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File: 1711542334026.png (2.14 MB, 1323x699, IMG_9312.png)

No. 1940512

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No. 1940531

File: 1711543939274.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1872, IMG_9313.jpeg)

> After Meyers first presented the Love Lives Bleeding actress with a Panic Room cocktail — made up of a mix of energy drinks, an espresso martini, and a tic-tac in place of a Xanax — the pair finished up the segment with the host getting a "lesbian makeover."

>Calling Stewart a "lesbian icon" as well as an "accomplished actor," Meyers said, "Here's the deal Kristen Stewart, I have a bunch of lesbian accessories and clothes behind us and I am now counting on you to turn me into a lesbian icon."

No. 1940534

File: 1711544168955.jpeg (583.76 KB, 923x766, IMG_9314.jpeg)

> 'Scared' Rebel Wilson describes on-set humiliation by Sacha Baron Cohen in shocking memoir excerpt

> “It felt like every time I’d speak to SBC, he’d mention that he wanted me to go naked in a future scene,” Wilson claims in “Rebel Rising” (per People). “I was like, ‘Ha, I don’t do nudity, Sacha.’”

>The “Pitch Perfect” star, 44, goes on to recall the “Borat” actor, 52, subsequently summoning her “via a production assistant” to say she “needed to film an additional scene” for their 2016 action movie.
> “Then he pulls his pants down,” she alleges. “SBC says very matter-of-factly: ‘Okay, now I want you to stick your finger up my ass.’ And I’m like, ‘What?? … No!!’”
>Wilson says she “finally compromised” by slapping Cohen’s backside and improvising “a few lines” so she could “get out of there.”
>However, she later needed to film an intimate scene with the comedian.
> “I still had to simulate having sex with this guy. I still had to kiss him repeatedly,” she writes.
> “He’s hired a crisis PR manager and lawyers,” she told her Instagram followers. “He is trying to stop press coming out about my book. But the book WILL come out, and you will all know the truth.”

No. 1940542

File: 1711544752049.jpeg (611.76 KB, 1170x847, IMG_9324.jpeg)

> Pierce Brosnan weighs in on Aaron Taylor-Johnson's rumored James Bond casting, shares advice

>The actor, 70, has given Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who was reportedly “formerly offered” the role of the iconic martini-sipping secret agent earlier this month, his seal of approval.

>And Brosnan, who helmed the iconic 007 role from 1995 until 2002, said he “would definitely tip my hat to the fellow” to take over the reins.

> “I think the man has the chops and the talent and the charisma to play Bond, very much so,” Brosnan told RTÉ Radio 1.

> The “November Man” actor also offered some sound advice for Taylor-Johnson following the rumored 007 casting.

>“Be bold. Go out there. Have a great time. Just love it. Just go for it. You can do it,” he said.

> Brosnan’s words of wisdom come just days after former Bond actor George Lazenby weighed in on the rumored update.

>Lazenby, 84, reportedly told TMZ that Taylor-Johnson “can handle the stunts, and all the ladies who love a man in a tux.”

No. 1940546

File: 1711545389796.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1005x1538, IMG_9325.jpeg)

Sydney Sweeney at the Laneige pop-up in LA

No. 1940548

File: 1711545679079.jpeg (990.75 KB, 1170x1480, IMG_9326.jpeg)

> Anne Hathaway revealed in her new Vanity Fair cover story that she was told she had zero sex appeal when she was a young actor just starting out in Hollywood. Not that she ever bought into the claim: "I was like, 'I'm a Scorpio. I know what I'm like on a Saturday night,'" she said.

>Hathaway started her career as a teenager, filming her breakout role in Disney's "The Princess Diaries" when she was 17 years old. She said the cultural definition of what it means to be sexy was much more narrow during her early days of Hollywood stardom than it is now.

>"The male gaze was very dominant and very pervasive and very juvenile," Hathaway said, noting that she her feelings are far more important in the film and television business nowadays than her physical appearance.

> Hathaway's latest role is that of single mother Solène in "The Idea of You." The film is based on the bestselling novel of the same name from Robinne Lee and centers on the blossoming and unexpected romance between 40-year-old Solène and the 24-year-old lead singer of the world's hottest boy band (played in the film by Nicholas Galitzine). Hathaway was drawn to the film because it shows it's never too late for a woman to come of age. The film is also sex positive.

No. 1940553

File: 1711545944309.jpeg (61.41 KB, 640x640, IMG_9746.jpeg)

Do you guys think she’s possibly on the road of being an anachan? The fat distribution ratio is extremely off, she’s very skinny in some places and in others she has more fat around her chest, thighs, legs, it’s super strange. There’s no reason someone with big boobs can be that small-framed for a long period of time, like Barbie Ferriera used to be skinny and has a spaced out frame like Sydney but she became fat because it’s inevitable for women with bigger boobs to become fat at one point in their lives. Also the fact that without all of that makeup, she always looks tired, exhausted, worn out, posing in weird ways to give the allusion of having an hourglass like in that pic. God it would suck to be her kekkkk(sydney boob sperging)

No. 1940556

I have no doubt this happened because moids are degenerate and comedians are a particularily deformed breed of degeneracy, but it really does feel like she’s saying this now to get people to read her book

No. 1940557

>formerly offered

No. 1940558

Maybe she had lipo, usually women with large breasts will carry weight in their upper arms and stomach, and also the back of the rib cage and the love handle area because that helps balance the spine.

No. 1940560

Who cares, I never believe these women’s “victim” stories because they could be writing all of these PR pieces championing female diversity or whatever in the media but behind closed doors pledge allegiance to dick, I mean she even said it herself. Also them turning a blind eye to the abuse of other female actresses and entertainers to keep their career. That is probably her contract and script, she gets to be crafted in a better light than other women without having to be hypersexualized while she is probably objectified in the dark, that’s how it goes because nothing is for free. Hollywood constantly dangles possibilities in our faces because it will never happen in reality, they only do those subversions of tropes where an older woman is with a younger man because subversions are seen as hot and spicy by disgusting moids, they’re laughing in your face writing these BS articles when it’s not realistic. It’s not breaking barriers if your barriers are constantly including men and shouting at the rooftops that these other women are just as desirable as younger women, it makes no sense, stop including male desirability in fucking everything ffs(baiting)

No. 1940561

That could be, but he also started harassing her as soon as he heard about her book because he probably knew he would be mentioned and got scared

No. 1940566


No. 1940568

I love her hair like that
Take meds

No. 1940569

File: 1711546831086.jpeg (136.78 KB, 634x1024, IMG_9327.jpeg)

I remember her being made fun of for being “fat” and frumpy when I was a little kid, I believe her about being told she doesn’t have enough sex appeal. I don’t remember her sexualizing herself in films or anything so it’s possible that she was treated weirdly by men in the industry because of that.
I would also prefer to see age gaps with older women and younger men rather than vice versa

No. 1940570

Her breasts are that large from implants, so the stuff about frame is kind of inapplicable. Anons in the past few threads talked about it and posted older pictures of her. She even lied about getting shamed for having big boobs when she was younger to sell the story, kek.(Stop talking about sydneys boobs)

No. 1940573

Nta but she can’t comment on women’s bodies now? What is lc coming to

No. 1940574

Something about this is really unflattering on her, her legs look so short even though she’s wearing heels

No. 1940576

File: 1711547277446.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.06 KB, 748x1390, anne-hathaway-attends-the-scho…)

Everyone just memory-holed the fact that she used to walk around with her nipples showing. I think she was trying to prove those comments wrong for a while. This photo is from 2003 and not even edited.

No. 1940577

This stupid pick me bitch needs to stop pretending she's a lesbian when all she does is date and fuck dudes. This is so obnoxious

No. 1940578

He seems exactly the type to pressure a woman into having sex with him or going nude for a role. I hope the book comes out and peaks more women. Men are such garbage

No. 1940579

Look at the smile, “someone made me wear this and I have absolutely no control over my own image or career”, while her nipples are out on full display, that’s extremely humiliating.(sage )

No. 1940582

I've never seen this photo before. I had no idea she wore this.

No. 1940583

>redtexted for not saging in /ot/

this website is going to shit, jannies are just banning for sport now(celebricows is the only thread in /ot/ you are supposed to sage newfag)

No. 1940587

Not to WK the staff but this has always been a rule in this thread

No. 1940588

Celebricows has always been the exception to the rule retard.

No. 1940596

stop being grumpy and go eat breakfast, calm down(infighting)

No. 1940597

ugh what a waste of a face. shes so unlikeable.

No. 1940602

She’s balding. Sad.

No. 1940611

I see what you mean. It's also the pose with the inward bent feet. Otherwise, I think she looks cute here.

No. 1940615

Huh, isn't she in a long-term relationship with a woman?
Calling her a lesbian icon while she is openly bi, is a choice, though.
At least she is not running around calling herself bi, whilst only dating and marrying men. Like, Tessa Mae Thompson, for example.
On another note, her hair always looks greasy, it's really a talent.

No. 1940619

This website is going to shit, because idiots like you don't know the rules.

No. 1940620

I know the rules moron, I just don’t sit in a dark room all day browsing LC like you do, with your crooked finger ass.(infighting)

No. 1940629

>I know the rules moron
So why are you so upset that you’ve been banned for breaking the rules?

No. 1940640

Why does he always make these fuckboy faces? I think he’s attractive but after seeing him on the red carpet he seems cringe now. He also does that prayer hands pose

No. 1940646

I remember her “nipples showing in everything I wear” phase but are you sure this isn’t an edit? It’s weird only one boob is showing if the material of the dress is that see through. I also remember a lot of edits being made around that time where men would make it look like random celebs were walking around with their boobs showing, it happened to her photos a lot as well as Halle Berry. I can’t remember who else but those seemed to be perverted moids favourites.

No. 1940652

Kinds of Kindness trailer, Yorgos Lanthimos’s new movie with Emma Stone

No. 1940674

File: 1711554263972.png (Spoiler Image,489.64 KB, 422x677, anne.png)

It's real, posted on multiple stock/paparazzi sites and there are tons of photos from different angles showing it.

No. 1940705

No. 1940716

Nta but wtf why are anons lying now. It became a rule only recently, this thread has been around for years and it was not always a rule.

No. 1940734

She does have absolutely 0 sex appeal. Never understood why people like her, can't stand anything she's in.

No. 1940740

I know him from Narcos and GOT. I knew he was becoming popular but never thought it would be because people thought he was hot. He looks like someone sat on Nathan Fillion.
His TRAism is suspicious, too. I get his brother is a TIM but even then most men don’t make such a big deal out of it. He’s probably a chaser or maybe he used to bully his brother for being gay and now wants to look like a good guy.

No. 1940785

The body language in this pic. Her shoulders and upper body are bend forwards. I hope she never wore shit that made her that level of uncomfortable again.
She is not the "sexy" actress, she has more of a classical vibe. Imagine her in old Hollywood style.
I would like to know, at what age she was, when she was told not being sexy enough. Probably when she was still in her teens.

No. 1940797

I have a hunch this photo was a one off in that the stylist told her not to wear a bra thinking that dark fabric would be modest enough/the bra would cause bumps and lumps under such a thin texture and the stylist ultimately didnt account for the flash, which lead to this pic. Although I do remember pap pics of anne in a swimsuit around the time of les mis and her nipples poking through at jennifer-anniston-level hardness, so its possibile her nipples are just like that even with more fabric layers. The fact that she played an "ugly" girl who turns classy and demure isnt exactly advanced writing for early 2000's era but she wasnt given the britney spears treatment? I kind of see what she means

No. 1940798

File: 1711559185074.jpeg (147.59 KB, 702x1024, IMG_9355.jpeg)

I think so too, she’s beautiful instead of sexy which isn’t a bad thing, similar to Audrey Hepburn

No. 1940807

She has said before that she was body shamed as a teenager, after she would get a role they would tell her that she doesn’t have to lose weight if she doesn’t want to but she definitely can’t gain weight. Or something along those lines. I think it’s partly that the weirdos in the industry felt very comfortable commenting about her looks and telling her she wasn’t thin or sexy enough and things like that

No. 1940811

Are you drunk or male? This makes absolutely no sense at all.

No. 1940818

That makes it kind of funny then. She gets her revenge and free publicity for the book at the same time. Sounds like a victory!

No. 1940846

Isn't she engaged to a woman now?
True but it's been a rule for at least 2 years though, that's long enough to know better

No. 1940852

She also had a pretty long streak of only dating women before her current wife (fiancee?). It's retarded to call her a lesbian, let alone a "lesbian icon" but she is one of the few openly bi female celebrities who actually has dated and fucked women on the regular, her and Cara D

No. 1940853

moids are hating because she looks frumpy here, women are praising her because she looks frumpy here. probably whenever beach pics come out of her in a bikini with massive jugs its going to reverse and the men are going to praise and the women hate, just like sydney sweeney.

No. 1940864

>True but it's been a rule for at least 2 years though, that's long enough to know better
No it has not anon. It's only been a few months.

No. 1940877

Yes it has, how did you miss all of last years redtexts? Even a year ago anons were making the same complaints about this rule.

No. 1940904

It does make sense. Women with naturally large boobs tend to carry weight in their upper arms, just like women with big butts also carry weight in their hips and thighs as well.

The area of the rib cage where the bra strap goes across has a fat deposit, which is why women’s bra bands often dig into the fat on the back of the rib cage even if they’re thin. Fat is supposed to be there, because it balances out the weight of the breasts. It’s behind and slightly beneath them, so it helps support the spine.

Love handles on the other hand literally exist to help balance the spine, which is why pregnant women always get them (even if they stay at a relatively low weight) and even men with beer guts get them. It’s a fat deposit on either side of the spine right at the base, so it balances the weight of the chest/stomach and helps to align the spine and pelvis.

Another anon said that she has implants though so it wouldn’t apply to her anyway. When women get implants their weight gain pattern won’t magically change to fit the newly added weight to their chests, because it just isn’t their body type.(derailing)

No. 1940928

File: 1711564010287.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1105x1942, IMG_9359.jpeg)

No. 1940935

She and JLo are literally morphing into one another.

No. 1940949

Are there any celebrity conspiracy theories you believe in or wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to be true? (This question was brought on because I saw a blind item about Ralph Fiennes being a sadist who’s involved with Bohemian Grove)

I personally believe that a lot of celebrities are essentially sex trafficking victims, as in they’re forced to perform sexual favors for important people or else they’ll be blacklisted.

No. 1940957

Oh I’m surprised, that’s so awkward looking. It’s not even sexy or alluring it just looks like a wardrobe malfunction.

No. 1940963

File: 1711565227952.webp (Spoiler Image,73.23 KB, 800x1224, IMG_3691.webp)

It’s exactly this. You very likely could not see her nips in person. If the material is thin enough, it can appear transparent with the bright flash of a camera. It’s happened before with other celebrities, especially in the 2000s. Anons here acting like this makes her some kind of pick me slut are really fucking weird and annoying. Of all the celebrities to criticize for that, Anne Hathaway? Really?
I do not understand the hype for her. I like when women play with androgyny, but I’m not really feeling the greasy gas station attendant look she’s going for lately. I guess I’ll take any little gender nonconformity I can get since it’s rare to see in Hollywood women, but why are bi women so allergic to the actual word bisexual? This could’ve been a great opportunity to have a bi celebrity (who actually dates women instead of performatively talking about it while only dating men) being proud of who they are. But nope…let’s just blur those lines even more and reinforce the stupid idea that “lesbians” will occasionally like dick from the right guy.

No. 1940964

I can imagine that desperate people let themselves get exploited, especially if there is so much competition.
They have a choice, tho. They don't need to participate in that circus (if they are of legal age).
There are other ways to make money and you don't have to live in LA.
But for sure, those people are taken advantage of.
And "celebs" are only those who made it far enough to not get exploited anymore.

No. 1940970

Calm down, nona, no one was acting like she was a pick me slut. The person you quoted, didn't blame her Everyone saying she looks uncomfortable and was forced to wear it. Her fabric is much thinner and lighter than the black one you showed. It would've been seen through (maybe not to that extent) even without a flash.

No. 1940972

They've only been enforcing that rule since last year, that doesn't make it 2 years. It's just weird to lie about it always having been a rule. I just don't like when newfags try to rewrite site history.

No. 1940985

Omg get the fuck over it retard.

No. 1940993

>No one was acting like she’s a pick me slut
Then what are these posts implying then?
They’re clearly suggesting that she intentionally wore this, knowing her nipples would show, for male attention or whatever.
And yes I know the person I quoted didn’t blame her. I was agreeing with them.
And no that material is not that much thinner. I have seen this happen in person with flash photography.
The most likely scenario is that the dress looked fine under the lighting she got ready in and didn’t realize how transparent it would be under brighter lighting. Her image at the time was not sexualized at all and she didn’t appear to be pushing it in that direction either. Plus wardrobe malfunctions were more detrimental to celebrities’ reputations back then than they are today. Remember Janet? It just doesn’t make sense for her to be intentionally walking around with her tits out, but I doubt I’ll convince someone like you of that.

No. 1940994


No. 1941007

File: 1711567580241.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x1763, IMG_0988.jpeg)

Did anyone watch Megan Fox on Call Her Daddy podcast? lmao probably not but I suggest watching it, it’s free even if you don’t pay for Spotify and there is a lot of milk spilling.
She talks about the plastic surgery procedures she’shad, how the media crucified her for doing absolutely nothing wrong, while also dehumanizing and objectifyingher at the same time as this sex object. the part where she talks about her relationship with MGK was extremely milky. See, acknowledges they’re toxic for each other, but she refuses to break up with him and vice versa. She also backs up when they drink each other’s blood, and went on a rant about how women let random men come in their mouth which is worse. I don’t like the host of call her daddy honestly but some of her interviews are actually good., at least this one was.


No. 1941009

File: 1711567722109.jpeg (389.66 KB, 1170x421, IMG_0989.jpeg)


She also revealed on the Drew Barrymore show about how they recently miscarried a baby girl. I think they are toxic from the start though and should just pull the plug on it already. Also, they look like identical twins, which is weird to me reminds me of Ariana and SpongeBob.

No. 1941012

The 2nd one hints that she had no control over it and felt humiliated. I give you the first one. But since the first post, no one was shaming her.

No. 1941015

These threads can be 2000s tabloid magazine-tier, a female celebrity could wear a bikini or have a wardrobe malfunction and people will start calling her a fat repulsive pickme whore kek

No. 1941016

sounds abusive and she’s just writing it off as “toxic forbidden love”

No. 1941037

File: 1711569092508.jpg (75.84 KB, 689x736, euph.JPG)

euphoria tranny is also part of this.

Speaking of euphoria, looks like there will be mostly likely no third season. Good riddance.


No. 1941045

File: 1711569583150.png (1.22 MB, 780x975, 991d0972f7b9b2893ec9d9fc123651…)

Just a random thought but I believe Doja Cat is going to have the same career trajectory as Tyler The Creator, where she eventually ditches being edgy and "quirky" to rebrand into something softer and more digestable. It is a little different though, since Tyler was worse and Doja is (was?) practically a popstar when she became mainstream.

No. 1941046

Imo, it's actually strange that Sam Levinson doesn't seem to be completing the script. Is he ditching Euphoria for other shows? Why doesn't he just hire more writers to finish it for him.

No. 1941072

It had sexy characters, style and cheese. We can’t have sincerity or hot men and women anymore anon.

No. 1941078

This is hot garbage and Carti always sounds like he speaks alien language

No. 1941079

she's probably the only lesbian/bi in hollywood who actually dates women but she needs to stop making it her entire personality

No. 1941086

She’s an actor and has no personality outside her job, like Ellen Paige kek.

No. 1941087

someone please tell me what the fuck i just watched?
looked like it was about an eating disorder at first, and idk what the fuck either of them were saying

No. 1941089

File: 1711572378337.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1156x1455, 2DB3AF86-9B9C-42F1-B2DD-821EA6…)

I like this recent cover with Anne. Subtly sexy not over the top.

No. 1941106

Anne Hathaway was in a really raunchy movie with graphic sex scenes and she's topless in 2005. I don't know why anyone cares about her nipple shirt. She was trying to spice up her image. The movie is called Havoc and her costar was Bijou Phillips if that gives you an idea of how trashy it ended up being. I don't think she was forced to wear that see through shirt as that was around the same time give or take a year.

No. 1941128

File: 1711574381180.jpeg (155.66 KB, 537x639, IMG_4447.jpeg)

The goth look really suits her. I remember seeing her in that awful Tim Burton Alice in wonderland as a kid and thinking she was the most gorgeous woman ever.

No. 1941132

Thank god. as a zoomie it was impossible to escape this awful show in these past years. It was the only thing people my age would talk about for a while when the second season came out

No. 1941145

I never understood the Anne Hathaway hate, but I have a soft spot for her from The Princess Diaries days. But yeah, she doesn't exactly exude sex appeal, she always has this clean-cut, "good girl" energy like she's the class president who never really did anything bad. It's like when Taylor Swift alludes to sexual themes in her songs, it feels silly to me. I just can't imagine either of them having sex somehow.

No. 1941152

Can we stop with this weird skin-toned blonde color

No. 1941160

>"A source" said that "their love literally makes them sick"

Fucking kek, writing about themselves like a Tumblr fanfic. they're so cringe

No. 1941164

File: 1711576086911.jpg (798.38 KB, 3284x4096, GJmNeAkXQAAWDNT.jpg)

That's just a really bad picture of her, the face is blurred and the colors are edited. It's still a shade of blonde close to her skin color, but I'd compare it more to something like 2000s Tyra Banks or Beyonce blonde over Ariana blonde

No. 1941185

She is such a cow for this. I still remember her putting out her whiny little statements complaining about people assuming she's a lesbian, but I guess she's happy to profit off that image now.

No. 1941189

nta didnt she also play catwoman on the nolan batman trilogy and some people thought she wasnt hot enough for the role
since she's been making headlines again i looked up why she had vanished from hollywood and apparently people were hating on her a lot and it just doubled up when she won that oscar for les miserables? i didnt even know anne hathaway hate was a thing, she's a good actress with some popular/beloved movies under her belt but she really disappeared after that, anyways it makes me wonder why and how did she come back so strong now out of nowhere

No. 1941204

This is humiliating as fuck

No. 1941205

You could've chosen a better pic of her for this nonnie

No. 1941206

I cant handle this matronly Lois Griffin look. You're only like 25 girl c'mon.

No. 1941210

File: 1711578727108.jpeg (101.68 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_0990.jpeg)

She’s been rising in popularity again, because she stars in a rom com with someone who could be her child, she becomes a groupie for a singer of a band. This is a common theme in movies lately with older women and young hot men, so I really don’t care and I don’t think it’s disgusting. It’s just a movie and these things happen irl.

No. 1941211

Ew, this is a really frumpy look. Her booobs look half deflated.

No. 1941213

she's almost 50 and she's trying to play a penny lane style character KEK oh god. The jokes write themselves.

No. 1941215

I feel like she has enough Hollywood Cred to not play in these wattpad-tier godawful movies..why is she doing this to herself(sage your shit)

No. 1941217

Take that back, Lois griffin is super hot

No. 1941223

I think she's sexy. I'll go a step further and say that she's sexier than Sydney Sweeney. The moids who run Hollywood just have shit taste.

No. 1941229

You're right. Lois has much more sex appeal than Syd(Sydney sperging)

No. 1941232

A more refined woman is always gonna be more attractive than a downsy little girl with a boob job who lets producers sexually assault her so that she can get jons(Sydney sperging)

No. 1941242

I think Sydney has the better face, and Anne has the better body(Sydney sperging)

No. 1941260

Cockshot please dear God full frontal cockshot please PLEASEE

Have you guys seem her ad where she says "firm and bouncy"? A whole bunch of women on reddit were talking about how it was a really weird ad for laneige to choose and goes entirely against their branding and that they hated it and were disappointed.

No. 1941264

The actor playing Fez is dead, which creates a big problem, Barbie got ditched, the others are supposedly reluctant to come back or are probably busy. The time jump in the last ep of season 2 was nonsensical (and so was the whole storyline) and left many plots open, so it’s not surprising he doesn’t know how to solve this mess.

No. 1941265

I hate this shit. It's like he's trying to look like a raisin.

No. 1941269

File: 1711582669528.jpeg (173.76 KB, 1125x1247, IMG_3575.jpeg)

I may be scrotey, but she was incredibly hot in that movie.

No. 1941273

This is ass because she started out softer and is now purposely trying to be an edgefag.

No. 1941274

>He didn't say anything about minors.
but who was that mentioning minors at the beginning of the video?

No. 1941275

File: 1711583343819.jpg (92.75 KB, 720x684, 1000003570.jpg)

This is a mess kek you can't understand what either of them are saying and she's genuinely ripping charli and grimes so hard.
>lemons on the chain
Surely it's saying diamonds on the chain? Right??? Right???? When she posted the snippet I thought it said "diamonds on my chain when the beat drops" but that didn't make sense, this doesn't either

No. 1941278

But if she wore anything else people would be calling her a disgusting slut. Okay.

Is that a tattoo of a fucking ladder

No. 1941282

Omg I'm so dumb it was muted at the first two seconds and only started at "I live right next to him." Taking my L.

No. 1941283

Carti is a serial abuser btw, love to see her staying trashy.

No. 1941295

File: 1711584574771.jpeg (425.98 KB, 1170x949, IMG_2831.jpeg)

It’s referencing Lemonade by Gucci mane

No. 1941300

Lemons is slang for yellow diamonds.

No. 1941302

stop sperging about your personal opinions on sydney/sydney's appearance/sydney's boobs, yet again, for the 4th thread now. Posts that are relevant to her that are milk/celeb news updates are fine, but no one cares about your opinions about her boobs and if you think she's hot or not.

No. 1941304

How does one manage to make hyperpop still sound generic? Not even going to sperg about the superfluous Gucci Mane sample. She obviously is trying to seem more unique but still misses the mark because there is clearly no artistry or thought behind this and is blatantly a rip off of Charli XCX.

No. 1941305

Did she though? Maybe after her songs started trending on TikTok, but I remember Doja being edgier before she became mainstream. She's always been an edgy "e-girl" afaik, that's why she was showing feet in racial chatrooms even before this Scarlet period of her career.

No. 1941318

So does this mean we're not supposed our personal opinion about any celebrity now(take it to /meta/)

No. 1941319

She was also in Love and Other Drugs and I remember people losing their minds with how raunchy that movie was, I remember watching it but I don’t remember if I liked it kek. I think she’s getting a resurgence because TikTok tbh, a lot of new gen are watching the devil wears Prada and her recent looks on the red carpet have been really nice and then she has those ads with Zendaya.
I never felt like Anne Hathaway truly disappeared just I think she was focusing more on fashion shows and brand ambassador things and now she’s doing wattpad movies. I’ve always been endeared to her also. She kinda reminds me of Natalie Portman in terms of their beauty, like truly classical beauty in terms of Hollywood image

No. 1941320

Iirc a nona mentioned she would change types of genres of music before mooo became viral and then she kinda stuck with that. Was she really that “edgy” during that era? Like you mentioned she was more into the e-girl look and then idk she just reverted and doubled down on the “edginess” when she became super mainstream.

No. 1941321

File: 1711586812514.jpeg (23.85 KB, 808x324, IMG_4454.jpeg)

She was always edgy but never outright edgy like she is now. It’s sad because her rise to fame around 2019-2021 was very promising, she was a performer, had the potential to be a pop princess like ariana and was loved by her black audience too. But she just had to do this weird tryhard edgelord the backrooms demon concept for her new music and alienated everyone. It doesn’t matter how much racial chatroom activity or 4chan lurking you do doja, the edgy shit is never gonna suit you.

No. 1941329

She is such a gorgeous woman.

I saw this movie in theaters and I thought she absolutely perfect.

No. 1941333

How old is he? Because he looks way older than 33/34.

No. 1941338

File: 1711588030123.jpg (132.38 KB, 1164x946, 12th night.jpg)

I love seeing her with short hair. Picrel gave me a crush on her years ago kek

No. 1941341

I've never seen this photo before, but damn, she looks hot af here.

No. 1941351

Youre right. She started out an edgy youngin then dropped it for some r&b and generic pop music to for mass appeal, then went back to her gremlin ways. I still think shes more of a pick me who still needs therapy but im also projecting so who knows.

No. 1941382

File: 1711592397763.jpg (48.9 KB, 636x382, 1000003578.jpg)

You ever think Jonah Hill is behind one of those Roman bust pfp aesthete cunt twitter accounts

No. 1941383

ew hes so fugly

No. 1941388

This has to be for a role….right?

No. 1941393

Probably doesn't count, but i remember when the P.Diddy casting couch rumours were considered conspiracy theories but now they are looking very real.

No. 1941395

It’s what he deserves

No. 1941396

File: 1711593042361.jpeg (Spoiler Image,107.95 KB, 570x856, 5d02d02c2500004e12e74c84.jpeg)

I'm the first anon. This happened multiple times. Calm yourself. No one in Hollywood is perfect, I'm saying women get pressured into things and told they must do xyz or "prove" shit if they want to make it. Who even said "pickme slut" or criticized her? Take meds, jfc

No. 1941399

File: 1711593147876.jpeg (425.24 KB, 1125x925, IMG_5790.jpeg)

No. 1941404

File: 1711593255434.jpg (316.73 KB, 1600x2401, 1000003579.jpg)

Nah he think he's dressing

No. 1941414

im speechless

No. 1941421

Who tf is this?!

No. 1941423

Wait is his hair really solid gray? That's not dyed for a role? He looks minutes away from a stroke.

No. 1941426

File: 1711594398461.jpg (263.51 KB, 1179x1662, 1000003582.jpg)

Her hair looks good black

No. 1941428

File: 1711594487552.jpg (100.39 KB, 500x600, 1000003583.jpg)

This fat worthless bastard

No. 1941436

emperor nero lookin ass

No. 1941437

I actually didn't recognize him at all. Damn, he hit that wall at mach speed. Not that there was any real saving him even in his youth.

No. 1941444

No. 1941448

The wall? He has never seen four walls in his life. This motherfucker has been outside since he was born.

No. 1941457

File: 1711596806762.jpg (302.51 KB, 1536x2048, 1000003585.jpg)

They just had to give her dry ass lips. Couldn't put a clear heavy gloss within the borders of the barbed wire. God forbid.

No. 1941460

this is cool as fuck, who is this?

No. 1941461

What the fuck is with the horrendous beard? Why do moids think this looks good

No. 1941471

He's looking Castaway.

No. 1941488

Nta but looks like Julia Fox?

No. 1941500

I wonder if her and Ryan Gosling went to the same surgeon cause yeesh…

No. 1941508

File: 1711599464562.jpeg (793.25 KB, 1284x2282, 18072B75-891E-4A47-8F36-7C1006…)

No. 1941537

What do you think him and Taylor talk about..

No. 1941567

I had never heard of this movie, based as hell tbh

Jesus christ nona, she just turned 41, kek. She's closer to 35 than she is to 50. Are you the same person that said that Aaron Taylor Johnson's wife is "at the end of her life" because she's in her 50s?

No. 1941576

They probably don't talk much, kek. Apologies in advance for blogposting but from my experience I've always been attracted to guys who are more like her other exes; slimmer, intellectual, well spoken(ish) actors and musicians who know about performance and art. Travis sounds so fucking retarded in comparison and he's hard to listen to, and not even in a cute himbo way. He looks okay in photos but I cringe so hard as soon as I hear him talking

No. 1941582

File: 1711604688599.jpg (109.88 KB, 960x1204, 1709918862864.jpg)

>He looks okay in photos
nonna this man is a living hotdog

No. 1941583

If you listen to him talk you can tell his brain is a baked potato

No. 1941595

theyre not even dry theyre just matte

No. 1941605

>living hotdog
Audibly kek'd. Also sorry but Upper Right: would.

No. 1941618


No. 1941632

this is actually pretty awesome. doesn't need gloss her lips look fine, good play on the overdone blonde eyebrow trend

No. 1941636

It's just an amalgamation of every single ig makeup trend of the last two years on one face

No. 1941638

It would look weird with gloss, her lips aren't chapped or anything they're just matte.

No. 1941640

wtf this is so stupid. Fat distribution has nothing to do with "supporting the spine" how can someone even think this makes sense. Muscle can support the spine or joints, fat does fuck all for support

No. 1941645

The reason why humans have fat on our butts is because we sit down and need padding for that, literally. The reason why women have fat deposits on our chests is so that we can breastfeed, if we didn’t have boobs then we would have to hold our infants weirdly so they could feed, with fat deposits we can just hold them comfortably in our arms. The human body has a very intelligent design, our body parts exist the way that they do for a reason. You don’t have to know everything, it’s ok to be introduced to new information. You don’t have to panic when someone teaches you something new.(derailing)

No. 1941658

File: 1711616422970.jpeg (277.99 KB, 750x1007, IMG_9509.jpeg)

>Rapper 50 Cent has been provided a gleeful running commentary as federal agents raided the homes of fellow hip-hop giant Sean 'Diddy' Combs on Monday
>Now it has emerged that Combs has been accused of paying a monthly fee for sexual services to Daphne Joy, the mother of 50 Cent's 11-year-old son
>The claim was detailed in a $30m sexual assault lawsuit by former Combs record producer Rodney Jones, one of at least three currently lodged against the star
>The allegation has added another layer of enmity between the rap giants in a feud dating back 20 years

No. 1941662

He looks like an evil gnome

No. 1941663


Is she open-carrying?

No. 1941665

File: 1711618378464.jpg (51.74 KB, 750x738, water.jpg)

No. 1941700

Honestly the only thing I can think beyond PR relationship which it def is, is that he’s a good lay. Sometimes big meathead dudes with literal rocks in their brains are great in bed and it’s their only good quality kek

No. 1941722

Maybe the guy who saw demons was just triggered by plastic surgery celebs kek (look at the conspiracy theory thread)
He wishes he had the cheekbones for it. Now he looks homeless.
Dune 2 promo? In the movie had a glimpse of a trio of cannibal women and they looked kinda like this but bald.

No. 1941725

File: 1711629026059.jpg (571.54 KB, 1440x1800, GHpjaHWWQAEzd28.jpg)

>In the movie had a glimpse of a trio of cannibal women and they looked kinda like this but bald.
Not at all anon, apparently it's a promo for elfcosmetics

No. 1941740

wtf, she’s gorgeous. when you’re this hot without makeup you definitely have sex appeal

No. 1941749

Omg her face is frozen it’s freaking me out… and her eyes look painful… she looks like someone’s Abuela.

No. 1941751

File: 1711633191058.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1458, IMG_9433.jpeg)

ATJ caught running around looking scared in London today

No. 1941752

File: 1711633241464.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1440, IMG_9434.jpeg)

I wonder what happened lol

No. 1941754

His momwife telling him to come home asap, or he has to go to bed without food and sex.

No. 1941759

Can he close his mouth and pull out his jaw??? Sam replace him

No. 1941763

File: 1711634333366.jpg (223.11 KB, 1080x1350, Snapinsta.app_421049352_386093…)

i agree!!

No. 1941765

File: 1711634421378.jpg (155.61 KB, 1080x1350, Snapinsta.app_434558723_444193…)

My favourite photo from the set.

No. 1941766

Wow she looks really nice here. The thin eyebrows and makeup makes her look like a pretty porcelain doll you'd see in an antique store.

No. 1941773

Ick(noncontribution )

No. 1941809

Pay attention to his dances instead of his weak jaw

No. 1941818

in what world is 41 "almost 50". do you also think 11 year olds are almost 20? why are so many people itt obsessed with rounding up women's ages

No. 1941819

kek I was thinking the same thing. Jonah Hill out there one year younger than Anne Hathaway and looks like he's about to be placed in palliative care and Anne is the one being called old but she looks amazing. Just no.

No. 1941821

I noticed people start trying to round your age up after the age of 25. Someone told me I was almost 40 when I was 30 lol

No. 1941832

She looks gorgeous with the doll-like makeup and thin eyebrows. She should be styled like this more often.

No. 1941835

She got some painful eye surgery done. It doesnt even look like she can blink. Why do people still get plastic surgery when the results speak for themselves?

No. 1941841

File: 1711643103307.jpg (303.32 KB, 1371x1600, 1000003087.jpg)

Clearly I am no better than a moid. She's so beautiful it hurts.
KEK Nta who replied but I also quietly seethed at what you said and rereading it it wasn't nearly as mean as I remembered. I think a few of us didn't realize until this exact moment we're so protective of Anne Hathaway, forgive us kek
What the fuck. He looks like if instead the minotaur had the body of a millenial fuckboy and the head of Plato

No. 1941853

File: 1711644662049.jpg (181.22 KB, 1440x1415, Sydney-Sweeney-Red-Sox-Boston.…)

I'm biased since I always prefer dark over blond hair but the eyebrows would really make a great difference. Old Hollywood stars with sexy "sleepy" eyes (think Bette Davis) also always had super thin brows with big lashes.
Her stylist is just never doing her any favors. This >>1940546 is for tall (older) women with shapely hips and narrow waists. As somebody with a big bust she's more top heavy but her legs are really nice, yet they never really show that off because they're so focused on her tits. Here she looks super cute and youthful while wearing a looser shirt and something short/tight at the bottom.(continued sydney sperging jfc)

No. 1941900

Because they get attacked for aging otherwise

No. 1941904

He looks exactly like an uglier version of that bust, disgusting
Stop sydneysperging, no one cares

No. 1941928

File: 1711648158661.jpeg (149.34 KB, 1333x2000, IMG_4463.jpeg)

I agree, she has a very cutesy face with downturned eyes and it just looks bad when they try to do that sleek smokey thing with her hair and makeup. It seems like celebrity stylists refuse to lean into cuteness and they just have to make young women look sexy and mature.(continued sydney sperging)

No. 1941941

She got buccal fat removal?

No. 1942000

File: 1711651530710.png (404.43 KB, 640x800, 1711568976155.png)

Saw this on lsa, i imagine this is what shayna thinks she looks like with her underboob. Mts is okay but this straight up looks like old school porn mag type of shit. Plus her nose job is very noticeable here. Who,if any celeb do nonas think is still natural?

No. 1942001

File: 1711651615256.png (334.79 KB, 640x800, 1711568996256.png)

No. 1942010

File: 1711652036409.png (Spoiler Image,394.33 KB, 640x800, 1711568990609.png)

No. 1942011

I'm just happy she's in comparatively less makeup than usual. I think she's so pretty but the drag look makes her look older and hides her natural beauty (well… after the procedures, ig)

No. 1942016

i get ditching hollywood for good but its weird how she's always so invested and gushing about "her man" online but never shows up at any public even or smt to support him as his plus one, makes me question him tbh

No. 1942019

File: 1711652282782.png (Spoiler Image,711.62 KB, 640x800, 1711568982965.png)

No. 1942034

a man told me I would be 40 'soon' when I was 27. he was 39

No. 1942060

>nose job
Are you sight impaired? That's the most obvious contour ever.

No. 1942063

i am gobsmacked by how different she looks. is this filler or something else?

No. 1942073

File: 1711655222912.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1023x1704, IMG_1009.jpeg)

Something is different with the lower face / jaw area, it’s bigger and protruding almost reminds me of Zac Efron

No. 1942079

File: 1711656186279.png (1.35 MB, 873x702, nosejob.PNG)

Why do people refuse to believe MTS has a nose job?? You look at pictures of her before the fame/beginning of her fame and her nose is clearly different. I know that picture i posted is probably edited but she clearly has work done to her nose and it's not just make up.

No. 1942097

The last part reminds me of that meme y2k parody song that goes
>Life, it never dies, women are my favorite guy

No. 1942102

So i'm not a woman because I think she has a nose job? You don't have to agree with me but constantly insulting me over this is odd.

No. 1942107

File: 1711657564941.png (329.69 KB, 812x270, image.png)

Idk what to say if you think the heavy, obvious shadows and lines are not makeup and what her nose actually looks like. If you are a woman, idk how you're so easily fooled by contour and bronzer
If you compare recent pics to older photos at a similar angle where she just has on makeup, you can see it's the same nose. Left pic is 2019 and right is last year.

No. 1942114

NOOOOOOOO!!! I’m genuinely devastated, I love Rue

No. 1942122

Again, We can agree to disagree, I also posted pictures of her with light/no make up and to me her nose looks different. Also, she's a woman in hollywood, getting a nose job is like getting a boob job to them, it's very common, so for you to jump to
>You can't tell it's make up? You must not be a woman!!
is such a weird leap to make.

No. 1942123

I didn't say you're not a woman kek, you misunderstood.

No. 1942142

Which ones are before?

No. 1942146

The mugshot,the one directly below the mugshot and the one to the right of that one, maybe I'm just the only one who sees it, IDK. Maybe she didn't get a nose job…

No. 1942162

Ayrt and no I think I see it now. I thought she had been punched in the top middle pic

No. 1942165

Now that you say that, i hope that's not what happened. I don't know the story of the mugshot.

No. 1942206

I keep forgetting they’re married because I never see them together.
Still looks Dune 2 inspired. I like it.
This as well.

No. 1942227

So this is the smart and down to earth girl's girl who so many of you constantly make excuses for because she's also a supposed otaku as shown by her dressing up in coomerish cosplays…?
There's hardly any celebrity nowadays who sexualizes herself to that extreme extent, other than OF models and literal trash rappers like Chrisean Rock, Sexy Red and the likes. All her pics and performances are just sad to look at, plus knowing how popular and accepted this is with girls and very young women…

No. 1942276

File: 1711664716900.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x2012, IMG_6728.jpeg)

No. 1942324

File: 1711668975195.jpeg (209.21 KB, 750x1334, 3348B566-33A2-404C-96A2-B3DAE3…)

Kek. I wonder how she’ll do in the upcoming Nosferatu remake.

No. 1942332

They're remaking Nosferatu now? And she's going to be in it? Ah for fucks sake.(sage your shit)

No. 1942338

as Nosferatu, I assume.(sage your shit)

No. 1942344

isnt sabrina also related to some scientologist(s)

No. 1942347

File: 1711670324365.jpeg (960.4 KB, 941x1672, IMG_1014.jpeg)

Help?! What in the egghead is going on here?

No. 1942353

The "they" is Robert Eggers so I kind of don't know what to expect. I like his movies but idk about her acting. Originally Anya Taylor Joy was meant to star in it

No. 1942355

This hobo stole a white girl's uggs

No. 1942360

He looks like he fixes toilets for a living and lives in a trailer park.

No. 1942384

File: 1711674291965.jpeg (587.54 KB, 997x2304, A07C6C64-7937-4BBE-86AB-A0F585…)

There’s three official images released so far.

No. 1942395

You actually think this is makeup free? Oh anon

No. 1942401

Meghan is the manliest looking black woman Ive ever seen in Hollywood, with the exception of Chance the Rapper’s wife.(unsaged racebaiting)

No. 1942404

Mods are racist as fuck thinking me calling her “manly” is racebaiting. Literally how does this make sense?(ban evasion)

No. 1942405

File: 1711675947093.jpg (58.88 KB, 469x650, Nosferatu02.jpg)

>Nosferatu remake
Why… Klaus Kinski was a brilliant actor and Isabelle Adjani is one of the most gorgeous women ever, why do we need generic vampire movie number 500something…

No. 1942406

File: 1711675984571.png (945.25 KB, 1200x1108, Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 2.35.…)

No. 1942409

well i guess that's what country people do…

No. 1942411

She looks bald

No. 1942412


No. 1942413

She knows exactly what she's doing… This is such a chaste kiss, you can tell that their lips are barely touching, so technically not weird for two sisters, yet the outrage and therefore attention for the release will be big

No. 1942415

these photos are almost 15 years old, i dont know what possessed her to make them though

No. 1942425

File: 1711677833897.jpeg (200.03 KB, 2048x1262, gay is ok.jpeg)

>apologises for using faggot in the past by using it 3 times in the apology

she used to be an even bigger edgelord back in the day. picrel is her iconic apology from when mooo blew up and she got exposed for her past behaviour for the first time. kek it was so bad that she had to make a second or even a third apology.

No. 1942426

>lily rose depp
>Bill clownface
I'm so sick of this. Do they really need to remake a classic with the same nepo kids and terribel actors?

No. 1942435

She used to be cool. Sigh

No. 1942444

this is the best bait I’ve ever seen in a few weeks, wow

No. 1942451

Alabama shit

No. 1942470

that tweet…. she could have been saved

No. 1942480

giga stacy apology. Reminds me of jontron's apology when some retard tried to cancel him for using the word 'retard'(sage your shit)

No. 1942491

File: 1711684213644.png (128.34 KB, 300x300, IMG_4476.png)

I meant she wasn’t outright edgy in the sense that she wasn’t doing that demon stuff back then. Most normies don’t care if you say faggot and people forgot about that pretty quickly when her songs from hot pink got huge. People even forgot about the feet in racial chatrooms stuff because her pop music was genuinely good and a breath of fresh air. I listen to the most edgy music out there and none of this scandalized me, it just came off as tryhard. Being an edgy hot egirl is what she does best, this sexy(?) wooo scary backrooms demon is not.

No. 1942519

Farmer behaviour kek

No. 1942523

It’s definitely weird actually
Nicholaus Hoult and Bill Skarsgard could be good in this, I’m not sure about the rest. I really don’t want to see Lily rose depp in serious roles though, nothing against her I’m just sick of nepo babies

No. 1942524

I agree, I hate her new era so much. I wish she would drop an album that's similar to her old stuff, especially 4morant.

No. 1942526

Some uninformed Twitterfags would call her the pioneer of the incestcore music genre, but in reality that's Kate Bush

No. 1942528

File: 1711692939043.jpeg (346.36 KB, 1170x835, IMG_9445.jpeg)

Diddy would secretly record rappers and other celebrities having sex, because he had hidden cameras in every room of his house. He would then show these videos to young males in the industry to convince them that everyone participates, even the celebrities they idolize, and that they should participate as well and would be rewarded if they did.

It’s interesting that this shows how celebrities get awards and nominations if they agree to trade sexual favors with the executives and producers, I guess awards really don’t mean anything

No. 1942530

why are all men gay

No. 1942532

They can be memed into any sexual behavior. Their beliefs, values, likes and interests are easily moldeable and they’re all followers who mostly just do what other men are doing

No. 1942533

is it just me or are a disproportionate number of rappers gay? or is it just males in general?

No. 1942534

File: 1711693769481.jpeg (523.11 KB, 1170x765, IMG_9447.jpeg)

Ashton Kutcher is a long time close friend of Diddy, and has attended many of his parties throughout the years. When he and Mika wrote those letters of support for that rapist, I said I thought there’s something suspicious about Ashton’s sex trafficking prevention organization, because one of the main men involved was accused of rape by a college girl. That combined with the letter of support stood out as very weird to me. The fact that he’s had a “bromance” as he calls it with Diddy for decades confirms my suspicion that he’s probably using that organization as a cover

No. 1942535

Male celebrities in general have a way higher percentage of gay or bi men because those are the ones willing to suck dick in exchange for roles or opportunities. Look at how they all act with producers, directors, executives, casting agents, very famous men in the industry etc. They’re all willing to prostitute themselves for in exchange for fame

No. 1942536

I remember hearing rumors back in the day about Ashton bringing teenagers to his hotel rooms and making them leave their phones with his security guard outside, wouldn't surprise me

No. 1942538

File: 1711694592300.jpeg (629.14 KB, 1170x1359, IMG_9449.jpeg)

Universal music group owns the majority of popular music, it’s the biggest music company. Lucien Grainge is said in those documents to have been at most of Diddy’s parties. The majority of artists on Billboard’s top 100 for example are under universal music group. He’s one of the biggest people in the entertainment industry and now it’s proven that he’s a pedo who makes celebrities in the music industry have sex with him

No. 1942543

They were made for Chuck’s art school project 'Alpha Females', so probably not even Lana’s idea. It’s probably some artfag school shit, I wouldn’t think much of it. It was funny though to see her fans malding over her ex-bf kissing his cousin (probably an actual joke caption and they’re not related) when she has done the same, even worse since it’s her sister.

No. 1942546

It was funny when Twitterfags discovered that an e-girl uses 4chan and 4chan speak.

Sadly, yes. I’m all for experimenting and her Hot Pink/Planet Her eras were very sexualized, but the fun pop/rap with cutesy aesthetic was what she was doing best. Even the best songs on her new album (Agora Hills, Can’t Wait and Paint the Town Red) are more similar to her old sound. She just can’t fully commit to this demon thing and make it different or unique, even though it’s not something that was really done in rap before.

No. 1942550

I'd wager many of them are also pseduo-bisexual, basically getting into a level of misogyny(and likely porn addiction) that they get attracted to arbitrary femininity rather then women.

No. 1942579

No. 1942583

Probably gay, as anon previously said, they're just theatre kids who want to be gangsta.

No. 1942641

Miley is featured on Bey's new album

No. 1942643

When yummy came out years ago, some people were speculating the video was a cryptic message about pizza-gate, maybe they were right all along

All this Diddy stuff is sad but I feel it'll never change, and at this point it seems like almost anyone who is big in entertainment has paid their dues like this in some shape or form as adults, or were groomed as children. I can't understand parents who let their kids work in hollywood anymore

No. 1942655

he also made several sexual remarks about underage actresses in the 2000s like Hillary duff

No. 1942656

File: 1711733169454.jpeg (934.86 KB, 1170x785, IMG_9468.jpeg)

No. 1942660

I remember that, he said men everywhere were counting down the years until she turned 18 or something. I was a little kid at the time and she was still doing the Lizzie McGuire show, how repulsive

No. 1942661

I believe this one because Brad Pitt seems exactly the type to buy women for sex and be a prolific cheater

No. 1942675

this is common throughout not only Hollywood but also politics

No. 1942676

probably because of all this shit that goes down

No. 1942685

Almost all of them are. The groupies have said that a lot of zesty shit goes down in parties. I do believe that there is a casting couch aspect to it too.

No. 1942687

File: 1711735479416.jpg (59.88 KB, 640x480, sddefault (2).jpg)

The part pertaining to Yung Miami makes you wonder how many of these "artists" are just high-end prostitutes or dealers.

No. 1942694

You know what’s so funny, I remember there was a nona (she was bit unhinged in her posts kek.) but she mentioned a lot of actresses/singers being yacht girls or whatever it’s called, in a previous thread, and all of this diddy stuff and what you said reminded me of that

No. 1942695

It really does seem like that doesn't it?
>they hate women
>they are obsessed with dicks and dick jokes

No. 1942698

Phags aren’t the only moids willing to suck cock to get what they want. I hear most gay porn stars are straight.(unintegrated derailing)

No. 1942712

>I hear most gay porn stars are straight
This is true, most of them secretly have gfs on the side and gay moids get mad when they find out they are straight/bi.

No. 1942784

File: 1711742379414.jpg (46.16 KB, 1170x506, gross.jpg)

I don't know if she was selling drugs, but she is a sex worker, she bragged about liking to be pissed on by Diddy, and he never even claimed her as his girlfriend. She was one of many and would argue with other women who were also selling themselves to Diddy. She made this disgusting tweet towards one of the girls he was messing with. She's also a terrible rapper with terrible surgery.

No. 1942835

File: 1711747232834.webp (47.23 KB, 728x546, 6ede801e1b62490680737f5196a595…)


Tori Spelling is getting divorced.

>Tori Spelling is finally throwing in the towel on her relationship with Dean McDermott … TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the "Beverly Hills, 90210" alum filed for divorce Friday … and she's the petitioner here, so everything that's being laid out is from her side.
Per the paperwork, Tori lists their date of separation as June 17, 2023 … and she's citing the standard irreconcilable differences as the reason she's seeking a dissolution of marriage.
In terms of spousal support, she is asking a court to force Dean to fork it over … while also removing his ability to request spousal support from her. Tori is demanding Dean cover her attorney's fees too.
On the issue of custody, Tori notes they have five minor children … and she's asking for sole physical custody of the kids, while also asking for joint legal custody. She's also signaling that she's open to Dean getting visitation rights.
Tori makes no mention of a prenup here in her docs … saying the extent of their shared assets and property need to be determined as the case plays out.
Tori and Dean's marital woes have been well-documented for several months now. They've been married since 2006 … so this is certainly the end of an era.

No. 1942843

File: 1711747659988.png (128.52 KB, 360x460, nukjcWO.png)

Gypsy Rose Blanchard & Peter Griffin finally split

No. 1942844

File: 1711747667486.jpeg (85.99 KB, 900x960, IMG_1034.jpeg)

Say what???

No. 1942860

This is definitely more suited for the tinfoil thread.

No. 1942863

Cowboy Carter is out. This is a good cover of Jolene vocal-wise, but changing the lyrics to 'stay away from my man, you evil bitch' is so pathetic knowing that Jay Z did cheat on her and it was his choice, not some evil seductress' doing. This is some insecure pickme shit.

>I raised that man, I raised his kids

I know my man better than he knows himself (Yeah, what?)
I can easily understand
Why you're attracted to my man
But you don't want this smoke, so shoot your shot with someone else (You heard me)

No. 1942870

>stay away from my man, you evil bitch
My god this is beyond embarrassing. Beyonce is getting more and more embarrassing the more I hear about her kek.

No. 1942882

this cover sucks. no one wants camel

No. 1942886

I want to like Beyonce, I really do, but her devotion (because that's the only thing you can call it) to that actual goblin will always ruin that for me.

No. 1942888

File: 1711749927822.jpeg (274.6 KB, 1125x1178, IMG_2716.jpeg)

Azealia spot on

No. 1942889

I'm sure Dolly is laughing all the way to the bank but this lyrical "reinterpretation" is dumb and narcissistic – she only seems waek by being afraid to sing the original's vulnerable lyrics.

No. 1942891

Five kids? Sheesh. I mean, she is rich enough for all of this. Married since 2006 is a long time, so it must be serious for her to file. I remember when she had her own tv show way back in the MTV days.

No. 1942893

Is this even a legit cover? I thought covers were supposed to be the same lyrics but a different beat? Insult to Dolly Patron tbh

No. 1942894

She's always been a super pick me/NLOG. No idea why anyone ever hypes her up.

No. 1942895

File: 1711750483243.jpeg (Spoiler Image,309.01 KB, 2357x1707, jay-z.jpeg)

I wish Beyonce could just sing love songs about some fictional bf or husband, you know, something relatable or whatever for the audience but knowing that her songs are always about that pig faced, much older serial cheater ruins all the glamour surrounding her. I don't want to listen to a catchy song with Beyonce's beautiful voice about how she wants to fuck her husband and suck his dick and picture this abomination.

No. 1942898

okay everyone loves to call mens facial hair pubes but this actually looks like he glued pubes to his upper lip

No. 1942899

She should've just done a 1-to-1 cover of Jolene, her version is just so depressing. The original is sad in how she still worships her moid but it shows vulnerability you can empathize with and a unique perspective, this boss bitch mate guarding attitude is completely unsympathetic and cringe. Also fucking nobody is attracted to that man.

No. 1942905

That girlboss shit she does is contrived and phony especially when you know ugly ass camel is behind it

No. 1942921

If we're being truly honest, Jolene was already a pathetic and tiny bit pick me (just a tad, little bit) song in the first place so I don't really see the issue. I say that with love for both the original song and Dolly Parton.

No. 1942927

Why did she marry him to begin with

No. 1942931

Jay Z managed to cheat with presumably multiple women and unfortunately just being rich is enough for some women so I mean… Tbf though, I don't think all of Beyonce's lyrics are supposed to completely apply to her. Her last album had lyrics about just graduating college and quitting her job, I think her and her writers just write for the story/theme and her audience sometimes.

No. 1942937

the moid is fugly and looks like a 30 something burnt out soundcloud rapper or some hasbeen emo groomer. could they at least have casted a hot and actually young looking guy? this is just a run of the mill "MILF" male fantasy soft porno. women can't have anything.

No. 1942940

Didn´t he groom her?

No. 1942947

Yes. IIRC, she was 17 when their relationship began.

No. 1942948

Yes. They did the "we're only friends" thing when she was a minor until she was legal age.(sage your shit)

No. 1942951

File: 1711753675818.png (135.25 KB, 345x458, hPGXod2.png)

Billie Eilish drags artists like Taylor Swift for releasing multiple versions of albums

No. 1942966

kek. Is this supposed to be a dig at her carbon footprint? Or just straight up the fact Taylor does release multiple versions of the same damn song in "new" (Taylor's version of Taylor's version x4) knowing her fans will eat that shit up.

No. 1942968

I want them to get into a physical fight. This is what I need from 2024.

No. 1942969

who the fuck decided those tiny, usually very sloppy (I guess these were done by make up artist who was a little too steady), dumb tattoos are some kind of "hot guy trait"? THey're fucking repulsive, guys with it always look like a slow 4 year old doodling on his own arms.

No. 1942980

File: 1711755616370.jpg (51.18 KB, 489x530, GJxyINkWMAAs04f.jpg)

I mean, she does it too. Or not her personally but her label, which is likely the case for every artist so hopefully she isn't hypocritical enough to drag Taylor herself rather than the industry in general.

No. 1943014

Eurgh i can't stand this bitch. Listen i dont like Taylor either but if i has to chose between Billie or Taylor im choosing Taylor.

Like who is Billie to act like a pretentious bitch when she is a industry plant whose wole career was given to her by her brother.
From her comments looking down on other music genres, the attention seeking back when she was blonde, to her acting like influencers are beneath her and now her comments on packaging…

Maybe she should focus on her music instead of making comments considering Olivia Rodrigue has surpassed Billie. Whens the last tine anyone cared about billie other than 2020.

Her dig was very obviously aimed at Taylor since Taylor is the most known artist for having multiple versions.

No. 1943021

If another female celeb did this all the anons in the comments here would be raging and calling her a gross pickme. But since she is Lana its okay for her to sexualize incesct… hypocrites.

No. 1943023

>I thought covers were supposed to be the same lyrics but a different beat?
No. A cover is just when one artist plays another artist's song. The beat is irrelevant. Sometimes covers add new elements to the song, but it's mostly the original melody and lyrics being used. A sample is typically just a snippet of the source material song, and may even be the original audio re-mixed or distorted. Covers use the same song title, while samples almost always have a different title. In this case, it's a cover. She'd have to change it a lot more for it to be a sample.

No. 1943026

Good for her. Free of her mom, free from prison, and free of moids. I wish her the best.

No. 1943041

i want to feel sorry for her her for jay-z's infidelity but then i remember how she treated her fellow group members when she was in destiny childs so maybe jay-z is her karma lol.
For anyone who doesn't remember beyonce used to be a part of a girl group and she would treat her other members as if they were her back up dancers, hw
her father also owned the group partially so beyonce would have any girl who demanded more lines or to be treated more fairly to get kicked out.
Beyonce used to be such a bitch so i dont care about her husband cheating on her or her fake feminism when she had cheap dlave labour merch made or her treatment of her past bandmates.

No. 1943051

Good for her. She deserves nothing but happiness.

No. 1943052

Thank you for spoiling. This felt like a jump scare.

No. 1943057

>For anyone who doesn't remember beyonce used to be a part of a girl group
>For anyone who doesn't remember
People don't know that?

No. 1943060

nta but there was an anon in the fandom thread who said she recently just found out about that kek

No. 1943068

>I thought there’s something suspicious about Ashton’s sex trafficking prevention organization, because one of the main men involved was accused of rape by a college girl
i remember being put off by it too because demi moore was also apart of it and she was caught on film making out with a 15 year old and she was 19. not illegal and i wouldn’t call her a pedo or anything it was just weird and gross.

No. 1943107

Jay z could literally have almost any woman he wants regardless of what he looks like

No. 1943117

File: 1711762135743.jpeg (834.04 KB, 1170x1282, IMG_9864.jpeg)

No. 1943122

No. 1943129

I've never heard a more accurate description of rappers than this. Tupac was literally in performing arts school and did ballet. A lot of them, especially in the 90s, were using the genre as a stepping stone into the film industry.

No. 1943131

Kek the title being day drinker is so on brand for him.

No. 1943132

Seconding this. A disproportionate number of entertainers in general are gay because it's a career path that rewards skills like dancing, singing, fashion, etc. It's also probably just more hospitable to gay men in general because it doesn't have the "good old boys" atmosphere that a lot of other disciplines do.

No. 1943143

File: 1711763761837.jpg (211.43 KB, 1170x1562, diddy.jpg)

I don't think Yung Miami is one of his dealers. I believe Kristina Khorram, Diddy's chief of staff, was the dealer and Yung Miami got the drugs from her and was just acting as a mule.
The most shocking and crazy part of this is the fact that someone admires Stevie J

No. 1943146

I like Billie better, personally. I don't know why. I like her vibe, her fashion, and her voice. There's this insecure desperation about Taylor that I have a total allergic reaction to. Maybe it's manufactured, but I like Billie's "fuck you, I don't care," attitude. It kind of reminds me of Alanis Morissette a little. I respect that Taylor writes her own music, but she's yet to write something I like, and I find her nasally voice super grating. I just don't like her, she's basic and bland, like if Starbucks were a person.

No. 1943148

I'm so fuckin tired of Hollywood using the same 10 actors in movies, remakes, Netflix shows, I'm SO DONE
I'm convinced we're living in a psyop age where the entertainment industry is trying to make us accept ugly and/or pedo moids as "normal". Even the actresses are a bunch of nepo babies

No. 1943152

Straight women have no standards jfc.

No. 1943160

The thing that really pisses me off is when a 45-year-old moid plays a part clearly written for a 20-year-old and a 40-year-old actress is cast to play the guy's mom. It happened in that one viking movie from a few years ago. I'm so sick or parts that call for attractive guys under 30 being given to decrepit old geezers. It feels like propaganda designed to groom young women into dating nasty elderly men.

No. 1943161

ewwwww disgusting, I really hope she's not his love interest or some shit because that would be truly fucking haunting. Depp still having any kind of career while amber is 'cancelled' is honestly so sad.

No. 1943164

I can’t even defend her anymore kek, just pathetic. How does johnny even get roles anymore when he looks like a homeless meth addict with his orange teeth and matted hair. Last I heard no director even wants to work with him since he can’t be bothered to do his job. At least twitterfags hate Johnny now and are cancelling sydney, good riddance.

No. 1943168

The fucking kardashians. I swear one of my hobbies use to be binging the kardashians high af. Something about how the Kris Humphries separation finally made me twig how fake and scripted everything was and by about season 10 it was like they weren't even trying that hard to be subtle with how they prostitute themselves. There was that episode in Austria Kim was clearly purchased as some high end escort for some rich fuck. The episode some man in black face said niggas in Vienna.

Also Diddy has all that beef with 50 cent and their gay drinks company. Kendall and Kylie had that scandal they were selling shirts of themselves imposed over images of rappers like Tupac and Kendalls weird interview were she said her spirit animal is Tupac.

Kris Jenner long time partner is that fag Corey Gamble who was the tour manager for Justin Bieber and runs about with Jay Z and Beyonce.

It's disgusting honestly how many fucking pedophiles there are. Can people in positions of power stop diddling kids and raping people for blackmail. I read apparently Chris Brown bragged about losing his virginity at 8(!) to a woman.

Like fucking hell. Can we start labelling media as fairtrade like we do with food that's ethically sourced. I as a consumer feel I deserve to have the right to know if I'm consuming a product that uses horrific sex crimes during any part of the process.

No. 1943187

I was pretty neutral on her, even slightly liked her, but since she has no problem working with him she’s worthless. Hope it will tank.

No. 1943188

Not only her but he was also allegedly messing with Foxy Brown when she was underage.

No. 1943217

Foxy Brown was did so dirty. She had potential to be on the same level as Lil Kim but it seems like jay-z abandoned her career (i think she was on his label, correct me of in wrong) after hw got with Beyonce.

No. 1943221

Could she even get Jay-Z to sing the "I'ma stand by her, she gon' stand by me" line? Kind of sad

No. 1943223

Ntayrt but right? Just get a sleeve, those are actually sexy as fuck

No. 1943231

Lana stans don't really have any principles, she also makes a lot of dumb pickme songs (not unlike Beyonce at all) but they cope about it while malding about other women for smaller things.

No. 1943236

true kek. she's such a trashy cow and literally no one would gaf if she didn't market herself through edgelord bait all the time

No. 1943263

Same with all the celebs that Tumblr girls glorified in the early 2010s. A lot of anons can't let go and admit lana, marina, etc were no different from any other moid panderer.

No. 1943276

File: 1711777988415.jpeg (1000.62 KB, 1170x1204, IMG_9872.jpeg)

Might actually not be true, but it’s hilarious how quick her team was in putting down those statements because his name is just that tainted now.

No. 1943277

Male projection is the funniest shit ever. They're so fucking delusional.

No. 1943293

Surprises me more nonnies aren't interested in this case. I read most of the court documents, whatever evidence he didn't destroy is in the hands of homeland security now… I'm sure he'll be performing duets with R Kelly real soon kek

No. 1943321

It’s because they’re all industry plants, if they get cats in every movie it hides how untalented they are in a way. They can pretend they’re being cast in everything due to high demand (it’s due to the casting couch if anything) and there aren’t genuinely talented actors to compare them to so it doesn’t stand out. We have to see the same unlikable idiots in everything now because talented people can’t get into the industry anymore

No. 1943323

I’m a fan of hers and I commented that it was weird, like others in the thread.
Ew they’re both gross, who would want to see this
Demi Moore was trafficked by her mom when she was a teenager, I don’t think she would be involved with something like that

No. 1943345

Please, that would be so fun

No. 1943349

Ashton has always given me horrific vibes since finding out some woman he was dating was murdered in her home and he was the first one to find her. I know the killer was found and the evidence points to it not being Ashton but it still weirds me out. I might have the details wrong but I think he also called his agent immediately after finding her, either before or after he phoned the police I’m not sure. No one sperg at me if I got these details wrong I heard about this like 8 years ago and my memory is shit

No. 1943351

Good thing she's not in it then? Read the thread.

No. 1943356

I completely agree with you about Doja but one thing is that the demon thing has been done in rap before, but I don’t think by any mainstream top 100’s rap artists. Some lesser known rappers like Freddie Dredd and Ghostemane have done the whole demon thing but not in the sort of pop/rap style that Dojas doing it in. But you’re right despite not many rappers doing the demon thing she still manages to make it sound unoriginal and kind of boring.

No. 1943358

He waited in his car for like an hour after finding her, talking to his agent. Then he told the police the next day after someone else (I think her roommate) reported her murder to the police, and he only contacted them because his fingerprints were on the door. I don’t know how someone could look through a window and see someone dead and covered in blood and stab wounds, and not call the cops immediately to try to help. Then he just stayed on the property for an hour, was he not scared of the killer, considering the murder had just happened? It’s all really weird
I did, retard. I was commenting on those two being paired up, I don’t care that her agents said it’s not true.

No. 1943359

Also in the original Dolly is pleading with her not to take him, she’s not insulting and threatening her kek. Beyonce’s version is so tacky

No. 1943361

Yeah, the villain is not the other woman, the villain is your ugly cheating husband.

No. 1943369

I can't with millionaires virtue signaling about the enviroment, you have so much money that if you cared so much you'd give money to something that could actually maybe make a difference. She's also a gucci fangirl so there's that. What a stupid bitch she is.

No. 1943380

She actually does a good bit of charity work related to the environment/climate change. I think she’s calling out Taylor specifically to get more media coverage on the issue (she mostly does campaign work). Or maybe this is all worked out with Taylor’s team and now she’s going to make a big donation. Idk I’m tinfoiling but my point is it’s probably fake controversy. And yeah the Gucci motif is so fucking ugly. I do like Billie’s baggy clothes style though

No. 1943392

Azalea is right kek Beyonce is way too pretty for him.

No. 1943394

Naw she’s very wrong. Most women would jump at the chance to marry or date jay z. If beyonce is threatened about women trying to take her man her feelings are not unjustified. Other women do very much want her man.

No. 1943408

Omg it’s worse than I remembered

No. 1943409

File: 1711803461267.gif (8.54 MB, 640x358, 44F2BDD2-7498-4E7A-9076-B434F0…)

No. 1943411

Women date and breed with men uglier than jay z for free. You really don’t think the majority of women would turn down a billionaire, who married beyonce and is one of the most powerful men in the industry because he’s ugly? I mean yeah he’s ugly but let’s not pretend like he couldn’t have the majority of the women on this planet if he gave them a nice purse, record deal or a luxury apartment. He probably has tons of side pieces and interns who try to fuck their way to the top giving Beyoncé grief everyday and all she can do is keep her mouth shut and make a passive aggressive song about it.

No. 1943416

It was a joke kek, not some overarching statement about what kind of man straight women want to fuck. Relax kek, I’m not even any of the anons you’ve been conversing with

No. 1943422

File: 1711803954099.jpeg (744.66 KB, 1284x662, IMG_2878.jpeg)

I am relaxed. I’m just saying tons of women want jay z, let’s not start acting like women in Hollywood have standards now. Women have tried to chat up jay z right in front of her face. I get why she feels people want her man but she could just divorce him but that’s not gonna happen.

No. 1943425

And I didn’t say I disagreed with you, I just thought the gif would be funny to put with those two posts. Jeez you can’t even be silly and poke fun on here without getting a paragraph response arguing with statements you didn’t even make kek, lame(derailing/infighting)

No. 1943426

File: 1711804248505.jpeg (262.2 KB, 955x1605, 5722CAB9-42DE-4DD3-A78C-AAE49E…)

Lizzo should do plus size modeling and be in advertisements if she’s really going to quit music. She has a cute face.

No. 1943431

I’m not debating you. I’m just adding to the conversation. We are anonymous no one can see you lol if you get shaken up by anonymous person so easily you probably should go back to twitter.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1943435

>I quit
Whatever, her image is ruined after the body shaming scandal anyway

No. 1943436

Go fuck Jay z then lmao(derailing/infighting)

No. 1943437

I would for a million

No. 1943438

I like you anon, imagine the response you're replying too hating on someone for being literate on a discussion board. I like reading context; I like reading.

You make a very valid point. Aside from divorcing her douche wealthy husband she can make a pop song and vent frustrations. Wish I could write a hit instead of a post on the vent thread that gets zero replies.

No. 1943440

>any anon I disagree with is a twitterfag

No. 1943442

File: 1711804990385.jpeg (40.96 KB, 324x410, IMG_9769.jpeg)

Tons of women don’t want that man that’s wearing fake locs, they want his money and to be in proximity of his wife. He has constantly cheated and allegedly impregnated one or two of his mistresses. He’s also possibly still obsessed or was obsessed with one of his past colleagues Blu Cantrell who hilariously Beyonce is desperately skinwalking because behind all that fake PR glitz and glamour and terrible vocals and stolen lyricism, she’s a deeply insecure woman who can barely read (she barely has a high school education, isn’t college educated, book written by ex-dance trainer stating her parents didn’t place any importance on education or life skills) and that’s why she’s locked into an abusive marriage with that hideous man kek. That man has made that woman’s life (who’s oddly named after Jay’s daughter they love shoving into our faces and making her wear undercut dresses showing her boobs to award shows even though she’s 12-13 years old btw) a living hell because she disappeared out of the limelight for a few years. All of that “woman hating” accusations for criticizing that trend-hopping pop star is full of shit, she’s not genuine or good at all even to other women. If you’ve been during the prime time of Destiny’s Child, many fans and gossipers have pointed out how much Beyonce is an absolute bitch and was constantly propped up on a pedestal because that entire girl group was made and engineer through her parents to get her where she is. She wasn’t even successful when she started to go full solo, it took Aaliyah getting murdered and the cultural landscape/genre shifting/marriage with Jay to get her known to the public.

No. 1943446

But he fucks """premium""" hookers for less than a million anon

No. 1943450

A million? That’s it? Self esteem in the gutter goddamn

No. 1943451

Kim Kardashian is getting sued for displaying fake designer furniture

No. 1943452

People claim beyonce is too good for jay z and maybe that’s true but I honestly believe beyonce loves him more than he loves her. He picked beyonce because he saw the talent there and she was young and easy to control/milk money from but she’s not the woman he actually wanted. Anytime beyonce talks about jay z it’s with so much love but he rarely talks about beyonce unless it’s about her business or music accomplishments. Plus it’s weird he named his child after his ex but guys do that when they have an ex they’re not over yet.

No. 1943455

At least aim for more than that. He's so repulsive that you should at least want to be set for life and a million dollars (I assume you need dollars where you are) isn't going to get you very far in this shitty economy.

No. 1943457

Also what are the details on the P Diddy situation? I haven't seen it being discussed much on here yet

No. 1943458

The way I did not know Blu Cantrell dated Jay Z omg. Imagine naming your daughter after your ex.

No. 1943459


Most people will never see 100k in their life time let alone 1 million. I’m sorry not everyone is rich like you two kek(sage your shit)

No. 1943464

It's precisely because I'm not rich and I grew up poor that I'm saying this. I'd rather keep being a wage slave and not having this abomination come anywhere near me than just get a million and still have to go back to having a shit job a few years later because I would still need more money for bills, to buy food, clothes, etc. The women who would potentially want to fuck Jay Z would probably think long term, unlike you, and I think it's safe to assume they'd want to have a kid with him "behind his back" to get money from him on a regular basis or they would want to use his influence in the entertainment industry to kickstart their career or something like that.

No. 1943466

He also allegedly killed his mistress Cathy White. At the time of Blue's birth, she was on the verge of disclosing their affair publicly when she passed unexpectedly.

No. 1943469

Nta but
>anon posts gif in jest
>receives a paragraph response with statements starting with "you don't think blah blah" like the anon posted some thinkpiece
>"I'm not debating you"
Yeah you kinda were debating lol, twice

It's not ~literate~ to make up arguments some anon didn't say and then write a response for it, it's just sperg behavior(infighting)

No. 1943470

File: 1711806162229.jpeg (655.89 KB, 750x905, IMG_9770.jpeg)

Absolutely this. And it’s also because a) he has massive dirt on her so she can’t leave at this very moment considering that the Diddy case is being blasted all over the media and people are already talking about her and her husband being implicated in those freak-off parties b) it’s a money-making enterprise that has basically funded his retirement and he likely can’t let go of her and has full absolute control over her. Notice how she’s going from tours back to back, making shitty music back to back and scrambling to do multiple future flop businesses like selling perfumes and hair products. Even during that Renaissance there were talks about her “broken” leg and even bruises were shown on her knees when she was at the Grammys last year, that was coincidentally right after she did that Dubai performance which also ironically she was singing a bunch of gay house tunes in a country where homosexuality is likely punishable by death. Picrel is the epitome of their marriage; a mind broken high-class sex worker being trotted around by her ugly husband to go and be a breadwinner for him and her family.

No. 1943473

It's all anons got now that they can't accuse each other of being moids

No. 1943476

>id end up broke again in a few years if i had 1 million dollars

You and I are not the same. Not everyone is retarded with money kek If jay z offered me 1 million, im going to get drunk and high and im going to give him the full experience.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1943478

Don’t you find it funny considering Beyonce years later made an album practically admitting that he cheated on “Becky with the good hair”, that annoying verse you couldn’t stop hearing for months. She’s constantly cosplaying Becky with the good hair, the Becky with the good hair has been multiple women he has ran an absolute train through, the Becky with the hood hair was Aaliyah, Cathy White, Rihanna, Rita Ora, etc. kekkk, Beyonce is the most open secret cuckold-ress in Hollywood, but that’s probably because she’s allowed to cheat and sleep with other men as well.

No. 1943481

Ntayrt, well he’d give you the full experience of stds but you do you kek

No. 1943482

Girl, taxes where I live and getting worse and worse, I'm just implying I plan on living for as long as possible… Unlike you since you think about buying alcohol and drugs, while I was thinking about becoming a homeowner and having a car. Anyway, Jay Z is ugly as fuck.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1943487

No. 1943488

You ain’t gonna be a home owner anyway because you have no money. With 1 million you could start up some kind of business, pay for school etc I can suck up my pride and give my body to jay z. But this is all hypothetical because jay z is fucking high class super models and actresses for most likely less than 2k for a night so he probably wouldn’t fuck any of us even for free.

No. 1943492

>so he probably wouldn’t fuck any of us even for free.
And thank FUCKING god for that.

No. 1943493

File: 1711807073936.jpg (13.92 KB, 400x400, 3b04a89719181deaaec4c2dea2a163…)

>im going to get drunk and high and im going to give him the full experience.
>jay z

No. 1943496

This is a weird infight, why are you getting into an infight over the fact the nonna doesn’t wanna fuck jay z kek, he’s gross

No. 1943498

>why are you getting into an infight?

Because I’m bored and I can(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943499

And why is the other nonna writing whole essays about what she would do with the money, how did we get here.

No. 1943500

>more than a sentence is an essay

Zoomers are in a sad state.

No. 1943501

The retardation this thread brews always amazes me

No. 1943502

Okay well I can’t argue that, valid response

No. 1943504

I don't think she was being that literal anon

No. 1943506

Nta but why do so many of you just resort to calling people zoomers and twitterfags, it’s so lazy.

No. 1943508

Because it’s usually the truth. If you’re complaining about people writing paragraphs it’s probably because you’re used to TikTok and twitter where they have a word limit…..

No. 1943512

I don’t know about that nonna, feels like a reach

No. 1943514

She’s definitely doing shit I have never seen her do before like these fan meets in Japan. Hugging fans etc. she’s trying to promote herself in Japan more because they have a pretty big music industry and people still buy cds. She’s doing fan meets like a b list kpop idol.

No. 1943517

Everyone isn’t willing to throw their body at just any moid, even for money. Please gain self respect
Thank you for adding truth to this narrative. Always found the Blu skinwalking to be weird. Maybe Bey sees her relationship with him as her own version of “Hit em Up Style”.

No. 1943518

I don’t ant self respect. I want 1 million dollars. Don’t try to lecture me.

No. 1943522

Good. I recently watched that Lifetime special in which she was interviewed in prison, this dude pursued her while she was locked up and honestly the way he talked about her came off predatory and almost fetishizing. She needs therapy and to be left the fuck alone, not to associate w a gross moid who most likely wants to take advantage of her trauma. Fuck him.

No. 1943524

Kek, I admire your honesty

No. 1943538

They designed this in a lab specifically to piss off LC users. It worked on me at least

No. 1943551

File: 1711810962573.jpeg (367.36 KB, 1170x584, IMG_1055.jpeg)

No. 1943553

File: 1711811239152.jpeg (199.7 KB, 1013x1234, IMG_1056.jpeg)

Lana’s new look….

No. 1943559

>body shaming scandal
Which was proven tl be fke, do you know why the story died down? Because it had more plot-holed than swiss cheese.
Its a shame body positive activists have no solidarity for each other because when the news first broke of that they immidiately bandwagan cancelled Lizzo without even trying to see if it was true.
I find it interesting how pro-ana girls have a better solidarity with each other than body positive activists.

No. 1943579

it's not like he's the only billionaire/millionaire in the world, even bezos would be better

No. 1943592

It's funny when people go "Jay-Z cheated" as if he's not still cheating and always has. Dude's definitely got at least 20 different women on speed dial.

No. 1943593

Thank fucking god Beyonce and Jayz are finally getting shit on I'm sick and tired of being forced to hear about them for my entire adult life. They always creeped me out, hopefully they go down with Diddy on all that shit if they really were involved like people are saying now (of course they were)

No. 1943595

A lot of men name their daughters after an ex girlfriend or mistress that they cheated with, I’ve been told by a weird amount of women that it happened with them. My sister is named after a porn star her dad liked, he wanted to name her after his ex but my mom recognized the name and said no. Then she found out later about the porn thing, and now my sister hates her name.
Men are really disgusting and don’t view women as people, including their own daughters. Imagine how weird it would be to call your child by the same name as someone you used to date

No. 1943596

>Beyonce is not the woman he actually wanted
She was. Scrotes idealize a woman, put her on a pedestal, then get sick of her and crave new pussy. Then onto idealizing a new woman. Men don't have a "dream girl" and are all cheaters.

No. 1943598

right, he needs her to be the trophy wife, to show off his big get, and to still have whatever he wants on the side naturally. actually being with one woman is never even a thought that crosses these guy's minds

No. 1943601

I don’t think so. He never really has gushed about and praised her like she does him. She talks about why she loves him as a person but he only speaks about her career accomplishments.

No. 1943602

He’s the ugliest thing in the industry. Gay barry keoghan is the only thing that comes close

No. 1943603

I guess her reality TV show flopped too. So much for touring and giving those women jobs. I don’t follow her much but I don’t think she’s been about the music for a few years now. Her quitting isn’t that dramatic as it would be if she canceled her tours after an album drop.

No. 1943604

What about spongebob

No. 1943606

thats true, there are billionaires who aren’t friends with Diddy and Epstein. Maybe not a lot, but some

No. 1943607

That thing is ugly too but not at their level. More of a run of the mill fug ly

No. 1943608

JayZ and most all current high profile men are ugly.
We should talk more about this. If Bey and JayZ go down it would be hilarious but they're straight and Diddy is gay so they don’t give it much coverage.

No. 1943609

spongebob is even uglier than fagan

No. 1943613

I posted some excerpts from the lawsuit in the last thread. Recently they discovered that he had underground tunnels under his home, one of which was underwater, and they connected to a network. The playboy mansion also had tunnels like that which led to other houses, and people say it’s for trafficking

No. 1943617

It's the same reason Elon Musk gets bitches.

No. 1943621

File: 1711815613852.jpeg (Spoiler Image,807.76 KB, 1170x1724, IMG_9510.jpeg)

Gay Barry Keoghan looks like a monster pretending to be a person or something, just foul and demonic. I’ve never seen anything uglier before besides jay z. Spongebob looks like a retarded pipsqeak who lives in a sewer but Barry looks like a subhuman monster and is genuinely unsettling to look at. They all look like extreme perverts though

No. 1943627

Tunnels under houses and businesses and government buildings are standard and you shouldn’t think it’s odd. Don’t suspect anything here.

No. 1943633

File: 1711816093710.webp (283.96 KB, 1425x2138, IMG_9512.webp)

Why does he keep doing photoshoots and ads like this when he’s as fugly as he is? Those shirtless bumble ads scared me. He also has to be lying about his age because he looks about 55 here

No. 1943634

What are they for?

No. 1943635

He is literally the ugliest man I've ever seen. i don't understand why he's allowed to exist in hollywood.

No. 1943637

I was being sarcastic anon kek apologies.

No. 1943639

He shouldn’t be allowed to exist outside of Hollywood either, he needs to live in one of diddys underground tunnels or be culled.
I would trap him in one of those tunnels and I wouldn’t feel bad.

No. 1943643

fuck Barry Keoghan because maybe he has a nice dick, marry Jay- Z for his money, kill Ethan Slater bc he's useless as a husband or a fuck.

No. 1943645

this guy really does feel like he could be the new "t-boy swag" designated male, he's fug and short, and starred in a pervert movie already everythings there surprised i haven't seen twitter fanart of him with scars

No. 1943646

Kill them all
>because maybe he has a nice dick,
anon please

No. 1943649

I've seen a surprising number of zoomers online say that they just discovered Destiny's Child and had no idea she was in a girl group

No. 1943655

He probably knows too much about other creepy pedo moids in Hollywood so nobody wants to speak up against him in fear of being called out

No. 1943657

Why are so many women allowing their daughters to be named after a mistress, the lack of self respect is abhorrent. Women really are the biggest fans of the past girlfriends of their lover.

No. 1943660

Holyshit, zoomers are so annoying.

No. 1943661

That was the whole thing with pizzagate, they found tunnels too then there was that false flag shit with some actor shooting up the pizzeria after all the files got leaked.

No. 1943663

beyonce was a pickme extraordinaire and devout lover of ugly men even before she was married, doing glorified strip teases for michael jackson on live tv.

No. 1943664

Only women should be allowed to name their children. Men should have no say in the name, since they aren't part of the birthing process. This is so vile, I feel so bad for that poor woman. I would disown my dad for life if I found that out.

No. 1943675

File: 1711818670745.jpeg (2.79 MB, 2560x3171, IMG_3584.jpeg)

She went back to blonde? She looks kinda washed up in it without makeup, but she can make it work. I wonder if she’s going through with Lasso since she has no chances with Beyoncé – Cowboy Carter is really good and will be incredibly hard to top, Grammys hate her so she won’t get one for country album and for AOTY they will both get snubbed in the favor of tortured mid blonde.

No. 1943680

somehow I believe Ethan Slater may have a really good dick game, Ariana stayed with him for something

No. 1943692

>maybe he has a nice dick
He’s Irish nonnie, not a chance

No. 1943698

The women who told me that all said that the dad already had a “favorite name” picked out and their mom went along with it (or probably had her ideas vetoed) and then found out after the fact. One of them said she found out as a little kid but the rest were older and some had divorced parents so the dad didn’t care about admitting it. It’s weird how common it seems to be for men to do that.
An ex is bad enough but imagine finding out that not only did your husband cheat on you while you were pregnant, but then he named the child after the woman he cheated with. it’s so evil and degrading.(derailing)

No. 1943700

I would kill all three but first marry jay z to inherit everything when he dies. I would chase down Ethan Slater in my car for what he did to his wife

No. 1943731

>why do women allow XYZ? as soon as a scrote showed the tiniest red flag I would totally leave his ass!

Newsflash, men live to manipulate, gaslight and lie. Don't blame women for naively hoping their scrote is human.(derailing)

No. 1943765

OK but Beyonce knew about blu cantrell presumably

No. 1943774

File: 1711825309022.jpeg (993.17 KB, 1170x1266, IMG_9514.jpeg)

He’s a producer for Warner Bros now, which just means he’ll be the one forcing people onto the casting couch instead of being the one servicing producers like he used to. Aren’t there rumors that he gave an entire college chlamydia or something

No. 1943776

File: 1711825416564.jpeg (83.4 KB, 1079x488, 3C31FEE2-288E-431E-A410-46AC03…)

Beyoncé also knew about Cathy Koreana White. Before her death, Cathy White was going to different tabloids with her story of being camel face’s mistress. The rumor was Cathy was pregnant at the same time as Beyoncé, and she was murdered as a result.
>>Fitness and beauty expert Cathy Koreana White was found dead in her Manhattan apartment on September 2, White a Howard University graduate, a contributor to various online publications, and was the CEO of her own public relations firm, White Label PR, the reported cause of death was a aneurysm.
>>The L.A. beauty battled the blogs last year after the Hollywood Street King reported that she was the mistress of Jay-Z. The rumors were sparked after she and model Claudia Jordan were allegedly spotted at Las Vegas’ Tao nightclub, sitting at a table with Jay Z and Puffy.

No. 1943780

File: 1711825889223.jpeg (499.86 KB, 1003x647, IMG_9515.jpeg)

Waoh Goldie hawn’s son is so hideous. Are there any good looking males in hollywood?

No. 1943792

File: 1711826569170.jpeg (148.06 KB, 960x949, IMG_1062.jpeg)

She’s a cutie

No. 1943795

File: 1711826743180.jpeg (671.04 KB, 841x767, IMG_9518.jpeg)

Denise Richards is unrecognizable

No. 1943796

who this?

No. 1943798

File: 1711826838535.jpeg (1016.75 KB, 1055x1201, IMG_9519.jpeg)

No. 1943800

Wow, he looks like an incel you'd see online with a youtube or podcast.

No. 1943801

Looks like Camila cabello or whatever her name is.
Why do women keep getting plastic surgery when it makes them look 100 percent worse? Sad. She used to be so beautiful

No. 1943805

Guy in the back like
>that mf only got one glove on

No. 1943807

if this is camila this is confusing. didn't she lose weight recently? or is this an old photo

No. 1943810

She's obviously pregnant, you mong.

No. 1943813

I hate to imagine this but you're probably right. He's a dancer, they're usually pretty good

No. 1943815

thought this about Dune. Rebecca Ferguson is only 12 years older than Timothee and plays his mom.

No. 1943819

it's vanessa hudgens

No. 1943822

>you mong

Points deducted for being British

No. 1943827

I 100% believe that he has to have sold his ass to an exorbitant number of Hollywood execs, there's no other explanation for this level of favoritism. Tom Holland too during the earlier years of his career but now he stopped (maybe due to having a long-term gf) and suddenly the role offers quit coming too.

No. 1943838

File: 1711829331226.jpg (69.39 KB, 1080x631, IMG_20240330_210838.jpg)

Earlier this year there was a blind item that Camila is losing her hair due to Ozempic and it honestly seems believable now. She suddenly lost weight despite only getting fatter each year before, she wears tons of hats and then shows up with terrible blonde hair (wig?) …

No. 1943860

File: 1711830757359.jpeg (342.59 KB, 750x1004, IMG_9772.jpeg)

was this posted already? also I can foresee doja becoming a smelly crack addict lolcow in the future because this is ridiculous behavior. her mother is absolutely no where to be seen checking in on her own fucking daughter bizarre behavior and her deranged brother was allegedly abusive towards her and her deadbeat father is no where to be found, which pretty much gives such a grave explanation for her edgelord persona. how are you going to go on “racial” video chats, boldly wearing sam hyde’s ugly merch knowing full well your leftist fans aren’t gonna fly with that, date a pedophile racist and then turn around crying about people are calling your hair wool? can they push this bitch out already, we already have crazy hollywood bitches like tokyo toni and azealia banks, the role has already been filled up, they need to stop pushing her and let her naturally become irrelevant like nature intended.

No. 1943862

Thank you for confirming. She looks so cute

No. 1943863

Her nails remind me of unpopped kernels of corn

No. 1943871

Nonnie I agree with you that Nosferatu doesn’t need to be remade, but it’s kind of funny that you’re saying it doesn’t need a remake while referencing how much you like a remake of Nosferatu lol

No. 1943873

File: 1711831568420.mp4 (16.44 MB, ssstwitter.com_1711831081215.m…)

No. 1943878

Sweet home Alabama

No. 1943880

Do you have any more details on this? I thought the story was comical, overblown, sounded like it was mostly the fault of the people suing; I never heard the part where it turned out to be fake lol

No. 1943895

No. 1943904

I'm going to need you to post me a picture of a 55 year old man that looks like that. That's a man in his forties.

No. 1943913

He's married to Meredith Hagner so he must be an ok person at least, she's fab

No. 1943939

I feel so bad for her. She's always kept it together despite having all the reasons not to.

No. 1943947

She was the only good thing about Dune 2

No. 1943948

yeah, nicole kidman is less than 10 years older than alexander skarsgard yet she plays his mother in the northman. Tbf vikings probably did have a smaller age gap between mothers and their children. And nicole kidman looks way older than alexander Skarsgard, he doesn't look young per se but I wouldn't know he was pushing 50.

No. 1943961

I recognize this moid from Blackmirror (the Playtest episode), I had no idea he was a nepo baby but apparently Blackmirror is showcasing those as well kek.
She’s so beautiful and I was really surprised to see expression lines on her face. I’m happy she’s allowing herself to age gracefully instead of injecting filler and tons of botox like >>1943795. The more I read about filler the more I’m glad that I was broke for the majority of my life. No one would do these procedures if they knew that your face can never go back to the same as it once was and what you’ll look like in 10 years.

No. 1943981

File: 1711839647880.png (78.08 KB, 1031x395, The Guys' Girl_Ilaria Urbinati…)

Did some digging on her and found some more familiar names in this old article

No. 1943992

File: 1711840324042.jpeg (83.72 KB, 1200x675, 984B2C74-C11C-473F-9FC0-329746…)

As a fellow 4c curl pattern individual, I know being a biracial person with that hair type is hard. But the white men she’s attracted to are the main one’s who would call her hair pubes or wool. Her natural hair is beautiful.

No. 1943999

NTA but don't see the problem with this. Of course people born after or during certain things aren't going to know they existed. Plus they'll only know Beyonce from her solo career and not care to look past it.

No. 1944055

He looks fine. He was in a Godzilla show recently with his dad and it was trippy the way they were playing the same character at different ages. He was good in The Moth too. Not saying he’s hot but he’s not untalented. Worse nepo babies out there for sure.

No. 1944083

Agreed, I'm tired of everyone acting like she's gods gift to music, yeah she has a beautiful voice and she makes some bangers. But it gets so tiresome, she's just excelled at her genre, she hasn't changed the course of music like people act like she has

No. 1944113

Oh he was in Ingrid Goes West, he's not too bad in motion but something about blonde men annoy the shit out of me for some reason. Also the way he speaks is pretty annoying, I had no idea he was a nepo baby. He looks nothing like the both of them, maybe he has a different dad. His acting seemed pretty mediocre but he didn't really have a demanding part or anything

No. 1944169

> she’s a deeply insecure woman who can barely read (she barely has a high school education, isn’t college educated, book written by ex-dance trainer stating her parents didn’t place any importance on education or life skills)
I remember people shitting on Shallon Lester for saying that Beyoncé is not very smart but given what you’ve shared I believe it now.

No. 1944221

If she keeps losing weight that won't be an option either. Idk what's she's going to do other than continue with yitty and selling clothes, that's the most viable direction for her to take. She definitely would make a good influencer either way.

No. 1944241

Tbf most celebrities are not smart. One woman that worked in media and around celebrities said most celebrities are dumb (especially the ones that have been in the entertainment business for so long like Beyonce) and everything they say/do is curated by a team. Azealia was right when she said a lot of the purported mysteriousness around Beyonce is a façade to hide the lack of true understanding behind what she is trying to present/do. Her music is not bad but her fans try to make her seem as a revolutionary artistic genius when she isn't.

No. 1944259

This was from 2 years ago I think but it's the cringiest thing I've ever seen how dare you make me relive it kek

No. 1944413

this is a bad picture to use if you dont want to be compared to a sheep, and i dont even mean it to be insulting i think its very cute but the back of her head really does look like a sheeps butt here.

No. 1944421

>Gay Barry Keoghan looks like a monster pretending to be a person or something
>He is literally the ugliest man I've ever seen. i don't understand why he's allowed to exist in hollywood.
agree with both of you but i kek'd so hard at how brutally mean your posts are

No. 1944422

It's sad because I LOVE this single art and I really liked the video for Agora Hills visually and other times she uses backrooms aesthetics but it just doesn't fit her or the music really and I agree with other anons saying she should've gone in a different direction… I had felt she was going to be the pop rap successor to Nicki, her pop rap hits were already better than Nicki's imo

No. 1944423

stunningly beautiful little curls

No. 1944432

I like creepy things but her trying to incorporate ~spooky liminal spaces~ into her sexy pop/rap girl music videos is just dumb IMO. It’s especially weird when it’s supposed to be a song bragging about her man all while she lives in this weird post apocalyptic backrooms world. I can’t stand zoomer internet horror trends.

No. 1944454

I thought Irish moids were meant to be much better looking than bong moids?

No. 1944488

File: 1711873238520.jpg (295.79 KB, 710x472, kijhugytfrdes.jpg)

Have you guys seen Quiet On Set? I was reluctant at first because I figured I already knew about the stuff that went down on Nickelodeon with Dan and the 3 predators that worked on set and didn't need to spend 4 hours rehashing it. But I watched it and was shocked that the story with Brian Peck was more fucked up than I had initially thought. He completely isolated Drake from his family and slowly gained his trust over time, the sexual acts that he inflicted on him sound horrific and they continued over the course of months I believe. When Drake started pulling away from him and spending more time with his girlfriend Brian acted like a scorned jealous boyfriend and hounded him and even spam called his girlfriends mothers house until Drake would speak to him. It was his girlfriends mom who reached out to the police because she was so suspicious of Brian, I wonder why Drakes own mom wasn't. I know Drake is a scumbag so I'm not trying to gloss over what he's done, just mentioning what happened to him as a child because of Brian. But what really caught me off guard was that Brian Peck was actually pen pals with convicted child rapist and murderer John Wayne Gacy, he even painted him a portrait of a clown that Brian hung up in a play room/arcade that he had at his house. He kept letters from Gacy in him bedside table drawer. Not trying to tinfoil but I don't feel it's that unreasonable to assume Brian must have a multitude of other victims, and that he may have even taken after Gacy and murdered some of them. He apparently also had a very close "friendship" with Leonardo DiCaprio when he was around Drakes age at the time he was victimized, so it's not far fetched to believe Leo was one of his prior victims, and that he's had many other victims since he's been in the industry. What also fucked me up is Drake's dad tried to make a complaint to Nickelodeon about Brian being too handsy with his son but was accused of being homophobic because Brian was openly gay. I truly believe Nickelodeon knew about Brian's crimes or had received allegations before but chose to ignore it and even cover it up. Apparently Dan called Drake after Brian's arrest and somehow knew he was the one who came out about the abuse despite his identity being hidden from the press, so I also believe Dan knew Brian was abusing Drake and chose to look the other way.

No. 1944504

Her hair is cute, but I think she's attaching herself to the wrong and bad type of fans.

No. 1944531

I have a question about the casting couch in Hollywood. What's to stop a producer/exec/etc. from just not giving the role they promised the actor after they've gotten what they want? How is it possible that sleeping/giving sexual favours to execs guarantees one will move up the ladder and actually get roles? If I was a rapist exec engaging in these practices nothing would stop me from promising young actors a role in order to coerce them into sex and then just not giving it to them. What are they going to do about it?

This has always baffled me because I fail to see how these "promises" are honoured. There will always be an endless source of young male and female talent for a role for Hollywood perverts to use and abuse. They don't have to give them any roles at all.

No. 1944534

It was talked about in the last thread

No. 1944537

Most people wouldn’t agree to fuck someone in exchange for roles, and if they get propositioned they'll leave or maybe give up trying to audition all together. They don’t realize that all celebrities have done that in order to become famous in the first place.
The executives, producers, directors and casting agents simply proposition people they’re attracted to, and if the person agrees to it then they’ll be rewarded with roles. Most celebrities don’t reach a-list status obviously but if they were cast in an actual role (not just an extra) it pretty much means they sucked dick for it. So the men in the industry have literally thousands of people who were willing to do that, if they aren’t then they just won’t get cast in anything other than background work. I’m not sure how one could avoid that, unless it’s a nepo baby whose parent was a director or producer or something

No. 1944540

The Gacy stuff too? I didn't see that, sorry if I'm rehashing stuff already discussed. I didn't think the Gacy stuff was talked about.

No. 1944548

>They don’t realize that all celebrities have done that in order to become famous in the first place.
See, but that's the thing. What's actually making execs enforce their promises and try and make stars out of the ones who agree to the casting couch? Why do they actually try and make them famous?

>So the men in the industry have literally thousands of people who were willing to do that, if they aren’t then they just won’t get cast in anything other than background work.

But why? Why does sucking dick = being cast in a lead role? Why does the casting couch actually work to get roles? From the point of view of a rapist exec if I have thousands of people willing to do that as you say, why should I even care and try to give them lead roles? Others will just keep coming anyway. You'd be surprised as to how effective coercion is when it comes to your livelihood. "Have sex with me or lose your background extra actor job" is extremely effective. "Have sex with me and you'll become a movie star" is just as effective even when the promise is a lie. Someone who is willing to abuse their authority to rape has no reason to keep promises like that.

No. 1944553

Because they only give roles to people who do it, they obviously don’t have to follow through with it and I’m sure they don’t sometimes. If no one got roles after bending over for them then no one would be able to be coerced into it, and people would speak out about it and press charges.
If someone is told “if you do this for me, you’ll get the part” then they might think it’s worth it. They’ll think they can just get it over with and it won’t be that bad, and they’ll get fame and wealth in exchange. Then they’re given the role, and it becomes a normal thing where they’re regularly propositioned and they stop caring. If they were never given what they were promised then eventually someone would sue or press charges or something, but they’re all placated by getting what they wanted. Typically people willing to do that are very shallow, narcissistic and don’t have morals or integrity, so as long as they’re given the roles they were promised they don’t care about having to prostitute themselves

No. 1944556

I’m sorry but Drake Bell is just as bad as Dan Schneider, and probably has just as many victims. I feel horrible for the child version of Drake, of course, but I really don’t feel any sympathy for him now. He’s had a string of teenage victims and his supporters are now attacking them. He CURRENTLY has a teenage girlfriend and no one cares.

Everyone is making excuses for him by saying that victims just do what was done to them to others, but that isn’t even a true stereotype, it’s just something pedos say when they get caught to get pity and silence victims. Girls are abused more then boys and yet it’s never women who ‘become the abuser’ none of Dan’s female victims have been abusing teenage girls like Drake Bell has been doing

No. 1944564

Yeah pedos have been shown to lie about being victimised for sympathy. I can believe that someone like Drake Bell has a “if I had to endure this then I’m entitled to do it to others” kind of mindset but he’s still doing it because he WANTS to. He rapes teenage girls because he likes it, not because he doesn’t know any better. IMO the fact that he’s been through this himself makes him even more evil because he knows what it’s like to suffer sexual abuse and chooses to inflict it on others anyway.

No. 1944567

ok wtf i love this man

No. 1944579

File: 1711886975264.jpeg (101.88 KB, 609x898, IMG_9659.jpeg)

Yes he just gets more and more beautiful every time I see him. He’s so multi talented (dancer, does his own stunts, attractive acting, ability to jump in photoshoots, model) and he’s the only man in hollywood who has a healthy marriage with a wife who he is actually loyal to, it’s so refreshing. He needs to get more roles immediately, I’m sick of seeing old ugly actors instead of him. He’s one of the only talented actors alive at this time

No. 1944583

Careful anon, they'll skewer you for liking an actor

No. 1944586

File: 1711888423650.png (423.27 KB, 660x672, young jack black.png)

sage for no milk, but photo of 23 year old Jack Black goes viral.

No. 1944589

I thought this was Onision

No. 1944590

Well ATJ is better than gay Barry Keoghan, Timothee Chalame, Jacob Elordi, gay plastic surgery patient Cillian Murphy and all the other elderly uglies being shilled to us

No. 1944598

I hate to say it but this outfit is Shaynacore only clean kek

No. 1944599

She never made it easy for herself though. You market your brand as a bubbly hyper sexual overly manicured pop girly then how can you get mad at the fans you draw in? Shes worn straight wigs for the last 10 years but gets mad her fans dont want to see natural black hair. Girl you didnt want to show it either? She could’ve owned the rap game but shes too much of an edgelord. At least the years of pick me shit let male rappers see her as non threatening. I want to see her verse on kanye’s new body.

No. 1944643

No. 1944685

creepy dot org indeed!

No. 1944715

File: 1711897965560.jpeg (405.58 KB, 1020x1127, IMG_9720.jpeg)

Ashton said he used to stay at Diddy’s house whenever he was in Miami. And allegedly Demi was friends with Diddy and he introduced her to Ashton, I wonder if she was one of his sex workers back then

No. 1944719

File: 1711898696124.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1403, IMG_9722.jpeg)

Morbidly obese diddy is back at his home in Miami only days after it was raided. I thought he was fleeing the country?

No. 1944722

Sage for old milk, but here's the story of the mugshot. TLDW she found out her bf when she was 18-19 had a kid at sxsw, she tried to walk away but he started a fight, throwing and stomping on her phone and pushing her/getting physical. The cops show up while she's the one fighting back, she tries be be the good girlfriend to protect her black bf from the cops and says he didn't hit her but he immediately rats her out for hitting him. she ended up in jail for two days.

It's possible she got hit in the face/nose prior to the mugshot, but noses can also swell when you cry. The newer pictures also have obvious filters and editing. I never doubt anyone in hollywood has gotten work done but if she had a nose job it's subtle and didn't ruin the balance of her face or anything.

No. 1944732

It's creepy when you truly realize everyone in Hollywood/Pedowood and the music industry knows everyone.

No. 1944735

>tried to be the good gf and didn't rat him out but says she hit him and went to jail for it
What a stupid bitch. I don't think she got a nosejob. It looks obvious she was fighting, crying, but it's sad to see she hasnt changed from her moid pandering days.

No. 1944736

I agree with you. Tired of the psyop for dumb women to like old and ugly men. I'm sick of seeing that Barry person everywhere. he looks like a literal bullshit. Droopy ass mofo

No. 1944745

to be fair she was still a teenager. I know plenty of people (including myself kek) who were absolute idiots at that age, especially if you've never gotten fucked over by a guy.

No. 1944748

nayrt but she clearly has changed as she eventually told the police about tory. speaking of him, i genuinely can't understand how such a large amount of male rappers and fans are as misogynistic and vile as they are. kek i remember a ton of tory fanboys being like "he is innocent until proven guilty!!11!!!1" and when he's proven guilty they start malding and harassing poor meg. it's so blatant because drake has been dissing megan, but when kendrick (a man) disses him he goes quiet.

No. 1944751

I'm so sick of the way Hollywood doesn't get actual older women to play these roles. At least someone 18 years older. wtf It's the MILF psyop for porn rotten moids

I knew I recognized him from somewhere. Thank you for letting me know it was from the playtest episode of Blackmirror.

No. 1944832

File: 1711903357813.webp (38.01 KB, 1200x675, Chance-Perdomo.webp)

Chance Perdomo died in a motorcycle accident yesterday

No. 1944842

he was ugly good riddance

No. 1944848

oh shit
hey, he also played the voice of Snork in Moominvalley so show some god damn respect.

No. 1944860

nta most of it is discussed in the child abuse thread

No. 1944866

He was young, but I always never watched the shitty gen z shows he was a part of. RIP

No. 1944879

Does she want us to feel bad? The people calling her hair wool is the is the type of audience she wanted kek. Or did she think they would spare her? If you're gonna be an edgelord e-girl, at least don't be so easily offended.

No. 1944921

Sheep are cute and her hair looks fluffy.

No. 1944927

I just hope he stays faithful to his wife because I’m so tired of the comments against her from women who never care that much for the droves of women that are groomed by older men. Maybe it’s terrible but I want them to succeed to spite everyone. I keep seeing so many women trying to claim he cheats on her with younger women and I can’t help but think whether they know that they’re just hurting the wife because they have zero chance with this guy even if they broke up tomorrow.

No. 1944929

Yeah it’s literally all of them. The ones who aren’t actual predators themselves are still witnesses to it and cozy up to the predators, they’re all the same

No. 1944948

File: 1711907561927.png (152.87 KB, 1000x422, zYXFegu.png)

This is basically why I stopped watching TV and movies, especially anything with actual children and teenagers, because I knew what was happening. I decided to have a few shows that I truly like and downloaded and copies then on an external hard drive, and I basically rewatch them but nothing else.

No. 1944950

File: 1711907647094.png (307.73 KB, 661x684, euphoria.png)

In other news, Zendaya and Sam Levinson are both morons.

No. 1944954

don't be gross, that man had a mother.

No. 1944955

Those both sound like laughably bad ideas

No. 1944975

You know damn well they would have presented her surrogacy as an "empowering girlboss" move much like they did with "sex work"

No. 1944982

Private detective could have been funny. Just completely change the tone and direction of the show, sure. It’s not like it’s good now.

No. 1945012

high and feeling herself, as she should

she looks like 2011 lana here, insane

No. 1945017

File: 1711909722093.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1696, IMG_1459.jpeg)

Deuxmoi received some conveniently "positive" tips about SBC and published it in her email digest. PR much? Seems like a smear against Rebel, also one "tips" compared him to Jim Carrey. That shouldn't be considered a compliment. Male comedians are such fucking gross freaks

No. 1945023

i cant wait to see her doing this shit when shes like 100

No. 1945026

Someone on twitter mentioned that Levinson has an "action girl" fetish. some of his previous work features scantily clad 90-pound women effectively beating grown men twice their size, all the while the focus is entirely on their butts. So, I'm assuming this whole detective plotline was just a way for him to shoehorn it in.

No. 1945063

It's so funny how HBO execs who often green light shit ideas are smarter than both of them kek

No. 1945107

he's so fucking fake

No. 1945136

He was a woman-hating, Andrew Tate loving piece of shit, that thought women were only good for pumping out babies. He probably thought his mother was trash too.


No. 1945165

good on her, considering that travis county/austin cops are especially pieces of shit.

No. 1945203

it looks terrible no wonder she wears wigs(bait)

No. 1945278

File: 1711918850519.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1159x1318, 70B226B5-5338-4F05-B6DA-18565F…)

This is actually kind of a good album cover idea, though I know it’s her being petulant and butt hurt about the hair comments.

No. 1945306

No no, every living actor is hideous and devoid of sex appeal, remember?

No. 1945335

Don’t be disgusting.

No. 1945340

It would be excellent of her to do a troll song for it, but she won't.

No. 1945389

File: 1711923979314.jpeg (830.07 KB, 1170x1025, IMG_9756.jpeg)

There’s a conspiracy theory that Blue Ivy is Cathy White’s daughter, since she was allegedly pregnant which is why she was going to speak out about the affair. She died a few months before Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy, and at the time everyone was speculating that Beyonce faked her pregnancy because of the weird collapsing stomach thing.

I think she’s Beyonce’s daughter before anyone makes fun of me, I just wanted to share

No. 1945390

File: 1711924006459.jpeg (655.88 KB, 1170x828, IMG_9755.jpeg)

No. 1945397

Seeing it in motion is even more strange, and it was the last interview she did?

No. 1945404

It does look weird. There’s a rumor about her using a surrogate but I wonder why she would pretend to have carried the pregnancy herself, a lot of celebrities use surrogates and don’t care

No. 1945428

Once you reach a certain level of fame you have to turn a blind eye, or else you'll face total career annihilation for speaking freely.

No. 1945484

maybe im retarded but i feel like u can see where makeup ends? tbh theres people (twitter gays) saying shes clearly had plastic surgery and i wont have an opinion till shes posted pics w no makeup.

No. 1945544

Underrated post

No. 1945547

It's sad to see she did the same thing twice and got screwed over both times by shitty men. I can see how it happened with Tory though, the trauma from just being shot and the fear of police violence towards black people in the US it's super understandable she'd be paranoid and cagey. I'm so glad she came out with the truth and he got what was coming to him. Men are not worth protecting.

No. 1945552

Was… was the pregnancy surrogacy idea so that Rue could pay the 10 grand she owes Laurie? That's a dumb idea in general but that's the only reason I could come up with as to why Rue would do that.

No. 1945561

its stupid because she actually did get fat and bloated due to the pregnancy, you could tell she gave birth recently. also blue ivy just looks like her lol you can see it in the face. but its unfortunate what happened to the mistress, yes. wasn't there a whole thing with jay z and beyonce's sister getting into an assault situation?

No. 1945592

File: 1711936228413.mp4 (11.59 MB, 1280x720, get that scrote.mp4)

yeah Solange attacked him in an elevator at one point, no idea what about but some anonymous source claimed he'd said something inappropriate towards the sisters. Considering how hard she went at him I'd assume he said something bad. Or it wasérelated to him cheating. Wish Beyoncé had the fire her sister does.
Also off-topic but Solange is so fucking talented it's sad Beyoncé gets more accolades than her

No. 1945687

Oof beyonce is one of those people who has people fight her battles for her. You can tell that beyonce complained about jay-z to solange because she doesn't look like she cares or is worried one bit about him being beat up. Other people are trying to stop the fight and beyonce is just minding her business as if her sister didn't just beat up her husband.

No. 1945713

>You can tell that beyonce complained about jay-z to solange
That's her sister anon kek. Of course she's going to spill details to her, that's what you typically do with people you're close with. I don't think that means Beyonce siced Solange on jay z.

No. 1945714


No. 1945726

File: 1711955085915.webp (48.66 KB, 1000x600, Sandra-Bullock-1000x600.webp)

Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston seen leaving plastic surgery clinic together

No. 1945731

File: 1711956373424.png (1.57 MB, 1080x777, image.png)

I don't think she siced Solange on jay, but she didn't seem too shocked at the attack then she left with Solange instead of jay after arriving together. I think she had no problem with Solange reacting like this and probably had some expectation of it seeing as she knows her sister well presumably. Wish she'd leave the camel instead of just singing herself a tough persona and bitching about him to others

No. 1945784

maybe don't pander to white males then? She loves getting attention from them but she also wants to be protected by her own audience's racism.

No. 1945816

I was gonna say ashton was the sex worker not demi but lbr, probably they both were sex workers for diddy

No. 1945846

File: 1711974843146.jpeg (23.49 KB, 480x296, main-qimg-5a956f29427baf61b1a7…)

If only people today would age naturally.

No. 1945847

this image came to my head too nona, lol.

No. 1945906

I read a ton about this case and it stunk to high heaven. Fuck Ashton

No. 1946000

it's not bait, retard.

how is she sexualizing incest? you know that tweet is satire, right?
lana's never released these photos herself, it was for an art project for her sister she was apart of
this is why tweets should not be posted unless they are true.

like this was posted unsaged and untrue, and was later debunked but until it was everyone was ripping her apart.(infighting)

No. 1946068

File: 1711989216200.jpeg (391.09 KB, 1728x1145, BFF06FFC-B39F-432F-9576-AC01CC…)

Speaking of ugly nepo moids, I’ve never seen him acting in anything but horror movies would be a great choice kek

No. 1946075

That sucks. I always thought Sandra was aging beautifully. It's sad to see both of them giving into the plastic surgery lie, but to be fair, hollywood women past 40 are considered unemployable now days. Meryl Streep and Helen Merin are untouchable. Sadly, look at the men (like Leo Defatso and Cillian murphey) who keep getting main roles while dating 20 something year old costars.

No. 1946077

He looks grotesque, holy shit

No. 1946083

I also believe this theory that Blue isn't Beyonce's biological daughter.

I remember this so vividly. People were tying to defend her so hard, but she was no pregnant here.

No. 1946088

He’s so fugly it hurts

No. 1946089

File: 1711990134677.jpeg (226.23 KB, 1170x224, IMG_9905.jpeg)

No. 1946090

Why are they always trying to pretend nepo babies look just like their parents? Jack's whole thing is his eyebrows anyway.

No. 1946096

File: 1711990568970.jpeg (175.13 KB, 1170x1514, IMG_3960.jpeg)

Cillian Murphy is a perfect example, I understand his appeal back when he was still young but he’s absolutely hideous and botched now. I can’t imagine an actress finally becoming an a-list star at almost 50 years old after being in the industry for decades, that would never happen. He also doesn’t even deserve success because he’s a whorish cheating rat.

No. 1946114

lanatards are so funny, everyone keeps bringing up if it was an art project or her brother orchestrated it or her sister did or whatever who cares that's not the point. the point is she kissed her sister for the lols. it doesn't matter who's project it was for lmfao. always makes me think of that nasty rape scene she filmed for a marilyn manson video. i would post an image for reference but it's actually so disgusting that marilyn manson (one of the world's most renowned disgusting moids) himself had to come out and deny involvement with it himself. i will never understand why women cape for her so hard

No. 1946173

unwashed unstyled hair, ill-fitting suit, ugly face with some paid bombshell woman to sit on his arm, i hate men

No. 1946248

Nta but as a lanafag I feel it’s fair to admit she’s made mistakes, glorified things she shouldn’t have, said and done things she shouldn’t have. You can still like her and acknowledge her faults. It’s weird to kiss your own sister even for an art project, I don’t feel like that’s a difficult statement to get behind kek. personally I like that Lana is a messy trashy bitch sometimes it adds to her charm, but I understand why people dislike her. There’s honestly no point in defending her on here, it always just results in infights. You can like her even if nonnies don’t, there’s tons of people I like that nonnies hate, but trying to wk is just a waste of time and makes us lanafags look like over sensitive whiny calves.

No. 1946322

File: 1711998121817.jpeg (28.55 KB, 474x355, 5252.jpeg)

Clay bust dropped on dirty linoleum looking mfer

No. 1946486

Honestly I just feel bad for Lizzo, shortly after her scandal there was the Doja Cat boyfriend shit and Doja’s stanbase has completely forgotten all her shit, same with Nicki and the shit she pulled. When this first came out I saw an anon say that since Doja is more popular she got away with more, same with Nicki as well as them both being more sexual and attractive to the mainstream audience (especially men).
While you’re right that all the body positive ones immediately turned on her (and the ones crying at the supposed body shaming were no better themselves usually) all anon said was that it ruined her career, regardless of legitimacy you can’t deny that. Lizzo’s barely gotten anything left since then, even her music been played less since, hoping she goes Azealia and starts dragging everyone.

No. 1946608

File: 1712010626006.png (112.3 KB, 230x230, image.png)

he definitely is his dad's son but I don't know if I'd call him a "lookalike". I think he looks more like his mom but uglier

No. 1946681

File: 1712015033563.jpeg (705.72 KB, 828x1411, IMG_8320.jpeg)

So Shakira is one of those boy moms. I can’t believe the Barbie movie is stealing the masculine essence from boys by showing that women can be independent. Imagine being offended on men’s behalf that there’s one movie out there uplifting women without also centering men in every facet.

No. 1946684

No. 1946686

Barbie is a horribly shitty movie but its made to pander to adult gays and women, not little kids kek. Not sure what she was expecting

No. 1946690

DreamWorks smile

No. 1946693

Is nobody gonna talk about Kim K getting sued because of a damn table

No. 1946695

What are we supposed to say

No. 1946706

>we complement each other
God I hate that retarded mantra.

No. 1946709

It's kinda cute that they're friends though kek. Maybe going to get botox together is the rich celebrity equivalent to when normal people meet their friends for a spa day.

No. 1946723

Women always have to include men in the very limited media that features us but men are never expected to have respectful female representation at all. This is insane that such a stupid silly movie actually made people upset for being too overboard by showing women run their own community.

No. 1946725

File: 1712016660222.jpg (110.28 KB, 1300x867, 31-facts-about-winona-ryder-16…)

A while back, Winona Ryder said she wanted to age naturally. I hope she was telling the truth and keeps to that, I like her. I think she had a nose job as a teenager, though.

No. 1946729

I genuinely hope Leo has a coronary. Overrated creep.

No. 1946745

What a retard. Men will oppress women since the beginning and fuck up society, but boohoo women in movie and lambasting sexism make feel bad.

No. 1946759

crazy that she says all this when her ex-husband cheated on her. like, of all things, that should wake her up to the fact that the respect she holds for the opposite sex is not mutual. what a shame her sons took after their loser father if they felt emasculated by a movie of all things.

No. 1946846

Right? I was actually quite annoyed with this braindead take, while Barbie is super basic of basic in terms of “feminism”, I guess I’m glad it’s the most mainstream movie in terms of that to help girls have entryways for it. That being said, to me, I felt like she was able to capitalize on her being cheated on because she became even more popular than before. But I guess being a boy mom does stuff to your brain despite being cheated on by an athlete moid. Like imagine if Taylor swift said some shit like this and I know she’s not the epitome of feminism but her drones of fans seem to make her seem like that

No. 1946906

She is one of those types of women who enjoys feminism only when it benifits her.
It was the advancements of feminism that helped get the piblic on her side and have people support her after her ex-husband cheated on her, she relied on the outraged people to stream her music about her ex-husband and it did work but again if this was 20 years ago no one would have really cared so shakira being shown so much support after being cheated on is a advancement of feminism on society. So her hating on the barbie movie which is very harmless and current feminism is very interesting considering if you looked at all the straight men's reaction when she got cheated on they all supported her husband and said shit like "he replaced her for a hotter,younger woman, good for him" meanwhile the only ones supporting shakira were women and feminists, those same ones shakira claims made her sons feel emasculated.

No. 1946909

Not everything has to be catered to everyone at the same time, I don’t know why people have so much trouble accepting there are some movies, shows, songs, games, etc that are for the most part catered to women and not men. Let us have things, your moids can watch Morbius or torture porn I don’t fucking care. What a dumb pick me bitch, also
>without losing our essence, without losing our femininity
Women don’t have to be feminine, we don’t lose our value or our ~essence~ if we’re not overtly feminine. Complete retard, having only sons really ruins a person huh.

No. 1946944

exactly, plus the Barbie movie never once made any attempts to be anti feminine. Barbie retains her feminine personality and style the whole movie. If every girl aspired to be Barbie from the movie, they'd wind up rather feminine.
She should be more worried about why her boys felt emasculated by Barbie than the fact that they were at all. The apple may be falling close to the tree here, and unfortunately not hers

No. 1946957

>if you looked at all the straight men's reaction when she got cheated on they all supported her husband and said shit like "he replaced her for a hotter,younger woman, good for him"
My feeling exactly. Every woman alive in the developed world has sat through thousands of hours of WOMAN UNREASONABLE AND MEAN AND BAD shit on TV and movies. Males can afford to feel just slightly uncomfortable sometimes.

No. 1946989

She's a 50 year old Columbian woman, what did people genuinely expect of her? anyway her son's are 9 and 11 year old's and they probably just didn't like the movie and she was projecting her ideas unto them.

No. 1947048

I’m not really surprised, she’s a pickme

No. 1947105

Liv came out with this song years ago and people clowned her for it. Now it’s obvious to everyone that she was just telling the truth about the industry

No. 1947114

File: 1712052359758.jpeg (970.17 KB, 1101x825, IMG_9943.jpeg)

>Sabrina Carpenter Doesn’t Care If You Call Her the Horniest Girl Alive

> Getting a Skims campaign is the modern-day equivalent of earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It means you’ve garnered the attention of pop-culture titan Kim Kardashian (or at the very least, her booking team), and that you’ll join a growing lineup of A-listers like Lana Del Ray, Usher, Cardi B, and Kim Cattrall—just to name a very small few who have appeared in Skims ads. Now, a new face has joined the ranks of this lingerie-clad mafia: Sabrina Carpenter

> Her campaign, shot by photographer Jack Bridgeland, fits perfectly into the nostalgia-fueled, high-feminine aesthetic Carpenter has cultivated over the past few years. “I felt like I was a young girl again, playing in my bedroom,”

No. 1947116

File: 1712052455443.jpeg (900.02 KB, 1170x880, IMG_9944.jpeg)

Jojo Siwa at the iheartradio awards

No. 1947118

File: 1712052511661.jpeg (283.3 KB, 572x767, IMG_9945.jpeg)

Hailey Bieber on easter

No. 1947123

File: 1712052818718.jpeg (955.03 KB, 1170x1379, IMG_9947.jpeg)

>"I mean, we punch so far above our weight," Farrell, a native of Castleknock, Ireland, told Entertainment Tonight. "We're only a country of five million people and I don't know, Irish people – just whether it's through music, the written word, whether it's prose poetry, film, theater.

>Last month, Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy became the first-ever Irish-born actor to win best actor at the Oscars. "I'm a very proud Irishman standing here tonight," Murphy said from the stage.

> Elsewhere in Hollywood, Irish actors like Barry Keoghan, Andrew Scott, Kerry Condon and Paul Mescal have also shot to stardom in recent years, joining an established crew of talent that includes Saoirse Ronan, Liam Neeson, Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson, Domhnall Gleeson, and Farrell himself.

>"I'm not going to be twee about it, but there's something culturally unique about getting business done in Ireland and that experience you have," Elaine Geraghty, managing director of two of Ireland's most significant film studios, told The Hollywood Reporter last month. "And it does come with being an island nation. It's a tight community – everybody in the screen industry knows each other. That's really helpful when you're trying to get business in and make sure people have the best experience."

are Irish men more likely to suck elderly producer dick or something

No. 1947126

File: 1712052900919.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1034x1398, IMG_9946.jpeg)

Nicholaus Holt hit the wall

No. 1947130

he looks better here than he's looked literally ever

No. 1947139

Diddy is such a disturbed subhuman, recording himself pacing around muttering and screaming. He’s trying to convince everyone, including himself, that he isn’t scared shitless right now. I hope he kills himself.

No. 1947142

he's trying to convince himself he isn't about to get epsteined

No. 1947143

File: 1712053930697.webp (106.04 KB, 800x1063, IMG_9948.webp)

While bald? He’s probably losing his hair or something, he looked fine before and now he’s ugly

No. 1947149

File: 1712054461513.jpg (545.89 KB, 1364x1658, MV5BNjg5MTEwNjY5Nl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

that's not 'bald', that's a shaved head (with intention). it looks good on him because he has a good head shape. he looks worse with hair. his xmen costar james mcavoy also looked like a typical anglo subhuman with hair but he looked much better irl during the filming of split when his hair was completely buzzed off.

No. 1947154

off-topic, but looking back it's pretty obvious Edward Furlong was also likely sexually abused.

No. 1947156

Bald men are always ugly

No. 1947171

File: 1712056920862.png (271.03 KB, 800x450, 1711998707153.png)

This makes you feel so hopeless… these backwards middle-aged women will easily be alive to spew their shit for another 30, 40, 50 years and by then a generation of moids raised by boymoms will take over to continue with b-but muh misandry!

In case somebody forgot, back then Shakira herself refused marriage because in her eyes wives are nagging, boring old cunts who deserve to be cheated on. She was never a girl’s girl, always a pick me. She only opportunistically chose to pander to women and feminism as a means to capitalise on her revenge career.

Pic is also how she allowed her babydaddy and his mom to treat her - and yet despite that she now continues caping for them and raises her sons to be exactly like that again.

No. 1947179

File: 1712057402046.gif (5.27 MB, 288x216, 916zRZ.gif)

The poor emasculated boys in question treating a litte girl as if she's some petting zoo animal.

No. 1947180

has anyone noticed how many films this guy has been where they just paint him completely white? mad max, the favourite, renfield, warm bodies. its getting fucking weird

No. 1947184

Damn I just now noticed how he even swipes his finger across her skin and then looks at it as if to check whether any color came off…

No. 1947228

File: 1712061570441.png (1.65 MB, 901x1200, E31A410F-5299-4829-94E8-860FC0…)

She’s 24, why did they go with this teen girl bedroom aesthetic?

No. 1947233

are you really treating a case of kid's just not being familiar with other people out of context, this happens in most cases as well.(derailing)

No. 1947239

This genuinely makes me angry. Wtf

No. 1947245

Is this bitch for real? She's on the same level as "Why is there no mens day when there's a women's day?" Holy hell. Go outside. I hate boy moms so much.

No. 1947250

File: 1712063115460.jpeg (87.07 KB, 990x224, 59CA1050-BA22-40B7-B412-F920ED…)

I think the male DNA has infected her brain.

No. 1947254

What are you trying to say with this?

No. 1947260

If he was born to a poor family he would be sperg posting on incel forums

No. 1947261

Retarded pick me. I had no idea she was this bad. I saw the barbie movie one time and it was okay. The fact that it still included a male story line in a women centric movie goes to show women need more women only/focused shows. We need to stop pandering to men.

No. 1947265

No idea, but all I know is Nicolas Hoult needs to play more monster type characters, because he does it well.

No. 1947268

>Doesn’t Care If You Call Her the Horniest Girl Alive
Girl nobody has ever said that about you. Is this high school? It feels like she's that one 10th grader who was always assigning nicknames and labels to herself, yet none ever caught on.

No. 1947273

Where is this from?

No. 1947274

File: 1712064051672.gif (1.67 MB, 269x445, 98b8a298e675c60596f6c70684ce4f…)

Nonnie you raised a very important observation and I will do my part to spread awareness, but like. Mad Max Fury Road Hoult can get it and I am wholly unashamed.

No. 1947275

I agree

No. 1947300

Not you comparing the child of a famous person in the 2000s to a tribe that had never seen white people before.

No. 1947321

kek yeah those boys have traveled the world since the day they were born and yet… leaving the definitely racist aspect aside, it's also fitting that the sons of a turbopickme were clearly never taught any boundaries and personal space towards girls.
Yes, white kids might want to touch black kids hair out of curiosity but being this shameless instead of asking or at least carefully reaching out like other kids might have done is simply not normal. I never saw a black person until I was like 10 and still managed to keep my hands to myself. And no excuse for the swipe across her skin, they were likely taught something like this is dirty.

No. 1947322

I wonder if shaving their heads was something they had to do for Nosferatu since Lily-Rose also has her head shaved rn

No. 1947327

I heard that study actually didn't account for the fact that when you swallow semen the sperm can travel to your brain or whatever so they redid the study and found out people who give blowjobs are more likely to have sperm cells on the brain. I saw this on a thread on LC so don't quote me(derailing)

No. 1947329

File: 1712066518278.jpg (58.25 KB, 736x736, 6076aa6cb7198ff4cde19d6d2d4e5c…)

Anon you fell for a joke, read carefully again >>1942324 , she only has such an awful hairline and such thin hair that it looks as if she's balding lol in this pic too as an example

No. 1947333

Holy megamind. What having an ED does to a mofo

No. 1947334

Damn, so Shakira really was bruta, ciega, sordomuda, torpe, traste y testaruda after all.

Why is she getting treated like that though? That's shitty on that woman's part.

No. 1947338

Men with a full head of hair are already rare enough to begin with and you want to get rid of even more? You're nuts. Think about the bald pillow grease stains.

No. 1947340

wtf I can see her forehead veins. scary

No. 1947357

Coquette stuff and pedobaiting is the current trend so get ready to see at least another year of this shit
Speaking as an Irish person I always thought it was normal for a majority of people to be creatively talented in some way until I really started mixing with non-Irish people. Compared to other countries we're way more inclined to be some kind of arty person, I have no idea why that is but probably just a weird coincidence

No. 1947380

File: 1712068459844.jpg (17.81 KB, 500x495, SHIT.jpg)

No. 1947388

File: 1712068919936.jpeg (464.63 KB, 2000x1000, IMG_9990.jpeg)

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy were also really attractive in that movie, you would think that that type of styling would make them less appealing but I was distracted the entire time. I wish they had been cast again in Furiosa

No. 1947393

She has pedo pandered her entire career, and she wants to be a man eater type. Ugly Barry Keoghan left the mother of his infant son for Sabrina, and she recently joked in an interview that she would be going home with Cillian Murphy after the event they were at. Maybe it appeals to her audience or something

No. 1947418

That movie (furiosa)shouldn't even be made but yes, I'm the saltiest they were basically recasted for it. They both look incredible in Fury road.

No. 1947431

I cant take Anya Taylor Joy seriosly as Furiosa, she doesnt suit the role at all. Cracked me up seeing the trailer in the movies, it just felt like a joke. No hate to her, but Furiosa needs to be played by a much stronger, tougher looking chick.

No. 1947460

Charlize Theron was amazing as Furiosa, she might be one of my favorite fictional characters. I loved that a middle aged actress was cast, and didn’t have a romance plot with the male lead. She also looked great and fit the part perfectly. I don’t have a problem with Anya as an actress or anything but I’m genuinely upset that she replaced Charlize

No. 1947489

File: 1712073412389.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1457, IMG_0013.jpeg)

Why do the people in the background look warped, it looks like ai or something

No. 1947492

File: 1712073441444.jpeg (1022.67 KB, 1170x1435, IMG_0015.jpeg)

No. 1947498

Shakira is a retard. Ken was made to play the role females in Hollywood play. A one dimensional piece of eye candy. End of the movie Ken didn't even have to apologise to Barbie for over throwing the government and stealing her home. Barbie consoles him and tells him he's more than someone's "and" and he's enough as him. Neither of them needed a romantic partner to be whole and happy, they needed to believe in themselves. Idk how anyone could get offended by the Barbie movie, just say you're stupid and you only got through school because it's a memory exercise and you took a bypass over gaining critical thinking skills

No. 1947510

I'm pretty sure her son's just didn't like the movie(I really doubt an 11 year old boy could ever like it) and they thought it was probably too girly for them and she's projecting her own already pre-established ideas unto them.

No. 1947512

Irish men love sucking dick for favours it's how the paramilitaries work over her. He celebrates the insular community over in Ireland like it doesn't just make nepotism so much more rampart and worse it's all over this gay fucking island in even the shittest of companies and everyone's a two faced cunt. No wonder ireland produces so many wankers in Hollywood willing to debase themselves.(bait)

No. 1947517

Colin Farrell audtioned for Boyzone an Irish pop band created by Louis Walsh and didn't get in. Clearly he was willing to do anything for fame lol. Hollywood is just full of gay theatre kids.

No. 1947520

File: 1712074718744.jpeg (219.3 KB, 1170x907, IMG_0022.jpeg)

It’s weird that the lyrics of ‘Daughter’ sounds like the theory about her and Jay Z killing his mistress. That theory has been around for years so I don’t know why she would basically reference it

No. 1947531

Their dad is/was an international football player how you going to let you kids act like they've not met the other players on your fucking soccer team. That's mental.

No. 1947537

Gay Cillian Murphy was also a (really bad) musician and then tried acting in theatre before he started acting in film. He got his big break when Christopher Nolan saw a photo of him and cast him because of his “crazy eyes” and now they’re clearly girlfriends, cheating on their wives with each other. Nolan even wrote gay Cillian a romantic little note on his script about reading it to Nolan in his hotel room

No. 1947547

I thought Cillian cheated on his wife with his female co-stars (mostly Emily Blunt)

No. 1947565

He did, he’s cheated with a lot of his female costars. Including Sienna Miller, Annabelle Wallis, Lucy Liu, Florence Pugh and Emily Blunt, and who knows who else

No. 1947566

They're probably buddy buddy more than romantic and who knows when drugs get involved. Half these high profile stars will be helping move drugs.

Colin Farrell hanging off Britney Spears back in the day just screams faghag they probably bonded over their love of show tunes.

No. 1947567

File: 1712075755294.jpeg (957.35 KB, 1170x1577, IMG_0028.jpeg)

No. 1947573

Diddy probably got a mountain of voyeuristic tapes of callboy Ashton Kutcher, probably called in some favours to let the little fag get an MTV show where he could do the kiddie version of setting up people and spying on them.

No. 1947577

He cheated on Lucy Liu? What movie were they in together? Wow, she was too good for him. I hate this old man so much

No. 1947578

They're totally AI, the faces have that smooshed look AI gives when it tries to make faces sometimes. Weird that she felt the need to do that instead of just regular selfies in her backyard or something.
Not to mention that the lighting is weird, she'd have to either have a light right in front of her for just a selfie or she'd have way more prominent shadows.
It looks like the took the pictures outside and filled the background with AI
weird choice regardless, is she supposed to be in a televized thing or something?

No. 1947600

File: 1712076470640.gif (2.9 MB, 540x274, IMG_0030.gif)

They were in Watching the Detectives together, and there were rumors about them because their chemistry was off the charts and people thought their sex scenes were too much, look up this scene if you want to see for yourself. I don’t know why his wife is still with him when he’s had affair rumors worth so many actresses

No. 1947603

It’s America’s got talent, she’s one of the judges now.

No. 1947611

Thank you for being so kind and replying to my question. I'll definitely look up more info on it now. I've always had a crush on Lucy Liu. It's insane so many beautiful women did movies with this ugly moid.

No. 1947616

You're right, and she is missing the point, since it's not even meant for kids. It's obviously a movie meant for older zoomers, millenials and younger gen x. She missed the point entirely. It's weird how she's defending moids when her own moid just cheated on her and publicly humiliated her. Pick mes are wild

No. 1947627

The excuse for racism and plain old not having boundaries with other children, especially little girls is the most turbo boymom behavior.

No. 1947659

File: 1712079092147.jpg (117.78 KB, 720x708, RDT_20240401_16221744000433024…)

No. 1947682

I hate this pathetic bitch. Pedopandering is fucking vile, pedophilia is so fucking normalized at this point and they think it makes them quirky and sexy to capitalize on men wanting to abuse children. It’s fucking weird, it’s disgusting. I know it’s been happening forever but fuck I’ve reached my fucking limit. There’s something wrong with these women fundamentally.

No. 1947736

not this again. she is 47

No. 1947738

She is so ordinary looking to me idk

No. 1947749

File: 1712082339491.png (293 KB, 554x529, 02192136.png)

nightmare fuel. This is definitely going to let a demon into the world

No. 1947796

I guess I finally have to admit that as cute as I find her, she’s a tragic pickme and worse bc she’s one of those type of super petite girls who leans into it like it’s her only trait, being ~sexy n youthful~. She already does fillers she doesn’t need, I’m sure when she’s 30 she’ll have a meltdown about not being able to pedo pander anymore

No. 1947822

No. 1947828

next thread pic lol

No. 1947895

File: 1712087835678.png (69.37 KB, 210x256, nose.PNG)

Okay i was wrong about the nosejob, she posted a video with her make up free, promoting some boring song with Glorilla and her nose looks the same if not bigger. I admit I was wrong.

No. 1947916

That's horrible! Shit like this is not funny, cute, or innocent, in general. Excusing this despite the racial aspect is bad enough, but excusing it also teaches people (worse, males) that it's acceptable to violate a stranger's physical boundaries to paw at, fondle, play with, or otherwise touch them without their permission. That's the absolute wrong message to send.

OMG that photo. That would have been a fight.

Such a tragic face to scalp ratio.

Embarrassing and lazy. She must have hundreds if not thousands of photos of herself that could have been posted. Why go with an AI one?

No. 1947952

Dude in front of the demon in already blistering away.

No. 1947992

I know a Columbian women around that age and she’s not like that at all, she left Columbia because of how horrible the moids are there and how misogynistic the culture is

No. 1947998

I like how none of the nonnies cared enough about this to reply kek, kind of like how everyone in real life just finds this phase of hers boring and unoriginal

No. 1948031

i think she looks cute and overall the look is okay but the eye makeup being asymetrical and going over her nose really bothers me, it looks intentionally bad idk. otherwise i don't mind this. i prefer this over generic instagram baddie look any day, and it works for her because shes jojo siwa

No. 1948033

Uhhh wtf, this is a Beyonce song? Why is it called Daughter if it’s about murdering some women in her home? Wtf, is she trying to fuel the rumours? I’m so confused

No. 1948038

Nooooo why, I liked her so much. She really spreads the 'men should be providers' tradthot shit when she dates younger moids and Pique left her for much younger woman?

No. 1948043

I hate the implications of 'young girl playing in her bedroom' but I love this, so cute.

No. 1948063

File: 1712096765766.jpeg (78.07 KB, 630x420, IMG_1102.jpeg)

No. 1948074

i mean it’s cute and all, good for her, but she’s still very much a child celebrity to me (as in catered to kids, not her age), what are we supposed to say about this lol

No. 1948090

Not to be an asshole but the weird face shit has strategically covered up her bald spots and any lines on her face that would indicate age. She looks pretty much the same as she did as a child star.

No. 1948097

so her idea of hardcore is a child cartoon villain?

No. 1948098

File: 1712098803798.png (639.34 KB, 596x849, uwusosapphic.PNG)

Cue stan twitter shrieking "Lesbian power couple!!" and "Omg sapphic icons????"

No. 1948101

Kek for five months. Must have been some drug binge type of coupling lmao.

No. 1948119

Latinas hate black women and encourage their children to do the same, catch up.(racebait)

No. 1948164

Absolutely no one is calling her the horniest girl alive. People say that about Ariana. She wants that, though

No. 1948187

What happened to teaching kids home training and personal space?

No. 1948200

He's never been good looking, just another ugly guy shilled as attractive. I couldn't believe he was supposed to be the hot one when Skins came out. I will admit he doesn't look any worse here than before and seems to be taking care of his skin which is more than most men do.

No. 1948239

File: 1712106405875.png (3.53 MB, 2000x1333, kiss.png)

Maybe she's about to announce that she's a new member of KISS.

No. 1948244

Same, 100%. Back then, my best friend and I thirsted hard for Hoult around the time of Warm Bodies and Mad Max. Apparently between takes on Fury Road, he would knit/crochet.

No. 1948247

The bald look doesn't suit him, it makes his head look top-heavy. However I'm impressed at how healthy his skin looks. Normally men at that age already look haggard and wrinkled skin-wise.

No. 1948252

File: 1712107067350.jpeg (75.19 KB, 750x916, 1101E8EF-02FB-4FF9-9F3E-97B9AB…)

Aw cute

No. 1948320

I was thinking the same, most men (esp UK moids) his age have well past hit the wall skin wise. His skin looks pretty great tbh kek esp the eye area good for him

No. 1948329

He honestly looks the same to me, if not his eyes a little wrinkled and face somewhat bloated. He's aged better than a lot of the men mentioned itt

No. 1948347

File: 1712111145206.jpg (946.06 KB, 2318x3488, gettyimages-1031096878.jpg)

Nothing new, but I just remembered that Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton had a thing back in 2018. Not that athletes don't also suck, but this lady literally had her pick of attractive, successful men and she still chose whatever the fuck she's married to now because she wants to keep LARPing as a hood chick.
Side note, but their difference in attire in this pic is making me kek. She looks like she could be his mom or aunt.

No. 1948392

File: 1712113863854.webp (10.74 KB, 644x430, xmen-nic-hoult.webp)

That's adorable. I got into him during UK Skins era, then Beast from X-men, then followed him into warm bodies and Mad Max. It's definitely time for a Mad Max and Warm bodies rewatch.

No. 1948393

Warm Bodies would be a fun one for lolcow moovie night

No. 1948394

I'm rooting for Jojo, but this is cringe.

No. 1948395

I assume his wife/girlfriend forces him to moisturize and use sunscreen lmao

No. 1948396

For 5 months in 2019? Then why even announce it in 2024? Stupid tranny

No. 1948399

Seconding this.

No. 1948401

File: 1712114331773.jpg (132.45 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-211121163515-634-j…)

Is this supposed to be her good-girl-gone-bad, Miley Cyrus 'Cant Be Tamed' moment? It's so weird because I remember that when she came out she had a style change and was dressing more mature, but now it's like she's regressed back to an immature style. Plus she looks like a wrestler or a member of the KISS band.

No. 1948404

I'm still foaming at the mouth for a wrestling arc. You can't tell me she wouldn't make a great heel. Put her in the ring, now!

No. 1948408

File: 1712115077446.jpg (112.92 KB, 736x797, 6c2e204a5d655520373bd598455b7d…)

Samefag, but I say the her style is still immature because, even though she's showing more skin, its basically just a black version of how she used to dress. Super gaudy, rhinestones, ponytail. I do think she deserves some grace though, thar girl has basically had to be a big kid for the sake of her career and she's probably still trying to find herself outside of the image she's had for a good chunk of her life.

No. 1948419

>what are we supposed to say about this lol
I don’t know I didn’t post it, I just found it fitting how it got ignored here because any where else online her new ~bad girl~ shtick is getting ignored too kek

No. 1948421

My exact sentiments. He's previously expressed his attraction for men and he's not neutered (yet), so what's the point? Isn't he by alphabet mafia's definition a "straight woman"? Why does that matter since his brownie points come from his transition?

No. 1948430

if this isn't a massive red flag, I don't know what is.

Wonder if he's the "caucasian man" in the sex tape he was showing that one producer.

kek. next thread pic for sure.

No. 1948443

No. 1948448

Nta but it’s not so much the kids doing it but the adult filming it like it’s cute and not an invasion of privacy and boundaries for the little girl. It’s fine the kids are curious but to be feeling her face and hair like she’s an animal in a petting zoo is not behaviour that should be encouraged at any age

No. 1948466

>I couldn't believe he was supposed to be the hot one when Skins came out.
Same kek, although he was good at playing the type of fuckboy with an attitude that the show wanted him to portray

No. 1948477

Because it is AI. All built in phone camera apps come with ai enhancing features nowadays. It probably looks fucked because the crowd is dark and far away.

No. 1948484

She looks beautiful. She doesn’t need to wear some sheer gown with her nipples out to look mature.
What the hell are you waffling on about? Being mature /= dressing in lingerie and looking like a stripper. She might not want to be so overtly sexual as miley was during bangerz.

No. 1948486

Still would.

No. 1948500

Is Rosalia also a man?

No. 1948529

Nta but I don’t think anon was saying that dressing provocative is the only way to dress maturely, just that her new kiss-esque outfit looks more like her old “immature” way of dressing with the rhinestones and sequins and glitter, the only difference is that she’s showing more skin. Which obviously isn’t the only way to appear more mature, just a possible way of doing so. Anon posted the photo of her in the black dress with her hair down as an example of Jojo dressing more maturely, which is why the childish costumes seems like a back step into her “immature” bow phase. Personally I don’t care how she dresses, I think it’s nice she dresses somewhat “immaturely” despite being in her early twenties, it’s nice seeing a young celebrity not being sexualised the moment she turns 18. Although I have some gripes with Jojo since hearing the complains from her dance group that her and her mom were managing, but I don’t think anon was saying being mature = dressing in lingerie.

No. 1948566

Not wk Beyoncé but you should read the rest of the lyrics before asking questions about the song. It has a connection with “Daddy Lessons” from lemonade.

No. 1948568

I think she’s trying to be sexy kek

No. 1948574

Please point me to where I said that she needs to be in lingerie or dressed like a stripper to be mature, especially when I literally posted a photo of her in a black gown as an example of her in a mature style. You people need to learn how to fucking read.(infighting)

No. 1948575

File: 1712141980257.png (443.91 KB, 1080x874, ASAT1fF.png)

I think some things might have been lost in translation but I get what she's trying to say.

No. 1948615

This coming from the woman who shakes her ass to moids lol thats not what being proper and feminine is

No. 1948621

"i like pop culture when it reinforces gender roles. conventionally attractive women like myself dancing around half-naked is empowering but joking about masculinity is damaging and wrong."

No. 1948628

so he can get double the brownie points for being a "trans wlw"?

No. 1948640

Yeah, maybe if you expect the same 100 people that write her songs to actually do callbacks kek

No. 1948711

her moid cheated on her

No. 1948732

She's trying to be hardcore but won't even say "fuck" (she says "eff") in her upcoming song.

No. 1948778

File: 1712159118838.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.03 KB, 1253x1253, doja.jpg)

The cover for the deluxe version of Doja Cat's Scarlet album. She looks like a raw chicken.

No. 1948782

File: 1712159217446.jpg (183.75 KB, 2048x1536, DEnDPKMUIAEB5sa.jpg_large.jpg)

Samefag but she actually kinda looks like when people bleach their skin and turn pink

No. 1948803

Jesus, why is her skin so white?? She is so pretty and charming, I don't get why its seems like she's hung up and bitter about being biracial. I'm sure that this in some way is supposed to attention through outrage bait.

No. 1948813

File: 1712160231940.jpg (56.41 KB, 681x383, lex-luther.jpg)


Useless info but no one mentioned it, he's mostly like bald because he's playing lex luthor in the new superman reboot film that comes out next year and is currently filming. That's why it's shaved, i'm sure he'll grow it out again lmao

No. 1948836

country rooooads….take me hooooome..

No. 1948854

Biracials tend to have a mix of warm and cool skin (aka olive) so if they don’t get regular sun they lose all the yellow and look weirdly pink. Opposite for tanning, where they gain yellow/warm tone that blends with the cool/pink …. blah blah color theory

AKA obvious sign She was too lazy to get proper Vitamin D outside for a while

No. 1948858

File: 1712162733575.jpg (1.05 MB, 1475x1776, baitusedtobebelievable.jpg)

>She is so pretty and charming(infighting)

No. 1948879

She hates being black and everything about herself sooo bad it's hilarious. Dumb fucking idiot.

No. 1948882

File: 1712164379576.jpeg (601.11 KB, 1170x1364, IMG_0039.jpeg)

The editing and styling in this photoshoot is so weird

No. 1948885

File: 1712164418787.jpeg (591.3 KB, 1170x1405, IMG_0041.jpeg)

Is he trying to look like a cute little boy or something

No. 1948886

File: 1712164460749.jpeg (444.48 KB, 1170x1442, IMG_0043.jpeg)

No. 1948890

File: 1712164874758.jpeg (2.35 MB, 1170x1665, IMG_0046.jpeg)

Julia Fox attended the 2024 pornhub awards

No. 1948893

So much for being a "girl's girl". That entire outfit is so fucking good though. But fuck this pickme.

No. 1948894

File: 1712165003541.jpeg (305.24 KB, 492x885, IMG_0047.jpeg)

Why does she keep paying for these articles to be written? They all have near identical headlines

No. 1948895

What is the point of a pornhub awards show? And why is it a thing?

No. 1948899

This is going to sound like a moid nitpick does anyone else feel like….. her breasts aren't even that big? I swear her bust size is nothing special, she has the same size as like one in three women in my city. Why the fuck is everyone making a big deal out of her boobs? I just don't get it. Also she looks better with red hair.(Sydney sperging)

No. 1948902

File: 1712165306778.jpeg (859.31 KB, 1170x1717, IMG_0048.jpeg)

Remember, Stevie J was the one getting bent over in all those Diddy sex tapes. Of course he’s enraged now by 50 cent mocking them all.

No. 1948904

Probably trying to make this monstrosity look glam and artsy. Hugh Hefner did this in the 50's when he was trying to start Playboy. Tell them you're making art and that these are ~actors and models~ instead of prostitutes and profit

No. 1948905

I have a large chest and so do all the other women in my family so I personally agree. I also live in California so I see thin women with implants every forsaken day, I don’t see anything special about it(no1currs)

No. 1948906

looks like shoot for a H&M catalogue

No. 1948907

Another Superman movie? I'm so sick of them kek. At least we know he'll be a better Lex than Kevin spacey ever was.

No. 1948911

File: 1712165533106.jpg (145.84 KB, 800x1200, s-l1200.jpg)

Its because they aren't, now Kat Dennings has an ample chest.(Sydney sperging)

No. 1948915

There’s also the AVN awards which gives awards to camgirls and other porn stars, it’s creepy. Pornsick males go to these awards ceremonies because they get to take pictures with the women and talk to them like a meet and greet. A lot of the women will take pictures sitting on the males laps without clothes on and other intimate poses. I don’t know how they could tolerate something so repulsive.

No. 1948918

>without robbing men of their possibility to be men, to protect and provide
Bitch, shut up.

No. 1948927

File: 1712165909194.jpeg (134.93 KB, 760x1140, IMG_0050.jpeg)

Christina Hendricks is also very curvy and didn’t make it her entire personality. Same with a lot of Old Hollywood actresses and 90s/00s celebrities. They may have had vulgar comments about their bodies of course but not dozens of identical articles written specifically about their breast size(Sydney sperging)

No. 1948928

Kat definitely does have a big chest and it makes sense with her being visibly a bit more top heavy and carrying more fat in her arms.
I would describe >>1948894 as having midsized breasts that look much larger with push-up bras. I don't get the obsession with the size of her breasts and the idea she has these massive honkers because she looks like she has maybe slightly above average sized breasts at most.(Sydney sperging)

No. 1948931

He looks like a literal corpse. You could change the wording on the cover and it could be a horror magazine like Fangora.

No. 1948939

I'm pretty sure it's because of the shape/look of them, nice boobs doesn't necessarily mean huge boobs.

No. 1948941

I think it’s mostly PR. She said in an interview that her dad told her she has the best tits in Hollywood, she keeps having articles written about it, and bots kept spamming gifs of her sex scenes on twitter(Sydney sperging)

No. 1948944

File: 1712166798338.jpeg (141.42 KB, 1020x1296, IMG_0051.jpeg)

Anya Taylor Joy and her husband had anatomically correct heart cakes at their secret wedding two years ago

No. 1948946

i think its just because she has the ditzy-blonde look to go along with them(Sydney sperging)

No. 1948947

File: 1712167090444.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1170x1444, IMG_0052.jpeg)

Kristen Davis looks like she’s aging gracefully (compared to other celebrities her age at least)

No. 1948949

File: 1712167156734.jpeg (243.74 KB, 480x728, IMG_0053.jpeg)

His entire career revolves around him being a troon

No. 1948951

Hollywood behavior

No. 1948952

File: 1712167327235.jpeg (243.71 KB, 1170x1435, IMG_0040.jpeg)

They blurred his face so much to hide his wrinkles kek

No. 1948954

The entire reason his flimsy career took off is because he was a child tranny. He's not particularly charming nor does he possess any particular acting talent.

No. 1948955

I don’t mean this in a mean way but I thought that creature was Florence pugh at first

No. 1948956

What does the deluxe version contain? This cover is so boring compared to the normal one

No. 1948958

He just a uwu smol boy, maybe Ariana’s next conquest?

No. 1948960

he's the most lesbianesque man on earth

No. 1948967

I agree, half the women at my gym have breasts that size and many of them are skinny/fit, too. I think it’s just because she’s gone completely topless on camera and they look more natural than your average porn star’s breasts. Plus her PR team is actively pushing this and men can be memed into obsessing over anything.(Sydney sperging)

No. 1949001

Sitting like that is so weird looking, it looks like she’s squatting over those Asian toilets that are on the floor instead of elevated. Her hair looks cute though, should have just done the cover with her hair being the focal point not her ass

No. 1949021

File: 1712170163829.png (84.99 KB, 255x213, Screenshot 2024-04-03 7.47.35 …)

Nina Dobrev is only 34. What happened?

No. 1949033

Her sons are both ugly, and therefore are worth nothing.

No. 1949038

Maybe she’s lying about her age

No. 1949047


why do his lips always look fucking dry??? like buy some aquaphor

No. 1949064

Kek, I wonder what age group her new ~bad girl~ phase is targeted at, I’m not sure about her most recent music but I remember her earlier songs were for girls around 6 to 13 or something. I guess it’s still for a younger demographic, I can’t imagine women her age jamming out to it kek

No. 1949067

All the cillianfag girlies are probably losing their shit over this, all I can picture is his saggy old man balls and swampy dick all crunched up to his thighs and gunt in a weird pose like that, imagine the smell

No. 1949097

File: 1712174912001.webp (23.23 KB, 640x426, ljwiacuda0j71.webp)

did she get her fillers dissolved or something? she looked crazy in and just like that

No. 1949125

Not bait, I genuinely think she's fun in interviews and pretty when she's not getting godawful tattoos or Shein Burzum shirts. The terminal nlogism ruins her. I don't get her obsession with male attention and tryhard contrarianism.

No. 1949129

She botched herself. She used to be so pretty.

No. 1949155

Lmao, cope. He doesn't like the idea of being the Hollywood equivalent to a diversity hire. Sorry pal, but no normal woman or man as ugly and talentless as you would have an acting career. You're a house troon to shield the higher-ups against accusations of troonphobia.

No. 1949173

I don't know who that woman is, but her boobs are so obviously fake. The weird dome-shape at the top is a huge tell.

No. 1949177

>These famous breasts
Hate how this headline is phrased. Yeah, nevermind the person they're attached to. She's just walking breasts, I guess. I'd feel bad for her if it weren't blatantly obvious she paid for the article.

No. 1949191

Your over all explanation makes no sense.
Olive is green leaning (which can be warm (more yellow), cool (more blue) or neutral), yellow+pink is peach/orange. Vit D doesn't tan your skin.
Her ass is white because she didn't expose it to UV rays (thinking how she dresses for events, it's actually fascinating that her ass is still so white) and the redness comes from sitting all day on the arse. She probably has also exfoliate multiple times up to the shoot. Plus it is edited.
Besides that, I hate the pic and I can already see how people will meme it by adding things falling out her ass.(derailing)

No. 1949199

Yeah, fifty cent brings the whole black community down by joking about diddy. Not a man that exploited the fucking community and filmed it to have leverage.
Diddy has some Epstein level crimes to explain.

No. 1949200

File: 1712178517541.png (372.28 KB, 615x425, christinahendrickshungerpoint.…)

That's Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. I've always wondered if she had implants because I remember seeing her in an eating disorder movie back in the day and she didn't have big boobs. She was younger and thinner though, I don't know if weight gain had anything to do with it. This is the only pic I could find that kind of showed her smaller in that movie.

No. 1949206

File: 1712179063088.jpg (30.2 KB, 500x350, Christina-Hendricks-Plastic-Su…)

Nona, Idk. She had at least a breast lift with some heavy duty inserts and/or is wearing push-up and too small cup sizes around her bust so they bulge over like that.
Basically the same Sydney does. Minus, that Christina hasn't "articles" written about her tits.(Sydney sperging)

No. 1949210

everytime i see her pics i feel like forcing her to take a shower she always looks so dirty to me kek also this cheap looking ass lingerie is making me depressed

No. 1949233

File: 1712180686762.png (250.36 KB, 504x840, Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 5.44.…)

he looks like ellen page here

No. 1949246

File: 1712181330739.webp (34.95 KB, 600x800, Nina-Dobrev-The-Bricklayer-202…)

Unfortunate styling and makeup imo. She looks better here, with light makeup and eyebags/shadows than she looks in glam.

No. 1949299

it's the 20 layers of fake tan, she looks crusty and grainy in every photo of her i've been forced to see. funnily enough i don't think she's ever actually been clothed in any of them. seriously thinking about it now i don't think i've ever seen her in like, jeans lol. desperately ripping pages out of the ariana grande handbook.. sad!

No. 1949323

File: 1712185706039.jpeg (336.47 KB, 1728x704, D7E220AD-4DCB-4F37-9546-24546C…)

I haven’t seen her fully clothed since her Disney days. Also never knew she was a ginger.

No. 1949327

fucking hated this bitch in ANT farm

No. 1949330

She has such a lovely natural color, why in the world would you go for >>1947228 this run-of-the-mill west coast blonde dye job. And what's with the dark brown eyebrows. She's LARPING as a self-hating brunette kek.

No. 1949344

He's lying, but this is going to make twitter trannies mald like crazy (they already consider him a traitorous pickme for not supporting enbies), so I can't be too mad.

No. 1949349

This shit looks like those over edited Sims 4 pictures for alpha cc, where none of the clothes or hair looks like the picture and half of it is painted on.

No. 1949350

Love this look, the pornhub awards doesn't deserve such effort.

No. 1949374

>Christina Hendricks is also very curvy and didn’t make it her entire personality.
IDK why you feel the need to post this in every single thread lately but the only reason I have ever heard of this actress is because of men wanking off or drawing weird porn of her.

No. 1949392

She’s not a real redhead, that was a dye job for a role, but she did look wonderful with the golden more natural blonde or when she had lighter ginger hair as I think a tween. It’s sad that she looks believably blonde/light redheaded yet makes herself look like a self hating brunette yeah

No. 1949420

File: 1712191034905.png (1.23 MB, 784x782, Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 6.33…)

ive always wondered what she had done because it made her look tired and sickly. i cant believe someone, probably a well-regarded surgeon, got paid a lot of money to make her look worse.

No. 1949422

She is an escort, they are incapable of being “girl’s girls” because they sell out women for the male gaze/desire daily

No. 1949438

File: 1712192156722.jpeg (Spoiler Image,74.28 KB, 640x960, DF070817-3B95-48CC-8F5E-6A7B73…)

Hate how all of her skirts are cut in a way where they’re shorter in the back so her butt pokes through. It always looks like she’s a child wearing a diaper.

No. 1949526

Skinny version of Shayna's skirtbelt

No. 1949548

File: 1712197234947.jpeg (106.8 KB, 736x920, 15F5BE93-5C23-4899-ADF5-8015A9…)

Perfect description for whatever this is

No. 1949556

The way her body is built makes her look like a trolloping horse. Neighh

No. 1949581

File: 1712198330418.jpg (563.61 KB, 1070x1309, 47.jpg)

>look up their ages assuming he must be way older than Lucy
>She’s actually 8 years older than him (55 vs 47)
Kek what the fuck? I’ve been assuming he was in his late 50s or 60s. What happened to his skin? He looks like a dehydrated corpse.

No. 1949606

It’s not natural but she is strawberry enough naturally that she pulls it off. Wish she’d do a dark honey color or red again, and maybe try out a new look ugh. I really do think she’s adorable and has a great voice but her whole ultra pickme routine ain’t it.

No. 1949836

Nta but yeah the Christina wk is annoying, especially seeing how her breakout role was being the bombshell on madmen, she leaned very hard into using her figure as her identifier. If she was doing that currently this thread would be calling her a moid panderer pick me.

No. 1949881

Is this what Ellen Page thinks she looks like?

No. 1949884

drugs posibly?

No. 1949973

still kekking at the dumbass coquette libfems (including pakichan) who used to come here and insist this woman was somehow a based manhating artistic feminist. they defended her literally sucking moid dick for photos to be used in a cringe book about loving heroin and letting naked trannies hold her infant for "photographic purposes"

No. 1949986

Why is the mod so defensive about sydney(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1949991

I didn’t, there are multiple posters here and it’s an anonymous imageboard. I brought her up because another poster brought up Kat Dennings
He’s an alcoholic so of course he didn’t age well. All that time on the casting couch probably gave him grey hair and wrinkles from stress too
That’s not even cute it just looks awkward. I cant stand her after knowing Barry Keoghan cheated on his wife with her, right after she gave birth. She’s a huge pickme.

No. 1949998

I just hate how greasy she always looks.

No. 1950010

I know a gay moid made this post.(scrotefoiling)

No. 1950016

No. 1950075

File: 1712231970814.jpeg (697.06 KB, 793x1061, IMG_0109.jpeg)

I can’t stand this weak pathetic cocksucking little cow. He chose to get mindbroken on the casting couch and then became a regular call boy for the producers and executives, eventually ending up as one of Diddy’s disgusting houseboys. Hussy!

No. 1950140

That is stupid. That'a what it looks like when you use corsets or push-ups

No. 1950180

holy shit that's Shakira's kids?? Yikes. Wtf is wrong with her kek

No. 1950185

File: 1712238565983.jpeg (77.77 KB, 800x521, IMG_1605.jpeg)

Whenever I see Sabrina I just think she looks so much like her aunty Nancy.

No. 1950186

File: 1712238642834.png (228.96 KB, 884x624, Screenshot 2024-04-04 2.50.29 …)

Katie Price is bankrupt and 700,000 pounds in debt to HMRC. My mate saw her pink rangerover parked on a double yellow in Brighton the other day.


No. 1950188

File: 1712238789284.png (73.9 KB, 288x184, Screenshot 2024-04-04 2.51.28 …)


I absolutely despite her inbred, drooling, invalid scrote son and I hope he gets locked away. He has predator face and eyes. I KNOW he's going to murder a woman one day.

I have such a hate boner for this vile, disgusting, oversized creature.

No. 1950195

this is 100% true. Guaranteed if you spent any length of time at Diddys and engaged in inappropriate activities, those activities were filmed. Several celebrities have already came out saying they were advised not to stay too late at his house.

No. 1950232

i havent seen her in anything besides videos of her concerts so that's all i have to go off of but she's very pretty and her little nonsense outro's are cute

No. 1950239

She’s built like a brick

No. 1950275

I hate any and all outfits associated with the eras tour. Taylor dresses like an adult baby in those onesie outfits and looks fucking ridiculous.

No. 1950317

i thought this troon bitch had already being blacklisted from hollywood after those tweets he made against israel and those serial killer tier scribbles.
haven't seen him anywhere recently so i guess that's a win for everyone.

No. 1950319

File: 1712246886001.png (342.02 KB, 1080x1553, IMG_847.png)

No. 1950376

Not trying to infight but she really isn’t kek she’s super short and pretty toned from dancing. Florence Pugh is bricklike sure but to say it about Sabrina is a reach imo.

No. 1950390

File: 1712251066671.jpeg (343.81 KB, 874x1164, IMG_0119.jpeg)

Nta but she’s short with a large frame so I can see why people say that about her

No. 1950424

It was Meek Mill getting bent over by The Diddler but kekkkk how is 50 bringing the black community down when The Diddler is a literal pimp to black music artist and has killed prominent black people over ego

No. 1950488

I don't even know how Puff Daddy is so fucking rated maybe cause I'm a bong but the only song of his I ever remember being popular over here was song from Space Jam ill be missing you and we were listening for faith evans not gayboy Diddy. It's so bizarre too my first ever mention of Puff Daddy was back in the 90s playing at my friends house whose parents did very well for themselves and had a villa in Florida Diddy rented and smashed up. Just a random family from a small town in Northern Ireland and they unwittingly probably had their property used to host one of those parties.

No. 1950538

I’ve never heard any of his music and I don’t think he’s even known for that, he’s known for being a rich billionaire producer who’s friends with all the other trafficker freaks- Epstein, Weinstein, Jay Z, Lucian Grainge, Ron Burkle and whoever else. He’s famous for his parties and knowing a lot of celebrities, that’s why it seems like almost every celebrity has been to one of his parties at some point

No. 1950547

I never even knew he was a billionaire or honestly thought much of Diddy except he's got a gay ass name.

No. 1950550

All that alcohol and cigarettes made him age faster too. He looks like he's 59 years old.

No. 1950608

I don’t remember her eyes being caved in her school so much

No. 1950613

File: 1712259423460.jpeg (1.07 MB, 4000x4000, IMG_1127.jpeg)

Someone pointed out how the light really has left her eyes

No. 1950621

I think that's just the consequence of being a celebrity, she's probably depressed or dealing with some other mental/emotional issues. All of the super famous people have that sad/blank look.

No. 1950624

This literally just sounds like she made up in her head that Adele hates her. She did this with Meghan Markle too. I bet other celebrities avoid her kek.

No. 1950668

It´s because of the blonde eyebrows and less spray tan I´d say. Her make up style totally changed.

No. 1950692

File: 1712263518607.jpg (179.27 KB, 1170x2113, nina.jpg)

She had eyelid surgery for her hooded eyes. It looks awful, she was so pretty before.

No. 1950696

imagine being among the most beautiful women in the world and getting surgery because you reckon you could look better. fucking sad

No. 1950698

The expression is different and the first picture is 10 years old or something, why do anons love to surgery-foil so much? She just aged and she looks good.

No. 1950701

she looks good but for 34 she looks a lot older, looks like she may have had a bit of a coke habit or something. it is not normal to age so quickly esp when rich.

No. 1950704

like if she was 44 she would look good, but she's only 34.

No. 1950709

Her eyes changed drastically to the point when she was in the final season of Vampire Diaries people were gossiping about it and that was in 2017. It's not recent from age. The surgery gave her a hollowed out look.

No. 1950861

File: 1712270965636.png (1.97 MB, 1115x1267, so pathetic .png)

I think it’s pathetic that zoomer celebrities aren’t capable of creating their own iconic looks and just default to trying to recreate someone else’s. Why not be yourself? Why do you wanna be Angelina Jolie?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1950867

I thought that was Zendaya in the blond hair look while I was scrolling. After enlarging the image, if someone said it was Sabrina Carpenter, it'd be believable. Why do all celebrities look the same now?

No. 1950886

Angelina did it better simply because she'd definitely post on lolcow if she knew wtf it was.

No. 1950891

Every time I see her I keep remembering how her and Shaun White are in a thruple with Kendall Jenner

No. 1950915

wtf when did that happen?

No. 1950938

Wearing archival dresses has been around for a long time. Angie wore it better though.

No. 1950942

Kendall's like Jez from peep show I bet her internal dialogue to Shaun White was "If I have to fuck you to fuck her I will. You be careful where you stand."

No. 1951002

Why does every Disney girl pull this softcore porn edgelord nonsense in their early twenties? Elizabeth Berkley, Britney, Selena Gomez, Miley, and all the younger ones whose shitty shows I didn't watch because after Hannah Montana I had grown out of that shit. Seems like Hillary Duff is one of the few women who didn't fall down that rabbit hole.

No. 1951016

Lizzie McGuire probably wasn't pedobaity enough to get dads to watch it, Lizzie and Miranda were always layered to the 9s and there was never any funny business with Gordo just all age appropriate stuff. Sounds like she got to work on a decent set and perhaps her parents weren't pushing her to sexualise herself for clout.

No. 1951027

>and all the younger ones whose shitty shows I didn't watch because after Hannah Montana I had grown out of that shit.
others include demi lavato, olivia rodrigo, jenna ortega
t. has younger siblings

No. 1951047

what's going on with her chin

No. 1951057

I’m old enough to remember a specifically nasty opinion article in GQ about Hillary Duff and how hard it was not to stare at her tits, how are grown men not supposed to stare at her body?!1? when she was on Lizzie McGuire when I was like 14 so, uh, unfortunately she very much did appeal to creepy older men.

No. 1951072

That's so fucking gross a magazine did an article about a 14 year old teenager. Maybe she was sexualised so young even while dressing modestly she didn't want to pander any further.

I remember the Miley Cyrus scandal of posing nude underage wearing a sheet and Billy Ray defended it saying he or Trish was on set. Maybe Hilary did have better parents. Hayley Duff didn't seem to slut it up either, just fight with Ashlee Simpson.

No. 1951081

we'll see how you feel in 15 years, when you're 34. fucking loser. she doesn't even have a single wrinkle on her face let alone sag. it's just typical fat loss around the eyes, same thing happened to mila kunis. funnily enough both of them are slavic too.

No. 1951108

Hooded eyes are so pretty, I can’t imagine choosing to get rid of them and instead opt for hollowed out eyes, mental illness.

No. 1951125

Samefag I’m googling her through the years starting from 2014 and I’m starting to think the change is subtle and gradual enough to not be plastic surgery, just fat loss and aging.

No. 1951249

KEK nonnie that's so fucked up but I can't disagree. She's always wheeling him out to premieres with his headphones on and his fat mouth hanging open and I know eventually he's going to snap at someone trying to take a photo of him. Aggression is a known symptom of Prader Willi. He's gigantic AND he has tard strength. One day he's going to rip some unsuspecting paparazzo's face off like Travis the chimp.

No. 1951313

It's literally just the dress billowing as she leans forward. People are so stupid.

No. 1951418

Jojo Siwa has released her music video for Karma.

No. 1951421

I thought those bows and sequin toys set her for life so idk why she's doing all of this. She's only 20.

No. 1951423

Every single youtube comment talking about dry humping

No. 1951443

This was so cringey it was hard to watch, I know she’s young but omg this is embarrassing kek

No. 1951444

why do all female celebrities feel the need to sexualize themselves for the moid gaze? even when they are lesbians.

No. 1951470

>it’s nice seeing a young celebrity not being sexualised
Your comment didn't age well kek

No. 1951483

This isn't that bad? I feel like you guys just oversexualize lesbians

No. 1951507

File: 1712307697618.jpg (18.87 KB, 500x247, CC_before_eyes-640w (1).JPG)

Nayrt but that's not how aging and hooded eyes works. If left untouched hooded eyelids actually start sagging over the eye and become even more hooded, like picrel. The fact that her hooded eyes disappeared with age 100% indicates surgery. It's actually a very common surgery since when you reach a certain age (50s, not 34) it can block your vision.

No. 1951540

Why does every singer on the planet have at least one song or album about "karma" I´m so fucking tired of it

No. 1951556

Hooded eyes get more hooded with age, not less

No. 1951559

I think it's kinda cute. I like the dance, looks very high effort. The white powersuit outfits are my weaknesses, they look beautiful. The song isn't that bad either despite her not being a singer.

No. 1951563

Holy shit what a yerrible song and Jojo has a really unpleasant mouth area.

No. 1951581

Wow this is pretty bad. But I can’t help but like her for some reason. The choreography is kind of cool I guess

No. 1951586

>unpleasant mouth area
What? What's wrong with it. You nonnies will say fucking anything.

No. 1951587

File: 1712313814997.jpeg (953.83 KB, 1170x1739, IMG_0140.jpeg)

> In the suit filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Grace O’Marcaigh alleges that Christian Combs, 26, sexually assaulted her in late December 2022 while she was working on a boat charter that had been “sold as a wholesome family excursion” but turned into a “hedonistic environment.”

No. 1951594

File: 1712314180072.jpeg (263.87 KB, 1096x1824, IMG_0145.jpeg)

Angelina absolutely wore it better, she looks like a goddess and sydney looks frumpy and cheap

No. 1951595

File: 1712314290809.jpeg (962.39 KB, 1017x1234, IMG_0148.jpeg)

No. 1951596

KEK as if. How many IP bans is sydneysperg going to evade? No one cares that you're jealous of her.

No. 1951597

Mortified expression on her face says it all. That girl is a prisoner.

No. 1951600

This is heartbreaking. This picture makes me want to cry.

No. 1951602

File: 1712314631879.jpeg (964.2 KB, 1170x1343, IMG_0149.jpeg)

> “While Pitt’s history of physical abuse of Jolie started well before the family’s September 2016 plane trip from France to Los Angeles, this flight marked the first time he turned his physical abuse on the children as well. Jolie then immediately left him,” the document reads.

> According to the filing, the NDA Pitt, 60, allegedly proposed to Jolie, 48, would cover his “personal misconduct, whether related to Miraval or not,” in an attempt to prevent her from speaking on his alleged abuse.

>Jolie’s lawyers also alleged Pitt wanted her to “contractually bind herself” to silence after he discovered in 2021 that she submitted a sealed filing, consisting of “emails, summaries of the family’s expected testimony and other evidence” to help settle their child custody dispute.

No. 1951605

Which part of that post sounds like sydneysperging to you? Angelina Jolie is objectively beautiful and sydney is not.
No one cares about your creepy and pathetic crush on that cheap casting couch prostitute(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1951606

File: 1712315141311.webp (176.24 KB, 2000x1333, IMG_0150.webp)

> 'Sopranos' star Drea de Matteo told son he wouldn't have nice 's - - t' if she didn’t 'show my ass' on OnlyFans

> He’s not a fan. “Sopranos” star Drea de Matteo joked she had to put her 12-year-old son, Waylon, “in his place” when he expressed dismay over her lucrative OnlyFans career.

> “‘You like all the things that you want that make you happy? You like that new PC that you begged for for Christmas? Because you wouldn’t have that s – – t if Mommy didn’t show her ass!” she laughed.
>When Steele asked how Waylon responds to that kind of explanation, De Matteo claimed, “That shuts him up because he’s a little greedy little bastard, too, sometimes. I mean, he’s 12, you know?”

No. 1951615

Why would you reveal this and would you let your son know he has an oedipus complex.

No. 1951616

A 12 year old shouldn't even know his mom has OF.
I was literally just thinking with the rise of onlyfans and parents letting their kids have unfiltered iPad access, a lot of gen alpha is gonna be fucked up when they get older knowing that their parents nudes and sex tapes are easily available. Some of them will probably end up getting bullied by other kids too. It even happened to Kim Kardashian with her kids.

No. 1951618

are scrotes really splurging money hand over fist to see a 50 year old with a massive cleft in her forehead's arsecheeks?

No. 1951621

I think it's more the fact she was in the Sopranos.

No. 1951623


Oh come one, she is an adult with a masters degree in architecture that decided to get together with pornsic degen moid for fame and money. She is not being held at gunpoint to do these pap walks half naked.

No. 1951624

File: 1712316550798.jpeg (94.75 KB, 897x316, IMG_9988.jpeg)

I hope every fan of sick minded prostitute SS drops dead this instant!(calm down)

No. 1951627

I earned a postgrad degree from the University of Cambridge and I still got abused for years by a moid. Educated women can still be abused, doofus.

No. 1951628

I am guessing your ex was not famously known for being pornsick crazy degen well before your relationship, nor did you go around naked waiting for paparazzi to photograph you.

No. 1951629

>blaming a woman for being abused
>on lolcow.farm

No. 1951631

Can you at least post sources from where you're copy-pasting all your posts from?

No. 1951634

My sympathies are with the countless actual prostituted women and children exploited every day in Hollywood, not with a wealthy woman who has options and an exhibitionism kink. If you want to cry, cry thinking about the kids who worked with Dan fucking Schnieder, JonBenet Ramsey or any of the nameless faces who didn't even have a chance. Stop forcing this meme, she's collecting attention and money so she can write a book and grift off of being Kardashian-adjacent. Julia Fox did it, too.(sage your shit)

No. 1951637

It was from New York post

No. 1951639

The fact you are unable to interpret her discomfort from her facial expression is autistic.

No. 1951648

NTA but she looks like every other “baddie” in LA or the UK on a pub crawl. Surgery, botox and filler also make it hard to emote much.

No. 1951650

What British woman have you ever seen that looks a fraction that attractive kek.

No. 1951653

She just looks like another Kim Kardashian, I feel so bad for their children. I don't know what fucking message is going to sink into their psyche but it can't be good to see your dad marrying a clone of your mum and then making her wear publicly indecent clothes publicly.

No. 1951655

This is insane on so many levels. A 12 year old who knows their mom buys them things with her whore money us vile. Her attitude towards telling her son about her sex work is just wtf

No. 1951671

That son will grow out to be a misogynistic pig.

No. 1951700

File: 1712322671531.jpeg (56.56 KB, 647x818, GKO9AC3XkAAWKj_.jpeg)

Sorry but I laughed…
This seems to be the new go-to formula, cast a (not attractive) black actress and immediately get huge attention and therefore sales. The girl already had to close her ig comment section before it even started.
It's also so obvious that they always replace white female characters but leave the male character as it was, played by one of the usual 10 white actors Hollywood rotates through.(racebaiting)

No. 1951706

File: 1712323205525.webp (121.33 KB, 1200x675, Romeo-and-Juliet-1968.webp)

kinda looks like a gorilla. not trying to be mean but she does not fit romeo and juliet, she would do better in some jungle story.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1951708

I honestly feel terrible for this woman. Her career is basically over and the movie hasn’t come out yet, and she’s going to face internet harassment for years (even on here, see post above)

No. 1951709

she should play biggie smalls in a biopic, not juliet. why do you feel sorry for someone who willingly auditioned for and accepted the role?(racebaiting)

No. 1951710

I’ve never seen someone so stuck on an eyebrow shape that doesn’t suit them at all, besides the 2016 MUA girlies with blocky eyebrows but they grow out of it and she’s been keeping these for years now.

No. 1951711

File: 1712323468424.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.99 KB, 736x736, LFNF_fef$.jpg)

They couldn't pick a pretty black girl to play Juliet ?

Spoiler for random cute black girl.

No. 1951714

Some people will post shit like this, then have complete meltdowns and post weird fake feminist rants if you call Amy Schumer or the other one ugly

No. 1951715

Hope this based stacy triggers all the conservative snowflakes into oblivion.

No. 1951716

It’s crazy how celebrities in the 90s and early 00s used to look so much better and actually regal, I can barely name any red carpet looks in recent years that were showstopping and actually stunning. Maybe it has something to do with camera quality, besides actors getting uglier.

No. 1951718

File: 1712323980268.webp (113.85 KB, 640x1787, IMG_3609.webp)

Speaking of Kanye… He’s fucking insane but absolutely hysterical.

No. 1951719

Because racists like you are such cunts.

No. 1951720

People in the comments wondering whether Tom might be the Juliet…
I feel bad for the hate she's getting but I also wonder why nobody in her team has stopped her, what did anybody expect? The previous Juliet actresses were always young pretty girls and she already saw what happened with Halle and Co. despite them being much prettier than her.
If you look her up she already has a lot of work under her belt, she would have continued getting jobs based on her talent but it seems that she wanted (or was pushed by management) to try and take a shortcut with a big role and lots of negative attention.

No. 1951721

amy schumer is a fat unfunny hog i don't know what you're on about? whatever makes you feel better rofl oo oo aa aa(ban evading, unsaged, infight, retardation)

No. 1951722

thanks nonnie i lost it.

No, I'm glad they cast Francesca, I hope all the retarded racists lose their shit. It's the same binches using BLM in their bio who are triggered by this.

No. 1951723

Halle has been adored as Ariel by people that actually watched the film, she was a wonderful Ariel the only people I saw seething were middle aged white moids who weren't the demographic anyway. Brandy as Cinderella was iconic as was Whoopi as the Godmother.

No. 1951725

File: 1712324306330.png (175.95 KB, 327x230, Screenshot 2024-04-05 2.31.57 …)

>despite being much prettier

This woman is on the same tier lookswise as Francesca.

No. 1951728

I’m just describing your looksmatch and how you react when they’re talked about, cope.

No. 1951730

She's not the most gorgeous actress but she at least has good facial harmony, Francesca is straight up not pretty.

No. 1951731

All the power to her. Isn't it better that we're having women that don't conform rigidly ti beauty standards in media? How can that possibly be a bad thing for women?

No. 1951733

File: 1712324649737.jpg (22.23 KB, 399x400, eb81e41c5f7108b585aad76de9514d…)

Anon you know she's not…

No. 1951734

I'm sure Hollywood stylists will be able to improve upon the obvious serious styling in that photo. Get over yourself.

No. 1951736

AYRT, wow, that awful ginger-brown colour really did not flatter her.

No. 1951737

Go back to your containment thread(infighting)

No. 1951738

File: 1712324822053.jpg (170.8 KB, 1000x938, Tom-Holland-1638799353.jpg)

Btw Tom Holland is ALSO ugly. I wish we still had beautiful people in our movies.

No. 1951742

i don't look anything remotely like that fat anglo wet wipe amy nor like that sheboon that got cast as juliet, which is why it's funny that you're trying this hard to gotcha me. focus more on why a gorilla got casted in a role described as "the most beautiful woman in all of venice". i guess if venice was in planet of the apes(racebait)

No. 1951747

Why Mario?

No. 1951748

The only correct opinion. Neither are beautiful and Tom sucks as an actor anyways

No. 1951749

Kek at the absolute lack of lips in that photo. Also I don't care about Romeo and Juliet either way, but I'm already tired of the sperging it will most likely inspire ITT too, kinda like Halle Bailey as Ariel did.

No. 1951750

we all know that's a marketing strategy but this feels like producers are mocking viewers at this point kek

No. 1951755

Oh no, we can't watch a token white woman get romanced by twink Tom Holland, we're devolving!!

No. 1951757

It’s annoying because black women are going to get attacked as a demographic, as if they’re making these decisions and holding the white moid producers at gunpoint.
None of these Hollywood companies ever suffer from these casting choices, and mouth foaming racists love it because it gives them a fresh excuse to be misogynistic and racist at the same time.(der