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File: 1690913348775.jpg (230.84 KB, 1007x2001, 1687216278933.jpeg.jpg)

No. 917506

Lillee Jean is a stunted unwashed "beauty guru" who has taken "fake it till you make it" to previously unseen levels. With over 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11k (fake) followers on Twitter, and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube, her pitiful engagement rate is propped up by bots, engagement pods, and "bob-vageen" foreign men with no idea who she is.
Lillee is best known for abusing copyright strikes to silence her many critics. LJ and her momager, Laur Trueman, have been on a multi-year "anti-bullying" rampage where they ruthlessly mock other people for their age, looks, socioeconomic status, and more, all for the crime of questioning Lillee.

Many dedicated Lillee critics have created callout videos and posts to expose her racist, dishonest, and absurd behaviour. However, Lillee and Laur remain convinced that this is all a conspiracy organized by one person out to get her.

>Extremely stunted social development due to being removed from school around 13-14 years old. Does not appear to have a single friend IRL besides her helicopter mom.
>Is now 21 years old but legitimately plays with dolls
>speaks and writes in "attic pidgin", our affectionate name for her limited grasp of the English language (her only language)
>Claims to have a totally real, not-made-up boyfriend who is both a French diplomat and also a family friend since childhood. "Phillipe" (an incorrect spelling of the French name) seems to hop across continents, being either local or foreign depending on Lillee's convenience. Conflicting details about when they met suggest an inappropriate age gap (with a 23-year-old Pheepy asking out a 14-year-old Lillee). Her alleged boyfriend has no internet presence of his own, and has never been shown by Lillee, despite oversharing every other aspect of her life.
>Uses her "Jewish identity" to deflect all criticism as anti-Semitic, despite not practicing the Jewish religion OR having any clear Jewish lineage
>Constantly exaggerating her status in the beauty community with fake PR
>Got caught running her own fan pages, many of which were racist caricatures of minorities. This included (alleged) POC claiming to hate their own dark skin and wishing to be pale like Lillee.
>Once posted a photoshopped image of herself over Katy Perry's body, claiming to have attended the Met Gala. Later backtracked and tried to pass it off as a fan-edited image.
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, created a custom lipstick colour (the point of their business, which anyone can do) and advertised it as an official collab, claiming that her fans could ask for "the Lillee Jean collection" in all Bite stores. Bite Beauty formally asked her to stop making this false claim.
>Lillee participated in a public Covergirl ad campaign where anyone could submit selfies to be displayed on a scrolling billboard in Times Square. Lillee waited through hundreds of submissions to catch a photo of herself on the billboard, then posted it as though it were a collab where she exclusively modelled for Covergirl.
MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2022 (Updated May 2022) :

https://www.twitter.com/reallilleejean (Suspended)
https://teespring.com/stores/lillee-jean?aid=marketplace (removed)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (Suspended)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (Suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement (Suspended)

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty (Suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute (Suspended)

1. >>>/snow/833840
2. >>>/snow/847048
3. >>698862
4. >>707075
5. >>718259
6. >>724333
7. >>736259
8. >>754981
9. >>767645
10. >>773135
11. >>777937
12. >>784721
13. >>794372
14. >>802142
15. >>811813
16. >>820665
17. >>825857
18. >>833714
19. >>838519
20. >>844274
21. >>853090
22. >>857281
23. >>862009
24. >>871230
25. >>878034
26. >>888656

>Laur posts random pictures of houses and whatever she sees >>888725 >>888747 >>888766
>Laur's having some sort of episode >>888813 >>888818 >>888827 >>888828
>Lillee's dentist visit videos get pulled from her channel >>888837
>Lillee and Laur charge $8.99 to see a video of Lillee at an empty beach >>888855
>Laur unfollows John Liu presumably because Lillee's Law wasn't a priority for him >>888883
> Laur and Lillee charge streaming service level prices to watch her videos >>888987 >>888990
>Lillee photoshoot at a Crate and Barrel sidewalk >>889630 >>889631
> Lillee draws an Elsa-looking woman as a flapper >>890007
> Laur tries to hop onto keffals' dropkiwifarms train >>890081 >>890133 >>890261 >>890645
>Another Lillee photoshoot where she gives herself a weird turtle-looking neck >>890533 >>890535
>Lillee should avoid nude-colored heels because it looks like she has pig's feet >>891114 >>891119
>Lillee goes to a Floral Escapes mall pop up >>891380 >>891607 >>891625
>Lillee edits out a scene in her Floral Escapes video where she talks to a woman that isn't her mom >>891625 >>891667
>Lillee gets sponsored by a bedsheet company and the company photoshops a longer neck on her
>>891835 >>891839 >>891850
> Court documents show that the Truemans have not renewed their lease on the attic for some months and may potentially get kicked out >>893233 >>893248
>Laur owes money to the bank for failing to pay back a loan for her failed antique venture and also owes an estimate of $16,000 to the IRS >>893251 >>893255 >>893253
> Laur doxxes a random person and then deletes the post >>893385 >>893426
> Lillee's set to do an LJ Talks episode with the Solved Skincare man who survived the attic >>894376
>Lillee posts a few snippets from her trip to an Alice in Wonderland-themed exhibit >>894567 >>894568 >>>894733 >>895396
>A random dude decides to interview Lillee >>895698 >>895873 >>895877 >>895892 >>895897
>Lillee gets some "guest writers " to tell their bullying stories for Bullyish >>895727 >>895728
>Laur's day in court with the landlord is on December 8 >>895744
>Meanwhile, Lillee and Laur are due in court on December 9 because they didn't pay for the oral surgeon's work on Lillee's teeth >>895856
>Lillee tags Netflix on her Bullyish story to make it look like her passion project got picked up by them >>895985
> Lillee's 1change4change schtick gets flushed down the drain cause she's wearing a shitty Shein jacket >>897015 >>897053 >>897120
> Laur says that she found out she was being evicted from the farms and that she was never given the petition notice >>897427 >>897439 >>897468
> Lillee produces full-blown foot fetish content under the guise of a "comedy film" >>898011 >>898018 >>898019 >>898047

No. 917507

File: 1690913460689.jpg (412.34 KB, 1080x1586, Screenshot_20230801_190656_Sam…)

Sorry I tried.

Did notice she's taking lessons

No. 917512

I hope she learns something in the classes. Like accepting constructive criticism.

Here is the latest episode of her acting show. It was released before the Barbie movie's opening night. Wonder if Lillee will actually watch the movie and find out it was nothing like this.

No. 917513

File: 1690926118608.png (134.02 KB, 1080x641, 20230802_003933.png)

The thred should include Lillees imdb profile. She has uploaded over 200 pics there.
I'm waiting for these new projects. Violet and Peony was hilarious and Agent 418 sounds promising!

No. 917515

File: 1690930137576.webm (7.88 MB, 853x480, Acting reel 2023.webm)

This is her new acting reel. I edited out the contact information, because no doxing. It's from Lillees vimeo which should also be included in the thread.

No. 917518

There is zero way she's actually taking the acting class. Lillee and Laur treat literally every outing as an excuse for a photoshoot. They take pics when they go to CVS. If Lillee was in an actual class, they'd AT LEAST take pics at the door or in front of the facility. Not in her own home.

At the very most, they're doing free courses off of youtube or they downloaded some app version of this course.

No. 917519

the gone girl monologue done done with the cadence of a spoken word bit is certainly a choice…

No. 917522

She's like the incarnated Roger the alien going through her costumes with her over the top acting. It's uncanny how little grasp she has on what a human emoting and speaking is like.

No. 917527

I genuinely wonder what would happen if Lillee pulled a Gypsy Rose Blanchard and secretly met some unhinged scrote online. Do we think that would even be possible? Or is she literally under Laur’s bloodshot watchful eye 24/7? She truly has no concept of how people behave because she’s been living this way for so long. Fascinating and depressing all at once!

No. 917536

Though I think it is very possible she is taking a "class" online, I think she just might be taking acting classes (gasp) outside the home, as in, in person. But either Laur is sitting in the back watching or she sits in the car and waits for Lillee to get out of class. Either way, there is no way Lillee is taking herself to class. The reason they are not showing pics in front of the room or building is because they don't want us to know where she's taking her classes, though I have a pretty good idea given she's mentioned she is studying (using that word very loosely) the Meisner Technique.

Her yelling at the very beginning scared the heck out of me! Has she ever seen a real acting reel? That's not how professional ones are edited. Also, never seen her do the Queen's Gambit before but the split second of her with half her hair messily clipped up was hilarious. Maybe she was doing a comedy version?

No. 917540

She looks and sounds like an angry midget. Her acting is so bad.

No. 917562

I mean, she is an angry midget. Watching that video convinced me 100% she's an actual dwarf. Normal people do not have those proportions. I think it's been tinfoiled in here before that her dwarfism could be how she's getting NEETbux, which sounds about right. Also, hearing LJ swear gives me whiplash every time kek. She's so childlike that my brain just automatically reads her as a child, so hearing her swear is very jarring.

No. 917573

She has baby arms.

No. 917577

File: 1691116838177.jpeg (471.48 KB, 1170x2385, D1AD5082-47D8-48E8-8727-C15DC4…)

got bored and decided to go through her vimeo… what the fuck is wrong with her bellybutton? Why is it so big? Why is it shaped like a diamond? Is it related to that weird line down her torso? Does it smell?

No. 917587

Thanks for the new thread!
Her stomach looks a bit like postpartum belly.

No. 917590

>>917577 Her boobs keep changing size.

No. 917591

File: 1691155488056.jpg (6.04 KB, 183x275, ljboobs.jpg)

No. 917592

File: 1691155914503.png (33.98 KB, 821x237, every time.png)

Can't tell if it's AI or a middle-school dropout writing this crap.

No. 917691

looks like this could devolve into a front butt if she were fatter

No. 917700

File: 1691365164504.webm (232.36 KB, 540x960, Agent 418 trailer .webm)

Let's go Lilzies! I hope she makes it. Lillee as an agent must be interesting.

No. 917728

>"Coming 2024"
Bullyish is still not out. Wasn't it "coming" in 2022 or something?

No. 917733

Silly nonny, don't you remember that Netflix are putting Bullyish out? They obviously pushed the release date back so they can hype it up on their social medias. I'm sure ex propmaster to the stars Laur Trueman wouldn't lie to me!

No. 917743

Don't worry nona, they still have 3 months to deliver >>908271

No. 917883

File: 1691764515201.png (3.01 MB, 828x2262, plgct.png)

She went to a “private screening” and a singing class last month

No. 917885

She’s gained a bunch of weight. I am happy to see she’s leaving the attic at least

No. 917886

She's really getting chonky. She's going to be fat fat by the time she's 25

No. 917887

it must be hard to manage your weight when you’re that short, but this is a lot of gain

No. 917895

They always order take out and she rarely leaves the attic. That makes weight management hard too.

Lillee better pay for the singing and acting classes. She already got sued by her dentist. This time she would also get blacklisted everywhere that has anything to do with acting. Word travels fast in show business.

No. 917912

unemployed 22 year old high school dropout virgin

No. 917920

who can't drive.

No. 917921

It takes her a year to make short film?!

No. 917945

blogpost, but am also a midget who’s an inch taller than lillee and it’s really difficult. most women’s TDEE is ~1500, but if you’re under 4’11”, it’s more like somewhere between 1000-1100, especially if you’re sedentary. even if she walked 5 miles a day, it would only be an extra 150 calories.

if you grew up eating unhealthy, it’s almost impossible without adderall/vyvanse/ozempic/whatever.

that being said, she literally does nothing all day, so she can properly track calories/workout more than the average person. although if she’s stuck in the attic all day, she probably has nothing to do most of the time except eat.

No. 917952

File: 1691893306958.jpeg (165.83 KB, 828x1000, IMG_9262.jpeg)

Old milk but Laur still hasn’t paid her tax bill and it’s accruing interest every month

No. 917962

Her appearance isn't the main problem.
Actress like Linda Hunt who is 145 cm (non retard unit) has a great stunning career.
One of my dance teacher is also very short, she's still really good at what she does.
There are many fat actresses out there too.
Her personality is the issue.

I still have a hard time believing she goes to acting and singing lessons. If so, it must be private lessons, because there's no way she takes advice in front of everyone.

No. 917964

She’s taking vocal lessons from this place:


This woman has an app for vocal lessons so it’s possible that Lillee took one real class for a photoshoot opportunity (the pic of her wearing leggings and blue tank top was not taken at home) and the rest of her learning is happening in the attic.

I’m not sure how she’s practicing the Meisner technique but it’s possible that she’s just doing it at home with Laur.

No. 918034

I think you are mistaken anon.
Lillee is going to teach that woman how to sing, not the other way arround.

No. 918236

File: 1692488518636.png (1.79 MB, 1080x2165, 20230820_024119.png)

No. 918252

File: 1692534606730.jpeg (355.78 KB, 1080x1350, jM1NDY=.jpeg)

This looks so unflattering.

According to the interview she goes for walks and has brunch with her friends.
>When I wrote the first Peony & Violet I imagined how my friends and I talk, then added a layer of like a valley girl.

Does she have any friends in her age group? She is currently working on Peony & Violet Take Deux. Including unnecessary French in the title makes it fancy.

No. 918255

Kek at the rolled up jeans

No. 918261

she stands with her legs unnaturally angled apart because her thigh fat mushes together. Ironically heels are supposed to help with that but it's clearly not enough. You can see the problem clearly when she wears shorts. it looks so awkward.

No. 918266

The only good trait she has is her really pale porcelain opaque glowy skin and her bright blue eyes. Apart from that she really is a pig in lipstick unfortunately.

No. 918271

her skin is only that pale because she legitimately doesn't leave the house kek

No. 918273

Is that a safety pin on one of her pant legs?

No. 918275

File: 1692592977573.jpeg (Spoiler Image,306.3 KB, 828x1537, IMG_5862.jpeg)

spoiled bc not lilleejean but i honestly think people over exaggerate how ugly she is, honestly she’s better looker/seems cleaner than most cows. what makes her look so terrible is her absolute lack of understanding on how to be a human being, you can just see it from a still picture by the way she stands and the look in her eyes. There are so many influencers now that are not as traditionally attractive like picrel, she has a chubby body shape like Lillee and a potato nose, but is has a winning personality and marketing team that got her over 10million followers. it’s not Lillee’s looks that are necessarily holding her back, it’s the years spent festering in the attic with her schizo mother as her only contact to the outside world/her manager

No. 918293

File: 1692634172249.jpeg (338.52 KB, 632x983, IMG_9351.jpeg)

Miss Roxie took several months to write

No. 918294

File: 1692634267509.jpeg (284.86 KB, 696x901, IMG_9350.jpeg)

No. 918295

The question wasn't even answered.

No. 918296

Am I getting this right she was already taking the lessons when she made those shorts? She needs her money back it failed kek

No. 918302

Well yeah nonna but calling people ugly is a foundation of farmtard behaviour. I've seen plenty of Americans on TV and Lillee seems to be the most average American, just sort of short and round and plain. If they were ever realistic about her career aspects as an influencer they would have just aimed her at people who look like her (80% of American women)

No. 918323

That bitch is ugly as fuck and has one of the worst fridge bodies i ever seen.The anons who try to downplay her ugliness are just fat and ugly themselves.

No. 918328

Did she took just ONE class and is calling herself now an expert in acting?

Kek typical, LJ, never change.

No. 918331

She somehow can't even smile correctly. She should have gone to a vocational school, but mommie dearest can't have a normal life.

No. 918339

I'd say Lillee is a special type of ugly. She isn't your average ugly anymore since she had her teeth "fixed"…. but she still has crazyeyes and reptilian quality to her face when her face is still and the weird contortions when she tries to express something or speak. Her voice doesn't help it either. I think this is way worse than being just ugly. She is uncanny on all fronts and that envokes worse feelings and instincts in people than just uglyness.

No. 918340

Anon, Lillee is now better than her teacher because she is also a producer.
>Producing your own films as an actor makes you a better performer. You get to understand the dynamics differently than even your teacher pointing out things. You feel them differently!

No. 918356

Lillee has a new acting video. Here’s a trailer: https://vimeo.com/856637735

The full version is on her website

No. 918357

File: 1692759745185.jpeg (238.67 KB, 828x904, IMG_9384.jpeg)

“A partner”

It’s just Lillee talking to her own recorded voice

No. 918362

File: 1692789600651.webm (8.28 MB, 960x540, Proof.webm)

Lillee needs to take more acting lessons. Story by David Auburn, characters Catherine and Claire.

No. 918375

The “SO LILLO QUI” text gets me every fucking time. I know no1curr but I’m a pastafag and in Italian qui means here and so means I know and it just looks like “I know Lillo here” to me but also the way they tried to make the word soliloquy have something to do w her name. I wish there was more milk lately tbh her threads have always been SO funny in a way other cows aren’t.

No. 918376


No. 918378


No. 918381

The FUCK YEW!!! caught me so off guard and made me laugh so hard I wish she’d make like a hundred of these. Also her constant hand/arm gesticulating is so bizarre.

No. 918383

have… have we heard Lillee swear before?

No. 918385

Haven't watched her in motion in a minute and gahd damn has she packed on the lbs or am I just expecting better of her? She looks uncomfortably heavy and her head looks small for her body…

No. 918392

Does Lil use ChatGPT to write these bullshit non-answers?

No. 918397

File: 1692834361709.jpeg (937.09 KB, 786x1310, IMG_9397.jpeg)

She’s definitely turning into a little piggy again and her face is more crooked than before.

No. 918400

She actually swears quite a bit. There is a video of her ranting about trolls defacing her "Everipedia" page from a while back (threads #13 and #14) and half of that rant alone is her using curse words.
I'm not sure if there is a local archive available as the YT video linked in those threads have since been taken down

No. 918403

The oversized props tho

No. 918423

Exactly. She definitely has a reptilian vibe about her. There's nothing behind her eyes.
WHY does she insist on wearing pale ass colors when she's ghost white? It just washes her the fuck out. I'll never understand it. I also don't get the constant need for the dramatic or conflict type "acting" videos. The fake arguments and all. So fucking weird.

No. 918425

This is the 12th episode of So Lillo Qui if I'm not mistaken. This is a huge improvement compared to the first episodes (Cool girl, Marilyn Monroe etc). The script is from an stage play, so it makes more sense than the short films written by Lillee. Too bad she doesn't have anyone reading Claire's lines. Lillee needs friends.

No. 918436

laur would never let that happen. If Lillie made a friend, they'd point out how fucking bizarre her entire life is, and possibly introduce her to a higher standard of living shed enjoy, this leaving Laur all alone to rot with earl in the freezer.

No. 918438

LJ as Claire: come move to NY with me, there's plenty of room.
LJ as LJ: And where would I live???
LJ as Claire: …
LJ as LJ: starts yelling

No. 918455

Well I was very entertained, not for the right reasons but it still achieved something kek

No. 918627


Do they drink tea with a spoon in the play?

No. 918628

Don't know about that, but the character Lillee is playing is supposed to sound unhinged. Does drinking tea with a spoon help her case?
You can read the plot here

No. 918632

Surprised no one's left a comment on that video yet… that is honestly the worst acting I've ever seen. And yet again, she's playing her own sister, because she doesn't have ONE normal friend.

No. 918633

I get that those 3 same tops in different colors were 3/$10 but when you're already shaped like a box the first rule of thumb is you don't wear square necklines.

I also don't get the recurring "Valley Girl" references and accents. That movie came out in 1983. 40 years ago. And talking like that wasn't cool even back then - people made fun of it for sounding stupid.

No. 918634

So odd that Laur would mention a "partner" when at the end of the video it specifically credits Lillee as both Catherine AND Claire.

No. 918635

Is she saying she did it with another student at class? Dunno, but the first rule of Meisner is to focus more on the other person and what they're saying, you don't just yell over them and not listen. The recorded voice said "come live with me" and she blurts "Where would I live!!!?!?!" This is so messed up.

No. 918647

Exactly anon! It relies on your own life lived and experiences and emotions from human interactions. Lillee's bag of life experiences is very light so her performances come off as extremely shallow.

No. 918665

>The recorded voice said "come live with me" and she blurts "Where would I live!!!?!?!"
That's exactly what's posted here
>>918438 , did she changed and messed the dialogues of the play? That part sound so lame.

Anyway can we comment on the fact she's a Barbie hoarder and a so-called feminist and didn't even mentioned the Barbie movie which is made by a woman and whose topic is not about shopping like LJ thought (a very sexist thought by the way).

That's literally the movie of the summer.
Insta is full of girls her age or older, going dressed in retro pink or pastels like Barbie, to see it.
It's even bigger than last Harry Potter movie (which she has no knowledge about because it's about wizzards and she's scared of them).

You'll think that as an aspiring actress, she'll watch many movies especially the trending ones and especially that particular one.

Hell, Laur didn't even took her to see it (or she didn't ask to go), that's how stunted she is.

No. 918679

File: 1693415271524.jpg (49.17 KB, 631x628, hashtagabuse.jpg)

Laur's hashtagging blue, coffee, tea, yummy, and even a misspelled version of her own already-misspelled "So Lillo Qui". Some of her gifs on Tumbler are just Lillee breathing. Can't even imagine the horrors that are going to go down when Lillee's acting teacher tells them she's not cut out for acting.

No. 918684

I kinda still feel bad for her. Theyre still trying at this fame thing while lillee gets older and older with no adult skills or independence while laur isolates her even more. She can still easily grow up. Tons of people get a late start and theres tons of places that will hire anybody even if they have 0 job history. I actually do wanna see a lillee independence arc but i dont think either of them wanna put their pride aside and get a dirty peasant job and work their way up from the bottom.

No. 918691

The teacher isn't going to tell her that as long as they keep paying. If Lillee goes to an actual audition she is going to learn the hard way

Speaking of Laur, why has she been so quiet lately? Did Lillee finally tell momager it's time to stop sabotaging her career with the freak outs?

No. 918694

In between manic periods it's normal to sleep a lot.

No. 918717

File: 1693476505254.jpg (26.97 KB, 663x593, just why.jpg)

The handle
- Am I a joke to you?

Srsly why the HUGE mug, why the spoon, why so big too, why is she handling the cup like that, why that top, why that color..??

No. 918722

A ceramic cup full of hot coffee/tea is HOT. So clearly she's slurping water. Meisner Technique FAIL

No. 918727

I actually thought she was eating soup in the scene until I saw the teabags.

No. 918750

Speaking of Laur, she bragged for years she was that genius prop master who worked with the greastest stars and… that's all she could provide for LJ's videos?

K. E. K. S.

No. 918869

Primink is back AND the video has the Lillee thumbnail in the beginning. Is Laur going to strike Primink again? I'm waiting for Laur to bombard him with unhinged comments.

No. 918945

File: 1694119274984.webm (13.85 MB, 640x360, Lilloqui 1.13 bridal belles.we…)

New So Lillo Qui episode Bridal Belles. Based on Kristen Palmer's play Once Upon A Bride There Was A Forest.
This one is just annoying.

No. 918975

So it basically takes her more than 2 weeks to produce that…
She acts like an hysterical 4 yo would.
Also what's with her hair? It seems she dyed it in orange but only the front.

There's this girl doing the exact same monologue (Alaina Wilson) :

No. 918979

She seems like she’s trying to emulate a Disney princess on broadway over the top kind of demeanor and it’s………terrifying lmao. I wish I could make a documentary on LJ and Laur like Grey Gardens but people who’ve never had money kek sadly Laur would never give me access to their daily lives.

No. 918986

I would so watch your documentary - they are a fascinating pair!

Agree with your description of her performance here. I have to wonder if she was picturing Pheepy during this monologue. If her mania was a choice for the character, I can understand but she's too shallow for that. Her interpretation is just a giddy Disney princess who was proposed to and telling her female best friend about (which she doesn't have irl).

No. 919006

She calls herself producer, director, filmmaker, yet can't do anything else than the most messy boring facecam.
I've seen better filming in skype calls.

When she shows her ring, her hand is not even in the field!
She could have zoom in the ring, or redone the scene with different angles, OR just point her hand at the damn camera, idk it's so ridiculously easy.

She never looks at the camera, has her eyes closed way too much, she always talks (to Laur on the side), the angle of view is always so wrong and it's really unsettling.

It's painfully obvious she's never been with someone real either as bf or just real friends.

LJ you want to be an actress, get some real life experiences.

No. 919009

File: 1694259379474.png (705.47 KB, 658x1106, 20230909_143532.png)

I think Lillee did a better job at playing a stupid and spoiled girl. This is the original actress.

No. 919079

Is this not that mariana Joyce girl?

No. 919082

Stupid and spoiled is not much of a stretch for Lillee. Still, playing a role, no matter how close the character is to the person playing her takes nuance and a deep understanding of why this character makes the choices she does. This skill is not evident in Lillee's performance.

I could be wrong anon, but in fairness to Lillee, I think these are meant to be acting reels, not short films. That's why there are no cutaways and she doesn't look at the camera. As for eyes being closed way too much, it has to do with lack of acting skills. It's a way of taking little breaks from her character to either remember her lines or because she can't hold the consistency of the performance (maintain sightline and focus). It's also evident when she improvises because she flubbed lines. Again, if she were more skillful, even when she was improvising it would be seamless and appear to be coming from the character.

No. 919089

File: 1694376985150.png (1.22 MB, 964x3890, 20230910_230630.png)

Yes. Primink was on hiatus for three years. I don't know why he made a video about Mariana. The iron is cold.
People are rewatching his old videos and guess who is actively commenting on the Lillee video. Laur won't shut up about Creepshow Art. She was mentioned in the video so according to Laur the whole video is a lie. Laur thinks CSA was the only source Primink used. Isn't Laur supposed to be working on Bullyish?

No. 919090

File: 1694378619254.jpeg (655.45 KB, 828x1207, IMG_9656.jpeg)

I wonder if it’s a Google number

No. 919123

File: 1694410127614.gif (6.57 MB, 887x500, 2ui372i4gb.gif)

>Lillee Jean was born on April 18, 2001, in New York, as Lillee Jean Trueman
>Lillee Jean was born as Lillee Jean
Never change.

No. 919141

File: 1694439932693.png (30.85 KB, 351x303, primink.PNG)

i think the person who posted this vid is talking about the first few seconds of the vid where you can see someone filming primink's page featuring his vid about lillee

No. 919635

Ah, that makes sense, but it's still not a thumbnail so it confused me.

No. 919882

File: 1695592603692.png (1.53 MB, 1125x2001, 3F788EAD-1073-4886-B34A-662FC9…)

Lillee still using French words to appear cosmopolitan.

No. 919930

File: 1695673879842.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1503, 20230925_232320.png)

Episode 1.14 is Two Moods so episode 1.15 can't have the same title, silly nonita! Deux Moods is the most creative she could come up with. But of course we just don't get it. Lillee is producer, filmmaker, and director on top of being an actress.

Both of those episodes suck. There is nothing new. Just the old clips edited together.

No. 919932

File: 1695675491433.png (7.24 MB, 2880x2880, 20230925_235403.png)

These are Lillee's three types she can play. Not very versatile. I'm waiting for Agent 418. It's going to be interesting.

No. 919938

For a moment my brain glitched out and I saw "Agent 47," now I'm imagining lillee in a bald cap and suit

No. 919991

>Going to class this month for a new drama class
Does she mean she is going to classes this month for a new drama course she's taking? Or is she going to just a single class? If she's going to just one class in a month, does she think this is some kind of accomplishment to be proud of?

Does anyone know if she's taking a "class" as in with other students and a teacher, or is she getting a lesson, like a private one on one? I can see her getting a private one on one, which would be expensive, hence just one a month, and Laur sitting in watching the whole thing telling her from the side how great she's doing. I can't see her in a class with other people where she's not getting all the attention and they are more talented than her. Laur definitely would not be allowed to sit in and comment, unless she joined herself as a student.

No. 920003

It has to be the cheapest entry level thing available, maybe even some place that offered a few beginner classes for free.

No. 920005

File: 1695846295231.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1911, 20230927_231558.png)

She will submit Agent 418 to festivals on the next circuit. Whatever that means. There will be dialects and stage combat. How exiting.
Say what you want about Lillee's acting skills. I think leaving the attic and interacting with others is good for her. Her acting videos are refreshing compared to the repetitive make-up videos she posted before.

No. 920013

Anyone else notice 418 is just her birthday, 4/18? Her creativity knows no bounds. Kek

No. 920014

Getting out of the attic is great but her old videos were way more interesting kek

No. 920062

She goes to T. Schreiber Studio
I don't know if it's cheap.
Meisner Technique for beginners
>Fee: $595/10 classes (plus $75 registration fee for new students)
There are also online classes.

No. 920098

Why does she have such a weird fixation on her birthday?
From what I recall before her twitter account was banned, she always posted "aries does this, aries does that".
She is so obsessed by her star sign, I'm surprised she doesn't know her rising sign too.

Saged for uselessness, but milk is dead anyway.

No. 920105

Gotta love how each new "film" which is "taking the world by storm" is inaccessible to the public and always mentions "cinematography by Laur Trueman". These people.

No. 920248

I wish LJ would be honest in her portfolio for acting. New York is full of aspiring actresses and LJ will never be the leading heroine. But she could use her beind a midget, ugly and awkward to her advantage. I'm not even trying to be mean. Those are the things that would make her stand out and there's a need for that kind of actors, even if they would probably be small roles since she cannot act (or maybe another director than Laur would make her bloom). Not everyone can be the pretty princess. But she and Laur would have to stop lying. She has a chance and she refuses to take it.

No. 920256

Hi anon, not trying to debate you but what exactly has she lied about? I ask this only because you mention she was dishonest in her portfolio specifically. What portfolio do you mean? Her acting reel? IMDB?
Granted, she and her mom are both lying liars, but when it comes to her acting, I think it speaks for itself. If anything, she's lied about her height (4 foot 12 inches) or that she has had extensive experience, but if she's serious about becoming professional, any casting director worth half her salt could see she is not as tall as she says she is, and that her "experience" are just elementary school recitals and lame mother-daughter projects that literally people put together in a few minutes for tiktok.

No. 920276

Mainly her looks and experience. Saying she's taller, blond, put experience as her being in elementary school plays as if those would count. I swear someone had posted a screenshot from some other site than IMBD etc., I think it was a site for finding actors. Also kek at me getting drunk last night and getting all lovey dovey towards Lillee Jean of all the cows. If I ever do that towards Laur I swear I'm leaving this site behind and go to AA. Sorry for my retardation, nonners.

No. 920303

File: 1696366964425.mp4 (12.03 MB, 960x540, “miss_roxie”_official_clip.mp4)

This is "Miss Roxie official clip". She made it worse for some reason. The editing sucks and the plot makes even less sense. I love her shocked staring. It's meme material.

No. 920304

File: 1696367601365.jpeg (34.21 KB, 640x640, The face when.jpeg)

I can't understand what the boss is saying. Are you […] on […]? What are you doing?

No. 920316

The boss asks "Are you siphoning off contacts?"

No. 920612

Not the same anon but it also feels like a lie for her to call pauper of shoes, Miss Roxie and Violet and Peony 'short films'.

A short film implies something with effort, a bit of production value or at the very least quality editing, something longer than two minute skit? Laur literally did the RING RING for the phone in one, good lord. There's tiktoks that are longer and of higher quality.

And I think Lillee and Laur are at least somewhat aware of that. It's like they don't put it on youtube so it's harder for people to actually see the finished product.(sage your shit)

No. 920665

Sage for retarded take, but the content she's putting out atm fucks me up lmao her arrested development is glaringly obvious. I remember being a preteen and recording dumb skits like this with my friends as a joke, there's an extra level of sadness knowing lillee is in her 20s and doing this alone. And it isn't a joke. This is her attempt to kickstart a career. In her mind she's being a professional. Her 'short films' are so low quality nobody sane would ever include them on a portfolio even if they did make them. It's even sadder that she can't find another person to act alongside in her 'films' except her mom.

No. 920785

There's a market for dumb cringe comedy, but why isn't she doing it on tiktok or YouTube shorts?

No. 920807

Because she can't stand real people and real criticism.

They might not have money anymore to buy so much followers on every platform.
And creating hundred of fake fan accounts and deleting comments from real people are really time consuming.

No1care but for years I watched her stories on insta then blocked her right away, so she couldn't see me, kek.
She blocked me some weeks ago, so she or Laur may have a new app to see every account and block anyone real for watching her stories.
I'm not surprised she still does that, but seriously what a loss of time.
Especially with her stories now, that are no milk at all.

Anyway, how can she make herself famous if she keeps blocking everyone? She's such a snowflake.

No. 920808

I so agree that calling these little mommy daughter fun time videos "short films" says so much about her lack of awareness of the world beyond the attic and how deluded she is. Seriously, these are like what a child would record of herself for fun. Has she been to any film festival, even a small one? Does she even know the caliber of short films that are worthy of being entered in festivals?

This is so incredibly sad.

No. 920849

File: 1697244295486.png (468.94 KB, 828x2073, plgct.png)

Laur owes $12800 in rent and is being sued by the same landlord again

No. 920850

File: 1697244406006.jpeg (335.83 KB, 828x1040, IMG_0189.jpeg)

She’s claiming that the landlord is harassing them kek

No. 920852

File: 1697244874196.jpeg (363.74 KB, 828x894, IMG_0190.jpeg)

Laur listed ERAP as a reason to let her stay but she already got ERAP last year and new applications are no longer being accepted

No. 920875

Holy shit they're actually just squatting now lol this is insane

No. 920878

Thank you Legal Anon.

They've been evicted a lot already, nothing new at the Trueman's house.

No. 920886

Harassment = he asked them to pay the rent.

No. 920887

File: 1697319908646.jpeg (27.99 KB, 640x1136, Bullyish.jpeg)

Thank you! Is it possible to get more details on how exactly is the landlord "harassing" them? Such as the hand written madness about "black websites" like last time? Also, is it really this difficult to evict tenants in Burgerland?

I guess Laur will freak out soon. Lillee is already posting about Project Bullyish. This time she is focusing on the antisemitism. Will she be stupid enough to try to make the Israel-Hamas war about her?

No. 920906

This has been posted on laur's account on Dec 22.
LJ's posts are nothing new.

No. 920914

File: 1697378014596.jpeg (395.5 KB, 828x1210, IMG_0194.jpeg)

She’s making Israel-Palestine conflict about her, again. She posted a bunch of ig stories last night.

No. 920915

File: 1697378125258.jpeg (371.2 KB, 828x1390, IMG_0195.jpeg)

Laur is also spamming her ig stories with support for Israel and the only company that paid Lillee in years

No. 920993

File: 1697477056439.png (8.75 MB, 828x6190, plgct.png)

New photoshoot

No. 921000

Oof. This looks so unflattering and uncomfortable. Do Lillee and Laur unironically think this looks good?

I love the DIY backdrop. Looks like packaging material and you can see the attic floor too.

No. 921009

She’s aging like milk

No. 921035

File: 1697499413792.jpg (91.81 KB, 324x467, MV5BN2IwYzc4MjEtMzJlMS00MDJlLT…)

I can't quite explain it, but these pictures are very Tommy Wiseau-esque to me. The second to last one especially reminds me of pic rel.

No. 921038

Oh fuck… she's starting to look like the cat woman, Jocelyn Wildenstein. Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees it kek

No. 921042

Is this editing or an allergic reaction?

No. 921054

File: 1697534933992.jpg (142.53 KB, 962x1210, okboomer.jpg)

She legit looks 60 in there.
Her toes are so gross.

No. 921060

File: 1697559150978.jpeg (1.13 MB, 828x1234, IMG_0232.jpeg)

She really looks like a post menopausal woman trying to regain her sexuality.

Laur wasn’t this ugly when she was younger. I guess Earl really muddied their DNA pool.

No. 921061

kek why does she keep doing that chad face?

No. 921065

Her grimy trotters are busting out of those shoes. Can she not rent the runway in her size?? Or have they truly run out of money and this is stuff they bought for her years ago?
I wonder how long the charade will go on. Will they stop when she's 30? 40? What will happen when laur dies?

No. 921067

she probably buys them too small cause she's "so tiny" lmao. she does this with all her clothes, she's flabby and greatly underestimates her size. just look at those jeans, they look like mom jeans on her. and she always opts for cropped tops that don't flatter her tube figure. i feel like she'd look 5x better if she bought things that actually fit properly and she's the only person who i think would actually benefit from the kibbe body type meme.

No. 921103

What in the hell kind of shirt is this? She looks absolutely dead in the eyes, her rosacea looks like its flared up, her hair is unkempt, her shoes are too small, her jeans are ill fitting. I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually feel a little sorry for her. I'm sure that'll change soon but these pics are so bad I've got a bit of secondhand embarrassment.

No. 921130

At this point it's basically content begging for Bullyish.

No. 921211

File: 1697737735913.jpg (286.16 KB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_ea65423ee93c4285bae0b4b…)

No. 921212

File: 1697737864188.jpg (387.69 KB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_db8602c566a74a6c93296f0…)

No. 921214

File: 1697737968833.jpg (373.78 KB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_db11cbb50f124852847c371…)

No. 921215

File: 1697738077602.jpg (347.07 KB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_5c5142688573475d9c87b5a…)

No. 921216

File: 1697738139271.jpg (479.05 KB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_1c7086cecdc742529d542dc…)

No. 921217

File: 1697738364796.jpeg (665.44 KB, 828x994, IMG_0261.jpeg)

Horse neck strikes again.

No. 921219

She’s really fucking fat and shapeless like a block of cheese.

No. 921221

File: 1697742580186.jpeg (4.63 KB, 211x239, download.jpeg)

No. 921222

That's a neighbourhood's gypsy matriarch that fights with random people on the street and yells curses till 1 in the morning type of outfit

No. 921223

crown + yoga pants + cheap old boots is an insane look

No. 921224

Is she trying to emulate the buccal fat removal trend? She looks like she's simultaneously biting the insides of her cheeks and trying to pucker her lips, looks absolutely crazy

No. 921225

I think so. It makes her look much older and as usual she’s years behind a trend.

No. 921226

Is it weird that I find these super cute? The photoshoot, whether intentional or not, has this goofy kinda 90's indie girl vibe. Like she reminds me of Tori Amos or PJ Harvey in the 90's here, photoshoot straight from i-D magazine…

No. 921264

>>920993 why borrow shoes that you're too big for wtf, she's falling out of the shoes

No. 921270

She has a small shoe size but her feet are wide and likely get swollen on account of excess weight and poor circulation due to a lack of exercise.

Lillee, if you want to succeed in the world of acting then you better get your cardio up. Anyone with eyes can see that you’re in rough shape for a 22 year old. Stop using your middle school excuses and start walking a mile a day at a brisk pace. Increase it to two miles in a couple of weeks and so on. Your old exercise videos showed that your form is very poor so it’s best to start with something easy like walking.

No. 921277

I was just about to say this. She has all the time to do these frumpy shoots but she can't jog around the block once a day to try to look less out of shape? She needs to get off her ass. She looks absolutely terrible for her age

No. 921289

Nonna she looks like a lot lizard who snuck into some scumbag twitter "photographers" studio and started taking cracked out self shots. The bar for chubby white lolcow girls is below hell, and I don't even think lilz is ugly but she looks twice her age.

No. 921360

File: 1697924257973.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1942, 20231022_002828.png)

Insane look or an agent in disguise? Agent 418 coming up late fall. Will there be exciting action scenes with epic transitions? Or is she going to stand still and yell at herself again?

No. 921397

Damn, are they paying out the ass or what?

No. 921426

Imagine thinking you were once a "makeup guru" ROFL

No. 921427

File: 1698076315506.jpg (7.15 KB, 242x117, lips.jpg)

With these lips, omg

No. 921629

Bump cp

No. 921633

I think they skipped out on that landlord in August - I found a new address for them in Aug, which is just a crummy apartment building. She quickly cleaned her address info out of Spokeo, etc. but it was there.(dox attempt)

No. 921653

Weird because they got served at the old address this month

No. 921705

Could it have been an attempt to move before their rent was overdue? Like she was looking into a new apartment, got far in the application process, but was ultimately denied? Could maybe explain why it was only there for a very brief period before disappearing and her being stuck 4 months overdue on rent.

No. 921744

Could it be they've finally managed to be black listed by all real estate agencies in the area?
When you think about it, they've been renting for +20 years at the exact SAME place in Flushing.

When Laur had all of her previous adresses on White pages, most of the houses they've rented were barely 5 walking minutes from each other and they've been changing home every 2 years or so.

Anyway if true >>921633 , that's quite a downfall from the Truemans, Laur loves to rent wayyyy above her financial means.

No. 921761

I have the address for this apartment also coming up under the names of Laur's mom and stepdad….(learn to sage)

No. 921817

File: 1698619317373.mp4 (12.92 MB, 640x360, So Lillo Qui Episode Cafe Good…)

"We are taken to the scene in Café Goodbye, written and directed by Lillee Jean Trueman, where Elizabeth is left by her now estranged boyfriend. A set up like this was planned and executed perfectly by her ex, making her emotions heightened at London Cafe."

Lillee's fake crying and British accent. What do you think Lilzies? Yay or nay?
I couldn't find "Café Goodbye" but I'm sure this is taken from someone else's play or movie.

No. 921818

File: 1698620278853.png (5.07 MB, 828x3724, plgct.png)

Did she use MS Paint to fix her hairline in these?

No. 921825

>is left by her now estranged boyfriend
Present tense implies the breakup just happened. If so, he wouldn't be "estranged". That implies the breakup had happened a while ago. Yet another example of using words that the Truemans don't really know how to use in the correct context.

But I'll say this, the accent isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I braced myself for huge second-hand embarrassment cringe, but it was only just a little cringe. Not great, and certainly not any commercial acting material, but it seems she has been studying the accent somewhat. Good on you Lillee, good on you. Keep up with the studying and expand yourself. Then get the hell away from Laur. If you can't do that, at least try to form your own opinions instead of accepting everything she says.

No. 921847

to me she’s trying to mimic the acting style of bridgeston and the accent. not sure if it reminds anyone else?

No. 921858

I don't think Laur lets her watch anything else than cartoons for kids. And especially not Bridgerton with all the sex scenes.

No. 921870

File: 1698707048101.png (1.89 MB, 1080x4481, Cyberstalking.png)

Get ready for the meltdown. Bullyish is back on. These are from insta. I ain't clicking that link for the full text.

>Cyberstalking Has No Appearance

>previous schools I attended as a minor child
>since 2019 after Lillee Jean as a teenager at just 18 years old.

No. 921874

File: 1698711297901.jpg (1.85 MB, 960x13452, Cyberstalking Has No Appearanc…)

This article is fucking insane

No. 921875

Holy shit. Laur called this woman a fake Jew because her family was actually killed in the Holocaust.

No. 921876

>multiple fake profiles
>use of email, direct messaging, or other electronic means to harass, scare, or threaten someone blah blah blah
>tactics employed included the use of public tweets, and threatening direct messages on Twitter
>privacy breaches
>identity theft
I stopped reading at that because wtf, but all I greentexted are things Laur has done. I'm sure if I continue reading there would be many more things Laur is projecting. LJ has, too, but I'm not sure I can put much blame on her since she is so retarded thanks to her batshit crazy mom. But I must admit "minor child" made me laugh out loud.

No. 921881

This looks like Lillee wrote it. It’s sad because she’s parroting shit Laur told her, just like her relatives being “fried alive” in the Holocaust. Laur gets her into these situations by lying to her. Since Lillee has a middle school education, she doesn’t understand her grandparents immigrating to the US in the early 1900s means Laur’s Holocaust stories are bullshit. The screenshots they provide in the article further prove they’re a bunch of liars co-opting suffering from a group of people to deflect from their own bad behavior. Laur’s story about Mark Cuban running a content farm specifically targeting Lillee was way more entertaining, should have stuck with that.

No. 921883

File: 1698755450712.jpg (215.62 KB, 1102x990, totallyreal privatescreening t…)

>Contact old boyfriends from middle school
Yeah, that really sounds bad, but not in the way she thinks.

>Woman in her 50-60
Is she still talking about Diane?
LJ blamed Diane for her failed career in makeup/beauty industry and now blames Diane for her failed career in acting industry.
Who could have seen this coming?

Picrel of something that wasn't even posted here:
>youtube videos to reach certain milestones, which causes immense economic harm and damage to Lillee jean

That makes absolutely no sense, if anything, LJ is acknowledging the videos are exposing her lies and that she never made any money with her "impressive" career.

So the stalker "harmed LJ's career" but in the other interviews LJ said she left beauty industry by herself to focus on acting.
-Pick a lane.
-Keep track of all your lies.

No. 921885


>Contact old boyfriends from middle school

They’re lucky no one other than farmers read this stuff. Imagine if someone decided to look into Lillee Jean’s middle school boyfriend and discovers he was an adult French diplomat kek

No. 921886

File: 1698759008912.jpeg (132.72 KB, 1170x383, IMG_4682.jpeg)

they wrote an entire article accusing one lady because someone asked for a link to the lolcow thread on Reddit 4 days ago

No. 921888

Can this be reported for the doxxing? Probably not because they hardly allow anyone in to their insta. Still.

I just find it hilarious that she always thinks it’s ONE woman that trolls Lillee when 10 MILLION people have watched Primink, lol.

No. 921892

File: 1698762332216.jpeg (208.82 KB, 1170x337, IMG_4686.jpeg)

>family who survived the Holocaust

They’re admitting they lied about family being killed?

No. 921894

Good catch!!! I doubt they survived being fried alive.

Are they too stupid to realize that by doxxing someone their whole story is invalidated?

No. 921897

That and the live she made on her birthday, saying Pheepee was a 19 years old adult when she met him when she was 8.
Sounds really great LJ you know someone wanting to look into that.

No. 921898

>Tsar's men

Tsar era ended in 1917, Holocaust took place during WWII.
Her family was in USA before 1900.
Open a history book LJ for once, ffs.

No. 921920

File: 1698779084630.jpeg (332.36 KB, 1170x769, IMG_4690.jpeg)

I’m loving how mad they are about someone pointing out 18 is the age most people start college. She mentions it 3 times in one image.

No. 921924

File: 1698783981833.png (609.74 KB, 1080x1219, 20231031_221248.png)

Did they update the article? This screenshot is not included.

>Anonymous 4 minutes ago

Laur posted that herself. This calls for a post reveal.

No. 921925

File: 1698784417396.png (833.55 KB, 977x1640, 20231031_173920.png)

Lillee wrote the article
and the original script. Totally legit.

No. 921928

File: 1698786852566.png (353.79 KB, 640x1136, Learn to crop laur.png)

Can't talk about cyberstalking without mentioning kiwifarms.

No. 921950

They must be furious because legal anon posted about them getting evicted yet again.

Every time something embarrassing gets posted here they flip out and dox a bunch of people.

No. 921956

She mentions the financial hardships and jobs she lost because of bullying a bunch. Laur knows it’s not one old white lady in Maine bullying her. If she really thought this person was behind all the stuff she claims, it would be a clear case of harassment. Laur has her name & where she lives, she could file a restraining order. You don’t need a DA for that. If the lady violates it, then she gets in trouble. They know it’s hundreds if not thousands of different people behind the YouTube/Twitter/Instagram comments. Primink’s video has 10 million views. It’s tinfoil but I think they’re trying to make a case that this lady she doxed & her cult of cyberbullies are the reason they can’t pay rent and why they shouldn’t be evicted.

No. 921961

For the first 10 seconds of it, she looks like she's about to cough up a hairball, and I had to pause it because I was laughing so hard and couldn't continue.

No. 921962

File: 1698837698957.png (885.84 KB, 985x1985, Poo toucher.png)

It looks like "Leading-Economist-12" was set up. "Blinkerbaby69" (kek) created their account on October 17th 2023. Their one and only post is asking for the link to this thread, which Leading-Economist-12 gladly provided. Why would someone create a Reddit account just to ask for a link when they could google?

Leading-Economist-12 is an easy target. She has contacted Lillee, and she used the same username on different sites. Why did you touch the poo, boomer? Also, delete your Kiwifarms account. You created it in 2021 and you are still Fresh Meat. Kiwifarms has suffered data breaches. There is a very dedicated mad lad DDoSing the site and doxing users. He is more tech savvy than Laur, and you would be his ideal target because you are a white cis woman.

No. 921963

Why would anyone make a kiwifarms account with their Reddit username? Are we sure the KF account wasn’t created by Laur to further smear grandma anon? No one talks about them anymore, the only way they’re going to get evidence of current bullying is to manufacture it.

No. 921975

File: 1698851878099.jpeg (418.83 KB, 697x1452, IMG_4710.jpeg)

Figured out why Laur’s melting down. She has criminal charges pending for an incident on October 9th. I have no idea what that charges are.

No. 921976

File: 1698852528594.jpeg (368.04 KB, 925x1043, IMG_4712.jpeg)

found the charges…looks like it was driving related. There’s so many of them.

No. 921980

Not sure if am reading that right but no insurance and a suspended license? I don't know how bad that is in new york but here she would be fined or face jail time depending on criminal history.

No. 921986


>$15,000 in unpaid taxes

>$13,000 in unpaid rent
>defaulted on the business loan taken out in 2017 (and another one taken out a year or two later, I think? I'm sure someone will correct me if that's wrong)
>lapsed insurance and registration on their only vehicle
>suspended driving privileges (either because of no insurance or because of the back taxes)

Laura and Lillee need to stop doing all this silly shit online writing "articles" no one will read and filming "acting shorts" no one will watch, because they are on the verge of sleeping on the street and winter is approaching. Given the number of moving violations Laur's been charged with, I'm assuming the jeep was impounded when she was arrested and is sitting on a lot accruing fees they can't remotely afford. If their landlord succeeds in booting them from the Staircase House, they won't even be able to pretend that Lillee has taken a sudden interest in becoming a Vanlife vlogger.

No. 921987

looks like the state of NY will suspend your license if you owe over 10k in taxes. Laur ignored the notices and got caught driving. It looks like she refused to surrender her revoked license and tried to stop them from impounding her vehicle. These are all misdemeanors, she won’t see any jail time but the fines will be a lot.

No. 921989

Time for Lillee to learn how to use the subway.

No. 921990

If Laur was arrested, is there also a mugshot?

No. 921991

I’d pay to watch the bodycam footage if they put it on her website

No. 921993

I'm pretty sure the bodycam footage can be requested. Hopefully there's an anon willing to get it

No. 921996

File: 1698864311016.png (575.31 KB, 1080x1018, 20231101_202847.png)

>the only way they’re going to get evidence of current bullying is to manufacture it.
Correct. These were obviously posted by them >>921633
>>921761 Only the law enforcement gives a fuck about their address.

>Why would anyone make a kiwifarms account with their Reddit username?

Because they don't read Null's disclaimer or cyber security instructions. I remember Null having a meltdown about new users who signed up using their first name and last name like in LinkedIn. Kek

>Are we sure the KF account wasn’t created by Laur

No, but Laur isn't good at keeping her shit together for that long.

No. 921999

I always wonder how much Lillee knows. It's clear she reads here, so she figures it out eventually that way guaranteed, but before that I wonder. Like did she know that they were super behind on rent? Did she know about Laur driving on a suspended license because of not paying taxes? Is she worried at all about being evicted while living in her fantasy world?

No. 922000

File: 1698866199064.png (1.51 MB, 968x2454, Mental waterboarding.png)

She should also start learning life skills and applying for jobs instead of writing these insane "articles".
>Evil Canadians are bullying Americunt Lillee
>Stalker has Munchausen syndrome
>Mental waterboarding
>My mom's name is Laura don't call her Laur

No. 922004

She's definiely focused on the wrong things right now. She's grabbing screenshots left and right, but actively avoiding the main issue that their horrible financial history is catching up to them.

I think it might be like >>921956 said "It’s tinfoil but I think they’re trying to make a case that this lady she doxed & her cult of cyberbullies are the reason they can’t pay rent and why they shouldn’t be evicted."

It's honestly surprising how many second, third, fourth, etc. etc. chances her family has had at this point. They're currently squatting in their apartment (basically), who knows if they paid for Lillee's dental work, driving with everything suspended, thousands of dollars owed in taxes, proven history of being a con artist. I don't understand how they're just coasting this long.

No. 922005

She's moaning about tweets from over TWO YEARS ago? Yeah there were a lot of callouts tweeting 2 yrs ago, especially after she "came out" as pan but these tweets have literally nothing to do with Laur not paying her taxes.

No. 922008

File: 1698869985443.jpeg (107.87 KB, 828x236, IMG_0502.jpeg)

Her tax warrant was issued in March 2020 so she had 3.5 years to come up with 15k! A part time job at CVS would’ve cleared out this debt in a year and a half.

No. 922009

So at the 3 yr point they cancel your driver's license?

No. 922010

File: 1698870571387.jpeg (495 KB, 1170x1393, IMG_4718.jpeg)

>oh she will be arrested for sure
Lillee wrote this article about international (Canada) cyberbullies making up rumors about them owing money to the government and getting arrested two weeks before Laur got arrested.

No. 922011

I bet they were hoping the pandemic would clear it lol

No. 922012

File: 1698871323808.png (903.7 KB, 828x3957, plgct.png)

Not sure about the timeline but I suspect that she was given more time to fix this because of COVID. She could’ve even set up a payment plan where she’d pay $412.40 per month for 36 months.

Laur, please get a fucking job.

No. 922017

She’d qualify for a restricted license to drive Earl to dr appointments. But if the cars impounded, she can’t afford to get it back.

No. 922018

VTL 0318 12: (a) If the owner or operator of a motor vehicle in any manner involved in an accident occurring in this state resulting in death or bodily injuries to any person fails to produce satisfactory evidence as proof of financial security within forty-eight hours after the accident, the motor vehicle shall be subject to impoundment and any peace officer, acting pursuant to his special duties, or any police officer is authorized to impound and store such motor vehicle. If said motor vehicle is subject to impoundment and is not so impounded, the owner or his representative shall cause said motor vehicle to be stored in a public garage or storage place in this state as selected by the owner or representative and shall continue such storage for the period of time provided in this section. The aforementioned storage shall constitute "impoundment" within the meaning of this section. The cost of storage of any such impounded motor vehicle shall be borne by the owner. So long as the impoundment is in force no person shall remove the impounded vehicle or permit it to be removed from its place of impoundment except upon the order of the commissioner.
(b) Immediately upon impoundment, the owner or his representative shall:
1. Notify the bailee of the impounded motor vehicle of the fact that the same is stored as an impounded vehicle,
2. Notify the commissioner in writing of the street address and city or municipality where said motor vehicle is stored, and
3. If the owner is a resident of this state, return the registration certificate and registration plates with respect to such motor vehicle to the commissioner.
If the owner or his representative fails to store said motor vehicle as required by subdivision (a) and fails to return such registration certificate and registration plates, the commissioner is authorized to direct any peace officer acting pursuant to his special duties, or police officer to impound and store said motor vehicle at the expense of the owner and to take possession of the registration certificate and registration plates and return the same to the commissioner of motor vehicles.
(c) The impoundment shall continue until (1) there is a final disposition of the claim for death or bodily injury of the person, resulting from the accident in which said motor vehicle was involved, by payment of a judgment or settlement by the owner, or by a final judgment in his favor, or (2) one year has elapsed since the date of the accident and no filing has been made pursuant to section five thousand two hundred eight of the insurance law, or (3) a release of the motor vehicle upon order of the commissioner. The commissioner may order the release of said motor vehicle upon the depositing with the commissioner of taxation and finance of security or a bond in such form and amount as may be approved by the commissioner. If said motor vehicle is not released from impoundment after the lapse of one year, the commissioner may dispose of it by public sale and remit the proceeds from the sale to the commissioner of taxation and finance to be held pending the final disposition of the claim.
(d) If repairs to an impounded motor vehicle are desired by the owner, he, with the permission of the commissioner, may authorize the motor vehicle to be taken to such repair shop or garage as he may select for the purpose of having it repaired at the owner's expense. Upon completion of such repairs, the motor vehicle shall be impounded as provided in subdivision (a).
Where the commissioner is satisfied by such evidence as he deems sufficient, that any motor vehicle is so damaged that it cannot be restored to operable condition, he may, in his discretion, upon such conditions as he deems proper, consent to the release of said motor vehicle from impoundment.
(e) No owner of a motor vehicle subject to impoundment hereunder shall transfer title to said motor vehicle nor his interest therein unless he furnishes to the commissioner security, in an amount which the commissioner is satisfied is equivalent to the value of said vehicle or his interest therein.
(f) Nothing herein contained shall affect the rights or remedies of any person holding a prior valid lien on an impounded vehicle, including the right to take possession, existing at the effective date of this section or the right of the bailee to a lien for storage of the impounded vehicle; provided, that such person shall, after the sale of such vehicle for the satisfaction of any liens thereon, remit to the commissioner as deposits of security under this article on behalf of the former owner or purchaser of such vehicle any sums which such owner or purchaser would otherwise be entitled to receive.
(g) Any person who wilfully violates any of the provisions of this subdivision shall, in addition to any other penalty provided by law, be liable to the people of this state for a penalty in an amount not less than one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars for each violation.

No. 922019

She got into an accident and got busted for having a suspended license/no insurance. This means we could see a possible civil suit from whoever she hit.

No. 922020

With all of this going on, they're still spending all of their time doxxing people who tweeted about them almost 3 years ago? My god woman, what is so hard about GETTING A JOB?

No. 922034

Laur is delusional enough to believe Lillee is her gateway to money through her acting. She's thinking she can buy her engagement enough until it takes off by itself and becomes legitimate on its own. Sorry Laur, it doesn't work that way.

No. 922047

File: 1698925323283.jpeg (639.35 KB, 1170x1635, IMG_4725.jpeg)

the lady in Maine crossed state lines by putting Lillee’s info up on Neo Nazi websites? They’re reaching

No. 922053

So is Bullyish ever coming out or have they completely abandoned that?

No. 922056

Am confused as hell at what she's trying to claim . That she was stalked in person? Or that because she posted online she cross state lines that alerted neo nazis to post on both sites ? Its a word salad of accusations. Yes some of the stuff sad about her is vile. But the made up accusations makes any real claims look made up as well. Also do they not know you need proper evidence and the fact no-one has had a police visit shows that the police aren't taking them seriously or have looked and found it all tracks back to Laura.

No. 922058

Bullyish was supposed to feature LJ as the lead actress/character. "Actress" since it's fictional, she and laur invented all of it.
She won't get any pity point for dramas she started herself and lolcow has been documenting her lies really well since 2019, hence they can't provide proof of their narrative.

They said various times it was getting into festivals. LJ and Laur seemed convinced it would be their great pass to get LJ into the cinema industry in not time, yet they couldn't be bothered to provide a 3 minutes clean trailer of it.

Speaking of which, it wasn't even her idea: Cyberdouche came up with it, stuck with his team of scammy actors -who managed to get lots of money on crowdfunding- and removed her of the project.

She was kicked out mainly for the fees she didn't pay him (I don't remember how much but it was an insane amount kek) and because both LJ and Laur are way too unhinged and delusional, even for Cyberdouche to deal with.

No. 922062

>lolcow has been documenting her lies really well since 2019, hence they can't provide proof of their narrative.

That doesn't mean they won't try lol. She consistently spews shit out her ass even when the truth is directly in front of her. While I agree everything else stopped her from continuing (or even starting it), I don't think there's any truth that would stop her in her tracks from trying to refute it.

No. 922067

File: 1698949327408.jpeg (446.87 KB, 828x1384, IMG_0518.jpeg)

No. 922071

File: 1698954183328.png (1.95 MB, 1007x4075, Woman in Maine.png)

I think this is just their way to cope with the lawsuits and eviction. Or Laur is straight up gaslighting Lillee.

>Munchausen syndrome

That word doesn't mean what you think it means, goblins. Is the woman from Maine in the same room with you?
>doxxed the young girl's medical records
That is a public court document, Laur.

No. 922078

I bet Laur’s furious she can’t bitch about her arrest record being posted kek

No. 922092

That’s a screenshot of the attorney’s who are representing the parties and the case information not medical records. The NY state courts website is free to access and most court records are public record. Wasn’t one of Laur claims is that “worked” in a law firm? If it was true she would know this. She gets upset over the stupidest things.

No. 922093

I thought this lady sounded familiar. Laur doxed her a year ago after the holdover court documents were posted >>898358 Lillee left that part out of her op-ed

No. 922098

File: 1699012760369.jpeg (434.25 KB, 1170x1685, IMG_4736.jpeg)

No. 922099

>>922098 Jesus fucking Christ. I always wonder why I take such long breaks from the LJ threads, until I come back and physically lose braincells trying to read the blocks of retarded crayola scribblings that she puts out. Cautioning story? Never let go of her torture? The commas? What the fuck does it all mean? 'script writer' indeed.

No. 922100

Lillee thinks this person is an economist because their randomly generated Reddit username had economist in it

No. 922122

File: 1699037637980.png (2.83 MB, 828x4179, plgct.png)

Some ig stories from today

No. 922123

They aren't helping themselves here. The person they're so upset about just tweeted publicly available info, while they are actually doxxing.

No. 922124

Wondering how she got to drama class/the cafe without their car. They don't seem to have any money to buy Ubers, but maybe they're somehow still maxing out credit cards.

No. 922125

Wasn’t Laur banned from Uber back in 2019?

No. 922126

She could use Lyft but it’s at least $80USD there and $95USD back. The subway is cheaper and could potentially be faster.

No. 922131

>drama class
If she doesn’t want people to think she stopped maturing in middle school, maybe call it an acting class/workshop

No. 922133

they're in NYC, I would assume she's taking the train.

No. 922134

>She gets upset over the stupidest things
She is a scammer. Of course she gets upset when she gets exposed. She doesn't want anyone to find out that her successful model/actress daughter can't pay her bills. She believes that public court records are violating her 4th amendment rights. The Law Reddit roasted her for that one.

>while they are actually doxxing
Did they even manage to dox the right person this time?

No. 922135

I figured they would be too out-of-shape and whine about walking to one, but it seems there's one only ~10-12min walking distance away, which seems feasible even for the attic dwellers.

No. 922136

Walking 10 minutes is a nightmare for both of them. Lillee doesn’t have clothes or shoes that fit and Laur is probably too scared that some homeless guy may roll her daughter onto the tracks.

No. 922161

File: 1699101159575.jpg (36.68 KB, 525x458, deepdelusion.jpg)


>literal wichtcraft

>DM trying to "tell" my future/change my future
>sour jar, dolls
>coven spells
>tarot readings in youtube videos

No. 922162

File: 1699102432312.jpeg (274.54 KB, 1170x950, IMG_4743.jpeg)

Laur leaving comments on Primink’s video yesterday

No. 922164

File: 1699103566978.jpeg (334.92 KB, 1170x1659, IMG_4744.jpeg)

they made a new twitter account in September

No. 922170

File: 1699107662792.jpeg (105.07 KB, 845x880, IMG_0540.jpeg)

A little late but Happy Halloween everyone(fanart)

No. 922171

I don't even understand what laur is trying to say??

laur please stop

No. 922189

FWIW that KiwiFarms profile is not mine - someone took my reddit name and opened that. I've never been on Kiwi in my life, lol - in fact I tried to log in today and failed. :)

No. 922191

>someone took my reddit name and opened that
I think we all know who did it.

Why did you contact Lillee? And how does it feel to live rent-free in their heads?

No. 922193

It was just a conversation on Twitter a long time ago, I didn't actually email her or anything. I offered money and help if she needed it. The conversation went really psycho and I realized I wasn't talking to Lillee, it was Laur of course.

No. 922195

Post screenshots of the psycho conversations

No. 922196

Why would you ever expect to talk to Lillee? We have known for the longest time that Laur runs and monitors everything for her. Laur can’t distinguish lc from the other farms, now that she knows you’re here even if you’re obviously not a farmer she’s going to ramp up the psycho shit.

No. 922197

"no Youtube"? What? Just because she doesn't post on it hardly anymore doesn't mean she doesn't have one.

No. 922199

did they accidentally confirm it’s demonetized from copyright complaints & buying subs

No. 922222

I’ll never understand why they don’t blame it all on Creepshow Art instead of trying to explain 3 generations of callout accounts to not chronically online people, assuming that’s who these articles are for. I’ve been following them since the beginning and still get confused about who they’re bitching about because their stories/targets constantly change.

No. 922256


I'm pretty sure they tried to glom onto that whole situation when it was happening, and quickly realized that no one cared about Lillee when there were more compelling CSA victims in Emily Artful and D'Angelo Wallace. You know that being upstaged and outclassed by competent women and "ethnics" gives Lillee hives.

No. 922391

File: 1699381047399.jpeg (297.27 KB, 828x1400, IMG_0609.jpeg)

Laur supports genocide (from her ig stories)

No. 922392

File: 1699381177075.jpeg (770.21 KB, 828x1277, IMG_0608.jpeg)

And Lillee is still wearing Invisalign

No. 922393

File: 1699383646796.jpeg (14.52 KB, 264x200, BE50A8A9-9589-449E-A18F-077504…)

Uhh what’s going on with her chin??

No. 922438

File: 1699456232441.jpeg (494.35 KB, 828x1406, IMG_0622.jpeg)

Laur is still supporting genocide (from her ig stories)

No. 922457

File: 1699481576318.jpeg (414.47 KB, 828x1400, IMG_0632.jpeg)

More of Laur’s stories

No. 922461

File: 1699485052495.png (1.01 MB, 1718x986, Person in Hamilton Ontario.png)

Lady in Maine has a partner in crime, "Person in Hamilton Ontario". This one is just dumb.

I want to know what happened after the Reddit team reverse hacked a goatse inductor onto Lillee's wireless card. Kek.

No. 922465

how is this milk? Please keep your garbo political opinions on Reddit libtard

No. 922475

Lmao they're terminally online and they still don't recognise copypastas or memes.

No. 922483

It says “radicalized Kiwifarm site” but it’s all Twitter screenshots. The note in the screenshot is a threat to keffals from 4chan right after the swatting. It’s not related to Lillee at all.

No. 922561

File: 1699587229671.jpeg (874.75 KB, 1170x2097, IMG_4818.jpeg)

She keep updating her blog with more insane theories…

No. 922573

File: 1699618264890.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1837, Leading-Economist-12 kiwifarm…)

I'm glad they updated Leading-Economist-12's profile picture. A witch is more suitable for the Evil Cyberbully cult leader than "Your vibe attracts your tribe" motivational garbage.

Here is their only non Lillee related post on Kiwifarms. Does the typing style remind you of anyone? Wouldn't it be wild if the goblins had an account on the ebil neo-nazi school shooter site?

No. 922586

The witch icon person am pretty sure admitted they were young. So not old woman like laur claims. Plus it's clear the twitter and the kiwifarms account are two completely different people by the way they write. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. If the police actually did look into it am pretty sure they could track a shit tonne of the hate back laur easily. Plus am sure one of the hate accounts is lillees buddy elaine.

No. 922604

Not enough attic pidgin and too coherent. Laur and Lillee don’t give a shit about pets. They let one cat starve for days before putting it down and quietly got rid of the other two.

No. 922682

Laur going back over 2 yrs to find callout tweets to whine about…she can’t handle no one giving her attention anymore

No. 922686

File: 1699820614494.png (251.32 KB, 640x784, Lilith Luna.png)

This time she didn't censor Lilith Luna's email address. Why isn't her name listed as one of the aliases of The Lady in Maine? This altar thing is creepy though.

No. 922692

Its not just creepy it's plain pathetic. I get people don't like them but some people don't get that they aren't trolling lillee and laur they are actually harassing them but some people are too stupid to realise this.

No. 922694

Lilith Luna isn't in Maine OR Hamilton but then Laur wouldn't understand how VPNs work.

No. 922701

File: 1699838550345.jpeg (324.7 KB, 828x971, IMG_0733.jpeg)

It's finally over! SAG-AFTRA's strike has been resolved after a long, difficult negotiation process! There is such a sense of relief and excitement for everyone in the entertainment industry.

The news last night got me pumped. My concerns about artificial intelligence usage, and fair pay, were justifiable. The many sets where people were unfairly paid, and in the case of WandaVision where some actors were duplicated through A.I., it really makes you ponder "What if that was me?"

When I saw that the current president, Fran Drescher, got all the details cleverly worked out, I thought of one phrase "woman power" and celebrated with my fellow actors and actresses! It reminds me of the significant contributions of women, but also highlights the ongoing movement towards gender equality and empowerment in the entertainment industry. As the industry continues to work toward creating a more inclusive, equitable environment, we're celebrating and acknowledging this strike being settled, too. Any progress adds to the full picture, and that is what counts!

Here is to my fellow actors and actresses having fair pay, AI protection advances, and more!

No. 922768

>where some actors were duplicated through A.I., it really makes you ponder "What if that was me?"
Lillee you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

No. 922776

I saw them mention someone from New Zealand earlier. According to the goblins that person came up with the term "Franzia freakout".

I love how the headline is old-school sexist
>Sag-Aftra Strike Resolved: By a Woman!

No. 922788

File: 1700006296395.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1994, IMG_4896.jpeg)

our girl’s going to auditions. 23 years old and has middle school cheerleading and high school drama on her cv

No. 922800

Wtf nonies that altar image is obviously made up by them lmao

No. 922810

This is going to go one of two ways she learns from the rejection or maybe gets something or laur has a major freak out calling every this and that after lillee gets rejected.

No. 922812

My thoughts exactly.
It's really obvious they are fabricating "evidences" of a bullying that never took places.

No. 922814

If true, I'd like they take her actually.
That will show her something different from life with Laur.

No. 922820

File: 1700064841078.jpeg (773.13 KB, 828x1387, IMG_0773.jpeg)

Is she pretending to be on set?

No. 922822

File: 1700065220685.jpeg (809.83 KB, 1170x1626, IMG_4902.jpeg)

>sings operatic soprano
>speaks conversational French
>has a strong understanding of ballet, jazz and modern dance from 2 middle school plays
>heavily facetuned headshot

If she’s actually going to auditions and claiming the above things, she’s going to get laughed at (best case scenario) or get bitched at for wasting people’s time. Can you imagine if a casting director asks her to speak French? Asks to see a plié? Or asks to hear a soprano arias? It’s the same shit she was doing as an influencer. It’s going to end the exact same way.

No. 922826

the term operatic will tell on her. it's called being classical trained, no one calls it opera or operatic singing unless they have no idea what they're talking about.

No. 922831

You mean I might be able to see Lillie Jean on my silver screen one day? You think if I go a CVS in flushing I might run into LJ herself and get an autograph?

No. 922832

File: 1700085648675.jpeg (96.76 KB, 479x320, IMG_0787.jpeg)

Laur has court on Monday. Does anyone in NYC area wanna livestream it kek

No. 922833

I would pay money to hear Lillee Jean attempting to sing opera

No. 922834

Do you have to be in NYC - won't it be zoom?

No. 922857

File: 1700102376284.jpeg (723.94 KB, 1170x1955, IMG_4916.jpeg)

They added her resume to the website and she plays the drums now? How are they complaining about people doxxing them when their phone number is on her public website?

No. 922867

Of course they had no problem with witches or the occult when that psycho Chelsea Hoffman was defending them. This was probably sent by her when Laur was trying to dox her and get her fired kek

No. 922868

She's not the first to lie on her resume. Any casting director will smell her bs from a mile away, not to mention recognize her pitiful space filler "experiences" from a middle school and self produced "work".

She's auditioning in NY. Think of all the people who come to NY to study acting and performance. Many of them have actual talent and have honed it over years and years since childhood. LJ and Laur think LJ can skip all that and get to the front of the line based entirely on looks and personality. They are in store for a rude awakening.

They mention she's auditioning for lead roles in mega productions. At best she might be hired for a very brief radio commercial where she reads a line. But that's only if Laur doesn't get in the way and insist and sitting in the recording booth encouraging her adult daughter. Also, these roles go to actors with a lot of experience and an agent.

No. 922870

What happen if Laur doesn't go?
Just like every single time, keks.

>Lillee is training in stage combat this winter
Stage combat LJ, seriously..?

No. 922871

It’s just an arraignment but if she doesn’t show up, they’ll issue a warrant for her arrest and add more criminal charges. Usually At arraignments, they’ll present the charges to the judge and he’ll either dismiss them or set a court date.

No. 922878

>They are in store for a rude awakening.
I doubt it, they'll blame it on anyone but themselves.

Also, I doubt this audition is even real. If so, the pictures would already be on her insta.
Either LJ is lying about it, either they'll go to a pay-to-play/audition scam. We know them.

No. 922897

File: 1700166434761.jpeg (764.18 KB, 1170x2029, IMG_4921.jpeg)

Lillee really wants us to know they emailed a detective 3 years ago kek

No. 922901

File: 1700169196897.png (1.1 MB, 951x1511, 20231116_230957.png)

Can you really call it doxxing if you post your own address everywhere?

No. 922909

These are from 3 - 4 years ago. Why is she even bothering with this unless she just misses the attention.

No. 922911

>In the Reddit from yesterday, one day ago
kek thanks for defining yesterday

No. 922947

File: 1700223867714.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x1970, IMG_4933.jpeg)

More photos from this “shoot” in October >>921211 she looks like a retard with her sweater on backwards

No. 922949

File: 1700223959783.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x1870, IMG_4932.jpeg)

No. 922950

File: 1700225413342.jpeg (817.15 KB, 828x1237, IMG_0803.jpeg)

No. 922952

File: 1700225643531.jpeg (751.96 KB, 828x1226, IMG_0804.jpeg)

No. 922953

New York State is super strict about driving without insurance. I had a lapse in insurance for less than 2 weeks and had to pay a civil penalty around $200 or have my license suspended. If you lose your insurance for any reason, they alert the state and send you stuff telling you to turn over your license and plates or pay a fine. There’s no way she didn’t know her stuff was suspended. Once your license is suspended, it’s a $750 fee to get it reinstated. Someone said these are just traffic tickets but New York considers them criminal charges. You can get up to 15 days in jail but usually it’s suspended and people can do community service instead. Laur really needs a lawyer, this is pretty serious stuff.

No. 922954

Really highlights her back tits(retarded nitpicking)

No. 922958

They’re as shapely as her front tits(retarded nitpicking)

No. 923041

File: 1700326403688.jpeg (303.7 KB, 1170x1422, IMG_4952.jpeg)

Laur has a new youtube account. The person she’s responding to claims Laur is using family name from OPs youtube channel and harassing her.

No. 923042

File: 1700326433744.jpeg (223.62 KB, 1170x997, IMG_4951.jpeg)

No. 923072

Doesn't she have anything better to do? What a way to spend the weekend. She has her big court day on Monday.

No. 923075

What’s the real timeline and Lillee timeline of the reddit accounts she’s expertly connected to the nazi cyber bully cult? r/RealLilleeJean was banned for excessive copyright removals like a week ago. No question who’s behind that, I haven’t checked it in a long time but it was never very big yet it’s surprising it took this long.

No. 923122

File: 1700425326482.mp4 (8.11 MB, 960x540, Subliminal email sign-ups .mp4)

Laur is advertising Bullyish but doesn't provide any new material. Reposting old videos I see. I love the "Subliminal email signups happen every day". What does she mean by that? Her own habit of creating "intimidating" sock accounts with someone's family name?
Good luck with your court case tomorrow, Laur!

No. 923135

File: 1700454541354.jpeg (663.27 KB, 1170x1811, IMG_4973.jpeg)

Laur has court tomorrow and spent her day arguing with random people in the comment section of SunnyV’s year old video

No. 923136

File: 1700455001383.jpeg (411.44 KB, 1170x1435, IMG_4980.jpeg)

>she stuck your comment on cow

Still checking their threads and Laur trying to pass as a farmer kek

No. 923137

This you-tuber was mentioned 6 years ago in the Joy Sparkles thread, Laur found it and is responding to every comment with information she got from the thread. Guess it’s ok for them to use black websites

No. 923147

I really hope they have some non-insane extended family somewhere to take care of Lillee when Laur inevitably ends up imprisoned. She could be living independently with a few life skills classes and someone to check in on her now and then. Without support she'll be pimped out by some scrote within a week. She's already primed to see that as a normal, loving relationship thanks to Laur. It just makes me so sad and angry to think about.

No. 923156

File: 1700500049259.png (473.23 KB, 503x1876, plgct.png)

Laur pleaded not guilty

No. 923158

Laur has been escalating her crazy since she got arrested. It’s only a matter of time before she gets her friend Elaine to swat people for them. Laur refuses to take any accountability for her bad life choices and she’s facing repercussions for things that have nothing to do with cyberbullying. Cyberbullies didn’t evade taxes. Cyberbullies didn’t stop paying rent and squat in someone else’s million dollar home for years. Cyberbullies didn’t get into an accident with no insurance or license. I’m worried about how insane she’s going to get when she can’t escape consequences anymore.

No. 923175

She’s got a court appointed lawyer too. How long until she starts filing copyright claims in the attorney’s name?

No. 923182

Kekkk they're paranoid of their spam email inbox and replying back to the emails.

No. 923194

Not guilty. Surely they will be able to easily prove that she hasn't returned her licence etc? So it's a stupid move or does laur think that she will be able to say the bullies made her do it?

No. 923197

She could get out of it because they moved recently. If she can prove she didn’t know her license/insurance lapsed, gets it reinstated and pays her fines before the December court date, the judge might dismiss the charges.

No. 923202

damn Laur is a farmer at this point isn't she? She has become what she hates

No. 923209

I thought they hadn't moved hence why they are being sued by the landlord and that their squatting.

No. 923211

They didn’t move anywhere. They’re still squatting at the old address until their January court date.

No. 923214

File: 1700583154554.jpeg (1016.01 KB, 828x1433, IMG_0846.jpeg)

English is still hard

No. 923217

File: 1700586312837.png (5.62 MB, 1280x11520, ea80ef_eaf90f31b0ff44878887a98…)

>A series of new Autumn/Winter acting headshots capture Lillee Jean's brilliant blue/green eyes and golden red hair. The actress wears glasses, a chunky sweater, and her hair up and to the side in several shots to demonstrate the different types she can portray in film. She has also been preparing for her latest short film, Agent 418.

No. 923219

Are they trying to edit the Invisalign anchors out? Her teeth are blurry in every picture kek

No. 923229

Has she ever seen a headshot? Kissy lips and psychotic open mouthed "smile" which shows the entirety of the top and bottom row of teeth, what an incredible range.

No. 923230

Anon, she can also wear blue AND red sweaters

No. 923242

She genuinely doesn't know how to smile at all, it's so weird. She literally got work done to her teeth, and I know her mouth is wide, but she can easily stop smiling so hard and close her mouth and (maybe) look semi-normal? I know she's full of herself, but dear god, the second to the bottom one is truly horrendous, I actually cannot figure out why she thinks it looks good.

No. 923244

Honestly, I don't think she's actually going to auditions. It strikes me as a complete ruse among everything else. I'm convinced Lillie and Laur are fully committing to faking every aspect of their lives. I couldn't tell you why, but considering she's faked 99% of her entire internet life, why stop here?

No. 923246

If they have the money to buy fake followers and likes, they should use some of that money to get professional headshots done. Go to a real photographer who can at least guide her in her poses and frame her in a less unflattering way. Laur is overconfident in her photography skills.

No. 923250

Even in our world where we have chatGPT and goblintools, these retards can't to form a coherent thought. Christ.

No. 923256

>she stuck your comment on cow
laur has been obsessing over this thread for years now, how is it that she can’t get any of the lingo or terminology right? kek

No. 923266

>>923244 agreed. First thought when I saw the photo of someone's goblin thumb clutching the headshot was oh they printed this in the same batch as the altar selfies

No. 923270

File: 1700660951289.webm (4.71 MB, 770x758, RPReplay_Final1700660590.webm)

Idk if there’s a longer singing reel but enjoy this one, nonnies

No. 923274

Do you think Laur spammed ALL NYC agencies? Just like they did with brands when LJ was a "beauty Guru".

Laur has been yelling at strangers on the net 24/7 during years, she should use her "skills" to contact agencies and get LJ real auditions.

No. 923275

Fuck that was excruciating.

No. 923278

Out of all the things she think she can do, this type of singing is the most mindblowing to me. It's so bad, it hurts to listen. It sounds like somebody is torturing a minnie mouse.

No. 923279

I think Lillee has reached the point of no return (she probably reached it a while ago). She's beyond hope. I know she kind of always has been, but there may have been some inkling of hope that if she escaped Laur, she could break out, come clean about everything, and start living independently and normally. Well, as normal as she could.
Her entire reputation is tarnished if you google her name. She's gone so many years without 1 single friend, which has to do an insane number on someone's mental health. She's never been in a relationship or probably even spoke to anyone in a romantic manner (Has anyone heard of Pheepy lately?). She's in her 20s and doesn't have one single life skill, except the persistence of trying to keep up with lies. There's emotionally, mentally, and physically stunted development, and then there's Lillee. She's basically all 3 of these but multiplied by 1000. I guess I'm just still astonished that I've seen cases and people like this before, but never to the degree of Lillee. She's actually the worst case I've seen for delusion, stunted development, codependency, etc.

No. 923283

Gypsy Rose was 23 when she finally cracked under the psycho mother… Lillee's 23 in Feb, right?

No. 923285

True, but from what we know, Gypsy was questioning her mom to some degree, and for a while it seemed. Lillee and Laur basically share the same body at this point. They cannot live without each other, and Lillee is 100% attached to Laur. I don't think Lillee has even an iota of thought of Laur not being healthy for her.
Also, I think her birthday is April iirc

No. 923287

When she started attending acting classes, I was hoping she’d make some friends and someone would mention how strange it is she’s 22 and still goes everywhere with her mom. But it looks like they’re approaching acting exactly like they did her influencing career. Lillee hasn’t grown at all. We’re about to watch another cycle of them being run out of a community for lying & scamming.

No. 923290

That is, if she's even attending them. But I guess it doesn't matter, she wouldn't be able to make friends anyway even if she was attending. She's been a shut-in for 5+ years, with the only communication being her mom and bot follower interactions. There's no way she can hold normal conversation with anybody at this point. Idk if anyone remembers that video of her in the small blue dress at that makeup store (it's been so long I can't recall many details), but she was acting like a total weirdo through the entire visit, and that was years ago. I can't even imagine now. She might be on the level where she hisses at people.

No. 923291

That's why Lillee doesn't have private access to any of her social media accounts or even email.

No. 923293

see, you cannot convince me that these two are not clinically retarded. it takes some minor basic level of intelligence to master new vocabulary from context, and the fact that laur has been stalking these threads for years and still can't believably throw around board lingo for shit speaks volumes.

No. 923294

Weren't they both on disability? Maybe they have a mental disability lmao

No. 923296

I think Laur told supermodel Patricia Hartmann that Lillee had some form of disability.

I think Lillee may qualify for assistance because she’s 4’9”.

No. 923316

sage for noncon, but she is really forcing the soprano vocals. lillee is desperately trying to go for a disney princess but it sounds squeaky and just.. sad. you can find basic warmups for your voice on youtube, and if you don't warm up you're gonna strain your voice.

No. 923318

File: 1700705260052.jpg (143.71 KB, 1384x368, ZjntDDh.jpg)

No. 923330

LOL I forgot about Patricia. I wonder if she even follows Lillee anymore. She decided to dig her grave with her, but I wonder if she finally figured out Lillee is going absolutely nowhere and figured she should cut ties. She probably also realized that her involvement with Lillee and her drama didn't bring her any extra sales to her basic ass lipstick brand.

No. 923331

File: 1700717919519.jpg (313.79 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_1134.jpg)

Does anyone else receive this error when attempting to access her website? I wanted to check out the LJ Talks Live since she's advertising it again on her story, but was hit with this.

No. 923332

They log IPs that visits their sites with the sophisticated reverse goatse hacking tactic of wtfismyip and block them every time in my tests. I don’t know how Laur differentiates someone viewing the site to hate from someone curious or genuinely interested in Lillee. They probably just look at the locations and try to connect it to a cyberbully. Sorry nonna if that’s your real IP Laur’s going to start mentioning or posting pictures of your local area.

No. 923334

Haha, I'm on a VPN and attempted to connect from multiple locations and all of them gave me the same error. Guess they're on ultra-high alert.

No. 923338

I got the same access denied and I’ve never visited the site before. They’re blocking anyone using a VPN kek

No. 923344

kek i got the same message but ive never visited her site before and not using a vpn. has she just blocked it off for everyone all together now

No. 923349


You can't convince me she isn't self aware that the only people visiting her website are farmers, boolies, or the occasional accidental visit. She's full of delusion, but even she knows anyone that would actually go to her website are not her fans. She's way more interested in showing that she has a website than she is having people actually go to it. It's just a title thing for her, I'm sure.

No. 923351

they get less than 10 visits a day. It’s probably easier to block everyone to figure out how things are getting posted here. Laur still hasn’t figured out there’s sites that allow anonymous Instagram story viewing and they think it’s all coming from their website

No. 923355

No. 923364

I’m a Canadian anon and I’m pretty sure she blocked the entire country of Canada from viewing her website

No. 923365

fucking kek you might be right im >>923344 and in canada

No. 923397

This is evidence the audition isn't real and she just play-pretend and doesn't atually want to be an actress, like said >>922878 >>923244
Because, why blocking an ENTIRE country if she wanted to be noticed by producers. Laur doesn't want LJ to leave the house and LJ doesn't want to face harsh rejections from auditions, she doesn't want anything else than the lead role and act like a diva and live in her delusional fake world.

BTW she didn't block my country kek.

No. 923398

Considering such a large portion of American tv shows are filmed in Canada, blocking the entire country of Canada seems like bad optics for a future actress. Really proves that Laur doesn’t know shit about the entertainment business

No. 923422

This is a spoonfeed request so feel free to ignore me I know how annoying that is, I haven't looked into the LJ lore I just started casually checking these threads every month or so starting from earlier this year. But does anyone have the video or a link to video shown in the image at 37 seconds in? The one of her standing in front of a bunch of dolls in red PJ pants? I checked twitter and didn't see it and I'm so curious what it is and if that's her complete doll collection.

No. 923436

File: 1700893870960.jpeg (208.49 KB, 827x1427, 1616295979600.jpeg)

I'd recommend reading the threads from the beginning (or from #10) because the dolls were a big feature of Lillee's life for years. That red PJs pic is from the original attic gremlin era ~3-4 years ago. Those are not all her dolls, she had hundreds of them all in bad condition because she played with them up until her 20s. Picrel is from thread #17, a small amount of her dolls and playsets set up in Laurs room.

No. 923437

File: 1700894056151.jpg (268.97 KB, 2880x2880, 1609791715610.jpg)

samefag doll sperg 2/3

from thread #15, she took her dolls with her whenever she travelled.

No. 923438

File: 1700894136840.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1532, 1590171003420.jpeg)


She hoarded toys and I don't think there's one picture that contains her entire collection. from thread #10

No. 923443

Good god I forgot about this unhinged ass picture. Lillee literally looks like she's foaming at the mouth at a doll being more attractive than her. She looks like she's trying to nuke it with her brain.

No. 923444

I thought they never showed the full collection because Laur told Lillee someone would break in the house and steal them kek

No. 923445

File: 1700919618747.jpg (346.84 KB, 1023x1252, dollzz.jpg)

I doubt she sold her doll's collection.
Lj is not talking about dolls anymore because she realized how stunted it makes her look.

She also has an unwearable shoes collection: really high heels and too narrow for her feets.

No. 923446

To be honest, I don't think Lillee cares if something makes her look stunted. I think it's what >>923444 brought up where she's filled with paranoia that people are going to break in and try to steal her dolls lmao

No. 923447

thinking lillee realized anything she does makes her look stunted or crazy is giving her too much credit. she's more focused on me me me now.

No. 923448

even if she hadn’t blocked all of canada, lillee will never become famous like that. i often wonder what kinds of jobs laur thinks lillee could get as an actor. she’s a borderline dwarf, talks like a retard, and looks like one, too. i guess in her mind the fact that lillee has fair milky skin, buck eyes and long hair makes her princess material lol.

No. 923450

You know what I miss nonnas? I miss Pheepy. She was so funny when her and Laur were just straight up pretending she had a rich and hot French boyfriend. They clearly caught on to the fact that people figured they were lying about it and dropped it but dammit I wish they never had lol

No. 923451

Anyone here got a recording of her singing reel

No. 923458

Yeah that was such a crazy arc from her exposing that he was a pedophile to just never talking about him again.

No. 923459

Pretty sure Pheepy ghosted Lillee because he was Laur all along, trying to keep Lillee at home and away from people outside of their family. All the cards were written by Laur and anons found an old IG sock named PrincePhillipe. If Lillee has been in on it, she would have made a huge deal about him leaving her because of bullies or they would have killed him off with cancer or covid.

No. 923462

Nah I think Lillee was always in on it. It was Laur's idea but Lillee went along with it because she thought it made her seem more adult

No. 923464

File: 1700953211939.mp4 (1 MB, 1080x1920, Gaston monologue .mp4)

Here is her monologue from Beauty and the Beast. Is this someone's home studio? You can see backdrops in the corner and a stand. Plus the microphone.

No. 923467

Thanks for letting me know where to look, I had no idea her lore was so strange kek

No. 923469

File: 1700953797600.png (1.15 MB, 1891x1019, Absolute gibberish .png)

Finally some new (blurry) screenshots from Bullyish. I don't have a clue what Lillee is trying to imply with these.

No. 923471

File: 1700954071161.jpeg (186.58 KB, 1080x1920, Did you get picked .jpeg)

Laur shares this post on her insta stories every day. He tags the guy on Facebook often. I don't think he is going to sponsor your movie, Laur.

No. 923486

I think they realized saying parental approval makes a relationship between an adult and minor okay wasn't doing them any favors so they completely dropped it. No coming back after that.

No. 923487

What was even funnier was she didn't just say that, she also said it's not illegal if no one reports it. Yeah, okay Lillee, if I go stab someone in the middle of the woods with no one around, it's not illegal because no one is there to report it.

No. 923490


Oh yeah, she 100% was in on it. She did everything she could to seem cooler than she was/is. But because she's so sheltered, her only idea to be cooler was to have an older boyfriend since it's such a cliche trope in the teen movies she probably watches. Even if she doesn't watch those because she's only watching Disney, it's still a very well known trope. But it didn't stop there. He had to be more than just an older boyfriend, he had to dote on her hand and foot. He had to be rich. He had to be not only French but a French Diplomat. He was literally her fairytale that she was acting out, it was the saddest shit lmao

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 923498

File: 1700997958957.jpg (35.17 KB, 351x506, goblin studio.jpg)

Oh fuck this is awkward.

I hope she sent those to every agencies in NYC with the mention she not only can act but "opera" sing too.

No. 923510

Yeah all of that was exactly why I found it so funny. Just the most delulu and unbelievable thing possible.

>exposing he was a pedophile
I think I completely missed this part. Anyone know what thread this was in?

No. 923512


Most of the videos have been scrubbed from the internet but the Pheepy arc starts here >>769880 Lillee said they met when she was 9 and he was 18 and they started dating when she was 15 (and a half) and he was 24 with Laur’s permission.

No. 923513

I think it starts around here >>769775

No. 923519

File: 1701022605262.jpeg (165.47 KB, 495x533, IMG_0928.jpeg)

She looks so much like Laur here

No. 923521

File: 1701032062327.mp4 (7.97 MB, 960x540, SoLilloQui_Musical_Gaston_Mono…)

Here's a whole minute of that.
"Lillee Jean sings and acts out Belles Repirse in So Lillo Qui's newest episode "Musical Gaston" inspired by Beauty & The Beast! In an empowering musical monologue, she commands that she will not be Gaston's "little wife." She then goes on to say that she has her own dreams and ambitions, and, that Gaston should not stand in the way of her success."

What's the point of all the pics with her biting her cheeks and pouting her lips if she looks like this when she talks.

No. 923522

File: 1701032623290.jpeg (52.37 KB, 640x1136, LJ talks.jpeg)

The videos were taken down after the channel was linked here.
You can watch them here if you want.

No. 923523

Bold move to audition for something you can't even hit the notes for.

No. 923524

Geez laur really did a number on her by letting her teeth and jaw deteriorate before she finally decided to step in and get lillee braces. It’s harsh but lillee doesn’t have a face for the screen or the stage anymore. Her jaw is swollen, almost grotesquely so, she doesn’t look young or feminine anymore. Laur really robbed her of her of any slight opportunity she may of had to succeed in the entertainment world.

No. 923525

File: 1701041030535.jpg (Spoiler Image,252.21 KB, 1137x1017, Screenshot_20231126-182134.jpg)

I find it so funny that she's trying to get famous but then moves, deletes, or blocks anything to do with her. She's clearly trying to find an avenue that only "her fans" can access, but that's not how it works Lillee. Either get off the internet or you have to deal with anyone having access to your shit.

Also, she's absolutely terrifying in the main screenshot when you click the link, jfc

No. 923548

File: 1701091214979.jpeg (182.5 KB, 767x410, IMG_5059.jpeg)

I can’t figure out why they removed all the videos from the original playlist and added them to another account? Lillee has 5 Vimeo followers and they’re all Lillee kek

No. 923551

my favorite part of this musical monologue is how Belle switched from an American accent in the opening to a British accent in the close.

No. 923553

Why would she upload this?? Did she really watch the video back and think "nailed it"???? Does she really think that some Hollywood producer out there is going to watch this and think that this is a good performance? Out of all the cows in lolcow history, Lillee might be the least talented out of them all.

No. 923554

File: 1701100498189.png (3.44 KB, 102x37, Musicial.png)

I just noticed she put "Musicial" instead of "Musical" lmfao gr8 job

No. 923556

I have a feeling it has something to do with copyright probably, or what they feel relates to copyright, since their knowledge of that field is basically nonexistent from what we've seen.

I wonder what the guests think after they collabed with her. Are they embarrassed? Did they think they would get at least a little bit of her fake 1mil followers? Have they not thought of it ever again after filming? Lol I'm so curious

No. 923557

File: 1701101212558.jpg (11.26 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

>>923521 all I can see is human Shrek

No. 923558

At the end she claims she wrote it: "writer Lillee Jean", when she just copied the lyrics.
DMCA much, Lillee?

Here are the lyrics:
>I want much more than this provincial life. I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell. And for once it might be grand. To have someone understand. I want so much more than they've got planned…

Lillee you live as a recluse in a squalid attic and haven't been out for years, can't you see the irony?

No. 923560

I don't know much about classical singing but even I'm pained by how obviously she's forcing the super high voice. I wish she'd sing in her natural range but I'm guessing the only roles she's interested in are like soprano pollyanna type roles

No. 923565

File: 1701110043120.jpeg (186.17 KB, 1170x2027, IMG_5062.jpeg)

*Had to delete & repost because I didn’t catch the daughter’s name in the screenshots. Jfc Laur you’re seriously doxing this chicks kid now?

Laur’s having a normal one, claiming Maine stalker used her kid’s account to avoid getting caught

No. 923566

File: 1701110207276.jpeg (169.78 KB, 1170x1665, IMG_5061.jpeg)

No. 923567


Laur just got caught using a relative’s name for a YouTube sock last week >>923042 I bet the account was created by Laur to intimidate her maine stalker

No. 923569

Come on, nonna, don't you know? She's musicial, like the way her law expert mother is judicial. And she's very speicial.

No. 923570

Laur seems to have this really weird obsession with age and age differences. For Pheepy, it was cool for him and her minor at the time daughter to have a wide age difference. But when it comes to critics or perceived critics, she has to emphasize how much older they are compared to Lillee. Now if she was 12, maybe I can see why she might want to highlight that. But Lillee is 22. The irony is that how old is Laur - like 60 or something? - and she's still trying to live out her delusions about fame and riches.

No. 923571

So here's the thing about that animation she put a screenshot of. If you watch the whole thing, it uses Lillee's real voice from the video where she tells people to get covid and die. So this little cute witch or something says, "Fakery," and waves her wand and Lillee gets her comeuppance as she should. The Truemans can't see that by putting this and other clips harmlessly criticizing Lillee as "relentless cyberbullying" only makes them look ridiculous and exposes their horribleness, e.g. telling people to get covid and die. The thing with people who think they are smarter than everyone else is that they aren't smart enough to realize that they're not, and think they can manipulate every situation. Problem for them is that most people aren't as dumb as they are and they can't be fooled. So the Truemans can whine all they want and put out as many videos as they want but it only makes them look unhinged.

No. 923577

This one? I was wondering why not show the whole screen or even the account name if this is their legit proof of LJ being cyberbullied

No. 923581

Laur can't see that by bringing up a wide age gap, whether it is true or not, would prompt the question, so how old is Lillee then? When people realize she's almost 23, the first thought would be, why the hell is a 23 year old letting her mommy fight her battles for her? Instead, Laur mistakenly thinks that people would go, awwww, she's only 23, she's just a harmless helpless baby! No one not deranged would think that Laur.

No. 923587


According to Laur’s screenshots, twinkletoes shared this video on tiktok>>923577 Twinkletoes was followed by an account called bubbletea4eva4 who had a follower with same last name as the person in Maine and that makes them related. The “daughter” doesn’t even follow the person who originally shared the video.

No. 923588

Isn't Laur like 20 years younger than her husband

No. 923602

File: 1701174513621.jpeg (219.84 KB, 1170x650, IMG_5070.jpeg)

Laur’s court date for her criminal charges is Monday 12/4. She’ll be unhinged all week.

No. 923605

File: 1701182647076.jpeg (784.76 KB, 1170x2198, IMG_5073.jpeg)

>global reach
Canada & Maine is global

She keeps highlighting the sections about talking to detectives and the DA. The closest Laur’s been to a DA is when she was arrested for getting into an accident with no license & insurance. It floors me she’s facing huge fines and possible jail time next week, being evicted and homeless next month and this is what she chooses to focus on.

No. 923607

Laur always deflects whenever her life goes to shit

No. 923608

Does Laur actually for real have a gmail tag for
because that makes it sound like this is something she would receive on regular basis kek.

No. 923624

speaking of the impending court case: do you guys think laur might actually get in serious trouble for once? they've been skating by for a long time using a million loop holes to buck the system. eventually they have to have exhausted most of their options, right? she can't keep ducking and dodging the courts, there's only so many times she can cry wolf and use lillee as a crutch to claim they need housing. idk, it will be interesting to see what happens next week, if anything at all.

No. 923627

Uh-oh looks like somebody won’t be getting a new Barbie under the tree this year

No. 923633

Not a legal anon but I believe at most they can garnish her non existent wages.

I’m very curious at how she’ll be able to get another lease somewhere with three non-payment lawsuits under her belt.

No. 923635

Best case scenario, her court appointed lawyer can prove she didn’t know her insurance lapsed and her license was suspended and gets the charges dismissed or reduced to traffic infractions. She’s still going to have to pay the fines to get her car out of impound and get her license reinstated. If she can’t pay, she can petition the court for a hardship license so she can drive Earl to appointments. If her lawyer can’t prove she’s innocent of the most serious charges, she’s facing significant fines, a criminal record and further suspension of her driving privileges. Nothing will happen if she can’t pay the fines, she just can’t get her license back. Again, she can apply for a hardship license but I don’t know how they’d afford insurance after this. Some of these charges carry a 15 day jail sentence but it’s unheard of for a first time offender to see any jail time. If she really pisses the judge off though, Laur could spend a few hour or days in jail kek

No. 923665

I feel for her lawyer. You know she’s trying to mount a defense of cyberbullies did it and this poor person has no idea what the fuck is happening. Can you listen in during criminal court proceedings in Long Island? I really want to hear Laur trying to enter Lillee’s medium articles as evidence and the court’s reaction.

No. 923675

Seems like Laur is desperately trying to make it look like Lillee is doing the posts lately, but the grammar has none of Lillee's trademark grammar or punctuation abuse. Also only Laur would try to tie QAnon to the farms.

No. 923683

Laur will be lucky if she gets a 5 minute phone call with her court appointed lawyer before the court date.It’s common in a low priority case like this for them to meet briefly with you moments before you walk into courtroom.If she thinks her lawyer is going to use cyberbullying as a defense, Laur’s going to be disappointed.They’re going to tell her to bring an original letter from the insurance company proving no lapse in coverage and provide proof she was not notified, eg they moved and notices were sent to the old address within the 10 day window you have to change your address.We’re still missing a lot of information in regards to the circumstances around her arrest, some anons said an accident, she wasn’t cited for any moving violations other than driving without a license…if it was an accident, she wasn’t at fault.It could have been a sweep of parked cars and Laur tried to stop them from impounding her vehicle by driving off.It could have been a bored cop who ran her tags.The only way Laur gets out of this is by proving she had insurance and didn’t receive notifications.If she goes in claiming she’s a former legal secretary, talks over her lawyer/the judge, tries to talk about not pertinent things like cyberbullying, she’ll be removed from the courtroom. These judges see so many of these cases and have no time for bullshit.Her trial will be present the above items or she’ll be found guilty.

No. 923691

File: 1701293989400.mp4 (6.48 MB, 640x360, So_Lillo_Qui_The_House_Bunny_M…)

Wake up Jeaniez! New So Lillo Qui episode is here. It's funny!

"Lillee Jean portraying the quirky and upbeat Shelley, meets the Zeta house and shares her unique memory trick for names! This comedy skit depicts Jean stretching across three characters who all have different personalities. An optimist, a pesmisit, and a realist! 'The House Bunny' starring Anna Faris was the inspiration for this So Lillo Qui!

About Lillee Jean:
Lillee Jean is an actress from New York City. She has trained at the T. Schreiber Studio, intensively studying Meisner Technique and dialects. Her latest productions include two short films she directed, produced, and wrote including 'Miss Roxie' (2023), and 'Peony and Violet'. As part of her recent show, 'So Lillo Qui' she released episode 17, Café Goodbye, set in London. She has auditioned in New York City for Film and TV roles this Autumn and continues to train diligently."

No. 923694

File: 1701295978651.jpeg (222.75 KB, 828x460, IMG_0964.jpeg)

Her underbite is still so bad when she talks

No. 923695

File: 1701296054899.jpeg (207.68 KB, 828x462, IMG_0965.jpeg)

And how did she not notice the strap hanging out of her shirt?

No. 923696

File: 1701296284469.jpeg (108.41 KB, 1170x856, IMG_5088.jpeg)

It’s pretty obvious only one person made this

No. 923711

This isn’t bad. She’s improving from the previous monologues where she just acted mentally ill. Hoping she’s really taking acting classes and getting out of the house. She has to be stressed about their potential eviction and Laur’s charges. Laur’s made Lillee their primary source of income and that’s an enormous amount of pressure.

No. 923719

I suspect if Lillee is "generating" any income at all, it's only through Laur opening credit lines in her name.

No. 923723

There we go, she's good at playing a psycho, suddenly it doesn't look so bad.

No. 923728

She keeps bringing up the DA/detectives because Laur’s deep in denial and thinks Monday will be her big day before a judge to prove everything bad in her life was caused by 2 bullies. She’s trying to scare people by flipping the situation because Laur can’t deal with being laughed at.

No. 923734

File: 1701362718715.jpeg (765.52 KB, 1170x2194, IMG_5092.jpeg)

I think she was arrested after an accident because the last charge says they impounded her car to be auctioned off to pay for damages caused in an accident

No. 923738

File: 1701366975499.jpg (1.3 MB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_1879a4ab27f0444eb4d9507…)

No. 923747

She has the weirdest fucking proportions. Lillee really is a dwarf

No. 923748

File: 1701380134642.jpeg (79.04 KB, 1080x1920, Thought and prayers.jpeg)

Laur be posting about Israel. Good to think about something else than boolies from black websites.
I found this one amusing. Laur never does anything productive so she is finally getting some validation for breathing and praying.

No. 923765

File: 1701397919009.jpeg (585.71 KB, 1170x1157, IMG_5102.jpeg)

Lillee uploaded a new video to YouTube and allowed comment. Laur’s in the comment section with all of the old sock accounts.

No. 923787

Dude what the fuck. There's mispelling something and then there's this.

No. 923788

I'm not even going to lie, this one is much better than her previous. Probably because she's not screaming at the top of her lungs or trying to act posh (her seemingly only 2 types of people she acts out). Lillee being weird and then reacting to her own weirdness actually made me genuinely chuckle by the end.

No. 923793

Was she drunk?
If so, would there be a visible DUI/DWI here? >>923156
Laur is clearly too unhinged and impaired to drive.

No. 923811

File: 1701451201825.jpeg (447.67 KB, 1170x1997, IMG_5107.jpeg)

>mass hysteria that causes fantasies

I guess she means the handful of anons discussing Laur’s court date lol

No. 923870

File: 1701523097073.jpeg (255.95 KB, 1170x984, IMG_5079.jpeg)

I looked up her charges and she wasn’t charged with driving under the influence. The top charge (she’s charged with it twice) carries a 30 day jail sentence though

No. 923878

“up to” but people almost never get jail time

No. 923902

File: 1701553074547.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1856, IMG_5119.jpeg)

Lillee’s holding casting calls for her next film! You can get paid in credit and footage!

No. 923909

>will hold auditions during the new year
So you get to spend new year's eve with her?

What would happen to Lillee if mommy went to jail? She has no real life skills.

No. 923919

It’s attic pidgin for “in 2024” not New Year’s Day. The entire thing makes no sense. Seeing this post makes it obvious Laur’s writing most of the descriptions and articles.

No. 923928

File: 1701578854488.jpeg (869.8 KB, 1071x1884, IMG_5126.jpeg)

They were nice enough to post the new bullyish op/ed update for all the blocked Canadians. False police tips were fabricated by the cult?

No. 923941

That's…exactly one of Miranda Sings episode.

No. 923947

File: 1701612674353.jpeg (380.22 KB, 1170x1876, IMG_5127.jpeg)

Laur shared 6 more stories like this at 4am. Just random screenshots of tweets from 2020 and made up names like Ivey and Faith kek

No. 923965

Judging by all the comma abuse this actually reads more like Lillee wrote it

No. 923976

File: 1701630146970.jpeg (225.79 KB, 1169x689, IMG_5149.jpeg)

>These companies ranged from Wyandotte, Michigan, in America, to a farm in Canberra Australia, to one called StarWave Media (Crealon Media Group) AKA Anna Oop; OffBeat Media Group (Mark Cuban invested company). This doesn't just end here however, there are tons of "farms" like Keane's Michigan company that either buy videos off FIVERR (cover editor, video editor, scriptwriter, voice-over actor/actress) or, have in-house content creation teams that spearhead campaigns for money.

Mark Cuban connection finally revealed

No. 923983

File: 1701639187553.png (1.08 MB, 978x3084, Cope and seethe.png)

I don't understand what she is trying to say with these. But here goes.
-Mintz is with the main Panticult leader but who are Erieann and Dodie?
-Lillee Jean blocked Jane Lowly on Instagram which means ivey is continuing to manipulate the search engine for the panticult.
-trashraven asks how much money LJ spent on copyright claims per photo. "More of Chavez with the main Pandicult leader."
-"Faith dscussing 'CP' on LOLCOW, with the main cult leader." How does this have anything to do with Lillee?
-"Magpayo accomplice to Panticult doxxing"

Laur is constantly trying to manipulate Google's search engine with her dumb takedown claims. Lillee blocks everyone who views her insta stories. That's a fact, not Search Engine Optimization.

The doxxers going through public voting records are retards but Laur has also doxxed many youtubers. That was the main reason for all the fraudulent copyright strikes you made. Isn't that right, my dear Laur? Pot Kettle Black.
Now chin up. You're going to court tomorrow. Good luck.

No. 923993

A lot of these Twitter accounts are still up and you can see they haven’t tweeted about Lillee in years. What’s she trying to prove? If she has all these names and they’re violently threatening her, call the police.

No. 923994

File: 1701665309622.gif (1.64 MB, 402x480, giphy.gif)

From her newest monologue

No. 923995

Not one of the twitter account owners, but I think a lot of us realized we were in a loop of playing ring around the rosie forever pretty much. Lillee and her mom are cockroaches, they just keep coming back no matter what. Doesn't matter the undeniable proof that is thrown at her, or how many times we catch her in lies. She also has no fanbase to actually lose, since it's all fake. She's a fun case to watch, but we're on a merry-go-round.

No. 923996

She looks 35 years old in this. Good lord she's looking rough.

No. 923998

So copyright and trademarks are automatically applied to each and every photo of Lillee the instant Laur takes them and posts them online?

And every single photo of Lillee is literally worth hundreds of thousand of dollars each and posting them without written permission devalues them and results in large amounts of lost income for Lillee? Textbook definition of delusional.

No. 924001

>>923998 why focus on individuals who haven’t tweeted in years when most people learned about the Trueman Show from Primink…yet she really doesn’t post about him, she only leaves stupid comments under fake names on his videos.

No. 924006

File: 1701694025146.jpeg (736.36 KB, 1170x1856, IMG_5156.jpeg)

No. 924010

File: 1701704927170.mp4 (4.16 MB, 720x900, Degenerate animal from Jersey.…)

Post the video too while you're at it

No. 924011

File: 1701705366394.mp4 (4.16 MB, 720x1280, Inspired by Babylon.mp4)

From Instagram. The longer version on Vimeo is unfortunately age restricted.
Good job Lillee! You'll make a great Karen one day.

No. 924012

Some poor person who tweeted about Lillee years ago is going to open their front door to this one day. Probably her best acting so far since she doesn’t even have to act crazy it’s genuine.

No. 924013

I know shouldn't be surprised at all, but I'm not over her obsession with consistently playing characters that scream literally every line.

No. 924014

File: 1701708252611.mp4 (1.4 MB, 828x466, rpreplay-final1701706600_tZVG9…)

I couldn’t help myself

No. 924015

File: 1701709689500.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x2195, IMG_5134.jpeg)

The description from her website for Holiday Together: Essie and Gerry are deeply in love, but they haven't been able to meet for years. Their families are always at the center of everything, including work and other important issues.However, their religious differences present a major obstacle. Essie is a free-spirited liberal Jewish girl, while Gerry comes from a staunchly Catholic right-wing family. This makes it difficult for them to be together. As the holiday season approaches, their fortunes may change in this lighthearted family comedy film.

No. 924022

Is she holding boyfriend auditions? kek

No. 924033


>she only leaves stupid comments under fake names on his videos.
Speaking of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Laur is doing Primink a favor by interacting with his three year old video. Use your browser's incognito mode, go to Youtube, search for Lillee Jean, and see whose video is the first result. (It is not a video made by Lillee.)

No. 924035

Lillee definitely doesn't have the nuance, ability, or experience to create a comedy out of serious tones such as religious and political differences. This is going to be an utter disaster. It takes so much skill to actually master comically delivering social climate.

No. 924040

what even is the context here? why is she dressed like a grandma but swearing like a sailor? why is she furiously eating a sandwich??

No. 924041

She literally looked at a bottle of nail polish on her table and named the character Essie - because she doesn't know any real people with human names.

Where do we find out how Laur's court case went today?

No. 924054

File: 1701751846978.jpeg (731.65 KB, 1170x1421, IMG_5169.jpeg)

Laur’s posting stories so she’s not in jail.

Lillee’s newest monologue is great. Not sure if this moment or her talking with a mouthful of crackers after was my favorite part.

No. 924057

You can't tell me this isn't satire. She uploaded this as a troll, there's just no way.

No. 924063

Wow, a paragraph written with grammatical correctness? I am pleasantly surprised. This could be an actually neat/funny film, were it written and produced by anyone but Lillee Jean Productions™
Honestly I thought Essie was short for something like Esme. I could see it being an actual name (at least a nickname).

No. 924064

File: 1701775829561.jpg (361.21 KB, 2198x445, VNqTrJT.jpg)

YouTube's UI makes her videos appear before Primink's, at least for me (I'm on private + no cookies); but it isn't too much scrolling to find several "exposed" videos right beneath. I wonder if it makes Lillee seethe to know that she got called out by a French girl in picrel. The video is three years old now but I would love to hear her response (in French of course) kek

No. 924073

Laur’s case was closed so it no longer appears on the courts search. Can any legal anons pull up the results?

No. 924083

Only Laur could dream up a story of a Catholic family keeping their son from dating a Jew and thinking it's "edgy".

It's as out of touch as their story about a newspaper not wanting to go digital…. my god was Laur born in the 1800s?

No. 924147

I hope so. And I genuinely wish she meets normal people her age. She seems to have a lot of bottled up anger. And you would too if you had to spend your best years hiding in the attic with your batshit insane mother. And having nothing else to do than playing with dolls, playing dress up, and re-watching Disney movies.

Lillee obviously had at least average IQ before dropping out of school. There is no reason she couldn't go outside, interact with peple, and find a god damn job.

No. 924245

Nah she’s below average - remember when she couldn’t figure out how old Phillipe was, being 9 yrs older. She straight up couldn’t add 9 plus 9.

No. 924275

There's no way they hold auditions at their place, Laur would never let this happen.

Anyway, I really don't get why they never went for real TV. They want quick fame and easy money, real TV was the way to go.

No. 924311

File: 1702185623653.jpeg (357.74 KB, 1112x1334, 26DD6557-5E8F-46C8-9641-FCA590…)

Saged for old milk but it was new to me. Lillee was 16 when Laur posted this. SIXTEEN.

No. 924312

whaaaat I haven't seen this one. Jeez

No. 924314

I don’t remember this one, Laur’s going to be mad it’s posted again because it actually shows just how neglectful of a parent she was. You ought to spend more time TAKING CARE OF YOUR DAUGHTER Laur.

No. 924315

Is that real? No fuckin' way. She still plays with dolls and she still wets the bed? She's the female Chris-Chan. Almost but not as interesting.

No. 924317

File: 1702194327584.jpg (380.9 KB, 1300x1002, 1641652357889.jpg)

Minor correction. Full screenshot. Laur sperging out on p.c Richards. Being fat or ugly and stupid, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. She quotes the BBB with exhibits replying like an idiot with different people who complained before. It's not about the attic goblins offspring.

No. 924324

somehow there's a problem with the mattress, fridge, AND washer? wonder what scam they were trying to pull with that one

No. 924325

haven't checked this thread in awhile. did they go to court yet?

No. 924327

File: 1702231218776.jpg (202.12 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20231210_175250_Sam…)

Court anon might be able to answer some I can't check that system but. Heck how often do they go to court. They must be on first name basis with half the staff.

No. 924330

not court anon but this screenshot appears to be a listing of all cases that match your query (which was laur, it seems).

no. 8 (landlord/tenant matter) has a court date on Jan 2nd. so still ongoing.

No. 924341


I believe you guys are misreading this. She says Exhibit A, and then a quotation mark. Because she's speaking attic pidgin she doesn't close the quotation mark, but I'm pretty sure this isn't about Lillee, she was quoting another review as fodder for them being bad.

No. 924343

Follow up, I found the second quotation mark. It's next to 'crooks' on the last paragraph. Unfortunately as much as I would love to add bed-pissing to Lillee's lore, I don't think it's this one.

No. 924414

Laur is probably the one pissing her bed and then blaming it on her 16yo retarded daughter tbh

No. 924471

Between the teeth and the pissing the bed at 16, I wonder if Laur has ever sent Lillie to a doctor.. Is this why she was home schooled? Because you do need to have immunization records and dental health checks to attend public school in most states. I would assume NY is the same.

No. 924479

Unfortunately you misread the post. As much as I would love to add pissing to attic lore this is not it.

No. 924484

I see that now, sorry her lack of basic grammar threw me off. I still stand by my thought about her being pulled. Ot for bullying, buy for failure to comply with schools public health policies.

No. 924490

Sorry anon, the milk is dried up. You didn't add anything new to the attic goblins story. They remain unhinged, toxic and living delusional lives. This is next level cringe at this point.(No milk, no sage)

No. 924494

comma seems abused enough to me

No. 924498

Comma abuse is not milky.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 924500

File: 1702417565240.png (641.77 KB, 1080x791, Little Lillee.png)

Lillee finally found something else to post about than the ebil boolies. Here's little Lillee from school play.

No. 924502

It's still so surreal to me that she's referencing a play she was a part of from like a decade ago. And that she thinks it means something. Not only does she continuously put it on her resume, it's the ONLY thing on her resume. She has the saddest existence man, holy.

No. 924517

I don't think Lillie is the bed wetter in this situation, I think Laur just copy pasted a Google review but didn't close the quotation,so it looks like she's talking about her kid.

No. 924529

She did close the quotation in the second screenshot >>924317 next to 'crooks'

No. 924546

The right photo could be a Marilyn Manson cosplay.

No. 924554

File: 1702474239373.jpeg (495.82 KB, 1819x1819, CDD4BC25-F1DD-48A3-8A25-B9B88C…)

She still mentions middle school bullies kek

No. 924555

Putting the pictures side by side shows Lillee is back up to her “pre-diabetic” weight.

No. 924579

"6th grade is when people change"???? From what to what, Lille? Yeah, things change at every age - whether it's 13, 18, 21, 30, 40, etc. Just once, I wish she'd make sense.

She only thinks Middle School was so important because it was the last time she participated in normal society in any way. It never occurs to her that she should have carried on thru graduation and then either gone to college or started working.

No. 924583

Maybe she means puberty KEK

No. 924643

File: 1702570856297.jpg (341.76 KB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_e5ca1f12a995486fb493776…)

New photos dropped.

No. 924644

File: 1702571028425.jpg (1.69 MB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_5a7a220a96b244b19314f86…)

Lillee, putting lipgloss above your lip line makes you look like a rabid bulldog.

No. 924645

File: 1702571337799.jpg (1.67 MB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_b750a1e39880429a880a5bf…)

No. 924646

About Lillee Jean:

Lillee Jean is a vibrant and skillful young actress from New York City. She has trained at the prestigious T. Schreiber Studio for Meisner Technique and Dialects. Her recent film credits include a popular web series Lillee Jean TALKS! Live, with award-winning Hollywood actors, and two films she directed, and wrote including Miss Roxie, and, Peony and Violet. She is Russian/Jewish, has an operatic soprano voice, and is skilled in the British RP dialect.

No. 924665

Well… We now know she went outside last september.

No. 924687

It looks like they used an old person filter

No. 924722

What the fuck…it’s looks like her head is twisted around. It’s so unflattering

No. 924739

The red corset and the jeans are bursting at the the seams and her heels are two sizes two small and can barely contain her trotters.

No. 924744

this is such a bizarre photo. the red is too overpowering and her arm oddly looks like it is bent backwards. plus she also looks like she didn't shower, brush her hair or wash her face before she put on makeup.

No. 924753

Nice to see they hemmed her jeans at least.

No. 924771

christ this has to be the worst lil genes has looked in a while. even without the chiclet teeth she looks so messed up. that jaw misalignment, oof. haven't checked these threads in a few months and it's wild how much weight she's put on too.

No. 924772

It doesn't help that she has no idea how to smile. Normal people do not extend their mouth as far as they can where we can see the gaps between her cheeks and teeth.

No. 924778

Doubt the jeans were hemmed - she just buys capris and wears them as long pants, doesn't she?

No. 924781

it’s weird because in the jeans and green top pic her smile looks normal from that angle. but then she does this weird clenching grimace? laur must have told her that flashing all her teeth is attractive, but that only works if you have nice teeth to begin with. not when you have a big ass jaw and a mouth full of chiclets.

No. 924801

File: 1702753990480.jpeg (355.13 KB, 572x712, IMG_1155.jpeg)

Why is her hair piss and shit colored?

No. 924816

she didn't use purple toner or shampoo so the blonde looks urine coloured

No. 924840

yes she does, but it's those same damn "skinny" jeans that she still thinks are in fashion. In the past you can see that she'd fold them inwards but here you can see the stitching. Laur must have paid a dry cleaner to make that alteration since they can't be bothered to pick up a needle and thread.

No. 924879

Laur was probably under the delusion that the Dylan Mulvaney smile made Lillee's eyes sparkle and her head shot stand out more than the others and Lillee was just as stupid, desperate and delusional enough to go with it.

No. 924894

File: 1702831878665.jpeg (43.97 KB, 640x1136, Lillee Laur.jpeg)

Lillee starting to really look like Laur.

No. 924896

File: 1702832308184.jpeg (220.31 KB, 1080x1920, 1000 pounds on sitting.jpeg)

That's because she ate too many Latkes and gained 1000 pounds on sitting!!!

No. 924920

Wow this is almost unreadable because of the commas. Christ

No. 924949

File: 1702908885656.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1650, IMG_5301.jpeg)

The top of her jeans looked weird to me. If you zoom in, I’m pretty sure she’s wearing a belt because her pants are unbuttoned

No. 924962

I think you might be right. she probably couldn't button them up due to her muffin top so just tried to cover the buttons with a belt

No. 924988

File: 1702935856441.jpeg (221.54 KB, 1080x1920, Resume.jpeg)

Lillee has ben working really hard.

No. 924989

File: 1702936137456.mp4 (15.55 MB, ActingSingingDemoReel2019-2021…)

Here's a little treat for the nonna who wanted to see her old acting videos. Enjoy

No. 924992

File: 1702937010054.mp4 (3.27 MB, 640x360, Korean_Dance_2013.mp4)

This is the Korean Dance she lists as an achievement in every resume. No sound.

No. 924998

I honestly can't tell if you're just next level stupid or as retarded as the goblins. This has been on YouTube for weeks. Her threads are old so this ain't "real milk". Kek.

No. 925002

ntayrt but your reply also isn't milk so why did you bump the thread

No. 925005

There is no funny to be had when it is old milk, with dried up links. Thinking like the goblins, you only show your own cowness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925035

Edgar Rubio Studio? That’s the guy from her talk show who made fun of her the entire time

No. 925037

omg she looks terrible, love that for her

No. 925044

is it bad that i feel nothing but cringe on this?(sage your shit)

No. 925047

Why does anyone care about old shit that was compiled on other threads? All you have to do is do your research & read on your own, unless your too retarded todo so. Don't expect anyone here to spoonfeed you like a baby. Posting over and over dried up recaps is retarded.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925064

File: 1702989849768.mp4 (14.1 MB, 1080x1920, French.mp4)

Well, here's something new. Lillee speaks French.

No. 925071

Oh my god!!!! What is this? WTF IS THIS? You are as bad as the goblins. This is dried up tiddie milk. A goblin speaking French is not milk. You are showing how boring these threads on the goblin have become. Really anon, make it make sense. We all can use a viewer to see her stupid stories.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925072

are you joking? her french is cringy as fuck

No. 925078

she didn't even try with the accent, she still sounds so american

No. 925079

At least they saged, unlike you, retard

No. 925081

Oh my god, this is like the most basic French you learn in French 1 of high school. It's on the same level of learning "omelette au fromage" meaning cheese omelette. And her pronunciations are terrible. I would not make a French speaking video just because I can say please in French.

No. 925086

I think this is what she's trying to say:
>J'ai besoin d'aide. (I need help)
>S'il vous plaît, pour moi! (Please, for me!)
>Non, je ne sais pas parce que c'est trop difficile. (No, I don't know because its too difficult)
>Pouvez-vous le faire? (Can you do it?)
>Off screen: Non, et tu sais pourquoi. (No, and you know why)

No. 925103

Yes that translation is what I hear and I grew up up in Quebec. She sounds like she failed middle school French but thinks that saying words with anger will give them meaning. Sad and hilarious at the same time.

No. 925123

File: 1703021560093.mp4 (5.62 MB, 640x360, Bad_Hair_Day_French_Dialogue_P…)

Lillee is having a bad hair day, and to make things worse, an old friend visits her and brings up a topic she doesn't want to deal with. In this original short dialogue written by Lillee Jean Trueman, emotions run high. She plays both the lead character of Lillee and the secondary character of Claudette, in the French conversational dialogue. A native of New York City, Lillee showcases her immense and broad talent in this dialogue. This month, she has started voice-over training with talented Hollywood actor Michel Corbiere and improv training with actor Edgardo Rubio.

No. 925153

These read like someone fed lolcow posts into a really bad AI and asked it to create new posts out of them

No. 925154

this one too

No. 925160

Walking failed abortion. Not even the dingoes would take her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925162

French is my first language. This video is completely insane I have no words… Pathetic attempt lol

No. 925166

>A native of New York City
I feel like Laur put this in in case people thought she was a native French speaker.

And in case they still didn't get that French really isn't her first language, >Lillee showcases her immense and broad talent in this dialogue

No. 925178

>brings up a topic she doesn't want to deal with.
Help us French-speaking nonna! What topic does the visitor bring up?

No. 925184

french is your language but you need us to give you a translation? wtf? stop licking board ass.(sage your shit)

No. 925195

Making their own content for bullyish kek

No. 925198

Omg the singing is so bad kek, that last one especially. Although I think the first wig looked kinda cute on her, bangs suit her face and the black looked nice too

No. 925216

NTA but also French-speaking. It's the same from >>925064
It just doesn't make sense because the Lillee/Claudette characters go from simply greeting each other to schizobabble over needing help. For what reason? Not sure. I would guess for her hair, but it still would be an over-the-top reaction to merely having a bad hair day. The icing on the cake is her crying « sacre bleu ! » because it is a far outdated phrase and very stereotypical.

No. 925223

I've got to hand to Lillee, she must have high confidence to be able to post this online without a sense of embarrassment or shame. I'm embarrassed just watching it

No. 925224

goblinlicker. nothing new to write, same dried milk, same story.
what a great find, cowsucking board finds nothing but traffic tickets on fat goblin mom.

No. 925225

No milk, and you have become like the goblins with cowness going beyond the bounds of retardation.

No. 925228


Read one of the many threads with milk then instead of moaning unsaged about old milk in this one like a retard if you're so upset about old milk that you've been shitting up the thread for a whole day

No. 925233

You keep squeezing the goblin tits and all that comes out is dried fucken milk. Reality check yourself. I like a goblin story, but post new real milk, not old milk, just because you’re bored. If you can't take that to fucken bad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925237

Hi Laur(hi cow)

No. 925287

I can't belive Laur is doing so bad with her schiophrenia that she calls herself a goblin now. For the love of god old lady, take some medication or try meditation. We can tell it's you.

No. 925288

Well, if she is going to auditions for real it's better to have an acting portfolio with low quality work than an empty portfolio. Resume with "Korean dance, BLANK, So Lillo Qui" does not look good. And explaining the blank with boolies, Covid 19, what ever excuse you come up with won't work.

If you compare the old acting reel to the new one, you'll see Lillee has made progress.

No. 925289

Maybe the legal anon could tell us why Laur is freaking out.
>she calls herself a goblin
The goblin part I understand, but what is a "board ass"?

No. 925303

>but what is a "board ass"?
2 possibilities. Goblin spelling of "bored"? Or, there were some mention of boards in previous posts. Now I have 2 fewer brain cells than I started with.

>If you compare the old acting reel to the new one, you'll see Lillee has made progress.
This is true! Not a lot, but progress nonetheless. Too bad she didn't realize this before she quit school, but at least she's doing something now. But she's got a lot of catching up to do.

No. 925321

I wonder if she's still claiming Pedo Pheepy is teaching her French.

No. 925323

i wonder if she thinks that the other kids in the video also list this as an achievement on their resume 15 years later?

No. 925329

They have a court appearance on January 2nd for the eviction. No new cases have been filed - criminal, local or civil for the Truemans.

No. 925444


Sheesh, LJ really porked up these past two years. She was never a skinny legend but she's becoming a beach ball (without even being pregnant). It's a little sad honestly, she probably stress eats a lot. She's dumb and a rude little shit but I do feel bad for her. She didn't choose to be Laur's kid, and her mother did her a giant disservice her whole life. She failed in every aspect of parenting you can imagine out side of not explicitly allowing her kid to be physically and sexually abused. And that's a very low bar. She never really stood a chance, yet sometimes I still hope she'll at least get sick of living like a peasant in addicts with smelly Laur and pull a Venus or something.

No. 925472

File: 1703314089799.jpeg (256.07 KB, 640x960, 1376130F-5D13-46F5-945C-8A2D43…)

Why do they always do this pose. It’s not her good side.

No. 925475

I hope they get kicked out if only that it gives Lillee a reality check and she gets the fuck away from her mom. Are they totally estranged from other family? Can she stay with someone else temporarily? I want her to be free.

No. 925478

File: 1703334651513.png (1.38 MB, 2562x1080, Panticult.png)

Introducing new Panticult members.
Housewife turned tattoo artist from Fredericksburg Virginia in her 40's, and a woman from North Carolina.

No. 925479

are they still mad about diane in 2023? kek

laur this "cult" narrative you're trying to spin criticism of you and your unimpressive daughter into makes you seem schizophrenic and delusional

No. 925482

Laur is reliving the greatest hits of years ago. Expect the “burn book” redux soon.

No. 925485

It’s almost 2024 and Laur is still posting screenshots from 2021 kek

No. 925498

Did they completely abandon Bullyish?

No. 925504

>mentally waterboarded
oh lillee

No. 925510

They never planned on actually releasing it.

No. 925512

>>925510 Yet they act like it already was released and have it listed on their IMDB pages - where Laur is now an “actress” for her “role” in The Pauper of Shoes.

No. 925547

Wasn't the thing that they actually had a producer or someone of some form of notoriety actually partnering with them on creating it and he eventually dipped out? Sorry, it's been a while, and I honestly have no idea when this happened to try and go back and find it in the previous threads.

Anyway, if I have my lore straight, I think they were severely hindered from creating it because they were banking entirely on this one guy to bring it to fruition.

If this didn't actually happen how I remember, please ignore me lmao

No. 925551

Like when she strongly implied that people "verbally murdering" her made her on par with George Floyd.

No. 925552

Yes! I can’t remember the guy’s actual name but he went by cyberguy kek. He was trying to get bigger stars involved in an anti-bullying campaign and eventually hooked up with mark pellegrino (actor from dexter & supernatural). They crowdfunded some ridiculous amount of money off Mark’s fans. Lillee & Laur got pushed out of the project and Laur released a bunch of texts from cyberguy (basically him saying Laur lied to him and hadn’t paid him for services) claiming he was bullying them. He threatened to sue Laur violating their NDA and she shut up. They started talking about Bullyish after that.

No. 925553

File: 1703436045374.jpeg (420.04 KB, 877x1771, IMG_5404.jpeg)

Here’s the thread >>802691
Never forget Laur’s own PR person calling her a liar

No. 925554

Are you having a walk down goblin lane? Pellegrino and cyberhack crowdfunded and stole money for themselves. They are no better. This thread dried up 4 threads ago and all we see are old threads being used. Show new milk and stop using this thread like you’re a twitter cow.(sage your shit)

No. 925557

Laur fuck off from here and get your life in order. You can't even sage so stfu about milk.(hi cow)

No. 925562

Ahahaha holy shit you are cowtarded & paranoid. You think you hear them. How unmillky can you get?
>>925237 having another cowtard over the goblins?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925566

Pellegrino? You're not wrong, that is Laur.

She should spend Christmas Eve with her daughter but she's on lolcow calling herself a goblin. Makes sense.

No. 925584

Really then you are saying this is her too?

No. 925586

Making it a little personal.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925587

Laur, you using Lillee as a pawn and try to bring attention to Brenda is never going to work. Lillee is never going to be famous in a positive way.

No. 925590

Laur can rant about the international Panticult all day. But we all know she can only blame herself for ruining Lillee's life.
People who don't pay rent deserve to get evicted. People who drive without insurance and refuse to turn in license plates deserve to get their car impounded.

Lillee doesn't even have to pull a Venus. She could just contact Adult Protective Services. They will assign her a case worker. Then she can contact Dr Phil and become famous for real for telling her true story about how Mommy Dearest stole her youth.

No. 925592

Laur never wanted attention brought to Brenda. Laur only ever wants attention for Laur.

No. 925596

Lillee will never betray Laur because Laur is the only person who believes in Lillee.

No. 925605

As much as everyone compares Lillee to Gypsy Rose, I wonder if Lillee has seen how people are rallying around Gypsy Rose before her prison release. There’s solid proof of negligence on Laur’s part for sure. If the tinfoil is correct and Laur was much worse, people would definitely be sympathetic to Lillee.

No. 925608

Nonnie in 2023 can you prove right now, that she is being assaulted? If you can I will call APS tonight. They have lately proven to not be milky enough to really focus on, they are just annoying, but if you are saying that Laur is absolutely abusing Lily then I will call this in now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925611

sage for blog but I also have an insane helicopter mother who didn't let me go outside alone, have friends, hated the idea of me even having crushes let alone dating someone and drained my college fund so I couldn't go to uni. and like lillee I was also delayed and still into disney and barbies at an old age. when I reached 23 I realised I was going to be in my mid twenties too with nothing to show for it while people i went to school with had degrees, jobs, relationships and kids. I got horribly depressed and knew I had to start forcing myself to enforce boundaries unless I wanted to continue being stagnant for the rest of my life. I am doing a cheap community college course and hope to find a job once I'm qualified and save up enough for a real degree one day. I'm also in the process of changing my wardrobe from pastels and pinks to a more mature colour scheme and I let my cat play with my plushies instead of sleeping with them. I don't know if lillee is introspective enough to ever come to the same realisation, but she's clearly a girl with dreams. the pheepy saga has shown she wants romance, the diverse fake friends has shown she wants to make friends and meet different kinds of people. maybe in a few years when she's on the older side of her twenties and knows her lifestyle isn't suitable for a fully grown woman who should have some kind of life experience or achievements by now like everyone else her age she'll stop letting laur walk all over her and try to salvage her life.

No. 925614

you sound like you need your own thread. Why would we believe your cat is playing with plushies? You're playing with the plushies. Stop talking goblinese and get off this thread.(infighting/learn to sage)

No. 925615

hi laur, did I make you mad by talking about how my mother who's the same type of sMother as you affected my life? cute, but remember to sage next time your feefees get hurt because your parenting style was critiqued.(hi cow)

No. 925619

Thank you! I could only remember bits and pieces of it since it was 3 years ago now.

I feel like Lillee and Laur are definitely nose-diving into the "negative publicity is still publicity". They realize no one talks about them unless it's on the farms, so they're still holding onto everything from their milkiest, infamous period. From Diane to the Bullyish creation disaster.

No. 925620

Sage for OT, I’m so sorry you had to go through that nonny. I hope you’re doing well for yourself, sometimes it takes time to heal after psychological damage like that. I feel for Lillie, it’s honestly a shame that she’s so isolated and in a delusion fueled by the person that’s supposed to protect her and teach her independence. Sad story.

No. 925637

File: 1703487324601.jpeg (252.77 KB, 1170x527, IMG_5408.jpeg)

No doubt her attempts at doxing callout accounts from 2-3 years ago is her trying to get people angry and involved again. After Primink returned she filed a bunch copyright claims and he tweeted a few times about them, it seemed like he might talk about them again but he dropped it.i hope these commentary channels realized they were the ones keeping Laur “famous” and it would be a never ending cycle of her narc rage.

No. 925657

Apologies for the possible derailing, but earlier there was a message that said BFFDees/Diane got exposed? Does anyone have anymore information? I tried Twitter but the "Latest" search result for BFFDees was some huge chain of accounts talking about religious stuff in Feb of this year.

No. 925659

It’s on their website >>925478

No. 925672

File: 1703529958885.png (2.29 MB, 1125x2001, 5DF8B175-4DEA-4DDC-9C73-2D13AC…)

Proof of life - Earl’s never looked better, actually.(sage your shit)

No. 925674

File: 1703531959122.png (2.77 MB, 1125x2001, B1DDB0AB-E1A8-4D92-9EFF-5852CB…)

She exposed Diane and her husband husband a while ago:

No. 925678

no she didn’t, that is old & you are showing us her IG stories, imagine being this retarded that you still are talking about the same thing, & being too scared to use your real account,agin the milk-less thread.

No. 925679

that is not their website that is the Instagram,milk-less on her, you’re making us look like the addict goblins.(ban evading retard)

No. 925680

Pshhh Earl ! If you're in danger, blink twice !

No. 925682

They look normal

No. 925686

File: 1703541968083.jpg (69.1 KB, 625x500, 8ah17o.jpg)

>old milk, with dried up links
>dried up tiddie milk
>stop licking board ass
>cowsucking board
>keep squeezing the goblin tits
>having a walk down goblin lane
>having another cowtard over the goblins?
>Stop talking goblinese and get off this thread.
>you’re making us look like the addict goblins.

No. 925690

she's trying sooo hard but can't even figure out how to sage and her attempts at sounding like a mean farmer are obviously the verbiage of an old school new yorker. what a retard

No. 925692

If it’s not them, it’s an orbiter trying to get people to check their website kek. I can’t because Laur blocked my entire country.

No. 925695

File: 1703559731738.png (5.92 MB, 1179x3848, plgct.png)

Laur is still driving

No. 925728

File: 1703629476663.png (1.09 MB, 1300x966, Who are they even.png)

I don't know who these people are supposed to be. Now there's some blonde woman's face included. The tattoo studio couple should hit the Truemans with a Cease and desist already.

Lillee should just Let It Go like Elsa in Frozen. The ill fitting new yorker itt should let go too. May you find fresh milk somewhere else.

No. 925731

It’s pointless to sue them, they’re penniless. Cease and Desist - what good would it do. Laur has completely lost her mind and doesn’t even want Lillee to succeed anymore, or she would keep whining about tweets from years ago.

No. 925733

That woman looks nothing like Diane. The only thing they have in common is the same first name. The last time Laur mistook someone for Diane (a random woman in Texas) she ended up taking legal action. Laur will never learn from her mistakes.

No. 925736

She’s going to end up in more trouble - it’s like she’s self-destructing. If she really believed in her daughter’s talent she wouldn’t be making such a freaky spectacle around Lillee all the time. Laur’s crazy posts just bump Lillee’s attempts down in search results.

No. 925740

Proud of you nona, wishing you nothing but the best

No. 925741

looks like orange hair kek

No. 925742

Even if this is correct, the statute of limitations on any civil case or harassment case has long passed. Diane fucked off like 3 years ago.

No. 925743

who is the woman in tx, court docket number please, last i remember it was some lady in florida that was looking for creator rights.

No. 925745

that’s a lot of commas

No. 925746

question asked nonnie(ban evading unsaged retard)

No. 925747

that woman looks about 20 years too old to be Diane. the only thing they have in common is that they're both blonde.

tinfoil that laur is schizophrenic. this "panticult" (what a stupid name) fantasy sounds like something from a r/gangstalking post

No. 925748

Literally no one ever saw those callout tweets 3 yrs ago. Laur’s obsessing about a couple little fish in a great big ocean where millions of people saw Primink or other videos… the only reason they matter to her must be that they were right about something.

No. 925749

If you read the screenshotted tweets there’s nothing threatening or doxxing at all. Just comments about how dumb they thought Laur was. No mention of a damn cult anywhere. I’d like to see her try to prove there was ever a cult.

No. 925751

>If she really believed in her daughter’s talent she wouldn’t be making such a freaky spectacle around Lillee all the time.

This is a really good point. It's been said before but bears repeating that this has always been, and always will be about Laur. Lillee's talents, existing and non, are really besides the point. Had Laur really believed in her daughter, she would have done everything she could to help Lillee develop and thrive. She was too lazy to take her to ballet class, voice lessons, make whatever (hell, she was too lazy to take her child to a doctor) sacrifices parents make and thought she could lie and fake their way to the top.

It's clear that deep down, Laur feels let down by Lillee and her unremarkableness, now that Lillee is almost 23. Tinfoil that that is one of the reasons she's acting more unhinged than usual. Yes, she still blames Diane, fake cults, etc. but I think her frustration now is really at Lillee. If you look at it, Lillee is nowhere near as aggressive as Laur. Younger Lillee was just Laur's puppet, thoughtlessly parroting her mother's racism and transphobia. This was their bond. Laur finally had a friend who was as shitty a person as she is. But now, you don't see Lillee saying very much at all. In a way they are drifting apart. The vitriol they both spewed is now only one sided.

I have no idea whether Lillee is intelligent or not. I don't know her personally, and nothing I have seen of her online has shown any remarkable intelligence. But you can't argue that she is staggeringly uneducated and intellectually uncurious. Still, as slow as it has been, Lillee seems to want something more than Laur can provide - for one thing, a real acting coach. If you look at Lillee's output, it's less pretend boyfriend and more acting reels. As terrible as they are, if she's paying even half the attention other students are to her teachers, she's bound to improve, and she is. Nothing she has produced comes even close to professional level to the point she will be cast and get paid, but at least she's reaching out past the attic.

Laur's scared out of her mind that she's losing Lillee and that she can't just say whatever hate filled rant she wants in front of her without Lillee judging her just a tiny bit quietly to herself.

Sorry for the long post. I just find these 2 fascinating and noticing a slight wedge between them happening.

No. 925753

Bravo Nona, very well said!

Imagine clutching your pearls every time someone said something negative on Twitter. God Laur’s a boomer.

No. 925754

If you're not gonna keep up with the story then get the fuck out. You're colorblind if you think that the dark haired lady is blonde, & looks like the orange hair lady. Panticult named by callouts against goblins, so I don't think you can give goblins credit for the name & yes the name was/is/remains stupid.
Who is the Texas person and where is the documents?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925756

Laur admit it YOU made up the cult.

No. 925758

File: 1703643280989.jpg (430.54 KB, 1170x1405, Myra.jpg)

They made a new YouTube sock 2 weeks ago. they’ve been spamming SunnyV2’s comment section

No. 925759

File: 1703643310233.jpg (168.23 KB, 1170x870, Stoopid.jpg)

No. 925761

As annoying as Lillee is and as awful as she's been in the past, I'm rooting for her. I hope interacting with people other than her parents at the acting classes makes her realise that there's a world beyond the attic with people who can enrich her rather than stifle her. At the end of the day she's a woman who's had her head filled up with nonsense all her life by an insane helicopter mother. She needs a lot of catching up to do yes but there's hope for her. But she has to set more boundaries with Laur than just going to acting classes instead of remaining totally unskilled. Laur is rotten to the core and will hold Lillee back until she dies because she's a horrid person who nobody else could ever love or stand to be around too long.

No. 925762

Example: Lillee’s a little video with her teacher coming out and Laur goes apeshit on their socials about ancient tweets.

No. 925763

Lillee said in her interview that she started out making movies and doing the makeup blog on the side, but once companies started using her looks, she focused on the makeup. Laur probably pushed her in the direction of influencer because she saw dollar signs. Even if Lillee didn’t get a sponsorship deal, they could sell the PR. Lillee never seemed comfortable on camera during her tutorials and her skill level declined when she started doing it as a job. She’s done a lot to distance herself from the beauty community. Taking acting classes over zoom is still exposing her to people outside of her family. It does seem like she’s trying to grow and be serious. If Laur had it her way, it would be 2020 again and they’d be screaming at people on Twitter 24/7.

No. 925766

>>925751 I truly believe Laur is rabid for the early days of LJ's internet infamy. I'm sure when all of this first started, Lils was more dependant than ever on Laur, and Laur felt important and powerful screaming at people online and feeling like her daughters hero/protector as her daughter probably sat there and cried, begging her to make this mess better. Laur probably felt some type of way back then, but now it's become clear that Laur can't protect LJ from the world, so naturally, LJ is accepting and adapting to her new reality, AKA, actual reality and I am sure Laur was hoping this whole ordeal would just traumatise LJ to the point of crawling back up Laurs vagina permanently.

No. 925773

>court docket number please
If this someone imitating them, it’s spot on

No. 925776

you're right, it gave Laur something to do. And because Lillee is lazy by nature but also made to be entirely dependent on Laur, it was easier for her to just go crying to mommy and blame everyone else if something felt even the slightest bit difficult to overcome.

Unfortunately for Lillee, while most kids her age were learning critical thinking in high school so they know they can't just blurt out any hateful thing their mother says like it's gospel, she missed out on all that so now, at nearly 23, she's only just on the cusp of figuring out how to act like an adult pursuing a career that is entirely collaborative with diverse groups of people and not offend them.

Who knows, maybe in the privacy of their squat - I mean attic - Lillee is still calling trans people "it" but at least she's learned that posting that kind of hate isn't going to do her any favors. Whereas Laur's gone completely the opposite with even more unhinged lies. It's bizarre.

I'll say though that I don't think Laur has that much to worry about. She's done enough irreparable damage that Lillee will still need to go to her whenever her fragile ego is bruised or sic Laur on someone who said something even mildly critical. There's no way Lillee will be able to make a living any time soon with these acting reels so she'll still need Laur to provide her with food, a squat, clothes, etc. And with Lillee's terrible taste in fashion, she'll continue to buy heels that she can't walk in and since she can't manage anxiety like an adult, Laur will have to be her chauffeur, insurance be damned.

No. 925777

The screenshot they have as proof just shows the account telling the Canadian callout account she had to block someone. There’s zero context though so it may not have even been about Lillee.

No. 925790

I know the voice lessons were virtual, but the acting classes are over Zoom??
T. Schreiber studio is in NYC so I assumed she was going in person.

No. 925809

File: 1703702984491.png (333.07 KB, 1125x2001, 83F924B6-CCC8-478C-B52F-969891…)

Online courses are $50

No. 925818

I’m laughing about Laur spending 5 years scrolling through photos of tattooed women until she found tagged photos of someone who kinda looks like Diane. Totally the behavior of a sane person.

No. 925821

File: 1703721940473.jpg (764.36 KB, 1030x1896, Wide_range.jpg)

Lillee can play a wide range of roles

No. 925822

File: 1703722356545.jpeg (1004.19 KB, 1114x1743, AA854BF5-40D2-428E-B96C-4E814B…)

Lillee knows all about “the big screen”.

No. 925825

As we’ve seen, her idea of a popular girl comes from Laur describing Valley girls from the 80s.

No. 925826

>popular girl
>has zero friends except for her mom
I know it's acting but I have to laugh at the idea of her pulling off a popular girl, especially cause she's short, chubby, has crazy eyes and no idea how to socialise with people in a way that seems natural rather than forced disney princess. more like the girl who the popular girls are nice to out of pity because she's so retarded

No. 925831

So stock characters one more cliche than the other with no nuance or complicated backstory whatsoever.

No. 925834

>a historical figure from a different era

No. 925840

File: 1703737126162.jpeg (223.73 KB, 1190x1190, ADB29BF9-3D9E-4C9D-B118-7E3BA5…)

We’ll never forget her outstanding role portraying Shaniqua. What a performance!!!

No. 925845

Idk man I'm on the fence. I'm definitely a person that believes people can grow and escape their past, but I can't even imagine making fake accounts with blatantly racist stereotypes and literally trying to act like them. Albeit, I wasn't a shut-in with a codependent relationship with my mom, but STILL. On one hand, I do want to see her escape Laur and start living a normal life, but on the other, she actually seems so hateful, even if she was young at the time.

No. 925846

This is really well thought-out and I can subscribe to this idea, but I still think that Lillee, along with Laur, know that negative publicity is still publicity. I wouldn't be surprised if they were both still holding onto the past because they're aware they're fading. I mean, take her website for example, she's still bringing up Diane. It could be Laur, but it could just as well be Lillee.

No. 925849

In honor of Gypsy Rose Blanchards release, I posit that the only way Lillee could be normal is if she found a guy online to kill Laur and got several years rehabilitation in jail before being released to assisted living

No. 925855

I agree with most of what you said but Lillee is still writing about her “bullies”. You can always tell her writing because she’s retarded and doesn’t know how to use commas.

No. 925856

Glass raised to Gypsy for figuring it out. Hopefully her future is bright now.

Lillee and Eugenia are hopelessly momager’d beyond help.

No. 925859

Nonnie conspiracy to murder charge. Interesting.(learn to sage)

No. 925861

They didn’t say Lillee is conspiring. Read better.

No. 925863

Actually it’s you. Not her. Very interesting allegations.

No. 925864

Interesting thing written.

No. 925865

I don’t believe nonnie anyone but you wrote it. Interesting.(ban evading retard)

No. 925868

No one alleged anything, Laur. See, this is a perfect example of how you misinterpret benign comments so you can play victim. If you want the world to be a scary place, you can make it one.

BUT if you wanted a world full of people trying to HELP you, you’d find that’s actually been there all along.

No. 925869

I think most anons are here to laugh at them, not help, but the rest is true

No. 925870

People start trying to tell her how to do better but she freaks out and accuses them of being in a cult, so yeah it’s hard to help her.

No. 925872

Laur, go to bed.

No. 925873

To be fair nonna, they didn't say they'd find people trying to help them HERE.

No. 925875

File: 1703808080802.mp4 (3.99 MB, 818x1260, RPReplay_Final1703805927.mp4)

Lillee is doing VO auditions

No. 925877

any higher and her voice is going to sound like alvin and the chipmunks

No. 925880

In all seriousness, she could do voice work portraying a toddler. Or a tiny kitten. There might be a market for that.

No. 925881

She can’t hold a tune for a song that short though - she’s not a singer.

No. 925882

I think you're right, as long as Laur doesn't mess it up for her and get into a fight with the director or whoever is in charge of the production. She might also fup her own opportunity with her immature behavior or say something that embarrassingly calls everyone's attention to her lack of education.

What are the thoughts on her doing any kind of work aimed at children, when as a 19 year old adult, she claimed publicly that it's OK for minors to date adults as long as they have a parent's permission? Although Laur did semi address it (most of it was her perpetuating the lie that there even was a Pheepy), Lillee herself has never admitted that what she said was extremely, very, very wrong and that she regrets it. No one can say that she didn't know what she was saying because she was 19, not 12. In a video that I can no longer find, Lillee said that she was just blurting out whatever because people were "bullying" her in the comments and she was scared. This is not an excuse. She's hoping that this gets buried and forgotten about but fortunately, there is definitely video that can still be accessed where she is clearly saying that minors can date adults as long as the parents are OK with it. I don't think someone with actual documented history of saying this should be working on anything remotely meant for children even if it's just voice work. Just my opinion that nobody asked for.

No. 925884

As long as she remains a nobody from Queens it won’t matter, but if she ever made it even moderately, it would come out and wreck everything.

No. 925890

This is wild because several people, myself included, said she could possibly do voice acting for specific characters. And now that she's TRYING to audition for one, she sounds awful. She has absolutely no idea how to play with her strengths - I know they're not very strong, but I think it's easy to agree that she's better suited for that Disney Princess style voice acting rather than…whatever this chipmunk version is.

No. 925891

Yeah this acting school is just taking their money - when Laur finally realizes it there’ll be hell to pay.

No. 925904

You think Laur is going to pay? She doesn't even pay her rent.

No. 925908

It looks Iike you pay up front, but if there’s a way to scam, she’ll scam.

Seriously Laur deserves a lolcow thread more than her kid.

No. 925910

laur has been the more milky one for a long time. she's driving all of trueman family's retardation. lj is basically a pawn in her own life. she'd be boring af if mommy wasn't around

No. 925922

Since the day this began on BGC I've always wondered how much Lillee would have done if it wasn't for Laur. Would she have still made all of those super racist Instagram accounts? Would she have bought all the followers? (Assuming she had the money to do so) I've always wondered how much of this is Lillee and how much of this is actually Laur.

No. 925925

From what would be gathered Lillee tried to be a MUA and nomager Laur bought her followers to boost her engagement. That didn't work so Laur (and possibly Lillee also) make the initial fake accts to try to legitimize the bot followers when the first person made a "how did she get 1 mil followers with no engagement" post on insta. It spiraled from there.

No. 925929

my opinion, this has always been 90-100% laur, in the same way that margo was causing the majority of drama when venus was still living with her. i really do not believe that lillee has that much say in her life and i do not think this is what she would be doing if she were left to her own devices. i mean from what we can see, she's the stereotypical child of an overly controlling parent whose growth and potential has been severely and deliberately stunted to keep them in a childlike state. the only thing that upsets her and appears to get a genuine reaction from her is the criticism directed at her online. she's been molded by her mother into being whatever it is that laur tried to create, which looking at it now, i really have no idea what this woman wanted from her daughter and how she expected her to be successful in the world. it's like she wanted lillee to be famous, but also didn't…she wants to have her cake and eat it too and life just does not work like that.

personally, i am interested in seeing whether or not lillee will do a venus and somehow manage to extricate herself from her mother's grasp (even if she spirals badly afterward like venus did) or will she be continue to live in her mother's shadow up until the woman dies, never trying to branch out or anything. it's hard getting away from controlling parents as an adult because they do everything in their power to make you dependent on them and afraid of the world.

No. 925930

Lillee is as in on the scam as Laur is. Lillee knew that Shaniqua wasn't real, she also know that James and Mario aren't real, yet she pretends they are. We saw it when claimed that it was Mario who designed her amazon dress, we saw when Lillee pretended to going to their wedding etc. etc.

Laur is crazy and I have no doubt she thought that she could use Lillee to earn some money, but I think she in most cases has just been an over-indulging mother. We've also seen Lillee act like a brat and being "mean" to Laur, which Laur just accepted.

Lillee is just a spoiled brat and Laur is feeding into her delusions.

No. 925932

the only chance lillee has of making it as an influencer to some small extent is by letting go of laur's hand and letting go of the disney princess larp. most people just know her as the sad lonely girl with an extremely overbearing mother from the primink video and I'm sure quite a few people would be willing to give her some actual engagement out of pity if she escaped laur and adopted a less annoying persona. that would also require lillee to grow up and stop being a self-centered and spoiled brat though, so never going to happen.

No. 925944

The only way I see her ever making it is if she dumps Laur and starts telling how batshit it was to grow up under a she-devil. People would be into that.

No. 925959

Nice video to sum up her year.
What happened during October though? I'm confused.

No. 925962

It’s so bizarre hearing her voice go from normal and actually palatable to her weird baby voice tone inflictions within seconds.

No. 925965

Psychiatrists always say that grown women who talk in baby voices are stuck at the age they were first molested or traumatized in some way…

No. 925972

File: 1704061450017.png (616.94 KB, 884x483, Screen Shot 2023-12-31 at 5.24…)

Gave it a view but in the middle closed my macbook to do something else. Forgot about it, then opened it back up to this. Was genuinely frightened.

No. 925994


Lillie Jean’s Gypsy Rose era for 2024? - I’m into it.

No. 925997

I know that Lillie was in on everything and it was a group effort between the two of them, but I just always wonder who was the first to really bring it up. Because there had to be discussions surrounding the making of these accounts and them talking back and forth between them. I wonder if Lillie would have ever made them in the first place if not for Laur, or told any of her lies. I know she's not a literal puppet, but I am so curious who sparked the initial idea from the beginning.

Laur: "Honey, you have less than 1000 followers on Instagram. We've gotta buy you some so you can be seen by bigger brands and other accounts"

Lillee: "I don't have enough followers, I need you to buy me more so I can look like a bigger influencer"

Idk which is more plausible.

No. 926012

File: 1704152428718.png (1.4 MB, 984x2052, Goals are manifestations.png)

Lillee's goals and manifestations for this year. New promo pictures too.
>I DID THAT from my hard work and dedication
I don't think she has worked this hard on any of MUA videos. Her acting videos don't have that many bot views either. If she reaches her goals it will be because of her own hard work.

No. 926014

>I want's, I wish for's
for 2024 she should make it a goal to learn where to place apostrophes

No. 926018

Evidently she doesn’t want or wish for finishing junior high.

No. 926044

File: 1704209256884.png (4.43 MB, 1179x2932, plgct.png)

No. 926045

Her jeans are fighting for their life.

No. 926055

File: 1704219688620.jpeg (757.61 KB, 1016x1165, IMG_1415.jpeg)

No. 926056

I literally can’t even think about my mom being obsessed with taking photos of my ass. Like omg NO.

No. 926057

File: 1704221726458.jpeg (10.05 KB, 157x171, 881528E5-FC48-4000-B54C-DDA5C9…)

Have the crazy eyes EVER been crazier????????

No. 926064

The over the shoulder this my ass pose is because it's a thing they do on the red carpet or at least used to do.

She needs proper head shots done. So she can get good advice on posing not just stupid online examples by idiots who know nothing.

No. 926065


Yeah, Lillie is in on the scam the same way Venus and Gypsy rose were. Main difference is that Lillie is probably lower IQ and much more passive, so she'll probably be up under Laur's ass until she dies. And unfortunately, for the way she got raised that might be the better option. We all saw how Venus spiraled, and people to this day still dunk on her and wonder why she can't just pick up and do better. You guys who are "rooting" for Lillie will probably react the same way if she manages to get out of Laur's grip. She wasn't prepared for the real world, the only real chance she has is latching on to the rare, elusive good intentioned scrote who's family takes her under their wings and raises her like a kid. Left to her own devices she's most likely just going to flip around and fail, like Venus is. The damage is already done.

No. 926070

File: 1704232105161.jpg (54.02 KB, 792x413, 1701362884FGF770.jpg)

No. 926077

File: 1704235840855.jpeg (548.2 KB, 1179x1463, IMG_1418.jpeg)

No. 926084

So not even a judgement on her record? They sent a lawyer, Laur was pro se, and they gave up when she ranted about cults who tweeted about her kid?

No. 926088

File: 1704240878764.jpeg (18.76 KB, 515x158, 675AD757-E944-426C-A73D-FA57C1…)

A handwriting analyst would find Laur’s illegible squashed bug signature with the long rising tail very telling. I took a college course where we studied this but I’ve forgotten. I believe the rising line could mean reaching wayyy higher than one’s abilities?

No. 926093

Handwriting analysis is bunk.

No. 926094

It is still insanely surprising to me that she just keeps getting out of stuff without paying for anything and owing money. How did she get Vincent to agree to discontinue? Does she somehow actually have proof of payment? What the fuck happened?

No. 926097

File: 1704245446096.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1179x2213, IMG_1421.jpeg)

Sounds like the landlord can still sue them.

No. 926098

isn't it likely they just settled out of court?

No. 926099

So I'm assuming in this case, Vincent didn't have proof through contract or some other means of what Laur owes him monthly, if anything. That's the only thing I could think of that would fall under "the petitioner cannot show it is entitled to a judgement". Unless he provides bank statements that show she never sent him the money. But again, he probably needs proof of an agreed rent amount.

No. 926107

Would more likely be the case if it was dismissed with prejudice - Landlord wouldn’t need to leave the door open for another suit if they got what they wanted.

- t. former paralegal nonna

No. 926111


The bigger question is, how did she pay him if they settled out of court? Isn't she horribly in debt with no job, not paying her taxes, maxed out credit cards, and not purchasing insurance on her vehicle? Where would she get the money for a 3+ month rent payment?

No. 926116

File: 1704296467821.mp4 (5.93 MB, 640x360, Demo_Reel_Athletics_Pilates_Yo…)

"Lillee Jean athletics demo reel demonstrating pilates, yoga, and simple jazz, modern, and club dance steps that combine weightlifting, flexibility, agility, and balance. In this reel, Lillee Jean shows off her ability to move with grace and ease. She lifts a 10-pound weight, and stands on an agility ball with several infused ballet movements, along with several variations of spins shown, modern dance floor work, and a demonstration of football change, and grapevine steps.

Song: original beat by Lillee Jean Trueman used for Mind Over show."

No. 926117

File: 1704299003477.mp4 (6.72 MB, 640x360, Audition_Tape_Psycho_Hunting_P…)

"Lillee Jean Acting Audition Tape Cold Read | Psycho, Hunting Prey, Flirty, COMEDY"

No. 926135

>I can read her fucken page.
So she hasn't blocked your ip address? Interesting…

I don't think I have seen anyone complain about giving context on this site before. You truly are special. Would you have preferred just the videos?

No. 926136

It was Laur herself nonna of course she wasn't blocked out of her own site. Nobody but her minds the descriptions. Thanks for the videos.

No. 926138

>grace and ease

No. 926144


Laur, get a job.

No. 926145

Laur's father died years ago. He hoarded antiques and Laur liquidated his assets and used the rest to stock her antique stores.

I don't know if she managed to sell at or below value but whatever money she made from the estate sale she blew through quickly.

That or she's a huge tax cheats and she's been hiding assets by playing poor. Another possibility is that there is possibly a close out of state relative (possibly senile) with a good chunk of money that Laur takes advantage of from time to time to get money to stay afloat and fund Lillee Inc.

No. 926157

Her mannerisms are so unnatural. This is a person badly pretending to speak to other humans, because she never actually has.

No. 926158

She has the body of a woman in her 40s who’s had a couple of kids kek.

No. 926159

File: 1704333192623.jpeg (79.94 KB, 255x375, E64E9095-1686-4BCD-B3B0-457413…)

Her face looks 50.

No. 926162

I thought her dad was living with them in secret and he used a wheelchair? Or is that someone else

No. 926163

I think you've got him confused with Earl (Lillee's dad).

No. 926168


That’s probably part of the reasoning for dropping and being able to reopen at a later time - if she’s broke as fuck and won’t be able to pay up, why keep paying lawyers (and, consequently debt collectors) to pursue?

Will probably be on the watch for Laur to file bankruptcy, wait like 18 months, then renew the suit.

No. 926177

To be fair, isn't Earl a lot older than Laur?

No. 926189

she's doing "The Shayna"

No. 926206

Surely not. Who is their intended client? If she was actually skilled enough at any of those things her body wouldn't look like that.

No. 926215

I’m sure she will be in the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Being dumpy and under 5 feet tall is everyone’s dream.

No. 926222

kinda want lj to have an amberlynn reid era where she pretends to be on a weight loss journey just to gain what little she lost back and makes up all the excuses under the sun for it

No. 926225

Tried finding his dox to confirm his age but it looks like Laur was pretty good about scrubbing it from the web, for the most part. I'm not that invested.
I think he is about 16 years older than Laur (born 1966 or '67). Still pretty old, but not old enough to be Laur's dad

No. 926260

File: 1704527883757.png (256.08 KB, 1242x400, laur.png)

This was an old screenshot from 2020 where Laur admits to being 52 and being married for 36 years (making her 16 at the time of marriage), and Earl being 15/16 years older. So he's either 70 or 71 now.

No. 926266

The Truemans hate it when we can do simple math, I've noticed it really pisses them off. So yeah Laur, 52-36 means you were 16.

And OF COURSE you knew each other longer, unless it's an arrange marriage where you meet on the day of the wedding, then yeah… you knew each other longer.

So at 16, Earl was 31-32. Totally illegal.

However - based on past statements, I honestly don't think Laur knew what grooming even was, and still may not understand. How could she even know basic things if she went from her parents weird home straight to married life with a pedophile?????

This is the only thing about Laur I feel sorry for, because clearly she wasn't old enough to make her own life decisions. Could explain why she's kept Lillee in a cage and may never let her out.

No. 926267

Ok but in bios Laur also says, "Lillee Jean's parents, Laura Rene Marks-Trueman and Diamond Earl Trueman have been married since 1986".

So she needs to make up her mind what she wants her life story to be and then stick with one story. Obviously the truth isn't even an option?

No. 926270

File: 1704566021319.jpeg (402.62 KB, 1290x960, IMG_3137.jpeg)

No. 926274

tbf this has Lillee listed as 43 years old, so the rest of it could be inaccurate too

No. 926277

File: 1704587814013.png (20.36 KB, 1202x137, Laur_age.png)


Another screenshot from 2020, Laur started sperging out in her Youtube comments section when people called her out for it. Either she's trying to hide the fact that she admitted she got married at 16, or she's actually incredibly stupid with ages and actually got her own age/anniversary date incorrect. I think it's the former.

No. 926306

Gary L Beckles and Cerese Madina Beckles are people of color definitely not biologically related to the Truemans. Possibly their names or identities ended up used in a grift of Laur’s?

No. 926316

So Laur can get married at 16 but only allows Lillee, who is in her early 20s, an imaginary boyfriend (that Laur helps larp as)? Kek, sad

No. 926319

I don't think it's necessarily an allow/disallow situation like she's a hostage, I just think Lillee has no idea how to actually communicate with humans besides her parents, so she probably has no idea where to even begin to look to get a boyfriend. Her mom may have pulled her out of school, but she's 22 years old now, her having 0 friends with access to the internet is entirely on herself at this point.

No. 926321

Like 4 yrs ago there was a guy who posted that he hung out w Lillee for a few months but got bored of only sitting at their apartment - something about Laur saying Lillee had social anxiety. Not sure that kid was proven to be fake but it seemed reasonable to me at the time…maybe someone remembers that in better detail.

No. 926329

Laur you posted that exact argument with same misspellings 14 days ago. Why is disputing whether you did or didn’t dox Diane so important anyway? She was yrs ago.

No. 926331

Lillie isn't 43, but her credit history could be about that old if Laur started using her kid's social security number as soon as it was issued.

No. 926332

She's talking to a real boy in this new interview. I like how the guy goes "Is that a joke" and "Really?" when Lillee starts to tell about the neo nazi stalkers.

No. 926333

Where did the baby voice go???? The weirdness never ends…

No. 926334

Watching someone being exposed to their schizo conspiracies and their reaction in real time is wild. Everyone keeps telling Lillee to drop it and move forward but she can’t help getting weird.

No. 926335

>calling people retards for posting nonmilk
>not saging
pls lrn 2 imageboard

No. 926336

I feel sorry for him - he was being nice and she was so condescending and rude. Everything she said about being a s successful actress was a lie - so why be so snotty??

No. 926337

The guy: Those are all the questions I have. Miss, thank you for your time.
Lillee: You seem weirded out.

Like has she ever interacted with a real person before? Why does she keep putting her arms under her boobs and pushing them up? Something she always does?

No. 926338

>I like the escape
That very well may be the most honest thing she's ever said. That ending was fucking odd.

No. 926339

Dying when he asked if she had his email and she basically says “my mommy does the emails, I’m too precious to email commoners like you.”

He’ll find out and realize he got punk’d.

No. 926340

those free skiptracing sites are full of errors—they’re probably just people who lived at the same apartment (at different times) than the scam family

No. 926341

Why isn’t this video on Daily Wyvern’s YouTube? Did he delete when he learned how problematic she is?

No. 926345

Richard Schertzer is the YT channel. Geez if only lolcow would go after her for calling it “neo-Nazi”. She’s such a terrible person.

No. 926347

This was her most unhinged interview. Holy shit.

No. 926348

She made him SO UNCOMFORTABLE and he hadn’t done anything wrong.

No. 926350

He has his Bachelor of Arts in Film and Music and is currently completing his Masters. But he was normal and humble while she looked down her nose and started dumping on him as if he should know about Nazi lolcows. Mommy -I mean management- would be proud!

No. 926351

He said Lillee should have his email address because they were talking over email. He rolls his eyes and makes a face when Lillee says he’s been talking to Laur/her management. Laur probably found the guy and made Lillee talk to him. I’m surprised he didn’t cut the interview after he thanked her & said bye. The last few minutes make her look terrible.

No. 926352

He has MFA already - it would be fun if he already knew about her and did this for part of a film. I mean he should have at least googled her before interviewing right?

He brought up the million on Instagram as if he was asking a question…just a though!

No. 926353

He seemed very confused. I really doubt he had any idea who she was.

No. 926354

This just shows how absolutely awful her social cues are and that she doesn't know how to interact with anyone in any context. She "confronted" him about having a problem with her, and I 100% guarantee in her mind she felt like a #girlboss, but in reality she just comes off insufferable and socially inept.

No. 926355

She acted like she WANTED there to be a problem. He called her Miss because he didn’t feel they were on a first name basis - so this was showing respect. She jumped on him immediately as if she’d been just waiting to pounce.

No. 926358

It's not surprising at all. After the BGC post and her entire operation was exposed, she became insanely paranoid. Claiming that they were moving because someone posted a photo of their house they were staying in from Google Maps, from public records. Although, sometimes I'm not sure if her paranoia is performative or if she's actually scared shitless.

No. 926360

He has a MFA and has made a few short films. He even won some awards. He didn’t know who she was but he definitely knew she was full of shit once she started talking about dolls and blogs. There’s a reason he put this on his backup channel instead of his main channel. Hope the Trueman’s don’t copyright claim him once they realize this makes Lillee look like a brat.

No. 926361

File: 1704763482574.jpeg (401.9 KB, 1179x720, IMG_1486.jpeg)

No. 926362

All of these interviews are purely done for SEO purposes to bury the BGC thread, right?

No. 926366

No one went to her house or said she was dead. My god she wants to be disliked more than she even is.

No. 926367

I vaguely remember that time and people called in a wellness check because Lillee seemed unwell on ig live and hinted on killing herself.

No. 926368

That’s nothing like stalkers at the house though. Yeah someone called in a wellness check and she called it swatting, which it certainly was not.

No. 926371

File: 1704769727773.jpeg (195.75 KB, 885x1156, D265E613-134E-4B6C-A04A-96D953…)

So Jewish.

No. 926372

We need the anons that are rooting for her Gypsy Rose escape from her mom to watch this and tell us if they have the same opinion. She's an insufferable cunt through and through, and can't rely on her shitty upbringing to keep excusing her. She's obsessed with herself, it's just who she is.

No. 926378

Of course the fan dance gets a mention straight away, completely unrelated to the question.
Can't believe her acting school T schreiber meisner technique hasn't taught her about body language - her crossed arms make her look so rude.

No. 926381

>That's not a joke ! I actually have a film, it's called Project Bullyish, I'm trying to shop it around to major studios - it's been going on for years with dark websites like kiwifarms, L-O-L cow… They're neonazi sites : I'm a JEW, so… the uh, hate has been pretty crazy. So, uhm… no, it's not a joke. I can send you a link to the uh, actual thing.

Her rambling is terrifying, she did pick up on how weirded out the guy was with her fake hauty attitude (backed up by zero real experience or work) but decided to make it even worse with the schizo stalking claims. His reaction is priceless, the whole segment 4:00 in should be archived for how good it is

No. 926384

She’s shopping a video of how her mom doxxed people for mean tweets! I mean in some ways she’s great entertainment, comedy gold, just not the way she wants.

**Richard Schertzer is getting some good comments and she can’t delete them - rofl it must be fun at the Trueman place this morning.

No. 926385

I looked at this guy’s twitter and he’s finishing up a documentary on sex workers. He’s actually doing all the things Lillee’s lying about. It’s a shame Lillee was so rude to him because he could have really helped her.

No. 926386

pure comedy. my favourite part is when she mentions the neonazi works at wells fargo and he's just trying to figure out why wells fargo would hire a nazi kek

No. 926388

Lillee (or Laur, who really knows) filed a copyright complaint on YouTube and said in the complaint if YouTube didn’t remove the video she would harm herself. Reno (the other person involved in the copyright dispute) called in a wellness check. Reno’s videos on the whole thing are still up on YouTube.

No. 926389

His other interviews are all of highly problematic people. A guy who got arrested at the Capitol on Jan 6, and a guy who ran for Congress to fight liberals who want China to rule us, because he ‘doesn’t want to learn Mandarin.’ I think Richard chooses the people he interviews knowing full well that he’ll get bizarre conversations on video.

No. 926392

File: 1704821730316.jpg (Spoiler Image,125.25 KB, 188x320, 18033288909066.jpg)

nonnie you're a man

No. 926394

File: 1704821880771.jpg (244.67 KB, 411x337, 18032299709123.jpg)

this is you male para kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 926395

Laur, you need to be kinder to your heart. Who will feed Lillee slop from grubhub if you’re not around?

No. 926396

She’s saying this is legal anon? Doubt it.

They just look like a middle-aged couple on Facebook who have a hell of a better life than her & Earl.

No. 926397

Says lolcow posters are all Nazis yet here she is on lolcow posting a nude pic of a guy who is not related to her drama in any way. You’re sinking lower Laur.

No. 926401

Laur learning to post here is the funniest shit

No. 926402

> You must have my email as we were email back and forth (6'48)

Kek at Laur pretending she is LJ, once again.
LJ can easily access to his email, Laur is not preventing her to read and send emails, LJ is just rude and lazy.

No. 926403

Kiwi farm thread is about Laur, not about her.

And of course she had to mention the Korean dance.
Is there an autistic Anon to count how many times she talked about it?

No. 926406

File: 1704834187140.png (291.03 KB, 1170x1386, Socks.png)

>Richard Schertzer is getting some good comments
Laur’s spamming the comments with positive stuff now. At least a dozen comments, different users, within minutes of each other.

No. 926407

She’s not even trying to space them out, lol

No. 926408

File: 1704834674407.png (997.21 KB, 1080x3848, Haters.png)

Yep. This video is also getting a lot more views than his other videos. The men he interviewed on earlier videos are equally unhinged as Lillee.
This guy knows exactly what he is doing and he has 100% done his homework on Lillee.

No. 926409

File: 1704835052757.png (545.97 KB, 1080x2653, Jeaniez.png)

Their comments aren't doing them any favors. Everyone who watches the interview can see how crazy she is. They are boosting the video with their positive comments. The algorithm is going to recommend it to more viewers now.

No. 926410

> I am glad he is discussing her being Jewish! | saw her Hanukkah post and felt connected.

my sides

No. 926411

>im glad he’s discussing her being Jewish

There was no discussion. She just stated it and kept rambling kek

No. 926414

File: 1704839133078.png (824.36 KB, 1179x3110, plgct.png)

They’re still at it

No. 926417

none of his other interviews have any comments, way to play it cool laur. also noticed he interviewed one of the girls who was on lillee jean talks or whatever she called it

No. 926418

File: 1704840681185.gif (3.79 MB, 480x359, giphy-12.gif)

I love when these dumbasses shoot themselves in the foot.

No. 926419

love user name “ChristJuiceLa-ex9ms” connecting with LJ over being Jewish, Jesus was Jewish after all

No. 926420

File: 1704842113876.png (1.53 MB, 2011x1080, Carlos Miguel interview.png)

Some points from that interview
>They initially thought that I would go to college to become a Veterinarian
Didn't Laur post pictures of ten year old Lillee on Facebook asking advices for how to make her famous?
>I feel fortunate to have such supportive parents because it is rare for actors to have that.
That's incorrect. Most child actors have stage moms supporting them.
>I have always been someone who is perceived to be vulnerable, or underestimated
I thought her parents supported her and believed in her.
>showcase my micro shorts
With her standards every tiktoker could call their dumb skit a micro short film.

No. 926421


Richard knows those are all Laur’s messages btw

No. 926422

>I feel fortunate to have such supportive parents because it is rare for actors to have that.

Not supportive enough to take her to doctors or dentists or provide an education, but hey.

No. 926423

nonnie how do you know this, did he write you & if so let's see the screenshot.

No. 926424

File: 1704852763448.png (43.04 KB, 900x292, Screenshot 2024-01-09 211045.p…)

Seems like he's trying to save face. I feel like if he stood by these words he would have deleted the negative comments. Or maybe he could just like the engagement I guess too. But I really think he's just trying to not shittalk his guests so he can get more unhinged people in his interviews.

No. 926426

I mean, if you want to be a "professional" interviewer it's usually best to refrain from insulting the character of your guests.

No. 926427

>They were there for me when I started creating stop-motion blogs
She was 10. Parents are supposed to be there for their children.

No. 926428

She actually never made those stop motion videos. Her old blog just had photos of dolls in different positions and brief descriptions under each photo.

No. 926430

nonnie he didn't personally write you, that is a compliment on a public platform, that he answered back to you. It wasn't personal to you the way you made us all think. I wish you would stick to facts for all of us, if we are going to have this discussion. Your personal ill feelings are showing. What are you actually trying to tell us all here? You don't like that someone liked her? Pathetic. Kek.(sage your shit)

No. 926431

Found her old blog: http://americangirldolldiscoverys.blogspot.com/

These are the “American doll stop motion videos” that she always talks about.

No. 926432

and? you found a blog from someone who at 10 had a fucken blog. This is definitely worthy of debating on here.(sage your shit)

No. 926433

all of you are using traceable accounts on his channel which nonnie is embarrassing all of us here, & she was like 9 yrs old when she had that blog. Starting to sound pedo & regressed with your autistic minds.(sage your shit)

No. 926434

File: 1704856948146.jpeg (833.38 KB, 1179x1718, IMG_1520.jpeg)


No. 926435

Richard isn’t tracing IPs for you Laur. You’re the only doxxer involved in this story.

No. 926437

Laur, I’ve intercepted your wifi signal through a Meatspin exploit in Lillee’s MacBook. Say goodbye to your Indian bot farm balance, maggot.

No. 926443

Oh noooo Laur is going to reverse goatse us all. The consequences, they will never be the same..
Some people get a job so that their family isn't evicted. Nope, gotta argue with internet strangers all night.

No. 926446

The internet lumberjacks are enroute to her location as we speak.

No. 926447

File: 1704895775122.jpeg (657.98 KB, 1179x1786, IMG_1523.jpeg)

These are so clearly coming from Laur.

No. 926448

File: 1704898818275.png (1.27 MB, 1170x1770, Fakenews.png)

The Daily Wyvern says it’s a place where “liberals and conservatives can spark civil dialogue”. He’s a both sides kind of guy and he’s not going to delete comments. Richard used to work for The Daily Caller, which has been accused of being anti-semitic black website too. Richard uses his main twitter to thirst over sex workers he’s interviewed for his documentary. He was very vocal about his support of Johnny Depp during the trial and was fired from another website for arguing with the owner about live action Disney films (it’s his pinned tweet kek). I find it really hard to believe he didn’t know about Lillee or kiwifarms when he’s been orbiting so many people and topics discussed by the Trueman’s and farmers. Also found a Twitter account with the same name, who follows local reporters/politicians from NY/MD and the same sports teams Richard tweets about. The account really hates Jewish people. It could be a total coincidence but I’m really starting to doubt Richard was just a random guy in her engagement pod.

No. 926450

i am BEGGING the farmhands to compile all of laur's posting history

No. 926452

>anti-semitic black website
I fucking hate the attic pidgin lingo.

I find it hard to believe he would make antisemitic shit posting account using the same name. Even the goblins wouldn't be that dumb.

No. 926454

He can’t be that stupid. Daily Caller link explains all the other weird interviews on his channel.

No. 926455

The last few days of activity have felt like classic Laur/Lillee zaniness, a real return to form, but getting interviewed by an actual anti-semite to complain about "nazi" sites lolcow and Kiwifarms might be a new low even for them

No. 926456

Yeah this week has been classic!

Love how she called the Wells Fargo employee a neo-Nazi but then switched it to "normal people go on these sites".

Just once I'd like to see the Truemans pick a story and stick with it, even something simple like dates and ages, and have it be true. It's like they literally cannot speak truth on ANY topic.

No. 926457

Lillee is clearly special needs so sticking to a story is very hard for her.

No. 926458

IMHO watching Lillee is just troubling, but Laur on the other hand is a genuinely entertaining person. I'd LOVE to watch a reality show of Laur just going through her daily life. I mean that would be a HIT.

No. 926459


I second this.

No. 926460

Season 2 Episode 3: Laur goes to Jersey Mikes

Laur orders an italian sub but the sandwich maker forgets the ham. Hilarity ensues when Laur accuses him of antisemitism.

No. 926462

they weren't replying to your reality show thing, dumbass

No. 926464

They weren’t replying to the reality show, they were replying to the request for farmhands to show Laur’s post history. I support this request as well.

No. 926470

I too support the request to expose the unsaged boomer who is definitely not laur trueman

No. 926471

By the way, just a possibly handy tip for anons: If you're trying to access Lillee's website and keep getting "Access Denied", if you're on a PC, just hit the ESC key before that pop up and it'll give you access to the page you're on. You have to keep doing that for each page, but it basically stops the loading of the blocking mechanism.
Same thing for when you're trying to read news articles and it tells you you're on your last view of the month or whatever.

No. 926472

Likewise if you've got trigger fingers you can circumvent the 'access denied' page restriction by clicking the 'X' that appears next to the URL in the address bar, preventing the page from fully loading. This works for mobile devices as well.

No. 926473

File: 1704931248504.png (1023.44 KB, 1080x952, Madness.png)

Laur seems pissed off. She posted all these stories. Same old screenshots with different link texts. The Wells Fargo employee is the Woman from Maine.
Lillee blew the interview and Laur can cope and seethe about it all she wants.
They already posted edited version of the interview on youtube and vimeo. Are they going to demand Richard delete the original video next?

No. 926475

She’s attributing anonymous lolcow posts to specific people - how???

No. 926476

File: 1704935965325.jpg (73.31 KB, 540x405, 1000048339.jpg)

This is the most Pepe Silvia ass shit I've ever seen

No. 926477

File: 1704936108004.png (244.81 KB, 1080x1080, 2BEEE0EB-CA06-40B0-BAE4-549E26…)

No. 926479

It appears to me that by commenting that he seemed weirded out that she thought she was being incredibly perceptive and provocative, when in fact it was simply rude and unintelligent. If she really had a point and was skilled in conversation, she would have taken it somewhere, meaning she would know how to drive the conversation in a certain direction. Instead, she made the interviewer uncomfortable and made herself look graceless. She wants to be an "entertainer" but making everyone uncomfortable, including the viewer, is not going to take her anywhere.

No. 926480

Why does Laur even care about a YouTuber with no reach? This is the most views he’s ever had and they were all just people who dislike Lillee/Laur.

No. 926481

Yeah the guy usually get 19 views but this one’s at 719 right now. That’s 700 people who came to laugh.

No. 926484

It's also all of her created accounts trying to flood out all the negative comments. And there's some people from her engagement pod there too. But yeah, mainly people trying to warn this dude about her lol

No. 926486

>This guy knows exactly what he is doing

>one of the girls who was on lillee jean talks or whatever she called it
He did an interview with Raquel Aurilla who was indeed on Lj's show.
Raquel seemed depressed but, if true, she did some touring to sing, which is a lot more than Lj ever did.
Raquel talked a lot about scammers, people promising things to her.
She doesn't look very smart so obviously people took advantage of her, but I wonder if she is also refering to the trueman who probably promised her lot of visibility and fame for being in the pod (she probably paid for it) and appearing in Lj's show.

No. 926487

File: 1704971807838.png (1.65 MB, 1243x1071, Cryptoscams.png)

It gets better/worse
>"BFFDEES"/Virginia woman has been convicted of prescription fraud
>Michigan cult member owns a drug house
>Maine cult member resisted arrest when entering public transportation without payment
>Indiana cult member had their mother most recently arrested on theft charges

No. 926488

If you look at the cryptoscammmer image, Laur messaged with them. I can’t believe she thinks this is actually the lady from Maine and not a scammer who got into someone’s old Facebook account. She’s insane.

No. 926489

They bought views for the video. The views stalled around 200 and then shot up. Even at 200 views it’s 20x what he usually gets.

No. 926491

File: 1704980312478.jpg (198.51 KB, 835x740, Vetting.jpg)

YouTube’s already removing the subs they bought him

No. 926492

Every time lillee has some attention here
laur makes sure to steal it

No. 926493

My fb was hacked last year and I haven’t been able to get it back or shut it down and Its sending crypto crap all the time. I traced it as far as Indonesia and that’s about all I can find.

No. 926494

File: 1704989945332.png (659.61 KB, 846x2960, plgct.png)

Good to see that they never stopped wasting money on views and followers. I wonder how much money they spent over the years on this charade.

No. 926498

They should buy views for this one instead.

>the subs they bought him
That's a dick move. Youtube suspends accounts that get caught boosting their views/subs artificially.

No. 926502

can anyone archive the original here? in case he deletes it for some reason, it would be great to have her wild behavior on record

No. 926503

>That's a dick move. Youtube suspends accounts that get caught boosting their views/subs artificially.

Laur’s done it for years though - I wonder if he thinks he actually grew those organically or if he knows they’re bought.

No. 926504

File: 1705021809398.png (949.83 KB, 1125x2001, 2922E097-0559-4571-B4F0-8CE2DD…)

Richard usually interviews sex workers and has a documentary on sex work in progress. No judgement but just curious why Laur chose him.

No. 926506

I hope he realizes what he stumbled upon and does a documentary on the Trueman’s next kek

No. 926513

File: 1705031292023.png (38.66 KB, 784x201, 174597796921.png)

why call yourself anon if you are going to out yourself? also excuse for not contacting fb makes no sense.

No. 926514

File: 1705032551555.png (585.18 KB, 985x668, 179922226545.png)

here is actual screenshot. it is a scam.

No. 926516

Yeah their fb was hacked. Stupid Boomer.

No. 926518

why call yourself anon if you are going to out yourself? also excuse for not contacting fb makes no sense.

What does that even mean - Laur are you drunk on box wine?

No. 926519

Laur what is the point you’re trying to make? Cuz nobody understands.

No. 926520

All this just looks like a garbled mess and the ravings of a madwoman. No sane person would look at this and side with its creator. The entire Project Bullyish (such a weird name) has no cited sources, just random snippets that anyone could compile if they wanted.

No. 926525

Laur you "out yourself" everytime you post here. I wonder if you sit at home every day thinking "how can they always tell it's me?" Embarassing.

No. 926528

Funny how they’re so defensive about the Facebook thing but completely ignore the fact they got caught buying views and subscribers for the engagement pod guy.

No. 926530

I archived it here.
It may take a few days for YouTube videos to become available for playback.

No. 926531


1. The people you’re ‘doxxing’ with OSINT data aren’t regulars here so you’re yelling into a void.

2. The naked guy you posted isn’t our legal anon, it’s just a guy you’re thirsting over cuz he’s hotter than Earl.

3. Lillee actually may have a shot with voiceover work or childrens content - please don’t fuck it up for her.

No. 926532

No, she won't. Her internet history makes her bad P.R. Her best bet is to do some sort of remote call center job and DFE and get off social media for a few years.

No. 926533

DFE, wait 2 years, name change, and keep Laur out of it - only way to fix things.

No. 926547

File: 1705092706210.jpeg (419.95 KB, 1082x858, IMG_1546.jpeg)

No. 926548

>Lillee actually may have a shot with voiceover work
True. This is not bad at all. Laur really should stop sabotaging her daughter's possible career.

No. 926551

VO work is highly sought after and there’s a ton of competition. I don’t see Lillee being easy to work with too.

No. 926562

Thos all reads like a 5th grade paper. Either that or a very rudimentary AI.

No. 926583

File: 1705183902198.png (1.16 MB, 1229x1076, Iraqi fanart.png)

Some weird instagrammer iraqi.icons sent Lillee fan art.
The account has photoshopped magazine covers, declarations of love for some guy named Hector, motivational texts, and praises for Allah.

No. 926590

She definitely paid for this lmfao

No. 926591

File: 1705192884947.jpeg (544.07 KB, 1112x1915, FF0A0037-4ED0-4FBA-AC0F-84BA20…)

Hahaha yeah she sure did.

No. 926600

They’ve pretty much done this twice. After the delusional artist reddit people called her out at 15/16, she took a break and came back as an influencer. They removed all her videos from YouTube and all the makeup stuff from Instagram last year. She’s been really quiet and now Lillee Jean/Lillee Jean Beauty is rebranded as an actress/production company. We’re in the beginning of another cycle of Laur trying to shoehorn Lillee into a career and being chased out once people figure out they’re scam artists.

No. 926601

she doesn’t really want to be a celebrity. Does she realize what the tabloids would do with her? She’d be longing for the old days of just lolcow and Diane.

No. 926634

File: 1705273972891.jpg (256.33 KB, 1080x1133, Five tips to fight AI.jpg)

"Lillee Jean: How AI Is Disrupting Our Industry, and What We Can Do About It"
An Interview With Cynthia Corsetti

Of all the celebrities and interner famous people talking about the hot topic without understanding anything about AI, this one takes the cake.

No. 926635

File: 1705277055435.jpeg (999.35 KB, 1053x1779, B719912A-83D8-4352-9274-E14747…)

Her ignorance knows no limits.

No. 926779

File: 1705521825762.mp4 (7.63 MB, 806x1018, RPReplay_Final1705521624.mp4)

Lillee as Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle

No. 926785

Would love to see her interpretation of Vicky Pollard. The hair and outfit just give me that vibe kek

No. 926787

vidrel for comparison's sake. Lilz really is a mess.

No. 926789

Am I crazy or we can’t barely hear what the fuck she’s saying? Just muttering through the lines.? Also kek in what world is this a production? Awful framing. Anyone can do this in their living room this is cringe.

No. 926796

The fact that she's a nobody who did it in her living room and still failed is beyond pathetic.

No. 926798

She doesn't even know to speak toward the one microphone

No. 926815

File: 1705608151257.jpg (672.91 KB, 890x1196, Screenshot_20240118-145636_Chr…)

Can any salon anons explain what kind of bullshit Lillee would have had to do to her hair to achieve this carrot/piss/dried cat turd color combination she has going on recently? Did she try to bleach out the red with box dye or something?

No. 926839

Imagine if someone sent several photos and videos of Lillee's hair care fail to Brad Mondo and did a video on it that got tons of views.

Laur would lose her shit and have a stroke.

No. 926846

I think I recall an anon mentioning that she may be dying/bleaching her hair but not using the proper shampoo or hair products to maintain the color, so it comes out as green-ish or piss colored.

No. 926847

Most of us who color go to our salon every 6-8 weeks. Seriously, has Lillee EVER gone to a professional? She seems to be exclusively home colored.

No. 926852

File: 1705639000041.png (14.23 MB, 1179x7984, plgct.png)

Lillee went outside!

No. 926858

File: 1705649023733.jpeg (216.09 KB, 1119x1261, 05EAF5BB-DE4C-4A7C-B765-AFE852…)

Hopelessly untalented. And Bad Bunny will never date you.

No. 926873

“Micro Short Comedy Film” = A low quality TikTok.

But she’ll post in on a blocked page only bots comment on and then list it on IMDB as a major motion picture. Reality is never a consideration for these two.

No. 926887

How old is that iPhone? Looks like an old model
Why is the description referring to her as Jean?

No. 926888

Drop the video already! How long are they going to hype it? This is not what a trailer is supposed to be btw. Trailers should have material from the upcoming film. Not clips from actors' previous films.

>Why is the description referring to her as Jean?
I was wondering about that too. Her last name is not Jean, right?

No. 926896

Lilz has got crazy eyes here, but in her defense J-Law isn't really a good actress herself. That scene was terrible all around.
>Apple Bottomost
And wtf Bad Bunny?? Since when did LJ listen to that kind of music? I would've expected someone more like Ed Sheeran or whatever 80s musician that Laur listens/listened to
No her family name is Trueman. Just another example of attic pidgin at work.

No. 926901

File: 1705704691697.mp4 (11.42 MB, So_Lillo_Qui-Bloopers_GAG_REEL…)

"In this hilarious gag reel, Lillee Jean shows her personality! She never takes herself too seriously! Here is the latest episode of So Lillo Qui, titled Best Of Lillee Bloopers. She performs two recent scenes, and from her film MISS ROXIE, showing behind-the-scenes in this gag reel with 100% laughter promised!"

No. 926923

God, I cringed the entire time. How embarrassing.

No. 926928

I also had an insane helicopter mom. Moving, going no contact with her and going into therapy for cptsd have been life changing

No. 926929

Jesus christ this is so embarrassing… I couldn't understand what she was laughing about in any of these "scenes". Her loud fake laugh is really off-putting and none of that felt natural at all. Also laur was just grunting most of the time, wtf?

No. 926931

Glad I'm not the only one who felt the laughing was super fake?? She strikes me as the type to never laugh at anything actually funny, and only laughs at fucked up shit like watching someone get tortured. This whole scream-laughing after messing up one line is completely performative and is coming from someone who doesn't know when something is actually funny. It's straight up uncanny valley.

No. 926933

Shes like a bad ai that got fed a bunch of blooper reels, and is now poorly trying to imitate it, not understanding the concept beyond "I say line bad and immediately laugh"

No. 926945

It feels like she’s been so confined that she now believes that what passes for amusement to her would entertain others, because she just has no clue of what’s normal. Her mother is evil.

No. 926990

File: 1705838806796.jpeg (45.09 KB, 640x1136, Honeypot.jpeg)

Laur's insta story. Don't click that link, nonitas! It's obviously a trap.

No. 927006

the shoop on this is crazy. she looks like an ai

No. 927011

“Filmmaker” meaning “unsteady holder of the dated iPhone”.

I can’t think of anything sadder than their pathetic need to pretend they have fake accomplishments - in a world where everyone
else understands you need education and real work to have achievements.

No. 927015

File: 1705863629559.jpeg (45.48 KB, 640x1136, Proud of you.jpeg)

Lillee is proud of her mom. Are they trying to pull this prop master scam again?

No. 927029

This Johnny Depp thing was proven false already. IMDB even removed her claims and told her her “proof” didn’t fly.

No. 927102

"My mom's name is not Laur it's Laura."

And yet look at how she wrote it. Can't even keep their lies straight.

No. 927121

File: 1706007876501.png (1.43 MB, 1230x1080, Outside with camera and car.pn…)

Lillee is working on "The Trapper Trap - Part 1". She is holding a Canon digital camera and you can see a car behind her in the second pic. So, the nonnies talking about Laur losing her car and Lillee making movies with outdated iPhone are clearly haterz. Y'all be spreading fake news. Kek.

Here's an article about her little project
"Film Location — Queens, New York City and Miami, Florida" Does this mean they are not going to meet in person?

No. 927135

File: 1706025424710.jpg (2.28 MB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_c389dce69c9843b4b6330d9…)

No. 927136

File: 1706025564591.jpg (608.1 KB, 1172x1465, ea80ef_80373ecc94ab49ddb74a07a…)

No. 927137

File: 1706025721043.jpg (810.07 KB, 1172x1465, ea80ef_720f73bab8cb426e8d71f8a…)

No. 927140

Weighing down the hand that steadies the camera with a gaudy purse classic LJ

No. 927146

what is she taking pictures of? the half melted quarter inch of snow thats left on the sidewalk?

No. 927162

File: 1706049632631.jpeg (143.26 KB, 1440x900, IMG_0962.jpeg)

it’s giving blue steel

No. 927195

File: 1706113758820.jpg (3.15 MB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_921692c15bac49569182378…)

During a snowy stroll through New York City, Lillee Jean wore Calvin Klein red heels, a red cropped top, and tailored gold zipper black pants. The actress was on location in Queens, New York City, scouting for "The Trapper Trap - Part 1". Together with Edgardo Rubio, a famous comedian and Puerto Rican actor, Lillee Jean will direct, star in and write the original script.

No. 927196

File: 1706113916137.jpg (3.1 MB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_ef33c9bcb9db44ce8274591…)

No. 927197

File: 1706114109131.jpg (3.39 MB, 1280x1920, ea80ef_39b082d01f6b4b92ad430a2…)

there's something odd happening with her midsection in these pics

No. 927198

File: 1706114341252.jpg (51.1 KB, 309x465, ea80ef_a18561a6408a40a4a999c37…)

She truly has a face made for radio

No. 927202

Look at the warping on the sidewalk, fence and tree behind her. It’s heavily edited. They used some sort of smoothing tool on her stomach.

No. 927203

Lillee, you shouldn’t use this pose again because the combination of your pose and black jeans makes it look like your legs start just a couple of inches above your knees. You straight up look like a midget here.

No. 927204

Given how lumpy and jiggly her belly was in her "proof of fitness" video here >>926116 I'm sure she heavily shoops any photos where her torso is visible. Right above the waistband of her pants it looks a bit like she's got a big rash that runs from hip-to-hip, though? She and Laur have seemed frantic and manic lately. Stress could have caused a flare up of Lillee's psoriasis. They need to stop making these terrible "short films," put the cANon dIGitAL cAMerA down and get Lils in to see a dermatologist.

No. 927205

File: 1706124277663.jpeg (128.14 KB, 409x457, IMG_1684.jpeg)

You’re telling me these aren’t abs?!

No. 927209

File: 1706136774018.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1179x1849, IMG_1692.jpeg)

No. 927210

File: 1706136974282.png (211.42 KB, 429x304, plgct.png)

Expectation vs reality

No. 927220

File: 1706156167651.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1328, 1506530C-54A7-4338-BBDE-9EC6E5…)

Bad Bunny’s girlfriend, Lillee.

No. 927238

File: 1706213645517.jpeg (159.29 KB, 1080x1920, Rash.jpeg)

>Stress could have caused a flare up of Lillee's psoriasis.
Oh that's why her face has such weird color in this pic.
Didn't want to post this one earlier because it could come across nitpicking and hurt someone's feelings.

No. 927248

File: 1706238303497.jpeg (754.25 KB, 1179x1952, IMG_1714.jpeg)

Did she finally get her license?

No. 927257

She looks like she has diastasis recti

No. 927260

File: 1706293697183.jpeg (213.7 KB, 1080x1920, Plans.jpeg)

Lillee is going to Miami this Spring! Good for her to get out of the attic. Wonder what film festivals they have in mind for their masterpiece.

No. 927261

Wow when's the last time she left NY? Has she ever left NY?
I can already imagine Laur stomping about in her early 2000s wedge flip flops crying about how hot it is.

No. 927262

don't they have family in Florida? otherwise I don't know how they would afford that