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File: 1707268415739.png (292.96 KB, 800x536, 19th.png)

No. 1880012

>board rules apply
>no infighting
>stop yourself and don't reply to bait

No. 1880021

fuck u(starting the thread in the right point I see)

No. 1880028

Can we stop with the height wars shit, shit's tired and it feels like everyone is trying to place dibs on 6ft moids as if….they aren't just moids regardless of height. It reeks of high school banter

No. 1880046


No. 1880063

Farmhand your redtexts are so fucking lame, genuinely.(take it to meta)

No. 1880065

people need to be sterilized until they prove they can take care of a child. i don't care if this means poorfags won't be able to breed i don't care if this means weirdos will try harder to breed with "good genes" there are too many retards out here getting pregnant and getting people pregnant. today on the bus i saw some fat woman with like FIVE goddamn kids and she looked broke as fuck. i go into dollar tree and i see some woman bitching at her baby for wanting a one dollar toy. i see homeless dudes pushing baby strollers. why the fuck do these retards have kids?

i know in the case of mothers it's sometimes to collect as many gov benefits as possible (i am not racist, i am not mgtow, i just grew up in an awful environment where women shit out as many kids as their bodies let them so they can go smoke crack and fuck around with scrotes while their parents take care of their kids – very poorly i might add)

No. 1880072

>getting people pregnant
like women or who

No. 1880074

just snip the men lol

No. 1880079

Why would you feel the need to say youre not mgtow? Are you a man?

No. 1880081

shouldn't it be obvious i mean women

sure but women too. otherwise you could have a man prove himself out of the snippening then go fuck some retard

No. 1880094

snip the womens whats?

No. 1880098

While sterilizing men can be reversed, sterilizing women is permanent. So this wouldn’t work

No. 1880104

This. Men should be the only ones sterilized in nona's hypothetical new world order.

No. 1880134

It makes me sad when financially unstable women have kids. Like no one should grow up poor. I don't care how much love you'll give them. Also, genetic screening should be mandatory. There are some many retard babies in existence right now

No. 1880139

I feel the exact same way tbh, broke or financially irresposible women and couples reproducing should be considered abuse

No. 1880154

i don't know. but do something

No. 1880156

aight just a sec lemme get the hedge clippers

No. 1880172

funposting vs dumbass shit was the most fun ive had posting here since the bunker threads, even if the infighting that caused the split was dumb af

No. 1880173

I hate the men more because it is their only literal duty to finance the families they helped create but still so many fail hence we have bad takes blaming women for not doing it all themselves.

No. 1880185

I feel the same way too. I find that there's a level of nastyness with terminally online women that outshines even terminally online men. A sort of vindictiveness and total lack of empathy even my male discord friends are shocked by sometimes.

Then I remember the normal women I know IRL are lovely and kind and what I see here is mostly just a function of sad, angry, lonely, e-brained women rather than women as a whole. Although I feel Gen Z girls are pretty awful precisely because so many of them are terminally online.

No. 1880205

i dont understand what the desire is to kill them if it just makes everyone have a good laugh no matter how absurd or retarded any infighting or post may be, i feel like the mods are just getting so uptight and i hate it

No. 1880213

It should be illegal to browse the internet until you’re 18

No. 1880215

This wouldve saved me from a lot

No. 1880257

File: 1707291993958.gif (12.18 KB, 130x126, IMG_6519.gif)

NLOGs are unfairly demonized. It is perfectly understandable and even good to be wary of normie women when you grew up as a a heavily bullied tomboyish woman who was constantly tormented by said normie women (most of whom bullied you because you represented something they want deep down - freedom from the male gaze - or because they wanted male approval). It has been years since I graduated and I still cross the street when I see a huge group of giggly sorority girls heading towards me

No. 1880283

Agreed, I love genuine nlogs, not the ones who do it to be pickmes or attention whores, but the ones who are just weird and not feminine at all. Fuck hyperfemenine and uwucute bitches idgaf

No. 1880286

10000% this unless you're researching something for school or play online games like club penguin and neopets or flash games (rip)

No. 1880360

File: 1707299761030.jpg (22.48 KB, 640x412, 1699632324713.jpg)

I avoid any media made after 2020, because I fucking hate raceswaps. Every raceswap discussion makes me so anxious and I start to fear future violence. I still wish media was mostly segregated. I wish we had functional separate channels for media. Begging for inclusion is so humiliating, look at its rotten fruit.

No. 1880367

File: 1707300122696.jpg (46.52 KB, 680x568, GD8gv4TbMAAE34s.jpg)

100%, that's why I support boarding schools and kids only rec centers and expanded library services

I feel the same way. Normie women will never apologize for their cruel behavior. The burden is always on su to accept them and play nice with them. I wear a feminine mask when I chat with them, but I still feel alienated. No amount of feminist writing will fix that.

No. 1880453

I worry deeply about having daughters.

No. 1880492

this isn't an opinion, this is a factual worry of yours. May I suggest, not having biological children/choosing to adopt a male/don't have kids.
No use worrying and then creating more true victims of the patriarchy.

No. 1880573

I don’t understand why people defend Nabokov. Of course I don’t think that reading Lolita makes one a pedophile but I think one has to be a specific person to write it. Why specifically the POV of a rapist? I don’t care if someone will assume I’m not intelligent, I am aware any reader can make distinction between narration (especially unreliable narrator), I know most people will recognize pedophilia as terrible crime it is. I just don’t care about all the people who will remind me whether Nabokov’s uncle molested him or not. A grown up man consciously made a decision to write a novel with a pedo protagonist who always excuses his filthy perversion. Write such thing in a culture where victims aren’t believed or can be dehumanized, no surprise that Lolita gets misinterpreted even worsely (if that was Nabokov’s intention to warn and not to channel something inside him). I can’t fully trust a man who chose to write this, and attempts to sugarcoat his decision remind me of “my fav celebrity could never…!”.

No. 1880577

Fully agree. Women who are mean to others should just be judged for being mean/being bullies/being tryhard eccentric without a reason but that’s unfair to hate on women who openly speak about their feelings of not fitting etc. To be honest, even the word NLOG seems like an attack to me, maybe if had more specific meaning (mean individuals) but I hate how it spread to belittle those who just can’t relate to most.
Everyone might be equally bad or good, I accept that some men are so stupid they can’t be helped but in my life women hurt me more because I was supposed to trust them. Or they used fake personas which let my guard down.

No. 1880583

Fully agree, I stopped giving a shit about this after I got called nlog for playing guitar.

No. 1880590

I once stumbled upon a subreddit dedicated to making fun of nlogs. It was full of screenshots of 13 year old girls saying that they don't get the appeal of make up and for some reason they deserved mockery for that? Extreme beauty rituals are pushed on girls at a young age of course a girl who feel like she can't maintain that is going to feel alienated from her peers and i don't think she is a bad person for venting about it.

Honestly vain people are just annoying to be around regardless of sex. I hate hanging out with gymbros and I hate hanging out with hyperfeminine women. Bu I have to hang out with hyperfeminine otherwise I'm an nlog? As a women you're not even allowed to make friends with people who share your values you're expected to be besties with every single woman ever otherwise you get accused of being a pickme or nlog.
I hate how people can be so mean towards women with "masculine" hobbies but if you dare to say that its not healthy to be unable to leave your house without make up then you're in the wrong

No. 1880596

I haven't properly read Lolita yet but I've been wanting to because I've been experimenting with writing from the POV of a self-excusing abuser. I went through some bad stuff and there's something that ironically makes me feel like I can be more brutally honest about what happened if I detach out of my role and show the role of the abuser. Now, it's not quite the same since I'm a woman and it's not a pedo situation, but I kinda get it because the idea of writing from the monster's perspective feels compelling to me.

No. 1880598

from a non literary perspective it's boring and pedo filled and uncomfy. read literally anything else, this one you can figure out from other people reading it for you. don't waste your time
and if someone comes in here reeing about how it's important PEDO DETECTED it isn't necessary just dip this one or read notes and shit. I read it and it was a waste of time and I hate to say it bought up some shit fucking sucked at portraying what it meant
you read it though, I think I was like 15 and online and read something similar and was like I GOT THIS and I wish I never bothered besides the miserable context I have to give ever time this fucking book is bought up. it proved nothing and perpetuated pedo culture. fucking next.

No. 1880601

Seconded, Lolita is not worth it, I had to analyze that shit for a paper for uni and it was a pain in the ass, I would rather stab myself than read that idiotic books, I also asked my aunt to read with me because I thought I was exaggerating, but she also despised the book as much as I did.

No. 1880602

I don't mind NLOGs who get called it for the sake of being weird because god forbid a woman does anything but NLOGs that think they are better than other women for having a non "feminine" hobby and expect praising for being "less feminine" can eat shit. it's just classic enforced feminine competitivity with a reskin.

No. 1880608

A lot of younger Gen Z women seem to be proud of the fact that older moids "desire them more" than they do "old boomer women". Youth is their entire identity and they've made an identity out of appealing to older men too

No. 1880610

every generation has a wave of pickmes who don't get it that older men prefering younger women is not a good thing.

No. 1880618

i don't think of giggling stacies as nlogs, I think the alt girls are the bullies. some ignorant stacies will fuck with you, maybe a becky or two, but the alt girls into those bands like fall out boy and patd and marvel will always be cunts. myriad cunts in the marvelverse but there's a crossover with weebs and furries. they don't get the excuse of being autists, I'm fine with the autists. I'm talking the new breed of larpers. let them all suffer when they cringe and look back at all the hoops they jumped through just for a personality when the real weebs and autists didnt even know they existed.

No. 1880620

Most of the internet is porn. You wouldn't allow a kid into an adult store, but for some reason this logic isn't applied to the internet, which is arguably worse.

No. 1880622

people who like marvel capeshit or shitty rock bands are not alt, they're more on the consoomer side and don't actually care or even have a subculture. you're thinking of women without personality who have a consoomer hobby and need to shit on people randomly, which I've met several of, and they always steer towards normie side and will scoff at anything actually alternative.

No. 1880623

Millenial women did/do the same and get off on being "so young" compared to boomer women, like the red scare hags

No. 1880629

Tattoos look trashy and moids overwhelming see them as a mark of 'shes easy', even if they don't admit it. I know men who pretend to be into it specifically to sleep with tattooed women. Then they'll laugh at them afterwards about how they eat ass and do other nasty things in bed.

No. 1880630

Look at all the gen z celebs and compare them to who was famous around the boomer times. They’re hideous in comparison. People like Joey King and Florence Pugh would never be on magazine covers back in the day. They’re mid as hell. Compare someone like Sidney Sweeney to Nicole Kidman in her prime. Sidney is beautiful but looks like something that crawled out of a puddle at Chernobyl in comparison. Gen z women sneer at older women but the older women just think “I’d put you to shame if we were the same age”.(not this again)

No. 1880631

AI ART is ART!(integrate)

No. 1880632

Yeah. Shit art.

No. 1880637

So if my coffee mug.

No. 1880638

My bf calls Florence Pugh "slutty hot". Like she's not conventionally beautiful but "you know she'd be down for anything in bed and is really experienced."

No. 1880642

Why are you still with him lol

No. 1880644

If I were you I'd delete this while you still can

No. 1880645

We talk about women we're both attracted to as I'm bi.

No. 1880648


No. 1880651

Ew. Get some self esteem I beg of you.

No. 1880652

Post his pic

No. 1880655

This is just another variation of “fat girls give the best head” - the assumption being because she’s less conventionally attractive she’ll be willing to do more degrading stuff in bed, both to win male approval and because deep down she doesn’t think she deserves any better.
You and your boyfriend sound gross and annoying. Get well soon.

No. 1880656

Post your BMIs.

No. 1880657

It says a lot about him that he thinks a woman who isn't up to his standards is still good for degrading sex. Can't wait for your posts in the vent thread

No. 1880662

Taylor swift seems very immature and she’s going to be like that forever. She comes off as annoying to people but her brain is just stuck at the mental age she was when she got famous. It’s probably why people like Beyoncé don’t do interviews or talk much because they know they’d just say dumb shit.(wrong thread)

No. 1880663

Reminder that that anon is the average misogynistic pickmehag malding about gen Z women after she spent her youth malding about women older than her.

No. 1880670

>I hate how people can be so mean towards women with "masculine" hobbies but if you dare to say that its not healthy to be unable to leave your house without make up then you're in the wrong

No. 1880671

You're both right.

No. 1880676

“Pickmehag” is this because normies/scrotes picked up NLOG and keep misusing it.
> …malding about gen Z women after she spent her youth malding about women older than her.
The one true legacy all women can claim every successive generation.

No. 1880687

>Why specifically the POV of a rapist?
Because why not? I mean, we can pretend that rapists and pedophiles are invaders from another planet, but unfortunately it’s not the case and they’re people you can meet everyday. Literature is supposed to explore the things unthinkable in real life.

No. 1880689

ayrt larpers yes? the more they cape for something (meaningless) the less they have inside. why most of us have 0 for swifties like what are you in the end besides the one swollen cash bleeding entity. sorry for the gorss visual they always remind me of the end result of that game Inside (I swear a nona on here made the same comparison) they all end up as that amorphous blob that's vaguely tswift shaped battering up against the glass of anything beautiful true and real.

No. 1880691

So you’re in a relationship with cringe coomer, weird thing to announce on this particular imageboard.

No. 1880697

the mods are very trigger happy outside hellweek

No. 1880698

He talks in such a gross way. I'm bi too and I would never let a man speak about women like this. Wtf.

No. 1880701

No. 1880704

I didn't deserve it(ban evading)

No. 1880709

This can't be real

No. 1880717

Looks like a fat version of that penguin guy

No. 1880720

Did you take a screencap

No. 1880772

It was specifically written to be horrifying. Writing from the POV of an evil, depraved person who rationalizes all their wrongdoing can make for an interesting read where you wait to see the mask slip and the truth come out. I don't think that writing style/idea is bad. I found the book itself miserable though, I wouldn't reread it or recommend it. I'm sure it felt groundbreaking for many to realize abusers don't see themselves as abusers, but in modern times, if you want to see an unreliable narrator explain how his victim was definitely a bitch who wanted it, while being so self unaware even a precursory scan makes it unconvincing, you can just go on Reddit.

No. 1880844

Most straight women are kind of boring because they’re too boy crazy and whenever we go out all they can think about is getting scrote attention. I can’t even hate because I realized I’m scrote brained too when I started hanging out with lesbians and realized I had to unlearn this behavior.

No. 1880854

You're just hanging out with the wrong type of women. "Most women" no "my circle of friends". Like attracts like I guess.

No. 1880950

As long as you are a woman you are never free from the male gaze, no matter how you look like. If it was that easy everyone would be a tomboy. Anyone has the capacity to be a bully, normie or alt, popular or a loser. It's just thjat 90% of the population falls into the """"normie"""" category and so, most bullies do too.

No. 1880961

YouTubers being like "I won't tell you to like my stuff becaue we're not like that around here, I just wanna like you the stuff you actually liked so feel free to end this vid on whatever note you want" for what feels like ten minutes straight are infinitely more annoying than those that just straight up say "Don't forget to like, favorite, share and subscribe, byeee!" at the beginning of the video.

No. 1881070

definetly. If someone wants to sub and like they will, you dont have to tell them, ironically or not.

No. 1881089

Honestly I like those reminders because I've always been the type to rarely like anything. I like using my likes as a sort of bookmark for videos id like to come back to.

No. 1881095

File: 1707351769461.jpeg (92.28 KB, 500x558, IMG_5746.jpeg)

I’m not into the husbando life anymore, I grew up kek but Mamo-chan looked so fine in the first 2 seasons of SMCrystal rather than the 90’s anime, Crystal’s 3rd season and movies

No. 1881107

Most women are what nonas would call "pick me". Most women are not sympathetic to radical feminist or misandry, at all. They love their nigels or their to be nigels.

No. 1881115

Not unpopular? But yes

No. 1881121

Humans can actually remove light bulbs from their mouths easily. Try it, it's easy.(wrong thread)

No. 1881124

I was born without any light bulbs in my mouth, so I never had to get those removed.

No. 1881132

Even anons here defend their nigels like their life depends on it when a random anon is just venting about moids

No. 1881135

Okay so put one in and then come back with the results.

No. 1881136

Dead bedrooms are essentially just a result of moid sexuality being novelty based. Probably 1/5 long term relationships are still regularly intimate after year 10.

No. 1881142

No. 1881145

File: 1707354703620.jpg (1.97 MB, 2400x3600, NINTCHDBPICT000849866439.jpg)

Sexyy Red is really pretty

No. 1881148

She's empty as fuck tho. There is no light behind her eyes at all.

No. 1881155

I wish i was kidding but this video helped me peak

No. 1881156

I feel this is kind of a baity e-sex question, like you want me to describe how some round, large object feels in my mouth for random reasons? Sounds suspect

No. 1881157

Masculine women are so villainized even by other women it pisses me off, it's worse when it's so called "radfems" doing it, like i don't get the cognitive dissonance

No. 1881163

File: 1707355539760.gif (310.13 KB, 220x220, reading-sensible-chuckle.gif)

No. 1881168

The learn to integrate problem we have here on lc? We have that IRL too. There's a minority of fucking opportunistic dumbasses that move from their original country to a richer one to just profit off the social security/social benefits and aids that they wouldn't have home and they still despise 1. the people and the values from the richer country 2. even the thought of having to integrate by respecting the laws, learning the culture, the language etc.
InB4 waicist I've moved to another country without changing my original nationality and I have learned to integrate in that different culture, whereas in my own family my own grandmother never did the same in the country I'm born at (never learned the language, never tried to integrate with the neighboring community in the 60-70+ years she lived there) and can't even talk to me in my mother language. Those people make it even worse for the ones who are taking the steps to integrate and they reinforce the stereotypes the locals have about anyone who's not originally from x,y or z country.

No. 1881201

File: 1707358020160.jpg (60.05 KB, 466x700, 1449762484768.jpg)

Pixyteri should have her own dedicated board like /shay/. There's over a decade of milk to reminisce over.

No. 1881218

this hellweek is probably the best one, I see so many anons have mental breakdowns over nothing and am happy to see their asses get sacked

No. 1881238

>not this again
Not what again? Admin shut up. We can talk about what we like in /ot. Your bans don’t even work even though I don’t use VPN you useless fucking cunt.(ban evasion)

No. 1881243

Kids aren’t entitled to toys even if they’re only a dollar

No. 1881253

I need more lesbian friends because you're not wrong. Too many straight women only think about male attention and it bleeds into almost every conversation.

No. 1881255

I'm laughing so hard you made me remember this gem. Kekk

No. 1881258

That isn't the point she's making.

No. 1881261

How do you find women who aren't like this though? I'm very awkward and have been trying to socialize in classes and at events like concerts and conventions but it seems like most friendships and conversations lead to constant scrote drama talk. It's hard enough even making connections to begin with tbh

No. 1881297

I’m just saying maybe the mom saying no to the kid was being a good parent, maybe

No. 1881319

File: 1707372965638.jpeg (99.76 KB, 357x370, IMG_2154.jpeg)

when tyra does that dumbass smize she looks like a baby dropping a fat shit in its diaper

No. 1881340

The bible actually makes some points especially in Exodus 1. "if it be a son then ye shall kill him, but if it be a daughter then she shall live"

No. 1881419

post him
I can’t believe she actually has a kid.

No. 1881422

File: 1707389549721.png (1.07 MB, 1080x400, pull.png)

i miss prettyuglylittleliar so much i'm sorry for revealing myself as a former PULLfag well i only lurked but it's true. i wouldn't trade it for lolcor, i love the anonymity here and the distinct culture, but what was special about PULL was exactly that it wasn't anonymous and that the posters were clearly obnoxious cows themselves that were harboring lots of envy. it was so much fun…

No. 1881428

Who is the girl on the far right supposed to be?

No. 1881430

Mira, aka Kanadajin3

No. 1881438

Anon pls find the PULL thread (I think it's on /w/ or /snow/) and post about your favorite user cows, I love reading that shit

No. 1881439

Kek I do too tbh. I would go to the Kenna thread just to read how angry the posters were about her living in their precious dreamland weeaboo Nippon.

No. 1881452

God her threads were so dramatic, and borderline, not even borderline actually, literally obsessive

No. 1881480

Mira/Kanadajin isn't a funny character to me. Desperate desire for group identity, promiscuous youth where she was probably sexually used and abused by two dozen moids, a dysfunctional home life.

Her story is a sad one. It actually makes me want to cry.(there is a thread for this)

No. 1881498

i didn't know about her past, that's awful. i hope she's doing alright now. i remember she caught a lot of shit for being obsessed with that one moid and he claimed that she was stalking him but i don't care about that at all. it seems most of her problems were tied into her identity issues, which makes perfect sense if she came from a dysfunctional background.

No. 1881510

As much as I dislike her, pokimane is pretty without makeup.(there is a thread for 'real opinions about cows')

No. 1881514

Piece of shit promoted to kill black culture and influence black children to destroy themselves.
Her and others like it are funded by billions of dollars by investors like Larry Jackson.

No. 1881540

I'm neutral about spanking but people who defend it like their life depends on it creep me out. Why are you so excited and defensive about wanting to slap children's asses? stay the fuck away from me

No. 1881592

Tina Fey is good at writing pickmes because she is one.

No. 1881628

What? NTA or TA but pretty sure it's based around the myth that if you put a lightbulb in your mouth you can't get it back out unless you break either your jaw or the bulb while it's still in your mouth. Why would it be an e-sex thing… do moidballs feel like lightbulbs?

No. 1881641

That's not a myth though, you genuinely shouldn't put a lightbulb in your mouth

No. 1881645

Well I wasn't gonna try

No. 1881646

I used to spend so much time on the felice fawn threads there. I miss PULL myself

No. 1881649

tina fey is a racist bitch and no one calls her out on it because she is openly racist towards asians, but fake praises black people.

No. 1881670

Her videos are repulsive holy shit. Whoever white CEO pimp is promoting her should kys asap, I'm sick of seeing her degenerate ass everywhere, she's like the final boss of everything wrong with female rap. She's literally a modern minstrel, getting paid to hold a pack of money while doing ratchet shit barefoot at white events, tragic

No. 1881770

PULL was a lot more fun. Nobody ever got banned for not saging or for 'not contribution'

No. 1881792

You got that on the other farm, what's the issue?

No. 1881993

Japan is actually kind of dull in terms of tourist sites. All shinto shrines look the same and places like Osaka Castle are modern plastic reconstructions of original buildings. In terms of architecture and historic sites Europe is way better.

No. 1882017

If japan is boring to you in terms of culture wait until you see south korea

No. 1882018

To be honest I think I haven't seen a whole lot of foreigners in temples that weren't the most famous ones in Tokyo. I think it's actually Japanese tourists from different cities, or Buddhist ones in general who care a lot more from what I've seen and I've seen many of them in the cities I went to putting stamps that seem unique to each temple on small notebooks when visiting.

No. 1882053

No. 1882068

yumejoshi can be cringe but they'll never be worse than "men-hating" women who date men, it's just unpaid work and they look dumb defending their pathetic ugly men.

No. 1882074

Sightseeing buuldings is boring unless you're already invested and have some knowledge about them before getting there, otherwise it's just a lot of pacing around or using them as background for your pictures.

No. 1882076

Incredibly low IQ take. I'm an atheist with zero knowledge about architecture and St. Peter's just blew me away. It is awe inspiringly beautiful. I've never seen anything like that in Japan. Likewise for Gaudi's work in Barcelona.

If you are only there to take selfies then that's a reflection on you, not the beauty of the art and architecture.

No. 1882077

nta but my dad went to Seoul and said it reminded him of the Soviet cities he used to live in. there’s just not a lot of art or architecture. being occupied for so long probably didn’t help either.

No. 1882081

Taipei is kinda like that. It feels dirty and run down. Everything has this weird dusty feeling to it.

No. 1882094

Some men are genuinely loving. But they're rarer than rubies in my experience. I always say if you find a good man, hold onto him, even if he's not necessarily rich or super handsome. I'm in that follow my heart phase of my life now. My ex was an evil sob investment banker who thought his money gave him license to fuck other women.

No. 1882107

Aren't you the low IQ one? You're singling out Japan but if all you want is to gawk at megalomaniac constructions most architecture around the world will be uninteresting. And that includes Europe, paleochristian temples look dull if you don't know anything about them and brief touristing isn't the ideal way of learning.(racebaiting)

No. 1882116

The structure doesn't need to be large or religious, weeb chan. That's why I brought up Gaudi. Japanese architecture and historical sites are boring and dull compared to those in Europe. I'm sure your chances of getting a Japanese totemo kawaii husbando aren't affected by admitting this.(infighting)

No. 1882125

Jokes on you, I hate everything but vernarcular architecture.

No. 1882130

File: 1707438600352.png (5.14 MB, 2124x1406, Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 4.32.…)

Whenever I've seen photos from my friends who visited South Korea everything looks grey, hazy and dull and all of the concrete buildings look the same. It looks like there's not a lot of cool architecture at all and it just doesn't seem like an aesthetically pleasing place to visit. Seoul-less, if you will.

No. 1882136

File: 1707438816846.jpeg (18 KB, 500x280, 6ebed3f99d8fc946e4d4dcb23c8d78…)

I fucking love old facebook memes like this kek

No. 1882144

ah yes, "image macros"

No. 1882147

Moidchan has these "clothed/unclothed" or "innocent/fucking" threads where they post women or girls doing innocent stuff in family pictures or whatever, and then a picture of them from either real porn or amateur porn, fucking black guys, cum on their faces etc.

I can't help but look down on those women and find them fucking gross. No offense.

No. 1882150

If you say you hate men but won’t cheat on them for moral reasons you’re not a real hater

No. 1882153

I hate men but I don't wanna cheat on my husband because I love him

No. 1882155

It does look exactly like a Soviet city kek Just looking at this makes me wanna kms.

No. 1882156

but why would you date men if you hate them

No. 1882161

100%. People who think cheating is wrong are so spineless. The best relationship I've ever been in was one where we'd both cheat on each other just to spite each other for cheating on the other. It was a lot of fun, if I hadn't moved away we'd still be cheating on each other to this day. It just keeps the relationship really fresh.

No. 1882163

Did either of you ever try like traveling separately or spending time apart without cheating on each other in order to keep your desire for each other strong

No. 1882170

BPD really is a sad illness…

No. 1882175

When youre both so boring that the only interesting thing you can do is cheat

No. 1882177

Y'all ever think before you post?

No. 1882179

If you hate men why would you put yourself in a situation that involves having sex with two of them?

No. 1882180

File: 1707441669220.png (741.53 KB, 904x899, 1706742705074969.png)

No. 1882181

open relationship with extra steps.

No. 1882187

File: 1707441982841.jpeg (58.05 KB, 490x276, IMG_0737.jpeg)

I studied in Korea and what you said is true. My pictures look exactly like what you’re describing except for the silly things like kids cartoon characters and random creative stuff I would take pictures of. The palaces are absolutely gorgeous and colorful too. The newer fancier architecture within the cities is super nice like picrel really impressed me when I went there but it’s usually darker shades of gray and black. Honestly the other parts of the city that aren’t Samsung or other new buildings are kinda dingy and ghetto. I don’t know how to explain it but sometimes it feels like Korea is overcompensating to be like the west when in places you have to squat over a hole to take a shit and there’s markets where they sell bugs that you can eat. Some of the other things like how Korean people’s living rooms are often their closets and their storage space strike me as really “countrified” and not enviable at all. If you’ve ever watched a documentary of average Korean families in apartments then you know what I mean—they always have all the clothes and random storage stuff in their entry/living room area and it looks so suffocating and sad. I’ll add a picture of what I mean if I can find one but I honestly cannot stand Korean people’s living spaces for that reason with the exception of influencers who go out of their way to make their places look beautiful. There are some really aesthetic cafes in Korea too. I suppose this makes me sound like a dumb American bc of course it isn’t actually super glamorous but Kdramas, Kpop, and chaebols do a great job at selling a fantasy to you of this super high tech dystopia.

No. 1882195

If this isn't bait, its really sad and I feel genuinely bad for you

No. 1882204

It keeps the STDs fresh!

No. 1882208

No, we didn't do much traveling. Cheating was just a part of our relationship. We weren't serious about each other and to be honest it was a lot of fun playing detective and seeing how far we'd go to hide things from each other. It was like a game of cat and mouse, we kept each other on our toes for sure. That's just how relationships are when you're both Scorpio suns. It's why I only date earth signs now.

No. 1882210

I think if you have fat kids instead of body shaming them to lose weight you should just raise them thinking they’re allergic to fattening foods

No. 1882212

I dont understand why people choose to blame their poor judgement on their zodiac signs. I'm a Scorpio sun rising venus and mercury but I've never cheated on my husband

No. 1882213

You should never be truly monogomous to a man or rely on him.

No. 1882216

Some of them make me laugh, but most trigger me. I had to unfriend my dad on fb years ago because that's all he responded with in the comment section.

No. 1882218

Korea not only looks like a hellhole, but it is. Especially for women.

No. 1882231

Scorpios are one of the most passionate and loyal sign, seems like those two Scorpio sun's have a lot of ego work to do

No. 1882245

I'm not trolling but why not just get into cuckolding at this point? I mean this isn't really altogether less deranged.

No. 1882247

Astrology is not and never will be real.

No. 1882248

I will never understand why any white collar American would want to move to these Asian dumps. I'm aware that American inner cities are unsafe, but that's not the point. You live in a country where even mid sales and marketing managers can easily make six figures and with enough financial fastidiousness go and live in the comfy burbs after a few years. In places like Korea and Japan these tiny box like hellholes are your entire life. Forever and ever. Why the FUCK would anyone move there?

No. 1882251

outside of botched implants, almost all celebrity boobs look perfectly great and healthy. the complaints when celebs do nude scenes are typically from women who are projecting their own insecurities on celebs or porn sick moids who don't know what boobs look like that aren't completely flat or retarded big round implants

No. 1882252

>was a lot of fun playing detective and seeing how far we'd go to hide things from each other
Mental illness incarnate

No. 1882258

Wheres the who you think is talking about their kinky threesome vs who is actually talking about their kinky threesome on reddit meme

No. 1882263

Moids on 4chan are full of shit usually but they're bang on target when it comes to BPD women. Like, bang on.

No. 1882265

You think that's a woman with bpd? That's obvious bait.

No. 1882267

People should not be ashamed to be on food stamps. I know some people that actively hide the fact that they use ebt. You're getting free food babe, swipe to your heart's content and never be embarrassed to let people see that card.

No. 1882270

>Posts unpopular opinion
>"reeeee this is bait! reeee this isn't a popular opinion that means it's bait reeeee!!!"

No. 1882273

That's bait.

No. 1882288

Taylor swift is a witch who feeds off energy. All of her music is just witch craft. She’s a powerful warlock.

No. 1882290

Astrology is absolutely real however assigning personality traits and characteristics to individual signs will always be flimsy and unsupportable

No. 1882294

no YOURE bait

No. 1882301

Recognizing that motherhood is an L for women isn't devaluing it. Maybe more women would want to do it if it wasn't 'the most noble virtuous sacrifice' martyrdom.

No. 1882316

>if it wasn't 'the most noble virtuous sacrifice' martyrdom
honestly i don't think modern women have kids for this reason, typically. in my mind it's just them deciding being a (working) mother is easier or more cost efficient than being a single woman. the social boons are definitely there and generally if you like a man enough to have a kid with him, you like him enough to look past or outright be blind to general male defects. so even if outsiders see it as an L it isn't really, not entirely, the number of happy mothers and wives isn't 0%

i am 100% pro seperatism btw, i think being a wife is cringe, i also think motherhood is an L (i feel complicated about this if it's a woman who's always wanted a little girl though), i'm just saying

No. 1882332

File: 1707459252906.png (56.28 KB, 275x206, 1658123004863.png)

Cheating means multiple men get to have sex undeservedly, that's a win for them. Real haters deny men access to their bodies because that's what makes them suffer most. And cheating requires being in a relationship, if you'd enter a relationship with a man you must like him somewhat.

No. 1882353

Women have more fucked up sexual fantasies than men. Submission and rape fantasies skew heavily towards women.

No. 1882358

the issue isn't motherhood it's how certain cultures can make or break motherhood. In the Western world babies and children are seen as burdens with little to no accommodations, and there's no support for mothers, especially in America where they can't even take maternity leave after doing one of the most dangerous and damaging things to your body. Women don't get proper pain relief after childbirth because of the fear-mongering of opioid addicts even though it's basically standard everywhere else

people - men especially have a no-win paradox towards mothers. If you work you're abandoning your kids to child diddlers because of your selfish desire for a career, if you are a mother they don't mind going mommy dearest on your ass over everything as if taking care of a baby was just a walk-in the park. If you take your kids out you're annoying and exposing them to germs, if you don't you're leaving them in four walls all day and turning them into social retards. Oh and any sort of issue with toddler or babyhood? people immediately start blaming the mom and making up all kinds of weird shit instead of acknowledging toddlers can be high energy and wreckless sometimes. Once you become a mom people will jump through hoops to make your life a living hell and blame everything your kids do on parenting

No. 1882361

how many women do you know personally who have rape fetishes

No. 1882363

it's more fucked up for women to want to be spanked or something than the majority of men wanting to sexually assault children? Men into those sorts of things don't even want masochistic women who will happily roleplay whatever they want, they purposely go for women who aren't into that and try to "ruin" them if not actually raping them. A lot of those moids even admit to being TURNED OFF when women are showing signs of aroused

No. 1882365

teens are children

No. 1882367

>it's just them deciding being a (working) mother is easier or more cost efficient than being a single woman
I think women who want kids have kids. I've never wanted kids and I wouldn't sacrifice that for a relationship. I choose bfs who are aligned with my views and are fine with not having kids. If their feelings regarding this change at some point we're gonna have to break up, I won't suddenly budge because I'm too afraid to be alone. Having kids is fucking expensive even if you are two people sharing them. I can't imagine someone having kids just to appease a man unless you have no access to abortion or are in a severely abusive relationship. I feel like you must on some level want to have them or at least feel indifferent. It seems like a very normal thing to want kids one day.

No. 1882371

that's weird, because last time I checked over 90% of child rapists, CP consumers, etc were all men. CP even finds ways to "accidentally" leak onto sites like youtube and pornhub. I also haven't met a single man who didn't have multiple teen girls on his discord/snapchat/ etc if not following minors that post dancing videos and such

No. 1882372

I also wouldn't doubt if you were a discord groomer with nude pics of underage girls either

No. 1882373

you can absolutely be in a relationship with a person while still hating them or feeling indifferent towards them.

No. 1882374

multiple things can be true at once. sometimes kids are accidents, sometimes kids are just the woman's way of 'doing her part' in a relationship, sometimes a kid is a tool for getting government/social benefits, sometimes kids are born out of love. it's all true.

>I can't imagine someone having kids just to appease a man

well, this was the case for most of human history…for an extreme example, see women married to royalty or married off in general kek

No. 1882378

i think most men would happily fuck a kid if it weren't for societal pressure tbh. i had a whole (kind-of) essay that was vaguely against the idea until i remembered, historically, men were happily marrying girls as young as ~12 and almost every society on earth has had a period where pederasty was totally common, accepted, and valued.

No. 1882379

If you have a kid by accident and opt out of having an abortion then I assume you on some level want to have the kid. I don't doubt your examples happen sometimes but I think most of the time the woman must be ok with having them on some level. Birth control and work opportunities for women hasn't been accessible for the majority of human history so it's kind of disingenuous to use that argument. I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I assume we're talking about current time.

No. 1882380

not my statement, also "teens" is one of the most searched tags in porn worldwide. also as >>1882375 mentioned men are the vast majority of child rapists. so yes it's safe to assume most men would be a kiddy diddler if they had to opportunity to do so.

No. 1882384

NTA I think it's normal for men to be attracted to adult females showing signs of fertility. Didn't some dating app data suggest 21 is the time a woman is the most attractive to moids regardless of their age (both teenagers and guys up in their 60s)? Child brides are normal in countries that are extremely patriarchal were women are regarded as property. They probably want them young because children are more malleable. I think there are for sure a lot of sick fucks out there, but I don't the majority of men are pedos. I also suspect porn and our current sex and beauty obsessed culture is amplifying this problem and turning more men pedo adjacent with the teen and loli porn categories. You hear sob stories sometimes about a totally innocent dude who went down the rabbit hole from vanilla to cp because modern porn and data algorithms and now he's in jail.

No. 1882385

>The "teens" in those porn videos are 18 or 19 year old adults.
doesn't matter, they're after the concept of fucking a minor
>You're wrong, it's not "safe to assume" that at all. You're delusional.
okay, scrote.

No. 1882386

File: 1707462930744.jpeg (85.15 KB, 620x465, IMG_9438.jpeg)


No. 1882388

the fact men brag about dating 18 yr olds is solid proof of this, even in states where it's lower than 18 moids will fuck children. women already get considered "weird" if we date a man 3 years younger than us yet for men it's basically expected for them to be attracted to girls decades younger

No. 1882389

you're joking right? PH and other sites been exposed multiple times for posting literal children and girls even had to lawsuit because they posted pre teens being raped

No. 1882391

how do you write this out without hearing yourself make multiple contradictions every other sentence
>men aren't pedos, they're just pedos!

No. 1882392

that's a good point, the most popular sites that literally every scrote browse and search the tag teens have actual CP on them from time to time.

No. 1882393

>And you haven't met the majority of men.

show us your discord/kik/etc log and the ages of all the girls ages you were talking to at the time and your age. I'd bet 50$ you groomed at least 1 teen girl
>And those men still aren't the majority of men.
funny how moids understand how statistics work when they wanna be racist but want to pretend to be stupid when desperately defending their own gender

No. 1882394

>kids are a great way of getting gov benefits
you have to be very smooth brained to think having a kid is worth raking the pennies most countries give for child welfare bux. I can believe that there are people like that but it's such a low IQ thing to do I think anyone doing that could apply for regular disability checks anyway due being fucking retarded. having a kid is so fucking expensive on most places and less than a minimum wage (the average welfare bux check) doesn't cut it.

No. 1882395

File: 1707463378613.jpg (34.9 KB, 600x600, 4122aa2026a9ef7e768019d0defda4…)

>If you…opt out of having an abortion then I assume you on some level want to have the kid
>not everyone can opt in. either due to a lack of research (misunderstanding the cost), or outright being unable to afford the cost, or maybe it's illegal in your state/country/wherever, etc.
>religion is a factor, as is social judgement and a general fear of backlash for aborting
>women still, in non-insignificant numbers, despite ALL the evidence showing it's a bad idea, get dependent on a man and generally need to keep his favor – a child is a great way of doing that.
>like i said in my previous post, kids give access to plenty of gov benefits. i whined about that here >>1880065. you won't live a great life but you'll be able to live a life, and for some women that's good enough

(re-posting due to typos)

No. 1882397

Moids: black people commit over 50% of the crime despite being 13% of the population!! stupid blacks they're so dangerous no exceptions! women who date black men should expect to be abused!!!!!

also men: oh, men commit over 95% of sex crimes and virtually all CP crimes, child rape, etc despite being 49% of the population….uhhhh not all men!

No. 1882398

>like i said in my previous post, kids give access to plenty of gov benefits
I live in a literal welfare paradise (nordic country) and having a kid is still not worth the few hundred you get per month and that's why we have a natality crisis save for the immigrant women that come here and pop out children because their muslim moids force them to. I can't imagine it being any better elsewhere. but nice fucking try, scrote.(moid accusation)

No. 1882400

I never understood the whole 'oh black women only have babies to get their welfare checks' but why the fuck would you get a check just for having a baby? And it wouldn't even be that much it would be like 200 dollars which is basically how much a whole month of formula costs

No. 1882403

Ayrt I don't doubt anything of what you are saying, I just feel like the majority of women who have kids do so because they want them on some level, at least that's the case were I live but maybe I'm wrong. It seems pretty normie to wanna have children someday. On the other hand I'm in my 30s and have many gfs who don't have kids yet out of personal choice and I guess if we lived somewhere else then maybe it'd be easier to feel pressured into having them. I live in a Nordic country that is considered very gender equal by most standards and I realize things are still different in other parts of the world.

No. 1882404

>They aren't, since 18 year olds aren't minors.
so you started talking to teens, likely before she turned 18 too. thanks for admitting to being a pedo
>I don't use discord.

No. 1882405

>eighTEEN year olds are not minors so it's okay I talk to them
you should kill yourself

No. 1882406

>you have to be very smooth brained to think having a kid
yes, these women are that retarded, and for them it's perfectly fine because their parents were either in a similar frame of mind or worse. they know no better

the goal isn't to give the child a good life, the goal is to get food stamps, collect your baby daddy's (daddies) check (checks) monthly or weekly or whenever, and perhaps sell those food stamps to go get your booze or crack or whatever while your shitty job barely keeps the lights on. barely keeping the lights on = doing an a1 job as a parent

did you call me a scrote because of the anime picture…grow a brain

No. 1882407

Try harder next time

No. 1882408

I called you a scrote because thinking women have children for welfare checks is a scrotebrained opinion, someone who has no idea how much children cost, on top of the time you have to spend actually raising the kid, you're clearly someone who never done a single dish in your fucking life clearly.

No. 1882410

The barely legal women in porn literally wear toddler clothing and have gaudy children’s styling and even behave like children in some of those videos, it’s disgusting and sinister. It doesn’t matter if the actors are technically legal when the purpose is to look and act like a kid which is what the viewer gets off to.

No. 1882411

Wow okay i just took this as an opporunity to google how much Nordic disability benefits are and the average yearly income on disability alone is $294,278 for a disabled individual living alone and can go as high as $315,529 for disabled individiuals supporting themselves and a husband/wife. Meanwhile the average salary of a Nordic employee is around $102,934.

No. 1882412

I literally have disabled family members and friends and they definitely don't get paid that.

No. 1882414

ntayrt but I think you should consider 18 year olds to be minors because really whats the difference between an 17 year old and a 18 year old

No. 1882415

>No I didn't.
I highly, highly, doubt this. did you start talking to her last week or something? almost all women I know were groomed online as teens

No. 1882416

how much do they get paid then au captain my captain

No. 1882417

moid logic is that as long as they don't get arrested it's okay. so if the age of consent would be 11 they would be pinning for 11. that's why moids are so obsessed with age of consent, because they want to go as low as possible.

No. 1882419

>someone who never done a single dish in your fucking life clearly
well no, i'm speaking from the perspective of someone who grew up in a dirt poor area in a poor, dying city in a shitty southern state surrounded by retards who could not point out china on a map. they do. in their late teens - early twenties when they're young and stupid, late into their thirties after long lives spent stupidly when they're lazy and looking for a quick buck, etc. i can't help that some scrotes have pointed it out too. it definitely happens, even if you don't like the idea

No. 1882420

I won't divulge exact numbers but someone who has a very debilitating disability gets enough to rent a very cheap apartment and buy groceries and necessities, no money to splurge at anything. they do get help from a nurse periodically. the other not so horribly disabled person gets around the same but no domestic help.

No. 1882421

most online relationships (including ""friendships"") last years, unless you started talking to her on her 18th birthday, I highly doubt any of that. You can deny it all you want, but everyone knows the moids who frequent lolcow have their faces, IPs, and names posted on discord and screencaps of their pedo history, including you .

No. 1882422

CP is illegal so what exactly are they innocent of? Also love you externalising blame on ‘algorithms’ as if they forced him to jerk off to it.

No. 1882423

>totally innocent dude who went down the rabbit hole from vanilla to cp because modern porn and data algorithms
lmao is this what you tell yourself? please end your pathetic life. your parents would be finally proud of you.(alogging)

No. 1882425

I grew up in the poor south too and you have no idea what you're talking about, most women are having children because of the culture surrounding family and having children heavily, parents push heavily on their kids to start having kids as young as possible. People are miserable and have little to no growth in their life, so the only thing they can look forward to is parenthood and these also think kids will save their relationship

No. 1882427

are you not on the lolcow discord? oh wait you have to be a woman to join

mods are literally posting your OP, multiple users reported you for pursuing them when they were underaged

No. 1882428

not to mention religion pushes women to do their "wifely duties" which include being a doormat to a scrote and popping out kids.

No. 1882430

>multiple users reported you for pursuing them when they were underaged
Lmao Did I really do that? I must have forgotten all about that. Or you're just wrong and confusing me with someone else.

No. 1882431

we don't live in the same place or around the same people. also, again: two things can be true at once

No. 1882432

I think every woman should receive a government stipend just for dealing with what we do

No. 1882433

yes, and it doesn't help rape rates are high there, especially in relationship rapes and they aren't considered "actually rape", especially something like stealthing, birth control is heavily looked down upon and "something only sluts use", abortion is frowned upon, the only way to access it is illegally and unsafe ways if you even "know a guy"

No. 1882434

they literally fucking do, teens is the most sought after tag according to statistics on every fucking website, get lost scrote.

No. 1882435

if only trannies and self-id weren't a thing

No. 1882436

Please google hyperbole. My point is it's a massive problem these days that people get memed into acquiring fetishes. I was reading the pornfree subreddit the other day and now there are even women there admitting they developed a "teen" kink likely because of porn. Pedos exist but porn can meme you into getting off to any deranged thing under the sun. You usually don't start out googling sissyhypno or cuckqueen at 11, it's an acquired taste

No. 1882437

>if you even "know a guy"
are you larping as a poorfag kek. poor communities generally don't have a "guy" that deals out abortions like they're drugs

No. 1882438

it is the only fair thing women siphon all the money from the scrotes they date and marry. I refuse to pay for anything.

No. 1882440

funny how almost any person from a poor town can give the same exact reasons as me and other users are to explain why poor women have lots of kids and you and middle-class MGTOW morons are the only ones sprouting "ebul wimminz having kids to reap off the gov"

No. 1882441

yes because most of the people watching porn from age 14-80 are teens lmao stop coping and kys

No. 1882442

you seriously can't be denying black market abortions are a thing and growing, I knew a few poor women in rural communities who've had them and one of them had to get a hysterectomy. I guess women don't feel safe sharing personal stories like that with you I wonder why

No. 1882444

no, it’s men.

No. 1882445

you literally need to "know a guy" to get cytotec in places where abortion is illegal. not that you'd know that because you don't have an uterus.(moid accusation)

No. 1882448

No. 1882449

men are doing your abortions?

No. 1882451

your reference is reddit posts, my reference is research about porn sites and what the users do and the data the sites report, I'm on the side of truth and you're on the side of defending scrotes, we're never going to agree on anything, hope you get picked by a pornsick scrote (if you're not one like 99% chance you are lol)

No. 1882452

>Every year, worldwide, about 42 million women with unintended pregnancies choose abortion, and nearly half of these procedures, 20 million, are unsafe. Some 68,000 women die of unsafe abortion annually, making it one of the leading causes of maternal mortality (13%). Of the women who survive unsafe abortion, 5 million will suffer long-term health complications.


what kind of response is this? very suspicious response

No. 1882454

>ebul wimminz having kids to reap off the gov
some women do! i know this for a fact, because i grew up around them. some of these women are even in my family. i don't know why the reality of women being awful people (sometimes) is one you rally against so hard but it's retarded to woobify poor mothers. not all of them are rape victims or "wanting to have something to look forward to" (by bringing multiple kids into poverty? that's evil) a few of them are just vile

No. 1882455

It says 'know a guy' so does that mean men are doing these backalley abortions or what

No. 1882458

is this what women around you do? brag about TTC and almost dying of child birth just for a few extra bucks of food stamps?
It's literally just a phrase. I'm pretty sure it's men and women but whatever, hypothetically men did all black market abortions now what weird response are you going to have?

No. 1882460

Why is that considered weird

No. 1882461

are you autistic or just fucking retarded? knowing a guy means just doing it on the low and ilegally. touch fucking grass you juvenile moron.(infighting)

No. 1882465

File: 1707465453287.png (342.3 KB, 1279x808, Screenshot_101.png)

i am referring to the southern us specifically, this doesn't prove anything. are these "women in rural communities" you mention in africa or russia

No. 1882467

Why are you being so violent

No. 1882469

what a fucking stupid nitpick. rural communities are usually more oppressive towards women in most countries because they tend to be more conservative and traditionalist. even if it's rural africa, rural russia or rural USA it's all more or less shit for women. hang yourself scrotoid.

No. 1882470

none of this is rural thats africa not america

No. 1882471

there are literally people being arrested for operating underground abortion centers omg. open your eyes dumbass

No. 1882472

america is not the only country in the world becky go fuck yourself

No. 1882473

Keep it classy. If you don't think porn can make you pick on fetishes you weren't born with then idk what to tell you. I'm not saying that pedos don't exist but porn is exacerbating an already existing problem. I think we can both agree that the constant erotic depictions of teenagers/young women in porn and other media is a bad trend that normalizes pedophilia. The power of marketing and suggestion is indisputable, otherwise companies wouldn't be putting so much money into it.

No. 1882474

Ok but why would you fucking say that you're referring to the southern rural us and then posting a map of africa, retard?

No. 1882475

well it's not really a few extra bucks, SNAP benefits go up according to your household size. my aunt had ~6 kids and got like 2k per month. she sold her stamps for crack, weed, booze, and foisted them off onto various family members. she was not the only "mother" doing this

>you: i grew up in the poor south! women are totes having illegal abortions there!
>also you: provides proof that does not support your initial point
take your own advice retard

No. 1882476

why don't you keep classy instead and stop defending scrotoids and see what they are for. children and teens were sexualized well before the internet was invented. it is moid issue, not a media, internet or porn issue. really sad you can't see that if you're a woman.

No. 1882477

>keep it classy
not a possibility not lolcow

No. 1882478

you're replying to different people, you schizophrenic failmale.

No. 1882479

I guess your aunt represents all women now. I guess retardation runs in the family.

No. 1882480

a moid denying the fact there's illegal abortions when there's literally arrests for women getting illegal abortions is peak moidem

No. 1882481

Post some evidence that suppoerts your claim

No. 1882482

can you point out my post where i said all women were doing it

No. 1882483

first of all I didn't post the article myself, it was another anon. but if you notice, the article is actually somewhat old and these stats are before your government revoked abortion as a nationwide right. so if you want murrica centric stats on that you're going to have to wait a few years so we actually see the results of abortion becoming illegal in certain states and the research that comes from it. I'm not even american but I already read about women from those states doing illegal shit to delete the fetus because unlike you I actually listen to what women have to say.

No. 1882484

nta but the conversation at hand is about all women who utilize government beneifits

No. 1882485

you implied it was a vital reason for women to be having children when it's not and your aunt's cases are outliers.

No. 1882487

This thread seems to have gotten off topic.

No. 1882488

>i listen to what women have to say thats why i have no idea what im talking about

No. 1882489

good thing we're on the off topic board

No. 1882490

are you implying women don't have illegal abortions in USA or what?

No. 1882491

no, it isn’t. it is specifically about women who do what i said. >>1882395
>for SOME women, that’s good enough
you idiots don’t know how to read

No. 1882492

some can be from 30% to 10% which are still very high numbers when these are very outlier cases still.

No. 1882493

so you can’t? got it, you’re retarded

No. 1882494

No I know they're buying misoprostol off aliexpress

No. 1882495

sorry you got called out on your wrong shit and now you're backpedalling and saying HURR YOU BITCHES CAN'T READ. if you wanted to imply it was a possibility even though rare you'd have phrased yourself better. kys moid

No. 1882496

you should jump off a bridge.

No. 1882497

I guess we need have heelweek 3 because everyone seems to have not learned a vital lesson

No. 1882498

The Great Ranging was a fucking stupid decision from Jeor Mormont in ASOIAF.

No. 1882499

you need to learn the vital lesson that your chromosome is defective and you should kill yourself.(alogging)

No. 1882501

why? You said they're having illegal abortions and I agreed with you because most likely they are purchasing abortifacient pills off the online because they're too expensive to purchase without health insurance from clinics. Do you think we're still using coat hangers?

No. 1882502

what does “some” mean? does that mean all or most? i don’t write my posts with stupid people/ESLs in mind so you’ll have to forgive me

No. 1882503

No. 1882504

what the fuck did you mean by
>i listen to what women have to say thats why i have no idea what im talking about
unless you're not that anon. that's the most scrotoid shit I've read in this site for months.

No. 1882506

How is it scrotish to say that someone who isn't able to provide data to back up their claims doesn't know what they're talking about

No. 1882507

NTA but you posted a map of Nigeria when we we're discussing illegal abortions in teh USA

No. 1882508

some means unspecified amount but still considerable enough to be mentioned. you could've used words like few or exceptions. you sound ESL yourself tbh.

No. 1882509

it wasnt me who posted but how the fuck is >>1882465 a map of nigeria kek

No. 1882512

The big orange blob is Africa and Nigeria and then next to it is Europe and Enlgand and Greece and australia and then asia

No. 1882515

that's a 2009 map so it doesn't even matter anyway. feel sorry for the anon who posted old metrics anyway because the abortion situation in many countries has changed drastically in the last decade or so.

No. 1882516

like i said i don’t draft my posts with retarded folk in mind kek

No. 1882517

an almost 20 year old map of nigeria

No. 1882518

just say you don't know how to express yourself concisely. typical from the uneducated.

No. 1882520

>a world map that doesnt count USA is nigeria
murrica education moment

No. 1882521

No. 1882522

Right wingers obsession with abortion is such an own goal. As if there aren't millions of women in the west who would vote for anti immigration, strong criminal justice candidates if they weren't so tied to crazy ideas about abortion.

No. 1882524

>pointing out that nigeria is on a world map is saying it’s a map of just nigeria
ESL/retard moment

No. 1882527

if they werent so hung up on abortion they'd be complaining about all the libtard little boys in skirts and calling little girls dykes

No. 1882528

better being ESL than being a redneck EOP handmaiden. imagine being from the southern USA kek. I would literally rather be born in another 3rd world country.

No. 1882529

how does being from the US make a woman a handmaiden? did you read the handmaids tail? do you really think that we're all surrogates to random people and guys we don't know? do you think we have no agency over ourselves?

No. 1882532

No. 1882533

>did you read the handmaids tail?
is that some furry book like the lusty argonian?

No. 1882535

do you seriously not know what handmaiden is in the context of this website? how new are you?

No. 1882537

funny you post that when the post above you is full of grammar errors kek

No. 1882539

I've been here since 2019 and the whole time I've lived here I've known that handmaiden is essentially comparing to the book

No. 1882545

you're a fetus. I wish the mods aborted you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1882567

File: 1707471089378.png (20.18 KB, 330x113, Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 4.33…)

Can we all stop responding to bait and infighting now it's not fun.

No. 1882651

The government shaming things like using straws, not recycling and buying fast fashion is a way for them to distract you. They’re distracting you from all real ways they’re fucking up the environment by making it seem like the average everyday person can change something and it’s our fault.

No. 1882652

This is the mildest opinion ever and generally accepted as truth by anyone with a brain

No. 1882772

I mean, people who buy fast fashion and do clothing hauls are trash though

No. 1882875

Okay, first off, ouch

No. 1882945

File: 1707505060783.jpg (95.59 KB, 705x1024, 1000014191.jpg)

Berserk is just an enormous pancake stack of gore, rape, edginess and predictable turns for a story with generic messages about human nature and society. Moids praise it so hard, but it's so obvious that 90% of them just love this story because their dicks like the part where that brown chick gets raped by the bird man. Scrotes get triggered at women dismissing this story, using female aversion as "evidence" that "women are too dumb to appreciate a good story", but to me it's the opposite. Men love the hell out of this story because they love violence and rape and want to be unstoppable like Guts and think they ARE Guts because they think their mollycoddled depression makes them anything like Guts. Women are less interested in this story because they see it for what it really is: just a really drawn out story that is carried by shock, themes about people and society that are ultimately just cookie-cutter and things anyone with a brain already knows, and obvious pandering to pedos and other scrotes that should be put on a watch list.

No. 1882949

The issue is that almost all fashion now is "fast". I don't blame poor people for using shit like aliexpress or something to buy clothes since you're just cutting out the middle man instead of buying it for twice as expensive or even 3-4 x expensive at any other shop. esp since regardless of where you go quality is shit and the item will fall apart anyway, might as well just get it for cheap as possible

No. 1882951

Absolutely. Men couldn't be more transparent about it, reminds me of how they were soyfacing over bladerunner 2049 going all 'he's just like me fr', I hated that movie too. Berserk is just another 'le edgy' piece of media that says absolutely nothing revolutionary or thought-provoking. Although I really like Griffith's design, I'm just a sucker for villains with white as their color.

No. 1882952

nta but everything these days is fast. The popular anime that will dominate cons for the next 5 years doesn't exist anymore because it'll last 6 months at best. General fashion trends exist for 1 season at most, but often times even shorter. The Stanley cup trend? Nobody will be asking for one this year's Christmas. And agreed with the quality thing, there's countless of videos of formerly more mid-tier brands having just as shit quality as something that's a fraction of the cost off of Shein.
Sage because I'm going off topic but you see it entrenched in everything. I believe it was the game theory guy (I swear I'm going somewhere with this) that made an excellent video explaining why the current push for short form content is terrible, mainly because the entire experience is passive, compared to actively watching videos by creators you like. You also see it in things like vidcon, which are a shell of their former glory now that the most popular creators are tiktokers but their following isn't the same as having fans. I'm sperging a bit but that's because I think it's a really fascinating topic.

No. 1882960

I am aware that it's mostly men who read it, but I have some mutuals(mostly fujos) who like it as well and personally I don't see the appeal at all, like I get some of it but frankly I skipped all the violence and gore, and thought it was really contrived over all

No. 1882963

This is just all anime at this point

No. 1883052

I don't understand the appeal of crab. I don't like the taste or texture. I also don't want to eat what is essentially an underwater spider.

No. 1883057

TV shows and movies about the effects of bullying dont make me want to not bully anyone

No. 1883064

You replied to the wrong post

No. 1883067

You're right, I did. I'm sorry.

No. 1883069

People who get traumatized by divorce, not even step-parents, step-siblings etc but the divorce itself, are lowkey pussies. I encouraged my mother to get a divorce since I was 11 and marriages in my culture aren’t even expected to involve love

No. 1883084

Shows like orange is the new black is written to be kind of like a minstrel show

No. 1883085

I was traumatized by divorced because of how it caused my parents to behave

No. 1883092

The underwater spider is very tasty when caught and cooked fresh though. I just feel like eating crab is a good way to get the inner barbarian out. I sit at the table breaking apart the legs and sucking the succulent meat out, like some kind of fierce viking warrior-woman. Crab-fishing is a very dangerous male-dominated field of work, with lots of deaths involved. I enjoy that aspect of eating crab as well, because I think to myself "ah the stupid fishermoids have sacrificed themselves for my pleasure, yet I still require more - to your watery demise, dumb scrotes! Die for my love of seafood." I guess in the end eating crab is a really big power trip for me.

No. 1883102

>I encouraged my mom to get divorced
That’s nice but have you ever been divorced? What does you encouraging your mom have to do with going through a divorce?
Are you just talking about kids of divorced parents?

No. 1883105

I feel the same way but I know it’s not really a fair comparison since my mom and I were trapped with my dad for so long. I feel the same about people who flip shit over their sickly grandparents dying when they’re in their thirties and meemaw hasn’t been lucid for a decade because one of my parents was already dead by my mid twenties but again, it’s not a fair comparison.

No. 1883115

Oh my god the meemawtards are the worst.

No. 1883132

If you didn't have parents that had time and resources to fight each other in court over child custody, assets, alimony, etc. for years I can imagine believing this.

No. 1883136

A divorce is sort of like dealing with the death of a relative. If you have mature family members who can handle negotiating the fallout, it's great, otherwise it turns into a fucking bloodbath.

No. 1883150

I feel like as long as dumb people exist, minstrelsy will not die. Look how how popular being stupid on the internet is especially on tiktok

No. 1883185

How? What the fuck does this even mean?

No. 1883191

i kind of agree tbh it's such a rich/upper middle class person trauma

No. 1883195

kek what do you think poor people don't get divorced and traumatize their children through long custody battles…

No. 1883199

idk how I feel about it but my ex would always go on about how his parents divorce ruined his life and she “betrayed him” and she was evil for depriving him of his father, decades after it happened. it was very melodramatic.

No. 1883200

kekk im imagining a like 40 year old man crying about how hes not allowed to see his dad because hes too scared of pissing off his mommy

No. 1883248

she could have been, had she not been so ghetto. Ghetto fashion actually ruins natural black beauty. And the sad fact is, it costs a lot of money to look that trashy

No. 1883274

some of the art is nice but I never want to reread this story

No. 1883278

that's why I miss weekly episodes and old movies, it actually stayed in your mind for longer periods

No. 1883280

All woke shows are like this. Especially when people whine about what a character is supposed to be coded as. I avoid modern TV like the plague

No. 1883292

I fucking hate lettuce. What's the point of even eating that stupid shit. Spinach and kale are the real MVPs and I'm tired of pretending like lettuce is some kind of holy grail of salads when it's the worst ingredient in salads.

No. 1883306

Preach. We don't have four stomachs like cows, why the fuck would I eat something the human stomach can't really digest like lettuce. Lettuce can go fuck itself as far as I'm concerned.

No. 1883317

>why the fuck would I eat something the human stomach can't really digest like lettuce.
It's good for you actually, lettuce is a fibrous plant and not being able to digest fiber is how it works for us.

No. 1883320

What about corn, everyone poops corn

No. 1883323

Corn is good for you because it is delicious, but yeah it's a grain so it should help poops.

No. 1883325

File: 1707536390780.jpg (848.28 KB, 2700x1803, cow anon.jpg)

NTA but picrel is how you sound right now.

No. 1883328

File: 1707536685690.gif (1.03 MB, 500x375, 031fecbc353595e159c5ede98ea24d…)

You caught me… I don't think cows eat lettuce actually, just grass and flowers and hay and grains. Like a horse. I don't think lettuce appears in the wild?

No. 1883344

File: 1707537714068.png (233.39 KB, 540x302, 1648197566795.png)

cows are based so being compared to one is not a bad thing kek. if you guys want to make an actual anti-greens argument then stuff like how the bioavailability of certain minerals and vitamins in greens is much lower compared to certain other things (like organ meats or chocolate) and how difficult it is to consume a large amount to hit actual RDVs might be more relevant.

No. 1883354

File: 1707538559344.png (634.75 KB, 803x441, Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 11.1…)

No I love leafy greens. Spinach, kale, cabbage, all really tasty and delicious. My anti-greens argument is actually an anti-lettuce tirade. I just think lettuce is stupid and kind of retarded to eat. It's like whenever I go out and order a salad somewhere, why am I just getting a metric shit tonne of lettuce and 2 cherry tomatoes with 4 crumbles of feta cheese and some baby carrots? What the fuck is that tonne of lettuce supposed to do for me? All these stupid ass restaurateurs think that if I order salad then that means I must want to lose weight so they give me something with a grand total of 5 calories, and it's like: no I want a salad because I like the taste of vegetables not because of your weird psychotic delusions about how only fatties or anachans want to eat salad which just isn't true to all the restaurantards out there. Lettuce is just tasteless and it's only added to things like burgers, sandwiches, other meals, because it's "crisp" or adds some green to the meal so people think what they're eating is healthy. Besides all that, lettuce kills people all the time because of all the E. Coli and Listeria that grows on those stupid heads of romaine lettuce. Sorry I have to stop talking about my lettuce hate now typing this out made my blood pressure spike I feel faint but I hope you get what I'm trying to say anon. I just hate lettuce so fucking much.

No. 1883391

oh, didn't realize you were OP! is it really true that it's more likely to carry disease? shocking if true.
also cabbage gives my tummy issues so it's very YMMV.

No. 1883407

Most people don’t move to or stay in Korea permanently. Even married expats end up leaving after a while, sometimes bringing the partner back to their home country because they claim it’s easier to live elsewhere. I see a lot of foreigners who live in Korea that end up relocating to other countries like Japan and China. I think many of those relocating foreigners have an empty hole where the obsession for other countries go to fulfill them. Then when they realize the downsides of that country and the guaranteed harsh realities of being an outsider/expat, they find a new place to relocate and blame it on the other country. Personally I don’t think I could live in another country permanently. My time there was extremely eye opening for me because I’ve been really interested in Korea’s history and development for a long time. I have no desire to go back, I feel like a month was enough for me to get a feel for how rapidly developed but miserable it is there. The juxtaposition of Korean pop culture, high tech chaebols, but the complete and utter depression looming everywhere you go made me more fascinated. The images of Korea that you everywhere (high tech, cute, perfect, sleek, idyllic) is a cheap plastic veneer for the hellish dingy rat race that’s happening at all times within the country. The perspective that I got from actually being there was something I would have never gained just from reading and watching documentaries. I also do not regret visiting the palaces and temples because those were stunning irl. I also met some really wonderful people during my time there and most of them confided their worries and miseries at some point. A lot of the Koreans who could speak English were saying that they were looking for jobs abroad and trying to get out.
Another thing is the extreme lookism. I got bizarre celebrity treatment while I was there and that month was honestly (sadly) the most important I’ve ever felt in my life kek. But its privileges also dialed in why so many young Koreans want to get surgery and why some celebrities have attitude scandals because they’ve probably been treated like royalty from birth simply due to their looks. But it’s not just your looks—everything superficial matters like your pedigree, your university, the size of your employer, your parents’ wealth. I get the feeling that they don’t even respect self-made people who are the most hardworking of all. Koreans generally look down on those who work at small companies too. The ideal life is to be born beautiful, rich, good at studying, then get top grades, go to a SKY university, get a job at one of the chaebol companies, get married to someone of high status with the same credentials and always maintain the perfect image and remain a dutiful daughter/son/employee to your family and employer.

No. 1883423

Y does she look like Lana in this photo?

No. 1883426

more like ivy wolk kek

No. 1883460

I feel like AI is going to fall on its face in the next few years because its being proven day in and day out that the artificall intelligence cannot actually be coded to mimic human abilities in every single circumstance. Also AI regeneration and editing of photos and videos, the manipulation of other peoples likenesses, its already considered to not only be unsightly but an invasion of privacy and consent; even for small things such as using an AI recreation of a celebrities voice or likeness in an advertisement. The novelty has completely worn off and the STEMfags who spent the last decade dedicating their time to research and the advancement of it will no longer be able to profit off of peoples stupidity.

No. 1883512

the big trend with later gen A and B is going to be going offline

No. 1883517

I don't think you're right but I hope you are.

No. 1883522

Its up to Gen Z parents. They are the ones who took the brunt of the extreme Internet poisoning of the last 10 years, so if they can see the harm caused to themselves, maybe they'll make the right choice to keep their own children off the screens. I'm still so disappointed at just how badly millennial parents failed at this, hopefully gen z will look at their retarded nieces and nephews and ditch the iPad baby trend when it's their turn.

No. 1883526

No chance, they're not even going to be able to fathom existence without the internet, and realistically we'll all need a smartphone just to function in daily life and complete basic tasks. It'd be like trying to live without being able to read or something.

No. 1883529

The Internet is slowly becoming useless anyway with all the centralization and corpo interests being pushed. It's already a shell of its former self today, imagine just how unusable it's going to be in the next 10-15 years. They are going to start targeting Internet archives as well. At some point it's just going to be easier to find info in the library just like in the old days.

No. 1883533

Koreans did this to themselves and intermarriage with them will only spread the sick culture of modern Korea even further. That's my main concern with fetishization of Korea and its pop culture.

No. 1883537

File: 1707553086287.gif (4.56 MB, 362x359, IMG_6287.gif)

Gore should be illegal to post and own like CP. Literally someone’s death being exploited, especially when it involves women and children.

No. 1883540

Blanched or steamed vegetables taste the best, with just a bit of salt and pepper. Oven baked, air fried, or restauraunt style drenched in butter and olive oil and stir fried ruins the actual taste of the vegetables.

No. 1883541

Depends if you consider apps to be 'the internet'. Just browsing webpages will be garbage I'm sure. But apps are probably going to dominate our lives forever. Like, using it to control everything in your home, physically unlocking stuff with it, every company will force you to use an app for their goods and services, streaming every bit of media you consume, relying on google for a bunch of functions etc. I don't know if running my robovac is 'using the internet' but I sure af need wifi and an app to do that shit.

No. 1883545

I hate this manga, the fans and its' retarded lolicon author. good riddance he's fucking dead but now he's treated like some manga demigod. shouldve stayed alive, released a bad manga and died in irrelevance.

No. 1883549

Moids are pathologically obsessed with sexualizing father daughter relationships but what's significantly more depressing are how many women eagerly sexualize this familial relationship too.

No. 1883556

I really hat the term butch/tomboy. I don't want to be classified just because I don't adhere to stereotypes of what a female should look like.

No. 1883577

Another argument against lettuce is that it takes a lot of resources to grow. It needs fertilizer and a lot of water. I grow it in my organic vegetable garden and I am forever having to fight against pests to stop them from eating it. On a commercial farm it would be grown in a heated greenhouse with artificial fertilizers and pesticides. It's a lot of potential environmental damage for a food that isn't particularly nutritious

No. 1883603

File: 1707562132504.png (550.05 KB, 602x506, 1000074024.png)

Farmers internalize this idea of "women are expected to be soft and gentle so I'll be as unpleasant, vile, fucked up and malicious as possible." It fits perfectly into the already malebrained nature of imageboards and the tendency of socially ostracized and peripheral people to adopt extreme attitudes for the sake of causing a tremor in the web.

More to the point it makes dealing with them deeply unpleasant and it becomes readily apparent they have no friends because of them, not because of some sympathetic narrative about "shyness" or w/e.

No. 1883605

Normie women are more vile than the average lc user. I dont think any lc user would pedo pander like Shayna does.

No. 1883611

I wouldn't classify Shayna and other sex workers as normies because most normie women would find them repulsive.

No. 1883621

being a whore is normal now, sadly.

No. 1883624

I've never seen a farmer be a vile as a scrote? Have any fellow posters spammed this site with cp? Usually they just don't give a fuck about appealing to men or apply their own logic to them since most men work off projection.

No. 1883626

I like how you used an unrelated pic

No. 1883628

Yeah, I don't get what that has to do with farmers. Are they trying to imply farmers would think the doctor is based just because she is a woman (and hate the man) or something? Makes no sense. Most anons would support the man because hew was fired for not pandering to trannies.

No. 1883629

That's fair, I like lettuce personally for texture. You can replace it with it's better tasting cousin, cabbage.

No. 1883634

I think the average lolcow user is normal with the rare terminally online freak who posts a dumb story. We rarely have regularly degenerate posters like 4chan. Male/mixed but male dominated and female imageboards are completely different.

No. 1883639

Percentage based tips make absolutely no sense. I am tipping a flat amount regardless of what the price of my food costs. I don’t go out to restaurants often but when I do 90% of the time it’s terrible service and I don’t even want to tip, I just feel obligated to.

No. 1883652

For all the times here that "hurrdurr millennials and/or zoomers who can't get assed to get a driver's license are a burden on society" or whatever the shit has been posted before, dash cam videos like vidrel speak louder than words. I'd rather eat a hundred years old fermented egg than be forced to drive with all the goddamn idiots on the streets.

No. 1883722

Do you live in Atlanta or something? Most places I go I get amazing service

No. 1883740

Shit like this makes me glad I live in a big city where I don't have to rely on a car to do basic shit (not living in America also helps).

No. 1883741

File: 1707576450139.png (406.86 KB, 753x757, gmng.png)

I'm convinced we need incel camps, especially for third world moids. It's not enough that incels and piece of shit pickmes who side with them like Isabella Jankes are lonely outcasts. Those kinds of people can't help but take out their mental illnesses on the innocent (animals, children, etc). This becomes all too clear in places like China, where incels brag about being able to torture cats and dogs because their incompetent cockroach government does nothing about it, or Indian moids who brag about raping girls.
In an ideal world, we wouldn't have to pretend these are people.

No. 1883749

This sort of stuff isn't specific to third world people, sadly. IIRC the trafficking of monkeys for those ‘monkey hate’ videos was primarily spurred by first world boomers who act relatively normal on the surface but take pleasure in animal abuse videos because their dad belted them when they were kids of whatever.

No. 1883752

A lot of people just have kids so they can have someone to bully

No. 1883764

unpopular opinion : sex is not that good and I don't get why everyone makes such a fuss about it

No. 1883768

They did, look at how they treat women. South Korea is a great example of how women single handedly can choose to end the future generations of a shit country if they collectively agree to it.

No. 1883775

I worked in policy and wanted to pursue some sort of research on the indirect societal costs of keeping sociopathic moids alive (like quantifying the economic devastation on other people/children’s lives) but I was too scared to write it because my field is full of incels. It would be a great step to pitch the idea of a culling program for career criminals and sex offenders who harm others repeatedly. They need to die.

No. 1883844

File: 1707585302742.jpg (100.48 KB, 674x1200, 729b24571e894df58506db8b9fb9b9…)

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are unironically better than any fresh baked, bakery or homemade cinnamon roll

No. 1883851

I mean this is total bullshit. We know from the mental illness threads we have tons of BPDchans, and we also have a non insignificant amount of present and former sex workers and women who were groomed by channers as well.

No. 1883854

Semi related to picture: GPs/primary care practitioners are not super geniuses. They're usually mediocrities who just follow flowchart diagnoses. I have respect for specialist doctors, but general practitioners are 90% awful and stupid.

No. 1883872

i can only see this being true if you dont make them according to the package. last time i had pillsburry cinnamon rolls it put me off of everything but their crescent rolls to this day

No. 1883882

You clearly haven't been in imageboards long enough if you think the average farmer is on the same level as the average 4chan user.

No. 1883896

>we have tons of BPDchans, and we also have a non insignificant amount of present and former sex workers and women who were groomed by channers as well
That explains why this site is so ass

No. 1883903

being a bpdchan does not automatically make you a bad person and the hatred of bpd anons here continues to be retarded

No. 1883915

It makes you much more difficult to engage with normally. It also means you're more likely to be a coomer, promiscuous, make porn etc

No. 1883920

way to default to a very scrote like line of thinking

No. 1883932

And it also has the tendency to make people insanely narcissistic and have the false belief that they're some genius manipulative mastermind ala NBC's Hannibal. BPDchans love to say they're using/taking advantage of people when they act like doormats or with proper niceties. They'll also use it to cope, like if they start camming they'll say they're taking advantage of le stupid horny moids and they're the ultimate Manipulator Stacy when they expose their genitals and masturbate for pennies so some rando fail male moid can coom. It can be a very annoying dichotomous disease where the afflicted has this warped theatrical view of their actions and who they truly are.

No. 1883934

Nta but she's right, don't try to lie about it we all know how BPD looks and acts. Don't even get me started on the emotional outbursts and breakdowns, hell naww

No. 1883937

>t. sounds like bippie chan in denial of her own behavior

hoo boy the retardation and rank scent of untreated mental illness on this site sometimes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1883949

I don't like how people use the word 'autistic' in boards like these.

I am autistic and it took a while to come to terms with. I dislike it when people use it to mean weird or stupid.

Yet this is still better than the other people who insist I can't be autistic because "I can talk" like that's all autism is…

No. 1883958

>"I can talk" like that's all autism is
My mom refuses to believe I might be autistic because to her autism is just those fat non verbal moids.

No. 1883960

Except one/two threads isn't used by all or most users. This is a cope to pretend that everyone you disagree with is insane/an asshole and ironically in itself BPD in a way. Camgirls etc. find the site so they can nitpick their competition for getting more attention than them, not everyone uses all boards. They didn't organically just start using the site.
Is this literally just people who hate the site reeing kek? Lurk more before getting mad at anons because you don't like the site userbase.

No. 1883967

Are you implying 90% of LC is just camwhores and BPDchans? Jeez

No. 1883979

No, reply anon was. Their point was since the site has some ex-prostitutes/users who used to browse 4chan and were groomed, therefore that is the entire userbase, when I was saying that makes no sense and explained that we get camgirls etc. from them finding threads and using them to nitpick their competition, not like most users who just use the site normally and found it organically, and that is generally where that demographic they notice comes from. My point is most anons were relatively normal people with a few rare true weirdos and that not everyone uses the same threads so they can't point to one thread and think it's representative of the site (for some reason people want to larp that cow imageboards aren't for normies who like laughing at trainwrecks for better or worse).

No. 1883988

Nta but that’s retarded. Not every bpdchan is a camwhore or in porn. I feel offended whenever attention seeking e-prostitutes or internet cows are assumed to have BPD because they are just explicitly terrible people regardless of whatever conditions they claim to have. Conflating awful people with BPD hurts the people with BPD who actually get treatment and want to be better people. Myself and others are living proof that you can overcome it with proper treatment but you would never know because so many people have the wrong idea of what BPD is and assign it to assholes and people who choose to be terrible to others.

No. 1883992

That's good. But sexually risky and impulsive and pornographic behavior is part of the diagnosis.

No. 1884006

>good hetroseuxality>lesbianism>bad hetroseuxality>gay male pairings

No. 1884039

I think you're taking the diagnosis too literally. Sexual behavior doesn't have to form in public or exhibitionist ways, especially for women. And that's only one component of the disorder that I don't understand why you're hyperfixating on it.

As another anon said you can also be a sex addict or some other form of mentally ill without being bpd and your hypergeneralization is pretty retarded and damaging to the discourse.

Then you wonder why anons on this site don't want to stay here when the ableism and awful hot takes uneducated anons have on mental health keeps getting more presumptuous and judgmental

No. 1884042

So I'm happy that this woman and man found love and I wish them a happy marriage but I don't think they should have had children, like why would you risk your condition being passed on and having to deal with kids that are a hassle to deal with?

No. 1884043

I hate anime for the most part at this point and I especially hate yaoi

No. 1884047

Not all BPDchans are hoes but all hoes got BPD, like it's literally a BPD symptom to be hypersexual to the point of putting yourself at risk, and I'm not even judging it's just the way it goes for some people after getting sexually abused, sadly. There are other conditions like bipolar mania that have hypersexuality as a symptom but bipolar isn't nearly as common, BPD tends to be the culprit

No. 1884048

azealia banks??

No. 1884057

This is some 60 IQ scrotum logic that I find it hard to believe you're not baiting. Where did you get your psychology education from? TikTok?

If everyone with promiscuous tendencies had BPD then every moid in existence would be classed as BPD. Last I checked moids aren't being diagnosed as BPD left and right and I find it alarming and gross that you're trivializing a very painful disorder for a lot of women by boiling it down to "lol it just makes you a manipulative slut who thinks she's Hannibal". Sounds like you're a bitter bitch yourself who's either a denying bpdfag or knew one self diagnosed bad bpdfag who did sex work and is forever bitter. Wish you better luck in life!

No. 1884060

I don’t think makeup and high heels and stuff is that bad. Like it’s bad but I think women being socialized to be quiet, humble, humourless, moralizing, obsessed with group approval is way worse. but people are way quicker to condemn the former.

No. 1884066

Funny you mention that because every moid in existence does meet the criteria for NPD. The only reason they aren’t all diagnosed is because they all meet the baseline, it’s their normal. You know how like every fugly 2/10 still thinks they deserve a virgin supermodel deep down? Pretty funny.

No. 1884077

>You're a bitter bitch!
>Wish you better luck in life tho!
Kek are you for real? How petty can you get lol

No. 1884096

>its like being a smeagle
Yeah this bitch shouldnt have reproduced

No. 1884100

File: 1707602496095.png (300.21 KB, 526x484, ok now im sad.png)

off topic but these are the kids whos baby was decapitated. They look so young I can't believe its even possible for that to happen to someone and them still go on

No. 1884109

Dude they look like babies! This is so tragic. If women can’t have abortions without it being labeled ‘murder’, then they should charge that doctor that decapitated that baby with homicide.

No. 1884112

because you sound like an uneducated privileged tradwifey who knows everything you know about psychology from self diagnosed social media retards and it's embarrassing that people like you exist?

No. 1884116

Same. My little sister wouldn't stop making fun of me for not trying to get a driver licence until she got into an accident because the tard behind her was too busy checking his phone to not crash his van into her small car when the light turned to red. Her back doesn't hurt nearly has much as when it happened but to this day I wish this guy would die for this. He also crashed into another person's car for the same reason before that happened. Some people do it on purpose, a few years ago a guy ran over a woman and her dog because he was mad that they took "too much time" crossing the street and he dismembered and decapitated her by doing it for an entire kilometer. Someone nearly did that to me too because the driver was too busy beating the shit out of his wife to watch the road, all while driving in the wrong direction and way faster than what's legal.

No. 1884132

I cried. Reading the article.. legs arms and head were all separated from the body and they had to cut her open to get the head out. She was only 4cm dilated. What the fuck was the dr even thinking?

No. 1884134

>legs arms and head were all separated from the body
I don't remember that at all from the articles I read about it back then. Now I don't get how that happens, did the baby have health issues to begin with and the doctor fucked up on top of that? Because that's even more horrifying than I previously thought.

No. 1884145

did you watch the video? she said she had no idea she was autistic till her kids were diagnosed.

No. 1884146

The baby was 25 weeks and premature. Theyre very fragile. The dr put too much force. They tried to force the baby out of 4cm dilated cervix and tried cutting the cervix to make room. I dont understand how anyone thought this was okay, premature babies are mainly born through c section because theres an issue and need the baby out asap.
The dr doesnt think she did anything wrong.

"“However, there was an obstruction during the birth which proved to be fatal. Dr Laxman allegedly delivered the legs, torso and arms successfully but whilst trying to deliver the head, it got stuck in the cervix.

“The attempt to manipulate the baby’s head to come out of the cervix failed because the cervix has clamped onto the baby’s head and despite effort made to assist, these efforts failed. Dr Laxman made three attempts to cut the cervix with scissors but Baby B’s head was separated from his body and his head was stuck inside Patient A’s body.

“The doctors had to arrange for the head to be removed. A Caesarean was then carried out – not by Dr Laxman who had become overcome by events – but by Dr C and Dr D, and his head was removed in that way.

“As a matter of compassion the head was reattached so the appearance of the baby was not too extreme. The baby was shown to his mother so she had the consolation of seeing him.’’

Mr Garside added: “At no stage was Patient A given any pain relief or instructed on when the C-section was being carried out. At no point did she try to comfort or consolidate or explain to Patient A what was going on.

“She failed to perform a Caesarean… without general anaesthetic at a time when speed was needed. They should have carried out a category one Caesarean section. The baby had a heartbeat, it was slow, but it was not dead. The choice was taken by Dr Laxman to try a vaginal delivery and this was the wrong choice. They should never use a vaginal delivery in that situation.

“New babies are fragile, but this tiny baby was more fragile, and being pulled or twisted could do a lot more damage

Dr Laxman, who was working at the hospital with a team of other doctors, faces being struck off. She denies contributing to the death of the baby."


No. 1884153

>4cm dilated cervix
>whilst trying to deliver the head, it got stuck in the cervix.
Aren't doctors supposed to have common sense? To this day this story disgusts me in a way I can't express with words. I hope the couple is doing ok somehow but I'm sure the mom is still traumatized, they didn't even give her anesthesia.

No. 1884160

I cant say what I want without being edgy. I dont think I could go on living knowing a dr did that to my child. I would take the dr with me. 5cm is active labor, she wasnt even in active labor.

No. 1884162

These streets are full of reckless and dangerous idiots. My aunt got ran over because a retard was texting whilst driving and didn't see her and my best friend got into an car accident that left her with a permanent neck injury because the stupid fucker was speeding and crashed into her motorcycle. My family has pressured me to get a license but I'm good with public transport for now. I get motion sickness from any form of transportation too.

No. 1884173

Let's be real: nothing of value was lost.(bait)

No. 1884185

Cruel of you to say and incorrect.

No. 1884192

Edgy. A child's life will always be a life full of potential.

No. 1884193

bad bait

No. 1884194

File: 1707607159886.jpeg (23.39 KB, 600x600, IMG_1634.jpeg)

No. 1884221

In case you did not notice, the child in question was black.(racebait)

No. 1884236

What have you made an anonymous blog? I feel like that would be very valid research, valid discussion and I think we need to have that for this century. I would be very interested in reading what you have to write

No. 1884242

So you're saying the child was a boy.

No. 1884309

I just hate piercings. So much. I'm sorry it's just something about them that irks me. The only piercing I can stand are the one earlobe piercings.

No. 1884312

Wow. This was medical malpractice to like the millionth degree. That poor mother.

No. 1884314

I feel this way about tattoos. The majority of tattoos make me cringe. They always look so dumb. Once I was at a party and I was trying to make conversation so I said to this one girl "oh nice butterfly tattoo!" and she looked me dead in the eyes and said "ummm akshually it's a moth…" and got pissed off and I wanted to spit on her.

No. 1884315

Sex positivity in the 2010's was one of the worst things to live through as a middle shcooler and high schooler. Everyone was talking about what kind of porn they watch, who they want to fuck, how they'd fuck them, etc in class and those poor teachers had to overhear all that shit. And having sex was so normalized it was so much easier to talk a girl into having sex with you or convince her that its not a big deal/is totally normal because its just ""harmless sexual exploration!"". Social media bred a lot of horrible things but sex positive content is in like the top 3. Don't even get me started on the elementary school kids watching big mouth.

No. 1884325

The hate dog/cat threads are so stupid and the people there is even more stupid.

No. 1884330

This same anon probably gets mad at being called a bitch, kek

No. 1884331

Piercing and tattoos are so fugly. It's the only thing I can agree with trads on.
Stretch piercings genuinely gross me out. I normally respect other people's tastes but I genuinely think that anyone who claims that stretch piercings are hot is lying. I also hate those bull nose rings they just look stupid. I see so many girls who are into jfashion who has them and they ruin the kawaii uguu look.
Tattoos always looks garish. Some people get them because they genuinely like art which I can understand even if I do think its ugly. But there are also a bunch of people who gets tattoos just because all their friends have them. They dont view their ~bodies aa a canvas~ and they dont care about the art and they end up getting a random stockphoto tattooed. I dont underatand their end goal its not like they to look rebelious either because everyone has a tattoo now. Tattoos are expensive too and you need to have it redone at some point I dont get people who gets them on a whim

No. 1884333

Nothing of value will be lost when you inevitably remove yourself after failing to spread your dysgenic, diseased seed.(stop)

No. 1884336

>you use the word bitch so you probably get mad when someone calls you one
That doesnt make any sense. If I was against the usage of that word then why would I use it

No. 1884376

File: 1707624739960.jpg (171.04 KB, 1288x1610, 1000010327.jpg)

People with mental illnesses, both women and men, shouldn't have kids at all. What's even the point of having a kid if it's going to be all fucked up with some crazy mental illness? It's fucked up and straight up evil, specially when said people are like the moid from this post, like just remove the balls and let it die, there's nothing useful in there.

No. 1884380

I don't think you can be serious about childfree unless you are celibate or exclusively opt for homosexual relationships. No matter how much birth control you want to poison yourself with, celibacy or non-reproductive sexual interactions are the only way to completely ensure that you can maintain this lifestyle since they are not fool proof and we should not be at war with our bodies natural functions, especially because a lot of birth control are not designed to be used in the long term. Yet so many women will use birth control medication that has only been tested to be used for a year for 10+ years and never have a period, as if that normal and healthy. Also, there's a reason why so many people who didn't want kids end up having kids, most people who scream about being childfree are not about that life at all.

No. 1884383

there are millions of childree straights nonnie

No. 1884385

I still stand by my point, how long will they eventually slip up or need an abortion? Most men will not get vasectomies even if they don't care to be a father.

No. 1884389

there are millions of old and elderly straights with no offspring nonna kek, you can keep holding out hope that they'll pop out a baby for you to hold though

No. 1884390

File: 1707626076715.jpeg (57.23 KB, 604x340, IMG_3376.jpeg)

No. 1884391

The fandom/tumblr thread should be enough to get an autism diagnosis. I’ve had to step away and question how my life has led this. It feels like a microcosm of everything bad thing in my life (dumb internet knowledge, tumblr, fandom drama, etc). I feel happy when there are phrases or words im unfamiliar with

No. 1884395

agreed. as for why, males are programmed to pollute the world with a million retarded clones of themselves, not to stop and consider consequences.

No. 1884397

brokeback mountain is the only thing of value moids have contributed

No. 1884401

It gives me the exact same feeling as shitflinging on Tumblr when I was a teen so it's kind of nostalgic lol

No. 1884494

File: 1707635055553.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1284x1599, C18416EA-61D0-476F-BC9D-549DB9…)

Some troons are just as pretty a real women(pic related is an example)

No. 1884508

>did PS
literally all it takes for anyone to look remotely acceptable but I can still clock the maleness.

No. 1884513

File: 1707635853511.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x1531, 7F377E25-B7BD-4A40-B6FC-484B40…)

Pretty troons kind of give me hope. If a man can become cute with plastic surgery it should be easy for me as a woman.

No. 1884515

How about women sterilizing themselves?

No. 1884516

he has hair on his chest. you are retarded

No. 1884517

thai ladyboys still view themselves as male. i don't think you can compare them to western troons. also not all women are feminine

No. 1884518

File: 1707636144463.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1284x1567, CD3CBFFA-EA2A-4F10-A2EF-86596F…)

He looks perfect to me

No. 1884519

being caked on makeup and looking good for the male gaze is not an indication of beauty or how much you matter as a woman.

No. 1884520

I never said ugly women didn’t matter

No. 1884523

You can also photoshop yourself into looking perfect nonnie

No. 1884525

Cuckolding really isn't that bad of a fetish compared to all the genuinely violent and abusive stuff out there.

No. 1884529

>wanting plastic surgery


No. 1884536

File: 1707637276711.jpeg (267.7 KB, 634x735, 28E7B3C7-E0E8-4CA0-8C15-62BD97…)

Kek at the giant man head, can’t even skinwalk gangnam unnies properly and shoop his head smaller to fit the aesthetic

No. 1884538

Except it is abusive because you are using your partner as a porn actress and a proxy. The male takes on the role as the observer instead of engaging with her, it's the same as watching porn. I guess people think it's not too bad because the woman gets to sleep around which some women like, but it's the opposite of intimacy, you're just a performer. In reality a lot of women find it distressing and humiliating. Couldn't be me.

No. 1884554

1. the troons that look decent are in the <.00001%. the vast, vast, VAST majority are ugly
2. that photo is likely edited to hell

No. 1884556

File: 1707639364232.png (3.55 MB, 1682x2048, 1687556582524.png)

Meanwhile in un-shooped, un-surgeried reality

No. 1884568

I think that enviromentalism should be the top priority before any other political movement because what is the point of fighting for anything if we're all going to be starving to death in a boiling pot of saltwater, who will benefit from X movement or Y legislation then? I think most people are too focused on the present and the immediate future and feeding their own hedonistic urges, which I guess most humans have throughout history it's just far worse with the amount of people alive and how much people are consuming and wasting.
Obviously feminism should come right after, but what is the point if no future generations will benefit from that?

No. 1884589

Eh I'd rather date a cuck than a moid extremely paranoid about cheating and then forces the woman to jump through hoops to prove her loyalty. Although I feel like those men are just repressed cucks

No. 1884594

I think cuckolding is gross when it's a dude basically forcing a woman to be his personal pornstar when it's clear she doesn't want to do this stuff. If it's a woman who genuinely wants to fuck around now and again with no strings attached and come back to her boyfriend or husband after I don't see it as something gross though. So long as it's not some bait and switch shit of "wahhh I liked the fantasy but not the reality".

I wouldn't want to humiliate my bf either or any of that weird stuff. But if it's just like… Giving handies while telling him about it or having sex with him and telling him about how deep the other guy went then I have to admit it has a certain appeal? Know I'm gonna be crucified for this but whatever. Under the right circumstances it feels like it could be genuinely appealing.

No. 1884595

I assume that's what most cucks are like but as long as if they're not manipulative or forceful I don't see an issue
maybe it's because I had a mmf threesome before but there's way worse things for moids to be into. Imo it's just silly to act as if the worse fetish moids can have are things like cucking, feet, etc when most moids can't get their rocks off without almost murdering women

No. 1884596

no one is saying it's the worst fetish, but it is degen and will likely escate to other worse stuff.

No. 1884597

I think it's because it is humiliating to masculine ideas of ownership in a way the more vile sadist stuff isn't? Not saying it's right. That's just how this culture developed that a dude who gets off to the idea of his wife with other men is put on a lower moral level than men who want to literally torture women.

The guy I'm currently dating took like four months to admit he found my sexual history a turn on. From the way he built up to it, stuttering and blabbering and umm'ing, I thought he was going to say he'd cheated or he had a criminal record but it no, it was "you know that time you told me where you did that thing with that guy? That turned me on. I know it's screwed up."

No. 1884602

men paranoid about cheating are the worst. admit you’re a cuck already, loser.

No. 1884610

>non-reproductive sexual interactions
Honestly, my unpopular opinion is that penetrative sex is extremely overrated and PIV should be reserved for actual reproductive purposes, while hetero PIA shouldn't even be thought of as anything other than extreme taboo. I also think that along with porn obviously, birth control too severely worsened the orgasm gap. And before someone yells at me and makes assumptions of course I do not think BC should be banned (but live-action porn should tbh) because that would just make things even worse. I just think it's quite bleak that women are making so much sacrifices with their bodies that only benefit men more overall. Birth control and abortion feel like a band-aid for a wound no one bothers to actually take care of. The band-aid is there for a reason and should not just be ripped haphazardly lest the wound gets seriously infected, but ultimately it still does nothing to heal it.

No. 1884623

some moids can be pretty gentle and mild mannered (and easy to manipulate), yes usually they all have coomer tendencies but not everyone is an abusive narcissistic asshole. no i'm not a pick me or a tradthot or whatever i still can't stand them in general, but it is possible to have male friends that act normal and don't push your boundaries. maybe i'm just fucking ugly idk and they respect my friendship but my point still stands

No. 1884626

I have a moid friend like this. I slept with him years ago and he is literally incapable of trampling on boundaries. Getting him into bed was genuinely hard because he was terrified of seeming like he might be taking advantage of him even when I was sitting on his lap in my underwear. I had to essentially force everything and he kept saying "do you actually want to do this?"

He is totally clueless about women's advances and genuinely shy. Not shy in the /r9k/ sense but genuinely really mild and passive.

No. 1884632

Based opinion
Inb4 “you just haven’t found a man good at PIV sex yet”
Nah the dangers are not worth it and there are better things life should revolve around.

No. 1884667

Wish you would've said that last part first because it immediately explains why you're saying this.

No. 1884700

>wimmin are supposed to be lovelies and would never ever be waycist meanies
The scrotefoilers are more retarded than the baiters, I swear.(stop)

No. 1884707

>reeee how dare you even mildly insinuate i'm a scrote reeeee affirm my gender on this anonymous imageboard please PLEASE i need this
You are so pathetic and low IQ. No one owes you any sort of female solidarity when you happily bash women and function like a concave-skulled failmale with a weak bloodline. If you obviously have a dick hanging between your legs or directly lodged inside your brain, people will call it out. Get over it.(infighting)

No. 1884716

I would support hentai, AI girlfriends, sex dolls, ethots and all the other shit that’s supposed to ‘replace women’ if it actually worked. They keep saying ‘it’s OVER for real women’ andI really wish they’d fuck off to mingle with their Sexbots forever. I’d even pay to make it happen.

No. 1884719

File: 1707662163228.jpg (57.08 KB, 1051x649, 1000002621.jpg)

Ham is disgustung. .

No. 1884722

Congrats, you have earned 5 Good Girl Points by defending a different race that you have likely never even interacted with! Earn 5 more by explaining how empowering sex work is! Keep being a Good Girl!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1884723

Women who overplay the "ew men" act online are the dumbest bitches out there. Being Taken advantage of by the shittiest moids. We can see it hère with the RS theead

No. 1884727

Only men need "good points" (among other men) to have basic principles, nice try. I also like how you assume no one here could be a woman of the race(s) you bash.
>Earn 5 more by explaining how empowering sex work is!
All racist men support prostitution, get off on rape/conquest fantasies, and simultaneously want to turn women of their own race into mindless broodmares and ball-washing, cuckquean pickmes begging for scraps. You're malding here because society has made that impossible for you to live out except with ugly, prison gay trannies.(replying to bait)

No. 1884735

Sure, female socialization and the subsequent groupthink totally isn't a thing, as evidenced by you reeing at everything slightly out of the agenda. What is the virtue signalling for if not peer approval?

I used to consider myself a feminist, but then I began spending more time on this website. Women are almost as much as hateable as men, only in different ways.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1884736

Same here. What those men don't get when they go on about "replacing women with AI and sex bots" is that the only men who'd go for those things was undesirable to begin with, and everyone knows it. It'd be so much better if they just accepted that they're unwanted and kept to their toys, but they can't stop obsessing.

No. 1884740

Whatever helps you sleep at night, but all is fine as long as they make moids seethe and feel uncomfortable.

No. 1884741

Part of me actually wants it to happen as a social experiment. Have a bunch of "MGTOW" sign up for a "foidfree life" where they are isolated away from any contact with the outside world, just themselves and each other with AI sexbots. No internet either, of course, there are women there as well! Just to see how well they can live without women and "beta cucks".

No. 1884744

The funny thing is that they don't even have to accept it. They could easily just work on themselves, but that would require a certain level of self reflection.

No. 1884746

>slightly out of the agenda
>"I dehumanized women, how could anyone possibly think I'm a man?! So much for feminism, hmph!!"
What "virtue signalling"? What "peers"? I am blatantly insulting and misgendering you in this anon space, knowing that it triggers you. You're not going to "muh female socialization" anyone into respecting your chosen "gender identity" online. This isn't twitter, the reverse uno "i learned the foid's language and therapy speak huhuh" horseshit only works on libfems.
You're not a feminist (and definitely nowhere near a radical feminist) if you have a cock or throw women under the bus to suck it, especially on racial lines.
>Women are almost as much as hateable as men, only in different ways.
Write about it in your blog, I'm sure we all care(replying to bait)

No. 1884748

File: 1707664482179.jpeg (181.11 KB, 750x763, 1647644201493.jpeg)

>that you have likely never interacted with
Some people here are burgers.
Okay leave

No. 1884755

Fuck i knew this "women are not a monolith!11!! we can be as atrocious as moids!11 i personally am atrocious!" anon was a tranny. His posts are so fucking MALE, like he didn't even try on some of these, just wrote whatever he usually does on 4chan. They're unable to mimic us at all, you'll always know. Reported, wonder if mods will ban him though kek(taking the bait)

No. 1884758

women aren’t a monolith though, him being a tranny definitely isn’t going to change that

No. 1884760

NTA, but the fact that women aren't a monolith doesn't give men the right to post incel bullshit here, insist they're "totally valid female opinions" and throw tantrums when we call a spade a spade. They're so obvious, and they always fail at gaslighting. I'm sure next, he'll fume here or in /meta/ saying that "male posters were never really banned anyway" and we need to accept him.

No. 1884779

People who live from wage to wage with no real reason but because of their impulsivity should be ridiculed and shamed. It really isn't that difficult to be financially responsible.

No. 1884785

Social media wouldn't such cesspools if the socializing was entirely done via DMs, because comments on stuff are completely unnecessary, that's not true socialization.

No. 1884789

Its never going to change for as long as they can beg strangers for money online and use it to buy doordash and shit from temu.

No. 1884797

I agree. it's the whole 'likes' and 'retweets' that got people so brainless. They need attention and validation so desperately

No. 1884800

North Korea is still there though.

No. 1884806

I also find it fascinating how manipulative people are crying about wanting twitter circles back because they want [public info for maximum attention] and [private egregious lies to further peddle their need for validation and control]. People want a public internet persona and also a private one where they further optimize the info they share into some fantastical Me Me Me main character shit. Like are any of you living in reality anymore?

No. 1884830

I used to think the term terminally online was just a joke until I realized (esp after 2020) that there are people are literally live online. Look how many people became 'tiktokkers' during the pandemic, living at home with their enabling parents. People who cant function as normal adults, or hold down a steady job. It's so pathetic. I cant imagine posting videos about my life online and expecting money from it, while competing with others doing the same.

None of these people have any personality, but they are the same ones complaining about a loneliness epidemic when they refuse to go outside.

No. 1884831

It was fine and much cooler when most platforms were comment-only, no visible thumbs up/down. Looking at old livejournal or personal-website comments breaks my heart.

No. 1884838

I think livejournal was the ultimate community. We had so many communities. You can make your LJ public or private. I feel like there was more back then. No upvote system. No retweets. It was all very 'you had to be there to be in the fandom' type shit. Like everything is a watered down cliffnote. People are watching Lets plays and reading wikis to get 'involved' but they just do it for attention. Sites like twitter, tiktok and IG ruined so much.

No. 1885064

A man with short hair is so disgusting. I’m sorry but it looks stupid.

No. 1885070

File: 1707683399093.jpeg (116.56 KB, 1011x1090, IMG_5727.jpeg)

mom I frew up (modern horror movies suck)

No. 1885075

same anon, now I'm back to hating everyone equally

No. 1885077

Livejournal was great but there was a lot of scaredy-cats locking their communities towards the end… it could have been okay but it wasn’t, everyone locking stuff deleted it within a few years and there was honestly no reason for it. Livejournal was great for talking to people who shared your interests though

No. 1885082

Have you ever dated a cuck? They fucking suck, my ex from forever ago was a cuck and he'd always bring up black guys randomly during dirty talk and would turn anything sexual into an excuse to be degraded about how my exes probably pleased me so much better, the guy couldn't even finish without thinking of black guys or me having sex with someone else. Paranoid guys suck too but I'd take a mild jealous guy over a mild cuck tbh, men with a cuckold fetish are the most objectifying men you can find, they're worse than office brads or any normal type of misogyny imo.

inb4 you were retarded, he was really normal at first and I left him not long after all of the weird cuck stuff.

No. 1885087

>same anon
We know, hang it up.

No. 1885150

I think ‘glowy’ reflective skin is actually so fucking ugly and greasy looking. Like there was a BP oil spill on your face

No. 1885155

I know I’m supposed to be supportive but I think it’s funny when women who take pride in taking care of their appearance, keeping the house clean and cooking big lunches and dinners for their husband and then she finds out hes cheating. At least he was dickin down Jessica at work on a full stomach plays clown music lmao

No. 1885207

I was too excited by the topics, finally I get to talk about this dumb terminally online shit that I’ve been into over years
Made me seriously step back.
Still a fun thread for commuting lol

No. 1885208

File: 1707691403198.jpg (62.89 KB, 640x488, 1685618893642.jpg)

>self insert (as bottom)
>think the men in yaoi resemble irl gay men, leading to their trooning in order to pursue these fictional relationships

based fujos
>don't self insert b/c they want to see men dominated
>are put off by the faggy way irl gay men behave, so are not attracted to them(bait)

No. 1885209

File: 1707691584641.png (96.43 KB, 239x400, 1690315329513.png)

You forgot self-inserting as the top for le based fujos

No. 1885211

Why is this so true… Thank you for opening my eyes nona I've never thought about it like that before but I could feel it subconsciously

No. 1885212

No, based fujos never involve themselves. That's how trannyism starts. BL should only be able male character x male character. Self inserts are cringe yume shit

No. 1885214

Real as fuck. Thank you nona

No. 1885216

Yeah I guess you're right, I just wanna rape a guy so bad(bait)

No. 1885219

I don't know why you think self-inserting is any less cringe than voyeurism. either way I think it's a win anyway because beautiful men are sexualized and it's under whatever terms women want them to be.

No. 1885224

File: 1707693871497.png (1.06 MB, 876x883, Screenshot (161).png)

I'd like to see an example of a top self-inserting FTM if Im gonna be honest, I am curious what phenotype of troon they are.(not an opinion)

No. 1885248

I'm jealous of Gen X for having that sweet spot between romantic dates and proper sex ed

No. 1885262

Asian/Japanese/Korean romantic stuff feels fake and forced. The three date confession rule. The professions of love. The gift giving.

I am too spergy to articulate why but it just feels much more fake than the equivalent western concepts and I hate how weebs squee over it like Japs and Koreans are Romeo and Juliet made into countries.(racebaiting, using 'japs' unironically )

No. 1885375

Being attracted to younger people isn’t always meant to be predatory/creepy, sometimes it’s just a symptom of being emotionally immature or emotionally stunted from abuse.I’m 30 and I find legal teenagers and young adult males most attractive because emotionally that’s where i feel I’m at. When I look at guys my own age they seem older than me. When I’m around younger guys I have to remind myself they’re most likely seeing me as like their mom so I have to treat them like a kid and not like a guy I can fuck.

No. 1885379


No. 1885384

Men are easier to be around than women. Maybe because I’m not the kind of girl men wanna fuck but women can be so high strung and irritating especially in work settings. Usually men at work don’t care what you’re doing as long as the work gets done and you’re not in their business.

No. 1885388

Men say stuff that makes me feel scared, I'd rather be around a shrill lady than a threatening scrote

No. 1885389

Yes congratulations, men don't want to have sex with you so they behave neutrally in your presence.

No. 1885392

Are you the nona who was trying to justify liking 15 year old boys?

No. 1885393

No man has ever made me feel threatened for my life in a work or school setting but again this is probably because I’m not fuckable. They usually just leave me alone. Even in school all of my bullies were women.

No. 1885394

all women should have this mindset, if men are allowed to fuck barely legal women why cant we too?

No. 1885397

File: 1707704208954.jpeg (29.71 KB, 282x423, 2C0596D1-5D1F-4204-8017-A6220E…)

I’ve literally called guys that are literally my age hot and be called a shitacon on this goddamned site. You’re attracted to young men because young men are hot you don’t wanna deflower them or think they’re fertile or wanna pretend they’re a schoolboy like how men who go after younger women do (most of them). Very few women are pedophiles. I am myself a young woman and I’ll be damned if I let people call me creepy cause I like nonthreatening boyishly cute dudes who are my age or even older sometimes. I don’t like beards if a man can say he doesn’t like pubes then I can say I don’t want a guy with a gross cactus face because I’d much rather get with someone as cute as me.

No. 1885398

Not me. I said legal teenagers and young adults(19-25)

No. 1885404

i guess i used to be one when i was a fakeboi, maybe my indomitable spirit was what let me come out unscathed kek. i looked like an average mousey tumblerina losery chick though, i bet that's the phenotype.

No. 1885409

File: 1707705135413.jpg (35.54 KB, 720x301, 1000002716.jpg)

Jesus was a homosexual carpenter with a foot fetis.

No. 1885412

Those statistics saying most people that attempt suicide regret it are tendentious and lies.
I think there's a 50/50 split, I see a LOT of people that actually regret not dying online.

I get that the lies are done as to give people hope but I think that completely misses the point, trivializes the suffering suicidal people are going through and ignores that it actually takes a fucking tone of work to not want to die again, plus is shows a lot of survivorship bias.

No. 1885419

>No man has ever made me feel threatened for my life
Might be you are just not in a poor enough or backward enough are or country. Sorry about the buzz word but privilege insulates from danger in general and usually the ones hit the hardest by male violence are marginalized women.

No. 1885422

>Might be you are just not in a poor enough or backward enough are or country.

Meant: Might be you are just not in a poor enough or backward enough country.

No. 1885438

it's interesting that you use "girl" only when talking about sex.

No. 1885441

nutella is one of the healthiest foods for you

No. 1885442

I know you wanna call me a scrote so just gone head do it kek

No. 1885450

literally not true but ok explain your logic nonnie

No. 1885460

Dare you to try Nutella and peanut butter together on toast and see how healthy that makes you. I gained so much weight when I discovered that shit my god

No. 1885461

the serotonin it produces has life lengthening qualities, cacao has a whole host of minerals and folate

No. 1885470

If nutella is heathy then Tim tams are granola bars lol

No. 1885473

samefag but theres only 400 calories in a 1/4 cup of nutella. do with that info what you will

No. 1885549

>I see a LOT of people that actually regret not dying online
It's easy to claim anything online, especially these days when people like to diagnose themselves with a dozen mental illnesses to look interesting. Oddly enough, people who actually commit suicide are rarely ever those who are constantly talking about it. Now of course, someone suffering from a clinically diagnosed severe form of depression who has already tried to violently kill themselves will most likely try to do it again if unmedicated, it's true. But it makes sense that many people who have impulsively attempted suicide have later regretted it. Many people attempt (sometimes successfully) because of a situation they think they'll never get out of, or because of something they think they can't talk about, but in fact they can get help.

No. 1885595

In the region my grandma lived at, they did Nutella and butter on bread. Can't say that it makes Nutella better kek.

No. 1885636

Weebs and Asiaboos who take pride in living there and smugly talking about how they have no western friends like those other ebul expats are digging their own graves. Good luck with having zero social support network when your oppa starts fucking prostitutes you colossal retard.

Making friends with only Koreans/Japanese/Chinese people is perhaps the most stupid and dangerous thing you can do, even moid expats end up lonely and isolated, let alone women.

No. 1885638

i see your point but when i was in china most expats did the exact opposite, they only ever frequented other foreigners and never interacted with locals at all. many of them didn't bother to learn shit about the language or culture. i haven't seen ppl like you describe but i suppose they might be more common in japan or korea.
also the trouble with expats is that a lot of them come in and out of the country quickly and you lose sight of them real quick when they go back. as a student it was pretty isolating having to find new pals every semester. it's probably better to hang out with both expats and locals.

No. 1885639

There's no shame in wanting to hang around with "your own people" when you first move to a strange place. It's quite literally what Asian students in the West do almost exclusively.

China is a bit better but foreigner/native friendships in Japan and Korea are super fickle and you'll never break into their close circle, i.e. they'll never have your back when push comes to shove. The sorts of people who are ostensibly "westernised" and seek out foreigners are even worse because nine times out of ten they have a racial fetish.

No. 1885656

that's a bit of a bleak view. the local friends i made were generally well-educated people with an interest in travel and other cultures, not just in it for the sex. but then again i always make friends with women.
i agree that it's normal to seek out your compateiots too, i was always stoked when i met someone who spoke my language, but i din't think it's right to systematically keep natives at arm's length. sure, bat away the moids, but it's not right to say every asian you meet just wants to fuck you.
tbf it varies from place to place , i was in shanghai where there are so many expats that you're not that much if a novelty to locals.

No. 1885657

>not just in it for the sex
This suggests you slept with these moids in which case lol. Honestly. You are really naive.

No. 1885660

can you not read or did you miss the part where i said i only make friends with women

No. 1885661

Kinda misread sorry. If you were exclusively making friends with women then I get it to some degree. Especially if you were in China. You can't deny a lot of opposite sex expat/native "friendships" are skeevy as fuck though. Ironically enough it's worse with the dudes and women who seem more westernized.

No. 1885669

honestly i see it as a moid problem. the local ones who think western gurls are easy as well as the western LBHs looking for muh asian waifu.
the women i know all are all well travelled enoughbot to fall for the forst moid that waves a foreign passport in their faces but i'm well aware the people in circles i ran in (arts and academia) aren't representative of the average folks.

No. 1885675

I suppose we had different experiences. It was exactly those arts moids who held the worst stereotypes etc.

No. 1885682

Yeah. i know there are plenty of women daring weternesrs for a visa but they weren't the ones i frequented. and imo the problem you described is by and large a moid probelm.
but i freely admit my experience is limited. i bet the horny weeb thing is a much bigger factor in jp/sk than in cn.

No. 1885707

File: 1707734102753.jpg (436.78 KB, 800x800, null-simply-lillies-3.jpg)

lilies are pretty but they literally smell like vomit

No. 1885737

whore shaming is not misogyny, it's a natural response to promiscuous people who are more likely to carry sexual diseases. we are supposed to be more selective with our partners and choose someone healthy and safe to be with, instead of fucking random strangers. this is not about virginity, but it's not sexual liberation to sleep with men you've just met, and whose sexual history you don't know and you can't blame other people for disliking this behaviour. even animals are more selective with their partners and have been shown to reject potential mates if they don't fit the standard. if you enjoy fucking any moid you come across then you do you but don't cry when people call you filthy

No. 1885751

I like stoic female characters (only when written by women ofc), I don't get why people call them moid-lite.

No. 1885753

who calls them moid-lite?

No. 1885755

I kinda agree. I have to assume that those types of women are incredibly stupid bc some percentage of the moids they’re fucking with must be abusive and deranged. You can barely find one decent moid these days so how are you constantly cycling through them without putting yourself at risk? Yet they go give the most vulnerable part of themselves to someone they barely know and go into a closed space naked with a [porn-addicted] stranger? It’s a clear lack of self-preservation and it’s getting passed down to the future generations because of the risk of accidental pregnancy.

No. 1885758

I’m genuinely curious what would happen if people stopped giving celebrities attention. I know it’s never gonna happen because most humans are brain dead and need people to look up to but I’m curious what the psychological effects would have on the celebrities. Like imagine being on Beyoncé and Taylor swift level fame and then suddenly people just don’t care about celebrities and they started getting treated like normal people. I think most people on that level of fame would end up committing suicide.

No. 1885759

I've seen anons here do it.

No. 1885764

Empathy is kind of a useless emotion and I kind of wish I could turn it off because I think it hinders success. Most people who are successful don’t care about anyone but themselves and sometimes friends and family.

No. 1885781

exactly, you have to assume that most of the guys that they are sleeping with are already cheating on someone, abusive assholes, open-relationship red flags, losers who can't find a girl, rich grandpas, weird filthy looking scrotes, "bad boys" or just ugly as fuck in general…

No. 1885806

I agree. For example, I hear all these horror stories about women being choked by moids they're sleeping with or coerced into other sexual acts, and it horrifies me. I'm not saying that it's their fault, obviously it's the moids fault, but unfortunately you're way more likely to be assaulted by putting yourself in a vulnerable situation with someone you haven't vetted yet. You don't know anything about them yet, you don't know how safe they are, whether they're clean, whether they care about your comfort and pleasure, how can you sleep with them? Men need to show they're worth a damn before you sleep with them.

No. 1885840

absolutely agree

No. 1885861

Sorry but it is misogyny if it’s only aimed at women. Where is this same attitude for men who sleep around?

No. 1885862

People all over the world usually end up forming couples of 2 (in more misogynistic societies they end up with 1 man having several women, yet as soon as the women get freedom that magically goes away huh), so it seems like there's always been this natural need for us to form a couple that we stay with long term. So disliking anything that disrupts that also seems fairly natural to me. I'm from a very liberal country, my family and everyone around me are very open about sex, I grew up on "sex-positive, don't slut shame!"-tumblr and I still think sleeping around is trashy. I agree, it's got nothing at all to do with virginity or purity, it's just disruptive behaviour. I think especially for women, as we do have "more to lose" since we're the ones to get pregnant. We have more to lose both from sleeping around (accidentally getting pregnant with no father to help out) and our men sleeping around (them getting someone else pregnant and switching resources to that other person instead) so we naturally "care" more. This is true on an animalistic level, so I think we have evolved to dislike when someone sleeps around, because it's kind of a threat to our community.

No. 1885868

Glad to see someone else going from misanthropy to attempted feminism and then back again.

The fault is shared. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Women are supposed to be responsible adults, not helpless children, so stop robbing them of accountability.

They are worthless whores as well.

No. 1885873

You want people to treat you with less empathy? Just because you're a useless unsuccessful little cunt who can't do anything on your own? You think your "feelings" are holding you back but in reality you're just a lazy fuck who wants to get everything served to you without any effort and that's why your life is so pathetic and worthless.

Not being serious, just wanted you to see how that feels and if you think the world would really be a better place if everyone treated you like this, without empathy. Empathy only hinders "success" if you think being filthy rich from hurting others is something to strive for. Most people don't think that. You decide what success looks like to you, being an ugly moid millionaire with 20 sports cars sounds boring as all hell to me personally.

No. 1885878

i want you to know the life of every “”WOC”” and white woman on the planet is more valuable than yours. even the whores. please 41% whether you’re a titchopper or a failmale

No. 1885881

If you define successful purely as being rich as shit, sure. If you define it as having an enjoyable life full of good relationships, a fulfilling career and hobbies, and enough money to pay your bills then there’s no reason empathy should stop you. This sounds like a cope.

No. 1885882

I'm not robbing women of accountability. I am saying they don't deserve to be hurt because they "chose wrong." Men deserve all the blame for hurting women in the first place. What we can do is not blame women, but have empathy for them while educating them on what to look out for. Women need to help other women, at least the ones who are willing to be helped; it's not just about "being better" because female socialization destroys women's natural confidence, self-preservation instincts, decision-making abilities, and intuition. We don't start on an equal playing field, so no, the fault is not shared. Not at all.

No. 1885893

Nta but unless if they have some sort of ilnesss or disability (way common that what it seems honestly. ) no, if you keep going for it at some point patience runs out. I get what OP is saying

No. 1885895

I don't mind pickmes that much. Someone has to keep the failmales and incels away from me. I've only really have issues when they try to interact with other women and use use as emotional support for their shit decisions

No. 1885896

>female socialization destroys women's natural confidence, self-preservation instincts, decision-making abilities, and intuition
What the fuck did your mother teach you

No. 1885897

being nice is a scam. i will be evil this year, nobody really has treated me with kindness so now i won’t treat people with kindness either. fuck everybody

No. 1885919

My point is that you do what you can. There are at least some people who will listen and question, even if it's not right away, eventually.
Nothing. If I let her influence me, I would have become extremely self-loathing and subservient. Are women where you live not taught to minimize themselves, to be overly nice and agreeable, to pander to men and that they are worthless if they don't, to put their looks above everything else?

No. 1885924

I'm slowly starting to believe that marriage is just another flavor of prostitution, but the more socially acceptable version of it.
Most marriage advice I hear from (especially) older or/and conservative women isn't that different from advice from let's say sugar babies. One prime example that comes to mind is dumbing yourself down so a moid's feefee isn't hurt and he can give you gifts/money/asspats/scripted and fake politeness.

No. 1885934

That's because it is for women. Men get domestic labour, sex on demand (and if you don't give it to him he could rape or cheat on you or will end up a porn addict if he isn't already), his "legacy" passed on if they have kids, and are overall extremely coddled in a marriage in exchange for doing not even the bare minimum. Marriage for women is a lifetime of male pandering and servitude. Interesting how older women say they would never get remarried if their husband died meanwhile men won't even wait until their wives' body is cold to shack up with a woman 20 years younger than him kek

No. 1885952

You need other skills to become rich or successful, whether or not you’re a narcissist or nice is a separate thing. More people are mean and selfish than nice on the whole so they are overrepresented among losers and winners both.

No. 1885953

That's a basic fact. So instead of whining about not being able to show empathy, just simply stop caring about anything other than your goals

No. 1885961

anyone who thinks Taylor Swift of all people is closeted lesbian is fucking braindead

No. 1885963

>would you want people to show you no empathy?

I’m black, poor, dark skin and a woman so yes I know what people showing no empathy looks like and I still think having empathy hinders success. I think shamelessness and a lack of empathy are two key personality traits that are necessary in becoming rich and it’s not even just rich men who have these personality traits, most rich women are like this as well. It’s possible for a caring and compassionate person to become successful but it’s easier and more likely for narcissistic people to be successful. All the top women like Beyoncé, Taylor swift, female politicians, Kim k etc etc don’t give a damn about anyone but the people they’re close to and everyone else might as well be an animal to them, especially poor people.
>you need skills to be successful

Not always. Sometimes it just requires being able to steal ideas etc from others and claim them as your own and make money off it. That’s how a lot of rich people became wealthy.

No. 1885968

So why don't you just adapt that mentality and see how far you get instead of whining about being a too high empathy to achieve or whatever? It's really not that hard to just simply stop caring about anything other than your goals and expanding your wealth.

No. 1885972

A lot of people agreed with Doja cat when she said just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she needs to pretend to care about her fans or their opinions because it’s “just a job” but why doesn’t this logic apply normie people? When we go into work we are expected to act like we give a shit and love our customers or we get fired or written up. I bet when Doja cat goes into 5 star hotels or restaurants she doesn’t want the staff acting indifferent towards her because in reality they don’t give a shit.

No. 1886046

Same here, they are essentially taking out the trash for us. Like yes please keep pandering to these bottom of the barrel scrotes so that they leave the rest of us alone. If only they didn’t try to actively involve other women with their antics.

No. 1886052

>Not always. Sometimes it just requires being able to steal ideas etc from others and claim them as your own and make money off it. That’s how a lot of rich people became wealthy.
Yeah that’s kind of a skill though. Takes practice and grifting know-how. Knowing what you can get away with is a skill. Being mean or heartless is separate. I guess if the only thing keeping you from a mountain of wealth is that you’re too nice to steal ideas and you know how to get away with it then you really are just held back by your attitude. Can you really get away with it though?

No. 1886059

You’re forgetting that there are also a lot of unsuccessful selfish people too. Any given prison or rehab is full of people who don’t care about anyone but themselves. It’s just that the super wealthy ones are more memorable and noticeable. Don’t let confirmation bias tell you that the only way up is through being shitty.

No. 1886063

Actual natural big boobs aren't the standard and I'm tired of people pretending that they are and that natural is beautiful yada yada.
Because unlike implants, actual big boobs respect things like gravity and everyone and their grandma will jump to say "haha, saggy and ugly" like how it was with Doja Cat some time ago.

No. 1886072

Small boobs that look 'big' compared to women who have no tits is really whats popular, but DD tits at age 15 are going to be sagging down to your knees and no one will want to look in your direction at age 22. I know because I've lived it.

No. 1886086

True, I get shit at work for being cold or whatever but most of these people are annoying as fuck or won't even answer to 'good morning'. Why should I care lol, I'm only here for money and they get the service anyway.

No. 1886089

I had DD boobs that blew up when I hit puberty, they went away with my eating disorder in highschool, and they've only grown back as pathetic saggy B-C's. I was mocked for the size of my boobs back when and now they're even uglier. Most "big boobed" women in the media have implants, even the ones you think dont (Christina Hendricks and Sydney Sweeney), there's no way with the negative body fat requirement in hollywood that even curvy actresses are shoved into that most celebs would have any breast tissue. Every time a skinny girl gets bolt on implants an angel loses its wings.

No. 1886091

Stealing peoples ideas to make a profit and not giving them credit for it is evil and heartless

No. 1886098

I disagree, and I think the whole "le CEO Sociopath" thing is very overblown as well, even the stats on it takes it from 1% of the general population to 4% of the population, not much at all. And if you're black, that's actually the same over-representation black people have with sociopathy, sociopathy is around 4x as common for blacks as it is for whites, and they're not any more successful for it.

People forget that dark triad traits are associated with low intelligence. And the myth of sociopath success comes from, well, the braggartry of sociopaths themselves. How often do you hear about them being overrepresented among surgeons and CEOs compared to being overrepresented among prisoners and butchers? All the time.(racebait)

No. 1886101

lol what, i have big saggy boobs and no man has ever cared and i get stared at all the time. you are giving moids pickyness too much thought.

No. 1886129

I think that most obese people who complain about society treating them badly, random people being rude, no one liking them as a person until they got thin etc just have a bad personality, style and/or hygiene. Literally every single fat person in my life is a social butterfly, in a relationship or married, incredibly charismatic, liked by everyone and able to make friends with anyone.

No. 1886140

>a bad […] hygiene
What's up with obese people smelling like shit and not noticing? I can definitely imagine the ones who smell sour and like necrosis being clueless as to why people don't want to be around them unless they have no choice tbh because I've unfortunately seen this more often than not.

No. 1886142

my boobs are probably saggier they went from DD's to deflated balloon A's

No. 1886143

This is true to people I know too. I know a lot of fat people who everyone loves because they're just nice folks and fun to be around and known fat people who aren't well-liked. ime I can see why because they acted dour and rude every time I saw them.
Smell gets trapped under the folds and doesn't reach their noses as much as someone standing next to them, some people also just get used to the smell

No. 1886145

Right, and with a good bra, no one will even know you have "saggy tits." The only way a man will see your saggy tits is if you take your top and bra off for him. At that point, is he really going to reject you? Men will fuck anyone and anything

No. 1886146

KEK. I think some people become accustomed to the nasty dead rat cheesey smell, or they are too brain dead to realize that human beings have to wash themselves. My old manager once bragged about "never washing" his legs in the shower because "gravity brings the soap and water down there anyway!" Tell me that isn't fucking disgusting. The other thing is some people refuse to buy antiperspirant.

No. 1886152

Some people think itz harmless but parents who kiss their kids on the mouth are fucking weird

No. 1886156

so many people used to pass herpes onto their kids this way, probably still do. it's an actual public health hazard

No. 1886158

You know for some reason I never put two and two together on this and realized that some fat people probably get shunned because they reek, not because they're fat. No one likes smelly people regardless of their weight kek

No. 1886159

one of my dads other kids got herpes from her mom because of this…

No. 1886166

Same I hate when people call a female character a ‘man with tits’ because she’s stoic, intelligent, calculating, aloof and muscular. Like none of those are exclusively male traits.

No. 1886177

People who are “woke” and “sjw” are narcissist’s, god forbid you have a minute of joy in a world that has been, still is and likely will have some shit going on no we haveee to always miserable. It’s even worse with men cause they are all predatory in some way ex. Every single leftist streamer male no exceptions

No. 1886186

>I am saying they don't deserve to be hurt because they "chose wrong"
This argument always baffles me, just because something isn't fair or isn't supposed to happen doesn't mean it will not happen regardless if you aren't cautious, if you play with fire you will burn and a lot of women need to get back to reality and stop letting their guard down around our predators. As someone from a thirdie country, I'm very used to my actions having direct consequences in my life and keeping myself safe as much as I can, if I did the exact opposite of that I would be dead. If I go out at night, knowing damn well my ass will get kidnapped, people would rightfully think I'm either retarded or suicidal. It's simple basic reason and forethought

No. 1886192

I hate judge Judy shes a mean old bitch

No. 1886220

this is very true. ironically, most the people who preach tolerance and respect and love are some of the most painfully controlling and "no fun allowed" types out there. it ends online for them. they don't go to soup kitchens, they don't help homeless people, their activism ends at words and maybe putting stickers up.

No. 1886225

This opinion might be a bit too controversial for this board.

No. 1886259

this but dr laura. she's so vile she makes judge judy look like a sweetheart

No. 1886264

Why are they always so violent

No. 1886266

I love her

No. 1886269

File: 1707781874554.png (13.11 KB, 1843x96, kindness.png)

I think about this daily.

No. 1886310

Kind of shit men subscribe to before they rape kill or eat people

No. 1886330

I understand why men don’t wanna date single moms because I wouldn’t be too thrilled myself to deal with a single dad and take care of kids that aren’t mine. I think women get butthurt when men don’t want to take care of other mens kids because most women would jump at the chance to play pretend mommy for a single dad.

No. 1886358

So you sympathize with men? Interesting… Get well soon, anon.

No. 1886387

Women who date single dads always end up way worse off because the guy is always looking for a new mommy bangmaid to take care of his kids for him. And she'll do all the work with zero reward or gratitude because they don't have the natural parent/child connection in place already.

No. 1886424

the sound of tana mongeaus voice is so fucking gross

No. 1886425

I don’t sympathize but I understand why a man with no kids wouldn’t want to be with a woman who has kids. I don’t have kids and I don’t wanna come in having to do mom duties for kids that I didn’t have. I think people with kids should focus on dating people who have kids.

No. 1886430

I feel like I'm the only person who doesnt care about Taylor Swift lol

No. 1886431

She sounds like she has a series of polyps on her vocal cords

No. 1886471

I think this is why I’ll never get married. I’m too autistic to play social games 24/7

No. 1886472

I feel you. Especially when apathy is treated on the same level as “internalized misogyny” Sometimes I wish feminism never went mainstream

No. 1886475

She's overrated but regardless of that I just don't like how her voice sounds. She's a good singer, just not my thing at all. The Taylor Mitski boygenius type of music is so boring.

No. 1886489

99% of the time, the kind of person who obsessively crows about "virtue signalling" and complains about "groupthink" whenever even one other person disagrees with them after they start shit really just has a victim complex, and is upset that the world isn't functioning as their hugbox. They want other people to ascribe to a sort of logic where you are "privileged" if your opinion is seemingly more popular/less reviled in any given community, and you should treat them with kid gloves for the simple fact that theirs isn't (even if the reason their viewpoint is "unpopular" to begin with is because it's verifiably retarded, not because something something we live in a he-hehiety).

There's also a clear element of desperation to things when they do it without actually being able to argue with whoever's disagreeing. It's like instead of engaging, they choose to self-soothe by telling themselves that facts don't matter and everyone would actually totally agree with them (even if you're both talking in communities that have no repercussions for speaking your mind either way), if only it weren't for those goddamn opinion chads and stacies. I've seen multiple pedophiles, actual incels and racists essentially try to use "Well, your opinion is more popular than mine!!" as a gotcha this way, and they always throw in a self-pitying whine about how much they hate society. It's like they're edgy 12 year olds who still mistake being a loser for being noble. I think I might hate this group even more than I hate actual virtue-signalling SJWs, honestly. They muddy discourse for anyone outside the mainstream with this expectation to automatically be coddled, barely have any thoughts themselves, and are somehow both entitled and self-victimizing.

No. 1886506

My unpopular opinion is that the dumbass shit thread is fine. I never used it, but I didn't care that others did. I wanted to post this because everyone has been whining about being anti-dumbass shit or pro-dumbass shit for the past 2 weeks and it's starting to get on my nerves.

No. 1886511

File: 1707803324356.jpg (119.68 KB, 939x1200, F2p6nctW0AAlA3F.jpg)

Xena is a good streamer

No. 1886514

Asian dudes are generally ugly.

No. 1886517

The belief that Britbong men are generally hideous is untrue and mostly pushed by Americans as a cope for their obesity rates, widespread Trump support and overall foolishness in the eyes of other countries.

No. 1886519

Nah I live in the UK and it's true. White guys from the continent are way better looking.

No. 1886521

File: 1707804245161.jpg (88.69 KB, 600x400, Barry-Keoghan-Speaks-About-Mas…)

Bong men have a certain rawness about them that continent men don't have, like Jack O'Connell and young Morrissey. Look at picrel, if he was British everyone would call him hideous.

No. 1886522

The UK is just as fat as the US, they voted in British Trump (Boris Johnson) and they have mindless royalists, IG "baddie" wannabes, chavs and tory-suckers proudly showcasing their foolishness to the world (or anyone who bothers to pay the UK attention these days). The drug problem is bad, too.

No. 1886530

he's not considered hideous already? men standar's are rock bottom.

No. 1886532

Where have you been, nonnie? Loads of women think he's hot just because he played a gay character.

No. 1886533

He is indeed hideous. If he's handsome, Elon Musk must be too.

No. 1886534

i dont know i dont watch modern hollywood slop because it has hideous moids on it

No. 1886535

File: 1707805311963.png (197.65 KB, 294x314, flooshed avay.png)


No. 1886540

Japanese and Italian food are overrated.

No. 1886541

I'm baffled at how being sincere and straightforward with your intentions in a relationship is considered autistic behavior, but the social and mind games and "make sultry eye contact" or bullshit like that is considered totally normal kek

No. 1886547

Aburi sushi and pizza are great though

No. 1886548

ramen and tempura fried sushi rolls are God created foods

No. 1886549

come on, anon, it's unfair to count royals. they're too inbred

No. 1886553

Unironically looks better here than either of his sons.

No. 1886554

exactly theyre the purest of britbong. thats what 100% pure british looks like, nonnie

No. 1886558

The BRF is actually of German ancestry, not even British.

No. 1886566

You're right they're anglo/saxon germanic, something i didnt realize until recently is that 'british' isn't a genetic class, just like how American isn't. Like theres celts there scotishes theres welsh and everything but the closest to british there is is german

No. 1886570

I didn't care about the dumbass shit thread much either, used it once or twice really. But the acting like children who've been told "no" by their Mom and yelling and ugly crying about how much they hate mods reminds me of why I hate children.

No. 1886572

Both pro and anti dumbass thread posters are annoying.

No. 1886573

Boomer dads deserve more love. They're really not that bad and they mostly worked really hard for us when we were kids. Even if they were emotionally incapable.

No. 1886591

The British royal family are much less distantly related to Germans than the average English person, though.

No. 1886595

My unpopular opinion is that if Britain has a royal family they should at least be British not German

No. 1886608

As long as they're inbred what does it matter

No. 1886610

pretty sure meghan and prince harry got excluded because she has african blood. don't worry nonny, it's going to stay painfully caucasian as long as it can.

No. 1886614

I’ll extend it to boomers in general, a lot of them are pretty cool and I unironically like cheesy boomer humor (sans I hate my wife jokes) and their friendliness. It makes me sad to see them get older and imagine them gone. And sure there are some boomer assholes but there are assholes in every generation. I also think that a lot of the hate they get is as well is ageism. I’m a amerifag and here it's sadly not uncommon for boomers to be homeless, struggling or in an old folkes home. It’s like if you age you loose value and I think disregarding the elderly is one of the biggest mistakes society has done.

No. 1886635

We need to get rid of supermodels in the fashion industry because now it’s less about the clothes and more about the models which goes against the business model of fashion (yes I am envious)

No. 1886637

Before WWI all the Royal families in Europe were related. Kaiser Wilhelm II who was the German Emperor was Queen Victoria's grandchild.

No. 1886646

File: 1707814212480.jpg (85.83 KB, 600x900, 1404874791364.jpg)

Male Circumcision is male genital mutilation just as female circumcision is female genital mutilation. Any parent who mutilates their children's genitals is a child-mutilating child abuser. It's sad that in so many supposedly first-world countries millions of people would disagree with the previous two sentences.

And I just know that so many of the supposed "progressives" on the internet(not all of them, but some of them, typically the American ones) will claim that I'm male just because I criticise male genital mutilation. And so many leftists and right-wingers will defend male genital mutilation just because of Jews and Muslims, when bodyily-autonomy is more important than religious rights.

No. 1886647

File: 1707814373262.jpg (600.77 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240213-113431_Chr…)

And here's an example of the sexual dysfunction caused by male genital mutilation. How could any parent do this to their children?

No. 1886654

I agree.

>so many supposedly first-world countries millions of people would disagree with the previous two sentences

As far as I'm aware it's only America that routinely circumcises males for non religious reasons. It's not a common practise in Europe because it's not a requirement in Christianity. Circumcision became normal in America because towards the end of the 19th century puritanical Christians started claiming that it stopped masturbation.

No. 1886655

*bodily autonomy

No. 1886656

lmao at the reddit intactivist pickme in the pic

No. 1886658

Sometimes I wish we could have robots on the runway. Tall slim bodies and no real exploitation of people

No. 1886659

I agree, I just wish people weren’t so weird about it

No. 1886662


Why should we care about circumcision? Seriously. I am not going to feel sorry for men whos foreskin is lopped off.

No. 1886663

Pickme or no she is really, really, really pretty. I wonder if she's bi.

No. 1886671

>Why should we care about circumcision?
Because you should have empathy for your fellow Humans.
> I am not going to feel sorry for men whos foreskin is lopped off.
Imagine if you were born as a male, of course you wouldn't want to suffer male genital mutilation. Of course you wouldn't want to be deprived of healthy sexual pleasure. Of course you wouldn't want your romantic and sexual relationships to be destroyed by a sexual dysfunction that was forced onto you.

If you were a good person you would want boys to benefit from the same legal protections that you benefited from when you were a girl. Male genital mutilation should be rightfully banned just as female genital mutilation is rightfully banned

No. 1886673

Look I don't care if the male has a dysfuncional penis at the end of it but the people enforcing it have to have some sort of weird pedophilic tendencies. Like imagine even thinking about mutilating an infant's getinals, no one that's mentally sound would look at an infant and think about lopping off their genitals unless it's for some sick pedo fetish (like fgm is). It reminds me of those men who are so violent and ape brained that they look at a kid and instantly think about beating it up, the same way some men (and handmaidens) look at a baby and think about mutilating their genitals.

No. 1886675

>I don't care if the male has a dysfuncional penis at the end
You should. There are men and boys who have committed suicide because male genital mutilation caused them to be sexually dysfunctional.

No. 1886677

Mam this is lolcow, alot of women here dont give a fuck about men. Thats why they come here, to get away from men.

No. 1886678

Sorry I just don't care, especially because men will cry about not being able to coom but will willfully cut off their own penises by trooning out and they think that fgm is hot. They don't give a shit about women going through the same thing so I can't feel sympathy for them, but again I am worried about the kind of people who would think about mutilating a baby.

No. 1886679

Weird lost newfag, they posted the same shit in the mommy thread on /g/ while replying to the OP like here, which is a telltale sign of a clueless normie making their first post.

No. 1886681

Yeah I replied to them in the mom thread too.

No. 1886683


No, I don't think or care about men.

No. 1886689

>men will cry about not being able to coom but will willfully cut off their own penises by trooning out
Genital mutilation causes serious brain damage. I wouldn't be surprised if half of the men who troon out do so because they were genitally mutilated. I also remember reading about the case of a boy whose genitals were mutilated so much that his entire penis was amputated, so his parents raised him as a girl without his knowledge, and when that boy grew up to be a man who was forced by his parents into being a girl he committed suicide.
>they think that fgm is hot
That isn't true at all. Males in Europe and North America are horrified by female genital mutilation. Female genital mutilation is committed only in backwards third-world shitholes in Africa and the Middle East or by immigrants from those shitholes who move to Europe and North America. And of course anyone who commits female genital mutilation in Europe and North America is rightfully punished, and people who commit male genital mutilation should also be rightfully punished. Both male genital mutilation and female genital mutilation are evil and harmful and wrong.

No. 1886692

You didnt go deep enough with your example of the boy whos genitals were mutilated. That was under John Moneys care, his twin brother and him were shown porn from age 6, and John forced them to "rehearse" sexual acts all throughout childhood. His twin brother also killed himself.

No. 1886694

File: 1707820267908.jpeg (262.31 KB, 1738x978, IMG_2213.jpeg)

ewwwwww anteater penis gross

No. 1886700

It's really sad that there are American women and Jewish women and Muslim women who are repulsed by healthy, intact penises, what's even sadder is that those same mutilated-penis-attracted women also inflict male genital mutilation on their sons in the pedophilic and incestous desire for their sons' penises to look like the mutilated penises they're abnormally attracted to.

No. 1886701

ew gross who cares about what’s ‘natural’.
flayed looking dick is hot and the fact that it means sex is less enjoyable for them makes it even hotter. ideally sex should be painful for them.

No. 1886702

The anon who's been posting on multiple threads about circumcision is so obviously a male and anyone responding should be ashamed

No. 1886704

You're calling me a male just because I don't want children to have their genitals mutilated?

No. 1886705

I'm glad that you'll never reproduce.

No. 1886715

This is probably bait but actually feel like circumcision increases the chances of moids going full rape ape. They dont feel pain if they pound so hard it hurts the woman and can seek extra stimulation from coomer shit like choking the woman etc. And yes I know many uncircumcised moids the same manually by masturbating themselves numb.

No. 1886719

tbh my experience is that uncut men are more coomery because masturbation feels so good

No. 1886720

There are scientific studies showing the opposite, mutilated men masturbate more than intact men even though those mutilated men feel much less pleasure from masturbation than intact men. Mutilated men are also more likely to engage in homosexual sex and anal sex than intact men.

No. 1886725

File: 1707824592864.jpeg (Spoiler Image,18.16 KB, 280x280, IMG_3396.jpeg)

No. 1886738

Equating circumcision and FGM feels like bait. FGM is done in unsanitary conditions, when the girl is old enough to form memories, and is designed to make it impossible for a girl to feel sexual pleasure. That's the whole point of it. Circumcision is done right after birth in a hospital by medical professionals and is designed to keep the penis clean. Huge difference between the two in terms of context, motive, purpose, and outcome.

Blog but I've been with several cut dudes and they have not been any less romantic/sexual than intact partners so I think you're greatly exaggerating the impact. My current partner is cut and he literally doesn't care about it at all, and would let his son be circumcised.

No. 1886745

nobody should be mutilated at infancy, if your son wants to be mutilated, let him decide when he's grown up. it's nowhere near as bad as FGM but it doesn't mean it's not bad.

No. 1886747

>keep the penis clean
samefag but literally just move the foreskin, wash, pull it back? it's not that hard, come on, american moids.

No. 1886751

the amount of american movies showing moids using lotion or couples having to use lube for normal intercourse makes me sad for them. like normal intercourse or masturbation literally do not need external lubrication, your natural should suffice.

No. 1886754

File: 1707827756556.jpg (75.94 KB, 720x540, 1706320564334126.jpg)

>>designed to keep the penis clean
Male genital mutilation doesn't keep the penis clean, it does the exact opposite. The foreskin has an important protective functions and immunlogical functions which protect the penis from injuries and infections.

>Fleiss et al. (1998) have listed numerous immunological functions of the foreskin that help to protect the human body against infection. The foreskin maintains the moistness of the preputial mucosa and the glans penis by transudation. The sub-preputial moisture contains cathepsin B, chymotrypsin, neutrophil elastase, cytokines, and lysozyme, which has the capacity to destroy the cell walls of bacteria. The preputial muscles keep the tip of the foreskin closed to keep out pathogens.[3]

>The foreskin is highly vascularized. The high rate of blood flow helps to prevent infection.[3]

>>designed to make it impossible for a girl to feel sexual pleasure
So is male genital mutilation. The foreskin is the most erogenous and sensisitive part of the penis. Circumcision was designed by Jewish Rabbis centuries ago to remove sexual pleasure in males.

>The foreskin is a sexual organ.[15] It provides both mechanical and erogenous functions in sexual intercourse, as well as pheromones.[3] Winkelmann (1959) classified the foreskin as specific erogenous tissue.[9] When the penis becomes erect, the foreskin unfolds to provide the skin necessary to allow the penis to expand to full size and length.

The gliding action provides stimulation and facilitates intromission.[8][21] [22] At times of sexual arousal, the foreskin may be lubricated by pre-ejaculate. During the thrusting of sexual congress, the gliding action reduces abrasions and irritation in the female partner and avoids problems with vaginal dryness.[8][21] The foreskin may protect the corona glandis from hyper-stimulation and prevent premature ejaculation.

>Nature designed the foreskin to be an erogenous sensory organ.[15] The foreskin has a layer of muscle called the dartos muscle sheath that provides the foreskin with elasticity, flexibility, and stretchiness, which allows full stimulation of the nerves in the ridged band(of the foreski ) that sense movement and stretching to provide foreskin sensitivity. There is a mucocutaneous region at the tip of the foreskin where outer skin changes to inner mucosa. Winkelmann (1959) identified the foreskin as a specific erogenous zone (meaning an area of acute erogenous sensation). Winklemann reported rete ridges in the foreskin with nerves set close to the surface with closely set networks.[9]

>The prepuce(foreskin) provides a large and important platform for several nerves and nerve endings. The innervation of the outer skin of the prepuce is impressive; its sensitivity to light touch and pain are similar to that of the skin of the penis as a whole.[6]

Mutilated men are gaslight about the mutilation that was done to them.

>>My current partner is cut and he literally doesn't care about it at all, and would let his son be circumcised.
Your mutilate partner is in denial, him mutilating his own son is an harmful(to his sons and himself) psychological coping mechanism to deal with his own mutilation, just like how abused children are more likely to grow up to be abusive parents than children who were never abused.

>Denial of loss. Persons who have lost body parts must grieve their loss.41,42,43,45 The first stage of grief is denial of the loss.25 Fitzgerald and Parkes state that "Anything that seriously impairs sensory or cognitive function is bound to have profound psychological effects, not only on the person who is affected but also on family, friends, workmates, and caregivers."42 The thought of permanent loss of sensory function is so painful that persons deny their loss in order to avoid facing the painful feelings.42 Denial of loss causes a flight from reality. Parkes et al. state that persons in denial may minimize their loss.41-43 Circumcision causes the loss of a body part and all of its functions including a drastic loss of erogenous sensory function, so denial of loss is not uncommon in circumcised males. Circumcised males may experience the full range of distress and emotional dysfunction resulting from loss. This frequently results in circumcised fathers adamantly insisting that a son be circumcised.25,29


No. 1886756

Mutilated men are unable to have sex without lubricant. The foreskin provides a gliding action to the thrusts of the penis during penile-vaginal sex that is pleasurable to both men and women and also is much less likely to dry the vaginal walls of women or cause vaginal abrasions.
The foreskin of prepubescent boys isn't even supposed to be seperate from their glans, during male puberty the membrane joining foreskin and the glans separates, but so many abusive and ignorant parents took their perfectly healthy pre-pubescent boys to be genitally mutilated for "phimosis" even though there's nothing wrong with their son's penis, and criminal doctors mutilate the genitals of those boys anyway.

No. 1886758

I've never had sex with a cut man but I can only imagine the lack of lubrication and the thrusting that comes from a typical cut death grip can be horrible.

No. 1886763

There's evidence suggesting that being circumcised makes moids more violent in later life.
>Our findings resonate with the existing literature suggesting links between altered emotional processing in circumcised men and neonatal stress. Consistent with longitudinal studies on infant attachment, early circumcision might have an impact on adult socio-affective traits or behavior.

>Research has demonstrated the hormone cortisol, which is associated with stress and pain, spikes during circumcision (Talbert et al., 1976; Gunnar et al., 1981). Although some believe that babies “won’t remember” the pain, we now know that the body “remembers” as evidenced by studies which demonstrate that circumcised infants are more sensitive to pain later in life (Taddio et al., 1997). Research carried out using neonatal animals as a proxy to study the effects of pain on infants’ psychological development have found distinct behavioral patterns characterized by increased anxiety, altered pain sensitivity, hyperactivity, and attention problems (Anand & Scalzo, 2000). In another similar study, it was found that painful procedures in the neonatal period were associated with site-specific changes in the brain that have been found to be associated with mood disorders (Victoria et al., 2013).

Compare violence rates between America and Europe and then Islamic countries and non-Islamic countries in Asia. It makes complete sense.

>so his parents raised him as a girl without his knowledge
The David Reimer case where paedophile John Money tested his theory of gender being different from biological sex, which was later used as justification for the current troon trend. Both David and his brother committed suicide.

No. 1886764

Women having sex with mutilate men are more likely to report vaginal discomfort than women having sex with intact men.

No. 1886770

File: 1707828954369.jpg (1.07 MB, 1048x1570, 1639535223187.jpg)

>>Blog but I've been with several cut dudes and they have not been any less romantic/sexual than intact partners
The majority of women disagree.
>6 out of 7 women prefer intact partners
>women having sex with mutilated men were less likely to 'really get into it' and more likely to want to 'get it over with'
>women having sex with intact men were more likely to 'really get into it' and less likely to want to 'get it over with'
>these results clearly show that women prefer sex with men with intact penises.

No. 1886772

>uhhh studies say you should suck the smegma out of my chode, it’s science!!!

No. 1886773

When I went to tokyo I saw at least 10 nicely dressed and cute men a day but when I went to nyc I saw about 1 the whole trip

No. 1886774

I don't know why Americans really love to talk about smegma. Intact men don't get smegma. Smegma is almost unheard of here in Canada and in Europe. Smegma is another American myth used to justify male genital mutilation.

No. 1886775

I'm reminded of those moments in manga or Korean drama or whatever when it's some boyfriend feeding his girlfriend ice cream with a beaming smile on his face. It feels like they take things from western romantic stories and just sort of…. LARP them?

No. 1886776

I don’t know why you’re posting ’stats’ about how ‘most women disagree with you’ as if it’s supposed to change anyone’s personal preference, like go find them then

No. 1886779

>personal preference
That "personal preference" becomes harmful when abusive mothers mutilate their sons' genitals so that those genitals align with those abusive mothers' "personal preference".

Imagine if parents started starving their children because anorexia is the "personal preference" of those abusive parents.

No. 1886780

Smegma isn't a myth. Women also get it. It's dead skin that accumulates in the mucus membranes of the genital regions, this includes the vulva and foreskin. It can be easily removed by bathing.

No. 1886781

Not every human's life is worth more than other animals' lives. There is no reason a convicted child rapist automatically deserves to live more than a puppy or a kitten.

No. 1886782

deeply based if its a boy tbh too many lardos around nowadays

No. 1886785

Literally all the forefathers of gender ideology were degenerate pedophiles. Checks out why so many moids subscribe to the fetish.

No. 1886786

Men are bad due to shit parenting and it takes more effort/money to raise males to be decent. Even the ones who grow up in nice homes always have this dynamic, a mom who babies him and tells him he’s a perfect prince all day and a dad who just doesn’t give a shit and let’s the mom do all the parenting but she’s barely parenting and is just treating him like a baby kitten.

No. 1886787

I don't know what's going on in the circumcision debate, but:
Male circumcision increases the chances of rapist tendencies, porn addiction, anal sex obsession, sociopathy, and pedophilia. A disproportionately high amount of incels come from cultures/ethnic groups where circumcision is the norm, too. In general, adults needlessly interfering with children's genitals just causes problems. Also, cut dicks look kind of ugly to me

No. 1886788

Don't dads do the same with daughters though? Research has shown fathers are more openly loving to daughters.

No. 1886789

Yeah but girls aren’t boys. You can let your son know he’s loved but pampering him like that is gonna turn him into a violent narc.

No. 1886790

Hmm. My bf said he'd prefer all girls just because he likes the idea of spoiling them and such.

No. 1886791

Make sure you’re checking your bfs hard drives as well

No. 1886792

Fuck off.

No. 1886793

Men who talk about only wanting daughters are a red flag.

No. 1886794

Uh ok. Some men just genuinely love women. Not in a sexual sense. In general.

No. 1886796

That’s how a lot of y’all end up accidentally marrying pedos by being dumb

No. 1886797

They look sad and dry. At least the standard penis has a wizard sleeve to avert our gaze from it's eye of saruon

No. 1886798

Then check the hard drive(s) to be sure.

No. 1886799

Sorry i don't want to be like that but i kinda agree, why wouldn't he want that for just his "kids"? Why is it strictly for his daughters?
I might be stupid because i never lived with men but it sounds kinda weird.

No. 1886801

>never lived with men
Did you not have a dad?

No. 1886804

Nona, yes i came to life, but my father was never part of my family?? Kek
i mean my parents didn't even marry in the first place so i wouldn't call it a divorce.

No. 1886806

it’s weird for a man to say he wants to have girls to spoil because most normal men aren’t thinking about that lol

No. 1886809

Tbh most normal men are more loving with daughters. More protective too.

No. 1886816

I noticed most men who are super protective of their daughters(not letting them date etc ) is because they were horrible to women when they were young and they’re scared a scrote he’s going to give him is karma. They have no issue with their sons treating women who aren’t their daughters like shit though, even bragging and joking with him about how horrible he was in his prime as well.

No. 1886817

>horrible to women

I mean yeah to some extent I agree. But as someone with a brother like this it's less abuse and things like that and more just general womanizing, sleeping around, not being particularly empathetic etc.

No. 1886819

I guess i kinda get why moids would be over-protective or want to spoil their daughters, but the idea of a moid wanting only daughters as kids because of that is still weird to me.

No. 1886821

That's a common sentiment though. It has been proven dads are more responsive to their young daughters and more indifferent to their young sons.

No. 1886822

Yeah because they encourage that behavior in their sons. They’re not protecting their daughters because they like women, they’re protecting their daughters because they don’t want them to be sluts like other women are in their opinion.

No. 1886823

I can't speak for men, but I can tell you my brother genuinely feels awful about how he treated women as a younger guy. He's told me about it in a very open, raw, emotional way. Sleeping around, borderline cheating etc.

No. 1886825

What if a moid wants only daughters because he thinks all girls behave properly and are easy to raise while moidlets will make his life hell because in general boys are less disciplined? Would that also be considered a red flag?

No. 1886826

Yeah my moid often jokes about this. Says he wants daughters because daughters are more likely to take care of their parents than sons.

No. 1886828

> Circumcision is done right after birth in a hospital by medical professionals

I think you forget that religions also practice that shit.
I accompanied my Dad to his Jewish work colleague's son's circumcision with a Rabbi when I was 13, which I doubt Rabbis all have surgical and medical experience being priests. I stayed the fuck away from the people gathering around the less than 4 month old kid and Rabbi, because I didn't wanna be traumatized for life.

No. 1886829

NTA, but he has a daughter now is what I'm gathering? So it takes him having his own child to realize treating women like people instead of objects to sexualize is wrong? Fuck him kek, he only feels guilty now because he knows what other men are like towards women

>Says he wants daughters because daughters are more likely to take care of their parents than sons
Gross, already thinking about instilling retarded tradwife gender roles onto children he doesn't even have

No. 1886831

>trad wife ideals

Right. These are the kind of men who will have their daughters cooking and cleaning while the sons get to sit in their room and jerk and play video games

No. 1886836

File: 1707834013319.png (632.26 KB, 748x651, R4VAG.png)

I think picrel is kinda cringe, like, I'm happy for them, but I don't really see the appeal. It's cringy enough when 40-year-old moid do the "daddy dom bs", and it's just as cringy when a scrawny lesbian does it. Like just be normal.

No. 1886840

File: 1707834220472.jpg (308.94 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240213-172155_Chr…)

This is what pedophile Rabbis are doing to little boys: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/herpes-babies-jewish-circumcision-ritual-link-rabbis-infants-a7620446.html

Pedophile Rabbis fellate the genitals of little boys after mutilating those genitals, which is a physical assault and sexual assault on those baby boys and infects those baby boys with sexually transmitted diseases. And if you criticise this horrible mutilation and sexual assault on children, Jews and right-wingers and left-wingers would call you "antisemetic". A(will not stop sperging about circumcision )

No. 1886842

Yeah but you're acting like I said he was abusive. He never has been. He was just a coomer with multiple different women on rotation, sleeping around, not really having any care or concern for the women he'd have flings with, leading them on etc.

No. 1886843

I thought this was an AMWF couple.

No. 1886844

Just because he wasn’t literally knocking womens teeth out doesn’t mean he didn’t cause them extensive mental harm. Beating women up isn’t the only form of abuse.

No. 1886847

I'm glad you feel sorry for him because I don't. Want to bet that all his moid friends slap women's asses and spike their drinks and your tender loving brother sits in silence, weeping on the inside and doing fuck all to stop them? Want to bet he still watches porn of women being beaten because 'it's consensual'? He can eat shit nonna, and you know it.

No. 1886848

Where the hell am I implying he was physically abusive? Coomer men are still bottom of the barrel pieces of shit who inflict damage upon women. He's a user and washed up manwhore who only decided he's remorseful because he has a daughter and knows that there's a chance she'll be used callously and tossed away by another guy who doesn't give a shit about women. Stop trying to defend him, he's disgusting

No. 1886849

He genuinely feels bad about what he did. To the point of crying. He said if he has a son he'll teach him to love and respect women, and stand up for them too. I happen to believe them. He has a lot of self loathing, and would actually agree with a lot of what's said on this board about men, although not all.

But it's not fair to claim he's on the same level as someone who rapes and abuses.

No. 1886851

Ayrt, well that's better than the weird pedo vibe of the other but if it was like that he would just say it, eventually?
Sticking with only wanting daughters to spoil sounds odd, even if he had good intentions i feel like there is a lot of other ways he could put that.

No. 1886852

>He was just a coomer with multiple different women on rotation, sleeping around, not really having any care or concern for the women he'd have flings with, leading them on etc.
He can cry harder kek, I wouldn't be surprised if he was a sex pest or assaulted a woman if you said this is the least of what he's done

No. 1886854

Leading women on and using them for sex is abusive. And if he’s the kind of guy who engaged in the casual sex life style he’s probably not too far mentally from a rapist.

No. 1886858

Yeah he's not a rapist jeez. There are varying degrees of male badness. Manwhores can get better no matter what you believe.

A lot of you like celebs who are far worse, especially if you're into kpop/jpop so don't go lecturing please.

No. 1886863

He copes by saying they said yes but probably fails to mention he how he threw a bitch fit or got rude when they said no. I know how men like this are I used to be in the casual sex world during my alcoholic mentally Ill phase in life.

No. 1886868

This is one thing I can tell you he didn't do with absolute certainty. He told me he's always been sexually attracted to "more forward" women because he's a coward and can never make the way first move.

No. 1886873

Sounds like bs. Sexually forward women who engage in casual sex aren’t getting lead on and used for sex because they don’t care about scrotes.

No. 1886874

I mean I was one of those women a couple of times. I suppose I was forward in the moment but after the fact I felt bad.

No. 1886877

I’m sure it happens but when I was going on tinder and having casual sex this is how I noticed things went. Men on there would use the girls who are looking for love/relationships for sex because they got off on denying them a relationship and would chase after the genuinely slutty narcissistic women who just wanted sex because their ego is hurt by her not giving a shit.

No. 1886881

Oh yeah I've definitely noticed this. Men lie: a huge amount of men not just like but actively prefer slutty women. They cope by pretending that sluttyness means a women will "never get married".

My brother freely admits that he prefers slutty women and that was the effect of his manwhore days. I have half a suspicion he has cuck fantasies but also maybe not because he literally tells me everything. Even more than he tells his wife.

No. 1886883

I would also wonder why your brother talks so much about his sex life with you. Seems weird.

No. 1886884

We have a very transparent relationship on both sides. I don't think that's odd. Why do people find it weird when opposite sex siblings are close? This is the same school of thought from people who say hugging your brother is weird.

No. 1886885

I think people talk about men too much

No. 1886891

File: 1707837408361.jpeg (7.03 MB, 2667x4000, B5C02885-F232-4024-AF23-85F8D6…)

Ice spice is prettier than beyonce

No. 1886892

unpopular popular opinion: i liked the dumbass shit threads

so sad we can't have fun anymore.

No. 1886893

I think she's really cute. Honestly I thought she looked charming in the super bowl suite photos.

No. 1886894

ew gross why the fuck are celebrities allowed to dress like that nowadays

No. 1886897

I was just about the comment, fashion design for VIPs/celebs nowadays is absolute trash kek.

No. 1886898

Looks like a nasty ass prostitute to me.

No. 1886911

That's not an unpopular opinion at all dumbass.

I think the farmhands are even stupider for autosaging it because the same conversations have just moved to different threads.

No. 1886912

the hair doesnt suit her, but she has a very cute face.

No. 1886914

Major (non-emergency) construction and property development should be illegal on Sundays. You wanna invite a friend over and repair your roof on the weekend? No problems, good for you. But having the same crew of questionably-legal exploited construction workers hammering every day from dawn to dusk just so some real estate sociopath can make money on his overpriced rentals quicker is fucking wrong. Even if you don't care about construction moids, it's shitty to inflict that much noise on the people who already live there. I would have so much to say about real estate developers if a-logging was allowed.

No. 1886915

This place feels like it's filled with tradthots or incels

No. 1886932

It is. Every cow thread attracts the cows themselves and fans of the cows who are here to anonymously shit on the cows they are obsessed with. They then wander around the rest of the site themselves while their thread is slow. Obviously that’s Not All Farmers but it’s definitely some of them.

No. 1886940

The post quality is really bad and I'm bored. The moderation is bad. Lolcow just feels like a bad advertisment to a political ideology like everything else on the internet. Everything feels so curated, boring, cliche. I want to die. Is the "TERF NONNY" banner serious? It feels so cringe to see that then a banner of SHAYNA or some mentally ill woman KEK. I'm also tired of nit picking women's looks. Seeing women politicized over their sexual choices .

No. 1886942

That's why I called it "unpopular popular opinion" because the dumbass shit threads are cool with everyone but the mods.

No. 1886952

Mods probably don't want to enable us to speak our minds under the guise of being dumb.

No. 1886957

Nta but
>she's a good singer
Good joke

No. 1886980

nta but she does look like a whore. I have 0 respect for women who dress that trashy.

No. 1887028

White guys are generally ugly.

No. 1887036

I think white guys just have a short shelf life. They are only cute from age 15-22. White guys are the type of people who can usually only pull off being boyishly attractive, everything else on them looks pasty or weird.

No. 1887039

File: 1707846191615.gif (4.07 MB, 640x360, 1000078869.gif)

Anyone who finds this sort of stuff (pic related) attractive or charming is sad. I don't mean that in an insulting way either. I find it genuinely sad.

No. 1887040

I think it’s at least somewhat cultural. I don’t know western kpop stans who don’t find it cringey, but obviously aegyo is popular in korea

No. 1887041

We talk about how men are picky but the reality is most attractive women don’t want to date good looking men because they don’t want to be outshined in the relationship and they like all the ass pats they get from people saying “omg how did you get her!”

No. 1887044

>somewhat cultural
These Asians will consider you a whore for showing the mildest amount of cleavage but it feels like the only thing the men get off to over there are women behaving like literal children. What the fuck is their problem?

No. 1887045


No. 1887049

>said by a woman who is not attractive
we attractive women absolutely want to date good looking moids. if my bf was ugly i would be ashamed of myself and never show him to my parents or friends.

No. 1887051

I’ve seen plenty of attractive women saying they like ugly men and there reasoning always sounds like they’d see a more attractive partner as competition

No. 1887056

Honestly yeah. I’ve mostly dated men who were less attractive than me because I was insecure, but I think most would consider me pretty conventionally attractive. However, I’ve realized that ugly moids will treat you like shit all the same once they think they have you in their clutches and they start genuinely believing they must be hot shit to have a hot gf. Like I once had a bf who was actually attractive and a lot of girls wanted him, but because of this I lost interest in him and left him for a mediocre moid. Luckily, I’ve worked on building my self-confidence over the years so I don’t settle for mediocre anymore

No. 1887062

Most attractive women are not insecure pickmes going for ugly moids to reap more compliments. You are watching BPD people on tiktok and thinking that's the general population.

No. 1887064

im sure theres women like that but im sure most pretty women want an equally attractive bf.

No. 1887065

File: 1707847300641.jpeg (133.86 KB, 736x1309, IMG_5620.jpeg)

Ugly men get shilled worldwide. That being said, in the west the type of men that get shilled tend to have a ‘white trash line cook that’ll spit in your burger for a laugh’ vibe meanwhile in Asia it’s like ‘vaguely special needs guy that’s too innocent and sheltered’. It’s sort of like those nonnies in the unconventional attraction thread who said they wanted to fuck Ben Shapiro

No. 1887066

Samefag as >>1887056 but you don’t speak for all “attractive women” kek. I’ve struggled with BDD for most my life, even though people always seem to expect me to be way more confident than I actually am. It’s crushing, in a way, to know that most people value you for your appearance above all else

No. 1887068

i think its cute i will take over daddy dom bullshit

No. 1887071

It's not even about his appearance. The fake innocence is what gives me the ick. Read about the burning sun scandal. These idols are nasty pieces of work.

No. 1887074

The point is the innocence isn't real. These guys are all borderline rapists and sociopaths who are pretending to squee uguu so innocent! Somehow in my mind it comes off worse than someone being out and out skeevy

No. 1887083

Irony is the typical white trash line cook I've seen is better looking than Davidson.

No. 1887091

the wall comes for you all

No. 1887207

Dunno how unpopular it is but I hate moronic zoomers who praise Ted Kaczynski. That man was a retard who could've probably appealed to a lot more people if he hadn't started mailing bombs. Typical moid behavior to try to spread your message with violence lol

No. 1887208

Right but I mean the average ‘english’ person is German because that’s what Anglo is.

No. 1887209

samefag but unless they’re cut up with all the other UK genes like Irish or Scottish or Welsh or Celt or whoever if they’re 100% anglo that means they’re just german with a different title and a different culture

No. 1887218

British isn't a real genetic pool. Just like how American isn't. Anglo-Saxon genes (the 'british' genetic, most commonly) is of German ancestry. German and scandinavian viking settled in what we now know as being Britain/England.

No. 1887223

European royals have been inbreeding with each other for centuries, they are barely German either.

No. 1887224

Because it happens to a literally infant who have no say in the matter. I can't imagine putting a baby through that pain for no reason.

No. 1887229

The ones with dark features tend to age better than the Nordic looking ones. I feel like no one says it because they have blonde hair and blue eyes but Norwegian men are hideous.

No. 1887232

babies dont feel pain trust me ive been one

No. 1887236

that's not true kek

No. 1887237

tacky tacky tacky

No. 1887238

the majority of royal families are, asian ones too

No. 1887242

File: 1707857876413.jpg (233.5 KB, 1170x1140, IMG_4395.jpg)

This is true, I'm a bong and this is my 23&me timeline

No. 1887245

I mean…
Personally I don’t care about men and their peepees but I do care about what it means for an individual’s right to bodily autonomy. I don’t know why you would cut off part of an unconsenting person’s body for no medical benefit. I’m kind of fascinated by the American obsession with circumcision, and can only assume it’s become culturally ingrained in order to line the pockets of private doctors.

No. 1887247

With America I would be interested to know the breakdown of circumcision rates by race, ethnicity and religion. I know that areas with a higher number Catholics have a much lower rate than the protestants.

No. 1887251

Right, they're all anglo's who have been inbreeding with other anglo's for centuries. So they're all recycling the same Anglo, German, genetics. Yes they live in the UK so they are greatly detached from the early Germanic culture from which they descended, but that doesn't magically erase their haplogroup lol.

No. 1887271

Post menstrual symptoms are worse than pre menstrual symptoms

No. 1887303

My mom bought into the lie that it would be better for hygiene. She threw a huge bitch fit at my cousin on my dad's side for not getting his son circumcised. She would not shut the fuck up for months about it. She acted like it was abuse to not get the circumcision. My mom is very self-righteous if that helps.

No. 1887312

File: 1707861303881.jpg (233.73 KB, 691x893, 1702042435712864.jpg)

This is false. The Human nervous system becomes functional many months before babies are born and babies are born with just as functional and complex a nervous system as you have. Trauma such as genital mutilation inflicts immense pain and immense suffering and immense brain damage on children. You don't need to remember pain for it to harm you. If someone were to physically abuse elderly people with poor memories those elderly people would feel pain and be damaged by the pain inflicted on then.

See >>1886763 for scientific studies on the brain damage and psycholotical harm caused by male genital mutilation.

No. 1887319

Please thank your cousin for not mutilating his son. And if your mother would listen to reason, please explain to her the harms caused by male genital mutilation and the important functions of the foreskin as an erogenous, immunological, and protective organ. See >>1886754

No. 1887321

I love male genital mutilation and if it were up to me all moids would have their dick skin cut off at like 18 without anesthesia.(calm down)

No. 1887325

unironically this kek. like you expect me to care about a circumcised dick?

No. 1887328

I'm glad you two losers will never reproduce.(ban evading circumcision sperg)

No. 1887330

Why are you half assing it and not advocating for castration?

No. 1887332

Castration should be the default punishment for all male sex crimes.

No. 1887336

Both male genital mutilation and female genital mutilation are sex crimes.

No. 1887337

I don't disagree male circumcision is bad, but why bring this here? I don't think any male imageboards care about FGM being bad, and it's even worse.

No. 1887338

File: 1707862956734.jpeg (39.65 KB, 736x414, IMG_0398.jpeg)

I’m trying so hard to not call you a scrote, I really am, because I don’t want farmhands to ban me for scrotefoiling again, but-

No. 1887339

ayrt and I didn't say they weren't. Can you stop ranting about circumcision into everyone else's conversation?

No. 1887341

everyone knows FGM is bad, circumcision is messed up because it's openly done on infants in first world countries. Agree on castration for male sex criminal though

No. 1887343

I mean, they can still feel with their dicks, just not as much as a moid with foreskin. Meanwhile women and specially girls just can't feel a thing and are made to have painful sex with disgusting moids that are like 40 years older than they are.
I don't get why people get so visceral about moids' feelings and bodies when women are made to go through horrifying shit and told to shut up and sit down.

No. 1887344

only cum puddlers care this much about reproduction, kys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1887352

Farewell, fallen soldier. You had the courage to go where the rest of us dared not

Here’s my unpopular opinion: I miss being able to call retards scrotes without getting a ban kek

No. 1887358

I miss being able to call out obvious newfags without getting banned. And everyone wonders why newfags aren't following posting etiquette.

No. 1887362

I miss being able to say anything without getting a retarded ban. inb4 "take it to meta" ban

No. 1887363

It’s probably for the best the god didn’t make me pretty because I would be obnoxious because I kind of already am but I don’t act on it becasue I know I wouldn’t get away with it being ugly. I always wonder how pretty girls are so kind, especially to scrotes because I would use it to my advantage to be as demanding and annoying as possible. I think pretty looks are wasted on most women.

No. 1887367

File: 1707866219370.jpg (595.61 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240214-021610_Gal…)

>they can still feel with their dicks
They can't. Pleasurable sensations are instead replaced with irritation or pain for mutilated men.
>Meanwhile women and specially girls just can't feel a thing and are made to have painful sex with disgusting moids that are like 40 years older than they are.
Female genital mutilation is banned in almost every country of the world.
>I don't get why people get so visceral about moids' feelings and bodies
If people cared about males nearly as much as you think they did then male genital mutilation would rightfully be banned just as female genital mutilation is rightfully banned, but instead only females have their bodies protected by the law while males are left at the mercy of their parents who are too often abusive.(stop)

No. 1887368

oh my fucking god

No. 1887371

Okay, so circumcision, the other day someone posted about driver's licenses, what very burger issue should we discuss next? Tipping culture, pineapple on pizza? Maybe we have someone here insane enough to defend the two party system?

No. 1887372

Azealia banks is the only good mod in this whole site.

No. 1887374

We wish this was true then men would be less rape apey and chronic masturbator. We'd be in utopia if men couldn't feel their cocks. Everything a man does in life iss about his physical or psychological cock.

No. 1887375

I'm honestly sick of burgers only talking about their greasy issues, they should just solve them on their own.

No. 1887376

Barbecue. I want to argue about whether vinegar-based or molasses-based BBQ sauce is better.

No. 1887378


No. 1887386

File: 1707867857628.jpeg (136.35 KB, 1500x1000, 49978722-A512-47AA-8820-FF7693…)

Life is high school and if you manage to become famous and or rich youre now a part of the popular kids in life. You can cope all you want and say things will change after high school and college because people mature after 25 but they won’t. Watching all those celebrities at the super bowl really just made it click to me that they all just act and look like the popular kids in high school. Taylor swift and her bf are the popular cheerleader and jock for adults.

No. 1887389

I'd argue that rich people that can afford to surround themselves with yes-men just stunt their own development. The majority of people aren't celebrities. Anybody past age 20 that still seriously talks about secondary school is someone that I avoid.

No. 1887391

Genuinely who cares though? Once you realize its all just a game the idea of "popular" becomes kind of lame. Grown adults who care about this sort of stuff is embarrassing, it reminds me of toddlers who get jealous because Timmy got a bigger cookie then them.

No. 1887393

Everyone who says they don’t care about being popular or rich are trying to sound mature but I hear it as “I know I’m ugly and poor so there’s no point and even dreaming of better”

No. 1887395

You can hear it as that, but I'm not ugly or poor I just dont buy into the "popular" or status signaling culture that surrounds us. Being popular isnt winning at life, its just being more known.

No. 1887397

I hope one day you can grow out of a high school mindset kek. There’s more to life, I promise

No. 1887399

Are you hot or rich?

No. 1887400

I wonder how the people who say they are too mature to worry about social status deal with work. I can’t just come into work and do my job and leave, I have to giggle and gossip and gain popularity just to not be harassed everyday. Do you people just have rich parents and sit inside all day?

No. 1887402

I dont engage in gossip, when people at work approach me to gossip I tell them if they need to vent they can but I dont engage in talking about others like they want. Just say "no thank you" when they start to bitch about someone. It helps if youre autistic

No. 1887404

Here, burger issue. My possibly popular opinion is that I always regarded the popular high school kids thing as just a trope that keeps getting recycled cause burger media is creatively bankrupt and I refuse to believe people irl in hs or not actually care about this shit. Oh so and so is popular, who cares, don't burger high schoolers have college entrance to have a melt down over?

No. 1887405

I find that hard to believe. What usually happens to autists like that in work environments is they get ganged up on and eventually fired or pushed out unless they have a record of the harassment. At my job we have a mandatory on the clock Christmas party and the hire ups lecture us in front of everyone if we aren’t dressed “properly”…yeah yeah everyone just matures out of the high mentality, ya right kek

No. 1887406

>the "hire" ups.

No. 1887408

It’s the same in the uk too. I know you guys have tea rounds in office jobs where the newbies or lower tier employees have to be responsible for passing out tea.

No. 1887409

Ok higher. So what?

No. 1887410

Ayrt I still want to be well-liked by my peers, including colleagues and friends, but that doesn’t mean I’m consumed by the idea of being a “popular kid” post-high school. For instance, I’m barely on social media, and I think I’m genuinely happier for it. It’s not healthy to always compare yourself to others

No. 1887413

You can find it hard to believe but it doesnt change it.
I am good natured and friendly outside of gossip, I ask about peoples weekends/day off, bring cookies on Christmas, cake on birthdays. Generally being a likeable person helps negate people ganging up.
Of course there are a few catty women but they are unlikeable and it seems like everyone around them have the same issue with them.

I dont go out group lunches or engage outside of the workplace. Like I said, I tell them if they want to vent I will be their ear and most people are fine with that since its basically a cone of silence and they know I wont repeat it.
I dont even want to hear that amount of gossip, but usually its ''X did this thing to me and it was so frustrating what a bitch'' and they feel better having gotten that off their chest.

You can be well liked without playing the game by just being a likeable person, at least in my experience. I've never been pushed out or fired.

No. 1887414

And that’s what I hate about work. I don’t like that in order to pay my bills and not end up homeless I have to be popular in the work place or else I’m at risk of being harassed and ganged up on. Doesn’t matter if I’m extremely good at my job, if I’m not “popular” I’m going to get laid off with no promotions anyway. High school never ends.

No. 1887416

Are you American? Maybe its an American thing youre experiencing

No. 1887417

You’re still trying to gain popularity by brown nosing and ass kissing. I don’t want to do any of that. I want to do well at my job and go home.

No. 1887418

>you’re American

I’ve experienced american and Japanese office environments. I’ll say Japanese work environments are even worse. Want to go home after work? Nope can’t leave because the boss hasn’t left yet, can’t leave until he goes home because that’s rude. Want to go home and sleep? Nope, your boss wants you to go to an after hours bar and get drunk with your office mates. Want to use your vacation time? Nope that’s rude and shoes you’re lazy.

No. 1887419

I dont think you know what brown nosing is

No. 1887420

Oh yeah japan is fucked, their work culture is awful you cant change that no matter what you do

No. 1887424

Going out of your way to bring in cakes etc to work is ass kissing. You’re too autistic to gain popularity the typical way by gossiping etc so you try to come off as non threatening. I’m not bringing in cakes etc to work because I don’t wanna spend my wage bucks on work.

No. 1887425

>Being nice to people is sociopathic akshually!
Okay everyone can stop replying to this bait now it's getting annoying.

No. 1887428

She wont understand so I'm not bothering lol. Its all through the lense of trying to be popular for her.

No. 1887429

I never said it’s sociopathic but bringing in cakes etc is a form of ass kissing. Stop bringing in the food and see how long you not sharing your private life and gossiping goes before they turn on you. Even if you’re being nice people are going to take you being private as being “stuck up”.

No. 1887432

this sounds so exhausting. you can’t just do the work or whatever you have a whole second job on top of your actual job.

No. 1887442

The only time work is comfy is if a person is too stupid to recognize what’s going on or they are comfy in it. I knew my time at my job was over when they started timing us for our bathroom breaks, 15 minutes for a 10 hour shift. I got more freedom in middle school.

No. 1887446

The main reason Taylor swift is so famous is because she’s the embodiment of the perfect woman by societies standards. Very nonsexual image, her only focus in life is having a man despite Having so much success she can’t go a week without a man, blonde, thin and blue eyes. She’s someone the average white woman can relate to and the average white fit wants to marry.

No. 1887447

Average white man wants to marry*

No. 1887454

Don't forget old people love her because of her lack of scandels and modestish image too. My grandma adores taylor compared to ariana personality wise.

No. 1887478

I think you want to be popular for ego reasons and not just for safety/security. Your posts here show that you're stuck up. I have no sympathy.(infighting)

No. 1887480

Too many people peaked in high school even anons who were getting groomed by discord mods

No. 1887487

Who actually gives a fuck about this. "You didn't win the lottery so now you're a LOSER for having any commentary on a fake pr relationship being shoved down your throat at any turn. Haha you're commenting on something being purposely shoved in front of you haha"

No. 1887488

I want to be popular for safety and ego reasons. I don’t need to pretend to be too mature 4lyfe because I don’t give shit. I’d rather have Taylor swifts or ice spices life over my life where I can’t even use my cell phone or take a shit when I feel like it.

No. 1887498

I agree with cake >>1887413
nonnie. I am someone who also bakes, brings cakes, makes jokes with the bosses and befriend hr. I really couldn't give a fuck less if anyone thinks I'm brown nosing or ass kisser. That's the point. Even if THEY don't like it but pretend to. This world is about strategy, not feelings. I will always go out of my way to befriend 'important' people, sometimes its more blunt than others. I have no friends for this reason. I see others as 'tools' in order to succeed, learn or ignore. I do not genuinely consider anyone my friend despite their impression of us. I am seen as friendly and nice, and a team leader at my work, but it is all fake.

No. 1887501

What does that have to do with popularity tho? Wasn't Taylor Swift born rich? She wouldn't deal with that even if she was the most disliked and socially retarded person in the room. Dunno what's the deal with ice Spice, I think I've seen she being called a plant, I don't know or care, but suggests she wouldn't deal with that either.

No. 1887514

Um okay but you aren't going to snap your fingers and have their life. So move on

No. 1887515

Okay, but like what percentage of your salary has increased or what unethical deed did you get away with by having your machinations lay undetected for years?

No. 1887516

kek what if she does nonners

No. 1887517

Don’t try to force your toxic positivity on me. If I want to complain I’m gonna complain. I don’t want to move on, i want to be bitter and jealous.

No. 1887520

Travis was acne faced in high school, taytay looked like a naked mole rat bedore she got those bangs and makeup techniqies. Megan Fox is probably the best celebrity example of absolute elite Stacy in high school. And Angelina Jolie.

No. 1887526

in 3 months I got a $4/hr increase in wage and make a top wage compared to others in my job. its only been 1 year.

No. 1887532

>toxic positivity
And that is what actually separates you as a loser from regular people.

No. 1887536

This is why don't believe in the private sector

No. 1887539

File: 1707877481818.jpeg (170.57 KB, 1022x749, 1707838937753.jpeg)

come anons, now is the time to show cerbmin how unpopular their opinion is. Onwards!

No. 1887545

No. I am so happy you lot are locked away like the cousin with a flipper and second head.

No. 1887548

do you smell burnt toast anon?

No. 1887581

I said what the fuck I said. You speds are in a tower.

No. 1887583

what? Are you british or something? british expressions always sound like something made up bya stroke patient, so that's just my guess.

No. 1887606

You're just slow

No. 1887611

ok so i guess it is british. ok well you're in a tower too, whatever that means. Actually no you're in a treehouse. Which is worse btw. No plumbing.

No. 1887659

proana scumbags is one of the most milkless threads on this website. Someone being mentally ill publicly doesn’t really make them a cow.

No. 1887661

Your "ermagerd su randum" quip exdee

No. 1887666

the only cow spawned from proana scumbags who i’d really consider a cow by definition is lucinda

No. 1887676

lighten up ♥

No. 1887752

i dont really want there to be a female president. id much rather some atrocious moid get blamed for everything

No. 1887756

A q anon schizophrenic would absolutely assassinate a female president with a poison dart shot from a bamboo chute

No. 1887761

Woman get the blame anyway via mens 4d retard chess.

No. 1887773

Apparently an unpopular opinion, toilet lids should be kept down when toilet isn't in use. I can't believe people flush toilets with the lid up.

No. 1887778

you'll find a surprise next time nonny

No. 1887784

What do you mean?

No. 1887785

Saw a video about how this lady's moid has ARFID and how his safe foods are hamburgers and fries. I don't understand how she can stand it, she takes videos of her moid trying new foods like a toddler. It's just so off-putting, having to take care of someone who's eating habits are of a 5y.o. why would you do that to yourself. Idgaf, sounds more like a coddled moid to me

No. 1887791

Kek this reminded me of that cheesy potato woman from freaky eaters. She should tell her moid he'll fuckin die if he doesn't pick up a fruit and vegetable once and awhile.

No. 1887792

Funny how "extreme picky eaters" never fixate on a singular healthy food, it's always burger, fries, chicken tenders, pizza, grilled cheese, etc. I'm convinced it's a made up disorder for unbearable people to not even bother try to expand their palate outside of fast food

No. 1887794

My dad is like that. If a restaurant doesn't serve hamburgers or chicken tenders he doesn't go, which always pissed me off so bad. Don't think I've ever seen him eat a vegetable. I think there's more than ARFID than being coddled, but why do they always choose beige fried things as their "safe food"

No. 1887795

Unfortunately this will probably be exactly what happens. They'll wait for shit to go down and then use the female president as an excuse to remove women's rights

No. 1887819

I'd assume it's because the same type of healthy food like fruit can taste completely different between bites. Eating raspberries, I can get an amazing sweet tasting one that is better than any candy, but then the next one and the same batch was mushy and tasted awful. Whereas junk food is usually always the same consistent flavour/texture

No. 1887836

File: 1707899195454.jpg (44.2 KB, 622x800, longnecc.jpg)

If you have poor posture or a lock neck don't cut your hair short or you'll look like a turtle

No. 1887847

wtf is daddy dom about this its just them doing a romantic pose

No. 1887875

It is that way in Germany. Germans and moids from all over the world act as if Merkel destroyed the country, when in reality her party (which is christian and conservative btw) has pretty much always been in power and the decision-making is much less up to one person than in other countries, meaning she herself didn't do much.
I once had to argue with my dad who said that we should never ever have a female leader anymore - remember what can happen when Germans have a male leader..?

No. 1887887

Nah it's less cringe because they're actually cute together. The sword/knife is the most cringy part of the picture if you ask me

No. 1887894

File: 1707911292670.jpeg (57.78 KB, 500x806, CC333CE2-F496-46DD-8F26-CA9AB1…)

True, I have let my hair grown for this exact comparison but instead of just bad posture I also have a stupid long ass neck and maxillary prognathism. Now I look like a monkey but I think it’s better like it’s a more evolved animal right ?

No. 1887904

No matter how cringe electro swing is, this song and video will always be iconic. The redditor furries were cooking here, and that's that.

No. 1887931

Go away

No. 1887936

No, you go. I've been here since the site started, so I don't feel the need to be a tryhard newfag crying about slang.

No. 1887986

Good for you. This is why I believe in job hopping. I used to work somewhere where someone who was there 8 years made 50 cents more than me. I just started that year.

No. 1888006

File: 1707922780242.jpeg (47.98 KB, 500x499, IMG_8915.jpeg)

>I've been here since the site started

No. 1888107

A phoneposter sperging about little things and trying to fit in. Typical.
Newfag test: Do you know what MF was, and what behavior got it shut down?

No. 1888108

I don’t feel bad for homeless people because 99% of them aren’t homeless because they don’t have a home, they’re homeless because they’re crack heads and don’t wanna work. I really hate seeing their ugly smelly assess everyday and seeing all the trash and filth they leave. I don’t care if you want to sit around and get high all day but can you AT THE VERY LEAST not leave trash and human shit all over? These people cant die from drug over sides fast enough.

No. 1888114

people who come to live on the streets do so b/c they have no other options, ie they have alienated/become alienated from anyone who would have helped them otherwise. i only feel sympathy for homeless women and children.

No. 1888118

nta are we really policing what devices everyone is allowed to post from now? shut up kek

No. 1888119

>another phoneposter

No. 1888121

I'm on my laptop actually but I'll probably get my tail pulled for not being on a 3 piece PC won't I

No. 1888123

Kek this is so cringe

No. 1888126

Phoneposters have just been mocked here and on 4chan for being annoying/new since forever. Where have you been nonny?

No. 1888127

Sure jan. Go back already, lmao.

No. 1888128

Didn’t the site traffic show that like 95% of posters are mobile users

No. 1888130

That sounds like the same site that claimed the users here were like 70% male. Another source (Google Analytics) said most people here are rich white women in their 30s-40s. I wouldn't really trust it.

No. 1888133

This might shock you, but it’s been a decade since this board split off from /cgl/. A lot has changed in that decade, including the prevalence of phoneposting. Sure, we can make fun of phoneposters, but that doesn’t change the fact that a millennial oldfag acting like she’s part of the cool kids club because she posts from a pc (unlike the newfag zillennials!!1!) will never not be cringe

No. 1888135

But computer posters are just as annoying?

No. 1888137

You're definitely lying or new if you think anons stopped making fun of phoneposters just because we split off from/cgl/.
It's not that big a deal, either. It's a meme based on how phoneposters tend to act. Get over it. I'm not a millenial, either, and I dislike gen Z/millenial fights, so quit projecting.

No. 1888139

Most of it could be solved with better financial management. Demolishing the corn syrup factories, forcing NEET men into hard all our to rebuild the cities, taking education seriously (Soviet style education is the superior option), etc

No. 1888142

NTA but she didnt say that they'd stop 'just because we split off' she said that its been a full decade since then and now the majority of our traffic comes from mobile users. Yeesh, Gen X'ers are so mean when they dont get their morning kratom

No. 1888145

>now the majority of our traffic comes from mobile users.
>Yeesh, Gen X'ers are so mean when they dont get their morning kratom
Not to take you by surprise, but not everyone here is old or a burger

No. 1888146

You don’t need a source because the vast majority of online traffic on ANY website is mobile…

No. 1888149

It just sounds like you came from Twitter. Anyway, joking about phoneposters isn't some kind of horrible sin. Imageboard users do it. You'll live, being a phoneposter isn't a race kek.

No. 1888154

Exactly, she is the physical embodiment of modern americana. That’s why people love her. The better question is why do so many feminists support and worship this woman?

No. 1888155

cinnamon rolls are overrated

No. 1888160

If you're gen alpha get the fuck out you're not welcome here

No. 1888162

Think clearly, and then try again.

No. 1888164

born in 2000 i really don't get the appeal of rioting and bandalizing a city during protest, i guess my unpopular opinion is that rioting and bandalizing places to protest for a change just makes everything look worse for everyone even the rioters themselves after they stop rioting they have to look at what they did.
i don't get it.

No. 1888171

I agree. It's almost like tearing apart your own home because you're mad at your boss. If they want to fuck shit up, they should go straight to the people responsible for the things they're angry about.

No. 1888174

It generally correlates with lack of education, so expect to see a lot more of it in the future as more zoomers and gen alpha reach adulthood.

No. 1888179

>gen alpha
I wish anons would stop trying to make earnest posts while high

No. 1888181

They should be vandalizing the politicians homes but nah, lets tear down this small business cus something something oppressor. People are legit retarded in their "fighting".

No. 1888186

It’s a risky protest method because it can draw too much negative publicity, but I see it as more of a final resort. Disclaimer: my perspective is burger-specific. Protests like that here are often led by marginalized inner-city black communities. In my city, entire blocks were boarded up for months after the last BLM protest. However, my city has a lot of racial tension which reached a boiling point after yet another unarmed black person was shot. Of course it hurts the economy of a city to raze it to the ground, but it was wealthy white people who mostly enjoyed the shops that were looted and destroyed. It shows that the protesters aren’t fucking around and have nothing to lose

No. 1888188

Vandalizing rich neighborhoods would be more effective because only then will laws be passed

No. 1888207

Ok well she said she’s not gen z, she’s not millennial, she’s not gen x, so is she supposed to be a boomer?

No. 1888217

And yet here you are, unwittingly doing your part to maintain the popularity of Unabomber, while countless other tranifestos remain unnoticed.

No. 1888225

I said I wasn't a millenial, and that I don't like millenial/gen z slapfights. I'm not sure where you got the first part of your post from.

No. 1888247

I’ve probably said this a million times but I despise the sensation of silk

No. 1888293

Brown men. Islam/Muslim men are the worst breed of scrotes out of them all.(racebait)

No. 1888299

I hate that emo/scene fashion are popular amongst zoomers

No. 1888381

I hate virtue signalling activists who post graphic pictures of dead and mutilated Palestinian women and children for 'awareness.' Please just let them rest in dignity without letting some scrote jack off to their corpses

No. 1888386

Where the fuck did you find these numbers? Average salary is around 50-60k in usd, and benefits range from 10-30.

No. 1888393

File: 1707945518807.png (194.09 KB, 1141x837, my sources.png)

I googled “Average nordic disability salary” and this was what came up

No. 1888397

File: 1707945862243.jpeg (155.09 KB, 1072x1660, IMG_7767.jpeg)

No. 1888399

Why are you nitpicking it says $294,178 so I wrote $294,178. If you’re going to sperg about the currency I don’t care because nobody cares about what it converts to in US dollars because we are not talking about US dollars we are talking about Nordics

No. 1888400

Really wish this was true kek I'm on disability and I get less than 1000 USD per month.

No. 1888401

I’m not talking about USD. Pardon me for using the wrong currency symbol I guess but it says 294,178

No. 1888404

Stop posting while drunk or high

No. 1888405

File: 1707946589738.jpeg (355.58 KB, 1125x1635, IMG_7876.jpeg)

I think you are confusing currencies here.

No. 1888407

You expect people who do nothing to better their situation to act rationally?

No. 1888408

Im not confusing anything oh my fucking lord. I apologize for using the dollar sign I guess that was wrong, but bottomline the number is 294,178

No. 1888409

>you’re drunk and high for being able to read that it says 294,178
Are you just looking for things to infight over…I’m sorry for putting a fucking dollar sign next to it but nobody is talking about the currency? Nobody cares about the currency? I never said it was 294,178 USD i just said 294,178 and added a dollar sign to it because it’s 294,178 viking dollars. What is your deal.

No. 1888410

6 days later, randomly bringing up and sperging about a post because it has a dollar sign instead of whatever the norwegian currency symbol is. Go take a nap, anons.

No. 1888411

Yes, but you said the average salary in the ”nordics” is 100k while disability is 300k which is false. Also, Norway is much richer than other Nordic countries due to their oil reserves and seafood export etc so those numbers only hold true for Norway.

No. 1888412

she's right tho

No. 1888415

It didn't say $294,178 it said 294,178 NOK, it's not a nitpick when the amount of money cited is a 10x increase from the actual amount.

No. 1888417

Oh my god get over it. I’m sorry I didn’t say 294,178 KOK. Nail me to a cross for it, you fucking hall monitor autist.

No. 1888418

>I never said it was 294,178 USD
>i just said 294,178 and added a dollar sign to it
But that's literally saying it's 295,178 USD

No. 1888420

That is what it says on google I do not control what google says, it says 294k. Take it up with google.

No. 1888421

No it’s not, burgerland is not the only country that uses the dollar sign.

No. 1888422

Ok but bottomline, it’s 294,178 no matter what currency signature is next to it. So.

No. 1888427

>it says 294178 so I wrote 294178
>ahhh welll technically you actually wrote USD so you’re retarded and wrong even though that is what it says online
Ben Shapiro ass thought process.

No. 1888438

True, I suppose it could mean 294,178 Argentine pesos

No. 1888440

So true, their average income is 24k

No. 1888444

But you do realize 300 000 US dollars is wildly different amount to 300 000 Norwegian crowns, right? …right?

No. 1888446

Nobody was comparing USD to KOK though. Sorry for using the dollar sign but we were talking about Norway so I must've been wrong in assuming that you'd be capable of understanding that I meant $ as in norwegian dollars, since we were talking about Norway lmfao. But I guess context clues are not enough for the zoomers who have joined us.

No. 1888448

Anon there is no such a thing as a Norwegian dollar

No. 1888450

I'm unsure if you read the original post but this >>1882398 is not comparing USD to KOK, nor does it ever refer to converting the two. We were discussing welfare benefits for families and I googled disability benefits in Norway to see what it says.
But you know exactly what I mean when I am saying 'norwegian dollars'. Unless you're pretending to be retarded and suddenly don't remember what KOK is.

No. 1888451

>ugh there’s akshyually no such thing as norwegian dollars!
shut the fuck up kek

No. 1888453

nta but
>Unless you're pretending to be retarded and suddenly don't remember what KOK is
? what did she mean by this kek

No. 1888455

I feel like farmers are getting dumber and dumber. It's actually becoming concerning. Some of the posts ITT coupled with the "anon are you in antarctica??" stuff from before are very weird. It feels like there's an uptick in posters misreading things and reacting with misguided hostility, getting very offended over small things, accusing others of shit they themselves do/are, or just making retarded mistakes and then doubling down. Is it because the dumbass shit thread is on autosage or something? Did all the retardation just leak into other threads?

No. 1888464

norwegian krona abbreviation is KOK

No. 1888465

Deep in my heart I was hoping we had an explorer farmer in Antarctica too lol

No. 1888466

It's NOK…

No. 1888467

nok nok

No. 1888468

Why you guys keep blaming the dumbass thread like all the stupidity came from there? Look at the state of meta, anons there really believe anything the farmhand says and these are the same people that hate the dumbass shit thread.

No. 1888469

Kek it’s NOK not KOK

No. 1888470

>its actually becoming concerning
I dont really think any of us come here to be our must scrubbed up professional selves nonie

No. 1888471

How the fuck is being aromantic or asexual part of the LGBT community

No. 1888475

>shut it down

No. 1888476

Yes. This is why we need dumbass shit back

No. 1888477

It's not, unless the person is also bi/homo/sexual/romantic.

No. 1888483

Could be AI bots.

No. 1888486

Participation trophy for people who don't want fun new pronouns and also aren't gay or bi

No. 1888487

Really? You think its AI generated idiocy?

No. 1888496

the sexual/romantic split attraction model is bullshit. "Homoromantic asexual" just means gay. the -sexual part refers what biological sex you're attracted to, not whether you want to bang them.

No. 1888499

Nayrt but genuinely, maybe. The replies I have been getting to my posts sound almost deliberately rage-bait-y or sometimes just make zero sense at all.

No. 1888500

Converse all stars are not comfortable and they are ugly. Maybe a hundred years ago it was a good shoe but modern ones have no redeeming qualities.

No. 1888501

Well I apologize

No. 1888516

It could also be farmers can't distinguish between reality and bait. A lot of anons are anger-poisoned and want to take every joke super seriously for some reason. When I read the Antarctica interaction I just did a hearty kek, I didn't try to psychoanalyze the retard.
I suggest we implement a new rule where we all have to wear formal business attire to post on LC. If you just want to lurk, it's business casual (but still no open-toed shoes).

No. 1888523

I wish the absolute scam that is valentine's day would catch on in my country, I just think flowrshops and chocolate brands deserve the boost.

No. 1888533

File: 1707953939106.jpg (7.12 KB, 406x508, 1000010847.jpg)

These are comfortable but mostly because you don't need to wear socks, but make sure your toenails are very short tho.

No. 1888535

sorry for asking to be spoonfed but what thread was the Antarctica discussion? i haven't been on this board/site in general as often as i used to and now i'm getting FOMO kek

No. 1888542

It wasn't a big discussion, it was like 3 anons and I'm 90% sure it was just a joke. The interaction happened in the confessions thread, and then it was posted in the funny screencaps thread.

No. 1888546

File: 1707954556598.png (53.42 KB, 402x502, Screen Shot 2024-02-14 at 6.50…)

My unpopular opinion is that wearing shoes without socks on is horrifying. I always get a blister on my hee