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File: 1623570693130.jpeg (226.53 KB, 1043x1017, B7823F51-9117-460E-90C1-86F07E…)

No. 1254841

Ashlee Lillie is a sub-par YouTube creator and degenerate e-whore who has garnered a reasonable amount of attention primarily as a result of being a victim of kiddie fiddling degenerate “musician” Dahvie Vanity. She was interviewed by washed up “journalist” Chris Hansen as part of his series on predators, and like all strong, stunning and brave warrior kweens has since made perpetual victimhood her entire personality while selling pictures of her snatch on the internet.


>appeared on Chris Hansen’s series on Davie Vanity’s victims along with more high profile personalities such as Jessi Slaughter (now a tranny who calls herself Damien Leonhardt)

>streams for nine fucking hours with other Dahvie’s victims on Edwin Costa’s second YouTube channel Homeboys Got Receipts
>decides to parlay her subsequent “fame” into a YouTube career with disappointing results
>after Chris Hansen receives resounding backlash for his handling of the Onision drama and his involvement in the Discovery documentary series Ashlee becomes a vocal detractor of the man who is the only reason why anyone knows who she is
>also turns on fellow victim of Dahvie, Mal Levy, due to her continuing to work with Chris Hansen
>Mal responds to Ashlee’s bullying by stating that Ashlee has done nothing for the case against Dahvie besides using it for attention and making everything about herself
>spergs about how Chris Hansen made a spectacle of both Onision’s and Dahvie Vanity‘s cases while continuing to make a spectacle of herself, clearly has no self awareness
>continues to clout farm by kissing the ass of other creators who have a bigger following, such as Ready to Glare and Creepshow Art, both of whom are massive cows in their own right
>continues to tweet non fucking stop about how evil Chris Hansen is and little else
>periodically deactivates and reactivates her twitter account
>claims her cousin’s boyfriend showed said cousin her nudes in attempt to make her cousin jealous and is banned from her place of work but still shows up there to stalk her
>constantly spergs about people “flexing” on her trauma saying they don’t know anything about it, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it’s all she ever talks about
>continues to ride the #deplatformpredators train by making videos that get fuck all views yet somehow thinks this warrants making her own merch
>acts like the most victimiest victim to ever be victimised when her internet friends and aidorus like Creepshow Art get exposed for being pieces of shit
>posts a poorly worded tweet implying that she still doesn’t know for certain that Creepshow Art is responsible for the posts attributed to her on lolcow (amongst other allegations) after Emily Artful posts a comprehensive video detailing why she believe Creepshow is guilty
>received backlash for aforementioned tweet, furiously backpedals and victimises herself as per fucking usual

Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ashleelilliex
Instagram: https://instagram.com/ashleelillie
YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/Ashleelillie
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ashleelillie

No. 1254854

Damn, two faced as hell, both metaphorically and literally

No. 1254861

File: 1623571800433.jpeg (607.58 KB, 1518x1242, BD2FD02C-CC25-4403-B2B1-B40E78…)

Incoming dump of caps of mostly deleted tweets re: inserting herself into the Creepshow drama and being an attention whoring flaky cunt

No. 1254863

File: 1623571875884.jpeg (435.87 KB, 1440x2442, CADDD10C-A981-4576-8796-DF7E33…)

No. 1254864

File: 1623571942713.jpeg (713.6 KB, 1242x1782, 29AA7645-580D-4613-94A3-1FD834…)

No. 1254865

File: 1623572000115.png (57.41 KB, 594x234, B0179F3B-0678-4996-B7BD-16A0DE…)

No. 1254866

File: 1623572098496.png (33.76 KB, 589x120, 3CDADA31-E1BD-42F1-B389-73EE68…)

No. 1254867

File: 1623572150244.png (102.21 KB, 1200x398, D110AE94-EE5D-4DE1-A9C8-CC667D…)

No. 1254872

DeOrios annoying ass talking without even watching the whole video

No. 1254873

Isn't that the dude who was making fun of Emiley about her whole situation? Scrotes be scrotes I guess.

No. 1254875

I know, this really pisses me off.
He could not be whiteknighting this chubby little cunt harder if he tried. Absolutely fucking pathetic. It just makes me hope even more for larger creators to catch wind of this and report on it (people who actually cared enough to watch the video and who paid attention) so these incel idiots can eat their words.

No. 1254876

He also supporter Onion with the Hansen shit, he is a repugnant obese greasy incel who is as much of an attention seeking retard as Ashlee

No. 1254880

He's an annoying fatass inserting himself into things without taking the time to get informed, but his one redeeming quality is the time he got Onion to incriminate himself while trying to explain away Lainey sending nudes to a minor

No. 1254882

File: 1623573967397.jpeg (259.25 KB, 720x1242, 89019AD6-0962-427B-B70F-E7CF14…)

No. 1254883

File: 1623574150491.jpeg (93.87 KB, 1176x318, DE006250-279B-4851-98A7-78D2ED…)

Seeing this ugly clown ass clamber to kiss Emily’s ass after this is embarrassing, Emily should just tell her to go fuck herself

No. 1254884

I can't with this girl. She's so wishywashy that it's embarrassing. Either pick a side or stay out of it.

No. 1254886

File: 1623574468412.jpeg (Spoiler Image,651.28 KB, 828x961, 9BA9153F-6FBE-4C20-852B-109712…)

Then get a job, sex work isn’t real work you degenerate

No. 1254887

Not exactly the most dramatic POS on youtube/chwitter but thank you anon. She's been irritating tf outta me since the Chris Hansen interviews…
>constantly spergs about people “flexing” on her trauma saying they don’t know anything about it, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it’s all she ever talks about…
All the needs to be said.

No. 1254888

Everything about her is embarrassing, have a scroll through her twitter if you’re feeling cringe deprived. Typical BPDfaggotry

No. 1254896

Okay she's obviously ridiculous and not to derail this in some argument about sex work, but it's not wrong to use your body to earn money. If you can profit from idiots who pay for porn then do it.

I wish this thread focused on the things she's done and said and not just trashing her appearance and selling nudes. Also that way she can't claim that uwu lolcow's harassing her

No. 1254897

Also also does anyone have any screenshots of Mal situation? I think that's maybe the worst that Ashlee has done so far. I know it's mentioned at the beginning of the thread but it would be good to have proof here too

No. 1254903

I’m currently looking for shit to compile

No. 1254906

File: 1623576683260.jpeg (215.48 KB, 828x705, 96631AF1-0EF6-47BF-81FB-D890E4…)

kek this reply sums her up pretty well

No. 1254910

File: 1623576823521.jpeg (231.96 KB, 828x636, 4C0AEB3C-82C8-4A9A-A5D5-3F9DF7…)

>self awareness has left the chat

No. 1254912

File: 1623576896411.jpeg (481.21 KB, 828x1352, 982F93E6-4BCD-4FEC-B09E-40B237…)

>this isn’t okay
My fucking sides

No. 1254914

File: 1623576962693.jpeg (302.67 KB, 828x971, 6C7C532A-E2E7-4940-9E48-CC0158…)

Of course that faggot Repzion had to chime in

No. 1254917

lmao do you know where you are? most of this board is making fun of ugly people and hating on sex workers. she can sperg to her hearts content about the boolies on lolcow, who cares what twitterfags think

No. 1254918

Ugh Repzion is a creep too I'm just waiting for everything on him and his weirdo gf to spill over

No. 1254920

Lmao okay it doesn't have to be an echo chamber here, not everyone has to hate on the same things.

No. 1254922

File: 1623577439422.jpeg (300.61 KB, 828x842, 6BAD5A43-7A69-4AAD-883B-62C207…)

No. 1254924

File: 1623577495549.jpeg (242.09 KB, 828x740, 6FC9C5F0-708C-4A04-BC56-F80FA0…)

Some of the replies to this

No. 1254927

File: 1623577585505.jpeg (373.55 KB, 828x1196, F540841F-3E0B-43E2-BF87-E34F7F…)

No. 1254929

File: 1623577687468.jpeg (185.2 KB, 828x539, 46559395-8EB6-4388-8820-9F909E…)

No. 1254940

File: 1623578730828.jpeg (254.82 KB, 828x585, 6E389E76-816A-42D9-A2B0-257B3B…)

jfc she is shameless

No. 1254943

File: 1623578892227.jpeg (446.2 KB, 828x1225, 32B184B9-FCCD-4CF6-A7EF-2F9015…)

No. 1254964

Ugh this is just setting Shannon up to blame everything on her husband and is obviously a lie that she told her. Firstly, Shannon has multiple devices and secondly she's always fucking online no way she shares it with him.

No. 1254989

She really is. Every time Emily mentioned anything about the video she was preparing, Ash was right there acting like she could and should tell Emily's story for her.

No. 1254991

When you order Charlotte Sartre on Wish

No. 1254998

File: 1623584322996.jpeg (353.27 KB, 828x995, BF0B728F-81FC-476B-94F1-D2B5CC…)

inb4 trashlee deactivates because muh harassment uwu

No. 1255053

Man, shoutout to you nonnie. Fucking FINALLY this cunt gets a thread

No. 1255235

File: 1623606022292.png (138.92 KB, 1196x502, Capture d’écran 2021-06-13 à…)


No. 1255236

File: 1623606074845.png (391.48 KB, 1188x1244, Capture d’écran 2021-06-13 à…)


No. 1255276

She’s so self centered, I remember some of Dahvie’s victims were going to do a television segment on his crimes and she got mad that she wasn’t invited to speak because she claimed it was “her trauma” like i’m sorry, but you’re not the only victim here and other people deserve the right to speak too.

No. 1255285

She apparently blocked this dude but is still going on at him. He didn’t even do anything wrong he just said she blocked him when he told her Hansen was using her.

No. 1255288

Bless your heart, anon. I’ve been waiting for a thread on this self-obsessed cunt for a while now. I have no doubts there’s plenty of milk to be spilt.

No. 1255296

File: 1623609736146.jpeg (235.81 KB, 828x637, 181BB394-1AFE-4815-B2CA-FDD83F…)

Feel sorry for me please owo

Shannon didn’t even say shit about her and she bombarded Shannon with messages, it’s no wonder she’s not talking to her.

No. 1255309

Ugh she's insufferable. Her whole identity is built around her victimhood and she's always brandishing the victim card as a shield against criticism or anything she can't handle. I'm not diminishing what disgusting POS Dahvie did to her by any means. But I will always feel a lot less compassion for people who exploit their victim status and guilt trip those around them when things aren't going their way, it's just gross

No. 1255310

She’s built like a fucking lego kek

No. 1255315

Lmfao truth really hurts I guess

No. 1255324

this. not even jessi spergs the way trashlee does and she was dealt the worst abuse arguably bc of her age and it being long term

No. 1255693

After not posting on her onlyfans then complaining about not getting enough money through her onlyfans, she got a job at a local strip club that she worked at before. Either doing makeup or actually stripping. She’s never confirmed, but has made mention of doing makeup for the girls at the club.
She also wants a boob job to enhance her sex work.

No. 1255718

File: 1623637602201.jpeg (334.82 KB, 828x1054, 0CE0B0A8-DC5A-41D4-9F2B-8D4FCC…)

All these people are such fucking cows, twitter is such a cesspit of professional victims.

No. 1255720

LMAO this must be where her cousin’s boyfriend has been stalking her. This cow’s personality really is nothing but victim and whore

No. 1255759

Fuck off back to twitter whore

No. 1255762

File: 1623639889378.gif (20.3 KB, 423x67, 1620355081342.gif)

No. 1255787

Why the fuck do these women keep associating themselves with greasy online dudes who clearly have no respect towards them?

No. 1256044

Mental illness and handmaiden koolaid

No. 1256057

Shes a literal whore, her entire existence is dedicated to getting attention and validating from worthless scrotes, she has no self respect

No. 1256334

I am FUCKING cackling

No. 1256921

File: 1623722938464.jpeg (285.46 KB, 1242x1431, B30E769F-69AC-41A5-8A23-BA18A0…)

I really hate her. First of all nobody cares what she has to say about Shannon. The only reason she got shit was because she said how there wasn’t definitive proof that Shannon was involved with the stalking in Emily’s video.

No. 1256997

File: 1623725478513.jpeg (280.12 KB, 828x898, 096D274C-9E46-4DE6-8A0A-CCA5D6…)

This mentally challenged cow is insufferable, her twitter is ostensibly a study in narcissism, she’s one of the most shameless self-absorbed attention seeking cunts I’ve ever come across. She can’t go a single day without inserting herself into drama. No one cares about your opinions, trashlee

No. 1257056

What the fuck is a pick me channel, says the literal whore. Keep crying and shaking.

No. 1257185

I’d like to know what channels are saying this though? They all have support for her friends from what I’ve seen. Just another quick attempt at pity because of the big internet bullies are being mean.

No. 1257312

Probably none, just Trashlee creating drama where there is none because she can’t survive a day without creating some to insert herself into like the raging narc she is.

No. 1257316

this bitch is constantly just saying words. absolute word salad with every Twitter victim buzzword thrown in. What the fuck she's ever trying to explain is always so muddy and a bunch of retards just like it and sTaN her regardless

No. 1257725

tbh Ashlee is the most annoying gurl on Twitter/YouTube and doesn’t know when to shut up n stop being a self absorbed ass. Not to mention certified fake friend apparently(namefag)

No. 1257763

She is the ugliest woman I have ever seen holy shit nothing she wears does her any favors ever

No. 1257933

"us" "we"

It's like Shiloh and "my girls" all over again.

No. 1258041

Typical narc phrasing. It makes the people they’re trying to manipulate feel included. I don’t give it long before Trashlee tries to start her own cult or something kek

No. 1258614

File: 1623930598809.jpeg (454.25 KB, 828x1443, E953C713-AF56-439B-9CEE-79701D…)

Here we go nonnies

No. 1258616

File: 1623930655146.jpeg (447.68 KB, 828x1210, 9CC01E16-3CBA-47C4-9C65-DE6A08…)

Youre all big fat meanies :’(

No. 1258629

That's a lie claiming she didn't even know what lolcow was 2 weeks ago. She made this post here eight months ago: >>>/snow/1059461 proof: >>>/snow/1250754

No. 1258708

Was this DEFINITELY her? I thought it was never confirmed

No. 1258823

> I didn’t even know what lolcow was until 2 weeks ago

Sure, Trash. She’s probably been lurking here for years.

No. 1258949

File: 1623964737442.jpeg (271.95 KB, 828x604, BFC9967E-6F30-49CF-9EEA-FFA9DC…)

She posted this yesterday and had a bitch fit at someone who called her out for posting it

No. 1259291

I wish she would stop inserting herself into everything daily because it’s an eyesore to sift through her impeccably whiney “pick me” posts.

No. 1259316

LMAO I wonder if she found this thread or if she’s just talking about what was said about her in Shannon’s thread. She’s such a two faced cow, being a cunt to people but then trying up come off as uwu. Seethe, trashlee.

No. 1259342

Did she facetune herself to look like Mikhaila Peterson lmao

No. 1259363

File: 1624004354272.jpeg (325.72 KB, 2048x1259, A8E47311-8792-491E-8DAC-01AC3F…)

Boohoo poor me.

No. 1259372

Jesus Christ these people act like Shannon fucking stabbed them and killed their pets, girl she was gossiping like a bitch on girly 4chan, you're not going to fucking die

No. 1259376

She wasn’t even shit on by Shannon either, but since she was friends with Shannon she’s automatically classified as a victim lmao. She’s using this opportunity to gain sympathy and it’s beyond obvious.

No. 1259394

Right! There's no shortage of victim complex ravaged YouTube girls but she's something else, it's so embarrassing to watch her continue to pull the same BOOHOO ME! lever at literally everything. It would just be genuinely funny if she wasn't so arrogant and annoying

No. 1259453

I personally think she went looking for shit about her on lolcow, there are more than enough screenshots on multiple Twitter threads so she didn’t NEED to come here.

No. 1259540

File: 1624034527799.jpeg (223.2 KB, 828x1321, 77019D5C-5000-47A0-88AE-4012CE…)

So now she’s started attacking another youtuber Paige Christie because Paige mistook Kween Trashlee for another Ashley, going to the point of digging up years old tweets. She gets more pathetic by the day.

No. 1259730

lol this girl is acting like Shannon did something horrible to her when she did nothing to HER. Like she HAS to be involved in everyone’s drama to feel important. Like what?? And people are like “I hope you’re okay” THERE IS NOT REASON FOR HER NOT TO BE OK
I cannot take the dumb(unsaged newfaggotry)

No. 1259823

Crosspost from the shamu thread. Anybody want a box of whine?

No. 1259967

I bet that hurts more, that she wasn't even worth mentioning. Kek

No. 1261038

File: 1624229115016.jpg (307.6 KB, 1080x1200, SmartSelect_20210620-183839_Tw…)

Not milky, I just wanted to shit on this liner job. Do people actually go out in public with these clown lips?

No. 1261528

File: 1624303297329.jpeg (452.09 KB, 828x1269, 21B51FB6-D618-469B-8227-C2A923…)

Bitch theres a reason you don’t know anything about the investigation, you spoilt any chance of being involved when you shit talked Mal for working with Chris

No. 1261616

So now she’s whining on Twitter about people asking her about the investigation after she just blasted Fallon Vendetta ??
Ok ashlee

No. 1261620

kek she's really shilohposting

No. 1261641

>muh trauma is killing me, pls do not speak of it!
>obsesses over it publicly 24/7

Cool story trashlee.

No. 1261655

File: 1624316387719.jpeg (494.75 KB, 1125x1278, 2440FA0B-D795-410D-B897-197E49…)

u mean when you were coming after her and she defended herself and called u out for being problematic?

No. 1262826

File: 1624480014205.jpeg (314.52 KB, 828x936, 997C1199-AADD-47AA-9051-36BE3E…)


No. 1262906

>my story
Yes, because the Dahvie situation is exclusively YOUR trauma, Trashlee. I’d totally forgotten until you had to remind everyone publicly it’s all about you yet again. God she is fucking unbearable. Everyone stopped reaching out to her months ago, what makes her think anyone will want to in the future? kek

No. 1263654

File: 1624585725519.png (231.41 KB, 720x1363, Screenshot_20210624-214736~2.p…)

This last comment so accurate. She only exists bc of hansen and then turned on him bc creepshow and Edwin told her she could cash in faster hating in hansen. She begs for money constantly instead of working hard. Brags about be "diagnosed" bipolar and then blames it on everyone else. Recently said because of investigation but bf that blamed her bad parents and her relationship. Contradicts her lies constantly just look at her social media. Says she's can't be intimate bc of "investigation" but is intimate with lots of girls in all platforms. I mean just not her bf and well duh. She bullies him

No. 1263880

File: 1624625139782.jpg (146.47 KB, 720x1027, Screenshot_20210625-084243_Twi…)

Suicide baiting again, being a drama queen. Yes, that is an unfortunate situation, but it's not like her and her pussy-whipped fiance will be on the literal streets. Fucking relax

No. 1264108

This reads as “give my beta fiancé and I your hard earned money because I don’t wanna work to fix my problems.” Selling her lego brick body and snatch online isn’t working out so well, I guess. Maybe the world is finally telling you to get your head out of your own ass, Ashlee.

No. 1264705

File: 1624710724815.jpeg (771.03 KB, 1125x1773, F93A4009-C07A-498F-A94B-2CDF2A…)

This is quite hypocritical, sweetheart

No. 1264752

I thought being a whore is profitable. Why these bitches always broke and suicide bait.

No. 1265255

File: 1624771179039.jpeg (294.98 KB, 828x761, BFEF0AF4-EFC8-4010-A87F-CE175F…)

Another one to add to the list of people who have ADHD. I am so fucking sick of every person with a social media platform being diagnosed with ADHD

P.S validate me and tell me I shouldn’t delete my Twitter:(((((

No. 1265625

Why do all these bitches have bipolar or BPD? Maybe they just all have shitty personalities.

No. 1268324

Ashlee: “I’m gonna take a break from Twitter or delete the app so add me on insta”
Ashlee 24 hours later: posts nonstop about stuff she wishes she had something to do with for more clout

No. 1268397

File: 1625078464182.jpeg (489.43 KB, 828x960, FCC44A68-3437-4249-A71B-7D6A70…)

She’s now inserting herself into the Gabbie Hanna drama after previously tweeting she would not insert herself into the Gabbie Hanna drama.

No. 1268826

for fuck sake indeed

No. 1268831


Not surprising in the least. She's an attention whore and she can't exactly sell herself very well anymore by riding off of Dahvie's name like she used to so she has to find the next best thing to latch onto just to try and get any form of attention. I don't understand how e-whores like herself don't sed how sad that truly is.

No. 1269111

File: 1625166632590.jpeg (84.2 KB, 828x740, 7A17FC41-5E47-4ACE-915F-A50258…)

Trash deactivated her Twitter again. How long do you think this one will last before she comes crawling back for the constant attention and validation she can’t live without?

No. 1270455

so who deactivated, the soft cookie or the tough cookie?

No. 1270946

I’d liken her more to a stale cookie, kek

No. 1271040

The tough cookie bit always makes me laugh because it takes so little for her to launch into a crying bitchfit. The only thing tough about her is managing to make it longer than 3 minutes through her boring ass shit she calls content

No. 1284292

Not long

No. 1284403

File: 1627270072123.png (68.2 KB, 602x571, ASH.PNG)

No. 1284407

File: 1627270717093.jpg (16.31 KB, 238x307, Ef37H7vWkAADUEm.JPG)

This is you, right Ashlee? Try some whitening strips.

No. 1284415

Ashlee will never learn. She still tries to push what she did on other people. Sad

No. 1284422

some of y'all have some serious pent up rage, i really dont understand why shes bad lmao

No. 1284425

Really ashlee? You are the worst. The worst

No. 1284451

>behind a wall
also known as… anonymity, I guess?
god forbid some people doesn’t feel the need to attach everything they say/do to their full legal name, face, past friendships/drama, trauma, and literal nudes with their assholes spread for the whole world to see. god forbid someone just wants to have a conversation without fagging about their entire lives and identities between every sentence.

No. 1284504

Did you come from her Twitter post? Read the fucking thread. Between the Emily Artful situation and the Creepshow hypocrisy, there's tons of reasons for why she's "bad".

No. 1284625

I know "Shannon 2.0" is a meme at this point, but her smug oversharing that she didn't realize would backfire and then bawwwwing for days while publicly planning her next strike is absolutely fucking hilarious and has fully cemented her as my new favorite commentary cow. She's making the same mistakes behind the scenes too and is too stupid to realize.

No. 1284767

She thinks this was made by Shannon. No, maybe people just actually don’t like you.

No. 1284779

I notice a pattern with this. Any time someone disagrees with something she does or says, or more specifically does so anonymously, she decides it’s one specific person doing all of it. As if it’s impossible for several people to not agree with her or dislike her

No. 1284789

File: 1627322453545.jpeg (396.37 KB, 1125x1958, 266CE12E-7FD6-4E05-ABD2-C58B7F…)

Did Trashlee forget about Shannon’s posts being marked on here or is she just stupid? Why the fuck would CSA start a thread on a friend of hers during the height of the situation when she knows there’s a risk of it being exposed as her?

No. 1284795

> me me me me me me meeee

No. 1284805

God she always makes every situation about her while also pointing the finger elsewhere. Like honey you can't just use creepshow as a distraction to try and discredit anything that moves. She really just doesnt seem to get being vapid and screeching when she isn't the center of the universe is a her problem that makes her unlikable. Hell even with the rumor that creepshow was trying to make gabbie go after RTG I could understand if RTG got more pissy over than anything since that would be about her, but so far hardly a peep. Trashlee though? She already let loose her harpy wails to make it about her instead, and again can't seem to understand just why people get annoyed over it.

No. 1284815

File: 1627325963774.jpeg (180.08 KB, 768x1024, E7HhyhpXEAMzoj7.jpeg)

>whoever made my thread doesn't even know me, they used a wrong picture it's all bullshit
>nvm it's Shannon

lmao this bitch needs to stop tweeting her every thought while she jumps from cope to cope. She's been brought up even back in the first CSA thread, which was thoroughly combed for all of Shannon's posts, but the ones about her just happened to fly past the radar? Suuure. That's much, much more likely than more than one person on earth thinking she's a dumbass. Everything that happens to her leads to a spergout either about Chris Hansen or Shannon. This unstable bitch is always teetering on a ropewalk and whenever she falls off either side she'll try to blame either of them.

Also, fucking woof.

No. 1284829

Lol she’s so desperate to be one of CSA’s “victims” even though Shannon never mentioned her once in her posts here. So sad.

No. 1284925

I’m dying over her followers sucking her ass agreeing that Shannon made this thread. Doubtful Shannon made this thread and is the only person commenting on it lol cmon now dummies

No. 1285314

all of yall are so nasty lmfao leave her alone(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1285316

File: 1627395708745.jpg (151.63 KB, 1080x854, 20210727_091549.jpg)

get ready for more white knights - thrashlee's shitfit on twitter is getting a lil attention kek

No. 1285321

go back

No. 1285327

Shannon didn't even mention her once and she's been trying so fucking hard to rewrite history to make herself seem more important and wronged than she was.
She needs to work through her sexual assault in a meaningful way instead of going on frantic spergouts on Twitter all the time. All she ever does is cycle between cocky powertripping when her friends are in her corner and she thinks she has a gotcha moment, then freak the fuck out at any perceived slight and making it into a huge conspiracy about how she's being victimized. What happened to her was shit but now she's obsessed with proving to everyone how much of a victim she is even when it doesn't apply to the situation, because it's all she ever had. Reminds me a lot of the lesser onion flakes whose 15 minutes of fame were the most interesting thing that ever happened to them so they never worked through it and instead just settled for oversharing on Twitter and making an onlyfans. She has no personality beyond that. She loves telling people to go touch grass xDDD, she should take her own advice and log off.

No. 1285352

That all perfectly sums her up.

No. 1285353

ashlee, get off the internet and tOuCh GrAsS

No. 1285369

Trashlee couldn’t possibly fathom that, anon. She’s too addicted to sharing every minute detail of her pitiful life for uwu attention. It’s hard to consider other people’s interests in mind when your head is so far up your own ass.

No. 1285371

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Notice she’s the only one of Dahvie’s victim who has made it her entire personality. That means YOU have a problem, Ashlee. Not everyone else.

No. 1285428

File: 1627410013981.jpg (57.1 KB, 216x340, fatass.jpg)

shannon just because you finally learned to hide your ip, doesn't mean it isn't obviously clear that this is you. i get it, ashlee pissed you off when she cooperated with emily but this is really pathetic.(hi cow)

No. 1285435

Did you come here from yt or something? Can you fuck off?

No. 1285437

File: 1627410849323.jpg (35.28 KB, 598x449, Shf37H7vWkAADUNz.JPG)

No. 1285439

File: 1627411306064.jpg (323.96 KB, 1080x1895, 20210727_133719.jpg)

>prepping to blame manic-posting on meds
anon is right that she needs help, but this is embarrassing, kek. when do we get a graven-esque sequel from chadmin showing the post history in the thread doesn't turn up shannon?

No. 1285457

This thread was very obviously not created by Shannon lol and even if it was, is everyone commenting also only Shannon? Because it’s impossible for more than 1 person to not like you Ashlee? Hilariousssssssss

No. 1285472

>RTing because I didn’t get immediate ass-kissing
She essentially outed herself for suicide baiting kek

No. 1285528

Why do Ashlee simps think she’s just magically exempt from having her own thread for some reason lmao

What the fuck do they expect from a site that’s meant for gossiping about internet people? It’s not that hard to comprehend that there can be at least one person on this planet that, god forbid, doesn’t like Ashlee.

No. 1285584

She's so desperate to be anyone's victim so she can get that sweet attention.

Trashlee: ~so not bothered by anything ~
Also Trashlee: I am completely traumatised by spins wheel a mean tweet someone sent Emily. It literally gave me ptsd because I am the real victim in everything, ever wahhhhh.

Fucking this. She hijacked other people's stories and made it all about her then was shocked that people thought that was shitty.

No. 1285661

Where ITT was Shannon even defended? Both of them are cunts.

No. 1285663

File: 1627434901954.jpg (416.94 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210727-192647_You…)

this dude has been making a ton of public videos shitting all over trashlee and edwin - is this shannon too kek? he has a lot of cowish behaviors himself (one of his livestreams was some sort of reactionception, with him reacting to himself reacting to himself reacting to another video.)

No. 1285666

File: 1627434983568.jpg (363.04 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210725-193438_You…)

>relevant screenshot

No. 1285836

>acts like the most victimiest victim to ever be victimised when her internet friends and aidorus like Creepshow Art get exposed for being pieces of shit
>posts a poorly worded tweet implying that she still doesn’t know for certain that Creepshow Art is responsible for the posts attributed to her on lolcow (amongst other allegations) after Emily Artful posts a comprehensive video detailing why she believe Creepshow is guilty
>received backlash for aforementioned tweet, furiously backpedals and victimises herself as per fucking usual

Can Ashlee or her stans explain how any of this is defending Creepshow?
She's either a liar or straight up retarded.

No. 1286433

Ashlee is on Edwins channel homeboys got receipts live right now so they defend each other from meanie tea channels who said stuff to them on twitter.

No. 1286578

Didn’t Paige just have another baby?

No. 1286593

Yes, within the past month or so but Edwin still called her a bitch a bunch of times.

No. 1287136

She does this shit all the time, just lying about shit that she knows nobody will check up on. She did the same thing when she said she never doubted Emily Artful's story after deleting the tweet where she did just that. None of her followers ever bother to factcheck because they don't think their uwu cinnamon roll would ever lie.

No. 1287320

If this thread was created by Shannon the comments would be mark d and added to the creepshow list

No. 1287391

Not only that, but imagine all of the monumental, career-ending shit going on with CSA at the time that this was created. Why the fuck does Trashlee think that she was at the forefront of her mind at that time? It makes zero fucking sense that she would choose to do this while her life was falling apart. She’s just deflecting criticism by pinning it all on public enemy #1.

No. 1288458

Who the fuck knows - I wonder why there isn’t a recent thread on Edwin aswell at this point

No. 1288460

From my understanding it’s because a lot of those videos were taken down by Edwin in june- as in the videos he’s reacting to in his live streams

No. 1289042

File: 1627849362124.jpeg (526.1 KB, 828x800, 766749F2-0AB3-40B4-A325-A1E4CE…)

Sage for no milk but can you imagine spending 7 years with this gremlin? No wonder her boyfriend looks so cucked out and dead inside

No. 1289284

I don’t even think she’s an ugly girl but that eyeshadow is horrendous on every level. Did she bitch her boyfriend out when he dared to question why her shitty unblinded eyeshadow looks like it was done by a delusional crackhead troon on a subreddit? Was she trying to be Gerard Way…?

No. 1289311

God damn he looks so dead-eyed

No. 1289549

Her constant sperging and vulnerable narc raging are exhausting enough just on the internet. Can you imagine living with that? I noticed before that Ashlee wears an engagement ring, yikes.

No. 1289550

Don’t forget anon, this is the girl who claimed to be a professional makeup artist lol.

No. 1289556

File: 1627927496736.png (324.25 KB, 586x475, Screenshot at Aug 02 19-26-38.…)

She's not ugly, but her styling is atrocious and the fact her face only comes in "smug cunt" or "dead-eyed insta expression" really doesn't help her.
Can you imagine coming home every day to your fiancee either cackling or sob-screaming on Discord? Don't forget to deliver her Plan B pills to work though!

No. 1289559

She's like the other side of the coin that is Ready to Glare.

No. 1289563

File: 1627927918597.jpeg (65.16 KB, 640x480, AmbzInwCIAA0kO9.jpeg)

>inb4 Trashlee posts this on Twitter as proof that everyone ITT is Shannon because see they talk about RTG too!!!111

No. 1289741

File: 1627946274858.jpg (63.18 KB, 1080x282, 20210802_181514.jpg)

ok, kek. his 3+ hour livestream rants are still cowish/funny as fuck, and his thumbnails of trashlee are hilarious.

No. 1289751

He’s not wrong in his statements about Trashlee which is what makes it hilarious. I hope he digs more into her kek.

No. 1289814

He’s mostly been covering Edwin and the rest of the “commentary boys” or “goons” if you will. I’ve seen him cover Edwin, Augie, Nicholas deorio, bowblax, Ashlee lillee, creepshow, and has covered Peter monn, Adam McIntyre, defnoodles. Previously he covered onision a lot. Yes he’s not perfect but he calls a spade a spade so far

No. 1289984

Lol no, please tell me she didn't say this. Watching some youtube videos and smearing on a bright eyeshadow don't qualify you as a MUA.

No. 1290058

It’s so easy to be one these days though

No. 1290098

Yes, she really did. In a few of the Dahvie interviews she proclaimed to be a “full time makeup artist” and was upset she couldn’t use Jeffree Star palettes anymore. Kind of ironic in that sense considering the connection between Dahvie and Jeffree, kek. I think she mentioned that part on Tardzilla’s channel.

No. 1290136

Dude's riding Dasha's dick so hard here that he's forgetting facts himself but he's so right about Ashlee lmfao. How do you not even get the correct number of posts right in the screenshot you showed.

No. 1290165

he's the only source i've seen whiteknighting that dasha has autism lmfao, but it's hilarious to see how much his accurate shitting on the goon squad upsets trashlee

No. 1290180

Yeah he’s kinda cowish himself, but he’s right on the money about Trashlee. She’s so sloppy with her lies, it’s gonna bite her in the ass eventually. I kinda wish Mal Levy would expose what Trash actually did or said, but Mal came off as much more mature and not into drama like our uwu victim kween Ashlee is.

No. 1290441

File: 1628040554845.jpeg (727.88 KB, 1125x1683, 0B920A9B-674D-4114-B233-6D640D…)

More desperate insertion lol

No. 1290455

Oh they are all acting like they are poor little victims

No. 1290518

What questions, trashlee? You mean when Emily dropped her story and you questioned it because you thought team shannon was still the hot option?
She's so desperate to be in on this story.

No. 1290564

I bet you anything she's melding over the fact she's just so damn unimportant to any equation. Shannon barely mentioned her in the lolcow posts, is in lardass tipster's SMS instead of hers, wants to act like she had the biggest betrayal even though they weren't that close of friends. Shannon does not give a flying fuck about her and you can tell trashlee wishes she did so she could milk more attention out of it since she has nothing else even going for her.

No. 1290565

She's the same person that messaged Emily asking if it's ok to basically label herself as a victim b/c Shannon 'betrayed' her. Out of all the people that Shannon has affected, Trashlee has virtually been unaffected. She actually gained an audience from Shannon, so this whole 'woe is me I was barely friends with a meanie' is so fuckin tiresome.
The most attention she's gotten from this is due to 1. lying 2. overexaggerating and 3. relying on others not knowing a thing about lolcow (Ie Shannon totes made a thread on me!!1!!1!!)

No. 1290719

I wish Ashlee would shut the fuck up for once. If she did, maybe she wouldn't be such a target for those tea channels that already have it out for Shannon and anyone who used to associate with her (e.g. Dustin Dailey, Petty Paige, Nick Snyder).

No. 1290753

Quite frankly I’m just waiting for her to dig a deeper hole. And that’s gonna happen since she can’t shut the fuck up. I don’t think we’re that far off from actual milk.

No. 1290865

If she wasnt so fucking annoying id feel sorry for her obvious whoring for attention and online validatio. everything is a numbers game to her and shes constantly equating her self worth to the amount of views and follows she has on any platform and when she stops getting them she moves on to the next big thing and abandons the last. Picks fights and then gets all uWu feel sorry for me im sensitive when anyone disagrees with her. Go touch some grass trashlee

No. 1291290

File: 1628140377212.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1284x2035, 1D08684A-169D-4AD4-AC22-AE5E10…)

My god she’s such a victim, just like “papi Edwin”

No. 1291601

She’s so mad Shannon never talked about her kek

No. 1291817

File: 1628204601187.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x2069, 98EADBFE-5B34-4C49-95CB-92418E…)

My lord, doesn’t she have a husband which matching hair to hers? Why does she need so much attention?

No. 1291851

No, because she just screams daddy issues all the way around

No. 1292195

>”the thought of wearing tight stuff without layers and jackets makes me rly nervous”
>posts nude pics of her Lego body and cock-eyed tits for cash
Make up your mind, Trashlee.

No. 1292362

I can’t believe she always tries to take the moral high ground with randos on Twitter while she remains friends with people like Nicholas DeOrio and Tipster who were actively demonizing the fuck out of Emily Artful and making light of her rape. Honestly I wish Emily had told that whole group to just fuck off.

No. 1292372

I mean she literally calls her boyfriend “daddy” on her Tumblr-

No. 1292423

LOL her boyfriend is a massive cuck. Daddy issues explain everything.

No. 1292460

Fridge body
She's a fence sitting hypocrite. She'll never leave The Oreo's orbit because of the male attention him and his pack of rats give her, Shannon was the same way.
I wouldn't be surprised if it came out that Trashlee shit talks her "friends" like CSA did kek.

No. 1292461

Gross. I don't care if I'm kink shaming. It always grosses me out when childless couples do this, it makes me hope that they never have kids.

No. 1293176

Same. Idk much about her bf/husband/whatever the fuck he is but Trashlee would be a textbook narc mom just based on her online behavior. I hope they never breed because I’d really feel for the kid. Trash has already mentioned a couple times she doesn’t have a good relationship with her own family.

No. 1297688

I can't bother to watch since Edwin's voice and fake personality makes me unreasonably angry, but if anyone wants to sum up this presumably dumpster fire of a video, go for it. Hovering over the vid, it looks like Trashlee is part of it. Weird how she chooses to remain friends with Edwin but crucified Mal for trying to get justice in her own case. Very interesting.

No. 1297691

Because ashlee is a complete pickme who I'm willing to bet gets insecure whenever another woman enters the same room. Hell her trying to suck up to other onlyfans ewhores resulted in her crying because she felt inferior to the other women and how looking at them ramped up her body image issues and made her feel ugly. And guess what trashlee? With your goblin, needy attitude you're right; you are uglier than most the other whores, kek

No. 1298303

She just wants attention for being a tea channel. She hates mal because mal didn’t agree with her way of handling things, from what I gathered. Mal really got the shit end of the stick. Edwins toxic videos are much more Ashlee’s speed.

No. 1298552

She really hates Mal because she ended up seeing Trashlee’s true colors and that Mal is still involved in the Dahvie investigation while Trashlee got cut out for being an insufferable bpdfag who can’t shut her mouth. The only person to blame is herself but we know she’ll never take accountability. She’s a “victim” of fucking everything so she’s automatically untouchable in her mind.

No. 1299786

LOL remember this post that definitely had to be either Trashlee or RTG? Really fucking hope that it's her, but even if it was RTG, they're both hypocrites either way.

No. 1300148

I'd be more inclined to say its ashlee because she's the even bigger hypocrite and hates when others get the attention. Hell for her insistence that she never heard of lolcow until shannon, she supposedly saw the other chris hansen interviews and saw where luxy(onionboy orbiter) and she had talked about lolcow there. She had been privy to some of the behind the scenes info on those and some of the group chats these victims were in. I seriously doubt her claim of only getting to learn and hear about this place just a short bit before it backfired on shannon

No. 1300172

I’m thinking it’s more than likely Trashlee. She wants to be a “mean girl” so bad.

No. 1300358


To maybe help clear the water a bit more, it most likely was Ashlee since these >>1066826 >>1250754 anons figured out one of the accounts blurred out was Ashlee's other twitter account.

No. 1300509

The only reason I say it's either her or RTG is because RTG follows Ashlee's NSFW account too, she and Ashlee are the only ones that follow that account and were mutuals with Creepshow at the time. Technically it has an equal chance of being either of them, but it'd make more sense if it was Trashlee. Based on the Emily Artful situation, she seems like a real snake.

Also, did she delete her NSFW Twitter? I can't find it under its old URL.

No. 1300696

I can't find it either. Weird because up until recently she had it linked in her twitter info along with her youtube channel.

No. 1301307

Probably deleted it after she finally realized no one wants to see her block body and snatch. Maybe she’s not as totally clueless as we thought kek

No. 1304558

Lol it’d be funny if she deleted it to get rid of the evidence of her posting on here. That point was brought up on a previous thread talking about her, and we know that Trashlee lurks.

No. 1305805

File: 1629596102643.jpeg (359.23 KB, 1800x897, DA74328A-9777-46E8-B9CF-F7B8F0…)

Oh it was something like @ashloraine or @ashlorainex and her name was stawberry with some emojis. The image blurred the fact that Shannon was following the person, but also the “also followed by” which included ashlees porn profile, i mean her NSFW account. It doesn’t mean that it was ashly but someone who knows all of them

No. 1305831

File: 1629599016661.png (3.95 MB, 1125x2436, A60043DB-B338-4604-9F48-B7575D…)

You’re forgetting that they weren’t just following Creepshow, but Creepshow was following them too. Shannon didn’t follow a lot of people, the ONLY two that also followed that nsfw account were Trashlee and RTG. It had to be one of them, who have both cried about how hurt they were about Shannon posting on here lol.

No. 1306234

Tbh that’s more believable, Trashlee is so sloppy. I’m just waiting for her to really slip up bad on her own or for her true shittiness to be exposed by someone else. Her online footprint goes back pretty far so I’m sure there’s more milk to be discovered somewhere.

No. 1306240

File: 1629658565542.jpeg (36.43 KB, 828x362, F6C71B4C-EC86-46B5-A734-B187F9…)

From one of her old accounts but she clearly hasn’t changed much. Trashlee still can’t stand other women getting the attention she’s so desperate for kek

No. 1306265

I actually have a strong suspicion that its actually repzilla or rtg as we know that they get the majority of their content from here but we’ll never know

No. 1306577

Repzilla is not the brightest bulb though. He’s pretty slow to report on things and doesn’t research anything

No. 1306603

I think RTG is the most likely suspect if it’s not Ashlee.

No. 1316127

File: 1630818886939.jpeg (184.24 KB, 1125x1045, ED9D454D-03C8-407A-BBCE-A71F6B…)

I really do feel terrible that her mother is sick at the moment, but the fact that she hid this reply is funny as fuck

No. 1316482

File: 1630866162588.jpeg (88.57 KB, 828x425, 15177619-3A93-49D2-ACE6-2F73E7…)

Trashlee’s stance on vaccination is “get one because I said so or I can’t see my mom.” She doesn’t give two shits about the real world that doesn’t revolve around her. I feel bad for her mom and hope she does recover because kidney issues are awful, but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at how Trash immediately made it about herself and her problems as per usual.

No. 1335515

File: 1632731062003.jpg (116.95 KB, 720x405, 20210927_032030.jpg)

So apparently her mom is just outright dying of covid, and tbh 8 feel bad for anyone who is having to deal with the loss of a loved one, but christ she makes it sound like her not getting enough attention is somehow just the worst thing when someone is fucking dying. Going onto the internet to beg people for a pat on the ass is not how you move forward or heal, unplug the net and talk with your therapist about this shit, sheesh

No. 1335598

File: 1632744906382.jpeg (80.31 KB, 828x576, 2E0D0BC0-7340-4DFD-BB75-A58DB3…)

She can’t even grieve without being a total cunt to people. Yeah the lady’s assumption was a bit dumb but Ashlee also didn’t specify the problem.

No. 1335639

Have you ever had a family member die over a period of time? These are completely normal feelings, you'd just have to be a total moron to share them with randos. This >>1335598 isn't cunty either because the person she's replying to is 99% likely to be trolling or baiting for a vaccine argument. No clue who this woman is but nothing about the screenshots you posted really indicate anything more than standard social media oversharing

No. 1335640

Eh come on, her mom's slowly wasting away in a coma and will probably die; ranting about antivaxxers and covid shit is the most humanly understandable thing she can do. Losing a parent in such a drawn-out way to such a completely unnecessary cause must be torture and there's nothing she can do but wait. She's not liveblogging every update or feeling. Initially I was gonna post her tweet in >>1335515 too but if she's the only daughter then she's probably dealing with a lot of emotional labor like "making preparations" while not receiving emotional support. Sometimes this thread reeks of newfags who think we just hate on anything indiscriminately as long as we dislike the flake, but come on, this isn't milk. Bump again when she starts posting facetuned photos of her mother's corpse like Wylona or something.

I hope her mom gets better so I can go back to being annoyed with her, but this ain't it

No. 1362352

File: 1636135741771.jpeg (266.7 KB, 828x1061, DCFE56FE-F7A5-47F5-9039-923A80…)

Didn’t your mom just die Trash? I didn’t realize posting clout-whoring selfies were a way of grieving. At least we don’t have to feel bad for her anymore.

No. 1414386

Some of you guys are unhinged
You’re literally tearing a girl down because you find her “cringey” or “pick me” or because she does sex work or because you don’t like her makeup? Woow you clearly have no dirt on her if you’re going after superficial things.
You guys clearly have things you need to work through because being grown adults creating hate thread clearly shows that you all need therapy and learn how to regulate your fucking emotions(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1414388

this thread has been dead for months lmao. are you trashlee or are you just name searching her to white knight for her? learn to sage either way

No. 1414496

Betting it's trashlee, the crapshow art stuff has been stirring again so our ultimate victim here would be getting wet at the thought of attention from it. It's not like anyone would be randomly looking her up, she's a nobody lmao

No. 1414587

definitely trashlee "i don't actually care i just think it's funny pick me" lillie.

No. 1421690

You clearly haven’t read the entire thread if you think all of the criticism is purely superficial. Either way, you must be new to this site if you’re complaining about this shit.

No. 1427484

She bullied one of the other surviours into almost killing herself on Instagram live dude. Shes not a person to be an advocate and she sooooo self centered

No. 1427485

what? post caps/details pls

No. 1427499

One of the survivors went live on instagram and was having a full blown breakdown crying and begging ashlee and edwin to stop bullying her and they just laughed and kept doing it. I dont have caps because the live was deleted

No. 1427508

at least sage if you're not going to at least give more details than 'this girl sucks' - i only know about trashlee and edwin having some drama with mal levy.

No. 1427517

They bullied her on Edwins live a few times and the girl was in chat like asking them to stop and they were just laughing. Apparently she yelled at the augie or whatever his name is and his crew because they were saying "daddy hansen" and she was sticking up for the survivors and it got super cringe but she apologized to them but ashlee and edwin milked the drama on his lives playing the clip over and over making the girl upset and then she went on live begging them and edwin got on the phone and started calling her names and shit and Mal was just trying to help(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1427599

I’m not surprised in the least and I do believe you, but you have to post links/proof. This thread is for receipts of Trashlee’s shite behavior, don’t give her any more ammo for her uwu victim complex if you can’t follow up with proof.

No. 1590799

File: 1658159106713.png (485.74 KB, 589x869, Capture.PNG)

Trashlee is so desperate for clout and gets mad when she doesn't get the likes she wants. I'm not convinced this isn't some self serving bs for attention. Imagine doing something for yourself and not because you want celebrity-senpai to notice you for more likes.

No. 1615889

She claimed that a friend of mine who overdosed FAKED the coma she was in, then while my friend was in rehab she would not stop posting about it. Like her mom ended up contacting Ashlee and telling her to stop because it was impacting her recovery. She’s local to us. Recently my friend told me “people are coming up to me in person and saying that Ashlee has done the same thing to them” I’ve known she is a perpetual victim and attention seeker and she goes so far as to claim multiple men around here have rped her. She’s known for that locally in FL but still exposes other people and sht. Lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1735580

LOL Cassandra Rose Mayle you are a freak and a stalker and thank goodness you’re dumb enough to put where you live on your profile so a police report can be made(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1735595

Go home

No. 1778348

Lol one of Trashlee’s simps in here defending her. Ashlee is a fucking cunt who gets her kicks from “calling people out” who are already going through hell when it’s been proven multiple times that she obviously did not FAKE pictures of her ON LIFE SUPPORT. Ashlee will do anything for clout including harass and bully someone going through a traumatic period in their life. She’s utterly insane. What would make someone want to do that for a little attention? It’s disturbing.

Also what “police report” could be filed? It started because Trashlee DOXXED AND SLANDERED SOMEONE WHO WAS IN ICU. If anything she should have a restraining order on that crazy bitch.

No. 1778349

Also, Ashlee is a known serial liar and has ruined at least one guy’s life for claiming he “raped her” and has been harassing him trying to ruin his life for over 10 years. She got caught cheating on her boyfriend with A and when confronted, turned around and said that A had raped her even going so far as to contact his workplaces.

No. 1778359

Cheating is bad but claiming women lie about rape is pick me behaviour. Most scrotes are rapists.

No. 1778396

Yeahhhh it’s not really above Trashlee to lie about something like that. She lies about everything… she’s literally known for it in her hometown.

No. 1778404

She’s such a fucked up person. Can’t believe she has any platform.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1787524

File: 1678655499232.jpeg (257.67 KB, 1170x1875, 3D0FC6B4-8350-4157-BB79-19388E…)

I had to censor it further, but it’s kind of gross of her to post this on her main Instagram where she probably has underage followers who look up to her for some reason. She has some nsfw side Instagram and yet chooses to post this on her main for the attention. Must be desperate now that she’s irrelevant.

No. 1888710

She is a serial liar. She has made up absurd shit for years.(sage your shit)

No. 1888717

It’s not about any of those things. She has lied and “called people out” for clout for years attempting to ruin lives for attention. She’s a bully.
I had a friend who knew her and when her mom died her moms brother was living with her caring for her. She went to the house and took pictures of the corners of the floors being dusted and tagged her grieving family member to ‘CaLl HiM’ oUt for letting her moms house get dirty. Shaming someone who cared for a person in their last days for not dusting to her liking. That is just one of the many f’ed up things
She also publicly blamed her mother for her being abused by Dahvie Vanity up til then. On fb where I imagine they had family members who could see. But then she’s such a savior and goes and shames someone for not cleaning her moms house. That was nuts to me

No. 1888719

I’m in CO and have a friend S who grew up with her in Florida and has been trying to show people how fucked up a person she is for YEARS. She’s showed me messages of probably 5 or 6 people that have messaged her about the fucked up shit Trashlee has done to them. She’s a big fan of doxxing, harassment, spreading malicious rumors bullying, claiming everyone she doesn’t like is abusive attacking peoples appearances and spreading peoples personal business all over her social media that she doesnt even know. Like the fact living across the country Ive heard of her trying to mess up peoples lives for no good reason is crazy

No. 1888721

Lol shes been an ewhore attention seeking scene thot since 2011 and still acts like she doesnt care about online clout when its been her identity for over a decade

No. 1888729

People say things about her on anon because she will fucking harass and post about them to the end of time if they attach it to their name/face. No one wants to deal with some attention whore inserting herself in their lives, going to their employer and family, bring everyone they know involved which she has done forever.(newfag spamming unsaged posts)

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