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File: 1704996091892.jpg (182.16 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1953793

The Norris Nuts are an Australian vlogging family with 7m youtube subscribers (on their main channel) mostly known for their controversies. The family consists of:
Mom, Brooke Norris - 43
Dad, Justin Norris (famous ex olympic swimmer) - 43
Sabre Norris - 19
Sockie - 16
Biggy - 14
Naz - 13
Disco - 5
Charm - 4

Their whole social media presence is extremely controversial:

>The dad (Justin) stood on their dog and therefore murdered it, played the victim in their youtube video surrounding it's death.

>The parents are extremely controlling with their 6 children.
>The family have bought 6 pets in the past 2 years, but currently only still have 2 remaining/alive.
>The parents (Justin and Brooke) have continiously orchestrated fights between their children for social media attention and views.
>Give their kids retarded names.
>Have shown close ups of their 13 year old daughter's camel toe in a wetsuit.
>Child exploitation and consistent pedo catering.
>Exploiting Sabre's medical/growth issues for views.
>Their oldest daughter, Sabre, constantly, and I mean constantly, speaks to her young audience about how she needs to lose weight (she said this at a low weight but has now gotten fat) which is extremely damaging.
- Records their kids mental breakdowns/crying fits since they were young.

Their social media links:
Merch: https://norrisnuts.shop/

No. 1953838

Sounds like the parents need to be in jail. Disgusting pieces of shit.

No. 1953846

These people are full-blown horrorcows

No. 1953902

>Give their kids retarded names.
Why is this getting more common? It's not milky or funny. Just padding.

No. 1953923

They really do. They've been exploiting and emotionally neglecting their kids for over 8 years now. I'm surprised somebody hasn't made a thread already, tbh. Every new youtube video they post is milky.

No. 1953930

Some more milky stuff, one of their sons singing the n word a couple years back as he's been taught this is socially acceptable in today's society..

No. 1953931

File: 1705009246160.webm (249.95 KB, 554x480, FinalVideo_1652139895.023794 (…)

No. 1953935

File: 1705009346408.png (852.28 KB, 1308x852, Screenshot 2024-01-11 214342.p…)

Biggy's creepy letter about flashing his penis to santa (due to his parents shit Parenting)

No. 1953941

File: 1705009546069.webm (1.27 MB, 1024x576, Download (33).webm)

Sorry for spam replies, trying to include more milky stuff since there is so much to go from.

The clips/screenshots I posted of biggy are from a while ago, now he has turned into a prepubescent average teenage boy who speaks about women like shit. Video attached. He isn't even the worst of the siblings, Sabre and Naz are on a whole other level of undisciplined shitbags.

No. 1953975

No. 1953978

Sorry, I thought I included that kek

No. 1954095

File: 1705044428748.jpeg (336.84 KB, 795x538, IMG_5298.jpeg)

How is there little to no hate in their comments and why are they dressed like teenagers

No. 1954578

what is wrong with you ??

No. 1954587

File: 1705149882111.jpeg (48.35 KB, 484x828, IMG_2463.jpeg)

No. 1954706

The idiot's probably as old as them. Parents should stop giving kiddos unsupervised internet access.
That, or he's the typical "trying to get a rise out of people so they at least notice I exist" internet idiot.

No. 1954895

It’s an attention seeking moid, he posts all over snow and mods refuse to delete his posts and that just feeds his whorish need for attention even further

No. 1955478

File: 1705350457926.webm (1.16 MB, 690x480, copy_D8E92F5D-3C14-4CC2-9AC2-B…)

Sabre, when asked by her younger sister, Sockie, what book out of ANY she'd probably like to star in most in a movie rendition/adaptation, answers with a disgustingly written erotica that reached fame on 'booktok.' The book has such terrible smut that seems like it'd be written by a moid. Great example you're setting to your 8-12 year old audience, Sabre. Bro could've chosen a horror, a romance, a mystery but instead chooses this. I'm genuinely confused why she'd say that?? Is she not embarrassed on her family channel, where every sibling is younger than her??

No. 1955479

File: 1705350664211.png (Spoiler Image,133.02 KB, 972x745, Screenshot 2024-01-15 203223.p…)

1 single extract out of about 50 of the book by the way ..

No. 1955482

This is so corny lol

No. 1955484

Are the kids named after rappers???

No. 1955492

File: 1705352454488.jpeg (Spoiler Image,207.47 KB, 653x515, 3E5E28FB-BB4C-47C1-A72D-DECB48…)

tbh icebreaker goes beyond cringey. even for romance books it’s truly some anti-woman, pornbrained shit (picrel is one of the nastiest paragraphs) like the knowledge that teen girls read this makes me ill

No. 1955494

File: 1705353423968.webm (1.48 MB, 360x640, copy_0A2BB233-8F93-4EC8-ADF9-6…)

For one of the most recently birthed kids, they chose a name out of a hat full of names the siblings chose, and they're beyond retarded.. Vid related

No. 1955496

No, literally. Booktok makes the most appalling. sickeningly bad books famous kek.

No. 1955498

>full stop ?? wtf

No. 1955571

their queen is colleen hoover which tells you all you need to know.

No. 1955645

This boy is slurring and slouched over like an end stage alcoholic that just shit his pants. Meanwhile the girls look like they'd have an OCD induced breakdown if a few stray hairs ruined their part. I don't know why everyone is so obsessed with trains as if the garden variety gender specials arent milky enough. They are still kids and yet completely buck broken by society. Cursed

No. 1955754

File: 1705410910262.webm (2.71 MB, 640x616, RPReplay_Final1705410758.webm)

kek wtf is wrong with this kid

No. 1955755

File: 1705410982494.png (364.32 KB, 612x572, ummm.png)


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