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No. 1867796

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse, particularly that which has a twitter or tumblr flavour to it.

Current topics include but aren't limited to:
>Ao3 Censorship and TOS
>F/F underrepresentation in fandom
>Cards, DNIs and Call-out Threads
>Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
>'[Insert Sexuality]'-Coded Characters
>Misogyny in fandom and the industry
>Fanfic tropes infecting published media
>Fandom as activism

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1852408

No. 1867798

I made a few changes to the OP

No. 1867809

Thank you for the updates to the OP! It looks good now. And thank you for finally removing proship vs. anti discourse

No. 1867820

Good, I don't even know if there's more to say about the anti vs. proship thing (outside of individual cows on those sides) anymore that wasn't discussed in previous threads. Both sides are hypocrite keyboard warriors at this point.

No. 1867825

NTA but thanks for removing the fujo portion too. Fujocringe thread already exists, they don't need another thread to shit on

No. 1867902

There are still Greeks that practice the Hellenism, so they're the most vocal when authors use Greek deities for their work when they haven't even hear about the Iliad.

No. 1867905

There is no point to changing the OP dumb newfag(infighting)

No. 1867934

Pro/anti discourse is beating a dead horse at this point (both sides are retarded in their own way) and the anti-fujo sperging just attracts bait (particularly that one bait-chan) and infighting so hopefully those two topics won’t shit up this thread.

No. 1867968

Forgive me for bring up vivizipop autism again, but op's image is so funny I'm expecting someone to show up and clarify that it is just ironic and mocking redesigns. Like "scar from where he was shot" then it's a a scar on a mane somehow.

No. 1867983

I lurk in the danmei fandom and there is non stop dumbassery on the western side and they constantly recycle the same discourse. This is obvious baiting and still thousands of these people are engaging with it. I’m glad I can read JP from my teenage weeb days to escape it.

No. 1868024

File: 1706245649780.png (3.72 MB, 2518x1889, 1632780831246.png)

Nonnas, why do you think TIFism (especially Type A in picrel) is so common in fandom? It's like over the last 10 years every fandom has gone from mostly bi or bi-identified women to mostly TIFs.

No. 1868031

It’s the typical fandom failgirl NLOG phenotype on steroids

No. 1868038

I think it mostly comes down to escapism and lack of having a concrete identity; I have bi female friends who don't relate to stereotypical "bi culture" or other bi women they meet, and being "cishet" isn't cool so socially conscious straight women feel bad for being "boring". So when they relate more to male characters or BL (written by women), dislike most female characters and M/F, instead of being a fujo/BL fan they feel like they must not be women after all and nonbinary or a "gay transman". But I notice some GL fans in my circles have drank the "nonbinary AFAB" koolaid so I think it's mostly trying to be cool and LARP as oppressed labels.

Even on Livejournal in the 2000s there were jokes about how "there are some yaoi fangirls who go to far and try to get sex changes", and that did happen, but it was an outlier. I still managed to find 5x more women pre-Tumblr than transman/genderqueer/TIF types.

No. 1868048

There's so many reasons you could write an entire book on it, like there's basic NLOGism, the demonization of privileged identities in fandom so they ID into any marginalized group they can, spending most of their time online and only ever interacting with crazies so they're more likely to get into niche microidentity shit, the list goes on. Though the bisexual woman to nonbinary whatever pipeline is probably because everyone identifies as the former now so it's not special anymore and saying you're nonbinary is an easy way out of getting flack for being cis. Plus TIFs are retarded and solipsistic so they think not feeling a strong sense of gender means you're trans when that's the normal experience for most people.

No. 1868118

>inb4 pakichan starts sperging about fujos(stop giving her attention)

No. 1868176

File: 1706271579920.jpg (411.33 KB, 1440x1800, 253765539_440123277480657_3244…)

i will never get over the loss of bex taylor klaus. when will the transing of lesbians stop.

No. 1868284

literally gasped didn't know she had transed, rip

No. 1868290

You just reminded me of these two troon cows from way back in the day, Ginsengteacat and the other was a religious nutter who went after fujos ala Paki-chan. I remember that the second one made tons of art depicting herself as a man because she hated being a woman so much, this was in like 2005 so way before the gendie retardation took off. Ginsengteacat used to shove hairbrush handles up her ass in the bathroom because she was an uke and then wrote about it in detail.
God she looks rough. Has her forehead always been that massive or has the gender-affirming balding kicked in?

No. 1868295

File: 1706284996554.jpg (77.19 KB, 461x599, arigato.jpg)

Looked her up and it's so weird seeing the standard schizo gendie existing back in 2011? Her art is fucking funny tho

No. 1868314

The differences between Type A vs B is that Type A only identifies as NB/trans in an attempt to escape the worst parts of being female but also retain their femalehood (they want to have their cake and eat it) whereas Type B was usually GNC/homosexual from the start, so identifying is the terminal result of being alienated from their gender for so long. Either way, both are screwed by the oppressive constraints of femininity but statistically speaking heterosexual non-GNC women are more common than GNC/homosexual women, so woman-lite types are bound to be more abundant. Type C seems to be moreso a product of the current social environment where privilege = evil and not a personal hangup over being female a la Type A/B.

Despite what wokies might suggest fandom is still by and far a very “female” activity - it replicates a lot of the same behaviors and dynamics of female-dominated social circles irl - which would explain why it attracts normie non-GNC heterosexual women who decide to become women-lite. It’s not that Type Bs/GNC women and lesbians don’t exist in fandom, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that fandom is a hostile place for women who are GNC/lesbian and not in a trendy way. Case in point: the lesbian butch x butch artists who get hounded to draw futa or moid gaze coom shit.

No. 1868324

Oh my God I haven’t heard about neo-classical-neko for so long, you just opened a floodgate of memories. Her brand of unrepentant weebery a la PT is making me feel nostalgic. Cows just don’t make milk like that anymore. At the very least, Ginsengteacat was relatively young (in high school in 2011) so her behavior could be excused by immaturity. Did she ever grow out of it? I think the last sign of her being online was in 2015.

Zerodomon was another fakeboi from the DA era. So it’s not like these women never existed back in the day, but they were the exception to the norm and they didn’t have a mainstream ideology to enable their delusional thinking.

No. 1868346

She was already "nonbinary" when voicing Pidge, it was just a matter of time. Lesbians are "guilty until proven innocent" in this climate (even Bex got "yikes" replies when she implied not liking dick on Twitter years ago) so becoming trans is the only way to escape the scrutiny since there's no real community for us. I often think about this one detransitioned lesbian I used to know told me when she was a "cis lesbian" people IRL assumed she was malicious constantly and insulted her, but after becoming trans those same people walked on eggshells to not offend her and "uplifted her voice".

No. 1868360

File: 1706292497050.png (2.29 MB, 2000x1125, TV_LivHewson_June2023_HEADER.p…)

yeah my troon radar already went off when i saw her in arrow years prior and noticed her name. it might sound mean/irrational but going by bex instead of rebecca was a red flag for me.

liv hewson who starred in santa clarita diet and yellowjacket trooned out as well. of course she has a history of eating disorders but OBVIOUSLY they were only signs of her being trans.

No. 1868362

The top surgery and nipple placement always freaks me the fuck out

No. 1868363

Women trying to escape scrutiny from men. I think a lot of them have sexual trauma tbh. And the rest are lesbians/GNC women who are bullied into becoming tifs. I hate it all so much. This is a real mental health crisis, and I'm tired of people ignoring it.

No. 1868367

I thought that was Link from GMM kek

No. 1868412

File: 1706297567623.png (524.2 KB, 604x844, 74vrber.png)

this is just a regular fit man.

No. 1868425

What is the worst case of fans thinking their headcanon should be reality you can think of? Voltron is the main one that comes to mind for me. It feels like everyone on the Internet has their own made up fantasy of how it should've gone. Not saying what happened with the show was good mind you, but a lot of the things I've seen proposed are borderline ridiculous and never would've happened in a million years.

No. 1868427

Unironically autism. Whatever autistic people get up to in a given decade will be reflected in fandom.

No. 1868429

I feel like Voltron really takes this cake for this one kek, what a shitshow that entire thing was. The amount of infighting in the fandom, harassing voice actors, harassing animators and the animation studio, the sheith vs klance shippers, etc. Everyone was trying to get their way with that series and the whole show ended up being a flop in the end anyway

No. 1868431

From cute girl to moid who thinks a convenience store chicken sub is an appropriate meal to eat 4x a week damn. RIP

No. 1868436


No. 1868439

I don't think any series will ever top Voltron. Klance fans were constantly harassing voice actors/staff and even Sheith fans sent DW socks in protest when the series ended. They were all legitimately convinced their ships were going to be canon. Voltron was the catalyst for the worst to come out of fandom culture, not that crazies didn't exist before but the delusional "x is whatever-coded and if you disagree you're homophobic" and proship/anti wars exploded from there.

No. 1868443

>Zerodomon was another fakeboi from the DA era. So it’s not like these women never existed back in the day, but they were the exception to the norm and they didn’t have a mainstream ideology to enable their delusional thinking.
LittleCloud is another DeviantART era TIF who was a huge lolcow back then. She was the proto-Tumblr TIF too, she started out as being a homophobic Mormon that thought real LGB people were sinners but enjoyed shota paired with an older man. Her defense for being homophobic but enjoying shota was "she self-inserted on the boy" (Catholic moment). She stopped being a Mormon after awhile but still identified as a "gay man" and whatnot while looking like a twiggy 20-something girl, but at least she stopped getting into drama and her art was decent. Ironically she was only a soft fakeboi on DeviantART, last time I saw her Tumblr she became an anti-SJW/feminism/BLM truscum edgelord, I guess she really is trying to look like a man now lmao.

No. 1868446

For all her faults I'm getting tired of people piling on VivziePop. There's tons of shitheads in western animation worse than her yet she gets dragged around week after week.

No. 1868455

This. There is a huge and obvious connection between autism and trooning out.

No. 1868458

aside from voltron, free fandom was pretty wild too. i distinctly remember one bnf translating things wrong on purpose to give certain things more of a rin/haru vibe because they didn't like mako/haru and didn't want there to be anything in the show/movies/ovas that could be taken as a mako/haru hint. didn't fencer-x also translate certain passages from the novels about makoto in a way that it could be interpreted as him being suicidal? either way, the whole rin/haru vs mako/haru ship fight was exhausting. not to mention how often people misunderstood the characters to fit their own agenda. rin is abusive, makoto is abusive and codependent, haru is a spineless uke woobie who can't do anything by himself, etc. i feel like i have to rewatch it sometime so i can look at it with fresh eyes and form new opinions.

No. 1868471

Can someone who was into Voltron back then explain what the deal was with Sheith? I know a lot of the shippers were some of the annoying proship types but I never understood what made it so "problematic" in the first place. I saw some people say it was a creepy age gap between a 17/18 year old and a 25 year old (even though similar ships like Akuroku or Lawlight were considered fine years ago) and they're basically brothers, but others said that the ages weren't directly confirmed or Dreamworks implied they're around the same age and the brothers is basically a headcanon. I also saw a lot of anti-Sheith types cheer on Shiro being given a dead boyfriend and marrying some random minor character guy because it "sunk the ship" even though canon has never stopped people from writing fics (see Harry/Hermione).

No. 1868481

Basically klance shippers made sheith out to be the most problematic ship to ever set sail because like you said, there was an age gap (mind you keith was 18 at the beginning of the show) and in the show one of them says something like "he's like a brother to me". So to the fans on the opposite of the ship war, an age gap + brother figure = pedophilic incest ship so it gave them a feeling of moral superiority to ship klance over sheith kek

No. 1868484

It was a classic nurturing character (Shiro) paired with a more erratic, brooding character (Keith). Pretty common in one form or another, think of how Katara was Aang's rock in the modern era as an example (though Aang was much happier than Keith). I'm pretty sure the ages weren't known early on which certainly helped. I knew Shiro was older but thought it was more like 18 years old vs 20.
The biggest retards by far were the ones who thought Lance would go gay. He was always blatantly going to pair with Allura or Pidge before they changed her from girl in disguise to full blown gender nonconforming androgynous.

No. 1868492

>fencer-x shenanigans with her anti-makoharu/pro-rinharu agenda
>that time she blocked all Japanese IPs from accessing her scans site so doujinka couldn’t find their doujins
Ahhh, I forgot about the MakoHaru vs RinHaru ship wars of 2015-2016. By and large Free was a pretty wholesome anime, nothing toxic or abusive or edgy to be found there. But the MakoHaru vs RinHaru ship wars was another textbook example of people weaponzing SJW logic to use as ship war fodder. Iirc unlike Voltron, the ship wars were pretty self-contained within the fandom though. What made Voltron such a dumpster fire was that the fans had an unprecedented level of access to the creators, which made them feel brazen enough to demand they change the story to their whims.

Side note but interestingly Voltron and Free were the first fandoms to have notable large-scale, fandom-wide M/M ship wars. I always associated wank-inducing ship warfare with M/F pairs (Harry/Hermione vs Harry/Ginny vs Dramione, Kataang vs Zutara, Ichigo/Orihime vs Ichigo/Rukia, Tai/Sora vs Matt/Sora). You’d have M/F and M/M butting heads (Sasunaru vs Sausaku, F!Byleth/Edelgard vs M!Byleth/Edelgard and F!Byleth/Dimitri for the rare F/F vs M/F example) but M/M fandom wank was usually top/bottom discourse like the perennial SasuNaru vs NaruSasu debate.

No. 1868510

Any from any c-drama/danmei. The character loves art and calligraphy and isn't a fighting master? Is a TIF!

Western fans ignoring that men were used to learn about art and calligraphy and be able to have education back in the old China, while women couldn't do it because they were used for house chores and sex. Hell, even in the lore of Mulan, the biggest danger for her wasn't being killed by the huns, it was to being discovered as a woman trying to fit in the army.

No. 1868511

>I'm pretty sure the ages weren't known early on which certainly helped.
i still remember when they went up to the voice actors during autograph sessions, shoved their phones in the va's faces and interrogated them on the ages while filming them. they were basically questions like "how old is shiro? would you say 20??" and the voice actors would be like "huh, yeah, sure?" and then they'd ask keith's age (16 or 17, i don't remember exactly) and the voice actors agreed again. then they uploaded that shit on twitter and proclaimed that the voice actors had said that keith was a minor and shiro was an adult and therefore sheith was pedophilia. for me, that event marked the beginning of the end for fandom as i knew it. it all went downhill from there.

kek, fencer-x is honestly such a cow. she's pretty boring now but i still remember when she published her book under her author pseud blayre delecour.

No. 1868517

She was my favourite on /cgl/, the OG blueprint for the fujo tif phenotype. Her encyclopedia dramatica page is pretty good last I checked. I wish I knew what she's up to nowadays.

No. 1868520

The creators were better off not confirming the ages instead of turning the fandom to an absolute shitfest. Shiro/Allura used to be a popular ship among Klance fans when ages were still ambiguous but then it got confirmed that she was Lance/Hunk/Keith's age and everyone jumped ship and called it a pedo pairing when 2 days before they were all like "space parents uwu!!!". The discourse around Sheith got even worse after he suddenly got aged up to 20 because of some in-universe time skip thing. Sometimes I wonder if the creators intentionally made him 18 in the handbook and aged him up 2 years in the show to quell the shipping wars.

No. 1868537

There are many names in ED that makes me feel old as Hell as soon as I hear them.

No. 1868542

Kek I didn’t know she self-published. It seems like she’s a Drarry fan so probably serial-numbers-filed-off Drarry? But it seems like she’s chilled out.

No. 1868547

File: 1706306697411.png (840.94 KB, 1000x2500, IMG_5554.png)

Keith was a slut and Shiro would fix him with his dick.

No. 1868552

I wasn't into Voltron but I remember the jump from Shiro/Allura being "space parents" to somehow a pedo ship. I was in a Discord server once where someone got in trouble for shipping it "because Allura is 19" and I was over here thinking "it's literally not real".

No. 1868554

It was because Allura turned out to be a teenager and Shiro turned out to be canonically gay.
It’s not even like it was a ship with any chemistry or scenes to begin with though it was pretty much just a side ship to Klance to keep Shiro away from Keith.
I was into Lotura personally though, they should have had tons of elf babies.

No. 1868563

The mindset of instantly labeling characters after learning more info about them is so bizarre. By fandom logic asking out someone IRL who isn't interested in you = sexual assault.

No. 1868583

File: 1706309257540.png (600.36 KB, 600x1405, one_joke.png)

No. 1868586

No. 1868587

It's funny

No. 1868604

Ehh, Homestuck had some big ones like Gamzee/Tavros vs Karkat/Gamzee vs Tavros/Vriska or Eridan/Sollux vs Eridan/Karkat. I guess the difference there was that every faction was fighting at once.
Confirming ages was the worst thing the Voltron writers could have done. They should have stayed as vague as possible about how old the characters were to avoid fanning the flames.

No. 1868665

Incorrect Light is an unbelievably asexual being to me

No. 1868769

It's just that silly name joke again.

No. 1868777

File: 1706321682203.jpg (21.23 KB, 564x486, 1671753188101.jpg)

I just saw a youtuber i hate with a tshirt of my favourite obscure show. Nonnies i am not ready for him to drop a 2 hour long poorly researched video about it and fill the small fandom with zoomers. I love that show so fucking much and it has my husbando on it, and i just know my husbando will be catnip to these zoomies. I am not ready.

No. 1868778

I thought she was already nonbinary due to the name alone

No. 1868789

what's the show nonna?

No. 1868792

It is SO OVER for Motorcity fans!!!

No. 1868797

i would rather not say but its very old. It feels like every niche cartoon i like is becoming popular out of fucking nowhere lately. I hate it so much.
kek i am surprised rebeltaxi hasnt done a video on it.

No. 1868808

If I suffered through this you all must as well.

No. 1868809

Is it okay for straight women to write about lesbian relationships, similar to how lesbians write about relationships involving men? with the amount of straight woman reading and writing f/f, this should be fine, but why isn't it as widespread as say the whole lesbian fujo phenomenon?

No. 1868821

>why arent straight women writing about women kissing
i dont know anon

No. 1868824

>Is it okay for straight women to write about lesbian relationships, similar to how lesbians write about relationships involving men
Why wouldn't it be
>why isn't it as widespread as say the whole lesbian fujo phenomenon?
Straight woman care less about F/F content than any other dynamic because it's gay and involves no men. Straight fujos can be explained through there being men and lesbian fujos can be explained through it being gay content (people are probably gonna debate if they even exist to begin with so let's just assume they do). Yuri for straight women is basically multiplying 2 aspects they're less likely to be interested in with shipping so obviously straight himejos are practically non-existent.

No. 1868836

this is only me but, even though i dont write or read fanfic, i prefer ships that have at least one female character than m/m despite being straight. like i guess im attracted to men but male characters appeal to me a lot less than female ones, so i prefer engaging in content that include them more. other nonas have already said in past threads that straight women prefer yaoi because double the men, and lesbians like yaoi because its gay content made by women. its an overdone topic at this point tbh.

No. 1868840

Like other have said it's probably Voltron. Klance shippers legit believed their ship was gonna be canon for some reason, Sheith shippers too but they had way more material to work imo.

No. 1868846

Ngl I don't care for yuri in the slightest but when I tried thinking of an isekai plot for fun it turned out to be one.
Stuff like that has to have the right characters, I guess.

No. 1868850

Nobody makes content for the f/f dynamics I like so I just imagine it in my head and keep it to myself

No. 1868857

Of course it's fine for straight women to write about those relationships, but there's not much community there. Fandom is very social and is generally a female-dominated space, so M/M has had a more robust fandom presence. As to why, it's probably a combination of male characters being allowed more variation in media, straight women wanting double the men, women wanting to enjoy romatic narratives without having to directly self-insert, and, for lesbians, because it's the only gay fandom content with sizable output.

No. 1868862

I'm a lesbian and don't care if straight women write or like F/F ships. It's not as widespread like lesbian fujos because most straight women don't have a reason to care about or will get anything out of F/F, there's no men or involves a character they would be attracted to or project on. I'm not a fujo but I used to like a lot of M/M ships because I like same-sex content and most M/M ships were written by women for a female audience, the only straight women I knew who liked F/F were into romance regardless of orientation.

No. 1868863

I honestly believe that everyone should write whatever they all want to write as long it has a meaning.
I'm sick of people believing that your creations have to be a 1on1 mirror of yourself. It's basically why you have retards trooning out, because then they also assume that all the media they consume must also be an exact mirror to what that person believes.
I don't get whag causes thay menthol Illinois, but it's getting obnoxious at this point.

No. 1868865

It makes me think now if the correct maneuver would be to only confirm an approximate range of ages. Still invites agecourse especially if bitter shippers choose to envision the greatest age gap possible, but it also could be something like an X system, like 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, so on. I don't know, I think voltron spawned legitimately the most terminally online way of looking at age gaps. Not only do half the arguments do not fly in real life, it's like the butthurt shipper's golden bullet to killing a ship you don't like. Two characters in their mid to late twenties or early thirties have an age gap are are in close contact with each other because they hold the same job position or are in the same adventuring group or whatever? Aw, well, fuck. Might as well be a 40 year old trying to get in a 14 year old's pants. Shoehorn in a little parental coding and sibling coding and you've got a surefire way to just call anyone who ships your NOTP a pedophile incest supporter. And then you go and see said pedophilic incestuous ship, and it's 2 complete strangers that are 25 and 30 or something.

No. 1868876

Even with that, spergs who want to moralfag are still going to label the character 'childcoded'. We need to go back to not giving a fuck about character's age unless its obvious lolishit, but modern fandom is basically activism so that's not going to happen.

No. 1868879

>it's like the butthurt shipper's golden bullet to killing a ship you don't like. Two characters in their mid to late twenties or early thirties have an age gap are are in close contact with each other because they hold the same job position or are in the same adventuring group or whatever? Aw, well, fuck. Might as well be a 40 year old trying to get in a 14 year old's pants. Shoehorn in a little parental coding and sibling coding and you've got a surefire way to just call anyone who ships your NOTP a pedophile incest supporter. And then you go and see said pedophilic incestuous ship, and it's 2 complete strangers that are 25 and 30 or something.
I remember seeing this type of age gap discourse over Overwatch characters. I never got into that series either so I have no idea if some ships really were what they were accused of being (doubt it), but it was so weird to see "X is a problematic grooming ship" and I would check wiki and the characters in question were like, all in their 30s and above. I get that "legal" age gaps can still have ethical issues in real life with maturity and life experience differences but I have a hard time believing that the vast majority of adults over 30 can be groomed.

No. 1868946

I have never seen a straight woman ever writing F/F or be into F/F with the same obsession that les/bi himejoshi women have. If they do exist, I imagine it's some 200 word fluff fic that's either written as practice or gets requested by one of their readers. The closest thing I've ever encountered to such a thing was meeting a straight woman who preferred the F/F ship than the M/F ver of the ship, and even then she was just passively shipping it.

No. 1868950

>I'm sick of people believing that your creations have to be a 1on1 mirror of yourself. It's basically why you have retards trooning out, because then they also assume that all the media they consume must also be an exact mirror to what that person believes.
People are starting to unironically believe that it's impossible to empathize with or relate to experiences outside of your own and it's scary.

No. 1869014

>People are starting to unironically believe that it's impossible to empathize with or relate to experiences outside of your own and it's scary.
how do these people live with themselves. Imagine being that selfcentered.

No. 1869135

It wasn't one of those Isekai stories, but a fanfic with an AU setting. The main character was a gender-nonconforming gay woman who had a group of friends that kind of resembled a harem, but it was more like a close-knit circle of pals. They all hung out and did stuff together, but there was only one of them that she got physical with (though I never really pictured them making out or anything like that).

What threw me for a loop was that this was during my fake lesbian phase, and I was so deep into it that I didn't even question my own feelings, even with all the signs pointing to the fact that I might not be gay. It wasn't until I had my epiphany that I realized I wasn't actually into girls. I'm glad I figured that out, because being a lesbian comes with its own set of challenges, and I didn't want to mess with anyone's feelings just to find out that I wasn't actually into them. Good thing I got that sorted out before third base.


It's instinctual, but they dismiss it as their nature. Oh, of course I, a "gay trans man" (straight girl with extra steps), would only like BL/YOAI; it's hardwired. By this same logic, countless women who stumble upon fluffy yuri slop are quick to call themselves bi or true and honest lesbiabs because, Lord forbid, a straight woman enjoys the romance of orientation. This mentality ruined me as a young woman, and it was not until the events mentioned that I pulled through the dirt and into the sun. Fuck the nu theory of comphet and the masterdoc for all of it because, before then, most female dominant spaces were free of this crap. Now it's brimming with he/him nb lesbians who tote like girls but barf at the sight of puss puss. The real ones are waning by the number as the older, saner ones just fuck off.

On a less gay note, I recalled Turning Red's consensus split between those who loved the movie because of my muh rep and those who hated it because they couldn't relate to MC. I know some farmers have differing takes on the film, but I came out kind of lukewarm. It wasn't anything special, but the whole thing set off a culture war thanks in part blatant and utter autism.

No. 1869138

File: 1706356242793.png (2.08 MB, 951x1586, IMG_2057.png)

It’s all tumblr’s fault
Tumblr stagnated our expectations of female characters and representation so badly

No. 1869140

they dont even kick ass they are just angry and obnoxious. We are never getting /our/ Spike because we are stuck with boring bossy angry female mc made by moids that has as much dept as a puddle of water.

No. 1869159

File: 1706360817452.png (3.05 MB, 1940x1376, 8olLHel.png)

The thing is that "badass" characters Interpretons by fandom (whether male or female), genuinely make the characters lamer. This is because these are people who don't have a true understanding of what makes someone truly badass or tough. They have them wear leather jackets and try to act tough, and give them a "no-nonsense" attitude, but actually come across as severely autistic and rule in real life. It's all really superficial and dated.

No. 1869191


what do old-school, out-of-touch executives get out of these? More pink bucks and brownie points? And it's quite weird that most of so-called "strong" female characters, despite their supposed empowerment, come across more as insecure scrotes than genuine women. Instead of teaching young girls they can accomplish anything, most of their "messages" are girlbossing their way into self entitled bitchdom, straight up criminal acts, and demoting femininity in favor of fake manufactured aesthetics. Deviance to the norm are pushed back in favor of corporate mandated libfem crap. That panel encapsulates everything wrong with modern character writing and all it's superficial nonsense. Jfc, the dialogue cringes my insides like i'm reading shitty yaoi doujinshi with a poor scanlation. to whoever wrote this, I hope your car gets towed. Don't ever wanna see this again.

sorry for the rant, nonnies…i'm tried.

No. 1869199

I felt like I was having a stroke or a prank played on me reading those speech bubbles kek

You're right about badasses though. There was this video on youtube years ago about GoT and the way popculture was fixating on badass moments and characters from the show, always think of it when the topic comes up. 'Badassery' often flattens/cheapens characters because it's just blatant spectacle (sometimes with a very nasty undercurrent too– I guess it'd rub me wrong less if it was just about cheering for cool guys walking away from explosions, rather than calling a character a badass for setting someone else on fire and smugly staring off into the middle distance as the screams die down).

No. 1869200

File: 1706365875995.png (432.49 KB, 853x318, yH9FJsk.png)

Jfc that pic. Words, words, words. Would it kill comic book artists to split it over a few panels?

That comic also had this weird af "Holy Menstruation" line. Who says that? Who would think that's good? The whole thing feels like it was written by a faulty AI

No. 1869207

That was 200% written by a tranny incel. And one who sucks at writing.

No. 1869209

Girl how do you even "find out" your sexuality. It's pure instinct. Either someone turns you on, or they don't.

No. 1869210

haha silly anon, sounds like you think comics are some sort of illustrated visual medium and not a vehicle for text boxes. Rookie mistake.

That comic was a real fever-dream, can't believe it got published. iirc the author was pretty cowish about it as well at the time

No. 1869214

File: 1706366847657.jpg (161.92 KB, 602x934, latinx.jpg)

Surprisingly not, it was not written by Gabby Rivera, who won a bunch of awards for memoir as a plus-sized, Latinx butch woman. She was basically given this character and free rein to do whatever she wanted, and she gave us this mess amd the backstory she wrote for America Chavez was just absolutely hilarious. So, Chavez comes from a universe outside space and time, populated entirely by lesbians (though how they reproduce is never explained). When she's separated from her mothers, she finds her way to Earth as a pre-teen and basically sees a bunch of brown people being "Latinx" and goes, "Oh, that looks cool, I’m that now." I'm not kidding, that's her actual backstory

No. 1869223

>basically sees a bunch of brown people being "Latinx" and goes, "Oh, that looks cool, I’m that now."
It's just what we deserve for coddling gringos so much.(racebait)

No. 1869226

It's not complicated to see how this happens, the corporate giants that own the big two, that being WB and Disney respectively make billions of dollars making comic book movies, so they just don't care about comics in the first place. "Wokeness" certainly isn't helping sell comics because imagine watching Iron Man as a casual movie goer circa year 2016 and deciding you like the character of Tony Stark only to pick a Marvel comic and discover that Iron Man is a teenage girl, Thor is Jane Foster, Captain America is Sam Wilson etc, all in hope to capture a new generation of readers, which according sales has not proven true, these new comics win awards and are praised by media outlets for representing whatever group is popular these days, but no one actually ever reads them. It's a bizarre feedback loop.

No. 1869227

File: 1706367711955.jpg (190.77 KB, 2048x1365, licensed-image.jpg)

I Googled her and she looks exactly what I'd expect someone who'd write that comic to look like. Also who wears a shirt with a quote by themselves? How vain are you?
It's gringx nonna. Please try to be respectful(racebait)

No. 1869239

/our/ Spike meaning /our/ Spike Spiegel?

No. 1869251

File: 1706370426949.jpg (87.63 KB, 608x759, d6d.jpg)

>Gabby Rivera
Oh yeah, miss "do not dare to call me a white latina because I'm a latinx and I hate white people. Did I mention I hate white people? I'm a latinx!".

I still remember when certain board trolled her with picrel. After they find out, the mail responses were closed.

No. 1869266

Butch realness

No. 1869279

She looks like one of those abuelas in her mid life crisis lmao

No. 1869283

jfc, the word latinx makes me want to a-log so hard.

Reminds me of the whole "a badass female character needs no help, has all the guns and is stoic as fuck" the whole stoic personality is my most hated tbh

No. 1869404

>a badass female character needs no help, has all the guns and is stoic as fuck

so a man wearing the skin of a big tiddy tomboy?

No. 1869410

Not this again. Can you guys name one example of this in actual media

No. 1869411

we are talking about fandom interpretations, not actual media.

No. 1869414

File: 1706384114693.jpeg (724.69 KB, 1987x3056, PLohQhT.jpeg)

The thing is, even in male power fantasies, there's still a struggle, and they have to face stronger opponents and overcome them. I notice that troons, enbies and modern writers always have their characters effortlessly beat their opponents and state how badass they and we are supposed to buy it, to the point where it comes across as childish.

No. 1869416

>Fandom as activism
One thing that's particularly bad regarding this is the way fandom activists will force others to make a statement on whatever the current thing of the month is. And if you don't make a statement or share the cool new support post with cutesy graphics and links to random charities, you are automatically assumed to be part of the wrong side of the issue and you should be cancelled.
I've seen many make the mistake of raising awareness for a thing or two that personally affect them at times, only to then be expected to always share and talk about it. Right now I'm seeing it a lot with voice actors, who have hopefully finally learned their lesson and will stop trying to be cool on twitter. I know they won't, but I can hope.

No. 1869430

File: 1706385266002.jpg (13.11 KB, 310x364, F-Lo-wNXQAAVA4Y.jpg)

So she's a weaboo but from "Latinx" culture?

No. 1869435

Not even a man, a robot. This type of characters tend to not even have actual believable abilities or backstories. At least "badass" male characters are allowed to make mistakes and have emotions from time to time. Can't have that with female characters or that's sexist! And then American publishers wonder why they can't compete against manga and manwha/webtoons, which tend to have something for everyone.

No. 1869437

File: 1706385657825.jpg (98.2 KB, 720x943, 1krj72sftow81.jpg)

That bottom right panel is giving me "I'm heckin valid and you will let me in the women's bathroom" troon energy.
Here's some other shit from DC.
At this point I'm convinced that comics are being funded by the big film studios to throw as much crap at the wall and if it does well on Twitter then they can make a movie from it. One single Manga does better than the entire Western comic book industry. It's no way profitable.

No. 1869441

>"noo you can't go on a mission with us it's too dangerous! you could die!"
>character proceeds to read "her" linkedin's profile out loud
Who approved of this shit?

No. 1869442

File: 1706385811667.jpg (219.68 KB, 1284x1931, ky1mdi792fa91.jpg)

Follow up image

No. 1869447

>First of all, I'm a black woman surfing champion who also runs her won successful small business in America. Those facts alone make me a freaking super hero
I cannot imagine more stilted dialogue. Is this real??

No. 1869448

The best example is Harry Potter and to this day I feel like I'm taking crazy pills whenever I see people IRL talking about le ebil JK Rowling.
Like. Girl. You all were in lines to watch the movies and you all consoomed all of the merch of Harry Potter until one day, JK Rowling, the absolute queen, decided to say that she didn't want to ignore biological reality even though *she still supported troons. And now everyone is saying that she literally killed trannies or that she's basically Hitler like. What?
So now you're not allowed to even reference it casually because, it's like a switch activates something in these people's brains to say a weird discourse about how JK Rowling is literally evil and how trannies are totally right about mutilating their own bodies and promoting their bullshit.
Like, what are they all going to do with the merch, the inspiration, the references, the tattoos, everything?Harry Potter is so fucking iconic that it's like getting mad at people for drinking water. But activism is making a bunch of sheep struggle to enjoy whatever they like for the sake of… I don't even know, for the sake of being seem more righteous?
In conclusion, I feel like we will never be better as a society until we don't learn to separate activism from our lives, because this shit is what makes people make fun of Bible thumpers and other insane fuckers that wish to live in the past and so on.

No. 1869450

File: 1706386321539.png (392.62 KB, 350x497, haIV2eP.png)

The worst part is that there are Indie comics that are legitimately as good as manga, but they don't get enough attention because they aren't set in the big mainstream universes. and the authors usually don't want to lose their intellectual property, so they don't want to work for them either.

No. 1869456

I stopped associating with women online because of this, the pressure to post about "the current thing" really only happens in female spaces. I don't think moids are great either but they're not gonna pull "your silence is noticed" or guilt trippy shit on you at least. And I don't want to hear any political takes from a 19 year old obsessed with shipping in the first place, it's not like they actually look into the issues themselves they just follow whatever opinion is popular on their TL so they don't get excommunicated.

No. 1869458

>At this point I'm convinced that comics are being funded by the big film studios to throw as much crap at the wall and if it does well on Twitter then they can make a movie from it.
see point >>1869226 from a lizard brain capitalist perspective, it kinda makes sense. The movies make hundreds of millions of dollars already (with some recent exceptions), and they have a nearly endless amount of story arcs to choose from. The current comics were already not doing well, so they hoped to attract more younger readers by bringing in various new writers who were popular in the YA scene. However, these writers ended up creating essentially power fantasies that only appealed to their type of upper class liberals and despite winning loads of awards, the comics didn't sell well.

No. 1869462

File: 1706387038916.jpg (30.88 KB, 266x374, WITCHposter.jpg)

It's odd. It seems like the US is obsessed with Superhero stuff. Indie stuff gets pushed out by that fixation. Italy and France do loads of cool comics over many genres but very few actually make it to English. I had only learned recently that WITCH was an Italian comic book. I loved WITCH as a kid, I want more cool magical girl stories. Manga is a thing but it's a coin flip if it's going to suddenly have weird horny shit in it.

No. 1869505

File: 1706388756121.jpg (144.03 KB, 601x828, comics-code-criteria.jpg)

Didn't it have to do with the comics code making superheros the go to comic type?

No. 1869510

>The worst part is that there are Indie comics that are legitimately as good as manga, but they don't get enough attention because they aren't set in the big mainstream universes. and the authors usually don't want to lose their intellectual property, so they don't want to work for them either.
Why is the western comic industry so fucked? Genuinely. Everything I hear about it is fucked, even when it comes to webcomics these days. It feels as if comics aren't taken seriously here and western publishers are either idiotic or don't care, and obviously nobody wants to sign their darling IP away to a retarded megacorp. Here in the west it's either used as fastfood entertainment or as a means to push the latest representationslop that isn't even well done. Not that the manga industry is perfect, obviously, I think a lot of people in this thread are weebs enough to know the fuckery that goes on behind the scenes. But if the bar is in hell and western comics can't meet that, kek. If I wanted to make a comic, webcomic or even manga I'd be utterly blackpilled right now. Every major publisher or webcomic platform seems to have some major hitch or other.

Not to mention I think it's beginning to get into a vicious cycle. Nobody wants to read western comics because they automatically assume it's going to be capeshit slop and of lower quality, and so on and so forth. Why take a risk on an indie western comic when you can read a manga?

No. 1869511

File: 1706389302632.png (812.91 KB, 1280x720, 519.png)

This explains a lot. Crazy how a country built on free speech can have this level of censorship. Imagine crippling an entire medium for family values or whatever.

Also rule 13

No. 1869517

Before the CCA thing happened a lot of comics were horror-oriented or about the world/korean wars, but there were also fashion comics for girls which was kinda cool and totally vanished by the time any of us were around

No. 1869523

I think it stems from a couple of related reasons.
First is that the current environment does not encourage somebody who cares about their art to tie it to a corporation. These jobs suck, the pay is crap, the security isn't there, you have to deal with whatever Twitter thinks of you on a given day, constant whisperings, and the big companies are risk adverse which means you have to write the newest Batman reboot instead of getting your own title. It's much more rational to get a stable job in something else and draw a webcomic or publish your writing on Kindle Unlimited as a side hustle. As a result, media companies are now forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel and get some of the worst writers and artists imaginable who somehow still carry the "professional" label.
The second is just how many factors contribute to the above risk adversion. These are media companies with a format from yesteryear, facing challenging economics, with a very poor talent pool. They know they aren't going to be getting many pop culture defining runs like Gwen Stacey dying or The Killing Joke out of what they have to work with. Instead they cast the widest net they can and let the (bad) writers go crazy because maybe the comic will at least catch the eye of a popular LGBT blog or something. This will go on until they have confidence in their normal readership, which will never happen because the normal readership already lead these companies into economic crisis decades ago even when it was larger and it has become overburdened with political infighting and exhaustion over an ever increasing number of reboots, reimaginings, and limited time events meant to draw media hype.
TL;DR current comics quality is to be expected because it's a predictable playbook used by companies that should have folded 15+ years ago.

No. 1869524

>Why is the western comic industry so fucked?
American comic industry. Other anons said that in various European countries it's not the same thing at all and I can confirm that. It's a very specific American thing because here at least in France and Belgium the writers and artists tend to own their IPs and can do more or less what they want with their stories and characters, obviously depending on who's the target demographic. Comics here aren't made specifically with ulterior motives like publishers trying to sell rights to movie or animation studios so they can make a profit from adaptations while the actual comics sell like shit.

No. 1869529

not even American comics, just DC and Marvel.

No. 1869530

No she meant spike from my little pony

No. 1869537

That explains it better, thank you anon.

No. 1869538

I don't have any experience in comics, but I have done some worn in the Dubbing industry. And let me tell you, most of what you all said applies to us as well. Thanks to the unions, we constantly get stuck with bottom of the barrel who still carry the 'professional' label, cause actual talented want to get paid a real wage for it and aren't living off their parents.

No. 1869539

True but it seems like they're the main publishers by far. Correct me if I'm wrong of course. I don't read American comics because of how the main capeshit series tend to have a bunch of separate stories that still somewhat interconnect with each other so I'm sure I must miss something here.

No. 1869541

I was channeling my feeling as a fiction writer with that one. Very little incentive to try and traditionally publish right now (though the process for that is leagues better than what I imagine mainstream TV and movie writers go through).

No. 1869543

samefag, It's also hard to not understate how much Twitter has exacerbated this problem. Even low-talent, annoying hacks, will have a few hundreds of stans who support them at any given time. These fans are often gender specials as well, which makes their behavior even more extreme. Consequently, if someone criticizes the poor quality of their content, these fans tend to swarm in and attack the critic. These interactions on Twitter are used in actual metrics in hiring processes, I wish I was making this up.

No. 1869551

Honestly why would Americans really give a shit about comics when they have fucking Hollywood giving them plenty of movies and TV shows with a variety of genres and target demographics, which can be excellent, horrible or anything in between? To be honest if nowadays' American comics are still indirectly influenced by this >>1869505 and directly influenced by >>1869523 while American shows and movies aren't yeah no shit people are going to just watch the movie adaptations. We made a comparison between American comics and manga, but I'd say in Japan the reverse is true, you have plenty of more or less successful J-drama out there but Japanese people can just go buy whatever magazines or manga for very cheap anywhere, buy long manga series for very cheap in second hand stores fairly easily, read the first volume, then the second one, then their third, etc. and there are a bunch of different genres and stories, both good and bad, some directly pandering to specific age groups and/or genders so manga are more successful there. And many dramas and anime are manga adaptations too.

At the end of the day it's also a matter of what's competing against American comics in America as well, not just abroad. Here in France most TV shows and movies suck ass on average and very successful French actors and actresses are known to get work in American movies at some point like Marion Cotillard, Omar Sy or Sofia Boutella and you're more likely to find people who like American or British shows and movies here from my experience. Meanwhile, European comics here are fairly successful, and we're the second biggest consumers of manga in the world right behind Japan because we've been getting anime on TV in the early 90s and they were way better and more fun than the local TV shows for kids back then despite the crazy horrible dubs and censorship.

No. 1869561

Probably a stale take but I think the number one issue with comic books is authorship not politics. All the big comic heroes like Batman, Spiderman or X-men have been going on for ages. Every couple years a new author takes over and may or may not choose to dump or ignore everything else that was written before. Why should I invest in a character if all that's going to be thrown out in a few issues? It's pretty telling that all the hot new stuff like Invincible, The Boys (vom.jpg) and even the Walking Dead (back when it was good) we're written by one author writing one thing. Everything DC and Marvel puts out is pure zombie stories aping on the good stuff done before or pushing a new character. There's like what 6 Robins now? How many times have we had Joker do his final joke? With one author you get a consistent beginning, middle and end. Manga does this and it works.

No. 1869609

>It's pretty telling that all the hot new stuff like Invincible, The Boys (vom.jpg) and even the Walking Dead (back when it was good) we're written by one author writing one thing.
No, I agree with you. Maybe it's a need to capture that lightning in a bottle and milk it forever, even more so than Japanese manga and anime companies do? I don't know. There's similarities here and of course both hemispheres milk the shit out of merch, but I feel like the way the west and more specifically America does it is unsustainable. There's milking a series and then there's taking a defibrillator to a series over and over again until it gets stale and everyone's moved on to new things. Simply corporate greed or cultural differences? If a single manga is outselling the entire industry, maybe it's time for companies to look inwards and reconsider.

No. 1869767

She is. She insist she's Cuban or from Puerto Rico even if she's whiter than bread. She even made a poem about "whoe is me" repeating "I'm a latinx".

No. 1869831

File: 1706415271739.jpg (123.46 KB, 640x947, tumblr_fc56efc5a71886d445dc515…)

cant they just compliment authors who draws and writes well normally.

No. 1869835

a fancy way of saying the author is into ugly men kek

No. 1869877

Seems like not reading Dungeon Meshi was a good idea after all if that means not seeing ugly obese fictional guys. But yeah plenty of straight women like fatsos and/or ugly manlets so OP has no clue what she's saying.

No. 1869881

Laios isn't obese, the fat "men" are monsters, and dwarves in fantasy are usually chunky. would you not watch lord of the rings because Gimli is a character?

No. 1869883

She just drew orcs and dwarves in a way that they look like orcs and dwarves.
The fourth image isn't even a guy, just a skinny elf woman. Talk about jumping into a show for popularity's sake.

No. 1869887

File: 1706421968832.jpg (168.19 KB, 597x752, G5y.jpg)

Do you really expect the dwarves to be the pretty boys?

No. 1869891

I recently watched lotr for the first time and loved it, and liked Gimli a lot because he was funny but he wasn't a fanservice character posing half naked feet first in the movies like the dwarf in the tweet so it's so really a good comparison imo.

No, and I also didn't expect some twitter dumbass to find them hot and "so gender" either yet here we are.

No. 1869900

true. it was the only fanservice panel I can remember anyway (which is great because I'm sick of it in manga and anime), but yeah, there's plenty of other manga out there anyway.

No. 1869996

File: 1706434313206.png (186.48 KB, 608x673, vwqd.png)

This is a satanic transhumanist propaganda that I refuse to fall for

No. 1870000

Shit like this is making more fatphobic than ever.

No. 1870001

It's sexy imo but completely unrealistic in every way. No "dad bod" looks like this, this is Jason momoa and the rock on cheat days after two weeks without the gym

No. 1870027

File: 1706438640143.png (1.18 MB, 1079x1743, erUWTTD.png)

This is why you should not be a fandom artist and try to focus on issues that are beyond our debts. You can't create artwork about the suffering of an ethnic group and then post some funny yaoi the next day.

No. 1870091

It's just a roid gut

No. 1870115

In my experience muscle is just future fat. Give me a twink any day.

No. 1870116

Pretty sure the number of characters depicted with a normal weight and semi attractive appearance in this series far outnumber the number of archetypical orc = fat designs that show up in the background

No. 1870118

Thanks to that combination we have jesus christ superstar though.

No. 1870178

I thought that was a Jesus fanart though? And she acknowledged the mood whiplash lol

No. 1870201

Isn't that the TIF who is an unironic Christian and draws Bible fanart? That's literally just art of Jesus even if the mood whiplash is jarring, it's not inherently political.

No. 1870208

>That's literally just art of Jesus even if the mood whiplash is jarring, it's not inherently political.
She's been drawing of fan-art of Palestinian Jesus since the conflict began, and it's very obviously meant as a reference to the war.

No. 1870210

File: 1706465029627.jpg (893.5 KB, 1927x2489, G4kCKJnoCeINEt.jpg)

This conflict is just a perfect showcase of how out of touch these people genuinely are. Regardless of how you feel about it, we can all acknowledge that this is serious and something you can't make light of. I'm sure these people think they are taking it seriously, but they are so out of touch and soft that they can only see this conflict other then from a warped perspective influenced by years of fandom brain-rot. They use fandom names, form para-social attachments with media figures, and make corny fan-art of anime characters going "#FreePalestine" and not even comprehend how awful this ends up seeming.

No. 1870214

How do they not see this as the equivalent of those severely autistic 9/11 fanart?

No. 1870218

File: 1706465854968.png (142.09 KB, 388x490, FpmGquB.png)

I don't have words to describe the emotions this makes me feel

No. 1870221

Imagine how would you feel like a starved gazan refugee child looking at Palestineni miku saying that….. the fandomization of a fucking war is so unhinged

No. 1870227

The fucking Ultraman fanart… How are they not at least a little embarrassed? The last time I saw this much autism and disrespect during a horrible event was when there was that one terrorist attack in Norway in 2011 and Hetalia fans wouldn't stop posting art of the corresponding character crying or getting shot like the actual victims just a few hours later. For some reason I thought it wouldn't happen again after the backlash the "artists" received back then.

No. 1870251

I seriously hate how miku has become this weird mascot that people use to say the most retarded shit.

No. 1870278

At least one of them is raising money for the cause. But all the other drawings are made for attention or to show how ~nice~ they are. I wish they understood there kinds of drawings only make an impact if it's someone well-known doing it, not at 16yo user.

No. 1870288

In the 2030s people are going to look back at these the way we see autistic 9/11 tributes now

No. 1870293

no tim looks like this

and what jkr said is so tame. many male authors have said and done more perverse shit, even about troons, but shes an easy target because shes active in social media and her (former) fandom is kinda insane. reminds me of the hate train against vivziepop or tara strong except theyre genuinely kinda stupid, like i dont think youre actually doing the right thing by calling out "problematic" celebrities when you only do so to women and allow men to get a pass every single time.

this is so cringe, theyre so self centered. imagine recording yourself drawing and having fun from your comfortable spot but this time is g-good! its for a good cause! doing nothing has the same effect, youre not a savior and you dont need to be the savior in a conflict of this magnitude.

No. 1870310

File: 1706472281443.jpg (91.45 KB, 1080x547, witch-guardians-of-kandrakar-b…)

Will and Caleb have been replaced by imposters

No. 1870320

File: 1706472657981.jpg (92.53 KB, 600x600, prop8naruto.jpg)

Political soapbox fanart has always made me uncomfortable regardless of the "side" it was on. It was weird and inappropriate back on Deviantart and it's still weird when self-proclaimed leftists do it now.

No. 1870325

File: 1706472726274.jpg (248.67 KB, 752x1532, b3Qca4Pf23dKcc.jpg)

It's also very self-centered, they can't just make posts about how innocent women and children are unnecessarily suffering. They have to somehow make it conform to their adopted social values, so "autistic Palestinians" are suffering, "queer Palestinians" are suffering and "black Palestinians" are suffering. It has to be filtered through an axis of oppression that they care about or think makes them more oppressed

No. 1870331

File: 1706472853810.jpg (42.87 KB, 800x450, anime-marine-poster-2-1024x576…)

It does make me wonder how war propaganda artists felt back then. Was it just a job for them or did they truly believe that their war posters were for the greater good.
I can't bring myself to draw something for the genocide, it makes me feel so awkward and guilty like wtf am I actually doing? Do people that make insta activist posts ever feel the same way?

No. 1870334

Caleb is kinda cute but will is terrible and why taranee wearing tacky boring ass nerd shit, she'd never wear that crap

No. 1870336

The sheer misinformation in that tweet is aggrevating.

No. 1870339

>dat lens flare
This picture is sending me straight back to late 2000s DA

No. 1870354

File: 1706473578034.png (124.94 KB, 533x599, Dedicated_to_the_Feb_14_Sermon…)

No. 1870360

Somewhat related but how can someone make a female character appealing to fandom? I feel some kind of existential dread when I'm working on my characters and I just know that even if my work was good and whatnot none of them will get attention because they're women and fandom doesn't give a shit about female characters.
Tumblr's imprint on media.
Probably the lowest point in comic books
I kind of get this panel but isn't it weird to lump all Latin American countries and say "ah yes they're my people!"

No. 1870366

Why can't writers be normal about female characters what did we do to deserve this.
I was watching an anime and it just made me so miserable how the male characters had their own clearly distinct personalities and the female characters were mostly just…there, which was enough for people to cheer for being progressive enough.
I think it's just in response to the political landscape online, comics got criticised for being a "boys club only" or whatever. You can see the huge dip in quality at around 2016~ especially in Marvel then at some point DC started getting Marvel's big writers and now they're having the same mess Marvel had.
Of course criticise any of that and people accuse you of being an incel fanboy

No. 1870368

>Somewhat related but how can someone make a female character appealing to fandom?
Don't. Fandoms are stupid. Try to make female characters appealing to your target demographic, give her a coherent, relatable personality, backstory, role, etc. and make her a fun character. You won't please everyone anyway so do whatever you want. I want to write something someday with mostly female characters and something that prevented me from actually go all out like I wanted earlier was the fandoms I was into long ago. You can never ever please them, they bitch about everything, even things that never happened and aren't even remotely canon. I regret not writing earlier, but I think I'll give it a try soon.

No. 1870370

I remember reading on some art discussion that it's better to turn your story/comic into a game rather than make it into a comic.
Honestly as hard as making a video game is, I've come around to the concept.

No. 1870376

>fandom doesn't give a shit about female characters
I feel like this has been changing in recent years. It is true that a lot of women in popular media used to be flat or badly written and would therefore get ignored, especially when you consider that a lot of media mostly centered male characters that got all the development. Female characters are liked the same as male ones if they have an appeal, be it relatability or design or depth. But >>1870368 is right, don't go out of your way to make something you're not personally interested in just because you think it might succeed in pandering.

Games will always make more money than comics, people love an experience and reading is too tiresome for zoomies. That's why webtoons now have this dumb scroll format where you only get one panel at once

No. 1870378

This video popped up after I read through this thread, spooky

No. 1870383

>Somewhat related but how can someone make a female character appealing to fandom?
Don't bother, just focus on making your characters good instead of appealing to a theoretical fanbase. In fandom it's always "damned if you, damned if you don't" when it comes to liking or not liking certain female characters. If a female character is assertive and tough, it's sexist to feminine women or people will only pretend to like her for the sake of "step on me" memes. If she is dainty and feminine with no personality outside of a male love interest, she'll probably have a weird circle of white knights that think you're sexist for not writing 5k word fanfics "fixing" her like fandom fixes flawed male characters. If a female character is well-received (among women or men), it's only because she's conventionally attractive and that's bad. If a female character is morally grey or an antihero, that's bad because it portrays women as evil and her motives will be interpreted in bad faith compared to a male character that does the same. Etc etc.

I was recced this video on Youtube algorithm years ago and watched it out of curiosity. Just a warning, it's by an annoying "genderqueer" TIM but I thought he made some good points if you ignore the trans content.

No. 1870384

File: 1706475238028.png (183.94 KB, 318x319, cSBpgkT.png)

Ah, yes, the 'anti-queer assimilationist' argument. gay people who believed that being a perverted degenerate was inherent to being gay, It was mostly gay moids (and maybe 5% of pretentious identity-obsessed lesbians), and now I guess the troons are included as well.

No. 1870402

File: 1706475849438.jpg (4 MB, 2400x3000, big trouble in little china.jp…)

holy shit this is so cringe. All i want is a female badass heroine like pic rel. Why do they have to make everything cringe? just make a woman who stabs a lot of people and leaves bloody trails behind like Beatrix from kill bill. Make her whine about how moids scratched her car and make her rescue some cute guy and she's already far more relatable and likeable than those characters

No. 1870405

Whenever I see queers (usually trans or moids) shit-talk "assimilationists" I just wonder why it's such a sin that some LGB people want to live normal lives instead of making a scene in public 24/7.

No. 1870409

the faces were already enough of a turnoff for me to never pickup this shit. The author suffers from extreme sameface but since its not moeface sameface she gets a pass.

No. 1870412

Shit like this feels like a psyop to make people racist/misogynistic.

No. 1870415

File: 1706476371409.jpg (41.8 KB, 951x589, stacy comment.jpg)

The push for dadbods always felt fabricated. I will never fall for it.

No. 1870421

Video related is part of the problem. Dialogs aren't written to sound natural, they're written like some loser writing for Marvel or DC is typing their morning shower's monologues where they're imagining themselves insulting their primary school bullies 20 years too late on their MacBook.

No. 1870425

Moids who have dad bods 99% are stinky,crusty neckbeards who don't wash their ass.

No. 1870438

File: 1706477619839.jpeg (351.14 KB, 1280x1539, IMG_6489.jpeg)

This is just the twitter version of those deviantart ‘remember 9/11’ pics

No. 1870444

no. Because those are by autists and are sincere and charming.

No. 1870445

you know this is made by a 37 year old male autist going by the screen name of loudhousefan23

No. 1870452

Kind of funny but she's known for constantly practicing varieties of faces and trying to make sure that races and characters are distinct from each other.
Compared to the average anime, it's not particularly same face at all, at least imo.

No. 1870458

File: 1706479765010.jpeg (340.35 KB, 798x1200, QpIR97n.jpeg)

Anons here are delusional when it comes to "good art" I will never forget the thread where people were defending a TIF's art that was the stuff of horrors because of the bare basic perspective.
Dungeon Meshi is mostly cute anyway

No. 1870459

all this variation in the male characters yet she still doesn't draw anything besides "generic hot girl" for the female characters

No. 1870467

I saw another video by him about Barbie, didn't expect to hear a man's voice (and honestly didn't want a man talking about feminism and barbie), just closed his whole channel when I saw "they/she" in his description.
Horrid world

No. 1870469

Actually, is there a point in trying to show examples?
Nowadays, it feels like it's incapable to change somebody's mind when it comes to a series, or to convince them to check something out in the first place.
The moment it's dead to them, it's dead. Just like it by yourself.

No. 1870524

Still more inaccurate than the reboot.

No. 1870531

the art is technically nice but the differenece between the men and the women is depressing

No. 1870538

File: 1706486058895.jpg (42.92 KB, 474x302, 1_hSz7NclQWqoB7P4glsZxuQ@2x.jp…)

Fwiw, it's Balder Gates fanart.
She could have made the female characters uglier though.

No. 1870606

File: 1706493059325.jpg (231.07 KB, 1200x850, DH_7eufXoAAXoOB.jpg)

as anon said this is fanart of the cast of the classic 90s western fantasy rpg baldur's gate 2. her ocs for dungeon meshi look like this.

No. 1870623

File: 1706494828669.jpg (52.97 KB, 525x700, naruto_with_our_savior_by_good…)

Why you made me remember this fanart?

No. 1870700

File: 1706503361181.png (407.38 KB, 962x482, CNIbzc4.png)

i mean dungeon meshi also has bug-eyed prettyboys if you prefer that

No. 1870703

Kek, why Naruto look like Ahuviya?

No. 1870810

if this was made by a western artist it would be called westoid tumblr trash

No. 1870812

All the dungeon meshi characters have such a soulless dead stare i genuinely hate the style. I will stick to Lodoss.

No. 1870813

I just about to post this, there's something "lacking" with the characters and the "preety-boy" characters do look underage to me.

No. 1870814

>the men are uggo
>actually the art is bad
>actually there's no variety
>actually the girls aren't uggo enough
>actually it looks like tumblr trash
Did the author spit on some nonnas face or something?

No. 1870815

>and the "preety-boy" characters do look underage to me.
back to twitter

No. 1870817

People are allowed to dislike something you like, you sound really sensitive.

No. 1870818

but they do, though.

No. 1870819

Actually no one is allowed to dislike the things i enjoy, everyone should have the same opinions as me because im awesome.

No. 1870820

It's just petty nitpicking at this point. I mean seriously? The pretty boys look underage? "Souless eyes"? Well, it is fitting for the thread, I guess. I don't know what I expected.

No. 1870821

No. 1870823

I just said the soulless eyes things and they do look soulles. The artist is very bad with expressions.

No. 1870827

File: 1706515865628.png (724.4 KB, 1147x1618, Chapter_49.png)

The eyes seems nice to me, I guess I just have garbage taste in art.

No. 1870832

No. You just have your taste, and i have mine. Stop acting like a sperg because someone criticized something you like.

No. 1870834

You're right, I shouldn't have tried to say anything when it was called soulless, tumblr tier, terrible at expressions, with characters looking underaged. It's just a matter of taste.

No. 1870836

except for the underage one because that anon needs to be told to go back

No. 1870839

>bitching back and forth about some random manga nobody gives a shit about
You all need to go back.

No. 1870847

>random manga nobody gives a shit about
I wish nobody still gave no shit about it, now everybody's talking about it because of the shitty anime.

No. 1870850

Just because some people have appropriated the gay assimilation theory in bad faith to justify degeneracy doesn't mean it's not true. Gay people are constantly being told that people are fine with them "as long as they don't rub it in their faces" i.e. give out any signs of being homosexual like talking about their spouse with gendered terms, hold hands in public, kiss or make any mentions of their sex life. Just talking about your wife as a lesbian or even worse, about what kind of women you like is very often considered on par with marching around in leather gear screaming about how hard you kweerfuck each other. Homophobic people want to be able to see you as a straight person so any reminder of your sexuality breaks that fantasy and makes them feel threatened (because homosexuality inherently makes you a predatory rapist remember), so gay people practically have to tip-toe around the issue to make the scared straight feel safe. That's why it's called assimilation. I'm saying this as someone who bought into the "that applies to just those other gay people who are justifiably called out as perverts!" meme but with age I realized that it's really any signs of homosexuality that unironically triggers them.

No. 1870865

File: 1706519275871.png (Spoiler Image,217.93 KB, 640x457, mar.png)

you're better off talking about it in the manga thread nonna. the pincher attack between "the girls she drew aren't ugly enough" and everything else was so silly, kek.

No. 1870870

cant believe we live in the timeline where japanese artists are doing the tumblr nose thing kek

No. 1870927

I love when nonnies want to criticise something they cobble up together accusations the same way tumblr does, even if it doesn’t make sense. Fitting I guess considering the thread

No. 1870991

Hot take maybe but I wish France had something like the anime industry. I think if successful comics were consistently adapted into animation at least some of them would become hugely successful worldwide and have huge fandoms. A shitty animated series like Ladybug has worldwide success yet many good stories with decent market potential remain unheard of beyond the borders.

Also I don't care/know much about Radiant (it's a manga but whatever) but it embarrassed me a lot that it needed Japan to be adapted.

most based tweet

No. 1871023

Do you expect nonnies to write a whole paragraph on why they dont like a manga? Its like showing Duckman to people and getting angry when their first reaction is disgust due to the style.

No. 1871052

File: 1706541329881.jpeg (586.06 KB, 828x1270, IMG_5308.jpeg)

I looked through the comments and qrts of op and boy are there some copers. Scrotes praising the artist specifically for drawing ugly men to people implying that only fujos like pretty men and picrel. You just know people would mald if she drew them conventionally attractive instead.

No. 1871060

They look bland and boring, they're absolutely not pretty boys, hard pass.

No. 1871062

>it's a manga but whatever
No? It's a French comic through and through. It's just that it had a similar format as most manga, as in, the volumes are small, the pages are in black and white, and there are individual chapters. I think the first one to do all that was Pink Diary long ago when I was still in high school and it was obviously inspired by shojo manga but it was made by the Totally Spies character designer.

No. 1871093

that's fine but this is a convo for literally any female artist that gets posted. I don't understand what insane standards you guys have. No matter what, the girls are too cute and the boys too ugly for lolcow

No. 1871096

or if they actually draw fat characters it's tumblr mind-poison and unforgivably ugly. there's no winning

No. 1871098

You summed it up about right kek

No. 1871106

she literally draws morbidly obese men, please

No. 1871115

I never understood why it's a problem or why it upsets anons here if an artist only wants to draw cute or pretty female characters. Nice looking characters are nice to look at.

No. 1871118

because those same artists always draw ugly men

No. 1871162

None of the main characters are obese? But of course some side characters would be, she's aiming to make a believable universe. So it makes sense that it would be filled with all kinds of people. There's no need for artists to stick to one bodytype and she doesn't even make sexual content so I don't know why anyone would make the conclusion that she finds these types particularly attractive

No. 1871173

one of her main characters is literally chubby kek anon why are you so pissed some people dont like your favorite manga? its a seasonal anime so its super popular and got a decent adaptation by a big studio you dont need to white knight the author because max 3 people on a forum with 500 users dislike it

No. 1871182

She got popular, is the problem I guess.
Saying that everybody is obese even though the elves are specifically thin and the dying makes people automatically thinner, and saying it's soulless when for the elf that was posted that's the point is actually funny.
And then shitting on tumblr noses but also complaining about the characters aren't ugly enough?
It's almosy like they're just grasping at whatever let's them hate on her.

No. 1871187

Nta but I think the point is he isn't actually fat, he's just another race that looks like that.
Would you rather dwarves be thin?

No. 1871189

Jesus christ just stop go back to /a/ if you want nothing but praise for your shitty manga. Stop derrailing this thread because some anons dont like it. Ofcourse seasonal garbage would attract this level of autistic entitled spergs.

No. 1871193

I dont care, he's fat and i would not have sexy with him. Just accept it and stop derrailing the thread with your sperging.

No. 1871194

Wasn't this thread complaining about how people were too mean to viziepop?
Maybe they just think Sparkledogs are better drawn, but it's funny how they go from that to shitting on some mangaka for multiple hours and telling anybody that tells them to shut the fuck up that they're being spergs.

No. 1871198

vivzie gets directly attacked on twitter daily and called a pedo/zoo/rape apologist, meanwhile your retarded manga gets nothing but praise everywhere and you are sperging because some people say mean things about it on an english forum the mangaka could never reach. I already disliked the manga for its ugly style, now i despise it more for the kind of spergs it attracts. Narutard tier fanbase.

No. 1871200

What's more spergy, the people saying your complaints are retarded, or the one who derailed a thread to begin with to complain about how the manga didn't fit her shitty tastes and is still going at it instead of dropping it?

No. 1871204

All this seething just because you dislike the artstyle. This also doesn't have anything to do with fandom discourse, you're just mad some people enjoy something you don't but I don't get why you're so insistent on defending your opinion when it's a matter of taste. Just let it go, you act like a twitter user trying to find something problematic to harp about

No. 1871205

you are doing the same though. The thread would have never been derrailed if you just accepted people didnt like your retarded manga instead of getting pissed off at anons with different opinions. Is it the first manga/anime you ever read? its definetly not good enough to get this offended over someone disliking it.

No. 1871207

>y-youre doing it too!
The thread detailed when you started sperging. And you still can't stop. If you want people to stop telling you your complaints are stupid, change the subject instead of pushing harder. Nobody probably wants you to read the manga at this point anyway.

No. 1871208

White knights are the one that started kek >>1870814 >>1871162 >>1871182 >>1871187
and you keep going and going about your retarded manga because god forbid someone says anything bad about it. Your mangaka draws fat ugly moids get over it.(infighting)

No. 1871209

They really do equate "straight" with "bad" don't they? The genderspecials and fake lesbians in fandom will never go away as long as this mentality stays

No. 1871213

>keeps going

No. 1871214

What are those posts replying to?
Are those posts fandom discourse or some someone moaning about her retarded tastes even though nobody cares?

No. 1871227

when someone says something you like is ugly you have two choices
>ignore it
the only good choice
>start sperging about how anons are ackshually hypocrites that dislike everything and white knighting the artist
you did this, therefore you started the sperging(infighting)

No. 1871232

No. 1871239

I am just telling you because you faggots do this every single time. Just learn to accept people have different opinions from yours. See a comment saying something mean about your narutos? ignore it. You already derrailed the thread when, again, you started. So dont pretend you are the mature one whos above infighting if you cant take slight criticism about your super popular seasonal garbage with a big studio behind.

No. 1871241

I managed to go to sleep fir the night, wake up, and still see you bitching about how you dislike this manga.
I'm sorry to have to reveal this to you… but you're the sperg right now. Please, just shut up.

No. 1871246

kek you went to sleep and came back to defend your beloved mangaka for a second time, absolutely pathetic i feel sorry for that mangaka that has such retarded pathetic fanboys(infighting)

No. 1871248

Translation being queer means a female artist publishing in a male targeted magazine.

No. 1871249

No. 1871253

you really want to have the last word, dont you? we are both getting banned anyways

No. 1871265

File: 1706554941480.png (433.6 KB, 600x800, 291c17a99501724225eae1dea349f6…)

i don't understand why AA got so popular with TIFs

No. 1871266

Vns and games that dont requiere tons of gaming skill have always been overwhelmingly popular with women.

No. 1871271

This applies to most murder mystery VNs and I think it's because since they're VNs, underage tards can just watch someone play them on youtube and pretend they're fans, they're not gatekept by not owning the right consoles and not being able to afford the games. And now most of them are also available on PC. Brace yourself, the AA4, 5 and 6 HD compilation just got released or will be released very soon so we'll have even more TIFs forcing their headcanons on Apollo than before.

No. 1871275

File: 1706555608108.png (44.12 KB, 512x384, 50-123.png)

most of uchikoshi's fans were male autists before AITSF got popular for its porn addict tho

No. 1871277

I stop asking myself still and stop trying to debate it. Anyone and everything normal people love will get popular with Tifs and Tims, no matter what we do. They have such extreme mental illness.

No. 1871279

true. women calling themselves ''gay'' for being infatuated with moids from bishonen series like bsd or vanitas no carte is still so absurd

No. 1871281

It’s popular with fujos. Anything fujos like, TiFs like

No. 1871318

The excessive made-up swearing is why I didn't care for that Harley Quinn animated series or that Legend of Vox Machina thing.

No. 1871322

beards and facial hair in general is such a mistake. Who told moids they look good like this.
On topic, but the excessive swearing is the biggest turn off in modern day games. Most of the translations for RE2 remake and FF16 were really off from the original japanese text. They just wanted to make the characters swear for the western audience.

No. 1871330

When I heard about him the first time it was on tumblr in 2012 because of 999 and the ones talking about this game were seemingly normal fujoshi… except most of them either came out as TIFs later or as asexual. They were into AA as well which is why I started following them in the first place. They're also the same girls I saw getting into Dangan Ronpa back when the only translation was on Something Awful right before it was put behind a paywall and they suddenly went from "oh this looks like a fun, quirky murder mystery" to "this game is problematic because it shows that the pure and innocent transgirl deserved to get killed and depicting the "gay defence" in court in a fictional story is bad"

No. 1871339

File: 1706559490772.jpg (127.78 KB, 1280x720, Ea4y-wpWoAAoPPr.jpg_large.jpg)


true, secondarism runs rampant in the genre this way, you get to technically experience the story and solve the mysteries ahead of time if you want (lol)
on the western fandom topic tho, Higurashi retains a majorly male weeb audience, with some female (usually animeonly) artists here and there, while Umineko, unsurprisingly, is TiM central (4chan-oldfag-to-twitter-tranny pipeline anyone?)

No. 1871350

>based on gay manga

No. 1871351

It's not, though. The whole story is exaggerated. One of the art designers who worked on some bl mangas designed Edgeworth, who was originally supposed to be an old man (and his original character design was reused to create Manfred Von Karma). That part is true. However, the latter story about how the creators read and used BL as inspiration seems to be made-up, and there are no actual sources for it other than a handful of Tumblr posts.

No. 1871365

nta but the character designer for the first game (and somewhat the unofficial co-writer) is Kumiko Suekane, who worked for Capcom for a few years before quitting and working for herself. She had a huge influence on the story and the characters' backstories, which had a direct impact on the sequels, such as Edgeworth being as young and Phoenix and being his childhood friend, and thus Phoenix becoming obsessed with him ever since they met, Mia being a recurring, very important character instead of just dying to make Maya a suspect, the cases being related to each other instead of being separate stories that just happen one after the other, etc. At the same time she was making a shit ton of doujinshi about Kakashi/Iruka from Naruto, Mustang/Havoc from FMA, two of the playable guys in FF12, and later Barnaby/Kotetsu in Tiger and Bunny, some Haikyuu stuff and some Granblue stuff. When the first game on the GBA got very popular she made the other devs look at the fans online and they all mostly saw yaoi shit so Shu Takumi, the writer, tried to push to make things canon but Atsushi Inaba, the producer back then, told him no.

And she also published some BL manga under a pen name I can't remember, including one that clearly reuses one of Phoenix's unused designs for the uke and Edgeworth backstory for the seme… So it turns out that she ships Edgeworth/Phoenix, and not the more popular Phoenix/Edgeworth. iirc the title is Retsujou but it's been a long time since I read it.

No. 1871392

Honestly the love fujos working in the industry have for character lore and storytelling never ceases to amaze me. It's not the first time either, people constantly try to gaslight everyone into believing that they hate female characters but a lot of the times they've actually actively worked in ways to make an otherwise bland female character more interesting like was the case with Mia.

No. 1871431

File: 1706564293478.jpg (113.84 KB, 1600x1200, heather-sh3.jpg)

Same with Heather from SH3. A lot of women on team silent helped create both her look and personality. I really thank them for that. Their idea was to give her freckles, the slight wave in her hair, her outfit design, etc.

No. 1871436

File: 1706564718629.jpg (454.9 KB, 900x600, 1706558877.mto-art_freedom.jpg)

I thought that as well. I can understand the original pics with people or flowers or animals, but anime characters?

No. 1871440

Again, they think they are taking this issue seriously and I believe they mean well. It's just that Western leftists are genuinely very coddled, they don't comprehend what actual oppression from a government is like. In their nations, they protest, disturb the peace to get their way and their social issues heard, make fan-art celebrating and and that's that. They don't comprehend the idea of a government protest where the cops beat everyone to a bloody pulp, send you off to jail where you are beaten, sexually assaulted, and die there. so with Palestine and Iran, they are applying that coddled frame of protesting.

No. 1871469

File: 1706567798357.png (99.92 KB, 500x462, tumblr_od3g4pxjkq1v482d6o1_500…)

-It's a VN with zero skill required to play
-The games have been several times over the last decade on different platforms
-Wrightworth and Klapollo are popular M/M ships
-Most of the major female characters and villains are well-written (IMO) so fans of that characters get something out of it too (there was a decent bubble of F/F shippers back in the day for ships like Franziska/Adrian)

I was fine with the fujos in the fandom since a lot of them wrote the best fic in the Livejournal era, and the popular M/M ships like Wrightworth are given fodder in-canon like >>1871365 said. I think the fanbase getting infested with TIFs and the "Chihiro is trans" truthers from Dangan Ronpa fandom ruined it, I can't even search for fanart without seeing people draw 20-something lawyers as 300lb they/fae/hes with vitiligo now.

No. 1871473

It's manga enough to Japan, it's manga enough to me. I could understand the whole "it's not REAL manga !!!" thing when it was about half-assed garbage but Radiant looks like a duck and quacks like a duck (just with a french accent kek) and integrates just fine among other "lesser" shonen. Even Shonen Jump has tried to launch series way shittier than that. Had "manfra" been this serious from the start maybe it wouldn't have such a hard time becoming an actual thing. I can only dream of an alternative universe in which Talli fille de la lune got the same success

No. 1871481

Agree, I'm not even a frenchie but I was actually surprised that Radiant wasn't a Japanese creation. People need to get over this 2006-esque "manga can only be made by the japanese!!" elitism and accept that by this time manga is a comic genre defined by a certain aesthetic, tropes and panel layout.

No. 1871487

File: 1706569268723.png (249.73 KB, 624x768, 1545946060410.png)

i unironically miss spamming fan art on /v/ back in college when dual destinies came out

No. 1871488

>that image
God that hurts so bad. Take me back when I used to talk about TWEWY on /v/ and post gay DMC art

No. 1871494

I only ship clay x apollo

No. 1871498

I miss the old Ace Attorney fandom. I feel bad for admitting it since I was in high school back then (oops) but the kink meme and Livejournal communities were so fun.

No. 1871507

I personally don't miss the old Ace Attorney fandom. It was pornsick to the point that any interaction meant that the characters had to have porn of it. There also was so much shota shit back then.
Honestly choosing 2008 AA fandom and current year AA fandom… I'd rather not interact with either at all.

Also partially related but it's funny as fuck that the racial group Van Zieks is racist towards drew way more fanart of him than the english speaking fandom, which instead chastitizes anyone who likes him.

No. 1871555

Even series that constantly makes fun of trannies (i.e. south park) attracts them for some reason

No. 1871557

Good point, honestly. I may have rose tinted glasses because coomerism wasn't as rampant in 2008 as it is in the 2020s and I wasn't as critical of that stuff (I hated the shota though), but it felt more simple back then even though there was occasional drama and wank. The constant memes about Gant being a sex offender were obnoxious and in awful taste (I hated it then and I don't miss that now), but I enjoyed having a space where I didn't get lectured on being offensive and problematic even though a lot of kink meme content went too far.

No. 1871592

was in an official subreddit discord where a number of the members were lesbians or at least SSA. One of them definitely admired ladies but couldn't express it. She gave a few winks and nods, but the rest were clearly read between the lines. The fact that it was a supposed "queer" friendly space made it all the more upsetting because it was evident she was tiptoeing around Tims and Tifs, who wouldn't give her the time of day if admits to liking pussy.
I stopped playing AA quite some time ago. It was a decent game, but was the fanbase truly that bad? The worst I've seen is Phoenix and Edgeworth Smut, but real Shotacon? Don't tell me they've been lewding kids jfc.
Anyway, my condolences, Nonna. It must be frustrating to discover fewer and fewer spots in today's webscape, as braindead kids will certainly fuck it up. So many these days demand the old guard to give up their ways because lord forbid you like spicy yaoi content. Wished I was born in like 1980 or so because the 2000s hit different. the knits were closer and the folks more so. Things were more interpersonal back then. Like any era it has it downsides like all the unchecked insanity, but it sure beats todays centralized internet where the only main sites are cancer.

No. 1871606

She's talking about the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme on Livejournal in the 2000s, it used to have very few limits on what content to request/prompt and I do remember there being shotacon prompts. The new one today doesn't allow that but now the fandom is just full of trans headcanons and handwringing over how certain ships between adults are problematic. I didn't love the old days but fandom today feels worse.

No. 1871607

File: 1706585103031.gif (815.98 KB, 500x281, tumblr_f5cee7f588457ddd1b5c6bc…)

>0 results for dragon age

I miss bitching about solasfags…

No. 1871615

I wasn't there when kink memes were popular but it's sad how much they fell off,I still see some people do it but they're all old fandomheads and it doesn't seem as big. The "modern" equivalents seem to be those X week stuff but it's always one word prompts and not like specific scenarios you can fill which feels lame to me. Especially with how some are run with people having specific rules/dni and whatever

No. 1871623

File: 1706588498992.jpg (285.57 KB, 909x862, 1000016690.jpg)

Dragon age feels so stale now that baldur's gate is out.

No. 1871629

Your bitch look like Alexis stone

No. 1871652

Even if I don't care for smut or how porn-y a lot of fandom content is now, I always really liked the idea of kink memes and it's a shame they're more of a niche now. Nearly all of the big ones allowed gen and vanilla prompts too, and while there was a lot of gross stuff (the SPN one especially, A/B/O originated there) so did a lot of creative fic too. The Phoenix Wright one had a really good drawfag on it for a few years, I forgot her username though.

No. 1871656

Why do you guys hate action girls in action media? It’s like you feel like you’re oppressed that there aren’t more Princess Peach characters. Femininity is the default and it’s already everywhere. No, I don’t want to see a girly girl cry and squeal and break her ankle in heels. God forbid a woman is practically dressed.

No. 1871661

Dads lose nothing during pregnancy and childbirth. They have NO reason to be fatties, ever!

No. 1871666

Gen alpha/beta will have a blast mocking us

No. 1871674

Sadly it worked and now we’re stuck with. Brand new racist stereotypes for another century.

No. 1871676

Actually they experience a drop in testosterone that never goes back up.

No. 1871681

I'm pretty sure that has to do with age.

No. 1871682

It’s so they don’t kill the offspring.

No. 1871699

Not pregnancy, not an excuse. Just eat less.

No. 1871701

Who is acting oppressed over action girl characters in this thread?

No. 1871707

bg3 is just poorly written compared to dragon age, which is unreal because da is what gets so much heat. i feel like people only like bg3 so ardently and uncritically because it's a chocolate bar in a drought. i am loyal and patient!

da4 will be an utter mess though…

No. 1871714

Japan doesn't see it as a regulat Japanese manga though. It's edited vy a French publishing company and according to that manga about the skeleton looking Animate employee it's sold and advertized as a French comic or "Eurocomic" and placed right next to things like, idk, Corto Maltesse, Lastman (which has a somewhat similar format from what I've seen in bookstores but I've never read it) or Bblackjack or Astérix et Obélix. And I never read Radiant but I do remember it being advertized as being French a lot back then. I didn't say any of it in a positive or negative way though, and if it were published by a Japanese publishing company first and then published in France later I would have called it a manga. Given how popular manga are here I agree with you, I'm suprised we don't have more recent stuff like this from our own artists.

No. 1871716

Clay isn't even a character kek I don't get how he got so popular when Dual Destinies got released. The writers should have made him relevant before the last case so his death could have an actual impact on the players and not just on Apollo. Like, maybe make him show up from time to time so him and Apollo have phone calls or go chill after work and get drinks together to complain about work or something, even something small like this would have been enough.

No. 1871725

it just depends on where it's sold , it's a eurocomic in japan but here in france it's sold as a manga since the format is small b&w paperback and not like the regular full-colour A4 size francophone comics. we usually sepearate classic euro comics, us-style comics, manga and indies/graphic novels according to format, regardless of origin.

No. 1871736

>See a "body headcanon" lineup of female characters
>The daintiest and prettiest one is given a dick
I guess TIMs got mad enough times at handmaidens hcing a masculine female character as a trans woman that now they're full on gaslit into doing it to the most ultrafeminine ones to feed their delusions. Too bad 6ft2 Tiffany with porn addiction will never be a 4ft5 slender, sophisticated princess.

As someone who was at her most active in the AA fandom in like 2009 I don't really remember it being particularly degenerate or obsessed with porn? I don't remember seeing any Ace Attorney porn at all to be honest, the worst I saw was jokes about Mia's tits. But then again I didn't hang around /v/ but rather some Livejournal communities that just discussed the game's events and theories.

No. 1871749

File: 1706602166150.mp4 (16.95 MB, Ts24We483G.mp4)

From the vivziepop Thread

No. 1871751

>6ft2 Tiffany with a porn addiction
did you mean timmy or are you using tiffany as a tranny name example?

No. 1871752

Tiffany is the male version of Aiden i.e. a designated name used to refer to a certain kind of troon, in this case a hon.

No. 1871759

File: 1706603336054.jpeg (706.13 KB, 3840x2400, 4OriAPg.jpeg)

Has anyone else noticed that older female characters paired with younger male characters are often either portrayed as something creepy or made into a point of disgust or a joke?

No. 1871769

>See a "body headcanon" lineup of female characters
>The daintiest and prettiest one is given a dick
I thought it was just me kek. I've been seeing it a lot now. I think I'm going to start aggressively making pussy jokes about extremely feminine girl ocs and characters now kek, because this is some turbo level cope that I can't even conceive of. The average mtf can't even look like a regular woman, why the hell and where the hell did this psyop come from that they're the delicate 4 foot nothing girls that are hyperfeminine (and are the brunt of "straight" rape fantasies)?
I blame Bridget, somehow. I think the overall ego of the brickfaces has been vastly inflated and now they think they can be dainty and feminine kek

No. 1871804

File: 1706610743300.jpg (267.67 KB, 719x335, 113868105p22.jpg)

Is the Van Zieks controversy still going? I left the DGS fandom the second the official localization got announced because I expected the policing to get even worse (it was already terrible with a 10-person fandom, so I couldn't imagine how it would get when all the rest of english AA fandom played i). But after playing it and seeing how much they mellowed him and some characters down compared to the fantranslation I thought people were gonna be more open about him.
And yeah it's really funny how he always ranks 1st-2nd in JP popularity polls but in the west they crucify you if you do as much as interact with someone who likes him keek

No. 1871805

File: 1706610892836.jpg (122.8 KB, 1080x873, 1000014389.jpg)

Why have TIFs latched onto Griffith out of all characters?

No. 1871808

File: 1706611424037.jpg (128.84 KB, 960x544, ede6f1e9f23379bd0cd52a5720242f…)

Woke otome fans who draw BL of the male characters even though everyone hates it suck. A game was review bombed on amazon for featuring a side character in love with a dateable dude, it's performative. They'd get mad if people drew BL characters with women

No. 1871811

what's the Van Zieks controversy about?

No. 1871835

Basically people going "if you like this character you're racist and imperialist and a nazi because he was racist" (despite the game telling you he was on the wrong and he admiting as such at the end and striving to get better, along with the jp fandom loving him despite everything). The usual, you know. People would go as far as removing him from official art lmao

No. 1871836

>They'd get mad if people drew BL characters with women

No. 1871843

literally who gives a shit? people make bl of rance from a literal hentai series so honestly who cares.

No. 1871844

Kek yaoi/BL spaces are plagued with pickmes drawing big tittied women and hetbending. This is actually the first time I see the opposite sort of.

No. 1871858

what game? I looked up Collar x Malice given your picture, but don't see any bad amazon reviews?

No. 1871865

Virche error salvation on amazon jp

No. 1871870

File: 1706617221539.jpg (12.83 MB, 4184x5865, 714829.jpg)

most women who seek out otome games are not interested in seeing their fictional boyfriends be interested in men, the ones who do have just internalized that straight is bad and cope by saying ''omg x character is so ghey and has more chemistry with y character than the female main character''like pic related lol. I don't mind BL but i don't think it has a place in otome games and companies thinking fujo bait: easy bucks are off the mark.

No. 1871880

Sorry but bottom left is a incredibly attractive body type to me.

No. 1871884

What a weird generalization. I like both but I prefer otome over BL. That's not gonna stop me from mixing them sometimes. Draw your own shit and let people draw theirs

No. 1871885

whos the youngest here? they both look equally old

No. 1871888

otome characters are always so fucking shit and abusive i would rather see them put other men in cages

No. 1871897

Just because there were a handful of characters like that doesn't mean they all have the same abusive personality

No. 1871903

Does she draw and animate everything on her own? Because the visuals are too much, I genuinely can't understand what I'm looking at.

No. 1871907

>Does she draw and animate everything on her own?
this site is for people over the age of 18

No. 1871928

I assume she meant if viv storyboards all her episodes.

No. 1871934

>Everyone in Palestine is disabled
How can anyone say this seriously?

No. 1871941

no, she didnt

No. 1871944

Can you just post a screenshot? I literally can't find anything about that, the amazon jp reviews are mostly positive and there's only one english reddit review mentioning reviewbombing in an aside

No. 1871966

File: 1706625012346.png (50.93 KB, 1044x347, virche.png)

just the top rated but it's commented upon in most the reviews

No. 1871980

File: 1706625531007.png (252.25 KB, 1452x830, virchee.png)

No. 1871981

I've seen a bunch of anons talking about that game and that character, it made me curious but it seems like the remaster sucks. Maybe I'll emulate it someday. I like how older Japanese games will sometimes have obvious influence from the female devs, like Bayonetta and Jeanne being sexy but being designed by a woman who's very obviously into fashion and another woman on the team (I forgot her name but the one who got very popular after her appearance in a game award show a few years ago) also designed the accessories you can buy based on cute jewelries she would find when shopping.

No. 1871984

File: 1706625727012.png (20.22 KB, 598x239, fuckthekids.png)

The same I wonder when I read this thread. Granted, it feels like when people adopt a dog based in a movie and adoption has its dark side, but still.

I do remember in Amnesia, both Kent and Ikki had a "charming" closer friendship and in one of their ending, they both "go to the beach to do some maths".

No. 1871985

imagine getting lectured by an animepfp. I hate this timeline, we need to bring back boolying.

No. 1871986

I don't see what's wrong with it if it's just fanart they do for fun, as long as they don't argue with other fans over how canon and gay her favorite pairings are. A lot of yumejoshi are also fujoshi so it doesn't surprise me that some girls would do that.

nta, I haven't seen any of this all that much, I blocked some people on twitter very fast when I saw them arguing over it and I keep seeing art of DGS1 and 2 but only from Japanese and Chinese artists who like the story and the characters for what they are.

No. 1871999

Griffith is androgynous so by default he can't possibly be a man. I wouldn't bother taking their headcanons seriously because they never actually consume the media of whatever character they've latched onto.

No. 1872016

Wait so the unrequited love is actually in the game? Either way I don't see how this is a big deal. They will straight up put heterosexual sex in BL manga so many times.

No. 1872047

i don't think they're "woke" i think they're just fujoshi who realize two guys are hotter than one guy, whats the issue?

No. 1872051

…is this about the Griffith from Berserk or someone else? Mask off moment.

No. 1872062

Literally. So often discourse is started by some friendless, gacha-addicted 19 year old idiot with 200 followers bitching about something unimportant they saw and disliked and hundreds, if not thousands, of people will randomly agree by liking and the entire thing now needs to be discussed at length and the accused needs to get killed for Posting Bad. When one look at the account or even profile picture and username should've told everyone that this persons opinions are completely worthless. I think the strong wording on the jealousy and hate-filled ones especially has to play a part in this, people tend to be very weak-willed and agreeable when confronted aggressively

No. 1872063

His rape of Casca is a huge plot element in the story, but okay. I guess if they want to headcanon megalomaniac rapists as trans then go right ahead, I won't stop them kek

No. 1872068

File: 1706632351589.png (402.21 KB, 856x870, x8FlwT7.png)

This is the worst one I've come across.

No. 1872069

This really is the modern day equivalent of 9/11 tribute fanart.

No. 1872070

Glad to hear that, right now my only exposure to DGS are 3 JP artists I have been following since 2017, but the eng fandom back then was terrible. It was small, so pretty much everyone knew eachother or had seen you around at the very least so it was kind of divided into people who liked or were neutral towards Barok and people who hated him.
It was really annoying to participate in the fandom, most people were in the anti-Barok side and would dogpile you if you interacted with someone on the other side, so you had to pick your poison.
I also remember this one fakeboi in the anti-barok side who lived in the US but was a part… some jp culture or something and due that she thought she was the leading light on DGS/jp culture & policied people all the time kek She was my personal cow back then, her DGS art was so ugly and full of self-inserts in the characters.

No. 1872072

File: 1706632568564.jpeg (48.19 KB, 828x670, GFDCRRuXYAA52H8.jpeg)

here we go again

No. 1872073

File: 1706632628730.png (190.99 KB, 583x679, 'read the room'.png)

Fandom slacktivism needs to be studied, out of touch doesn't even begin to describe it.
I think the reason this current thing was kicked so into high gear compared to the previous ones is because our little "rebels" are disagreeing with the american empire for the first time, and are shocked the world isn't seemingly bending over to their will as usual.
If anything, at least their shows twitter SJWs aren't as nearly as important or powerful as they'd have you believe through bots and journos amplifying them. Remember the Hogwarts Legacy witch hunts? 2023 best seller lol

No. 1872074

and she is the straight astarion fan in question kek

No. 1872083

kekking at this unintentional racism, wonder how quick someone will call them out

No. 1872084

People complained that making/retweeting art about the situation was insensitive and now everyone 180'd overnight and Palestine Miku and Enstars art is everywhere, truly amazing. Zoomers are the most fickle groups and buy into groupthink at a push of a button I can't believe people are letting these retards run internet discourse.

No. 1872090

File: 1706634118223.jpg (126.32 KB, 587x449, 11386812.jpg)

Looks like they did so yesterday and OP had to re-upload the drawing kek

No. 1872093

File: 1706634306724.png (527.92 KB, 589x1543, mileswatermelon.png)

quite quick.

No. 1872095

File: 1706634324427.jpg (39 KB, 574x574, 1000008744.jpg)

I just can't take this seriously lmao, now twittertards will make picrews supporting random causes and will add flags and shit.
What's next? Adding the Palestinian flag to the lgbtqwerty flag?

No. 1872096

Funny how you never see any actual gay men claiming that Astarion can't possibly be attracted to women. Even his fucking voice actor romanced him as a female character in his playthrough kek. It's pure projection from tifs that he's gay/for gaydens only because they don't want to admit that this character almost entirely attracts female fans

No. 1872097

I am an adult, I'm just not familiar with vizipop and her work, I always assumed it was some youtube animated series by an indie artist.

No. 1872102

File: 1706634779581.jpeg (42.79 KB, 680x680, GE-igf-WcAAwgIi.jpeg)

The artist even kept the watermelon.

No. 1872105

tifs are so pathetic.

No. 1872106

File: 1706635108970.jpg (96.09 KB, 750x786, pride flag featuring Ukraine.j…)

I mean…

No. 1872107

this has to be a fucking troll no way

No. 1872108

I want them to the Palestinian flag onto the LGBT flag and how they'd react.

No. 1872109

Not to mention his character is that he's pretty, he isnt taken seriously as a war leader until he proves himself. He uses his own body to gain favor and war funds for his own group. Griffith being a man is 100 percent a point in the series. I hate tifs so much

No. 1872112

Do they not realize how counterproductive this actually is? It makes actual causes look like jokes.

No. 1872114

File: 1706635605614.jpg (90.57 KB, 1165x497, GBUHMRlWsAA7_m2.jpg)

I'm so tired of constant discourse about the sexuality of fictional characters and the weird internalised misogyny of girls who insist on pretty male characters being gay and mocking M/F content. It gets even crazier when the author says a character is bi and fans retcon him as gay because he isn't "masculine enough".

No. 1872115

File: 1706635680453.jpeg (13.24 KB, 218x231, notfunalloweed.jpeg)

Which straight woman peed on her cereal to hate straight fans of a fictional character?


So straight women too.

No. 1872116

Spiderverse fans were literally calling an artist racist because they drew one of the black characters as fried chicken for some cute food art but now they care about context and intention kek

No. 1872118

File: 1706636016587.png (1.31 MB, 900x1000, c.png)

>>when i saw it i was so happy and literaly jumping around because idk i like seeing drawings of fictional characters supporting palestine
The jokes write themselves. The idk, the way he likes it because it's fictional characters and not because what it represents… I feel so bad for people in the war, while they're getting their lives ruined and life-long trauma (and that's the best outcome), people are doing couch activism for likes on social media.
I thought I was free of it, but since yesterday I have been seeing artists I follow do the same. While I'm sure some of them actually care about what is happening, it feels in bad taste to draw your favorite character "supporting" whatever instead of doing actual activism and help. They keep sharing ORGs under the drawing's replies, but I'm sure no one has actually donated anything. This will be same as Ukranie, everyone will change their display name to whatever emoji they say it's in support for [XYZ] and then forget about it after some months even if they're still in war. It's really sad.

No. 1872119

It's never actual men of any orientation who care about sexuality discourse period. Except maybe for those coomshits with actual lesbian corrective rape fetishes. Interesting how I've never seen women who actively talk about "correcting" gay men though, at most they just headcanon that "he was always bi all along" without any kind of rape fetish.

No. 1872120

even moids think gojo is gay now kek

No. 1872123

Back in our old days, women hated women characters for being in their middle of their "precious gay pairing". Now women hate women character UNLESS they can make them a trans boy like them.

No. 1872124

File: 1706636497690.jpg (796.29 KB, 1311x2088, sXxNKmARGkCMhu.jpg)

These people may have good intentions, but holy fuck, they desperately need someone (anyone) to forcefully bring them back to reality. This goes beyond being distasteful, it's outrageously and laughably offensive.

No. 1872125

NGL I thought the last one was Dazai and my first thought was "Why do you want a suicidal moid for activism? The man could go there to get a woman and die themselves together like his expy did".

Sageblog but I remember when the 2019 riots happened in my country and guess what: No one prayed for my country because "Is common in LaTam".

No. 1872127

I've seen it (on here and other niche female circles) but not nearly as much as men with rape/"orientation play" kinks.

No. 1872128

My bad, ok I won't go as far as to say that none of it exists but all "orientation play" I've personally seen from women was straight moids being raped into bi/homosexuality but never the other way around.

No. 1872129

File: 1706636813647.jpg (21.72 KB, 980x131, tav is female.jpg)

Nobody tell her this is in Astarion's early cutscene directions for motion actors, or that VanOrd called him bi in one of the early access twitch streams before they made everyone pan.

No. 1872130

Yes please, I need them to add the Palestinian flag and to go march with it.

No. 1872132

This is what being terminally online does to a motherfucker. They seriously need to go outside.

No. 1872134

why the watermelon? just because it's red and green?

No. 1872135

>These people may have good intentions
they don't. They don't care about the war they only make this art because it's what's currently trending on social media.
>when the 2019 riots happened in my country and guess what: No one prayed for my country
clout chasers will find one real event that they latch unto to prove how good hearted they are. Then they will call everyone who doesn't talk about it 24/7 awful people. Then they will start meming the event into a spectacle and make tasteless posts and art that in no way is helping the victims or spreading awareness all in the name of being progressive. These people don't care about social injustice and will therefore not talk about other events (I doubt that these people even read the news). They just want to tokenise other people's suffering to prove how progressive they are

No. 1872136

When moids do it, its just funny, character gets too close to another man once and he's basically canonically gay, the blasted fujos have won again.

No. 1872137

Headcanoning an infamously brutal rapist as a TIM and then saying readers should stop projecting toxic masculinty on him, all without a hint of self awareness is at least extremely funny. His rape of Casca was so vicious she didn't speak for years, is this really who they want as a "transfem"? Amazing.

No. 1872138

Some zoomers do the exact same thing with Grell, who's just as deranged and violent except in Grell's case he's actually AGP.

No. 1872144

The sad thing is that Americans didn't even give this much of a shit about Ukraine when the invasion started because it only concerned Europe. You saw people saying Slava Ukraini a couple of times and then they just stopped following it altogether. Now they're going fucking insane over Palestine and guilt tripping everyone around the world into continuous goreposting so that your feed never has to be free of bloody, mutilated corpses and boycott x and y. Pepsi still sells its products in Russia and makes a huge bank because all competitors have withdrawn yet you never see people telling people to drop it while drinking a starbucks gets you called a genocide supporter because they donated coffees to Israeli troops or something. As an eastern Eurofag it genuinely upsets me how Americans get to pick and choose the conflict they support like this and then force everyone to follow suite while Russia is openly issuing military threats against other European countries as well.

No. 1872145

Kek, no way. Doesn't he murder and mutilate women due to his womb envy? Astonishingly honest, I guess. I agree the AGP who wants to skinwalk women so bad he murders them is something trannies would relate to, glad we're all on the same page kek. I just don't understand how someone could know this and still think he I mean she is heckin valid uwu.

No. 1872149

I think I put female communities and fandoms on a really high pedastal because the video game fandoms I was in were always populated with disgusting guys who I ignored. I was always super giddy in the early 2010 era to meet girls who share my interests (note: I'm from an eastern european village, anime was not a big thing here and the internet was in the facebook era).

So seeing all the not-so-subtle ragging on straight female fans is just sad to me. This hot guy is not toxic and talks about his feelings? He's gay, even though that has been a female fantasy a hundred years ago already.

No. 1872151

None of these mofos read the source manga, so their opinions mean nothing anyway. That's a trend amongst gen z. They love to watch reviews and Let's plays because they're too stupid and lazy to take the time to get into a fandom.

No. 1872153

>Doesn't he murder and mutilate women due to his womb envy?
Yes kek, but you have to respect "her" pronouns because "she" is an okama who wants real women to suffer and die just for having the audacity of existing and who killed himself because he's a gay guy so he can't get pregnant before the story started. The lack of self-awareness is amazing.

No. 1872155

Astarion was built in a lab for TIFs

No. 1872159

File: 1706638795561.png (909.54 KB, 1200x1200, Sylvain_Portrait.png)

Sylvain and Astarion are crack for aydens

No. 1872165

why the watermelon

No. 1872168

Google it, newfag. jfc

No. 1872169

Aidens trying too hard to distance themselves from the straight women they actually are. If they like something that women also like they overcompensate by insisting it's "for the gays" because being associated with women is a horrible insult for them.

No. 1872171

I really have to wonder what prevents people like this from thinking “maybe this is a little distasteful.” If they wanna draw art in support of Palestine wouldn’t it be more thoughtful to like, draw something actually pertaining to Palestine itself instead of fucking Sans Undertale? People are actually dying out there, I know these zoomers are saying they’re “raising awareness” but do you really think a drawing of an anime character is gonna convince governments to stop bombing people?

No. 1872173

It's telling how they always screech if someone says something about his masculine torso.
>uhm he's feminine

No. 1872177

>The use of the watermelon as a Palestinian symbol is not new. It first emerged after the Six-Day War in 1967, when Israel seized control of the West Bank and Gaza, and annexed East Jerusalem. At the time, the Israeli government made public displays of the Palestinian flag a criminal offense in Gaza and the West Bank.
>To circumvent the ban, Palestinians began using the watermelon because, when cut open, the fruit bears the national colors of the Palestinian flag—red, black, white, and green.
a simple google search would've given you your answer kek

No. 1872178

>everyone else is doing it so it must be the right thing to do

No. 1872181

>If they wanna draw art in support of Palestine wouldn’t it be more thoughtful to like, draw something actually pertaining to Palestine itself instead of fucking Sans Undertale?
because it's not really about Palestine or raising awareness, they just want attention and asspats for "doing the thing"

No. 1872217

i dont engage in twitter politics

No. 1872221

File: 1706644241111.png (316.96 KB, 598x572, Quotes.png)

After this, I'm quite sure they only care the dead Palestinian or the bombing situation: A journalist went to watch football and is happy while the whole country is in flames? SHAMEFUL!

What is next? Celebrating the date when the Black September killed the Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich '72 when Paris '24 starts?(derailing, lack of integration)

No. 1872223

Cant you guys move this palestinian discurse somewhere else? this doesnt have anything to do with fandom, not even with media

No. 1872233

nta, it's kinda related cause all it's mostly fandom accounts doing this particular form of "activism", like even tankies aren't retweeting this crap.

No. 1872236

I dont care, its unrelated. At least the drawings were related.

No. 1872248

File: 1706646239080.png (2.5 MB, 2120x1416, 1590061239490.png)

the more things change the more things stay the same

No. 1872256

nah this is innocent fun by literal autists on their DA acc with 0 followers.

No. 1872261

>I feel so bad for people in the war, while they're getting their lives ruined and life-long trauma (and that's the best outcome), people are doing couch activism for likes on social media.
It's peak privilege and I feel so bad for any people who are directly affected by it who end up seeing it. When the BLM was happening I just donated to charities, not drawing fandom slacktivist art with cartoon characters. As soon as a new tragedy that leftist will jump on happens, they're going to forget about this like they did with Ukraine and issues with police violence in US.

No. 1872265

I don't even remember the protests leading to such corny fanart. I feel like americans can only tell how serious something is when it affects them directly

No. 1872273

File: 1706648147465.jpg (110.8 KB, 864x603, jfkskfbft.jpg)

Kek I saw an interesting take about that, this person was complaining about some mascot in a power ranger suit photoshopping himself onto the flag

No. 1872276

File: 1706648351936.jpeg (177 KB, 1000x1000, GE_258zbUAA8vyZ.jpeg)


No. 1872283

I hate the western Enstars fandom so fucking much. Finally a yume game i actually do like and it has to be infested with TIFs and the bad kind of autists.

No. 1872284

fucking crying kek, took me a second to realize this was ryuseitai from enstars. bold of them to assume some japanese boys would gaf about this war. the only people you see protesting this in japan are expat foreigners

No. 1872299

Shinobu doing a chuuni pose in this context is so fucking funny kek. Doubt he and Midori would even care or have an opinion beyond "innocent people dying bad"

No. 1872303

Your fault for playing gachashit with ugly boys honestly.

No. 1872304

This is exactly the kind of thing some generic monotoned male American pngtuber or idk, Sarah Z, would make an hour video essay on titled “The Problematicisatic Romanicisatic Mesopotamic Fandomisation of Genocide” with huge white text going “What The Hell Was Twitter Thinking?!” slapped over the thumbnail with the forehead pummelling emoji to boot. I give it… ehh… let’s say, four to five months. Tops.

No. 1872306

kek i will never understand why enstars makes some nonnies so mad

No. 1872314

Five months? I bet they'll start as soon as there's a ceasefire.

No. 1872319

god i hate that type of channel so fucking much. I miss when fandom channels were run by autistic nerds like AVGN/NC and were just dumb funny entertaining making jokes about dumb movies or talking with passion about a franchise they love, hell, i will even take mr enter over this fart huffing dogshit.

No. 1872359

I am genuinely baffled how fandom became so tied with politics, and I blame gamergate for it. Of course you can find earlier events of fans standing up for a cause, but you can see a significant shift in fandom culture in the west around 2010.

I can't take it seriously because I separate entertainment from real life issues and somebody talking about serious issues on the same account they post weird brony kink fanfiction drives me insane.
And you'd think- oh, of course those are the total nutcases, just avoid them nonnie and touch grass. But nowadays fandom discords have roles for pronouns, sexuality and identity and game update accounts I followed started giving PSAs on Palestine when they didn't tweet about Ukraine or women's bodily autonomy, fuck off.

No. 1872392

If I knew politics in fandom was going to get this bad I would've started telling muh kweer academia historians to shut the fuck up the moment they started cropping up more and more in fandoms. Holy shit. Letting fandom become activism was a mistake.

No. 1872401

Because there's no way of separating hobbies from real life anymore with the way fandom and the internet can shape your entire social life now. People who want to separate politics from fandom are almost looked down on because it's like they are prioritizing their own comfort over important issues. And every stupid social media account with more than 1k followers isn't just an account on a website anymore, it's a platform that lets you influence people or something so you need to be responsible with it. You can't just go on the computer and have fun like in previous decades, everything has become so needlessly serious with zoomers. They don't engage in actual politics or the real world much or maybe they feel powerless to so they turn the stuff they consume into a political outlet instead

No. 1872413

yeah, gamergate and the 2016 elections ruined both fandom and the internet 4ever. The 2010s are truly the absolute worst decade and no one is ever going to feel nostalgic over it because everything that came from it was terrible. The only legacy of the 2010s is ''the year were everything went to shit''.

No. 1872421

Thank GOD sans the skeleton & shadow hedgehog are here to save the day, people were starting to worry.

No. 1872424

shadow would be pro israel just to be a contrarian that drawing is very OOC

No. 1872443

I still have no idea what this was about. It was happening when I was in college and I thought it was about news sites like IGN getting paid off for good reviews. Now it seems to pop up every time a game is announced. It's like a buzzword bogeyman.

No. 1872449

File: 1706658950772.png (22.72 KB, 761x291, reddit_undertale.png)

On Reddit the Undertale sub just has an implosion over the Israel/Palestine confict and why Ukraine posting was allowed but not that. Just let games be game ffs. They're silly monsters it makes you look like a top goober if you can't enjoy a game without thinking about that.

No. 1872452

What even possesses someone to go "wow I REALLY need to post about Israel-Palestine on r/Undertale right now"? Anything with over 1 follower/subscriber/whatever is a "platform" to these overly activist types. They can't separate their hobbies from politics and have to force it into everything then get mad at people when they want their fandom/hobby space to stay about that topic. Seriously denented. If you want to talk about politics then go do that on your own instead of being a miserable fuck dragging everyone else into it.

No. 1872454

They wanted to share their poorly drawn pic of Chara/Sans/whatever waving a Palestine/Israel/Ukraine/Current Conflict flag for internet points I guess

No. 1872455

Probably the same kind of faggots who spam "X supports trans rights!" to farm karma

No. 1872463

File: 1706659670535.png (Spoiler Image,285.81 KB, 1080x1759, 1000009857.png)

How is this lesbian? Disgusting and came up randomly(not fandom related)

No. 1872474

wrong thread

No. 1872477

File: 1706660227577.jpg (20.55 KB, 512x384, whoselineisitanyway.jpg)

Act like a moid in Tumblr:

No. 1872482

It's a weird subsection on Tumblr that likes to LARP butchfemme dynamics and they'll post a lot about dick in the lesbian tags as part of that (plus saying they're vagina-repulsed so they only feel comfortable making their nsfw posts about cock). Most of the time they'll claim they mean strap when they're talking dick but also assure it can apply to real dicks to be inclusive to their tranny followers. 99% of these butchfemme accounts are bisexual and maybe even straight women who are just bored and wanna pretend they're lesbians because they like butchfemme culture. Save yourself the sanity and don't go into any lesbian related tags on Tumblr because they all look like this.

No. 1872484

On Tumblr it's a thing for fauxbians to refer to strap ons as cocks for some retarded reason

No. 1872517

Wrong thread (better suited for Tumblr Hate) but I do notice a lot of F/F ship content has devolved into this. I've muted so many AO3 writers because so many of my ships have devolved into BDSM where the dom has a dick, impregnation, "trans female character", etc. Even when I blacklist those tags I still find fics that sneak in surprise penis without warning. Don't get me started on fanart. There's no way in hell this isn't part of some "orientation play" fetish for these female LARPers/TIMs.

No. 1872532

Sorry anons, I thought I was posting in the other thread, been in a haze today

No. 1872543

File: 1706666292518.jpg (117.83 KB, 960x1280, F97YY9dWsAABgWn.jpg)

Noury is a Gazan woman and Gojo yumejo who lost her eye after the school she evacuated to was hit by a tank missile. Her friend wants to send her pictures of her husbando and sunflowers to cheer her up. Most of the art people have drawn for Noury is sweet. I can't say anything nice for the other pictures though. Zoomers are repeating "Hello Kitty Says ACAB" all over again, they never learn and they keep fandomization conflicts for clout.

No. 1872550

File: 1706666536532.jpg (280.6 KB, 2048x1586, GE7xUP7bIAEWfoC.jpg)

Same anon, even if the #FreePalestine art is coming from a good place it still comes off as tone deaf. Yeah, Cartman would support Palestine, he would use it as an excuse to commit hate crimes kek.

No. 1872576

This is why I support the astarion fangirls even if he is kinda ugly, women are bullied to stop liking everything

No. 1872590

BL fans/shippers in otome fandoms will always be the weirdest type of cope to me. The retards who throw fits about their LI/LI ships not becoming canon are even worse.

No. 1872620

I miss stupid movie review abs gaming channels. Now almost everyone i follow has to make some statement about politics. Like I can't escape it. I just want cozy videos. I don't give af about gender bullshit or lgbtq

No. 1872622

I think tribute art like this is fine because it's a direct gift to someone being directly affected by the war, but the art of Sonic characters and superheros under the Palestine flag borders on parody and reeks of privilege.

No. 1872635

Cartman supporting Palestine feels like in The Passion of the Jew when he used the Passion of Christ to exterminate Jewish people.

I remember this video: Each time there's a thing that women like it, women get bullied for it. From The Beatles, Star Trek, anime, Twilight, etc… It feels like women cannot enjoy stuff without moids or conservative critique them, and now we have NLOG TIFs claiming the "ugh those gay fetishists" or "old women cannot enjoy stuff. Once they're 25, they must get a house and a family and leave the fandom to us" (I wish I were lying about the last phrase), ignoring that women do work in the same stuff they fangirl a lot.

No. 1872694

the ace attorney characters arent even eating watermelons, theyre doing it wrong!!

its so insensitive. the people who get to see this have already chosen a side, their opinion isnt going to change because miku is holding the flag.

what the fuck, THIS is the character you picked for activism fanart?

i feel so bad for the victims of the war. i know random chronically online nerds overseas cant do much, its all up to the governments, but at the very least dont use an ongoing tragedy as the goodness olympics because you just have to prove how good of a person you are. the watermelon was a symbol that meant something and now its a cutesy badge you put on your display name to show youre on the right side!!! so tone deaf.

No. 1872698

File: 1706687538964.png (602.74 KB, 1258x886, ship dynamic.png)

Both of these are cringe. Right is a response to left, they're right about the "decent woman" shit being stupid though

No. 1872701

this is just the straight version and the fujo version of the same thing

No. 1872706

File: 1706688724587.jpg (31.3 KB, 750x459, kek.jpg)

it feels weird how some people in fandom shit on boring straight stuff only to come up with the SAME SHIT, but now its totes gay obviously they wouldn't insert onto the kind twink and keep thinking about the poor little traumatized violent massive ape and also has a phrase you can get from a mental health page on instagram
The shitting on the "decent woman" thing when it just got changed to a dude with more words instead of making an interesting concept for a female character is so dumb kek

No. 1872708

>just a decent woman
Lead paint mental disability showing itself out. I wish people would just shut THEE FUCK UP and stop making this corny shit.

No. 1872712

>don't bring unseasoned chicken to the table and expect gay people to stand idly by.
>does the same dogshit dynamic but it's gay and has more words
Am I supposed to clap, give a cookie or a medal or something? Hip hip hooray it's good now?

No. 1872714

I mean even so the twink gets more of a reason to baby the big dude other than "she's a woman and that's what women are supposed to do"

No. 1872719

The obsessive overusage smelly women have with the word "twink" is kinda gross at this point lol like I'm tired of seeing it

No. 1872720

amazing how you can tell the one on the right was made by a woman without even looking at the profile. you are not "gay people", aiden

No. 1872722

>"old women cannot enjoy stuff. Once they're 25, they must get a house and a family and leave the fandom to us"
Even on ~le feminist sanctuary Lolcow~ this shit happens all the time, anons in their late teens and early 20's make fun of women over 25 who still like fandom stuff because that's cringe they're supposed to be responsible mommies doing adult things not have fun!!! as if they won't be still following internet cows and watching their cartoons/video games/nerdy youtubers at 30 or alternatively are too much of an insecure basic bitch stuck in her high school mindset that believes liking anything unconventional makes people justifiably bully you.

No. 1872723

To be fair, the original was made by an Aiden too. What a shocker that TiFs think women should be men's mommies lol

No. 1872724

Oh, that explains it. Same dynamic made and remade by the same kind of person with misogyny brainrot kek

No. 1872728

Not just F/F, M/M too. Both F/F and M/M has been infested by hetfags obsessed with making it all about PIV because they can't comprehend any other kind of sex, only rough penis in vagina grinding makes sense to them and all else is weird incompatible degeneracy that makes them uncomfortable.

No. 1872729

Men who are attracted to men are too busy drawing giant humanoid dragons with huge twitching cocks to make a stupid, overtly feminine prompt like that ijs

No. 1872733

It's hetrosexuality with extra steps.

No. 1872855

File: 1706710109904.jpg (81.89 KB, 735x1000, 1000008862.jpg)


No. 1872859

this is horrifying

No. 1872861

Same, this is why i still watch the Nostalgia critic.

No. 1872863

you know the worst part? most of these are really well drawn. What a waste of talent on twitter brainrot.

No. 1872867

File: 1706711488503.gif (7.49 MB, 889x500, beauty-and-the-beast-growling-…)

Bad boy and sensitive person that wipes his ass and forgives all his sins by ''fixing him'' is literally the oldest form of ship dynamic. It makes me laugh and it doesnt matter how many cultural changes there are, women are still drawn to this shitty ship dynamic regardless of if they are TIFs, very leftleaning or tradthots.

No. 1872871

File: 1706711595656.png (507.75 KB, 1381x2406, 1699045641551.png)

Lest we forget, just a few months ago, some of our fujo users were drawing cutesy gay fan-art of "Hamas-kun". This was after mass rapes and massacres had been reported. These "fan arts" in my opinion, come from the same place of being terminally online and in denial of reality, with a heavy dose of porn-induced brain-rot. They can't genuinely or seriously engage with things, as they are so poisoned by fandom discourse.

No. 1872878

File: 1706712069758.jpg (22.65 KB, 600x480, isis chan.jpg)

IB users have been making satirical ''x-tans'' for years. Japan made isis-tan in 2015.

No. 1872879

His older skits from 10 years ago were actually funny. I still love his The Room video.

jfc. Shit like this is actually moid-tier. I hate porn-sickness and brainrot.

No. 1872880

NTA but it's mainly males who do this shit on 4chan, and are generally degenerates who only care about porn. Seeing women make this kind of art is actually depressing.

No. 1872884

why? are women not allowed to have a dark humor? i think its cool women are finally taking the piss and turning moids into kawiwi anime boys. If we had more women like that in fandom it would be more enjoyable.

No. 1872885

Actually disgusting, these people are a very thin line away from transing their own pets through mutilation if they just bark the wrong way

No. 1872888

women and children were murdered you fuckwit.

No. 1872889

and? why the fuck should i care about some stupid moid war? why cant i make fun of it by satirizing the moids that started it and turn them into kawiwi yaois?. You are the reason modern fandom sucks for women.

No. 1872890

Women with brainrot who are making characters about real life war going on are disgusting. Dark humor is cabin in the woods, or You're Next, not this. It's moid-tier

No. 1872891

are you new on the internet? have you never heard about hetalia?

No. 1872897

You have to expect some edginess on an anonymous imageboard. Don't give me this "women are supposed to be better than men" bullshit. Nobody was making fun of the victims in those posts anyway.

No. 1872898

i am pretty sure its pakichan looking at excuses to put fujos making edgy jokes on the same level as the men who are actually commiting those wars(stop giving her attention)

No. 1872899

Heltalia didn't have a character named Hitler-kun IIRC
NTA but she's got a point. It's usually moid tier coomer shit to take something as devastating as war or terrorism or diseases like COVID and Ebola and turn them into animu fap bait. No one is "making fun" of the victims but they are sexualizing their suffering. I'd hope anyone who's an adult could see how it's degenerate edgelord behavior and not something worth defending, but this is lolcow after all.. half of y'all didn't manage to shake the 4chan NLOG stench off.

No. 1872903

This was hilarious

No. 1872906

again, whats wrong with women having an edgy sense of humor? why should women be ''better'' than men and not make edgy cartoons, even though we arent even the ones who star wars?
>Heltalia didn't have a character named Hitler-kun IIRC
they are based on countries during ww2

No. 1872909

pfft, hey, say what you will but at least she has no pretenses of being a ~decent human being~

No. 1872910

this is literally veratrum what male coomers use to justify themselves.(stop)

No. 1872912

>women drawing fanart are on the same level as men who actually go out and rape and terrorize women and children with their degeneracy!! You're the same!!
What did we talk about last thread? Ah, yes, women being held to completely different standards than men in every single area of our lives.

No. 1872913

File: 1706715138218.png (256.07 KB, 464x553, socialized to feel.png)

Its funny how female socialization is so strong that even in board made to bully women, on a thread to talk about how politics ruined fandom for women, we still have women trying to shame other women for not abiding to social norms designated to put all the weight of morality on women. Hamas-kun and Israel-kun work extremely well as satire because, while men have been doing edgy jokes for years, women are pulled down on the level of men, who commit 90% of crimes, just for making edgy jokes on a site that's centered around making fun of women.

No. 1872914

It is degenerate, but it's also on an anonymous imageboard and egdyness isn't exclusive to moids. If someone posted this shit to twitter it would be something else, but I feel like this is to be expected and basically the only online space where it's even possible. Everyone complaining can just go on any other website that wouldn't allow this

No. 1872915

File: 1706715508213.png (988.44 KB, 960x720, 9XVwwCt.png)


No. 1872918

youre so right for this, and no amount of "youre stooping down to their level" is going to change the fact that this satire harms no one, unlike the men on the ground right now doing all of the raping/killing

No. 1872920

File: 1706715929469.jpeg (13.39 KB, 199x344, you are disabled be quiet.jpeg)

I am not a feminist. I am just tired of women being expected to care. Fandom for women is shit because women are expected to give a shit and stop everything they are doing to care about every single war, tragedy, and minority being opressed. Meanwhile moid fandom drama is ''this character got nerfed'',''this person was caught cheating'' or ''this retard is gatekeeping a translation''. Your shame technique doesnt work in a image board full of autistic women that are already pariahs, go back to twitter.

No. 1872921

just don't make cutesy irony poisoned fan-art of a tragedy, that's all people are asking out moron.

No. 1872924

The Hamas-kun stuff is very distasteful but honestly it’s just a dumb edgy joke. This is lolcow, an anonymous forum where a lot of women come to say shit they wouldn’t want associated with them publicly, and a lot of farmers are from 4chan, some edginess is to be expected. If a moid drew a Hamas-chan they’d go straight to drawing porn of her, it’s hard for me to give a fuck about a few dumb drawings when moids are always pushing the envelope way worse.

No. 1872925

there's plenty of threads on women who make actual degenerate ddlg porn that are more deserving of your ire in /snow/. maybe you'll feel more at home there.

No. 1872926

File: 1706716115370.png (509.75 KB, 1040x1351, 1699144072348.png)

Lest we forget, I have those images saved.
Based. Israel-kun and Hamas-kun are extremely tasteful compared to what moids create. Even in a vacuum they are tasteful. It's the culmination of seeing two enemies and just going "now kiss"
They don't even fuck

No. 1872927

You havent told me why i shouldnt, besides you thinking women should be ''above'' making edgy fanart.

No. 1872928

"motherly vibes" means a woman with huge boobs and small "elegant" body language and basic style while "fatherly vibes" means some geriatric fuck with a beer gut and wrinkles galore.

No. 1872929

I genuinely dislike you for this, like please for the love of god people are dying and you don't ever get to make light out of it.

No. 1872930

id take a million hamas-kun troll drawings that are knowingly done in poor taste over 1 piece of pro-palestinian fandom art that thinks its making a difference

No. 1872932

File: 1706716391809.png (2.02 MB, 1434x1920, milo manara.png)

>Based. Israel-kun and Hamas-kun are extremely tasteful compared to what moids create. Even in a vacuum they are tasteful. It's the culmination of seeing two enemies and just going "now kiss"
moids were making sexy 9/11 fanart kek

No. 1872934

>people are dying
then go donate. go protest in the streets. why are you here?

No. 1872935

nta but go volunteer yourself to help those in need if you care so much.

No. 1872942

you are the same as them, you are equally autistic morons who can't be genuine with yourselves for one fucking day of your lives.(infighting)

No. 1872943

imagine buying these and then unpicking the tranny flags
dump or link the og thread pls, I didn't get the chance to save them

No. 1872944

No. 1872946

because i enjoy troll drawings that means im never genuine about anything? take a step back from the argument for a moment please

No. 1872948

>women arent allowed to be funny, they have to be serious and care about shit all the time!

No. 1872949

thank you disillusioned self-righteous Americans for your support, i almost feel like i'm in Los Angeles and not a war torn country when i look at your art of beloved Vocaloid Hatsune Miku saying Slava Ukraini.

No. 1872950

not making fan-art of tragedies isn't a hard thing to do.

No. 1872954

It also isn't hard to just lighten up sometimes. Or just scroll past shit you don't like.

No. 1872955

Has most of them

No. 1872959

File: 1706717670833.jpg (69.58 KB, 792x749, intrigued_scholar.jpg)

I also find them tasteless and I've always loathed similar art and concepts, but do you know where you are…? You've made your point there's no more reasons to drag it out. Also everyone in this imageboard is automatically terminally online, it's a gossip site dedicated to gossiping about online weirdos. You can't get more terminally online than that.

No. 1872972

this is hilarious thanks nonnie

No. 1872979

Don't you have a house and a family to tend to, Paki-chan?(stop giving her attention)

No. 1872980

thank you muchly, I'm not even a fujo but this was based

No. 1872989

File: 1706719321157.jpg (46.17 KB, 400x505, 345b6ced5249defaf22f01252240e5…)

i dont know why so many nonas are taking offense to humanized countries when its not really a new concept i mean haven't artists been drawing humanized countries for a while now? (just look at old axis art pre WW2 also which were drawn during the war) i mean hetalia existed? its not like nonas are drawing killing themselves just doing the typical fujo tropes i really dont get how its offensive?

No. 1872990

I truly do wish all of you might learn to be better people and not such degens.

No. 1872994

I'm not against the art but nonna hamas is not a country its a terrorist organisation…

No. 1872996

There's a difference between national personifications and tasteless coom infuced manifestation of sheer retardation like >>1872926

No. 1872998

>coom infused
it's literally just a plushie stuffed in a bottle. why do you insist on seeing porn when it's not there?

No. 1872999

>I truly do wish you knew where you are posting rn

No. 1873003

I don't listen to people telling me what to do or believe.

No. 1873007

>hamas is not a country its a terrorist organisation…
as if personified Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia are somehow more moral than personified Hamas??

No. 1873009

I think the Hamas-kun and Israel-kun stuff is sort of cringe in the way edgy teenagers try to get a reaction out of people by doing something outrageous but Paki-chan going all out calling it pornsickness or whatever stupid spergery she's doing again is astronomical levels of pickmeism. Comedy is a great weapon against the horrors in the world and to me it was more of a cope in trying to come to terms with what's happening rather than moids outright celebrating women and children being raped and killed.

No. 1873010

I dont think I give a shit and you're even more pathetic for caring this much.(infighting)

No. 1873011

thinking nonas posting hamas-kun are bad people is as bad as slackivists thinking they're good people for reposting gore and drawing cartoon characters with watermelons, it's making mountains out of molehills, a Palestinian isn't going to rope because they could sense some imageboard somewhere has made Israel into a cute megane anime boy.

No. 1873012

Move on from this discussion.

No. 1873014

why does it trigger you so bad(take it to /meta/)

No. 1873054

I'm aware, but I was only speaking from my experience in F/F fandoms since I avoid content with dicks in general. I do feel bad for fujos nowadays, the whole appeal is that it's two men and not straight with extra steps. I see praise that "zoomers are the queerest generation" but is it really when they're all obsessed with reproduction and both characters having opposite genitals but same pronouns, kek

No. 1873064

File: 1706725102461.jpg (319.69 KB, 700x791, nazi boy.jpg)

Women always get shit on for drawing war related fanart. Kaneoya sachiko had to apologize to her western gendie fanbase for drawing wwII airplanes. Meanwhile men turn guns/boats into waifus and no one gives a shit. Moralfagging has killed fandom/art spaces for women and i am so fucking tired of it.

No. 1873068

please stop for god's sake and let's move onto something else and on-topic.

No. 1873075

It's completely on topic. Let's talk about it. Why are women not allowed to have hobbies that don't have the woketards stamp of approval while men get away with everything?(continuing with the war yaoi derailing)

No. 1873077

What are you talking about? it's on topic. It has nothing to do with the hamas-kun thing. I was talking about how women often get shamed for drawing the same thing men do.(continuing with the war yaoi derailing)

No. 1873082

because if you pander yourself to a community of degenerates you'll end up with like-minded prevents who don't mind it, If you pretend that your actually above it and it's some deep statement, then don't be surprise when people get shocked when you act like a degen.(taking the bait)

No. 1873084

So women literally just existing and posting their art is "pandering to wokies" now? Tell me where Sachiko pandered to them that she gets shit from them.(ban evasion)

No. 1873096

There's something so creepy about this. It's like the equivalent of a dog owner sending their dog to a vet for GRS. At least if it were a human you could say it was their own choice but that's a goddamn pikachu.

No. 1873103

It's the staples. It makes it look like some hack job. You could just show some scars I guess but then mutilation wouldn't be obvious enough.

No. 1873106

i agree i dont get how a fucking pokemon (aka a animal) can be trans?? unless they're one of those degenerates who see them as humanoids how did the trans brainrot ruin so many things that you have to portray your fetish on a bootleg animal?

No. 1873113

The anons with a faulty chromosome in this thread genuinely think that as a woman drawing non-sexy female characters, gnc characters, gay characters, non-white characters or just not being an edgy /b/tard and instead generally behaving like a normal person with regular social sensitivities is "pandering to wokies".(derailing/infighting)

No. 1873139

I'm not saying edginess is exclusive to moids. I'm saying turning tragedies into fap material is. There's a difference between edgy humor and jacking off to fuckin Isis. You do realize that right?

No. 1873143

I'm not defending it because it's retarded, but some Pokemon species like Mewtwo have human intelligence and the Meowth in the anime was a normal Pokemon who taught himself how to talk. When I was in the Pokemon fandom most people agreed that Pokemon were sentient or had human-equivalent intelligence. But it's also a weird trend for TIMs and TIFs to dehumanize and compare themselves to dogs and cats too.

No. 1873148

She's right tbh. The minute you start sexualizing war itself, you've got terminal porn sickness. This is different from drawing generic Hamas agent vs Israeli troop porn, you're taking non human entities and giving them a humanoid persona for you to jack off too.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1873167

Nobody is jacking off to those gijinkas

No. 1873188

I very highly doubt that, just look at >>1872871 and tell me the OP wasn't trying to create her own personal spank bank material.(infighting)

No. 1873207

No. 1873210

is me or has fanfiction gotten less interesting over the years? could be getting older, but my preteen self could read a several chapter fic about nothing. now I can't get past the first word. Their summaries are also just…mid? like they don't really hook me. And when it does hook me in turns out the whole fic is written ass vomit. I wanna relive those days again but the newest meat can't write a fanfic for diamonds.

No. 1873219

No original thoughts left

No. 1873225

It could be attention thing. I used to be able to watch 6 or so episodes of any shitty anime in a day. Now if I'm not super engaged in the first 10 mins I struggle to watch. I'm thinking of getting a stupid flip phone so I'm not constantly seeking distraction.

No. 1873233

I'm finding the same thing with books. The descriptions are usually some word vomit like "Korean-inspired YA atmospheric horror retelling of Alice in Wonderland with a queer MC". Like no original thoughts or ideas anymore, just weirdly bastardized versions of stuff we've all seen before with woke sprinkles on top yes that's a real book if you're wondering kek

No. 1873257

YA ruined fanfiction, it's become a nonstop circle of authors reading shitty YA novels and applying its tropes to their fanfiction and publishers grab those same authors and have them release books that are practically that bad fanfiction with the names changed thus inspiring even more subpar fanfiction with the same, regurgitated tropes and plotlines. It's an incestuous orgy of writers making a minimal effort, when you rely on the same tropes you don't have to spend as much time worldbuilding and can focus on instant gratification of hitting the boxes for YA cliches everyone wants to see.

No. 1873265

Does anyone remember the wattpad fnovel turned into Netflix original boom of the mid 2010s? I remember all my classmates were making shitty fanfic with every popular trope imaginable just so it could get picked by Netflix, kek.

No. 1873329

wait…really? jfc, thought it was satire until I looked it up. Fuck fifty shades for casting this curse upon the whole book industry because I can't go several steps without falling into a pit of repurposed AU fanfics.
semi unrelated, but does anyone get tired of scrotes deeming fifty shades as the pinnacle of female sex fantasy? I've seen the women like rape fantasies meme far too much and i'm going insane over it.
I barely watch Netflix but did hear one show about suicide based on a book. It didn't originate from Wattpad, but the whole thing screamed 2deep4u teen angst. and they had the gall to air several seasons despite only one book and some tapes. then she came back as a ghost, because why not throw everything at the wall till it sticks. It was 13 reasons why. Season 1 was aight before it slid into a ditch and went on the deep end.

No. 1873369

Noooooooop b-but it was IRONIC that time!!!!!!!!(infighting)

No. 1873374

>semi unrelated, but does anyone get tired of scrotes deeming fifty shades as the pinnacle of female sex fantasy? I've seen the women like rape fantasies meme far too much and i'm going insane over it.
This is because men never go to the library due to spending all of their free time watching Star Wars and LoTR spinoffs they don't even like so they can complain about them. Everything they know about books comes from cable news.

No. 1873375

File: 1706742064977.jpg (338.84 KB, 1280x960, Steven_Crewniverse.jpg)

I believe this stems from writing crafted by people who have absolutely no understanding of violence in media or the actual act of violence. However, violence is necessary to to bring to life their petty revenge fantasies against all the "jocks" and other people they think wronged then,

No. 1873377

I mean tbf, the books topped best-seller lists around the world, you can't claim it wasn't massively popular.

No. 1873381

All these people seem like they came from a well off area and went to a pretty good college. The equate diversity of appearance rather than diversity of experience. One of my favourite artists came from bumfuck Tazmania with an absent dad and a heroin junkie mom. If you can afford to get into a fancy enough college to work on Cartoon Network or whatever you're basically larping as someone who has actually hardship.

No. 1873421

W.I.T.C.H is so good! I genuinely had no idea it was italian. I read the comics in english as a kid.

No. 1873434

File: 1706746689785.jpg (391.94 KB, 1200x1617, ezgif-2-97a1a04c19.jpg)

It got a reboot this year. I'm kinda mixed on the new art. The old stuff looked much better immo but I'm hoping this means a continuation on the cartoon. It was cancelled way too soon.

No. 1873436

oh wow they butchered all characters. It looks like a webtoon with 10 views now.

No. 1873454

File: 1706747753287.png (655.37 KB, 483x736, preview.png)

Warning! Taranee got made into a FtM(I think?) in the reboot. Best to let it go.
Sometimes dead is better.

No. 1873458

File: 1706748043034.jpg (50.26 KB, 870x870, 1651284317861.jpg)

She was the timid cute dork who was literally too nice for her own good. Why the fuck did they turn her into a no nonsense serious 'badass'?! that feel so fucking racist for some reason.

No. 1873461

Nerdy black friend who's a friend of the main hero was a stereotype in the 90s/00s so they just replaced that with another one

No. 1873465

File: 1706748813239.jpg (225.09 KB, 1280x821, v3kej5hyq1c81.jpg)

I'm just gonna post this because there's Witch talk and I can finally use it

No. 1873471

Manfra still carries a lot of bad stereotypes but it's justified. Reno Lemaire's Dreamland was the poster child before Radiant and is still credited as the first one to prove the viability or french manga, but the early volumes looked like absolute dogshit. Then there were quite a few uninspired shonen series which created an idea that all manfra is ugly bootlegs. Too many people underestimated the challenge of writing manga, especially shonen which is wrongfully considered easy due to its "universal formula", and used dated tropes and half-assed designs, there was also a tendency to skinwalk the style of particular authors. I think there's some guy who ended up admitting that trying to ape famous shonen was a mistake and he wasn't serious enough but I forgot who it was. And now even though there are more people with decent mastery in classic manga technique, they tend to have unappealing art styles and don't think much about aesthetics overall which is a very bad idea when you go straight to tankobon and need to get readers to pick up your book among Japanese series that already got a headstart from prepublication and get shilled everywhere, so they don't get a fandom.

Another fairly popular series was City Hall, featuring famous authors with powers in a steampunk alternative past setting. Talli which I mentioned is more recent, it's a fantasy manga with a female lead and it looks pretty much perfect but got killed after 3 volumes because it didn't sell well enough.

I don't know about Lastman and I refuse to give it even a chance because I want Vivès publicly executed but I think it was marketed as just "manga-inspired".

>if it were published by a Japanese publishing company first and then published in France later I would have called it a manga

This is objectively the right way of seeing things but I'll stay willingly hypocritical until manfra has a real space for itself like manhwa does, and that might never happen due to many years of poor decisions. Honestly when I say it "integrates" I'm thinking of a bunch of volumes aligned in a bookstore. I don't want to hammer down a nail that doesn't stick out, so if I believe something is up to the quality standards of any prepublication magazine and being French is its only crime I'll turn a blind eye and consider it proper manga anyway. I don't want to blame authors for editors' nonsense and weird marketing tactics.

If french manga gets a revolution it will probably be digital and independent (and hopefully carried by people who can actually design characters !)

No. 1873513

Does anyone remember when Attack on Titan ended and all the fanboys were trying to justify Eren committing genocide and even talked about how genocide was a good thing. What the fuck even was that.

No. 1873527

Nintendo should DMCA these Pokemon freaks. They do it all the time to anybody so why not this one?

No. 1873545

All these gutter snipe youtubers who will do anything to not work a real job are trying to find any media to review and make videos on that hasn't been done to death. Apologies for your incoming recent loss, I'm a big cartoon loving autist so this has happened to me plenty of times.

No. 1873598

For me, it really depends on the state of the fandom, eg how old it is, how popular it is, if it's long-term or recently become popular again, and general age demographics. Some new shit attracts good authors who have some experience and a better grasp on storytelling, but other new shit draws in people who think group chat fics are a good idea and are only interested in pumping out generic, ooc smut (as in, the character names could be swapped out for literally anyone else). I tend to have better luck browsing fic for older fandoms or ones with more established authors interested in the themes and concepts of the canon rather than just pure shipping and headcanon/fanon (not saying shipping is bad btw either).

Pretty much. You can tell that a lot of newer fic authors have never read anything outside of the most generic YA/booktok hype reads and their own fandom's fic that's a regurgitation of those same stories/tropes. Not saying you have to read highbrow big brain literary books or anything to be good, but having more experience reading more varied fiction (and non-fiction) will give you a greater well to draw from while you write whatever indulgent fic your heart so desires. I'm also not asking for fic to be super deep or novel-worthy, but as someone who enjoys writing, it only gets more fun the more tools you have in your toolbox, so to speak, especially once you start figuring out what ideas you really like to explore/engage with.

Would also help if people read books on writing rather than just relying on internet personalities shitting out 'writing advice' videos that are just them poorly parroting something they read off of a shitty, over-summarised article. But I get that that's a big ask for something that's just a hobby so eh.

No. 1873601

>scrotes deeming fifty shades as the pinnacle of female sex fantasy
honestly found this kind of charming about some of my male friends in a book club group I'm in, they thought 50 Shades was peak (published) female degeneracy and had a pretty rude awakening when we started reading/discussing some of the popular booktok 'spicy' and 'dark romance' books. It was pretty funny kek

As for the rape fantasy meme, unfortunately there's a lot of popular published works that aren't helping the stereotype at all. It's a very visible… kink? trope? sexual interest? and I think it's a component of erotica (or even just romance) that won't be going away anytime soon thanks to being so thoroughly ingrained in the dna of those genres

No. 1873624

see >>1869138 these people are unironically more racist then anyone in the 90's and 2000's could comprehend.

No. 1873639

Yeah because any ""spicy"" and ""dark"" is all just different flavors of that same rapey shit. It's all the same as any degenerate moid shit- just through a female viewpoint

No. 1873644

Did you mean to put this in a different thread?

No. 1873646

god forbid someone caters to people who aren't normoloids on their wedding day. so what if she's a walking fat SJW caricature. I'd rather give her money than a normie cunt or a faggot to plan my wedding at any day.

No. 1873650

Ok but how can you play Amnesia and not think that Toma raped Shin is all I'm sayin'.

No. 1873661

File: 1706769310139.png (741.04 KB, 1192x1124, GE4Mel2bEAAGRRq.png)

I started uncontrollably laughing when I saw this.

No. 1873667

File: 1706769649237.png (1.61 MB, 1152x819, el battler .png)

Black Battler but not like, the actual character black Battler just Battler but black.

I like how a lot of them use Japanese characters when Japanese probably either don't know or don't give a shit about palestine.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1873668

this is so childish. If your first reaction when called out is
>but…but look at them, they did worse !
you aren't old enough to post here. No one should make ocs out of genocides you retard, men or women. Being edgy isn't a form of feminism, not everything is a liberation act. Women in Palestine need freedom more than your little need freedom to create dumb and generic anime boys.

No. 1873673

I don't know how you don't understand that not drawing certain things won't do shit about women in Palestine. are you autistic by any chance?(still derailing)

No. 1873674

what does this have to do with fandom? shouldn't this be in celebricows?

No. 1873685

She's not a tranny, she's still a woman. They just made her a sporty butch wearing a sports bra. Good god.

Paki-chan just wants to sperg about porn addiction again.(stop giving attention to attention whores)

No. 1873686

I don't have a problem with raceswapping characters but the least these artists could do is make them look nice instead of drawing basic ugly Tumblr approved artstyle #325

No. 1873699

File: 1706773613612.jpeg (89.19 KB, 903x979, IMG_0444.jpeg)

My friend asked me to draw Israel Griffith after she posted Hamas Guts

No. 1873702

File: 1706773762388.jpeg (347.81 KB, 1696x2048, IMG_0318.jpeg)

Here’s hamas Guts, by the way.(attentionwhoring after repeated bans and farmhand notice)

No. 1873711

why is Griffith so ugly but should've posted this in the m thread

No. 1873729

the point of it was, supposedly, to call out game journalists for being too chummy with companies and indie devs for reviews. It was so unnecessary though, since game journalism was dying off and being replaced by youtubers anyway.

No. 1873754

you could have avoided all this by just going to your appropriate thread and website.(stop)

No. 1873756

If you're going to attention whore by drawfagging at least learn to draw first. This isn't PULL.(stop)

No. 1873760


No. 1873774

tbh they were unto something because instead of having game journalists shit talking good games because of their American bias and indirectly influencing trends and what companies do, we now have localizers and ethic departments doing that shit way more directly. I'm not talking about fanservice or anything like that, but about Japanese games being mocked for having "gay" looking male protagonists and "weird" stories so devs make the next games worse and way more boring by appealing to American trends (like Final Fantasy until recently, or Capcom asking for DmC to be made even though it was obvious it would be badly received) or even incomplete (Bravely Second has less side quests iirc, some of the FE Fates DLCs were never translated and released in the West, etc.)

No. 1873777

but that's a lot of media industries, they are all very small and inter-connected

No. 1873888

She's not trans but you never
You could never pay me enough to pose on the ground like that as a "token hire" I'd rather kill myself. This is so humiliating.
>but does anyone get tired of scrotes deeming fifty shades as the pinnacle of female sex fantasy? I've seen the women like rape fantasies meme far too much and i'm going insane over it.
Unfortunately for whatever reason extreme/sexually taboo themes are popular in female-dominated spaces (like fanfics and romance books written by women for women, webtoons, yaoi, even on here)
I don't get it but if you say anything you're vanillia

No. 1873892

File: 1706790713156.png (1.8 MB, 1440x960, XWacNvv.png)

This reminds me of Team Four Stan of all things, they had a series that would pull in millions of views for every episode and make them a bunch of money, and all they had to do was do funny voiceS over some anime and point out some clihe tropes. but they progressively took themselves more and more seriously and it leads to this cringe curve where the early episodes are cringy because of the comedy and the last episodes are cringy because of how seriously TFS were taking themselves.

No. 1873893

I hope this doesn't come off as mean but I don't understand why people try so hard to push (East) Asian and India/Desi representation. For those people representation starts and ends with "they have the same name/colour/features as me and eat the same food as me". Why don't they just watch shows from their parent's countries?
I could never take Indian-Americans or Korean-Americans complaining about representation seriously, bollywood and kdramas are HUGE.
I understand African-Americans because of slavery so they're cut off from Africa (unless they recently immigrated).
I have people from my country who also go on and on about representation in the West and if an American show features someone from our region/country people celebrate it, it's so fucking weird we have our own media yeah currently the industry is shitty but it's embarrassing.

Tumblr again?

No. 1873907

yo whos the tasmanian artist im curious
an author i really like is tasmanian, heather rose. my favourite book from her is the river wife everyone should read it

No. 1873914

File: 1706792131613.png (276.36 KB, 951x560, 7RwNLBl.png)

I've vented about this before, but the thing about "Indian representation" is that it's like saying something a statement like we need "European representation," because it encompasses so many cultures, people, and histories all at once. For example, in India, there are several languages and regional film industries, and the vast majority of people understand this, even literal uneducated peasants. However, for some reason, when someone from South Asia goes to the West and receives an upper-class education, they seem to lose this nuance. I had to explain to my visiting niece that the vast majority of people in our country didn't like Obama (due to the bombings), and she was genuinely shocked by this. She also seemed to think that all conflicts in our nation were started by the British, citing a video from AJ+ as proof.

No. 1873916

I don't follow anything from Twitter or Tumblr because I hate everyone there but I hope none of them discover Gargoyles. I will absolutely kms if I ever come across racebent transmasc Goliath.

No. 1873917

I was talking about video games specifically, I can't speak about things like manga and anime in the US because there's no such controversy in my country, or about how even Hollywood movies and comucs got indirectly influenced. The reason why I can talk about video games is because even though I'm European video games are either made by Americans, by Japanese studios but butchered by Americans for everyone else, or by European studios but mostly targeting Americans so it's really obvious and has an effect on how and what I play. Sega is getting shit talked right now for admitting and even bragging about changing things before the game is completed now that Yakuza 8 has been released.

No. 1873920

>I don't understand why people try so hard to push (East) Asian and India/Desi representation. For those people representation starts and ends with "they have the same name/colour/features as me and eat the same food as me".
this, some nonna(maybe in this thread) pointed out that most things in media with "indian/east asian rep" just has stuff that's already there in the cultural zeitgeist and doesn't actually have stuff that justifies it as being representative of a culture.
i think it can be done well sometimes, i didn't mind the Indian spiderman in spiderverse bc it was a fun exploration of how an equivalent to spiderman would fare in different cities with different architecture, but the "chai tea"/"naan bread" argument is so fucking annoying and so so so overdone, there's probably more white people correcting white people on the usage of "chai tea" than indian people correcting them. there's probably a racist out there that knows the Mahabharata better than any Indian Hindu diaspora.
but these creators try to make characters that are "iconic" and notable on basis of their rep rather than the character themself rather than working with them as a character so you just get nothing characters that are a dime a dozen and every reptards don't remember that well. plenty notable black characters exist, because they were thought of as humans and characters first before "representation" that people would gush about and would get awards before being forgotten.

No. 1873922

Imo it's basically
>Americans acknowledged us!!! Yeay! We're so ~special~

No. 1873926

kek, ever seen the difference in viewcount between "what do __s/ians/ese/ines think of Indians?" versus "what do Indians think of __s/ians/ese/ines?", it's so embarrassing.

No. 1873930

Without fail every F/F artist or writer whose art I enjoy eventually writes or draws F/F but one of them is trans. Or I discover one and there's just random untagged/unmentioned dick all of a sudden in their F/F backlog. It's like there has to be a dick involved no matter what. Even for shit like Omegaverse where you can get creative with it it's just no, dick and balls, but don't worry they're Female. "Breeding" fetish and all too. I just don't get it. Is it a lack of creativity when it comes to lesbian sex? Do people not think it's satisfying? It's depressing.

No. 1873933

its because they dont like yuri, they just have been pressured to draw that stuff by trannies

No. 1873951

File: 1706795730199.png (68.75 KB, 720x886, 234919_co.png)

I think you may be referring to a post I made in a previous thread regarding this creappy book called the Jasmine throne, again nothing about the book is "Indian" because it's just various vague aesthetics and some common cultural know-how that has entered the cultural zeitgeist. All I got from that book was that it was written by someone very ignorant of South Asian histories and cultures, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. 99.9% of people in South Asia would not care, what I personally take issue with is the fact the book was being lauded as telling an "authentic Indian" story by a queer Indian author. The writer is a British Indian woman. this idea that you can comment on culture, even your own heritage, without actually doing any sort of research, and it gets praised as authentic by these morons is offensive to me.
The worst cases of these would be people like xiran, who basically spread absolute BS like picrel. I don't think they believe they are lying either, they are just that in denial of reality.

No. 1873954

it fascinates me how these people can take horrifying history facts like men raping male children and women having to dress like men to get human rights and bend it to ''uwu this country was actually trans a gay accepting''

No. 1873956

Always with the spice. As someone on the vanilla side, finding any erotic f/m books that isn't riddled to the brim with kinky dad talk is forcing me to quit erotic romance altogether. could it kill a scrote/pickme to write a tender vanilla romance book where the sex is free of dildos and chains? I don't wanna read your creepy fetish manifesto hiding behind a veneer of "sex positivity" (read: degeneracy).
Saw a f/f artist cave and add dicks into her body poz piece thanks to the TIM backlash. Nothing short of miracle that the rest haven't caved yet. Another took the he/him enby pill, because I guess being gnc means something kek. And their art was cute too but just had to ruin it with gendie shit.
Likewise female f/m artist are slowly turning their art "gay" to appease the TIF crowd and wind up adopting "non-binary" for a get out of "cishet" jail card. If that doesn't work, turn the other cheek and draw exclusively coom bait for moids. it's getting increasingly rare to find a single decent female artist in a sea theybies and wueers. What happened? Just yesterday fujos could congregate in niche forums about their interest while moids stayed in their lane. Now it's free real estate to invade every fandom and demand free entry cuz my boypuss or girldick. Growing tired of this shit.

No. 1873958

ayrt, yes, that's the exact post!
>99.9% of people in South Asia would not care
the 0.1% that would care would be zoomers that despite insulting USAmericans that think USA is the whole world or judge the rest of the world through the lenses of America, still are more concerned with US politics than their own.

No. 1873963

>the 0.1% that would care would be zoomers that despite insulting USAmericans that think USA is the whole world or judge the rest of the world through the lenses of America, still are more concerned with US politics than their own.
we call those people "burgers" here. upper class cultural people who are culturally westerns in everything but location.

No. 1873972

>As someone on the vanilla side, finding any erotic f/m books that isn't riddled to the brim with kinky dad talk is forcing me to quit erotic romance altogether
No joke, literally the only romance book I've read in recent times where the smut was purely focused on the woman's pleasure and was very vanilla was Ice Planet Barbarians—a sci-fi romance about a woman who gets abducted by aliens and crash lands onto a desolate ice planet where she is rescued by a sexy big blue alien man with horns KEK. Kind of tragic that non-human males are written as kinder lovers to women than human males

No. 1873985

Same, i cannot read fanfic anymore because all the Y/N have abuse daddy fetishes sprinkled all over. They even take the cutesy shy nerdy male characters and turn them into OOC sexy doms. Genuinely what the fuck has to be wrong with someone to get off to abuse?!

No. 1874002

Are those the same types screeching about “oppression” despite being part of the upper class? Yea know, the same affluent types with nothing to lose? It’s kinda odd that so many SJWs turned out to be rich kids and not actually lower class who know what real oppression looks like.
Man, imagine being an Indonesian nonny who’s rich well off neighbor spends most of her time online trying to cancel people for the hell of it. Must suck kek. Like sincerely.
Lmao, exactly. More reasons to pick it up over whatever’s popping off recently. truly vindicates my love of sexy monsters and aliens lol
Could be out of the loop, but why has y/n popped off over the years? Almost a third of search results on any fanfic sharing site’s devoted to it. I can’t seem to find much else without some wrangle measures in place.(derailing)

No. 1874007

Nta and this is just tinfoil but I blame the normalization of parasocial relationships + the pandemic. Y/N style fanfic has always existed (eg the One Direction days) but it was a niche contained to sites like Wattpad or Tumblr ask blogs and it was seen as something cringeworthy that you grew out of. K-pop culture and stan culture propagated parasocial habits, but the pandemic produced a crop of socially deprived adolescents.

No. 1874010

Agree, hell, I'd even be less bothered by all the kink shit if all participants were 100% into it instead of one party (always the woman) having it forced upon her or coerced into it in some fashion, and if the kinks weren't all degradation/misogyny-based (I know some might argue that all kink are those things).

I don't know why y/n or reader-insert fanfics have had such a large boom in popularity lately, but I do know that I'm sick of seeing them all the time as the majority result for most of the characters I like kek. I wonder if it has anything to do with self-shipping not being as openly mocked recently? I remember seeing self-shipper positivity posts and similar crap on tumblr and twitter a while back. I've also noticed a lot of these fics could have any character's names swapped in or out and still read the same, so maybe it's a way for people to track a kink's tag or whatever and read what comes up regardless of fandom, only needing to google the character's appearance instead of actually being a fan? Plus if you're into it it's probably superior in the self-indulgence department than regular shipping fics idk

No. 1874024

File: 1706802013811.png (330.04 KB, 700x400, JlN42go.png)

>Are those the same types screeching about “oppression” despite being part of the upper class? Yea know, the same affluent types with nothing to lose? It’s kinda odd that so many SJWs turned out to be rich kids and not actually lower class who know what real oppression looks like.
I mean, they tend to be leftists. I was literally part of a communist group in University, and we were all upper-class kids essentially LARing. We talked a big game, but none of it actually made any sort of impact. Most of the actual big workers parts were basically ethno-nationalists, and we were also lying because we were liberals pretending we weren't.(derailing/racebaiting)

No. 1874025

File: 1706802158383.png (793.77 KB, 800x480, 9V1zg2b.png)

meanwhile this is what the relevant workers party look like, actual working class people and some socialism, but also promoting social conservatism and a ton of ethno-nationalism, like they won't let you join if your not from a specific ethnic group.(derailing/racebaiting)

No. 1874027

No. 1874036

It’s so fucking annoying every time I look for content of an m/f ship there’s a hundred posts by unfunny zoomers going “they’re T4T!” or “they’re actually yuri!” Are these people so afraid of liking a basic het ship they need to jump through hoops to prove a man and a woman kissing is actually “totally gay?”
And if it’s not that, then they turn it into pegging. I don’t even hate pegging but it’s so unfunny at this point, if a woman is written with any hint of agency that means she’s basically the man sexually according to Twitter.

No. 1874037

I find it hard to believe that you were in a communist group since most student unions are banned if you're paki that is but off campus groups do exists I went to a art school and we had a lgbt group which had fucking animal Kinners and troons but I guess that's the case with every art school in the world(derailing)

No. 1874052

Can we ban the palestinian shit already, this is fucking derrailing and it attracts the worst baiter of them all(pakitard).

No. 1874053

again we had no sort of impact, it didn't matter to anyone(maybe except we said something anti-Islam)

No. 1874057

They are. I dont even read MF stories, but so many straights hate themselves or meme themselves into believing they are bisexual. Trans, woke propaganda is dragging the most insufferable spicy straights onto social media to become TRAs and super woke tards.

No. 1874069

File: 1706807289730.jpeg (116.46 KB, 675x900, GE54Yt5bUAAR4e3.jpeg)

You can't blame us, fandom does all the work giving us stuff like this (IDF made an Israeli superman-esque and people started to draw their spidersona kicking his ass).

No. 1874078

And then you realize "the third gender" was another way to treat gay or lesbians, by doing stuff non-masculine or non-femenine. Such progressive back then!

No. 1874081

The vast majority of the time they were just eunuchs, eunuch religious priests(in Mesopotamia) , eunuch officials(in east asia and the islamic world) and often they were sex-slaves as well.

No. 1874092

the third gender still exists in pakistan lol but not as in twans is valid!! progressivism but as in abnormalities kek so literally stating them as mentally ill and most of these troons are trans "women"(these men are accepted mostly due to superstition its believed that if they curse you misfortune may befall you or a pregnant womans baby might die) trans men dont even exist here at all if they are most of the time its women who were forced to become men because either of their sexuality or due to having no working men in the family not because they can but trans men (aka women) are treated far worse than a hijra, and these notions existed before the english came mind you (Mughal times) i really dont understand how western gendies think they know better than the actual people living here,desi culture is NOT progressive(derailing)

No. 1874093

The word we use for them(khusra) is literally corruption of an Arabic term meanting "to remove" and it's used for intersex people, gay men and eunnchs interchangeably
and your right about south-asian misogyny being the worst, it's hindu ultra-misogyny x Islamic ultra-misogyny.(derailing)

No. 1874100

sometimes third genders just existed bc in a backwards society, a woman is to be degraded, and is degraded already bc she is a woman, so if a man is degraded enough, surely he's a woman too. see this in societies that made eunuchs and men with genital deformities into third genders(hijra) or when men were made to "act as women" when women were made off limits(mahu).(derailing)

No. 1874107

I mean kinda, in ultra-misogynistic societies they were never viewed as women but as lower form of men, the only example of a society where these third genders were used for the sole purpose of sex, were the muxe in Zapotec society, as women weren't allowed with in male communes and the Faʻafafine in Samoan society, which were just a bizarre custom where families with too many sons would have one their sons basically be made to "become a woman" so that he couldn't inherent land.
the vast majority of the eunuchs were just orphan boys or boys sold by their families.(derailing)

No. 1874111

In the Edo period of Japan(just 150 years ago) had a third gender called wakashu. A young boy starting at 5-10 whose "purity" hasn't been tainted by puberty yet is called a wakashu, a third gender. And yes, you guessed it, older adult men raped them!(derailing)

No. 1874113

this, these men make heinous jokes with such glee but no you can't say anything about them. it's like they see racial issues SA immigrants or tourists may face and then decide then on that bc they're such victims no one can tell them anything and that gives them free reign to make the most heinous jokes bc it's "fair" and a "joke" even though they're most likely upper/middle class men from their own country which their ancestry can be traced back to and of favourable castes.
also, they're so weirdly hung up over female kpop fans, specifically the idea of a SA kpop fan marrying some SK moid bc of it. It's obviously a retarded dream bc duh SK males, but it's a dream usually underaged girls will have, imagine being this caught up with what tastes a teenage girl has when most SA moids dream of manipulating a white girl into a relationship just so you can brag that you slept with a foreigner and say shit like "6000 mein russian".(derailing)

No. 1874114

File: 1706811404994.jpg (2.73 MB, 1523x6542, 1670004620274.jpg)

This reminded of this NB bean comic, about how she struggles explaining her LARP to regular people, also claiming colonization is the only reason we have for the Gender Binary
meanwhile in reality
>The "third gender" term from Hawaia, Māhū, is a male to female identification used by (primarily homosexual) males who teach hula (they were allowed to perform in some temples that women weren't), and were known to "always be available for sexual conquest by men"; It is a role for gay men who act as performers and sex objects for other men
>The "third gender" term from central america, muxe, is a male to female identification used by (primarily homosexual) males who dress in "female" clothes or otherwise behave "like women". They do jobs associated with females. It is a role for homosexual and GNC males.
>The "third gender" used in Samoa, fa'afafine, is supposedly an identification used by males to signal "being between male and female", but the term itself means "in the manner of woman". So, once again, it is a male to female identity. Fa'afafine are known to do housework, care for families, and only having homosexual sex (sex with other men). It is a role for homosexual males.

No. 1874116

Also Greeks were into young boys or younger men, but as a hierarchy thing, not the MLM/Gay love thing that people love to paint with their fanfics of Patroclus and Achilles.(derailing)

No. 1874120

The infamous "two spirits" from first Nations in USA/Canada (that was born in the '90s) was used mostly on gay men to avoid them to hunt and do "feminine" stuff like cooking and house chores.(derailing)

No. 1874123

People like this would label tomboys as a "Third Gender"

No. 1874124

bahn, I feel this discussion belongs in the south-asian thread, we can talk over there

No. 1874140

Libfems are obsessed with pegging and I don't get how it's subversive when it's one 1. still straight sex and 2. focuses on the man's pleasure. I'm sure there are straight women IRL who like pegging, but it's telling how spicy straight queers are so obsessed with straight sex and penetration they can't imagine a woman being on top or sexually dominant in ways that don't involve it.

No. 1874141

>it's a spiritual experience
that you seek medical treatments for? that requires external validation somehow?

No. 1874151

I don't know about libfems, but from what I've seen, it's mostly troons, gay moids and porn-sick bi/straight moids(who will likely become troons) who bring it up the most often. as you said I'm sure there are some women into it but the vast majority of people who joke about "oh she totally pegs him" are the groups I mentioned, like Eldena Doubleca5t, who would bring it up every single video about shipping, and so I was not at all surprised when he trooned out.

No. 1874163

some strapons are designed to give pleasure to the woman too, but sadly yeah pegging has been co-opted by troons because they think being the one penetrated=woman.

No. 1874190

He's always so disgusting looking, the fact that he makes retarded shipping videos makes him even more annoying.

No. 1874205

he made two really cool videos and then trooned out and his channel died. Wasted potential for the coom.

No. 1874214

I initially followed him for the Ms. Scribe video (which was really good IMO), and I suspected he would troon ever since I saw he admitted to being obsessed with lesbians on his Tumblr. Then he started wearing dresses in his BNHA shipping videos after.

No. 1874224


No. 1874257

fujos ruin every fandom they are in, truly fuckin annoying little shits(bait, derailing)

No. 1874261

I'm a resident fujohater and fully I agree but this isn't thread for this, take it to the fujocoomer thread before they posting yaoi to "own" us.

No. 1874274

File: 1706823849310.jpg (125.74 KB, 1080x1657, GD6NMivbMAEy4V2.jpg)

Fujos keep fandoms alive and everyone knows that

No. 1874276

someone give me the tl;dr on how this became a meme?

No. 1874286

Kagurabachi needs more cute/attractive guys if the creator wants to survive the axe

No. 1874290

They're more likely to make discussion and fanart, I guess?
At least, thats what I've seen it with more niche moidy stuff. Yume tend to jump in later only when it's clear it's not scrote minded and coomers tend to jump from series to series too quickly.

No. 1874300

no i meant how the series became a meme. i still don't understand.

No. 1874310

He looks like a generic super edgy shonen protag. I saw memes about Kagabachi for ages before I realised it wasn't a made up piss take.

No. 1874312

I read it and it's not bad. I guess it was the mc being so deadpan that it was funny to sell as the next big thing, alongside the sorta basic but not annoying revenge premise.

No. 1874318

let me guess they shipped your husbando with another male character instead of your big titty mary sue oc?(responding to bait, infighting)

No. 1874332

File: 1706828338951.png (173.99 KB, 603x733, doubleca5t.png)

It was on his old Tumblr FAQ. Note that he identified as a man then, but now doesn't of course. https://web.archive.org/web/20200808012527/https://doubleca5t.tumblr.com/

No. 1874340

I cannot stand the male fans of that series

No. 1874345

File: 1706829217576.png (401.53 KB, 763x434, mother vibes wtf.png)

>male character dresses like a grandpa on a retirement house
>omg such mother vibes!!!
what is the obssesion with modern fandom to call male characters 'mother/wife/babygirl'.

No. 1874346

Don't you honestly get tired of bringing this topic up every two days, Babygirl-chan?(infighting)

No. 1874347

I think it’s a “safe” way to project femininity (onto a fictional male character) without having to face the objectification of women. much like fujos projecting onto gays

No. 1874351

its the first time i bring it up schizo chan
but i dont get it, he isnt feminine at all he literally dresses like a grandpa. There is nothing ''mother'' about him.

No. 1874355

>he isnt feminine at all
girl check your eyes…that's a femboy

No. 1874356

He isnt a femboy lmfao. He doesnt look remotely feminine nor dresses like it. There are actually ''femboys(i hate that moid word)'' in the game and they actually look like girls, he's just meant to be fashionable.

No. 1874358

Any anime boy that isn't bara is a femboy that moids can jerk off to without feeling gay.

No. 1874360

He's not a femboy but he's a very effeminate man.

No. 1874361

sometimes i forget we have been invaded by actual tradthots that think any male character that isnt hulk is instantly a femboy and also 4 years old

No. 1874363

File: 1706830524128.png (1.51 MB, 1560x720, (Hoppin'_Hype)_Nazuna_Nito_CG2…)

>He doesnt look remotely feminine nor dresses like it.
Be serious….I'd agree if you posted someone else but its fucking Nazuna he's one of the most feminine characters in the game

No. 1874366

He's not feminine in the slightest.
whats feminine about that? all the enstars characters dress in slutty clothes lol. Some of you sound like tradthots or moids sometimes.

No. 1874367

Maybe I'm an old cow but I don't get the difference. Aren't traps the same thing. Does anyone still say that?

No. 1874371

No. Saying trap is now ''twansphobic'' and it also makes men feel gay, so now every male character that isnt a roided pig is a femboy.

No. 1874373

Anon that's literally draw a girl call it a boy territory

No. 1874374

Looks like an average kpop boyband member to me

No. 1874377

Men used to dress in crop tops and short shorts 40 years ago anon pls you have to be baiting.

No. 1874382

They don't create these characters based on standards from the 80s, they make them based on current standards. Im honestly surprised you guys can't see it at all.

No. 1874384

>so now every male character that isnt a roided pig is a femboy
Tbf any male character that actually looks older than 18 is basically a roided pig here.

No. 1874386

File: 1706831308940.png (2.3 MB, 600x3583, clothing is gay.png)

the designers just dont care about what modern men think its gay, because they think anything but jeans and a black tshirt is gay

No. 1874388

this has never happened, otherwise 99% of the husbandos in the husbando thread would be called roidpigs.

No. 1874390

>He's not feminine in the slightest.
Are we seeing the same anime boy? Describe to me how he isn't feminine cause >>1874363 looks like a slightly tomboyish anime girl. I'm sorry but he has anime girl face.

No. 1874391

Here, this thread. I bet if they could shit on husbandos there, people would.

No. 1874392

He looks like david sylvian. Let me guess, you think david sylvian is a femboy too.

No. 1874393

File: 1706831693914.png (1.82 MB, 1560x720, (×××_Pretty)_Nazuna_Nito_CG2.p…)

Im honestly thinking some of you guys assume it's an insult and get defensive when your husbando is called feminine because in what world is this not a feminine looking boy?

No. 1874395

Anons talked about goji last thread and no one called him roidpig anon please, make better bait next time.

No. 1874396

I'm a euro (and not from one of the fancy places) but isn't that pretty standard male fashion? Maybe not the pea coat. That's out. But that's like normal clothes in Zara

No. 1874397

What if he jumps between manly scarred dude and crossdressing for attention?

No. 1874400

I didnt know pink was only a pretty princess color only reserved for bimbos, even though men in the 80s were sporting gayer shit than that. Some of you are as obssesed with feminity/masculinity as troons.

No. 1874403

File: 1706831968013.jpg (486.68 KB, 2048x1384, licensed-image.jpg)

What? No. How does a anime boy look like David Sylvian? I didn't mean to be rude, but I just can't see how Nazuma looks like anything but an effeminate man or at the very least, doesn't look feminine. I can't see it. I have seen masculine looking anime boys but Nazuma just isn't it.

No. 1874404

Toji, but youre right, he was instead called "repulsive, ugly with a Neanderthal face".

No. 1874405

Again, thats how you perceive it because whats feminine to you is whats feminine to moids. Femininity/masculinity is dictated by men. Men wore croptops and short shorts not too long ago, but nowadays its ''gay'' because men say so. Its just so tiring that male characters get ''feminized'' just for not being roidpigs wearing an old tshirt and sandals. Also funny how you cherrypicked a david sylveram photo with short hair kek
and? thats not roidpig, anons are allowed to dislike those traits in male characters kek

No. 1874406

You realize feminine males exist right? And it's not the color pink it's the entire design philosophy of the character. Next you're going to tell me Tori isn't feminine at all with a straight face.

No. 1874407

feminine man dont exist because men cannot be feminine. You meant to say cute or pretty, not feminine.

No. 1874408

And nonnie, my point was that if people could shit on the husbandos too, they would.
Having more than one word to insult somebody is remarkable, but let's not pretend it's not the same bullshit.

No. 1874412

Please show me a photo of David who looks like Nazuma.

No. 1874413

Do you think "feminine" means "female"?

No. 1874414

File: 1706832501486.jpg (17.32 KB, 331x480, muh feminine men.jpg)

you are just making shit up nonny. toji is an ugly character design you cannot except all women to like him when he's literally built like a hobbo. You seem to take nonnies disliking your taste in husbandos as a personal attack. Its funny because more nonnies were into toji than anons saying they disliked it.
pic rel

No. 1874415

How is this feminine? Nito is not normally, nor does he usually dress like this. He isnt showing feminine in the actual gameplay with his actions.

No. 1874416

feminine means nothing, its meaning changes every decade according to what men consider its ''feminine''. What today is feminine was common male clothing 40 years ago, you still dont get it?

No. 1874418

>ugly character design
>built like a hobby
If only he looked like a fourteen year old ensnare femboy, right?(infighting)

No. 1874421

>ensnare femboy
kek are you having an aneurysm

No. 1874422

What are you not getting kek he's feminine according to that current meaning you're talking about

No. 1874424

Honestly completely unrelated to whatever topic is at hand, damn I wish there was a cohesive tutorial or analysis on how to make these types of cool card/gacha/splash? illustrations. They look so bright and cheery. I'm sure there must be some formula or a set of brushes and techniques and color theory I'm not privy to. Anyone can draw a character standing or sitting in a 3D space, but these types of illustrations just have a certain vibe. Maybe I'm just schizo, but the colors they use are so nostalgic to me. I can tell the backgrounds are always(?) slightly off focus, but I'm so fixated on how the neon balloons in the background were drawn, and that distinct tone of yellow in the lighting and careful use of gradients that make me feel fuzzy and warm.

No. 1874425

If feminine means nothing, then how do you know he doesn't fit the definition?

No. 1874426

literally all enstars boys are feminine according to men.
because he's a male character, and men cannot be feminine.

No. 1874427

Autocorrect and I'm taking care of somebody.

No. 1874429

File: 1706833005173.jpg (673.98 KB, 886x1200, 94964533_p0_master1200.jpg)

>pic rel
I don't see how that looks like an anime boy. Not even playing bad actor here, but I just don't see it. I mean this with no ire or hatred. I especially don't see how Nazuma looks like David Sylvian. He doesn't have a square jaw. I'm saying this as someone who has the most feminine girly looking husbando imaginable. So much so that I can pretty much change his gender interchangeably without any dissonance. I just don't see how Nazuma isn't anything but a really effeminate looking man. Like, if you compare pic related to Nazuma you can tell there's a way to draw a masculine boyish looking anime young man. Enlighten me, what about Nazuma makes him look masculine to you?

No. 1874434

imagine being sick and the person taking care of you is too busy shitposting on the farms about anime boys kekw anon go take care of that person
He has the same fashion+long hair. He was super popular in Japan for his pretty anime looks too. Ofcouse no one can look anime, duh, i am referencing to the style of fashion+hair. Again, whats feminine and what isnt changes every decade according to moid tastes.
>Enlighten me, what about Nazuma makes him look masculine to you?
he's a man, he cannot be feminine. Men have censored lots of games for having ''feminine'' men, which was basically just men that werent actual roidpigs. So its retarded to play their game when they will think every single enstars boy is feminine and gay anyways lol.

No. 1874437

>Men cannot be feminine
>Women cannot be masculine
This is unironically the logic behind troonism nonnie

No. 1874441

Not sick, please don't start making up scenarios in your head and going after my character just because your husbando was called girly.

No. 1874444

>Enstars again
Just ignore it, it'll never shut up otherwise.

No. 1874445

File: 1706833545369.png (683.1 KB, 900x350, nier.png)

kek thats literally the opposite. They think feminine/masculine is a feeling. Woman liking bugs and frogs? totes masculine therefore men. I cant believe lolcow of all places believes in that bullshit. Men cope and seethe and send death threats to publishers every single time they release a female character that isnt ''''feminine'' aka makeup wearing bimbo with a baby face and squirrel voice. The sexism in videogames thread is filled to the brim of examples of moids censoring male characters and replacing them with actual textbook examples of roidpigs because they deemed them too ''feminine''.

No. 1874449

Does enstars make people insane or is it always the same people trying to play main character in this thread

No. 1874451

Interesting how its a ra*bits fan or aira fan shitting their pants when someone says they don't like their husbandos. Almost like like you're insecure about something.

No. 1874452

File: 1706833875727.png (685.1 KB, 537x1460, 2 feminine for moids feefees.p…)

I genuinely dont understand what i am saying that is so insane. No one has been able to disprove that femininity is not made up bullshit by moids. Moids found pic rel too feminine and its why the devs had to change it.

No. 1874456

File: 1706834307105.png (1.58 MB, 1200x1200, trapfemboyvrigins_and_chadbish…)

And remember when moids used to shit on link and cloud for being ''gay'' and ''feminine'''? I am so tired of moids dictating what is and isnt feminine. Every single character made for women is feminine and gay to them. Any woman that shows any emotion besides bimbo no brain happiness is masculine to them. Genuinely why play their game?

No. 1874465

still not accurate to the game, both games emphasize how awkward they looked in women's clothing. it wasn't even portrayed as sexual and yet porn addicts have created an entire genre of "trap porn" over this

No. 1874469

exactly, because they get off to the perceived 'femininity'.
my favourite boy is shu, and he gets transed out because god forbid men like dolls and fashion, thats feminine and therefore it means he's a girl! literally every single enstars character is feminine because men dont dance, sing, dress cute and gaybait, thats ''feminine''.

No. 1874474

File: 1706835194215.png (1.6 MB, 866x1656, IMG_4817.png)

>remember when moids used to shit on cloud
No because I’m a millennial boomer and back in my day squaresoft didn’t give a fuck

No. 1874479

i am not talking about the company, i am talking about moids who think every non roidpig male characer is gay. Ask a moid which enstar character is masculine and which one is feminine and they will call all the characters faggots and then open an incognito window to jack off to tori. Its funny how, i assume, all of you would be against troon headcanons, but saying femininity/masculinity isnt real and made up by moids turns everyone ITT into a tranny agenda supporter.(derailing)

No. 1874480

File: 1706835370884.png (97.06 KB, 259x383, JGeRtRP.png)

>exactly, because they get off to the perceived 'femininity'.
and that's why these types of moids transition at far higher rates, J. Michael Bailey termed it "paraphilia induced pseudo-bisexuality" that said I do think some modern fujos are showing similar symptoms.

No. 1874485

Guys aren’t the audience of ensharts, who cares

No. 1874489

Its funny because you are ''against'' trooning out but support the idea of femininity/masculinity being innate and not something you are socialized into and that's ever changing accourding to what moids think its feminine/masculine.
then why are you labelling them according to what moids think its feminine/masculine?

No. 1874490

File: 1706835763042.png (642.17 KB, 1000x462, actually a female according to…)

I am not the anon you are thinking I am. I have posted shu tons of times before and complained about the fandom trooning him out because of his '''''feminine'''''' interests.

No. 1874491

What if I'm labelling them according to what I think is feminine and masculine.

No. 1874494

>according to what moids think its feminine/masculine?
Why do you keep bringing up moids over and over? Does it not occur to you that women also have opinions on masculinity and femininity?

No. 1874495

I was never part of the masculinity/femmunity debate, but imo, I do think that 90% of it is made up. However, there are about 10% that are inherent to both women and men. Men and Women are better in those 10% certain roles, Like, I would never trust men as nurturers, I think there's something nefarious about men being around children too often.

No. 1874498

Thats your opinion then, not some universal truth.
Because the world is run by men for men. Men are the ones that stopped wearing short shorts and croptops when THEY deemed it as gay. Women have loved ''feminine'' men forever and it has never stopped men from calling them faggots. Every single thing a woman likes, from actor, to boy band, to husbandos, gets labelled as ''feminine'' by men. Men used to wear pink and skirts and make up before, but now its ''feminine'' because men say so nowadays.
sure, but a male character being nurturing doesnt turn him 'feminine', its what i am trying to say.

No. 1874512

>sure, but a male character being nurturing doesnt turn him 'feminine', its what i am trying to say.
That I agree with, my dad was very "on hand" with me and siblings, he's also one of the most "tough" men I know, but he didn't make it his whole personality, he thought of it as just a man doing what a man has to do. and I think that's the best way to look at it.

No. 1874517

File: 1706836683504.jpg (53.51 KB, 700x920, femboy will smith.jpg)

I genuinely have no idea if anons are just being contrarian or if they genuinely think femininity/masculinity is innate and not some bullshit by moids to shame moids they deem inferior as them and also make it 'okay' and 'not gay' to fuck said moids. Will smith is my favourite famboy babygirl btw.

No. 1874520

leave and never come back.

No. 1874523

how can you read ''will smith is my favourite femboy babygirl'' and genuinely think i am being serious and not mocking the retards itt

No. 1874526

weapons grade autism on display

No. 1874527

leave your autism at the door anon

No. 1874528

Enstars nonna is right, and her hasubando just looks pretty and likes to dress in cute clothes, which in a perfect world would be "masculine" traits, tied to their role as an eye candy for women.

No. 1874537

It is a bit strange, don't some anons say that fujos self insert into "basically female" feminine men?

No. 1874538

File: 1706837747854.png (949.3 KB, 1000x462, please come home.png)

He isnt my oshi, but these anons would call my oshi ''feminine'' too. They arent really different from the TIFs who trooned out Arashi and all of the twitterspergs who come up with troon headcanons for GNC characters.

No. 1874544

thats just paki-chan, the one that has deep knowledge about little boys getting raped through the decades, for god knows what reason

No. 1874546

Jesus the enstars sperg has been going at it for two hours?

No. 1874547

Trying to claim femininity is inherently masculine instead of just saying it's okay for men to like feminine things is weak and gay. It is feminine, there isn't anything wrong with being feminine. Men can have feminine traits, women can have masculine traits. We don't have to try to transform the meaning of the word to our fragile sensibilities.

No. 1874554

Again, how can it be inherently feminine when 40 years ago men were dressing more slutty than that and no one had a problem with it? having short hair in japan has always been seen as cute dainty femininity, while in the west it was seen as ''masculine''. What is and isnt feminine/masculine completly varies through the decades and its always made up by men to control women.

No. 1874556

I really don't know why anons are being so obtuse about this. Yes, femininity and masculinity are made up concepts, doesn't mean those concepts suddenly don't have definitions. Everyone ITT knows what masculinity/femininity mean in a modern context. It really does feel like you guys just consider calling a man feminine is an insult. It's not.

No. 1874557

Tbf, on the subject of troonery, isn't
>I may be biologically female, dress in a manner that would be described by society as feminine, with hobbies that would be considered on the feminine side, but I am actually male
A thing?

No. 1874562

We live in different countries, continents probably, even nowadays what is and isnt feminine/masculine extremely varies through cultures. What is and isnt femininity/masculinity is flexible through decades, cultures, and even individuals. Nito isnt feminine, and you cant prove it otherwise besides saying ''uhhh men do do this!'' even though all enstars boys are feminine if we subject them to modern standars of what is and isnt feminine.

No. 1874565

It's the same issue you often encounter with memes from Eastern European and, to some extent, Arab nations that go viral on twitter. This also stems from "Cultural Westerners" from the upper-middle class. I don't think it's complicated to understand that if you speak English and are using reddit, you may not accurately represent the average Bosnian or any other Balkaner.

No. 1874613

Kek what? This is just standard anime boy, not femboy.

No. 1874631

That's exactly what it is. I even see like celebrity men who try to dress (albeit very shittily) in a more "feminine" way and they rave about how it's askhually soo masculine because they're too fragile to handle being called feminine. What's wrong with being called feminine? If you aren't a misogynist it doesn't matter.

No. 1874638

Again, because femininity is not real. What is ''feminine'' now wont be considered feminine in 20 years. How dense are you? men cannot be feminine because they are men, a men wearing a skirt isnt feminine.

No. 1874639

Nta but doesn't this character being GNC means he's not traditionally masculine or stereotypically male and more on either the androgynous or feminine side? If femininity and masculinity doesn't matter, then GNC shouldn't be a thing, no? Genuinely asking here. I don't see what's the problem with calling the character a feminine male?

No. 1874642

I am using GNC as to not to repeat myself over and over like a scratched record. All of the enstar boys would be GNC regardless of if nonnies personally consider them ''feminine/masculine'' because men arent into singing/dancing/being cute for women.

No. 1874663

Femboy is such a retarded word, it has no real meaning, it was born from people who do not care about words having meanings or using their meanings in ways that make sense. Trap had a stupid meme discourse about it, but at least it had a clear meaning. Meanwhile arguing about femboys is absolute nonsense cause things that are called femboys:
>reverse trap
>GNC male character
>GNC female characters
>Tomboyish female character that I would not go as far as calling GNC
>Gender conforming but pretty male character
>Assortment of irl gendies sexualizing themselves for online attention
Literally worse than debating the sex of angels

No. 1874673

You have someone really weird definition of femininity. Nobody calls kpop moids feminine because they sing and dance, it's because they wear frills and glitter and makeup. And you're obsessed with what moids think. Moids think washing your ass is gay. Does a man who washes his ass become GNC in your eyes because "moids said so". Learn to form your own opinion. The only characters in enstars that would be considered feminine are the ones in ra*bits, some of the cuter first years, and the ones with faggy personalities like arashi and shu. No one called characters like chiaki, kuro, or even the "neutral" boys like eichi, subaru, etc. feminine.

No. 1874678

You are the one obssesed with what moids think though. I dont think Nezuna is feminine but you are dead set on calling him feminine because what you define as femininity is dictated by men.
>The only characters in enstars that would be considered feminine are the ones in ra*bits, some of the cuter first years, and the ones with faggy personalities like arashi and shu. No one called characters like chiaki, kuro, or even the "neutral" boys like eichi, subaru, etc. feminine.
again. TO YOU. i dont consider any of them feminine because i dont let men dictate what is feminine. A man cannot be feminine. What makes a men feminine? tell me, and i can give you 10 examples of men doing the same things decades ago where it wasnt considered ''feminine'' to do so.

No. 1874683

Your husbando looks like a fruit, alright? Get over it. Move on.
Change the conversation. Unless this is about shitting on the enstars fandom and the "totally male and queer" fans, what's the deal?

No. 1874684

because thats the kind of mentality that leads to troon headcanons. Arashi cannot be just a faggy man into makeup, he has to be a woman because of his ''feminine'' traits. Like seriously how can any of you be anti troon but still believe femininity/masculinity is a real thing and not made up by men for men like beauty standars. Genuine what is feminine about Nezuna? that he likes clothes? because fashion isnt inherently feminine. None of you are capable of telling me WHY he is feminine.

No. 1874686

I don't really care.
Okay, they're not feminine. They're faggy boys wearing faggy clothes doing faggy things. Better? Case closed.

No. 1874687

File: 1706844583738.png (998.55 KB, 732x908, (With_his_Juniors)_Nazuna_Nito…)

Behold, the least feminine male on earth. The absolute state of shitsemble stars players.

No. 1874688

again, all of you are calling him feminine but not telling me why. Whats feminine about him, are men not allowed to wear bunny ears? is that pose only for females? i am so tired of gender obssesed people ruining fandom

No. 1874701

>gender obssesed people
Ngl got a better way to put it? This is giving me aiden cuntboy ptsd flashbacks.

No. 1874704

Funny you are accusing me of being an aiden when you are the one going on and on about how a male character is feminine because…uh men said so! only people this obssesed about femininity/masculinity are trannies projecting and moids looking to degrade people. None of you can pinpoint why he is 'feminine' because he isn't. The only reason the tranny shit is so strong nowdays is because women are obssesed with either being feminine or masculine and projecting their insecurities into characters.

No. 1874707

I'm not bothering with whatever you're talking about.
This is unironically, just reminding me of this "antigenderfag" that wouldn't stop posting cuntboy.

No. 1874711

idk about that retard but 'cuntboys' are female, so thats not me because i am not gay

No. 1874717

File: 1706846583362.png (461.09 KB, 601x646, ewasdf.png)

95% of bully x victim ships, whether they are same-sex or opposite-sex based, are just excuses to have the most obscene kink-based smut fics.

No. 1874718

yeah, thats how shipping dynamics work.

No. 1874721

bully x victim is peak

No. 1874722

What are your thoughts on fandoms celebrating characters' birthdays, having actual parties and baking cakes/cookies, that sort of thing?

No. 1874723

Dictionary definition of feminine: having characteristics that are traditionally thought to be typical of or suitable for a woman
So it does not matter if the one who has such characteristics is a man or a woman or not human at all. It matters if it aligns to the social construct or not. Feminine is the adjective closer to femininity, while female is the adjective closer to woman. So yeah, a guy wearing makeup or a skirt can be called feminine, cause these things are seen as feminine. That being said I don't really know enstars and pretty boy being flirty is a rather low bar for getting called feminine.

No. 1874727

>Dictionary definition of feminine: having characteristics that are traditionally thought to be typical of or suitable for a woman
again, whats considered feminine is flexible and its entirely dictated by men. Men 40 years ago whore sluttier clothes than anything nazuna has ever worn. Women in japan have also almost always sported very short hair while women in the west were ostracized for wearing short hair because it was 'masculine' it completly depends on what the moid in charge dictates.
>So yeah, a guy wearing makeup or a skirt can be called feminine, cause these things are seen as feminine.
so, is a man wearing a kilt feminine to you? even though its the manliest shit ever in scotland? you are just proving my point that what is and isnt feminine depends on personal bias and culture. There isnt such a thing as femininity or masculinity that is objective.

No. 1874728

Fanart or fic celebrations are neat and can help breathe life back into a slowing or smaller fandom (or give a surge of content for niche characters), but imo the irl celebrations are kinda cringe. A cupcake with a candle to celebrate can be cute or funny, but anything more elaborate not so much (unless I guess if you have a whole fleet of fellow fans joining in, because then it's more of an excuse to have a themed social gathering).

No. 1874729

>women in japan have also almost always sported very short hair
please, I beg of you, actually research historical fashion trends and the reasoning behind them. I don't even care about this stupid pretty boy argument

No. 1874733

By the way, is it just my impression or do most enemies to lovers just don't have an enemy dynamic? It seems any two characters who bicker while being on the same side gets called that

No. 1874736

i dont care about the reasoning behind it, i am just using it as an example of how what is and isnt feminine is completly subjective.

No. 1874758

Canonically he looks like a girl

No. 1874759

No. 1874768

File: 1706852944164.jpg (72.88 KB, 851x1352, 7633.jpg)

heres the rest of rabbits mistaking nazuna for a woman and only realizing hes a guy once they grope him btw. hes supposed to be read as very feminine

No. 1874770

lol. lmao even.

No. 1874779

File: 1706853873034.jpg (35.16 KB, 600x540, mfw.jpg)

The irony when they look as feminine and cute as him… gachashit writing

No. 1874780

Which story is this? So I can look it up (Not doubting you, I just like my feminine men kek)
Kaoru, a man hater, canonically flirts with him when he mistakes him for a woman because of his feminine body/face. It’s okay to acknowledge Nazuna is feminine, he looks and likes things that are traditionally associated with femininity. What is not okay is thinking that this must mean he is female (troon HC bs).

No. 1874784

Fwiw, I will keep to >>1874686 and will consider them la la homo boys rather than feminine.

No. 1874785

marionette aka one of the fundamental nazuna stories, which is why that nazunafags opinion confuses me

No. 1874789

Just another case of retards ignoring canon so that their blorbos fit their own ideas of what he should be rather than what he is

No. 1874807

I'll never understand the hate behind bully x victim ships like Bakudeku. They're just like hero x rival ships to me.

No. 1874809

nta but i dislike it if the victim is a girl because it reminds me of the "he only bullies you because he likes you" excuse teachers use

No. 1874810

Victim x bully when the victim is a girl aren't too bad, if only they didn't tend to back out of it after a tiny bit.

No. 1874811

Kek I will never not find it hilarious albeit annoying as fuck how much cute, effeminate anime boys unironically trigger autists. It's like the ultimate rage potion.

No. 1874839

Square Enix pisses me off for pandering straight male Americans with shit taste for so long.

No. 1874876

when you say that it reminds me of when people refer to women as 'femmes' or 'feminine presenting people' kek

ffs when we call characters feminine/effeminate we aren't calling them womanly or implying they aren't men.
Nazuna is one of the rare few enstars characters that have been mistaken for a girl because of his appearance and small stature.

No. 1874899

ugh, I draw only het stuff and I get those comments all the time, especially from instagram zoomers, it's so annoying

No. 1874916

File: 1706871153250.png (481.2 KB, 602x1122, 465verba.png)

I hate both though and no one looks attractive in skimpy clothing.

No. 1874924


No. 1874926

That's right, he's the most masculine male on Earth! He's peacocking for women! Also looking youthful = masculine trait, it signals their desirability to women.
But those definitions are cuckqueed, nonnie.
They all look masculine.
It's true that it looks stupid tbh, but i also find it kinda endearing on male characters kek This at least should be an option you can choose.

No. 1874932

I would rather see more dudes with boob windows than another big tiddy woman in a thong. Could be my attraction style, but fully dressed man barely do much apart from the usual bottom down rolled sleeves look. Will never stop finding it hot.

No. 1874933

My opinion is like that rat meme. Either everyone wears over-the-top armor/costumes that's more about conveying character design rather than being "realistic," or everyone wears meticulously researched, exact recreations of armor.

No. 1874936

Tumblrification of the internet.
You used to be able to avoid fujos by staying away from certain websites but not anymore since redditors started incorporating tumblr elements.

No. 1874939

For me, I would prefer young, shirtless male warriors and nothing beyond that.

No. 1874949

Ngl I like revealing male costumes. Not that far, but more revealing than just sleeves slightly pulled up. That being said, I also like the practical, most realistic but pretty drab and sometimes a little silly because fashions changed armor. I think it's moe. It's about the vibes of the story, really.

No. 1874963

I absolutely want more girls in cool full armor rather than retarded moidgaze bikini bullshit and vice versa more bishounen should wear slutty outfits. Of course nobody here talks about wanting to see men running around in a ridiculous borat mankini like that but the actually attractive male equivalent of a skimpy female bikini.
>inb4 noooooooooo he'd look like a faggot!!!! it has to be a roidpig in a fullbody armored suit or you're a pedophile!!!!!!!

No. 1874965

i think the character comes across as feminine because he's made for female tastes, women just have great appreciation for fashion and art so obviously a game for women and girls wants to appeal to that, but this character isn't feminine typically, he's just drawn with a short face and minimal shading on it so he just looks no different than anime girls. But nonnies get defensive about feminine male characters bc it's just frustrating bc next they'll accuse you of fucking trannies and that feminine men are just troons in the making.

No. 1874969

File: 1706878084146.jpg (33.91 KB, 533x533, 1675769636470.jpg)


No. 1874975

I read somewhere that the BNHA fandom sent death treats to Horikoshi over ships, when and why and what characters did the fandom piss itself over?

No. 1874984

I don't even understand where the t4t shit came from. Feels like it's an elaborate fetish people got bullied or memed into liking. Also it's not even only zoomers sadly. Tired of seeing these 30 plus cringe attractors acting high and mighty for being spicy straight.
>het ship… but the guy has a vagina and the girl has a penis! checkmate! give me a medal!
Like no, I don't care and you have shit taste I'm sorry and I'm not obligated to be into it. How do troons ruin everything? You go to m/f, shit's garbage. m/m? shit's garbage. f/f? shit's turbo garbage. Literally your only recourse is to make up an excuse about dysphoria or something. When I go into a tag I don't want to be surprised by spontaneous and unwanted gay or het content when I'm not fucking looking for it.

No. 1874992

isayama did too over the AOT ending kek apparently receiving death threats from angry fans isnt new in japan (or the west) hideki ano got his studio vandalized after the last episode of eva, i dont understand how threating the creators will make any difference on the fandom you like i mean same with klance shippers i dont understand why would they feel their headcannon to be set in stone as canon? it just feels like entitlement (although i also hate the baiting the votron show did too if it were a Japanese show they wouldve left it open ended like gundam did char and amuro) what happened to keeping one ship just as fiction?

No. 1875001

I can't think of any pairing like this besides Tsukasa and Tsukushi in Hana Yori Dango tbh.

No. 1875008

I love how words have no meaning to these people. Enemies implies there's an equal level of hatred between the two people and they act accordingly. A bully and a victim is just that—a bully and a victim. These two tropes are hardly comparable kek, how retarded

No. 1875019

what if I just like suits of armour? fromsoft ruined me

No. 1875055

>95% of bully x victim ships, whether they are same-sex or opposite-sex based, are just excuses to have the most obscene kink-based smut fics.
You are absolutely correct. Nobody ever deals with the actual issues that caused the bullying. Or why the victim would ever get together with their bully in the first place. These ships run on porn logic.

> or do most enemies to lovers just don't have an enemy dynamic?
Enemy to lover is vast and contains multitudes. It ranges from two people who casually banter with each other but are otherwise friends and get along fine to someone who murdered the other person's family, dog, pet bird, most of their friends, got them fired, burned down their house, aborted their child, kept in them in cage for months and tortured them, stole their car, and ate all their candy.

No. 1875068

I will never forgive square Enix for literally cucking us all from some literal manservice. Once again fuck moids.

No. 1875074

Same, I don't care about skimpy clothing at all.

No. 1875076

Skimpy clothes look bad on both men and women. Clothes are the most fun thing about character design, why remove them? That's for me to do in my horny fanart

No. 1875140

so just because the game thinks arashi is a woman you believe it too? anon says trans rights!

No. 1875147

File: 1706890918550.png (988.91 KB, 941x1143, femboy catboy.png)

no, anon. Everyone knows fashion, looking cute and pink are feminine because men say so! but lets ignore that all of the other characters, even kuro, would be considered effeminate to moids. Kuro is feminine because he makes costumes and likes sewing and thats a feminine trait!

No. 1875151

Dear god just ban everyone who plays this game already

No. 1875154

kek someone's still cranky after her nap

No. 1875158

File: 1706891647600.jpeg (165.01 KB, 736x1062, pickme autist.jpeg)

still none of you can tell me why hes feminine. Seriously, thanks to people like you its why we have all the problems of modern fandom
>female character isnt a bimbo? then shes masculine!!
>male character likes sewing and clothes? totes femboy and actually an egg about to crack
>female character is asseritve? then that means she wears the pants in the realtionship and pegs moids
all of you sound like this sperg

No. 1875161

I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, but is the whole fandom this deranged?
Being completely honest about the Mario movie, I was a bit sad they didn't have any of her super smash bros moves (at least of what I could remember) it would've been fun seeing her throw random shit or use a Toad to block something.

No. 1875163

why am i deranged? because i dont believe in tranny shit? certainly we are becoming tradthot dot farm(infighting)

No. 1875165

Because you're still pissy about it when nobody cares about your gacha boys, it's a bit deranged.
Hiding gacha autism behind other shit, it's still gacha autism.(just report and move on)

No. 1875166

> feminine trait
Keyword trait vs whole presentation. If your presentation reads as female because you look and “behave” by society’s standards of femininity (>>1875158 this is NOT to say those standards are necessarily okay) then you are feminine. A woman with a buzzcut, no makeup, thick muscles and cargo shorts will be read as masculine because society perceives those traits as masculine (NOT to say this is the same as being a man). What do you not get?
The game hints as the sakumas being vampires but because the game is based on reality you know they aren’t vampires. You know males still can’t turn into females so Arashi can’t be female. He likes make-up and acts fruity so he fits society’s definition of feminine (a socially determined category), though.

No. 1875168

getting flashbacks to that one genshin twink enjoyer that shat up a previous thread for a while kek

No. 1875170

i dont even like nezuna.
again, all enstars moids would be effeminated gay lors to men. I miss when we used to make fun of moids who projected their insecurities onto male characters by calling them 'feminine' nowadays it feels like everyone, even people supposedly against troon stuff still catters to men's opinions on what is and isnt feminine.

No. 1875171

You're deranged because you've been ranting for a full day now because some anons called your husbando girly. Get over it.

No. 1875174

>i dont even like nezuna.
Hence, my thinking now that it wasn't just one nona that refuse to get over the point, the whole fandom is like that.

No. 1875176

File: 1706892471498.jpg (175.53 KB, 416x600, dobson.jpg)

he's not my husbando, again. And none of you can tell me why hes feminine. All of you are on the same level as trannies. I am so tired by zoomie faggots and their obssesion with being feminine/masculine and gendering absolutely everything. You sound like dobson kek

No. 1875177

He’s called Nazuna retard, if you don’t like the character enough to have read his stories and know that he voices his taste for feminine things (and that he’s not even remotely perceived as masculine by any of the characters) why even shit up the thread?

No. 1875182

again, because it has nothing to do with me liking or disliking the character, it has to do with fandom and how they have to force their tranny agenda onto everything. My original post >>1874345 was about it, until the tradthots jumped in to call him an effeminated faggot just because he isnt a muscle roid in worn out gymwear i guess

No. 1875192

The shotaporn does unimaginable things to the psyche

No. 1875193

How would you describe a butch women? Is calling them butch allowed? Or is that pushing the idea that masculine and feminine is a thing, so there's no such thing as a masculine woman?

No. 1875195

nta and idk about the other anons, but I honestly mistook him for being a female character on first glance of one the pics posted kek (and no, before you make assumptions, I'm not into roidpigs/old men/uggos/fatties)

No. 1875201

File: 1706893232936.jpg (695.81 KB, 1920x3413, aloy.jpg)

again what is and isnt feminine completly depens on your personal bias. Men think any woman that doesn wear make up is butch as masculine, meanwhile what you think its butch is most than likely different. Men though pic rel was too masculine, do you think shes 'butch'?
so i guess the trannies that pass are women then?

No. 1875204

File: 1706893364127.jpg (148.69 KB, 1200x675, DhmcvgbW4AAbPib.jpg)

I profusely apologize for their behavior anons. I promise at least 3% of enstars fans are functional.

No. 1875205

File: 1706893397237.jpg (60.42 KB, 596x771, masculine as hell according to…)

all of you sound like this moid kek

No. 1875212

you always avatarfag with the same asobiasobase pictures

No. 1875214

Idk how to tell you this but reaction pics can be downloaded by other people. I'm not whoever you think I am.

No. 1875215

Kek I'm not even participating in this mess and I'm having fun reading it, for some reason the insanity of the enstars fandom is really endearing to me. There's something so powerful about it.

No. 1875216

File: 1706893708396.jpg (65.43 KB, 1024x605, 8e7edfef975ea0a043ca11a1a1bd30…)

Well shit, I guess we just will never understand your heightened enstars brain, nonnie.
May you spread this knowledge further on other platforms and not here, we tradthots are too brainwashed by men to understand the true husky manliness of enstar men.

No. 1875218

>so i guess the trannies that pass are women then
>trannies that pass
what a leap lmao- we're talking about a highly stylised drawing here, not real humans. all trannies are identifiable as their sex because they cannot escape the reality of biology and sexual dimorphism, no matter how they botch themselves or what hormones they take


she's got plenty of feminine features and is blatantly female, anyone who argues she needs to be prettied/thotted up is a bottom of the barrel retard and best ignored kek

No. 1875220

File: 1706893886855.jpg (63.38 KB, 680x400, 2 masculine.jpg)

again, its completly subjective. You migth think its feminine, i dont. Same reason why moids cope and seethe every time a female character isnt wearing 3 layers of makeup and a pink dress. You are only being a contrarian because i play a game you autistically hate. If instead of my post i posted a twitter ss of some tranny saying that nazuna is a girl actually and transfem all of you would start agreeing with me. 4chan /v/ levels of brainrot going on here.

No. 1875222

microblading, lash extensions, smokey eye makeup, lipstick, foundation, concealer, blush, veneers, forehead botox.

No. 1875223

File: 1706894099692.jpg (56.09 KB, 680x393, vermin.jpg)

>she's got plenty of feminine features and is blatantly female, anyone who argues she needs to be prettied/thotted up is a bottom of the barrel retard and best ignored kek
so you agree what is and isnt perceived as femininity is completly subjective then? alloy was super controversial for being too 'masculine'. You dont agree with those moids, dont you?

No. 1875228

Eh, I didn't hate enstars and still don't. I don't blame the autism of the fans on the property, though the reason why I never got into it was because the amount of deep lore is pretty autistic, which makes a lot of this severe gacha brainrot make sense.

No. 1875229

Nta but the reaction to that character always confused me, because she is a doppelganger of a coworker of mine and you would not bat an eye or think "ew" when you see her. This face is just a plain generic woman face what the fuck was that reaction

No. 1875230

File: 1706894308919.jpg (264.37 KB, 1080x2017, beard.jpg)

kek moids were also seething because she had a ''beard''.
exactly! what is and isnt feminine completly depends on personal bias. None of you would call her 'butch' but moids dont consider her feminine at all. Like seriously i never expected to have this conversation in lc of all places, the newfag plague is very, very obvious.

No. 1875231

It's a videogame sequel on /v/, tbf they just want to shit on stuff for shitting's sake.

No. 1875233

>Like seriously i never expected to have this conversation in lc of all places, the newfag plague is very, very obvious
You're the one that brought it up. You're the one that won't stop sperging about it, and you're the one dumping these images.

No. 1875234

> saying that nazuna is a girl actually and transfem all of you would start agreeing with me.
You’re the one who is equaling femininity with femaleness, and masculinity with being male. Is acknowledging butches as a masculine expression of females saying they’re actually ftm/trans?Because now that is tranny shit (or do you genuinely think butches can be feminine?) I guess we truly are tradthot dot farm now.

No. 1875235

i only started because some of you started sperging like troons at a male character from a franchise you dislike kek still none of you can tell me why he is feminine

No. 1875238

>what is and isnt feminine completly depends on personal bias.
then why the fuck are you ranting at anons for saying he looks like a prissy faggot? why does their personal opinion cause this much seethe? because your personal bias is somehow more correct than other people's?

No. 1875239

People agreed that your husbando wasn't feminine and corrected themselves, he's a flaming homosexual. Then you kept going for some reason, idk.

No. 1875241

no, i just said that femininity/masculinity are made up concepts and that women cannot be masculine regardless of the clothes they wear, and men cannot be feminine either. Whats so difficult to understand? butch women arent real, they are just women who wear shorts and tshirts kek whats so masculine about shorts? you are the reason zoomies think 'genderfluid' aka just wearing all kind of clothes, is a real thing.

No. 1875243

No, i was just explaining that TO THEM he's feminine and then they started reeing and posting ''examples'' of him being 'feminine', and those examples was just him wearing pink clothing. Like i said a trillion times, men used to wear short shorts and fucking croptops not too long ago, and it was considered normal. He's not feminine no matter how much anons ree about it, because thats a made up concept lol

No. 1875245

'masculine' = not fuckable enough for moids. There was nothing masculine about her. Apprently a capable women who doesnt wear makeup = masculine. Sexism at its finest.

No. 1875246

File: 1706894811967.jpeg (166.13 KB, 1212x490, IMG_7354.jpeg)

What is femininity to you? What makes a man feminine?
And how comd a man whose body and presentation is so feminine it gets him mistaken for a female by other characters, who wears things socially associated with femininity, who likes things socially associated with femininity (cute things, little rabbits, pastel colours, small animal accessories, soft music’ etc) somehow not feminine?

No. 1875247

I was just genuinely curious, tbh. I didn't expect you to start dumping your PowerPoint on some Xbox game and 4chan.

No. 1875249

Thank you. The whole concept or masculine/feminine is such made up bullshit. This is actually a society gender issue. Anyone who has read history knows men used to wear makeup and wigs, more so than women did.

No. 1875250

File: 1706894932456.png (32.53 KB, 642x336, 1698051240971.png)

The current success of Hazbin Hotel, even by people who disliked it, is a good illustration of why authors having creative freedom isn't always a thing. I do think restrictions have to be put on to create a cohesive story. Anime and manga have a very similar track period where editors forced creators to have restraints, with juvenile/pervy humor and have proper pacing
picrel are basically the confirmed changes that Kishimoto admitted that he was forced to add in by his editors.

No. 1875251

see, now that i posted men saying the same you agree that it is a made up shit.
again, whats feminine about those things? is alloy masculine because she isnt into pink and rabbits and doesnt wear make up? also, google also said that women are those who consider themselves women regardless of having vaginas or not KEK its almost as if the definition of words is always changing according to what benefits moids

No. 1875256

> men used to wear short shorts and fucking croptops not too long ago, and it was considered normal.
> used to
Anon learns about social constructs
> whats so masculine about shorts? you are the reason zoomies think 'genderfluid' aka just wearing all kind of clothes, is a real thing.
You’re ironically playing right into zoomies genderfluid delusions, thinking that masculinity and maleness are bound to each other. Even if you don’t like it, even if you throw tantrums about it, masculine is the term for things socially associated with men (not the same as having cock and balls) and femininity is also very real. Saying it isn’t is denying the socialization females are forced to go through. We are socialized to be feminine, meek, spinning on a skirt, while men are socialized to be masculine, outspoken, rowdy, assertive, play tough. Is that not real? Is women’s oppression enforced by making us wear goofy skirts and makeup not real because (spins roulette) Ireland men wear skirts and visual kei men wear make-up so somehow those aren’t at all traits socialized into females now?

No. 1875257

Sometimes it works out, sometimes the editor fucks up a lot.
Kishimoto got lucky, but I've also seen cases where they sex things up even though it was unnecessary.

No. 1875260

No point arguing with her. She sounds like someone who doesn't even understand the points she's making.

No. 1875261

I don't agree with your particular schizo babble, no. But if a lady passed me in the street looking like Alloy, I'd recognise her as female and not particularly butch/masculine. Please go outside and do some people watching, and try not to listen to the little man apparently living in your head.

Also just because some of the most retarded and pornsick moids shit themselves over her appearance, doesn't mean that was how normies reacted (even, gasp, normie moids)

No. 1875263

>women cannot be masculine
>men cannot be feminine either
>butch women arent real
nonnies, the bait is so obvious just let them be

No. 1875269

i never said masculinity and maleness are tied to eachother, i just said its a bullshit made up concept, again, what dont you understand?
>masculine is the term for things socially associated with men (not the same as having cock and balls) and femininity is also very real.
so is alloy masculine then? why? because she doesnt look like a pornstar?
>We are socialized to be feminine, meek, spinning on a skirt, while men are socialized to be masculine, outspoken, rowdy, assertive, play tough. Is that not real? Is women’s oppression enforced by making us wear goofy skirts and makeup not real because (spins roulette) Ireland men wear skirts and visual kei men wear make-up so somehow those aren’t at all traits socialized into females now?
you are not only propagating it even further but also projecting onto a male character who isnt even real.
> Ireland men wear skirts and visual kei men wear make-up so somehow those aren’t at all traits socialized into females now?
scottish men in kilt are feminine now? according to who, you? even though they are literally tradionally masculine in that country?

No. 1875270

I just saw a 30 year old woman with 1500 followers tweeting
>the game ALLOWED you to date a gay man
What compells someone to be such an NLOG?

No. 1875271

again you cannot disprove masculinity/feminity arent concepts made and perpetuated by men. I guess i am butch actually since i dont wear makeup, have short hair and dont shave, but also i wear dresses, bikinis and pants. What am i to you? genderfluid? kek(how can one woman derail so much)

No. 1875281

some of you are actually really dumb. I never said alloy was masculine, i was just using her as an example of how what people perceive what is and isnt masculine is completly subjective. To you she isnt masculine, but to some moids she is. Who is in the right? if you disagree with the moids then you agree with me

No. 1875282

What if I think both aloy and the ensemble stars faggot are feminine. what now?

No. 1875283

>either agree with the moids or agree with me and my gacha boys
Black and white thinking is weak, come on now.

No. 1875286

in general, a lot of people think the best thing for creativity is boundless freedom, but actually having constraints (set by yourself and/or other people such as an editor or director) can improve both the overall process (as you have to engage in more problem solving and know the boundaries of what you're making) and obviously the end product. The problem with a lot of online projects is that they take a long time, have massive scope creep, and have little to no constraints over what can be done or included.

I do find it impressive though when a creator can still put out something coherent though when their work is heavily altered by editor demands, with dbz/Akira Toriyama being a popular example.

No. 1875287

then you also agree with me that masculinity/feminity is subjective kek. You are so dead set in being right you are literally agreein with me but in a very pissed children way.
so you agree with moids that alloy is masculine because she isnt wearing make up and pretty princess clothes like nezuna?

No. 1875288

Are the moids saying that the black and white "either you're with me or you're a brainwashed tradthot" thinking is completely retarded?

No. 1875289

You got the name of the character wrong, sperg

No. 1875290

i love how what you proved me right but you are still acting smug kek i guess you dont like being compared to moids even though both of you think the same? moids also think nezuna is feminine because he likes cute things and men cannot like cute things!

No. 1875291

Gacha rotted your brain so much you don't realize that you're talking on a forum and not one on one…

No. 1875292

The putting in sasuke is shocking me more than the furry tendencies.

No. 1875296

There you go again equating gender stereotypes with sex.

No. 1875301

Most of the time this applies to male creators having to have a wrangler stop them from being a full on chuunibyou degenerate, female creators often get stumped by editors telling them that male consumers/producers/investors wouldn't like this or would feel threatened by such and such.

No. 1875302

your hatred towards an autistic game fried your brain so much you are agreeing with moids just to 'own' someone who plays said game. If you disagree that alloy is masculine then you agree with me that what is and isnt feminine/masculine is completly subjective.
i am saying literally the opposite. Why cant fashion and cute things be 'masculine'? men used to wear dresses and make up a long time ago, what makes it feminine now?

No. 1875306

Black and White thinking is a scrote tactic. If you disagree with me, you are moid brained, if you agree with me, then you'll realize that you should put the game down.

No. 1875307

>what makes it feminine now?
social norms. which are mutable but still affect everything we experience so no they are not "bullshit" as you claim

No. 1875308

>having him make the names of jutsu consistent for worldbuilding's sake, rather than random and all over the place
i can feel this one lmao. also picturing everything being the exact same except Naruto is inexplicably just a normal ass fox for all of it kek

No. 1875312

you can also see some of the death threat letters anno received in the EoE movie during the instrumentality scene

No. 1875315

truly wondering what story he had in mind without Sasuke involved

No. 1875317

It's funny how enstars always attracts the worst bullshit online, you could probably have an entire thread on the drama but I don't follow that fandom close enough to know many spicy incidents. From my memory:
>official english discord gets made and mentally ill zoomers make the mods nuke it
>a character used the line "revenge porn" to another male group and got the game censored
>japanese fans attacking hololive because the blue haired one kept monetizing enstars covers, used the artstyle and mads a song where she ships herself with ritsu (song was written by an official enstars lyricist)
>said drama causes the company to prohibit fans from profiting on fan made merch and comissions
>okama character who gets told YWNBAW by other characters gets retconned to be trans

Otherwise it's all the usual mentally ill twitter zoomer stuff and on the japanese side wars between straight women and fujos.

No. 1875321

Im glad I disengaged from the fandom before the new game even came out. Cursed ass franchise.

No. 1875342

Wait by “including sasuke” does he mean as a character?? He didn’t plan for him originally and his editor told him to do it??

No. 1875345

File: 1706899416954.png (1.32 MB, 1275x748, WYSoHP8.png)

>truly wondering what story he had in mind without Sasuke involved
That would be Kishimoto's samurai 8, where he had been granted greater control and without any constraints. Essentially, samurai 8 embodies what Naruto would have been like, traveling to various villages and going on wacky adventures
this interview goes more into it but I'll post the most important parts

>Kishimoto didn’t actually originally intend for that kind of setting. Originally he intended to focus on various missions that Naruto went on, meeting 4-man cells from other villages. The teachers of the 4-man cell would be Kakashis rival. But after discussing this with his editor, he was told there wouldn’t be time for such a slow-paced development, so he needed to come bring all these characters and villages out at once. You’re going to make a tournament. Kishimoto said he can’t do it and if he did it’d kill him [not literally], but he was told to do it even if it kills him. That is how the Chuunin exams arc came about. That was what he was forced to do. But even now he wish he could do his original idea about focusing on missions.

>So he found it really difficult coming up with so many new characters and their designs in one go with no material to go on. So he asked for some designs from his editor to help, who saw a really weird looking keychain (?) and made drawings based on that, and that’s where Gai and Lee’s etc designs came from.
>At the time he was just making these things up for the excitement and suspense, but didn’t pick up on what to do with some of these threads long-term until later. Basically he was making it up as he went. Even with Sasuke’s backstory, at the time of the Wave Arc, all that had been thought out was that Sasuke had an elder brother who had done something bad, and that was it. Kishimoto admits the planning was very hazy at this point. However, at the point where Itachi is actually introduced, Kishimoto had decided to secretly make him a good guy, but the reason he did something bad was because of circumstances. Kishimoto also says that although he introduced the Sharingan as being able to copy moves, the premise on what the Sharingan could do changed drastically over the course of the storyline.
Here he's asked about Sakura
>On Sakura’s popularity & character - Kobayashi then asks about Sakura. Kishimoto says he tried to write her more realistically [than other characters], and tried to show a girl’s ‘real’ self/ feelings [through inner Sakura]. He thought she would appeal to female fans, but was surprised when she actually became hated. Kobayashi asks if there was a lot of Sakura hate, and Kishimoto says there was, and even young girls told him they hate her. Kishimoto said that he continued on regretting Sakura’s character.
>Kishimoto explains that Hinata, like Sakura, never really did anything but her popularity just kept going up and up, so part way through the story he started to wonder whether he should make her the main heroine instead, or at least gradually write her into the direction of the heroine.

No. 1875351

It just feels like he wanted Naruto to be for a much much younger audience (hence all the animals)

No. 1875357

>a character used the line "revenge porn" to another male group and got the game censored
i love eichi so much

No. 1875361

Isayami/AOT I understand (as in it’s a response to something from the material, i think the fans are awful for doing it still) but for BNHA the fans were convinced the characters were gay and were so enraged that Deku (I think?) wasn’t actually gay. That makes the fans so detached from the show they’re watching and contributes to the stereotype of a certain fan that doesn’t even engage with the medium they’re obsessing over.

No. 1875363

Same, also when he implied the others whored themselves out to get to the top. Regina George-ass bitch.

No. 1875366

File: 1706899999214.png (298.45 KB, 400x491, 1699778015873.png)

lc users wish they were him

No. 1875380

I don't think most T4T posters actually care about it. It's usually just for virtue signalling purposes and so they have an excuse to show their ship isn't a lame "cishet" dynamic, same with how people used to say "my ship isn't het it's bi4bi" when they'd get shat on for liking M/F. I rarely ever see the bajillions of T4T tweets ever get translated into content, those people aren't making art or fanfics. Most trans content is turning one half of a gay pairing into the opposite sex anyway.

No. 1875381

I would have been more interested in Naruto if he was an actual fox.

No. 1875386

Please stop derailing/infighting about what makes something masculine/feminine, no1currs.

No. 1875388

>It's usually just for virtue signalling purposes and so they have an excuse to show their ship isn't a lame "cishet" dynamic, same with how people used to say "my ship isn't het it's bi4bi" when they'd get shat on for liking M/F.
In my fandom they heterofy m/m ships shipping the boys with women or the other male character genderbent as a woman and then say "b-but it's bi4bi!! stop calling it a heterosexual ship it's bisexual erasure!!!!". It's straight aligned unironically triggered by being excluded from the cool rainbow kids club so they conduct all sorts of 7 layer 5D chess gaslighting strategies to make a straight ship not straight. It's nothing as "noble" as virtue signaling, it's just hurt feelings and insecurity.

No. 1875392

I think i'm about to become an enstarsfag because of him, i will blame you nonnies
Kek did that nonna get banned?

No. 1875396

It's a game made for children and half the cast are minors, of course it would attract childish or deranged individuals

No. 1875403

>game made for children
I don't think a gacha game is appropriate for children, at all. It's actually rated 17+ and it seems to have some dark themes here and there.

No. 1875408

Ok sorry. The slightly edgy 17+ gacha with the english 12+ release about high school boys was not made for children.

No. 1875410

>he was told there wouldn’t be time for such a slow-paced development
>piece of trash runs for 15 years
Stop making me feeel sympathetic for Kishimoto

No. 1875412

File: 1706902601891.jpeg (119.25 KB, 996x1053, IMG_7355.jpeg)

Nonnie, there’s an event where one of the twins (abused by his father to the point he has to beg for food/money on the street) tries to kill himself by jumping off a building. The red haired character looks under his little brother’s bed looking for porn magazines and asks him what’s his taste in porn, makes dick jokes (“Ibara having a snake in his pants”) and there’s picrel. There are bodies of an hero’d students post-Eichi’s regime buried near the school AFAIK. It’s definitely oriented to young adults

No. 1875416

Did this Eichi guy led another dude to suicide? CAuse I'mm have to second this >>1875392

No. 1875418

Holy shit I had no idea enstars was this edgy, maybe I need to give it a try.

No. 1875419

off topic but whenever i look at rinne i can never see him as an anime boy, he's an honest to god actual scrote

No. 1875441

Stop fucking talking about enstars. This isn’t a fandom discussion thread, this is a fandom DRAMA thread. The only milk here are the conversations that YOU nonnies are having amongst yourselves. Shut it and take that shit somewhere else.

No. 1875445

Samefag, actually while I’m at it, it’s only ever the enstards that detail the thread with their fuckass faggot fuck-faced twinks. Can we please ensture that the next version SPECIFICALLY excludes any mention of gachardation in the description (unless explicitly drama related), please and thank you.

No. 1875452

No. 1875453

thats still dumb, because like i said, all ES characters would be considered feminine by moid's standars. Kuro literally sews and makes clothes and he's the 'manliest' ES boy.(STILL derailing)

No. 1875454

File: 1706907235632.png (405.69 KB, 599x637, A9wODBL.png)

Sokka being sexist was obviously shown as being in the wrong and him becoming better was a character development for him.

No. 1875457

You already know it's going to be trash.
I've heard they changed many other story elements. Not even going to bother watching.

No. 1875459

Modern media isn't allowed to have well written characters anymore. If it doesn't fit a trope that's popular, it's out. I haven't enjoyed a single movie made in the last 10 years

No. 1875460

at least the characters are race accurate…

No. 1875465

the CGI is going to be so bad

No. 1875466

Here's what the director had to say about it.
>Sokka is a beloved character in Avatar: The Last Airbender. He's also known for a bit of comic sexism, at least in the very early part of the series. Ultimately, he grows quite a bit over the course of the story, but the reboot's creators nevertheless plan to change the emphasis on some of the parts of his arc they feel haven't aged quite as well.
>One way or another, the live-action adaptation's creators seem to have their own ideas about how to approach the story. Speaking with IGN in a separate interview, showrunner Albert Kim echoed some of the points made by Ousley and Kiawentiio.
>"There are certain roles I think that Katara did in the cartoon that we didn't necessarily also do here," Kim said. "I mean, I don't want to really get into a lot of that, but some gender issues that didn't quite translate from the cartoon."
>"With Sokka being quite abrasive in the early part of the show, Kim said that Netflix wanted to guard against him being perceived as outright unlikable.
>"Yeah. So we had to guard against that kind of stuff," Kim explained. "And so, those are things that aren't really changing a character as so much as updating them a little bit. And in terms of plot points, yeah, there was a lot of things that we, in the writer's room, we put down, 'These are the mileposts that we're going to hit'…We knew where the big story would begin and end.

No. 1875475

it is hilariously pathetic how the only difference is the thick layer of make-up and the customer service smile. Peak male retardation and face blindness. Wasn't there a scrote outcry over this character being gay too ?

Thinking about reading this, I love Kishimoto's art style but could never be assed with Naruto knowing the writing is shit (and all the hot long haired dudes die apparently, which is actually even more of a deal breaker and the true reason I never picked it up as a teen, kek)

I don't feel too bad for him though when pretty much all Jump authors get bullied by editors into changing their stories and still manage to write something ok, even if it really sucks. None of this means much considering the enormous success of Naruto anyway.

On a side note Demon Slayer doesn't get enough slander for its terrible pacing and its overall surface-levelness.

No. 1875482

I've read a few chapter and It's not my cup of tea and I can see why it never got populat, but it is very charming.

No. 1875485

Demon Slayer? It got ridiculously popular, just only in Japan.

No. 1875489

Anon probably meant Samurai 8. And Demon Slayer was the biggest shonen fandom in the west too for a hot minute before JJK stole the show (due to having more and better characters to simp for I guess…)

No. 1875491

Are we living in different timelines or something? Demon Slayer was everywhere before JJK became the next flavour of the month anime

No. 1875496

That's what I just said anon. Kek, am I just so bad at english to the point that reading comprehension leaves the chat every time I show up ?

No. 1875498

I was already in the middle of typing my comment before yours showed up for me kek, at least there are two of us that remember how popular Demon Slayer was at its peak.

No. 1875500

Nta but yeah, AOT ending was dogshit and ruined the entire series for me. And this time, it was the writer ruining it for a ship and the fans sending death threats over the ship actually happening, that's how bad it was.