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File: 1711919873916.png (2.23 MB, 1328x1636, ugly man propaganda.png)

No. 1945302

Thread to discuss the current psyop regarding ugly men getting shilled as attractive. Discuss beauty double standars in media, ugly male characters being shilled as attractive, lack of attractive men in hollywood, etc
>do not try to defend ugly men ITT no1currs

Farmhand notice: Do not come into this thread to defend your taste in men or to thirstpost. Hide the thread if you don't like it. Derailing to say you find scrotes mentioned in this thread hot will get you banned.

No. 1945309

The only one I will agree with is the “dad bod”, but I feel like the term has been completely bastardized. When I think of a “dad bod” I think of big strong arms, strong legs, but a higher body fat percentage so he probably has a bit of a firm belly and isn’t super cut. He’s still fit, but he’s like working man outdoorsy fit, not gym fit.
What it was NEVER supposed to mean was skinny fat flabby moids who have high body fat and no muscle. It’s just pudgy regular ass dudes who are so physically unfit they can’t even carry their own girlfriends being like “I have a dad bod”. Disgusting

No. 1945318

File: 1711920933885.png (2.34 MB, 2438x746, the crow.png)

From hot goth with long hair and dark makeup to the Jared Leto joker, tryinf to appeal to the ''literally me'' terminally online scrotes. We can't have men with long hair anymore because it might led to an insecure scrote shooting up a mall.

No. 1945322

Did you really need to make a whole fucking thread to continue this infight?(minimodding)

No. 1945324

It was a deal. No more derailing, they get a thread to vent how they like.

No. 1945327

Please follow lolcow rules when posting in this thread. Specifically, do not infight/bait/derail. You are welcome to have healthy discussions where you disagree, but devolving into pure ad homs will result in bans.

No. 1945331

>We can't have men with long hair anymore
Haven't thought about it, but yeah I haven't noticed the rugged long hair Casey Jones type around recently.
Actually, didn't they replace Casey with a woman in the cartoons?

No. 1945332

That's it. When women think of ''dad bods'' they think of men with muscle, who now when they're older put on more fat because their metabolism changed. But still strong arms, strong legs, good pecs… Not some random obese man saying he has a ''dad bod'' because he has man titties. I really don't understand how young women can find those bodies attractive? Are the psyops that strong?

No. 1945334

Holy shit i didn't even see this, can't decide if it's worse than what they did with Testament.

No. 1945341

File: 1711922047123.png (301.87 KB, 800x800, original casey.png)

Yeah, in rise of tmnt they genderbent him into a waifu. Original Casey jones was a crop top wearing ripped hottie. Funny how scrotes throw a tantrum now that April is a child or ''fat/ugly'' and want big titty banana suit april o'neil back, but none of them would fight for original crop-top wearing casey jones to make a comeback.

No. 1945346

thank you for making this, I do agree with some of the thread pic but I do think this is deliberate propaganda.

No. 1945347

Not Astarion KEK. Are you telling me my taste is as bad as the Danofags? In my defense I have to use the mod that gives him less wrinkles and eye bags to find him pretty.

No. 1945351

Does anyone have that twitter post of that russian artist that said something like ''fuck anyone who likes potbellied guys''?
It would make me happy to see it here

No. 1945352

File: 1711922437181.png (61.35 KB, 328x328, assstarion.png)

sorry nonny, he falls into grandpaganda

No. 1945353

File: 1711922462850.jpg (468.63 KB, 1536x2048, tumblr_41fa6792ccec84518b0decc…)

this is going to make me sound like a schizo but i'm 100% convinced the casting of old scrotum-face phoenix as napoleon was part of the ugly man psyop.
old hollywcood scrotes couldn't fathom the idea of having a fresh-faced, long heaired 20someting as a brash young conqueror. they HAD to make him an ulgy old faggot like themselves AND put him in a age gap relationship with a younger woman completely against historical truth.
yes i know this is old news but im still seething

No. 1945355

File: 1711922474968.jpg (41.8 KB, 951x589, russian stacy.jpg)

No. 1945369

OG Casey was great, an absolute mad man. It's a real eye opener how they slowly non existed him.

No. 1945371

Love you
I'm sorry i always kept my dislike for Astarion to myself but honestly i think of it this way: if he was designed for japanese audience he would look generally more appealing, as you said, less wrinkles and whatever.
I do agree with the nona that once said that he has that sort of Lady Dimitrescu appeal, he's popular but not that conventional looking.

No. 1945379

File: 1711923454065.jpg (81.53 KB, 600x600, chainz-sean-yg-nicki-mustard-f…)

This made me think immidiently of how the music industry men are allowed to look like thumbs, whilst women are meant to be perfect sex kittens. Standards for men have tanked immensely, there is no pressure for them to look good.

No. 1945383

File: 1711923664815.png (188.83 KB, 360x526, DaveNovel.png)

I hate seeing this stupid ugly wrinkly motherfucker everywhere.inbred Woody looking ass.I don't get it at all he's not even ugly in a good way either…

No. 1945385

File: 1711923698138.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x1517, hollywood.jpeg)

It's honestly insane how backwards things are despite hollywood pushing the ''woke'' and troon agenda. Female singers in the 70s were allowed to be unconventional looking, nowadays there isn't a single GNC female singer, they all gotta slut themselves up for the male gaze even if they mostly have female fans like ariana and taylor.

No. 1945395

Bitter ugly older men will always push the narrative that they're more attractive to neg beautiful young women into sleeping with them.

No. 1945398

File: 1711924487512.jpeg (70 KB, 900x503, GEywMehbIAA8c19.jpeg)

If you like Alastor,Lucifer and any other of Vivziepop's ugly stickman ass characters I genuinely feel sorry for you for having shit taste.

No. 1945400

the blonde guy could pass as a generic bishie, the one with yelloteeth looks repulsive. I heard he has a ''daddy'' type personality too, because ofcourse

No. 1945401

I don't like the designs but I respect her for drawing what she likes, that said I do wish we could see characters that weren't all twigs.

No. 1945403

he just has that weird shit eating grin thats just annoying to look at

No. 1945406

Can we keep this thread for like real actual human beings or at least hyper-realistic 3D characters and not cartoons.(minimodding)

No. 1945410

Read the OP
>ugly male characters being shilled as attractive

No. 1945411

File: 1711925241811.png (549.05 KB, 922x660, Screenshot 2024-04-01 004630.p…)

So are you upset that he doesn't have long hair and white makeup? He's pretty thin
I don't understand the hate towards that anime guy in the top right corner. That's not a fat body, he's just not flexing I guess. Imagine the artist just really likes drawing softer bodies because it's not a shonen or aggressive anime anyway

No. 1945412

same, I think he could have a little less fat on him but it's really not that egregious. .

No. 1945414

>do not try to defend ugly men ITT no1currs

No. 1945416

Are you the one anon in /m/ constantly defending him as having a 'real man bod' ? Get over it. he's at least chubby and it isn't cute.

No. 1945418

Honestly, Zendaya is shit for agreeing to wear this, while Timothy clamydia gets pants and a tshirt.

No. 1945419

I agree with you, the casting was part of the old man psyop. He's 30 years too old for that role. There was zero reason to cast him and get a younger Josephine, when historically she was an older woman.

No. 1945427

File: 1711925948158.png (293.96 KB, 1000x1000, stonetos is fat and i would no…)

Remember this? him geting doxxed as a nerdy scrote with a Gru physique was hilarious. So many moid tears were shed that day.
anons who defend fictional men are beyond pathetic

No. 1945437

>So are you upset that he doesn't have long hair and white makeup? He's pretty thin
nta but that's literally what the post said, duh. besides, being thin doesn't make up for that terrible soundcloud rapper styling, ugly tattoos, ugly bangs + mullet combo, etc. it's about the whole look.

No. 1945439

nta, I personally think he's too chubby for a male, but he's really not the worst in terms of how ulgy male characters are shoved down our throats.

No. 1945444

File: 1711926326249.png (961.56 KB, 711x853, tenant granny tranny.png)


No. 1945445

The point it's that its been so long since we had an actual attractive flavour of the month. It's all old men or fatties not. I miss when it was Sebastian, Sasuke or elric.

No. 1945447

Every single modern hollywood scrote looks so unwashed and ratty.

No. 1945450

File: 1711926716336.jpeg (235.6 KB, 1260x1166, IMG_3586.jpeg)

Her and Tom Holland are even worse. I know that it’s technically her personal choice (unless it’s PR relationship for Spiderman, but it goes on for so long that I doubt it) but I hate them being shilled as equal or 'looksmatched'. She’s a supermodel material (aside from whether you find her face attractive or not, her styling, dresses and makeup are perfect 99% of the time) and he’s an average manlet. It’s sad that we rarely see two truly beautiful people together these days.

No. 1945451

File: 1711926790455.png (125.26 KB, 307x401, no touching the manlet.png)

No. 1945452

File: 1711926796791.jpg (153.67 KB, 1400x1400, 407e4eaa8fdf28a26a71c6c52c088e…)

remember when this thing was shilled as attractive

No. 1945455

My tinfoil hat moment is that male ugliness is pushed as a symbol of male superiority as women are gaining rights. Uglyness is by essence male. Beautiful men have always been a rarity and are now considered feminine, so failed men. Men are obsessed with beauty but since they know that they are the ugly sex, male uglyness is used as a smoke screen hiding their fear of being the inferior sex. They act as if caring about their own beauty is gay but they are obsessed by it. That's why incels exist and are tolerated, they create myths about female uglyness to force girls and women to see themselves as worthless.

No. 1945456

File: 1711926861743.jpg (210.79 KB, 540x677, tumblr_a17698b48026a694a1437ad…)

And even if they were GNC they would probably troon out like Christine and the Queens or Ellen Page did. No wonder women want to troon out, what kind of message is this?

No. 1945459

File: 1711926990477.jpg (156.16 KB, 1064x1325, pedro pascal.jpg)

remember when women were psyoped into finding pedro pascal attractive

No. 1945461

File: 1711927222446.png (516.27 KB, 939x556, Screenshot 2024-04-01 011851.p…)

No I'm not lol I don't even know his name and I barely remember the manga/anime he's from. Something Moshi? I just saw the debate and was confused at the reaction. since I started drawing bodies I noticed that I liked drawing those folds/bumps in the body, there's a pleasing contrast between the body being relaxed and the stiffness of pants idk how to describe it, I think that's what the artist was going for.
Idk I shouldn't expect much from this thread anyway.
I don't understand the insane love for him, he just looks like some uncle. Even when his fangirls share "thirst pics" of him he just looks so unappealing/normal.

No. 1945468

Didn't know there's gonna be a The Crow remake, but why the fuck does he have a retard bowl cut? This is hilarious. I hope many moids will get themselves bowl cuts because of this.

No. 1945472

This angered me because his (young) age was relevant to his story, and they completely ruined it by making him old. That Napoleon married an older woman and the movie flipped it is just that much worse. Similar happened in Killers of the Flower Moon where they literally describe DiCaprio as young and handsome several times. It's been going on for a long time, unfortunately, as I remember similar in Moulin Rouge and The Master (again, Phoenix), where older men incongruously play far younger characters.

No. 1945479

that image is true cause you'd have to be severely mentally stunted to find that hobgoblin attractive

No. 1945488

File: 1711928826989.jpg (95.05 KB, 630x630, D3WMBmxU4AA8yLh.jpg)

Totally agree. I think picrel just sums it up so well visually.

No. 1945489

File: 1711928871414.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x1828, IMG_7298.jpeg)

Good thread
I am tired of people on Twitter trying to psyop women into finding this aged moid Jack Black attractive. “Only” 54 years old, mind you.

No. 1945491

ewww why jack black of all moids he looks like a hobo who sucks dick for crack

No. 1945492

After the Mandalorian came out, it was the worst time line to see 18-20 something year old thirsting over this 50 year old man.

No. 1945494

He's a soggy toast looking manlet who shills for pitbulls. Zendaya made the worst choice with this uggo

No. 1945495

I’m not into Kpop, but I think the man hate for kpop is so funny because I’m fully convinced they’re upset that those guys go against the ugly male psyop. Kpop guys put so much effort into their appearance, it’s a huge contrast to the sloppy casual look that exists for men in Hollywood right now.
They set an unusually high standard for men and I think it’s so funny to see men mald about it.(no kpop)

No. 1945496

Jack Black looks like a chill dude to hang out with, but anyone who is unironically finding him attractive needs lasik.

No. 1945497

You can't talk about kpop on lolcow. Also, they are all ugly as in and filled with 99.9 percent plastic. They are all short manlets who only dress up to whore themselves out on stage, but offstage, they look like hobos when they arent visiting Dr. Kim to get their third nosejob. Fuck off back to chaochan cafe or whatever it's called now.(no kpop)

No. 1945499

same i honestly wish men in the west were held to the same insane beauty standars. I feel bad for the women though, but at least in korea they treat them equally instead of doing this >>1945385

No. 1945501

I must have read your post wrong. Are you seriously suggesting women are treated equally… in Korea of all places?

No. 1945504

>I’m not into kpop
Thirst after all the dad bods you want nona I’m only judging you a little bit

No. 1945506

kpop idols are ugly/average men who got a lot of plastic surgery and styling to become cute and appeal to the teenage female gaze. Korean actors, on the other hand, are genuinely very handsome and tend to age well. There's a legit hierarchy of looks in their industry.

I think anon is saying they treat both male and female celebrities the same (as in very specific/high standards for visuals and criticizing them harshly when they don't meet them) but they don't disproportionately make women dress slutty next to sloppy men.

No. 1945507

My post was refeering to the kpop industry. The JPOP industry is somewhat similar, but the men are less sexualized than the women.

No. 1945508

she's talking about beauty standards in girl and boy bands

No. 1945509

File: 1711929718611.jpeg (100.53 KB, 540x675, IMG_7300.jpeg)

It was literally the worst of times. Idk if he thinks that pout is supposed to be attractive, because it’s repulsive

No. 1945510

File: 1711929929446.jpg (72.71 KB, 678x478, wtf.jpg)

lmfao troy bolton or whatever the fuck the guy that plays him is called has the worst fucking physique i have ever seen. I dont even know who the fuck the guy on the right is, but his body is attractive and doesn't look like a cartoon character that ate a watermelon

No. 1945511

Why yellow teeth? Is this meant to imply he doesn't brush?

No. 1945515

The only good thing that came out of the ugly man propaganda is that i started liking masked men and since i don't go near real moids i'm happy with it, even if they cover themselves from head to toe i know that the standards are so low irl.

No. 1945516

I view this as more general risk aversion than message pushing. The studios are afraid of trying to put new, young male talent in films lest they bomb or they end up with another Dane DeHaan Valerian situation.

No. 1945517

Don't discriminate against the legosexuals nonnie

No. 1945522

Has any woman unironically called Jack Black attractive? I think he seems pretty chill and a funny guy, a rare man I could be friends with. But he has never been attractive. Not when he was young, not now that he is old.

No. 1945529

Annoying fat fuck who's been doing the same schtick for 20 years. The only reason people don't shit on him is because they're afraid to be the one seen firing the first shot.

No. 1945532

File: 1711931632832.jpeg (Spoiler Image,11.44 KB, 184x274, images (1).jpeg)

Classic case of palumboism there. The oblique muscles grow too much from steroid use and permanently push out the stomach.

No. 1945533

Yes but it's mostly chronically online twitter types. I like him too but women seem to be so desperate for a moid who isn't a complete degenerate that they think nice = attractive.

No. 1945535

Guys heard women say they like "Dad bods" in the way you described, like a strong lumberjack man as opposed to scrawny boy bodies. They took "Dad bods are sexy" and ran with it, so now scrotes who look like Peter Griffin with disgusting, fat beer guts and flabby arms think they're hot now and women have been psyoped into being pickmes for obese fatasses

No. 1945538

>The only reason people don't shit on him is because they're afraid to be the one seen firing the first shot.
didn't he almost get cancelled for supporting autism speaks or something

No. 1945539

Twittertards love to fire the first shot though.

No. 1945540

I personally know more than one woman IRL who thinks he's genuinely hot. I cannot understand it for the life of me. I think he's funny but I would never ever have any desire to see him naked

No. 1945541

I am so tired of this bullshit, none of these hideous repulsive creatures are babygirl or whatever. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Don't they realize they have a market to capture with pretty men? Like, clearly women are starving for it, they prop up any old uggo. Let go of your moid egos to give the masses some eyecandy to look at, you'll rake in the cash.

No. 1945542

based Stacy, she can sit at our table

No. 1945550

oops, it's me. I'm on here bitching about obese scrotes but I'm attracted to the creepy radio demon kek. I've always been into skinny men but I think it's the voice that makes him popular, he has a Transatlantic "radio voice" and he's written as a charming, clever character with unknown intentions that I find intriguing.

No. 1945551

File: 1711933125482.gif (6.54 MB, 640x640, IMG_3330.gif)

have no idea why PP's the latino moid who gets shilled the most when oscar isaac exists

No. 1945554

File: 1711933331630.png (652.78 KB, 768x768, IMG_1483.png)

His new facial hair is especially fuggo. what is it with Hollywood moids growing god awful beards? There was even a "quarantine beard" thing going on awhile back where Hollywood moids bragged about growing out their facial hair during quarantine.

No. 1945560

he's less ugly but he's also old there has to be a non post wall latino moid

No. 1945564

Oscar hasn't looked like this in a long time anon. Look up how he is now.

No. 1945566

You can tell he was cheesimg this shit up for the fancam and gifs.

No. 1945572

Zac Efron really has the worst luck

No. 1945579

File: 1711935227486.jpeg (152.95 KB, 1079x1041, IMG_3588.jpeg)

Not an Amerifag and I barely know this guy, is he brought back right now because of this pic?

Tbh his facial features are conventionally handsome, extreme manletism would always suck for him but I guess the fact that he chooses to be fat and unattractive may be a turn on for them? Sort of like fat fetishists who look for beautiful but morbidly obese girls.

No. 1945581

Yea, I think he got some bad filler work because I recently watched that 'Ricky Stiniky' movie (terrible) & he has the fattest fucking face ever

No. 1945582

File: 1711935501306.jpeg (863.46 KB, 2480x3508, IMG_6178.jpeg)

I wish we had more characters like picrel to set the standard for attractive men in media. Free really was a gamechanger with their cast being full of hot/pretty muscular men that aren’t roided looking. I honestly hate when people shill unconventional men so much, even the least prettiest female characters are still cute to some degree yet you have thousands of uggo moid characters out there. Ugly female characters barely even exist to begin with anyways.

No. 1945587

Not tinfoil, just true.

No. 1945598

>Tbh his facial features are conventionally handsome
He looks like a fucking school shooter, anon.

No. 1945599

But they certainly don't do this "risk aversion" for older, established actresses. There are no movies where Meryl Streep is chosen to play a young woman who is stated to be young. And while this risk aversion may theoretically be true for some movies, there are plenty of them that weren't meant to be big budget blockbusters that still chose old men to play characters who were literally stated to be young (The Master, for example). Even if we assume there is no "message pushing", it's still an incredible level of hypocrisy that doesn't even hold up to scrutiny for the movies themselves.

Think of literally any famous man, no matter how ugly or old or whatever, and he has fangirls.

No. 1945601

That just means school shooters tend to have decent facial bone structure.

No. 1945604

You're tellin me there are Danny deVito fangirls out there? O god. Why.

No. 1945615

Am I allowed to post random parents I find in anime where the dad is obviously an old/middle aged dude (has clear wrinkle lines/eyebags/mature beard) and the mom looks very young with zero wrinkles? I see it so often it grinds my gears but its one of those things if you point it out you sound crazy since they are usually just background characters or parents to the MC

No. 1945621

File: 1711938405331.jpeg (285.29 KB, 933x1400, IMG_3590.jpeg)

If you slimmed down his face and removed the gross unkempt beard he would look like 100th Hollywood scrote, kinda like Ashton Kutcher, but less creepy. He has nice eyes. He’s one of the men whose weight you can see immediately in their face, so he’d have to stay very lean though.

No. 1945623

File: 1711938481861.png (126.31 KB, 365x397, Iyo_Isagi.png)

i find that so jarring. i also hate it when the mom is just some anime girl with alibi wrinkles or the dead anime mom side ponytail. picrel is the protag's mom from blue lock.

No. 1945625

File: 1711938601503.jpeg (82.62 KB, 500x603, IMG_3591.jpeg)

This is the best pic of him, it’s obviously in b&w, old and taken from specific angle, but you can see he has nice jawline under the fat.

No. 1945627

>Ugly female characters barely even exist to begin with anyways.
When I realized this I started to look at every show in a different way from that point onwards. Ugly and unconventional female characters are genuinely fucking rare. And if they do exist they are usually treated as a gag character. Oh but an old wizard moid who is actually super heroic can exist without a problem.

No. 1945628

Kek she's drawn like he'd faint if he added any more wrinkles on her. Just three lines and that's "plenty"

No. 1945629

>>1945579 yes this is him. The falloff is astounding

No. 1945635

File: 1711939449351.png (198.76 KB, 360x415, Anri_Teieri.png)

you can just edit out the three wrinkle lines and she'll look the same age as the only other female character in the series. which sucks because the artist is pretty creative with character designs for the hundreds of male characters but for some reason they just refuse to include any female characters that aren't moms or picrel.

No. 1945641

Well yeah. It's already well known older women have trouble in Hollywood. They have better luck pushing new actresses than actors because moids can't help but fantasize about them. Guaranteed popularity. Even Millie Bobby Brown was being sexualized long before she was of age. Old scrotes and young women is the winning financial formula.

No. 1945642

File: 1711940934525.jpeg (200.3 KB, 764x551, 427F5CD1-0A25-4325-A230-C2723B…)

hope you're here with us pascal nona, bless you ♥

No. 1945645

No. 1945646

Looking like my weird uncle who isn't invited to the carne asada.

No. 1945649

Based thread.

I will say, though, that the influx of women chasing "ugly" moids under the percieved notion of availability and loyalty/care (LOOOL) has left the cuter, himbo-like moids to myself. Less competition.

No. 1945654

Nicole Kidman went from playing Alexander Skarsgard’s girlfriend in Big Little Lies to playing his MOTHER in The Northman movie just 5 years later. And of course they had Anya Taylor-Joy play his love interest, complete with a sex scene - and shes 20 YEARS YOUNGER than him.

No. 1945663

I noticed that usually in anime/vidya they make or imply the hottest guy is gay. I feel this is part of the psyop.

No. 1945664

File: 1711943602978.png (180.93 KB, 273x365, IMG_1517.png)

I was sick of seeing his ugly face everywhere when TWD was big and now he’s invading video games and no one understands why I’m pissed about it

No. 1945681

Anya was his love interest? She could have played this daughter with the age gap. That's actually vile

No. 1945682

I wish he'd get those ugly ass moles removed

No. 1945691

It is, they do that as a way to shut down competition. It’s so that they can gaslight women into thinking they are weird/wrong for finding those men attractive, since being a hot pretty boy apparently means you aren’t a real man.

No. 1945695

Thank you, I hate that he’s always being shilled as sexy or something. I hate whatever this phenotype is in moids, with the little squinty eyes. Blake Shelton has the same thing, they look so porcine

No. 1945699

File: 1711949028661.jpg (60.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

A romantic comedy revolving around Peter Dinklage ffs (She Came to Me.) Some midget scrote is in a weird love triangle where two of the almost most attractive women in the 10 age younger bracket fall for him or something?? I'd imagine the dumpster fires if a midget ugly woman starred in a romance movie with two extremely attractive men

No. 1945703

It's fucking embarrassing trying to justify your shit taste in this thread of all places. He's Willy Wonka with the edge dialed up to eleven. Get a grip.

No. 1945751

i am so happy this thread was made. i constantly complain about this to my friends irl, but they always defend the moids. the only one who has ever agreed 100% with me when i call a moid ugly is my lesbian friend. kek i remember one of my friends being upset when i said that ryan gosling looked too haggard to play ken when the barbie casting was first announced. which he was! i saw the movie and the ken thing might have even worked better with a hot younger guy who's on the same level as margot robbie when it comes to appearance. and i still cannot believe the cast that fugly moid simu liu.

at least they're the same age and he worships zendaya. this component is nowhere to be found when it comes to the way uggo men are portrayed in relationships in media. it's always a younger woman, who's beautiful and clever, letting her feelings for some ugly ass scrote cloud her judgement and logic. and he doesn't pay her dust, the female character always cares way more about the man than he does about her. like you want me to believe that a gorgeous young woman wants to throw her entire life away just so she can get with a fugly moid who doesn't even like her that much?

so the sole purpose of that tweet is to make it seem like women are thristing over jack black when in reality the they're complimenting his personality. it's still hilarious that you never find examples of this when it comes to men. moids will never be caught saying something positive about a woman who is perceived by society at large as ugly.

No. 1945761

right! one of the biggest factors that contributed to his mystique was that he was a young conqueror
and i feel it's even more outrageous when it's a historical figure. lke you have a bit of wiggle room with fictional characters' casting, but this was a real guy and it's objective, unquestionable fact that he was in hs 20s when he became general.
in general there's a trend of historical fiction that uses real historical figures while completely throwing accuracy out of the window and just using the setting as fancy set dressing. and it's something i find fraankly dangerous. it's misinformation.
but it's especially infuriating in naps' case because they keep pulling the ugly old man psyop on top of verything else. asscreed did it too. all bc the fragile weak old scrotes in charge are afraid of the power of twinkoleon

No. 1945776

File: 1711967122222.gif (11.24 MB, 640x636, cat-shaking.gif)

This is litterally a psyop and a tragedy. I'm so happy other women see this shit for what it is. Also, In the dumbass shit thread some nonnie posted the new Lestat and holy fuck. I can't believe the audacity , they are litterally pushing the bottom barrel of ugly moids as "sex xymbols" and I'm barfing.

No. 1945779

File: 1711967584649.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.18 KB, 950x594, charlie-and-chocolate-factory-…)

Actually fitting comparison kek

No. 1945790

I can't take this guy seriously, he looks like he'll age exactly like Eric Zemmour, as in, like absolute shit. I wouldn't even be surprised if they're secretly related at that point.

No. 1945793

>Similar happened in Killers of the Flower Moon where they literally describe DiCaprio as young and handsome several times.
That shit was hilarious, it's like whoever casted him for this role or wrote the script only saw pictures of him when he was still young and pretty and never moved on from that.

No. 1945802

File: 1711970816382.png (367.07 KB, 293x609, Astarion with the only outfit …)

I'm 100% on board with this thread and all but I make an exeption for Astarion too nonnie. I think the anons that don't get it did not play the game (so couldn't appreciate the carachter) and only saw the most ugly screenshots. Maybe I'm high on copium . Idk, still I find him beautiful BUT accept the other anons putting him in the psyop barrel.

No. 1945805

No. 1945814

I feel like dad bods was originally meant for literal dads, who get a bit of belly from metabolism slowing down and stress. Not young moids, who have the easiest to lose weight and gain muscle, like go to the gym three fucking times. They also have the least stress and most time compared to any other group of adults, they just choose to spend it playing video games, eating crap and smoking pot. And then guilt women into being attracted to them.

No. 1945820

never forget that rancefag started the original infight, and is possibly the op of this very thread.

jared leto needs to have an unfortunate accident immediately.

No. 1945822

I could see dad bods being an attractive thing for those married women who have seen their husband be a wonderful father to their children. The fact that young women are saying they like "dad bods" about single young men is so disgusting. It's a huge sign that those men are unfit, have low testosterone (in their fucking 20s), and you'll likely be taking care of them and driving them to appointments when they hit their 50s. It's disgusting. Women are not meant to be attracted to failmales, our society has done so much damage to the female psyche.

No. 1945828

To be fair, liking tumblr sexymen isn't a moid psyop, it's just pure unfiltered girl autism. If anything men mock women into lanky cartoony non-threathening uglyish quirky boys.

No. 1945829

anon please you have like 4 threads to sperg about ugly men, leaves us this one to shit on them. He's an ugly man psyop because he's literally 40 and looks haggard as fuck

No. 1945832

>never forget that rancefag started the original infight, and is possibly the op of this very thread.
She's not. The only reason why i didnt add rance to the OP is because only she has enough shit taste to consider that moid attractive. There are several women who dislike ugly men.

No. 1945841

>Women are not meant to be attracted to failmales, our society has done so much damage to the female psyche.
Really true, really sad.

No. 1945856

File: 1711975462263.jpg (79.42 KB, 700x950, gbf-sandalphon-summer.jpg)

I hate the rise of gacha games and the slow death of low budget JRPGs for consoles in japanese games. Part of why is that now most pandering to female demographics in terms of sex appeal and cute male characters is relegated to gacha games like Granblue Fantasy, where extreme female sexualization and infantilization if everywhere. I'm not going to trudge through barely clothed shortstacks, lolis and troons just to enjoy some cute anime boys.

On the other hand japanese console games seem to give less attention to attractive male characters unless it's developed by Square-Enix.
I really miss when SNK actually made their hot male characters look good instead of poorly modelled, and also I miss when Tales of games were good and were a thing, the best part of them was actually how many cute bishies they had without their female characters fanservice being too bothersome.
And as usual, console joseimuke with hot men are basically stuck in Japan… all games from Ruby Party and Angelique never came to the west.
Why can't we have something like picrel in console games?

Anyway all of this is to say that I hope Japan doesn't turn into western game devs 2 where they make a hot male character once in a blue moon.

Post scriptum… I just got reminded when women go crazy for the disgusting looking Disco Elysium men. I want to barf.

No. 1945874

I am hoping we get some male-only joseimukes eventually. I am dying for a blue archive or girls frontline type gacha with only cute boys.

No. 1945875

If his hair weren't white (which I'm pretty sure has to do with him being a vampire elf) he wouldn't be considered "old." Give him brown hair and he just looks like 35 year old scrote.

No. 1945876

You can't convince me she isn't his beard.

No. 1945879

File: 1711979150168.png (802.31 KB, 974x525, old men in hollywood photoplay…)

Can't forget this. Hollywood moids have been doing this for a long time, to women's distaste.

No. 1945882

lmao, I was just about to post this.

No. 1945884

File: 1711979911284.png (1.83 MB, 1200x1151, 1200px-Gortash.png)

I think if you mod the fuck out of him and can ignore the fact he's clearly meant to be a fag he's good for an evil playyhrough. I guess he has a good redemption arc too and becomes significantly less insufferable. Although I know it's intentional, but I find the romance so cringe inducing it's almost painful. Also I nominate Gortash as another member of the ugly moid psyop.
>handsome young man with an easy smile
Fucking kek

No. 1945887

Why do astarion fags have the worst taste. This thread isn't for you. Old man work wrinkles and mouth lines, who speaks like a faggot. Most people on lolcow have played this game. He's ugly

No. 1945891

I was on you with the gortash psyop until a friend made me notice it's just his propaganda describing him as beautiful, he litterally dictates what the baldur's gazatte writes and spreads, If you notice the posters of his portrait around the city are the depiction of agoodlooking version of himself ( similar to a filtered/photoshopped picture version in current era), as if he was actively tryina spread the "i'm beautiful" psyop with his influence in the city . I think it makes sense in the carachterization lens.

No. 1945894

I think it's because of how lame the romance options are. I'm straight and Shart feels like the only viable option kek. That, and from what I've noticed a lot of the Astarionfags are into Anne Rice novels. I don't think the character is anything to visually special he's likely just a conduit for a particular group of women to live out their vampire fantasies.
I hadn't thought about it that way, that's hilarious he is the absolutely embodiment of psyop. I presumed because the quote I used was read by the narrator, it was Larian's perception of the character. But now I think it's likely them just leaning into what you said.

No. 1945895

I am >>1945802 and grew up with Ann Rice lmaoo Nona you're onto something

No. 1945898

Nta but did you not read the op?
>do not try to defend ugly men ITT no1currs
We've had this back and forth with Astarionfags in hundreds of threads already, let it go this time pls

No. 1945899

Honestly not mad that the option is there for you, I feel like that was the niche Larian was trying to target. I modded him to not be geriatric in my game because lore wise it bothered me a high elf of 37 who's been a vampire for 200 years looks almost as old as Jaheira.

No. 1945901

30yo+ is old in men, thats when they start to bald on average, have ED and start losing testosterone, also their semen goes bad

No. 1945902

You would never see those wrinkles and sking texture on a female character that is supposed to be considered hot (not just some mom character.)

No. 1945904

this, even lady dimitrescu looks less wrinkly, and she also has massive cans meanwhile astarion has the most average body in existence

No. 1945910

Hell no. I grew up reading the vampire chronicles in the early 2000s. He's ugly and I wish these women would find taste. So sick of the old man psy op

It's funny because people consider her mature because of her figure, but she still looks younger snd hotter than half these ugly male characters. Heisenberg or whatever that old werewolf man is in RE8 with the pot belly

No. 1945914

That and she's a character from a Japanese developer. Even the matronly characters look like teenage girls with big hips and boobs.

No. 1945918

File: 1711982654627.jpeg (22.57 KB, 480x640, images (1).jpeg)

Do people still pretend lord Voldemort is attractive or did that ship sail and I'm behind the times?

No. 1945923

File: 1711982805841.png (640.61 KB, 2475x1013, faceblind autist.png)

also, you dont see moids trying to defend lady dimistrecus, meanwhile astarion fags are trying to psyop women into thinking their wrinkly post wall scrote is comparable to leon s kennedy, a young, hot, 21yo man. What annoys me about astarion fags isn't them having a different taste than mine, but them actively trying to convince us he isn't old and haggard.

No. 1945925

File: 1711982892271.jpg (152.59 KB, 1105x1105, oli london biopic.jpg)

Seeing women salivate over a guy that looks like a grandpa oli london was wild

No. 1945926

honestly remake leon is 1 week away from looking as busted as astarion kek. remake leon looks like an old crusty fuck in his 40s that thinks moisturizing is homosexual

No. 1945928

he doesn't have gigantic nasolabial folds, he also has juicy lips. Astarion looks dry.

No. 1945933

File: 1711983239176.jpg (103.68 KB, 992x698, 1000005649.jpg)

Keep telling yourself that. Re2 Leon is a good deal for women into gaming and especially RE fans. I was pretty impressed with his RE2 abd RE4 remake models. Astarion is the worst old man psyop right now.

No. 1945935

he's the perfect mix of pretty and handsome

No. 1945936

Thats the best looking male video game character I've ever seen

No. 1945938

>Leon and Astarion are twins
Ok, she must be trolling.
This is the content female gamers deserve.

No. 1945939

I just don't like the art-style, he's too overdesigned for a 3D character.

No. 1945941

File: 1711984003479.jpg (38.62 KB, 563x841, dc375832b16cc0d130dc6ba8d40d89…)

>remake leon looks like an old crusty fuck in his 40s that thinks moisturizing is homosexual
kek i don't hate remake leon much but that's kinda true, i blame the hyperrealism
I just don't really understand why they added the buttchin on him, in RE4 it looks better but i still feel like they thought he would be too pretty so they had to do something on his face for some weird reason, or maybe i just get too picky, sorry not a big deal tho

No. 1945942

File: 1711984027000.jpg (75.82 KB, 720x727, 284838282911.jpg)

Another old man psyop we were forced to endure when Hannibal was popular. Granted the actor isn't really ugly, just well beyond the age women are allowed to be shilled as attractive.

No. 1945943

Did the ugly man psyop thing make you question your sexuality? Weird question but I'm starting to notice a increase of girls calling themselves gay and the uglification of men. And if it's not that, blatant complacently or even emulation with aidens becoming a repugnant neckbeards to copy their idols.You just can't have standards anymore without the bodypos kweers protesting otherwise.

No. 1945945

File: 1711984095356.png (3.43 MB, 1897x1617, tumblr type.png)

I am so tired of western VNs always having hideous men.

No. 1945946

File: 1711984162758.jpg (141.62 KB, 1107x817, coral island.jpg)

literally every single moid except the kpoopie has facial hair

No. 1945947

My point wasn't that Astarion is flawlessly gorgeous, it was that Leon isn't that far off in terms of hagardness. Their facial features are similar, and if anything Leon's crater butt chin is a knock against him kek(derailing)

No. 1945948

>>1945942 his face looks vacuum sealed

No. 1945949

Woke and inclusive western art is always going to be absolute shit imo. This is the kind of crap they want 20 year old enbys to fawn over? Wow

No. 1945951

The most bizarre element of the old/ugly man psyop is the epidemic levels at which girls started to be "gay" by which they loved these straight old uggo fictional characters so much that they morphed into a gay man to have sex them in their imagination, in fanfics, and in art. Absolutely none of the men they obsess over are gay men but somehow they can't be in a straight relationship with their straight husbandos

No. 1945952

Stop trying to defend your ugly ass moid in this thread. It's literally part of the rules

No. 1945953

> Can't have attractive men irl (that is also not a psychopath)
> Can't have attractive men in media

I thought i was only lesbian then i got a bit into andro/feminine male characters and then i slowly got into more masculine ones but it was a long process and i still rarely find moids irl attractive just because most of them don't even care to look that way, men already have stunted genes when it comes to looks so they should be more aware of it.

No. 1945955

The women have the disney princess archetype while many of the moids have huge chins and noses; just straight up unpleasing facial harmony… Reminds me

No. 1945956

File: 1711984647793.jpg (275.77 KB, 1080x1798, total fatfag death.jpg)

This woman ships herself with a deathfat version of jeff the killer btw

No. 1945959

does anyone else think this isn't that bad? kek i'm a weeb so this disney style is not my preference but most of them look okay? Unlike the one above this post

No. 1945961

Ah finally, you can now romance coach from l4d but with a full beard and "they" pronouns. Another day, another epic win for feminism, amirite sisters?

No. 1945963

Ben looks 1 spouse pregnancy away from trooning out

No. 1945964

this too, all the female characters have extremely unrealistic proportions while the moids look like the average 3DPD scrote. Why would i play a vn to date ugly men?
if you like ugly men sure

No. 1945968

>ships herself with a deathfat version of jeff the killer
Please I need to see this kek

No. 1945970

File: 1711985222802.png (121.46 KB, 300x294, 1698519461240.png)

Why do these retards consistently obsess over draw every little aspect of non-white characters faces, to the extent that they completely strip them of any semblance of aesthetic appeal in a 2D art-style?

No. 1945971

File: 1711985250069.jpg (405.05 KB, 2612x2132, fatties on a motorcycle.jpg)

No. 1945973

File: 1711985418732.png (1.63 MB, 1454x754, touchstarved.png)

I think the only western VN I've seen with actual hot guys and great artwork is Touchstarved

No. 1945974

File: 1711985428680.jpg (216.51 KB, 1486x1550, repulsive.jpg)

i fucking hate these type of pickmes so much

No. 1945975

I hate that picture because no i don't care to draw your fetish. I only saw one deathfat person in my life and it was at an airport kek.
Also a bit unrelated but i hate these idiots that want to shill this shit as "right", same with moids and their snu snu or fatball waifus, just because they have a different taste that supports someone unconventional they think they're saints while everyone knows they are just disgusting fetishists, but at least i don't hate the female creators that much i guess, sorry for derailing a bit there.

No. 1945977

i dont like the artstyle but i can appreciate the effort to make them look good.

No. 1945980

i've seen it before but this picture makes me think of ikemen darkest dungeon kek

No. 1945982

File: 1711985610866.jpg (40.11 KB, 530x530, a086e4abf9ae09821c15a915685c7e…)

I'm not trying to defend him, I'm pointing out how another character that's shilled itt compares to him. This thread is for discussion as per da rules, so thats what I'm doing.

On the topic of elves though, I do think it's tragic how it seems to be trendy to portray male elves with short hair. Rings of Power was the worst for this in recent memory, and Astarion's granny hair is another tragic victim of it imo. I've also noticed in fandom spaces it's seen as progressive to turbo uglify elven characters and make them fat asf despite elves whole shtick being unnaturally beautiful and fit.

No. 1945985

This is honestly why I believe in late term abortions. I'm a big horror fan, and there's nothing worse than the generation of women who are making horror 'icons' sexy and shipping them despite the fact they are ruthless killers in the movies. It got popular with michael meyers and then ghostface from Scream. I honestly hate these kind of women the most.

No. 1945986

Even if he had long hair this face is fucking ugly

No. 1945987

Dang, childhood ruined.

No. 1945988

We don't talk about ROP here. It's a disgrace to anyone who is a Tolkien and LOTR fan. He has described in the books how all elves are heavenly beings with long hair. This looks like some loser who went to comic con for a weekend and had no costume, but he had elf ears to use. I hate ROP and any other show trying to push ugly moids as the norm.

No. 1945990

tbf Michael Myers is canonically supposed to be super handsome behind the mask, that's his whole thing.

No. 1945992

File: 1711986037737.jpg (45.75 KB, 500x500, bleak.jpg)

men do the same but they turn them into sexy women wearing cosplay. I dont understand why women outright sexualize disgusting moids, at least turn jason into a sexy beefcake or soemthing

No. 1945994

Because most women are stupid pick mes who think liking ugly men makes them better than other women who demand sexy sluts out of male characters. These are the women regressing us backwards. i agree with you entirely.

No. 1945995

File: 1711986215060.jpg (292.08 KB, 765x600, edward-s-kotobukiya.jpg)

I'm a lesbian and both the Jason and Edward Scissorhands kotobukiya figures made me feel things. Also, i think Edward Scissorhands actually looks super cute as a woman.

No. 1945999

No, he's not? I've seen every Halloween movie since the original 1970s one. He was a cute kid, but he's an ugly ass adult. He's also a serial killer, so that wouldnt even redeem him. There are a few shots of him without the mask on and he's hideous

No. 1946002

Some women just have a fat fetish, they aren't necessarily pick men's.
Are they ridiculous and should we make fun of them? Yes, but not really a pick me.

No. 1946005

she is a pickme >>1945956 trying to force your fat fetish onto women who want cute men is peak pickme behaviour

No. 1946007

>I'm a lesbian
What are you doing in this thread then huh??? (I'm joking)

Coming to lolcow and reading about women (not fags) liking muscular men makes me so happy, i always felt so ashamed of it or as if it's a fag thing to have, i'm not really sure how it started but i know it's stupid when we have historic paintings and sculptures of muscular and fit men and not the reverse.

No. 1946010

Continuing to draw bishounens because I like them but also to spite moids and pickmes

No. 1946012

I didn't bother mentioning it because Hugo Weaving also wasn't much of a looker, so the shovelface was atleast consistent kek

No. 1946014

File: 1711986988741.png (311.16 KB, 356x604, krOCP9C.png)

No. 1946017

Yeah, I mean, look back at the greek and roman statues where the perfect, ideal male body is fit and muscular. what the hell happened

No. 1946018

I was on tumblr awhile ago and i saw someone draw him fat as fuck for their feederism kink kek

No. 1946020

The day japan actually invests in a mobile game for girls is the day the sun rises in the west

No. 1946021

I'm referring to the script of the first movie. The main idea is that he was this angelic-looking boy in his youth and grew into a very handsome man later on. but despite his outer looks he remains a murderer. he lacks a tragic backstory or a clear motive for his killings. He simply exists as a relentless killer.

No. 1946022

There was touken ranbu but the english server closed, sadly. There was also idolmaster sideM which according to rumors closed because it made moids mad or something.

No. 1946024

His butt chin is ugly

No. 1946025

>calls most women stupid pick mes over a small retarded sub-sect of horror movie shippers
>claims they're the one's regressing us

No. 1946028

Tourabu was a really cheap online game, the game is so outdated nowadays. Its still incredibly popular and had so many great male characters/designs but of course they do nothing more with that besides 2.5D stage plays (another ugly moid psyop going on in japan) because at the end of the day its a franchise for women and they only need to do the bare minimum for them.

No. 1946031

True, but to be fair its also a super old game. It's basically kancolle for women, which is something i can appreciate.

No. 1946035

File: 1711987920839.webp (52.87 KB, 360x572, John_Doe_game.webp)

Jeffs are so unfathomably abomination to me, I have no idea how they attract a genuine feelings than they look like this

No. 1946038

my theory is that since women are socialized to be desireable to men, the ugly nerdy girls feel unworthy and end up coping by lowering their standars to ugly men, both irl and in fiction.

No. 1946039

File: 1711988106714.jpg (86.56 KB, 900x720, richard-winters-and-damian-lew…)

Many leaders throughout history were much younger than modern political figures. and this is even worse with portrayal of soldiers in the media. I have never served in the military myself but my dad has, and he is one of those types who complains about anything unrealistic in action movies and he groans when he sees older actors portrayed as active-duty special forces soldiers, because he knows it would be impossible IRL. He has shown me photos of his buddies from his time in special forces, and they look like they could be male models. but the rule of Hollywood is casting 40-year-old steroid-ridden actors in action movies.

No. 1946044

File: 1711988554380.jpg (868.52 KB, 1920x1800, bFVsJbR6RJU.jpg)

Samefag, stumbled upon his fanart, thought he was cute, looked into source material and felt so bad.

No. 1946048

Thank you so much nona, i wanted to comment this too but i didn't remember it well and didn't find the right sources so i just gave up, you're like a fallen angel kekkk i'm so glad you added this

No. 1946050

keek the uniform thats 3 sizes too big, he looks like a little boy playing dress up with his dad's uniform

No. 1946054

I feel like the worst part of this is his weird chest area

No. 1946056

File: 1711988912301.webp (25.75 KB, 1280x768, IMG_2625.webp)

Horror fans didn’t make Ghostface sexy, Skeet Ulrich did.

No. 1946057

This is a male? I've seen him a few times in the wild and assumed he was a woman based on the weird chest he has going on

No. 1946059

i like a man who doesnt let a period stop him from eating pussy

No. 1946061

And even attractive women lower their standards because they want to be the more attractive one in the relationship. I've even seen women who don't like attractive male characters because they think he would cheat on her or leave her. It's all insecurity, and doesn't have much to do with whether the woman is attractive, average, or ugly

No. 1946062

Truuuth. I was actually gonna revise my earlier post to say he's the only ghostface in my book.

No. 1946063

Based Queen.

No. 1946072

Can't believe anyone thinks this looks better than the perfection that is og RE4 Leon. This psyop runs deep.

No. 1946079

worst leon by far is the one with the stubble from vendetta. All of the new leons are ugly as fuck too, leon is clean shaven, he doesn't have gross unkept facial hair.

No. 1946085

File: 1711989971648.jpg (80.84 KB, 736x1014, John Doe.jpg)

I looked up he described to be non-binary/genderfluid, I didn't noticed until you mentioned. He can only be saved by fanart fanservice power.
Also I think he could be also inspired by Komaeda too.

No. 1946087

RE6 Leon is the ugliest for me, but you are def right with Vendetta Leon. ugh

No. 1946091

File: 1711990239159.png (578.97 KB, 796x441, dumbass.png)

I get that some women find his new version attractive but i really didn't like how they changed Nero from edgy anime bf to army reject crackhead, if DMC5 was my first introduction to him and then i'd see his old look i would have cried, at least Dante had his other young man looks before just turning him old.

No. 1946100

How does he look like

No. 1946101

File: 1711990758370.png (939.39 KB, 1200x675, 1708931030542.png)

I've vented about about this multiple times on the fandom thread, but embracing hyperrealism has proven to be a huge mistake for the western gaming Industry and animation. This approach not only results in games that are more costly and ridiculously time-consuming to develop, but also leads to dull gameplay and characters looking ugly as shit.

No. 1946102

I know nothing about this pic and yet it is activating my nerdfucker instincts sorry for being cringe(thirst derailing)

No. 1946105

like johnny depp

No. 1946107

File: 1711990997591.png (90.26 KB, 194x379, Ocarina-of-Time-Adult-Link-the…)

True shit was better when things looked like this
And before anyone gives me shit, women in Japan were actively lusting for him for looking like (at the time) heart-throb leo dicaprio. Now it's debatable if he was actually handsome or notback then but at least they tried

No. 1946113

File: 1711991117421.jpg (220.51 KB, 1920x1080, RE-vendetta-leon-resident-evil…)

Wtf why did they do this to him kek

No. 1946115

File: 1711991161774.png (Spoiler Image,204.51 KB, 289x856, Leon_29.png)

For Nero i know it personally and in general i see some content of him, but i think Dante's dateable appeal disappeared after 5.


No. 1946121

maybe it's nostalgia, but I still maintain the PS2 and PS3 era had the prefect of realism and aesthetic for actually pleasing male characters.

No. 1946126

I love this thread so much I felt like I was going insane seeing people pretend like ugly old fat men are hot

No. 1946134

I get his personality being the issue, but he has a very average anime face, no?
What are the thoughts on "normal anime man" face?

No. 1946135

>at least turn jason into a sexy beefcake or soemthing
they do. you should check out the monsterfucker thread

No. 1946138

I hate his new cut. Why'd they change it?

No. 1946141

In fairness, I'm not sure if Hannibal would really work with the sane vibe as a young guy, no? Who would you have in mind to play that sort of guy?

No. 1946145

wrong, It's the only type of facial hair allowed on men.

No. 1946146

Stubbles are the human male equivalent of when frogs are neon colors to warn off predators and signal they are toxic to touch. A man with a stubble just reads as an insecure, lazy man who thinks eating pussy is faggy.

No. 1946151

Who tf is Rance and Rancefag?

No. 1946156

a lot of people online find lady demitrescu hot though

No. 1946157

An attentionwhoring husbandofag who husbandos a rapist male character from a coomer moid game, she posted her nudes once

No. 1946158

they don't even show men with long hair anymore, thats how struct gender riles have gotten
it's like that "rings of power" travesty amazon shar out where alll the male elves were old and even more criminally had SHORT hair. galadriel had to look nice but all the moids were ugly as shit.
it's absolutely wild how not so long after jackson's movies, studio moids have become so anal that they can't even allow long pretty hair on fantasy men anymore. the only long hair you see anymore is a raggedy greasy mop on rugged warrior types. legolas types had too much power

No. 1946159

File: 1711992622531.png (238.93 KB, 447x447, they rejected her message.png)

I'm going to war with you on this nona. Completely agree

No. 1946160

Facial hair in general is aggressively ugly. The thought of how groddy they let it get makes it even worse. Why would I want to kiss someone with scratchy ass pube hair on their face.

No. 1946161

she's a milf in a sea of how young waifus, astarion is an old man in a sea of ugly male characters.

No. 1946166

I hate how ugly they made every single character in DMCV. Dmc 4 is the last of the hot versions. Even dmc 3 had hot Dante and Vergil. I'm so salty as a DMC fag myself

No. 1946170

Kek, you aren't wrong

No. 1946171

File: 1711993057016.jpg (302.9 KB, 1280x907, 1000010071.jpg)

>at least turn jason into a sexy beefcake or something
There are many people doing that already

No. 1946175

>scarred skin
1/10 would not fuck

No. 1946177

File: 1711993305288.jpeg (106.87 KB, 861x1209, IMG_9810.jpeg)

petition to use this as next threadpic?

No. 1946179

File: 1711993331567.jpg (286.03 KB, 1080x2057, 1000005650.jpg)

It erases creativity. I also hate the new trend of using live actors instead of creating their own character models. Case and point the new Alone in the Dark game using old, ugly ass David Harbour instead of creating a new character design for Edward Carnby.

No. 1946181

>female jason and freddy are beautiful and have perfect skin and bofies
>male jason and freddy are ugly, burnt and scarred
i know its supposed to be a joke, but the double standars still suck

No. 1946182

File: 1711993397309.jpeg (467.44 KB, 750x879, female pattern autism.jpeg)


No. 1946184

yes, this pic will never not be absolutely hysterical to me

No. 1946185

I don't think there's anything wrong with being inspired by an actor or character they play, but copying and pasting and miraculously copying all the details of their face feels so contrived and a waste of time.

No. 1946188

Kek, I vote yes. This trend of stupid women calling old men "babygurl" is my least favorite thing right now.

No. 1946189

he was so bad in the batman movie. He's not only shilled as attractive, but as a great actor. Ruined my fave villain Scarecrow

No. 1946192

It's lazy. All they do is mocap an actor and make them also voice act for the role. It takes away job from both designers and voice actors. I don't think actors should even be in video games since they are two different media's.

No. 1946193

File: 1711993891929.jpg (217.32 KB, 1261x1800, f9f8b49a-c023-4402-b875-ed5c71…)

>meanwhile vampire in moid only lolicon slop
I don't get it.

No. 1946195

sigh, it sucks being the only person on LC that actually finds hot older men hot, it’s so depressing. i get you’re trying to do reversals on the males wanting jailbait thing and young men around my age are cute but I just want to be fucked by a sexy beautiful older man with an insanely delicious body, why is that so awful?(derailing)

No. 1946196

araragi is ugly too, just generic male slop

No. 1946198

This isn't about you. Please go back to the unconventional male attraction thread.

No. 1946201

I feel seen. I reverse image searched it to find out who this is. I understand you, fellow nerdfucker.(derailing)

No. 1946202


dilfs destroy your little IRL and husbando shotas any day(infight bait)

No. 1946204

File: 1711994221354.png (4.08 MB, 1600x1339, troy1.png)

thoughts on the troy movie nonas?

No. 1946206

I am the sole successor of carreyfag, i’m dadfucker anon. anyways this thread should realistically be in /g/ but wahhh no fun

No. 1946207

File: 1711994272199.jpg (1.13 MB, 1337x2048, troy2.jpg)

No. 1946208

he looks unwashed

No. 1946218

>baby boy.. ba by

kekkk, I elect this one as well tbh

No. 1946220

I was so grossed out at this. It's because the artist is male, and probably gay too. There truly is nothing stupider than making a male design the characters for your female targeted game. You can tell it's a gross moid just by the way he draws.

No. 1946222

Loved this movie growing up. I think the casting is great, especially for Achilles and Hector. Orlando bloom for Paris was okay, but I kinda hate his thin lips. Still better than the ugly moids people are shilling now.

No. 1946229

File: 1711995056245.bmp (157.02 KB, 1280x960, ALCG0002-2969588550.bmp)

This thing? I had no idea this existed

No. 1946231

I like older men too and I understand that's an unpopular opinion on LC. I also understand that a lot of the young moids being shilled these days are way uglier than the current "post wall" moids were when they were young. And I ask what gives

No. 1946233

No. 1946236

File: 1711995210900.jpg (18.82 KB, 474x266, th-3638153392.jpg)

The art style change was the worst thing to happen to the series. Dante used to be sexy and now we just have an unwashed old man and somehow every woman seems to favor his look in 5. It's tragic what they did to Nero too, I can only imagine they did it to differentiate him since he looked too similar to young Dante before (which was a good thing). The same thing has happened to Resident Evil. The more realistic the graphics become, the worse the men look. This Dante from 2001 looks more attractive than most video-game men now despite how simple the graphics are in comparison.

No. 1946237

I like unconventional husbandos too, and I also agree that Hollywood is trying to shill ugly men to the masses, both can coexist. Idk why nonnies can't see that

No. 1946241

hugo weaving was ugly but the other elves were at least decent loking, epecially compared to rop where amazon cousln't even give them long hair. at least you could justify elrond's looks by his having human ancestry. there's no reason to make celebrimbor a generic (blonde!!!) old scrote with short hair while galadriedl HAD to be young and cute despite her being older.
i feel this trend really began with the superwholock era. that's when you started seeing girls acting like old ratfaced fucks (such as cumberbatch and tennant) were somehow sex symbols

No. 1946242

finally some anons with some sense. No one is angry at women with unconvetional taste in men, as long as you dont try to shill them as attractive. The problem is that ugly men are the literal norm, while female characters and actresses are always attractive and young.

No. 1946245

I remember when I was younger and would see hentai of this anime scrote, Lance. Japanese people must be studying white men so hard because you could find a scrote like Lance in any American uni frat sadly

No. 1946252

>old ratfaced fucks (such as cumberbatch and tennant) were somehow sex symbols
I literally never got it. It's like Ariana Grande making a whole album about SpongeBob, it feels like, so fucking stupid kek

No. 1946261

Nah,he's ugly,he looks like a melting wax figure.

No. 1946263

You're right. Dante was one sexy motherfucker. PS2 and PS3 era of gaming was my favourite. It was perfect. Just awesome.
Damn, that is nasty. She posted her nudes on lc? Mad. Rancefag? More like RANCID fag.

No. 1946268

Not defending their decision to uglify him in this movie, but to be fair he was at rock bottom and deep into alcoholism in this movie. Chris had to drag him out of his depression kek. He still could have been depressed AND sexy though

No. 1946272

File: 1711996380160.webp (126.3 KB, 2000x1333, IMG_3065.webp)

There's too much talk over fictional male character examples compared to mainstream movie standards. Let's talk about the Barbie movie for instance, Ryan Gosling is a literal decade older than Margot Robbie. Terrible. Couldn't even get a cute Ken.

No. 1946275

there's probably a correlation with the fact that grooming standards for men have continuously degraded over time too. there was a time where gentlemen in general, not just actors, were expected to adhere to certain standards in appearance -grooming hair and shaving, wearing clothing befitting the iccasion, always wearing hats and neckwear etc. now you see portly, greasy haired, unshaven scrotes in sneakers at formal events. men who pay attention to their appearance are seen as gay. meanwhile women get increasingly pornified.
it's gitten tothe point of historical revisionism. even in historical fiction they give us greasy unwashed moids with stubble, even when it's not realistic or appropriate for the time period.

No. 1946278

I didn't know he was a decade older. Gross. Why wouldnt we get a young hot Ken who was played by a 25 year old instead? At least his motives would have made more sense.

No. 1946287

File: 1711996824231.jpg (55.2 KB, 640x345, 6e4618f3c116a15a18556d9c13539c…)

Time to post this picture again, but anyway i agree, it's really sad and frustrating.

No. 1946292

File: 1711996922475.jpg (73.93 KB, 400x481, tumblr_lfbthllTTr1qalhmdo1_400…)

I'm still mad the creator of my husbando said he wanted this guy to play him in a live action movie. He could never pull him off, plus his eyes are uneven and I feel like I'm the only one who notices it.

No. 1946296

File: 1711997025095.gif (1.18 MB, 500x500, 12D4CFF5-5B5E-46F0-9D6A-C006CF…)

he’s so sexyyy like you anons are just debby downers(bait)

No. 1946297

I like facial hair, but damn. Those men on the right are disgusting

No. 1946298

ayrt and thanks for posting that pic, that's exactly what i meant.
it's even more glaring in historical fiction where ppl look at past male fashion trends and go "omg i can't possibly have a man in a curly wig and lacy shirt bc that's so gay, better make him greasy and stubbled" despite the fact that it would not have flown in that time period.

No. 1946299

Eh, I think there is a difference when dealing with "things made to be popular with women/more inclusive" versus "moidslop, no women so thecreators do whatever they want" like with >>1945341 being turned into a woman in the more recent cartoons.

No. 1946301

okay literally ALL older sexy moids on the left but you bitches are trying to convince us that ugly scrotes are all ugly?? like come the fuck on(infighting)

No. 1946307

They just 3D scan the faces so it actually saves them time compared to having to model and texture everything from scratch.

No. 1946310

File: 1711997676462.jpg (40.47 KB, 584x793, tumblr_34f5173cd8fdac8337bb46f…)

I remember scrotes being pissed about Casey too, though they blamed it on women.
They did not like the replacement at all fir the obvious moid reasons

No. 1946311

what? also calm down kek
I'm not sure if that's what you meant but it's not really about the age but how those moids are presenting and keeping themselves.

No. 1946312

File: 1711997694527.jpeg (22.03 KB, 612x408, 100043245667799.jpeg)

>Granted the actor isn't really ugly,
He is, I don't understand why he's always shilled as conventional. His eyes are hideous even during his youth. He has that phenotype >>1945695 mentioned

No. 1946317

I never noticed before and I'll never unsee it now. It's so obvious!

No. 1946319

Anon was talking about how the grooming standars in men have decayed through the years, those moids on the left are still post wall and ugly but at least they don't look unwashed.

No. 1946328

Women are expected to shave their whole bodies but moids can't even be bothered to remove the pubes on their faces, disgusting.

No. 1946330

File: 1711998567218.jpeg (29.34 KB, 590x350, disgusting.jpeg)

why don't men get hair transplants? plastic surgery amongst women is so normalized it's crazy, bbls can literally kill you yet women choose to undergo elective unnecessary surgeries just to please scrotes. there's literally not any other reason to get a bbl or breast implants. a hair transplant is quick, easy and safe procedure. and it can do wonders for men, it's an investment, really. but no! instead they let their hair slowly wither away and decide to just… live like that. it's so fucked up!!! why? have they got no shame? do they not realise how disgusting they look? why do moids let themselves go like that when they have tools to prevent it? and why are we as society, as women, supposed to just accept it? a small percent of men look good without hair, but it's tiny. yet men, like picrel, don't shave it off. it genuinely makes me nauseous.

harry styles is an example of this. his hair has looked horrible for several years now, yet he is hailed as a sex symbol and one of the hottest men on the planet. however, he seems to recently have gotten a hair transplat. he's still fug fug, but it'll def be an improvement. hopefully this means that it's becoming more mainstream amongst young men.

No. 1946331

it's about the ugly man psyop not just the old man psyop. and that picture is speciffically about the falling standards in male grooming, which are part of the push towards ugly men.

No. 1946334

Omg, did they really make Casey Jones a woman instead of the perfect crop top wearing himbo from the 80s and 90s? I hate this

No. 1946336

It's about men don't bother to groom themselves, and are drinking a ton of soy lattes lately. Not to mention men being open anime degenerates and nerds is a massive issue.

No. 1946338

File: 1711998893509.jpg (48.18 KB, 540x377, 1000010073.jpg)

They made Casey a woman, but also made another Casey that was a guy. He has an unfortunate face however

No. 1946341

Remember when everyone was shilling the Richard Ramirez looking guy from spiderverse? everyone forgot about him now, it's so easy to meme women into liking ugly men

No. 1946343

Western animation is so awful now. wtf is this

No. 1946345

Even worse, I remember when they casted a dude to play Richard Ramirez in one of the AHS (I think it was 1984?) and they tried to convince people he was super hot. He was a real life serial killer who murdered woman. That shit rubbed me the wrong way and I stopped giving a shit about tuning into AHS after that.

No. 1946347

The moids in my uni are so fugly. Fat and balding and hairy and we're in our early 20s. My gorgeous friends cry over these hideous beasts. Please girls, you are too beautiful for them. I was watching The Outsiders last night and the guy who plays Johnny was so hot. Why don't guys look young and cute anymore? He was 23? Crazy. The '23' year old nowadays look 35. BARF.

No. 1946348

They still trying to shill the fat, old cop from Stranger Things as hot?

No. 1946350

All gen z moids are drinking and vaping younger and younger. None of them drink water either, just red bull and monster energy drinks. I've worked with so many moids who are 22-23, but look 35

No. 1946351

He did have fangirls for a while before that season was made to be fair (he's still ugly tho, esp when you see his teeth)

No. 1946353

I didn't know that. Which other series/movies was he in?

No. 1946354

File: 1711999339186.jpg (273.44 KB, 1026x1390, 1940s-crowd-in-bleachers-at-fo…)

My grandpa was a normal worker who grew up dirtpoor and yet he still sticks to standards that would be considered borderline girly by moids my age, e.g. if he went to dinner with my grandma he shaved twice that day, or paying attention to little details like wearing only black socks for important occasions. And have you ever seen an old man go outside in sweatpants?
Pic is something similar to what I conincidentally saw on tv last week, notice how everybody made sure to wear a nice suit for a fucking soocer game kek?
Meanwhile I literally can't find anybody without a beard, it feels hopeless. Moids much younger than I look like homeless uncles.

No. 1946357

File: 1711999475135.png (1.05 MB, 1200x676, uglyyy.png)

I was talking about migue o'hara. Funny how everyone forgot about him so fast, it feels like the movie is 5 years old but it was released last year. Same thing is happening to astarion.

No. 1946360

I misworded that, I meant the real life Ramirez.

No. 1946361

My great grandfather who passed away in the late 90s, used to dress up every single time he went outside, even for a walk. Slacks, vest and jacket, etc. He combed his hair and wore a hat. He also wore cologne and made sure his nails were kept short and clean. It's insane to me how moids now a days wear baggy shirts and sweat pants, barely washing their own ass.

No. 1946363

Oh yeah, no worries. I get it. There were also crazy ass Ted Bundy fangirls too. That's a topic for a whole nother thread.

No. 1946370

That makes sense. I see them go to get drinks in between classes and they drink 3 cans of monster a day, no joke. Vaping is so big here too. I'm in Ireland and drinking is huge here. The main way moids socialise is by drinking at pubs because there's literally nothing else to do in our town. Doesn't help that Irish moids are already fugly and naturally age like shite.

No. 1946372

File: 1711999861454.png (24.32 KB, 125x141, b.png)

God damn nonas i'm so envious, i remember being ashamed about my own father going out with me to buy something in the morning and he literally just went outside with pajama pants and a tank top.
Anyway i spotted a cutie.

Same, here kids start smoking and drinking around 14 but still the women look always better.

No. 1946379

My dad is also already worse than my granddad but at least him (and all his friends too) are always cleanshaven. The beard trend and the obesity in young years is the absolute worst.

No. 1946381

Women are superior that's why. Moids could never. They already have such a short span for their beauty and they ruin it and make it even shorter. Women are beautiful until their deathbeds.

No. 1946383

unrelated but this art style is so soulless, i wouldnt wanna date any of these characters they look like out of an ad

i didnt mind him, at least he was charismatic. however the other kens shouldve been hot young and fit, not fuckass simu liu.

No. 1946384

My grandparents weren't rich, my grandfathers mostly did physical labour, they really didn't care about their appearance, but they would always wash themselves right after entering the house, wearing nice fabric pants to work outside and they were always clean-shaven, with clean nails and never smelling disgusting. I still find it very interesting that they always wore suspenders, so the shirt would stay in the trousers and the trousers wouldn't fall down too much while doing physical labour. Today you should be lucky if you don't see the ass-crack of a moid the first time he bends over to pick something up.

No. 1946399

The norm of going out in pajama pants and slides with socks is the worst. I went to a new hot pot place, and I people watched while there. The amount of gen z moids and women who didnt bother to dress up even slightly was bad. Like, they look like they just rolled out of bed.

No. 1946402

I do compsci and on my first day of uni I saw 7 dudes' asscracks. No joke. Vile.

No. 1946403

ewww men need to go back to tucking in their tshirts in their pants

No. 1946404

LOL Simu liu was so hideous in the Barbie movie. I'm shocked they casted him, then I realized every single hollywood moid knows each other. I was hoping for a hot Asian male, but nope. The black Ken was kinda cute though. My favorite was allan though, just because he was at least funny

I wish men were told to go home and change. The same way women are told they are 'too distracting' while wearing spaghetti straps and tank tops. Men who cant even wear their pants right should be forced to go home and come back appropriately dressed.

No. 1946405

To a certain extent, it's not as much as a psy op as it is laziness. Why are they still hiring Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, or Ryan Gosling?
Because they refuse to retire, they have connections, and the ones hiring don't want to risk someone new tanking their shit.
He's an old moid as well, but I remember reading somewhere that Chris Pratt had trouble getting work when he was young and starting out because he looked too generic. It wasn't until he got fat that he got a comedic role in Parks and Rec.
They'd rather stick to what worked 20 years ago.

No. 1946406

File: 1712001454914.jpeg (63.49 KB, 514x536, IMG_9816.jpeg)

>beautiful sexy nom-nom delicious older moid being simped on by anon
>no one bats an eye in ugly man psyop

all so tiresome(infight bait)

No. 1946407

Yeah, and also showering and using deodorants cuz those motherfuckers smelt like onions.

No. 1946417

Yound dicaprio and other pretty men were insanely popular in the 90s. Only now they started to hire ugly men.

No. 1946422

File: 1712001887755.jpg (298.29 KB, 1080x1440, 1148978_v9_ba.jpg)

Why is this uggo being pushed nowadays? Ew

No. 1946428

Ew his eyebrow hair is so grangly I hate him

No. 1946433

I'm actually glad when men don't get hair transplants because it makes it real obvious who not to reproduce with. It's hideous.

The real shill is how women got duped into believing baldness is okay. It isn't. Hair loss is not okay and happens for a reason–society FREAKS OUT when women lose our hair, but again, it's rightfully pointed as a health or stress issue so we are pressured to fix it asap. So many younger men are becoming bald earlier due to their poor health but instead of urging them to get answers, society gives them a cookie and tells them they still deserve a dime with luscious locks.
Bald is not attractive.

No. 1946437

File: 1712002237758.jpg (166.16 KB, 1248x702, allan.jpg)

>>1946404 Michael Cera is butt ugly and I can't stand his face in any movie he's in

No. 1946440

Tbf I don't think he was meant to be hot in Barbie.

No. 1946441

most hair transplants look like shit, they just end up having balding doll hair planted in regular rows
yeah but they only do that for male actors. besides there's downside for older actors, they have diva behaviour and often ask for extrotrionate prices. but they'd rather have an old scrote date a 20something girl. meanwhile actresses their age get cast as their mother-in-laws

No. 1946442

Who the fuck is trying to say he's hot? Holy shit lmao

No. 1946443

What is your problem?? I just said that he's cute, like a moid you would see on those yaoi soviet propaganda posters kind of cute and everyone got that immediately, that's why they didn't comment. Blind nona.

In all seriousness tho does he really look old to you? Weird.

No. 1946445

nonnies, do you think anything will change? or is this how the future will be? do we have any hope or has the psyop already done too much damage? i'm tired of my friends defending the honor of ugly moids. they genuinely get upset if i call a celebrity or a random man on the street ugly and all of their bfs are way below them look-wise.

No. 1946446

All those Scott Pilgrim fangirls I guess

No. 1946447

That's because they dont consider female characters to be important tbf, unless it's like a horror movie.
The male actor is the brand, the female character is service.

No. 1946449

Not gay enough

No. 1946452

i think we lost. there's so many pretty women in relationships with ugly moids it's sad

No. 1946453

dont respond, just report. That anon is convinced everyone ITT is a pedophile for not wanting to bang older men.

No. 1946455

The woman thirsting over Dr. Phil sent me

No. 1946458

File: 1712002816174.webm (1.71 MB, 480x854, post wall at 22.webm)

I don't think men will improve. The bar gets lower every day and worst of all they get babied and pampered and told they are beautiful and that they will age like wine.

No. 1946459

Well, it's gotten to the point where even moids are getting annoyed that male characters are "soy, useless, generic, and old" so who knows.

No. 1946462

Not one person said he was hot though.

No. 1946464

He's ~problematic~ now because he defended JKR.

No. 1946467

Ew, that man is 22?! He looks 35 minimum.

No. 1946469

When? Caps

No. 1946478

File: 1712003418208.jpg (498.41 KB, 2000x1125, Lost-You-Forever-S1.jpg)

All of this is kind of our own fault too. Even itt women try to defend ugly/old men, despite it being so obvious that we are being brainwashed into lowering our standards that women of all ages, even in non-feminist spaces start to realize it.
Our problem is our culture of always being nice and polite. Even when getting insulted by literal incels most women try to take the moral highground and don't stoop down to their level and therefore even the worst moids' feelings supposedly are worthy of getting protected.

Inbefore "No kpop!", I will use China as example. Many rightfully criticise the strict beauty standards for women in Asia because they have to be so skinny and pale. But are the requirements for western female celebrities really that much more lax? They might be allowed to be slightly curvier but at the same time they must get an insane amount of plastic surgery on both their face and body, which is always a huge health risk.

Meanwhile in many east asian countries and especially in China female viewers are also brutal on male celebrities. Everybody should be over 180cm (even tho that's a difficult to reach height for Asians), if they get too "chubby" (meaning 65kg) or also too muscular they get called out and immediately have to lose weight again. TV shows with reverse harems and relationships between early/mid 20s guys and older women are so common that some say they start to get bored of it already.
They also can't date, they have to apologize for smoking or littering and if they get caught doing something worse like for example cheating or being a slut going to prostitutes their career is completely over (their social media gets deleted and they get blurred/edited out). Their entire livelihood depends on being handsome and appealing to female fans - and isn't it technically the same in the west? Yet we never use our "power". If enough women would be honest and admitted that the nowadays shilled actors simply aren't good enough and that we want somebody like young Alain Delon instead, then Hollywood would have to act accordingly.
Sadly, I know that this will never happen, it likely will only get worse, they might replace actresses with AI girls because nobody is ever young and hot enough, while Leo and Co. will still get jobs and young models when they're 100. And even then there will also still be women caping for them…

No. 1946490

>cheating or being a slut going to prostitutes their career is completely over (their social media gets deleted and they get blurred/edited out).
kek that's hilarious

No. 1946496

I'm bi and I straight up used to question if I was lesbian because I found so few male celebrities/characters attractive.

No. 1946498

File: 1712004169951.png (443.89 KB, 1389x411, Margaret Mead Samoan.png)

From what I've researched, a significant portion of the blame for this can be attributed to the sexual revolution. People tend to overlook just how radical it was and the profound impact it had on Western society(and later the world). It was largely pushed, justified and embraced by academia, journalism and the media. The prevailing mantra of the time was "be natural" and overcome morality, this combined with capitalism consumerism shaped the culture. Even now we continue to feel its influence.
One really funny thing in hindsight is that one of the academic books that really helped kickstart the revolution and the free love movement was written by a rather naive woman named Margaret Mead. The book was basically a super glorified noble savage book about how great Samoan society is because they don't care about moralism and sexuality. Years later, when some of the people Margaret interviewed were asked about this, they revealed that they were actually just fucking with her and told exaggerated stories,

No. 1946499

>The amount of gen z moids and women who didnt bother to dress up even slightly was bad.
I went out for dinner at a nice-ish restaurant for my mom's birthday the other day and a pack of zoomers came in mid-meal all wearing sweats and sneakers meanwhile most other people in the place were dressed decent. I don't get it, how are people not embarrassed to go out looking frumpy as hell? My sister's moid wear sweats and a hoodie to their easter brunch ffs, someone needs to shame them into dressing better

No. 1946500

File: 1712004248247.jpg (47.88 KB, 811x497, Drama-A-Date-with-the-Future-U…)

You'd be surprised how often this happens, e.g. this guy was caught twotiming two actresses and therefore they simply replaced his face in his show.

No. 1946501

Kek, that's hilarious. China doing something good for once.

No. 1946509

Should have spoilered this pic because now I want to vomit…
Also doubt women gaining freedom of sexuality many decades ago has influenced nowadays moids into getting fat and growing beards.

No. 1946510

File: 1712004539324.png (592.36 KB, 680x906, peter griffin.png)

Pinkypills having a crush on peter griffin and making William look like a fatfuck will always be funny as hell to me.

No. 1946517

Is this really from an official FNAF comic? Isnt it a multibillion dollar franchise

No. 1946518

Yeah I don't want to infight but women being sexually liberated has nothing to do with men and their choices.
I wish more women would dump uggos and abort their mistakes with em.

No. 1946522

This one in specific isn't official, It was one of her personal projects.

No. 1946523

I think your misunderstanding what I'm trying to state, the second wave feminist movement was co-opted by the sexual revolution and the consequences is why we have modern liberal feminism.

No. 1946524

File: 1712004914963.jpg (2.63 MB, 4000x3000, 63643536.jpg)

Samefag but you can also see that the pressure and demands of female asian fans actually work by how Timmy is dressed in the west >>1945385 vs east (pic is Japan). His face of course doesn't change but you can definitely see a huge difference of effort in styling.

No. 1946529

File: 1712005132061.jpeg (203.09 KB, 446x708, 3E3ED545-354C-48B3-95AC-6347C3…)

I think this phenomenon is just a symptom from men being significantly more bitter, vindictive and dangerous than women. Lots of women are naturally looking for something safe and free of abuse. On paper pretending a guy is a soft shy frumpy bbgirl is safer than being with a man whose ego is in the sky because he's 6'1 without shoes on and feels medically entitled to cheating or abusing. Insecurity makes a lot of men wrathful and oppurtunistic instead of empathetic. This has always been the case.
What is tragic is even the ugly guys are equally as egotistical and bitter so yes it is a mistake and sad ! Ugly shilling phenomenon is purely from ugly men being their typical parasitic and opportunistic selves, seeing yet another opportunity to prey on vulnerable women.

No. 1946531

You are right, both him and Zendaya were dressed in matching outfits there

No. 1946537

I have hope because I have no hope for society. I believe that the current world order will end and there will be a period of chaos, but things will begin again

No. 1946546

You guys are tweaking Jack Black could be (could have been) hot but chooses not to abs he still has a career in Hollywood if a woman got fat, look at how they talk about Lena Dunham or Rosie o Donnel I can’t even think of anyone else because there’s not nearly as many fat women in hollywoof

No. 1946551

Lmaoo invited to the beef?

No. 1946561

apart from paul newman and alan delon, the other two look busted and old. Without the black n white, they would look even worse. Get out of here you granpafucker.

No. 1946567

File: 1712007949463.png (589.5 KB, 800x800, dgptoqp-8afaf1ae-68f8-4475-a86…)

Does he count? Disney's shitty attempt at a Tumblr sexy man failed badly

No. 1946573

Who was he made for? Faggot disney adults?

No. 1946575

kek oh my god yes, he was so blatantly tumblr sexy man gone wrong. Literally no one gave a shit about him, they even forced yana toboso to shill him.

No. 1946577

We could make the same meme about the supposedly "effeminate" long hair.

He's not really ugly but I feel like the reason he's hailed as some sort of ultimate sexyman is mostly that everyone else is uglier and aged way worse and he's just the only one that looks like a proper human male at this point. They should cast him as some edgy one-eyed character and put the eyepatch on his bad eye, that would spice him up a little, kek

I had only ever seen his DMC5 version before and I am absolutely appalled. I'm not even a DMCfag and yet you're right, I'm crying. What the fuck.

Drama guys look a bit too uncanny for me but Chinese women are so based for this and I love it when they roast the boyfriends of female idols/celebs for being uglier. I'm tired of women here acting like having any mildly negative opinion on a moid is superficial and cruel all while their degenerate looking nigels parade them around like fancy handbags.

No. 1946578

I forgot about this old moid they made for that disney movie nobody watched.

No. 1946582

I remember someone on /m/ said she likes to pretend that he’s a butch woman to cope with the change.

No. 1946613

No. 1946620

More like just plain faggots. I'm a disney adult and not me or my friends even watched Wish. We forgot it was even made. kek

No. 1946624

File: 1712012303880.jpg (343.22 KB, 720x720, Picsart_24-04-01_23-58-06-348.…)

No. 1946625

Because this is western, I can't help but to think one of these are secretly trans

No. 1946628

dude on the left just needs a wig

No. 1946630

File: 1712012660577.jpeg (867.59 KB, 1957x3000, IMG_5140.jpeg)

>27 year old in 1982

No. 1946631

Right on. The white haired one is a they/them.

No. 1946633

File: 1712012732145.jpeg (516.53 KB, 828x746, IMG_3206.jpeg)

god don't get me started about how filmscrotes would rather throw history iut the window than admit men could have worn long hair once.
moids in the 18th century did NOT walk around looking like that. you had a wig or long hair.

No. 1946634

File: 1712012758367.png (1 MB, 640x960, leo dicaprio.png)

I remember when anons discussed if it was pedophilic to be attracted to 21yo leo dicaprio in titanic kek it's so insane that we have gotten used to men looking 30 in their 20s.
He needs a whole facial reconstruction. Like what car crash victims get, but 10x

No. 1946635

I don't think it will change but I let every moid I know know that I will judge them as harshly as society judges women. I once told a moid a girl he slept with probably ghosted him because he was skinny fat and she was disappointed after she saw him naked. I let my ex know all his friends had shit bodies and bad haircuts. If a moid I'm dating comments on my appearance, I shame him for it and make comments on his.

No. 1946637

No way, that's crazy. He's a grown man, so where are they getting the idea that it's pedophilic? That's just sad. Meanwhile, grandpas run around with freshly turned 18 year olds and no one cares.

No. 1946638

Based queen.

No. 1946639

Well he looks like he's got Irish/German blood. Those moids are failures

No. 1946642

File: 1712013179365.jpg (111.66 KB, 593x585, William Ugly 3.jpg)

He is such a jumpscare. He looks like he is pushing 50. Aren't they supposed to have access to top tier skincare and beauty procedures? This is so embarrasing.

No. 1946644

he's so ugly I loled

No. 1946647

Women have been socialized to ''desire'' old men and see men their age as ''babies''. Some grandpa loving spergs are schizoing out in another thread and calling anons ITT 'boyfuckers' for finding leon kennedy attractive, they are insane.

No. 1946648

File: 1712013371473.jpg (531.44 KB, 2400x1600, NTCX27G2HFDVPMO4VBNEH2B3BI.jpg)

I see people simp over these characters and I dont get how..theyre so below-average
The author of this game is my personal lolcow
she used to be an insane jthm kinnie on tumblr with the username "nnybunny"

No. 1946649

he looks sexy there tho

No. 1946655

>other threads
Kek literally a wall of text defending old/ugly moids

No. 1946662

They are also trying to spin it into anons being haydurrs and not letting them love their ugly husbandos when this thread isn't about that kek.

No. 1946663

he'd still be ugly as fuck nona. are you ok

No. 1946667

he'd look better though not cute or anything and the ears are his second worst feature so surgery for those and I think he'd be normal looking

No. 1946669

he has ugly beta eyes

No. 1946670

>Women have been socialized to ''desire'' old men and see men their age as ''babies''.
This is so bad on lsa, they act as if any woman being with a man under 30 deserves to get cheated on or should just go to jail for being with an uwu little boy… Here too an anon upthread said that "boys" (unless she's an underageposter they're men, call them that way) her age are cute babies.

No. 1946675

That's so lame of them. I'll be 70 years old and still looking at cute 23 year olds. No one will stop me.

No. 1946677

lol i don't think any treatment can do shit against charles's genes.
right. none of this would happen if it was more socially acceptable to body shame men. instead the standards of male grooming and appearance keep getting lower.
hyperrealism'has definitely been a problem ingaming and animation but therés also a similar issue with grimdark realism in some movies and tv series. you know with the drab colours and bleak scenery and people having to look grimy and beat-up rather than attractive

No. 1946679

>female author I really like introduces a 12 year age gap relationship in her manga
I felt so betrayed. The design of the moid isn't ugly but it's still disgusting. I don't want to see a college student dating a moid in his 30s.

No. 1946683

What manga?

No. 1946744

File: 1712017608040.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.7 KB, 563x609, 65445fa98bd9105e08947d42c19ad1…)

This reminded me that Leo DiCaprio is one of the few old scrotes who don't really get shilled as attractive by women on social media, and i wonder if its because of him publicly dating 20 year olds or how badly he aged?
Idk if anyone else notices or im wrong but i feel like other ugly old aged moids get shilled not only as attractive, but also as wholesome/fuunny/nice men, if they were exposed as being shitty i don't think they would be so popular (but im not sure)

No. 1946752

he gets shilled as attractive by hollywood though
> in Killers of the Flower Moon where they literally describe DiCaprio as young and handsome several times.

No. 1946753

>if they were exposed as being shitty i don't think they would be so popular (but im not sure)
nta but many other older moid actors are also dating much younger women the same way leo is and some have been exposed as cheaters as well (like cillian). so idk

No. 1946787

File: 1712020275559.jpg (124.12 KB, 1280x720, nz6Hc7fHYZm4A4hpLvVQqT.jpg)

You're telling me. Dante was my first love and I refuse to play the newer games where they replace him with this thing.

No. 1946790

DMC4 Dante was an "old man" but he still was such a fucking babe. This new Dante is repulsive. I fucking hate what they did to him

No. 1946793

File: 1712020577417.jpg (173.46 KB, 1326x1368, ezgif-3-e0c89fe855.jpg)

ugly moid cope

No. 1946795

all three of them look like sex offenders anyways

No. 1946811

The "virgin cope" is accepting reality. The "chad embrace" is the cope. They can blame their uglyness on their "style" and pretend to be victims. All men do is lie.

DmC: Devil May Cry looked like shit too.

No. 1946814

this conversation of Chinese netizens enforcing beauty standards on men reminds me. A Chinese man who went online for advice, got mercilessly roasted by Chinese netizens, but then he actually took all of their advice seriously and very quickly made a turnaround and changed into a relatively good looking guy

great for him but tbh this also angers me because it proves that there's really not that much standing in the way of men becoming handsome. some definitely have unfortunate looking faces. But for the majority, all they have to do to look good is not be ancient, lose weight, and get a better sense of fashion and style. but many of them can't even manage that much.

No. 1946816

The amount of males who are actually capable of growing long hair is much lower than what it used to be. Their hormones are fucked and actors don't do shit to fix that, which just proves theory further.
I think the greatest ugly-man psyop EVER pulled was the normalization of male body fat. They're never shamed for their whale blubber even though it makes them grow tits. Male bodies are meant to be tight, not jiggly.

No. 1946818

but anon, thats gay! men are entitled to having their barely legal waifus despite looking horrendous, how dare you to expect men to put effort into their appearance

No. 1946822

File: 1712023022298.jpeg (96.91 KB, 729x729, IMG_9818.jpeg)

>talking about dante without talking about vergil

how dare you?

No. 1946834

File: 1712024020734.png (208.76 KB, 616x438, 343511105.png)

Sadly, never trust Chinese photos. He used filters to "glow up". If we trust his words that he didn't get plastic surgery, how do you explain the widened eyes, the slimmed and lengthened nose, and the suddenly full head of hair? If he lost weight and toned up then good for him but he's not being truthful about the glow up results.

No. 1946836

EVERY. SINGLE. MALE with a beautiful face and head full of hair is gay. All of my crushes like it up the ass and it's the worst blackpill in the world. You would think being pushed into the role of having your life revolve around males would at least grant you the right to fuck cute guys but NO. You can't even have that. All the gays are looksmaxximg while the heteros are shaving their heads bald. They enjoy making us suffer and intentionally make themselves ugly. Every single legit male supermodel is gay. All of them. It makes me want to rip their faces off like a chimp. Holy fucking shit.

No. 1946841

he has serious bulge

No. 1946852

His head is slightly angled up in the before (probably to hide some of the double chin), so his nose looks shorter. And he's skinnier so yes his face will be slimmer. You do have a point about the eyes it could also be those big eye contacts tho Also there's 1001 treatments for men's hairloss that aren't a hair transplant or wig.

No. 1946859

How about hair transplant or a wig ffs scrotes are retarded

No. 1946865

God I wish I could brutally humiliate men from my country with an online mob for being ugly and short

No. 1946868

If women can get lash and hair extensions, men can splurge on good quality toupees to fix their hairlines

No. 1946870

Yeah I'm bi and these are hot, especially the Jason one. I like that they're at least not generic pedocoded anime waifus

No. 1946873

It's super common with male celebrities in South Korea since being bald is seen as extremely ugly. And since men often have bangs, it looks even more natural.

No. 1946883

File: 1712027593456.jpg (107.23 KB, 1079x1719, SPOILER_Screenshot_20240401_17…)

This is Josh Hutcherson. Imagine if a female celebrity looked 1/10th this bad she'd be publicly beheaded. Moids are so ugly, this swollen tomato-faced swine with "body hair" that looks like a twinkie dropped on a shag carpet, if he's a famous actor why can't he put in the effort to get a personal trainer or a dietician or take any semblance of care of himself? Anyone who has psyopped themselves into being attracted to this bloated corpse of a moid is beyond help.

No. 1946885

Hair transplants don't work if your balding is rapid and significant, but there's been a lot of medications to prevent balding for men lately, thank god. I have some unconventional tastes in men for sure, but i draw the fucking line at obesity, baldness and weak bone structure. Absolutely fucking not. If i had a husband and he started balding, i would leave him is he didn't take medications to stop his balding.

No. 1946887

I remember all the training he went through in the Hunger games. I feel like after those movies, he let himself go. Men get to let themselves go, despite having a harder time putting on fat, and easier time putting on muscle. Repulsive.

No. 1946890

Hyper realistic game models was an absolute mistake. Not only do games have no soul now, they are all hideous men. I refuse to accept this man as Dante. They did every single character but the women in DMCV wrong. I hated it. Dante and Vergil didn't even look like twins in DMC V

No. 1946891

V the character however was very nice

No. 1946895

So tired of him. The Hannibal stuff he was in really diluted the character and franchise IMO (though HR started it) which didn’t help. Plus I have to hear about him from my friends with bad taste all the time. They like Joaquin phoenix too! I have to assume that they’re just lying or kidding themselves to feel special because there’s no way.

No. 1946901

i don’t demand that everybody on earth be attractive, but it’s glaringly obvious that the current promotion of ugly, old men to (typically young) women is a patriarchal psyop. there’s a reason why conservative guys hate effeminate men and love young woman/old man pairings

No. 1946903

File: 1712029716823.jpg (62.09 KB, 300x400, 11_15_99_payton_300x400-f90c4c…)

I don't think it's been mentioned in the thread, but I feel like People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue is ground zero for this shit. They've been shilling ugly men as attractive for decades. Very few of their featured men could be described as attractive, let alone as the "sexiest" anything. Almost all of them range from past their prime to downright uggo. Even their airbrushed cover photos don't make them look hot.

No. 1946905

File: 1712029773736.jpg (16.27 KB, 500x375, Pedro Pascal.jpg)

He is turning into Pedro Pascal.

No. 1946908

File: 1712030120340.jpg (132.87 KB, 1500x1000, john-legend-smaports-2-ec5869d…)

Worst offender by far.

No. 1946911

File: 1712030226140.jpg (977.51 KB, 2048x2048, 175409563642.jpg)

still can't believe they put that goo goo ga ga bitch alien turtle on there

No. 1946912

samefag didn't see the post above kek but the rest are still trash

No. 1946916

File: 1712030864772.jpg (298.2 KB, 760x1013, Patrick-Dempsey-People-cover-a…)

I remember when this paid shit was published. I commented on how women want to see men in their 20s instead of some old geezer pushing his 60s on magazine covers, and some boomer auntie said that real women don't like little boys. As if men would ever say something like that.

No. 1946920

Men do things like tear apart the looks of Margot Robbie calling her mid while young women fangirl over disgusting disheveled middle aged men that look like they wake up in a parking lot. It’s pathetic

No. 1946921

I swear to god every time a cute guy catches my eye I realize a second later that he’s gay. Every. Single. Time.

No. 1946926

This man is so hideous. A literal weasel

No. 1946931

File: 1712032555970.jpeg (77.56 KB, 1366x768, IMG_8120.jpeg)

That new guy makes me think of young Matthew Lillard and by extension Shaggy lol.

No. 1946935

Kek thats true. Thank god my brother is gay. I wouldn't want to be related to an ugly moid. Would ruin my reputation.
Kek, so true. Their filters are scary. Their livestreaming culture is so huge that moids who want to hop on it pretend to be girls using those insane filters and it genuinely transforms them completely. Saw this fugly hairy moid get on camera and turn on a filter and he suddenly looked like a kpoop girl. Freaky as hell.
They all look nasty.

No. 1946937

File: 1712032990161.jpg (160.68 KB, 720x719, Megamind.jpg)

Cumberbatch is an absolute abomination and so is this onga bonga looking fuck

No. 1946939

Ironically the detailed version in your example looks a million times cuter than any of the moids in those vns

No. 1946943

I stopped watching doctor who because this guy was too ugly and I couldn't focus on what was going on in the plot because I was too distracted by his face.

No. 1946945

Today I learned that Josh Hutcherson was not Pedro Pascal's alter ego and they are different fuggo moids.

No. 1946955

Fucking kek anon me too. We didn't miss much, rewatched it years later it's just him and the female lead competing to be the bigger nlog as the writing takes a nose dive off a cliff.

No. 1946963

I don’t see issue with women fetishizing killer characters. They are doing it for different reasons than moids who from that figure pic just think up some generic hot girl in ripped up clothes and holding mask of said character then boom jerk off to booba and that’s all. There’s plenty of sexy art/content of masked villains everywhere through social media from women’s perspective and showcasing the female gaze. It’s easier to project personality onto a character that can have any potential appearance underneath a mask, it’s like a blank slate for whatever you want. It has nothing to do with ugly moids being shilled because their appearance is unknown in most cases and left up to interpretation.

No. 1946966

File: 1712036009858.jpeg (611.48 KB, 1002x1104, IMG_8121.jpeg)

>suddenly full head of hair
I can’t argue against the other points kek (other than maybe he squinted his eyes really badly in an attempt to smile for the first photo, his lids still look the same so it seems more like he improved his expression) but asian hair tends to grow fairly fast, and the tiktok said this transformation was over the course of 2 years. Sometimes I cut my hair really short like a crew cut, and it takes me 4-5 months for my hair to grow to the length in the after photo in your pic.

No. 1946967

File: 1712036097807.png (71.29 KB, 1841x232, faggots.PNG)

Same energy.

No. 1946970

File: 1712036500152.png (892.06 KB, 851x801, RfjmqXw.png)

I've seen this claim, but I've seen actual evidence of it. Show me an actor who was actually attractive that was gay. cause most gay men are incredibly cringy in most cases and usually ugly.

No. 1946971

There are 3 types of gays. Fully bearded roidpigs, the campy flamboyant lisp-having James Charles lookin retards and my favourite type, the young hot ethereal ones

No. 1946972

and again I'm asking for proof of these men who were so handsome and beautiful but actually gay.

No. 1946973

Well, I don't know of any famous examples, sorry. But I'm always seeing them around town / campus. Think he's cute. Then boom, turns out the fellas a fag.

No. 1946974

Nta but off the top of my head Taylor Lautner, John Travolta (PRE-wall), Tom Cruise (again pre-wall but there's some debate over gay rumors so idk) and for non-actor examples George Michael and Shaun Mendes

No. 1946975

Conservatives/4chan moids seem to hate beautiful and pretty men. They think every man should be some ugly rugged masc thing and if they aren't, they should just become a trap or troon out. There is no in between for them.

No. 1946976

File: 1712037335574.jpg (41.41 KB, 736x736, sterling-saint-jacques-v0-jmy6…)

Nta but Sterling St. Jacques? I do think most of those men are bisexual though

No. 1946977

nta but
>Taylor Lautner, John Travolta
both were molested and then molested others
>Tom Cruise
The man who gets into relationships with women young enough to be his daughter.
I have no Idea who that is

No. 1946978

My family is full of gay men. None of them is more beautiful than the straight ones. They do look cleaner but that's all. When women complain about gay men, it's always because they happen to be their type but with a clean ass and look less dead inside. Beautiful men are a rarity, straight, gay or bi. Men are just uglier. It's the balding, low fat, height and giant head. Men's favourite hobby is judging women for existing. They memed themselves into hating themselves. That's why so many of them embrace uglyness or try to "escape" being male. They never admit that they are wrong.

No. 1946980

>both were molested
Wait were they really or are you theorizing? haven't heard of Lautner hurting anyone but he was caught at gay bars and does the typical limp wrist thing. either way both those guys were caught having sexual relations with other men, so still gay. as for Cruise I heard some of those relationships were supposedly fake or PR even with the age differences, not entirely sure.

No. 1946982

He was the first black male supermodel. He was the 'adopted son' of Raymond St. Jacques but they were actually lovers. Was engaged to a woman but she broke it off because he was gay. Died of AIDS.

No. 1946985

File: 1712038332516.jpg (175.79 KB, 720x715, 1000002081.jpg)

just googled "most attractive spanish male celebs" (in spanish) and this was one of the first results. i'm out of touch with mainstream media, but holy fuck. sorry for bad quality pic, had to cap it

No. 1946987

>He was the 'adopted son' of Raymond St. Jacques but they were actually lovers
you know what that sounds like?

No. 1946990

damn they're all so mid. they look any like bloke on the street. celebs are suppsed to be aspirational but these guys are just bland
him and culberbatch were so horribly ugly. not just average or mediocre but completely deformed. they really were the forerunners of the ugly moid psyop

No. 1946991

He was an adult when Raymond adopted him

No. 1946993

Raymond St. Jacques was born in 1930 and Sterling in 57, I truly doubt there relationship would have started out in a legal age range basis.

No. 1946996

nonna desperately needs to seek mental help

No. 1946998

Monna the reality is moids do not care about what fashion celebrities wear. In fact many would complain about this not being modest enough

No. 1947002

I think he’s ugly, he kinda looks like a rat

No. 1947010

File: 1712042086974.jpg (110.95 KB, 488x591, its hard to make shine a turd …)

I got curious so I tried to draw a photo of him with all the surgical interventions I would give to him. He is most likely a 19 or 20 year old fuggo, that's around the age when they start doing retarded drawing like this to cope with their own ugliness and lack of grooming. I did this partly because I can tell that he drew himself, which is cringe and disgusting, and he probably did it to cope with not understanding social life because he is too angry from poisoning his retarded and impressionable mind on brainrot sites like 4ch. Anyway, what I'd do to make him look better:
>A hair-transplant to restore density to the temples and to avoid the predator-esque look, also the hair is dyed a trendy colour like on TickTock so that he can fit in more with his peers.
>Eyebrows are trimmed and groomed into more flattering shapes. His old eyebrows would better fit in with the Vandals when they invaded Rome circa 400.
>Under-eye filler to restore the volume lost from staring at his phone-screen for 20 hours a day browsing brain-rot apps. I can tell that he is exposed to blue light a lot because he looks unemployed.
>An ear-staple à la Leonard De Caprio, to remove his elephant ears. I don't mean elephant in a cute way, I mean like a sickly mentally-retarded Elephant that the other full grown Elephants know intrinsically to leave behind during their move across the savanna because leaving it alive would only serve to pollute their already gene pool.
>Lip fillers. Ideally he would also undergo cosmetic tattooing to give them a pinkish alive look, as it stands I can tell he doesn't have natural lips kinda like that one Amish acid victim from Breaking Amish or whatever on TLC.
>A nosejob. This one serves to make him less pug-looking but also because I can tell he is a chronic mouth-breather due to innate problems with the septum structure and sinuses.
>Filler in the cheeks and marionette lines, as of right now he looks like all he consumes is Mr Beast brand chocolate bars and maybe hand-fulls of lard, like some odd inverse of Prader–Willi syndrome, but all his own fault and not because of faulty genetics. I think the filler here would help him look more alive and less corpse-like, his corpse-likeness is probably what scares his peers away the most as it is bad karma to interact with dead bodies.
>I would beat him with a hard blunt metal object like a rusty pipe until he learned to obey my commands like a starving abused dog. I would command him to smile for the photograph, hence the smile line by his mouth. When he didn't smile with his eyes, I would smash the rusty pipe harder on his knuckle bones until he would obey me to smile with his eyes. I would not give him medical treatment as I hate him and I want to see him suffer and cry out to his false idols only to be met with silence.
Even with all these modifications, he is still fucking ugly (fugly) and I would burn him alive like Nero did to the early Christians. No surgical intervention can alleviate his poor bone structure or his dirty, fugly aura. In the next ten thousand lives he will come back as a dung beetle, an ironic play on his shit personality.
I had to repost this because I forgot to include what post I was replying to

No. 1947012

YWNBF (You Will Never Be Frollo)

No. 1947013

>nowadays there isn't a single GNC female singer
It's funny you mention that because I can think of a bunch of short-haired gnc/butch lesbian singers from my (southeast asian) country. The most they do to 'dress up' is wear suits or a really nice looking sweater. And it's not like they're unknowns, they tour and appear on shows, movies in our country and have music videos with 30-70 million views.
It's been mindboggling to me how I haven't noticed anything like that with current young female singers in America (I guess there's.. Syd tha Kyd?). I wonder what's the difference? I feel like there's a really untapped market for a handsome female singer for girls to swoon over.

No. 1947016

File: 1712043067881.webp (235.54 KB, 932x800, Wish_2023_asha_and_human_star_…)

>force ugly old sexymanbait
>take out Asha's romance with young magical blonde starboy
The psyop never stops

No. 1947018

This is something I've been feeling for years; all the actual handsome men are old af now, the new ones are all mid to ugly. I think this is also why kdramas/kpop blew up because they at least make a semblance of appealing to a female audience.

This is saying nothing about actual Korean men who are famously misogynistic shits,but the kdrama/kpop industry understands at the very least men need to try and not be ugly. Tastes vary, but they do a good job of maintaining a baseline of young and handsome for men too at least

How do we continue to push back this psyop in the west?

No. 1947019

I can’t stand this faggot.

No. 1947020

This is a piss-take. The "Chad embrace" is not intended to look good. I know we're at autism central here, but come on, nonnas.

No. 1947023

Beautiful men spend their youth (and sometimes childhood) being interfered with and passed around by faggots. Once they get to young adulthood, they’re physically and mentally broken, have drug addictions and an array of mental health problems and the stress causes them to age like milk, or they even commit suicide, so they don’t breed. Whereas ugly men are dysgenically allowed a chance to breed with beautiful women thanks to patriarchal tampering, meaning a woman who would have had beautiful sons now has ugly ones. We must become more homophobic to protect our supply of beautiful men which is rightfully ours. We must protect young boys from falling into the pincers of homosexual pedophiles.

No. 1947024

Yeah but it's taking the piss out of the many retards that do the bald-beard look and think it looks good, so the joke is that the "ugly" one on the bottom is actually better than the "attractive" one on the top. Even though they're all disgusting and need surgical intervention. I'm autistic but I've gone to counseling so I can understand these types of "jokes." It's to make fun of the person that chooses to look like the bottom, but implies that the top option is the better of the two, even though it's not because it's ugly as fuck.

No. 1947025

They literally gave the romance song that was supposed to be sung between her and stayboy to her and the king, even though thematically it literally made no sense what so ever.

No. 1947029

Uhh… I think you may need a few more "counseling sessions" to understand how irony works, kek

No. 1947036

>I'm autistic but I've gone to counseling so I can understand these types of "jokes."
This explains so much on this site

No. 1947038

The king had so many conflicting issues because he was essentially multiple characters. They wanted him to be a classic Disney villain, but also wanted to give him a tragic backstory and reasonable motivation and then also make him a tumblr sexyman. What ends up happening is they created one of the most inconsistent Disney characters ever made.

No. 1947042

>If happiness was a tangible thing it would be you
>And people search for a wonder like you all of their lives
>You pull me in like some kind of wind, mesmerized by the hold I'm in
>I wanna promise as one does
>I, I will protect you at all costs
>Keep you safe here in my arms
Kek what the fuck? I didn't see the movie but didn't she just meet him? If I saw him singing this to a teenage girl I'd think he was creeping on her. I saw a fan animatic using the original demo song and now the actual movie sounds like even more of a sick joke to me.

No. 1947051

>If happiness was a tangible thing it would be you
>And people search for a wonder like you all of their lives
>You pull me in like some kind of wind, mesmerized by the hold I'm in
>I wanna promise as one does
>I, I will protect you at all costs
>Keep you safe here in my arms
Kek what the fuck? I didn't see the movie but didn't she just meet him? If I saw him singing this to a teenage girl I'd think he was creeping on her

No. 1947096

File: 1712051411393.jpeg (241.24 KB, 960x1200, IMG_7323.jpeg)

Old, ugly, filler faced male with horrifically bad platinum blond dye is who we are supposed to see as “Ken”?
I will always be mad at this, I will never stop being mad

No. 1947099

File: 1712051546109.jpg (121.41 KB, 667x830, gael-garcia-bernal.jpg)

I always thought Gael Garcia Bernal was super cute, while he's def aged since The Science of Sleep (2006!) but I think he's still better than at least some of those guys (how they let the dude with the widows peak anywhere near this list is a mystery to me)

No. 1947127

File: 1712053007139.mp4 (4.12 MB, 576x1246, V35RH.mp4)

reminded me of vidrel, I think if males actually put in the effort they can be genuinely attractive, even severely ugly guys like >>1946458 can go down the gymbro path and find someone whose into that.

No. 1947162

Tbh I thought I was a lesbian until I reached my mid twenties, and I think it has to do with how ugly all famous men are. I’ve never been attracted to a male in real life and I thought every male celebrity was repulsive. Like a year ago I started finding a few actors attractive, but only decades ago when they were young. If attractive men were allowed into the industry I probably would have known I was bi earlier

No. 1947166

Is this the same guy over several years? It looks like he was 14 then turned 20 immediately. But if this is real, then I support the looksmaxxing spergs.

No. 1947187

File: 1712058279528.jpeg (42.89 KB, 317x480, IMG_9646.jpeg)

Schizo grandpafuckers also call this woman a pedophile for marrying ATJ when he was 21. They think women can only be attracted to men over 30 or else we’re predators, but they see nothing wrong with men liking 18 year olds

No. 1947191

They don’t care when old actors cheat on their age appropriate wife with their much younger female costars, it seems like they think the actor can’t help himself. When Oppenheimer came out everyone was saying “Florence seems lovely, how could anyone not fall for her” instead of thinking that the age gap/cheating was wrong. As long as the young woman is prettier than the actor’s wife then they don’t care.

I think part of why Leo DiCaprio is made fun of is because there are so many rumors that he’s gay and those women are his beards, and maybe because he has like a harem of young women who he replaces as soon as they hit 25

No. 1947196

did he get some sort of lip-fillers? it looks kinda goofy

No. 1947197

I'm glad I found this thread I've been noticing this phenomenon of women drawing and worshipping ugly moids and it's been driving me insane thinking I was the only one who was bothered by it kek
Reminds me of LOTR fans who say shit like "when I was a teenage girl I liked Legolas/Aragorn but now I just want a Sam" or whatever. Like why do you have to choose? Why don't women want a guy who is hot AND can cook and take care of the house? All men look like thumbs yet they think they can land an eternally young bangmaid, so why do women, who always look better than men, have such low standards?

No. 1947202

I think they're just coping with the reality of having to copulate with an ugly bastard if they want to have children. Sad to see

No. 1947210

File: 1712060114292.png (4.91 KB, 271x269, uggo.png)

these two twitter screenshots at the bottom are gay men

thread tax: I hate this overrated fugly alcoholic. his fans are so annoying
if it was up to me i would push him off the cliff in that one cutscene

No. 1947213

Isn't the drawing made my a TIF though

No. 1947220

playing stardew right now and the romance options pissed me off too. All the female romance options are pretty and young women. Meanwhile we get Harvey and Shane. The female equivalent of Shane would be Pam and the equivalent of Harvey might be Marnie but we all know moid gamers would never let that fly as romance options.
Instead I get force fed cutscenes of the gross old Mayor and Marnie's toxic secret relationship. I know it's meant to be toxic but I still didn't need to see it and hate that I can't get away from age gap storylines even in a goddamn farming game.

No. 1947236

no? concernedape made all graphics for the game himself. tifs love shane though
you are so right nona

No. 1947241

>I don’t see issue with women fetishizing killer characters.
how about the fact they are killers? kek. I am so tired of angry ape men getting shilled as attractive and masculine. I had to block so many spergs on twitter because they woudln't stop drawing that retard faggot jason as a daddy dom calling them kittens and stuff.

No. 1947246

File: 1712062965061.jpeg (301.13 KB, 1802x2048, 1712030307711.jpeg)

I think anon meant the pumpkin-headed one. That artist's gender has also been getting discussed in the bad art thread kek

No. 1947247

File: 1712062976805.webp (32.05 KB, 1024x768, miguel bose.webp)

nta but pic rel was my mom's crush when she was young and she was devastated to find out he was gay kek. I also recently found a really hot model with the perfect body, and turns out he was also a fag, ofcourse.

No. 1947255

>Monna the reality is moids do not care about what fashion celebrities wear.
what? men literally throw a hissy fit when female celebs wear suits and start schizoing about how le evil feminazis want to turn all the women into men

No. 1947272

Not to mention gay men are literally at the top of the entertainment and fashion industries.

No. 1947284

I will never in my entire life understand how anyone finds him attractive. He looks like both an adult and undeveloped fetus at the same time.

No. 1947286

The first scream movie was so good. Time for a rewatch

No. 1947292

Ew, the 5 o'clock shadow makes it worse.

No. 1947298

It's creepy af for women to find serial killers in movies hot. I love horror movies but that shit is insane nlog behavior. Giving me "he's abusive but i can change him" vibes. Extra points if the killer exclusively kills women in a horrible way.

No. 1947372

Yes exactly. And the dumbasses who fetishize real life serial killers are even worse. I wouldn't care if they at least keep that shit to themselves but so many of them are weirdly proud of it and also, like the ugly moid loving NLOGs, expect to get patted on the back for having 'unconventional' tastes or something. and many are blatantly disrespectful to the victims who of course are usually women and girls.
no one should feel anything except anger and disgust at a man who killed and probably sexually assaulted a little 9 year old girl (ramirez)

No. 1947376

ntayrt but idg how it's any different from/worse than women who are into any other fictional villains

No. 1947385

The anon above you already wrote it well. It's the nlog attitude of making it your personality. Most of these women are into true crime and irl killers too.
Even if the killer is fake like Jason or Freddy Krueger (who is a child molester) you can't really justify that compared to really dumb fictional antags like Sephiroth or something. The only real issue I have are a ton of these women have blurred lines about fake and real killers. How many women watched the series about Jefrey dhamer because of Evan Peter's? It's weird af to glorify that

No. 1947389

You really think a morally ambiguous fictional character who barely did anything genuinely bad is comparable to moids who raped murdered tortured and dismembered real women?

No. 1947394

>moids who raped murdered tortured and dismembered real women?
i thought the posts i responded to was about horror movie characters? i'm confused

No. 1947401

jesus fucking christ spoiler that shit before posting it

No. 1947420

most villians are ugly though, like frollo. Anon is right that women who like slasher killers are the ''i can change him uwu type''. I can understand when women like hot villians, though.

No. 1947438

File: 1712071429063.jpg (530.53 KB, 3464x3464, vmjm5ok5azh61.jpg)

He is fucking ugly. I feel like the girls who are in love with him arent seeing the real Astarion, who is an old faggot with liverspots, but what they imagine in their head an angsty white haired vampire looks like. All fanart of him has him looking like a generic animu esque vampire hunter d ass prettyboy, and not his real ugly wrinkly ballsack self. Preminger looks more like Astarion than any fan art.

No. 1947447

This guy just hit puberty. Sure, men can look better if they're not filthy slobs, but most guys are limited genetically and will always be fug. Men nerfed their own looks by forcing women to have their uglyass kids by arranged marriages and socioeconomic reasons, if women had been allowed to pick their man there wouldn't be any ugly guys. Ironically incels complaining about "no muh state given gf and reee hypergamy roasties" wouldn't exist if women were actually allowed to choose only top tier men and all ugly men would die virgins. Incels and unlovable men only exist bc they have been pandered to for thousands of years, keeping their defect genes alive.

No. 1947453

Something i hate about modern videogames is that even the ''woke'' trannypandering videogames like dead by daylight or overwatch have attractive female characters, while none of the male ones are remotely attractive in comparison.

No. 1947454

Even with filters, you can still see his wrinkles. kek

No. 1947485

Scrotes will claim it's the other way around. And we know it isn't true because they would actually be constantly seething about male characters being attractive, kek.

No. 1947487

He looks very handsome in picrel, pass his visible signs of aging (btw bg3 is so stupid with elves: since when they could be old or roided?), if you wanted to prove your point you chose the wrong pic for it lol(defending moids, read the thread rules)

No. 1947491

File: 1712073418667.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1582x1110, C985E1C7-5ADB-41EF-93BF-C65338…)

Men are jealous of boys.

No. 1947494

File: 1712073592731.webp (91.2 KB, 1632x918, 1000002370.webp)

No. 1947496

Hea ugly, whiny and sounds like a gay going through twink death and unable to handle it. He's one of the worst characters. And I even liked Fenris in DA2.

No. 1947503

inb4 muh “short life expectancy” despite those gyro/meatball moids belonged to one of the most advanced civilizations at the time

No. 1947504

File: 1712073945555.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 1000022657.png)

Btw this is what you get if you install 1) a mod that removes astarion wrinkles and 2) a mod that changes his hairstyle. He has a very good bone structure and handsome features. Considering that women largely choose to not accurately portray his wrinkles & grandma hairstyle in fanart, i would say that this is the reason why he is so popular.

No. 1947513

File: 1712074163513.gif (3.53 MB, 360x202, 1648256658511.gif)

I am still waiting for the day we get a pretty boy fighting game, like arcana hearts or skull girls but for women. Being a woman in the FGC is fucking bleak, not only is it infested by trannies and coomer moids, but they also complain about how they add shorts under the skirts of their waifus(oh no, the horror!) while ignoring how King from KOF went from looking like a hot androdynous woman to a generic coombait to please their dicks, and how they keep turning all the cute FG boys into ugly roidpigs. I am surprised there isnt a studio made by women who makes game for women, and i dont meant gachashit or otome, i mean actual games.
Looks like a completly different character. Wish we got this instead of the grandpa.

No. 1947521

File: 1712074725158.webp (202.43 KB, 1920x1080, le.webp)

His hair looks greasy and his complexion is shit. Looks slightly yassified but this is a better mod.

No. 1947526

These look too anime to fit in BG3 imo, especially the second one

No. 1947528

File: 1712074882721.jpg (63.38 KB, 500x650, Lee Pace in The Fall.jpg)

Lee Pace, but otherwise I can't think of too many famous gay actors who were especially attractive. I think when people say this they mean gay men irl, who will frequently (but not always) have better grooming than straight men.

No. 1947533

jfc, that's what it takes to make him look hot?
fighting games are one of the few genres where my taste in jacked guys with cute faces is fully realized. I respect the premise though. Would kill for a game where the main lineup are actually attractive men and not perpetually constipated retards.
actually speaking of, when's the threshold where a guys reaches roidpig territory? I know we nonnas have a pendant for infights, but for once, can we agree over a standard? As someone who likes muscular men (within reason) i'm at a crossroads where bodybuilders with uggo faces and noodle twinks both suck dick but finding a middle ground is nigh impossible.

No. 1947535

whats too anime about the first one?

No. 1947538

Can you please fuck off to /g/ or /m/ to defend your ugly faggot vampire?

No. 1947550

This is such an improvement.

No. 1947561

File: 1712075550405.jpg (114.65 KB, 1400x700, Prince-Banner-Disney.jpg)

Disney princes turning into fugly blobby men witb huge noses is a psyop to brainwash little girls. Before 2010 they were all handsome and pretty boys, now they are all fug.

No. 1947564

She's not defending, just analysing, chill out.

No. 1947568

File: 1712075759430.jpg (106.52 KB, 847x1390, buffalo-soldiers-year-2001-usa…)

How old are your friends?
Joaquim Phoenix looked nice when he was young (I might be biased because uniform), maybe they wear the pink glasses of the past?
That's also the only way I can explain how people still lust over Johnny Depp, who not only is a shitty human but also looks like rotting corpse that reeks of vino(forever). It has to be nostalgia.
Women not only have to focus on the "potential" of men, but also on the lost potential, it seems.

No. 1947582

Maybe I'm just thinking he looks like some anime character, can't think of who though. On second look that mod isn't that different from the games style.

No. 1947584

File: 1712076184459.png (3.41 MB, 2214x1475, non roidpigs vs roidpigs.png)

>when's the threshold where a guys reaches roidpig territory?
basically a roidpig is the type of body straight and gay men tend to find the peak of male beauty. It looks rough and gross rather than soft and attractive. Unlike non roidpigs, roidpigs also tend to have bodies that look unnatural and an obvious result of injesting steroids. I dont know why some anons think roidpig means any male character or men with muscle mass on it. It was always used to refeer to men who have ugly fridge bodies meant to look ''cool'' and ''strong'' rather than attractive.

No. 1947585

He looks like shit there. And you can tell he is an abusive, mean man who probably tortured animals in his youth, look at his beady evil eyes.

No. 1947587

I think it’s better than the usual types of pandering games but the fact they chose the most soulless asexual Disney style makes it feel really weird. Like how am I supposed to get emotionally invested.

No. 1947589

he should have been the one to die, his brother was the hot one

No. 1947590

File: 1712076305138.png (1.55 MB, 1344x1348, IMG_4294.png)

idk wtf they were thinking with the casting of the aged up moids in hotd, it pretty much ruined the show

No. 1947592

File: 1712076342493.jpeg (998.16 KB, 1619x816, 0CBF4DB2-B48D-4A8B-B78B-E6024E…)

I think women are so used to ‘re-imagining’ males as being hotter than they actually are out of desperation that they automatically morph their faces in their minds. We look at actors through an imaginary beautification filter because we have no other option. The actual males on screen are simply placeholders. Picrel is how I think timothee fans see him

No. 1947594

basically this, it's just gay men are the only one's who groom themselves these days.

No. 1947595

square jaws are fucking hideous though, attractive men have v jaws

No. 1947596

They should have switched the actors, right top looks more like bottom left and vice versa.

No. 1947598

File: 1712076450448.jpg (127.26 KB, 824x334, 1000013837.jpg)

he definitely abuses women at the very least

No. 1947602

The edit makes him look like a psychopath, I prefer the softer look - I think other women do too, many women like the soft "artist/poet" type men (idk how he is irl, is the image he gives off accurate at all?)

No. 1947608

Obviously, personal features do matter. I stated that my point was that most men can make themselves look decent and find someone who can be attracted to them. I do believe that

No. 1947609

>is the image he gives off accurate at all?
nope, quite the opposite. he's a fuckboy who spreaded chlamydia during college and frequently dates insta baddie types

No. 1947612

Ah, of course

No. 1947613

Matt smith is so damn ugly, why did they cast him, how you see this dude and think "yeah, thats good" he could be hall (the blond one) uglier neanderthal brother, looks like a fucking caveman
This edit reminds me of that celebricows crazy eyes edit kek

No. 1947617

I can tell you, you didn't miss anything valuable all those years you thought you were solely lesbian.

No. 1947620

No amount of hair is helping that face, be serious kek

No. 1947622

File: 1712077374318.jpeg (199.84 KB, 377x660, 1DA15496-05EC-4D83-8DFA-E9C2AA…)

You didn’t even comment on my theory and just started drenching your panties over jungkook jawlines. You’re contributing nothing to the discussion with your low effort replies. Literally just clogging up the thread.
A man becomes a roidpig when his muscles destroy his waistline and he starts to turn red. Simply having a lot of muscle doesn’t make you one. You’re being pecphobic right now. Picrel is a musclepig (NOT a roidpig) and he’s hot and I want him to breastfeed me with his boy milkers.(infighting/baiting)

No. 1947629

NTA but those don't even look like pecs anymore that's full on boobs kek

No. 1947630

No. 1947631

i bet the bears at the gay bar love to pound his roidpig ass

No. 1947632

File: 1712077739423.png (162.76 KB, 635x619, baldie.png)

Meanwhile 16 year old scrotes in 2024 have severe balding and foreheads that look like they belong on your 90 year old grandfather KEK what the fuck is happening, why are men showing visible signs of aging so fast compared to previous generations

No. 1947633

He looks like he is about to burst.

No. 1947634

File: 1712077841445.gif (133.25 KB, 150x120, 1e6626c4d810.gif)

you have to be kidding me lmao meanwhile 16yo girls are fucking obsessed with skincare and turning 20

No. 1947635

I’m about to “burst” right now to that photo as we speak

No. 1947636

Kek, nonna. At least you have humor that levels out the lack of taste.

No. 1947637

i am pretty sure that anon is baiting

No. 1947638

File: 1712078079053.png (386.45 KB, 430x599, Screenshot 2024-04-02 131120.p…)

don't get me started on disco elysium. there are so many ugly fags in this game. the smoker (picrel) is more popular than most women in the game because he's a slim gay prositute with a faggy voice and he is so fucking ugly. the game tries to make you believe that he's attractive too, this is not just a tumblr thing

No. 1947639

no way, really? he looks like saul goodman. Makes sense why that game attracts so many TIFs

No. 1947641

I don’t plan to ever date men so I agree with you. I don’t think male partners could compare to the relationships I’ve had with women in the past and don’t want to risk whatever they would end up putting me through

No. 1947643

File: 1712078278056.jpeg (238.04 KB, 1471x944, 0556.jpeg)

I don't get why if they wanted to do the disney style so badly they couldn't just make the men look like classic disney princes, or like Aladdin or Eric

No. 1947645

Not at all and I’m sick of you normies forcing your tastes down my throat. I prefer low-trust faces and pectoral implants over basic hoes. Should I kill myself your honour?(infighting)

No. 1947651

File: 1712078733212.jpeg (207.36 KB, 805x817, IMG_9974.jpeg)

Are there any famous males, past or present, who you actually find attractive? I’m curious to know what your type is

I think modern actors are way uglier than they used to be, and they refuse to replace them with young men which makes it so much worse. The few actors I do find attractive have vaguely feminine features. But these are all old now too.

No. 1947655

wild to see that cillian always looked possesed by the ghost of oli london. I personally always liked 90s pretty boys like dicaprio and river phoenix. They dont make blonde cuties anymore-

No. 1947657

I don't care about celebs but the top left is cutest

No. 1947660

File: 1712079094911.jpg (132.23 KB, 1129x564, bachelors.JPG)

late reply but I am also really annoyed at the male romance options in stardew valley. Alex, sam and sebastian all act like teenagers, which never sat right with me. You're telling me I'm a retired office worker, presumably an adult, who owns a farm- and my romantic interest is a manchild who complains about his mom? two of your other options are a boring ugly man and a loser alcoholic. It would be like if Pam was one of the bachelorettes kek. idk why he made Elliot's portraits look like that but luckily there's mods for that. None of the bachelorettes are as "flawed" as the male characters either. can't say I'm surprised seeing how the game was made by one scrote but it's still disappointing

No. 1947670

File: 1712079415528.png (1.05 MB, 1273x1421, untitled.png)

i cant believe they added a guy with goku hair as a romantic option. I hate how in western games(and some japanese ones, like harvest moon) the male romantic interests are all obvious made to be jokes, while the women are still waifus the player is supposed to want to date. This thing is probably the absolute worst offender.

No. 1947677

I think it's this, he used to be attractive (though I don't think you used the best picture), so his fans will still refer to his past appearance when praising him. The same thing happens with Cillian Murphy, I notice a lot of his fangirls may pretend to lust after him now but when they post pictures or write fanfics it was from roles he did when he was still young and attractive.

In the case of Joaquin I have to think some of the fangirling is from the fact that he's an outspoken vegan and always has been, maybe? They can be very loyal fans.

I think young Cillian was hot, you can probably get an idea of what women like from the two male lust threads, though I guess the "unconventional male attractions" doesn't count for the purposes of this one.

No. 1947678

When I was a teenager my crushes were Ryan Reynolds from Van Wilder era, Leonardo Dicaprio from titanic era, Joe Jonas took my dream virginity, Orlando Bloom Black Hawk Down/LOTR. Robert Pattinson. I'm struggling to think who I was crushing on as a teen. Mr Darcy from the Kiera Knightley one, aww Heath Ledger was a big one fell in love with him watching A Knight's Tale he was bigger than my love for Orlando Bloom which was huge at a time. Time really does heal all wounds. Honestly I was probably more focused on local boys and boys from sitcoms like Eric from Boy Meets World. I liked funny guys with pleasing faces and soft hair.

The older I got the less I had crushes on individuals and just started admiring strong handsome features and less on boyish hair and cheeky smiles. Now I like faces with character. I never liked Brad Pitt as a teen and now I think his face looks more handsome with age. Kind of shocking how much of a struggle it was to pick actors I had a crush on. Genuinely can't think of any man I'd go to the cinema just to watch him. Like there's movies I'll go see because of who is starring but thats more the track record that their films are generally good. Like how was Sean Penn ever considered attractive in the 80s maybe theatre kids trend towards being ugly and overcompensating by acting out

No. 1947680

File: 1712080067170.jpeg (82.25 KB, 735x992, IMG_9822.jpeg)

I miss his cute but dead pretty boy brother… sigh.

No. 1947686

File: 1712080563073.jpeg (321.85 KB, 1197x845, 75403_434322234113.jpeg)

>I never liked Brad Pitt as a teen and now I think his face looks more handsome with age
Surely you jest..

No. 1947692

I do not but I'm also in my 30s and myself and the men around me are getting older I got to set née standards of handsome. I'm out of my boy stage.

No. 1947693

File: 1712080722918.jpeg (717.47 KB, 1307x740, BE13EAB1-CC7F-4D03-833B-1EE5DC…)

Top right is the most attractive by a long shot. My favourites are also from the same generation (silent gen/oldest boomers) : Joe D’allesandro and Helmut Berger. I will miss those folks, they created some gorgeous beasts. I think Hollywood was more open to young talent back then and scouted fresh meat, nowadays it’s just nepotism. But neither of them were anywhere close to mainstream so comparing them to Timmy chalamit and Pedro Pascal isn’t fair. I think the best decade for hot boys in the mainstream was the 90s. It’s all downhill from there. P.S. they were both bi, if we’re still having that conversation. They were selected by gay directors who would go on to fuck them. Straight men just don’t bother with hiring hotties and straight hotties don’t blow directors- so we never see straight hotties go mainstream. Did I solve the mystery?

No. 1947695

If you're willing to just take a random anon's word, at my last job was a concentration of women and gay men. Aside from the gay male owner who was stumpy and unassuming, the gay male employees were all beautiful. A range of beautiful and buff to beautiful and skinny. The straight men in the other department mostly looked like soyjacks and plain janes.

No. 1947696

>I’m in my 30s so I need to become a gerontophiliac
The state of women.

No. 1947698

brad pitt is in his 60s anon, love yourself

No. 1947702

Goddammit anon remember what we said earlier about calling grown men "boys"

No. 1947706

I'm not going to fuck Brad Pitt calm down. If short little KJ Apa wants to fuck me I'm game. I have a crush on Jay from This Is The End but again that movie came out more than 10 years ago. You tell me who to fancy cause the gay botox moid face does nothing for moi

No. 1947707

you arent old anon kek i am pretty sure there are hot 30yos around, you dont have to jump straight into 60yos grandpas

No. 1947709

I'm not saying I'm old in my 30s that 60 year old Brad Pitt is my dream man. I'm saying I find his more mature face more pleasing to look at then when he had a pouty face back in the 90s/2000s. The question was about men in Hollywood I'm very happy with my boyfriend who is not geriatric and only a few years older.(defending moids, read the rules of the thread)

No. 1947716

Women like you are the reason we couldn’t get the vote for millennias. You would probably tell suffragettes that their husband already votes for them because they’re one in the eyes of god. Beta sheep mindset. How are men at their highest testosterone age “gay” compared to your 30+ year old eunuchs who can’t get it up without viagra? Enjoy your autism babies.

No. 1947720

No. 1947722

I'm a disgrace to women because my crushes were the generic crushes of the pretty boys of Hollywood at my time and as I've aged I'm less like a man that I keep my eyes glued to the 20 year old demographic forever. Is Tom Holland hot? Fuck off(defending moids)

No. 1947724

Yes, you are a disgrace to women.

No. 1947731

>I'm saying I find his more mature face more pleasing to look at then when he had a pouty face back in the 90s/2000s.
How, he looks like a hobo

No. 1947732

Tom Holland is ugly because he's a below average lookng manlet, he's also closer to 30 than to 20. How old are you anon? because its weird a woman in her 30s thinks a man thats two years away from being in his 30s is a ''boy''

No. 1947739

bodybuilders frequently develop gynecomastia from taking anabolic steroids, looks like it on him. ew.

No. 1947741

dont forget their peepees shrink too, ew

No. 1947744

Fuck sake that's not what I'm saying you autist. I'm being hyperbolic that the current upcomers in Hollywood play to that soft boy demographic that I'm not interested in. I've dated younger men plenty of times. Again the question is about famous moids. If I'm so fucking wrong for finding a moid that was established as being hot as young as still being attractive now you tell me who his current contemporary would be if 90s and 2000s heartthrobs were still prevalent. Sort your fucking heads out that you're getting so offended I basically said a man aged well, do you freak out when older actresses past their 50s still get called beautiful

No. 1947747

kek i didn't know this but thanks for telling me

No. 1947752

Dont get angry jesus, its just weird you cannot find any 30yo actor who looks good

No. 1947754

No bc women are still hot at 50, men shrivel up at 35, and thats me being generous

No. 1947756

>do you freak out when older actresses past their 50s still get called beautiful
nta but no, because they're actually beautiful. and male actors don't age well

No. 1947759

You can't fucking read then. I said I don't crush on famous men anymore but appreciate when a hot one comes up on screen. It's not my problem I'm struggling to think of a famous moid that's been shilled recently I could crush on. Think I've asked in every reply since for some examples and none of you are providing them. Speaks for itself.(infighting)

No. 1947765

You're literally being a crying coping seething soyjak rn

No. 1947783

Cause the artist is a male. He's not gonna draw pretty boys.

No. 1947786

Why do men hate pretty boys so much?

No. 1947789

>P.S. they were both bi, if we’re still having that conversation.
Tom Hardy is another one and also conventionally attractive (before getting old)

No. 1947790

Whenever they draw them they get called gay?

No. 1947791

Jealousy, baby.

No. 1947792

File: 1712083828662.jpeg (575.03 KB, 900x891, 6C72490C-B6B5-40DB-81C5-E2E957…)

I always HATED Jim Morrison’s face for some reason and I finally figured out why: he looks like onision.

No. 1947795

it makes them feel insecure and they also cant coom to them

No. 1947807

File: 1712084513410.jpg (27.8 KB, 443x600, tom.jpg)

I like em young, fresh and full of life. I liked young Tom Cruise, young Ralph Macchio, young Logan Lerman (in the first Percy Jackson movie), the guy that played Arthur in BBC's Merlin, young Chad Michael Murray, young Jared Leto.

No. 1947816

based taste tbh

No. 1947825

reminds me of a comic from some mentally ill girl that draws a fatfuck husband molesting all of his students while his wife enables it

No. 1947829

kek thanks nona, I'm honoured!

No. 1947832

why dont they just shave the hair and work their bodies. if you cant have hair at least have a muscular build and be useful instead of looking like a retard or trailer park trash.

No. 1947833

null_backdoorho, yes. truly insane and gross shit.

No. 1947836

bald roidpigs are the absolute fucking worst. I would rather them get hair treatments, develop a sense of style and hit the gym but with the goal of looking attractive.

No. 1947838

File: 1712085308417.png (304.46 KB, 603x1058, dsf90o4yu.png)

imagine making an ugly old man even uglier and being proud of it.

No. 1947843

Is this Astarion?

No. 1947844

i think the drawing is bang on actually

No. 1947845

No. Swan Arlaud is a French actor

No. 1947846

>I would burn him alive like Nero did to the early Christians. No surgical intervention can alleviate his poor bone structure or his dirty, fugly aura. In the next ten thousand lives he will come back as a dung beetle, an ironic play on his shit personality.

This entire post was incredible but this really tops it off. I need to explore your mind…

No. 1947847

File: 1712085503040.jpeg (57.47 KB, 560x768, IMG_8912.jpeg)

did anyone else’s friends make negative comments about your pretty celebrity crushes when you were young? i love edgy men with long hair and my friends would always make comments about it calling them faggy and gay which made no sense to me because they attract so many women. and then they would tell me their celebrity crushes and they were always really old and fat and ugly… multiple friends of mine had crushes on johnny depp and i wanted to gag KEK
i thought there was something wrong with me for the longest time because i couldn’t understand why they found them hot. i really tried to but i couldn’t. especially because we were teenagers. i hate how young girls get shamed for liking pretty boys ie the whole bieber fever and 1D thing. of course a 16 year old girl wouldn’t naturally be crushing on some wrinkled fat 50 year old.
i find it kind of creepy when teen girls are psyoped into liking older men because a lot of my friends were texting older predators in high school and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. it subconsciously feels related. i also see it in their relationships. multiple friends of mine dated obese pieces of shit who were not only ugly on the outside but horrible people and they still insisted on dating them…

No. 1947851

I hate this art style. So punchable

No. 1947853

It looks like Astarion

No. 1947854

File: 1712085589650.png (237.59 KB, 338x450, Portrait.vergil.png)

Tbh i didn't mention him because i don't think he got downgraded too much, even his design kept being very similar and in DMC5 he mostly just got aged up, still no gross facial hair or stubble which is very Vergil-like.
I'm not into old men and i think it's funny they wanted to age up albino half demons so much, but looking at him doesn't make me as mad as Dante and Nero, also i feel like he would look a bit better if they changed the shape of his hair a bit.

No. 1947862

There's something weird and coded about it. I specifically befriended the skater and alt guys in school because they were the type of dudes I crushed on, goofy, usually fit and lean due to their hobbies and long hair. These dudes would get bullied by their peers relentlessly and at my school sports was very big. I played sports too and my practice would finish before the rugby guys and I'd wait for some friends and the abuse you would hear from the bald coaches was ridiculous.

Also noticed guys that tried with one trend to get girls and failed would go hard in the opposite direction to see which girls they could convince to date them. There always were the caked make up preyed on girls that fancied bald ugly cunts like vin diesel and Jason Statham at 14. Feel like the common dominator is people give up and fall in line to what older moids tell them to do.

No. 1947867

Nonnies reacting so negatively to the creation of this thread made me realize that we are never making it out of the ugly man psyop. If even the most misandrist site throws tantrums at their favourite scrotes getting called ugly then i doubt normalfag women who are every going to wake up. Just sad. Meanwhile women in hollywood keep getting younger and younger and they have to get their whole face done before they can even get a starring role.

No. 1947874

I didn't have that experience but this reminds me of how when i went to school the single one guy with longer hair and fringe would be the most popular one between girls and all the other moids would seethe over him but try to not show it kek. We didn't have alt boys but yeah what a surprise that young girls would prefer a pretty boy over ugly ones with hair shorter than 3 cm.
Imagine being a moid and refusing to have a decent amount of hair on your head before you lose it all at 30.

Where tho? Aside from few ones that want to think that their husbando is conventional, this thread seems pretty welcome?

No. 1947879

Tbf it keeps getting posted in random threads to the point where I'm not surprised some nonnas see it as really obnoxious, it does come across that way.

No. 1947882

File: 1712087482749.png (269.43 KB, 640x218, sweet-fuse-character.png)

Jesus fuck there are way too many characters here. I'm playing through sweet fuse right now (which also has some pretty unconventional looking guys, but that doesn't bother me personally) and it was waaaay past the limit at 8.

No. 1947885

Yep, they'd always make fun of me and my crushes while they crushed on men that looked like their uncles. One actually had a crush on her own uncle who lives in a 3rd world country. Another one got married at 19 to a fat potbellied 35 year old…..and they called me the weird one for liking young pretty boys KEK. Pretty sure I was the normal one. They were the worst and weirdest friends of my life.

No. 1947903

File: 1712088276388.png (289.13 KB, 1552x723, stardew before after.png)

we were robbed anon. he just couldn't help himself and had to ruin them.

No. 1947906

you can't say this and not give names

No. 1947909

All the men in this game are hideous so I just modded in a female Rasmodius and married her instead

No. 1947911

why, just why? were moids too threatened by having scott the woz as a possible love interest they had to turn him into a disgusting redditor?

No. 1947922

There are so many other threads you can go to defend and salivate over your geriatric crushes. This is not the place for it.

No. 1947932

I don't usually like to use the word femcel but…

No. 1947934

I'll take literally anyone in Elliot's top row. This is so depressing.

No. 1947937

Why does Winter's avatar look like a woman cosplaying a man with a fake mustache and all? Kek

No. 1947941

I think about this every single day. And agree.

No. 1947943

It's still hilarious to me how the female kappa (who's the only one who's arguably not conventionally attractive) has cute animu eyes while the male one looks like a yuru kyara.

No. 1947944


I went to high school in the early 2000s and had printed out pictures of pretty VK boys, anime bishounen and other guys I thought were cute as a 15 year old. I got bullied because I didnt think 50 cents or whatever flavor of the month rapper was hot. It was really weird the way I got mocked for liking 'guys that looked like girls' but it was so obvious to me they were guys?? Like wtf
I wasnt even in school when the Twilight mania hit, but I know people who also got shamed for liking Edward or Jacob. Like damn, let these girls live.

No. 1947948

I would suggest both lived but Johnny Depp should've been the one to go.

No. 1947949

Phoenix and Johnny are both abusive males. They can both die

No. 1947954

Palumboism is caused by the abuse of Insulin and HGH(Human Growth Hormone)

No. 1947960

File: 1712091189518.png (320.8 KB, 437x451, mike rlm.PNG)

Shane's for all the girlies who wanna fuck Mike from Red Letter Media after he became fat

No. 1947963

File: 1712091369682.png (2.62 MB, 1080x1709, 1702512261247.png)

Are there even any gay moids into actual pretty men? They often fall into the bara/bear or femboy/fag stereotype. Only women seem to actually enjoy young men for what they are without putting weird extreme gender fetishes on them also i'm not considering the omegaverse yaoi stuff or whatever.

No. 1947965

>Are there even any gay moids into actual pretty men?
Yeah there's a lot of gay/bi moids on /a/ who post in BL threads because they like cute boys and hate bara but then just complain about the shoujo tropes of the genre because they don't actually like BL and just like the character's aesthetic in it.

No. 1947968

I completely agree, anon (and I love Die too). In my experience this pressuring wasn't only or even mostly done by peers but by older women. For example when I was 12/13 most girls including myself really liked long-haired Orlando Bloom while my mom constantly insulted him for looking like "a little girl" while praising George Clooney. Mind you, even Bloom is 2 decades older than my friends and I yet we as children should have liked a man older than our dads?
Now my parents are at disbelief why my little sister likes kpop idols (who again are adult men much older than her).

Same as how girls and women are always sideeyed by other women for not dating somebody who's older than them. Meanwhile even boys and very young men can go for much younger girls without anybody checking them.
>What, you're already 25 and he's a year younger than you? At that age they're still so immature and playing around, isn't he too much of a little boy for you?
>Honey, of course your 15yo gf can come sleep over despite you being a grownass man!
So much of our problems are sadly caused by other women. Moids hardly need to do anything, they can lean back and have armies of pickmes doing the defending and brainwashing. Just look at this sad 30yo itt, please don't become like that…

No. 1947975

I once told my mom the guy i liked at school was a year younger and she called me a pedophile. I was 16 and he was 15. I wish i was kidding.

No. 1947979

kinda based, i hope she’s a farmer

No. 1947981

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. Like wtf.

No. 1947984

>deathfat version of jeff the killer
>kinda based

No. 1947985

File: 1712092588794.jpg (121.18 KB, 808x840, tumblr_84aa49285d199381be8791a…)

EVN yandere men will never not be funny to me
I want to know how people husbando this golfball man.

No. 1947989

My last two boyfriends were three years younger than me and everyone always seemed to have to make some cradle robbing comment about it despite being a completely normal age gap.

No. 1947993

Uglyass mf, he looks like every other poorfag mood in south america

No. 1948002

i'm so jealous of your school, where I lived there was not a single alt or skater guy in the entire town. everyone wanted to be gangsta in the fucking suburbs.

No. 1948004

yea my best friend in middle school would make fun of me for my teen celeb crushes (like justin bieber and one direction) and would basically insinuate that i was a pedo because they looked like little kids to her, despite them all being a few years older than us. her crushes were creepy old men like anthony kiedis. she also was posting selfies to 4chan at that age and had started a relationship with a guy in his late 20s that she met off omegle who was literally the ugliest fucking man ive ever seen.

No. 1948006

Why are you guys being autistic about age gaps and aging in general? The thread is about a Hollywood psyop and there's retards salivating over young guys being the prime, yet there seems to be a struggle to name a hot conventional famous moid that wasn't established in the 2000s? You sound like men that tout young equal hot when we all now ugly does not discriminate by age. If heterosexual women actually wanted to do a service to their peers stop telling men and women that they'll slam into a wall in their 30s when it's still just the first third of your life. We should be telling men and women to take care of yourselves, don't use fucked up procedures to fuck your faces and bodies for trends when no long term health affects were known and now girls have aged themselves worse than nature would have with all the invasive shit. This thread is about where the good looking men are not the fucking young ones. I know where young men hang out and I don't care.(infight bait)

No. 1948011

I think it's cope. Whenever you have groups of women obsessing over feminine and cute guys (like kpop guys) men always get pissed about it. I think it's because they know they can't compete and it makes them mad that these guys get girls. Men can get fit and dress well, but they can never turn into cute/pretty men.

No. 1948012

Most of them are childern to be fair

No. 1948014

The thing is old men aren't hot, specially since older men put no effort into their appearance unlike women. Sorry but it's the truth. Nobody here would like a balding 30 year old with gray hairs and wrinkles.

No. 1948016

This isn't true though honestly. Men can age nice too if they give a shit. Most of the hottest men I see on TV aren't even famous they're just random civilians or on a reality show. I am begging Hollywood to introduce someone fucking gorgeous for the girlies to go nuts over whatever his age. I'm just saying young doesn't always mean hot, ugly is ugly.

No. 1948018

Old men are not hot. They can be attractive in their 30s/40s but their prime is in their 20s, no matter how hard they try to shill it on us women.
I didn't know agegaps were such a huge problem like what the fuck, 20 years ago 2-3 yr old agegaps between highschoolers were normal, is this a social media thing? Like omg predator!!! pedophile!! what the fuck if they agreed to have sex when she was 14 and he 16 it's their problem, and this was something not "weird" around here

No. 1948020

Now you're arguing in bad faith Nonnie.
The moid in >>1946458 was born with unattractive features, no amount of surgeries or skin creams can change that negative canthal tilt.

No. 1948023

nobody here is telling young women that though. and part of the psyop hollywood does includes shilling old men so of course everyone's annoyed by that. especially when their age doesn't make sense for the character they're playing or outright altering historical facts (the napoleon movie)
>that they'll slam into a wall in their 30s when it's still just the first third of your life.
that's usually when they start balding

No. 1948024

Mens beauty standard are getting worse and worse while women are trying to find the 199th beauty hack to get rid of their single wrinkle. Fuck off.

No. 1948030

I know and it's retarded how society thinks showing age means hitting a wall or being ugly. Maybe some people like staring at vapid lineless faces that look like they've turned their brain off the day their graduated highschool.

No. 1948036

File: 1712094889289.png (674.23 KB, 864x998, DBD Renato.png)

I was about to say dead by daylight has Renato since he has longer hair and I thought he looked OK during gameplay (also he moans and cries which is a plus), but looking at close-up art, he's kinda fugly too. Terrible skin and a 5 o'clock shadow.

No. 1948039

I just have a thing for fictional loser weird men (that also look sexy and appealing), i'll gladly take my incoming redtext for this

No. 1948040

I'm confused. isn't the ugly man psyop primary due to the fact that almost all men don't care to appeal to women and see it as weakness? many would rather hate women than do so. note that in south korea misogyny is a massive issue in spite of there being prettier men in its media. they appear to do it to primarily gain status/power, not to be a better partner to a woman.
I feel the same, re4 leon is a work of art. surprised the new model is so popular.
not sure if I dislike like his looks or him being an annoying attention seeker more.

No. 1948045

File: 1712095817473.jpeg (181.54 KB, 908x976, tinfoiling britney.jpeg)

>thread about the ugly man psyop
>anon comes here trying to psyop us into thinking post wall men can be hot
go away, we are immune to your manipulation tactics

No. 1948053

lmao, she was one of us. Could have been one of our grandmothers

No. 1948056

God I wish with all my heart that men still dressed like this. When did everyone become slobs

No. 1948061

>Men can age nice too if they give a shit
That's the problem though, they don't give a shit. And then they expect you to find their shriveled up faces and saggy bodies sexy. I don't want a moid having more wrinkles than a leather handbag even after he's post-wall.

No. 1948069

Yet Hollywood keeps giving us old established actors over new ones, so if youth trumps wrinkles and age then were are the new scores of actors? Don't young men want represented too is that why freaks like Andrew Tate get popular because no one is buying the soyboys of current hollywood

No. 1948076

Nta but Hollywood keeps doing that because it's ran by old men, not because the old actors are actually attractive or better

No. 1948082

True actually. I see way more attractive guys on tiktok than I do in Hollywood. I also see way more conventionally attractive straight guys doing comedy sketches that shit all over the likes of SNL and such. Maybe Hollywood is finally fading and people still in touch with the world are more funny, compelling and good looking.

No. 1948094

>>1948036 I think he's handsome he just doesn't have western features. Also realistic video game models are always gonna look kinda wonky also love the caramelo dog tattoo hehe

No. 1948102

File: 1712098938654.png (254.93 KB, 500x704, QoTRBbE.png)

This is what he the the artist looked like when he was younger if anyone was wondering.

No. 1948104

File: 1712099001509.jpg (36.35 KB, 500x750, mYknxfhplHyMoP2nfK4A6X8U3d3.jp…)

i think aron piper is handsome

No. 1948107

File: 1712099188649.png (597.62 KB, 1920x1080, DBD_CH27_Killer_The_Skull_Merc…)

i dont think hes handsome in comparison to the female killer he came with, which is a thicc asian tomboy waifubait.
thats not him though, that was one of his acquitances i am sure

No. 1948111

samefag, yeah >>1948102 is Kurt Busiek

No. 1948112

I’m still pissed they added only the female killer cosmetics from Hooked on you (their dating sim) because it’s oh so essential for huntress to wear a swimsuit that shows her ass! But then again their moid fans threw a fucking fit over Felix getting a crop top because it’s “gay” and “sexualizing men is evil” KEK there was so much seethe over it meanwhile crickets when female characters got revealing bikini outfits. Oh no a handsome guy showing a bit of his midriff is sooooo out of character but a woman being slutty is just natural I suppose?

No. 1948115

they also nerfed pyramid's head ass i will never forgive them for that

No. 1948122

Nona i don't even simp for that thing but that was such a crime, men are so stupid that they get insecure even over asses of faceless creatures wtf lmao. Can't have anything.

No. 1948128

I think this is common for video games, I also heard that in CoD they nerfed one of the characters bulges because women were thirsting over him so much kek like what’s the need to change something like that besides not wanting women to enjoy something in fear that the ugly moid gamers might feel emasculated or some BS. Seriously there’s a severe lack of pandering to female gamers although they’re a large demographic at this point, and almost like it’s out of spite they get rid of things that women have shown to enjoy.

No. 1948135

File: 1712101064761.png (362.68 KB, 537x478, never 4get.png)

Game devs are such fucking cowards for censoring attractive male characters to please faggot moid feefees

No. 1948136

I may be roasted for this but Donald + Kiefer Sutherland.Genuinely surprised by how handsome old Donald Sutherland looked like 10 years ago

No. 1948137

File: 1712101151169.jpg (1.3 MB, 1950x2219, zyCmHYZAxIwUF.jpg)

>90's/2000's Fighting game character designs

No. 1948138

File: 1712101219844.jpeg (202.78 KB, 740x490, 8088145E-239F-43A7-8048-31A1F9…)

>modern Fighting game character designs

No. 1948140

>I also heard that in CoD they nerfed one of the characters bulges because women were thirsting over him so much kek
LMFAO NO WAY. How much of a bulge can they even have in the first place also what fucking idiots, they got so lucky that COD got more popular because of WOMEN thirsting over their default moids and they should be the last company on the earth that doesn't welcome more money, imagine making a Quiet look-alike and dropping Nicki Minaj in a game like that and then being so butthurt.

No. 1948143

didnt the KOF dev moids got so angry over fujos liking the game they gave the mc a gf to get in their way

No. 1948146

File: 1712101756318.webp (97.98 KB, 580x290, fm-2.webp)

>“It’s kind of sexy…” offers Asuna, the sole female presenter, before adding “A little too sexy.”
Fucking pathetic.

No. 1948155

I will never understand this "W-what about the fujos??" because KoF is next to Soul Calibur with some of the most oversexualized female character designs in fighting games. It was made for men from its inception.

No. 1948157

They made her as a joke but played up the fujo pandering anyway.

No. 1948162

Making games realistic just means men get to look mean, haggard, and wrinkly while women continue to look like anime figures without skin texture or expressions.

No. 1948163

That's not the point. The point is that men were so salty women enjoyed the game and sexualized the male characters they tried to ruin it.

No. 1948166

File: 1712102763365.jpeg (267.6 KB, 1280x720, 1A5B61FA-3D8B-4EFF-8D2D-4985D5…)

they've given plenty of fujobait in their games, and even got rid of the fact that iori had a girlfriend, too. they hinted at sylvie being a fujoshi by having her refer to kyo and iori as the old nicknames their shippers gave them back in the 90s. a dev recently talked about how it was fujoshi that had saved the franchise by being the only ones interested during the original playtests, and moids got mad.

they have absolutely abandoned their female player base in recent years, but in the past they treated their female fans far better than other fighting game companies.

No. 1948171

File: 1712103311608.jpg (328.44 KB, 1079x1553, tumblr_513006097e88191b3f64839…)

>they have absolutely abandoned their female player base in recent years
I wonder what the hell happened with KOFG, a lot of players were shocked that it shutdown so soon. I recall a lot of moid seething with that game's announcement too.

No. 1948176

It's old men not letting attractive young men in, so there's no suitably recognisable attractive young men to use. Every male actor that makes it into the limelight now is 30+ and postwall since it takes them that long to build the relationships needed to get in.

No. 1948178

File: 1712104138203.png (399.21 KB, 654x657, safeformoids.png)

I wanna talk about this phenomenon on a smaller scale; which i like to call deslutifying male characters. The game this is from, the trails series, is a heavily otaku pandering game for limp dick moids, where various female characters are dressed like hookers, including a shit ton of lolis, oversexualized, and the characters themselves reduced to what feel like sex dolls. Meanwhile, women get one character that panders to them and dresses mildly revealing and it's taken away from us in a flash. I don't know why he's so covered up compared to his old design, but i'm assuming it's because the devs and playerbase of fat jap virgins felt offended.

No. 1948179

File: 1712104146851.jpg (70.49 KB, 640x960, bryan-johnson-it-billionaire-v…)

Nobody here is saying women slam into the wall at 30 just because we dont think balding, wrinkly, post wall men are hot. Youre arguing in bad faith to defend your previous old farts. Women, unlike men, are hot for decades, men are hot in their 20's then their testosterone rapidly declines and their heads expand. 3 generation of moids, men naturally experience acromegaly with age, no matter how much money they put into looking hot they can't fight the nature of the Y chromosome. Even billionaire money can't stop the male age decline. Women however, save for medical reasons, look the same skeleton wise and the skin just age. A woman in her 80's will have better features than a man in his 40's just because moid dna is so susceptible to stress. Older women still look human, old men turn into ork pig human hybrids.

No. 1948181

Anime/manga face style in general just doesn't work for depicting different ages outside of changing the skull (which just results in scrotes putting baby-looking skulls on voluptuous bodies)

No. 1948193

this thread is rolling kek you queens
asterion is so fucking hideous

No. 1948194

The 3 stages of men hitting the wall

No. 1948195

Hate how it's also rare for male characters in media for WOMEN to look like sluts

No. 1948196

I like the second outfit, but I still want to see stomach. We need more slutty males in games, desperately.

No. 1948198

File: 1712104965895.jpg (111.58 KB, 500x413, 1659400526275.jpg)

This will forever be my Roman empire, nonnies.

No. 1948199

Yeah this guy was so sexy. I'd lick him over and over again like a lollipop until his flesh melts off, that's how sexy he was.

No. 1948201

I'll never forget playing SNK arcades in the early 2000s. Terry bogard is such a beautiful slut. I miss when KOF had way more of an even female to male gamer base. Now all the males ruined the hot character designs. I hate it so much

No. 1948203

Soul vs Soulless

No. 1948204

Before reading the caption I thought it was a 35 year old man…

No. 1948206

File: 1712105342930.png (506.44 KB, 500x1000, simon.png)

It's a shame picrel wasn't an alt skin for Simon in SBU.

No. 1948209

That looks like tension alopecia to me. Moids' hair is more sensitive to it. He's probably been wearing too many hats and manbuns.

No. 1948210

they absolutely destroyed him, he went from sexy and cool to green kirito. How lame.

No. 1948213

I don't think so, but maybe I'm just a faceblind autist. He lacks Onion's serial-killer eyes, probably because he was on enough heroin to kill a horse.

No. 1948215

File: 1712105771569.jpg (142.71 KB, 1536x864, SolidSnake-Butt-States-Picture…)

If James didnt want us to thirst over Pyramid head, he wouldnt have manifested that ass so sexy. I'm so salty women cant have anything.
Speaking of asses, they nerfed my guy's ass. They nerfed his ass! Why?!
Snake?! Snaaaaake!

No. 1948217

are the mgs games worth playing

No. 1948218

Why did they flatten his ass??

No. 1948220

When I was a teenager, my own mother would tease me for liking "girly men." Granted, she didn't mean it in a cruel way, but it's bizarre to me that neoteny in men isn't considered universally attractive.

No. 1948221

friendly reminder that in MGS you can grope a 14yo girl, but we cant have Snake ass

No. 1948223

As a MGS fag myself, I say MGS 1-4 is essential. Everything else is if you want to play it. I like Raiden too, so I played Metal gear rising, but it isn't a must play. People really like MGSV, but that game was the last game Kojima did on a time restraint, so it was very unfinished. I am a believe the last true MGS game finished with 4 on PS3.

No. 1948224

Kek look at the frilly drink he's got. That guy is a total Muscle Mary and probably a bottom.

No. 1948226

No. 1948231

File: 1712106162603.jpg (68.99 KB, 635x680, F2Nu8xFWYAA_YWz.jpg)

Yup. That's because Japan is filled with actual pedos and degenerates. Remember when male MGS fans threw an actual fit over Sons of Liberty when Raiden was introduced? They thought he was too girly and fujo bait.

No. 1948232

>it's bizarre to me that neoteny in men isn't considered universally attractive.
the world is set up for men and women in different ways, is why. boys are expected to become men (and this transition is prized and encouraged), but women are generally expected to remain girls for as long as possible

that's probably why "ugly" men are considered attractive to most women. a man is best when he is aging and growing normally, in his natural state, that's how the world's set up. women must be feminine and pruned and plucked and makeup'd up though

No. 1948233

Tbf "neotenous" by moid standards is just looking under 28, not being bald, and being clean-shaven.

No. 1948235

It is, she was just coping with probably marrying an old ass moid when she was younger instead of a prime age male.

No. 1948238

like i don't think women who find men like astarion, ryan gosling, cillian murphy, etc. "ugly" men attractive are stupid they're just…normies, they're working off of centuries of rules and regulations that've been drilled in their heads since birth

No. 1948243

astarionfags like astarion because they are into dilfs. The problem is that astarionfags think their grandpa is on the same level as young bishies like Link or Leon.

No. 1948251

I rarely find men irl attractive but almost any i meet tries to get in bed with me, i hate it but this also means that i can get to mess around when they try to get to know me and when they try to know what my preferences are i'm never shocked when they act so butthurt over the fact that i hate beards or stubble kek, and at that point they also know that i'm bi, what a surprise that i don't like bald and hairy men huh?
They act like if they shave 1/4 of their face they would lose a vital organ yet women are almost required by society to almost have no body hair.
It's just one step over being a bit more attractive yet they wouldn't do that for someone they obsess over and i swear that i would never lower my standards because it's unbelievable, i just hope that they at least they learn that there are women who aren't into it and get more self aware.

No. 1948257

File: 1712107170420.jpg (38.45 KB, 544x680, 1685129895574.jpg)

Ok nonnas, opinions on men who aren't conventionally attractive facially but are attractive in every other way? I'm thinking of quite a few athletes for example, many of them are facially ugly but take care of their bodies, have good hygiene and hair maintenance, and are socially well adjusted. And yet society will call women shallow for preferring this over some porn addicted terminally online coomer "male feminist" with a "dadbod".

No. 1948258

Well, time for another replay of MGS2: Sons of Liberty

No. 1948259

Nah, he gotta be the whole package. Face, body, everything.

No. 1948261

File: 1712107288119.jpeg (101.53 KB, 1280x720, 3CE49397-6DA9-49E0-8B1E-6604CC…)

link looks ugly and weird in BOTW and the sequel no one gave a fuck about. he is maybe attractive in one or two games, but no one ever draws him anywhere close to his actual canon appearance.

No. 1948262

Sorry, but the face is the most important part for me. I don't care if he's jacked when I can't even look at his face.

No. 1948263

Why should i praise men for gaining muscles? their bodies are literally designed to do that with ease.

No. 1948267

He was the cutest in OOT and most people draw that version because it's the best.

No. 1948268

i'm SO tired of seeing him everywhere, getting roles left and right, when there are probably true hot guys waiting to be discovered. hate his moyai looking face getting shilled in social media (bonus points if it's about him and the goblin barry keoghan), i swear he's only liked for being tall.

No. 1948272

File: 1712107619705.webp (53.53 KB, 529x767, 5a12t46iuya91.webp)

Twilight Princess is my favorite version of Link, next to Ocarina of time. I really miss them

No. 1948276

Common English sailors 300 years ago in the middle of the ocean would be clean-shaven and meticulously groom their long hair and tuck it away in a ponytail. Granted, in that situation hygiene was very important.

No. 1948280

and by them i mean both the games. Adult Link in Ocarina was my first love before I got a gamecube to play Twilight Princess.

No. 1948287

he isn't even a dilf, he's a completely average looking scrote with wrinkles

No. 1948290

he's in his late 30s so he is dad age.

No. 1948294

dilfs are supposed to be attractive fathers. being a father means you have a child. he is not attractive nor is he a dad

No. 1948296

He was old when he was made a vampire. he's ugly no matter though. Just a bad character design, and his faggy voice doesnt help. It also is extra annoying his actual voice actor caps hard for trannies and kweerios

No. 1948297

DILF/MILF just refeers to people that are mom/dad age, not if they have actual children.

No. 1948299

don't male athletes usually sleep around and like all famous men don't commit?

No. 1948301

girl kys

No. 1948309

If you’re gonna use a porn term at least use it properly nonnie

No. 1948310

It's exactly how moids use it though. Do you think literally every ''Milf'' porn actress has children? it just means ''mom age''

No. 1948315

Anon guys call young single mothers MILFs because they're mothers not because they're matronly like you're implying.

No. 1948340

Tbf Those porns vids using this term tend to frame the older woman as the mother of their friends though. Yknow the whole Stacy’s mom thing. It CAN mean just an older woman so you’re right but it’s more common for it to be used for actual parents.

t.Have been called a milf even though I’m not a mom

No. 1948343

File: 1712110894195.jpg (1.79 MB, 1000x1304, 0d5c4f7964414863f98f8c54e7f988…)

He's so hot in the tears of the kingdom fan art though, I love his long hair. Sorry. I do agree though past links are more conventionally attractive. I hope the next link will be a hot one

No. 1948346

It has always meant hot older woman, i dont know why anons are pretending it isn't. A 20yo woman with a child isn't a MILF.

No. 1948348

OOT Link was the cutest and most peak Link. All the Links afterwards were hit with the ugly stick, especially SS Link

No. 1948354

It’s alright but I’m not going to praise any guy for the basics of being fit and clean. Maybe I’ll objectify and ogle him for a moment but that’s it. They’d never give the same grace to us and would in fact degrade us by calling us butterface and say throw a bag over the head. The difference with men being ugly is that they’re still treated like human beings by women who don’t find them up to standard.

No. 1948397

>i swear he's only liked for being tall
I was gonna say the same thing if barry whatshisface wasn't also shilled. I suspect this is also the reason pete davidson and adam driver used to be shilled hard

No. 1948403

This Lonk aint right.

No. 1948434

Theyre always gonna be ugly but at least theyre trying not to be hideous. Face is the most important factor in a guys attractiveness, second is hair, then frame. A guy can be hot with a less than ideal body, but a guy with a busted ass mug will never be hot

No. 1948439

I actually agree; it’s like they tried to appeal to men more by giving him curves and making him short. Yeah, Link’s almost always short but not this much. Where are his abs and biceps? How does he scale those cliffsides? He’s so round.

No. 1948454

That's the mod I got so I didnt have to look his grandpa face. I was literally avoiding talking to him so I didnt have to put up with his face as well as his faggot personality.

No. 1948472

iirc they made him a bit more curvy and androgynous so female players could self insert or something like that? It was in the artbook I think.

No. 1948475

Bizarre, if true

No. 1948483

An anon of culture. I love TL Link’s dirty blonde hair too and the part where you wrestle shirtless. That game was a fuckin TREAT

No. 1948493

File: 1712126248100.png (2.49 MB, 2048x2048, eOSMK5r.png)

nta but it's true, they wanted his design to be as androgynous as possible, which honestly gave him a bodytype most similar with a TIF rather then a male.

No. 1948502

FUUUCK Wolf OC Link is the best and hottest by distance. Where did it all go so wrong?

No. 1948503

File: 1712128330828.png (18.14 KB, 464x485, 1570978008038.png)

>if we make Link more feminine, the female players will seem his as a girl and self-insert as him
And this actually works?

No. 1948535

tbf the gameplay and world was really good, that his appearance honestly didn't matter.

No. 1948537

Kek, he doesn't look like a tif. Tifs never look actually male.

No. 1948538

The devs were just retarded

No. 1948547

he sorta does, unless you can some me an actual male with that hip ratio.

No. 1948558

Im not a zoomer but what about the pretty boy trend on tiktok? The guys who put effort in to look good? I always see moids complain about them on /fit/ idk I don’t use tiktok either so I have no idea what’s going on. I thought men were getting better looking in the younger generation which is making millennial guys my age mentally malfunction. It seems to be destroying their whole cope of men age like fine wine and can get their 20yo starterwife at 35 while balding and fat. Also their whole cope of saying that women are less visual than men. Now that they have evidence otherwise they can’t seem to grapple with it mentally.

No. 1948571

Who are you trying to fool? This mod looks horrendous

No. 1948595

His face is better in the first one and he doesn't look like a TIF at all. Link should be cute if the design of the game is cute.

No. 1948597

Please don't summon Boyega-chan.

No. 1948683

>but it's bizarre to me that neoteny in men isn't considered universally attractive
So blond haired, blue eyed men aren't attractive?

No. 1948686

Nta but neoteny means like…youthfulness. Baby-facedness.

No. 1948689

Brad Pitt is not neotenous kek.
I think neoteny in men is liked by girls by default but they’re kind of gaslighted into shilling ugly men as they get older. I was made fun of for only liking the cute boys in school and I still am only attracted to cute/pretty guys, but most men would rather try to overmasculinise themselves to get respect from other men (ie gymbros)

No. 1948692

Does anyone have a screenshot of that post that said that the only reason women liked adam driver was because he was the first hollywood stars in years that was actually tall?

Imo mortal kombat always had more hot guys than any other fighting game

No. 1948693

>but most men would rather try to overmasculinise themselves to get respect from other men (ie gymbros)
Men are so fucking gay, they would rather look good for other men than for women

No. 1948696

it's not that he was actually tall, there's plenty of tall male celebs. it's like 80% of characters they play and women just imagine the men to be like the characters irl. Also why ryan gosling was so loved even though he likes like every other stoner moid cashier but women love him because they imagine him to be like his characters in cheesy romance films

No. 1948697

Did you fail biological class?
Blond hair and blue eyes ARE NEOTENIC TRAITS.
Other Traits would be a larger head, small maxilla, mandible smaller height.
So manlets with blond hair, blue eyes, small maxilla and mandible are peak male Neoteny.

No. 1948699

>Blond hair and blue eyes ARE NEOTENIC TRAITS.
ah yes, enzymes, acids and basics, evolution, chem, bodily systems, ecosystem and…. what hair color and eye color look the most young. How could I have missed biology-chan?

No. 1948702

except for being a manlet both river phoenix and young dicaprio have those traits

No. 1948704

Blue eyes and blonde hair are more related to European roots rather than neotany. Though I'd say male neotany/youth would be a fit lean guy who has healthy hair and skin regardless of his coloring.

No. 1948709

top right is the only correct answer

No. 1948748

This actually pissed me off when I finally played this game, kek. I was like why is he so short and like, fat looking despite climbing mountains? Total downgrade from OOT/Twilight Princess Links (the best Links)
Based and correct opinions, what is >>1948493 this trash?

No. 1948754

I'm surprised by the anon freaking out about this.
Are blond hair and blue eyes really that desired as far as male traits go? I thought the archetypal attractive male is supposed to have dark hair and dark eyes. Tall dark and handsome is the 'thing' for men.

Meanwhile we all know blonde is a highly sought after haircolor for women. Look at how many brunettes regularly dye their hair. Less than like 5% or so of people have naturally blonde hair in the US for example but (speaking as a US anon here), I definitely see significantly more blonde women walking around than just 5% and I don't live in an area with particularly high Scandinavian heritages. How many men really bother dying their hair lighter? Men men typically only dye when trying to hide greying.

This is just further proving the other anon's point that neotenic traits are mysteriously not considered attractive for men.

No. 1948764

Found some fags blog from 2009 full of pictures of young hot dudes and I'm in heaven. Looking at these beautiful creatures, I wonder how women could ever be attracted to fat ogres that are old enough to be their grandpas

No. 1948767

He looks absolutely horrid and botched on the left. Tf they do to my boy?

No. 1948775

I live in the states as well and blonde hair is just some racist shit about how blondes are more feminine. Moids can't even bother getting toupees; they are not dyeing their hair lighter

No. 1948793

I mean, fags also love bears and shit, you're very innocent to think they have good taste kek

No. 1948830

No, I know that a lot of fags have shit taste. Those dumb baras and James Charles types are especially gross. But this particular guy running the blog has some damn good taste, why else would I be scrolling through it? Kek.
My brother is a fag and we have the same taste in guys. Sometimes we just send each other pictures of hot guys and rate them out of ten kek. He hates baras and those camp flamboyant types.

No. 1948840

Name of the blog?

No. 1948843

Found the blog while looking for a male model posted on /g/. The dudes from 2008-2013 are the cutest kek


No. 1948846

Thank you!

No. 1948848

it's true that most have shit taste, but there are also many who are into classic handsome guys and twinks. a lot of twink-centered accounts are run by gays

No. 1948851

Blonde men are seen as more attractive in European beauty standards I'd say, ofc men don't dye their hairs, they hairs are too short to dye regularly.

No. 1948852

It makes me laugh because this is why twink death is a thing. Men hit the wall at 25 sometimes and most men arent twinks beyond 23-24 years old.

No. 1948870

beards almost never look good

No. 1948880

File: 1712164182786.jpg (107.43 KB, 894x699, rocky-iii-sylvester-stallone.j…)

young stallone was a cutie tho…too bad the roids destroyed him

No. 1948883

I don't care how good his body is, if he's ugly I can't force myself to be attracted to him kek

No. 1948887

File: 1712164476337.jpg (100.84 KB, 1742x1116, Kunal Kapoor.jpg)

I have terrible taste but I still agree with the sentiment of the thread, the aristocrat male look with pale skin, long hair long nose and thin/muscular frame is an endangered species and needs to come back

No. 1948896

File: 1712165174453.png (478.74 KB, 1064x616, beards.png)

Beards are repulsive, I could never date or marry a moid with a beard especially knowing how unhygienic most of them are. All I can think of is that passage from The Twits by Roald Dahl where he graphically describes how disgusting Mr. Twit's beard is.
>Mr Twit didn’t even bother to open his mouth wide when he ate. As a result (and because he never washed) there were always hundreds of bits of old breakfasts and lunches and suppers sticking to the hairs around his face.
>But if you looked closely (not that you’d ever want to) you would see tiny little specks of dried-up scrambled eggs stuck to the hairs, and spinach and tomato ketchup and fish fingers and minced chicken livers and all the other disgusting things Mr Twit liked to eat.

No. 1948898

the bar is so low for men, he looked like a downie. At least in rocky the gave him an equally average looking love interest instead of trying to pair him with a super model

No. 1948901

There are studies that prove beards have POOP in them. Moids are disgusting.

No. 1948914

His body on the left looks so photoshopped lol I can't believe it isn't.

No. 1948917

You know If they truly wanted him to be a sexyman character, they should have kept the original characterization, tumblr would have gone rabid if they had kept this scene in.

No. 1948922

ew do tumblrinas really like angry hole punching moids who throw mantrums?

No. 1948933

Nona were you not around for the mass obsession with Kylo Ren/Reylo? People were going crazy for him and he fits the bill kek

No. 1948935

Thankfully i am not a star warsfag. Liking Spork makes more sense than liking some moid with tardrage.

No. 1948959

Does this theory also go the other way around? Is the promotion of women's body positivity also a psyop? Is anyone who likes "postwall" women secretly brainwashed? I'm not asking to be demeaning, just really confused on what the logic is here?

No. 1948961

i'm sure it's been mentioned, but even just in the 90s i feel like there were a lot of popular actors that appealed to the young women demographic that were actually conventionally attractive, where now it's so rare and the few that do are arguably ugly.
and just why the shift now??
if those same actors in the 90s existed as they were then in the current day i feel like they wouldn't get any work.

No. 1948963

Women arent even allowed to show themselves unshaved in movies, there is no ugly woman psyop, on the contrary

No. 1948964

The only thing this will apply for is moids who like ugly women just for meeting a certain "type". Like yellow fevers who date ugly Asian women, moids who like horribly done breast implants but swear they're natural, moids who like fat girls and think they're thicc, blonde obsessers, etc

No. 1948968

You must have been living under a rock if you've missed the ongoing body-positivity movement that has been going on in ALL media for the past years. Also you seem to forget the fact that same sex attracted women exist. Just explain to me. Is it brainwashing if someone (man OR WOMAN)is attracted to a woman that isn't a 11/10 pornified supermodel?

No. 1948969

Except nobody is pushing old, ugly and/or fat women as 'attractive'. Where are all those blockbuster films with a really young, handsome moid protagonist and a way older romantic interest?

No. 1948970

its funny how when men like ''ugly'' chicks they like them because they like the humilliation factor. For example, men who like fat women tend to make fun of them for their weight or use them to humilliate skinny women because ''my fat gf has bigger tits than your stick''. Pretty much all female fat characters in anime get ashamed of their weight and its used as a way to make them feel bad about themselves. Meanwhile women who like ugly men SWEAR their uggos are actually handsome and beautiful and we are just being boolies for making fun of them.

No. 1948971

there is other media besides hollywood movies.

No. 1948972

>You must have been living under a rock if you've missed the ongoing body-positivity movement that has been going on in ALL media for the past years.
please direct me to a movie with a fat unshaved woman who's 35yo+ and where she isnt depicted as the villian/ugly

No. 1948973

this sounds like 100% projection. You do realize real life is not equal to anime?

No. 1948975

Never mind this is the ''lesbian'' anon who always barges in when women are discussing double standars in media and actually wants all women to be eye candy for her, just like a moid.

No. 1948976

What id with your obsession with movies? Are you willfully ignoring all other visual media? have you ever heard of tiktok???

No. 1948977

No. 1948979

File: 1712168503810.jpg (12.76 KB, 228x275, bait used to be believable els…)

remember to report and ignore

No. 1948980

there is not a single woman starring in mainstream hollywood movies that fits a "body positive" stereotype criteria.

No. 1948981

Please. How is asking questions and trying to have a sane discussion bait? I am begging you to be sane for one minute without flinging shit instantly at anyone who doesn't fully agree with you or is just trying to understand your logic.

No. 1948982

some questions are so stupid that they sound like trolling.

No. 1948983

I specifically meant all media that ISN'T specifically mainstream holywood. Do you have any idea how big the indie film scene is today?

No. 1948985

Ah yes tiktok. Where behind a thousand positive messages from WOMEN trying to boost women that aren't 11/10's are a thousand men that are calling average looking 20 year olds "post wall" and "uggo"

No. 1948986

File: 1712168812141.jpeg (591.3 KB, 1170x1405, ywnb young again cillian.jpeg)

Anyways i am so tired of cillian murphy being shilled as attractive. No woman would be allowed to have these type of professional photos taken with that many wrinkles and acne scars. He looks like a fucking corpse

No. 1948988

I don't think it's brainwashing as much as the reality of moids being ugly in general, women simply got used to it. And unfortunately some of these current hollywood actors still look better than the average balkan men where I live that's how bad it is…

No. 1948990

I am just trying to understand as someone who has never thought about this theory before. This is an open thread and anyone is allowed to contribute to the discussion. Or do you simply want an echo-chamber where no one asks any questions?

No. 1948991

Please stop responding to the baiter, i beg you.

No. 1948992

>Is the promotion of women's body positivity also a psyop?
Yes but it's to make women physically weaker, not to get moids to love them.

No. 1948993

please elaborate

No. 1948995

I always thought it was to make it easier for women to love themselves and to make them less dependent on male validation? No?

No. 1948996

the indie film scene is as important to body standards as anything independently released that gets no major press.

No. 1948997

It is, stop responding to baiters.

No. 1948998

How is asking questions bait?

No. 1948999

in theory yes but in practice it's used so women FEEL the need they HAVE to love themselves. so do that plastic surgery sis, I'm sure that skincare will help your self esteem so you can be a girlboss and whatnot. just how feminism in theory is so that women have the same rights and opportunities as men but in practice it's used as excuse so women feel empowered doing whatever retarded shit.

No. 1949015

Ok, I'm leaving now. I'm not a man, nor am I a "pickme". I just though this was a discussion thread like the name of the thread reads, and I was genuinely just trying to understand your logic because it doesn't make any sense to me but I would very much like to understand. I really don't see how asking questions and being skeptical warrants unnecessary hostility and reporting. Like I'm sorry I don't already know everything you do, I'm just trying to keep up with the fucking zeitgeist. But I guess any woman who can't automatically read minds is just a baiter/moid/pickme/tradthot or whateverthefuck(infighting/autism)

No. 1949056

whos top right guy?

No. 1949059

it got taken over by fat activism, which is objectively bad for women and encourages them to kill themselves to death. Obesity is no joke

No. 1949069

Alain delon

No. 1949086

File: 1712174466629.png (337.2 KB, 1168x1008, dadbod.png)

Yeah I'm sure fat activism is such a huge ordeal for women and big news platforms are making it the new hot thing. Totally not the mere acceptance of body hair, old women, not being a 00 in size. Fat activism is so bad that's why ozempic is sold out.

No. 1949089

Fat isn't even a body type, it's a modifier, one that can kill you in your 30s. How it caught on with an "oppressed" class of people will forever baffle me. Having a healthy skeletal structure is wonderful, but being complacent in your horrible meat prison? Not as much. I'm starting to see a trend where artists get harassed for daring to draw skinny attractive people or lord forbid a toned man because something something toxic masculinity/femininity or the new hot buzzword on the street. I don't think men, much less women, should be forced to not improve or aspire to be peak because ultimately biology defines us. as crappy as it sounds to some, our monkey brains are drawn to mate potential. Fatness signals "no, this scrote will make for a shitty father, avoid his ass" and naturally humans choose mates with healthier bodies.
the bodypos movement is riddled to the brim with biology denialist who refuse to face facts and instead enable already debilitated moids to throw any iota of change into the wastebin. They scream fatphobia at sane normal advice and call doctors bluffing when weight loss is only solution to their health problems. You have no idea the huge list of symptoms that can solved by dropping a few pounds.
But this convo seems a bit derail-worthy so I'm leaving it at that.

No. 1949096

File: 1712174828259.png (6.68 MB, 2048x2048, pretty woman privilege 2.png)

never 4get

No. 1949100

Speaking of, since being a kid I thought it was ridiculous women always have to have makeup on in every single movie at all times. It could be caveman days and they couldn’t show a female character without mascara and eyeliner. Women are not allowed to exist in most media without first going through a dozen beauty rituals. And of course this normalizes it so much that women irl are in fear of being seen in their natural human state of being. Meanwhile annoying gross obnoxious slobs like jack black can show up anywhere 5 minutes after rolling out of bed and women will still say he’s handsome for his annoying personality or some bull.

No. 1949106

kek literally what choice do these women have? If they said anything about a man's "dad bod" that wasn't positive they'd have moids and pickmes foaming at the mouth.

No. 1949115

Lavendertowne, of all people, made a pretty good video about this subject. Its insane how ''Poor Things'' got shilled as a feminist movie when it's basically sexy baby frankenstein whore. Despite being a ''monster'' she isnt allowed to be repulsive the same way male monsters are, and despite having the mind of baby, not being able to eat or walk properly, she's fully shaved and skinny.

No. 1949122

that was one thing i think dune 2 got right- zendaya had minimal makeup and she truly looked like a nomad living in the desert and not like a supermodel.

No. 1949138

it's so funny how they are all a massive downgrade from their exes. ariana's and miley's ex husbands in particular looked so much better

No. 1949148

Ugh I've met an unfortunate amount of these moids. I worked with a moid who kept making fun of my breast size and comparing them to his gf, then when I met her she was a complete deathfat. Not even the first time this has happened, I've seen moids on social media rip apart fitness influencers and female models and every single time their gf is fat. Idk if it's some sort of cope with the fact they can only get fat bitches or what, never seen a moid with gf with an objectively nice body act this bitter

No. 1949162

no I think they just have a fat fetish and are mad that skinny women are seen as the beauty standard, I know men who cheated on their conventionally attractive gfs with fatties

No. 1949165

They are just fetishists. Men are incapable of liking unconvetional women without turning it into a fetish first.

No. 1949169

he’s an elf. why is him having an androgynous body the problem for you and not the elf ears or the fact he’s in a world with talking fish people?

No. 1949181

Because elf ears are sexy, him looking like a troon is not.

No. 1949227

i didn’t think of a troon when i saw him kek i just saw a hot twink. stop letting trannies live in your head rent fwee

No. 1949254

>BotW Link
>a hot twink
Not even close.

No. 1949269

at first I thought the one on the right was the "newer botched version" kek. the left does look better though. I prefer twink link over the weird looking manlet on the right

No. 1949337

Atsushi Sakurai, Takashi Sorimachi, and Toshiro Mifune for me. I just like cool guy types with not too short faces and definition that doesn't look like a gigachad caricature, which means a bit of range.

Seeing ugly scrotes with decent/good looking women (or any woman really) everywhere gives me a dystopian feeling as if, that's just against nature. Absolutely diseased behavior. They look so ridiculous parading with their girls like "look at my female status symbol, hopefully my fellow scrotes will finally consider me cool !" it's like getting a big car to compensate for your small dick. I can't even take their girls seriously anymore either because getting your pussy waxed for some 0,5/10 mf that looks like it's from a different species should be classified as a mental disorder. I saw the picture of Jack Nicholson's son and his girlfriend in the Celebricows thread, and holy shit that one needs to be locked in a high security vault as a deadly memetic threat to womankind. We must stop this from being normal, at all costs.

No. 1949410

Men are 2x more likely to leave women if they gain weight more than the reverse. Delusional faggot, get out of this site

No. 1949427

I really used to think I was gay or asexual until I was 22. And people have the nerve on blame this on birth control

No. 1949434

>Is anyone who likes "postwall" women secretly brainwashed

Literally yes and you can see this in accordance to porn and male’s sexual preferences. The psyop echoes of mommy gfs, “milfs”, milkers, anything having to do with biological markers that belong to matured women have also flooded many people’s mental imagery. You will never see old, wise women who have healthy contact with their femininity and are able to be effective leaders, strong, courageous, aspirational and aren’t in constant battle with younger women for male attention. Anons here think they’ve won because men have made their age groups just as fuckable as younger females, older women have been co-opted to become hag priestesses who through all their time and experience still uphold standards and expectations of the patriarchy. Sad

No. 1949440

womens body positivity isnt a psyop, but the fatter the average woman gets the larger partner she will prefer out of being self conscious. in '95 only 11% of adults in my state (colorado) were considered obese, this year puts us at 25.1%
all my my married friends are overweight and all of their husbands are even fatter, not to mention ugly. i am convinced the rise in ugly men in Hollywood is connected to the rise in obesity of both sexes.

No. 1949442

Miley’s boyfriend needs a lot of work but at least he has some potential. The rest are truly tragic.

No. 1949445

>i am convinced the rise in ugly men in Hollywood is connected to the rise in obesity of both sexes.
Maybe it's just a burger thing because even if famous american people were popular in my place, i've never noticed a raise in obesity here or other places i've been through in Europe

No. 1949448

I don't see the potential

No. 1949449

File: 1712192662946.jpg (36.04 KB, 500x632, 0e4ed57f93bef15573557549d27a47…)

Marlon Brando. Have yet to see a hollywood actor as talented and handsome as him.
Men with longer faces (not horse) have elegant faces. Men with short faces look like pugs.

No. 1949454

File: 1712192868463.png (397.24 KB, 622x558, 1000013847.png)

god that irish midget looks like he could be Sabrina's dad even though he's not that much older. i've seen some older looking 30 somethings but that guy is truly bizarre

No. 1949462

if they’re in the Illuminati can they at least set them up with sexy handlers??

No. 1949463

>men have made their age groups just as fuckable as younger females
Now this is bait.

No. 1949468

I haven't seen an attractive moid in a while so if anyone has sexy illuminati handlers please share

No. 1949472

File: 1712194081599.png (279.34 KB, 719x818, 1698873436557.png)

I'd rather a 300 lb fatty than a fit Norwood Reaper victim. Tragic. Baldness is absolutely disgusting, worst male flaw

No. 1949474

agreed. my greatest fear is falling in love with a white moid and he goes bald

No. 1949488

Moids are so ugly, they're either balding at 20 or hairy like apes, when are they going to evolve?

No. 1949492

I like how this thread has been on the first page of /ot/ all this time, constantly bumped. Nonnies really hate ugly men kek

No. 1949495

What did she say here? Isn't lavender a cow,?

No. 1949520

for some yeah but for others it's pure desperation and coping, men will admit to cheating with women they find less attractive than their SO even if they don't have a specific fetish. it is a form of brainwashing though - never met a guy who "preferred" fatties that didn't get the idea from porn or because another moid in their life preferred that

No. 1949563

you could just watch the video

No. 1949602

File: 1712199291607.png (50.02 KB, 1200x628, IMG_9857.png)

I know this is slightly offtopic but seriously what prompts a Jackie Chan moid like this one with a perpetual drooping stroke face to post racist/inflammatory grifter shit on twitter of all places and not care about how they look first? What prompts this kind of behavior? If we didn’t hype up ugly men so much and pretend they have other valuable attributes like intelligence we would never have to see an ugly piece of shit like this acting bold on the internet. I think another ugly man psyop are self-hating minority moids using white nationalist politics to alog from their own failures and genuine inadequacies. At least look the part, moids can’t even do that and that’s why they suck ass at being spies

No. 1949629

File: 1712199948411.png (2.63 MB, 1440x2560, cringeee.png)

speaking of politispergs remember when shuwu used to shill her disgusting ogre manchild as a sexy daddydom pussyslayer?
she drank from a dog bowl for this man

No. 1949653

There are a bunch of women online with this schtick I guess just to show off how cute and smol they think they are compared to some ugly beast of a man. I know a lot of women that overlook overall appearance just because they have a size kink for taller/larger men. It’s also a need to humblebrag about being some trophy object.

No. 1949754

reminds me of vid related

No. 1949903

No. 1949911


No. 1949919

File: 1712216187304.jpg (750.49 KB, 1080x1472, Screenshot_20240404-092051.jpg)

I hope that's not too OT but I really want to discuss hot men and specifically what kind of hot men are the most popular. My vote goes to A tbh even though the examples they name here aren't really that hot at all imo.


Women who chose Option A prefer a man who is easy-going and open-minded. This type is characterized by relaxed facial expressions. These men have an easygoing demeanor and facial muscles that appear less tense, giving off an aura of approachability. Their smiles tend to be genuine and reach their eyes, indicating a welcoming attitude. They may not furrow their brows as often, suggesting a more laid-back approach to life. Their eyes convey warmth and curiosity, reflecting their open-mindedness and receptivity to new ideas.

Examples: David Beckham, Sean Lowe, Chris Pratt


Women who chose Option B prefer a man who is decisive and determined. This type is characterized by a strong jawline and a defined facial structure. Men with a decisive nature often have features that exude confidence and determination. Their eyes are often intense and focused, reflecting their resolve, and their mouth is generally set in a determined expression, and they carry themselves with a certain poise and self-assurance.

Examples: Scott Eastwood, Chad Michael Murray, Cillian Murphy


Women who chose Option C are interested in a man who is more shy, sensitive, and agreeable. This type is characterized by more subtle features. Men who are shy and sensitive have facial features that appear more understated, and they avoid direct eye contact or have a gaze that appears somewhat reserved, reflecting their introverted nature. Their smiles are usually more subtle and modest, reflecting their desire to avoid conflict. Their facial expressions convey a sense of empathy, reflecting their compassionate nature.

Examples: Tom Holland, Keanu Reeves, Timothée Chalamet


Women who preferred Option D want a man who is assertive, direct, and confident. This type is characterized by strong, angular features. Men who are assertive and confident often have facial structures that appear more defined and prominent. They may have a penetrating stare that communicates their assertiveness and willingness to take charge, while their facial and body language exudes strength and self-assuredness. Their facial expressions are more intense and convey a sense of resolve and conviction.(wrong thread)

No. 1949933

File: 1712218002314.jpg (156.02 KB, 1025x1430, atsushi-sakurai-lead-singer-of…)

late but atsushi sakurai at his peak in the 90's was the pinnacle of beauty to me, rip. i'm also a lesbian

No. 1949941

PS2 graphics were the peak of video game aesthetics

No. 1949953

no one is forcing these women to date such ugly creatures, they do it for attention.

No. 1949955

Sadly this guy was a domestic abuser

No. 1949969

God I hate when that happens, when there is an actual good-looking male celeb and he turns out to be a misogynist or abusive in some way.
Nona can you recommend Alain's most handsome movies so we can enjoy some non-ugly male movie time?

No. 1949972


We’re video games/gamers always like this?

No. 1949976

What are some examples of D?

No. 1949977

D is the best, then B then A. C is ugly, retarded and gay face.

No. 1949980

Ntas but from what I know, it boomed in 2016 SJW vs. anti-SJW and gaymergate era.

No. 1949981

tbh this sounds like astrology tier pseudoscience. I think C is best though

No. 1949983

File: 1712222568448.jpg (125.81 KB, 1125x1217, 1659991728087617.jpg)

Truly. There is no sign of aging in women equivalent to baldness in males. We both get wrinkles and sagging skin etc, but only moids get this shit. Seeing them freak out about it is nice karma for all the fearmongering they do about women aging though.

No. 1949993

Sorry nonna forgot to copy that last line

>Examples: Henry Cavill, Glen Powell, Ian Somerhalder

No. 1949995


The sad truth is is that there will alway, always be some worthless bitch out there who would marry a man like this.

>>“Ooh, he’s really not all that bad! I bet I can change him!”

>> Gets pregnant, births another worthless human.

The Trad wives thread was a perfect example of this. Every single woman who was a topic in that thread who blathered on about their “alpha” husbands married men who looked like this.

No. 1950000

Nta, but Purple Moon is where he looks his best

No. 1950001

Would rather kill myself than wake up to a balding moid in my bed

No. 1950008

America and European countries have similar obesity levels actually, and middle eastern, African, and latam countries have higher rates

No. 1950015

File: 1712227925788.jpeg (95.2 KB, 720x720, IMG_9965.jpeg)

L’Eclisse, Purple Noon, Christine, Joy House, Rocco and His Brothers, La Piscene, The Unvanquished. I’m not recommending these for the plot, they’re just the ones where he’s young and attractive

No. 1950023

I immediately answered D and the "personality" archetype was the first boy I fell in love with down to the t. Feeling a little emotional lol!

No. 1950034

File: 1712229447883.jpeg (590.67 KB, 940x864, IMG_0078.jpeg)

Everyone calls her a groomer for dating him when he was 18 but they look like they’re the same age now. She’s in her mid 50s and he’s in his mid 30s. The difference in how men and women age is just so hilarious to me, when males date younger women they always look like the woman’s grandfather

No. 1950038

In order- D, B, A, C

No. 1950039

She looks like she's her mother tf are you talking about? Between this and anons not believing other anons when they say they look older or younger than their age I think everyone here is faceblind.

No. 1950044


No. 1950045

Green is an ugly color on you, nonna. He aged like milk and you know it. I would say they look the same age, too.

No. 1950049

they both look their actual ages

No. 1950051

Their eyes need to be less beady, they look old.

No. 1950053

They do both look their ages, that’s the point. Women don’t hit the wall until they’re extremely elderly (and even then I wouldn’t use that stupid term for them) and males look uglier once they hit 30.

He looks like a 34 year old male, absolutely, and that means he looks about even with a woman in her 50s. That’s just how men age.

No. 1950056

File: 1712231034613.jpeg (424.88 KB, 1012x515, IMG_0108.jpeg)

Just look at the difference between him in his early 20s vs early 30s. No woman has ever aged this quickly, unless she’s on meth, yet this is the typical aging process for males.

No. 1950058

they look that way to you cause you're applying the same standard to them, not taking into account that the aging effects of androgenic hormones which are an unfortunate biological reality which simply cannot be helped

the way you word it makes it sound as if they've got a better recourse but are just slacking, not much to be done about it besides being born with an extra x chromosome or castration

No. 1950059

I'm in college and the men around me are already hitting the wall. It's so fucking weird, I guess I'll have to keep dating 18 year olds for the rest of my life.

No. 1950060

File: 1712231266971.jpg (42 KB, 320x457, cc53bbf76aa74916a68773fbcb6f3c…)

Him and Haruma Miura had the most perfect bone structure, so sad that they're both gone already.

Over the years white moids have gotten so ugly to me, I wonder whether I will really end up alone, they and especially their hairyness is so repulsive to me, I just can't do it, anons. I never really was into black guys either but the older I turn the more I notice that they at least look somewhat younger and obviously don't have this terrible rough and blotchy/red skin. I hate living there I live.

No. 1950065

File: 1712231520264.jpg (164.48 KB, 1080x1472, 1712216187304.jpg)

No. 1950066

Thanks for proving my point. Nowhere did I say he's hot or ugly. I just said she looks like his mother (and made a typo sorry about that). Which means that they both look their age.

No. 1950068

On the picture, D is best and then B probably due to them having normal facial expressions and not staring into the void. The rest is weird… A is supposed to be "friendly and relaxed" but his brow bone throws the most shade of them all and he looks like he'd choke me if I made the wrong joke, C is creepy too.

The examples given are odd too. Cillian Murphy gives off a far more shy impression than Timothée Chalamet imo… Speaking of which I really don't see how Chalamet's features are "subtle" in any way when he has no less than six 90 degree angles in a single jawline and his eyes are drooping to the floor, dude looks like a caricature of himself, that's not "understated".

La piscine was so boring. Definitely do not recommend it for the plot.

No. 1950070

also one thing about the androgenic effects on ageing, I've seen it first hand cause my younger brother was born with klinefelters syndrome, it was discovered at age 21 and he had a boyish prettiness about him but a scant few years of injecting testosterone replacement therapy in small doses even made him quickly develop a widows peak and worse skin very fast

No. 1950077

I'm not usually attracted to asian men, with the exception of Japanese guys and a few Chinese guys.

No. 1950079

That picture of gay Cillian Murphy scares me every time

No. 1950080

Men in their 30s are about equal as far as aging goes with women in their 50s. When troons stand next to women their age sometimes it looks at first glance like a woman in her 50s or 60s standing with a group of 20 year olds, because biological males just look way older than their female peers.

Thats why if Aaron and Sam both look their ages, it literally means that they look the same age, because young males look older than middle aged women

No. 1950081

That happens with all trannies too. Females who inject testosterone always get fine lines, dry and course skin, receeding hairlines, and jowls. Males who inject estrogen usually get thicker and softer hair, and smooth soft skin. They still look hideous compared to women of course but the health of their hair and skin does noticeably benefit from female hormones

No. 1950085

I hate his nose so much

No. 1950086

seriously? i've never seen a TIM with decent hair.

No. 1950087

File: 1712232900196.jpeg (89.96 KB, 620x388, IMG_0063.jpeg)

It looked ok when he was 18. Male noses grow steadily bigger with age, it’s a male feature like male pattern baldness. Women’s noses often get bigger too but only in old age, whereas men’s noses get bigger and uglier with each passing year

No. 1950090


ofc I am, I helped him through the diagnosis and advocated for treatment, I'm just noting the features

unfortunately he's fallen prey to gastrointestinal disease that their type is more prone to and he is very weak and frail these days

No. 1950091

It’s a known side affect is estrogen, but it doesn’t perform miracles. If they were already ugly with bad hair then estrogen won’t suddenly make them attractive. If they start estrogen at a younger age, before the hair loss they get at like 25, then it can help keep their hair in good health, at least in comparison to other males who don’t take estrogen

No. 1950092

adult men with klinefelters syndrome end up looking fat doughy eunuchs, it's really weird to say you wished he hadn't gotten proper treatment.

No. 1950094

what are you on about, they don't look better, just end up looking like pre-developed fat teenage boys longer.(basically a pedophile's fantasy brought to life)

No. 1950096

Depends on each person, their face shapes, etc. so yes and no. In that specific case they're absolutely not on par with each other it's very obvious there's a huge age difference. If the woman looked younger than her age (she doesn't) or if the guy looked older (he doesn't) I'd get your point.

No. 1950099

link is so sexless and ugly to me. not feminine. not masculine. just a childlike blank state of a character you were supposed to project unto.

No. 1950104

Even the twilight princess one?

No. 1950105

I never said they look better, i just said that one of the side effects of estrogen is healthier skin and hair

No. 1950113

File: 1712234542592.webp (16.35 KB, 1000x563, 14FABBB5-F82B-475A-9D20-50B9F5…)

it pisses me off that the character delon is portraying in purple noon, tom ripley, is supposed to be a youthful 25 year old and in the new netflix show he is played by this hideous actor who looks like some type of serial rapist.

No. 1950132

File: 1712235983621.mp4 (6.36 MB, 720x720, majwz4u.mp4)

I like it's IASIP but the way some people talk and act around Glenn Howerton genuinely freaks me out.

No. 1950134

Option D is the objectively best looking imo.

No. 1950136