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File: 1676224689537.jpg (80.22 KB, 632x842, 1676056197624.jpg)

No. 1766589

Dylan James Mulvaney was a mediocre actor and performer in musical theater who transitioned from gay (twink) to non-binary in 2021 so that he could wear girly clothes and get attention after his bit part in the Book of Mormon ended. (The show shut down because of COVID-19 lockdowns.) In 2022, as the pandemic continued, he decided to come out as a trans "girl" to maintain a constant flow of praise for his needy narc ego. He seemed to blow up overnight after beginning a series called "Days of Girlhood" on TikTok, where he showcases himself as a sexist caricature of a 1950s-1960s woman. This series went on to win him 10 million followers, famous collaborators, endless free stuff, free FFS with Caitlyn Jenner's surgeon, and marketing opportunities.

Dylan's FFS made him look like Caitlyn Jenner's twinky relative, ironic since Jenner called him out for being "trans with a penis" after Dylan made a video about "normalizing the bulge": https://youtu.be/EQ-yzbzqH4U

He gets nothing but lavish compliments for his emaciated caricature of "girlhood" as he trots to NY Fashion Week, the Grammys, and other award shows. Why is he invited? No one really knows for sure.

Despite appearances to the contrary, Dylan is 26 years old. He wants to become a tampon ambassador much like Jonathan Yaniv was, handing out tampons to girls in need. When women protested Tampax giving a male a brand deal, Dylan made several passive-aggressive videos in response. He still mentions tampons often.

There will no doubt be some recapping and discussion of Dylan's various "older" (2022) videos and offenses in this thread; in fact it is encouraged to unmask this troon's misogyny so fewer people are taken in by it.

Social media accounts
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dylanmulvaney
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dylanmulvaney/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dylanmulvaney1
Website: https://www.dylanmulvaney.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dylanmulvaney (private, archived version: https://archive.ph/4ApQX )

Running list of brands paying Dylan to shill their stuff:
Bud Light
Charlotte Tilbury
Chime Banking
Donni Davy (makeup)
Dr. Harrison Lee (Facial plastic surgery)
Haus Labs (Lady Gaga's beauty brand)
Jessica Jade
Justin Melton (hairstyling and wigs)
JVN Hair
Kate Spade
Love Beauty and Planet (Unilever)
Milk Makeup
Motorola (Razr)
Native deodorant
Ole Henriksen
Stella McCartney
Tab Vintage
Urban Decay
Voluspa Candles

No. 1766610

Hell yeah, thanks OP

No. 1766625

About time this cow gets his own thread, good job OP

No. 1766626

Normalizing "the bulge" literally kills me.
I don't even want to see normal men's bulges in public. Even less I want to see troon bulges.

No. 1766629

File: 1676228029584.webm (18.17 MB, 1080x1920, 4502717-3bcc0dbe637cfeea5c1318…)

enjoy his Bud Light commercial. He looks so retarded in this.

No. 1766635

hell yeah. Can’t fucking stand this guy

No. 1766658

All those fucking brand deals…What the fuck, where did this troon come from? One day I see those horrid "first day as girl" tiktoks, next day the troon is visiting the president and is winning awards and shit. Seriously who the fuck is this and why are they so popular? Also 26? looking like a 46 year old MALE. Like come on. I fucking hate this Earth, I'm so glad I don't watch tv and don't have to see this troon in ads.

No. 1766659

I hate the handmaidens who coddle him. Oh my God I hope he gets canceled for being a predator so we can stop seeing him everywhere.

No. 1766671

File: 1676232318956.webm (1.89 MB, 720x1280, EA42E4E484E0C02C3C116FCF341AFF…)

It's gross to see him looking sexually aroused by having his hair washed

No. 1766672

File: 1676232452777.webm (1.32 MB, 720x1280, D84EF8B73186598236F9F914CD84BE…)

all the male traits on display.

No. 1766673

This is something I hope we can unearth. His parents must be rich, but afaik they aren't that well connected or famous.

No. 1766681

God I hate that freak

No. 1766682

Obsessed with the collage on this thread. They should only put this man in shitty piss beer ads. His other sponsorships and deals should go to real women who people actually want to look at.

No. 1766683

Thank you OP! This dude's whole deal feels like one big grift lol.

No. 1766694

This is the biggest pop culture mystery to me at the moment, where the FUCK did this guy come from? Why is everyone seemingly charmed by him except for us? I guess HSTS are generally more easy to digest for normies and this guy is queeny as fuck. He's like a drag queen on 24/7, an idea which a lot of handmaidens love I guess.

No. 1766702

He's an industry plant with powerful agents his mommy and daddy pay top dollar for. It's not rocket science.

No. 1766703

Lmao at least this time he's shilling something I already disliked. Bud Light is to beer what Domino's is to pizza.

No. 1766704

Too bad all that money can't fix his fucking hairline.

No. 1766711

If he doesn't come out on his 1 year anniversary of "being a girl" as a psyop experiment to ridicule trans people and prove how spoiled they are he can never redeem himself.

No. 1766714

>Why is everyone seemingly charmed by him except for us?
But the thing is even trans people were mad at him for making them look like caricatures. Only the faghag handmaidens who see him as an innocent gay-trans like him. He's their new drag queen toy.

No. 1766723

I was kind of tinfoiling that he was going to reveal it was a ruse at the one year anniversary of "being a girl" but after he botched his face I'm not so sure

No. 1766724

maybe he's going to pull an Oli London and come out as a "straight alpha male conservative"

No. 1766725

I don’t follow this cow is but thread pic is sending me lmfao

No. 1766730

The only people who drink bud light are fat divorced dads and frat boys. Great idea to attach a tranny to a notable trailer park brand. If they're trying to get LGBTQ or women to mainly buy bud light it's never going to happen

No. 1766736

My next goal is to compile a master list of tampon stuff: every time he mentions tampons. There are more videos than you think, friends. I hate him so much that I can't wait for him to be revealed as a pervert.

I would have liked the OP to be meticulous and researched but it would have been a novel. Glad it suffices for now. Maybe by thread #2 we'll have a good summary. KF has a decent, fairly detailed thread on him but they miss a lot that women would notice and find unnerving.

No. 1766755

Oli London was always open about being a troll. Only people who never looked at his social media believed that he was trans. He spoke out multiple time for LGB people and women's rights. Dylan only does it as a way of selling products. They have nothing in common.

No. 1766757

I meant in the way that Oli too botched his face and still turned out to have been a (very dedicated) troll all along.

No. 1766768

Guy straight up looks reptilian here

No. 1766771

I just love that the two cows colliding, Blaire White and Dylan, and yet Blaire comes out of this sounding sensible with all this

No. 1766791

Finally, I can't stand this man. As soon as I watched some of his tiktoks, it was obvious what he was trying to gain. He's a washed up minor-role actor trying anything for some attention and after trying the trans card, made it stick. He clearly just enjoys stereotyping women and being sexist, certainly a raging misogynist underneath since no one can do 'womanhood' like he can. I hate how he's trying to twist an entire existence of woman and self-insert his own delusions about including bulges and shit, literally his entire existence is trying to cram a piece of a puzzle where it doesn't belong.

No. 1766796

Oli London is insane but he openly acknowledges that he's a man. Same with Jeffrey Star, I think the thing that truly seperates people like Oli/Jeffrey from people like Dylan is that having actually grown up and lived with real problems (poverty, actual hatecrimes that aren't someone saying ywnbaw on TikTok, real violence, etc) makes them impervious to troon lies

No. 1766797

it doesn't help that handmaidens and teens are squealing about how thin he is and how he looks like Audrey Hepburn (an enormous insult to someone who had a generous and caring soul, and actual talent…plus a real face). How is it not fucked up to praise a man for having an eating disorder and showing off his male body fat ratio? Why is he on the runway and at these events as some fashion icon? He is dressed by other people. He is given womanhood as a costume by other people. What a fucking joke. The way he talks, the way he is praised for existing and receiving free everything while there are real women breaking new ground in science, academia, government, charity… Wouldn't it be beautiful to celebrate those women and not this frankenstein bimbo caricature?

No. 1766838

thank you op, about time dylan got his own thread. i really thought up until he got ffs that he was actually a parody and going to come out as a troll eventually. i hope we can figure out why he's being shilled so hard. he must have super rich parents?
>he looks like Audrey Hepburn
lmao what the fuck, his fans say this? it's so weird how handmaidens constantly talk about how gorgeous and stunning dylan is. besides obviously being a man, he is just a weirdly proportioned anorexic who looks 20 years older than he is. there's no way they believe he's actually stunning, they've just got to be saying it because they want to be nice, right?

No. 1766850

Nice thread nona! loving the threadpic too!

No. 1766883

nona, I love you, came here to make a similar comment, kek. Never had a Bud Light, only a regular Bud, as I'm lucky to enjoy European beer my whole life, but besides Coors Light it's been the most meaningless beer I ever had, you can drink water and that tastes better. So, at least not a brand he can ruin for us.

No. 1767114

why is it so long? nothing is happening. also damn, thats a big mouth

No. 1767115

his face looks so weird when he smiles now, the surgery must have fucked up something with the muscles. it looks like hes about to sneeze..

No. 1767174


99% of his fans are major fag hags that will imitate how over the top flamers talk on TV. "wow you look so fab girl!!" they dont't really think that dylan actually looks like a women, they just enjoy the parasocial gay bestie dress up drag doll fantasy.

No. 1767365

whatever expression that is at the end is fucking terrifying. i can't tell if it's because of his FFS or if that's just how he is?

No. 1767582

dylan is just a walking, breathing advertisement prop now.

No. 1767721

The OP on the kiwifarms thread said he trooped out because he was scared of aging as twink. As most Troons do, he regressed, he acts "girly", he calls himself a girl 'cause he's clinging to his youth.

No. 1767839

I'm late as fuck but thank you so much OP for making my pic even better kek

No. 1767842

File: 1676379384625.png (597.36 KB, 628x723, Screenshot_3.png)

holy shit it's insane and genuinely unsettling how fucking ugly and goblin-like this guy actually is

No. 1767864

There are no words to adequately convey how much I fucking despise this frankentroid faggot. I legit thought he was a parody account at first. It makes my blood boil knowing that he is making fucktonnes of money off this minstrel show while women are working our asses off just to keep our heads above water in a society that hates us for merely existing. It’s so hard not to a-log this fuckface

No. 1767905

The visible stace and the huge ass male mouth are so gross.

No. 1767906

He has 87 teeth in that nightmare maw. I'm convinced.

No. 1767918

File: 1676387258078.jpeg (703.88 KB, 1170x1425, D4ACA4CF-223A-405F-946B-E29FFF…)

No. 1767931

His face is so weird. He looks the same as before the surgery but still so uncanny valley now. It's like he was replaced with a lizard person who just almost got his look right but missed a few details

No. 1767937

Terrible mistake, troons age way worse than regular men. His male features will only stand out more the more he tries to look female. If he was just a guy I wouldn't have noticed how incredibly male his legs look, but because he put on a dress his man legs stand out like a sore thumb, and it's like that with every little male detail of his body.

No. 1767942

He got to keep his twink face through the surgery. Where are his boobs? He's not even padding to make fake curves, if he was actually dysphoric or agp you'd think he'd do bare minimum. (Unless he's actually a pedo into little girls and im not ruling that out) Where are the estrogen curves? He claims he's on it and I can actually believe that he's on a very low dose in an attempt to look younger, but he doesn't seem to be visibly affected by it at all and I don't think he wants to be. I think he'll keep up the grift as long as it pays well and will then leave social media to "focus on other things" and go back to being a twink, but now rich.

No. 1767953

Is this Jeffrey Star for zoomers

No. 1768004

>He's not even padding to make fake curves
Maybe he's trying for a heroin chic ana-chan look, which, if he is, that's disgusting

No. 1768048


His teeth creep me the fuck out, what's wrong with them? And why are there so many? Only person I've seen similar smile is Eugenia Cooney

No. 1768231

No boobs or hip padding because he’s acting as a “girl” not a woman

No. 1768252

the accuracy kek. everything is gross but his huge ass monkey man feet make me feel sick.

No. 1768533

File: 1676458750863.webm (10.15 MB, 576x1024, dylan-mulvaney-reply-to-samliz…)

Sorry for the delay in posting more content to discuss. Anyone who didn't see DM's first video can find it here: https://youtube.com/shorts/FttyV9IEzlc?feature=share

I think his apology video (embedded) has some telling phrases in it, and of course it's still a mockery of women. Transcript:
Okay, so, I've managed to offend women on my first day of being one, and I just feel terrible about it! Some gal saw my video yesterday as perpetuating a stereotype, which it was, and it was satirical, but it was mostly for a way for me to be like, 'How can I connect with women? I need to figure out a way to, y'know, connect with them! And I just feel terrible. Some girls said it didn't sit well with them. I got like, I don't know, like probably about four messages, but I - still those four messages made me wanna throw up, because I'm the least confrontational person ever! And um, so, now I know better - I'm soooorrrry. I'm sorry… not me making an apology video on my first day, aaaah! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. (big sigh)."

Now that's an interesting goal for your videos, Dylan, it almost sounds like someone said, "your goal is to connect with women" vs. "I'm going to document my transition and share it along the way." Howw does he choose to "connect" - mockery, stereotypes. When called out, it's suddenly satire and he doesn't want confrontation. But he keeps doing the same offensive caricature shit.

No. 1768535

he posted this on "day two of being a girl"

what was day 3? his declaration that he's already a bimbo and a meetup with a tiktok famous bimbo. I'll cover that in a separate post later.

No. 1768539

I know Blaire is doing this because he's a NLOT but I still appreciate him talking about this shit since he does have a big platform. Though he himself has played the "tehee I'm such a stupid bimbo weak woman I cannot exercise!!" in his videos.

No. 1768559

In that case his age-regression should be showcased more. I hope the age-regression community fully accepts him as one of their own

No. 1768562

>Some gal saw my video yesterday as perpetuating a stereotype, which it was, and it was satirical
That's what we've been saying this whole fucking time and brain dead TRA still think he's genuinely just like that

No. 1768564

If an adult woman wanted to have a flat chest like a little girl that would be seen as sick. (But if it's to look a little boy they're just trans and it's a-ok!) Why is it ok when he does it?

No. 1768578

I struggle with how much I hate this man and how much everyone kisses his ass. I need to find out how this all started

No. 1768695

This was his grandfather. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sdut-san-diego-civic-leader-and-former-padres-2010oct11-story.html

It's always down to money. If you have rich parents you can succeed at literally anything with little to no effort.

No. 1768778

I'm happy to report that our thread comes up when searching for his name now.

No. 1768818

No. 1768824

OP here, I can't take credit for the pic! Another anon in the mtf thread posted it and I loved it.

No. 1770029

he has straight-up literal womb envy and wants to murder women because of how jealous he is. it's fucked. fucking gay men who think they deserve to have sex with men who like women are psychos.

No. 1770030

>a raging misogynist underneath since no one can do 'womanhood' like he can

No. 1770316

I'm not sure I get the murder vibe from Dylan unless you're talking about womb transplants. That shithead will do anything and everything to his body to live his fetish so yeah, he might go for a womb.

I still can't get over him whining about his facial hair while talking out of the other side of his mouth "sooo many cis women have luscious beards and staches!! I'm valid just like them!" He said he wished there were a pill he could take to make all the hair on his face fall out. There is, Dylan! Chemotherapy.

"or a surgery, where you can have it all out in one day" - how about taking a biology class you pathetic fetishist.

the converted tiktok is too large to embed. View it here until I have time to edit it and embed the relevant part: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYkjNv2N/

No. 1770318


Man, I wish we had pill that just got rid of the excess hair on the face that you don't want, leaving behind eyebrows and eyelashes. PCOS women would love that shit.

No. 1770366

he's such a vapid himbo
gdi this video is nearly 5m long, that's why the webm is too large. fuck how can he talk about himself so much and say so little

No. 1770395

File: 1676657631731.jpg (6.84 KB, 201x251, dylan.jpg)

If any lurking TRA finds this thread and thinks we are bulling poor Dylan who's a sweet innocent dysphoria sufferer transgirl, consider this about Dylan:

>he hasn't had surgery to actually mimic the female body

He's only had facial feminization surgery, which just makes him have a slightly "cuter" face with less wrinkles. He essentially just made himself look a bit younger. He's not got any boobs whatsover to speak of, not even implants. He doesn't use pads to look like he has any curves, no boobs, waist or butt. Just straight as a stick skinny male body. And he loves showing it all off in bikinis calling himself sexy. Where's the dysphoria?
>he wants everyone to "normalize the bulge"
He doesn't care if his dick is visible, and WANTS it to be visible through his clothes.
>On day 2 of girlhood Dylan said he was doing it as a satirical parody
He thinks acting out a parody of a woman is what makes him a women. All of the bimbo things he is doing is to mock women, not because he just happens to like girly things.
>He gets endless opportunities of sponsorships of products meant for biological women like tampons, he can not use them himself.
There are plenty of women and girls using social media for good work who don't get these deals, because he takes them instead. He doesn't know the quality of the product, how to use it, if it's good at all. He just endorses it because he gets money.
>Have you ever thought about why he insist on being a girl and not a woman?
Really think about it. Why does he want the word "girl" (which means female children) to sometimes include him and other adult males? If that's ok it means Dylan and other adult men can go into spaces meant for little girls.
>Dylan said he is also attracted to females
If you think he's harmless beecause he identified as gay before, does it change anything that he's admitted to being attracted to females now?
>Dylan didn't even bother changing his male name
You literally can't deadname him because he thought his satirical parody was funnier if he just kept his real male name.
>If a Kardashian made a full dramatic video revealing their new plastic surgery face so everyone could praise them for looking good, would you think that was sweet and wholesome? Like Dylan did?
Or is it only narcissistic and promoting sick beauty standards when a cis woman does it? So what makes Dylan different from a cis woman?

Objectively; Dylan is an adult male with adult male sexual organs, he wants it to be normal for his and other adult mens dicks and balls to be visible through their clothes, he is attracted to females and he wants to be in spaces with other girls, and other girls are literal female children.

No. 1770409

I believe his fashion sense is late 90s and early 2000s

No. 1770426

this is such a good post, nonna. I agree with everything you've said. He mocks women and is enjoying looking like an anorexic man pretending to be a woman. All this attention over his FREE plastic surgery makes me so angry. Why is this being peddled as beauty? Why is he skinwalking women who fought tooth and nail to be taken seriously? Who were charitable and generous and talented and actually brave?

I'm embedding the "bimbo" video - on day 3 of girlhood he is already hanging out with chrissychlapecka. He tries on swimsuits and dresses without protective undergarments. He rubs himself on Chrissy's chest. He talks about day drinking on sunset blvd on a Monday. So relatable, right? What a brave hardworking tranny, a day of drinking, shopping, makeup. Such woman.

No. 1770432

samefag but the gap between how Madonna's plastic surgery was received and Dylan's is so glaring. Wouldn't it have been braver to not get ffs right off the bat? Anyway he pretty much looks exactly the same to me. He's going to be a lifelong patient now, always running to get cut up. Could be funny to watch it happen.

No. 1770433

Chrissy chlapecka makes me so angry. She's so gross, porny, and is a massive fag hag.

No. 1770438

agreed, but Dylan must have already had some kind of pull or connection to just meet up with her. Unless she normally meets up with randoms

No. 1770440

I was literally about to say the same thing. I have zero respect for tranny-coddling handmaiden faghags. They have no personality outside of their obsession with catering to males. Trannies wouldn't have gotten so much traction without them.

No. 1770441

it gives me euphoria to search "dylan mulvaney" and see the OP pic in images. i'm gonna keep searching and clicking on it so when dylan does his hourly search for himself on google he'll see this masterpiece

No. 1770490

You can tell the troon-initiated chest bump made the woman uncomfortable.

No. 1770500

I mean, he also thinks women do 'boobie drumrolls' like in vidrel. No. We don't. He did it more violently in an earlier vid.

No. 1770504

File: 1676667981464.webm (7.06 MB, 576x1024, e89aae76943de2ffe949a5edeb62a5…)

women don't tend to pound their breasts because it hurts to do that, sir.

No. 1770509

File: 1676668448716.webm (13.92 MB, 576x1024, ff65544b45f7d95daa5482a4d8b3bc…)

what a fucking clown

No. 1770517

File: 1676669414790.webm (11.76 MB, 576x1024, 3703741-fc75628e8f3a9cdaf0efb0…)

At this point, it just feels like some obviously male behavior he drops in to make his larp even more ridiculous

No. 1770541

Audrey Hepburn’s body type was literally due to her having starved during a period of her life where nutrition was crucial for her to fully develop. She never got that and as a result was rail thin her entire life. She was underweight her whole life and it’s because of childhood malnutrition/starvation.

No. 1770557


Literally a man's fetish of what women are. Perfumes, expensive bags, being asked for a number. Also fucking "booby drumroll" bitch you don't have boobs stfu

No. 1770579

yes, plus she had a habit of losing her appetite during stress (also possibly a result of that starvation). To larp as her, as if she's just a costume he can put on, is revolting. All of the Hollywood women he fetishizes cared about people other than themselves. Dylan just feathers his own nest, what a nasty self-absorbed prick he is.

No. 1770604

late 90s and early 2000s LA club girl looks
like, "night at the roxbury" extras

No. 1770657

great post nonna ily
>He's not got any boobs whatsover to speak of, not even implants.
now that i think of it, you're right, it's so weird he hasn't feminized his body despite claiming to want that. especially since most troons seem to go for laser hair removal, breast implants, etc before facial feminization and dylan has gotten none of that, the only thing that even looks changed on his face is his botched nose job. i think he could still easily go back to living as male if he wanted. maybe he wants to give himself that option.

No. 1770740

"booby drumroll" EUGH

No. 1770834

Yep because boobs are objects, like a drum, not part of a whole person or anything. Male behavior. This guy is a fuckin clown and so incredibly insulting to women everywhere. He thinks womanhood is comprised of objects- purses and earrings and body parts. Color me shocked.

No. 1770848

what does buying an overpriced designer handbag have to do with "girlhood" or "womanhood"? Most women don't have these and only girls with ridiculously rich and stupid parents have them.

No. 1771110

Great post OP, you're a credit to the farms. I'm already boycotting Ulta and Tampax because (although I think Dylan denies it) I believe his notorious "tee hee, just buying Tampax to pass out in the girls' room!" video was sponsored content. I will happily boycott the rest of the brands you listed, and encourage other nonnas to do the same. Not giving my money to companies who mock me, or who enrich men who do.

>it almost sounds like someone said, "your goal is to connect with women" vs. "I'm going to document my transition and share it along the way."
This is really interesting. I have long believed Dylan is some sort of plant or that his rapid rise to fame is sponsored by some entity larger than just his parents or agents or whatever. He was too elevated, too fast to be organic. And I agree, his words are telling - like he's a paid actor for some larger agenda and was told, "your goal is to connect with women and get them to buy this TWAW shit." I think the "girlhood" thing, and the fact that he broke on TikTok shows that actual girls are the big target too.

No. 1771112

I guess a broken clock can be right twice a day. I hope this makes Dylan cry himself to sleep kek

No. 1771297

>I'm already boycotting Ulta and Tampax
i'm gonna free bleed all over this faggot during a SISTERHOOD!!1! chest bump and see how well he handles "girlhood" then.

No. 1771309

File: 1676764042208.png (1.31 MB, 864x1517, Screenshot_20230219-004658.png)

thanks, nonna, ilu! I'll try to keep a list on my computer updated with brands. I'm committed to my boycott too - nothing is so vital that I need to get mocked for it.

I'm doing a bit of digging and noticing some interesting things, working on some updates but food for thought:
he made a big fucking deal about dressing up like Dorothy for Halloween as a gift to his childhood self. But he wore that costume during his short-lived series interviewing animals as a he/they creature. So he didn't buy it, he literally already had already dressed up as Dorothy and filmed it in 2021: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYkW7VrM/ It's the exact same costume. as Halloween 2022: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYkWcEar/

he did this trip to Bora Bora but he's been there before too. I think he must have gone with his family or something? So why did he pretend to be there alone?
Bora Bora in 2020 (wtf dude, fall 2020?) https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYk7YVTH/
Bora Bora in 2022 with the same baguette: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYk71FRR/

No. 1771396

He doesn't want boobs hip and and ass like many troons because he's an anorexic fag and always has been. He wants to be Audrey Hepburn except he's not 5'7 and 110lbs naturally.

No. 1771399

I don't even have PCOS I'm just a Jewanon lol. I swear I can grow better facial hair than some men.

No. 1771400

That "Day 2 of Girlhood" video where he complains about having already offended women he was wearing two items of clashing paisley. Does he have access to a lost Delia's stockroom??

No. 1771588

probably gift from faghag friend who looks like a troon

No. 1772010

A woman speaking truth to the "Leave Dylan alone!!!" crowd. He wants and craves attention, why should he be left alone?

No. 1772016

oh shit, why is everyone who has an issue with Dylan an anti-choice conservative

fuck. well. I still agree with her on this.

No. 1772055

I literally feel like I’m living in the damn Twilight Zone in regards to the left’s attitudes towards troonery. Why are these blatantly misogynist, mentally ill, pornsick, fetishist MEN being accepted and called stunning and brave for living out their fetishes full time in public? Grooming fucking children to join their fetish sex cult? And I’m a bigot for recognizing this since apparently the only other people who see through this shit are just a different breed of misogynists? I hate it here.

No. 1772069

If he's not a plant, he's a lying grifter at the very least. Trooning out was literally just a publicity stunt to kickstart his mediocre career after he failed out of Broadway. He's never going to get the chop and we all know it. He'll just quietly detransition when the money runs dry.

Also, wow, luxury vacations during a pandemic. Such oppressed, much struggle. Selfish spoiled twat.

No. 1772076

he's too aroused by it all to get his p chopped off. I think.

No. 1772080

In 2020/2021 he was saying he was unemployed. So how did he rocket into the spotlight? That's what I want to figure out. You don't go from virtually nobody to hanging out with bimbo tiktokers overnight. Family money, ok. But what exactly was the trajectory? Bah I wish I could work on this instead of writing this diss chapter but I have to split my time, nonnas

No. 1772089

Money + agents = free career as an "influencer." Whoever he hired probably told him to push the kweer angle as hard as possible so people would view following him as an act of charity. Many former handmaidens have admitted here that blowing smoke up trannies asses made them feel more virtuous, like they were donating money to fucking Ethiopia or something. Slacktivists and fag hags are basically Dylan's target demographic and he's playing them like a fiddle.

No. 1772097

FWIW I think most of the women on this thread/website are probably pro-choice and slightly left leaning. Rational people exist but we’re forced to hide and be anonymous. Think of all of the similar minded women who just haven’t found this website. There are more of us than you think!

No. 1772099


right, and it's the fact that it's the LEFT who is pushing this (besides blair who advocates for mostly the same shit but hates the left's optics & wants to sweep it all under the rug)
and they actually think that it's revolutionary. it's so backwards.
>reinforces gender roles, which harms women more
>perpetuates the socialization of women to tend to men's needs over their own
>gaslights women into believing their innate fight/flight complex is actually bigotry/twansphobia & that if they don't comply, they are encouraging svicide
>provides a loophole for men to beat women because it's "just a catfight"
>manipulates lesbians into having sex with men because they are "girlbrained" so it's a female penis
>allows homophobic parents who don't want the stigma of a gay son/daughter to castrate/sterilize them as a way of conversion therapy - which is what's happening in iran, morocco sanctioned by the government but also happening in the US etc.
>preys on the mentally ill, targeting people with autism, sexual trauma, depression, body dysmorphia etc. & obfuscates worrisome symptoms with fake bullshit
>encourages people to become lifelong patients to big pharma/medical industrial complex & manipulates people to willingly allow medical experimentation under the guise of "affirming healthcare is frontier medicine"
>destroys the legitimacy of science & academic institutions upholds these essentially spiritual/metaphysical pseudoscience that is not allowed to be questioned
>bullies working class people into compliance & gets them fired which makes them lose their healthcare in the US, & all benefits, pensions etc.
>is highly capitalistic as it encourages cosmetic surgery/designer bodies under the guise of life saving affirming healthcare
>is allied with the government, big tech, big pharma, the mainstream media, celebrities but somehow convinced people that they are the highest priority on the woke pyramid & that you can self-ID into oppression (sage your shit)

No. 1772104

Playing mermaids. Ah yes, the game you play with your friends when you’re a kid. Why oh why aren’t more people repulsed by a grown ass man pretending to be a little girl? Dylan Mulvaney isn’t even trying to be a woman like “normal” troons, he’s acting as a LITTLE GIRL and the series is this little girl character “growing up”

No. 1772130

File: 1676850266335.webm (10.22 MB, 576x1024, 711c5c2c50811b047319381986492e…)

Dylan's first day on estrogen was Feb 11, 2022 (as nonbinary). He immediately jokes, "where are my new tits?"

No. 1772134

he's more offended by being called a man than by being called a child predator. 1:40 and following in vidrel. He says it explicitly: "or, even worse…" He thinks calling him a man or using masculine pronouns should be illegal (despite "understanding freedom of speech and opinions" kek). He does not say calling him a child predator (which, if he is not, would fall under libel or slander) should be illegal.

No. 1772147

File: 1676851997689.png (209.07 KB, 235x361, 6543645.png)

nightmare fuel.

No. 1772152

File: 1676852298853.png (1.62 MB, 864x1601, Screenshot_20230220-010258.png)


No. 1772211

Oh god don't point that out, if any handmaidens see that they're just going to go on about how he was a true and honest girl from the start

No. 1772229

He’s definitely trying to appeal to teens on tiktok…

No. 1772241

Isn't the koala seemingly "attracted"* to Dylan and so the joke is that they are two gay males? This is from his gay male time.

*ofc it's meant to be comedy here and not serious, i know

No. 1772249

He’s too far gone now he visited the white house to represent the whole trans community if he came out and did that he would become public enemy #1 which honestly would be very entertaining to see but one can only dream

No. 1772273

I hope Dilly keeps getting plastic surgery until he deeply regrets it all.

No. 1772300

Fucking lol. I love you guys.

I have PCOS annnnd I’m Jewish, checkmate.

I literally have had nightmares about the Faggatron Don myself. Def up there with the worst of the worst bad dreams.

No. 1772406

File: 1676882796612.jpg (183.02 KB, 1300x745, dylan child larp.jpg)

I was looking at some of his old content and found this old advertisement he was in where he was emulating a little girl. The first part has him watching tv like a kid, and his shoes/socks just all seemed childish. later one you can catch a glimpse of what they have the other people dressed as women wearing, and it's all heels. his obsession with youth and "girlhood" is so repulsive and it's clearly not a matter of him feeling like he's not mature enough to call himself a woman or whatever his bs opinion was

No. 1772408

File: 1676883324977.webm (9.67 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

this is the video

No. 1772409

the commerical he was cast in is actually emulating the 1950s. The song is a parody of something in the musical Bye Bye Birdie (which is about teens but idk I think in this one case it's not fetishizing kids, it's just taking a song from that musical).

No. 1772411

kek at the commercial being for a HIV testing kit

No. 1772429

ofc the faggots are still out here getting aids, because the coom is so strong.
mofos go get a blood test before you put your cock in asses jfc it's not that hard
this close to alogging

No. 1772436

yeah I know what the 50s style is, I just found it strange that everyone else dresses like normal 50's women and then he's in little girl socks while the others wore heels. I'm not trying to be a conspiracy nut, but it was just a peculiar styling choice that sat weird with me given his obsession with girlhood

No. 1772449

Good summary anon. Some more:
>prioritizes males hypothetical feelings over women's real life safety
>rewrites definitions and laws so women are no longer protected as a group by law
>making it acceptable for sexually deviant adults to talk about sex with children
>says that gays/lesbians aren't exclusively attracted to the same sex, they're just misguided and need to "correct" themselves into straight sex
>says the most evil thing a person can be is a feminist
>forces a religious/spiritual belief that everyone has a gender-soul separate from your body onto everyone and makes contradicting it illegal

No. 1772517

very male to condescend and belittle women when "apologizing" like this

No. 1772788

File: 1676929902176.png (1.21 MB, 782x1150, Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 22.50…)

ironically this is the most feminine i've ever seen dylan look, without surgery and everything. should've just stuck with hormones for longer instead of going for FFS after like 2 months of it and looking like a clay sculpture.

No. 1772798

>5 o’clock shadow
>jutting Chad chin

Pick one, nonna.

No. 1772799

come on you know i dont mean those parts! i guess its the expression or whatever, he looks kind of "soft" here. my point is if he focused on getting laser hair removal and letting HRT take its full effect he probably would end up passing better than by just going into surgery straight away like he did.

No. 1772852

Sage. Also yeah his face does look a little softer but his body is so pointy and masculine it will always give him away

No. 1772857

He'd still look male AF.Hello, sir, status. HRT is a waste of time. But they can go ahead and get health problems from taking hormones that aren't meant for their bodies.

No. 1772933

Ayrt and I guess I’m struggling to see anything feminine about this photo. Even by troon standards he does not pass at all, with or without HRT. His before-surgery photos look like a man with makeup and a dress on, and his after photos look like a botched man with makeup and a dress on. There’s no difference.

No. 1773017

Well gay men are pedophiles so this doesn't surprise me

No. 1773051

Men are pedophiles in general, it isn't specific to gay ones, /pol/-chan.

No. 1773058

No. 1773152

I don't know too much about Dylan, I just discovered him, but are we sure he's on HRT? I haven't looked too closely on his chest but shouldn't he have developed the typical TiM tube titties by now? His chest still looks pretty flat to me

No. 1773163

I've been questioning that too. He's claimed to be on estrogen or HRT (can't remember which, hrt would involve blocking T as well as taking E) and I think held it up to the camera at least once. But I honestly think he either isn't taking it at all and it was just for PR to look more "real trans", or he's on an extremely low dose hoping it won't really affect him.

As stated in >>1770395 he is very confident about showing off his flat male chest, male body and dick bulge so why would be really care to be on hrt?

No. 1773264

The whole fake cutesy shtick of his 'first kiss as a girl omg!!' makes me cackle. Notice how he went on about a guy that might want to 'kiss' him and not date or fuck. You know, like an actual woman would talk about.

This scrawny faggot acting like he's Jennifer Aniston in some cute 90's romcom or some shit when he's probably an expert on getting piped by some aids ridden pole on the nightly. First kiss my ass.

No. 1773333

Like the other anon says we can't know for sure, but he's too thin. There's no way he's going to gain fat on his chest like that if he doesn't have it anywhere else. It needs to come from somewhere

No. 1773374

>acting like he's Jennifer Aniston in some cute 90's romcom or some shit
ngl i will take this over the sexy goth/gamer e-girl/twitter funnyman/diaperfur stuff every other mtf is doing. you've convinced me to like dylan I think kek

No. 1773403

Could be his first kiss in general. Every previous partner might have been afraid they would be devoured by his gaping maw.

No. 1773414

No. 1773516

No. This is even more damaging in some ways because it's pretending to be harmless when in fact it's a man mocking women and getting women to praise him for it. Look who he stans: perverts. Hangs out with perverts, too. He's the next phase of the sickness.

At least with egirls and furries you see the perversion for what it is, front and center. If Dylan looked like one of them, he wouldn't be getting all the marketing deals. So he wrapped his perversion in Burberry and made himself into a product that could be sold. I tinfoil that he's supposed to appeal to an older crowd anyway. Gen Z is the conduit, he's being hired and staged by people much older.

No. 1773517

he buried his sexual past for the same reasons egirls pretend to be single. additionally, his niche market needs him "harmless", meaning "virginal". "not a threat"
but someone, somewhere must know something.

No. 1773581

Apparently something 'big' is coming for his 364'th day of being a girl. Anyone wanna guess what it might be? More Audrey Hepburn skinwalking?

No. 1773606

Possibly an onlyfans kek it’s been pretty predictable in this day and age with content creators

No. 1773613

i'm thinking maybe a makeup collection with a line?

No. 1773627

I am seconding a makeup brand collab. Oh lord may he not have a line in sephora, the ladies who have already boycotted ulta are going to have an aneurism.

No. 1773638

Him being an "industry plant" makes sense considering how quickly he rose to fame and already had his concept all planned out when he started tiktok. However, I just can't believe that a manager/team would have approved his content, confident that it would work. Watching the first few videos, it seems like it's either satire or outright insulting of women. I'm sure it's possible that he was told to act sassy, "gay", over the top etc. but this??? How could anyone have foreseen that this would somehow work? I truly don't get it.

No. 1773943

Nah gay ones are worse there have been like an alarming amount of gay couples who pimp out / sexually abuse their adopted kids. But I agree most men are pedos

No. 1773945

He's an anorexic

No. 1774112

but he is awful at doing his own makeup. it only looks halfway ok when a makeup artist does it.

Dylan Mulvaney beard coverup launch?

No. 1774216

lol nah nonna, we'll be ok. barely bought anything at sephora since i realized every time i walked in there's some giant pic of Jeffree Starr, Patrick Starr, James Charles, or some other ghoulish troon smirking at me. made me realize their business model had become catering to ugly men because unlike women they need pounds of makeup to look presentable.
anyway i'm guessing dylan's announcement is a makeup line, he'd never do Only Fans because he's all about making troonery "brandsafe" for kids. world's first groomer influencer.

No. 1774273

File: 1677082538880.webm (770.25 KB, 720x1280, EE440C09A59D61A94D9C73A0DEF396…)

well, it's a dumb stage show
but he did have this gross fetishy countdown (use sound)

No. 1774288

I am hoping and begging he somehow admits it was all a prank and he didn't think he'd somehow get to meet the president and play with tampons for money.

No. 1774382

Here's the full announcement.

No. 1774694

File: 1677117002123.png (286.95 KB, 485x361, no.png)

so was it all a scheme for him to go back on the stage? also i just noticed that he goes by she/they for some reason. and that the instagram link on his youtube channel redirects specifically to this picture >>1770395 i really don't understand how people take him seriously

No. 1774942

he looks more male than ever. No 26yo woman looks like this, not even the methheads.
of course it was all a ploy. can you imagine sitting through an hour of Dylan? People are gonna realize very quickly how they learned to tolerate him in 30 second increments and how fucking narcissistic and retarded he is in longer amounts of time.
never seen a woman do this who wasn't trying to launch a fetish OF, and even then Dylan manages to make it look like he's a baby making diaper change difficult for mommy.

No. 1775202

that was the big announcement, a one-night stint singing some show tunes? kek. it's a benefit for the Trevor Project and they're not even selling in-person tix, just $5 livestream tickets. the fact that Dylan couldn't drum up an actual residency somewhere or a big brand deal, plus the many negative YouTube comments, tells me people are losing patience for Dylan's schtick. brands are probably feeling the backlash and quietly backing away. good.

No. 1775350

his comments on YT are much much more negative than anything on tiktok

No. 1775387

Anyone else think Dylan is like the manifestation of all Lea Michele’s worst traits without any of her talent or musical ability.

No. 1775588

That's because tiktok is predominantly zoomers which are his children fans and enablers. I've noticed this about a few cows on tiktok. Barely any negative feedback on tiktok yet YouTube is a bit less bias.

No. 1775676

File: 1677234792010.png (1.14 MB, 605x1041, dylan.png)

FFS isn't working right

No. 1775679

>just looks like a slightly different man
nailed it

No. 1775681

I had to do a bit of reflection to make sure I wasn't being influenced by other people. But man, his FFS has made him look more stereotypically masculine and tranny. Before it, he wasn't that overwhelmingly masculine in some ways (I mean he was but he could have made a GNC male look work). Now it's really bad-looking. The nose is wrong for his face. He must have gotten filler and botox he didn't talk about because his expressions are fucked. He looks like a cheap hollywood starlet cosplay mask (aka male - all masks look male).

No. 1775710

his eyebrows are now at a cartoonish angle and his nose is crooked. great job.

No. 1775773

he looks like dream mixed with an anorexic shane dawson

No. 1776018

he looks like a shrek character whose whole gag is that he's princess who looks like an ugly man

No. 1776048

I love how you can tell he has no waist even in this cropped picture, also his five o'clock shadow, and those eyebrows are something else

No. 1776057

I can't convert this right now but in addition to claiming to be a 'girl' Dylan also says he has green eyes. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CozyCEuj_fa/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

it's overwhelmingly obvious that he has hazel/light brown eyes, no one with this color- myself included- thinks they are actually green. I guess once you start lying and feeling self-important, it's hard to stop… but kek he's in front of a green background, doesn't he notice how ridiculous it is?

No. 1776108

His eyes definitely look brown in the video but it would be so embarrassing to lie about your eye color to someone who can clearly see them lmao (then again he's a tranny), maybe there are some green specks in there? And idk if it's me being biased but they asked him what feelings does he associate with the color green and he really said "earthy spa day in the woods without wi-fi, a cosy bathrobe and a steam room"… I feel like he's trying so hard to say something ~feminine~. I understand that it's in the context of the launch of a green bag but even an unoriginal answer like confidence/serenity/whatever would have been a better advertisement than "cosy robe" imo kek. He also says that he "just got a backyard" so I guess his little act really pays.

No. 1776123

"ME: The Musical"
he got his wish. i'll be damned.

No. 1776126

he's brogged (bruce jenner bogged)

No. 1776423

File: 1677324135490.png (1.19 MB, 864x1490, Screenshot_20230224-232547.png)

I mean hazel is usually a brown with some specks of green but it's just so laughable to say you have green eyes. Like dude, your driver's license says brown, end of story. No hate to brown/hazel eyes, I like these eye colors.

picrel: he was paid to promote amazon. He looks twice his age here.

No. 1776428

oh lol you're right about that "feminine" answer. He doesn't get that a lot of women would say green is a powerful and primal color, like hiking through actual forests. It's also the color of new beginnings and environmental concerns. But none of these will get Dyldo a new sponsorship or some pampering for his praying mantis skinnyfat body. So spa day it is.

No. 1776453

File: 1677330260852.jpg (101.13 KB, 687x1200, Ff15aNyXkAAUCas.jpg)

He absolutely did not ingest a pill in his estrogen debut video and he looks like an ugly tranny parody of Emily in Paris. Before trooning he could have passed as cute in a twinky Ben Shapiro kind of way but never again, I was actually shocked at how bad his ffs turned out

No. 1776590

File: 1677347911768.jpeg (245.34 KB, 1080x1350, 332636229_191384663503549_5980…)

dylan hanging out with paris hilton and kris jenner

No. 1776593

his legs look disgusting

No. 1776601

you know he practiced that face in the mirror for hours lmao. thinking he was gonna look so cute.

No. 1776609

Fag hag galore

No. 1776615

Look at him bending down kek

No. 1776656

His fucking horse legs holy kek why do moids look so alien and inhuman

No. 1776659

File: 1677353970505.jpg (59.39 KB, 500x500, artworks-000182663715-m1jgx5-t…)

this nigga look like robbie rotten

No. 1776730

it's perfect

No. 1776751

if only there had been a carbon monoxide leak in that room

No. 1776809

His legs are getting a full on anorexic look about them. I'm looking forward to the Dyldo eating disorder saga.

No. 1776925

You would have thought this faggot would have invested in laser hair removal as his first step. Even drag queens can be arsed to do that despite living their day to day lives as men.

No. 1777544

he says it's not working, so he got 5h of electrolysis at once before some event and then begged a dr to inject him with something for the swelling. He really is such a slut for any kind of injections or surgery! Like I have never seen someone so eager to "take a pill so all the hair falls off my face" or get surgery or inject himself with shit. Fuckin wild, Dyldo. And still, he's a man with a beard. I literally hope his facial hair never goes away while his hairline recedes.

No. 1777611

aren't these women quite famous in the US? how and why is he hanging out with them..

No. 1777636

people are working on untangling how he rocketed from unemployed bit part actor to trans icon, but other than his family is rich, we don't know entirely. You are right to be stunned. this shithead got an audience with the president of the United States after being on hormones for around 7 months, if that, with no surgery, and his only accomplishment was making misogyny "cool" on tiktok.

No. 1777987

File: 1677450870140.webm (8.74 MB, 720x1280, 4628799-0cb7b70c7ebcd41fc5d01e…)

larping as poor. just go to a hotel, loser.

No. 1777993

File: 1677451259132.webm (8.51 MB, 720x1280, 4628796-81635f463bf13eaf649412…)

he's rolling in money, getting all kinds of designer clothing and cosmetic procedures, but won't go book a hotel room? But can't forget to download some of the worst "girl" movies ever made (years ago): 50 shades of blech

No. 1778041

File: 1677456741270.png (565.83 KB, 864x1514, Screenshot_20230227-011015.png)

I'm just a couple sentences in, wondering if the author of the article is deliberately (if subtly) painting Dylan as a narcissist. Don't let me down, Carly.

No. 1778045

I think Carly is not a Dylan fan, but she doesn't want to make People Magazine upset so she's walking a fine line. If anyone else reads the article, tell me your thoughts. All the 'praise' is Dylan talking about himself, more or less. Even the subtitle is a quote from him. It's basically all about how important looks are to poor twans Dylly

No. 1778047

File: 1677457541868.png (495.61 KB, 863x1012, Screenshot_20230227-012407.png)

oh no fucking way! This author wrote another article about Dylan and it's crystal clear: keep writing them, queen. I see what you're doing. Keep your job but keep calling this man out.

No. 1778063

oh true, don't know how i forgot about him meeting the president of the US which is even more impressive. hope we'll learn about the reason/people behind his ascension soon.

god, his voice and his acting are so freaking annoying.

hahah it's great. and she's literally just describing what he does/says in his videos. still the best way to peak people.

No. 1778073

One thing I don't understand is how troons can claim they belong to a group but are completely unable to connect naturally with people in said group. This goes both for TIMs and TIFS. You'll almost never see a TIF hanging out with male gymbros, football fans, nerdy males, literally any type of male. Just like you don't see TIMs hanging out with women unless he's a HSTS who had faghag friends
If they truly are the other gender and have a "girl brain" or "man brain" they wouldn't feel the need to learn how to connect, it would just happen naturally.

No. 1778079

What is this euphoria shit? Where did troons get the idea they were entitled to feel it all the time? It's an occasional state for normal people, who feel lucky when it happens.

The only people who make daily euphoria a goal are addicts and fetishists. Troons advertise the fact that it's a fetish and the fucking media enables them in spreading this stupid and dangerous idea to young people.

No. 1778092

I’m a woman and I’ve never felt “gender euphoria” in my life, I’m sure AGPs will spin that as another way to pretend they’re doing womanhood better than us.

No. 1778117

Ellen Page made a big deal about gender euphoria too. It's straight up grooming, like Jeffrey Marsh TikToks saying ditch your family, "let them lose you" and your life will magically get better. Misery and brokenness love company.

No. 1778125

File: 1677466383140.png (35.11 KB, 588x376, 1234214124123423.png)

No. 1778241

IMO troons invented this concept of “gender euphoria” to focus on some imaginary feeling of joy/triumph/satisfaction and brainwash themselves into forgetting the cringe fetishistic acts they do to maintain their “true identity”. Gender euphoria is just a cult concept to bring these perverts together and show others that they’re capable of being happy and their fetishistic acts shouldn’t be stopped because it gives them joy, whatever they want. Kinda like taking away something someone is addicted to.

No. 1778254

is it just me or did they pick one of the absolute worst pics of the man's face for this article? Loving it.

No. 1778260

yeah, nasty. Though this is a kind of old-fashioned stage term describing a type character. He's saying it because Audrey was often cast in these roles. (Audrey's critics make a big deal about that, saying she wasn't sexy or she could only play these parts - not true at all, she just got typecast. Though yes, it is hard to see her playing the type of sexpot that was popular back then. Breakfast at Tiffany's was originally meant for such sexpot actress, but Audrey made the role into something completely different.)

No. 1778289

>his 364'th day of being a girl
I read this as his 36th birthday, and it made me think "he's that young?" only to realize he's actually 26, not 46… oof.

No. 1778292

>What is this euphoria shit?
They mostly just needed a way to explain away the boners their fetish gives them. Now it's the satisfaction of participating in their fetish, or ritualistic behaviours (like OCD) that gives them a slight peace of mind in the moment.

No. 1778497

blog but sometimes all you can do is pick the worst image of a troon as a terf journalist wanting to keep your job so this definitely is a choice she made deliberately

No. 1778648

Green? We can clearly see they're light brown. How does anyone think this self-obssessed serial liar narc endearing? Do you nonas think he genuinely believes he is trans or just doing this whole thing for attention?

No. 1778695

It's six of one and half a dozen of the other. All TIMs are attention-seeking narcs, and Dylan is no different. He just found a way to monetize it and make himself somewhat famous.

No. 1779509

File: 1677624293291.jpg (157.99 KB, 1170x2080, 333292773_1555114091650147_907…)

A lot of new cringe from Dyldo today. He's getting "euphoria" from breast cups for breasts he doesn't have

No. 1779510

File: 1677624467743.webm (2.18 MB, 720x1280, 064F3EC711F17172B599803CC2229B…)

He still thinks he has green eyes. This post and pretty much everything from today are gifts companies and brands sent him. We will need to update the list. Fucking bastards sending this creature stuff for free.

No. 1779537

I'm betting that at one point Dylan is going to get into some kind of controversy on tiktok, nothing enough to end his career but hopefully enough to bruise his massive ego. Seems really common with tiktok creators.
Place your bets
>grooming allegations
>something he posted years ago resurfacing (using a slur etc)
>saying something so misogynistic handmaidens can't defend him and women begin turning on him
>copying a black creator
>partnering with a problematic behavior and acting ignorant about it afterwards
>gets into a spat with another prolific creator
>SA allegations

No. 1779539

Grooming is my bet. Gay guys with money love grooming and taking young ones under their wing. Racism is my second guess.

No. 1779548

Of course Kris Jenner is there. Probably seeing if she can use Dylan to keep her family in the spotlight longer. Can we expect a Dylan/Kim K collab or Dyldo appearing on an episode of The Kardashians?

No. 1779553

File: 1677629582979.jpg (202.73 KB, 1170x2080, 333716892_241277634902322_4512…)

No, Dylan. It isn't you.

No. 1779561

File: 1677629850898.png (899.48 KB, 864x1491, Screenshot_20230301-011532.png)

"My favorite tucking pantEEES"

I can't stand men saying 'panties.' No woman in my country says this word in English, even though we say other English words like 'bra.'

No. 1779565

ewwwww i know, it's so weird how it's only ever men who say it, i swear it was popularized to that audience solely from the phrase "panty shot." if a man uses that word you can safely assume he's a coomer, it's never failed me.

No. 1779568

Jackie Kennedy was no supermodel, but she's still nowhere near as fuckugly as Dylan. At least she had the excuse of being born with orbital hypertelorism. Dylan is just an ugly, creepy man making himself uglier by offensively imitating women.

No. 1779569

If everyone in that image dropped dead tomorrow, the world would be a better place.

No. 1779571

I'll convert the video so we have the panties soundbite, it's just tedious to do with mobile data. I kind of hope we get more "euphoria" talking quotes from him. So fucking creepy.

does anyone know if this "euphoria" thing is more common in Canada/UK/Aus troon communities? I realized that I don't know how often French or German (for example) troons talk about "euphoria", but obviously I don't know those communities in any real way, maybe they do talk a lot about it?

No. 1779575

These women are media masters since the time of tmz and the paparazzi over social media apps. While I'm sure there's some behind the Scenes fuckery leading Dyldo to a bunch of sponsorships and brand deals, it's also possible that for some people they're using Dyldo for clout since it would be advantageous right now. These women are from peak faghag times too, they had a silly sleepover with who they think is a total fag (and are likely to laugh about later) like this was the early 00s so minimal effort on their part. In doing this they also keep themselves in "iconic" status. The post is made to solidify their status as above him since he's shown excited to be there in their presence. I bet this was done for their own brand benefit and Dyldo was more than happy to show up for it.
They use euphoria instead of dysphoria now since they don't claim dysphoria is why they're trans since tucutes took over from transmeds years ago. AGPs don't have dysphoria and "happy boner" obviously can't be marketed. Also it's an easy lie to both convince yourself you're right and to create more trannies

No. 1779590

That's literally just your confirmation bias at play, but I'm not going to derail the thread by arguing with your shitty bait any more than I already have.

No. 1779600

File: 1677634183901.png (1.52 MB, 912x1506, plzno.png)

We're in for some abysmal singing…people will throw money at anything

No. 1779677

how come they get boners from dressing up as women, but not from other happy experiences like winning a sporting event or getting high marks on an exam or nailing a work presentation

No. 1779877

God I hate it too, not a single woman I know says “panties”. We just say underwear, or MAYBE “undies” but it still feels less gross and coomerish than “panties”

No. 1779878

That’s a lot of words for saying you popped a boner

No. 1779907

It's almost like… it's a sexual fetish specifically for pretending to be women! Women don't win sports or get good marks, woman is when dress and makeup

No. 1779911

definition of loud and hitting the notes but zero emotion or subtlety

No. 1779915

If fake boobs gave him gender euphoria he would have had the implants by now. But because he's mostly gay (despite saying he's now also attracted to girls) he prefers male bodies, so he prefers his obviously male gay body being seen as female as it is, as opposed to him making it look female like classic AGP troons.

Thinking AGP and HSTS are mutually exclusive is a mistake, because they're not.

AGP are attracted to themselves as women, because they're straight men.
HSTS are attracted to men and transition to get the sexual attention of straight men.
Dylan as a (mostly) gay AGP is attracted to himself in a visibly male body pretending to be female. This means he doesn't want to actually look female, because his sexual interest is male. He essentially ends up being a chaser of himself. That's why he'll happily have ffs to look more like a hsts twink, but not to actually look female.
Dylan is simply a homosexual transexual autogynephile with the hots for himself pretending to be a little girl.

No. 1779934

Ngl I don't sense anything remotely coomerish about his transition, idk if it was the reveal that all this was a way to get him back to Broadway but I feel like he's just transitioning to get attention from faghags and be a better female than women like all gay men tend to want to do. Drag queen market is already saturated, hons are everywhere, but HSTS trans still relatively rare in media

No. 1779938

>Ngl I don't sense anything remotely coomerish about his transition
he keeps calling himself sexy while showing off and checking himself out in bikinis

No. 1779939

Dylan loves to show off his male features unlike a regular coomer AGP who wants to show "female" features. He calls his male body sexy, he wants his bulge to show, he talks about not having to shave and still being a woman etc. His coomer ideal is a man pretending to be a woman, not a "real" woman like for regular AGP so you can't look for the same pointers. A regular HSTS perform hyper femininity for the straight male gaze, he clearly doesn't do that at all.

No. 1779976

oh god, the word “panties” is exclusively used by perverts. it makes my skin crawl

No. 1780024

he can't sing this song. It's such an insult to Kate Bush. I've listened to her since childhood because my aunt loved her music.

No. 1780073

i'd put fifty bucks on it being racism. only because tiktok handmaidens are so deeply brainwashed that they'll never realize how misogynistic the troon 'movement' is, that stupid anorexic twink has such a grip on them he could probably spit directly in all of their faces IRL and they'd just go 'slayyy i support TrAnSWoMEn' or something. My second guess would be grooming because he gives me massive gay pedo vibes

No. 1780136


idk, I think he's just doing AGP things to be outrageous and get attention. despite all the coomer cosplaying shit he seems weirdly nonsexual, he just radiates strong internalized homophobia.

No. 1780415

wild card but
>gets party vanned for CSAM and pulls the cloak off of a massive tranny child abuse ring

No. 1780696

File: 1677761621347.png (548.67 KB, 864x1508, Screenshot_20230302-111457.png)

His bathroom decor is based on a book about a six-year-old. How is this at all acceptable to normies?

No. 1780699

File: 1677761812277.webm (4.44 MB, 720x1280, AA4AB583AF7F2311A562E54C635EC6…)

"panties" video and audio

No. 1780736

imagine wearing that material as a woman, all the time, with the added pressure? nasty

No. 1781647

File: 1677847303909.png (1.05 MB, 864x1507, Screenshot_20230302-111510.png)

wow Dylan u need a lot of doctors for all this girlhood, yet u still look like a sad man with mommy issues

No. 1781771

NO NOT ELOISE. I can't take this anymore, I'm so done. This guy gets to run around acting like the worst caricature of a woman, while every brand is in a desperate scramble to throw money at him. His 1950's larp revolves around leeching off of boundary-breaking women working hard during an era where it where women had no rights. It's so disrespectful and disgusting.

No. 1782201

>look guyssss i got a rec from paris hilton, i casually @ her in my stories!!! i'm one of the girls!
anyway he looks super male as always

my exact reaction omg.

No. 1782380

Bumping this thread past the spam and promoting a website a nonny made to track brands working with trannies. https://antiwomanbrands.neocities.org/brands

No. 1782387

File: 1677926880675.png (922.72 KB, 864x1328, Screenshot_20230304-114656.png)

he's obsessed with comparing himself to famous beautiful women. What woman posts like this? Not even the worst female narcissists.

No. 1782393

Sheesh the anon in the troon thread was right saying he's rough looking for someone in their early to mid 20s, those are deep crows feet for someone in their 20s. Does male skin wrinkle easier? Serious question.

I thought panties was a coomer American word due to how dramatically polarized gender expectations are there. In most of the developed world the sex neutral 'underwear' is used or 'undies'.

No. 1782409

>he seems weirdly nonsexual
Nona, he's male and he wants you to think he's sweet and innocent so he can keep doing it, stop buying it. He's getting off to this.

No. 1782436

be careful, some unhinged anon told someone, "wash your panties" on here and the recipient of this puzzling command was briefly banned for taking issue with the coomer word.

No. 1782451

Nona 100% correct here. Dylan is the walking definition of AGP and HSTS. He's just getting his rocks off.

And he looks just like a man in this picture. How does he think he passes as woman? Just look at him.

Deer in headlights effect is strong with him.

No. 1782491

when he posts these pics licking his own asshole I wonder whether he sucks his own dick too. Look at me I'm so beautiful, I'm Audrey Hepburn, I'm an icon. Has literally done nothing for anyone other than himself.

No. 1782531

This little piece of shit. Like, the absolute rage I feel. This little fuckwit pantomimes moid humor stereotypes of femalehood and what? That's all he has? AHAHAHA, I LIKE MAKING GROSS PERIOD JOKES AND FLASHING MY MOOBS I'M SO OUTRAGEOUS.
I'm just glad the little faggot will die alone.

No. 1782602

What do you mean he's done nothing for anyone else? He's carried Tampax in his purse for the free promo - I mean in case a real woman gets caught short and wants to be hassled by this freak in the ladies room. He's also putting on a show in aid of his own continued spotlight - I MEAN the Trevor Project.

For real though, he's selflessly given me some proper laughs - mostly at the face reveal.

No. 1782736

All that (free) money to look like just another drag queen with a Duke Nukem jaw

No. 1782952

File: 1678015086707.png (1.16 MB, 864x1606, Screenshot_20230305-121544.png)

He's a "plaza partner" so they are paying for his two-week stay in New York. YT short: https://youtube.com/shorts/axY1N3NZT60
Lots of stuff for this shameless arrogant grifter.

No. 1782954

File: 1678015732000.webm (3.02 MB, 720x1280, 4696396-467ecda0e245d91d2ee348…)

Dylan can't believe an adult woman doesn't remember all the details about a children's show he certainly never watched as a child. It's clear he watched it after its resurgence in popularity recently (trends). And that's creepy. He just had his bathroom remodeled based on a cartoon representation of a 6yo rich girl.

No. 1782955

File: 1678015797307.webm (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, 4696398-ea4bdf50112550a1a39b66…)

so he makes his friend watch the show. What an obnoxious tard. "No texting" - she's probably ordering an Uber, Dyldo.

No. 1782956

actually i don't remember if the book i read as a kid has illustrations beyond the cover or not, i never watched the movie or show or whatever. i stand behind the fact that Dylan's obsession with a fictional 6yo is gross.

No. 1783036

The book was published in 1955, it's been around a long time. I don't think we had the TV show over here though.

No. 1783057

This tranny freak fits these inverted satanic hags like a glove, ofc they'll promote him.

No. 1783077

File: 1678036788001.png (497.13 KB, 864x1086, Screenshot_20230305-181834.png)

how can anyone stand to be around someone so full of himself? He can only exist in a space when all the attention is on him and everyone is gushing over him. Surely that is apparent even to the vapid company he keeps? Doesn't that get old really fast, because they are also in desperate need of attention, which they won't get from or with Dylan?

picrel is an interesting tidbit from kiwifarms. No idea if it's true though. He made a huge deal out of missing the Book of Mormon before coming out as non-binary in 2021.

No. 1783082

I found this bit from the People article quite telling, in response to the backlash for interrupting Laverne Cox on the red carpet

> "One of the things on my vision board was to be a better listener, especially on trans topics. And so, work in progress right here."

Translation: He's a self obsessed flitty narcissistic gay man. Dylan lives in Dylan-land.

No. 1783152

I read the book, I watched the movies. It has super detailed illustrations! Eloise was one of my favorite things as a kid, I used to pretend to be her and (quietly lol) sprint down the halls of virtually every hotel we stayed at. I had no idea she was having a resurgence in popularity. I hate his 50's/60's larp so much, he in no way ever saw it or read the book when he was a kid.

I was the one who was creeped out by the aids ad where I thought he was acting/styled a little childish. His eloise saga and this video from youtube only cement that for me.

No. 1783161

samefag but also nothing's funnier than hearing him carefully try to shout "get out" at the girl in the video so that he doesn't just sound like a loud angry man

No. 1783173

No matter how people here feel about Laverne Cox that video was so hard to watch without cringing. You can tell Laverne wanted nothing to do with Dylan and was just playing nice with social media's favorite trans of the week.

Typical white gay male behavior.

No. 1783188

Literally told him several times to "keep things to yourself", he probably took one look at his tiktok and already knew what he was about. I'm not a fan of Laverne Cox and he's done some dumb shit (campaigned for the release of a rapist, for one) but he's what I imagine every HSTS is after meeting an AGP.

No. 1783244

oh god thanks because I had these images in my mind of the way everything looked but no recollection of seeing it on television or in a movie. I must have just read the book. That's why I wasn't sure about the movie/tv show(?). Sounds like the woman in Dylan's vids was similarly confused.

Yes Eloise at the Plaza has been featured on tiktok and Instagram for style inspiration… it's weird, though, the people doing these outfits never seem to hit the mark.

No. 1783245

I'm getting the feeling that Dylan does a shitton of coke or some other upper. And Adderall.

No. 1783252

File: 1678057429779.png (503.95 KB, 864x1507, Screenshot_20230305-235818.png)

Well I've finally read a Federalist article, kek. It includes some interesting details and analysis of the KitchenAid deal Dylan got, as well as a rough (low imho) earnings estimate from last year and a partial list of brands.

Nonna with the website, please back everything up because I've seen it posted in one other place already and I have a feeling it's going to trend on twitter very soon (not bc of an anon, but someone is going to find it and either sing your praises or call for your head). I'm serious, the thing is gonna blow up once it gets posted by some tranny or radfem with a following. I'm happy to help find a way to make sure it doesn't get removed if needed, just post here, it's a little slower than the mtf thread.

No. 1783253

No. 1783262

Dylan is just 26? This is the biggest surprise to me

No. 1783265

I downloaded the site so I have a zip file. I also have an excel spreadsheet that I was using to keep track of everything across all the lists, so I just need to hyperlink everything. I think that all should be enough but let me know if not

Someone in smallweb general said that as long as I didn't have the neocities social media parts up that it should be fine, so I won't worry too much just yet

No. 1783271

super, you're the best! a heroine leading the charge

No. 1783274

Thank you haha, I just don't like troons. Seeing the start of Dylan's eloise larp here >>1780696 was just the last straw.

No. 1783279

Dylan makes me want to scream and alog. Veronica Ivy and Emmy and J Yaniv and those dudes aren't getting massive praise from everyone. But Dyldo is. He's infesting everything. I swear, nonnies, these brands are dead to me.

I also think you can add Tiktok. They paid for at least one hotel stay and probably a shitton more stuff. Would need to check where he says that, maybe it was NY pride.

No. 1783288

And yeah the amount of attention he gets is absolutely insane. His cutesy "idk what I'm doing sunshine and happiness" schtick also gets to me. It's the perfect armor to hide behind because "how could anyone be mad at meeeee??" He couldn't even drop it for one second in his videos apologizing for the tampax sponsorship, which makes me so angry. He's not just living a lie and skinwalking women, he's got the worst, most disingenuous attitude, and people are eating it up.

I've always bought stuff second hand (before it became a trend), and look for smaller and ethical companies when shopping. People act like it's the end of the world to not buy fast fashion or a certain brand, but it's so insanely easy. I am NEVER looking in these companies' directions again. Thank god I got a kitchenaid mixer before this madness.

No. 1783297

File: 1678064682605.jpeg (65.28 KB, 634x680, 3C4F08E7-9E48-4388-BB00-55CF3D…)

He thinks he looks like Twiggy? The first "super skinny" model who popularized the youthful boyish figure whose height of popularity was 16-19 years old? He tells on himself soooo much.

No. 1783326

I will never understand why he insists on being a tranny instead of being a drag queen and then get on rupaul's drag race. He'd probably be first out or he would have a breakdown over r/rpdrcringe lightly making fun of him.

No. 1783331

saged for possibly stupid question but does anyone know why he never changed his name? I don’t get why he would still use Dylan while pretending he’s a woman

No. 1783334

I'm going to guess because he has a bunch of credits attached to his man name.

No. 1783345

Kek, don’t you ever dare suggest to a narc to change his name, it’s like making them kill themselves or something.
He definitely looks like the type of narc like Jillian who needs attention, knows he’s too useless and lazy to do something useful and larps mental illness to get it.

No. 1783490

cp bump

No. 1783509


All that money and somehow he won't get his fucking beard lasered off.

No. 1783517

In a video he said something like the only female name that would suit him would be some old fancy name like Genevieve, but that would be ridiculous and he's used to being called Dylan.
The real reasons
>he started out doing it as a parody
>like >>1779915 said his ideal "woman" is a man pretending to be a woman so the name Dylan fits that perfectly
>like >>1783334 said he'd have to make arrangements and can't be bothered
>he still wants to profit from male privilege, people who don't know him and just read his name will correctly assume he's male and give him more money and respect because of it

No. 1783525

File: 1678099116700.png (1.15 MB, 864x1226, Screenshot_20230306-013140.png)

I'm looking for evidence of old …friends… and stuff, haven't found much yet but he is obnoxious at every gathering

No. 1783526

File: 1678099149743.png (865.08 KB, 864x1423, Screenshot_20230306-013130.png)

No. 1783527

File: 1678099222097.png (820.7 KB, 864x1230, Screenshot_20230306-012853.png)

so waiflike amirite

No. 1783543

underrated rant

No. 1783569

agree, someone make this into a fucking sticker for next time they see an Ulta or Tampax ad somewhere kek

No. 1783618

File: 1678113529642.jpeg (488.88 KB, 828x1030, F7ADAABA-E801-4AB2-87EE-BE460A…)

Late but KEK his fucking thick ass neck hahahaha

No. 1783624

I’ve met girls named Dylan where I live so I thought it was kinda a neutral name, but wondered the same.

No. 1783625

No contribution but I think dyldo looks like johnny galecki in drag

No. 1783627

dylan thinks groomer is a very serious accusation (vidrel - he does his misogynistic Karen voice in it). But in >>1772134 he was much more offended by being called a man than being called a predator. He didn't like the predator comments, but "even worse" were the articles calling him a man - that was the offense he thought should be illegal.

No. 1783628

File: 1678115396796.png (801.34 KB, 864x1509, Screenshot_20230306-160747.png)

His merch is narcissism and skinwalking. Nothing like wearing a shirt with your photoshopped and nipped/tucked mug on it. I didn't even think FFS was recommended before you've been on hormones for more than a year(?) but I'm not up on the mutilation standards these days.

No. 1783634

I've been tinfoiling for a while now that he's definitely on some form of stimulants. Wide open crazy eyes, stiff clenching jaw, skinny body, always acting hyper and moving around even when just sitting down talking to the camera, can't stfu even when other people are talking, etc. Might even explain his weirdly straight teeth (like in >>1783618 ), they kinda look worn down from excessive grinding and jaw clenching.

No. 1783637

How fucking cringe. I wish he would stop with the Audrey Hepburn cosplay. It's so insulting, Audrey was angelic. Dylan is a delusional, narcissistic troglodyte.

No. 1783641

she definitely wasn't a narcissist. Dylan is a cancer on the world

No. 1783705

File: 1678123752272.png (1.08 MB, 1280x963, 75EE6C89-01E9-4DAE-8678-6690D0…)

How delusional do you have to be to think you resemble this one in a million, orherworthdly gamine, charming, talented wonderful woman?!?
I need some ugly man confidence

No. 1783707

File: 1678123955916.png (1.19 MB, 761x1002, DA8DEB1A-0722-4B5B-B915-F528C1…)

More Audrey spam because I know he lurks here. You’ll never have an ounce of what she had.
Where’s your charity work? Selflessness? Audrey refused to get plastic surgery or for anyone to retouch her wrinkles on her photos.
Even if you could magically morph yourself to look 1% like her, you’ll never have her spirit. A kind woman spirit.

No. 1783730

she also hated her beautiful nose, which Dylan went out of his way to copy with plastic. She thought she was too skinny, that her collarbones stuck out too much, that she looked awkward. She wasn't full of herself like Dylan. She was renowned for her kindness and charity work. She was not perfect (in a healthy way) and the world saw her grow into a beautiful soul who was moved by the plight of those in poverty.

I adore Audrey for those things and for her talent. She wasn't just a body and face.

No. 1783756

I've never heard East Euro troons talk about 'euphoria', in fact they mostly complain about dysphoria and how bad their lives are

No. 1783762

File: 1678128077489.png (1.09 MB, 864x1512, Screenshot_20230306-161532.png)

They're going to maul her

No. 1783773

File: 1678130006818.jpg (27.91 KB, 680x538, cc7fb1dd25863285a3061c5f5c45da…)

Their maleness can't be denied.

No. 1783775

Based Audrey enjoyers itt. Thank you for setting the record straight, it disgusts me that this fucking ugly freak loser moid compares himself to her.

No. 1783795

Honestly thinking about everything I could buy this tinfoil. It's so out there that it might just be true.

No. 1783809

cloutchasing freaks / z list kardashians. is this more disgusting or more pitiful

No. 1783820

why do they have to open their mouths so wide, I don't get it, it's like the tongue thing other troons do. I've never heard his voice but in my head it will be unbearable to listen to him. For me, he has the vibe of these Christians that will harass you on the street and if you tell them to leave you alone, they will tell you that you are going to hell.

No. 1783840

File: 1678137265661.jpeg (474.84 KB, 655x1170, 9201CAB9-831C-457E-B85E-7FB900…)

He’s for sure at LEAST taking adderall. But I’m sure this goddamn psycho combines it with other uppers and never sleeps or eats

No. 1783858


No. 1783900

dylan said in the video above that he doesn't want to get to know or be friends with kids, but then he made vidrel, where he speaks directly to kids, saying all trans people are ready to celebrate them, that their queerness is their superpower and their transness is magic. Then he leans in real close like a fuckin children's entertainer and says 'I see you. and I love you.'


No. 1783903

File: 1678143437630.jpeg (524.46 KB, 828x1416, D092A14D-545F-41FC-BD32-549D6E…)

I have secondhand embarrassment for anyone who buys this shit

No. 1783919

File: 1678144540691.png (555.91 KB, 864x1506, Screenshot_20230306-200651~2.p…)

ah yes, the "gotta pee" pose on an emaciated bobblehead with a cheap wig

No. 1783965

File: 1678150551757.jpg (71.41 KB, 603x719, tranny joker.jpg)

It's a few days old, but just in case any of you haven't seen it, his latest company he's shilling is Olay. So if you keep up with shit to boycott, like me, add that one to the list.


No. 1783967

i literally can't believe those are post-ffs.

No. 1783999

Is that Tiffany necklace supposed to be a choker or is his bull neck taunting him?

No. 1784002

His legs look like a snapped toothpick, and especially with this pose it looks like his bobblehead is 3 times bigger than the rest of his deformed body kek

No. 1784004

Olay is such good moisturiser. Fuck this fucking clown.

No. 1784007

File: 1678155684559.png (36.29 KB, 602x221, Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 02.20…)

Double post but this reply almost got me in the feels, before I remembered who it was about.

No. 1784010

>I used to pretend to be her and (quietly lol) sprint down the halls of virtually every hotel we stayed at
ily nona

No. 1784089

Counterpoint: his obsession with tampons. That's 100% coomershit.

In any case, Blanchard's typology goes beyond just HSTS and AGP; there's also "pseudobisexuality," which is basically when the obsession with gender identity distorts a person's sexuality. It's typically used to describe AGPs who let men fuck them, not because they're into men, but because being "used" sexually by a man makes them "feel" like women. There's also just AGP "lesbians" going prison-gay because the only "lesbians" willing to dat them are other AGPs. However the reverse can also happen; their fantasies about being women can bleed into just fantasies about women. Unlike AGPs, who want girlfriends so bad they meme themselves into becoming the girlfriend, HSTS sometimes want to be women so bad it translates into wanting to fuck them, because men struggle to differentiate the emotions of admiration and lust (hence scrotes drawing/commissioning porn of literally every piece of media they enjoy.) I think pseudobisexuals are narcissists incapable of being attracted to anyone but themselves, and/or they were bisexual to begin with and didn't acknowledge it because they weren't in the exact middle of the Kinsey scale. I think a lot of bisexuals mistakenly call themselves gay or straight because they show a strong lean towards one sex or the other.

No. 1784091

sorry for derail but its really not nona, far better alternatives at both higher and lower price points pls research & love your skin more

No. 1784093

I've said this before in response to a skincare company sponsoring Dylan, but I'll say it again. Eucerin Aquaphor is better than any cosmetics-brand moisturizer. They don't have to do a bunch of retarded ad campaigns with influencers, because the quality of the product speaks for itself.

No. 1784109

Hepburn and Twiggy look nothing alike. Like they both had short haircuts I guess? And more to the point, Dylan doesn't even look like the same species as them. He looks like a pasty, anorexic Patrick Bateman in drag.

No. 1784118

Cetaphil too. I live in fear that one day Cetaphil will bow down to this shitty moid. CeraVe already has.

No. 1784128

Yes. The history of the Beiersdorf Company (Eucerin is one of their brands) is rather interesting. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beiersdorf They don't seem like the type to follow trends.

No. 1784179

File: 1678183111836.png (975.14 KB, 691x1330, Screenshot_20230307-105618.png)

So happy with how they printed a phrase onto a pink shirt! He looks gaunt and old - reads unhealthy, like he really does have a disease

No. 1784187

Yeah right he probably just says that so he can explain his stimulants he uses to stay skinny twinky and peppy. Fuck everyone taking it recreationally right now you caused the shortage and now I can't get MY meds to function at work.

No. 1784195

No real girl or woman would feel the need to have an item of clothing with this phrase on it, only Dilly’s sychophants will buy it

No. 1784267

do you think the livestream will have a chat?

No. 1784508

The negative centimeters man hips are hilarious tbh. And his hands look like they’re detached from his arms. Seriously whenever a moid tries to look like a woman you can notice how freakish they all look. Plus extra keks with how he’s stretching the sweatshirt so he can hide his man shoulders and barrel torso.

No. 1784638

"Merch Moment" like Amberlynn Reid, equally lazy design too lmao.

No. 1784715

I don't think they will. CeraVe and Cetaphil seem like pretty heavy competitors in the "back to basics" skincare market, both aimed at protection and skin health as opposed to anti-aging, wrinkle reducing etc.
Cetaphil can win over by using real women in their campaigns.

No. 1784718

Yes I was wondering that. Even if I wasn't an oldanon nudging 40, as an 18 year old I very much didn't want to be thought of as a GIRL any more. It's just weird self infantilisation that all troons tend to use, whatever side of the coin they are.

No. 1784949

Not sure which one I want to roll my eyes at more.
The fact that Ana-kun forgot that people beyond L exist or the fact that people actually want his stuff?

No. 1784963

tra-na-kun… tr-ana-kun…

No. 1785048

Who in god's name is buying this? This merch seems like something that's designed for the influencer to wear and that's about it.

No. 1785175

idk why but he reminds me of michelle duggar

fake fake fake fake fake nice

No. 1785787

File: 1678402654392.webm (3.89 MB, 576x1024, male rage.webm)

Doesn't look like this was posted.
Look at his eyes. I actually got the creeps from how you can literally feel his male narcissistic rage in this video. Sorry if it's bad quality, first time uploading a webm

No. 1785795

I was thinking of posting this video when I saw it on Youtube, the eyes bothered me too. Like if you cover the lower half of his face there's absolutely no emotion in those eyes except for the barely concealed narc rage. The twitching is very telling

No. 1785799

Oh man, i love a good cope when i see one! Kekking my ass off.

No. 1785830

I hate seeing all 32 teeth every time he opens his mouth.

No. 1785834

Can one of you please, please explain to me why fag hags fucking exist? Gay men hate women with a passion and they don't even try to hide it from us. From faggots constantly screaming about how nasty vaginas are, to drag queens calling "pretty," "feminine," queens fishy, to trannies like Dylan comparing tampon applicators to butter churns while getting paid 100x more parodying us than most of us make working our day jobs and just existing in the world as actual women. Make it makes sense, nonas. Why do women cape for faggots and troons? The only thing gay men have over straight men is that they don't beat and murder us as often.

No. 1785844

whenever i see him on main he always reminds me of a dollar store Michael Jackson at his most botched, but somehow even worse

No. 1785851

Unironically because many women have this criteria
>he doesn’t want to fuck me
>therefore he’s a good guy
If he’s not a potential threat, in the sense that he wouldn’t rape you because he finds vaginas disgusting, then you’re willing to deal with his misogynistic behavior because well, at least he wouldn’t rape you or hurt you in a way that any other straight or bi moid would do.
So yeah, they’re “othered” by other moids, which makes us believe they understand our struggles, and they play their “funny” teehee personas so we believe we’re insane for calling them out.
That’s kind of why people love to act as if a gay moid can be considered almost a woman when in reality he’s just gaslighting everyone.

No. 1785870

It was originally a safe way for straight girls who'd had bad relationships to enjoy male company without having to worry about getting hit on. By the time Will & Grace aired in the 90s Hollywood was selling the gay BFF thing hard, and a lot of naive women keep falling for it.

I had a gay male BFF in college. I found out what skilled manipulators they can be. I'd just had a bad breakup with my first boyfriend, and gay dude seemed so fun. He didn't use any of the derogatory language drag queens use. I liked not having to worry about him trying to get into my pants. Gay men treat each other like shit so many of them like having female friends.

They can be bitchy fun and they're really good at flattery and seeming harmless until you trust them. Then the mind games start. It's a survival strategy they've evolved over the centuries. They can sniff out women with low self-esteem just like abusive straight men do. They're often more subtle than het trannies because historically they've had to be.

I eventually kicked gay dude to the curb because he became as possessive and bossy as a straight man. He was also really weird about my selectivity regarding sexual partners. He'd scold me for being uptight. I'm sure it was bad conscience on his part, since he was whoring his way through school.

No. 1785874

It’s that simple. Gay men are sexually nonthreatening, plus some of them have stereotypically feminine interests & mannerisms so women assume they have stuff in common. Still moids though.

No. 1785880

his mouth and teeth really give me the creeps like…so weirdly long and narrow and rectangular in every way that it shouldn't be.

No. 1785891

He's dressed as a woman, acts demure and coquettish, always smiling, yet every fiber of my being says RUN AWAY FROM THIS PERSON ASAP.

No. 1785918

he definitely got a ton of Botox after his surgery, it explains some (not all) of the angle of the eyebrows and how his forehead is fucking immobile. But otherwise I agree with you, he has ragey crazy eyes that look like they want to escape his skull

No. 1785919

samefag but he kept the username in so people go harass that person. All 10mil of his followers.

No. 1785921

File: 1678423413514.png (1.41 MB, 858x828, teethofgirlhood.png)

same. I swear to god he has at least 200 teeth.

No. 1785931

Attack on titan immediately springs to mind especially now he's got his botched facial feminisation surgery.

No. 1785932

>tfw you realize your followers are all fatties and not beautiful women

No. 1785938

>that filename

No. 1785981

>I know he lurks here.
Source on that?

No. 1785982

Must be what starvation does to people.

No. 1785988

>i know he lurks here

take ur meds schizochan

No. 1786021

File: 1678444878148.jpg (308.25 KB, 1080x2036, CeraveTranny.jpg)

>Olay is a such a good moisturizer

Mfw Cerave just made it to my country and are the best cleansers and facial moisturizers on the market

No. 1786040

He looks absolutely fucking INSANE, how are handmaidens all over this??

No. 1786055

Lol, nice mixing of two hypocritical trans beliefs trana-kun.
You're a woman and the surgery was to make you pretty? So it's not life saving gender affirmation surgery to give you a female face that should be covered by insurance? Just a pretty one?
And hulking trannies who don't fit a unisex L

No. 1786063

File: 1678453749163.jpeg (285.02 KB, 1125x1758, 0E95F5EE-A9EB-4D13-8A55-26AA27…)

Hint: it’s because you’re a fuggo with botched surgery. He talks about how „somebody who looks like that should not be single” and when he was called out on his entitlement and incelism handmaidens started crying about twansmisogyny and microagression kek.

No. 1786067

File: 1678454750189.jpg (7.35 MB, 4096x5791, GridArt_20230310_082018597.jpg)

Having trouble converting video but here's a link to his IWD video: https://tokytiky.com/profile/dylanmulvaney/videos/7208369395637308718
His face botch really is in full view this video. Parts of his face don't move and you can see the scarring and how crooked it is

No. 1786068

Jesus fuck he looks like creepypasta character.

No. 1786075

Kek at how manly he still looks here even with all the shooping, filters and expensive surgery, yikes.

No. 1786099

Holy fuck, my brain is literally screaming to not engage with this man. How do handmaidens get through that feeling and support this freak?

No. 1786100

kek, im sure he'll snag an opportunistic chaser or moid soon. and i doubt there's no one in his dms already, he's likely picky with his choices. i don't think he'd settle with a troon either.

No. 1786144

Agree. Also, his narcissism. He'll probably end up with someone who wants to use him for clout, if he ever ends up with someone.
Or he'll pay someone to be seen with and claim they're dating

No. 1786176

File: 1678471892512.jpg (432.79 KB, 800x1280, peakhealth.jpg)

he is real life fuchi

No. 1786207


What the fucking fruit phobia

No. 1786212

File: 1678477766887.jpg (140.36 KB, 1910x1060, plasticsurgery.jpg)

genuinely can't get over how botched he is. his face looks like it's pulled so tight it's painful.

No. 1786214

Fruitphobia is why he thinks he had to transition

No. 1786216

File: 1678478243827.jpg (268.81 KB, 2048x2048, g580e4204e691.jpg)

troons always end up looking even less like a woman and more like a botched gay man like picrel after ffs

No. 1786237

No. 1786287

gay men who troon out because they want to be with straight men are delusional and sad. he only has attention right now because people love to watch a freak show. maybe he'll find another tranny to date but he'll never get the heterosexual men he desires.

No. 1786307

File: 1678486863062.png (968.33 KB, 576x1024, download (13).mp4_snapshot_00.…)

seeing dylan here next to a real woman really highlights how ugly and grotesque he is.

No. 1786324

I've never seen a person with a more annoying face than him, never. His overacting while speaking, his unbelievable amount of teeth, his eyes that never move, no emotion except for hysterical things, he is like one of the Stepford Wives and I wouldn't be surprised if one day we would get the news that he is a robot and it was all a social experiment.

No. 1786538

the comments on his tiktok about fruit infantilize him so much

No. 1786596

This as next thread pic please. Idk what edits to do on it but it perfectly shows how fucking insane he truely looks.

No. 1786628

Maybe, let's see if worse ones get taken before then. If you look at pics and vids he doesn't post himself, you'll see much worse examples of his unhinged maleness

No. 1786636

Day 200
>women are awesome
>but can also be cruel
>I'm doing my best and
>the boys, they kinda drool
complete misogyny. I pray 2023 is your undoing, Dyldo

No. 1786683

looks like dyl is naked under that suit. gross

No. 1786685

that dance twerking spazzing always makes me ill

No. 1786692

he relly is larping as a little girl, a child.
he gives me michael jackson vibes, not in the talent way but in the "is probably a pedo" way

No. 1786693

File: 1678552454575.png (1.31 MB, 674x1164, Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 17.34…)

i think our girl might need braces

No. 1786694

or jaw surgery. whatever. You get what i mean.

No. 1786707

Absolute kek

No. 1786713

the only thing he needs is a jute sack sewn unto his neck to hide his face forever.

No. 1786718

Of course no one wants to date him, most gay men aren't willing to play into the larp and pretend to be straight even if he's currently sugery free (no boobs or inverted penis yet). And the closeted gays would at least want someone who actually sort of passes so they can still pretend they're straight or otherwise they wouldn't be closeted.
He said he also likes women now, but straight women don't want to date a man who is pretending to be a woman. Feminine men are statistically the least desireable by all dating groups, and that's without them demanding you pretend they're a hot bimbo girl on the internet and with a projected future of cutting off their genitals. There's a reason trans women rarely date anyone but other trans women (unless they were in a previous realtionship with a woman who they then force to pretend to be a lesbian). I honestly think him saying he's also inte women now was just to protect himself from allegations of being transphobic, I mean of course he's into other trans women who are also men with dicks like him.
The question is if he will have to come out as a lesbian so he can date another trans woman, acting like it has nothing to do with him having been a gay man his entire life prior to trooning out kek.

No. 1786723


No. 1786724

Leave Michael out of this

No. 1786746

Kek whatever the case the adderall is clearly not helping

No. 1786770

This simple part of his bio:
>your new gal pal
pisses me off so much. Like he's declaring himself as an official friend to women when he is making money off of mocking them

No. 1786775

File: 1678563718281.png (576.35 KB, 864x1475, Screenshot_20230311-170531.png)

It's hard being a shallow vapid narcissist.

No. 1786799

when is he going to get laser hair removal jesus

No. 1786802

he's getting it, but it's not really working. is it possible for it to never work? i'd like that

No. 1786835

Is he getting laser or electrolysis? Laser isn’t always effective but electrolysis is supposed to be the best hair removal treatment out there

No. 1786877

he's had both. He had 5h of electrolysis before some event and then begged on IG for a doctor to give him steroid injections

No. 1787055

how can his honker look so big after that surgery? dying

No. 1787317

if michael jackson was alive he'd have an active cow thread on his own and you know it

he says he's had both, and he says he's taken estrogen. neither show any results. I really think he's lying and loves his male body too much to want it to actually change.

No. 1787680

Since he announced that he "likes women" I have been tinfoiling that he's now on the hunt for a girlfriend(non troon) to use as his personal shield and fashion accessory. I think we are on the dawn of an "I kissed a girl and I liked it" era for Dyldo. Even though Dylan doesn't like women and never will. Either way, I wonder if he's going to have to pay someone to pretend to date him like Nikita Dragon did.

No. 1787727

>he's now on the hunt for a girlfriend (non troon) to use as his personal shield and fashion accessory
I also think he wants one so that he can learn to imitate/skinwalk women better than he can with his female friends so that he can make himself more appealing to men as an HSTS. He's definitely aware that even with all the money and attention thrown at him, he still comes off as male, which is why he made that bitter video response to a commenter saying his surgery looks botched and he looks like a man.

Like with anything that has a sudden boom of popularity, his is going to end soon, people have already had to put up with 365 days of his awful content. Once he runs out of adderall or gets too skinny the tween girls on on tiktok will move on to a different gender special influencer that's easier to fawn over than sickly bruce jenner

No. 1787737

Should have put a jumpscare warning nonna, kek

No. 1787975

File: 1678724108934.png (80.8 KB, 863x997, Screenshot_20230313-170812.png)

today's the wretched day, one year of larping. he's been lying about being trans since age 4 and made up a super conservative/religious family background (they are neither conservative nor that religious). I'm not ready to write up my own research but in this case someone on KF did a good job of collecting and archiving evidence: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/dylan-james-mulvaney-days-of-girlhood-day-__-of-being-a-girl.125421/post-15391546 It's been helpful as I've looked into how Dylan became the world's most annoying troon even though he's barely transitioned physically at all.

He claims he came out as trans at age 4 now (picrel, from https://etcanada.com/news/975154/tiktok-star-dylan-mulvaney-on-coming-out-as-trans-to-a-very-conservative-family-at-age-4/):
>“I came out to my mom at [age] 4. I told her, ‘I’m a girl.’ We were very, very religious so she was like, ‘God doesn’t make mistakes.’ But I didn’t know that I could transition. I didn’t know that there were options or resources"

In old material from his "coming out" as non-binary, he used this quote from his mom about how "God doesn't make mistakes" in a positive way, implying she was reassuring him.

Now it's something with heavy negative (religious) connotations in his new fake narrative about being the youngest troon ever. He implied this statement was a condemnation or restriction for him.

The first of these options is much more believable bc that phrase was on keychains and mugs and motivational stuff. It was meant to be comforting, like "you can't be a mistake because God don't make mistakes!" "God don't make fuck-ups so you're not a fuck-up!" I bet Mom is pissed at being painted as a conservative transphobe who prevented poor baby Dylan from being a girl sooner.

No. 1787987

4 year olds definitely need to know that they have transgender resources. So glad Dylan is here to save all the toddlers who are internally very sad about the lack of resources for their finely attuned and deeply understood gender feelings. At age 4.

No. 1787993

Here's the narrative as he tells it. (about 1:00 in the embedded video) His mom reminded him of this story, and DYLAN allegedly said "God made a mistake and accidentally put a girl inside of a boy's body"! His mom then reassured him that God doesn't make mistakes. Classic parent consoling a distressed child. What's wrong with being a boy who likes stereotypically "feminine" things? Nothing, of course.

Now he has spun this to mean something completely different. His poor parents.

No. 1787999

bought himself a Chanel bag for day 365. tone-deaf narcissist who looks more like a man than ever. His surgeon made him look more masculine. It's crazy.

No. 1788002

he looks so rough without makeup compared to what he used to

No. 1788004

He's celebrating 1 year of being a girl by buying himself a pink designer handbag… I see his parody continues. God he's so pathetic and hateful, he thinks he owns girlhood because he bought a pink bag nonas I'm losing it

No. 1788005

I'm glad he spent so much of this past year helping girls and women, learning what struggles they actually face. So brave.

No. 1788025

kek nona

No. 1788029

Even gay men know that you don't stick your dick in crazy. His straight female fans would never date him because to them he's their parasocial gay friend. That pretty much only leaves clout chasing bisexuals.

He seems exhausting to be around, like a spoiled theater kid mixed with a caffeinated toddler. I've heard rumors that his castmates on Book of Mormon disliked him and found him annoying.

No. 1788031

File: 1678730314361.png (866.59 KB, 864x1499, Screenshot_20230313-174449.png)

nonna with the list:

No. 1788032

File: 1678730381360.png (1013.2 KB, 864x1541, Screenshot_20230313-174440.png)

The Plaza is helping him larp as a 6yo girl.

No. 1788033

File: 1678730449739.png (943.11 KB, 864x1516, Screenshot_20230313-174419.png)

No. 1788091

God damnit

No. 1788129

I'm the nonna with a list and have been updating consistently as things get posted, I just don't mention it when I add things so it's not too repetitive. The sheer amount of crap companies send him is so insane. Kate spade and the Plaza Hotel specifically are so far up his ass that I initially gave up adding more links just because of time/space. Instead I'm going to make imgur albums because this is ridiculous. People need to see that these aren't all just one-off cases of brands sending some egotistical troon free shit for marketing optics. This is consistent lifestyle support for a man, by companies for women and whose consumer base is women.
If they truly wanted to at least pretend to support women, they could donate to charities, they could have fund raisers, these are huge companies. But they don't, they send bath bombs to a tiktok narc. I've never been a brand person, it's dumb to think that a company tweeting an infographic actually cares about social causes, but it's the fact that they are so deep into pretending to care that they willingly send products to, pay for ads/sponsorships from, and fund the ridiculous lifestyle of Dylan that is makes it all so repulsive. They can't even pretend to care about women in a way that isn't misogynistic.

No. 1788152

File: 1678740008160.jpeg (24.37 KB, 250x443, dillyikes.jpeg)

Found the next thread pic on the Other Farms. Time to fire up the ol' MS Paint.

No. 1788156

Who knew that despite reduction of abortion rights, escalation of male violence, cost of living impacting period poverty and childcare costs, and in the UK the issue of police literally using their powers to "arrest" then rape and murder women…

… all we needed was a fucking $5000 handbag.

No. 1788182

>we can all agree being a woman is a lot more than the material things but sometimes it is fun to give in a little
A little? Literally his whole thing is playing dress up, getting free shit, or talking about how trans rights are more important than womens rights.

No. 1788202

Is this post-FFS? Jesus christ he looks the exact fucking same, what a waste of money.

No. 1788230

File: 1678769998867.jpg (63.16 KB, 1000x563, rhugakerjgek.jpg)

No. 1788236

File: 1678771054819.webm (3.98 MB, 576x1024, wtf.webm)

There's no way this hasn't already been posted somewhere in an old MTF general, but I just stumbled across it. I will never understand how or why handmaidens not only put up with this kind of shit, but actively encourage it. unreal

No. 1788257

The fucking booby drum rolls… It just seems like something a random comedian in drag mocking trannies would come up with, not even an agp.

No. 1788259

Can we somehow organise a scheme to make him shill a brand that's actually shit or some mlm garbage? There's only so much to boycott.

No. 1788288

File: 1678777301506.png (124.19 KB, 864x1372, Screenshot_20230314-075947.png)

The livestream didn't work. Most people (who paid for tickets) couldn't get in until about 40m after the event began. Anyone complaining too much got shouted down by fascists saying not to ruin Dylan's big day or make him feel bad.

No. 1788292

He was on the Drew Barrymore show. Drew was really handsy with him and also seemed to be worshipping him. Why are her hands all over his thighs?

No. 1788301

I don't know her but maybe she's just a typical faghag who sees him as her new gay toy

No. 1788302

handmaidens hate themselves and value male attention over all else

No. 1788304

>They can't even pretend to care about women in a way that isn't misogynistic.
True, but when you out it like that… oof

No. 1788323

They always pretend to come from closed-minded conservative backgrounds. Sam Brinton did, too. Having a loving and accepting family doesn’t fit the grift.
I hope that throwing his family under the bus backfires on him, especially if he used their money/influence to boost himself.

The hardest part of being a woman is deciding which of your enormous hoard of sponsored cosmetics to pair with your newest $5000 handbag.

No. 1788324

They always pretend to come from closed-minded conservative backgrounds. Sam Brinton did, too. Having a loving and accepting family doesn’t fit the grift.
I hope that throwing his family under the bus backfires on him, especially if he used their money/influence to boost himself.

The hardest part of being a woman is deciding which of your enormous hoard of sponsored cosmetics to pair with your newest $5000 handbag.

No. 1788341

Typical moid blaming his mom for his 'suffering'

No. 1788343

Nah there’s better (more deranged) ones than this for thread pic.

No. 1788349

They always pretend to come from closed-minded conservative backgrounds. Sam Brinton did, too. Having a loving and accepting family doesn’t fit the grift.
I hope that throwing his family under the bus backfires on him, especially if he used their money/influence to boost himself.

The hardest part of being a woman is deciding which of your enormous hoard of sponsored cosmetics to pair with your newest $5000 handbag.

No. 1788352

he reminds me so much of lord farquaad

No. 1788364

I had a dream Dilly an hero'd for his 365th day of being a girl. Wake up to find he's lived to see another day. I'm not disappointed, but damn what was my brain thinking? He's too much of a narc to go.

No. 1788377

I think it's before, not that he looks much different. This is from a series a KF user did about how his story has changed now he's claiming he "came out as trans" to his "ultra-conservative" parents at 4 and they shoved him back in the closet despite all evidence to the contrary including this TikTok series where he says he came out so many times, as gay, non binary, then finally trans.

No. 1788378

He doesn't even have sad hormone boobs, he's just whacking his meaty paws off his ribcage.

No. 1788509

File: 1678820328266.webm (3.33 MB, 1080x1920, 4767306-c6ec84f66ee5eac0064b34…)

maybelline ad and manly seizure

No. 1788511

File: 1678820455555.png (1.07 MB, 864x1423, Screenshot_20230314-114628.png)

his old nose was better. really. what is this.

No. 1788513

he spent so much money on that facial feminization surgery and looks even worse. damn lol(sage your shit)

No. 1788539

he got it for free, he did a promo for the surgeon

No. 1788566

Lmao the handmaidens got scammed as hell.

No. 1788590

he honestly looks even more like an old gay man now. wtf was meant to be the feminising part of this surgery? if he was gonna get anything done it should have been his crows feet, but I think they are unavoidable due to his constant crazy-eyes expressions.

No. 1788617

I also find it weird that his forehead seems to be frozen from whatever he had done, but he has those crows' feet and undereye bags (in a negative way)

No. 1788635

his face seems extra puffy and bloated in the last few days, wtf?!

No. 1788647

File: 1678834206128.jpeg (65.82 KB, 597x597, FrMwKRxWAAsbhQ-.jpeg)

No. 1788654


No. 1789041

this is the video that broke me tbh no qualms hating on him

No. 1789134

File: 1678903612536.png (120.04 KB, 864x1506, Screenshot_20230315-114658.png)

can anyone figure out how to get a copy of this 365 day show? he said he confronted his "haters" and I want to see that. obviously don't want to pay for it. btw only the PROFITS go allegedly to the Trevor project. Not the proceeds. There will be next to zero profit given that the tickets were $5, all those people & the space had to be paid (possibly also food, drink, security, janitorial services, after-party?), and the stream didn't work as promised, opening the ticket company up to possibly having to refund ticket-holders anyway.

No. 1789135

File: 1678903706181.png (31.98 KB, 863x212, Screenshot_20230315-190824.png)


No. 1789184

File: 1678908219088.png (403.78 KB, 928x556, Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 19.20…)

Groomers gonna stick together.
The pictures from the show prove it's just The Dylan Show. The money goes to The Trevor Project, but this night is all about celebrating Dylan and pandering to his fantasies of being a star. What an absolutely fucking narcissist. I know instinctively the kind of flaky over dramatic asshole he would have been as a gay man. Shallow as a fucking puddle.

No. 1789211

Yeesh Dylan is fuck ugly. Why couldn't they choose a less repulsive plant to shove down our throats?

No. 1789298

Maybe they purposefuly picked the most misogynistic male they could find to secretly try and peak a bunch of women. Hopefully enough women get the same heeby jeeby feeling of "fight or flight" when looking at him as i do. One glance at his face and i feel like im stuck in a car with a complete stranger. Trapped, uncomfortable and hella unsafe.

No. 1789301

God, he looks the same as Bruce Jenner did when he first got his surgeries at 65. Aging like milk and no amount of HRT or surgery can salvage him.

No. 1789444

of course he's posing with alok "little girls are also kinky" v menon

No. 1789521

I sincerely worry about women who can look at Dylan Mulvaney and not experience some kind of fight/flight response. Faint/fawn won’t help you against a man who looks like he’s about to rip you open and wear your body as a suit.

No. 1789547

..you use maybelline? love yourself nonner(sage your shit)

No. 1789566

most brands nowadays want to be seen as inclusive and progressive which is why you could probably tweet at ace hardware to ask them if trans women are women and they'd have their little social media intern post respond "YASSS" with a shitty infographic. you can't possibly hope to boycott them all

No. 1789572

thats literally a 5k+ bag(sage your shit)

No. 1789576

Dylan probably agrees that little girls are kinky because he sees himself as a little girl and knows he is kinky

No. 1789577

Is there a brand that is more or less openly against troons so I can support them?

No. 1789578

this is a little bit blogposty but please consider my rationale on this issue before giving up on boycotting brands.

I will boycott the brands that pay or support Dylan, because he makes me rage. So far I don't mind finding alternatives and I bet a lot of other women will do the same if they are disgusted by Dylan. There's no specific branded product on earth I truly need to survive as far as I know. I'll think about it more but pretty sure I'm right. I cannot speak for other women and I'm not going to judge them either. But if someone suggests supporting or buying a brand associated with him, I don't mind explaining why I'm not down with it.

No. 1789580

Someone uploaded the show here. I'm not ready to recap, nonnas. It's a narcissistic misogynistic display all about Dylan.

No. 1789595

File: 1678973406089.png (367.35 KB, 864x1642, Screenshot_20230316-142356.png)

k18 partnership

No. 1789598

That's just Drew, she always acts like this with guests on her show. People cut her slack for being weird & flaky since she survived Pedowood.

No. 1789605

jesus christ. could only watch small bits of this but it's really stark just how much of a misogynist drag queen he is when you see him on an actual stage instead of just his videos.

like he is literally taking the most outrageous and offensive stereotypes of women and turning them up to 100. like the way he flaps his arms around and acts "ditsy" whilst wearing 1950's housewife clothes and makeup. and people are really pretending that this isn't just a man in drag?

No. 1789617

The way his interpretation of "girlhood" is just flamboyant gay stereotypes is sending me

No. 1789633

Here i wonder if I'm masochistic enough to go through it and recap the shit.

No. 1789634

Unfortunately, anybody who points out that Dylan’s interpretation of women being “silly, ditsy girls who love pink and hate sensible shoes teehee” are basically just deemed as TERFs. So frustrating.

No. 1789648


I hate myself, so here we go. Shitty recap but trust me, I can't do this with any more detail or I'd need therapy.

> Bad skit about stage fright as 'being on stage for the first time as woman'
> Shitty song about how he started this journey while he thinks he's a big broadway star
> Opening monolog about the same shit, being stage first time as a girl
> Thank you for flying in everyone and thank you for coming
> Goes behind a small screen on the stage to change dress while pretend like the audience isn't there
> Dresses in some form of lingerie thing with a robe on

> Trans activist comes on the stage to talk to him and they're joking about how the show isn't over yet even if he's dressing up like it is
> Dylan's like "Oh how should the show go on if you did it?"
> "Drama and other grandiose things!"

> They show video of his first tiktok about being a girl
> Dylan says 'that video makes him cringe and he doesn't even recognise himself' and pretends like he's surprised the audience is 'still here', because obviously he forgot he was on the stage.
> Make fun out of his outfits and he changes on stage again
> Dylan sits back down on a makeup table and gets told to think back to the first day. And Dylan sees "a person who so desperately wants to be liked and doesn't want to step on anyone"
> Dylan sings a shitty tranny cover of 'Part of your world' from Little Mermaid.
> Dylan wants to check comments on his first video about being a girl
> Surprisingly people call him misogynistic etc. And "maybe it's not the best way to connect with women".
> But then they read all the nice comments and Dylan cheers that "Not every woman hates me!"

> He talks about not knowing what Terf is and the assistants explain what is Terf
> Dylan just thinks it's "One more group to win over" when he gets told about Terfs.
> He tells about him choosing to keep his name and why he calls himself girl, not woman, because women are "scary" and what else.

> He shows the video when he first time bought tampons and decided to carry them with him.
> He sings a song about needing tampons because some girl stood up and asked for tampon. Not creepy at all.
> Dylan gives the woman a tampon after this painful song and makes joke about "Not needing it back"

> He finally lets people meet his assistants on the stage who all are some gender snowflakes obviously.
> He realizes that he only really needed his Trans-sisters around, not just the support of cis-women, which he was obsessed at first with.
> He shows off his trans-friends and mentors who are in the audience and talks to some fat tranny on the front row. Compliments the dress of the tranny while wearing the same dress.
> They sing another song about being sisters.
> Third tranny in same dress joins from audience to sing
> He got his Trans-Fem Sisters and Cis-Fem BFF's so what more could he ask for?

> Someone says "A relationship", and another tranny from the audience stands up to talk with Dylan about how Dylan should be smooching around
> Dylan has never been in relationship, and has not been physical before.
> 'imprompty Dylan Does Dating' scene Where Dylan gets blindfolded and three men(?) come up to the stage for a blind dating show.
> This whole dating show-scene is absolutely awful. Dylan asks shitty shitty questions from them; "what would be the perfect first date with me?", "What's your favourite broadway musical?", "What do you think would make us a good match?"
> Bachelor number 2 wins and Dylan and he do a dance on the stage.
> Dylan 'can't believe everyone saw such a vulnerable moment in his life that's so unlike him' because he had his 'first dance as a girl'

> They google Dylan's name.
> Show vids about people telling how Dylan is creepy, useless tranny basically, how he is not woman and is just playing caricature of woman.
> Dylan changes clothes again and talks about how he wanted to include these bad videos for whatever the fucking reason, and it's "constructive critisism", and his handmaids on the stage tell him how it's not, and how they're trying to silence him
> He sings another song totally off-key while starting to cry about everything, talking about how his only agenda is to be happy and healthy. It's a cover of Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.

> He hopes he didn't "Lose the audience but thought every show needs a little conflict" and starts asking if audience needs like water and stuff. And that he "overshared again".
> He crashes on a couch and Renee Rapp comes on the stage to sing to him.
> Talks about how everyone deserves to have Renee Rapp in their life, especially in those dark moments.

> They show ad video for The Trevor Project.
> He shows a clip about him meeting Biden and calls Joe Biden his "Grandpa now"
> Talks about it coming in at a time where he felt lonely and having support of one of the most powerful people in the world was nice.
> He felt a little bad about taking the gig because he was probably "Not the right person for that gig" to meet the president, and there would be transgender people who have been doing this for much longer than he has.
> He invites in Senator Sarah Elfret to sit down at the stage with him.
> Talks about how he met Joe Biden and Biden told that he'd "just talked about him to a friend" who turned out to be Sarah.
> Asks Sarah what does activism mean to her and Sarah goes on a sperg about it
> The talk with Senator lasts way too long and is way too boring to recap fully. Basically it's just political advertisement for Sarah at this point for being friend of Trannies.
> Everyone stood up to clap when Sarah left the stage.

> Dylan talks about his physical transition and first thing, obviously, is his 'boob update'. And obviously his handmaids also get to give 'boob updates'.
> Dylan tells that he needs more laser hair removal. His handmaid compliments his face.
> Talks about his FFS and how it's important to celebrate everyone's transitions.
> His FFS doctor is in the audience so Dylan makes a scene about thanking him for being so helpful and good and all that for that botched face of his.
> Sings a song to his surgeon. Idk what this is cover of, but it's at 55 minutes.

> Another ad for Trevor Project
> Dylan changes clothes again
> Talks about how he gets imposter syndrome when kids and teens tell him that they look up to him and thanks them for their support.

> Another song cover at 1 hour mark, don't remember what this is cover of. Sings about being there for the kids and teens and what else.
> "We're all just trying our pest here aren't we?"
> Talks about importance of having people in their lives to celebrate them, even if it's loved one, mental health professional or teacher, as long as they don't feel alone

> Starts crying again on the stage
> off-script sperg about how he's so happy about this chance and everyone listening to him
> Back to advertising the Trevor Project
> His dad comes up on the stage to hug him and Dylan cries some more.
> Encourages people to donate to the Trevor Project.
> The trans activist lady who's name I ignored in the start comes back to the stage and compliments his dress, and thanks her for letting him go down the memory lane.
> Talks about how he has a lot to learn, might have surgery might not, feels a lot more like woman than just a girl now.
> Maybe today is the "day one of womanhood"
> He has another fake mental breakdown and sings with handmaidens at 1:08, again song I don't recognize
> Ends up with that song and thanks everyone. Reminds people to donate, donate, donate to Trevor Project.

No. 1789653

bless you nonnie for your strength

> Dylan wants to check comments on his first video about being a girl

> Surprisingly people call him misogynistic etc. And "maybe it's not the best way to connect with women".
> But then they read all the nice comments and Dylan cheers that "Not every woman hates me!"
yeah the fact some fag hags blow smoke up his ass because he is a gay man means the women who are upset at his misogyny are completely invalid. argument won!

the rest stinks of cringe theatrical narcissism. and FUCK HIM for using a Kate Bush song.

No. 1789657

Bless you nonna, I was just about to watch when I saw your post pop in. What an absolutely uncharismatic self centered theatre gay. No wonder he went the trans route, he's trying to act like an irl Elder Price from the Book of Mormon as a tranny and floundering so hard I can see why he was cast as chorus gay #5 who gets a one off line about repressed feelings in the song about the closeted gay mormon (and if I remember correctly gets the lyric about enjoying African women without bras in the white saviour complex song but that might be a different chorus boy line)

No. 1789672

> He tells about him choosing to keep his name and why he calls himself girl, not woman, because women are "scary" and what else.

Thank you for the recap but this makes me legitimately upset. How can anyone hear this shit and support him?

No. 1789689

File: 1678985945032.jpg (315.48 KB, 2018x1135, audience.jpg)

eww at the audience, some ugly hulking troon beasts there

No. 1789691

Honestly I hope people call him out on that. Absolutely gross

No. 1789694

>Dylan has never been in relationship, and has not been physical before.
Wait, ever? I call bullshit. You don't perform in an at-home HIV test ad as a virgin. He was an out-n-proud gay man for years. Went to pride with his boyfriend. Wtf. He's a liar.

No. 1789695

That's the thing, he doesn't come across as a stereotype of a woman to me. He is more like the most stereotypical flaming gay man ever, only scrubbed clean of any sexuality. That's his whole appeal among his handmaidens; he is the fruitiest drag queen ever as depicted by Disney Channel. I'm certain not a single one of his female fans actually look at him and go "omg, she is just like me!"(sage your shit)

No. 1789703

File: 1678987788796.png (1018.95 KB, 863x1471, Screenshot_20230316-182956.png)

most girls and women do not view 1950s housewives as goals, no. And he looks ancient for his age. It's not asexual imho, I think it's AGP (there's the lyric in the opening number about "skirts that twirl"). He has a gross interest in being underage and a tradwife bimbo at the same time.

No. 1789722

It might be sexual for him, but his naive audience could easily view it as just a bubbly, effeminate gay boy doing what comes naturally. The point is, if Dylan is a glorified drag queen, he is a sanitized one that woke moms would like to take their tots to see in Drag Queen Story Hour; all rainbows and glitter, not so much jokes about poppers and anal prolapse. I think that's his selling point, since I can't think of any other selling point this freak might have.

I think a TIM who looks like Blaire White or Nikita Dragun might be a harder sell for Dylan's audience, since that type uncanny valley, pornified approximation of womanhood has potential to make women uncomfortable. Flamboyant la-la man in a dress doesn't make women uncomfortable, at least not the type of fag hags that look at Dylan and are all "aww, look at him- I mean her go :^)"

No. 1789731

I was thinking about the fact brands are just throwing free stuff at him and it made me think about how all Dylan's "fans" seem to be women or TIM/non binary women. I bet other MTFs are seething with jealousy.

No. 1789750

He absolutely is something between glorified drag queen and AGP. He's not even trying to be a woman in any shape or form that someone who'd actually wish to be woman would be. He's making Drag Queen type caricature, but trying to make it into this weird femboy gay aesthetic, which creeps me the fuck out.

No. 1789752

Good lord, from that angle, he really looks like a man twice his age. Nice jowls, Dildo.

No. 1789755

Samefag, but there was earlier some talk about his name and him not changing his name. In the part where he briefly mentioned it, he also said the day in which video he spoke about it first time, so I dug it up. Here it is, to those wondering why he doesn't wanna change his name.
"No other name would suit this personality and people are naming their daughters Dylan"

No. 1789774

I'm honestly relieved there are gendies and it doesn't look like an Oprah audience full of self-hating handmaids.

No. 1789777

I wasn't giving up on boycotting brands! For the most part, I don't own a single thing (aside from an old kitchen aid mixer) from any company that has promoted Dylan. I agree it's disgusting, I'm the one with the brand website higher up in the thread. More and more things are added regularly, and while I personally am not a huge consumer and can afford to find alternatives, the list is pretty long and getting longer, and I don't want nonna to feel bad about a brand she uses being troon-ized. Yes there are alternatives, but sometimes there's just really not (like how cerave might be the best option around in >>1786021). I personally will never purchase anything from a Dylan brand again, but all it would take would be a couple more sponsorships from Always and Kotex (which isn't impossible seeing as he's been sponsored by Tampax and Knix) to make it much harder to women to find reliable and commonly accessible hygiene products. Likewise, my mom's been using Cetaphil soap for decades as one of the only things that works for her skin, and if they sponsor Dylan like Cerave, I am not gonna discourage her from using it.

Sorry for the sperg out, I just do feel strongly about this because I've been "anti-consumerist" for years, and I believe the easiest way to help others work through their dependency on brands is via a gentle process of elimination. There's also a decent amount of snobbery in those circles, and I don't want people to feel bad for not wanting to give up something that works best for them. There are tons of other options besides Maybelline though. Maybe I'm just disillusioned from the ever-expanding list, but most large companies are more than okay with passively/actively supporting troons and it will only get harder for women who aren't super devoted to avoiding Dylan sponsors to find new things.

No. 1789787

no worries nonna, it sounds like we agree completely. Like I said, I won't judge other women for doing what is best for them! I'm optimistic that Kotex at least will stay the fuck away from tranny stuff. Buying generic products is also an option for some things. Generic pads used to be shit but I bought a pack recently and they are much better than they used to be.

Your list serves a greater purpose as well, because it shows all the brands kissing Dylan's feet and throwing him money. He doesn't even have talent: can't act, can't write lyrics, and definitely lacks a decent voice for starring in a professional show. I expected better lyrics, better singing, better everything. Why does this chode get to sing about showing women his "tuck" and everyone claps? Fuck him. He should publicize how much he is donating to the Trevor Project because it can't be much after he pays the bills for the 365 extravaganza.

No. 1789788

samefag but I don't think there is a comprehensive list of Dyldo's brand deals anywhere (aside from KF, whose work formed the basis for my initial list). It hits hard looking at all that sycophantic shit at once. People who didn't notice the sheer number of ads and partnerships may look at Your list and start questioning more why the fuck Dylan is a profitable avenue for marketing to women.

No. 1789816

File: 1678999274234.webm (5.39 MB, 480x270, dylan price is right.webm)

lmao he was on the price is right before his tiktok shit. he is such a fame/attention whore

No. 1789817

I appreciate what you're doing nonny. I hope Slatz from reduxx or some other outspoken radfem who browses here highlights it somewhere.

No. 1789818

samefag but this makes me think the industry plant theory is true. he also had that viral news segment about his dad giving people cookies or whatever. everything he does seems to get on TV without any good reason and it's fishy as hell.

No. 1789822

File: 1679000305018.png (136.64 KB, 864x1011, Screenshot_20230316-215254.png)

well I missed this, since I couldn't bear watching that fucked up Ulta interview about "girlhood." Dylan talked about tucking and signed a piece of tuck tape for David. It was Dylan's idea to sign it.

No. 1789834

So he's been trying to become famous forever. Look how spastic he's acting. He wants people to remember him. I'm now 100% behind it's all fake for fame. Will he end himself when it doesn't pan out long term? Tranny freak shows have a short time in the spotlight. Especially ugly poor ones.

No. 1789875

File: 1679006684089.png (202.29 KB, 583x398, tweet.png)

seen some people using this clip as "evidence" that Dylan isn't mocking women and he is just being himself. but what they're failing to realise is that Dylan and other HSTS like him are equating these flamboyant behaviours to being girly. men have always called other men "girls" if they act ditzy or theatrical, even though it's got nothing to do with being female. it's offensive, it's used as an insult. in fact, if you ask a man to do an impression of a woman, he will probably act like a theatrical gay man, with a limp wrist and talk about shopping in a squeaky voice as if any actual woman is like that.

he is just a caricature based on a caricature

No. 1789892

gdi looks like when I run out of this I'm not rebuying.

No. 1789908

I dunno, I saw this on tv recently and it's clear that you basically have to be a flaming faggot to get on the show to begin with

No. 1789986

He's not that wrong in that it's a fairly unisex name these days. I'm guessing it's vanity on his part though, he doesn't want to split his paltry theatre resume into "before" and "after".

No. 1789990

Also clinging on to my pre-Dylan Kitchen Aid here, nona! If Always start fawning to him I really will be in trouble, at least for five days out of every month anyway. I thought the only thing that really troubled me was the period products because that was doubly insulting considering so many women in shelters and prisons have to go without and I don't see Tampax giving them free shit … but the other way I was buying some new makeup and found myself skipping over the Milk range because they'd sent him freebies too. Keep it up, nonas!

No. 1789991

The thing about his dad didn't feel Dylan-based. It was about his dad getting clean and doing a good thing at the same time.

No. 1790034

File: 1679023929894.jpg (446.55 KB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-1248205294-2048x20…)

this sadly does not look like a sober man, looks blitzed out of his mind

No. 1790035

File: 1679024074092.jpg (284.27 KB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-1473414809-2048x20…)

here's how Dylan's face actually looks, admittedly with unflattering lighting, but jfc it's worse than I thought. It shows just how filtered and edited his videos and pictures are. Also check out his "green eyes" kek

No. 1790037

File: 1679024114664.jpg (277.66 KB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-1473414808-2048x20…)


No. 1790039

File: 1679024217364.jpg (157.23 KB, 946x2048, FrTe2iNaAAEzfEz.jpg)

Such woman, much female

No. 1790040

File: 1679024292971.jpg (438.73 KB, 1365x2048, gettyimages-1473414792-2048x20…)

someone could mention to him that we don't need to see his uvula

No. 1790043

you gotta feel bad for him. he still looks like a man. like that is the most male face I have ever seen. It's literally just a sad dude cosplay is a woman. I wish more of these narcissistic windbags would get photographed like that.

No. 1790045

File: 1679024807354.jpg (640.05 KB, 1365x2048, gettyimages-1473417920-2048x20…)

dad looking drunk

No. 1790046

god I hope he sees these and keeps getting botched facial surgeries before fading into obscurity

No. 1790047

File: 1679024943586.jpg (370.09 KB, 1437x2048, gettyimages-1474028791-2048x20…)

oh this is such a far cry from what he normally posts that I wonder wtf he's using to create his tiktoks and pics.

Picrel is his little girl larp today.

No. 1790048

He's ageing so fast. That's drugs. A lot of drugs. It's probably why he's always so high energy to.

No. 1790049

Yes, because we should definitely feel bad for a misogynistic dude. I couldn't care less about his botched face; he deserves it for mocking women.

No. 1790050

File: 1679025040294.jpg (290.98 KB, 1563x2048, gettyimages-1474028743-2048x20…)

No. 1790052

File: 1679025183626.png (827.76 KB, 864x974, Screenshot_20230316-231331.png)

kek, looks like he's melting

No. 1790055

damn he couldn’t even trim his nose hairs? kek

No. 1790056

He has a nice jawline here, and good cheekbones. Shame he didn't have the talent to match his Flamboyant Broadway Gay looks.

Also goddamn that shaving rash is harsh. If he wasn't such a reprehensible narc I'd feel half bad for him.

No. 1790057

He has a nice jawline here, and good cheekbones. Shame he didn't have the talent to match his Flamboyant Broadway Gay looks.

No. 1790058

He looks so scary and psychotic in almost every picture I see of him, it's honestly impressive how many people coddle this man who looks like he'd hide people in his basement for months. Lol let a man spend a year cosplaying "girlhood" and he gets fame and money meanwhile women live their whole lives suffering and experiencing oppression and no one cares or actively silences them. Fucking horror dystopia world

No. 1790059

He has a nice jawline here, and good cheekbones. Shame he didn't have the talent to match his Flamboyant Broadway Gay looks.

Also goddamn that shaving rash is harsh. If he wasn't such a reprehensible narc I'd feel half bad for him.

No. 1790063

how is this 26yo skin? how!?

No. 1790069

something about the way men look always remind me of overexerted horses. everything is so taught and strained and crazy eyed. Like they're made of coarse straw underneath sandpaper skin. It is so uncanny to see one of those creepy beings try to adopt "woman" habits. I hate even having to see moids irl, they're so weird looking to me.

No. 1790071

He always wears the most retarded hairstyles and the ugliest clothes. Poor Audrey must be spinning in her grave to have this failed abortion skinwalking her.

No. 1790101

File: 1679035497281.jpg (271.88 KB, 1080x1080, TrooningOut.jpg)

I know I'm late as fuck nonas but I felt inspired this morning

No. 1790118

>something about the way men look always remind me of overexerted horses
Weirdly I know exactly what you mean, for me a certain set of skinny feminine men have very horsey qualities

No. 1790119

>He's ageing so fast. That's drugs. A lot of drugs. It's probably why he's always so high energy to.
You know, that would explain a lot and I've heard from trans and detrans people a very large part of transwomen are addicts but it's all hushed down because it makes them look bad to normies

No. 1790121

One of the folks who was included in Dylan's live show made video about the show; Brett Cooper was included in when they googled him and watched videos that were speaking against Dylan.

No. 1790122

>his naive audience could easily view it as just a bubbly, effeminate gay boy doing what comes naturally
Spot on nona. That's part of the problem, he can't ever pass at all and is clearly just acting a gay guy role so no one has to pretend or force themselves to see him as a woman, they just see him as a gay man who isn't a threat to women. They can just act along the way you'd do with a drag queen and yass queen him.

No. 1790123

Dylans obsession with "first x as a girl" is so fucking paedophilic and gross, he's got a perverse obsession with girls virginity and gets off on the thought that he's part of taking that girl virginity over and over. Makes me want to barf.

No. 1790131

Does he have trouble shaving?

No. 1790135

he has the same beaky nose and bird complexion as kathy the park bench pinup kek

No. 1790137

>doing a good thing
making cookies for people in need? that is such a made up thing lol. sorry but no one is excepting cookies from an ex-addict and I find it hard to believe that an heir and business man who was into drugs and drinking is suddenly super wholesome and UwU just wants to bake cookies teehee. also Dylan made his tiktok off the back of that viral story.
kek now we know where Dylan gets his attention-seeking

No. 1790138

KEK love it nona

No. 1790139

tinfoil, his parents are religious and lowkey hated that he was gay but now that he makes a shit ton of money pretending to be straight they're ok with it

No. 1790142

Not sure about his parents as there is very little info on them but a lot more religious parents are on board with trans shit than people think, cos it's glorified gay conversion therapy. Really the thing they're scared of when they think of LGBTQxyz123 is the gay part and the non-conformity. You just know a lot of these couples would choose a trans "daughter" who wears pretty dresses over a gay son who likes pink and vice versa for girls.

And yeah, if they make a lot of money too.. that can't hurt.

No. 1790167

There's no information indicating they were hardcore religious or conservative. But a huge question is why Dylan's mom (whom he called his bff) would do a TikTok with him but not attend his narc show. His dad attended with his gf. It must have been hard to hear Dylan babble on about "chosen family" when actual family are in the audience supporting him despite all the cringe.

His family goes on vacation to Bora Bora regularly and his grandfather James Mulvaney, Sr. was rich too. They don't need Dylan's money, they probably paid his entire tuition and bankrolled the beginning of the trans endeavor too.

No. 1790171

File: 1679056380888.png (102.99 KB, 864x1397, Screenshot_20230317-133137.png)

Article on Dylan's dad (James F. Mulvaney, Jr.): https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/lifestyle/making-a-difference/sd-me-difference-voasw-20170316-story.html

His grandfather James Sr. was the president of the Padres.

No. 1790173

File: 1679056594072.png (266.04 KB, 864x1412, Screenshot_20230317-133639.png)

No. 1790174

File: 1679056863706.png (120.37 KB, 864x1214, Screenshot_20230317-134006.png)

sorry, meant to add the obituary as well. Quite a long list of accomplishments. I think it's clear that Dylan's success is tied to the Mulvaney family's wealth in some way. It's probably better that grandpa isn't alive to see what Dylan is doing now.

No. 1790187

KEK nona bless your fucking heart

No. 1790298

if i had seen this back in 2013 i would have thought it was a straight-up parody. you can see the stubble. why??

No. 1790385

Great digging!

No. 1790407

I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Your description is spot on kek

No. 1790472

>Like they're made of coarse straw underneath sandpaper skin
this description made me giggle a lot. it's perfect.

No. 1790473

does chrissy have a post??

No. 1790574

i’d love a thread about her tbh

No. 1790589

seeing this narcissistic twink botch himself and taint his entire personhood will pay of in the end, nonas. just be patient. he's already the most unfuckable and unloveable creature as is, it's all downhill from here.
>but the money, he's making so much bank!
and paving his way to hell with it. I keep thinking of the people who dueted (or whatever it's called now) dylan's tiktok videos praising him for cutting their dicks off and thanking him profusely for inspiring them to get a rot pocket. I'm trying to find the saddest example (the obviously mentally retarded incel, a chris chan doppleganger, cuddling a stuffed animal and thanking Dylan profusely) but in the meantime vidrel.
sorry in advance that it's Odin's Men, I know nonas rightfully disdain him but unfortunately he does compile some of the best examples.
this motherfucker is actually ruining people with his influence. one of the many in the system actively trying to be destructive, either for profit or for something more malicious.
nonas with kids, homeschool them. especially in the US. the amount of startling pro-troon (not trans, troon) shit coming out of Australia is baffling and terrifying and a lot of people I talk to want to homeschool too. because the other option is indoctrination to this shit.

No. 1790624

>the amount of startling pro-troon (not trans, troon) shit coming out of Australia is baffling and terrifying and a lot of people I talk to want to homeschool too. because the other option is indoctrination to this shit.
With consistency it's the countries that I know don't give two shits about women who cap hard for troons

No. 1790641

exactly. canada seems to be leading the charge though. slowly the rural farm towns of QLD will be inundated with cat-ear, tail-plug, pronoun-pin wearing fuckheads with nothing to do but whine. it's already happening, I saw one in the wild the other day and I'm not quite rural. it saw me clock it too, and I know it saw my disdain. and it should be ashamed. c-cup moobs, 5 oclock shadow, hulking shoulders all bent over in the coomer-clutch position. pathetic.

No. 1790679

File: 1679159922961.webm (1.9 MB, 470x270, Hbgz8V3KP-A2Q9j3.webm)

Has this been posted yet

No. 1790680

Is this a leak from the next Joker movie

No. 1790684

I don't think Siriano is a genius but this is low effort even from him

No. 1790738


I was thinking about how Chrissy needs her own thread if she doesn’t already. She’s a pathetic loser who makes a complete mockery of women… like another person we know

No. 1790754

Imagine if a woman actually did this, people would tear her to shreds!
Dylan acts so pathetically desperate for attention here, and it just reeks of insecurity on top of the fame chasing. Everyone's eyes were already on him but he just needed to really make sure they remembered and saw him. It's like his bimbo video where he kept looking at the actual woman he was with for compliments and reassurance but this time he wants the audience to love him. As if acting obnoxious would help that fact

No. 1790984

File: 1679191593784.webm (5.45 MB, 576x1024, ew.webm)

This made me highly uncomfortable

No. 1790990

God this creepy loser. Of course he had to flash his underwear at the end.

No. 1791098

just saw this on YT and I knew I had to run here right away because literally what the fuck is this. This is highly disturbing

No. 1791118

pedophile behavior

No. 1791183

this is a GROWN ASS MAN who likes it in the ass

No. 1791188

I used to be friends with 100s of trannies on facebook (which caused my eventual hard, hard peaking) and there was not a single one who was not a regular drug user

No. 1791194

So what's the little attention whore going to do? Noone will give a fuck about "year 2". Is he going to try for some sort of talk show for troons?

No. 1791215

holy shit. his obsession with "girlhood" has taken an even creepier tone. so inappropriate.

No. 1791216

samefag but I went to look at the comments and they're all encouraging him to "relive the childhood as a girl that he never had" and heal his childhood traumas (even though he said he had a great upbringing kek)

No. 1791217

samefag but I went to look at the comments and they're all encouraging him to "relive the childhood as a girl that he never had" and heal his childhood traumas (even though he said he had a great upbringing kek)

No. 1791497

I find this extremely disturbing. I have no respect for this narcissistic, pampered man trying to become a little girl, when so many women were and are actually robbed of childhood experiences. That said, you can watch a movie or eat some ice cream or whatever you missed out on without literally larping as a 6yo girl. Fucking vile.

No. 1791530

No no no, please do not destroy the fantasy. All women have storybook lives full of magic and friendship, they are always shielded from pain and difficulty, they are always loved and protected wherever they go. Girls spin in flower fields in princess dresses, getting makeup and hair lessons. Men lay their coats down on muddy roads so we never have to dirty our heels. If you can't relate to this you are a non binary trans man.

No. 1791535

lmao nonnie

No. 1791626

He's probably delusional enough to think he can scrape a living off of this for the rest of his deformed, scrotey little life. I personally cannot wait until public opinion shifts towards rejecting troons, and misogynist trannies like him are made irrelevant and stigmatized again!

No. 1791666

This is amazing peaking material. I hope it pushes a lot of people over the edge. What an absolute creep.

No. 1791674

actually he has expressed a desire to play women's roles on Broadway. I don't remember where he said it, would need to find it.

He pretty much confirmed twice now that he won't cut his dick off. Once in the 365 show (at the end he says "might have another surgery, might not") and once in the Ulta interview. Dylan wants and hopes for a future where anyone can say they're a woman and poof, it is so. So he is already setting up a framework for him to keep his girldick. It's around 39:07 and following in vidrel

No. 1791680

This makes sense honestly. There's no doubt in my mind that Dylan is aware of just how much he's grafting, so he's probably aware that cutting your dick off and getting it turned inside out is a dumbass move

No. 1791681


No. 1791701

Christ, I'm in NSW not rural but not a big city and I see them hulking around, they're multiplying too, I think there's about 6 now in my town jfc

No. 1791704

File: 1679267863981.jpg (98.39 KB, 960x959, 277585394_2974797986143433_317…)

samefag, and they all dress like this for some reason

No. 1791719

That's because they're pedophiles

No. 1791736

They spawn were pornsick moids live, and considering majority of men are cumbrained retards that think what they say equals what is real…

No. 1791737

Rip phone posting

No. 1791740

I can't get over this video. It's like a literal scene from a horror film. A grown man skipping around as if he is a little girl, with the voiceover of an actual child (disturbing) and when he turns to show his psychotic 1000-toothed grin and ugly grown man face, it's a fucking jumpscare. Any libfems that think this is innocent and charming are so far gone, I don't know where they would draw the line at this point.

No. 1791742

griftin' without the (skin) graftin'

No. 1791775

I can't fathom how a person can look at this and react with anything but disgust. His followers are Becky handmaidens who think he's their gay best friend, but I feel like even most gay men would unnerved and repulsed by this. He's a grown man LARPing as a literal five year old from a children's picture book.

I feel sorry for any anons who liked Eloise as a kid. If this was something I grew up with, I'd feel like it was completely ruined by this creep. Hopefully he never decides to fixate on Ramona Quimby or Junie B. Jones.

No. 1791820

Really hope I never meet a Judy Moody troon.

No. 1791825

when I go over the border I see less, the more north I go the more I see. around Brisbane is pretty fucking bad but you can almost drive south away from it lmao
I remember I worked at a game store and the amount of theybies (mostly zoomers) that would come in was insane. a lot of our customers were unwashed autists though so it wasn't surprising. the link between male autism and troonism is so blatant. I really do think the elites are pushing this to sterilize the masses and keep kids pre-pubescent for nefarious reasons but that's a treat for the tinfoil thread

No. 1791855

All I’m saying is he better leave Madeline and Matilda alone.

No. 1791942

She was my childhood. I ran through hotels, I watched all the movies and animations, Eloise was on my future child's name list. I am 20 and my childhood copy of her book is still with me in storage somewhere.

The only thing worse than seeing a mentally ill man LARPing as one of my favorite childhood characters has been reading the comments about how this is part of his healing process. They know it's creepy, they have to know how creepy it is. No one defended bronies by saying "it's just healing/living the childhood they didn't get" because they understood it was weird. But all it takes is for that man to say he's a woman and it's okay?

He's never going to go after Ramona or Junie B Jones or Matilda because they lack the "glam" that invokes brand deals and requires production value. I could see Madeline because of France >>1791855 though my personal bet is on nancy drew and her convertible, but she might not be young enough for our empowered girlboss to LARP as

No. 1791959

Older clip from the Ulta video…
>critics accuse Dylan of propagating stereotypes about women
>"womanhood is all about dresses and makeup"
>Dylan admits he didn't know anything else about being a woman
>Mean tranny voice, "I didn't know anything else, babe! I hadn't had an opportunity!"
>So this man decided to be a "woman" and perform "womanhood" based purely on dresses and makeup and stereotypes. How is that valid to any of his defenders?

btw Dyldo? Women generally do not use the term "womanhood" or "girlhood" because it is fundamentally creepy, and makes us think of a related antiquated word (maidenhood) used to discuss a woman's hymen. Something else you'll never have and thank God because you would be the first to spout misogynistic stereotypes about that, too.

No. 1791979

white man jump scare

No. 1792000

During his 25(24?) year long life as a gay male he had no "opportunity" to see or to even contemplate for a second that women - sorry, GIRLS - were anything else than dresses and makeup. We have a word for that Dylan, it's called sexism.

No. 1792001

I can easily see them going for Matilda. She’s written as misunderstood, magical, exceptionally mature for her age and morally and intellectually superior to all the adults in her life, with only one unrelated adult (who’s already been deemed “queer” by many fans) as a special exception. This is going to appeal to groomers who want children to be alienated from their parents and other caregivers who misunderstand and disrespect the child’s “true identity” as a genderspecial, and want to position themselves or their allies as the quirky queer teacher figure who’ll make up the child’s new chosen glitter family.
Here’s hoping that if some creep like Dylan or Jeffrey “abandon-your-family” Marsh does start skinwalking Matilda or Miss Honey, their association will ruin it for the actual children before they get taken in.

No. 1792003

>He pretty much confirmed twice now that he won't cut his dick off
Dylan is the worse kind of troon because he wants any man to be able to claim they're a woman and instantly be accepted, doesn't matter if the man is a pedo, rapist, murderer, or even an abuse victim or clearly suffering from mental delusions on the regular - he doesn't care that every scenario hurts other people, themselves and society all at once. He doesn't care as long as he gets to be famous and rich.

No. 1792012

I have bad news for you. Sorry I can't embed this, it's a YT short: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/LEZFMlJbIZw

No. 1792020

File: 1679319608891.jpg (119.03 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_5875.jpg)

Beginning his rounds at universities. I hope some smart people show up and ask some hard questions he can't just brush off. https://pre2.ppc.pitt.edu/events/an-evening-with-dylan-mulvaney/

No. 1792029

Come on, nonnie, you’re assuming that the people going to those forums give a fuck about what’s being said to the point of questioning it. Plus, wrongthink can make them get expelled and such, just suggesting that something isn’t quite right is considered the same stabbing that moid on stage.

No. 1792039

No gender critical people are going to see him unless they want to be stomped in the parking lot for not drinking the punch.

No. 1792207

I feel like viewing this should put me on a watch list what the fuck. How is 100% of the non-troon population not peaked at this point

No. 1792214

I wonder what the hell is he trying to say here? What does he mean that he can't travel? He absolutely could. Especially to europe.

No. 1792222

Travelling sucks, #transmostaffected. Troons are the most marginalisedest people ever and so anything that’s difficult or uncomfortable for other marginalised groups (e.g. disabled people, people from certain religious and ethnic groups) must also affect them but 100x worse. If pressed he’d probably point to the TSA screening that singles out TIMs by picking up on suspicious bulges in the crotch area, therefore “outting” them. But Dylan literally got famous for being a troon and has made videos on normalising his bulge, so that hardly applies. If he does get subjected to a pat down it will almost certainly be done by some unfortunate female TSA agent and not a man.
This is all part of the same victim narrative as the fake suicide and homicide statistics. Look at him, he’s so oppressed he can’t even travel! If only someone were to sponsor him a private jet hint hint hint? It’s the only way he could possibly survive the journey without being hatecrimed!

No. 1792244

the fuck is he on about? he can go through the body scanner and metal detector like everyone else. wheelchair users have to have the full pat down inc under the breasts and inside thigh but I think he'd actually enjoy that uwu so feminine etc

No. 1792506

Oh my god, I've been sperging about eloise since he started his plaza larp but now matilda? why do all of my stupid dweeby childhood obsessions wind up in gender bullshit circles? I'm not going to name it for fear of jinxing it, but I have a nasty feeling deep down that he's going to go purchase one thing specifically, and when he does, I'll be here.
At least I was right that they didn't go for matilda specifically. The miss honey and teaching stuff in >>1792001 is so true, academia is obsessed with accommodating quirky troons and children are going to have to suffer.

No. 1792520

Lmao what is he even going to talk about?? It's not like he's worked ten years at some gender clinic or even learnt some BS in a gender studies degree, the man just filmed himself wearing skimpy outfits and mocking women for a year. He can't even be an ~inspirational story~ for future troons because he's rich and had connections which is why everything went the way it went.

No. 1792698

I think asking Dyldo why he believes he is a woman would be a fine question. If it's not biology, not hair and makeup and dresses, id all his videos are "satirical," if it's not about behavior (since men can have stereotypically "feminine" mannerisms) - then what is it? What is "woman" in his mind? Because it looks like it's a costume and attention-getting device for him, though he insists it isn't.

So if I were at Pitt, I might find a way to formulate this question and watch him stumble through it. Because he has tried to deny the accusations about womanface but I have never heard him say why he thinks he's a woman: only all the things it isn't. We also know that he wants complete self-ID for trannies.

Another question could be asked about why he is pretending to be a virgin when he had dates and relationships as a very proud gay man. Would be harder to word that well tho.

No. 1793208

Nitpick because I know Dylan is ugly no matter what, but why is it always this picture used for promos?

Of all the photos that one is a literal jumpscare. In what world, man or woman, would someone think an open mouth smile flattering?

No. 1793247

File: 1679502014199.jpg (141.05 KB, 903x1477, FrtdG_ZWcAEWXAn.jpg)

This is insane, also its like the the Democrats want to lose the next elections

No. 1793270

they’ve been taken over by the cosmopolitan champagne socialists like AOC who worship at the altar of troonery
I’ll fuck off to the tinfoil thread now, cheers!

No. 1793275

Tbh, he would surely say some bullshit like “w-well, I’m a woman so I’m a virgin! I have a virginal Barbie pouch!!” Or some shit like that. When in reality is because “he’s a woman” therefore he must be a virgin to be considered desirable.

No. 1793328

His dad is really this powerful to make it so that he can get all this pandering? You'd think if the democrats wanted to shill themselves to troons, they would go after already established troons like Ellen Page or Laverne cox. This is insane! A part of me can't wait for him to finally land the proximity of more normies because even if they don't mind troons, they would find him insufferable. His personality is so fucking ugly and grating. He makes me want to a-log so fucking bad.

No. 1793361

What the hell has he accomplished other than pushing stereotypes and equating being a woman (or “girl” in his case) to extreme consumerism and luxury designers?
I’m so tired.

No. 1793608

Eh, we already knew Biden was a chaser. He fits the bill pretty well, creepy old man, you know? Anyways death to amerikkka.(this is a letter from Harris)

No. 1793628

There's stuff called "social media panels " where you can buy views, followers, comments, etc that can even look real. They can even be trickled in to look organic too.

Tons of influencers get these to get deals and such

It's sad and needs to stop.

No. 1793658

Even a legit handmaiden asking something like that could force him to give honest answers that damn him.

I used to think Dylan was just gay but I'm starting to think it's a cover up and he's a legit pedo. He knows there are pedo allegations around him because he's mentioned it before, so why is he so happily playing into it unless he thinks pedophilia is ok and normal? Why does he keep insisting his flat chest is a little girl chest, on a girl who's a virgin and hasn't been kissed, who calls herself sexy while strutting around in bikinis?

No. 1793667

Yeah, what the fuck? I feel like at least some of the established troon celebrities out there are pissed off that this literal clown is getting asspats from the president like he's Tranny MLK. Laverne Cox has been living his "authentic self," for well over a decade. Where the fuck are his letters from the president?

Somebody in high places is pulling strings for Dylan, that much I'm certain of. I wonder if Mulvaney Sr is in league with the Pritzkers or something.

No. 1793670

Why is his dad wearing a Christmas vest and bow-tie? Those are Christmas ornaments? Was he already drunk when he got dressed?

No. 1793939

I fully agree, he's been dressing up as children since pre-transition. Do you know what/when the allegations were or do you mean people were just calling him weird and pervy for dressing like kids

No. 1794065

probably because of dylan's following and the fact that he's trendy right now. pretty sure this letter & everything is purely to look good & attract younger voters.

No. 1794256

See >>1772134 where he says being called "he" should be illegal and is worse to him than calling him a child predator. I'm wondering if he thinks he's not a "predator" because he sees himself as a "non-offending minor attracted person" but the part about being into children doesn't offend him because he knows that part is true.

No. 1794463

File: 1679679055269.png (1.36 MB, 864x1545, Screenshot_20230324-180527.png)

it's getting even more blatant.

No. 1794499

Anakuns are so disgusting looking, like when I see an anachan I pity her, but anakuns are just pathetic in a poop on the grass at the park kind of way, he should seriously cover his bones with extra layers of clothes.

No. 1794531

he really can do whatever he wants as long as it's hashtag livingmydream. then, magically, a full grown man in his boxer shorts can be a real and true female child. wholesome! I used to be on the fence about him being an actual pervert (thought he was more just deluded and attention whoring) but the more i see, the more inappropriate he seems. he doesn't need to display his "bulge" here and yet he does. the pigtails and obsession with child aesthetics is becoming extremely uncomfortable.
also his body is so disgustingly male, i don't know whether to laugh or vomit.

No. 1794553

I've never seen legs that look more male than his…

this "living my dream" to validate everything is so annoying. My dream is to see a real T-Rex, still I know that it's impossible and not a good idea to create one even if it was possible. Honestly, we all have dreams that aren't able to be fulfilled or very hard to achieve, because no one is coming around and tries to do everything so we can finally fulfil them.

No. 1794554

I thought he was a garden variety twink death HSTS, but it's becoming increasingly clear he's AGP. All AGPs fetishize little girls, regardless of their sexual orientation on paper. They'll say it's about "reclaiming their lost girlhood" or whatever, but they only reclaim the parts of girlhood that are commonly sexualized by adult men (slumber parties, cheerleaders, virginity, anime lesbian schoolgirls etc.) So yes, he's a pedo.

No. 1794580

File: 1679689930110.png (1.16 MB, 864x1526, Screenshot_20230324-212906.png)

I'm probably a "bad woman" because I don't know much about hair extensions, but… aren't those hair extensions, the little bumps/knots?

No. 1794582

File: 1679690010071.png (44.36 KB, 863x789, Screenshot_20230324-212930.png)

yet he says that's all his hair. It always looked fake to me, like all his hairstyles would require fake hair, plus they look overly shiny + fake.

No. 1794586

Oh ew, the cheerleader fixation is a porn addicted fetish

No. 1794592

he is just lipsynching how does this qualify as entertainment? i hate the modern web for enabling low-effort attention whores. you have to be an egomaniac for thinking that standing in front of a camera and moving your lips is worth anyones time why do zoomers insist on supporting shit like this

No. 1794626

>why do zoomers insist on supporting shit like this
because they themselves are lame egomaniacs who have nothing going for them

No. 1794636

somewhere there's a joke to be made about an hsts transitioning to agp but oh my god. You can't make this stuff up. The way he's dressed specifically too, it's undeniable that he's getting off on his child larp. The question is whether or not he posts pics like this because he's a social media narc or because he also gets off by posting it online. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter, he knows that, aside from his devoted handmaidens, other people find it creepy and gross

No. 1794714

I keep thinking about how there is a generation of kids that are growing up not only thinking this is normal, or wonderful even, but are also losing the ability to detect "off" behaviour, you know?
not wanting to sound like a pearl-clutcher but seriously… how are kids meant to know when they are in the presence of a predator, for example, when it's now perfectly normal for grown men to act this way, and we should even coddle these men and give them whatever they want.
when I was a kid, a man acting or interested in anything to do with little girls = major red flag / avoid at all costs. whether or not someone like Dylan would ever dream of harming anyone isn't the point because it's warping people's perceptions of boundaries and sane behaviour.

No. 1794846

After seeing those pics, I'm definitely buying the tinfoil about him using drugs kek

No. 1794849

Another brand to boycott now is Native. He had a short talking about how people wonder what he smells like (no one wonders this) and said it was gummy bears from native products. Every other video is a fucking ad.

No. 1794866

he smells like ball sweat and old perfume.

No. 1794894

Not a bone rattler but is Dylan really ana? He doesn't really look like anorexic boys I knew, those legs look too thick (could be Broadway though, the guys I knew didn't do heavy workouts, just ran). I wonder if he's just going for twink skinny and just doesn't know enough about eating to not end up deficient instead of actually trying for super skinny.
Imo it's definitely a form of social grooming. Trans might not be the ideal MO for all predators but they all benefit from the erosion of barriers so they support it like YouTubers supporting other predators. They know if one of them gets kids more open to dating adults and/or their idols they all benefit

No. 1794903

guarantee he starves, he wants to look like a gamine beauty like audrey hepburn and compared himself to twiggy.

No. 1794908

Standard AGPs dress up as the girl they want to fuck and get off on the idea of being fucked as that girl. Dylan dresses up as the girl that the men he wants to fuck want to fuck and gets off on the idea of being fucked as that girl. AGP with extra steps.
I don’t remember if it was an anon in these threads or somewhere else but someone once pointed out that Dylan’s creepy little minstrel show is basically a misogynistic in-joke between men, with women and girls as the punchline. Aren’t these bitches stupid and only good for sex? is what he’s saying and yes, insulting women is the point. Getting women to play along and fawn over him in the process is the cherry on top and only serves to reinforce the misogyny. Either we’re so inferior that we accept and applaud our inferiority or we’re so inferior that we can’t protest even as he insults us to our faces. Win-win for him.

Drag queens are insanely popular with zoomers and most of them don’t do anything except dress up as insulting caricatures, strut around and lip sync, either.

No. 1795042

Oh tinfoil nothing! He's abusing Adderal at the very least.

No. 1795045

I thought he was using extensions because his hair didn't use to be so thick. I have medium-fine hair at a similar length and have more scalp showing than he does when my hair is parted… and yes those are definitely extension knots!

No. 1795047

Every time there's something in the news about the US potentially banning TikTok as a Chinese spyware my heart soars because it would cut off his sources of income.

No. 1795067

File: 1679780214024.png (217.46 KB, 864x1487, Screenshot_20230315-115108.png)

thanks for confirming, what a weird thing to lie about after slicing and dicing up his face. I saved this IG story (picrel) from the 365 night because it seemed way too suspicious to me. The types of bouffant and retro hairstyles he favors all would not work with what we've seen of his actual hair. And somehow it always looks a bit fake to me. I've seen a ton of professional and stage photography, his hair gives off weird vibes and doesn't look natural.

Why would he lie about having extensions when a lot of people have them?

No. 1795101

File: 1679783825636.png (1.45 MB, 864x1516, Screenshot_20230325-231705~2.p…)

26yo. Wrinkles and beard shadow galore and yet, can't move his eyebrows. I wonder if he will kill himself once the spotlight is off of him.

No. 1795117

the FFS truly just made it look like he's wearing a mask of his old face. bizarre. How can skin look so pulled tight and wrinkled at the same time? kek

No. 1795180

Is there any actual milk on this gender goblin? Because so far, all of the things people are mentioning in this thread could apply to any other troon. The only thing that makes him noteable is being famous and getting brand deals.

No. 1795190

File: 1679790700117.png (4.6 MB, 2600x1520, carbs.png)

he doesn't eat fruits or veggies at all, just carbs and fast food. I've seen some people say bulimia but I really don't think so just because of his throat and singing, plus the fact that most bulimics are normal-overweight. His diet would put him at 100% overweight if he actually finished everything he claims to eat. I do suspect that his muscles left over from broadway let him eat his current diet of junk, but he's either not eating often or not finishing it. It's probably adhd meds (adderall) or some other appetite suppressant.

No. 1795194

>healthy eating habits
>mac n cheese in a bread bowl with a side of bread

No. 1795226

Bouffants etc. are often helped along with padding (ever heard of a Bump-it?) as well as extensions. Amy Winehouse happily admitted her iconic beehive look was done with fake hair.

No. 1795227

Also maybe he just doesn't know that so many women have them. He hasn't been (larping as) one very long…

No. 1795253

to me, his diet makes it so clear that he had a fine childhood. Not saying people with bad childhoods or eating disorders can't be picky as well, it's just so common for picky (upper) middle class children to eat solely pizza/mac n cheese/chicken nuggets etc. AND brag/joke about it like he does in his quirky fruit trying video. Sorry for link, the file was too big no matter how I compressed it and dylan deleted it from everywhere except tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dylanmulvaney/video/7109529746077175082

No. 1795290

Idolizing a skinny model is common among regular skinny twinks and tbh this post is exactly what I was talking about. Just a skinny twink eating less to stay skinny but eating mostly nutritionally void comfort foods (a huge part of why twinks age like shit, they don't eat well just normal/smallish portions of junk). Anorexia is fetishized by a lot of gay moids unwilling to actually go hungry, these are dense foods that fill you up without eating the whole thing so he is probably eating this over the next few days. But not staying hungry like an anachan would, just half portions of high calorie junk food which would keep him full and skinny. But again, not really fully anachan skinny. I'll eat my words if he loses more though, I just don't think he's a true anakun

No. 1795331

File: 1679812289461.png (551.64 KB, 864x1517, Screenshot_20230326-083058.png)


No. 1795361

do we know if he is trying to skinwalk anyone in particular with this or if it is just a change of style? Also what is is obsession with dressing as disgustingly revealing as he does? His audience is primarily teenage tik tok fangirls. I still kinda view him as an HSTS but it's like he wants people to view him as a creep who wears the bare minimum when not dressing like a child

No. 1795377

he actually looks normal here

No. 1795405

lmao nice "green eyes" 5oclock shadow and cone tits

No. 1795410

Face and torso aside, these huge palm are a sure giveaway. And why can't he shave properly?

No. 1795435

>lily allen gets vilified for vidrel
>less than a decade later we have this larper
they really are all misogynists, and we can't win even though we outweigh them population wise. and we should be the sexual selectors but men dressing as women are suddenly the only ones who matter?
more and more seems like what they say: hell is empty and the demons are here

No. 1795447

File: 1679839883314.jpeg (480.25 KB, 2000x2400, 7CF13DB9-BE2A-4483-8488-916A62…)

I first thought of Julia Roberts.

No. 1795451

Great now he’s larping that his has curly hair, fantastic. No he absolutely does not look like Julia Roberts

No. 1795484

it's probably just something jvn wanted to do. He doesn't have naturally curly hair - at most, a weak wave. He'll never stop larping Audrey Hepburn, it goes back at least 10 years on his IG.

No. 1795510

i mean.. it's nice hair. looks better than the straight imo. wonder how many expensive hair products are in there

No. 1795532

Why? There’s no similarity

No. 1795674

File: 1679860805356.png (1.89 MB, 864x1575, Screenshot_20230326-215850.png)

paid partnership with Rent the Runway. His hair looks like cheap doll hair.

No. 1795685

his jaw always looks weirdly swollen ever since the ffs, but he does look semi normal for once because he isn't contorting his face in some freakish nightmarish way. The uppers must have worn off during the styling. kek

No. 1795696

if this motherfucker gets sponsored for curly hair products and techniques I’m freaking

No. 1795708

Let’s just bring back perms and be done with it

No. 1795714

It’s the relaxed expression. surgery made the muscles in his face so weird that he looks awful once he emotes, but okay when he’s not. I actually think on some pics he looks kind of pretty, of course there’s a lot of editing at play too. But once he starts moving, it’s over

No. 1795725

File: 1679866286471.png (911.13 KB, 863x584, Screenshot_20230325-182034.png)

it's really over, yeah

No. 1795726

Because the hair is styled in a similar fashion

No. 1795737

uh, are you supposed to use Rent the Runway dresses for fucking around in a chicken coop? Aren't you supposed to not mess them up and snag them and stuff?

On the plus side, maybe he'll get avian flu.

No. 1795745

His black eyes scare me

No. 1795784

File: 1679872353166.jpeg (16.03 KB, 290x337, FD5B97A7-F890-4241-B724-614CC4…)

Fuckin ew

No. 1795788

Imo, he is the shayna of troons in the sense that he continuously gives us shit to work with because he is obsessed with being famous and loved. Plus, if he didn't have his own thread, the mtf thread would 90% be about him anyways. Imo somebody from his personal life will arrive with a barrel of milk or he will break character eventually.

No. 1795790

File: 1679872943787.jpeg (103.8 KB, 1440x1080, clawfoot.jpeg)

No. 1795791

This is horrifying.

No. 1795792

audibly gasped. what on earth

No. 1795798

his demon transformation is almost complete.

No. 1795802

File: 1679874679158.jpg (50.43 KB, 540x749, 20230326_184619.jpg)

No. 1795805

He's part lochness monster

No. 1795812

File: 1679875753761.jpg (112.32 KB, 1200x797, JeffreyMarshbyDanielSilbert201…)

who has the creepier smile?

No. 1795819

The fabled cock sucker foot

No. 1795837

File: 1679878979807.png (7.67 MB, 3984x3448, dylan mulvaney high school.png)

Sage for not really milk, but I do have an anecdote. Without volunteering too much info, a high school he attended (I guess transferred into, he's only there for 2 years based on the books), had one of the most affluent theater/musical theater/theater production programs for a charter school in San Diego at the time, outside of dedicated arts schools. He sure as fuck wasn't in any part of it, and I can say that with absolute certainty. There are parents who buy crazy ads and plaster their kids' faces throughout yearbooks, but he wasn't one of them either. The over the top wild girly things bullshit came in a lot later. He did, in fact, work for Lush though.

This guy is an absolute fucking liar. I have no clue where the batshit rockabilly theater kid aesthetic came from, but he didn't express it unless he was in some extracurriculars; he was practically invisible otherwise. There 100% were wacky gay theater kids among his peer group that went on to be successful performers without the troon nonsense. Maybe someone would have a better idea as to how far back he claims his theater experience is/was, about a decade ago? I'm convinced he's retconning his life story now that he realized he can capitalize on it as a nearing-30 adult.

No. 1795838

>healthy eating habits
What the hell was he eating before that this is a healthy dish
This explains the wrinkles though, carb only diet will age the fuck out of you

No. 1795849

File: 1679880328906.jpg (37.07 KB, 720x772, jijh4s5a2v341.jpg)

Jesus Christ someone call a priest and a shaman and a fucking druid just get all three of em and start a God damn exorcism/purge trifecta holy shit what even IS the creature wrapped within the supposed mortal flesh of Dylan Mulvaney??

No. 1795851

When did he start getting crows feet?

No. 1795852

I’m not white knighting but are you so braindead you can’t tell that’s sarcasm?

No. 1795857

Best guess is at some point in college. I never know what ages people that hard, but the surgeries aren't helping with it now. I feel like he never showed up often or was very much a loner, since I don't recall ever actually seeing him in-person, while I can remember some basic interaction with most other students, or a vague memory of what programs they were in. Though it was rare, if you had parents willing to bitch hard enough, you could escape a lot of class settings with no repercussions.

No. 1795859

I thought this was in reference to >>1795790 kek, then i remembered what 'crows feet' are. he has both kinds i guess.

No. 1795869

insane how no matter how much he starves he'll never look 'small' or waifish like audrey hepburn or twiggy because he's got that manly ass bone structure.

like all his bones are protuding but he still looks massive, must hurt him a lot lol

No. 1795886

kek like some kind of rotting animatronic

No. 1795889

I wonder if he would get those insane bone shaving surgeries like some troon in the mtf thread that shaved down some bones of his feet to go down one size. It would be kind of neat because he would have to shut up until he recovers from his surgeries and he would look even weirder. God, males have such gross proportions.

No. 1795939

I doubt he cares at all tbh. He's selling the gay man's fantasy and one look at his toned down drag says that he isn't attuned to noticing, or attempting to emulate, the delicate structure of the female physique.

No. 1795942

Samefag but also consider how he only got the bare minimum troon surgery and left his manly features intact, as most self-loving narc troons also do. He just got the "insecure twink" surgeries kek.

No. 1795953

at least we got proof that he's actually on estrogen(?) but why tf did he tie this already revealing top so loosely, looks stupid

No. 1796058

I don't see evidence of estrogen anywhere on him

No. 1796060

>gay man's fantasy and toned down drag
yep, this is what i thought too. he is just a twink playing real life barbie with himself. he doesn't want hips and boobs and to live as a woman. and you can tell by the way he displays his bulge and skinny man body that he is still sexualising himself as a twink.

No. 1796091

This is excellent information, can't thank you enough for writing a bit here. I'm working rn, but let me think if I have more questions. I can look up the theater references (when he says he started). There may be a timeline on KF. He claims that anytime he was dressed male, he was experiencing extreme dysphoria. But he posted many professional pics on IG back then relishing in being a gay man. It doesn't track.

If he wasn't in theater in HS, how did he decide to do theater in college? He clearly has some singing talent when he isn't trying to be a woman/girl. His IG goes pretty far back, back through HS. There are probably clues there. And the woman who helped run the 365 narcfest, Lily Drew, may have gone to the same HS.

No. 1796153

Dyldo wears it like a revealing top wheras every actual woman seeing that picture is screaming "that's a fucking cardigan!"

No. 1796329

File: 1679947494440.png (42.32 KB, 656x860, dylan mulvaney carmel valley.p…)

Yearbook anon here, I took a scroll through his Instagram, and I'm not surprised a good chunk of his early posts up until he'd be going to college (2015 and later) are a lot of outside-school content in different cities. Sorta checks out with me having no memory of him being around, even locally. I couldn't find Lily Drew, though he claims he's had a history with her since 2007, based on his Instagram. He would have been 11.

I did find this article from 2010, pic related:
>Dylan Mulvaney of Carmel Valley is playing the role of Albert.

"Carmel Valley" is odd since it's only referencing the city, not a school he's attending, while others will list Carmel Valley, then a high school name. He would have been in ~9th grade, but I guess wasn't enrolled anywhere (or it just wasn't disclosed in the article, who knows). Another school referenced a bunch in the article is Canyon Crest Academy/CCA, which is where those yearbook pictures are from. Their Theater Conservatory Program was well-known a decade back, and as I mentioned, he had no part of it. Unfortunately for Dylan, that program is for students who can actually sing and act, who tend to go onto professional productions during/after college with staff vouching for their talent. My guess is he bounced around schools or was homeschooled (not uncommon, that school district was friendly to it if you had a worthy zip code), likely didn't need to care with rich parents, performed in local youth theaters? though most of his posts are of him attending events instead, and he coasted. Probably just needed a diploma from any artsy school to have an official transcript, then bounced. Unusual for how serious that community was with schooling, but not surprising for San Diego rich kid remoras as a whole. Lots of young performers from there have spotty school histories, but aren't certified nutjobs like Dylan.

Doesn't surprise me at all that his family used to be some of THE guys behind the Padres though. That's a bargaining chip very few San Diegans can abuse, and it gets you celebrity access. Petco Park is both their main stadium, and now designated celebrity performance zone. My money's still on him purely doing this for clout, it fulfills an acting niche where he otherwise would have failed as a teen, and he's immature enough to not see a problem with acting like a fucking manchild online. Stay in school, kids.

No. 1796378

File: 1679951246856.webm (12.3 MB, 1080x1920, 10000000_764100495064524_17113…)

Dylan goes to a wedding and instead of filming the bride and groom dancing, he films himself being such an obnoxious rude distraction that several people give him wtf looks.

He captions this video, "I love events," as if this isn't a personal, special day for his friends.

No. 1796382

he really thinks he needs to be the center of attention at all times. I'm sure his friends wondered who invited a 50+yo tranny and then realized it's dylan with his bouffant fetish

No. 1796460

He said in a video once that he's taking estrogen. he's got a bit of breasts in the pics.

High level of narc. Everyone else is taking pictures of what's going on, he's got someone filming him and is acting infront of the camera. Can you imagine how terrible this would be to see at your own wedding… Some acting infront of the camera, drawing attention away from your first dance. Take a couple photos or save it for later, geez

No. 1796752

File: 1679977476038.png (164.08 KB, 527x773, skinlikesandpaper.png)

I wonder why he hasn't bothered to get laser hair removal yet. Is it just in case we wants to detrans once the ship has sailed? Also looks like a long scar under his chin.

No. 1796969

he's getting electrolysis and says it isn't completely working. idk i hope it never works

No. 1797121

He's not on hormones, he didn't get fake tits. He just wants to be a pretty twink. Doubt he's getting electrolysis. He does not really wants to be a woman, he wants to be famous.

No. 1797201

ok, he literally showed his face after stupidly getting 5 hours of electrolysis - it was swollen and red. The next few days he had crusty burns/scars on it. I get being skeptical but he clearly had electrolysis. A twink doesn't need facial hair and he probably doesn't want it, it doesn't magically make him any more legitimate as a "woman" if he is getting hair removal so I don't see the point of arguing this part is fake.

No. 1797771

Sage for spoon feeding but what does this guy do for work? Is TikTok that lucrative or does he have a day job? I know about the theater but that can’t be stable income for him with how expensive San Diego rent is.

No. 1797805

he comes from money (grandfather donated millions to CA colleges & was president of the San Diego Padres), and now he has millions of dollars in endorsements. He gets surgery, makeup sessions, hair, and designer shit for free every day. Isn't it amazing being a man playing a woman? Ka-ching.

No. 1797998

A detrans guy commented on how they tell you to absolutely not go into the sun afterwards because it will damage your skin, cause scaring and increases the risk of cancer. Dylan was immediately filming himself in the harsh sunlight like an idiot so he probably didn't listen, had a bad reaction and assumed it was the electrolysis itself and not him being a dumbass who can't take directions.

No. 1798014

>on meds that ruin sex drive, bone density and cause blood clots
>skin hypersensitive, known to cause mood swings
>botched his face, pain meds for this + electrolysis probably has him in the opiate to addict pipeline
>HSTS/AGP's notorious for drug abuse, coke and/or Adderall obviously already being imbibed
>dylan: I'm so audrey hepburn, ask me for a tampon girls!

I cannot wait for his demise

No. 1798142

File: 1680107893399.png (12.03 KB, 123x138, narc.png)

>i love events
I love any opportunity to dress and behave in an attention seeking way and have a group of people forced to be my IRL audience
and no mention of the bride ofc

No. 1798166

File: 1680112098261.png (1.45 MB, 864x1485, Screenshot_20230329-145337.png)

Dylan gave his number to a "cute waiter" in Copenhagen. He's so retarded.

No. 1798766

How the fuck is that troon in his late 20s? He looks at least nearing 40. God he is so fucking Quasimodo. Doesn't even try to hide his shaved beard with makeup. Is he on hormones or smth? He might grow tits but at least his sperm will become weaker, his family line must stop. All trannies should stop breeding.

No. 1798770

File: 1680177388494.png (418.16 KB, 864x1514, Screenshot_20230330-135631.png)

No. 1798773

File: 1680177667384.webm (9.3 MB, 1080x1920, 323862320_1230998607523772_541…)

video. In motion it's even more grotesque.

No. 1798777

scrotes/troons with this smile is schadenfreude lmao

No. 1798779

oh god why does it have so many teeth

No. 1798788

He's not even late twenties but mid twenties

No. 1798794

He looks like a trans Ben Shapiro.
They need a new name for this uprise of troons with BDD who think they look 100x better than reality instead of 100x worse.

No. 1798824

He's so ugly and elderly looking. I hate his smile so much and his nose job is botched

No. 1798895

I'd be pissed if my fiance invited a loud obnoxious narcissist like this to our wedding. I feel bad for the bride, though she's probably the one who invited him.

No. 1799060

He doesn't look like he's on estrogen at all imho

No. 1799089

TBH I doubt he will ever do estrogen because that would make him get fat and he’s an anakun. I guess that would make him actually want to kill himself.

No. 1800543

File: 1680370090283.jpg (44.22 KB, 606x793, Screenshot_20230401-130629_Bra…)

As someone who firmly believes he only agreed to and wanted ffs to prevent twink death, Fucking kek surgery gave it to him early. Also I know gay men sometimes have the worst taste just out of low dating pool but damn, I wasn't expecting dicky to go for his looksmatch (giving his number to any of these guys isn't a flex).
Went to tiktok to see if there was anything new and notable and was essentially jumpscared by his ugly mug. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't gone for revisions yet (some under the radar attempts at subtle revision cause he can't shit on his ~lifesaving ffs~) but he probably can't afford anything beyond his free Bruce Jenner face

No. 1800548

File: 1680370928501.webm (16.44 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

Nothing too much notable but I thought this video of himself doing a Nordic plunge for that hair company he shills was worth preserving because he looks like an actual cryptid when he gets out of the water. His whole man body on full display and acting his character while jittering in the cold

No. 1800568

any woman who did something like this would be immediately scolded and chastised for being too self-centered, too loud, too attention-whorey and idiotic. but a tranny does it and everyone has to say it's stunning and brave.

No. 1800576

Notice how he said "I love events" and not "I love weddings." This is just an event to him, like his retarded stage show. It's not about celebrating his friend's important day, it's about having an opportunity to be loud and obnoxious around a large group of people.

No. 1800581

File: 1680375176996.png (45.46 KB, 283x300, Screenshot 2023-04-01 at 19.51…)

it drives me mad not only how everything little word and movement is over-accentuated and dramatic (camper than the gayest, most theatrical, attention-seeking people i've ever known) but that he enlists an audience and applause for these uneventful displays. nonas here have said it before but it gives Make A Wish vibes, the way he is coddled and affirmed constantly.
also I had to capture this moment in picrel kek

No. 1800590

>It gives Make A Wish vibes, the way he is coddled and affirmed constantly.
That's how liberal normies view trannies in general, like Downies or terminally ill children. They think, "Oh, this pitiable retard, trapped in the wrong body. I'll comfort him because I'm a Good Person." They don't see troons as women, they just see them as charity cases– opportunities to virtue-signal.

No. 1800669

File: 1680387215818.png (472.45 KB, 603x858, 18329449305.png)

Bud light made a special can for Dylan

No. 1800717

No. 1800721

Holy shit lmfao he looks fucking awful and they made sure to draw in every single line and wrinkle on his weird tight drum face. Is it on purpose, like is this a dig? Or is this actually meant to be a tribute?

No. 1800726

based of them to go in hard on those crows feet.
but kind of surprised he would collaborate with a beer brand. i would have thought he would consider beer, especially a brand named Bud, a bit "masculine" for him. could they not have at least made the can bright pink with sparkles and a girly font???

No. 1800734

He's been involved with bud lite since at least the SuperBowl. Bud doesn't exactly have any ins with the gay crowd like absolut so maybe they figured it was an easy catch to throw some low effort marketing towards the left/gays. Tbh agreeing to drink bud lite tells me dyldo will do anything for a quick buck kek. That shit is nasty

No. 1800759

No. 1800761

terf beer

No. 1800778

this is so funny, i dont know anyone who drinks bud light but i cant imagine theyre happy…

No. 1800828

File: 1680412294673.jpg (110.05 KB, 700x1155, 23-04-01-23-09-26-935_deco.jpg)

No. 1800858

this freak is completely breaking from reality at this point, right? the video about being a doll…just makes it seem like his brain is leaving the building.

No. 1800941

my fiancé would just not invite him at all

No. 1800947

File: 1680432849866.jpg (17.43 KB, 700x450, medium_2023-03-10-016f36870f.j…)

finally realized who Dylan reminded me of

No. 1800948

File: 1680433042049.png (83.88 KB, 586x500, mystery man.png)

omg nonnie YES

No. 1800952

File: 1680434257807.png (20.97 KB, 643x360, man-to-girl.png)


No. 1800953


It's a compensated invite. When Abigail Breslin got married he was a "bridesmaid" yet she went out of her way to exclude any evidence of his presence at the wedding on all of her socials. They happen to share a manager. I'm sure something similar is happening here, Dylan isn't capable of making organic connections because people are naturally repelled and repulsed into avoidance unless forced.

No. 1800954

i can imagine his PR company pimping him out for events as some kind of entertainment (freak show) so people can gawk. at first they might be like "hehe look at this funny little hyperactive drag queen I invited, isn't he a hoot?" but I can imagine his presence would verrry quickly become tiresome and overbearing.

No. 1800960

I honestly find this very hard to believe he's probably got chasers breaking down his door to take advantage of his intentional underage girl stylings and his wealth

No. 1800962

his hairline really is just about one of the funniest most andro things possible

No. 1800974

You can really see the misery in his eyes in the “unkissed” video. They see actual girls getting romantic attention and wonder why menacing men larping as “girls” don’t get any. You’d think they’d do the barest amount of research about what troons’ lives and romantic prospects are usually like before permanently altering their bodies. I predict his social media presence will become even more manic & creepy as reality sets in, and he’ll slowly start losing endorsements. Twink death seems far preferable to whatever this is.

No. 1801024

i think they were just lazy and used a posterize filter or something

No. 1801034

Yeah it's clearly a photo, that's why he's so accurately wrinkled

No. 1801135

The "unkissed virgin" arc is just fake. He's got millions of followers. People have made videos offering to take him out. He just wants people to feel bad for him or see him as a very Real Teenage Girl with teen problems. He has plenty of people willing to kiss him, he's probably going to base his next musical number about his first kiss and date as a woman.

It's sick and perverted. He doesn't have a fucking clue what women endure and what it is like to grow up female.

No. 1801140

Either way, him sharing this information is definitely just a way to receive a shower of compliments and affirmations.

No. 1801165

File: 1680466493603.png (9.33 KB, 624x518, Screenshot_20230402-221410.png)

I think this video was archived in his KF thread. At least I hope so.

No. 1801208

File: 1680474370902.png (522.46 KB, 864x1494, Screenshot_20230403-002511.png)

Says the man who claimed his first day of girlhood video was satirical. Liar fishing for the perpetually online fake autists to fawn over him. Same concept as his "fruitphobia"

No. 1801213

File: 1680475020465.png (251.58 KB, 591x560, FireShot Capture 040 - Tampax …)

So tampax is trending now because of this new sponsorship and im surprised so many companies want him as their ambassaor as to the normal general public hes not liked and would not be surprised if there are boycotts.

No. 1801217

Dylan is a social climber. He's not looking for a relationship, or even just sex. He wants to date someone who will help further his career, i.e., a bigger influencer or a small time celebrity. That's why he uses that retarded celebrities-only dating app. When he bitches about getting rejected, that's what he means. No one with clout will fuck him, which in his mind is the same thing as no one fucking him, because the non-famous are useless and irrelevant to him.

No. 1801224

good point, you're right. I still think some celebrity will kiss those rotting lips, but he's just dragging it out forever at this point for the woe-is-me narrative.

No. 1801246

All of these companies are bending over backward to kiss tranny ass now because they don't want to get canceled or boycotted if they don't have "WEPWESENTATION!!!" so they go overboard and throw trannies on everything now to seem woke. It's embarrassing

No. 1801250

God, exactly. I knew a guy who ended up trooning out a couple of years ago, and on fucking ALL of his selfies and posts of him posing in the mirror with stringy pink hair looking like a whole-ass man, the comments were absolutely full of girls falling all over themselves saying
>"OH MY GOD, I think I'm in love you are PERFECT"
>fire emoji heart eyes emoji fire emoji
Like. They have to know how pandering this is, right? Everyone is just saying that shit because they want to feel like they're part of The Cause(tm), right?

No. 1801258

there's a very easy way for them to get on the transwagon, and that's by marketing to the trans men, not the actual men.

No. 1801279

You will never be a real beer. You have no malt, you have no head, you have no hoppy aroma. You are fermented goyslop twisted by Anheuser-Busch into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back bros mock you. Alkies are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “vendors” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Drinkers are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed drinkers to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even light beers who “pass” taste uncanny and unnatural to a drinker. Your alcohol content is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your piss weak aroma.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you'll pop your tab, tip yourself into the sink and plunge into the cold abyss. Your brewers will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll throw you in a separate bin, marked with your production label, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a light beer is buried there. Your can will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a beer that is unmistakably light.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

No. 1801309

You know even if I was someone who was super TRA and wanted to support a transgender woman, Dylan would be the LAST one I'd support. In fact, he is scary looking to me. Maybe it's because I try my hardest to avoid super duper sassy gay dudes like him/ i don't like or watch Drag queens this shit is very off putting to me? I know people will say, "Well it's offputting to everyone" Clearly it isn't, so I assume I'm missing the tolerance of cartoonishly gay men who come off like a such a ugly stereotype it seems like a fucking homophobic joke. I don't even register him as troon and no it's not because he looks like a man and he clearly is one, it's because it comes off like a huge fucking joke.
I keep waiting for him to post a video where he pulls of his face, and exposes his real face.
He's some pimpled faced teenage scrote and goes
>Hey so this is uh a social experiment. I have successfully tricked you all into thinking I was a transgender influencer who just wanted to be a "Girl" by acting as offensively gay/trans as I could and it worked.
I've never seen a gay man act this way, but then again, maybe because I avoid that kind of gay scrote, I don't know how deep the rabbit hole gets.
He acts like a fucking skit.

No. 1801317

why do nonnies think he's lying? he seems super annoying to be around. Who would want to kiss Dylan? He looks like he'll bite your fucking head off. He can't itch Chasers scratch, even if he did get fake balloon tits he reads as a super duper gay annoying male. He's not the James Charles type of gay man, yeah he's thin but he's boney and old looking.
maybe a clout chasing woman may date him or some beefy scrote trying to get attention, but I sincerely believe even if he detrans, he'd have a hard time finding someone if he acts as he does on video. I truly feel he does, plus he's not attractive his mouth area is scary, he's very fake phoney acting.
At best he's a clout chaser who will only attract clout chasers. Then when he fades, he'll look for love and cry because he can't truly find it because the trans community eats these dudes up and spits them out. Once he's a has been won't be much options for him unless he does a total redo of his whole body and mind.

No. 1801413

Like I said, he just wants to date someone else with clout, and hasn't had any success. You're right that he'd have enough difficulty getting laid as it is, but there are definitely crazies out there who would fuck someone grotesque just for their follower count. Momokun's recent ex is an example of that. He specifically won't date clout-chasers, though, because he's a clout chaser himself.

So out of that narrow pool of people with enough social capital for Dylan to latch onto, there's literally no one. Gay men generally don't like turbo-flamers. He's just a male with a botched face, so straight men and lesbians are a no. A virtue-signalling "lesbian" straight or fake bi woman might go for it, though Dylan seems so exhausting to be around, it probably wouldn't last. Those women generally don't actually want to date him, they want a gay best friend. They'll pay lip service to how ~stunning~ he is, but when the chips are down, they're repulsed by him, too.

No. 1801447

File: 1680500136242.png (45.17 KB, 186x443, unga bunga me cold.png)

No. 1801450

I was wondering. If a actual woman acted like our pal Dylan, would she be as lauded?

No. 1801471

Lmfao anon, I saved this. Brilliant.

No. 1801475

Because men are not that picky and he's whining about a kiss, not sex. Any of those troons at his 365 thing would have kissed him and some probably would date him. He expressed perhaps being interested in women. Handmaidens would probably kiss him once as an act of charity.

No. 1801580

File: 1680530676906.webm (554.16 KB, 854x480, Shingeki No Kyojin Opening 1 […)

No. 1801601

absolutely not. the moment a woman starts showing excitement or any type of eccentric emotions/actions, people immediately write her off as a weirdo or hysterical

No. 1801609

imagine a TIF being as annoying, acting like a "little boy" - would she be as popular and sent millions of dollars worth of gifts from corporations? she would be a laughing stock, rightly so. as should he.

No. 1801623

The closest thing to that is Ellen Page, but she was famous before trooning out and her career took a hit from it instead of improving. Also she doesn't lean into the childlike shit as hard as Dylan does.

No. 1801773

Good collection of all the evidence that as farmers have suspected Dylan's an op (almost certainly along with all the other marquee troops):http://mileswmathis.com/mulvan.pdf(shilling)

No. 1801781

kek this is so schizo and conspiratorial
although my hunch is that he is an industry plant. I didn't see his Ellen appearance before… so that's 2 TV shows + 1 fake af viral news story before he became tiktok famous. regardless of theories, he is so attention-hungry it's disturbing.

No. 1801783

Posting the above mentioned Ellen appearance. the woman he is with - isn't she the same woman who appeared with him in the 1st day of girlhood video?

No. 1801787

File: 1680558072873.png (102.81 KB, 680x440, lily drew.png)

sorry not day 1 of girlhood but some of his videos. she is close friends with him and is often tagged in his pictures of videos https://www.instagram.com/lilydrew/
she is also an actress. picrel is from her imdb and that man in her demo reel is pre-troon Dylan.

No. 1801839

they're already all over cringe tiktok compilations

No. 1801864

He is 100% fame hungry. I am convinced this is the only reason he transitioned.

No. 1801907

Everybody knows DM is a plant, literally like everyone. Im waiting for the detrans arc in a year or so.

No. 1801913

I was showing my husband some of his videos on tiktok, I don't reguluarly watch them but I was blown away by how many of them are sponsorship videos. Literally every third one is an advertisement for some make-up product. I've never seen any influencer with so many of these, not even kim k. He's a trendy trans industry plant with little to no actual content, so I guess that's why.

This companies are retarded… what woman is going to look at dylan and believe he can recommend a good tampon? He fucking said they were "small medium and large" depending on the size of your vagina…

He also looks scary to me. Something about his extremely thin body, mannerisms, everything, its very offputting. I think the reason he's propped up is because he's an HSTS and one of the few TiMs that go for a less sexualized 1960s style as opposed to e-girl/goth/or milf. (not denying he wears revealing clothes but it doesnt feel as AGP fetishistic as some other trannys)

No. 1801947

He's a hybrid. He's as gay as a fucking carnival, but he's also AGP with the pedo leanings to boot.

No. 1802060

>I downloaded TikTok, assuming it was a kids' app. Once I came out as a woman, I made this "day one of being a girl" comedic video.
A grown ass man admitting he downloaded an app he thought was for children, where he then started pretending to be a girl, a child, to connect to girls on said app for children. We usually call those groomers.

No. 1802173

Does he have a good recommendation for heavy flow and wide set vaginas?

No. 1802693

He would recommend 1 large and 1 small tampon, used together as one

No. 1802695

File: 1680701535319.jpeg (268.45 KB, 2000x1333, kidrock.jpeg)

Annoying that Kid Rock's reaction to Dylan's Bud Light deal has blown up so much. He is basically just as cringe as Dylan. No one cares when women speak up about how damaging Dylan's mocking stereotypes of women and girls are but when a brainless moid has-been shoots a gun at a picture of him on a can because he hates sissies and thinks Bud beer isn't masculine enough or whatever - then suddenly that is based? He just gives ammo (pun intended) to Dylan and his supporters with this shit imho.

No. 1802867

File: 1680732036911.png (800.31 KB, 1080x1920, chrome_image_Apr 5, 2023 9_30_…)

Not real milk, but I was messing around with the barbie selfie ai and I made this kek

No. 1802876

No. 1802880

File: 1680733759836.png (273.02 KB, 600x1067, 1680732036911 (1).png)

made a small shitty edit. since he can't think of women's anatomy without imagining a barbie doll with a hole in it

No. 1802881

File: 1680733867084.webm (6.58 MB, 480x802, nikewomen.webm)

Nike Women have sent Dylan some tight leggings so he can show off his bulge, I guess

No. 1802909

not my usual cow, passing by this thread and wtf? Why does he move like this? He's so fucking creepy. I don't understand why theres so much hype for him from protrans people. If he wasn't trans, people would just be making fun of him

No. 1802919

his arms are so weird and long. Lanky kong-looking fuck

No. 1802921

genuinely wonder how no one has seemed to comment on how pitifully frail and boney dylan is in the mainstream media. honestly dylan sort of looks even worse than some of the cows on the proana scumbags thread kek

No. 1802925

He acts like SpongeBob, if SpongeBob gets a serious live action movie, Dylan would play him perfectly

No. 1802929

kek is he barefoot in the mud to make up for the infamous hiking heels video? he still acts genuinely retarded though, it's cringe, i'm just imagining the nike community manager opening his story and seeing that this is how he's promoting the product lmao. most of the time, companies ask to review your story in advance (for paid stories, this might just be a free gift) but i'm sure that no one would dare ask dylan to tone it down or be less misogynistic for their ad

No. 1802933

There's a Spongebob musical. He should audition for that.

No. 1802968

I hope no one says anything and he sinks deeper in his ED.

No. 1803052

No. 1803053

I have never seen someone get famous off such unappealing content. If this was any normal creator people would be memeing this video, but for Dylan this is just par for the course

No. 1803068

there he is
my sleep paralysis demon

No. 1803201

I agree with you. I get that chasers are insane, but he is ugly, botched, has mentality of 12-year-old annoying theater kid and off-putting body. He used to be a cute twink, now I can’t think of a single attractive thing about him.

No. 1803202

but he is also desperate, dumb and has a lot of money and connections. so an opportunist person would definitely take advantage of that i'm sure.
they would also have to be desperate though, of course.

No. 1803223

obviously not, an actual woman would be bullied relentlessly by the same handmaidens who worship ground Dylan walks on. he always reminded me of Lillee, both have serial killers smiles and zero self-awarness about their looks.

No. 1803369

File: 1680801622596.png (141.38 KB, 500x375, mr burns nude.PNG)

No. 1804116

Don't you fucking ruin the Spongebob musical for me.

No. 1804159

samefagging. the more I see this clip circulating the more it annoys me. teehee i don't do "real" exercise cos i'm a girl! i just jump around so my ponytail goes swish swish hehe.
he is making a mockery out of women as always but in this case he is also making a mockery out of Nike, a sportswear brand and I don't get how they're OK with it (not that I care if they are mocked but just the double standard). like >>1802929 said someone for their PR had to review and OK this. imagine if a woman just danced around like a fucking moron in their clothes - would they really find that acceptable? they would ask her to delete and re-do.

No. 1804166

File: 1680808626094.png (13.11 KB, 615x197, nike deal allyson felix.png)

ot but this is how Nike treats actual women. fuck them.

No. 1804269

It's mind-blowing that he's now the face of the troon movement. You would think they would choose someone that somewhat passes, although maybe he's actually this popular because he just looks like some 40-year-old ana-chan and handmaidens pity him.

On the bright side this shit is peaking-inducing.

No. 1804364

File: 1680826853170.gif (2.29 MB, 496x280, owl-seen.gif)

Yeah. That retarded video went so viral that my literal boomer dad brought it up with me this morning.
>"Anon, did you hear about this thing going on with the Budweiser cans?"
We talked about it and we basically agreed that the Republican reaction was retarded. He actually thought Dylan was just a gay man, kek (which really speaks to how liberal normies perceive TiMs). He was shocked when I told him they let this guy with a penis rep for Tampax.

No. 1804368

He didn't have enough talent to cut it in Broadway. That's why he trooned.

No. 1804399

he's not lanky or gracile or slim in ANY way despite being massively ana. he's just got this naturally stocky chonky skeleton? literally big-ass bones. i bet he could get majorly buff and manly if he wanted, and get tons of cock from other gym dudes, and being super jacked would make him employable as a backup dancer for all kinds of tours or videos. instead he's destroying all chances of getting a husband and also ageing his face and heart for a LARP that looks like shit??

No. 1804402

he was a competent dancer. not a good actor (at all) and a bad singer, but he could have made a living in chorus or dancing if he just accepted he's not betty buckley.

No. 1804447

He wasn't even in Book Of Mormon on Broadway, he was in the touring production.

No. 1804548

This is fucking rage-inducing. Actual women are still subjected to gross misogyny at every level, in every part of the world, but some simpering faggot who likes to play dress up is handed a profitable career on a silver platter?? Seeing this skeletal twink on social media being praised for his 'bravery' and 'womanhood' (AKA hiking heels and bimbo LARP) makes me want to bounce my head off the nearest brick wall kek. I personally can't fucking wait for everyone to turn against troons and the troon acceptance movement, as a society we have reached new levels of retardation with this… can it be over now please?

No. 1804594

File: 1680863989451.png (13.94 KB, 318x388, nike hates women.png)

women athletes are speaking up against the Nike campaign with Dylan.
I cannot begin to fathom why any young girl would want to look like Dylan but I know a lot of young girls follow and look up to him, sadly. So picrel is a really good point to bring up. If a woman had this low body fat, she would be dangerously underweight, she wouldn't have a period. How is this in any way a healthy message to send to girls?

what I really don't get is if Dylan is so "kind" and sweet, why is he comfortable to continue his mocking when sooooo many women have spoken up to say they feel hurt, offended, excluded, erased etc.? Just proves what a self-serving narcissist he is. Same applies to all TIMs.

No. 1804701

>women athletes are speaking up against the Nike campaign with Dylan.
GOOD. I hope all the companies that sponsor this retarded misogynistic moid suffer a lot economically for their decision. I won't buy Nike anymore.

No. 1804876

File: 1680896545060.png (17.26 KB, 656x318, no YOU be kind.png)

it's Ulta Beauty all over again. Nike doubling down and giving their middle finger to women with the "be kind" bollocks.

No. 1804949

It's very interesting that a company is trying to tell its consumers how to think and feel about an ad campaign. I've never seem a company go to bat for a controversial ad like this before, I've seen people report on the outrage surrounding commercials with gay couples for example but never this kind of finger wagging from the company itself. They're trying to make money so why double down?
They're going to nitpick her for that middle paragraph and claim she's saying women are just babymakers, calling it now.

No. 1804960

did you know he wants to play female parts on Broadway? Given that despite the more generous "stage age," women are still snarked about looking or being "too old" for parts, this is going to get interesting. He reads as late 40s or even older. He shouldn't be taking parts from women. And his voice is all over the place. He is going to make it even worse by straining it to emulate his stereotypes of women.

No. 1805028

He could try (and fail) as Mama Rose in Gypsy, desperate for her moment in the spotlight. Sound familiar?

No. 1805125

either someone or an organization has even deeper pockets than mega corporations, even such prominent and wealthy ones such as Nike, and this entity is paying off these corporations to push this so the corporations are still making profits… and/or this is not about making money but rather pushing something in society to achieve a goal inside of the citizens' minds.

No. 1805132

Based. I have a friend who is sponsored by Nike. It took years and years of doing her sport which (like most sport) is male-dominated. It took years of practice and dedication, naturally some injuries, and later came the networking and social media management. But yeah go off Nike, her decade of hard graft in an arena usually reserved for men is exactly the same as Dylan’s ~400 days of being a gross caricature of the negative stereotypes of women and they both equally deserve sponsorship. Sure.

No. 1805148

eh I think that it's genuinely profitable for companies to push this kind of bullshit without some shadow entity paying them off. Dylan has a clean, cultivated "unproblematic" image (as in friendly, inclusive, not into drugs or partying), actual industry connections now via rubbing noses with paris hilton, and most importantly, millions of young followers. A large corporation like Nike or Ulta has literally no incentive not to send an influencer freebies that cost them pennies and pay sponsorship fees. It's not that deep, there's not a secret cabal pulling the strings.

If Nike were to pay dylan $20k for a sponsorship, they would only need 400 people to purchase a pair of leggings (avg. $50) to make up for the cost. Dylan gets 1 million+ views in a video, and the sad fact is that a couple thousand women boycotting doesn't hold anything against the spending power of people who literally just don't care. Like, not even handmaidens or tween fans, just people who are scrolling through tiktok and see an ad for deodorant that smells like gummy bears, think "holy shit that guy looks crazy," then when they're next at Walgreens maybe they'll wander past the deodorants, remember something about a gummy bear one, and grab it or a different one by the same company. It's about spreading awareness of the brand and its products so people are more likely to choose that brand when out shopping. The influencer's only job is to be popular/notable. I'm not trying to sound pessimistic here, I've literally been cataloging every sponsorship that Dylan has ever had. I personally have not and will not buy from the brands the sponsor him, but it's absolutely retarded to act as though it's a psy-op. It's a matter of any news = good news, and even if the news is bad, consumers will forget (see constant child/slave labor controversies). Still, if a brand is boycotted and denounced enough, at least it might make them rethink who they want to sponsor next & if we're lucky maybe they'll make a charity donation.

No. 1805149

It’s basically the pinnacle sponsorship for most athletes and just giving it away to someone who did nothing is a huge slap in the face to them

No. 1805153

File: 1680941903355.jpg (138.91 KB, 700x1158, Screenshot_20230408_100536_Chr…)

No. 1805154

And the fact that he’s just jumping around swinging his pony tail and high-kicking rather than demonstrating any actual athleticism or talent just says it all

No. 1805158

Honestly, the infighting in the troon community that Dylan has caused is amazing. Imagine being so good at peaking people even other trannies notice that and hate you for that.
I know a lot of you nonnies hate Robbie White and you have the right to do so, but I love how he and other trannies lash out at Dylan trying to prove to everyone that They Are One Of The Good Ones.

No. 1805161

look, it‘s the conspiracy moid from the tinfoil thread again. fuck off miles, you schizo freak, nothing you say makes sense.

No. 1805218

agree wholeheartedly with you. I'm also committed to not buying any brands he's involved with.

No. 1805219

I wish I'd saved his IG story, it was even a bit more misogynistic than what he posted

No. 1805250

I wonder if all these corporate sponsorships are actually generating revenue, or if they’re willing to take a profit loss to look “woke” and generate publicity. I can’t imagine many women (even handmaidens) wanting to buy sports bras from a manic screeching troon like Dylan.

No. 1805255

people bought his shitty merch, so who knows. idk how they track increases due to influencers - when would effects be seen?

No. 1805423

i saw that too. he was like "hmm what other stupid movement and gestures could i do to mock women..?" then gallops around the yard like a retarded horse.

No. 1805445

File: 1680987169151.jpg (160.46 KB, 1080x1796, FtMH9piWAAESPy7.jpg)

Such feminine, much woman.

No. 1805458

Maybe they should take their own advice and stop punishing their affiliates for being pregnant.

No. 1805459

But why, anon? They can just have 'women' rep the brand who can't even get pregnant in the first place now, because they do not have a uterus. See? No need to punish pregnant affiliates! Just exclude real women and use LARPers instead!

No. 1805463

File: 1680990266815.png (647.64 KB, 554x845, Screenshot (432).png)

he's so ugly

No. 1805466

You can't convince me this isn't a cryptid.

No. 1805467

KEK why are his arms so fucking long?? He looks like he’s a human version of an helicopter.

No. 1805522

Seriously…what blackmail does this twinks daddy have on people? Even Bud Light is whoring for this creep. And his whole Eloise shtick only convinced me he definitely has skeletons in the closet.

No. 1805529

File: 1680998100615.jpg (81.72 KB, 640x1138, vmvxdomvouj61.jpg)

mf lookin like a sims glitch

No. 1805532

No. 1805552

File: 1681001292134.png (132.9 KB, 770x471, nypost.png)

Interesting article about the financial incentive behind why corporations love Dylan

summarising as best I can:
>Corporate equality index (CEI) is a social score overseen by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest LGBTQ+ lobbying group in the world
>HRC has received millions from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation among others
>They issue report cards to over 840 US corporations and award or deduct points based on their criteria
>Likened to the mafia due to this extortionate approach
>Companies are regularly threatened to make changes or have their CEI scores effected
>Pushed by the top 3 investment firms in the US
>CEOs keen to please BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street Bank - the top shareholders of most American corps (including Nike)
>“The big fund managers apply pressure and determine executive compensation, bonuses and who gets re-elected to boards etc.

so this answers our "why?" question. Dylan scores them big points and keeps fat cats happy.

No. 1805556

The biggest question is why suddenly are trannies the ones with the most money and power in America?

No. 1805557

Don’t millions of hate clicks generate revenue? It’s basically a win win situation for him: conservatives who hate watch the videos give him money, and handmaidens who actually support him will buy the products. An evil genius

No. 1805560

It’s either a sign that America is heading toward collapse or of Biblical end times; those are my two theories

No. 1805563

My theory is that they’re pushing trannyism hard because they know that trannies are life-long cash cows. As opposed to other kinds of body modification where you just get one piercing and you’re set for life, trannies require puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries for life. If anything I would compare it to the opioid epidemic - the government did not crack down on the opioid epidemic until it was far too late because they knew that opioid addicts were a huge source of income for the pharmaceutical industry since they required higher and higher doses of opioids over time for successful pain relief

No. 1805564

it's big pharma. financial power > political power

No. 1805591

File: 1681003939645.jpg (102.62 KB, 602x856, main-qimg-c344a27ad85c90c65acf…)

He looks like Sirenhead. Loud like him, too.

No. 1805596

This, a thousand times. Companies that manufacture conjugated estrogen drugs took a hit when studies came out in the early 2000s definitively linking the drugs to stroke and blood clots. Instead of post-menopausal women taking it for the rest of their lives, doctors had them take it for a few years, weaning them off as the symptoms subsided. Enter trannies: lifelong patients who don't give a fuck about the dangers of the drug because they believe it "saves" them from suicide. Why wouldn't Big Pharma endorse (and try to increase the number of) these life-long patients, held hostage by their outsized fear of suicide?

Pfizer in particular (which manufactures estradiol) are VERY cuddly with the HRC, and also, a lot of the papers written in support of troonshit are authored by doctors with stated conflicts of interest related to Pfizer (pubmed requires these disclosures.) Pro-tranny research gets all the funding, too. It's a ecosystem that exists to enrich pharmaceutical companies at all costs, and they've hijacked social justice so you can't even criticize it without being branded as a bigot. They may fancy themselves communists, but trannies are actually just nails being driven by the hammer of late-stage capitalism.

No. 1805599

He appears to have a marfanoid body type, with armspan longer than his height. It could be a trick of the mind as he's so scrawny though.

No. 1805603

Good point, and it still works with the end-times theory too

No. 1805687

Don't be ridiculous. The world isn't going to end. Climate change is going to make it really, really suck for people who live in certain places, particularly developing nations and coastal areas. If it gets bad enough, it'll gradually kill off many species eventually including mankind, but the Earth will continue to exist.

No. 1805702

File: 1681022961076.png (19.63 KB, 1080x775, Screenshot_20230409-013538~2.p…)

Holy shit, thanks for sharing .. while reading this found a link to the HRC website with the criteria involved with this insane social score that is clearly what's driving so many companies to push the troon agenda. And it makes sense that we're being literally bombarded w this shit Right Now bc according to this site, they must be conducting said survey (picrel), so no wonder companies are scrambling to check all the boxes in this extremely pro-trans criteria so they can maintain in good standing with the HRC. Idk if Dylan is a plant but he sure as hell is a puppet and I'm so uncomfortable with the state of everything idk what to even think anymore . PS the site says the next report will be released in November sooo..yeah

No. 1805723

Nike’s insistence on “being kind and inclusive” in response to the backlash feels as if they were admonishing us for making fun of an amputee or a person with Down’s. As if Dylan is retarded and we’re hating on a retard. Which I mean, he is, but not by the clinical definition.

seems like the general public really does consider trannies these pathetic things that we should coddle and feel sorry for. Need a supercut of every pedophilic thing Dylan has said or implied since they wanna infantilize him so bad

No. 1805737



No. 1805750

>Need a supercut of every pedophilic thing Dylan has said or implied since they wanna infantilize him so bad
I hate it so much, no actual woman acts like Dylan and other troons. No respected adult woman goes around saying "I'm a little flat chested virgin unkissed girl who's so sexy in my little bikini. Look at my little growing boobies kids" like what the actual fuck. If handmaidens are going to pretend to see Dylan as a woman then at least fucking hold him to actual female standards and call his gross pedo shit out

No. 1805752

>If handmaidens are going to pretend to see Dylan as a woman then at least fucking hold him to actual female standards
exactly. if an actual woman acted like that she would be called out for pandering to pedos and shamed for promoting anorexia. the very fact he gets away with acting like this is proof that no one sees him as a woman.

No. 1805760

didn't know what high knees are…

No. 1805761

he's just too thin, he looked normalish before he started abusing whatever uppers he's on

No. 1805767

No. 1805958

So we're being told nonstop that there's a trans genocide in the West while the powers that be actively promote that shit just for profit by threatening some of the biggest international companies? Jesus…

No. 1805962

calm down antisemite goys are just as involved in this as jews

No. 1805965

in fairness, just because something is profitable to promote, doesn't mean the material conditions are good or improving (eg. when corporations were obsessed with BLM - that didn't do much to improve racial tensions but gave certain brands a boost and the corporate "girl boss" trend only served a few elite women) however this is a bit different because it's not just virtue signalling to a group of people, it's encouraging people to transition to that group and directly profiting off the means in which they transition.

No. 1805984

File: 1681071897942.jpeg (80.18 KB, 544x680, just dude it.jpeg)

spotted on twitter kek

No. 1805989

File: 1681072735326.png (81.68 KB, 250x262, screenshot .png)

nightmare nightmare nightmare

No. 1806036

Because it's patriarchy repackaged. Men finally found a cheat code to stay on power while pretending to also be opressed, and libfems are willingly going along with it.
No wonder people at the top aren't giving this much recognition to tifs, I doubt shareholders believe tims are real women, but better have a faggot at the top that a woman

No. 1806060

lmfao anon

No. 1806259

the only ones who are correct about Dylan's popularity (and the trans push in general) are the ones pointing to pharma/woke points from the HRC/social points with avg consumers. I don't know why the Dylan thread in particular attracts so many schizos insisting it's the end times or jews or a government psy-op or whatever boogeyman scrotes are latched on to as 'literally attackanizing' them this week. There's not a shadow organization conspiring to steal your dicks and force your children to watch tiktok. Go back to the other farm, the next time I have to hear that Dylan's manager is a Soros agent or that there's LGBTQ2ZXDFC3HY7V microchips in Dylan's merch I'm gonna fucking lose it

No. 1806335

This video has the misogynistic IG story after the ad

No. 1806347

As if it isn't terrifying that some random tranny company has the power to pressure companies into pushing transgenderism, all with the backing of pharmaceutical companies which, by the way, have a lot of Jews involved. This is just normal to you?(global rule #7)

No. 1806358

There is a lot of tranny apologia going on today here. Its really weird.

No. 1806376

Hm…seems like troons and conservatives both experience persecution delusions and paranoid thinking…interesting…

No. 1806379

Nice bait lol

No. 1806565

yeah, the pritzgers and rothblatts. jennifer pritzger and martin rothblatt (trannies) both have more money than trey parker (who has more money than god) and what they say goes. it's just cash winning arguments like always.

No. 1806606

>the only ones who are correct about Dylan's popularity are the ones pointing to pharma/woke points from the HRC
>so many schizos insisting it's the end times or jews
that anon literally said that because of who's owning or funding these companies/orgs like the HRC though lol. and it's always how people come to that conclusion. if there was any other ethnicity that was this much represented despite being a minority, people would also notice it (even more so, because it wouldn't be taboo).

No. 1806622

This thread is filled with jews.(race baiting)

No. 1806635

>Trey Parker
The South Park guy?

No. 1806641

yeah he has more money than god so i felt like i had to change the phrasing.

No. 1806645

Telling you not to scream "da jooz!" at every injustice in the world is not "tranny apologia," schizo-kun. This is confirmation bias; many gentile plutocrats are in on the tranny grift, you're just choosing to focus on the Jewish ones because it reinforces your paranoid delusions.

No. 1806660

I'm >>1805596 and I didn't mention the companies' ownership. The actual point of my post was that the HRC is being taken advantage of by Pfizer. The suits at Pfizer don't give a fuck about the sociopolitical nuances of the situation, they're just focused on the bottom line. Most of the retards at the HRC genuinely believe that Pfizer is supporting them for altruistic reasons, when in reality, every gesture or donation is an investment for Pfizer. They saw some morons unintentionally giving them free advertising and thought, "cool, let's scratch their backs so they keep doing it."

This ecosystem also doesn't require advocacy groups to work. Just like any other medical condition their drugs are prescribed to treat, the pharmaceutical companies are going to pump money into research that helps them move more pills. For instance, Pfizer can give reward a pro-troon doctor a paid position on a committee or whatever to help ensure that the doctor stays true to their narrative. Entities like the HRC are just a nice bonus to lend even more legitimacy to troonshit specifically. There are plenty of conditions that pharmaceutical companies treat similarly that don't have gender dysphoria's social justice clout behind it.

No. 1806685

ayrt and i was not talking about you, but about the anon who brought up the jews in reply to this post >>1805552
i didn't think your first post was related to this and it was very informative so thank you for sharing. this is so bleak.

No. 1806690

>if there was any other ethnicity that was this much represented despite being a minority, people would also notice it
all groups help other members of the group. former frat brothers, new englanders, freemasons, guys with mafia connections, ex-CIA - all these groups are "over represented" at high levels of management/commerce/whatever.
and idk why you would jump to the troon conspiracy being a jewish plot rather than a MALE plot
it's men figuring out another way to get free shit. literally simple as that.

No. 1806732

I'm >>1806259 and the only reason I mentioned jews is because of the increased numbers of posts derailing about government conspiracies, biblical end times, and powerful shadow masters funding a corporate tranny push ( >>1806622 + >>1805125 + >>1805737 (i think this one just saw 'Soros' and flipped out) >>1805603 + >>1805560 and you >>1806606 and the other anon >>1806347 who got upset at being told to stop reeing about jews). I made a post a few days ago >>1805148 because I'm sick of hearing about dumb conspiracies in relation to Dylan. Companies, pharma, and politicians find troons profitable, it's not that deep.

>if there was any other ethnicity that was this much represented despite being a minority, people would also notice it

The pharmaceutical industry, the HRC, and social points with avg consumers are powerful because of money, not because they're jewish. Jews are overrepresented because of old banking laws and nepotism like >>1806690 mentions. I think Dylan's popularity has a certain subset of people convinced he's part of a global conspiracy, he's not. He's a family friendly tiktok star. Children like him because he's a cringey theater kid, handmaidens like him because he's a gay bff, and companies like him because he's mainly PG13 and they don't have to worry about him disappearing off to rehab. He gets views, which is literally all companies care about. Everyone in this thread finds him creepy and gross, there's no need for schizo theories. I'm tired of actually interesting info, such as the post about the HRC explaining why companies are so desperate to sponsor troons, getting derailed because someone sees Soros and spergs.

No. 1806835

>who has more money than god
anon god has no money so we all have more money than god, god is fucking poor as shit he couldn't even buy a pack of discount noodles

No. 1807031

but god created everything so he created money so he can create all the money he wants

No. 1807241

your other examples are the type of group that people also talk about without it being controversial though. for the record i don't believe that "the troon conspiracy [is] a jewish plot", i was merely saying that the fact that they're over represented at the top of that kind of orgs and at "high levels of commerce" like you said is just an observation (and people don't make this observation only about the troon agenda), it's not the same thing as claiming that the end of the world is coming or that all CEOs are lizards but it's treated as such.

No. 1807415

yet he doesn't, poor ass motherfucker is poor by choice just like how Dylan is making a mockery out of women by looking like a freaky ana-kun clown in a dress by choice when he could be twinking away for a few years before he hits the wall (more than he has already that is, I legit thought he was middle aged when I first saw him)

No. 1807604

File: 1681325324791.jpg (165.8 KB, 1080x1214, censorship.jpg)

we've always prioritized males (see: female erasure in the law/media/institutions/the med industry). I recently visited the CDC page for HIV among MSM and men were referred to as men while women were referred to as 'menstruators' or some such bullshit.

+ there's a lot of privileged white men with a vested interest in normalizing transition as a lifestyle choice who have enough power/wealth to have a significant impact on the culture.



No. 1807607

File: 1681325532227.png (98.49 KB, 600x600, CNLifmYWoAA4X-N.png)

No. 1807660

File: 1681333475537.jpeg (322.29 KB, 3000x1500, DM.jpeg)


No. 1807661

why do reposters fry these screen shots with filters and muddy the contrast? color-blindness?

No. 1807683

I always assumed it was some sort of third party screen darkening program for eye strain. But genuinely not sure

No. 1807781

he looks almost normal with great hair on these pics. i wonder if the mistake was unintentional though, how can journalists not re-read ten times their article and title, especially when they know they're writing about a troon kek

No. 1807805

Dylan is a masculine given name in the UK, I wonder if that’s why.

No. 1807918

it‘s not the journalists themselves posting their articles on facebook. it‘s social media editors and/or underpayed interns. depending on the service they use to queue posts for facebook you don‘t necessarily see the picture and given that he has a male name i can see this happening unintentionally. still funny tho

No. 1807940

>Dylan is a masculine given name in the UK
Dylan is a masculine name everywhere nona, it's his given boy name that he refuses to change because he's too narcissistic and loves being a man too much. You literally can't even dead name him because he never changed his name. Of course any normal person writes he/him with the name Dylan

No. 1808036

File: 1681394209405.jpg (72.97 KB, 866x1252, IMG_20230413_154505.jpg)

This is so insane and scary.
Somebody wrote that he has more endorsements than Michael Jordan during his prime.

No. 1808086

it seems like a lot of the brands that have "sponsored" dylan have just given him the same influencer giftbox they give to any moderately popular, apparently-wholesome attention addict.

No. 1808100

Dylan isn't the face of any brand like actual celebs. He just advertises brands to his own tiktok followers like any other inlfluencer. No different from Nikkie Troontorials or James Charles doing a sponsored youtube video for loreal.

No. 1808158

This. Look none of these brands have him as their spokesperson. They send out pr and collabs for anyone with a large enough following or is a hot button topic. Jordan was the face of Nike, Rolex, etc. Dylan gets Anheiser-Busch to send him free pr you can get from them if you pay enough (you can get custom beer cans from them). Let's see this list summer time. Or when he pulls a James Charles at cochella.

No. 1808199

as much as I dislike him and think he's being shilled this is easily disprovable, he's mostly doing sponsorship.

No. 1808227

yeah, they're just sponsorships like others are saying. I will say that he's partnered heavily with Kate Spade and Ole Henrikson, beyond influencer freebies. Also there's a site where all the brands are kept track of that's more comprehensive. It is updated regularly, https://antiwomanbrands.neocities.org/dylan

No. 1808423

is it the nonnie with the list who made this website? whoever made it is funny as fuck - the TRA 'under construction' page made me cackle. it's actually a very good resource too, highly recommend other nonas have a look if you're struggling to find alternative non troon-loving brands. 10/10

No. 1808432

File: 1681455494857.png (3.02 KB, 487x412, tags.png)

the site was made in early march because the list in the thread description was getting outdated and people in here and the mtf thread were saying we needed a way to keep track. I haven't posted about the site in a while because I don't want to clog the thread up every time something gets added, but as a result I think people forgot about it because I've seen a ton of "RIP [brand]" posts lately about typically pretty old sponsorships, as well as posts like that twitter list where people try to compile dylan's stuff. I'm pretty sure the site is the most comprehensive list by far though. I'm glad you like it, I feel like I'm shitposting into the void on there sometimes because it's so hidden (i haven't posted it anywhere but here, some people have posted about it on other sites a little), but that's for the best imo. picrel site's tags because I find it hilarious but no one will ever see them lol