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File: 1710310733344.jpg (138.12 KB, 800x1088, 1579278536342.jpg)

No. 1922910

Previous: >>1897368
Discuss art and related topics such as:

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse
-AI generated art
-do not post your art to be reviewed here use the designated m thread

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix

>useful youtube channels

>where to find art
>other useful sites
painting :Portrait of Grand Princesses by Christina Robertson

No. 1922912

Stonetoss is fat and i would not have sex with him(no1currs)

No. 1922914

so did "post-modernism" actually ruin art?

No. 1922915

grifter moids did

No. 1922925

File: 1710311671984.png (297.38 KB, 345x513, image_2024-03-13_173719185.png)

Continuing what other nonnas said, vintage art is generally really lively. May Gibbs (picrel) is another good example imo, it's a bit subtle but very expressive

No. 1922930

kiwifagging should be a bannable offense

No. 1922935

it's a joke, calm down

No. 1922945

i'll calm down if you shut the fuck up about the wet dreams you have with that fat fuck from kiwifarms at least post some of his comics to stay on topic, you bitch.(infighting)

No. 1922966

ayrt It's not even a good joke

No. 1922977

File: 1710314852169.jpg (1.15 MB, 1400x1035, a1706079h.jpg)

I love May Gibbs so much

No. 1923005

File: 1710317785376.jpg (299.1 KB, 1674x2048, Fattyfat.jpg)

No. 1923006

He has such an unfortunate physique, he genuinely looks like gru. Makes me lose even more respect for sillypoo.

No. 1923020

File: 1710318579861.png (482.26 KB, 436x600, image_2024-03-13_193048960.png)

Her work is so gorgeous, I wish she was more well known outside of this quasi-island. Also just generally wholesome, her work is a lot like Beatrix Potter's as it just exudes her love of NSW botany and fauna.

No. 1923023

File: 1710318721011.jpg (211.08 KB, 726x1024, TREES_03.jpg)

I prefeer her to be honest. The kewpie proportions are a bit jarring and weird.

No. 1923028

File: 1710319000169.png (1.62 MB, 888x1200, image_2024-03-13_193902923.png)

AYRT yeah I get it, kek, they are supposed to be babies but it's a bit of a aquired taste.
Also Cicely Mary Barker! I love her work so much I used to have all her flower fairies books. Rene Cloke and Shirley Barber are close faves too (picrel used to be my favourite book growing up)

No. 1923036

maybe he's talking about someone else?

No. 1923040

He's talking about his boyfriend

No. 1923053

that explains why he hates thin guys like Timothée Chalamet so much

No. 1923132

No way is that actually him? Lol. He does have more hair than I expected him to I guess
This is really cute

No. 1923136

File: 1710327298351.gif (734.57 KB, 600x338, 1709970781671.gif)

Imagine being a pickme for this individual… gross!

No. 1923168

File: 1710330427733.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x2160, 20240313_084815.jpg)

Hey did we ever got to know if the dad fucking was real or just a ploy to get more sales?

No. 1923175

Did he really say this kek.

No. 1923188

is this the girl that was mutuals with terry or aang?

No. 1923196

File: 1710334505150.jpg (45.18 KB, 714x668, 1698759283541102.jpg)

How do you properly study anatomy? I feel so retarded that i still cant properly understand how the torso connects to the pelvis.

No. 1923204

File: 1710335482035.jpg (242.41 KB, 2048x1152, anatomy-for-sculptors-anatomy-…)

What do you have trouble with? Try studying Morpho or Anatomy for Sculptors if you need more detail on how things connect exactly. Morpho is a good start because there is very little text and if you copy all the drawings that include areas you're bat at you will develop more of a feel for it. Afterwards you can apply what you learned to photos by mapping out the skeleton and bigger shapes of the muscles

No. 1923205

yeah deadspacedog, i remember a comic of her saying they actually meet up, beyond that and taking feet pics to support one of angs gofundme a few months ago she hasnt talked much about her, the last direct thing she said about the situation was a inconspicuous "hey im sad about a friend so idk if ill be posting much".

Last time she was talked in here some anons said it might be a null person? but nothing came from that and idk it stills boggles me that either the dad fucking is real and shes pretty confident that no one would ever dox her (even tough she claims that not only his dad had a semi successfull webcomic but he also has connections on the italian comic scene) or she was insane enough to make a whole persona of that.

No. 1923206

wasnt it a sock puppet of terry? i remember reading something similar in her lattest google doc cancellation attempt

No. 1923210

nonna do you have the doc by chance? or know where i might find it? i dont think i've read it. If it was a sockpuppet it would be so wild the lengths people go just to lie lmao

No. 1923214

No. 1923217

LavenderTowne has made a surprisingly harsh analysis on the movie Poor Things. It was refreshing to see her expressing herself so boldly

No. 1923234

thanks anon! reading trough it theres 0 chance terry is laika tho, not only the humor is too different but the art too, also i think terry is european? i swear i remember her aluding to some random french comic..

No. 1923252

Thanks for the new thread, anon, great thread pic!!

No. 1923279

That is not the face of a white man kek. Maybe he thinks if he writes enough racist comics it will someday turn him into one

No. 1923284

He's a self hating hispanic.

No. 1923293

File: 1710343035836.jpg (232.05 KB, 1080x774, Copea1.jpg)

Scrote fans coping cause you know if it was a leftist they'd be pointing out how much of soyboy he looks like

No. 1923296

he looks like peter griffin

No. 1923298

Him and like 80% of white supremacists online, kek.

No. 1923311

File: 1710344071184.png (377.1 KB, 1112x1608, mandela tranny.png)

My friends insist analogue horror is art so i guess i will post it here. The mandela catalogue creator got outed as a tranny pedo who skinwalks teen girls. There was a google doc but i think it got taken down.

No. 1923313

No wonder hehesilly and him are friends.

No. 1923318

Honestly is there at least one analog horror author that didn't turn out to be a creepy pornsick borderline pedophile?

No. 1923324

There are more pedos in the genre? jesus. I always hated the genre because it feels so lackluster and retarded. It's like creepypastas for zoomers.

No. 1923326

File: 1710344449415.jpeg (39.14 KB, 1178x280, GIfdn6lXEAA_m_N.jpeg)

Absolutely insane

No. 1923332

>copy people's poses
wtf does this mean, like he re-creates photos people have taken of themselves?

No. 1923341

File: 1710345267036.jpg (236.6 KB, 920x949, mandela tranny2.jpg)

>be beloved artist with a bright future and tons of loving fans
>throw it all in the trash for your AGP tranny pedos fantasies
why are moids like this

No. 1923344

wtf is this the guy behind the mandela catalogue?

No. 1923349

File: 1710345730587.png (83.47 KB, 569x872, manysuchcases.png)

yeah, here's the call out doc https://archive.is/MF0vQ although its not working for me

No. 1923353

that's weird, considering he is friends with wendigoon (which as far as i know he is still a pastor IRL) and the backrooms guy (who is also a christian, i think) i wouldn't have guessed this guy would be into tranny shit.

No. 1923356

anon, pastors and christian moids are widely known for being degenerates kek

No. 1923375

No wonder why his series is about demonic impostors skinwalking people after murdering them kek

No. 1923390

File: 1710348642771.jpg (169.7 KB, 1689x2048, [24-03-12] 1767574086576955398…)

>nuke account
>comeback again in another account with the exact same style
why the fuck do japanese artists do this

No. 1923396

Maybe they wanted to axe followers quickly or their boss found their account (known mangakas publish fan doujin under another name while keeping the same style, so I think that's a good enough excuse for them even if its stupid and wouldn't fly over here kek)

No. 1923397

File: 1710349282262.jpg (229.92 KB, 1306x2048, [23-08-21] 1693655850974662810…)

it makes no sense though they didnt draw nsfw or even lewd work, it was just fanart. It's so weird to me.

No. 1923448

Japan is like that though. That's why they're so keen on mentioning to not repost their stuff and nuke their account the second anything gets posted elsewhere (where they don't have control over it) even if all they do is making sfw fanart.

No. 1923570

Yes also art history in college skips over the 1800’s to golden age illustration to focus on the 1950’s to now. Sadly there are a lot of lost artists and techniques.
Whur are de gorls

No. 1923671

Have you seriously never wanted to nuke your accounts? There can be many reasons why artists do it. Sometimes it's just to get a break/fresh start or to make clear that you're not in the fandom you made the account for anymore. I've also seen artists do it because they get too much unwanted attention (usually by english-speaking pinterest reposters) or too little (the mgong type I guess).

No. 1923952

This is actually refreshing and the first thing I have enjoyed from her channel. Thanks for sharing, now I'm mad that this movie exists too.

No. 1923957

I liked LT's analysis too, even though I disagreed with some her points. I'm not really surprised though, she's been a little crypto in the past.
Be wary of talking about Poor Things though, we might summon the sperg.

No. 1924017

Don’t expect anything from male youtubers. Wendigoon and whoever the back rooms guy is (it was made by one person?) are probably next to be outed as creeps or to do some faggoty tranny thing. I know the mandela thing had a lot of young fans so unfortunately this isn’t really surprising to me.

No. 1924281

Wasn't there more interesting arg content on youtube in the first place? Like that Orion entertainment or whatever the fuck it was called, and meow wolf? That mystery flesh pit analog horror should've been the viral one, that one actually seemed interesting. Also agree that wendigoon seems to good to be true.
I hope this opens people's eyes to agps but I highly doubt it

No. 1924297

*ar content

No. 1924335

Laika is some girl that goes by “Null” but I can’t remember the exact names of any of her socials. Maybe some other nonna does?

No. 1924986


Wendigoon was outed as a conservative pro-gun freak a while back, so I wouldn't be surprised lol

No. 1925528

By the way she does the constant filipino references, I would've thought she was one of those "Spaniard" filipinos.

No. 1925879

What is with artists/creators getting accused of grooming? Is it that easy to accuse someone of grooming? I never watched Mandela Catalogue and never cared, but it makes no sense. How come almost every creator gets accused of grooming? "Grooming" has lost its meaning, now everything is grooming.

No. 1925895

he sent fetish pictures of himself to minors and talked about skinwalking teen girls, he's a pedo

No. 1925898

Was there an erection in the blocked out photos? Gross

No. 1925905

Even if he didn't have an erection he's obviously getting off to showing off his fetish gear to minors.

No. 1925932

The erection makes the intention completely undeniable though, plenty of people would try to throw your sentiment out with a strawman if there wasn't.

No. 1925955

He was wearing a fetish outfit, the intention is already obvious.

No. 1925960

Have you not noticed it’s always MALE creators? It’s just a broader problem with moids being pedophilic and statistically some of them will be content creators (or “artists” but I’m not calling MC art)

No. 1925963

>I’m not calling MC art
based, analogue horror is so fucking retarded. I am tired of it being considered high art on the same level as some of the best horror franchises when its just spoopy faces and some cringe sonic exe tier story.

No. 1925968

Can you please let the part about me saying people would still throw strawmen at you go through your dense skull. They still would, they would tell you it isnt a fetish and that hes an egg.

No. 1925970

You are the only one making excuses for the pedo moid.

No. 1925974

Are you ESL? I'm talking about how a lot of people currently make excuses for cross dressers. That isn't defending them lmao

No. 1925977

except literally no one is making excuses for the mandela pedo, everyone is rightfully shitting on him

No. 1925988

I'm glad to hear that it hasn't made rounds on that side of the internet but you are being deliberately hostile when I was just pointing out there would be some angry sex pests calling this transphobia and he would likely come out and pretend he's transitioning or something if there wasn't an erection there to immediately put that opportunity to bed. That's all.

No. 1925992

he was talking about his scent, breastfeeding and lactation fetishes with minors.

No. 1926587

what are good, easy resources for learning color + light? preferably books with a lot of example exercises and not too much text

No. 1926608

File: 1710536428208.png (228.18 KB, 1192x741, lmaoooo.png)

People are finally turning on the ugly he/they pseudoanime twitter art style

No. 1926620

all of these boring styles make me miss how varied styles in the 80s/90s used to be

No. 1926624

File: 1710537111734.png (275.29 KB, 640x859, eskbl-1429143612294451200-2021…)

isn't it iniro/eskbl (picrel) + yvotoro?

No. 1926629

its like if genddy tartakovsky was a fujoshi

No. 1926633

I actually like this style

No. 1926634

No. 1926639

It's cute

No. 1926641

It's as cute as getting pneumonia

No. 1926650

same, it's charming

No. 1926675

it's an improvement over the shitty bignose blush tumblr style but I already know it's going to get oversaturated and ruined

No. 1926676

nta but without the weird swirly blush and maybe a more detailed mouth i think they look very silly and mischievous. the steven universe ones just look retarded

No. 1926693

me too. I just like squinty eyes

No. 1926710

People still have varied art styles, this is just representative of the way 16 year old gendies draw tbh

No. 1926721

I’d argue it’s the same affect as jelly style. Who knows how it started. Current art trends are memetic art because of social media. I don’t care for either but beginner artists usually start with anime as their foundation and this looks like a mutation of it.

No. 1926722

I don't see why people claiming to be "self-taught" is a trend. Like being traditionally trained isn't going to make you a better artist naturally. And "self-taught" artists using tutorials online still kind of puts them in the exact same spot as people who go to school. It's a dumb title that nobody really needs to say, but I guess some sort of credibility is being formed by this… blatant admission of doing everything the dumb way…?????????

No. 1926723

File: 1710541813005.jpeg (49.62 KB, 645x655, GHwNT0KWIAAag4w.jpeg)

i love that neither of these whiners can draw themselves. it's always some low tier "artist" crying about other people having fun

No. 1926767

How old is OP? This looks like it was drawn by a 14 y/o.

No. 1926797

Is that a fucking cookie

No. 1926815

ntayrt but yes that's Pizza Cookie or something from Cookie Run

No. 1926882

Is this Winnie the pooh in a lakefront working at a pizza parlor

No. 1926884

Every time lacefront autocorrects to lakefront I get so annoyed. Virgin also changed to Virginia.

No. 1926986

the absolute shit tier reading comprehension on this cesspit of a website interpreting the two tweets to be "whiners". they're teenage twitter artists, they're incapable of having a single judgemental thought towards others because "let people enjoy things!!! its just their art style!!" and both tweets have replies that say "not insulting this art style at all!!!!!". are you retarded?

No. 1927210

File: 1710575715936.jpg (270.57 KB, 1228x1282, cn gen.jpg)

even tv animation has this homogenized cutesy blob look

No. 1927211

it honestly feels like the zoomers itt with that shitty blob style feel insulted and are projecting kek

No. 1927229

Kek, right? It'snot even hostile out of context it's just "where did this come from?"
I've seen so many retarded infights recently, I sure hope it's not from the recently 18 year old 2006ers

No. 1927451

File: 1710599457247.jpeg (43.33 KB, 190x265, IMG_1429.jpeg)

You mean the Wallace wells art style lmao.

No. 1927557

Your personal hate for gendies has nothing to do with style. Like >>1927210 this type of art has always, always been around.

No. 1927559

Scott Pilgrim has this same type of style. It's not that deep lol

No. 1927570

The first one is better though. If you kept with the old style and finished your art pieces it'd be better than the current style. You also decided not to include a hood in the new style for some reason.

No. 1927815

File: 1710620792593.jpg (297.61 KB, 1170x1123, 1258438064303.jpg)

Got this in my feed; I don’t follow this person. Sure, the art is somewhat similar, but this art style is pretty generic IMO.

No. 1927824

This chibi style is so popular for the moe lovers in Japan. The hell are they talking about? They are different characters, the person didn't even include time stamps or an @, and if the characters are going to look like the characters from the same serious regardless because they are from the same series. What is this, Genshit?

No. 1927827

the only similarity is the eyes

No. 1927833

lol that's just about the most generic chibi art imaginable. there's a billion people on twitter and pixiv that draw like this

No. 1927871

Anime Precious Moments

No. 1927876

Why are asian artists like this

No. 1928553

File: 1710675882133.jpg (94.83 KB, 500x610, 237283fg.jpg)

What are your goals with art? i want to make a game

No. 1928684

I want to make a whole gallery solely for unpopular guy to left for his new fangirls to consume. Animatics, 2d modeling, playlists, plushies - some legacy in his honor.

No. 1928701

whos your husbando?

No. 1928752

File: 1710689602327.jpeg (9.72 KB, 236x236, 1679445191513.jpeg)

Is it possible to get worse at art or am i overthinking?

No. 1928754

general skill can't get worse with practice, however you can develop a shitty artstyle

No. 1928755

Fantroll from visual novel spin off of fancomic, unfortunately, so he never ever gain some recognition beyond pathetic wet cat memes.

Artistic skills bound to muscle memory and in general takes years to polish, if you neglect repetitions you will eventually get worse results. Some anons already complained about skill recession in previous threads.

No. 1928756

Yes, especially when you try to force yourself to do a style you aren't 100% good at or have practice at. I've noticed for a lot of people it's not the skill that messes them up, it's forgetting how you got from point A to B in a photo before you stopped and then having to remember what you did. Especially if you've done multiple layers. I don't have skill diminishment per se like you are talking about, I have memory issues remembering what I used to make the photo.

No. 1928757

>if you neglect repetitions you will eventually get worse results
thats the worse part i have noticed i got 'worse' while doing figure drawing and other reps that i do daily. I hope i am overthinking.

No. 1928761

File: 1710690845659.jpeg (11.65 KB, 750x673, happy.jpeg)

No. 1928765

if you just want to be happy you can try doing drugs art will bring you nothing but pain

No. 1928956

i want to make a game as well and paint more physically, on canvas and wood

No. 1929035

I've liked reading graphic novels/manga my entire life but I noticed that pretty much none of the artists I have seen on the internet that try to get into making comics, like majoring in comics/graphic novel design at school or trying to publish their work online have never been able to make money from it. Why is it so hard to do outside of France and Japan?

No. 1929040

Because the comic industry in the US has been dead for decades now and is only used for ideas for marvelslop. It's honestly sad, you'd think they'd look at the manga industry and start salivating but they more money from movie adaptations so they don't care about fixing it.

No. 1929046

Its insane how far you can go in japan even with shitty ideas. I am envious of them to be honest.

No. 1929049

I want to make self indulgent comic that cater only to myself. Unfortunately i have picky art tastes, so I need to get better at drawing to better please my audience of 1.

No. 1929054

Idk about France but Japan’s cost of living is low as fuck, you can rent insanely cheap apartments/shared living areas. Art in general is a more viable career as in they have many more opportunities for art jobs even outside of comics in fliers and commercials, but most failed mangaka/artists are broke and/or living with their parents.

No. 1929089

Early American comic consumers pushed a lot of people out of the fanbase and it resurfacing in the 2010s didn't help much because there was so much animated media for it that no one needed to bother reading comics because they only cared about one linear story instead of branches of American comics had.

No. 1929103

The comic industry is dead as fuck in the US at least. If you wanna make comics your options are really just to do it on your own in your free time, either on top of a day job or with family supporting you. There’s barely any money to be made, especially with how rampant piracy is. It’s just a dead end “industry” that only the most passionate people pursue, and most of them get burnt out sooner or later.

No. 1929104

Oops I messed up what I was writing earlier but the gist is there.

In France graphic novels are extremely popular, domestic and foreign. I read a news article from this year that 1 out of 4 books sold in France is a graphic novel, and historical-biographical is the highest selling genre (ignoring manga) because they reach the widest audience. It got me thinking that yes, outside of kid books and manga in America the most significant graphic novels that sell here are biography/historiy-ish titles like Persepolis, My Friend Dahmer, and Maus. Or artists have some type of newspaper/magazine relationship like Adrian Tomine.

No. 1929190

it’s null backdoorho or some variation of that spelling. Her SFW/main is polyglotplatypus on Tumblr and she’s a degenerate white woman living in France obsessed with dark-skinned victims of female genital mutilation.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1929195

>she’s a degenerate white woman living in France obsessed with dark-skinned victims of female genital mutilation.
you cant say something this insane and not post caps nonny

No. 1929238

One of the most hateable pornrotted artist women on twitter for sure

No. 1929263

File: 1710717844677.jpg (769.23 KB, 1826x1496, pro btw.jpg)

>professional animator
no way the bar is so low

No. 1929276

Your audience of 2 actually, I'm here as well.

No. 1929288

Wait for real? So the whole filipino dad fucking think is just them being schizo?

No. 1929294

Has this person been discussed in the art salt thread? I remember some months ago I would scroll by that thread and they would be discussing some artist that had a thing for genital multilation or something similar

No. 1929301

Considering how bad her larp of having a father thats a "famous" Italian comic artist who's mentored her yet she draws like shit and his friends knowing he's sexually abusing his daughter yet them nonchalantly brushing it off and her framing her mother as a tumblrina oc didn't convince you what else would.she has some relations with ang the suicide griffter so yeah

No. 1929336

I'm going to make a popular comic that goes mainstream, then a considerably less-popular passion project, then I'm going to disappear forever

No. 1929367

So i realize instagram isn't an ideal platform to post art if you post sporadically, but are any of the other platforms better suited for that? I might try Tumblr or Twitter but to be honest i'm not familiar with either.

No. 1929369

Make games, make comics, make at least one movie, make dolls, make pottery, and most definitely make tears because I'm a procrastinator who will never live up to the ideal goals I set for myself

No. 1929572

from my experience, twitter is the least likely to punish you for posting slower. I put like 2-3 post a week and they do well

No. 1929597

Making comics, children's books, drawing fun memories of my family and friends and generally always having something fun and fulfilling to do that connects me to others

No. 1929666

No this shit is a total fetish larp lol, I remember being confused as fuck when I stumbled onto this and I tried to find ANY news, forums, posts, anything talking about a comic artist having a relationship with his daughter (there was jack shit)

No. 1929763

File: 1710766929336.png (157.71 KB, 720x729, mgong520.png)

what did she mean by this? she deleted the tweet by the way.

No. 1929796

lmao this is just an unfortunate translation because
拉黑人 = blocking/blacklisting sb
黑人 = black people

No. 1929828

im so tempted to make a thread on our Chinese schizo pedo cow but i know most nonnas dont give a shit about her ramblings.shes been tweeting more and more about a group criticizing her art and laughing at her i dont think she means us so it seems shes a cow even there. could be related to weibo users it seems like she also has a fued with a artist shes working alongside on a project kek

No. 1929858

I honestly just hope she finds mental peace, i dont find her funny, i find her depressing. Hope she gets help and doesnt do anything drastic.

No. 1929912

Thank you for explaining the translation nonnie.

I don't find her milky enough to make a thread for her, plus only about two or three nonnas are interested in her. On the other hand I really like her drawings, but it's still entertaining to see how she descends into madness. Not funny or depressing, just entertaining.

No. 1929929

I'm so mad. I'm so pissed. Every time I get a commission, it's from a porn sick moid. I draw cutesy things, sometimes furries (of the SFW variety) and overall try to avoid drawing sexualized characters. But I'm sought out by these stupid shit heads and need the money. And it isn't enough that they ask me to draw derranged shit. No no, they start spamming my stream chat with how horny the pic I'm making gets them. They then pretend I'm in on it, and I just want to get it over with. But I need the money. My mods know I'm suffering and DM me to encourage me that once it's over the moid is probably too broke to ask for another comm, but it keeps happening. Why can't I get commissioned cute things? Why is it always sweaty girls and femboys with impossible anatomy? I draw shit like wigglytuff for fuck's sake.

No. 1929931

As someone who has done bother SFW and NSFW on separate accounts, the only way porn commissions would be coming your way this frequently would be if you are also posting porn. I've never, ever had someone approach my different name SFW account about porn requests in the last decade. What are you drawing that is attracting them?

I honestly don't believe this.

No. 1929956

File: 1710779456349.png (2.98 MB, 2344x2768, 1647749878059.png)

Sorry I was phone posting so I didn't post caps. Here are some comparisons from an older mention on Kiwifarms. Black and white are from deadspacedog and the left is from her account, null backdoorho. There's more discussion in the Obscure Laughingstocks thread if you search "deadspacedog." You can find out null_backdoorho/deadspacedog is actually a white woman (TiF) from France from her similar art style on her main tumblr, polyglotplatypus. The biggest connection to deadspacedog is through similar art style (to which she made a piss poor effort to draw differently for her incest dad fiction, but it's still recognizable). Last time I checked a year ago, she was obsessively drawing stomach churning fetish porn of her south asian lesbian FGM victim OC (Robin, I think?) and serial killers sewing up the vaginas of women. I'm not going through her twitter to find and post that.
Yes, several times. It was me bringing her up last time.
It's unreal how no one has called her out for it, considering a large size of her following are leftie trannies but they sing nothing but praise for her. I can't be surprised, no lefty on Twitter actually cares about female oppression, let alone for women in the MENASA region.
I was surprised anyone believed this stupid comic. Just by the way the dad was drawn, it felt so fake. He came off as a typical dark-romance love interest (just that he was "Laika's" dad).

No. 1929973

ayrt I am not posting porn. I made a new account, and I've been getting stream commissions. You can not believe it all you want, but I swear to god I don't know how to get away from these people. My guess is that it's repeat customers spreading word of mouth or posting my completed commissions to their own account and linking it to me.

No. 1929979

>It's unreal how no one has called her out for it, considering a large size of her following are leftie trannies
all callouts steem from jealousy and shes not talented enough for anyone to be jealous of her skill lmao also antis on twitter dont give a shit about artists drawing grotesque porn of women they only hate it when women draw porn of their blorbos

No. 1929983

File: 1710780133310.jpg (291.2 KB, 960x1200, 20240318_174312.jpg)

holy cringe

No. 1929992

File: 1710780495362.jpeg (26.26 KB, 500x281, 1648256212765.jpeg)

We have to send all women into ''doms'' to a lab to be analized and hopefully find, isolate, and cure whatever gives them this type of mental illness. Also why is it always ugly fat men? ew.

No. 1930004

this is fucking vile

No. 1930005

Going to cutesy streams is not how pornsick commission scrotes are finding people to do commissions for them. If you are purposely making porn for people because you are desperate, this if you own fault if past customers are following you and you are willingly giving out your new @s. They would not have found you so quick.

Again, this sounds completely made up.

No. 1930011

Im sorry but this is making me kek

No. 1930014

I don't have any empathy for this bitch and I don't believe she's into inserting on the receiving end of this fantasy but instead ets off on fantasizing about other women going through such a horrific thing. Especially given most of the women she draws having their genitals mutilated are non-white women while she's some pale-as-snow fat white woman from France.

No. 1930015

It's not the content it's self, but the fact she drew him as a fat nerd with a scraggly beard.

No. 1930022

she draws a lot of ugly old men she's definetly into self inserting as the victim and having an ugly scrote fat dom. She should hit up preggory.

No. 1930028

somewhat related, does anyone remember that artist who initially drew Ben 10 porn (between Ben and Kevin) but shifted to making straight art with her Kevin design and turned him into a school shooter?

No. 1930044

I will never doubt postwallmoids-chan anymore. I swear I will never draw ugly men in my life.

No. 1930063

ayrt It's not made up. If you want your own experience, I found this shit happens on picarto.tv. Why you struggle to believe this makes me wonder if it's the art style moreso than anything else. What are you drawing that keeps pornsick moids off of your SFW account? Is it the furry baseline that separates us? Is that it? Is it the fact that I draw pokemon? Or humans with anatomy that doesn't look like twitter noodles? Give me your secret instead of pretending I made this up.

No. 1930064

File: 1710785131262.jpeg (754.5 KB, 1963x2048, KnpYVD9.jpeg)

found her, It was desikeera and her Kevin 11 school shooter OC was named trent

No. 1930077

File: 1710785649482.jpg (32.86 KB, 612x408, dump eth.jpg)

not gonna lie i find it funny he's as bogged as she is. A yassified queen needs his yassified king.

No. 1930088

NTA, but I imagine it's the Pokemon and furries you draw that encourages pornsick moids to commission you. Both those fandoms are moid-heavy, so it makes sense that they'd be in your circles. Art style could definitely be a part of it too; someone who draws cartoony Western furries is bound to attract more of a moid audience than those who draw Toyhouse style furries. My advice, if it makes you so uncomfortable, is to straight up block them. It's the only way to properly curate an audience you actually want and respect (besides trying to change your style to be more appealing to women, switching fandoms, or drawing yumejo/fujo shit so only women are interested, but those changes might not be very feasible to you). I do these things and it doesn't hurt my income at all, in fact it makes me more eager to work knowing only women will commission me. I think a lot of artists forget that women are willing to pay a pretty penny for commissions just as much as men are.

No. 1930098

Holy shit, before I even read the post I thought "that character looks like a school shooter" kek. It's the big chinned inbred face.

No. 1930122

File: 1710787391086.jpeg (184.74 KB, 850x1275, rvv0PB1.jpeg)

It's funny, if you look up the character, 90% of it is just this big edgelord with tiny demure women and then the most cliche yaoi pic like picrel will come along.

No. 1930123

whats the weirdest commission you ever got? my first ever commission was pregnant femboys with giant cocks shitting turds with smallers femboys in it kek

No. 1930128

What the hell do you draw to get a commission inquiry like that

No. 1930132

just generic anime girls. I posted my commission sheet filled with beginner tier drawings on a nsfw discord server and got that as my first commission, good times.

No. 1930135

"Overall try to avoid drawing sexualized characters" there's your answer. Didn't try hard enough. As soon as you do it once it's forever known that you're willing to do it. R.i.p. your reputation

No. 1930136

kek, she'd probably enjoy that

No. 1930141

Seeing this has lifted a weight of shame off of my shoulders. No matter how bad my tastes are, I can rest easy knowing that I will never be degenerate enough to unironically get off to women removing their clitorises for a post wall, greasy overweight moid. Cause holy shit, I would unironically consider suicide if that were me.

No. 1930144

Same, seeing women unironically into post wall men abusing them makes me feel better about my tastes. Nothing can be worse than liking that degeneracy.

No. 1930145

agree, it just strengthens my ideals tbh.

No. 1930178

Giantess with smaller versions of herself crawling on her
Pretty sure I made really strict rules about commission requests right after that shit

No. 1930206

Tied between being asked to color someone's hyper foreskin lineart for pay and a selfportrait of a moid standing next to a pregnant Princess Peach.

No. 1930212

I really appreciate the advice. I think the main reason I don't block them is because my income is so bad due to being afraid to socialize. I've tried being on tumblr (ended in a mental freakout on my part), twitter ate me alive with antis targetting furry artists and labeling them as animal fuckers, even if they drew SFW, and being involved in the Homestuck fandom got some fuckers that were hell to shake off. Apparently my art style is traceable more than I thought.
I don't know what art styles are attractive to a female audience, but I'd love it if I could be commissioned to draw cute characters or just straight-up handsome men. I'll definitely try this though. Being happy to work on a commission sounds like a pipe dream for me.

No. 1930221

doesn't she have OCs based off the columbine shooters or something?

No. 1930226

Got asked to draw loli futa porn of a vtuber and to make a "femboy" transing..I've never posted NSFW on my account..moids have no tact nor dignity.blocked him and put "asexual NO NSFW pls" on my bio to avoid these kind of requests it died down a bit but I still get these kind of freaks once a while I just ghost them.

No. 1930261

Trent and another character(who I think is also from Ben 10)

No. 1930264


Nah she has other ones. Some dude named Liam and another named Jack who are quite obviously based on Klebold and Harris from the Columbine shooting. It's fucking gross.

No. 1930267

so she has 4 school shooter OC's?

No. 1930268

Why are women even attracted to the columbine scrotes, they arent even attractive. They look like humanized feet.

No. 1930270

nta, i never watched her feed for long enough to actually count them but from what i've seen she has at least three (trend and the columbine dudes who she claims are 'mall shooters')

No. 1930273

This has to be the worst genre of fujoyume.

No. 1930277

I was retarded enough to look through her account one day and I found out that she often fantasized about her school shooter OCs fucking their own mothers and drew mother-son incest multiple times and then even implied some big brother-little sister incest vibes with one of said OCs. Made me want to retch on spot, worst mistake of my fucking life.

No. 1930279

>mother-son incest
>brother-little sister incest
cringe. ruined.

No. 1930280

Anon you don't need to have an explicitly nsfw account to be commissioned porn. I got commissioned for porn at 16 ffs and I didn't draw anything NSFW on my own time.

No. 1930292

I think your confused, they weren't having sex with each other's mothers, but their own.

No. 1930295

tbf she also draws slash between them, which cancels out the other cringe.

No. 1930309

File: 1710799809256.png (2.06 KB, 266x130, 1707634293585.png)

….you either don't have a mother or were dropped on your head as a infant

No. 1930311

yes, and

No. 1930317

You aren’t blending in well, moid.(scrotefoiling)

No. 1930330

you clearly have never gone to the fetishes you are ashamed of thread on /g/

No. 1930341

File: 1710801527034.png (102.03 KB, 319x320, image_2024-03-19_093702576.png)

Moid or not why would you enjoy that content and tell other people about that. (It is a very scrotey fetish though) I get the twins thing sort of (i.e Rin/Len), it's still gross but I get it, but child on mother is just weird

No. 1930344

who cares. move on.

No. 1930355


Fucking moids I swear to god it's like you idiots have the need to yell to the world about your rancid fetishes. Nobody wants to know about your incest fetish, you're disgusting.(scrotefoiling, report suspected males and do not respond)

No. 1930358

we have so many twitterfags now, explains why they all got offended when someone posted a meme making fun of the underage TIF artstyle.(this isn't the thread for derailing about your incest fetish)

No. 1930367

Not involved but anons still would've judged you for having an incest fetish years ago. I think you actually don't know where you are kek.

No. 1930368


>omg the thread is so full of twitterfags pearl clutchers nowadays!

>(literally admits to having an incest fetish for no reason whatsoever and expects people to be fine with it)

the joke writes itself at this point

No. 1930387

we used to have anons who drew reverse ryona here before

No. 1930388

When I was 16 a TiM I was friends with (I was ftm so i had a lot of trans friends) commisioned me to draw his big titty demon girl oc naked, even though he was like 20+. I did it because I was retarded and I later found out he got run off the internet for grooming little boys into being trans and sending him nudes

No. 1930390

I'm one of the anons who made fun of nonas itt overreacting to the tif art style shit, but good god are you sure you know where you are? Lolcow, where there's a never ending infight about something as insignificant as fujos? Did you seriously think we'd just be fine just announcing your weird fetish for no fucking reason at all?
A woman beating up and toturing a man is very different from parental incest. Mostly because one rarely if ever happens.

No. 1930392

Try to justify your disgusting ass fetish as you want, moid. It'll just make you seem more like some brain rotted idiot.

No. 1930393

>A woman beating up and toturing a man is very different from parental incest. Mostly because one rarely if ever happens.
who cares, its all fiction. Not enough men get raped irl for me to care.

No. 1930394

>A woman beating up and toturing a man is very different from parental incest.
I am vaguely interested in how this would play out in a writing situation. Abuse IRL sucks for either side but I genuinely wonder what a hetero version of Killing Stalking is like. Just yandere stuff?

No. 1930399

Ehh, yandere is a bit different from femgaze/reverse ryona but I'm not really sure how to explain it. Killing Stalking isn't a great one to hetero-ify because the incest side plot/backstory but I do find the idea of a woman serial killer kidnapping and killing moids fun.

No. 1930460

have you seen those twitter posts with a before/after? sometimes the drawings get so much worse i feel bad for them. it could totally happen to you nonny

No. 1930478

Oh my god! That's disgusting! Where?

No. 1930600

This picture is the thing that convinced me finally that bdsm shit is just abuse, thank you

No. 1930725

Is it okay to ask if a specific popular lesbian artist is a crypto? Because I saw something that made me curious, but I have seen nonnas talk about cryptoterfing and I assume they would appreciate not being exposed lol

No. 1931044

File: 1710849233328.jpeg (539.22 KB, 1284x1591, IMG_9775.jpeg)

can someone please explain to me how and why this girls art is popular? she even has a studio. i don’t get it. i drew like this when i was 10

No. 1931059

At this point I believe art is all about selling yourself properly. Make some nice "esthetic" videos of yourself thinking hard here, pictures organizing your stuff there, a silly tutorial about "how to draw like me!" To give everyone the false hope of becoming you, and sketches and notes showing your very complicated thought process. All of that will sell whatever you want to sell.

No. 1931065

who’s the artist?

No. 1931075

that is a very good point actually, and i hadn’t though about it. she was popular on tiktok before her “art” for having a 1920s french aesthetic (honestly she’s just cosplaying). she’s really selling this aesthetic so the art must be secondary to it and just a way for her to make some money and gain popularity.

her name is alexandra yvette

No. 1931096

File: 1710852339849.png (567.67 KB, 700x853, image_2024-03-19_234513563.png)

It reminds me of this weird art style that was everywhere in the late 90s and 2000s- kind of like a low grade microsoft word clipart. Picrel is the closest I could find to it but anyways it has been popular in the past, and grinding out posts (easy with that art style and skill level) and presenting yourself in a certain way (see "art hoes" or shitty post modern artists for example) will definitely help curate a following of normies.

No. 1931098

Samefagging and off topic, picrel is by a local personal cow who's only claim to fame is being a originally based then troon pandering comedian and "artist" and is currently being shunned by the community for apparently being a goverment shill/plant when she attempted to run for council. Picrel is also the best looking piece in a series that was presented and sold in a fine arts state gallery.

No. 1931122

I spent years doing observational drawings. It feels so soulless now. The moment I want to draw something fun and stylized my mind is blank. Also I realized I have no idea what I like to draw. I try to come up with an image I'd like in my mind but I just don't know. I don't even know what kind of lines and colors I'd prefer. It sucks.

No. 1931185

Can't you just do observational drawings of things you find beautiful, then? Style is something that can't really be forced. You could take a trip to a museum or look online for art you like and copy the features you prefer.

No. 1931226

File: 1710862277481.png (695.37 KB, 782x1264, UI.png)

How can I stop my figures from looking stiff? I don't have a problem when it's a strong dynamic pose, but i am working on sprites for a game and they are all standing like pic rel, so it's really hard to apply gesture lines and make them look good. Any tips?

No. 1931280

File: 1710869707159.jpg (1.43 MB, 4096x2650, wt.jpg)

Went back after several years to see how GinjaNinjaOWO is doing and their art style has not evolved. If anything the faces look worse..

picrel is their stuff

No. 1931285

post some befores for comparison

No. 1931291

File: 1710870468830.jpg (147.89 KB, 752x1416, ccc.jpg)

she made this 2020

No. 1931301

ew wtf happened

No. 1931306

File: 1710871111234.png (841.03 KB, 741x770, how to draw anime.png)

they all have the ''how to draw anime'' faces.

No. 1931318

Overheard the art professor talking to students about how to make it your career and the gist of what he saying was “beg your parents to support you financially as you study art” lmaoooo trust me if I could I would but I don’t come from money

No. 1931330

Gesture studies. Gesture studies. Gesture studies! My go-to is https://quickposes.com/en . Doing these daily and trying to force yourself to comprehend your own usage of "action lines" will definitely help. Compiling PureRef collages of art you like with poses you enjoy also helps a lot.
Copying people who have the result you want is the fastest way to learn, too.

No. 1931336

Different line weights, outlines in different colors, different poses and head angles, add a prop that they can interact with like a staff or sword. Make the lighting and shading interesting if you can. Even if the characters all have to stand like your picrel, you can draw them in twisted poses, leaning to one side, looking back, and so on.

No. 1931338

File: 1710872553355.png (999.13 KB, 750x957, springfield.png)

Anon, re-read my post please kek. I don't have a problem with figures with really strong action lines, and i do figure drawing daily. However when drawing standing poses and poses that dont have strong action lines , like the standing game sprites i am trying to do, they end up looking really stiff.

No. 1931341

Whoops, I had too much caffeine. Sorry about that. Could always try to use pose-able figurines. Pose-kun figurines, though kinda shitty in quality, can offer a little bit more with static poses.
>>1931336 has the right idea. Poseable figures help with that.

No. 1931352

This mixture between cartoon and anime is really bad. It's so common to encounter drawings like this nowadays: heavy-weight lines, flashy colors and ugly faces. These people never even try to make something delicate and nice, it is too complicated for them.

No. 1931473

File: 1710878421993.png (900.67 KB, 2048x977, yYwRyLQ.png)

Against my better judgment, I decided to skim through her account and found that she retweets way more yaoi than I would have expected. Some of it is like humanized Cars and some of it is disturbing (a lot of child and gore), but there's also straight stuff. She's really into buff goth dudes with tiny women, but also draws older woman younger guy porn and incest shit, It seems like she's almost self-aware with comics like picrel, but I don't understand how someone can have every degenerate fetish all at once. It kind of boggles my mind.

No. 1931484

this just looks like the standard style of a westerner who kinda wants to draw anime but either can't get it right or they've been so discouraged by people around them saying anime is trash that they stop somewhere in-between anime and western cartoons. If the faces were fixed I wouldn't mind it, I think the use of color is nice

No. 1931499

These are both shite imo, they're both in the tumblr anime art style.

No. 1931527

I think this is pretty good though, or at least there's nothing that wrong with it. Agree with others that if the faces were redrawn with a more appealing style it would be cute.

No. 1931561

File: 1710883373823.jpg (265.73 KB, 900x604, __original_drawn_by_yoshinari_…)

What artists do you consider to be the best skill-wise? I know it's very subjective, but I would like to know everyone's opinion. Personally, i consider Yoh Yoshinari one of the most skilled artists alive. His style is extremely flexible and he can branch out from figure drawing and character design to mechas, animals, backgrounds and special effects. Going through his sketchbook always fills me with joy.

No. 1931591

Look up composition. A symmetrical image looks more static, shapes that distribute the visual weight in a more organic form will look less static. Use their clothing/hair for that. Tilt their shoulders/heads.

No. 1931594

File: 1710884731537.jpg (860.95 KB, 1280x1811, im so sorry.jpg)

Please don't kill me for this. This is strictly an opinion. Tsukushi Akihito is an artist I've worshipped since I was in my later years of highschool. Despite the fact that they're a rancid piece of shit loli/shotacon with very digusting fetishes, their usage of lines and colors are amazing. I hope to one day hijack their better art points and use it for better things.

No. 1931599

Actually, what are some good resources on composition?

No. 1931602

Thats an enourmous amount of detail. Do you need autism to be able to do something like this? also good luck nonny

No. 1931616

hate pedos so much, such gorgeous art but then he's gotta add the little girl panty shot of course. I wonder if it's true that the best artists have like autistic fixations and weird fetishes as motivation

No. 1931618

I really hope he dies a slow, aching, painful death

No. 1931622

Looks unironically like random AI slop even though it isn't. What's the point of all the random details if they blur together and grossly contrast the overly simplified heads

No. 1931624

NTA but i feel the moeshit faces honestly contrast very well with the busy bg. If they were more realistic and detailed they would blend with the bg.

No. 1931625

File: 1710885951365.jpg (361.07 KB, 1200x970, lol he probably should die tbh…)

Might actually be the charm in his art? I've never seen AI art in this style, but if we could just convert his degree of simplicity versus complexity, then I'd be happy with him dying.
I hope he contracts erectile dysfunction FIRST and then slowly dies. At least he can finish his manga without the weird sexual shit in it.

No. 1931629

He reminds me of barasui and pop, but more skilled.

No. 1931651

>I don't understand how someone can have every degenerate fetish all at once
Off topic but porn rots your brain, it makes sense she jumps around from fetish to fetish. Same with any other addict.
Skill-wise I have a lot of favorites but right now pop surrealism is a fave. However it usually ends up looking like Big Eyes style (pretty doll girls with huge eyes). Not a fan of the cute/gore contrast but some concepts are interesting.

No. 1931657

File: 1710887883643.png (23.73 KB, 1200x750, 1696188573144.png)

why is conecting the neck to the head so hard? or am i just tarded

No. 1931668

Look up principles of composition or gestalt principles. I studied that in my university years ago, I don't remember the books, but they were pretty much gestalt books. The concepts are very easy to understand, any half decent youtuber will cover it, find the ones who analyze paintings, it helps you to understand how it's applied to art. I would post a video from the deceased conceptart.org on the topic but I can't find it in my files, if I find it I'll post later.

No. 1931674

It helps me if I do the spine placement first then build from that.

No. 1931676

File: 1710889371530.jpeg (75.62 KB, 638x645, IMG_4355.jpeg)

It really does, my first thought was are we sure he isn’t using AI because seriously wtf am I looking at? It’s like he added a bunch of random ass shapes as an excuse to add more colors when he didn’t need an excuse. Most of the pic looks so flat and the schizo color placement and cluttered non-objects doesn’t draw the eye, it’s just headache inducing.
>usage of lines
What the fuck does this mean kek

No. 1931684

I was referring moreso to his pencil works, not that specific image.
>my first thought was are we sure he isn’t using AI because seriously wtf am I looking at?
AI art generation didn't really exist on an accessible basis at that point. I'd argue, no, he didn't use AI. As for nowadays for his manga? Probably. I'd still say he doesn't though. I get hating the guy but it seems like you're outright reaching now.

No. 1931697

Looks like some ugly liquify.

No. 1931700

I don't know much about this guy, but those are petals (like the ones i the window) and I think a bead on a string but the muddy shading and the lossy quality of the pic don't help. While it may be visually messy, I don't think AI can do that much defined detail and keep it in theme quite yet.

No. 1931718

>I wonder if it's true that the best artists have like autistic fixations and weird fetishes as motivation
Only for moids, because they can't understand the world on a more complex level than what makes their shrimps hard.

No. 1931740

File: 1710895525070.jpg (352.28 KB, 850x598, 2007.jpg)

he's been making schizo autistic over-detailed compositions since at least 2007

No. 1931745

File: 1710895850839.jpg (394.17 KB, 1762x2048, E2KZbZ3UYAE7dDJ.jpg)

Idk i think it applies to women too, the most skilled female artists i know all have fucky fetishes. Mgong skill is purely driven by her fatfaggotry.

No. 1931875

Maybe not, as they may either deny or just not answer for their own safety. Can you share the artist? If she gives that vibe then I want to follow lol

No. 1932016

Why are anons here incapable of recommending normal people . When given the options it’s always “no trust me this gendie tif/pedo moid used to make good art! I know their stuff now is borderline horrifying with 0 skill but trust me!”

No. 1932024

I didn’t mean asking the artist directly, I meant asking this thread to see if any other nonnas get the same feeling. I’m hesitant because I’m certain some gendie twitterfags lurk on here and might make a callout. Also what I saw is 100% likely to get her shat on by twitter.

The artist is very openly in love with her gf. On one of her drawings of them, I came across the gf’s account. She reads Andrea Dworkin and made a tweet supporting radical feminism but in a vaguely worded way which interested me. Turns out she’s mutuals with a bunch of open radfems (but they make posts only vaguely shitting on tims/tifs/gendies so maybe they’re cryptos too kek. They also call moids, moids. Maybe some fellow nonnas lol?). Considering the artist lives with the gf and liked her posts, I find it hard to believe she isn’t aware. Before this I appreciated that this artist didn’t insert gendie/trans bs in her lesbian couples, and her yuri art actually feels like it was made by a lesbian who enjoys lesbian sex. So if she’s a crypto, fitting.
The only thing that puts me off is the gf calls herself a communist, which normally I wouldn’t care but I just find twitter commies particularly insufferable kek. At least the artist doesn’t seem to be annoying.

No. 1932033

Of course the girls underwear is showing when it didn’t have to be. He just could not help himself.

No. 1932036

I don't like either the (several) pedo scrotes or Mgong, but why don't you suggest a normal artist?
Can you share caps or a handle, nona?

No. 1932037

File: 1710922506309.jpeg (66.11 KB, 678x452, IMG_0379.jpeg)

Thomas Kinkade ahh pedotist

No. 1932039

Alright I have seen this mgong mentioned so many times on here so I looked her up and I must be missing something, her shit really isn’t that special? I don’t get the wank.

No. 1932046

File: 1710923257553.png (1.91 MB, 2048x1178, image_2024-03-20_192609604.png)

She used to have nice looking cell shading, and that's about it. I like her weird monster priest oc (the nsfw art of it is disgusting though) but she's not really that stand-out, asides from her being seemingly very mentally ill.

No. 1932054

Used to work in an art storage warehouse that housed millions of $ worth of art and let me tell you the amount of broken/damaged pieces was through the roof, fixed with glue and stuffed back into their crate. Got to see some of the collectors apartments when we'd deliver and mount the works, met some of the artists, and it really disillusioned me on the fine art world. So many of the works were bought, stored, and never looked at - pure investments. Was fun to visit studios though and be like a shadow in this weird world, no one cares about you in your white cotton gloves, they just talk openly about everything, very fly on the wall. It's funny because the digital art world is full of petty drama and accusations but actual gallery represented artists are just as sensitive and difficult to work with - there's just much more money on the line, and someone has to carry their bronze cast 7 deadly sins fountain up 5 flights of stairs.

No. 1932089

I like how everything else in this pic is very detailed but the girl's face is just generic moeblob. It's like the tell tale sign of a pedo.

No. 1932093

So it’s not all money laundering?

No. 1932171

File: 1710935598461.jpeg (42.5 KB, 497x617, images-2.jpeg)

Ij kelly or whitefoxcub as I know her she was one of my biggest inspos for digital art.although I know her style isn't for everyone I personally love how she renders and her color choices and I loved how creepy her comic was.i would love to see her work be animated since it reminds me alot of yoshitaka amano another artist I really love.

No. 1932284

Nah, there are definitely rich people who still think art = status and love to deck their apartment or office out with massive canvases. The ones who are a little insecure about their tastes (new money mostly) usually have an art advisor that handles what gets put where and when. They usually cycle works out based on trends or if they have an event happening and need to impress the guests. Still, money laundering is probably still #1.

No. 1932288

From what you said it seems highly likely that she's crypto, especially if she hasn't included troons in any her drawings since there's always a pressure to pander to them. I think it's best to not drop her name here then, wouldn't want to give any gendies an excuse to start another witchhunt

No. 1932368

The artist is disgusting but come on, if everything is detailed the image is boring. Usually a balance of both detail and simplicity/cuteness create interesting images.

No. 1932513

Nepo baby or money laundering. Or both.

No. 1932516

File: 1710957540310.jpg (335.11 KB, 2048x1351, mgong520-1362462090120728576-2…)

She's very skilled for her age(she's 22). I don't like her newer art as much, but she used to have a very nice cell shading style. She's one of those rare super skilled artists that can draw pretty much anything they want so seeing them self indulge in weird shit even if i personally dont like it(like her fat ocs kek) it's entertaining.

No. 1932549

That was not my point though.

No. 1932601

This is so ugly

No. 1932688

Maybe it’s my ego talking but I applied for a MA program in design and got put into a lower tier pre-MA program which would be fine but they’re only offering me their online course and still asking me to pay 14K. They have an in person version of this course but didn’t offer it to me and I’m pissed. I could get something out of doing the program in person but online will just be 14K down the toilet. I think my work at my current job is really unique and could offer a different perspective but because it’s not overly rendered Blender crap they weren’t interested. I’m just mad because I’ve always felt like my art is really good anatomically but my rendering is lacking and it tends not to draw interest while the inverse always seems to really pique people’s interest. The program was for product design and I already work as a product designer with an extensive portfolio but it wasn’t enough I guess. I’m just fucking pissed nonnas, feels like the content doesn’t really matter as long as the presentation is what they want.

No. 1932689

From the amount of "she's so talented for her age" nonnas do I expected her to be like 16 kek.

No. 1932694

File: 1710966192723.jpg (135.94 KB, 850x1059, mgong 16yo.jpg)

she was already insanely talented at 16, pic rel.

No. 1932695

I personally don't find it super impressive that she's 22 and draws like that in all honesty. Nowadays it's more and more common for artists to reach high skill levels at a young age due to the abundance of tools and resources around. If Mgong were in her 15's or 16's then yeah I'd be impressed but 22 isn't too crazy.

No. 1932696

none of you are as talented as her and you are probably older kek what a bunch of crabs

No. 1932699

Lmao chill whiteknight, I didn't say that her art was garbage. Mgong is indeed an amazing artist and it's more than obvious how skilled she is. I just stated that her age doesn't impress me.

No. 1932709

I dont know any other artist whos as good as her at her age. She's not just a qte over rendered animu grill dime a dozen artist, she's excels at pretty much all fundamentals and i capable of making impressive compositions really quickly, which is extremely amazing at her age. She's also an animator.

No. 1932720


nta but that's most likely because mgong is chinese and it has been discussed before how russian and chinese artists tend to have art fundamentals essentially burned into their brains as quick as possible during school due to competition. mgong probably went through some insane training for art fundamentals and animation during her school years and it paid off.

No. 1932725

Yeah i know, that's why i said it's very impressive she's as good at her age. She pumps out fully finished pieces almost weekly which is insane considering some of the best artists take months to finish something. She's also worked on/finished two mangas at her age. People denying she's impressive are just crabs, i genuinely don't know any other artist around her age who draws this much and its so good. Explains her schizo too, she's probabbly friendless and draws all day.

No. 1932730

It's also probably why mgong has such frequent meltdowns. I have no idea if she has a full-time job related to art (she does some freelance work at least) but I can only imagine that the pressure to excel at her art is one of the reasons why she schizoposts so often and I'd say it could also be why her fetishposting also flared up. Good ol' escapism. It's sad to watch tbh.

No. 1932733

I unironically belive she has autism.

No. 1932763

File: 1710969241990.png (1.11 MB, 1861x1156, sketchfab.png)

What non-art related websites do you find useful as an arist? I find sketchfab really good to find 3D models i can rotate and use as refs, and i like IMFDB for gun refs

No. 1932777

>finished two mangas already
> People denying she's impressive are just crabs
although i also like her art and hate the person but this is some crazy whiteknighting, mgong has some good fundies but i wouldnt say shes mindblowing there were artists on her skill level back in tumblr too when they were only 18 or in their 20s and ive seen many similar artstyles like her all the time. i think youre seeing her art way through a rose tinted glass. you may like her art but it doesnt mean everyone should.
>i genuinely don't know any other artist around her age who draws this much
you havent been on pixiv have you the yumes and fujos pump out more doujins in a month faster than they can draw,nowadays younger and younger artists are improving way faster than artists in their 20s since most have easy and free access to resources we never had i am a zoomer and alot of them have helped me

No. 1932783

mgong is impressive by western artist standards but by asian artist standards she's pretty average tbf. it's rather common to see a handful of japanese, korean and other chinese artists who pump out fully rendered artpieces on a constant basis and who have done multiple doujin mainly if they're a fujo.

No. 1932795

give names i want to follow those amazing artists

No. 1932835

Kek, it's really not that hard or amazing to pump out fully rendered pieces weekly. Yes, her art is objectively good but it's not amazing or incredible (especially as of current), and I know artists younger than her who can draw at a similar level. And like >>1932783 said, she's pretty average when compared to other asian and russian artists but may look better than she actually is if you're only exposed to western tiffie slop.
inb4 old crab, I draw baroque architecture.

No. 1932839

can you give names of those artists who are better than her? i want some recs

No. 1932852

File: 1710972655785.png (958.77 KB, 768x626, image_2024-03-21_091312198.png)

Don't have the time to log into instagram and twitter, but the first one that comes to mind is lemsyeming- her art is kind of muddy but impressive in the fact that it's all pencil on paper

No. 1932855

Nonas harping on about mgong for the past 4 or 5 threads lamenting "b-buh she used to be soooo much better", …find other artists? kek. If mgong is your guiding light then you've got a long way to go. Asking nonas to spoonfeed you a different artist so that you can express how unimpressed you are is a time sink. Get better taste or find other inspiration. Dragging on about your obsession with mgong isn't going to help you.

No. 1932869

i cant tell wtf is going on

No. 1932876

I dont know why you took it as a passive-aggressive response, i truly want to know more artists. The internet is huge, there is very little chance i hapen to come across the same amazing artists you are harping about, why don't you want to share them?

No. 1932878

NTA but girl just search. Look through pixiv and twitter. Go to mgong's follows and look at the artists she follows and use it as a chain. If you wanted to find other artists that badly you wouldn't be begging nonas on lolcow of all places to spoonfeed you named, you'd be searching by yourself.

No. 1932880

why would i waste hours searching if you can just drop the name of an artist thats better than mgong? wtf i genuinely dont understand why you are taking offense over it, it takes like 3 seconds to drop the @ of an artist your recommend.

No. 1932950

There's something about Arcane's art style that annoys the shit out of me and I struggle to put my finger on it. I wasn't able to make it past the Imagine Dragons opening so I have no clue how the show goes. I've heard good things about the action sequences and I'd probably enjoy watching that, but I can't stand to look at any of the characters. Idk if I just associate it with an annoying fanbase or what…the intense praise for the art style triggers my obnoxious contrarianism.

No. 1933010

I hate the style too. I recognize that overall it's a technically well executed show but I despise all of LoL's characters - especially Jinx because she's a loli dollar store Harley Quinn - and it's not something I can put aside to watch for technical merit.
Thinking about it more, I dislike the grimy look of the rendering finish, which includes the color palette (at least from the trailer), and the facial proportions remind me of Enrique Fernandez (excellent shape design but fundamentally unappealing to me). I just wish it were possible to have a conversation about these types of nuances without other artists taking it personally that you're not into the same shit they're into.

No. 1933015

I feel like that style works best in more fast-paced shows/movies like spiderverse and the new TMNT movie.

No. 1933031

I like using Zillow to help “humanize” my backgrounds. The only downside is that there are way more pictures of empty rooms and virtual staging now.

No. 1933094

This is still animeshit though

No. 1933110

No. 1933111

What does that have to do with anything?

No. 1933118

Anime faces are boring and not impressive. Dime a dozen shit.

No. 1933126

Not everyone is interested in ugly 3DPD men.

No. 1933133

>Dime a dozen shit
You could say the same for most faces in most styles though, and nowhere were nonas talking about the face so this really seems like a random strike at a non-issue

No. 1933135

File: 1710989702975.jpg (19.9 KB, 564x203, 992ba8469c8a06b3921b3daa6a5e70…)

The thread and maybe even website has a bias towards a certain artsyle. I think part of the reasons why this thread loves her is because of her weird outburts I guess.
I like Kan Liu's art, he's been crafting a world through a series of drawings and it's been fun to see it develop. I think he's making a comic but I feel like the style he chose doesn't really translate well

No. 1933139

File: 1710989970706.jpg (636.17 KB, 1680x2832, 22890ff153b12a6faf6ebfd12e8652…)

I'm not trying to pit artists against each other. If you find Mgong to be some godtier artist then that's fine.

No. 1933140

I have noticed that artstation-esque artists always use very generic and boring color palettes. It makes their art looks very plastic and corporate.

No. 1933144

File: 1710990319677.jpg (70.01 KB, 563x1012, 7a7e688696e43b7b6d80b939ac16bc…)

Might be because he's a riot artist

No. 1933149

File: 1710990521400.jpeg (1010.67 KB, 2048x1028, GETKe7AbwAAh8lX.jpeg)

I also like 02png's colours but she mostly draws Star Wars

No. 1933150

File: 1710990539963.jpg (504.37 KB, 1538x2048, FWwFRh-UsAE759A.jpg)

Makes sense. One reason why i really like mgong is because of her color use, she's very good at playing with colors. Also i just realized >>1933139
are supposed to be 4 different characters, i guess that guy really like his elf waterbenders

No. 1933152

File: 1710990822362.png (683.11 KB, 681x843, Screenshot 2024-03-21 031419.p…)

>elf waterbenders
Yeah I guess that was the main idea, I could swear I saw him drawing his elves/ocs doing other stuff but it's mostly water and tbh it's when is started a lot of followers. It's consistent and appeals to the algo so

No. 1933159

File: 1710991508728.png (675.58 KB, 687x873, Screenshot 2024-03-21 032730.p…)

Yuming Li

No. 1933161

File: 1710991579663.jpg (2.67 MB, 1800x1429, The War and Us by Edward Okul …)

It's not my cup of tea, i find the artstation style really boring and ugly. But to be fair mgong is the only anime/modern artist i like, pretty much all the other artists i like are deceased illustrators and painters, so the bar is very high.

No. 1933167

File: 1710991846298.jpg (196.29 KB, 1080x1350, tumblr_647946f9271f54989eff171…)

I had a feeling you were going to say something like that. Mgong has a style I personally associate with fanart and those kind of spaces which is probably why she's really loved here, that and her online behaviour

No. 1933169

…I hope you're pretending to be retarded because it seems you're just asking for recommendations for to still praise mgongs generic as shit Chinese artstylejust go visit billibilli and you'll see as if she's the upper echelon of anime art… Good for you?..I guess? But don't waste time for other nonnies to spoon-fed just because you can't fucking google

No. 1933170

NTA but can you chill, they're not even asking to be spoonfed anymore they've turned this into a discussion

No. 1933172

File: 1710992265400.jpg (1.44 MB, 4096x4096, flrhr54wel481.jpg)

I love how she makes somewhat surreal/trippy Madoka fanart, it's a bit weird there isn't more surreal fanart considering the anime's visual style

No. 1933175

File: 1710992398735.jpeg (261.18 KB, 2048x2048, FjXG0tcVEAANxh3.jpeg)

I'm fully convinced the reason she's loved here is because she's insane, there's more to her than just art. I know I've seen her colouring style elsewhere, you can probably say the same thing about for the other artists I shared.
Again not saying she's bad but I don't get the cult she has here

No. 1933178

File: 1710992459094.jpeg (914.59 KB, 3389x4096, FlJOGPBacAEODQw.jpeg)

Wish she drew more

No. 1933182

I was the anon who originally they just looked mgong up, and was nowhere else in the discussion. Idk I guess I expected more than anime boy number one million and two.

No. 1933184

>the only two styles are anime and realism!

No. 1933186

Are you the same anon that posted >>1933139 ? because that guy is nowhere near as skilled as Mgong to be honest. It just looks like generic Arstation slop with stiff poses and boring, safe character design.

No. 1933188

Huh, what do you mean? Anime and all non-realistic artstyles except maybe calart-blobs, are just stylized realism.

No. 1933197

Yes and believe it or not it’s possible to draw in one of those stylized realism styles without it being stupidass anime on one end or 3DPG as the anon said on the other

No. 1933201

Can you provide examples of what you mean? I agree with >>1933133 that pretty much all styles suffer from the same-face syndrome. From 50s commercial illustration to modern concept art you can find a generic go-to face. Also, i don't feel like ''sameface'' applies to Mgong's artstyle, she probably has the most variety out of all animu artists kek. Also, unpopular opinion, but i dont care if an artist has same face, I am not going to draw ugly men just for the sake of ''variety'' when most moid illustrators always draw the same generic qte grill with the token ugly varied scrotes and no one says anything about it.

No. 1933208

You’re like a redditor asking for a source for everything, just look at literally any capeshit comic holy shit. Leyendecker. You don’t know what semi-realism without a bug eyed featureless anime face is?
This is much better than the anime glasses moid everyone posts but still there’s the bug eyed girl with a vastly different skull from the more semi real fat moid of course. I’m just so tired of anime.

No. 1933211

kek really anon? capeshit suffers from sameface worse than anime. Men are allowed to be fat, ugly, gross, but all women must be dainty supermodels.

No. 1933212

also leyendecker is literally realism

No. 1933216

ok but sameface is not the argument, I don’t know where you/that anon are even pulling that from.
The argument is anime faces are not impressive. It’s so easy to draw an attractive anime face.

No. 1933218

Every single complaint you have is purely subjective, but stiff really?

No. 1933220

Some people dont wanna see ugly faces, specially because ugly faces are always given to male characters while all the women look kawaii uguu like in capeshit.

No. 1933222

File: 1710995797323.jpg (1016.22 KB, 3264x1373, who is who.jpg)

Different characters, one of them is from a different comic company, but super duper recognisable and different aren't they nona?
Every artstyle has a default face, and every face will be built on that default face- some styles are way more diverse, some aren't. It's definitely not just an issue with anime.

No. 1933225

File: 1710996023024.jpeg (24.35 KB, 640x480, IMG_0400.jpeg)

Yes and it takes a lot more skill to draw that then draw a dot for a nose and a line for a mouth. You guys are so dumb.

No. 1933229

File: 1710996196954.jpg (83.98 KB, 667x1024, gibson girl.jpg)

His poses just feel very static to me. He also has horrible same-face syndrome, are those girls the same character or are they supposed to be different girls?
kek yeah that's the default capeshit face. Meanwhile men in capeshit comics are allowed to be really grotesque looking like the penguin, hulk and swamp thing. Even she-hulk has the same pretty woman face just with a slightly roided physique. At least anime gives the same moe default face to men, so we get some eyecandy. In the whole history of capeshit there is like two actually attractive male characters. Anon should also learn about the gibson girl, which was basically the animu face of the 19th century.

No. 1933231

File: 1710996920385.jpg (169.97 KB, 1280x927, 168.jpg)

>it takes a lot more skill to draw
''you need to know the rules to break them'' anime faces are just simplified forms of realistic faces, you still need to know the fundamentals to draw them. So many westerners struggled drawing anime faces because they see them as flat planes rather than 3D ones, they don't see the dot nose as the simplified version or a 3d nose, but rather as just a dot. Manga materials has a very good video explaining face simplification.

No. 1933232

File: 1710997004891.png (419.43 KB, 1024x576, image_2024-03-21_155623766.png)

I have a feeling you wouldn't like Satoshi Kon even though he makes more effort in diversifying faces than any of your examples

No. 1933234

This is true but the fact that attractive anime faces are fucking everywhere really says something about the skill needed to make them.

No. 1933235

people have been drawing attractive faces since forever i don't understand what's your problem. Capeshit is filled with attractive(female) faces but you don't seem to have a problem with it. I would rather see attractive faces than ugly ones, at least it evens both genders out.

No. 1933236

File: 1710997220811.jpeg (77.21 KB, 739x415, IMG_0401.jpeg)

I do like Kon and those are a lot more interesting to look at than mgong strict anime face.

No. 1933239

I love satoshi kon but i hate that all his girls look the exact same while the moids are allowed to be diverse. I think the only interesting female character he ever drew was the granny from Paranoia Agent.

No. 1933244

File: 1710997519586.jpg (399.82 KB, 1618x1018, naoki-urasawa-manga.jpg)

Faces and expressions are the priority of interest in art for me when I view and create it, and I actually don't understand the people who say things like >>1933235
>I would rather see attractive faces than ugly ones.
and have no problem looking at the same fucking expressionless beautiful face every time. Don't you people get bored? Genuinely asking. Because there's a lot of interesting features about non attractive faces that genuinely can be beautiful and engaging to look at if you just get over your shallow and limited creative outlook.
Like these are a good example of well-designed, non-attractive characters and I find myself genuinely more engaged when they're on the screen or in panel rather than the prettier boring ones. or Urusawa's characters

No. 1933245

the problem is that diversity just means ugly men kek look at your example, all the diverse characters are ugly moids while the women all look cute and attractive. I don't wanna see ugly moids, shrimple as that.

No. 1933247

I do agree that some of his female leads do look similar to each other but his later works post Millennium Actress had more variety in their designs. Also I think the girl group in Perfect Blue was supposed to look similar to each other because they followed the Japanese beauty standard perfectly but I'm not sure if that was the case

No. 1933248

Half the moids are attractive anon the other half are just old, average, or purposefully hideous

No. 1933249

Anon, please. All of satoshi kon's women look attractive because men are shallow and dont like to see ugly women.
None of them are attractive. Still, i dont understand why you have a problem with me being shallow when urusawa is clearly shallow considering he only draws female characters that are attractive/cute. I guess it's shallow when a woman wants attractive male characters but its not shallow when a scrote only draws ugly men but beautiful women, that's diversity in design ackshually.

No. 1933251

>None of them are attractive
Not even Johan?
Ngl I think Tenma is kinda handsome, also kind of like the uber schnozz look in men, especially anime, idk. A good nose is quite rare, men or women.

No. 1933252

girl if you don’t think Tenma is conventionally attractive then you’re so deep in the anime sauce nothing can pull you out.

No. 1933254

yeah sorry i didnt recognize him, he drew him ugly for no reason. I dont like ugly noses or beards in men, he's just unwashed looking. He looks like your average unwashed gamer scrote to be honest.
He looks greasy and unwashed, no thanks. I will take my well groomed bishies that dont look like they reek of cigarette. I also don't understand whats wrong with being shallow, considering that both satoshi and uresawa are obviously shallow as fuck and dont want to draw ugly women kek. At least mgong draws her fat reverse trap oc ugly while her moids remain kawaii bishies.

No. 1933259

File: 1710999270893.jpg (1.05 MB, 1400x2040, epsilon.jpg)

>None of them are attractive
Not even Epsilon (the one in the turtleneck >>1933244)? I think he’s pretty cute.. (sorry for husbandofagging)

No. 1933260

Tbf him being unwashed is kinda hard to get around story wise lol

No. 1933261

He's unwashed because he's far too busy running across Europe as a fugitive and hunting down a murderer lol

No. 1933263

File: 1710999399404.jpg (1.69 MB, 3264x3264, 23eiqhiqifu8u1t8gyu.jpg)

The female leads are pretty, yeah, but other female characters are more varied.

No. 1933266

he's cute i guess, kinda faggy
you are derailing now
nonny please you are just picking random characters that appear for like a scene or have antagonistic roles like the fat woman in perfect blue. Meanwhile his ugly male characters are given starring roles and we have to see them for the entire show like the ugly toad guys he likes to shove on our faces, or the tranny.

No. 1933268

Okay you're just nitpicking now. Just because you don't care for the role they play or they don't get enough screetime doesn't mean the design doesn't count as a diverse female design

No. 1933272

you are the one nitpicking random characters that appear for seconds to defend your point. Satoshi kon IS shallow, same as uresawa. Because guess what, most people dont want to see uggos all the time. Women dont want to see ugly men, moids dont want to see ugly woman. But for some reason you only have a problem with women expressing this sentiment, and praise scrotes who put ugly female characters in scenes that last 30 seconds, while all their female protagonist are beautiful models accompanied by ugly toad guys.

No. 1933279

File: 1711000461583.jpg (22.71 KB, 500x352, 6bpzuc75gip71.jpg)

Weren't Satoshi Kon movies about actresses and idols for the most part?
I felt like the Paranoia Agent protag was meant to be slightly homely.

No. 1933288

>The female leads are pretty, yeah, but other female characters are more varied
I'm not completely disagreeing with you, but the original argument was that the anime style was same face moeblob- it can be yeah, but to dismiss anime as a whole because of that is silly when other artists and styles do the same. And in the case of Satoshi, while he does mostly draw ugly men and pretty women, his work shows that he can draw unconventional (to anime) and/or ugly women and attractive men (see his work in Seraphim)
Also Misae plays a pretty big part in Paranoia Agent, but alright. And that anon you're replying to wasn't even me, kek.

No. 1933297

She's still attractive, just in a 'moe' way, there is even one scene where they focus on her bra.
I have never seen an attractive scrote in one of satoshi's works. I actually hate how he draws women because they stand like a sore thumb amongst his extremely realistic over detailed scrotes. My biggest problem with people who complain about pretty faces/diversity is that they only seem to see it as a problem when its a woman drawing bishies, but make excuses for straight scrotes drawing ugly men and pretty women. I don't get it.

No. 1933300

Most of those ugly scores come off as mockery though. I'm glad the one from perfect blue gets killed

No. 1933302

File: 1711002470326.png (4.53 MB, 2000x2400, yawara.PNG)

NTAYRT about Urasawa’s women, but I was pleasantly surprised reading the latter arcs in Yawara. There are some women with different features as minor/side characters, but they introduce a couple new female characters as rivals to her. My favorite is Jodie(the big redhead). She becomes Yawara’s opponent-turned-close friend. She has a life of her own and a boyfriend. The one with very short hair is Anna who (iirc) is built up as the strongest opponent. I’ll never know what happens though because english scanlations stopped years ago, but Yawara’s friend (with the squinty eyes) seems to get more focus later too?

I honestly cannot recommend reading the first parts of the story though, it feels like a totally different manga and has annoying forced panty shots and creepy moids. Also Yawara’s main rival in those is a typical rich pretty anime mean girl.
I actually agree with you that Urasawa needs to improve on diversifying his women though, specifically the ones who get main roles. I’m disappointed I have yet to see women even close to Jodie and Anna’s caliber again in the stories he made after Yawara (and Jodie and Anna aren’t even that amazing, just decent/okay portrayals). He goes for basically the same conventional anime girl face for the most important female character in each of his stories. If the “most important” female character has unconventional characteristics (like a hooked nose), it’s in a very male dominated story where she’s not a prominent character.

No. 1933305

What are you even trying to defend at this point nonny. I like satoshi, cancers is a bitch and he shouldnt have died so young, but denying he's a shallow scrote who liked his women to be pretty is stupid.

No. 1933314

I honestly dont care if he draws pretty women. I am just tired of people dickriding straight scrotes for drawing ugly men, while shitting on women who want to see/draw bishies.

No. 1933333

She can make that built man in the back but draws fat boy cunt art…what a let down. Fat men are everywhere and so are disgusting aidens with guts and half beards. Her and the based Russian artist are opposites.

No. 1933336

is her oc really a cuntboy or is it a crossdressing woman? she called her 'mama' once.

No. 1933363

Agree that anons dunking on her are mostly crabs bitter about not achieving such level of productivity at her age or hate her for the fetish art and that's why they're trying to downplay her work and effort. The Asian art scene is brutal though, her schizoposting must be triggered by the crabs in her own community doing the same as all the anons ITT and having been molded by the equally abusive soviet style art school you can only imagine the standards she sets for herself. The anon in one of the previous threads who said all Russian and Chinese artists have 10 mental illnesses was right.

No. 1933367

He's male (or so she claims) but her calling him "mama" is just typical tranny fetish talk.

Also I don't get why people say mgong's characters are expressive. Maybe in her previous art yes but nowadays all she draws is her fat tif oc with the same lukewarm smile everywhere and then generic pretty anime woman with wide eyed expression no. 688

No. 1933384

File: 1711011036105.jpeg (150.6 KB, 949x1200, IMG_0402.jpeg)

Be careful you’ll just be called a crab.

I sure as shit can’t color or do fundies as well as her but I also sure as shit can draw better profiles.

No. 1933385

File: 1711011062727.jpg (257.36 KB, 540x960, 20210722_224830.jpg)

Does anyone know of any artists similar to bekinski?
I like dramatic color use as well, but I dont find anything really wrong with these colorwise.

No. 1933387

File: 1711011948849.jpeg (563.21 KB, 1125x2049, IMG_0404.jpeg)

No. 1933389

Thank you

No. 1933390

File: 1711012931961.jpeg (298.05 KB, 1124x1788, IMG_0406.jpeg)

Does anyone know colehairlesscat? A TiF of course but I love her sketches, they are so fluid and interesting, and her animation reels using them are so expressive, but all and I mean ALL she draws is herself. Illustrations, characters, studies, you name it, she turns them all into herself. It’s honestly bizarre how she manages it. I want to draw like that but I had to unfollow.

She’s a friend of Nirami on YouTube who also only seems to draw herself anymore. Sad I liked her OCs and lack of coomerism.

No. 1933394

there is a mexican goth artist, I can't recall her username, who also draws only herself. I am honestly weirded out by artists who only have interests in themselves. It's a bit creepy, and gets tired quick.

No. 1933401

I don't find it creepy but I just don't like seeing it. It feels like they are obviously doing it for themselves and that I shouldn't be looking.
But Nirami is fine imo because she's like Sarah Andersen where she mostly draws stuff as relatable jokes. I don't really care for her original art or style in general though. Now that I think about it, maybe that group is trying to build up personas so they can become recognizable outside of art and start streaming or something to make money with content that's easier to produce

No. 1933404

File: 1711016629566.jpeg (1020.08 KB, 3041x4096, Ee6muxA.jpeg)

fujos who transition from drawing yaoi to more typical heterosexual content fascinate me. Do you remember that one creepy artist who drew those strange kid John Connor/Terminator shipping artworks? Well, somewhere along the line she started drawing a female version of Terminator and began making shipping art of female Terminator with John, the T-1000 and Sarah Conner. She also recently created ship art of Paul and his mother from Dine. Although she still makes and retweets yaoi as well, so it's not a complete change either.

No. 1933412

>Fully clothed male
>Woman in skimpy clothing
Every damn time with het ships

No. 1933427

I am doing the same thing kinda, with AI it’s important to attach an identity to your art, so I’ve been drawing myself as an ugly little creature like Nirami does and often posting my irl appearance. But still most of what I draw and post is not myself like Cole. She is so full of herself. This is her bio:
“Yes, you have permission to take inspiration from me. Under one condition: Assure what you create is true to you.”
Like kek

No. 1933432

This style is a good example of what I meant when I said things between realism and mgong anime exist. I love it.

No. 1933476

is starting a stream a good way to get comissions? i have no social media presence. is streaming a good way to build that?

No. 1933659

Anons, what do you do when your art is stagnating or even devolving? This is the case with my commission work. No one has actually complained but sometimes I fucking loathe what I draw for commissions, it's objectively wonky, I used to make better stuff but for some reason I'm really struggling to keep up the quality. I've reached a point where I'm ashamed and I wish I could just delete my commission account.

No. 1933671

I've been paying to enter contests and competitions here and there and, aside from one, have been rejected. Starting to wonder if I should even bother because from what I've read, the fee money I paid is just being used as award money for the winners so it feels like all the rejected artists just serve as fodder. I also imagine I'm being screened out because I only have a small following. It's a bit demoralizing to think about. My professors kept pushing my class to enter contests and now I'm starting to think it's probably another outdated boomer thing they're advocating. Am I not wrong in thinking this?

No. 1933736

what's her twt? her art's degen but well-made and i kinda wanna check it out

No. 1933742

File: 1711041110868.jpg (226.4 KB, 1241x1606, IMG_20240321_140602.jpg)

She lashed out on twitter and got into drama again kek

No. 1933776

tbh I like this kind of shipping art way more than the aggressive sexual dimorphism thay you see with ships that are basically ugly moid x uwuified smol coquette gf. Although I agree with >>1933412 in that the skimpy outfit is dumb.

No. 1933807

tose are pretty standar anime profiles though, but if you wanna try i would like to see your fix of it on the /m/ art thread

No. 1933809

File: 1711045124264.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 3000x4000, [24-02-02] 1753486255260930231…)

Kek i love this retard she draws leon fucking cuntboyfied versions of the monsters from RE. I can respect that tbh.

No. 1933854

ah yes the typical "ur just jelly kek i wanna see you do better then" excuse. way to go, whiteknight nona.

No. 1933884

Jesus Christ spicy straight women and their gross het porn. This shit needs 2 spoilers, I wasn't ready for this nauseating shit.(baiting)

No. 1933897

It's still better than 90% of het porn. At least the monster isnt a big titty woman with kpop face or is being abused.

No. 1933903

then dont say you can do better than her if you cant prove it, that's a textbook example of crabbing.

No. 1933956

File: 1711051935743.jpeg (718.55 KB, 2298x3660, gYK34Rm.jpeg)

I mean, the only non-freak ship art she ended up drawing was also incest.

No. 1933981

mother-son incest at that kek. >>1931616 was right

No. 1934020

I think mgong is just fascinating. I agree with >>1932516 that it's fun seeing a (skilled) artist who seemingly is able to draw whatever comes to mind, which definitely takes a certain level of skill and confidence in your work. Saying she's 'not that good' is mostly cope. I follow quite a lot of Chinese artists and she's far from the only one that will randomly have meltdowns, I've seen some even outright say they have BPD. She just stands out more among them because of her particularly unhinged OCs.
This is more meta to the art salt thread in general, but I always think it's funny whenever this thread devolves into another "all anime art is bad actually" tirade because I've yet to see a single one of them finally show an example of art they think is good that is actually really impressive. Like >>1932852 could be amazing if I could actually see what the fuck was going on.
Same goes for the 'women always have to be pretty' thing. I don't actually disagree, but if we're going to be honest the most common way of making a character more diverse structure (body or face) wise is deviating from the beauty standard. And we all know that if some artist drew a bunch of female characters with eyebags or a slight belly this thread would freak out too.

No. 1934029

Why would you admit to liking this

No. 1934038

I didnt say i liked it, just that i respect her autism. I will take leon fucking ugly monsters over that pickme that draws school shooters ocs and glamorizes them like a pickme.

No. 1934045

> And we all know that if some artist drew a bunch of female characters with eyebags or a slight belly this thread would freak out too.
no one does this here

No. 1934054

No need to unleash your fetishes on us.
I saw that randomly on my tl. That's incest ship art? Damn, I know nothing about Dune.

No. 1934105

The style has develv vibes

No. 1934113

you can pick neither.

No. 1934119

File: 1711057086610.jpeg (32.03 KB, 468x655, images-4.jpeg)

Now that's a name I haven't seen in ages.i miss her schizo pickme posts on how eunuchs were the better women and trying to rewrite history by making ottoman yaoi so much.the twists in her thread were great like when it was revealed she was in a religious cult kek and her uncomfortable relationship with her sister..i wonder where she's now…

No. 1934142

both are still active, still drawing women and calling them Eunnchs and still obsessed with the History of various pedophilic men and Detroit Become Human.

No. 1934158

i feel she stagnated a lot

No. 1934183

File: 1711060885722.jpg (111.78 KB, 1000x1487, [19-12-01] 1201268362753404928…)

does anyone know what brushes he uses? or something similar. I have been using the soft round brush but i wanna brach out to more traditional looking brushes with texture.

No. 1934203

I'm starting to think it's because the artists aren't attracted to women so they default to drawing stereotypically attractive outfits and traits which are obviously mostly shaped by coomer opinions

No. 1934209

women are socialized to be desireable for men. It's also why so many het porn made by women has sexy jiafei women with balloon tits who are borderline naked.

No. 1934406

Ngl when I was younger I genuinely wondered if I was gay moid brained for a bit for wanting male characters in skimpy outfits while female characters in comfy clothes.

No. 1934412

you are based minded

No. 1934424

>gay moid brained
Some of you shouldn't be within 10 feet of any keyboard so we won't get our eyes violated by the sheer retardness you just spewed out.

No. 1934426

It's not a tif thought to have. Everywhere you go, since birth, all women ever see is hypersexualized half naked women next to clothed men and you expect women not to internalize the message that only a woman is made to be gazed at and not a man?

No. 1934428

To be fair to anon, there is a sperg in the sexism in videogames thread who goes apeshit everytime a woman says she wants more sexy men in vidya. She calls every anon who wants more eyecandy a gay scrote and swears women only want men in suits kek.

No. 1934433

Tbf I was like, 14 and knew nothing about well, anything to do with sex.
I figured myself out just fine.

No. 1934442

Tayrt I don't deny it but I can't fathom thinking that I must be a gay moid just because I want some dignity and integrity for how women are represented.perhaps you were too young to understand that wanting a equal scale to objectification women face as a woman yourself or spent way too much time on tumblr but thinking you must be the opposite sex and gay at that(gay men being the most degenerate at potrying women aka drag shows) I don't mean to insult you personally but you have to admit how retarded is that to read

No. 1934444

Do you think "gay moid brained" literally means that anon thought they were a true and honest fag? Do you also think if someone compares their own behavior to a cat, they think they actually are a cat? Work on your ability to understand human speech before you reply again.

No. 1934452

I never had a tumblr or any social media platform.
When I finally got onto the internet and saw women seemingly enjoying sexualizing themselves while seeing objectified men being a thing only for gay men, is it really so retarded that an impressionable kid figures that they're the one that is weird?

No. 1934493

Not at all. It actually makes sense now why you thought that now,glad to see you realized how retarded it was nonnie. It is strange though now that you mention it whenever any yume artist draws a sexy male outfit there are moids seething how it's objectifiying them! And it's totes fetishism despite them drawing more degenerate art(another reason they hate yaoi too). I hate that most yumes and fujos are shamed for drawing what they want.

No. 1934570

That’s wasn’t me but lol watch me, I’ll do it when I get home in a bit.

No. 1934593

File: 1711087335821.png (1.72 MB, 881x1000, k7v0dTX.png)

decided to look them up and their still drawing eunuch/troon art and now they've gotten into Final Fantasy, this is supposed to be that byzantine emperor and his eunuch court official.

No. 1934595

autism in women needs more research

No. 1934596

File: 1711087487462.png (1.17 MB, 800x1067, n3IFzAd.png)

this is what the emperor looked IRL, and while there are no accounts of what the eunuch(Chrysaphius) looked like, he would not have looked like a female supermodel and more likely just a fat man with low-t features.

No. 1934603

File: 1711087964150.jpg (167.87 KB, 800x552, tumblr_mk9oz38h1a1r06zydo1_128…)

I love Takato Yamamoto's art so much. I love the detail of his line work, the coloring style, and the horror elements, and he is super based for depicting pretty doll-faced men as well as pretty women. He has a few pieces of beautiful long-haired men getting tortured too. I love picrel though most of his other art has a way darker/more surreal atmosphere.

No. 1934608

i really like his art too, is there an archive of it somewhere? i want to mass dl all his stuff. I love the way he draws faces

No. 1934613

File: 1711088687779.jpg (360.2 KB, 1181x900, Dr9mlF2UwAAoDdA.jpg)

Not that I know of unfortunately, it seems really scattered. I mostly just download from instagram or dig around on other sites and just happen to find something I haven't seen before

No. 1934672

File: 1711095923384.jpeg (57.45 KB, 554x554, vampire_yaoi.jpeg)

His gay vampire art is so supremo.

No. 1934691

File: 1711100565235.png (1.62 MB, 1701x1665, IMG_2952.png)

Here nonla. Of course she’s a good artist and I’m sure she has art with better profiles but be real those sideways eyes are amateur af.

No. 1934696

Y'all got any unpopular art opinions?
Mine is that I actually really like over-designed vtuber anime designs lol they're just kind of nostalgic and fun to me

No. 1934740

File: 1711105679717.jpg (72.52 KB, 800x800, 1000003529.jpg)

These are all from Scarlet Maniera, although a lot of vampire art is in (I think) allure of pharkamon. They occasionally sell it on Amazon, maybe you could find one for cheaper on auction if you keep looking. If you like this art of his the best, you should buy that book specifically. Altar of Narcissus is the next best one but features more women.

No. 1934754

I still think doing traditional art is more difficult than digital and more fulfilling to make.ive never gotten that full satisfaction after I complete a piece in digital like I do in traditional. I love touching the paint strokes and feeling the texture and love the smell of the paint.learning new mediums and mastering how to paint them within their limitations the sounds the brush makes its very calming for me even sculpting too.digital doesn't have the magic for me but I understand why some artists prefer it over traditional (costs,space,allergy) but I still think that traditional is the harder category of art than digital

No. 1934870

i think my ability with stable diffusion AI is now good enough and i have asked many artist for consent to use their work as training data for other AI models, so far i have gotten 2 that agreed and i did, i made AI models to "learn" their style and maybe it's because im the "creator" of these models but i think they are pretty good and whenever i showcase them on the server i found the artist they act indifferent to them, like idk, maybe they regret allowing me to use their work as data but well they know that if i ask permission to use it then they can ask me to not train the model any further and i'll stop

No. 1934875

>the artist they act indifferent to them, like idk, maybe they regret allowing me to use their work
I'm asking unironically: what kind of reaction did you expect from them and why?

No. 1934879

honestly, i was expecting feedback, like i know that no AI model is perfect on it's first version and i was hoping them to tell me on which areas the model was lacking to improve and capture the true nature of their style.

No. 1934884

I think actively providing feedback to improve an AI model imitating your work makes little sense from the artists' perspective.

No. 1934895

This is so stupid. You’re holding up art that almost looks like an artist’s work in front of the artist’s face and when they have no reaction you go “oh hold on wait a sec,” put it back into your machine, and then shove it back like “there! NOW your value is completely gone. Aren’t I great?” wtf

No. 1934906

AI tards never fails to be the most braindead people in existence, as usual

No. 1934908

do you just not realise how offensive that is wtaf

No. 1934983

Supporting AI in any way is supporting misinformation, cp, and deepfake pornography. Using AI is showing support for all of those things, whether it is your intention or not.

No. 1935008

my feedback is to drop the AI fully and go get your obvious autism evaluated

No. 1935179

Their ability to bait isn't good enough though, you should work on that.

No. 1935188

They were probably just being nice to you and not excited about the outcome.

No. 1935197

I kind of finde# his humans too doll-like in his younger works but I really love his work from the period you posted.

No. 1935226

Haven't seen Dune 2 but the first one did have super weird incest vibes between those two tbh. But I've noticed that US media in general tend to be heavy on parental incest subtext though usually it's more between fathers and daughters.

No. 1935344

What kind of religious cult? Not that I find it surprising with her insane misogyny.

No. 1935369

Your style here is really boring and stiff, nor did you notice and fix any of the technical errors she made either in yours. Hers at least has flow. Anons here seriously need to humble themselves

No. 1935383

Unless you're creating your own sandbox ai that you can work with, as long as it is attached to a separate database, asking for permission will never, ever matter. As long as you are feeding other materials in to it like attached to a booru or google images or if it open sourced with no closed sandbox, you will always be using people art without permission even if you asked the one artist if you can use their image as a main reference. That is still theft. There is no ethical ai.

No. 1935387

File: 1711139404775.png (61.58 KB, 300x300, 1689018938529440.png)

Yours is completly flat. Please draw a million loomis heads before crabbing a better artist next time.

No. 1935388

Same. I love crappy gacha esque designs.

No. 1935397

Not to be a contrarian, but you did do a better job than Mgong, the eye placement in her originals were off.

No. 1935419

File: 1711141234849.png (5.55 MB, 1920x2400, pickmes.png)

To whoever introduced me to this faggot, fuck you. I have never hated a woman more in my life. I hope she gets carpal tunnel and cant draw this shit anymore. She isnt even skilled enough to get away with it like mgong or aurora

No. 1935427

File: 1711141715759.png (1.25 MB, 1235x1111, mgongprofiles.png)

She fixed her eye placement and proportions as she got older.

No. 1935441

….words cant express the wrath i feel right now, imagine being this needy for a moid dick to draw this.. disgusting. this is no different from moids who draw women being raped. pickmes are truly disgusting

No. 1935492

I wish i could speak chinese so i could bother her and ask her what books she studies. She would probably think i am trying to copy her style and block me but it would be worth the shot.

No. 1935502

Is that a little girl with her fingers in the guy's mouth??

No. 1935509

File: 1711145447076.jpg (105.2 KB, 560x1024, m2gong5201-1690363964142821376…)

nta but no, its one of her new donut steels she has

No. 1935530

>technical errors
Do you seriously not see her horrible eyes and ears and dog muzzles and how they are not in the redraw
These are great, she got better.

No. 1935578

Please don't argue with this idiot. At this point it is blatant bait.

No. 1935586

can both of you stop? none of you are better than mgong otherwise you would be drawing instead of wasting time in this weaving basket forum. Like holy shit, go draw.

No. 1935593

That redraw took 10 minutes and I’m sitting on the train to work girl chill. Also no one was claiming to be better

No. 1935600

''no one was claiming to be better'' you literally did >>1933384
>I sure as shit can’t color or do fundies as well as her but I also sure as shit can draw better profiles.

No. 1935602

Were you unable to read 2 out of 3 of those items. She’s obviously a better artist than me overall.

No. 1935608

I'm confused. What does this even mean? She is married to an abusive man but she likes it?

No. 1935611

I genuinely don't understand the obsession in this thread with crabbing better artists. It just feels like a gigantic cope to feel better about your lack of skill. There are so many things to criticize about mgong like her schizo rants or her ugly fat oc, but you prefeer to die on the hill of ''my chicken scratched profiles are better than hers!!1!''. You will never improve as an artist if you are incapable of being humble about your skills.

No. 1935620

File: 1711151508452.jpg (1.51 MB, 2239x2804, 20240206_143402.jpg)

I'm getting flashbacks to pyw chan.no wonder someone who likes the schizo pedos cows art would be as schizo as her kek comeon nonna don't ruin my personal artcow for me

No. 1935622

You are making up people in your head

No. 1935627

File: 1711151646555.jpeg (466.73 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_0925.jpeg)

This, the pedo/troon/furry/moid art dickriding is extremely obvious kek the baiters are embarrassing themselves

No. 1935642

it's because the retards from /ic/ (male and female, i know a lot of women post on there) came over in swarms. the discord shilling was seriously a cancer

No. 1935649

why the fuck does brujo ari get credit for so much shit on Instagram? Everyone acts like she is some god or something.

No. 1935651

samefag, is literally the point to getting popular is trooning your ocs or something?

No. 1935653

She emulates the 2000s art-style, which is nostalgic for many people right now. Also, her art just appeals to girls kind of in a similar way to romance shojo, even though her depiction of kakyoin and jotaro are both gendies

No. 1935654

Makes sense why they started calling out everyone who disagrees with their crabbing their personal boogeyman. The discord mentality explains why they are incapable of seeing their lack of skill, they are coddled and told they are the bestest artists ever uwu so they come here to crab better artists and get angry when anons tell them to get off their high horses.

No. 1935655

forgot to also add that since the characters are supposed to be an au version of other characters (until recently), it attracts more attention. It's just part of a general trend I am noticing where existing characters have so many headcannons on them that they might as well be OCs.

No. 1935685

They could have just said no and i wouldn't have done it, simple as that.
Not bait, I'm actively working with real art and AI
I have made peace with that fact and i still asked them nicely because even if the tool isn't ethical that doesn't mean i can't be ethical myself.
Why? In a way is like having the artist rediscover their own art.
I'm not trying to devalue anyone, infact i belive that AI will give the artist more value

No. 1935689

Question to anons here - do any of you have an art rival? Like someone who works with the same genre as you and is around the same age and similar experience that you "compete" against in your head. Not like obsessive stalking or anything like a vendetta but someone to observe in order to motivate you to improve and to always stay one step ahead. I heard that this is a really convenient way to develop as an artist but on the other hand I'm wondering if it's poisonous to your motivation.

No. 1935737

You are stupid.
I do, albeit mine are typically older than me by ~5 years, I tend to compare their old art to mine when I'm at the same stage/age and take notes of what they've done better and adjust accordingly. It's a roulette of about 7 different artists that changes up occasionally so I don't end up accidentally skinwalking one.
Not one of the anons who said they were better, but pointing out she's fairly mediocre in comparison to similar artists isn't crabbing. She's a good artist, but the people who hate her and the people who overwhelmingly cape for her are just as annoying as each other.

No. 1935738

Everyone in my age range is a digital artist, but I'm a painter. I'd love to have a rival, honestly. When I was drawing with my friends in person in school it kept me on top of things.

No. 1935759

I feel this so much. Something about traditional is satisfying and fulfilling on a totally different level to digital, even when my digital art is 99% of the time objectively better. Like taking a pencil or brush to paper, no screens, just goes right to the soul. Traditional activates more of the senses-the smell of the materials, the varying textures, etc. Plus something about it makes me feel like I'm a kid again playing with crayons, totally disconnected from screens & comparing myself to anyone. And then even after the piece is finished, a file in my computer just doesn't feel as "real" as paper or canvases stacked in my room.
However my love of the process of traditional art is hampered solely by the lack of a transform tool/liquify, lol. Like I'll work for hours on a traditional piece and then when I notice a proportional flaw, or some other flaw that could be fixed in 3 seconds in digital, it kills me inside.
But the flipside of that - does anyone else feel that digital triggers a ton of perfectionism and decision fatigue? Like I often cannot stop constantly flipping the canvas and nitpicking minor errors until the piece is a far cry from it's original charm. Etc ad naseum with all the brushes and tools. It's ironically freeing to NOT have all these options with traditional. But I feel the same way going to restaurants with big menus so maybe i'm just mentally ill kek
For what it's worth I got my first tablet at 11 and my lifetime art-making is pretty evenly split between digital and trad

No. 1935762

every single moid that draws disgusting shit. They motivate me to get good enough that i can draw the same degrading shit but with men.

No. 1935829

New silly poo video

No. 1935830

who cares

No. 1935831

Im already sick of hearing about them.

No. 1935837

There are two artists online that are the same age as me that I "compete" with in my head. They are both, much, much better than me and are very talented. I used to be envious of artists who were better than me while being either younger or the same age as me. I used to be very neurotic and looking at those artists made me want to quit (I used to block them lol). But, I realized at some point that that envy was killing my passion for art. So I forced myself to change the way I think about it, change my feelings into motivation so I'll develop my skills. Genuinely helped so much, I can actually focus on improving without seething with hatred over everything I hated about my art. It's a healthy mindset to have, and I don't think it's poisonous unless it turns into a vendetta.

No. 1935839

fuck off

No. 1935857

pretty good.

No. 1935883

i liked it but wouldn’t this be better suited for youtubers thread in snow

No. 1935924

I did but sadly they've gotten very demotivated lately. Barely draws because they couldn't make a living out of it. I guess I won but it doesn't feel good

No. 1935927

File: 1711185430668.jpg (354.15 KB, 1080x1565, ari2020.jpg)

For many tiktok zoomers her art is an introduction to 2000s cartoon styles. Her art looks cool, is easy to copy and she has stated that she doesn't have any issues with people doing that so the popularity makes sense to me. She was already somewhat popular for mostly on-model jojo fanart, then she starting changing the designs and style and people started liking it a lot more but didn't need to know jojo to follow because she was basically drawing OCs at that point

No. 1935933

this looks nothing like 00s art. It looks like crappier hazbin hotel.

No. 1935934

NTA but she means her newer art

No. 1935936

it still looks nothing like it, unless you mean the fashion. 00s artstyle is crappy wannime and edgy sparkledogs.

No. 1936171

i haven't seen anyone here posting about it and i cant take a screenshot of it right now (sorry) but did you guys see that drawingwiffwaffles posted on her community tab after a year of radio silence?

No. 1936321

Can you tell me what 00s cartoon this looks like Nona? I don't recall 00s cartoons looking like this. Nta but it fits right in with the current decade

No. 1936326

File: 1711214994854.jpg (70.98 KB, 720x763, 9028e3ee8a396e6e24e3a1f022d949…)

I think you're confused. Her style is obviously inspired by tv shows from back then, not the deviantart users that were posting

No. 1936330

This "person"'s content literally nauseates me to look at, I hope her drawing hand gets mangled in a thresher

No. 1936332

Wait, a WOMAN draws these? I always assumed it was made my a scrote, Jesus Christ

No. 1936341

File: 1711216213159.jpeg (326.92 KB, 1196x1200, 3858B6F4-2C4F-4940-AAE3-134262…)

you can tell she is a woman because she tries to add moments of catharsis or cutesy little interactions, but it just makes her come off as a psychopath imo. wish she would just fully embrace the dark aspect of her work, and stop trying to make it into some "bdsm isn't all bad uwu" shit, she genuinely makes me angry for some of her weird takes on the relationships she is writing.

No. 1936346

File: 1711216424036.jpg (57.71 KB, 1062x810, f4901dce49684c8ff8bc750d815bf0…)

nta but it seems very reminiscent of the cartoons on mtv like downtown mat and liquid tv

No. 1936353

want more? aethy.com

No. 1936354

This is quite possibly the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.
Being a pickme desperate for male validation has nothing to do with sex addiction.

No. 1936373

She will get herself killed if she gets a moid.

No. 1936415

i can't stand this pickme ftm and her female genital mutilation fetish. this is also why the anons on lolcow who insist women don't ever draw degenerate shit are dumb. men do it way, way more, but i'm not going to pretend this, the coffin of andy and leyley, all the TIF amputee fetishists, etc don't exist.

No. 1936434

Isn't that ugly soy moid her partner? It's only a matter of time then.

No. 1936441

I feel like this is just the end result of all the attitudes about anything being okay in sex as long as there is 'consent'. I pity and hate her at the same time.

No. 1936442

File: 1711221106124.png (419.99 KB, 751x897, null.png)

She gets triggered when people compare her fat ugly husbando to Cartman, kek

No. 1936443

File: 1711221215347.png (Spoiler Image,6.49 MB, 1920x2400, IMG_7241.png)

Yeah she fantasizes about her moid murdering her apparently

No. 1936444

>mocking my body/trauma
Is this artist claiming to actually be a victim of FGM?

No. 1936454

How mentally ill do you have to be to find this hot

No. 1936466

How do I say "Autistic Moids Do Not Interact" in the most efficient and discrete way on my contacts for professional inquiry? There has to be a way.

No. 1936476

I really miss the Zelda fanworks she did. Her current works are so alluring too. Her gallery is an absolute pleasure to go through, and she seems pretty nice to boot. Checking off all the good parts of a list.

No. 1936483

Considering she's mad about the cartman thing i just thought she was fat lmao

No. 1936509

Responding to the “you can’t cum anymore” response by saying it’s making fun of her body/trauma is what made me raise my eyebrows cause what

No. 1936516

I don't believe she's experienced FGM, I'm not going to lie. She seems to fetishize women's trauma because she hates her own female existence and anatomy. She probably thinks actual FGM victims deserve it in some way. Something about this person is so deeply insidious and offputting to me.

No. 1936517

Inspired is the closest I'll agree on. Imo 00s cartoons didn't have those oot crazy hazbin hotel smirks/expressions. The exaggerated gestures/poses and silhouettes are common on instagram nowadays(very 20s). That's just my opinion though

No. 1936525

File: 1711226862635.png (343.13 KB, 747x872, kfd.png)

Samefag, yup.

No. 1936535

Wait, is this the same woman who was looking into some shady back alley doctors to get her clit removed to live out her nullification kink? I vaguely remember her being posted in some thread on lolcow before but it could've been some equally insane fetishist.

No. 1936540

Her OCs here are asian but she's a white french woman. Like other anons said upthread this is polyglotplatypus and is also most likely that one artist who makes comics pretending that she's a half asian woman fucking her actual dad. I went through her old tumblr and she used to be a soooper gay nonbinary tif but admitted that she finds maledom and het more erotic than gay stuff lmao. She used to get cancelled a lot on Tumblr for posting about father daughter incest ships

No. 1936560

I feel like the amount of actual sex someone like this has had is so close to virgin

No. 1936587

What Hazbin expressions are you even talking about

No. 1936626

File: 1711231104615.png (84.66 KB, 275x275, 1711230828292.png)

Ironically, the more extreme a fetish or fetishes an artist has the more likely they're virgins or have had little actual IRL sexual experience. They literally let pornography online supplement actual healthy sexual experience and development. There's a reason most nerds online will label themselves asexual but then have a weight gain, vore, mpreg, piss and rape kink combo. It is rare for someone who's had a normal sexual development to have this. I have seen that happen way too many times to count. I call genuine bullshit on Null saying she wants that to happen to her, she reeks of try hard insecure nerdy woman who consumed pornography from such an early age that nothing vanilla gets her off anymore hence why she is now jilling off to clit removal, developed and extraordinarily unhealthy idea of sex, never developed the shame to combat and grow from this damaging perspective, and possibly uses edginess, pornography, and being horny to supplement an actual personality. This is so textbook it's not even funny. Pornography truly is a poison for the mind abnormalize what would've been just normal nerdy women.

No. 1936637

What does the artist look like? Wonder if the male OC is a projection of her own insecurities because why else would you draw adult Cartman with unbelievable floppy moobs.

No. 1936638

File: 1711231531957.jpg (1016.93 KB, 3264x1303, wjdh`f9hjf2h21gvbi9vwy.jpg)

I don't like her art but you are obviously reaching. I'd call her expressions pretty bland if I'm being honest.

No. 1936646

File: 1711231769881.png (171.06 KB, 742x852, cantcum.png)

Spot on.

No. 1936665

I talked to her on discord once. At the time her explanation for wanting her clit removed was that she hated how horny testosterone made her, and was trying to talk her phallo butchers into FGMing as well while they were at it. This was a few years ago. I don’t think she has any interest in actual mutilation. I think she gets off on horrifying people with the idea, it’s some kind of exhibitionism/attention seeking thing.

No. 1936679

After knowing she was a tif in the past I think that fat pedo is her self insert or her "tifsona"
I agree,most NSFW asexual artists I've seen have the most degenerate and rancid fetishes while claiming to be replused by it. I don't think asexuals don't exist but not in the sense a Tif would think they do. I think most traumatized women affected by sexual violence can experience it and want to stay away from anything sexual as a way to cope so they identify as asexuals to label their discomfort but even in that assessment I could be wrong and it could be a different terminology for it but one thing I can certainly say that null is just larping and I'm horried to think that she thinks gential mutilation is kinky since actual women face it against their will in alot of african countries I'm just disgusted by her

No. 1936683

daria is from the 90s though.

No. 1936688

kek does she really think her fat pedophile moid oc is hot shit?

No. 1936689

God it's like I'm looking at Nemu but it's not really her

No. 1936696

at least nemu was into ugly men dying from radiation poisoning and barfing into containers and now this weird pickme shit

No. 1936708

Yeah, like 90% of Nemu's tastes surround men suffering

No. 1936715

File: 1711236118983.mp4 (1.31 MB, 1280x720, [24-03-21] 1770914576139522456…)

I dont know if anyone else is following all the crappy youtuber made pilots that are currently in development, but mark uploaded a snippet of his pilot on twitter. It's so…bland, i dont understand who's the audience for this. The designs look like some crappy forgotten hanna barbera show from the 70s, but the premise is trying to be emotive. On other news, daftpina cancelled his pilot because people called it ugly kek.

No. 1936814

NTA I know they're both technically tifs, but Brujo's ocs look like they were made for the spicy straights thread lol

No. 1936847

Tbh her art lost all of the appeal when I found out both are tifs lol. I just thought they were someone's 90s/ y2k throwback ocs

No. 1936918

Her Jotaro just looks like that guy from Daria

No. 1936941

God I hate these blobby round designs and beanmouths. I know everyone makes fun of the Hazbin Hotel designs but god damn at least it has an original style unlike these Adventure Time/Steven Universe character copies

No. 1936951

Share the caps.

No. 1937010

I keep thinking about this artist I followed a few years ago who would draw idv shipping art of the acrobat and the prospector, unfortunately cant remember her username but I remember she had an account on pawoo or some other mastodon site where she would talk about being suicidal and self harming.. I hope she's still around somewhere

No. 1937022

Why do you degenereates have to keep announcing your retardation ITT?

No. 1937039

Kek anon is asking how the woman who drew it finds it hot. The reading comprehension problem on here jfc. Anyways, the artist seems like she has genuine issues and unresolved trauma.

No. 1937096

Why do retards flock to this thread?

No. 1937099

File: 1711274761455.png (841.53 KB, 618x897, image_2024-03-24_210808653.png)

The /ot/newfag plague is horrendous, can they please lurk and maybe invest in picrel before sperging out

No. 1937167

Nta but fairly clean sketches are chicken scratch to you? The fuck

No. 1937180

File: 1711283231262.jpg (488.21 KB, 2808x1782, [19-06-03] 1135479045016080384…)

I just found out about this guy and i kinda feel bad for him, he had the generic AI slop style way before AI was even a thing. Have you changed anything about your artstyle thanks to AI?

No. 1937214

File: 1711286103976.jpg (1.58 MB, 1078x4273, Screenshot_20240324_081550.jpg)

I'm happy to see that. I had thought she might have passed away


No. 1937217

File: 1711286163613.jpg (1.47 MB, 1079x4176, Screenshot_20240324_081656.jpg)

No. 1937233

File: 1711287059295.jpg (68.51 KB, 564x1063, montblanc.jpg)

It's a female artist, nonna. I know because I remember her posting her tits on Twitter a lot in the past, kek. I kinda like how she draws the clothing in this very clean, straightforward way, but yeah, she has a perfect soulless animu style for the type of games she worked on.
To answer your question, the only thing that I took out of AI was reflecting on the contrast, levels and a bit on saturation of my drawings. Other than that, when I tried to replicate some AI shit I just realized that all those nonsensical details the AI adds are too distracting for me, and if I tried to fix it the entire image would start to fall apart. Studying and replicating art made by human artists works much better for me.
AI images are perfect for the current algorithm of just looking at an image for a second and then scrolling past. It has enough going on that if you only look for a brief moment your mind will fill the image in your head but the more you look the worse it will get. Personally, I prefer to prioritize people that can actually appreciate my art instead of those addicted social media scrollers.

No. 1937247

>It's a female artist, nonna
i suspected it, mostly because i barely see waifufag moids draw men and because of the attention to detail. She's incredible at painting clothes.

No. 1937403

File: 1711296033268.jpeg (601.34 KB, 1125x1592, IMG_1501.jpeg)

Some retard is claiming to be SoapOpera46 for attention. The audacity.

No. 1937408

File: 1711296125601.png (1.18 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_1500.png)

Soap opera doesn’t use gradients in her art nor has her real identity been revealed. She still posts on her DA and her current art does not look like that.

No. 1937409

File: 1711296188428.png (1.36 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_1502.png)

Here’s her art from LAST YEAR.

No. 1937429

the way this girl is pretending to be male as well, lmfao. why even try this?

No. 1937435

Soap’s birthday is August 1989 and has a Latina accent.

No. 1937465

I was refering particularly to this piece. >>1935927
But if she also created the piece on the left that you posted then yes that does look 00s.

No. 1937550

Do you ever feel like, addicted to drawing? Sometimes all I want to do is get home from work and draw. I just want to get my ideas out. I'm not sure why I get so excited.

No. 1937555

Where do you nonnas advertise your commission art? I just can't with twitter anymore. All i get is scammers now. Facebook is better but i wish i knew better sites.

No. 1937663

i also thought she mightve passed away, her post brings up a lot of questions about her illness though. ive never heard of a drug you need to be on for physical healing that puts you in unending psychosis

No. 1937694

She may be saying that the side effects of the medicine either trigger psychosis or they are bad enough that they have detrimental effects on her mental health (this leading to the psychosis). That was how I took it at least.

No. 1937704

fuck no, you'll have to take my word for it. I'm not risking people finding out I use this viper's nest of a website kek

No. 1937724

I wonder how fair it is to compare an artist to "AI slop" when it was probably their styles being stolen for the AI to be able to make that stuff…

No. 1937730

File: 1711315539991.png (227.69 KB, 472x413, 1709562743643.png)

>vipers nest
Kek but come on nonny you can crop the conversation and hide conversations that can reveal you dont drop milk and don't expect to show caps

No. 1937733

Very unfair bar Sakimichan and her clones and any moid who draws rendered porn.

No. 1937749

I set up a bot (Postybirb) that reposts "commission reminders" once a day to my art site of choice. I think the best time to do it is when viewer traffic is high?
disclaimer: I use Furaffinity. Might not be applicable everywhere.

No. 1937760

any ancient nonnas around that remember deviantart drama? I randomly remembered Amuria today kek

No. 1937784

File: 1711318019617.jpg (165.49 KB, 700x600, zaikudo art.jpg)

I remember the whole thing with Zaikudo. Her art was super good to the audience I was a part of (picrel), people started stealing it and reposting it without credits or permission. She DFE and ran to some secluded website, and then ultimately died.

No. 1937834

Late but is this the artist who cribs Daria’s style? Her characters are not even palette swaps and straight up stealing. Her Jotaro fanart OC look like Quinn and Trent.

No. 1937859

Same but I’ve started relying more on traditional but use digital for palette choices or checking values so I don’t overwork a piece which is easy to do with digital.
I’m retarded lol that’s her. I hope zoomers can check out original cut Daria. The DVD set scrubbed the original music which added a lot of depth to the time period.
Thanks anon. I don’t know what auto immune she has but it sounds like she was on the wrong medication or the only one that would help and had really bad side effects. She wanted to get back to normal by posting a video but also felt awful for abandoning her audience. I understand that and it’s good to see she’s feeling better but it sounds like she still needs to time recover physically and mentally.
I remember sparkle dogs and dolling drama. Also that KH artist with gatcha designs before gatcha was a thing. SaphyDraka? She passed away a few years ago. Her style was eye searing but you could tell she had fun with it and wasn’t too serious about her work.

No. 1938100

>I just want to get my ideas out.
I'm suffering something similar. I'm autistically obsessed with a certain piece of media and my head is constantly filled with ambitious ideas that my skill can't match or i'm just too exhausted to pour into a canvas in a way that satisfies me. Very unhealthy but i'm trying my best to chill and enjoy the process a bit instead of being obsessed with getting things out of my brain.

No. 1938123

Does anyone know why there’s next to none female POV porn art but there’s millions upon millions of male POV art fucking random anime girls? I never understood this. Even other women artists draw oversexualized women and the ones actually attracted to them draw them dressing like nuns. I hate it.

No. 1938138

File: 1711338459865.jpg (4.29 KB, 183x275, 1000003558.jpg)

Do you mean pov in straight porn where a woman just lies there and stares at a man thrusting in and out of her making that one face, you know this one

No. 1938152

Because women are socialized to be desireable for men. A lot of women, specially nerdy women, feel like they arent deserving of love unless they look like those plastic kpop girls. So instead of being like moids that draw generic protags, faceless protags or downright ugly bastards, they draw the protags/self inserts as male approved bimbos. Male sexual fantasies revolve around nerdy/average guys getting a hot 11/10 bimbo who loves them for who they are. It's fucking depressing. I feel like that's also why so many nerdy women like ugly characters, they feel unworthy of hotter male characters so they attach to the ones that they could realistically obtain.

No. 1938156

I'm attracted to women so I do want to see her face not some moids. I'm guessing the straight artists are willing to please men by showing faceless man with beautiful woman. Feels like I hardly see women drawing worn to begin with because it could ruin their image, they don't like it, or it's some brainrot gendie shit. Mine isn't shown either though.

No. 1938158

NTA but yes that's what looks hot with a husbando on top kek

No. 1938176

who the fuck cares about degenerate porn other than coomtards and pickmes.

No. 1938178

NTA but anon… some women like looking at drawn porn that are neither. And I don't even like 3DPD or 2D but still know fairly normal women who occassionally look at nsfw of their husbandos

No. 1938187

women like porn too, just not the male coomer type.

No. 1938189

Stop with this puritan bullshit, women can be horny too

No. 1938334

Lol, every time I think my fetishes/kinks are too much, Im quickly reminded that Im very much normal. As a woman and nsfw artist,
I genuinely love illustrating that kind of content, because its just fun, and I love being able to draw and depict the sexy things I wanna see… But slicing off body parts is where I draw the fucking line. The fuck kind of fetish even is that? Im all for letting people be horny, but some fetished absolutely deserve to be criticized.

No. 1938344

Men deserve to be beaten though, and in the best case scenario amputated.

No. 1938350

File: 1711364064050.png (91.27 KB, 256x512, reimu.png)

How do you design memorable characters?

No. 1938361

literally playing touhou 15 as i saw this. I love zun's character designs so much but I can't figure out why

No. 1938363

Sakimi is lewding my husbando and I have issues kek, so she (and her team?) finally bit the fanart for women part eh? If her art didn't look so bad (to me) maybe I wouldn't have such big issues with it.
but oh boy, she's raking in the cash isn't she?(this is an imageboard)

No. 1938365

File: 1711365675064.jpg (73.9 KB, 305x512, moco.jpg)

same, nonny. He has the art skills of a down syndrome toddler but he's really talented at creating unique designs.

No. 1938366

shes been drawing flavour of the month husbandos for years, i remember she drew the animal crossing cat. whos your husbando?

No. 1938371

File: 1711366321476.png (619.59 KB, 640x480, image_2024-03-25_223010340.png)

There's something about art made by people who draw very poorly yet have very clear passion behind what they make that makes it incredibly appealing (was going to say men, but SoapOpera46 and captainhowdy have the same appeal). Interesting how the reverse of that, great skills but no art autism, is always bland and unappealing.

No. 1938373

File: 1711366574125.png (2 MB, 1440x810, 2hou.png)

I never liked higurashi designs. I think the original oven mittens designs are definetly unique and i like them more than the remakes, but i feel like once you take the style away the designs are very bland. Zun's designs look amazing when drawn by skilled artists.

No. 1938376

Agreed, once they left the mitt phase they were just average anime school characters #2891023. I've always wanted to get into Touhou for the designs alone for years and years, never got around to doing so. I think his strengths are in balancing the design and creating a good shape (as in with clothes, not shape language) and colour scheme.

No. 1938380

She also did reverse villains years before that Disney harem game came out. Her art looked better but something looked off when she would draw men. Sorry for your loss anon kek.

No. 1938381

File: 1711367389304.jpg (366.33 KB, 850x961, patchy my beloved.jpg)

> I've always wanted to get into Touhou for the designs alone for years and years, never got around to doing so.
do it please i need more women to get into shmups! its really easy and acessible to play, it just takes time to git gud at it.
>I think his strengths are in balancing the design and creating a good shape (as in with clothes, not shape language) and colour scheme.
i agree, and also mixing japanese elements with western ones, it gives the world a very unique feeling that makes it stand out amongst the sea of all western inspired or all japanese inspired games/anime.
I am designing characters for my own shmup and i am praying i can make characters as unique as touhou…

No. 1938385

File: 1711368308802.png (667.93 KB, 655x753, sakimi_op.png)

She always drew husbandos and they just looked weird, sorry for your husbando. She drew mine too and looked like shit as expected kek. I went to check on her because of your post and holy shit, she just gave up.
>remember she drew the animal crossing cat
That one gave me nightmares, I rather not remember that

No. 1938393

File: 1711369064284.jpg (88.87 KB, 736x828, oldart.jpg)

nta but sakimichan will always baffle me how much a artist can go down in skill,her old art had more emotion than the AI coom slop she churns out its just mind boggling she took the cheaper and quick way out and now shes drawing this trash for years i think the only good side to this shes getting paid for it but damn what a legacy to leave she used to one of internets best artists.

No. 1938394

sakimichan is a cautionary tale to me to not chase coomer money

No. 1938398

To me, she only had a brief period in which her art was very nice, but the microsecond in which she began making more and more coom infested art, everything went downhill.

No. 1938401

File: 1711369809240.png (3.56 MB, 2115x1341, 2011vs2024.png)

She must hate what she does, it must be the reason why the drawings got so shitty. She does it for the money, but I feel like she's must be loosing her mind after all these years.

No. 1938405

File: 1711370111834.jpg (130.35 KB, 426x600, 001 (1).jpg)

Nayrt but I can't agree more nonnie. Picrel is the promo art for a visual novel I played where the in-game art was somehow even worse than ZUN. Yet this game was one of the greatest masterpieces of pure schizophrenic autism I have ever witnessed that the art grew on me so much and even contributed to the feel of utter ugliness and despair the author was trying to convey (literally she is De Sade come to life again). It really inspired me not to care about art quality in media anymore and valuing instead the pursuit of the author's pure unadultered devotion to their idea. I'll take art so bad that it's good to webtoon clip studio asset jelly style or whatever perfect flawless but souless art any day.

No. 1938406

Does Sakimi even earn as much as she used to knowing her artstyle is so generic and shitty that AI can replace it?

No. 1938411

What game nonny? also i agree. I used to always put off learning how to code because i wanted to get really good at art first, and now i realize it doesn't matter and that i wasted years not improving on a really necessary skill for nothing.

No. 1938412

Kek now I wanna play this with my shitty Japanese skills. I think if something is disturbing in nature or has the feeling of being outsider art, poor art kind of adds to it. Im always a sucker for the bizarre and strange

No. 1938426

so greedy. she was already making so much money on patreon when her art looked like a human was behind it. but she wanted even more i guess.

No. 1938430

File: 1711371765917.jpg (Spoiler Image,715.99 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Jujutsu Kaisen - …)

Pic related, don't bully me kek.
I knew she drew men but haven't followed her stuff in YEARS.
>i remember she drew the animal crossing cat
Raymond? I miss having a switch, I got him as one of my starter villagers.
afaik she had a team that helped her or something but her stuff now hurts my eyes and brain
Iirc someone was tinfoiling that she might even train an AI on her art and make stuff that she retouches, or something like that
sakimichan will always baffle me how much a artist can go down
I first discovered her back on deviantart, she sold her soul for money

No. 1938432

Wow Amuria, I remember being jealous as a fellow “13 yr old” thinking “her” art was shit lol

No. 1938434


No. 1938448

File: 1711374109403.jpg (64.19 KB, 700x466, DvVGb5nV4AAaoE2.jpg)

Shitoku no gyokuza. It's a free game but jap only, though it runs well with agent if you wanna MTL. Writing is simple so its quite readable.

Also I relate a lot, nonnie. I've spent my entire life being somewhat ashamed of my art for being bad and grinding the aesthetics of it instead of simply following (and discovering) my passion for stuff.

Kek nonnie I highly recommend it, it's one of my favourite visual novels I've ever played, if you like utsuge you'll be amazed at how something like this is free. There's probably something deeply wrong with the (female) author but it makes it even more entertaining. The whole game is a neverending spiral of despair it's honestly amazing. It also has one of the scariest villains I've ever seen in a game. Also recommend it for the haughty egotistical asshole mc being absolutely destroyed. Picrel on the left also my husbando. The art is also, of course, extremely bad.

No. 1938482

no offense but this looks AI generated.

No. 1938495

wow! I remember the crazy discord with Snapesnogger. She was insane before it was normal to be insane in today's climate.

No. 1938511

well yeah, the AI is trained on her

No. 1938522

Snapesnogger is so tame by today's standards I wonder why she was such a huge deal to begin with. Yeah, she created some snake things getting pregnant and sucks at taking criticism, big whoop. Now that means nothing, I guess we could've never guessed where things would go in ten years.

No. 1938523

She's been using AI. That's a bigger issue.

No. 1938533

File: 1711380260915.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.2 KB, 641x918, GBPZT-nW0AAxef8.jpg)

Her current art looks so low effort and lazy that I want to believe she's already started fresh with an anonymous side account where she draws what she actually likes and on her main one of her assistants is just fucking with her coomer followers making the least effort they could to get their money. She's literally drawing the same corny "sexy nostalgic children's show character with her comically large tits in the focus" picture over and over again with cheesy porn dialogue that's exactly like those uncanny moid fetish comics. Even the replies always sound like bots.

No. 1938713

She just goes in and fixes some stuff, yet it's all ai and trained on her old shit, obviously, but I can't trust her because while it looks like her stuff, we don't know if she has other artist's work in there as well that she's mixing it with. She can edit it any way she wants because she is an artist. Sakimichi really bitbro'd her fucking art and now she just puts a massive bad taste in my mouth. I don't even care she's doing coomer shit, I'm mad she is lying.

No. 1938738

File: 1711392995029.jpg (71.34 KB, 736x736, 219640f965cfcccc388ec5864ef1af…)

Does anyone have more info or something more in depth about picrel? I went looking for "decration art tutorial" but was met with nothing. I even considered it being an engrish version of "decoration"

No. 1938744

File: 1711393255817.jpg (351.32 KB, 2048x1496, 1692625792326.jpg)

i think by decoration they mean the color hues theyve used as in the lights or reflective light heres one similar one, theres a good course by peter chan on color that can help!

No. 1938754

Is there a good place y'all Nonas use to hoard tutorials? Tumblr used to be THE place for it but nobody can so much as show a titty lump without getting hit with the NSFW label.

No. 1938761

I use pinterest but it got a whole can of issues if you look past the ui. Sometimes a great piece of art shows up on your feed and you can't to seem to find it on top reposting without a sauce. You have no clue the amount times I found something only to find dead links freaking everywhere. Oh, and the AI. It's always the AI.

No. 1938762

i hoard it on my laptops and harddrives i dont trust cloud nor any social media accounts except for private telegram and discord .ive found dropbox to be helpful to hoard courses i want to share.

No. 1938778

File: 1711396736051.jpg (2.96 MB, 790x17888, Sa6958f3e1d744cd29f966502fd734…)

hard drive/external hdd, I've been hoarding stuff for years, never trust websites/cloud, always have multiple physical backups
pixiv has a lot of good tutorials, get a pixiv downloader extension and knock yourself out
weibo/bilibili/huaban for chinese tuts
if you see anything you like on pinterest, download it, cause they've been removing pins like crazy in the past months, nowhere is safe unless it's on your HDD

No. 1938812

That blonde witch, the crystal wing girl, and the silver hair maid girl I've always remembered despite never playing. I believe it's that they have a set theme and color palette with bright colors to match. So many character designs want to be fancier that you lose whatever objective the design is. If you can't look at a character and go: yes that's a vampire, a healer, or mechanic the design isn't working. I couldn't tell you what the genshin characters roles are by looking at them.

No. 1938827

File: 1711400093829.jpg (37.05 KB, 587x572, 123.JPG)

So pronouns have more power and are they the ones that affirm whether you are a man or a woman?
I like this artist and I'm glad that she remains strong in the face of her illness. Who hurt her so much by thinking that not having a uterus makes her less of a woman?

No. 1938832

File: 1711400210211.jpg (66.93 KB, 614x564, 1234.JPG)

No. 1938833

Psst, wrong thread

No. 1938835

Might be the wrong thread, but it makes me wonder why there's a prerequisite that artists have to be absolutely scrambled in the head to do what they do for a living.

No. 1938846

Your rant is welcome on /2X/

No. 1938852

Lots of women feel "less female" after invasive surgeries amputating parts of their reproduction system and being left bald by chemo, it's often very traumatizing for them especially if you've always been very feminine. I've known many women who have gone through it and they haven't been "absolutely scrambled in the head" but regular normie women. It has nothing to do with evil wokie gender brainrot and you rarely understand it before you experience it yourself, especially with cancers of the ovaries, womb and breasts the hormone treatment can mess up your sense of identity really bad in combination of the other medical procedures. It's honestly extremely shitty to be nitpicking a cancer patient like this, not the time nor the place.

No. 1938854

File: 1711401898734.jpg (169.46 KB, 1080x1135, 20240325_143105.jpg)

Null's former friend Terry (Tbrainrot) confirmed it as a larp lol

No. 1938869

We've talked about this multiple times on lolcow, it's a larp.

No. 1938882

File: 1711404174302.png (519.25 KB, 951x1052, commission_prices.png)

Sage for non-milk and sorry if I'm being too salty, but I was checking one of the convention artist discords and I feel like these people are being delusional and giving bad advice. They're acting as if hobby level drawings with frankly VERY wonky anatomy should be priced the same as an "average wage" worker. It's not an attack on the person who made them, but more so on the others for giving bad and unrealistic advice. The person hasn't ever done a single commission before (despite saying they're opening them "again") and the others are just screaming about the prices being "too low", when clearly no one even wanted to pay that much for them! The reason artists deserve pay is because they put in the effort to get good, but this person just isn't at that level yet. It's not fair to make people pay full price for your "still learning how to draw well" drawings. Most educations have a practical period where you go and do work for free as part of the training for the job, before you're good enough to actually get paid for your work.
This is just one single example of it, this is a thing I keep seeing over and over and it annoys me (and no, they're not just kids most are adults).

No. 1938890

20 euros is perfect for that level of art lol.

No. 1938896

These people should learn that labor costs isn't the only variable defining a paycheck, but also the amount of demand. Selling commissions is being an entrepreneur so you putting in hours into something is always an investment and thus a risk - you might spend 5 hours working on one piece and get pocket money for it because that's how your clients value your work, the labor committed doesn't transfer directly into minimum wage. If these people want a solid wage they should seek employment from industry jobs instead of struggling to pay their rent by trying to charge $100 for a beginner hobbyist level headshots.

No. 1938897

If someone is willing to pay then so be it. Clearly people are willing to pay for this level of work at higher prices then so what. If they don’t sell the the logical thing would be to reduce prices until they find a buyer.

No. 1938899

External drives. If you wanted to be super safe an SSD then,

No. 1939018

the retards gassing them up better be the ones to commission them

No. 1939022

i will literally never understand color, its over

No. 1939023

terfs say the opposite though? that you are born a female, and nothing can change it. That's why tifs who mutilate themselves are still women.

No. 1939042

File: 1711419392513.png (980.26 KB, 2000x1170, image_2024-03-26_131811135.png)

Nonnie, it's not that hard, once you get past the basics of contrast and saturation, you can learn anagalous and triad colours- also doing colour studies will help tons. Just don't colour pick, try to get the colours as accurate as possible to the reference without it and eventually you'll work it out.
Kek, from past experince they never fucking do.

No. 1939142

File: 1711425787512.jpg (154.84 KB, 1242x1207, 1683754472834.jpg)

It's so hard to design characters. They look insanely good in my head and then when i put the idea on paper it looks like ass. It's also hard to find the perfect mix of simple but not generic, detailed but not overdesigned. At least the project i am working on is just a passion project and purely tailored for my tastes, but i still feel dissapointed on myself and my art skills when i cant make something good.

No. 1939266

>Clearly people are willing to pay for this level of work at higher prices then so what.
But the thing is people are NOT willing to pay, hence why this artist has never gotten a single commission. The others are frankly being cruel by telling her to raise her prices (assuming she wants commissions) because it will put even more people off from buying it. If it was maybe 10 euro I'd say it's a totally fair price for what you're getting.
>the retards gassing them up better be the ones to commission them
In 99% cases they don't, in the last 1% cases they do it to prove they're right, expecting the other person ("friend") to do the same for them as they (try to) sell the same level of art at a similar price (meaning it's essentially just a free art trade).
>These people should learn that labor costs isn't the only variable defining a paycheck, but also the amount of demand.
100% this, I could spend 50 hours building a castle out of my chewed up gum but it doesn't mean it's actually worth 50 hours of paid wage work kek

No. 1939307

Yes, lol. I also dislike her intensely as a person and was cocky at first because I have always been better at rendering than she is but realizing that neither of us had a good grasp on fundamentals is what motivated me to start studying harder. I’m still not where I want to be but I’m finally improving and she’s still symbol drawing years later and still doesn’t know how to render. So yeah, I guess my pettiness is helping my art.

No. 1939332

Extremely funny how everyone picked on her out of jealousy and for her 80% male 20% female mpreg Naga OC when any of it would be considered normal nowdays. I can imagine some of her bullies trooned out too since they were so obsessed with realistic yaois.

No. 1939365

While I agree with the other anon that color can definitely be learned, if all fails there's tons of artists who made a career our of b/w art. Think of graphical artists like Kollwitz and contemporary comic artists or illustrators like Nico Delort. It's okay to focus on what you're good at without spending effort.
Also I think when people have a real affinity for specific color effects I suspect it might often be connected to biological foundations like your gender or specific mutations and you might simply not have that.

No. 1939399

>there's tons of artists who made a career our of b/w art. Think of graphical artists like Kollwitz and contemporary comic artists or illustrators like Nico Delort.
i draw animu nonny

No. 1939469

Are you serious? her art was so fucking ugly back then and her massive ego didn’t help.
that said she seems to be doing well now and her art HAS improved to a level that I can imagine people being jealous of even though it’s not my taste, so good for her

No. 1939509

File: 1711466351196.jpg (430.01 KB, 1353x2048, FiaMC51aYAAQ-lk.jpg)

ayrt, I understand that in a very surface level, but I really wanted something more in depth - especially for traditional art, since a lot of these effects can be achieved with messing up with curves or even filters. I don't know if it has an actual name for this kind of coloring.
sorry to bring mgong up again, but it was the quickiest example I've found

No. 1939515

her style right here was perfect! wish she comes back to her senses and gets back to this style

No. 1939519

No one picked on her out of jealousy. She was insane and thought she was actually dating Snape as a character. She'd fit right in with the loonies today. She deserved to be bullied the same as the people today obsessed with characters

No. 1939523

NTA but I think anon meant jealousy as in people were jealous of how popular she was. She had gained a huge following thanks to her Harry Potter fanart.

No. 1939524

I love this type of autism. I fucking hate how normalfags took over and started moralfagging and sperging over harmless weirdos like her. Everyone involved into old drama sperging, like ED fags, ended up being even bigger and sadder spergs.

No. 1939531

Because filmed porn is for men, so men are cast for dicks and not good looks. Also men don't pretend it's an amazing career in SEX WORK so they prefer to stay anonymous and not ruin any chances of an actual career later.

No. 1939535

I think you just need to look into limited color palette stuff and focus on value and contrast over true to life color

No. 1939540

there are plenty of animu and doujin artists who primarily draw in black and white and are successful? or even plain old insanely popular manga artists whose coloring is not amazing compared to their peers (horikoshi comes to mind) you can have different strengths

No. 1939542

she's talking about art, this is the art thread

No. 1939545

okay there's anime style illustrators that work b/w or just basically color a monochrome base but I gather it's not what you aim at. Then just straight copy what you like until you get the hang of it. do digi artists still post recordings of their whole process? I am old and pretty much learned color via oekaki, it helps to see where other artists apply which effect and where they lay down color more in an alla prima way. I think good color is more often a result of experimentation than learning color theory. A watercolor book that I like that is about finding the points where colors start creating interesting vibes and tensions is "making color sing" by Jeanne Dobie, check it out (imo watercolor instruction suits lots of animu styles.)

No. 1939557

ok i wasn't aware POV was such a thing in drawn porn and misled by the rl foto.

No. 1939564

how do you illiterate normalfags keep finding this site

No. 1939574

ordered like 80 alcohol markers (not copics) cause they were 50% off ( little more than 1 euro), since I can't invest in more copics atm these are gonna be great for practice
dunno if I'm gonna regret this impulse purchase but really looking forward to adding all those colors next to some copics I had
my brain is thinking maybe I should've invested in more watercolors but painting takes a bit more set up
any other trad nonnas who do alcohol marker art?

No. 1939589

File: 1711470334861.jpg (563.43 KB, 876x1030, aurora.jpg)

since nonnies were talking about styles that werent samefaced animu nor hyper realistic, are there more examples of artists that have styles like auroradiation? she does have the perfect mix between realistic and stylized

No. 1939602

Asking for $100 for a headshot of that quality just doesn't seem reasonable. While I understand the need, there are better ways to make a mark than just raising prices because someone said so. When I was younger and started off doing comms everyone insisted I jack it up. My art hadn't yet reached that point where asking for a hundred bucks made sense. Highly recommend working on fundamentals first before investing in comms. You'll net better clients and saner commissions in the long run.

No. 1939606

The way I see it, when it comes to commissions it's less about the quality of your art and more about how much you can get away with charging. I bumped up my commission prices to 200$ a pop because I wanted a break from drawing and people are still paying for them, so it's a reasonable price even if I'm not an amazing artist by any mean.

No. 1939607

Fuck off back to twt and tiktok. holycrap

No. 1939612

File: 1711472375849.jpg (53.75 KB, 600x848, DR6qxPtUEAAllNb.jpg)

rei_17,SuperGrass1004,quruiqing i could go on but i feel like these artists also have a nice balance of color

No. 1939616

As if the people who obsessed about her weren't as insane as her, if not more.

No. 1939622

was it the ohuhu promo? I almost got a set myself, but it sold out
I do and I love them! I like to watch Emily Hughes using them for her portraits, and also mixing in colored pencils.

No. 1939627

File: 1711473611215.jpg (71.13 KB, 564x797, 979a579a6de80714a9a47109957b94…)

That's actually a good tip, I'll try to practice that. I always struggle because, to me, picrel is also kinda in the same ballpark, but my brain doesn't register it as desaturated. When I try to replicate it, it because an ugly, muddy mess. I love those clean, neon pop of colours, but I do struggle to apply it.

No. 1939635

i had no idea about the promo and no, it's Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers, and I meant the 1 dollar thing as per piece, but I had a few already and they're really good for the price, copics are atrociously priced and it saddens me, I need to find a way to get them straight from japan at japanese price
I am eyeballing ohuhu honolulu set or some of the pastely sets, they seem decently priced!

No. 1939795

File: 1711485087801.png (924.69 KB, 696x1012, 1669141854892.png)

What kind of anime? there's really nice b/w anime art, though it will be a struggle if your style is moeblob

No. 1939828

NTA I remember failing color theory in art college twice kek. Some artists just are not capable of doing it I think. >>1939365 's mention of BW art is TEMPTING.

No. 1939857

File: 1711490575578.gif (179.13 KB, 488x498, hell.gif)

nonnies i'm about to start tearing my fucking hair out, i've been trying to find this one specific artist i saw back on deviantart in like 2015 and i can't fucking find any trace of her despite knowing that she was fairly popular
is there anything i can do to find her??? i don't have any of her art saved, i don't remember her username but i distinctly remember what her art looked like and the exact details of several of her artworks
do any of you have any advice on how to proceed? i'm sleep deprived and have no idea if this should even go in this thread but i need to see her art again because her style was mindblowing and i want to study her work so i can improve mine

No. 1939879

try your best to describe the art style, themes, and those specific pieces you remember, some nonnas might know or have an inclination. you never know, so i think it's worth trying.

No. 1939882

File: 1711493231505.jpeg (499.04 KB, 2253x1816, IMG_2391.jpeg)

Hopefully this is helpful; I’ve dabbled in this kind of colouring before and while I’ve not mastered it, these are the main things I’ve noticed while doing studies. You really don’t need a lot of shifting to get a good result, and often a more delicate touch looks better.

No. 1939923

>But the thing is people are NOT willing to pay,
I also said
> If they don’t sell the the logical thing would be to reduce prices until they find a buyer.

Yeah it's a bit cruel that she's in an echo chamber but I'd like to think that eventually she'll be forced to lower her prices if she wants comms.
How old is she anyway?
Isn't this type of style super common? The problem is defining what "animu" means

No. 1939924

Man I really need to sit down and go over every single colouring style, it's like a never ending ocean of knowledge. I need to get out figure/gesture/anatomy hell

No. 1939938

There's a help me find thread. Describe what you can there.

No. 1940095

NTA but I just got into markers and have never heard of this artist but her work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

No. 1940100

NTA but I’ve always been interested in using more hue shifts and this is extremely helpful.

No. 1940150

File: 1711508695570.jpg (398.09 KB, 1920x1080, arvin-zari-ogerio-character-1.…)

I posted this as a question on ic but since no one was willing to answer there (apparently they're too busy posting in the disgusting loli thread) I might as well ask the same question here. So I have been an artist for nearly a decade and have been involved in the art community for just as long.
A question I've always wondered: Why do famous artists act like such assholes and look down on the idea of taking commissions from their followers, even when you are willing to pay well and above their price range?
I have been drawing for years, yet admittedly I still do struggle when it comes to outfit designs for my characters. Sometimes I find myself having the idea for it in my head but just not knowing how to go about formulating it on paper. I was struggling with designing an outfit for my fantasy anime girl OC for half a year until I buckled down and decided to commission another artist on social media who specialized in drawing fantasy anime girl OCs. And with just one commission they managed to fix all the mistakes I never would have realized had I not asked them for help.
Now I find myself struggling with drawing a sort of shounen-inspired fantasy outfit for my male OC. And there was a popular artist I found on social media who was offering commissions to draw character sheets for a while, but mysteriously they took down their commissions post not even an hour after they posted it. This is an artist who is in the industry but even when I sent them a DM asking them for simple art advice they were too stuck up to answer. What is it with famous artists acting like they're too prideful to take commissions, when practically EVERY artist starts out their career with doing commissions before they develop the acquired skill to be acknowledged in the industry?
And before any of you guys reply to my thread with a stupid draw m0ar answer, I will tell you that I have already done that. I am practicing the fundamentals everyday, copying drawing random fashion references everyday, even spending hours admiring shounen art that I like and trying to observe their outfits yet still I'm getting fucking nowhere. So there's that.

No. 1940160


Popular artists are…
stuck up for not wanting to take commissions? Is that what you're saying, essentially?
No one is obligated to keep their commissions open indefinitely. They may be busy working on other projects and don't need or have time to take them. I wouldn't get caught up in a mood like that. Just keep searching for another artist, there are still tons of amazing ones with commissions open.

I do find this kind of cruel and stupid and sometimes I wonder if it's a way to keep an artist who's new delusional about their pricing so they keep raising it hoping for a commission and then never getting anywhere because it's culling an artist with clearly weaker skill.
It's also just that artists suck at being honest with one another about skill levels. It's all 'positive vibes only' until someone fucks up and tells the harsh truth kek

No. 1940169

Ehhh….not really. I’ve browsed their following list, looking for artists up to their par in skill and either they’re not taking commissions either, or I’d have to browse Twitter and find a surplus of amateur beginner artists that would have no idea what to do if I were to commission them

No. 1940213

Can't speak on drawn commissions but I know of a sculpture who absolutely swears off commissions after what she'd been through with commissioners. It's not necessarily you but there's plenty of asshole people who expect an artist to go above and beyond and just act very nitpicky about what they want. And this was a woman who charges a pretty penny for her work and she'd still be burned by people.

No. 1940221

Bad customers, Nona. After a while, every artist is bound to get hundreds of commissions and they remember the worst ones. Sometimes it will trigger red flags when seeing certain designs, or it will negatively affect the overall look of their gallery. I've seen it too; communities can spiritually break a lot of artists.

No. 1940222

is that design supposed to be your goal? it looks like shit and like the most simple thing ever

No. 1940227

kek well this character is younger looking than my shounen character I'm aiming to draw but this piece is goals in terms of character consistency, facial expression and color. The very top left corner drawing is really eye catching

No. 1940228

Why do anime artists shrink the irises to make characters surprised instead of just drawing the eyes wider is what I want to know…

No. 1940229

It looks awful, anon. Just download Naruto and do some studies.

No. 1940232

It looks better

No. 1940251

File: 1711515481566.png (20.26 KB, 507x165, kek.png)

maybe noone replied to you because you already got your answer there? kek most popular artists dont owe you time if they arent willing to take your commission just move on? why are you assuming they didnt take commissions because theyre strictly busy with their own lives or maybe theyre taking up commissions in their free time until the next official contract work came along? how about posting your character design in a art group and tell people to repaint it? or share it with a friend? hell you can even post it in the m thread for nonnies to give pointers on? there are alot of ways to solve this nona

No. 1940263

File: 1711515912517.png (73.28 KB, 3621x234, Screenshot 2024-03-27 010241.p…)

I'm not gonna answer you because I already gave my answer on that thread kek.
If they didn't want to do commissions in the first place, then they shouldn't have made an announcement at all and bothered people with hope. Plus I don't like to mingle in a bunch of art communities online because frankly a lot of people are amateur artists and don't know any better themselves. If I want to learn how to make a decent design, then of course I'll want to consult experts in the field of character design and not some twitter beginner artist who's 12

No. 1940265

Thank you so much for this actually

No. 1940276

>"theyre all stuck up whiney bitches!!"
>spergs on both ic and lc on how they should take your commission because youre a specialfag!
>maybe if they're working in the industry..they prioritize that work more over consulting on yours
>thiz is why ai is replacing you fags!!
i would say good on them. i wouldnt want a client like you either

No. 1940282

Maybe their slots filled up so they deleted it so people wouldn't ask? Anyways just because they're popular doesn't mean they have to give you anything, if they're in the industry and doing commissions like you day, do you think they have the time or energy to hand hold you through shit? Maybe they don't want to deal with randos jfc.
And maybe they shouldn't after reading this very eloquent response of yours
Post your art here >>/m/187240 I wanna see what a decade of your attitude looks like, ad I might give pointers

No. 1940288

you just posted the link to a vent thread retard

No. 1940295

I forgot how fucked linking to other threads was, anyways
>>>/m/359886 should work

No. 1940299

not the nona you're talking to, but all of the art in this thread is autistic beginner cringe. You're proving their case further if they're trying to avoid asking for help from newbies and you're showing them that thread KEK

No. 1940304

I'd rather them post in that thread than here and have more people selfposting their mediocre art to critique. There's a reason the other thread was created.
Anyways I've never posted my art on lolcow so how would they know I'm a newbie or not? I agreed that most of it is beginner shit but what can you do?

No. 1940341

Kek so it's a popular industry artist and the only reason they deleted that is because they sensed you'd want a commission and they hate you too much to allow that. It has nothing to do their popularity getting them more requests than they can actually do in that one hour and you simply being too late. And I don't know if you've ever received a message on twitter or most other social medias, but if you aren't mutuals it first lands in the requests tab that people have to go out of their way to click on which can lead to it going unchecked for weeks at a time. Plus they probably get multiple lost beginners asking dumb stuff, why would they answer even one of them when they won't get anything out of sharing knowledge for free with a random stranger

No. 1940348

Artists don't owe you anything. They don't owe you help, advice, commissions, nothing, even if you were willing to pay. I've had multiple strangers on social media prodding me to hold their hand through their own projects and then get offended when I'm not interested, I just genuinely don't feel like dedicating an entire project to people I don't even know which is why I don't take commissions. I work an industry job that pays my bills and do online art on my free time dedicating it to doing only what I like since I'm not looking to make a profit. I'd imagine that to be case for a lot of artists. You calling someone not willing to be a private tutor for you as being "stuck-up" and sperg about how artists are stupid fags who deserve to be replaced by AI speaks volumes of your attitude and why they're not willling to helping you.

No. 1940360

thanks nonny this is rad, i love this style. I tend to draw men as kawaii desune moeblobs but i like my women to be very detailed, the problem is that when i try to draw them together they clash really hard kek

No. 1940362

File: 1711527531843.png (1 MB, 800x566, image_2024-03-27_192146256.png)

OMG nona that sounds awesome! I've always liked the moeblob vs detailed/realistic person dynamic but it's always moe girl and man and it's very rare to see it not be weird so the reverse of that sounds so cool. Sorry for sperg kek.

No. 1940373

people take our time for granted too much. I used to give advice in replies all the time and started getting the "yeah but uhm I do it a different way? Are you implying the way I do it is wrong?" and realized giving free advice is just not worth it. You keep that shit patreon only

No. 1940380

How can I get better at drawing heads? has anyone tried doing studies of skulls to see if that helps? I know there are tons of tutorials but the head has so many angles and components i always ends up struggling with it.

No. 1940409

What do you mean "has anyone tried doing studies of skulls", everyone does that either implicitly or explicitly if just drawing heads doesn't help. Loomis didn't help me that much but Morpho did

No. 1940422

>Loomis didn't help me that much but Morpho did
that's what a meant. I mostly use loomis method's was i was unsure if doing skull studies would help or if just jumping straight into faces is the same. Sorry for the confusion.

No. 1940432

Well, studying will never be a disadvantage so do some of skulls if you have the time. The order you learn things in doesn't really matter but if you struggle with the outer layer it would make sense to look into how the base works

No. 1940450

pardon me if I'm an idiot and this was asked before, but do you have any suggestions of books or tutorials for learning color theory?

No. 1940454

james gurney

No. 1940499

File: 1711541742732.jpg (99 KB, 564x734, 3fb330c8416854144524ee0131fd67…)

NTA and I have read James Gurney's Color and Light and I love it, but sometimes I really wish I could find a chinese "how to color" book with stuff like picrel.

No. 1940501

whos the artist?

No. 1940505

File: 1711542038248.jpg (273.76 KB, 1132x1600, 5e71f7ad763ba6a51da0965c305d53…)

you should look at yuming li's work. i think there are some process videos and tutorials of his uploaded on kemono.party.

No. 1940516

File: 1711542547719.jpg (310.02 KB, 2048x1229, Ex5Tr9cVIAAVLH8.jpg)


I love Yuming Li! I will definitely go looking for those videos, thanks anon.

No. 1940522

this could be so good but i can barely tell whats going on

No. 1940527

It's just two dudes smoking by a fireplace with a dog

No. 1940529

I know, it's just that there is too little contrast in the dudes

No. 1940613

File: 1711551026449.jpg (47.07 KB, 580x326, i-106.jpg)

Kek what other info could you possibly need to be able to tell what's going on, they're just sitting. That lighting would make every figure look like that

No. 1940727

That's not true, those dudes would be far more back-lit than that as the fire place is so big.

No. 1940747

File: 1711557385109.jpg (182.43 KB, 890x1023, 1000001313.jpg)

Serious doubt that you're actually from the industry, especially when you're on a site like LC kek. Where's your portfolio? You probably just draw like shit and are talking out of your ass just like 99% of people on LC. Picrel is probably your art(infighting)

No. 1940752

I don't think she meant industry as in art industry but rather that she works a normal corporate job and does art on the side

No. 1940763

File: 1711558107256.jpg (2.11 MB, 3179x4435, mrncw4us47r51.jpg)

I don't know why but I really like these type of drawings. The fact that they have been made only using a brush as basic as the hard round brush makes them simple but at the same time appealing. I also think that artists who paint using only one brush are very skilled such as pic rel. If you zoom in you can clearly see the brush strokes made with the hard round brush, but when you zoom out the image looks incredible.

No. 1940777

Artists can choose who they want to take commissions from.

No. 1940803

She literally said she does art in her spare time. Bitter numbskulls like you are the reasons why nobody wants to randomly help other artists.

No. 1940812

jesus fuck, are you okay? work on your emotional regulation ffs.

No. 1940860

a guy almost trciked me into training an AI model on someone else's art.
so i was looking for artist to train models on their art across different discord servers and i liked a picture someone sent, i asked him if i could train an AI model on his art, he said he was okay with it, he wanted to see how a woman would look on "his" style since he doesn't drew women often, he send me "his" material and it was true almost all images were just men which seemed strange and i was halfway through the training when i found one of his image had a watermark for an instagram account which belongs to the actual artist of the pictures, a girl, i messaged her to ask her if she was on a discord server and she had no idea what discord was so i stopped training the model and talked to the guy to say that i have found out about the original artist and that i wouldn't train the model.

No. 1941065

Why would you ask for art from an artist you think should get steamrolled by AI stealing their style? That only really says that you either should be using AI to fix your designs (since it's apparently the same shit that eats their own style), or you should find someone… else…??????????????

No. 1941196

File: 1711577695691.png (63.01 KB, 310x240, image_2024-03-28_091344915.png)

You're so close to getting what the issue with model training is anon. Now imagine if you didn't care or know that the guy was using someone else's work and continued to train the AI on it- it'll now be in the system forever and people will keep stealig from that artist because of it. At least 95% of the art (and writing) used to train AI was stolen without permission and are stuck there for as long as the database remains, that's a little fucked up right?

No. 1941241

File: 1711580517390.png (663.41 KB, 1610x3072, image_2024-03-28_095524563.png)

I found one of of the Feed da Booty pieces and found a whole lot of her other works and honestly it's pretty standard shock photography and performance art. Picrel is her artist's statement.
Is it tasteful? Not really. Is it art? Well if Sun Yuan and Peng Yu can play with dead babies and Damien Hirst can put a cow's head in a glass case and they're considered art, I don't see why this can't. It's not good, but that's the state of post Surrealist art so

No. 1941243

Oh my god now I sound insane, thanks anon or mods who deleted that

No. 1941372

Why are you surprised

No. 1941373

Are you sure this shit isn't satire?

No. 1941378

Yes. That's just performance art for you. Who the fuck would put ice cream in their buttholes for satirical reasons?

That reminds me of that one girl who put spaghetti-o's in her vagina and called it art.

No. 1941385

>it'll now be in the system forever and people will keep stealig from that artist because of it
Anon, that's not how models work lmao.

No. 1941400

I could never. I’m not half has skilled but I also feel like just zooming in makes it feel unfinished. Obviously most people will not zoom in to see each brushstroke

No. 1941434

AYRT yeah, most performace or shock art is either satire or mental illness- sometimes both

No. 1941495

File: 1711598871968.jpg (682.08 KB, 3000x3000, 1000003587.jpg)

Kirbynon has changed me. I thought the second image was Kirby leaking cum from his butt

No. 1941513

it says dont repost nonny you are going to art stealing jail

No. 1941520

So does most of the art that nonnies here post from pixiv or twitter

No. 1941526

its a joke…

No. 1941539

I'm not talking about the performance art I'm talking about the wording. The "we shower and they become my bitches" and "I channeled the spirit of Tupac and I become him" just reads as straight satire. Or else this woman is mentally ill and using hard drugs.

No. 1941549

She did actually cut the words '#yolo' into her skin so I'm guessing she's mentally ill/on drugs with a sense of humour or comes off as having one.

No. 1941588

i am wanted in all of those sites, dont you know reposting art is a serious crime.

No. 1941670

I like when you can tell that an artist is skilled even with extremely basic tools and features. I like it a lot more than overrendered stuff that would look like ass without being adjusted in photoshop with a dozen layers of effects and photobashing

No. 1941692

same, thats why i like rkgk a lot

No. 1941925

File: 1711647969652.jpg (303.98 KB, 1080x1426, cums.jpg)

What the fuck is wrong with scrotes?

No. 1941943

You answered your own question

No. 1941953

File: 1711649476076.jpg (125.05 KB, 656x574, robert crumb.jpg)

Female artists from the 60s and 70s were making cute, colorful, and lovely magazine/podcast art while scrotes were going wild with their degeneracy. I also love Bakshi's movies, but they were pure degeneracy. At least the 80s dark fantasy was much cooler and slightly less degen. If you compare Bakshi's earlier films to his 80s work they are night and day, even if they are still somewhat degen. Also, Robert Crumb is an absolute ancient cow, what an insufferable coomer moid my god. It makes me pissed he outlived Janis Joplin.

No. 1941960

Just watched a compilation of a few of his "performances". "Artist" my ass, that mf was just a sexual predator who found a loophole for his degeneracy.

No. 1941962

Joking is also a crime. I will take you to prison myself, you heinous, uncultured swine!

No. 1941977

This is why I'm for censorship, artists need moral restrictions like this placed upon.

No. 1941981

only for men, they are the ones that commit 98% of crimes.

No. 1941985

nta I would agree with you, but I have come across some very unsavory ladies in my time. Even them. They need all the help they can get.

No. 1941992

No. Artists should be allowed to draw degenerate shit so we can know which ones are degenerates and shun them accordingly.

No. 1941993

then just ban the ones that draw degeneracy depicting women, so everyone can be happy

No. 1941995

File: 1711651289691.png (455.12 KB, 541x889, wolftinger666 aka puppychan.pn…)

I hope I'm not the only one following this wonderful artist. Still. In her new form. What a champion. What a """""King""""".

No. 1941998

God that time she accussed that newsground edgelord sperg of being a pedo for drawing her(while underage) throwing an used maxipad was absolutely fucking hilarious i love tard on tard violence

No. 1942104

Not being funny but whoever this person is DEFINITELY ripped off kilgarra’s art. I’m not accusing them of copying (who gives a fuck) but the obvious inspiration just happened to jump out as me when I scrolled past this

No. 1942147

and what about cases like Devlev who draw women but claim their actually men?

No. 1942150


No. 1942153

File: 1711659019268.jpg (766.89 KB, 2048x1475, tumblr_8da55c66a1c9224a23d1650…)

Omg nonita she's one of my favorite artists, the structure in her forms is goals to me. Now you say it that art does look like the bargain bin version, kek

No. 1942163

women who draw like this are definitely TIFs with a fuck ass masculine haircut like she just joined the marines, guaranteed

No. 1942175

File: 1711659800682.jpeg (105.33 KB, 789x1024, IMG_5893.jpeg)

Well spotted nonnie, kek. Her bio says: ‘you can use any pronouns on me’ BUT she’s otherwise pretty chill and non-controversial so I wouldn’t bother digging for milk where there is none. Plus her art is incredible. All round goat.

No. 1942180

File: 1711659854548.jpeg (516.94 KB, 1487x2048, IMG_5891.jpeg)

(Picrel a cute self-portrait, for good measure)

No. 1942196

She looks like the artist archetype before it went to hell. Why is she entertaining pronouns? Other than that she seems to have decent skills and might be fun to hang out with based on her art. I agree no milk here.
Can you tell who is male or female based on their art style? I’ve found it’s easiest in illustration/comic work but harder with traditional art.

No. 1942369

Where did she post the bottom pic? I've seen all of these drawings except for that one. Couldn't find it on her Twitter pages, unless I'm blind.

No. 1942371

File: 1711672873514.jpeg (2.8 MB, 4500x4661, IMG_9759.jpeg)

billie eillish maxxing
i can’t really point out anything in particular with traditional artwork, but if it’s boring, bland, and activates nothing in your mind but is constantly praised as “high art” in art classes and academia (with the exception of female-created art that’s obviously shown for education and awareness) then it’s definitely made by a man. artwork made by a woman makes you go “fuck yeah!”, you can tell it’s made with soul even if it’s completely ugly as shit and not palatable or enjoyable to anyone or most people like for ex. vaginal art and 60s-70s feminist body photography. like look at picrel, this ugly shit does not make me wanna go fuck yeah, it just makes me think this moid couldn’t be bothered to draw decent pictures of humans because he’s lazy. oh and also if they rip off styles from other women and minorities like this asshole has probably done kek. if they’re culture vultures or create a “style” where all they do is mass-create and mass copy like andy warhol, it’s definitely a moid. if it’s mass-produced, overly palatable to trash people’s taste kind of like modern furry/porn art or those repetitive, boring looking portraits they used to make of old royals and politicians it’s by a man. if it’s overly sensationalist, controversial and hypersexualized to the point of tasteless and absurd parody it’s most likely made by a man. i’m sure i’m gonna get made fun of because this isn’t traditional traditional but traditional-modern art ig. if the man is naked, masculine, unrealistically attractive like in renaissance statues where they try to imitate greco-roman aesthetics, it’s made by male faggots who were channeling porn into church-mandated art because they likely would have been stoned for being outright gay. TIFs don’t usually make shit most people enjoy or want to like, kind of reminds me of fujos and what they like and why they like it which puts most people off. most of it is just based off of intuition

No. 1942379

File: 1711673713342.jpg (1.61 MB, 3264x1678, Judith_Beheading_Holofernes.jp…)

I 100% agree, I feel like you can really tell the difference in the two versions of Judith Beheading Holofernes, you can tell which was made by a woman and which was by a man

No. 1942381

File: 1711674132067.jpg (202.2 KB, 750x800, 1000032008.jpg)

nonnas, would you still buy a drawing tablet even if you already have an ipad? Picrel is one of the models in my list since apple pencil can get expensive. I used third party stylus but it doesnt have pressure sensitivity. I'm also running out of storage so I might as well switch to pc.

i wanna know your opinions and recommendations

No. 1942383

I can definitely tell the one on the right is made by a woman. It’s like I can feel the female rage in that one, it’s connecting with me wholeheartedly. The one on the left looks too sexualized, too much “choke me mommy” male thot energy coming off of it, gross.

No. 1942385

samefag but left is probably re-made by a moid because the way judith looks “remorseful” for killing that poor wittle geriatric moid while on the right it’s pure justice and her face says she isn’t mad about it and had to be done, i love the right one

No. 1942388

Left came before right actually but Artemisia Gentileschi did a far better job

No. 1942396

Honestly if I didn’t know beforehand I wouldn’t be able to tell.

No. 1942398

The right one has far better perspective. The left one is angled like a photoshoot where the painter is trying to fully show all the characters in the image whereas the right one actually has the woman holding him down while he struggles to get away. Also she's holding the sword with an "eww icky" face in the left, looks stupid as fuck

No. 1942399

that’s why it’s definitely made by a man, he can’t ever conceive of a woman wanting to kill him or end his life because men think they’re god’s greatest gift to this earth

No. 1942488

Left also has hentai tier “sheer” fabric exclusively on the breasts that are center frame, and her nipples are visible. Right has clear thought put into the way the blood spilling would look as it soaks into the sheets, and the interaction leading up to this moment. Any one of those details could tell you who’s who.

No. 1942503

also banned because femboys are disgusting

No. 1942506

There's so many elements that are better and well thought out compared to the left. As you said, the blood, and realistic composition, as well as the realistic lighting, the faces on the women, the way she's grabbing a clump of his hair to force his head down, it actually looks in motion instead of staged.

No. 1942527

If you don’t have the apple pencil then yes, I would. While ipad art capabilities are matching up to industry standard, computers remain the default for a reason and I find it far more easier to work with in terms of multi tasking, keeping as many windows as I like open, file navigation, and more. Plus, you can pirate whatever art program you want onto your computer as opposed to paying 10 cuck bux if you want some brush set exclusive to some art app. I do a lot of art on ipad but I always prefer computer. If you’re worried about the lack of a direct screen connection (like a screen tablet), you’ll get used to it so fast, it won’t be an issue.

No. 1942539

I agree the right is better I just don’t get how it’s obvious it’s done by a woman.

No. 1942555

Using Carafaggio as an example of the male gaze is not the choice I would have gone with, but touché.

No. 1942570

imagine trying to snub caravaggio kek. His chiaroscuro is incredible.

No. 1942573

How do you come up with a good art name? I would go the @n_5145147 schizo japanese artist way but my art isnt good enough to pull it off

No. 1942576

Even if Artemisia's chiaroscuro wasn't as dramatic she far excelled him in depicting a more accurate female form moving with a more natural flow, which is exactly what shows in this comparison

No. 1942578

NTA and i agree with you but I like Caravaggio's Holofernes more because he looks like he's actually being decapitated, Artemisas's excels everywhere else but her moid looks already diseased. Both are awesome anyways and make for good banners.

No. 1942585

Absolutely, especially if you do not have an apple pencil. As much as I love drawing on my ipad, it's way weaker than my computer, the layer amount limitation is killing me sometimes and i'm also out of storage. Although, it might be challenging to draw on a regular tablet after drawing on a screen tablet, so be ready to re-learn. Possibly, you might look for a tablet with touch function, i've never had one, but i imagine it might help if you often zoom in and out on the ipad. Good luck!

No. 1942623

The video links seem to have expired. Any other place I can find them? I'd love to see the process.

No. 1942625

The video links seem to have expired. Any other place I can find them? I'd love to see the process.

No. 1942727

it's achooho

No. 1942778

File: 1711741526246.jpg (273.73 KB, 1080x1346, Snapinsta.app_411242402_184102…)

Thoughts on littlethunder? She's like if the ig pinupgirl artists were 100x more skilled. I love her traditional art, but I'm not a fan of the babyfaced sexy girls as the sole suject, personally.

No. 1942874

A couple years ago I thought it was really weird that copic scrubbed almost every reference to the collaboration they had with her.

No. 1942933

anyone else sick of the commission price circlejerk? In a group where a beg artist from Brazil is being told to raise prices. She says she's barely getting coms at her current prices and feels like crap over the whole thing.

No. 1942938

I didn’t bother taking screenshots but this artist has been repeating sharing ai artists in his instagram stories lately

No. 1942950

I like her. I'm not bad about the faces because that might be what she find beautiful. Not every pretty character is meant for men.

No. 1942996

I straight up thouht right was made by moid because of visible cleavage.

No. 1942999

Could combine two objects or things you enjoy into a word scrambler and go with that. The keysmash name might be good if you stick to it in the long term and garner followers.

No. 1943009

File: 1711757252472.png (1.02 MB, 1747x906, IMG_5937.png)

I think I’m retarded because I struggle to draw hands facing out towards the viewer. They look backwards. Looking down at hands makes sense, I can draw that, but when a hand is facing out or holding an object it looks backwards due to thumb placement.

No. 1943013

Wow that looks jarring. The semi realistic body completely doesn't match the generic animu inhuman ceramic looking Christmas ornament face kek.

No. 1943109

is she tanning, did the light travel through the sea and rust her, or is this an art of an alien?

No. 1943149

I love my ipad but a tablet gives you more flexibility. You can pirate programs and have access to more brush sets (you don’t have to sift through the mess that is /ic/) and you can easily go outside the domains of digital art and do animation, 3d art, and even use pixel art programs

No. 1943153


any models you would recommend? wacom is out of my budget and i'm not a professional artist (yet). i'm fine with non-display models.
i know there's tons of lists out there but i figured i just ask here instead.

also, was there any artbook threads ever made? is it even allowed?

No. 1943169

I love her technical skill and more surrealist pieces, I like her faces, they are cute and derpy.

No. 1943180

File: 1711766587503.jpg (250.95 KB, 655x569, Screenshot_20240329_213921_Fir…)

LOVE me some Yuuya. But holy shit on toast her anatomy is so hilariously and laughably bad.
(sorry for text box covering the mess; it's a VN)

No. 1943184

File: 1711766854445.jpg (790.26 KB, 994x972, Screenshot_20240329_214637_Cam…)

samefag Bootlegged from the actual game myself for its full glory.

No. 1943193

It makes me so blackpilled knowing the only kind of success you can have nowadays as an artist is appealing to braindead weebs. The only benefit of xenophobia was stopping this shit from happening

No. 1943199

You should go to a museum or art space instead of having such a narrow opinion from wasting time on chan boards.

No. 1943203

I have them, and even with another artist friend were quite surprised how for the third of the price of the whole Copic set (here's almost $1533 to get the 358 colors), you get 320 colors for $243, yet the quality was way better than Ohuhu.

No. 1943218

Try getting skills and making something isn’t fan art and weebshit and people will throw money at you

No. 1943234

your brain is rotted from watching the same gay japtoons with the same repetitive stereotypes and sexualization of children, it’s not high genius art and it never will be.(infighting)

No. 1943251

File: 1711772809322.png (405.96 KB, 939x582, image_2024-03-30_152304060.png)

NTA but jesus fuck you can't read, maybe you should get a Reading Eggs account. Anon was saying that hundreds of well established and popular artists have never touched anime or weeb-shit, online and offline. Literally look at your country's art gallery website and check out the featured exhibitions, you'll very rarely get weeby art.

No. 1943273

nta but can you please explain what do you even mean by this?

No. 1943274

Girl what are you saying? Genuinely asking, your thoughts sound disjointed.

No. 1943334

I want to turn all of my rough-draft stories into mangas, I would like to become so good I can be able to live off only by drawing and to even see my stories turned into animated series one day. Now I’m in university so I can’t really dedicate to art all the time I want, but once I get a degree I plan into entering a proper art school in my country and to finally walk on the right path.

Also, I want to heal my inner child by learning how to draw dogs (One Hundred and One Dalmatians I love you) and other animals with the old Disney art style, because my little self loved those movies but I still feel intimidated by drawing like that for some reason

No. 1943335

Yes I do and I’m so happy when this happens

No. 1943336

File: 1711786886666.jpg (101.5 KB, 453x640, LITTLETHUNDER.jpg)

In all honesty I find her newer work so dull. Her older art had so much more variety and style, now it's just babyfaced sexy girls and pinups. You'd probably never guess that the art in picrel was made by the same person

No. 1943346

File: 1711789826159.jpg (606.94 KB, 1200x1200, 1200x1200bb.jpg)

I haven't looked at her recent work but I know her for her album cover art for this Hong Kong band and remembered liking it a lot, but if you just showed me your pic as a sample of her art I probably would have written her off kek.

No. 1943428

File: 1711804354265.png (281.43 KB, 600x600, IMG_5124.png)

I agree. I haven't looked at her social media in a long time and on insta it's just a bunch of posts about an illustration of a girl in one of those school bathing suits with a bloody nose. This was the first art I ever saw by her over a decade ago and while she's always been kind of coomery with stripper-themed art there was more variety

No. 1943461

the way they posted that was definitely snarky but I guess I’m the only non-autist who likes being in this thread
anime (japtoons) is not high art despite all of the weebs from the previous editions of these threads bitching and arguing about western artists vs japanese artists implying japanese artists are above social justice or “wokeness” when they embrace trannies and leftoid hypersexuality. they have the same cancerous shit and same bland, repetitive storylines and oversexualization as western comics. at least in the west they properly market their obvious child-coded comics and animation to actual children and not using kid aesthetics to garner in a bunch of japanese nonces to give them money. that’s why anime is so popular here especially since after 2020, there really is no difference between western and japanese only the separation of the seas and the language barriers
learn to read and learn to have fun

No. 1943465

File: 1711805897000.jpg (440.37 KB, 1200x630, 171020693176.jpg)

Haven't followed her in years so I checked out her new stuff. It's a shame: I love her use of color and she's definitely skilled, but the subject matter is so much more coomery now. She's always danced around that line, like with that voyeuristic set of girls lounging in their apartments, but the blatancy in her new work is pretty off putting. I'd still cite her as an inspiration off of technique though

No. 1943468

Anon, you ARE the autist that can't read.

No. 1943472

File: 1711806209368.jpeg (189.82 KB, 1186x770, IMG_1460.jpeg)

How can I get over my perfectionism when it comes to art? Drawing takes me days because I have to redraw the same lines over and over.

No. 1943490

Have no fear of perfection because you will never achieve it

No. 1943495

We've already had this discussion several, several times in past threads, we even had a short version of it before in this thread, you're not bringing anything new you just sound like a illiterate tard. We know Japan is culturally gross and outdated and backwards in many ways, the only reason we compare modern Western art to Japanese art is because East Asian artists (maybe except Korea) have better drive to create better artwork because of their culture, it's really not that deep. And Western writers put their fetishes in "child-coded" animation and comics all the time, John fucking K and Totally Spies are a good example. Also I think Japan has better marketing than you think it does, something like Poppee the Performer seems like a kid's show from the outset but was marketed to adults and put on a very late timeslot, and that's a very tame anime imo. Plus the different manga magazines directed to kids. Not saying lolishit or any of the gross fetishy misogynistic commonplace shit isn't represhensible and shouldn't be banned by the UN (god I hope it does) but you sound very ignorant for how hard you're raging.
Also you're the one inserting your weird shit in unrelated conversation and using the word "japtoons", a term I have only heard from Blue's Clues VHS collecting male autists.

No. 1943497

Just accept your drawings as they are. Perfectionism kills creativity.

No. 1943507

i do this too and you're fucking yourself over, try to finish the drawing or lineart, leave it alone for a few hours or days and work on a different drawing, go back and redraw, then finish

No. 1943513

File: 1711807825929.jpeg (311.67 KB, 642x697, IMG_9751.jpeg)

She wrote that in a snarky tone. You don’t have to gaslight when you can just reread what she wrote and it was passive aggressive as hell
>muh ignorant
>muh red herrings
Too much yapping and bad examples. You can pick out a few cases of adult sexual kinks in children cartoons and tv shows but there’s a whole genre dedicated to sexualizing little girls and little boys like shotacon/lolicon. And offensive terms about Japanese people predates autistic men owning Blue Clues VHS tapes, it’s almost like I can’t use a certain word without it being against the rules, try again nonners.

No. 1943529

NTA but Honestly I think you're just racist. You can find those examples yourself. Western media and JapaneSe media for the most part are lead by men, a lot of things get through or get codified in that is gross, dangerous to children, loli/pedo crap, etc. But for you to write off an entire side of the art word with some incredibly groundbreaking and interesting art because you think every Japanese person alive is a degen just means you're an ignorant racist and that's all on you. Anons have repeatedly stated that Japanese art /East Asian art is not the end all be all and not at all free of problems.

Expand your horizons, that's on you. We shouldn't waste time in this thread going back and fourth with someone who's so keen on being an absolute close minded retard.

No. 1943542

There’s nothing groundbreaking about mind-breaking physics/anatomy with thot influencer anatomy and horrific same-face syndrome. It’s not “racist” if you’ve noticed they have been repeating the same archetypes (hyperactive strong girl, badass stoic character, mysterious emo character with traumatic past, “wise” middle-aged person that has no business being around the young main characters kek, oversexed big boobed older woman, shy girl that constantly cries and trips over nothing, etc.). I could make a plethora of anime characters who fit that mold, you watch one show/read one manga and you’ve practically watched and read it all. All of it fucking sucks and the reality that female IG artists have to make the same repetitive big-boobed anime girl over a landscape when they clearly have untapped and underrated talent me skills that nobody cares about unless they draw cartoon porn is deeply saddening. You can thank anime for being one of the cancers watering down the art world

No. 1943556

nta but to me it just looked like old 1970s/1980s anime/manga are style mixed with modern media. I honestly like the art, I also don't read too hard into who art is pandered to because it just ruins everything for yourself. When it's obvious porn, I don't like it, but this type of cutesy sexual pinup is adorable. The style isn't going to be like the pinup in America and western countries because that's not the type of sexualized ideal in Japan, weird youth stuff always has been. That's why I'm not going to get mad over the obvious and other anons shouldn't either. I keep seeing the same "I like the rendering and style, but not the coomerism" which.. Why does it matter at that point when you're still going to compliment the art and consume it?

No. 1943564

Is everyone here under 25? There are other forms of art making besides anime and comics. Learn how to paint or make pottery so you have something to do when you're in your sixties instead of whining on the internet about Japan.

No. 1943565

nta and at least her art isn't graphically disgusting. It's not like she's making hentai. It's just cute sexual pinup. Those tropes exist in Japan the same way we have pinup tropes. School swimsuit just happens to be one of those in Japan. it's fetish because it's supposed to be, but I wouldn't call her stuff disgusting in the least bit.

No. 1943580

My post got swiped somehow and I can't be bothered writing it all out again, but yeah it's literally just vanilla pinup and not worth this stupid sperg. Bland and appealing to coomers, sure but that type of pinup has existed since pre-ww1 in the West so it's not this new "problem".
Agreed. Speaking of which, I've just gotten back into doing en plein air watercolour studies and I'd highly reccommend going to your nearest body of water with a sketchbook and palette, it's super relaxing and it's really cool seeing how the light interacts with the water and trying to replicate it.

No. 1943582

What's the best website/social media platform for art inspo? I don't want to post anything myself, just interested in seeing good art.

No. 1943585

Pinterest and VK for me personally. However Pinterest needs to be properly curated for it to work, and interacting with a single image of AI art fucks up your feed for a while, and with VK you'll have to be content not understanding anything if you don't speak Russian and you'll have to do a bit of digging at the start before you find the really good artists. They all tend to follow each other, so finding one or two really good ones will makeit way easier to find more.

No. 1943597

I just don't see why some women need to be offended along side the women who are actually offended. I don't like it offensive at all. It's very nitpicky in the sense to compare it to normal coomer porn.

No. 1943615

I also suggest VK and Pinterest. VK has lots of amazing artists, who share wips and art that hasn't been posted anywhere else, but there are also pages that share inspiring art from other platforms as well. It suggests you groups based on your interests and i often find great stuff there. You can also look at recommendation feed(it work better on mobile though), which is quite similar to pinterest.

No. 1943665

i use pinterest too but i also use a promoted pin hider extension for my browser and use ublock to block comments, it's such a nice experience. on pc only though, i find the app is kind of miserable in comparison

No. 1943836

File: 1711829119205.jpg (489.81 KB, 940x1235, 1596761863890.jpg)

I say this as someone who likes skilled pinups/coom art like pic rel, but this is boring as shit. She just slapped some generic thot in a swimsuit on a beach.

No. 1943844

These are so much more fun to look at even though OP's pic is obviously more technically skilled. Also, is that tatu? kek

No. 1943864

>obviously more skilled
Actually where? It almost looks like she regressed to me

No. 1943886

File: 1711832186365.png (498.05 KB, 946x648, 130401710072_p0.png)

I hate how flat my art feels. I love to see art like picrel that feels like it has weight to it despite not being super realistic.

No. 1943893

the last week has been bad for her but she usually doesn't post things that ugly

No. 1943980

nonna I'm a bit confused, which ones do you have? the ohuhu?

No. 1944417

File: 1711858139964.png (187.98 KB, 474x474, image_2024-03-30_210834341.png)

i'm not an expert or anything but what gave the characters depth is the way the lines followed the curvature of a circle if that makes sense (like how the eyelid follows the curve an eyeball). you could try draw a sphere/circle and using it as a guideline to how lines interact with shape.

No. 1944450

File: 1711862997131.jpg (1.84 MB, 3068x3330, GGYvgTlaIAAlkrp.jpg)

How tf do you even make something like this?

No. 1944492

Pinterest isn't all that bad if you know what you're looking for. I typically use the search function and because I am an endless stroller I can clear unwanted shit from my recommended in just a couple hours. Pinterest is really good not for random scrolling, but for inspiration and brainstorming where you know you will be spending a good deal on there. I also think that saving pins of things you like filters out unwanted shit better. Yeah, it's not as good as it used to be but I find it infinitely better at idea searching than all the other platforms I use as well as Google.
also if you save an image that can't be backwards searched on Pinterest you can use Google lens to find the origin post of it typically

No. 1944496

Needs Loomis

No. 1944497

Have you tries copying it? Doesnt look that hard just rendemaxxing a flat, broken figure

No. 1944545

assuming this is traditional, it is made with colored pencils or oil crayons, not sure about the base though, it may be both.

No. 1944561

It's obviously digital.

No. 1944578

The broken pixels around some areas makes me think they used a gradient map to put in the colors.

No. 1944869

Is Ennukial a woman?

No. 1944875

nobody who calls ai generations stealing knows how it works. if a model pulling from a data set is stealing then we are also "stealing" from the english language by using the same 26 letters to form our sentences and words lol

No. 1944920

It's a conclusion people can jump to because AIfags keep coping about artists being faggots while also simultaneously demanding to be called artists and openly threatening others with unemployment kek. It's 'not stealing' but the people who use it certainly act like it is

No. 1945006

File: 1711909313864.png (Spoiler Image,119.4 KB, 250x383, asdfsaf.png)

analyze picrel. you could see this irl, in that people of his occupation do wear this type of clothing, but the color scheme is unique and unnatural while also being simple. the silhouette is simple and recognizable.

No. 1945150

How moral is it to steal an art style another either has either
a) stopped using and drifted away from entirely
b) hasn't produced art due to death over 10 years ago

No. 1945151

And you know it isn't traditional art edited to shit how exactly?

No. 1945172

File: 1711915028559.jpg (191.04 KB, 1125x1103, 3326d3fac81fd6af500810367963d1…)

what kind of sketchbook do i need to paint something like this and for the paper to endure it?

i dont really understand the paper differences

No. 1945181

Art style theft isnt real draw how you want

No. 1945236

File: 1711917069454.png (449.88 KB, 922x766, Screenshot 2024-03-31 163006.p…)

I have the worst luck with enjoying artists I swear to god. I remember I started this webcomic called Parallax as a teen and offhandedly decided to look up the artist, and apparently they've deleted all their shit online because they drew porn of child characters. Do any of you keep up with any webcomics?

No. 1945246

File: 1711917414862.jpg (342.14 KB, 670x900, Maggot Boy by Flipsidered.jpg)

Used to. Was really into it until one of the characters was revealed to be a literal transgendered zombie and I dropped it.

No. 1945269

I liked reading the scary-go-round comics especially bad machinery, as a kid I used to read Ava’s Demon but I checked up on it a few years later to see a scene of a retarded gay ship and never bothered to catch up, and now I sometimes binge leasebound for the lols

No. 1945422

i binge read ava's demon every couple of years, i liked it too as a teen but i could never get over the art style change from her softer painterly style to the current look.

No. 1945475

I've tried to keep up with a few webtoons but the app is a data drainer and I have to wait several minutes just to get a single page to load so I've stopped using it. While I was on there I got invested in more canvas works instead of the promoted ones but anyone who knows there worth doesn't stay on there for long. I was reading glitch:jinn devodist and nine crow from the ones I can remember but cotton valent the creator of glitch gave up on posting on there. And as far as I can tell the creator of ninecrow and some other work I also read of theirs was still posting.

No. 1945518

Filters on top of more filters and photobashed texture layers

No. 1945870

this reply proves most people here don't draw.

No. 1945880

They really don't. They just repeat ic buzzwords.

No. 1945893

can you please recommend me some good rgkg artists? or maybe your favorite ones?

No. 1946080

Find sketchbooks with thicker paper or check the gsm. Theres also sketchbooks that are specifically for multimedia use but they are a bit more expensive. I used to make my own by buying a pack of water color paper and book binding it.

No. 1946106

File: 1711990982270.jpeg (48.01 KB, 616x1000, IMG_2985.jpeg)

Royal Talens sketchbooks are affordable and great for this. I use mine for gouache, acrylic, oil pastels and even watercolors, and it takes everything. They also come in many different sizes and colors.

No. 1946116

i just found out an old notebook of scribbles from middle school, it's not mine, turns out a few days before middle school graduation i borrowed the notebook of some guy who was pretty well known in the school for drawing and making a lot of the official art for school events.
they all look pretty cool and have a unique art style and im tempted to scan the pages and train an AI model on them, unsure where the guy is and how to contact him, i honestly see no problem in just doing it.
unethical i know but i think i have grown past that myself.(wrong thread, take it to the AI thread)

No. 1946129

File: 1711991660897.jpg (1.28 MB, 1400x1858, nobita_4-1670653339925889026-2…)


No. 1946131

why do you keep talking about your model training in the art salt thread? the ai generated images one would be more suitable.

No. 1946153

the OP mentions both AI generated art and trashy art trends are allowed to be dicussed here, also /m/'s thread centered is more of a image centered thread.
i guess i could try and post results of my model since by the logic of many people that wouldn't be my art right?

No. 1946165

you might as well just pack it up and move there entirely since you won't get the discussion and positive reception you're hoping for here.

No. 1946178

Why are AI users so fucking soulless, you're the same as the weirdo who used Kim Jung Gi's art to make a model immediately after his death was announced. Can you not appreciate existing art for what it is? Do you really need more by any means necessary, even if the result won't have the same intention or meaning? You have no respect for art and if you know it's unethical then why even ask, seems like you do see a problem in it but don't care.

Agreed, it's not like anyone here will have tips for that or something kek

No. 1946800

Yeah, meaning anti or neutral AI discussion, if you look back on prior discussion in these threads, the most positive comment about it you'll see is "it could be good for brain storming ideas". We don't like AI images here and never have.
Anyways what a bizarre circumstance, just imagine
>Some guy: "Oh man I wonder where this notebook I had went, it had all my shitty middle school drawings in them. I must have thrown it out or something."
>Meanwhile, Allied Mastercomputer-anon: "Yess, another artist's work to feed into the machine. Instead of just looking at the artwork and appreciate it for what is it like a normal person (which is probably not that great because it's art made by a middle schooler) I will produce more and more copies of it! And then I will tell the nonas on the artist salt thread who have already told me to fuck off!"

No. 1946994

File: 1712038920877.jpg (430.17 KB, 538x851, 121079312.jpg)

I find that "pretending you're a reposter so your art gets more likes" trend so soulless lol

No. 1946995

Just seems like another attempt to fish the algorithm. To be honest, it's tacky, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

No. 1946997

File: 1712039724854.jpeg (204.6 KB, 900x709, IMG_8901.jpeg)

What do you think about adopts? I thought about buying them, but I don’t have a reason for it. Most artists have a policy where you can’t use them commercially which defeats most purposes of buying one. This may be bitchy but when I see an adopt I like I just steal colour schemes and pieces of it i like KEK it’s not like the original artist can do anything about it besides seethe behind the screen. It does seem like a good way to make quick money besides commissions though, I see generic adopts going for some good change and there are high bids for the unique ones. I hate drawing for other people and I like designing original characters but never have a use for them, so I’m not complaining. I thought it was a deviantart donutsteel furry thing but see I some cool and appealing designs on toyhouse. I’m thinking about selling them. Do any of you nonas sell or buy adopts?

No. 1947003

If you're lazy and don't want to commission your own character and if you can't draw, these are perfect.

No. 1947082

File: 1712050468080.png (189.99 KB, 564x282, image_2024-04-02_203143746.png)

I think of them like virtual trading cards, the popularity of the person who made them (casin0s, picrel, is a good example) and/or the amount of art you get out of a adopt the more it'll be worth. I think the people buying them are dumb, but I see the appeal and I used to sell designs that I'd shit out in a afternoon for a quick buck.

No. 1947088

All of them that have some "finished" clean quality bear the same artstyle nowadays. All neotenous anthro, very funamusea-like. I have an old toyhouse that I use every now and then to find actual monster enjoyers, but a lot of the time they end up being a deranged tif who draws herself as a short fridge-built edgy scruffy furry with titscars and a pierced tongue constantly out.
Still yet to find a cool woman to talk about monsters with.

No. 1947106

>What do you think about adopts?
As a concept they're pretty fun. Since I can draw I don't "need" them, so for me to buy one I would absolutely want the "rights" to the design to use it commercially. At least on a smaller scale. I get that they don't want a big company to pay like $10 and then use it to sell for millions, but if I'm a small content creator who, for example has a podcast or youtube channel, and I buy one to represent a character - I'd want to be able to at least sell some merch of it. And if I have more art produced of the character (by me or someone else) I'd want to be able to sell that as well. Just collecting art can be fun in of itself though, kinda like catching pokemon but it's art done by different artists

No. 1947111

I think it's (hopefully) highlighting the fact that artists get reposted and the repost gets attention but the artist doesn't.

No. 1947235

thank you!

No. 1947354

File: 1712067375025.jpg (22.75 KB, 500x420, lineart.jpg)

Confession; never have I at any point thought varying lineart weight made the art "better". It's only ever been just as good/bad, just with slightly different lines. Sometimes I even think it looks clunkier and more distracting in the supposely so much better "after". I feel like it's one of those things that everyone is told is the "correct" way to do it so everyone repeats it without questioning it, but real life doesn't even have lineart so it's not like it's a true "fact". It's just a different style to me.

No. 1947362

I think in that example pic the even lineart looks more modern while the varying lineart looks clip art-y

No. 1947367

I think it just depends on the art style, some are more suited to weighted lineart and some look better when it's even all around.

No. 1947396

File: 1712069152319.png (2.64 MB, 1570x2271, Micaiah_(FE10_Artwork).png)

I wonder if you people even draw sometimes because some takes itt are extremely bizzarre. Line weight isn't an absolute for all artstyles but the way it works will make a difference to how a picture feels. Look at Micaiah's hair and hands, they wouldn't look as good without the difference in line weight.

No. 1947399

File: 1712069439977.jpg (526.96 KB, 1196x1920, tumblr_mj9yr1M7BS1ql7lmbo3_128…)

i dont know why westerners parrot this, japanese artists tend to have clearn consistent lines and it looks miles better

No. 1947405

nta but this drawing has no line weight variation, the artist just colored the lineart which makes it seem like it blends with the shading, but it's pretty consistent and thick.

No. 1947410

oh my god I love this kind of art so much. do you know the artist anon?

No. 1947413

File: 1712070011055.jpg (95.26 KB, 472x640, 615865.jpg)

its hisashi eguchi

No. 1947414

thank you anon

No. 1947416

File: 1712070092503.png (667.01 KB, 838x623, IMG_20240402_080046.png)

nta but are you blind? the weighting is subtle but its there

No. 1947425

File: 1712070527248.png (656.68 KB, 587x1605, IMG_20240402_084453.png)


No. 1947427

you mean the nose and the nails? because she said the hair and the hands, those dont have line weight variations the lineart is just more blended.

No. 1947433

people who pay for adopts are stupid as fuck, just steal the design.

No. 1947508

i wouldn't spend money on it but i have a friend who will buy adopts of designs she likes and come up with elaborate stories for them, like any regular OC except that you don't have to design it yourself. also the market moved away from deviantart and to toyhouse and specific discord servers, look out for those if you want to get into selling.

No. 1947618

The first post about it was interesting since it was a small account so the effects were noticeable, but by the end of the day big accounts who already get a ton of traffic were doing it. They're even citing the same reason about getting better reach but at an average of >20k likes per post are you really hurting kek

No. 1947661

Yeah i agree. Either it’s applied inconsistently or without any logic or it feels like you’re covering up a problem and beginners don’t get to address the issue of what’s causing their line art to look wrong

No. 1947663

The varying lines look confusing to me. Because i was told to do it in order to imply light/shadow, but the bear pic makes it seem like there’s light coming from underneath him

No. 1947950

>naoki urasawa
>good art
maximum kek

No. 1948066

File: 1712096848091.jpg (1.65 MB, 1759x2729, 1925346.jpg)

I love when art has lineart variation. It can really help make an artwork pop or give it more depth. Art doesn’t /need/ line weight, but there’s an understated beauty to it that can enhance the piece (if you know what you’re doing). The variation between weights doesn’t have to be exaggerated either, it can be subtle too- like when sketching with a pencil and you put more pressure on the areas of focus, or when you draw long confident strokes that taper out at the end.

>i dont know why westerners parrot this, japanese artists tend to
Kek, just say you prefer the style like a normal person and not like a weeb. I can think of a bunch of western art that uses no line weight variation and looks worse for it. Look at any modern cartoon, or original ppg vs reboot ppg, or “tfw ya style develops” lol. Not saying lack of line variation is bad, but turning it into a west vs east thing is just plain nonsense. Picrel is all japanese artists.

No. 1948093

File: 1712098614107.jpg (779.61 KB, 1217x593, some shit from tekahika.jpg)

I love the concept of adopts. Like other nonas said; they're like trading cards. Some people put more love into them than others. I really love furry desins like picrel because they seem to have more variation in body type and stuff between artists than the human designs do. People who pay out the ass for designs or participate in design auctions are fucking retarded and they keep artists fed. Let them live I guess kek
>All of them that have some "finished" clean quality bear the same artstyle nowadays. All neotenous anthro, very funamusea-like.
This is a problem I don't really see with furries. Nowadays, everyone draws like Cookiehana and I think it's fine. More eye candy for me.

No. 1948124

Anyone else that was active on toyhouse that remembers the insane drama that went down a couple years ago about this artist and their friends? Something about them being a nazi kek, I didn't bother investigating when it happened but it felt like the community just imploded over it.
This is so fucking retarded, every artist I see doing this has to type it out in the fakest sounding way possible. No reposters are actually asking 'who drew this,' and giving yourself asspats (like picrel saying 'WHAAAT?', seriously kek?) in the process is just so cringe. I bet it doesn't even increase reach like they say it does, I've seen no proof it works.

No. 1948159

>I can think of a bunch of western art that uses no line weight variation and looks worse for it. Look at any modern cartoon
except for edd ed and eddy every cartoon ever uses consistent line weight, even anime.

No. 1948161

Yeah, the Ohuhu.

No. 1948167

File: 1712102803664.png (280.63 KB, 1000x1000, Canson-Graduate-Artbook-Acuare…)

This. But if you're going to use watercolors, do not use more than 3-4 layers unless you don't mind the paper waving.

I also found these mixed media/watercolors of Canson and they're a gold mine.

No. 1948183

File: 1712104307821.png (345.62 KB, 1024x450, image_2024-04-03_113128834.png)

She means post Adventure Time western cartoons

No. 1948228

File: 1712106092294.jpg (318.47 KB, 739x1251, o3ieiejfejdbfoeowekt.jpg)

Kek what the fuck is this situation, I thought casin0s left because of inappropriate jokes with minors on discord but this "nazi friend" thing is news to me. It's all archived on kiwifarms in the closed species thread but it seems like stupid kids blowing things out of proportion.

No. 1948286

File: 1712108144457.jpg (949.9 KB, 2046x1576, 10237294.jpg)

>cutting the very next part where I mention a cartoon with different line weights that’s not EEnE
Anon, please. Varied line weight isn’t that rare in cartoons. I may have over-generalized using the word “modern”(moon girl and modern mickey shorts for instance vary line weight), but I still believe that the type of lineart on the right is very overused in cartoons. Not every cartoon looks bad with it, but many cartoons with it look bland and sterile.

No. 1948335

File: 1712110575224.jpg (155.27 KB, 540x488, 20210916_135848.jpg)

Honestly I love adopts. They trigger that childish part of my brain that's obsessed with collecting and bright colors, I understand the appeal of them. If I was looking to make money off my art I would sell some myself as well.

No. 1948349

Nta but I kek'd at the fact that you used Gandhi and Abe kissing as your example from Clone High

No. 1948351

Honestly that Zelda art is really nice and now I want a source for it lmao.

No. 1948356

kek anon… it's the account who posted it. that's the whole point of this meme

No. 1948357

Oh my god. I'm retarded. I assumed based on the context that she made a sockpuppet to repost it.

No. 1948446

File: 1712117353234.jpg (37.8 KB, 636x983, tumblr_nbcf02xU1n1t2ae3oo1_128…)

yep you are right, bear pic is a bad example. Picrel from Shiyoon Kim has both the logic of line representing ambient occlusion, and a looseness and expressiveness that lineweights can bring.

No. 1948457

File: 1712117976174.jpg (67.02 KB, 611x661, 42f849d76f88f61c93191a99fe8644…)

Because the most prominent line based art proliferated on the internet is manga, and not pop art. Even the example you gave has great control of lineweights, albeit subtle. That image would look way different if the lineweights were truly uniform.

No. 1948474

Varied line weight can’t save a bad drawing but IMO it can add appeal. I agree with >>1948446 Shiyoon Kim’s work is a good example of this.

No. 1948491

Nonas. You gotta help me. You gotta stop me.
I'm about to start making adopts based on designs I yoinked from AI, redrew and tweaked, and sell them (or attempt to kek) for profit. I know it's probably been done before, albeit silently without revealing that it is as much.
My logic is, if this shit is stealing from artists (in a roundabout way that is more felt than can be logically explained), then why shouldn't we just make money off of them doing that to artists? Y'all know I'm not going to be able to sell shit. I just want to know what the gut reaction to doing this is actually. Please guide my broken moral compass.

No. 1948505

Paying for adopts is stupid as shit anyway, a fool and his money are easily parted

No. 1948506

Designing characters isn’t that hard. Just make a mood board or some shit. Especially for adopts where the bar is low already. Morally it’s in a gray area imo to sell AI generated designs without a disclaimer.

No. 1948635

I think the difference is that in traditional art line weight is done naturally, trying to explain it in digital is stupid.

No. 1948718

I honestly never understood the appeal. My friend has told me for years "you should make adoptables" but I honestly don't make the slightest sense in it. I'm not even that desperate for money and I feel like I'm scamming people with it. Can't you create your own characters and their designs by yourself?

Also this kek.

No. 1948729

i would probably do this with untouched AI outputs.
also what's an "adopt" is it like drawings of babies or something?

No. 1948761

Honest question, how do any of you here that post art on twitter and engage with the community there endure the cancerous atmosphere? I'm a hobbyist and i post on there sometimes and even i can't stand it, the only reason i'm there is because every other artist is.

No. 1948773

i try to engage as much as possible and try to ignore spam bots, i actively try to engage with other artist.
sadly they all turn back and go away when they find out i do AI(ai bait)

No. 1948776

sadly they all turn back and go away when they find out i do AI
Good. As they should. Cringe.

No. 1948784

You're part of the cancerous atmosphere i mentioned, here's your (you) you wanted for your bait, faggot.(responding to bait)

No. 1948785

I recently started working on my game and i was tempted to join twitter to see if i could find more female game devs, but the idea of having to swim through the lake of shit that's xitter(pronounced shitter) is putting me off the idea.

No. 1948790

Joining a discord server or something is a better idea, if you try to search for female devs on twitter you're gonna find mostly trannies

No. 1948798

Are there even female-only game dev discords? i mostly wanna make friends so we can help out eachother, i dont wanna join gamedev discords because i feel they are too serious. I am not trying to make the next minecraft i just wanna make games for myself.

No. 1948806

don't do it nonnie, try discord or something, also im sure a lot of other game devs might be more open to engage once you show your game, right?