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Hellweek is over! Share your thoughts

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No. 67909

Hellweek is over. In the next day or so we will update this thread with some statistics about moderator actions over the last 2 weeks, as well summary of what we have learned and any changes for the future.

The core of this community is (and always has been) discussing and documenting lolcows. This site exists to serve farmers. Part of the reason that board culture has degraded as much as it has is due to the number of posters who are not here for the milk, but instead to use /ot/ and /g/ like a chatroom and without any attempt to integrate or use the site as intended.

The quality of posting has also dropped significantly in recent weeks, particularly in relation to blatant bait being posted in /ot/, /g/, and in milk threads that attract a certain crowd (such as Tradthots). A lot of this traffic is from ban-evading spammers and tourists posting in bad faith, but they are only able to disrupt threads as much as they do because of how many users keep taking the bait. We have noticed that many long-term users see this for what it is and have been calling it out, but the number of other users who continue to engage with it have been exacerbating this problem significantly.

If you are not a farmer, you are merely a guest here. You are a welcome guest as long as you integrate and follow the rules. If you continuously post without regard for the rules or board etiquette and culture, that privilege can and will be revoked. Frequent rule-breaking, infighting and trolling will be met with a permanent ban. You can screech as much as you want about how the site will die without your low effort shitposts, but we do not care. Slower boards with better quality posts is preferable over the current state of the site.

During this Hellweek, we want to get the site health and quality of posting back on track, and we will be facilitating this in a number of ways:

  • All topicless, chat-style/shitposting threads will be locked for the duration. Do not make new threads to replace them. Do not try to cicumvent this by giving them new titles.
  • The cooldown required between making posts will be increased to 2 minutes (it is currently 30 seconds)
  • As it has been a particular problem, all posts breaking global rule 7 (racebaiting) will receive 3 day unappealable bans. Users with very little else in their post history will be assumed to be posting in bad faith and be permanently banned
  • Blackpill posting outside of /2X/ will be treated as bait and banned accordingly
  • Every response to blatant bait will receive a ban. Report bait and do not respond
  • Every post accusing someone of being a scrote/tranny will receive a ban. Report suspected males and do not respond
  • Reporting someone you disagree with for being a moid/tranny will receive a ban. The vast majority of reports we receive accusing a user of being male are incorrect. Women are not a monolith and can have opinions that you do not like
  • Reporting posts for retarded reasons will receive a ban, e.g. an anon posting an unpopular opinion in the Unpopular Opinion thread is not bait, please use your brain

As always, please use this thread to provide feedback on moderation decisions throughout the week!

No. 67911

What is considered a topicless chat style thread? Like dumbass shit and retarded shitposting etc?

No. 67912

yes, those are exactly the sort of threads we mean

No. 67914

File: 1705873098858.png (620.58 KB, 790x531, happyfarmer.png)

Oh hell yeah! Thank you Cerbmin!

No. 67917

>The vast majority of reports we receive accusing a user of being male are incorrect.
But all we have to go on is suspicion unless the poster literally says "As a man," or something. How are we supposed to know if we're correct before we report? What if some anon is posting shit like "she deserved to be raped and abused it's her own fault" (paraphrasing but something I have seen before and reported as a moid)?
It's Hell Week after all so by all means be more strict about it but what are the exact criteria here? Only report for being male if they explicitly mention their cock and balls?

No. 67918

If someone posts something like that it's probably safer to just report it as bait

No. 67919

please just report them as bait as >>67918 has said. Generally, if the post is very clearly a moid EG 'as a man…', 'my dick/balls…' report them as a moid. It has to be extremely obvious and/or there is proof and evidence of the accusation that goes beyond 'they use moidspeak!'.

No. 67920

File: 1705875296846.png (388.26 KB, 420x401, 1602551037853.png)

Thank you

No. 67921

File: 1705875632106.gif (1.34 MB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

at risk of being a cringe bootlicker, this is honestly pretty based. this website getting infested with twitter "radfems" and discordfags was the kiss of death, I hope clamping down on those posters makes a difference

No. 67922

File: 1705875809662.jpg (56.75 KB, 439x423, 19003n.jpg)


No. 67923

Why does dumbass shit have to be shut down

No. 67924

So basically moids can be here as long as they don’t outright say it. Got it

No. 67926

That's always been how it is. It's in the rules. You can't actually reliably ban posters for being male on an anonymous site, mods just have to go off of them announcing themselves.

No. 67927

Then why do we act like lolcow is an imageboard for females if we can’t utilize our feminine intuition that a moid is in our midst. It’s not making any sense.

No. 67928

File: 1705877082029.jpg (187.21 KB, 1024x678, 6326998115_7f9f3ab45f_b.jpg)

Fuck yeah, this is excellent news

No. 67929

I’m sorry but “female intuition” isn’t some ironclad thing especially not over text. Most moid accusations are on the basis of stereotypes or even just someone expressing themselves bluntly. Unless you want DNA verification to post here there will always be moids who just don’t announce themselves, sorry.

No. 67930

>lolcow is an imageboard for females
But technically, according to the rules, it isn’t, right? It’s a gossip site that has a rule firbidding moids attention whoring by mentioning they are a man. I don’t think ”you can’t use this site if you are a man!!” rule could be reliably enforced though.

>our feminine intuition

That’s pretty hard based on a single post though. Like think about how many tradthots there are in the world? You disagree with them and they have opinions men would have but they are still women.

No. 67931

The rule has always said that you can't announce yourself. It was originally meant to keep moids from posting "As a man, I wouldn't fuck her" and "man here, I'd date you" posters, not literally keep men from posting. We can only discourage it and make it boring for them by not replying and just quietly reporting.

No. 67932

Ntayrt and I admit I’m a newfag, but really? Even if it’s impossible to verify someone as male, I thought it was at least unwanted for men to be posting here regardless of if they announce it or not.

No. 67933

I mean we don't but you can't verify people's sex here.

No. 67934

what time in which timezone does it start?

No. 67935

are confessions, vent or things you hate threads also going to be locked or only dumbass shit and retarded shitposting?

No. 67936

>admits to being a newfag
then use your brain stop posting and lurk

No. 67937

I hope to see impossible dreams, tech thread, obsessions with people return… so much good /ot/ content killed by the ‘big six’

No. 67938

Says a lot that even this site mirrors the centralization of mainstream internet, doesn't it?

No. 67939

Damn. I never thought about it that way but good point.

No. 67941

>twitter "radfems"
what do you mean by this?

No. 67943

At this point is there a way to separate /ot/ from the rest of the site? The milk has been dry for a while and unless you are super into nitpicking fat whore's rolls there isnt much milk to talk about anymore. I think the lack of milk is also part of the problem, pretty much all /snow/ threads have been infested by the worst kind of posters that just nitpick, blogpost, dont integrate, derrail and racebait without contributing much. It's a shame crystal cafe has dead moderation.

No. 67945

Thank you farmhands, too many unintegrated hostile and retarded newfags recently, specially in /ot/

No. 67947

I like the radfems, it's the TikTok/twitter faggotry what kills the site for me.

No. 67948

I find it weird kiwi has tons of active cows which seem to be doing stuff, just check out the pinned posts. Doesn’t seem to be a lack of milk but maybe we’re following the wrong people.

No. 67950

>If you are not a farmer, you are merely a guest here.
do i count as a farmer if i mostly just lurk /snow/? i don't really contribute milk unless it's a stray troon i've sighted in the wild (i'm commonly only there for tranny threads)

No. 67951

NTA so can't speak for that anon but it makes me think of RFH and people who use misandry like a quirky internet personality but don't live it or even really mean it outside their edgelord posting.

No. 67952

I think the problem is that a lot of cows started with “what do u think about x?” discussion threads and now that you need to collect all the info, nobody really collects info/screencaps outside of the thread starter until the cow is established. I’ve seen kiwi ppl discuss in one thread and PM each other to make a master post. I think that’s why we barely have new cows.

No. 67953

File: 1705883124129.jpeg (149.6 KB, 1638x1552, IMG_3248.jpeg)

>If you are not a farmer, you are merely a guest here.

No. 67954

Can you please ban retarded stan twitter lingo from people who can't use caps appropriately in a sentence like "he's such a male lesbian" etc?

No. 67956

I hope you and all the stupid retards shitting /ot/ with your overt zoomer memes and tiktok lingo get permanently banned.

No. 67957

File: 1705884089728.mp4 (4.36 MB, 1920x1080, i literally hate my life.mp4)

kiwicows are equally milky. In fact, there was some drama because a super boring cow thats their equivalent of shayna won cow of the year. The only milky kf cow i follow is bossmanjack, but he doesnt seem like the type of cow farmers would like to follow.

No. 67958

i meant equally unmilky.

No. 67959

You count but learn to write better so your typing style isn't as obvious.

No. 67970

Typing in all lowercase shouldn't be bannable IMO but typing like Shayna (using "u" and "r" type abbreviations) should be. I feel like I shouldn't even have to bring this up yet I've seen posts like this recently

No. 67974

I remember farmhands banning typing in all lowercase back in the day due to sticking out too much and lack of integration. We need to implement that more, not all anons who type like that are bad but most are unfunny unintegrated loosers that come straight out of social media with shitty memes.

No. 67978

Really? I've been here 6+ years and remember discussion about it possibly being bannable but that never coming to fruition because too many people disagreed about whether it should be or not. I agree about the stan twitter lingo and nonsense like "male lesbian" – maybe it should be just a general integration thing like paragraphs vs reddit spacing, like an unintegrated post may or may not have either of these issues but having them makes them more unintegrated if that makes sense? I also feel like diversity of typing styles can help to make it more anonymous because rigidity in requirements may lead to other tells because not everyone will type exactly the same even if they try to. Maybe I'm overthinking it kek

No. 67979

typing in all lowercase just means you arent a filthy phonefaggot

No. 67984

Lurk for what? I admitted it because I was asking a question, but I’ve been here for a couple of months and have been doing just fine.

No. 67986

The farmhands themselves type in lowercase >>67912 (there's many more examples in the off topic boards) so that would be hypocritical

No. 67987

yes, please report those as 'integrate' or 'twitter lingo'.
no we aren't going to enforce that, as the other farmer said our own staff type that way (myself included). However, if a person's typing pattern is egregious enough that it starts looking like personalityfagging, please report them as such and we will take a look.

No. 67988

>All topicless, chat-style/shitposting threads will be locked for the duration.
Why would you close the perfect honeypot for bans? But I guess at least you left unpopular opinions open for that.
>Reporting posts for retarded reasons will receive a ban, e.g. an anon posting an unpopular opinion in the Unpopular Opinion thread is not bait
Nevermind. This plus not being allowed to point out or report moids unless they explicitly mention their scrotum is just contraproductive. They'll use this as an excuse to bait freely all day.

No. 67990

Something should be done about the increase in vocaroo posting. Idk what tho, and idk why it keeps happening in multiple threads when that used to be shamed.

No. 67993

where have you seen vocaroo posting? i only remember the anon in the lesbian thread around a month(?) ago.

No. 67994

Nta but there was someone in the vent thread posting them today, and I think like last week in the dumbass shit thread.

The dumbass shit thread one kind of made me cringe because anons were egging on the anon posting them by saying it was funny and cute iirc. I feel like not to long ago anons would've been told to stop being retarded and fuck off if they posted vocaroos.

No. 67995

all of the replies to this saying "don't worry it's not actually an imageboard for females" sure is great

No. 67996

I agree, vocaroos used to be literally non existent in this website, they should get banned for attention whoring.

No. 67998

Feminine intuition sounds like pseudoscience woowoo shit but otherwise I agree that some posts do reek of male posting, it's the subtle cues, hard to explain but it's not just "intuition", it's literally what they say and how they act.

No. 67999

>I feel like not to long ago anons would've been told to stop being retarded and fuck off if they posted vocaroos.
The dumbass shit thread has become a refugee camp for people who don't belong in this website as a whole. It's so obvious and yet so many anons deny it, but hellweek will help put things in place.

No. 68000

Newfags detected. There used to be Vocaroo threads all the time years and years ago, see:

No. 68001

Samefag, but also notice how males posted back then and they weren't banned. Because despite what the retards who post these days say, lolcow did not used to be a female only website, we just banned males who identified themselves. If you see old Hellweek threads, it was never about erradicating males completely but forcing them to integrate and stop attentionwhoreing:
I don't have a problem with the site being female only because I'd rather not interact with males either, but to act as if this has always been the way is just pure newfaggotry

No. 68002

Nta but I knew someone was going to say this. Yeah no shit there used to be threads for that, but over time they became less common since it just looks like attention whoring. Same reason why that thread where you fill out a template about yourself from around the same time as that thread is now dead, anons would shit on people who fill it out.

No. 68003

see, "feminine intuition" sounds like some shit a tranny would say to me.

No. 68004

It is but this is also an anonymous site so you need to be reasonable about your expectations

No. 68005

This. I've been lurking for almost 10 years now and just because vocaroos were posted once years and years ago doesn't mean it wasn't attention whoring. Why defend the retards who are posting this shit in every thread recently? Those are the real newfags.

No. 68006

Overt males should be banned, that's it. It's always been that. But sometimes those males are quite obvious even without announcing themselves. If they stay hidden and don't cause trouble who cares, that doesn't mean the moderation should be lesser or let their obvious male bait go unbanned more. It can stick out quite a lot. They're fucking annoying, that's the whole point.

No. 68007

They're not mutually exclusive from my experience. You get pleanty of cross over.

No. 68008

Just to clarify, posts that are obviously male should still be reported even if they haven't literally mentioned they have a dick, e.g. the ban evading scrote that keeps thirstposting in the pro-ana scumbags thread. The issue we have is that anons' intuition is really not as good as they think. The vast majority of posts reported for being a scrote/tranny are regular board users posting in a way that another anon does not like, having an opinion they feel a woman should not have, etc. Any user reporting a post for being male where it is actually a scrote will never be banned or punished for it.

Please report any instance of anons posting like this if it doesn't make sense in the context of the thread and/or is clearly for attention. Attentionwhoring does not belong on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 68010

>The vast majority of posts reported for being a scrote/tranny are regular board users posting in a way that another anon does not like, having an opinion they feel a woman should not have, etc
Based. Inb4 some twitterfag tries to clock me for using "moid" speak, kek.

No. 68011

Do you use the tranny red text just for fun sometimes then? Because I got a temporary ban once out of nowhere and the ban reason said “hi stephan” and I have no idea what it even referred to. My post history should have made it blatantly clear that I’m not a troon. Although other anons have said that the mods don’t even check post history and that it isn’t reliable or something

No. 68013

This is kind of confusing. So what separates the male posts from regular anons who have misogynistic opinions? Like the example in the spoiler here >>67917 and similar things like that, how would anyone know the difference?

No. 68015

Could jannies also ban anons who decide to take their insights across multiple threads? I used to see it banned but it seems it's rarely enforced now.

No. 68022

File: 1705906894842.png (44.62 KB, 646x177, 9011d3d53dd0c9db7e3ba9cd70ed07…)

As the other farmhand mentioned, that post is rulebreaking either way, so you can just report it as the rule it's breaking (bait in this case). However, anons reporting posts like that for being male aren't the ones causing problems, it's the ones like picrel that we're ultimately trying to stamp out. We get hundreds of reports a day, it makes our jobs harder when we have to sift through frivolous reports. False moid/tranny accusations make up the bulk of the pointless reports, which is why we're targeting them during Hellweek.

No. 68023

this should be a banner

No. 68024

Please answer my question.

No. 68028

>Why would you close the perfect honeypot for bans?
That is a good point. I can understand closing the threads to send a message and hopefully get rid of some easily bored offenders. But what if they just continue as usual after the week is over?

No. 68030

a banner if you will

No. 68036

Actually kind of hyped for this, thank you jannies. I like posting in /ot/ but it's true it became infested by zoomer discordfags that are incapable of separating their online personas from an anonymous imageboard. I lurk in an lc discord where certain users will post the same shit both in the discord and on lc all the time to get more engagement, it's so strange.

No. 68040

Admins are going to permaban farmers from seeing with the eyebleeding Hellweek theme.

No. 68041

I think a three strikes system should be implemented, first rule rule-break(one day ban) second rule-break(three day ban) third rule-break(perma-ban)

No. 68042

So misogynistic opinion =/= male because 'women no monolith' but how do you distinguish between actual unpopular/misogynistic opinion and bait then? Is that just arbitrary?

No. 68043

I agree. like some could be from general radfem opinion liking disliking women who weak make-up

No. 68047

I want in on that discord

No. 68049

Based farmhands and admins thank you for a hellweek!! Fuck the /ot/ culture, can’t wait for lolcow to be back to normal again

No. 68050

is there a way to deactivate the falling "read the rules" text?

No. 68051

File: 1705921438287.png (29.2 KB, 716x530, Screenshot 2024-01-22 120501.p…)

Click the animated fire

No. 68052

thank you!

No. 68056

>But what if they just continue as usual after the week is over?

ideally we would just have more hellweeks like we used to in the past, but honestly i was thinking the same thing. no one seems to have the balls to just come out and say it but the board has been infested with fucking normies like >>67938 pointed out. i know people get mad when you use terms like that but it's the absolute truth, i am not just saying it to be an asshole or offend people. things wouldn't be so bad here if a lot of the oldfag posters hadn't left/been bullied off the boards, and tbh sometimes it's hard to continue to post here with my own personal responsibilities but also trying not to get into it too much with the people who have come here now.

people do not want to admit that it's more than just twitterfags/discordfags/etc. posting on the boards…they've done a lot to try to change the board culture in the 2 years since we've seen the decline of the boards and imho done a pretty good job of erasing the history of lolcow. i've been here for a long time; we've always had groups of curious cruisers coming in from places like youtube, instagram, tik tok, twitter, but it's never been this bad where they've completely taken over and there's a definite split between the site. i've never been a big /ot/ user but i definitely enjoyed going there when i needed to cool down or just wanted to take a break from gossiping. these groups usually leave after a couple of months because most of them don't like the anonymity of imageboards as they can't obsessively target and harass specific users. i know too we've always had personalityfags but apart of the reason why they've gotten so bad recently is because the normies keep feeding into it. before we all knew just to ignore them and they would eventually, go away and find somewhere else to haunt.

i've also watched these people terrorize older posters who have been here for years in the hopes that they could totally rewrite the history of lolcow. it's become obvious now as whenever you bring up staminarose or early lolcow culture in any capacity, you'll get accused of being a "scrote" or trying to "bait" people because early lolcow was apparently full of scrotes. i've also seen these people say things like "lolcow TO ME is xyz thing that is totally not what this site about". just totally ignoring years and years of history to fit within their own personal narratives, it's bizarre. so to me these people definitely know what they are doing and even if they weren't necessarily all colluding with one another to change the board culture to what they want, their end goal was to gentrify and astroturf the boards and turn it into facebook 2.0.

i don't want to go on too long because i am probably going to get jumped for even posting this but…idk what to think anymore. i like cerbmin, and i've been happy with the moderation so far so i don't blame them for it at all and i hope they can continue to keep lolcow alive as best as they can. but i think this is just a wider net issue as other communities are complaining about the same thing. ever since covid, things online haven't been the same. too much mental illness, too much paranoia from hate watch groups who want to herd everyone onto the big platforms because apparently posting on imageboards makes you a literal terrorist.

No. 68057


No. 68058

Bless you, nona, that was hard on my eyes.
Godspeed, admin.

No. 68059

The flames at the bottom of every theme are fucking annoying and the white on grey is hard to read. Why.

No. 68060

I think this is a good idea as I just saw the worst racebaiting (white women vs brown women) in lolcow history happened on tradthots thread about 12-13 hours ago. Half of that thread is about racebaiting tbh I hope hellweek helps but I’m not so sure

No. 68061

Thank you for this. In the past month, I've noticed a sharp decline in quality on /g/ to the point where it's nearly unreadable, and honestly I gave up on /ot/ two years ago. I wondered if I was just too sensitive, so I feel relieved to know that it's not just me. I hope that this Hell Week will discourage bait posters and bait takers alike, and that overall we'll see more effortposting across the site.
I think you're right that this issue goes beyond lcf. it's a cultural problem with complicated roots that I'm not sure any of us can adequately address… but all change starts with the individual. Speaking your mind and sharing your perspective as a genuine oldfag brings us one post closer to a healthy and thriving imageboard. I hope that more people will offer commentary on their hopes and fears for the future of the site. Whatever the results of this Hell Week, at least we can say that we tried.

No. 68063

I agree in principle, the problem is a Hellweek probably will get rid of some newfags but it won’t bring back the oldfags. That part is gone.

No. 68065

Agree. Why does this have to replace every theme? Try changing your theme to jungle, anon. It's slightly better. Also if you're on chrome, get the extension called Text Mode.

No. 68067

Since when? There’s always been a culture of “women only” here, and i don’t give a fuck what you say, you CAN tell when a poster is male. They make blatant threats toward posters over nothing and they use misogynistic language that women don’t use. We can tell.
For other anons concerned about this i guess just report it as bait instead of as scrote unless they specifically mention their dick. RIP to all the real ones who don’t do this and suffer a ban for trying to keep the place scrote-free.

No. 68068

Its just arbitrary clearly and up to the farmhands personal opinion and whoever recently gets their panties in a twist lurking. Black pill posts are also considered bannable outside the dead hidden board so that should tell you the whole "women are not a monolith claim is true up until women say something un-befitting of the monolith.

Also this forced theme is an eyesore, please enable the option for other ones back again.

No. 68069

I am a little confused about these two rules and how they work with each other:
>Report suspected males and do not respond
>Reporting someone you disagree with for being a moid/tranny will receive a ban. The vast majority of reports we receive accusing a user of being male are incorrect. Women are not a monolith and can have opinions that you do not like
So, we’re supposed to report posts that we suspect are moids (makes sense), but also if we happen to be wrong, we get banned? This doesn’t make any sense to me, seems like it will just lead to nobody reporting unless a moid is actually posting his literal penis in the thread.

No. 68070

I think the decline began with the absolutely retarded shitposting threads in /ot/. The posting style took over dumbass shit and other threads as well.
And then the worst happened, we got the newfags who think this is their chatroom and then they don't want to integrate.
Putting some sort of effort in your post should definitely be encouraged now, that is one way to combat it.

No. 68071

I guess it’s to clamp down on cockbreath-chan specifically

No. 68072

As anon said before, you can definitely tell when a male is posting

No. 68073

nta but what would you consider an obvious moid post?

No. 68075

Making threads locked untill they see fit is a great way to weedout

No. 68076

I think so too, but farmhands say now that “most of us are wrong” so will start banning us for reporting moidy posts. This really seems like a mistake to me because in my opinion, as a female-only site, having farmhands check if someone posting moid like takes is a man should be a basic function of their duties, not an “annoyance” to be clamped down on.

No. 68077

i hate /ot/ these days but i went there and was complaining about the youtube adblock thing, and someone responded "you're a fucking idiot for using adblock, i hope your computer gets hacked and destroyed for not using ublock instead". shit like that. women don't attack each other like that. i'd expect that response on 4chan, not here.

No. 68078

Idk cause there was a talk in one of the threads (forget which one) that mentioned how lolcow users are seemingly more hostile then they used to be so unless all the openly hostile weirdos they’re complaining about are all moids…

No. 68079

i mean it's not impossible but it seems obvious to me and anyone who's been both here and on 4chan. either way yeah i guess just report as "bait" and not "scrote" since apparently that pisses some newfag farmhands off.

No. 68082

> women don't attack each other like that.
they do though kek. i’ve also been accused of being a scrote just for posting astolfo or whatever (was never banned as mods probably saw my extensive post history on 2X and the troon hate threads — at the time, i’ve definitely switched ips by now), other anons get accused of being a scrote the moment they say something someone doesn’t like (i am guilty of this), tradthots exist, female scatfags and nazis exist, etc. you really can’t deduce sex over text, at all. not unless it’s something incredibly obvious like defending a scrote being shat on, or trying to perv on other anons. as the op says
>women aren’t a monolith

No. 68083

I can understand that farmhands do this to cull the amount of reports they get on the daily like the example posted upthread. But phrasing it like that along the recent redtexts for "scrotefoiling" seem like a step in the wrong direction, especially since ther ARE moids larping as women on the off topic boards and even some cow threads for various reasons. Luckily in the cow threads, they always reveal themselves eventually kek. I guess those can be reported as bait but it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, because it leaves room for them to go on atrocious astroturfing and larps all over the website and build a post history and then claim they're just a woman with different opinions. I guess we just gotta trust the farmhand's judgement then..

No. 68085

I completely agree.

>There’s always been a culture of “women only” here
No there hasn't. LC was made because flan shut down Stamina Rose over pt getting accused of being a pedo. LC was not made to be a female only image board, both LC and SR were made to catalog cows from /cgl/ because moot banned the threads. The first admin of LC was male. LC becoming a female image board happened over time. It was always a female majority site because the original userbase was from /cgl/ which was a majority female board on 4chan. I'm not complaining that LC is now a woman only IB, I prefer men not being here, it's that denying the sites history and trying to revise it into being something it never was is exactly what >>68056 is referring to.

As has already been suggested, report it as bait. If the farmhand also suspects that the poster is a moid, they will check their post history and come to far more accurate conclusion than an ordinary farmer ever will. I don't know why this is hard to understand.

Report and ignore. Responding to male posters is responding to bait which is bannable regardless of if it's a moid or woman posting the bait.

No. 68086

>i’ve also been accused of being a scrote just for posting astolfo
No, it was because of that plus going into a way too long infight sperging about your love of femboys to the point of sounding like a tranny.

No. 68087

smart behavior:
>someone posts something you dislike
>you scroll past it, perhaps report if you find it suspect

retard behavior:
>someone posts something you dislike
>you respond with “ZOMG scrote scrote scrote!! only MEN like this!!! AAAACK!!!” the proceed to regurgitate the same thing over and over when told “no retard, i’m not male”

No. 68088

>There’s always been a culture of “women only” here
Uuhh anon you're wrong. Yes by now the majority of LC's history has been women-only but it definitely didn't start out as women-only. Anon's also right it's technically not women-only but -don't identify and attentionwhore as a male-
>Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.

No. 68089

>Reporting someone you disagree with for being a moid/tranny will receive a ban.
never change this rule mods, please keep punishing would-be detectives and schizos. or maybe redefine it to “posts explicitly causing harm” and not “posts that hurt my feelings”.

No. 68090

thank god

No. 68091

I think that's a bit unfair, I report a comment that I feel is obviously moidish and I get banned over i

No. 68092

TBH the women-only label mostly arose from the userbase and from OG admin liking to surround himself with women who also liked having him as an admin because he seemed non-threatening. I think it should remain being run by women for women but clearly a lot of anons have no idea it was never meant to be a female separatist community. Excluding men was meant to to keep away the men who at the time were already honing in on /cgl/ as the board that had the most women.

No. 68093

Question: have you guys considered board oriented hell weeks? I am not sure if it was done in the past but /ot/ having one may be a good idea. Though it feels like a lot to do so if not I can see why.
This is really needed.

No. 68094

Agreed, I feel like everyone has gotten accused of being a scrote on here at least once at this point.

Agreed 100%

I feel like the milk collecting farmers have also been leaving over the years, or getting lazy. In snow I’ve noticed a lot of screenshots of videos instead of them just posting the video they’re talking about. In the scumbags thread especially, I saw an anon request someone post a cows IG story and three anons said they didn’t know how too. I’ve posted sites that download IG stories and conversion sites at least 3 times before but they don’t bother learning, one of them even said “I don’t care.” I honestly think the majority of the good farmers are gone and now we just have TikTok zoomies left.

No. 68095

I think reporting scrotefoiling replies is fair, but farmhands banning anons for reporting people they think are male is not the right move. Again, as I said, as a female only site, I think checking if suspicious posters are male should just be considered part of farmhand duties, yes sometimes moid reports will be wrong, but like they say we’re not omniscient and maintaining healthy suspicion towards suspiciously moid like posts is good. Does anyone get what I’m saying here?

No. 68096

I wish we had the cgl board remade on here, I used to be on it a bit but i hated the moids there.

No. 68098

Because they team up in group chats to coordinate spreading propaganda and influence female opinion. Look at how co-opted reddit and 4chan became.

No. 68099

> it seems obvious to me and anyone who's been both here and on 4chan
kekkk do newfags really not know how lc started? the idea that women aren't capable of being hostile or having "wrong" opinions is so absolutely retarded. women are varied and some of them can be mean, misogynist, etc. look at the website you are on. some anons main "gotcha" during infights is scrotefoiling and it's getting tired. farmhands are making the right decision for hellweek imo.

one thing I do agree on is that anons seem to be extremely hostile lately. whether it's frustration over newfags, or newfags trying to adopt edgy imageboard/chan attitude it really ruins threads when they devolve into retarded infighting.

No. 68100

Just kill all of the offtopic boards except one. We don’t need three. I vote that /m/ deserves to stay because it’s the most fun OT board in my opinion but it’s also probably the least relevant to the sites intention (except for the autist threads)

No. 68101

The problem is not the non-drama boards. It's how they're used now.
Many positive things have come from these boards like the movies nights and the doodle boards. LC has evolved and discussing all sort of topics is part of what the site is now. And as others have said, no matter how things started, having an imageboard for women that doesn't tolerate troons and other scrotes is very valuable.

No. 68102

We just need 1 offtopic board. Giving too many boards creates the idea that we want and need more offtopic threads. We have as many OT boards as cow boards and I can't even fully count /w/ because I don't understand why most of the threads are in there, many should either go to /snow/ or get locked and we already come from a weeb board so there's no point in segregating weeb drama. /m/ is unnecessary, was copied from crystal.cafe in some ill-fated attempt to get users to cross over but it backfired so hard because it's mostly a board to sperg out about yaoi and irl scrotes. We should go back to having /pt/ and /snow/ for cows and /g/ for some girltalk threads and casual topics. Chat threads can go. They merely replaced the Discords that used to be great for getting all the attention whores tired out. Make personalityfags and chronic baiters battle it out on shitcord again instead of fighting it out on the board, I guarantee infighting would go down and the remaining infights would at least be about a topic that's being discussed rather than 24 posts back to back vagueblogging at each other with SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP FAGGOTTT. Someone should a new official lolcord as a distraction for all these morons and I guarantee shit'd improve. We've always had on- or offsite chat platforms for these people and it never used to be this bad until we moved all the chatting onto the site.

No. 68103

>/m/ is unnecessary
if /m/ goes down you will make me cry very very hard and be very very sad for the rest of my life.

No. 68104

Can we get some bans for the morons who can't stop sperging about how everyone who disagrees with them is a pick me or some other stupid shit as well? They are just as bad as people screaming about trannies and moids.

No. 68105

nta but /m/ deserves to go down. half of it is fujo anime posting. there's a couple of good threads but as a whole it's useless

No. 68106

I don't think everything in /m/ needs to be wiped but we just don't need a whole board to make 3549835 husbando topics to attract 35955 more husbando spergs. Mods should do more quality control on what threads are allowed and discourage spamming better. My point is all these threads would be fine if they weren't overpowering the rest of the site so much. I'd even be for a minimum character requirement or a longer post cooldown to force users to make higher quality posts. Anything to discourage the chat style spamming

No. 68107

>farmhands banning anons for reporting people they think are male is not the right move
it’s the right move. 9 times out of 10 when someone is called a scrote it’s because they made another poster angry. bad = male. (you) don’t own the site and you should be smacked for wasting a moderator’s time, it’s a great rule.

No. 68108

leave everything the way it is and just add one single thread for infighting, like a fight club. it’s a containment thread and reports within it earn a 3 day ban. why delete the off topic threads or even the more chat-like threads, i don’t feel they’re the source of the issues as these issues have only cropped up recently.

and anyway irl is the source of the issues. people are stressed and tired. you can remove fun things willy nilly but the hateful retards will always remain. we will just see more blog posting and venting in cow threads in fact. or anons will find a work around, not a good solution.

No. 68109

We have that already

No. 68111


No. 68112

I definitely understand trying to get the site back to it's roots, concentrating on cows, but it's so nice to have a woman only site to talk about whatever, there's no other place like this I don't know where else to go. Maybe just make the off topic boards hidden for a bit if this hellweek doesn't help?

No. 68113

Well, agree to disagree I suppose. When anons reporting suspicious posts in good faith start getting banned for being wrong, people will stop reporting suspected moid posts just in case they might be wrong and get banned, leading to actual males slipping into the general population since everyone is now afraid to report them. Mark my words, this is going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for the few women who still visit this site.

No. 68115

> people will stop reporting suspected moid posts just in case they might be wrong and get banned
no actually, their reports will simply be more substantiated and better thought out. personally i’ve yet to banned for reporting a plausible male, possibly because i understand lc wrongthink is dumb and can tell the difference between “thing i do not like” and “this is pinging me; i think it’s a male”.
>thing i do not like: certain anime character from a big boob isekai show, anon casually calling me retarded for a benign opinion
>suspicious male post: any opinion taking my post in the worst way possible and reframing it so it’s ackshully in support of males (see: the big long infight in /ot/‘s fandom salt thread the other day), any post that comments on a cow’s sex appeal (e.g.: no man would fuck this whore)

No. 68117

> personally i’ve yet to banned for reporting a plausible male,
Yes, because until now it was not bannable unless extremely egregious.
I also said “in good faith” for a reason, which your bootlicking response conveniently ignores. My entire concern is that farmhands don’t seem to acknowledge in the rules that there is a clear difference between “good faith yet incorrect analysis” and the examples you cite, and that they will be banned in the same way, leading anons to not attempt to report males at all anymore.

No. 68118

Little kids and newfags do though.

No. 68119

I would think that farmhands are able to distinguish between a report made in good faith and a report made by a retard. If a poster reports every post that disagrees with them or for completely inane reasons then that person deserves to be banned for repeatedly wasting the farmhand's time. If a poster makes a genuine report because a post is suspicious, a farmhand would also be able to identify that same suspicion and they can then confirm that it is a moid by looking through post history. It's bad that has to be this way but it has been an issue for years and certain posters have ignored all the warnings from farmhands and various admins. Cerbmin is not the first admin to ban scrotefoiling.

No. 68120

>site theme looks hellish
Kek I love you farmhands

No. 68121

Please read the OP.
>Reporting someone you disagree with for being a moid/tranny will receive a ban
NOT that any report that isn't correct will receive a ban. 9/10 tranny/moid reports we get are not in good faith. If the post you report is very plausibly male you will not get a ban regardless of whether you were right. However, the userbase as a whole is not as good at identifying male posters as they think they are. Additionally, many users abuse the report system to try and silence any dissenting female voice by accusing her of being male. We get reports like "this has to be a tranny because a woman wouldn't have taste this bad!!" pretty much daily, or users reporting posters they had a disagreement with for being male because their feelings got hurt

Perfect example above. The poster you are referring to was not a scrote. Telling yourself that they have to be male because a woman can't possibly act that way is part of the problem. They were still breaking the rules and they were banned, but not for being a male

For those of you concerned about the theme, we're having it sitewide for one day and only on /meta/ thereafter. A lot of anons don't read the announcements or check /meta/, so we're getting the message through to them another way.

No. 68122

I saw that, it seemed to be like a joke. Maybe a shitty one, but it feels a little autistic to take it seriously.

No. 68124

I love the website theme lmao please ignore the haters they're just assmad. Keep the black background and the fire gif pls

No. 68125

Ayrt thanks for the clarification.

No. 68126

Nta. Joke or not, the defensiveness over one simple question is fucking retarded and it's killing the site culture. A lot of anons come to advice threads for advice and these shitty "jokes" feel like bait / low effort trolling. It's shit posting and more than funny it's annoying as hell. It feels infantile too, to be that defensive or to over react to something like that and I wouldn't be surprised if they just do it for attention. Honestly whenever I see some anon posting that type of retarded reply over a pretty innocent post I assume they're not well integrated and come from other places or just edgy bastards for "fun" even if only they find their unhelpful reply funny. I can think of more recent examples of defensive anons replying to someone's whatever post with this kind of shit and being like "well this is a gossip website lol why are you so sensitive lol" when they seem like bad trolls with rage issues and sour the entire experience for other users.

No. 68133

Does ya'll count as twitter lingo?

No. 68134

Retarded question but for how long could hellweek continue? The expansion will be announced right?

No. 68135

>9/10 tranny/moid reports we get are not in good faith.
>users reporting posters they had a disagreement with for being male because their feelings got hurt
yup kek. based mods, keep doing it.

No. 68136

>The quality of posting has also dropped significantly in recent weeks
my bad

No. 68137

I think it’ll just be a week

No. 68139

File: 1705952245872.png (1.07 MB, 1889x833, burning_shaynus.png)

I love how the hell week theme looks on /shay/

No. 68140

We're hoping it will only need to be a week, but admin will announce an extension if it seems like it needs to go on longer!

No. 68142

Personally I don't think so since it's a southern accent thing but might be depending on the context (like if the rest of the post is also twitter-ish) though I don't really see anons using y'all and I think it's been mocked in the past so it might cause a fuss if you use it, so be careful
Please make it at least a week and a half, two weeks if you feel generous, and three if you want to be based as fuck

No. 68143


No. 68148

I welcome all of this, the site has really become overrun with people calling every other person trans and it is so tired. It is not milk.

No. 68150

I wish tbh

No. 68151

I honestly don’t care about hell week because I mostly lurk the cow boards, I just wish that everything wasnt hellweek themed. I liked my pretty theme, but it’s a necessary sacrifice

No. 68154

For lack of a better example, should posts like the one >>68077 was talking about be reported? Even when trying to post milk in certain threads, some anons will randomly treat it as a personal attack against them and pick up the most condescending attitude with me. Should those be reported or does it not matter? I get people disagreeing with you, but what's the difference between that and people just calling you retarded and telling you to "go back" over and over again?

No. 68155

Hopefully this will cleanup some of the racism, homophobia, dog whistling and bait?

No. 68156

>boards are useless if I don't use them
Great, other users like and use them though. Luckily you can just hide or not visit boards and threads you dislike instead of demanding the entire userbase to cater to your interests.

No. 68157

What do you mean by dog whistling?

No. 68158

there was some earlier one way before those two but it got locked

No. 68159

I see a lot of unprompted sperging over the same buzzwords, "pick me" "zoomer" "twitterfag" "tradthot" etc. This isn't to say that I disagree with the sentiment and that I approve of twitter stan lingo or whatever, it's just that the reactionary retaliation gets old really fast. Wish more people would just ignore and not give the offender any attention (or report if it's dubious) rather than dropping an essay about how so and so is ruining things. Sometimes there isn't even an offender and it's just some anon randomly dropping to the floor and losing it over the mere possibility that there could be [insert label]s around.
And this is in reference to times where it's totally irrelevant or uncontributive, so don't take this the wrong way and assume I'm picking on feedback posts

No. 68160

Any examples of racism and homophobia? Posts already get incorrectly marked as racebait for simply stating the race of someone, and complaining about the harmful/weird things within the LGB community shouldn't be a bannable offense.

No. 68161

tbh I kind of agree with this but only because the board splits make so many threads slower and multiple anons have admitted that they purposely don't use the correct threads for certain topics in /m/ because of how dead some threads are, so they put it in /ot/ instead since they're more likely to get a reply there.
nta but on /ot/ (mostly around last week, i think it's cleaned up by now?) there were many posters blatantly bragging about being racist, like identifying as such, and how much they hate black people. there were also other types of baiters going "black women all do [whatever stereotype]". currently the most recent racebaiting is in the tradthots thread about brown women.

No. 68162

I think it could help to separate imagedump threads on /m/ from actual discussion threads.

No. 68163

I really wish CC wasn't so desolate, non-cow-boards-only or -mostly anons would fit better in there without derailing the purpose of LCF, shame for the subpar moderation making it a dumping ground for moids and also the poor maintenance overall. There have been talks of creating a new general interest female-oriented imageboard but somehow I do not have high hopes that it will avoid the fate of CC.

No. 68164

I know a lot of people here use CC but I just don't want to touch that website at all. I prefer lc so much more
I agree but what I'm afraid of is that the image dump board would be even slower than /m/. I still think there needs to be a reform though, and take some of the current threads in /ot/ and /g/ over there
Tbh this is just my opinion but when I see those posts with buzzwords in them I simply ignore them because it's useless to argue with them about it. Someone calling someone else a pickme or handmaiden isn't as bad as the stupid twitterspeak or the constant shitposting, attention whoring and racebait that we've seen increasing in the past months
I've seen people being openly racist a lot too. I wonder if they're tradthots themselves

No. 68165

I fully understand not wanting to go there in its current state, but also I wonder that if CC did have constant proper moderation and maintenance would more non-farmer anons be willing to relocate there? Or another non-cow female-oriented imageboard if another one ever gets created?

No. 68166

Your type is insufferable. You and the other twitter/tumblr vermins have been trying to turn this site into cutesy uwu only positive vibes kumbaya tumblr 2. You get called for being a scrote nowdays just for not using retarded cutesy speak or being super nice to the posters. Genuinely grow thicker skin.

No. 68168

The only reason CC sucks is the horrible moderation

No. 68169

Cheers to another hellweek ladies.
And to the retards acting surprised over the rules, try reading them.

No. 68171

The shayna thread has done more damage to lolcow than all of the offtopic boards combined. I genuinely have no idea why admins still tolerate shaynafaggotry, she's not milky or interesting anymore and half of the thread is nitpicking her for being fat. In the past year shaynafags have
>spread their nudes over and over
>broke no doxxing rule
>made extremely low quality shitty posts like that one that posted dog dicks

No. 68172

The poster she's talking about is still an infighter who is even less welcome. You don't have to be kumbaya to not want retards baiting every two posts and trying out their bests 4chan moid impressions.

No. 68173

File: 1705965693461.jpeg (455.8 KB, 1170x1311, IMG_7086.jpeg)

using terms, phrases or stereotypes in political or social discussions to otherwise hide the fact that what you're saying is bigoted. they can range from stealthy and what are considered "inside gags" in particular, but some are more overt like comparing groups of races to animals or well known channer alt right phrases like "goy" or "goyim".

as another anon said I've see a lot of hatred for black and non white women, hatred of lesbians and the asinine larp bitching about how someone's husbands gonna catch aids from a gay. as well as some blatant antisemitism in the tinfoil thread. don't blame anons who are black/overall non white/jewish/bisexual/lesbian for finding the increase in hate off putting

No. 68174

I understand, but there is also a type that cant take jokes or thinks the culture here is ''too moidish'' just because we dont hug eachother and sing happy songs. They can easily just ignore the annoying posters, but instead they decide to engage with it and start infighting, like >>>/ot/1861795

No. 68175

You're not wrong anon, we don't need to hug in a circle and sing happy tunes to have civil discussion. But the rage baiting is also annoying as hell. I just wish these tards responding to shit like that got banned as well because they always are the ones who start never ending shit flinging infights and lower the overall quality of threads.
I wish some anons went back to CC where they belong yeah.

No. 68176

>don't blame anons who are black/overall non white/jewish/bisexual/lesbian for finding the increase in hate off putting
I agree, it's never been an issue if an anon was black or lesbian before. I do see where you're coming from.

No. 68177

The thing is majority of anons these days are too spergy to be funny. i love some icecold snark as much as the next person, but you gotta have the iq of a neandertal to find >>68077 funny

No. 68178

I agree with the general uptick in racebait across the site, I disagree with calling the tinfoil thread antisemitic. There have been jewish anons that have come into the thread, joined the discussion and dispelled some of the myths, one of them was even banned under shaymin for antisemitism. I value the input of jewish anons in that thread because it offers a different perspective and it's one that's rarely seen. The best way to combat antisemitic conspiracy theories is open and honest discussion. It should be allowed as long as it doesn't devolve into hatred or insults based on race, religion or ethnicity. No group should be targeted for hate.

No. 68180

I genuinely like CC but like the other nonnas said, it just doesn’t have great moderation. My other gripe is that it’s very dead compared to lc, but I think that’s just because not as many people know about cc

No. 68181

Some of the newer retards shitting up /ot/ with unfunny low quality posts would fit right in with the rest of CC so perhaps we should persuade them to migrate over there.

No. 68182

It depends what you consider to be funny, honestly. Personally i find 99% of the caps that are posted on the lolcow caps thread to be painfully unfunny shit that feels like it belongs on a tumblr blog. I find the wholesome tryhard posters like hamsterchan to be miles more annoying than some 2edgy4u poster.

No. 68183

this shitfuck layout makes the site lose functions on mobile. i can't hide threads with it.

No. 68185

I find it funny admins brought back hellweek because ''board culture has degraded'', when mods themselves have been actively erasing lolcow culture by censoring banners because it hurts newfags feefees, adding cutesy CC tier banners, personalityfagging through redtexts, and using redtexted words like ''nonny''.

No. 68187

Press on the fire gif on top of the page to stop the rain

No. 68188

Nta but I don't disagree, women can be aggressive at times, that isn't a scrote exclusive trait. Same with anons that used to whine about the old banners.

No. 68191

You can only talk about insert stung out fatass dollar store pornstar and their crusty pussies for so long before it bores everyone to tears, so it's no surprise people stop giving a shit about site culture and are making a new one. You also must realize that whenever you foster a hostile community it ALWAYS cannibalizes itself when there's no good beef left to consume.

No. 68192

Thank you farmhands, I've been waiting for a new Hellweek for a while. Hopefully this wards off retards for now.

No. 68193

Thank you for the hell week, can we turn "/s" and other tone indicator bullshit into a redtext word?

No. 68194

I hope that when dumbass shit is reopened vocarooposting going to become a bannable offense

No. 68196

i have never seen vocarooposting outside of that time in celebrycow, can you post an example?

No. 68197

Nta but >>>/ot/1848403 and >>>/g/364094 come to mind

No. 68200

also in the dumbass thread several other anons joined in after that one

No. 68201

File: 1705985106974.png (13.95 KB, 425x110, not the zoomer speak.png)

can i finally report these retards for zoomer speak?

No. 68202

Honestly I think hellweek is kinda scary. I'll be glad when its over(emoji)

No. 68203

yeah its cringe and attentionwhorish i hope mods ban it

No. 68205

Is reporting effina's blatant photoshop abuse considered race baiting? Honest question

No. 68206

Just follow the rules, like the rain of words is telling you, unlike that emoji use newbie

No. 68207


This and the word 'delulu' is so fucking stupid. It's how you know they're tiktok zoomies.

No. 68208

File: 1705985947782.png (23.5 KB, 1566x147, sussy baka ecksdee.png)

they also use sus unironically. I am so tired of it. Whats the point of redtexting words anymore if they arent going to stop using them?

No. 68209

>For those of you concerned about the theme, we're having it sitewide for one day and only on /meta/ thereafter.
Thank you. It's fun and all, but not without being able to disable it.

No. 68211

Please god.

No. 68212

"sus" was slang long before among us came out. do you never go outside or are you gen alpha?

No. 68214

Funny how jannys will talk about all these tiktok newfags ruining the site but won't mention the elephant in the room which are the tranny threads and how they attract newfags to this site. Those threads have the highest amounts of newfags and people who find this site due to those threads.
You can't complain about off-topic threads and boards when you can't even acknowledge the tranny threads and how much the posters of those threads are spilling out into other threads and boards and derailling, infighting all the fucking time.

No. 68215

nah the worst thread on here is unpopular opinions by far. infighting as far as the eye can see

No. 68216

and where do you think the newfags baiting there come from???? Everyone wants to talk about newfags but no one wants to discuss from which threads they get brought onto the site. Probably because anons don't want their favorite shitty threads to get locked. It's always 2-3 threads on this site that cause a newfag stampede.
In 2022 I remember it was the russ VS Ukraine threads that lead to a huge number of newfags joining (many of which were male) and the user base changing along with which threads were active in ot.
The tranny threads are also a cancer to this site and there is a reason that the past admin and mod team banned tyranny topics. so something like this wouldn't happen.

No. 68217

Anachan threads are even worse in attracting the tiktok type newfags imo. The tranny threads attract baby radfems from tumblr. Both are fucking annoying don't get me wrong.

No. 68219

No one used sus before the amongus memes made it popular.
Most of the unpopular opinion bait comes from looksperging males/kpopies. I dont understand why terfs who frequent the tranny threads would go to the unpopular opinion threads to post about how cosmetic surgery is good, actually and how x popular celebrity is fat.

No. 68220

haven't the troon hreads been around for a while though? i don't post in he mtf one much but i don't se that much infighhtig in the ftm one (aside from the occasional antifujo sperg)
i get they're different from regular individual coww threads but i don't think they accout for the amount of tradthottery and bait we get in /ot/
also i bet the troon threads attacr mor /2X/ posters ssince 2X itelf got overrun by rightwingers

No. 68221

>No one used sus before the amongus memes made it popular.
yes they did, zoomer who's never spoken to black americans detected.

No. 68222

Not everyone is from America. But even in the internet i have never seen it used before. It's redtexted for a reason, anyways.

No. 68227

>No one used sus before the amongus memes made it popular.
This is not true anon. Even on here you can find posts using sus before 2020.

No. 68230

weird because oldest sus post i can find is from 2022

No. 68231

Here, there are more if you search on Google.

No. 68234

The mtf threads have been around since 2019 and the ftm/fakeboi threads have been around since 2015. They aren’t new at all.

No. 68238

It would be fun to have a board about 3d stuff. Like sewing, decoden, props making, wig styling, 30 minute "closet cosplays", fiber crafts, making fake nail sets.
Like stuff cgl would talk about along with gossiping about pt and asherbee.

No. 68239


No. 68240

Isn't this just /g/? /g/ was meant for this kind of lifestyle material but it just got overran by hornyposting and relationship ranting.

No. 68241

still, it has become zoomer slang and its why its redtexted

No. 68243

What that anom was saying is still false.

No. 68244

then why is it redtexted?

No. 68246

Why are you asking me? The only thing I said was that sus did exist and was used before Among Us. I never contested it being red texted, I don't really care.

No. 68247

Sorry but what’s the zoomer speak in this? I’m genuinely unsure.

No. 68248

Then it has nothing to do with my original point. Its zoomer speak, just like how y'all was also appropiated by zoomers. I genuinely dont understand why some of you come to an image board, which has its own 'counter culture' and get angry when someone calls you out for bringing retarded zoomer speak over.

No. 68249

>not the x
Some of you are either zoomers yourself or social media refugees. When you only interact with social media culture through third parties(in my case milk screenshots) it becomes obvious when someone is an unintegrated retard that stands out like a sore thumb.

No. 68250

yeah, 'lmfao' might be older than nona complaining, I assume

No. 68251

The MTF threads on /snow/ were a compromise after a previous admin shutdown the GC threads on /ot/. They've always been out of place on /snow/ as they're not just used for laughing at troons, they also contain political discussion that belongs on /2X/. Several other threads on /snow/ suffer from this issue of becoming political when cow threads are not the place for it.

However if cerbmin and the farmhands ever tried to do anyting about it, they would face the same problem that the admin before Shaymin did.

No. 68252

ah, samefag, would never thought about 'not the something' as new, not the bees

No. 68253

I’m neither, I just thought that phrase was a meme format or something. Sorry I don’t know how to spot zoomer words but I’m a hermit with no social media presence, I don’t know the origin of the terms I see everywhere

No. 68254

i dont know if some of you are pretending to be retarded or what. We are never going to get rid of retarded newfags who dont adhere to board culture if we keep coddling their stupid speech patterns.

No. 68255

Jesus Christ anon, wtf are you talking about? Maybe you're confusing me for a different anon but I was never angry. I don't even personally use sus, and like I said I don't mind it being redtexted.
>Then it has nothing to do with my original point
I directly responded to something that was said >>68227
>just like how y'all was also appropiated by zoomers
This I have to disagree with. Saying "y'all" is zoomerspeak doesn't work when there are regions where people of all ages say y'all and have been doing so for decades. Regions that some of us are actually from.

No. 68256

Some of you are obsessed with zoomers, and the whining is way more annoying than any of the examples posted, and I'm saying this as a millenial who doesn't use social media and grew up on image boards.

Imo policing certain words or phrases seems very difficult and time consuming for the mods. Is there a list of "forbidden" words? Where do you draw the line? What time period of intenet slang is acceptable and what is not? Unless it's very obnoxious and makes the poster identifiable, banning based on a single word or phrase is not a good idea. What is and isn't "zoomerspeak" is very subjective too. Like "y'all" is a good example - some anons say it's zoomerspeak, some don't.

No. 68257

sus is redtexted for a reason, so i dont know why you are fighting so hard over a word that has been recognized by admins themselves as zoomer speak. This post is not only zoomer speak, but also extremely low quality >>68201 which is what most of these stupid zoomer speech patterns achieve, extremely low quality posts that add nothing to the conversation.

No. 68258

Please. I feel like it falls under twitter/tiktok lingo

No. 68259

I'm not the anon you discussed "sus " with, I was talking about what is and isn's zoomer speak generally

No. 68260

well, sus IS zoomer speak. As well as ''not the x''. I honestly wish we could report low effort social media tier posts.

No. 68261

Didn't nonny/nonnie use to be considered obnoxious tumblrfag speak to the point of redtexting? Also it's so funny how people are now rebranding infamous tumblrisms like stimming and kinning as "tiktok zoomer" words, it's actually making them sound like turbozoomers who do not remember tumblr at its worst. They sure are obnoxious words used by obnoxious people but every annoying word is not "zoomerspeak".

No. 68262

you know the oldest zoomer is 27 right? older zoomers started the whole kinning and stimming shit back in tumblr and lend it over to younger zoomers.

No. 68263

The language used on image boards has always evolved over time. If it didn't we would still be saying "lol winrar" and "9000 internets" or using green text like it was 2011.

No. 68264

Still they are tumblrspeak that migrated to other platforms, not twitterspeak or tiktokspeak. Nonny is also tumblrspeak, so if you ban some tumblrspeak might as well ban it all.

No. 68265

No. 68266

zoomer speak isnt imageboard speech. What are you not getting? no one is redtexting inb4 or implying, because that's appropiate image board lingo.
I am all for it, i hate nonny. It makes this site sound so corny.

No. 68267

Nonna and Nona are absolute retard tier and it's embarrassing they managed to catch on. Y'all is just ESLs trying to work around the English language.

No. 68268

i am ESL and i have never used Y'all because i associate it with gendies and faggots

No. 68269

>letting gendies and gay moids stop you from using a normal word
some people here are so autistic i swear

No. 68270

Kek also used to be considered a WoWfag newfag word.
Again, how do we properly differentiate between "appropriate imageboard lingo" and "inappropriate newfag speak" other than "I do not like these words"? Resistance to change is inevitable but still so is change. I bet in 5 years or so it will be zoomers hating on alphas and whatever obnoxious platform they will congregate on.

No. 68271

What's the fun in discussing cows if you need to write a well thought our essay just to make fun of someone's bad fat roll editing? The post in >>68201 is fine imo

No. 68272

''not the x lmao'' is a low effort template that brings nothing of worth to the conversation.

No. 68273

Aren't most memes low effort templates by definition though?

No. 68274

Non contribution posts are bannable depending on how topic-focused the thread is so what is your point?

No. 68275

No one is complaining about short responses.

No. 68276

So is it about the contribution or lack of to the thread or is it about the "zoomerspeak"? Are low effort memes fine as long as it's "appropriate imageboard lingo"? What is YOUR point?

No. 68277

They're just moving the goalpost of what the initial argument was even about, like most of the chronic infighters on here do. As much as I hate young zoomers and newfags joining and not bothering to integrate the lack of quality farmers is what really makes this site shit now, and I've seen plenty of other anons say the same thing. Everyday in every thread it's the same shit; someone says something that divides users, arguing ensues, people start adding shit into the argument and accusing others of implying stuff they didn't, cue the "newfag" "samefag" "moid" "zoomer" accusations, the chronically bored infighters keep changing what the argument is about, people get banned, rinse and repeat. It is so boring here now because of it, just constant bickering. I don't know how some of you spend hours upon days doing this it's honestly sad to witness.

No. 68278

Samefag, forgot to add 'nitpicking and minimodding random shit that either is or isn't against the rules but should be left up to the farmhands to decide' in the cycle

No. 68279

Is this obnoxiousness even specifically a zoomer thing or is it more of a young immature person thing in general? I bet in the next years it will be zoomers hating on alpha newfags and platform(s) typically associated with them, and before zoomers it used to be millenials everyone mocked as the "annoying kids". And then the "annoying kids" grow up and overtake the environment and start mocking the next generation of "annoying kids" showing up, time is a flat circle etc etc. It's very stupid and inconsistent how so many anons here fixate on particular currently popular words that they personally dislike rather than the overall quality of posting.

No. 68280

its a human behavior thing tbh

No. 68281

I will start speaking in archaic internet lingo from the early 00's using terms like "n00b", "teh internets", "hay guys" and complain about all these fucking zoomers using newspeak. What the fuck is this embarrassing "kek" bullshit? Back in my day we only had "rotfl" and "lulz" and that was enough!

No. 68282

How can I turn off the flying little "read the rules" thingies it´s driving me nuts

No. 68283

The background is fine it's the falling read the rules gif that's horrible on my old lady eyes. Some of us are old and were around when all websites looked like this but when you're pushing 40 it's enough to give you a migraine

No. 68284

Click the flame gif at the top of the page

No. 68286

Youre a life saver!!

No. 68287

So you mention how the fakeboi threads have been around since 2015 but you don't mention how they served a totally different purpose then and trannys were allowed to post on that thread and the purpose of that thread was to call out "people who weren't really trans".
I don't know why you newfag radfems keep on omitting info.

No. 68288

>Old lady eyes, some of us are old
You’re in your 30s, stop being cringe.

No. 68289

the tratthot and leftcows threads should be locked, they've always been failed with baiting twitter-tards

No. 68291

It's called sarcasm nonna, sorry I struck a nerve, try retinol cream lol

No. 68292

Were tumblr users pronounrespecter and larpsandtherealgirl the actual catalyst for all the spergy radblrinas? Pretty sure that predates even the banning of r/GC

No. 68293

File: 1706016871151.jpg (67.12 KB, 467x468, 1348903207838.jpg)

We need to bring back roflcopter, lulz, asking people if they liek mudkipz, spamming threads with desu and checking dubs because this is high level oldfag culture.

No. 68294

People whining about radfems will always be suspicious to me. Just what is the problem with them?
God the flashbacks. Some things should just stay in the past.

No. 68295

Nta but you exude “I’m absolutely terrified of the fact I’m an aging millennial so I use self depreciating humour and digs about retinol in order to fit in with the zoomies and be a cool mum” energy and it’s extremely pathetic. She’s right, you’re not that old, get the fuck over it.

No. 68296

I’m 19 kek, it’s people like you who are the reason zoomers are so terrified of aging. Who calls themselves old when they’re less than 50% through their lifespan. It’s sad, and moids aren’t going to pick you for it.

No. 68297

apparently all the uptick in racesperging, lookssperging, fujosperging, misogyny, and all other recent site issues is caused by them kek. atp might as well say radfems made anon stub her toe

No. 68299

nta but thank you so much!

No. 68303

File: 1706030083599.gif (691.65 KB, 220x220, duck-crying-sad.gif)

Farmhands when you don't wanna discuss a washed out e girl whos milk extends to having a fucked up pussy with over 100 threads who hasn't had an internet presence since 2015:

No. 68305

picrel more like /ot/fags when reminded that lolcow is not their personal chatroom. Seriously, if what you're looking for here is just "4chan but for girls" then maybe this is not the best site for you. I know there aren't many better places to go, but if you don't want to move to or make a more appropriate place, the least you can do is remember the actual main purpose of this site. You can argue that the quality of farming and cows these days has seriously declined as well, but this has always been and will always be foremost a place to discuss lolcows. If only CC staff actually gave a shit about moderating their site non-cow boards on LC could just as well not exist at all. Or you could just make your own discord server or something. That piratechan or witchchan etc imageboard couldn't arrive soon enough.

No. 68308

does blackpill comments + rad femininsm really have to be contained to 2X? i feel this is part of why /ot/ (and /g/ i guess) are full of women going "ummm my nigel won't wipe his ass for me and he's shit to me ugh but i'm going to continue to fuck him because….i dunno!" can i really not tell a nona who's saying something like that to ditch him and pick up some fucking theory

No. 68309

Just a short list of retards, you're the problem.

No. 68310

it's because they're annoying and they make every thread revolve around their personal stance on feminism. You can't lol at a cow having manly shoulders without one barging in and being like "akshually she looks like a biological woman with wide shoulders, it is unfair to wide shouldered women to say she does not look her sex!!1!", or on the trad threads where it should be about loling at crazy trads it turns into manifestos about how if you even look at a man your vagina will get 10 miles wide and your husband will fuck other women and laugh at you and your career will disappear. They're annoying and they seem like they're constantly looking for a fight, it's made posting anywhere quite hard because they jump down other user's throats. Nobody should even be aware of a radfem userbase here, because it's a site to lol about cows (loling at trannies included) not to spread your ideology on political and gender issues. The fact people are bothered by the radfem userbase here in itself says that they're a problem on the site.

The tranny threads evolution led to this imo with the explosion of terf users coming here (once again before anyone jumps on me, it's fine to dislike trannies. Most women do) and seeing it as a safe space at a time when there were few safe spaces to shit on trannies when the internet was at peak I LOVE TRANNIES, but they stayed and changed the board culture to a point where most discussion is about men, just how much they dislike them but nevertheless mainly about men. I want to laugh about cows and talk about average woman things with other women, the site is just an angry wasps nest of blackpill in alot of areas now.

No. 68311

>The core of this community is (and always has been) discussing and documenting lolcows.
Based admin.
Even in this thread already you can witness some of the toxicity that has plagued our website. I think most cow-board users can agree that the off-topic boards attract the most cancerous users.

No. 68312

agreed. yeah ban off topic comments and the blackpill personalityfags for sure, but if you purpolsely run off the gc users and ban any mention of manhate ouside /2x/, it's going to turn into tradthot central real fast. it's already in the way
gc users have been here for years. Yeah some blackpill spergs go overbeard but i don't think it's the terves responsible for the bait and infoghting in the past few months.

No. 68313

>I wonder this site is focused on lolcows?
This is like not liking Italians or pizza and then going to Naples and complaining that it's full of Italians and pizza.

Telling an anon to leave her boyfriend if he's treating her like shit is not radical feminism, it's good advice and common sense. Attacking someone for living their life in a way that does not align with the radfem ideal of the month does not need to happen on /ot/. I'm not against radfems, I generally enjoy feminist based discussion and post on /2X/, it becomes a problem when it takes over threads on other boards.

No. 68314

i'd kill someone for a witch-chan (that didn't look like shit – get a good codebase to use)

also the typos are going to be horrific this week mods i hope you know that

No. 68315

Don't worry the 4 vendetta fags that made the thread will keep it alive

No. 68317

>akshually she looks like a biological woman with wide shoulders, it is unfair to wide shouldered women to say she does not look her sex!!1!
but it is kek. how is a woman having ""manly shoulders"" remotely funny, why not focus on her behavior rather than her appearance. plus aren't those sorts of comments nitpicking? that's against the rules, it's boring and tedious to read.
>just how much they dislike them but nevertheless mainly about men
>talk about average woman things with other women (what are "average woman things"?)
see now this is a post i'd say is possibly written by a scrote. they love to claim actual criticism of males is "too much" and "maybe we should focus on other things (i do not want to read about male hatred)"

No. 68318

i think all politics should be banned from /ot/. i mean, you either let all sides post or none.

No. 68320

because said thread is a woman who calls herself a baby and larps as a toddler and she's built like a linebacker and wears illfitting clothes (a behavioural choice) so it's funny to mock her appearance. Talking about someone like pixyteri having manly shoulders I would class as nitpicking, because it's not something that makes her lulzy.

Average women things are things that have multiple threads on here and there always have been - beauty threads, female fitness threads, menstrual talk, fashion threads, dating threads, and ofcourse general threads which can exist without a man talking about what he likes to wank over or joking about things that make his dick hard in the middle of a civilised conversation.

Yes, we should focus on other things, it's boring reading posts by women who have men on the brain. I don't care when it's on reddit hate threads where it has a place, or the man hate thread if that even still exists, but it's annoying when it's barged into things like relationship threads as >>68313 said when it can be talked about without an ideological tinge added.

No. 68321

Sage for nit picky shit but can the mods remove the floating read the rules on the site, like I get it but you can also just make a banner

No. 68322

you can press the fire icon underneath the post template at the top of the page to turn it off

No. 68324

Ty nona

No. 68325

>defending nitpicking and vendettafagging
The absolute state of /snow/fags. If you have to nitpick retarded shit like shoulder size, then the cow isnt milky.

No. 68326

thank your farmhands for finally removing the ugly filter from the rest of the boards!1

No. 68327

But anon, talking shit about men has been an average woman thing since the dawn of humanity. You know those neanderthal ladies were probably ugh ughing about annoying scrotes too. You can't escape that on a site where women are quite free to speak our minds.

No. 68328

Yes and thats fine, again as >>68313 said, and taking the piss out of men for not wiping their ass and things like that isn't the issue, it's the weird manifesto way of speaking on it and it's disingenuous to pretend the obsession with men hasn't gotten way out of hand. How alot of these posts about normal heterosexual behaviour like having children, being with a man and being disappointed, and dating at all are not at all true to how women have talked about men for centuries and anyone who isn't chronically online in radfem spaces can see it.

No. 68329

File: 1706043854075.png (29.69 KB, 819x242, Screenshot_87.png)

No. 68330

Someone with money make a new woman only board already, i'm begging of you

No. 68331

>cc 2.0

No. 68332

It's fated to become just like CC because as soon as it's known as "female IB" it will be flooded by moids. CC was actually great the first 5 or so months after creation and specifically took a nosedive the second it started to get mentioned on 4chan.

No. 68334

CC except it has an actual decent moderation that deletes male bait and spam

No. 68335

The huge increase in racebaiting is a bigger problem than radfems imo. I see way more of that than man sperging.

No. 68336

I'd tend to agree. The man-sperging is also at least semi-on-topic at times, but the racebaiting will come right the fuck out of nowhere more often than not. Just from what I've seen lately.

No. 68337

I've never seen radfems as annoying, only the blackpilled ones that speak like incels are that bad. I do like the radfems and I'm not one myself, they can be insightful. The problem for me is the low quality shitposters and tradthot racebaiters.

No. 68338

most cow threads make fun of womens' apparence and always have. IT's a lolcow staple.
>racebait, homophobic and mysogynsitic bait all over /ot/
>retards replying to bait
>the REAL problem is the feminsit hag who told me to dump my nigel!!
imageboards are NEET heaven so of course normies talking about their husband and kids aregoing to be made fun of. Of course off topic rants in cow threads shiuld be deleted but if you really can't stand the occasional manhate maybe go back to reddit.

No. 68339

>but if you purpolsely run off the gc users and ban any mention of manhate ouside /2x/, it's going to turn into tradthot central real fast. it's already in the way
Definitely agree. I prefer the radfems over tradthots, they're the ones bringing racebait over. I also never cared about radfem manifestos or radfem theory talk in /ot/ and even in cow threads it's so easy to just dismiss, unless they're retarded blackpillers that never shut the fuck up.

This is just my theory but just how in 2016 it was trendy to be a libfem, in 2020 it was trendy to be a radfem, and now women as a whole on the internet are moving into tradwife territory. I guess this is why

No. 68340

I never saw a problem with the word nonny but I guess it's now a bit out of fashion now that the pandemic is over. The hate that word gets is hilarious, why get so assmad over a term of endearment between anons that has nothing to do with you? Anyway, I use anon a lot more. It is what it is.

No. 68341

>Blackpill posting outside of /2X/ will be treated as bait and banned accordingly

>Every response to blatant bait will receive a ban. Report bait and do not respond

>Every post accusing someone of being a scrote/tranny will receive a ban. Report suspected males and do not respond

>Reporting someone you disagree with for being a moid/tranny will receive a ban.

This is retarded even for hellweek. It's a women's site. We get censored enough IRL, this is the only place on the web you can tell a scrote to fuck off just for existing or call out the damage troons do to actual women. I'd rather see incorrect "begone scrote" accusations and "blackpill" content than all the fucking nitpicking over other, actually retarded shit.

No. 68342

The only Hellweek rule I disagree with is the thing about chat threads being banned. I lurk /dst/ sometimes and it's chill, mostly…outside of the very rare slap-fight but those happen all over the site. Otherwise yes, I am tired of seeing baseless scrote accusations and unending autism from our wannabe detective-chans. I am tired of idiots calling me a "moid" because I dared to post something they can't stand. Those types complain about the bans surrounding false reports with "Reee!! don't censor us!!" then try to censor other farmers when they get ticked off. Hypocrisy.
>If you are not a farmer, you are merely a guest here.
Very cringe tho. How long have the current mods been actually using Lolcow? This seems like a tryhard newfag thing to say.

No. 68343

All I said is that the threads aren’t new, and that criticism of trannies isn’t something that has only come to this site recently and thus likely isn’t the cause or sole cause of the sudden influx of newfags that refuse to integrate. If anything it’s more likely caused by lolcow.farm being mentioned on sites like tiktok and twitter leading to teenagers from there to come here. They mostly seem to congregate in /ot/ threads like Dumbass Shit, Celebricows and Fandom Discourse.

No. 68345

there's probably no point in replying, someone has clearly decided radfems are to blame for everything wrong with this site. not surprising considering the amount of trads we've been having

No. 68346

does dumbass shit really have to be shut down for the whole week or can it be unlocked early for good behvaior

No. 68347

>Every response to blatant bait will receive a ban. Report bait and do not respond
wasn't that already a rule anyway? plus
>Reporting someone you disagree with for being a moid/tranny will receive a ban.
how are you being censored for randomly reporting someone you don't agree with?

No. 68348

I seriously hope this can save the tradthot thread it’s my favorite despite being the worst kek.

No. 68349

File: 1706065269578.png (743.19 KB, 1839x4976, meta-posts.png)

It's not the job of users to speech police other posters. If you think a post breaks the rules then report it. The arbiters of what is and isn't permissible are the admins and farmhands.

This also highlights another problem with the "radfems" on LC. The majority of them aren't actual radfems. They are former SJWs and libfems that changed their minds when troonshit took over and TERF became the new counter culture. They don't read radfem literature, don't want to talk about radfem theory or have any form of discussion about the deeper implications of radical feminism. They only identify as radfems because they couldn't cope with cognative dissonance required to tolerate trannies while still wearing a "leftist" label. Their behaviour is the same as it always was. "Everyone that doesn't agree with me is man" is no different to "anyone that doesn't think a man is a woman is a nazi". The purpose of the accusation is also the same.

This has been happening for years and it's always the same excuse from the posters claiming to radfems. They're not the problem, everyone else is or some imagined group is invading lolcow such as 4chan moids, troons, kiwi scrotes, LSA, Brazilians or tradthots. It's all deflection, so they don't have to address their own obnoxious behaviour.

To really prove the point here's a huge collection of posts from 4-3 years ago that deal with the exact same issue.

No. 68350

This feels obsessive, not going to lie.

No. 68351

People bitching about the OP text itt are retarded kek. I see nothing wrong with it, admin is right.

No. 68352

>and it's chill, mostly…outside of the very rare slap-fight
that thread has been slapfight central for months kek. there was one point where infights there were happening back-to-back as soon as a new thread was made. but i agree that's a problem all over the site in general. i think the other reason it's locked is because those threads are prone to attracting new posters

No. 68353

Christ I thought these were recent caps until I noticed the time stamps.

No. 68354


No. 68355

All I know is that radfems aren't the ones race-baiting so they're fine in my book

No. 68356

no no you don't get it, it's all the ebin radfems posting racebait and misogynnistic bait, it's the radfems using the site as a chatroom, hell they probably did tupac and jfk too

No. 68357

slapfights can be so funny though. Hellweek feels autistically uncomical

No. 68358

zoomers stole this from aave, you are just as behind as they are

No. 68361

What's the difference between these cursed posts and mods banning black pill outside of /2X/ now? Women are not a monolith and can have opinions that you do not like up until they are meanies an hold opinions that we do not like.

No. 68362

The obsessive "radfem" posters have a lot of problems but calling out stupid nitpicking is hardly one of them, obsessively raking through a cow's appearance is low quality posting and not milk. If someone told you that you're being retarded for hyperfixating on a cow's shoulders being wide because it makes her "look like a man" it's justified and you pinning it on the radfem boogeyman is being a little pissbaby.

No. 68363

Radfems did 9/11

No. 68364

If only. Lolcow should stay focused on being a lolcow board. /ot/ is fun, I will admit to getting carried away in the DAS thread but if CC didn’t suck I would be using it. Downside is that 4chan always finds this sort of thing and ruins it like >>68330 said. I just want to shit post sometimes but I want here to be lolcow orientated. Discords related to here aren’t a a stellar but not a bad idea. It would be likely taboo to openly spread them around tho. Also would be raided in a heartbeat.

No. 68365

if you wanna cull the newfag problem might i suggest taking care of the animation cows and fandom drama threads, it's full of autistic teenies sperging about hazbin hotel and the like

No. 68366

Every single lc related discord has been full of drama, there's a reason why they don't last.

No. 68367

Quiet, rancefag. Mods were kind enough to shield your retarded mentally ill ass when you were posting your nudes kek

No. 68369

Males from sites like 4chan and kiwifarms would still come here even if it was just the cow boards though.

I agree that this site is becoming less milk oriented and it shouldn't be that way, but honestly the reason why that's happening is because all the current cows suck ass and even a lot of the /pt/ cows have dried up. That literal who Rita getting a post reveal is proof that cows suck now. It's not anyone's fault though, it's everyone's job to contribute to posting about cows and the staff can't exactly make milky cows appear out of thin air. Another anon mentioned that kf still has a lot of cows, maybe we could steal some of theirs. I don't think the solution is to get rid of the off topic boards though. Then we are just stuck with repetitive convo about boring cows (not to say the other boards can't be repetitive) and we lose a large chunk of the userbase, plus some actually interesting and good threads. At least that's my perspective as someone who used to love the cow boards but now only uses the off topic ones.

Anyway I hate all this off-topic vs. cow boards nonsense anons have been trying to push for a while now. It's all a part of lolcow. We don't need to remove anything, we just need improvements.

No. 68370

True. Many came here because of the genshin impact threads in /m/ as well. I noticed they all had the same immature wars and posting styles whenever I scrolled past the threads.

No. 68371

Samefag, sorry anon for using your post to sperg. 99% of that isn't directed towards you but this convo as a whole.

No. 68372

>all the current cows suck ass and even a lot of the /pt/ cows have dried up
Sadly, I agree. It's not only that, but due to the nature of the Internet being so connected nowadays it's much easier for a cow to stumble upon their thread and go into hiding if you even mention them. The Internet feels a lot smaller, and lc gets mentioned everywhere. Finding actually silly and obscure cows is hard and once you post about them they'll get notified by someone soon, especially if they're not boomers that don't know how to google themselves.
The only people that can be cows in this environment are crazy narcs that love being victims and martyrs (like jill, for example) so they thrive off people gossiping about them.

Kf does have a lot of cows but frankly I find a lot of them uninteresting. Most of them seem like crazy podcaster scrotes. It's true that they cultivated a better cow observing environment than we have at the moment, though.

No. 68373

>using covid newfags opinions to prove anything

No. 68374

To be fair, most of the people complaining about the site becoming "less milk oriented" seem to be the people who specifically want to nitpick a low quality e-girls vagina for the millionth time and throw a fit when they cop a ban for a-logging and bumping a dead thread in vain hopes of someone being able to spoonfeed more drama about someone they have a vendetta against. As for threads such as the fandom thread, plenty of cows and drama is discussed there but because of the strict no-offtopic rules in cow boards and the discussion also steering towards analyzing and recounting personal stories it's in /ot/. It's the same for many /m/ threads, drama gets dished all the time but it's outside of /snow/ and /pt/.

No. 68376

I agree. Milky cow revival when?
Genuinely curious how you know who most of the people complaining are this oddly specific kek?

No. 68377

Kiwifarm's cow threads are extremely uninteresting to read, quantity doesn't mean quality. They're filled with endless blogposting, armchairing, nitpicking and infighting, even the "highlights" function that allows you to supposedly skip through the most relevant posts is useless because it's just le epic funny zingers mods wanted to be pinned. Trying to read a cow thread is like pulling teeth because all the drama gets buried under tens of pages of a-logging and someone bragging about how they're actually diagnosed autists living in their parents' basement themselves while studying the blade but at least THEIR sonic the hedgehog OC wasn't a simple Sonic recolor. And of course the amount of incels and chronically online NLOGs complaining about women and feminism is even worse of a problem than these supposed radfems on lolcow.

They make their presence known all the time in threads by whining out loud about how nobody is interested in spoonfeeding them drama and entertainment but "only want to sperg about feminism that's boring!!!".

No. 68378

Kek I haven't seen that yet and I hope I never have to. I hope it's just low quality bait not gonna lie.

No. 68381

>Fandom drama
>Animation cows
Hell, even some of the recent fujos and husbandofags feel underage and they congegrate in the chat-like threads too

No. 68382

Sometimes I do feel mentions of the "f-word", "h-word" and "y-words" should be banned outside certain specific containment threads, way too many inanely repetitive slapfights caused by this kind of autism collusion

No. 68383

faggot? hentai? yaoi?
What's the "h-word" supposed to mean?

No. 68384

Can you be normal and mention the words you mean next time? This isn't social media and you don't need to censor yourself, maybe you had a point but the way you wrote it is so dumb that it takes away from your message.

No. 68387

Are Brazilians invading lolcow?

No. 68388

File: 1706103777004.jpg (28.58 KB, 563x420, 8cda78b792ac6c8db295a96114b289…)

>Very cringe tho.
Agreed, but I don't get why admins don't just delete the boards if they think they are the problem and I say this as someone who migrated from mainly using snow to using the off topic boards almost exclusively. If they are what is degrading the site culture, just get rid of them, it's one thing when random anons say they shouldn't exist, but admins actually have the power to do it. This supposed problem is very simple to solve, just pull the trigger, no one has the power to stop you.

No. 68389

Fujos, husbandofags and yaoi? It's not that hard to grasp tbh

No. 68391

Mods can you stop the "read the rules" rain or add back the fire button that stops it in this thread please?
It's still retarded to censor yourself like that

No. 68392

It's because the handful of samefagging spergs on here don't actually represent the userbase and admins make the mistake again and again of putting way too much weight into what is posted here on meta. For any drastic decisions, there should always be actual votings.

No. 68393

It's been only days but I've noticed that /ot/ has gotten better without the dumbass shit and retarded shit thread though. It's too bad because they were fine at some point but perhaps the site is better without them. The Unpopular opinions thread should also be shut down since it always brings infighting as well.

I'll say this again but I liked the idea of the "stuff only you care about" thread or whatever it was called. It had more interesting discussion and less retarded chat-like posts. I wouldn't mind that thread but only if people don't use it as a gay ass successor to the dumbass one.

No. 68394

Votings in this website almost never work because it's always some Google form on top of the page and only retarded people answer them. Same people who camp and sperg out on /meta/. If you want the real juicy opinions, ask a sample population on each board, that'll give you better results.

No. 68395

Townhalls need to return asap. Harder to samefag under time limitations on a chat platform

No. 68396

it!/ sad about absoluetky retarded shitposting bc it used to be fun when people actually used it just to shitpost. but if it helps the board quality then it's worth the sacrifice
dumbass shit and unpop opinions are just infight central now. i make thread OPs often and usually see the infighting start over about 5 seconds after the new thread is made. sad!

No. 68397

And I'll add that it could be done either by making a pinned thread in /ot/ and /snow/ since I'm assuming that's where most of the site traffic is OR making a red text on top of the page (like the hellweek one right now) and linking back to a thread here to ask for actual opinions on the site though I know it will be full of the same /meta/ autists OR having more frequent town hall meets on admin's cytube channel

No. 68398

Someone needed to stop this thread from repeating the same cycle that's been going for four years. It was 2:30AM and couldn't sleep so I did it.

You neither read my post nor the screen cap. The admin at the time specifically called out posters that were acting like radfems for calling anyone that disagreed with them men and posting racebait. She herself was on the receiving end of it. Do all radfems call other anons men and post racebait? No. It's not the subject matter that's the problem. No shit there's feminist discussion on a women's website. It's the continued obnoxious behaviour, failure to take any accountability and using the radfem label to break the site rules and ignore warnings from admins and farmhands. Men, anachans and kpop were banned from the site for the same reasons.

Brazilians were one of the groups of people that were singled out for supposedly shitting up lolcow in the old meta threads. I was on LC while this was happening and they weren't.

No. 68399

ok then how do you propose we sort out between the evil radfems and legitimate feminist discussion?

No. 68401

>It's not the job of users to speech police other posters.
Yes it partly is and has been since the dawn of imageboards. When users stop trying to enforce newfags to integrate, boards start to go downhill fast.

>imagined group is invading lolcow such as 4chan moids, troons, kiwi scrotes, LSA, Brazilians or tradthots.

>imagined group
Moids and trannies have been banned, redtexted and cought bragging on kiwifarms, 4chan and other places about baiting and raiding here for years now. I don't know who you're trying to convince.

No. 68402

>Brazilians were one of the groups of people that were singled out for supposedly shitting up lolcow in the old meta threads.
Kekkkk sorry this is funny to me, but no hate to Brazilians though. It's so retarded they became the scapegoat at the time.

For what I've heard, there was a Finnish imageboard that shit down and it attracted a lot of newfags to this site. Didn't choachan shut down as well?

No. 68403

How are you saying that all these groups are "imaginary" when they've been proven time and time again to raid Lolcow? Do you think it's radfems who spammed child porn and gore in here or something?

During the big shitstorm from last September the admin confirmed that it's choachan schizos who were intentionally baiting infight in as many threads as possible and it was obvious to anyone who had ever visited that site. As for the Finnish imageboard, they paywalled like 80% of the content on their site and someone started linking Lolcow there so some of the ESL-esque scrotes definitely come from there. It was a huge site with lots of active users.

No. 68404

I am with stealing kiwi cows. They don’t cover a lot of milk with some of them and just end up on other topics instead until someone brings in milk to get back into the cow. I think there’s a good few candidates for it. There’s been mentions of a husbandofag thread here and there in personal lolcow thread but has never come to fruition. It would also be a horror show so. Prob the best idea
>>68388 you hit the nail on the head tbh. If they aren’t needed just get rid ya know. Make it a hidden board even. Newfags don’t understand the concept anyway. My whole move to /ot/ has been lack of milk from cows. /pt/ cows are basically dry. /w/ only really has two active threads and one is mostly infighting from the Lolita anons. Not sorry about that one. /snow/ is meh now. I think moving around cows should be an idea. I know Shayna in /pt/ has been a push for years but I think may be time. Jill too. I really don’t see the point for /w/ at this point. /m/ I can’t comment on but it’s all husbando faggotry. /g/ can be a god send tho

No. 68405

Again you are either not reading my post or are misunderstanding. The problem is not radical feminism or radfems. The problem is posters claiming to be radfems and then using that as an excuse to infight and police other users.

>How are you saying that all these groups are "imaginary" when they've been proven time and time again to raid Lolcow? Do you think it's radfems who spammed child porn and gore in here or something
I'm not denying that the site gets raided by malicious actors such as troons or sharty posters. What I'm suggesting is that it doesn't happen on the scale that is assumed by some posters. Men, troons and whoever else aren't coming here in massive numbers in a targeted effort to subvert LC. If it were happening, the mods would be aware of it and it would be obvious to posters. The paranoia over some imagined out group infiltrating LC does more damage than the raid itself because the result is anons accusing each other of being from said out group for stupid reasons, which then leaves more clean up for the mods. We have competent admins now who are on top of the raid issue, I haven't seen CP for months. The biggest issues on LC right now are internal.

No. 68406

>/pt/ cows are basically dry
I don't think that's an issue and imo it helps to give threads with special interest (important cows) a special place where the thread can be slow and we only bump it with the rare update but it's not gonna fall to page 10 of the catalog. But we could add more legacy cows to /pt/ and re-integrate /w/ into /snow/ because most of the /w/ cows are either milkless or you don't need arcane weeb knowledge to follow their shit. Basically undo all the new boards oldmin added; /m/ and /w/ really disrupted the site by respectively inviting more unironic, unashamed weebs to the site and at the same time segregating weeb drama as 'other' when we come from a fucking weeb drama site.

No. 68407

>Shayna to /pt/
Absolutely not, she has a way too prominent role on this site already and her own damn board as a containment zone for the insane levels of nitpicking she receives.

No. 68408

>If it were happening, the mods would be aware of it and it would be obvious to posters.
The admins did announce it. Did you not read?

No. 68409

File: 1706111454281.png (200.37 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2024-01-24-10-52-47…)

I don't see the animated fire to deactivate the falling read the rules texts…

No. 68410

File: 1706111667891.jpg (156.54 KB, 653x1200, EM68fg6XkAAXP5I.jpg)

it's a temp solution but you can remove the snowflakes by going into "inspect element" and searching for
> <div id="snowflakes">
just delete it

No. 68411

It's not "infiltration" per se, you're misunderstanding the issue. It's that during these raids we get the residue from the original raid group that sticks around either because they find the site fascinating, enraging or they have no other life than to be chronically online. These are the people who bring in retardation since they have their other leg in a community that's inherently damaging to Lolcow. For example I'm pretty sure we have a lot of male posters who initially came in to troll and gawk at the dumb girlchan but got addicted and stayed because a lot of the cows being discussed are thots that they have a parasocial relationship with and because you can actually have a conversation in various threads without someone sperging about jews and black people in every other post. A lot of male commentary channels brought Lolcow to the mainstream when they made videos about creepshowart and their audience definitely got curious, whether it be men or women who have been accustomed to a moidbrained environment.

>If it were happening, the mods would be aware of it and it would be obvious to posters.

But they did make announcements about schizos from Choachan camping the site and baiting the threads, they specifically asked people to be on the lookout and report whatever they find.

No. 68412

And i'm asking, how do you propose to get rid of these fake radfems who're apprently behind every issue? What changes in moderation do you suppose could be implemented?

No. 68413

This and if you check heolkek.cafe (where they moved after choachan died because they were running the same gayops on each other) you'll see the board "culture" on there represents exactly what we're complaining. It's clear to everyone with eyes and many users have complained about it until admins confirmed where it came from.

No. 68414

Admin bawwwing about racebait in the tradthot thread because ppl stated the obvious regarding Indian males.

No. 68415

Whoever mods the Shayna thread is a mouth breathing retard lol. Must be one of her sympathizers because the bans that get handed out are fucking retarded.

No. 68416

It's true that our dumbass shit threads massively started resembling theirs a few months ago. I feel like it wasn't this chatroom-y before.

No. 68417

File: 1706113334750.jpg (55.87 KB, 720x227, 1705993442899.jpg)

No. 68419

unhide 2X and bring back the male hate threads tbh only males want radfems banned from here. males and tradthots

No. 68421

I'm not saying that there aren't men or troons posting on lolcow. My point is that the userbase perceives this to be a more widespread problem than it is and the reaction to it makes the situation worse not better. Numerous admins have now said that the majority of reports for moids are false. There is gap in perception of how many men are posting here and how many actually are.

>But they did make announcements about schizos from Choachan
Exactly, the admins are aware of who is and isn't posting on the site. There's no need for the userbase to do anything other than be vigilant and report and ignore suspicious posts. The admins and farmhands are able to see post history and make a judgement on if someone is a genuine farmer or if someone has malicious intent.

This is my point. The farmhands were able to correctly identify someone as being a certain banned poster because it was reported and they are able to look through the poster's history. Replying to bait, making accusations and starting infights does nothing except make the situation worse.

No. 68422

Yeah I've also noticed /ot/ improving just in these few days. Maybe those threads should stay locked.
We definitely need to have a townhall again if cerbmin wants us to vote on changes.

No. 68423

My suggestion is that unpopular opinions should be removed permanently.

No. 68424

Meh if it were up to me Shayna’s threads would go into /shay/ just to keep the board away from the scum her thread anons can be. I feel like a lot of her anons that are actively on the thread are some of the biggest problem anons. It almost needs its own hell week or years. Also more than one mod actively checking. Not for the same reasons other anons say but because it gets out of hand quickly and badly. I understand it’s hard to keep with Shay’s thread but the sensei Ricky shit got out of hand quick and was ignored. Tho I will give them props for nipping the bud of someone doxxing Shayna’s dad’s cabin at a quick pace. Same for the most part with the random schizo spam posting while she was in Aruba.
You got me there. The /w/ and /snow/ separation was a sketchy play in the first place but it seems that honestly merging them back together is a better idea. The only threads with active updates are the jill thread, the Lolita thread which is mostly infighting and then the mana knight one. The merge of those two again and the axing of /m/ would be a good idea. Even if they hide /m/. There’s a lot of ways they could choose to go about it. I hope whatever they choose actually helps the problem.
What cows would be good to move to /pt/ anyhow?
>>68420 yeah they need to stay dead or at least a hiatus until the board can be whipped back into shape. Dead is better tho.
I am glad the topic of a town hall has come up. It’s been a long time and I think may be more helpful than speaking on this thread. 100% up to mods and admin tho.

No. 68425

I agree.

No. 68426

There is no way for admins or farmhands to actually confirm if the poster is or is not a moid. That’s just the new staffs’ opinion based off of a feeling towards post history. It’s hard to trust the staff that is clamping down on female discussion and labeling it detailing. Posters in the tradthots thread explaining how men use race to pit women against each other isn’t derailing or racebait, it’s women warning each other giving the game away that men don’t want women to know. It’s really hard to trust a staff who reads that thread and doesn’t explicitly understand that the discussion is invaluable to women and is reaching for a rule for it to break to ban it.

No. 68427

Agreed, remove unpopular and dumbass threads forever. Too bad but the improvement is very obvious
I also think the Shayna thread could be migrated to /shay/ but she's the only real active cow at the moment so I'm not sure

No. 68428

Trolls would immediately flock there if it was re integrated. I would like it to be used more, but I think we need a solution for the troll and bait problem

No. 68429

I don't think it really matters if someone is a genuine XY male, there are plenty of women who have rotted their brain away in male dominated spaces with minimal contact with normal women so of course their opinions will sound male-like and are equally retarded and destructive to the board culture even if they were born female before they unlearn all the damage done to them.

Even though it's true, it just doesn't have a place in the tradthot thread because it attracts debate and draws the discussion away from the cow. This is why most milk goes into /ot/ and /m/ these days, people do enjoy discussing how they process these issues and talking about related topics but they'll be hit with a ban if they do it in /snow/. Less people are really interested in strictly documenting a cow because being a weirdo on the internet is so normalized these days that laughing at retards like people did during the Encyclopedia Dramatica era just doesn't work anymore.

No. 68430

>people do enjoy discussing how they process these issues and talking about related topics but they'll be hit with a ban if they do it in /snow/
This. We should be allowed to discuss the overarching social environment that leads to these cows existence, as well as exploring their ideology in the "group" cow threads like tranny threads and tradthots (though the racebaiting there is egregious and needs to be dealt with, that is true)

No. 68431

nah 2x is better hidden else it attracts males. too bad it's infested by rightoids tho
Agreed, unpopular and dumbass need to go as well as zoomer hitspots like animationcows , genshit impact, fandom drama Etc. I also propose anyone posting about vivziepop should be banned on sight

No. 68432

Honestly, I think anons are being kind of silly if they think removing the retarded shitpost (which, afaik hasn't actually had any issues) and dumbass shit threads will actually get rid of infighting on the site. Truthfully, in /ot/ there's always periods where some threads get more infighting and bait than others. It's just whatever the baiters find easy targets at the time [spoiler]we know it was baiters because of that whole dumbass shit vs. fun posting thread debacle[spoiler]. And even if you get rid of those threads there's still celebricows, general art salt, unpopular opinions, fandom drama, and (arguably) things you hate which all have their own problems. Plus those threads have only been locked for like two days, who's to say the anons shitting up the dumbass shit thread don't eventually migrate to other threads? I think the solution is just tighter moderation and cracking down on newfags. I'm not sure if better moderation is possibly on the current site, but I would hate to see some of the main threads go.

No. 68433

Shayna's threads are wild and that is part of the appeal. However I do agree that it gets out of control and I wouldn't mind if her threads were confined to /shay/.

I'm indifferent to /w/. /m/ is different because it serves a purpose as a dedicated media board. I don't see a purpose merging these topics back into /ot/ where the slower media threads would be buried by the existing popular threads.

>Posters in the tradthots thread explaining how men use race to pit women against each other isn’t derailing or racebait
/snow/ is not for politics, it is for cows. The tradthot thread is for discussing tradthot cows. Any other discussion belongs on /2X/ or /ot/. The tradthot thread is a perfect example of this, the subject matter has the potential to be extremely milky yet there is no milk because the thread is being used for political preaching.

No. 68434

File: 1706121562269.jpg (22.48 KB, 540x360, 360_F_47181813_pvyQQT0AUaYgEQb…)

Off-topic but is it possible for the Admin or Mods to make a post at the end of Hellweek announcing the number of bans made during Hellweek and the reason for each ban summarized in percentages formatted into either a list or piechart? I'm genuinely curious as to what makes up most of our bans on lolcow.

No. 68436

that's a cool idea, seconded. from the redtexts ive seen it seems to be mostly newfag speech and infighting but it'd be interesting to have stats

No. 68438

if shayna threads get moved to /shay/ can we please have the option to pick a different theme? i hate going to /shay/ and seeing that giant picture of her with her tits half out in the corner of my screen

No. 68439

I think you're right about cow documentation not being as interesting anymore because they're a dime a dozen now. Sometimes people here say the userbase is "over" discussing cows, but it seems more like people are bored with just documenting them without being able to discuss their context in more depth. I get why, but it's also the reason that a lot of those active threads on /ot/ devolve into derailing and infighting for days. Social media making it the norm for everyone to have a strong opinion about everything leads to them just wanting to argue for the sake of arguing, which will, and has, turned the culture caustic and rancid. So I don't think it's wrong to have a board where the rules are more rigid to prevent threads from turning into political manifestos and endless blogposting, but it's boring to just watch virtually interchangeable cows be posted without much further input because we can all just go to Twitter for that. I don't know what the solution is though because if you stifle casual discussion, people will take their milk to an /ot/ thread, but if you don't, people will somehow end up arguing about random shit until the thread gets locked.

No. 68440

that's a great idea, as well as see the posts that were banned and maybe potentially campaign to see whether it was fair or not.

No. 68441

I mean currently the most active threads on /snow/ are more "generalist" focusing specific communities of those just that have similar issues and perversions.

No. 68444

>she's the only real active cow at the moment so I'm not sure
First of all that's wrong, many other cows are active. Besides that, people on here have just gotten used to some threads being really fast-paced and think slow = irrelevant when many cows aren't heard from for months or years and are still /pt/ material. Some of our best threads have been slow as hell or only had a few spurts of good drama and we managed to not nitpick it all to death. Shayna being extremely active isn't really even milky because it's always the same shit and anons comment on it the same way over and over. We should promote obscure cows instead of catering even more to some of the most out-of-control demographic. I don't know why we keep trying containment zones when they've always without exception only served to invite more of the spergery they were meant to rein in.

No. 68449

I don't think it's fair to start telling us we can't discuss our issues with the trans movement in the MtF thread on snow. It's impossible not to and will really mess up the flow of the threads

No. 68450

File: 1706140046602.jpg (67.37 KB, 454x800, put-it-somewhere-else-patrick-…)

I've only been here for a year or so, so this is probably stupid but could we get a random style thread on /ot/ with less regulation on staying on topic and using vocaroo and stuff. That way that shit can stay there and be contained and keep vent and dumbass shit safe.

No. 68451

Or they could just learn to integrate? I'm surprised that sty hasn't been brought back.

No. 68452

why would you even want to post vocaroo here?
agreed. i think the new op rules in the ftm thread are wayy to restrictive, it's going to kill discussion entirely if all we can post is "look at this ugly tif" over and over with nothing beyond thay. thread quality is going to devolve. unless the goal is to kill off troon threads

No. 68453

I've seen vocaroos being posted multiple times because braindead 4chan migrants start coming here repeating moid rhetoric and when people call them out for it they immediately drop a vocaroo link to prove that they're not a scrote but a woman with a scrote's mindset.

No. 68454

I'm curious what is an acceptable thread to complain about troons? I've seen anons complain in the vent thread and basically be told to keep it to the mtf/ftm threads but now it can't be talked about there either? Also is there any point in both the dumbass shit thread and the retarded shit thread, they're basically the same thing now were as the dumbass shit thread didn't use to be so unbearable.

No. 68455

You have an entire board to discuss trannies.

No. 68457

gotcha, so either newfaggotry or attention whoring. Should be a ban either way imo
we've had cow threads for whole communities forever. i don't see why we couldn't have /snow/ threads for ftm and mtf when they both produce plenty of snowflakes
2x is nigh unusable for gc discussion with the rightwing invasion anyway

No. 68459

>rightwing invasion
Yeah I think this is the biggest contributor to the problems here lately, across all boards

No. 68460

Could we get some honeypot bait threads and Shadow Ban them? Some nona's suggested outright bans but Shadow Ban means they'll post we won't see them and they'll get fed up and leave? Idk if it's in the mods powers but I think it's a good idea.

No. 68461

all of those minus the vtuber/genshit fags were here from the start. This is and has always been a weeb board predominately used by weeb women. You can read the very first /pt/ threads and how women there would sperg about yaoi and husbandos aswell.

No. 68462

Yes, please. The worst users camp there. You genuinely cant say anything anymore without them jumping right to insults when you disagree with them.

No. 68463

nayrt but the animation cows thread in /snow/ is fairly recent and it's full of autistic zoomers sperging about vivziepop without any cow content. I don't think anyone here wants to ban actual anime/cartoon threads.

No. 68465

I agree the industry cow thread is infested by vivzietards, mostly a small subsection that hate her for being a fujo. The most recent OP of the industry cow threads was a vivzietard that didnt bother to integrate and didnt add a re-cap to the OP because she was a selfcentered bitch who only cared about shitting on vivzie's sparkle dog yaoi cartoon. There is tons of milk not related to vivzie on the thread, it's actually very milky, but vivzie spergs ruin it for everyone else.

No. 68466

samefagging. I think its time vivzie spergs make their own thread where they can discuss hazbin fandom and vivzie drama. I dont want to read retards talking about how the gay faggot spider is ackshually a vessel for women or how viv is fat, it's not milky or interesting.

No. 68467

I'm hard pressed to figure out exactly whats wrong with unpopular opinions and dumbass shit. Some of you feel as though it should be removed because an opinion you disagree with is posted there? Or because something a little bit too retarded for you to think is funny was posted in dumbass shit? I think its okay for us to disagree and have differing senses of humor, but the website as a whole has been so much slower over the last two days not because of the cooldown time but obviously because a lot of poasters retired for the week after finding out that dumbass shit was going to be suspended. It is the /ot/ thread that receives the most traffic and allows the most freedom of post, it would be pretty retarded for them to lock it permanently.

No. 68468

its because of the infighting

No. 68469

unpopular opinion in particular is full of infighting and the occasional sexism/homophobia/racebait

No. 68470

more traffic =/= good. Also, the "general purpose" threads make the other threads slower because anons dump literally every passing thought into 4-5 fast threads instead of browsing the board to find the on-topic thread. I think negative opinion should be allowed, but having a them all crammed into a single thread called "unpopular opinions" is just a breeding ground for constant inevitable fighting. I think general purpose threads with no actual topic should be done away with completely

No. 68473

Don't you remember what happened last time /2X/ was unhidden? That's part of the reason why it went to shit

No. 68474

Not everyone wants to spend 30 minutes scrolling or refreshing the page multiple times to command + F and try to find a thread, dumbass shit is just a fun communal space and whenever 'infighting' occurs it has never been anything serious or egregiously rude. Also, The whole purpose of unpopular opinions is so you can post an opinion that is unpopular; but that does not inherently make it negative. If some sperg decides to spam opposing opinions in response, I don't think that should be held against the original poster.

No. 68475

Didn't the fandom drama threads start only last year?
Other than what the other posts said, dumbass shit also attracted too many newfags compared to some other threads, and unpopular opinions is the go-to thread for the same regurgitated baits about prostitutes, black people, gay people, groomed teenagers, abused women etc. Idk if it changed recently but one time I checked in there they were arguing about prostitutes for several days in a row even the second a new thread was made, and it kept getting maxed out within hours.

No. 68476

I agree, I think the animation cows thread is actually an interesting idea overall and there is a lot of milky content but most of the Viv stuff feels very… off topic? Like just talking about the show in a boring way that isn’t milky at all, just discussing opinions. It’s alright to bring up Viv when she’s doing something or when she’s relevant to a discussion but nitpicking her show just doesn’t feel like it needs to be on that thread in particular. Some of the complaints even feel like they would’ve fit in better on a thread in /m/.

No. 68477

>Didn't the fandom drama threads start only last year?
i dont meant the threads, i meant the users of said threads. This has always been a weeb board.

No. 68478

Kek I can’t believe the trannies and tranny lovers are managing to get the mtf and ftm threads censored arbitrarily. Tranny janny confirmed.

No. 68479

Not only tranny janny but the whole
>don't report scrotes even if its an obvious moid
pathetic kek

No. 68480


No. 68481

Seconded. I feel like half the time they arent even talking about vivzie but the show and its contents. why isn't there just a hazbin/hellava boss thread atp?

No. 68482

It’s because they can’t stand to see other people having fun. They never had any friends and they were never able to have mutual jest with others because of their severe socially crippling autism. IRL they can’t control others so they jump at any chance to do it here. “This thread that people enjoy is attracting newfags!! Put a stop to it or I shall scream!!!!!! I shall hold my breath until I faint!!!!”

No. 68483

nta but i regularly use that thread but haven't had fun there in a while. it hasn't been truly fun since early 2023, all anyone does in there is fight now.

No. 68484

'schizos' isnt accurate, there's ONE schizo we know of who comes to start fights on heolkek exactly the same as they do on lolcow. they're extremely distinctive, everyone ignores them, mods ban them and they go away. this isn't a raid coming from us, it's one or more freaks who shit up both sites as well as crystal. they mostly stick to here, probably because you guys are angrier and incapable of ignoring bait. but no regular posters are leaving a functional, calm, competently managed board to post on fucking lolcow in 2024 lmao

No. 68485

No. 68487

>defending infighting by infighting

No. 68488

seconded, it used to be peak comfy before

No. 68489

I think it's okay to close it for hellweek, since the occasional obvious newfag does pop up in the thread. But I agree that the most of the complaints about the thread itself barely make sense and either boil down to "I don't like it so it shouldn't be there" (solution: hide the thread or don't visit the board you dislike, this goes for any other thread too) or "it attracts newfags because I say so"(how? you think newfags one day decide to google 'dumbass shit' and happen to find lolcow on page 20 of google? No, the easiest way to find us is through googling cow usernames or cows themselves mentioning this website). Permanently closing it due to infighting would directly play into what the infighters shitting it up want, which I dare to say is probably also of a certain percentage demanding it here. I would like to remind everyone that the infighting in that specific thread started to spiral after the antifujo day long spergout, where staff decided to ban only one side at first, hence why it went on for days. And that those very same infighters also came here to demand for the thread closures. >>65036

No. 68490

so true, also the funposting threads were like the old dumbass threads and people actually had fun and had 0 infighting until the baiters decided to migrate because they couldnt bear anons having fun for once

No. 68491

>It is the /ot/ thread that receives the most traffic
>traffic traffic traffic
Every time. When will you understand that high traffic isn't necessarily a good thing, especially on this site?

No. 68493


No. 68494

>When will you understand that high traffic isn't necessarily a good thing, especially on this site?
Agreed. This is not a commercial site and it does not make money from the size of it's user base. There is no benefit to the admins for accommodating a large user base as it leads to increased hosting costs and and greater need for moderation and this is especially true if there are a large number of posters that refuse to follow the established rules or respect the original purpose of the site.

No. 68495

I think /m/ is a good board in terms of off-topic boards but the picspam threads destroyed it. The catalog is so flooded with picspam threads any discussion thread is buried and as a result slow as hell, so people wanting to discuss anime or games have to do in /ot/ where it really doesn't belong. Everyone not wanting to discuss cows is flooding /ot/ and making a mess out of every thread. The same happens with /g/ and their endless X I want to fuck threads. Maybe dumbass shit threads wouldn't be needed if people could easily discuss the topics they want to discuss in /m/ and /g/.

Picspam threads need to be banned from /m/ and /g/ or limited to a serious extent.

Cows are much less milky than they were so oldfags are all in /ot/ and /m/ searching for discussion with other nonas. But because they're so mismanaged oldfags are leaving.

No. 68496

The people in the funposting thread were the ones baiting and infighting in the dumbass shit thread though. This was confirmed by farmhands/admin (can't remember which one) and I also remember that everytime the dumbass shit thread would move on, someone would post to say the dumbass shit thread sucks and basically just egg the whole thing on.

No. 68497

I wish we had /img/ for the image dump threads, from /m/ and /g/ both

No. 68498

can you link to the admin's comment?

No. 68499

>The same happens with /g/ and their endless X I want to fuck threads.

Those threads are such a plague tbh, especially the fact that the straights and the lesbians need to be catered to that they have their own goddamn separate threads instead of just one, and lc thread users having to just live with the fact that it's different strokes for different folks, like IRL.
InB4 "Herpderp hide the threads then dumbass", I already do. 'Still buries the other threads that are not hornyposting 4 pages deep.
I realize LC is not structured like a forum, but as an oldfag who grew up on internet forums, I miss the organized structure of em. So many threads could be compartimentalized in whatever main theme they're about (sexuality/intimacy/NSFW, fangirling, casual talk, pic spam, whatever other theme there are). Not just the /g/ ones that I mentioned, same with the picspam on /m/. It might not directly solve the current problems, newfags and other weirdos will still come here to blogpost/not integrate/troll or be agro. But it would make things feel less cluttered with crap, which doesn't make you want to engage in any reading or discussing.

No. 68500

why do you want to centralize lolcow

No. 68501

Compartimentalize =/= centralize
Technically my opinion is putting more compartments/categories to separate and declutter /m/ /ot/ and /g/.
How would that centralize lc, pray tell? It's a genuine question.

No. 68505

File: 1706186205148.png (79.77 KB, 242x351, pin threads.png)

They arent cluttered though. the image board format exists so people can easily make generals to share and discuss different kinds of stuff, merging them all together into a mega-thread would make it messier and would centralize this site, which is the opposite of what imageboards are supposed to do. I do think a good addition would be to be able to pin threads like in 4chan.

No. 68506


>Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.
farmhands say to use the “appropriate off-topic boards” and meanwhile they’ve banned all GC discussion outside of one dead and hidden board

rather than bring /2X back, since it’s already dead and rotten, I think there should simply be a GC/terfposting thread allowed on /ot or even /g. one thread is not going to ruin the entire board. why is this kind of speech so censored here? this will help us keep /snow more milk focused. the mtf and ftm are easily some of the most active but also, outside of derailing and newfaggotry, milky threads on /snow

No. 68508

>meanwhile they’ve banned all GC discussion outside of one dead and hidden board
Wow farmhands are literally hitler for asking posters to post a subject on a board dedicated to that subject.

>I think there should simply be a GC/terfposting thread allowed on /ot or even /g

The last time this was allowed, /ot/ became so bad that the admin locked /ot/. GC and pinkpill threads were removed from /ot/ for a reason.

>why is this kind of speech so censored here?

Being told to post GC and feminism discussion on the GC and feminism board is not censorship. The persecution complex is unreal.

No. 68509

Why are you defending this shit decision so much. Talking about the movement and social implications in the ftm and mtf threads are a huge part of what the threads are about and the activity the threads see are massive. Suddenly yanking that away from everyone is fucking suspicious and really uncalled for

No. 68511

I made a suggestion, not an insinuation that farmhands are hitler kek. calm down

No. 68513

File: 1706188263054.jpeg (83.55 KB, 914x497, IMG_5596.jpeg)

Whoever wrote this is totally a woman btw and if you say otherwise you’ll be banned for “scrotefoiling”. Some women are just unhinged!

No. 68514

>Not everyone wants to spend 30 minutes scrolling or refreshing the page multiple times to command + F and try to find a thread, dumbass shit is just a fun communal space
I know this term has been overused but it sounds like you're looking for a chatroom and don't actually want to be on an imageboard.

No. 68515

> merging them all together into a mega-thread would make it messier and would centralize this site

So that's what you misunderstood. You probably don't know forum structure but you have a main page with different categories A, B, C however many the forum needs, with thread subcategories under A, B, C, named 1,2 and 3 each for example. And underneath 1, 2 and 3, when someone clicks on one of those, there come all the threads that are relevant in that subcategory.
So for instance if one did like my example "A"/ "NSFW/Sexuality/Intimacy" category, one could still have compartments 1, 2 and 3 under that, 1 named Sexuality (the masturbation thread could be there along with the bisexuality and lesbian one, probably others too like the not my type type), 2 for NSFW (where all the threads for men/women you find attractive, the weird kinks stuff etc.), 3 for Intimacy (the bathroom thread, the breasts, the vagina, the Nigel/GF treads could go there). They wouldn't be merged in one, but put in their compartment where all that stuff belongs and not jumbled together in a general /g/ thing where the horny meets the skin care and crochet threads.
That's not centralized, that's compartmentalized. Hope that's clearer. Not that the suggestion will be taken by the farmhands, but it's an idea for a solution.

No. 68516

Why’s he biting the tip of that bong like a breadstick?

No. 68517

>I do think a good addition would be to be able to pin threads like in 4chan.
People like you shouldn't even post their opinions here, you're evidently much too new to have anything to contribute.

No. 68518

At this point I'm just laughing at how controversial the dumbass shit thread turned out to be. It's not even one of the threads that has been chronically plagued with bait and infight like unpopular opinions and vent. The retarded shitposting thread is most of the time barely coherent (as it should be) and I don't recall anyone ever complaining about it up to now.

No. 68519

same, nonas. i like the way /ot/ has been since hellweek has started. feels more comfy.
i don't have a strong opinion on dumbass shit thread but i hide it often, however i really like the retarded shitposting thread because it genuinely makes me laugh and is slower and feels way more (fun)-unhinged than the dumbass chatroom. i never post in them except for maybe once or twice, but part of me wishes we could have a retarded shitposting thread without everyone from the dumbass shit thread flocking over. i think it would probably be better for /ot/ overall for those threads to be banned, just by what it's been in the past few days, but i was glad to see other nonas noticed a change in /ot/ as well

i agree with you nona (also an oldfag who misses forums)

No. 68520

>merging them all together into a mega-thread

It's called a board. This might seem news but /ot/, /m/ /g/ /snow/ and /w/ didn't always exist on this site. One day admins created them because there was demand or a necessity. Even on 4chan boards are created and retired even to this day. It's what keeps an imageboard fresh and thriving.

The needs of lc users have simply changed. There is no need to keep holding onto legacy boards when creating something like /img/ for picspam threads would revitalize /m/ and /g/ and get some people out of /ot/ and into those boards.

As things stand now they're stagnating rapidly and bringing down the level of discussion across the whole site.

The same can be said for reintegrating /w/ into /snow/ where in my opinion they always belonged. Anime is now mainstream and simply being a weeb or into a weeb subculture like lolita doesn't guarantee fresh cringe milk as it did before.

No. 68521

There's an /img/ on crystal.cafe. At this point why not just go there?

No. 68523

I think this is a great idea tbh. /m/ should be for discussion of media only and /img/ can be for image dumping.

No. 68524

Why are you people so allergic to suggestions to improve the board?

No. 68525

c.c was literally made by other farmers to serve these specific needs.
>inb4 "it's full of trannies and moids"
so is this place and their moderation has improved lately

No. 68526

Nta and not involved but nonnas might be apprehensive of going to cc because of the poor moderation. I’ve been there maybe 10 times and 5 or 6 of those there was either gore or cp on the home page.

No. 68527

File: 1706193569398.png (70.87 KB, 725x131, female.png)


No. 68528

File: 1706194050436.png (65.75 KB, 504x297, 1691947019848393.png)

>Even on 4chan boards are created and retired even to this day. It's what keeps an imageboard fresh and thriving.
But this is straight up false. The newest boards on 4chan are the /v/ splinters created in 2020, and before that was /bant/ in 2017. I've never seen a board on 4chan retired, the last time I know that happened (if you can count it as retiring) was the april fool's event where certain boards were merged together, and before that when the /con/ boards were made for those panels in 2009 or whenever that was.
Gookmoot is also nowhere to be seen. The last site change was the removal of the 4channel domain a few weeks ago and it wasn't even announced.(racebaiting)

No. 68529

these are literally banned posts? and not even just opinions, these are mra statements. what are you trying to prove kek

No. 68530

Yeah I was going to say I think admin was referring to stuff like scrotefoiling over less obvious posts not full on rape threats kek

No. 68531

samefag but I forgot about the /new/ and /pol/ business, that's an example of a board being retired too. I never went anywhere near those boards because I prefer the hobby boards so forgive me for not mentioning it

No. 68533

CC doesn't scrub exif data from posted images which is crazy irresponsible for an anonymous image board.
By the way there is CP on the crystal.cafe front page right now. Cursed ass website.

No. 68534

>If you don't like it just leave

Just because c.c. has done it, does it necessarily mean that it's a bad idea? I think we are all on lolcow because we want to use lolcow. We are in this thread because we wish to make lolcow a better imageboard.

Nobody cares about crystal cafe or what they might have done right or wrong. On the contrary if another imageboard has had a good idea there is no reason not to consider it for its merits. Hell even ITT people have been discussing whether we should steal some kiwifarms cows or not.

No. 68535

explain yourself, i have been here since 2018

No. 68536

/q/ is another example but this was 10 years ago.

4chan is stagnant and might as well be dead. Anything redeeming about it as a site for discussing hobbies was smothered by the leaking of /pol/ and /r9k/.

No. 68537

only retired board is the loli one
You have actual autism. Go back to forums if you like the autistic cluttered format. Bet you love kiwifarms and how 90% of the threads are unrelated offtopic ramblings rather than on topic discussion. On top of that masturbation has nothing to do with sexual orientation, and husbandofags and waifufags dont mix with eachother, and anons who are into attractive men dont want to get jumpscared by uggos and nerds. Genuinely one of the most retarded ideas i have ever read.

No. 68538

Replying to myself but I just remembered that /qa/ was retired sometime in the last few years because soyjak.party wouldn't stop raiding it with troonjaks.

No. 68539

And you've never noticed any of the pinned threads here?

No. 68540

Literally posts upthread were saying “akshully some women actually are deranged and sound like scrotes you can never tell” and admin said nothing about this

No. 68541

Nta but she's talking about being able to pin your favorite threads to the top of the page on your own end, not the sticky that mods make.

No. 68543

There is a tranny janny psyop going on with anons calling for the troon threads to be removed or moved to a dead/hidden board and the mod's choice to restrict troon discussion in those threads. lolcow is probably ran by a team of mostly men kek I just dont understand why those threads bother some of you so much? They literally dont do anything to you unless you get offended by twansfobia.

No. 68544

File: 1706203601320.jpg (100.28 KB, 959x898, pinning.jpg)

You misunderstand her, she wasn't suggesting merging the threads she was suggesting categorizing them. It probably confused you because you're not familiar with forums (?) but in imageboard terms she was essentially suggesting adding more boards and putting certain threads in separate boards (if I understood kek) which would actually result in you seeing much LESS of what you didn't want to unlike now where you see all that together on /g/.
you shouldn't comment on it if you've never used the 4chan catalog features. picrel, you can "pin" a thread to the top of the catalog. It just saves you from scrolling or having to use ctrl+f, it's kind of useful but not as useful as threadwatch on newer imageboards because it only pins it in catalog view.

No. 68545

agreed. like why quarantine feminism/gc talk to a hidden board on a female oriented site? this is like, all some of us have to talk freely with other women about these things

No. 68547

>CC doesn't scrub exif data from posted images which is crazy irresponsible for an anonymous image board.
lc doesn't either

No. 68548

wtf does this even mean. Dont you have a ceasefire strike to attend to?

No. 68549

>It's not even one of the threads that has been chronically plagued with bait and infight like unpopular opinions and vent.
Yes it has. Not to the exact degree as unpopular opinions but still

No. 68550

to keep newfags and trolls out. it was literally unhidden last year and it was a total disaster, anons begged for it to be hidden again.

No. 68551

File: 1706206626467.png (29.53 KB, 1848x252, groundhog-day.png)

I'm tired

No. 68553

It's fucking bullshit and the decision needs to be reversed. You can't just censor the ability to talk freely on the one site women can complain about this shit, without warning or polling. What the hell are they pulling with this shit?

No. 68554

Oh my god you're right, kek. Nevermind. Why did I assume it was better here? Not that many nonas are posting pictures they took themselves with gps data but there are definitely some…
Admins can you please fix this? Jesus christ the site upgrade can not come fast enough.

No. 68555

I’m not worried about the website making money? Nobody ever mentioned anything about that, and I personally don’t give a shit. dumbass shit is what makes this board more fun to be at, and it’s the reason why the majority of users come to this website. Hell, there are regular farmers who chose to retire for the week because dumbass shit wasn’t going to be available. I’m not even talking about newfags. If it’s hard for you to see other people being silly and not giving a fuck then I send you my deepest condolences.

No. 68556

If you're too retarded to strip exif data from images, you shouldn't be posting on a site that is known preserves exif data.

No. 68557

What is saying poast not allowed

No. 68558

it does scrub exif data but it's glitched since it doesn't when spoilering

No. 68559

>dumbass shit…it’s the reason why the majority of users come to this website
LOL even as someone who pretty much only uses that thread regularly that's retarded. You're retarded.

No. 68560

I said website I meant board, obviously /snow/ is the reason the majority of the users come to this website. My apologies. I know i’m retarded you don’t need to rub it in.

No. 68561

>akshully some women actually are deranged and sound like scrotes you can never tell
they are? how many posts that get reported for being scrotes actually resemble those though, most of the time it's just a picture of an anime character or something. the posters in your screenshot have been banned (the red text is right here) so we can assume the reporters weren't also banned

No. 68562

It's not exactly well known is it? Most sites strip the data, and an anonymous image board should definitely strip it. 4chan made that change over 15 years ago.
on cc? interesting. that would make it better than here actually.

No. 68563

Everyone got angry with me and jumped down my throat everytime I alluded to the fact that lolcow is run by troons and scrotes, and now here we are kekk. What a world!

No. 68565

Here. Pretty sure there's another farmhand post somewhere too.
>The threads are autosaged because they were created by anons who were banned out of the Dumbass Shit thread for deliberately being disruptive

No. 68566

Honestly I have to say that you guys should really just restructure this whole site from the foundations itself, as other users on here have said you might as well remove /w/ and put everything lolcow related back into /snow/, /ot/ was cancer two years ago and it's only become more cancer ever since then, just move vent to /g/ and the hellhole known as unpopular opinion into their own containment board.
Speaking of /g/, that board needs to be split as well, every thread on that site becomes annoying thirsting spam and I say this as a fucking husbandofag.

No. 68567

>Speaking of /g/, that board needs to be split as well, every thread on that site becomes annoying thirsting spam and I say this as a fucking husbandofag.
there was a suggestion on /ot/ many months ago that i'll repeat here: the husbando threads, x attractions threads/x guys threads, and threads for individual actors from /m/ should all be on it's own board. i too am fine with the threads themselves, just think it will look less cluttered/clogged up plus will probably result in less husbando infights on /ot/ + less complaints whenever threads for a single actor are made on /m/. actually such a board would be perfect for those who have overly specific tastes so that there aren't a dozen of those all over other boards.

No. 68568

samefag and perfect for anons whose tastes are so bizarre that other anons kick them out of the unconventional thread kek (you know the ones)

No. 68569

agreed. why is the tif thread being targeted when most if the i fighting comes from /ot/ and /w/ is a redtext hell? why is dicussion banned in the trans thread when it's remevant to the topic? it's not the terves creating issues it's the baitposters and newfags.
>in b4 just go to 2X
the board is not a cow board and it's nigh unusable with all the rightoids now. it's no longer much of a gc board.
you again. go stroke your radfem hateboner somewhere else. we have a right to speak up in /meta/ about site changes when the mods specifically single out gc/radfem posters.

seconded, the picspam and horny threads are very active and good for them. but it drowns out discussion in both /g/ and /m/. even hiding the threads isn't enough since the discussion threads quickly end up being buried backs several pages.

No. 68570

No offense, but our site is not big enough to justify having that many boards for such specific topics.

No. 68572

I agree, pinning threads would be a blessing but it might just not be possible with the way the imageboard code that lc uses. Honestly a lot of issues would be fixed if we could just

>Pin threads

>View the catalogue in bits and pages so that it doesn't show the entirety of all threads
>View thread stats (amount of posters/posts/images) so we get a hint when an infighter is going overdrive
>BLOCK VPN USE (depending on poll or townhall results) or at least block the free and cheap providers

No. 68573

honestly i think the best soluion would be to have one img board to get all the picspam/horny threads off /m/ and /g/. that's just one extra
there's also the possibility of getting rid of /w/ since it's low on milk and high on shitty posts. proper weeb cow threads like jill's can jsut be moved back to /snow/

No. 68574

>honestly i think the best soluion would be to have one img board to get all the picspam/horny threads off /m/ and /g/

Horny threads are also mainly picspam threads so having an /img would kill two birds with one stone. It cleans up both /m and /g nicely and immediately.

No. 68575

>block vpn use
Your ISP sees every site you visit (if you don't use a vpn) and sells your data. Do you want your name associated with lc?

No. 68578

Wait when did that happen

No. 68579

>go stroke your radfem hateboner somewhere else
I don't hate radfems. I volunteer for a woman's group and work with radfems IRL. I also bumped a thread on /2X/ today with fresh content. The point I am making is that in this thread we are repeating the exact same scenario that has been happening for years. Rehashing the discussion without bringing anything new is not going to change the outcome. If you weren't around when it happened the first time, the result was the admin banning feminism and GC discussion from /ot/.

No. 68580

File: 1706217645696.png (1.29 MB, 1602x1520, isp.png)

NTA but it depends on the laws and regulations where you live. it definitely happens to burgers.
screenshot from https://cybernews.com/privacy/isp-selling-data-why-you-should-actually-care/

No. 68582

So even if I delete all my data permanently and stop using technology completely I will still be completely fucked.

No. 68583

Welcome to the 21st century. Sorry nonnie.

No. 68584

Didn't /qa/ get retired which ended up birthing soyjak party? /r9k/ also got retired and then it got brought back. 4chan is an old and established imageboard though, so I understand why things don't get changed much anymore, they don't really have to try hard to keep their userbase happy nor do they need to listen to their feedback.

No. 68585

If anyone ever asks you just blame the problematic site visits on a roommate. kek

No. 68586

I don’t really understand what data they’re harvesting or what it’s even for? Do they just sit in a large meeting room and project your internet history on the wall and laugh at it? I don’t understand it

No. 68587

>when the mods specifically single out gc/radfem posters
I'm confused, who's singling out gc posters? The rule for not blogposting in /snow/ has always existed, and last hellweek it was heavily enforced as well. You're not meant to sperg about troons and feminism in the tif and tim threads, that decision has been made ages ago. It's stale and doesn't belong in the thread. Not that I personally mind it, I do enjoy those posts but /snow/ rules haven't changed in forever, it's just that mods tolerate the rule breaking in there more than in other threads.

No. 68588

Do any of you mods admins whatever want to explain to us why we can't discuss the movement in the trans threads anymore? That we've been discussing in for years now?
First you cracked down on personal stories, now any meta talking about the societal impact as a whole. Do you not understand how important it is for people to be able to discuss their personal experiences and the meta commentary as well as anywhere else will get you banned. This is all we have. Why are you doing this?

No. 68589

They sell it to advertisers, you can't really escape it. If you've ever gotten spam calls on your phone before it's because your isp sold your phone number btw kek.

No. 68590

Nta but tbh I've been using this site for so long and never used a VPN.

No. 68592

I actually think this is a good idea.
>actually such a board would be perfect for those who have overly specific tastes so that there aren't a dozen of those all over other boards.
This would also make it easier if the anons that insist on posting actually vile men keep it to one thread and then anons can just hide the thread and be done with it. Although even without a new board I think those types of anons need to take it somewhere else because they are beyond unconventional.

No. 68597

I’ve had fun on the side boards for years and even I think they need to go. The retards baiting and starting fights and continuing fights while simultaneously reporting them and then dumbass farmhands not reading the context and only banning one side has gotten far out of control. It’s contributing nothing but annoyance anymore.

No. 68598

Admin: can it be required for farmhands replying to posts in /meta/ to post with their Farmhand tag, please? Not just now but always, when they post in /meta/?

No. 68599

File: 1706224907412.jpg (35.12 KB, 500x500, You Have Been Warned.jpg)

If You Get Rid Of The Off Topic Boards I Will Do Something Drastic Admin. So I Hope You Do Not Get Rid Of Them. I Hope .

No. 68600

I mean idk what else we can do to argue against the moiderators doing whatever they want? I'll keep complaining so other nonnies maybe realize its a bunch of dudes making up these rules.

No. 68601

Late, but regarding the debates that keep getting the tradthot thread locked repeatedly for the past several months, I think a good idea would be to have an /ot/ thread known as "Trad Debunking" or "Trad Debate" where the nonnies discuss the science that debunks a lot of the trad garbage like "female submission" and can hash out the whole stay at home vs working debate (since it's very divided among feminist circles whether we should be self sufficient or take advantage of a moid's resources a la r/femaledatingstrategy.)

No. 68602

it's called 2X and it's an entire board

No. 68603

Supposed radfems repeatedly accusing the old admin of being a troon and a man is one of the reasons why she removed GC and pinkpill from /ot/.

No. 68605


Oh no, are they going to break in my house and arrest me for posting? Anon please kek, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme and would be a very small sacrifice for getting rid of the worst posters or at least calm them down considerably, plus samefagging would also be much more obvious. But that's just my opinion, there might be nonnas in countries where vpns are required but I doubt those browse lolcow in the first place.

No. 68606

Criticizing trannies comes under hate speech laws in some European countries, Australia and Canada.

No. 68607

File: 1706230912882.jpg (47.37 KB, 285x248, 1655207627264.jpg)

Guess I'm going to see all of my nonnies in prison then.

No. 68608

it's ok, JK Rowling can bail us out. I honestly think she would, too, but nonnies would need to rise up and make sure newspapers covered it.

No. 68610

That makes no sense tbh. A biological woman wouldn’t get that butthurt about it nor take down the feminist threads in retaliation. If anything that just makes me more suspicious it’s a butthurt clocked moid/troon kek

No. 68611

Loving this ominous post. Big fan.

No. 68612

The troon tranny/schizo hangs out on all these imageboards from moidy ones like 4chan and soyjak party to female ones like here and cc. He has a particular hateboner for Koreans because an Asian moid rejected him. So I’m not surprised he follows nonas onto heolkek and harasses them there too. Not surprised at all.

It became cursed because the troon is on there 20 hours a day posting that garbage. As well as here, but the mods here are much better and quicker to delete CP compared to cc where it can stay up all day. Either way I’ve reported him to the authorities and given his full name. He can’t keep getting away with it.

No. 68613

Why would she pay out of her own pocket to host a site for people mentally incapable of following the rules she set? Imagine going to another woman's house and then being surprised that she asks you to leave because you keep accusing her of being a tranny.

No. 68616

Why do you care so much? Besides, there’s other people that help the main admin like jannys and Mods thatvote on these decisions. She’s not running this place alone.

No. 68617

AYRT and agreed, as well as with with >>68573 - although I kind of want to see hornyposting banned in the site as a whole, or at least see the casualfag cancer best known as Husbando Hornyposting and the 2453 specific actors I don't care about threads be contained to their own /coom/ board. A /coom/ board would make /g/ usable in a way that hasn't been for at the very least the past 2 years.

Remove /w/ as >>68573 said, create /img/ and/or /coom/ in it's place.

I'll accept this as the trade offer for being able to actually discuss shit other than frankendick surgeries in the TiF threads.

No. 68618

Ok but we are not in another womans house. We're on a public imageboard of which the domain itself is owned by a male.

No. 68619

Ew. We don't even really host porn here, everything nsfw needs a spoiler. We're not naming a board coom get real. Not to mention that' a male term.

No. 68620

I suggest
maybe /h/ for both the above but someone might confuse it for hentai

No. 68621

How bout /thirst/

No. 68622

That sounds much better

No. 68624

we should be just doing a general purpose spam board and callit somehhing like /img/ imho. that way we can herd all he thirst threads ut also the non-coom picspam threads that nonetheless clutter /m/. threads like AI pics, random gifs, picrews etc. have 0 discussion going on but constantly occupy the first pages
i think if we made a specific thirst board it'd just turn into porn central or at least attract shitty postsers

No. 68626

Nta but having a board for images and moving all the husbando threads there doesn't make sense. The husbando thread has a lot of discussion and some anons don't like to post pics of their husbando.

No. 68630

Samefag but in general, making a new board for thirst AND picture spam threads makes no sense. What's the theme there? It just sounds like you guys want threads you personally don't care for to be in a different board.
Also, /m/ is the picture spam board. That's been one of it's purposes since it's creation, to hoard and discuss media. I don't mind a new board but all of this just isn't making sense to me.

No. 68631

read the upthread discussion. the issue is that there are a lot of threads that are very active and get bumped a lot but where little to no discussion takes place. And tehse threads take up a lot of space in /m/ and g/ while psuhing back discussion threads. both thirst threads and regular picspam threads are like that.
hence why people are floating the idea of collating these threads into a separate board or two.

No. 68633

I read it but again, threads like the husbando thirst thread do have a fair bit of discussion and pictures are not the main purpose of that thread so it makes no sense to have it in a picture spam board. It also just doesn't make sense to have a board for hornyposting and image spamming.

No. 68634

Anons want 4chan threads, rhey can go to 4chan. I agree, its pointless threads.

Unrpove. Stop trying to get anons to believe your stupid Josh shit, anon. It's been debunked several times.

They are workinv on a new site. For all we know, new admin and coders will integrate boards disappearing.

No. 68635

nta but is there evidence of the domain owner being female

No. 68636

iirc yes, /qa/ being removed birthed soyjak party. they were trolling an actual troon on the staff team (same troon that had uh "cis lesbian gen" or whatever nuked from lgbt because he couldn't get into their server kek) and he got so pissed that he convinced the staff team to close the board. anyway: total tranny death

No. 68637

File: 1706252238221.png (72.97 KB, 300x300, 122.png)

Just wanna say thanks for cleaning up the animation cows thread. It was starting to sound underage in there ngl

No. 68639

Thanks nona, I thought my example and explanation was clear enough.
I feel like unless you would draw your ideas out on here, some people are just bent on misunderstanding everything you write and then flinging insults and assumptions the Kiwifarm assumption kek, kind of embarrassing >>68537
, assuming makes an ass out of you and me
at you like chimpanzees flinging shit at people just out of principle. It cuts any attempt of understanding one another and thinking of actual solutions to bring back some level of quality of life on the board for LC users.
The decisions don't lie in our hands in the end, the farmhands and admins decide, but I ain't about to complain without offering solutions to things I don't enjoy here. That's how functioning adults solve problems.

No. 68640

A tribunal system(a la League of Legends) for appealed bans would actually be pretty cool. No chance it will actually happen, but it would be nice to see what the community thinks is just.

This is obvious to anyone with half a brain, so I hope they will at least consider this. They're almost /sty/-tier at this point

No. 68641

>Also, /m/ is the picture spam board. That's been one of it's purposes since it's creation

Wrong, it was created to get things like anime, video games, books, series and movie discussion threads out of /ot/, which was already very crowded. It was a very comfy and productive discussion board for a few years before nonnies started making picspam threads.

Now they're all back on /ot/ discussing it in the fandom, artist and celebricows thread because /m/ is near unusuable due to the picspam. We need an /img/ yesterday.

No. 68642

Samefag but can't forget the western animation /snow/ thread. Classic thread which belongs on /m/ since 99% of the time it's not even about posting milk but just arguing about the state of the industry, i.e. a discussion thread.

No. 68643

Anon, seriously? Yes it was made for discussing media, but it was also made for simply posting media. If you don't want to believe me, listen to the stickied admin post literally made at it's inception.
>All threads posted here must revolve around some sort of literature, music, game, film, show, or image topic. e.g “pictures of cute animals”.

No. 68644

Samefag but also, the art salt and celebrities threads wouldn't go on /m/ anyway. Those threads are for milk and snark.

No. 68645

Fair. Yet I argue it has gotten out of hand and the image threads have largely swallowed the media discussion threads. In the current state of the board, of course slower, discussion-oriented threads can't compete with threads purely about picspamming which get bumped 100 times more frequently. Even if you hide all of the picspam threads, sometimes you have to go to page 2 or 3 to find a discussion thread. If both aspects of /m/ can't coexist, something needs to be done about it.

Of course it wouldn't, the problem is that nonnies in those threads discuss media all the time as well as snarking and posting artist milk, the same with celebricows. There's been multiple instances of nonnies discussing Poor Things in the celebricows threads, which is straight-up a movie and not a milk/cow discussion. Artist, fandom and animation threads suffer from the same problem which is why they're constantly catching bans for not posting milk.

No. 68647

This is going to be a super unpopular take so feel free to call me retarded, but what about a post limit per anon even if just temporary. I feel like if there were less posts a person could make it would make them choose what to post more carefully and keep them from spamming a thread or infighting. I’ll sometimes see an anon say that they took up most of the posts in an ot thread and others agree, it would solve the issue of anons camping out in certain threads and responding to everything with pointless comments and trying to stir up an infight

No. 68648

agreed with everything. people discuss films in celebricows and boiks in authorcows because the repective /m/ threads are getting cinstantly buried under active discussion-less threads
i'm not against picspam, i'm posting in these threads too and it originally made sense to have them in /m/. but i support separating them so that actual discussion threads can be used without having to scroll back 3 pahes every time
the issue isn't with ond particular thread imo it's just that the husbando/waifu, "ppl you're attracted" to and actor cintainment zone threadds in both /m/ and /g/ are multiplying. but making two extra boards seems a lot hence the suggestion to just make one all purpose spam/thirst one even of it's not super thematically coherent. having 5 off topic boards would be a lot
mods should just ban all vivzieposting like they did kpop. it's newfag cancer and they just won't stay contained, look how many threads have vivzie op pics now.

No. 68649

Can you proofread your posts holy shit

No. 68650

I mean Hazbin/Viv has it's own dedicated thread on /m/ now so it's not going to clutter up /snow/ and will most likely be a lot slower/dead after a week or so the final episodes come out, which I think the lack of was the main reason for Vivzeposting in the first place

No. 68651

damn some of you are fucking retarded kek

No. 68652

The anons who are asking to make more boards have never used any other imageboards in their life, and it shows. The only reason why lolcow is one of the last remaining active imageboards it's because we dont have 50 boards filled with threads with max 10 posts.

No. 68653

Slower imageboards have less infighting and it's partially because they have more boards/are more organized.

No. 68654

I don't think adding one more board for picspam/hornyposting is gonna kill the entire site anon

No. 68655

If you're going to create extra boards at least be generous. Then we'd have people complaining about how they had to see anon's weird nerd crushes when they just wanted to post manga panels or cat pics. Which is also much more understandable to be bothered with than with image focused threads being bumped when you're on your way to a discussion focused thread.

No. 68656

And after adding all those new boards I recommend we change our url to social.farm and prohibit singling out individuals for drama

No. 68657

File: 1706278087307.jpg (85.89 KB, 736x723, 1704734865022.jpg)

>muh slippery slope argument

No. 68658

This board is already slow. You want it dead.
Adding the ability to pin threads is a better solution. You can hid the threads you dont like and pin the ones you do.

No. 68659

It's slow because it's become a pain in the ass to use. It's already dying, Jim, everyone's moving to /ot/ or /snow/ already.

No. 68660

Reminder that if you're having difficulty finding threads on a board that the catalog exists and if you avoid using it because it locks up your browser, cerbmin fixed that ages ago.

No. 68661

It's slow in comparison to 4chan or social media. It's extremely fast and active in comparison to other altchans.

No. 68662

your insistence on posting muh reaction images with your comments really tells on you

No. 68663

All of these sound like 4chan general names, which I guess is the goal.

No. 68668

it's not just about finding threads it's that discussion threads become way less active when they get buried far down the catalog by picspam.
pinning threads sounds good but i don't think it's a bad idea to have discussion-focused boards. hiding threads only does so much when the first 2-3 pages are nothing but threads you hid

No. 68669

Nope, the owner had no identity.

No. 68671

I’m seriously annoyed about both tradthots and the troon threads because manifesto chan posted in both.

No. 68672

I hate all of these. /m/ is just fine for thirst posting about celebs and husbandos. in fact, I think we should move all such threads to /m/ and out of /g/ because it’s still media discussion. /m/ should continue to encompass media discussion and img spam

now onto more pressing proposals for farmhands:
>nuke /2X/ because it’s become retarded and allow at least one feminism thread in /ot/ or /g/ (I actually would prefer it to be on /g/ to help prevent moid infestation)
>merge /w/ with /snow/ to weed out stale milk
lolcow.farm saved!

No. 68673

All nonitas here please touch grass, oh wait it's lolcow, and me too.

No. 68674

Its funny to me that closed threads have no space outside of /w/. Anons haven't even tried talking about the dead cows on that thread in other boards because yeah, agreed, there's no milk on /w/.

No. 68675

Sorry but there’s no way a woman would want to own and manage an imageboard. It’s an autistic male thing.

No. 68676

>/m/ should continue to encompass media discussion and img spam
but the two coexisting is what's the issue. discussion threads are already being drowned ouit by picspam. if we shovel all the husbando/waifu, thirst and celeb stuff into /m/ it's going to become even worse for discussion

No. 68677

I see where you’re coming from nonna but I feel like a lot of media discussion often includes of img spam anyways because this is literally an imageboard. all boards should have some level of img posting. the line between discussion and img spam isn’t always that clear. furthermore, while I’m not of the opinion that OT threads should be nuked like some killjoy nonnies ITT, media discussion is essentially arbitrary on LC so I don’t think it should be prioritized like other boards. I feel like far too many boards overlap with each other here, and having two separate boards for media would just aggravate this issue.

No. 68678

>the line between discussion and img spam isn’t always that clear
Of course it is, nonny. Compare the AI pic thread to the video game thread. Or the gif thread to the anime thread. Or the dress up games thread to the movie thread.

This is what we're talking about. The only type of thread that might blur the line is actor hornyposting threads, but they're clearly annoying to most users and have brought down the quality of posting on /g/ and /m/ significantly.

No. 68680

Sorry nonnie but I just don't believe that there are women managing the boards. Especially when their behavior is glaringly masculine that they then have to fall back upon "W-WOMEN ARE NOT A MONOLITH", but why would a female owner of the board feel the need to tell us not to report male behavior?

No. 68681

Because anons spam reports with male accusations all the time. Doesn't take reading the replies to figure that out. Do you actually have a good reason why it's a male besides assuming they couldn't handle imageboards? That's some dumbasss misogyny.

No. 68682

Maybe she's an NLOG though? Women like that exist too (unfortunately).

No. 68683

Because the reports probably clog the report system, and anons call each other male over the tiniest shit

No. 68684

>in fact, I think we should move all such threads to /m/ and out of /g/ because it’s still media discussion.
Nonna the weebs are not going to like this kek. The grima/dano/druver etc threads are already controversial enough, doing this will kill /m/.

No. 68685

I see we have gone back full circle in the ”feminism” back to tradhot-tier gender roles and misogyny

No. 68686

But that's why tradthots was locked. She has an entire thread dedicated to her on /2X/, so maybe she should post in it.

No. 68687

Okay nta but if YOU think someone saying 'managing an imageboard is an autistic male thing' is some kind of knock on other women then that sounds more like your own idea of how women act if they're not a total internetfag. If you read that and the first thing you thought to yourself was "Oh so women are just supposed to be tradthots in the kitchen?" thats your own mental delay. I'm pretty sure nonnie was saying that women are well adjusted and don't have any desire to manage or moderate an imageboard, because why the fuck would they want to spend all day hunched over a computer reading comments of painfully retarded infights, child porn, gore, regular porn, the way scrotes love to? And before you try to pull a
>ugh they are women who are choosing to be brave enough to expose themselves to graphic content for the purpose of moderating a safe space for other women
Because that isn't what is happening.

No. 68688

>not to report male behavior
Why is it so hard to say why xyz post is breaking a rule instead of using male and troon as a report reason? It's not like it would change anything, reporting "all women are dick sucking whores" as bait instead of male would still get the poster banned. Maybe I'm misunderstanding things, but it's not like the farmhands don't want these posts gone?

No. 68689

we aren't saying don't report those kind of posts at all, they are clearly bait (regardless if it's coming from a moid or not), and they will be banned. What we are saying is that a LOT of reports are coming from people disagreeing with each other and accusing each other of being moids for innocuous things like 'yeah well, I like x character!'. 99% of the reports are coming from farmers arguing and disagreeing with each other and comments that are clearly NOT bait, NOT moidspeakish, almost a nothing comment, that the reportee farmer just disagrees with. So please continue reporting baiting comments as bait, and if you think its a moid do report it and we will investigate. But please do NOT report someone as a moid just because you disagree with them. Use common sense.

No. 68690

Because men and troons aren’t welcome on this board and their distinct presence made obvious by their commentary is breaking a rule on its own. Did you forget that this is an imageboard for females?

No. 68691

What? You drew a lot of conclusions of your own. The post I responded to said there is no way a woman would manage an image board, which just isn’t true. You said women are too well adjusted for that which isn’t true either, there are definitely women that are maladjusted autists with niche tech interests.

No. 68692

Thanks for the clarification, I have to admit these posters are doing some of the weirdest concern trolling attempts I've seen lately.

No. 68693

She should post in a thread for archiving screenshots?

No. 68694

ayrt and like >>68678 said, there's a defintie difference between threads where discussions happens along with images and the ones like random gifs, funny memes or ai pics where virtually no text is posted at all.
also it's a fact that discussion does sometime take place in thrist threads but they have a tendency ti get constantly bumped and drown oit the rest, especially in /m/.
sure having too many boards could be bad for activity but it's a measure of quality control. too many spam and thirst threads would kill all discussion in /m/.

No. 68695

Why wait for her to post so you can screen shot them, when she could just post directly in the thread and discuss her ideas with other anons?

No. 68696

Can you please explain to us why you're suddenly killing discussion in the trans threads after years of allowing it?

No. 68698

I don't understand what you are trying to say. There are a few milky cows on /w/, but you're hell-bent on saying there aren't. Have you considered not reading threads in /w/?

No. 68699

no one is 'killing trans discussions'. The tranny cows threads were always about tranny online cows, not your own personal troon interaction that you want to vent about. That was never the point of the thread. That specific thread has some of the most newfags in the whole site that aren't integrating even after repeatedly banned, and it's very clear they're coming from outside imageboards (tiktok/twitter etc). There is also literally a 2X thread to vent about it as it is. >>>/2X/21342

As well, you were always able to make your own thread on an offtopic board instead of whining about it. But we won't ignore you breaking the rules because you're too lazy or retarded to discuss it in the right place.

No. 68701

Does it have to be a tranny online cow thread? Or should we just go ahead and create a totally separate tranny grievance thread when we've already been using the MtF thread with no issue

No. 68702

There's already a thread in /2X/, if you've been paying any amount of attention to the threads venting was never supposed to be encouraged. I'm sick of some anon's over the top reactions to this, the current state of the TiF thread is the near equivalent of if we allowed blogposting and spergy derails in the ED cows thread.

No. 68703

/2x/ is boring as dog shit on the sidewalk. How dare I want to express my feeling in a place where I'm more likely to find other women to commiserate with, right?

No. 68704

Make /2X/ not boring then by dragging all the blogposters and derailers there then

No. 68705

Nobody's going to stay there because its a hidden board unless it's unhidden and dumbass shit is moved there or something.

No. 68706

No one cares that you enjoy the attention of popular threads for posting your grievances. Integrating isn't painful, give it a try.

No. 68707

>enjoy the attention of posting your grievances
I apologize if you have comprehension issues but I don't really post about crimes committed against other women for the purpose of attention. To bring attention to what happens to real female victims? Definitely, if thats what you're referring to

No. 68711

That's just not what /snow/ threads are for. The sooner you learn that the better.

No. 68712

The MtF thread isn't in /snow/…if it's supposedly a /snow/ thread, why is it not being stationed there? Because as long as it is in /ot/ I'm going to post about atrocities troons in general are committing, not just the behavior of 3 or 4 specific guys. Sorry. If the mod wants it to be cow dedicated then he can redirect it to /snow/.

No. 68713

/snow/ for discussing cows, not for discussing societal problems that effect women- which is literally what /2X/ is for

No. 68714

>its for discussing cows you're not allowed to talk about all the crimes men are committing only a small select group of specific men
Ok then we'll make another thread for it. Problem solved!

No. 68715

Well on that note you guys were too lazy and retarded to enforce the rules for years straight. But okay I'll go to the hidden board that gets no traffic to discuss thanks for nothing asshole

No. 68716

What the fuck is going on with you mod? Why are you deleting every single unpopular opinions thread everyone tries to make? Me and two other anons tried to make threads and they were all deleted, with no ban and no apparent reason or response in the thread from a farmhand. Can you explain what is going on, if you would be so kind to do such? Are you phasing out the unpopular opinions thread?

No. 68717

and samefag I know for a fact that three of the five threads that have been made were not made by the same person, because they were posted within the same minute and that wouldn't be possible for a single poster to do with the current cooldown time.

No. 68719

cerbmin only got admin a year ago newfag. All these newfags trolling are so obvious my god.

No. 68720

nta but she said 'you guys', cerbmin is not the only moderator, and there are other mods who have been 'caring' barely for the website for longer than cerbmin has been the superintendant. Try to relax with all the newfag this and newfag that because TA made a correct statement, shitflinging over it looks pathetic.

No. 68721

Because they're supposed to be locked during Hellweek dumbass

No. 68722

We've had farmhands before that though, they didn't completely overhaul the staff. Admins don't enforce rules anyway.
That's only the dumbass shit and shit post threads

No. 68723

File: 1706317441622.png (152.7 KB, 1250x300, he said make a new one.png)

Are you retarded…when hellweek started he did not lock the thread. He allowed it to be used until it filled up, and then when the new UO threads were made he locked them both but verbatim asked for someone to make a new unpopular opinions thread. Pretty sure he wouldn't have done that if they were supposed to be locked for the duration of hellweek, but nice try. If he has changed his mind and would like to lock unpopular opinions, he can communicate that like a grown up instead of deleting every single new thread and being completely silent.

No. 68724

I mean idk I’m not her so I can’t answer for certain why she wouldn’t do that but it’s easier to contribute to the discussion already in motion (ie replying or refuting tradthot claims) and also I remember her saying she wanted as many people as possible to see her ideas.

No. 68725

The MTF thread is on /snow/, what thread are you even talking about right now?

No. 68726

I once reported a non saging blogposter and you did absolutely nothing about it, the non saging retard even continued to bloat about never saging.

No. 68727

The deleted OPs were made by an anon who was ban evading after baiting in multiple cases. I kept the original two up and deleted the others to discourage the ban evasion. As I said, anyone else is more than welcome to make a new unpopular opinions thread, just that anon needs to sit it out for a day or two.

No. 68728

Maybe you should accept that the threads you like are slower because there are less anons interested in it. The horny threads have tons of discussion.

No. 68729

Why did the thread I made get deleted if you were trying to crack down on one specific anon? I really fail to believe that every single thread was made by the same nonnie, especially because none of the threads were redtexted/banned before being deleted.

No. 68730

Aside from the fact that the MTF thread is on /snow/, you're not fighting the patriarchy by posting on lolcow.farm. It's a small independent website and you're not engaging in some epic battle against a huge corporation like Facebook or twitter, you're wasting the time of a group of volunteers. You're also preaching to the choir, the site already hates troons and trannies have been considered contemptible lolcows since before LC existed.

If you're aim is to peak more people, you would be better off posting just about anywhere else.

No. 68731

Who the fuck said anything about activism dumbass, we want to vent about trannies, is that so hard for you to understand. You people posting like this clearly do not belong here

No. 68733

There's already a trans vent thread. For someone who thought the tranny thread was on /ot/ you sure are confident telling people they don't belong.

No. 68734

I know who you are and I'm looking in through the window of your bunker.

No. 68736

>You people posting like this clearly do not belong here
Lolcow is a site centered around discussing lolcows, not a political activism forum for tumblr radfems. Besides, there is a whole board dedicated to talking about female politics, why can you not use that one? The tranny cow threads are annoying to read bc of all the text wall manifestos and blogposting.

No. 68737

Tranny threads will make tranny haters come and post their opinions even if you like it or not. Making fun of trannies sometimes isn't enough, they can be disgusting and infuriating, who cares about politics or radfems, they deserve to be shat on harshly like every other cow in this website. Specially because they're gross degenerates and the biggest cows on the internet. You people are so sensitive, just ignore those posts and don't engage with them instead of perpetually bitching about it. One can only do so much with "haha kek lol" over and over again, discussion is going to spark whenever you like it or not. Maybe /shay/ and /w/ are more your speed

No. 68739

>you're not fighting the patriarchy by posting on lolcow.farm.
Imagine thinking people actually come to this website for this reason kek. I think you might be autistic for thinking the radfems are actually having thoughts like these instead of simply coming here and hating like everyone else does. Just because they post their retarded manifestos doesn't mean they're coming here for the purpose of "fighting the patriarchy" lmao
What's next, unironically calling them feminazis? Kekk

No. 68741

NTA but this is an imageboard. No one can see and laugh at whatever random tranny you interacted with at school or whatever. The thread went to shit a long, long time ago due to the majority of posts in every iteration of the thread being long winded (and extremely repetitive) vents. Personally, I go to /snow/ to laugh at retards on the Internet and not to read the exact same twitter and tumblr “radfem” oh so unique takes over and over again from gals who clearly just peaked and think they are very smart. It used to be a funny thread just like the tranny sideshows thread on KF used to be funny. The very few images actually posted are usually reposts by idiots who don’t realize they got the image they’re about to post from the very thread they’re posting it in. Like, the same things will be posted numerous times and it’s super obvious newfaggotry and lack of integration. Go vent in the vent threads.

No. 68743

You're assuming this isn't just a baiting tranny itself, which they have a history of here in meta for the past few months.

No. 68745

There’s a scrote in the vent thread calling people “harpy” like some disgruntled Victorian gent.

No. 68746

I was being hyperbolic when said about fighting against the patriarchy. I just find it frustrating because that exact attitude is why we can't have nice things on this website anymore. We used to be able to have feminism and GC threads on /ot/, then newfag retards couldn't keep it contained so /2X/ was created and the threads were shunted there. Unpopular opinions and dumbass shit have existed as threads on /ot/ for years, yet because the same type of newfag retard can't follow a few basic rules, these threads could also end up being removed.

No. 68748

till 29 january…we're all intelligent shits…

No. 68757

2X was created because it “attracted raids”. If anything shunting the threads means the discussion leaks out everywhere else.

No. 68761

>Unpopular opinions and dumbass shit have existed as threads on /ot/ for years
>these threads could also end up being removed.
As they should be.

No. 68764

File: 1706376694125.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, Adventure.Time.Fionna.and.Cake…)

will farmers ever change the ib software? or at least add the ability to hide and filter posts? if we could hide and filter things in fighting would go way down

No. 68767

File: 1706378731929.jpeg (265.32 KB, 1242x559, IMG_3261.jpeg)

Yeah I’m team moid admin now

No. 68768

and thats not even a blackpill, thats just stating neutral facts kek. Moidmin woke up in a bad mood I guess

No. 68770

Males having fetishes isn’t “blackpill”, males rarely being victims of rape isn’t “black pill” either, it’s basic statistics. Admins are moids for sure. What the hell.

No. 68771

What thread, what post? Maybe share the context, so that we can judge it if was derailing or something. The post sounds idiotic just from the part you posted, doesn't even have a source. Just 'trust me bro'.

No. 68772

Nta but it's in the Breadtube thread >>>/snow/1959845

No. 68773

all manhate is blackpill now? is this gonna become a tradthot website?

No. 68774

From context its replying to a derailing post about troons and rape and then this follows that about more useless information that's not on topic. Just because a cow did something, doesn't mean going on multiple replies of a tangent about extra info that doesn't matter is on topic. Should've been redtexted as derailing/off topic is anything.

No. 68779

File: 1706385216471.png (2.73 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_3639.png)

Finally got off work to start my weekend with my favorite thread just to learn it was shut down.

No. 68781

How is making fun of moids "black pill" if moids are cows and their behavior should be shunned? This person is just making fun of xy retards and this is a website about making fun of retards and that obviously includes men.

No. 68791

File: 1706392944810.jpeg (922.29 KB, 1170x1475, IMG_1492.jpeg)

I was looking through the MtF threads in /snow/ and when I came across some from 6, 7, 8 months ago I noticed that back then there were no specific ‘cows’ that were followed on the board; at least not in the thread descriptions. So I went all the way back to the first one and it seems as thought MtF never followed specific group of male cows, just troons online and irl, in general. This was perfectly acceptable for the last 4 years, including our most recent Hellweek prior to the current one. May I please ask Cerbmin, what exactly changed in the last 6 months that made you decide that this wasn’t acceptable anymore and now we need to pluck out specific troon cows from corners of the internet to follow?

No. 68793

Farmhands we can see that you're active. Are you going to answer?

No. 68796

this is exactly why we need to revive and move the gc thread from /2X/ to /ot/. most nonnas are not going to hunt down a dead thread on a hidden board to continue their meta discussions, so they drown the genuine milk in the mtf and ftm /snow/ threads instead, which is a shame because those threads have so much milk potential. this is simply a waste of a good thread topic. furthermore, like >>68757 said, quarantining this kind of discussion to /2X/ only causes it to spill out everywhere else
>You're also preaching to the choir, the site already hates troons
>If you're aim is to peak more people, you would be better off posting just about anywhere else
unironically though, I do think these kinds of discussions are beneficial to creating “social change.” there are a lot of lurkers on LC who were linked here from somewhere else because they heard this was a gc site in which women can talk freely about TRA retardation honestly. I know because this peaked me. besides, what massively used site lets women do this without censorship and social repercussions?

No. 68797

Obviously not a a farmhand but I’ve been here since like 2016 less and less in recent years due to people acting like this is twitter and while the thread never really followed specific people it did consist of a lot of one off posts (screenshots! imageboard!) about random internet trannies and farmers updating about the cows they personally followed. Obviously people commented or added additional information on what was posted but this isn’t boomerbook and responding with pointless reactions is totally unnecessary and shits up threads. For at least the last year it’s been mostly boring ass text posts and ancient milk that tourists were too dumb to realize they’d sourced it from right here on lolcow. Perhaps you anons who just want to reeee and not laugh at weirdos online can make a general tranny discussion thread, idk.

IMO a good rule of thumb is to only post replies that are worth reading so threads aren’t full of worthless and dull commentary.

No. 68798

Try this script to hide stuff:

No. 68802

I suggest anons not to click this link

No. 68805

>waaah why is lolcow changing

Omg this, so many anons complain about twitterfags, but go out of their way to act like radical idiots like they do on Twitter. Farmers aren't any better than any of the cow/posters who come here.

No. 68807

Oh no no nobody’s disagreeing with Cerbmins decision! I’m simply asking what provoked it because he did not provide a reason for what incited this decision especially considering that he didn’t notice or take umbrage with it during our last hellweek. And it looks like even though he’s active right now he still doesn’t have an answer.

No. 68810

It's hilarious that you think there's only one mod perboard and that it's the same person who constantly does the redtexting. You're an idiot.

No. 68812

nta but are decisions about what is and isn't allowed on certain boards just made by individual farmhands?
I really thought cerbmin had to decide what changes were made in lolcow not random jannies wtf

No. 68813

>so many anons complain about twitterfags, but go out of their way to act like radical idiots like they do on Twitter.

No. 68814

ok nta but how unlikely is it that the administrator is moderating their own board though. Especially considering the fact that it’s hellweek? This fell a little flat

No. 68816

Not likely. Farmhands exist to alert admin. That's why admin says to email them. They aren't moderating the site the same way as farmhands.

You can refute them.

No. 68823

Ok then I’ll email my question to him and hopefully get an answer there. Thanks!

No. 68824

i was under the impression it was common knowledge there is/was a tranny moidmin, at LEAST last year or so? like it was beyond tinfoiling, everyone was saying it was confirmed

No. 68825

There definitely is, that’s the whole reason why we’re not allowed to post the so-called tranny grievances anymore after 4 years of it being no big deal and commonplace on this website

No. 68828

More like the pointing and screaming "TRANNY!" clogs up reports and even admin and farmhands have said most accusations are wrong. It's basically a meme on lolcow to label anyone you don't agree with as a moid/scrote/tranny. Are you new?

No. 68829

>everyone was saying it was confirmed
No? Why are you lying anon

No. 68831

Did you misread the post I responded to? How exactly am I supposed to report the mod for being a troon he doesn't even post, his oompa loompas do

No. 68832

No one believes this besides samefags and the tranny.

Oh so now the MOD is also a tranny, not just admin? Kek

No. 68833

Huh? Once again, are you misreading the posts? The specific post I replied to said moidmin so thats calling out the admin, but hell they could all be trannies, for all we know.

No. 68834

File: 1706423084719.jpg (19.45 KB, 496x410, images-1.jpg)

Please extend hellweek for another week pretty please…?

No. 68835

Don't worry he definitely will

No. 68837

What you all don't want dumbass shit to return??

No. 68840

im scared to go back to non-hellweek honestly. its been so peaceful aside from schizotroons/blaine sperging in meta

No. 68842

Nope never again

No. 68843

Honestly considering how the whole internet coddles trannies and considers them absolute victims that can do no wrong, I'm happy with all the scorn they get in this website. Troons are quite pathetic and sensitive and the way this shit already seeped into real life means it's increasingly harder for people to vent about it. I welcome those posts for this reason even if they're not necessarily funny to read

No. 68844

mentioning yourself does not make anyone else think that the other posters are you
If hellweek ended and cerbmin decided to shut down dumbass shit for good I have a feeling that there'd be a lot worse of a reaction than the mild moidfoiling thats been occurring over the last 6 days

No. 68846

Do you call women who don't want troon men in women's bathrooms schizotroons too?

No. 68849

Tranny janny posting child porn at this time of night? Tsk tsk tsk. This website is gonna end up getting shut down.

No. 68851

Twitter and Instagram would be taken down first. Google specifically as a whole. Your logic doesn't work this way because this website isn't used to traffic CP, it's raided by people who post CP. It's not the same.

No. 68852

You're responding to the cp spamming tranny trying to deflect in the most low iq way possible.

No. 68853

I'm pointing out that anons know how this stuff works.

No. 68854

NTA but it genuinely seems like most people whining in this thread about muh trannies and muh censorship are newfags and quite young.
I recall anons suspecting tranny farmhands but not a tranny admin. I’ll admit I might be wrong because even though I’ve been around for like 8 years now I leave for months at a time. Seems there’s been a lot of turnover the last few years and it has negatively affected site culture.
NTA but that thread is where I’ve always encountered the most fellow? am I an oldfag now? does anyone else remember the year every other anon was 28? sorry I’ve actually really missed being here more regularly oldfags and it’s usually a great time.
Quit your conspiratorial shit. Vague whining and venting in threads simply isn’t content and global rule 4 says you need to CONTRIBUTE in a CONSTRUCTIVE way. You whiners fucked up the haha funny tranny thread. Go whine elsewhere.
Be bold and bitch IRL or on your twitter or whatever the fuck. If youre too afraid of pushback either get new friends or find a vent thread.

Sorry but I’ve been here infrequently since the shaymin fiasco and the shitty teen admin before that but somehow I wound up back here during hell week with yet ANOTHER new admin and this one actually seems promising. Imo global rule 4 needs to be enforced. Try contributing images to an imageboard sometime!

No. 68855

Your entire post is correct and I have the same posting habits as you, been here on and off for about 8 years. A lot of the meta campers do seems underaged and have for the past couple years, not sure about this crowd because it’s specific to hellweek but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s filled with the usual meta campers. That 28 thing was so funny and such a weird coincidence at the time, I remember being 27 during that and feeling left out kek

No. 68856

Nice try but I'm in my mid 30s and want to vent about the trannies infecting and infesting every part of society with their self centeredness in a place where people feel the same and i wont get banned like reddit. Hating trannies is pretty much integral to the site I'm surprised anyone would think otherwise. I'm suspicious of the new mod. Ive been here for years but go ahead call me newfag. I think the new moderation is going to kill the site entirely and i think that's what they want

No. 68857

>Be bold and bitch IRL or on your twitter or whatever the fuck. If youre too afraid of pushback either get new friends or find a vent thread.

Ayrt, before anything I also agree that I used to see more people being above 25 and now I see a lot of young early 20s or even that one underaged anon in the graduation thread posting their age. I am late 20s too and been here for 9 ish years.
I don't bitch about trannies irl or on social media because for one I don't have a twitter/instagram/etc and I am very private and careful with my general information. Lolcow was the one who made me more wary of what you post online and how it can be traced back to you. This is why image boards have always been appealing to me, I like to freely discuss things like this with others.
However. I also never bitch about trannies in this website, because in reality I don't really care, I simply want to point and laugh at the cows. That has never been an impediment to see and understand that a lot of anons do have legit reasons to vent and want to talk about them with scorn without the risk if being doxxed by those overreacting retards that hunt people like that just for disagreeing. I don't have a problem with the anons who do bitch about them. Like, why would I care if the comment is not directed towards me? I simply ignore it and let anons be. It's not a big deal, just a bunch of words on a screen and policing how others post in a tranny thread feels asinine and too sensitive to me.

No. 68858

being a newfag or oldfag isn't about how old you are if that's what you're implying byt saying you're in your mid 30s…. jfc. you could be 85 and still need to integrate.
you can post your tranny grievances in the vent thread, on 2X in those threads, any other non-cow threads where it's relevant basically… just not shitting up the cow threads with personal anecdotes and no milk. it's always been a rule.

No. 68859

>I'm in my mid 30s and want to vent about the trannies infecting and infesting every part of society with their self centeredness in a place where people feel the same and i wont get banned like reddit.
Here's a thread where you can do exactly that

No. 68860

That's not what I'm implying dumbass you said in your post you thought most of the people complaining were "quite young" can't believe you're so bad at reading comprehension you can't parse replies about your own comments.
Yes everyone knows about the dead hidden board 2x which gets no traffic you're so right let me just integrate and start posting where there's no traffic after years of being able to post freely in snow. God youre dumb

No. 68861

>I also agree that I used to see more people being above 25 and now I see a lot of young early 20s
Nta but agreed, even early on itt while everyone was complaining about zoomers some anon was like “I’m 19 lol.” We’ve been invaded by newfags and zoomies and they’re taking it upon themselves to camp in meta and try to change the site culture.

No. 68862

Samefag but I wanted to add I’m not talking about being able to talk about trannies or not I’m only responding about the influx of younger users

No. 68863

cry more newfag. derailing about non-cow related stuff has ALWAYS been against the rules in /snow/, /w/ and /pt/. the fact you feel like it wasn't enforced until now is irrelevant. nobody is trying to silence you retard, you could have, at any point, made a thread on /ot/ or somewhere that gets more traffic to discuss this. literally nobody is stopping you. farmhand directed you to the existing thread in the hidden board because it already exists, you can literally go make your own thread right now in /ot/ but you won't because you'd rather cry about muh censorship and accuse everyone of being a tranny

No. 68864

I didn’t say any such thing, that was the first time I replied to you; not everyone is the same anon and I don’t have to type “ntayrt” like a faggot.

No. 68865

You’re talking to more than one person. Integrate better.
also ayrt and I’m also not on any social media because I won’t self-censor and have no use for it but I definitely let my views be known irl. You can’t possibly know who else around you might hold the same views if you don’t speak up. I’m not saying to be aggressive or vitriolic but I’ve found that it doesn’t take much to get real people to start questioning the absurdity trans shit. Just to be clear, I don’t necessarily have a problem with venting about trannies. My issue is with shitting up /snow/ threads with personal anecdotes. Some of these anons might be more at home in various KF tranny threads because they’ll be able to see who they’re responding to and forums are better for long form discussion.

No. 68866

Why am I getting accused of posting child porn? All because I was active, the same way many other people were when it was posted? That’s a real extreme accusation. Does everyone else on this website get the blame for posting child porn?
Oh nonna you are naive. You think the businesses that the conglomerate owners make money off of are going to be shut down by their government buddies? Obviously not, that’s not how the United States works. But a random website frequented by lesbians and tranny men, that they don’t make money off of? I wouldn’t be surprised if here and crystal cafe got shut down due to the excess of child porn posted here.

No. 68867

You sound so stupid, tranny. Raids are not the same as a website harboring porn. Learn your laws or how they work as far as websites go and business. This is why the tinfoil is garbage.

No. 68868

I mean yeah there’s definitely a tranny posting porn. You’re correct about that but your anger is misplaced kek. Blaming users who are vehemently against pornography for the behaviors of transvestites is redundant, especially because I would assume they permabanned the guy who posted them.

No. 68869

nonnies can we please just create a new thread in /ot/ to complain about trannies and let this debate be put to rest AND stop shitting up the /snow/ threads? I’ll start brainstorming options here:
>recreate gc thread from /2X/ in /ot/
>create a completely new thread so as to not overlap with threads already on /2X/

No. 68870

Genuinely, what’s wrong with the 2X threads for that?

No. 68871

/2X/ is hidden that’s the problem. I don’t want to make posts that won’t get seen by anyone for 8 hours.

No. 68872

agreed. also /2X/ has become a cesspool unironically

No. 68874

You don't understand how the site works and that's fine. Also ban evading exists. Pretending like the website is at fault shows how retarded you are.
Yep. Every post of yours is bait.

No. 68875

Why don’t we have a vote about what to do with /2X/?

No. 68876

File: 1706478284007.jpg (178.12 KB, 736x908, aa1694864e173a50180579bd99d9e9…)

In regards to all the discussion around boards itt, I think this is a good time for the admins to hold their first townhall. Not a poll, but an actual meeting on cytube like previous admins did.

No. 68877

seconding this motion

No. 68878

Isn’t that how 2X ended up in its current position? Pretty sure admin held a vote/poll and then didn’t do what the voters actually voted for kek

No. 68879

Admin held a vote about post reveals that had a bunch of bait options that never had their post history revealed. She then used the results to claim that the user base didn’t care about the site and did whatever she wanted to do in the first place.

No. 68880

well yeah obviously im not going to understand how this site is moderated because i’m not a janny, also transvestite troon tranny all the same thing. If you’re autistic about what words are acceptable to use when referring to troon males then go back to twitter because i’m not interested in being policed on how I can talk down on males

No. 68881

>did whatever she wanted to do in the first place
good for her kek

No. 68882

admins and farmhands won't even answer basic questions here. Like, "are you a farmhand?" posed to a suspiciously invested anon. That's not even answered. The communication during hellweek has been abysmal. You really think there will be a townhall? If so, can I have a loan of €100k? I'll pay it back next week, promise. After the townhall

No. 68884

No they didn't hold a vote. Newmin said post reveals shouldn't happen and the old ones never should've happened either.

No. 68885

Well, I don't remember cerbmin commenting on Kiki's post reveals or anything (definitely a highlight on this site). But I do remember them saying the cat vent anon never should have been revealed. I have no idea why that TiF was revealed, still barely know who she is or why that was so vital.

No. 68886

Yes they did. This was late in 2019 when 2X was created. My point is nobody asked for it, certainly nobody voted for it.

No. 68887

>Like, "are you a farmhand?" posed to a suspiciously invested anon.
Why do we have so many newfags? Farmhands are not allowed to reveal themselves as farmhands when posting normally, and an anon not answering you doesn't actually reflect on the staff. And they did a hellweek after a bunch of anons asked for it (along with fulfilling other requests in the past), so yeah I don't think it's farfetched to think they may consider it.

No. 68888

File: 1706492342707.png (261.39 KB, 1852x1205, thoughts-on--2X-.png)

>My point is nobody asked for it, certainly nobody voted for it.
But they did. The response when /2X/ was first created was actually positive.

No. 68889

Yeah the behavior in this thread is super strange and neurotic. Seems like many of our awful newfags are incorrectly under the impression that lolcow exists for GC/radfem discussion when that isn’t the case at all. Back when the GC subreddit was still active I regularly saw lolcow recommended so I wouldn’t be surprised if that still happens on ovarit/spinster/“radfem” twitter or whatever. Don't get me wrong, it’s great that so many topics and viewpoints are welcome here but it’s not like this website itself is politically affiliated. Too many newfags are here for reasons other than cows and it seems to me like the new admin is taking steps to correct that.

No. 68890

Finally, thankyou mods for doing something about the constant black pills all over the site. It feels like being on 4chan and scrolling past countless DAILY REMINDER YOUR CRUSH IS RIDING THE COCK CAROUSEL, I don't want to see it just randomly scrolling, it's not good for mental health to have to read this shit all day when you're scrolling to get to your favourite cow. Another reason I'm glad 2x is hidden and I think it should remain hidden. It's written to illicit a response in the reader and it's uncalled for on a site for lulzy cows.

No. 68891

/2X/ is so full of rightwingers now, it's barely feminist anymore let alone gc.
anyway gotta love the people blaming everything on radfems and a couple trans threads while /w/ is a cesspool and autistic zoomers still post like this in cow threads.
i get banning venting in cow threads because it's not any more acceptable in the trans threads than anywhere else. but i don't see why there couldn't be discussion of the trans phenomenon in general. otherwise it's just going to devolve into nitpicking selfies. >>68890
aren't most of the "dump your nigel" posts in /ot/ not cow threads?

No. 68892

File: 1706503651748.png (90.24 KB, 2438x322, sefesdfsefsef.png)

This was the most recent blackpill esque post in the radfem cow thread that made me check /meta/ while scrolling through to get to the Heather Sparkles thread because the catalog is slow and my internet sucks. Just don't really want to see stuff like this while I'm scrolling tbh, I don't come here to have this shit put in my head.

No. 68893

That poster was rebutting someone claiming the opposite though, most of her posts are about male projection. I don’t even see what’s black pilling about this.

No. 68894

If "Cohabitation with a moid will force you to internalise resentment, guilt, regret and disgust" isn't blackpilling to you assuming you're a heterosexual woman, I think you've spent too much time on the internet. The post that poster replied to was fine as they were talking about an author, but there was a definite tone to the post I shared which makes for unpleasant scrolling.

No. 68895

just report if it seems off topic, bu honestly saying shit like
>it's not good for mental health to have to read this shit
>I don't come here to have this shit put in my head.
is stupid.
other posters are entitled to their opinions, you're always gonna see shit you disagree with. if reading takes you don't like is bad for your mental health this probably isn't the best place for you.
yeah blogging and derails in cow threads are annoying but i think it's honestly worrying to me that some people seem to be trying to remove any mention of manhate.

No. 68896

I'm not invested enough to report a post, I shared it because an anon asked for evidence of it being in /snow/, otherwise I wouldn't have even bothered. I can read things I disagree with, I dislike reading things written to provoke extreme reactions. I've been here for 8 years just fine, I'm not going to have a nervous breakdown from reading radfem garbage but it does not make for a pleasant experience to the psyche. If I wanted to read things like that, I would be in 2x.

No. 68897

This is just my honest and humble opinion
>Black pill: bad, annoying to read, pls ban
>Radfem stuff: it's OK, some of the things they say are true, don't mind it as long as they don't derail too much. Should be kept on the MTF thread, /2X/ and /ot/
>Manhate and making fun of men: Completely acceptable and necessary kek
I'm not talking about a thread in specific, just sitewide in general

No. 68898

We could try and move the MTF thread to /ot/ but idk I think everyone is too sensitive about this topic and need to grow thicker skin

No. 68899

I personally don't consider it blackpilling because it's just stating true facts. 4chan esque bLaCkPiLL posts are usually exaggerated self pitying blatantly anti-woman stattements such as
>reminder women have sex with an average of 24473 men over the course of their entire lives and all of the sperm lives inside their vaginal canal for the rest of her life
that are obviously not true

No. 68900

>Farmhands are not allowed to reveal themselves as farmhands when posting normally
First I've ever heard about this, and I've been here since 2016. Where's that talked about? Posting in /meta/ isn't exactly "posting normally" - why can't farmhands and admin commit to using their trips when in /meta/?

No. 68901

>not invested enough to make 2 clicks to report
>sperg it up in /meta/ instead

No. 68902

I hope whichever tranny janny who redtexted this anon gets the dickchop.

No. 68903

This place is becoming like CC with anons excessively accusing posters of being male for the simplest things

No. 68904

>/2X/ is so full of rightwingers now,
Newsflash: moving the threads you want to use to /ot/ will not fix that. You sound like you're afraid to use 2X because the rightwing posters make you feel unwelcome as you do not agree with them or align with them politically. That's your choice if you'd rather not post there but you won't be able to have similar discussions on another board on the same website and NOT have rightwingers comment there too. Think about it for two seconds. Do you think you'll get your hugbox (sorry) on /ot/? That's just not how it would shake out.
It's an anonymous imageboard, you wade around with the rightwing psychos and say your piece, it's always been that way.

No. 68907

… why does reading something like that make you so upset you can't even bear to see it? do you live with a moid who sucks ass and are trying to tell yourself he doesn't? i don't see how this would affect you if you loved the man in your life, you just wouldn't care.

No. 68908

NTA but I dislike it because reading pop-psych armchair proclamations full of chan lingo is irritating as shit no matter what the subject is lol

No. 68909

File: 1706541464421.gif (535.92 KB, 400x225, -not-gonna-happen.gif)

Can we please ban the word 'delulu'? I see too many newfags coming in from tiktok and twitter using that word.

No. 68910

The core of this site was everything else EXCEPT /ot/ and /g/
Who gives a fuck about them? They were always like that. The main boards should be the focus. Fucking newfags running the asylum. We didn't even notice hellweek last time and this time it's focussed on autism that should've been managed by the people who are apparently gonna clean shit up in a week. After a year of not being able to.
Most of the board's loss of culture happened because a lot of old fags left and the internet changed. It happens. Then we said hey, why don't we unban the cancer topics and let those posters go wild? And it turned out exactly how it would be expected. Since then it's been constant talk about The Culture and none of it resembles the old board. Not even close.
Maybe if you lot had spent the past fucking year actually communicating and getting the modding consistent, people would listen to your admonishment.
God I hate what has happened to this place. It was never going to last forever but it shouldn't be ending up like this.

No. 68911

Be real, he probably wants that.

No. 68912

Second, I fucking hate that word.

No. 68913

>The core of this site was everything else EXCEPT /ot/ and /g/
>Who gives a fuck about them?
A lot of people do, they have existed for a big while now and they contain cow threads too. I don't want to argue with you but you can't ignore that the user base uses those boards too
Maybe being this passionate about a gossip website and wanting to stick only to ridiculing people isn't that healthy, you know? People want to discuss other things too. And I miss the oldfags too, I can't deal with the TikTok kids at all. I'm just on a more neutral stance when it comes to this website, I understand why people want to use the other boards too. I appreciate the opinions of anons on every board as well, you don't find that stuff just anywhere online.

No. 68914

So did he explain or write an address giving us reason why he chose to extend hellweek? Because he just changed the banner and then never told us or gave us examples of what made him want to extend it.

No. 68915

I just don't see a problem with random talk in any thread as long at doesn't contain blackpill and it doesn't derail too much. In any board ever I don't care, they're stern and hate whores and trannies and retarded men like I do so that's a win. What's so wrong with that? I don't know why everyone insists on banning them
>Inb4 someone replies with a very heartfelt post on why they hate them
I don't really care, it's pretty obvious there is some anon/multiple ones camping on /meta/ at all times just to bitch about the evil radfems shitting their precious gossip website lol grow thicker skin I know you want them all gone and that's why you're so upset and always responding but they've been part of the community for years now so who cares. Bitch about the coquettes, tradwives and tiktok retards instead, those are actually making this website worse.

No. 68916

he’s angry that he’s clockable, i doubt it’s anything farmers actually did

No. 68917

Based admin for extending hellweek

No. 68918

What’s considered black pill wording though? Can I get an example because the redtexted post really does not read as egregious blackpilling kek. It reads as an average fact about the male population. Just like saying that 99% of men are the committers of sexual crimes.

No. 68919

Same. It comes from newfags who like kpop. Now people who dont even like kpop are using it, but it all stems from terminally online morons who use tiktok and twt.

No. 68920

Same with the retards saying cocomelon and using /s /gen /etc unironically

No. 68921

The thing is I'm not talking about the retarded redtext posted upthread, that one is fucking stupid and unwarranted kek. It's stuff like calling women "cockbreaths" or some shit like that.

No. 68922

>the moderation team believes there is still benefit to be gained from it.
the hellweek did feel more calm in ot but id like to know if there was anything actually getting better that admin can show, maybe like the amount of users banned or baiters that didn't seem to come back (unless thats going to be posted the 5 of feb)
PLEASE make tone indicators a redtext or bannable offense

No. 68923

I’m not understanding why hellweek was extended. I frequent /snow/ and /ot/ the most; I don’t recall seeing any infighting, I don’t recall seeing any bait, I don’t recall any issues other than cp and other porn being posted by raiding troons. I don’t get why they believe hellweek should be extended especially if admin and the moderators weren’t capable of compiling a list of reasons why this hellweek went poorly, what they didn’t like about it, what rule breaking they saw the most, etc. No one bothered to write any kind of statement explaining why they made this decision, which is kind of unprofessional and personally doesn’t make me want to take their words or claims very seriously kek. They could’ve easily typed up a statement and uploaded it when they changed the date. I wonder what’s stopping them.

No. 68924

if they think another hellweek is really going to be enough to caste the dedicated baiters out of the website they’ve got a big disappointment coming kek

No. 68925

/ot/ feels calmer and more pleasant to use. I've seen less infighting and bait taking. The only time I saw this was in the American thread. /snow/ is also improved.

No. 68926

I've seen people banned for using tone indicators multiple times.
>I don’t recall seeing any infighting, I don’t recall seeing any bait
You didn't look then.
>kind of unprofessional
being an admin/mod/farmhand here is not a job and there are no professional requirements. like, I kinda want a message too but they're not going to submit a report with spreadsheets to you. wtf? lol

No. 68927

Nobody ever asked for a report with spreadsheets just maybe a single post explaining what made them make this decision? Also I’m NEET, I’m on lolcow all day long. If there was an infight trust me I would’ve been there in the front row with my popcorn and soda, but alas there was none.

No. 68928

uh damn NTA but is this an admission to being an infighter? kekkle

No. 68929

How do you even get that from what I said?
Why are you lying? search the Vent, Unpopular Opinions, Amerifag, Diet/fitness threads, etc. Tradthots literally got locked again this hellweek because people wouldn't stop.

No. 68930

It’s not a job that they get paid for but it is a job that they signed up to do, knowing full well that responsiveness would be expected from them (especially during hellweek) and that it would go unincentivized. Curiosity about what occurred to result in this decision is not unwarranted at all.

No. 68931

File: 1706554566167.png (1.1 MB, 2042x478, Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 13.57…)

They said from the beginning this one could go longer than a week.
>It will continue for at least one week, but it may carry on longer

No. 68932

You are bad at looking for infights then. The Amerifag one was just 2 days ago and lasted for hours.
It isn't really rocket science why they're extending Hellweek, and it was already clear from the get-go they were planned to extend Hellweek as long as they felt was necessary, which they announced in the OP and a farmhand confirmed here >>68140. They wanted to curb certain behaviors (infighting, baiting, using /snow/ improperly), and those behaviors have not been sufficiently culled. I think it's obvious there's been improvement on the site, but there's room for improvement.

No. 68933

Myself and others I'm sure would still be interested to know what exactly was the straw that broke the camels back, which isn't unreasonable or unwarranted at all
Uh do you wanna go ahead and post some screenshots of what you consider to be the little infights? I scroll those threads multiple times a day and yeah sometimes theres retarded spats and disagreements but I didn't see any aggressive infighting. Sorry.

No. 68934

Try going to some of the threads mentioned and holding down CTRL+F, then typing "(infighting)" or "(infighting/baiting)" or "(baiting)" and you'll see. It's gonna be those words at the bottom of the posts that are bold and bright red, you can't miss them.

No. 68935

Things that get redtexted as infighting or bait these days are often just normal conversations that the mod happened to dislike and wanted to put a cork on. I've been here long enough to notice that.

No. 68936

can the 2 minute wait-time please be ended then, it's annoying as hell.

No. 68937

if you think they're normal conversation then you're part of the problem.

No. 68938

File: 1706556510597.jpg (1.18 MB, 1864x1948, screen.jpg)

Maybe this is a "normal conversation" to you, but hours of racebait and derailing is bad for the site's health and turns it into a cesspool. You can complain about censorship all day long, no one wants to read this shit except for dopamine-deprived chronic infighters.

No. 68939

Not a single word of this is racebait though? Its brugerfags talking about politics that the US is involving itself in. I don't see any racist idioms being used or terms being shitflung. Now if it said something like 'palestinians are apes' maybe that would be racebait but this literally is just a conversation where people happen to be disagreeing and making active attempts to help each other understand their respective sides better. Is a spirited debate now considered infighting on lolcow? I thought we were smarter than this kek.

No. 68940

kek good. I wish we could just ban everyone who talks about israel and palestine. Are there not enough social media outlets for their autistic middle east spergs?

No. 68941

Not all of us use social media, and I'm not getting what harm is coming from users on the website having a conversation about current events. This website is freedom of speech friendly according to the rules, nobody was making racist statements, they were simply disagreeing about their own meaningless opinions that have 0 effect on the outcome of the war. If its upsetting you to see it then you can always go to a different thread or another board.

No. 68942

File: 1706557503148.png (25.9 KB, 1439x371, racebait.png)

What started the derail was racebait and anyone continuing the derail was engaging with and replying to racebait.

We did have a thread on /ot/ for the war in Gaza but as always, retards are unable to report and ignore.

No. 68943

If she called Barry Keough a 'mongrel neanderthal who loves raping women until they bleed and murdering little girls' do you think she would've gotten banned for racebait though

No. 68944

Calling for genocide of a group is racebait.
>if this is how palestinians act, then they don't need to exist

>Barry Keough

I have no idea who that is and a internet search brings up seemingly unrelated results.

No. 68946

Triple parentheses is very blatant racebait, as is saying Palestinians should be killed. Even if it wasn't, sperging about who is worse in the war is off-topic and there's already a thread for it if they want to discuss it that badly. This is not a "freedom of speech friendly" website, there are several rules as to what you can and cannot say.

No. 68947

genuine question, are you retarded nonna?

No. 68948

File: 1706559238462.png (112.23 KB, 1160x194, yeah kek.png)

Since when does parantheses = racebait? Also, yes the fuck it is?

No. 68949

I really wish cerbmin would drop some statistics/analytics on where the fuck these kind of posters come from.

No. 68950

far too much work for him

No. 68951

can you go dilate already? No one buys your unfunny spam.

No. 68952

File: 1706559499607.jpeg (634.53 KB, 828x1414, IMG_0205.jpeg)

how is this not racebait? what fucking dimension do you live in? /pol/?

No. 68953

are you pretending to be clueless for engagement here or do you really not know? if you really don't know, just use google.

No. 68954

this is the only imageboard i've ever used and i don't recall ever seeing it used here prior to today so pardon me for being unaware i guess? i honestly did not think it was actually some kind of racist symbol yes im being serious so i apologize

No. 68955

what is dilate mean i looked it up in the terminology thread and found nothing.

No. 68957

File: 1706560369685.jpeg (577.77 KB, 1179x960, IMG_7867.jpeg)

I can’t even tell if you’re making a joke about the other nona being clueless kek

No. 68958

Please keep in mind that there are lost /pol/fags and tranny/schizoposting, ban-evading baiters that have been going out of their way to sabotage certain threads with infighting/baiting comments and fighting here. While everyone is free to comment and respond (within the rules), please be aware that many are in bad faith and have the intention to create baseless tinfoiling and drama.
Still digesting this. We'll keep everyone updated.

No. 68959

Not everyone you disagree with is a moid, mod. What happened to
>Generally, if the post is very clearly a moid EG 'as a man…', 'my dick/balls…' report them as a moid. It has to be extremely obvious and/or there is proof and evidence of the accusation that goes beyond 'they use moidspeak!
>Women are not a monolith and can have opinions that you do not like

No. 68960

I don't know what /pol/ speak sounds like soo how am I supposed to know when someone is using it in order to report it

No. 68961

where did the farmhand imply this? you’re stretching what she said. there has obviously been /pol/-style racebaiting here that needs to be scrubbed out to prevent derailing and infighting

No. 68962

if you’re not sure then you don’t have to report it? but racebaiting is against the rules and usually easy to spot. the triple parenthesis dogwhistle is more /pol/ specific, though

No. 68963

those are things the admin stated at the very beginning of the thread in regards to hellweek

No. 68964

I'm the first post in that screenshot. I have no idea why supposedly we all of a sudden can't talk about politics on the site, nothing I said was racist or baiting in the slightest.
It seems like there's a massive gaslighting here where people are like "oh this site was NEVER meant for that topic" meanwhile discussions of any sort were not stymied before.I honestly think they're just trolling and getting a laugh out of everyone being confused and asking for accountability.
I'd argue this hellweek made the site worse than it was before.

No. 68965

To be fair /pol/fag and baiters are not necessarily male, although those groups are largely composed of scrotes.

No. 68966

I don’t disagree with you but it’s hellweek, hence the stricter moderation. even if your op didn’t break any rules, it attracted the pol/tards like a honeypot. do you not agree that the anons using triple parenthesis and calling for a genocide of all palestinians should be banned?

No. 68967

Most people have no clue about the triple parentheses so you're not alone. It's a very niche/esoteric form of racebait.

No. 68968

It's rare to see it now but for anyone that was online in 2015-2018 it's instantly recognizable because it was everywhere on image boards, including LC and social media.

No. 68969

You're overestimating how much overlap that the /pol/-tier social media spaces have with normie ones. Most normies have never seen the triple parentheses.

No. 68970

it's not hard to see some weird typing style like that and google "multiple parenthesis meaning", takes two seconds. plus the rest of the post was super clockable. this is a stupid conversation.

No. 68971

Yeah but what I'm saying is that most normies have not seen ((())). They generally aren't using imageboards and they aren't regularly seeing /pol/tards on Xitter. They follow their favorite celebrities and their friends and that's about it. Maybe once in a while they catch a /pol/tard in the wild but most users will ignore the post and keep scrolling. They don't even know who the Chris Chan is (and it always makes me feel like a weirdo that I know kek), even on Reddit. Given the state of LC today it's not hard to see how a normie wound up here and wasn't up to speed on /pol/ lingo

No. 68972

ok? and? this is literally an imageboard, regardless. it’s up to newfags to integrate

No. 68973

Agree. I'm getting real tired of anons who are coddling newfags lately.

No. 68976

Maybe it's because I've only been here since like 2017 and don't use other imageboards, but I honestly don't think I've ever seen a triple parentheses here. Or anywhere else really

No. 68977

Hmmm I guess when you put it that way…maybe? Like I hadn't intended it to be bait I was just venting about it. It's true though that people are acting rabid and unhinged about the subject which was kinda my complaint. I know it's hellweek and stricter moderation but it just doesn't seem like they're even outlining what is truly not allowed but rather winging it on a case by case. It feels really inconsistent and tbh adding unnecessary dysfunction to the site imo. I never went to /pol/ much on 4chan because it was a cesspool so even being an oldfag I wasn't familiar. Sure ban it I don't care. But yes calling for genocide should probably be banned…

No. 68978

Asking about triple parentheses isn't "not integrating" because it is not a part of lolcow.farm culture, like >>68976 said. And if you want my opinion, anyone who joined LC in 2019 or later is a perpetual newfag.

No. 68979

We need a full month of Hellweek at this point. kek

No. 68980

Hellweek is less about weeding out baiters and more about forcing genuine newfags to integrate. The baiters already know they're breaking the rules and won't stop after Hellweek.

No. 68981

what do you mean by integrate to triple parentheses if that’s 4chan slang and not lolcow slang

No. 68982

ayrt and I think it’s perfectly fine to ask about the triple parenthesis. I’m not upset about people not knowing what it means, like good nonnas who don’t kek. all I’m saying is that using triple parenthesis on an imageboard is clearly racebait. that’s it

No. 68983

The original user base of LC comes from 4chan and there was significant cross over for years.

No. 68984

you can be racist without surrounding yourself with men online kek get real nonna

No. 68985

File: 1706567315149.jpeg (319.07 KB, 1151x828, IMG_3704.jpeg)

Having a debate about a movie is infighting. Farmhands are genuinely retarded. Where are admins even finding these ones?

No. 68986

ok well i don’t know when lolcow was invented but i didn’t start using this website until 2 years ago. is being a 4chan user required to be a farmer or some shit now? because that seems counterintuitive to this being a website for women

No. 68987

I agree with that.
NTA but I think all newfags should know general imageboard slang, but the triple parentheses is not really 4chan slang ane only localized to a few boards.
That's what I said. Not every /pol/-esque poster is a scrote/tranny.

No. 68988

no one is saying that. I’m not even sure what half the anons here are arguing about

No. 68989

LC exists because moot banned pixyteri threads from /cgl/. It's more complicated than that but that's the basic explanation.

No. 68990

You’re missing the point which is that you need to lurk more if you are confused by certain terms or why they’re bait or where they come from. The point is not that you need to be a 4faggot scrotette, but you can’t be asking to be spoonfed information on 4chan slang either.

No. 68991

mods i beseech you to ban all mentions of vivziepiop shit the way it was for kpop.
the vivzie spergs are as bad as the kpoppies, they just won't stay contained. look at the animation cows thread, it doesn't get half as much scrutiny as the trans threads but it's 0.2% milk at this point.

No. 68992

i’m not gonna lurk on old threads in hopes that ill find someone using triple parentheses

No. 68993

also i don’t care it’s not ‘spoon feeding’ i asked a simple question because it felt lile the whole ‘parentheses is racism’ thing was some kind of joke because i don’t understand how parentheses relate to race and i’m not gonna do research on it(learn to integrate)

No. 68994

They've contained themselves in an /ot/ thread within these past few days, if anyone is still sperging about Vivzepop there it's dumb newfags who haven't got the memo.
NTA but when I was a newfag I didn't ask about board slang or culture, I just looked it up, have some initiative. Obviously you didn't catch on to it the first time you saw it and that's fine, but why are you still samefagging after anons told you what it meant?

No. 68996

why are you still sperging about this? you asked what it meant and it’s been answered. no1currs

No. 68997

you still don't get it. lurk more can also mean not commenting on things you don't understand. don't post until you can integrate.

No. 68998

im not sperging about anything i was responding to a comment that tagged me? you sound more like the fucking newfag kek
lurking the website would not have informed me on the triple parentheses though. Thats why that response doesnt apply to my original statements. I hope this makes sense for you so that this conversation can be over.

No. 68999

Explains a lot. You need to lurk more. I stg, we got so many newfags over the pandemic, it's the worst.

No. 69000

The last sentence is what caused the red text, not the discussion prior

No. 69001

Yeah it's customary to wait at least 10 years before posting anything

No. 69002

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed things getting worse during and after the pandemic. The last time I pointed this out anons got so pissy and defensive.

No. 69003

newfag is a state of mind

No. 69004

It really doesn't take that long, just keep lurking. I would suggest sticking to the cow boards to learn2integrate fastest: either /snow/ or /pt/ (/w/ is a cesspool). /pt/ has the highest concentration of oldfag farmers so I'd lurk there the most.

No. 69006


No. 69008

File: 1706581312327.png (44.29 KB, 828x290, uh.png)

ok nta but just googling ((())) doesn't bring up anything

No. 69009

File: 1706581681812.png (56.22 KB, 1076x446, image_2024-01-30_132931034.png)

But this does, again use initiative.

No. 69011

I did use initiative and search what was verbatim posted, which views nothing

No. 69012

thats not triple brackets though thats 6 brackets. so really it would be sextuple brackets which only brings up hardware

No. 69013

Brackets are like socks, do you say three pairs of socks or do you say six socks?
You're twisting my argument into what it's not, which is that some anons are too lazy to learn board culture. Also funnily enough looking up "triple brackets" is the way I found out what that meant, so your point is lost on me.

No. 69014

stop replying to them they are trolling.

No. 69017

and yet others replying are allowed to call someone disagreeing with them "retarded" and "a moron" and that's cool.

No. 69018

( is a single bracket, dumbass

No. 69019

I'd say six ssocks because it's sicks total individual socks

No. 69020

That's board culture

No. 69021

Coincides with PULL closing

No. 69022

File: 1706588863324.png (65.19 KB, 345x189, le fishe.png)

People responding to the non-integrated newfags who can't even google basic things is also an issue. Just tell them to lurk more and stop responding until they figure it out on their own.
If you can't be bothered to read up on old threads or expand your imageboard-culture knowledge why even bother posting here. There's other sites who will accept you with open arms.
Spoonfeeding is a huge issue that rewards laziness, which is a trait you generally don't want in farmers.

No. 69023

because im not here to be an imageboard savant im here to enjoy myself nonnie. and i do everytime ♥

No. 69025

Yeah I have to agree with this, the parentheses just aren't a part of lolcow culture. I'm not really sure what all the fuss is about

No. 69026

Anons know exactly what they are trying to do when they emphasize words.

No. 69031

Both behaviors have killed a cow's thread recently. It fucking sucks.

No. 69036

the point is they're also arguing and didn't get any ban for it

No. 69039

File: 1706636706115.jpeg (146.5 KB, 1170x362, IMG_1582.jpeg)

Listen I love with website but it’s an imageboard, not harvard university. If i’m not getting incentivized to do so, I’m not gonna do research or use google just to make one-off posts. if you’re taking posting online this seriously then maybe you’re autistic? ‘board culture’ and ‘social media culture’ are not real things. it’s just the internet. the only rule is to follow the law and use it wisely.

No. 69040

This. The fact that some idiot responded to a newfag who doesnt even know what dilate means is telling. Stop responding to newfags. Report and move on. At this point, we're never getting out of hellweek.

No. 69041

File: 1706636998371.jpeg (495.77 KB, 1170x1049, IMG_1584.jpeg)

samefag but even lurking the site if you use the catalog and command + f random 4chan slang terms (like we were talking about yesterday) nothing comes up. Same with the terminology thread. Nothing about the bracket echo on there, either. So you might want to actually include these things on the website if you want to keep shouting LERK MOARR and actually have the user find the content you’re referring to.
Dilate isn’t even listed in the terminology thread though? That is administrations fault, not everyone else’s.

No. 69045

You do realize you can type "lolocow SUBJECT HERE" in to Google and see if threads pop up with answers you are looking for, like in old threads? Newfag, no one cares about your whining. You need to learn2integrate.

Pretty sure these two posts belong to the male /meta/ camper who went from complaints and suggestions to this hellweek thread. Most anons don't ask such dumb questions and I've been here since 2015, about terminology like dialate. Plus the constant quips about the website not being up to snuff.

No. 69046

Everyone dogpiling on each other about how you’re asking to be spoonfed is what is making the site culture worse actually. Why’s it so hard to just be chill and answer the question kek? Why can’t we be a fingernail more friendly to each other? Do you think we’d be in a second week of hellweek if we didn’t infight over dumb shit like spoon feeding (which I actually was convinced only applied to asking questions in the cow threads…I was misinformed)? Is treating each other with decorum that much worse than this?

No. 69047

Lolcow isn't going to change their spoonfeeding policy just because some idiots can't learn how to use a search function or search outside of the site for info. There's plenty of anons who don't bring up spoonfeeding requests because a lot of time it devolves into a thread that already discussed the topic all because one or two anons needed to get reintroduced to what the cow did and what everyone else already discussed.

No. 69048

>not everyone who you disagree with is a man
Enjoy your ban for accusing a poster of being a scrote during hellweek nonna, and under a really harmless and factual post?

No. 69049

File: 1706637992842.png (453.71 KB, 819x1227, whoops! .png)

What spoonfeeding policy? It would be wise for administration to put it in the rules because as of right now it’s not only not in the rules but also not in terminology.

No. 69050

Farmhands don't ban in /meta/ usually and they've stated that as such. If that were the case, the tranny bait all over the multiple threads in /meta/ would be redtexted to high hell. Pointing out that the poster can't integrate and it using the same anti-lolcow rhetoric the resident scrote uses, isn't just some accusation. Newfag or male, doesn't matter. The poster clearly doesn't understand the website and admin and farmhands don't need to make things more clear. This is the same mentality of "Show me where it says you can refuse customer service" from boomers.

>whaaaa it's not written in plain site
>6. Lurking
Do you even know what links look like?

No. 69052

just what do you think 'adhere to board culture" means?
you might think board culture is stupid but it's in the site rules; if you don't like it, no one's making you post here.
because newfags posting here without integrating drag the quality down. read the admin posts itt, that's precisely what they're trying to change with hellweek

tl;dr no one's gonna change how this site operates just bc it hurt your feelings

No. 69053

No farmhands do ban in meta they just don’t redtext. Also, interestingly enough; the how to use the website page isn’t even linked onto the website. I’m scrolling up and down to the bottom and top of the page, not seeing the word info anywhere. Like I said, once again, nobody’s fucking going on google to do research on lolcow. If they want us to be able to access your information, they can do their job as administration and make it accessible on the actual website. I’ll say it again, this is a random imageboard not school. I’m not going to study before I post. If it upsets you for some reason or annoys you that sounds like your own gripe, and you might wanna get over it because it isn’t healthy to get angry over shit as small as lolcow.farm.

No. 69054

Board culture isn’t a real thing. It’s just the internet. And as you continue to get new and younger posters on this website, you’re going to understand that nobody gives this much of a shit about any website kek. Sorry. That’s not going to change no matter how long hellweek continues. They can have it go on for the rest of the year if they want, it’s not going to make me want to act like a total ASD sperg everytime someone uses a term wrong or doesn’t know what a term means that also happens to not be available in the terminology thread or the rules.

No. 69055

These responses are giving 4chan cave dweller who feels the need to prove how much more he knows about the website than others. I wish I knew how to use AI so I could create an AI generated 4chan cave dweller just for this.

No. 69056

Then don't complain about bans when you get them if you are refusing to put effort into learning how to post on this imageboard.

No. 69057

kek TA didn’t say we should all hold hands and be best friends, just to maybe be more chill. Using her not knowing what dilate means as an opportunity to infight is actually making the board a shittier place to be and is what’s yielding the extension of hellweek. Settle down retardonda.

No. 69058

Is this seriously still being argued about? All this started because someone kept confidently insisting there was no infighting or racebait when in reality, they simply didn't recognize it. There is a consistent issue of newfags being aggressive and hostile when they're completely wrong, and instead of accepting it and moving on, they scream about how it's everyone else's fault. I agree it's not good for site health for people to be perpetually angry about everything, but on a similar note, newfags cannot demand the site bend to their whims because they suck at integrating and then sperg about it for hours.

No. 69059

agreed. it’s not that deep and please shut the hell up

No. 69060

I am not complaining about the ban at all, it’s already expired, I’m complaining about the reason the farmhand chose. She clearly doesn’t understand that board culture isn’t a real thing that has real world importance. Lolcow is just another website, not some big sacred castle you need a secret password and to be fluent in another language to enter

No. 69061

move on.

No. 69062

I didn’t demand anything in that post I made a neutral statement about how asking a question isn’t a big deal, which it isn’t. The only real sperging happening here is from the lolcow board culture security guards. I never said in that post that the website should ‘bend to my whim’ I said that this level of sperging out about someone not knowing terminology on a website is what’s ruining this website; which I am right about.

No. 69063

You did though. You posted 3 photos complaining that the rules aren't written in big red letters for you.

No. 69064

>board culture isn't a real tangible thing it does not physically exist
nta but fuck off already, you sound like the true retard getting so bent out of shape for not understanding how rules work

No. 69065

I make valid points and suddenly it’s ugh move on because you have no real response. As per usual kek.

No. 69066

right? like the lack of self-awareness is just comical at this point fucking kek

No. 69067

And anon couldn't Google search, why? Most people who don't know a word look it up. Not beg on an imageboard to know what it means. This isn't a chatroom for stupidity like that. Back and forth in normal threads wind up shitting up the thread and bringing it to max sooner. >>69064 It is them.

No. 69068

File: 1706639705779.jpg (186.7 KB, 1280x720, newfag.jpg)

>the how to use the website page isn’t even linked onto the website
learn to read

No. 69069

The problem is that they’re not posted at all in an area where I can access it on the website. the lolcow.farm/info is not linked next to the rules. The rules do not mention spoonfeeding, interestingly enough. And terminology does not include spoonfeeding or dilate. So even when I do the necessary research, how the fuck am I supposed to find shit that’s not even posted in a spot where everyone can find it? >>69064
Board Culture isn’t a real thing though. It’s not about tangibility, it’s about reality.
None of those photos were complaining about being banned? It was showing that the terminology that’s being referred to isn’t easily accessible. And if it’s not easily accessible, people obviously aren’t going to find it.
NTA but I’ve already said that I’m not going to research on google just to use a website, no thanks

No. 69070

Thats posted on the rules, not on the actual website. I’m talking about posting a link to it upfront on the website (preferably next to rules) so that it’s easily accessible and you don’t have to tap multiple links to find what is essentially a hidden link. Why is it hidden in rules? Why would they not want [info] to be a link so that anyone can find it immediately?

No. 69071

Shut up, newfag. We all know you're just baiting as usual to try and get other anons to agree with you, and no one agrees with you kek Constantly berating the site over the most mundane and minuscule things is your MO
>>>/meta/68817 You are very easy to spot.

No. 69072

>this isn’t a chatroom for stupidity like that
Nonna not everyone is here on business kek…some of us are here for pleasure

No. 69073

Did you forget that there’s more than one user on this website? Also, who said anything about mods being male? Why are you posting your own comments trying to direct attention towards them?

No. 69074

ok sherlock holmes

No. 69075

File: 1706640238565.jpeg (182.4 KB, 827x1257, IMG_2291.jpeg)

literally on the front page lol
keep digging

No. 69076

Geriatric of you to assume I type lolcow.farm into the search bar and go from the front page, in my sentence I said that it should be next to the rules at the bottom of the page, similar to the way it is shown on the front page. If they include it with the rules on the front page, why can’t they include it with the rules at the bottom of the page? Do they need a UX designer or some shit?

No. 69077

>‘board culture’ and ‘social media culture’ are not real things.
maybe you're the one who has autism.

No. 69078

>board culture isn’t a real thing we should just treat each other with a base of respect
massive insight starts because that’s just not agreeable for the oldfags
They’re here for the drawma kekk

No. 69079

They’re not real though. To think that websites and applications can be ‘cultural’ seems like an unhealthy symptom of being online obsessively. It’s similar to how goth ‘culture’ isn’t a real thing, just people who have unhealthy obsessions with darkness.

No. 69080

i know kek like do they want us to petition to make lolcow rules literal laws. what a retard.

No. 69081

Not at all actually quite the contrary, I’d like for you to be able to comprehend that the only lolcow rules that are legitimate rules are those that are in ordinance with the law. Not minute shit like ‘don’t ask questions ever use google’

No. 69082

I think you might legitimately have a mental delay. Goodbye.

No. 69083

I honestly think they extended hellweek just to enjoy the milk in this thread. The hostility over board culture is so dumb this isn't the 2010s.

No. 69084

the thing is though, both the triple parenthesis and word dilate were explained here. why are you acting like we’re withholding information from you?

No. 69085

You might have a mental delay if you think every single user for the rest of lolcow eternity is going to follow the rule ‘don’t ask questions you’re not allowed to’ . The only rules that actually matter are rules like don’t post porn, don’t post minors, etc

No. 69086

File: 1706641326815.jpeg (56.25 KB, 700x467, IMG_1587.jpeg)

right because it doesn’t even exist anymore. how fascinating

No. 69087

File: 1706641340369.gif (1.81 MB, 498x280, patooh.gif)

>this whole thread

No. 69088

I never acted like anyone was withholding anything from me. I’m giving reasons for why my ban was total bullshit. Yes the users here were generous enough to explain it to me right after I asked what it meant, however I was still banned and told lurk moar by the mods; and when I did lurk I found that dilate and spoonfeed aren’t even in the terminology thread, and spoonfeed doesn’t appear in the rules either. And even on the rule guide that spoonfeed does appear on; it still isn’t an effective rule because users ask questions in multiple threads across the website daily. The stupid questions thread would’ve been locked a long time ago if asking questions was considered spoon feeding.

No. 69089

nonna don't let them bait you like this. You know it's all BS so let it go, they are drinking your milk as we speak

No. 69090

nta but do you act like this on every site? if you're in someone's discord server and they have rules do you break the rules and say "it's not against the law so i can do it"?

No. 69091

lolcow is the only site I use

No. 69092

>stupid questions thread shouldn't exist if stupid questions were bad on this site
The bait keeps coming, that's what that thread is for. Acting like a dumbass doesn't change the fact that anons pointed out everything you're complaining about.

No. 69093

They weren’t actually capable of coming up with a counter argument. If asking questions in general was considered to be spoon feeding, why does stupid questions even exist? Why am I able to ask questions all over /snow/ and /ot/ and /g/ and never get banned? I don’t understand why it was necessary to ban me for not knowing what dilating is. I was better off being ignorant to it actually.

No. 69094

File: 1706643696830.png (327.14 KB, 1439x384, O3KN7AV.png)

I hope bullied nonna isn't permabanned, I feel she needs to express to be herself but also learn how to stand up for herself

No. 69095

context is involved and you know that. It's already been explained to you that old milk/previously discussed milk doesn't need to be rebrought up. It has nothing to do with general questions. Stfu.

No. 69096

But I didn’t ask about milk I asked a general question about what the word dilate means in the context of slang here, and was still banned. I understand asking unsaged questions about prior events in /snow/ is deeply frowned upon but this was not that.

No. 69097

Yeah, because that's a newfag question. Hence, context.

No. 69098

It shouldn’t matter if it’s an oldfag or newfag question. It’s a harmless general question that they answered. And you stated
>It has nothing to do with general questions
But suddenly it does have to do with general questions when a question that is asked is one that you consider to be a ‘newfag question’, but I’ve been here for years and yeah I’ve seen the word dilate used but I never understood and also never saw it in the terminology thread, so I took the initiative to ask. Are you saying it would have not received a ban if it had been asked in stupid questions, because even though it’s a general question it’s considered ‘too newfag’ for you?

No. 69099

>Board culture isn’t a real thing
If this were true there would be no difference between 4chan, LC, and reddit.

No. 69100

There is no difference

No. 69101

Are you still arguing about this? Go do something with your life, drink water, eat something just shut up.

No. 69102

thank god this is simply not true. I actually believe most of you are actual women

No. 69103

could the gaza thread be unlocked? i feel like the discussion just spills anywhere anyways, like the fandom thread for example, i get that its cringe drawing related to palestine but its just going to derail one way or another

No. 69104

There are an omen also use 4chan and reddit as well, sadly enough. Just like there are men who use LC.

No. 69105

I’m not arguing about anything, I’m just stating facts and asking neutral questions. Do you not have an answer to the question I asked and that’s why you’re acting like I’m wrong for asking?

No. 69106

I'm brackets anon, and my only answer to your question is that it takes 30 seconds max to look up something you don't know.

No. 69107

And the recant to that is that nobody (including myself) feels the need to use google to do research about 4chan brackets, and even if we do, searching ((())) and sextuple brackets yields nothing relating to lolcow or 4chan lingo at all; and there’s simply no reason to respond with the passive agressive “yooze gewgle!!1” if you can type out “it’s an antisemitic 4chan symbol” in the same time it takes to type out the former.

No. 69108

The triple brackets are racebait and thus a banneable offense, also they're retarded and stick out very annoyingly in any thread

No. 69111

I love how you are acting as if there's tons of anons upset about being told to integrate when you're the only one.

No. 69112

Lillee/Laur are upset in the latest thread that someone posted a public tax record and they are now doxxing some random woman they’re accusing of being the true cow (implying she’s a farmer). I’ve reported but wanted to post here for added awareness. I’m mostly a lurker so apologies if this isn’t how it should be handled. I’d love to request a reveal of their post history

No. 69113

It annoyed me too but I agree she needs to calm down for her own good

No. 69114

Thats reprehensible. Can you link the post so I can report? Thank you nonnie

No. 69115

A poster said something about that months ago and everyone accused them of being a male

No. 69116

Laur is having a schizo fit and still spamming random women's parking tickets in LJ thread

No. 69118

It's all newfags arguing with other newfags about who's the bigger newfag

No. 69119

And it’s the most fun any of us have had in a week

No. 69127

Lolcow isn't really the place for this. She should find a non-bully community to discuss this.

No. 69131

the only thing I want from hellweek is dark mode

No. 69132

Just use the stylus add-on and change the colours to your liking.

No. 69137

You've got urban dictionary for terms that might confuse you, you've got encyclopedia dramatica for ancient cows, you've got the google search function site:lolcow.farm "insert term here" to see how a specific term has been used before and learn from context. Never once did I fail to find something out this way. Learn to use the Internet.

No. 69138

Anon is on some next level spoonfeeding.

No. 69139

it was 15 hours ago. shut the fuck up. let it go.

No. 69145

You can also use the browser extension "lolcow.farm themes" and pick any of the dark ones!

No. 69146

File: 1706698089183.png (38.69 KB, 510x543, image_2024-01-31_214943694.png)

Isn't this already intergrated into the site? I even get this option on mobile

No. 69147

That was my joke anon sorry

No. 69149

still plenty of use could relate and give some advice to help her.

No. 69152

She can use the vent thread or any of the advice threads then, if everyone starts making personal blog threads like this it's gonna suck. We have c.c for that. Plus it's Hellweek

No. 69155

lolcow is not the place to coddle newfags.

No. 69173

they have their own thread. If you see them venture out, report as necessary. I understand the frustration that they can often take over a topic but they're self contained right now. The only threads they are currently allowed in outside of their own: the husbando thread (so long it doesn't take over) and the animation thread (when relevant to the topic and not just sperging).
this. We've had a very, very large influx of newfags coming from twitter/tiktok and refuse to integrate because people are relenting and responding to their spoonfeeding requests and being baited into responses. Let them sink or swim.
no we do not ban in meta. In the RARE times we do, we always redtext (unless it is a confirmed moid, in which case we also delete their comments.) We usually avoid responding to obvious baseless accusations and tinfoiling but I wanted to let all the farmers know that this is false.
No that's staying locked for the foreseeable future. It brings a lot of non lc regulars constantly racebaiting and infighting. Please just continue to report those posts and we will ban them as soon as we see them.
please just report them as they are unintegrated retards, regardless of it being a racebaiting connotation or not, it breaks our integrate rules.
thinking about this. Stay tuned.
you can change the theme of the site at the very bottom of the page, under the [Style] label input. Such as shown here >>69146

As well to clarify – 'spoonfeeding' is part of the rules. It's not explicitly said, but it is part of learning to integrate/lurk. Do not spoonfeed request, do your own lurking and research. There are a few other instances that are in the catch all of 'learn to integrate' such as correct space formatting when typing, not typing in all caps etc. Don't coddle newfags, report them if you see that behavior.

No. 69174

How does anyone know they’re coming from twitter and tiktok? Can you see their browser history?

No. 69175

Don't need to see someone's browser history to know they're coming from tiktok/twitter by saying things like 'unalive' or 'r*pe' or 'delulu' or general newfaggy behavior. Regular farmers see it all the time and are able to report it. It's not rocket science.

No. 69176

christ no one said it was rocket science kek i was just asking because i dont actually pay enough attention to see anyone using slang like that during the hours im here. my sincerest apologies cerbmin…

No. 69177

I'm not sure how you missed it but it happens all the time in many threads. We've had a few farmers complain and ask us to add words like 'delulu' to the list in this very thread. It's always coming from non integrated newfags unfortunately.

No. 69178

thanks for the communication, farmhand!

No. 69180

Unpopular opinion: I like the word delulu, I don't use TikTok or Twitter though

No. 69181

File: 1706734451804.jpeg (268.24 KB, 828x533, IMG_2300.jpeg)

pls purge tradtards
shit like this should be in 4chan not lc

No. 69182

I’m not a tradthot, and how is any of this 4chan content? 4chan is the least religious place on the internet.

No. 69183

being religious is a normie thing it’s not some brand new thing that tradthots and housewives came up with online

No. 69184

Guess I have to go tell medieval peasants that they're tradthots, kek

No. 69185

This is larping and bait, as you can see by the immediate response of the baiter in here within minutes.

No. 69187

You must be a burger or something because being religious is culturally weird in my country.

No. 69189

You mean the response from the person who was responding to me?

No. 69190

Yes I am from USA, much like many of the users who frequent this website are.

No. 69191

i didn't say tradthot, and it's honestly not a good precedent to have christfags posting freely about how they're against equality for women on here

No. 69192

I never once said or even alluded to thinking that I'm against equality for women, I am not against equality at all. Why would I be? What I did say is that inventing some brand new female worshipping religion at this point in history would not only be boring (its 2024. What woman are we going to worship? Hilary Swank?) but it would also end up being completely pornified by all of those who refuse Gods love, much like all of the other religions that already exist and are treated with disrespect. Inventing a new religion isn't going to magically make men respect us, in fact I really wouldn't be surprised if the creation of a new religion wasn't taken seriously at all, no matter what deity or being it is worhsipping. All of this inane twisting of what is actually spoken is very easily refutable when you take the time to read the statements in full. You're capable of reading comprehension. You're smart. I believe in you.

No. 69194

nice passive aggression but im not here to continue this infight.
just saying having trads and normie christfags is probably not gonna help board quality

No. 69195

Not a word of what I said is aggressive in a passive manner. Everything is neutral toned and not unreasonable at all. I am right when I say that any new religion would not be taken seriously. If that for you sounds like infight talk instead of a thorough response then I am sorry you feel that way.

No. 69198

Was the post cooldown bumped up to 3 minutes for the rest of hellweek? I tried to post 2 minutes apart and it made me wait an extra minute

No. 69200


Its the meta scrote trying to be inflammatory as usual.

You're at it again for another day, just posting to infight. So clockable.

No. 69202

nonnie youre gonna catch a ban for making scrote accusations during hellweek kek

No. 69203

No. 69206

While I can't fathom how a woman could ever be apart of the self serving moid supremacy that is organized religion, there's nothing particularly bad in this post. Is there a greater context to this?

No. 69207

yeah it was part of a big autistic infight, but in general i don't think this sort of poster belongs here

No. 69214

It’s really not about who you think belongs here.

No. 69222

Still derailing.

No. 69223

it's so funny to me that it's a zoomie Tiktok word now because my spaz fringe-boomer/gen-x New Jersey Italian wine aunt used to say it all the time in the 90s and 00s… now I wonder where she got it kek

No. 69224

It’s not derailing if it was on topic to the conversation at hand

No. 69233

"Delulu" has been a part of my regular vocabulary since the 00's at least and it's been used all the time in various places, I have no idea how it counts as "zoomerspeak". It was a cornerstone phrase in the early 2010's /cgl/.

No. 69234

No it wasn't.

No. 69235

AYRT; regardless of where it was or wasn't used before, sometimes things (phrases, aesthetics, sounds, etc) are adopted by groups or movements and the association becomes too strong and the thing loses its independence and is only suggestive of the adopting entity, either for a time or from then on. as a vocal anti-y'aller in the past here for similar reasons (it became associated with a certain type of annoying Twitter user), I would be hypocritical to not acknowledge that delulu is a Tiktok and Twitter thing now. it's just funny to me that it's caught on so strong recently that this association exists

No. 69237

it doesnt fucking matter how long its been around for its annoying and really ghetto sounding. Talk like a normal person.

No. 69244

Kek, more proof that the autistic and continuous sperging about random phrases and slang words are coming from newfags. No farmer would have a melty over seeing a word they dislike

No. 69247

Talk about newfaggotry.

No. 69248

Anon how do you think red words like problematic poc terf oof etc. came to be?

No. 69250

Honestly if you think zoomer slang is that bad why not go to facebook or somewhere for old people instead of lolcow?

No. 69251

Ah yes the only two categories of people online…teenagers and the elderly.

No. 69257

Lolcow was made by millennials. lmaoo Zoomers are the ones who need to integrate or go.

No. 69259

you're right i worded myself badly.
It's just that that there is undeniably an increasing rate of people posting reactionary shit, especially in /ot/, and it's not helping board quality with all the infights. trad religious shit like what got posted on the infight i quoted isn't exactly what we're used to on this board and it causes frictions. i know women are not a monolith yadda yadda but there is such a thing as board culture.

No. 69261

Read the full conversation retard. Rotten attention span at its finest.

No. 69262

And milennnials are like 40 years old now. If the vocabulary of younger users is upsetting them so bad they can go start a lolcow facebook group.
I read the full conversation I’m not sure what you’re expecting for me to see? Did they say they’re going to start a lolcow facebook group or something?

No. 69264

So does using words you don’t like mean that someone isn’t integrated at all? I’ve been using lolcow for almost 7 years but I’ll start saying delulu just to piss the other oldfags off. Stop acting geriatric

No. 69265

You should learn to read then. Farmhands want you to integrate too and leave the zoomer shit at twitter and tiktok. It's not hard but if you don't you'll catch a ban.

No. 69266