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File: 1704074300451.jpg (643.64 KB, 900x608, 父水_2024.jpg)

No. 345951

2024 Edition!
>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as other media aimed at (or with fanservice for) fujoshis.

>Discussion of BL games here is okay, but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed, try to avoid divisiveness between slashers and classic fujos.
>No straight shit, there are other threads for that.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males and trolls who come to provoke.
>Keep the armchair psychology to a minimum, we've heard it all before.
>Be nice to each other, we fujos should stick together.

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No. 345952

File: 1704074652719.jpg (836.87 KB, 2894x4093, 20231231_194507.jpg)

Sorry if the thread pic is a little boring but these two have had JP fujos in a chokehold since that movie came out

No. 345953

File: 1704074688971.jpg (973.07 KB, 2894x4093, 20231231_194501.jpg)

No. 345954

File: 1704074744228.jpg (2.46 MB, 1200x1200, 113536946-0.jpg)

No. 345965

I've been seeing them all over social media, what are they from?

No. 345969

File: 1704083763451.jpg (686 KB, 1778x2048, 20231222_083704.jpg)

Yukata is gegero suit is mizuki, they're from the new gegege no kitaro movie that came out about 2 months ago. It's doing crazy numbers in the box office, fujo blockbuster. Not subbed yet though.

No. 345979

Totes sensible response I hate his face and want it and everything about this film and its characters vanished from my sight

How is the new year treating you so far? Wishing fantastic art for all our OTPs and fave boys

No. 345985

File: 1704097307032.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.17 KB, 680x606, F9yFOdVWsAAVgnJ.jpeg)

Need more fishing or fisting. Does anyone have Monster Boy, Kemonomimi or Mermaid recommendations?

No. 345988

File: 1704097486423.png (592.45 KB, 1479x1774, 1704097509910.png)

you VILL accept the grey hair seme/short brown hair uke ship of the week

No. 345990

File: 1704098370894.jpg (346.62 KB, 2056x2560, I've heard devil survivor 2 al…)

Come on anon at least use some actual kawoclones for the meme.

No. 345991

all but two of those are irrelevant I'm talking it-boys only

No. 345992

File: 1704099161383.png (Spoiler Image,387.49 KB, 808x1000, 95854214_p31.png)

NAY! I shall accept no substitute and no imitation!

No. 345993

File: 1704099215928.png (Spoiler Image,474.25 KB, 779x759, 79824140_p2.png)

Bonus of them sucking on balls together

No. 345994

File: 1704099324299.png (852.91 KB, 1280x914, CwUMlVmUAAAouOp.png)

I haven't thought about victuuri in a while but seeing them now makes me miss them, why did sayo fumble the bag so hard

No. 345995

File: 1704099375804.png (508.12 KB, 1102x827, EUKXwq0U4AAyU42.png)

But niche boys are the best boys.

No. 345996

File: 1704099734827.jpg (Spoiler Image,192.22 KB, 900x1270, naitatte004.jpg)

There is a doujin involving Victor crossdressing and it was so good and cute. I didn't watch the series so I'm not sure how ic or ooc it is but this is one of the best panels

No. 345997

File: 1704099825142.jpg (Spoiler Image,270.79 KB, 900x1281, naitatte009.jpg)

It was a full short story, but deserved a follow up

No. 346002

File: 1704105336443.png (2.5 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

Speaking of shipping, I wanna see you guys' top BL ships of all time. Whether canon from a BL or fandom shipping, it doesn't matter to me.

Use this:

No. 346003

File: 1704106262463.jpg (158.39 KB, 1210x1204, F0D116BF-2B6D-4741-AA88-A71C87…)

Already outdated but I don't feel like making another one right now.

No. 346008

i don't understand this website kek

going through the fics i've written since 2014, my top ships in the past (almost) 10 years were:

>imanaru (yowapeda)

>yamatsuki (hq)
>furumiyu (daiya)
>akat (bsd)
>kiribaku (bnha)
>ignoct (ffxv)
>dimilix (fe3h)
>floazu (twst)
>sugusato (jjk)

i then fell out of anime for like 2-3 years and only read bl webtoons for a while.

No. 346014

File: 1704124441332.jpg (420.06 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

I wanted to nico x percy as well but there was no space left

No. 346017

the middle bottom, who are they please?

No. 346019

yoo joonghyuk and kim dokja from omniscient reader

No. 346043

File: 1704131679895.jpeg (278.99 KB, 1290x1320, 0EDB5E82-4751-4A4B-B4AB-97E6D1…)

Any and all SP shipping is based kek
Kyle x Stan is my favorite pairing but Kenny is my favorite character and I just don’t have a good pairing for him. I don’t mind seeing him paired with others but I don’t have a favorite ship.

No. 346049

File: 1704133146550.jpeg (328.8 KB, 1290x1906, 31978411-D4BC-4B7E-BB36-BD5773…)

Samefag to say Kenny x Craig makes the most sense but mysterion x professor chaos is wholesome and adorable. I don’t know how I feel about Kenny x butters since their personalities are so different outside of their alter egos.

I’ll stop now since I’m not sure if western ships are allowed and there is already a SP thread kek

No. 346061

uhhmm it's grey hair uke and brown hair seme….

No. 346062

Only ship I can think of like that is maybe Komahina

No. 346063

File: 1704137876592.png (213.98 KB, 1108x802, 39498219_p29.png)

>cellphone kawoshin
I will never not find it hilarious how obviously Akise was a Kaworu clone. They didn't even try kek, probably why he was one of the better aspects of that dogshit series
>gray hair seme/short brown hair uke
take the shinkawo pill

No. 346065

>he was one of the better aspects of that dogshit series
It was pretty entertaining I’d say, definitely not good but entertaining and fun in the way code geass is also the first OP is god tier
>take the shinkawo pill
Too contrarian, especially after EOE where Kaworu literally penetrates him with the lance of Longinus.

No. 346066

File: 1704138806481.png (Spoiler Image,277.23 KB, 1280x660, 1444434176739.png)

Also doesn’t help that there’s a shot of Shinji with boobs in EOE…

No. 346067

touya and yukito are a canon grey hair uke and brown hair seme ship

No. 346068

Ah yeah you’re right, they’re so boring that I forgot about them though.

No. 346071

File: 1704140764356.png (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1215x721, Screenshot (3503).png)


well, yes

No. 346072

i think they're boring too, i just remembered them because yukito and komaeda have the same va. her voice is really hot i wish she did bl.

No. 346080

males will fap to fanart of a female character fucking dogs or walking around with tits the size of chicago's bean (she's flat in canon) then apply hardcore scrutinity to like, a simple ship photo. this is specifically in reference to scrotes who mouth breathe over makima being a "mommy dommy" then whine about how impossible it is for akiangel to touch lol. suicide NOW

No. 346087

File: 1704146330107.jpg (134.55 KB, 802x1200, oh no.jpg)

Just another day browsing taobao

No. 346088

File: 1704146367033.jpg (73.4 KB, 720x720, IMG_5825.jpg)

I like to wonder how many people have bought these

No. 346107

Something about the English translator for that VN seething because of lot of people said that the characters reminded them of Yu and Yosuke from Persona 4 a lot in terms of looks will always amuse me.

No. 346110

Is that fucking izumi sena in the sex dungeon?

No. 346113

Yes apparently.

No. 346116

They're cute, would you mind sharing the link?

No. 346117

File: 1704154160493.jpg (91.08 KB, 720x720, dummy boys go in here.jpg)

No. 346119


No. 346140

File: 1704174007444.jpeg (299.93 KB, 1280x2091, 7a9b906d426959636aa04e5f63251b…)

im reading nerd project right now and the ml is so fuckin fine

No. 346153

nonas have you ever been in a fandom where the popular ships on the Japanese side are different from the western side? I entered a fandom and noticed my ship is a rarepair on AO3, whereas it's pretty popular among Japanese artists on Twitter. On one hand I'm glad for the good art, on the other hand I'm depressed that there's no good fics to read kek

No. 346155

I've found this to be pretty common regarding ships that are seen more as "taboo" here in the west, is yours like that? If you don't mind putting up with jank machine translation, you might find some good fics on pixiv or weibo.

No. 346244

I love Harada so much, anons. I want to go to Japan and propose to her. What are my chances?

No. 346245

Not in the JJK fandom but apparently Gojo/Yuji is the most popular ship among Japanese fans whereas it's Gojo/Geto for Westies. Seems like there's still a lot of Japanese GG fans though so it's not like there's a fanart drought.

No. 346246

A little similar but I've had ships popular in china (in danmei fandom) that just straight up don't exist in english speaking spheres. It is frustrating especially in chinese because finding smut is more difficult.

No. 346249

i don't think my ship is that taboo, they're allies and close in age. the popular ship on ao3 actually has a canonical age gap and power imbalance. if im that desperate i might read pixiv fics, but for now im satisfied with just seeing good art on my timeline. i heard chatgpt is actually pretty decent for translating things, though i havent tried it myself

interesting, why do you think that is? are certain characters more popular in chinese fandom vs english fandom? it could also be a ripple effect where a BNF writes for a particular ship and then everyone else in the fandom hops on the bandwagon and writes more fics for that ship. i feel like that's the case for my fandom

No. 346254

File: 1704248174585.jpeg (137.89 KB, 684x900, F93O7DvXsAAYHcX.jpeg)

What songs do you associate with your ships?

No. 346257

Reverse discord groomer ship is hot

I can't post all my otp songs because it's too embarrassing but this one reminds me of Towa and Taku a little if the anon who likes them is still here

No. 346258

Here's a personal otp one but I'm not admitting who I associate it with

No. 346270

File: 1704257033678.jpeg (37.25 KB, 488x488, GUEST_1ca3d4ea-4cda-41d2-a955-…)

Hope this is okay to post here. I read this book that a nona recommended in the book thread >>344961 and the WW1 setting was a really refreshing change of pace. I wish JP manga would use war settings more frequently because the despair, loneliness, and abject horror bring out both the ugliest and purest feelings in men that are fertile grounds for homoeroticism in a way not many other settings are. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants something truly gruesome and heartbreaking (it's got a happy-ish ending though). I will be venturing further into the world of Western M/M fiction and reporting back with my findings. Currently reading some Mary Renault.

No. 346289

Love me some toxic problematic evil villain men fucking each other. My runner up song would be Sick Thoughts by Lewis Blissett.

No. 346290

No. 346293

No. 346297

No. 346298

Other anons brought up taboo ships but I experienced this with a ship that were a duo that completed each other but both of them were weird and required critical thinking to understand the motives of so it was very rare in the west while there was a solid Japanese fanbase. Though some Japanese art was ooc, I found that they wrote them better than the westies despite the translation machine barrier. From my experience both sides like tropes but if a ship doesn't fit any tropes there will still be autists that obsess over them in Japanese fandoms. Also feels like Japanese fans only care about a character or ship and westies engage in everything about the franchise so maybe that's why they don't bother putting in effort to understand everything.

No. 346300

File: 1704269114035.gif (1.3 MB, 498x309, room-no9-room9.gif)

kek I see it when seiji's hair is wet. a nucani artist I follow gets pissed about that kind of thing too, but in her case it's a lot of genshin impact gendies leaving annoying comments on her posts so I get it.

No. 346303

>Implying I don't have whole-ass playlists for each of my ships

No. 346304

> toxic problematic evil villain men fucking each other
Same. Vidrel is my favorite song for that dynamic.

No. 346306

>Currently reading some Mary Renault.
Based. Renault was the OG fujo queen.

No. 346307

File: 1704270655428.jpg (102.75 KB, 1152x1080, EMwAIKQWsAE2w0m.jpg)

I had a South Park phase in college. I still watch new episodes, but I'm not super active in the fandom. I'm basic, so Bunny and Creek were my favorites.

No. 346321

I always wondered what the big deal was when anons were spazzing out about cuntboys and trans headcanons because I thought they were cringe but rare enough to just shrug off, but after seeing a guy from a ship I like being drawn being fucked in a vagina and people clapping their hands at it evoked some visceral disgust in me and I finally understood. I hate PIV as a concept to begin with and have no interest in straight sex which is precisely why I'm only into BL and GL, it's just plain old hetbending with window dressing and nothing less. The way it's left untagged speaks of their entitlement, you'd think people "woke" enough to put a cock filled female vagina on an anime man would respect a lot of women ESPECIALLY in the fujo scene being averse to PIV but no, you have to see that filth because they get off to it and consider heterosexual sex the default state everyone should deal with. I'm autistically angry about this and I apologie for the rant, I just had to get it out.

No. 346327

I'm glad you finally see the light, nonna.

No. 346366

The problem is that they're not rare at all these days, at least among western fans. I mentioned this in the bad art thread, but it's especially common if a character is canonically gay, bisexual, or even just GNC:
>They make lesbians into TiMs and gay men into TiFs. It's like they're disgusted by the idea of a gay person and have this weird need to pretend that they're sterilized, mutilated straight people of the opposite sex instead.
You can mostly escape from this by following Japanese and Korean artists instead, but unfortunately the cancer is beginning to spread outside anglophone countries. Still, it's reliable way to avoid seeing titchop scars and vaginas in art of your favorite slash ships.

No. 346385

What problematic tropes do you miss seeing in BL/fanfiction/shipping in general nonnas? For me it's the sibling incest.

No. 346386

Do you mean like full on incest or the whole stepbrother or stepdad trope? I don’t mind the half-way incest even if it does still make me cringe a little kek

No. 346387

Nta but I've seen many korean/asian artists being into cuntboy shit unfortunately. Maybe it's because I follow korean artists more but it almost seems like they're more into it than western people (also western genderspecials see it as offensive sometimes).

No. 346394

I feel you. Even male futa where he still has a dick and balls leaves a bad taste in my mouth, full on making him a woman is too much. Even worse is how you can't say anything about it without being accused of bigotry
Asian artists do cuntboy stuff too, but from what I can tell it's always a one-off fetish thing for them. Still gross, but it's usually not their main focus like it is with Western artists. They'll always tag it too, thankfully

No. 346400

I listened to this song on repeat all night while reading fic so now it's permanently engraved in my mind as their song
thanks sm for the recs

No. 346406

Teacher and (18yo) student.

No. 346434

>(18yo) student

No. 346441

what ship is this? i love placebo.

No. 346442

No. 346447

At least it's mainly a fanwork thing. If cuntboy ever gets popular in original content like through omegaverse or some shit it's officially over for BL.

No. 346455

Being a Kailen shipper we get a few songs with the actual voices. Always makes me so stoked to see them.

No. 346477

File: 1704356550669.png (2.42 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

Holy based taste nona

No. 346478

cute song for cute ship

No. 346486

I like when the student is a jock or delinquent type, and generally you only get that in cases where the student is older.

No. 346489

Full on, if it's halfway or step siblings then it's a fucking nothingburger. I want to see fucked up shit.

No. 346490


right back at you nona

No. 346547

File: 1704401422860.png (2.57 MB, 1243x1449, Untitled.png)

nu carnival's new event has the hot mc fuck another parallel world version of himself, the fandom (including myself) is losing their shit but in a good way

No. 346550

For those of us who read BL and het smut with equal enthusiasm, the dickgirls and cuntboys are still disgusting. It's not specifically PIV we hate, it's their audacity to cut and paste body parts like they are replaceable. They will take a perfectly fine gay and ruin his body just because of their shitty ass delululu. Vaginas are not a part of the male anatomy! Even though I wouldn't have cared if the character's body was fully female in the first place, seeing vaginas stapled on anime men creates in me the same disgust you mentioned.

No. 346568

File: 1704407944535.jpg (333.59 KB, 1632x1632, 3x3_dumb.jpg)


No. 346572

Selfcest is supremely hot. I read this danmei novel where a guy who abused his lover dies and gets reborn back in time in his lovers body where he has to endure getting abused by his past self. It was a serious mindfuck. Title was Turns Out I'm Crazy

No. 346575

That sounds incredibly hot and I need to see this with my own eyes

No. 346581

i was the original nonna who rec'd this! i'm glad everyone i'm recommending this to is loving it. i already got three of my friends to read it and they still haven't recovered.

>I wish JP manga would use war settings more frequently because the despair, loneliness, and abject horror bring out both the ugliest and purest feelings in men that are fertile grounds for homoeroticism in a way not many other settings are.

i agree with this so much. also i just really love military settings. the uniforms, the strict hierarchies, the idea of dying for a cause you wholeheartedly believe in, the ptsd, tending to injured comrades… we need more war time yaoi.

No. 346617

File: 1704420694053.png (197.3 KB, 800x800, 3x3.png)

I should totally replace hifudo with one of my literal who ships but eh I still love hifudo

No. 346619

Kek based. The most I can handle is two seme brothers sharing the same uke at the same time and step relatives. Although if the characters are hot enough and the chemistry is good, I think I could do a full incest ship with two brothers.

No. 346622

agreed. sucks that it's so rare

No. 346632

nona is that hwei and jhin?

No. 346634

you don't know about the gofile link, do you?

No. 346640

This, I am bisexual and I enjoy m/m, m/f, and f/f fanfics, but I will never read anything with a FTM genderbend character because it turns a cool guy into a sad self-hating woman. Just make the male character into a female version of himself if you want him to have vaginal sex so badly. I'm totally here for fanfics where a male character gets magically turned fully into a woman (or woman into man) temporarily, but the sexual dynamics between a man and a woman pretending to be a man would never be the same as the dynamics between 2 Y chromosome male characters.

No. 346667

Personanonny, I salute you for your taste immensely

No. 346810

File: 1704504939048.png (269.01 KB, 960x1200, Ikuina.PNG.png)

No. 346859

File: 1704525149797.png (71.67 KB, 1096x298, yaoi jesus.png)

Aoba san get!

No. 346874

nice, anon! I just ordered towa from the same site lol hope he gets to you safely

No. 346888

File: 1704549296840.jpg (317.12 KB, 1278x1054, F_9eTV5aIAAjv4K.jpg)

it sure is!

No. 346925

Same to you! I also own the Towa nendoroid so I hope you enjoy him as much as I do!

No. 347038

Congrats! I'm honestly tired of nendos overall at this point but the DMMD nendos are the pride of my collection still, got them when they released and still love them all. Aoba is one of the best and cutest nendos ever.

No. 347046

>I'm honestly tired of nendos overall at this point
Can’t relate hahaha, they’re the main type of figure I collect (with some scales here and there as well, very excited for guro and toilet Towa)
I’m happy with the two I have for DMMD now however, being Aoba and Clear since they’re the only couple I’m super into for it but I think full sets also look really nice (expensive as hell nowadays though).

No. 347809

To anons here who read manhwas can you give me some manhwa bl recommendations?

No. 347814

if you want a light-hearted read with typical manhwa levels of smut try punch drunk love. it doesn't take itself very seriously and its hilarious.

No. 347824

Does anyone know the name of that anime where the two guys are assassins and they adopt the daughter of their targets? I tried looking it up, but English is not my first language and I can’t find it by searching in my language

No. 347825

Buddy Daddies?

No. 347854

kek the anime that is apparently even more heterosexual than spyxfamily?

No. 347953

what exactly are you looking for? and what level of shit art and shit plot can you tolerate?

No. 348013

File: 1705029060008.jpeg (630.64 KB, 1290x1647, 5A9332BB-B8A2-4844-9878-6D174F…)

What exactly are you looking for?
The only manhwa I read is dark toxic stuff. I feel like the Koreans do really well in that area. There’s a handful of lighter stuff I enjoy.

‘Mr. 100% perfect ‘is a good middle ground for me. A little toxic but also wholesome and funny. There’s also a side couple that takes the reins of the main story.
Picrel is from side stories and there is no bdsm theme in this manhwa.

No. 348028

File: 1705047755418.jpg (944.71 KB, 1600x2263, 20240112_002308.jpg)

I came across this and I couldn't help but be a bit surprised at the outfits.

No. 348035

File: 1705051428002.png (73.1 KB, 319x176, important.png)

Not a narutofag but ngl, this is very naisu.

No. 348041

File: 1705055183114.png (22.58 KB, 426x639, mangagamer pls.png)

Have you sent in your wishlist to VN santa yet?

No. 348103

File: 1705071292917.jpg (214.22 KB, 1007x1200, GDPqb1ZbAAArSlE.jpg)

studio pierrot has been milking the narutards for years since they know fujos are the backbone of the fanbase. fujos won't stop shipping naruto and sasuke come hell or high water. now i only wish they would give gaara more slutty outfits. he's basically the exemplar of male moe bait so im surprised they don't try to milk his fans more.

No. 348119

Is that Minato top left? I love the peak of stomach.

No. 348120

top right and bottom right are honestly really nice. Damn

No. 348129

thanks for the reminder nonna i just filled mine out

here's hoping for a shingakkou or laughter land announcement one day

No. 348177

If we do get shingakkou it’s like 99% likely to be JAST or a fantranslation, but I put it in anyway.
Of the three I picked omega vampire is probably the most likely.

No. 348179

File: 1705095957405.png (1.92 MB, 1334x750, IMG_6100.png)

Just guys being dudes

No. 348335

the lack of a shingakkou fan translation still boggles my mind tbh. like, its not a completely obscure title. it has english language fics up on ao3 for it. its one of the most praised BLVN outside of n+c titles. youd think there would've been more of a push for a fan translation project.

i hope to be good enough at reading jp to attempt a fan TL myself, but man for a game w a fairly large amount of text it would be nice to have a team working on it

No. 348343

I feel like it’s a mix of
>it’ll get picked up someday anyway so let’s not bother fan translating it
And the VN just being really long so it would probably need to be a multiple person project like you mentioned. I do think VNs are more popular now than they’ve ever been so we’re seeing more in the way of translations but I still think it’s gonna be a while before we see actual groups get set up.

No. 348348

I need some new BL shows, or just anything really interesting. A bit tired of formulatic manhua and manga with the same tropes and misunderstandings. I don't like seeing sex scenes from the first chapter, it only works in doujinshi not original works. I prefer to see a bit of development first to make me attached to these characters, otherwise the sex is just boring. And a bit of an actual plot intertwined with the romance, two college guys falling in love while nothing else happens in the background is not that fun

No. 348349

Banana Fish?

No. 348364

i would say to search for manga by filtering with "horror", "oneshot", and "BL" on batoto and mangago but it also led to me reading Feeding Lamb so

No. 348373

is that one really BL though

No. 348397

you gotta be more specific than that

No. 348404

File: 1705173951979.jpg (374.47 KB, 1920x1080, Cherry-Magic-anime-teaser-trai…)

Wtf the new BL anime airing right now is actually nice. The animation is pretty good for once, better than some other shows this season. I take back all the mean posts I made about it.

No. 348406

>Uke voiced by guy who does Deuce
>Seme voiced by guy who does Trey
Aww that's cute. But did they really have to make the anime adaptation about as ugly as the manga…

No. 348407

>Feeding Lamb
That stupid comic ruined me for all others. It filled the void in my soul left by years of the Hannibal fandom being dead kek

No. 348417

The first episode was adorable. The seme is creepycute with his respectful obsession with the uke

No. 348428

I think it looks much better than the manga. The manga art really is some boring ugly ass shit. The characters look indistinguishable in the manga.

No. 348435

File: 1705181329496.jpeg (646.93 KB, 1570x1125, IMG_4596.jpeg)

I miss them…

No. 348448

I don't. And I hope the author sells out and keeps making yuri instead of bl.

No. 348452

>yuri instead of BL
>selling out
Kek. Selling out would be going back to BL for good when her yuri that doesn't involve screechy highschool girls with huge tits fondling eachother inevitably flops, which I hope she does.

No. 348453

File: 1705185273260.jpeg (116.35 KB, 703x1000, IMG_4704.jpeg)

She’s working on omegaverse BL and shojo sci-fi simultaneously

No. 348461

I usually don't agree when people say that omegaverse is basically het but in Takatora-kuns case the omegas are meant to be women. It's barely BL.

No. 348468

Any AOT doujins with Eren x Floch? And where can I read them?

No. 348469

File: 1705189241198.png (701.02 KB, 708x1528, 1685743002214_(1).png)

I don't read takatora-kun for the BL I read it for the literally me character blackpiller-kun

No. 348473

File: 1705190823371.png (266.38 KB, 1584x572, Screenshot 2024-01-13 at 19.05…)

Has she actually made a yuri series? Madara Moyou no Yoi isn't yuri (yet). Don't get me wrong I'm sure it would be good if she did. I like mangaka that can do different genres it's refreshing. Even if she just keeps doing weird BL stories I'd be happy. The same old school/workplace romance that either is or isn't rapey depending on the current trend again and again gets old.

No. 348477

She wrote a oneshot about two old ladies who go on an overseas trip after their friend died, it was more like a BFFs story than yuri though

No. 348483

I don't think anyone is reading it for the BL as it's as I said not actual BL.

No. 348523

does that mean you enjoyed it or hated it kek? i personally liked it despite the MCs being absolutely repulsive in both appearance and behaviour, but still somehow i enjoyed reading it

No. 348566

where can i download dramatical murder? sorry for asking to be spoonfeed, but i tried my go to, nyaa, and it's not there.

No. 348571

I usually use rutracker or f95zone but if you don't want to sign up theres a megathread of recommended piracy sites on r/PiratedGames

No. 348656

Serious question: if I want to post my own BL comic, what's the best place for it? Webtoon? Tapas?

No. 348657

He was a dick and this manga kinda sucked.

No. 348658

Both are fine, you can also put it on patreon (it can be publically available) or your own website but those latter options require you to already have a following. Webtoon and tapas both favor the scrolling types now, but if you don't want to separate panels you can just post full pages and people will probably still read it. Don't forget to check their guidelines though, I've heard they've gotten really strict about nudity even if it's not sexual.

No. 348734

File: 1705305581960.jpg (299.03 KB, 730x900, 9561436422174.jpg)

Pre orders are finally up (January to April reservation period) sure took them a while huh?

No. 348835

File: 1705335790738.jpg (102.35 KB, 1200x675, 1000009537.jpg)

Monster and the Beast is highly recommended in my book. Bonus for having an older male lead. there's are translated copies to buy and it appears to be ongoing

No. 348842

I guess I'm in the minority here but I don't dislike cuntboy stuff or male futa (which is even more niche) in BL. Sometimes I want to see PIV without a woman and I like the idea of a guy being able to actually become impregnated. I don't view it as anything similar to ftm as the characters are already male and its a sudden change in genitals. I like seeing how the characters explore the change and the difference in what's pleasurable compared to anal

No. 348851

File: 1705337980303.png (194.58 KB, 1440x1442, this is bait.png)

No. 348852

>No straight shit, there are other threads for that.

No. 348860

nta but
>ree cuntboy
>posts poorly drawn het reaction pic

I'm alright with it only when it happens to the seme or bigger guy via some sort of porno magic. But I absolutely hate mpreg stuff regardless of genitals. If they're going to have a baby make it an egg or some weird spiritual co-birth thing or gross body horror like the sex cocoon in sweet pool, something where they both have to participate.

No. 348862

Don't ever defend cuntboy, even if nonna posted a het reaction image. It's rather unabashed het than stupid pussy boy garbage any day

No. 348868

>rather unabashed het than that
Never in a million years. Hetshit is shit because of the rigid and often boring dynamics, terrible portrayal of women, and strong focus on the woman during sex that's inescapable even in media targeted towards women, not the genitalia. It's slop made for literal female cucks. The whole appeal of BL is the lack of all that, and that extends to cuntboy. The TIFmade stuff however does have the typical het problems, because they want the ukes to be actual girls like them.

No. 348873

Should I download Nu Carnival just because one (1) character is voiced by Tarusuke Shingaki?

No. 348880

I hate that people are replying to the bait too. I just reported it. Trolls like this truly disgust me.

No. 348887

Don't they upload all the content somewhere online?

No. 348891

i sense jealousy of the fact that we yumes get more content than you fujocucks(I sense bait)

No. 348894

what do anons here think of jock studio? its the new game from the camp budddy developers. i liked the demo but just hated all the weird drag queen questions like just why do we need that shit in bl…

No. 348895

I don't know but since it's an eroge I think it's safe to assume players can't upload anything on youtube, right?

No. 348896

File: 1705347735925.jpg (578.23 KB, 1200x670, JS-Pose-2-Preview.jpg)

Just looked it up. Artsyle leaves something to be desired.

No. 348897

Wtf is camp buddies? Is this a western dev shit game?

No. 348898

>giving the guy with the glasses a literal gucci bag
Hideous. All of them.

No. 348900

Now THIS is some low quality bait kek

It's not uploaded to youtube, it's uploaded to mega and telegram. There are a few H scenes on myreadingmanga even but they're very low quality uploads, and they're totally out of context.

No. 348901

is camp buddy even good? the art looked ok but the premise looked like an absolute snorefest

No. 348902

I can't go to MRM anymore unles I use a VPN because it's full of shota garbage anyway. Seems like it's better to just download the game, not spend a cent on it and check scenes I miss online.

No. 348904

i think they gave him a complete gucci design to display the fact that hes rich?

No. 348905

You'll miss 99% of them because it's a difficult, grindy whale game. I recommend following the telegram group, it's not for discussion like a discord it's a locked group where a couple people compile dumps of every scene.

>it's full of shota garbage anyway

Really it's just full of bara and furry garbage…

No. 348908

>Really it's just full of bara and furry garbage…
I remember that too but furry and bara shit isn't illegal where I live.

No. 348909

i assume its because the site is full of gay men

No. 348910

samefag but kek I'm a dumbass, the Nu Carnival app isn't even available yet in my country. I can preinstall it though.

No. 348911

Sage because this is turning into a monologue but it turns out the app I can preinstall was a SFW version of the original game so nevermind, literally what's the point of that thing. I'm back to square one.

No. 348912

the normal version has been out for a long time now, are you talking about a new translation I didn't hear about or the new version of the game with all H scenes removed?

No. 348913

it's a shithole now anyways so they can keep it I guess

No. 348914

>or the new version of the game with all H scenes removed?
Talking about this one from what I've gathered.

No. 348915

is nu carnival very expensive?

No. 348917

You just know a man drew this. Is this meant for women? The art is clearly gay moid brained and disgusting. Why would you want to see this.

No. 348920

camp buddy is for gay scrotes. I tried playing it but it just exudes ball sweat oddor, the guys are too ripped to the point it's just disgusting. I would the rich glasses guy though

No. 348925

You could use bluestacks to play it on your computer maybe?

No. 348930

No need to, I managed to download the app after all. I had to change the settings in FE Heroes for that though but now it should be good, so I'm waiting for more data to be downloaded.

No. 348932

I’m sorry that you live in France but a VPN is like five euros a month. How poor are you?

No. 348933

but hows the plot? is the game mostly porn or not take itself seriously like how western vns tend to?

No. 348934

I saw some cgs and the character had this huge badly drawn bush. It's so unappealing.

No. 348938

File: 1705358156884.png (961.9 KB, 1403x936, ugly lol.png)

it's just porn. They are also all shotas but the devs have no balls so they gave them 6 packs and put them in adult bodies which looks super uncanny on the game itself, even though in the concept art/box art they look obviously shota lol
it's very westoid and scroteish, it doesnt have an ounce of subtlety on the designs and they are all uninspired. Pic rel from their new game is fucking hilarious. The 69 and the massive bulge look so incredibly retarded.

No. 348940

Men are incapable of eroticism I swear

No. 348942

i love that they're teying to sell the ~sexy frenchy~ angle but to a french person "jacques" is a completely unsexy grandpa name. good luck finding anyone under 70 named that.

No. 348943

I didn't feel like getting a VPN just for that when I can just buy BL with fully uncensored dicks and decent translations for just a little bit more, as opposed to some of the shittiest MTL scanlations I've seen in my life. And there are other websites with BL manga anyway, the only thing I miss from MRM is reading some doujinshi but that's it.

No. 348944

ok yeah that college athlete concept is turning me off, jock straps are true gay man territory

No. 348960

File: 1705369338312.jpg (163.76 KB, 900x900, ezgif-5-dce62bc84d.jpg)

Nonnies do you have any recommendations for anything similar to Shutline in terms of art style? I dont like it when the uke is more feminine, I prefer them both to be masculine but it's so hard to find that type of style since most of it is aimed at moids..

No. 348962

File: 1705369844083.png (368.43 KB, 2093x883, yaoi seme.png)

holy shit those proportions are insane

No. 348963

fucking kek

No. 348978

Tbf, that character is supposed to be a rich boy. And from a glance, it looks like he could've come from a family of old money too. It makes sense that such families are more traditional and would give him an old-ass name like Jacques. Though I don't think the devs intended for it to be portrayed the name that way.

No. 348985

why do you think I'm baiting? I do occasionally like it and I'm being 100% serious. Its fine if you aren't into it but there's no need to insist im baiting just because you don't agree with me. that's why I said I'm in the minority. I'm well aware most this thread hates cuntboy but calling it "straight shit" when it isn't even close is ridiculous.

No. 348986

ayrt. thanks nonna, at least theres one other person not bitching about it. agree to disagree with the mpreg but I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea

No. 348987

"penis in vagina isn't straight" wasn't a take i expected to see on the farms ngl.
no one's stopping you from enjoying hetshit but you know you're gonna get bad reactions posting it in a fujo thread, come on

No. 348990

File: 1705382129660.jpeg (51.07 KB, 736x400, 1704582626931.jpeg)

I'm free to update this thing now btw. Feel free to send in responses and suggest any changes to the site or form.


No. 349014

this, that sperg's reaction to it is making me glad it's getting more popular with asian fujos purely out of spite kek

No. 349017

If it isn't bait they're genuinely retarded.

No. 349037

Can admins ban cuntboy spergs already? its not yaoi no matter how much mental gymnastics they do. You just want to infight about your shit tier fetish.(go to /meta/)

No. 349042

>Hetshit is shit because of the rigid and often boring dynamics, terrible portrayal of women
And you think the dynamic of 'the person with the vagina gets fucked and treated in increasingly demeaning ways' reflects WELL on people's perception of women and female sexuality? It's just misogyny.

No. 349047

Not OP but the only ones sperging and trying to pick infights but the anons who vehemently hate it such as yourself kek, same thing with omegaverse. People who hate it chimp the fuck out over it for days on end and then blame their autism on the two or three anons who brought it up. Lo and behold, that's exactly what's happening here. Mods aren't here to ban everything you don't like, nonny. If you don't like something, calm down and ignore it. Honestly, lesbian phase fujos are so obnoxious.(infighting)

No. 349101

There's a fujohater """woman""" I came accross on kf and it's hilarious because the pickme/faggot sounds exactly like a poster here on lolcow. I know we've talked about this a lot but it's insane how much males and their handmaidens seethe at fujos doing their thing.

No. 349164

the one with the wojack pfp? there was some controversy around her because either her or some schizo used to shit the tradtoth thread pretending to be her or accusing her of being the one shitting up the thread.

No. 349234

Yep, her. I doubt it's a woman honestly because she/he brings up women wanting to be raped a lot so yeah. Sad to see that this site is plagued by kf users and anons even agree with these faggots because they really want to hate other women. Literal pickme behaviour.

No. 349565

File: 1705611151936.png (Spoiler Image,287.86 KB, 418x455, 1697225851478188.png)

You ever think about how potentially embarrassing it would be to act for a BLCD? I always wondered how the voice actors don't want to kill themselves on the spot because of how mortifying this would be but many of them use their real names in the credits and in that one track after the story is over the voice actors talk and say the stupidest shit ever as if it were nothing. For instance there's one CD I listened to long ago where one of voice actors is like "this one is full of complicated words, are foreign fujoshi going to understand what's going on lol? I hope this will be good practice!" like this guy is thinking ahead of the companies who plan and publish these things because it's only available in Japan. Now I'm suddenly thinking about Tomokazu Sugita being annoyed that he wasn't the seme in Yuuichi Nakamura's first BLCD so I guess they usually really don't give a fuck.

No. 349566

Of course they don't care. If you think about it all anime voice acting should be embarrassing but it's just normal for them

No. 349567

I love the testimonies from the VAs. the awkward ones that avoid talking about the lewdness, the ones that disclose what they used to make their blowjob and kiss noises, confessions to practicing blowjobs on phallic objects or sometimes even actually jacking off while recording, etc. and all said in such a pleasant tone as they express their gratitude to the players. it's delightfully degrading.

No. 349568

>sometimes even actually jacking off while recording
What the fuck, how does that work? Everyone can see them in the recording booth right, and usually during scenes (in general I mean) the voice actors tend to stand up in front of the mic in the same room?

No. 349569

it varies from studio to studio, some do things differently. I don't know that it's standard or ethical to just cram two guys in a small recording booth together while everyone gathers around to watch them act out sex sounds though.

No. 349570

I'm late to this but a very based post and extremely true

Please post screencaps, I want to see. I don't want to suffer the brain damage caused by going through KF threads but I always love to see some antifujo sperging because it always has very signature male chimpout overtones.

No. 349571

idk about the ethics but I'm assuming it's just like recording anything like music and songs, you'd have some sound engineers or whatever doing their jobs at the same time or someone working on the story telling if there should redo some lines or scenes or whatever. And in some fan translations of BL manga there are sometimes bonus chapters about how the manga has a drama CD adaptation and how the managaka was invited to the recording so they saw and heard everything and asked autographs too. I'm getting confused now.

No. 349572

like I said I guess it varies, sometimes it's more akin to audiobook recording and they have the VAs record all their lines separately

No. 349573

I also think about it everytime I listen to a BLCD or VN nona
I've heard VAs talk about all the other things (specifically in the room no.9 stuff comments where one of the VA also said he 'didn't know there were such sex toys for men') but not actually jacking off while recording, do you know a BLVN where they did that? I want to hear it now kek

No. 349578

File: 1705617055995.png (835.68 KB, 1024x527, fly.png)

speaking of rn9 daichi's VA had his fly down during one scene lol. but I was thinking of another guy who tweeted about it, can't remember who sadly.

No. 349583

File: 1705617859831.jpg (136.85 KB, 1775x2048, 20240114_203536.jpg)

I've been writing MLA formatted essays in my head about how much I disliked Slow Damage for over a year but I still preordered that Towa potty figure. Does this make me a fake hater?

No. 349584

no, his design is good it's the story that's shit

No. 349585

I bought the VN on sales a few weeks ago so I'll see for myself if it's that bad. Is it bad in a "it's badly written" or in a "it's so retarded it becomes entertaining in a way the writers didn't plan" way? Please no spoilers.

No. 349594

Honestly slow damage is the only VN I’ve rated a 10/10
To me it’s truly peak fiction and I can only really find little nitpicks that I have issues with

No. 349595

They’re probably just mad that it wasn’t a DMMD clone.

No. 349614

Interesting, I was curious in reading it myself since I enjoyed both dmmd and lamento and I was looking forward to it ever since the announcement nearly a decade ago. Could you give a rundown of exactly what went so wrong with Slow Damage. I don't mind any spoilers.

No. 349618

File: 1705625147788.jpg (60.47 KB, 734x760, 20240116_025917.jpg)

I would say Taku's route falls into "so bad it's good" territory after you get through its chapter 2 snooze-a-thon, but Slow Damage is mostly a very poorly written slog. There were at least three chunks of the game where I did enjoy the writing for more than a few lines at a time: the chuuni first chapter with Ikuina, Taku's route for all the insane shit going on there, and the first third or so of the final route. The rest ranges from boring to frustrating and the character writing is fucked. Even Towa isn't exempt from bad writing, he fluctuates, but he's hot as hell, funny, and edgy so I can't hold the bad portions against him. Helps that he has more personality than any previous chiral protagonist, he's a breath of fresh air in that regard. It's also worth noting that the translation is bad, it adds in many eyeroll-worthy moments that sound like something straight out of ao3, but it's not the root of the problems with the game's writing.

The romance is another area this game fails miserably. After playing nty and seeing for myself all the similarities between the two, I can't help but wonder if it's a symptom of taking liberal inspiration from a game (which itself was inspired by an old fujo cult classic noir book series and various crime dramas domestic and foreign alike that obviously didn't originally contain BL, only delicious homo tension) with unconventional relationships formed over a short period of time between emotionally constipated men, and attempting to inject rushed romantic love where it didn't have any business being. I might go as far as to say my favorite ending was Madarame's because it's the only one where that problem isn't glaring, but the rest of his route was tied for worst of the bunch and on some days I'd call it the worst. Standard rape and abuse route, boring!

Dmmd is my 2nd least favorite chiral after Slow Damage, I'll have you know. I don't know what I expected from Slow Damage to tell you the truth, but it decidedly wasn't what I got. If it makes you feel better, I still find myself recommending it to people because looks pretty and I know lots of others liked it. But only to people who've never played a nitro chiral game before it because I don't want them to feel disappointed like I did should they play it after any of the others kek.

Mina-san, pardon my rambling! I did warn you I've spent way longer than I should've thinking about why I didn't like this game! I could go all night

No. 349619

>who've never played a nitro chiral game before it because I don't want them to feel disappointed like I did should they play it after any of the others kek.
I played nitro chiral games before slow damage and I still found it peak fiction honestly.
Though I haven't played NTY since the characters are fugly and it looks like scroteshit honestly.

No. 349620

Please keep going. I also hate Slow Damage but I'm too retarded to put it into words. SD and NTY are the worst yaoi VNs I've played.

No. 349621

File: 1705625861458.png (3.31 MB, 1280x1280, 3x3.png)

Speaking of VNs, what are your guy's 3x3s at?

No. 349626

>slow damage
are you lost, tranny?(infighting)

No. 349629

>the characters are fugly and it looks like scroteshit honestly.
Well, sorry to be presumptuous but maybe you liked Slow Damage so much precisely because of the pretty visuals and good music and you'd be able to see it for what it is if it looked like nty. All the people behind both games know eachother, they follow eachother on twitter, they've played eachothers games, they may even be friends. The similarities between them cannot be mere coincidence, the details get rather specific. And to be clear, I only brought it up because I have a sinking feeling sd would implement payoffs from nty while neglecting the set ups that made them work and vice versa. I like that they took inspiration from it, but I don't like how they executed it. There were things that game could've expanded on or improved upon aside from just the visuals, a pessimist may even argue that it's proof that it was hard carried by its characters not its narrative, but all sd really does is butcher the things it nailed. Look at how they massacred my wife, Ryu… Can't fucking stand Fujieda's retarded ass. Notice how despite everyone begrudgingly acknowledging his route as the best one, the bulk of ship art is Towa with anyone but him. Exactly.

No. 349631

>Calls someone a tranny for liking BLVNs in a BL thread
Anon are you lost or just baiting?

No. 349632

I'll definitely get around to NTY eventually, but that's the main thing keeping me from getting to it (and there's other VNs I'd rather play first).
Also Fujieda isn't my favorite route, Taku's is.

No. 349633

>It's also worth noting that the translation is bad, it adds in many eyeroll-worthy moments that sound like something straight out of ao3, but it's not the root of the problems with the game's writing.
i wish i knew japanese because the original narration is done in 3rd person, while the translated one is written as if Towa is the narrator. also, from what i have read, they made him to be someone that swears a lot while in the original he is nothing like that, so when he actually swears in has way more of an impact.
i enjoyed slow damage a lot and i wish it was as popular as dmmd once was, but i do believe the translation may have made the narration a bit more crude than it originally was

No. 349634

File: 1705627714199.png (22.21 KB, 574x423, SD vndb rankingu.png)

Daaaamn! Slow damage made it into the top 20!

No. 349636

Ugh, can’t find the YouTube link… but if someone has the audio for Ramuda’s VA talking about how he’s fingered himself out of curiosity/to actually see what the hype was about, then went to gluesticks, then to a whole ass hair can spray…

No. 349637

all these games are pro-tranny. umineko and totono are particularly popular with trannies(bait)

No. 349638

>A tranny liking a game means that you're not allowed to like it
Anon if you genuinely have this viewpoint maybe you should just sit in a cardboard box all day.

No. 349639

You don't want to see me go mask off autism mode and turn into fujo james rolfe (ablvn?) doing route by route breakdowns, I promise. Or nty defense mode.

>Fujieda isn't my favorite route, Taku's is
And you are based for this, he was the one good Towa-wife. But Fujieda did hog like 70% of the meat of the game to himself. That part where the dots start connecting about Towa's past was pretty fun, that was the other part I liked. Then scenes like that garbage rape scene and the thing with Sakaki slaughter that build up. Or the scene where Towa's about to kill himself and everything's all tense, then Fujieda busts in like the Kool Aid man and says something stupid and he immediately decides against it, so then they fuck while the room is still soaked in paint thinner to be sure and kill off Fujieda's 3 remaining brain cells, and all that's followed by one of the most awkward pillowtalk scenes I've ever seen in bl. I was praying for Towa to light a cigarette and blow them both up like in Zoolander. Another thing I didn't understand about Fujieda's route is how I was expected to think that the ending where Towa remembers the endless horrors he suffered in the child sex dungeon and becomes the ptsd-sodden, bedwetting housewife of a default sim, is somehow better than him living happily and peacefully unaware of all that with anyone else. Oh, because Towa got his shitty vision fixed? Big whoop, that cyclops and his rainbow fart vision still got a divers license fine and dandy in Rei's ending. Fujieda's peace of mind is neither my nor Towa's business either.

No. 349640

>how I was expected to think that the ending where Towa remembers the endless horrors he suffered in the child sex dungeon and becomes the ptsd-sodden, bedwetting housewife of a default sim, is somehow better than him living happily and peacefully unaware of all that with anyone else. Oh, because Towa got his shitty vision fixed? Big whoop, that cyclops and his rainbow fart vision still got a divers license fine and dandy in Rei's ending. Fujieda's peace of mind is neither my nor Towa's business either.
I think you're misinterpreting it the game makes it pretty clear that Towa is still a pretty broken person, but he's learning to become a whole person again at the end of Fujieda's route which is why he can see the world normally. It's frankly a pretty beautiful ending that made me cry and the title screen slowly changing with each route of Towa (and the player by extension) uncovering more about his past the world around him slowly gaining it's color back. It's a really nice way to show him healing slightly and I have yet to see another VN do that
I think Towa is ultimately a happier person at the end of all of his routes, just in different ways.

No. 349641

File: 1705628979059.jpg (136.31 KB, 728x1166, okane ga nai.jpg)

I have such a love/hate relationship with picrel. I am a sucker for 90s BL, specially BL with a lot of focus on the uke having really cute fashion. But at the same time the proportions are so laughably bad and retarded, and dont even get me started on the boring stupid story. I feel like the amazing fashion more than make ups for it's shortcomings though, but maybe its because i havent been able to find anything else that feels like it. Does anyone have something similar to rec? 90s or early 00s, and with interesting fashion.

No. 349647

umineko, slow damage, hashihime and uuultrac all feature at least one tranny character. liking these games doesn't mean you're a tranny and i apologize for saying that but i find it hard to believe that someone who doesn't at least support trannies would like them.(bait)

No. 349648

Damn I guess everyone who likes these games supports rape too since that's in there too.

No. 349649

Kind of, they're more of a eunuch than anything though
>Slow Damage
Naoshi is not a tranny
You got me there

The only game here that actually has a tranny is uuultraC, and she's a pretty minor character.
Also this.

No. 349650

File: 1705630032013.jpg (1.58 MB, 2858x2000, Tokyo_Babylon_CLAMP.jpg)

Tokyo Babylon? (It's by CLAMP it's not explicit BL)

No. 349651

I'm sad they didn't keep Akira Ishida for the anime. It really is terrible and I heard Okane ga Nai was made by a man but I also love 90s BL. I was going to recommend the same manga as >>349650 kek. Cute fashion and the story is actually good.

No. 349652

No, I get that. I just didn't like it. I know that's how I was supposed to interpret it, the game practically screams it at you, but the rest of the route was so poorly executed to me that the ending didn't make me feel what I was supposed to at all. I did like the changing title screen and the painting in the candy store at least, but again it's another one of those things like Madarame's ending where no matter how much I like it on its own, if it had a wonky lead up it, doesn't satisfy me. And that UI was so ass to navigate omg, I remember getting stuck on the CG screen for like 5 minutes because I couldn't find a back button kek. And I remember the game crashing all the time for no reason, especially right after I'd finish a lengthy interrogation… The interrogations… This game gives me so many little things to bitch about.

>I think Towa is ultimately a happier person at the end of all of his routes, just in different ways.

See, I don't know how much I like the way that was handled paired with there being a (very content skewed, obvious) true ending either. I feel like others could've used a happiness nerf, or maybe I only feel that way because of my many issues with the rest of the true route and Fujieda as a character and I would've been fine with them if it actually clicked with me. I think I remember being brought to tears over someone stupid like Keisuke to put into perspective how little of an affect this one had on me.

No. 349654

File: 1705632083819.jpg (139.45 KB, 800x1161, Okane_ga_Nai_Locked_in_Heaven_…)

thanks for the rec, i will check it out!
both the artist and writer of the manga are female, where did you hear they were male? it didnt read as male to me so i had to look it up and i am glad they are women. I think men are inherently incapable of focusing on fashion unless its coomer bikini armor.

I have been trying to get back to BL recently, but i am having a hard time finding anything i like. I DL Dramatical murder and i have been playing that, it's honestly really good and i love the story and character design, but nothing else peaked my attention. I think 2010+ anime/manga just isnt for me, so i will try to look into more 00s,90s and 80s stuff. I dont know why but i was checking recently released BL and the style just looks like anime calarts to me. At least i know i can always re-read gravitation for the 50th time.

No. 349655

i'm going to ignore that you're using they pronouns for the umineko tranny for now.
naoshi is a shota trap who enjoys crossdressing and his "mother" is also transgender. there's hardly a difference between a crossdresser and a troon. i was thinking of that tranny faggot rei and not his disgusting friends but i'll count them too.

how is that comparable? no one is putting rape in bl because there's a pro rape movement that threatens womens and childrens safety or because they see men getting raped by other men in their daily life. even if they did put rape in bl because they support it, men deserve to get raped anyways. i can't fathom how anyone could enjoying something that portrays transgender people in a positive light.

No. 349661

it is true rei literally wanted to cut his dick off and live as a girl but at least he decides to live as a ~real man~ in the end… to prove his worth to his disgusting child trafficker dad. wtf was that route.

No. 349662

File: 1705633374262.jpeg (13.39 KB, 199x344, 1687975938892.jpeg)

>tranny argument again for the nth time
TRANNIES TRANNIES TRANNIES!!! ALL YOU PEOPLE EVER TALK ABOUT IS FUCKING FAGGOT TRANNIES IN EVERY SINGLE THREAD ON THIS BOARD!! I come here to see anime boys fucking eachother, not to hear your politsperging about the philosophy of genderspecials for the umpteenth time! JUST FUCK OFF TO XITTER AND DISCORD IF YOU LOVE TRANNYSHIT SO MUCH, MY GOD. Sorry for not being radfem enough for you because I played a fucking VN you don't like. My fucking god.

No. 349664

just report and ignore nonny

No. 349666

>his "mother" is also transgender
No he isn't.
>there's hardly a difference between a crossdresser and a troon
Why are you even in a BL thread if you don't like crossdressing kek.
>i was thinking of that tranny faggot rei
Clearly you didn't play the VN (or likely any VNs listed for that matter) because Rei's entire character arc is about how he's a man despite being gay and feminine.

No. 349668

Don’t post BL with trannies then? They’ve only been discussed in their context.

No. 349669

it sounds like that trap obsessed retard from cuckchan actually, the one that hates everything

No. 349670

>Don’t post BL with trannies then?
Crossdressers aren't trannies, and if you don't like crossdressers then you probably don't like BL to begin with since pretty much every character has been drawn with a maid costume.

No. 349672

Ignoring the retard getting filtered from kino because of le troony Why is it that the "true routes" of most blvns have the most engaging stories but the blandest of love interests and character chemistry. I don't know if this is a common sentiment in fujo circles or if I'm just stating my personal opinion like its fact.

No. 349676

File: 1705635392740.jpg (505.05 KB, 500x573, N.jpg)

don't say that about nano. it's definitely definitely true for everyone else but not nano. please stop making fun of him. he's been through so much, and he's retarded and can't help it. he's fun, interesting, and cute. he is not boring and he's not the worst route.

No. 349678

NTA but Nano is terrible. Keisuke should have been the true route.

No. 349679

File: 1705635817491.jpg (339.18 KB, 800x600, Tumblr_l_23141382922994.jpg)

YOU are terrible. go ask keisuke to stick screwdrivers up your ass and rip out your intestines. you should be grateful he got a word in before he died in nano's route cuz shiki was about to rape akira on top of his fresh corpse.

No. 349680

Nano and Fujieda and Ren… Damn, nitro chiral writers can't catch a break.

No. 349681

theyre the some of the only ones we can talk about freely without powerleveling with our literal who faves. I feel like a lot of blvn take the "true is your favorite" approach also but nitrochiral is the biggest company that doesn't.

No. 349682

>No he isn't.
Sadly he isn’t being referred to as "he" a single time in the game. Both Tamamori and Hakase mention some sex change surgery and Tamamori uses she/her for Naoshi in the end of Minakamis route. You can see them as normal and not trans but the game still supports trans ideology.
>Why are you even in a BL thread if you don't like crossdressing
In short it’s because it’s usually misogynistic and/or paedophilic. There’s a lot of good BL without crossdressing.
To me his route felt like it was trying to say feminine=woman and masculine=man, once he accepts himself as a man he stops being feminine. Maybe I’m wrong about it.

No. 349683

File: 1705637654398.png (Spoiler Image,157.46 KB, 1993x516, paladinboo.png)

yeah she's insane. I am pretty sure she was namedropped on the tradtoth thread but i cannot find it anymore. It's fine to hate fujos, but writing manifestos every single time viv does something and blaming it on the fujos is fucking unhinged, specially since she doesnt seem to want to study all the moids who watch porn(which are the majority btw). I wish i could find the tradtoth screenshots, if its her then its some lesbian who has a cockroach farm KEK.

No. 349684

here it is >>>/snow/1930061 surprise surprise pickme doesnt like that women enjoy something that catters to them for once. Funnily enough she seemed totally find with ugly man propaganda: the game, and was praising it for being the most popular game amongst women. I guess ugly wrinkly faggots = ok, twinks kissing= literally the same as men jacking it off to barely legal teen porn.

No. 349714

Yeah I have no idea why some people on Lolcow are claiming Okane ga nai was made by a man. Both creators are women and have worked on other BL titles as well, also the series is overshadowed by the yaoi meme proportions and it's actually a really fun read.

Holy kek he/she sounds just like the unhinged Vivziepop sperg who keeps derailing every fucking thread just to sperg about how misogynistic Vivzie is because she's a fujo and has edgy sadboi yaoi characters in her works. I truly can't comprehend being this autistically obsessed with fujoshis, sounds genuinely underaged.

No. 349720

File: 1705652130953.jpeg (569.82 KB, 1225x1633, IMG_6236.jpeg)

Towa’s such a tradwife goddamn

No. 349758

I'm playing Slow Damage rn, and I didn't know about the tranny shit until this thread, and only recently ran into the okama (that I wasn't sure how to interpret, even though I clocked the translation's jarring 'they' pronouns).
I started playing it cos I liked TnC and the art looked nice. I wouldn't have started if I'd known there were trannies in it, but I've sunk too many hours in to drop out now. So I can see how someone would still ultimately like the game for 95% of it and not the 5% tranny shit.

No. 349760

it's only in rei's route tbf, him and his 3 annoying okama friends that all have she or they pronouns in english (which makes no sense because they're all using the same personal pronoun 'atashi', rei included who is always called 'he', so why would some end up with different pronouns than others in english?) that all these hardened men with yakuza ties go along with somehow.

given the ending to rei's route I don't know what we were intended to make of them. but I recommend muting their voices because they're seriously unbearable.

No. 349780

I haven't started it yet and you guys are worrying me about the translation. Is it really so bad that it has basic grammatical mistakes such as using the wrong pronouns for established male characters on purpose? Jesus I already regret giving my money to Jast Blue now.

No. 349789

It's bad. Another anon mentioned yesterday that the perspective was changed from third person to first which had some big ramifications. I still wouldn't say it's bad to game-ruining degree though. You'll mostly just be cringing at little things like the gendie pronouns and stupid memes thrown in here and there. At least they didn't 'she/they' Rei himself.

No. 349792

Lmao english virtue signalers adding pronouns in the Rei route is so funny considering the Rei route has a horrible message and ending to it. Literally telling a feminine man that he needs to become masculine to be a man instead of having him accept his feminine side. And them making Rei look ugly with that short buzzcut because for some reason the retarded writer thinks looking ugly is peak masculinity.

No. 349797

he looked like the average chromatica-streaming little monster millennial gay who makes unfunny grindr jokes after he shaved his head, I hate it. keep that breed of homo out of bl.

No. 349805

Lmao no he didn't he looked visual kei which is a common japanese style.

No. 349814

Me being a retard:

>hmm maybe I should leave yaoi and start reading straight stuff since yaoi is problematic and rapey.

>Starts reading straight romance. It's way worse (plot, abuse,age gaps, chacater design) the yaoi. Very little variety in stories and too many of them are about reincarnation after your husband kills you and leaves you for the woman he is cheating on you with so you reincarnate and make that same husband love you…What The Fuck. Don't get ne started on the one story where the female Mc gets married to the adult male lead when she is 9, you are not allowed to say how creepy that is because "they didnt do anything until she was older.

>These readers are even more sensitive so you are not allowed to criticize the abusive elements in those stories or how much it bothers you without some annoying bitch jumping at your throat.

>Getting extremely bored how most of these stories are almost all the same and have the same cliques such as Mc getting cheated on, abused (or even killed), having a huge age gap with older ml, her having some terminal illness, reincarnating.

>Modern straight romances are a bit better than the majority of straight manga/manhwa romances now which are mostly isekai, but even then those romances still feel dull and lacking compared to BL.

Either way I regret abandoning yaoi for that trash and I'm back to being a fujo again and I'm sorry for spending my time trashing you anons in the fujocoomer thread.

No. 349817

Also I forgot to mention that tye levels of pickme in those communities was radioactive level. Sure there are pickle fujos too but with hetero it's on another level of pickme. I'm glad I left those communities.

No. 349818

Glad to have you back nonna, this is what made me go fujo all those years ago. Hetshit was either excruciatingly boring or rapey garbage and I couldn't bear watching female characters be put through it time and time again.

>Also I forgot to mention that tye levels of pickme in those communities was radioactive level.
For fucking real, I recently took part in a fandom that had a lot of hetfags and I was flabbergasted by the amount of delusional pickmery going on in their heads. Girls would let themselves be demeaned and abused and ask for seconds but look at fujos down their noses at the same time.

No. 349821

>I'm sorry for spending my time trashing you anons in the fujocoomer thread.
You guys are pretty mean tbh.

No. 349823

So many of those readers defend the abuse the mc's go through by saying "it would be boring if she lived a happy life" it's like they have no empathy.


If it was just rape then maybe I would make it through those stories. But they have so much cheating and the Mc getting mentally/physically abused by the ml lead and other people around her or even getting killed by him and then reincarnating and getting back with him (what a horrible message for women, yes go and get back with your abuser). I feel like so many of those het stories glamorize domestic abuse lately so I don't understand why there is all this hatred for fujos when straight stuff is infinitely times worse and it's happening to a female Mc.

Lol sorry, tbh I wasn't one of those mean anons in that thread I'm pretty sure the mean ones are by pakichan and some other two weirdos who keep that thread active. But yeah I think the only reason people criticize yaoi is because they haven't read enough of straight stories.
Once you start reading mostly straight stuff you start asking yourself why you even criticized yaoi in the first place for being problematic when straight stuff has those same elements.

No. 349825

the vitriolic posters in there got severe issues, you can tell by the way they talk and how obsessive they are, so you should never take what they say personally. i'm not joking when i say that. i feel bad for them all, cos a lot of the others are like ayrt where they waste their time trying to talk themselves out of liking something they've been told is problematic, cringe, and bad only to end up crawling back to it feeling like idiots down the line. the same happens to women on twitter and tumblr even if the cause is a little different. fujos should be confident.

No. 349830

>the same happens to women on twitter and tumblr
i think some of the confidence is slowly coming back with more and more people calling themselves fujos in fandom spaces recently. they just need one more push to be confident enough to say they don't care about het/yuri as well.

No. 349831

To be completely honest, while its looked down on, at this point when it comes to het romance I tend to just stick to the shounen wish fulfillment sort.

No. 349832

File: 1705689741265.png (2.71 MB, 1275x1063, sada.png)

That sucks because I really like Rei. I was actually quite annoyed playing it, because I know the gendies have jumped him, and to me it seems really obvious that he's just a very fem/campy gay man. And he's talked about being bullied for it, but it didn't seem like it was going that way. Blegh. But yeah I nearly died when the three trannies/okama/?? showed up. No escape lol.
So far they've used 'they' for all the three ???s that everyone is talking about. It sounds awkward af but I assumed they were doing it to placate the gendies.
They changed the whole game's POV?? Wtf kind of choice is that…

No. 349833

Yeah honestly people have visibly gotten tired of walking around on eggshells lately and I rarely see anyone adult taking part in the "ackshually fujos are evil porn addicted fetishizers" discourse, tweets clowning on people like Alice Oseman get thousands of likes and retweets and the only people seething in the QRTs are genuinely autistic triple flag minors parroting things they saw some 15-year old say on Tiktok. A big part of this change has been both the attitude shift in fandom as a whole and also more and more BL being made accessible with official translations so that you don't get narcissistic scanlators sitting on series they haven't touched in 5 years.

No. 349840

everyone celebrated hbomberguy's james somerton video too and i saw so many tweets and comments about fujohaters having evil in their hearts pop up around that time with tons of support kek. yaoi prohibition is definitely going out of style, you see more people making fun of thought police than thought police themselves now. it's even widely recognized for what it is: [internalized] misogyny. all that's left is
>one more push to be confident enough to say they don't care about het/yuri as well

but the autistic pickmes in the /ot/ fujosperg thread will never give it up because, well, they're autistic pickmes. it's in their nature. they flock to anonymous places like this because a. they aren't wanted anywhere else and b. they start to rip eachother apart whenever they do attempt to unionize, they don't get along well with other women in general.

No. 349842

A lot of girls are calling each other fujoshi as a joke or to be edgy on social media right now, until they see other users openly talking about BL or their favorite fictional gay pairings, recommending each other BL manga and visual novels, and retweeting raunchy fanart. Then all of a sudden it's all "hmm, well uh, w-we were joking about liking old men yaoi, r-right? isn't it f-fetishizing and bad? r-right girls? hahahaha what's up with cis straight white women only liking BL and nothing else ever? (based on the fact that some women make social media account for specific topics and not to basically dox themselves on a daily basis)"

No. 349844

>A lot of girls are calling each other fujoshi as a joke or to be edgy on social media right now
The consequences of millennials irony-poisoning the entire Internet. I have seen even those people get clowned on recently though. Slow but steady process.

No. 349845

>I have seen even those people get clowned on recently though. Slow but steady process.
I haven't seen that yet, but then again I automatically block anyone who says stupid things like this so maybe that's why. Good to know, the internet is healing at last.

No. 349846

I've seen multiple tweets where people quote retweeted some person shitting on BL/fujos with screenshots of their "yaoi" tweets a summer ago. The whole thing was basically a funny trend to a lot of people, they don't actually respect fujos.

No. 349852

> yaoi prohibition is definitely going out of style
God I hope this is the trend for the mid-20s. The James Somerton takedown was a huge blow to the “omg fujoshi are fetishizing the gay men!!111” crowd but overall I get the impression people are gradually becoming more and more tired of fandom policing especially with the reigning pro/anti discourse. Tinfoil but I feel like the recent boom of live action BL might be a contributor to shifting attitudes. The fact that most of these live action shows come from Asia (and some even star gay actors) means that anti-fujos can’t use the “fujos are all cis white women” line anymore. Making BL dramas in Asia also inherently carries more risk so the naysayers can’t automatically dismiss them as mindless fujo fap material. One could even argue for BL dramas as a legitimate driver of social change because countries like Thailand want to cash in on the soft power of BL, but that would force them to reconcile their own homophobic policies.

No. 349854

File: 1705695258657.jpg (110.89 KB, 640x480, EVK04.jpg)

Being a yumefujo is pain. I can never find the right yume content so i have to make my own, and i dont like most BL dynamics so i just draw my OTP. I just want cute nerdXcool woman or cute boyXcute boy.

No. 349858

BL has overall become more accessible as a genre in the past decade. Before you only saw the scandalous meme images and heard the tropes so your only impression of BL was just the moidbrained "small uke being raped by a big seme while you imagine yourself being the uke" interpretation and above all shipping content that's usually outrageous by nature. But in the recent years there have been numerous official BL manga and webtoon releases, a ton of Asian BL dramas and Chinese Danmei novels have been translated to growing popularity. And why wouldn't it, they often have amazing writing and complex relationships with varying characters. It's much easier to point out how diverse the genre and community actually is when you can actually name examples anyone can go pick up and see for themselves.

>One could even argue for BL dramas as a legitimate driver of social change because countries like Thailand want to cash in on the soft power of BL, but that would force them to reconcile their own homophobic policies.

Oh definitely, I've heard of Japanese authors and even fujos from conservative SEA countries who have outright said that BL made them more accepting of homosexuality which is always a great development. And it's also an amazing career opportunity for women as most authors are female.

No. 349860

I just use opera browser for mrm which has free built in vpn

No. 349861

>The James Somerton takedown was a huge blow to the “omg fujoshi are fetishizing the gay men!!111” crowd

>everyone celebrated hbomberguy's james somerton video too
Explain please, I only vaguely heard about it and I have no clue who these people are so looking it up a few weeks ago was more confusing than anything else.

No. 349862

I think once it became obvious that most of the hand-wringing over "gay man fetishization" was being made by teenage girls trying to start shit with other girls and the only gay men who claimed to be bothered by it were bitter over fujos being more successful than they were(like James Somerton obviously was), policing BL consumption started to become less popular. It's still around to a degree, but you don't see nearly as much witch hunting over it anymore

No. 349876

NTA but here's a short rundown from everything I've gathered:
>James Somerton is a youtuber making video essays about different forms of media and its LGBT related tropes
>He's the root cause of the "fujoshis are straight women fetishizing gay men" narrative because he brings it up all the time in his videos
>Is also notorious for going on off trail rants about the "straight white girl" strawmen he pins pretty much everything on, such as during his notorious video about Dahmer claiming that "teenage girls loved the series because instead of women he was killing gay men" and not because he was played by an attractive male actor
>Claimed lesbians have always had it easier than gay men and drops out convenient details and blatantly lies about historical events to convince his viewers
>Suddenly a popular commentary youtuber, Hbomberguy, drops a 5-hour video about plagiarism on youtube, 2,5 hours of it being dedicated to calling out James Somerton and pointing out all the times he's straight out plagiarized other authors and finally reveals that almost all of his content was just regurgitating other peoples' work verbatim, only changing around a few words or sentences here or there
>Hbomberguy also straight out calls him out for his misogyny, lying and double standards as Somerton made his entire shtick being "queer authors are erased" yet he ended up plagiarizing other LGBT researchers and writers, erasing their work entirely
>Also points out that he lied about his university degree and qualifications
>Turns out Somerton was also catfishing people on Grindr
>Somerton goes into damage control mode, nukes his social media out of existence
>Comes back briefly to "apologize" and suicide baits only to be met with a complete lack of sympathy
>Deletes the apology and goes back to hiding
There was some other stuff too but that's the gist of it. TL;DR: A grifter gets his just deserts.

No. 349888

I am 100% sure the ''vivzie is a mysogynist for drawing furry gaybois!!1!'' is paladinboo. I am so tempted to (hi cow) her on the industry cow thread sometimes.
I will now watch hbomber guy

No. 349893

That's interesting, but the video that outs him as a plagiarist is super long so I won't watch it right now. When did he start making videos about "muh evil straight white girls who fetishize mlm"? Because I've seen this argument used a lot like a decade ago on tumblr and you say he's the "root cause" of that weird strawman but if his videos about that are a bit more recent maybe he got the idea from tumblr blogs? Which would make sense since he plagiarized plenty of people already.

But man, we need to pretend fags don't exist sometimes. It's not because they're gay that we have to care about their opinions on what mostly straight Japanese and Korean women draw, write and publish. The only ones I'll listen to are either turbo normies who respect women or actually nerdy fudanshi (actual male ones, not TIFs obviously) who don't have a stick up their asses, the rest can die for all I care.

No. 349894

It is but there’s also timestamps to get to the part just about him, that’s what I did. Still a long video but honestly it’s the only part you really need to see.

No. 349907

He's been on youtube since 2011 and he didn't come up with the idea because he's utterly incapable of original thought which is why he plagiarized to begin with, but he definitely popularized it in around 2017-2018 when the entire "fujoshis are evil fetishizers" thought started entering the mainstream consciousness.

As for gay men, in my experience the overwhelming majority of them might roll their eyes at the silly gay comics for girls but leave it at that and don't care, a lot of them follow fujo creators for ship art too though. The only gay men who victimize themselves over being literally oppwessed by meanie fujoshis are the insufferable terminally online bitchless kind who even other gays hate so they need to beg straight faghags for attention.

No. 349909

I was talking about actual gay men specifically, not larping TIFs. And I owe it to them though too, a lot of them got to use the "ackshually, I'm a gay men myself and I say fujos rule" card with no consequences so kudos to them I guess. The actual gay men who hate fujos are extremely rare but the few times I've seen one they've been like the gay incel kind or trying to buy clout like that Cookie Run voice actor who was pulling an Oseman selling his stupid book.

No. 349912

I deleted the post actually because I re-read the post you replied to and realized that already covered what I was talking about. And that’s funny as fuck KEK. Based.

No. 349914

he's a hack faggot too but the enemy of my enemy is my acquaintance

No. 349918

I have never been a fan of a single gay man in my entire life. I'm barely a fan of men and you want me to listen to these ones just because they take it up the ass? No. Men are stupid and I don't respect them, that includes fags.(derailing)

No. 350036

Oh my fucking god I'm reading a BL manga in my first language and the two characters are from Osaka so the translator uses local slang from my city to convey that and it's such a turn off, just kill me already.

No. 350045

Honestly I feel this. I'm an native English speaker from a redneck area but when the translator uses some American slang I die inside.

No. 350053

Sadly the nature of these boards lead to the worst 3d obsessed schizo to rank about things they hate constantly. If it's not tranny is some random 3d man or some random twitter user who said x. At this point 4chan is better to discuss BL since 3d shit is frowned down

No. 350128

File: 1705791284662.jpg (796.4 KB, 2576x3464, fujo haul.jpg)

xianyu/taobao haul attempt…is to be seen how many of these actually go through haha, I noticed after I picked up the stuff how fujo everything was though.

No. 350131

are those charms on the left filled with liquid? how do you ship them?

No. 350132

I've gotten ones from foreign countries over the US before among other banned items, so it really just depends on what shipping you're using+if you're lucky. From what I've heard Canada is more harsh about contraban than the US, luckily I'm a burger.
This also depends on if the seller actually goes through with it and doesn't cancel (which is really common with buying from china).

No. 350136

I'm from europe and they're usually pretty strict on customs, it might still be worth a try. Though some shopping services won't let you ship banned items at all iirc.
The charms (and the rest of your haul) are really cute so I hope the sale goes through, good luck! I never bought anything from xianyu, I already got scammed too many times buying things from japan.

No. 350258

File: 1705807116077.jpg (591.23 KB, 1920x2152, bravern.jpg)

Is anyone here watching Bang Bravern? Stealth fujo show of the season. It has homobait human couple and a super robot who's gay for his pilot. It's hilarious so far. Good action and OP/ED too.

No. 350261

looks too bara for my taste but i have seen some of my fav artists do fanart of it

No. 350262

I'm enjoyed the first two episodes immensely. I hope Isami continues to suffer, I like that type.

No. 350275

File: 1705811707704.jpg (317.82 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240121_053210_Gal…)

No. 350276

File: 1705811988871.jpg (435.38 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240121_053213_Gal…)

No. 350278

File: 1705812127412.jpg (346.74 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240121_053219_Gal…)

There are some people calling the tif out for being a hypocrite in the comments since the tif doesn't want to be called a fetishizer because she us a "transman" yet she has no problem calling straight women that.

No. 350279

File: 1705812173975.jpg (362.58 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240121_053223_Gal…)

No. 350280

File: 1705812278311.jpg (338.75 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240121_053227_Gal…)

Atleast there were some sane people

No. 350281

reddit is full of retards, what else is new

No. 350287

File: 1705814435233.png (650.42 KB, 600x900, The-Tosas-Master.png)

Anyone here read The Tosa's Master?

Fujos are getting into heated arguments over this story with the ones thinking the uke deserved it arguing with the ones who are on the uke's

Lol im genuinely curious what the nonnies herr think, do you think it was justified and how do you feel about the plot or lack thereof.

Also I'm a bit disappointed in this I'm not gonna lie because I was expecting something great due to the authors other works but this one was mediocre.

No. 350289

I swear, if I had a nickel for every time a TIF, NLOG pickme, SJW or miserable gay moid tried to raise the “BL is fetishizing the gays!!” point in earnest, I would have enough to fund the Yuri On Ice movie twice. Real life gay moids couldn’t care less about fujoshit because they are too busy caring about real issues that affect them like religious bigotry, conversion therapy, laws criminalizing homosexuality and hate crimes from their fellow moids.

No. 350305

Kek at at the TIF "gay men" accusing other women of fetishization out of guilt. As if liking to consume content with romance between two dudes is anywhere near as genuinely fetishistic as full time LARPing as a gay man and harassing them for not wanting PiV sex.

No. 350310

This topic likes to talk about anything but BL huh

No. 350323

Someone please tell her that BL/Danmei is by women, for women, and she's colonising our space and appropriating our culture kek.

No. 350342

we should be allowed to complain about fujo-related fandom drama. anyway i wish lc had a way to hide posts kek, i wanted to tell you to do that but i can’t…

No. 350345

theres already a fandom drama thread and a thread for fandom drama on fujochan which has been a lot more active lately…

No. 350348

that site is too ugly to use tbh i make an exception for lc because i’ve been here for years. also going to any of those other threads runs a risk of being shat on because you are a fujo. just let nonas complain, you can post about specific bl and hope someone posts with you or just scroll past it

No. 350357

are you retarded? just change the site theme if you think it's ugly. that's exactly what lolcow is going to look like if and when they prepare the new website jsyk, because it has more functions and stronger security. if lolcow goes with lynxchan instead it'll be even uglier.

>runs a risk of being shat on because you are a fujo

such a whiner. that whole thread is full of fujos, fujos are fandoms. you can report and ignore the offhand pakichan spergout for derailing. you want to discuss boring drama that's been going on since the early 2010s, there's no excuse for you to not use the dedicated threads for it.(infighting)

No. 350359

that anon who said all some anons here want to do is talk about trannies was right. the fakeboi thread exists too, on a drama board. nowhere in this thread's op does it say
>discuss drama freely. we would all love to see caps of delusional trannies on plebbit calling other women fetishizers for the umpteenth time and talk about proanti wars.

No. 350367

If you want to see a topic besides troons, feel free to be the change you want to see and bring up another topic for discussion.

I suspect the reason why the threads here and on FC have a disproportionately high amount of tranny talk is because imageboards are one of the scarce bastions that haven’t kowtowed to gender ideology where you can criticize trannies and express gender critical opinions without getting canceled. Fujos and yumes can unanimously agree that trannies and their ilk are single-handedly responsible for a lot of the worst trends on modern fandom.

No. 350386

Please take it to the fandom drama thread. We have threads on specific topics for a reason

No. 350421

>are you retarded she asks while not doing the simplest and smartest thing, e.g. reporting the posts if she really feels they're so direly off topic and otherwise posting what she wants to see
>calling me a whiner while whining
hypocrisy and stupidity. lolcow is so irritating these days(infighting)

No. 350429

Anons whining about mentions of trannies are just as annoying as the ones who bring them up, except the latter at least try to contribute something that could result in a discussion. Complaining about it is just as useless as the post I’m making right now.

I completely agree with you. Discussing trannies, even if you’re sick of it, is on topic if they’re part of BL and BL fandom. If they can’t come up with something else to discuss themselves they can go back to Twitter in the meantime.

No. 350443

No. 350446

at least link the fandom drama thread and not the all fujos are future tifs thread, retard

No. 350505

File: 1705880805779.jpg (45.97 KB, 352x500, 515PuyvqT9L.jpg)

I recently read this. Got about 50% before I started scanning through the rest because the plot was pure dog shit. It's about some host guy who can read minds who is obsessed with a male model. He stumbles across this male model randomly in the street and the model is immediately obsessed with him back. There's nothing gripping about this plot whatsoever. There's slight conflict with the MC not wanting to be his "submissive" at first but he just immediately jumps into it with minimal mention of "actually I don't like this that much but I'll make myself like it because I love him!" and that's all there is to it. The rest is fluff. There's a random scene where some random stalker (appears and then disappears in one chapter) ties up the MC and is about to rape him before the model saves him. Why, why do BLs always have this pointless trope. Another BL that has characters with zero personality or real motivation besides whatever the author needs them to at the moment.
I really liked the art style though. I know this author isn't the only one to have one like it because I've seen it elsewhere. Does anyone have any artists that draw similarly with these kinds of faces?

No. 350506

File: 1705880868143.png (188.34 KB, 408x459, kbt12.PNG)

another example, because I liked it

No. 350508

The people who post in the TIF thread are horribly anti-fujo and sometimes teeter towards homophobia as well

No. 350510

File: 1705881380996.jpg (118.13 KB, 769x1087, s-l1600 (1).jpg)

I found this other manga by her to be a little more enjoyable

No. 350512

Thanks, i'll check it out. and what did you think about KBT? I want to hear other people's thoughts so I don't feel insane that I'm the only one not going for this slop because I didn't see a single bad review for KBT

No. 350513

Honestly it's been a while since I read it so I can't remember. It didn't leave much of an impression on me at all. I think most people just like it for the art.

No. 350515

From the cover thumbnail I thought the guy with the white hair looked a little like Harada would draw a character. But your black and white cap more like how Ogeretsu Tanaka would. However, I am a total BL casul and don't even usually post itt so I bet anyone else would be able to give you a better answer.

No. 350516

Yeah this was dogshit, I checked it out due to morbid curiosity but it honestly felt like it was drawn and written by a teenager. The art was so stiff and lifeless, the plot was very wattpad-esque complete with the "b-but I'm straight!" plot point which I loathe so much I want to go back in time and punch the person who first popularized it. Couldn't make it past the first few chapters, for some reason the art suddenly gets better during sex scenes but it's not enough when the rest of the series is so lifeless and the characters are so uninteresting. A shame because I like the slutty male model character trope.

That thread is just a dumping place for all the homophobe-chans who believe a woman having short hair means she's an ugly misogynistic troon egg and /tttt/ourists who think they're not like those other cringe fujo fakebois but ackshual twansgender people with a share of actual concern trolling twitter gendies. And the person who has for the past two or three years spammed the thread with phalloplasty body horror images clearly gets off on it.

No. 350517

Yeah. A lot of BLs I've been reading have been
like that lately so it's really turning me off from the medium. I'm rarely finding one that has characters that make decisions that make sense, or talk like anything resembling a real person. These artists are definitely adults, so why are so many writing like teenagers?
Thanks for the reply anyway nona, I'll peep those authors.

No. 350549

The fandom drama thread is NLOG/pickme central and the TIF thread is full of unironic homophobes who seethe about fujos 24/7 so like it or not, tranny drama will remain a part of fujo discussion until we have better spaces to contain the topic. Complaining about the tranny complainers is also another way of adding fuel to the fire.

Anyways, in other news it looks like Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino is getting a Steam release in 2024. I only knew of the VN because Akiko Shikata sang the OP. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that someone released an English patch for it last year so I'll definitely be playing it. I heard the VN doesn't officially have romance but I don't see many, if any, BL works with the same settings/themes (Shintoism, mystery/horror/drama in a rural small town a la Higurashi) so I'm looking forward to it.

No. 350551

>tranny drama will remain a part of fujo discussion until we have better spaces to contain the topic
>/2X/ exists
Do you want original work or fanwork? There's an artist for Fate who has a really good art style, and the work can be read without an understanding of the characters. The characters are more muscular though, do you prefer them to be more twink-ish?

No. 350552

>The fandom drama thread is NLOG/pickme central
The fuck are you talking about, if anything its the least pickme/nlog thread in lc. I still remember when they bullied that anon who was defending 30yo+ used up whore moids kek

No. 350583

File: 1705909150515.png (Spoiler Image,3.48 MB, 1280x1824, 061.png)

Good thing they're robots…

No. 350585

File: 1705909229741.png (Spoiler Image,2.52 MB, 1280x1847, 062.png)

No. 350586

They're doing a omegaverse anime, looks a little too cutesy for me and I like omegaverse stuff…

No. 350590

ngl i used to read the manga and its mostly fluff, but never in my life did i imagine some omegaverse manga would ever get an anime kek

No. 350599

File: 1705917088085.png (878.46 KB, 849x725, 1705772952621.png)

The human characters don't do much for me but Bravern is max moe.

No. 350614

File: 1705923090638.jpg (298.17 KB, 950x1374, Top-or-Bottom-m_003.jpg)

fellow fujos, do you have any suggestions for 3p that doesn't involve two tops and one bottom (or vice versa)? i'm specifically looking for one top, one bottom and one switch in the middle. i really enjoyed picrel by nabara shouko but it's so difficult to find stuff that isn't just one tiny bottom getting dp'd all the time or that has retarded jealousy drama between the two tops. at this point i have to read mako/haru/rin 3p djs to scratch that itch, kek.

No. 350628

I don’t care about the bodies at all so hit me with it!

No. 350636

File: 1705936519450.png (1.11 MB, 618x873, D38QAl8UcAIaeM9.png)

this one has 3p with MC being the sandwich

No. 350661

I hate omegaverse sfm lmao. What a terrible day to have eyes.

No. 350665

File: 1705950710084.png (348.75 KB, 769x577, 651095e92cdb8aa67ba9ce04_F6zdI…)

Is anyone on that Kagurabachi wave? It's a meme but I'm actually getting into it. I'm really feeling Chihiro/Sojo but there's no content for them.

No. 350666

I checked out like the first 3 chapters for the meme. I just can't into shonen anymore

No. 350675

I don’t mind omegaverse as long as there’s no omegas kek. AxA or AxB is pretty much it for me. The mpreg, knotting and the leaking ass is too much for me kek.
I like the whole rutting male thing tho. That’s hot.

No. 350684

Never mind I just suggested what you already read kek.
I couldnt read anything from the raining hellweek but figured out how to turn it off.

No. 350694

Super ot but even without the raining hellweek text it's hard to see with this black theme, they really should've made it a toggleable theme like it normally is…(take it to meta, you can also still change the theme)

No. 350714

File: 1705971508886.jpg (245.25 KB, 591x874, udonmoudon-1749395534174130301…)

>Bravern yowling like a cat for Isami in the bg while Lewis is rescuing him
>The fucking ED
Extremely fun. I'm really liking this.

I've been enjoying it since the start, it's pretty cool. Sojo/Chihiro is brainworms for me as well, the clash between them is great. Or was, depending.

No. 350722

Here's to hoping he sticks around. I love Sojo's obsession and one-sidedness. His motivations are pretty weak for me right now, so I hope we learn more about him. There was a really interesting panel offering a glimpse into his backstory and it was never expanded upon, so I think he'll be a recurring char. Maybe he'll even eventually work alongside Chihiro..?
This is a crack theory, but I think the author is a woman. There's zero information about her, and the way she writes characters and draws female characters tips me off. I hope she feeds us more yaoi crumbs.

No. 350735

File: 1705983935860.jpg (68.31 KB, 1030x618, SiR0_5dos-1749401041794470310-…)

>Here's to hoping he sticks around.
Yup. I'll live (a little miserably kek) if he goes but if anyone introduced after him has strong/fun enough presence it'll be alright.

>I hope we learn more about him.

Same. That little glimpse was fascinating and seeing how he ended up with his "power is for destruction" mentality would be nice.

>I think the author is a woman

I'm not sure on that. I think, because of the nature of his fav mangas/assumed influences (Nardo, SnK, Ajin) he defaults to an emphasis on men. That alongside still being a newbie explains his girls a lot, though imo they aren't bad at all. Unless you mean how low-key their designs are? I think that's also just a preference of his for all his characters but I understand what you mean. But anyway, who knows? And same, hah.

No. 350756

Anybody here like Nishida Higashi's work? She's one of those mangaka whose stuff I can't make heads nor tails of but the fact that she publishes so much, and on top of that, so much of it gets scanlated, makes me think there's something I'm missing? What's good by her, I want to try.

No. 350787

File: 1706021015161.jpg (123.15 KB, 1380x1088, 0jzgm1m0aor31.jpg)

I fucking hate coming across a yaoi artist and then for some reason a lot of their gallery is genderbends where they have giant tits in suggestive poses. How are you a woman and drawing stuff like this? How are you a fujo and still pandering to men? Makes me convinced these people are just men trying to infiltrate women's spaces.

No. 350789

you'll never believe what female japanese yumes and hetfags are drawing. it's delusional to think only a man would sexualize a woman.

No. 350798

Yaoi with masculine guys? Got into bl a year ago but got no where to start.

No. 350803

JJBA, JJK, and the Yakuza series all have very active fujo communities and masculine characters if you're interested in any of those

No. 350806

Yeah, they sexualize women because they’re deranged nlog porn addicts. Sexualization of women from a yumejo perspective is a different matter I’d say.

No. 350813

It’s more that in combination with the way he’s hiding like every aspect about his identity but maybe that’s a normal thing for male mangaka to do too? I’ve only paid attention to cases where secretive shonen mangaka turn out to be women so I wouldn’t know. But you have a point.

No. 350815


Like the former two but gonna past on Yakuza. Thanks though ^^(^^)

No. 350817

not a woman self inserting with a sexualized woman but as a sexualized woman. it's the dominant style in nsfw content, nigh indistinguishable from hentai made for men.

No. 350818

Oh i agree with that for the most part kek, either way i don't think women should be drawing that shit and insead focus less on sexualizing female characters. Literally don't understand why they do

No. 350831

>, either way i don't think women should be drawing that shit
Yeah forbidden women draw what they want. They should only appeal to mentally ill users of this site.(infighting)

No. 350843

File: 1706045521236.jpeg (990.47 KB, 1920x1440, IMG_0608.jpeg)

Yes. As a male ryona enjoyer, I'm loving Isami's suffering. When Lewis saved him only to punch him and tell him to get into the robot, I was living.

No. 350846

You think women should draw tit monsters born out of pornsickness? Pathetic. Idk how you can be a woman and support art like that and proclaim stuff targeted towards women as a “mental illlness”(continuing infight after redtexts)

No. 350898

Church girls are so boring. I don't know why you keep sticking you nose in this thread to complain a out how every fetish in existence is "problematic" or "women shouldn't drawn it"(continuing infight after redtexts)

No. 350901

Lrn2sage, esltard and degenerate shit happening to men =/= degenerate shit happening to women. You might enjoy the most heinous edgelord yaoi in the world and still feel uncomfortable with gross, hypersexualized depictions of women.(infighting)

No. 350905

Why are you sticking your nose in this thread if you only want to jack off to big tittied women made by porn addicts? We get it you're a cool girl but this is the yaoi thread.(infighting)

No. 350922

I'm tempted to watch this anime, it seems funny for once. Last time I watched one it was Sarazanmai in 2020 during the lockdown.

No. 351078

File: 1706165287479.jpg (89.84 KB, 600x856, 3063743_26059016.jpg)

I just want to know why the fuck the mangaka is trying to redeem the pedo teacher. I was already kinda wary when the spin-off was centered around him, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt that maybe the author was going to give him what he deserves, but no, they're actually trying to make him look better by giving him an uwu sad backstory and introducing even more heinous pedos so that he doesn't look as bad compared to them. So fucking gross.

No. 351084

what manga? looks pretty

No. 351085

shintan kairou. it's a spin off of smells like green spirit

No. 351125

He already had a sad backstory in the original manga though and the boy who he attempts to rape even says something like "Maybe I should’ve let him rape me he’s just like us after all". It was obvious that the spin-off is going to be about his redemption and that he was always meant to be a tragic character not an evil one imo. I still hate it less then Smells Like Green Spirit, I’m glad she’s introducing bad male characters for once. I’m also not opposed to BL having a more "problematic" plot, good rapist vs. bad rapist or age gaps aren’t uncommon. I think the problem is that the mangaka tries to make a serious social commentary painting gay men as the ultimate victims where it feels wrong to have a "good" bad character. It’s like Nii-chan, I like haradas other darker themed manga but once she tried to make it about homophobia it didn’t work anymore.

No. 351337

I need help finding a series about a young yakuza head and his bodyguard. The bodyguard is older than him, an okama, and the top, anybody know the name?
AYRT, Episode three was weird in a really horny way about a female character. For an extended amount of time. Viewer discretion is advised.

No. 351380

So the 10 count anime is kill.

No. 351413

File: 1706288759960.jpg (133.01 KB, 749x1086, c6798d77cbe9025e92afa52c445741…)

Anons, what are the best anime or manga that are NOT BL but have good fujobait and fan content, as well as decent plot/art/polish?

I have a friend who wants to get into shipping and fanfiction who is looking for series recommendations. I want to help her but I don't watch anime or read that kind of manga anymore. My last ship was Soukoku and while I think they are an amazing pairing, BSD itself is just ok at best. Less charitably, it fucking sucks and Soukoku, the only interesting thing about it, takes up less than 2% of the runtime. Obviously I can't recommend a series I dislike that much, so I want to hear some other ideas. I've never seen them but I know they are popular with women, so what about
>something else?
I know her favourite genres are horror, pyshological, thriller, and she is a grown woman (late 20s) with mature tastes, so it would be nice to go that route instead of shounen. I hope this isn't impossible to find. Thanks anyone who suggests something.

No. 351415

File: 1706289149405.jpg (63.17 KB, 563x769, 1648599525548.jpg)

Obligatory Golden Kamuy rec

No. 351419

sun & moon by akane abe?

No. 351425

not a fujo but this scene was so fucking gay.

No. 351525

Beastars, Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, 91 Days, Durarara!!, Yuukoku no Moriarty, and K-Project perhaps

No. 351526

File: 1706315206527.jpg (182.1 KB, 768x933, Screenshot 2024-01-22 004619.j…)

If anyone wants to have a good laugh look at this deranged lunatics posts. They spam paragraphs on every omegaverse story.


Listen I don't like omegaverse either but people like this who complain about it by saying "it's fetishizing gay men" or that they want "artistic deep yaoi" make me laugh like you can tell they are speds.

Also why is this thing calling itself a "gay woman" I rarely see lesbians calling themselves gay women anymore.

No. 351529

I like baiting retards on mangago, the userbase is mostly annoying children and "mlm"s these days.

No. 351536

They seem too passionate to be baiting.

There are baiters there who make it really obvious they are baiters but everyone takes their bait because many of the user base has a sub zero iq. Like I always see chlorine end up in call out posts or get accused of being into YKW despite them very obviously being a troll and same goes for the gayhater account.

No. 351538

Thank you both very much! I will pitch them to her and see what she thinks.

No. 351540

File: 1706323523264.gif (2.14 MB, 640x576, IMG_5477.gif)

“You’re fetishizing gay men!!”
my honest reaction to that information

No. 351543

please update us if they arrive nona
share more male ryona recommendations!!

No. 351545

Not this one, although I'm surprised there are more than one with this specific plot lol. Both of the characters in the one I'm thinking of have dark hair.

No. 351559

File: 1706330057643.png (Spoiler Image,3 MB, 3541x2508, 84328435_p4.png)

It's been years and I still confuse ryona and onara on first glance


No. 351562

File: 1706330664440.png (1.02 MB, 2300x2700, 92913291_p3.png)

Does anyone have mini art or recommendations? I used to like the macro/micro threads on /y/ but there's nothing there worth the nastiness. Size queen is good too.

Yume is meh, but shrinking is a trope in Obey Me that should be used more in fandom. I will go for any gentle!giant content with fingering or object insertion no matter the fandom though.

No. 351566

Death Note is what you are looking for.

No. 351567


Where are these from? It is almost impossible to find anything Rockman X related in English.

No. 351577

anon I can't believed you convinced me to watch a mecha but I really liked it kek. Bravern is so cute…

No. 351580

File: 1706341146087.jpg (137.18 KB, 632x900, GED_x3kbYAE8lZ_.jpg)

Isn't he!? I love how pushy he is with Isami…

No. 351592

Why is this thread so dead

No. 351596

File: 1706346024306.png (1.33 MB, 1200x849, 1598740466028.png)

1. the vivzie pop thread
2. post spreading between here and fujochan
3. hellweek
4. this is /m/

No. 351631

File: 1706355157191.jpg (41.76 KB, 539x508, deckard seifuku.jpg)

>Bravern's oniichan

No. 351632

they have a point about BL being very lackluster though

No. 351633

Gay men and fakebois who read BL because it's the only other option since they don't like bara muscles are like this a lot. They'll claim to like BL but not actually enjoy any of the tropes (rape, frilly shoujo plots, 'but we're both boys…', male pregnancy, lots of drama, etc) so they're more just using it as a placeholder genre and liking the rare series that doesn't have any of these tropes apply to it and going 'THIS IS WHAT ALL BL SHOULD BE' or 'THIS IS PROOF THAT I ACTUALLY LIKE BL'
It would literally be on par with me saying I'm a yuri fan because I like a couple of yuri ships that don't fit into the typical tropes at all like being violent and possessive instead of the 'purest form of love'.
Honestly these types should just stay in their own lanes.

No. 351638

>Those gross icky straightie girlies!!!
>Spoken by a straight girl on mangago
Man I'm so tired of these insecure girls taking it out on other women

No. 351646

i think a lot of them just want to see shounen but gay or something like your lie in april but gay instead of BL where basically nothing of substance happens

No. 351649

"Nothing of substance happens" because these manga tend to be short, but there are a few BL manga here and there that are long enough to have an actual developed plot and a bigger cast. These idiots should maybe try to read these ones instead of reading one-shots with only 5 chapters and some extras.

No. 351905

I wonder if this is actually two women having a bizarre pickme-fest together, or moids pretending they're women to avoid accusations of misogyny. The first one's flagrant, awkward overuse of 'girlies' makes me think it's the latter

You don't need to write a dissertation on the sexual politics of omegaverse, you can just say its goofy and call it a day. It's about men getting preggo in their asswomb. It's not that serious, so why do some people act like it is kek

No. 351918

Aside from what’s already been suggested …
It’s been awhile but I remember X(clamp) being really baity. The manga is good and the anime too. The movie sucked even tho the art is beautiful.

Wolf’s rain maybe? It was the first time I ever shipped anyone (tsume x toboe).

Those are old so I doubt there’s a lot of fan art or an active fandom.

No. 352106

these NLOG types that always complain about female authors/audience never even bother to try stuff written by and for men (because they already know its shit). hating on tropes is fine but blaming it on "the straight girlies" is beyond retarded

No. 352363

File: 1706686168838.jpeg (377.2 KB, 1100x1536, IMG_4992.jpeg)

Let’s team up nonnie. She deserves all the love

No. 352364

Holy shit. I love Hwei's current emo twink design but this is so beautiful. Thanks for blessing my eyes today

No. 352559

File: 1706758372260.gif (1.85 MB, 498x486, 1701319596914.gif)

good sites to find doujinshis?

No. 352560

to buy
>Surugaya for secondhand doujins
>toranoana for new doujins
to read online
>hitomi.la (don't use it on mobile though you'll get a trillion pop ups)

No. 352588

File: 1706772044920.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.1 KB, 600x423, WHOLESHUM_LOVE_BETWEEN_MEN1.jp…)

Blahahahaaha these girlies would shit and piss themselves if they actually read gay shit for gay men like say—Gengoroh Tagame. These faghags romanticize uwu baby boy guys so much that they keep forgetting their still scrotes.

Slavery, submission and domination, rape—typical things in the bara genre. None of that "uwu I wuv you senpai" shit.

No. 352594

Move aside nonnies she belongs to me

Jokes aside I sometimes wonder if she's bi or lesbian, she made the main girl in Nii-chan a lesbian and she's known for giving respect for the female characters in her stories, she participated in the anthology about women in BL manga and drew a pretty poignant story criticizing the trope of girls being used only as yes-women in BL love triangles with little to no agency. Maybe I'm just overdosing on copium but I want to believe. However I really hate how Kuzuya and Kasuya behaved towards the BPD-chan working at Botan's restaurant in the newest happy kuso life volume but yeah they're supposed to be a pair of pigs and she nailed it

No. 352620

File: 1706794131830.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.43 KB, 1080x2400, CutelittleButt.jpg)

Newest event in nu carnival has a seme giving a blowjob in a hadaka apron, the writers for this game are such based adult fujos I can sense it

No. 352771

It's always funny when anti fujos recommend Tagame for his My Brother's Husband manga as "good gay rep" unlike those evil fetishistic fujo women. They don't bother to spend a second looking at his other work which is as degen as what fujos write. Also complaining about yaoi just being gay sex when bara is by far even more coomer.

No. 352875

File: 1706854396516.png (906.22 KB, 1920x1076, 1680904847458046.png)

Guys…sperg to me about your favorite ships…write me an essay…i want to experience your passion

No. 352885

File: 1706855919343.jpeg (540.29 KB, 1268x2548, Image.jpeg)

She also had no business making Momo's mom so hot…
I agree though, it stood out to me how her female characters were well written (or at least not completely unlikable) compared to other authors. Obviously that doesn’t instantly make her a lesbian but along with what you pointed out I wouldn’t completely discard that idea lol

My two favs of all time. You can shit on me for being a danganronpafag all you want but I’ll never not cape for naegami and komahina. I specially like them ‘cause there are moments in the series in which they don’t really like each other. Makoto lowkey dislikes Togami until near the end, and Hajime was really put off my Komaeda after the first murder, while Komaeda seemed to hate Hajime after his talent was revealed (even though he was kinda faking it) That makes it so hot to me. I dont care if they end up in love in the end, my mind will always be stuck on the parts in which one of them voices their disdain for the other. Maybe I misread their interactions but as I said before I don’t care. My ship my rules!!!

No. 352891

File: 1706856522967.gif (719.06 KB, 400x300, c9ya2t.gif)

they could've fixed eachother…

No. 352892

this warrants an explanation nonna

No. 352896

File: 1706857618595.jpg (195.94 KB, 1466x1061, Ep5zBtAUcAInDoK.jpg)

Harada's also made f/f genderbents (Picrel is Kuzuya and Kasuya obviously) of her characters. Like said none of this proves anything naturally but she's literally the creator of that "lesbian yaoi" genre characterized by edgy and messy relationships so I appreciate her either way kek.

No. 352902

File: 1706858302824.png (128.04 KB, 696x173, most_sane_g_anon.png)

it's sinple really
1. that's his type
2. perfect compatibility
3. they're the same person except they both have something the other lacks yet craves
4. sag x leo ♥
5. the sex would be fun

No. 352921

I always thought "lesbian yaoi" would be the ones that focus way more on the relationships and stories than what Harada usually does. Things like Etranger whatever (I didn't like it and only read the first volume so correct me if I'm wrong) or Honto Yajuu I mean.

No. 352925

I mean, it runs the gamut just like anything does. You get plenty of your fluffy Housamo doujin just the same as you get your hardcore BDSM rape slavery fantasies.

No. 352926

File: 1706866702239.jpg (94.16 KB, 597x900, MoYIJIbnAy0.jpg)

I just think their dynamic is really interesting and they pretty perfectly replicate why I like V3 so much.
When you compare Saihara to the protagonists of the previous games he's full of a lot more personality and isn't leaning more to the self insert category (not that that's a bad thing mind you) and it's interesting to see his growth as a character. Same goes for Ouma when you compare him to the antagonistic characters of the previous game, while Togami and Komaeda are kind of leaning on the tsundere side Ouma's an open suck up and is constantly trying to separate Saihara from Kaito which not only makes for an interesting contrast but creates some really funny/cute moments particuarly in chapter 4. In addition to chapter 4 his version of 'taking Saihara's fun away' just being that he bascially manipulated Gonta into murdering Miu is a pretty good look into his characterization.
Other things I enjoy is how their designs compliment each other really nicely as well as their talents. The game makes it pretty evident that Ouma originally wrote Saihara off as someone who he didn't find that interesting aside from him being a detective because he relied on Kaede, but when he broke out of this shell Ouma started to find him more interesting as a person and wanted to start being friends with him.
Also their FTE are just the cutest, I love how they do a bunch of silly stuff and spend the last one playing the knife game before Ouma stabs himself and proclaims he 'killed Saihara' and then proceeds to flirt with him again with 'I love yous!' and such.

And if you want something really dark you can just switch to their pregame personalities where Saihara's a disgusting stinky murder otaku!
I'm right here with you sis.

No. 352993

File: 1706892614195.jpeg (797.83 KB, 1125x1354, IMG_4821.jpeg)

Based fujo recommending the superior porny Frankenstein offshoot

No. 353007

Is she talking about Poor Things?

No. 353041

No. 353077

File: 1706913210944.jpg (57.15 KB, 320x442, 658928ffcf18d.jpg)

WAKE UP FUJOS A OMEGA X OMEGA STORY IS OUT ! Yes you heard that right its omega x omega

Title : Omega Bite

No. 353082

I'm about to die from sheer anger, the French publishing company said last year that they'd announce something about the release of the second volume of a manga I like and I was in Japan last summer so I could have bought it in Japanese there instead of waiting for the French translation (because there aren't scans of the whole volume) but they kept saying the release would be planned for 2023. There's still no official release date. Now what do I see on their official twitter account? Some official translator asking if any other professional translator would be interested in working with them on several series, including the one I'm talking about. They didn't even fucking translate it yet. I should have bought it last summer.

No. 353084

Forgot to mention that the manga I'm talking about is Niyama's more recent BL, I never remember the Japanese or English titles though. A third volume is planned but not completed yet, which means it'll get released translated and uncensored in French during the next century at best.

No. 353111

As someone who dislikes omegas , I did always want to read an o/o only because I couldn’t ever find one. Idk if I will read it though. No dumb rutting males.

No. 353116

One of the omegas in the story is a alpha who gets turned into a omega (black hair), meanwhile blonde is a dominant omega and i a bit crazy ans possesive. This is one of those toxic stories so just letting you know.

No. 353118

I read the first 2 chapters. I only like toxic stuff (for the most part) but not a fan of the art.
I’m sure it’ll end up that the dominate omega will turn into an alpha and the alpha end staying an omega.

No. 353121

I forgot how to use the spoiler function so forgive meee, but (spoiler) at the end they are both omegas.
it's a short story (only 7 chapters) most short stories tend be not the best…quality.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 353123

File: 1706931931829.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1290x1414, BAB72271-AEDA-40CC-B173-AE59C9…)

My favorite abo is Stray Dog’s Night. The top is a beta and the bottom is an alpha. Everyone is super hot and there is an uncensored version.
There is a psychological aspect to it and the beta is obsessive. A rec if you like that stuff.

And to spoiler text you just add two # to the beginning and two # at the end of what you want to spoiler

No. 353213

File: 1706986793804.jpg (488.11 KB, 1280x1819, 1706717817033.jpg)

Did we win at all in reload?

No. 353215

Yakumo's faggy enough to wear that apron. Not really an achievement with that one. If it were someone like Kuya I'd be more impressed

No. 353220

File: 1706989333163.jpg (139.96 KB, 600x833, tumblr_8b04af28d59a7ec05dc5b7e…)

There's a character wearing a rainbow pin in the first few minutes of the game but they won't let us date the guys. I don't think so. There's probably some bait but If I wanted to hear Akira Ishida acting like a faggot I'd be watching Sukisho. No need to pay $70.

No. 353221

Yesss, this is the hottest. I love when the bottom is super dominate or a power bottom.

No. 353227

Currently it's EreFlo, Eren x Floch from AOT. It literally makes no sense and is basically enemies to lovers kind of trope, and has barely any fan art, but I like it because Floch is pretty and Eren is plain enough for me to make him the one dicking him down. There's Floch x Jean but I don't like it because Jean belongs to me, but that's another topic. Aesthetics aside, it's fun to think of how that would happen to begin with. I saw some of Isayama's interviews where he stated Eren's ideal type is Reiner and Marco. Which is interesting because it means he likes reliable guys and nerdy soft guys with a brutally honest blunt personality. Floch became both after Erwin's suicide charge, so I can see Eren taking an interest in him after noticing that change. Floch on the other hand used to hate Eren, until Eren told him his real plan about the rumbling and saving paradis which made Floch admire and look up to Eren as a capable leader and follow him to the very end. I like the dedication Floch has to Eren, but Eren was kinda cold towards him in return, but it's part of the fun, I love that kind of dynamic in ships. I can imagine Floch trying his best to not try and seek Eren's attention but being happy when Eren finally looks his way or approaches him in any way possible. I also like the idea of them using each other, I'm just a sucker for a slightly abusive dynamic like that in a ship. And I even like more the idea of each of them knowing that the other is using him but he doesn't care because the sex is too good to say no to, until they eventually fall in love but it's too late to realize that, since both would have to part ways to be on their ways to die. Like Floch has hope that Eren might come back and he'd see him again, but part of him is afraid Eren is either gonna die on the hands of the alliance or is gonna bail on the whole rumbling thing because he's too emotional and self-righteous to see through with it (preferring and choosing his friends over paradis), Floch still tries to protect Eren until the end because he realized he loved him but it's too late. Eren on the other hand would feel bad about using him and wish for a chance to apologize, and that would be their paths conversation. It would just go as "Floch, I'm sorry I used you this whole time, but I think now I like you", "it's ok Eren, I already knew it all along but I enjoyed it a bit too much to say anything about it.", and they'd spend some time in the paths together being themselves for once and having dates and hot gay sex and even a wedding or something before they exist it and each of them dies when his time comes, but at least happy they could spend some time together. The end. Sorry for the fanfic tier post lol but you said "sperg" so I hope this is spergy enough.

No. 353230

theres a homo mod of p3p already. the remake is just gay.

No. 353235

File: 1706994184940.png (343.3 KB, 599x395, 33a8dde6bc38063cb71ee197087aee…)

>You still can't date guys
>Removes femc from the game
Why does Atlus hate their female fanbase so much?

No. 353236

I bet the Persona devs decided that the gay fanservice in SMT5 was already enough so they didn't need to make any effort to give us anything in P3R. I wouldn't be surprised if The Answer and the P3P content will be expensive DLCs later.

No. 353238

No. 353239

File: 1706994954156.jpg (779.24 KB, 1280x800, 62673735_p3.jpg)


No. 353240

File: 1706995170069.jpg (163.82 KB, 1079x639, furry.jpg)

emo boys f dogs

No. 353241

File: 1706995313374.jpg (14.61 KB, 360x360, koro.jpg)

No. 353242

The Answer DLC has allegedly been leaked already.

No. 353244

Classic Fatlus move.

No. 353245

File: 1706996810305.jpg (428.54 KB, 1500x2197, IMG_20240203_234744.jpg)

I wish we could see more seme like mio from umibe no etranger. Looks like a cute bottom, but is a top. I think semes can also be adorable, and not just a stoic hulking walking dildo for the uke

No. 353247

same. cute semeXcute uke is underrated.

No. 353248

Agreed, but I like when they are a walking dildo with a pretty face, especially when they are also much skinnier/physically weaker than the bottom

No. 353250

If only kii kanna wasn't a hack writer

No. 353252

Cute vaguely yandere seme is peak
Yeah her stuff isn't that great. I love her art and I like mio and shun as characters, but the plot is poorly executed

No. 353253

sluuuuurp, that's my addiction. I rarely get immersed in anything that doesn't have the shadow of the colossus style small seme big uke lately.

No. 353258

I like cute seme’s especially if they’re a little unhinged. But not full on yandere

No. 353261

Same, I'm starting to feel like I've already read all of it that's available kek I'm always checking mangago lists for more. Like it's nice to see a huge guy get topped, but it's immediately boring when the top is even bigger

No. 353269

File: 1707005203865.png (1.37 MB, 1280x794, tumblr_8b4a45d860715cdd27e6a2b…)

there are lots of popular ships out there commonly put in that dynamic, that's where I get my food. it's even easier to find if you can stomach omegaverse. have you played the parade VNs too? they're well-written games with cute seme MCs x bigger ukes. I've been meaning to play lkyt just for yael, picrel.
>it's immediately boring when the top is even bigger
agreed, like an upscaled normal couple. I'd rather they be around the same size than that.

I really love when the uke is mainly bottoming out of sheer laziness and once in a blue moon gets the urge to top kek

No. 353270

File: 1707005896396.jpg (1.64 MB, 1080x4485, cakeverse01.jpg)

A while ago I was lurking on twitter and found out about "Cakeverse" yaoi from picrel

>What is Cakeverse?

From my understanding, it started in Korea and is a bit similar to omegaverse/ABO except in this universe people are split into normal humans, forks and cakes.


Can’t taste normal food but Cakes taste delicious so when they find one they go a bit crazy


There are no signs they are Cakes so they can go their whole life without knowing unless they encounter a Fork. Each tastes different.

I thought it was a troll/joke but apparently it's thing

No. 353271

I don't know why yaoi harems tend to be bottom centric like one bottom and multiple tops, even nucarnival was falling in that trope with having more tops than bottoms. I mean isn't it more realistic for a top to have multiple bottom bitches? It's also hotter to have multiple bottom characters…

No. 353272

File: 1707006023371.jpg (3.66 MB, 2878x4096, cakeverse02.jpg)

And some examples of cakeverse series:

>Shitasaki kara Koi (Momose An)

>Nameru Ijo wa Keiyakugai nanode! (Hareya Umako)
>Osananajimi wa Amakute Tabegoro (Mochipamu)
>Kawaisou na Kimi wa Boku dake no Amayaka na Kizu (Chino Chi)

No. 353273

this sounds like a genuinely retarded fetish, it manages to sound 10x more stupid than omegaverse

No. 353274

the ways in which female autism manifests itself never cease to amaze me

No. 353275

Yess I'm so happy it's been getting more popular with ships recently but I still prefer to have actual manga or webtoon to read. Thanks for the rec, I usually don't play vns but I'll check it out!
>uke is mainly bottoming out of sheer laziness
That's so good, my favorite is when he's getting (a little) forced though. I don't think anything will top Plaything in that regard for me, it's almost perfect

No. 353276

This is just a thing they do on their website with different manga that have similar subjects readers might like

No. 353277

Well, at least people can't say
>Its self insert fetish porn of basicallg women because 2% have mpreg

No. 353278

How does the eating of the "cakes" work? Just licking skin or is this about cum? But the concept sounds cute ngl

No. 353279

right, the MCs often being on boring side is the worst part about that because their reactions to getting dicked are always roughly the same, and the seme is a seme, so even when the partners change the sex will start to blend together. also, yakumo and quincy need to get fucked in the ass immediately. one day they're bound to run out of ideas and drop a role reverse ssr.

No. 353281

Sounds retarded like all verses do but i welcome anything that puts a dent in ABO shit

No. 353282

>when he's getting (a little) forced though
I love this too kek and I really liked plaything if not for the bootleg griffith x guts couple with top griffth as god intended. parade's vns have several instances of that, but I heard lkyt is all vanilla sex </3. nty's MC is very pushy with all the ukes and rapes both of the big guys, and rn9 is saw but yaoi so all the sex is technically forced besides a couple H scenes in the endings.

No. 353283

Mmmmm cake

No. 353294

I've never heard of these but it's time to do research I guess.

No. 353313

It sounds retarded but honestly I’m so sick of the usual tropes that I’ll take anything at this point.

No. 353322

All this does is further cements that Koreans are shit at BL and storytelling in general

No. 353328

I feel like a few years ago they weren’t so bad but something happened and now it’s just garbage.

No. 353329

Not before Quincy brat-tames Kuya and fucks him into the mattress.

No. 353396

>treat gay guys like objects for their own entertainment
this is so full of shit, just bc they're gay doesn't mean they're not men anymore, they're still males and they'd rather cannibalize their left toe before letting a woman do anything to them. And even the most devoted yumes avoid real life moids, so why would a fujo be drawn to real life faggots, it's so stupid.

No. 353438

I still can't recover from the last event's SSR Eiden fucking HIMSELF in his intimacy scene. #even more so that I never pulled him I'm going to cry#

No. 353442

AYRT, sameee but in this story the alpha isn’t really dominate at all. He’s a grumpy detective that’s too tired and frustrated to care. Although he does become more dominate towards the end but very little.
It’s still a good short read.

No. 353443

i may suffer but my french fujononnies suffer more.

No. 353445

gigabasado, years ago when nu:c was announced and i was checking out the site when i first saw Kuya, i was so damn sure he'd be a bottom, like, it just doesn't fit him, like even the way his SR moves just makes him look like a buttslut

No. 353450

i don't mind this, i think the fork and cakes thing will make for lots of pretty covers!

No. 353475

There is nothing top nor top energy about Kuya, not even in his other SSRs. People who WRONGLY think otherwise are "UM ACKCHUALLY It's so obvious because of who his VA is!!!" but idgaf about that because the design screams bitchy bottom. And also his VA sounds like a coy bottom, so all the seme roles in the world he has played doesn't mean a damn thing to me.

No. 353492

pathetic, they don't know how to explain themselves so they just bring up the VA's acting history.
different subject, but doesn't Nu:C just have a thing for physically imposing or balanced tops? like Yakumo doesn't have a personality typical of a seme but he's still taller than Eiden so he tops, and neither does Blade but he is still balanced with Eiden so he also tops, Dante and Edmond are alike with their tsundere tropes and "wha-wha-that's preposterous!" type beat but it's only Dante that tops. One exception there is, and that's Rei.

No. 353511

File: 1707076002001.jpg (93.95 KB, 736x1069, ba81a43925640d008b317af1205957…)

tbf yakumo also has an absolutely massive dick, he makes a very cute seme. and blade being an uke would've ruined the maid outfit card.

No. 353519

Hearing people talk about it made me think it was cannibalism focused. I am disappointed

No. 353526

File: 1707079531300.png (407.17 KB, 529x829, DanteCat.png)

>he makes a very cute seme
Agreed, I love when he goes like kinda crazy? yk like crying sobbing about being with Eiden, my fav intimacy room has to be Shadow Lineage Yakumo's room 2.
>blade being an uke would've ruined the maid outfit card.
i get it, but let's not forget the superior maid outfit catboy.

No. 353527

The comments say it sometimes is. Sounds like in some cases the cake is eaten fully or can regrow parts and in others it's just about scent and fluids

No. 353529

what the heck are you talking about, kuya represents the dominant fem top archetype. when does he acts like a bitchy buttslut? he is always in charge when he interacts with eiden. we were literally talking earlier about wanting to see pretty semes but now you're whining about him not being a bottom fucked by the stereotypical big ol top quincy. it's not like he is a first in yaoi, the fem top is an actual trope. you forgot about the drag queen seme in uuultra c? also rei is supposed to be his bottom counterpart just like dante and edmond are tsundere seme uke counterparts.
i'm tired of quincy x kuya fujos complaining that kuya isn't taking it up in the ass, no he is fucking eiden instead and it's 10x hotter. and the yakumo complaints are even more ridiculous, a crying shy seme is way more interesting and original than another sensitive uke fuck off

No. 353530

Reminds me of a oneshot bl sfw manga i read years ago where people either were "chargers" or "charging recivers". And these two types of people needed to kiss each other to produce energy. Back then i thought it was a cool magical realism-ish concept but thinking back it was probably inspired by omegaverse kekwhich begs the question: does omegaverse qualify as magical realism? Honestly I'm surprised that sfw omegaverse-inspired concepts aren't more common.
>I thought it was a troll/joke but apparently it's thing
Honestly I get the feeling that it probably did start with a joke someone made on a korean forum and then it just spread until people started to write genuine stories with this concept

No. 353532

When did I ever said he acts like a "bitchy buttslut?" I said he looks like one. And just because he acts dominant in front of Eiden doesn't mean he still doesn't have bottom vibes. Not once did I ever state that I hated him as a top nor hate him with Eiden. I like their dynamic, bit sorry if he still looks like a bottom to me.

>femtop is an actual trope

Okay. I'm not asking for roidpig tops either btw.

>i'm tired of quincy x kuya fujos complaining that kuya isn't taking it up the ass

Remain tired then. I'd love for them to fuck in canon, but that's what fanfic and fanart is for. No amount of my whining will make it canon (and I'm aware it never will be due to how these gacha stories work). Both Quinya and Kuden is hot, so sue me. And tbh Eiden brat-taming Kuya would be hotter than their current ufufu dynamic, at least for me.

No. 353537

but yakumo should still get his ass fucked just once as a treat. or at least licked. or at least fingered.

No. 353545

File: 1707084226219.png (25.19 KB, 740x146, verse.png)

Apparently there are a lot of verses actually, this links explanations to some but it's all in japanese https://t.co/ZAQwj01MRQ Kind of interesting to see what people come up with

No. 353566

File: 1707090458548.jpeg (719.98 KB, 1290x1939, 2FEE02AE-A85F-4659-9A7A-54ADAA…)

How fat are these autists

No. 353630

File: 1707112017616.jpg (Spoiler Image,262.09 KB, 900x2183, 197169_33444316_(1).jpg)

For anyone keeping up with A Tree without Roots, Heeseo has reached the final level of mindbreak and completed his evolution from clingy BPD-kun to full-blown yandere schizo. I'm honestly really really impressed with the character writing in this webtoon. It feels like the author has dealt with level of psycho herself, that's how real it feels. I can't wait for the second season.

No. 353651

Okay so i just searched this up and the forks (kek) actually cannibalises the cake boys.
>Forks are the predators. They are humans, who after reaching a certain age have almost completely lost their sense of taste and smell. Their tastebuds can sense only one thing— cakes a.k.a the humans of another category.
>It makes cakes’ flesh and fluids (you can see where this is going!) irresistible to forks. “Cakeverse” positions cakes as prey, who often fall dead due to attacks from cannibalistic forks. To make the matters worse cakes are unaware of their classification; only forks, with their enhanced sense of smell, can spot a difference between a cake and a regular human.

I'm laughing so much, the article discusses a lot of other silly tropes. I thought abo was silly, but honestely it is far less bad then cake and iceverse.

I haven't catched up yet, i am at chapter 46 but really loving it. I love a fucked up story with a male yandere.

No. 353655

Whoever came up with this should be drawn and quartered, same as the idiots who came up with omegaverse. I mean it.

No. 353660

Why do you want women to be drawn and quartered for having fun with their made up guys? It's not even popular, that one tweet is the first time most people heard of it and it only blew up because it sounds so silly

No. 353663

Because now whenever I look for BL manga to read websites are full of omegaverse and shit like cakeverse will make it even more annoying to look for more stuff. Don't even get me started on what's published in my country. At least half of new series or oneshots getting published is omegaverse, and now among the few BL anime we get there's fucking Tadaima Okaeri, meanwhile we can't even get 10 Count (I didn't even like the manga all that much though) or the Yuri on Ice movie. Cakeverse is the same shit but even more autistic, and publishers and influencers already try to push tranny shit as BL over here too, I've seen one influencer who obviously work with several publishers on twitter pushing some shitty manga about a tranny high school boy and his classmate with a scar, and Boys Run the Riot is almost always advertised with BL and GL because publishers and bookstores conflate everything together, at that rate it's just a matter of time until cakeverse and similar bullshit will enter the market. If I wanted to see gay cannibalism shit I'd just replay Digital Devil Saga on my old PS2.

No. 353665

Yeah this shit is frustrating because instead of getting better, well-written BL with an actual interesting plot and dynamics we get retarded fetishes that make absolutely no sense. Omegaverse is the worst thing to happen to BL, fuck teen wolf and supernatural. Also fuck that guy who coined alpha and omega dynamics in wolves because it's not even accurate

No. 353669

You sound so fucking annoying. You need to realize that people will draw whatever they like and you can consider yourself lucky if it fits your own interests kek manga doesn't just suddenly start existing, there's someone thinking of a story and characters who then spends months making it only for you to read it in an afternoon. If the author or artist has what you think is bad taste it'll always show in their works, no matter what setting or fetish it's about. They won't suddenly make what you'd consider well-written or interesting plots. If no one had thought of cake/omegaverse they would've thought of something else you'd dislike. The things I like are super niche but it's not because other stuff exists in general but because few artists like the same things I do.

No. 353670

To continue, I hate manga that seems normal but adds omegaverse shit out of nowhere. I hate omegaverse trying to make a commentary on social dynamics or feminism issues. I hate the retarded mpreg and breeding tropes that come with omegaverse. I hate weird autistic shit like "nesting". Actually why the fuck is it even called omegaverse, when the terms were coined omega was supposed to be the loner of the group, the rejected bullied one not the one who gives birth to babies (that was the alpha female). As a premise omegaverse is literally just following the average dog mating behaviour, getting into heat and then knotting, but applied to gay couples which is fucking weird anyway?? It's not even creative, and it falls extremely flat when the author tries to take it more seriously or add female characters. How is a female alpha going to knot someone? It just becomes nonsensical tranny shit at that point because you have to start using genitals that belong to the opposite sex. That's why it was just a porny wattpad fetish, that existed only for porn.

No. 353684

Your argument doesn't take editors and publishing companies into account at all. There are plenty of BL manga that I like but many of them don't get published outside of Japan and don't get fan translations either, some get shitty publications or get dropped even if they sell well, and more omegaverse shit get published just because vocal fans with terminal shit taste will trick editors and publishing companies into thinking it's going to sell better than everything else. You think BL mangaka can just draw anything they want and call it a day? Editors will also have a say in everything and can push some mangaka into following trends. You act as if I were talking about fanfictions and doujinshi where "don't like don't read" applies.

No. 353691

Exactly, and this doesn't take in account the fujos who follow trends such as omegaverse for clout.

No. 353692

If scanlators and publishers in your country mostly distribute omegaverse it’s because there’s many who like it. I personally don’t even like it but omegaverse isn’t replacing regular BL. Ten Count and Yuri on Ice getting cancelled have no correlation to the new omegaverse anime. I'd rather get my favorite niche incest rape manga as an anime but I know it won’t appeal to most. Just learn Japanese to read the manga that appeal to you instead of being misogynistic.

No. 353693

ABO has always been extremely misogynist and lowkey homophobic garbage. And it clearly fed into the fujo-to-troon pipeline, so I feel vindicated that I hated it from day one.
Not heard of cakeverse and icecreamverse until today. I don't feel the same way about it as I do ABO, but it still sounds dumb af kek. Universes like these and hanahaki and the soulmate one just seems to be something for creators who don't have many ideas of their own.

No. 353698

I already read some manga in Japanese to compensate but even then you have a shit ton that turns out to be omegashit even there. And there's nothing sexist about hating that my hobbies are ruined by tourists with terminal shit taste. The influencer I mentioned who's pushing omegaverse and tranny shit is a real, actual man with an actual dick and trust me I hate his guts, same as anyone who likes garbage and influences publishers to give us garbage. I don't discriminate.

No. 353702

>calls BL homophobic
>fujo-to-troon pipeline
Go back to making fun of mutilated women in the ftm thread.

Tranny shit would’ve been pushed regardless of omegaverse existing or not. There’s an increasing amount of trannies in Japanese media in general, I know several BL works with trannies that weren’t even omegaverse. Also if you say women should be "drawn and quartered" because you don’t share the same autistic fetish as them it’s at least a little misogynistic.

No. 353704

But authors usually work closely with their editors? I'm sure they don't have full creative freedom, but there's also no one forcing them to draw or write something they absolutely hate. There aren't many artists who could work that long on something they have no passion for or interest in. And if you're so mad that omegaverse fans are vocal then become vocal about your tastes? If it's a situation in which you can't get actual feedback you'll probably at least consider the opinions of the few people that speak up on their own. Imagine wanting to write a book but having no idea where or who to ask for opinions on tropes or dynamics. There are hundreds of people who like one thing that they never talk about and five people who like another that they do mention all the time and you're personally able to get into both. How are you supposed to decide on one as an outsider that can't know which one is actually popular? Even polls would probably only get answers from the minority with strong feelings.
I don't like omegaverse either, I avoid all of it and usually drop mangas when it shows up, but I understand that it's liked among scanlators and that they are also just working on the stuff they like to see. If I cared as much as some of you do I'd learn japanese to buy the stuff I like directly but getting a supply of fresh gay porn is just not that serious to me kek I'm happy when I find one manga I can enjoy every other month, I'm not mad that there are 20 new ones getting released each week that I'll never want to read

No. 353705

I said "whoever" came up with it, not "the women who came up with it", I know enough real men (as in, not fakebois) into BL irl to make the distinction more often than not.

No. 353707

I called ABO low-key homophobic, and cited is as a reason for why so many of those poor women are mutilated. You also keep calling nonna a misogynist for hating your fav trope, but ignored that my main point was how misogynist that trope is.
Idky you're so defensive about your BL dog-fucking larp. Go read some knotting porn and chill.

No. 353710

I'm as vocal as possible, I buy new copies of BL manga I like in my country to get the eventual sequels but then for some mysterious reasons we only get sequels like 4 or 5 years later at best even if the manga are successful, I post about BL on twitter from time to time and follow artists to keep up with new releases, I used to go to a local small yaoi con which was full of normal people from my country but it was moved to another bigger city so now it's full of fakebois from all of Europe and tourists who pretend they like yaoi until they actually read something that's not the fluffiest shit ever, and even the guests and people doing panels are now trannies or exclusively talking about anything that's not BL (unless it's omegaverse). I do my best but it's obviously not enough. Meanwhile in one of the local publishers' forums a bunch of women said they couldn't stand omegaverse anymore because they had a subscription, which means they paid a set amount of money and would get all the new releases of the month, and half of the shit they get is now omegaverse so several just stopped their subscriptions as a result. But if they posted about it on social media they would get jumped by fake fujoshi who don't even know what Gravitation is because the arguments used are potentially transphobic.

No. 353718

Cakeverse specifically was made up by a woman though, her account is even linked in the article here >>353651 and I doubt the 6 or so mangas that exist were drawn by men. Sometimes women make things you dislike, get over it kek

If you're in an european country publishing BL will just be slow, no matter what. Realize that even though there are a lot of fujos they are nothing in comparison to normie shonen or even shoujo readers and publishers work on whatever makes the most sense financially. And I get disliking omegaverse, like I said, I also don't like it, but cakeverse, iceverse, dom/subverse, day/nightverse etc. only have the concept of class distinctions in common. It's always a setting in which at least two groups of people exist next to the normal population that are drawn to each other with one having some kind of inherent advantage over the other. The authors who are into something this silly would not be writing deep and meaningful stories anyway so I don't get the complaint

No. 353730

I never compared BL publications with how fast we get shonen manga, legit no idea where you got that from, I'm comparing how slow publications are compared to the exact same BL manga in Japan.

No. 353731

I made the comparison because popular genres get published quicker and sometimes at a similar pace as their jp releases. Even the most popular BL won't reach the same sales numbers and that's why it always takes years to get sequels, if they are published at all. It's very low on their list of priorities.

No. 353734

This might depend on each country and each publishing company. Where I am there are two companies that make BL their priority, and other companies make it more of a side thing. There's a more recent company that just started publishing BL and they're so incompetent with almost all their IPs that I'm worried about it actually. There's a manga, not a BL, that has a special edition for each volume but the latest one still has an incomplete special edition, which was also released months after the normal edition.

No. 353750

File: 1707147670491.jpg (85.28 KB, 750x503, balloon animal and a banana da…)

>Shoutarou has all this bullshit on his chain
Yep that's all getting clipped off.
Still waiting on some things to arrive at the proxy though haha.

No. 353753

aw but the balloon animal one is so cute, at least keep it, but congrats on your haul nonnie!

No. 353773

cakeverse is just some weird cannibalism so it's nowhere near as bad as mpreg, knotting and gendie stuff

No. 353799

I feel like this wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the dumb names. a cannibalistic class sounds kinda cool until you start call them "forks"

No. 353802

yeah i think it can be a cool concept actually

No. 353803

i hope works that play up the horror aspect pop up soon

No. 353805

Maybe it sounds cooler if your native language isn't english kek

No. 353811

‘Fork’ in….
Japanese - foku
Korean - pokeu

Idk still sounds corny as hell kek. When I was a teenager in the 00’s it was slang for fucking (at least where i lived as a burger) so maybe it’s a play on that?

No. 353817

File: 1707165890339.png (3.71 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0583.png)

Any thoughts on Olivines new SSR? My god this man is gorgeous. I’d never thought he pulled off long hair. Sex scene wise R5 is very sweet as we get to see him and Eiden doing some tongue action. However I still have a hard time recovering from the R2 scene in the Blood Key event as it’s everything I wanted (except for the breast pump shit).

No. 353827

At least mpreg and knotting is kinda hot in the right context, people being cakes is just stupid.

No. 353829

>At least mpreg and knotting is kinda hot in the right context
it's not….it's really not. the cake shit is just soulmates (the only decent part of omegaverse) with pseudo-cannibalism mixed in, miles and miles more tolerable than pregnancy. I think it might even be able to incorporate the scent fetish from omegaverse if done right. Either way, lets wait and see if it actually catches on or dies out first.

No. 353831

>At least mpreg and knotting is kinda hot in the right context
No it isnt

No. 353837

Kek in what context is a pregnant man kinda hot?

No. 353840

File: 1707172656022.png (3.27 MB, 2560x1690, ad1IhL4.png)

There are no men that get pregnant, nonna!

No. 353841

File: 1707172658915.png (858.99 KB, 610x759, canon suzalulu son.png)

See I find soulmates stuff extremely stupid and avoid it whenever possible.
>Breeding sex is very sexy
>If consensual then the seme holding the uke and taking care of him is cute
>If non consensual than the uke carrying the rapist's baby is lewd and makes for good drama
>It's fun to imagine what your ship's lovechild would look like

No. 353843

File: 1707172845725.jpg (405.24 KB, 2048x1508, 509cd140fcb786a5552d934836b7f0…)

No. 353846

File: 1707173105559.png (912.91 KB, 1000x768, live ryu reaction.png)

>thread alive
>14 hours of infighting about omegaverse

No. 353847


No. 353850

It's a pretty cringe term, but it's what I was instantly reminded of when the 'no men that get pregnant!' came up.

No. 353851

File: 1707173397728.jpg (238.64 KB, 1920x1121, fag club.jpg)

All I'm saying is omega vampire looks god tier and should be translated.

No. 353852

Cosmo did

No. 353853

Apparently Osmosis Jones also did, but I never watched the cartoon
Also Ben Ten when he was that one blue alien.

No. 353862

Shitasaki kara Koi has a super mini series on YouTube and ….kek it’s ridiculous.

No. 353863

The issue with mpreg is that, no matter how much you disguise it with irony, you can't ignore the fact that pregnancy is inherently tied to women. Not all women get pregnant, but every being that has gotten pregnant has been a woman (and please don't mention some species of rare fish). If you have media where a man who gets pregnant, he wouldn't be considered a man.

No. 353865

File: 1707174785785.jpg (155.35 KB, 556x600, 154512.jpg)

what about men who lay eggs

No. 353869

Men don't go into heat and have knot dicks either but I don't see you bringing that up.
Kinda cute if it's like a dragon boy like the guys from twst. Me and my friend were discussing a character being born from an egg the other day.

No. 353870

I've never read anything with mpreg in it before, does the baby come out of the butt? Or do they have to perform a c-section on every dude that gets preggo?

No. 353872

Kinda depends on who you ask
Sometimes it's dick birth, sometimes it's ass birth (someone even said that in omegaverse they'd get called turd toddlers as a form of harassment) and sometimes it's just a C section.

I personally don't give it too much thought, but C section would probably be for the best.

No. 353873

This actually doesn’t bother me as much kek. Kind of goes inline with monster fucking which I like when I’m in the mood for it.
or when the uke gets stuffed with eggs and is forced to lay them or they hatch inside him
A baby growing inside a man’s “womb” is the the least sexiest thing I can think of.

No. 353874

varies from story to story, sometimes it's a cocoon or some weird astral spiritual birth

No. 353875

The only ones I've read, they did a time-skip from conception to the baby already being born, with no mention of the process

No. 353876

>Men don't go into heat and have knot dicks either but I don't see you bringing that up.
I didn't bring that up and that's not what I'm talking about either, you can't be in this much denial.

No. 353877

>it's a cocoon
Isn't this kinda what sweet pool did? They get into the guro cacoon and then boom! Baby.

No. 353878

File: 1707175840529.jpg (57 KB, 600x450, Junsei.600.55769-3262565809.jp…)

yes, a beautiful meat shota to be kitani's replacement sonfu. I feel like I see a lot of abnormal births in chinese stuff, spiritual manifestations and whatnot, but I'm really no mpreg connoisseur.

No. 353880

Despite not being super into the VN (mostly because I don't like Tetsuo) I actually liked the 'unholy' aspect they did for sweet pool and how the meat shota can't go into a woman's womb because they're demon meat babies.
It's just an interesting trope to read about sometimes. I don't really think about heterosex when something has mpreg in it.

No. 353881

File: 1707176252580.gif (104.54 KB, 220x166, EEF9u2x.gif)

Just a tourist here, but have you considered that a good chunk of mpreg is just hetrosexuality with extra steps? And if you're insistent on having a pregnancy in an alleged m/m story, you probably have some other issues going on.(bait)

No. 353882

>Keep the armchair psychology to a minimum, we've heard it all before.

No. 353883

File: 1707176621879.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.22 KB, 488x643, dx781g.jpg)

go back

No. 353887

don't need a degree to figure out that the emphasis of wanting to have childbirth in an allegedly m/m story isn't as cut and dry as you're trying to make it seem.(infighting)

No. 353888

File: 1707178144135.jpg (191.87 KB, 700x700, they make nendoroid baby cradl…)

Women like babies, it ain't that deep.(replying to bait)

No. 353889

Based anon. Don't let these cakefags keep you down

No. 353899

File: 1707180913949.jpg (84.36 KB, 350x498, ok-fude.jpg)

who cares. post your otp

No. 353912

File: 1707182379974.jpeg (97.71 KB, 600x596, 26CB93DD-DFDA-4DD0-AFED-99BD44…)

No. 353914

see this is the only instance of mpreg that i can get behind since the premise is supposed to be just as fucked up as saya no uta

No. 353917

not just demons, they were literally the former inhabitants of Sodom and they only wanted to reproduce in the most blasphemous, edgy way possible because of how much they hated god for turning them into those meat parasites kek sweet pool rocks

No. 353956

File: 1707200991800.png (546.37 KB, 706x713, F_3BNcxasAAcg7l.png)

The current source of my brainrot

No. 353960

wow this really took me back. I dropped magi after the timeskip because I thought it sucked. is it worth completing magi in the year 2024? feeling nostalgic because I loved these two

No. 353992

i liked their kiss too! they're both so cute.

No. 354017

What does topic constantly gets moderated with "(infighting)" what the fuck are people even supposed to discuss on anonymous imagine board.

No. 354024

I shipped Judal with Kouen Ren because I'm stupidly weak for a dynamic like that and always felt undermined by the popularity of Judal x Hakuryuu. I guess we'll have to fight now, nonnie. just kidding we can kiss instead because I'm happy to see another Magi fan

No. 354040

It does get kinda dicey after the time-skip but i still think it's a decent manga worth finishing. At the very least I can appreciate how ambitious the author was with the themes she tackled in a shonen manga
Judar is whore anyway and has probably slept with with the entire Kou royal family kek

No. 354049

>Judar is whore anyway and has probably slept with with the entire Kou royal family kek
KEK very true and probably canon to be fair

No. 354070

There's a difference between discussion and conversations where people are arguing and insulting each other. Disagreements should be civil, at least that's what I believe. But you can always ask in /meta.

No. 354085

>male hawke/fenris
i love you nona

No. 354097

File: 1707249811653.png (1.24 MB, 857x857, ironically towa's mom is proba…)

Thoughts on female characters in BL games? Do you like them or Dislike them? Any Particular ones that stand out as your favorite?

No. 354098

I usually dislike mpreg because the whole omegaverse thing is kinda retarded to me, but when it's played out like this I absolutely love it (and I loved sweet pool). I think it works perfectly when it's some demonic shit, or if it's something involving literal gods or alien beings. Or works for body horror too, but only when it isn't in some moidy bara comic full of pointless ugly gore.

No. 354101

File: 1707250760372.png (Spoiler Image,755.07 KB, 790x734, 1645142244407.png)

I love obachans! Spoiler for 3D

No. 354106

I'm not done yet with Slow Damage so please no spoilers but why do I sense that Towa's mom was legit just as horrible as the mom in Yatamomo in the exact same way? Everything I assumed would happen in the VN so far actually happened so I'm going to assume I'm correct until I get all the endings.

No. 354114

File: 1707254473308.jpg (425.13 KB, 700x992, 83289067_p36.jpg)

i'll never escape them

No. 354115

not-fujo here, what did the middle one do?

No. 354117

more like a certain other nitro chiral character with an adorable pet


unfinished slow damage nonny, look away: she ran a massive child torture sex trafficking ring where she had her own son get brutally raped and cut up by random rich pedos every day for the purpose of fulfilling their darkest desires or something. if you've read soren's thread on /snow/… kek like that but fancier. also attempted to groom the son into becoming her clone and continuing the sex dungeon legacy after her death, then murdered a little girl who tried to escape with him. after that, the son pushed her down some stairs and she died. she was like a comically evil psycho/sociopath girl boss.

No. 354127

was this Korean? cause I feel most of the really really fucked stuff stuff often comes from Korea from some reason, also I wouldn't call it "girl boss" by any means, this is just really degen fantasies.

No. 354128

File: 1707257066612.png (202.05 KB, 819x1254, Yufumi_small.png)

i talk too much about this damn game but i like the deflated wojak girl, want to hug her. that part where hiroyuki is having a screaming match with her mom for leaving her to rot in a disgusting hoarder house was too real. that one reminded me of the mom in yamamoto. can't think of many other memorable ones besides… the maids from hashihime? tasuku's little sis? i'm kind of indifferent to them most of the time, they usually don't do much to make you love or hate them. i didnt like maya even as a villain though. the only interesting villain in sd was toono because he was funny.

emma deserves to be on that 9x9 more than fujieda's sister who just lived, was a plot device, and died. even takeru's sister and that waitress from sd were more fleshed out I think.

No. 354129

the biggest problem with mpreg fics is that they always forget abortion is an option. you can't convince me 90% of the omega-fied characters in fics wouldn't get himself right down to the clinic after finding out. i need yaoibortion

No. 354130

no, japanese. japan is much more guilty of over the top edgy content, especially in vns. manhwa only offers a pale imitation of Japanese degeneracy. and it is a girlboss thing, she was a femme fatale/female manipulator/female sociopath villainess trope. the trafficking ring was called and run like a business with her being the ceo and she was obsessed with manipulating people and maintaining her public image.

No. 354131

Is there an obgyn for omegas? Omega birth control?

No. 354132

Kek this reminds me of this webtoon where the uke wants to get an abortion but has a dream where his unborn child gets sad so he feels bad about it, then the seme stops him.

No. 354135

File: 1707257866114.png (303.77 KB, 825x436, pSvEkzo.png)

the vast majority of people would never consider child traffickers to be "femme fatles" like this isn't some over the top snarkiness, anything with child-rape becomes morally dubious to glamorize and I think if you enjoyed the game, it says something about you as a person. and please don't reply with shotacon or gore cause you want to "trigger" me, cause It would trigger me, it's disgusting tbh.(bait)

No. 354137

Aren't they literally always talking about going to the doc to get suppressants kek

No. 354138

i hated the game and the character? maybe you should play it before pearl clutching about something you couldn't even be bothered to read the wiki article for with your crappy 2018 reddit reaction pictures. she's a villain with no redeeming qualities, her actions aren't glamorized or even shown, her/their only relevance in game is as the backstory behind why the main character is so fucked in the head. she's dead before the game even starts. but if the shoe fits. that's the trope she is, her being a sociopathic child trafficker doesn't make it not applicable.

>I think if you enjoyed the game, it says something about you as a person


No. 354141

again just a tourist, not gonna dictate how you live your life, but I'm just having an appropriate reaction that most people would have.

No. 354143

have you ever considered the appropriate reaction
>most people
would have to you browsing lolcow? go larp as a normie somewhere else

No. 354145

File: 1707259348534.png (168.81 KB, 622x600, she has mad swagger though.png)

I guess they didn't put Emma in since she's an antagonistic character?

No. 354146

1/2 of nitro chiral love interests can be interpreted as antagonistic or morally dubious but keisuke is still everybody's babygirl. emma just wanted to put the tard out of his misery, she wasn't a bad person.

No. 354147

>i didnt like maya even as a villain though
slow damage The quote she did at the end of the game made me like her in a fucked up sense, I think she truly just didn't understand people on a human level and only on one of psychology and it made her an interesting antagonist. It's really depressing when you think about it and I think in a way she didn't want Towa to grow up to be exactly like her and could never really relate to him due to not having emotions in the way a normal human would.

No. 354149

Agreed. I'm just assuming that's the reason she wasn't on the list though.

No. 354156

that hamfisted attempt to flesh her out at the last minute made me groan irl. its not a unique concept for an antagonist in bl alone, fuchii kabura is a monkey with a typewriter

No. 354157

Both Dramatical Murder and Slow Damage are soulless garbage, male BL writers will always be superior.(bait)

No. 354158

File: 1707264001340.png (198.41 KB, 499x493, aober.png)

I won't even say I like all of her works or all of her writing, but people who bitch about Fuchii Kabura and write off all of the good work she's done are clearly just being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian.
Die scrote.

No. 354159

Koreans are really good at fucked up BL but Japan is often super brutal towards women(at least from my experience l) and not so much men. Ive read a lot of Japanese horror manga and the women are always brutalized worst than the men. Sometimes it’s too much for me.

No. 354164

weak bait

people say that cuz she's not a good writer. she has her moments but most of her vns are standard old-school edgy bl for middle schoolers. it's her specialty, pretending otherwise is the more contrarian take. sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's boring. slow damage = boring

No. 354166

File: 1707265979888.png (380.14 KB, 800x532, 804936.png)

Every kawoshin ever

No. 354167

>pretending otherwise is the more contrarian take
Gotta disagree, there's a reason why Slow damage is either the second highest or highest rated BLVN (it switches it's spot around with shingakkou a lot on vndb).

I don't even think you have to like her writing, but there's a reason why her works define the BL genre as a whole.

No. 354168

File: 1707266256527.jpg (144.49 KB, 1000x1518, 20240205_104122.jpg)

bad doesn't mean soulless either. uiro sensei's art will provide ample soul even when fuchii is throwing.

No. 354170

>there's a reason why Slow damage is either the second highest or highest rated BLVN
means literally nothing to me and says nothing of the quality. it's because towa is hot, the visuals are top notch, and shills on reddit. tell me with a straight face that either of those are better than hashihime. or even the other chiral games. there's a reason why it's the weakest performing chiral game besides maybe flop pool, she deserved better I think the meat sharts might've filtered people.

No. 354171

You call it bait but you agree her writing is shit. Go back to sperging about nty, retard.

No. 354172

>tell me with a straight face that either of those are better than hashihime
I love Hashihime a lot as well but I genuinely think SD is the better VN.
Hashihime's flaw comes from that once you clear Minakami's route the VNs over and the only other route worth playing is Kawase's since the rest are pretty garbage (especially the final one), I get what Rinko was going for with it being a bunch of 'what if' scenarios. With SD I genuinely don't think there's a single route that's full on bad meanwhile when it comes to Hashihime I just tell people to stop playing after Kawase's route unless they really want to 100% the game.
>there's a reason why it's the weakest performing chiral game
Source needed. I don't think it would be getting a bunch of scale figures if it preformed as badly as you're claiming.

No. 354176

samefag, too lazy to delete and repost. but let's also not pretend the main reason her works (mainly dmmd which blew up for its looks above all) define the genre isn't because she works for the bl branch of a huge company, the company owned that made fate/stay night, steins gate, touken ranbu, and psycho pass.

is she the only woman who writes bl? is she the only woman who writes bl vns? did a man, urobuchi, contribute a lot of work on multiple of her vns? is she the best female bl vn writer? no to all of the above. does she work for the biggest company and have the biggest budget to work with? yes. you are retarded as fuck to insinuate my problem is that she's a woman.

>genuinely think SD is the better VN.
i just can't see where you're coming from with that kek. that's insane. at least hashihime has 2 good routes, slow damage doesn't even have one. rei and madarame's routes are two of the worst in nitro chiral history.

>I don't think it would be getting a bunch of scale figures

nitroplus property. they have money to burn. aoba was crucified so towa could sit on a dirty toilet. look at how many figures exist of their literal who mascot sonico. look at touken ranbu.

No. 354178

File: 1707268054924.png (26.16 KB, 104x143, 1694977305225230.png)

i hope everyone going to bat for fuchii kabura will ease up on the manhwa hate for the foreseeable future

No. 354179

File: 1707268062866.jpg (2.03 MB, 1275x1755, Naitou-kun.full.1825677.jpg)

>the company owned that made fate/stay night
Nitroplus didn't make fate stay night, one of their writers (Urobuchi) just wrote for it so Saber got to show up as a guest character in the fighting game they made.
Even ignoring that there's plenty of other BLVNs backed by fairly popular companies that don't get even nearly as popular as nitroplus's games for a reason. The games just stand on their own franky.
>look at how many figures exist of their literal who mascot sonico
Most people don't know she's nitro+, but she makes crazy bank.
>look at touken ranbu
Touken ranbu is also crazy fucking popular, I think it had the most doujins archived for a while.
If Nitroplus truly has money to burn on figures then give me new totono figures and a Naitou figure you bastards.

No. 354182

File: 1707269023578.jpg (2.53 MB, 1275x1755, DRAMAtical.Murder.full.1823451…)

I liked dmmd because it was dumb and it knew what it was, it never took itself too seriously and I found each route entertaining in its own way (even Mink's.) I found a lot of the problem with Slow Damage was it's incredibly over the top and ridiculous characters and story without having the self-awareness balance itself out, like with the art. I think what made dmmd work, as well as Lamento, is that the art, music, setting and tone suited the writing and plot as opposed to it being "cringe" for the lack of a better word. Sweet Pool however is its own beast, its charmingly reminiscent of old Denpa eroge.

No. 354183

in the west or in general? if it really sucks, odds are it'll flop no matter who's backing it, but what gets the most popular in the west doesn't necessarily reflect its domestic success.

>Nitroplus didn't make fate stay night, one of their writers (Urobuchi) just wrote for it

same difference, he's the director of the company and is responsible for many things in sweet pool aka saya no uta's bl side story and dmmd. don't remember if he did anything on the others, it sounded like he didn't like lamento (lol).

No. 354184

>in the west or in general?
(Presuming you're referring to Touken Ranbu)
The game wasn't even released worldwide till 2021, so clearly they only cared about domestic sales for it (pretty normal stuff for Japan, though nowadays they also care about Chinese sales).
>and is responsible for many things in sweet pool aka saya no uta's bl side story and dmmd
I won't deny that there's a lot of obvious similarities between Saya and Sweet pool, but he was still only an advisor on the game.

No. 354186

File: 1707269931646.jpg (19.5 KB, 256x256, 25424-5a90e.jpg)

mte, you put it way better than i did. i was able to enjoy it even though i didn't think it was super well written because it was fun. tnc too didn't take itself seriously at all and it was a blast. but slow damage took itself completely seriously despite still having all the usual over the top nitro chiral edge, and it suffered as a result.

sweet pool… I don't know, it was so weird that it got away with the more serious horror tone. I've seen people criticize it's pacing too but it's so short I was never bothered by it. it made me feel like I was watching a japanese homo B movie.

>(Presuming you're referring to Touken Ranbu)
I was referring to
>Even ignoring that there's plenty of other BLVNs backed by fairly popular companies that don't get even nearly as popular as nitroplus's games
and nitroplus is the biggest vn company anyways, or at least the biggest one with a bl branch, so its not the fairest comparison.

No. 354188

>or at least the biggest one with a bl branch
Literally just because most companies drop their BL branch after like 3 games (at max) made in the 2000s.
If we're talking about merchandise then I guess a fair amount of it could be due to having more money? But at the same time they're pretty much the only ones putting out BL figures because they're pretty much the only one that cares about their fujo fans enough to market to them.
I don't think it's impossible for a company like clockup to produce goods or make an OVA for their fujos (they did for Euphoria after all), they just choose not to.

No. 354193

they were going to make an ova for no, thank you!!! but it got scrapped. rn9 was too horny to do much with it and since vns don't get adaptations anymore, lkyt. probably won't get anything like an anime or manga but they did imply their next vn would be it's sequel or a spinoff. these games all had more merch than any of the clockup games with girls though, with art books full of dev interviews and fluffy comics, acrylics, scrolls, pencil cases, more useless junk, and lkyt just released a plush set. clockup doesn't do a ton of merchandising to begin with as far as I know. euphoria got like some pins and a physical ost release.

>Literally just because most companies drop their BL branch after like 3 games (at max) made in the 2000s.

can't really blame them when vns are kind of a dying medium

No. 354197

File: 1707272713348.png (843.15 KB, 1023x577, hashihime_4fczpaxjrg.png)

Why does he always get looped in with the bad routes

No. 354198

>Can't even win in his own route
It's just not very interesting and the whole route is really really rushed. Some characters work better as side characters and Hakase is one of them.

No. 354199

Kawase's route was the worst one honestly

No. 354200

>can't really blame them when vns are kind of a dying medium
I don't know about that, it's only really 'dying' in the sense that most of what gets super mainstream attention is gachashit.
Also most of these companies only bothered trying to make some BL in the 2000s rather than currently.

No. 354201

Why? He could actually properly tard wrangle Tamamori.

No. 354202

File: 1707273509017.jpeg (180 KB, 865x1024, IMG_5373.jpeg)

Speaking of anime adaptations I wish there was one for luckydog. It would’ve worked so well even without the bl elements since the story itself is already solid. Sadly it’s been 14+ so it’s never going to happen.

No. 354203

He always felt like a character from an otome game, like those tsundere ones who’ll call you fat and ugly. Kawase is just being mean to him for no reason when Tamamori should be beaten and raped instead.

No. 354206

But tamamori is fat and ugly too

No. 354209

File: 1707275537677.png (2.76 MB, 2341x1959, why this.png)

No. 354210

Take that back. He’s one of the cutest boys in BL.

No. 354211

File: 1707275867965.png (149.75 KB, 750x598, 1688594894738.png)

If we ever do one of these again we're gonna have to rank the boys on the 'cute to sexy' scale.

No. 354212


No. 354213

The severe lack of goth boys hurts my soul

No. 354214

File: 1707276762637.jpg (14.85 KB, 256x240, 156175.jpg)

The guy in Ooe looks pretty goth (and like Yu Narukami), so hopefully we'll get to add him.

No. 354216

File: 1707277690304.png (22.91 KB, 800x450, chart(1).png)

This one fits too
>Towa and Tomoaki - peak male manipulator
>Haru - peak male manipulator, as far from neurotypical as possible
>Tamamori - virgin, autistic
>Akira, Youji(?) - peak autistic and virgin
>Konoe, Daichi, Aoba(?) - neurotypical
Havent't played the others, rip. Eiden can be neurotypical male manipulator.

No. 354217

youji's dark academia imo. its goth to shit out meat babies in your dark, uncanny room and be in the hospital all the time.

No. 354408

He'd really fit into victorian consumption aesthetic kek
So metal also.
I honestly liked Sweet Pool the most, i hope there'll be something similar made in the future. I'd love to read about what happens to their demon kid.
Nonnas, what's your favourite Blvns? Which do you think is the best so far?

No. 354492

File: 1707383682637.jpg (524.8 KB, 4095x2304, 05B61C98-D74D-477E-A09C-274ED6…)

I'll add some more boys later

No. 354494

Rei's route in Slow Damage is pissing me off. The writing was also repetitive in Taku's route but it's even worse here. Why do the characters always have this "omg do you hate your deadbeat father?" and "omg no way how did you know??" conversation several times in a row as if it didn't happen several times in a row? Then there's that interrogation minigame that goes like "omg do you [select option] hate your deadbeat father?" with the same reply from Rei. This VN could be way shorter witha better pacing. Rei should just agree to get his father killed because of his own debt and move on and NOT troon out at this point but that's too much common sense for any of the characters I guess. I'm still not done with it yet, I'm not looking forward to the last sex scene, I just know Rei will be a fem top and Towa will just narrate the whole thing as if it were a Wattpad fanfic again.

No. 354496

It sucks how the demon baby ending wasn't the true end. I guess Kitani would've become obsessed with him like the Okinaga uncle who was obsessed with the last purebred lump.

No. 354515

His bad ending sex scene was… something. Very memorable. But i completely don't remember good ending one, so maybe you're right and it was that bad kek
My guess would be the same. I'd expect a wild ride of a story with this boy.

No. 354526

File: 1707409381737.png (Spoiler Image,809.2 KB, 1019x768, Tumblr_l_332541596281790.png)

shordy a little tarded up but still built for rails

best sex scene was unironically mayu

No. 354537

Ever parade boy is a little tarded up tbh

No. 354570

the uke being smarter than the seme is the natural order. we've all talked about age gap and size gap but iq gap matters too. maki-chan and piroshi might be exceptions.

No. 354594

>farthest in the spectrum in sexy boy
No Thank You!

No. 354626

File: 1707436410233.jpg (657.49 KB, 1579x2238, 1707435992258.jpg)

Vnsperg sisters how pleb are you?

No. 354630

Thank you for the list nonnie, I must play all of these

No. 354633

Towa should be on the sexier side, Daichi's on the far cute side, he's so adorable, it's a shame he was never an uke in the game. Akira is somewhat in-between, but on the cuter side too.
KEK i agree i think he belongs with the one on the bottom of the pic there.
Pretty pleb, just under the water. Many of these i never heard of.

No. 354639

File: 1707442758522.png (64.79 KB, 280x280, 1707442250617.png)

>sick twin dragon tattoos
>long pretty hair
>tight body
>late 00s hollistercore concept
>rapist & rape victim, switch
>kind to women, kids, animals
>can't cum unless he's making men uncomfortable
>is his geriatric psycho dad's lifelong slave and fucktoy
Why bully?

No. 354655

whos the blonde boy in cute boys.

No. 354689

>Why bully?
He's hideous

No. 354721

No. 354722

michael from shingakkou

No. 354779

no thank you

No. 354906

File: 1707585216436.jpg (419.35 KB, 2767x1953, GFV6Rc1awAAuEgg.jpg)

Picrel, lesbians (and by extension bi women who do shit like this) need to fuck off from fujo spaces if they're just gonna genderbend the characters and the likes. Get the fuck out, yaoi isn't for you. Consume the high amount of yuri and female fanservice content already available. There is no reason why I should see nu carnival genderbents made by a woman. Can female gaze character designs just be female gaze character designs without lesbian/bi coomers ruining it, it isn't that hard.

No. 354913

File: 1707588109400.png (350.29 KB, 811x259, haru.png)

that's not an acceptable answer

No. 354918

Genderbends are a normal part of fandoms calm down and let women draw what they want.

No. 354919

This is pretty inoffensive. The nucani designs aren't sacred femgaze territory, they're kind of mid. Certain JJBA designs come across as more femgaze than them if not from high fashion and half naked men being araki's two main autistic special interests.

No. 354921

i definitely get what you mean at times, i definitely became really annoyed when every tartaglia/zhongli (and the reverse) were drawing zhongli as a shitty big titty waifu gacha thot back in the day, and especially if its untagged. genderbends can be fun, but too many women make them extremely porny and tropey nowadays for me to enjoy them. the example you posted isn't the worst there is, but its definitely an annoying trend.

No. 354936

haru my king

No. 354937

Thank god I'm not the only one with that opinion. I don't mind a little bit of genderbender art here and there, especially if the characters have specific designs I really like because they would look just as cool as women, but I just downloaded and started Nu Carnival a few weeks ago and almost all I found on twitter about it soon after was yuri fanart made by incompetent Westerners. Not even just the characters having different designs like in your pic, just straight up uncensored pussy eating.

No. 354961

just block the artists doing it if it annoys you so much

No. 354977

I like yuribends but I can't stand hetbends, especially when its the uke being hetbended.

No. 355015

I wouldn't mind hetbends as much if the reverse was also common and f/m couples got turned into m/m but it literally never/ rarely happens so it's just annoying tbh

No. 355351

Stageplays are like the one form of 3DPD (aside from Robert Pattinson) that I'm into, they're just way too fun!

No. 355355

>a manga like shota oni does a better job at resolving miscommunication rather than regular BL
i know you guys hate the concept but i think it would make a cute anime. it's not sexual at all

No. 355402

What's your favorite stage play? Do you have any that you recommend?

No. 355429

>Implying it's lesbians who do this
Homophobe-chans would pin the plague on lesbians if they could.

No. 355437

Hard to pick…I do really like the DR2 stageplay because of how high energy it is but the DMMD one is aso fun because of the pretend on stage sex scenes (which more just come off as pretty funny).

No. 355441

I'm not big on stage plays and I haven't watched one in a while but I remember being much younger and finding the Kuroshitsuji stage play (iirc it was the second one) and both the actual play and the bts looked so fun and wholesome kek. I still remember parts of the songs. I also saw a Bungou Stray Dogs one not too long ago and that was cute too.

No. 355465

yuribends are bottom of the barrel garbage, i wish fake twitter lesbians would fuck off from making yaoi their personality if this slop is all they’re going to churn out

No. 355543

so many of you were saying that yana toboso is a fujo and now she says she doesn't want to see any romance between sebaciel… i've been saying all she does is fujobait for the bucks, black butler as a manga is still incredibly straight and she doesn't care about fujo ships. predictable

No. 355544

she's more into troonshit if anything

No. 355582

File: 1707817681327.jpg (158.94 KB, 1456x986, Glamorous.Lip.full.337923.jpg)

Anon…she literally wrote BL manga and togainu no chi doujinshis….

No. 355591

like 20 yrs ago?? some people don't remain fujos forever

No. 355602

File: 1707818543048.jpg (59.54 KB, 295x550, yana rin.jpg)

If she's still drawing a fanservice heavy manga about a shota with a ikemen butler I'd say she still definitely counts as a fujo just because she's doing professional work now.
Even the designs in twst are mad fujo to the point where people here have discussed being confused to why yumes play the game in the past.

No. 355609

yes a formerly fanservice heavy manga where she explicitly states that she doesn't want to see romance between sebaciel… she's just a shotacon and troon lover i don't see anything to suggest that she's still a fujo. what's even the fucking point of black butler anyway

No. 355610

i say formerly because i don't remember the last time in the manga sebaciel had a good moment. she'd rather push ciel with his female cousin

No. 355622

I would say she's more of a shotafag than a fujo, but she's still a fujo like >>355582 said. Maybe she cant push sebaciel anymore since she's working alongside Disney and imagine that might be too good of a job to lose. I am surprised there are only 2 shota characters in twist, every time she has done characters for a gacha they have been shotas lol, so i imagine Disney must be holding the reins real thight

No. 355629

She was talking about the live action movie that happens several generations after the Ciel from the manga dies of idk old age or something and the Ciel in the movie is a woman and his descendant. So she didn't want Sebastian to fall in love with a OC donut steel female character she doesn't give a fuck about.

No. 355631

I always wonder, how many of these are translated? Are English speaking BLVN fujos primarily also able to speak Japanese, or do you rely on fan translations or auto translations? I wish I could see a pie chart of the results to this question. (For example, I saw some die-hard Lamento fans in English spaces a long time ago, but at the time I thought Lamento didn't have a full translation? Were they just fans of the partial translation or did they actually play it in JP?)

I'm in some fandoms that are primarily Japanese and basically learned most of my Japanese out of necessity to interact with the fandom, but even then, I still relied on the few other English translators.

No. 355633

This sounds like that one bait poster that would always bring up black butler and yana toboso while knowing next to nothing about the two kek

No. 355635

she's clearly still a fujo. she's long said she dislikes romance in general and seems to favor rape, torture, and hate sex.

No. 355636

>only 2
all seven dwarves, the cat from pinocchio, cheka, ortho, riddle, epel, lilia (shotababa)? there are a lot of them, and they all have older male bishounen caretakers as usual. but in lilia's case he's the father of 2 bishies and fucked one of their dad's.

No. 355638

oh shit i didnt know they added new shotas, time to dl the game i guess

No. 355639

The shotafags/troon/pakichan are working overtime today damn

No. 355645

i just like cute male characters and shotas are the only ones that deliver. Every other twist male looks so mean and angry.

No. 355650

>the cat from Pinocchio
The what now?

No. 355663

File: 1707838181582.jpg (420.68 KB, 739x1066, okumuracest.jpg)

The purest form of love

No. 355666

That was my first thought reading that post kek, tobososperg hasn't posted in a while

No. 355734

File: 1707847168993.png (458.63 KB, 500x748, 113475941_p8.png)

gideon, honest john's mute friend

No. 355758

According to VNDB there's 89 translated BLVNs, however a lot of these are still WIPs (such as some of the pil/slash games which are being translated by JAST) or aren't BL being furry shit, bara shit or trap shit.

No. 355759

File: 1707854744496.png (1.69 MB, 1180x642, Screenshot 2024-02-13 120804.p…)

Oh and a bunch of mobile shit if you scroll down.

No. 355761

DMMD gave a generation of fujos an amputee fetish, prove me wrong.

No. 355763

File: 1707855977607.png (816.2 KB, 970x738, wow.png)

I played a machine translated BL fangame of kimigashine, that's fairly niche right?

No. 355765

Really? In my experience yuribend artists (actual genderbend ones and not the "I hc male character as a transbian" types) are saner than the ones who hetbend. They're usually actual fujos too and just want to see the characters as women sometimes, not some performative thing.

No. 355785

IDK how niche it is, but I've had an interest in playing kimigashine for a while now. Is it any good? Is it hard to download?

No. 355803

>Is it any good?
I really like it! It's very similar to danganronpa so if you like that series (or stuff similar to it like ace attorney) you'll probably enjoy it!
>Is it hard to download?
You can literally play it in your browser, no download required.

No. 355810

>You can literally play it in your browser, no download required.
Oh, shit. I guess I have no excuse not to play it now. Thanks for telling me.

No. 355811

I don't really see the popular yaoi manga being full of amputee fetishism tbh, kek. I think DMMD was a gateway to yaoi at all for a lot of fujos, which is pretty cool.
Nice, thank you for sharing, nonnie.

No. 355812

File: 1707869358282.jpg (203.56 KB, 1981x1491, Fi4lAe5VQAAfwaK.jpg)

>Thanks for telling me
Have fun!

No. 355818

File: 1707871362827.png (603.84 KB, 1408x621, Screenshot 2024-02-13 194358.p…)

jjk fujononnies please read Kura no Ryuukeichi, best satosugu doujinshi I've read in a while

No. 355820

nah satosugu is a shit ass ship, hate it being shilled everywhere. jp fujos are based for making gojo x megumi more popular

No. 355826

File: 1707874316673.jpg (82.76 KB, 736x883, jog.jpg)

Honestly, don't really care as long as its Gojo that's getting his prostate pounded

No. 355828

cute gojo art never feels genuine, gojo in canon is just an sociopath and asshole. idk cant imagine him being truly in love and him being fucked is even weirder since gege wrote him so aggressively straight kek.

No. 355831

Him being so straight in the actual show makes seeing him get absolutely destroyed even more better nonnie, that's the appeal

No. 355836

File: 1707877995806.gif (2.07 MB, 498x498, gojo-gojo-satoru.gif)

He's a cute sociopath
>agressively straight
The only time he ever showed interest in women was in that scene where he changes his cellphone wallpaper to an idol he likes

No. 355838

with agressively straight i more mean the way he acts, its just so obvious gege created him to be some overpowered alpha chad that all the teenagers would love

No. 355839

File: 1707878635963.jpeg (120.29 KB, 736x736, IMG_3379.jpeg)

You’re so right nonnie, he was made to take it up the ass

No. 355845

link me to it then
gojo x fushiguro is weak af. ship him with his real dad u coward

No. 355850

I just hope a better fujobait shonen is in the pipe, preferably with a non-troll mangaka

No. 355852

File: 1707886947829.jpeg (574.17 KB, 1290x683, 222AFA69-95FD-4B1E-8563-2BB1CA…)

That’s the whole appeal of watching him getting railed tho kek

No. 355934

I swear at some point I'll get curious enough to read this shitty manga just for these two guys.

No. 355945

File: 1707917471473.jpg (30.38 KB, 360x349, 20231219_094628.jpg)

Out of pure curiosity, what are some of /fujos/ favorite character arctypes found in bl vns? Any favorite tropes as well? (pic semi related)

No. 355950

I have no favorites, as long as he's a good or likable character I can get into it. but if the MC is bad or boring the game will usually fall flat for me for the same reason why I don't play otome, I'd like both guys to be full characters.

never really get tired of the dadcon old man routes I guess but seeing the younger one bottom most of the time doesn't sit right with my soul. only trope I hate is full homo characters with some melodrama related to being unironically gay in their stories, sorry not sorry. it's not that tragic and I couldn't care less, come up with something else.

No. 355951

oh I saw this post last night and wanted to chime in, that's the quintessential satosugu doujin from what I've seen, at least in the western fanbase
the art is great even a nonfujo like me liked it
he's selfish and arrogant,agreed
it's actually stated by gege that Gojo was created as a no-fuss "the strongest" character. that's it
KEK, I saw a lot of stsg pics and it kinda bothers me they all paint Geto as a bottom, he would never.

No. 355953

File: 1707920252474.jpg (320.1 KB, 1448x2048, 20240214_081911.jpg)

so cute…

No. 355962

>Shinji being a loose drunk, and owning a pet penguin

No. 355967

File: 1707924711725.jpg (378.58 KB, 2048x1405, 20230104_130739.jpg)

It's the blood-related brother for me

No. 355973

>enemies to lovers
>gang bang

No. 355981

honk shoo. if he makes being a rapist his personality I'm taking the cgs and turning skip mode on I'm not spending 6 hours reading a diet nukige plot.

No. 356001

>getting filtered by rape

No. 356010

rape itself is hot but rapeape routes are snoresville, if you've seen one you've seen them all. nothing disappoints me more than a rape so hamfisted and unconsequentual it feels like vanilla sex with extra steps.(autism)

No. 356021

Yeah they're boring, poorly written and very repetitive. Rape in BL only works in a certain context

No. 356026

Watch bucchigiri this season, I think it's cute, even if the main character is annoying.
I'm boring. Give me childhood friends to lovers.

No. 356029

>depressed protagonists
>multiple yanderes
>age gap
Also very rare but I kinda dig seke protagonists, I think the only game translated with one right now is tnc though.

No. 356040

Childhood friends. Or even just best friends in general who become lovers but it's even better when they've known each other since they were kids.

No. 356045

I don't think I've played enough BL visual novels for that or at least only the available BL visual novels translated in english and I think I've seen more tropes that annoy me but I like
>yandere characters
>friends to lovers
>dub-con scenes
>slut MC
I don't like
>tsundere "hetero" MC that never admits liking dick despite taking it in the ass multiple times
>fem gay drag queen type of love interest especially if paired with the homophobia backstory
>older daddy type of guy

No. 356046

File: 1707943429875.png (4.98 MB, 2500x2500, 91989293_p3.png)

happy valentines to you nonnies and your yaoiboys. and your irl scrote-kuns if they were good and gave you expensive choco.

No. 356054

I enjoy male suffering.

No. 356175

where's this from?

No. 356195

rape doesn't work most of the time because vivid pain descriptions are a serious turn off, not even mentioning all the yelling in vns. i prefer rape with a psychological or angsty aspect to it like incest, age gap, or brainwashed to the point of enjoying it. otherwise i just drop what i'm reading

No. 356198

>friends to lovers
>enemies to friends to lovers
>fuck or die/sex pollen
>big buff bottom
>captive and master
>mutual dubcon
>consenting monsterfucking
>fantasy setting

No. 356232

>Madarame didn't congratulate him
That made me giggle.

No. 356423

File: 1708044298479.jpg (39.43 KB, 448x354, soushin3.jpg)

Any good soushin doujinshi recommendations?

No. 356440

Only one I can think of (and own)

Assuming you're the anon from earlier in the thread, did you enjoy the VN?

No. 356516

>brotherly incest
>enemies/rivals to lovers
>mind break
>mob gangrape
>mutual pining

No. 356746

Very late because I just finished Slow Damage. I understand where you're coming from and would have had a similar opinion if it weren't for Fujieda's route. It felt like that's the main plot, while the other routes were just some really, really long and slow introduction to that. The second chapters for Rei's and Taku's routes shouldn't even exist because of how boring and irrelevant they felt, they were boring as fuck but I'm glad I didn't drop the VN because of them.

>I might go as far as to say my favorite ending was Madarame's because it's the only one where that problem isn't glaring

I'd say the reverse, I hated his route not just because it's the mandatory rape route but because it felt like it was written by a schizo. Rei's and Taku's routes were so repetitive I was wondering if the whole VN wasn't meant to be played little by little in small sessions, the characters wouldn't stfu about how weapons are forbidden in Deathmatchs or how terrible Rei's father is for instance. In Madarame's route the guy takes like 100 years showing up, takes 100 years to torture and kidnap Towa and then as soon as Towa is free to leave him the story goes super fast to tell you what's going on and to go to the conclusion.

>The romance is another area this game fails miserably.

I thought so too at first and then I learned that the story is written in 3rd person in Japanese, and it explained A LOT. So as far as I'm concerned the localization massively fucked up, it's like the localizer (no way I'm calling her a translator, that's implying she's competent) never realized that rewriting the whole story in 1st person would mean giving us the main character/narrator's opinions, feelings and guesses in every single line despite him being a mysterious guy who almost never expresses his feelings. I knew something was up when Towa explains in the narration that his mother taught him how to interrogate people as part of the tutorial as if he remembered it and her very clearly at the very beginning of the story and then a few minutes later he's like "actually I have no clue who tf is my mother is despite Sakaki talking about her every 5 seconds, I can't even remember her face because I have a severe case of amnesia" So in terms of romance instead of seeing the characters developing feelings for each other little by little from a neutral point of view or guessing their feelings based on their actions we're reading Towa's thoughts about how he doesn't seem to dgaf about whoever the love interest is until the very last second. I don't understand why the localizer thought that was a good idea.

No. 356754

Emma single handedly made me realize that Togainu no Chi is just a MGS gay fanfic. If Konami forced Kojima to make a new MGS game and you shoved Emma in there she wouldn't even look or sound out of place kek. Then there's the whole thing with the MC being trained to become a child soldier, being dropped on a island full of deranged gay criminals and the secret experiments on Akira, Keisuke and the guy who eat trees. I really need to force myself to complete the "true" route someday and redo Keisuke's and Motomi's routes because they were my favorite ones.

No. 356781

>It felt like that's the main plot, while the other routes were just some really, really long and slow introduction to that. The second chapters for Rei's and Taku's routes shouldn't even exist because of how boring and irrelevant they felt
If this is how you feel I think you just don’t like visual novels, which is fine obviously they’re not for everyone. But VNs are generally pretty slow. I wouldn’t really call Taku or Rei’s routes irrelevant though like maybe you could make an argument for Rei’s but Taku is pretty important to the overall plot of the game and in my opinion his route is the best one anyway.
Maybe it’s because I’m more used to the genre but I felt like only Rei’s route was kinda repetitive but it works for his narrative honestly (issue is more that while I like him as a character, he’s not that great as a love interest).

No. 356787

>But VNs are generally pretty slow.
I liked the other N+C visual novels I tried a lot and didn't think they were nearly as sluggish as Slow Damage though. I'm not going to include adventure games I like such as Ace Attorney except AA5 and 6 which are just some random Capcom employee's fanfics, only Shu Takumi should be allowed to write for this series imo, 999, AITSF, the first Dangan Ronpa game, I couldn't stomach the second one because of how it repeated all the first game's twists over and over again, I couldn't even finish it, etc. because gameplay is a bit more important in these ones and they're murder mysteries with romance not being important. I don't think Rei's and Taku's route are irrelevant, I think only their second chapters are irrelevant and boring specifically because they don't focus on Rei and Taku enough. And Taku's 2nd chapter was very repetitive, the one with the other doctor. I don't mind a slow start if the rest of the story delivers, not a BLVN but kinda relevant since it's about a protagonist with amnesia investing weird shit, I found AITSF very slow at first too until I reached one of the routes where Iris gets killed and cut in half on stream and a lot more things happen all at once and the game throw a bunch of hints and red herrings at you without repeating the same things over and over again.

>issue is more that while I like him as a character, he’s not that great as a love interest

Same, I think he works better as Towa's close friend. I really like him though. I hate his short hair in his good ending so much. He was so pretty before that.

No. 356790

File: 1708198686568.jpg (658.09 KB, 2741x2741, 20240217_012039.jpg)

>I thought so too at first and then I learned that the story is written in 3rd person in Japanese, and it explained A LOT
I had that in mind back when I made that post. While I realize it has a lot of implications and I admittedly don't have it in me to attempt to replay it in japanese, the most I'm willing to offer is listening to spergs on twitter dissect where specific scenes were botched, it doesn't change the structure of the story which has no room for subtle romance to develop. It's easy to tell when romance is being tacked on in a vn. Pil/slash games have this problem too, like in Shingakkou where the plot came first and romance came on the side. Slow Damage can only use that excuse for Fujieda's route and when you look at the similarities between it and Ryu's route in nty, it begs the question: why they didn't just either take the same approach it did if it was going to take so much else or take inspiration from something else entirely? "Copy my homework but change it up a bit" and that's what they decided to change? It's almost impressive how they managed to make a couple with less chemistry than one from a romantically minimalist game with a protagonist already at the 95 yard line on psychopathy, but if they were going to do it it would be with Towa whose apathetic nature is also present in both versions of the game, it's who he is. He just isn't built for strong romantic chemistry, he's built for sex. His growth in that regard feels unnatural. It's nice to see him get his shit together and have his happy endings, but there's no real satisfaction in seeing him with any of his love interests. Madarame is basically in the same boat Towa is (well, add violence to his list of strong suits and and being violence'd to Towa's) which is probably why I liked their ending together despite not liking the route itself, not even more than Mink's or Shiki's. The romance there isn't forced, it does at least make sense for them to be together and you get the feeling that they get eachother when no one else does. They dated in the past after all.

Past NC games have also gotten a lot of flack for rushed or dumb romance–people never give Nano, Mink, and Tetsuo a break–and since this is the most rushed NC game I really do think it's a NC quirk.

I agree with this I guess. Taku's route had an interesting if not goofy plot. I hate homophobia drama in bl games ngl so that likely contributes to my personal distaste for Rei's route, I only liked him as a character when he was being cute and eating sweets. I'm kind of confused why he was so bullied anyways if Towa was apparently the pinacle of sex appeal, fucking every guy in school, and Shinkomi is like japanese Atlanta/Vegas where everyone is a dirty hoe and bisexual… I guess that was just what Maya wanted. Of all games to make a tragic homophobia backstory route I don't think this was the one.

No. 356791

>I don't think Rei's and Taku's route are irrelevant, I think only their second chapters are irrelevant and boring specifically because they don't focus on Rei and Taku enough
I guess that's fair, I enjoyed the one with the other doctor since it does go into Taku's past and serves as a good opening chapter but the other one is just kind of there but braces boy is cute so I don't mind
Completely OT from slow damage but god AI was shit outside of the Mizuki route. Uchikoshi has basically written the same twists in every game I've played by him (ever17, 999, AI) with all mid ass characters, Iris being by far the worst one he's done.

No. 356795

>Ryu's route in nty, it begs the question: why they didn't just either take the same approach it did if it was going to take so much else or take inspiration from something else entirely?
Eh, I find it kinda hard to buy that they took direct inspiration from it since there's no source that I know of showing that Kabura has played NTY (it's not really that popular of a VN in the first place). I think the only BLVN writer who we know plays other games is Rinko because she drew Slow damage fanart.

No. 356799

File: 1708200789047.gif (149.84 KB, 500x333, 1693101024437.gif)

Not reading your whole post because I'm starting NTY soon so I'd like to avoid spoilers but you just reminded of how I expected Fujieda to be one of the kids in Maya's "business". If that were the case I guess he wouldn't have needed to investigate as much as he does in the VN, but at the same time it would have made the comparisons between him and Towa even more accurate. I would have understood why Towa would listen to him instead of setting himself on fire in his room.

>Shinkomi is like japanese Atlanta/Vegas where everyone is a dirty hoe and bisexual…

kek not American but I keep seeing the craziest statements about Atlanta these past few months for some reason, it's too funny. At that point I don't get if that's a hyperbole or if 99% of people in Atlanta really is gay.

>AI was shit outside of the Mizuki route.
I liked this route a lot, aside from the ones that actually explain what's going on. I think it's because I only played 999 beforehand, and I found AINI very interesting and fun in Ryuki's route and as soon as Mizuki's route started it turned into pure shit, precisely because of Mizuki being such a good character in AITSF. Speaking of which, I played AINI, DMMD and Slow Damage one after the other, I'm starting NTY right now and now I'm starting to wonder why the fuck I keep playing shit with faggots who have amnesia and who want to fuck old farts. I swear this is a total coincidence. Please tell me nobody in Lamento has amnesia.

No. 356805

>it's not really that popular of a VN in the first place
*It's one of the most well known, critically acclaimed, and distinctive vns out there domestically in a tiny industry where the bigger players are all familiar with one another, all the bl artists between clockup and nitro chiral are literally mutuals with eachother on twitter, why would it be hard to buy? It already happened before with Saya no Uta and MGS as you (I assume) just pointed out. I'm far from the only person whos noticed it, maybe I could do a breakdown of all the similarities one day but it's extremely apparent after you've completed both games. There are way too many similar details for it to be mere coincidence, not in a Palworld way either it's like different interpretations of the same characters and scenerio outline.

No. 356809

I'm the one who made the silly TnC and MGS comparison and I'm not that anon. I barely started NTY so I have no idea what you're both talking about, I'll eventually find out by myself though.

No. 356812

The amnesiac protagonist is just a super common trope in VNs (and games) in general, especially in Japan. Since you're still playing it I wouldn't recommend reading this until you've at least completed your first route but here's an interesting article from a few years ago talking about them and how unique the way in which parade went about it with Haru was https://parttimestorier.home.blog/2020/06/27/no-thank-you-and-the-amnesiac-protagonist/ Short but cool read

No. 356814

>It's one of the most well known
It literally has under 800 results on pixiv
>critically acclaimed
It's ranked 539 on vndb (not a terrible ranking obviously, but it's not in the top 20 of the whole site like slow damage is)
>There are way too many similar details for it to be mere coincidence
Are SD and NTY even going after the same demographic? I dunno anon this whole thing seems like a huge stretch.
NTY seems like it's more wanting a bara audience while SD is pretty firmly in the 'fujos only' zone. Even having a top protagonist is more indicitive of games not for women but for gay men and the designs only double this.

No. 356818

Nta but it's obvious to anyone who has played both games and also other n+C games (as well as others, but that's asking much for EOPs) that Slow Damage copied NTY!!!'s plot on several aspects. Before parade, there were no other BL games doing what they did, NTT!!! was literally written and directed by eroge employees. It followed the vein of other clockup games and was a first in the realm of BL games. Parade is a household name when it comes to BLVNs just like n+C is now.

No. 356819

File: 1708203435484.png (261.75 KB, 1052x875, t. towa.png)

Oh, my bad! And forgot to mention in my other reply

>I would have understood why Towa would listen to him instead of setting himself on fire in his room

Yeah I hated this scene and the following turpentine-soaked sex and post sex awkwardness lol It was getting so interesting before he showed up too. And ATL is indeed a gay ass city, t. used to live there Shinkomi is so much cleaner.

None of the first two points mean anything, its literally a classic. I'm sure luckydog has about 2 results on pixiv.
>Are SD and NTY even going after the same demographic
First of all yes but second of all sd jacked it's shit whether they were or weren't. There are gay men who played and enjoyed SD too, same can be said for Nu:Carnival which is wayyyyy more overtly sexual in a way that you would think would be made to appeal to horny gay men first and foremost but doesn't get the same amount of heat for feeling too "faggy," and I like Nucani too for the record I'm just picking on it as an example. You're the one who still hasn't played the game either, right?

No. 356826

File: 1708204041962.png (106.54 KB, 647x214, Screenshot 2024-02-17 130956.p…)

>I'm sure luckydog has about 2 results on pixiv

No. 356827

File: 1708204578117.png (456.09 KB, 1080x1295, Screenshot_2024.png)

Okay well here's Shingakkou again. This isn't kpop, you can't measure the impact of 10+ year old games in pixiv tags and highly subjective vndb scores. They really mean nothing for what we're talking about.

No. 356829

Nty is far from being a classic, it shouldn’t even be compared to actual BL games because it’s something completely different. It has mostly male writers and hideous old muscular hairy men that’s why people think it’s for fags. We already had this conversation.

No. 356830

>it shouldn’t even be compared to actual BL games because it’s something completely different
So you say, but it's beloved by jap BLVN fujos and considered a BL and not a bara game. Stellaworth had an entire NTY event just a few months ago last year. And everything sold out.

It's also got 2 "bishie" LIs as well as an attractive, young protagonist. And for the rest, old man fucker fujoshi have always existed and every BL game worth its money has an ossan option. NTY!!! has two. The only difference is that they're muscular, which is half the appeal for old man enjoyer fujoshi anyway so it doesn't detract from anything. And fujos do like muscular ojisans, that's why n+C blew up Taku's tits in slow damage. Now if you think the NTY LIs are fugly then that's your opinion. Doesn't make the game any less proper BL.

No. 356832

File: 1708205962032.jpg (249.2 KB, 1147x1601, 20240216_003235.jpg)

>hideous old muscular hairy men
So does SD tho? Madarame and Taku too are just seme versions of Maki and Inui. You don't get to decide what is or isn't a classic just because you played a handful of the blvns with eng releases. Best route and the one that gets ripped off the hardest was written by a woman btw.

No. 356833

Neither Madarame or Taku are hairy and both of them have bishounen faces, the guys in NTY are kind of a mix of bara and BL art styles but I'd say it's closer to bara due to the faces.

No. 356834

File: 1708206592082.png (777.54 KB, 1596x2337, lio_and_friend.png)

what I don't get is why we can have deep, intellectual discussions about the intimate homoeroticism present in all these series made by men but when a man works on a bl game its got cooties. I prefer works made by women too but golden kamuy, eva, 1917, and hannibal are some of the best bl works of all time and they were all made by moids. promare is a mid example but I liked lio.

No. 356835

The artist, Hamashima, literally an eroge artist known for her cutesy girl and boy faces even when she tries to draw adult men, see fraternite. You can definitely draw muscular old men without it being bara, which she absolutely does.

No. 356836

Plenty of japanese fujos also love regular eroge or otome that doesn’t mean they should be comparable. I like ojiisan routes and have never seen ones like Inui or Maki in any other game.

I’ve played more VNs in japanese than in english that’s why I’m saying it’s nothing like regular BLVNs. I didn’t even say it was bad or anything. Why are you so defensive?

No. 356837

to be fair, I get what nonas mean when they say it looks like bara/something targeted towards men, the art style and design is really similar to western vns like dream daddy or something from jock studio.

No. 356838

>Plenty of japanese fujos also love regular eroge or otome that doesn’t mean they should be comparable
You were saying verbatim that NTY "is something completely different than BL". Yet, Japanese fujos as well as the Japanese BLVN industry consider it a BL. Whether they also love regular otome or eroge has nothing to do with this.

No. 356839

>Neither Madarame or Taku are hairy
I wish Taku had armpit hair…

No. 356841

File: 1708208791894.png (1 MB, 1013x767, wq6r.png)

It being different from "regular bl vns" doesn't make it any less of a blvn. Part of what makes it a classic is how much it stands out among the rest.

>Neither Madarame or Taku are hairy
Neither Maki nor Inui are hairy because you can ban all the body hair and drunk Haru shaves Inui's pubes regardless. Ryu's canonically silky pits make up for everything.

No. 356843

This thread is just like when NTY was getting overhyped by that one poster on /jp/ before it came out and once it was finally released it had a completely lukewarm reception and nobody cared kek

No. 356845

some people can recognize kino, some people think it tastes like soap. that's just the way things are.

No. 356846

how dare you call our queen good haro that one poster on /jp/

Kek but I do honestly think it's one of the best BL games out there and I know others who are pretty passionate about it. Maybe it doesn't appeal to everyone but it doesn't have to. It does have its few dedicated fans. Hell I played it 10 years ago and still remember it fondly, definitely a classic for me.

No. 356849

>This thread is just like when NTY was getting overhyped by that one poster on /jp/ before it came out and once it was finally released it had a completely lukewarm reception and nobody cared kek
To be fair, that's standard practice on /jp/ whenever any title releases at all. When slow damage released in both jp and eng there was not a peep, took months for any discussion on it to start

No. 356851

File: 1708210110675.png (134.61 KB, 305x320, stoned bootleg aoba.png)

Can someone rec me either manga or VNs where both the seme and uke are equally cute? I dont like strong body dimorphism. I am really enjoying Clear's route in DMM.

No. 356854

File: 1708211555718.jpg (44.33 KB, 889x575, 222833.jpg)

No. 356861

Just a king sitting on his throne

No. 356867

File: 1708215704366.png (209.46 KB, 601x464, my-image (8).png)

The lamento stage play looks so cute, I'm thinking about replaying the game for Bardo and Rai

No. 356869

People are already comparing it to Andrew Llyod Weber's cats and I cannot unsee it.
Also link to catboi tier list?

No. 356871

File: 1708217949935.gif (1.51 MB, 220x275, cat-scream.gif)

No. 356872

No. 356881

Looks like a lot of fun
and explains the old lamento posts on my blog getting likes again

No. 356929

File: 1708255781580.jpg (103.75 KB, 1080x401, UruC.jpg)

Adelta is releasing an UuultraC artbook finally. 3 editions with bonuses for each couple.

No. 356993

File: 1708284501487.jpeg (350.99 KB, 670x656, GE5tUdqbwAAF3en.jpeg)

I love it since episode 1 and Isami and Bravern are both hot as shit (and Bravern is super cute on top of this).

No. 357077

Don't bother. They're hot, but you won't feel invested in any ship because the author really, really sucks at writing relationships.

No. 357079

File: 1708322826384.jpg (173.36 KB, 600x750, 1702414.jpg)

Based and exorcistpilled

No. 357129

File: 1708367613007.jpg (814.19 KB, 1462x3421, yaoi evolution.jpg)

which style do you prefeer? i fucking love pre-heisei and i wish there was more of it, it's so beautiful.

No. 357130

2010s >>>>>>

No. 357132

Both 90s and 00s yaoi looked much worse than that, this chart is too kind. The shonen-lite style of the 10s is nice but I need my sparkles and flowers and other theatrics.

No. 357133

The chart is obviously inspired by very specific artists that made some of the most iconic BL of their respective eras. I'm gonna go with 2010s and beyond because artists on average are just so much better it's not even a competition anymore. I would have said 90s for regular shojo manga because I'm biased as hell though. The pic for that decade in the chart reminds me of stuff by Saki Hiwatari and Kaori Yuki a little.

No. 357135

So who in the 2010s one is meant to be the uke?

No. 357138

i'd guess the dark-haired guy

No. 357139

that's the best part about 2010-2020s, the femboy uke x big seme industry is on the verge of collapse. thank you, korea.

No. 357142

not a fujoshi, but I had assumed korean yaoi has the opposite issue, I've seen plenty of people complain about the ridiculous height diffrernces in korean yaoi manhwa and then post comical example and that was my impression of it.

No. 357145

File: 1708373820511.png (515.73 KB, 1440x1440, 100686425_p1.png)

stopped reading after
>not a fujoshi

No. 357146

File: 1708374412489.jpg (153.85 KB, 600x800, Plaything_ The Grand Duke's Bo…)

I mostly read smaller dude x bigger dude stuff.
The pecs and dick might be silly, but I can't say no to that sorta premise.

No. 357147

but korean manhwas are just big and BIGGER. some of the semes are actually ridiculously jacked

No. 357148

File: 1708375483790.jpg (68.98 KB, 564x963, F_Gls48XIAEdzpN.jpeg.jpg)

It has both extremes, but what you're talking about is getting mocked more than ever

No. 357149

90s yaoi looked great in my opinion, but i am biased because ym favourite bl is gravitation and also i love 90s fashion. 2010S fashion is so boring and lackluster.

No. 357150

i want to draw faces like this…sauce?

No. 357151

File: 1708375745116.jpg (59.27 KB, 600x1178, 3071703_27496854.jpg)

>that webtoon

No. 357152

No. 357153

File: 1708376382534.png (673.47 KB, 900x720, 53920057_p5.png)

Both of the guys in Korean stuff are too manly though
Cute seme x cute uke is very based but burly uke x burly seme does nothing for me.

No. 357155

KEK the 3d shoes

No. 357156

File: 1708376537197.jpg (51.52 KB, 702x982, squeak squeak squeak.jpg)

No. 357158

Lol, why are the chins censored?

No. 357159

File: 1708376801661.png (506.81 KB, 1080x1712, 1688938866871313.png)


No. 357160

File: 1708376821356.jpg (5.99 KB, 172x160, Maisy.jpg)

those are the mice noses baka

No. 357161

They're mice!

No. 357162

Kek they should've drawn whiskers and ears on em too

No. 357163

File: 1708377496685.jpg (88.68 KB, 500x684, 20240107_045256.jpg)

male cougar uke x cute energetic seme is better

No. 357164

What ships even fall under this category? I don't play mobile games so I only know of twst ships from other fujo friends.

No. 357165

The art wasn't my cup of tea in that manhwa but smaller seme x muscular uke is based as fuck.

No. 357166

This also applies to the dick size.
I stg Korean semes all have tree trunks for dicks and they’re fucking these tiny little ukes. I just can’t with manhwa’s anymore

No. 357168

File: 1708378400193.png (331.86 KB, 550x650, 61163420_p0.png)

Tiger and bunny, dmc5, and the jojo resurgence were all vital to the cause, pretty much anything with an old man/dad/age gap there's an 80% chance the younger one will be the seme now and that never would've been the case 20 years ago

No. 357169

artist appears to have nuked her pixiv. sorry, nona.

No. 357170

>and the jojo resurgence
I thought everyone in Jojo was MUSCLE HUSTLE though
>pretty much anything with an old man/dad/age gap there's an 80% chance the younger one will be the seme now
That is definitely true, I had a friend who said the son always has to top the dad (I don't ship any dadson so I can't give my thoughts on that either).

No. 357171

File: 1708378895296.png (1.27 MB, 954x1359, Download (1).png)

So true, I wish there was more of it

No. 357173

File: 1708379484183.png (149.04 KB, 1000x1000, 81866866_p4.png)

no one after part 4 is particularly big, but in part 4 rohan is a twink cougar and josuke is so cute in the face and soul that you can overlook his big boobs that you should be loving and cherishing anyways

No. 357174

GOD uke jotaro is so hot.
Kek i remember that the first time i read a yaoi fanfic it was one where nero was topping dante back then and i think it did irreversible damage to my brain

No. 357175

File: 1708379662308.jpg (Spoiler Image,72.96 KB, 657x692, 20240216_013718.jpg)

I do prefer top rohan with josuke for the record, josuke is just too fun to bully

bonus lkyt towapost for male milf monday, had no idea he was going to be totally horny

No. 357177

This is so based.

No. 357178

File: 1708380082488.png (120.46 KB, 785x993, 1708306214624358.png)

autism spectrum semes are best

No. 357180

File: 1708381098046.png (725.79 KB, 1080x1385, towver.png)

Yamada Uiro herself is the latest victim of vivziepop's terrorism, sisters… How is her influence this absolute and how long til jp fujos start taking inspiration from her works? Scary

No. 357182

You have a containment thread, if you’re gonna bring up Vivzie at least bring up an actually attractive character like Adam.

No. 357183

her designs are straight up hideos i don't understand why does everyone suddenly like her show. it should have pandered only to a niche crowd of former tumblrfags not all the artists

No. 357185

Nonna… That's nitro+chiral's main artist kek

No. 357186

I don't feel either way about her but it's relevant here because Yamada Uiro is the head Nitro Chiral artist and designer from sweet pool on kek. The lady who designed your precious towums and aobers is stolizfagging on main.

No. 357187

I’m aware, I just think people trying to bait post with Viv stuff is annoying.

No. 357188

Many have been circling around their furry era for a while now, tbf. It was really only a matter of time.

No. 357189

A lot of asian artists are into it… I mean it isn't too bad, they're going to forget about it in a bit (hopefully).

>attractive character like Adam.
You mean the dumb manlet with pubic hair as a beard and a polygonal face? Get better taste kek

No. 357190

I know yana ships radiostatic

No. 357192

Other than capeshit, has there been any western properties that were really popular with jp bl artists?

No. 357193

No. 357194

There’s a westaboo thread full of Disney art done by Japanese artists.
Japan loving western cartoons is nothing new.

No. 357195

omori, hannibal, SOUTH PARK, etc.

No. 357197

File: 1708382546448.jpeg (Spoiler Image,320.31 KB, 1100x1850, IMG_6798.jpeg)

I guess happy tree friends also kinda counts (though I mostly saw het fanart for it).

No. 357199

File: 1708382751456.jpeg (Spoiler Image,335.48 KB, 1448x2048, 8BBC3CC9-2766-4A67-A373-98DD66…)

I have a bunch of simpsons stuff kek

South Park, simpsons, Rick and morty…
South Park even did a whole episode about fujos.

No. 357201

why do you have a bunch of simpsons stuff nona

No. 357202

Is that meant to be skinner?

No. 357203

Cause I like the artists stuff. It’s nothing explicit. I have a lot of South Park stuff too. Idk it’s cute kek

No. 357204

File: 1708383330444.jpg (32.03 KB, 326x326, 1670207653961.jpg)


No. 357205

I think it’s one of the mobsters? I’m not sure. I haven’t watched simpsons in forever

No. 357208

Omori and also undertale. I know a lot of JPN music producers interact with Bo En and I think some artist from undertale?

No. 357212

Sherlock BBC was very popular in Asia as a whole iirc and 10 years ago I saw Japanese Johnlock fanart all over pixiv and tumblr. It even got an official manga. I see Doctor Who and Good Omens arr from time to time by fujoshi but it's not BL most of the time. I saw Niyama posting a Castial fanart a few months ago because she was binge watching Supernatural and I wish she did more than just that tbh. There was an official Supernatural anime but I have no clue how popular it is in Japan beyond that. And then there's obviously HP. When the third Fantastic Beasts movie got released I saw a lot of Grindeldore fanart on twitter by Japanese fujoshi, and I think it's not just because the story was canon old man yaoi, divorce edition, but also because Mads got the role as Grindelwald and he was perfect. But there was a lot of art of them as teenagers or young adults where they look like Victorian era bishonen. I could post some of that later if you want.

No. 357216

this is so cute. I think even japanese artists get a bit bored of sameface animu sometimes.

No. 357221

I mean, panty and stocking already has existed for many years and is relatively the most similar cartoon to viv's. the appetite has always been there.
I'm sorry but this almost made me laugh, makes me morbidly curious what else she has gotten into.

No. 357224

File: 1708387348215.jpg (318.71 KB, 1400x2048, 20240219_180403.jpg)

Mysta for one

No. 357230

The only vtuber design i really like. I wish it wasnt wasted on a fat retarded 3DPD.

No. 357261

File: 1708408714101.png (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 724x1000, 94334930_p3.png)

practically all parade games have a smaller top, picrel best boy in lkyt. they have that disinterested older men x cute in love boy dynamic they did them dirty in the ending tho
sauce on that pic?

No. 357262


No. 357267

File: 1708412441457.jpg (27.33 KB, 374x278, F9jTANXaEAA9t92.jpg)

Are you yelling into the void?
I don't even follow this thread and it doesn't take long to read that she mentioned it mostly because of the artist's identity and not because of the ship itself, calm down.
Is this Vivzie trying to kill you or something.

No. 357273

File: 1708415448596.jpg (192.65 KB, 2048x1448, 20221202_205056.jpg)

>based shingakkou fujosis

No. 357278

right, they got a containment thread for that hideous shit. it's so ugly to look at
pre heisei is best imo. 00s is my least fave, always hated the big lips look

No. 357283

I for one enjoyed seeing her live her wildest fujo dreams. Based and fujopilled.

No. 357289

File: 1708420285220.jpg (488.66 KB, 1778x1778, 20240216_013634.jpg)

she posts yakuza and genshit too on her pixiv

No. 357345

File: 1708448230466.png (3.86 MB, 2217x1928, Fi9sv1kakAAL_5O.png)

Oh, they're actually from Gineiden but you're close, i wanted to check that series as well kek.
Chose them over my Alfred x wormy Hunter because i thought it was more appropriate here.

No. 357371

I keep seeing girls on twitter talking about crazy subtext between these two guys and how the manga is directly inspired by Sankaku Mado whatever (no clue if it's an actual BL please no spoilers I'll read it later) because the JJK author is a fan. So it got me curious too. But if it's that bad maybe I'll give the anime a try because I've been told it looks better than the manga.

No. 357386

File: 1708465895064.jpg (93.68 KB, 600x840, 6f5dfad2e05525869e111eac06e737…)

Damn, that fanart is a dead ringer for Shingakkou!

Good taste nona, I've been watching Gineiden recently and it's honestly kino. I'm only in the first 20 eps but my husbando is Yang, scared for him ngl. And do post your Bloodborne boys.

No. 357587

File: 1708543684734.png (Spoiler Image,864.26 KB, 1076x586, Screenshot 2024-02-21 113014.p…)

Why is death so gay?

No. 357879

File: 1708643419199.png (83.5 KB, 279x831, schizo boys hour.png)

Made an f-list for the meme
I seriously don't get why yandere isn't a default tag (I had to add it in as a custom tag).

No. 357889

File: 1708646505121.jpg (697.73 KB, 2052x1477, and they were roommates.jpg)

>no nipple play
>no somnophilia
>no irrumatio
>no glans torture
>no incontinence
>yes kemonomimi

No. 357891

Holy shit taste

No. 357892

Somno, throat fucking, and nipples are all peak, not that a furry would know culture

No. 357893

what the fuck? and reiterating, shit taste

No. 357894

Source on pic?

No. 357895

File: 1708647470560.jpg (399.54 KB, 1891x1205, hx28947s5w.jpg)

No. 357898

>no nipple play
It's in the 'yes' category I think
I like it well enough but it's not one of my favorites (the rest of the list https://www.f-list.net/c/hahawhythis )
>no somnophilia
Same with this
>no irrumatio
Not a tag I think, also not super into vomit.
>no incontinence
I don't like piss
>yes kemonomimi
catboys are the best
>not that a furry would know culture
I'm not a furry.

No. 357899

Vomit isn't a staple, irrumatio is aggressive oral aka throat fucking

No. 357901

I have that under 'yes' then.

No. 357903

Hmm… Wound fucking and genital torture in 'no' is a little harsh but the rest is ok, 7.5

No. 357904

File: 1708651257164.png (2.01 MB, 1235x1741, stinky neet.png)

>Wound fucking
Naughty boys have enough holes as it is, they don't need to make any more.
>genital torture
Closest I got to finding it attractive is Madarame pressing a knife against Towa's dick in that one CG, otherwise I don't think I've ever seen it done well.

No. 357907

Does f-list's definition of it specify bme pain olympics cbt only or does it include overstimulation to the point of suffering? Needles, electricity, and forced piercings on the weenie can also be fun

No. 357940

I just assumed it referred to sticking a knife in the dick.

No. 358113

File: 1708737124835.jpeg (100.65 KB, 1419x576, IMG_6850.jpeg)

A lot more BL requests (and also otome) than I was expecting! Hopefully mangagamer will try and pick some up.

No. 358114

I will pray nonnies

No. 358115

I still think JAST is trying to secure funds for it by releasing other pil/slash games first
Quite excited for Paradise in a few months actually…

No. 358119

File: 1708738934237.png (101.02 KB, 500x588, IMG_0593.png)

sometimes I think about them… not really a fujo anymore, but as a teenager I would look at leopika fanart, read fanfics, watch amvs… simpler times.

No. 358121

there a follow up to this picture where Kurapika spontaneously kisses Leorio and it's really cute but I don't have that picture saved.
I quickly lost interest in hxh but Leopika is a good ship. I have a weakness for ship dynamics where they act like a married couple without actually being married

No. 358129

File: 1708742533414.jpg (28.46 KB, 263x378, Makai_Ouji_Devils_and_Realist_…)

Can I ask for some reccs? I'm interested in something with a magic school setting (or a normal boarding school with supernatural story elements). I've been playing Hogwarts Legacy so I'm in the mood for those vibes. It doesn't have to be explicitly BL, as long as there's some shippable guys in it

No. 358130

File: 1708742772026.jpg (173.2 KB, 1200x1702, 71klYK-9-vS.jpg)

Kishukusha no Kuroneko wa Yoru wo Shiranai is about a vampire boarding school. I'm not caught up but the chapters I read were quite fun

No. 358134

mebiusline sisters…

does deepl+textractor do it any justice? I'm way too retarded to read it but I don't want to wait for a translation or study at all

No. 358135

also what did jast mean by translating almost every pil/slash game BUT the good one

No. 358136

oo an omerta TL would be really nice

every year we say the same thing. i will keep on praying with you though nonny

No. 358143

File: 1708751783353.png (776.27 KB, 630x819, salarymen.png)

idk if any nonnas remember or are still interested, but i was finally able to rip the second sleeping dead volume from amazon. it's not translated, just the raws.
i also got pic related and five chapters of a smutty bl i bought last year called 'kimi to iru shima'
now i just need to convert them from azw3 to epub (i think)

No. 358172

iirc azw3 is kinda like a rar file and you can just open it and extract the images. I think I either did it directly with calibre or just renamed it to .rar.

No. 358174

File: 1708777337740.png (316.2 KB, 689x976, IMG_4439.png)

>Sleeping Dead
Honestly I’d still be interested, the group translating never shared it so I just have a rip of the first volume.

No. 358178

Thank you! I love ma2's art and I miss her pixiv account, I wish I bought her books when I could have. She did some BL manga but I can't find scans yet unless I buy them online.

No. 358184

Thank you! I'll check it out

No. 358199

Shingakkou is crazy expensive because of one of the seiyuus.

No. 358203

Which seiyuu? Most of them are in VNs that already got a translation.

No. 358208

I don't know this VN at all but this could depend on whether the seiyuu is credited with his real name or with a fake name he uses only for BL and NSFW stuff in general. Otherwise Togainu no Chi would have been to expensive for JAST. I want to know who this is too.

No. 358223

File: 1708799827078.jpeg (590.68 KB, 2048x2046, GDzkNRCaAAAqn3y.jpeg)

Do you have any basic knowledge of Japanese? It's doable with current gen MTL but you have to do homework, sorry. Especially on the mythology and history references that appear in the game. Otherwise the game is fantastic and absolutely worth it, literally a 100/10 kamige and the best BLVN that exists ever.

No. 358224

Nta but I wonder if it's Tattsun? Lucky dog 1 seems to be in development hell chez MangaGamer too and I've been wondering for years if it's his rights blocking everything. Doesn't seem like he wants to be associated with old BLVN work. Or could be one of the other guys, quite some A-listers in there

No. 358225

nta but it might be midorikawa hikaru. I'm not sure if he used an alias for that one. he plays leonid.

No. 358227

I got curious and checked VNDB, Tatsuhisa Suzuki is credited as "Small Satou" so I don't think he's the issue here. Hikaru Midorikawa is credited with just his first name and maybe that's enough for him to get paid a shit ton of money if this VN is localized. I don't remember how he was credited for Sweet Pool and Togainu no Chi but I doubt he costed all that much for Jast Blue when they released both VNs.

No. 358233

File: 1708802740902.jpg (21.03 KB, 440x462, tasuku.jpg)

I'm barely n2. I've been invested in japanese mythology which naturally involves a lot of real japanese history since my early teens though so I feel semi-confident in my knowledge in that. I will try my best but I really can't into kanji if that's going to be a big filter.

he was credited with his full name in both of those actually but nitro chiral is the biggest name in blvns and all their games are super popular so I'd imagine they saw it as a worthy investment despite any high costs. and those games are already niche, too. great as shingakkou is, it's even more niche and likely won't sell well as a long, dark, and dusty-looking yaoi eroge so I could see them not thinking it's worth. nitro chiral ran so every other blvn could crawl. at least adelta and parade have autists out there who pick their games up asap.

No. 358234

File: 1708803064698.jpeg (257.56 KB, 1514x2048, F1EnvIxaIAE59Gb.jpeg)

N2? You're absolutely fine kek. That's a pretty good level.

>I will try my best but I really can't into kanji if that's going to be a big filter.

Not at all, the complicated kanji is mostly for aesthetics. When they talk you can hear that it's the standard pronunciation of things that used to be kanji but no longer are. If you're playing with textractor too and a dictionary it literally won't be a problem. The only issue is the kanji when it comes to the spells but understanding those is not needed. The homework I found was mostly Japanese military history and mythology related so if you're already interested in them, literally go for it.

If you do play, post about your thoughts on it, it's one of my favourite games I've ever played and I even went on the mebiusline location sacred pilgrimage when I was in Japan kek.

No. 358239

>I got curious and checked VNDB, Tatsuhisa Suzuki is credited as "Small Satou" so I don't think he's the issue here.
He can absolutely be the issue if he wants a big payout in order to use his voice, alias or not. He still controls both names and his management company can decide how much to license his work out for no matter under what name it's done.

No. 358242

ty nonny! I'll probably start it sometime next week. is there anywhere I can find a rip or am I going to have to fork over 40 bucks?

No. 358243

Really? In that case there's also a character voiced by Yuki Kaji from what I've seen, he uses a fake name as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's very expensive too nowadays.

No. 358244

The usual place, aarin

No. 358247

aren't most seiyuus more famous now compared to 10-20 years ago? that would make our chances of getting any older vn localized small.

No. 358253

File: 1708807449873.jpg (23.71 KB, 600x600, 20240118_103821.jpg)

time to spelunk then

No. 358259

File: 1708811231357.jpg (223.05 KB, 900x822, 4434054.jpg)

miyuki nakayama is such an… unique fujo. 90% of her earlier work involves moeblobs and lolis being paired with tall bishies and she seems to be incredibly obsessed with age gaps. i know people might believe she is some sort of lolicon/shotacon but actually i wouldn't be surprised if she just has an older brother fetish and likes to project on the much younger half of the couple

No. 358261

File: 1708811614643.jpeg (682.12 KB, 1350x1920, 00244.jpeg)

i don't know if i did anything wrong, but i think it worked!
i uploaded both as a pdf on zlib and it takes a day for the moderation to approve, so it'll be there, someday.
(also i only posted the remaining untranslated chapters of sleeping dead because the whole file was too big)

No. 358265

>Blend S author also wrote Shota Oni
Wtf I never would've figured ngl.

No. 358266

Thank you nonny!

No. 358268

File: 1708815796865.jpg (42.25 KB, 360x512, 8572074.jpg)

What do you consider the essential brotherxbrother reading list, fellow brocon fujosisters? Unironically pic rel is the closest I've ever witnessed to perfection. Right amount of incest angst while also being light-hearted and funny. But the tragic types with a lot of pining and internal sufferring are also great and always a classic. Looking for recs.

No. 358269

As a fujo since 2005, it's 2010's and newer for me and looking back at it, the 00's and 90's style were borderline hideous and like the other anon said this drawing is way too kind to 90's style kek. However I miss tall, muscular semes a lot and wish they made a comeback but with an updated face, webtoon roidpigs freak me out because their dicks are the size of an arm and they have the body of an ogre to begin with. I'm probably in the minority these days but I actually really like the bigger seme x dainty uke dynamic and that's been stuck on me since the olden days.

No. 358270

I think you should start reading danmei if you already aren't, almost all danmei semes are basically an upgraded version of old-school semes. Taller, muscular, handsome without looking like manhwa roidpigs. The uke is always smaller and delicate and sometimes rather effeminate

No. 358271

Forgot to mention that the uke is still not as dainty as old-school uke although it depends what type of retro uke you like, cause some are super girly and others are just skinny manlets. Danmei uke are alwats described as being very beautiful, and smaller than the seme but they're still very much classic bishies

No. 358272

I love bigger seme x dainty uke too, especially if the uke is more beautiful/bishounen as opposed to the younger baby faced kind (no hate to those though). >>358270 is right, danmei is where I've been getting my bishie fix lately lmao. Wish there was more BL where the seme was masculine without being grossly over muscular though.

No. 358273

My girlfriend got into danmei as of late and has been begging me to read those novels so maybe I'll have to do that after all, thanks for the suggestion nonnas. I'm not into the super kiddy-like bottoms but the beautiful, effeminate bishounens so it does sound very promising.

No. 358278

She's just self-inserting for sure. I don't think Shota Oni is very appealing to actual shotafags. I also hate her for creating that trap from Blend S.

No. 358279

Weird tinfoiling. I like her stuff and it feels like normal fujo stuff with a specific taste for more dominant younger ones. You guys forget that japanese women (at least the ones in the industry) dont feel as disgusted by moeblobs as we do

No. 358336

I don't know her but I remember a french-japanese youtuber saying that having some sort of big brother fetish was somewhat common with japanese women and that explained so many things I've read or seen in their pop culture. Especially the whole thing with characters always acting like big brothers are always cool and nuturing and not annoying as hell with their younger siblings.

No. 358357

if moids can have an imouto fetish, why can't women have a big brother fetish? i like the idea of a nurturing and caring brother like figure. it's just a fantasy though, both big and small brothers are assholes in reality kek

No. 358367

what are we talking about? brocon stuff or just man with a "reassuring older brother vibe", bc the latter is pretty reasonable, it just means a dependable, composed male.

No. 358393


No. 358413

same nonnie, twas perfect.

No. 358415

File: 1708886453405.png (1.43 MB, 1280x712, GG7lqo8aQAAia-a.png)


No. 358416

feels unnatural to see youji smile

No. 358440

>konoe in a bunch of dark streetwear crap instead of gaudy early 2000s colors

No. 358452

They want to be hip with the kids
Honestly not really a loss for me since I hate 2000s fashion.

No. 358477

aobas outfit here is a crime against humanity

No. 358526

File: 1708957683671.jpg (94.74 KB, 687x377, fujo.jpg)

I somehow end up shipping the most basic of characters from a popular fotm shonen anime. It took me by surprise because I pride myself in shipping weird pairings in animes most of the time. I don't even want to tell you guys what I'm shipping for fear of being called a basic bitch shipper kek. Most of the time I tend to avoid popular/common ships because it's usually boring and fans of popular ships can be bat shit insane sometimes so it's best to stick to rare pairs. Do you guys tend to ship popular ships or go for weird rare ships?