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File: 1612417059787.jpg (192.72 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

No. 729850

You know how oftentimes if you express anything about a cow you get banned or dunked on? Well this is the thread for you!

Do you want to rant about how much you hate a cow without disprupting the thread? Go ahead!
Do you want to sympathize with the cow and talk about how it's not too late to change? Do it sister!
Do you want to talk about your life (blogpost) and compare it to the cow in question? Here's the place?
Express yourself etc. Have fun!

(Also this is not a thread to complain about threads, bans, or mods, do that on /meta/. However you can complain about the fanbase of the cow or the people who dislike the cow here.)

No. 729851

File: 1612417198614.png (124.85 KB, 275x268, 1585869387701.png)

I really hate how much of a fucking munchie retard she has become.

No. 729853

File: 1612417256369.jpg (38.31 KB, 750x749, highland-cattle-calves-12.jpg)

I love cows. I think they're really cute, all of them. Idk why anyone here wouldn't like them? I think we all hold them near & dear

No. 729854

Oh shit sorry lmao. I didn't read the op

No. 729855

OP here and this post is valid too nonny

No. 729856

File: 1612417414327.jpg (107.37 KB, 700x700, nOFiLe0.jpg)

I wish I had a tiny cow as a pet, like I wish there was a way to keep cute and fluffy mini cow that doesn't grow up

No. 729857

File: 1612417470074.jpg (175.79 KB, 1200x797, 19-cute-af-photos-that-prove-t…)

I love cows

No. 729858

File: 1612417491477.jpg (140.25 KB, 1242x1211, xy2jg0qmdc951.jpg)

No. 729859

File: 1612417528075.jpg (371.74 KB, 600x800, shmeg.jpg)

I miss when this zombie bitch was popular. Early 2010s Tumblr cows were my favorite.

No. 729861

File: 1612417601372.jpg (165.42 KB, 640x747, EjA9bUzUYAcIqTt.jpg)

Me too! Cows of all sizes are beautiful, precious and gentle angels, but baby cows are a whole 'nother level of precious. The existence of cows only fuels my cottagecore fantasies I'll stop derailing tho!

No. 729867

yes! she was one of the first cows i followed before i even knew what a cow was

No. 729875

What about her was milky?
I only recently discovered her from Lolcow and I hate to say it but I wish I looked like her, she looks so cool

No. 729887

I would like to somehow weasel my way into the the walls of gimpgirl & vlads house, I am very small so i could fit. I would bring a pen in there with me so I could poke tiny little holes in inconspicuous places so I could see as well as hear what is going on. Of course I would have to be barefoot because shoes make too much noise and I’m sure Mary has rat-like hearing, you can tell by looking at her. I think I could manage 3 or maybe 4 days in the walls if I plan well enough. I think as far as bathroom needs go, if I just do a little every few feet any potential smell would be unlocatable and instead she would just think it’s something in the house. I want to know if she exaggerated her lifestyle all and how she acts when she’s alone.

No. 729888

I mainly liked her (not that I envied her, but I found her entertaining to keep up with) just because she was one of the first "post-scene-kid proana late 1990s/early 2000s paris hilton bleach blonde sick girl aesthetic" kind of Tumblr girls I'd become aware of. (I think Felice Fawn was that girl for a lot of people.) A lot of aspects of her style from 2011-2013 would become part of the stereotypical "tumblr girl aesthetic" later on. Her general brooding edginess, the BPD molding of herself around her favorite fictional characters, and the ensuing rumors of her abusing her girlfriend and being a pedophile were a cherry on top, but it was around/shortly after that time that I stopped being active on Tumblr and didn't keep up with her anymore. I know her thread has been revitalized a bit lately and I checked it out, but it's nothing I'd be interested in now. In retrospect, I don't/didn't necessarily like her as a person, but I like her because of how much she reminds me of that specific point in my life, circa 2012, where I was an ~alternative fashion grrl~ on Tumblr all the time.

No. 729933

Sometimes I feel like if I had continued being a special snowflake, I would had been a bit like pixielocks

No. 729939

I despise shoeonhead for a lot of reasons, but a major part of it was that the moids that e-groomed me when I was a tween/teen liked saying shit like “we have our own little shoe!” even though I don’t think I was ever as awful as her. On one hand, I still get this weird gross pride that they’d say I was better than her because I was smarter/hotter/younger gonna puke just thinking about that men are disgusting but on the other, it’s beyond frustrating that I realized all that anti feminist stuff was bullshit by the time I graduated high school, and she’s almost thirty and hasn’t grown out of it. I feel like I’m just autistically seething, wishing she’d fall out of relevance so I never have to be reminded of those times again. Would be nice if I could just ignore it when people I follow retweet or mention her, but for now I’m just going to keep laughing at her getting catfished by poltards in 2021.

No. 729942

>"we have our own little shoe!"
I physically recoiled. Jfc fuck those retards.

No. 729949

Oh god just noticed the typos I made on this one sorry lol I’m tipsy
Can’t really expect anything but utter retardation from shoeonhead fans, but thank you for validating me

No. 729964

I never WKed her in her thread because I know better, but I always lowkey felt bad for TND's drug problem and I hope she gets better.

You'd think being around addicts all my life would make me less sympathetic but man, she's just so young and I do think she had potential as an entertainer/harmless influencer (minus the animals, she was always unreliable with those).

No. 729965

same. I used to like her a lot found lolcow around 5 years ago after searching her name kek and as much as I wanted be empathetic bc she always mentioned trauma and muh mental health, it's unbelievable how narcissistic she always was. Don't really read her threads anymore but man, she's gotten so much worse in the past 3 years it's unbelievable.

No. 729976

I don't think Felice was THAT awful in comparison to most of the girls getting popular these days, every single influencer and their grandma shoop themselves to oblivion and scamming their fans for a quick buck seems to part of the business, Lauren was just ahead of her time.

No. 729980

Most of the hate on cows like Dakota and Venus came from jealous anons who wanted that sort of fame. I'm talking about like a decade ago, not current Venus. I never thought she would sink so low. Dakota has been dry for years and her threads are just people grasping at straws (I lol when people call her chubby), beating a dead horse. I thought they would be in opposite places, it's funny how life works out

No. 729989

>minus the animals, she was always unreliable with those
That's putting it mildly. She's straight up neglectful and abusive. Guaranteed if she wasn't self-canceling due to making a public spectacle of her trainwreck addiction, she would have been canceled for the propish way she treated those animals. The early threads about her were all animal sperging which is what she was originally cowed for. Her long term outlook as an entertainer were never good.

No. 730001

>Her long term outlook as an entertainer were never good

She was hot and funny. Not many niche youtubers blow up in their first year of making inconsistent content. You may think she's got no redeeming qualities but the numbers don't lie.

I agree she's never been fit to care for animals but to act like she was always a Lily Jean level hopeless wannabe influencer just sounds like seething

No. 730050

I personally dislike seeing how mean some people can be in threads. I bite my tongue because I understand it is lolcow "culture", but I often find comments to be unnecessarily mean. You never know what is truly happening on the other side, you never know what effect your words have. Your reasonable criticism of somebody does not have to be accompanied by multiple posts tearing down a person's appearance or home situation. Too many farmers here are cruel, vile individuals based off how they treat others, who would probably warrant their own place in a thread if they didn't hide behind a screen. And no, I am not a cow, I just don't like mindless, pointless mean comments.

No. 730053

agree, i know it's a pansy opinion around here but i find the nitpicking or tearing apart of most of the cows' appearances to be overtly mean and unnecesary. not because i feel particularly sorry for most of them, but because i imagine other farmers who might resemble them or have those traits and who get kind of shamed in the process of laughing at a cow.

i know that this site has made me overtly aware of fupas and other nitpicky things i hadn't paid any mind to before browsing here

No. 730063

Mean? Dude, people are nicer to cows than they are to other lc posters.

No. 730064

>i imagine other farmers who might resemble them or have those traits and who get kind of shamed in the process of laughing at a cow.

NAYRT but this.
Even as a former anachan and habitual bone-rattler, I just don't think Shayna is that fat–yeah she sucks as a person but she's the size of any standard pudgy American woman and it makes me sad to imagine farmers who look like her going on that unfunny ass thread and seeing 45 posts in a row literally just saying "hahahahahah Fatty McPatty Fattel!!!!" and shopping burgers in her hand like….relax…

No. 730076

shoeonhead is retarded and her political "commentary" makes me want to die but she's not ugly or fat. And her tits look real to me

No. 730077

I agree. Personally, I think the "board culture" argument is weak AF. It doesn't make it any less shitty and annoying.

I also wish it was more acceptable to call put the really unhealthy line crossing obsessions some people get with the cows. I feel like a lot of farmers suffer from a reality disconnect when it comes to the board vs real life, which is pretty common among any kind of internet echo chamber. Like, there's a good amount of farmers where their obsessions with the cows clearly take up a disturbing portion of their life, or they end up crossing into stalker-tier, like literally following them to secretly photograph them. One anon did that a few times in the past Kelly Eden threads and everyone who questioned that behavior got accused of "whiteknighting".

I feel like equating "hey, it's really weird and literally stalkery to follow this girl and photograph her on multiple ocassions" with "whiteknighting" showcases a very severe and disturbing disconnect from the real world. When you couple that with other things on the website that showcase how mentally unhealthy many farmers are, it's even more fucked. Like, take a look at the "Unhealthy Obsessions With People" thread here on /ot/ and it's very clear that a lot of farmers are prone to disturbing obsessions with people. There's also an old Mental Illness thread (I believe it's on /g/) that makes it clear many farmers are deeply mentally ill.

So yeah, a lot of farmers are mentally ill people prone to creepy obsessions with people and they are now existing in an echo chamber that completely enables, and even encourages, that side of them.

Pretty fucked if you thonk about it.

No. 730080

Inspired by the discussion in Momokun's thread, here's my honest tl;dr opinion about her:
She used to be entertaining when she was constantly fucking up her PR due to her ridiculous lack of social tact and being a dumbass obsessed with being a ~bad bitch~. But she grew up. She was like 19-20 when it was all going down and she's grown past it. I always felt the sexual assault saga went over the line and was mostly agitated by her competing thots who wanted to ruin her once and for all out of spite and personal vendetta. Yes, she grabbed people and she needed to apologize for it because it's in no way appropriate behavior. But I believe her when she said that it was because she underestimated their physical boundaries and thought it would be taken as a joke. Based on my observations I genuinely think she's on the spectrum and doesn't understand social cues.

I find it hard to be so mad at her anymore since she's been out of drama for a good while now. She has acknowledged her past and said that the way she acted was past retarded and ignorant. But her thread is filled with literal a-logs who can't let it go and keep nitpicking her every post apart even when it's something absolutely mundane. It always feels like the thread is half scrotes with a madonna/whore complex and half salty, mentally ill e-girls who would probably end up like her if they got an audience big enough.

Regarding the thots seething in her thread I distinctively remember some of her "friends" being busted for posting in there like leaving their user account icons or similar visible. And it was always obvious SwimsuitSuccubus and her "girlfriend" were posting in the thread and singing their own praises all the time, comparing their cosplays to Momo's, trashing hers and starting a whiteknight attack every time someone badmouthed them. Some anon confirmed it in their own thread last year iirc.

And yes, I'm aware of everything she's done because I was there when her first thread was made. I grew up during those 5+ years too. I'm ready to let her go and live her life. Her degrading porn and bodymods just make me sad now because she was a genuinely cute chubby girl who turned fat and instead of losing weight gradually caved into internet pressure and became hooked on plastic surgery. Now she's just a generic e-thot doing porn and has her IRL name attached to videos of her pissing. I think that's enough punishment for what she's done over the years.

No. 730108

All I want is for Shayna to become a born again Christian and leave the internet.

No. 730134

I relate to samanthaprater because I'm a fucking ugly mentally ill SPERG

No. 730151

I've had to take a break from reading Shayna's thread once or twice because of how intense and mean farmers can be. Shayna is a cow, but when there is no milk the nitpicking is relentless.

No. 730158

File: 1612455578363.jpg (50.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm really happy for her but I miss the Holly Brown drama. I wish someone else would do something interesting in the art community because the art salt threads are so boring and the art youtuber community is just a bunch of petty overgrown teenagers making videos arguing over semantics.

No. 730163

Nta but they're equally nasty.

Honestly, I don't get the obsession with Shayna or any of the "famous" cows on this site. People bring them up so often that I thought they must be legitimately horrifying, but it turns out they're just completely unremarkable. I would rather watch paint dry on the wall than care about whatever these literal whos are doing. Farmers constantly talk about how irrelevant Shayna is but camp on her thread all day to laugh at her tweets just minutes after they've been posted. The lack of self-awareness in her threads is just staggering.
>inb4 hi cow

No. 730166

File: 1612456223765.png (3.95 MB, 1080x5760, 1562066042542.png)

I agree with this anon. Momokun is a generic weeb and acts like one, the only difference is that she lucked out on making thousands off patreon in her prime. Though, her cosplays sucked half the time, it's her makeup I could never stand. She was really annoying and bland to me as a cow though. Her thread has died so long ago that I think she belongs in either snow/w.
As for my own opinion, I think most lolcows become fat eventually. Seems like most people these days get chubby after 20 and I don't really see reason to shame them. So i'm never surprised by weight gain and I don't think people realize how easy it is to not realize it either. Also I miss phoebe, she lived in my friend's area and it was funny to read her rants about how non privileged and disabled she is, especially in public. She is a perfect example of a lolcow. Though i'm kinda annoyed that lc is the reason her instagram was taken down and her milk died too because of it.

No. 730175

this is the hardest I've laughed at a post on here

No. 730179

Me too, anon, that would be the best thing that could ever happen to her, and to most cows tbh, I’m not even too religious, I just think the cows that are addicted to the internet and other vices really need something to actually keep them out of those horrible cycles in which they put themselves into.

No. 730186

>i imagine other farmers who might resemble them or have those traits and who get kind of shamed in the process of laughing at a cow.
It's gonna sound pathetic but I was still a teenager when the Anisa threads first started and I used to post in and create the threads, my body is similar to hers and the shit people used to nitpick about gave me issues.

I also remember at one point trying to prove that Anisa was actively monitoring her thread, even while streaming, so I made a joke in the thread and then made the same joke in her chat and she saw the comment and gasped and called her friend over to show her which made it very clear that she was obsessively watching her own thread, and somehow that happening in real time was like a reality check for me…I was like what the fuck am I doing, like actually??? Don't I have hobbies? I don't fucking know this woman. Sometimes when people show their ass online and get called out, the go-to defense is "Wow h-haters don't you have anything better to do???? You're really spending your free time attacking someone online?" and yeah that kind of defensive statement is usually just cope but for me it was absolutely true and I know I'm not the only one on here that just cares way too much.

No. 730194

Shayna is a boring cow but the fun part is that she reads her own thread and you can tell that she hates it. Almost everything she does is to try to prove farmers wrong.

No. 730233

I'm gonna preface this by saying that Shane Dawson is a racist unfunny slob who deserved to get all his dirty laundry aired and deplatformed for his disgusting behavior and videos.
That said, there are a lot of people who say the dumbest shit both on lolcow, on reddit, on twitter and so on.

He probably did not actually fuck his cat or any other animal for that matter.

I used to watch his videos when I was a kid and listened to his dumb podcast when I was a teen. And even when I was a kid I could tell almost every tone deaf and disgusting joke was done for shock value. Because that's just how he is. He doesn't think. He is that fucking dumb. And no one told him "Dude that's gross" until years later.

And just because you personally don't think something is funny, doesn't mean whatever was said wasn't intended to be a joke. That's why some comedians aren't successful; because they're not funny even though they try to be.

No. 730236

I mainly lurk the cow threads because it is a good reminder of vices to avoid, and sometimes gives a view of current trends that I don't know about. But I generally can't ever post in them because it feels wrong. I don't want to hurt somebody or their reputation. But ik I'm just as bad because I lurk anyway and have contributed once or twice.
Even though the cows are horrifying and bad people, I view them as people who've gone too far and unless they become born-agains or something as mentioned ITT, they are already too deep in their lifestyles and will keep spiraling in their behavior. Because of that even though it's terrible stuff I feel a sense of horror imagining myself like that. It must be really hard to turn your life around when you are so entrenched

No. 730263

Sometimes I feel bad for Luna because I was so close to becoming someone like her until I owned up to my shit and got help. I feel like its gonna take actual homelessness or other consequences from her lifestyle to push her to get her life together, if at all. I think she still has potential for her art to improve if she cleaned up and actually put forth some effort.

No. 730266

File: 1612465635159.jpg (148 KB, 1420x947, 9cc61ffc7cc514fc0b8bfc932f6dfb…)

So much this. I like cows because they're interesting to spectate, but unless they've done something awful and genuinely irredeemable I find it embarrassing when people nitpick their looks or body to the max. Celebricows is one of the worst threads for this. Your insecurity, projection, and desire to fit some savage mean girl aesthetic couldn't be any more obvious. Either that or tons of posters are actual 14 year olds. Yuck lol

No. 730367

I was just googling her a week ago, that's some weird timing. I miss that whole era so much.

No. 730393

Accurate. I also really hate when interesting milk is overlooked in favor of nit-picking the cow's appearance. This is probably my least favorite thing about lc. The fact that a lot of anons will get defensive and actually try and justify why we should repeatedly talk about the ways in which someone is ugly/fat/etc is really disconcerting to me.

Also, I know plenty will probably disagree with me here, but I personally think it's bs that armchairing isn't allowed, but nit-picking regularly goes unchecked in almost all of the threads on /snow/.

No. 730407


YESSSSSS, her threads were so much fun. The LOVE drama was alright but it got old fast and devolves into the same slapfights.

I wish Baylee was more milky, her thread is just 'wow she's ugly'

No. 730417

And every time this behavior is called out for being spergy you get those literal children saying "but it's fun lol stop whiteknighting!!!". Were you bullied in school so much your insecure ass is obsessed over picking apart some e-thot's looks to get back at whoever you're projecting into the cow?

No. 730422

Yes you are a whiteknight. Are these e-thots some untouchable deities that you're not allowed to talk about?

No. 730436

File: 1612479346515.jpeg (114.78 KB, 1200x900, bjorkposting.jpeg)

I've always thought this and just assumed it's because I found lolcow in my 20s and grew up in an internet hugspace instead of "board culture", but tbh I like edgy mean girl humor sometimes and I couldn't be as much of an edgelord as some anons if I tried. I particularly hate how hostile it's gotten in the last year or so with the way a lot of farmers treat each other, I used to rly fuck with some of you and now there's so much uncalled for nastiness just for the sake of being mean. the only time I've ever been banned was for "blogging/ sperging" when infighting with anons that were mocking someone for DYING when they weren't even milky. I can admit I was cringe and annoying for defending them so hard but at least I wasn't being a cunt to a dead person just because of anonymous freedom to do so.

and it's one thing on the main boards but I hate that anons have been rude af to me and others not even in a funny way on /ot/ and /g/ now, where I used to have the best convos with farmers about random dumbass shit. like what happened, why's shit so hostile? is the pandy really getting to some of you that much? spergs who live in glass houses shouldn't throw sperg stones

hard agree to these, life is more peaceful when I lurk or even fuck off of lolcow altogether for little hiatuses. I'll always have this place as a guilty pleasure cuz I spent a huge chunk of the free time in my college years exposing myself to the truth of what ppl I followed were actually like and finding cow stories that served as like, life lessons of what not to be, and it's made me a lot more self-aware as I tend to overshare on main (and on anon as you can see by this very post) but man I get burnt out lurking on here so fast now. I can't keep up anymore with all grown ass bitter vendetta chans and edgy teens that infiltrated the majority of convos.

I guess while I'm here and blogging so hard I should say my own opinion on some cows… I miss vintage snowflakes like the early ostrenga sister sagas way back when I was a teenager and recognized them from my middle school scene phase. I later found out about lolcow/ PULL in like 2016 when I was feeling nostalgic and googled girls like felice fawn/ ali antorcha and the first rabbit hole I went down was the onision/ billie/ lainey saga when she first broke out and threw her ring and filmed it (remember when onion threads were readable???). I really miss the early vicky shingles threads and the height of the dasha/ usagi kou/ soundclout right when peep died/ erin painter etc etc threads when they were peak insanity, but I've never understood the autistic levels of body-shaming and nitpicking of some girls (vicky is an exception since that's such a big part of her appeal lol). glad i wasn't here as an impressionable teen or I would have been in my little ED/ BDD feelings.

also never understood why so many people give a single fuck about pixielocks or 99% of /w/ or like 2/3 of the cows that somehow made it to /pt/, I guess it's just personal preference, like I only ever read about people like dasha/ deerhoof/ nicole dollanganger because I used to follow them and be a fan so I can see why it happens.

also i was so happy when i came back to lurking and found out that PULL was dead, that place was so obnoxious. like vendetta farmer levels of nitpick but worse because no one was even funny or cool, and over harmless weaksauce nothing bitches like kenna and that one youtuber asian girl who literally just thrifted and talked about sex and got fucking scarlet lettered lol. also one of my actual friends (who is genuinely a sweet person and not even milky, not being biased i just know for a fact) had a years-long thread on there, finding it and reading through the absolute autism that was nitpicking her every life choice when she isn't even very famous was an experience that really changed the way i view and participate in these threads because it's truly so much projecting in a lot of cases. like knowing for a fact that all these weirdos were so wrong about her (and probably only cared because they all want to be a ~pretty azn girl~ so bad and they project on anyone who doesn't live the way they would as a massive cope) makes me hesitate to assume too much about any other cow on here until there's substantial receipts.

also abby brown is unironically a queen and I'm glad the majority of farmers have treated her much in the same way as we regard the og PT, like actually rooting for her and wanting her to get better (she reminds me of a less harmful/ prettier trisha paytas at times, they have like a very specific type realness in spite of bpd that makes it impossible for me to not like them lol)

ok sorry this got anorectal-violence-chan levels of long so i'll peace out now but i'm a whore for nostalgia so this was fun

No. 730442

>I particularly hate how hostile it's gotten in the last year or so with the way a lot of farmers treat each other,
tumblrinas out

No. 730446

ew bitch i'm not a fucking tumblrina just because i miss the fun convos i used to have on here instead of dealing with people like you(infighting)

No. 730448

Nit-picking is petty and pathetic unless you have an explicit reason for doing so (ie: the cow uses filters, photoshop, and/or has a history of deliberately lying about her appearance). Even then, it gets old fast. The constant spamming of "lol she's so ugly/fat/getting old" is not "talking about an e-thot" and you know it.

No. 730469

ok tumblrina(infighting)

No. 730479

Idk, I've been here since 2015 and shit hasn't changed much, if at all. There's always been hostility and sperging.

No. 730487

File: 1612484026417.jpg (58.92 KB, 1000x912, d063600ac2a16b11a5a4166d3c29ef…)

It makes me so angry because so many cows can be so pretty and have so much potential but in the end they fucking decide to have the shittiest taste and the shittiest mentality. I just want to shove them into therapy and doctors and fix up their entire life for them.
this is coming from binge reading all of luna slaters threads, god she has so much potential but sickens the shit out of me when i see her track marks and her bird nest hair.

No. 730488

I'm so with you on Abby Brown. I can't believe the lengths people go to fuck with her, the Facebook groups being especially cancer.

No. 730523

I've been here since 2013-14 or so and on the chans since I was like 12, and I think all boards have ebbs and flows of meanness. I think the type of attitude you're met with is and always has been entirely a matter of chance. I do have to admit, I much prefer the old "tits or gtfo" over…whatever is going on with incels now.

My 2 cents on this is that I really think the "milk" from the "new cows" seems rooted in the same kind of thing you see with "cancel culture." You can see this with posts that are like, "have you guys seen __? is there any milk on them?" It's just bizarre to me that any ugly or annoying nobody is randomly selected to be picked apart and systematically cancelled for being (usually) just kinda stupid. You don't run out to the field and try to milk any random cow, you wait until it's time, yknow?

I miss stuff like the Final Fantasy house, or PT/Chris chan type characters. Like real unhinged psycho otherkin furry running an underground sex cult type shit. Some of the newer cows definitely fit the bill, but as some of us age I think it's inevitable that we won't be interested by new characters if we didn't grow up seeing them online all the time and their only point of interest is that they photoshop their cellulite and tweeted a slur in 2012.

No. 730528

hard agree

No. 730539

yeah I should be used to it, I think i'm just usually a lot luckier and the amount of dumbass shit I've experienced in the last week on here is more than the entire span of time i've been a farmer, so coming back to an influx of it is jarring.

also MANNN i forgot all about the FF7 house, top tier saga. I literally remember being like 10 and my goth weeb older cousin was relaying it to me before I even knew how to use anything on the net that wasn't neopets. mid-late 2000s was a golden era

No. 730551

>also abby brown is unironically a queen and I'm glad the majority of farmers have treated her much in the same way as we regard the og PT, like actually rooting for her and wanting her to get better

This probably is gonna sound stupid as fuck, but I wonder what would happen if we extended this kind of attitude to every cow on here. Like actively root for them to change, give them advice, etc. I feel like that would conflict with the nature of this board, but it's an interesting thought. Maybe just an April Fools idea kek

No. 730563

>literally just being nice to people as an april fool's joke

why is the concept alone so funny to me

No. 730566

Sorry for the tangent/tinfoil but I’ve always thought the “Does anyone have milk on so and so?” posts sounded like self posts trying to sus out what dirt people have on them. Anyone else get that feeling?

No. 730570

There is absolutely something wrong with Shayna's fucking tits. I do believe she has 1 implant, the difference is only becoming more exaggerated now that she's gaining weight.

No. 730572

This thread has made me
Realize I’m very harsh on some cows, and no shayna is not fat but shes Gained a lot of weight in unflattering places. I’d be a liar if seeing her talk about a fat ass and being this hot bimbo doesn’t make me want to go off

No. 730580

everyone in celebricows is young af, they are all constantly sperging hardcore about "the wall" for women and how men are only attractive from ages 18-21

No. 730617

File: 1612498990764.jpg (15.81 KB, 300x450, osWXJRmY1uthX5edFDkEJ7dwmZf.jp…)

I honestly think dasha (red scare, not putin) is pretty at times, or could be if she took care of herself, and I love her face structure in spite of it being a little downsy. shame that she's so annoying and has all that internalized misogyny edgelord anachan brainfry

No. 730626

a lot of the /pt/ cows are uninteresting

No. 730629

I love being a shithead online. This is rhe only anon site I use besides lurking other forums becauase I can't control myself and am mean online even under my real name LOL.

Celebricows has the wort fucking posters like I can't go there anymore it all screams teen girls to me who are freaking out about borderline twitter level normie shit. I get pissed over bodypolicing for celebscows or nitpicking lyrics or appearance as if we aren't all retards (in some sense) irl.

The milk must equate to the cows standards. Not all of belles nudes are milk because shes a fucking camwhore. Its standard play. Same thing with Azaelia posting funny mean shit.

Azalea is insane. We know. We get it. Every post of hers is milky to the extent that we need actual quality. Shes clearly had a terrible shitty life and I kind of feel bad for her and I wouldn't want to trade places. She's not always wrong about what she says shes just unhinged about it. She's really not worth posting about (except in her containment thread) unless she does something absolutely weird even for her. Posting evert status isn't milk.

Lana doing anything isn't milk. She's basically a tragic story of scrote gr00mer culture. Melanie Martinez is also groomer culture but shes actually done fucked up shit. Their level of culpability for being shells for scrote tendrils for pedo shit is debatable but the debate is NOT MILK nor is it even interesting to read because it all boils down to "scrotes are terrible subhumans".

No. 730635

Samefag different topic.

I always loved Kiki as my cow because I find her really attractive . I did fan art of her in her myspace days when I was a teen (we are roughly the same age). I wish she wasn't a fucking tardball and had just left her insanity cow myspace shit behind and stopped being a dick hungry nepotism trying sperg whore because think her ass is super nice and that shes super cute.

If she had been able to become well adjusted, she might have actually done something. But her parents are pure poison and have created an untreated sperg my armchair here of a personality disorder likely bpd giving her weird needyness, cowishness,lack true personality, and series of dick hungry attention starved needs a man behaviors who needs meds and is clearly unsocialized and really immature. She could have done well still modeling or doing whatever aetherial cute shit she is doing now or makeup channel if she was well adjusted or had been socialized properly.

I still want to fuck her though.

No. 730660

>how men are only attractive from ages 18-21
That's true tho, you don't need to be young to realize this.

No. 730665

I've followed various cows over the years, nowadays it's Luna, nourisht0flourish, and Gimpgirl. I guess I'm morbidly fascinated with them? They're weird and sometimes disgusting.
I don't think myself above any cow, there but for the grace of God go I. However, Luna often makes me want to a-log, her selfishness is infuriating.

Can I complain about other farmers here? That one thirsty lesbian in the Gimpgirl thread should just get laid and stop shitting up the thread with her wishful thinking that gimpy is a closeted lesbian.

No. 730669

File: 1612505838579.png (38.7 KB, 300x250, dfmR1LkX26-2.png)

Op here, sure feel free to do it as long as it isn't like, a complaint that should go on /meta/

No. 730671

they're so big and soft and their eyelashes are real pretty. i wish they didn't taste so good, because the thought of such precious beings dying makes me sad.

No. 730722

>My 2 cents on this is that I really think the "milk" from the "new cows" seems rooted in the same kind of thing you see with "cancel culture."
As someone who's been online since the early 00's and browsing lolcow since the beginning and all the preceding drama communities, I agree with this a lot. I don't know where it started but all of a sudden most cows seem to be elevated to the status of "cow" simply due to shared jealousy of them or some petty reason that shouldn't be given that much thought. I don't know if people are just afraid to take a jab at legitimately delusional people like PT, Chris-chan or Sarah from the FF house because they're largely protected by the PC crowd now. A lot of previously milky internet faces trooned out for example, making them practically immune to any sort of criticism because they can always send the twitter bloodhounds after someone calling them out.

I guess social media gradually destroyed the lolcow culture because it made easier for people to cowtip, harass and bully the target instead of observing from afar and writing an Encyclopedia Dramatica article or something.

No. 730732

File: 1612519158214.png (166.99 KB, 304x341, 1535561707143.png)

I used to have a hateboner for Dakota when i was 17, just pure hate. I loved it when people dragged her and even fed into conspiracy theories and fake rumors about her that i knew weren't true. i was up for anything that threw shit at her. but i'm fucking 26 now, and i grew out of it. i was a miserable bitch and i guess what i mostly hated was the superiority complex/narc behavior she had while ironically photoshopping herself to oblivion, there is something about that combination that made me want to "expose" her. And honestly was way too obsessed with the beauty of the fake pics. Now that i've outgrown this, I'm able to look at her without bias, and here's the truth: She's not no "inhuman" beauty that looks like a doll, no. But she is an above average white girl with exactly the right look for the market of Japan. If she wasn't, she would have never made it this far, fake pics or not. Proof is just how many other white girls have tried to do the same and failed. The Fugly as hell /cgl/ user Flan tried to edit some photos of herself and sent them to various low grade modeling agencies in Japan "for the lolz" (yeah right), and got no response. Yet Dakota is currently the 8th most followed twitter account for a model in Japan, and literally the only foreigner signed with her talent agency.

I'm also able to read through her old threads in a different light now and see just the sheer amount of other girls who were just like me, and somehow even WORSE. It blows my mind that these women should be my age now, late 20's at least and they're still acting like mentally fucked teenagers. If you've never visited the kooter threads, this is how bad it is: If you dare say you think she's naturally cute (not even a huge compliment, just something small and casual), at least one of the regular anons will go absolute apeshit on you. It literally triggers them. They physically cannot let that comment just slide. They will pull up the ugliest mid-talking bad lighting face screenshot from a candid they have in their 1000 pic Dakota folder on their computer and insult you for being dumb enough to think that, pic related is a common one. Sorry but you can't fool me, this isn't normal behavior by any stretch and I know exactly where it's coming from. Self-hate, jealousy, and having such an empty life that for the past 8+ years nothing has distracted their attention from Dakota.

No. 730733

I think it's pretty sad and immature when she gets made fun of for having alopecia, like that's not really something you can control.

No. 730740

It's the same for me. I was in my early 20's when she was peaking with the overly photoshopped living doll crap and I used to loathe her for the lies about having natural circle lens eyes etc., like I lived off of people taking a hit on her. Now I'm 30 and can't understand why anons are still so obsessed with her and keep bringing up age old drama that's been addressed to death during the decade. I have no problem admitting that she's cute and looks fine even in candids. I'm happy for her and her career seems to be stable, she did what most weeb girls dream about doing.

>at least one of the regular anons will go absolute apeshit on you.

I sometimes take a peek at the thread to laugh at spergy anons like this. They will write a literal fucking essay about how hideous Dakota is and how she's totally going to crash and burn soon because she's a fat old hag who should just birth some fucking kids already. Bitch should've spent the time writing that wall of text into getting some therapy instead.

No. 730741

she doesn't have alopecia

No. 730772


No. 730933

Shayna is a cow but she's not that interesting and I feel her thread is just a handful of people posting. She's not even popular her twitter gets no interaction etc. It's time to let go

No. 730946

Samefag different topic

It's really weird to me how differently cows are treated on different threads. The culture is varied drastically. Belle Delphine thread is all PULL and scrote and nitpick. Celebcows is nitpick. PT and Abby Brown are rooting for her recovery and think shes a Queen. Anything goes in Venus threads for some reason where others are HIGHLY policed (for varying reasons many valid) and you can tell when jannies take a day off of work by the content posted in their absence kek…

Altcow threads clearly has retarded troon affirming farmers and it gets confusing because referring to Dorian/ofherbsandalters my fav altcow tbh as both genders when shes clearly just a fakeboi is annoying and hard to follow in content. I dont know why anons entertain fakeboi culture on lolcow of all places. On literally any other thread you would get torn to shit for affirming it.

>>730523 My 2 cents on this is that I really think the "milk" from the "new cows" seems rooted in the same kind of thing you see with "cancel culture."

Absolutely! It's not twitter or tunglr tard level but its clearly modernized cow POV. Lots of milk is skim milk at best. Not true whole milk.

However, I will argue that PT only got popular because she existed in her timeframe where now a days she would get minor cow attention if any. The culture of the internet at the time allowed her to be Queen.


I followed cows before I even discovered this site like chris chan (certified Christorian here), Kiki, Kota, and some other low names… Im older and also from the Old Internet (tm). It's weird because on Reddit CC they banned talk of CWC gender and the retarded reddit "anti hate group" reported the CWC group for "bullying a mentally ill trans woman" which is top fucking kek. Also a prime example of how they ruined it.

I will also say watching Chris' descent into madness is depressing now. Sonichu is allegedly stuck in his body. The Merge of universes is literal insanity not just his usual cowness. Its a hard spiral.

Cow culture changes with the times.

No. 730956

Yeah, she's vile and embarassing but her threads are so boring. That goes for the rest of the sw and camgirl threads too. I'm not really interested in the cows that ranked high in this year's poll results.

Imo soren was fascinating because she shrouded herself in so many layers of edgy falsehoods and often went to extremes to keep up with the absurd narratives she created. That's also why I always thought Vicky Shingles was a great cow, even though I don't keep up with her threads as much anymore. Both Soren and Vick are easy to hate, not only because they're extremely delusional but because you uncover so much evidence of how they're actually making life worse for the people around them.

No. 730960

>cows seem to be elevated to the status of "cow" simply due to shared jealousy of them or some petty reason that shouldn't be given that much thought
AYRT, I didn't want to touch upon the jealousy aspect in my post because I thought I'd get ree'd at, but I definitely agree. I think in certain cases like Dakota/Kiki, Taylor R, Felice Fawn, deerhoof..it could be a little bit cathartic or a reality check for anons who were developing self esteem issues from not being able to look/live like them. It was a relief to find out they were ugly inside or without filters.

But like >>730732 said, the difference between those anons and the new strain of obsessive hateboner twitter-lingo anons is that the former group grew out of it. Most of us eventually realize that at the end of the day, these cows got famous for something unique–whether it was wit, charm, generational wealth, strategic lying, or some kind of special talent. It's a big relief to remember they're just like us and have a laugh at their expense, they chose to be in the public eye after all. But it really should stop there.

I don't really have anything to say about the climate that allowed trans/mentally ill people like PT and CC to be openly made fun of. As much as we want to blame it on the PC lib crowd or the right wing bigots or the terfs, the fact of the matter is that /everyone/ was just more relaxed back then. I really doubt regular trans people would feel offended by anons laughing at fucking Chris chan, but the whole touchy identity politics situation makes it too difficult to navigate that kind of thing now.

No. 730997

Very much this. They're all boring and require hours of reading through trash threads to catch up.

My unpopular opinion is this: Most cows are not ugly and anons like to take cherrypicked examples and photos and call them ugly. Even Shayna isn't as horrendously ugly/fat as people make her out to be. She's just an average chubby girl.

No. 731134

>It's a big relief to remember they're just like us and have a laugh at their expense, they chose to be in the public eye after all. But it really should stop there.
After the "cringe culture is dead" movement which, in my opinion, was caused by the polarization of internet culture dividing it into virtue signaling PCfags and Gamergate-birted altright incels became a thing this "laugh and leave" level of commitment became frowned upon. You can't just be mad at a cow for being spergy and egoistical, they just have to be either a racist LGBT-phobic pedophile or a glow in the dark dropping soy in the waterworks depending on your side.

If you look at something like the artist salt thread it's like 50% debating if someone is pedo because they drew an anime teen shirtless and 50% angry racebaiting and people tripping over themselves about someone making a fucking Wendigo doll and appropriating native culture instead of something like people flamed Snapesnogger over, which was bad attitude towards criticism and weird fetishes she instilled everywhere. Or Disneyfan01 tracing shit and being ridiculously defensive about her self-insert mary sue. I guess people want to justify their thirst for gossip by fooling themselves into thinking they're fighting a societal issue instead of good old lolcow gazing.

No. 731158

I agree with you guys. You can also see the projection in onision threads or shayna threads by how defensive they get over camwhoring.
I do with we could have a good chuckle like the old days, anons definitely take it to another level and vendetta territory now.

No. 731165


Shayna isn't as interesting anymore as the anons who obsessively follow her try to make her out to be. She's going downhill really fast - she gains literally 5 pounds every week, she's super broke, and she drinks herself into a coma every day and then wakes up in a stupor apologizing for blacking out again on the floor. I don't like her but, the best thing that could happen for her right now is for her parents to get her back home and force her into rehab or some sort of therapy for her issues. I have no idea if she still actively lurks/posts as much as she did when her threads moved like lightning, but I do think her shit is infested with nasty camgirls who seem to enjoy her rapid decline and cowtip to get her to start sperging out on twitter.

The only thing that's changed is that the autistic /pol/ fags aren't around as much, I like to go back and read some of the vintage threads for fun and goddamn, people used to go off on some of the weirdest alt-right tangents 2015-2016.

No. 731176

I actually like the way Anisas tattoos look on her. The individual pieces might not be that great. But she looks a lot better overall now that she has something approaching a style. I also don't necessarily think she's hurting her onlyfans by doing this, since there are a lot more people who are really into tattoos than ppl who are really into below average girls.

That's of course assuming she sticks to this and doesn't try to change her style again.

No. 731198

File: 1612565007248.jpg (188.07 KB, 650x649, 1.jpg)

I'm going to sound dumb and pretentious for a sec (I'm deeply sorry if it sounds annoying)

What I'm about to say is coming from my experience in arts and design school and trying to soak into the professional side of things -I'm a grafic designer / illustrator-

The reason why I don't like reading through the artist salt thread and avoid it as much as possible is because, personally, I think most artists discussed there don't really matter. First of all, I think none of the artists mentioned, even the ones that have big followings, are going to make it. They're just twitter artists. If anything, I think exposing yourself on twitter, marketing yourself the way they do, and having the type of fanbases they have means they already lost. It's just not worth it to go through all that problem. "Artists" that need woke shit to advertise themselves are already not good but they still try so hard to pander and sell their ugly fanarts. Keeping your opinions on anything to yourself should be the norm but at least this way we know what twitter artists should be avoided. Notice how I say twitter artists though, that kind of artist really has no grasp on how to be a professional outside of whatever adivce they get from their echo chamber, and will continue to sell fanart or whatever. Only the very good ones get hired, the others have to beg for commissions or mention how oppressed they are with a cashapp link thrown in there. It's such a massive cope. I don't even wanna metion NSFW artists.

People on the art salt thread are probably the same kind of people that they're critizicing. Like, it just shows, with how much debate about the same topics you see over and over and the kind of advice they give to each other. And it's weird, but I mean, the gossip is kind of entretaining- except… it's repeated every single week. With new aritsts.

The artist salt thread is really not the place to get advice. Just google whatever question you have and try to find a reputable source, I mean unless you wanna be a shitty unprofessional artist idk. To each their own

One thing though, thanks to the art salt thread I'm now hyperaware and a bit paranoid of posting anything that twitter retards might think is bad. Pic related is an artist I love and would like to follow the steps of, but these people think they are at the level of someone like that to critizice them and "cancel" them. Pathetic. They can't even draw stick figures and they need to dunk on people to feel superior.
Art is by Junko Mizuno, she's a feminist japanese artist.

No. 731203

Adding to this, I think our view as farmers is very wrapped around internet communities and whatnot. I promise that the outside world, the real professional communities, groups and workplaces, etc. Are very different to what we see here and on the internet. Things are not so bad, polarizing or obnoxiously annoying. I guess you could call it "normie" enviorments. They also exist outside twitter. I'd rather be inside those, both as an artist and a human being.

No. 731212


I totally feel this. The level of projection in these threads is wild and the hate boner is enormous. Onion boy threads are also super jannied and you can't camwhore kek there without REEEEEE coming.

Related but unrelated:

Can anyone pinpoint the timelines of the wokeathon or over sensitivity in internet culture?

No. 731217


Sadly for a lot of artists the internet IS your exposure place thus you're going to be filled in those spaces regardless if you have irl job or not. Also depending upon where you are irl in the world sometimes you work at woke twitter…

I love that art btw that looks so good. Pussy art is amazing.

No. 731219

I think gamergate for sure
I don't even 100% understand what happened with gamer gate but I know it changed the e sphere and had a huge sjw effect.

No. 731220

I feel like their is a lot of envy in the art salt threads. Don’t remember if it was in those threads or on another board here but an anon made a post ranting about learning all the fundies and going to art school yet artists shittier than them are more successful. It’s like they forget that certain ages or audiences don’t really care if an artist sucks or not, if they like the content they’re going to follow them.

No. 731229

>Sadly for a lot of artists the internet IS your exposure place
Ayrt and I agree with this, this is also true for professionals (and it is recommended to have some kind of social media or at least a website)
But the level of sperg between what you can do as a professional and twitter fags is 10000000 more far appart than you might think

No. 731231

I can't help but find Venus cute even in her most unflattering unedited pics, and I'm weirdly jealous of her creepy malnourished body. I think it's just a huge cope because I have similar clunky bone structure and I look a lot like her (in the haggard unedited pics of course) but a different ethnicity.

No. 731234


>It’s like they forget that certain ages or audiences don’t really care if an artist sucks or not, if they like the content they’re going to follow them

Thiiiiiis. Teens just wanna see their favorite crazy danganronpa character acting wild and stuff. Plus there's so much pity following ("I'm just starting pls follow" or "I'm broke and oppressed" kinda thing, which ticks me off). A real good artist just doesn't complain and keeps working on their art, their projects, their goals etc without being a slave to a follower count. Trust me, no place is going to hire you on viewcount alone, those numbers are meaningless if you have a good portfolio, good clients and real connection making skills (no, making "artist friends" on instagram does not count). It's almost like, gasp, what they really want is attention for themselves, not for their art. You could argue "it gives me more sales!!!" but what kind of audience do you really wanna cultivate and sell your art to? Loser pornsick schlobs? Genderqueer tumblrinas? Spergy furries? Kawaii egirls and femmbois? come ooon.

No. 731247

File: 1612569253289.jpg (113.37 KB, 1080x1242, 1611182849130.jpg)

The reason why I think every single thread has different norms, ettiquetes and moderation rules and whatnot, is because they themselves become a "fanbase" of the cow (not necessarily that they liked him/her before or after, but that they become fans of their threads)

And they all probably run in the same circles of the cows. For example

>Pixielocks: ex lolita girls, alt girls, fashion students, weebs

>Egirls thread: egirls and eboys themselves
>Animecore: weebs into crazy shit
>Belle Delphine: people who copy her or feel trampled by her
>Shane and Jeffree: ex followers, people who watch drama on youtube
>etc you get the point

Why? I don't know, I don't wanna pull out the "THEY'RE JUST JEALOUS" card, but I guess we all are attracted to a cow that reminds us of ourselves in some shape or form even if we don't realize it. They're living cautionary tales. I do believe some people legit just laugh at multiple cows for amusement though!

No. 731287

That thread is always so crazy to read for me. I make a decent living in animation and my anatomy is about 0.2% as good as anyone they'd REEE about in that thread. A lot of my friends are illustrators or animators who pay the rent with their art too, and the same would apply to them.

You really don't need to be super studious about it or have a lot of skill to make a living with art, you just need fun, unique ideas and a good eye/nice style. Obviously there is value in being super skilled at your craft, and there are certain jobs where that IS the most important thing, but it's not the whole industry.

No. 731297


i'm willing to bet there's a ton of crossover between regular kota thread anons and the anons who will derail any thread (particularly celebricows, /ot/ and /g/) to spew their internalized misogyny theories about hitting "the wall" in your fucking twenties, it's such a similar breed of pathetic.

I read into constant physical crits on here way too much when i was like 23 and it subconsciously made me nitpick any non youthful feature and imperfection. I was paranoid that all my collagen and metabolism was gone for good but then I'd see pics from when i was in high school and it's like oh, you've always had slight cellulite and fine lines, and also no one else picks up on it except you. now I find that shit tiresome if it's about some girl who's maybe a little bloated, I skim through a lot of threads much faster now

No. 731300

My special someone is also an animator with a decent grasp of anatomy but not as skilled as others, and he and his animator friends still gets plenty of jobs too. That's the thing, you gotta be passionate and have fun. That's what he tells me too.

No. 731316

File: 1612575793793.jpg (55.4 KB, 1200x776, 1608847158113.jpg)

Does anyone ever imagine what anons on here would say about you if you were a cow? I'm talking about looks and life stuff

No. 731319

bpdfag pickme with too much acne, a mediocre face, whos constantly in unstable relationships, probably, I'd only become a cow if I got really famous, though

No. 731322

Some cows just aint worth it, sure they are milky but looking back some of them just made mistakes that we could have easily made it ourselves(for smaller cows ofc). Farmers just always trynna find something to pick on for content and really pushing it at times.

No. 731323

Yeah, man face, lunch lady arms, awful skin, pcos poster child, pudgy, etc etc

No. 731325

I think I have exhibited some pretty cowish behavior/drama but I keep it very private and far away from social media. I feel like most of these cows wouldn't even be cows if they just stopped posting

No. 731326

One of the most common thing that farmers use to compare cows to is that god damn afs baby picture and ngl it made me laugh a couple of times.

No. 731331

Lots of comments about my shitty art, how much of an hypocrite I am, fat fatty fat fat eat a salad, there would be lots of anons giving advice in my thread, maybe some anons tinfoiling about me trying to copy some random person’s art or tracing? That’s assuming I would be a huge cow, of course.
Probably a bunch of tweets I made as a retarded teen would come up in which I would vague post about random shit and that one retweet i did in which there was something about some lame twatter joke with an n word thrown in there, which would get reposted to hell and back saying I’m a colorist or outright racist and a bitch too.

No. 731335

hmmmm ok, in the AU where i manage to go viral for some dumb shit enough to warrant a thread: cringe tryhard fake deep manic oversharer, lazy, hypocrite, uglier in person, delusional about my future, art degree and no art to show for it, borderline munchie, "get a real job"

there would def be some shit about how my nose is aquiline and looks different in every picture, there'd also be a weird race anon sperging about how i look too white to identify as mixed/ am lying about ethnicity or something. maybe someone doing enough major digging to find problematic dirt on one of my friends or my old deviantart/ myspace accounts and that person would get banned for "vendetta/ no1curr", anons would say "why does this thread exist she's annoying but she's not milky" and my thread would either die out or be combined with whichever one of my friend groups is milkiest

No. 731413


I've literally written out my whole threads in my head but am saved because I'm not retarded enough to sperg online or gain a following.

No. 731548

We already have a cow yourself thread

No. 731573

I'm reading through Plastic and Proud's threads for the first time (i'm in 2019, close to 2021) and I've never seen a thread more full of sex workers who don't even hide it.
Even in Shayna threads, they try to fit in. I flat out saw someone going, "She's not a real sex worker! She does not deserve to be called a sex worker!!"
multiple times and no one really checked them or called them out. So many Vendetta anons in those threads.
How the fuck is a woman sucking dick for money, doing only fans and selling porn "Not" a sex worker?
Then all the, "Oh my god she has that rash think of the clients!" shit had me going crazy.
If they see that shit and decide to fuck her, who cares?
Maybe It's because I'm so used to Shayna's thread, but it's a ride. I'm finding the anons more milky and entertaining then PNP sometimes.
A lot of whiteknights as well, I don't think there's one thread where a WK doesn't show up.

No. 731578

When Shayna was thin, I found her face flat out ugly and haggard, Like I would'nt even consider her a "Butterface" because her body was thin and curveless, an very average skinny girl body, but I do find her face to look better now when she's not making retarded faces.
She is painfully average and chubby, not huge, not thick, but just chubby. What makes people go off is the faces, the clothes, the dry lips, the make up, the hair and the "i'm a bimbo barbie!" shit.

No. 731579

SA- When you constantly compare yourself to Barbie or people (like Arina Grande) that are cleary more attractive then you and you look nothing like, I think it annoys people and makes them nitpick more.

No. 731583


>Not a real sex worker

This is absolutely top kek though. Now I have to go read to kek at the copium

>Think of the clients

Oh no not the men! Anything but scrotes! ….Handmaiden ass…

If im being honest here I also will read through the /g sw thread because its absolute cow shit in itself. Lolcow owncaps thread has a few good posts from the thread in it where I was cry laughing.

No. 731589

File: 1612601058490.png (29.23 KB, 1299x293, u.PNG)

No. 731593

File: 1612601435144.png (312.73 KB, 423x500, topkek.png)


Fucking amazing thank you anon is this in owncaps yet? If not pls place it where it belongs

No. 731609

They use muh anatomy as a criticism crutch all the time in that thread when most of the time it doesn't really matter and actual artists break anatomy rules all the time to make the picture more dynamic.

>She doesn't deserve to be called a sex worker
>She's clearly a normie
My fucking sides, I've always half-joked that the e-thot threads are just chock full of salty competing SW bitches but it was true.

No. 731786

I actually came to this thread because I said something really petty about her appearance once in a thread and much later realized I didn't mean it and was just annoyed by her edgy ideology. She is really pretty in a unique way.

No. 731986

i've seen other anons parrot this opinion itt but honestly Pixielocks is boring af. i used to love shitting on her and kept up with her threads but she hasn't been entertaining since the Alyssa saga + when she first moved into her rented townhouse and "kawaii-fied" it even tho she's gonna move out once she "graduates" from her glorified art course.

her threads as of late is just anons nitpicking about what a hambeast she is or how ugly her outfits are or what an attention-seeking munchie she is on social media. we fucking get it, Jill is fat as fuck (like 90% of former ana-chans), dresses like a retarded toddler and thrives off of mommy and daddy's credit card, you don't need to post the same nitpicks over and over. i swear it's Micky's thread 2.0

i'm far from her wk, i think she's a sheltered rtard, but at this point she's done nothing but post mid-tier cringey shit on her social media and self-diagnose like any left-leaning snowflake her age does nowadays.

No. 732024

Kinda agree with you but she's the only cow I ever follow nowadays because everyone else just bored me out. I think she's entretaining to see how much she struggles to try to prove she's mentally ill and that she's a fashion designer. Just wait until her collection releases, it'll pick up.

No. 732033

Agreed. I've been following her since maybe her second or third thread and she's gotten so stale now. I am hoping that her constantly dropping how uwu dissociative she is will lead to her actually claiming DID, even though I feel like she wouldn't go that far… but it would be fucking hilarious, so God please make it happen. Would be way more fun than pointing out how fat she got for the nth time.

No. 732034


Posters overly nitpicky/jealous of lolcows are trying to knock their competition down a peg to feel better about themselves.

Posters overly whiteknighty of lolcows are current cows or ex cows who don't like seeing someone just like themselves being ridiculed and laughed at because it hurts their own self-esteem.

No. 732047

Kinda agree with this

No. 732151

I don't know if this is the right thread but anyway

I only just now got into chris chan and his whole history. It's not like I didn't know about him before or anything.

But after all this reading. I just want someone to give me more reasons to hate him. I'm unable to. He was failed by his ignorant parents(mostly his dad who was old as hell and his mom being straight out of Bates Motel) and the system thinking "Oh this severely autistic person will be just fine".
He's just so dumb, autistic and ignorant I can barely read about all the horrific things he's done without thinking "poor fool".

Please, anons, give me reasons to truly hate him so that i can't brush aside his behavior etc

No. 732178


Christorian here but im a bit rusty

>His sexism levels are legit. He's a major incel coomer and early cwc to modern has a vast history of cringe behavior with women like literally throwing ropes around them at his community college (and if im remembering i think a parking lot to Walmart or something) to prove he had caught them with a string of fate. Absolutely went batshit at the campus when they told him he was being creepy.

>Hired a prostitute to lose his virginity and I think sexwork is topkek but I legit feel sorry for that backwater girl
>Male lesbian arc him mansplaining why hes a male lesbian
>Trooning arc aka current cwc

No. 732211

Thanks for this thread, OP. I've been wanting a /meta/ thread on cows.


An absolutely fascinating person. All of her views are batshit insane but she's actually surprisingly charming? Her comics are interesting and I dare even say her dynamic with her husband in the videos are endearing? I've never seen someone so puzzling. Everything she says is the complete opposite of what she does and she sounds like a terrible person but I can't seem to hate her.

>Erin Painter

Erin and her DDLG friends have literally been posting in the thread non-stop trying to stir shit so the thread gets banned but you can't "hi cow" or you get banned. It's really obvious though.

>Dakota Rose

Boring as fuck these days and all anons in that thread are unhinged and making up prostitution/SW theories with no proof. She's grown up and matured as a person and people need to get over it. The milk is dry. I only stop by once in a while to see if she's out as a lesbian yet.


Sad and depressing and I think she'll have some serious health complications very soon from rapid weight gain/alcohol abuse. The anons in her thread are some of the most vicious though and sometimes I wonder why Shayna in particular gets so much abuse when she's just a dumb bitch.

>Pheobe Tickner

Feeling like pure shit, just want her back.

No. 732212

Another former Christorian chiming in:

>drew porn of female friends and the dean of his school

>maced a game store employee because the employee was trying to stop him from vandalizing a Sonic the Hedgehog cutout.
>ran to his mom’s getaway van, they were both arrested for nearly running over an employee
>racist. Drew pics of obama painting the white house black. Said he has no interest dating non white, fat, or mentally ill women.

No. 732286

here we go
>gimpgirl is by far the most entertaining cow right now even if her threads are slow, legendary cow in the making
>the celebricows thread kinda scares me
>/snow/ cows are more fun to observe than /pt/ cows
>sex workers as a whole are just as shitty and cringeworthy as shayna is and if she weren't ugly her threads probably wouldn't be as active and there'd be constant wking
>erin's art is cute and i think she could be a good artist if she stopped copying other people's shit and practiced more
>i disagree with how a lot of anons think june's bisexuality is fake and if anything i think she gives off overcompensating closeted dyke vibes

No. 732314

On the subject of art made by cows: it's great to see gimpgirl's drawings improve so much over time, sad to see how Luna's drawing keeps deteriorating. And she's so much younger too, half gimpgirls age. Don't do drugs kids.

>overcompensating closeted dyke vibes
Are you that lesbian from the gimpgirl thread? Stop it, none of the cows will fuck you

No. 732328

>Are you that lesbian from the gimpgirl thread? Stop it, none of the cows will fuck you
no kek but i know who you're referring to. the reason june comes across that way to me though is because i've known of a lot of terminally online bi/gay girls who were edgy pickmes like her before coming out, especially on pre-2016 tumblr

No. 732359

File: 1612685977832.jpg (47.37 KB, 900x900, azealia-banks-AKA-la-aracely.j…)

Even if she says things I don't agree on, I really love how honest she is. If Adam Driver throws chairs at people and still has a thread, maybe we should have an Azealia Banks thread too.

No. 732362

Azealia literally does have a containment thread, but for some reason people still insist on posting about her in the celebricows threads

No. 732363

No. 732364


I haven't personally ever seen this. But I suppose when women realize they don't need scrotes they naturally stop pickme (we hope)

No. 732365

i stay out of her drama but she's so pretty lol

No. 732367


It's been dead for a year so I guess you could get banned for necroing, but I still feel like Lana and Azealia need their own threads at this point tbh

No. 732368


I agree. The policy on using her containment unit should be redtext redirect renforced because it shits up celebcows.

also shes based kek

No. 732370


Its not necro if you have new milk. Honestly if you start pushing it again or properly posting milk there it might redirect anons who dont know

No. 732373

Her tweets are always such a fun ride. I stan

No. 732409

File: 1612690374017.jpg (67.81 KB, 640x853, god.jpg)

Gimpgirl is a very strange person. But her threads are very comfy. I'm never outraged at any of her awful takes. Or even surprised. I just see that shit, read the comic, and enjoy the ride. Like an hour ago our gimpgirl anon 1 (theres two i believe who summarize her insanity) called her a queen and i just started laughing out loud cause she is.

she's just so mental. i can't even be mad in any way. im just like: ah, THANK YOU QUEEN please never log off. things do get boring yes, but the threads never stop. gimpgirl anons are very strong and love their craft. i adore them. they will keep updating that shit till gimpgirl herself dies and even then we will be old together browsing that thread and mentioning our favorite gimpgirl moments. so even when its stale, gimpgirl anons are still going to be there. and when things are flourishing again, we will rejoice together. gimpgirl supremacy when

No. 732413

Why doesn't she have a banner yet. Our harem kween deserves it

No. 732418

>I'm never outraged at any of her awful takes.
Same, and I'm regularly enraged by tradthots and pickmes in general. I think the difference between her and most male identified women is that she clearly invented all her crazy ideas herself rather than parroting what redpill or incel men say. She just makes it up in her head and fully believes that it's true, even when men tell her she's wrong, even when she contradicts herself regularly, even when it has zero basis in reality and nobody else agrees with her. She really lives in her own bizarre little world.

No. 732420



She has become one of my fave cows and is pt level Queen. She needs many banners because she's just absolutely quality milk.

No. 732421

Samefagging… but this entirely

Most pickmes just are parrots for scrote ideology where she just became her own OC and lives in her pickme coomerverse as Queen. It's her fetish world we are just living in it.

No. 732424


i feel the same thing! shoe can literally be like "hey. women bad. men good" and ill be like not this bitch again… but gimpgirl will be like "hello fellow humans. today, i will be teaching you a very important lesson. Women = BAD. Men = GOOD" and ill read it and go "KEEP PREACHING IT SIS!"

No. 732432

Oh you're right. I never realized it myself. In a crazy way her pickme advocacy never tries to remove agency from women - in her pickme world women are the capable actors. Gimpgirl 4d chess feminist kween

No. 732434

Holy shit. It is unironic pickme choice feminism. Gimp Girl was based all along shes just playing 4D chess to lure normie pickmes into taking agency leading to inevitable peaking and waking up to disregard scrotes…

Absolute Queen

No. 732439

Chris is a sexist pig but that's largely because his redneck parents instilled him with ideas about how a woman should be like and what he should expect from a relationship, and never taught him that he's not entitled to a girlfriend to just walk up to him and start dating. Pretty sure Barbs is a munchie parent who fucked up her son for life by claiming autism to make up for shitty parenting and trauma.

He's not on the same level of woman hating as someone like Elliot Rodgers but it's clear his relationship with his mom caused him to want to become the little girl. I've never been able to straight out hate Chris because all of his stupid behavior is caused by him simply not knowing any better instead of malice and a lot of his most condemning actions (like the hit and run incident with Michael Snyder) have been exaggerated by trolls, and I legitimately feel bad that his mental health was demolished by all the weens bullying him. People keep talking how it's his own fault for not just Closing His Eyes And Walking Away Haha etc. but come on, he's a stunted adult manchild with no proper education living under his mom's thumb in bumfuck nowhere with no friends, it's not like he had any other place to go than online.

To me it's a similar position as with Venus, like these people never had a chance and their guardian had them in a choke hold into adulthood, never allowing them to develop a normal social life and mature emotionally. I just feel sorry for them.

No. 732446

she is probably my favorite gemini of all time. we really do stay beautiful and mentally unhinged

also there is nothing more enjoyable than opening instagram and seeing that the top of her story looks like …………………………………….

No. 732449

damn i've literally never read through the gimpgirl threads, I think I read the first few posts of the very first one first and then lost interest. didn't realize they were that good, maybe i'll skim through them again on one of my nothing days

No. 732456


god this shit is so fucking funny! all the fucking effort she puts on sperging and sperging on the internet… its all worth it, she's fighting the good fight!

Gimpgirl walked so Simone De Beauvoir could run!

No. 732463


gimpgirl sisters,

does she hate trannies? i dont recall her mentioning them. but her mind is truly an experience i cant even decide. if she does hate she's based. if she doesn't hate it's ok too cause she's insane and probably has really weird ideas about them that arent woke or anything. just really random stuff that makes no sense or correlation

No. 732476


In her threads posting about the type of woman who could totally win a date with her man if they agreed to fuck an incel she specified XX woman and some handmaiden sperged about how it comes off as being transphobic which is top kek Because if THAT is what she gets cancelled for omg

No. 732477

File: 1612696262445.png (101.6 KB, 984x520, 1598453408205.png)

Samefag but here kek.

No. 732490

Baaayyaysed queen and kek at the trans person thinking everyone who disagrees is just uneducated

No. 732496

"Hey I liked watching you act crazy but not including trannies in your Larp is a LITTLE TOO FAR" Kek, when I'm done reading through PNP imma see what Gimp has to offer

No. 732528

What? So the tranny is thirsting over gimpgirl's husband and thinks its transphobic that he's not included in the list of people allowed to cuck gimpgirl?

>If there's any transwomen reading this, I PICK YOU any day

Holy shit lol. This transwoman is a unironic enrollee in Gimpgirl's Pickme University, who is trying to console other pickme trannies who might have been offended by telling them they would be "picked," just not by Gimp and Vlad. Kek this is so funny. Based trans-exclusionary actual feminist gimpgirl. Gimpgirl > Camille Paglia

No. 732533

MtF trannies typically are into sissification/bimbofication/submission so I'm not surprised that they would follow gimp and be super into her ~women must serve men~ roleplay. But she's gonna really piss them off now because she's broken their illusion.

No. 732539

ah so this is what happens when some normie kinkshit comes across gimpgirl kek, he really didn't know what he was in for. i hope there are more interactions like this

No. 732624

I honestly agree with the sexual assault thing, as someone who was sexually assaulted I don't think what she did was that bad. Whoops.

No. 732649

File: 1612713767032.jpg (31.71 KB, 500x302, tumblr_1c748194d80e02880210b8a…)


thank you anon this is fucking gold.

gimpgirl confirmed to be in the right side of history again. SHE JUST CANT STOP WINNING!

No. 732723

There haven't been any updates on the Eunuch Sisters lately, I'm missing them. They're the kind of weird lolcows I enjoy reading about and wtfing.
I don't have any social media, so I rely almost exclusively on lolcow for updates on cows and flakes I follow.

No. 732744

I love you, anon! I am one of the Mary transcription anons who has done several videos (lens.jpg) and know for sure there is at least one other OG person who started doing it before I did because their format was what I followed. There seems to be a newer third anon making transcriptions as well who posted yesterday, it's kind of fun to feel a kinship with others over documenting gimpy. It warmed my heart to see OG and new anon transcribing so much when I dropped off on updating after some irl things made me less active online.

Sometimes watching her videos you even forget how crazy she really is, the last time I actually got agitated with anything Mary did was when she said that thing about not wanting her daughter to have a high school education. The way her ideology might affect her kids does bother me.

No. 732754

I started going to the farm because of Emily Hu's thread on /snow/ when she was way more active than now on both twitter and tumblr. I liked her art a lot years ago and she regressed a lot but I was surprised to learn all her antics from when she was a homestuck big name fan because I followed her when she just started getting in Persona games.

I don't think she's milky at all now since a long time ago anyway because she avoids posting too much about herself, and it's weird seeing her finally having a career in animation. Her blogs and twitter back when she was popular were very entertaining for all the wrong reasons and I miss that a lot.

I also miss threads about artists in her circle of artist friends in general and even just popular American fanartists and big name fans from the early 2010s, the only one I see who's still talked about is omocat.

No. 732757

>Gimpgirl > Camille Paglia
Extremely based and true take btw

No. 732765

theyre seriously expecting gimpgirl of all people to not have opinions like this?

No. 732768


right? i mean, when is our queen wrong? reddit cant handle the truth

No. 732778

This applies to any cow: nitpick posts about appearances clog up the thread and are annoying. We get it, that cow is fat/ugly, but was it necessary to shoehorn your 2 cents in after 10 other people already posted the same thing? And then multiply that by each time a new picture or video of said cow is posted.

No. 732797

File: 1612728536471.png (772.93 KB, 530x942, 3DD2D625-807F-40C8-B078-D35E97…)


sadly this is the only way to keep some threads moving. not that i agree. like, monokun never does anything interesting ever. the threads just keep going cause she's ugly. we've known she's ugly for years. there was a time where she was cocky and annoying for her shit cosplay and it was fun to hate. but now that she just sells porn that's all she talks about and does there's nothing there to it. i think momokun is ugly as sin nowadays but i don't need a reminder to it. yes, she's so ugly but we've known this…

yeah, she's botched. oh a new picture? well, she's botched this confirms it. a new picture? wow here you can REALLY see she's botched. a video? look at her she's botched! people pay for this?!! look at this picture. she's ugly. what about it? she's ugly! x100

No. 732801

File: 1612728981524.jpeg (111.39 KB, 1440x1440, 9B46BB21-62E0-4683-8CE7-D722C2…)

hot take:

shayna should be moved into /pt/
momokun should be moved to /snow/

yes, they are both just ugly sex workers. but shayna has no critical thinking and will post dumb shit all the time unprovoked. momokun doesn't even have a twitter anymore and her updates are shit like: got extensions! got new nails! buy this set! the milks not there anymore. shayna cries about her ex in her public sex work account like she's so stupid and has no filter.

i believe momokun was the it cow before, but shayna has replaced her.

No. 732810

Agreed. I can't think of any cow that got moved from snow to /pt/ that happened other than the whole Lilllee Jean saga.

Like other anons, I stan gimpgirl in a odd way, unfortunately she has kids (a daughter on top of that) and I'm afraid they'll be just like her.

No. 732842

>we've known she's ugly for years.


No. 732843

What's wrong with having some gimpkids? They complete the gimpfamily

No. 732848

pt is for legacy cows, doesn't mean if they are milkless

No. 732851

gimpfather, gimpfather, where are you? here i am, here i am, how do you do
gimpmother, gimpmother, where are you? here i am, here i am, how do you do
gimpbrother, gimpbrother, where are you? here i am, here i am, how do you do
gimpsister, gimpsister, where are you? here i am, here i am, how do you do
gimpbaby, gimpbaby, where are you? here i am, here i am, how do you do

No. 732852

I think she used to be absolutely gorgeous. She is botched now, those lip fillers really did her dirty. Her looks deteriorated for me around the time she started releasing uncensored nudes.
I love when the banner with her dancing in the Santa outfit comes up.

No. 732855

lmao holy shit

No. 732859

She was hot and beautiful during her Samus saga, always knew anons were being jealous cunts back then but calling it out would catch a ban. Nowadays? Yeah, she's botched and busted and it's super fucking sad.

No. 732869

File: 1612735687532.jpeg (36.33 KB, 495x619, 16A17328-D893-4201-BA55-E61F53…)


i agree that she was attractive at one point. it's a shame she ruined it with all the plastic surgery. the lipo, fine i get it. but why fuck your face up? there was no need whatsoever. i understand that she can't lose weight for shit so she keeps doing lipo. it's bad too i get it. but her face? why? she was literally fine. fucking instagram thots made her think she needed to look like a blow up doll

No. 732929

File: 1612741896109.jpeg (62.28 KB, 480x480, BE6C7B78-DB51-4AB8-9B25-B3E25E…)

I think opinions on faces are the most divisive.

Her body used to be alright, but I always found her facial features to be really ugly under all the makeup.

That’s probably why she became so hated, people have a tendency to ask “Why THIS person?” when someone average (plus a nasty personality on top of it) gets a lot of attention.

Here I think her body looks fine but I think her face is hideous. Always had a turtle/slight down syndrome/40 yr old jersey mom look.

No. 732986

that's momokun? wow she was actually cute

No. 733051

topkek anons lmao

No. 733409

So i'm the anon whose reading PNP threads (i'm currently reading 2020 threads, so I'm not up to date) and at first I thought, "The anons in this thread are more funny than the cow, she's just a plastic more bitchy Shayna, with a little TND"
But now that I'm getting closer to current day, I'm realizing that yes she's like Shayna in the way that she's hypocritical and her sex work sucks. She is a terrible person. And yeah she's like TND because of the animal abuse and botched lips.
This may be unpopular and mean, but I find PNP's open disrespect towards Doormat more entertaining them Shayna chasing after Fupa. On one side we have a huge bitch who one moment will be lusting after some dude and the next posting pictures with her boyfriend.
Who'll one mintue be talking about how much she loves his "big" dick and the next talking about how great her sugar daddies are. She knew DM was uncomfortable with sex work, but not only did she get him to join in but she didn't give two shits about his feelings and would've done it with or without matt. She has/had that man wrapped around her finger because Doormat is pathetic. I don't feel bad for him like the other anons, he isn't being forced to do sex work or stay with PNP and he enables her bad behavior.

Then we have Shayna. Fupa is constantly breaking it off, it's like he's constantly running away from her but coming back when she suicides baits, begs him or he wants sex. He's Shayna's life, she has to literally move away from where she is, because she knows she'll be taking him back or begging for him to be back.
Shayna claims she has all this love for this person, but like PNP she constantly does dumb shit, but unlike Mat Fupa has a little bit of a backbone. Fupa is pathetic like Matt but in a sadder way. A bunch of kids, his name forever connected to Shayna, pedo-pandering porn, his ex-wife knowing all this drama, having to hide shayna, it's just disgusting and sad.

In a way, PNP has made me look at Shayna with more compassion but it's kind of funny looking at their relationships. I find PNP's relationship funny ass hell even if she's terrible, with Shayna it's a long fucking sad story.
Fupa has her wrapped around his finger and I hate seeing women like that. I'd rather you be a huge bitch to men then be a pick me.

I know this is retarded rant, but oh well I'm drunk.

No. 733436

File: 1612787574629.jpeg (46.39 KB, 629x353, 71D351FC-7AF7-47F2-960F-5BD38F…)

has a cow ever made you unironically rage or cringe? what was it? i know we all go on the threads to point out their stupidity and asshole behavior. but every cow is like this, so they're not something care about no outside the thread. i think i've only once or twice ever been actually offended about something a cow did.

>scorpioassheaux shaving her fucking cats actually made me mad and i still hope she rots. i'm so glad her """"career"""" is in the gutter now. but i'm still angry about the cats what a fucking scumbag

>i'm traumatized about that one gif of luna. the one where lars is shaking her ass on camera and the tampon falls out. the gif is cursed

No. 733440

God pixielocks makes me so angry like you have no idea

No. 733443

Kevin gibes he's more known in the MTF thread but he has his own thread here thats dead and a huge one on Kiwi, he constantly makes me rage. He's so disgusting, ugly and fucked up. Yesterday he was sexualizing what happened to that David Reimer and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

And I know this is tame, but Shayna in that one video where her whole pussy was covered in those flaming hot boils or razor bumps. I still to this day can't imagine why she'd think it'd be okay to get on camera with her pussy looking like that. Nowadays it looks better but she barely does shit, then it looked horrible but she was shaking it all over the place.

PNP's animal abuse and Vaush's pedo-tranny defense.

No. 733453

File: 1612788760960.jpeg (52.42 KB, 898x960, F814BF68-6D74-4D73-AB1E-8B5546…)


why anon? i used to really dislike her too but now i'm so used to her attention whore antics to care. i do think she's shitty for trying to use mental illness as a personality trait. but that's half of twitter or tumblr anyway. she used to be my main cow but nowadays she's just fat and predictable.

i wish she had a new phase. like when she was emo, punk, pastel goth etc. she's been doing the rainbow thing for years now and she looks ugly but i wish she had a new era. i want to see her embarrass herself in more innovative ways. i want to care about her again. i'm sure she's still an asshole but
nowadays she just wants pity parties. fight shayna or some shit

No. 733457

Holly Conrad just openly being incredibly manipulative on her social media has really pissed me off before

Yeah, people like Gibes and Yaniv are just their ow realm of horror

No. 733523

This is super late but: What’s the LOVE drama?

Yeah I agree, I got hooked back onto lolcow watching Baylees advent calendar thing but as soon as that was over it was stale, poor girl needs some work for her looks but it’s pretty mean considering she has vitiligo/other issues and is just older, it’s okay to get a lil ugly.

No. 733587

agree with you on pnp, i had to stop reading her threads after the cat stuff because it was too much for me
>has a cow ever made you unironically rage or cringe?
other than pnp, shayna. not because of any singular action but because all of her problems could be easily solved and yet she continues to make her life worse solely so she can chase after 1/10 oklahoma fupa chode and make terrible porn kek. i suppose that's part of what makes her an amusing cow though.

No. 733679

Stwawbwewyaggy calling himself a "stupid little girl" and defending his horrible chomo comics always makes me want to a-log. The misogyny and pedophilia of it all is far too much.
Luckily he's gaining 50 lbs a month and gets chased off twitter with regularity now, love to see it.

No. 734518

I think it was supposed to be LOVED. It's a girl from twitter that was involved in the Javi drama (TL;DR: Javi_draws said she didn't like Y2K fashion and some people got so mad at her for talking smack on "black fashion" that they dug up her old tweets to find something to call her racist)
Loved was one of the people that were acting more agressive about it but after someone mentioned her older drama from her older twiter account on curios cat and then someone cowtipped her and she immedeatly became way meeker (she said her agressiveness was because of DID and privated)

Obv this is a "TL;DR:", she was talked about in the art salt threads #26 and #27 if you'd like to check

No. 735006

Pnp is a horrowcow, but she also seems like such a piece of shit.

At least when she was actually milky we got to read her Instagram bpd sperges and watch her literally ruin all of her friendships. But now she’s just a boring cunt. Good for her for killing her career not only in modeling(kek) and sex work, but also on lolcow

No. 735038

I think what it means to be a lolcow has lost its initial meaning. /snow/ is the more popular than /pt/ & the most popular cows are only cows because the ar sexworkers and/or photoshop their images. That's boring & just catty. I appeciate cows that are just outlandish people who do odd things like PT or Abby,though I also don't mind an interesting horrorcow like Nika or Luna kek

No. 735065

When onion milk was good it was really good. I'll never forget the Billie saga. That was one of my faves along with Venus running away to Japan.

Nowadays I just laugh at Vicky and read the MTF thread.

No. 735075

File: 1612923188304.jpeg (43.18 KB, 739x415, 16A29160-9789-4792-946B-9F2033…)


That day when Lainey was trying to act petty on twitter like her husband didnt almost leave her family for billie… and billie logged in and obliterated her. i actually never enjoyed milk so much. i know cows have done bigger things, but this was so fun for me. i was all day on the computer with the threads open and the one time i went out i was in my phone the entire time looking at the thread. it was a fucking blast.

stopped reading threads a long time ago. the whole grooming thing is serious and can get milky but not fun.

No. 735084

i feel like we're going to get a new chris chan tier cow in 2021 especially with the pandemic dragging on. i just know it.

No. 735088

I miss talking real shut about how fucked up the relationships are without all the spergs and twitter fags that derail into morality arguments. Let us just shit talk these people damn. This 35 year old man keeps getting clowned by mentally ill girls and i want that point the most drilled of the thread lol. Like he's sooo pathetic. He thinks he's so alluring but hes such a loser omg

No. 735100

I noticed this too and I agree. Although I will say that I'm really enjoying watching the houseofeffie drama unfold right now, there's been a few good plot twists and I'm anticipating more milk in the coming weeks. She's batshit crazy and dumb as a stump.

No. 735102

File: 1612926230498.gif (33.55 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)


>you see, lainey is onisions biggest victim because


No. 735129

No. 735210

File: 1612933654988.jpg (323.53 KB, 1080x1708, 1612823903527.jpg)

KT is an underrated cow. i didnt check her thread for two days and now im catching up. i legit cannot believe someone can say this much stupid shit in just two days. shayna tweets dumb things and ebegs fine the threads move. but KT asked if she should go to the FBI because a youtuber mentioned something she tweeted about. i am amazed. i LOVE schizo posting cows and im sad theres not many of them now and we mostly have to check on sex workers.

my new three main cows gimppgirl supremacy, KT and shayna for sure.

No. 735213

I only skimmed through her thread a bit but I don't understand how anyone who is this delusional and schizo can function as an adult. Does she have some kind of caretaker?

No. 735262

I have only recently accepted the fact that n2f does actually put her concoctions in her mouth and eat them. I have been in denial, and spreading a baseless tinfoil that she throws it away. It just made more sense throwing it away than eating it, I mean one baker farmer tried her "recipes" and it got her ill.
She's the only one I follow from the pro-ana thread, the rest of the thread is just anachans bullying other anachans, it very cliquey and a lot of them know each other.

Onion is truly a legacy cow, milk flowed thick for years. I love seeing the lolcow banner of Billie flicking that ring, good times.
I started distancing myself from the Onision thread about the time his daughter for hurt, that left a bad taste in my mouth and wasn't fun at all so I stopped reading. Came back a bit when Sarah exposed him, only to leave for good when he started doing Onlyfans - again, not fun content at all.

No. 735269

I feel like I'm the only anon who doesn't like gimpgirl. For one, I fear how her views will (or already do) affect her children. Two, under the assumption it is her posting all her stuff, she is spewing garbage that only troons seem to take a liking to or men, and it results in a net negative. I also think it's insane to think she's feminist. She might secretly want that somewhere inside of her, but she imprisons herself. She wants to be on top, as any pickme does, and that means trashing women (for her). Three, her art, if it were any other cow, would be shit-talked for the poor anatomy and the regular nitpicks people throw at art. However, it seems because people either like/root for her that they give her a pass on her art and they praise it.

She is definitely one of the most interesting cows, I'll give her fans that.

No. 735272

I agree with this. I haven't read her thread in a while, but I can't understand how farmers are praising her knowing that she has children that she and her husband are raising in a fucked up environment. That alone stops me from reading her tread. Even the tradthots with kids don't make me feel this way, but for some reason gimpgirl grosses me out.

I don't understand what there is to like about her. She's an entertaining cow, but not likeable. People like Abby Brown at least are seemingly nice people who are making a few wrong turns.

No. 735277

File: 1612940105677.jpeg (755.31 KB, 1200x800, 4C55F1AB-C492-4D35-845E-727E65…)


gimpgirl is like wine, a beautiful acquired taste you like more and more as the time passes.

No. 735278

> I also think it's insane to think she's feminist.
Pretty sure those anons were just joking

No. 735284

You would not believe the amount of tinfoils in her thread

No. 735290

schizo cows are boring to me bc the amount of word vomit i would have to sit through is too much

No. 735333

i'm not a regular on the gimpgirl thread but i was amazed how much agency and power her comics' female characters have for someone who says women are supposed to be the men's slave etc.
she's rotten to the core but her art is kind of endearing because it reveals something less shitty about her.

No. 735366

File: 1612950558609.gif (487.49 KB, 500x338, tumblr_m7ei2wAIgx1rqq0c0o1_500…)

Wonder if Felice would even be a cow by todays standards?
She did scam people and she did edit her pictures but today that's kind of the norm with most ethots/influencers.

I'm most likely just nostalgic or like some other anons said "grown out of" (sort of) following cows, but it seems like there aren't many quality cows around

No. 735597

gg is a psycho and I’m terrified for her kids, but come on, that “pussy sweep” panel she just posted in one of her comics? fucking iconic. there are cows with double-digit thread counts who have never produced OC of that quality in their life

for me it’s not the amount of word vomit with schizocows, it’s that they all have the exact same schizophrenic writing style that you can ID within a single post, and it just comes off as sad cause the mental illness is clearly influencing every word

No. 735803

I think she's be relegated to the pro ana thread or alt cows thread. I was thinking about PT the other day and wondering if she's even be considered milky… We're in a new age, I guess.

No. 735967

i found lolcow a few years ago when i was looking for any updates on kiki deerhoof. i had known of her for a while through other popular tumblr users i followed, but even though they'd often gas her up i got a weird vibe from her and never followed. i was super jealous of her looks and style– looking back, it was pretty basic… but i was into the bob and oversized circle glasses look. anyway, i was a 15 year old desperately trying to seem cool and woke to these semi-popular bloggers. kiki talked very, um, enthusiastically about social justice issues (gender, race, sexuality, illness, whatever) but there was something "off" about her, like her ideology and actions didn't always line up. i remember being so confused when she'd post topless pics in her panties and tag it with stuff like "im ace dont sexualize me or ill kill you", or how hard she insisted she was not a straight girl while dressing and living as a straight girl. she seemed obsessed with being small, soft, and tender, but she was rude pretty often.
once, i had made a post under a "read more" about how i was sad that two bloggers i really like had broken up (vondell and monica, anyone?). kiki somehow found this post and reblogged it, and said something along the lines of "you're disgusting, these are real life people". then i had a few people comment or send asks calling me creepy and gross. i was literally a 15 year old who was sad after i found out two people i liked broke up, and a 19 year old kiki put me on blast to her entire audience, using me as an example of "obsessive real-life shippers" even though that's not what i had meant by my post at all. after that i was suspicious of her.
obviously the clothing store scam was when shit hit the fan, although i heard she lost a few IRL/close friends after that with her cancer scam. but she effectively disappeared off the internet, and i didn't think much about her until years later.

reading her /snow thread was so terrifying but also so validating. it was insane to stumble upon a site like this, where every shred of someone's life can be put up for scrutiny, but i was so glad that other people pretty much thought the same as me. that they used to be jealous of her, until they realized what a manipulative lying narc she is. she moved to minneapolis (where i live) and i was so afraid that i was going to run into her but thankfully i never did. seeing her mugshot when she was arrested for protesting made me feel some type of way. i think she's doing meth now. i would wish for her to get better, but people like this– scammers, compulsive liars, narcissists– don't usually get better. rot in hell, bitch!

No. 736200

I agree that all this talk of photoshop is getting boring. Unless they're doing some extreme face-morphing or stealing someone's pictures/face, it's not that interesting. I miss cows that were total trainwrecks like Asherbee or PT because they milked themselves. The only cow that's still vaguely like that is Usagi Kou.

A lot of vintage cows wouldn't be cows, some even barely flakes, by today's standards. Some of the flakes that I followed 4+ years ago were just thotty before being an ethot was acceptable or used filters, neither of which is abnormal nowadays.

No. 736605

I think Heather is actually rather articulate. Even though she isn't the brightest bulb in the box, I'm impressed by how she doesn't use filler words like "uh" and "like." Her personality is crazy but I wouldn't mind someone who was similar to her giving me a tour.

No. 736615

i wonder why i'm here frequently but i remember just being obsessed with comms like howmuchyousuck and whatever was on LJ and i never got past it because i'm still here on lolcow and i'll prob end up somewhere else. why is it so interesting??? nobody knows i got on these sites, i don't even comment a lot, i just scroll. idk why i'm drawn to these kinds of things. i don't even care about tabloids or celebs, but i can talk about kiki or kooter or shayna or even kaitlin, doe deere, felice fawn, audrey kitch, etc. in great detail (but i haven't ever until someone else brings it up lol)

i've been into sites and comms like this since i was 15, it's been over a decade now wtf

No. 736618

When I found herbsandalters I kind of liked her or at least wanted to. The aspergers thing made me want to go easy on her but then she's not dumb so why does she live like an eternal child living with mom and never aiming beyond that?

I've heard her talk about all her addictions, talk about them to death and I think it all stems from her doing nothing with her life. She's so insanely enabled. I got a late aspergers diagnosis myself about a year ago and now I have even less sympathy for her. She's not low functioning, she has no real excuse to be sleeping all day, up all night doing make up and talking about herself into a camera while living the life of a teen at 35. I had to stop watching her around the time she was imagining ghost people and having sex with them/sharing those details online. When she got hospitalised and then shit on the health service after wasting their time.. I saw her for the entitled bitch she'll likely never stop being. If anything I've watched her regress over the years. Her autism is more like male autism in that way. She's self obsessed and can't see anyone around her as full on people in their own right. She only sees (and only only ever talks about) herself.

No. 737091


Same to both of you anons. I miss the Holly drama so much, I feel like the milk started to dry out once she got into Harry Potter. Her drama was, and still is, more entertaining than Baylee.

No. 737107

pnp looks like an egirl jeffree star

No. 737110

File: 1613103438512.png (70.01 KB, 469x487, Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 8.12…)

call me old fashioned, but i was raised to serve my queen. clean for her. cook for her and everything i do is for her. and if she cheats? that is on me! she caught me slipping and i will apologize and do better.

No. 737112

small brain: shay anons
big brain: gimpgirl anons
galaxy brain: azealia anons

No. 737164

tbf they're all ugly

No. 737365

Adding a little more context to these events.

>drew porn of female friends and the dean of his school

Not only did he draw porn of his asexual and very uninterested friend, but once she found out and rightfully freaked out he assumed her disgust was from sexual inexperience and proceeded to mansplain it away while suggesting she watch porn and the 40-year-old virgin to learn about sex.

>maced a game store employee because the employee was trying to stop him from vandalizing a Sonic the Hedgehog cutout.

He'd been causing a ruckus in that store and a few others for a while at that point, tucking handmade anti-Sonic Boom flyers into display cases and 'protesting' against the game. He also has a history of being banned from several stores at once and even the entire mall for a long time.

>ran to his mom’s getaway van, they were both arrested for nearly running over an employee

…After trespassing onto the property of a store he'd been banned from for years(?) at that point. He'd tried to emotionally appeal to the manager, but he wasn't taking it, so once they left the store and he followed them out, Barb ran him over.

>racist. Drew pics of obama painting the white house black. Said he has no interest dating non white, fat, or mentally ill women.

Openly calls anybody he doesn't like every slur under the sun when given the opportunity. The racism and fat hate don't even come close to the tranny shit. Apparently, every other tranny in existence is nowhere near as gorgeous, curvy, and feminine as he is and he will go out of his way to make sure they never forget it.

No. 737373

I actually wish the Christy Lynn Walker/Nemu threads never got as big as they did, because now it seems like she'll never come out of hiding without a complete identity change and an entire solar system of orbiters. Her insanity was fascinating and funny. On the other hand, it was really refreshing to see a genuine online sex pest get called out for all the weird bullshit other people let slide on tumblr. She and Dave truly deserve one another.

Salem/Dollieguts, while an annoying attention whore, is harmless as a cow. Her 4-foot tall thunder thighed baby girl football head self-insert isn't anything out of the ordinary on the internet and her art skills are too mediocre to properly criticize. Yeah, she fakes a dozen mental illnesses but as long as she's not conning anyone out of money I don't really care. And even if she does, then the donators are too dumb to hold onto that money anyway. I don't like her or anything, but the fact that there were so many drama vids and threads about her during her peak made me think that people were just sick of seeing her and wanted her to go away. She's someone to be ignored, not gassed up with attention.

I used to think Holly Brown was one of the most insufferable artists on the internet, but then Racist Uncle, her evil twin, showed up. Unlike Holly, RU managed to show her ass twice by drawing attention to herself with her vid only Holly, then again by running and hiding after Lolcow caught wind of her antics. I know she's back under a pseudonym still drawing the same weird, wonky coomer shit on twitter, but to me, she'll always be 4chan /ic/'s answer to that one anti-feminist chick who'd post her nudes on /pol/. Another uggo pickme desperate for scrote attention.

No. 737943

Kiki is one of my favorite cows. She seems so unhinged and potentially even dangerous. Cows like her are infinitely more interesting to me that those who are just openly train wrecks. Seeing people like her get "outed" when they clearly try hard to conceal any evidence of wrongdoing is really validating to me, too. I'm also like 95% sure Kiki self-posts in her own threads fairly regularly.

No. 737954

> Seeing people like her get "outed" when they clearly try hard to conceal any evidence of wrongdoing is really validating to me, too.
For sure. The way she got exposed for sperging is genuinely one of the most embarrassing things I've seen happen to an internet personality. There are lots of openly crazy cows who get clowned on and that's pretty bad, but being revealed as a total fraud with a hidden psycho side is next level shameful because it reveals a certain amount of self awareness.

No. 737972

No. 737987

They're talking about a different Kiki, Anon.

I miss Nemu too and wish she hadn't gotten so much exposure. Some cows truly get ruined by being too fascinating. I still wish there was a private community for things like this, like efagz used to be, so that cows don't find their threads and get spooked.

I'll miss Felice forever and Doe was a great cow during her Blogazine era

No. 737999

Come on, Felice had everything, every single hallmark of a cow. She was one of the greatest cows of all time.

>massively popular internet personality

>constantly oversharing about everything from her ~toxic~ relationship to bodily functions
>muh abusive family (they're all normal and her sister is a cute normie)
>gratuitous self-romanticizing
>muh anorexia
>does cocaine live on stream
>big reveal of her unshooped self when someone releases a video of her doing a photoshoot in Turkey waddling across the beach in her goff shoes (it was an iconic moment similar to Kiki in Walmart/Dakota on TV)
>"professional artist" who traces and shoops
>"professional photographer" who never delivers photos unless they were self portraits
>legal name change to be more mysterious
>constantly begging for goods, promising to use them for art, then sells them unused
>obsessed with the idea of having an iphone, always begging for one, no other phone will do
>adopts animals for branding purposes (her huge rottweiler that made her look so ~smol~ and the little dappled puppy), neglects them
>gets dropped from a magazine shoot for blogging about her dogs shitting inside the house because she doesn't walk them except for photo ops
>ex best friend spills the inside drama and posts unedited photos
>starts a reselling business, has stock, yet simply doesn't ship it
>briefly separates from her cheating doughy doormat fiance, gives us the deepest sadness imaginable, declares herself an aromantic pansexual, gets back together and unsuccessfully attempts to hide it
>closes business after heaps of complaints
>begins "modeling for" a new business, lies about not being affiliated with it beyond PR, is actually the owner
>runs away to the countryside, leaving the friend whose house she lived in to deal with the creditors coming after her massive credit card debt
>still internet addicted, reinvents herself as an artist once again, then a gamer girl
>still leaving internet bread crumbs to this day
I forgot a ton of shit she pulled but she had constant drama, a constant flow of new schemes, and she put out so much content that it never truly got boring.


Billiegate was some of the finest drama we've ever had on LC, period. Nowadays the thread is well and truly a vegetable on life support and might as well be locked, but it feels like in a way, it has successfully run its course. Greg got exactly the ending he deserved.

No. 738018

I don’t really see the appeal of the sex worker cows like Shayna or Moo, it’s more depressing than funny to me. I wonder if it’s mostly other sex workers in those threads. Like yeah they’re embarrassing and the photos look awful, but same goes for pretty much every camwhore on Twitter. It just seems like such low hanging fruit to have that many threads on sex workers who make content for coomers, of course it’s all gonna be overly photoshopped or disgusting. Their audience will fap to a sexy cloud or a curvy table, they don’t exactly have the choosiest fans.

I did lurk the Shayna thread a bit to try to figure out just wtf was going on with her one veiny boob, but I still don’t know and I’m so damn curious.

No. 738020

I don't lurk Shayna's thread often cause I don't think she's very interesting, but I believe she used to spank her boob with a paddle

Also, yeah, I think it's common knowledge at this point that cows will attract other posters like them. Swers frequent the threads about sexworkers, anorexic people frequent the threads about ana-chans etc…

No. 738022

>spank her boob with a paddle
This makes it so much worse.

No. 738028

i've posted this in a dif thread before but i really want to smush my face into Moo's tits. like, i am a lady who generally likes girls my size who are petite or slightly bigger, but idk. i've been thinking this for awhile but also the RE village trailer made it worse.

No. 738038

I'm mostly straight, but I feel you.

No. 738072

shayna's threads were funnier during the fupa saga and before tumblr died tbqh

No. 738216

what cow annoys you guys the most?"
For me it's Shayna, mainly because it takes so little for her to improve.
yes she's chubby now, her weight did not go to the right places, but I believe she was sent 300-400+ to get her hair dyed, what does this idiot do? Buy one wig, that couldn't be more than 50-60 dollars, instead of, I don't know? Buying MULTIPLE WIGS and hair pieces?
She could easily be buying a outfit a fucking week and pumping out her identical pictures. She could easily be taking time to experiment with make up, she could easily get a nice bed set and shit for her background so she can stop filming on the ground with the same dirty Teddy Bear.
She could easily have three or four spaces set up in her house for filming because it's not like she has friends and if Fupa is over he knows whats up.
Her and PNP are so similar but have opposite issues. PNP obsesses over her looks and constantly thinks she's "improving it" with fillers and PS.
Shayna gives zero fucks and when she does try, she wants a fucking cookie for it, because she knows she does the bare minimum.
If she was passionate about sex work, as retarded as that sounds, she'd actual take pride in how she looks and her ideas.
I feel she stopped caring a long time ago and it shows.
I'd rather her dumb ass be doing this shit for years, actually enjoying playing x-rated dress up, then her doing this for years, barely trying and wondering why she's not successful. I never saw Shayna as anything other than average. Even when she was skinny, to me she looked like a teenage boy on hormones TBH, but at least she tried.
And it's not like Shayna's afriad of spending money, she spends tons of it on weed, alcohol and junkfood.

If she can't be sexy and her porn is gimmicky and "aesthetic based" then it should be pleasing to look at. It's not. This rant is autistic but lord does Shayna get on my nerves.

No. 738219

and the only milk she has besides identical retarded pictures are identical Fupa meltdowns.It's just sad and depressing. I just imagine her walking around her dark house naked, biting her lips drunk/high. I don't like her and I don't support sex work, but I'd rather see someone genuinely enjoying at least getting dressed up and playing pretend, then someone whose depressed, love sick over a fat ass baby daddy and gaining weight from alcohol/junk food.

No. 738263

I'm just going to say it, Fupa when he was with Shayna (not now, he's just some boring fuckboy again when not posting about their relationship) was a better cow than Shay herself. His snapchat spergs and cringe were what got me into the Shayna threads in the first place, and things have gone downhill for the threads overall once he went into hiding from the internet.

No. 738278

>what cow annoys you guys the most?
probably june. the edgy cool gurl channer trope is pathetic and annoying enough even when 18-20 year olds do it, but she's going to be 30 this year. and while that's still young, most people have their lives somewhat together by then and grow out of any edgelord behavior from their very early adulthood. she's spent the past 10 years shitting on other women and has nothing to show for it, no bf, no house of her own, and probably not even enough money to justify everything.
oh he definitely was, there were a few times where i thought he was going to end up with his own thread

No. 738300

I find Fupa more disturbing and fucked up than shayna, imagine your ex wife, knowing you like to fuck women who act like toddlers, with pacifiers and teddy bears in their arms? He has young kids who probably acted like that or act like that.
Then he went back proving he's even more of a retard.

No. 739629

I can definetely tell that people who lurk threads usually belong to the same clicke as the cow, are ex friends of the cow, are in the same niche/fandom or are fans of the cow.

Pixielocks, for example, loves being fake woke. And then you see the posts in her tread being pro-trans shit. It's so silly

No. 739633

What ruins cow threads for me is the posters being fans of the cow.
Example: >>738216

No. 739649

File: 1613369654265.jpeg (23.15 KB, 259x194, 9D5C939C-4E01-4CC9-8BFE-6DB362…)

I think what I’ve learned after cycling through 4chan and 4chan-sequel boards like lolcow is this:

Some people on this site gawk at people’s train wreck lives because it serves as a “life lesson” - I’m one of them. I internalize criticism I deem valid or justified regarding people on snow or w or pt. I use that criticism to alter my own behaviors, some of which winds up being ultimately toxic, and I have to identify it and readjust.

- some people frequent lolcow because they have some weird supremacy mentality and then readjust that mentality when a “cow” changes their behavior or stops displaying it so gratuitously online

- some people have vengeful / revenge fantasies and like seeing the pain of others or inflicting it on them if they find it justifiable

- some people are critical of human behavior in general and use the people that are extremely online as examples of what is shitty behavior and what isn’t

- some people are straight up hateful and enjoy being bullies

- some people don’t actively participate and lurk because they just love gossip and it’s a guilty pleasure

And I think a lot of people flip between these kinds of groups I’ve poorly outlined with a lot of complexity and nuance. I do too.

Something that sticks out in my mind is when a “cow” dies or commits suicide, and you then see more clearly the divide in why people are on here by how they react to it.

I even get to view the farmers, although we’re all anonymous, as a kind of example as how not to react to certain things. Or, I see farmers react in really thoughtful ways I didn’t expect.

Some people are here for a community of women that don’t like being policed on other boards that have names attached to your comments and enjoy being able to piss in the wind.

So.. cows I enjoy reading about:

- pro Ana threads and munchies, because I have a morbid fascination with that kind of mental illness and also have had an active eating disorder

- borderline disturbing people like Luna and Soren, because it really is a ride and a cautionary tale in every thread

- the tradthot and leftthot threads because I am “into” politics and loathe grandstanding grifting hypocrites

- YouTube drama because people with big followings and huge egos are interesting to me, their behavior and parasocial relationships with their fans keep me learning new things about online interactions, stanning, how people craft personas and where the line is drawn between reality and “branding” a personality

What I don’t give a fuck about and don’t actually like:

The Jaell/Nikita threads, because they clearly need attention to fuel their disturbing behavior and don’t have the faculties to not react to faceless criticism from people they barely know - also it makes me feel complicit in enabling the disturbing behavior

- insta-thot threads - these are all just a bunch of attention starved women / young adults who don’t know shit and still have so much time to alter their behavior and change.. they feel like societal failures more so than the other cows although all of us, farmers included, share that label to some extent .. also it’s fucking boring

- Shay - I don’t give a fuck about it. Yes, she gained weight and has completely devalued herself at times and is shitty with her money. I really don’t care.

- creepshow art? Every post is like “ugh she’s so boring and her face is weird” Jesus who gives a fuck? I’m sure you are too sometimes bitch

I’m trying to think of some others but I can’t atm.

And yeah I’m a farmer that I guess some morons on here would call a “tumblerina” because I am not pissing my pants over “troons” and I am critical of what farmers have to say sometimes, especially when it’s cruel for no clear reason other than to punch down and flick their clit to it.

But I’m still on this board so who am I to try and distinguish myself in any way? I’m still complicit in toxic board culture too when I don’t speak up, or when I continue to visit the board even if Im critical of its content.

No. 739652

Exceptionally based post.

No. 739661

>They're talking about a different Kiki, Anon.
No, we're both talking about Deerhoof Kiki. She has been caught self-posting in her threads in the past and probably still does. There's always been a weirdly high amount of simp posting in her threads of anons being like "she's awful but soooo pretty omg I wish I could fuck her/look like her." My personal tinfoil is that most, if not all of this, is her.

No. 739704

Interesting post.
> I’m still complicit in toxic board culture too when I don’t speak up, or when I continue to visit the board even if Im critical of its content.

I used to feel guilty because I love visiting here and I remember being afraid of posting. I think I'm just used to blending in by now and wouldn't care if someone I know figures out I like visiting lolcow. I understand where you're coming from, because whenever I see an overly mean anon I also cringe, but I continue visiting lolcow, because it's just fun. Maybe I'll stop one day.

No. 739739

I hate this site. I open a thread about a trainwreck cow, and every single post is about their looks. There is so much milk and they don't even care.

No. 739742

which one

No. 739788

based post, based opinions, based snooki, i agree with p much everything and think about this site in a very similar way. it can be a good outlet, a cautionary tale, an open anon community or a petty hate-fueled gossip circle at any given time, it just depends on how you use it and how you let it affect you in your real life

No. 739902

Check out the Belle Delphine thread in w/ if you wanna have a good laugh at some seriously petty anons

No. 739927

ur missing the category of “fascinated by the diversity of human insanity, likes cows who are broken in really unique ways & hunts the internet for them”. Soren was great for this, Shay used to be good when her pussy was at peak horror and she was doing shoots with gross D-tier porn sites, some of the anas like N2F and Fit Vegan Ginger (in the past) qualify just by virtue of their recipes. I keep up with the Schofields over on KF for the same reason.

No. 739928

I was thinking that seeing the troon sperg in her thread this morning, it's obvious her fanbase lurk. It's like anons mentioned above, there are lots of obvious sex workers in the Shayna thread too who get asshurt about people insulting sw.

I know how you feel anon, I feel guilty at times, especially for the times in the past I have said truly mean things about appearances when pissed off about a cow's stances. But this site can be really fun, especially some threads, so I try not to force myself to stay away anymore.

No. 739933

Most cam girls or ethot cows aren't milky at all. Literally 90% of most threads are about bodily flaws "ooo belle delphine has an outtie vagina and body hair""stormy has vagina hair and hair bumps" "shayna has titty veins" or people who literally think having a less than perfect body is a disease

No. 739934

Agreed. Even Momokun isn't milky. Who cares about her being fat

No. 739935

I agree on everything else but shay, her dead boob fascinates me and she is an actual moron

No. 739945

They're the worst threads because there's no actual milk, just insecure posters who will always need something to look at to feel better about their own appearance.

No. 739947

Her boobs look fine, she's a moron for sure but her boobs aren't the issue

No. 739960

Agreed, her boobs have always been the best physical feature she has, even after the weight gain. The single saggy tidd is interesting but not horrendous

No. 739964

nta but pretty safe to assume she means the tit with the veins that Shayna intentionally highlights

No. 739980

it sounds like you're weird in some way too if you're that fascinated by them.

No. 740025

breaking news: lolcow anons are weird

No. 740026

Mildly intrigued would be a better fit, don't get your knickers in a bunch just because i find her absolutely odd boob interesting enough to check her thread every once in a while. Otherwise they are normal, but why is that one so high up, i need answers.

No. 740041

sorry but i love that lc is the one place i dont have to try my hardest to be super nice and accommodating on the internet. i feel like its the only place women can be mean and bitchy and direct without sugarcoating anything.

No. 740053

This, especially when it comes to having our own opinions and not whatever men like at the moment. I don't even like to be mean personally, but when anons speak their mind about whatever issue without apology, even if it's meanly, I think how much I love this place

No. 740330

they're silly sluts tho, and degrading yourself that way is damaging for all women

No. 740334

File: 1613428379674.png (32.26 KB, 1268x378, copeandseethe.png)

See everyone this is what I mean… this fucking troon sperg got his identity invalidated so now he has to say "kill yourself" and "your mom was raped" because someone doesn't agree with them, this is so stupid, Jillian's fanbase is just as milky if not more than she is

No. 740346

I’m glad I’m not the only one intrigued by that one super veiny titty kek. I don’t even post in her threads and generally I don’t nitpick cows, but I’ve never seen anyone else have just one boob like that.

No. 740381

Whenever i see it, not only because of the vein because veiny boobs are normal, but due to the positioning and the level of veininess my dumb ass head goes: dead titty

No. 740391

Yeah you can tell the onion thread is full of white women who claim to have had ex boyfriends just like grunk

No. 740392

Without more context, this is a laughably bad take. If you have to "try your hardest" to be "super nice and accommodating on the internet," you were probably never a nice person to begin with. Unless the point of your post was to indirectly admit you're a bitch in general, in which case, you do you I guess.

Even if that were the case, I don't actually agree that it's easy to get away with being a bitch here. Infighting is against the rules, and the mods seem pretty swift to hand out bans when anons infight. You'd ironically have better luck getting away with being "mean and bitchy" on 4chan.

No. 740396

I think anon means the female socialization of taking time to be accommodating and rewriting things to come off nice instead of just being straight forward because it's not "feminine"

No. 740402

If that's what they meant, then yes, that's fair. There wasn't a lot of context to the post, and could read like that anon just likes to come here to be bitchy and mean, because it's easier to get away with that here than in other online spheres. If there was indeed an implied critique about female socialization in their post, that seems even worse, because they're being mean and bitchy primarily toward other women, who are suffering under the weight of the same expectations. That's the epitome of horizontal hostility.

No. 740407

I've always thought azealea banks was a longtime farmer

No. 740408

I agree with that anon, I like being nice and kind to people irl. But here I can vent and bitch all I want. Things are not always black and white, people who are nice yet need to btich sometimes exist, it's called being human
>then you're not that nice to begin with etc
Who cares, let's post more memes

No. 740410

Yeah but cows suck and genuinely do some retarded bad shit as attention whores, anons at least keep their retarded bad shit anonymous
It's not hard to laugh at retards, I'm doing it right now

No. 740429

>But here I can vent and bitch all I want.
Venting and bitching is not the same as being a bitch. I don't have a problem with anons venting, I do it all the time. I have a problem with anons being outright bitchy and mean to each other for no apparent reason other than to be mean and bitchy. I think I made that pretty clear in my post.

No. 740434

She really would love this place but her insults are so creatively distinct I think we would be able to tell.

No. 740455

File: 1613441079102.png (784.58 KB, 640x866, 18f4b16ac5479676c067a7cfe63db3…)

Incoming Autism
I know luna is a horrible nasty bitch, but I have a serious soft spot for her. I think her facial features are quite striking, and I also love the "ethereal" look. Sometimes I fantasize about taking care of her lmao. Like getting her to cheat(emotionally, im not touching her until the stank is removed) on lurch with me and making her obsessed with me to the point where she listens to everything I tell her. I would make her quit drugs, swear off those tacky nails, and get rid of her nasty horde. (I would replace some of the horde with clean versions of the items though. We share a love for angel/cherub/cutesy stuff) Invite her over, draw her a nice bubble bath and scrub her back, clean under her nails, and wash her hair for her. Then I would gently dry her off, give her some comfy clothes, and show her how to do proper skin care. I'd pluck her eyebrows and brush her hair, and then I'd make a nice homecooked meal for her. Eventually, I'd make her move in with me and put her on my gym membership. I would teach her how to do some basic exercises and I would wake her up with a yummy breakfast before we went on jogs in the morning. I'd encourage her art and poetry, and I'd even I'd help her get a real job, something part-time to start with, and at night we would cuddle under a pink fuzzy blanket while she tells me how rough work was and I tell her how dumb her coworkers are. We would have a closet full of silk, tons of velvet pjs, lots of cute, soft dresses that we could match when we go out to dinner, picrel. We would be an angelic powercouple.

TLDR; Fantasies about nurturing/completely changing tuna into my uwu soft gf

No. 740458

File: 1613441438024.jpeg (68.11 KB, 493x353, 3479E706-D81C-4F4E-8D75-A2C14D…)


No. 740461

Do you know Emmy who was Luna-adjacent? I feel like you would feel similarly for her too as she was eminently more loveable

No. 740466

I know, I know. I'm ashamed but only sort of.
I know that she was mentioned in luna's thread for giving her money(?), but that's as much as I know about her.

No. 740467


ive followed that bitch since her first thread. show me where/when you could even describe that grimy bitch as such.

No. 740471

You sound like you would love that "looking for a mommy" cow in /snow/ that was outed for running the vanilla hamham youtube. Her name is escaping me right now but you come off like a weird MD/lg domme, she would love.

No. 740476

File: 1613443689501.jpg (10.54 KB, 383x295, 098d45675f383f304f312ee4d40cc3…)

Yeah, I worded that weird. I didn't mean to describe her as ethereal, since she's a disgusting crackhead. I should have said that we both share a love for the ethereal aesthetic- the cherub stuff, pastel pink/white/blue, flowy clothing, etc.
I swear to god I've never been into dommestuff in my life, but something about her completely flips the switch.

No. 740488

Man I think if Emmy had stayed alive she would definitely have a dedicated thread here by now. I followed her on tumblr for her daily drama before I even knew what a lolcow was.

No. 740531

File: 1613453194289.png (3.39 KB, 504x69, lol.png)

Based admin closing the vtuber thread forever

No. 740543

Whats YOUR opinion on Trisha Paytas? I like her danganronpa shirt.

No. 740546

she's a narc retard and i hope she drops dead soon

No. 740547

Never liked her. She's gross and clearly deranged as hell.

No. 740548

Because of whoever keeps necroing old threads on /pt/, I finally read some of Mira’s old threads and I’m even more confused how she’s a /pt/ cow. One of the threads is just photos of long winded snapchat convos. Is there a particularly milky arc? The idea of a weeb blogger turning hardcore Muslim sounds funny but the threads seem boring.

No. 740549

Super guilty pleasure

No. 740556

Her arc is fascinating. I've never commented in her threads but I read them. The milkiest part was when she converted to Muslim after some Muslim dude wouldn't give her the D. She sexually harassed him, he responded by saying she needs Allah (a polite way of saying fuck off creep), she completely misunderstood.

No. 740558

I didn’t follow her too closely but aside from that, there was her getting exposed for using fake accounts to shit on her jvlogger friends. She suicide-baited after that and caused more drama. Then generally her acting like she was native Japanese since just moving there, cringe shit like the white Japanese video. Saying she wouldn’t teach her future kids English because it’s useless and having an obsessive hatred of it. /pt/ is for legacy cows, it doesn’t necessarily indicate how milky they are/were though I think she was fairly milky until a couple years back.

No. 740559

Definition of a grifter except the only reason she remains relevant is because the general public likes laughing at women with mental health issues and her being fat is only the icing on the cake for them. Her personality is awful and the moments where she has genuine good takes are drowned out by her following up with some backwards bad take she pulls out of her ass.

No. 740614

I kinda like her. She seems like an unbalanced girl, but she likes calling on other's shit and their misogyny. I feel like she would be a silly dumb farmer talking about her vagina on the stupid questions thread. She has grown a lot and she has the potential to grow. So far she has done some crazy funny shit but nothing too bad to cancell her like shane was lmao. I think the fact that she thought she was trans or DID or whatever is because she's actually mentally ill and needs help, but in a way I also feel like she actively tries to get better. Still a very bad move to show everything about her life online.

No. 740744

They are mostly generational mentally ill and is not an evil mastermind you think they are. They're screaming for help (attention) and honestly needed to just calm the fuck down somewhere somewhat in an island.

No. 740753

Laura Renvoize is a spiteful, jealous cunt who tried to upheave my life for literally no fucking reason and I'm still kinda salty about it.

No. 740832

Never really visited those threads beyond like once or twice since they were dumpster fires, but I think this is a good choice on Admin's part. They were bringing around a lot of trouble and especially with all the raiding we should try to cut down on that

No. 741074

File: 1613508669090.png (4.69 KB, 319x146, cds.PNG)

You ever read through a old thread and see some dumb shit and wish you could call it out because no one else did?
I'm reading through the E-girl thread, which as we all know is full of E-girls, along with calling a average sized girl fat over and over again to the point I wonder if these people have eating disorders, I saw this comment.
I didn't know that licking a toliet looks good when ANYONE does it.
So many e-girls telling on themselves in that thread and I wish I could go back in time and call that shit out.

No. 741079

There's a emo scrote retard that selfposted in the pixielocks thread, a troon telling people to get raped and someone who likes drag queens. Dafuk is wrong with /w/

No. 741095

I never get why troons and handmaidens come to this site to shit talk female cows but get mad when it's done to troons.

No. 741099

i feel like most of the people in her thread hatewatch her but are the same kind of """woke""" person she is, if that makes sense

No. 741111

Yeah of course, I'm sure they're the same kind of woke twitter retard and are actually jealous of her. Sucks because I do hate how much of a stupid munchie with no talent she is. Her woke pandering is so annoying.

No. 741135

SA- and most the girls in that thread, while shitty, weird, corny and need to get life, take care of their kids, take care of their mental health, but some look completely average to me.
Seeing people pretend like a average looking boring girl, is this hideous fat monster is really making me rethink how I come at cows.

I do the same thing to certain cows and I know it looks just as retarded. Then they get mad when you go, "hey she looks normal" or something. It's weird.

No. 741417

>Then they get mad when you go, "hey she looks normal" or something. It's weird.

That's when the whiteknight accusations roll in as well.

No. 741770

I think most of the mysogynistic cows here would be humbled if they got fat. The red scare girls, the leftthots, Camille Paglia, the tradwives, Shoe. Some anons in their threads probably wish them bodily harm or even rape because they belittle rape victims. I just want them to get fat. I wish them long, fat lives. To those women that would be the worst thing that could happen to them.

No. 742014

There is no reason why oatmeal can't be a snack, if it's an amount that fits your personal macro/calorie needs. When I was in ED treatment I was served oatmeal for a snack, and I had the same objection (that it was for breakfast, not snacks) but it would be counterproductive to make us eat something abnormal in treatment. They were very careful that all combinations of foods, etc, be normal because that was the whole point, to teach us to eat like normal people. The only part that was abnormal was the quantity of food for people who were weight restoring. Oatmeal may be more commonly a breakfast, but there's nothing wrong with having it as a snack. 400 calories is certainly too much for Ham though, that's what people on the higher weight-restoration meal plans got. People who didn't need to gain got like 200 calorie snacks.

No. 742024

I loooove the aesthetic that Luna is going for, minus the junkie part of it. Like a non-junkie, non-filthy version of Luna would be so cute. I love the look of the angels/religious, sanrio, pastel pink stuff but am too old to pull it off. I think that contributes a lot to my obsession with Luna (she's been my favorite cow to follow for years). I also find the filth fascinating, IDK what it is. It gives me the same feeling as neckbeardnests and some posts on shittybattlestations on reddit. I'm also attracted to larger women and I find her face very pretty without the corpse makeup, I would definetely be attracted to her in an alternate universe where she never met lurch/was never a junkie. It's some kind of weird combination of attraction and revulsion that I find very cathartic to look at.

No. 742028

all of this! I wish I knew more girls to follow with Luna's aesthetic, but also blogging tendencies. I do not find regular aesthetic tumblr blogs interesting because there is not enough personality. I love how Luna shows her filthy life to us in photos, poems and posts.

No. 742033

i know what you mean but it's also pretty jarring how much d9 shoops her photos so i think anons acting like she's the most hideous person on the planet is just an overreaction to how different her actual face is

No. 742043

I dont know much about her and am generally very impartial to most, but I do admit something about her facial structure is attractive to me. Her eye shape and her rounded, high cheekbones with her heart shape face wouldve looked beautiful if she werent a filthy junkie

No. 742059

I'm not trying to whiteknight, but she doesn't post her daily intake. I'm not sure wether she eats full 3 meals during the days + 3-4 snacks or just skips meals for snacks. The anon jumping in counting and catastrophizing someone eating a bigger bedtime snack seemed more cowish than the cow.
Her main problem seems to be that she just eat junk all the time. You can have a healthy snack that isn't processed sugar. She won't even eat veggies, or just buy an apple, even that needs to be a pre-packaged snack.

No. 742061

I keep seeing people say that gimpgirl555 has "reverse body dismorphic disorder", does anybody else who's familiar with histrionic personality disorder think she fits the profile ? I don't want to armchair in the main thread. Also high key think she's actually retarded, like autism spectrum levels of retarded

No. 742069

Ngl I can't even look at her thread because her behavior is so bizarre it actually frightens me. I read through a few posts once and noped out of that pretty quickly.

I'd honestly go out on a limb and say that most, if not all the well-known cows, meet the criteria for at least one cluster b personality disorder.

No. 742076

I think it'd be really good if Shoe0nHead collaborated with Red Scare. I know June loses her shit every time she has to share a spotlight with other women, especially ones who are thinner or shorter than her, but she's like Anna and Dasha's terminally online, "raised on the internet"/far more weeby cousin, so it'd be entertaining. I kind of feel like the two would talk circles around her because they've probably read a bit more about actual political theory, but if they stick to current events only, it could work.
Honestly, what I wouldn't do for a podcast of June, gimpgirl/Mary, Anna and Dasha. Just one episode of them all discussing anything, lmao. Manifesting it for 2021. Pick-Me Podcast when.

No. 742085

She definitely fits the profile. A lot of cows do actually. Mrs midwest who thinks her small C cups that aren't packed down with several bras are huge, in the way knockers she always feels the need to mention, shoe who think her massive dump truck ass and hips are a burden. A lot of humblebraggers do that

No. 742091

I'd agree with you on that, but GG especially sticks out to me because I've gone through both threads and I'm still shocked nobody brought up HPD. Clearly she wants attention, shown by making an entire subreddit for self posting her insane shit. She dresses to get attention, in her videos she seems like she's putting on a drama class performance to the point where anons question if she's a troll. She's obsessed with her looks and by constantly posting she's clearly seeking some sort of approval, especially with the anachan body checks. She seems to be extremely influenced by 4chan culture, incel culture , and her husband's deranged sexual fantasies and seems to just go along with it. She's clearly sensitive to criticism from her replies to anybody on her subreddit and her videos seemingly directed towards lolcow anons. She's self centred, case in point with her 4 doomed children and her goal to have 2 more. Relationship trouble is just a given. Screenshot cut off, but anybody who's read her thread can look up HPD symptoms compare her insane internet presence.

No. 742092

File: 1613602449633.png (675.67 KB, 1139x2048, Screenshot_20210217-175114.png)

Dropped pic

No. 742109

Okay anons, prepare yourselves for a massive wall of incoming text. In my defense, june is one of only two cows I actually follow on lc, so I have a lot to say lmao.

I discovered june/shoe0nhead back in like 2016 when she was first getting popular on yt. I wasn't particularly impressed by her content, but I thought it wasn't too bad. I actually kind of agreed with a lot of her critiques about mainstream feminism, even though it was pretty blatant low hanging fruit. I had absolutely no idea that she'd already had a strong internet presence before she made it big on yt, and fell down the rabbit hole of her weird attention-seeking past as a boxxy larper when her first thread was posted on /snow/. I've been lurking those threads ever since.

Maybe it's just me, but even after almost 4 years, I still feel like I don't have a good read on her. She's really cringey and attention-seeking, and definitely hits enough marks to be considered a cow, but for whatever reason, I just don't think she's as bad as a lot of anons in those threads say. Or, it's not obvious on the surface to me. Her pickme traits are there, but people go as far as to say things like she's miserable and envious of other women who are already married and having kids, that she hates her life and regrets investing all of her time and energy into being an internet celeb, that she's lying about her break-up with greg being mutual, that she was cheating on him with vaush, etc. Are there hints that these things are the case? Yes. But solid evidence? Imo, no. Whether crafted or not, shoe's presence on twitter is pretty consistent and neutral. She acts like everything is a joke. She makes fun of others, and she makes fun of herself, but very rarely does she go over the line and say something outrageously cruel, or self-loathing. She doesn't seem like she gives that much of a shit about anything.

I feel like there are two ways you could take this. The first option is that she's actually not that bad, just immature, spoiled, lazy, and for whatever reason doesn't feel particularly compelled to change her ways and grow as a person. Like, she's just sort of there; not really hurting anyone, but not improving anyone's life for the better either. The reason she has so much attention and hate thrown her way on all these gossip boards is largely due to vendettas by former incel orbiters (her kiwifarms thread is a pretty good case for this imo). With these options, you could almost make the case that june is a textbook case of actual cyberbullying that is undeserved.

The other option is that everything that is said about her is true, and her dismissive, laid-back persona is entirely deliberate. She doesn't want to catch flack for admitting that any of these awful rumors/accusations of her character are true, but she likes the fact that it means people are talking about her. If there is one thing we do know is true about june, it's that she likes attention. Her refusal to acknowledge her lolcow and kiwifarms threads, dispel any rumors, or serious accusations of bad actions or behavior, means that people will continue to talk about her, crafting speculation after speculation on how she really feels about women, or men, or how things really were in her relationship with greg, etc. With this option, she not only gets to continue to not to catch any flack from fans, but also ensures that everyone's attention, whether you like or hate her, is on her.

The only evidence that I have personally seen that makes the latter a compelling possibility is the screencap of the messages she sent to the former admin of lolcow (can't remember his name atm), where she admitted that she had a crush on him, and that she "gets non-stop attention from men all the time, but doesn't give a fuck about any of them." Another piece of potential evidence is the fact that she has been called out for body shaming and just being generally horrible to women in the past, which is evidenced through her old ig accounts and videos. Despite going on record to state that she no longer feels this way, that she was wrong to say those things, etc, all of those pictures and videos are still up for all to see.

It's probably obvious by this point that I find june fascinating, but when I'm lurking in the threads, I feel like I'm the only person that isn't 100% sure she's as awful as everyone says she is. Also feel it's worth mentioning that there are quite a few anons in those threads who claim to have known june for a long time, or were part of her unichan sphere, that continually insist that she's a very unstable and sinister person behind the scenes, but can't show any legitimate proof of this. A recent example was an anon who claimed that june was diagnosed with bpd, but "kept that to herself."

It's particularly fascinating to me that june's had almost as many active threads as some of the cows on /pt/ (for context, margaret palermo has had 33 threads and june has had 30), yet seems nowhere near as openly bad by comparison. Are we all just waiting for her to crash and burn? To reveal her true colors? Or am I just retarded that I can't see what's supposedly already there?

No. 742117

>I just don't think she's as bad as a lot of anons in those threads say.
She's made her living off selling unironic ~LE WOMEN DONT DESERVE RIGHTS LOL XD XD~ memes to moids who take that shit seriously. There's a documented history of her being a bully and putting other women down. Regardless of what happens in her personal life, it's clear she doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself and that alone is a pretty good reason to consider her a conceited shit. Barring the fact that typical youtube vloggers tend to be massive narcissists.

Did you forget this part in your apology for the Sh0e?

No. 742126

Sorry not to blog but I have C cups and I know for fact they’re bigger than some girls who have D cups. The band size matters too, a 36C has bigger boobs than a 32D.

No. 742130

you don't have to apologize for blogging in /ot/ i think

No. 742131

>She's made her living off selling unironic ~LE WOMEN DONT DESERVE RIGHTS LOL XD XD~ memes to moids who take that shit seriously
When has she ever explicitly pandered to the "women don't deserve rights" crowd? What memes are you talking about? Provide actual and preferably recent examples, please. I'm already well acquainted with her past instances of misogynistic behavior.

>There's a documented history of her being a bully and putting other women down.

I literally used an example of this as evidence as to why she may very well be concealing blatantly misogynistic views, and thus is a much worse person than she presents herself on twitter and yt.

>Regardless of what happens in her personal life, it's clear she doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself and that alone is a pretty good reason to consider her a conceited shit

Yes, which is why I stated that regardless of my opinion, she is absolutely a cow.

>Barring the fact that typical youtube vloggers tend to be massive narcissists

I agree. Should I still not want evidence of people being worse behind the scenes than they act on the surface? Actual instances of cows being outrageously horrible is a hell of a lot more milky than ongoing speculation of them being outrageously horrible. I thought milk was the reason most of us were here?

>Did you forget this part in your apology for the Sh0e?

Did you forget to actually read the post you're responding to?

No. 742156

Yeah, you're right. I guess I just assumed that she picked up the ubiquitous 3 meals 2-3 snacks structure from actual anachans who have been in treatment, but we don't actually know that.

No. 742162


Okay Christorian here again after refreshing my mind by working through the 51 part documentary on him.

>Drew a naked picture of irl female friend (megan) and didn't realize this was an issue. Uploaded it to his ED page and when she got mad he just cropped it and zoomed in on the pussy.

>Would not stop touching her irl its documented in emails of her complaining to him. She's tism too so she was wayyyy too nice about it.
>HATES gay males. Like hates.
>Hates men because they take girls
>Cheated on his gfs (they were trolls but even if they weren't hes enough of a coomer to fap to multiple girls etc.)
>"Virgin with Rage" was his thing for a long time like before the time of incel he was there.
>"No black girls" like his craigslists got taken down from this because racism in his personals.
> Does not like black people in general
> hired prostitute to lose virginity to (rip her tho she had to receive a gift basket and listen about sonichu if that doesn't make you quit sw idk what would)
>Male lesbian/tomgirl saga

> Sissy hypno made him think he grew a uterus and he was going to sprout a vagoo so he cut into his perenium and called it his snatch.
>Got seen liking Shadman's art (known pedo artist who doesn't even hide it, also shadman has trooned now)

No. 742163

Based kek

No. 742165

Sage because blogposting. I make media (music, video games, art, etc) and I want to gain success, like I want my stuff to get popular. But I’m held back by the fear of becoming a cow. I was such a drunken, drugged out, edgelord mess in my teens and early twenties. I fear that if my name ever got out there as even a semi-internet-famous “content creator” then people I knew in my past would pop up to gossip about all the messy things I’ve done. I don’t know how to let this fear stop completely crippling my ability to make media and sell it to the world. Sorry for the blogposting but thank goodness for this thread because I’ve never been able to get this off my chest before.

No. 742178

Just use a pseudonym? Whats the issue here.

No. 742180

I'm an aspiring fiction writer and I feel the same. Realistically, I'll probably end up writing under a pen name lmao.

No. 742195

I've met Chris IRL. Unfortunately it was in a public restroom. He's creepy. Very bad vibes in person.

No. 742202

>I've met Chris IRL. Unfortunately it was in a public restroom.
Anon I…I have questions.

No. 742207

I feel like her handmaidening for troons was pretty milky but I think she would have a lot of WKs because she seemed like a pretty sincere person

No. 742216

Did he smell or talk to you?

No. 742265

In terms of milkiness, I remember in particular the saga of her "poly" relationship with some e-girl and her boyfriend, and then within a couple months got mad that the girl wouldn't leave the (admittedly shitty) boyfriend for just her. Ahh nostalgia. You're right though, she did have a really charming personality despite her unhinged tendencies.

No. 742301

Thankfully I didn't get close enough to tell! This was at the sinks. He complimented my makeup, I think? It was long enough ago I don't remember exactly what we talked about. He just kept talking to me and I was sending very clear (to a non-autistic person I guess) signals that I wanted to end the conversation and leave but he was just not getting it and going on and on.

No. 742303

I do plan to. I just know sometimes people get nosy looking up who registers trademarks, who incorporated an LLC, etc. but overall, yeah that’s my plan.
Sometimes I feel like if I went on YouTube and made some interesting videos about what I’m working on, it would be a great way to promote my work. But I just really don’t want to ever become anything even remotely resembling an “Internet personality.”
I’ve thought about doing that but hiring a narrator or something. It’s not impossible, it’s just a lot harder to do things without being willing to talk directly to the audience. Extra steps and costs involved. Can’t just jump on YouTube and talk to the camera.

It’s 100% my own fault for being such a lolcow when I was younger though.

Glad (kinda) that I’m not the only one with this issue.

No. 742345

Well she might be. We'll know it if she starts to very visibly gain.

No. 742351

Anon this thread is for blogposting

Also, I completely understand your paranoia. I am exactly the same. I'm an artist with big dreams that used to be super mean on dA when I was like, 15-17ish because I had a shit life at home. I would call other faggots and the n-word. Hm, kinda normal if you ask me at that age to be an edgelord, but with this stupid cancel culture of today, anything might be a problem. But you know what? I've been getting over that fear. I'm going to use my pseudonim that is also part of my real name. Fuck woke shit, fuck trannies fuck jannies. Live on the edge bitch
Just kidding tho, just don't advertise yourself for the psycho schizos and sjws, keep yourself professional and don't ever comment, don't let them peek at your life. And if they cancel you… so what? Ignore those motherfuckers. Narcs and attention whores loooove when you play their game, so they feel power over you. If you bend over, it's over. Say a "I'm sorry for my past behaivor. It won't be repeated." if things escalate, but don't let them escalate. Haters are haters unfortunately, and they can be fucking crazy. But like, if you make issues public then they rest of your audience without a clue will come and be like "oh no she did this…" etc. It's complicated anon, but I'm one who thinks that if you truly changed and are trying to improve yourself… who the fuck cares about the past? Just don't make your shit public anymore. Good luck anon, from some really crazy artist to another.

No. 742354

Another thing I want to mention… these fuckos love acting like the internet is an extension of real life, or has even more merit than real life. Kinda like a blurry line between the two. But guess what? Irl it isn't like that at all, we're just living in a stupid society I guess. If you get cancelled and need to run or whatever, you can still get jobs in the industry, in whatever industry. Make an impressive resume and I assure you your employers won't care. Apply overseas if you want to. Seriously, like… if I get cancelled because of x or x reason, I can still try to search for a design job on a smaller scale or somewhere in Mexico or whatever. There's options. Being cancelled is not the end of the world, we just see it like that because we love gossip and drama. Unless you raped someone or killed a cat or something, being an edgelord in your teens is completely normal lol. Fuck em

No. 742456

Idk, I get where you're coming from and she definitely has histrionic tendencies but I don't think she entirely fits the bill for HPD.
Gimpgirl is completely devoted to her goblin husband and she works tirelessly at her one singular goal of preaching her personal gospel. Her life is completely about submitting and pandering to someone else while dismissing her own needs.
In my experience, people with HPD are much more manipulative and overly occupied with coming across as charming and flirty, basically getting people to like and praise them. Often they're pretty succesful at this and are perceived as very charming to people who've just met them or don't know them well. Although HPD symptoms can present differently across different people, GG doesn't give me the same vibe I've come to associate with HPD people.

No. 742483

As an original /cgl/ migrate and a long-time cosplayer I wish we had active legitimate cosplay cows. Like I'm not talking about sex work camwhore "cosplayers" putting on a cheap Taobao costume for their onlyfans, actual cosplayer cows like Momokun was at the start of her career. Awful craftsmanship, stealing/not crediting her costume pieces, desperately faking being a fan of something and tripping over her words trying to prove it, subtweeting more popular cosplayers, overall inflated ego and delusions of grandeur, the works. Sarah Spaceman was a very promising one but the pandemic cancelling all the conventions put her on halt and it gets boring to just gawk over her predictable and repetitive costume trainwrecks.

No. 742496

I think Nika is very alluring

No. 742508

I hate when people pick at weird shit, like big areoas, besides the Luna Meme, its weird and nitpicky.
I saw someone in the e-girl thread say some girls nipples looked weird, they looked just fucking fine.

No. 742521

Agreed, the internalized misogyny on this site is flooring

No. 742526

File: 1613663193247.jpg (11.18 KB, 275x275, 1460315526476.jpg)

I fucking hate Luna's thread, it's not milky it's just really fucking sad. There's nothing funny or to ridicule when it's heroin addiction.

There needs to be a thread dedicated to philosophizing about what milk actually is.

No. 742536

I agree 100%. I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this way.

I think there should be a seperate board for people who inspire concern rather than hatewatching, like the addicts and severe ED girls.

No. 742537

It's pretty crazy, considering how "feminist" most people on the site think of themselves.

No. 742553

>a thread dedicated to philosophizing about what milk actually is
I would love this thread.

No. 742571

I feel like these groups of people are not overlapping necessarily. I'm all for body acceptance and feminism and probably wrote plenty of posts in that tone on /ot or /g threads; and I jump into the /snow or /pt threads for some fun drama, not body nitpicking and I'm sure plenty of people here are like me. I don't think the nitpickers come to /ot threads to be hypocrites either, so it kinda coexists in one LC space separately.

No. 742587

>Unless you raped someone
I didn’t but in college there was a rumor that I did. A guy was embarrassed to have cheated on his gf with me (note: I had no clue he had a gf, and he was the one aggressively pursuing me) so he tried to play it off like he was really drunk and I took advantage of him. That’s absolutely not what happened. But because I’m ugly wnd he is “conventionally attractive” (plus people already didn’t like me and thought of me as a bit of an IRL lolcow) the rumor stuck for years. Having it come back to bite me is literally my worst fear.
The extremely fucked up part is that the dude used that story to blackmail me into giving him more sexual favors. He confirmed to me that he didn’t really feel that way end he only said it to get out of trouble with his gf. He fake-apologized. Then he said he’d set the story straight if I slept with him more, so I did a few times, and then he ghosted me. He never set the story straight and friends of his still make awkward comments and innuendos to me occasionally online or if I run into them at the grocery store.
On the internet, even being accused of something like this, even if I insist it isn’t true and tell my side of the story - it would still be enough to completely ruin my reputation and my life. Internet loves any story where they can be performatively woke like “see? males get raped too. UwU always believe the accuser.”
That awful lie + actual true stories of my drugged out lolcow days + the fact that I am ugly and a woman = not a very sympathetic target.
If I so much as made it into a magazine or news article for the content I create, I worry that people from my past would pop up like “omg I used to know that girl, she was such a hot mess!!” and start telling stories.
Shit sorry for this huge derail. I’ve literally never talked to anyone in my life about this whole situation. I’m too afraid anyone I tell will have a “always believe accusers” mentality and I have no way to prove my innocence. And then there are so many bad stories that are true. Not rape-level bad or even remotely close to it. But like, just drunken/drugged out behavior, burned bridges, accidentally peeing on a couch after falling asleep at a party. I always did my best to fix my mistakes (getting them a new couch, getting myself sober, etc) and this all went down over a decade ago. But the things people can say about me are just so awful that I don’t think it matters.
If it were just the hot mess behavior I could pull the “I’m sorry, I’m so ashamed of my past. I’m sober now and have been for years” card. But the false rape accusation… I just can’t deal with that one. As a rape survivor myself, it’s triggering as fuck. I don’t think I could survive hundreds of people calling me a rapist. Even having a handful of people saying that about me already makes me feel completely worthless and like I have no chance at a future unless I keep my head down… which is hard to do when I want to also become a successful author/creator/artist/whatever. I hesitate to even publish things let alone send out press releases and promote them.

No. 742674

The racism thing might be some old influence from his white trash hick parents. A very black very male friend of mine met Chris at a convention a few years ago and got a photo with him. Apparently, he was almost creepily friendly and talkative.

No. 742692

>Then he said he’d set the story straight if I slept with him more, so I did a few times, and then he ghosted me. He never set the story straight
What the fuck did you expect?

No. 742786

He seemed to really want to date me. I didn’t want to date him but I thought that being seen as a couple for a while would make people realize I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s obvious in hindsight now, over a decade later. But I would have taken any chance to publicly clear my name.

No. 742796

File: 1613681445351.jpg (36.36 KB, 470x500, b69c9d4dde11f1b6da801265fdbb44…)

should I make one anon ?

No. 742833

Why do american guys who hate black girls always end up having some thing for black men / bbc. I know I can't be the only one who notices this pattern lol

No. 742837

This is depressing as fuck anon. I hate men

No. 742896

Thank you anon. So do I.

No. 742960

nta but yes, please do, I would also love it

No. 743200

ot but you are not the only one to notice don't worry. i took a guess at why in this post >>713999 a while back lol. grim yet fascinating.

No. 743322

Even though all the twitter zoomers in Erin's thread are tipping and outing each other now in a complete shitshow, I really can't help but feel like she is still lurking or selfposting

No. 743369

i agree. idk if it’s because she so obviously lurks in the first place but i feel like it’s so undeniable. it adds a bit of flavour to the thread though kek

No. 743390

File: 1613736164117.jpeg (782.81 KB, 828x1463, FDF0BBB5-70AC-45B8-8153-84FE6A…)

I know she's very short but i don't think she has a bad body when she wears these kind of clothes. Also someone said her ass was "saggy", which again is another retarded nitpick, her ass is normal.
if she got her eyes, hair,skin and teeth under control I think she could be cute, oh and if she got far away from her mother.

No. 743494

Not a cow I'm too familiar with but damn I feel like a scrote for seeing this and thinking 'great bod, shame about the face'

No. 743499

do it and link it

No. 743500

Her ass looks great, idk what those anons are on

No. 743503

She's fucking gross looking though, and crazy

No. 743541

I don’t like Pixie but I couldn’t care less about her weight.
I despise Blaire white but I don’t see the point in misgendering her, it just feels like people are trying to be edgy

No. 743561

This is a really flattering picture of her, when you see her next to normal sized people she starts to look strange and stumpy. One anon said she looks like a Ukrainian farmer's wife and I always think about that when I see her kek

No. 743589

She looks like a average human being. I don't see an issue outside the fact she can afford to lose a few lbs and the makeup doesn't flatter her. I think people forget that most other people aren't models

No. 743602

File: 1613757410211.jpg (194.96 KB, 725x1102, cae9455bdc6dce3d6d93daa823f791…)

Her biggest problem is that she has the crazy eyes.

No. 743701

I want Vicky and BratoutofHell to meet and fall in love.

No. 743877

everytime I see people genuinely getting mad about Cows scamming scrotes and wanting other anons to get outraged on men's behalf, it's cracks me up.
Like it says something about their character yes, but I don't give a fuck if men thought obviously fake breast plates were real, or photoshop is real life.
IDK if it's Pullfags or what, but they REALLY want people to get upset on the behalf of the poor scrotes buying shit from these women.
People call Shayna "Scammy Mattel" not because we care about the scrotes she's scamming, it just shows how dishonest she is.

No. 744033

I would bet that they're scrotes posting. The amount of people seething in Belle Delphine's thread over how the "cheap quality of her porn" was "scamming her subs" was suspicious as hell, like why would any woman care about this shit.

No. 744697

>My doctor even told me heroin is quite successful as a youth preservative.
Hottest new take from a farmer in the Luna thread! Heroin is a youth preservative, didn't you know? This follows the "do meth, it's good for you" anon from a while ago. Behold the true mind-altering that drugs do - you write down nonsense like that and actually believe it.

No. 744713

I do check the pro-ana scumbags threads because why not. I do dislike some cows going out of their way too either look thin or larp as Anorexic, bulimic, etc.

No. 744770

File: 1613904332261.png (154.57 KB, 874x453, momokun_sexwork.png)

The fact that this rant got anons so seething in Momokun's thread is a true testimony to how most anons posting there are jealous ~sex workers~ and other camthots who want a piece of her success, you can't change my mind.

No. 744797

I fully agree with you anon, it isn't stalking at all imo but it doesn't make sense for anyone to be so hypocritical over it

No. 745048

File: 1613933570410.jpg (138.15 KB, 1500x1500, 81EpfhllnFL._SL1500_.jpg)

I think I'd like to see what it would look like if Luna tried to do one of these acrylic kits. I wouldn't cowtip but I've imagined what it would be like to send her a "care package" with this in it just for the lolz. I bet she'd do it all kinds of fucked up

No. 745135

I don't want to imagine the crust

No. 745464

Lot of fortisip-guzzling cows in pro-ana scumbags today. Don't get how they stand it. I fucking hate all supplement drinks. I'll eat shrimp or mushrooms to get out of that gritty syrupy chemical slop.

No. 745559

The most entertaining thing going on for me is how farmers are visibly shook that Ham is actually a totally normal weight and not a whale like they had hoped. Sure, she's a cow, but their wishful thinking is more telling and honestly hilarious.

No. 745761

is she even milky anymore? the last time i read her thread was during her sexual harassment scandal a few years ago, but once that fizzled out she got boring to me. costhots are a dime a dozen these days unfortunately

No. 746017

I used to love Lidnsay Ellis unconditionally but holy fuck she's making it so hard to keep following her. This video is peaking me so fucking badly. It's like she wants to suck on Hontra's cock so bad… come on girl, emperor's new clothes, you can't be real by thinking transphobia has been a thing in pop media until now.

No. 746029

How the fuck has she not peaked already, you'd think being involved with Hontra would be enough. This shit is grasping at straws with how spergy it is compared to her more composed film essays, is her cognitive dissonance breaking apart?

No. 746052

I still want to know what she did to get the drunk and disorderly on her record

No. 746063

You and me both. Similarly, there's a couple of women on youtube whose content I enjoy but who mention transphobia or other identity politics stuff so often it's hard to ignore. It's not even political channels, it's just that genderspecial shit gets inserted into any and every subject in an otherwise good essay or analysis.
Like, I don't mind if a creator has opinions that I don't agree with, it's just that I can barely watch a video about history or film or what have you anymore without modern politics being mentioned. This not only goes for trans stuff but things like Trump and BLM/racism and even misogyny as well, despite being a terf myself. Like, at some point I just want to watch a video about a movie or a historical event without half of it being about how oppressed x and y group are and how bigoted everyone is.

No. 746118

her father died.

No. 746141

Tbh I'm jealous of artist cows like Baylee Jae and Alythuh who can spend money freely and don't even post art that often, but still make a ridiculous amount of money when they have shop updates/restocks. Neither of them puts out good art either. I wish I could sit and draw all day while producing massive amounts of random products on someone else's dime or laze around for months when I don't feel like working.

No. 746170

File: 1614037492801.jpg (32.72 KB, 768x480, sticjsfatngtar.jpg)

The accusations of whiteknighting can get dumb. Like when you're not even bringing it up in a drama thread.
Not gonna argue with anyone about it or comment it in any drama threads. And I get the appeal of drama and it can be fun.
I see positives and redeeming factors in cow's lives and the stuff that hurt them and contributed to them becoming them and I don't feel like judging anymore. And even if there aren't receipts I don't always assume the best of their circumstance and the worst of them.
Moral debates are fruitless on a drama board and everyone is entitled to their very own opinion. I personally try to judge traumatized or extremely neglected and hurt people less. Yes, for every scammer fuck-up there's always someone who survived in spite of their pain with a backbone and moral compass that makes the best out of nothing and that's admirable and strong and the right thing to do. I still don't hold it against a fuck-up or a scammer that (most likely) had their share of pain that they went down the shitty path in life and that they make everything worse for themselves and others if it doesn't affect me. Life universially can be so fucking painful and I just wanna judge less. I'm not sure how to end this but to me any positive is a miracle in this world and I forgive a lot of negatives if it doesn't affect me and I never stop hoping for someone's improvement or "soul"

No. 746173

Most cows I don't know and don't care about, but I keep waiting for someone to start a thread on SSSuccubus and BunnyAyumi because I have so much milk it's not even funny. Surprised there's not one here already.

No. 746178

Well why not start one then? Idk about other farmers but I'm very curious about SSSuccubus and BunnyAyumi milk. Be the change that you want to see on lolcow!

No. 746181

File: 1614038533764.gif (4.03 MB, 480x342, C89281E0-5B2C-437E-AE8F-D30163…)

Man i miss Charlotte Charms, Dasha/cyr, shoplifters saga and Wylona hayashi.

No. 746182

Dasha/Cyr drama was what brought me to LC, such a quality experience, I miss it too

No. 746191

I miss Charms too, been here since the early days when her milk was still plentiful and maybe it's just nostalgia but shit was different back then in an entertaining way.

No. 746228

File: 1614043700135.jpg (89.51 KB, 590x589, 7dddc7e06d311545b016135272baad…)

Luna is one of my personal favorite cows bc she reminds me a lot of some girls i was friends with growing up.

I'm from a backwater part of Texas with a seriously bad meth and opiate problem.
I've seen sever people (girls and guys) that I was close with go down that path.
I've also seen a lot of people from my high school (i guess kind of me even tho i did have a drug problem at one point) rise above the poverty and broken families cycle and go to college and move away and led a functional adult life. I've also seen people who've gotten deep into drugs turn their life around.

I keep up with Luna bc i've also been burned bad by people i was close with who manipulated our past friendships in order to squeeze money out of me with sob stories about their families, their dads disability getting cut off, food stamp issues, just wanting something nice for themselves etc.

When you've had a junkie straight up steal $200 from your purse or only want to hang out with you after they know you got paid and picked up weed and booze it's hard to feel bad for Luna. She literally did chose that lifestyle, she romanticized addiction and poverty and was very upfront on her tumblr about it.

Save your pity for recovered and recovering addicts they need it more. manipulative thieves have to prove themselves first.

No. 746268

The best cow will always be Nemu. She was a golden milky cow, miss her

No. 746375

The truth is I'm jealous of Luna. Not the drug part but coming from a wealthy family in NYC and being a well-known and talented artist, yeah. Her tortured junkie artist image works too for that reason. If she stopped doing drugs she could actually be great.

No. 746479

>a well-known and talented artist
God knows Luna has never produced anything of value. Her poetry is trash, her art is trash. I'm not just saying that because I dislike her either, I genuinely don't get how anyone could look at her art and not see how ugly it is.

No. 746566

File: 1614090283177.gif (572.6 KB, 275x275, 1547839694151.gif)

I'm only jealous of her bangs. They always looked so perfect, wtf. No idea why she chose to grow them out, she looks worse now.

However, she has the most tragic boobs ever. I'd rather have shitty bangs and nice boobs (not to brag lol) than nice bangs and sad boobs. Also I think I'd kill myself if I had to spend more than five minutes in a room with Lurch.

No. 746573

She had super thick hair. It can hold up even after her cheap bleaches and general non-care. It's like people who have perfect skin despite shit diets and bad hygiene.

It feels undeserved and unearned.

No. 746588

I started following the pro-ana thread because of N2F. I found her creations sickly fascinating. I don't think she is a bad person at all like some of the other cows. I think she's just really sick. It's super sad. Her entire life revolves around her ED, I know what that's like and those months were the worst hell I've experienced in my life. A lot of anons say she isn't anorexic, she's bulimic. I'm not her doctor or anything but I would guess she IS anorexic, just the B/P type since she's underweight. Diagnostically the main difference between BN and AN B/P is the person's weight. It's common for more severe cases of bulimia to progress to AN B/P if the person is "good" at purging (gets almost everything out) and stops eating much/at all outside B/P episodes. AN B/P is the eating disorder that kills the fastest. She's dying. It could be tomorrow, she could hold on for years, but she obviously is very ill physically as well as mentally. I don't laugh at her food creations anymore. It seems like her family is negligent or probably in denial. It's pretty common for families of ED sufferers to be in denial. How else do people like Elzani or Ganer whose families don't seem to actively hate them get to extremely low BMIs? My own family believed that I was "being healthy" until my BMI was below 14 and I passed out while walking to the store. I feel horrible for her and wish I could help her somehow but there is nothing I can do as I don't know her, am in another country, and don't even actually follow her on instagram anymore.

No. 746732

Why does that anon have to change their opinion and save their pity for other people?
You could also argue that Luna was just a dumb kid who internalized and ideolized the drug-abuse of her mom and became really stunted and attracted to toxic lifestyles and attitudes. Not an excuse especially for the affected but an explanation and people will respond differently to it.


have never noticed that. there are studies that say kind people are generally happier

No. 747152

Yeah I agree, the weird expired food and disgusting living conditions were comical at first but I can't laugh anymore since she's gone so downhill. I don't think she's a cow, just sick as fuck and unfortunately broadcasting it on the internet for whatever reason. She'll either be sent to the hospital or just die, she can't go on like this. Looks jaundiced as hell too. Poor girl, I really hope she can make it through.
Honestly I follow the pro-ana scumbags thread only for the fatass larpers, the spoopy ones just make me sad even if they're also shitty people.

No. 747206

Anons are you me?
I have big dreams too, I went through a lot of trauma at a young age and always had no friends so I spent a lot of time on the internet attention seeking, saying stupid shit, being coerced into sending explicit pictures at a very young age, talking to and pandering to incels from 4chan (all of these people having pictures of my face, real name etc) until I grew out of all the attention seeking internet stuff and stopped talking to anyone. I now know/greatly fear that if I was to ever follow my dreams and become famous, I'd have so much fucking dirt on me and one of the incels I used to talk to would find where I live and rape/kill me. It's truly awful knowing I'll probably never be able to succeed in life because of stuff I did as a child coping with trauma and being extremely isolated from other people my age irl.

No. 747215

I feel the exact same way, but then I remember that Doja Cat called people faggots and hung out in weird chatsites pretending to moan for scrotes and now she's a huge star.

I know a bunch of incels and pedos have photos of me as a kid and teen and things I said for them in the past. I used to cry myself to sleep thinking "omg how am I ever going to make it?? what if they release things on me??" but then I realize that anybody with a normal functioning brain would see that I was a child/teenager and was clearly groomed. If you ever become famous and anything comes out just realize that you have a lot to back you up, especially since you admit you were isolated and traumatized (and I relate). Anybody who says otherwise is literally fucking retarded and nobody should care about their opinion, especially if we're talking about CSA.

No. 747233

Thanks so much anon. It's really comforting to know I'm not alone and someone else has been through what I have too. It's crazy how people try to cancel others for stuff they did online as a child/teen. I acted NOTHING like how I did online and just said and did things for attention because I was extremely lonely and deeply depressed. Like yeah, whatever, cancel people who do stupid shit when they are an actual adult but people who were really vulnerable and talked to old gross scrotes for validation when they were under 18 deserve pity and not someone trying to ruin their career and life when they were finally able to realise their mistakes and grow up/mature.
And to think the amount of celebrities who wouldn't have careers if the stuff they said as a kid was recorded, extremely unfair how everything we say and do now is recorded forever.
I wish you the best of luck on your endeavour, anon. We can make this happen <3

No. 747259

Yesss love you, anon! The fact that a ton of people who get cancelled are people who were either groomed and teenage chats were leaked or were just edgelords trying to get attention to make up for the lack at home instead of actual pedophiles scares the shit out of me. I keep thinking about if the internet was invented earlier or if better archives were available so many more people would be "cancelled" kek. It's really unfair considering so many people rightfully say that the brain doesn't completely develop until 25 (I can't imagine a traumatized brain) but then go ahead and cancel something for what they said in high school.. literally who the fuck cares?
Another example I can think of is Joji. Look at his past channels even as an adult and look at his career now, it's doing pretty well. (although women always have it worse, but still) If he can get through all the stuff from his past so can you, anon! We got this, mwah

No. 747287

File: 1614139076268.png (10.91 MB, 3433x2205, image.png)

Most people featured on lolcow are generic Cluster B attention whores who some probably equally shitty but highly less successful/attractive farmers use as a vehicle to feel less bad about themselves.
imo real prize livestock regularly set off on dramatic sagas (e.g. Abby Brown), have loyal orbiters that they drag along on misadventures (e.g. Greg when he was interesting), are completely divorced from reality, extremely degenerate, or otherwise 'alien in a human suit'-tier strange (e.g. Pixy), or ideally some combination thereof/all of the above (e.g. Victoria Bitter/Andy Blake).
Anyway, here are my thoughts basically circlejerking what everyone else has said:
>GIMPGIRL: Have to agree with other farmers that she's way more lovable than she has any right to be, though she should not be raising kids holy shit.
>Phoebe: She was perfect. Probably lolcow's best home-grown cow; I hope whomever got her IG suspended feels real good about themselves.
>Luna and TND: They seem like fundamentally shitty and selfish people who will never repair their lives, but despite my best efforts and for reasons I can't identify I still hope to see it happen.
>Nika and Jaelle: Pretty dormant right now, but wow what a trainwreck. Probably some of the best cows in the past few years for the dadfucking saga alone.
>Mariah: She seems like someone who engaged in some extremely visible bad behavior in her youth and has since grown up. Her conversations surrounding Kevin make it seem like she may actually be a decent and empathetic, albeit flawed person.
>Lori: Pure evil, quite possibly one of the worst cows to ever come on the scene. She's currently pretty boring and goes dormant for years at a time, though.
>KT: Clearly extremely mentally ill, and it's frustrating to watch some farmers try to launch banal critiques at her like she's just a normal internet loser. It seems like punching down at its worst.
>niche and local weeb scenes, anachans, various weebs in Japan: Typically boring as cows (except for Lorena and n2f) but watching a bunch of people in these obscure tight-knit irl circles throw shade at each other over years-old petty dramu is weirdly entertaining.
>Kiki: Farmers keep trying to criticize her by claiming that she's trying to put on an ~ethereal vegan kween~ persona, but I think she's grown into a GIMPGIRL type of character, where she's stuck in some sort of self-constructed version of reality and can't quite seem to understand how normal people think and communicate. Love it and hope she finds a wealthy vegan Vlad who can make her happy.
I will never forget the penis pump incident. Charms threads were so good

No. 747304

>she's way more lovable than she has any right to be
I don’t really get this, I feel bad for Gimpgirl because she’s obviously been abused or been through some kind of trauma, but what’s lovable about her? The first thread has a bunch of receipts of her saying all sorts of typical incel sexist shit, calling her own daughter inferior, saying any woman who’s not an anachan is a fatty, saying how Vlad beats her and all wives should be beaten, etc. What is there to like?

No. 747314

Methinks farmers who overly sympathize with gimpgirl are weeby anachans who like drawing bad manga fic too.

That woman is so vile.

No. 747325

It's hard to describe. She has horrific views and should not have custody of her kids, but she's also a freak of nature in a completely authentic way rather than the increasingly common and performative twitter coomer, soundcloud junkie, etc. sort of way and seems happy with her life despite how fucked up it is. She's like those people you'd stumble across on forums or deviantart back in Web 1.0 who decided to live full-time as a LOTR elf or dedicate their entire existence to a The Rescuers background character…except vile.

No. 747337

>>Luna and TND: They seem like fundamentally shitty and selfish people who will never repair their lives, but despite my best efforts and for reasons I can't identify I still hope to see it happen.
I hope to see it happen too, and I know the reason why - they're so fucking young. I can't write them off because their life is still at the beginning. If there's no hope for the young, there's no hope for anyone ever.

No. 747338

I don’t see anything about her as authentic, isn’t most of her advice contradictory at best? She seems to borrow from a mishmash of conflicting ideologies to support her “women should live for men” idea. Even being a tradwife makes more sense, at least they have the bare minimum of husbands who work and don’t openly brag about cheating on them or beating them. I can’t imagine how anyone would look at her life and think she’s happy, the woman is dumpster diving for children’s clothes so she can save money for Vlad’s lenses. I honestly don’t even think she’s the one writing most of her posts, I’d bet Vlad has some exhibitonist/embarrassment fetish and just tells her what to do.

No hate to you anon, it just surprises me how so many people have a different opinion on gimpgirl.

No. 747379

Nayrt, gimpgirl and vlad give off onision and lainey vibes to me. Particularly when she posted this
which sounded like trying to rope in more people into their weird sex life. Some farmers were like yes mommy dom me, I'm thinking stop don't encourage them.
I don't think gimpy is happy at all, just like I don't think lainey is actually smug. I think they're broken people that have dug their heads deep down into bad coping mechanisms. Everything about them is out of cope, including laineybot changing gender and becoming a groomer herself, and every piece of "advice" and "ideology" gimpgirl puts out there.

No. 747397

Gimpgirl is not lovable. Even if she didn't have the weird ideas and didn't post embarrassing things on the internet, I would still hate her. She comes off as the kind of person I don't get along with.

No. 747402

Wylona and Berry Tsukasa were my lifeblood back in the days KEK

No. 748920

I'm one of the anons you replied to here, and yes I relate to that so much. I had the same experience as a teen. When i was 15 a 20yo guy was grooming me and introduced me to 4chan. I wish my parents had stepped in but they allowed it. He encouraged me to "fit in" with him and his friends, all neckbeard coomer gamer weaboo guys around his age or mine. That led to me trying to fit in with 4chan culture in general.
Fuck, I think back to myself as a 15 year old. I was a straight A student, but then my life became all about simping for these gross dudes. I know that none of them will ever be held accountable for their actions. Or if they were, they'd brush it off easily as just boys being boys in the toxic 00's.
But as for perverts having pictures of me as a teen, and just general memories of the gross shit I did to fit in back then. I would hate to see any of that stuff resurface all these years later. I don't know if I could live through the shame.

I think about Doja Cat a lot in this regard. When that story came out some people were genuinely baffled why she acted like that, but I immediately understood and related. I really sympathized with her experience.

I wonder how many young women who have the potential to accomplish something big are scared to even try, for fear of weirdos exposing their past groomed behavior and trauma responses. It makes me so sad.

No. 750598

Jenna lynn meowri is actually very milkly and I'm shocked she never got a thread here. Right before pull was shut down, she was exposed as being a farmer here and is a regular in threads related to cosplayers and photoshoppers, either talking shit about other cosplayers or sperging at anons who posted her.

Another thing: I don't understand why some threads are closed for having no milk, yet others can stay open when there is virtually no milk in them either and its mostly nitpicking and anons fixating on the cows appearance. (Rtg thread for example: its just anons saying she looks trans, her wigs and fashion sense are shit and how boring her videos are…none of that is milk.) If other anons comment on how milkless the thread is…they get put out to pasture…I've always found that odd.

No. 751604

I ignored the Heather Sparkles threads for a long time because I didn't understand what her deal was, until I realized that she's like if the christian horsegirl from my rural hometown tried to larp as a tumblr goth despite having no eye for aesthetics. I love that she's this stunted 31 year old womanchild who is stuck in 2010, it's almost endearing, like she's a character written by Tina Fey or something. The shit she does and says is so dumb I actually wonder if she has a mental impairment sometimes or is just really undereducated

No. 752587

Do you ever feel like your personal lolcow could definetely be entretaining for other farmers here but making a thread would backlash into their followers and friends whiteknighting them? Already happened to me, but didn't have to post a thread, her friends defended her on the personal lolcows thread.

No. 752820

I had a really good personal one but I could never post all the milk in that thread because it would be so obvious it was me

No. 753118

I have OCD and I have this weird intrusive thought of meeting my favorite cows irl. I want to meet Micky Moon in a convention and kiss her. I want to meet Venus in Japan and kiss her and give her oral sex and then I'll treat her to some nice clothes. And then there's pixielocks, I want to punch pixielocks in the face.

This is just an intrusive thought tho, it's just my OCD I swear

No. 753169

File: 1614770768990.jpeg (46.5 KB, 680x378, 48113652-5432-46D3-AE3A-E3B7F3…)

No. 753435

I ship PedoJared and KT. Can you imagine how epic the drama would be if those two were involved in any way? Especially IRL. I imagine KT literally stalking Jared and going full yandere when she sees him fuck some random chick (can be Hoelly, idc) or catches him sharing nudes with fans.
>I was just trying to instill body positivity in my fans! Please put away that axe, my violet pwincess

No. 753446

I hope ProJared dies lol(a-logging)

No. 753455

I love that

No. 753461

Holly is already like that tho

No. 753466

Like a bit, yeah. But KT is peak schizo insanity MPDG. Worst case you have 2 for a price of one. A love triangle with KT, Hoelly and Jared would be incredible

No. 753722

Celebricows went to shit the moment it was moved to /snow/ and now it's full of twitter retards with fake woke sjw identity politics

No. 753731

I agree.

No. 753733

Speaking of that… why is lolcow suddenly full of twitter retards? Like I can tell they're sjws and shit. I don't get it, didn't farmers used to bully those types out of the website?

No. 753743

Pull got closed and a lot of arttwitter people discovered this website.

No. 753760

Also when the kpop threads were a thing, they'd attract a lot of twitter stans

No. 753875

I tried going to cerebricows but holy shit it's like being sucked into a shitty catty gossip magazine in there. Nitpicks of the stupidest shit, baseless accusations, everyone attacking everyone, hostility at the max. It's like bunch of dramatic drag queens making a thread.

No. 754666

On the Erin/Nina thread, I feel like it's really lacking any kind of balanced perspective. Yes, obviously the cowtipper is a problem, cowtipping sucks and ruins milk for everyone. However, the person who runs between that thread and meta typing in an extremely distinctive style shits up the actual thread entirely (whether that's like, worse than being a cowtipper offsite is debatable ofc.) The constant insistence that she isn't a cow anymore and that the thread needs to be locked, including claiming it had over 1400 posts (lol) is just completely headache inducing. I wish there were more middle ground in this thread instead of it being overtaken by these two, unless it's just the same person starting shit on the site and off. Erin doesn't seem to have changed much at all, I genuinely believe if people would just sit tight for a while instead of baiting her or crying about the thread being too dead to exist every time it's quiet for a day or two that she would provide milk on her own.

No. 754670

I fully agree with you. I believe people who WK her are the new twitter ones or people who don't know anything about non-anime twitter art 'community'. She is still the same, manipulative and lying rotten person.

I would not be surprised if she was the one who kept shitting on her own thread on purpose - to make it look like as if its just ~ mean people ~, cause she is known for stalking this thread throughout this day.

No. 755275

File: 1615000252086.jpeg (272.64 KB, 764x1389, 1610901426094.jpeg)

I think that Vicky is mentally disabled. Her bad personality is one thing but it doesn't explain everything else: the crappy tattoos, the inability to understand jokes, the grammar and spelling mistakes, the absurd shoops she tries to pass off as real. Also, the lies she tells sound like they're coming from a middle school kid, I can't imagine saying something like that as an adult to other adults (the Ivy League education, the kilt trend, the kidnapping etc.)

No. 755281

>I have on a fleshtone shirt
…where the fuck is that hand on her titty coming from then?

No. 755290

Samefag, oh my god I'm a dumbass, that's her hand. It didn't look like that the first time I saw the photo

No. 755543

Lillee Jean's newest video actually makes me want to a-log, normally I never feel like this about her but it's just so maddening how much she overacts because she never fucking learned to act like a normal person and just bases all of her social skills off of disney films, and the fact that she declares she has PTSD triggers me sm. The way she delusionally sees herself is just so far away from the reality of her situation it is really crazy-making to see

No. 755788

People who a-log/want to a-log scare me. What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 755954

Sorry I'm retarded. I thought a-logging meant being irrationally angry at a cow not wishing violence upon them

No. 758411

I'd have to say that the todokaras thread and the Nemu thread are some of my absolute favorites. Especially Nemu's when it was all unfolding and eventually ended up with her having her own threads and her friends/whitenights coming in to defend or trash her. I admit that I genuinely like her art (when she isn't drawing disgusting scat/vomit/bestiality fetish shit) and she could've done something with it. She also reminds me of a time when tumblr would let users like her run rampant with little repercussions. Which isn't really a thing now because of all the content policing and people being thirsty for drama. It's good that predatory people are now called out more but at the same time it chases away the entertaining weirdos quickly.

The only cow on here I genuinely hate is that line backer troon Aggy and all his disgusting friends. He's got rancid art, fetishes, and hygiene. I hope he gets run off twitter for GOOD and detransitions.

I hate that thread. Easily one of the worst ones on here.The anons in there are absolutely unhinged.

No. 759432

What is happening to Luna right now is pretty sad, she will end up homeless and an orphan very soon. Anyway, she did it to herself and doesn't deserve anyone feeling bad for her.

No. 759442

It does idk why she reacted that way

No. 759477

It can mean both, it usually means being an annoying sperg about an internet stranger
'alogging is scawy' ok sperg

No. 759622

all my favorite cows aren't milky anymore.

No. 759631

Heather is just an autistic, uglier, less talented Kelly Eden. I miss Kelly milk.

No. 759637

I will say this again: The artsalt thread is so toxic. It should be moved to /snow/. I'm tired of having to see it here, it's full of infighting artists. I bet the same artists that post about other artists are cows themselves. You can tell by the weird morale, the repetition of topics, the infighting attitude, and etc. Lame and boring

No. 759643

That e girl/Twitter thread thing on snow should be fucking locked. At this point I assume it’s just all of them self posting and infighting. They gotta fuck off

No. 759664

I used to find Erin's milk hilarious (specifically her suicidebaiting era) but now I feel so frustrated with her as if she were my unmotivated little sister lmao. I'm rooting for her to turn it around because she's not unskilled; she's young enough (and rich enough) to close her eyes and pick any college degree and just really apply herself and broadcast absolutely none of it on social media and I think she could turn out fine. She fucking wasted that new legal name when she didn't follow it up with a substantial lifestyle change honestly.

No. 759679

Every time someone is outed on that thread it turns out to be some retarded twitterfag with pronouns on bio. My favourite though was the selfposting furry who even after being caught just bragged along the lines of "Whatever I got like 10 followers out of this lmao".

No. 759727

Yeah, and the debates are the same every single time, they even reply to days old post with more infighting. I think we should separate the artist salt thread from the art critique/art resources threads we have on /m/. If someone needs advice the artist sald thread is just misguided

No. 759750

File: 1615547067014.png (39.79 KB, 469x138, art.PNG)

you guys know you can hide threads, right….?

No. 759768

I hadn't visited it in a while and holy fuck it's a fucking Chernobyl in there

No. 759781

Agreed, and it bleeds into the other threads too. If I have to see another post unironically mentioning "pro" or "anti" shipping I'm killing myself

No. 759866

Is there a thread you’ve stopped visiting for your own wellbeing because the subject/s make you irrationally angry/upset/etc?

I’ve stopped reading about alythuh because I genuinely can’t stand how popular her shitty merch and art are. I’ve also stopped reading the leftthots thread because seeing their opinions gives me brain cancer.

No. 759871

I avoid gimpgirl thread like a plague because it really feels like there's something seriously wrong happening in her life we're not aware of and it's not funny. Similar reasons, Jaelle / Nika.

Different reasons: driverfagging on /m/

No. 759902

>Different reasons: driverfagging on /m/
Really sorry if it's something I wrote, though I can't help it at the same time. Feel free to check in someday if you miss driverfagging! I hope another thread brings you joy.

No. 760007

I gave a chance to the artsalt thread for 3 days and it went so bad, will never visit it again

Micky Moon was one of my favorite cows because I personally find her kinda cute but amusing and a bad case of no self awareness but her thread is now just 1 anon posting dried milk, you can tell by the writing style

Pixielocks annoys me so much, she's just a fat munchie.

I visited the Venus thread once in a blue moon, never again. Same with Nicole Dean, they're just sad people now. The Nicole Dollanganger and her Calfs threads were amusing but that shit's dead now. Kota's thread was amusing only the first 2 years. Rottendolly legit disgusts me. Poppy and Sinclair make me feel uncomfortable. RIP Nemu, best horrorcow we had. The animecore thread was promising and it never delivered. I'm waiting for more Jeffree/Shane drama. Visited the egirl thread twice, never again. Venus' Mom is just fucking crazy and so is Kanadajin. And the MTF thread is amusing but whenever I read about those troons I feel so angry afterwards that I try my best to not see it.

Lastly, driverfagging thread on /m/. I just wanted a comfy space to talk about how hot Adam Driver is, I don't care about his milky fans/drama/etc I want more pictures of him naked and silly shitposting.

No. 760012

>Lastly, driverfagging thread on /m/. I just wanted a comfy space to talk about how hot Adam Driver is, I don't care about his milky fans/drama/etc I want more pictures of him naked and silly shitposting.
be the change you wish to see, anon! The drama topics were temporary, it's back to thirst and shitposting tbh

No. 760032

>really feels like there's something seriously wrong happening in her life we're not aware of and it's not funny.
This is kinda my thought too. I think her husband controls a lot of what she says or is pretending to be her in many posts. That pic of her in BDSM gear giving birth is seared into my memory. It bothers me to see so many anons calling her based when something is clearly majorly wrong in her life.

No. 760051

>giving birth in bdsm gear
Holy fuck, the brainrot. That's disgusting, it's like a gore hentai come to life. Fucking hate that crap, how the fuck is this "based"??

No. 760059

The tranny thead. I noticed that it's actually starting to color the way I think about every transgender person. And considering I have a questioning friend, I really don't want my instinctive reaction to be disgust.

No. 760195

I'm trying to keep my disgust to the AGPS / fake bois I don't like being frustrated/angry at stuff that I can't change like general troonery, but the thread is still fun to read at annoying/ disgusting troons from time to time, in moderation for my health, lol

No. 760252

For me it's starting to color the way I think about all men. I can't stomach any more misogyny from their posts.

No. 760345

>Micky Moon was one of my favorite cows because I personally find her kinda cute but amusing and a bad case of no self awareness but her thread is now just 1 anon posting dried milk
i feel the same way anon. i read up about her before /w/ was made and i didn't like her at the beginning. i feel like she could become a better person if she really wanted and i'm happy for her getting a car instead of cheap aliexpress.

No. 760476

File: 1615644105771.jpeg (121.67 KB, 504x470, 27A90DB9-41A3-4069-A4DB-94D792…)

News stories that fuck you up-thread, some stuff I read there still follows me, play stupid games win stupid prices I know but it has erased any sliver of hope I had for this gay fucking planet.

No. 760851

me too, anon. maybe in the past i could marginally agree with lc's view on transgenderism, but i have very beloved friends in my real life now in that department and i don't want to hurt them by engaging in that thread, so i had to stop. they're worth a lot more to me than a bunch of online anons.

i had to stop visiting practically most of /snow/ and /w/ cows bc theyre so dry and dull, and i'm trying to stay away from more "hateful" threads like eg. art salt bc i become the worst person ever when engaging with them. basically i only go on ot, m and g these days.

No. 760950

> i'm trying to stay away from more "hateful" threads like eg. art salt bc i become the worst person ever when engaging with them.

what do you mean?

No. 760957

File: 1615687208794.png (1.52 MB, 1125x2436, race - white.png)

I wish Kiki Deerhoof would come back because her pathetic attempts at scams were so fucking funny to me. Her getting arrested for the Antifa thing would have been funny as shit if she was still active publicly/anywhere

No. 760958

wtf is that her real name??

No. 760961

I'm pretty sure she changed it to try and convince people she was asian

No. 761004

Shayna anons are so unfunny and ruin every thread they crosspost in.

No. 761033

She’s an idiot, like straight up, a right idiot. If she has mental issues, it’s from knocking back brown liquor and inhaling tattoo ink. Mix that with a healthy dose of general autism, and you get this.

What I love about Vicky, though, is that she’s such a time capsule; there were so many delusional fucks like her online who were all into Final Fantasy and 2000’s anime culture, mixed in with the general ridiculousness of scene. It just brings back so many memories of the early 2000’s, chatroom spergs, buying katanas at the kawaii store in the mall so you could autistically swing it around like Cloud, everybody being emo, Myspace, and early Fagbook drama. I miss that era a lot because it was so much fun looking back now, you don’t see cows like that anymore and Vicky is really a great representation of people I knew who peaked in the early 2000’s and can’t move on from that time in their lives. I have a relative who acts a lot like her, she “peaked” in the mid 2000’s and was a Final Fantasy fag/scene kid, it really rotted her brain.

No. 761034

How old are you anon?

No. 761047

basically if i start lurking/posting in threads focused on drama/hating sth i become way more prone to saying explosive/negative/mean shit, and it starts bleeding into other, offline aspects of my life. i don't like the person that i am when i do that so i try to stop and focus on more benign threads. it doesn't mean i don't relapse from time to time to post sth nasty, but i'm aware of it.

an example with a cow so i'm not too OT: i've ceased reading Pixielocks' thread both bc she's just not milky to me anymore and bc i felt way too compelled to nitpick her. she's just too easy a target. i also feel waaay too comfortable a-logging in the art salt thread so i just stay the hell away

No. 761071

What did it say?

No. 761625

It was me, I wanted to edit some wording in my original post and I must have deleted it at the same time anon responded to me, I'm sorry. I am not going to give away my exact age but I will be 30 in a couple of years, not too long now actually seeing as my birthday is coming up in two months.

It's weird being an oldfag and having these memories because I don't really think about it much until I check up on cows like Vicky or Lori. I was not into scene as a kid, I was a goth, but as I mentioned in my first post, a relative of mine was heavily into scene and she was somewhat popular up until her mid 20's after she got into drugs and became a career alcoholic, so I was exposed to the culture through her.

She hung around J* when he was first getting started, and she had a ton of followers on MySpace and used to hand out her "card" at raves kek. It was all really hilarious at the time seeing her go to Kinko's to get hundreds of those little things made up, but now it just makes me nostalgic and a little sad because I don't think we will ever have anything like that ever again. Sage for autism.

No. 761629

I agree. Vic also reminds me of myself when I was like 13-14 and thought my eye color/astrology sign was a personality. I don’t know how she doesn’t get sick of posting the same photoshopped pics and pickme memes over and over, but it’s pretty entertaining since she’s an adult. Hard to believe a 30-something year old is acting like my old myspace friends back in 2006.

Every time I look at Plasticandproud/Ari/whatever her name is now I feel sick, she’s like the grossest person I can imagine. Unnecessary plastic surgery, clown makeup, dead animals, STDs, it’s like a bingo card for everything that freaks me out. I don’t get how anyone finds her funny or amusing. The posts about her hating her kitten for being a kitten was disturbing.

No. 761872

I honestly applaud Lori/Usagikou for owning up to her weebshit and presenting with the pastel kawaii e-girl core in her photos despite her age. Even though she's a huge cow and a bitch otherwise I still like seeing women in their 30's embracing alt fashion and wish it was normalized more, the anons seething over her being "an old hag" instead of focusing on the actual milk are coping as fuck.

No. 761879

Nothing wrong with pastels but the e-girl style at over 30… embarrassing.

No. 761881

>proving the point

No. 761887

Sorry you don't like the truth

No. 761902

Sounds like you're the one coping anon bless you

No. 761908

what's the truth, that you're a pickme?

No. 761910

But who cares? We're all rotting meat kek

No. 761912

I'll see you later in the vent thread crying about how you want to die over the anxiety of turning 25 and hitting ~the wall~ nonnies

No. 761914

File: 1615811352518.png (220.95 KB, 351x214, kot2.png)

>the anons seething over her being "an old hag" instead of focusing on the actual milk are coping as fuck.
That's most threads on this entire website. Tbh ever since PULL went down this place has gotten way worse and I can't imagine how bad it would get if Null decided to nuke KF.The CP and gore that continuously gets posted doesn't help either. Most of the good cows have dried up at this point and the only reason I've had to come back here was to confirm that Soren had croaked.Even /ot/ and /m/ are dull as fuck recently.
Also what the fuck is it with some anons and Anisa?? I can understand the weeb ones like Taylor R and Kota because of their living doll shenanigans that anons can't let go of but Anisa seems so boring.
At this point,I assume most milk less posts are just vendettas from other people in their community or crazy randos.

The tranny thread.Some of the things that those ugly creatures and their supporters have to say about women and lesbians in general makes my blood boil.
At the same time the thread is interesting and it's one of very few places I can go full TERF.
The e-girl and celebrity threads are ones that I hope someday will get locked forever.


No. 761917

this, enjoy wearing nothing but beige cardigans and muumuus for the rest of your lives xoxo

No. 761922

I will never forget the one anon who was posting about how a 23-year old is too old for e-thotting which just fucked my brain bad. E-thotting is cringe for all ages but implying that a 23-year old is "too old" for it is all sorts of fucked, the implication that only literal teenagers should be sexual on the internet is so messed up. If you're going to ruin your life by posting pussy pics and licking dildos on your onlyfans at least be over the age of 18, preferably over 21. Mentally ill PULLfags need to either integrate or be driven out immediately.

No. 761945

so many people on here are really mentally ill and it's obvious they grew up online and were groomed as kids.

still remember that one bitch wondering if it's okay to wear primark in your late twenties, or the one who laments turning 18 because she won't be jailbait anymore.

No. 761950

>so many people on here are really mentally ill and it's obvious they grew up online and were groomed as kids.
So true. I remember that anon crying about "not being jailbait anymore" too, it's both sad and enraging that women are memed into thinking that they have this very short time allocation of a few years until they're deemed worthless and unattractive and too old for anything that's fun. But I guess that's what happens when you're terminally online since 12 and had predatory 28 year old 4chanlet scrotes orbiting you at 14 and grooming you with loli porn.

No. 761958

nta but I'm genuinely upset at how common it is.
I feel like it's getting worse now with more and more kids having unlimited access to the internet.

No. 761977

I think it's mainly limited to the mentally ill /ot/ anons who frequently admit to posting nudes underaged on imageboards while trying to garner sympathy, or trying to act like it's remotely normal to have a casual phase where they lied to men about their ages online for whatever reason.

No. 762014

The celebricows thread is an embarrassment. Literal incels.

No. 762017

The celebricows and the ethots threads are where it becomes really obvious how many people here are mentally ill.

No. 762029

damn am I the only one who avoided men like the plague on online spaces when she was younger??

No. 762043

I assume some anons didn’t have responsible parents to keep them away or warn them about predators.

No. 762065

File: 1615828301355.jpeg (118.84 KB, 1122x1351, jpeg_7c1c3ae6-a28e-43db-89f3-a…)

I don't think Erin was ever milky enough to warrant her own thread, alot of it all is just nitpicking on her appearance and the recent tracing tinfoiling got so extremely farfetched it was more ridiculous than whatever she was doing.

inb4 Erin, I don't think she's a good person at all, she's a piece of shit, but she's also not milky enough to warrant 5+ threads.

No. 762078

I blame the pandemic, the increasing amounts of unhinged mental illness online alone has been staggering. So many places I visit now have some contingent of either Q clan weirdos or some other type of anti-xyz autism, it’s insane and tiring trying to wade through this bullshit to read something that isn’t radicalized sperging or just upsetting.

I started avoiding /ot/ here because I can’t with some of the things I have been reading lately. The tinfoil thread went from interesting and somewhat koo koo to downright depressing schizo slop, and the celebricows thread has completely exceeded even the most deranged shit you could read on Lipstick Alley. I get all of us are a little ADHD to be posting here, but you can just tell a lot of people posting here now have a manic, hyper obsessive energy about them that’s extremely unpleasant. I just want good milk from dumb cows who make me laugh.

No. 762119

The mtf thread is laced with schizo tier theories that belong in a /pol/ Qanon thread too. I thought people were gender critical because they had a grounding in logic and science, but so many posts in that thread are just checklists of mental illness funneled through a hateboner for boners.

No. 762125

It's not really a gender critical thread though. It's a make fun of these crazy trannies thread.

No. 762132

Unfortunately some of the anons end up looking just as crazy themselves

No. 762133

Most AN-R binge at least occasionally even if they never talk about it, but certainly not all. The only constant in anorexics is restriction. When I was (professionally diagnosed) AN-R I would binge once every 2-3 months or something like that. The binging and/or purging has to happen at least semi-regularly to change the subtype to AN-BP. Most AN-BP have that as a main feature of their ED, they would fit the full criteria for bulimia in addition to anorexia but in the DSM-5 you can't have both at once, if you're normal or higher weight you're bulimic and if you're underweight you're AN-BP.

No. 762134

the YT Beauty Comm thread can burn too

No. 762136

Personally, I don't think Ro is either truly someone who never binges or a lying AN-BP. I think she's the type who has relatively small binges occasionally, probably on her safe food, not enough to really slow her weight loss much. Just my random personal tinfoil that's probably wrong. I don't follow Ro or her crew that closely.

No. 762138

The mods banned the GC threads that were one of the best conducted threads in /ot/ and keep banning "GC sperging" i.e. sensible discussion in the MTF thread but allow retarded a-logging and "please god kill these fucking faggots" tier lunatics to stay. I mean most of the a-logs are /tttt/ browsers who think they're not like other troons but still.

No. 762139

I have started to seriously fucking hate Aimee Terese, I thought she was a funny lolcow to follow after I got into those threads but something just snapped in my brain yesterday when she was on twitter for hours making herself out to be some kind of selfless voice of the working class who just gets bullied cause she is a girl. Someone like her, who has attended expensive private schools her whole life, got to attend law school and decide she didn't like it like that's nothing, has never had a real job and never will, has no fucking right to speak about working class people in dangerous jobs. Maybe it's just because I grew up with both parents and a grandparent in dangerous jobs, but it makes me sick to think of some grifter like her speaking for them and it really just hit me all at once. There's no way she really cares for workers, she doesn't know the meaning of work and thinks that because she read some theory she knows what's best for the workers trying to unionize right now better than they do. As much as she goes on about how "uwu I only make enough to pay my rent and buy smokes from the pod and do zoom tutoring sometimes, I make modest money" everything she does is driven by profit for herself and taking out the competition. She is the embodiment of everything she accuses other podcasters of being, an out of touch upper middle class elite who fetishizes the poor for money. Her shit about everyone else being a hyper democrat is just a distraction so nobody will realize that when she is going on about greedy capitalist podcasters that she is just talking about herself. Oh, and the fact that she thinks regular hardworking people let extremely online podcasters rule their lives and decide their votes for them is laughably insulting. Sorry this is such a rant, I figure since this is an /ot/ thread it's fine. But it's been a while since I wished I could just personally tell a cow to eat shit.

No. 762162

Dasha is super hot but I bet she’ll die soon.

No. 762202

It annoys me when anons pick and choose which lolcows don't deserve to have their drama talked about because of their tragic past/childhood trauma stories. Imo all these cows save for the supremely spoiled ones, have come from pretty fucked up and rough backgrounds so it screams favoritism bullshit to me to dismiss some but not others.

No. 762210

File: 1615842588166.jpg (81.59 KB, 900x900, descargar (7).jpg)

My experience IRL + looking at cows here has taught me so much about life and how not to be annoying. But one of the things I'm most grateful about is learning to trust my senses when it comes to people; sometimes people are bad and you can feel their vibe, but they mask it with trying to be rays of sunshine. They always have this kind of vibe, it feels relaxing and good, but it feels TOO GOOD to be true. Does someone else know what I'm talking about? I think some of the cows who tend to act like they're good and optimistic have this vibe, like pixielocks.

No. 762215

samefag, but it's like when rancid people like shane and jeffree claim to be empaths and good people

No. 762223

The toxic faux positivity and empath bullshit is what you may mean?

No. 762226

Yeah! and they always have this aura of niceness, but that niceness is fake. Real nice people don't have that aura.

No. 762228

Real nice people also have normal, off days and these fake posi people usually fake till they snap, then fake again. No middleground.

No. 762343

Yeah I know what you're talking about. I remembered some people IRL who have this vibe. I've had a bad experience with one specifically.

No. 762512

File: 1615876184335.png (239.89 KB, 293x397, 1615869705381.png)

I find her attractive even if she shoops to hell and back, and I would like to see her nudes but at the same hell nawh, I'm not supporting her, plus I hate onlyfans so much

No. 762519

She would be a very classy, elegant woman if she dressed well and was even slightly saner. She has such good features… why does anyone waste their body and dress this way?? I guess mental illness

No. 762520

following popular online trends off the cliff

No. 763079

The way people on here talk about ftms is misogynistic as fuck and I hate everybody on this site.
No, I'm not ftm.

No. 763082

Tbh, ftms don’t deserve most of the hate they receive, they’re retarded but most of the times they’re just girls that most surely never had friends outside the tranny grooming carousel.

No. 763118

They're mostly just lost women with issues, can't really blame them I guess but if I am in particularly shitty mood, I see them as traitors kek

No. 763121

I don't go on the ftms thread but I agree. Sometimes I can't help feeling bitter when I see them being so anti-women and ashamed of being one (we already have men of all classes humilliating us, do we really need even other women doing the same?), but I guess they're just mentally ill and I like to believe they don't know better

No. 763125

I don't get your point. The cow boards are full of people nitpicking people's vaginas and every mundane action, and in general insanely focused on looks and how they lose their "fuckability". People pointing out that opting out of being a woman won't solve your problems in misoginy?

No. 763355

That thread is the least misogynistic on that entire board lmao
what are you on anon

No. 763357

File: 1615959039391.jpg (67.65 KB, 989x989, 105568765_119568819523187_1183…)

I don't know most of the artists mentioned in the art salt thread and don't really care. So many of them look the same and anons in that thread have the same arguments over and over again.
It really makes me miss the more lulzy artists that were present on deviantart and tumblr.

My guess is that the reason mods won't get rid of that thread is because one of them probably posts in it often.

No. 763358

traitors deserve nothing but ridicule

No. 763361

I mean this is constantly being shoved down people's throats, naturally some will be influenced. You are not immune to propaganda

No. 763364

Personally, I cut them more slack than I do MTFs because they're suffering women.
MTFs get my full wrath tho because fuck scrotes

No. 763385

NTA but the fakeboi thread in particular pretty obviously has troon lurkers from /lgbt/ and detrans anons who are there only to feel better about themselves by making fun of the lowest bottom of the barrel Aiden FTMs. They can get ridiculously a-logging with their hate. And I don't know if it's them or the bpd-laced twitter ""radfems"" who are unable to shut up about how much they hate FTMs and GNC women in general for being "scrote bootlickers".

Agree, MTFs deserve shit all the way but I can't bring myself to hate FTMs that much even when they piss me off because I still understand and sympathize with their motivations.

No. 763393

Moo used to be my favorite cow for years but she got so fucking boring once she started the porn shit. It actually kinda pisses me off.

No. 763394

Radfem twitter does not hate GNC women, a lot of them are butch and detrans themselves. What you're describing is the kind of people who are common on imageboards, hateful and unfiltered.

No. 763396

Oh my bad, I spend more time in the MTF thread anyway. I had completely forgotten about the /tttt/ lurkers! LC would get linked there sometimes on the FTM threads.
I have no idea how being GNC makes one a scrote bootlicker tho but whoever said that should get some help.

I think anon may be referring to those that call themselves "radfems" but don't actually do the readings, engage in harmful and regressive behavior, etc…
Unfortunately, there's a few of them out there like that.

No. 763402

Not sure which accounts you're following but that's literally the opposite of my experience on radfem Twitter lmao. They're way more into feminist theory and accepting of GNC women than the anons on here who just scream tranny at everything. Maybe you're confusing them with British GCers idk.

No. 763406

Yeah and the thing is that they're a minority on Twitter. Back when LC still had a GC thread the people who did nothing but screech about troons were a majority of the anons, so it's weird that you would blame that behavior on an entirely different platform when that is and always has been board culture.

No. 764566

File: 1616114162944.png (8.48 MB, 3024x1872, 1615843726386.png)

jillian vessey then

No. 764568

File: 1616114195559.jpg (100.91 KB, 718x921, 1616110118977.jpg)

jillian vessey now

seriously wtf happened to her??

No. 764579

I don't even go near her thread anymore but stumbled on a pic of her on insta the other day. I know she's been getting uglier and chubbier for a long time now and it's like saying Shay got fat and ugly (old news) but still… damn she got fatter and uglier and when will it stop?

Every time I see her it's just worse and worse. Is it psych meds?

No. 764584

I hardly ever check her thread anymore, she really looks like Emilia Fart now holy shit

No. 764801

When will my fat queer on wheels return from the war?

Saw this beaut in personal cows >>1188012 and got excited for a sec thinking Pheebz had finally made a comeback.

I'm still sure the last activity on her thread was a self post and I often wonder what the new hobbies are that she's sooo amaaazing at. No cow can compete

No. 764882

I miss our autistic trans non-binary disabled vegan qween.

I wonder if she was getting backlash of her criticism of that other fat influencer FatWednesday or IAmWednesday or whoeever she was about the event not being truly friendly for disabled people and that contributed to her hiatus.

No. 764916

Nta but she was trying to get on certain disability benefits when we last saw her. I think she was afraid that people would reach out and contact social welfare services to say she was faking illness.

Her etsy shite, her fundraising for the chair.. she's mostly motivated by free money. If there's more money to be gained from staying offline and claiming disability benefit then she'll do that.

No. 765020

You're on the mark, it's too bad we'll never have another Phoebe as long as she has the benefits rolling in

No. 765060

File: 1616182156970.jpg (11.99 KB, 400x400, PE1aVkKh_400x400.jpg)

Shay has been my favorite cow for years and i've been following her threads since day one but goddamn she has gotten so boring since the fupapa saga and the pro-porn LA saga, and the dogfucker-chan saga ended and she just sit alone in her depression apartment stuffing her face with doordash chinese and cheap pink wine.

I keep hope that her moving back to mass with her parents will kickstart decent quality milk again but for the first time i finally understand what anons mean when they call her threads boring and the anons in the thread obnoxious.

No. 765121

I miss artsy cows that spin bizzaro narrative about themselves and overshare. Examples: Luna, Emilie Autumn, Ginger Bronson, Soren, Nicole Dollanganger. Shame that Luna is the only active one. I need more dramatic cow milk

No. 765130

Speaking of artsy, art cows are fun too. We don't have cows like nemu or tearzah anymore.

No. 765170

Never managed to get into Tearzah, but Nemu was something else

No. 765173

I miss batshit artcows too, but Tearzah isn't all that interesting in the long run. Nemu, however… That bitch was special. They don't make weirdos like her anymore. I partially blame it on the rise of cancel culture and tumble callouts. Degenerates aren't as brazen as they used to be.

No. 765177

i can't help but feel like most of the cows on this website are average retards. even when they do kind funny stupid shit i just can't care about it too much. compared to how awful the average man is irl, i can't make myself hate hardly any of the cows.
the one exception is ready to glare. she doesn't even do awful things, but i find her completely unbearable. the forever victim mentality is sickening

No. 765180

Do you check cows on kiwifarms? Most of them are male and horrifying

No. 765183

You are right but it's what makes it enjoyable for me. Like you've said, men are much worse, both few male cows we have and everything that is on kiwifarms, it's just too upsetting and terrifying for me to enjoy and be willing to engage in in any way

No. 765187

true. i find quite a few of them off there to be entertaining and completely deplorable. its just i also hate kf posters so much i can't spend too much time reading their threads
i also agree with this. it makes sense that you'd rather read about stupid shit cows do that hardly harm anyone or anything vs. men who literally terrorize and violently abuse anyone within their reach. i get it

No. 765234

File: 1616198092257.png (140.02 KB, 874x316, ijhhihih.png)

Can someone please share a selfie of shayna, baylee and pixielocks and merge it

No. 765325

File: 1616207720116.jpg (3.66 MB, 3464x3464, 1616204543314.jpg)

thank you whoever did this, now we have abby brown

No. 765339

You're welcome, nonnie!

No. 765361

I already have some jealous idiots doing that. They just call me a psychotic fat hag. Tell me something new

No. 765430


No. 765859

I honestly really feel for Maddie. I feel like I could have 100% ended up like her if I fell into the wrong crowd and didn't have a support system. She one of the cows here that definitely serves as a sort of cautionary tale for me. Pre covid I was drinking too much and blacking out and putting myself in dangerous situations but since then I realized I don't want to be that person, I don't want to feel deep shame after each night out hearing what I did or said, I don't want to end up assaulted or worse. I hate how fucking dumb I was. Thankfully I never had access to drugs and my friends are mostly normies. I sincerely hope she gets better one day and turns her life around.

No. 765897

Just read Bunny's posts on the last V. Shingles thread; it's impossible to really tell what's going on in someone's life by a few lines of text, but if how she writes and describes herself is reflective of how she thinks and acts, it's remarkable how successful she's been at overcoming her BPD and trainwreck lifestyle. Of all the BPDfags I've been misfortunate enough to encounter on- and offline, only a couple have managed to reform like that.
Same; her upbringing is so fucked up and she's clearly so mentally ill that it's hard to hold her responsible for her own behavior.

No. 765940

Who is Maddie?

No. 765947

Dolltears, she has a thread on Snow with vivadrag

No. 765981

I would love to see what Shayna's apartment looks like. The mess she revealed while she was camming was disgusting.
For a time my lifestyle was pretty close to hers (minus sex work and Twitter) and she was part of my motivation to turn my life around. I don't feel bad for her because I was in her shoes in terms of weed addiction and overeating and if you really want to get over it, you can. She just doesn't put any effort into anything.

No. 766270

Im reading through Phobe Tickner's thread and I just feel so much disgust, anger and pity for her.
She literally reminds me of the female Kevin Gibes. I'm on thread #4 and I've yet to find ONE redeeming quality about her. You know when you dislike someone so much it goes from hate, to just flat out "What a sorry ass bitch"

And then her boyfriend is attractive and seems really fucking nice! Also if I see one more close up of her dry ass lips and crusty eyes im going to slap myself.

No. 767034

I don't really find e-thots/whores interesting, especially if they're drug addicts. They just seem like really sad people but also are very… predictable, I guess?
And even the ones that are a little bit more put together, but sell their bodies because of some mental breakdown just don't feel right. Like Anisa is stupid, and people only care about her because of her boyfriend, but the real funny material isn't even her mental breakdowns but all the guys trying to "2/10, pointy elbow, would not bang" and try to evopsych women and armchair their relationship in her kiwi thread.

No. 767039

imagine being obsessed with who cyberbullies you online kek

No. 767076

>You know when you dislike someone so much it goes from hate, to just flat out "What a sorry ass bitch"
You described it perfectly anon, this is truly the Phoebe Tickner effect

No. 767111

All cows eventually stop producing milk after a while. I have a weird feeling if she successfully moves back home, she’s going to quit social media all together and try to live as normal a life as she possibly can. You can tell she’s tired of sex work, but continues to do it because it still (somewhat) pays her bills. And I think she’s doing all the ebegging and scamming to make as much extra cash as she can before she dips, as her parents are helping her in moving and finding a new apartment. I may be wrong but I am fully anticipating the day when she eventually goes AWOL.

No. 767121

Pixielocks and Shayna are not ugly. They both look fine (taking styling and makeup choices out of the equation). I know I'm not the first to complain about nitpicking but come on. Pixie especially just has a very expressive face that moves a lot while she's talking. She's no supermodel but of course she's gonna look bad if you take screenshots when she's talking in the middle of a video. People are too used to carefully picked out selfies and posed photos and forget that when you talk to someone in real life they're going to pull unflattering faces like that too while in motion.
I've even seen Venus be accused of 'gurning' just because her face sometimes moves in a way that deepens nasolabial folds or some shit. It's ridiculous.

No. 767144

Pixielocks is cute (for her weight) but shayna looks like a foot imo.

No. 767175

File: 1616426204293.jpeg (77.45 KB, 607x518, 1604027129975.jpeg)

>pixielocks is cute

yeah uhm, about that…

No. 767190

Okay, I sort of understood why a fakeboitherottengirl containment thread was created, because I was also annoyed by mentions of her derailing the Luna thread, but now that it's fairly active, it makes me feel terrible. She's weird as hell, yes, but it's probably to an audience of what, <10 followers (not counting lc), and her antics are so easily attributed to her mental illness and not a need for attention or fame or anything. I feel like there's no need to take her down a notch aside from telling her to stfu whenever she pops up in the Luna thread (or honestly, the mods should just ban her and keep this from happening again and again).

No. 767206

>She's weird as hell, yes, but it's probably to an audience of what, <10 followers (not counting lc)
she has over 3000 followers. Chill, the thread's probably gonna die unless she pulls something insane. I just wish that it was created as 'Fakeboi + other luna calves' so that we can use it for other cases of people enamoured with Luna despite their best interest.

No. 767207

Shit, ok, I stand corrected about followers. I guess I assumed things because her posts don't get any notes.

No. 767210

File: 1616429253921.jpg (85.28 KB, 593x957, fakeboi.JPG)

Sorry, it's worse. She actually has almost 8000 followers

No. 767211

Both seem to dealing with that bpd/biploar med bloat though. I know anons love to say they eat junk and that's solely why they're fat but they should both have decently forgiving metabolisms at their age. Instead they're gaining and holding weight in such a way that I honestly wonder if antipsychotics are contributing. Jillian went from having such a toned neck and chin area to almost gaining there before anywhere else? That kind of gain pattern is makes me wonder. You often need a strict diet to counteract how meds like that can affect weight.

Both also seem to very much need those meds long term though so it's sad to see the decline. I do think Jill had a nice face a few years back.

No. 767214

Well… damn. I still feel bad but now maybe a little less bad

No. 767222

Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know the antipsychotics and other meds they both take don't cause bloating or weight gain by themselves, they just cause an increase in appetite and food cravings. In the end it's still diet right?

No. 767246

Antipsychotics can still cause rapid weight gain in people who are simulataneously dealing with intense nausea from adjusting to the meds. Bad diet will compound the issue for sure but the meds alone can make you gain.

I don't know if shay and jill have come out and named every med they're on though? Shay made the connection between meds and weight at one point but I don't know if she then switched. I just see them and remember my days working in a daycentre for people with mental illness. There's a rapid gain as soon as people start stuff like olanzapine in particular. Puffyness in the face too. Does a job on your looks.

No. 767263

I kinda miss Nemu. I know she got up to some really gross shit, especially with her underage followers on tumblr, but there was something very entertaining about her persona.

No. 767314

I don't know Shayna for me looks better now facially then she did when she was skinny, like she looked old and tired back then. When she's not making retard faces in live I think Shayna has a average borderline cute face, when back when she was thin, she looked dehydrated and just…not attractive in the face.
It flip flopped, before she was a butter face with a average skinny girl body and now she looks better in the face to me but her body is chubby but the weight went everywhere it should'nt.
Shayna may have gained weight from her meds, but we can't blame it all on her weight, she eats shitty, drinks a lot and DOES NOT MOVE AROUND. She just sits around all day. I feel if her meds did make her gain in the beginning (because I doubt she takes them regularly or if she's on them now), she definitely didn't help it. I don't know about pixielocks, but Shayna posts every detail of her mundune life so we know what she's eating and she's not working our/moving much.

No. 767318

and if shayna was taking her pills on the reg. she'd post about it, just like she posts about the number of dabs she takes or almost every meal. She only brings up meds when she's mad at fupa.

No. 767649

File: 1616474873376.jpg (398.57 KB, 1080x1729, 1616349015028.jpg)

I have the same $1.50 cherub stickers from Amazon that Luna has. Feels kinda weird.

No. 767661

She reminds me of LedaMonsterBunny, pretty but tries to be quirky and fit the male fantasy.
Her thread has all her stuff in it. I don't think it's because of mental illness
it's just attention seeking, she probably bought into her value is only her beauty so many
guys put on women.

No. 767696

The rise of cancel culture really ruined so much potential milk. Her and her orbiters had such a big domino effect that just eventually ended in one of the sides getting police called on each other kek. I can't imagine how she's able to not be an open book on the internet. I am crossing my fingers she's still doing nemu stuff in some secret discord server that will come to light someday soon. I am hopeful we one day run into her donning a new persona on Twitter or TikTok where people just haven't found out yet.

No. 767945

The only reason I tried Sushi (i hated it) is because Shayna kept buying it and im like, "You know what? now I wanna try Sushi and see whats the fuss all about"

No. 768441

The true meta info in relation to cows I want to know is about how many farmers are actually Red Scare fans. There seem to be a lot of posters who can still sage in the thread and integrate competently, but also agree with them on a lot or use their terminology. I'm not even judging, I'm just incredibly curious.

No. 768511

File: 1616589149074.png (97.58 KB, 802x541, 3BBBE152-3269-4A81-8194-78A18C…)

Looking at the trannies and shayna made me take care of my hair even more than before, I will only dye my hair once a year and I’m hydrating my hair as much as possible.
I just don’t want to look like Kikomi-chan.

No. 768516

I’ve never listened but I got interested in that thread because the people I know who listen to Red Scare are insufferable. First few Leftthots threads were good and lighthearted, even informative. The thread is basically unreadable recently with the non-stop Aimee stuff and random unhinged political/theory debates. There are too many people to keep track of in that scene and too many (probably male/Reddit refugees) anons ready to jump down your throat if you don’t know about some random podcast guest spot from 2017.

No. 768564

File: 1616596446708.jpg (30.96 KB, 480x497, 18f4e96de7810d8ad56e903dad1707…)

Had to hide the new Ridiculous Photoshoppers thread because Erin Eevee's bloated stomach genuinely unsettles me

No. 768568

The first few threads were great for exposition of the antics and what the cows were about, agreed. Really informative for casual readers, I didn't know about the whole extended universe before reading them. I think a lot of the Aimee posting just ramped up from Anna deactivating her twitter for that time, since Aimee kind of fills Anna's shitty tweets quota for her so to speak.

No. 768809

Lolcow reminded me that you can be so open and honest about yourself that it just ends up being gross and embarrassing. Also that there are cringeworthy ways of coping with whatever you went through. Just because some talented people made a career out of their trauma, doesn't mean that you should make it your entire identity. That's super pathetic.

No. 768841

File: 1616625889752.jpeg (71.92 KB, 700x525, A27A3AF4-3BCE-45B8-ABA2-A38983…)

I think about it all the time (to an unhealthy extent) because the career I want is one that would involve a lot of public exposure.
But I was groomed by an old scrote as a teen and alienated from my family / friends / any supportive environment. So I acted very milky and I didn’t have control over my mental health. I replicated 4chan weeb scrote behavior of the predator I was being groomed by. I did milky things online and offline. I unintentionally made enemies. There are definitely crazy nudes of me floating around online somewhere that someone would be able to dig up.
It was only a few years in my teens and early twenties, but even now a decade later I’m terrified of the milk coming back to haunt me. I’ve tried to fix everything and make amends. I’m a completely different person now. But there are people from that time who just fucking hate me and they could definitely ruin me if I gained any amount of public noteriety. The fact that some of the milk is real means that any wild rumors people make up about me would also be taken as fact. That’s kind of how it works sometimes. “X sounded crazy and turned out to be true, so Y and Z must also be true!”
But to actually answer the question, I’m way more concerned with how Twitter types would react. On lolcow here we are pretty good at recognizing pickme / groomed behavior. Doesn’t mean we don’t criticize it here, but (to use an example from way up in the thread) we can look at the drama surrounding someone like Doja Cat and understand it more from her perspective since we understand this particular corner of web culture.
I hope any of what I just said makes sense.

No. 768851

Kinda binged Luna’s threads and I cannot get over that gif of her disgusting old man bf shaking her Buttcheeks. I REALLY hope she dumps him. And learns how to clean jfc

Lolcow reminds me to keep my identity private and cover my tracks.

No. 769130

Yeah, this. I used to feel a touch of FOMO because I open instagram like once a month and post something about myself like thrice a year, but now I find comfort in the fact that this protects me from both people in search of cows and twitterfags in search of my problematic opinions (in the admittedly slight chance I'd wind up involved in some internet drama).

No. 769414

In all honesty I wouldn't mind if the Artist salt thread was nuked forever, I hate it. Just rename it to "Racebait salt thread" and it would be more accurate, it's filled with twittertard PULL migrates who don't even give a shit about art but are there just to moralfag over everything. I miss the time it was actually about artist gossip and not just retarded identity politics.

No. 770093

Come here to be a white knight blog posting pain.

I'm grumpy about TND farmers immediately mocking her interest in music and her buying a perfectly decent second-hand guitar to learn on. Yeah it'll probably go nowhere, she'll probably be like 95% of adult guitar learners and never get through the initial discomfort of building callouses and sounding like shit while struggling with basic chords… but honestly, music changed my life and I think it's one of the most powerful ~spiritual~ weapons against self-destructive behaviors and NEETdom. If you find your instrument and get obsessed with making music, amazing things can happen. I know lolcow.farm is a place to be bitchy and nitpick everything, but I hate the hypocrisy of threads like Taylor's where anons are obsessed with how pathetic she is, but when she does something that might make her less pathetic, they tear that down too. Come to think of it, we haven't had any hopeful "She's a mess but I hope she gets better" posts on the TND thread in a while. I guess we've reached Onion levels. Anyone with a shred of actual concern or sanity has moved on and it's only cow-level grudge posters keeping the thread alive.

No. 770150

tbf art twit literally has become nothing but id politics in the last year or so. nmost art drama for some reason is centered around that most god awful site for discussion (twitter)

No. 770320

> any wild rumors people make up about me would also be taken as fact
this. even though i haven't had social media in ages and when i used to i had a very boring presence. i'm thinking about offline stuff, though that stays in the past too.

No. 770688

I think I'm done following Pixielock's thread now. Her stupid boyfriend "came out as nonbinary" and if things weren't annoying already with that fatass munchie womanchild, now things are going to get even worse. And don't get me started on when she comes out with a "DID" diagnosis and failed fashion design career. She annoys me so much, I fucking hate her. I'm done with it, it's causing me more harm than fun to watch how she rots away eating chicken mcnuggies.

But that just means I'm done and tired of reading drama threads. It means I'm not longer following any of them, after 5-7 years of visiting this website almost daily. I slowly stopped lurking every other thread I used to follow. And then some cows became boring or just plain annoying. Now I don't know if I simply grew out of the drama, I grew up and no longer care about petty things that have nothing to do with me, or I simply want to focus on other things in my life.

I'm not gonna lie, even visiting /ot/ is pretty taxing on my mental health and it exhausts me, the infight makes me be all hot-headed and hurts my head, I get more grumpy, and it's just not worthy. Lolcow is like my last ""safe space"" (kek) and it reminds me somewhat, not entirely, on how the internet I used to know in my teens. An unfilthered pot of opinions, some of them contrarian, a lot of bait and switch, but with good and nice people overall, even the misguided anons included. Idk part of me doesn't want to abandon this ship yet because I feel like, when I come back in the future for "nostalgia" this place will somehow be ridden by trannies and scrotes or whatever the hell we have in the future (really not looking foward to it). Idk. I think the internet will never be the same, the cancel-a-ton mentality won't go anywhere, random normal things will become offensive for petty reasons, all people will live through the internet, everyone will get more brainrotted and then we'll die of a mass extinction. We live in an upside down world. All I hope for is just to ignore, ignore ignore all the stupid people in the world and never look at the void back in its glowy tempting eyes. So yeah. Whatever man… idk anymore.

No. 770808

Another day in this never ending hell of scrolling and replying

No. 770871

I stopped following Pixie drama after her lazy and mediocre nature from growing up sheltered and pampered by her mom was explained away with mental illness.
I just can't. It's not that I believe her, I just find people like her frustrating. She'll never grow in any meaningful capacity so it's basically a groundhog's day of watching a womanchild do the same shit on repeat while never having to try something different. Instead of mom, she's now got an echochamber of paypigs who won't let her fail because they sympathize with her excuses. Pass.

No. 772439

All I know is at least one anon in one of those threads had some anime coom shit in their pfp in a screencap they posted and didn't even delete it lol.

No. 772993

I'm fascinated with the bizarre cadence that Lillee Jean uses when she talks, she really hams it up. I was watching one of her rants the other day when I realized that she reminds me of the Joanne the Scammer meme.

No. 773959

Heather is boring. She used to be one of the milkiest cows but now it's annoying how predictable she is. Also, she is never going to log off.

No. 773998

Does anyone curate a playlist or have a favorite song they play while reading certain cow threads?
This one is for when I read Lori/Kevin thread.

No. 774016

>I much prefer the old "tits or gtfo" over…whatever is going on with incels now
Nowadays most of them call me tranny or something along those lines when they realize I'm a woman which I honestly prefer over tits or gtfo since they just sound stupid

No. 774029

>the mountain goats no children

No. 774033

I said I'm a woman on 4chan once and everyone called me a tranny and kept pushing it and pushing it until they got tired lol

No. 774080

The Fakeboi thread is so depressing. Most of the girls posted in that thread seem like regular self-hating lesbians to me and anons go unnecessarily hard at them. The absolute worst is all the times they post a comparison pic of some extremely feminine woman who trooned out and looks like a cute butch now and you got 15 replies lamenting how she "ruined herself". Not even worried for the fact that she hated herself and her gender so much she wanted to transition, but that she "wasted her looks" or something incredibly shallow like that. It makes me wonder if that thread is infiltrated by scrotes who hate tomboys or anons being extra spergy.

My questionable "favorite" was the anon who said something along the lines of "I saw a fakeboi downtown and it was so cringey" and when anons questioned if she was just a butch/GNC woman the response was "she was wearing masculine fashion, GNC women still dress feminine/androgynously". Brains as smooth as a mirror.

No. 774081

>Not even worried for the fact that she hated herself and her gender so much she wanted to transition, but that she "wasted her looks" or something incredibly shallow like that. It makes me wonder if that thread is infiltrated by scrotes who hate tomboys or anons being extra spergy.
It's not men, anon. Most supposedly-radical-feminists on the internet are like that. Whether someone who's actually a radical feminist would act that way or say those things about other women, I'll let you be the judge of.

No. 774087

Just a reminder that there are ftm lurkers from /lgbt/ in that thread and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were also getting in on that autism.

No. 774133

>"I saw a fakeboi downtown and it was so cringey" and when anons questioned if she was just a butch/GNC woman the response was "she was wearing masculine fashion, GNC women still dress feminine/androgynously"
This pops up in random threads too. 'I saw a tran in public today and they looked like shit and I cringed so hard' It's kind of repetitive. Saw one in the last day or so even. When I see posts like that I tend to wonder if they're mistaking lesbians for ftms too or mistaking not so blessed women for mtfs but then I think it's more likely it's a person with strong views and too much time on their hands, making these encounters up.
>I saw a tran in the wild today
>They looked like absolute shit
>I cringed so hard for them
Rinse and repeat these same 3 points every time

No. 774935

File: 1617387822010.png (8.16 KB, 1839x84, jackiepost.PNG)

The semi-rural Ontario posters from Vicky's irl who get attracted to her threads are the reason she's my favorite active /pt/ cow every time, how many other cows do we get lore for like "I had my potluck but just told her it was cancelled," I mean it really adds so much to who Vicky is beyond just what we can speculate.

No. 774943

I typically hate that thread too because I can sympathize with ftms having an actual reason to hate being female, our oppression. What you said is a good point too I'm surprise when anons on here shit on GNC women but then not like we are a hivemind. Still it's disappointing. That thread mostly makes me sad for them. Ngl I enjoy the mtf thread though because there's actual milk and undisputably awful horrorcows to discuss (even though lately it's been kinda shit)

No. 774953

Idk why people say stuff like that about fakebois when they look fine most of the time anyways(that's besides the point anyways) but the real spectacle is seeing an MtF in public imo

No. 775414

/meta/ is the new /pt/. I love all the cows on there.

No. 778013

Seeing anons claim that Luna turned out to be a fuck up 100% because she wanted to and her insane family had no bearing whatsoever on that makes me want to bang my head on the keyboard until my brain splatters. I know we are discussing a major fucking cow here, but no people are the same and tend to be affected in a different way by their psychological circumstances. Even if she had a twin sister who turned out well, it wouldn't invalidate that Luna was negatively influenced by her parents. Also IDK how to properly express myself, but I hate the line of thought that just because some parts in your life went well, you are not allowed to be fucking destroyed by the bad shit. It just doesn't work like this, sadly. Real people don't make sense like fictional characters do.
Even if we believe Luna that she became a junkie because Kurt Cobain and other grunge icons inspired her, why is it so hard to admit that growing up among heroin addicts that also glorified that kind of music/'lifestyle' could affect her and make her drawn to this type of art in the first place? I feel like teens that don't have serious problems already don't behave like that to the point Tuna does. Maybe if she was growing up on a ranch, she would end up glorifying horses instead and we would have another horse girl cow.
In case someone wonders: no, I am not a junkie and don't have much in common with Luna.

No. 778048

The problem with her is not how she came into the position she did, but that she's had ample opportunity to better her life, and she just doesn't want to. At some point you have to take personal responsibility for yourself, we can't go through our entire lives with our actions only being reflections of our good or bad upbringing instead of conscious choices made with consequences in mind. She doesn't want to accept that responsibility even though she's an adult.

No. 778061

I agree that she's not actively making choices to fix her life which is her own choice. Not gonna argue that. I just really hate when anons argue that Luna fully consciously decided to be junkie trash with no outer influence, especially when she's still with her groomer boyfriend. Luna's a sum of everything good and (especially) bad that happened to her, but she's the only person that can fix, and yet she refuses to do that. Wish we could all agree on that and stop acting like there's a simple cause of Luna becoming herself.

No. 778064

dead9irl/fridge9girl/angie from the egirls thread makes my skin crawl. I have a weird mix of disgust and pity towards her. Her nudes/lewds pictures have a Gummo aesthetic to them that makes me want to barf.
She's just another average/below average woman who is ruining her life broadcasting her gross kinks and licking toilets forever to be memorialized on the internet.

No. 778066

I agree, and the fact that her personality is so rotten doesn't help at all

No. 779932

I am jealous of certain cows and for extremely petty reasons, it's not even about them but the WKs they have and the treatment they receive. I'm younger and not less fucked up (I think) than them but say, hypothetically, if I had a thread no one would have that "she can still turn her life around uwu~" attitude towards me like they do for them. I have no support system irl and it stings

No. 779938

>if I had a thread no one would have that "she can still turn her life around uwu~" attitude towards me
>I'm younger

>I can't write them off because their life is still at the beginning. If there's no hope for the young, there's no hope for anyone ever.

I would.

No. 779940

>I'm younger
Are you one of those a-logging thots who cry about ageing in /g/ yet call cows old hags or something?
Explains the jealousy, but please seek help.

No. 779954

What caused what: did cosplay drama fall out of vogue and then got its own containment board /w/, or did splitting /w/ from /snow/ cause all the good cosplay threads to go to shit?

I used to read cosplay drama, I particularly enjoyed reading Asherbee's thread which even got promoted to /pt/. I rarely even go to /w/ now. Is it just a me thing?

No. 779968

lori lewd used to be my fav cow to laugh at but the thread is full of truly unhinged and bitter people that i don't bother going on there anymore.

No. 779969

>did splitting /w/ from /snow/ cause all the good cosplay threads to go to shit?
this one

No. 779971

Thatnks, I wasn't sure, I only noticed it happened around the same time, plus it was long ago.

No. 779995

Lilee Jean makes me feel sad because I legitimately think she's at least borderline retarded, and possibly in some kind of Flowers in the Attic situation with her mom.

No. 780106

Right? Kevin can be so funny with his facebook sperging but nobody in that thread can take a joke

No. 780644

File: 1618105833744.jpg (213.62 KB, 1225x1481, DVKwSpLVAAIxqq3.jpg)

Ready to Glare cant style herself (this is probably her best photo though) but her tattoos are goals, a lot of typography, casual scribbles, lot of small stuff, looks cool and balanced in it's own chaotic way; I wish to have something similar someday.

No. 780660

They look like shit. I will never understand tattoofags.

No. 780682

i like the one on her chest
also, i don't get how this girl is a cow, her thread is just full of anons calling her ugly and zero milk

No. 780689

agreed I don't get why she's a cow, I've seen a couple of her videos and they were okay since I was interested in the subject matter. Other than that she's just a goth girl with a bad sense of style, seems pretty harmless.

No. 780725

I don’t get this either. No offense to original anon, but why would you want something as unsubtle as “raised from the dead” tattooed across your décolletage? It looks so ~edgy~ and tryhard.

No. 780864

File: 1618129703283.jpg (153.25 KB, 730x730, Most-Popular-Tattoo-Styles-Des…)

Anon she looks like a bathroom stall door or someone's doodle notebook. Why not get something that's actually creative? It'll be on your body forever after all. Look into some different tattoo styles, there has to be something you like out there.

No. 780928

RIP to the leftthots thread. I remember the earliest threads were the most fun I've had on this site when it seemed like it was actual leftist farmers on there and the subjects would panic once posted on the thread. These days it's like every leftthot orbiter wants to be posted there. I miss when being posted was earned through hardwork and retardation

No. 780931

all of those are tacky and hideous

No. 780933

She looks like the adult version of a kid who got his hands on a sticker sheet. But if she likes it then whatever.

No. 780934

>there has to be something you like out there.
Anon literally said she liked RTG's style of tattoos, but that's not good enough for you because it's not creative enough? I don't even like tattoos and even I know people get what they like. Creativity is not a requirement for everyone.

No. 780935

And shitty doodles and random words aren't? It's just an example of various different styles that take actual artistic talent to execute nona.

No. 780972

So we went from creativity to required artistic talent, which one is it kek

No. 780981

>It looks so ~edgy~ and tryhard
>she looks like a bathroom stall door
that's why it's cool, pearl-clutchers

No. 780994

>but why would you want something as unsubtle as “raised from the dead” tattooed across your décolletage
I don't necessary LOVE the text (I dont mind it though!) but i love the idea of having something tattooed there in such a clean font, I think it looks good.
It's a matter of tastes anon! 90% from the collage you posted looks really bad just way too much to me, same as her tattoos look bad to you.
>that's why it's cool
this, glad someone agrees, I just like the casual vibe

No. 781079

It doesn't look tryhard, it looks like the exact opposite. Like she wanted tattoos but was lazy and couldn't think of what to get. I don't even mind stick and poke type stuff as long as it's not cookie cutter pinterest shit like hers.

No. 781094

I agree. Going on there now just raises my blood pressure but god nothing will ever top Shasti accidentally outing herself

No. 781454

File: 1618195419194.jpg (116.12 KB, 944x931, RPiF9oD.jpg)

I don't think I'm saying something new, but a lot of my feelings towards the Holly Brown thread got soured when we found out that Racist Uncle was active there, even having a stalker-ish obssesion with Holly for some reason. I used to re-read that thread because it has a lot of funny moments but now I can't exatly enjoy it on the same way without remembering RU.

Either way, I'm actually happy that Holly herself has been taking her time away from the Internet, I hope she gets better and improves, we had funny moments but in her last threads I felt that she genuine wasn't okay and needed help.

I'm still worried for the people who donated for her Kickstarter tho.

No. 781462

I sometimes secrectly hopes she gets better and improves with her art and get popular again. I guess that's the nostalgia, but the youtube art community was more entertaining with her dumbass rants

No. 781613

When I watched ofherbsandaltars storytime about going to a mental hospital last year I was fucking floored that she was shocked when she was sent to a horrible institution for extremely ill people because she lied about having homicidal thoughts. She framed it as though she was the victim of the NHS because "sometimes you have to exaggerate to get the help you need"?? It's weird how smart she can seem at times but at others comes off as a total retard.

Idk how hard I can judge her for still living at home though. Autism is one thing but she's had multiple serious addictions, mental issues, and a history of sexual abuse. There are non-autistic people who are fucked up enough by those issues to not be able to live fully independently. And it seems like her work as a content creator brings in some amount of income. That said I do think she would be better off trying to be more independent.

Armchairfagging to the max but I think her recent apparent increase in psychotic symptoms is directly tied to not having enough contact with the outside world and others, and I wonder how it's going to play out in the future. I relate to her on a deep level as a drug obsessed autist ex-anachan/cutter and it kinda scares me that if I hadn't had the internet to teach me how not to be a retard I might've ended up like her.

No. 781634

>It's weird how smart she can seem at times but at others comes off as a total retard.
Nayrt and I feel this way too, some of her content is really interesting and then the rest of it makes me really concerned about how people are actually wasting their time to watch it

No. 781670

File: 1618227946483.jpeg (665.88 KB, 750x1036, 1612420644371.jpeg)

i think maddie is a very cute girl and would absolutely be her gf if there was anyway i could. i think her haircolors are usually very shit, but shes very tiny and her face features are very cute to me. i think the cow that attracted me the most was billie, but now its maddie. maddie is a huge attention whore who is incredibly obnoxious 24/7 and i roll my eyes at her stories. and her friend is fucking ugly too

there are cows that looked fine at some point to me, pixielocks in her early days was cute, luna before the drugs was cute, shayna wasnt a beauty pageant girl but she looked fine a few years ago, to me even mariah used to be attractive at some point.

ugly cows with no hope are more like
>kanadajin3 in my opinion the ugliest cow, there is no hope for her face, nothing could make her attractive, nothing. no makeup no better habits not working out. theres nothing. when god made her he said: man, fuck this girl
>tranny ready to glare
>scorpioasheaux cat lady looking ass
>lillee retarded brain jean
>jaelle the fatty

i like maddies features even more than billies and i always thought billie was the most attractive person posted here

>inb4 maddie is photoshopped to death. i know she edits her photos, i dont really care that much, she posts pics of herself all the fucking time and there are candids of her, she's not a catfish level photoshopper imo. people like shayna are still ugly with editing, or erin painter who legit shocked me when i saw candids. maddie isnt on that level. she's cute and im so sorry anons but i cant help it.

No. 782061

you sound like a scrote anon

No. 782299

yeah I think anons are really overdramatic in her thread about how ugly she is. Her makeup is weird but it's honestly not bad to me, to me she's a cute girl who's currently making weird bad druggie style choices. She also isn't helped by her weird facial expressions but I bet she looks a lot better in person.

I hate when anons go on about how she's ruined herself with drugs, like yeah she's on the road to that but she's fucking 18 and it doesn't happen overnight.

No. 782457

ntayrt but you do realize you can have talent and creativity, right? The ayrt mention a range of styles and skill, which could be interpreted to mean both, not just skill.

No. 782482

I know there are already a lot of gimpgirl simps but I just find her so fascinating. Despite being a self-proclaimed pick-me, she has so much confidence in her craziness and retarded politics that I can't help but find her endearing. Unlike other cows, she doesn't seem to doubt herself or retract anything she says. She's like a very retarded but powerful queen. Girlboss movie energy if it was written by my six year old niece.

No. 782521

Same, and I kind of adore her art style. How To Draw Manga art in 2021, but it’s similarly confident and endearing.

No. 783871

I wish the SJWs who have parked themselves in the altcows thread would gtfo. They're incredibly unfunny, ruining the milk, and you can tell one of the cows (Ruadhan1334) is in there posting, being autistic, and taking things way too seriously.

No. 784184

I never got Lindsay Ellis' relatively high status as a cow. Yeah, she's a twittertype wokester, and it's funny how her own people are canceling her, but she feels like she's a cow by association, being in the social circles of multiple youtube cows. I remember I checked her KF thread (which had daily activity), and her OP has things like drinking problems and accusations/theories of being involved sexually with the Nostalgia guy's mediaverse buddies, that are basically rumor tier. While I hate her troonpandering, she has some great videos and is generally more tolerable than most of breadtube, and sometimes it seems people just hate on her because she's an older winemom type of woman.

No. 784321

The MTF thread is leaking with basedness, it has its share of /tttt/ hatereaders, spergs and falseflagging troons and now the homophobic faggot-chan has made her home there but I've screenshotted so many posts simply due to their beautiful wording and insight. I love reading the posts from anons that take the time to verbally annihilate the trans ideology and explain the challenges women face, the fact that someone took the time to write it is encouraging and inspiring.

But the FTM thread, it's just "look at this pathetic gross bitch ewwwww" 100 times in a row and it's obvious it's full of trutrans troons and PULLfags. I can't find the girls posted there entertaining, they make me sad. Someone posted a reddit screencap of a girl saying how she's going to get nullification surgery to remove her female genitals when she turns 18 due to identifying as "agender" and her family supporting her decision. It's horrifying in a tragic fashion, not in an entertaining one. The fact that so many girls are willing to opt out of womanhood any given chance and consider being called a woman an insult should be alarming. The only ones that I sort of find funny are the ones that are fullblown crazy, histrionic and delusional, but compared to AGPs they're nowhere near as common. I feel the same towards the HSTSs who are obviously traumatized and conditioned to hate being gay and ended up being brainwashed by the cult.

No. 784376

i get that ashley (vivadrag) is a piece of shit but if she wasn't a junkie retard she would be super hot and i'd swipe right so hard

No. 784386

I agree. I'm biased because I've been watching her since the Nostalgia Chick days but it definitely seems like people love to just dump on her for being an quote-unquote "older" female public figure online. Her video essays are very well thought out.

The Avatar tweet she made was dumb and wrong but so many of the people who dogpiled on her truly believe that their constant media consumption is a legitimate form of activism.

No. 784390

File: 1618533481944.jpeg (71.27 KB, 500x561, DB5E834C-3161-474B-8B64-19BB83…)

Most female cows are pretty, but because they’re shit people or have shit takes, they’re the living representation of this comic.
Male cows are ugly inside and outside though, and there’s no therapy that will ever make them change.

No. 784402

I don't get how scamanda is fat? Some anons make her sound like an absolute whale when she's more of a skinnyfat, flabby yet swollen due to alcohol.

No. 784435

>Also this is not a thread to complain about threads
sorry hon

No. 784460

she seems far fatter simply from how she edits herself

No. 784499

I want to beat the shit out of LJ so badly. Her face actually triggers some sort of sleeper phrase and I want to just go nuts.

No. 784532

I just want anons to ease on the nitpicking of looks. A lot of posters here seem to think that attractive people can't be horrible, so all the cows must be ugly too. I don't think someone like Momokun or Lori is objectively ugly at all but anons keep posting mid-movement shit screencaps as proof of how "hideous" they are because they can't accept the fact that good looking people could be hated. Whenever someone says "I don't think she's the bridge troll you described her as" you can hear the other anon's cognitive dissonance cracking and them going on a "REEEEEE WHITEKNIGHTS FUCK OFF SHE'S A DISGUSTING BLOB OF GROSSNESS ENJOY YOUR BAN" spergout. It's so unnecessary.

No. 784533

I really hate this picture. People don’t get ugly because they’re shitty people. Not being attractive doesn’t mean you’re ugly on the inside.

No. 784542

The picture is not about being attractive, it's about being beautiful. There's a difference.

No. 784558

Shitty people can’t be beautiful? No matter what words you use it still isn’t accurate. Plenty of people are awful and still physically nice to look at. You (unfortunately) don’t get ugly from being an asshole.

No. 784562

To me, they can't. Witnessing beauty makes me feel a certain way, like standing in sunshine, similar how it's described in the pic. I don't get that feeling around hot assholes. They radiate something else, more like nuclear fallout than sunshine, and its not pleasant to look at or be around. It definitely colours negatively the way I see them. I might still feel attraction, which is just how genitals react to stimuli, but at that point I'd never pursue it.

No. 784563

Glad to see this somewhere anon because I think Lori is really pretty even though she's a shitty person. I also think its off-putting how many anons obsess over how old she is. Absent of how shitty a person she is it doesn't really matter that she is an older woman still engaging in cosplay and quirky lingerie modeling. It feels like anons buying into that stupid the Wall shit and it sucks. You can be older than 25 and still be attractive, and want to do weeb shit.

No. 784577

Samefag, I've been thinking about this, and I realised that in my language "beautiful" is often used in the meaning "nice", which is probably why I strongly associate beauty and niceness.

No. 784607

Lori is an absolute travesty and I've been following her drama for almost two decades so I'm more than aware of what kind of a person she is, but she's not at all ugly or haggard. I really applaud her for pulling the weeb lingerie stuff at her age because women should be able to do fun stuff even past their 20s. Admitting that she's pretty and coordinates relatively well with her outfits doesn't change the fact that she's a borderline horrorcow, I really fucking hate the mindset that you have to be ugly in order to be considered a cow. Unattractive people can be amazing and resourceful and attractive people can be unredeemable monsters.

No. 784638

Attractive douchebags = Rogan Joshes (like the curry, hot and give you the shits).

No. 784682

Venus Angelic tanking right now is hard to watch. Think, 8 years ago people were envious of her and now there’s just nothing left. It’s sad.

No. 784687

I do feel for her. She has been through a lot.

No. 784689

Why would anyone besides seething skinwalkers follow her thread anymore? She's not hurting anyone else but herself and it's clear she needs professional help. There was no way she could grow up into a normal person after being abused and exploited by her crazy stage mom and now anons are feeding into her mental illness and claiming that it was actually Venus who was the mastermind behind their scheme and Margo was just a pawn. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Just leave her be, her thread is nothing but nitpicking her looks and going in circles about her being a degenerate camgirl. It's depressing and I have no idea how the people there can stomach it unless they're obsessed with her.

No. 784717

I completely agree anon! 2010 came and went, that girl just needs to get off of the internet for a bit and focus on herself.

No. 784722

I remember so many farmers (including myself) rooting for her and supporting her when she ran away from her narc mom and seeing her threads now defending the river kappa is depressing.

No. 785176

I think Luna has gotten to a point of stagnation and most of her thread has devolved into pointless nitpicking of her appearance and shit she buys online. The biggest milk is that she's a junkie and she buys cheap cheap aliexpress shit all day long, but to be honest I think the only thing that separates Luna from some of the anons on here is that shes a gross junkie. If she got clean I bet anons would secretly rave over her kawaii sanrio cheap shit from china aesthetic cause most of the anons on her thread are just like her, they just think they're better than her cause shes too high and too fat to have the egirl appearance of her dreams.

No. 785177

I find it funny and sad when people try to argue that [cow] doesn't have the disorder they claim to have, they are just vaguely a shitty person and this shittiness came out of nowhere. Your bpd is not a badge of honor, you are all the same, please get over yourself

No. 785182

Pixielocks thread, anon?
I agree, especially if the cow has been officially diagnosed. I'm also sick of BPD-chans coming into threads to talk about how they're totally not all like this and the cow is just making them look bad uwu!!

No. 785214

>Her video essays are very well thought out.
Hard disagree

No. 785253

Yeah. My general opinions of Holly really lightened once RU showed up. Holly might have been a stubborn walking example of the Dunning-Kreuger effect, but she's downright harmless compared to RU. It's like comparing Dollieguts to Zeriara or Nemu. It's actually kind of funny in a way. RacistUncle actually made Holly less of a cow by Holly with an evil twin goatee, all without a hint of self-awareness.

No. 785307

it seems to me that threads about female cows get cruel and petty very fast, while male cows don't get the same or they get simp posters when there's less milk (thinking CH). I think as women some of us treat our own gender the harshest for some reason, whether the posters are from the same cow community or what, it seems it gets nasty much more quickly towards female cows. that's why the mtf thread is based for being so active and the only one I regularly look at. plus the damage they've been doing with no accountability makes it reassuring that others at least see a problem

No. 785319

NTA but agree with this. RU was like what Holly could've been, it's like she was sent solely to remind us what the worst case scenario would be. I was there when Holly's first thread was created because she seemed so milky but lost interest almost immediately when RU and her discord cronies were outed stirring most of the drama.

I hate to tinfoil but I feel like a lot of the harshest anons going after female cows' looks are scrotes nitpicking them, it's not far fetched seeing how many times you get men thirstposting and begging for the cow's nudes. Really made me squint my eyes when some anon in the fakeboi thread recently went all "ackchyually women can be abusers too" when discussing past sexual abuse being a trigger for many women's transitioning.

No. 785355

As terrible as Shaynas thread can be, I will never tire of the "cheemsburger" anons. It makes me kek every time

No. 785363

I've grown pretty callous over the years, but reading how Noelle Stevenson's been doing in the Western Animation thread has made me so, so depressed. Imagine changing yourself entirely for someone who doesn't even put you first in their life. (Projection incoming) Sounds like a classic "lesbian's first love" tbh, so it kinda hurts to read.

No. 785364

It made my stomach hurt looking at those comics lol

No. 785376

What a cope. Plenty of posters make their hatred for other women well known.

No. 786155

File: 1618753298966.jpg (19.45 KB, 500x344, 1548507270352.jpg)

When tf is Shayna gonna get over this nasty rat man. I can't even make fun of her anymore at this point because it's just THAT depressing watching another woman ruin her life for some fat middle-aged scrote. I wish I could just hide her thread and have someone send me an alert when she finally moves or breaks up with him for good because the bitch is just depressing. No self love, no respect for herself, nothing. Imagine wasting the prime years of your youth on some fat, sweaty daddy dom you met on TUMBLR(DOT)COM. Bitch I could never.

Very very sad.

No. 786160

Same, anon. It's especially depressing for me since I had always seen them as a really cute GNC lesbian couple but it's ruined knowing that Molly is a manipulative bitch who made her partner suffer through all that to the point of trooning out to compete. I wonder if Noelle realizes how awful of a light it paints Molly in. It seems like everywhere you turn, lesbians are being replaced by self-hating TIFs and "enbies".

No. 786193

Same here too, I wonder how much of an influence had the fact that their relationship was public to certain extent, at least publicly known; with everyone calling them goals lesbian couple etc. I definitely felt like this seeing them, as a baby artsy lesbian myself hoping to have a cute artsy girlfriend too. In her biographic comic Noelle talks a lot about her mental struggles (so I've read in the reviews, didn't had a chance to read the comic myself), I suppose peer pressure of having her and Molly called perfect together all the time could have influenced the way she felt about the relationship and how it evolved.

No. 786276

Luna is the modern Pixyteri except anons aren't blind to her faults by nostalgia

No. 786279

Man don't insult Pixy like that. She's never abused drugs and at least was always employed while living at home. Pixy wouldn't even had been bullied for her body and shoddy outfits by today's standards.

No. 786307

I read through Canyon's thread and holy shit was it entertaining. From his tiny dick, to his cowtipping (that got annoying), to the rise and fall of Tesah(however you spell it).
I'm the type that lowkey roots for most cows even if I shit on them.
Like I want to see Shayna, Tesah and Luna get help, I want them to escape their horrible scrotes.

Especially Shayna, because the other two are in serious shit, Shayna's situation is just her being a huge lonely dumb ass who could easily fix her life.

No. 786344

I don't even follow Momokun but her recent art attempts are really giving me laughs. It's so fucking bad and she's so proud of it

No. 786724

Ngl, I think that shayna is overrated. My opinion about her is the opposite of yours, even. I don't go to her thread because I don't want to A-log, she is that much of an awful person inside and out.

No. 786778

The Vic thread is so cringe right now with the stupid eye color comparisons and barely legible posts. It reads like 14 year olds talking shit about each other. I get it, she edits her eyes and wears contacts because she’s obsessed with having ~icy blues~ but posting your own close up eye photo is so embarrassing.

No. 787059

File: 1618856828960.jpg (94.87 KB, 1200x649, 0f287db895d6623afc209baba2e477…)

>he has never gotten noticed by Nintendo or Sega for his shenanigans

they can deny it but mark the tapir can't be a coincidence

No. 787324

File: 1618892180163.jpg (28.77 KB, 540x304, tumblr_5725e816cc71052ed390b5c…)

I have a love/hatred for onision threads at this point. we will never get the milk we once did. every month goes by and he falls lower and lower. ive been since the earlier threads, thats how i found this place. his shitty behavior kept going and going and we were all were waiting for his downfall. but hes over. and has been. multiple times. theres nothing to watch anymore. hes never going to get with another young billie type girl again. foot is never going to divorce. they are never going to end up in jail. its not going to happen. but at the same time, i keep finding myself reading them after all these years. its mostly just infighting cause nothing new happens. hes never going to be popular or at a position of power or influence again. i keep up with it cause
i do get curious. but theres nothing. there will never be milk again. hes a dry cow. i still like that we keep up with his misery, but its kinda weird by now. its like the movie ended and we are just watching the credits roll like idiots while we tell our mom what we thought of the movie. yeah yeah there were cool parts and we had fun. but the movie is very much over and we are watching nothing.

yet i still keep coming back to check up on it. just in case…

No. 787332

i know it's not the same vic but whenever I hear vic my mind defaults to the cancelled anime voice actor and it makes me lul in memory of the thread we had about him when it was active

No. 787374

I LOVE that we finally have a animator cow thread but I honestly don’t think Rebecca Sugar is that much of a cow aside from calling herself “queer” and making a few bad decisions regarding her staff here and there. She overall doesn’t have a lot of milk.

The point that the picture is trying to make is that it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are. If you have a shitty personality, people start to see you as less attractive.

No. 787377

>he has never gotten noticed by Nintendo or Sega for his shenanigans
Sega did some unboxing video a while back (2 or 3 years ago now), it was like a guy and a girl opening something, and they were stumbling over a character's name and the guy said "Sonichu?" Not even fucking with you.

No. 787378

https://youtu.be/Cnoq4-Mhpgc?t=231 Okay I'm a retard it was the girl, and it was 6 years ago.

No. 787394

Tons of people with shitty personalities are still considered attractive and even have fanbases.

No. 787490

The Vic McNugget thread… that really takes me back

No. 787706

True. Simps have and always will exist. But for those who aren’t simps, I feel that this is pretty accurate.

No. 787721

File: 1618945794069.jpeg (79.5 KB, 712x201, B275681E-845A-426F-93F9-F165C1…)

I still have a couple caps from the thread kek

No. 787979

even though I dislike lindsay ellis she did nothing wrong regarding the quinton situation and anons shitting on her for that are retarded
lol why not? there's literally no reason to be nice to him

No. 788115

I agree, she’s a textbook tumblr-reared weirdo but her advantage is that she mostly keeps her mouth shut on social media.


You need to add linebreaks, newfag, your commenting style makes you identifiable

No. 788302

The bone rattling in pro-ana scumbags is out of control again. Some of these girls look to be BMI 17-18, last I looked at a BMI chart that's underweight, if only slightly. Not normal weight and in no way weight restored.

No. 788314

Also it's so weird that these Australian pro-ana larpers can order fast food to their hospital rooms constantly? I was inpatient in the US and there's no WAY any outside food would have ever been allowed. They wouldn't even let a girl with Celiac have outside food even though the hospital only stocked like, 2 snacks and 2 meals she could have…

No. 788348


i am secretly terrified that my best friend's life is becoming a less severe version of Plainey's.

started with being emotionally being put down and now forced into accepting polygamy

No. 788360


holy shit i was in that position last year with my abusive ex. he was straight edge so i couldnt drink or use weed either which i fucking love alcohol and weed fuck him. all of my friends were fucking sick of me being a damn idiot following every single rule he would put me, like dyeing my hair certain colors, weird possessive shit like that

i dated a woman for 4 years so he also pushed the "lets have a threesome shit" and thats the only thing i said no to because god damn i knew he was going to do me a full onision if i said yes

No. 788383

I have some sympathy for Tessah from the Crayon threads. I was an emotionally abusive relationship where my ex would "make" me post social statuses mean things about myself and hype him up.
I see so many parallels and have flashbacks when reading what she posts. I hope she can get away from that scumbag soon.

No. 788540

File: 1619052328325.png (439.98 KB, 676x747, 1618845360066.png)


she has low self esteem and thinks someone giving her an ounce of attention sometimes is "love". no one who values herself would still be in such a situation. shes fucking miserable and admits so everytime she gets left on read. she complains about her parents for caring for her but thats all she has. she never mentions friends cause there arent any. if there were friends, they would tell her to get the fuck out. but she only has her mom texting her worried as fuck from miles away. she will never get an intervention to realize shes the cause of her own misery.

i can absolutely believe that fupa is emotionally abusive. hes a fucboi and he is way too old to be one. but shayna lets him be. because she doesnt know better, thats all shes had. shes been with him all her adult life. this type of people will never end the relationship unless the other does. and they will crawl back every single time. she doesnt have friends to tell her the way he uses her is bad. and she will never hear a word her parents say. this is why you don't peak in high school. ive met her type and they are always suicide baiting then immediately pretending to be happiest than they have ever been, back to suicide bait till end of time.

No. 788591

It's not even limited to lc, it's the backbone of "cancel culture" which is mostly women attacking other women. Not that nobody should be criticized or cows don't exist, but there is something psychological going on here. Part of it could be how we are raised to lift men up, but even they have a similar gender conformity policing thing with each other (calling each other fags and other shit women don't do to men, but they do for not fitting the male norm). That said they certainly don't hold their punches for women and treat us worse still lol. (Tbf gnc men get horrible fates in many countries but so do women with rape added.) I think bullying your own in-group to maintain a standard is part of it, but the social view of women makes us bear the brunt from both sexes. Women are harshest to other women which explains a lot of this site.

No. 788593

They'll call women fat for having normal and healthy female fat distribution. That thread is cancer and it leaks to the rest of this site too.

No. 788641

she's still secretly with fupapa? I thought they broke up for good a long time ago

No. 788653

Absolutely OT but the writers of Sonic Boom are aware of Chris and iirc have made a few Sonichu jokes in interviews, Mark the Tapir was totally based on him but of course they can't admit it. He's legendary to the point there's no way someone working in video games in the millenial age bracket wouldn't know about him.

This is so stupid. Men nitpick and a-log on male cows all the time, why is it that when women do the same to female cows it's suddenly about women being especially mean and harsh to each other? At least we still haven't made a female cow stick pieces of her smashed prized possession up her ass and record it.

No. 788783

Onision will always remain the top tier drama in my heart but it's been dead for a long time. The threads only get worse by the week because all that's left are the extreme spastics who want to rehash the same old debate about who's the uglier ex, who's the worse person in the marriage, "trolling" by Gene and the anon who can't stop baiting Tamara and ends up sounding just as retarded as her. Even if something did happen or we got somewhere with an old "lead", it'd get buried anyway. There is absolutely nothing left to squeeze from this cow. Even his onlyfans saga is just offputting, not entertaining in the least. We had some really good times, but we've reached the goal - he's faded into obscurity, has no power over anyone except maybe Lainey and his 3 remaining stans, it's done. The evil has been defeated. With most cows I'd say that having them hide away to this degree isn't the end goal because they'll just get boring and stop producing milk, but with him, it's well-deserved and the ideal outcome. Let him rest. Imo Farmhands might as well lock the thread, even when Sarah's episode of the documentary comes out it'll just go in circles about Hansen.

No. 788835

File: 1619100704316.jpg (23.67 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)


yeah, they get back together and break up after a few weeks every single time. they very recently broke up again. basically shayna ebegged to move out of her city with a sob story. saying she didnt want to be with her "abusive boyfriend". fupa, the awful "abusive boyfriend", started talking to her again as soon as she had money. shayna started going out on dates, which we all know she doesnt go outside unless fupa or edibles are involved. there was proof they were together secretly again and as soon as they were good shayna said she didnt want to move out anymore. he dumped her again of course and shes been emo and now wants to leave her city again. this cycle will never stop.

she hates herself but refuses to acknowledge it

No. 788853

File: 1619101849132.jpeg (33.3 KB, 400x300, 4d70fa16ccd1d50c63040000.jpeg)


i feel you completely. he has indeed faded to obscurity. the only people watching are hardcore farmers who need their onision fix like methheads. and they are fine, theyre better than infighting about lainey being abused. or that arguing about sarah being a cow. the anons still watching the live streams and getting that onlyfans shit are heroes for putting any effort into him. hes forgotten by the rest of the internet as you said. faded to obscurity and cant get out cause he lives in the awful parts of 2007.

i also believe its going to be locked, but in a few months instead. he has no one checking his social media but farmers and like three orbiters. i think he will go full lainey and give up doing the internet famous fantasy. i think he is close to doing it too. ticking time bomb. and when he realizes he's never going to get more than 100 bucks a month making content, he will fucking sperg, but, eventually hide. and it will be locked.

its a prophecy to me.

No. 789164

Ugh. I went on /soc/ for the first time in years out of boredom and saw gimp girl posting there. Jesus Christ….why did no one tell me her tits are that horrid? My fucking eyes.

No. 789198

shayna is…kinda cute. don't ban me please. i just think she looks fine but needs to bathe and clean her house

No. 789274

I thought she was cute when she was slim/average weight but I think the recent weight gain and trend towards obese doesn't suit her at all. Some girls handle fat well but Shayna is not one of them.

No. 789361

File: 1619158025758.jpeg (514.07 KB, 3099x1701, 1619123688010.jpeg)

I feel like the VenusAngelic thread has gotten too depressing for normal people. So now it is now mostly jealous weebs who want to dance on her grave, mad at her for wasting what would've been their dream life. Venus is a real horrorcow these days, I follow her to see if she ever talks about what the fuck is happening to her other than just saying its jirai kei. A lot of us were rooting for her I think and its sad that her life got so fucked up when it looked like it was kind of okay for awhile. Left image is from a year ago, right image is from most recent video. I still feel bad for Venus.

No. 789440

File: 1619174357065.png (816.52 KB, 818x660, samesame.png)

Seeing Venus anywhere on the internet fucks me up now. It all used to be entertaining, there was a variety of stupidity and occasionally some decent weeaboo vibes that I was there for.
Now it's like fuck venus angelic, we pluto demonic. Everything about her is so complicated (as in messy and exasperating) and heavy now AND she makes it into a joke or her whole personality which doesn't help. It's not endearing. It's horrifying.
I'm not trying to act like I have personal stakes in this or anything but I'm genuinely worried she'll literally, ungracefully die in a couple years. It's not something a normal person would wish on another person to say the least. I'm trying to say it's a depressing thought.

No. 789454

File: 1619176127088.jpg (74.84 KB, 500x500, artworks-000224941022-ttllhj-t…)

are we literally both of us?

I don't have nudes floating around HOPEFULLY (HOPEFULLY). I want to throw up whenever I remember what type of scrotes I let near me. In addition to that I was extremely milky a lot of it spilling online, spazzing out and just not regulating myself well, so being around me was probably not easy for others. It took me some time to calm down, find my footing and learn to be a better friend to other people, but the I've left a lasting impression that affects how I'd be viewed now if I became relevant for an unrelated reason. I don't make sense to people who don't know what I've been up to privately, which is completely understandable.

As for the enemies thing, sometimes I just feel like screaming I'm sorry at everything because I'm still embarrassed for making a spectacle instead of backing tf down. Which is silly of me, because it's all in the past, but you know, as it's been established: old milk is scary as hell.

No. 789483

>pluto demonic
kek anon

No. 789487


Her entire story is fucking sad. Then you have the spergs in her thread calling her a master manipulator. Venus isn’t a good person but she was dealt the shittiest hand in existence.

No. 789556

I hate that picture too. People don't get ugly because they're shitty people.
People get ugly when they constantly have shitty energy; contrary to farmer beliefs, this also means being constantly overwhelmed stress, weltschmerz, despair for the future or simply going through any post traumatic phase. The last thing 'ugly' people need is to be held 'accountable' for how they look at their personal worst.
It's hard to have a naturally beautiful smile when one can't find many genuine reasons to smile, for one example. Empty, tired eyes are not a sign of an evil soul or some shit, they're usually what mental illness and utter exhaustion, loss of identity looks like on a human face.
A self-centered prick who has never had to actually face the music about the thinness of the ice they're walking on will look as gorgeous as their features allowed. People who are objectively horrible and shallow will spend their lives radiant and perfect because they're stress-free and off the hook.

TLDR a lot of times people are ugly because they're going through a rough patch or have lived an entire life of believing they're irredeemably ugly.

No. 789563

Oh my God, finally someone is saying it!!! Posting that Dr Seuss picture should result in a ban. It's hypocrisy and virtue signaling at it's finest. Plus the pic is just dumb as fuck. A lot of shitty people have plenty of ugly thoughts, but it doesn't show up on their faces. This is the kind of propaganda that only children should be naive enough to believe.

No. 789575

I think it's more about how someone's words can change your perception about them and make them seem either horrible or endearing, regardless of how they actually look like.
Even if someone is beautiful, it's a turn off to hear them say shitty things, thus making them "uglier". It's more about the vibe of the person, rather than the appearance

Something-something. Sage for OT

No. 789592

It's not Seuss, it's Dahl. I thought it was more saying that how you see people depends more on what they do.

Usually people see faces as caricatures in order to be able distinguish people. If you see faces as they are, you've got propagnosia, meaning you can't tell Adam from Steve, not by their face anyway. So that leaves a bit of room for your brain to build up a face with certain associations, like remembering the deep wrinkles in your grandma's face with fondness.

No. 789635

You’re totally right that the way people behave affects our perception of them, but my problem with that picture is it has a very childlike, black and white perception of beauty. It explicitly says that people somehow get ugly from having ugly thoughts, but that’s just not true. It doesn’t mention the way we perceive others because of their good deeds, it says that ugly people show it on their face. It’s really annoying when people will use that dumb meme as a basis for why some cow is aging poorly or getting fat.

No. 789716

Oh sorry, had those two shit authors confused with each other
based, thank you for explaining that far better than I could

No. 789778

A lot of Manaki defense in there right now. Literally anons trotting out the ‘well he’s not REALLY a pedophile, she wasn’t prepubescent!’ Scrote tier logic. Also was told 30 year old Japanese women look like teenage white girls…unbelievable weeb complex at play there.

No. 789840

lmao after proudly declaring that japanese women have fat faces, they're also gonna ignore the fact that Venus acted like a goddamn child, unlike the 30 year old Japanese women

or are we perhaps in the wrong here? Do 30 year old Japanese women act like underaged white lolcows to attract men, after all? I think I need more educated opinions from the japanese culture enthusiasts of lolcow

No. 791775

I just want to clean Shayna's entire apartment, throw out all the trash, sort all her nasty possessions, wash all her shitty clothes, vacuum, sweep/mop/dust, all that shit. And get her some uwu pink barbie themed storage bins or something. Her apartment bothers me so much

No. 791779

Kind of same, but only for her poor animals' sake. I also want to remove all those eye crusties from the corners of Noodle's eyes and look after her and the cats, I feel so bad for them living in that filth.

No. 791989

Anyone wanna go down to Oklahoma and steal her pets at gunpoint? I’d give my left tit to get those creatures out of that filthpit. I want to know when’s the last time noodles paws touched grass.
Those pets have probably been pissing on carpets since babyhood so I bet they’re hard to train. But not impossible.

No. 792001


i actually think her threads are not "too depressing" but "too boring". her life isnt great and has gone through a lot of shit but its just boring thot shit.

No. 793500

This might be the coldest take out there but because of the Belle spergs in meta I decided to take a look at Belle's threads and holy shit they're unreadable. A huge mess of hi cowing and calling out wks when other anons say that nitpicking isn't milk. I'm not even sure why she is milky because all the anons over there infight too much
I don't think I ever came across a thread more tiring than that rip lol back to my usual cows

Honestly anon you might be onto something, I feel like a huge chunk of a cow's "following" can relate in some way or another to the cow and follow said cow to feel better about themselves in the "this could've been me but I am not that much of a turbo autist" kind of way

No. 793711

whats the biggest fall from grace youve seen in a cow?

my take is onison. he was never shane famous (as much as he tried to be meeting him and stuff). but he made a decent amount of money and could use his popularity to fuck young girls. now he has no girls, no internet fame, and no money. he's never going to recover from what happened. the man is done.

No. 793716

his final destination will hopefully be jail

No. 793720

Charms is one that really depresses me. She was so pretty but has done such extensive permanent damage in the form of plastic surgery, tattoos, body mods etc that she has no chance of ever becoming presentable again let alone attractive. I really think it was all a coping mechanism for weight gain, so many people seem to double down on making themselves look worse when they get fat.

No. 793807


came here to say something similar. shayna is just a alcoholic trainwreck. i used to be like that too without the enormous amount of weed but i did sex work a few years ago and was drinking almost every day. it's simply impossible to get out of that shitty pattern if you don't stop drinking/doing drugs. i sometimes went on cam thinking "you fat bitch what are you doing, no one's going to pay you" while shayna is lucky she got all those scrotes following her and subscribing back from her tumblr days. she's naturally a lazy person but the weed makes everything even worse. the alcohol got her bloated and ugly as fuck. i just don't understand how she could let herself go like this? she was so skinny and even if she never had ass or tits her face wasnt as busted as it looks now. i expect pure horror when she gets her eyebrows microbladed and her entire "bimbofication" plan goes to shit. i bet 100 dollars she will look absolutely fucking bustedddd. i can't wrap my head around it that you look like THIS when you get so much money thrown at you and you could look sooooo much better. she sometimes makes over 500 dollars a day and she buys what, an ipad she won't ever use? her money spending infuriates me the same way it does with luna. these ungreatful bitches, i just hope they lose everything they have and will have to work a normal job one day just to know what it feels like to work a single day.

if she would at least go light blonde again, USE FUCKING MAKE UP, do her nails and lose a few pounds she would look so much better but only fupa is to blame. kyle nathan perkins really destroyed this girl.

No. 793950

File: 1619626537088.png (168.56 KB, 288x296, depressed cat.PNG)

gonna be basic and say Venus. She gained the public's sympathy when she fled Margaret but fell from grace so bad that now she's SW and an illegal immigrant in Japan
Her threads are shitty nitpicks nowadays and she's just depressing overall. I don't even consider her a cow anymore, she's just a really, really lost person.

No. 795393

I don't think toxic tears is a cow personally. Loads of people gain weight and loads of people are in shitty relationships, I've no idea why she's still talked about. I just feel sorry for her if anything.

No. 796492

Destiny/Ivy/Javiera/whateverthefuck makes me lol. Imagine being so deeply involved in diversity twitter that you actually want followers to think that you were born with a dick, got on HRT, and had laser hair removal to look the way you do now.

No. 796659

i love to hate belle but because of the bad "porn slutty girl uwu!~" persona she has that is fake as hell especially after her shitty "porn" came out. she is a very pretty girl though, without the filters and editing. i'm literally just mad at her for doing this shit to herself, she could have gone into modeling something normal but instead is hated if not irrelevant online at this point, and she knows it too. all of the fucking anons who shitted up her thread just going "she is ugly lol" pissed me off, threads are full of high schooler newfags.

shoe is another cow ive followed over the years and introduced me to the site in 2018 when i started to get really annoyed with her. she isnt ugly either, its her personality i can't stand. sometimes i think in an alternate universe i could have been friends with some of these bitches if they weren't terminally online and had actual interests and hobbies besides garnering male attention. but maybe that's just because i don't have real friends irl.

No. 796780

'Ugly' is the only criticism people are entirely comfortable with leveling at women, even when being less than ideal-looking is the least of their crimes and errors.

Making every point about Belle into an issue of looking 'ugly' or 'old' is just gonna spawn more pickmes like her in the future. She's a living example of what 20-ish zoomers become when they're repeatedly told that they're gonna be worthless corpses the moment they don't look 10 anymore.

She's not a master manipulator. She (and every woman who tries to be her) is a harrowing example of aging related dysphoria in young women.

No. 796788

Only learned about her yesterday and I need more milk on her because fucking KEK

No. 796803

Your points are so true anon, everything about her brand embodies that fear of aging, and women who compare themselves to Belle the most are often people who also express that they have those feelings of being scared to get older

No. 797504

exactly. i think she looks shittier with the filters/editing, but her natural face was pretty before all the surgery. it's really sad to me that she must be so insecure and shallow, she was riding high before xmas when she was trying to get scrotes excited for her porno for it to be her poorly, barely having sex, she never looks genuinely into it, she also stares so much at the viewfinder it really makes me cringe how clearly she has body dysmorphia. her problem is her personality, not her appearance. idk why in order for a cow to be hated we all have to sit around and pretend they look like the ugliest goblin ever. she is a dummy, and seems to not really have many friends tbh. i bet the porn thing made a lot of people (like her mom) lose their relationship with her.

No. 797508

>shadman has trooned now
wtf?? unsurprising tho

No. 797546

I legitimately want Pixielocks to get cancelled by her fake woke following for being so fucking insufferable as a munchie. Her descent into madness isn’t even fun to watch any more

No. 797556

Shadman didn't troon out, it was to troll people.

No. 797567

I think before Shayna gained weight she wad actually really attractive. She's also not obese like everyone in the thread says, she honestly just looks the upper end of the healthy scale. Like she's absolute trash in the personality department but people act like she's bloated roadkill.

No. 797571

Obese is definitely a stretch. I think the jarring difference between how she used to look and now, her always wearing clothes that are several sizes too small, and how her fat is distributed in such unflattering places, is what makes her appear overweight. If she wore clothes her actual size, she would probably appear to have a normal, healthy weight

No. 797581

File: 1620040978352.jpg (40.87 KB, 750x542, 348082ca.jpg)

Big same. I've very narrowly avoided becoming a cow in the past. I've recovered well, but I'm afraid people don't really believe in stuff like recovery, redemption or regret, unless they've experienced it themselves. I know I'd be picked apart, especially by other women which breaks my heart because I love women and want to be there for us. Not to mention some select few vengeful scrotes who apparently think I still hold grudges against them, despite the explicit fact that I've moved on since like ten years lmao, am married, fulfilled and want them to do okay/better too. I want to believe they're able to let it go, but I just can't trust it to actually be like that. Some people in my past don't want to move on, and they project that onto me.

Sage for blog. Just came here to say I relate hugely.

No. 797806

File: 1620062635842.png (388.92 KB, 600x399, rainiscoming.PNG)

I feel like Kevin is going to have a massive spergout later, it's been too quiet in that thread for a day or so. I can smell it in the air

No. 797863

I love celebrity gossip but the celebrity cows thread kinda sucks now. It just dwells into sperging about whatever female celebrity is fat or ugly not. I really don’t care if Billie Ellish or Megan thee Stallion are fit or not. You guys sound like a bunch of scrotes.

No. 797866

Now? When was it anything else but that? You dreamed it.

No. 797884

Slightly OT but man, looking at Shayna definitely helped me realize I should stop wearing clothes with tight waistbands. I didn't think it mattered that much because I looked fine when looking in the mirror while standing up, but wearing clothes that slightly dig into you when you sit down can make even a slim girl look dumpy.
Shayna isn't super big at all, she just looks way fatter than she is because she styles and dresses herself like she's pretending she's still as skinny as she used to be.

Pixielocks is kind of the same way. Her problem is the opposite though, instead of her clothes being too tight they're all oversized and frumpy in a way that's unflattering on anyone but really thin girls. It's a trap that chubbier girls often fall into, they feel insecure about their size so they try to hide their body with loose fitting clothes, but that only makes them look more bulky.
Going even more OT here but while I don't really like current fashion trends at least it succeeds in flattering many body types. A form fitting top that accentuates the waist and higher cut pants or skirts with a looser fit make for a silhouette that looks nice on most people.

No. 797910

Yep. It's obvious that the same fear is rampant with most anons posting in her thread. It's a two way street really, many of Belles issues derive from an obsession with staying young, and that means shitting on her mostly entails calling her haggard looking, which in turn feeds the same obsession for the people who shit on her. It not only shows that these people view looking older as the worst thing imaginable, it also reinforces its importance to anyone who reads or posts those comments.

I think many people in the Belle Delphine threads are legitimately jealous of her looks and trying to cope. The same goes for the threads about egirls or social media thots who are objectively cute looking but also clearly care too much about looking young. It's very telling how these threads always have OP images that are a collage of candid pictures that are presented as though they're hugely unflattering but in reality look pretty normal. Arguably the more nitpicking about looking haggard or old goes on in a thread, the more jealous the posters actually are of the persons appearance.

Also threads about camgirl/onlyfans/porn girls always have rants about how the content is uninteresting or the social media interaction with simps is not high effort enough. It's often so unapparent what the problem actually is that it's obvious that it's other sex workers who are salty that they feel like they work way harder without the same popularity. I don't like these cows either but come on, a normal person isn't going to sperg about a tit pic not being erotic looking enough as if that's the problem that needs to be fixed. (Unless it's really over the top trashy looking like with some of Shays stuff but even then what's milky is her personality and lifestyle, not the porn she makes or how much money she sells it for.)

No. 797920

File: 1620073458957.jpg (161.98 KB, 993x1200, DuPgrVqW0AAzLTy.jpg)

belle delphine needs female friends who
>are her age
>are not through josh or any other scrote
>aren't prostituting themselves

and if she already has them she either needs more of them or to spend more time with them

No. 797931

i agree with you anon
in my opinion she's so pretty naturally and I used to follow her before she came an internet meme. I think internet fame ruined her, not that she wasn't desperate before that. her whole situation makes me sad and that rape/kidnap play was super disgusting.

No. 797942

Idk what she's like as a person but I doubt many mentally healthy girls her age would even want to be friends with her. She seems like the type that needs a lot of validation and always has to be the cooler prettier friend. Pure conjecture on my part but I can't imagine her just putting her self image aside and just relaxing and talking about stuff with female friends. Maybe that just emphasizes how much she probably needs it though.

No. 797950

Seems she has an ego that demands admiration that would be off-putting to other women who would expect her to act like their peer and not as a queen bee. She also seems like the type to have no interests that aren't centered around attracting male attention and gaze, which gets tiring even for the standard pickmes who wouldn't automatically categorize other women as competition.

No. 798023

True but it’s gotten really noticeable in the last few threads.

No. 798026

If normal young women wanted to hang out with her, they already would. E-scrote validation > all

No. 798251

Yeah I wonder if she even wants a group of female friends that treat her like an equal. She seems like the cool girl type that's used to always having male friends worshipping her and laughing at her every joke. You know, the girl that talks about porn "just like one of the guys" and says she prefers male friends because girls are just too much drama.
I've known plenty of these types irl. Their friend group ends up being mostly dudes because scrotes think with their dick and are a constant source of male affirmation to any cute girl entering their space. Female friends, however, can't be persuaded with the titty trump card. Female friends actually expect equality in a friendship. And that idea is terrifying to this girl because as an equal with the automatic validation for being a cute girl stripped away she's got nothing but her personality going for her.

And I'm not saying Belle Delphine has a bad personality or anything. I don't know that.
But when you look at her videos, porn or otherwise, every single one has her eyes fixed straight onto the viewfinder and nowhere else. It's Eugenia-tier almost. In every interview I've seen with her the things she says and most of her mannerisms all seem calculated towards portraying some sort of sympathetic image of her.

And like, I get it, it's fine. Her shtick maximizes male validation and that's clearly what she wants. But getting a normal female friend group would basically be the first ever thing she's done (in the public eye at least) that's not for the purpose of gaining more scrote attention. And I just don't know if she could handle that at this point.
I'm still counting on the small yet existing chance that in a couple of years she'll suddenly realize how fucked up this all is and shave her head and go full Britney.

No. 798367

File: 1620107386858.jpeg (112.51 KB, 562x681, 4DB5A3A7-5180-4070-9059-75CB6E…)

Thank you for relating, anon. Sorry to hear it.

No. 798412

I feel like effina's thread is going to go the same route as belle's.

No. 798466

I understand what you mean, but I also think recovery and change is possible. People don't change - until they do. A bad person doesn't have to be stuck being a bad person forever; as much as we can't perceive it with our six senses, all possibilities branching from our personal currents are open. But enough of that drivel.
Mild blog, but I've gotten my stupid ass schooled by my closest girl friend in the past, but we're still friends. A year ago she made the same mistake she schooled me on, and now she told me because she realized I understand what it's like to be like that and make xyz shitty thing.

I don't want to encourage codependency as in being responsible for a friends personal development, but I do think that deep friendships sort of have to entertain (at least a fraction of) the aspect of not just eventual change and improvement, but probabilities branching from from this moment and possibilities branching from hypothetical pasts.

She will not be able to have a friend who believes she can do better, until she herself believes other women can do better.
Here's to hoping she goes full Britney.

No. 798658

My meta opinion is that basically most cow threads function as a containment thread of their own "ilk". Like an "ana-cows" thread wouldn't exist without anachans discussing what X or Y ate for lunch redundantly everyday because for "normal" people that's just not milky enough. Same with 99% of e-whore, instathot, onlyfans or whatever thread which are obviously bumped by e-girl wannabes because no one cares that a girl with a minor following has wrinkly clothes or dirty mirrors.
Is the era of real deranged cows over?

No. 798714

File: 1620146716699.jpg (148.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

i will always find the whole KT being "plagiarised" shit funny. the only resemblance is the haircolor and nothing else. she thinks she invented it or some shit. i actually had the exact same haircut and haircolor Ruin and Katie had when i was like 18 or 19. it was retarded but the photos are a fun memory at least. the fact she thinks she invented putting blue and purple dye together is hysterical. i should join her lawsuit against sandman, they copied me as well. in fact, i should sue KT too! shes in her 30s copying my edgy haircut from years ago! cant believe she would plagiarize me, anons… i need to tell jontron about this ASAP

pic related, not me obviously, but i found this after googling blue and purple hair immediately. shes getting sued too.

No. 799079

I think Onision is boring. It was funny until he peaked with the Chris Hansen drama, now it's just boring

I haven't seen a proper deranged cow crop up in ages. I think the closest we've come to it in a while is the sewerslvt drama and even then that doesn't hold a candle to the likes of Todokaras

No. 799120

People say they wish cows like Shayna had female friends, but I don't think it'd be possible for her to have a female friend. She hates women, unless the female friend is kissing her ass and believes everything Shayna believes, then it won't work.
I think a gay male friend would be good for her. I'm thinking one that does not hate women, fashionable, can do hair/make up you know stereotypical Rupaul gay, she loves Rupaul.
But like Women, I think she only views men as money, fans or Fupa. So a man wanting to legit be her friend and not have any sexual attraction, would be useful. Maybe I watch too much tv. I just have the vision of a sassy gay dude fixing shayna's life. At the same time I don't think she's able to be a true friend. She's too selfish, but hey she wants someone to fix her life for her and be a "uwu" baby, I think someone coming in to postively do so would be better then Fupa or some sex worker.
yes, i'm retarded.

No. 799140

even though i really dislike the cows i follow, i will defend them if i think farmers are tinfoiling too hard. for example, farmers have been tinfoiling for years that tnd is going to do onlyfans and have been derailing her threads with this and judging her for a saga that doesn't even exist. and not long ago, farmers in vicky shingles threads started to tinfoil that she has deep brown eyes and have been hiding them with lenses for all these years and many quickly accepted this as the truth. they do so much stupid shit on their own, let us at least be fair and not shit up their threads with fake stories that only makes farmers look uncredible

No. 799186

I don't care and never cared for all that Twitch shit and just stumbled into the thread by accident, but no regrets because I cannot express how hot Anisa is. She's the perfect mix of dumb american, a little alternative and slutty (but not sexually repulsive like Shay or 99% of all SW kek). I'd fuck her instantly if I had the chance

No. 799203

I love tinfoiling OnlyFans predictions. I called it before Belle Delphine started it back when anons were saying she'd never have to resort to that for her simp money haha. I'm not sure about the other stuff you mentioned, it's just that women who eventually involve themselves with sex work tend to have personality traits and have made decisions that make the outcome fairly predictable.

No. 799206

I think Anisa is cute and not as ugly or botched as others think she is, as well as Brittany Venti (or whatever her name is) and Tesah (is she got rid of the tattoos on her face).
People act like they are so fucking ugly and I'm like, "Eh, they are cute to me, just not the best people"

No. 799230

agreed. and she could do so much better than idubbbz

No. 799402

File: 1620200491367.jpg (13.01 KB, 236x362, secondary actor in the fanfic.…)


i agree with you, this is a retarded take. lets discuss it anyway nonita

Shayna has no friends. So, where do we go from here? She only interacts with coomer scrotes, who see her as girl with asshole and nothing else. A gay man is not going to stumble to her twitter. So, what if Shayna does the fake gaaaaaay thing that pixielocks did a few years ago? Where she baited everyone that she was a lesbian. like a month later she has a new scrote, of course, but she loved that gaaaaaaaaaaay bait attention. shayna could do that. shayna fakes the whole immm soo gayyyy omffgggg booooobieees. she wants to fit in with the LGBT cause she has no community bc all sex workers hate her. Might as well try a different group. so she RTs people saying shit empty shit like TRANS RIGHTS! baits people into thinking she's lesbian, maybe goes non binary even! she follows all this shit. talks like a drag queen. the wokes love a fake gay but they also LOVE a "female empowered" sex worker. some of the wokes even follow her. a dumb gay scrote sees her sassy "im such a dumb cum hole ahahahahahahaha" tweets and he of course goes "thats so me!!!". They become friends, shayna admires the ""sassy"" shit, he admires the whore shit.

They get close. Maybe Shayna even has a crush on him at some point but of course it doesn't work out. One day, The Chosen Gay Scrote has a long talk with Shayna. He tells her "FUPA IS TRASH!". Shayna doesn't follow immediately, but gay scrote gives her more validation than fupe so she FINALLY dumps fupa for once. she obviously starts dating a fat short man with a beard afterwards. but hey, fupa days are finally gone… i want to believe

No. 799425

File: 1620204784815.jpg (82.6 KB, 640x640, 116131846_745307579554094_4590…)


i browsed the original anisa threads. everyone made fun of her looks. didnt agree with much i just thought she was plain. seeing my nonitas claim she's hot… she's plain. i dont think she's ugly. i just- have you never seen a hot woman before? she's not ugly but she's completely pedestrian.

again, shes not ugly, but "HOT"? you have to be pretty bland, im sorry… even old school moomookun i could consider "hot" before i would anisa >>732869 she's just less boring looking. and hell, mariah is no pageant queen.

No. 799821

Nonnie not everyone has the same taste, I personally think oldschool Moo is not an attractive woman, but rather the kind of girl nerds thirst for before they become incels. And "hot" is rather a spectrum I think, not a definition. You can call two people hot and still think that one of them is breathtakingly stunning and the other one is a cute girl next door type.

No. 799826

Kek, I said it was retarded

No. 799847

Imo Eugenia Cooney doesn't belong on the pro ana scumbag thread. All it does is cause infighting whenever she posts. The mere mention of her name is enough to manifest like 15 posts debating her spot.

Yes, shes ana and a massive cow, but the pro ana scumbag threads are for lesser known cows. Eugenia should have her own thread seperate from this.

Speaking of which I'm surprised nobody had posted Gimpgirl to the pro ana threads co sidering she literally advocates for pro ana style dieting and all her nudes are… well, I'll say that seeing her chest bones stick out made me wince

No. 800123

Eugenia Cooney milk also gets posted in the YouTubers General thread, and there is no infighting when she's posted there. That's the most fitting thread for her imo.

No. 800352

The amount of mundane details that bratoutofhell includes on every post and comment she shares online drives me up the wall. Obviously she's not the only cow that does this but it viscerally makes me feel like I'm at a bad party where I'm trapped in conversation with a cokehead who's stealing all the oxygen in the room to prattle on and on about garbage nonsense

No. 800817

I can't be mad at or disgusted by Kelly Ronahan because she is literally demented.
I don't know what the exact line between munchie and too insane to hook your own bra in the morning is, but she crossed it before she was cutting nerves out of her legs, I don't know how anyone can see her do that shit and think she's doing it exclusively for attention, that is straight up insane

No. 800823

The name didn't ring any bells but then I got to the nerve thing and ding ding ding. This bitch is getting her damn legs amputated yet people think she's doing it just for attention? She's sick in the fucking head, sure but it's way more than attention seeking. she makes me genuinely feel ill

No. 800872

I can't stop randomly remembering how people compare contra's voice to mickey mouse, it makes me start snickering out of nowhere it's the most accurate comparison I've seen on lolcow. kinda feel bad though for laughing but apparently he once sent violent porn to women so nvm

No. 801018

What other reason is there to post pics online if not for attention? Don't be ridiculous, of course it's for attention. If it wasn't she wouldn't be posting pics and updates online and hounding her threads here and on kiwifarms. Lots of people self-injure in private unfortunately. She's an uber attention-whore baiting people's attention by exploiting their morbid fascination. It's working.

No. 801044

What happened to this site? Did the old userbase leave? Nowadays the pt/snow/w threads are more like poorly disguised fan clubs and we are supposed to only pretend we don't like the cows and any criticism has to be in the cow's best interests, or else you are going to be yelled at. Holy shit.

No. 801051

I feel like we exist in different timelines because all /snow/ threads I'm seeing are filled hate beyond vicious and any neutral comment is met with attack that it's selfposting or defending the cow. How weird

No. 801055

the duality of anon

No. 801059

Yeah, that's why I said they pretend, I think that the 'hate' is not genuine, it's more like this bpd love-hate thing.

No. 801060

Only for particular lolcows. Some of them you're allowed to ridiculously hate while others are treated like a protected species.

Tbh I think the cows that hit closest to home with the farmers are the ones who get whiteknighted the most.

No. 801067

It's done anon, the docs had to amputate above the knee. It's in the munchsnark subreddit. She has the IV in her head, probably to not pick at it if she doesn't see it.

In the Luna thread the anons from the old threads are long gone, no more poking fun at her or ridiculing. Quite boring.

No. 801068

To be honest, there is not much to poke fun at recently tbh. We don't get piss cartons no more. I still find her interesting, but mostly in a sad way. Hope we will get some more actual milk one day.
>t. anon following Luna from the beggining of her lolcow.farm career

No. 801080

Sorry deleted because I spelled the subreddit wrong. But yes can't wait, she always has a way to surprise us.

No. 801130

I’ve seen so much shit online but her thread really makes me sick, worst cow of all time. It’s just shocking to me how someone this demented isn’t permanently sedated in a mental institution yet. There’s nothing milky or funny about it. She’s one of those cases where therapy is not an option anymore.

No. 801138

Nope, still here, but today's cows are a bit dry. There are only a few cows/flakes left with entertaining/interesting behaviour and not just unfortunate pictures and goofy tweets/insta-captures.

No. 801178

Notice that I said
And that she cut nerves out of her legs with scissors. You see any other attentionwhore doing that?

No. 801228

Kelly has munchausen. It's in the definition of her disorder that the goal is attention-seeking.
From NHS website:
>Munchausen's syndrome is a psychological disorder where someone pretends to be ill or deliberately produces symptoms of illness in themselves.
>Their main intention is to assume the "sick role" so that people care for them and they are the centre of attention.
From Cleveland clinic, top link in Google search for munchausen:
>Munchausen syndrome (factitious disorder imposed on self) is when someone tries to get attention and sympathy falsifying, inducing, and/or exaggerating an illness.

There is no line between her attention-seeking and her self-harm, they're part of the same condition. Attention seeking in an extremely inappropriate way is what's wrong with her head.

No. 801555

She is cutting nerves out of her legs with scissors.
I am not saying that psychotic people can't be munchies, but she is literally psychotic.
There are literally no other cows anywhere who are doing what she's doing.
You cannot tell me anyone with any amount sanity left could go as far as she has, she belongs in an asylum.

No. 801656

She doesn't have psychosis. She's not delusional, she's doing it deliberately. She's been to psych wards, she didn't get that diagnosis.
Anon, I'm not a mental illness expert, but neither are you. Listen to what her doctors say.

No. 801702

Some of the "trashy" onlyfans girls obviously have deep seated mental problems and/or some kind substance dependency that need professional help, but I feel like Anisa (Idubbbz's fiancée) could fix most of her mental issues by just logging off social media for a year, go near nature and take up gardening or something. She's really not that far gone but still has weekly breakdowns because she can't stop her self-harm by social media.

No. 801708

Same here anon and I'm really sad that the celebrity thread got banished back to /ot/ because it's just going to devolve more into appearance sperging, even though it deserved the move. It's probably unrealistic but I wish we could have 2 threads, one to contain appearance and aesthetics sperging and one for real celebrity milk.

No. 801759

Make a new thread and see if it gets locked

No. 801782

it’s really hard for me to read the mtf thread just because there’s no type of transwoman that doesn’t piss me off in some way. for my own sanity i try to avoid clicking into it

ugly 35 year old reddit transbians make me want to throw up. they don’t put any effort into passing but expect to sleep with women like typical incels
gay male trans women are usually better at passing but they have no idea what it’s like to be actually female and have femininity forced upon us and expected of us. i’m a lesbian but their constant posting about how straight men want them and how they’re more attractive than cis women is so fucking annoying. plus they usually look like plastic sex dolls with all the surgery and filters. they generally don’t harass lesbians though.

at the end of the day transitioning to be a woman is just illogical therefore any way you go about it or try to justify it is going to be illogical to me. and i don’t see how it’s any different to pretending to be a different race.(thread rules)

No. 801787

oh yeah and “based” trans women who dunk on their own community for clout (eg blair white and bruce jenner) also piss me off because i can’t stand when people seek validation and pander to people who hate them. it’s the same with homophobic gay people and those black conservative political commentators who dunk on black lives matter or pretend that racism doesn’t exist (although i legitimately think some of them are in it for the money only)

basically every type of trans women piss me off and i am legitimately transphobic idc

No. 801792

>basically every type of trans women piss me off and i am legitimately transphobic idc

Same, even if they're nice they're men cosplaying as women, they're cosplaying and pretending to be just like us, it gives me the creeps.

No. 801819

The Luna threads have gone down the drain because you can tell fakeboi and her other whiteknights are there getting defensive on her behalf.

No. 801832

The "not like other troons" troons annoy me the most, they are more narcissistic than the ones who stay in their own communities and tell normal people to stop oppressing them and shit.

No. 801835

TBH, I wish the usual topics were banned from being discussed unless we get a new piece of information (are Luna's parents good or evil, is Luna a victim of grooming or a worthless piece of shit who seduced Lurch to get drugs, how much Kurt Cobain is too blame for her drug addiction, etc). Both sides are set in their opinions, there is no point to go through the arguments again.

No. 802265

I think Momo is annoying and immature but anons have always been unnecessarily mean to her, to the point of this weird paranoia where anything she says and does must be fake or hide some kind of ulterior motive.

I used to follow her threads as a /cgl/ refugee to laugh at the bad craftsmanship, but even then the people shitting in her for being fat (she really wasn't?) were fucking annoying and probably just jealous that an average looking girl with 0 talent was getting big in the community.

Considering how little everyone cared about her racist remarks when she was a guest at that con in Peru, I also feel that most of the outrage over her 'molesting' people at cons was fueled by other cosplayers that envied her or had a personal vendetta.

I was part of the early WTC community and know for a fact that she lied about translating or ever being relevant. It's obvious that she still lies to make herself look good or fit in, but she is a weeb, and it's embarrassing how anons will nitpick and go on about how she's totally faking her obsession for this or that character.

They will shit on her for having 2d husbandos, they will shit on her for getting back into drawing and gasp! being mediocre at best. Is it cringey that she would throw away all that money on stuff she doesn't even know how to use? Sure, but why is it so inconceivable that Momo would simply enjoy doodling her husbando like a million other weebs do?

Similarly, I hate when her parents are portrayed as these poor martyrs that did no wrong. I don't think Momo's stories about her dad are fake at all, it makes too much sense when you think about her insecurities and the person she is today.

It's sad to see what she's doing to herself nowadays, and I doubt she will ever mature at this rate. I hope for her sake she's saving up some of that neckbeard money for the future.

tl;dr Momokun is a shitty person and a beat but not any worse than many other cosplayers or e-thots. The anons in her threads are fucking insane.

No. 802361

Agreed. The anons in her thread are mentally deranged. They will hate her no matter what she does kek. It's actually crazy to me, coming from someone with no opinion of her, reading her thread is just so weird..the nitpicks are honestly worse than in the Shayna thread and thats saying a lot kek. The worst thing Momo has done is…be fat and """"""grope""""" people at a con. And some anons act like she personally slaughtered their entire families in front of their eyes or something KEK
As shitty as I feel about myself sometimes, I find solace in the fact that I am not as insane as Momo spergs

No. 802773

I checked out her thread and it was so fucked up it made me dizzy. I genuinely don't even know what to think of that. I'm just disturbed now

No. 802884

I feel bad for Trisha Paytas. I know she's destructive, but people that severely ill often are. She clearly had a shitty upbringing, people with happy childhoods don't let johns stick a lit candle up their ass for $200 and shoot actual bullets around their head. I'm glad she's found a less shitty family to integrate into. It genuinely seems like she's improving now, I'm glad for her. I know this is an unpopular take, I don't care, I think it's fine to be glad for people when they seem to be getting better. All the "bad" shit people talk about her doing is like trolling and saying she's transgender, which like who gives a shit? She's mentally ill like the other tranies, why not? And if she knows she's bullshitting on that too, who cares? It's not the same as people who say they have cancer when they know they don't. She's an insane retard, I don't think she's irredeemable.
Also, honestly, she's funny. Like genuinely.

No. 803010

File: 1620610474223.jpeg (Spoiler Image,314.61 KB, 1538x2048, 0aqskx34x7121.jpeg)


oh god, i agree. such a boring cow to look at. i feel like shes not personal anymore and most of her post are just for coomers to see and she knows it. she will talk about a new show or character she likes every once in a while, but who gives a shit. she doesnt really get personal and idiotic anymore. she takes tons of selfies but doesn't act like she used to. i dont think shes's a better person, i think she just knows to stay quiet to avoid drama now.

comparing her to shayna, she's a saint. i dont know who is uglier, i think theyre tied. but to me, shayna is way more entertaining. because shes a fucking idiot. most of what she posts online isnt for her coomers, theyre things literally just autistic random rants from a weirdo with no friends. i mean, this dumbasss posted screenshos of her arguing with her mom for no reason like a month ago… to her coomers? why would they care? its like she always has content for u. and somehow shes been a sex worker longer than momo and yet she doesnt understand her coomer fanbase doesnt want to know her all that much.

momo posts dumb pics all day cause she needs to be active a lot considering what she does. but she never spergs or does much. she's just a botched sex worker. anons grap for straws in those threads. and yeah, she used to be cute. she was always chubby, but when she started she was cute and thats why she got popular as much as anons seethe about it. shes fat now, like really fat, and botched, but shes a dry cow cause shes not really pretentious about her shit work anymore. i dont understand how anons can still be angry about such petty shit.

No. 806337

Call me a pussy but I honestly think making fun of that girl is going too far. Whatever happened there is so sick and so far beyond lolcow status. "Attention whore who self-harms for attention" is just not a severe enough crime to deserve amputation and ridicule.

No. 806622

File: 1621011512261.gif (2.47 MB, 480x248, F9F8D4C7-7CBE-4FF7-AB04-945B64…)

Phoebe is back. God is good all the time

Also that whiteknight from months ago who was insistent that she’d found new hobbies she’s good at was sorta right, that embroidery piece wasn’t bad kek

No. 806783

File: 1621025184305.jpg (80.72 KB, 636x631, 1szwje6ezb061 (2).jpg)

These threads are entertaining, mostly onision, when you have watched him go from a little strange (his yt early days) to full on trainwreck, including his family.
But mostly I check cow threads from time to time as it helps me be more self aware, like handling criticism, fashion choices, or things I should avoid saying. I can see myself becoming a cow, so I use these as warnings. Just prone to things.

No. 806839

I used to be really active in Jared/Holly threads at the height of the drama, but I feel like there's no way I can get into the new one. It's just… sad, really, that it's two years to the month later and Holly is still doing her same little "feel sorry for me" song and dance. It isn't funny or milky to me anymore, and the fact that their thread was dead for so long before she started tweeting about Heidi and the "abuse" again made me realize she thrives off the attention she gets here and is more invested in herself having a thread here than any anons probably even are.

No. 807265

File: 1621090360424.png (331.97 KB, 594x560, gZ1uXzc.png)

during the temp thread i pretended to be a mod of her subreddit and said i banned this user because she wasn't a real anisa fan. i wish i could see the old temp thread because the morons all bought it and referenced it a few times. i also did some other bs trolling like claiming that my cousin went to her uni, pretending to be a sockpuppet etc. they were so obsessively hateful that they always bought the b8, or my bullshit info would be screenshot.

i always got this vibe that they hated anisa because she was dating idubbbz. the discord they made was pretty funny, i think one girl got caught for simping for idubbbz and she got banished from the discord. this other girl offered to give anisa a makeover(?) via twitter message and then ghosted/blocked anisa. there were also a number of occasions where a farmer would accidentally dox themselves by posting screenshots of them cowtipping. i looked at anisa's kiwi thread earlier and i saw that there was somebody who was very proud of causing pic related and even posted their DMs as proof…

don't get me wrong, i think anisa is a cow and deserved to have a thread. but her thread was GARBAGE because the farmers were more interested in cow-tipping and nitpicking her appearance. i really tried to encourage not-shit tier discussion and contributed a lot of receipts at the start (a number of which are in the content cuck video) but people would be more interested in talking about how fridge shaped they thought her body was.

i'll take my ban for blogposting, hope some of you guys enjoyed the nostalgia trip.

No. 808230

File: 1621188976272.jpg (22.82 KB, 320x460, unnamed.jpg)

Who is the stupidiest cow ever?

No. 808306

Shayna and vicky are up there in stupidity but maybe lillee? She is genuinely dumb

No. 808326

File: 1621194034099.jpg (403.39 KB, 376x666, 6S4XM6b.jpg)

I honestly don't think this looks bad, after seeing the game and this character, IDK I think it looks good and she looks pretty nice.
I know she may have photoshopped and etc. etc., but I don't even think Moo looks as horrible as some people say. I also hate the comments that people make about scrotes like, "Who'd want this or that" when it comes to women.
I find myself doing that as a bisexual woman and my standards, but uh..scrotes will fuck anything.
They will coom to anything, some have standards but most don't. Pretending like scrotes would'nt want Moo or Shayna is dumb. Now the quality of scrotes who want them is always horrible but scrotes do think they are sexy.
TBH I can understand why they'd see Moo as sexy more so then Shayna though.
but thats just me, i'm not a scrote.

No. 808388

Imo she looks pretty good here but thats probably because 95% of her body is covered. I dont really find her milky just annoying and kinda gross to look at.

No. 808501

Soren was the best cow this site ever had and it's not even close. A truly despicable trainwreck that actually deserved the negative attention she got. Kiwifarms does a better job of finding and cataloguing horrorcows and I wish LC was more like that. A lot of the cows here don't deserve their threads.

No. 808538

Kanadajin seems like she may actually have some kind of intellectual disability to me

No. 808628

Luna is so goddamn boring to me now. I miss the SW saga.

I miss her thread so much. An absolute awful fucking person. The only female cow who's ever made me want to a-log.

Lillee, most clearly, but I'd argue it's not her fault, her mom seems to be genuinely trying to stunt her development. The main cows on the e-girl thread, though, all seem genuinely stupid.

No. 808710

I followed her threads starting from the first one as an ex-/cgl/fag myself too, it was hilarious to witness her Dunning-Krueger and bad bitch attitude while producing the most inaccurate, bargain bin quality cosplays you could imagine. However I've always felt that she was one of the rare costhots that actually was a weeb and did care about most of the stuff she was obsessed with, even if it was a very surface level interest. I knew the jig was up when someone in her thread said they "don't want boring cosplay drama" and that autistically nitpicking her body was far more entertaining.

Agree about her parents too, her dad legitimately seems to be the source of a lot of her issues and she's been fairly consistent when recounting her past with him.

Her thread has been 100% scrotes and jealous e-thots for a few years now and they're obsessed with sperging about her looks and desirability. It's just that the maleposters also need to hate and degrade her because of their retarded Madonna/Whore complex.

No. 808807


reading her thread made me legitimately angry everytime there was an update. she deserved to be /pt/. she had been a schizo for years and years. it was so entertaining yet so fucking disgusting.

the closest we can get in terms of schizo is KT, but i still miss Soren. His schizo posting was painful to fucking read.

her becoming a tranny was kinda predictable, but the tranny shit literally killed her. god damn it.

No. 808822

Sorry for asking for spoonfeeding but what exactly killed her? A botched surgery? I heard that she died but was never able to get a hold of the reason.

No. 808823


No. 808827

I miss her thread especially because of how abruptly it all ended leaving so many unanswered questions, but I also respect the decision to close the thread because her family don't deserve to have their grief prodded at. A thread like that might never happen again, I'm not interested in nitpicking camgirls so now I only use /ot/ and /g/ and I'll move on from this site eventually.

No. 808829


she got a dick, which looked terrible. and the surgery was super botched, so she started going in and out of hospitals constantly out of it. she eventually >>808823 because she had been in hospitals all the time for months and was in a lot of pain constantly. then she clearly couldnt handle it anymore. knowing soren, i thought the pain and hospital things were exaggerated but now i truly think she killed herself because of the constant pain she was in. she was always baiting and stuff about how sad she was, but the fucked up surgery actually fucked her, and no more baiting, the bitch did it one day no warning or suicide letter.

No. 808831

You could say that the suicide letter was all the shitposting she did over the years, it’s the kind of shit that only someone who will kill themselves at some point would write.

No. 808841

Anon that's sad
Imo it goes to show that sometimes love isn't enough. As much as we argued about her parents choices we could all see that they cared about her but it wasn't enough to give her a normal life. I'm not looking to start a debate about who to "blame" though so let's not infight

No. 809135

Tru dat. Suicidal people don't announce they're going to do it but they leave hints here and there.

No. 809137

I would say PT but it would be low hanging fruit, right?
Maybe Vicky.

No. 809701

I thought that Corpse Husband's thread was going to be laughing at him for pretending to have gerd, which is milky and funny.
But it's just farmers fans trying to doxx his identity. Weirdos.

No. 809714

I'm just wondering if this anon was straight cause…

No. 809737

File: 1621333831743.jpeg (13.61 KB, 558x614, EfaSCvSWoAEFbSI.jpeg)


in my opinion it was just mental illness talking. but shizo posting doesnt alawys mean suicidal. this is someone who lied about every single aspect of her life all day every day. i dont know, it just seemed like something someone attention whore like her would say to bait people.

i dont know, i truly believe that if she hadnt had the surgery complications she'be alive schizo posting still. she had been baiting about hurting herself for years. but again to me it was just part of her edge persona. the moment she actually started suffering outside her shelter rich family life she couldnt do it anymore and pulled the trigger.


the fuck? im a lesbian and im sorry but she's no stacy in my eyes, get over it. i even said i found OG moomookun cuter, its been days and nonitas didnt agree thats why i dropped the subject. she is just not attractive to me, im sorry for sharing, but this is literally the cow opinions thread..

no need to make up shit about me, nonita i just dont like the same people as you doesnt relect on my life. im sorry but what an unnecessary thing to say when i stopped talking for a reason. keep her nonnie but you dont know me tf.