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File: 1701086583498.jpeg (10.57 MB, 4096x4096, Lolcowthread17.jpeg)

No. 313446

Everyone Quits Lolita Edition

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk. PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight
Kaye Celestial/Seagulls Discord Head
@experiencingwhimsy @batiatte @twinklebatdesigns
Spirals on Facebook on how no one likes her >>303249
allegedly the discord cow that went after Ryudenki on Kiwifarms and doxxed her. >>303274

Catcy/Catherine Crawford/Ivory.frills /tartan.rin
lacemarket: https://egl.circlly.com/users/catcy
Depop: tartanrin and Mercari is uumber
Cgl Anons posted a scalper on lacemarket lying about stuff being NWT but yet was wearing them >>303880 >>303917 >>303920
Scammed Sainte >>303498
Banned from the Austin, Texas, lolita community after being caught scamming people and making people uncomfortable at swap meets.
Hosted an apartment swap meet to scam her comm members >>303912
More proof of her upcharging on sales to make a profit >>303997
Got into it with Austin Texas mod and was banned >>304005
Continues to scam yet again and scams another cow (Isha and Mabel) >>305655 >>307473 >>307472 >>308527

Was accused of shittalking and subtweeting Catcy, who was scamming in her comm >>304007
Wanted people to stop asking her about drama. >>304011
Posted on CGL, trying to defend herself >>304012 after getting posted >>304017
She tweeted about how she despises white girls named Rin, subtweeting towards Catrinehe. >>304244 >>304356
Crying about how she got doxxed but wasn't. >>305705 >>305706
Subtweets catherine >>305707 >>305711
Anons shared her deleted tweets and where she lost it. >>305715
One of olives mutuals from the Dallas lolita community is talking shit about Dallas lolitas: >>305723 >>305724 >>305725
Post about the Pick Me Discord Seagulls: >>305732

Catsuewho Gets accused of being into lolicon with a poster in her room by anons >>305363 >>305445

NLO Members:
Nat/ Oatmilkchan Posted her wardrobe for leaving lolita sale and got called out for upcharging and scamming >>308432 >>308433

Melissa / NLO member (Instagram(s): _seraphonline, melomelo1013, Twitter: _mly1013, Blogspot: neverlace)
has a huge hypocritical meltdown on her blog, befriended known pedophile sainte, doesn’t see the irony of her discord vendetta hatestalking document that she made and kept updated plus spammed in the threads constantly
Leaves twitter >>307041
Decides to leave lolita fashion >>307056 >>307055

DDZ / Dee Dee Zeta / Ddnazi / NLO leader (Instagram: faithful.mew, repent.repent.repent.repent, Blogspot: basednlaced)
follows the same alt-right/woman hating account as melissa >>300234
repeatedly posts absolutely cringeworthy boomer tradtard gun/gun range photos showing off her bad makeup and haircut >>300450
Shown attending fetish cons >>307101

Isha / Incel loving edgelord / Unhinged e-beggar (Instagram(s): victorianmaid3n, momokopilled, stupidfakecel9, stupidfakecel10, fed_chan, Lacemarket: roundmidnite, Reddit: cloudfest)https://victorianmaiden.dreamwidth.org/

has an edgy, autistic incel e-boyfriend that she likely met on 4chan >>299703 >>299704
runs an edgy incel-pandering meme account where she does things like idolize school shooters plus mass shooters, makes light of rape (rape jokes), uses racial slurs, and brags about getting creepy men to buy her dresses. >>299706 >>299707 >>299709 >>299711 >>299713 >>299716 >>299778 >>299827
At one point, was running many different accounts, half of them pandering to incels >>299729
begging for 4chan incels to buy her stuff, implied she might have been sexting them or pretending to e-date them in exchange >>299839 >>299844
larping as having purchased a gun (which are expensive and she is not old enough to buy one) while simultaneously begging for money from creepy internet strangers. >>299846
wants to pretend to e-date incels in exchange for cheap Discord nitro >>299849
negotiating with creepers on /r9k/ to buy her a dress that both she and the incels like >>299858
planning on meeting up with her edgelord loser e-bf in a different country despite only dating him for a month >>299884
her boyfriend is an /r9k/ poster that refers to her by racial slurs >>300000 >>300008
oldish milk: kicked nat from babylita server about a year ago for being a meanie terf, is now friends with nat and larps as being a misandrist despite pandering to incel men and having a racist 4chan bf >>300092 >>300202
freaking out on lacemarket, refusing to sell to people because she claims they’re involved in online harassment yet has sold to them before without issue >>300212 >>300215
After attempting to do some damage control, she announces she is leaving Lolita. >>300502
ghosting sellers on LaceMarket after agreeing to a price >>301365
Ghosted and abandoned her Lacemarket account and made a new one >>306757 >>306761
Isha blogs about the lolita community and leaving it forever. >>307443
Buys more lolita under new lacemarket >>307471 >>307472
Created a classic Lolitas Discord community >>310493

Andrea Nicole Baker / Mandrea / Disgusting Pedophile, and Sissy Fetishist (Instagram: andreanicolebaker, Blogspot: littlemissandrea-joanne)
An open pedophile and fetishist who includes photos of real children in his pedo-erotica blog. >>301192
more of his pedo and sissy erotica from his blogspot >>>>301297
Some proof Mandrea is lying about not being a pedo/fetishist >>302542 >>302545
ATL moderators defending the pedo against concerned comm members >>306243 >>306244

Atlanta mods in question:
Cheyenne Skirvin >>306332 >>306336
Kia Spearman >>306336
Arene Holme
Becky Cozart Higgins

Andrea is still hosting meets after moderators lied and said he was not active anymore. >>306257
Mods taking pictures and sticking up to him despite making he's not active claims>>306272 >>306273
Andrea's followers including Rambo Brite, Central Florida comm pedo, also active in the atl comm >>306275 >>306442 >>306443 >>306446
Literal kids at meets around Pedo Andrea >>306275

Courtney Bemis/Central Florida Comm Mod
Allows in known community pedos (Andrea nad rambo brite) >>306443 >>306446
was one of the ones leaving fake reviews for Kuroshiro Kawaii after LOC/NLO trolled them. >>306447
She got her car repossessed due to unpaid car payments and created a GoFundMe to help her get her car back. >>306633 >>306620
beg for surgery funds >>306637

Frilledcriminal / Sacramaneto disaster (YouTube: frilledcriminal, Instagram: frilledcriminal) makes a sad YouTube room tour of her living in filth in a garage as her bedroom—hoarding cardboard boxes, underwear hanging from the ceiling—apparently very dusty. >>299276 >>299371
Anon on CGL posted her sales where she has unwashed clothes and gross condition >>303345
Pissed off poorfags even though she cannot afford burando >>304083 >>304117 >>304141
She became snarky in her comments: >>304147 >>304355
Keeps milking for drama to get likes and views >>304540 >>304559 >>304614
She starts getting cocky about how she modeled for Lolita brands at con fashion shows. >>304591
Gets engaged to a scrote she met 7 months ago >>306492
Posted her engagement ring and anons exposed that it was her ex-fiance's engagement ring he has given her >>307889 >>307949

Toast / Toastchan / Lolicon loving degenerate (Instagram: toastchaaan, Tiktok: toastchaaan)
recently moved into an apartment in japan and showed videos of it decorated with loli wall scrolls, clothes and junk thrown everywhere >>299405
Recently got her dream japanese street snap in a shitty coord >>303423

Sainte Alkemei / Serial Pedo (Lacemarket:
https://egl.circlly.com/users/Suuushi / Alchemy and gold)
Deranged tranny that wants to sue lacemarket and invade lolita Discord communities >>303335 >>303342

Other notible mentions
Facebook ita wants to cancel a meta dress >>303627
Closet of frills pedo man is still isnt banned >>304032
Gross depop troon age player >>305961 >>306001 >>305962 >>305991 >>305994
Arizona lolita community drama >>306728 >>306782 >>306788
They/Them ita raging over Meta dress listing >>306949 >>306879 >>306831 >>306828
Unicorn Princess being a thief >>307533
Florida chan posting Comm mod and DDZ >>307567 >>307570
Reddit fetish chan >>307657 >>307666 >>307672
Kei con coord contest shitshow >>307916
Abby-Banned UK Age player moid gets posted for being a predator >>308178 >>308237 >>308208 >>308327
>>308623 >>308624 >>308846 >>308854 >>308855
>>308856 >>308857 >>308858 >>308882
Lara suzanne still raging over lolitas in tiktoks >>308440
AngryPrncess/angeleeku weird confessions >>308583
Shein ita getting mad at lolitas >>309585 >>309696
Angelgotch annoyed every one on discord and been shitting it up for months
>>310463 >>310200 >>310245 >>310258 >>310276
LM schizo >>310476
Fake VW necklace scammer >>310607 >>310608 >>310609 >>310615 >>310616 >>310679
AngelBabyKittyPrincess Gets exposed being a Age player ethot cam girl >>311027 >>311036 >>311045

No. 313447

Since nobody made a thread and let the milk dried up

No. 313449

Shit thread but you tried OP

No. 313460

>not a single update to the thread write up was actually milk

No. 313461

Did catcy disappear? Her lacemarket seems active but all of her pages are gone

No. 313467

She blocked you

No. 313474

not everyone is in your pick me mean girl discord

No. 313476

damn you got found out

No. 313477

you’re full of shit, I’m a different anon and there’s no reason she would have blocked me (random lonelita). The first account has zero followers, the second is gone.

No. 313488

all of the new "milk" is boring discordchan drama

No. 313492

Oh, please discord seagulls cry while NLO has moved on after constant vendetta. The thread recap only shows Celestial being a bitch to others and finally getting it back. That is what I guess the OP has made a recap of. The whole Ryudenki shit threads ago and how she was moping her shit behavior on Facebook adds to her milk.

No. 313493

Well her Facebook is gone now or she un added me

No. 313508

>AngelBabyKittyPrincess Gets exposed being a Age player ethot cam girl
OP it was established that the ethot/OF Girl wasn't her, just a really unfortunate coincidence. >>311072
Still was suspicion that she was a little at least at some point based on youtube comments.

No. 313542

Way to tell on yourself. She probably found out you were a 2 faced bitch.

No. 313553

Happened upon a lolcow in the making who used the ap tag to rage super hard about an overpriced closet child ring. Had a good laugh and wanted to share.

No. 313557

She sounds retarted. The price is very clearly just a typo/human error.

No. 313661

She is uggggglllllyyyy

No. 313691

what a sperg. I hate lolita influencers. half of you need speech classes just to talk normally.

No. 313719

File: 1701288797948.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1179x1598, IMG_8483.jpeg)

I hate seeing this bitch on my timeline insufferable shein Whore that wears taobao dresses ugly as sin and all her brand coords look like a fucking catastrophe happened. Half of her content is just bitching about incels in her comments or cringe gen z humor stuff.

No. 313720

But where is the milk? Being ita isn’t milk

No. 313724

The only good lolita influencers has left. We’re just stuck with annoying clout chasers that doesn’t know how to dress.

No. 313725

I forget her @ but iirc she doesn't even wear lolita anymore so she doesn't belong here.

No. 313727

Biana bear, I used to buy lolita for her.

No. 313729

Can you elaborate more on this?(can you sage your shit?)

No. 313888

Does anyone know what happened to Tallulah Bee/jahrhundert? She basically fizzled off earth 2 years ago and deleted almost all of her lolita videos. And yet still hasn't released any of her wardrobe kek

No. 313891

>background neighborhood looks clean and like upper class

No. 313926

This is not milk. Again what’s the deal with anons posting nitpicks. It's a little weird that you guys are obsessed with posting randos and being too faced like shopping service Chan.

No. 313928

Anyway, Scammer Chan Toast got robbed in Japan. For those who got scammed by her emergency surgery on GoFundMe, you can now have your karma. She mentioned this earlier, and a small circle of JP Lolitas were talking about the situation.

No. 313932

File: 1701449726596.jpeg (264.17 KB, 561x1019, IMG_2835.jpeg)

That was weeks ago anon. It was on bus transport, she said. But again, Japan is just like New York and can be robbed unexpectedly. But to add to the thread she was also featured on an apartment video where people accused her of sexualizing and pretending to be East Asian. Some comments were deleted. 

No. 313935

File: 1701451677072.jpeg (181.34 KB, 828x1198, IMG_2838.jpeg)

Can’t find the East Asian fishing comment but there were a few responses to the EA baiting.

No. 313936

t. person who has lived in neither Japan nor NYC

No. 313938

She definitely does try too hard, which I’m guessing the comments are shitting on her for. She doesn’t look Asian or even close. I’m guessing the commenters were misusing the words. She does give off japanophile vibes just by looking at her videos. She could be awkward as hell or a wannabe Japanese. 

No. 313939

You’re so weird. Can’t imagine a psychopath like you knowing her address and everything. Touch grass

No. 313941

It must be such a honor to be whiteknighted by the former princess of the LARPing weaboo cows. Isn't she well into her 30s by now ?

No. 313942

Zoomers seems to do this a lot

No. 313944

Nonny Deets?

No. 313951

File: 1701457549143.jpg (Spoiler Image,612.64 KB, 1080x2244, 1529652015609.jpg)

French cow formerly known as Sabi Ryuuji. It's dry vintage milk with little to no screenshots so I don't want to derail, but she used to be a topic in the French Jfashion thread. Had a bit of a following, went on TV once, made awful music, some of her old videos and performances are still easily available. She stopped being milky so I haven't kept up with her in a long while, I think she is around 33 years old now (yet still cringy enough to use a generic japanese woman name as her pseudonym I guess) There is a lot of dirt on her ranging from just being cringy and awful to straight up pedo accusations, but like I said, the archiving work wasn't very meticulous, so she is just a random kawaii expat girl now. She claimed to be part japanese at some point then switched to just "eurasian" but we never knew the truth on that, and even now she still clearly enjoys being as ambiguously Japanese as possible. She was also close friends with some very obvious fetishists with pedo tendencies… So not surprising she'd wk someone like Toast. Picrel stolen from the old thread, spoilered for non-milk.

No. 313953

Um how much $ did she scammed out of people?

No. 313959

Stop asking to be spoonfed and read the threads for yourself

No. 313960

Saging for old milk
It was posted on thread #9 anon. https://gofund.me/6b54f866
She only made around $600 and took off with the money to Japan. There was no update after, and I guess it rubbed people the wrong way. Hence, anons won’t let it go, as I assume some fell for her donation fraud. 

No. 313962

Deets annon! Where is the post about her getting robbed?

No. 313963

File: 1701467942281.jpeg (427.96 KB, 1440x1800, IMG_6556.jpeg)

Speaking of Toast. She met up with another western cow. Why are their hands yellow? This girl idolizes Toast.

No. 313965

File: 1701468130625.jpeg (352.48 KB, 1440x1800, IMG_6557.jpeg)

Kayla Kitsune is her name.

No. 313967

Take this shit to the ita thread

No. 313968

I remember her. She was such a nuisance in person

No. 313969

What makes Kayla Kitsune a cow? I can't find a thread on her

No. 313982

did she delete this? i can't find it on her IG or TT.
and like sorry that happened to her but even the worst neighborhoods in tokyo are much safer than NYC. you'd have to be a real idiot walking around with wads of cash hanging out your pockets to get robbed there

No. 313988

She didn’t post it some interviewer did if I remember.

No. 314001

She’s from Fresno and is actually really annoying in person. I met her at the Harajuku LA pop up and she just starts drama with people. She's also a furry degenerate and has made really weird comments about kids before.

No. 314003

File: 1701533381598.jpeg (469.88 KB, 554x1031, Saved.jpeg)

I don’t know if you saw anon, but Tokyo Fashion posted the photos of them. It’s not surprising that she would turn around and edit the photos, leaving her yellow hands.

No. 314012

oh of course she got something to do with harajuku day la, one of the most half assed events I seen in awhile, It’s a ita infestation at most.

No. 314143

Bringing this back

Olivia/Liv Engro pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowghostbunny @o.engro (formerly dreamypastelprincess) [particularly heinous offender]
toastchan#4873 = @toastchaaan LM: toastchan
Rainey rainier#6904 = @ltracks, @___diarygirl, @ltracksvintage, @theltracks
Hannah Franke ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty LM: Rosequartzroyalty [particularly heinous offender]

Radical Eddy#1987 = @radicaleddy (originally from Wiscousin) LM: RaddicalEddy

Anna Shipman Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl LM: aiunyan [particularly heinous offender]
Mani Devlin tokkigo#7380 = @tokkigo LM: tokkigo [particularly heinous offender, ragequit after being posted]
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
Ha-Anh Dinh JuJuJu Bi#3579 = @junie_green, @twotartsandaprincess, @JunieGreenerie, twotartsandaprincess.com
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes (works at Baby SF, has leaked secret shop info to discord)
dedizenoflight#5279 = @dedizenoflight (Twitter)

Ezra biscuit#2593 = @biscuit.bun, @gl.ossuary, @gl_ossuary LM: biscuitbun
Nif @prettyprincess.club LM: niftynif

Arianne Golding cardinalcopia#8114 = @kdycu, @telltaleyarnco
melomania#8041 = LM: melomania


beck#2603 = @beckattack, becksux LM: beck


North Bend, IOWA
Scotty Bishop ImNewHere#9064 = @scottyspor LM: ImNewHere

Lyla Hyatt Lala Land#7138 = @clefableist [particularly heinous offender] LM: Ensomnia
agentlemandoesnotconga = @agentlemandoesnotconga LM: agentlemandoesnotconga

#3234 = name changed to 23minds#3234

evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe

Julie starstarfairy#3297 = @starstarfairy, @sweetjujushop LM: starstarfairy

zepplis#6640 = @zepplis LM: zepplis


Chelsea Clarke Cookie Cat#7077 = Rose Nocturnalia, void-whispers.blogspot.com

Lily Lee Lucid#9208 = @lucidly lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org

Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia

wallpaper-chan#9414 = @voyeurism.s LM: velveteenchemise

Jess#1258 (@jess.in.pink?)
Kim Varley ghostlie#7579 = @ghostlieangel @shopbellefreams

celestial#8008 = @twinklebatdesigns, @batIatte, acute-bird, coof-police LM: bumblebat [particularly heinous offender]

PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea

Cake#9854 = @abbie_666 [particularly heinous offender] LM: donutdemon

UK (P0ssibly Malaysia?)

Elina Princeataia elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina [particularly heinous offender]


Alys Pain De'spice alys#0310 = @webfairywiz, @puffnipples [particularly heinous offender]

Amber pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin @pyuukin.art


Inaka, Kanamara, JAPAN

Kate rougeaerie#2278 = @rougeaerie LM: rougeaerie

Savannah Chocolatelapins#7723 = @chocolatelapins
Melissa harmlessmonster#7160 @grownhaunted
Eileen Resh#8336 = @_i.leen
romeo#3055 = bunii_boy LM: bunnyboy
Jennifer Myles jennkitty#3462 = mylesjennifer, D_walkure LM: legnanellaf [particularly heinous offender]
purestmaiden#8700 = purestmaiden LM: wonderfinch

pwassoncha#2894 = @pwassonchat LM: pwassonne(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 314150

Great! A list of names no one gives a fuck about. Funny how this pops up right as we are discussing something current and not from over a year ago.

No. 314154

File: 1701666811180.png (9.38 KB, 1578x90, ceeg.png)

Pretty sure its because the r/lolita mods are discord chans and someone in the ita thread is complaining about them not getting rid of fetishists, picrel.

Anon instead of reposting this unfunny spam just post the guys youtube and reddit here.

No. 314199

>Dallas Taxes

No. 314205

Fuck the Texas comm. Most of you are ugly and fat and can’t dress for shit.

No. 314216

File: 1701710047676.jpeg (628.55 KB, 1170x1990, B06682E8-3381-4648-BC2E-C2D117…)

This is the guy. He also goes by Tye Safir.

No. 314224

File: 1701714136050.png (95.96 KB, 732x1174, rlolita.png)

Speaking of r/lolita, does anyone have caps of what got deleted? Under a photo of a troon

No. 314248

Kek what?

No. 314256

I know of one person who was banned from commenting in r/lolita, but this wasn’t within the last week.(I know of one person that doesn't know how to sage)

No. 314257

back to bed grandma

No. 314259

Wasnt she the one who would talk about loving shotacon and being dommed in bed at meetups? She is in her 30s and still pretending to be japanese 13 years later. Sad.

No. 314271

She posted on her social media how Japanese children make her ovaries explode. What a massive creep

No. 314284

Screenshots. Document that shit.

No. 314326

Don't have caps but I saw it before she got deleted, She very respectfully (which I think she shouldn't have been that polite) commented about how sissy OP has posted said coord on and is active in femboy/crossdressing subreddits and that she hopes OP is not wearing this for his fetish which he clearly does. She didn't even say anything "trasphobic" or whatever, Her username was RuffleFalafel but she deleted/ her account got deleted.
RuffleFalafel if you're here I love you and I hope you will make your return

No. 314334


No. 314335

Probably because she has baby fever, probably not in a sexual way.

No. 314348

Nta but I think they mean the fetishization of Japanese children specifically not in a pedophile way.

No. 314379

File: 1701832551180.jpeg (289.43 KB, 828x934, IMG_7044.jpeg)

This was the most I could find of her comments on that particular post. Not sure if there were more.

No. 314383

lmao the only person with common sense gets dogpiled and banned. r/lolita was a mistake

No. 314395

RuffleFalafel is so based. I wish she didn't delete, I want to be friends.

No. 314424

This is the state of the lolita community. Fetishists welcome! Come on in creepy scrotes! But god forbid you’re an actual woman wanting to participate in the fashion without moids being predatory, you’re not welcome here.

No. 314442

Fetishists have weaponized the language SJWs use to sneak into every community, including those with minors, and SJWs are too stupid to realize what’s happening or fight against it in any meaningful way. I only see this problem getting worse and worse until literal pedophiles are welcomed into lolita groups, because people are too scared of being called buwwies or being cancelled to do anything about it.

A sissy just has to pretend to be trans and they have access to practically every group because they can hide behind political correctness.

No. 314446

>too stupid to realize
>until literal pedophiles are welcomed
They realize, they just don't care. Take the Atlanta comm mods Cheyenne Skirvin and Kia Spearman >>306336 and Florida lolita Lolita Fashion Mentoring Server admin Lyla Hyatt >>259592 for examples. When confronted about Mandrea who has photos of children on his fetish blog they just lie and deny.

I agree with the tinfoil there's a deeper reason they allow these people than just they're afraid to be cancelled, I'm just not sure what it could be. Like with Lala Land even her friends were not on her side but she kept to her story that the blog pics were faked. That's some serious denial.

No. 314464

File: 1701899688650.jpg (241.36 KB, 1080x1080, c3RwPWRzdC1qcGdfZTM1X3MxMDgweD…)

The hair and lacking makeup is horrifying with this coordinate. Her breasts are about to bust! The editing makes me chuckle as well. Her account is a goldmine of awful photo editing and blurring filters. The facial expressions seem like her face went numb. Her instagram is @strawberryapplefrills(vendetta posting)

No. 314472

She definitely needs a better petticoat and to buy the right sizes but coord itself is fine. Some of her coords are just okay but nothing too horrendous. Only 200 followers too and hardly milkable so I'm assuming this is a vendetta. Read the rules.

No. 314510

going after just the black mods is certainly a choice anon

No. 314512

Where's caps of the other mods being contacted then, because all that got posted were chats from Kia and Cheyenne. >>306244 Guilt by association isn't real outside of zoomer cancel culture

No. 314514

>Where's caps of the other mods being contacted then

no idea where you're asking me. ask the girl that's so scared of getting raped by Andrea lol.

No. 314520

>Twas not my intention
Yes, exactly how women speak, nailed it
>Not welcoming fetishists literally posting in fetish subs is making me uncomfortable
You'd think these men were paying their bills the way they crawl up their asses. "It's not always fetishistic!!"

No. 314528

leave it to the retard defending a pedophile sissy to not know how to sage

No. 314529

"she doesn't know the proper ettiquette of this dumb site whose culture I'm well versed in– btw did you know that this lady who used to have a penis is a THREAT?????" isn't the flex you think it is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 314531

and being a pedo apologist handmaiden posting in broken english isn’t the flex you think it is retard

No. 314532

enjoy the lonelita life, anon(learn to sage)

No. 314533

enjoy white knighting an adult man who posted photos of real life children alongside his pornographic fantasies

No. 314534

will do, thanks

No. 314539

Oh wow this is embarrassing kek. For you. No such thing as a "woman who used to have a penis" and everyone, including the male you are defending, thinks you are a fool for believing there is

No. 314551

They’re still men even if they mutilate their dicks

No. 314554

>lacking makeup
did you get your advice from fucking lovely lor or something? nufag
>breasts about to bust
Go back to reddit you troon we don’t want your tinfoil hat behavior vendetta chan here with your coomer ass comment when we’re actually talking about a relevant cow and not some nobody chan. god I fucking hate these zoomers and there irrelevant nitpicks

No. 314555

File: 1701940190049.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1179x1868, IMG_9006.jpeg)

not sure if this is old news but that demon isha turned into a Depop seller since all the negative reviews made her run off lmao

No. 314557

sorry your tranny friend will only have a rot pocket and small gametes forever until he dies

No. 314624

Speaking of, Mandreas perverted fetishist friend Rambobrite is a mod for Central FL too. What is with these girls who not only protect these disgusting freaks BUT ALSO putting them in positions of authority.

No. 314626

>>314446 even when presented with evidence like atlanta situation they wont hear it and the women is always banned. male privilege anyone?
>>314624 sounds like legit patriarchy when open sexual deviant men are modding womens spaces. i guess no one seems to care tho

No. 314629

>only 2 of the 4 atl mods even bothered to reply to her concerns

op even says this in the post you linked. what is the point posting caps if they never replied? shes got all of their names listed there. racebait harder.

No. 314630

uhhhhh?? plz go back to reddit you creep

No. 314631

ATL comm mod spotted.

No. 314632

The black ita mods that allows men to take over the comm and shutdown any “rumors” by concerned comm members of perverts making them uncomfortable?

No. 314634

anon probably wouldnt have put the mods on blast if they showed some general concern instead of this dismissive tranny dick sucking

No. 314636

What did Rambobrite do? I checked previous threads and didn't see anything specific he's done other than be ugly(unsaged spoonfeeding request)

No. 314637

No. 314638

explains why he and Mandrea aren't banned from it, where's FL anon to shame him when we need her?

No. 314654

File: 1702001734043.jpg (575.26 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20231207_211427.jpg)

Openly a fetishist. He's since unfollowed all of this stuff to try and cover his tracks. But we all saw it before he unfollowed.

No. 314854

OP is a retard who didn't even read the last thread. That poor girl accused of being an OF model isn't even the same as the naked girl. they just share a username. The OF model has a fucking neck tattoo. this completely innocent lolita is being associated with degeneracy for no reason

No. 314857

this absolute piece of shit was actually getting off to "sissy bride" and "niqabi brides". You can count on a scrote to find the blatant religious patriarchal oppression and policing of women's bodies to be a fun fetish he jacks off to. I'm trying so hard not to a-log and i can't believe he is a mod

No. 314860

Since when are sweet lolita ageplayers 'innocent' exactly ?

No. 314882

Holy shit you cannot read at all

No. 314911

OP is ESL and the writeup is shit so i'm not surprised

No. 314932

Kek ESLchan strikes aagin. Guess she got bored harassing Mabel.

No. 314942

File: 1702256197089.jpg (490.73 KB, 828x1661, ursacovid.jpg)

Ursa Major, a lolita event in the Bay Area is this weekend. They're still enforcing COVID protocols almost FOUR YEARS since the pandemic started. Are there a ton of immunocompromised/disabled lolitas in Bay Area Kei?

No. 314944

Yes, there are a lot of disabled lolitas in SF. Even meet-ups have required proof of vaccination for the better part of the year. Some hosts still require it. The community is so big that a covid outbreak would spread fast.

No. 314945

I don't even think any of the European lolita events are this extreme in preventing illness

No. 314947

Sorry you're antivax nonny hope you get better

No. 314949

It's because they're SJWs so they think it makes them look good to virtue signal about muh disability/mask/vax. Not even hospitals here require them anymore so be assured this is to make the people running it feel good about themselves.

No. 314950

You that one Christian ita that got kicked out of fanime for faking your card?

No. 314951

Hi, Bay Area Kei mod here. We will continue to maintain COVID-19 precautions due to the disproportionate effect of this disease on queer and trans people of size. Contracting COVID might confine a white neurotypical straight-sized person to bed for a week, but could cause the lungs of one our valued plus-size comm members to collapse leading to severe illness or death. Your dismissive attitude is complacent in genocide against differently-bodied and immunocompromised people is unfortunate, but not surprising coming from a fascist TERF rathole such as kiwifarms.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 314952

TLDR; fatties gonna fat

No. 314953

nta but it's not really about being antivax. it's just surprising that precautions are still being taken at this point, especially when the majority of people in that area and in the lolita community in general are vaccinated anyway.

No. 314955

Is this parody? This is not kiwifarms for one, if you hate asshole men (=kiwifarms) you should reconsider your tranny loving ways. And covid absolutely debilitates thin people and white people too wtf? Whether you're adhd/autistic or not also has fuck all effect on whether a contagious virus will kill you or not. Being queer or trans doesn't affect your susceptability to a contagious virus…I'm praying this is a troll and I'm the dumb one here because this is truly one of the most moronic things I've ever read.
This is like saying AIDS only affects obese and POC, covid has very similar effects on the immune system to AIDS (this has been scientifically proven at length)
Like if you're gonna be cautious about covid at least do your fucking research enough to realise it affects everyone, being neurotypical, straight, cis, white, or thin offers you zero protection against illness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 314956

Ursa Major was a shitshow why are you surprised

No. 314957

Was you there nonny?

No. 314958

Like Seattle canceling a meet because of aids?

No. 314960

its bait anon

what happened? spill

No. 314962

Asking for vaxxed people literally hurts no one

No. 314964

Asking for masks at least makes some sense but asking for proof of a vaccination that most people got two years ago is stupid. Pure virtue signaling.

No. 314965

Nta but you're the ridiculous one for wanting the pandemic to last forever over a cold with a 99%+ survival rate, especially since it's basically gone and multiple doctors admitted that the vaccine doesn't stop spread of COVID. And this is coming from someone who got the vaccine.

No. 314969

You forgot to include that wearing masks is also in support of stopping the Palestinian genocide and Israeli occupation of Gaza

No. 314971

No, my card is real but at some point you have to accept the pandemic is over and adjust accordingly. If medical care doesn't require it anymore why should a fashion gathering? Most of my comm claiming to be "immunocompromised" never spoke a word of it before covid or took precautions before that and it really clued me in to a lot being munchies.

No. 314972

This larp bait is terrible

No. 314978

File: 1702306776843.png (107.3 KB, 1037x564, rusanjinroom_tea.png)

from the lolibrary server, regarding rusanjinroom / ruri. i don't follow japanese lolita gossip but figured it might be interesting to someone.

No. 314979

Comm mods are control freaks with nothing better to do. They always have been, and now COVID vaccine cards give them a more concrete way to circle jerk and power trip.

No. 314982

I really wish lolitas would shut the fuck up about Palestine at meetups. It may make me a bad person but I don't care and I am not pretending to suddenly care after all these years like those SJWs fakers. Let's talk about the fashion instead. Let them kill each other while we chat about the newest releases.

No. 314983

There are quite a few people who catch long covid, which leaves them with persistent (if not permanent) brain fog and respiratory issues among other things that don't respond to known medicines or treatments and affect their ability to work and function in their daily lives. I've known a few people personally that it's happened to who were perfectly healthy adults before and it's hell.

No. 314987

glad I retired from lolita during COVID and don't have to hear this shit regularly at meetups. I can't help to think people getting drawn into a convo they don't know anything about!

No. 314989

kek please, the only people who claim to have long covid just so happen to be ambiguously “queer” hambeasts with dyed hair. I’m a liberal too, this stuff about vaccination cards being unnecessary in late 2023 is really not that controversial.

No. 314994

This about 5 year old milk and also plain wrong on some parts. Ruri was an ordinary small-scale scalper like the ones we know today, buying from mercari and fril and reselling it on yahoo auctions. She crowd funded a museum exhibition where she displayed pieces she bought from fril/mercari (completely unknown to the sellers) on the same year and while the crowdfund was still running. When japanese lolitas began to notice this or just asked normal logistical questions on the crowdfund page, she first deleted and then disabled comments. She also charged everyone an entrance fee and I think also another fee on top of that but I forgot for what it was. Then after the exhibition was finished, she resold the museum pieces again for a huge markup. And then years later she opened her "second hand shop" which is, again, just reselling items from mercari, fril, yahoo and CC with a time delay to make it! ess obvious.

Here's cgl threads we used to discuss this in:

Japanese lolitas talking about it (click the arrow for further posts):

There was also another posts that compiled examples of her scalping before the whole museum thing but I can't find it.(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 314995

No caps since she deleted it but a few months ago she posted that she had roaches and her cat was chasing them. I remember the japanese lolitas being grossed out she's selling clothes when she has roaches.

No. 314996

Sorry you wasn’t let into the ball nonna

No. 314997

Not to derail the thread into a covid debate, but if sickly people are that concerned about the virus then they should just stay home. Expecting and demanding everyone to wear masks and get vaxxed 3 years into the pandemic is just silly at this point. Lolita meetups and events aren’t a right or a necessity. Coming from someone who is immunocompromised and vaxxed , if you feel like it’s unsafe for you then just don’t go.

No. 315000

Why are you typing like that?

No. 315001

kek is this chat-gpt

No. 315007

five-year-old milk or not, she wasn't well-known in the west at the time and definitely not known as rusanjinroom, and with the GLM becoming a hot topic lately, i would argue it's probably more relevant now.

>here she displayed pieces she bought from fril/mercari (completely unknown to the sellers) on the same year

though still horrible, it's a lot less evil than asking to borrow people's clothes and then sell them. i wonder why connie's story is so wrong?

No. 315010

You're kidding right? Nta but I actually went to it and the whole thing was a disaster.

No. 315011

But what happened?

No. 315012

>i wonder why connie's story is so wrong?
It's a story I see repeated often so Connie probably isn't even the original source.

No. 315016

When I went through the archive to fetch the old links, I saw a cgl post from this year retelling it wrongly, so that's probably where she has it from. I can't blame them, it's been 5 years and information always gets mixed up over the time in this fashion. When newer lolitas try to tell us what lolita actually was like in the 00s and earlier, I always get the biggest headache.

No. 315023

There are certainly a ton of special snowflakes and munchies in the Bay Area, so this tracks.

No. 315026

I'd say it's more fair to let antivaxxers stay home than bar immunocompromised people from attending meets; being disabled isn't a choice but believing that the covid vax is actually muh communist microchip definitely is. Though, any reasonable people are already vaxxed at this point so I don't get why they're making a big song and dance of checking vax cards.

No. 315031

The vaccine doesn't cause you to not get COVID or make you more immune, and not everyone who isn't vaccinated is a crazy anti-vaxxer. Hope this helps!

But this is SF we're talking about, where these women who step over human excrement and needles every day want to cry about being immunocompromised when it comes to meets kek

No. 315037

Iif you’re that triggered about a mask policy then staying home is better than crying and throwing a shit fit about it. Both ends of the spectrum are annoying.

No. 315038

This. If you think the requirements are stupid then boycott by not attending since it's a paid event and it will make them lose profit. Host a meet that day yourself instead if you want to do something fun

No. 315057

More likely she was desperate for the topic to switch from her and the rest of NLO stirring the pot so she can go back to LARPing as Japanese and the rest of them can stop pretending to leave lolita

No. 315063

Anon please stop. Fauci and vaccine companies have been desperate to get it through your head that the vaccine doesn't stop someone from getting or spreading COVID. This is actually extremely dangerous because it leads vaccinated to believe they don't need to take proper protection protocols

No. 315064

If you're afraid of long COVID the best thing to do is get the vaccine yourself and avoid large events. Thinking going to vaccine only events will work or help you is how these morons keep getting themselves killed. Literally the only thing the vaccine does is prevent severe COVID complications but a lot of people get the vaccine, ignore proper protocol and wonder why they get sick. I've seen it happen to many times

No. 315086

Unfortunately that's how people have treated it though, like it's complete immunity and a cure all when it's just an option for when or if you get sick, it won't be as bad. Events requiring it hasn't helped in not perpetuating that trope, when at least masks in that regard were more understandable. Anon >>315063 is right too.

It's a reason for people to power trip. Or to look at you like you're diseased if you choose to not get the vaccine even though all it effects is how your body handles COVID, not prevent you from getting it or even makes you less likely. I'm sure that's how most of the SF lolitas see it too because they live in SF kek

No. 315091

Stop derailing and get back to the topic.

No. 315104

File: 1702405440553.png (186.65 KB, 1886x710, Autism.png)

Can whatever old schooler pissed at aniwaffles for overpaying for their dream dress stop spamming the secondhand sales thread? https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S10891414

No. 315108

They didn't even have enough chairs for everyone. Almost no one danced. They completely fucked up the entire coord contest. Literally nothing went right.

No. 315109

Complete tinfoil but I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually her. She's a literal who, I can't imagine anyone caring about her enough to do this let alone keep track of what dresses she's buying and for how much. I've never even heard of her until the CGL incident and it being posted here. Plus if she makes it look like she has some unhinged hater vendettachan out to get her she can blame all the obvious WKing on CGL she did documented a few threads ago on them trying to make her look bad.

No. 315111

I gurantee it's people trying to goad her into another spergout since the posts aren't 3 days apart indicating she's ban evading or it's more than 1 person posting. It was funny to watch but atp the bumping/reposting is annoying, I keep thinking there's new retards to laugh at but it's the same one.

No. 315112

I think it's hilarious that she seems to stalk the thread enough to report it over and over again.

The first post talking about her in that thread is definitely aini herself, no one else could even know what she does or doesn't buy from fril.

No. 315132

The rave was a bad idea anyway, no one wants to sweat in brand. The coord contests are always a shitshow. What about the rest of the panels and the vendors?

Sorry for the spoon feed request, it doesn't sound like anyone else went.

No. 315133

File: 1702428736498.jpg (71.58 KB, 1280x720, neckbeard.jpg)

>>Twas not my intention
>Yes, exactly how women speak, nailed it
You've entered the zone of m'lady, but they just now want to be tha'lady.

No. 315134

probably has more to do with the new mod team on LM going crazy with vendetta

No. 315135

this entire post reads like it's own language. learn english, fatty.

No. 315136

pools closed, no more seattle meets

No. 315138

File: 1702432962485.png (947.25 KB, 1207x805, isos.png)

why is she charging $5 to search for people's ISOs?
>japanese autobuy software and the exclusive chinese secondhand market
oh please. since when is buyee and xianyu exclusive?

No. 315140

No offense nonny but it says she's not charging anything for looking. But I guess if she finds it she's charging $75 + the cost of the item. Which is an insane SS fee, shipping 1 item from Japan or China will not be near that much but she's trying to pass it off as it is. Anyway is there any milk from her classic lolita server yet?

No. 315150

No. 315192

It was just the boyfriends that wanted to dance. Reminded me of a school dance. It was pretty awkward.

Decent vendors. GLM had a lot of good stuff but the line was really long to get in at first. Swap meet had lots of good stuff. I wish there was a little more to do overall besides shop at the event but it seemed like shopping was the main focus.

No. 315206

I think that was intentional. I heard somewhere ursa major was originally just a market pop up idea that expanded into a "convention". They did have a decent spread of snacks at the mixer, which was nice since convention tea parties the past few years have had shit food. The venue had excellent areas for photoshoots and a professional photographer offering individual shoots between the scheduled groups, and the mask policy wasn't really enforced at any point.

It did seem like the staff and volunteers were stretched thin and unprepared for the turnout, but I did overhear talk that a few staff members cancelled due to illness. There was a delay on vendor shipments as well so some items ended up online-only and the GLM hall was mostly empty by the time VIP hour ended (neither of which are necessarily staffs fault). Some staff seemed constantly confused by the schedule and policies. Common "First Year Convention" issues basically every indie convention goes through. The panels were kind of boring (and thrown together at the last minute because no one really applied kek) but did anyone really show up to do anything but shop/sell and get professional coordinate photos done?

There were a handful of weird moids wandering around that didn't seem to belong to any of the girls, but they didn't do anything but lurk around.

TLDR: Ursa Major was a glorified GLM pop-up and swap meet event, but the vendors rooms didn't require badges anyway and the day passes were cheap, so I don't really feel scammed. nothing especially milky or disastrous happened. Sorry to anyone who was hoping for something juicier.

No. 315241

I assume if they do it again next year it’ll be better. Not as good as paradiso but not as bad as cakes and couture

No. 315258

AYRT Honestly? Same. I don't regret going, and it was definitely better than some first-year conventions. The vendors apparently did very well, so next year we could possibly see more japanese brands send representatives or vending remotely. Victorian Maiden did a pop up at Harajuku Hearts, AtePie and Meta have shown up to other cons in the area, and the GLM may end up returning. Ursa Major not bombing could be big for western lolitas.

No. 315287

No, I mean they literally did not even run the coord contest correctly. I've been to plenty contests that, while featuring ugly coords, were at least run properly. They fucked up the voting link entirely and no one could remember the contestants or their categories.

The rave was a separate night. I don't know anyone who went precisely because of what you mentioned. It was also in an awkwardly large room with half the lights on (yes, really). I almost went in plainclothes, but it would not have been worth it to dance in a giant empty room with the lights on.

Panels were okay, as were the vendors. Swap meet was fine. I don't know anyone who went to more than one or two panels though, because they were all scheduled at terribly awkward times. They didn't even print out pamphlets for people to see what was happening in each room, it was just all in a clusterfuck on the website.

Basically all the things they've always done were good. The rest was garbage. Only day worth buying a pass was the last day, to gain access to the swap meet. The rest of the con wasn't worth the price (as the GLM was open to the public anyway).

The mask policy was enforced literally every time you entered a room. The person who checked for badges would make you put on a mask.

No. 315302

You're the one who lacks reading comprehension here, she was talking about being in a little in her youtube comments.

No. 315303

you guys are so impressively retarded. They didn't require vaccination for the event.

No. 315304

it says certain events require vaccination. but apparently anything worth going to didn't require it so who cares anyway.

No. 315308

what do we really do as a community other than shop and eat

No. 315320

Start online drama

No. 315339

Please bring back BTB!

No. 315342

bring it back yourself retard

No. 315349

File: 1702682208403.png (49.66 KB, 1296x393, IRS.png)

You can probably just submit secrets here if you sage them, I don't think jannies will care since it's technically still gossip.

Unrelated but for burgers, just found out the $600 tax reporting threshold (which would include LM sales) just got delayed again and will increase next year to $5k, picrel. I'm glad the tax thing never took effect because I think it could have drastically changed the 2nd hand market here.

No. 315352

Just ask LOC or whatever they call themselves now. I’m sure they would be happy to revive it

No. 315353

Vaccines doesn’t prevent shit and it’s been almost 3 whole years since the pandemic

No. 315356

Well at least secrets won’t be censored by dummies. Seriously what ever happened to the original btb before they took over?

No. 315357

They literally did. They were checking it at the door to the holiday ball for some reason.

No. 315358

LJ stopped allowing anonymous comments around the time the Russia-Ukraine war started (LJ is Russia-owned). That + the dwindling amount of secrets made them close.

Then someone (consensus is it was LOC) started a DW version.

Someone (still no consensus on who it was afaik) made a tumblr version.

Discordchans mass reported DW version then tried to make their own. Self-deleted after their email was visible.

Someone (still no consensus on who but it was the same people who made the @frills.alert IG page) made a tumblr, DW, and LJ version. When people started trying to find out who it was they deleted it all.

It's been a shitshow since the original BtB closed and at this point there's no point reviving because no one cares. The DW and tumblr versions got submissions but the final one made got 0 or at least posted 0. The time of lolita secrets is, just over.

No. 315362

As long as it’s not LOC or discordchans I’ll be happy that it’s back. The dreamwidth version was alright until the vendetta postings happened, and whoever from the discord ran to make their own version just ran to clean up the trace. Please, can we have the original owner back? That’s all I’m asking for this Christmas.

No. 315364

Even if there's submissions and the original owners ran it, there's no site to use. LJ stopped allowing anonymous comments, DW does but showed anything people don't like can just be mass reported and tumblr never allowed anonymous comments to begin with. Toward the end secrets were routinely late being posted too. It's clear the owners were burnt out. As much as we miss it it's really an outdated platform.

No. 315378

none of this would be difficult to implement on a custom domain or something like neocities, but that would require an anon to be both dedicated to drama and capable of writing viable HTML code not only for free but at the risk of ruining her reputation should she be outed. not worth it.

No. 315380

If only we had a website with its own domain where we could anonymously gossip about people…

No. 315384

Did parasol papers stop posting?

No. 315385

Same anon. This is the tumblr page
They stopped posting back in august

No. 315386

Don’t expect them to put two and two together. There’s a bunch of literal retards in this fashion.

No. 315392

Shit entries. Half of them is just DDZ

No. 315398

>Something about all of this feels like the drama that ended all dramas. No more BTB, LC thread is either just infighting or dead, ddz is still a weirdo, discord crew are weirdos, nothing has changed.
lolitas realized the community is too small to hate each other nonstop and it would inevitably lead to the demise of the entire community to have widespread drama. shocker.

No. 315410

More like save btb and egl. Livejournal probably won't make it that long anymore and thanks to image hosts shutting down half of it is unarchived and gone forever already.

No. 315414

Except everyone still hates each other, either publicly or behind each other's backs. Don't think just because some people got outed for being shitty friends and mentors it meant anything. They just moved to a different area to do it in.

No. 315416

i assumed by begging for BTB on lolcow, anon was implying that lolcow was in some way lacking.

No. 315417

some of the worst people in lolita have been a problem for so long the earliest milk is old enough to vote, you just get used to them if they don't leave after the initial shitfest. i don't believe drama will never collapse lolita, because cows never face real consequences. no one confronts them in person, so all they have to do is join a new community or found a new one or keep showing up to public events and everyone else will just seethe about it online. no one takes the seething seriously, because any real proof of community predators is so buried between petty vendettas that it loses credibility, or it's only ever been posted to websites you'd be banned for admitting to reading.

it would be nice to have some kind of unbiased blacklist for real troublemakers, but that's unrealistic kek

No. 315419

What's with lolitas and their lists?

No. 315428

found the shitters

[02-Apr-22 07:53 PM] Chryse#0151
I can't believe spoopy made a whole new btb to carry on her wack ass vendetta

[02-Apr-22 07:54 PM] Chryse#0151
Love the anonymous account to "shame" it and provide a link

[02-Apr-22 07:54 PM] Chryse#0151
Seek God yourself child

[02-Apr-22 08:05 PM] cardinalcopia#8114
Someone should do a bunch of secrets about Sp00py, and time stamp submitting them

[02-Apr-22 08:05 PM] cardinalcopia#8114

[02-Apr-22 08:06 PM] Aiu#0642
so dreamwidth comments, unless you turn it off, will log IP. I am not sure if this blog has turned it off or knows to do so

[02-Apr-22 08:07 PM] Aiu#0642
but if someone can be sure Nat can't be like "haha I found ur IP" to the submitter, that would be pretty funny

[02-Apr-22 08:07 PM] Aiu#0642
especially if the secrets dont get posted

[02-Apr-22 08:11 PM] cardinalcopia#8114

[02-Apr-22 08:11 PM] Aiu#0642
oh ya

[02-Apr-22 08:30 PM] Chryse#0151
I was going to call her out right there on FB but yeah I don't want her bothering me

No. 315432

So Nat, Loc, and the discord gulls were harboring IPs? No shock at their retarded antics of tracking down people online

No. 315435

Found who? We know LOC ran it and discordchans vendetta posted to it. This milk is over a year old atp

No. 315437

It’s just Melissa baiting or deflecting in the thread again.(hi cow)

No. 315439

it's the autism

No. 315446

It's not like there's anything else worth talking about

No. 315447

You are aware you don't always have to talk about something, right? The thread is allowed to be quiet now and again. These threads used to last 8 months.

No. 316350

Any caps of royalprincessalice getting called out?(sage your shit)

No. 316367

the brand?

No. 316380

They're talking about for trying to sell an AI art print dress. Don't really see the problem but it was ugly.

No. 316393

File: 1703628885774.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1572, 1703486363564016.png)

This was posted to cgl

No. 316397

File: 1703635931053.png (Spoiler Image,495.44 KB, 490x722, potatojunkie.png)

If anyone's blind enough to not be able to see it's the most generic ugliest slop AI, that's their problem. It's definitely not painted or drawn like their other prints, and it's not a regular photoshopped cat. It was announced in November, I wonder if it's only gaining traction because people are only now seeing it?

Also lmao @ this sex offender looking moid trying to participate. Settle down porky, you're not welcome at the lolita table.

No. 316402

Max sure did told them

No. 316408

File: 1703641885566.png (1.04 MB, 714x858, Reddit.png)

Yea tbf not alot of people follow RPA, I heard their quality is cheap? Anyone bought from and can confirm? Picrel, it got posted to r/lolitafashion todaay to discuss. https://www.reddit.com/r/lolitafashion/comments/18q9wxl/ai_generated_print_marie_nyantoinette_from_royal/

No. 316417

not caping for rpa but what's the big deal? they're a permaita brand that's basically taobao, and taobao "designers" are already mashing together clipart if they've not been replaced by AI themselves. this isn't a major downgrade from the status quo tbh

No. 316424

Enchantlic Enchantilly did it first and really looked no different.
That print is so busy who could even make out an extra cat leg?
It doesn't look as bad as everyone is sperging it out to be, as if print and design flaws aren't typical.
It's only because this is AI. S
Oh no Chinese sweatshop burrando who have never been bastions of artistic integrity have cut out the middleman creating their mass produced art oh noooooooo
Fucking tools.

No. 316432

File: 1703657042978.jpg (577.03 KB, 1080x1285, kek.jpg)

Yea the only reason anyone cares is because it's AI. Check the caliber of ita commenting on their IG. Not a Shein girlie commenting on AI…

No. 316444

It's just utterly lazy and also shitty morally, since this is a commercial product they make money with and not just someone playing around with the stolen artwork in AI.

No. 316457

Are you saying Enchantlic Enchantilly did an AI print, or are you just saying they did a similar motif with Queen Cat?

No. 316516

From which artists did they steal this work from?

No. 316541

where exactly do you think ai generations come from genius?

No. 316546

you know there are royalty free images of cats and frames right?

No. 316551

yeah because the hundreds of millions of images pulled from the internet that ai is trained on are definitely all royalty free pictures right? you sound retarded.

No. 316554

File: 1703800404012.png (547.87 KB, 989x531, artthief.png)

We have 0 idea what program RPA was using to make theirs so you can't say it's generated from stolen artwork. Souffle Song Lolita oth admitted theirs is Midjourney which is stolen art, picrel. Interesting someone tried to say this is a downgrade for them because it's exactly the level of quality I'd expect from Souffle Song kek

No. 316556

surprise that the ita brand makes frilledcrimminal ita buddy mad. She should make a long tumblr post about it

No. 316557

Not surprised at all, it's mostly itas getting mad over this. Most of us would never touch RPA or Souffle Song with a 10 ft pole.

No. 316568

I cannot wait until all the mediocre artists start to walk back their shit takes on this dumb print when they get backed into the corner of nothing actually being "stolen."

No. 316570

>brand takes an entire painting piece and slaps it on fabric
>indie 100% original

>computer program samples images to create a conglomerate that does not duplicate original source art


Make it make sense.

No. 316572

The image database used to make AI art is a curated dataset of millions of entirely stolen images, midjourney uses art mostly from places like artstation (game concept art, character art portfolios) which is why the art has a very specific, refined look to it. So it is absolutely stolen, but stolen in a way where the original artists can't be sourced.
There is also no copyright on AI images and this snake oil AI shit is likely to become illegal within the next 5 years since it's literally built on the back of the biggest art theft in history.
Silly thing to defend anon, the 6 pawed cats look cute though kek

No. 316589

you know midjourney isn't the only ai program ever, right?

No. 316594

most of the paintings used in prints are public domain while the art used to train ai machines isn't

No. 316595

Trying to gotcha them when you can’t even distinguish model styles is really pathetic. Midjourney isn’t the only one but it’s definitely what she used

No. 316596

Nta but learn to read, Souffle Song literally spelled it out- they are using Midjourney

No. 316601

talking about RPA, retard

No. 316604

>human being scans a gallery of 100 images and draws a summation borrowed from those observed sources
>original art

>a computer program scans a gallery of 100 images and draws a summation borrowed from those observed sources


Nah, unless a very major aspect on the ai art is traced-tier this is pure bullshit. Not drama. See yall switching sides when it's socially convenient to in a few years just like what ya did with replicas and other sus knockoffs.

No. 316611

They made a response on Instagram excusing AI(this is an imageboard, post caps)

No. 316626


most of the "artists" sperging about AI are too mediocre to ever have their art used for it.

No. 316627

The post states the designer redrew the generated images to finish the piece… is that not just referencing?

No. 316630

>a downgrade of what I'd expect from a piece from Souffle Song
This brand has been a low quallity scamming ita mess from the start. The owner even faked cancer to get money in crowd funding on Weibo. The fact someone has any expectations already tells you they're an ita that couldn't tell quality from crap if their life depended on it.

No. 316632

File: 1703864912980.jpg (209.04 KB, 1080x1548, RPA.jpg)

The designer has closely worked with RPA in the past if you check her twitter. Since she redrew this, every person insulting it saying it's soulless and ugly are directly insulting her art work. Another L for the woketards.

No. 316640

So far, we have a few itas in our discord crying over RPA and buying their older prints to boycott them. This issue was nothing but someone being stupid and accusing the brand of using Ai when the artist that works with them simply references AI and adds touches with their own artwork. 

No. 316649

Also it's annoying so many people are perpetuating the rumor that the cat has 5 paws on the dress when it's just cat faces

No. 316650

I don’t even like RPA and this is sad. Yet another case of Western fatties and gendies bullying a Japanese brand into changing their business practice when these same people will never even buy from them.

No. 316654

The RPA outburst made some lolita go on a racist rant against Japanese people.(this is an imageboard, post caps)

No. 316655

Then post caps, this is an imageboard

No. 316656

File: 1703875237723.jpeg (173.22 KB, 828x872, Screenshot_12_29_2023_1339.jpe…)

I’m guessing anon is talking about this person who’s blowing up the discord about RPA. Other Lolitas has shut down her rants with education

No. 316657

File: 1703875294252.jpeg (77.58 KB, 828x443, Screenshot_12_29_2023_1338.jpe…)

Not sure why people are attacking this brand.

No. 316659

It's somewhat a downgrade because RPA always works with well-known artists within the subculture. It's pretty much their only quality. They are nothing special without the collabs.

No. 316660

it's performative wokeism at its best.

No. 316664

This dumb racist cunt is trying to gaslight people into thinking Japanese people are the ones saying that. No dumbass, that’s WESTERNERS on twitter like you infantilizing them constantly. You’re also simultaneously applying your own western values onto them.

AI is a lot more widely accepted/tolerated in Japan, multiple industry veteran concept artists and illustrators have praised it. I have no idea if they actually use it though

No. 316668

Who is this girl, what's her @?

No. 316669

she's not wrong though, japanese people like to act they are out of touch sorry no speak english well when they get caught being xenophobic and/or is convenient and weebs eat it up.
japan has had issues with big art retailers selling AI art like toranoana/fantia/fanbox etc to a point these businesses had to outright ban AI, these people act like "oh no we japanese would never do that", it's your fucking job to verify if any of your artists are doing AI. if you don't care about your business using AI, you deserve people shit on your business practices.(bait)

No. 316670

>AI is a lot more widely accepted/tolerated in Japan, multiple industry veteran concept artists and illustrators have praised it
lmao the mental gymnastics to cap for the japanese. they don't and selling that shit is banned at every artist alley type of website.

No. 316672

go back

No. 316673

These ita bitches have nothing better to do and want to decimate a Japanese brand and act xenophobic toward the Japanese people as a whole for no reason other than to cancel Japanese over AI usage in art. Good job

No. 316674


No. 316680

AI has been praised by multiple big name Pokemon and Capcom artists on twitter, as well as other smaller industry veterans, even if they don’t use it. No shit AI is banned on sites like Fanbox and Skeb, selling it is basically scamming because it takes 5 seconds to make but the AI “artists” will charge the same price as a real artist. Even if they don’t sell it they still think it’s impressive. Stop acting like English speaking countries art the center of the earth. Westerners are the ones primarily lying about not using AI anyways, I’ve seen multiple westerners trick people into buying AI (almost all vtuber wannabe retard types). Meanwhile Japanese people who use it almost always openly admit to using it like RPA >>316632

No. 316695

RPA didn't openly admit, people noticed and they admitted, that's a different case.
>AI has been praised by multiple big name Pokemon and Capcom artists on twitter
big corpos capping for AI, how is that any impressive? it tells me nothing about how JAPANESE artists feel about AI. AI being banned on JAPANESE sites like fantia and fanbox literally tells the picture they despise it and don't consider real work. as I said stop capping.

No. 316696

impressive argument, go back to wearing AI goyslop ageplay garbage.(bait)

No. 316703

Japanese people don't view ai in the same doom and gloom way westerners do. Maybe it's banned on some sites for practical reasons but they are not up at night crying about it like 300lb western children.

No. 316712

Yes. It's true, Royal Princess Alice (=monarchy, this will become important later) collaborated with the Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) to invent ugly AI art dresses. Look closer. How many fingers does the cat have? 6. How many letters in R.P.A.? 3. 3x6 = 666 (numerological sign of the Demon Lord, Prince of Power = remember Royal Princess Alice?) Notice how each cat is trapped in a frame. The cats (us) believe they are free agents when in fact they are being controlled. What do cats (=christians) eat? Meat discarded from (((their))) table == goyslope. Being an intelligent pupil, you have also picked up on the fact that many Angelic (note the biblical) Pretty dresses contain Ageplay. This too, represents the dominion of ZOG (false GOD) as we are but children playing with fake microplastic toys (false nourishment) in his great nursery.
Now you see.(autism)

No. 316714

Ddz gotten bored?

No. 316724

tbf, anon might be on to something. have you ever noticed how many powerful people in the lolita industry are jewish?(racebait)

No. 316741

What's funny to me is:
> foreign country (like Japan) having different culture, values and consensuses and do something based on that.
> get hate from westeners because it doesn't match the western worldview.
> country tries to explain their side. Appologise for "being wrong" in some foreigners view because Japanese always politely appologise even if they fucking hate you on the inside.
> oh they just infantise themselves to excuse. So tired of this. They can understand us, how dare they not comply with our views and opinions!!!

The whole thing just shows they don't put effort into understanding another's culture, yet blame another for not complying to theirs. Like, when Japanese don't keep up with western culture they're infantising and excusing, but these people don't know shit about Japan themselves either but that's ok. Because we all know everyones world revolves around western (mainly burgerfags) culture and opinions. It's just so dumb. Even more so from people who are supposedly into (sub)cultures from over there and half of them are weeaboo's dreaming of a fantasy life in Japan. But then, anyone with a brain doesn't buy from RPA and Souffle Song anyways so I guess it makes sense.

No. 316742

File: 1704048709076.png (998.95 KB, 924x902, rpa.png)

I wonder if it actually sold out or if you wokefags really shamed a small business into not selling an entire produced set and its accessories because its artist used AI as a reference image.

No. 316744

these newbies are insufferable. the way she talks is like she think she can control another country's politics because *~MUH AMERICAN CULTURE~*

No. 316745

she's probably just some fat nobody that complains about japanese sizing from the looks of it

No. 316747

File: 1704051887678.png (315.77 KB, 828x1001, Download.png)

She posted this in the server. She’s in the bay comm

No. 316748

is that even lolita or a costume, because that shit looks like a costume

No. 316751

Probably sold out, most of this itas have big words online but never back it up with actions. And then come with all the drama when caught. I'm just waiting for it at this point, at least we get something to laugh at.

No. 316753

She's cute, shame about being an ita racist

No. 316789

There’s this girl talking about how she was in the seagulls discord but was never caught. Anyone got the list of all the people in the discord? The download link to the discord was deleted by someone(spoonfeeding request with no caps)

No. 316791

You are unhinged and so is she

No. 316792

Who is she?

No. 316794

So racist she caused the earthquake tsunami in Japan

No. 316795

File: 1704130235689.png (203.48 KB, 934x578, Scalper.png)

Isha got her paypal locked, probably for scamming/ scalping.

No. 316797

File: 1704130808049.png (664.07 KB, 1012x1076, Scalper2.png)

She backed out of selling it to someone cause they didn't spend as much as she wanted. Their high bid was 650 so thats what she put the BIN price for on this one https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/angelic-pretty-carnival-jsk-2006-c0b35316-2792-45d8-843a-4cdf66fe1944, starting at 600 which is still more than her last one ended for. Sad she sells for the highest amount rather than who fairly won it.

No. 316798


No. 316799

Why would she even back out? She didn’t even raise the price that much. $567 vs $600 is only $33, is it really worth the negative feedback?

No. 316800

It's v weird. If she wanted a certain price she shouldn't have started the auction so low. The person was too nice and gave her neutral feedback. She will have to make another account soon to avoid all the negatives so keep an eye out for a new account.

No. 316807

You should also post how she’s scamming people on her classic Lolita’s discord server(this is an imageboard)

No. 316819

This is a imageboard, when will you newfags learn?

No. 316841

File: 1704158530335.jpeg (231.36 KB, 828x1273, Save_4887.jpeg)

Isha is just being autistic and keep hiding her tracks. I know someone who had a horrible experience buying from her and going through a nightmare in getting an item she took months to send out.

No. 316842

File: 1704158820659.jpeg (140.32 KB, 828x711, Save_4979.jpeg)

Isha is such a lying bitch. She contradicting herself in the unhinged paragraph she wrote on her profile

No. 316844

Her and Nat been scamming idiots. If you buy from them you’re asking for it

No. 316851

Not to defend a scalper, but how is that contradicting? Paypal is an unreliable bitch about their limits/suspensions/verifications, it makes sense this takes a while.

No. 316852

It means she’s flagged. PayPal would only do this once or if you don’t confirm your identity or tax info

No. 316853

nayrt my account is verified and everything but every once in a while a really high ticket sale or international sale will be put on hold until it's marked delivered. that's no excuse, though– i don't see how she has all these dresses and sales but not $10 to print a shipping label. it's irresponsible.

No. 316854

I don't know, I've read several stories about small businesses getting fucked over because of paypal randomly closing their accounts. I'm also using PP for 10+ years and had them ask for verifications multiple times or holding payments randomly, especially in the past ~4 years. Though I fully agree with >>316853

No. 316856

File: 1704167234247.png (67.61 KB, 662x164, SHOES.png)

Nayrt but it wasn't flagged then went though it says her account was suspended completely. It sounds like she isn't sending items until the buyers file chargebacks or open claims. Her feedback on LM says so and here's someone on depop saying 3.5 weeks to arrive.

No. 316858

File: 1704167926077.png (23.54 KB, 590x416, Girl.png)

No. 316859

File: 1704168127696.jpeg (713.8 KB, 828x1312, Lacemarket.jpeg)

KEK she just dropped the listing back to $540

No. 316860

File: 1704168527789.jpeg (643.61 KB, 757x896, Googledownload_6754.jpeg)

Isha thinking she can get away with scalping and being a shit show seller

No. 316861

File: 1704168881425.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1473, FD37966B-5FC2-47B7-B571-9B039C…)

Here’s her posting on cgl despite claiming she totally doesn’t use 4chan. She has messaged multiple of my friends on lm begging to sell her items that aren’t for sale just to scalp them. So unhinged

No. 316862

Sorry your friend went through that. Isha has been doing this to a lot of people. Here’s her old lacemarket that she has abandoned


No. 316863

Is that Melissa?

No. 316864

File: 1704169180684.jpeg (294.61 KB, 1242x883, E068AA56-9D0D-490F-8284-E4E28F…)

“Looking for bouquet print or raschel lace”
She can’t hide her tracks

No. 316873

File: 1704172172218.jpeg (438.42 KB, 564x1425, IMG_1437.jpeg)

No. 316875

File: 1704172302350.jpeg (91.99 KB, 563x730, IMG_1436.jpeg)

This was the lolita general thread where one of the discord anons cried about isha scalping.

No. 316879

She probably had to of made it for gothics and sweets because that's what NLO/LOC is.

No. 316884

why would isha make a lolita server when she had that meltdown on dreamwidth about how lolitas are all meanie backstabbers that give her self-image issues? was that just part of her larp to make people think she was quitting?
>>>/w/307443 link to meltdown for those who haven't seen it already

No. 316902

She shared the discord multiple times in our chat

No. 316903

any milk in the server? i don't have discord. what's isha's handle?

No. 316913

File: 1704209187782.jpeg (336.44 KB, 828x1640, Screenshot .jpeg)

Funny timing nonna
Stumbled upon a cow on TikTok

No. 316914

File: 1704209305745.jpeg (298.69 KB, 828x1626, Screenshot.jpeg)

And it looks like Nat and her new buddy still have it out for their ex. Wondering what Nat ex thinks after getting her banned

No. 316924

After Nat has allegedly abused one of her ex? This rumor was circling around the Seattle comm on how Nat did things to her ex. It’s weird how she stalks her ex’s mutuals to get back at them by emotional blackmail

No. 316929

Tea? Because I thought the Seattle mods banned her for troons crying about nat being mean to them(samefagging retard)

No. 316932

She was getting touchy and made her uncomfortable.(tinfoil without proof)

No. 316935

So nat sexually assaulted her ex? Is that why everything just blew up

No. 316936

That's a pretty insane claim to make with 0 proof. Not wking here but cmon nonnies.

No. 316938

Is that the reason Nat ex ran to the mods and exposed her?

No. 316939

Thought that was isha’s fault? She ran around telling everyone about Nat’s ex with screenshots getting her banned from her comm and babylita discord

No. 316942

I would be careful anon. If isha told you that info as >>316939 stated she’ll dig through conversations to find who you are

No. 316943

I’m not sure who to believe but it’s very dangerous to make it public. Nat knows where her ex lives and could file charges for telling people.

No. 316947

>file charges for telling people
If Nat actually assaulted someone, it’s not illegal to tell the truth. If said person is actually lying then Nat could proceed with a defamation of character case in civil court. But those are hard prove/win, and she would have to provide actual sufficient evidence that said individual maliciously and knowingly presented something false as fact to hurt Nat’s reputation. Sorry for autism but people don’t know how the law works and it shows.

It’s not wise to make wild accusations like >>316932 without actual proof. Bored people come here to lie all the time just to stir the pot and use the farms as their personal army. Unless you have actual caps then this stuff is best handled off of drama forums. Regardless of whoever it might be about.

No. 316948

I think her ex going to mods was pretty unhinged enough. How bad was her reputation with Nat? Something must’ve happened

No. 316950

Nat didn't assault anybody, wtf is wrong with this place? Nonnas will eat up any baseless accusation.

No. 316951

What’s her ex @?(ban evasion)

No. 316952

All of these posts are by the same retarded samefag with a vendetta:

If you suspect any future posts of being them, please report them.

No. 316965

who wants to bet it's isha posting? please do a post history reveal jannies

No. 317008

I don't know if it's isha. It feels like some lukewarm milk was blown up by this anon to bury previous posts. I see how her PayPal jumping is milky, but did we just miss that the people posting about the RPA thing are trying to rebrand too?

No. 317015

Lmao watch out anon, you're going to get permabanned. I got banned with 0 explanation for making a saged post daring to say i don't think isha is the samefagger, despite making these posts >>316799 >>316903

I expect to be banned again and for this post to be deleted, blessing in disguise, good riddance. Inb4 one of the farmhands is a lolita(unsaged, take it to /meta/)

No. 317032

post caps

No. 317039

File: 1704309046044.jpg (Spoiler Image,214.21 KB, 1044x1482, IMG_5822.jpg)

She might be an OF whore after all. Repost sorry forgot to spoiler.

No. 317059

File: 1704322832102.jpeg (Spoiler Image,891 KB, 1170x1841, IMG_5198.jpeg)

Holy shit lmao.
>Healed as a csa survivor
As if she isn't posing in lingerie with plushies like an ageplayer. She clearly still has some things to work out.
>Know that I would have made my Momma proud
Press X to doubt.

No. 317094

>ageplayer "sex workers" self pedos
is this what lolita comms have to offer nowadays? I do not regret leaving this fashion behind 10 years ago.(learn to sage)

No. 317127

File: 1704401023561.png (178.6 KB, 733x602, lc.png)

first time posting here but I guess some of y'all might be interested in french drama.

Context : This girl is starting to be known in the french community for being astoundingly annoying. It seems like she never takes part in meetups, but she can’t stop complaining about how mean everyone is, and how unfair people are for rejecting her for being plus size and not wearing brand (there’s many lolitas in the local community who wear mostly offbrand coordinates and/or are plus size, nobody bats an eye.).

Tl;dr: Notoriously annoying newbie gets mad at Angelic pretty for not catering to her and decides to bother their community managers on a post about an event

full translation :
"I do understand that you organise events for your customers, but I think it's a real shame to force new lolitas to buy from you at, let’s be honest, ridiculous prices just to participate in your events.

You basically narrow your events to well off slim people (because you still have a lot of work to do when it comes to inclusivity), but those out of your norm can get lost…

It's really sad. I've always dreamed of taking part in angelic pretty events, but I don't have the means to pay for a dress from you and, above all, I never find my size… So I'll never be able to.

Also… I don't think it's clever marketing because allowing lolitas who aren't necessarily used to wearing your brand to come would allow you to create a new clientele by allowing them to discover different collections that could potentially fit their needs.
Your events seem very elitist in a "I don't mix" way.
But you do allow guys to come without wearing angelic pretty…. Go figure. I hope you don't think that only cis men are men. Because that would take the cake"

No. 317151

Now show us how she dresses like

No. 317156

je suis morte, merci de ce fou rire matinal

No. 317191

Are men attending the AP Paris events men bfs or troons though? Because they are obvi not going to make a bf wear it. If she's so broken up about it she can wear pants and claim she's a pooner.

No. 317225

From what I've seen on pictures of brand tps in paris, it's a few boyfriends and one or two brolitas (cis men who wear lolita but aren't sissies in the slightest. they're valued members of the comm, i've never heard of them causing any trouble).

But evenso it's like.. barely 3 people. I think AP referred to bfs when they said "les messieurs" because brolitas are like any other client. They'll wear the brand to the event, so there's no need specifically mention them in the post about the event.
The girl who made that whole rant just went extra sjw for no reason.(learn to sage)

No. 317245

File: 1704564636254.png (28.23 KB, 771x359, ita.png)

No. 317246

File: 1704564918032.png (5.18 MB, 1536x2048, neverforget.png)

The ita in question and foto she's upset got so much "agro" concrit.

No. 317260

Yikes. Aside from the chains, why don't these ugly types believe in make up and wigs?

No. 317268

File: 1704605060080.png (518.37 KB, 720x1337, barf.png)

You forgot to mention the best part. The fact that she openly discusses her bondage and dollification kink on Reddit.

No. 317272

File: 1704612002453.jpeg (133.15 KB, 828x1086, Cows.jpeg)

The western kawaii community is truly dying

No. 317295

I thought this person was an MTF troon lol

No. 317298

wigs are rubbish unless they’re real human hair, just learn to style and take care of your natural hair. If it’s thinning so bad you have to wear a wig, maybe lolita isn’t for you.

No. 317321

Most lolitas wear wigs because they are easier to style though. It isn't a new phenomenon.

No. 317323

Do you really think only people into Lolita fashion post in this thread? Kek

No. 317336

nah, just a deeply unfortunate looking woman.

No. 317342


No. 317401

Both of these women are insufferable

No. 317422

What's K8's username now? I remember she is going by Rin now but that's all.

No. 317425


and for anyone seeking nostalgia:
never forget the fart that started it all…

No. 317463

judging from their posts on a trans sub >>317295 is right(screenshots needed)

No. 317465

>on an image board with no caps

No. 317496

File: 1704829545740.jpg (719.62 KB, 1080x2174, 1000023696.jpg)

Yes it's really photos they're using to advertise their shop. Why do so many edgy old schoolers thinking people would ever buy their bad sewing?

No. 317500

i think its cute as a handmade item but i wouldn't buy it

No. 317508

he worst part about this for me is how dirty and lint covered the fabric is

No. 317513

it's cute in concept, just so crusty… if she was going for oldschool, she sure nailed that "feeling of use"

No. 317516

File: 1704849055071.png (20.47 KB, 499x149, K8rage.png)

Kek I remember this drama and how k8 made everyone turn on her after finding out how shitty she is.

No. 317518

File: 1704849295768.png (165.27 KB, 540x960, K8.png)

I’m sure her and larasuzannne can’t get over how bitches be drama obsessed when they’re the ones creating drama.

No. 317520

Lara suzanne is still griping about who horrible her time as a lolita was. For someone who "left" she sure is obsessed.

No. 317527

Yeah not for a minute do I believe anyone who 'left' lolita did.

This milk is 8 years old, let it go nonna.

No. 317528

File: 1704864457521.jpg (92.03 KB, 1080x717, Screenshot_20240109_232851_Ins…)

As a seamstress, this is… very poorly sewn together. It is okay as a beginner piece but I can't believe anyone would consider selling this. She's asking for FIFTY DOLLARS for this too, geez.

No. 317545

Any new milk on girly toot? She is my favorite cow

No. 317552

anon just saying but you sound salty and like you have a vendetta

No. 317553

is it just me or does having lolcow posts about personal sales seem a bit invasive? yall are posting about women who are selling to people on the internet and potentially getting predators interested - anyone can buy from them and get their addresses. imo this seems a bit weird.

No. 317557

I agree but long as they’re old enough to be posted to LCF there’s not really anything you can do about it. This is the problem with not having a smaller, less visible site for petty drama like BTB. All this inconsequential vendetta and low quality non-milk gets blasted out for thousands of randoms to see. On a website that regularly gets raided by CP posting scrotes no less.

No. 317560

Most of us link sales off our socials or have the same username on sales apps so it would really cut down who you can post. If it bothers you don't engage with it, don't share it and ask your friends to do the same. There isn't a lot you can do.

No. 317561

she has her own thread

No. 317562

If someone posts their sales publicly, that's a risk they run. I've bought stuff from cows before and they often use a PO box or have the return address as the post office itself. To be fair, they also get the buyer's address.

No. 317567

How is this vendetta anon?

No. 317573

I'm not a cow but I use a PO box for safety. I'll order directly from the brand to my home address (Japan tends to not mail to PO boxes) but for purchases from LM, Depop, eBay, etc. I use the PO box. I feel like this is just common sense/basic internet safety but I also grew up in the "don't use your name online" era.

No. 317578

File: 1704935779946.jpeg (46.92 KB, 168x235, Lara.jpeg)

I’m glad people are seeing how deranged these two are. They also caused so much comm drama one of them by accusing a girl of posting Lara’s candid photo on CGL, bullying her out of Lolita years ago.

No. 317579

Sometimes I feel bad for cows like her because she got a photo linked off her private facebook. Kaye did too and Olivia and Nat got their private IG stories leaked too. I can't remember if any other recent cows did. But it's a little sad to think these girls have such shit friends they get close to them just to milk them.

No. 317581

Who did they accuse?

No. 317586

She probably posted it herself, sage for tinfoil. she also isn't worth feeling sorry for.

No. 317588

It wouldn't happen so much if it were all just selfposting.

No. 317603

The fact that this cow who isn’t even a lolita anymore keeps being brought up really shows how bored and dried up the community is now, it’s sad

No. 317604

You mean the cow that keeps on mentioning and bitching about lolitas while actively following and interacting with a whole bunch of lolitas. lol

No. 317607

This. She is actively making "lolitas are bitches" her brand. I feel like lEaViNg LoLiTa after stirring shit and being called out for cringe behavior is fair game.

No. 317639

post caps if she's actually doing it

No. 317640

It got posted past thread

No. 317644

that was nearly 4 months ago, stop sperging over old milk. if she does it again then go for it but it's just annoying at this point.

No. 317646

File: 1705033587929.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1680, lol.png)

I think the point being made is that she hasn't really "left" if she's still seething about coping and spending time with lolitas as soon as 4 months ago. Anyway lol she really doxxed herself over 200 likes

No. 317649

File: 1705035417444.jpeg (187.26 KB, 627x564, IMG_5480.jpeg)

for the curious: it's klonopin

No. 317656


>those prices

She's delulu lmao

No. 317685

Kek now watch her rage about Lolitas finding out where she lives in Indiana after doxxing herself on TikTok to thousands of people. Good job Lara

No. 317686

Isn’t she a medical coder? How dumb is she

No. 317687

How do you even know what she does for a living?

No. 317697

Google her name you moron, all that is public

No. 317698

Unsure what's more unhinged her for posting this or you for taking the time the screenshot and zoom in on a pill bottle

No. 317699

Do u know where u are nonnie

No. 317706

I agree, and find them really tacky. For all you know it's some poor girl who doesnt even engage with the community in any other way and she still gets gossiped about because she didnt crop a picture. Like come on.

No. 317717

Newfag here. I can't find it

No. 317744

No. 317746

File: 1705172055016.jpg (229.92 KB, 1080x754, wtf.jpg)

Pretty sure this girl is trying to find a sugar daddy to ask for lolita. For reference it's this girl >>317245

No. 317748

Kek I assumed she would be a good-looking (or at least average-looking) woman based on this post but she legitimately looks like she has Down syndrome.

Must be socially retarded too. "Im trying to attract a man. Should I depress him with a pity party?"

No. 317778

>thousands of randoms
Bold of you to think lolcow's viewership is that high, it's more like a few hundred. If it was thousands you'd see a lot more bullshit unsaged comments on every thread.

No. 317805

Nta but even so there's a lot of crossboarders and kiwifags that come here and the point about cp posters stands. There's a lot of people who mean harm that come here.

No. 317818

you're forgetting the fact that this page is crawled by google and it's all searchable. it's way worse than you think.

No. 317819

can't imagine having your shit assblasted across google just for pissing off 1 other person in a community. this is why I think the lolita lcf threads are insane. you guys are sacrificing your future for drama.

No. 317822

Lives in Camel Indiana with her husband [redacted]. Is all online and public not hard to find.(do not share names of family members unrelated to the drama)

No. 317940

you don’t even have to piss off 1 person in this community, just look the wrong way or not act the way someone wants, and they’ll sexually harass you out of your local comm and online for a decade(sage your shit)

No. 317997

File: 1705559595270.png (885.71 KB, 1079x1074, Screenshot_20231216_202719_Gal…)

Also found a hideous cosplay of this female off of instagram. It should give its frills to someone who actually deserves it and go back to cheap cosplaying.(derailing)

No. 318011

Fuck off troon.

No. 318012

Saged for not bringing original milk but this one seems interesting >>>/snow/1955767, based on her (now deleted) twitter photos she is part of the Texas comm and recently went to a meetup at Sam Houston Park.

No. 318013

File: 1705575563635.png (5.38 MB, 1536x2048, GCcSpKKXMAEDPjs.png)

Dropped pic

No. 318023

Can TX anons weigh in? The leg pic posted looks troony. Is this actually a woman?

No. 318024

File: 1705590038817.jpg (112.08 KB, 1169x1637, 1000024214.jpg)

Sage for being about selkie but this lolita started a shit storm over there asking if their latest print was AI. Another case of lolitas not bothering to ask what program was used, just jumping at the throat of any business trying it out.

No. 318026

File: 1705592996453.jpeg (243.77 KB, 828x1428, Anon.jpeg)

Anon is this you?

No. 318027

Her account @prettysourlaura
Her business @shopmyviolet

No. 318028

Her initial comment isn’t really jumping at their throat though. They used AI. It’s not like she’s saying insane racist shit like >>316656 or calling it garbage like >>316397

No. 318030

Not in Dallas but the faggot is in Houston

No. 318032

This was a screenshot taken from her twitter, she isn't posting here

No. 318035

genuinely, how is this person milky?

No. 318037

No like >>318032 said it's off x, I'm not Laura. Sorry for confusion.

No. 318040

File: 1705600484855.jpeg (904.62 KB, 1170x1857, IMG_3874.jpeg)

She even reached out to the artist

No. 318041

Never mind that isn’t her. I’m rtarded

No. 318043

Laura is a lolita too and she's the one who posted it to x for attention. Her account is where I got the original screenshot. A lot of people on Selkie's instagram are commenting like they did with RPA and Souffle Song. Normies too so it's possibly worse if the AI isn't from an AI using stolen work.

No. 318049

None of this is milk, who cares what program was used? The point is it's lazy and selkie isn't a small business like RPA or souffle song. They can afford to hire an artist when they charge $300+ for their hideous ill fitting polyester dresses. It's even more embarrassing when you look into how preachy the owner of selkie is.

No. 318052

File: 1705612799406.png (183.04 KB, 443x1250, psl.png)

The point of knowing the program is to know if its stolen art work or not. These businesses are paying artists and the artists are choosing to use AI in addition to their own work. So the cry of "hire a real artist" doesn't hold up. Souffle Song probably didn't hire anyone but their prints are all ugly so it's hard to tell.

Laura is unhinged, I hope she posts more. She cross referenced someone's shitty biblethumper opinion to her shop orders and canceled it. Happened 2 more times before she responded to them saying the orders were canceled for sending her a message on IG, then posted it to social media for clout. Very professional.

No. 318055

Selkie is a real businesses and real businesses are going to adopt ai whether or not a tiny, unhinged minority of customers complain or not.

No. 318056

>if you want to buy my stuff you better agree with all my choices
kek I’m not anti abortion but this is retarded. is she running an activist group or a business?

No. 318084

i'd hate to side with her but it is fucking weird to slide into the DMs like that over politics especially if you're a customer. Just cancel your order like a normal fucking human being if you disagree so much.

No. 318086

File: 1705641491651.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1660, 1000005934.png)

This is so funny esp because I saw a bunch of folks promoting this girl's shop in response to the selfie drama. "Support real artists" in front of the most generic cat art.

No. 318126

The customer never cared about her views though. This is a big reason I don't order from western indie brands. Besides being ugly poly trash bags, I'm not giving some unhinged, mentally ill woman my information. At least she blurred the customer's info but I bet she didn't to friends.

No. 318153

Is anyone going to the great lace next year? I’m so on the fence about it because they have no internet presence and it’s like a “mini con” hosted my someone who lives in the state. Idk it seems like the Lolita’s dashcon

No. 318165

File: 1705730219924.png (1.39 MB, 1001x886, supercarly64.png)

Ancient drama but in hindsight supercarly64 was ita as fuck and coulddn't dress for shit. Also a recovering alcoholic apparently kek.(sage your shit)

No. 318183

there's a discord. i am thinking about going but i don't think there's enough info to get a ticket yet, personally.

No. 318187

File: 1705774666791.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x2230, IMG_3897.jpeg)

They sold out immediately on the special tickets. I think it’ll be good. And Chicago is a good central location for people to come / fly into. Only bad thing is that it’s downtown, not at the con centers right next to airport.

No. 318193

Anyone know the drama with TX Comm? I’m new here and tried to get caught up with the past few threads but got nothing, but it was discussed at a meet.

No. 318215

Just drama with itas and broke bitches that can’t afford meets but still go for some unknown reason. Yes, this actually happened recently when a meet was taken over by an ita that couldn’t pay a comm member back after her card was declined five times at a restaurant reservation in Dallas. In all seriousness, you’ll deal with the most unhinged itas that’ll be raging about politics or whether a person can wear the same dress or not. Just ignore the itas and politic-tards and you'll be alright. 

No. 318217

Can you name and shame them?

No. 318221

File: 1705817280941.png (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1358x828, angeleeku.png)

Sage because she's already gotten posted for having this ish all over her lolita socials but it's so disturbing to see this associated with lolita and calling herself a loli among other tags. Sorry should have spoilered.

No. 318233

We don’t care about this furry and next time stop posting with same device data location.(infighting)

No. 318241

There's no EXIF data on that, don't get our hopes up.

No. 318246

that’s a screenshot how tf would it have a location embedded in it

No. 318261

File: 1705876210797.jpg (230.67 KB, 429x567, 1000013065.jpg)

The deathfat and the meth addict(sage your shit)

No. 318271

Cadney looks like a 50 year old mom trying on their toddlers clothes.(sage your shit)

No. 318279

No. 318280

At least the one on the right looks better than whatever k8 is wearing. Why does she support devil inspire and shitty clothes

No. 318283

File: 1705885921564.jpeg (317.88 KB, 1080x1903, Dallas.jpeg)

Dallas Lolitas will lose their shit in jealousy. and will bully her out. Can’t wait to see what milk they got like this anon here >>318215(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 318289

File: 1705899958867.png (272.72 KB, 723x732, Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 11.58…)

>Another case of lolitas not bothering to ask what program was used, just jumping at the throat of any business trying it out.
this has to be one of the most embarrassing self-outings I've seen here. Not only did you try to call out someone for an opinion the community seems to universally agree on. You/ your brand pretend to be against AI yourself. We can expect to see shopmypasteltrashfire using AI soon enough.

Do you have a vendetta against kiaryou, or are you just retarded? You follow each other, so I'm guessing this has nothing to do with AI.(read the rules)

No. 318290

This is demonstrably false, if a large majority of your customer base reacts negatively to something, you pivot. That's just business.

No. 318292

File: 1705900674195.png (276.49 KB, 444x391, 6545371268.png)

>of K8
Take it to her thread

No. 318297

Laura didn't post that girl here, it was a screenshot off Laura's Twitter that got posted with commentary. It was already said it was off Twitter and got posted because they're both lolitas are tried to start a shitstorm canceling Selkie while plugging her own brand.

No. 318314

you're fucking paranoid, barely anyone comes here let alone the w board let alone the lolita lolcow thread

No. 318327

There's a reason /w/ was dubbed the cancer board in this year's lolcow awards. You can tell there's people who "don't belong" here often enough.

No. 318328

> barely anyone comes here let alone the w board let alone the lolita lolcow thread
the retarded ita galore thread two scrolls down tells you that >>318327 is right

No. 318335

It’s a little weird that Laura didn’t censor her before posting on twitter.

No. 318336

File: 1705968088394.jpeg (145.78 KB, 828x630, Scammer.jpeg)

Isha has pissed off another one of her buyers. I think lacemarket mods need to step in, because this buyer did not get their money back from the PayPal transaction in November.

No. 318337

And That makes 4

Buyers that consistently fail to follow through with purchases and bids will be banned from Lace Market. As of 01/29/14, Lace Market will be using a four strikes system. Any buyers that are reported to “pull out” of purchases without valid reasoning four times (will be banned on fourth offense) in the course of one year will receive a ban from Lace Market. Buyers are encouraged to carefully consider purchases before bidding and work with sellers to try to complete transactions.

No. 318340

— Important Notice: Any buyers or sellers that encounter scammer sellers or deadbeat buyers are encouraged to file a report immediately for the safety and convenience of the community. https://egl.circlly.com/pages/terms
Please also come forward if you have any other information regarding other alias, emails, or sock puppets the user may own.
5.) Lace Market reserves the right to ban or restrict users with poor feedback or sales history from accessing or using the marketplace.

Everything above is Lacemarket's own words, which she’ll be banned for if all the buyers decide to make a report on her for failing to refund money and sending out orders. Getting her PayPal suspended is not an excuse as she has purposefully ignored buyers emails and posts on discord like nothing has happened.

No. 318341

Mods won't do anything. Sainte is still buying/selling and I've seen people with tons of negative feedback. If you look at the banned list no one's been banned since 2014

No. 318342

File: 1705972273379.jpeg (245.57 KB, 828x713, Google_screenshare.jpeg)

They are semi active on on Facebook

No. 318372

How does one get their PayPal suspended? Did someone get mad and report her? It seems like she doesn’t have money to do refunds. It reminds me of when Hamikami Chan didn’t refund her buyers and her e-check bounced when one of her buyers filed a claim against her.

No. 318402

Whats messed up is its not even her account, it had her moms name on it. I bought from her before but cant prove it without doxing. So she got her mom banned from using paypal and I think whatever bank or cards were on that account too. It was most probably from too many chargebacks/high dollar disputes going off her feedbacks.

No. 318423

I really want know if she was this batshit from the get go or getting in with a bunch of insane tradtards broke her brain.

No. 318427

They can still open a dispute but probably paid through friends and family, where they have no protection. Suspension is on a 180-days basis, which means in that time the account can theoretically still go into debt and the account owner will be haunted by debt sharks.

Also kek the buyer herself did something very similar to someone else in their negative feedback.

No. 318435

File: 1706068436416.jpeg (69.63 KB, 828x267, Screenshot.jpeg)

Her communication with her buyers is not the best. She keeps changing her bio on every negative feedback when all it takes is being a decent seller and responding to your buyers and their concerns. 

No. 318438

Goddamn Cadney got fat. Is she ok?

No. 318460

Since when was it ever considered that buying/selling is a crime?

No. 318461

I’m just sick of seeing people bring their boyfriends or dates to comm events. Way to hog up a spot with your ugly scrote. Why can’t our mod just make up a rule about bringing dates? Go on a date at your own time and not the time with the comm.(derailing)

No. 318464

If you're buying and selling with a ton of negative feedback when LM is supposed to ban you after a certain point…..yeah that's a 'crime' on the mods' part.

No. 318465

she was always kinda chubby

No. 318467

see, this just seems nitpicky to me. you get emails about an invoice, just as you get emails about lacemarket messages. isha does take forever to ship but this is retarded.

No. 318468

File: 1706126801784.jpeg (374.35 KB, 591x590, Tokkigo.jpeg)

She’s so hypocritical. One of her reviews said

It's been two months since I paid for this item, and I haven't heard from the seller since. No response to messages.
- qbeau (Buyer)(this is an imageboard)

No. 318471

File: 1706129227479.png (6.58 KB, 310x102, tokkigo.png)

Agreed anon. I've noticed an uptick in lolitas, and not just newbs, commenting about lack of communication. But PayPal notifies you when an invoice is sent, and if you input the tracking number or ship with PayPal it emails the tracking to the person and shows up when they log into their PayPal. Someone with 8 years and 145+ transaction should know this. Sellers don't need to do extra work for you retards, just check your email.

No. 318478

wasn't she part of the sacramento drama?

No. 318487

I loved that girl(non-contribution, whiteknighting)

No. 318490

I don't think so

No. 318499

No1currs isha. Stop being a shitshow and refund you buyer(hi cow)

No. 318502

She was a discordchan til she ragequit at them that's probably what you're thinking of.

No. 318505

nayrt but she might've been referring to how isha will wait an entire month to invoice buyers with zero communication. you can't get a paypal notification if the seller never sends the invoice

No. 318516

File: 1706204860950.png (28.48 KB, 1441x152, tvt.png)

If that's the case she should of worded it better but you might be right. Sold 12/17/23, feedback left 01/23/24, Isha's description says shipping "18th to the 20th, if purchased before then I’ll have it out then. " So you left feedback late, paid late or Isha didn't invoice her before her once monthly shipping date. Which 2-4 weeks shipping is ridiculous anyway unless some type of emergency comes up.

No. 318517

File: 1706207538003.jpeg (371.37 KB, 828x814, Ageplayer.jpeg)

Anyways, Stumbled upon this age player in the San Francisco lolita comm. she sells altered dress on lacemarket and photoshops her face.

Here’s her gross tumblr
https://egl.circlly.com/users/milkiesugar(samefagging retard)

No. 318518

Can confirm she’s ugly in person. I see her at Bay Area meets every once in awhile. She’s also friends with banned Sacramento egl cow frilledcrimminal.

No. 318520

File: 1706209104447.jpeg (37.25 KB, 853x203, Screenshot_01_25_2024.jpeg)

Nice try, Isha, with the deflection while forgetting your abandoned Lacemarket account is in the age player’s feedback. As if you didn’t run to 4chan moids to suck them off for brand money.(samefag accusing self of being isha)

No. 318521

>she sells altered dress on lacemarket
she only has two sales and both of them are to isha lmao

No. 318523

File: 1706210443621.png (654.11 KB, 722x409, WTf.png)

Proof that tumblr is hers? I can't find her face on it and "milkiesugar" is a typical weeby pastel username. Also that photo doesn't even look like her LM one wtf. Where did you get that?

No. 318524

These posts (and many, many more going back years) are all the same obsessed larasuzannne whiteknight who has a passionate vendetta against Isha and just won't stop samefagging. As best as we can tell it is not Lara herself. If anyone has an idea who it might be, email us at admin@lolcow.farm so we can investigate it

No. 318525

How unfortunate. Thanks mods/admins for exposing this but its so gross to think of how many times some absolutely insane shit has been posted and real users have been caught up arguing with or worse, following the logic of some deranged moron. As if these threads aren't already the lowest quality on the entire site we have someone samefagging and shitting then up even more.

No. 318529

>As if these threads aren't already the lowest quality on the entire site we have someone samefagging and shitting then up even more.

At this point I won't even be mad of the thread is locked until there's actual milk. Its been nothing but vendetta, infighting, and apparently samefags for a while now.

No. 318532

No. 318556

if you're going to keep obsessing over her at least start spelling "criminal" correctly. "crimminal" with two m's is a dead giveaway it's you every time, anon

No. 318565

All her accounts are spelled frilledcriminal. Why she spells it that way, I’m not sure.
https://www.youtube.com/@frilledcriminal(this is an imageboard)

No. 318576

File: 1706281399201.webp (10.36 KB, 236x233, 7crbyfo2jcv71.webp)

because that's the correct way to spell criminal illiterate chan(infighting)

No. 318582

File: 1706288674529.png (885.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7144.png)

Now some actual milk. Someone apparently scammed someone at the most recent Harajuku day this past weekend.

Allegedly, they were sold a skirt and then immediately filed a fraud claim through PayPal after purchasing. Seller claims that this caused them to be in the negative. They somehow track down the buyer who claims they didn’t file the claim themselves, but their bank did due to multiple recent fraudulent charges. Both accounts double down and point fingers.

No. 318583

File: 1706289241366.jpeg (698.23 KB, 738x1589, IMG_6577.jpeg)

lmfao of course it was troons

No. 318586

Let them peak more women this way. Even in lolita communities, troons have to exhibit their egregiously moid behavior. No shame.

No. 318587

File: 1706291518357.png (554.71 KB, 1172x1140, statement.png)

Their reply picrel 1/2 https://www.instagram.com/p/C2gjq1vLexa/

Pretty sure it's 2 TiFs, she keeps tagging #t4t and talking about her "boyfriend" and that she's a "girlboy"

No. 318588

File: 1706291768860.png (2.37 MB, 912x5112, statement2.png)

2/2 graphic design is my passion! https://www.instagram.com/p/C2jIxdsrnO1/

No. 318598

This really seems like bullshit, why are they buying things if their account is at exactly 0 dollars and anything will put it in negative? The garbled cryposting is not making it more believable either. Seems like they just chargeback constantly and get away with it until this one time when they're scrambling to write detailed wordsalad about it

No. 318601

Agreed. I'm surprised her bank and PayPal hasn't cut her off yet for so many fraudulent chargebacks. She stated it's $800 worth and via paypal. Some random person in NV wouldn't have access to be charging you via PayPal, it would be via your stolen card # directly. Since she goes to Harajuku Day so much I wonder if she stiffed anyone else.

"Reoccurring withdrawal bill payment is fraudulent" made me kek. My bank has like 4 screens I have to click through to set up a reoccurring payment, it's bs she wouldn't have realized she set one up.

No. 318604

they've offered to either 1) pay cannibalcutiecreations and kuromi back or 2) give back the items, but they won't even accept it. like why not? just take it back, what else can they do? the whole situation is retarded, all over $50. cheap ass community tbh. everyone is acting like it's $500

No. 318605

Atp the vendors probably can't accept items or money back for legal reasons. For example if the thief pays or give items back then if PayPal sides with the vendors and sends the transaction through, the vendors now owe the thiefs an item or money. Also it's probably better for your account to have a dispute and it be settled in your favor. It might also impact the thieves account having a strike for filing a fake chargeback.

No. 318606

right, but doesn't >>318582 say the paypal case has been closed? and that the vendor already owes paypal money due to the buyer being refunded in full?

No. 318607

Where does it say that they won’t accept the money? All I see in the posts from the OG sellers here
is that they reopened the dispute with Paypal to get the money back from the scammers. The scammers still have the items. The dispute is still open, they’re in the process of getting it back, why would they trust anything the scammers say? If I was in this position the only way I’d consider closing the case would be if the scammers handed the cash to me in person.

Anyways unless the sellers made a follow up post saying they don’t want to accept the money (?) it’s really fucking weird to cape for the scammers like this.

No. 318613

File: 1706330647706.jpeg (155.37 KB, 828x536, 8F63FC90-B61A-496D-AFC7-F91966…)

had to dig through the comments

No. 318614

File: 1706330791754.jpeg (361.5 KB, 828x846, 3FCFF231-A8B6-4482-A557-1EF0CE…)

and another, buried in the comments.

No. 318617

File: 1706332932409.jpg (509.15 KB, 1078x1968, 1000024746.jpg)

She really posted this girl's full name and email. I marked it out but it's on her page. Guess it's deserved. Posting here since we don't know her LM. Be careful selling to anyone with the name Daniela/email peeballs6969 (ew).

No. 318628

Them bitches look white as fuck kek
Also love the use of as many "marginalized" descripters as possible

No. 318632

I sold to this person. Their LM is www003. They also tried to say they never received the item, but I had proof of shipment. They also attempted to trade me taobao headdresses for brand?

No. 318633

I've done business with them as well but didn't have any problems. I don't see any negative feedback on their LM, either. What did you end up doing? Did they try to do a chargeback?

No. 318634

File: 1706376767802.png (4.63 KB, 1440x50, neutral.png)

No negative but this neutral one is suspicious. Seems like mods edited?

No. 318646

I've never seen any evidence the two are friends. They don't even follow eachother on instagram. You're pulling things out of your ass.

No. 318651

I have a really good idea who it is.

No. 318653

So then email admin so they can look into it and then deliver the milk if you're right.

No. 318807

File: 1706721760187.jpg (724.13 KB, 2008x1324, Banned by Discord.jpg)

Came across this girl on my TL today. She got banned off discord when a server she was in "LoliciousTwT" was taken down for glorifying cp. I don't know if discord removes lolisho content but if not, then it means there was reference to or actual cp in there. Then to post this public like it's not a serious red flag on her is so creepy. She wears lolita, jirai, and himekaji so is likely to be in jfash communities. Be careful going to her page because it's got a lot of lolicon and she posts her own sh too. https://twitter.com/takuseal

No. 318808

File: 1706721925451.jpg (Spoiler Image,398.79 KB, 2259x2880, Posts.jpg)

CW: lolicon, sh

No. 318958

anyone knows when and why the old school discord server was deleted?(unsaged spoonfeeding request)

No. 318966

repeated violations of discord’s policy against lying, scalping, and being skinnyfat

No. 318983

Im asking seriously, I went to warosu and in august 2021 in an old school thread an anon said that de server was deleted. Found contradictory info about that. Went back to here searching through the threads made in 2020 and 2021 and didn't found nothing. All mentions of old school was making fun of some of the more edgy girls and nothing more>>318966

No. 318984

It wasn’t deleted, you were probably removed or banned.

No. 319057

File: 1707209992792.jpeg (145.5 KB, 828x1146, IMG_2696.jpeg)

Poorfags getting vexed at the price of a Meta gobelin skirt listing on LM, here are some of the comments.

No. 319064

1) sage your shit newfag this isn’t milk
2) people have just as much right to call this newfag seller retarded as she has to list it for the scalped price she got it for + insane shipping cost she paid.

No. 319080

File: 1707235855759.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1127x1861, IMG_6416.jpeg)

Found on the ita thread. Frilled's looking rough.

No. 319085

File: 1707246456036.png (28.92 KB, 744x180, lolitica.png)

Love the poorfags in the comments complaining about things going for more than original price. Here's the full comment archive: https://archive.is/TSqot

Anyone got info what drama account she got posted to?

No. 319092

She just heavily reduced the price, the poorfags got to her.

No. 319094

I don't understand why this specific post got attacked so much, it either wouldn't sell or that much and get reduced or it will sell and then who cares?

I'm only surprised considering how adamant they were, I definitely don't think they'd have gotten the full amount but there's no harm in trying.

No. 319097

calling out overpriced listings doesn't make you a poorfag retard

No. 319101

Not all the commentors no, but one of them literally just says "what are you on??? This is wold lmao" Poorfag behavior. I don't see those people attacking resellers, just the retarded newb trying to get her money back. We can point and lol at her for doing so but the ones commenting about the price are beyond cringe.

No. 319107


Yes, the skirt is overpriced but complaining about it is so embarrassing. Pretty sure it’s the oldschoolers since a lot of them collect this print and seethe every time they miss a single piece.

No. 319108

File: 1707264737465.jpg (1.37 MB, 1284x1913, instagram.jpg)

>Anyone got info what drama account she got posted to?
Found it on instagram. Is this really worth 26 comments on LM and 44 on IG? I see far more ridiculous listings by all of the scalpers from China who are the real problem actively hoarding tons of items but no one says anything to them, while this rando newfag gets singled out and dogpiled for a retarded mistake. Most of the commenters have less than 10 feedback and only buy cheap offbrand shit anyway, why do they even care? They couldn't afford it at a fair price either way.

No. 319109

File: 1707265169230.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1179x1585, IMG_6706.jpeg)

samefag but where are these people when JP sellers bust out the $10,000 for 4 usakumyas deal

No. 319122

It is the old schoolers. They were seething about it in their discord and encouraging each other to bully the seller.(this is an imageboard)

No. 319133

Real talk, why are old schoolers the most unhinged lolitas? From posing with dead animals, to posting pictures of their vomit, to having their photo taken while pissing themselves.

No. 319135

Probably cause a lot of them are zoomers or zillenials so they're obsessed with being the most edgy and just generally crave attention.

No. 319163

ignore the last reply trying to use my phone.
but what who took a picture of their vomit that is so unhinged

No. 319171

Some years ago, it’s been posted in past threads. I don’t think it was dollsmeat but one of the other super edgy ones. Think her username had “ghost” in it and she also used to pose in a wheelchair for attention and claim she was literally retarded

No. 319172

samefag/sage but when I say literally retarded I think I remember her claim being cerebral palsy or whatever the drooling retard one is but she visibly was fine

No. 319175

Did the listing sell? I can’t find it anymore

No. 319183

It’s been deleted.

No. 319226

Because oldschool is goth. Funny but imo more goth than gothic lolita, which is really closer to classic (vibe and stuff)
That’s why this substyle is the closest to the alt/underground/counterculture - hence the edgiest

No. 319252

do you wear lolita?

No. 319253

I'm curious, why are old schoolers getting so much flak lately? Did they piss someone off?(screenshots)

No. 319255

I think people are relating old school to the 2000s anime aesthetic, which some label as ‘animecore’, and it’s pretty common to see edgy/creepy imagery within that aesthetic.

No. 319265

File: 1707487920387.png (63.2 KB, 1320x381, old school.PNG)

The commenters are from the old school server.

No. 319271

here and cgl have shit on oldschoolers since forever. hell I’m an oldschooler and I shit on them too. oldschool attracts trendhoppers because it’s popular on TikTok, edgelords because of the anime connection as the other anon pointed out, and scalpers because it’s old (therefore expensive.) it’s a shitshow paralleled only by AP sweetfags but their whole thing is kinda dying out

No. 319400

File: 1707677614156.jpg (246 KB, 1152x1440, IMG_5082.JPG)

what the actual FUCK happened at the BTSSB NYFW show. all the models were way too tall and dysgenic looking and some were even troons.

this is how our fashion is being represented to the world.

No. 319401

File: 1707677689423.jpg (274.22 KB, 1152x1440, IMG_5087.JPG)

No. 319402

I am going to kill myself. I mean it.

No. 319403

File: 1707677838965.jpg (318.38 KB, 1152x1440, IMG_5085.JPG)

me too anon. its so over

No. 319405

File: 1707678608923.png (3.13 MB, 2242x800, IMG_5091.png)

not a single cute-looking model in this show. 1 or 2 had normal enough faces but were still way too tall for the clothes, making it look like kid's dresses.
depending on NYFW rules it's possible they were assigned these models and didn't pick them – still, would it have killed the BTSSB staff to ask for petite female models?(not milk)

No. 319406

How is any of this milk? Take it back to /cgl/

No. 319410

Guess k8 got invited after all kek

No. 319414

Clocked this troon from a mile away, the way he pranced down the runway like a sissy. It was fucking gross.

No. 319422

I saw angeleeku aka Angelique Owen at the strawberry Fest and I tripped her and kicked her foot lol! She's an obese uggo. Who here agrees?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 319429

He clearly had a "euphoria" boner. Awful.

No. 319451

Why would you want to make physical contact with a fatty? What if you get some of their flob sweat on you.

No. 319542

File: 1707848334366.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x1592, 744F833B-CD7E-4335-9A49-CB8067…)

I found his page and he posted his walk with this unhinged caption to his 12 million Instagram followers. What does CSA have to do with lolita? Is this not an extremely weird and disrespectful connection to make?

No. 319543

At the very least, it's offputting. The list of feelings/symptoms sounds fetishistic

No. 319545

She’s in Nippon you dummy

She got invited to model, but declined

No. 319551

They're making a (bad) joke.

No. 319553

She didn’t even get invited to model, she lied. Read her thread.

No. 319554

File: 1707858392698.mp4 (10.21 MB, 720x1280, 10000000_915072529942914_69217…)

there's a lot of coomer comments too of course, here's the link to the post and the vid https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3QKqhSOolt/

scrolling his posts, he dedicates everyone to something. why he chose child abuse to go with lolita says a lot about where his mind is.

No. 319559

This is so disgusting and disrespectful to BTSSB and every single person who is in this fashion. I want to vomit. We can never escape being oppressed by men and we can never catch a break from being associated with negative connotations.

No. 319563

oh…this is depressing. why are men like this..

No. 319565

File: 1707862315442.jpg (256.44 KB, 1080x2053, 1000002563.jpg)

The AGP smirk is so strong holy shit.
I was wondering how delusional the people commenting on this post could be. ALL ARE SHILLS! Comments make no sense and all come from people in India, majority of whom have zero followers.
Baby got shafted hard. I'm sure whoever responsible was paying themselves on the back for an the forced diversity, but all they did was make this Japanese brand look bad. Clothes for JAPANESE WOMEN do not look good on WHITE AMERICAN MEN, this should be obvious, how can a supposed fashion show make such a big mistake? I have seen better lolita fashion shows at random conventions.

No. 319566

He’s better looking than Andrea

No. 319568

File: 1707864645145.png (36.29 KB, 478x350, albania.png)

Not discounting you but he's Albanian not American, that's why he speaks so ESL.

No. 319569

This seems… off. I don’t know how else to describe it. All lolitas have to deal with people associating the fashion with sexual things based on the name, and people thinking that it’s a sex thing about looking like a child when it’s neither, but then this fucker dedicates it to sexually abused children? At best this is clueless and dense, at worst he’s making light of child abuse for his own sick fetish? I don’t even know what to think.
He looks awful in lolita, but so did pretty much all the models. Even the ones who were thin were way too tall to look good. I’d rather see an average sized shorter girl than a super skinny tall one. Who cast these people?

No. 319574

File: 1707867043478.jpg (131.3 KB, 1080x1642, 1000017747.jpg)

just saw this too. disgusting.

No. 319575

I should have killed myself when I said I would(blog)

No. 319577

was baby in charge of the styling? why are the wigs god-awful?

No. 319581

It's giving Sissy Trump.(integrate)

No. 319588

God I feel this so hard anon(don't respond to non-contributions)

No. 319605

Nothings stopping you from achieving your goals(don't encourage this shit)

No. 319607

NTA. I missed all of that. There's no invite to model at NYFW, you have to audition.

No. 319613

sounds like the newfags to this community don't realize that this is a small community and not one of their instagram fashion communities.

No. 319614

File: 1707931773593.jpeg (215.21 KB, 750x580, 18E6C91C-199A-47C2-910E-1EA0F6…)

Hair, makeup, and models were outsourced

No. 319618

File: 1707934540468.jpeg (478.3 KB, 1170x2073, IMG_3407.jpeg)

Unrelated but I’m getting really tired of being bombarded with princessmirellamay’s sponsored IG posts (wearing new AP releases, no less) when she’s been begging for paypal donations towards her cat’s medical bills for the past year or so

No. 319674

Yes, why? You know how sweet was presented as something more “dreamy soft” rather than “cupcake kawaii”, - that’s what I talk about oldschool being more edgy by nature. Also to have in mind it was vkei fashion, so. I mean, it’s such an obvious thing imo, just to compare earlier and later glbs. And the name even: it was close to goth, of course

No. 319688

he looks exactly like mandrea

No. 319700

File: 1708058128076.png (407.73 KB, 1649x696, carmine.png)

Isha is leaving lolita (again) and dumping all her stuff on depop

No. 319701

new depop is ascendead

No. 320795

File: 1708096095012.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x1656, IMG_2423.jpeg)

No. 320797

People sell bras and (disgustingly) even worn panties on depop. Bras really aren't that odd but yea I'd personally never buy used underwear of any type.

No. 320895

I don’t think depop let’s you make multiple accounts

No. 320896

Lol, this won't last(sage your shit)

No. 320920

Well it's definitely her, based on the items in the depop account she's selling, as well as the liked items (she's into Juicy now). She must have used a different email or phone number.

No. 320925

File: 1708146066560.png (47.04 KB, 481x781, IMG_0579.png)

>>319700 She's on medical leave, leaving lolita, moving, and also lying about her condition of bra. It says she never wore it but she marked it used.

No. 320927

File: 1708148030380.jpg (358.97 KB, 1080x1895, Depopscreenshot.jpg)

She bought the bra from this person for $12, and now is selling it for $20. It's in her old profiles buying reviews.

No. 320939

I’m sure after shipping and depop fees that’s what she paid and tbf it says send offers but that doesn’t matter. I’m going to circle back to the same question I was asking when the $400 Gobelin bustle skirt was post: why are shitty sales milk? Especially a bra listing? This has to be some type of derailing or the new generation of lolcow posters are just really bad at keeping up with the actual milk

No. 320956

seems like the most nonmilk, petty and retarded vendetta tbh

No. 320969

a lolita selling her used underwear alongside her used EGL is pretty milky. is she trying to attract fetishists?

No. 320974

Nta, Depop sells all sorts of things and bras are one thing that are constantly resold online because a lot of times you can't find some in stores or they sell out online. Shouldn't be up charging, but that bra goes for over $50, so why not?
>is she trying to attract fetishists
What a reach.

No. 321016

Most of my bras are secondhand. Not milk in the slightest. I hope mods stop this madness because this vendetta is out of hand(blog)

No. 321229

what's the name of this server? all of the other lolita servers are filled with troons and perma itas

No. 321232

That's the oldschool server, also filled with troons itas and their handmaidens.

No. 321339

File: 1708531612395.png (6.18 MB, 3808x2800, X0f4uu-_iaWSsz9U_dQsz-48p1qyhj…)

nightmare inducing uncle fester troon inserting his degeneracy in our nonsexual fashion again. can the handmaidens stop encouraging this already.

No. 321340

bUt iTs nOt A fEtiSh

No. 321342

>most kids don’t have $200 or $300 dollars to spend on a dress
>wearing lady sloth jsks
>both less than $200 even at retail price

No. 321381

Why is an old grandpa wearing lolita? Demented old man projecting onto women at that. "Oh they love infantilizing lolita!!!" he says as he infantilizes woman amongst his many fetishes. You will never be cute.

No. 321388

Men think lolita = the book (and also being unable to read don't know the book isn't pro-pedo anyways), that's the reason for most of the fetishists in the fashion. Especially since it has an asian origin so it gets their yellow fever going too. They basically learned the word, saw Japanese girls, and away they went.
Disgusting animals, but also very low iq because they really don't even know what they're cooming to

No. 321589

Western Lolita ruined a lot. I never even heard the term "brolita" until the states.

No. 321711

You all ruined this fashion, absolutely killed the community and the appreciation for being well-dressed.(no1currs)

No. 321739

File: 1709155917623.jpg (559.47 KB, 1080x1611, lolitasecretsig.jpg)

Saw some people I follow talking about a secrets page on Instagram and how people thought Behind the Bows was the end of confessions, found the account and the secret that caused most of the drama

No. 321740

File: 1709156081456.jpg (190.19 KB, 1080x821, lolitasecretcomment.jpg)

samefag just to show the type of comments, I only saw people talking about it today but the post itself is a few days old

No. 321741

Its hilarious how the comments crying ~twansmisogyny~ are from
1. Under 25 zoombies
2. Fatties
3. Itas
4. All above

And obviously a sissy faggot here and there.

No. 321748

Well now we know who runs it lol. And the sissy guy isn't even a troon, his bio still says they/theirs meaning he's probably a gay man.

No. 321760

Imagine being a woman and caping for a sissy fetishist in lolita. Men would never do the same for women. What a joke.

No. 321784

File: 1709233317673.jpg (180.98 KB, 720x711, Screenshot_20240229-160200_Ins…)

Leave twanies alone!!!
Yes it is disgusting indeed, you can't say anything because the army of frilly handmaidens would jump at your throats.

No. 321785

File: 1709233386859.jpg (229.76 KB, 718x1017, 20240229_160230.jpg)

Example: all the hate this girl is receiving for what? Giving a neutral platform?

No. 321786

File: 1709233409172.jpg (330.23 KB, 719x1019, Screenshot_20240229-160115_Ins…)

No. 321787

one of the texaslitas got a thread

No. 321788

File: 1709234331579.jpg (332.5 KB, 719x1016, Screenshot_20240229-160138_Ins…)

No. 321790

these poor girls probably think that troons are "women" who'd be fighting tooth and nail for female issues if situations were reversed. If the confessions page had posted some misogyny not a single peep would come from the sissies and troonies following the page. I mean shit, all you need to do is see their response to abortion vs the slightest pushback against surgical procedures done to minors to know where their loyalties lie. Or their support of men's "rights" while always second-guessing and questioning the purpose of women's actual rights as people.
These sissies don't even respect the fashion, let alone the women in it. We're just coom-fodder for them. Embarrassing enough to be a pick-me, but they don't even expect to be picked by troons who they see as cute gay boys more deserving of love than their fellow real women. It's out of pure love for men over women that they can't even see the obvious here

No. 321795

Why are they so mad? Didn't the guy say that he was a gay man in one of his reels? They're not shitting on MTFs, just sissies. By their own logic all the handmaidens are admitting sissies and trannies are the same thing.

No. 321802


Saw some lolitas doing the usual virtue signaling in stories, and oh boy the hypocrisy from people I know who used to delight in this kind of stuff. Maybe they've changed since then but some self reflection between all the chastising would be nice.

No. 321804

Virtue signaling, they're not actually mad beyond just wanting something to be mad at

No. 321819

It honestly pisses me off. Do these women not work? Outside the house? Men are sexist in every situation, especially work shit. The way they're capping is pathetic.

No. 321824

Men get away with being in every woman's space because of these inclusive nut jobs. You have people like oatmilkchan or cyber virus in the comment likes to show you how absurd and brain rot these people are. I think the anonymous Instagram page allows freedom for a lot of us who are sick of men demanding to be in our spaces. It’s the fact that people are attacking the page owner over someone’s anonymous opinion about men that really shows the decline of women’s rights and freedom. 

This is what happens when you have been sheltered your whole life.

No. 321829

File: 1709309517703.jpg (425.38 KB, 1080x1976, 1000002675.jpg)

Why do so many girls stand up for old men in dresses? How do they not understand its a fetish?

No. 321840

Of course dollsmeat the embarrassing DDLG pickme and piss fetishist who makes fun of women with eating disorders would defend a moid

No. 321845

is that liv the texas dramuqueen or someone else with the same name and weight?

No. 321854

I'm convinced because they think it makes them look better, physically or emotionally (virtue signaling). When you're these type of people >>321840 >>321845 and the odds are stacked against you, you have to try to gain favor where you can.

No. 321857

File: 1709325720337.jpg (162.56 KB, 1080x1366, secret.jpg)

Is this one about @beckattack? Her bf is a pedo and 4chan moid but I don't remember him being racist so it's throwing me off.

No. 321859

You may wanna hide who you are before posting lol

No. 321862

Now this is a good confession. Classic lolita community.

No. 321865

Do you not use IG? The black girl is the OP of the IG post and liked those comments. If she was the one who posted the photo here/ took the screenshot the hearts would be red beside the comment.

No. 321866

first comment is starllita.egl if any one was wondering(learn to sage)

No. 321870

It could also be Isha’s incel bf

No. 321872

But then the pedo doesn't add up. Being real it's probably bait which is why it's so vague it doesn't add up to anyone.

No. 321874

What is the @? I wanna peak

No. 321878

It's clearly beck and she's certainly right. No one seems to care she's dating the old internet's most famous pedophile.

No. 321879

File: 1709352104871.jpg (427.24 KB, 1242x891, 1000027195.jpg)

Yeah true, i guess if his gf is saying hard R on public social media then it's safe to assume he's at least complacent in her racism.

Anyway it's a shame angelicprettybunny is such a coward she won't admit to being a TERF/GC and has to beat around the bush.

No. 321880

Ugh. Japanese and Chinese lolitas are so lucky they don't have to deal with troons and defenders, because their societies already reject that shit as a whole. America is such a clownworld

No. 321881

this is from nearly a decade ago. is there not anything more recent?

No. 321882


Asian lolitas get harassed by westerners for not allowing troons and men in. There's a reason why espescially Chinese lolitas living in USA stay to their own groups and avoid main comms…itas, poorfags, and troons.

There's a login wall over twitter now so unless you have an account you can't see anything. Most of us avoid it like the plague so you probably won't get an answer unless you go look yourself.

No. 321885

She already wiped her twitter history right after this was first posted 2 years ago. It’s documented in the old threads.

No. 321887

it’s gone. that was fast

No. 321888

File: 1709362416862.jpg (289.56 KB, 2880x2880, 1000027200.jpg)

She's probably taking a break til things cool off. I grabbed this before she deactivated: Rambo Brite liking a post about "there's a difference between disliking peeking Pettis vs alienating trans people". Of course the fetishist agrees.

No. 321889

File: 1709362734073.jpg (684.52 KB, 1079x2111, 1000027147.jpg)

Also love when a handmaiden starts peaking. The account should have pinned this or brought more light to the guy being a creep to help her case.

No. 321892

File: 1709365010664.jpg (171.99 KB, 1080x2160, IMG_20240302_082625.jpg)

Did they delete their account??
if so, it's extremely upsetting.
lolita is a fashion by women, for women. Why can't some women understand that opening our spaces too widely to non women (especially if we don't put filters to make sure the few non women that are allowed to enter are safe for the rest of the community) will snap back at us and make the communnities unsafe.
Even if this model had been a cis woman, what they did was shitty and deserving of criticism, but because they're a genderspecial male, suddenly calling them out becomes blasphemous.(newfag)

No. 321906

Kek yes nice catch. She's like a fly to shit drama

No. 321920

Agreed nonnie. It really speaks on the community that most people auto assume twansphobia rather than taking an objective look at why so many of us are disgusted by his actions. APB deactivating & not standing her ground on this & explaining why he's a creep (a comment she left even said "AFAIK no trans person was in the show…" indicating she's a farmer or otherwise heard of his nasty actions & the discussion of being a gay man vs troon, sorry for no screenshot), she just bows to the people harassing her. If more of us stood up & took an open stance things could change but a lot of us are too cowardly. It's insane she can get harassed by so many lolitas & people think APB is the bad guy & not the ones doing the harassing!

No. 321951

Seriously is Olivia retarded? After being caught with her ass out so many times you’d think she’d learn to shut the fuck up but she keeps inserting herself into drama like her diabetes riddled life depends on it

No. 321959

even better with all the meltdowns she’s had on discord, tiktok and IG stories. It’s a never ending victimhood pity party

No. 322114

What happened? Are the meltdowns recent?

No. 322230

are you aware plus size lolita in japan is more marketed to men than fat women? imagine thinking japan doesn't have trannies lol(learn to sage)

No. 322237

that's not true, typically plus size has larger bust but proportionate shoulders, trannies dont need bust size but need shoulder size. t. fatty with big bobs

No. 322239

File: 1709739718557.png (27.5 KB, 463x183, plussize.png)

not >>322230 but this is actually true or at least a large percentage of people buying the plus size options are men. i don't know if they are "marketed" that way, but they are the buyers. connie was talking about it in the lolibrary server.

No. 322245

Random comments from strangers aren't exactly proof, anon. Maybe post a statistic or something, but "mysterious-condiments" isn't some authority figure in the company or someone who works in sales. I still call tinfoil on this and agree with >>322237

No. 322250

I didn't claim Japan doesn't have trannies at all. Of course they exist. But they're properly shamed and excluded. No one defends them or feels pressured to include them in the hobby. That's how it should be.

No. 322268

Nta but that’s Connie, who works in sales for Atelier Pierrot

No. 322270

you're new and a retard

No. 322271

aren't they just men then and not trannies…

most of the time i see fatties complain about shoulders/arms being too small it's not their shoulder span. they're just fat, and the fat that accumulates around their arms gives them fit issues. it's usually shorter fatties trying to convince themselves they're not overweight/obese because they can squeeze into brand

No. 322279

Connie is a tranny herself and until I start seeing Japan parade around and praise men in women's clothes like the west does, I can't believe that.

No. 322285

A troon that works at a tiny retail store also isn't an expert in anything.

No. 322289

source: a tranny coping

No. 322293

connie is saying that the brands don't promote it either, is the thing. just that it happens that the people buying the plus sizes are men. what is there not to believe? there are crossdressers in Japan, obviously.

No. 322294


You’re on lolcow. You can call him by what he really is.

No. 322295

There are marginally more fat women in lolita than men. That goes without saying. The overwhelming majority of people that buy the big girl clothes are big girls. You're an idiot if you think otherwise.
I thought she was FTM? I honestly can't tell.

No. 322296

Is this bait? Is she not a regular woman? And she didn't even mention trannies just men buying plus size, actual troons and handmaidens would seethe at transwimmins being lumped under the same umbrella as men

Japan has more young crossdressers who wear alt fashion than America, so that may be why. Most crossdressers here just wear retarded shein egirl garbage

No. 322302

>The overwhelming majority of people that buy the big girl clothes are big girls. You're an idiot if you think otherwise.
i am talking about japan. not overseas. obviously i know that the majority of the plus size market, as a whole, is fat women overseas.

No. 322306

File: 1709778178617.jpg (207.17 KB, 824x1501, dollywave.jpg)

I'm posting this here too because it's lolita related. Dollywave posted this 3 weeks ago, does anybody know what happened? I know she used to be friends with the lolita group with starstarfairy and sweetlullabai. She's not tagged in any of sweetlullabai's photos of her anymore so I think they blocked each other. Tbh I had no idea they had a falling out until i checked after she posted this kek

No. 322307

File: 1709778333592.jpg (175.63 KB, 828x1379, dollywave.jpg)

No. 322308

>claims they're drama
>makes a whole public post about them no one asked for to spark drama

No. 322309

File: 1709778622367.jpg (310.35 KB, 828x1424, dollywave2.jpg)

The last picture she was tagged in with sweetlullabai was in 2021 from a cosplayer. So either it was recent and they haven't hung out since then. Or she's not over a falling out from 3 years ago. Either way I'm so curious

No. 322321

pretty sure she’s a detransitioned TIF
are you an APfag or not a lolita at all?

No. 322322

nta but atepie doesn't exactly cater to men to have any real metrics like that.

No. 322353

that’s not just any random cosplayer, that’s dollywave’s sister and tripod KEKK

No. 322391

i doubt that, he has a really deep voice on livestreams

No. 322413

That's what T does to a woman. You would think if she was MTF she would try to work on her voice a bit more.

No. 322414

The average male troon only puts effort into what gives him a boner

No. 322458

File: 1709941672789.jpg (182.5 KB, 1162x2048, conniegreen.jpg)

Sure, but they certainly know who the primary buyers of their plus size pieces are. And they're one of the brands that puts out more plus size items.

For someone so obsessed with trannies you really can't identify one for shit. She has the classic FTM voice, has a female build, and is actually well put together (hygeine, makeup, proper coordinates) in a way actual MTFs never are. Also, it's pretty easy to find old pics of her before she transitioned as well as references to her crossdressing in ouji.(post proof)

No. 322460

Can you please post proof that there's an overwhelming amount of troons compared to women buying plus size? You keep saying it's obvious when multiple anons have pointed out it isn't. Just sounds like some tinfoil you're trying to push.

No. 322473

i'm the anon that posted >>322239 and there's no concrete proof besides connie making these comments. he even says brands don't want to talk about it because it looks bad to their japanese women customers. i do think connie is a reliable source of information for atepie, though, and in any case, connie is the one who posts the stats on plus-sized markets in japan (i'm sure you've read his post on facebook), so idk what else to tell you.

No. 322474

This isn't discord you can call her what she is: a woman.

Anon, do you know if she's FtM or de-transitioned?

No. 322500

File: 1709987492082.jpeg (1.89 MB, 3072x3835, Dollywave.jpeg)

Chiming in because Dolly doesn’t wear lolita anymore, but it is suspected that she keeps taking shots at people who were her friends. If this falling out is true, why does she need to make videos after videos on “toxic friend groups” she’s no longer with? It’s already been questioned that none of the main New York lolitas follow her or support her replica business, ripping off designers in Japan. 

Found old reposted pictures of them. They were very close then

No. 322553

File: 1710044930500.png (22.32 KB, 330x201, connie.png)

she's still ftm, everyone uses male pronouns when talking about her and she has both he/him and they/them in her discord description.

No. 322563


Lolitadebtcrisis was really trying to suck up to anyone vaguely efamous at the btssb nyfw event she should really shut the fuck up. Lol I can't stand these hypocrites.

No. 322634

File: 1710106831471.jpeg (612.55 KB, 750x682, 68A6B11C-3269-412F-8F60-51163C…)

She’s still friends with dolly’s ex-friend group though. There’s so many tagged posts with them. Is she unaware or doesn’t care?

No. 322655

based on LDC's videos and how she replies to mean comments, she seems autistic/mildly retarded so probably a mix of both

No. 322690

Lolitadebtcrisis was originally part of the NY group I went with until she was bullied out by a troon and his equally repulsive handmaiden.(sage your shit or post proof)

No. 322712

That sounds based if it was because he's a troon. Post more deets.

No. 322779

That is a crossdressing moid. I can recognize a scrote when i see one. You transvestigating retards need to take your meds for the day because this is a man in a dress.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 322822

File: 1710241242544.png (14.55 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_5381.png)

Rena got posted >>>/snow/1975324(learn2sage)

No. 322864

her thread was already linked here anyway

No. 323050

File: 1710523678984.jpeg (170.61 KB, 828x1210, Anachan.jpeg)

K8 is comparing herself to an anorexic great value Eugenia cooney.

No. 323051

File: 1710523746335.jpeg (202.13 KB, 828x1223, K8.jpeg)

No. 323054

File: 1710524754899.jpeg (584.62 KB, 828x1133, Taraterrorful.jpeg)

It’s deranged that K8 would quickly point fingers at a mentally ill e hungry woman and say, “ThAtS Me!”. (not lolita/sage your shit)

No. 323058

they actually do look a lot alike though

No. 323070

They look the same though. I don't see how this wouldn't be the case with the first photo specifically.

No. 323075

I thought this was Shmegeh at first glance

No. 323076

How attention starved (no pun intended) do you have to be to do this retarded shit

No. 323093

Finally someone posts about the shmegeh skinwalker. She is insane

No. 323148

File: 1710691951651.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1750, IMG_7390.jpeg)

It looks like FrilledCriminal got married. Why do lolitas always have the ugliest boyfriends?

No. 323153

Oh whatever, it's HER wedding day and he may be uggo but she looks pretty. Her dress fits her weight gain, the coord is cohesive, they look happy. I think she could have done more to her hair since this is a hime look but good for them ig

No. 323162

This isn't milk, you're just stalking some autist at this point. The shitfest was over a year ago. Unless she actually does something milky, posting every little thing she does is kind of weird.

No. 323172


Ok I mean they look about the same in terms of looks. And agreed with the others, you're obsessed w her, chill.

No. 323177


No. 323213

Did you not read the part where being ugly and fat isn't milk?

No. 323245

what's with the whiteknights? neither of these are milky but her marriage is more milky than >>323054

No. 323248

File: 1710821270591.png (1021.05 KB, 1170x1511, IMG_2799.png)

isha claimed shes leaving, but she isn't. she made a new depop and now shes just buying cheap egl from mercari and scalping it to depopfags after seeing how many bought her liz lisa. knew someone got something from her not knowing it was her. didn't ship out for weeks and there are multiple stains…

No. 323249

I think a lot of us just want to move on from her. There's nothing inherently milky about the photo. Her husband is ugly but that applies to every single lolita that's married.

No. 323267

Why does she always have an excuse for her slow shipping?

No. 323272

Proof shes scalping? Because it looks like her own wardrobe. All the reviews on that account are positive so unless you leave a neg review she's just going to keep selling to them you know.

No. 323287

yeah, I thought she was just dumping her entire wardrobe. which I think is pretty big. anyway we posted about this account earlier in the thread, it's non-milk at this point.

No. 323295

reselling is now milk? the farms have sure dried up

No. 323304

>but that applies to every single lolita that's married
I was going to call bs on this but I literally cannot think of even one lolita who has a handsome husband… wtf…

No. 323315

34 today yes.
Kirawareta_hana is former french loli sabi_ryuji (élodie galant) now with a +50yo ugly japanese man for the visa, got kicked out of seven eleven asakusa for forcing a manager to marry her against his will and she found another guy with the same familly name (katô) on tinder shortly after. Still a lot of milk, in fact it's one of the most prolific in that matter.(sage your shit)

No. 323316

Found her Youtube Chan here:

She goes with the name Eri now.

In one of the video she accuses her dad of touching her as a kid out of the blue, french people knowing her for a long while would say that she never ever talked about that before, she's just trying to play victim and gain sympathy. She's very bad for Japan imo, taking advantage of people's credulity because in France everyone with half a brain can understand right away she doesn't even speak her own language properly and she's super dodgy.(this is an imageboard)

No. 323319

File: 1710921524129.png (849.71 KB, 1080x1350, snap-00012.png)

Gotta love those socks. Classy! First nickname was sabi ryujii but then it was ultra violet before kirawareta hana I think.

Now kato eri. Good to know.(sage your shit)

No. 323337

Dallas Lolitas are in hot water again. Letting the milk unfold here(needs milk)

No. 323345

are you gonna elaborate

No. 323453

AYRT, thanks for the update. French cows are criminally under-documented but especially her. Wearing jirai shit at 34 and miming like a child on camera instead of just speaking because of her fake anxiety disorder, she's nothing short of ridiculous. And she manages to make even worse music than 10 years ago somehow.

No. 323454

Has Tyler just totally disappeared off the planet / left lolita at this point?(Sage your spoonfeeding request)

No. 323571

Her wardrobe must be worth like $50k at least at this point, how's she gonna just up and leave(learn to sage)

No. 323573

Doubt it. Maybe having addiction issues again, or maybe getting married or got preggers. There's literally so many other things it could be.

No. 323582

She probably just got smart and stopped posting online. Not every lolita has an online presence but we still wear it.

No. 323715

Someone with that big of a following would usually announce they're leaving instead of just disappearing.

No. 323730

Rincastles was asking about Tyler at a recent meet and apparently doesn’t like her at all. It's strange how she ran to Lolcow for answers after talking shit about Tyler to the comm. Bad ideas to be collecting drama at her first meetup here.

No. 323732

Big following =/= attentionwhore. Announcing leaving would only draw more attention to her if she truly is using soc media less, or she might want to resume posting later. the only reason to announce leaving social media is to either 1. Leave lolita entirely 2. Get sympathy and pity points

No. 323810

Nothing of value was lost, her fashion sense was non-existent like your average sweet fag.

No. 323835

It would be a shame if alyssa knew how sideways shit is about to go for her(cowtipping)

No. 323904

Post more context. What happened & Alyssa who? The only Alyssa that’s been posted was the one who was in a drama discord that had beef with Rosequartzroyalty and was crying over being blocked by people. Inb4 newfags requests to be spoonfed and starts derailing. thread 8
Alyssa / Bird_Symphonia / Shit Stirrer McGee / Texlita

No. 323905

File: 1711813237034.jpeg (503.93 KB, 828x980, Tyler.jpeg)

The only thing people seem to forget is that she’s active on her Patreon, Tyler Willis. She hasn’t left but has been working on content for months without touching YouTube. 

No. 323931

File: 1711858321978.jpeg (26.57 KB, 329x484, Screenshot .jpeg)

Unsaging milk
It seems like Frilled Criminal and her banned Sac Egl buddies created a large drama with an America's Got Talent contestant and cosplayer named Freckled Zelda, throwing claims that she sent nudes to a group chat with a minor in it, supports trump in a rage bait joke, and a lot of defamation claims because they had a falling out. Freckled Zelda is going to take it legal with them for spreading Photoshop pictures and making half the internet, and TikTok zoomers go after her and her family.

Zelda and lilacscented

No. 323933

File: 1711858548843.jpeg (116.1 KB, 828x1527, Screenshot2.jpeg)

Freckled Zelda’s Response to the defamation they made about her and how lilacscented made videos on her.

No. 323936

File: 1711859637427.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3072x4096, Lilascented.jpeg)

Lilacscented’s sibling, Maddy, made a YouTube video with photoshopped pictures to defame and witch hunt her ex-best friend Zelda. If they were smart, they should’ve made these claims anonymous so they wouldn’t have gotten hit with a defamation suit from Zelda https://youtu.be/Y81xscVShQ8?si=IwWqPSSYc_JImqZb

No. 323938

She admitted to knowing there was a minor in the chat though and still sent provocative, not nude, images to the chat. That's pretty gross and she can get away with it technically because she's wearing clothing. I don't think this is anywhere like what was being assumed by the callouts as private messages. This was all in a group chat. Not that that makes it any better, but most people don't do that.. She seems like one of those female cosplayers who thinks too high of themselves due to follower counts and thinks she can get away with doing stuff like this because she's popular. Typical power dynamic thing. It's really gross when grown women have to show off just to get appeal from younger boys. I just don't understand it. She has all these followers, but she's fishing in the group chat for that attention.

No. 323945

So why was it ok with Ami/lilacsented and Maddy that Freckled Zelda send racy content to the group chat before the fallout? Why do a group of adults even have a 15 year old in the chat? They're all weird as hell for that.

It's because she's from a conservative family and community. They're always the most obsessed with taboo subjects because they have to hide it. She can only act like that to her gendie friends because they accepted her degeneracy. If she did it publicly then her family and fans would see and she'd lose her good Christian girl persona.

No. 323950

>So why was it ok
Who said it was? Also they knew the kid because it was someone's brother. I don't know if you're actually int he lolita/cosplay scene, but ages for participation are all over the place and no one usually suspects women of doing this, it's usually guys who post inappropriate content around kids like this. This is why everyone is shocked. It's definitely not fake, but it's not nudes like the blurred images are making it seem like it is. No one said anything was okay. This is a weak way to infight.

No. 323952

Do people seriously think some 15 yo scrotling will be traumatized for life because an older chick sent a picture of her cleavage in a groupchat? Rarely I've witnessed such retardation.
Nonnas were right when they said that women project their own psychology on moids lol. They absolutely have no idea about how males work. No wonder why they're pro troon. Tragic.

No. 323953

I know freckledzelda is always posting ita as hell coords in COF and starting weird political beef, honestly it wouldn't surprise me at all if she really was the problem here.

No. 323955

Lilacsented, Maddy, and whoever the other girl implied it was ok or they would have said something to Zelda privately or in the chat when it happened. Waiting until you're mad at someone then having a problem with it speaks volumes about the accusers. It's gross they tried to frame Zelda for sending nudes anyway when it was something you'd see at a con, a swimming pool, anywhere you find kids. Women aren't sex objects just by virtue of being women. Zelda said actually racy flirty things to the chat which is the only problem here. It's 1 thing to be in a SFW chat with a friend and their sibling and another to say and condone sexual things around the minor. It's not to groomer levels but they need to take a step back and realize how weird it is that they all thought it was appropriate.

No. 323957

>freckledzelda didn't do anything wrong because they didn't say anything! they're worse than her!
ok retard(infighting)

No. 323958

Kek which one are you? There's no innocents in this slapfight.

No. 323961

I hope Zelda drags them. I don't like her because i hate religious retards, but she didn't do wrong. Just seems gross to nkt make a seperate group chat for sharing mor racey photos even if they arent nude. These girls are so desperate for the clout that comes with Zelda.

No. 323967

this feels like laceferatu vs evan (i dont remember her username) all over again. it's always the more unhinged one who does the callout first. Only freaks sit on receipts and what is essentially blackmail material for months/years on end. who the fuck has time for that shit? Just be an adult and end a friendship like a normal person by telling them you're "busy" until they get the hint. jesus.(sage your shit)

No. 323968

She didn't sit on this for months/years. Timestamps clearly state this happened in late january, and the first call out video I can find on the topic is 3 weeks old.

No. 323972

I hope Zelda brings them for all they are worth because when Lilacscented/Ami was trying to take down her old comm, she ran to her bestie Zelda for help. Now that Zelda isn't providing her with clicks, Lilacscented has to do crazy stuff like this to keep her clout chasing up. I feel like she's twisting the truth really hard and is probably not being honest about her own involvement in the group chat and sending racy pics because why else would Zelda feel like it's ok to do that?

No. 323983

Follower count makes you feel untouchable and some cosplayers think as long as its not nude, its SFW, some female cosplayers just do that. The witch hunt was using the term nude and now its turned into "THERE WAS A MINOR" because saying nudes alone wasn't enough bait for tiktok. Also they blurred out all discussion aside from this which makes it clear this seems a bit set up.

No. 323987

File: 1711982257801.jpeg (134.66 KB, 1125x612, IMG_2849.jpeg)

Imagine defending this girl like she didn't tag her wheelchair bound friend in posts about pushing wheelchair users off of cliffs, lie about being vaccinated to her immunocompromised friend, and post weird misogynistic maga christian crap. this whole debate is probably just zelda selfposting like she does on CGL anyway and the only reason anyone else is defending her is because of the sac shitfest incident, which wasn't even Ami's fault.

FuglyZelda is just a standard issue conservative ita and I'd be happy to see her get exposed if she wasn't barely on topic to begin with. She belongs in her own dedicated /snow/ thread.

No. 323989

We are talking about the nudes group chat situation. If you want to bring up all her other stuff to prove a point about her being shutty, right now isn't the time. The wheelchair chick definitely knew what she was doing using inflammatory words.

No. 323990

File: 1711985053447.gif (879.24 KB, 220x165, Gif.gif)

Anyone got video caps of frilled criminal screaming in her story about Zelda trying to do a skit of pushing wheelies/Lilacscented down the hill? They think Zelda was purposely out to harm her disabled friend for being Anti Covid vaccine and ableist.

No. 323993

Instead of suggesting a dark humor skit lol, the specials in the scene sure are sensitive

No. 323994

No one hates Zelda that much in this thread other than disliking her ita coords. It sounds like Maddy and Ami are here defending their cause because this is exactly the type of language they used against her in their posts. Ami has posted herself to 4chan before for pity and was suspected to be shitting up the thread when her drama went down ages ago, so this is probably her work. You know what gives you away girl? The fact that the only thing your post cares about is you and your wheelchair and not the supposed minor involved.(hi cow)

No. 323999

nta, but I don't even really dislike her ita coords. They are supposed to be messy, I always pictured it like bohemian fairycore, but with more glitter. Honestly, before the thread got bumped, I thought she was a cosplayer who just had this aesthetic because she always wore the ears and stuff too. Is she not a cosplayer?

No. 324005

The wheelchair shit was mentioned in the original tiktok "call out", so it's relevant. And if she's an established cow, it makes sense to look at her previous issues since there's clearly a pattern of weird attention seeking behavior from her. Same videos claim the group chat involved two minors, not just one. We established the photos weren't nudes but are still kind of creepy, but it wouldn't really surprise me if she did it for the same reason she clearly does anything: rage bait. One look at her content makes it really obvious she's been itching for some kind of controversy to stay Relevant.

No. 324009

File: 1712005801763.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.57 MB, 4096x4096, 00462897427.jpeg)

Yet they were fine with the inappropriate conversations. They should’ve just told her straight up that what she doing wasn’t ok rather than running to make a boring and unnecessary exposay on Zelda.(sage your shit)

No. 324011

Can we pleae focus on the issue at hand? Go make a thread for her or something. Anons are discussing the group chat right now. Shes not that milky, she doesn't even need her own thread.(minimod)

No. 324016

File: 1712023398489.jpg (488.71 KB, 1003x1314, 1000008747.jpg)

Maddy was the one who posted the blurred images, not lilac, and told people they weren't nudes. A bunch of people on tiktok were the ones that ran with it.

No. 324017

File: 1712027361098.jpg (262.51 KB, 1080x2061, 1000008755.jpg)

No. 324019

So what? Making a big fuss over someone cleavage and blurring the images to make it seem as she was nude is ridiculous. I hope Zelda goes after these clowns.

No. 324026

It was because of tiktok guidelines I'm pretty sure. That and they were photos privately sent. I think Maddy could have done a better job making that clear, but they did post about it and replied to people.

No. 324028

Nta but no. Tiktok allows clothed suggestive materials as long as you're not a minor doing it, she knew she was trying to make it seem like nudes. Don't make excuses for the vendetta.

No. 324032

The photos are so tame too. The pearl clutching over some cleavage and the clothed bottom of an adult female by they/thems and troons… Are they aware of their misogyny or is it so baked into the trans ideological cult that they just fall in line without question?

No. 324033

>sending tits to a 15 year old is actually feminist, you guys!

No. 324035

That nonna's argument is retarded, but bluring out clothed photos to try to pass it off like she was sending nudes is definitely deceptive behavior. Honestly they all seem like cows to varying degrees.

No. 324036

File: 1712079399567.jpg (349.04 KB, 1080x1920, lilacscented.jpg)

Why does the female body immediately and only make you think of sex? The photos aren't the problem here but gendies are focusing on it in her comments calling her a groomer, pedophile etc. What she said and the photos of the popsicle like this >>324009 are for sure, but the blurring of the images was intentional. Lilac is a known cow and sharing what her sister made which stretches the truth, then posting to her story like this just exemplifies that.

No. 324037

This. It's not a good guys vs cows issue this time. It's cows fighting cows. Which is as milky as you can get.

No. 324040

Wow, that's really messed up to use the background of a hospital in order to make others feel bad for you over a group chat. Jesus christ.

No. 324045

Am I just naive or is anyone else assuming they were blurred for Freckled's own privacy? As in not leaking risqué photos someone sent to you privately. She does look pretty naked in them, but I think it someone blurring a photo of you makes you look naked then it's not a photo you should be sending to kids.

No. 324046

File: 1712084437465.jpeg (57.75 KB, 828x280, Brainrot.jpeg)

Not everyone has to get the jab. Maybe Zelda quarantined herself days before the con because she knew her friend could fall easily to the virus. These morons have no better reason to cancel Zelda. And 2022 was the year Covid was lifted so why are they still mad?

No. 324047

No she was literally in the hospital when she was making those stories

No. 324048

That's what Maddy stated. She said the photos were of her in a bunny suit, and she was censoring them for her own decency.

No. 324049

File: 1712084721701.jpeg (73.27 KB, 828x489, Kek.jpeg)

Also kek

No. 324050

Probably to garner more sympathy.

No. 324051

You think she got herself hospitalized to garner more sympathy? That's a bit of a stretch

No. 324052

No, to decide to do it only 3 weeks ago when it happened 3 months ago.

No. 324053

Zelda was being trashed online by a bunch of other people for separate things at the time, she probably just hopped on the bandwagon when it felt safer to do so.

No. 324054

I mean wasn't ami the one to break it off when she found she was lying unvaxxed? Zelda even planned to go to fanime with her knowing the covid vaccine policy. If it was about clout wouldn't she have just put up with it? It's fine to be not vaccinated, but lying about it was the bad thing she did.

No. 324055

Yes, it does look like she posted pics from the hospital for sympathy, just like how she does all her videos from her wheelchair. She knows that all the woobies will pity her and be on her side more if she acts like she's the sickest in the room. She could have posted from her house right when it happened like >>324052 said but chose to take a pic in the hospital to blame Zelda for her health condition. She and her sister also intentionally let people believe the pics were nudes and released them in a way to convince others as such. Lilacscented/Ami is a huge munchie cow for making her illness worse than it seems just to take the heat off of herself.

No. 324056

The COVID vax doesn't prevent getting or spreading the virus. Quarantining before interacting with at-risk people and good hygiene are the only way to possibly avoid spreading pathogens. Her lying about taking the vax is retarded and shitty but she wasn't literally out to kill her uwu fragile friend.

She did not have to mention she is so frazzled she can't get a cardiac procedure done. She clearly did that for sympathy points. She could have used a blank background or any other photo but she chose to say that + a hospital background for a reason.

No. 324057

>just like how she does all her videos from her wheelchair

This just in: people who need wheelchairs tend to use them

No. 324058

I vaguely remember someone talking about on the cgl threads that zelda went to that fanime and tried to get in and threw a fit when she couldn't. It was like two years ago though and way before any of the drama

No. 324059

That's not what was said and you know it. She uses her wheelchair as a prop for pity and is trying to associate her health issues with Zelda not having the vax. Reminder that Lilacscented is using the drama to pretend her health issues are worse even though she has been steadily posting about all her con adventures and was happy to use Zelda's platform when she needed backup before. She's used to winning every internet slapfight by being the most pitiable in the fight and is currently trying that tactic against Zelda to no avail.

No. 324060

She stopped appearing in her videos when zelda was liking and tagging her in every comment that made fun of her disability. I mean when was the last time you even saw a picture of them together? If it was about clout wouldn't she have been the one to make the callout? Or had her instagram in it somewhere? I don't think she's been getting followers from this situation.

No. 324062

File: 1712088723086.jpg (70.8 KB, 1080x437, 1000032059.jpg)

>I don't think she's been getting followers from this situation.
Nta and I don't have a before pic but she had 20k yesterday and now 21k. So she is getting followers off this, just pointing that out

No. 324063

You mean when it was at 20.9? You make it sound like it jumped 1k in a day.

No. 324073

Yeah that was the 2022 Fanime. They were super strict.

Ngl, sucks when your friends aren't on the same dark humor wavelength as you, but they are fine making fun of their own disability and doing it with other friends. Literally, she's just mad to be mad.

It's just people drama following. No one wants to go out and hunt for the page every time.

No. 324074

id be fine with my friends making fun of me, but if they liked and tagged me in a hundred hate messages thats not really the same.

No. 324075

File: 1712095919514.jpeg (71.52 KB, 828x442, IMG_1046.jpeg)

Did some digging, and it looks like frilledcriminal is no longer friends with 20dollarlolita, who WKed her after being banned from sac Egl and went after the comm mods. It seems like the same thing happened to Zelda after she helped defend Lilacscented from being banned from Sac Egl for being involved in drama with Frilledcriminal. Allegedly frilledcriminal is no longer with the unofficial Sac Egl comm after falling out with some of her friends that defended her. The official Sacramento comm hasn’t had drama since frill and lilacscented were removed, so the problem is more likely them for having shit behavior both in person and online. The Bay Area EGL community should do the same by removing them since they attend meets in San Francisco every once in awhile and always indulge in drama. 

No. 324076

File: 1712096158425.jpeg (154.4 KB, 828x1379, IMG_1045.jpeg)

Need more deets on frill being taken to court.

No. 324077

I haven't heard anything about any of them causing drama at bay area meets or in the discord. They're all hardly active.

No. 324078

The two of them invited Banned Lolitas to a meet up. A lot were confused as to why they bring drama everywhere they go. It should be clear that they are drama whores and ran a witch hunt after the girl they harassed in the Sac comm which is why the mod didn’t let it slide. I think this whole Zelda thing is one of their worst yet because they made a false allegation with no further evidence aside from silly, petty drama like not being vaccinated or having dark humor. Where are the grooming evidence? And who was the one responsible in making the chat?(this is an imageboard)

No. 324079

Who owes who money

No. 324080

What banned lolitas did they invite to a meetup? And zelda literally made a joke about a child "hitting it from the back" while she gives a lap dance, and sent pictures of her sexts with her boyfriend. She's not innocent in this

No. 324081

grooming wasn't alleged by Maddy. Random tiktoks saw that zelda send suggestive photos and jokes to a minor and started a legitimate toxic gossip train. Its way more fun to call her a pedophile even though she isnt

No. 324082

Apparently frilled owes someone unknown 1k(this is an imageboard)

No. 324084

What girl did they harass in the Sac comm? The one who sent Frilled some insane accusations saying she was faking hearing loss? I remember Frilled called her out publicly in the discord but that was the extent of it.

No. 324085

>just like she does all of her videos from her wheelchair

it's almost like she's wheelchair bound. do you expect her legs to magically work for videos?

No. 324087

i think you guys are getting it twisted on who did what. frilled and 20dollar weren't a part of the call out posts. maddy made a video talking about her gripes with zelda as many other people were at the time. in the video she never claimed zelda was a groomer or pedophile, and told people the photos were her in a bunny suit. no court would hold her responsible for a bunch of children online running wild and making a bunch of pedophile memes. and the only thing lilac has posted was her hospital rant about zelda being unvaxxed. she hasnt talked about any of it publically since that one time. the only people she would even have a chance at suing would be the youtubers repeating what they heard on tiktok saying she's a pedo. i don't even know where that one guy got the claim that there were two minors in the chat.

No. 324088

She could do what Zelda did and sit in front of a simple background with no gimmicks and state the facts with screenshots. Her sister can't do that because it doesn't invoke pity, and she won't do that because she won't win a shaky argument without proof and emotional manipulation. And yes, her legs do magically work for many of her videos and Instagram pics because she herself said she's able to walk without it for short distances. She can also sit in a normal chair if she wants people to focus on the message and not her issues but she knows what she's doing.

No. 324089

Details/Proof? Frilled isn't active in the bay area community at all, and lilac doesn't seem to be either. What is the drama? Who are the banned lolitas? Why are you being intentionally vague?

No. 324091

LS can stand for short periods of time so I guess this person expects her to stand for every single video she makes. There are some photos on her account where she's standing so I guess this person wants that to be all of them, because using her wheelchair is just for pity in their eyes.

No. 324092

Magically? It's called not being paralyzed. Lilac doesn't seem like she's going to make any video at all on the situation, but even if she did she shouldn't have to sit in a normal chair to please you.

No. 324093

Zelda didn't address a lot of the stuff. She showed the photos and proved they weren't nudes, but the girl who posted them initially never said they were and corrected people in the comments about it. She admitted to suggestive photos of herself, and admitted to knowing there was a kid in the chat. Didn't mention the group sex comment or the screenshot she sent to the kid of her having a conversation with her partner about using a popsicle like a dildo. The rest of her argument boiled down to I can't be racist/homophobic/transphobic/abelist because I have a friend in that demographic, and then she showed a video of her being baptized for some reason.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 324095

Both of you are getting the cliff.

No. 324118

How is >>323957 infighting but >>324095 not? Farmhands just love picking and choosing rules huh(take it to /meta/)

No. 324165

File: 1712184997842.png (Spoiler Image,2.32 MB, 1290x2267, SPOILER_IMG_1791~2.png)

Former follower of Lilac Scented here. So it's ok for her to post photos like this to her public Instagram stories where she has many, many minors following her but Zelda posting a picture that is similarly revealing is not ok? Lilac is a huge hypocrite if she wants to go after Zelda for endangering minors when she herself posts stuff like this.

No. 324171

A playboy bunny costume is inherently sexual, a mostly-covered chest during a medical procedure isn't. Why did you screenshot this, anyway? It's not currently on her story so you must've had this for a while.

No. 324174

Mostly covered? Her chest is wide out there and if she didn't have her tits pushed to the side, they would be just as exposed. She really doesn't have a reason to persecute Zelda over tit pics if she's basically doing the same thing.

No. 324182

Tbh she knows what shes doing. She is trying to joke around like a suave anime boy, but its still a reveling photo. Just because she doesn't have tits or the monitors are on her, doesn't make it less sexualized for people who will sexualize it. Nah, I agree she's a hypocrite.

No. 324184

I mean thats the point. You cannot see any cleavage in it. Her chest kinda looks male in that. Also posting a picture in a hospital gown on your story is different than sending a photo to show off your ass and tits in a playboy bunnysuit to a kid. But why did you screenshot this? It hasn't been up during any of the drama, so you seem to have had it for a while. It's kinda giving vendetta.

No. 324185

If certain clothes are inherently sexual, are rape victims "asking for it"? Just misogynist things ig. The face Lilacscented is making in the pic is supposed to be a fuckboy face, it's clearly a jokingly "sexy" photo a white scrote would post to social media and anon has a point.

As for why that person has it, most lolitas are mentally ill to the point they hang onto photos like this for years at a time. If you post anything personal or revealing like this just know someone has saved it. Especially when she has 21k followers, don't be surprised when even 1 of them is deranged enough to.

No. 324186

I mean yes, a bunnysuit is inherently sexual. This has nothing to do with rape, you're doing an awful big stretch.

No. 324187

File: 1712196391470.jpg (49.97 KB, 656x605, zelda.jpg)

Ayrt, it's not a stretch to say clothes are not inherently sexual and the female body is not inherently sexual. Zelda sent that retarded fuckboy face to a group chat of 5 with 1 minor, Lilacscented uploaded this public to a follower count of we'll say 19k at the time with countless minors. Same face, same joking manner, the only difference is one has more breast tissue. >>324165

Lilacscented is a hypocrite cow. Even if the pic is deranged to save it proves a point.

No. 324188


Nah, that's what I thought too when I first saw the "it's not sexualized like Zelda!" posts it's just as silly and stupid. I don't care about either of them but it's definitely hypocritical and attention seeking to post that.

Saying it's different because she doesn't have cleavage and isn't wearing a bunny suit is the same thing as slut/body shaming. The white knighting in this thread for both of them is wild

No. 324189

There's a big difference between posting something on your story and sending something to a chat with a child. Also are we just forgetting the sexual messages zelda sent?

No. 324190

I haven't seen anyone itt cape for the sexual messages she sent. The point/discussion has always been about this particular photo, which anon here >>324165 further proved is Lilac and Maddy intentionally making a mountain out of a mole hill.

No. 324191

By this logic, wearing a swimsuit on a public beach where a child might see it is the same as sending swimsuit pictures to a child. It's not the same and you know it.

No. 324192

These are honestly less sexual than >>324165 There's more skin showing leading down the torso. They are both stupid and they both allowed adult discussions in a group chat with a 15 year old. Both of them are at fault. Both of them post thirsttraps, it's just different thirst traps.

I don't know how there is a callout when weehlchair girl honestly seems more unhinged and pickme by tying to make herself look better amongst all of this compared to Zelda. Also blurring photos to pass them off as something else under the false pretense of 'tiktok tos' is bullshit. These girls are cunts.

No. 324194

It's not even in the same realm. Only a certain friend group are taking issue with these 2 >>324187 perfectly sfw photos being in that chat. If you want people to agree Zelda is a shit person focus on the other gross she she did like >>323987 and >>324009

No. 324195

File: 1712197053219.png (34.55 KB, 1873x286, Screenshot_2.png)

Revising your post to say she looks "male" and removing the part where you for some reason know exactly when she posted that story didn't make this any less of a wk.
>The white knighting in this thread for both of them is wild
Agreed. Several of these rapid fire posts are obviously from people personally involved and sound way too emotionally invested. This whole situation is boring af from the outside. They're both cringe and retarded.

No. 324196

One is a bunny suit where she turns around to show her ass and cleavage shot and was sent to a kid. The other is a shot of someone getting a medical procedure done with no breast visable.

No. 324197

Someone come up with a better topic then.

No. 324198

She didn't personally send it to the kid. I don't know why anons are trying to phrase it this way. Joking about trying to pretend to be sexual by posing with your shit open and showing as much torso and chest as possible without it being revealing, is 100% a damn tactic to be sexualized. Stop being naive. Wheelie over there knows what she was trying to do, she did the same thing by censoring Zelda's SFW photos to give the idea they were nude. Zelda's photos aren't sexual. If she did this in short shorts and a t-shirt that was low cut that showed the same amount of cleavage, would it be okay or would that still be too sexualized for the group chat because the clothing is too short and revealing?

They both did the same thing, the posing and intent are the same.

No. 324199

The photos of her in a outfit that originates from porn in combination with her sexual messages about said child are what makes this worse.

No. 324201

And what about Lilac's sexual messages and fetish discussion? What about never talking to her about it? She allowed it and reciprocated.

No. 324202

Zelda was the only person who was making sexual messages. Lilac told her she was being thirsty, but I agree she should have done more. It doesn't sound like there's much in the chat after it though so who knows.

No. 324203

I'm so skeptical about the actual validity of these messages. Why are they all blurred? Why is everything this cow is posting blurred and more suggestive than it is? It's completely deceiving.

No. 324204

In zeldas video she admitted the chat was real and she knew there was a 15 year old in it.

No. 324206

Then who is responding and egging it on in >>324009 The DM about the discussion is not the same as whoever is responding to her with the She-Ra icon. Actually now that I'm looking at it, neither of these are group chats.

Where are the group chat messages?

No. 324207

That's a screenshot zelda sent to the chat of her sexting with her boyfriend. You thought that was lilac lmao?

No. 324209

File: 1712198487172.jpg (1.58 MB, 1958x3579, 1000008783.jpg)

Oh my god just proofread your shit before you post it. And you were just complaining about people deleting messages.(learn to sage)

No. 324210

You got proof of that or are you just saying things for fun? I feel like zelda would've leaked them if that was the case.

No. 324211

Not if it incriminates her further.

No. 324212

Zelda posts way cringier, stupid, way more "pick-me" shit. And literally makes a mockery of lolita. I'm surprised you guys are WKing her so hard.

No. 324213

Is she even trying to be a lolita though? She mixes so much cosplay and fairycore in to it. It's more lolita-adjacent if you only factor in having lolita brand clothing.

No. 324214

File: 1712199723037.jpeg (624.06 KB, 706x721, C7B51EEB-1118-43EC-99D3-4FD901…)

Isn’t this dress backwards?

No. 324216

It is weird these are the only pics going around, but once you leave a gc you can't access those messages anymore. So presumably Zelda isn't in it anymore and can't get any other pics, while Maddy is to have gotten the pics for her video and that's just the only incriminating things there are to post.

No offense anon but you expect an ita to know the front of the dress vs the back?

No. 324217

File: 1712200393871.jpg (86.19 KB, 480x640, 1000008785.jpg)

Does anyone own this op? Is it comfortable backwards?

No. 324219

Lilac isn't even the one who made the call out.

I do, I can't imagine how it would be comfortable backwards. It definitely looks retarded as hell. Aren't these the coords she was selfposting on CGL for attention?

No. 324220

Oh yeah she was posting her own coords there like weekly. She's probably in here shitting it up.

No. 324221

Not to add to infighting but breasts being seen as solely sexual is an incredibly western concept. Both of what they posted is relatively tame. You can’t really see anything that a bathing suit wouldn’t cover. Seeing the female body as only sexual when even slightly uncovered is how we get middle eastern modesty laws.

This is clearly two ex-friends who had an ugly falling out. They are both trying to grasp at straws and dig up whatever they can to prove the other person is evil and how they possibly couldn’t do anything wrong.

No. 324223


I agree, at least half of the posts here are definitely just both sides WKing themselves. Nobody involved in this has enough unironic fans for this much rapid fire posting. At least it's entertaining to watch the cows milk themselves.

No. 324232

Is this person deformed, or just does makeup in a retarded way that makes her look deformed? It looks like she doesn't have eyelids and the whole eye area looks burnt or something

No. 324247

her makeup makes her look a lot worse

No. 324248

Her nose is really unfortunate, but she's not that bad without that weird zelda skinwalk makeup.

No. 324250

I think her nose is fine. It's mostly the way she overlines her lips with whatever fillers she's gotten.

No. 324251

This cow needs to be included in the OP, what the fuck is this unhinged munchie shit(sage your shit)

No. 324252

Agreed. She actually does have some stuff wrong with her, but it's clear she uses it to her advantage to make people feel guilty when she's totally fine making fun of herself and picking and choosing who can do it with her even if they are friends. Also thirst trapping while hooked up to monitors is pretty pathetic and not funny.

No. 324253

I think the point she was trying to make was that it's fine between friends, but zelda was encouraging her fanbase to make those same jokes. I don't think it's that big of a deal, but it's an important distinction nonetheless.

No. 324255

But when Lilac does it, she's also posting it publicly. That's inviting people to also do that to her. She can't have her cake and eat it too.

No. 324256

Yeah but shes the one doing it. Also she doesn't have 8 million followers. Also I don't really see her doing it a lot. I've seen her get pretty defensive about it in comments.

No. 324257

This just in: making fun of yourself is different than your friend encouraging strangers to do so.

No. 324258

Tagging her isn't encouragement for strangers. Unless they even clicked on her profile, they wouldn't know it was someone disabled and would've ignored it thinking it was just another random person tagging people. These girls need to get offline.

No. 324260

When the creator you look up to with millions of followers likes your comment where you call her best friend a retarded cripple that you want to push off a cliff, it is definitely encouraging that what you just said was ok.

No. 324262

Nta but basically this, there's no way in hell this many people are this invested in which calf posted the most cringy edgelord selfies.
Newfags always struggle with the concept that threads don't need constant activity if there's nothing milky happening. This thread will be fine if its silent for a few weeks,I promise.

No. 324264

It's just going in circles. I think newfags are just starving for milk and willing to delude themselves into accepting this soy substitute.

No. 324274

>millions of followers
Don't flatter her, Zelda doesn't even have 1 mil and has a less than 4% engagement rate. Even so, all of Lilacscented / Ami's 21.1k followers are from Zelda's page and her following is growing by the day because of the call out.

Lilacscented and Frilledcriminal acting like cows again is milk to some of us because we know them irl. It's also why there's so much WKing for Zelda, she's just an ita that isn't involved with lolitas while Frilled and Co are our resident laughing stocks.

No. 324277

Are you stupid or just uninformed? Zelda has 8 million on her main tiktok, over a mill on her side one, over a mil on YouTube, and 600 or so k on instagram.

No. 324283

Guess she does have unironic fans here after all.

No. 324285

They don't seem to have actively been friends for a bit. A lot of her growth seems to have been from the in-between period from when she stopped appearing in posts with zelda and before this drama started.

No. 324325

8 mill on tiktok is like 100k on insta, it's not that much.

No. 324352

That would explain why she's always begging for attention at cons. 8 mil but no one who knows she is outside of the 9-year-olds in her comments

No. 324354

I'm assuming the majority of her fans are probably 15 and under. She has not much relevance with adults. When she posts pictures with her fans it's usually little kids.

No. 324394

insane levels of pearl clutching. The real issue in my eyes is that a group chat is way too personal. When it comes to posting on public social medias, as long as it's within tos and the law it's typically within the umbrella of social acceptability. Being in a gc with a minor is just as bad as sending sexually suggestive images directly in DMs. If someone wants to post thirst traps to their own feeds then it's really on the parents to be monitoring their follows and followers and educating their kids on being safe on the internet.

No. 324417

Didn't someone say the kid was someone's brother in the chat too? Like dude, why are you letting your kid brother into a group chat with women. Like.. Kid and then just all these female cosplayers. That's fucking weird. I don't think the girls are at fault at all and suggestive isn't the same as nude, intent matters, but like another anons said, It's more covered than a bikini or half of what girls where to cons now. She didn't show porn or nudity or anything and it wasn't directed at the kid or sent to him personally. This is all just a bunch of dirt being kicked up.

Totally agree with the posters saying they had a falling out and they planned this.

No. 324451

I cannot imagine her planning this with the image and pride that Zelda has. If your follower base is only children, having a scandal where you send pictures of yourself posing in a playboy bunnysuit, and joking about group sex with a 15 year old in a group chat would not be good optics.

No. 324468

No, I mean I think the girls planned this. To come out about Zelda.

No. 324483

I mean I'm sure Maddy planned their video? That's how that works. It seems like they had a big falling out and then she made her video when other people were criticizing Freckledzelda for other things. None of us are going to know exactly how it happened or why though.

No. 324485

Yes, I own it. Just tried it for you, it’s about the same comfort
-wise as wearing it correctly. However, it makes the bodice look blocky and makes the sleeves lay flatter, it’s not flattering at all.

No. 324493

I would've assumed the neckline to be more uncomfortable, interesting.

No. 324496

File: 1712567166672.png (9.89 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_8045-1.png)

Maddy is acting like people will die because of the drama and trying to escalate things even though Zelda is probably the most at risk thanks to the witch hunt they started. Maddy is just as much of a cow as her sister Lilacscented and I agree that both of them are trying to make a personal falling out into something that YouTubers are now covering because "the truth matters." Like cool, I hope they have this same energy when someone inevitably makes a call-out post about them.

No. 324508

They allowed this, they allowed this talk and discussion to happen before the photos even dropped and never, ever said anything. These girls are cunts. Honestly, everyone allowing a kid into the group chat should be held accountable. A bunny suit is not nudity or softcore porn, and they allowed fetish talk prior to this even happening without stepping up and saying something about it and still allowed the 15 year old to be in the groupchat. Why would all adults think it's okay to have a groupchat with a child anyway? Them putting all the blame on Zelda is fucking wild.

No. 324512

>and they allowed fetish talk prior to this
Where are you getting this from?

No. 324513

Maddy has come out and said that they are partially responsible for not stopping the groupchat when Zelda was sending and saying weird things, but at the end of the day Freckled Zelda was still the only one saying and sending those things. It was weird as hell to send those things to a chat with a child. I don't think Zelda is a groomer by any means, but I think she needs to learn what is and is not appropriate conduct. Those girls could've done more to protect that child, but Zelda could've also been not a freak about it.

No. 324514

Apparently this was shared in the group chat. This would've been prior to the Easter photos which now makes sense for the bunny outfit. >>324009 Lurk more instead of defending the sisters. They allowed this discussion and doesn't look like anyone said anything about stopping it. The left side of the photo has nothing to do with the fetish discussion, it has to do with being vaccinated.

Good. They should get just as much shit and more for allowing a friend's kid into their created chat anyway. They owned the group chat. They allowed pornographic discussion.

No. 324515

File: 1712595420336.mp4 (2.66 MB, 1080x1920, 1000032637.mp4)

Maddy's counter reply from her ig(repost/lurk more/sage)

No. 324516

File: 1712595540080.jpg (365.98 KB, 1080x1050, 1000032641.jpg)

Also kek it was never a boy in there with them, but another girl. Not that it excuses the sexual messages but it makes more sense why they thought it was okay to have a minor in there.

No. 324517

File: 1712595907386.jpg (314.72 KB, 1080x1455, 1000032639.jpg)

Also found this interesting because Emma Perdue is the one who first said to ride Ami (though its probably what Zelda was alluding to.) So it wasn't just Zelda in that chat making sexual innuendos (even if she's clearly the worst bout it)

No. 324518

I think Emma meant ride her literally like a shopping cart. I don't think it was sexual.

No. 324519

I'm pretty sure that was send directly after the bunny suit photos. I saw it in a screenshot somewhere, but I can't find it.

No. 324520

Can you prove that? Like suddenly she sent all this material in one go? That wouldn't make sense. Also nothing explicit even came from any of this. What a waste of time.

No. 324521

No from what I remember, someone responded to the chat with something like "He changed you." in response to the photos, and so she sent the screenshot of the conversation with her boyfriend. It was on Maddy's story a while back. I didn't take a screenshot though, so believe what you will.

No. 324522

Oh you might be right nonna lol. But isn't this the part of the chat Maddy keeps saying Zelda tried push an incest fantasy? But the bottom message from Zelda "You take head Maddy gets shoulders ??? hitting from the back while I give Ami a lap dance" Why is Maddy sitting on her sister's shoulders incest? How sheltered is Maddy that cleavage and riding shoulders are pearl clutching territory?

Also pointing out the question marks is probably the minor's name. So even if Zelda didn't put the minor in a sexual position in the scenario, she is still using sexual language…

No. 324523

The minor was the one zelda put for hitting it from the back.

No. 324524

I like how this cuts off and blurs if people replied to this with funny emojis in the chat. Everything being cropped makes it all look purposely edited. Really does look like an extra line where you'd see reactions meaning people most likely thought this was funny. There's a black line outlining the react bubble too.

They are all complicit.

No. 324525

File: 1712598275965.jpg (17.35 KB, 406x378, reaction.jpg)

Great catch on the reactions, at least 1 person did

No. 324527

File: 1712598408331.jpg (104 KB, 451x779, 1000008890.jpg)

This is from their story on February 25th. The reacts were from the person who made the comment about riding the wheelchair, and from what I assume is the minor. It was most likely censored to protect the minors identity or something.

No. 324531

Why do you have all the unedited ones? Where did you get them?

No. 324532

It's on maddys story highlight.

No. 324533

This is hard to take seriously at all. No minors were in danger, it's completely overblown. There were other adults agreeing with the discussion. What exactly are they expecting to happen out of all this? Whats the end game?

No. 324534

I agree. We are all foaming at the mouth over the same 3 screenshots. Lilac isn't even actively participating in this. It's just Maddy and Zelda publically arguing, and neither of them are even lolita. This is all barely milky. The thread doesn't need to constantly be going. It's ok if it's quiet while we wait for something actually milky, rather than two annoying girls having a falling out publically.

No. 324536

Also the minor is a girl anyway, getting upset on her behalf for boobs that are covered is insane.

No. 324538

It's so obvious Maddy, lilacscented, and even Frilledcriminal are trying to shut down conversation of this kek. The girl's end game was to cancel someone they had a falling out with to ruin her career, but they didn't consider that their hands are just as dirty or that they'd get called out too. Retards realized how stupid cancel culture is but it's too late so they're begging to just drop it a la >>324496 and all the reporting and attempts to derail(hi cow)

No. 324545

This is a really funny thing to say when you're personally derailing the Zelda and Maddy discussion by deflecting onto 2 people who are barely involved. I haven't seen any evidence of frill being involved in this drama at all, and lilac seems to have cut ties with Zelda weeks before this. If either of them have actually posted about the topic you're free to drop caps. Otherwise it just sounds like you're trying to draw attention away from the actual issue.

No. 324547

File: 1712609197586.jpeg (1022.78 KB, 1284x2315, 23D8DFEA-8BF5-4495-88E7-A7A50C…)

No. 324549

Lilac is actively responsible since it's her sister fighting on her behalf and Lilac herself has posted a lengthy call-out on her IG.
Absolutely; these tards are trying to gaslight the rest of us into thinking there is no drama despite being the ones starting it and posting about it at length online.
Frilled posted about it on her IG and stories as well in order to dick ride off Zelda's supposed controversy because she failed to dick ride off of her fame.
TL;DR: bog._.mummy/Maddy and lilacscented/Amelie are trying to bury the drama they created after having a falling out with Zelda and none of us are falling for their personal whiteknighting in the thread.

No. 324553

Nta but what actual issue? There was no grooming, no enticing a mior, no nudity or sexually reaching out..

No. 324555

There's also an absolutely insane amount of whiteknighting for FreckledZelda/Rachael in here. It goes both ways. Every single one of her posts is Christian rage bait, or her begging for attention for being not like the other girls.

No. 324556

That recap video was so unintentionally funny on its own. This guy is either actually a TiF or some kind of low T autist

No. 324560

I'm not gonna defend her against her cringey tiktoks but the claims lilacscented and Maddy and Frilled Criminal are making are overblown for sure. The three of them benefitted from being Zelda's friend and are stupid if they think people can't see how they were complicit in those minors being in the group chat. Frilled and Lilac are both like 21! Why are they friends with kids anyway?

No. 324562

Frilled wasn't in the groupchat

No. 324564

Maddy and Lilac are related to the kid. Hence the incest thing.

No. 324575

Thats a massive stretch to be thinking about incest from a joke. These girls shouldn't have let their kid sibling in.

No. 324576

File: 1712621389125.jpg (234.82 KB, 828x765, 1598804916308.jpg)

So they added a younger family member to the chat? Were they trying to make the whole family famous through Zelda? I still think Lilac and Maddy encouraged the sexual talk because Lilac made comments a long time ago about having sex in brand in SF comm and it's why some of us knew who she was before all the drama. Took some asking around, but here's the source from a thread where she self-posted for attention: https://archived.moe/cgl/thread/10460952/#10464591

No. 324577

Did you not watch the video when it got posted here? >>324515 The minor is "like a little brother" to Ami. Ami is the one who added a 15 year old to the chat. Why she is so close to a minor when she's a full grown adult woman is wild unless they are actively related to her.

No. 324578

I'm pretty sure the child is actually her cousin. I saw it somewhere in maddys comments.(screenshots needed)

No. 324579

How do we know this is lilac? Is there an uncensored version?

No. 324581

Wouldn't she have been like 15/16 four years ago?

No. 324583

Only freaks sit on receipts and what is essentially blackmail material for four years on end.

No. 324584

holding onto screenshots of a (at the time) teenager being uncomfortable with something sexual a partner asked them to do for 4 years is insane

No. 324585

NTA but you both need to reread the post. The screenshot was posted to cgl in 2020 when it happened and AYRT said she found it in archive. That isn't "sitting on receipts" or "holding onto screenshots" and oversharing in a public discord server for lolita isn't "blackmail material"

No. 324586

So it's still a child talking about being uncomfortable with their partner pressuring them into something sexual. I don't think this is indicative of anything.

No. 324589

This could be anyone though. Literally everything is censored.

No. 324591

I fucking knew they encouraged it.

No. 324592

It doesn't prove shit. This screenshot that may or may not be her from when lilac would've been 16 or so does not have anything to do with the current matters at hand.

No. 324596

Liking posts in the group chat is enough of a claim that they encouraged it.

No. 324597


There is no issue. Its always been vendetta since the beginning. And both sides are equally over invested freaks. This is just both sides digging and pulling up as much reciepts about each other as they can. Lilac introduced zelda to lolita, they had a fall out when zelda betrayed her by not vaxxing. They started dragging zelda through the dirt because jokes went too far. But now Maddy wanted to stop but zelda is still going. Now they are going back and forth to prove the other is a bigger cow. And Frilled is just eating popcorn since shes a lone lolita now. Leave Frilled alone

No. 324599

The vaxxing thing is stupid. I'm not going to lie. I understand being worried, but girl is going out to conventions and crowds and events with people she doesn't even know are vaxxed. Lying is shitty, but when you have someone that will freak out at you like this and hold it over you, the hell was Zelda supposed to do? I wouldn't even call that much of a betrayal, but a shitty person thing to do, but this is how many years after now? The variants are mutating and the vax does nothing to stop you from getting new ones until it's too late.

Lilac is a bitch, everything about her so far sounds like a nightmare. The other girls only want to stop because Zelda has come out with stuff to give them backlash too and they can't uwu handle it.

No. 324601

If this is the public SF server were adult lolitas in the SF comm allowing a 16 year old to talk anout having sex while wearing lolita? Are they predators? Seriously groomer behavior, especially for allowing discussion with an underage girl they’re not related to.(sage your shit)

No. 324621

Honestly the original frilled drama was stupid. She's just a convenient topic to use for derailing at this point because it's easier to take low effort potshots at a barely adult autist than it is to accept that this entire conflict is just cow on cow violence. And even then every girl involved is barely out of high school and annoying at worst. I miss when this thread focused on actual scammers and sex pests.

No. 324624

This would be easy to prove by someone currently in the comm discord just searching for the text and posting an uncensored version. Until then it looks like more adult women harassing a teenager.

No. 324629

File: 1712683191907.jpg (185.77 KB, 1080x1574, 1000023252.jpg)

She lied about her age and said she was 18+, which gave her access to the nsfw channel, and was found out during the cgl shitshow

No. 324630

Having an easily accessible 18+ role in a public lolita fashion server where you know there are minors in other channels is incredibly irresponsible. They know that there are children in the server, but they still allow that sort of talk? Really sketchy tbh, how is this ok? It's incredibly easy to ask for ID to check ages, many other irl comms do this for 18+ meets. Not have it as a role where you can tick on and off, that's something predator discord groomers do. The blame should fall on the adult lolitas not the underage girl.

No. 324631

I feel like worse crimes have been committed then selecting the 18+ role as a kid. I'm sure we have all clicked through some sort of "only proceed if you're 18" banner when we were younger. She was 15/16 at the time she joined.

No. 324632

At some point they did change it to not be a self given role for what it's worth.

No. 324633

They are stupid and they allowed access to adult discussions in a group chat with minors. They are still are at fault.

No. 324635

A server with hundreds of people is different than a groupchat. They had some obligation to verify age, didn't, and changed that.

No. 324642

A server with hundreds of people is arguably far worse considering there are way more minors in there. If you want to a run an explicitly NSFW channel, why make it so easily accessible in a server with kids? Again, they are still at fault.

No. 324651

This is a lot of rapid-fire responses in a row belaboring the same idea. You know who cares so much about minors in chat? Lilac and her sister. If the whole of SF comm is going to be held as responsible for the existence of children in their comm, then Lilac and her sister need to be held accountable for adding two minors into their chat. You can't have it both ways.

No. 324652

I don't think lilac and Co would be arguing that the bay area server did something wrong/did grooming or whatever in making the 18+ role self serve. That sounds like something Zelda's side would argue to foist the blame of what she said on the others in thr group chat. FZ's side is the one that benefits from standpoint like >>324633 . But get your facts straight first, there was only one minor.

No. 324653

File: 1712693841795.jpeg (403.52 KB, 828x1099, IMG_2837.jpeg)

Is this an exercise in creative writing? What’s the point in even posting this? It’s giving creepy sissy fetishist vibes.

No. 324655

I think anyone who goes shopping in lolita is weird. But a man bringing a 13 year old into his humiliation fetish is gross no matter the occasion.

No. 324658

Just pointing out the double standard for calling Lilac an evil enabler for "allowing" Zelda to post sexual messages, softcore
cartoon pornography, and bunnysuit pictures while the SF comm is full of dozens of adults discussing NSFW around minors and 30+ year old mods allowing multiple minors access to NSFW content.

No. 324659

I mean I think it's just a non-argument really. You're arguing about something pretty insignificant that happened 4 years ago. The mods seem to have put better standards in place for NSFW access. I don't think there are any parallels really. I don't think any of the people we are talking about are evil.

No. 324660

I honestly don't care for either side and am just here to laugh at Frilled, but it's seriously hypocritical to hold Lilac accountable for what she said as a 16 year old in a server full of adults who enabled her to talk about NSFW. It's completely irrelevant to the current slapfight, but a bunch of vendettafags love dredging up old irrelevant screencaps. I'm saying the exact same things anons upthread said about Lilac.

>They allowed this, they allowed this talk and discussion to happen before the photos even dropped and never, ever said anything. These girls are cunts.
>Good. They should get just as much shit and more for allowing a friend's kid into their created chat anyway. They owned the group chat. They allowed pornographic discussion.

By their logic, SF mods are freaks.

No. 324661

> anyone who goes shopping in lolita is weird
I knew this thread was 95% larpers but come on. The post is milky because it’s a troon blogging in what’s supposed to be a coording advice group, not because wearing alt fashion to the store is “weird”.

No. 324662

I pretty much agree with what you said, Lilac and her friends made space for and encouraged the sexual conversation and put the child in the group so she's a lil creep for putting her younger family member at risk. I think I get it now why anon posted that screenshot of her talking about sex in brand now. It shows she's potentially had a history of conflating the Lolita space with sexual things. This is a huge tinfoil though so unless she's a furry or something clearly off, it's still not conclusive that she was always this way.
I don't think the mods are evil but something still feels wrong about how Lilac manufactured a witch-hunt for Zelda where not being vaccinated was the issue even though she was going out to cons and meets with people that she didn't know the vax status of. The group chat screenshots still feel like entrapment so I don't fully trust what Lilac says.

No. 324663

The screenshot was someone talking about NOT having sex in lolita though. And I'm pretty sure the only cons she went to was fanime and sacanime which both had testing/vaccination requirements. But going to a con is different than having someone come in your home.

No. 324665

Nta but the vax doesn't and never did prevent virus transmission. So lilacscented even attending 1 con or doing anything public shows she didn't take her own health serious. Zelda is a shitty friend to lie about it but lilac is an absolute cow. I wonder how she can keep up with all this when she's got so many careers kek.

No. 324666

Why would she bring up her boyfriend wanting to have sex in Lolita at all though?
So true! In a previous thread, there is proof she went to events without a mask so all her whining about Zelda putting her in danger is not valid. She was in a video >>301237 where she was part of a dating game and was in close quarters with people she would not have known the vac status of and went to a toy convention where she can be seen not wearing a mask >>301285

No. 324667

Why do 16 yearolds do anything? I haven't seen any word of her doing anything similar since, and we still have yet to see an uncensored version of the screenshot that is supposed to be her. I'm sure if it was, the person who had been holding onto that memory and grudge for these past 4 years would've plastered it everywhere already.
I can't speak to the toy expo, but the dating game she did took place in Seattle, where there were government mandated vaccinations requirements for productions, so people were likely pre-screened. But it's also likely that any photo of her taken at a convention, she would just take her mask off for, no?

No. 324686

It's petty and backward, I agree. You can't condemn someone for not getting a shot, but then you voluntarily still go out and about without a mask sometimes and not know who is and isn't vaccinated.

No. 324694

I mean I think it's more about the betrayal and intentional deceit rather than the contents of the lies.

No. 324932

File: 1713110671851.jpg (375.5 KB, 1080x1823, IMG_20240414_175348.jpg)

>single-handedly makes sure no one gets to buy any good deals on the japanese second hand market anymore
I don't know how whoever is behind this acc is still in business. Barely anyone buys from them, so why do they keep scalping on this large scale? Same with ebxbexiko, they've been at it for years.

No. 324936

File: 1713117784134.png (143.4 KB, 1320x871, l4dyl3x.PNG)

Anyone know details? Texans acting wild again.(spoonfeed/no context)

No. 324937

The ebxbexiko seller also allegedly has a habit of submitting fake bids to inflate her auctions. One of my comm members complained about them.

No. 324941

I hate this seller with a passion. I hope nobody buys their overpriced shit and they end up with tons of dresses they can't sell
if true that's insane. why is the texas comm so unhinged? they all act so normal in person

No. 324944

Is what true? The screencap gives no context.

No. 324945

anon I don't understand what you're confused about. if this girl really had someone pretending to be her, that's very unhinged. there is no proof so that's why I said "if this is true".

No. 324963

someone buying the dresses you wanted isn't milk

No. 324975

anon.. you're a bit slow aren't you

No. 324988

So only the top sentence matters all because they mention lolcow? What's the milk.

No. 325146

don't worry about that seller anon, even sites like buyee have them blocked

No. 325151

do they? i have definitely bought from them on buyee before, before i knew how awful they were.

No. 325153

They don’t. She has no idea what she’s talking about.

No. 325161

File: 1713505043052.jpg (98.5 KB, 1080x613, 1000020796.jpg)

kek you're right, it was zenmarket not buyee

No. 325179

i wonder what the "fraud" is about.

No. 325195

She will list things at a lower starting bid than she is actually willing to sell them for, then if the auction ends without getting up to the higher price that she wants, she will delete the auction to get rid of your bid and relist with a higher starting bid. Happened to me on a pair of socks but I don’t have screenshots.

No. 325196

You are retarded. The parenthesis are giving examples of potential "negative experiences" and do not apply to just one seller. Can't believe you're this daft that you need this explained.

You're thinking of a different scalper, ebxbexiko.

No. 325224

well, i don't use zenmarket so i didn't know it was a generic message. in any case, i am still curious the reasoning she's banned on other shopping services but not buyee. maybe a buyer complained after receiving their stuff.

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