.

No. 1205128

>far less theatrical
It’s cringe-inducingly theatrical. There are costumes and characters and he’s doing voices.

No. 1205136

I agree with you in the sense that that conversation truly reveals that even the best most feminist of men will always put his male friends over the female ones.
But how was the dude violating consent? They were on a date, he said creepy things, she said no and they broke it off? Isnt that textbook "respecting consent"? Man this dating thing is hard lol

No. 1205164

Did i miss something or was the storyline with the smoking and lover/brother/what even? poorly executed and didn’t really make sense? I think they made a dew interesting points on JP but the storyline-elements left me really confused.

Are they trying to make a joke that even tho they are not “technically” calling JP a bigot they indirectly are?

No. 1205170

you sound like a scrote.

No. 1205177

They weren’t even on a date. She’s accusing the dude of being creepy before the date. Like she agreed to go on a date with him and then he started saying gross sexual things about what they were going to do on the date, including “get you so drunk you can’t say no to me.” When she expressed discomfort with this, the perv called the date off.
So, yes, he didn’t technically do anything to her. That being said, he’s clearly a creep.
My point isn’t so much that Harry should have canceled the guy. It’s more that his response was so lame. “You’re remembering wrong and also this is making me feel soooooo bad!” is a lame response. Maybe if he had some balls he could have actually engaged with her on the topic.
If someone came to me with a story like that, I wouldn’t just be like “you’re wrong and making me sad.” I would thank them for bringing attention to the fact that my friend apparently had a darker side. I’d assure them that I’d be keeping a closer eye out for anything weird with that friend. I might point out that the friend did in fact cancel the date when she expressed discomfort with what he said he wanted to do on the date, but I’d also be reassuring and wholeheartedly agree that what he said was inappropriate.
Harry could have definitely handled it better, especially for a person who thinks of himself as being soooo feminist. But male feminists can botch things very badly (like firing a female employee for coming forward about harassment) while women like Lindsay Ellis get canceled for the tiniest and most mundane things.

No. 1205261

it's definitely still theatrical. it's impossible to take him seriously, but the way he earnestly presents himself in front of the camera and says stuff like "us women" makes me feel like my brain is being broken. contrapoints may be a malignant narcissist but at least in his videos he'll slip in a self-deprecating joke or two that makes him seem a little self-aware of the absurdity of the whole thing. watching PT now is so surreal because it all seems so put on and such an act. it's so uncanny

No. 1205302

Oh no im a woman (a bio one at that!), I just havent dated a lot

No. 1205304

Ah gotcha, i see what you mean

No. 1205513

One time I saw someone on here (or maybe KF or somewhere else) say that in a livestream once Hbomberguy said something about regretting that he put the word “Guy” in his title, because “what if I transition someday?”
I’ve never been able to find this clip because his livestream was like 30+ hours long. But does anyone else remember this?
Does that mean he’ll be next to troon out? No clue why else someone would say that.

No. 1205666

here's the actual FULL GALLERY https://imgur.com/a/LEIid of the convo hbomberguy had with the accuser

i honestly have no idea why you would just post one part of it and then write a long summary. it's not even that hard to find.

that being said, your recollection is still pretty accurate. he made it all about himself and projected his own memory of the conversations he witnessed between these two people, and therefore accused her of lying.

https://archive.is/Zvo7d#selection-151.227-155.334 - hbomber's apology which starts off okay but fails to address anything, doesn't do anything about his creep mod, etc.

https://archive.fo/sGEQx - the accuser's response. she also includes screenshots of his mods defending him, one saying that there's more to the story and another saying that the callout post has a clear agenda to drag him. can't imagine why anyone would be upset with how someone who claims to be a male feminist being a creep apologist.

im glad this is brought up because this is one of the things that breadtube loves to forget about. i have a few male friends who love him but don't understand how bad his behavior was here no matter how i try to explain it to them.

No. 1205721

Nothing about him is feminine at all. at least contrapoints is waifish

No. 1205758

Good god i hope not. He'd look so fucking bad in a wig and skirt, worse than sterling and that's the lowest rate

No. 1205793

Waifish? Contra is a she-hulk.

No. 1205796

Thanks for adding all those screenshots. I just had the one screenshot and was recounting the rest from memory.
He comes off as such a pathetic scrote. He could have easily handled this better but instead he made it all about his feelings. What a pissbaby.

No. 1206141

File: 1618185662683.png (183.47 KB, 1795x1039, 1618179381204.png)

No. 1206157

Two retards fighting

No. 1206161

He's waifish for a man

No. 1206175

Ok so PT is playing up their shitty Brit accent. I thought I was going insane on that theory.

The bigger issue is that JP knows jack shit about communism. It's clear he has never even read the Communist Manifesto outside of some cliffnote version. Should have had Thomas Sowell or someone else on the right that has actually read the damn thing (and more shit by Marx and other leftists), but of course boring black conservative man doesn't draw the crowds like piggish Slav man with weird ticks and druggie Kermit the frog meme professor.

No. 1206179

tbh trash panda also knows jack shit about communism (or deliberately distorts it like the tenured parasite he is)

No. 1206197

the slav confronting peterson on "cultural marxism" making no fucking sense was the most hilarious thing. What Peterson calls cultural marxism is the most neolib shit ever

No. 1206249

No he isn't lol, he's gangly and thin as fuck

No. 1206263

Fittingly cursed digits

No. 1206268

File: 1618207394516.jpeg (493.06 KB, 1242x905, AEFC8788-8690-4BB9-8E8B-A71C7C…)

No. 1206270

File: 1618207634313.jpeg (726.59 KB, 1206x2177, 710C9075-1B57-477D-989F-0AF84A…)

No. 1206284

i'm starting to watch it right now and, dude, at 0:28 seconds in are those digs at contrapoints?? are the girls FIGHTING? FIGH FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

No. 1206306

are you sure this is the right timestamp?

No. 1206310

yeah yeah, right at the very beginning: PT prefaces the whole thing saying there will be no slander on JP, assumptions on his private life nor "cheap jokes about lobsters". Maybe i'm reading too much into it but i can't be the only one who knew about JP from contrapoint's Lobster Masquerade look lol

No. 1206318

maybe it just means that at this point the lobster jokes have been done and redone. contra's video came out 3 years ago already

No. 1206401

There is some truth to this, in that most videos that come out of the left shitting on JP did do these things. Contra was part of that group so it's at the very least tangential shade.

No. 1206453

I saw someone claiming that ContraPoints had rich parents and quit academia because of a sex scandal involving students or something. Didn't found anything on the rich parents, but I went to find stuff on the sex scandal thing since it's really strange that someone would drop a PhD to work as a Uber driver. There is some circumstantial evidence of him being involved with the Ludlow scandal, but no smoking gun.

From the start the story on why he quit is weird as he claims that he was bored by old gay philosophers, or moved to Baltimore because of a relationship, or wouldn't had job opportunities as a PhD, or because he wanted to work as a fiction writer. Also a detail that often goes unmentioned is that he also worked as a professor for Northwestern University, just before the sexual assault controversy hit.

In the Jesse Signal interview he claimed that he quit Northwestern in the summer of 2015 which was at the same time philosopher Peter Ludlow was being accused of assaulting and harassing students. The controversy started in 2014, intensified mid 2015 and he was fired in November of that year. From this student newspaper it seems there were student protests and there was a larger push to prosecute sexual assault at the University and the philosophy department in particular.


Ludlow was facing dismissal around the start of the Summer 2015 and was planning to basically run away to Mexico, which was around the same time Contra quit his PhD program and ran away to Baltimore.


An interesting bit in there is that Laura Kipnis was another philosopher from Northwestern who wrote several articles defending Ludlow, I think she even wrote a book about it. If you check Kipnis followers on Twitter you can see that ContraPoints actually follows her, which is really interesting.


Also Peter Ludlow was heavily into linguists like Noam Chomsky and anti-war people like Bradley Manning, which are people that Contra also admires.


It's easy to confirm that William Parrott (Hontra) was on the graduate philosophy program for Northwestern at the same time all this was happening, and I think the controversy might have been mentioned in some deleted streams, but I haven't found anything. An interesting detail it that the list includes other students like Chelsea Egbert and Debbie Goldgaber, both of which signed a letter expressing concern about sexual assault, but Parrott is did not signed the letter.


And apparently there is some dirt on this one stream but I don't have the energy or patience to actually listen to it.


No. 1206463

don't know anything about the sex scandal stuff, but i do remember CP saying in an interview that he initially went to music conservatory (a B-list one at that) and then only managed to transfer into Georgetown because his father was a professor/related to faculty

No. 1206627

Contrapoint real name is William Parrot?? That sounds even faker then his new chosen name. Why do people on here call him Nick then?

No. 1206637

middle name is nicholas i think

No. 1206670

Wait why are they still on the alumni? In my department, they basically unperson anyone that failed to complete the program, and from everyone's understanding is that they didn't complete the program.

No. 1206995

It seems less like they’re fighting and more like Olly is desperately trying to get Hontra to give him attention.

No. 1207040

It was a call back to a previous video that uses the arson metaphor to talk about white supremacy or something.

That's why PT does an insufferably smug smile at the start while saying "Smoking is not allowed in the cinema". Weird narcissistic attempt at a leftist dog whistle I guess?

No. 1207106

there's some attempt at cancellation over on tumblr because of the incest thing, and for one I'm on PT side: it's a plot point and putting a content warning for two fictional characters snogging off screen would be really stupid for the overall tone. Unfortunately it doesnt seem there's much traction to the outrage, i guess over the years Olly has become a master at avoiding shitstorms

No. 1207293

File: 1618328557429.png (864.78 KB, 1368x721, hugoawards.png)

Lindsay just got nominated for a Hugo Award for Best New Writer; let's see if this makes her reactivate her twitter to acknowledge it. Announcement of all noms if anyone's interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYzMl-9T2aQ

No. 1207326

File: 1618331649656.gif (990.1 KB, 500x285, E101D5E7-ED6C-40B0-9A51-0464EC…)

More likely a reference to an anti smoking PSA that had John waters in it

No. 1207397

Contra is a big fan of John waters, too. I don't know if loving John waters is just an old school queer thing, though.

No. 1207572

>> i guess over the years Olly has become a master at avoiding shitstorms
Well now that he’s trooned out, no one can ever call him on anything ever again.

No. 1207890

File: 1618367429082.png (Spoiler Image, 439 KB, 599x592, egg bound.PNG)

No. 1207923

Egg crack cosplay

No. 1208011

nah, hard disagree.

If anything this will be the real proof if people consider him a woman or not, as women (both cis and trans) get cancelled for the MOST INANE of reasons (ex: Contra for a .30 seconds cameo, Ellis for a fucking cartoon opinion, Teigen for not hiding the fact that she's very rich), while men are basically immune to it unless they fuck very young children as even with teenagers there are people who would quicker put the blame on a horny and impressionable 16 year old than a fully capable grown adult lmao. We'll see!

No. 1208029

Ooh, calling PT a woman and not a-logging chrissy teigan in the same post. Girl, you brave doing that here.

Point taken though. Contrapoints was cancelled a lot post-transition so there has to be something else. Phil Tube just is better at optics? Or maybe the smug self congratulatory attitude has an effect on people's reactions compared to the self deprecating sad alcoholic? I don't really understand why the former gets more people on side than the latter but here we are.

No. 1208077

i'm watching Sarah Z's latest video and it's maddening the way she always has a cup of tea or a glass of juice to drink and never cuts when she drinks, i can't believe none of her videomaking friends havent told her it's unprofessional and weird to subject your viewers to sips and gulps. At this point i'm starting to tinfoil she has a secret fetish donor that gives her money for every time she drinks and gulps liquid?? like those ana skeleton girls have people paying them in secret for each time they struggle with heavy objects.
i swear to god there's a point in the video where there's pouring sound when she's on camera but the sound cuts off when the graphic shows on screen, leading me to believe the pouring sound is added in post???

all of this is leading me to believe i might have autism AND that she definitely has a fetish donor

No. 1208235

my sides anon… sarah z is a little too Pollyanna for me, but strangely enough she's probably the breadtuber (if you consider her a part of it) that i find the most tolerable, especially compared to PT/CP or Lindsay ellis, since she mainly just sticks to whatever the topic at hand is without a lot of gimmicky extra stuff

No. 1208469

scrote personalities tend to have scrote dudebro fanbases which rarely care that much about these things. When you main audience is troons and handmaidens, you reap what you sow.

No. 1208505

File: 1618433649253.png (1.12 MB, 1174x1150, Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 1.54…)

philosophy troon considering a move to the U.S., specifically the east coast

No. 1208551

I didn't think to sceencap, but they (Olly) did write a tweet about a friend telling them they thought he probably was gonna move to NY in the end "because of a girl", but they quickly deleted it. so hung up on contra, still.

No. 1208570

Moving to the USA is such a bougie move for this troon

No. 1208584

can someone tell me whats "Equal rights" and "proper healthcare" he's not getting? Seems like he wants to move to new york/us and he's making it out to be some herioic shit because he was just saying how he was the "most famous person…" and all that "Terf island" shit.
He really thinks he's a victim, when he can afford to leave and go somewhere new. When is he going to be called out?

No. 1208615

You’re exactly right. He will frame likely every single thing he does in his life this way. He’s not moving to NY because he’s a pathetic stalker and attention whore. It’s because he’s Transa Parks!

No. 1208679

funny to hear him go on about access to healthcare when for so many americans it's out of reach and a privilege. anyways shit is eventually going to hit the fan here and probably with much more backlash if more people become aware of the child transition shit.

No. 1208786

>proper healthcare
come up with a better cover for being an obsessed skinwalking stalker. honestly anons this whole him hounding contra is going to get even more milky I can feel it

No. 1208868

is he really trying to sneakily prepare everyone that the reason he's moving to nyc is because of tranny rights and not conta kek
he just ends up sounding like a privileged pos

No. 1208879

yes, escape terf island to move to a notoriously friendlier place for minorities. New York City. (then again he isnt black, so there's that).
Damn the US are really big, is 3-4 hours by car (NYC - Baltimore) really considered "in the neighbourhood"?

No. 1208893

Retarded British man knows exactly two cities in the United States of America, chooses the one closer to his ex boyfriend. If Contra lived on the west coast, do you think Olly here would've picked Portland? Cost of living isn't an issue for him at all, huh? So much for the starving artist.

No. 1209054

the healthcare thing shows how rich and out of touch he is, someone on KF said this already but most middle or working class Americans would kill for anything like the NHS

No. 1209119

new lindsay ellis video. haven't watched it yet but it gives off the same vibes as contra making a feature length film about their own cancellation

No. 1209140

started watching the video. seems like she's gonna explain all the factors that lead to her getting cancelled, like a medley of video essays.
definitely not watching it past the 5 minute mark.

No. 1209146

File: 1618504825842.png (335.88 KB, 960x480, Screenshot_20210415-113943.png)

Will listen and report findijgs later but its not looking good.

No. 1209177

File: 1618507009079.jpeg (258.5 KB, 750x621, F801D097-5344-4B1A-BC7A-CCC075…)

Her twitter’s back up. I don’t know if she lost half her followers from the cancellation or some consequence of deactivating, but it’s down from 315k+. And I’m willing to bet this is also to bask in her Hugo Award nom

No. 1209180

samefag but her “squint” tweet is still up surprisingly. Kek

No. 1209216

Wait what happened with her? I stopped following after all the tranny pandering.

No. 1209222

Scroll up it’s all covered in this thread

No. 1209226

so I'm around the 40 minute mark but it already feels like 2 Hours and her virtue signaling is even worse then I'd thought be

I mean can't she act like a normal person, why does everything she say have to be layered in sarcasm or wokeness, like Jesus Christ just act like a normal person, also kinda shocked she so causally called her own family white trash and claimed they were all covertly racist

No. 1209282

This. Can’t stand this posh cunt.

No. 1209283

What's up with her face? She looks decrepit, and like she's wearing a wig. I hate talking negatively about women's appearances, but the comparison between the two images of her in the thumbnail is so stark. She's not that old, is she?

No. 1209336

I think it take a lot of balls to stand up against “woke scold” Twitter, and also open up about her “rape rap” video and why it was created/published.

I’ve watched a lot of this video and tbh I think you have to be grasping at straws / knowingly fake-moralizing to be offended. And she’s going back online, which is even ballsier, because obviously she’s going to receive backlash for making a response video.

I think it’s kind of funny how breadtubers are often made fun of for being “woke” but then when it comes time to “cancel” someone, both the not-woke-enough crowd and anti-leftists ban together.

Like if anyone on this board said “I think Lindsey ellis is an offensive person” people would be like “what!? If anything she just virtue signals” stop looking to get offended loser”

And you think with this board being primarily female, you could empathize with her citing making light of her own sexual assault as cathartic and be like “oh, literally the only people trying to cancel her were people who wanted her to suffer” because none of those people actually gave a shit about women being raped

I know I’m gonna get accused of being a Stan but I just don’t understand how anyone on lolcow has an invested, heated opinion of her

Sure you don’t like her clarification and wokeness but you can’t at least empathize at all with how bold this is

Sage because drunk ramble

No. 1209353

same, i don't think she's as bad as other ""breadtubers"" and the point about how most of the people mad at her were other ultraliberal white people who are also insecure about being canceled

No. 1209412

It's funny that's the argument she decided to go with when that's what of a lot of anti-sjws have been saying for years. I guess it was better to ignore until you could use it.

No. 1209475

She just looks tired and unhealthy, nothing out of the ordinary.
The video itself was really good though.
I hope more left creators start standing up to the whole moral witch hunt the lefty internet loves to do.

No. 1209529

I just find her personality annoying, it's not that deep.

No. 1209534

Personally I’m being petty because I find it hypocritical how she smugly participated in cancel culture whenever it was happening to someone she didn’t like, ie JKR or Gina Carano, but then suddenly decided to have a nuanced opinion about it the moment it happened to her.

No. 1209540

Did you watch the whole video?
She acknowledges how she has taken part into cancellations before and how it was wrong.
But yeah, while writting the above then I remember her and her bffs takes on JK Rowling and suddenly I feel way less sympathetic lmao.

No. 1209546

Hbomberguy was best friends with Habermann, who was the guy in charge of Metokur. There are still some YouTube videos with both of them streaming together. Apparently their plan was to make let's play to fund their "troll activist" operation.


No. 1209548

Drinking and eating on video has been a common among Asian streamers for years because it's a creepy parasocial thing. It makes watchers feel like they are their friends, partners, or something.

No. 1209549

File: 1618537984241.jpg (138.57 KB, 624x760, Lindrape Ellis.jpg)

The plot thickens.


No. 1209552

File: 1618538179407.jpg (138.97 KB, 602x726, Lindrape Ellis II.jpg)

No. 1209556

nayrt but you’re really stretching the definition of the word mukbang to an unrecognizable degree if you think someone sitting on their couch and occasionally sipping tea while taking about tumblr drama from 7 years ago is considered that.

No. 1209570

Jesus why do bread creators are always so ready to expose each other: You don't see the right pulling those self destruction moves this often.

No. 1209574

man i'm tired of seeing people claiming their friendship drama is some sort of bigotry. this person deserves to be cancelled more than ellis does for being an attention whoring opportunist kicking someone when they're already down

No. 1209575

So let me get this straight, a guy kissed her spontaneously(which was dumb thing to do) but she made a much dealer of it then it actually was and she asked her friends told her it wasn't that big of a deal she made it somehow about how white privilege

Christ these people need to get out of their own weird woke world

No. 1209577

Interesting, I'm satisfied to hear that, even if I think my previous point still stands. I don't have trouble believing Lindsay could write an interesting dissection of cancel culture (I was a fan of her videos after all), but I think the rest of this year will determine whether or not she's being sincere. If I see her going back to gleefully joining someone's pile-on just because they're a non-leftist I'll know this was all for show.

Honestly, I agree with this. The way a nonzero number of her former friends immediately starting talking shit after she deleted makes it clear she's not a super warm person, but I don't think that's grounds for depriving someone of their audience or income. This thread is also unfortunately vague enough that people will have trouble bringing it up as one of her crimes.

No. 1209589

This example is lame and not really grounds for cancellation, but maybe it would be good if breadtube had to confront its own overwhelming whiteness? They're more than happy to point it out for any other community or grouping, but what makes them any better than anyone on that? They'd rather disavow Breadtube being a thing than say anything interesting about why it might all just be white rich college grads explaining shit to us proles.

No. 1209591

They do point out the community is overwhelmingly white and just virtue signal around the whole topic
Honestly I'm starting to miss the "I don't see race type" people more and more

No. 1209602

File: 1618545098385.jpg (267.19 KB, 1125x1646, 638w5aom7-sN1WQinmCHtJdLSZFzGp…)

For all his faults, Contra wrote one (1) pretty good argument on this. A lot of it comes from the fact that white left-leaning youtubers are automatically considered "breadtube", while black left-leaning youtubers are sorted into, well, "Black Youtube." That being said, I don't think the conversation ends there. Like you said, it's still worth pointing out that the type of people who enjoy uploading hour-long video essays about politics and pop cultures do tend to be rich college grads, whether they get famous or not.

No. 1209612

File: 1618547660450.png (624.73 KB, 589x821, at.png)

Meanwhile, PT continues to act out his parody of a vapid floaty woman. It's so transparent

No. 1209616

I saw that thread too and while googling the name because i had no fucking clue who they were, i found out she's kyle kalgreen ex-gf and that a few months back they apparently went on a twitter tirade about how lindsay and Todd are "cult members". Anyone have archived versions of those threads?
Im an ex twgtg trash and any type of milk from those has beens bring me joy

No. 1209617

File: 1618549908987.jpg (60.95 KB, 1334x750, BrownHeldHigh.jpg)

Oh BrowsHeldHigh I forget about him, its weird he seemed to be the only one at channel awesome that had decent level knowledge about history and philosophy but never got any decent views despite objectively being the smartest person at channel awesome

No. 1209662

Well he was trying smart analysys of obscure arthouse movies in a period of time (2009-2012) where the style was "a cartoon from your childhood made with corporate interests in mind is BAD actually". You could say he was before his time, and, you know, not very entertaining in his style.

Exactly like stated above, with these people i assumed were her friends i was very surprised they were seeming only just waiting for such an occasion to air their dirty laundry against her and her posse. I guess no philosophy degree or past as a popular child actor saves you from being a petty bitch

No. 1209697

Having watched this video, this is why I hate cowtippers. If you just have a bitch about people, you don't have to be measured or even fair, you can make fun of their shitty rape rap, but as soon as it turns into a brigade, the tragic context matters and they're actually the victim.

No. 1209701

It just comes off as toff shit, like normally the butler worries about whether there's enough patreon bucks left to avoid another withdrawal from the family trust.

No. 1209777

thing is, like contra, she never cared to address twitter cancel culture until it hit her hard. And even then, watching the whole video, she still refuses to call it cancel culture because Crowder/right wingers use the term. That's so fucking petty

No. 1209789

File: 1618576755467.png (38 KB, 609x382, tg.png)

The guy who originally wrote that tweet confirming Lindsay is a "not-nice person" and called Doug Walker kinder/warmer (whose tweets were screenshotted for her video) is being extremely petty right now. Saged because not that major

No. 1209790

God, this woke community is nothing but adults refusing to grow up and turning everything into a teenage drama. If you actually were ~ responsible ~ you would have not wrote anything about it and realised that there's no point in throwing petty drama or interacting around it. What's it gonna give them? Five minutes of fame and egoboost?

Honestly, these passive aggressive tweets are more pathetic than random "We were friends a second ago and I will throw you under the bus" threads. All these people need to get a life instead of spending it witchhunting around.

No. 1209797

honestly people like him are even worse, what a clout chaser. Is the only thing you have to offer your followers petty drama?

I mean, i don't complain, just, what a pathetic excuse of a person

No. 1209798

ahah and i just noticed, not even first hand gossip, it's a friend of a friend who told him what happened! i wouldnt be surprised if he was a kiwi/lolcow regular at this point kek

No. 1209811


These are very real and damaging cultural issues, no need to put them in scare quotes.

No. 1209819

just like obscurous Lupa, this guy is another one of the channel awesome smaller members that seeths about the success of the bigger names of the site to this day. You can feel the pettiness in all of his tweets. #changethechannel crumbled in pieces because of this behaviour

No. 1209829

I'm glad I made this theaad, Like I expected to be bad but these people are worse then literal teenagers, constant drama, cancellations and woke one-up man ships
Is it really that hard to act like a normal person

No. 1209889

I was literally quoting the video but ok

No. 1209920

Blogpost, but I'm kind of surprised and confused at how much praise this apology video is getting on pretty much every platform, including this one, except for KiwiFarms.

There's zero reason why this video should exist. Lindsay wasn't cancelled. She's not a victim of "cancel culture." There wasn't a witch hunt out to get her until she threw a pissfit and deleted her Twitter account to hide instead of handling criticism like a grown woman. A handful of small Asian artists were slightly disappointed with her for comparing a kids movie to another franchise because both pieces of media drew inspiration from Asian cultures. She easily could've stayed on the platform and written a short, sweet, and genuine apology for her Tweet in her notes app on her phone. If she really wanted to win back the good graces of the 2-5 people who were slightly upset with her, she could've donated a few dollars to a charity that helps underprivileged Asian communities and taken a few weeks of absence from social media. Everyone would've forgotten about the entire thing within the four weeks that it took her to draft, edit, and publish this video.

This is objectively a really poor way to handle an extremely minor crisis situation from a PR standpoint. Everything about this video's execution would've ended the career of any "mainstream" YouTuber and it will come back to bite her when Breadtube inevitably falls apart due to other controversies. The video is long enough to be monetized and bring in a fuckton of cash. It's complete with background music, annoying editing techniques, and distracting visuals. The disheveled alcoholic character she's playing is a pitiful attempt at garnering sympathy from her viewer base. People ragged on David Dobrik for having his Nickelodeon awards in the background of his first shitty apology video, but for some reason, Lindsay can get away with explicitly bragging about getting a book on the NYT bestseller list with zero scrutiny (not comparing their actions here, just their apology videos). Somehow she is both a "nobody" YouTuber with the 21,000th greatest amount of subscribers with racist Tennessee hicks as parents, while simultaneously being privileged enough to attend some of the most prestigious liberal arts schools in the country and have a net worth of $1.2 million. She's able to brush off a joke about autism and wearing a niqab for comedic affect during Autism Acceptance Month and Ramadan. She spends the first half hour of her video condescendingly explaining how social media works to her extremely online fanbase as if they're Amish farmers.

She hasn't been cancelled yet, but this video will inevitably give people more reasons to go after her when she spergs out again. This weird theatrical, melodramatic bullshit is only really accepted by her pseudointellectual orbiters. She really needs to hire a publicist.

No. 1209928

Anon-chan, honestly…
> There wasn't a witch hunt out to get her
there was, lol! I kept seeing people being butthurt over her on Twitter, throwing meltdowns here and there, along with mass dislikes and shit. It all looked like a typical 'DIS PERSON BAD!! IVE BEEN TELLING YOU THAT FOR YEARS' situation on Twitter. There were lots of people who were having a meltdown over how bad Elis is kek

No. 1209971

She doesn't even say it's an apology video though, she admits fault for some old shit, but she explicitly says she's not apologizing to all the busybodies that thought her tweet was offensive in the first place.

No. 1210010

Whatever libtard. She was targeted by more than "2-5 people", I'm sure they blew up her mentions with misogynist shit, former friends are crawling out of the woodwork to call her racist and an advocate for assault, and for what? A pretty dumb tweet that is only racist if you tilt your head sideways enough. I'm tired of faggots like you thinking this behavior is in any way justified against someone doing nothing but making a shit hot take. Whatever happened to just unfollowing and ignoring someone? You just sound like a weeb dumbass who agrees that she should be vilified for not asslicking muh precious western media inspired by asian culture

No. 1210025

sage for OT but as bad as the Dirtbag Left/Red Scare community is, they've shown to be smarter then most of breadtube audience

I mean they don't care if their creators said anything "problematic", I have more respect for them after this fiasco

No. 1210040

from the editing to being a tranny his videos read exactly like contras now its so weird

No. 1210052

did you know that you can find your own persoanl deeper meaning in media, despite what the writers say at all? crazy right. dumbass lol

No. 1210053

nothing but straight up tinfoil conspiracy theories lol. people that think that need to stop watching so many movies

No. 1210133

No. 1210147


the plot is fine. this is nothing. i didnt like linsdays video but this fucking "expose" is over literally nothing

>"…Someone else in our friend group kissing me without my consent"

>"they slutshamed me"
>"i tried to explain that both the kiss and being told what to tweet made me uncomfortable because it was a group of white people"
>"the nonconsensual kiss"

>this bitch decides to hang out with white people
>then gets mad that at them for being white
>doesnt realize that if she had black friends instead they would have also have told her it wasnt that big of a deal. someone kissed her without asking "can i kiss you?" who gives a fuck.
>she paints this as the worst sexual assault ever. but its totally possible the guy just misread the situation. maybe it was forceful and he had always been creepy to her, yeah that wold be a problem, but she didnt say this was the case. so, it was just two friends and one not reading the room.
>she doesnt mention something that would make it matter: like that the friend was creepy and always made advances on her without consent.
>she said this happened one single time. the friend didnt keep harassing her. there wasnt any pattern of behavior. this guy just kissed her one time because he was stupid and shes acting like her friends slut shamed her for being raped or some shit
>"How dare they not treat me like a fucking survivor over petty friend group drama?"

who gives a shit. dont hang out with whitetube if youre just going to minimize their thoughts as "white people not respecting my agency". any race would have told her this shit was stupid. what an idiot. the likes on the first tweet too, ugh the woketards probably didnt even read the full thing because i feel most people would realize this is a non issue.

No. 1210174

while the lindsay ellis video had its flaws, i think the point it made about overly-online liberals always having to place moral imperatives or activist language in everything they do is a good point to make. you can want to not be friends with someone because of personal reasons and not because they've committed the sjw faux-pas of the week

No. 1210181

Maaan I really wish she would go back to talking about musicals and stuff, she clearly knows how to make an entertaining video but they've just been all so dull and whiny lately.

I love your stuff Lindsay but christ almighty this one was a slog to get through.

No. 1210232

Agree. I don't know why so many decent film and pop culture video essayists go down the breadtube route. Her stuff was always political but she made it relevant to the topic at hand if it needed to be. This cancellation video is basically Contra with more cringe millennial humor.

No. 1210233

>A handful of small Asian artists were slightly disappointed with her for comparing a kids movie to another franchise because both pieces of media drew inspiration from Asian cultures. If she really wanted to win back the good graces of the 2-5 people who were slightly upset with her, she could've donated a few dollars to a charity that helps underprivileged Asian communities and taken a few weeks of absence from social media.

You describe these couple of artists as being "slightly disappointed" for what sounds like an extremely minor transgression, yet you also say that she should've taken a break, as a creator online, from the internet for a few WEEKS (for upsetting a handful of people?) in order to have avoided any further consequences. How does that make sense? Also, what makes you think that the asian artists are 1) automatically on the right side/correct and 2) deserving of an apology?

No. 1210253

I expect she'll do more of that the longer she's off twitter.

I also don't mind the political element when it's tied to talking about stuff beyond social media.

Fuck, imagine if you could talk about things like gender and race in pop culture without everyone losing their minds in vendettas and crusades.

No. 1210274

I just want Lindsay to get out of breadtube hell but watching her latest video she pointed out that when she was part of the Nostalgia Critic troupe she was influenced to fit in by making edgy racist humor and it really does seem like she tailors herself to fit into whatever male group is popular at a given time. I found her when she was making content around her actual interests and film degree and she was kind of like a breath of fresh air. I hope she realizes after this that leftist YouTube does not love her back and men and men in dresses alike will try to silence women no matter what they do.

Sage for blog/Lindsay Ellis simping

No. 1210410

I have honestly never seen anyone hate women as much as he does.

No. 1210456

> it really does seem like she tailors herself to fit into whatever male group is popular at a given time.
It really does come across as that and it's kind of sad because I do think she's a step above your usual breadtube retards

No. 1211524

>I hope she realizes after this that leftist YouTube does not love her back and men and men in dresses alike will try to silence women no matter what they do.

Cancel culture is driven by women. It's why people with a large female audience are so vulnerable to it.

No. 1211546

agreed, people are so sensitive these days that even the mildest criticsm over them being an idiot makes them screech "STOP CANCELLING ME!!!" like god shut the fuck no one cares you still have a patreon of $100,000/year and are plugged on every recommendation via youtube, cancelled how? because some people don't like you anymore? the entitlement.

No. 1211547

File: 1618783711945.png (44.41 KB, 698x252, Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 6.08…)

even the description of the video is funny as fuck condescending. she knows she wasn't cancelled this is just more dramamongering for $$$. pathetic

No. 1211575

No. 1211725

I unironically miss when /pol/ was trying to cancel her for the abortion. God current cancel culture suck ass.

No. 1211944

i mean, that's the whole point of the video: she's not responding to the Cancellation, she's reflecting on being dogpiled over a very minor "infraction" (having an opinion over a cartoon by an american corporation that COULD be interpreted as racially insensitive if you're so used to microaggressions that you perceive them everywhere) and seeing people using the excuse of said infraction to pull out decade old "receipt" to empirically prove that she is a Bad Person.
She even says that she knows she's fine, that she's going to be fine, she's not self pitying at all. But when you have people sending to your publisher or collogues a crude sketch you did in your twenties that was not meant for public consumption in the first place, are you supposed to stay silent and take it because you didnt like fucking Dragon Elsa?
i don't get you people

No. 1212144

What's even worse, Raya was fucking hated by SE Asians for being Mayincatec bullshit, meaning they grouped them all together, and being painfully mediocre. Instead of getting Coco, they got Princess and the Frog but worse. Only white suburb faggots from the West like that shit, oh and furries.

No. 1212152

File: 1618850391840.png (371.79 KB, 740x592, Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 11.0…)

i know this is old, but i want to discuss it because its related to lindsays mask off video. she sounded so fucking condescending about everything. and shes a classic SJW that get off on witch hunts. seeing her go into the "cancelling is bad and people should not be cancelled dont follow the mob!!!" shit was weak to me. anyway, i wanted to compare it with how she acted on the Quinton situation

>Quinton follows Lindsay, comments on her videos about how much he admires her

>Lindsay is fine with his simping
>Quinton sees her in some youtube event with filler breadtube girls and takes a picture with all of them
>Because of the interactions online and talking IRL one time Quinton stupidly thought they were friends now
>Quinton goes outside his town and sends messages to all breadtubers including filler ones like Sarah Z
>He sent messages to all his mutuals and none of them wanted to hang out
>The one person that did was Comment Etiquette
>This means he wasnt sending messages only to the breadtube girls, he was sending messages to men and unrelated people to the breadtube world too. Erik is not into that crowd but Quinton contacted him anyways cause they had interacted friendly online, thats it.
>Quinton even said this in a video before the accusations, he invited people to hang cause he thought they were friends. not because of something sexual involved. unless he secretly wanted to comment etiquette
>Sarah shares the screenshots of Quinton trying to hang out and getting ghosted
>Lindsay shares the screenshots of Quinton too
>painted Quinton as a creep and me too'd him just cause he invited them to hang out. i dont think they ever liked him at all
>she had no issue causing this witch hunt, didnt even blacked out his profile pic completely in one of the pics
>both of them treated this like they had been sexually assaulted just cause a simp simped too much
>they acted like sharing this petty story was important and brave and that they were so distraught by some rando asking them to hang
>dude didnt send dick pics, didnt act weird when meeting them last time, nothing. he sent embarrassing texts. not sexual texts.
>Lindsay and Sarah cancelled some guy over stupid DMs that were an absolute non issue and didnt need to be "exposed"
>now that she got "cancelled" she hates cancelling. but some months back he was fine cancelling Quinton because of this petty shit that she exaggerated
>she had no issue at all playing victim just to paint someone as "the scary perverted bad guy"
>even hontra, who was actually assaulted by another youtuber. even hontra didnt give any details on who it was cause hontra truly believes the whole cancelling thing is a stupid witchhunt with no end goal

how convenient of her to change her mindset

No. 1212399

Liana K made some interesting observations about the Lindsay Ellis thing. (even though i think some of her emotional reaction is because she's kinda butthurt about being on the blockchain.lol )

No. 1212408

I don’t know, it doesn’t look like they named him there, how can it be a cancelling? He was being annoying, and dming someone like “you don’t like me so I’m unfollowing” is uncomfortable and unnecessary, it’s obviously trying to bait her into saying she does like him to cheer him up. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with blocking out names and telling people not to be weird like that. They didn’t even call him a pervert or a rapist or anything there, so I’m not sure where you’re getting all that from.

No. 1212467

God I hate these passive aggressive whiny men with no social skills. I wouldn't wanna hang out or be friends with him either. Being pity-pushed into a friendship.
Idk about metoo or being a creep but he's definitely continuously sending messages while ignored and that's pretty uncomfortable.

No. 1212656

Seconded anon. Imagine some dude who you are otherwise casual acquaintances with hitting you up to hang when you don’t really know much about them. And they live in a different area AND you previously have an experience being sexually assaulted. So you don’t really respond and then said guy responds to you with some guilt tripping bullshit that you either have to a. Ignore, fully validating their guilt trip bullshit, or b. Respond to in a positive way to do emotional labor for some dude attempting to guilt trip you and clearly needing reassurance that you don’t want to give him. You could go scorched earth and tell him to fuck off but that would be a disproportionate response that could be used against you.

Maybe quinton or whatever realized later on how awkward it was and how weird of a position he put her in. Also, she might not have known that he hit up a bunch of different people, so from her perspective, it could potentially be more personal.

Sometimes ladies need to be cold to protect themselves. I think if quinton knew or understood that position women are put in, he might have different considerations about how he approached trying to meet up.

Sage because wtf am I doing

No. 1212678

I have zero sympathy for this creep and I can’t imagine why anyone would. He deserves to be publicly shamed.

No. 1212786


i respect what you're saying. you are right, they didnt call him by name. i just think its shitty they wanted to act like survivors over this non issue. this could have been easily dealt with privately but they decided to post it publicly for what? there was no reason to post it to their following other than to get RT and tweets saying how strong they are and how gross this mystery guy is. so naming him or not, they wanted their audience against some guy and painted the situation as something it wasnt. but i see your sentiment.

to me it felt like a witch hunt cause their followers were obviously going to know who they were talking about in two seconds so why make it public. and one of the messages lindsay showed didnt even blur quintons profile pic correctly so everyone immediately could tell it was him but i do think it was accidental. regardless, should have stayed in the drafts in my opinion

No. 1212806

If you humour dudes like that to be polite because they make a big deal about being sad and lonely, you will end up with a stalker who makes you hate your life and have to shut down all your social media. Erik either knows how to handle it or is just naive to how it all starts.

It's not like Lindsay just has had it so good with scrotes she doesn't know how bad they can be - she goes into that in the video. Do you really think subtweeting is such a high penalty it should only be reserved for rape? What witch hunt?

No. 1212810

I'm calling it now that when the euphoria wears off and Phil Tube looks at all the attention Lindsay and Contra get being sad about stuff, PT will copy with a sob story.

No. 1212827

people in america can't reconcile the fact that they're AMERICAN and not whatever culture they're parents or grandparents or gggggparents were from. And i get it that i might suck, it is what it is. I'm in animation twitter and i actually saw the visual artist for the movie being extremely offended by the atla comparison because oh, you're lumping all of asia together then, and i was like BITCH!!! YOU'RE OF CHINESE DESCENT! you're lumping YOURSELF with SE!!!

sorry for sperging but JESUS american are SO. THICK sometimes.

No. 1212829

i personally thought sarah z was more out of line, like, if you have an issue with someone talk to him personally and don't blast it to the internet at large: but lindsay was the real savage there because it corroborated that he was a sad loser (and on the internet there's no greater crime than being lame and cringe) and because they were more interested in the immediate clout of making fun of a dude who was 100% going to see it they didnt make good of a job hiding the profile pic and of course people figured out from 4 pixel total that it was his twitter avatar.

like yeah he's lame, he's an adult guy who shouldn't be clingy to what are strangers, and i honestly like how unlikable lindsay is, you go girl, you have the right to be a standoffish bitch if you want. But they also there was no need to blast him like that, they really cause him a couple of bad days bc of that.

idk maybe i'm a fag but i think they all could stand to be a little more compassionate sometimes, i can what she meant when she said that twitter was enabling her to be a bad person.

No. 1212830

who's erik?

No. 1212843

>shes a classic SJW that get off on witch hunts
anon is right and all responders are utterly retarded cunts. There is absolutely no excuse for shaming someone publicly like that and then whining about cancel culture later. Anyone on social media that has joined in and reveled in the cancelling of people or even all the outright bans/blocking deserve to have it happen to them, and it's just so satisfying when it does.

+ If you don't like someone just ignore them, or better yet get some actual social skills and say thanks but no thanks.

No. 1212859

am I missing something? What did Lindsay do to Quinton that was so bad? Didn't she just post a bunch of screenshots of him being weird? Like boo hoo lmao that's not a "witch hunt"

No. 1212860

it’s fucked up for her to receive that message, ignore it, wait an entire day, and then put him on blast for writing it. it doesn’t matter if she named him or not. she already established that she ignores him and doesn’t reply. it’s a reasonable response, if not a bit whiny, to be like “alright well you don’t reply so i guess we’re not friends. bye.” she looks like a bitch here.

No. 1212870

she has a massive audience and quinton's worst crime (in regards to his relationship with other breadtubers) is being a socially inept tard. for people who cry about mental illness awareness, being kind and cancel culture (although that one's a more recent development), it's simply hypocritical. and you can bet her mindset was "humiliating people is bad and terrible alt-right behavior but if you censor their name it's fine, actually"

No. 1212877

yeah it's not ground for cancellation or witch hunt or whatever, it was just a shitty move by a mean person. More than anyone she should know that internet people can and will deduce who you're vaguing if you provide them with a shred of evidence to obsess over (examples: those who guessed that the channel awesome groomer and rapist was jewwario from a single pixel left from a censored chat log mentioning his behaviour, and even ellis herself re: mara wilson, people guessed it was her being the shitty friend to wilson). I think these are all examples for people using twitter as their own private chat room instead of a public forum where E V E R Y O N E can see your dirty laundry being proudly displayed.
To reiterate, no one in this deserves dogpiling or whatever; it's just an observable fact that she used to gleefully join or even initiate the shaming of cringe if given the chance, and it's a thing she even addresses in her video

No. 1212883

Jesus stop coddling pushy scrotes. It's naive if you think he's just socially inept or poor clueless guy.
She did not name him and I don't doubt this isn't the first time he's being like that - both of those women admitted he's been pushy before and I don't doubt it's a reason why only 1 person replied to him.

No. 1212888

Yeah, you're probably right. It's hard to unlearn the instinct to justify men's dodgy behaviour; at the same time i feel like there must be a middle ground between that and hsving enough human compassion to realize that those "public shaming", as anonymous as you're trying to, they will probably result in a bit of public shaming because that's the nature of having a large following of bored people. Idk idk.

No. 1212889

i don’t want to coddle him, i truly dislike that guy and i’ve dealt with men like him who could be malicious.
what i’m saying is, if they’re gonna expose messages online, they should’ve keep that energy, been upfront and told him to fuck off. some people love to complain endlessly about the annoying tards around them but won’t say shit to their faces. a guy with a garfield and tranny dick obsession is not going to take a hint.

No. 1212892

Awww that's cute, wish you'd cut out or censored PT's head tho

No. 1212894

i dont understand a word about this drama because i don't watch said "cartoons by american corporations" and i think less of people who do and hold such strong opinions about them, including lindsay

No. 1212918

anon it's okay to say a woman was mean once, you know
I understand this is terf central but something you guys really push it. Posting private DMs that can be solved in private with no issues is douche behaviour

No. 1212925

exactly. treating an awkward loser with compassion is not condoning or facilitating rape, jesus fucking christ.

No. 1213868

Cool, thanks for letting us know.

No. 1213874

Why does this thread suddenly have so many morons, it didn't use to.

It's in the post I replied to, Comment Ettiquette, Erik, the guy who agreed to meet up with the stalker bloke who plays up how pathetic and "awkward" he is to lure idiots in.

No one fucking said it facilitated rape. People aren't douchebags nor radfems just for being wiser to bullshit than you. "Solving it in private" is how these losers get to move on to someone else again and again.

No. 1214616

This community is nothing but sickos. Like this guy doesn't realize how deranged the response sounds, and how it implies everyone around Lindsay and him are basically sociopaths.


No. 1214618

No. 1214627

Who is this supposedly written by? The author is just like “Lindsay Ellis is my ex” but doesn’t say who it is.

No. 1214628

It's @shadowtodd, todd in the shadows.
Goddamit they're all such children

No. 1214631

The piano guy? I kind of like his videos actually. I forgot they dated.
I can’t believe I just read that entire nothingburger. So there’s Kyle, Jourdain, and Lina… and they all… are mad at each other for whatever reason, and they’re all lobbing random accusations of KISSING at one another? What the fuck? What did I even just read? This all sounds so retarded.

No. 1214642

the dude who kisses jourdain is a mtf ago tranny so I can see why she'd be pissed no one cared, especially le feminist Lindsay. Todd is a spineless coomer who simps for this friend especially so I'm not surprised he came out against her claims this way. funny how it all comes down to males being males, libfems defending that shit, full circle

No. 1214644


also fwiw, Todd has defended other mtf troons like Sarah Butts who are self admitted pedophiles. he, ofc, did so on the basis of gamergate rules.

No. 1214650

Okay but Jourdain had been hitting on the troon too? It sounds like these people just had an on and off flirtation that went south, or something.
I don’t really know who all these people are but if friends came to me like “I tried to kiss him and he said no but then he trooned out and wanted to kiss me” I’d probably also be like “uhh… okay?” Like, who the fuck cares? This is stupid interpersonal drama that didn’t involve Lindsay nor Todd directly, and yet people want to cancel either of them for… some reason that is apparently related to this whole incident? This all sounds so retarded.
IMO there is a difference between misreading an ongoing mutual flirtation and trying to kiss, versus forcing a kiss on someone and continuing to kiss them even when they’re clearly not into it and trying to get away. Is anyone even claiming that the latter happened? I’m not usually one to defend a troon but this sounds like it was just an awkward autistic misreading of the situation kiss between flirting friends.

No. 1214656

honestly, yes, even if this recounting seems a bit "she was fine with it at first so no foul play", even in her own thread on the matter it seemed like she was making a big deal out of nothing. Also she's 100% one of those people who collects identities like a deck of yugioh cards to throw at you when you're trying to defend yourself from accusations. I went to her twitter to see if she said something on the matter and sure as day, there was a "well if you hate queer black women just say so!" despite Todd's memo having nothing to do with her race nor queerness

No. 1214667

Seconded I don't know the third of those people

No. 1214668

Oopsie forgot to sage

No. 1214674

you're better off. i like that this thread has become ex-channel awesome besties drama but it's off topic by this point at large, they are breadtube people only if you consider that category left-leaning people, otherwise this is just petty interpersonal drama

No. 1214774

File: 1619183182442.jpeg (954.78 KB, 2048x2881, FA073A64-BDB8-4426-AFB9-F8D9AE…)

Fair point. Todd is definitely not bread. Merely bread-adjacent.
Let’s get back to posting terrible philosophytroon fan art and tinfoil theories about him being abusive to hontra.

No. 1215216

I think it was the lockdown that really did it in for PT, even though they were always kinda bigheaded, they never seem as detached from reality as say, contra. but I think a mix of irl acting jobs completely drying up and isolation from friends and family for months at a time, with the only socialising being from obsessive fangirls pushed them over the edge into full on narcissism.

some of the comments PT has been making recently are full on nonsense, like calling themselves "the most famous transgender woman in the UK" when there are people like Munro Bergdorf and Juno Dawson who are much better known in the press (due to doing actual activism, no less). that and when they claimed to be recognized whenever they left the house. the PT youtube channel has just over 900k subscribers, even if all of them lived in London (50% probably don't even live in England) and they were all able to recognize PT instantly (not the "You look familiar, did we go to school together? kind of recognition) that would still sound like a bare faced lie. there are actual A-list celebrities who don't get recognized every time they go out.

its the kind of bizarre, self-agrandizing delusion that could only directly follow or precede a mental breakdown

No. 1215567

did you mean selling boohoo clothing and sky subscriptions on instagram?

No. 1215579

More activism than skiwalking another philopher youtuber, at least

No. 1215588

how much of it is genuinely just male behaviour though? he’s always thought he’s hot shit, and i feel like it’s just manifesting in a different way now he’s chosen to get bigheaded about the stupidest thing he could possibly find (i.e. being ‘the most famous and hated trans woman in the UK’).

No. 1215614

ahaha you're right. wanna be a woman so bad? need to start making yourself smaller buddy

No. 1215641

I used to have a bit of respect for Philosophy Tube bc it seemed like she was very responsible about having a lot of fans, talking about “parasocial relationships” and the limitations of being a “youtube celebrity”. It was definitely a lot better than other YouTubers who acted like they didn’t have any responsibility or influence despite having a huge platform, but ngl now it just seems like a case of unchecked narcissim, with PT being so very into the idea of herself as a “public figure” and the “transgender princess of TERF island”. it’s just a massive over estimation of her importance, like she doesn’t seem to get that all the interviews and articles are just a novelty/ flavour of the month thing, not a expression of genuine interest or respect

No. 1215681

Mostly id like shed cover her feet, why the fixation on open toe shoes why

No. 1215817

Honey, it's fine, you can say "he"

No. 1215892

not that anon but contra calls pt "that person" kek

No. 1216093

I would really like if some confirmation of the PT assaulted Contra theory came out; i can't really see LE collabing with PT (he voices a character in the audiobook version of axiom's end and already confirmed he's coming back for the sequel) if he raped one of her best friends. But at the same time i went through her twitter and didnt see any post "celebrating" PT's transition, which is weird for such a vocal supporter of tran's issues. Mmmmh.

No. 1216108

That made me fucking cackle when I saw it.
There is zero proof whatsoever and contra hasn’t made it sound like it was a youtuber who did it. I think they just had a normal boring breakup and that’s why they’re icy. (Well, contra is icy. Olly still seems obsessed.) I would like more milk on their falling out though.

No. 1216155

According to KF the timeline doesn’t match up as they were still doing live streams together and seemed cordial at the time contra started talking about how she could metoo a “prominent leftist figure”. does make you wonder who else it could be since there aren’t that many other men in their circles who haven’t been outed as sexpests already.
However, if PT’s claim that they started transitioning about a year ago is true, that matches up more with the falling out, maybe contra just got scared off when it seemed that she was going to get single white femaled. tbh I don’t think they were ever in a very serious relationship anyway, fuck buddies at most.

No. 1216159

If anything these people are good at trying not to purposely throw shit at the fan, they must know that giving one ounce of validity to the rumors would be ground for pestering/cancellation (i mean, we're gossiping over nothing, just imagine the field trip we could have with even a shred of evidence lol). Even though i dont think they were dating cus long distance never works, i think that: olly was the young fuckboy that gave contra validation as both a woman and a milf; contra lost interest because she realised she likes women + olly is an insufferable prick and called it off; he probably didnt take it very well and the "break up" didnt go super smoothly; contra is fed up, olly is very much still hang up. At this point im not saying he's transitioned for contra but can you imagine? If the Trans Queen of Terf Island turned out to be a stalker man fixated with another trans from a whole another continent? Lol he'd be burned alive by both queers and terfs kek

No. 1216161

it’s true most breadtubers don’t deliberately create drama, but what they are really good at is being able to stir shit without anyone realising that they’re the one holding the spoon. that way they can mobilise their fan base against someone while still being able to claim innocence in the situation. for instance the whole Lindsay Ellis/ Quinton reviews drama, where she left just enough of his icon showing to make it clear that he was the one sending her creepy dms, all the while saying “I censored the identity for a reason, don’t attack anyone on my behalf UwU”. that’s what contra is doing in >>1215892 I think, refusing to refer to PT with female pronouns or even say “Abigail” instead of “that person”. I doubt that PT is the person she’s talking about in regards to MeToo, but I don’t think she would be sending those kind of signals if something serious hadn’t gone down, or if she didn’t believe that PT’s transition was not as genuine as everyone was making out.

No. 1216232

the video where contra first mentions being sexually assaulted is the canceling video from January 2020, and PT is included in that video of being a victim of the mob that contra thinks was out to get her. she mentions that PT was attacked and expected to apologize for even associating with her, and at that point it seems like they're on good terms and still speaking to one another

No. 1216492


I agree. PT is not a prominent leftist, just delusional about their own importance, and probably not the MeToo person. I wonder if it'll be like with Contra, who was gross lusting over Anita Sarkeesian on camera a few years back when still presenting as a dude, but somehow it's a Buck Angel feature that warranted cancelling if you can even call it that. The moment PT starts genuinely getting read as a woman (if that ever happens) they're going to freak out realizing the different moral standards women are supposed to abide to in leftist circles kek.

No. 1216510

Does the socialism done left drama fit here? Not every day that people dox a lefty youtuber and find out that he apparently owns rationalwiki and is the son of a Fortune 500 company that manufactured bombs for the US Gov. I’m not sure about the accuracy of any of it but the twitter meltdown has been fun.

No. 1216646

What happened ?

No. 1216660

i think it might fit here, or more with the leftcows thread, since i know a lot of chapo types had been talking about the socialism done left thing

No. 1216661

Lol I knew rationalwiki was run by some insane grifter. I mean so did everyone else but I'm glad I have that validation now.

No. 1216695

File: 1619418609522.jpg (510.9 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210426-082742_Chr…)

Ladies, thanks god we God a male to show us how to do feminism properly.
Not sure if this was supposed to be sarcasm but most of the replies are mind-numbing dumb takes from scrotes.

No. 1216701

File: 1619419013830.jpg (1.69 MB, 3266x3266, pt2021_04_26_08_36_43.jpg)

No. 1216705

The audacity of this fucking bitch. She knows damn well that it's because trans discourse has taken over every-fucking-thing on Earth.

No. 1216707

briefly fantasizes about nik becoming one of those "based" (ugh) radfem ally~ TIMs. I wonder how that would go down. I don't like him at all but I can definitely tell he is self aware to an extent, to the point where I'm not sure he could ignore the TRA takeover and mainstreaming of woke misogyny

No. 1216721

seems like philosophy tubes skinwalking is pushing him in a terfy direction

No. 1216725

Can we get a highlight of Lucy Pumpkin & reply? It's so rich and poisonous.

No. 1216781

File: 1619433387651.png (185.48 KB, 600x600, EEAFDF5C-B2F6-4E5B-9F7E-323A31…)

>that was me! but i’m a woman now!

No. 1216792

OT but i would honestly be really interested to see what would happen if contra did a video that was completely on a feminist topic, what would that even look like? what would the reaction be?

"feminism" videos used to be pretty prevalent on breadtube a few years ago, but it was mostly people like shaun and hbomberguy picking the absolute lowest hanging fruits ("manosphere" nuts etc.) instead of actually engaging with feminism in any academic way. it was all reactionary and very easy to make fun of, which i think paradoxically lead to a lot of their fans concluding that feminism wasnt really such a big deal if misogyny could be easily combatted with common sense and mockery, like in those videos. plus like lucy pumpkin said, online leftist discourse is completely dominated by women-hating men and self-hating women (contra could be classed as either depending what you think of her). add to that the fact that feminsim is very vulnerable to being corporatized, so you end up with people's only view of feminism being boss-babe, "more female CEOS!" bullshit. i predict that with the rate BLM/ trans rights is becoming mainstream the same thing may well happen to those movements in a few years too.

No. 1216796

For the Lucy Pumpkin reply. Those scrotes aren't "previously" anti-feminist, they probably all still are but just hide their misogyny behind progressive language. Breadtube and the dirtbag left were mistakes.

No. 1216803

They absolutely hold the same exact ideas, they just stopped identifying as “anti-feminist” and now it’s “anti idpol” or “dirtbag leftist”. Pick one of these breadtubers and compare their twitters from International Men’s Day and from International Women’s Day and you would absolutely see where their priorities lie.

No. 1216814

It's too grim for words

No. 1216823

File: 1619440008910.jpeg (81.01 KB, 749x713, Ez5BUPAVcAA1kkI.jpeg)

No. 1216829

wasn't contrapoints one of those anti feminist men himself? I read that he used to send violent porn to radical feminists

No. 1216832

Yes, he was lol, and during that time frame too.

No. 1217041

Who is Lina Morgan? I know all the other people in this… “drama,” but I can’t figure out her. Google just turns up an older telenovella actress, lol.

No. 1217194

File: 1619469874252.png (520.68 KB, 960x1080, Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 1.44…)

No. 1217226

Not that I don't believe you, but proof? I know Contra scrubbed (or, at least, tried to scrub) most of her pre-transition activity on the internet, but there must be some people who'd gotten it archived.

No. 1217234

i think he mentioned it in an old video, someone archived all of his pretransition stuff on bitchute

No. 1217254

After a bit of googling, his name is Dany Roth, I've never heard of him before.
(And yes,it was weird seeing someone use the name of a very well known comedy actress and showgirl in my home country. She never did telenovelas though haha)

No. 1217288

did anyone hear contra on Virgil Texas and Brianna joy grey’s pod? she sounded like she was doing a bad impression of the red scare girls lol

No. 1217311

the feminist that he sent photoshopped porn of herself to was Terri Strange but I don't have an archive or "proof" or whatever

No. 1217490

Hontrapoints was on Bad Faith Podcast. How long before she actually gets canceled? Brie is a pariah on the Left for consorting with people like Taibbi, Greenwald, and Jimmy Dore.

No. 1217497

Do you think niktyne2 will show up on Red Scare next?

No. 1217499

The real gag would be guesting on Blocked & Reported kek

No. 1217601

She already got canceled like three times. Unlike Lindsay Ellis who gets terminally butthurt if even one (1) twitter user doesn’t like her hontra knows that as long as you have a 50k/month patreon for releasing a video every two months being canceled doesn’t mean shit.

No. 1217846

File: 1619542063686.jpeg (17.97 KB, 500x490, hurr.jpeg)

No one but the libtards on Majority Report give a fuck about Jimmy Dore, get that shit out of here.

No. 1218489

Known Hontrapoints simp and suspected pedophile Vaush regularly rants to his audience of incels about the evils of Dore and Greenwald and anyone who associates with them, but he wouldn't dare cancel The Hon

No. 1218664

File: 1619611769499.jpg (33.66 KB, 727x395, Khadija.jpg)

So one of the new rising stars of breadtube is khadija mbowe, a Canadian black woman

As a black woman I wanted to like her but I have only been disappointed, every video about black women she has to bring up troons, and how their treated just as bad as black women and rejecting troons from feminist spaces enforces white supremacy, she also seems to blame the abuse black men do against black women also on white supremacy, she also speaks way too much authority on issues regarding black American women despite being Canadian and the daughter of middle class Gambian Doctors,

No. 1218667

>pretty privilege
I can't imagine why this woman would argue that being unfuckable is a violations of her rights kek

No. 1218668

So this chick thinks that Monroe was privileged? Compared to her? Bitch has doctors for parents. Monroe was born of an alcoholic single mother and was thrown into foster care, sexually assaulted many times, and made to be a drug addict to sell her image. I mean the fuck?

No. 1218671

Yeah from the video's of her I've watched the issue of class isn't ever brought up

No. 1218672

its funny how all the black women who correlate being a black female to troonery are all unattractive. its almost like theyre treated bad because theyre ugly and more attractive black women dont have the same experience

(inb4 some autistic racebaiter with uncontrolled retardation replies to me)

No. 1218679

File: 1619613573456.jpg (44.15 KB, 680x492, EccRe2vUEAA2KbE.jpg)

I don't think she's ugly or anything, but if you've watched her videos literally all her sources are just pretentious books and papers written by neo-liberal academics and professors , who over analyze random unrelated movies, often taking scenes out of context to create their dumbass takes
Modern academia is literally this tweet but people take it seriously
and this becomes her only source for the outside world, cause I don't think she's ever been outside her for woke bubble in Canada so she's sheltered

No. 1218684

I find it bizarre how she just doesn't want to talk about how black men fuel into colorism. Especially for a dark skinned lady like her. Jackie Aina, Cydnee Black, Nyma Tang have talked about skin bleaching and colorism for years. Every racial group has a problem in ingaging in in-group classism, hate and machismo

No. 1218701

easy she blames it on white women, she calls out white women more then she does black men

No. 1218710

as is always the case for pick-me’s of colour

No. 1218766

This video was fine till she brought up contrapoints and JK Rowling, they really do never shut up about her huh? Even though men are the ones actually physically attack troons. I’m really hoping she doesn’t go full breadtube as I actually like her anime reviews.

It’s just so annoying to find a channel that I enjoy go all handmaiden for breadtubers.

No. 1218805

Just seems like another shallow video essay channel like tiffanyferg. I don't think she's really Breadtube though.

No. 1218812

her video's get posted on r/breadtube and I think she considers herself part of breadtube

No. 1218822

I freaking hated it when she had to start screaming about how much she cares about trans rights. It was just so over the top, performative and worship-like. Like when a piece doesn't accommodate to the poor endangered troons, it's sacrilegious and just absolutely haram and should not even exist.


No. 1218929

>Like when a piece doesn't accommodate to the poor endangered troons, it's sacrilegious and just absolutely haram and should not even exist.
That’s one of the things I envy about troons, they get all the upsides of being a man while also being treated like a defenseless victim who can do no wrong.

No. 1219016

She's a step away from coming out herself, my money is on diet-trans aka nonbinary

No. 1219065

No. 1219066

Not saying Dore or Glenn are any worse than Vaush, Vaush is probably much worse, but is it possible to milk either one of them compared to Vaush?

No. 1219108

it feels like her vocal fry has gotten a lot worse and after her FFS/early 2019-2020 she sounded like a really effeminate gay man, like every other word was some slang from rupaul's drag race like "hey gorge" or other zoomer speak. i think she came off as more well-spoken and thoughtful in the podcast since on a podcast you don't have to try and distract your audience with visual cues or elaborate costuming and can actually say stuff of substance.

No. 1219113

Is there drama between xanderhal (dont know if that's how it spelled, it's a debate bro kid, very annoying and immature) and vaush? Last i knew them xanderhal idolized vaush and basically wanted to be him and now they're not following each other on twitter

No. 1219133

kek singal is pretty charitable towards contra so he might be open to it. real question is how would our queen katie react, unless they're cowards and make it a jesse only episode.

No. 1219360

I know there was some recent drama with discord logs of the two of them posted, pretty sure people were saying they'd both been creepy and racist or something, but I can't imagine why they'd drop each other for the same shit they themselves were doing. Xanderhal is beyond retarded though, he probably did something that was too stupid for even Vaush to put up with.

No. 1219468

well, i think her biggest flaw is that she's very young and not very well read; it's clear she's just regurgitating lindsay ellis' videos. She shouldnt have to go on a 40 minutes tangent over an argument like "maybe don't actively buy and support media from a PEDOPHILE" but what can you do, weebs will want to die on the worst hills and apparently child porn is one of those

No. 1220177

No. 1220220

Omg that post is hilarious, i cant believe contra is Qanon for breadtube! /S

No. 1220232

>Milo Stewart
She literally just described herself with that tweet.

No. 1220620

When you said
>some autist on kiwifarms
I knew it was going to be that particular user. I wonder why they are so obsessed with contra.

No. 1220829

tale as old as time, parasocial hate is just as strong as parasocial love /s

No. 1221061

i think contra is even aware of that anon. I'm guessing that they must have known CP in real life since they know so much about him (including personal stuff like stuff about his family), or he's just incredibly terminally online

No. 1222188

File: 1620027247920.jpg (266.63 KB, 1080x1103, IMG_20210503_093327.jpg)

Why are men all the same?

No. 1222197

I swear to God how do they miss the point entirely… The first part of that third sentence, i agree, then it's a full on pivot.

No. 1222198

The only thing that makes sense to me is that it's contra himself. People only talk that much about themselves.

No. 1222244

>If you believe that fucking around with ""friends"" is not healthy you are some victorian puritan
Man. Why are breadtubers always proud degenerates

No. 1222256

Come on, this is a stretch. Phil Tube literally trooned out and yet Shaun is pinged for this luke warm take. I mean, being friends with someone you fucked is actually very lesbi-oh wait no Shaun not him too.

No. 1222328

Honestly i agree with him, but i have to admit the "thinking men and women cant be friends is homophobic" angle is a new one

No. 1223063

The crux of the dirtbag left general here. I can believe it. It's either that or some anonymous friend of Contra that is both doing a piss but also creating an enemy for her to lampoon. Nah your theory sounds better.

No. 1223153

We’re pretending this is milky? “You can still be friends with people even if you hook up” is a pretty lukewarm take from a lefty scrote. I hope the PhilosophyTroon/Hontrapoints drama finally blows up soon, because this thread is dry as fuck.
My prediction is that if Hontra starts to seem like he’s going to come forward with whatever it was Olly did that caused their falling out, Olly is going to beat him to the punch by quickly releasing something calling out Hontra first. Bonus points if they (or their fans) somehow manage to drag Lindsay Ellis into their falling out drama despite her not being involved at all.

No. 1223155

sage for absolute retard newfag but why is contrapoints called "hontra"?

No. 1223206

"hon" is a derogatory term for (typically older) trans women, i think it comes from the stereotype of them calling people hon/honey? and "hontra" is just a combo of that and contra

No. 1223862

File: 1620206407142.jpg (29.58 KB, 807x189, Capture.JPG)

Just girly things!

No. 1223871

A metaphor for his womanhood

No. 1223873


fucking KEK anonita here making more interesting analysis than any of the breadfaggots

No. 1223893

My seething hatred for this guy is so big its almost irrational

No. 1223902

It would be if Paris Lees wasn't a troon as well

No. 1225674

File: 1620429489794.png (158.87 KB, 1188x1262, Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 4.14…)

Idk how many people here follow the leftthots thread, but this was posted on KF and it seems like a broken clock is at least partially right twice a day. It's a pretty decent take on CP

No. 1225711

I completely disagree, she has drunken the same tra cool aid every other white tranny boot licker has drunk. Thankfully, black women are the easiest group to peak because tras are racist as fuck, but it's still a miserable state of affairs that she is really out here standing behind a group of degens who probably see her as a jealous hoe, mad that trannies are apparently stealing all the black men, i am not even kidding with that statement, all black trannies genuinely believe this.

No. 1225729

>troons have different personalities

Cool surface level take, Moaning Myrtle. You're obviously unfamiliar with troons and are virtue signalling. If you invested even 5% of your BPD autism into actually looking at trans people both online and offline, you'd already be incorporating the fact that AGPs are overwhelmingly bourgs into your retarded chapoid seething about class.

No. 1225801

Calm down, you are not supposed to sperg and go apeshit on a cow.

No. 1226166

Bro what is this word salad

No. 1226199

Imaging taking relationship advice from this nerd youtuber. Didn't he have some girl who he pined over for years completely cut him out of her life? I seem to remember something like that. He must be hella creepy.

No. 1226224

So what exactly makes PhilosophyTube a lolcow other then she has different political opinions and that she's a troons?

Because otherwise I don't see it

No. 1226226

Anyway, he's a cow because he trooned out and immeditley started pretending like he was the most attacked person on this planet. Lying about "rights" he does or does not have. Pretending like he's the "most famous trans person in the UK"
Comparing his white ass to black women, and how entitled he acts.
He seemed to troon out to do better in his acting career, skin walk contra and ego. He's a weirdo. He's not a big cow, but he's a cow.

No. 1226250

Do you really not get a narcissistic vibe? I got that vibe even before the transition. PT has always made my skin crawl personally. Major cluster b vibes, even just through video.

No. 1226261

Narc, probably sexually assaulted Contra, trooned out for fame and acting gigs, like what more do you want in a cow? Also
Just go away

No. 1226386

she's imagining some sort of "class diversity" in troons when there are literally two: hsts escort and upper class agp programmer kek

No. 1226423

even vaush said that PT gave him "clout chasers vibes".
I find just a bit sus how before transitioning Olly was just a small theatre actor and c-list youtuber, and now he keeps boasting about revolutionary tv roles. If he had always been this talented and requested where were those offers before? i'd add a pensive emoji here but then i would get banned

No. 1226436


> Vaush said he gave some clout chaser vibes.

Firstly sauce.

Secondly, his constant Hontra girldick suckery and now skinwalking is enough indication. The only positive about him trooning out is that he is progressively going to get more milky.

No. 1226792

There's dramatic and then there's Olly, who even made a video about suicide seem like a stage production. The vibes have been off for me since then and you can't just dismiss how many people say that.

With the current trajectory of constantly needing a new "coming out"/"speaking my truth" to top the last one (depression, bisexuality, trans) to feed an increasing appetite for arse pats, Olly will have to be a wheelchair-bound double amputee adopting downs syndrome kids from North Korea by 2024. Huge cow potential.

No. 1227073

File: 1620644459333.jpeg (119.66 KB, 859x992, 0B6A5789-90F7-4B04-870A-BD8B62…)

Even before making his videos, the way he hypes up “mysterious new characters, so disturbing and edgy the whole crew gagged!” that he’s going to introduce, when it’s always just himself in a wig and some facepaint. And his fans all go “ooooh abi you’re giving me goosebumps! Your characters give me such chills!”
It’s just so embarrassing. It’s the level of secondhand embarrassment that only a narc troon can provide.

No. 1227366

wow you're right, i forgot that he hyped up the "new" character as sinister. At the end the only creepy thing about it was the incest making out with the "brother" character lol. There was a feeble attempt at cancellation over that but eh, it didnt stick. I'm guessing this will become a receipt to pull up later when the proper scandal finally happens, who knows.

Also jesus that fanart looks like a read ahaha. Maybe demi lovato had a point in being openly offended by shitty fanarts

No. 1227670

File: 1620719202042.webm (3.3 MB, 1280x720, narctube.webm)

No. 1227704

gofundme to buy some closed toe shoes to PT

No. 1227738

i can see where PT is coming from, the sunday times sells 600-700k copies while her videos consistently go over 1 mil, but the sunday times sells only in the uk while PT's channel has a strong american demographic.. not to be mean but she really over estimates her own reach

No. 1227758

File: 1620741431679.jpg (43.62 KB, 640x640, th-22438006721-640x640.jpg)

>not to be mean

No. 1228974

File: 1620868752107.jpeg (82.7 KB, 784x605, 99A81DC2-1200-4848-A039-BFB3B7…)

No. 1229921

god those huge ass man feet make me fucking gag

No. 1233454

File: 1621417552304.jpeg (204.98 KB, 1241x917, 4B58C756-7889-4A40-820E-8E212C…)

Is he including himself in this? If you go back early on his channel he just seems like a normal dude into boring philosophy. Now since doing YouTube he’s become so mentally ill that he literally thinks he’s a woman.

No. 1234192

all it is trans rights now and "you're a terf if you say 'women mestruate'!"
honestly, they're erasing women from everything
fucking PT makes a fool of himself by dressing "feminine" and basically adopting a stereotype of what he thinks is a woman
he has no fucking idea of what a real woman goes through in society and he never will

No. 1234560

Part of his statement coming out as trans said:
>“In England and Wales people under 16 can get an abortion, which is permanent, but trans children can’t get life-saving puberty blockers, which are reversible.“
This alone proves he will never understand what it means to be a woman. An abortion takes less than five minutes in most cases, and then life goes back to normal. You know what’s actually permanent? Having a baby. That can never be undone. The bodily changes an underdeveloped child goes through from being forced to carry a pregnancy for nine months. Those are permanent. Having an abortion at age 16 doesn’t mean the rest of her life will be somehow changed. Having a baby does mean that, even if she gives it up for adoption.
It’s already such a false equivalence without even addressing the fact that puberty blockers are not even reversible like he says they are.
No real woman would talk about abortion like this unless she was a koolaid-drinking anti-choice churchmarm, and even then she’d probably have the sense to make an exception if her own teenage daughter was raped into pregnancy. But troons - like all men - don’t have to worry about stuff like that.

No. 1234703

can't follow you, he's saying abortions are a controversial surgery that permanently solves the problem at hand, you know, the pregnancy. For a trans kid, taking hormone blockers can prevent the lifelong changes teenage hormones cause (look at how well Kim Petra passes vs well… olly himself). Seems like a pretty apt comparison to me?

I know this is anti-trans central and all, and I'm no fun of olly's antics either, but you're bending over backwards to put words into his mouth and there's no reason for that, he has said much more irritating stuff lol

No. 1235043

NTAYRT The subtextual implication is that teens having access to abortion is, at best, less important/ethical than medically transitioning children, or, at worst, unimportant or unethical on its own. Much of his "coming out" message was about how privileged "cis" people are, with special emphasis on women, but not men. The point he was trying to make was that transitioning as a child is a human right (instead of unethical medical experimentation), but it was written as if actual human rights were special privileges, much less important than what he wants. Any intent he may have had is crushed by the sheer ignorance and pettiness of how he actually decided to argue his point.

No. 1235056

File: 1621594276572.jpeg (205.13 KB, 1024x768, 420F43E9-FA22-4BFC-8867-97BD0F…)

Lupron has permanent side effects. Being on Lupron can shrink genitals so much that by the time the TIM is 18, he doesn’t even have enough skin there to get SRS. That’s why Jaz Jennings SRS didn’t go so well. Years of lupron gave him a micropenis and that is not reversible. It also causes osteoporosis longterm, which is not reversible either.
Please do more research into lupron.
Additionally: https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n356
>Puberty blockers do not alleviate negative thoughts in children with gender dysphoria, finds study (2021)
Life goes back to normal after an abortion, no matter how “controversial” the procedure is to idiots. Teen pregnancy is a lifetime hardship.
Puberty blockers cause lifetime symptoms and are irreversible.
It’s irrelevant how well you think Kim Petras passes. He will never be a woman. He, like Olly, is male.

No. 1235291

anyone going to take one for the team?

No. 1235348

I'm sorry I couldn't even make it past 5 minutes, I have watched full contrapoints videos without skipping ahead, I might have paused when nick would say something fetishy or dumb but I could tolerate it, but this Is just pure awful
Like nails on the chalkboard, the fucking fake voice and accent, the mannerisms and costumes, It kills me

No. 1235370

i agree, couldn't end the fucking video. plus the creepy feet shot is back in this video. he thinks being a woman is more of a performance and put on makeup and heels

No. 1235490

File: 1621642772810.png (1.32 MB, 1280x720, kys.png)

first second and you get this shit. what a pretentious faggot

No. 1235560


No. 1235572

>Huge budget for set but the sound was a bit crap
>Running gag of slipping in jokes about personal life through it
>A couple of jokes imply there were chavs at his school, doubt.jpg
>Voice started off v rough and looking slightly manlier than last time…. is the transition novelty wearing off already?

>"Three of my previous girlfriends turned out to be lesbians and I still didn't realise I was trans"

No. 1235580

File: 1621657953491.png (77.56 KB, 830x594, 1621637234119.png)

>2021 almost halfway over
>only one video from hontra so far

No. 1235581

This video and the coming out video both imply that this transition has been a long time coming, but looking at the Philosophy Tube video back catalogue, it doesn't look like that at all.

In this video he says that he didn't know what being trans was until meeting a trans woman at university (sure jan), and makes out like that was revelatory in some way before deflecting with a joke. So that's years ago.

However, the video before the goatee went and the eyebrows started serving up 2009 realness, he's referring to himself as a himbo and relating to male characters in apocalyptic literature rather than female ones. It's not a pre-record either, because it talks about covid lockdown and was posted in April 2020.

No. 1235584

i am not watching this shit. is he supposed to look like a cross between the onceler and willy wonka if he used box dye?

No. 1235585

hbomberguy also hasn't put out much, and he also appeared in stream with PT in times gone by, shortly before PT came out as bisexual (after hbomberguy had done so). So yeah… bit of a pattern hey.

No. 1235586

The Riddler in chick form.

No. 1235591

File: 1621659811529.png (575.46 KB, 1068x452, image.png)

Is he implying that he is a translesbian because all his ex-girlfriends became lesbians after dating him?

No. 1235617

File: 1621666624861.jpeg (1.11 MB, 968x1933, D7AD81C5-6DA7-4857-8811-820008…)

There's an obvious profit motive to lying about the safety of cigarettes and opioids and lead paint and guns in order to sell them. funny how it's somehow supposed to be different for trans shit tho

No. 1235620

File: 1621666664649.png (3.91 MB, 3210x1734, 7E17295E-8F8B-4324-8615-525824…)

Also, obligatory closeup of the feet. Of course.

No. 1235621

File: 1621666790103.png (58.43 KB, 2181x268, 59549669-2BD0-4FAC-8CD1-4CD9E1…)

uh ohhhhh even the youtube comment section is noticing

No. 1235628

…this dumb ass stupid AGP ass. I'd three of your GFs became so called lesbian after dating you it's not because you were soooo girly secretly and a woman inside they recognised this.

It's because you were an awful dude and they said fuck it to ever dating men again. I don't this is true but way to out yourself as a dumb lesbian fetishist. I'm so tired of this transbian shit. I'm not even lesbian I just want gross AGP men to leave women the fuck alone.

No. 1235633

Rapid onset gender dysphoria via social contagion

No. 1235634

File: 1621668378556.jpeg (358.95 KB, 2000x1335, A314DEE1-FC05-4FDB-BB35-929A42…)

Harris said one time on a stream that he regrets putting “guy” in his username “in case he ever transitions” so I think we all know where this is leading.
Maybe he can ask Janet Mock for hair advice.

No. 1235681

okay but what is supposed to be the goddamn point of the video? How much fluff do you need to put in about your personal trust fundie life?

No. 1235685

Oh god please no, he would look so bad in a wig. Anything would be better than the bald and beard look he's sporting now but not that

No. 1235696

That's exactly what I thought. If all his gfs became lesbians after dating him, it literally means he has to be such a shitty partner they don't ever want men again. Becoming lesbians and leaving him because he's trans doesn't even make sense in any way.
How can a person be so egoistic to not realize this is not something to brag about.

No. 1235732

The way he has to dress up Baby's-First-Philosophy/PR Theory in boring characters and 2015-hipstercore sets to make it seem like he's saying something new instead of saying things most people have already figured out long ago as edgy teens, but translated into Pompous Prat-ese, really shows he's running out of ideas. Does he think 'becoming a woman', whatever that is, means you immediately drop 30 IQ points and no longer have to say anything actually interesting because becoming a troon is personality enough? Or does playing a woman take so much constant time and energy that you don't have room in your head to think outside your lines?

Also, Ollie, you really did turn them gay yourself. By being this insufferable.

No. 1235759

I'm taking it with a grain of salt, because there's a chance one of the "lesbians" he's talking about is Contra, who "turned" into a "lesbian" (straight man) because he realized that fucking dudes wasn't making him feel female, since he's straight.
Aside from the possibility of bi women giving up men after Olly turned out to be the final straw for them, I do want to talk about the comphet angle. How he's phrasing it makes it sound like he thinks they were actually attracted to him because he's a ~totally valid woman.~ He doesn't understand that comphet lesbians aren't attracted to the men they dated, and the implication that they are is horrible.

No. 1235763

The lying to cover up the rapid onset is what intrigues me, retconning a whole different past. Contra felt no need to do that.

Same goes for pretending to go to school with anyone working class.

No. 1235779

imagine coming THIS close to being self-aware

No. 1235821

> Does he think 'becoming a woman', whatever that is, means you immediately drop 30 IQ points and no longer have to say anything actually interesting because becoming a troon is personality enough?
That’s exactly how troons think, yes.

No. 1236017

This is it, Contra's definitely one of them. Also wondering how many more of the "lesbians" he's referring to were troons, since he's a confirmed chaser?

If they were actual lesbians from his youth, though, he was likely chosen because he came off as nonthreatening and/or possibly gay in their eyes. Less chance of having to touch dick. They didn't see him as a woman, lmao, the delusion.

No. 1237657

File: 1621957864122.png (446.41 KB, 820x1448, Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 8.51…)

contrapoints trying to get sober, wonder what it was this time

No. 1238048

File: 1621985534552.jpeg (176.95 KB, 750x514, 4FC0CB9C-7E73-4E80-B982-140FB5…)

Don’t let this distract you from the reality that leftist men aren’t feminist allies

No. 1238057

Fucking vile scum.

No. 1238072

Because god forbid anything on earth be produced for women and not weirdo coomers.

No. 1238077

I feel like contra just does coke occasionally like every other influencer but refers to himself as a "junkie" for unique points

No. 1238079

could be, i have seen narcophobia being on the rise as a new sjw pet issue

No. 1238090

IDK if this is real or not, but imagine hating women because you are gay as hell.

No. 1238109

File: 1621990839073.png (459.39 KB, 807x428, hontra opium.png)

He claimed to have gotten hooked on opium during the pandemic - picrel is an older post from December. Maybe he started chasing the dragon again?

No. 1238123

File: 1621992877704.webm (2.16 MB, 852x480, vaush.webm)

This is all you need to know about him.

No. 1238187

You're a fat, gay, cuck, furry, degenerate male leftist, Vaush. No amount of performative sneering at "bitch shit" is going to restore whatever is left of your "muh skulenity" (or repair your throughly prolapsed anus, for that matter).

No. 1238206

Unrelated, but has anyone noticed troons type in very specific ways that women don’t,
“Vampire goth, lurking in princess bedroom”
It’s strange and cringe.
Also imagine looking like an aging twink in drag for the first time after a 100k of surgery to make you look like a women.

Genuinely believe leftist males are the biggest degenerates out of all of them they are coom brained to an unfathomable extent.

No. 1238207

Men posting their Ls

No. 1239561

New Hbomberguy video up. I’m only five minutes into it but so far I actually like it. My only salt to say is that he releases videos so slowly that he looks substantially older from video to video. Other than that I hate to say it but his frenetic camera work and editing style actually kind of works for him. It’s self aware enough not to be totally cringe. That being said I’m only five minutes in so let’s see if he starts bringing up other medical shit like puberty blockers and trans bullshit.

No. 1239567

Can’t stand the rest of breadtube and can’t even stand hbomberguy outside of his videos b it tbh I find his videos entertaining. As long as I don’t look at his social media I can tolerate him. This video was pretty educational tbh

No. 1239573

philosophytube was never interesting and always leaned way heavy on the pointless philosophy degree. if you're just noticing this now that says more about you bb

No. 1239589

He's the most tolerable breadtuber to me.

No. 1239590

hbomberguy is the exceptional breadtuber who is actually good at "film"

contrapoints has learned like one film trick wihch is to put complementary color lights on opposite sides of her face, and that's it

philosophytube has got a philosophy degree that she thinks people will care about for some reason, and somehow even fewer film techniques than contrapoints

vaush is a streamer, which is the laziest video you can possibly make, might as well be a radio show like seculartalk

shaun just doesn't even do video at all, which is actually an improvement on being a streamer if you ask me

to be fair i haven't watch a pt or contra video in years so maybe they improved their games somewhat. i hope so for their sake

No. 1239593

All of them keep making longer and longer videos less frequently, instead of shorter videos more regularly. Even Shaun is going 2 hour monologue book reports.

I guess some people like the longer stuff but fuck man, some of us have jobs and just want something to watch on smokeo.

No. 1239595

let's be real, people who watch breadtube don't have jobs

No. 1239625

Please stop with the she/her.

No. 1239627

NTA but get over yourself, they are just pronouns.

No. 1239647


I see the gendies have finally taken over lolcow.

No. 1239652

this, are these fags from reddit or what

No. 1239686

Could be Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr. Maybe it’s normies whose favorite influencers have been featured here. I don’t know but the pronoun shit needs to stop. Lolcow is one of the last places online where we don’t have to pretend to think these men are women.

No. 1239726

His research is very solid, but his smug humor is a bit inappropriate here. Medlife Crisis made a very good video about why that isn't a good idea. A lot of anti-vaxxers get defensive or have some form of trauma

No. 1239778

Hbomberguy says in the video that it’s basically impossible to change anti-vaxxer’s minds, and his video doesn’t seem aimed at anti-vaxxers. He doesn’t address them, even in the preachy conclusion of the video, he just describes pitying them for getting ripped off. It’s an educational video for people who have some notion that there was a study once linking vaccines and autism, and that it was retracted, but who don’t really know more about it than that. I thought it was a fascinating deep dive on the con artist Wakefield, and I enjoyed it for what it was. I also appreciate that he didn’t bring up tranny bullshit like he almost always does.
The guy in the video you linked seems to think anti-vaxxer’s minds can be changed but Harris’s video shows a study where every single method of changing their minds only made their resolve even stronger, so it really doesn’t matter. Anti-vaxxers gonna antivax.

No. 1240290

> At this point i'm starting to tinfoil she has a secret fetish donor that gives her money for every time she drinks and gulps liquid??
Some fuel for this nonnie’s tinfoil theory: yesterday SarahZ released a supercut just of herself drinking out of her cup.

No. 1240333

Smug humor is literally the only way these obnoxious talk show hosts know how to communicate.

No. 1240351

the fact that she herself made the video is so weird to me. it would one thing if one of her fans edited the compilation (those ‘x person doing x thing for 5 minutes straight’ videos are quite common on youtube) but the face that she made it herself is so weird. the only people who would watch would be diehard fan girls and scrotes with fetishes

No. 1240382

File: 1622185047428.jpeg (314.73 KB, 808x583, D48FB7A1-85D5-42F6-B509-1D7D08…)


She reminds me of Jessica Yaniv in her nlog thumbnail, the wig is really brining the look together.

Also sage because nitpick.

No. 1240400

original Anon here, nothing would make me happier than starting a weird rumor about this girl lmao

No. 1240543

i know the foaming at the mouth terfs are gonna go rabid on me for saying this but every time i see her face for half a second i think she’s a troon lmao

No. 1240551

Why would terfs, rabid or otherwise, disagree with you on that? She does look a little troony.

No. 1240567

I'm a believer now. I don't think even rabid fangirls would watch this.

No. 1240568


Not gonna lie, I thought so too. But I'm pretty sure she's just unfortunate looking.

No. 1240773

>they’re just pronouns
With that logic you’d use the correct ones.

No. 1240837

If she was born male her chin would be wider. You ever heard of the troon chin? It's evident for oval faces.

No. 1241472

Hhbomberguy is usually too manic for me to watch but this video is really well done. When he has a good topic to focus on he's one of the better breadtubers. I hope he's one of the good ones and doesn't troon out

No. 1241947

I agree, he’s definitely one of the better ones. I kind of like when he gets all crazy on his videos because even though he’s covering himself in cake, he’s still making more sense and coming off less crazy than the flat earthers, the men’s rights activists, the anti-vaxxers, etc. so it’s a funny contrast.
Now if only he’d do “Trans Rights Activism: a measured response” but sadly he’s drunk on their koolaid.

No. 1242580

she has a wide ass chin tho

No. 1244049

File: 1622600939493.jpg (343.21 KB, 1080x1989, Screenshot_20210601-212422__01…)


No. 1244059

How does the filter make him look even MORE like a man? Also the trans catgirl thing is disgusting, can't wait for the trend to 41%

No. 1244105

File: 1622609041175.png (172.94 KB, 360x360, t.png)

No. 1244142

HOLY FUCK that is accurate!

No. 1244148

mirin that widow peak

No. 1244187

File: 1622632551407.png (679.71 KB, 720x1320, Screenshot_20210602-161518.png)

2 fucking Hours long, even Hontras arent this lengthy like who has the time for this shit

No. 1244192

i watched it out of curiosity as a former fan of mbmbam back in 2017 and honestly most of it was detailing their dumb dnd podcast's lore and shit

No. 1244198

Is the McElroy vid worth watching at all? I have no interest in their shitty dnd thing, I just wanna bash on em lol

No. 1244224

Must be awful to have no attention span, her videos are super interesting and very well researched.

No. 1244230

File: 1622643009498.jpg (18.62 KB, 400x400, costanza_400x400.jpg)

>Watching a 2 Hour video about the slight decline of popularity about a bunch of podcasters
Yeah no, I watch long format videos but not this

No. 1244231

no, it's very mild, and it seems like she's still a fan. even what she says about travis (who seems like a retard) is always followed by a statement on how we're all human and humans make mistakes and he's definitely not just a narc white guy.

No. 1244250

Ah, yeah total pass then. Thank you for your sacrifice lol

No. 1244258

I just listen to her videos as background noise. Honestly I wish there were more youtubers that did videos on fandom stuff like she does

No. 1244261

Just because you have an attention span, doesn't mean you have to waste large chunks of it on useless bullshit.

No. 1244276

internet historian does what she does just 100 times better and without the annoying cup slurps for her secret weirdo pimp slurp feticist
Just compare their dashcon videos, no contest

No. 1244308

there probably will be more n the future, she started off discussing "serious" topics and started pivoting to these inane stupid ones after her onceler one went viral. Personally i really enjoy these new videos of her, there are only so many times i can listen to the same arguments on feminism regurgitated by 20 year olds whose only reference to the topic are the same youtubers i watch lol

No. 1244373

Her videos could be so much better if they weren't pandering to the Superwholockians of Tumblr 2012. I didn't give a shit about Homestuck then and I don't now. These topics are super interesting to her because she was in those fandoms so she just goes on and on and on. I don't think she realizes most of us don't give a fuck about the mechanics of DND and could have done without an hour of the runtime. She's a theater kid fandom sperg so she has no quality control.

No. 1244389

did anyone see how she deactivated her twitter? someone also said that a lot of twitter lesbians found out that they had all been blocked by her

No. 1244491

File: 1622672400159.png (20.44 KB, 128x86, 239.png)

No. 1244497

she got butthurt by internet historian specifically making fun of the people who went to dashcon but then blatantly relied on his calculations to surmise that the dashcon founders pocketed thousands of dollars.

No. 1244504

How is her homely face masculine yet formless at the same time?

She's simultaneously matronly and a tumblr teen spaz. Her sense of style is as bland as her corporate friendly libfem politics.

No. 1244812

Huh, so she did. All i can find on twitter is people wondering why she deactivated. Feels like she's manufacturing something, like she was the one to upload a shitpost video of her drinking "and suffering" when usually those are made by fans

No. 1244839

As anon said here >>1244308 I prefer these Internet history and culture recap videos over 99% of breadtube content, which is making the same woke liberal twitter talking points but in a pretentious video format or over analyzing random unrelated media, taking scenes out of context to create their dumbass takes and narratives that don't actually exist

No. 1244875

File: 1622708161405.png (491.84 KB, 640x640, unnamed.png)

She also looks like she puts on her makeup without a mirror.

Same, I liked doubleca5t's videos about Internet lore… until he decided to troon out and be an unapologetic AGP.

No. 1244876

i honestly thought travis mcelroy was tv show character so this video was pretty enlightening for me. too much irrelevant info about dnd though for my liking.

it’s crazy to me because she was speaking about the mcelroys being like crazy big with a massive fanbase but i had never heard of them before this. and i’m a long term tumblr user

No. 1244880

you're lucky then. i remember everyone loving them for being so wholesome despite being "cis straight white men from WV". even if people didn't stan they still shared animatics to their bits or drew their OCs/favorite characters saying their lines. cursed era

No. 1244891

that sounds like you either followed the only three people on the whole tumblr who weren't even tangetially interested in the mcelroys, you saw mcelroys stuff but never connected the dots to them or you're plain lying: i ASSURE you they were inescapable for mbmbam, TAZ or Monster factory (hell even Vine now that i think about it, Griffin had a massive presence there), just like homestuck, sherlock and the such were.
Sorry i don't mean to be an asshole but seriously it was impossible not to stumble on mcelroy's stuff on tumblr if you followed more than 50 accounts

No. 1244892

NTA but it was absolutely possible. I had an aesthetic/history/art blog and never saw them until I actively started searching for their content. Tumblr is really good when you want to stay in your bubble.

No. 1244893

Really scraping the barrel here. Travis was being an annoying asshole and a few people called him out. That's it. No one is cancelled and they're still massively popular. How she got a 2 hour video out of this is mind boggling.

No. 1244894

nta but I must be lucky then, I joined tumblr in 2010 and while most of the stuff I followed was anime coomerish/meme shit I still saw a great deal of lgbt activism and superwholock stuff but none of this. Maybe like you said I just didn't connect it to them because I had no idea who they were.

No. 1244935

lol i envy you a lot. I'm part of art/animation tumblr and those dorks absolutely went after the most inane of topics, i joined tumblr around 2010 and for a time i thought that homestuck was just inevitable, like taxes and death

No. 1244987

maybe i just don’t follow lame people

No. 1244999

No. 1245077

she needs to learn to edit herself. on youtube and in real life.

No. 1246002

File: 1622830910829.png (86.26 KB, 692x647, Screenshot (53).png)

Maggie Mae Fish is someone I keep track of, she often self posts on the r/breadtube and left wing subreddits and is basically a Wanna be Lindsay Ellis but without any of the redeeming qualities Lindsay has
she's the unironic stereotype people have when they think of an upper middle class white female SJW

Her most famous video's were a series of "retrospectives" on the carrier of Zack Snyder, I don't like Zack Snyder's films but I've watched them and know them well enough to know that either she is very dishonest or she is really bad at Editing. There's this video https://twitter.com/GwenLovesMovies/status/1288563442387783683
of her either deliberately or badly cutting off a part of the film for her to misrepresent and make a point that is direclty debunked by the next few seconds that she coincidently cut right before.

No. 1247005

> may, 2020
I’m really sorry she insulted your fave, I hope your emotional recovery is swift and painless.

No. 1247327

Here's the main issue I have against her after watching some of her vids, she really sweeps under the rug, some of the terrible shit tumblr users have done, like in the Supernatural video she takes the side of the users against the showrunners cause apparently the showrunners were just as guilty for "queerbaiting" and mocking the fanbase who shipped siblings together, and even if they did do anything actually wrong it doesn't excuse harassing actresses and the actors wives cause their characters were a "threat" for a fictional relationship, I wished Sarah was a tad more critical of all shit that was part of Tumblr culture, she tends to handwave and any awful acts as Tumblr users being "uwu naive children who didn't no any better"

No. 1248067


Are you sure you're thinking of the same video? If anything the SPN video seemed honestly overly snarky toward people who shipped the brothers.

No. 1248124

File: 1623025532181.jpg (297.76 KB, 1080x1531, Screenshot_20210606-192328__01…)

he is 100% crying inside about his massive caveman skull that will never allow him to pass as female

No. 1248127


oh god, the obvious contra reference in the second tweet

No. 1248135

she turned me off immediately with her brainless TWAW sperg in one of her videos(no1curr)

No. 1248254

i’d argue she’s a fence sitter, even on topics that don’t need fence sitting. she tries not to step on any toes unless she’s sure everyone would agree with her.

No. 1248325

I hate to encourage you but didn't Snyder only direct Dawn of the Dead? He didn't write the new screenplay nor produce it. So how did his direction do that? Did he direct the editing too?


No. 1248414

Why is it spelled Zck Snydr? Does it trigger people?

No. 1248418

because fanboys just look for the mention on this particular director to start fights with those who dare to say "maybe his shit doesn't smell like roses, MAYBE". I have no idea why Snyder has this much cult of personality, i get he makes hypermasculine movies and losers tend to make those their whole personality with little to no thought, but it's honestly ridiculous how much people are defensive over him.
Then again Maggie's recent youtube brand is shitting on snyder's movies, so much so that even someone on this board defends him lol, so i'm guessing she has a lot of hate followers over her opinion on him and censoring his name won't do her much help

No. 1248549

a good director would supervise every aspect of a production, so editing as well. He may not be the one cutting the movie together but he should be the one reviewing what the editor choose to do and go for the one he deems best for the movie; one guy cannot be the solely responsible for such an enormous endeavor like a movie, but a strong authorial director (like Snyder) will be able to leave his "signature" in every aspect of the movie, if that makes sense

No. 1248657

I agree with you on that point it was the main thing that turned me off of her Johnlock video. She would talk about how those crazy shippers were just queer kids acting out because they were desperate for representation or whatever.

No. 1257365

I can't stand the fake forced AAVE accent she does, I mean she's the child of Gambian immigrants and grew up in Ontario so I doubt she'd the learn to speak the way she does naturally
Watching her recent video she really hams it up, she uses black twitter slang and vernacular in between her normal speak and it sounds forced and fake as hell

No. 1257465

she's definitely upper class. majority of AAVE is genuinely spoken by the lower class majority. she's definitely trying to fit in. we can see it from a mile away.

No. 1257569

it's really obvious she's doing it for woke points, it literally makes no sense to have an accent that originates from the american south- while she's lived majority of her life in northern wokeville.
From my experience, a lot of African Immigrants are really good at handling money and are pretty successful. She should be proud for her parents instead of faking an accent and entering breadtube brainrot.

No. 1257576

Most of the non-white breadtubers share the same story, upper middle class and grew up in a liberal area of a western country
I think what's really offensive is that she's literally commiting cultural appropriation against African Americans, she's aping Black American culture and vernacular so she can appear more "authentically" black

No. 1257897

File: 1623828039484.jpeg (117.27 KB, 979x1079, 877EFA05-8358-4F58-810A-FDCF17…)

I weirdly admire Thought Slime despite his looks.

> Genuine about his mental health issues

> Has owned up to having bad takes before
> Came out saying he hates doing political videos and he’s since gone back to awkward stand up comedy style videos again
> Actually vegan instead of cutely pointing out meat eating isn’t ethical uwu and ending it there like the other rich lefttubers
> Claims to be nonbinary, no showy coming out, no they/them pronouns
> Namedrops organizations to encourage viewers into direct action rather than to have a philosophical discussion

His anarchist politics are very weird but at least he never claims to be an authority on it. I feel like I’m watching some dude vlogging rather than a lefttuber.

Milk on this guy or opinions more substantial than “lol soy boy”?(wking)

No. 1257968

lol soy boy

No. 1257998

Being a genderspecial is cow behavior. He got weirdly invested in tranny rights because of his genderspecial status and cried about it when Vaush (who is also retarded) made comment on it, despite looking and acting like a dude. He's pretty irrelevant otherwise. Until he chimps out or troons out, he'll just be that guy I mistake for Peter Coffin, but with some actually half fun videos.
Sidenote, my phone refuses to learn lolcow, but recommended 'genderqueer,' a phrase I've never used, in this post. Thanks tech trannies, I hate it.

No. 1258027

Wasn't his girlfriend Asian, I don't trust white or black men who date Asian women(racebait)

No. 1258061


didn't she go for him first though (hence soy boy)

also what is with people getting fake triggered over the possibility over PT possibly having sexually assaulted hontra on here and kiwifarms (though that seems to be largely debunked by now)
it's such cringy virtue-signaling, let the degenerates be degenerates among themselves

No. 1258086

Sexual assault is still sexual assault, even if the victim is a degenerate scumbag. If PT assaulted Contra, it's highly likely that people who aren't degen are also unsafe around him. Predators aren't picky.

No. 1258146

Why do Canadians larp as Americans lol. Embrace the canada eh.

No. 1258169

File: 1623870192157.jpeg (98.05 KB, 640x506, CAE65BC2-69D6-4E89-81F6-DDB0B3…)

I agree wholeheartedly. Though I don't agree with a LOT of his takes, he made me a lot more sympathetic to overly-sensitive snowflake cultured even though I think it's still bad overall. But I now understand how a fairly rational person can become part of Twitter wokeshit and I can engage with them and their beliefs a lot more effectively now.

I really like how willing he is to wholeheartedly engage in cringe comedy at his own expenses. His depression really resonates with me as well, and he's able to intelligently and accurately describe the thought processes and hopelessness felt by depressed people. He is, however, kind of prone to having meltdowns on Twitter which is cringe lmao

I've bitched about it in this thread before, but I fuckkkkkking haaaaaaaate philosophytube's depression video. He has the same super shallow take on depression that every sad 14 year old has, and it's agonizing to see people listen to him, believe him, and then use that belief to convince themselves that they have depression as well. Like hooooly fuck that is NOT what depression looks like. It's what attention seeking by a normie feeling down looks like.

Im also not saying that every YouTuber that claims depression is faking and/or stupid. I legitimately believe contrapoints is depressed as fuck, even though (s)he's not willing to do a deep dive into it on video. I'm not familiar enough with hbomberguy to make a judgement either way, but nothing has made that he's just using the label for cloutchasing either.

I personally don't think thoughtslime is at risk of grooming out. he's casually ceasing to identify as non-binary (changed pronouns from he/they to just he/him). I think like many non-grifter creators, he's becoming gender-abolition-pilled while still signaling support for trans people because 1. trans people and zealous trans allies are a huge part of the breadtube fanbase, and 2. having troons everywhere does indeed erode the meaning of gender

sage for massive sperg(redditfag blogposting)

No. 1259349

>it’s cringy virtue signaling to think it’s bad for troons to sexually assault each other
I agree with you that he probably didn’t do it, but it’s pretty retarded to say people shouldn’t have cared when they thought it was true. “Sexual assault is bad” isn’t a controversial stance.

No. 1267578

new contrapoints interview with noam chomsky

No. 1267601

ooh new cringe come out

No. 1267656

lmao the state of leftist "thinkers"

No. 1267725

kek apparently thought slime was going to drop a big coming out video this month in which he unveils himself wearing makeup or something but the files got corrupted. Anyway he wants to be called Mildred now.

No. 1267731

Every single fucking time.

No. 1267752

topkek, which lefty youtuber will be next nonas?

No. 1267770

Actually one of the more reasonable troon names I've come across, wonder where he got the idea from.

Hbomberguy or Shaun? Who is even left?

No. 1267780

Thot Slime

No. 1267817

this would be funny if it weren't so pathetic, I think Hbomberguy might be next

No. 1267827

>SA goon
>skinny white guy
>into videogames
>donated to a tranny group
>made a 3+ hour video criticizing fucking RWBY of all things
>probably has autism
yuuup I'm thinking he's next.

No. 1267838


mere thread hearsay but i can see it. shaun transitioning would surprise me the most

No. 1267847

Holy shit, I called it. >>1257998
>>>>1258169 kek.

No. 1267848

that's a bit generous, he's more skinny fat

No. 1268057

He has a wife? Poor woman.

No. 1268156

>skinny fat
You're right, kek. I'd also like to add:
>skin that's never felt the sun's touch
>receeding hairline
>chasm deep eyebags with soulless eyes to match
>to the point where he's already mastered the troon smirk
He's already halfway there!

No. 1268212

Is there breadtube channels or streamers that covered Julian Assange? How many any breadtubers have covered silicon valley censorship? How many breadtubers talk about foreign policy at all? The war in Afghanistan, The Iraqi Civil war, The actual nuisances of the refugee crisis
95% of breadtube's content is just dunking on dumb right-wingers and over analyzing meaningless pop culture

No. 1268216

File: 1625064782182.jpg (106.09 KB, 1080x991, Hbombnext.jpg)


Hontra's law: if a male breadtuber has not come out as trans yet, he will troon out within 2 years.

No. 1268234

Breadtubers seem to have a very limited scope of interests:
>Attempting(and usually failing) to dunk on some right winger
>Talking about themselves and their fetishes
>Critically analyzing children's cartoons
>Fluffing tranny nuts

No. 1268238

>but the files got corrupted
it's the universe stopping him from trooning out

more like he's not FULLY committed to the bit and he's pulling a jim sterling, just wants to bask in the attention and money.

No. 1268241


No. 1268374

I despise every single one of them, but if I had to pick the absolute worst ones, that would be a tie between Vaush and Contrapoints. The former for being a pseudo-intellectual jackass and the latter for his cringy as fuck "humor" and obsession with internet culture war that nobody should give a fuck about.

In breadtube solving trans issues is clearly more important then addressing class or actual misogyny, that 0.05% of people more important then half the country because a trans person might have gone to the preppy college as them but it's highly unlikely the working class person did.

No. 1268380

Why do all of that when you can just binge watch shit like power rangers and give a 5 hour seminar on why it's actually a subtle critic on the modern working class. Along with being ahead of it's for showing off women in skintight color suits fight off giant monsters which helped said breadtuber reach a sexual awakening at the tender age of 29.

No. 1268761

I knew she wasn't perfect but I expected better from her, its a video essay about how WAP and Thot Shit are actually feminist masterpieces and anyone who disagree is a racist white conservative, also she brings up how even though Megan is a multi-millionaire she is closer to the average black woman then other multi-millionaires somehow(class solidarity be dammed) and the comments are also incredibly depressing

There is something sole crushing seeing so many black women defend this, act like twerking is part of our culture and that to even criticize it mean were somehow sell outs to white people. I have lost any hope I had in black feminism

No. 1268763

she also declares
>"I'm queer, I'm non binary, I'm dark skin, I'm American and Canadian with a Muslim background who is now more spiritual"

No. 1268767

I guess Lipstick alley is 90% Racist white conservatives because theres been more then a few threads where they call out how fake the "WAP/Thot shit is feminism/empowering" angle. I guess all WOC agree that singing about having a wet pussy, stealing someone's man, how rich/sexy you are is feminism and empowering.
I guess all WOC agree that watching Megan and troons twerk and give a white man a vagina mouth is "Empowering".
I hate this shit so much, it's racist to me. Everything woke they assume POC/WOC is down with and always say it's, "White cis conservative men/women/people" who only have a issue.
Then if a black person does speak up, they are a "Coon", so any POC who doesn't think how they think is white or cooning.

No. 1268775

SA- Also, it's funny how people who don't even want to identify as a woman, are always running to talk about what feminism is or isn't. What WOMEN should feel empowered by or not.
Hilarious how that works.

No. 1268778

She's obsessed with trying to connect to African American culture and heritage, khadija your parents were wealthy Gambian immigrants and you've lived your entire life sheltered in Ontario, also she's hamming up the fake AAVE accents in this video as well, She used to speak normal in her earlier vids but she's trying way too hard now

No. 1268779

Why wouldn't she? Most of her audience are twitter tweenies/wokies who think all black people sound and look like racist stereotypes and if you don't then you're just a coon.

No. 1268878

How is perpetrating the same old western stereotypes about black women being sex machines "empowering"? lmao

This is the big brain logic behind it:
>all black women are hypersexual and that's like super empowering
>however, i'm not comfortable being sexualised just for being black
>therefore, i'm non-binary uwu
not the first or last black woman who'd rather become a "they/them" than reject America's rotten culture.

No. 1268931

I feel bad for her parents in a way. Imagine escaping to a western country to give your kids a better future, only for that kid to completely reject your hard middle class work and larp as a poor american

No. 1269202

In one of her videos she says she lived in Georgia as a kid, idk for how long though

No. 1269464

that doesn't explain her having a very pronounced AAVE accent, as well how it didn't seem to exist in her earlier videos

No. 1269469

>How is perpetrating the same old western stereotypes about black women being sex machines "empowering"? lmao
The main argument seems to be that their doing it on their "own terms" and not for men, and that since certain men dislike twerking and raunchy stuff that mean's their actually sticking against the patriarchy cause certain men dislike it, they don't seem to understand not every man is Ben Shapairo, most men are into her twerking and them being hyper sexualized

No. 1269636

>men dislike twerking and raunchy stuff
They truly don't understand men kek men only hate seeing a woman sexually objectify in her public if they think she has any worth as a wife/mother rather than a hoe - these women are bringing themselves and other women and girls down. Aside, y'all really think Shapiro doesn't "enjoy" twerking? This is like how racists watch interracial porn or Republican politicians getting caught getting blowies in the bathroom.

No. 1269866

Eh I think that was the point of ThotShit but even then I think it missed its mark, I'm sure there are people out there whoa are just hypocritical bastards but I do think most normie's are genuine, they think this shit isn't sexy or are turned on by it

No. 1269886

>they don't seem to understand not every man is Ben Shapairo
I'm willing to bet that even men like that jerk off to it in secret. Right wingers are notorious for hiding their porn collections while liberals just love to hide the meaning behind porn and disguise it as empowering

No. 1270308

File: 1625267960794.png (862.57 KB, 1288x862, mildred thoughslime.png)

Thoughtslime looking pretty unfortunate as "Mildred"…

the shaving hack job oml

No. 1270309

File: 1625268085544.jpeg (24.04 KB, 260x252, 94F99156-DB37-4F30-8A51-D03B15…)

same pic

No. 1270318

so he really is pulling a Jim Sterling (sans wig).

No. 1270391

this fucking retard making fun of the conspiracy that the left is attacking masculinity while making himself exhibit A. I'm starting to believe that degeneracy and autism are so ingrained in the y chromosome that ~toxic masculinity~ or whatever is a necessary evil. As long as they're violent with each other and leave us alone I don't care, no point in trying to change that if it's gonna result in them wearing lipstick and calling themsleves mildred

No. 1270515

PhilosophyTube gave a speech in London Pride about how he is a persecuted actress who is scared of losing his job due to his activism… Never mind that the only reason he is getting any gigs is because he has come out as trans. It's also hilarious to see how different he looks in comparison to his photoshopped selfies >>1244049

No. 1270542

Not listening to the opinions of a person who thinks his transgender gender confirming surgery and titty skittles are more important and deserving medical needs than menopausal/hysterectomied women and girls who have abortions, but he's certainly expressing some good ol' male aggression in that video.

No. 1270560

The "TRANS POWER!" chant at the end somehow manages to be more scary than cringy

No. 1270563

File: 1625302049155.jpeg (312.56 KB, 2048x1366, 5CEE31CA-01ED-4A92-8D0A-9AAB0C…)

~*not a fetish*~

No. 1270618

literally can't tell if that's PT or Contra at this point…

No. 1270640

Please, contra is self conscious enough not to believe her own hype. You can tell pt looks in the mirror and goes "i'd fuck me" in full silence of the lamb style (aptly so)

No. 1270642

Oh no chile noo….. I mean i admire his idea of woman is at least an original one, going for the 1800 grandma style, I'll give him that

No. 1271121

Nothing else says 'male' like looking at that dress, seeing how fucking godawful it looks on you and saying 'yeah, i think i'll wear this to speak in front of a live audience'. Fucking egomaniacs, man.

No. 1274133

New video

No. 1274649

Guess I'll try to sum this one up as best I can
>starts off with self-masturbatory poses in a car repair shop, off to a great start
>goes on to cite a quote from a mother saying that birthing her child was not a social construct, after which PT brings up social constructs, implying a nefarious connection with literally birthing a child and something abstract
>surprise, surprise! It's another "let's talk about my twans-identity!" video! Bet you didn't expect THIS scathing question to be brought up.
>imagines a magical land where there are, at the same time, no distinctions made between humans of different physical attributes and perpetual "chill vibes" where no one notices said attributes and don't care, like humans are ever going to stop having pattern recognition and categorization when it serves a real purpose.
>says there's no answer to how many physical properties you have to have to classify as an object. Olly certainly meets close to, if not zero criteria for what actually makes a woman. So I guess he's a real woman guys!
>cue sob story about how hard it is to survive as a poor trans woman in the UK, a first-world country where hormones and srs, essentially cosmetic proceedures for trans people, are payed for out of taxpayers pockets. Calls the aforementioned privileges "basic human rights".
>Argues that one could change the concepts of "woman" and "man", and also fails to acknowledge that calling himself a "trans woman" completely destroys the purpose.
God, this was so fucking devoid of any real meaning. Was this script written by some sort of algorithm? It's so predictable. Complete waste of half an hour of the rest of my life.

No. 1274770

this hon is so dreadfully uncharismatic… at least CP seems to have some awareness about how delusionally narcissistic his videos are. i will say that it sounds like PT's voice has gotten higher

No. 1274779

Between Phil Troon and Hontra, it's become evident that "philosophy" is just a tool to further the tranny agenda by pomo wanking around the meaning of words. And the word they have a bone to pick with is "woman"

No. 1274793

if we ignore all the classifications we'll have to bring them right back again when one group of people continues getting raped and having our rights taken because of our bodies by the other

No. 1274812

Philosophy tube, as well as other breadtubers, has failed to establish the benefits of changing the definition of woman to include troons. What is wrong with "adult human female?" Also, what traits exactly does he share with women? Cause according to my eyes, olly shares a lot of characteristics indicative of the sex of men, regardless of the makeup and tacky clothes. Christ, he makes contrapoints look good. At least contra knows how to do makeup and can be funny sometimes.

No. 1274836

really pushing those videos out to fill the void Contra left I see

No. 1274875

Even if there was no rape or aggression between the two groups (unlikely, but this is a hypothetical), the words would still come back, because there are several important distinctions between men and women. The biggest one is obviously the distinction between people that can get pregnant°, or people that can impregnate other people°. There are also several other differences that impact daily life, like height, weight, lung capacity, heart size, symptoms of illness, peak strength, peak speed, peak flexibility, etc. It's a complete cope to imagine a world where the distinction isn't made, because that world would require the diversity to not exist, which would mean there would be nothing to "transition" between.
°Or have the biological structure and features inplying they can.

No. 1274956

Not to defend Contra but it seems particularly insidious to attempt to replace him when he's clearly going through some shit right now, especially if the rumors about Olly assaulting him are true

No. 1275080

Oh my god I'm watching this and he brings up "coolness" and mammals as socially assigned identity categories, to help us better understand social constructs. The thing is, "coolness" doesn't have the political implications that gender and race do. But the biggest problem is that mammal isn't a social construct!! Mammal is a scientific categorization. Animals do not have society so the whole comparison makes no sense unless you're ready to admit that sex is a scientific category, not a social construct. This is so dumb I can't believe he calls himself a philosopher.

No. 1275175

I can't get over how fucking horrible this outfit is. Camo stripper heels, granny tights, a leather jumpsuit that stops just below the knee and fingerless gloves. Its such an assault on my eyes.

No. 1275199

How tf are other trans women cool with PT getting all these promo spots after coming out less than a year ago??? They haven't even been out long enough to be persecuted for anything

No. 1275210

>They haven't even been out long enough to be persecuted for anything
We’re all doing our best here to make sure he is though.

No. 1275211

I have an inkling that Contrapoints doesn't really think of Olly as truly trans, and maybe their disagreements over gender caused the rift between them. The thing is, Contra can't really verbalize his reservations about Olly's transition publicly, because that would be violent and exclusionary. This is what gender identity politics has led to, anyone can say that they're any thing and we have to humor them. Contra's already been cancelled once. I don't think any trans celebrity can voice their discontent with Olly, unless they're Blaire White or something.

No. 1275221

"PT peaked Hontra" is the tinfoil I wanna subscribe to. Hontra spent so long trying to distance himself from transmed but maybe things are different now that he has his own AGP skinwalker.

No. 1275230

Megan is trying to say men should respect the women they jerk off to. By paying them, protecting them, etc.

I feel like she has a cohesive POV, I just don't agree with it since imo men are retarded sex pests.

No. 1275251

File: 1626066302310.jpg (18.04 KB, 519x292, 6fd.jpg)

contra screwed themselves on this one, after making that video about transtrenders and how you should accept someone even if you know they are only transitioning to be trendy or get sympathy/clout etc. now contra is stuck between a rock and a hard place and is expected to cheer PT on and accept PT as the "trans sister kween she is"

I'm sure contra peaked with the buck angel controversy ages ago and PT "coming out" was the final straw

No. 1275283

>Hontra peaked
>in a depressive (probably alchoholic) spiral bc now he has to acknowledge his autogynephilia and the dude he fucked taking his skin-walking to the next level by trying to replace him as the pseudo intellectual youtube tranny king
>furiously refreshing breadtube and kf thread as a form of 'muh self harm'
Sasuga philosophy tube… Sasuga.

No. 1276438

File: 1626274883990.webm (4.19 MB, 720x720, bPzvfPe4h9-uJF-c.webm)

new contrapoints video sometime soon, this one even gets a trailer

No. 1276474

narcissism in full display..

No. 1276479

can you imagine if an actual female youtuber advertised her supposedly educational and highly intellectual content like this, she'd be (rightfully) ridiculed for being a narcissistic retard

No. 1276491

some poster on kiwifarms said that if you listen to contrapoints videos like you would a podcast, you see them for the shallow, self-obsessed tirades that they are. 90% of his appeal is the pseudo-cinematic visuals and elaborate staging

No. 1276598

Objectively a terrible trailer. What is the topic? Why so many characters? Why flex your housing? At a certain point, you should just cave into the vanity and become a beauty or vlog channel. >>1276491 is a perfect summation of the content. Narc makes a film where he can't stop looking at himself and attempting to be witty while absolutely plastered.

No. 1276880

Curb your transphobia anons, he's a modern day Oscar Wilde! In all seriousness though, this video screams failed actor turned youtuber. He should just bite the bullet and use that youtube ad revenue to make art house/blumhouse-tier vanity films starring himself.

No. 1276972

File: 1626338669108.jpeg (106.88 KB, 900x661, editorial-suspiria-e1535816155…)

Why do we need CP, when we can just watch giallo on mute alonside droning synth music and TTS of tweets/quotes from our personal (least) favorite TRAs? I recommend Alok, he gives very similar mindnumbing, pseudo-intellectual AGP drivel to Contra.

No. 1277446

someone is uploading contrapoints's behind the scenes videos and patreon livestreams. the last channel to do this (as well as upload old pretransition content) got nuked.

No. 1277477

>He should just bite the bullet
Or better yet, put one in his head.

No. 1277500

legit Buffalo Bill hoarder vibes in there

No. 1277593

I know I'll be crucified for comparing Hontra to a real woman but he looks kinda like Katie Marovitch at 0:26

No. 1278545

File: 1626491602269.png (288.48 KB, 1188x1250, Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 10.0…)

So the autists at kiwifarms have stumbled upon a twitter account (https://twitter.com/snl825/with_replies) entirely dedicated to defending philosophytube. Every single retweet and like is about philosophytube or philosophytube-adjacent. They rarely tweet, and rarely @philosophytube, which is strange since a fan dedicated enough to have a whole account to whiteknight olly would probably try to get his attention. They claim to be an intersex cis woman who knows a suspicious amount of TRA rhetoric and UK healthcare facts. Also uses "babes" a lot. Could be olly using a sock to fight with terfs and critics in the replies of his main account without ruining his image. The kiwifarms thread has a lot more sperging about the writing style, timelines, and all that.

No. 1278665

Ngl, I was kind of living for the aesthetic until the catgirl shit

No. 1278742

File: 1626511484998.jpg (276.71 KB, 1080x1157, Screenshot_20210717_104412.jpg)

why do men do this

No. 1278751

>come out as non-cis/non-straight
>instantly go open coomer mode
hilarious. Where's that one anon who loves this dude, tell us your feelings anon

No. 1278837

The black lipstick is fucking tragic and only makes his fucked up mouth look worse.

If dude had stuck to the eyeliner, he MIGHT have got away with it, but no, gotta go full troon.

No. 1278839

File: 1626529661442.png (42.47 KB, 250x250, 820.png)

Thought Slime has always reminded me of Greedent from Pokémon.

No. 1278867

File: 1626534543280.jpeg (104.18 KB, 674x236, 068F0E21-AC39-4186-BF0D-E4D2CD…)

How does he look at this and say “yes this looks good”… literally try just a little bit harder I’m begging you

No. 1278870

No. 1278908

Kek @ expecting AGPs to commit to their LARP hard enough to research makeup skills

No. 1278986

File: 1626545042400.gif (22.73 KB, 700x262, 029E4464-BA08-4492-BFB5-A152AA…)

h-hey!! there's, like, two of us!
anyways, I'm eagerly awaiting the an hero.
he's a rather anxious dude and I can't help but feel like this is a last-ditch attempt to find "the" root cause of his issues.
once/if he gets past the "now all my problems are cuz of twansphobia!!1," he'll return to the realization that he's fundamentally broken, there's no point in living, life is suffering, etc etc, and do it. hopefully the journey will be milky

No. 1279090


The problem with big personalities like this is that there's an equal chance it's a sock or just an overinvested simp

No. 1279108

i think the account is PTs, someone on KF pointed a lot of the similarities between the tweeting styles of both and similar verbal tics. sln825 claimed to be American in some tweets but uses the same British slang as PT. that account also tweeted 90-100 times on days where other bottom-barrel TRA genderspecials were trying to cancel PT for making obvious jokes or tweeting defensively in the replies of people who floated the PT assaulted CP theory. i get that "breadtube" and twitter attract a lot of parasocial autists but nobody is that invested

No. 1279192


Oh the british slang is sketchy as fuck. Yeah it's almost definitely a sock then

No. 1279405

Maybe it's a little autistic of me, but this account calling the speculations libelous sounds kind of British too. It's a super tiny detail, but I've never heard another American casually call something libelous instead of saying it's slanderous or something like that. Besides, I'm pretty sure in America, these tweets simply aren't considered libel, but from what I've heard about British libel law, they might be over there.

No. 1279416

File: 1626601377603.png (76.13 KB, 573x334, you did a narcissism.png)


>two hours

No. 1279521

what can you do, after a lifetime of being praised for doing the literal bare minimum one is simply not accustomed to putting effort into anything

No. 1279522

if that account was actually pt's sock it would be milky af, is there a way to i dunno track ip or something?

No. 1279569

File: 1626625365209.jpeg (600.8 KB, 1536x2048, E6cwuLYVoAAEpQ5.jpeg)

This is now a failed men in badly applied eyeliner thread.

No. 1279593

who the hell is this

No. 1279636

File: 1626632700992.jpeg (157.01 KB, 1440x1080, CAEDC329-BFD0-4A08-AC42-861D02…)

Idk but they’re scaring me.

No. 1279673

File: 1626636253383.png (1.95 MB, 1024x1098, new pt stream.png)

new PT stream today, more narcissistic drivel

No. 1279687

All these people are the dictionary definition of style over substance, a university professors could explain the same talking points in less then 30 minutes when it would take these people hours

No. 1279736

I dunno, i find natalie very entertaining, full of fluff sure but it's a show through and through.
PT was insufferable in his narcissism before transition, but now there are even more sycophants ready to pounce you if you're not kissing the ground he's standing.
Gotta say though I don't think the assault theory holds water, I can't see Lindsay Ellis making such a fuss over her BFF status with Contra and then employing her supposed rapist for a role in her audiobook.

No. 1279758

File: 1626642028268.jpg (66.84 KB, 1149x404, 1626638411621.jpg)


No. 1279763

Imagine skin walking a dead eyed troon and manage to look even more depressed and corny then they do.
I don't think I've ever seen a troon skinwalk another troon or a chaser skinwalk a troon. Usually they skin walk a woman/type of woman while claiming they make a better woman then those women. So this is interesting to see. Ollie is more mentally ill then I thought.

No. 1279773

Is he reacting to his own video?

No. 1279813

DemonMama. A Vaush variant from the tranny timeline.

No. 1279816

i think he just provides commentary and insight about how he made it or whatever. narcissistic drivel

No. 1279878

DemonMama. That pic, btw, is the most passable pic of him I've ever seen.

Just over the past week, demonmama has been chimping out because he wasn't voted to be the winner of a debate tournament (see vid) where he defended his claim that self-diagnosis is actually more important than a professional diagnosis because you have to self-diagnose in order to get a professional diagnosis(???)

He's literally been doing a trump #stopthesteal. Vadim (a breadtuber, known as HeyItsVadim or CreationistCat) is currently breaking down on Twitter because he voted for demonmama and he's been tweeted at

No. 1279879

No. 1279918

File: 1626658891280.png (191.47 KB, 591x1280, FD880AA5-E906-4B4C-9C0B-8AB65B…)

Realized I forgot to clear the YouTube field so it linked the same thing twice. Another 45 minutes later, and Vadim is still going strong.

No. 1279982

Self-DX is retarded and can only be used as a method of entry to ask a professional for their opinion. The only people who will have their disorders "missed" by professionals are people with rare or under-researched disorders, and there's alternative options to directly seeking out a doctor if you don't have money or insurance. There are people who have used applying for disability to get government-paid diagnosis, for example. If any of them really suspected there was something wrong with them, they'd be posting Patreon and GoFundMe links every hour on Twitter to get a professional's help. They're so full of shit.

No. 1279992

holy shit twitter "lefty" debate bros are absolutely insufferable. he's calling people who are telling him to stop kekistanis

No. 1280028

File: 1626672109761.webm (17.11 MB, 640x360, p00ua8_1.webm)

[Warning: cringe editing from a cringe Destiny fan.]
here's Demon Mama being a smug fuck, losing the debate championship, encouraging a re-vote, being a smug fuck again, losing again, and then asking for a rematch.

No. 1280034


How did he respond/what did he say?

No. 1280036

Demonmama is a walking justification for transphobia. He's a fat, ugly, obvious dude in a dress who seemingly only knows how to communicate by talking over others in a really smug, mainsplainy way, who could start drama in an empty room, and who has been so incredibly spoiled and coddled that he literally chimps out when there's a possibility he might not be the one to win a bullshit, pretend debate championship held between him and some people he claims are his friends.

No. 1280037

>Smug overconfidence
>Passive aggressiveness when things don't go his way
>People try to appease him
>Rinse and repeat
TIMs is the same.

No. 1280038

Goddamn, grow a fucking spine, Vadim.

Why are you so fucking terrified of what might happen if you tell the stunning and brave transwomyn 'no'?

No. 1280039

There's a clip somewhere of DemonMama talking shit about Destiny, making fun of his appearance and such.

Destiny pointed out that if he were to say anything back about DemonMama's appearance - and I think we all agree, there's a lot he could say - he would instantly be accused of transphobia because of the climate DemonMama and people like him have created in the Breadtube sphere.

And he's right.

No. 1280040

Self-diagnosis is basically just 'give the troons whatever they want, no questions asked'.

It's no surprise to me Demon Mama would be in favor of it.

No. 1280041

More of a wannabe breadtube video (saged for that reason) but jesus christ the whinyness of it made me roll my eyes so hard. Not only is it mostly talking about the gossip girl reboot which is probably going to be cancelled in a season but it's for some reason majority her assuming how teenagers feel about people depicted in the media…despite her not being a teenager.
I think that criticizing media for teens in fine, but I'm pretty sure teenage girls watching some generic teen drama like riverdale aren't having their body image deeply effected, if anything I'd say that's more of an instagram thing by other overly photoshopped teens not actors in their 20s.

No. 1280046

I am not a fan per se but as someone who casually watches historical/costube I consider her that. never thought of her as a breadtuber. her videos are fine imo apart from the fact that she's obviously loaded via parental support. are you a teen op? lol

No. 1280063

Adults honestly should never argue against adults portraying teens in shows. Teenagers make the argument because they're stupid and either only argue on the basis of "muh realism," or just wanting to see people their age on screen so they can fantasize about being best friends with them. The less child actors there are, the better, and that includes teens. The industry and weird treatment from society fucks them up.

No. 1280064

This. I think the actual safety of teen actors (who get predators on their ass all the damn time) is more important than some teenager at home having the same body type as the teenager on screen.

No. 1280076

I've seen some of these girls' videos before, but I hate how Americacentric she is. In every video she has to interject extremely American worldviews and politics, it's annoying as fuck.

No. 1280124


Her voice is so grating to me, and you're right about her constantly interjecting her Americaness, she also gives me the vibe of those people who post retarded takes on twitter but in video format

also this video is a good example of her lack of knowledge, not understanding that Tiana's dress is for Mardi Gras and Rapunzel is literally locked in the tower since childhood made her own dress because where would she get noble clothing from? her mother who doesn't want her to know she's a princess? she really has such an American worldview she does no real research on the cultures a lot of these characters/films have and tries to base most of commentary on the general historical period

No. 1280205


Her video about corsets was especially cringeworthy. She had a whole segment emphasizing how they're completely safe to wear and that the stigma around their use was tied to fertility myths from the Edwardian era. She completely and purposely overlooked the damage different types of shapewear have done to women's ribs, spines, and abdominal muscles due to improper fitting, even though she mentioned that they were unpopular during the 1920s and 1960s (which was also conveniently when First and Second Wave Feminism came about) specifically because they inhibited women's ability to move and exercise freely. Cognitive dissonance.

I don't think they're Breadtubers, but this particular brand of young, "feminist" YouTubers is strikingly embarrassing. In some ways, they're almost worse than Breadtubers. They copied the Breadtube formula of centering their videos around lackluster analyses of children's media and pop culture and never provide critiques of popular adult media like pornography, political talk shows, classic films, etc. that are arguably more harmful for the general public to revere and consume. However, they rarely cite sources even though they regularly borrow and repackage ideas from radfem thinkers like Dworkin, Bindel, MacKinnon, and more. Even Contra and Philosophy Tube are better at doing that shit. Like >>1280124 mentioned, all of their content is centered about Western and American ideas and they never talk about Eastern, South Asian, or Latin/South American feminist movements. This woman, Jordan Theresa, Tara Mooknee, and Intelexual Media fall into this camp of creators.

No. 1280253

it reeks of desperation when you want to be politically active, but have a passion or liking that contradicts it, and feel the need to justify it somehow.

No. 1280291

I think it's wroth acknowledging that a lot breadtubers and the "video essayists" started out as Internet movie or game reviewers
that's why they have the random skits, the dress up and theatrics
the ones who are just starting their channels, even though their content has always been political they are inspired and take the formula of the previous "video essayists" who as I said were movie or game reviewers

its in breadtube's DNA to be annoying basically

No. 1280297

ooh im so glad someone brought her up. i've seen some people criticizing her lately, and after browsing her twitter she is unable to handle it well, despite the large amount of subscribers she has.

No. 1280302

>this particular brand of young, "feminist" YouTubers is strikingly embarrassing.
Agreed, sadly. There are at least some good ones though, madisyn brown is one, she makes the same genre of ~woke~ videos but isn't allergic to critical thinking. her videos on beauty standards and plastic surgery gave me some hope for zoomer girls

No. 1280366

could you post some screenshots of what you mean about her twitter? I'm also glad people are bringing her up - I love her videos on fashion, but she has to insert shitty yank politics into EVERYTHING. she really had the gall to start her video on the 60's fashion in that chess show with anya taylor joy with a rant about how 'there weren't enough black people or diverse characters', despite the fact that… you know… it was set in the fucking 60's… when segregation was very much a big fucking deal. she's just another brainrotted too woque milquetoast American zoomer, which is a huge shame

No. 1280374

File: 1626729246246.jpeg (208.35 KB, 750x577, 584C2070-2B7B-49B4-8D4E-4794E6…)

sure! here's a tweet i found from june. i guess i'm just surprised that she's screenshotting comments when she has a huge fan base- more than 400K subscribers iirc (or maybe it's close to 500K). it just seems like a bitch move to (imo) screenshot comments and rant about them, rather than replying to the person directly.

No. 1280378

File: 1626729417784.jpeg (173.56 KB, 750x595, E2C5C8FA-4062-4082-B214-011C32…)

aaand here's another i found, this one seems to be more recent. idk, these comments to me are not offensive at all and idk why she chose to respond so aggressively, not everyone is well versed in her interests

No. 1280390

thanks so much, i appreciate it! i definitely see what you mean.

irt that second comment - i watched the video that comment is under. the video is about how fast fashion isn't sustainable for many reasons, but particularly because it uses cheap materials that often contain microplastics and other assorted shitty fabrics. she compared these cheap materials to this other company that handmakes lace for lingerie (which takes months, and is understandably expensive), but she did slip in very quickly that the piece she was talking about only really cost over $1000 because it included freshwater pearls and 24K gold after implying that it was only so expensive because of the handmade lace. she can whine all she wants about 'fashion as art', but the video objectively wasn't about that at all. ironically, the comment she screenshotted to bitch about was genuinely absolutely correct - it's also exactly what i was thinking as she tried to brush it off after going on and on about this expensive lace.

she definitely seems to be a huge hypocrite, and i agree that it's super weird and unnecessarily bitchy to post this shit on her main twitter account - like, if you're that mad, get a fucking diary lmao. weirdo behaviour, she's definitely less likeable than her youtube persona implies

No. 1280455

There's a big difference between wearing ethically made clothing and wearing freshwater pearls on lingerie and then acting hugely pretentious about it…then it just turns into sucking the cock of rich people who can afford bougie stuff.
I'm super pro ethical fashion and try to buy second hand on the majority of my clothes (aside from underwear, tights and shoes) but this has just gone from 'we shouldn't support people who use slave labor to manufacture their clothes that will be thrown into a landfill within a few months' to 'rich people wear such beautiful works of art that commoners can't understand uwu'

Sage for n1curr sustainability rant.

No. 1280838

File: 1626793261309.png (211.5 KB, 720x886, 1620824005731.png)

Reminds me of this chick, she makes vides about Chinese history and culture in media, I followed her on twitter before that channel though, but she has some very biased and dumb takes regarding "white people" and Christians
like who the fuck makes conclusions like this

No. 1280868

If I recall, didn't far before the europe expedition era or whatever the ancient China had death sentences for gay people? Probably even before the 1000s

No. 1280888

File: 1626797606478.png (143.94 KB, 597x418, Screenshot (169).png)

every second post is either about her awful sounding YA fantasy book or her complaining about white people, the posts above this were her complaining of why there wasn't any ethnic Merina people representation in the Madagascar film, the post below this is her complaining against a mommy home making blog who decided to adapt some East Asian prodigie recipe and calling her a Hoe for "not getting it right" and being a "karen colonizer"

No. 1280944

People probably give shit like this a pass because libfem types are huge followers of the "noble savage" ideology, when it comes to any nonwhite nation. The way she talks about China is the exact same as how retarded right-wing white men talk about "The West". Someone needs to remind her that she's only ethnically Chinese, but culturally American. It would probably piss her off, but a white person who has lived in China their whole life would be more culturally Chinese than her.

No. 1280993

every time someone says "back in the old days in this culture homosexuality was okay" what they mean is that old men were allowed to buy and fuck little boys

No. 1281117

What's the over/under on her exclusively dating dumpy white guys? kek

No. 1281223

ding ding ding. and for extra woke points sometimes they'll even refer to the victims of pedo culture back then a "third gender". vomitrocious.

No. 1281234

exactly, white liberal feminists love to talk about how eastern or precolonial societies were just super progressive actually and had total freedom regarding gender expression when actually these "third genders" were effeminate men who were put in a gender ghetto for being homosexual or eunuchs that served a religious purpose

No. 1281279

File: 1626837105278.jpg (1.08 MB, 752x1140, 52459864.jpg)

Oh most definitely, plus she identifies as non-binary so that autonomically means she's dating a dumpy looking bereded white guy
also her book's description
>"Pacific Rim meets The Handmaid's Tale in a polyamorous reimagining of China's only female emperor"

No. 1281361

File: 1626851523945.jpg (27.78 KB, 640x627, hates white people gf.jpg)

many such cases

No. 1281410

>a polyamorous reimagining of China's only female emperor
How does she not know how sexist this reads? Also, pretty sure Chinese natives would hate this.

No. 1281451

despite being claiming to be so "Chinese" she only goes to China for family visits and not much else and this makes her apparently culturally Chinese, here's the full description of her book btw

>Been seeing some confusion about this so thought I'd clarify here: this book is not historical fantasy or alternate history! It's a story set in a totally different sci-fi world with characters who are only inspired by historical figures from across Chinese history (not just the Tang dynasty). Lots of creative liberties were taken for thematic purposes, so the characters largely only resemble the historical figures in personality and general viiibe. Kind of like comic book adaptations/elseworlds where they play around with the iconic characters' backstories or place them in radically different life circumstances. All historical references should only be seen as Easter eggs instead of attempts at accuracy, since there's no specific era to be accurate to

>also yes, they're poly. she has 2 boyfriends and her boyfriends are also boyfriends.

No. 1281507

Oh, god, that is definitely just a trashy fujo fanfiction

No. 1282731

What are the chances this ~heckin' valid enby~ self-projects on Wu Zetian, and wrote her as a self-insert? It would mean that a certain someone identifies with the female experience, considering she specifically chose the only female emperor of China and felt the need to make that distinction. I thought sex wasn't real to TRAs? I think >>1281507 is onto something, this is just her self-insert in her little fantasy world, where she's emperor of China and gets to be with pretty gay men.

No. 1282777

File: 1627029471853.jpeg (592.63 KB, 2048x2048, DB6CEF66-E991-40F4-8AD9-F9EBCF…)

Agreed. Besides, some shows pull it off really well. Pic related, all these people are mid twenties to mid thirties, but their characters are believable as teens because of the way they act and dress.

No. 1282778

“They totally weren’t homophobic at all. I mean, sure, they did require men to marry only women. But other than that they were totally accepting of gays, especially the closeted kind who married and had children with women.”

No. 1282842

A society so violently misogynistic that the pure love is only seen between adult and prepubescent males, truly western progress has robbed the lgbtq community of so much legroom for expressing themselves

No. 1285123

She literally was unable to argue against how retarded the setting of the Legend of Korra is. She is beyond retarded to think Asians would have had the same type of industrialization aesthetics as Westerners (especially in a world without Westerners). Cultural universalism doesn't apply here, idiot.

No. 1285347

True the factors that led to the Industrial resolution were incredibly specific and didn't even occur of the whole of what we consider the west, just certain region of France, England and Germany and gradually being implanted through out the rest of Europe who had to copy from them

No. 1285351

she made a defense video of Cuties cause of course she did
her argument is that people judged too harshly "without understanding the context" and also mentioned the entire biography of the Director who is a black Muslim woman is that somehow changes it
reviewers who watched the film pointed out the ham fisted message of cuties but they didn't trash it cause of the "deep message' that they simply didn't get, they trashed it cause featured 11 year old girls twerking when it really didn't need to show that shit
having 11 year old girls is never gonna be deep or meaningful no matter what message your trying to say

No. 1285358

I hate defenses of Cuties based on how it’s “racist and sexist” to criticize a black woman director, it’s just idpol gone retarded. People would’ve had a problem with 11 year old girls twerking no matter who filmed it! How are you gonna make a movie with a “deep message” about how damaging it is to sexualize young girls in the media and literally be an example of the thing you’re critiquing?!

No. 1285360

(sage for off topic) Contrapoints was the one that finally helped me peak. I had always thought he was one of the "alright" ones and I actually thought he made some good points until I finally realized he was a man trying to speak from the perspective of a woman. The straw that broke the camels back was probably when he mentioned getting catcalled and harassed as a woman and said he liked the attention. Now I realize what a stuck-up narcissist he is.(derailing)

No. 1285361

Honestly expected given that we had Nicki and her pedo brother, Bill Cosby, Kobe Bryant, R Kelly, Michael Jackson and a myriad of other creepos being asslicked due to race idpol.

No. 1285367

Omg and there were also based unhomophobic Pakistan and Japan and their strong culture of old married men molesting little boys! Yaaaas kwueen! DE FUCKING COLONIZE SEXUALITY!

love to see how all of these cows simultaneously deligitimize male sexuality as set in stone by bringing up pederasty kek

No. 1285379


Going to need to see this non-retarded idpol of which you speak.

No. 1285383

Either all politics are identity politics, or none are.(derailing)

No. 1285389

Uh, that’s pretty easy anon.

>acknowledging people’s identities often impact the way they are treated in society


>using people’s identities to claim you can never criticize their actions


No. 1285390

That anon might be one of those "class is not an identity and it's entirely impossible to change, unlike race and sex" leftypol types.

No. 1285399

>people's identities
we shouldn't even use the word identity imo. Race and sex are material conditions as real as economic status. "identity" implies it's something you call yourself and not something you simply are(derailing)

No. 1288086

File: 1627751772427.png (147.35 KB, 1184x462, Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 10.1…)

New Contrapoints video tomorrow (allegedly)

No. 1288149

Why did he make a 2 hour long video? In the 6 months since his JK Rowling video, philosophy tube has put out 5 half hour ones, which honestly seems preferable. DO Contra fans plan to clear an afternoon to watch a movie-long rant?

No. 1288153

Bernadette Banner and Karolina Zebrowska do the same shit re: corsets and it's highly irritating

No. 1288214

loved Bernadette before but she got boring in the span of one year. Used to make actual informational videos, now just does aesthetic bossbabe stuff

No. 1288340

Not a contra fan but I wish phallustube would skinwalk his update schedule, there's only so many times I can handle clicking "do not suggest this channel" before I start to feel like YouTube is taunting me.

No. 1289420

Still not up. Pathetic.
Thank you! A lot of costubers are lowkey trad and keep their videos strictly apolitical, but Bernadette is determined to fit in with the Breadtube-adjacent woke crowd while churning out shit like vidrel, another iteration of her
>objectifying and oppressing women is good, actually
philosophy masquerading as a hot take.
I swear between her and Contra, it's scary how much nonsensical bullshit people will believe when it's presented in an uwu aesthetic format.

No. 1290584

This anti-terf scrote is encouraging leftists to go full GamerGate and start social media drama that would recruit misogynistic gamer boys into becoming anti-feminist (or "anti-terf", as he says). But it actually has very little to do with trans issues and more about a few teen girls calling him misogynistic on Twitter. He's neither trans or a woman so this has nothing to do with him in the first place, he's clearly just salty that a lesbian talked back to him. The American left is basically already infested this type of anti-feminist GG/alt-right rhetoric.

If you don't want to give him views, basically someone replied to his misogynistic, anti-lesbian post with silly K-pop fancam with text that said males are inferior to women. So he says that terfs likes this are really useful to the progressive left because terfs hate men, so when you show something like this to "gamer bros who hate feminism", they will be on their side as long as they are explained that feminism is actually when it panders to trannies, because those feminists don't hate men!

No. 1290810

tbf replying to someone with a kpop fancam over a Solanas quote is pretty fucking retarded, its like putting on a Che Guevara Shirt while also wearing a MAGA hat, Also Solanes seemed to okay with TIMs, she had sympathetic Transvestite prostitute character in her play and in the SCUM manifesto she states her for remaining males to be feminized as Drag Queens
>Women, in other words, don't have penis envy; men have pussy envy. When the male accepts his passivity, defines himself as a woman (males as well as females think men are women and women are men), and becomes a transvestite he loses his desire to screw (or to do anything else, for that matter; he fulfills himself as a drag queen) and gets his dick chopped off. He then achieves a continuous diffuse sexual feeling from `being a woman'. Screwing is, for a man, a defense against his desire to be female. He is responsible for
>The few remaining men can exist out their puny days dropped out on drugs or strutting around in drag or passively watching the high-powered female in action, fulfilling themselves as spectators, vicarious livers*[FOOTNOTE: It will be electronically possible for him to tune into any specific female he wants to and follow in detail her every movement. The females will kindly, obligingly consent to this, as it won't hurt them in the slightest and it is a marvelously kind and humane way to treat their unfortunate, handicapped fellow beings.]
>when in fact the male, short of being a drag queen, is least miserable when his dogginess is recognized – no unrealistic emotional demands are made of him and the completely together female is calling the shots. Rational men want to be squashed, stepped on, crushed and crunched, treated as the curs, the filth that they are, have their repulsiveness confirmed.

It's basically Troons Ideal fantasy, to be humiliated and feminized in Drag(Derailing )

No. 1290867

tbh they are just following the current trend in the (american) historical costuming community, who after years of flocking to Willamsburg recently found that it might not be the best thing to hold these events at former plantations… Just look at Abbeys menstruation video, where she starts with the whole "not all women do menstruate" stick… My god, we all just want to dress up as our racist, antisematic ancestors, you don't have to make it that woke

No. 1290895

Hating women while hiding behind troons is woke now. The venn diagram of righthoid women hating brainlets and reformed terf_ hating chasers is a circle.

No. 1291238

how he revels in supposedly regressing into his misogynistic teenage self while raging over a 16 year-old girl's tweets. also note the complete lack of self-awareness when reading the SCUM manifesto quote on males being emotional cripples LOL

No. 1291311

Wow, a leftist making leftism as unappealing to the masses as possible? Something something tragedy, something something farce! We must win that crucial CoD lobby incel support, it's not at all gonna backfire by making normal people retch at your meme ideology even more! You totally won't end up like the ancaps and other clowns.

Leftmoids already tried this with the whole muh anti idpol muh bernie shit. The only thing this will do is peak well-meaning succfem useful idiots to the fact that men can't be leftists, and the only "class war" they have is mindless penile rage against female-driven selective pressure. Siding with trannies over 50% of the world's workers will further solidify the view of leftism as a degenerate western ideology of wealth and excess. Moids will continue schizotweeting self important drivel about how it's all CIA's fault while normies continue being enlightened centrists. Honestly, a W all around.

No. 1291331

I thought Bernadette was a TRA because her sister is either trans or nb, I don't remember well.

No. 1291339

What's wrong with this video? She just tells us that photo editing was a thing in the past too so we shouldn't be fooled by "perfect" portraits.
She does have a blind spot about corsets, likely because she had to wear supportive underwear because of her scoliosis. Which really isn't the same thing.

No. 1291341

Yeah like he has admitted being an incel and right-winger in the past and blames "man-hating feminists" for that (because he doesn't like women talking back to him). But looks like he hasn't abandoned his incel traits at all considering he rees over 16-year-old girls on his stream and Twitter and calls them femoids.

No. 1291694

Her sister is a theythem. And was obsessed with cosplaying a faun last time I checked her Instagram account.

No. 1293244

Hontra's self-gazey failed actor student film is up.

No. 1293347

File: 1628367212094.jpg (177.86 KB, 572x507, 1497160058674.jpg)

… ok. Let me guess:

>shiny things

>costume change, 3x throughout the video
>self-aggrandizing takes
>self-deprecating jokes that makes him seem relatable
>lesbian takes with sexual overtones from a very valid lesbian
>muh womanhood, muh fame
>woe is me
>sophistic arguments in between all of the above
>more navel-gazing
>"really makes you think" ending
If there are still people here who can tolerate this narc, tell me if I got it right

No. 1293523

watched it and >>1293347 is a pretty good summary.
i will say that CP's videos, while all style over substance, have a lot more substance than whatever it is PTroon is doing

No. 1293796

Yep Phil's Tube made me tolerate Contra. How dare he

No. 1293998

Sage for tinfoil, but I couldn't help but think of PT when Contra was talking about envy between trans women and was like "Stop copying meeee" idk seemed a little pointed. Especially paired with their assertion that they're only gonna date cis women now lol sorry PT, you lose again.

No. 1294065

actually i know the prevailing theory is that CP and PT had a fight or PT even assaulted CP, but at this point i'm wondering if the trans friend Contra was in love with was actually Olly? He mentioned that he was already out to friends and family for a year or so, and that CP was the one that had to cut all ties

No. 1294496

Almost right but you missed the MILF jokes. I got 12 minutes in since this is a topic that interests me but noped after probably the 5th hypersexual reference

No. 1294797

Immediately came here when I saw this posted. Around 49:00 seems like a direct callout to PT talking about how disgusting and unnerving it would be to try to date someone that wants to be you, CP also directly references other transwomen as she says this

No. 1295139

>the trans friend Contra was in love with was actually Olly?
Nah, it was Theryn Meyer (the one he called Joanne in Shame, I think), not Olly. Hontra never got over the tran he was chasing… now he has another tranner chasing him, kek.
Olly holds a mirror to Hontra's bullshit and that clearly bothers him.

No. 1295309

this drama sounds like a bad soap opera

No. 1295334

File: 1628470610000.gif (1.52 MB, 498x371, buffalo-bill-silence-of-the-la…)

16 minutes into this crap and I can't take it anymore.
What's the point of this trash video? To bitch about celebrities that are privileged specially during the pandemic? When CP himself is privilege? wtf
It's so funny that he tries to be down with all your trans commies uwu, when he's the image of consumerism (plus trans surgeries would not be a thing in a communist society since it's based in wishes).
13 mins into the video and he's already talking about his childhood and his mommy issues. His videos are now just about him: "I'm a total valid transbian, look how pretty I am, my mommy issues and see how much money I have".
His videos are like the Buffalo Bill mirror scene extended for almost 2hrs

No. 1296864

Why the fuck does she look so punchable
>Overweight Lidl version of Hannah Murray
Considering her love for the shitstain that is KS, absolutely not surprised she is into true crime. You can be sure she's one of those who secretly fetishize serial killers and act all shocked and mightier than thou when they see someone else doing the same. Is she on the spectrum? Because her theatrics and the way she speaks is full on aspie tier

No. 1297423

She's a homestuck fan nonnie, of course she's an aspie.

No. 1299018

She sounds like your typical West raised racelarper. She asks like China wasn't built on and is still currently engaging in imperialism.

No. 1299130

I randomly watched her video on the McElroy brothers out of curiosity and she's a giant handmaiden, she's unbearable (and of course she's bisexual).

No. 1299177

Okay anachan.

No. 1299268

I want to smack the drink that she's holding like an idiot out of her hand

No. 1299295

Whenever sarah tries to make a joke in a video I cringe so hard, she physically cannot be funny

No. 1299322

Simulacra and simulation.

No. 1299573

This was so fucking boring. She doesn't want any more controversy after the Homestuck shit so she runs in the opposite direction to something completely uninteresting. There is nothing weird or funny about this boring cooking show. It's literally just a recap of the first season, sprinkled with things Sarah finds funny but wouldn't be to anyone without aspergers.