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File: 1689361162729.jpeg (123.47 KB, 1012x1133, Dylanisahorror.jpeg)

No. 1864330

Previous thread: >>1766589

Dylan James Mulvaney was a mediocre actor and performer in musical theater from an insanely rich family who transitioned from gay (twink) to non-binary in 2021 so that he could wear girly clothes and get attention after his bit part in the Book of Mormon ended. (The show shut down because of COVID-19 lockdowns.) In 2022, as the pandemic continued, he decided to come out as a trans "girl" to maintain a constant flow of praise for his needy narc ego. He seemed (i.e., was marketed) to blow up overnight after beginning a series called "Days of Girlhood" on TikTok, where he showcases himself as a sexist caricature of a 1950s-1960s woman. This series went on to win him 10 million followers, famous collaborators, endless free stuff, gratis FFS with Caitlyn Jenner's surgeon, and marketing opportunities. After 222 days of being a “girl,” Dylan got to go visit Grandpa Joe Biden in the White House and talk about how trans lives matter; for some reason the transgoons that be thought this obvious troll was the right guy for the job. In December 2022, Dylan got some bad facial feminization surgery. His lip filler, FFS, and nose job made him look like Caitlyn Jenner's aged ex-twink relative, ironic since Jenner called him out for being "trans with a penis" after Dylan made a video about "normalizing the bulge": https://youtu.be/EQ-yzbzqH4U After laser hair removal and electrolysis, he still can’t get rid of his facial stubble. Didn’t you ever watch Jurassic Park, Dylan? Nature finds a way.

Despite appearances to the contrary, Dylan is 26 years old. He wants to become a tampon ambassador much like Jonathan Yaniv, handing out tampons to girls in need. When women protested Tampax giving a male a brand deal, Dylan made several passive-aggressive videos in response. He still mentions tampons often and managed to grab a spot interviewing Judy Blume about her iconic book “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” which is primarily about girls going through puberty >>1826425

Incomplete summary of some milk
>Dylan has revealed several times how much he hates biological women, calling them “mean” and “cruel” >>1783840 and using misogynistic mocking voices to depict women who disagree with him >>1783627 >>1791959
>He “just wants to connect with women” but doesn’t care if he offends them >>1768533
>He thinks women pound on their breasts to express excitement: >>1770500 >>1770504 >>1770509 >>1770517 >>1788236
>Many of his “days of girlhood” are recycled content from years earlier, he has already dressed as Dorothy, gone to Bora Bora, played mermaids, played with Barbies, and worn dresses; none of this is new: >>1771309
>First day on estrogen: “Where are my new tits?” (spoken like a man) >>1772130 (He’s still flat as ever)
>More offended by being called a man than being called a pedophile or groomer >>1772134
>Lies about having green eyes (obsessively) >>1776057 >>1779510
>Threw a giant narcissistic party for himself after 365 “days of girlhood.” The stream failed for a lot of people kek: >>1774382 >>1788509 >>1789184 >>1790035 >>1790037 >>1790040 >>1779600 His mother didn't attend (good for her!). A wonderful anon recapped the entire stream here: >>1789648
>Drew Barrymore bowed down to him on her show: >>1788292
>Made a video for kids >>1783900 then said he didn’t want to be friends with kids >>1783627 then did an interview saying he wanted to spread “trans joy” to kids >>1818298
>Retconned a supportive family into a transphobic homophobic conservative oppression >>1787975 >>1787993 >>1818298 >>1818302

>Although women have been upset with him for a long time on account of his stereotypes, misogyny, and appropriation of “girlhood,” (see >>1770395 and >>1789822) it took a failed marketing stunt by Bud Light, a disgusting and worthless beer company, to make men care about Dylan, the fake woman. Bud Light distanced themselves from Dylan and fired two executives (including one woman) after men chimped out and boycotted the beer. >>1766672

>Meanwhile, Dylan did a misogynistic ad for Nike, which men ignored because it wasn’t a “masculine” product: >>1802881

Aside from the Bud Light setback, Dylan enjoys nothing but lavish compliments for his emaciated caricature of "girlhood" as he trots to NY Fashion Week, the Grammys, premieres for movies, and other award shows. Why is he invited? No one really knows for sure. He’s scooped up a bunch of gay and trans influencer awards I don’t care to summarize here, as everyone knows those are rigged.

Recapping, discussion of Dylan's various "older" (2022) videos and offenses in this thread is encouraged. We should unmask this troon's misogyny so fewer people are taken in by it.

Social media accounts
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dylanmulvaney
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dylanmulvaney/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dylanmulvaney1
Website: https://www.dylanmulvaney.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dylanmulvaney (private, archived version: https://archive.ph/4ApQX)

Amazing anon made a list of brands to boycott (brands doing partnerships or paying Dylan to promote their shit): https://antiwomanbrands.neocities.org/dylan

No. 1864344

skimming the intro and links, >>1770395 hit hard
>Objectively; Dylan is an adult male with adult male sexual organs, he wants it to be normal for his and other adult mens dicks and balls to be visible through their clothes, he is attracted to females and he wants to be in spaces with other girls, and other girls are literal female children.
it's SO creepy when you spell out what he's actually doing like this

No. 1864346

Thanks for the new thread, nonnie.

No. 1864355

happy to do it! Hard to fit in everything, but did my best

No. 1864416

great thread thanks op!

No. 1864420

File: 1689366281675.jpeg (448.33 KB, 1170x1811, 340E3EDC-E07E-4880-8168-8B4594…)

Nice job on the new thread Nonna!
Looks like Dylan finally got sick of getting clocked for his boy hairline in that hay hat fashioned into a blonde wig. Ironically makes him look even more masculine.

No. 1864436

pretty sure this style of top is meant to accentuate a chest. on dylan's frame it looks ridiculous and shows off how masculine his chest is still.

No. 1864458

he's in constant soyface mode

No. 1864496

>tiny black eyes and wide open jaws staring at you
Man looks like a shark

No. 1864561


Oogie boogie

No. 1864787

>Looks like Dylan finally got sick of getting clocked for his boy hairline
I don't think he's sick of getting clocked at all, he wants you to know he's male and he wants to look physically male. He wants to be the ultimate twinky femboy who is sooo pretty he's even prettier than those gross real women, so he can prove he's better than them and steal their straight bfs/husbands. That's why all his plastic surgery is on the face only. You have to refer to him as she and call him a girl as validation that he's successful in beating women, but he doesn't actually think he's female on any level.

First clue is that his fucking name is Dylan and he's never had any intention of changing it. I'm pretty sure the only thing that could make him change his name would be to avoid/distract from a scandal. Second clue is that he's so public about being mtf, his brand is "being a man acting like a female", it's not just "acting female" (Nikki tutorials would be an example of that). Then there are a million other things like how he likes to focus on his penis bulge, that he can't use tampons, that he "used to be" gay etc. Dylan wants you to know he's male but be unable to say it out loud.

No. 1864806

I agree with you. He's basically copying Hunter Schafer minus the extra surgeries Hunter has had. Hunter has a masculine name (not that this is a big deal). He also wrote all this stuff about acting hyperfeminine to "conquer femininity" - that twisted logic made it into the tv show Euphoria. The character in that show then starts going more into non-binary shit again, which is what Dylan claims he's doing. Now going blonde and short like Hunter and especially mimicking Jules in Euphoria.

He's never had any reason for why he wants to be a "woman" and he actually hates women as far as I can tell.

No. 1866247

He weirdly reminds me of lillee jean with his over expressive faces and lying about easily disprovable and obviously false things. He's just much more sinister and damaging to the world

No. 1867278

File: 1689673716372.png (602.9 KB, 864x1500, Screenshot_20230718-114805.png)

please let this mean that he's getting no other work. Colleges should keep this man off their campuses, his entire persona is "dumb bimbo" after all

No. 1867280

File: 1689673779021.png (1.47 MB, 864x1501, Screenshot_20230718-114814.png)

Love that his real hair now looks like a frizzy cheap wig.

No. 1867282

he actually terrifies me. he upsets me. i must minimise the thread but have fun nonas

No. 1867369

My school is too small for mr narcissist but I would love if he could come to my school and I could use it to peak the women here whose heads are up their asses. Can't even go a day without hearing about trans stuff here

No. 1867557

well go ahead and send it to him, at the very least get an idea of what fee he's demanding to talk about how hard it is to put on makeup or act gay in a dress. I somehow think big schools might distance themselves from him.

The very fact that he has nothing to do and wants universities to give him money to speak says a lot. Damn I hope no one falls for it. What a disgusting bellend he is.

No. 1868498

File: 1689893734470.png (891.84 KB, 863x882, Screenshot_20230721-005049.png)

looking like what he is - gay crossdresser

No. 1868499

File: 1689893920679.png (1.56 MB, 864x1417, Screenshot_20230721-005319.png)

this is hilarious. Literally has to wear an illusion dress in order to fake his shape. wearing just underwear under a sheer dress - makes me think about things I don't want to think about

No. 1868500

File: 1689894002666.png (1.08 MB, 864x1379, Screenshot_20230721-005458.png)

this is post FFS btw - even with a heavy filter, male male male. Makes me wonder what his MUA had to do to other photos so he looked slightly less manly.

No. 1868501

File: 1689894282525.png (826.17 KB, 863x1456, Screenshot_20230721-005352.png)

Never fails to wear shit no woman would be caught dead in. If it fit, maybe idk. Even then, this is barely a top, any woman wearing it without a bra would be doing so to look sexy or provocative. On Dylan it just looks disgusting as part of the woman larp. Is this guy even still taking hormones?

No. 1877037

It just occurred to me that Shitvaney could be keeping his original name so that people from his past can still track him despite the appearance changes. He probably wants to rub his success in the face of some guy who rejected him. (Soz if this has been mentioned/discussed before.)

No. 1888973

idk if this has ever been posted around here but i wanted to share this video of him pretending to be a possum(not milk, sage your shit)

No. 1889007


No. 1889065

No. 1889117

Still can't believe he sullied the good name of the Massage Your Possum lady

No. 1889183

I'm a visitor from another thread. Why is his mouth so BIG? And what are those brows? If he really wanted to look like a woman he would go for a style much softer. Women aren't doing fleek 2010 drag insta brows anymore(lurk more)

No. 1889220

Troon fashion is a few years behind trends.

No. 1889385

File: 1693188801026.jpeg (167.86 KB, 1082x1327, D1B65334-04CB-48E1-B9C6-55E046…)

Gotta love the streamys for best new creator award. Dildo went straight for the trOON speech. YWNBAW

No. 1889390

The glue underneath that wig is clinging for dear life

No. 1889392

All that surgery and for what? To look like part of a drag SNL skit with that ill fitting dress and crunchy wig. kek

No. 1889395

File: 1693190832432.jpeg (107.43 KB, 772x851, 8EC32AD1-657C-4D88-B293-A864F8…)

Take away the crunchy shein wig alone. fuck he is an actual skinwalker.

No. 1889399

How did he manage to look more manly than before trooning out? Transitioning is such a lie kek

No. 1889401

Can't alter muscle mass kek

No. 1889437

He looks 50

No. 1889486

He is starving himself to look more petite like female celebrities but since he is a man, he is only left with skin, bones and muscles. He looks like beef jerky.

No. 1889489

real ana-kun drag queen look

>fuck he is an actual skinwalker.
i've heard theories he's skinwalking a real women he hates, some said his own mother

No. 1889490

>Why is his mouth so BIG?
because he's male

No. 1889506

Because when moids transition and try to look like women their true ugliness pops out and you see what monstrous looking Neanderthals men really are. We’re just so used to it and brainwashed that these creatures are attractive that we don’t even notice how ugly and hominid looking moids actually are day to day.

No. 1889519

Holy shit he looks like a monster kek. You can see how fucking big his torso is in this picture, he's clearly underweight but he looks so fucking big. His forhead looks small too, or maybe it's his jaw that's too big? Anyway he literally looks like a neanderthal.

No. 1889525

File: 1693220752830.jpeg (18.5 KB, 739x415, images (14).jpeg)

>hominid looking
pure poetry

No. 1889533

>some said his own mother


No. 1889558

Ok but this picture is so scary? His expression looks absolutely unhinged and like he’s furious. He looks like a psychopath even more than usual Jesus Christ. He looks possessed.

No. 1889559

File: 1693228792127.jpeg (41.41 KB, 462x664, DD943155-B8B8-4D19-ABDB-D75A4F…)

i knew my favourite place would be talking about this! what a fucking freakshow.
looks like hes wearing an amazon marilyn munroe costume for halloween

weird ban im pretty sure she was asking a rhetorical question

No. 1889625

Newfag behaviour ban.

No. 1889660

how has no one offered to cast this mongoloid in a monster movie? he’d be so perfect

No. 1889679

File: 1693244926691.jpg (26.95 KB, 602x417, main-qimg-d1f1c37d98a3bb2d1528…)

No. 1889714

No. 1889717

Looks like an angry chimpanzee about to rip someone's face off

No. 1889832

The stiffness of that crunchy wig rivals Momokun's awful wigs.

No. 1889834

He looks like someone dipped a mummy in liquid foundation and then tried to dress it up like Jayne Mansfield.

No. 1889843

File: 1693264358266.jpg (276.95 KB, 793x894, Screenshot_20230828_191326.jpg)

I'm genuinely confused at what's going on with this wig. Is it supposed to look like it's got dark roots? Or did he use a glue that's meant for dark skintones? It looks like a dried liquid painted onto it??

No. 1892325

probably fake dark roots considering how he's bragged in the past about his "real hair", he probably wanted to fool people again

i wonder what he even speaks about? is it his gross speech about "girlhood" over and over again?

No. 1912977

File: 1697199117359.png (510.21 KB, 741x678, demon of the year.png)

No. 1912978

I hate this I want to cry and throw up and die and rot

No. 1912983

This shit feels like an irl South Park episode

No. 1912985

Genuinely disgusting. Funny that a gay magazine did it when trans ideology shits on gay people by default by demanding they have straight sex or they are bigots. Then on the other hand maybe all the self-hating gay men are thrilled they can finally be "straight" by fucking a man in a wig and calling him a woman? Would genuinely like to hear what gay man say about it

No. 1912986

From rules of misogyny: Men do everything better than women, including being women.

No. 1912991

>woman wins nobel prize in economic sciences
>”nah, not her”
>man posts on tiktok/instagram/twitter about becoming a “girl” (not a woman because ew being old)
>”oh fuck let’s give him the recognition he deserves!!!”

No. 1912996

File: 1697201114487.png (429.63 KB, 592x459, dylan.png)

samefagging to share an up close of his cartoon villain face at the awards

No. 1913013

File: 1697203622465.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1170x2124, IMG_1154.jpeg)

The difference between the photoshopped version and candid photos is jarring

No. 1913018

This may sound retarded, but as someone who grew up as a weeb I feel like this is what they did to j-rock idols who looked "feminine" (but really just overexposed light and then edited to hell and back) and western fans crying that asian men just look so pretty and feminine when in reality they look like normal men, now I see girls who think trans women really look like that when they don't… they look like edited men in makeup

No. 1913021

I hate it too, but in the end it's literally just a gay britshit magazine, so no one really should care too much.

No. 1913045

File: 1697207733757.mp4 (4.15 MB, 1080x1920, 26222238377.mp4)

oh em gee u guyz can you imagine anything more embarrassing than someone saying your designer handbag is unfashionable?
kek at the state of these clueless men. the other guy is Tommy Dorfman, a she/they hulk.
>"a year ago i couldn't afford my rent"
come on now, Dylan…

No. 1913073

There are quite a few gay men speaking out about TRA shit on YT/Twitter; they recognise it for the homophobic bs that it is. But the magazines/websites/charities are all about the troons (see also P*nk News).

No. 1913090

File: 1697216526551.png (2.68 MB, 1505x2048, atit1.png)

It's not Halloween yet!

No. 1913092

what a beautiful, inspiring young woman

No. 1913096

>just a gay britshit magazine, so no one really should care too much
I personally hope gay readers care and gives them shit for it…
OR that aidens pester them until a tif is man of the year, because that actually would make all gay moids raise hell

No. 1913099

if you had told me he was 40 I wouldn't have questioned it

No. 1913101

>There are quite a few gay men speaking out about TRA shit on YT/Twitter
Thank god, gay men are one of the few groups that can call this bullshit out without getting too much backlash because they're men AND in one of the precious little LGBT letters that handmaidens simp for. Most handmaidens are women who have faghag tendencies so going up against gay men who tell them they're wrong is more difficult than going up against "ebil bigoted terf" lesbians who just need to shut up and take the girldick to keep the troons happy.

No. 1913104

There's just something about him…. he's got some..uuhhhh.. I dunno, Andy Dick vibes. Somethin' just something off about this little fucker.

No. 1913107


It's an ugly ass bag tbh. I don't know which one of these two is more annoying, Dylan or the host? Dylan looks ridiculous with the bleach blonde. You need soft features and at least a slight tan for that shit to look somewhat cute, unless you're going for the vampire look (which Dylan also can't pull off)

No. 1913108

File: 1697218862746.jpeg (37.49 KB, 500x281, E5C34B76-55B7-4CE1-8839-58FEB8…)

He looks like the fucking Penguin.

No. 1913111

KEK needs more teeth but otherwise uncanny.

No. 1913173

File: 1697229120790.png (2.57 MB, 2000x3000, 666[girl]hood_fixed.png)

Is he even getting any 'sponsorship' deals these days?

No. 1913174

File: 1697229131535.jpg (595.19 KB, 1080x1857, Picsart_23-10-13_16-32-09-331.…)

No. 1913182

Nona I love this sm. Did you make this?

No. 1913183

Kek this is amazing. The bag is hideous and Succession was right.

Dark makeup is not a good look on him. Same with the blonde hair. He looks better when he does the creepy Audrey Hepburn skinwalking, but at least he's giving that literal saint a break from his freakshow circus act.

Idk about sponsorships, but the award he just won had the rubber stamp of Jaguar and a bunch of other corporations. I miss when gays were actually weirdo punks instead of total sell-outs.

No. 1913184

Nope, I found it on Kiwi Farms.

No. 1913216

literally every 40+yo woman I know looks younger than him. He looks horrific.

No. 1913263

ot but what's the domain for kiwifarms now? i s2g it changes like every week.

No. 1913325

literally admitting that he keeps going because people around him assure him that he's totally a woman experiencing womanhood then. this is true of pretty much all trannies, if people stopped entertaining them they would stop the larp immediately. AGPs managed very well to keep it behind closed doors until society started encouraging troon shit.

No. 1913391

File: 1697270283906.jpg (124.14 KB, 576x1024, tranny junkie prostitute.jpg)


No. 1917917

File: 1698016356216.png (494.93 KB, 589x561, chelsea akwafina dylan.png)

Awkwafina and Chelsea Handler being haunted by Dylan at chelsea's live show event

No. 1917946

Jfc he looks like a crackhead that had a stroke. Absolutely ghoulish.

No. 1917984

>when you see it you'll shit bricks

No. 1918073

Nobody in this picture has a soul

No. 1923195

File: 1698956954710.jpeg (199.56 KB, 817x1222, chris-olsen-bf-patrick-johnson…)

dylan at heidi klum's halloween party, dressed as michelle from romy & michelle's high school reunion (apparently). displaying his tonsils as always, for some reason.

No. 1923196

File: 1698957048305.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 177.67 KB, 817x1222, chris-olsen-bf-patrick-johnson…)

also displaying a little more than his tonsils here. spoiler for a crotch shot, which i'm sure totally wasn't on purpose

No. 1923220

i know it's been said but how did this mf get 'face feminization' surgery and manage to look manlier than he did before

No. 1923225

Does he not realize gaining weight and getting a tan would actually help him look more ‘feminine’? Cracked out tranny stick arms and legs plus basement dweller corpse complexion just make him look even more incelish and male.

No. 1923242

he really needs to gain some fat, his body looks incredibly disgusting

No. 1923265

he always looked off but he's so fucking scary here what the hell is his problem. he looks like the russian sleep experiment creature

No. 1923288

horse legs again

No. 1923502

And now we have to pretend this thing do not look scary as fuck. The world is such a sad place.

No. 1923563

Dropping this here since it's semi-related to Dylan. It's a parody of "days of girlhood" I'm glad more people are starting to peak.

No. 1934823

File: 1701185266620.mp4 (6.29 MB, 576x1024, dylan .mp4)

Dylan claims he attracts a lot of "feminine lesbians" …So he thinks when his fag hag handmaidens compliment him they're attracted to him?
Also kek at his manly voice saying "next"

No. 1934827

I only just saw this, i love it kek
he's an absolute narc, so yes he absolutely thinks lesbians are attracted to him

No. 1934860

Dumb question but does he have an eating disorder or something? He looks so incredibly boney it´s almost concering.

No. 1934882

It's not uncommon for tims to starve themselves to reduce the look of their broad male body. Also, he was very fit before trooning out, it had to all be intentional.

No. 1934883

I don’t believe for one second that he’s attracting any of these people. It’s fakery for attention and content. At least he got rid of that awful blond hair, though.

No. 1934944

It's fucking jarring how huge men's knees are. Even aging women like Janice Dickinson who have these sinewy long legs don't have the absolutely enormous man knees. Trannies will never escape moid acromegaly.

No. 1934954

Almost certainly. He seems so tweaked out many people have theorised he's abusing cocaine or amphetamines too, which could also account for the weight loss, although it's most likely to be fear of twink death and now he finds himself having to LARP as a skinny woman.

No. 1936094

>some insecure lesbian halfheartedly compliments him so she doesn’t get cancelled by the queer TM community on tiktok
>omgggg guiss feminine lesbians want my dickkkkkk so bad

No. 1937187

File: 1701609179274.jpg (609.07 KB, 1890x945, lel.jpg)

Dylan and his 'days of girlhood' are parodied in Lady Ballers. I wonder whether and how he'll react to it.

No. 1937244

File: 1701617748428.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2023-12-03-00h02m37s05…)

He responded to the young woman on YT who parodied him, so you'd think so, but maybe not because she was a comparatively 'easy target'.

No. 1937568


I dislike trannies as much as the next anon but don’t give Matt “ I want to fuck 16 year old girls” Walsh any attention. We’ve already seen radfems cozying up with RW men and look how that turned out.

No. 1937822

Please tell me you're not the same nonna from the other thread trying to bring that infighting shit here too. We get it, you hate MW. Nonna is just linking a clip mocking Dylan.

No. 1939626

File: 1701996136623.jpg (118.66 KB, 828x926, 20231208_013407.jpg)

I have a tinfoil theory Dylan is just milking the trans thing for as long as it's profitable, like that guy who was "trans Korean" for a while before flipping side completely and went full gc (so he got even more attention). But that Dylan actually does it properly enough so people actually buy the trans act for now. He got some twinkifying surgery meant to make him look younger but not more female, no boob job or actually "feminizing" surgery so he clearly wants to look male still.

Also he keeps looking more and more like a bone rattler, those knees freak me out

No. 1939630

The Daily Mail is so shady kek

No. 1939686

File: 1702005049478.jpg (669.11 KB, 1040x1983, Wheretheyatthough.jpg)

Not shady if it's true!

No. 1939712

The way they angled this photo to make the empty space seem even larger kekk

No. 1939758

His legs look like they were edited with AI.

No. 1939940

I thought it was very telling that his mother didn't attend his narc-fest for "365 days of girlhood." No media coverage even addressed her absence, they were probably ordered not to. I'll have to look for this speech and see what he says

No. 1939988

File: 1702030331624.mp4 (5.95 MB, 576x1024, 49cfa38f47aee46a21521174bd9122…)

doublepost but I found a video of his outfit after the show. It really was empty.

No. 1940013

I don't know why, but dylan looks odd to me, his legs especially. He looks underweight, but not like typical anorexic boys I've known. He does have weird proportions so maybe it's his skeleton throwing me off. or maybe because he had a dancer's body (BoM isn't the danciest musical but it's physical enough), going ana looks weirder than a twink or scene boy doing it who already didn't have much muscle

No. 1940048

I could have sworn he's bragged about both his parents accepting him as a true woman so his mom not talking to him is new to me

No. 1940049

kek I assume that was pretty much everyone who attended, maybe save for a few haters who went to hate watch for fun and left early

No. 1940051

Maybe he looks extra weird because he's an adult man and not a young boy? He keeps calling himself a girl but he's not even a boy, he's a fully grown man and probably was fully formed before going anorexic in a vain attempt to become twinkier again

No. 1940076

I was looking everywhere for a full image of the outfit because I JUST KNEW he dressed like a caricature of a college cheerleader in a porno film. Fucking degenerate.

No. 1940128

The quick blurry pan into all the attending handmaidens that are dressed like completely normal women is killing me kek

No. 1940263

>was fully formed before going anorexic
thank you nonna, that has to be it. Most adult men I know with weight issues were former emo boys so they got that more soft, stunted skeletal growth that we really don't see in Dylan who really is quite masculine looking. He probably ate pretty healthy until the "twink" death crisis hit. But he wasn't really the twinkiest or girliest to start with tbh.
No wonder he looks extra deranged, his body was halfway to being an AGPhon before this started.

No. 1940396

There's like 15 people there, this is so Instagram vs Reality like the media like to pretend literally anyone likes this man but the evidence here speaks for itself.

No. 1941127

I think tiktok has warped people's perception of fame a bit because if you're not on the platform the number sounds so high. A million views on tiktok is worth like maybe 10.000 views on youtube, or 200 likes on X. Like sure it's pretty good but you're not even close to actually famous or well-liked. I think Dylan got the funding he got because to boomers it sounds better than it is to say he has millions of views

No. 1941303

how long do you need to stay on a video for it to be counted as watched? I know for some platforms it's not the whole video so it could be even more inflated than we think beyond the usual tiktok bots too

No. 1941626

Very literally a second, so the For You page showing people videos they immediately skip still counts as a view.
There's a stats page hidden on Tiktok and it tells you watchtime, counted by the seconds, most videos get skipped within 3 seconds. So Dylan's videos could all get instantly skipped and still show a million views, based on his turnout here that is exactly what's happening
Youtube counts by page loads, but because there is no For You page if you intentionally click into a video you're likely to watch at least a minute of it. Hence much higher stats on tiktok which don't actually conflate with intentional watching.

No. 1952951

File: 1704838259122.jpeg (80.43 KB, 1200x675, GDST0xiWQAAzuI2.jpeg)

27 year old dylan looking like an 80 year old at the golden globes red carpet (not sure why the fuck he was even there???) and told a reporter that he is planning to have a "popstar moment" when asked what he had coming up next.

No. 1952953

I know this is old but Jesus Christ, his knees.

No. 1952962

File: 1704840560179.png (510.19 KB, 792x443, necasdcc2023gremlins4.png)

Hed clearly trying to imitate the queen G herself but he will never come close kek

No. 1952964

Damn he botched himself. His old fag face was legitimately better

No. 1952973

He looks like a mix of a David Bowie impersonator and an antisemitic caricature from WWII.

No. 1952977

All of his "fans" are either tweens with the attention span of goldfish, or middle-aged housewives trying to recapture their youth by being faghags on Tiktok. Neither of those groups are going to pay actual human money to watch this guy humiliate himself in person. They just hugbox him on his retarded videos so they can internally jerk themselves off about how woke they are for complimenting an annoying faggot online like it's an act of charity.

No. 1952986

why was he invited to the golden globes when he can barely fill out two rows of seats in a university auditorium

No. 1953049

To make sure that a member of the woke clergy is present.

No. 1953051

He's giving me the same uncanny demonic vibes as Kenneth Copeland. Like an actual unholy entity walking on this mortal plane.

No. 1953130

There is no excuse for this hair…

No. 1953134

File: 1704872643802.jpeg (159.7 KB, 497x491, 26222822-06B3-4F3A-A4C2-02D59D…)

No. 1953327

File: 1704905273042.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1283, Screenshot_20240110-115420.png)

The fact that this is allowed to happen blows my mind. Passports and official documents shouldn't be fraudulent like this.

No. 1953421

File: 1704916501802.jpeg (7.95 KB, 236x177, mr burns.jpeg)

same, they both have a demon-disguised-poorly-as-a-human face.
also getting mr burns in drag vibes.

No. 1953422

what a world

No. 1953578

As late as the eighties and nineties Psychiatrists demanded that any man who came to see them about a supposed gender role change had to live as their chosen gender for at least two years to prove that they could lead a stable life as this new person.

No. 1953617

how old is Dylan?
Why’d he blur out his age? Is it because it will alienate his mostly zoomer fanbase that will be appalled that he is old asf and not this cute young little girl ingenue?

No. 1954432

File: 1705110054027.jpg (317.32 KB, 1200x1183, npRSt23.jpg)

it's truly shocking how much healthier he looked before trooning out yet he's supposed to be "totally thriving!!!!!!!!!!" despite turning into the crypt keeper in drag

No. 1960151

File: 1706398775751.png (420.11 KB, 384x574, alok and dylan.png)


No. 1960153

dylan talking about how hot guys ask him out when he's not dolled up. maybe cos he just looks like a twink and gay men are hitting on him. or maybe it didn't happen at all.

No. 1960154

where is this man's upper lip

No. 1960162

Ah yes, the hulking hairy troon who bravely fights for the rights of little girls to be queer and kinky

No. 1960201

I hate this creature "little girls are kinky" mental illness just radiating out of every clogged pore

No. 1960225

He looks like a California surfer dude with his long hair now, of course he's getting attention from fags. The crop top and women's pants scream "I'm gay and desperate for cock". Also lol at him acting like a crop top and sweats is some disaster outfit as if it isn't basic. Shows how much he actually pays attention to women.
Also it's funny seeing him very carefully lean while keeping his stomach tensed up. Ana-kun feeling a little self conscious? He's reaching the age men really get their barrel torsos and he'll start looking more like Alok than a twink soon enough. Though arguably he didn't have that twinky of a face to begin with. It was always too wide and it's only going to get wider with age, HRT or not. Same with his body, not horrendous but not exactly the ideal twink skeleton. I suspect he's going to be WIDE. No matter how much you starve the skin will still stretch across large, growing male bones.

No. 1960236

These men have a tendency to lose a ton of weight and then wait until their hormone imbalance is stable enough to resume weight gain. They think that if they gain any weight that it will go in their hips or their chest. I think Dyldo just has an eating disorder tho

No. 1960247

if hes so successful manmoding without his loli cosplay he should detrans already, instead of complaining about how dry his dick is.

No. 1960251

Now I'm just imagining him setting up the camera and then going back and pretending he just came home kek why do influencers do this

No. 1960259

File: 1706440857465.png (265.2 KB, 362x444, dylan dude.png)

>California surfer dude
I thought the same thing, or at least a wannabe surfer dude - without the tan and laidback attitude. he just looks like a freaky twink.

No. 1960277

Is it wrong for me to wish someone would force him to gain weight? I'd live for the mental breakdown he'd get from that. I'd love for someone to get him hooked on weed, too.

I've never had that thought before, not even about Eugenia Cooney. But Dylan provokes an entirely new level of rage. He's so vile. He would look better with some weight but he thinks all women have eating disorders. That's why he made a Very Special PSA where he ate a piece of vegan pizza and told us how hard it was for him not to starve to try to look like a cis woman.

No. 1960290

File: 1706451487293.jpg (82.29 KB, 615x640, bruce.JPG)

Picrel is his future.

No. 1960308

I can't wait for the pure schadenfreude when twink death hits him like a truck.

No. 1960329

I think it already has

No. 1962897

File: 1707155236184.mp4 (4.59 MB, 576x1024, TrollcowOnline - 1753683578511…)

Dilly apparently impersonating Dr Evil.

No. 1962905

Twink death hit him years ago tbh. The smelly mode shit didn't help at all. Men are ugly no matter what but being an anachan just made it all worse.

No. 1962914

He needs to up his dosage.

No. 1962948

File: 1707165803240.png (545.35 KB, 501x764, hollow eyes.png)

or it was just upped kek
he's rolling around like he's taken too much addy

No. 1962962

I know what you meant but this is funny

No. 1962976

he's hideous and so grating.
his unbridled delusion is one thing but the fact that there's countless dumb women out there sucking up to him and being nice when this fucker would not piss on you if you were on fire is just insane.

how many misogynistic days do you need to see appropriating woman and treating it like a fucking stereotype and a little dress up game for you to wake up. My theory is that a lot of the women and girls who support shit like this are dumb and narcissistic themselves so it's like looking in the mirror.

No. 1962982

Dylan, we don't need to look at anything to clock you
He does often look like he smells tbh. Made a big deal about buying hundreds of dollars of Lush bath bombs and bubble bars. They're all still sitting there, exactly the same. Probably worthless by now. Lush is gross anyway but ykwim. He often looks like he stinks of sweat and caked on makeup

No. 1963011

File: 1707180223146.jpg (35.76 KB, 600x338, Cassandra_closeup_The_End_of_t…)

The resemblance is uncanny

No. 1963368

Whenever I see that hairy clown costume wearing fucking retarded scrote I want to punch something

No. 1963595

Looks like Megha’s husband

No. 1971227

File: 1709246006691.jpeg (294.76 KB, 1235x1326, GHcIVuNXMAEoY0Z.jpeg)

Look who made the cover of Forbes!

No. 1971236

Tinfoiling he has autism? I think being gay kinda masks it a little, but his mannerisms are just so strange. Like if he wasn't gay I think most people would notice he has aspergers or something

No. 1971249

30 under 30 is such a joke, so this should come as no surprise kek. Also, he doesn’t look like that pic at all. They airbrushed the hell out of his five o’clock shadow.

No. 1971250

What an important update, thanks.

No. 1971251

… no way?! Magazine covers get airbrushed? How long has this been going on?!

No. 1971300

I know people don't see this as milky, but i am amused at how amature this airbrushing job looks. He doesn't even look like a person, not that he has ever looked like a normal person since his teen years.
It's too hard to know this, but his extreme histrionic behaviour is by far the most notable and persistent thing about him. It's hard to know because we don't know how he behaves when the camera is off.

No. 1971330

Honestly as someone who grew up around sperges I think he is just a narc gay theatre kid, he's too calculated in his weirdness and how he literally "acts girly" in a mean-spirited caricature way. He kind of seems more "hyper" which would indicate ADHD, but I really don't think he has that either… again, he's too calculated. The way he does things isn't really disordered but rather thought out to give him the most narc level of attention, it doesn't seem like a "natural" weirdness.

No. 1971359

>he's under 30 years old
no fucking way, he always looked 35+ to me

No. 1971394

even with all that photoshopping his nose still looks so botched kek

No. 1971538

>30 under 30
lol it's always surprising when I remember he is only 26. Let's see Dylan at 40 now.

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