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File: 1686617576452.jpeg (93.92 KB, 903x1451, MALICE.jpeg)

No. 1845552

My apologies to the anons who whined for a new thread, y’all were right and I should have posted sooner – smh, hope you find this.

Alice Llani (formerly, but still legally, Alice Bender) is known on Tik Tok for controversial takes, identifying as a crunchy and vegan radfem tradwife. She is “terminally online” and desperate for attention at any cost, often soiling her own reputation and exploiting her two children in pursuit of it.

FKA alicellani / crunchyipadbaby / aliceandfern / alicellanispam / aureliasmama / comingupfern / radfemalice / Allison-Loke-Lani Roza

> Spends an exhausting amount of time trying to gaslight audience that she is at her pre-pregnancy weight, despite looking like a water-logged corpse (spoiler: she does eventually loses the weight for single girl summer).
> Weight aside, Alice spends nearly a year looking like she died in the bathtub giving birth to Sneeze and is a walking ghost.
> Gets exposed by some crunchy moms for being a mean girl.
> A lot of gross food-floor stuff, not worth getting into all of it but THINGS BE FERAL AF.
> Interest dwindles in Alice’s antics so she tries to generate some by teaching, filming, and encouraging Fern to engage in unsafe behaviour around natural bodies of water (repeatedly). Eventually, she even gets bored of this herself and it abruptly stops.
> Abruptly stops showing the children’s faces. Anons speculate whether this was to drum up attention or if she’s hiding physical indication of abuse via Daddy Bender.
> Regular programming receives more frequent interruptions than before — archiving photos of Caleb, unfollowing him and his family, ask followers advice on getting a large down payment back, using audio about DV, etc. She claims to be looking for an apartment for herself and the children.
> Follows this up by mass-archiving social media posts and anons are torn whether this is due to an impending divorce/custody battle or if she is still baiting yet again.
>SIKE Here comes posts about the new house
>SIKE AGAIN She actually made an(other) alternate profile where she follows family and friends, obviously to avoid having them found through her following @alicebenderrr
> Thinks her 2 month old can talk, still in denial that her 3 year old cant.
> Fern’s face is viewable once again and Anons see markings that they believe to be bruising.
> Alice had a finger print (likely thumb pressing down) bruise on her neck in two posted pictures, it gets vaguely noticed. Someone tries to call it a hickey. Alice had also ran off with the two kids and dog to camp in the middle of the wilderness at this time (likely fleeing Daddy Bender).
> Wet dreams about guns
> Details of the new home get leaked and create some chaos for the subreddit, that gets temporarily taken down (only to just have the culprit post removed). These details confirm that the house IS in Alice & Caleb’s name (and they put the min downpayment on a $400k house)
> This is followed up by Alice turning on subscriptions for her IG content haha.
> Anons notice a book on her Wishlist about Protecting your Kids from CPS
> Has a bunch of political hogwash decals all over her car, including “Vaccines are made with aborted fetal cells”
> They move into the house
> Alice posts a TT where she claims that they cried every month they were trying to conceive and she got her period (a whopping total of three months) and she had asked Caleb if she could still be a STAW if she couldn’t have children kek. Alice later posts an oatmeal bowl mess with the caption “TTC again.” She goes on to bait about getting pregnant a third time more.
> Gardening Era
> Fern’s face is not inconsistently being censored so this leads Anons to believe it IS to conceal physical signs of abuse. Alice, you piece of shit.
> Alice claims she just doesn’t want her children online anymore.. even though she was selling t-shirts of Fern’s face to strangers.. and 98% of his life is archived online already.
> Alice gets her hair done and starts doing various projects around the house by herself, no Caleb in site.
> Oh no, the dream house is “falling apart”
> DV baiting continues on TT where she asks followers for advice while still posting love bomb videos.
> Claims a Montessori teacher mistreated Fern (despite the fact that Fern wouldn’t be in Montessori because he’s not potty trained and can’t talk..)
> Asks followers where the can move that’s 25 acres (+), non HOA, and under 300k..
> Makes a scandalous TT about how Caleb took her virginity at 14, while he was 18. Alludes his friends might have been involved in some GR SA of her.
> The carpet in the new house is already soiled and Alice sperges about replacing it with flooring. She laid down flooring, ripped it back up, and went off about how she was going to do white marble instead.. only to do nothing.
> ALICE ANNOUNCES HER AND CALEB ARE NO LONGER TOGETHER a Go Fund Me is posted, smear campaigns are run, and she continues to paint little kid shit all over the house and turn it into one giant children’s playground.
> She lets "fans" know that she's about to do a lot of selling out to uncrunchy brands but its only for the greater good of her keeping up that organic produce lifestyle.

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@alicellani
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alicellani/
https://www.instagram.com/comingupferneats/ (inactive)
https://www.instagram.com/alicesavestrash/ (inactive)
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcvTBOZRCShzsEd0guqg2Qw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alicellani
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/allisonroza/
Amazon wishlist: In your dreams, mAlice.

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No. 1845560

File: 1686618011063.jpeg (271.11 KB, 1284x2356, IMG_8874.jpeg)

Anyways! Saved this other day, in case it didn’t find its way on the thread otherwise: Looks like ol’ Daddy Bender is shackin’ up (and BET she’s not even crunchy or vegan). It’s for sure why she was also fixating on last/maiden names the other day and what she will do when she partners up going forward. Genuinely curious AND concerned about whether she’ll manage to find someone worse than Caleb. Single Alice is going to be a real treat.

No. 1846740

File: 1686791076719.jpeg (212.52 KB, 1284x2370, IMG_8927.jpeg)

Alice praying that people still care. Also, what’s with the quality of this video? Was she unable to pay for her apps and had to resort to using free tools kek.

No. 1846932

File: 1686827704554.jpeg (609.65 KB, 2048x2048, 929A4519-3B6D-43AC-9052-077EB7…)

Alice playing uwu Bob the Builder & wOrKiNg mOm when she’s actually just considering her best approach for husband hunting. There is no way her social media is pulling in proper funds, even with all of the charity. She knows her time is limited before she needs to fall back on a reliable source of income and we all know she’s not putting the kids in daycare.

Speaking of them possibly being out of Alice’s control, has Caleb not seen them once since leaving? Brutal.

No. 1847382

File: 1686897972767.jpg (118.33 KB, 747x1280, photo_2023-06-15_23-31-20.jpg)

It seems like Alice's newest cope is that Caleb is the reason behind all of her harmful bad takes. She's also claiming that he's the reason that Phlegm and Sneeze were "sad beige babies" which is questionable. I doubt that Caleb has ever had an opinion on the upbringing of his children even once in his life kek

No. 1847594

Oh yes, I am so convinced that dirty ass Caleb who gave no fucks about trends, style, presentation, etc. wanted a breezy light beige home to fit in with all the insta beige moms. Give it a fucking break, Alice! Girl can never say that she’s just changed her mind because she her fragile ego sees it as admitting she was wrong. Who cares, people change their home decor & style all of the time and it means absolutely nothing.

I will say that she’s not going to find a scrote who’ll want to move into that house now that it’s one big McDonald’s playground. The only exceptions will be pedos or fellow hobosexuals.

No. 1847704

File: 1686947871340.jpeg (550.14 KB, 2048x2048, 1CEF00A3-6D44-411C-8F94-2368DA…)

Alice rounding up pics for those dating profiles, she’s ready to be a SAHG and someone’s recycled tradwife.

No. 1847740

Her sprinkle sprinkle bs is ridiculous. It’s hilarious she thinks she deserves a well established man with a good salary when she brings NOTHING to the table. She’s not attractive, she has two babies, no job, no education, her house is always a mess, her cooking looks like gross brown mush, she’s anti science/medicine, she doesn’t practice good hygiene, she’s very controlling, she’s immature, she has a money spending problem and she’s broke. Literally no well established man wants a lazy welfare mom who’s admittedly after their pay check, I’m sure even crusty is happy he got out kek.

No. 1847953

File: 1686976601503.jpg (118.3 KB, 747x1280, photo_2023-06-15_23-34-37.jpg)

If Alice is to be believed, Caleb is seeing them an hour a week.

No. 1848081

Agreed, I do not buy the bullshit that Caleb wants her back. He’s relieved that he can do, eat, fuck whatever & whoever he wants without Alice’s controlling behaviour and Fern screeching in the background. There is a SMALL chance that Alice could have finessed another man if she didn’t have kids. I’ve seen girls with one kid accomplish roping in another scrote to live off, but that’s only if the child is either quiet/low needs or very charming. The bills are going to pile up quickly and she’ll be forced to get a job (that probably won’t even be enough) or she’ll have to jump on that “I hate this house, it’s so awful, I need to get rid of it” and run back to low income housing.

Alice pretending like she’s not watching from her car kek

No. 1848572

hey teen girls, all you need to do with your life is find a man with some form of income who will tolerate you and get you knocked up repeatedly, and you too can have this crunchy SAHM dream life Alice has been peddling for the past three years! it’s not blowing up in her saggy face at all

No. 1848629

The fact that Alice has been online for, how long? With almost nothing to show for her Mommy Influencer career. She should, at very least, be pulling in some kind of regular income (big or small) but I don’t think she even has that. Little paydays here and there. That’s pitiful for how much time she spends online, but I guess that’s what happens when your personality disorder outweighs your business sense. I think that we’re going to see her fall pretty hard in this thread.

No. 1848630

oomf look at how yellow her teeth are

No. 1848681

File: 1687102062756.jpeg (423.97 KB, 1284x2244, IMG_9132.jpeg)

Alice spending years claiming to be a tradwife being cared for financially by Caleb and then now reversing the narrative to say it was 50/50

No. 1848806

File: 1687114851446.jpeg (297.27 KB, 1170x2217, 6857B6A0-3E22-42DF-8764-3BF9AC…)

Posted and deleted another video about Caleb being a groomer, she said she posted it to “help others see the signs” I only got a sc but it wasn’t super interesting. Its suspicions that she always posts and then deleted the videos about caleb being a groomer, if she wanted to bring awareness to it and tell her truth shouldn’t she be keeping them up?

No. 1849067

File: 1687146785105.png (1 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_6201.png)

Not Alice pretending to harvest ginger ‍♀️ She dug up a single piece of a ginger root from the mulch. No plant, nothing. Ginger just exists underground I guess.(emoji)

No. 1849188

File: 1687165389438.jpeg (91.34 KB, 1170x727, 8B5D012E-C6E7-4EA0-807A-9CA76B…)

It does exist underground and is found in the wild but she definitely planted that there for the video yeah

No. 1849476

File: 1687202928745.jpeg (473.4 KB, 1500x1335, AD88D500-CECC-41E2-928B-D9D32D…)

KEK. Where is the rest of the plant? Picrel is how ginger grows, it’s not like truffles. She’s beyond stupid.

No. 1849533

File: 1687207468853.jpg (191.86 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230615_205526_Tik…)

Whatever happened to thinking you can't have kids after 25 or whatever bs young age she said

No. 1849536

File: 1687207527455.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3464x3464, 89C55BF3-8046-48A0-9889-363E86…)

She’s still spending her go fund me donations on home renovations and paint. She’s so disgusting for taking peoples money under the guise of being desperate only to turn around and paint every room in her house, redo her floors and buy expensive play equipment for her kids. Dirty little grifter.

No. 1849540

Haven’t you heard? Every one of her bad takes from the past were actually Caleb’s fault!! Now she never needs to worry about accountability again.

No. 1849580

Oh my bad, I forgot she was totally innocent.
She will definitely use this as an opportunity to go against alot of her "beliefs".
Big question is, will she make contact with her own family and twist it so that it was Callus who turned her against them in the first place?

No. 1849712

Rumours circling around on other message board and comment sections is that Alice is running up credit card debt under Caleb’s name and that’s why she’s still buying things with no care. Hate to blogpost, but my former aunt did something similar to my uncle when they broke up (she had been a STAHM for 12 years) and his lawyer told her that he technically couldn’t cut her off because legally he could not leave her destitute.

I could definitely see this being the case here.

No. 1849979

File: 1687271366688.jpeg (260.92 KB, 1284x2274, IMG_9241.jpeg)

Alice pushing her new narrative that their old apartment was a health hazard and it’s obviously not because she had a cat piss tree or refused to wear shoes outside and then fed her toddler off the same floor that she walked and let her animals shit on. She’s so busted for thinking that anyone would believe for a second that she worried about the ramifications of her “free speech.” You’re worried that the old renting agency might sue you, but you’re not worried how repeatedly calling your husband an abusive pedo-groomer online might affect the looming divorce and custody battle?

No. 1850003

She admitted to letting her cats defecate INSIDE the apartment and didn’t even own a litterbox, yet it’s the landlords fault her apartment was a health hazard? The only reason that apartment was a health hazard was because of Alice. Just look at how fast she ruined the carpets in her new build, she had to replace them after less than 6 months of living there.

No. 1850013

Didn’t she literally have an entire room dedicated to the cats to piss in? Her floor was always visibly covered in feces as well… her “health hazard” story will probably be that one time she smelled cigarette smoke and concluded that she was being gangstalked.

Also, is anyone else incredibly concerned that those climbing structures are going to fall off the wall backwards and crush the children underneath?? I truly do not believe in her ability to mount shit to walls, especially something a kid is supposed to hang off of.

No. 1850017

She’s spiralling right now. Has anyone seen her new snark on reddit? It’s blowing up. The influx of attacks on Caleb seem to have been triggered by his recent one hour visitation. It’s only going to get worse. If it’s not from the visits or divorce proceedings, it’ll be the bills to her rainbow fruit palace being ignored for too long.

No. 1850023

I remember when the carpet in the apartment got too horrendous looking, she just bought a bunch of rugs to cover it up. Then those got equally as filthy in about 72 hours.

No. 1850110

File: 1687282109754.jpeg (149.2 KB, 1169x1383, 1D95E6FF-3C18-4BF9-B522-19676E…)

Hes a sc, it’s basically a piss soaked scratching post she kept in the living room for them to pee on, and I’m pretty sure they just pooed wherever. They’re probably deleted now but in quite a few of her older tts from the apartment you can see feces on the carpet in the background.

No. 1850146

She also said it would pee on Fern’s clothes. That poor fucking kid.

No. 1850312

File: 1687300444973.jpeg (384.87 KB, 2048x2048, 256F5952-6A2F-4967-A369-328701…)

Back to the fake crying, although apparently this is a vintage pic from “the first time” she left Caleb.. anyways, what the actual fuck @ her taking this selfie while Fern lies on the floor like that.

No. 1850320

File: 1687300788914.jpeg (285.18 KB, 2048x2048, 71762ACB-3B2B-42BC-9776-D36069…)

Samefag for second screenshot! This is a TT where she speaks in third person, calling herself both “Barbara the Builder” and a “Former Pickmeisha,” while saying that she bought every decorative piece in the bedroom of a shared apartment that her & Caleb once lived in with roommates. You know, as if that isn’t the case for almost every 18-25 year old woman who is first moving in with their boyfriend. I wanted to archive the part where she mentions the Christmas lights that her TOTALLY ABUSIVE parents bought her, the same ones that supposedly deprived her of all her dreams and childhood toys. Girl can’t keep a story straight for a second, imagine having a conversation with her IRL.

No. 1850323

File: 1687301043017.jpeg (458.93 KB, 2048x2048, 4C05C22E-5E66-49F6-BB37-561FD5…)

One more because of both the caption, plus her still trying to front that she was the breadwinner and sole provider. Meanwhile, both of their names are on the deed BUT only Caleb filled out an income for their house.. meaning Alice had no income to speak of. Also, the ring? Fern swallowed the ring that Caleb got her so she went and purchased that one for $20 at Kohls. That story doesn’t villainize Caleb enough for her liking, though.

No. 1850345

Yup. You can easily find their mortgage/ house info in pinal county records online, it proves Caleb was the one supporting them. She’s lying through her yellow teeth.

No. 1850455

So if both names are on the deed but only one person is paying the mortgage, how does that work in a divorce?

She will probably also claim that all her “improvements” cost as much as the mortgage

No. 1850560

Apparently Arizona is a brutally firm 50/50 state, no ifs ands or buts. The question around how Alice is paying the mortgage is reasonably answered by the assumption that Caleb must still be paying it. He’s getting ready to start anew, he won’t want piled up unpaid mortgage payments obliterating his credit. Guaranteed that he’s not happy about it, but what else can he do right now. He’s probably staying with Mother & Father Bender interim anyways.

Alice’s GFM is nothing but a brutal scam and shakedown of her stans. I’ve heard of it being reported by donors more times than I have been able to keep track of, yet it’s still up (and receiving donations). There are people who think that she’s planning to start an in-home daycare with all of these renovations, can you imagine? Others think that she’s deliberately destroying it while simultaneously maxing out Caleb’s cc’s so when she has to hand the house over to sell, it’s garbage. I’d believe the daycare more than the latter, but I do believe that she is trying to ruin Caleb’s credit for fun. I love how she is making daily TT’s about how he’s an abuser when it’s so clear who is the true abuser in their marriage because the abuse always amplifies when the abuser feels like they’ve lost control over the abused.

No. 1850571

File: 1687350630260.jpeg (52.44 KB, 800x450, IMG_9285.jpeg)

Alice on having faked her whole online persona up until this point (tradwife, STAHM)..

No. 1850677

File: 1687363779986.jpg (180.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230621_171104_Tik…)

Dear fuck this looks awful

No. 1850697

Wow, really pairs well with the goodwill bedding..

No. 1850713

>I love how she is making daily TT’s about how he’s an abuser when it’s so clear who is the true abuser in their marriage because the abuse always amplifies when the abuser feels like they’ve lost control over the abused.
THIS! Her Caleb bashing videos are so telling to me, the only thread of control she has left over him is tarnishing his name. Even after he left she’s STILL abusing and controlling him. I think they were mutually abusive and Caleb’s certainly no saint but she’s extremely manipulative and spiteful.

No. 1850768

Jesus what are these jowls from

No. 1850772

probably a combo of genetics and rapid weight loss. i wasn’t around for her pregnancy with fern but she definitely put on weight with sage (normal) but lost a lot of it very suddenly when her and caleb split.

No. 1850963

File: 1687399434590.jpeg (178.79 KB, 1170x1890, 2F464ACC-CEAB-4D01-BA9D-0D3AAC…)

She finally posted her floors. Idk if it’s just the lighting but the grout looks wonky af.

No. 1851001

File: 1687403857362.png (886.86 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9319.png)

Casual body check.

Haha, yes. The floors are a hack job. She tried to blame a particularly bad section on Caleb because she can’t ever just leave that man alone.

No. 1851129

She gotta get those ears pinned

No. 1851264

Brb, making another gofundme

No. 1851273

All that ear but still can’t hear or listen to a f’ing thing haha

No. 1851965

Can Fern even use all that junk on the wall? Or is it just for her?

No. 1852097

File: 1687575502514.jpeg (472.5 KB, 2048x2048, B4CA731E-CCDB-4EB2-B915-EEBF1C…)

This aged well

No. 1852370

File: 1687624041449.jpeg (178.58 KB, 1284x2285, IMG_9378.jpeg)

I don’t believe that he can. We only see him stuck in one spot, every time. Interesting that she’s so dense and spiralled in her own world that she forgets how many of us who view her content also have children. She doesn’t realize how her videos of moments like this give even more insight to Fern’s delayed development. It goes beyond the talking (ie. lack-there-of), does she understand how engaged they are supposed to be at that age? Turning their heads around, “Look at me, do you see me? I’m climbing. Watch me climb. Look at me.” He never looks to her for engagement or connection. He lives and plays parallel to her. I really fucking hope that Caleb gets custody of those children and turns them over to his parents. Fern is going to quickly surpass the critical point for language acquisition and all because Malice is in Wonderland. This is a human being’s entire future about to slip away over her pride and stupidity.

I mean, this one too lol (pic)

No. 1852380

File: 1687625040778.jpeg (304.73 KB, 1284x2250, IMG_9455.jpeg)

Can Fern even Science? Unless it’s just another activity “for Alice” and the kids part simply means wherever she can bring them along kek.

No. 1852382

File: 1687625200449.jpeg (442.29 KB, 2048x2048, 37CB25CC-F6E2-454E-81ED-EFC062…)

Samefag, still spending that GFM money while her stans are as clueless as ever.

No. 1852383

File: 1687625292677.jpeg (227.36 KB, 1284x2240, IMG_9459.jpeg)

Samefag #2, talking about “buying” her childhood home to heal her trauma while she destroys the new build. She knows that she isn’t keeping that house, she’s devaluing it on purpose.

No. 1852389

File: 1687625770665.jpeg (204.08 KB, 1284x2191, IMG_9461.jpeg)

yeah actually come to think of it grandma was working 70-80 hours a week

No. 1852410

File: 1687627889388.jpeg (266.9 KB, 1284x2228, IMG_9474.jpeg)

No. 1852601

Her “childhood home” looks pretty decent. I thought she said they were horribly impoverished and it was covered in toxic mold

No. 1852788

Alice always projects her filthiness onto others, like with the apartment building. She probably was a disgusting pig and her parents tried getting her to pick up after herself or shower (to not avail) and now suddenly their home/way of living was a “health hazard.” I love how she’s hellbent on portraying them as horrible villains for not having squandered all of their money on toys for Alice like she has for Fern. She’s so out of touch that she doesn’t realize how delusional she sounds. Many people grew up in poverty, low income, or pay-stub-to-pay-stub homes that were loving but with few toys and holidays without gifts. I don’t even think this was Alice’s childhood but kek her parents are not child abusers because she didn’t have two motorized cars at age 2.

No. 1852888

Alice, you dumb bitch, some children don’t even have beds, or a roof over their heads. “abuse” shut the FUCK up

No. 1853146

File: 1687736229769.png (285.06 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_6070.png)

She’s now unfollowed most of not all the girls she tagged after accusing them of being groomed. And it’s alllll good guys it’s been fake this whole time! She really got us good!

No. 1853150

File: 1687736434214.jpeg (165.28 KB, 1158x1946, IMG_6072.jpeg)

Can we appreciate the evolution of Caleb in the google results. Wonder how mommy and daddy bender are feeling about having their son slandered across the internet to kingdom come. Now she’s saying he’s a porn addict and how DARE he partake when she looks like THIS (followed by posting various pickme selfies)

No. 1853248

are you seriously doubting that man is a coomer. he is completely dead behind the eyes.

No. 1853510

I thought she was a recovering pickmesha??!?!

No. 1853524

She must have forgot that means not fighting or putting down other girls for the male gaze. It’s Malice, she can’t keep track of anything she says because it’s all for attention.

No. 1853534

File: 1687791103795.jpeg (367.54 KB, 1284x2020, IMG_9516.jpeg)

She’s not quite getting the attention, donations, and loyalty/sympathy that she wanted w/ her other accusations so she’s now decided to hit the nail right on the head and call Caleb her rapist. I don’t have the screenshots, as she did the dirty delete after enough people saw it, but I’m working on getting it here. Here is the summary (photo slideshow on TT).

No. 1853558

Oh no, not doubting at all I’m sure he’s scum in many ways and a groomer. It’s just ironic because she’s mad at him for porn use when not too long ago she was talking about starting an only fans and followed Belle Delphine and a few other popular nsfw girls. And I’m genuinely curious how his parents feel about this situation. I wonder if they knew Alice and Caleb “hung out” when she was 14. Alice always spoke highly of them but I assume she cut them off.(sage your shit)

No. 1853559

this topic triggers me too much to do the research but does google results really say 50/50 on if you should marry your assaulter? that seems SO unlikely unless she was checking exlusively religious backwards sites.

No. 1853570

Sorry, nona! Don’t worry - I got you: I wouldn’t call the results 50/50. It naturally brings up articles on “Marry Your Rapist laws” so the search isn’t advising you to do it but it’s giving information about that. We all know that Alice doesn’t know what to do with information and comes to her own conclusions based on her feelings of facts. There is a questionable Quora discourse about having feelings for your rpist, but otherwise there are pretty firm pages that tell you not to marry your rpist.

No. 1853571

Sorry, nona! Don’t worry - I got you: I wouldn’t call the results 50/50. It naturally brings up articles on “Marry Your Rapist laws” so the search isn’t advising you to do it but it’s giving information about that. We all know that Alice doesn’t know what to do with information and comes to her own conclusions based on her feelings of facts. There is a questionable Quora discourse about having feelings for your rpist, but otherwise there are pretty firm pages that tell you not to marry your rpist.

No. 1853574

Samefag, excuse the italics. I had *’d the “a” and didn’t anticipate using the same censored word consecutively. Ol’ rookie.

No. 1853901


No. 1853912


Is she really claiming she was r'd? actually r'd? does she understand the meaning??? is this, pushed into a stairwell on your walk home and held at knifepoint r'd, or CHOSE to have sex with an older boy and didn't want to admit to it after the fact?(you can say 'rape', this isn't tiktok)

No. 1853926

You can say raped on here.

No. 1854014

most ppl get raped by someone they know and that doesn’t make it not rape. not to mention 14 year olds cannot consent to sex with adults

No. 1854211

Her age is a vital detail because, if the sex DID take place (“consensual” or not), then Caleb wouldn’t be able to touch it regarding defamation or even publicly clearing his name.. not that he’s apt to go online for us anyway. Fourteen doesn’t cut the age of consent. He’d be shooting himself in the foot by doing anything other than continuing to ignore it, unless he can prove that they met (or were only intimate) when she was older.

No. 1854216

honestly it seems like to me that she cherry picked her sources to reaffirm a choice she was already heavily considering and wanted to do. I don't blame her for wanting that, if what everything she is saying is true then she was groomed into that belief. I don't know enough about her outside of her parenting so I don't know how much she lies or embelishes. however it sounds like it checks out with her age and current situation, I don't doubt the general story of it.

nope just someone with diagnosed ptsd from s.a, funny that trigger is highlighted on lolcow but it is a real medical term as well. won't write too much here because I don't want to infight but ptsd is real and a word being coopted by sjws and victim complex freaks doesn't mean some ppl dont really experience triggers.

No. 1854424

It’s impossible to prove it happened one way or another. It would just be he-said-she-said.

No. 1854468

Did I see somewhere that she said he/his friends filmed it or took pics? That would be some pretty damning evidence if it exists. But again, it's hard to pick out the truth amongst her pile of lies.

No. 1854496

She started claiming she was gang-raped by Caleb and his friends a few weeks ago. I don’t think I heard anything about videos/pics?? All get Caleb content has been scrubbed from her pages now.

No. 1854589

File: 1687909480956.jpeg (411.29 KB, 1179x2130, IMG_6271.jpeg)

No. 1854590

File: 1687909545092.jpeg (258.11 KB, 1179x1571, IMG_6269.jpeg)

No. 1854602

By her logic Caleb’s brain wasn’t fully developed until a few years ago either then. Is he also absolved of all wrongdoing?

No. 1854605

I mean… her sentiment isn’t wrong. Moids view the age of consent as a hinderance to try to get around, not a law that is in place to protect children since the only thing that will stop them from destroying the lives of others is self interest. She sucks as a person and as a parent, but she was absolutely groomed

No. 1854619

Are you a moid or just stupid? Whether you believe her or not, her story is very common. Most rapes do not involve knives or stairwells and are perpetrated by people the victim knows and possibly trusts. Grow up.

No. 1854645

when Alice was 18, Caleb was 22 — men’s frontal lobes aren’t fully formed until 25–30. I think they were both just extremely retarded and Alice is having some regrets she refuses to own. sorry you ruined your own life I guess

No. 1854812


Why ?? Is this written with the unsure penmanship and spacing of a 3rd grader on a single page of printer paper

No. 1854838

File: 1687961042913.jpeg (831.23 KB, 3464x3464, A95AE50A-E139-41EC-86A2-805019…)

She’s showing old texts that apparently are supposed to be from Caleb’s old best friend.

No. 1854840

File: 1687961309828.jpeg (257.51 KB, 1169x1949, 5FF495CA-9E23-4E86-A36D-0C51DC…)

Sorry one more

No. 1854841

>this mural was in the the police station
Wait hold up, are we supposed to believe she took pictures at the station before reporting her rape? Wtf kek. This doesn’t even look like a police station it looks like a hospital. I really want to believe her but like she lies so much and this story is kind of unhinged.

No. 1854847

File: 1687962421877.png (5.17 MB, 1242x2688, AC3BDC4B-6727-45F3-A5CA-32E33E…)

You’re saying you don’t take pics like this and post them on your Insta after reporting your rape?

No. 1854848

Someone on Reddit is claiming that the ocean mural she’s posing behind actually matches that of a nearby hospital. The theory goes that the picture and texts are from her relationship / abortion with the older guy Jeremy when she was 16. Bet she says Jeremy is one of Caleb’s best friends that was part of her “gang rape”. I’m sorry but I don’t believe a word out of this histrionic child abuser’s mouth.

No. 1854854

no offence but the most concerning thing in these messages is
>and the times ___ and I got physically violent

and there’s no context to what he means by that. the rest of the messages just sound like edgy teen breakup texts. he sent her sad lyrics to a song, I don’t think a lot of dudes send girls sad song lyrics after gang raping them

No. 1854859

Bro sent meshuggah lyrics ngl i laughed

No. 1854930

I think she’s designing another sticker for her car kek. or a baby onesie.

the bottom middle — is that her room? the one at her ABUSIVE parents' house? where she didn’t even have a bed? but she has a Victoria’s Secret shrine?

No. 1854937

File: 1687973448085.png (4.32 MB, 1170x2532, D93C70DD-F55B-4EA1-B192-CEF594…)

She says it stated when she was 14 but all her proof seems to be from late 2015-2016 making her 16 or 17 not 14. She very well might’ve been assaulted but she’s obviously embellishing details to make it seem worse.

No. 1854940

Yeah she’s trying to make it sound worse. These pics only prove that Caleb is a cringe lord, which isn’t illegal. I hope she gets her “notebook full of evidence” from her parents house.

No. 1854945

her police report mural selfie is also from 2015. Im always a believe the victim type of person but so many details of her story are inconsistent, her proof is flimsy at best and she’s a known pathological lair. Something stinks. Also if she dated Jeremy in 2016 does this mean she was cheating on him with Caleb?

No. 1854949

File: 1687974641166.png (673.6 KB, 1242x2688, 959DE1E4-6F9F-4C41-8FEA-3E8F52…)

Are we supposed to know who this is?

No. 1854954

She’s retired the abusive parents storyline (for now at least)

No. 1854965

now that she needs something ($$$), her parents are going to be the ‘good’ ones and Caleb’s family (who she previously raved about) will become abusive

No. 1854966

I thought for sure she had blocked her in-laws but I just checked and Caleb’s dad, mom and grandfather still follow her. I wonder how they feel about her posting all of this.

No. 1855492

File: 1688062424812.jpeg (453.87 KB, 2048x2048, 96EF62FC-F7DD-4A2C-96D8-F56128…)

The mural is from the mason family advocacy center. “The Mesa Family Advocacy Center: Where police and advocates, Department of Child Safety, Office of Child Welfare Investigations, prosecuting attorneys and on-site physicians work together to reduce the trauma of physical and sexual abuse – where victimization is transformed into empowerment.”

No. 1855494

File: 1688062534771.jpeg (378.17 KB, 2048x2048, 1D3031CC-1D03-4565-BC59-817B94…)

They work together with the PD and are seen as an extension of their department. What baffles me is, given the trauma of the situation…why on earth would you pose smiling…then post it?

No. 1855508

Disassociation maybe?? If you wanted it for your room you’d think you’d just take a picture of it not pose in front of it but idk

No. 1855522

I've personally reported SA and it was one of the most difficult choices I ever made. the interview and giving my whole story was extremely difficult as I was reliving the experience with complete strangers. the idea that someone would take a picture smiling, after not even giving a statement do to being too traumatized to talk about it, and then post it online. she looks pretty happy for someone either before an interview that she didn't want to give, or after dealing with the police in which she states she was upset. I can say from a firsthand perspective that this makes absolutely no sense to me. I really really don't want to victim blame or say someone is lying about their experience, but that just doesn't make any fucking sense to me as someone with ptsd. at this point I think she is definitely at least embellishing… this is a huge issue and reflects incredibly poorly on victims of SA. do any other nonnies have ptsd or a similar event and struggling with the feeling of doubting her? not to blog post but I am feeling shitty over this. sorry mods if this doesn't fit the rules.

No. 1855528

she was probs volunteering there or something similar and now she's retconning it

No. 1855534

I’ve also wondered if she was there for something volunteer or church related. This place is also affiliated with the Gila River Indian Community, and although that’s not her tribe she could’ve been there for something related to that as well.

No. 1855546

My tinfoil is her report has nothing to do with Caleb. She was dating Jeremy at this time and got an abortion and im thinking it had something to do with that situation because Jeremy was also an adult. not wking but I actually feel bad for her, she was clearly taken advantage of by gross adult moids. Don’t get me wrong her trauma doesn’t excuse her current abusive and neglectful behaviour but it’s still sad. I just hope she gets therapy or help for the sake of her kids, they deserve a healthy stable mom.

No. 1855616

This is what I’m thinking. Like it’s obviously traumatic in many ways but the timing lines up with Jeremy. Also she seems too happy and her previous conversations about the abortion made it seem like her parents made her do it.

This really could be that her parents found out she was pregnant and found out the guy was an adult so they made her report it and abort and that’s why she doesn’t look traumatized. She probably didn’t want to tell. At the time she probably felt that nothing was wrong besides her parents.

Also sometimes trauma makes holes and blurred timelines. It is very possible she is blurring the Caleb and Jeremy timelines because she is trying so hard to make him the Caleb be the worst guy possible. She’s trying to make herself feel better about the divorce(internally it’s her failure) and she is doing that by trying to find every reason imaginable for her to justify it.

That’s why she’s trying to retcon all the trips and make them about leaving. That’s why she is trying to retcon being anti sleep schedule and claim it was all abuse.

There really could be abuse there and maybe he did really sleep with her at 14 and she lied about it all these years(and that was wrong of him.)

But not everything she is saying is 100% truthful right now.

I truly hope she gets help because she seems to be blurring a lot of trauma together which is often a really bad sign. She needs major help if she is going to overcome this.

No. 1855635

I think her parents finding out she was pregnant and making her report the guy is a decent tinfoil. It might even explain why she seems to hates them so much.

No. 1855888

File: 1688133643978.jpeg (215.8 KB, 1169x1928, 4722ED8C-BB67-4FB8-A2D1-AB821A…)

Girl your two sons are eventually going to grow up into MEN?

No. 1855911

I haven’t been following Alice’s thread since before this whole Caleb thing broke out, I’ve looked through the previous thread with no clarity so sorry for spoon feed but

Is the thread pic and edit or a real profile she has on a dating app?

No. 1855939

Raising two sons when she openly hates men is so messed up, she’s already ruining their lives with her unresolved trauma.
It’s an edit

No. 1855974

File: 1688144619145.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2048x2048, 715EDD32-6DFE-4AB3-8911-2E3632…)

Her most recent TikToks are about checking out women now

No. 1855975

This implies either of her sons will make it to adult age under Alice’s care

No. 1855992

I think there’s a good possibility they’re going to grow up so dependant on her because of their delays that they’ll barely be actual adults, who knows maybe that’s what she wants. F will be three in a little over month and he can’t talk and S can’t even sit up by himself and he’s a month shy of turning one. It’s so sad.

No. 1856026


so the tinder profile picture was fake?

No. 1856029


there is no amount of help that will change this soulless void. she's a filthy (literally filthy) narcissistic attention-whoring misogynist. i don't support any creature who openly mocks and taunts other women and especially not one who neglects and abuses their own children. it's interesting that she alleges abuse from her own parents and now her husband now that she's not getting everything she wants from her marriage. she should set down the phone and focus on nourishing her kids and teaching them to talk and walk, not scamming and begging for pity points. this troll is obsessed with views.

No. 1856031

Reading comprehension is not your strong suit huh?
This! she belittled SA victims by saying eating meat was on par with rape. Someone who was gang raped would NEVER equate the most horrific violation of your privacy and self to eating a god damn animal. I guess rape is so much more terrible now that she can use it as a tool to increase her online popularity. Alice is actually a vile human.

No. 1856043

Yep. All the shit she is posting will make great evidence if her parents in law wanted to make a case for having a guardian ad litem appointed to the kids. Which would then require her to get off her ass, work and actually take care of her kids.

No. 1856089

File: 1688155798413.jpeg (195.01 KB, 1179x1956, IMG_6762.jpeg)

Looks like someone got a sponser

No. 1856094

File: 1688155957338.jpeg (59.09 KB, 1179x944, IMG_6763.jpeg)

What a decent thing to say as a mother of two boys who will eventually become men and find all this online.

No. 1856099

I want yall to switch the gender roles for a second and imagine if lice was a father of two girls spouting anti women rhetoric how disgusting it would look. But ofc here are her brain dead stans cheering on her gross behaviour always
>yasss queen make your kids grow up internally hating themselves for their gender because of your trauma!!!!!

No. 1856121

HAHAHHA I KNEW it was only a matter of time before the queer-baiting would begin (again)!

No. 1856125

Does that baby have Angelman syndrome?

No. 1856248

File: 1688171744842.png (894.5 KB, 1242x2688, 346722C5-85F9-4985-8DC4-919781…)

What things did he say to her? Correct answers only.

“Please bathe with soap”

No. 1856249

“I think our son needs to go to the doctor”

No. 1856254


"You insist on not working to be home with the kids all day but you spend all day on TT and other apps and now our son cannot walk or talk….can you try a little less TT and a little more momming?"

No. 1856289

fucking exactly, these kind of women never wanna admit theyre wrong

No. 1856301

File: 1688177949699.jpeg (727.97 KB, 2048x2048, 25D33010-D53B-4C62-A292-EEFEF8…)

The top 3 are babies with Angelman syndrome. (First two on the top are the same baby). Below are pics of sage. You may be right. He looks near identical and has delays. The parents in the article said “It wasn’t long after our son Theodore was born that my husband, Daniel, and I noticed how incredibly happy he was. As in “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof” kind of happy. He barely cried, or made much noise at all, and his general disposition was one of extreme glee day in and day out. We rarely saw any sort of sour expression on his little face, even when he was hungry, feeling unwell or needing a diaper change.
My husband and I thought for sure we’d won the lottery by having the world’s happiest baby. Theo's high-watt smile was so arresting that it would stop strangers in their tracks. We were thrilled that our child had a magical quality to him, especially one that brought people together in a positive way. Little did we know that his extreme exuberance was an indicator of something much more serious” + Alice has said that Sage is always “so happy” and how people comment that he’s the happiest baby they’ve ever seen since he’s ALWAYS smiling.(medfagging)

No. 1856305

File: 1688179666852.jpeg (489.96 KB, 2048x2048, EF810AA6-CF90-4E06-B83C-7EF95B…)

New fixation unlocked for the next month: Aerial yoga superstar

No. 1856311

bathing with soap clearly isn’t a big priority for him

No. 1856387

File: 1688194629101.jpeg (297.21 KB, 2048x2048, 65109814-2837-4E12-B0B8-6C5466…)

No. 1856475

Do you know where you are? This is based; moids should absolutely be taught this early anyway. Crossing my fingers for polilez Alice tbh

No. 1856564

She’s just feeding into the problem. If she’s always degrading men and taking about how horrible they are for just for having a Y chromosome her boys are going to think they’re horrible and probably grow up being horrible men because of this exact fallacy “I’m a man, so I’m already a monster, so I may as well act like one.

No. 1856778

Retarded take and no one likes political lesbians except other political lesbians.

No. 1856873

NAYRT but changed last year with RvW. Lots of women went polilez in reaction to the ruling and it’s a lot more normalized than it was even three years ago.

No. 1856905

if you think thats the biggest problem with her parenting i pray that you never have children

No. 1857060

Is just looks like a normal baby that smiles. I think her baby is very cute tbh unlike fern.

No. 1857107

I never once say in that post I think that’s her biggest parenting issue. Someone posted about her being anti man so I shared my opinion about it, it’s called a conversation lmao.

No. 1857265

File: 1688346288369.jpeg (624.11 KB, 2048x2048, 12E40DAE-88BD-4FB3-9DAA-309AA4…)

Entering the stripper pole era

No. 1857290

She’s gonna have to go on it for real soon when her TikTok money dries up

No. 1857295

File: 1688351548451.jpeg (485.69 KB, 739x977, 52A7ED01-AFAA-4E65-8474-4DADF2…)

No. 1857467

File: 1688391674389.jpeg (146.79 KB, 831x755, IMG_7028.jpeg)

No. 1857533

She’s more shameless with spending than she’s ever been. I’ve read countless times on other boards that people have reported her GFM, but apparently the reporting tool is essentially useless and it’s more productive to contact the platform directly with a body of facts and evidence. I’m hoping that someone can get it taken down and investigated, but I also fear the outcomes of her spiralling even more while the boys are still (mostly) in her care. If they were with someone else then I’d be like, fuck it — let’s watch her burn haha.

Sidenote: It’s interesting to me how, despite her crunchy takes and not even having a remotely regular routine of washing herself, we’ve never seen her with hairy legs, armpits, or a messy bikini line.

No. 1857568

File: 1688408261306.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x2254, IMG_9702.jpeg)

Ah, here we go. Back to the charades.

No. 1857679

She’s obsessed with appealing to the male gaze (and pedophiles). That’s why we’ve never caught her hairy. She’ll prob say that she’s naturally hairless though, typical relapsing pickmesha

No. 1857702

I honestly think more people have started to catch on outside the snark community. It’s hard to tell because she controls the comments on her platforms but if you see conversations about her in other places some fans are starting to question her spending so much money. It doesn’t take a genius to wonder how she’s spending hundreds if not thousands of $$$ on flooring, clothing, lashes, paint, toys, swings, stripper poles etc all the while claiming she can’t afford her mortgage, I mean you’d have to be dumb to NOT question that. Also she interestingly removed the fundraising link from all her profile yesterday.

No. 1857789

File: 1688433220834.jpeg (516.41 KB, 2048x2048, A281C62D-648A-4D5B-B272-8A567A…)

“The way everyone saw this and acted like it was normal”. Yeah… people tried to tell you in various ways, not just this, and you proudly told them to fuck off.

No. 1857938

Her insta story is crazy(this is an imageboard. post caps.)

No. 1858028

File: 1688479788975.png (7.66 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9719.png)


No. 1858029

File: 1688479887140.png (3.62 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9720.png)


No. 1858030

File: 1688479995625.png (8.73 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9723.png)


No. 1858031

File: 1688480111357.png (7.13 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9724.png)


No. 1858033

File: 1688480209028.png (8.19 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9725.png)


No. 1858036

File: 1688480313263.png (6.03 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9726.png)


No. 1858038

File: 1688480452133.png (5.4 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9727.png)


No. 1858040

File: 1688480568056.png (3.01 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9730.png)


No. 1858044

File: 1688481553432.png (5.41 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9718.png)

My bad, forgot this one that preceded the 8 slides that I just shared.

No. 1858067

There seems to be a theme with Alice where when people tell her no she screams abuse, like the weird story about her parents not letting her see the city lights. Caleb is clearly a gross dead beat but none of this sounds like ‘abuse’ to me, it just sounds like he’s a shitty absent husband. Also pretty much all of these things she’s complaining about used to be things she openly bragged about on TikTok so which is it ? She bragged about not having to work and being a sahm, she bragged about taking care of her husband and being a tradwife, she bragged about dropping out of college, she bragged about getting married and having kids young etc. And why on earth if she was truly so miserable was she encouraging young girls to put themselves in her situation and get married and have kids young?

No. 1858071

Awesome, Allison. Just keep letting your kids inhale that mess.

No. 1858101

File: 1688489999389.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x2082, IMG_0915.jpeg)

I’m sorry, women were messaging Caleb? And complementing him and flirting with him? Caleb of all people?

No. 1858107

Alice is the sMaRtEsT, most sElF-aWaRe person in the world but can’t figure out that her 2+ week long sickness (that’s only respiratory symptoms) is connected to the fucking home reno’s. Her children are certainly suffering as well but, you know, they can’t say anything - yes, Fern included, because she can’t be bothered to give a shit and get him help for his speech delay.

Over half of the latest slides contradict things that she’s recently said. She’s sloppy and it won’t be long until her new followers catch on and end up googling her. Can’t outrun the past, Malice.

No. 1858111

Oh god, not only is she STILL going, but she expects us to believe that she ever wanted to quit SM? Prove it by logging off now.

No. 1858112

File: 1688490570302.png (4.52 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9738.png)

No. 1858113

File: 1688490596936.png (1.6 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9739.png)

No. 1858119

>convinced him to marry me.
Just last week she claimed C pursued a relationship with her after grape , and she had to google “should you marry your rapist?” Now she’s the one that pursued him and convinced him to marry her.

She really f’d up by making this all public. She could have kept this issue quiet - between herself and the authorities or a lawyer or therapist or whomever - but now that it’s blasted online for all to see, people are going to start picking her story apart.

No. 1858136

Does she know how much a ton is? She is saying she moved 28,000 lbs of yard material

No. 1858241

Lmao this is actually so fucking retarded is she legit having like a break down? If she hates it so much why doesn’t she just quit now? kinda sounds like another half assed attempt at trying to deflect blame for her gross social media past by being like
>teehee my husband MADE me post all that terrible stuff, nothing I’ve done wrong is my fault, it’s all HIS. Did I mention IM THE VICTIM!!
She needs to get her shit together, this is well beyond embarrassing at this point.

No. 1858265

Someone on the reddit brought up how she used to say that Caleb hated social media and never used it, but now he’s suddenly a social media obsessed delinquent? His FB profile pic is also still of him and Alice, for context on how much this guy uses his fucking socials lol. She has spiralled into another dimension with her lies.

No. 1858266

Someone on the reddit brought up how she used to say that Caleb hated social media and never used it, but now he’s suddenly a social media obsessed delinquent? His FB profile pic is also still of him and Alice, for context on how much this guy uses his fucking socials lol. She has spiralled into another dimension with her lies.

No. 1858277

Her husband forced her post all those old videos nonny… you know the same husband who worked all day everyday and spent the little free time he did have playing video games. Let’s be real, he didn’t give a shit about her social media. She said not two weeks ago he hated the publicity and refused to be in videos unless she literally begged him. Alice should stop spending the fundraiser $ on stripper poles and invest in a continuity person if she wants to keep changing the narrative like this.

No. 1858283

File: 1688509943083.png (4.92 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9740.png)

This screen was posted a few hours ago in a group! It was in the original lineup but apparently an INSTANT dirty delete.

No. 1858291

>where the hell is my sugar daddy?

No. 1858300

I see she’s still pretending she’s the bread winner while claiming she can’t afford her house because her husband moved out. imagine trying to bash someone else’s income when you’re unemployed and spend your days dancing on a children’s app for pennies lmao. it’s no wonder she deleted this.

No. 1858615

File: 1688569427424.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1284x2663, IMG_9769.jpeg)

I cant remember if it was here or the sub that someone brought up how she seems to be hiding her teeth lately. My best guess is she’s got a cavity on one of her front facing ones and/or the return of crowding from obviously not wearing her retainer the last couple of years. Pregnancy also can be rough on your teeth and she went through three closely spaced pregnancies without LEGITIMATE dental care (her holistic dentist BS is a joke), using only dog shit stained himalayan salt to brush with.

No. 1858625

She can’t look through her sub list or scroll through the GFM and see her hundreds of sugar daddies? I cant think of a more thankless job than being an Alice stan.

No. 1858733

File: 1688580618219.jpeg (139.8 KB, 943x948, 3DCACF43-2237-428E-84DC-8E328A…)

What is all this crap she’s ingesting for her mystery respiratory illness (that’s totally not her lungs being permanently fucked up from inhaling tile dust and paint fumes 24/7)?

No. 1858766

File: 1688583457761.png (10.98 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9772.png)

Shit that she trusts simply because the label says “IMMUNE” and it’s on the greenwashed side of the pharmacy.

Speaking of shopping, back to grocery hauls but I see way less fruit (pic)! She posted a story of her fridge the other day (will post right after) and I couldn’t help but notice how many fucking full size pom juices she had?? Those are, on average, $14-16 each. Yeah, it’s reaaally giving pOvErTy.

No. 1858771

samefag, it was in another group and now I can’t find it. If I cross it again later then I’ll circle back! Dimwit had 4-5 that were visible, it seemed like more could be behind those ones. Literally looking like a grocery store shelf stock of them.

No. 1858779

File: 1688584402095.png (12.07 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9776.png)

#poverty is a full cart of hoarder quantities

No. 1858789

Not to mention that Pom juice has 0g of fiber and 34g of sugar a serving. Imagine spending that much on shit with no nutritional value. Poverty life is so rough.

No. 1858792

How much do you want to bet that Caleb is living off of a family pack of KD and some $1 Mr. Noodles packages

No. 1858798

File: 1688586398393.png (12.28 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9744.png)

My bad, five total. That’s still insane. Most consider one on the grocery list a splurge. That’s like $70 before tax, using the lowest price of $14/each. It’s likely there was more before because she showed Fern drinking one earlier that day. Basically, she’s POOR and NEEDS your money but is spending almost $100 on pomegranate juice.

No. 1858818

She probably read “antioxidants” on the label and now thinks it will somehow cure her mystery illness. Along with the assortment of oils she’s drinking

No. 1858832

That shit is probably more toxic than any OTC or antibiotic.

No. 1858835

She always keeps a single vegetable around for show. Wonder how long those 3 sprigs of kale have been there.

No. 1858853

The reason why she looks grey and lifeless is totally because Caleb was forcing her to do social media (kek) and not because she completely lives off of sugar and essential oils

No. 1859066

File: 1688612258411.png (3.25 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9790.png)

She wants to install a children’s zip line in the house.

No. 1859068

File: 1688612415290.png (1.94 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9794.png)

Dear. Fucking. God.

No. 1859070

File: 1688612512790.png (3.64 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9795.png)

“I can’t be responsible or prioritize the safety of my own children because I’d rather get the glory from a DIY — Sorry Ferbo”

No. 1859071

File: 1688612536239.png (4.89 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9796.png)

No. 1859072

File: 1688612574352.png (5.35 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9797.png)

No. 1859074

File: 1688612635765.png (6.89 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9798.png)

No. 1859215

File: 1688651286707.png (6.2 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9801.png)

Yup, my first thoughts when seeing this are definitely “I want my three year old to do that”

No. 1859408

She’s 100% ruining that house on purpose kek. Caleb was paying the bills before he left so he can probably afford to keep the house without her but she can’t afford to keep it without him (as evident by her begging) Alice is a spiteful little bitch and that probably absolutely enrages her. She’s ruining it so when the divorce does happen he’ll just agree to sell it so he doesn’t have to fix her mess. “If I can’t have it neither can you” type bullshit.

No. 1859774

Someone was going off in the sub about how she makes good money on paid sounds and maybe some other SM stuff, I only paid attention to part because then they all started fighting about it. This member apparently does the same and can give real stats on what she’s bringing in and it wasn’t bad. There is decent argument that she has steady income through SM, despite not being in the creator fund. Throw things like her many scams and food stamps into the mix, she’s laughing. I think the reno’s are for more for content than getting back at Caleb. But maybe both!

No. 1859786

she admitted she can’t afford the house, that’s literally why she started her go fraud me.

No. 1859794

I don’t think either of them can properly afford the house and they were in too deep from the start, but Caleb is obviously more functional as a breadwinner and provider. In my mind, neither of them should be parents or homeowners.

No. 1859820

File: 1688755150555.jpeg (821.52 KB, 2048x2048, 7E7E9046-6690-469B-84EF-D1F594…)

We’ve got to get this revive this thread, the redditards are killing me.. but it seems to be the only place to stay up-to-date on this circus. They harp on her room temperature IQ but I swear that 90% of them are dumber than she is, there was literally 5+ threads made just to say “She is installing a zip line.” I can see why farmers cautioned against slumming it on there before, smh. Their latest fixation has returned to Sage’s development, insisting that he’s entirely immobile and can’t sit up. The kid is definitely BEHIND, but there is literally clips on her highlights of him army crawling to a bowl of veggie straws (?) and holding onto the side of a macrame swing to keep himself sitting upright while she pushes him. One moron tried to say that he doesn’t reach for things — again visible in the veggie straw video, he grabs the bowl — and Alice eerily instantly posted a photo of him reaching for a ball. Another tried to say the video of him upright in the swing is like telling a paraplegic they can sit in their wheelchair. I cant with these idiots anymore. Why do you WANT a child to be more delayed than he actually is, just so you can snark on the mom? There is plenty to snark and hate on without making things up. Yes, we all agree that he seems to be behind but they act like he’s a flopping fish.

No. 1859875

The Reddit is actually insufferable. They seem to think she has silicosis; a lung disease which takes literal YEARS of exposure to ceramic dust to get. But she tiled one room without a mask and now they’re all certain she’s dying kek.

No. 1859891

Idk I think the big issue is he can’t sit up unassisted (not propped up or supported by a swing) and isn’t showing signs of walking. Sure, redditors can be brain damaged, but your examples of him sitting-up unassisted aren’t compelling here either. Like why not include that in your collage if you’re gonna make one.

No. 1859921

File: 1688773326538.jpg (434.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230708_004220_Tik…)

No dumbass, you just have them heavily filtered, or maybe nobody actually cares enough to comment. Video was 40min old when I got this

No. 1859948

Yeah they do talk about the same stuff over and over on the Reddit… the mods banned discussions of her abuse accusations which was really the only interesting thing that was going on. Now all anyone has to talk about is speculating what ailments the babies have and the dumb shit she does to her house.

No. 1860347

No one is commenting because everyone is already bored of her indoor playground content. This is why social media is futile Alice, no matter what crazy stunt you pull no one is going to care about it in a few days.

No. 1862269

File: 1689095136831.jpeg (460.68 KB, 2048x1160, 6AE5C4AA-1AED-4308-9019-3C6B21…)

Sage’s growth: Feb, March, July. Does it honestly seem like he has grown significantly at all?

No. 1862276

File: 1689095307698.jpeg (643.18 KB, 2048x2048, C85C2988-0A71-470F-B087-715091…)

Says the what… 23/24 year old? Who said no men want “older” 25-30 year old women because they’re not as fertile? And how it’s better to get pregnant younger because that’s what women’s bodies are built for?

No. 1862277

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like he's gotten progressively smaller. Like he's losing body mass.

No. 1862331

This is so sad. You can’t tell a difference between these photos at all, they look just days apart. I think we can safely say that she’s likely had him living off of cashew drink for a while. His poor body.

No. 1862429

File: 1689105302713.jpeg (824.19 KB, 2048x2048, 88B1974E-6200-4665-B678-F2281A…)

11 month old fern vs 11 month old sage. Its crazy to see how his milestones are no where near ferns at that age. It’s sad to not see her own up to the “vegan babies are chunky and superior” lie and get her son some help

No. 1862450

There’s a video where it’s “behind the scenes” of the photoshoot where you can see sage is either propped up against a wall, or she’s holding his hand/using her legs to prop him up. Her thriving unvaccinated vegan breastfed lotus birth almost one year old can’t even sit up on his own let alone pull-to-stand and cruise.

No. 1862463

damn.. not being able to sit up unsupported at 11 months is very concerning

No. 1862467

anon just so you know lung damage caused by chemical inhalation IS considered respiratory illness. fair if you're trying to say it's self inflicted but she's not mislabeling her condition. it's definitely not unheard of for people to cause themselves permanent lung damage because they genuinely aren't aware of the risks of certain DIY projects and hobbies which i always think is kinda sad but hey it's fair if you don't have much sympathy for it.

no idea how to normally treat such a thing as chemical induced bronchitis or whatever she's got but that concoction of medicinal snake oils has gotta be dubious help at best lmfao

No. 1862476

me in stardew valley this homestead shit is easy

No. 1862507

late but that's such an utterly insane fridge lmao. nothing but pure sugar and a few empty carbs. how can you be vegan and hate vegetables?

No. 1862542

File: 1689117503951.jpeg (217.93 KB, 947x2048, IMG_0144.jpeg)

Look at the fridge and then look at her teeth, lol.

No. 1862595

She don’t look half as bad as her malnourished baby. Fuck her.
Being groomed or abused does NOT excuse blatant child abuse and neglect!!!

No. 1862620

File: 1689122322404.jpeg (572.24 KB, 2048x2048, C1072D74-B373-4671-81A4-613EA0…)

Because humans are frugivores, duh! /s And let’s not forget with those fruit tree climbing adults, you get fruit eating vegan babies that are chunky for survival (except sage apparently)

No. 1862859

File: 1689166166120.jpeg (107.09 KB, 717x884, IMG_0158.jpeg)

This was posted in a comment section under a photo of “The Four Horseman of the terrible tik tok mumfluencer apocalypse”


No. 1862860

File: 1689166269160.jpeg (118.25 KB, 720x1440, IMG_0155.jpeg)


No. 1862861

File: 1689166385087.jpeg (147.16 KB, 720x1440, IMG_0156.jpeg)


No. 1862864

File: 1689166483187.jpeg (118.12 KB, 720x1072, IMG_0157.jpeg)


No. 1862881

Fern must already have some cavities and it won’t be long before Sage gets them, now that he has a few teeth and thanks to his Soy & Cashew drink consumption that’s mostly sugar.

No. 1862936

I'm not surprised a bit by this post. Her story literally doesn't add up and she just so off with it

No. 1863017

File: 1689185951149.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1170x2026, IMG_1547.jpeg)

She is taking a break. I bet not for long…

No. 1863106

The general consensus on most boards/groups is that she’s been (finally) served by Caleb, along with a gag order. It makes the most sense. Alice would have taken a selfie in the lawyer’s office lobby or something if it had been her who sought council. I also don’t think she’d heed the advice of a lawyer in regards to refraining from posting. She’d still feel in an untouchable position of power, maybe she’d even feel MORE powerful. We can guarantee that it won’t last long — she’ll start posting unrelated content after a few days, followed by pushing her GFM or maybe some kind of attention seeking SOS to her stans. Nothing is on public record yet but I’m sure we’ll see something soon, apparently it can take a couple of days!

No. 1863108

Samefag to add onto my post! I saw someone make a comment elsewhere that this will probably be devastating for the kids, since most of her “parenting” is performative and done on camera.. the more that I think about this, the more it rings true. I truly hope things don’t get worse.

No. 1863209

>I will still be recording content, but I will not be posting
>social media takes up a lot of my time and I have some important things to do right now.

These two statements are direct contradictions lol. If she needs to take a break because she’s so busy why would she keep filming but not post them, filming them is like the most time consuming part? I don’t see how she’s going to save any time.
This is a likely tinfoil imo. Alice has never successfully taken a break from SM so if she does actually take a break we know shits probably going down, but if she’s back within a few days it’s safe to say it was just another attention ploy.

No. 1863739

Wonder if she has a lawyer advising her to stop posting

No. 1863813

She knows she’s gonna go the way of Amber Heard if the truth gets out

No. 1864106

kek literally not a word

No. 1864280

File: 1689358048139.png (9.97 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0233.png)

You were right, nona! All tinfoil. She posted this today, obviously Sneeze’s face is on full display. Last night she also posted repetitive images on her story of a pizza that she made, so much for her “break” haha. I’ll post one of them in another comment, it’s really not interesting but I understand that I’ve brought it up and this is an image board.

No. 1864282

File: 1689358156590.png (12.59 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0236.png)

jk only two of the pizza, the second is the same thing but with flash on and without the caption.

No. 1864283

File: 1689358279502.png (10.73 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0235.png)

This also followed her “I’m back” post, I guess she’s trying to address talk about her having favourites by ensuring that she always posts both.

No. 1864396

File: 1689364550978.png (1.15 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0241.png)

Sure, Jan.

No. 1864540

File: 1689375873734.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x2075, IMG_3415.jpeg)

has anyone else spent the last 3 years wondering how despite her blatant ED behaviour, this chick still manages to have arms that are actually thicker than her waist?

No. 1864555

She seems to be a lot thicker by nature than she has been in recent years, if you look at pictures of her pre-ED then you see that she has a very average body type. It’s definitely not naturally slim or petite, although she wasn’t heavy or anything. I’m guessing this is why it’s carried so strangely now that she’s gained some weight!

No. 1864563

yeah I agree. She was very average weight before she started starving herself. Now that those days are over, it looks like she can’t get rid of the weight off her arms.

No. 1864611

File: 1689382737923.jpeg (741.31 KB, 2048x2048, 2D75825C-6EAD-4834-A4E9-B7A4A1…)

What does this even mean? Parent you forgives … grooming and child neglect?

No. 1864740


if she wanted it done, it would have been done. "oop, finalized, guess i'm trapped with my rapist!!!" clearly rewriting the past again. this looks no different than any email where you're making sure things were done. "has the birth certificate form been submitted?" "has the application for licensure been processed?" etc etc

No. 1864771

Her arms are thicker than her waist because it's muscle, not fat. She's constantly carrying that kid and doing pole now. It just looks fat because she's not "cut".

No. 1864864


For sure. Can't deny she's got mommy guns

No. 1865021

File: 1689449942417.jpg (979.66 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230715_203812_Tik…)

She's talking about trying to save money on food shopping here, and said instead of buying $10 local organic tortillas she could make the same for $1 or $2.
But did she not say before it would cost her the same to make them herself because the flour was so expensive?
Get your story straight Malice!!

No. 1865034

Why does she need to save money? I thought she was the bread winner making sooooo much doing her full time 80h/a week TikTok grind??? Sounds more like alice code for “my grift fund is running low”.

No. 1865061

None of that is muscle. She never carries those kids. Sage is always on the ground and fern is always watching Blippi. She has extremely poor muscle tone, especially if you look at her legs.

No. 1865122

I’d agree, it by no way shape or form looks like muscle. She’s just been steadily thickening and you see it in her upper body the most. The amount that she does pole would be laughable and probably consists of 1-2 spins (if that), Sage is in a container or on the floor, and Fern hasn’t been carried since he got too big for baby wearing.

No. 1866651

File: 1689605310209.jpeg (442.22 KB, 1179x1948, IMG_8721.jpeg)

Sage progress: he can now sit in a tripod position, a 4-6 month old skill. I guess any progress is better than no progress

No. 1866652

File: 1689605423311.jpeg (722.94 KB, 2048x2048, 2D359CF4-F6FD-4FFD-8B5C-E5F345…)


No. 1866659

File: 1689605836469.jpeg (449.9 KB, 2048x2048, EAE630A3-2A6C-46AA-B2D7-4D7FE8…)

(2/2) Alice your child needs medical intervention and a variety of foods including solids now that he has teeth, and being able to use/start using utensils for eating. Instead he gets purée or soup like moringa leaves with apple juice and almonds blended up (I’m sure she did a basic google search for how to help him gain weight and this came up)leaning back on her lap, flapping in the video because he can’t eat without assistance at almost 1.

No. 1867423

File: 1689696888898.jpeg (311.91 KB, 1170x2019, 0E6E682A-F697-4E4A-9E25-03CFE3…)

she posted and deleted this but some other TikTok mom reposted it to her story. she is not only lurking her snark page, she’s interacting with the posts kek.

No. 1867501

File: 1689707096354.jpeg (323.8 KB, 2048x2048, F4B8F5A6-42D9-4795-991A-B81A68…)

Instead of putting in new tiles why don’t you brush your kids teeth, Alice …holy shit

No. 1867666

Didn’t she used to have a dog? Did I miss when she got rid of it or something? Also I can’t believe she uses paper towels to clean everything.

No. 1867911

Caleb took the dog when he moved out

No. 1868838

File: 1689960446503.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1140x1878, IMG_3596.jpeg)

Imagine seeing your thirsty ass neighbor outside washing their car in pajamas and those heinous black wedge heel boots with a tripod set up. Is she really too brain dead to see how stupid she looks

No. 1868850

She’s too much of a narc than to see herself as anything other than breath-takingly beautiful.
Plus, how else is she gonna find another man?? Gotta wash the car in heels and to hook in another paypig

No. 1868866

File: 1689964068337.jpeg (317.38 KB, 1200x1170, IMG_0517.jpeg)

Exactly. Alice isn’t remotely attractive, she’s not even average. She’s homely with a muppet mouth, beady eyes, and monkey ears. The only way she can manage to be less attractive is if her teeth start falling out. We probably aren’t far off from that. However, she genuinely believes that she’s hot shit because equally ugly guys, like Caleb, gave her the time of day. Never forget picrel!

No. 1868908


Her ears are painful to look at. they’re so confronting. Like girl, just put those things away. but she picks the ugliest hair styles to hide them like when she wears that bun thing in the front of her head, kek so I don’t know which thing is worse. I can’t imagine going through life not even being able to wear a normal ponytail while filming videos of yourself mean-girl shaming other women.

No. 1869088

File: 1689988319106.jpeg (494.57 KB, 1170x1869, 2977C527-4867-411C-B9CC-C30230…)

Even if we ignore her tragic genetics she’s been looking super old and haggard lately. Picrel from her story a few days ago, no exaggeration, looks like a 40-45 year old woman. It’s mind blowing because I feel like a year ago she looked like a preteen. She certainly right that vegans don’t need sun cream but it sure helps stop the sun damage wrinkles…I mean yikes.

No. 1869130

Yikes. More like 50-55. I hate to see her in her 30s because at this rate she’s not going to be able to afford that facelift she already needs.

No. 1869211

File: 1690004077939.jpeg (982.83 KB, 2443x3443, 44B6FDB1-2A02-42E5-B507-2C348D…)

She went on some psycho rant about how Caleb never did anything for her and she did everything for him.
>he didn’t even work full time
you didn’t even work AT ALL? everyone knows crusty was the sole provider, you throwing a half ass birthday party is not at all equal to or on par with your husband working day in and day out to support a whole family. also it’s so tone deaf and heartless to rag on him for working less in 2019 when that’s the year your fucking child died, no shit he was working less he was probably beside himself you giant idiot.

No. 1869333

File: 1690041220735.jpeg (331.87 KB, 1170x1170, IMG_3623.jpeg)

Now we’re lead to believe that the only way for someone to not live in a shitty apartment is to loudly scream your anti-science views, be a danger to society, neglect your kids, make obnoxiously cringey tiktoks, and be an asshole to all moms everywhere. Got it. Also, Allison, you’re an idiot and nobody believes you.

No. 1869347

Nah this is actually hilarious.
>Guyyys, stop bringing up all the shitty things I did and said for money, I’M the victim remember!
Maybe try taking accountability and apologizing instead of asking people to just simply forget all the horrible things you did and said lol.

No. 1869356


this latest excuse is the dumbest one yet because had she decided to use her socials for good and made positive content that made people feel great about themselves, instead of being the world’s most massive anal retentive cunt, she would have had 10x more followers, AND would be making actual money with paid partnerships instead of getting them all cancelled the day after she posts them when the brands find out what a bitch she is. Terrible marketing strategy Alice- you can’t dirty-delete your way out of your reputation. The internet is forever.

No. 1869731

File: 1690125550490.jpeg (1.72 MB, 3464x3464, 9830218A-2FA4-4E4B-81F2-52D7D9…)

I thought she went vegan when she was a teenager and started dating Caleb at 14?Are we suppose to believe she was going over to her boyfriends houses at age 13 (and under) and cooking them full vegan meals kek? I originally believed her “Evil Caleb groomed me and raped me” narrative but seeing all the trivial shit she lies about I just can’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth anymore.

No. 1869953

I saw this and thought the same. She claimed she’d been with Caleb since she was 14 and he only admitted to dating her when she was 18. Now she’s talking about multiple exes? I have no doubt Caleb is a creep but her stories are all very conflicting

No. 1870869

File: 1690340312862.jpeg (475.08 KB, 2048x2048, 607D8B51-9BFC-4C6E-A7CC-0D07E7…)

She got a huge clothing haul and lied about their sizes. The biggest the Pooh one comes out to is 24 months. That onesie is a 6 month onesie max. What a strange thing to lie about.

No. 1871093

Of course she would lie about their sizes. That’s pretty sad if Fern fits in a 12 month and Sage fits in 6 month.

No. 1872562

File: 1690627889605.jpg (404.78 KB, 1080x2088, Screenshot_20230729_204439_Ins…)

Ms girl went to the hospital and sought medical care? I'm gobsmacked.

No. 1873137

File: 1690728171197.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1179x2409, IMG_0206.jpeg)

Her TikTok bio now says “sick now. Be back soon”. For someone who did TikTok during unmedicated labor and immediately after, had Covid with no meds, road-tripped heavily pregnant, and still managed to function…that’s extremely worrisome. This is the first time I’ve seen her have to take an actual break from social media. She also posted and quickly deleted an instagram story with her looking ROUGH that said “this is/feels worse than labor”. I hope whatever she has isn’t passed on to her unvaxxed kids.

No. 1873416

File: 1690755678910.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230730_232230_Ins…)

Honestly wtf

No. 1873417

File: 1690755769617.jpg (705.48 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230730_232246_Ins…)

I don't know who is worse, her or the dumbasses that follow her

No. 1873864

File: 1690833921193.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_20230730-103517~2.p…)

Looking rough

No. 1873865

File: 1690833952819.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1527, Screenshot_20230730-103522~2.p…)

No. 1874289

So she WILL seek medical treatment after all… just not for her dependent children

No. 1874584

File: 1690932580216.png (4.81 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_0439.png)

Am I tripping or are those size 2 diapers? Because if they are she’s hardcore lying about how big sage is.

No. 1874665

Nona, what is this screenshot? How come it says “edit video”? Is this her ig story?

No. 1874703

I couldn’t screenshot this fast enough. Instagram has this “edit” feature on other people’s videos so you can make your own video using their videos, I used it to pause the video and screenshot.

No. 1875127

So who watched her kids while she wasn’t to the hospital? There’s no way she brought her two unvaxxed kids there with her. Also if she had pink eye she most definitely would give it to her kids, it’s SO contagious.

No. 1875823

File: 1691117020454.jpeg (128.83 KB, 1169x730, B7DD26E8-2CCD-4506-B30C-396EB8…)

It looks like she might’ve actually filed for divorce…

No. 1876245

File: 1691183680033.jpeg (413.47 KB, 1169x1883, E0AFC223-A120-4F1F-8088-44D732…)

she also filed for sole custody

No. 1876459

Kek, Arizona is not a mother state, good luck Alice!

No. 1876646

File: 1691253923642.jpeg (944.83 KB, 1168x1976, 7EDF4865-60E2-40D1-A348-E725B7…)

I knew she hated bayleaf but she really couldn’t have waited a few days so she didn’t get divorced on his literal birthday lol? Then again she didn’t acknowledge the date at all, not even a simple
she just posted a picture of him face down in the garden with a dumb ass caption.

No. 1876790


It's actually crazy for someone who's so chronically online as her to not even mention her sons first birthday. No post on insta, no tiktok, not even a story. Some people are private, she is not one of those people. It's extreamly telling.

No. 1876811

Not that I condone exploiting your kids but birthdays are a momfluencers dream, it’s buckets of content. She went all out for ferns first and second birthday; making home made banners, vegan “cake”, making photo collages, inviting over family, cooking food for the party, opening gifts, making Amazon wish lists ect but Sage doesn’t even get a half assed social media post. She said on TT she’s doing something for fern so I imagine she’ll just throw a ”and sage” on the end of ferns extravagant party and call it day. I know your life sucks rn because you’re poor and your husband left you, but at least try and hide your distain for the failed bandaid baby KEK.

No. 1877262

File: 1691350698081.jpeg (338.12 KB, 1169x2169, 7F98B74C-A668-4CD2-AD01-CF4A44…)

Remember this, she begged her husband to get a job and he “wouldn’t let her”? Apparently she was door dashing the whole time, just another lie to make her seem like the most victimy victim.

No. 1877270

her divorce petition was posted on the sub, she’s asking for an insane amount of alimony (950/month for 17 years not including child support). but in the linked post she says
>we were getting by off things I sold that I found in dumpsters & shit I said in controversial TikToks
>I wished he would support us
If you supported the family and he didn’t then he’s the one who’s eligible for alimony you fucking nonce.

No. 1877426

File: 1691368492023.jpeg (406.06 KB, 1170x1677, D712FEED-A976-4742-A7D8-287242…)

ur not allowed to posts pics on the sub so its just a written summary but here.

No. 1877820

Arizona is the most corrupt state when it comes to Mothers in family court.
To the point where judges won’t allow a mother to request her children are not around guns when they are with their father because it’s against the pos moids constitutional rights.

If her ex is vindictive, her social media entered into evidence is going to bite her in the ass HARD!

No. 1878852

File: 1691624262093.jpeg (811.2 KB, 2048x2048, 2FDB1E65-65BF-4254-8B5E-76C207…)

If you told me this was a one year old I wouldn’t believe you. At least he’s sitting up? But it was only a one second clip so it’s hard to tell for how long. You think she didn’t do shit for Sage’s birthday because her teen stans will catch on that, that isn’t how a one year old normally is/acts?

No. 1878863

i can't even think over the fear for that poor child's immune system. hookworm? ringworm? foot-in-mouth disease? what's that?? disgusting.

No. 1878883

File: 1691626327779.png (5.59 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_1463.png)

Are Ferbs legs ok in her recent insta story? Or is it the angle? If they’re still bowed and not straightened by 3/4 he could be in serious pain.

No. 1878886

they bow at an odd angle when standing straight

No. 1878944

I hope it’s just the picture and that Sage’s face isn’t all sunburned in that top left photo. Since she doesn’t believe in sunscreen.

No. 1879330

That’s for sure a sunburn/flushed skin from the heat. Because “vegans don’t need sunscreen” you see

No. 1879579

He is always on his stomach. Tummy time forever

No. 1881143

File: 1691970000618.jpg (239.52 KB, 1032x1834, aliceigstory.jpg)

Sage for not very milky but at the bottom of the receipt there's 21.99 spent in the "Floral" category that she's including in her total… that's 10% of her supposed grocery budget for the month… I hear $300/mo for groceries is a good number for a single person trying to save as much as possible, how on earth does she expect to feed the 3 of them for $200?

I feel so hungry thinking about having to exist on the stuff she buys let alone as a growing child.

No. 1889578

File: 1693231050857.jpg (834.15 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230828_143847_Tik…)

Someone save those kids from this cruelty! What is with the disco fever suit lmao

No. 1898050

File: 1694699165901.jpeg (443.33 KB, 2048x2048, B776028E-6BF6-429D-B5CC-F2102A…)

Is it me or does his head shape look…. Off? Is it from being on the ground so much? Or maybe it’s photoshop gone wrong somehow. It looks far too big and then there’s the indented spot in the back.

No. 1898056

Still no eyebrows in sight. He's gonna have to get that fixed when he's older

No. 1898072

Why the hell did you bump the thread if you have no milk you retarded newfag? Kill yourself

No. 1898077

We don't give a fuck about males's well being here scrote/pickme if anything all moids need to know early on that they're worthless expendable meat logs and a threat to society and women. Fuck off.

No. 1898078

i can smell the autistic freak out

No. 1898142

That looks reaaaally weird to me

No. 1898314

Is this hinting at church? Is she gonna try and bag a new man at church? I dont remember her mentioning church before the scrote left.

No. 1898525

File: 1694756605200.jpeg (651.69 KB, 1179x1648, IMG_5849.jpeg)

Fresh milk of Alice calling out birdy because EvERYoNe wAS AskInG then dirty deleting 1/2

No. 1898526

File: 1694756668307.jpeg (649.9 KB, 1179x1824, IMG_5850.jpeg)

2/3 (typo on previous post)

No. 1898528

File: 1694756696153.jpeg (544.57 KB, 1179x1422, IMG_5851.jpeg)


No. 1898534

File: 1694757170116.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2048x2048, EB2AF72D-B798-4BE2-AA4F-9C3348…)

Birdie responds

No. 1898535

File: 1694757233620.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2048x2048, F6183E9F-C433-4906-8F35-C255AE…)

No. 1898536

File: 1694757279697.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2048x2048, E82FC682-F7E5-42C7-87B3-633B08…)

No. 1898537

File: 1694757329997.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, 2944C42D-2C67-4D6E-B23A-4B74ED…)

No. 1898538

File: 1694757359145.jpeg (978.51 KB, 2048x2048, 7E66399E-B41A-4AAE-BC95-F17313…)

No. 1898582

>>1898526 "I didn't get any time to myself! Where was my emotional release me time?So unfair it was barely a vacation at all!"

No. 1898674

I genuinely don’t know which psycho to believe, anyone who exploits their child for income has to be like a user

No. 1898775

whoa. this is scarily similar to how she acted when caleb left. it’s no coincidence that birdie is about to move to Italy (I’m sure Alice sees this as being abandoned because she’s so narcissistic and everything revolves around her) and all of sudden she’s this huge evil kidnapper that needs to be called out even though they were apparently friendly up until (at least) may. it’s so worrisome that a woman who’s genuinely this delusional and unhinged is the primary care giver for two young kids.

No. 1898846

File: 1694811472417.jpeg (723.38 KB, 1242x2688, 62D75985-714B-4C89-A262-BC0749…)

Posting the OG screenshots just for documentation sake

No. 1898847

File: 1694811521791.jpeg (701.56 KB, 1242x2688, EE74C552-C448-4817-BEF9-073A01…)

No. 1900015

>my kids were misbehaving because of gluten
GIRL WHAT lmao, it’s scary that people this stupid are parenting

No. 1902247

File: 1695369563194.jpeg (786.72 KB, 2048x1984, 1E2D2682-8C58-4F4E-B5FD-618103…)

Shoving Sage into the swing he practically lives in whil mommy films herself choring, doing makeup, a fit check, poses, then chilling on the bed

No. 1902248

File: 1695369605576.jpeg (797.58 KB, 2048x1558, 7D5766F1-7B03-4895-9044-33D9CF…)

Poor, forgotten Sage

No. 1902249

File: 1695369657217.jpeg (327.43 KB, 2048x2048, 07CDC5FA-2CCF-4EE2-8107-BEF1F7…)

I have NEVER seen a baby’s legs so stiff, it just looks off

No. 1902251

File: 1695369787615.jpeg (935.87 KB, 2048x2022, C366FEB0-1B73-4502-A8A6-1A126E…)

Oh man this was hard to watch due to the sheer cringe. She picks up a container of cashews, then sprinkles it above Sage’s head. Several bounce off the poor kiddo as she’s smiling (none on Fern, of course). Was… was that supposed to be quirky?

No. 1902252

File: 1695369856830.jpeg (440.47 KB, 1967x2044, 3EA6297D-8A4E-4582-9A18-3DEE01…)

Poor Ferndinand and his bowed legs. Physical therapy is vegan, gurl

No. 1902299

Some people have weird bird legs like that, but it can also be a sign of issues that need correcting through better nutrition and guided exercise

No. 1902390

Maybe it's just me but they look slightly better than when he was younger, they were really bad at some points

No. 1902578

What is going on with her face, even through the beauty filter she no exaggeration looks like a middle aged woman. Having 3 kids in 4 years really sucked the tiny bit of beauty she had and the youth right out of her, and for what? She obviously doesn’t even like or care about her kids lmao

No. 1902647

she pretty much looks the same as older pics of her as a makeup-less teen (see >>1868866). all of her “beauty” was in the form of filters, makeup, and false lashes.

No. 1902707

imo she looked like a preteen for the longest time then during/ after her pregnancy with thyme she seemed to age dramatically. she cut bangs to try to hide her forehead after making some copey tt saying it’s “normal to have wrinkles at 23!”. its probably just a combination of her poor diet, no sun screen and the fact she seems to never drink water but the transition was jarring to say the least.

No. 1907338

File: 1696174289309.jpeg (360.88 KB, 2048x2048, BFD4079D-BB46-48D4-AE0E-F18599…)

Happy October hope this isn’t too spooky. But really… damn girl, you aren’t looking too good. Posted vids lip singing badly and looking off right after her meeting with Caleb/lawyer

No. 1907340

File: 1696174551221.jpeg (343.11 KB, 2048x2048, E9C0530A-4FDB-499A-8F17-87C59A…)

Comments: you’re THRIVING Alice! You’re GLOWING! You look so much happier! I can see your personality starting to shine and I LOVE IT! Your hair looks so good!
Meanwhile Alice:

No. 1907348

ma girl looking pissed a lot

No. 1908377

Did anyone catch the now deleted TikTok of her admitting she got lip filler LMAO? This selfish bitch won’t take her kids to the doctor or feed them properly because she’s uwu sO cRuNcHy but she’ll get her nails done, dye/bleach her hair, and get lip filler. I guess her weird morals only apply to everyone else and not her. it’s fucking hilarious that she’s getting so self conscious about how ugly she is that’s she’s spending her money on cosmetic procedures when she has an open go fund me because she can’t afford her mortgage lol

No. 1908456

She actually admitted it? What was the post

No. 1908672

Miss girl is looking very gaunt and sickly lately, eating disorder is going strong

No. 1908673

File: 1696414202683.png (3.86 MB, 2400x2400, instasize_231004110903.png)

Actually vomit inducing. What the fuck

No. 1908675

>vomit inducing
anon, how do you think babies are made?

No. 1908708

Yeah but the thought of crusty and malnourished baby making would turn anyone's stomach

No. 1908968

File: 1696457490854.jpeg (424.45 KB, 1179x1895, IMG_8432.jpeg)

What the fuuuuuuck???? After saying he’s a pedo, rapist, groomer, child abuser, porn addict, jealous of blippi, and broke they do this?

No. 1909001

Arizona is a 50/50 state. Unless she can prove those claims in court, she’s not allowed to keep him from the kids or else he can actually go after her and annul whatever they have set up for child support. They take parental alienation very seriously here.

No. 1909022

File: 1696465889451.jpeg (430 KB, 2048x2048, 6BD3F3A5-FB1C-4DD9-9FB2-8E4A61…)

She looks a little ill in a few of these

No. 1909023

File: 1696465929629.jpeg (542.72 KB, 2048x2048, 000320AE-F485-47E6-B931-4BB312…)

Loving this era of healthy
glowing Alice

No. 1909134

Parental alienation has never existed and will never exist(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1909146

Baiting idiot(unsaged pointless infighting)

No. 1909271

Well in Arizona state law it does, keep huffing that copium

No. 1910360

File: 1696694985649.png (1.65 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231007-090921.png)

No. 1910361

File: 1696695033225.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231007-090931.png)

No. 1910705

NTA, also in my bumfuck shithole country but still a fake syndrome and Gardner was a pedo defender.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1911254

File: 1696881813077.png (649.59 KB, 1080x454, Screenshot_20231007-135028~2.p…)

Does she ever change her poor kids diapers

No. 1911256

File: 1696881906725.png (1.49 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231009-130451.png)

No. 1911302

Shouldn't he be toilet trained at this stage? My 4yo was at 2½ and I even thought that was a bit late…

No. 1911392

my kids were 2.5, their school started at age 3, so everybody had to be toilet trained by then. They all were, no problems. Fern wouldn’t be allowed to go to kindergarten in my country the way he is now… not that it matters because he’ll be home every day being “unschooled” by Alice and still in diapers at age 10 most likely.

No. 1911677

File: 1696948842121.jpeg (487.33 KB, 1170x1917, 3B893FCB-235C-4AF4-A5E0-E07AB3…)

It’s probably nothing but I noticed in her most recent tt she showed her keychain with both Keys, pretty strange to keep your exs spare key. This whole situation is so confusing, especially after this
wild video

No. 1912288

I feel like she does it as a status symbol "oh look at me, I have 2 cars". My fiance and I swap cars sometimes but neither of us carry each other's spare around. That's just so clunky and unnecessary..

No. 1912289

Like imagine carrying around an extra set of keys every single day, every where you go, to a car that's no longer yours. That's so weird.

No. 1918352

File: 1698096797316.jpeg (400.24 KB, 1179x1700, IMG_1637.jpeg)

Is ferns hair getting yanked out by him or falling out? Or is she just REALLY bad at haircuts?

No. 1918356

I thought her hair had cake batter in it in the first pic

No. 1918401

look i know this is a crunchy mom we’re talking about here but elective surgery is the medicine she trusts of all things? the moid deficit must be filled, truly

No. 1921000

She deleted all her social media

No. 1921017

THANK FUCK. Fingers crossed she stays gone and let’s her kids live in peace and isn’t just doing more dirty deleting for court/social services.

No. 1921144

she probably deleting. The funny thing is internet is forever and people already archived a lot of shit about her.

No. 1921225

Honestly I really feel like something bad happened. We watched her kids slowly decline over the past couple years and then she just disappears. I really feel like something is totally wrong.

No. 1921234

I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if CPS finally got involved?

No. 1921240

File: 1698601552810.jpeg (357.04 KB, 1154x1624, E2126BAA-E1F4-40EC-BC69-3FD16D…)

As much as I naively hope something is going on behind the scenes, it’s most likely just an attempt to drum up engagement. I did find it interesting that her fundraiser has been changed to “no longer accepting donations” and it was less than halfway to the goal. OT but a part of me wonders if a single penny from that 5k is even left. Between her capitalistic hoarding garbage, “renovations” and 5 months of bills & living expenses, it’s gotta be dry by now.

No. 1921255

Can you completely deactivate your accounts and still have all your info saved on the sites to put back up later? If so, then I’m sure she’ll be back.

No. 1921285

>Can you completely deactivate your accounts and still have all your info saved
idk about tt because i don’t use it, but that’s how ig works. Her account is still searchable, anything she doesn’t delete while it’s down will still be there when she reactivates.

No. 1921452

Sounds like Caleb lurks this thread and is now going after her for parental alienation. Evidence of it is all over her socials, and Arizona takes that shit very seriously. She knows she’ll lose custody.

No. 1921474

but then he'd have two kids to raise and he never lifts a finger.

No. 1921478

He’ll just transfer custody to his parents back east

No. 1921677

File: 1698683244207.jpeg (437.88 KB, 1170x2238, B903DE20-1742-4B62-AD54-9A1FFD…)

She’s already back lol.

No. 1921683

5 days? Thats a record lmao

No. 1921686

she posted a instagram story on the 28th right before she disappeared, so like 2 days tops KEK.

No. 1924002

File: 1699132438230.jpeg (145.96 KB, 1170x1029, 8D42BA70-6FD9-487A-AFEE-F6B685…)

After those petty tts that alluded to her ex moving on she updated her pfp. I think she’s going for sexy but she looks like an awkward tranny kek. It’s a shame she has no girlfriends in her life to try and snap her out of this weird caleb hyper fixation. She can say she’s unbothered and happier than ever all she wants but everything she posts/likes/reposts revolves around hating men, divorce, porn addiction, cheating etc, he’s living rent free in her head.

No. 1924012

no thats so embarrassing. almost feel sorry for her. crusty and his new girl are probably laughing at this pathetic shit.

No. 1924073

mfw im checking if i put on deodorant or not

No. 1924084

File: 1699143823099.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3464x3107, F53B9F7B-912F-4B5F-A3A7-BF3D00…)

She’s having a field day trying (and failing) to look seductive.

No. 1924352

This is actually the worst photo she’s ever taken…. Why tf would she pick this as her profile pic

No. 1924725

Is anyone else mildly concerned that she hasn’t posted either of the boys in over two weeks?

No. 1924872

Yeah the last time she posted them was on insta and it was just a bunch of pictures she’d already posted in the past. She usually ghosts just for attention, but this is the longest I’ve ever seen her go without posting. Something happened. Either she doesn’t have the boys for whatever reason or she legally can’t post them anymore for whatever reason?

No. 1924942

I’m tinfoiling bc of the divorce they’ve develop a more rigid custody arrangement that isn’t just whatever Alice wants and as a result caleb is getting more time with them. It coincides with the recent videos that seem to be directed at him, she’s probably publicly lashing out because she didn’t get her way.

No. 1925291

according to her local crime group she had another welfare check on October 28th, that’s like the fifth one in two months…

No. 1925633

She posted them on insta but I reckon it's old pics because she's been lurking and seeing people wonder where they are

Can you post a screenshot of it?

No. 1925649

File: 1699463800569.jpeg (138.86 KB, 1170x1112, 1EF9D4E9-1382-4F2A-855E-80ED3D…)

can’t really prove it’s actually her address without doxing her, but here you go? I also just realized oct 28th is the same day she deleted all her socials
that’s an interesting coincidence…

No. 1925651

Very interesting…

No. 1926047

File: 1699550837875.jpeg (377.95 KB, 2342x2112, 7A9E565A-3703-4E49-85E0-2AFFCE…)

She’s gone. Again.

No. 1926057

the new sub posted her actual street name to its 300 members. Using this information and some context clues you can easily confirm her address with like 5 minutes of googling. I hate Alice as much as the next snarker but they basically doxed her kek

No. 1926100

People are claiming the boys were seen in pics at a play date on one the mom group mom’s insta story yesterday. I didn’t see them for myself, but it seems like she still has them or at least has contact with them.

No. 1926167

What’s the neighbors Instagram?(don't involve random people + learn to sage)

No. 1929293

File: 1700117353050.png (8.85 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8880.png)

One of the neighborhood moms posted them so at least the boys are okay

No. 1929603

Is that Sage? He looks like someone is finally feeding him.

No. 1930591

File: 1700343094479.jpeg (607.48 KB, 1170x1688, F2FFCE69-7204-4AC9-A002-488034…)

That sub is so irresponsible. The mods confirmed the wellness check
was one of their own members calling cps on her. I don’t blame her for going into hiding, people are taking this too far.

No. 1931377

File: 1700530872283.png (4.2 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_9015.png)

Her main is back up on TikTok
As much as I want someone to intervene calling random wellness checks is definitely not the way to do it. That’s honestly weird.

No. 1939097

File: 1701900398221.jpeg (340.94 KB, 1179x1912, IMG_9016.jpeg)

She updated her backup account with posts and a new thirst trap as a profile pic

No. 1939098

File: 1701900533774.jpeg (679.42 KB, 815x877, IMG_9017.jpeg)

Hair straightened, the pose w/the thigh high ready-to-explore-the-sewers boots, diaper skirt and tiny top. Hope she isn’t back with crusty

No. 1939575

File: 1701989352274.jpeg (821.81 KB, 1179x1118, IMG_9073.jpeg)

A prior upload, still online and manically collecting cacti

No. 1939617

"Foot prisons" but decides to wear the biggest, bulkiest, ugliest boots that offer ZERO support and are totally gonna "mess her feet up" even more than she already claims they are from shoes… if she just wore a nice supportive pair of sneakers, she would be fine.

No. 1942433

File: 1702493527165.jpeg (1.97 MB, 3464x3464, C677958F-9BC3-4B22-A799-05B96C…)

She had a hearing yesterday (12/12/23) and suddenly after almost 2 months of silence, her instagram is public again today. Can she make it any more obvious she’s hiding stuff from the courts.

No. 1942437

File: 1702494477329.jpeg (692.36 KB, 1170x1789, DA0A1C15-374D-43AB-B794-0AE4C1…)

Nothing really happened, they requested a continuance. She must be scared things won’t go in her favour if she’s scrubbed her entire online presence. She also looks like an actual middle aged woman in her recent pictures, like how?

No. 1942457

she looks cute

No. 1942461

File: 1702498209564.jpeg (339.72 KB, 1170x1828, 37CE9F70-2658-43CD-B0C2-392F59…)

remember in the early days she used to make tiktoks bashing older moms, bragging about how youthful she looked, claiming when she was grocery shopping or took fern to the park other womans husbands would ogle her because they wanted her SO badly lol. there is some kind of poetic karma in the fact she now looks way older than the “older moms” she used to make fun of

No. 1942603

nonnies must’ve struck a nerve, she appears to have deleted the pic set this was from lmao. The fugly witch is lurking among us

No. 1942623

R u telling me this isn’t one of those ai aging filters??? Y does her hair look like it’s greying on the right?? That’s horrifying(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1942645

File: 1702514765177.jpeg (810.46 KB, 2048x2048, BA240F6E-C6A6-4059-A419-33EFA2…)

She’s back and still stuffing sage into clothes far too big for him. Is she THAT hard in denial? Jesus just put your kiddo in clothes that fit regardless of the size number.

No. 1942646

File: 1702515035337.jpeg (919.75 KB, 2048x2048, 6A7B26A2-0C6E-4537-9760-363FF1…)

I take it her ~perfect, vegan, homebirth better-than-you baby~ still can’t walk, eh? Physical therapy is vegan, girl. His legs always look SO stiff :( And no videos of Fern talking either. And NO Alice….2 second loops don’t count. Show us Sage walking/crawling/cruising for 30 seconds. Show us fern saying a sentence or more than 6 words.(:()

No. 1942651

File: 1702515311563.jpeg (572.25 KB, 1179x1586, IMG_9721.jpeg)

Please don’t tell me Sage moves so little that he STILL plays with those on-your-back infant toys….

No. 1942658

File: 1702515939359.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1179x1713, IMG_9774.jpeg)

Unfiltered Alice. She relies on filters to make herself look OwO and “youthful”.

No. 1942731

File: 1702522860266.jpeg (94.08 KB, 689x689, IMG_3369.jpeg)

Am I losing it? Is it the angle? Something seems very “not right” with his toes in this pic.

No. 1942732

File: 1702523010358.jpg (Spoiler Image,674.76 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231213_190143_Sam…)

Wont matter. Everything she has done is documented in her threads. Second result when you type her name into google. I didnt even scroll. Spoilered because milkless ss.

No. 1942738

it's the angle + him curling his toes up

No. 1942759

My god that wall is so fucking ugly. Also what’s with the new account name?

No. 1942917

losing the babies would probably destroy her.

No. 1943083

File: 1702587078657.jpeg (778.94 KB, 757x1268, IMG_9804.jpeg)

Kid’s got hella long toes. Did a double take because I was wondering why her foot was so small(nitpick)

No. 1945214

File: 1703021663552.jpeg (1.15 MB, 2048x2048, 201EBE88-B264-44B2-9FC3-0499B8…)

She’s back to “homeschooling”. With the least age appropriate material for a ~1.5 and ~3 yr old, and material facing away from the child for that sweet photo op.

No. 1945502

>material facing away from the child
It’s because this is 100% performative and not about her kids at all. She’s just reading to them about stuff she’s interested in, she’s the only person learning anything. Her kids can’t speak and don’t know the basics like the alphabet or numbers, but yes, they’re totally gaining so much knowledge about cacti species and specific parts of cacti. She’s can’t even fake homeschool her kids properly.

No. 1948835

She’s playing school with herself. There’s zero chance her 3 year old can even identify colors or basic shapes with his delays, let alone any of this crap. He desperately needs to be in a real preschool, but if he was he’d be put in a significantly younger room and Alice’s ego can’t handle that.

No. 1949138

They actually dont put kids in significantly younger rooms in preschool programs because of the size difference. A big almost 4 year old wouldn't be with the 2s for example. He would simply have to go to daycare where someone just watches your kid rather than preschool. Most places require that by 3 you be potty trained to be in the preschool program. If she doesn't do it by 5 it will be a big problem for general school. But she knows all this and hence the "homeschooling"(sage your shit)

No. 1949296


not always true. my little amazon 4 year old (99th percentile for height) is in with the 3 year olds because of her late birthday. it's true that being potty trained is a requirement, however. is her son really not potty trained????(blog)

No. 1950325

No, she’s waiting for him to initiate it. Toddler lead potty training is not uncommon and I have nothing against it, but those are healthy toddlers. It’s concerning because he doesn’t talk, so how exactly is he supposed to express he wants to learn? I can totally see her keeping him in diapers until he’s like 13 using the excuse “he’s never asked to be potty trained teehee” ignoring the fact he’s fucking mute. Hopefully her greasy ex husband steps up but Im not holding my breathe.

No. 1951268

Fern’s growth is pretty stunted though. He’s not much bigger than the significantly younger toddlers he hangs out with in the mommy group. His limbs are also weirdly baby like… at 3 he should look like a little kid but he looks more like a large baby

No. 1951507

Poor diet of too much sugar and not enough protein all 3 years of his life.

No. 1953934

File: 1705009323164.jpg (1.08 MB, 1137x1595, RDT_20240111_23422119652022711…)

Darn what a mess

No. 1953936

File: 1705009353614.jpg (1.42 MB, 1179x1585, RDT_20240111_23422648059902383…)

No. 1955046

>Father stated Fern is healthy and is in the process of being screened for autism
>both parties stated they heavily used marijuana in the past. Mother stated she used marijuana weekly from 2021 and stopped at the end of 2022
>Father reported in 2015 or 2016 he was arrested for marijuana possession, spent a day in jail
>Mother requested an Order of Protection against Father on September 13. The Order of Protection was denied as the incidents listed occurred more than two years ago.
>parties agreed the children would reside in Mother's primary care and Father would exercise parenting time for several hours during the day
>the parties now agreed that Father would have no regular parenting time with the children.
>Father indicated agreement stating, [Mother] can just have whatever she wants." The parties agreed to deviate upward on child support providing Mother with more than three times the amount indicated in the child support guidelines. When this evaluator clarified the amount with Father as it is more than half of his gross earnings per month, he again repeated, "she [Mother] can have whatever."
>Although the parties signed a full agreement, this evaluator has concerns that coercion or duress may have been a factor.

She’s obviously blackmailing him and the courts see right through it. Since this Caleb’s filed an income width-holding order and a child support order, very interested to see where that goes. not a crusty fan but I’m SO happy he’s finally getting fern the help he deserves

No. 1955050

those marijuana dates don’t add up… she got pregnant with sage at the end of ‘21 and he was born in aug ‘22, if she didn’t stop until the end of 2022 that means she was getting high throughout her entire pregnancy. no wonder she was so scared of health professionals and screenings, she didn’t want to get caught. it really makes me wonder about the “she was high when she got into the car accident” theory…

No. 1955157

That could explain why he’s 17 months old and hasn’t even learned to stand… poor thing got fried in the oven

No. 1955174

dont forget, she was also breastfeeding fern during that period and thc is passed on through breastmilk

No. 1955330

I did not have Sage being a drug baby on my 2024 bingo sheet
Seems likely, it’s widely proven the negative effects thc has on brain development. Theres a reason they tell you not to smoke until your brain is finished developing in your 20s, imagine how much worse it is for a tiny developing fetus. She really is a monster.

No. 1957033

kind of depressing post. i’m glad she’s owning up to some things.
https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8pS9qXN/(learn to embed, tiktok short urls reveal your tiktok account)

No. 1957042

When you link videos from tiktok like this it shares your account information. You still have time to delete and link the video under where it says "video" up in the post box.

No. 1957044

Here's the video. Delete your post, lotus.

No. 1957125

She’s not owning up to anything. This is a desperate attempt to look remorseful to the court.

No. 1957245

Can you summarize anon

No. 1957326

The fake crying was hard to get through. She obviously wasn’t actually sorry about anything seeing as she’s since deleted the “apology”.

No. 1958403

File: 1705982204693.png (5.48 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_6229.png)

She posted a TikTok with Caleb…and deleted minutes later. Re uploaded her “apology” too with only positive filtered comments.

No. 1958407

File: 1705982373406.png (5.01 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_6230.png)

They’re in Halloween costumes so it must have been saved from October. So Alice…did Caleb FORCE you to make this TikTok too? According to you… isn’t he a groomer, child abuser, and abused/sexually assaulted you? Obviously the logical decision is to make more TikToks with him.

No. 1958408

File: 1705982835811.png (6.14 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_6273.png)

She’s still in denial about Sage being small/behind, despite him being apparently perfect since he’s a crunchy vegan placenta baby. Cramming sage into a 2T that he’s absolutely drowning in. The footie goes a mile past his toes, necklines so wide his whole shoulder falls out and the zipper gets pushed far out since there’s so much space. I wish I saved her video of “babies are chunky for survival and vegan babies are the biggest and best and non vegan babies would DIE if left alone in the wilderness compared to perfect vegan babies because they’re so weak and small”

No. 1958412

Hey theres still 6 minutes for you to delete this, you can't post people under the age of 18, especially cows children.

No. 1958414

nta but what? anons have posted alices kids since the thread started (not agreeing with it, but just curious when it became a rule)

No. 1958420

File: 1705985452764.png (112.15 KB, 1174x118, darules.png)

I think this would fall under 'don't post thread subjects under the age of 16' because these are offspring of the aforementioned cow. Also it's just kind of weird in general for someone to post about how 'behind' this kid is, this thread is about the mother, not the child. Sperging about whatever disabilities it may have is strange. It's not necessary to post photos of her kids at all.

No. 1958429

In alices case, her kids prove as evidence for her cowdom. They get more exposure on her instagram, where she posts these herself and they are taken from, then by people posting them here as proof that she is starving her child with her veganism. Sure nonnie could have blurred the face, but to say her child isnt part of the milk is wrong. Are you upset your thread is locked? Why are you policing? Report and move on if its such a problem, dont minimod.

No. 1958432

Just because an obviously mentally ill woman who shouldn't be caring for children in the first place is posting photos of her children does not mean we need to do the same. Posting a photo of the child and going off on a tangent about how its too small isn't milk. Also, it's really not policing or minimodding to just point out the rules. I only recommended that she delete the photo of the child so that she wouldn't get banned, but if you'd like to continue saving and posting photos of random peoples children be my guest nonnie.

No. 1958435

Nta but agreed. I don't even think her kids are too small, a lot of the nitpicks when it comes to her kids seem like stretches

No. 1958437

>sure nonnie could have blurred her face
I don't understand why users post her children at all. I understand their mom posts them with reckless abandon because shes a mother solely for the aesthetic but why are you, as people who are apparently more coherent than her, going to the trouble of screenshotting photos of her kids just to go post them on a gossip website…suspicious behavior and thats something thats always put me off her threads kek

No. 1958439

Ayrt, yeah it is fucking weird. But they have never banned posts simply because it showed her kids. Without the posts WITH her kids there would be no thread, or atleast way less posting/milk. Honestly, i dont care either way, i barely visit her threads.

No. 1958445

I totally agree her kids are a big part of the content, however I believe we can still discuss her shortcomings as a mother without including imagery of them. Hopefully mods will crack down a little more on the posting minors rule, with it being hellweek and all

No. 1958604

To those reporting, the posting of minors is allowed if the parents/guardians are the ones posting the images on their public social media. With that in mind, if there are photos of minors that are taken from private sources, illegal etc or without consent (like a pap photo that isn't censored etc), they cannot be posted here. Please keep that in mind when reporting.

No. 1958703

The main reason nonnies obsess over how skinny sage is, is because her vegan superiority complex she used to throw around about fern and babies. Basically saying that veganism creates fatter babies than regular diets and that skinny babies would die in the wild. Just ugly things she would say that are completely opposite of her current babies experience.

No. 1967967

Fern talks! He says "Kitty so soft" on her facebook story!

No. 1969948

it sounded like the nonsensical babbling of a 1 year old. if Alice didn’t translate I would’ve never gotten “kitty so soft” from those noises. he doesn’t sound like a 3 and a half year old at all. sad.

No. 1974407

File: 1710041298368.jpeg (536.48 KB, 1179x2111, IMG_0507.jpeg)

She just posted these. Does the right side of his face, where his jaw is, look really swollen to y’all?

No. 1974409

File: 1710041395412.jpeg (443.02 KB, 1179x1756, IMG_0509.jpeg)

Still posting cropped photos since Sage is still on his knees too.

No. 1974534

He just has chubby toddler cheeks and a crooked haircut

No. 1974587

it doesn't look too abnormal, he could have a crooked smile or something. there doesn't seem to be any discolouration or bruising.

No. 1975410

File: 1710255696575.png (782.78 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_0559.png)

Looks like the child support payments aren’t enough

No. 1975411

File: 1710255766886.png (7.68 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_0560.png)

After buying all that crap for the house and her plants and herself…she doesn’t have money to feed them

No. 1975430

Has that woman ever heard of a damn vegetable

No. 1975795

Some under 25 cents a serving vegan snack ideas off the top of my head:
Sliced cucmber
Carrot sticks
Celery with vegan peanut butter
Apple slices with vegan peanut butter
Green onions and sliced garlic
Literally any fruit…
Come the fuck on alice, its not hard. Just feed them some fruit and veggies!! God this bitch dumb.

No. 1976747

God this kid must be so malnourished, this shit should be considered violent child abuse and neglect

No. 1979736

File: 1711396489015.png (7.9 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_1607.png)

Posted a selfie with what looks like sage in a bear crawl position, which would be good progress for him…..except she’s propping Sage up with her foot.

No. 1979737

File: 1711396556634.jpeg (245.51 KB, 644x532, IMG_1608.jpeg)

No. 1979739

File: 1711396842859.jpeg (423.3 KB, 2048x2048, 693A5289-4CA4-44BD-B738-3386FA…)

Same day posted a pic of them and her and Ferns nails are filthy. She cooks her food with those hands.(sage your nitpick)

No. 1980055

propping him up with her boot so at first glance it looks like he’s standing is actually so deranged

No. 1980398

So deranged and fully convinced me that she actually hates S or at least resents him on some serious level.

No. 1980425

She probably does hate him subconciously. She is super toxic and wanted a girl. So in her mind sage "took away her second chance to be a girl mom". my tinfoil is she really just wanna groom a daughter to be like her so she can live vicariously through her.

No. 1980587

I wouldn't be suprised if she praised her daughter getting pregnant at 15. She has the worst gender dissapointment in the world. I'm pretty sure she doesn't take kids to doctor because she loves them because they are bounded to her but actually she doesn't care at all.

No. 1980737

Hopefully she never gets a girl. Its bad enough she produced a couple of fucking pedo-gened babies from that creep. And you know she is gonna raise them to "..marry young and have kids young" like she did. So delusional.

No. 1981063

I think this is the case. The house looks pretty nice, I think they planned for both incomes combined

No. 1981078

Pretty clear this is a high-income neighborhood. I guarantee you that's a 400-500k+ house

No. 1982371

File: 1712166057904.jpeg (168.24 KB, 1170x1059, IMG_1035.jpeg)

371,635. but that was before all her diy “improvements”, broken appliances, gaudy murals and terrible tile work. she would never get that much for it if she tried to sell today, nobody wants to move into a house that’s so customized… getting rid of the murals alone would cost thousands if done professionally.

No. 1985027

please tell me one of your got a screeny of the babysitting post?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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