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No. 1174665

>What is Breadtube and the leftist sphere?
A new leftist movement aiming to address, fight, and destroy the growing presence of fascism in the USA. AKA, breadtube is keyboard warriors making response videos to anti-SJW’s and the leftist sphere is a place that preaches diversity while all their biggest players are White, TIMs or upper class minroties

>General summary of their beliefs

- They are not liberals. Liberals believe first and foremost on changing the system from the inside while Leftists want to destroy it.
-They have slap fights over the intricacies of their political beliefs every other wednesday. The only thing uniting them is leftism.

>Breadtube: The big players only. Other tubers exist, but these are the ones pulling the shots.

- HBomberGuy (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClt01z1wHHT7c5lKcU8pxRQ)
Defended his rapist script writer because they were trans and made an entire google plug in the block anti-SJW videos from appearing in ones feed.

-Philosophy Tube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2PA-AKmVpU6NKCGtZq_rKQ)
Trooned out recently, might be simping for contra

-Contrapoints (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA)
Anti-SJW college dropout turned communist troon. Hates capitalist exploitation, but blows hundreds of patreon dollars on buying fancy clothes made from exploitative labor.

-Peter Coffin (https://www.youtube.com/user/petercoffin)
Faked a girlfriend once. He also didn't do anything about Laurelai Bailey, a serial rapist, who ran his discord server. Peter Coffin also went so far as in to say he didn't believe one of the victims.

Wants to reclaim the skull form the anti-SJW’s. Is dry as bread.

>Leftist sphere: places where leftist congregate. Only ones big enough to stir drama are listed.

The current refugge camp for former r/ChapoTrapHous users, Virgin upper class males who have never known true tyranny and hate the west. They will support Islamic theocracies and fascist states If they nominally say something against the west

It’s just Chapolight.

The incels of the communist movement. They spend all there time browsing and posting about how capitalism has ruined everything, but refuse to fix their situation because it’s to late or they’re vote doesn't matter. Latestagecel

It’s just latestagecel light.

- /r/ShitLiberalsSay
A place to shit on conservatives, Nazis, and leftist that go against the circle-jerk.

The real underdogs of the leftist community. The only thing leftist can agree on is the fact AnCaps are retarded.

>Actual communist reading if that interests you


Past thread

No. 1174666

I seen farmers here and on kiwifarms predicting PhilosophyTroon would troon out six months before he did, I wonder how other anons picked it, because he seemed very comfortable as a male.

No. 1174667

File: 1614722166463.jpg (73.83 KB, 1080x391, Screenshot_20210302_225457.jpg)

he always caped extra hard for trannies and apparently was a chaser, both things tend to correlate to trooning out in my experience. He's comfortable as a man because he's an autogynephile like hontra, he self-admittedly never had gender dysphoria

No. 1174668

I've read some people saying that he did it after sexually assaulting contrapoints to try to keep him from saying anything about it, can't say I have any sources though

No. 1174669

I think I was one of those people on Kiwi before I stopped commenting and started lurking. Are 90% of the women in breadtube men? If so no wonder they want Shoe so bad, she's the best they got. Standards are low as hell.

No. 1174670

I only saw a video from him, and noticed how much he imitated contrapoints, to skin-walking level. It was pretty clear. Digibro surprised me a lot more

No. 1174730

I appreciate someone making the thread but the OP image is kind of autistic when they’re all “sex work is work!” types
Yes, they’re all male except for Lindsay Ellis, but they aren’t the ones sucking up to shoeonhead. Her main wk vaush has a thread of his own, but I don’t think it ever took off

No. 1174758

The image really isn't about belle dephane, its about leftists(male and female) who simp over some tranny who has basic takes and earns roughly a million dollars a year

No. 1174780

Lindsay Ellis's latest video on trannies earned my unsub

No. 1174790

Honestly I unsubbed from her a long time ago, when she spent a large section of a video caping for Islam(cause of course)
I don't think anyone would ever dare to criticize the faith of the pedoohile propeth

No. 1174967

File: 1614757720807.jpg (1.06 MB, 1802x2460, 1612221392016.jpg)

re: pt and hontra, some of this is spergy because i think this is from /tttt/

No. 1175008

I was one of those people kek
I thought he was on the way to troon out the moment he put up a video of himself with plucked eyebrows
And now later on I heard he also did streams while dressed as a woman so it's no surprise. He did strike me as someone secure in his male identity too though

No. 1178196

File: 1615094319821.png (653.94 KB, 720x1533, Screenshot_20210307-101458.png)

Most breadtube content is just pretentious over analysis of media that they subscribe deeper meaning to

Like this faggot, trying to make parallels between Legend of Korra and Communism when the main writers never once said that was their intention

No. 1178226

she caped for islam because she was compensating for her past as nostalgia chick she made an "islamophobic" video about charlie's angels with her and her friends wearing burqas lmao

No. 1178306

Asking here because breadtube is the closest scene to it - are we really out of a leftthot thread now the old one autosaged?

>thread autosages on weekend

>nobody makes a new thread
Only conclusion is that posters towards the end of last thread must have hailed from twitter, and all farmers went out to actually enjoy the weekend. Sasuga leftthots.

No. 1178307

>Peter Coffin
>Faked a girlfriend once.

Do you mean Ashley? Cause she is real and the real story is even funnier. She was just an ugly chick who photoshopped herself so much that everyone thought she was a sexdoll. He paid for all of her plastic surgery and impregnated her with the ugliest baby ever, dubbed by the internet as "toilet n-word" and then she left him to become an e-thot communist who flirts with ShoeOnHead. Pretty sure she has a thread on here.

No. 1178347

nyart but lmao I remember that, it was based in her own eyerolling NChick way

No. 1178352

If I remember correctly Hontras yearly earnings are close to a Million $ a year now, he's probably richer then all the other breadtubers combined

No. 1178371

I think anon's talking about the time he stole pictures of random Asian women and girls and catfished as his own girlfriend, "Kimi Kobayashi". He got into beef with Xiaxue, and she exposed him.

No. 1178449

rumor has it that ashley was the one catfishing him as kimi, and once it was revealed she apologized and they kept e-dating with her catfishing as “herself but with giant tiddies and no horseface”

No. 1178481

Someone can still make a new one but I do find it kind of surprising nobody has yet considering it was one of the fastest moving threads

No. 1178511

i'd make a new one myself but i don't want to do the recap, hope someone else makes it though

No. 1178524

I wonder if the person who had been making the last several threads (very similar format) got slapped with a ban or took a break from the site

No. 1178710

That's Coffin's current rendition of events but I never really believed it because he'd say things like "of course my Asian gf is real, she's sitting right here next to me" during his beef w/ Xiaxue. Ashleigh was somehow mixed up in it all but I still believe Peter faked his own gf first.

No. 1178750

File: 1615155669076.png (701.21 KB, 1633x1784, PT dishonest income disclosure…)

I didn’t predict that he would fully troon out, but I was certain he was going to come out as some sort of non-binary following his Queer video. In it, he dresses up as a woman, and he also skirts around the topic of his queerness for the entire video before very lamely coming out as bisexual at the end. I felt like the subject matter of the video, which focused a ton on trans and gender nonconformity, didn’t line up with the conclusion at all. ofc I’d expect some pandering to the troons, but it really went overboard with it.

His video on ment@l he@lth and suic!de (he seriously writes the title like that) is dogshit and obvious attention whoring. The entire thing is a pity-fest that shows no understanding of what depression is like. (For contrast see thoughtslime’s videos on depression; he’s a wokescold, but he is very obviously genuinely depressed, since he can actually describe the thought processes of a depressed person. See https://youtu.be/GDlyFebMZ14 if you're curious.) This is when I first noticed PT’s obsessive need to be included in oppressed groups whilst being the furthest thing from it.

The video right before PT's trans coming out video was a great example of it. In it, he uses a bunch of language implying that he is one of the poors and that the struggle of the poors is his struggle. https://youtu.be/c_X-812q_Jc
That video + some of his tweets prompted a three-hour debate between Vaush and Destiny. It goes off the rails a lot, but for the most focused shitting on Olly, go to around 2 hours and 52 minutes (should be timestamped). If you don't care to watch all this shit-flinging, just know that Vaush simps incredibly hard for Olly because he's now a beautiful twans woman, despite his obviously intentionally deceptive wording and behavior.

picrel: I calculated PT's minimum monthly earnings as of March 2021. At a minimum, he makes roughly $336,000 per year.

repost b/c i fucked up the image

No. 1178776

File: 1615158309276.jpg (1012.77 KB, 2580x2390, fuck this guy.jpg)

anyways, fuck this guy. his most recent video was so painful to sit through, even though I went in knowing it would be a hate-watch.

No. 1178782

trying so hard to be the poor man's hontra lol

No. 1178783

Those foot close-ups are cursed

No. 1178784

Anon, Legend of Korra is one of the most political cartoons to ever air on Nickelodeon. Whether you agree with the guy’s analysis or not, there is very clearly a deeper meaning to that show lol

No. 1178804

He just thinks he's so clever and he's so smug, I think this is 50% contra skinwalking/fetish and 50% trying to get ahead in his acting career/money.
He knows there's a lot of sympathy money in being trans. Justin Bieber could troon out today and he could be like, "i'm now apart of one of the most vulnerable women in the world. I'm a lesbian woman" and no doubt he'd have 80% of troons/tras falling at his feet.

This dude immediately started doing interviews and comparing himself to black women. He knows what he's doing. He failed at being a "Cis" male and he let the trans shit groom him.

No. 1179494

>Makes a video on capital punishment
>Right around the time people are asking where Contra's 2 part video on justice is
What a desperate worm

No. 1179512

merrick and vaush are so fucking gross and their success in leftist spaces completely turned me off from the whole spectacle. they are digusting human beings and its all so shallow

No. 1179585

I noticed that too. He's been hijacking Contra's topics for a long time but this is just nuts.

No. 1179646

i'm still shocked that they hardly interact online anymore. they used to always comment cutesy stuff on each other's videos and someone on kiwifarms said that it looks like the word "contrapoints" is blocked from appearing in philosophy tube's comment section

No. 1179779

Does anyone have a link to the unlisted video where he mentions gender dysphoria?

No. 1179966

Go to 16:38

No. 1180378

someone in the leftthots thread said that PT has allegations of sexual assault against him. were these just tinfoiling about him and contrapoints or did something else happen?

No. 1180650

I posted this on a thread but it really fits better here

what leftist online spaces used to be like, before the rise of the degenerate dirtbag left and the troons, libfems and soyboys of breadtube online leftist spaces were just something else

they were much smaller but they had a more diverse array of people (men and women, gay and straight, black, white, Indian and Hispanic) and we would discuss social issues, what we could do with our limited resources, activism and in those spaces real hateful speech like racism, sexism and any specifics of violence against women would get you banned

Now you compare that with twitter leftism or spaces like r/ChapoTrapHouse and breadtube comment sections and you see nothing more then a much of degenerates spewing bullshit, talking about cat girl skittles and how much they hate their Chud parents or analyzing random films

I'm saying that ChapoTrapHouse. vaush and breadtube ruined leftist spaces and discussion online and IRL

No. 1180665

i agree but chapotraphouse was banned. I also know they dislike vaush as well kek

No. 1180668

Both are degenerates who hate women

No. 1180725

Like most "transwomen" he's clearly just a fag who wants to dress up as such.

Why do they have to hide behind the gender dysphoria bullshit excuse, just cross-dress and be done with it. A cishet white man cross-dressing is more progressive than yet another troon contrapoints 2 electric boogaloo.

No. 1180919

CTH and dirtbag left are more palatable than vaush. holy fuck i can't even listen to him for 5 minutes hes so disgusting and annoying.

but i agree in terms of the fans of chapo etc, all are horrible. the comment sections suck

No. 1180982

chapo fans (especially their most online ones) are all insufferable and don't seem to grasp the irony of being anti-idpol whenever some female DNC worker mentions sexism or misogyny but are also all unabashed TRAs

No. 1181500

>but are also all unabashed TRAs
Thats the weirdest thing, they protected and considered the feelings of trannys over real women, they hated TERFs and would send them rape and death threats

No. 1181558

What kills me is that they'll go send rape threats to any woman who doesn't perfectly toe the TRA line but no one shits themselves over Vaush saying sexual dimorphism exists and trans women have the physical advantages of being male broken clock and all that I guess cause I guess it's still woke if it comes from a fellow moid. I really think that the main thing holding them together is just misogyny and perceived intellectual superiority.

No. 1181889

File: 1615485993226.png (35.05 KB, 583x289, 55777.PNG)

Okay I said before he trooned out if 50% Coom and 50% attention but I really feel he trooned out so that he could advance his career more so anything.
I think he knows as a troon he can get more attention and feels entitled to it because, "I'm a part of the most vulnerable group of people now"

No. 1183707

did anyone watch this? the fake high voice and the feminine gestures (fixing his hair every other minute and the high pitched nervous laugh) made my skin crawl
here's the link since it's not letting me embed it https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=g9nlORpR1I8

No. 1183729

The Contrapoints skinwalking is horrifying. I’m not his biggest fan but if I was him I’d be terrified by PT.

No. 1183734

I didn't want to sperg out about his mannerisms in the MTF thread around the time he trooned out, but god, his voice is somehow even more grating than Contras deflating-balloon-tenor. Also, the arm flailing, exaggerated facial expressions and head tilts, etc., etc. It really does seem like he's just wearing a skin suit of mannerisms, things and clothes he thinks women do/wear all the time. It really creeps me out, and I'm not even being skinwalked.
Lol at him saying "I dont even have to do 'the voice' anymore!" in his first video - kek, we can tell you're putting in a massive effort just to sound like a gay male.

No. 1183759

oh definitely, it comes off as so fake and disingenuous… i know radfems get really peaked by drag queens and how they think that they're parodying womanhood, but at least with a drag queen you can immediately tell it's an act… this just seems like blatant skinwalking, but of some other moid who barely passes with a professional lighting setup and $100k worth of surgery

No. 1184023

It definitely looks like Contrapoints skinwalking. I think eventually PT is going to detransition though.

No. 1184105

what makes you say that he'll detrans? I don't think he really has gender dysphoria and it wouldn't surprise me if he was doing this to milk it for clout and cry about opwession points, but if he detransed it'd be a complete shitshow

No. 1184280

Nta, but if really is just for clout and skinwalk/fetish reasons, it will eventually wither away, just like his obsession with contra will, too, and then he'll basically have no reason to keep up the facade, which won't rake in as much wokepoints as it did from the start, anyways. So that's a surefire way to become miserable already. I think he genuinely enjoys being a male, even if he likes to dress up as a woman.
From here, he has two options - either detransition, which will make everything he said about transitioning false and undoubtedly leave a huge dent in his youtube stint, or join the 41%, since he's been open about being suicidal and having bad mental health even before taking hormones. Plus contra could open up about being sexually assaulted by PT (if it really did happen), and i know he has no qualms about calling a trans person a shitstain regrdless - that could open up a can of worms.
I can't see the result of this ending any other way other than, well, badly - for him, of course.

No. 1184300

>contra could open up about being sexually assaulted by PT
what makes you say that? it wouldn't surprise me if it was true, but there isn't any proof of PT assaulting hontra aside from a bunch of discord leaks and screenshots from 4 chan. i initially didn't think it was PT because in contra's video, he said that it was a "fairly prominent video in leftist politics" which made me think of an actually elected official and not a youtuber

No. 1184313

Well, I said it was plausible PT would be called out IF it even happened. There's no really solid evidence, and Contra has said he won't #metoo him because he doesn't believe in the twitter mob's cancelling power, but he also said he'd be leaving twitter forever, and look at where we are now. Also, just imagine the milk, kek.
I mean, a "fairly prominent figure in leftist politics" could be their egotistical way of calling themselves - i don't see Nik hanging out with any major political leaders in the US, lol. His only bf in 'Shame' sounded quite a lot like Ollie, then later, him and his bf broke up when contra said he was a transbian. PTs transition could also be attempt to make contra attracted to him again, not just escaping critisism for sexual assault. But again, this is all just kinda baseless speculation.

No. 1184421

yeah, i initiallly was confused by calling the person "a prominent figure in leftist politics" since "the left" in America, as a formal, coherent political force, is basically nonexistent. hontra and breadtube types don't really consider your average American liberal or biden voter a "leftist" so that just leaves a lot of terminally online people who listen to chapo trap house.
>His only bf in 'Shame' sounded quite a lot like Ollie
i also thought that this was the case in the shame video, since it really did seem like they had been dating for a while back in 2018. idk how plausible it is that PT is the person hontra wants to me too if they had been dating for a while

No. 1184540

Well he is an actor after all
It's hilarious how he switched up his behavior to a dumb air head so fast after coming out. Bit sexist innit

No. 1184559

Ladies, redpill me. A boy I like revealed he's a big fan of breadtube, do I need chalk up my loss now?

No. 1184572

Ye, bit enraging, too, innit

If you're planning a non-serious fling and nothing more, its probably fine. Absolutely do not consider anything beyond this, however, if you're a terf (and even if you're not, there's a big likelihood of him trooning out, being a coomer, being uberwoke, etc.). I hope I don't have to spell out why.

No. 1184598

Run fast, run far

No. 1184890

There’s a third option: non-binary.
I predict he’ll begin “Drag King” shit and start presenting flamboyantly masc as a shtick, after which he’ll come out as formally genderfluid or something and just present androgynously from that point on.
I unfortunately don’t think we’re going to get a big “oh shit” moment of him revealing the whole thing was a charade or anything. Gender ideologies are so nebulous that literally anything besides detransing is brave and valid uwu

better than a mgtow or qtard. If he can intelligently disagree with a breadtuber he likes on something, I’d give him a chance.
Oh, but if he’s over 25 and watching breadtube, drop him.

No. 1187176

File: 1616039698838.webm (6.99 MB, 1280x720, 2002043-32c5ce65fee9b5ce9bc1fc…)

someone asked contrapoints about philosophy tube's transitioning and his response seems pretty telling. i think it's safe to say that they're not on speaking terms

No. 1187182

Let's set the timer and see how long it takes for him to troon out.

You can probably do better, anon.

No. 1187191

Goddamn, for someone who screams about "twans wights" from the rooftops, thats a cold fucking response to someone transitioning. More so because he doesnt even want to talk about it.
PT's using the transition as a preventative measure for sure

No. 1187192

philosophy tube definitely assaulted contra
that neck clench and choke

No. 1187196

is this from today? this is so awkward it'd be impossible for other people not to notice

No. 1187213

Pretty sure this is a few streams ago judging by the outfit. Contra adamantly tells people to "go back to 4chan" when they bring up PT in the chat these days.

No. 1187225

never seen him talk about blaire like that and they're enemies, interesting to say the least

No. 1187227

I was an original skeptic of the whole 'PT assaulted contra' conspiracy when it was posted in the YT thread, but I've gotta say that is definitely screaming "I don't want to talk about it because something happened". If you disliked someone you'd still probably have an opinion and say something on the topic, but Contra flat-out dodged the whole question. Chilling.

No. 1187411


>that person

Kek not even tossing a she/her for stunning brave PT? Guess not all skinwalkers are valid

Nick seems heavily sedated too, how's that opiod recovery going?

No. 1187489

Every Contra stream is extremely sad, alcohol addled and horribly slurred in speech. It's depressing.

No. 1187500

I used to think transing out ruined his life, but real talk, I think it just made shit that was going to happen anyway happen sooner.
He just seems like someone who was going to go down a bad path regardless.
Having money, attention and fucking with his body only made it worse.

No. 1188627

File: 1616203471938.jpg (116.37 KB, 1183x565, contra 1.jpg)

i feel like it's just an outlet for his narcissism and vanity… having a ton of surgery and constantly picking at your appearance must really fuck with your head

No. 1189018

Everything about philosophy tube transitioning seems fake to me. The way he acts seems like a complete act from the fake dainty womanly voice and incessant giggling. He also keeps mentioning that he's "one of the most famous trans people in Britain." Is that true or is he just that insanely delusional?

No. 1189024

Famous to fucking who?

No. 1189030

Probably to other Breadtube types? In a recent live stream he mentions that he can't go to public protests and stuff like that because since he's just so famous it'll be a security risk. I cant imagine him being that famous to where he needs a security detail much less in a city as big as London where he's just another busted man in a wig

No. 1189047

fucking ari grande went to a protest but this ugly ass troon can't go to a protest??

No. 1189049

I know she went with security but if someone legit famous can show their face, even if for a photo-op, a troon from youtube can't go out for two mintues?

No. 1189055

Not famous. I have never heard of this person outside of the internet and I live in London.

No. 1189183

File: 1616278225820.png (1.38 MB, 1263x875, wahooligan.png)

Has anyone come across this channel? It's completely bizarre. This guy is grey-haired and pushing 50 and has spent the past few years trying to pivot from Marvel soy content to making Breadtube-styled videos responding to Breadtuber drama. Really bizarre.

No. 1189259

whys he lying on… trash bags with energy drink cans on them? funny

No. 1189265

File: 1616289861988.png (228.96 KB, 498x436, Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 6.24…)

it's a reference to the thumbnail of the contrapoints video he's referencing

No. 1189267

File: 1616290973016.png (1.44 MB, 1824x952, D43F2B5D-9147-40A8-A297-65A351…)


He comes off as raging narcissist with delusions of grandeur. He doesn’t even have 1 million YouTube followers and yet he thinks of himself (and refers to himself out loud over and over again) as being extremely famous. It’s very secondhand embarrassment-inducing.
Also, this is completely off topic, but I hate-watched a few minutes of his most recent stream and nearly threw up when he started performatively eating grapes (or something) in an over the top forced “feminine” way. I can’t even describe it, it was just so gross and troon fetishy

No. 1189556

i'm watching his coming out video and i managed to get to the part where he actually talks as "himself" and one of the first things he does is talk about how living as a man was like a shitty job. he's so delusional and i cant see this as anything else but a masturbatory fantasy or fetish

No. 1189560

Funny he compares it to having a bad job, because it makes it even more obvious to me his trooning out is to get ahead and get better jobs out of pity and this "Fame" he claims he has.

No. 1189571

yeah it's especially funny since someone on kiwi found his records from primary school and he went to some elite all boys boarding school and is from some upper class family where he'd probably never have to work a day in his life

No. 1191336

oh wow, abigail quoting contra with "to paraphrase a very good friend" and contra being like "i'm not in THIS PERSON'S life so…" (not even throwing a sympathy female pronoun for validation) is. Wow.

No. 1191404

Where do guys get the idea that contra and olly ever dated? They live in different continents right?

No. 1191636

File: 1616567183156.png (194.17 KB, 742x499, mums.png)

um… there literally is

16 year olds working as cashiers are taught the correct order

its not an old lady thing
your larp is transparently bad

No. 1191639


Not sure if this is bad larping or calling dudes too retarded to bag groceries lmfao

No. 1191683

Does he mean shit like heavy on bottom light on top???
That's common sense even my retard dad knows that

No. 1191739

I don't think they necessarily dated but it's more likely that they did hook up. Last month or in 2019 (Can't remember), I believe they met up and hung out together for a few days. This was before Philosphy Trooned out and it was speculated that he enjoyed the time, much to the point where he wanted to troon out to be closer Contra. It kinda reminds me of when Contra met up with Theryn only he seemed to keep him around as opposed to Ollie.

No. 1191740

That sounds pretty gross (the eating grapes thing…) but yeah, he does seem to have an overly inflated ego about how famous he is. No one that I know knows who he is lol.

No. 1191742

oh i can totally see them hooking up. Man i was not aware of their falling out, ESPECIALLY bc PT is completely in denial about it (last he referred to Contra, he called her "a dear friend".) damn i want to know more lol

unsurprising that an actor is a narcissistic egomaniac lol. In his defense, the UK is a much smaller country than the US, and having 1mil subs is a pretty big deal, especially in the smaller circle that is Left discourse, and especially especially bc he came out as trans in a moment where that is the big debate over there.

No. 1191799

I noticed I goofed in my last post, I meant "last year" not last month. I just remember reading about them meeting up on the Kiwi Forums and how many speculated they most definitely hooked up lol But I can't say I'm surprised that Contra wants nothing to do with him now, he's just as narcissistic as Ollie and two narcissistic personalities cannot coexist together, at least not for a long period anyway and also because Contra can no longer claim the token troon of Breadtube since now Ollie is doing it too lol.

And ah I see. Yeah I'm American so it probably is different in the UK when it comes to YouTube fan.

No. 1194303

File: 1616817881993.jpg (175.53 KB, 1059x1392, very regular posting.jpg)

Lindsay Ellis tweeted some dumb shit that her hyper-sensitive following would hate to hear from a white woman and then doubled down, and then deleted her twitter.

No. 1194316

rofl these are usually thoughts you keep to yourself, but these idiots always have to use Twitter like a personal diary

No. 1194356

File: 1616822990479.png (248.75 KB, 680x629, le2.png)

That's a tweet from last year. This one about Raya is what set her followers off and got her to delete. Funny thing is, I actually agree with her, but this is what she gets for courting the kind of audience she has nowadays, lbr.

No. 1194359

I mean she ain't wrong. There's nothing to disagree about here. I bet Lindsay doesn't act woke behind the scenes I mean she wrote a song about rape for crying out loud.

No. 1194365

Wow that is what she's being cancelled for? I thought people just found the one I posted and got mad retrospectively. The one about Raja isn't even offensive.

No. 1194378

It probably resurfaced because twitter's favorite activity after a prominent figure gets softly cancelled is to look for receipts to justify their overreaction. The Raya tweet is tame but that Harriet tweet is chef's kiss

No. 1194432

I think the issue they had is that Asian culture inspiration =/= Avatar.
I haven't seen the movie yet but the 'avatar reduxes' are just movies inspired by Asian culture so it's all kind of dumb.

No. 1194608

it isn't offensive but it is funny as shit. Raya and Avatar's only common elements are taken from the mithology of the countries they take place in.
Quinton has mentioned that she's more edgy behind the scenes than she tries to appear, I don't like the guy but I believe him on that 100%.
No pity for her, she tries way too hard to appeal to the woke crowd and unironically says shit like "yikes" out loud. Her Mel brooks video is still good, the bush era music one is so limited, the transphobia one was just the last straw.

No. 1194653

File: 1616858727927.jpg (358.71 KB, 900x637, youd think theyd be flattered.…)

Sad thing is, I became a fan because of that Mel Brooks video essay because she understood that audiences today are satire-illiterate and too quick to "cancel" based on subject matter alone. And now look at her.

Anyway to make this comment not so useless, people have been bringing up receipts left and right and it turns out that she's guilty of the gravest SJW sin of them all - coming after the poor twans

No. 1194666

is she wrong though? Trans men pass much more easily than trans women, and it reflects in how well people treat them irl.

No. 1194679

She's not wrong but its still fucking hilarious to see her get canceled by her own bizzare woke fan base

No. 1194686

Maybe this'll get her to reconsider her stance on siccing her fans on people she doesn't like publicly. She has vocally defended her public reactions to people less influential than her (some were shitty people but still far less relevant than her) and said she should essentially get to inspire her fans to dogpile on them or how else is she meant to live and express herself freely??? Well, those same fragile fans are now against her. Contra at least learned a lesson on cancelling people, Lindsay needed to also learn.

No. 1194690

I’ve seen Raya and what I think she meant that the themes are similar. But it’s just a fantasy adventure with political conflicts and ensemble cast, something that has happened way before ATLA. Americans can be kind of obnoxious with comparing everything with ATLA, like Zuko was the first villain with redemption ever.

No. 1194694

I checked in these resurfing takes and I'm surprised no one mentioned her insane "Sasha Baron Cohen is wrong about antisemitism" take on her Borat video. Like Sasha said as a rich jewish guy he doesn't face much issues in the uk and she thinks she can just tell him how wrong he is. That was the one that made me lose respect for her, I'm so tired of hyperwoke gentiles lecturing jewish comedians about antisemitism, it's such a change from her Mel Brooks video

No. 1194750

if trans men are men, then YES Cis women are more oppressed. This is what she gets for trying to cape for these people who love nothing more then to cancel women.

No. 1194925

A bizzare take because if shes referring to Jesuotaku of course he hasnt faced the vitriol contra has, no one has a fucking clue who he is and his only claim to fame was his brief stint at channel awesome before transisioning lol

No. 1195557

File: 1616935283797.png (79.89 KB, 725x504, lepatreon.png)

Just posted to her patreon. tl;dr twitter was making her "so unhappy" which is why she's been so rude lately or something. She thanks everyone who's still supportive. The comments are full of people simping for her. You know what, I honestly hope she DOES fuck off twitter forever. It's for the best.

No. 1195605

tbh this "break" just comes off at a denial that even someone as ~woque~ as herself could be canceled by the hivemind. if she paints this as 100% voluntary she can just pretend like the crown never slipped

No. 1195634

Breadtubers getting cancelled by the woke twitter mob they helped create is honestly hilarious, I can't to see who gets canceled next

No. 1195640

Place your bets!

No. 1195656

I feel Shawn maybe

No. 1195888

maybe hbomberguy? im shocked that more people haven't tried to considering he has rape/assault allegations

No. 1196054

File: 1616975043116.png (514.18 KB, 1466x762, 1616974880573.png)

No. 1196116

>I’ve been sitting on this for a while, faffing about whether I should post it somewhere or not, for a lot of reasons (including that my reputation will be shot to shit now, everyone will know I’m transgender and some of my history of sexual assault).

>On the other hand, Hbomberguy is making his career off being a “sjw feminist” when he has the balls to say shit like what he did. It infuriates me to know that he still not only is friends with a guy he has outright admitted is a fucking creeper but has him contribute to his videos and moderate his livestreams. I’m fucking furious that I only feel I can post this because I’ve left the gaming industry all together and “have nothing to lose” mental-health wise because otherwise I’d be fucked out of a career when my real name is attached to this, whether by his supporters or anti-feminists who can’t wait to see another person like me destroyed/kill themselves for speaking up.

>What I want from posting this is that everyone starts holding him accountable for this bullshit. I want people to know that when it comes time to actually put his feminism into practice, he’s shit the bed. People need to hold him to his word and he needs to actually demonstrate he isn’t just another white cis man making money off repeating what everyone else around him is saying while doing the same shit anti-feminists are doing. I do want him to actually get better and grow as a person - I just don’t want it to have to get to this point where it’s at my fucking life’s work and career’s expense.

>Happy International Woman’s Day everyone, and Fuck You Hbomberguy.

>And be wary, that does seem to be getting brigaded. When I first found the top post it was at -8, at time of posting (~40min later) it was at -3. Which given the size of the sub and how old the post is does not come off as normal. Archive incase the mods get delete happy.

No. 1196131

this is a nothingburger. My bet is on Sarah Z, because women and trannies always get the worst shot in these circles, and she made the big mistake of posting some dumb thread about "twitter toxicity". Also Sarah, Jenny and Lindsay are all rampant anti-reylos for some bizarre reason.

No. 1196136

Sarah has also admitted of liking m/m shipping, she could probably get canceled for that

No. 1196147

Sarah Z is also honestly irritating in how full of herself she is in her videos. She used to post a ton on the Killing/Stalking sub when the webtoon was still coming out. Though it’s a tough call on whether her whole mob followers would find that comic problematic or “realistic portrayal of toxic relationships where no one is happy so it’s ok”. Could go either way for her.

No. 1196202

Calling Jenny a rampant anti-reylo seems like a massive reach, just because she made some jokes about the unhinged ones here and there. If anything she is sympathetic to them and likes Kylo Ren as a character and wanted him to have a better ending than he got.

No. 1196204

The way SarahZ talks is so long winded and annoying. She’s always pre-clarifying things she’s talking about, to try to preemptively argue with anyone who might comment.

How is this a nothingburger? Hbomberguy caping for a sex pest and trying to gaslight a woman about what she is claiming to have experienced, straight up telling her he doesn’t believe her. That’s a pretty bad look.

No. 1196210

>post on the killing stalking subreddit
Fucking seriously, do you have any screenshots

No. 1196218

Sarah Z has psycho white girl vibes that make my skin crawl in ways I can't even describe. I don't even know what bothers me so much about her; I just get the feeling she's up to no good.

No. 1196227

File: 1616996924978.png (32.88 KB, 616x300, cp.png)

Gotta love it when Contra inadvertently defends actual confirmed pedophile-enabler Aimee Challenor. Only like 1 out of every 10 replies is trying to explain the reddit situation to him.

No. 1196230

What? People accuse Jenny of being a reylo all the time though. And in reality she just doesn't seem to care about the ship that much and speaks about it pretty diplomatically.

No. 1196256

Troons always back up other troons, even when it’s a pedo

No. 1196258

I would LOVE to see PhilosophyTube canceled. Such skin-crawlingly creepy predator vibes.

No. 1196338

Sometimes I enjoy watching sarahs tumblr history videos but good god is she annoying with the constant shoehoring of tra shit. I can see the "cis women aren't allowed to read/watch mlm content because it fetishizes them and makes them uncomfortable" crowd to cancel her. And what's up with that claim anyway? Porn in general fetishizes anything and everything.
I'd love to see this too kek

No. 1196487

i can't fucking stand her continously pouring water in her oversized cup while she's talking and the fact that she ticks off so many cool girl wannabe boxes, when she came out as bi (sorry, PAN) i was like of course she is

No. 1196640

jenny isn't an anti reylo? she skirts the line around it definitely, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was. she has mentioned it in videos but i think it's so that she gets reylo fans to watch her videos (she has made jokes about wanting to get te 40 year old Disney mom and reylo shipper demographic)
plus, people were getting mad at her over that one old clip of her from 2015 where she makes a joke about the janitors in Disney parks looking like finn. sarah z just comes off as a fandom tumblr containment breach. she's mostly harmless

No. 1196906

If she gets cancelled for that then I guarantee it’ll be by a bunch of fakebois who are guilty of the same thing kek

No. 1196947

Merrick Deville got banned and is now ban-evading on twitter


No. 1196964

she's fucking awful, post this on the leftthots thread

No. 1197137

File: 1617068140175.jpeg (248.8 KB, 1125x1385, 416810BC-B1DD-4C76-B458-35DE76…)

Straight to begging corporations for money from their virtue-signaling funds. Oppression: profiting off being a non-passing troon after a measly 2 months of being out.

No. 1197156

This boils my piss. I have artistic friends who are struggling and this guy's gonna get the red carpet rolled out for his debut shitshow because he's a) trans and b) famous on the youtubes.

No. 1197274

soooooo anti-capitalist

No. 1197448

what a corporate bootlicker. Could have just made a kickstarter/indiegogo

No. 1197455

he's not even hiding it. He's about to cash in on troon shit, while pretending he's doing it for some greater good, when truth is he failed as a man trying to act/produce now he's trying it as a " woman" but a "Special" woman, a trans woman.
notice how demanding he's being? Wow. I feel like he's going to cancelled soon, he's way too cocky. In fact if he does get big, I can see Contra's depressed ass spilling something negative about him.

No. 1197666

honestly can't wait, he's always given off creepy vibes and this was the last straw. Honestly, if twitter can cancel someone over something idiotic like "the new cartoon sure reminds me a lot of another older cartoon" they should have a field day with good ol oliver

No. 1197789

File: 1617137367121.jpeg (629.04 KB, 1242x1564, B516B0AF-7EB6-48D7-95FC-F3D1EE…)

Oliver sees someone talking about their autistic son’s developmental accomplishments. Olly responds, making it all about himself and his trans-ness.

No. 1198048

>most of my memories [of being 17] belong to a dead man and now feel like they came from someone else

It's called getting older. His gender identity is his midlife crisis

No. 1198050

File: 1617157050518.jpeg (648.49 KB, 4096x2731, ExwUWumWQAcM2bG.jpeg)

patricia oliver thorne bateman's new video is on jordan peterson… cow on cow violence

No. 1198155

File: 1617170546508.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 49.68 KB, 339x408, FC9B0794-8465-45BA-AFEC-7A1FA7…)

That hideous feathery thing immediately made me think of (picrel)

No. 1198169

holy shit that's amazing, can you even imagine trying to be friends with that person. How long till she'll also claim some form of autism for extra simpathy points?

No. 1198170

Jordan Peterson sucks but he seems like a dead horse at this point. Every breadtuber has done a video on him. I know he has a new book out so hopefully there’s new content to discuss and not the same old points they usually make against him.

No. 1198220

>that person
It’s ok, nonnie, you can say he/him.

No. 1198225

File: 1617178686542.png (553.81 KB, 1242x2688, 29B49D92-927B-434D-8F9C-3DE25A…)


Sorry anons, I was the anon who posted about her posting on the K/S sub and totally forgot to check this thread. I noticed it about a year ago when she posted on the r/BreadTube sub, posting her own videos and answering fans’ questions. When I went to her profile I saw she used to post in the K/S sub frequently, but shes since deleted the posts and comments of her confirming she is Sarah Z. I guess so people can’t link her back to her old shit.

Pic related, her account (u/Sazley) posting about a K/S fan game 1/3

No. 1198226

File: 1617178791470.jpeg (720.34 KB, 1242x2320, 91CF9E1E-8402-4CCE-9A0D-6CB634…)

No. 1198227

kek great find anon

No. 1198228

File: 1617178832191.jpeg (487.45 KB, 1242x2580, 9C813B1B-AE95-44A5-BFBA-A1E58B…)

She deleted comments admitting to being Sarah, but couldn’t hide from removeddit

No. 1198230

File: 1617179313270.jpeg (16.42 KB, 225x225, 27D1A407-14EC-4FD0-9894-61101F…)

It’s actually very easy to hide from removeddit. She’s apparently just been drinking too much dumb bitch juice.

No. 1198240

Thank you for delivering!

No. 1198242

trying not to be a bitch so sorry if i come off as one, but this is milk why? cus she likes a shitty manwa that relies too much on 3d assets? Or is it actual ground for her fanbase going apeshit on her? I honestly don't know, i always found K/S nothing more than torture porn and never got into it or its fandom

No. 1198245

being a fujo is a terrible sin in woke circles, you are fetishizing those poor mlms!

No. 1198247

ah, of course. i wouldnt think anything of it but they did manage to cancel their most prominent figure over her comment about a fucking disney movie so i'm sure sarah has her days numbered

No. 1198250

Depends on who you ask and how well Sarah can spin her liking it as just “from a critical standpoint” for the “story” and not because she likes it for the problematic gay shit like everyone else who read it.

Like with Lindsay, she is too deep in the woke community she helped create and cater to that will cancel her over anything they see as “problematic

>>1198245 funny how she reads tons of m/m content but SHE isn’t the fujoshi guys! She’s just here for the story, not like the rest of you!

No. 1198255

File: 1617181899928.jpeg (492.35 KB, 1242x1364, 841834F5-8EAB-49E8-9E88-235BAC…)

Samefag but looks like the mob is already turning on Sarah anyways because she told a fan who was being harassed to “go outside” but when Lindsay got cancelled she went off about cancel culture

No. 1198256

File: 1617181929551.jpeg (83.59 KB, 720x743, A3ED1C0D-18B4-4646-9A48-F53C3F…)

No. 1198262

oh lol right, the whole proshipper thing. TBH i agree with sarah, it's an incredibly idiotic thing to think you're being harassed over fucking ships of all things, it's really a product of being terminally online.

No. 1198264

As much as I dislike Sarah I also agree.

Funny how breadtube ranks are dropping like flies. Is PT still delusional that he and contra are besties? I’m surprised I didn’t see more people talking about contra snubbing PT and saying “that person isn’t in my life anymore”. I thought that was gonna blow up more than it did

No. 1198267

yeah, for sure! i swear i saw some comments being like "omg wlw queens! now they're gonna date for sure!" completely unaware they arent even friends anymore, and tbf i never saw that clip outside of this thread; but it's just so juicy it's weird it didnt blow up at all

No. 1198274


in addition to what all the other anons have said, killing/stalking is also massively controversial in the wokesphere because it contains rape and murder but also it's gay. so if you're not treating it like the bible of the antichrist, not only are you fetishizing mlms but you are also fetishizing abuse, and people tend to go ballistic over that. the only permitted mlm shipping content they stand for is ~pure and wholesome uwu beans~ where the hyper-femme uber-twink bottom is totally not cope for hating women and is totally not fetishistic of mlm in and of itself

that said since ks is over and its peak of controversy has come and gone, i don't think the cancellation can start there unless some fannibals tried to nail her for hypocrisy. but i do think it's some pretty solid shit people will sling at her once she starts going down

No. 1198276

File: 1617184457296.jpeg (457.39 KB, 2048x1538, EF0E2F93-36DD-4FEB-BB6E-7D3663…)

>I’m surprised I didn’t see more people talking about contra snubbing PT and saying “that person isn’t in my life anymore”. I thought that was gonna blow up more than it did

Me too! I think the only explanation is that not many people saw it, because the comment occurred about 11.5 hours into a 12-hour stream. Who was even still watching at that point? The clip has been posted here and on KF, but I’m sure most wokesters don’t frequent these types of sites.

No. 1198280

you're right, i am one and i'm absolutely too much of a coward to show my ass and try to get the clip have any traction on twitter on my main account lmaoooo

No. 1198283

contra made a video on jordan peterson so now he has to as well. how many daddy jokes will he rip off from contra's video?

No. 1198286

counting down the days where the new obsession will be Mia Moulder, they sound very close on twitter and Mia ticks off a lot of what is seem his type (intellectual, not overly feminine, long face, etc)

No. 1198329

is JP even still relevant between the right? wasnt he in a coma over eating too much meat lol? "fellas is it gay to eat zucchini so i don't get scurvy"

No. 1198346

Its interesting what's happening, breadtube was sorta created (or more accurately forced created) as a way to counter the right wing influencers on the Internet and it seems to have a worked, I mean right wing YouTubers are seen as a joke by most of the internet and mostly mocked but now the breadtubers are tearing themselves apart or are being torn apart by their own community of fans that they helped create and its over shit no normal human being cares about

I honestly think the whole thing will collapse in less then 2 years

No. 1198375

He is going to have an interview with Elon Musk so more brainfucked incels are going to join his ideology.

No. 1198448

File: 1617205031586.png (851.72 KB, 1184x1020, Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 8.36…)

how many glamour shots does one """woman""" need. surprisingly, people in the comments are actually pushing back on the tweet instead of the usual choir of "Stunning and Brave"

No. 1198464

how does the UK not grant trans people the same rights in terms of marriage and having children? what a crock of shite. there are some issues with adoption if that's what he means, but those issues also exist for same sex couples, unmarried couples, single parents, couples with no children, and even working class couples to the same extent (if not more in some cases). then again, the whole post is unhinged bullshit - i'm almost surprised he didn't start ranting about those even teenage girls and their abortions again.

No. 1198475

How does this dumbass even reconcile self-ID and free healthcare?

No. 1198488

he's so fucking goofy looking.

No. 1198495

>no more consultations
>informed consent

pick one

No. 1198507

his diseased mind imagines only have one consultation for troon procedures, where the only information they give him is that surgery is going to hurt and estrogen can make him emotional.

of course he'll never admit it but he and most troons think that actual serious warnings on hormones and various surgeries are terf bullshit.

No. 1198517

File: 1617210959387.jpeg (864.56 KB, 1242x2142, C6096254-F12C-4E6B-B002-927824…)

I’m really enjoying these replies.

No. 1198520

File: 1617211024809.jpeg (803.41 KB, 1242x2025, 227913E7-7254-4E0A-8E31-8CED35…)

No. 1198564

I know this sounds silly but for someone who's in art twitter, harassment of pro-shippers is something out of this world. Discord groups are organized to target jojo artists, girls are constantly told to kill themselves for fiding an anime boy character hot, it's a weird wave of concern-trolling, mostly organized by grown ass "they-them"s in their late 20s with an army of minors. I've only seen the deal from the sidelines tho, as I'm not into m/m, but they're generally a lot more aggressive than they are to coomer artists and such.

No. 1198722

As an “anti” who doesn’t get involved in these twitter wars, I’m sorry the they/thems are suicide baiting your friends. I would love to team up to suicide bait male coomers instead, if you’re interested. Maybe one day we’ll be able to look back and laugh at all of this as we hold hands and touch grass together.

No. 1198743

Sage for OT used to be a part of group of "antis" and I don't think there were any sort of non-binary or Troons(In fact a lot of them were explicitly gender critical) but they were like extreme moral guardian's who belived straight characters should be shipped with the opposite gender, no age gaps, no power difference, no sort of abusive dynamics, no bdsm e.t.c

On some level I did agree with them, cause I do feel that there ware a lot of problematic aspects with ships(especially the m/m ones) that should be called out but they often went way extreme and were abusive and hostile

No. 1198858

>will collapse in less then 2 years
Isn't it already basically collapsed? The only people left are the woke zombie horde, which is not really a group of people, more like a ball of energy that's still going on momentum alone. They haven't dissipated yet but the motor powering them bit its own tail and stopped going anywhere

No. 1198955

What fuels it is that people who aren’t part of the woke crowd, but who hate the person being canceled, will often play into the fake outrage just because they want to see them go down. Basically like you said, momentum alone.

No. 1199343

it's incredible how fast political trends go on the internet. Anti-sjw was all the rage barely 5 years ago, then died, and it's probably gonna be back soon, probably in some form of edgy left wing.

No. 1199824

4chan's /lgbt/ guessed it a year advanced with I think a few of them speculating 18-24 months before then.

No. 1199826

It's unironically capitalism. More and more people are becoming apolitical and thus they have to shred each other apart to get that diminishing market. Fight fire with fire? Lol.

No. 1200501

File: 1617390353605.png (2.23 MB, 1188x1204, Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 12.0…)

did contrapoints move homes? also peep lindsay's book in the stack

No. 1200520

That’s such a display book pile, what a poseur

No. 1200526

Someone said in the MTF thread recently that PT comes from a rich family. Does he ever mention this and is it confirmed? I know he went to a very prestigious university and private school.

No. 1200529

well according to him he is descendant of british royalty

No. 1200530

it is back and it’s dying again, it’s called the dirtbag left

No. 1200580

Surely that would have been sarcasm?

No. 1200583

It looks musty already.

No. 1200602

Absolutely not, there are many British politicians and businessmen who can trace their lineage back to nobility/royalty including most if not all of our prime ministers. Name any British actor and you're likely to have named an Etonian/noble.

No. 1200756

Money sure doesn't buy taste. That poor wilting orchid.

No. 1200797

Would Lily Orchard be considered part of Breadtube?

No. 1200902

more of a breadtube wannabe, like quinton.

No. 1200971

I mean, if by breadtube you mean a lefty with an unwarranted superiority complex, sure; but he's too far up his own ass with thinking cartoons have way more bearing on reality to say anything remotely interesting politically. Gotta say i am fascinated by his own resiliance in the face of pretty serious accusations, pedophilia and rape among those. He always ends up coming up with new labels to protect himself of any accusations, first he said he's native american, then trans, then raped and now he's poly. Gotta love the creativity /s

No. 1201148

gashunk gashunk shark manga lmao.
contra is such a grifter, how do his fans not see right through his act?

No. 1201239

>i am fascinated by his own resiliance in the face of pretty serious accusations, pedophilia and rape among those
She/he/whatever deflects them by calling out other brony pedos.

No. 1201291

lol he only reads childrens' books, manga, and shit you read in a community college humanities course

No. 1201299

File: 1617489650897.png (591.24 KB, 1279x735, rweugfifDQ.png)


Abigail Thorn was on the bbc. Don't think this has been posted yet. Must have hella connections to get yourself covered like this honestly

No. 1201301

I guess >>1200529 might be true then.

No. 1201303

Oliver Cromwell unironically did nothing wrong. Good fucking God what a travesty.

No. 1201304

Sage and don't even know why I did this but as a brit bong I assumed PT was a commoner like me and just happened to get into a top university because he was smart. I'm too trusting.

No. 1201324


This ballbag says he doesn't have equal marriage rights or healthcare which is a big fat fucking horsefaced lie. If a half decent journalist was conducting this interview he'd be called out on all his porkies but nah

No. 1201331

It's the fucking BBC, the same publication that can't stop demonstrating their hard on for getting Assange executed. You wish those pig fuckers would give a shit about journalism.

No. 1201336

Wtf I love BBC now

No. 1201397

I read multiple UK news sites daily including society/culture/LGBT interest stuff, and the only place I saw this mentioned was on Reddit. So much for “making headlines”. Ollie is really getting a fat head with delusions of being the English Caitlyn Jenner.

No. 1201456

File: 1617514721620.jpeg (164.86 KB, 1080x692, ECED0939-2B88-48E5-BF4D-EDCE39…)

Contra made and quickly deleted these tweets about getting srs

No. 1201462

He used to brag about how rich and noble and connected his family was before it went out of style, even admitted that they pulled strings to get him into university. I don't have caps on me but I remember someone posting them in another thread forever ago.
I really wonder what he's gonna do when he gets botched. Lie and pretend it's everything he wanted? Throw a fit and make himself out to be the victim? Time to start placing bets ladies

No. 1201468

What can I say, sasuga commie

No. 1201469

>research seems daunting
And having a neovag installed doesnt?

No. 1201473

What was he thinking, crowdsourcing SRS surgeons from a fanbase mostly composed of untransitioned teen enbies lmao

No. 1201475

he doesn’t seem like the double down type but the fact research is apparently too much for him pretty much guarantees he’s gonna be miserable with the results, regardless of what emotions he shows.

No. 1201485

Oh my god is contra getting cancelled over wanting a surgery? I love these crowds, "my body my rules!!" Until it's something that i wouldnt do lol

No. 1201486

Was this supposed to make the BBC sound bad somehow?

No. 1201489

The fuck you mean executed, dude is still in ecuador presumably raping at his heart's content

No. 1201511

at 19:45 in this video he talks about being descended from some obscure royal. he claims his family lost most of their money through gambling but somehow still went to private school.

No. 1201522

Wondering if he's the kind of silver spoon little bitch who think havin 50k as a baseline for your bank account is being extra poor

No. 1201548

but now he's a the most famous trans woman in the UK and he's fighting for trans women because he can't get married, he can't get decent healthcare or adopt. He really thinks he's a fucking hero and he's done NOTHING but talk about himself.
I predicted he'd want to get the surgery, it's weird how coomers get their dick chopped but they love tranny porn and trans pornstars who ALL have working decent sized dicks.
Trans without dicks are unpopular. I guess he'll find some dude to fuck his neo-pocket. Also do your own reasearch, that is a serious surgery, every troon is going to say, "oh my doctor did this or that" and make it seem like it's the best in the world.

No. 1201550

>he claims his family lost most of their money through gambling but somehow still went to private school
idk but this is just making him sound like more of a pathological liar
he's definitely a narcissist, i'll give you that

No. 1201621

I don't think Nick will last long if he gets the chop. Long enough to have sex, probably. I'm not entirely sure what sort of "lesbian" activity he's looking for after the fact, though. Even if he pulls in some self-loathing handmaiden, they usually start having panic attacks or refusing sex once they realize what they're working with. He's already depressed, so he'll probably 41% after he becomes even more alone and stops being able to coom.
Also, I feel like I remember him bragging about his dick size, before he trooned out. Let's test that theory. Will he invert his schlong, or make a second butthole?

No. 1201692

He's nowhere near the most famous trans woman in the UK. Off the top of my head -
Debbie Hayton
Kellie Maloney
Paris Lees
Miranda Yardley
Eddie Izzard (genderfluid but in 'girl mode' now apparently)

No. 1201693

He's made a bunch of improbable claims, I can't recall them all right now. One includes his mom being the person with the most precise color vision in the world.

No. 1201713

What a bizzare thing to brag about

No. 1201803

He is INSUFFERABLE jesus. I thought his pre-contra skinwalking content would be better but it's just him being a narcissist that makes it unwatchable. I hate him for making me sympathetic to contra for having to interact with his penis

No. 1201975

Should PhilosophyTroon have his own thread? Not complaining about him being posted here. Just noticing that anons have a lot to say about him.

No. 1201979

ehhhh I’d say that all of breadtube is incestuous enough that having individual threads for PT and contrapoints would just be a bit of a headache
The milk is more of a steady trickle than a stream, too. I’d say this thread is at a good level of activity.

No. 1202022

Good points, anon.

No. 1202179

seconding >>1201979, contra and PT have separate threads on kiwifarms but they might as well be the same one since they overlap pretty frequently

No. 1202471

Learn 2 sage.
The topic you mentioned has been discussed extensively in this thread already.
Here are some posts, out of order:

No. 1203203

Sorry to samefag but when I said
I wasn’t trying to shut the entire conversation up, or imply that it had been discussed enough already. I was just responding to a post asking if anyone had heard of the PT/Contra assault rumor.

No. 1203281

is there any archived version of the 4chan thread on that? i don't really use those boards an my understanding is that everything is now lost. I guess the only thing we have is the masterpost posted here earlier? I really wish Olly would piss someone off and they'd spill the beans, breadtube is due to a honest to god scandal that's a little more substantial than "by having a .02 seconds cameo in her video, contrapoints said that XX is NOT valid!" you know?

No. 1203346

there are a lot of sites that archive 4chan threads (warosu is one that i can think of off the top of my head), but if you go to one of the sites that archives /lgbt and search "contra" or "philosophy tube" i'm sure you'll find something

No. 1203468

wait does anyone have caps or a source on contra saying that?

No. 1203511

No. 1203575

Ice cold. I would love to see more of Nick publicly snubbing Olly.

No. 1203579

File: 1617833262428.jpeg (390.19 KB, 1242x1090, C461A50C-04E3-459F-9899-065C2B…)

No, Olly. Stay the fuck away from us.

No. 1203583

File: 1617833848944.jpg (297.77 KB, 1211x734, 1617818356780.jpg)


No. 1203597

"quite pressing reason" = stalking Contra

No. 1203608

I don't want to be mean but I can't get over how gross PT looked before the transition. I actually consider this transition to have been an upgrade.

No. 1203678

Lol he really did scam his way to an acting career by trooning out. What a sociopath you kind of have to admire it

No. 1203703

he's not exactly handsome but i guess he's above average for breadtube and online leftists' standards. most people who are that terminally online aren't exactly known for being super attractive. even contrapoints wasn't bad looking prior to trooning out. PT post-transition seems so surreal. he looks like a man in a wig and acts like a shallow stereotype of a woman

No. 1203704

It couldn’t be more apparent at this point jfc. No shame whatsoever.

No. 1203767

no offense US people, but the idea of olly wetting his skirt hearing "HEY GEDDAOUDDA MY WAY, IM WALKIN OVAH HERE" in a thick NY accent is immensely funny to me

No. 1203919

File: 1617895549753.png (94.89 KB, 874x1062, 1617889001177.png)

No. 1203920

Absolutely beautiful anon

No. 1203925

KEK this is incredible

No. 1203928

anon please make more

No. 1203932

No. 1203952

contra is thinking about upping the ante to try and outshine philosophy tube, but is having a moment of clarity seeing the ugly reality of srs.

No. 1203953

The way you captured Olly's massive pepperoni titties. Beautiful. Next thread pic

No. 1203964

are those heroine syringes?! anon you are an Artiste.

No. 1203970

i cannot imagine being attracted to contra kek his voice has never improved from "gay man upping their pitch". even blaire passes better

No. 1204001

File: 1617904321690.png (3.89 MB, 1920x1920, 1617564295871.png)

the 'tube just likes whatever makes his girlscythe hard

No. 1204011


It's the money and the clout. Contra has loads of it, in excess. Olly is just looking to ride off his coattails.

No. 1204059

File: 1617908937590.png (61.93 KB, 1476x368, Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 12.0…)

uh oh!

No. 1204085

has he always behaved this way? I really feel like he thinks being a woman means being "sassy" and not having normal "rules", but also because he's a "trans" woman, he has even less rules and can do whatever he wants without expecting any backlash.
I don't know if that makes sense.

No. 1204139

File: 1617914142813.png (12.41 KB, 598x140, Screenshot_2021-04-0.png)

Anyone else get a huge woke black Incel vibe from T1J(he's as of now the main Token black guy of breadtube)

He seems way to much interested in white or Asian women and almost never mentions black women in any context

No. 1204140

wasn't he an anti-sjw back in the day?

No. 1204147

Whenever men/trannies make this exact point as a "gotcha," they're just admitting that they see no difference between sex and gender. Blatant homophobia and conversion therapy rhetoric aside, it's basically an invitation to point out that, if TWAW to that degree, surely we should be giving them medical treatment for female bodies instead of male bodies and not bothering with HRT, GRS, implants, or FFS/FMS. Your body is already female, no?

No. 1204148

So were Contra, Shaun, and PT, iirc. Incels don't change, they just rebrand.

No. 1204214

File: 1617919797126.png (84.47 KB, 720x513, Screenshot_20210409-010841~2.p…)

The swedish murderer is bragging how him and his girlfriend had a baby through state sponsored IVF

No. 1204218

File: 1617919900693.png (51.83 KB, 720x223, Screenshot_20210409-011133~2.p…)

And how he was only on probation for a year.

No. 1204219

While I understand why you would think this is the MtF general, I think you are in the wrong thread.

No. 1204307

I swear hbomberguy used to be too. His earliest YouTube videos (now deleted) were rebuttals to Anita Sarkeesian. Then I guess he spent enough time on the anti-sarkeesian side of YouTube that he realized what a bunch of losers they all were and he switched to making fun of them.
I remember finding his videos making fun of the sarkeesian effect guys when they were new, and liking his humor. So I went and checked his older videos and was surprised that he seemed to be arguing both sides.
Now if you go to his YouTube channel and sort by oldest first, his “sarkeesian effect” response videos are the oldest ones there. I can find no evidence of his older videos but I’m 99.99% sure they were on there. I am starting to doubt my own memory though. I wish I had downloaded them at the time but I didn’t know he’d become a thing. This was 5-6 years ago.

No. 1204327

sorry for samefagging, the furthest back his waybackmachine archive shows is mid-2016 so I can't find any of his older videos. There's a chance I am mistaken but I really believe I remember seeing this.
Any chance anyone else remembers this, or was he not really on anyone's radar yet back then?

No. 1204505

i discovered him around the same time and i can't say i've ever seen those videos you talk about; i did notice a lot more quips against sarkisian by Contra in the early videos, but i can't recall from Hbomberguy.
I wouldnt rule out the possibility that in your memories you fused more than one fugly pasty white guy and assumed it was all hbomberguy lol

No. 1204565

ok so olly is full skinwalking contra and is doing a jordan peterson video (who even still talks about JP anyway, i've personally heard of him again because marvel of all people decided to troll him). By this measure of remaking every Contrapoint videos, what do you think will be next? My money is on "darkness" or "transtrender". Then again one about climate change ("apocalypse") would be pretty inconspicuous so maybe that?

No. 1204704

Hbomberguy used to be an admin in the Metokur forum, which was dedicated to trolling and triggering people online with offensive remarks, as were many groups like encyclopedia dramatica forum, something awful and butthurt brigade. The proof of this was in a mister metokur video where he showed a screenshot that had hbomberguy on the admin list, and a few testimonies. I'm sure he genuinely changed since then, but it's interesting that he's feeded by trolling remorse.

No. 1204884

anyone watch this?

No. 1204893

it was mentioned before, but nobody cares about Peterson since that embarassing debate with Slavoj Zizek.

No. 1204894

Tried to, but gave up within a few minutes. Idk, this thread has me seriously questioning PT lol the whole transition seems weirdly sketchy to me now. The voice and mannerisms feel so put on, especially in this video. I know PT was always theatrical or whatever, but there's something really inauthentic about this new upload.

No. 1204896

women have life on easy mode, duh!!!!

No. 1204903

At about 7:05, she brings up "an old friend who is a transwoman". I bet it's contra. She wants to be acknowledged by her soooo bad.
Also everytime she talks about trans things it sounds exactly like videos that contra has already made it's so creepy

No. 1204908

the bit about british police brutality, lol. Bitch where? British police can't even carry weapons

No. 1204913

Wtf was embarrassing about the debate anon

No. 1204914

weird ass extensive talk of incest

No. 1204932

File: 1618006770366.jpeg (220.71 KB, 1080x1440, 2315BE1F-6ECE-4D80-9FF7-37C24A…)

Thanks for the info. Got any screenshots or videos? I think it was right around 2014/2015 that he switched to his current politics, most likely be realizing he was surrounded by idiots in the anti-sarkeesian circles he probably used to actually believe in. I wonder how involved with gamergate he was before that, if at all. I’ve been having trouble finding any other dirt on him, or really anything on him at all from before 2015/2016. It would be funny if some things came to light and he was forced to address it. Then again, he’s male, so I doubt he’d get crucified as badly for maybe being an ex-gamer hater as Lindsay Ellis did for having a mildly spicy opinion about cartoons.

No. 1204951

didn't he excuse friend who a (woman)trans man accused of sexual assault or something like that? I can't remember the details but I think thats what happened.
And yeah he's a man, women get cancelled for anything but men will get three strikes unless they really do something fucked up.

No. 1204975

File: 1618010558733.jpeg (283.7 KB, 1093x412, 0DE879A4-1AD8-4933-A090-2EADB3…)

Something like that. I’ll try to sum it up briefly but this is bound to be a long comment:
Apparently someone who was working for him (hbomberguy) said that she had a problem with someone Harry was friends with, but didn’t want to talk about it because she needed to keep her job to avoid becoming homeless. She was worried that telling Harry his friend was a maybe-rapist would lose her that job. (Spoiler: it did)
But Harry pushes her to talk about it anyway because it’s been really bothering him. (Instance #1 of him prioritizing his own feelings when approached by a woman saying she’d been victimized in some way.)
So she tells him this story about how his best friend invited her on a date and then said a bunch of creepy stuff implying he was going to rape her on the date. Or that he wanted to do rapeplay, or purposely get each other drunk to have sex “without being able to say no” or some gross weird thing. She wasn’t into that idea so he called off the date. Then she felt weird about it and didn’t tell anyone for a long time.
Harry’s response: he doesn’t try to ask her any followup questions or anything that could maybe verify what she’s saying. Instead he basically says she waited too long to bring it up, and he doesn’t believe her now, and he even tries telling her that her memory can’t possibly be correct.
Then he again makes it all about himself by being like “I have to go, I feel awful about this.” He says a bunch more self deprecating things about how he’s awful and such a terrible friend for not believing her, but he confirms he’s going to stay friends with the alleged creep and does not in fact believe the accuser at all.
They then agree to part ways and never speak again.
I am just recounting a weak secondhand version of what I remember from this, so I could be wrong. And I’m not even saying I agree with the accuser that “some guy said he wanted to do weird kink shit I wasn’t okay with and then called off our date when I didn’t consent” necessarily counts as a violation of consent. According to her, he didn’t really do anything to her.
My issue is with Harry’s public persona of “one of the good guys” and “male feminist” compared to his reaction to being told a male friend of his violated a woman’s consent. Instead of asking more questions about it or discussing why she felt that way, trying to clarify things, etc. he just jumps straight to “no, you must be misremembering things. This whole situation makes me feel like shit, goodbye” with an unspoken “and by the way you’re fired.”
If you think the person approaching him is full of shit or their story doesn’t make sense, that’s fair, but his response is still a bit shitty and insensitive. Does fit with his “hashtag believe women” public image. There are better ways to discuss sensitive topics than patronizing instant messages implying the accuser is delusional.

No. 1205027

I hate this wispy "feminine" voice. Women don't talk like this! He just sounds like an upper class poof as opposed to Contra's yasss slay drag queen voice. It's just gay

No. 1205035

This is worse than Contra's video on him isn't it?

No. 1205061

I’ll let you know if I ever get through it. I keep trying but he’s just so skin-crawlingly creepy. The phony voice, the exaggeratedly “feminine” mannerisms and postures, the crazy eyes and Buffalo Bill facial expressions. He’s just so viscerally offputting.

No. 1205087

insult to gay men it's AGP for both of them. PT British flavor and contra… whatever.

No. 1205091

It's not worse, in some ways it's better because it's far less theatrical and easier to digest than Contra's. He addresses JP's magical way of thinking without mocking him too much or sexually harassing him which I think gives it a bit more weight. It's good to put videos out there critical of that clown that address his arguments instead of going too wacky with it imo. PT is still a loser but the video was ok if you can ignore the TRA shit he throws in there.

No. 1205128

>far less theatrical
It’s cringe-inducingly theatrical. There are costumes and characters and he’s doing voices.

No. 1205136

I agree with you in the sense that that conversation truly reveals that even the best most feminist of men will always put his male friends over the female ones.
But how was the dude violating consent? They were on a date, he said creepy things, she said no and they broke it off? Isnt that textbook "respecting consent"? Man this dating thing is hard lol

No. 1205164

Did i miss something or was the storyline with the smoking and lover/brother/what even? poorly executed and didn’t really make sense? I think they made a dew interesting points on JP but the storyline-elements left me really confused.

Are they trying to make a joke that even tho they are not “technically” calling JP a bigot they indirectly are?

No. 1205170

you sound like a scrote.

No. 1205177

They weren’t even on a date. She’s accusing the dude of being creepy before the date. Like she agreed to go on a date with him and then he started saying gross sexual things about what they were going to do on the date, including “get you so drunk you can’t say no to me.” When she expressed discomfort with this, the perv called the date off.
So, yes, he didn’t technically do anything to her. That being said, he’s clearly a creep.
My point isn’t so much that Harry should have canceled the guy. It’s more that his response was so lame. “You’re remembering wrong and also this is making me feel soooooo bad!” is a lame response. Maybe if he had some balls he could have actually engaged with her on the topic.
If someone came to me with a story like that, I wouldn’t just be like “you’re wrong and making me sad.” I would thank them for bringing attention to the fact that my friend apparently had a darker side. I’d assure them that I’d be keeping a closer eye out for anything weird with that friend. I might point out that the friend did in fact cancel the date when she expressed discomfort with what he said he wanted to do on the date, but I’d also be reassuring and wholeheartedly agree that what he said was inappropriate.
Harry could have definitely handled it better, especially for a person who thinks of himself as being soooo feminist. But male feminists can botch things very badly (like firing a female employee for coming forward about harassment) while women like Lindsay Ellis get canceled for the tiniest and most mundane things.

No. 1205261

it's definitely still theatrical. it's impossible to take him seriously, but the way he earnestly presents himself in front of the camera and says stuff like "us women" makes me feel like my brain is being broken. contrapoints may be a malignant narcissist but at least in his videos he'll slip in a self-deprecating joke or two that makes him seem a little self-aware of the absurdity of the whole thing. watching PT now is so surreal because it all seems so put on and such an act. it's so uncanny

No. 1205302

Oh no im a woman (a bio one at that!), I just havent dated a lot

No. 1205304

Ah gotcha, i see what you mean

No. 1205513

One time I saw someone on here (or maybe KF or somewhere else) say that in a livestream once Hbomberguy said something about regretting that he put the word “Guy” in his title, because “what if I transition someday?”
I’ve never been able to find this clip because his livestream was like 30+ hours long. But does anyone else remember this?
Does that mean he’ll be next to troon out? No clue why else someone would say that.

No. 1205666

here's the actual FULL GALLERY https://imgur.com/a/LEIid of the convo hbomberguy had with the accuser

i honestly have no idea why you would just post one part of it and then write a long summary. it's not even that hard to find.

that being said, your recollection is still pretty accurate. he made it all about himself and projected his own memory of the conversations he witnessed between these two people, and therefore accused her of lying.

https://archive.is/Zvo7d#selection-151.227-155.334 - hbomber's apology which starts off okay but fails to address anything, doesn't do anything about his creep mod, etc.

https://archive.fo/sGEQx - the accuser's response. she also includes screenshots of his mods defending him, one saying that there's more to the story and another saying that the callout post has a clear agenda to drag him. can't imagine why anyone would be upset with how someone who claims to be a male feminist being a creep apologist.

im glad this is brought up because this is one of the things that breadtube loves to forget about. i have a few male friends who love him but don't understand how bad his behavior was here no matter how i try to explain it to them.

No. 1205721

Nothing about him is feminine at all. at least contrapoints is waifish

No. 1205758

Good god i hope not. He'd look so fucking bad in a wig and skirt, worse than sterling and that's the lowest rate

No. 1205793

Waifish? Contra is a she-hulk.

No. 1205796

Thanks for adding all those screenshots. I just had the one screenshot and was recounting the rest from memory.
He comes off as such a pathetic scrote. He could have easily handled this better but instead he made it all about his feelings. What a pissbaby.

No. 1206141

File: 1618185662683.png (183.47 KB, 1795x1039, 1618179381204.png)

No. 1206157

Two retards fighting

No. 1206161

He's waifish for a man

No. 1206175

Ok so PT is playing up their shitty Brit accent. I thought I was going insane on that theory.

The bigger issue is that JP knows jack shit about communism. It's clear he has never even read the Communist Manifesto outside of some cliffnote version. Should have had Thomas Sowell or someone else on the right that has actually read the damn thing (and more shit by Marx and other leftists), but of course boring black conservative man doesn't draw the crowds like piggish Slav man with weird ticks and druggie Kermit the frog meme professor.

No. 1206179

tbh trash panda also knows jack shit about communism (or deliberately distorts it like the tenured parasite he is)

No. 1206197

the slav confronting peterson on "cultural marxism" making no fucking sense was the most hilarious thing. What Peterson calls cultural marxism is the most neolib shit ever

No. 1206249

No he isn't lol, he's gangly and thin as fuck

No. 1206263

Fittingly cursed digits

No. 1206268

File: 1618207394516.jpeg (493.06 KB, 1242x905, AEFC8788-8690-4BB9-8E8B-A71C7C…)

No. 1206270

File: 1618207634313.jpeg (726.59 KB, 1206x2177, 710C9075-1B57-477D-989F-0AF84A…)

No. 1206284

i'm starting to watch it right now and, dude, at 0:28 seconds in are those digs at contrapoints?? are the girls FIGHTING? FIGH FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

No. 1206306

are you sure this is the right timestamp?

No. 1206310

yeah yeah, right at the very beginning: PT prefaces the whole thing saying there will be no slander on JP, assumptions on his private life nor "cheap jokes about lobsters". Maybe i'm reading too much into it but i can't be the only one who knew about JP from contrapoint's Lobster Masquerade look lol

No. 1206318

maybe it just means that at this point the lobster jokes have been done and redone. contra's video came out 3 years ago already

No. 1206401

There is some truth to this, in that most videos that come out of the left shitting on JP did do these things. Contra was part of that group so it's at the very least tangential shade.

No. 1206453

I saw someone claiming that ContraPoints had rich parents and quit academia because of a sex scandal involving students or something. Didn't found anything on the rich parents, but I went to find stuff on the sex scandal thing since it's really strange that someone would drop a PhD to work as a Uber driver. There is some circumstantial evidence of him being involved with the Ludlow scandal, but no smoking gun.

From the start the story on why he quit is weird as he claims that he was bored by old gay philosophers, or moved to Baltimore because of a relationship, or wouldn't had job opportunities as a PhD, or because he wanted to work as a fiction writer. Also a detail that often goes unmentioned is that he also worked as a professor for Northwestern University, just before the sexual assault controversy hit.

In the Jesse Signal interview he claimed that he quit Northwestern in the summer of 2015 which was at the same time philosopher Peter Ludlow was being accused of assaulting and harassing students. The controversy started in 2014, intensified mid 2015 and he was fired in November of that year. From this student newspaper it seems there were student protests and there was a larger push to prosecute sexual assault at the University and the philosophy department in particular.


Ludlow was facing dismissal around the start of the Summer 2015 and was planning to basically run away to Mexico, which was around the same time Contra quit his PhD program and ran away to Baltimore.


An interesting bit in there is that Laura Kipnis was another philosopher from Northwestern who wrote several articles defending Ludlow, I think she even wrote a book about it. If you check Kipnis followers on Twitter you can see that ContraPoints actually follows her, which is really interesting.


Also Peter Ludlow was heavily into linguists like Noam Chomsky and anti-war people like Bradley Manning, which are people that Contra also admires.


It's easy to confirm that William Parrott (Hontra) was on the graduate philosophy program for Northwestern at the same time all this was happening, and I think the controversy might have been mentioned in some deleted streams, but I haven't found anything. An interesting detail it that the list includes other students like Chelsea Egbert and Debbie Goldgaber, both of which signed a letter expressing concern about sexual assault, but Parrott is did not signed the letter.


And apparently there is some dirt on this one stream but I don't have the energy or patience to actually listen to it.


No. 1206463

don't know anything about the sex scandal stuff, but i do remember CP saying in an interview that he initially went to music conservatory (a B-list one at that) and then only managed to transfer into Georgetown because his father was a professor/related to faculty

No. 1206627

Contrapoint real name is William Parrot?? That sounds even faker then his new chosen name. Why do people on here call him Nick then?

No. 1206637

middle name is nicholas i think

No. 1206670

Wait why are they still on the alumni? In my department, they basically unperson anyone that failed to complete the program, and from everyone's understanding is that they didn't complete the program.

No. 1206995

It seems less like they’re fighting and more like Olly is desperately trying to get Hontra to give him attention.

No. 1207040

It was a call back to a previous video that uses the arson metaphor to talk about white supremacy or something.

That's why PT does an insufferably smug smile at the start while saying "Smoking is not allowed in the cinema". Weird narcissistic attempt at a leftist dog whistle I guess?

No. 1207106

there's some attempt at cancellation over on tumblr because of the incest thing, and for one I'm on PT side: it's a plot point and putting a content warning for two fictional characters snogging off screen would be really stupid for the overall tone. Unfortunately it doesnt seem there's much traction to the outrage, i guess over the years Olly has become a master at avoiding shitstorms

No. 1207293

File: 1618328557429.png (864.78 KB, 1368x721, hugoawards.png)

Lindsay just got nominated for a Hugo Award for Best New Writer; let's see if this makes her reactivate her twitter to acknowledge it. Announcement of all noms if anyone's interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYzMl-9T2aQ

No. 1207326

File: 1618331649656.gif (990.1 KB, 500x285, E101D5E7-ED6C-40B0-9A51-0464EC…)

More likely a reference to an anti smoking PSA that had John waters in it

No. 1207397

Contra is a big fan of John waters, too. I don't know if loving John waters is just an old school queer thing, though.

No. 1207572

>> i guess over the years Olly has become a master at avoiding shitstorms
Well now that he’s trooned out, no one can ever call him on anything ever again.

No. 1207890

File: 1618367429082.png (Spoiler Image, 439 KB, 599x592, egg bound.PNG)

No. 1207923

Egg crack cosplay

No. 1208011

nah, hard disagree.

If anything this will be the real proof if people consider him a woman or not, as women (both cis and trans) get cancelled for the MOST INANE of reasons (ex: Contra for a .30 seconds cameo, Ellis for a fucking cartoon opinion, Teigen for not hiding the fact that she's very rich), while men are basically immune to it unless they fuck very young children as even with teenagers there are people who would quicker put the blame on a horny and impressionable 16 year old than a fully capable grown adult lmao. We'll see!

No. 1208029

Ooh, calling PT a woman and not a-logging chrissy teigan in the same post. Girl, you brave doing that here.

Point taken though. Contrapoints was cancelled a lot post-transition so there has to be something else. Phil Tube just is better at optics? Or maybe the smug self congratulatory attitude has an effect on people's reactions compared to the self deprecating sad alcoholic? I don't really understand why the former gets more people on side than the latter but here we are.

No. 1208077

i'm watching Sarah Z's latest video and it's maddening the way she always has a cup of tea or a glass of juice to drink and never cuts when she drinks, i can't believe none of her videomaking friends havent told her it's unprofessional and weird to subject your viewers to sips and gulps. At this point i'm starting to tinfoil she has a secret fetish donor that gives her money for every time she drinks and gulps liquid?? like those ana skeleton girls have people paying them in secret for each time they struggle with heavy objects.
i swear to god there's a point in the video where there's pouring sound when she's on camera but the sound cuts off when the graphic shows on screen, leading me to believe the pouring sound is added in post???

all of this is leading me to believe i might have autism AND that she definitely has a fetish donor

No. 1208235

my sides anon… sarah z is a little too Pollyanna for me, but strangely enough she's probably the breadtuber (if you consider her a part of it) that i find the most tolerable, especially compared to PT/CP or Lindsay ellis, since she mainly just sticks to whatever the topic at hand is without a lot of gimmicky extra stuff

No. 1208469

scrote personalities tend to have scrote dudebro fanbases which rarely care that much about these things. When you main audience is troons and handmaidens, you reap what you sow.

No. 1208505

File: 1618433649253.png (1.12 MB, 1174x1150, Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 1.54…)

philosophy troon considering a move to the U.S., specifically the east coast

No. 1208551

I didn't think to sceencap, but they (Olly) did write a tweet about a friend telling them they thought he probably was gonna move to NY in the end "because of a girl", but they quickly deleted it. so hung up on contra, still.

No. 1208570

Moving to the USA is such a bougie move for this troon

No. 1208584

can someone tell me whats "Equal rights" and "proper healthcare" he's not getting? Seems like he wants to move to new york/us and he's making it out to be some herioic shit because he was just saying how he was the "most famous person…" and all that "Terf island" shit.
He really thinks he's a victim, when he can afford to leave and go somewhere new. When is he going to be called out?

No. 1208615

You’re exactly right. He will frame likely every single thing he does in his life this way. He’s not moving to NY because he’s a pathetic stalker and attention whore. It’s because he’s Transa Parks!

No. 1208679

funny to hear him go on about access to healthcare when for so many americans it's out of reach and a privilege. anyways shit is eventually going to hit the fan here and probably with much more backlash if more people become aware of the child transition shit.

No. 1208786

>proper healthcare
come up with a better cover for being an obsessed skinwalking stalker. honestly anons this whole him hounding contra is going to get even more milky I can feel it

No. 1208868

is he really trying to sneakily prepare everyone that the reason he's moving to nyc is because of tranny rights and not conta kek
he just ends up sounding like a privileged pos

No. 1208879

yes, escape terf island to move to a notoriously friendlier place for minorities. New York City. (then again he isnt black, so there's that).
Damn the US are really big, is 3-4 hours by car (NYC - Baltimore) really considered "in the neighbourhood"?

No. 1208893

Retarded British man knows exactly two cities in the United States of America, chooses the one closer to his ex boyfriend. If Contra lived on the west coast, do you think Olly here would've picked Portland? Cost of living isn't an issue for him at all, huh? So much for the starving artist.

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