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File: 1677078632136.jpg (350.73 KB, 1080x1265, Screenshot_20230222_094541_Twi…)

No. 1506368

Share men's brainlet takes on anything women related

No. 1506370

No. 1506391

Going on any 4chan board is comedy gold regarding this.

No. 1518678

File: 1678328957068.jpg (301.2 KB, 1080x1275, moids are fat phobic.jpg)

No. 1518721

File: 1678333527903.jpg (287.69 KB, 1110x982, gym moids.jpg)

No. 1518724

File: 1678333876165.png (46.7 KB, 1089x378, moid poetry.png)

No. 1518729

File: 1678334168490.png (83.25 KB, 1288x245, fake ass woman.png)

No. 1518742

You mean to tell me I can get moids to stay the fuck away from me without having to ruin my body? Count me in
What does this tweet even mean ??
>They lied because they didn't meet their quota for for onlyfans (I assume?)
>They feel humiliated and ashamed
>They then blamed Tate for not meeting their onlyfans quota
>Therefore all women are weak and stupid
It almost seems like word vomit written by a 4th grader. So many questions to make this make sense. Aren't Andrew Tates only female supports cam whores? Do they think people just started calling him misogynistic for no apparent reason? It wouldn't surprise me if Tate made social media bots to support him, which would explain so many of them make zero sense

No. 1518744

Yes, lets keep on eating and enjoying it, nonnie!

No. 1518803

This so much, even the littlest things they think we lie about I've been accused of lying about the weirdest shit by men, meanwhile it's usually them lying about everything typically to get certain reactions from women are them. It's all projection

No. 1518851

It's probably the way of coping for their failures and inceldom - just blame us instead. It is all projection.

No. 1518856

ngl he's right, the only retarded part is when he thinks women are in the wrong for not considering a short man's feelings when she posts to get a tall man's attention.
>She's not thinking about the billions of guys who aren't 6'4 that might get upset about that
ROFL who cares? Not everything is about you. But yes fully made up duckface pick of a stranger is fully narcissistic. The funniest part is that men feel like they are Sherlock fucking Holmes for figuring this out.

No. 1518862

Eve if he is, that face is hilarious and I will gladly laugh at that manlet moid because gymcels take themselves too seriously.

No. 1518864

please don't engage seriously with the stupid screenshots itt

No. 1518866

It took me until my adult years to realize just how much of male takes are full on projection. Just look at this one >>1518729 for example, men are obsessed with social capital and reputation and would rather kill their wife and children than go through the humiliation of divorce yet they really claim it's actually the women who don't care about things beyond social status.

No. 1518869

Well I hope you're in a better place now. Nonnie is right, we shouldn't take these screenshots too seriously since they're from 4chan.

No. 1518872

File: 1678349274163.png (594.72 KB, 1500x3719, moid take on feminism.png)

No. 1518876

jesus men are stupid. They really think the cost of living right now would be reasonable if only women had not joined the workforce? They really think the world is just one mistake away from being made for them. No. The wages would be even lower and the cost of living even higher.

No. 1518882

This moid needs meds, seriously

No. 1518885

this is a hylic moment

Why would wages be lower with fewer people to work? Wouldn't this make wages higher?

No. 1518886

>Men continuously produce healthy sperm until they die

KEK I hate this meme. Men should not be allowed to breed if they’re over 35. No one wants your disgusting autism babies.

No. 1518887

No. 1518888

Kek that moidlet looks hilarious good on her for sharing it

No. 1518894

even if the wages were higher there would be some other thing throwing the common man/woman off. The wages might be higher but the cost of living would skyrocket. It's just naïve to think the nuclear family would still be working today. Of COURSE the wealthiest people would allow a hardworking family man his due IF ONLY the nuclear family still existed, of course! They wouldn't find a way to squeeze his life out! Surely the women at home would not be marketed more drugs or diet pills. Surely they would not find a way to still force the internet on our children!

No. 1518895

I'm not reading all that shit I knew it was made by someone with a 2nd grade intellect after the first sentence.

No. 1518915

File: 1678356236952.jpg (391.82 KB, 690x829, image.jpg)

What always gets me with this people is do they really think that in the past women didn't work ? Like do they picture medieval women being enclosed in their house instead of working in the field ? The immense majority of women were poor and have always worked.

No. 1518976

What the fuck isnthat picture..u a scrote or smthn?

No. 1518979

It's the /pol/ moid, ignore

No. 1518982

Yeah i just realized its the subhuman roach. I regret replying. The male suic!d statistics are high for a reason, he needs to hoin his rothers in hell where he will burn like a crisp.

No. 1518983

File: 1678363623614.jpg (96.78 KB, 828x838, 1674462359764581.jpg)

The far too common reaction. Go beyond your base instincts to run away. Not one of you has successfully refuted any of the points in >>1518872
We're anonymous users posting over the internet. You can't muster the courage to speak up here?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1518985

>most destructive thing to the family
Stopped reading right there, tradfags' obsession with the nuclear family and how it's being threatened by every policy slightly on the left side of Hitler creeps me out so much.

No. 1518986

I agree, but you don't have to censor "suicide" here nona lmao

No. 1518988

I love how you outright admit that you want to go back to a time where women still worked the same labor as now but instead rarely got paid or couldnt own anything.
You and your kind really are parasites. Mentally retarded parasites. You dont even realize that you are giving us fresh examples of moidtakes right here and the moid is you.

Schizo ramblings are not points, GO BACK SCROTE.

No. 1519003

Attractive women taking selfies of themselves is the bane of moids existence. This woman has demonstrated that well. Though I find it a dick move to take photos of others without their consent, this single photo pales in comparison to the amount of perversion moids have over women's bodies on a daily basis and constant surveillance they have over all women as he's demonstrated in this unasked, retard analysis.

This woman is clearly poking fun at a pathetic ugly short cunt, there is no deeper meaning to this post which is justifiable. She also is attractive though which spells a spiralling crisis in the moids mind. We have no way of knowing if he is striking poses vainly like her caption suggests, but regardless we can all laugh at his pathetic short stature, his bulging ugly ogre face, his old face, his receeding hairline and oversized disproportionate inflated hammy limbs that look like inflatable water wings. I see why this photo stokes such a strong response in moids; it shows that the incel mythos is an exercise in futility. By making this comment he has exercised just as much "shallowness" and obsession with bodily appearences as the woman who posted this picture, if not more because he has attached his own narc analysis of two complete strangers. This moid in the photo has exercised, strengthened his body and done everything he can and yet he is still unattractive.

He is still worthless and deemed less than a fickle-posting, gym going, selfie taking pouting lips womans opinion. Her opinion is worth far more than is ever will be by these moids own admission, as demonstrated by this moids post. He is so worthless that even the moids posting to defend him have completely lost the plot and are instead engrossed in her beauty utterly; her cuteness, the fact that she isn't appreciating of him and is mocking him (rightfully). No matter how many weights moids will lift, and how many moids will "go their own way", mock women and dehumanize them on a daily basis they will ultimately seethe and cope themselves into believing it is the attractive womans fault that everything in their life is a failure. "It is her fault that I am obsessing over her beauty like a product to be consumed". They have it engrained In them that a beautiful woman existing is somehow their entitlement and is a fault. That we should not appreciate her beauty honestly, and she should be shunned and ashamed for mocking a ugly male while being proud of her own beauty.

She is shallow despite you not knowing her at all. She is cruel and mean despite the mass amounts of cruelty that moids express on a daily basis and have made careers out of, but one attractive woman taking a photo of a hogbeast dwarf male somehow represents all women. While this short ham of a man represents all males; he is the helpless pathetic underdog as you've made him. All moids are him, he is apparently not vain but we don't know this either. Either way the shallow vanity of the argument is irrelevant, it is a red herring. The obsession of the womans beauty itself is what upsets these moids, it is a paradox they have trapped themselves in. To see reality; that an attractive woman has standards and that they find her attractive.

In all this it is nice to see that this photo with a one line caption and a single crying tears emoji was enough to set off a fucking fuse of poor grammar, childish thought processes and upset the short fag moids in this thread as well as no doubt a million other moids with fragile egos. I thought women were shallow and only cared about their appearences? yet this entire post obsesses over this attractive womans beauty then proceeds to argue and imply that the moids obsessing over her beauty are not shallowly obsessed in the same way she is.

The lesson to be learned from this post is to keep going strong as women, keep humiliating, embarrassing ugly, cringe moids. Draw attention to their cruelty and hideous appearances; they are weak and will cherry pick everything to make women look like they are to blame for their failure in life as failsons.

And remember that peak moid intelligence is calling a full grown woman a girl like an infantile child then proceeding to shallowly obsess and sperg over her beauty while simultaneously getting angry at her for flaunting her beauty to the detriment of ugly, fat, short, old, gym bro moids.

No. 1519009

>reddit moid comes in to personally deliver his brainlet takes just so he can get a response
KEK swear men are just walking memes. 0 self awareness, 100% monkee

No. 1519010

So, women are obliged to care about the feelings of millions of manlets. Meanwhile, men are fine when they do the same thing describing what traits they're attracted to, outright bashing women who don't have them, making shitty graphs comparing specific women to each other like bargaining chips, calling women "butterfaces", etc etc.
These men can dish it out, but they really can't take it kek.

No. 1519020

It's not only that, but also the competing he mentions. He even uses the alpha/omega/beta/sigma/whateverthefuck lingo that they literally do 24/7 on whatever shithole board he posted on. It's so funny that these men would rather just be in a state of constant cope instead of doing self reflection.

No. 1519039

Ily nonna, you analyzed it perfectly.

No. 1519049

Why are men so stupid? Women constantly make fun of ugly and creepy men like this girl is doing and that's not bad at all when you compare it to what men do to women they find unattractive.
I swear nothing upsets men more than a hot chick saying a guy is ugly or looks in men matter. They wanna pretend looks don't matter because they're men and therefore they can score any hot girl if they trick her well enough.

No. 1519068

I genuinely believe being fat is mostly genetic. All women in my family up to their late forties are naturally super skinny and none of them did any kind of hardcore sports or anything. They also eat normally and mostly eat fastfood and stuff so his points make no sense.
That's why I'll never shame fat women, like yeah overeating is usually the reason but like most women who overeat in extremes have some sort of trauma or issue that causes such behavior. Whilst for men, the fat men tend to have worse personalities and usually tend to be arrogant, rude and unhygienic compared to average men. They're fat because they spend their time playing retarded games and eating whatever the fuck they can find instead of going out and doing physical activities which is their nature.

No. 1519069

Genetics can't beat thermodynamics.

No. 1519080

>Men should not be allowed to breed if they’re over 35. No one wants your disgusting autism babies.
Isn't it more likely that women over the age of 35 are the ones who perpetuate autism?

No. 1519082

Nta but sperm ages worse and after a point, women can't have babies whilst old men still can and the babies they have will be very likely to have birth defects or a cluster of mental disorders.
The disease that's chance increases with older mother is downs which can easily be detected and aborted whilst older men's autistic, schizophrenic or mentally disabled babies can't be detected by any tests.

No. 1519088

Based nonnie.

No. 1519090

>…whilst older men's autistic, schizophrenic or mentally disabled babies can't be detected by any tests
Do you have a source for this? I would love to know more.

No. 1519104

File: 1678377721228.png (162.82 KB, 1079x1500, 361E1704-FC31-45FB-A6CF-51F386…)

No. 1519114

the more i see shit like this the more i think all men are closeted homos.

No. 1519227

They have to be! Women dont think this way. Men are obsessed with penis and each other. These are the same men who will have a three some or four some with other dudes and see nothing wrong with it.

No. 1519369

Most of the girls I knew who played sports in school got fat like immediately after because they were eating the same and not playing a sport.

No. 1519540

I noticed this too, guess it's part of aging and bad lifestyle.

No. 1519564

File: 1678404254114.png (380.68 KB, 1160x933, Screenshot_20230309-195254_kin…)

No. 1519582

File: 1678405690158.png (510.99 KB, 1164x1053, Screenshot_20230309-201657_kin…)

No. 1519584

cant stand moids who have never been in court talking about how courts favour women they have no idea what theyre talking about

No. 1519764

I've actually been selected for jury service and got on a case as a juror which was neat experience. I don't study law formally, the extent of my legal knowledge is the two lectures on the jurisprudence I went to with a friend studying law however I still think it's a neat experience that elucidated how the court system works in my country.

It is my opinion that courts favor criminals because the criminal justice system is set up as such; that the accused are innocent until proven guilty within a reasonable doubt by a jury of their peers. Within a reasonable doubt means evidence must be convincing to the jurors. If a case has insufficient evidence then the accused is pretty much automatically found as innocent, if the evidence doesn't align exactly with the victims story then they are ignored and once again the accused is found innocent.

The jury has little control over this process, the judge has little control; they only preside over the case and ensure the lawyers aren't being too deceitful and the case goes as planned. The lawyers have little control over this both the defence and the plaintiffs, they only present what they find is convincing evidence which again since it is set up to benefit criminals the defence nearly always has a more convincing argument; the abscence of evidence.

In cases like sexual assault it's no wonder the outcome is always shit for women. The assertion that "courts favor women" shows a mass lack of life experience and the critical thought capacity of a retard. Courts favor perpetrators/the defence which are usually surprise suprise moids.

No. 1519771

That's really interesting to read, thank you for sharing!

No. 1519789

This. My sister's ex terrorized them, hit her, hit the kids, has violated restraining orders, was caught on camera shoving her, but is still granted visitation rights for a few hours a week unsupervised and his lawyer is trying to push the "parental alienation" crap

MRAs literally pull shit out of their ass and the collective male population thinks their rights are under attack. Even though moids give no fucks about rights to children, they only want to duke it out in court to stress the mother out and to taunt her by taking the children.

No. 1519826

Spoken like a true low value manlet. They really like to talk about how "natural" is it for a man to sleep around and wanting virgins but never mention that by nature they would have been obliterated by natural selection long ago, most likely by the hands of another stronger male.

No. 1521287

File: 1678574173281.jpg (17.33 KB, 746x247, idiot.jpg)

No. 1521296

and yet males do it every day to children after they dressed them up in stripper clothing to take pictures, and find nothing wrong with it. amazing.

No. 1521751

I always scratch my head at these ‘omg look at what you’ve done, men don’t wanna marry you women now because you’re so terrible’ posts. I mean, I don’t won’t these moids either? Does he think we’re gonna cry about some moid not wanting us unless we’re submissive, virginal and can’t enjoy life? They can keep that. I don’t even want it lol, why would I wanna live like that. What is the point of moids posting this shit over and over again?

No. 1521787

It's cultural pickme thinking that boymoms passed down to their kids. Their grandmas grew up knowing they'd be sold off at 12 to a geriatric failure and passed on their general bitterness to their daughters, who have dutifully embedded their own children with the same mental illness. These men have no idea how to handle a world where women do not want men, and in fact don't need them at all, so they chimp out online in the hopes that this will attract a bangmaid waifu-chan who looks suspiciously like their mom.

No. 1521791

Tbh I don’t really agree. Why blame women for the way men are. If anything they get their entitled “king of the world” attitude from their fathers.

No. 1523816

File: 1678835917387.png (77.13 KB, 1199x655, Screenshot_20230314-203727_kin…)

No. 1524500

marrying at 12 was never the norm, don't buy into this moid lie

No. 1524860

Male projection never ceases to repulse and disturb me. Men are mentally ill.

No. 1526348

This has to be a troll kek there's no way scrotes actually believe that the very things that make women hate men is what they like about them. Their logic is so backwards. Bet they think the few women who would respond positively to those things (mentally ill, traumatized, and/or abysmal self-esteem) are normal while the women who would have a more natural response are the ones who are actually mentally ill. Oh wait, we already know this is how moids think.

No. 1526372

>first argument is semantics/etymology bullshit
failing to form a coherent argument literally in the first sentence kek
>next argument is another fallacy, calling the women they sleep with "whores" while the man is not a whore even though he is the one who sleeps around in this situation

>Men value purity
>a woman who sleeps around has no value
only true in the opinion of moids but taken as a fact because scrotes think their shit opinions are the only ones that matter ever (naturally, since it benefits them). They're saying a woman's worth is only in their virginity, while men are exempt from these standards, apparently. I guess that's why they're all shit fathers and shit husbands and they only care about spreading their seed like a wild animal even when they're supposedly committed to a relationship. That's why no woman wants them but these retards fail to realize it. Moids should be held to the same standards as women and be valued for their purity, funny how incels rarely suggest that.

>What is the point of moids posting this shit over and over again?
Infinite cope

No. 1526374

File: 1679098812478.jpeg (45.9 KB, 828x630, 1679095373942.jpeg)

No. 1526385

God redpilled incels keep saying this shit in social media comments. The wall is 25, women peak at 25, if you date a 25+ woman you got leftovers, only young fertile women are beautiful, etc etc. Then they say men peak at 35+ and age like wine. But at 35 and over 50% of men get erectile dysfunction and lose potency so i dunno what they're on kekk they get triggered if you say this to them kekk

No. 1526389

File: 1679099533363.jpg (118.44 KB, 840x847, 128374748_3697224540298427_737…)

its not females going to turkey for hair transplants thats for sure

No. 1526401

Moids ignore everything that makes them look worse, and only focus on what they see as "losses" for women to create a fantasy world in their ugly, balding misogynist bubble where everything about men and women is the other way around. It's just their natural way to cope.

No. 1526840

For real and most of them never gave a shit to begin with. The amount of men in their twenties who have never heard of sunscreen or moisturizer and are already balding or getting a beer gut is extremely high. Not to mention most women aren’t attracted to their obsessive porn usage and non-functioning dicks. They say shit like in the pic you replied to but then have total meltdowns over the amount of young men who are killing themselves or can’t find a partner bc women don’t want to deal with this shit anymore. It’s all cope and always has been.

No. 1536048

File: 1680118496596.png (41.4 KB, 1098x597, Screenshot_20230329-165656_kin…)

No. 1536056

>I am an ugly massive autist and I see every woman as the problem. To prove they are the problem I will cite every "holy book" written by men like me that say women are subhuman. I am very intelligent. A strong patriarchy will solve all of my problems, along with a big long male dick slamming and busting my prostate.

No. 1536070

>downgrade to the male species
Something that's done for a second time can't be worse than a thing that was done for a first time without any previous experience. Iirc some medieval alchemist even used it as an argument in his essay proving that women are superior kek

No. 1536362

In order for scrotes to dunk on us, they need to cite bullshit ancient texts. In order for women to dunk on scrotes, all we need to do is to pull out crime statistics.

No. 1541521

File: 1680718084320.png (25.52 KB, 1150x289, Screenshot_20230405-153211_kin…)

No. 1541523

File: 1680718133478.png (21.44 KB, 1200x240, Screenshot_20230405-153046_kin…)

No. 1541527

File: 1680718551937.jpg (63.97 KB, 977x360, 1680629106667568.jpg)

No. 1541582

if you have a blind account just search "my wife" if you feel like having an aneurism

No. 1542835

>men must be virile but women must be submissive doormats who never put out
So who are you fucking if it's not women?

No. 1568186

File: 1683255393804.jpg (76.31 KB, 1024x484, incel_logic.jpg)

This woman didn't even mention having sex with strangers. Moids literally make themselves sick by obsessing over trivial shit like a woman taking birth control.

Then can he tell me why so many men are depressed, suicidal, and go on murder shooting rampages because they're so lonely and only become morelonely as they get older?
Men are such a meme lmao

No. 1568347

Maybe it was the norm in the Islamic world, that's why they have so many pedos there.

No. 1568358

Lol at the attempts of this pathetic loser to rationalize his resentment toward women who reject him for lacking any charm, decent sense of humor, friends, and… life (also probably a job). I like that he basically describes how much women actually care about a man's personality but it's bad for some reason.

No. 1568381

File: 1683286163265.png (31.41 KB, 1818x730, lies.png)

No. 1568388

As if men don't constantly pressure their gfs to take hormonal bc so they don't have to wear a condom. In fact I'd guess it's more likely for a woman to go on the pill when she's in a relationship, whereas while having casual sex most would insist on a condom to prevent stds.

No. 1568516

Maybe they think men's bathroom are cleaner because they're too used to the smell of sweat, balls, their own piss and shit. And they think that smegma, cum and the whole bathroom being coated in piss particles is "clean". Women bathrooms are used more, and frankly I'd rather see a period stain somewhere or a tampon in the bin (as opposed to trash being on the floor, since men's bathrooms don't have the bin) than gagging instantly because the mix of rancid steches is just that strong in men's bathrooms.

No. 1568562

i was so sleep-deprived a few weeks ago and i walked into the wrong bathroom … i didn't even clock the urinals at first it was the stench that had me stopping in my tracks wondering what was wrong

No. 1569258

The end bit makes no sense because wouldn’t the woman in this guy’s imagination technically be the John?

No. 1569275

I’ve never seen a women’s restroom like moids ever describe them to be. There might be blood splatter on the wall but it’s obviously from the regulars shooting up. Otherwise it’s just overflowing waste bins because women take care of their sanitary concerns in a more timely manner while the men’s room trash cans accumulate paper towels at a far slower rate due to the fact they rarely wash their hands, etc.

No. 1569304

File: 1683379451217.jpeg (105.29 KB, 1170x802, IMG_7520.jpeg)

Nice mother kindly posts about a mood boosting herbal blend recipe for all of the postpartum mothers who’ve just been through extreme physical trauma and are continually having to get used to feeding their babies using their literal bodies, the same body that just cellularly constructed and gave birth to a living breathing human being

Some random man, that nobody asked to hear from
>Ok but what about the dads tho

No. 1569305

Ok one more thing i’m sorry for samefagging and double posting and twitterfagging but I saw this interaction and was shocked at how this was the only response telling him that postpartum healing is not about the father. All of the other responses were like

>Oh replace blue vervain with holy basil!

Like no, replace it with some fucking cyanide you soyjack loser

No. 1569341

I've been in some filthy ladies rooms but like in a poor or public place you can tell doesn't get cleaned regularly.

No. 1569581

I've cleaned at offices and schools and gym showers before, men's rooms are always way worse than women's. Don't listen to their bullshit. They're the ones who can't pee without it splashing everywhere while refusing to wash their hands, women's rooms go through soap refills much faster than men's. they're actually stupid enough to believe that they don't get anything on their hands.

No. 1569647

They think that if they manage to pee without touching their dick their hands stay clean. Despite the fact they go into public bathroom and inevitably touch at least door and flush handles that someone else's poopy hands touched.

I've never seen shit trails in the toilet bowl in women's room or in the public room (in the office or hospital) after a woman was there, but after a man it's just classic. It's like they can't be bothered with using a brush, that's just too much. Even my ex did that once and told me that he thought he used the brush "enough", well did you do that with your eyes shut, because clearly some shit was left there?

No. 1570064

>if they manage to pee without touching their dick
If they do that then they're literally splashing pee everywhere. They have to touch their dicks to aim and they have to wash their hands because they inevitably get piss/sweat/shit (all the same, their dicks share bacteria with their anus) particles on their hands. But no, washing your hands is way too much to do, you can't expect literal retards to keep the toilet clean AND wash their filthy hands.
Them not washing hands is also why men's beards have shit particles in them. They refuse to wash their hands after peeing/shitting (again, even if they just pee they're still touching their dicks, which have shit on them because of shared sweat) and touch their faces, so the shit goes into their beards.

No. 1570996

File: 1683525209470.jpg (122.26 KB, 1016x1440, justmoidthings.jpg)

As if moids don't lie and hide their abusive ways until they got the girl under their thumb and it's getting harder for her to leave (i.e. being for many years together, married, pregnant or having kids with him).
This type of moids are saying this as if they don't enjoy this power trip themselves.
And no, moiderson, an autistic guy isn't the better option jfc

No. 1571028

moids sniffing out female victims of abuse vs moids sniffing out abusive moids. it's crazy how obsessed they are with women who have been abused but are so quiet about the men who abuse them (who they are sometimes friends with themselves!)

No. 1571675

File: 1683602444410.jpeg (122.98 KB, 1051x974, 5F2A799F-E6CD-43BF-9AF3-825DD0…)

No. 1571678

I know nothing about this Andrew Tate faggot, what actually happened?

No. 1571679

File: 1683602718145.jpeg (184.88 KB, 875x1883, 7269821D-2B24-4316-8365-9C095F…)

These were some moidtakes I got in the wild from one trying to convince me to fuck him. How tempting!

No. 1571749

He's a sex trafficker who sells pro masculinity anti-women rhetoric on-line. We've all seen them, they all tell young men to hate and suspect women but still seek as much sex as humanly possible.
I don't care if he's not in prison right now, there's more than enough red flags to let me know he's a piece of shit. Let's not pretend you have to be in jail to have committed crimes or be scum in general.

No. 1571758

Sounds like one of those "egoist" edgelords. They dream of telling society to go fuck itself and live a hedonistic life but these poor faggots can't even get 1 woman to like them back kek

Oh alright, I was asking about what the scrote said about the women supposedly lying and making up false accusations but I don't even need a source to know scrotes always cling onto counter-accusations they made up in their heads

No. 1572270

File: 1683652573471.jpg (38.93 KB, 1080x346, fuckoffscrote.jpg)

This fucking take on some viral tiktok tradwife influencer comment section.
>women rage at the idea of submitting to a husband instead of a 9-5 boss
Lemme break this off for the scrotes out there:
1. Most of us have seen and heard stories of how our mothers/grandmas/aunts/great grandmas etc. were mistreated while they were submitting to their husbands and we don't want to live those lives and these women always told us to not depend on a man (particullarly our grandmas and guess what? Those moids didn't appreciate them at all).
2. With a 9-5 (assuming if the woman is single) you have time to do whatever you want after work, meaning that if you want to clean the house or not that day for example, it's ok, you don't have a moid commenting about it.
3. With a 9-5 you have 2 days off/week and ~3 weeks off/year (idk about other places, this is how it is where I live). If you submit to your moid, you have no day off.
4. You get paid under some laws and rights, with submitting, you basically have to beg the scrote for money to get yourself something nice from time to time. And then, some of them will accuse you for golddigging. Ironic, isn't it? They want to provide only when it's convenient to them.
5. When providing isn't convenient to scrotes anymore, they will resent you too.
6. Since when women haven't worked outside the home? Has this moid heard about farmers, nurses and theacers etc.? Do they genuinely think that we lived the 1950's tradwaifu life since the dawn of time?

No. 1572273

Smallest dick energy, probably pisses himself in public due to social anxiety. They all talk like that.

No. 1572276

I can't even wrap my head around the pic because I guess everyone's submitting to their boss then including men. You have to work to live. How dare women want some money for freedom and not take being domestically abused at home.

No. 1572327

> If I want a harem of 18 year old bitches in my house then I'll have one
I love it when they think they can just speak things into existence. The men they look up to seem to promote a retarded form of manifestation where you repell people with your words and actions.. but just keep telling yourself you're a champ and the world is yours for the taking.

No. 1572405

Imagine how hard this guy would cry if his life were actually threatened.

No. 1572575

In #2 he unintentionally shows why men love to tear down the women they date. As long as a scrote can invent some reason why a woman isn't "good enough" for him, then he thinks he has an excuse to act like an animal.

No. 1572644

KEK nonnas I wish I was the kind of person who would post this fucker’s face and link his socials. He’s an absolute cow. When I showed a pic of him to a friend their comment was “when you order Jason Mamoa off wish” which fucking killed me.

No. 1572645

Samefag but the scrote whose texts I shared posted this exact take recently on his cringey socials. Broken fucking records.

No. 1588061

File: 1685109999660.png (5.67 KB, 974x96, footfags.png)

mainly posting this as a warning lol

No. 1588190

Thank god I hate wearing open shoes and always wear sneakers even in a 40°C weather.

No. 1589139

I've been feeling really naked and inappropriate in sandals lately and this is why. I hate men

No. 1589973

File: 1685268818076.png (502.8 KB, 828x1792, IMG_1491.png)

oh shoot guess i better burn my degrees since they don’t make this easter island head’s pp hard

No. 1589975

This is so funny because his skin is covered in poop

No. 1589977

it's never been a better time to have hairy, ashy feet.

No. 1589978

>misogynist retard
>south asian
like clockwork

No. 1594752

Focusing on your looks will never work because they will eventually fade. If men believe that they dont need to commit once they dont meet thier standard of good like in >>1519582, you will be vulnerable.

Also he could geniunly look okay if he took care of his beauty and god rid of that haircut why are men so negligent with thier looks

No. 1594759

this guy is like notorious for his shit misogynistic takes (all of them are that exact format while he chews gum and stares retardedly at the camera) and he gets clowned on all the time on tiktok lol

No. 1594766

Men say they don’t care about education and your back ground but they actually do. Only the really poor ones with no aspirations say this.

No. 1594770

Maybe he doesnt realize that a woman would need an education outside of pleasing a male? Men really think everything a woman does should be for the purpose of giving them boners

No. 1594794

Considering most women married to successful and nice men are usually plain and educated, i think i will hold off on the botox and bbls.

Isn't funny how trve masculinity and narcissistic personality disorder are highly interchangeable concepts? Men are doomed, we need to start purging them.

No. 1594809

Usually people want to pair with people in the same academic and socioeconomic group as them. Most intelligent and educated men aren’t going to marry some dumb bitch just because she’s pretty.

No. 1594856

There's no way he's actually researched the subject and came to the conclusion that the way wealthy American families lived in the '50s/'60s is representative of the way things have always worked perfectly until women destroyed everything by suddenly and collectively asking for work at a time when there was no labor shortage. Throughout history, women have more often worked than not, it's just that they've never had the same status, rights and jobs as men. Also, the labor market and the economy were more affected by wars than by women asking for rights, women had to work because of this. I love the way he pretends to care about the poor women who now slave away at work and haven't managed to find freedom, but his ideal society is one where women are entirely dependent on their husbands all their lives, with no way of expressing themselves politically, financially or intellectually - all they can do is to stay at home and have children. But I mean, you can't expect much honesty from someone claiming that men produce healthy sperm until the day they die.

No. 1595023

It's a new money redpiller manosphere take, they repeat this shit all the time. They say they'll happily date or marry a young pretty girl even if she works at Walmart or Target. Maybe Miami crypto millionaires will, but a majority of wealthy people would never, it'd be embarrassing in their social circle. Especially if they're old money types. We tend to date within our social circles. Wealthy and high status tend to date within that circle and look down those outside of it. And the new breed of crypto millionaires tend to date girls off of OF or sugaring sites because in the eyes of high status women they're still losers kek.
Can't wait for this redpill shit die off, i think most people realizing their advice on dating is bullshit now kek

No. 1595052

(nta) I'm just copy pasting someone else's comment but it provides some sources.


>The researchers found Autism Spectrum Disorder prevalence was 66% higher in children born to fathers aged older than 50 and 28% higher in children born to fathers in their 40s, compared with those born to fathers in their 20s.

>ASD rates also rose with widening gaps between the two parents' ages.
>ASD rates were highest when the father was over 35 and his partner was 10 or more years younger.


>One study estimated that about a quarter (26.6%) of cases of schizophrenia could be attributed to paternal age.

No. 1595066

This has literally been what I've seen my whole life. My uncle is wealthy, and only dates women who are successful and around his age. And I wouldn't even call my uncle a "good" man. It wasn't until this redpill stuff getting popular I kept hearing scrotes say "we dont care about your education", but every successful upper middle class dude I know is married to a woman of similar age, with similar education, and similar income. Seems like only sociopathic billionaire scrotes and literal bottom of the barrel scrotes are the only ones that will try to hunt for young women out of their league but even then most of those still marry or end up with someone in the same class if they marry at all.

No. 1595504

File: 1685757510007.jpeg (118.24 KB, 828x1229, IMG_0395.jpeg)

KEK I can’t believe that photo is still going around.

No. 1595514

File: 1685758822587.jpeg (202.16 KB, 1179x1385, IMG_9008.jpeg)

No. 1595517

Those anons have deep issues that go way beyond what the average woman experiences

No. 1595543

This is true. I remember my dad trash talking some woman who had a crush on my uncle for the simple fact that she had not completed higher education and only focused on chasing men. I have witnessed countless moids trash talking women for being uneducated or not trying hard enough in life to the point where i can feel comfortable that men who advocate for women to focus on getting surgeries are men who flunked high school and are still banking on their flop of a rap career taking off.

No. 1595549

Lmao and the best part about it is that no woman will deny that it's true. Wonder what's the difference between these two gentlemen.

No. 1603319

File: 1686447655234.png (16.5 KB, 719x436, qué.png)

>muh feminism muh declining birthrates muh niggers muh stalin
All of this over a homophobic slur being censored…?

No. 1603321

samefag. This would've probably fit in the internet ramblings thread too but I wasn't sure.

No. 1604403

File: 1686565975365.jpg (281.66 KB, 2880x2880, 20230612_123016.jpg)

Or well this was actually about dogs but men try not to compare women to dogs challenge [impossible]

and he/him men are always the worst. classic case of wolf in sheep clothing

No. 1605093

the difference is that one is obese and doesn't shower (something that men also do not like in women) but kek @ at the idea that no woman will deny inserting pens in her vagina and wanting a bf who can't drive and plays vidya at mommy's

No. 1626163

File: 1688652403217.jpg (123.61 KB, 1263x456, 23rfwdf.JPG)

Why are moids so stupid? They think that by having a penis and two balls they are superior morally, physically, economically, and similar shit. And adding that narcissism disguised as "moralism" is the worst garbage there can be.

No. 1626181

Oh wow I didn't even know this thread existed. Wow.

No. 1627968

File: 1688803201215.jpg (166.55 KB, 1156x1154, 1Untitled.jpg)

No. 1627974

File: 1688803352574.jpg (363.63 KB, 1160x1464, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1627982

It tells us that they're even worse vermin than insects, because some fancy packaging won't stop them from assaulting women.

No. 1628011

File: 1688808218308.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.41 KB, 1080x1200, 8ed3dbf12fd79caac8626aebcd4e17…)

Moid takes never fail to baffle me. He actually thinks it's more likely that women blamed some random guy all together rather than a man who pays off cops was sex trafficking women via onlyfans. What can you expect from the gender that literally thought a 30 yr old woman pooped the bed to get revenge on her husband who was out of town just because the maid said the poop was big rather than a dog popped in bed

No. 1628051

>modesty is anti man
Men created the religious modesty rules, retarded scrote

No. 1628067

How do men in these overly controlling countries think men get by in England or Japan for example? These countries are not falling apart due to half the population refusing to work from the overbearing erections over seeing a neckline.

No. 1628071

Old post, but I find it hilarious that for him
>only the husband getting a wage = family is wealthy beyond their needs
>both mom and dad bring 50%-50% of the same wage = family's poor
It's just screeching over not having financial control over your wife at that point. Although the whole post is just screeching about the world not bending to his needs.

No. 1630654

There's this stupid fucking trad moid on TikTok (ofc) who keeps running over "excuses" people make to not pop out 20 kids by 25. (Homeschool, breastfeed, reusable diapers,etc) . So stupid plus women who actually do those things call them out and still agree people shouldn't have kids if they can't afford in CASE that it is required you need those things

No. 1631694

File: 1689168869229.png (300.16 KB, 1145x738, wtff.png)

At least this moid received the death penalty

No. 1631889

God damn, men are stupid. They truly believe that they're "nice," and not that women are trying to appease them bc they are creepy/unfuckable and saying the actual truth can put us in danger bc scrotes can't accept that women are better than them kek

No. 1635001

File: 1689490369820.jpeg (399.85 KB, 743x904, BF35E4F5-018B-4BA2-9577-1E0DDA…)

Men are so fucking stupid lmao

No. 1635006

>BLEASE wimmin BLEASE let me use your body to pass on my genes I SWEAR you will regret it if you don’t let my penis in you right now how am I supposed to reproduce if you won’t let me REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 1635044

I don’t get the eggs thing at all. Are they trying to concern troll with it? Do they assume all women want is babies, and if we don’t settle down for a moidlet who hates our guts just to churn out a miniature version of him, we’ll die sad and alone? Because the kind of woman they both hate and desperately want to have sex with that these memes are purportedly aimed at don’t actually care about their eggs all that much. I can’t wrap my head around it

No. 1635069

I love how they put in some brown eggs to signify eggs "ageing" as if the shell color affects the inside in any way kek. Or maybe they wanted to put some subtle racism into the image somehow, since tradtypes are obsessed with BBC.

No. 1635115

Not the eggs!

No. 1635206

Something I've wondered for a long while when it comes to The Wall. What about women who're infertile from the get go? Like, what's the explanation for that. For example, I had to get my ovaries removed at a really young age so does that mean I already had hit the wall when I was a toddler? What's the explanation for that?

No. 1647105

File: 1690527360255.png (54.76 KB, 599x277, 2010.png)

>2010-2016: rise of hatred for monogamy and long term relationships and creation of PUA/seduction/redpill
>2017-2023: backlash to failed PUA ideology, rise of trads and incels "who just want one girl who loves me", discourse about "bodycounts" and "enforced monogamy" for the good of civilization
>2023: unhappy with trad ideology, begin to return to PUA ideology which will work out this time
These dumb ass scrotes went full circle. Following this timeline trad will come back in 2029.

No. 1647121

not only he condones sexual violence and reproductive coercion against women, he also condones large scale animal abuse.

No. 1647169

It truly is funny how they suffer the consequences of their own actions.

No. 1647450

tbf women sometimes say the same e.g. consoling a friend by telling her she's just too pretty, so nobody dares to approach her

No. 1648538

Moids love to cope that every women who express preference for pretty boys is in birth control pills.

No. 1648594

Kek this is something that has always gotten on my nerves. (Younger) women like pretty boys because they are typically within their age range and look like it, it’s not because of muh contraception or whatever. Do these men seriously expect us to be attracted to cavemen or something? Classic example of chuddies being mad that women aren’t picking them, same guys who will also accuse older women of being envious of younger women btw.

No. 1648646

>men: women don't want nice guys it's in their biology they want strong men with status to breed with they're simple minded
>also men: women are into feminine looking men because they're all fucked up in the head women don't want NORMAL HIGH VALUE MEN LIKE US
it's fun to watch them struggle to describe all of us as a hivemind

No. 1648653

File: 1690685644555.png (93.32 KB, 733x445, retard_alert.png)

>oh yeah, you don't want self-ID? well, I could just rape you anyway. don't be a bigot

No. 1648682

>pls bring more children to this world so i can keep raping and murdering them
i hate scrotes

No. 1652021

File: 1691000550913.png (54.37 KB, 1889x339, wanting to have sex with 14 ye…)

tl;dr "i am a pedophile"

No. 1652026

File: 1691001029209.png (204.61 KB, 1430x540, seethingoverakidsmovie.PNG)

The retardation surrounding Barbie is truly something to behold

No. 1652083

File: 1691007106819.jpeg (588.45 KB, 828x1555, IMG_3517.jpeg)

People simp for hot fictional characters all the time it’s not that deep, only on 4chan can you find such deranged takes.

No. 1652157

Men are truly retarded. It's a fictional character, so I don't get the complaining and besides don't men do the same as well with attractive female characters who have toxic personalities traits?

No. 1652278

>If women aren't allowed to be fat, then why are the majority of women overweight?

No. 1652301

KEK maybe this will lead some of them to finally pull the plug.

No. 1652306

they do (see: yanderes, tsunderes, any female villain with huge boobs, etc)

No. 1652324

This is unironically the opinion of some age gap "omg i love older men" pickmes too kekk

No. 1652373

>Women are the real chimps, not me, the degenerate class that commits 90% of all violent crime!
KEK. Male projection strikes again. "Noooo, women you can't like hot guys, I'm a fuck ugly incel and you bitches should be worshipping me because I identify as a nice guy. Nooooo." Cry harder faggots.

No. 1652387

>If barbie has no vagina why does she go to the gyno later?
KEK, scrotes showing they are incapable of following a popcorn movies plot. Truly the retard class.
>muh male suicide rate
The number of males composing a society correlates with the level of violence the society faces. How awful, less wars and violent crimes, oh no. The dramatic retards only succeed (women attempt more) because they resort to violent chymp methods of suicide, being selfish tards to those who have to find the body.

No. 1652389

Plus the whole family annihilator/murder suicide thing they do.

No. 1653925

File: 1691174050694.jpeg (131.05 KB, 1046x1499, IMG_3534.jpeg)

This might sound exaggerated but I believe this screenshot still applies because weeb scrotes have this strange sense of entitlement over Japanese women, it’s so weird. Like you’re not gonna see an article about Thai women growing bigger tits or whatever, also it’s funny whenever they get upset hearing about Japanese feminists or women who don’t fit their ideal of being a cute animu waifu. They really think these random women from across the globe owe them shit it’s hilarious.

No. 1653934

Every ugly white man I know chases japanese girls, I feel so bad for asian women. I've had a few ugly white men fetishize my ethnicity as well and even though it's much more rare, I always feel so nauseous afterwards. I wish strength to asian anons who have to see these degenerates and their posts.

No. 1653943

Aren’t the bra sizes growing because asian countries are getting fatter too?

No. 1653944

I doubt it. It's probably fake new or asian brands using vanity sizing so the sizing appears larger although it's not.
For example I'm a C cup in European brands but in my country's brands I'm a B cup, sizing changes from country to country, the first sample was most likely taken using a western brand while the second was done using an Asian brand.

No. 1653947

Asian brands are smaller than western brands. bra sites advise western buyers to go up a cup size when purchasing Japanese or Asian bras

No. 1654038

Yes that's what I meant, an A cup in west would probably be a B or C cup which inflates the sizing and since men are retarded, they won't get vanity sizing.

No. 1654066

And when they have their Asian partner walking beside them they still salivate over black and brown women on the street. So inappropriate!

No. 1678105

File: 1693073709496.jpeg (402.26 KB, 1170x1039, IMG_3658.jpeg)

>If you put yourself through extreme birth trauma before your brain is even fully developed, you might be able to be rid of your barely functional spawn by the time they’re 19! If they’re fiscally capable of leaving you, who raised them as a teen parent with limited resources, that is.

Every single man on earth is literally retarded. They “care” so much about children that they want them to live in complete poverty with teen mothers.

No. 1678108

They are brainless

No. 1689763

I don't have a picture atm, but men on 4chan are like, really weird about cats. Like they either sperg about how much they hate cats and want to hurt them or will make gross sexual comments on cat pictures. What the fuck is wrong with them?

No. 1689766

Cat's are seen as the 'female' animal to the 'male' dog because men are retarded and claim anything that is thin and 'elegant'/slinky is a woman. They're deranged.

No. 1689873

File: 1694070574828.jpeg (590.42 KB, 1170x1620, IMG_1645.jpeg)

>Isn't it more likely that women over the age of 35 are the ones who perpetuate autism?

No. 1689874

Also they cope and seethe about younger women so much but they just totally lack understanding of the female body. They think if she gets pregnant the second she starts her period, this will lead to the healthiest and safest pregnancy of her life and it will slowly dwindle. Very young mothers are actually at equally high risk as older mothers (as in, above 40, not 30) for things like infant mortality, Down’s syndrome, miscarriages and death during pregnancy. Whereas for scrotes, the sooner the better. Their sperm is the only depreciating asset. Women only get stronger and more able to birth safely as they age, mens sperm starts curdling the minute it’s being produced.

No. 1689939

Imagine being balls deep inside a woman and the only thing you can think about is another man's penis.
Color me surprised kek. I feel so bad for south asian and middle eastern women, all men are shit but theirs are on a whole other level.
Why are moids discovering that women respond favorably to hot guys like, every day.

No. 1689942

This is a well known satire account, he's been making his videos more extreme the more his hate watcher count grew.

No. 1689961

>If Barbie says she has no genital, why does she go see a gynecologist 1 hour later?
Excuse me because I haven't seen this movie but didn't the 60 second trailer of it show Barbie going to the real world. Isn't that the crux of the movie?

No. 1689963

You’re absolutely spineless if you’re willing to accept this under the guise of “satire”. It’s not acceptable, he can post “satire” about how he fucks goats and his parents are cousins if he likes, but he has absolutely no right to say this, especially since so many people agree and the consequences don’t affect him.

No. 1689975

This. Why don't men make "satire" about how brainless they are?

No. 1689976

This. Why don't men make "satire" about how brainless they are?

No. 1689980

My most hated so-called "nice moid" take needs no screenshot:
>well, did you ask me to do [obvious important thing for mutual living or shared office situation]?

like I should need to ask him to clean his paint off the sink, his hair in the sink, or to bathe our muddy dog? or like I should ask my disgusting colleague to clean up his dirty dishes and piles of crap in our shared office?

No. 1690005

Beard hairs around the sink are why I'm not cohabitating with a scrote again. Filth

No. 1692766

File: 1694302905550.jpeg (425.03 KB, 750x881, AD6CC716-661C-4455-8565-5671CD…)

Well why would you put naked pics of yourself or put videos of yourself being degraded. Even the faceplAy vids are very cringe.
Don’t kids get bullied for this? I can’t imagine doing the same

No. 1692768

How so? The moid was honest.
There’s so many husbands that leave their wives for a young dumb waitress.
Even so called feminist men lie to themselves that they care. Maybe unless he wants to b off your coach

No. 1692778

when we do make jokes they screech about how hard they have it, I can barely watch women make harmless jokes about nothing without moids flipping out and turning it into a "woman bad" type deal

No. 1692903

Imo if this was her only option to keep food in the table Im not going to hate a woman for doing something she is financially coerced to do

No. 1692924

Kek imagine becoming suicidal because your mom has pussy pictures on the internet. I don't get why this is in the moidtakes thread if you want to asspat the kid for being big sad because his mom does online prostitution. His classmates will forget it in a month or so.

No. 1692953

Kids get bullied relentlessly for years for much less…

No. 1692978

I know a guy who got bullied because his mum had a home massage parlour.

No. 1692986

He’s being bullied because his mom is a disgusting whore, kids are bullied for less constantly. The main problem is that the kids were showing him his moms nudes which is disgusting.

No. 1693326

So let me get this straight, you hear a story about kids having access to porn, is able to find another kids mom, and then actively taunts him about it…. your biggest concern was the fact his mom had nude pics over the fact the parents should have stepped up and made sure their kids didn't have access to porn in the first place? Never mind the fact adults should have stepped up and took away the access to porn and stopped bullying? Personally when I hear about kids sharing porn at school I'm more worried about stoping access to porn not that "mom is a disgusting whore"

No. 1693352

No? Someone was making fun of the kid for being suicidal, which is what my response was about. I never said that kids should have access to porn, you sick freak. I literally just said that being shown his moms nudes is disgusting.

No. 1693361

You said, and I quote
>He’s being bullied because his mom is a disgusting whore
Also disgusting freak? You're the one trying to deter attention from the fact little kids had access to porn if it means shaming a woman for trying to keep a roof over her kids head

No. 1693362

kek anon adults don't do shit about bullying

No. 1693367

And that's funny because?

No. 1693369

Omg! Dumb misogynistic person blames woman for making a bad choice rather than being worried about children consuming harmful media, how could this happen???? It's almost as if they hate women more than they care about kids!

No. 1693371

i'm laughing at you for thinking adults will step up and stop school bullying

No. 1693372

Boys start watching porn at around 8 years old now, on average. It’s very disturbing and sad, but if some prostitute posts nude photos and videos of herself then it’s her fault if her children are exposed to it at some point. It’s very common for men to send prostitutes content to her family members. If the kids were able to find her content so easily then she’s probably open about being a prostitute, so again it’s her fault that her child was bullied about her profession and shown her own content. Calling the woman what she is, a disgusting whore, doesn’t change the fact that children shouldn’t be allowed to have access to porn, and I wasn’t “trying to deter attention” away from that. You’re a joke.

No. 1693373

Am I missing something here? When I was in school bullies at the very least got detention, do they not do that now? It's also weird to laugh at someone for simply having a different experience

No. 1693375

Why am I not surprised someone who is lazy about protecting kids from porn is also misogynistic

No. 1693380

Why are there so many prostitutes defending “sex work” on here now, are you all lost? Go back to onlyfans or whatever cam site you came from and stop defending prostitution here, no one’s going to listen to you pick-me losers

No. 1693383

This person defending the onlyfans mom is the sydney/fatherless troll who keeps trying to start infights, just ignore it and maybe it will stop posting here

No. 1693384

not really, no. back in the 00s zero tolerance policies started taking off and that resulted in both bullies and bullied getting the same punishment. teachers and admin also don't care much about cyberbullying, even if the bullies bring the internet to school with them like showing some poor kid his mom's nudes. most schools just don't bother stepping in for anything outside of drugs and fights these days.

No. 1693388

What? No one said she wasn't a prostitute or even used the word sex work. Why so defensive?

No. 1693393

I dislike prostitutes as well but im more worried about kids watching harmful content than some woman having flashed her cunt 10 years ago.

No. 1693394

…what? can you read?

No. 1693400

This person is literally happy that kids are seeing porn of their mother, wtf man. It's talking about this topic like it thinks this is normal for kids to know enough about pornsites to be able to find porn of people they know.

No. 1693404

I am too, someone said “imagine being suicidal because your mom has pussy pictures on the internet” and I said kids are bullied for less all the time, and that being bullied about his mom being a whore and being shown her nudes is really serious. Calling the mom disgusting for selling her nudes doesn’t take away from the fact that I said it’s a serious form of bullying jfc. No where did I say that the bullies looking at porn doesn’t matter, I’m not sure where anyone’s getting that.

No. 1693406

Can you point out where anyone defended her at all? The post you claim that was "defending a prostitute" when the most she said about the woman was that "she made a bad choice". Surely a crazy sex posi sex work positive libfem wouldn't be saying that?

No. 1693412

You’re insane

No. 1693465

>random prostitute posts her nudes on the internet
>her child gets bullied and shown her pictures, and then wants to kill himself

>”imagine caring about something like that kek what an idiot”

>bullying is serious, kids are bullied for less all the time, and being shown nude pictures of his (disgusting and trashy) mom would be genuinely traumatic

>omg his mom openly being a prostitute doesn’t matter! The fact that teenage boys know what porn is is all that matters! You feel bad for the victim? That means you’re happy that the bullies saw the porn and showed it to the boy they were bullying! You’re lazy about protecting kids from porn!

>again, the fact that the teenagers saw the porn in the first place is disgusting and sad, but the fact that the son was shown the porn is a serious form of bullying, and he literally feels suicidal over it.

>you’re misogynistic and you’re happy that the teenagers saw porn!!!!

Your reading comprehension is abysmal and you’re an idiot, stop defending onlyfans and the women who use it.

This would be like if someone brought up how common it is for teenage boys to sexually harass teenage girls by sending them porn, then someone said “yeah that’s actually really serious, porn is disgusting and that’s a serious form of sexual harassment. I feel so bad for the poor girls” then you start screeching about how the teenage boys are the actual victims, and saying “wow so you’re happy that the teenage boys watch porn? You’re lazy about protecting kids from porn!” When nothing like that was ever said

No. 1693713

why do anons think we can't go back and see what actually happened? worst paraphrasing ever

No. 1693764

I also got this when I was online dating (not Japanese but Asian, not that it mattered to them) so had weebs in my inbox asking if I had a "sideways pussy" whatever that is. Seriously every white guy who should be removed from the gene pool really thinks Asian women see them as chads. I looked on a thread that said that Japanese girls throw themselves at any white man in Japan, but as this thread was on reddit I took it with a grain of salt.

No. 1693768

are you retarded? we can read what actually happened and this aint it. stfu and accept you had a misogynistic take. you can hate sex work and its' dynamic and not hate the women who are coerced into it.

No. 1693791


>The teenager says the bullying is gradually getting worse and now lots of students had nude images of his mum which they are sharing after his mother shared a link to her OnlyFans on her personal Twitter page.

>He continued: "I was wondering how my classmates even got the pictures and apparently my mom advertises her OnlyFans on her personal Twitter account.

>"Some students from my school follow her so they were able to see the nudes and they have been spread everywhere. I don't even have a Twitter so I didn't know about any of this.

>"The worst part is when I confronted my mom about this she told me that I was overreacting and that sex work is basically the same as working at a bank or a grocery store.

>"She also said it makes her feel good about herself and that I should be happy that she's more confident now.

IMO, the mom is in the wrong for publicly peddling her vanity porn on an account followed by children from her son's school and other people in her personal life, because that also affects her child. Doesn't sound like she was coerced. Not involved in any infight, just annoyed that you guys spent so long fighting about this, but no one actually bothered to post the article.

No. 1694004


Reread the thread then, because I did before I wrote that post. You just have poor reading comprehension and didn’t understand the original conversation, so the summery is confusing to you.

I said >>1692986 >the main problem is that the bullies showed a kid his moms porn, which is disgusting

Then this person responded >>1693326 > so let me get this straight you think the main problem is that the mom had an onlyfans

I literally said that the fact that teenagers were looking at porn and showing the kid porn of his mom is the worst aspect of the situation, and people immediately acted like I said that them viewing the porn doesn’t matter, when that’s the opposite of what I said. Then your comments escalated to saying that I didn’t care about them watching porn, that I’m lazy about protecting kids from porn, and that I’m happy that kids are watching porn. It’s literally the opposite of everything I said. You just got offended that I called the mom disgusting for having an onlyfans, I wonder why that would be?

No. 1694020

bitch I can fucking read, take your L and stfu

No. 1694027

Don’t you have onlyfans videos to film?

No. 1694030

The mom is just a privileged woman who wants attention, like most e-whores. Idk why people like to pretend that e-whores are coerced as if they’re akin to trafficking victims or something. No one feels bad for any of you, and everyone looks down on you. Clean up your life and stop degrading and selling yourself instead of seething about some e-whore being called disgusting.

No. 1694252

Your posts seemed to be centered around how the mom was disgusting and wondered why people replied to that, you didn't even bring up why the boys were exposed to porn until the other anon did then treated it as an "oh well" type deal

No. 1694254

NTA but just because someone doesn't foam at the mouth at even the thought of an OF thot existing in their presence doesn't make them an OF thot themselves kek seek help

No. 1694291

File: 1694422573451.jpeg (190.09 KB, 1170x471, IMG_8894.jpeg)

Nope. This was my original response to the person who made fun of him for being suicidal after being bullied and exposed to his moms porn.

No. 1694295

My original point was that the teenager being exposed to porn is a big deal and not something to make fun of him for. The anon then freaked out and accused me of being happy that the bullies had access to porn in the first place (wtf?) and claimed that I cared more about the OF whore, which is ridiculously far from what I said. Calling her disgusting doesn’t change the fact that I said a child being exposed to porn is very serious and not something he should be made fun of for. Why people are attacking me instead of the anon who made fun of him is beyond me.

She also claimed I was “happy about the bullies accessing porn” when I said that teenagers accessing porn is duishusting and sad, I didn’t treat it as an “oh well type deal” in any imaginable way.

No. 1694301

>>1694027 You sound like a moid

No. 1694302

I feel so bad for the kid. I wish he had other relatives he could go and live with. It’s so fucking cruel that fathers abandon their kids. If this one had one around he could go for custody and the kid could move schools and disown her. Women aren’t always perfect caregivers and it’s actually misogynist to think so, this one CERTAINLY isnt. She’s making no effort to protect her child and basically demanding he suffer her poor life choices and be happy about it. I get it he’s a moidlet and she’s just girlbossing I’m honestly misandrist as hell but this whole debacle is sickening and it shouldn’t be allowed for them to advertise SW on their social media’s.

No. 1695041

Why are so many young moids specifically getting into christian stuff now kek? Am I really that old to live through christianity becoming conformist to being counter culture? I swear I see like 12-14 year old boys now talking about what they're gonna let their future tradwife do or not do. Let your balls drop first little man! How are you 14 with a porn addiction never even having stepped in a church? All the "trads" (no one who isn't an internet addict uses this term) I know wake up at 6 am and only talk about how much they love their kids.

No. 1695049

They’ve always been heinously misogynistic. 10 years ago they were threatening to rape each others mothers on Xbox, now that Peterson, Walsh and Shapiro and all those fucking grifters are so popular, it’s just adapted itself into a new form. This time with a sense of infuriating self righteousness. At least the Xbox kids knew they were being sexist assholes as that was the whole point.

No. 1696888

Their opinion revolves around whatever pisses people off the most at the time, which is why their arguments aren't well put together, even the 2000s Facebook atheists could support their arguments and draw out well conclusions as annoying as they were. Most of these people will just cry about how someone said so and you're just mad

No. 1696934

I think its a thing with young people in general, like so many disillusioned with porn and raunch culture, that the only alternative seems to be Christianity and I can't blame them either, the left is horrible at adressing this.

No. 1698130

the left's way of addressing it is to gaslight them into cutting their cock off. which isn't the win you'd think it would be.

No. 1700970

It's the same way Moviebob thinks he's some enlightened male feminist while making one-handed horny posts and raging pure seething hatred at every woman who isn't part of corporate left media. They don't think anybody is really serious about what they say, they think they can still do whatever they want and it's all just a wink wink nudge nudge socially accepted thing.

No. 1783475

File: 1700690120825.png (344.79 KB, 1197x875, Screenshot_20231122-182240_kin…)

No. 1783485

why do they write like gay men kek

No. 1783489

All I know is that he's an ESL who posts theses on /r9k/ almost everyday, kek.

No. 1783500

what an attention whore

No. 1783507

I agree, of course the moidS all agree with him too

No. 1783508

Because they generally are.

No. 1783522

File: 1700691078982.png (303.13 KB, 1200x973, Screenshot_20231122-184103_kin…)

I feel called out nonnies…

No. 1783526

all the cope from the sex that commits 98% of crimes

No. 1783528

File: 1700691271062.gif (4.8 MB, 480x640, 1700409553038.gif)

>"you are wrong and you owe an apology"

No. 1783533

File: 1700691469679.jpg (153.81 KB, 1024x1024, 1699972281047145.jpg)

No. 1783907

at least the rape threats were (as crappy of an excuse it is) jokes. Moids and tradthots will change their entire lifestyle to suit an aesthetic

No. 1850713

File: 1705116797074.jpg (145.03 KB, 556x680, thtre3rgh.jpg)

No. 1850719

>abuse, torture and enslave women all the time, everywhere
>we are oppressed bc women say mean things about us sometimes
moids get the rope

No. 1850751

She's so right though.

No. 1853197

File: 1705206063133.jpg (36.88 KB, 861x165, 1682763492606.jpg)

No. 1853376

He's just proving her right. Men will act like this and go right back to chasing "party girls" and aggressively trying to manipulate them for sex after the first date.

No. 1854056

The moid is correct, though. Anyone who has sex outside of a serious relationship is a degenerate and deserves no respect, regardless whether it is a man or a woman.

No. 1863844

File: 1705880507558.jpeg (214.31 KB, 756x773, moid.jpeg)

No. 1863912

>They're unhappier
Sure Jan

No. 1864407

I can believe that they're unhappier, but it's not from the lack of scrotes. If anything, a scrote in your life just makes things worse.

No. 1865767

File: 1706057737545.jpg (128.99 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20240123_195439_Red…)

>absolute typical predditor moid post

No. 1865772

File: 1706058044395.png (47.55 KB, 787x545, retard.png)

This pathetic freak posted this in /r/writing too, and in typical reddit fashion they were very supportive.

No. 1865778

He gave her big boobs, didn't he? How feminist of him

No. 1865779

Love how the narrative has changed from “no woman wants to marry these poor scrotes! there is a loneliness epidemic amongst them!”to lol no man wants to marry these women and it’s their fault because ~feminism~” in like, a month.

No. 1865786

>webcomic i'm writing on 4chan
All I Needed To See

No. 1865807

Did he get called a pedo on 4chan? How extreme was his art

No. 1865887

kek is it that guy who drew the loud house bootlegs with the morbidly obese fetish character?

No. 1866586

>loud house bootlegs with the morbidly obese fetish character

No. 1866755

the fact he tried so hard to make it look like he wasn't a pedo but couldn't hide it

No. 1866929

Nonnas, our response???

No. 1867046

Do we really need one though? We have statistics, numerous videos, essays and articles showing that they are better off without moids. They are getting so desperate now. They have no arguments against us other than their feelings and daddy shapiro already said facts don't care about your feelings. Even their own recycling of the same insults about cats, being alone forever; They do nothing more than to project their own fears upon us. We owe them no energy, constantly ignoring them and being happy without them is the greatest hell they could ever imagine.

No. 1867241

Male feminists into body positivity be like
>12 year olds with fat tits :)

No. 1867296

Other than Miguel is a "sexy 2D spic with red flags". He's also a kind father who tragically lost his daughter. So yes, if an attractive man is great with kids then that's already a plus and there are women out there who wanted to comfort him from his loss. He isn't so much of a bad guy tbh. This moid is seething that he'll never be loved or drown in pussy like Miguel or any attractive 2D/fictional men with "severe personality flaws".

No. 1868045

File: 1706249494696.jpeg (354.84 KB, 1170x1800, IMG_0090.jpeg)

The situation at the US border has nothing to do with gender but that’s how he (and the 16k who liked it) primarily perceives it. Scrotes can’t understand anything outside of a “women bad” framework.

No. 1868069

what is it with men and comparing themselves to literally anything, animals, then gods, then machines, why don't they understand themselves to be people of flesh and blood that are neither invincible and superior nor completely useless? it's like everything they believe in is both to make people think they're so cool and superior and awesome but if they mess up it's also fine. they compare themselves to animals so they can consider themselves superior bc of bloodlust and animalistic strength but if they fuck up it's fine bc "they're only slave to their instincts", they compare themselves to machines, so they think they're better bc machines are unyielding and immortal and perfect but it's fine if they fuck up bc machines rust and get hick ups sometimes, they compare themselves to gods, so they're perfect and super powerful but it's fine if they're terrible people bc most gods have done terrible things and there's nothing you can do except forgive them bc they're gods.
why don't they realize themselves to be the adult human males that they are? you're a damn adult there's no being incapable of what is clearly in your power to do, so no skipping out on household work or being incompetent, you're a damn human, there's no excuse for being a terrible person, what is the point of considering humans to be the most intelligent animal if you're supposedly privy to your instincts, if you're so animalistic, live in a zoo or wildlife sanctuary, you're a male, there's no comparing you to women, there's no reassuring you of your maleness or masculinity.

No. 1868276

Males are programmed to not see themselves taking up space. They are an inert force of the universe,for good and bad, that is why they get mad when a woman mentions the increase in responsibilites in married life. Bitch, you're another whole human being not a tumor that grew on your wife. In fact, a mark of the machild is getting angry when you remind them that they are humans taking up space. They see it as a failure.
This trait was a good thing back in the days of infantry and coal mines, now is just a red flag, in a way it always was because moids like that can't maintain and raise a family for shit, but at least they used to die early.

No. 1868448

File: 1706300664610.jpg (86.29 KB, 1109x282, scott adams says.jpg)

This guy is now charging $7/month for his lessons on success, political hot takes, and Dilbert comics edited to include naughty words. Truly a figure men can aspire to!

No. 1869143

File: 1706357116230.png (88.34 KB, 732x580, thefuck.png)

Review for the film Alien

No. 1869151

Does he not know what happens to women during war? Or that we also have “size up every threat” every day and have been since we sit puberty, but we don’t have the psychical strength to match males. For us to fight off pervs and rapists, we risk our lives. With his logic, there’s a civil war in every country of its men against its women.

No. 1878685

File: 1707177898250.png (443.56 KB, 656x680, such vitriol.png)

This is from 'the more rational gender'

No. 1878723

File: 1707180093226.jpeg (161.62 KB, 720x1449, IMG_7074.jpeg)

Porn brained men need to kill themselves. I’m not even a-logging, I just think they’re so far gone that there isn’t a way for them to even live in society anymore because they rotted their brain to view an entire half of society through the lens of porn.

No. 1878733

He mentions realistic reasons for women to worry and then fixates on the pissing aspect kek
Holy shit, did he spend half of his life watching porn or what?

No. 1878736

They offer nothing. They contribute nothing. They are incapable of socializing normally. They don't have any special skills, dont exceed at work, dont take care of anyone, arent useful to their families. You aren't wrong.

No. 1878742

so what? they meme'd themselves too hard natural sex is just weird now and natural female breasts are weird. This is just depopulation and natural selection at this point, not that moids who are able to break their sex abilities from a fucking screen should have populated in the first place

No. 1878751

>When you see a naked woman in real life, it's not like in porn, it's WEIRD.
>it's weird to see naked women not in porn for some men
Holy shit, if this isn't depressing then I don't know what is.

No. 1878767

a literal 13 year old wrote this and i won't believe otherwise

No. 1878778

But that's even more bleak. Nonetheless, it sounds like it was unironically written by a moid who has had sex irl and was disappointed that porn isn't real life.

No. 1878795

it's extra hilarious because most of those "femanon here" posts are usually made by other moids who are amused that posting some low effort bait is able to cause such a massive chimpout. some are also made by gay male troons as well. if you make one of those "femanon here" threads on r9k it will hit bump limit with angry scrotes being catty, shitflinging, attentionwhoring, low quality tardbabbling - basically everything they accuse women of doing.
takes less than a minute to type some garbage and put "femanon here" in front of it yet moids will camp out in the thread and piss away countless hours of their lives screaming into the void.

No. 1878837

"Femanon here" and it's a 35 year old man with his dick in one hand

No. 1879036

It's disappointingly common the amount of women that straight up allow obvious porn addicts to see them naked.

And it's weird, moids are so obsessed with Chad but chads are lusting after and going for the women they don't find attractive. Majority of NFL players, rich men, etc are typically dating women who are older than 35, all breast size variations including completely flat, and even with body types majority of porn moids likely consider unattractive. If those men are willing to pay top dollar for "weird boob ladies" despite having access to any female body type possible why can't they realize something in their mind is broken which is why they're unable to be attracted to women?

No. 1879050

sage for blogpost but this is shockingly prevalent among moids of our generation. I remember my first bf had trouble getting it up at the start of our relationship because, in his own words, it was “different from porn” (he was a virgin too). I felt insecure about it at the time, but I was objectively in good shape and considered conventionally attractive, so I know his porn-rotted brain was the issue now. of course, after I dumped him, he realized how good he had it then kek

No. 1879065

The first time I hooked up with a younger guy he pointed out weird things I never had pointed out before, he claimed I had a hairy back (I actually tried to get it waxed and was told I don't have enough hair to wax). I also remember moids at working joking about how 1 girl is flat-chested but when I met her I actually thought she had large boobs compared to her body as she was just a small lady in general. Everytime I see moids make claim about "boobs look weird" "butts too big" etc I just wonder what the woman actually looks like because so many times its way far off than their descriptions

No. 1885089

File: 1707684362636.png (854.37 KB, 1242x2688, IMG_3386.png)

I didn’t want to give this thing attention but yeah sure. Good thing we don’t live in a world where every moid with an internet connection looks at porn, relationship or not. I wish women were as ruthless as this creature thinks we are.

No. 1885122

File: 1707685718250.jpg (146.03 KB, 720x679, 1000002691.jpg)

Damn sometimes I understand why so many straight men are homophobic

No. 1885156

This made me kek ahahahah women are truly the center of the universe of a moid's brain
>Us men have ZERO desire of being with other wahmen2!2!!! We DON'T want to fuck you!!… Heh, that'll show them. Now, let's wait for them to beg for our small retarded limpdick……..Uhhhhh….

No. 1893097

File: 1708299377116.jpeg (555.6 KB, 1170x1125, IMG_8759.jpeg)

This commenter constantly has incelish shit to say about women and women's media and then shoves this out. Don't try and play "both sides" when it's clear you hyper focus on hating women

No. 1893100

File: 1708299497939.jpeg (620.43 KB, 1170x1237, IMG_8760.jpeg)

Very victim blamey and anti women in general. Then has the audacity to say "b-but scrote aimed media creates unrealistic expectations for men too". Dude you type like a psychopath incel when you talk about women, no1curr if you claim men's media does the same thing.

He writes walls and walls of text just shitting on women on a fucking gossip blog comment section of all places, I have no idea what he's even doing there.

No. 1893177

His “shlubby sitcom husband” comparison isn’t even accurate. In SATC the main characters are successful women who have a decent amount of money and keep their bodies thin, it’s not the same at all

No. 1893220

some of the men the women end up with in SATC are ugly. a nona pointed this out in another thread but I'm inclined to agree, and none of the women are particularly mediocre looking either (some nonas may argue sjp is unconventional looking but she's still prettier than an ugly man).

the above poster always sounds like a bitter "rationalist" sexist in his walls of text and like he's trying to one up the opposite sex and then default to "it's both sides". his posts make my eyes glaze over. dude this is a celebrity gossip website and the commenter before you mentioned this celebrity is an abuser (it was about chris brown), don't try and justify his bullshit with the pretense of blaming women when men are the ones writing so much of the media that objectifies women and glorifies assault abuse and femicide anyway. its a gossip blog, nobody wants to read your meaningless novel.

No. 1899348

File: 1708739020940.png (30.58 KB, 1130x246, porn sick.png)

More porn sickness from the swamp.

No. 1901978

File: 1708927566796.jpg (23.82 KB, 720x158, 1000003001.jpg)

Just reminding you all that this is the kind of men camping here, and that it will benefit you to accept that it's better to ignore the bait than argue. As much as that infighter you are arguing with claims to be a Stacy, this is what they likely really are.

No. 1902024

Yeah you know what? you’re absolutely right. They think we will seethe in anger because women hate hotter women. It’s a very moid mentality. Besides how does an anon benefit, whether she is a “Stacy” or not, from anons thinking so? It doesn’t validate their argument. Even if they’re in the process of calling a hot celebrity mid or ugly. It’s moids trying to stir the pot and make us seethe.

No. 1902056

What are you talking about?

No. 1902070

What do you mean what am i talking about? Which part is confusing you?

No. 1902086

Ntayrt and maybe if you read it slower this time, you'll understand it. Any time an anon insists upon being a "Stacy", it is a man. Only men tout that stupid psychological fantasy larp.

No. 1902113

A lurking male said something about raping young girls, and your response was to say any anon who says she’s attractive or says a celebrity is mid is a lurking rape ape? Wtf
What psychological fantasy?

No. 1902142

Youre exaggerating what she says but yeah, an anon literally referring to themselves as "a Stacy" is 100% a male and if you don't realize that you're very gullible and don't have much experience with imageboards. The same men who are coming here and shitposting about rape are no different from the ones that come here and larp as women to shit on women under the guise of ~solidarity~.

No. 1902153

Because anon literally said in the post “As much as that infighter you are arguing with claims to be a Stacy, this is what they likely really are”
If you’re going to be so combative then please address your fucking dyslexia first.

No. 1902160

That’s objectively untrue, women joke about it and I’ve seen women joke about it on other websites like tumblr
> The same men who are coming here and shitposting about rape are no different from the ones that come here and larp as women to shit on women under the guise of ~solidarity~
You’re the one who is new to imageboards, this website was created to shit on women. You need to leave your house and interact with others for the first time in years because people make mean jokes and judge each other constantly, haven’t you gone to school and had a job? People can be mean
You need to calm down kek. I was asking why you jumped from point a to point b. try not to compare women to rape apes if you don’t want people to think you’re stupid, have some tact and awareness

No. 1902163

HAHA you wish cunt. Keep arguing with us in circles, you aren't a "Stacy". I'm not reading any of that because you already proved yourself illiterate and retarded.

No. 1902165

You're clearly an ex-tumblr or twittertard because you're taking a very specific post and applying a bunch of vague whataboutisms to it. Shut up omg

No. 1902166

Nta and I’ve just been lurking the thread and not posting but I think your misinterpreting everything for the sake of an argument. You lost, take the L and move on

No. 1902172

Are you ESL? and stop samefagging

No. 1902181

First anon you tagged, that’s always the go to when one of you losers can’t cope with having multiple anons disagreeing with you huh, kek it’s so embarrassing to witness a nonna who can’t just accept the L and move on. But keep crying samefag and seething alone in your room over it kek

No. 1902195

That's not a samefag. You failed.

No. 1902196

That’s fucking rich coming from a dyslexic. Can you even speak one language? You need to go to KUMON.

No. 1902198

Kek meanwhile she's unironically the one who sounds retarded

No. 1902200

Lame ass insult, nta

No. 1902203

>all the lurking males who threaten to rape women are also all the anons who talk about celebrities being mid in /g/ and they’re also all the same anons who jokingly call themselves stacies
Your original post was idiotic and you don’t need to keep posting seething responses. You’re probably the one who wrote that post in your picture and now you’re trying to sow discord

No. 1902208

I’m not OP of this infight retard, I’m >>1902166 and >>1902181 my god just take your loss and go, this is just sad kek.

No. 1902210

Oh you're definitely ta.

No. 1902213

You never fucking shut up omg. Accusing everyone of samefagging when you're the one samefagging, and still applying a completely different and exaggerated sentiment to the post out of personal insecurity. Yes, an overtly aggressive anon who is unironically calling themselves a Stacy while making extremely suspect infights in circles is a fucking MAN. Stop being annoying and browse another thread.

No. 1902215

They are all you though, samefag

No. 1902218

Kek, alright nonna whatever helps you cope(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1902222

I unironically think you were the screenshot posted now. You're so butthurt it's getting suspicious

No. 1902226

when did I samefag? You don’t even know what that means
I didn’t exaggerate or change the sentiment, you can reread the posts and see how stupid they sound

No. 1902230

You yap like a dog

No. 1902231

The person who posted the screenshot is the one who wrote the creepy post, it’s very obvious.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1902241

Go fuck yourself, I did not. Stop fucking samefagging and trying to stir shit. YOU wrote that shit. Go away you freak.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1908187

File: 1709333353515.png (24.18 KB, 1080x214, Invaders.png)

More degeneracy from 4chan

No. 1908195

Reading this just looks like someone thinly veiled BBC cuck fetish. Why do they all have thinly veiled BBC cuck fetishes?

No. 1908199

It's an ESL moid from Europe (Dutch I think) whose been sharing his stalking and molesting fantasies on there. He's also been posting AI generated pictures of girls he know. He's very milky.

No. 1908202

no clue, remember when the "womenpostingLs" guy got outted for having a BBC cuck fetish too?

No. 1908205

Because unworthy male= woman on their mind, and as unworthy males they wish this was true. It doesn't matter than countless women commit suicide before ending up in that situation in wars, if a big brute came to their home to kidnap them an latter gives them a role a role and value they would be static. (this is with the big asterisk worthless men are really worthless wastes of space, and even the most autistic women know about the effects of pregnancy so no, almost no women can really reach that conclusion. Even the most insane bpdettes would backtrack in that situation) also a hefty dosis of porn brainrot.

No. 1908206

what board? it's over for him if you
recognize his fetish posts on an anonymous forum lmao

No. 1908214

GIOYC on /adv/ that place is a gold mine for moidtakes

No. 1908236

Kek one of my 25yo moid coworkers (thinning hair, terrible diet, mommas boy) is 100% convinced that he is going to play the field and not settle down until he’s 35. Shallow ego-driven moids don’t realise that the beautiful girls they think will fall at their feet when they’ve “peaked” are shallow and ego-driven too, and would rather date hot fit guys their own age instead of tired old Peter Pans.

No. 1908662

All men are now waiting to have kids until they are 40 and act shocked and depressed that no 20 year old wants to have kids with them kek

No. 1908665

Wow let's hope for a cardiac arrest

No. 1908667

they're under the impression they will find a woman desperate enough to deal with their unattractiveness, shit personality, misogyny and manchildness for a couple of bucks once they're 35. absolutely delulu.

No. 1908676

And they will cause even women on this site shit themselves when you say something negative about fucking and sucking men

No. 1908683

Um what?

It's hilarious. I LOVE those reddit posts by guys ages like 27-40ish that are talking about how they feel like their lives are ruined and they lose their real lives because they are alone and won't have any children. Of course you wont!! It's what you deserve.

No. 1908690

Women will date them

No. 1908693

Very few women are having these guys kids. Unless they have money, they have fell through the cracks and now commiserate on reddit. Go away.

No. 1908697

Moid takes sound more like handmaidends than my extremist generalizations about men and women sound like moid takes. Cause they talk about dicks being circumcised, how men are suffering in society, get mad at sex negativity, call women dykes for negative opinions on straight relationships

No. 1908699

usually they find a victim from a poorer country if they're not completely ugly or some mentally ill woman from an abusive home if they're able to afford the tradlife. then they will proceed to shit on western women or women of their own age.

No. 1908700

I don't understand these kind of copes cause ugly men definitely have girlfriends if they are rich or not. I think more women have children than men but still men don't lack love from women

No. 1908703

What they never understand is that while having children later in life is fine being on a "frist child at 40" situation is pretty much social suicide and no non-bpdette would do that lmao. Its a primordial mistrust, like everyone knows that there is something fundamentally wrong about a grown man who "wants a family" yet is still a bachelor at 40, people start suspecting foul things, as they should.

No. 1908704

usually ugly men will get women if they have an agreeable personality and bring something else to the table besides money. like my older sister was a solid 8/10 on her prime but she married an average looking manlet but he made up for being a good guy overall. also she told me he is a good lay kek

No. 1908708

The men im talking about are incels. I'm talking about the ones that mald on reddit about how alone they are, and are incapable of talking to women and have spent all their formative years shitting on them and doing whatever they want while waking up one day and realizing they have fucking nothing.

No. 1908940

Oh forgot "you're probably to ugly to get a man"

No. 1909033

The amount of zoomer moids who say things like "i want a crazy anxious bpd gf with attachment issues" these days is terrifying. They want someone who will be stuck in a lovebombing codependency on them and never leave no matter how bad they treat her, only with therapy terms nowadays.

No. 1909087

Then theres the older guys who go online and are like omg I just realized in retrospect that all my exes probably had bpd.. no stratch that they def had it. All 3 of them including 2 ex wives. Take my word for it. I was sitting around seething about being single when I realized every woman I've ever had an argument with must've just been bpd.

The eureka moment of 'all my exes had bpd' is the new all my exes were crazy bitches till I met you babe. Run if you hear that because you'll be next to lose your mind with him and it won't be coz you have some personaility disorder that you didn't know about.

No. 1909642

Copied from the pink pill thread: Whenever a woman cheats and the man talks about his revenge on her, everyone says "Nice bro you dodged a bullet" "She got what she deserved"
Whenever a man cheats and a woman talks about his revenge on him, everyone says "He was right to cheat on you if you're this insane".

No. 1909772

File: 1709437834925.jpg (709.23 KB, 621x828, 1000003119.jpg)

Men are so worthless

No. 1909793

They don’t actually want a bpd gf they want the meme of a bpd gf who is hot and gives them amazing sex.

No. 1909794

Oh nice another reminder to never see a male gyno even if they’re the only ones with appointments for months.

No. 1909901

Why is this retard becoming a gynecologist just to see vaginas only? Oh, wait.

No. 1909902

Samefag, mentally ill women aren't even inherently better in bed. The reason this stereotype perpetuated is because mentally ill women with their codependency and anxious attachments are more likely to let men abuse them or break their boundaries during sex, enjoy BDSM, etc. Being better in bed = appealing to moids' rapey fantasies.

No. 1910416

File: 1709494182889.png (165.49 KB, 811x879, Screenshot_2024-03-03_20-31-01…)

No. 1910444

the scrotes from that site are so painfully funny

No. 1910672

File: 1709514483532.png (11.9 KB, 1327x115, housewife.png)

Apparently we hate housewives now.

No. 1910685

kek I think this moids brain has melted because this post barely makes any sense.
>work a worse job for another man's family
Like, what? Most women who do both use the money they make for their kids kek Also why do scrotes think kids are cheap? Especially in our shitball of an economy? Logical sex my ass.

No. 1910716

File: 1709517287458.jpg (210.96 KB, 1170x1708, 20240223_213806.jpg)

I understand what hes saying here actually

No. 1910747

The same ones who apparently think their 80 dollar a month child support pays for their baby mamas nails, hair, lip injections and boob job

No. 1910802

No. 1910831

File: 1709527199723.jpeg (101.85 KB, 828x586, IMG_6520.jpeg)


No. 1910833

Not sure where this belongs, but is anyone else weirded out by zoomer moids developing the word "cunty"? What is this new misogynistic faggot language?

No. 1910842

It isnt new, theyre copying gay elders before them and beating ballroom talk into the ground.

No. 1910844

File: 1709528196902.jpg (70.54 KB, 827x1084, 1000003159.jpg)

Girl enroll in a trade and replace your iPhone with a Nokia from 2005 you look like ass

No. 1910853

This is the man men are EDtwtng to look like??? You can't skip meals to look like this. This is like a regular woman thinking not eating will make her Gemma Ward

No. 1910868

I hope all men with EDs die of malnutrition while all women with EDs learn to love their bodies as their bodies are 10/10 to the female gaze.

No. 1910880

ironically men can be survive with ED way longer then women and I actually encourage all men to have it.

No. 1910889

File: 1709531926952.jpg (49.84 KB, 736x736, 1000003162.jpg)

I was just thinking about how if we had the whole looksmaxxing/vindicta thing a decade ago girls would be so fucked up. They would have been bonesmashing and thinking it would make them look like this.

No. 1911008

Is this not a TIF, this account's media tab has shit like the autism yippee creature and kpop

No. 1911965

File: 1709608874464.jpg (143.77 KB, 720x1363, 1000003177.jpg)

No. 1912007

File: 1709612529646.png (167.58 KB, 1704x610, dumb tranny.png)

joined a utena server thinking it was going to be fun but of course it's gendie haven. here's a trannies opinions on the inherently faulty nature of radical feminism. once again amazed that everyone who hates it doesn't understand it

No. 1912024

the troon actually is correct when he points out that a long as men exist liberation is impossible.

No. 1912032

File: 1709614241579.gif (217.14 KB, 220x126, 1000002674.gif)

No. 1912102

File: 1709621826334.jpg (893.14 KB, 960x1858, RDT_20240305_17590849537583493…)

I'm done with humanity.

No. 1912109

the photoshops in that thread are so bad they are bordering on hilarious, and they jerk off to these??

No. 1912110

I legitimately wish all men were dead

No. 1912137

Lizards, orangutan, children, etc

No. 1912149

I heard this story where some farmer was wondering why all his sows had gonorrhea so one day he checked the cameras and a man was coming in at night to fuck his sows

No. 1912151

They were calves actually. Yeah it was posted in the news stories that fuck w you thread.

No. 1912330

File: 1709648249270.jpeg (172.34 KB, 1170x510, IMG_0013.jpeg)

Found a bunch of AVGN a-logs and this one had an insightful take that positive traits = masculine and negative traits = feminine

No. 1912333

James Rolfe a-logs are fucking insane. I wanted to make a thread on cinemassacretruth subreddit because its filled to the brim of scrotes who post very fucking weird messages writing fanfiction about Rolfe's daughters getting molested and other crazy shit. He's the living proof that no matter how good of a person and creator you are, schizoids gonna schizo.

No. 1912454

Women are more creative and religious than scrotes on average.

No. 1913204

File: 1709716193291.jpg (251.7 KB, 534x1020, IMG_20240306_201201.jpg)

Average Telegram moids

No. 1913211

Why are ESL moids so retarded? It's like their moid brains always pick up the dumbest ways to write and speak whenever learning a language. ESL women might have terrible grammar and punctuation and spelling but somehow it's still normal.

No. 1913286

The Y chromosome stunts the mind, sad!

No. 1913983

File: 1709771483496.jpg (311.36 KB, 720x1016, 1000003189.jpg)

Gay incels are so viciously retarded. It's one thing to hate women because they wont fuck you, but hating them because you're jealous men give them attention is somehow even more pathetic.

No. 1914112

Schizoid hands typed that post

No. 1914137

File: 1709780434876.jpg (85.4 KB, 1125x804, 1000003198.jpg)

No. 1914138

File: 1709780497174.jpg (22.55 KB, 1004x357, 20240127_221338.jpg)

Every time

No. 1914159

I've noticed this too? Especially with Eastern European women, even when their English is bare minimum they're still so much better at communicating in English than moids who have been speaking English longer

No. 1914175

Says the sperm shoveler…

No. 1914178

Women are better at communication and language learning in general, it's just a fact.

No. 1917041

Why do men think they get more attention from other women when they have a girlfriend? It's like they think we're jealous and suddenly more attracted to them once that they're hitched because it makes them some forbidden treasure now.
Like no, David, we finally feel more comfortable with you and assume you're not going to take our friendliness as flirting anymore since you're taken, but no you're just retarded and narcissistic.

No. 1917060

File: 1709950201625.jpg (234.18 KB, 350x718, 1000003243.jpg)

No. 1917063

>goes on tinder for hopes of seeing disease-riddled vagina anwyay

No. 1917067

a lot of moids use stupidity and ignorance to try to manipulate people into making exceptions for their behavior. English speaking moids do something similar where they'll just claim that they're too stupid when people call them out

No. 1917068

File: 1709950777271.jpg (1.45 MB, 1080x1739, 1000003261.jpg)

Women only valuable if me want fuck

No. 1917072

democrat women are plainly more attractive which is evidenced by the amount of seethe they generate.

No. 1917075

Conservatives be like "if you're so smart why can't I fuck you" to kids

No. 1917152

hilarious that its being said by a chinless fatty with grass hair

No. 1917155

File: 1709956680893.jpg (131.29 KB, 720x1279, 1000003262.jpg)

No. 1917315

File: 1709971873991.jpeg (890.03 KB, 568x2072, IMG_2134.jpeg)


No. 1917385

File: 1709978316202.jpeg (882.25 KB, 1170x1860, 080DD134-05EC-4908-A683-42FF09…)

No. 1917441

Males only know how to project, that's why they say the awful meme "white women fuck dogs" and shit cause they will rape anything that moves. Imagine being a creature so controlled by your dick and yet they say women are too emotional to be in charge. Nah men are too emotional and controlled by their dicks to be trusted with power.

No. 1917447

Look at that fat fuck moid, why women are so desperate to marry a creature like that is beyond me.

No. 1917451

Yeah but men will seethe at women having sex in committed relationships too lol

No. 1917888

Is that bitch wearing sneakers to his wedding? My sides.

No. 1919898

File: 1710121395053.jpg (157.85 KB, 614x982, 1000003325.jpg)

No. 1920111

File: 1710131479453.jpeg (10.5 KB, 704x132, wookie the mall shooter.jpeg)


No. 1921848

File: 1710253968537.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1562, 5447D96F-E672-454D-BFF8-D8F82D…)

i just don’t get why incels think the male loneliness “epidemic” is real or that women live easy lives. it’s like they live in some alternate reality where even the “hardcore” female ideology (radical feminism) isn’t full of women who still center men in their lives and fuck them lol.
this whole thread is a goldmine of stupidity however. just a lot of whining over women only wanting chad and also running the world somehow

No. 1921868

Utter retardation typical of the puny moid brain. 4chan scrotes are such miserable and pathetic people, they project onto women rather than confront their failings as human beings
>Even the AI shit will not harm them.
Women are clearly the most affected by AI. There’s literally an entire board on 4chan dedicated to creating deepfakes of random women. 4chan scrotes are truly the scum of the earth

No. 1921870

It's because the women who are lonely and unattractive are genuinely invisible to them so they don't even consider it to be women's suffering.

No. 1921872

If i got isekai'd as a moid i would get so much pussy. Men literally have it so easy. Just get a nice haircut, be skinny and be part of some subculture like emo and you will be drowning in pussy.

No. 1921875

God I just hope these moids don't ever leave their rooms or at least won't ever dare to talk to a woman so I will not have to unknowingly interact with them

No. 1921881

YES this is why I can't stand moids that say women don't know what it's like to be invisible and they celebrate women getting old cause then they "know what it's like to be male", like they literally prove how little society values women that aren't pretty but they are too vain and conceited and it's all a revenge fanatsy to them to get back at the hot girl that rejected them in hs. Ugly women are literally invisible.

No. 1921885

>4chan scrotes are truly the scum of the earth
I wish I had a death note I could write the post number on and kill off every 4chan scrote. It would probably prevent some mass shootings anyway. Better for society.

No. 1922487

What do you think will happen when these men hit their late 30s? That's when men tend to crack and become ultra predatory. I imagine a lot of these guys are going to become rapists, domestic beaters etc. History doesn't lie.

No. 1922503

The predator behaviour actually happens at a much younger age, around the time they are 15 when they grope random girls at school or make sexual jokes at them.
The victim complex that males have is absolutely insane. Men live life on easy mode. Everything they could possibly want in life is available to them on a silver platter. A wife, family, a job, they can pick any profession and get praised despite being painfully mediocre and useless. They don't have to work hard for a single thing they have, just be friends with the right bros and talk a bunch of shit, that's it. They get away with rape, violence and being the ultimate oppressors, even to their damn selves. Yet women as a collective still are madly in love with them and think they can change or think they will be the golden ticket to change them. It's tiring.

No. 1922508

I agree and I never said it didn't? I'm referring solely to when they crack and start actually taking their sex pest behavior to action and nurturing their gross fantasies into fruition. That behavior tends to escalate the older they get rather than quell, its scary that so many people see this behavior qs some sort of quirky trait they will grow out of and not a sign of other things. Men who sit online all day and voyeur women while being violently misogynistic don't just "grow out of" that behavior, as they get older it gets worse and their neuroses makes them more violent and manipulative. I don't know why people see the scores of past murder and rape cases of women and just think its going to end with millennials and zoomers since they have the internet.

No. 1922526

Sorry for my shit reading comprehension then. It just reminds me of stories of how a 16 year old would date a 12 year old and we all knew it was disgusting, but we were completely powerless when it came to dealing with such a situation. I wish there was something we could do to flag such a situation, but of course the men in power are predators themselves, they have to protect their own by insisting that 3 months in prison is somehow enough to cure the most depraved pedo rapist.

No. 1922564

A major problem too is that zoomers (some millenials as well) are so ironypoisoned that they see these red flags and think its a joke or some sort of metasatire when it isnt. They don't think their friends/peers would ever do things like that, despite the fact that this is a tale as old as time and there are tons of statistics, mugshots, trials, and missing women and children to prove that this is an ongoing issue that isn't going to stop just because these young men can look at tiktoks of bouncing boobsm

No. 1923461

File: 1710353517764.jpg (153.45 KB, 1080x343, Screenshot_2024-03-13-19-05-47…)

I don't read what men say because it's like seeing the other side of things - heaven (men live in heaven) while I'm stuck in hell. Anytime I scroll through their accounts I struggle to breath and often I end up crying even if they dont talk about anything triggering. I feel like if we live in hell we should torture ourselves by looking at the pov of these living on easy mode men do. I was exposed to this tweet where a moid admits… To things. He dates women, he called his exes pretty like men are so privileged they are pieces of shit but get to date pretty women. I'm absolutely terrified of men and the power they have is intimidating. I have the most extreme male phobia I've ever seen in anyone. I fear reading their thoughts.

No. 1923462

Just don't read what they have to say, period. They don't have a soul. They don't know shit. Don't take their side. They will always tell you their side and blame you for everything else.

No. 1924202

File: 1710392567722.jpeg (Spoiler Image,235.83 KB, 843x1124, 0F3E652E-50B8-42C4-93D1-897115…)

I understand where you’re coming from but you’re giving them too much power and credit by saying this tbh. Also I scrolled through this guy’s account and you can tell he is a borderline ricecel so I wouldn’t give his opinions any thought. Picrel.

No. 1925525

File: 1710466639168.jpg (226.31 KB, 604x746, Screenshot_20240314_230937.jpg)

Weirdo white men are so fixated on black men. Mind you it was a girl who beat her up.

No. 1925543

moids are fatphobic because they love seeing women suffer by turning them into nutrient deficient zombies, i’m fatphobic because i want women to be tough and strong, we are not the same

No. 1925551

Men literally have the best most uninhibited chance for opportunity and can do literally whatever they want and yet they're still covetous and bitter about women. They have their pick of anything with little effort just manipulation tactics that don't require them to sell their bodies or sanity and they'll still say "no I can't do anything I want because I can't rape women :/"

No. 1925554

Woah you made me go look and
>loves the n word
>loli anime images
Anyways he doesn't look bad by any means he's just a product of his environment… ew though

No. 1926846

File: 1710548753480.png (51.86 KB, 1815x367, 356.png)

I do love philosophy, but only when it reinforces worldviews that directly serve me

No. 1926852

What? Do they investigate the dating history of every woman involved in a tragedy?

No. 1926865

They do it just because they want to create a false sense of loyalty to white women, this is how they attract white women into adapting their beliefs. The same is on the other side with black men, black men will post about how a black woman deserve to be a beaten for dating a white man. The key is that they will always be silent when one of their own is inflicting the violence because it doesn't fit their narrative. I wouldn't be shocked if other races of men do it too. Men tend to feel like they own women of their race/culture but will be the first ones to date interracially themselves. The expectation is that you will be there for if it doesn't work out as their back up plan.

No. 1926976

Heh. Genetic dead end if i ever saw one. He even agrees that back in the day he couldn't have been happy either, thats rare. Loser moids usually don't understand that they had been the ones who committed suicide-by-alcohol before dealing with the unloving gaze of their cold wife rather than chads. At this point i can't even be angry, being mad at loser 4chan moids is like being mad at starving dogs.
I want neither on public spaces, however.

No. 1927052

File: 1710561615211.jpg (237.24 KB, 828x1792, tumblr_ab4d287921c7c6ed7a7ee42…)

post ur score

No. 1927056

>been graped or sexually abused
how is this her fault

No. 1927058

So basically the only people who would qualify as OP’s “perfect woman” would be literal children or braindead vulnerable retards such as Jean Francois Gariepy’s missing, possibly dead wife.

No. 1927063

File: 1710562293941.png (36.65 KB, 485x443, IMG_9630.png)

>moid can’t compute human woman with human emotions. Me no like bitchslut crying, bitchslut reminds me of children, child needs attention and… love? care? understanding? haha aaaaa bitchslut only sex food wash dish blowjob makes kids make dick go wet hah aaaaa men need no bed frame no nothing. bitchslut was rayped and i dun wanna be falsely accused cus that’s all bitchslutcowtits do all day falsely acuse cus she’s just lying hahaha i love hell divers 2 i fucking luv primarch commies are bugs starship troopers

No. 1927065


No. 1927073

>for long term relationship
As if moids who invest energy in writing retarded lists like this have a chance at that in the first place kek. It's just a giant cope to tell themselves they are the prize.

No. 1927111

why WHITE nail polish specifically

No. 1927123

No clue, and it's always worse since moids try to gaslight into believing it's actually only evil women who care about dumb shit pertaining to appearance like that. I've seen more moids bash women's nails, hair, etc than I've seen other women do it kek

No. 1927208

Male jealousy blows my mind. One of my exes would whine about how hard he had it, because some day some rich guy was going to marry me and give me everything in the world, and I wouldn't have to work for any of it. This guy objectively had a better life than I did, in all aspects, except the facts that he was a 4/10, and a scrote and couldn't appreciate his own good fortune. And OFC no rich guy ever married me.

No. 1927263

>constantly interrupts you
I bet he feels interrupted whenever a woman opens her mouth because he's just so uninterested in his partners and needs them to listen to his monologues. Many such cases.

No. 1927264

but what does HE offer in a relationship?

No. 1927707

I so rarely see people bring this up but this is my experience. And when I say this they'll cope by claiming it was gay men and while that certainly happens, it was mostly straight men doing this.

I always wonder why these guys think that every woman has an army of rich men at her disposal. What a bizarre delusion.

No. 1928285

It really is the dumbest fucking delusion. Even if you're in the top 1% of looks, in any major metro area there are still thousands of equally attractive women out there. And there's no monthly lineup where all the certified hot women stand side by side so rich degenerate men can pick one out. The richest guys I got to meet in my daily life were the supervisors at my office building, making $17 an hour.

No. 1930111

>will want 5 million dollar houses for used pussy and 8 baby daddies!!

I don't understand this mindset? Who do they think these women are getting with if they're only requiring extremely rich men? Plus I doubt a woman who has 8 ultra rich baby daddies isn't living comfortably

No. 1930130

The cracked phonescreen is absolutely killing me. I imagine he saw a girl drop her phone and it shattered upon impact and immediately he went "AH-AAH!! Her fingers must have been slippery from bodily fluids for sure, this absolute WHORE."

No. 1930143

File: 1710788902579.jpg (129.76 KB, 614x602, Ewwww.jpg)

No. 1930154

Money, that's literally it. I've noticed when it comes to these types men is that they believe if they bring money to the table the women has zero right to complain about anything and they don't have to do anything to be a loving partner.

No. 1930162

he means
>I need an 18 year old woman with a body of a 12 year old and mind if a 26 year old

No. 1930210

File: 1710793080346.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x1801, 514D8B1A-E4E8-4DFC-9257-1A2AA6…)

Haha you’ll get UGLY and used-up while I’ll be easily able to bag a younger hotter version of you, Barbie/my ex-gf who went no contact

No. 1930222


So they are asking for a prostitute that is also somehow innocent, young, naive and beautiful?

No. 1930230

This is always such a funny projection because actually males are mutated females. One of their chromosomes is broken. All they exist for is to move our genes foward. That is why they need to constantly coom and will do the most retarded shit to do that.

No. 1930236

We all know Ken's true calling is getting railed by asian Ken every day while doing some fag job with horses.

No. 1930240

Why do men cling to this cope? Where does it come from? Only damaged BPD types go for really old men, and then only for their money. Most men age like milk while women age a lot better. Women aren't crawling back to them, it's the other way around.

No. 1930245

Literally, yes. But also the prostitute is supposed to also be a virgin and never have touched or looked at another man kek

No. 1930250

It’s projection. Men in the manosphere constantly talk about wanting to play the field in their 20s, 30s, even 40s and then find a woman young enough to breed who will still take them lol. Barbie didn’t even want to leave Ken to have a “hoe phase” in the movie but ofc moids are insecure and project onto the Ken character

No. 1930286

The projection is even funnier because barbie friendzoned him the entire movie. I wonder if that moid even watched it or just saw ben shapiro talking about it.

No. 1930299

Kek at the child being black. they literally can’t go five minutes without thinking about being cucked by black men it’s so sad and pathetic.

No. 1930313

>IG/FB password
This is just common sense

No. 1930314

Sydney Sweeney is almost 30 and childless and unmarried with a high body count + a history of public nude scenes kek. Moids literally do not care about shit if you're hot

No. 1930323

kek and Ken doesn’t even have genitals. His marriage to Sydney Sweeney Barbie would be as sexless as gay man/straight woman

No. 1930353

Tbh this one is true and I say this as a lesbian. One close lesbian friend is in an abusive relationship and low-key loves it. My (LDR) ex is addicted to shitty women and the emotional roller coaster that they cause her. Meanwhile I'm autistic, somewhat socially retarded and women avoid me like the plague IRL. And before someone accuses me of being a shitty abusive incel, I literally have never mistreated any woman I have interacted with, and I also never mistreated my ex or have plans to do so in the future with any woman. I don't actually hate women, I just have come to the realization that women really really hate autists. They hate when you try to talk to them, try to help them out or just exist in the same room, and it's even worse when you're a woman because you provide absolutely zero value to them (specially if they're het). I get it that women love overly-confident unstable retards that make every day with them seem like a spicy adventure, so I understand that I will never be chosen over them and it doesn't anger me anymore. The amount of times I've warned the women in my life about redflags in the partners and was "ignored" is just astounding. Pretty sure they are aware of it actually, they just get addicted to the toxicity of abusive relationships.

No. 1930475

Execution style.

No. 1930584

Why you spergs have such a hard time accepting that you're all less likeable than the personality disorders?
I mean i like neither of you but at least the pds act more human-like lmao.

No. 1930586

To be fair, it's also cause "toxic women" are glamorized or written off as fun. The issue with women and shitty men stems from the fact the average man is extremely low effort and toxic moids start off relationships with effort and making women believe they're nice guys (Andrew Tate was actually very honest about manipulating women using the nice guy method). A lot of women see it as green flags that they don't have to jump through hoops for attention for once and then the red flags don't start flying until she's trapped emotionally or physically.

On top of that propaganda from other moids about "cycling through men" or shame about dating an abusive man keeps women silent since they know they'll immediately be blamed for choosing him even if they were planning to leave, or they're scared of "whoring around" by giving up on relationships too easily.

I also know a lot of women who are unfamiliar with healthy relationships will sometimes question others asking if certain behaviors are normal (ofc the reason why moids prey on previously abused women or women from broken homes since they don't know what healthy behavior is) and then people around her will tell her it's normal and that she's crazy for thinking it's ever a problem or tell her if she's doubting her relationship in the first place she should just leave

No. 1930602

File: 1710818054824.jpg (56.68 KB, 640x763, 1000000094.jpg)

Everytime I see men complain about women's accountability they almost immediately start naming things that are mens faults
>Muh single moms
Men statistically cheat most, abandon their children at far higher rates and ofc rape the most. The idea of a stupid 20 yr old girl just getting pregnant with any old deadbeat loser is definitely not the normal situation for why women end up single moms
>Abusive relationships!1!!
Once you blame women for an abusive relationship you already lost
>Men failing out of school!
Mens fault
>Men are criminals because of single moms!!!
Once you become an adult you got no one to blame but your own damn self. If you shoot someone and start crying about your parents relationship status idk what to tell you
>But 80% of women go for 20% of men!!
Literally only on dating apps only because men dominate them looking for hookups and affair partners. Also anyone who uses apps as an accurate representation of dating is insane

No. 1931529

File: 1710881836849.png (235.94 KB, 2511x281, lol.png)

Word salad from the incels on /lit/

No. 1931534

what is their deal with tampons? don't tell me they feel cucked by a sanitary product omg.

No. 1931541

ah yes, i too, emasculate men by being a pleasant person that people enjoy the company of, my outgoing and blubby personality just straight up castrates any male in my presence.

No. 1931556

confirmation bias it's called, one very mentally distressed woman has half-heartedly agreed to fuck me and about 20 others ignored, avoided, and rejected me so this means i'm a total hit with the chicks!

No. 1931595

i hope he gets to meet a TIM with a fresh rotpocket and it gets pus on his face.

No. 1931965

>>Men are criminals because of single moms!!!
a lot of sources will explain this constantly about how it's because most single moms have to work multiple jobs + do all housework and therefore their children lack as much supervision. If moids didn't use the statistic as a chance to immediately villianize women they'd understand that in countries where single moms are offered lots of support children end up healthy and good. Even in households in the US where friends and family are more supportive of moms the children end up better. It's not moms fault US became anti-family, and refusing to hold fathers accountable just makes it worse. Hell I'd probably start acting crazy too if I knew the first reaction of society was that my partner was going to be bashed and questioned and not me.

No. 1937065

DAE remember that video where this moid cried about his struggles being ugly and some pretty woman said he was cute and married him? Why do pretty women do this to themselves?

No. 1937484

Don't women naturally have more fat than men since it is used to make babies during pregnancy? However men shouldn't be fat filthy slobs or Jabba the Hutts since it is no excuse that in tradition, men need to be fit and healthy to hunt, survive and provide for their wife, family and loved ones.

No. 1937490

Based honestly.

No. 1937493

Yes but take this with a grain of salt. Most of these moids are dating and fucking fatties anyway despite making posts like these. It's unbelievable the amount of time I've seen men gloat about wanting skinny petite girls just to exclusively date fatties.

No. 1937624

8 of these fuckers hit the reaction but couldn't hit the report.

No. 1942557

Men: We need to talk about when women are the abusers and aggressors!
Also men whenever a 10-year-old boy gets molested by his teacher: Damn, where was she when I was in school?

No. 1942558

Men just wanna be victims because they know admitting that men commit the most crimes hurts their ego.

No. 1942592

Ironically, all the patriarchal civilizations that treated women like broodmares, which scrotes become obsessed with, such as Ancient Greece, Rome, the Ottoman Empire (if they're Muslims) and Medieval Japan (if they're weebs) all had an open culture of boy rape, actual sexual abuse towards males and yet they don't even care about that either.

No. 1943300

File: 1711782083086.png (20.3 KB, 1151x120, gross.PNG)

I don't know where else to post this. I'm gonna hurl

No. 1943632

File: 1711816092663.jpeg (667.68 KB, 1170x1707, 1449666B-01C7-4F3C-8CBC-A92C1D…)

“There’s still hope” for anticipating a scene of a woman raping a man… lol

No. 1943642

>men: women don't care about male SA victims
>also men

No. 1943668

These guys write shit like
>wears make-up daily
>wears excessive cake-face foundation make-up
>sexually experienced
But then jerk of to pornstars caked in make-up with an body count of 100. They're just really had hypocrites and project their own insecurities onto women.

No. 1943669

A woman will never be able to rape a man. I don't think how often this needs to be said.

No. 1943696

File: 1711819555736.png (772.62 KB, 597x752, kyegdmfa59n71.png)

not the moyai lookin mf saying this shit

No. 1944121

File: 1711844276656.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 1988x3056, 79CA531F-E5C9-4F9C-BBFA-143E8E…)

kek in the comic the female rapist has giant tits. Of course

No. 1944855

Sniffing out a guy on the spectrum is easy cause they don't shower

No. 1944864

yes he does. he's fat and looks crazy also ugly hair.

No. 1945688

>Anyways he doesn't look bad by any means
Nona he looks like the saltburn guy but with a different eye color

No. 1955719

File: 1712570347677.jpg (299.44 KB, 761x1000, 1669585998757.jpg)

From schizo jim Donald

No. 1976484

File: 1713893022618.jpg (89.76 KB, 719x514, 1713885795331847.jpg)

the fuck?

No. 1979615

File: 1714053670035.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1562, IMG_2164.jpeg)

>incel who calls himself “demisexual”

No. 1979617

who the hell is traveling to different countries every month?

No. 1979625

>Hentai artist is an exception
>Statistically relationships fail if both partners don't live off chicken tendies

No. 1979632

Thee requirements sound bizarrely reasonable.

No. 1979640

why can’t he just say he’s a fag and call it a day like come on dude

No. 1979642

Yeah they’re nothing crazy, and that’s why it’s funny he still can’t get laid

No. 1979643

I hate to say it but he's not entirely unreasonable kek, he must be ugly as sin or has terrible social skills if he still can't find a single woman that fits his list that would like him

No. 1979646

I just know some nerdfucker anon here would rush to that thread and try to hit him up kek

No. 1979648

strangest thing is the girl in that image is underaged (or i guess was since this vid was years ago and she doesnt have an internet presence).
moids are creepy

No. 1979657

Nonnies, respect yourselves. This moid calls himself “demisexual,” need I say more

No. 1979663

>I just know some nerdfucker anon here would rush to that thread and try to hit him up kek
why? he doesnt sound like a nerd, just like a generic NPC moid

No. 1979680

>must be a gamer
>must be an otaku
if he isn’t a scrote with a girl gamer fetish then it’s safe to assume he’s a nerd anon. i just know some 4chan scrote fucker is salivating at that imageboard dating profile, AWOOGA

No. 1979683

Are you the moid from picrel or something? Why are you trying to cape for him kek

No. 1979693

that’s not caping, just making a point anon

No. 1980044

it isn't that hard to find another autistic woman like him, he must be ugly, fat or really old.

No. 1980574

File: 1714120839095.png (106.67 KB, 722x380, aryan buttsex.png)

No. 1980579

This is 100% in line with right-wing male mindset. Gayest demographic on earth.

No. 1980612

White supremacists are fucking retarded and embarrassing, kek

No. 1980620

File: 1714125792858.png (437.51 KB, 724x1010, d102ZJt.png)

posted by a fat mixed-race puerto-rican

No. 1980624

File: 1714126048166.jpg (50.47 KB, 1000x1000, mo,small,flatlay,product_squar…)

please ignore my sperg but this reminded me of every time I see rightoid's art, photo of them or video I can't help but KNOW they need cock in their ass. like stonetoss for example, I've never truly read any of his comics but I just know his ass is filled to the brim with semen, at all times, there's always this sad, fragile look in a rightoid moid's eyes that activates my fujo brain, they're hyper homos, is in their dna.

No. 1980628

nta but don't fight porn addicts by stating your own fetish, you just come across as two Idiots fighting.

No. 1980633

don't bother, all you'll do is make them sperg-out and they'll start posting porn to "own us"

No. 1980682

Kek stop samefagging and just ignore it, go back to the fujo/antifujo thread. Besides she's right, most rightoid and incel moids absolutely crave cock, it's obvious because they worship other males so much. Like it's not even a fujo thing, it's just true.

No. 1981142

File: 1714156259319.png (156.83 KB, 661x545, Oh_no!!!.png)

This dude thinks prostitutes "take advantage" of lonely men.

No. 1981149

No, they don't. Straight and gay men love masculinity but it doesn't mean that every conservative man is secretly gay. At best, they could be "bisexual" since they are able to fuck/rape anything or anyone.

No. 1981150

File: 1714156614816.png (138.32 KB, 720x614, Matthew_Munro_(1•5).png)


No. 1981161

File: 1714157004382.png (169.4 KB, 720x595, Matthew_Munro_(2•5).png)

No. 1981185

File: 1714157891576.png (365.46 KB, 720x1137, Matthew_Munro_(3•5).png)

No. 1981200

File: 1714158556041.png (236.03 KB, 720x808, Matthew_Munro_(4•5).png)

No. 1981205

I notice he brings up Australia and is this post in response to the terrorist attack against women in Sydney in the shopping centre? It would make this pathetic whiny post even more pathetic, much like the loser who conducted the crime did it only because he couldn't get a girlfriend and it was a female police officer that put the handcuffs on him. I swear men always see themselves as victims and can't accept any kind of responsibility for the fact that anything they don't like about their lives is the fault of other men, not women.

No. 1981206

Stop lying

No. 1981258

Nah they love dick and balls. They may never admit it but they absolutely wish they could get fucked raw in the ass by their favourite "alpha" male that they idolize. Men reserve real romantic and sexual attraction as well as genuine admiration only for other men.

No. 1981274

>lost in the brutality of Aryan gayness
This is one of the funniest lines I have ever read.

No. 1981288

File: 1714162466822.png (127.64 KB, 720x455, Matthew_Munro_(5•5).png)

Last. (5/5)

No. 1981289

trannies, these strange esoteric nazi groups of faggots and discord intersect into a holy trinity of the real niggas who should have been thrown in the gas chamber

No. 1981291

This would make a great plotline for a BL manga. Aryan × Aryan buttsex when???

No. 1981294

He sounds like a real whore, except a failed one who can't get laid. It's very easy for moids to get anonymous sex, just go to a gay bar.

No. 1981298

File: 1714162842356.png (1.04 MB, 748x922, IMG_0198.png)

>the aryans in question

No. 1981424

File: 1714169461242.jpeg (514.9 KB, 750x834, IMG_0204.jpeg)

If I was on facebook I would have replied to this moid’s comment with his ip address

No. 1981427

Alaskafag here, the law is the only thing keeping me from hunting moids like him for sport

No. 1981429

If I replied what I wanted to your post it would be illegal kekkkkk

No. 1981431

Samefag clarification do that in minecraft

No. 1981439

Strange isn't it that most moids commit suicide after they get raped by other moids? and women tolerate the pain and try to cope with the horrific act, to live with the never closing wound to still live on in the world because every woman has been told this world favours rapists and no one cares for your pain? yet moids like these are so arrogant thinking they know how rape affects a person because they're probably rapists themselves fucking scum.I don't want to alog but god do I want to, fuck moids

No. 1981445

>it was a female police officer that put the handcuffs on him
Even better, she shot him dead.

No. 1981461

I hope they have a special ceremony for her, she deserves to be celebrated. Absolutely based woman and a deserving end to such a pathetic waste of life.

No. 1981554

There's so much horse shit there, but notice how everything negative that happens to women is just "unavoidable" or natural, yet it's some great societal wrong when men face consequences for male behavior. Nobody female told them to behave so badly that women would rather just never have sex than interact with a man. Nobody told them to goof off in school, live in Mom's basement at 35, unemployed, and mooching off her like a tick–which we're also supposed to believe is men being treated poorly.

No. 1981760

No. It's a Facebook comment from the Jubilee video where two girls talk to a legit incel.

No. 1982001

I remember reading a comment just like this many years ago. So if that is a newer comment, it's some sort of sick copypasta.

No. 1982402

Men get so buttflustered at the mere thought of a gay man checking them out that there's an admissible defense they can use in court to claim that the possibility of being leered at by another man drove them to temporary, murderous insanity.

No. 1985265

The tumblr post in the screenshot is actually several years old, so the comment you saw is likely the same one.

No. 1986921

File: 1714561190014.png (2.16 MB, 2408x3232, greekchama tale.png)

No. 1987084

File: 1714575995514.jpeg (261.06 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_3695.jpeg)

potato head looking retard

No. 1997017

File: 1715294211098.png (34.33 KB, 1011x225, Screenshot 2024-05-09 092112.p…)

On a moid video about Lauren Southern no longer being a trad wife

No. 1998435

File: 1715389090208.jpeg (400.82 KB, 1125x1244, are these people okay.jpeg)

No. 1998596

Look up masturbation related deaths on google.

Almost all men.

They don't understand how bodies work.

No. 1998718

File: 1715422523997.jpg (25.52 KB, 911x156, dfgdsfgfgd.jpg)

About men choosing AI "relationships". Love how the guy is trying to turn imaginary relationships, that are perfect for them while requiring literally zero effort instead of minuscule one that they're usually willing to make (reluctantly), into something oh so beautiful like unselfish love kekk

No. 1998721

5 IQ take. Women are more likely to take care of their terminally ill lovers while men are more likely to leave them.

No. 1998744

File: 1715426038172.jpg (96.41 KB, 979x584, selfiewithmovingtrain.JPG)

>women don't understand how physical objects work
Reposting because I dropped the pic but also just noticed that the Wikipedia page itself states that the mean age is 23 years old, with male deaths outnumbering female about three to one. It's telling because selfie is supposedly something that women do much more, so it would make sense for them to be over-represented in selfie-related deaths, but they aren't because men are that reckless and retarded.

No. 2005542

File: 1715885270272.jpg (167.25 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240516_203951_Gal…)

No. 2005546

File: 1715885448986.jpg (217.93 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240516_204032_Gal…)

No. 2005830

File: 1715904246214.jpeg (784.11 KB, 1170x1745, 1709512470084.jpeg)

>I can't be privileged because I'm lonely and can't fuck

kek he's so fucking retarded

No. 2005845

Even before this came out I knew this fucker was mixed.It feels so good to know I was right that he was a retarded fat loser having an identity crisis.

No. 2005855

File: 1715906188497.gif (408.15 KB, 220x160, 1000016759.gif)

Wait, Stonetoss is actually latino? So I guess that makes him and Nick Fuentes. I also know of a racist who had a brown Mexican for a biological father. Then there's those poltard meet ups with a suspiciously high number of latino-looking moids. I'm noticing a pattern of white-supremacists possessing an ironic likelihood of being latino. They're white-supremacists, but they're not white supremacists if you catch my drift. At least not the kind of white that whitey white supremacists would want.

No. 2005857

i also personally knew a latino white supremacist moid… hmmm.

No. 2005898

It's more common than you think kek. Latinos are super racist just like asians, but you hear less about it because a lot of them stick to being racist in their native languages.

No. 2005907

I've noticed moids project THEIR own mentality unto women at an alarming rate.

No. 2005908

>incapable of loving without benefits
So he wants a AI relationship that requires zero sacrifice or effort but is calling women incapable of love unless it only benefits them. I swear to god I hate men so much kek. Absolutely retarded and incapable of being self aware.

No. 2005910

Is this a "autistic males have it worse" type shit with a undertone of sexual aggression towards the girl?

No. 2005925

White supremacists should really be called white inferiorists because they are always either brown people, ugly Asians (like Ian Miles Cheong) or the lowest quality, most dysgenic white people with intense inferiority complexes they feel a need to "make up for". Saw a drawing by a Hispanic woman of a brown-eyed girl in a Nazi costume clawing at her eyes to make them blue. Shit's insane.

No. 2005993

Men think women want to be raped because they want to be raped. Men think all women are secretly whores and sluts because they want to be whores and sluts. Men think women have some deeply secret hidden agenda because they are always lying and manipulating everyone around them for petty reasons. Men think women like sexual violence because they like sexual violence. Men think women are asking for it because they desperately want to dish it out.

No. 2006008

File: 1715918353502.png (41.55 KB, 597x303, Screenshot 2024-05-16 235843.p…)

Autistic moids always think autistic women have it easier just because some women are able to have boyfriends and social groups, as if there aren't autistic men capable of doing the same thing. I used to feel offended at the idea that maybe it's bad to tell people they are neurodivergent, but with moids, unless they are very low functioning, telling them they have stuff like adhd or autism is something they can use for their victim complex. Autistic women on the other hand are out here trying to provide other people support, whilst autistic men just want to beat everyone down.

No. 2006010

Their jealousy and sexual rage is so scary

No. 2006018

I wish autism wasn't so hard to detect so women don't have to give birth to autismos and can scramble them before they reach term.

No. 2006184

File: 1715936301739.png (428.12 KB, 1080x1984, Screenshot_20240517-015114~2.p…)

Warning for incoming dump, originally from 4chans /g/ board.

No. 2006186

File: 1715936333867.png (512.05 KB, 1080x1964, Screenshot_20240517-015125~2.p…)

No. 2006187

File: 1715936359170.png (525.72 KB, 1080x2061, Screenshot_20240517-015134~2.p…)

No. 2006188

File: 1715936394995.png (611.12 KB, 1080x2195, Screenshot_20240517-015143~2.p…)

No. 2006189

File: 1715936426341.png (563.24 KB, 1080x2222, Screenshot_20240517-015150~2.p…)

No. 2006190

File: 1715936460259.png (594.45 KB, 1080x2165, Screenshot_20240517-015200~2.p…)

No. 2006191

File: 1715936494316.png (663.66 KB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20240517-015207~2.p…)

No. 2006192

File: 1715936543896.png (514.43 KB, 1080x2203, Screenshot_20240517-015220~2.p…)

No. 2006193

File: 1715936592354.png (523.2 KB, 1080x2215, Screenshot_20240517-015227~2.p…)

No. 2006195

File: 1715936674713.png (628.58 KB, 1080x2223, Screenshot_20240517-015234~2.p…)

No. 2006196

File: 1715936707853.png (619.99 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20240517-015242~2.p…)

No. 2006197

File: 1715936735601.png (620 KB, 1080x2216, Screenshot_20240517-015250~2.p…)

No. 2006198

File: 1715936770426.png (595.91 KB, 1080x2142, Screenshot_20240517-015300~2.p…)

No. 2006199

File: 1715936793170.png (560.57 KB, 1080x2225, Screenshot_20240517-015308~2.p…)

No. 2006200

File: 1715936838368.png (464.76 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20240517-015315~2.p…)

Okay I'm done now, sorry if I unintentionally cropped some stuff out. This was a trip to read for me

No. 2006204

>nithing enrages people more than un unpleasant TRUTH
Funny how this faggot will be foaming at the mouth when you tell him the unpleasant truth about pedophilia being a strategy of undesirable bottom of the barrel apes, kek.

No. 2006250

Biotroof Time:
1. Did you know only around 8% of men are supposed to reproduce?
2. Did you know the male penis is shaped like a shovel because their natural role is a cuckold cleaner?
3. Did you know that sperm quality increases when they think about getting cucked?
4. Did you know that sperm has immunosuppresive properties and is essentially a parasite?
5. Did you know men aren't really supposed to be alive past, say, 30?

No. 2006281

Kek, nice biofacts, nonna. I didn't know about the 3rd one, that's interesting. So women cheating is actually a good thing, they should always be on edge? Keeeeek.

No. 2006848

Men only respect their partners when they're afraid of getting cucked. Loyalty breeds shit husbands. A man should always be kept on edge and afraid.

No. 2007053

File: 1715987661135.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 828x6970, IMG_2631.jpeg)

There was a post like a farmer thread on the incel board. Mostly retarded but a few replies made me kek a bit ngl

No. 2007056

Wow they didn't even try. I feel like mimicking anons on here should be really easy.

No. 2007061

They still think we actually use crystal cafe, kek. If they’re imitating miners from cc, it’s mostly just other moids LARPing over there at this point

No. 2007062

none of these replies are accurate

No. 2007076

File: 1715988748220.webp (9.37 KB, 300x413, waif.webp)

The ugly man psyop thread hurts their feefees. Hilarious to witness.

No. 2007085

This sucks… not even funny its just thinnly veiled seething over Chad. The moidtake thread is funnier

No. 2007100

The only part that's really accurate is the "all women should date and fuck each other", because every other day unpopular opinions thread attracts some psycho lesbian who acts like women are retards for being straight.

No. 2007106

they were really upset about that the other day too

No. 2007107

Unironically male models are my special interest and I love thinking about them. They’re like Pokemon to me. I’m so glad I’m into something normal and not retarded like trains or whatever. Making incels seethe is just a bonus

No. 2007115

just the other day? I thought they were done being mad about it.

No. 2007119

NTA but they’re definitely still seething about it, that’s why they’re claiming all we talk about are “gigachads.” They clearly don’t know much about lolcor though considering their emoticon usage kek

No. 2007126

“Muh gigachad” kek men are so pathetic they can’t barely contain their envy. Most of the nonnas on here don’t even have standards that high.

No. 2007127

>Muh gigachad” kek men are so pathetic they can’t barely contain their envy
More like closeted homo lust.

No. 2007158

Noooo you don't get it, wanting someone who is physically fit and youthful is asking way too much, its basically misandry

No. 2007173

Oh yeah the only part that's true is the one that doesn't apply to you kek

No. 2007179

I've ever said I wanted a "gigachad" boyfriend, I never said I got off on "abusing cute boys", I never typed "kill all men" in a twelve year old's vocabulary, I never claimed that all men are pedos and rapists, and I never used emoticons. So no, none of this applies to me. The test failed.

No. 2007183

File: 1715996129721.jpg (30.6 KB, 600x338, 1680882130630.jpg)

>lolcow only wants gigachad!!!
>Lolcow has entire containment threads dedicated to Paul Dano, Adam river, and ugly/old men in general.

I wish I was this blind and retarded

No. 2007188

The incel mind is obsessed with “gigachads,” not us kek

No. 2007202

And you're not a lesbian but they do that right? So straight posters do those things. Duh

No. 2007206

File: 1715997776236.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

This is so disappointingly mild and uncreative, they could come at us much harder than this, but it would require them to lurk around here long enough before having an emotional breakdown at the psyop thread. I absolutely would love to fuck a 6' nicely built man and i will shout it from the highest building. Anons who say they think men peak at 20 don't give a fuck about what anyone says, heck anons here argue with them and they double down. Crazy lesbians telling us to convert to their sexuality are just part of the ride and add character to this god forsaken pixyteri fan site. I don't think they have said anything we could really deny about ourselves aside from the rape stuff, that's just them being completely unable to contain their own fantasies. Overall, the fact that they couldn't even copy our writing style or dissect the psychology of certain types of anons further proves that men completely lack the ability to empathise with women.

No. 2007208

Not even sure of what you're trying to say. All I said was that there's some angry, bitter lesbian that regularly comes on this board to act unhinged and victim-blamey about women in straight relationships. So when those 4chan moids did the "all women should only fuck each other" imitation, that shit was weirdly accurate because we really do have that one lesbian who would say some shit like that. Confused on how you managed to digest this any other way, but I'm gonna go look at interesting things now.

No. 2007211

you sound just as dumb as the moids, no lesbian ever advocates for the concept of polilezzes, they basically want to rip the throats out of all bisexual women anyway. you're having the typical straight person brain glitch where you think "so don't date men then if they're so horrible" means "date women" and not "be single"

No. 2007214

Men are fragile. The ones that end up dating make memes that they don't have the mental capacity to read long messages. They'll tap out here at how much language we use to describe our hatred for the male species. Probably only the most mentally ill men stick around and lurk and usually when men are humbled they stfu. They are after all posting on gaychan they can't go in to hard on moids their suicide rates are high enough.

No. 2007215

You said it's the only really accurate thing they said about this place. You're throwing lesbians under the bus for degen moids and doubling down on it when called out on the denial of how other things they said about straight women here are clearly true if you want to go there. Ironically it's you acting like "that one lesbian who has to bitch about straight women out of pocket" you hate but in reverse, kek.

No. 2007217

There's been moid trolls getting bitter about straight relationships, mommyposters and children. Maybe you've confused it

No. 2007218

Nonnies! Don’t fight kek. This is what the 4chan moids would have wanted

No. 2007223

Men are so unhappy on all fronts. Do they even have the capacity to experience real joy or is a hollow, pale imitation via skin walking women's emotions all they have

No. 2007236

I went to scroll for keks but left quickly disturbed and disgusted. every board on that hellsite is porn in some form. i could smell the brainrot through the screen.

No. 2007248

File: 1716000996109.gif (847.96 KB, 400x225, 1706195205010.gif)

Don't tell me what to do!

No. 2007250

I've seen the second one a few times ngl. The rest are pretty wrong

No. 2007475

Who would want some douchey ass redpill gymbro “chad” anyways who you can’t even have an intelligent conversation with, and he just either grunts at you or watches tiktok. And the abuse/making you do housework without even a thank you. Women on this site would rather be celibate than be with a Joe Rogan obsessed gymbro dude. 4channers are obsessed with this mythical hypothetical man that nobody outside immature normie sorority girls would ever be actually into.

No. 2007492

>almost all posts passive aggressively seething that we don't want to date losers(them)
Disappointed but not surprised. Also kek at the not-all-men pedo, I knew it was moids who seethe about that here.

No. 2007502

Tbf majority of those posts are written by polilez straight nonnas who are deep into wishful thinking ala “grass is greener on the other side” and treat sexuality like its a choose your own adventure system kekw.

No. 2007766

File: 1716045314716.png (144.97 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20240518-081145~2.p…)

No. 2007805

>eaten by cats
Idk why this pisses me off so much but dogs are twice as likely to eat your dead body than your cats. It's just because cats are viewed as feminine = bad. Luckily this bitter scrote will probably off himself.

No. 2007915

>muh gigachad!!!
/r9k/ retardation
women don't want that, that's a male ideal
you were psyopped by gay men

No. 2007917

A bunch if the Wicked discussion I've seen from moids has been them
>complain about it being a evil isn't bad story
>complain that the actress for Elphaba isn't hot/is black so it'll be a race thing
And the first, Wicked started the trend that's just a stupid thing to bitch about, but the 2nd point is retarded too. Like I get it, I wanted Elphaba to be portrayed one of the stage actresses too and her being hot but green adds a bit of irony to how much people hate her for her skin but it really doesn't matter.

No. 2008191

>"bu-buht the science and the facts AND THE STATISTICS!! THE STUDIES!!111"
>refuses to link any actual studies

No. 2008680

Why do people care so badly about the way other people die with these “feminists will get eaten by their cats” comments. Even if you have 20 kids, your body will rot and decompose in a coffin one day and be eating by maggots until you’re dust. Why do moids think somehow being a tradwife prevents this magically?

No. 2009522

File: 1716140713327.png (349.38 KB, 1241x861, moid takes.png)

Keked at this. If Integra was a man, they'd make her into a femboy akin to Griffith and "joke" about how hard they want to fuck him. They truly are all faggots.
Doesn't the second actress play a kid? "Desirability"? And they can't symphathize with her if she doesn't make their dick hard, nothing new really, but they wouldn't sympathize with her even if she did.

No. 2009884

I've seen Integra mentioned several times and I got no fucking clue what this discussion is this all about. Also Integra wouldn't be seen as a "femboy" if she were a man, Hellsing also has Pip who is a slim, beardless long-haired guy with a braid and nobody sees him as femenine.

No. 2009914

File: 1716154721365.webp (49.16 KB, 1920x816, P3-Berserk-Golden-Age-Arc-II-T…)

Yes, she would. They made Adonis on picrel into a femboy. Pip has a square jawline, like Alucard. Integra has a smooth face outline. She's also slimmer and more sophisticated, Pip is huge and looks rugged. She looks closer to the usual bishonens, which are called "feminine" very often.

No. 2012699

Holy fuck, I hope this man dies an excruciating death asap. That's peak male mentality btw - these types of men genuinely believe that in most cases, it is the prepubescent girl who seduces the older man, because that's the only way they can live with the fact that they are pedophiles; by blaming the victim.

No. 2016003

File: 1716456246968.jpeg (157.07 KB, 1080x1405, IMG_3852.jpeg)

No. 2016005

It feels weird seeing varg outside his thread

No. 2016007

is that the fucking zoophile emoji? i had no idea he was a zoo

No. 2016009

File: 1716456675615.jpg (6.23 KB, 400x400, EdAtOkEUEAExd1j.jpg)

I think you're getting mixed up, this is the zoo symbol

No. 2021332

Found this hidden gem because YT keeps recommending these random pathetic scrotes 600 subscriber channels for no reason. I don’t watch any these kinds of videos so don’t worry.
>the narcissistic jezebel uses guilt to destroy men she also jealousy backstabs the women around her
>recording this video while driving and looking directly at the camera
>looks physically disabled in the face
>disgusting accident almost feels like he has a speech impediment


No. 2021373

Kek I laughed just seeing all the titles for his videos, it's one of those weirdos obsessed with narcissism from a victim's viewpoint while being completely unaware of their own very pronounced narcissistic traits.
>narcissists this, narcissists that, they'll destroy you, they'll eat you alive, they'll SHRIVEL AND DIE WITHOUT YOU MUAHAHAHAA
>oh by the way I remember every single time someone looked at me or passed me by while humming or mumbling to themselves sooooo creepy so weird, totally unique experience
>that's because I'm the chosen one and they're matrix NPCs
>it's moth to the flame thing, they can't resist the shine
>they're FASCINATED by me

No. 2022073

>til zoophiles have their own emoji
Internet is a mistake

No. 2022284

The irony of someone to think people are clawing for the attention of someone who looks like DSP’s far removed cousin from the trailer park. New personal male cow

No. 2027421

File: 1717069113488.jpg (222.28 KB, 1057x619, 66677.jpg)

I know this is old post but i just want to point out women lose the majority of eggs before puberty even begins, so the whole 90% is a great exaggeration because most the eggs were lost before she was even fertile.

No. 2027424

the comments are incredible too

No. 2027473

>… before puberty
Tbf a lot of scrotes think that’s when women (girls) are most fertile, right on the cusp/before of puberty

No. 2027734

Fertility has literally nothing to do with the amount of your egg cells, its not sperm ffs. If men truly think as you claim, they have dog brains.

No. 2027750

Even better to put it in numbers:
>oocytes at birth = 2.5 million
>oocytes at puberty = 600 k
>female reproductive period = 35 y -> total amount of periods (and impregnable egg cells) = 35×12 = 420
>tfw only 420 of oocytes actually matter

No. 2029507

File: 1717189159662.jpeg (444.99 KB, 750x923, IMG_1024.jpeg)

What the actual fuck. Men really are truthful when they feel like they’re alone

No. 2029547

those girls would easily overtake this frail 4chan loser and beat him to a pulp if he even looked their way, surely.

No. 2032062

File: 1717341424981.jpg (213.84 KB, 508x538, RDT_20240603_01160686239948661…)

Idk where this belongs but I was scrolling this subreddit out of boredom.
Since when do we invalidate male survivors? Moids love to act as if we're all secret pedophiles who wish for little boys to be raped.

No. 2032066

File: 1717341668851.jpeg (166.31 KB, 522x333, IMG_1055.jpeg)

>invalidating male “survivors”
males deserve to be abused if they just sat there and took it

No. 2032081

all of them are probably retarded and look deformed

No. 2032091

>Infinity Nikki demo drops at some game conference over the past week, looks really fun and cute, it's basically a combination of the Love Nikki dress-up mobile game and Breath of the Wild
>post a comment on the trailer like 'ladies, let's fucking gooo this is our year' etc.
>first few comments are all other women similarly posting all-caps hype phrases, in on the joke
>suddenly a wild moid appears: "What do you mean ladies? I’m going to the most beautiful in all mirrorland feel free to bask in my glory"

i can't quite put my finger on why but this comment made me want to a-log so badly. it's like they can't let us have even one fucking thing even when it was fucking made and marketed intentionally and especially for us. or just interpret it as i'm talking about the 'lady' that is the main character, Nikki, and not you personally??
i'm not going to stoop to posting the moid's pfp but it doesn't help that dude unironically looks like every scruffy incel at the gamer convention. like todd from bojack horseman but with less style and charm.

No. 2032112

>male seee something for women
>must make it clear that he, as a male, will be better than women at it because of his defective chromosome
I would've alogged him, telling him his ugly retarded ass would never be able to put together beautiful coords and that maybe Team Fortress 2 is more his speed. If you don't want to get banned, I'd take the fall for you nonnie.

No. 2032445

File: 1717362107730.jpeg (577.02 KB, 1170x1103, IMG_4402.jpeg)

KEK over for who exactly? these moids genuinely think that they are the prize that women strive for. years of jacking off to caricatures of women written by other men is catching up

No. 2035236

File: 1717503674288.jpg (721.6 KB, 1080x1072, IMG_20240604_222005.jpg)

Average meme subreddit post with 10K likes.
As someone who knows AI decently, fix the collarbones and stop using the detail enhancers, fucking coomers.

No. 2037379

I used to post on a moid centered imageboard and got immediately clocked as a woman for saying big dogs were better than small dogs, all because of le dogpill meme. I don't get it because, since when is a man owning a chihuahua over a German shepherd considered fucking manly? Scrotes are truly braindead

No. 2037430

how does it feel to get outsmarted by braindead scrotes

No. 2037439

I hate men so much, it's insane. How do they even find this appealing in any way?

No. 2037447

I get called a man after talking about my period blood clots and posting photos of it so this is very much an accomplishment.

No. 2037460

You can't get outsmarted by something that doesn't have a human consciousness, moid.

No. 2037533

My only guess is that it’s one of those moid things where since most of them universally agree on something there’s no need to point it out. Moids consider small dogs feminine and automatically associate them with ‘not important enough to even mention’. Just pointing it out makes you clockable not because they disagree with you but because you considered someone else’s perspective in the first place. Just a guess though.

No. 2037548

I literally don’t get what is so hot about abnormally sized boobs. I’m bisexual but honestly I lowkey think men who like porn-sized breasts are faggots because they kind of look like two hanging ballsacks on her body

No. 2037669

How was I even outsmarted? They offered no argument and just said I was a woman post tits etc. Meanwhile homeboy still couldn't explain why he thinks it's masculine as fuck to own a toy breed kek

Yeah that's a fair point and I see what you mean but, they literally just said dogpill meme and implied only women like big dogs because they like to fuck them.

No. 2037709

File: 1717636177944.jpg (52.81 KB, 504x362, 0GO6pMD_d.jpg)

Extremely random and incited by a clip I saw on Twitter but besides gay men being pathetically obsessed with straight men that find them nauseating, it's so funny to me how so much gay porn that caters to these types requires a scene of women being angry about them having sex with their bfs. It like validates the delusions in the back of their mind that they can steal straight men from women and that their existence makes them seethe because of weird, pent up one-sided competition with them. You're jerking off and require a scene of women screaming and angry at you for fucking their man? Like lol it's tickling the same part of your brain that girlfriend experience asmr does for neckbeards.

No. 2037712

Usually when they accuse you of being a woman they don't actually mean it and are using it an "insult" because they either disagree with you or trolling. It's weird but I've noticed that after being on moid centered imageboards for so long. It's easy to not get clocked since they're so dumb

No. 2037714

using it as an insult*

No. 2037769

they were trolling and you seethed, men hate small dogs, specially chihuahuas, yorkshires and toy poodles. these 3 breeds are very popular with women and old people.

No. 2039558

File: 1717765622328.jpeg (297.32 KB, 599x604, IMG_1155.jpeg)

>claims to be the most rational sex

>can’t rationally understand no woman owes them a response and to have common human decency that’s just inherently built in women

grown man btw (I think it was obvious with his stringy hair, receding hairline and aging like a prune when he’s probably 20 KEK)

No. 2039573

The female reproductive period doesn’t end at 35, what are you on? Most women can have kids until at least 40-45 and all women in my family did so.

No. 2039579

Nta, but just wanted to point out they're saying that the time period lasts 35 years, not that it ends at 35. A female can't reproduce until puberty… If we generally assume that they start at 13 and go to 50, that's about 35 years.

No. 2039581

Really? Modern women don’t start having kids until 18 so it felt like a weird way to compartmentalise time, even though a 12 year old could get pregnant… oh well

No. 2039586

This has to be satire anon

No. 2039591

Ah now that you pointed it out I see what you mean! It is a little creepy but hopefully they're just being very literal about the number of eggs in a woman's body when they do their math…

No. 2039597

It definitely isn’t and you know it

No. 2044370

File: 1718053671848.webp (194.47 KB, 1080x1440, misogynistic_screeching.webp)

No. 2044403

I know this is the moid thread and all but it upsets me when women are able to be badass when it comes to serving a totalitarian regime but can’t even put the same energy into hating men. Imagine what women can do if they took the good parts of 1984

No. 2044406

Citing the misogynist drivel that is 1984 says all that needs to be said about this take tbh.

No. 2044503

I truly wish from the bottom of my heart that these moids get somehow reincarnated into pre-voting rights time where he can have his "peace and quiet" while getting ripped to shreds by his fellow moids in war.

No. 2044565

This could be any man walking among you

No. 2044572

Because by taking away women's rights these ugly moids can stand a chance to financially get a woman to be with his fat balding ass

No. 2044614

tbf greta and the top right lady are propaganda puppets on their own (I do believe in climate change though)

No. 2044617

Sure, but it’s handpicking examples when the vast majority of ideological shills are male (think of antifa, the alt-right, etc)

No. 2045088

File: 1718113778068.jpg (484.72 KB, 1440x899, Screenshot_20240610_115700_Fir…)

(daily scrote blackpill)

No. 2045104


No. 2047429

Has anyone ever experienced a moid telling you some creepy/fucked up shit he wants to do or thinks about you and then prides himself or expects you to be grateful because he was honest? It's the bare minimum plus male retardation.
Example: You go on a date with a moid, then he texts you once you get home "Hey fun fact, I was thinking of drugging your drink during the date, but I got to know you and realised you're actually a really cool and sweet girl, hope to have another date!"
Horrifying, but I've seen it.
Sorry if wrong thread.

No. 2047441

Not exactly, but moids priding themselves on NOT doing something creepy or shitty (when they easily could've, not necessarily to you) to the point they can't help but share is very common, even if it happened in the past. And it's very clear they expect you to respect them for overcoming such a difficult moral dilemma lol
I might be wrong/you know better but what you describe feels like a typical rape "joke" that in the sick moid's mind is supposed to work as a compliment.

No. 2047459

Moids who talk about wanting freshly fertile 18 yo virgins because they're the peak of their beauty and young are hilarious. They really think women start wrinkling at 20 or something. A woman usually is peak beauty and fertility in mid 20s to 30s, if we're going by their logic. It's too much "teen porn". All those hot women they coom over are most definitely 25+. Actual 18yos tend to be wonky and funny-looking due to puberty still in effect

No. 2048956

File: 1718381518118.jpg (1001.93 KB, 1000x1397, RDT_20240615_02103970367269057…)

Relevant meme I found. And the moid will then use his angel status to manipulate her further I bet.

No. 2049004

File: 1718386034031.jpg (588.53 KB, 827x888, RDT_20240615_03260547804916006…)

Bored and scrolling through Reddit again and found this gem. Now this is funny because men really do think their screeching and whining is on the same level as being emotionally vulnerable. Things never change, I guess.

No. 2049006

Based queens

No. 2049010

for real. do they think the male tears in the meme are serious therapy session tears or something
we're laughing at their retardation, but retards can't tell they're retards

No. 2050202

It really annoys me whenever men go "I'm so depressed but I'm a man so nobody cares" and specifically aim it at women. Guess what, as a woman I was ignored my entire childhood and teenage years for depression and only pulled out of that shit once I was around 18. And if we're making this a gender war, no moids cared about my mental health, did they? Especially the ones excessively preachy about how we should all be supportive. I know I'm biased and my personal experience isn't everyone's, but men having to make it a gender war every fucking time makes me want to alog

No. 2050696

File: 1718497812066.jpeg (415.06 KB, 750x883, IMG_1254.jpeg)

What trash-infested political flag covered man cave dump do these retards live in where employee uniforms aren’t used? Oh god oh dear, fashion styles change! And who’s going to tell them they hire models and not actual everyday people for these pictures. Men are so mind boggingly stupid and lacking in common sense it’s amazing they were able to stay alive for this long, we just live in a more advanced slop society that the 80s and 90s was just the precursor of

No. 2050707

I remember when males found these memes and were like
>erm actually 'male tears' is a euphemism for sperm!!! take that feminazis!!

No. 2050720

and just like rome didn't collapse for generations upon generations i won't live to see our 'empire' collapse. who fucking cares except these braindead dorks

No. 2051463

I'm from France and seeing moids all over the world cry about the news that France made abortion a constitutional right is free entertainment

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