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File: 1705605899110.jpeg (54.53 KB, 518x492, IMG_6695.jpeg)

No. 1860223

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life

previous thread >>>/ot/1770498

No. 1860227

Reading the art salt thread fight while borderline suffering of heat stroke. It feels like the appropriate way to read it. I wish I were that duck

No. 1860233

File: 1705606634198.jpg (43.28 KB, 540x675, 9ae8a01b1cebeb4258446ee164bd26…)

Just sitting with my heavy period and getting upset over everything and wanting to watch The Wicker Man 1973 but having zero snacks to munch on while doing it

No. 1860282

Went to the dentist today, was worried I would need more work done or a new cavity would pop up but I'm good!

No. 1860309

I am exhausted from cleaning my kitchen. I live in a pretty old apartment building and sometimes i want to burn my own place down because i keep cleaning and fumigating and roaches always come back.

Literally every inch of my fucking kitchen is cleaned and i've sprayed every hole, fucking bugs leave me alone.

No. 1860311

i love walking my dog and getting the mail and flicking through it as she sniffs around the bushes and flowers

No. 1860357

I've never been into musicals, but I decided to watch the Mean Girls Broadway musical and now I can't get Meet The Plastics out of my noggin.

No. 1860365

File: 1705615389943.gif (945.15 KB, 500x281, wickermanyeeababy.gif)

Were you in the movie room last year when we watched The Wicker Man 1973? It was such a good time. Anyway picrel is nonnas coming to bring you snacks.

No. 1860366

was it bad? i love the og mean girls but am hesitant on watching this because of how bad i expect it to be

No. 1860425

I'm checking out some scholarships in French so I can continue studying while also learning French.
I'm confused about this whole thing but I'm interested in going out of my country to live somewhere else for a while again.

No. 1860482

There's this house in my block, the people who live in it are super noisy and often hanging out on the sidewalk, they have twin toddlers and everyday I hear the mother screaming at one of them to stop misbehaving, but it's always the same boy, I literally never heard the other twin being reprimanded.

No. 1860868

I can only eat one more thing today and I'm trying to decide if it should be a coffee or apple sausage.
I was so tired today/yesterday and napped for so long, I'm gonna end up staying up very late despite having shit I need to do later. Tonight might be a night to just watch a movie or anime and hand wash some laundry.

No. 1860930

File: 1705651827336.gif (2.89 MB, 449x248, fuckthisgayearth.gif)

I got violently ill for two weeks and realized it was mostly because the two completely normal OTC meds I was taking at totally normal doses. For a while there I thought I was at the end of my life with some sort of horrific mystery virus but nope, stopped taking taking them and recovered within a day. God, I feel fucking dumb.

No. 1861074

that sounds horrifying, nonna, i'm glad you're feeling better! did the meds interact with each other?

No. 1861239

File: 1705689083899.jpeg (43.07 KB, 634x434, IMG_6691.jpeg)

someone should gouge his soulless eyeballs out, peel the layers off what little is left of his skin, pluck his teeth one by one, chop his dick off and watch him squirm and suffer until his very last breath(wrong thread + unhinged)

No. 1861257

I really really like the OP image.

No. 1861299

They both literally look like demons from hell here what the fuck kek.
Yes I know Jim is one

No. 1861308

Carey Elwis being at the sex offender soirée really disappointed me.

I heard and thought he was a nice guy, and The Princess Bride is a comfort movie for me, apparently he's been friends with scumbag since the 90s.

No. 1861557

>Were you in the movie room last year when we watched The Wicker Man 1973?
Unfortunately no, but I can imagine how much fun you must've had!
Damn I wish I could party like that with nonnies, thanks for snacks btw

No. 1861559

File: 1705709156901.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x1039, IMG_6884.jpeg)

By the way, I hope this scrotum slits his wrists right in the vein

>that totally happened

No. 1861564

I literally procrastinate on every single thing. I started a playlist where I add a new song everyday for 2024, and so far it only has 11 songs kek.

No. 1861585

My stomach literally never growls, but it's growling like crazy right now. And my mouth is watering like I'm about to vomit.

No. 1861656

I signed up for influenster like a month or two ago, completely forgot about it but now I just got my first offer for a sample product. I guess I'll start putting in reviews now so I can get more products.

No. 1861927

Fell asleep with a hair tie on my arm last night. I have a red mark on that spot now and the area is itchy.
Gonna head to work in a few, probably going to walk back home through the park since it's over 0° Celsius today and not windy, and then depending on how cold I feel, maybe I'll take a bath with relaxing bath salts.

No. 1862021

I was just pouring out pasta from the package and one of the pasto fell on the counter and bounced straight into my pocket

No. 1862072

I'm trying to cut back on my music listening. I constantly have something on regardless of what I'm doing and I feel like I could benefit from some silence every now and again. i also have this autistic tendency to obsessively pick out my soundtrack for the day like im in some shitty movie

No. 1862078

>i also have this autistic tendency to obsessively pick out my soundtrack for the day like im in some shitty movie
That's cool, anon.

No. 1862083

I get autistic about music, too. I obsess over a song or artist for like a month or two. I’ve already listened to Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos three times today and it’s not even 10 am. Never taken a break from music though. Is it helping?

No. 1862091

The air in my room has been so dry and one side of my nose keeps getting stopped up when I lay down. Not stopped up by snot, but you know when one nostril just closes? It's doing that. It sucks so bad when in sleeping. I have to elevate my head with an entire blanket and 2 pillows to cope.

No. 1862139

I havent cut music out completely, that would be way too extreme. I think most of my issue comes from obsessively curating playlists. Lately i've been putting on yt playlists of video game music or the radio. Basically, just letting other people decide for me so i dont spend an hour making a playlist every morning. I still put on spotify playlists in my car, but i let it shuffle instead of queuing everything i want to listen to in a specific order

No. 1862162

This is super normal imo. At least I do it too haha. And Cornflake Girl is a good song.
I've been listening to Tori Amos for 16 years already and I still find "new" old songs that I never listened to previously for some reason, like, for example, Thoughts, Virginia, Pancake… but CG was one of the first ones, super nostalgic

No. 1862199

File: 1705772545042.jpeg (56.81 KB, 421x419, IMG_0456.jpeg)

Wife and I are doing our routine Saturday clean up and our toddlers are trying to help. They put away all their toys by themselves and I feel really proud!!! The best part is how they come motoring over for kisses and cuddles when they finish a little task. They are getting a yummy treat with their lunch in a little bit I can’t wait to see how excited they are for it. Happy Saturday everyone ♥ this meme has had me and wife ugly laughing all day

No. 1862210

parentposters should be confined to /g/

No. 1862227

Aww, this is so sweet. Congrats to your kids for putting all of their toys away! You and your wife sound like you're doing great and I'm extra happy for you both. Wishing you and your family lots of happiness and a fun weekend!

No. 1862297

I’d prefer if anyone claiming to be a parent was spanned tbqh, how mentally ill do you have to be to continue posting here after having children

No. 1862298

Kek me and asmr, meaning even more autistic.
I'm actually trying to listen to more music instead because asmr puts me in a trance-ike state. But silence is somehow so uncomfortable.

On the topic of music: ages ago I read that people will always retain the same music taste they had at 16/18 and lately I realized that this is totally true.

No. 1862302

My bowel movement was pretty good today, a clean satisfying wipe too.

No. 1862357

Hungy. Hope you ate something tasty nonna

No. 1862360

should parents give up everything good in life?

yes lolcow is good

No. 1862370

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get out of sleep paralysis today. I started giving up but then I pushed through. I'm setting a strict bedtime of 11pm-1am (ok so, maybe not so strict) because I think a poor sleeping schedule is fucking me up.

No. 1862544

File: 1705797289614.jpg (130.88 KB, 564x788, 9a7900c293baad6b37694fc743f8ee…)

Eating a sausage with broccoli and a lot of brown gravy. It makes me feel super British cause for some reason they seem to eat a lot of brown gravy. I'm southern and I don't think that even we eat that much gravy.

I wish I had made cornbread.

No. 1862622

It's very late (it's almost early morning, to be precise) but instead of sleeping I'm thinking about the food I'm going to eat tomorrow. That's what I always do. I plan and I dream and I get hungry. Every night.

No. 1863040

File: 1705833892194.jpg (47.14 KB, 428x639, north korean Stacies.jpg)

Goodmorning nonas!

No. 1863068

Good morning nonnie (its 3.30am here)

No. 1863071

go to sleep now

No. 1863119

never nonnie sleep is for the weak

No. 1863353

File: 1705857955436.gif (253.95 KB, 282x284, 1620775013563.gif)

I want to thank the nonnie that suggested the Distraction Free Youtube extension in another thread. Its sooo much better to use the site now without comment sections or recommended videos sidebar tab (i shut those off).

Another nonna also recommended the "you should quit reddit" book in the reddit thread and i downloaded Leechblock like that author suggested to block myself access from the sites i am most addicted to from Monday to Friday. I dont use social media so these are mostly IBs.

I am gonna make it.

No. 1863537

Nonna, same! Thank you to the OG nonnie that suggested Leechblock in one of those threads. Its' really helped me stick to social media limits (well… lolcow and forum limited time) and I feel much better. We can make it!

No. 1863549

I´m so happy about my relationship with my puppy. He is really smart and has lots of charakter and recently the communication with him works so well! I understand exacly what he needs when he shows me and I have to tell him something and he gets it. We both like routine and really flourish sticking to it.

No. 1863729

Got a Lego set for my birthday and I swear building this shit activates some kind of lizard brain reaction, no wonder people get addicted to buying them (fortunately I'm too stingy and aware of the lack of space to fall into this trap).

No. 1863735

my kitty is such a little baby. i'm dangling one of her toys above her while writing this and she's as happy as can be. i love her so much

No. 1863774

File: 1705876046326.jpg (72.14 KB, 667x677, c6999b483599ba0a4fa5059626f9b8…)

I lost one of my favorite earrings. I've had them forever and they're not really that special, but I still liked them a lot. How will I ever recover

No. 1863785

It'll show up, have you checked in that one spot? I bet it's there.

No. 1863973

I'm just in such a terrible mood today, and it's not even my fault. I'm just going to take a nap and start working on a new amigurumi project. Craving chicken tenders and coffee super bad but I'll make those after my nap.

No. 1863978

Samefag, I guess this thread is getting locked too, so see you guys next week.

No. 1863983

File: 1705888567441.jpg (38.29 KB, 564x564, 258bb07b2f3576c5ec6778370c5505…)

You'll wake up from your nap feeling so good and refreshed and those chicken tenders are going to be delicious. Have a nice day nonna.

No. 1864231

File: 1705902434511.jpeg (48.44 KB, 478x720, shopping.jpeg)

I normally will change my speech patterns and phrases I use in order to try and match the person or group I'm with. I've been doing it for so long I have a hard time I recognize I'm doing it but I'm gonna try to stop this year. From now one I wanna get my own speech patterns and try to be myself even if my true self is a little cringy.

No. 1864251

File: 1705903288890.jpg (98.5 KB, 800x533, 800wm.jpg)

i want to drink coffee but it's almost midnight. coffee i can taste you. coffee i love you.

No. 1864465

Went to the Russian grocery store and there was an honest to god little babushka grandmother wearing a fur hat shopping in there. Her and I were the only ones in the store.

No. 1864503

>be me
>edit my character in New Chinese gacha dating game
>I look like a fucking pug
I need to get my jaw fixed for real, it's destroying my molars and makes me look like a pug.

No. 1864634

i feel this with my whole being nona. doesn’t help that i’ve had people point out the way i speak is odd when i’m not trying to copy someone else’s pattern. we got this

No. 1864722

I've been looking on Pinterest, YouTube, ravelry and Instagram ever since I woke up looking for something to crochet. I've actually been looking for days, being a picky crafter is the worst.

No. 1864725

I wish we had a Russian grocery store here. I wanna do a "Herring in a fur coat" salad and according to the recipes online, the Russian mayonnaise is better to use in the salad. I have a Bulgarian store about 25 minutes away from me and I don't know if they would have Russian mayo.

No. 1865126

Trying to find an old YouTube video you can barely remember anything about is the worst. I've been looking for 30 minutes.

No. 1865147

wasting my night looking up woo woo magick shit
>can someone steal your soul
>can two souls be bound together
>soul loss

as if everything im going through cannot be explained away by undiagnosed physical health issues (pending) and my not yet fully stable, stabilizing mental health

No. 1865148

Who do you believe is your twin flame? I think debunking this for yourself would be healthy yeah

No. 1865197

File: 1706003018470.png (1.23 MB, 800x800, 2_LHRTSK_Heart-SKU_PDP.png)

I'm currently up doing research about cast irons because I want a heart shaped pan. Around valentines day, some mini (like, really mini. small enough for only an egg) cast iron heart pans that come with a cookie/brownie mix come out. I think I'll get one if I see it in stores. Or I'll be smart and just get a bigger, more practical one like picrel.

No. 1865468

I'd say finding an old Tumblr post is even harder, I've been looking for one for years, it's a video of somebody playing the beginning of Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis on a Minion piano.

No. 1865520

Recently I have started getting into crocheting and while googling around I found a cute hobby website/blog by an older lady. Her "Crotchet Highlights of Japan Trip" blogpost is really nice to read

No. 1865557

This is lovely, thanks for sharing! Now I want to live inside a japanese craft shop

No. 1865567

finally thank god kek(wrong thread)

No. 1865594

File: 1706043604387.jpg (395.5 KB, 2048x2328, heart_casserole.jpg)

Le Creuset makes a heart shaped casserole dish if you want something heart shaped but practical.

No. 1865600

File: 1706043922395.jpg (77.27 KB, 736x981, 3ca28e45cb73938f47bc218c123849…)

I've developed an obsession with fur coats for some reason. I've been looking on eBay all day but I might go scope out some thrift stores and see what they have. It may actually make more since to try and buy one in the spring and save it for next winter.

No. 1865666

Look at antique stores too! Definitely try to see the item in person before you buy it, especially if it's old. You don't want to end up with something that's been worn bare in a bunch of places. Also look at the lining and pockets, if there are any, they might need to be mended or replaced and that'll add to the total price of the coat.

No. 1865840

Just ate 3 slices of pizza and 16 oz of water, then spent a few minutes pretending I'm doing a maternity shoot with my bloated stomach

No. 1865843

DnD is making me investigate the most random shit so my character can fit in a universe that was made out of thin air. Just like my teenage years.

No. 1865850

Nonnie I'm in the same boat. Baldur's Gate has us weak lmao

No. 1866198

I stock books at the library and whenever I stock the kids section there's so many nostalgic books or interesting looking fairytale ones I just want to borrow all of them. I technically could but imagine some kid or parent was looking for one, I'd feel so guilty lol. Childrens books are so interesting, I'd love to illustrate one honestly.
This one is adorable! I see them so often at thrift stores, just take a look nonna (especially now they're probably stocking them full force).

No. 1866414

I don't know why, but I feel a bit like a star or something kek, my mom has a spa, so she needed a model, I got a massage, my armpits lightened and waxed, and I got this weird thing done that's called microneedling for my stretch marks, I hope I don't develop keloids or something like that, and that it works even though I honestly don't really mind my stretch marks.

No. 1866419

File: 1706117587639.jpg (116.88 KB, 736x736, 8b579439d9842f7dceb181094e2844…)

Trying to download Anadius' sims 4 on Mac and honestly it's a pain in the ass. Currently figuring out Wine so I can download the updater.

No. 1866578

File: 1706128420932.jpg (94.57 KB, 800x800, th16_2.jpg)

My big sister bought her dream mcmansion and we're buying random shit for her cat room rn. Being able to bond with my sister in this tiny way fills me with so much love she's such a good big sis. Picrel is the cat tower she's buying

No. 1866636

That looks unstable but it's so cool

No. 1866650

Put together a cabinet to put behind my toilet and did all the measurements correctly to make sure it would fit but I forgot to take into account a small pipe that one of the supporting beams won't fit over. I spent like 3 hours doing this lmao. Luckily it still fits against another wall cause I can't return it!

No. 1866733

Every year I randomly develop an interest in something I didn't care about before overnight, and right now I'm on Amazon looking at guitars. I guess I'm taking advantage of the fact that I have short nails right now. Oh, and I know nothing about music theory or notes or anything.

No. 1866763

Years ago my mom bought the pink version of this… tell her to be weary because most cats will not fit in it. The ones that do have to be very little because it falls over easily.

No. 1866883

I had a Krispy Kreme cake donut for the first time. I hate Krispy Kreme, but tbh it was much better than the regular donuts. Still violently sweet but nice.

No. 1866894

I hate the way krispy kremes melt in your mouth and makes you feel like you ate nothing, but at the same time, that's the good part about those doughnuts.

No. 1867151

File: 1706160595699.jpeg (71.19 KB, 768x1024, IMG_7224.jpeg)

was thinking about clamp for a second and then remembered these boogers existed

No. 1867222

File: 1706170076872.jpg (387.28 KB, 457x692, 1000002326.jpg)

Pressure of choosing an alternative music player to ipod classic so I can unload thousands of songs from a drive I want to get rid of is too much. I want one thats cute but doesn't have a pre 2018 charger.

No. 1867328

I want to go to a hammam but I don't know if it's the kind of mlaces that's worth to go to alone.

No. 1867346

I've only gone to a hammam (the proper hot steam room) inside of a Sauna/Spa center. Depending on where you're from nonna, you probably have "women only" days.
I wish there were proper hammams here but people here prefer dry heat (which isn't my fav) compared to humid heat.

No. 1867357

File: 1706186134394.jpg (1.38 MB, 1936x1626, IMG_20240125_133627.jpg)

Look at this funky embroidered cat I saw at the thrift store

No. 1867366

oh wow, i love this. thanks for sharing nona

No. 1867383

I have 2 packages being delivered to a pick up point so I'm waiting for the other one to arrive but it's not there yet, should I just pick up the one today and the other one tomorrow or the day after? I'm scared they'll send it back lol.
What a cutie! Kinda reminds me of those schizophrenia cats though lol.

No. 1867391

I live in a big city and from what I've seen there's a lot of traditional hammams (some of them women only) so it should not be a problem to find a nice place.

No. 1867411

>If only they knew how bad things really are
Cursed yet still cute

No. 1867417

all around me are familiar faces…

No. 1867457

>schizophrenia cats
Do you mean Louis Wain? Because "schizophrenia cats" is a misnomer. He just liked to draw funky cool cats sometimes.

No. 1867523

I haven't been on the internet and my mood has been better and energy has increased. Digital Detox is real.

No. 1867550

NTA I actually thought he had a mental illness but turns out it was more likely a traumatic head injury? Huh, I wonder why everyone thinks he was schizophrenic. Still, his sister had him certified insane and committed to an asylum which is when he started drawing the trippy kaleidoscope cats. I bet the drugs they administered in those days were hardcore.

No. 1867573

just got done my period and forgot how good of a feeling it is to wear just bare underwear after wearing pads all week

No. 1867580

File: 1706207058915.jpg (43.19 KB, 550x367, 1000008242.jpg)

Having coconut ice cream, I love it so much.

No. 1867634

I dated this guy for a few months last winter, and it turned out that he was dating another girl (who was friends with one of my friend's girlfriends) at the same time. For me it was just a situationship thing where I'd hang out with him when I was bored. I find out through friend's girlfriend the day that they both went on a trip to Quebec city together which was paid for. entirely. by her. The reason I know this is because when I confronted him about it he told me that she meant nothing to him and said he wanted a free trip. I then asked her what the situation was and she said that he wanted to keep hanging out with her but told her he wasn't sure about a relationship. He told me this is because he wanted to see what could happen with me. Anyways, I dumped his sorry ass, told her what he told me about her and roasted him a little bit (ok a lot).

Come to find out they're still together a year later and just went on a trip to the Bahamas. o.m.g.. to clarify further she's an adopted Chinese girl living in Canada and he's your typical feminine French EU boy.

No. 1867638

Good for him honestly

No. 1867642

She posts him all over social media like he’s such a prize too it makes me sick(stop)

No. 1867647

File: 1706210855504.jpeg (766.26 KB, 1170x1156, IMG_7268.jpeg)

He turned me off because he was so feminine and something just seemed off about him, idk
He was good looking at certain angles but asymmetrical and had bad skin, definitely not a prize

No. 1867650

I am also having coconut ice cream! Cheers to us and our frozen delights!

No. 1867652

He seems cute and they seem happy, also dont post randoms like this its weird

No. 1867656

Anon you're giving out too much identifying information.

No. 1867657

you're on lolcow babe

No. 1867659

this is feminine? I guess he's kind of gayfaced but he looks too masculine otherwise kek

No. 1867662

neither of these people seem very milky

No. 1867670

Its just random personal drama from someone whos bitter. Very odd

No. 1867672

anon you posted 3 times in response to this why u so pressed

No. 1867673

There's more than one anon who thinks you're being weird.

No. 1867676

My apple tastes spicy this is crazy

No. 1867677

anon read the whole post I'm not bitter just shocked that she stayed with him lmao, i'm the one who dumped his ass and I assumed she'd do the same

No. 1867679

I had that with pinepapples and it turned out I just developed an allergy

No. 1867681

Stop spending the mental energy on looking them up and thinking about them. You dumped him, move onwards and upwards.

No. 1867682

He benched, denounced and slandered her hoping that I'd give him a shot and her ass is still paying for his vacations
I think she's pretty and could do better but obviously stupid if she'd give up any ounce of self respect for this holier than thou scrote

No. 1867684

Face it nona, some people are just too retarded to be saved and would rather stay in a relationship with a cheating, lying, scumbag who uses them than be single

No. 1867686

honestly true ok I needed to hear that

No. 1867689

What? Can I develop an allergy out of nowhere in my 20s?

No. 1867720

NTA but yes

No. 1867748

Aren’t pineapples always spicy

No. 1867749

Yes you can, and it can happen at older ages too. I suddenly got pollen allergy at age 30.

No. 1867752

File: 1706216869541.jpeg (710.05 KB, 720x871, IMG_7278.jpeg)

Back in the day it felt like what's now been separated into several different disorders was misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. hence why some people still use schizo as an umbrella term for all mental illnesses online, yeah it's sort of a meme but it's how old culture used to treat mental illness.

No. 1867781

That was debunked. The colorful "schizo" cats weren't a result of medication or desease progression, they were made to experiment different styles most likely. His last illustration was just a normal happy cat, even while in the asylum he could still draw as usual.

No. 1867799

I was merely suggesting the drugs of the time that he might have been getting were possibly inspiring his art. while I was looking into it I saw he was drawing normal cats still and the whole mental digression into trippy-kaleidovision theory was made up by people who didn't even show the dates of the art. but I'm not a wain scholar. would love to read about about him in a cows of history thread or something kek

No. 1867808

I told myself a decade ago I'd never get nostalgic for the 2010s, yet here I am. Millenial fashion suddenly looking cute now.

No. 1867813

It's unlikely that he was treated with medication because anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers weren't discovered until the mid-40s. He was a veteran of WWI and he was probably treated with electrotherapy. Electrotherapy isn't the same as ECT, it's more comparable to a modern TENs machine.

No. 1867821

I just found out that everybody has been getting whiter over time, and that Europe is just the most it's gone

>>Because human genetics has had a Eurocentric focus, we understand the genetic basis for pigmentation in these populations in the greatest detail. Ancient DNA datasets are also more comprehensive for Europe, allowing for deeper investigation of natural selection in this region over time. But this phenomenon is not limited to Europeans. About 2,000 years ago, pastoralists migrating out of East Africa brought the skin-lightening variant of SLC24A5 to the Khoisan people of southern Africa. Today the novel A allele is present at 30-50% among the Khoisan due to strong natural selection. It is no coincidence that Khoi pastoralists and Bushmen hunter-gatherers are lighter-skinned than their Bantu neighbors. Several thousand years earlier in prehistoric South Asia, populations from West Asia and Eastern Europe carried the A allele, and mixed with dark-skinned populations which had only the ancestral allele, G. Here too, natural selection drove the allele frequency up to higher frequencies (I myself carry the genotype AA, meaning I carry two of the “European” alleles). The same is true in Ethiopia, where Eurasian populations mixed with Africans over the past 3,000 years, as selection has driven up the relative frequency of A over G.

Funny to imagine that if civilization collapses, most people might end up looking like Europeans in a few thousand years.

No. 1868004

File: 1706242974399.jpg (169.03 KB, 736x918, 19f19ab7441472bf39dc1ae752a3b8…)

I just got out the shower, and I just realized I didn't clean under my boobs but whatever I don't feel like going back in

No. 1868043

File: 1706248685701.png (113.57 KB, 454x321, 4784267.png)

i hate how i look like the kid from terminator when i'm cutting my fringe, don't know why i hate it that much, maybe it's because he's a kid
like what the hell that's not my head, give it back

No. 1868064

I finally got it to work! I ran into a lot of issues but I figured it out and now I have all the packs I needed. Very fortunate because I was worried I would end up having to ask for help, which I don't wanna do cause Anadius is an asshole.

No. 1868112

Its 5am…I should be asleep cause I have shit to do in the afternoon but I'm thinking I maybe should go ahead and cook some ribs. Then I don't have to worry about cooking the later…

No. 1868150

How, um, did you notice that?

No. 1868169

Because I remembered what I washed in the shower right after coming out? Do you just have goldfish memory where you can't remember anything past 5 minutes

No. 1868221

>after trying to go to sleep multiple times, decides to get up and cook ribs
>like 30 minutes (or maybe an hour?) later, start getting sleepy
Kms. At least it's individual ribs, shouldn't take too long to cook. And I'll go to sleep with a full belly since I really didn't eat yesterday.

No. 1868372

It's still 15:38 I thought it was like 16:30 uuughh I wish I wasn't working today

No. 1868384

i'm developing a crush on seth macfarlane

No. 1868391

No. 1868420

ive been watching clips of him in interviews and stuff on youtube and i think he's really cute and seems to have a good personality. i love american dad but i'm not a burger so haven't known much about him before. he also helped create a cat sanctuary in memory of his mother and seems to care a great deal about animals in general.

No. 1868422

>seems to have a good personality.
he's an abuser anon…(and even before he was outed he once called a little girl a cunt or bitch as a 'joke' at some awards event)

No. 1868423


No. 1868472

There are practically no good men in hollywood nona I'm sorry

No. 1868486

Finally got myself an apartment! Really excited to buy a nice toaster!!!

No. 1868578

Nonnas I just got home from a work trip to my new bed and mattress. I did not get a chance to sleep in it before i went away and i am soooo excited!

No. 1868807

I have all the ingredients for a chicken sandwich EXCEPT for mayo! Why doesn't shit in my kitchen ever match. I also have cereal but no milk, and tea but no sugar.

No. 1868842

If you have an egg you can make your own

No. 1868852

File: 1706327877583.png (1.23 MB, 1189x593, me.png)

I'm very sensitive about eating bones, veins and gristle when it is in chicken, but not when it is in beef, pork or fish. Like I eat a somewhat gristle filled steak and enjoy the meal but with chicken I am super picky about the meat I am consuming. I have cut up and semi-butchered my own chickens before and whenever I cut chicken I feel bad because I am sooo selective about making my cuts. I swear I'm not this way with other meats. I think it is the texture of the chicken that makes me super picky. Not really a fan of turkey either.

No. 1868874

Writing a post so long, I'm consindering not posting it at all. Why would anyone read my poorly written rant about myself?
Your toblerone looks weird

No. 1868943

Thinking about how bad I need a pregnancy pillow. Using a rolled up comforter as one instead

No. 1868944

File: 1706336889629.jpg (253.9 KB, 1200x800, 62c27dc1-436b-4053-8719-6cc0d5…)

was searching for this one specific movie for a couple of hours and was going to give up if movieweb didn't have it, turns out they don't but their front page recommendation this time was one of my very favorite movies ever so i'm taking it as a sign to close all these tabs and rewatch old faithful instead, i love happy coincidences.

No. 1868955

It's the middle of the night and I can't sleep cause I'm laughing at a tiktok drama I found on Twitter. It might be retarded but it's concentrated milk. Too bad it's all in Portuguese.

No. 1868967

I completely understand you nona. I absolutely hate eating a drumstick and getting that piece of tendon or the gristley parts, it makes me feel squeamish or something

No. 1869012

I guess this belongs here:
I'm thinking of getting my bathroom remade because I had a water damage in the winter of 2022 and the tiles on the wall that was wet from the damage sound hollow when I knock on em cuz they aren't adhering to the wall anymore and I don't want them to suddenly fall down and break shit in my bathroom. And I'd probably use that opportunity to change my tiny sink, the faucet in my bathtub which is leaking, and the old-fashioned looking flushing water holding part of my toilet.
I have made an appointment with a home depot equivalent here (Eurofag) to talk about it cuz I can't see myself doing the renovations alone, but I'm kinda nervous about having the budget for it. I didn't want necessarily to remake the bathroom this year too, I just want basic information to start making a plan. I hope the shop guy doesn't yell at me for losing him a sale because of that.

No. 1869072

I saw some ads in the subway with cool drawings and the artist was credited (which rarely happens), it's nice to see that AI is not the norm yet (and hopefully never).

No. 1869241

I feel this way about all meats. But I get what you mean, bad parts of chicken are somehow worse usually.

No. 1869265

men on tinder are so ugly, i see decent men on the street daily but the ugliest of the ugly are on tinder and they are multiplying by the day. the only cute guy i talked to and met twice said his life was too busy for a relationship now but he hasn't deleted his account so maybe he'll come back lol. i just want someone who is nice to look at man

No. 1869271

File: 1706372279899.jpeg (2.29 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_6981.jpeg)

My dog is so energetic today! She’s 12 and had a health scare a month ago so I’m glad she’s back to her playful happy self. I’m grateful for every day I get with her, and today is a fun one. I think we will go to her favorite two mile nature path later as a treat! Happy Saturday nonnas

No. 1869323

Regular guys don't need dating apps to find a serious partner, and lbh moids are ugly on average.

No. 1869358

I'm so happy for you and your dog, nona.

No. 1869424

true, i just work with video games and im so tired of the doughy soy male and trannies

No. 1869519

File: 1706389671661.jpg (41.87 KB, 564x317, 276e83881ff6caad27ab1cf93ddddb…)

Been having a really off couple of days (fucked up and forgot my medication yesterday and then took too much sleep medication) and I've been feeling really out of it and disconnected. Playing lethal company with some friends tonight and going to make myself a comfort meal so I'm hoping that will help cheer me up

No. 1869546

It took me a month to lose the 2 kilos I gained from being force fed delicious food by my babcia over the holidays for two weeks. I think it was worth it. Anyways, I will continue forth with my weight loss journey. Down 5 kilos since October.

No. 1869557

File: 1706391913192.jpg (20.25 KB, 480x480, 1622186599774.jpg)

I've been trying to get rid of some of my books. Imagining literally throwing a book in the trash pains me deeply, no matter how shit it is, but every single bookselling website tells me there's currently no demand for those books, either. I'm thinking of just doing a single offer on eBay and sell all of these for like $14.99, just to pay enough for shipping, at once, and push all the responsibilites of dealing with them afterwards on the buyer, but it seems like so much effort, especially since I've never sold anything on eBay. Maybe I'll just put a box in front of my apartment with a sign saying 'Free of charge' or something like that, but then I'd have to throw the books left over away still, since it's technically illegal to do that here, but usually nothing is done about it if it's just for a few days. Once it gets warmer I could sell them on one of the weekly flea markets in our city, but then I'd have to get myself some kind of folding table because none of them allow you to place your stuff on a simple blanket or anything. I dunno what to do…

No. 1869560

Can't you donate them to a library or secondhand bookstore?

No. 1869566

Library doesn't take any and secondhand bookstores only from a certain amount onwards, but I've got only like 20 or 30 I wanna get rid of, and that's too little.

No. 1869575

Last night I cried because I'm so scared of giving birth or having a cesarean section…I'm not pregnant.

No. 1869577

Don't get pregnant then.

No. 1869588

Samefag, actually no this was this morning. I was just sleeping a lot today.

Anyway, I made peach tea earlier so it would be nice and cold after my nap but I'm dissatisfied because it's just so watery. Maybe I'll warm it back up and add another bag. And peach tea isn't that good. I hope Trader Joes brings their pomegranate tea back, it's a discontinued item and I've been just chasing that high with other fruit teas.

No. 1869602

I don’t know what to make of the fact that I had my first lucid dream in years last night, and rather than fly or something normal my subconscious decided tonight’s the night we yell racial slurs in public.

No. 1869648

I really want to make my favorite banana pudding recipe, but it calls for whipped cream and I don't know where my hand mixer is. I wonder if I can make whipped cream with a blender…

No. 1869653

I love looking up song lyrics i find interesting in the song lyrics thread and listening to the songs

No. 1869668

as someone who likes to share lyrics, reading this made me happy

No. 1869678

Hehe nona… i might've listened to your songs once or twice, who knows?

No. 1869689

NONAAASSSS - I was walking back home and saw a huge fluffy dog, I looked closer and it was a borzoi!!!!! Is this a sign?

No. 1869691


Kind of in a similar position, except it's college textbooks. I bought each for around a $120 and it would be nice to get something back for it. I was considering eBay but I just found out that my school offers to buy back books so I'll check it out when the next semester starts.

No. 1869704

I can only hope so!

this reminds me of how I ordered a book on abebooks over a month ago and it hasn't gotten to me yet. btw have you tried pangobooks? I know it's not available in some countries

No. 1869706

I'm anti kettle but I think I'm gonna get a rice cooker even though it goes against my vibes. I simply suck at cooking rice

No. 1869714

File: 1706406386337.png (1.21 MB, 800x800, chebu.png)

i've seen two cheburashka bags (?) in separate occassions and i sort of want one now
picrel of what they looked like

No. 1869717

Do it, the ones with a steamer basket can cook vegetables the same time the rice is in it

No. 1869823

My “waterproof” eyeliner experience:
Kat von D- smudges after like 2 hrs
Stila old formula- smudges after like 4 hrs
Stila matte- shit, smudges immediately, applies horribly
Clinique- smudges after like 2 hrs, doesnt go on easily
Colourpop- shit, smudges after like 20 minutes
Some random Japanese brand I got for like $7- literally stays the entire fucking day
I’m sure I’ve used some other brands before but i dont remember them
My eyes are watery as hell too and this is literally the only thing that stays

No. 1869837

my face is whiter than my body oops

No. 1869843

I've had the same experience with Japanese mascaras, they're god tier. i do sneer at the amazon reviews complaining about them being hard to take off, that the point retards. they wont do research and get an oil cleanser

No. 1869848

I use the Kiss Me Heroine mascara which is a pretty popular Japanese one and I have no complaints with it even though I'm not good at makeup. I also like that it's more subtle rather than drag-tier like some Western products

No. 1870020

So I finally went clubbing and it was the most boring and uneventful experience of my life, I've had guys try to come up to me to hit on me and offer me drinks. But I just found it really unattractive and very off putting. This one guy was ok but just kept asking about my ex and planning things together. But dancing with my girlfriend was really fun, I have realized I want to prioritize my female relationships. Anyways, I don't think I will go again for a while. Or at least to that club.

No. 1870023

Also I'm not drunk, out $80 for a cab but the girls were so much nicer and fun to talk too especially when they just come up and compliment you.

No. 1870031

i like reading the hellweek thread and imagining the nonnies like they're all debating in parliament

No. 1870064

File: 1706447123748.jpeg (105.07 KB, 735x598, 84C4B8D2-18BA-42AB-A259-E489AC…)

i was the designated pink toothbrush family member my whole life, but now i'm gonna take the next big step on my journey to becoming a gnc queen and buy a blue one. wish me luck.

No. 1870067

File: 1706447384914.png (333.58 KB, 428x520, but why.png)

at my parents house because funeral, was grabbing a bag of coffee from the pantry when i see picrel

CANNED SAUERKRAUT? i am so confused also i stole one so i can try it at a later date because what the fuck does it taste like????? it would be like canned kimchi

No. 1870072

vile, please give us a review

No. 1870100

That cat is so fucked looking but good luck with your toothbrush endeavors

No. 1870270

I haven't used tumblr in years, is this really an issue?

No. 1870274

File: 1706469418580.jpg (54.91 KB, 736x805, 8f8361ca4591ac48b90856dad07670…)

I accidentally clicked on one of those Tumblr bot links in my husbandos tag. I closed it fast and nothing downloaded but damn I hope it doesn't give me a virus or some weird shit. I really hate Tumblr for seemingly not taking their bot problem seriously, I do not want to see random porn when I'm looking up stuff about my husbando
Yeah, if you go into any popular tag you're basically guaranteed to come across at least one spam post. I usually just report and scroll past, but I had just opened the tag and plus I'm on mobile so maybe that's why I pressed it.

No. 1870280

It just tastes like sauerkraut, it's fine.
I've also had canned kimchi before that was pretty good.

No. 1870289

just delete your history for the past 24 hours and maybe factory reset your phone if your that worried.

No. 1870301

One of my bottom lashes points up, and right now I can feel it poking my eye. I hate having long lashes

No. 1870352

I'm so fucking hungry, my stomach is touching my back right now. A biscuit, cheese eggs and broccoli currently in the making.

No. 1870465

best friend said she uses it in her secret family crazy meatball recipe so i will be able to use it for something. her mom wrote out the recipe on a napkin lmao

No. 1870468

>>1870280 the reason why i thought it would be weird is that canned pickles, olives, kimchi, literally anything taste completely different when you heat can them. they get all mushy and gross, i hate heat canned pickles and olives. i feel like this is going to be the same lol the best part of sauerkraut and pickled anything is the crunch

No. 1870493

I don't think I've ever had crunchy sauerkraut. But I've never had it 'fresh' just jarred.

No. 1870510

File: 1706484485454.jpeg (69.39 KB, 736x709, IMG_7691.jpeg)

Finally starting to do my crazy collages as therapy again and the xacto cutting portion of the process is so tedious. Why can't the words and pictures cut themselves out

No. 1870564

I seriously need to go back to my diet, I can't outrun a shit diet, this is why I went to a doctor after all.

No. 1870613

I masturbated twice immediately after waking up before getting out of bed ans I felt so much more beautiful than I have for a long time for the rest of the day. What does this mean

No. 1870888

File: 1706522017633.jpg (78.8 KB, 828x786, 1000002432.jpg)

When I have a bf the size of an ox to softly grip his nuts to sleep and won't be scrolling this fuckass website no more oh the day that will be(offtopic/derailing)

No. 1871284

For a few days I’ve just had the urge to go up to someone random and hug them, I moved to a different state a few months ago and I haven’t hugged anyone since. I’m actually scheming of appropriate ways to obtain a hug

No. 1871705

File: 1706597645994.png (855.91 KB, 1280x720, [Migoto] Ai Mai Mi - 09 (1280x…)

>feeling fat and groggy lately
>on toilet
>remember my period for probably the first time this year
>kinda weird how the month is almost over and i still haven't had it
>vague but unmistakable red tint
>drop out of college to capitalize on my natural talent for clairvoyance

No. 1871710

i think a church could be an easy and natural place to get one
good luck on the hug schemes

No. 1871727

File: 1706599401612.jpeg (142.47 KB, 828x779, IMG_6440.jpeg)

I have this thing about finishing series or games. Its to the extreme I never read The End in the SOUE, and I never completed the LOTR collection. In terms of video games, I have only played one game in 2 years. One. Game. Dark Souls 3. In the beginning, I had no idea how to play. The first boss took many tries, and I screamed in frustration through all the areas. Invaders terrified me and tried to hide and hold on to souls for dear life. I eventually “got good” as folks say, but to be quite frank I have very little faith in my abilities. If it wasnt for my roommate patiently explaining, I would have quit immediately.
I didnt grow up playing video games, except for the ones my older brother would pass down. The last game I played was Crash Bandicoot 2 on PS2. Before that? Powerstone on Dreamcast.
When I got to the final boss on one character I would make up an excuse to build another. Soon I had 4 at the entry of the last boss fight. My roommate cheered me on and I demolished the last boss. I feel terribly disappointed. I was told time and time again that “this was the hardest boss”. I killed him easily with estus to spare. Now the game offers me the chance to move on to the next life- but what do I gain? What do I benefit this time around? Why am I not driven to move forward? I suppose it’s time to play DS2 or DS. I wish the last boss was difficult. I wish is was more challenged.

No. 1871764

File: 1706604356430.jpg (247.21 KB, 736x919, 71df268f7a34a68a3b2bd0fad90f4b…)

Trying to plan what I'll eat everyday for a week, making a grocery list is honestly kinda hard if you're trying to do low carb. I'm going to bed, goodnight anons.

No. 1871766

Good night fellow low carb anon

No. 1871787

AI can help with that, you can ask it to make you a low carb meal plan and a grocery list to go with it

No. 1871828

the day before our new work year started after chrissy closure, my boss broke her ankle. It was estimated it would be 6 weeks before she could comfortably come back to work. Its been 4 weeks and her ankle has shown no signs of healing. Sometimes they just never really quite heal… i hate my boss more than anything. shes a fat assed bitch. this is an absolute win in my books and im loving not having her around. I plan on quitting before she makes a full comeback so it'll just add more stress, having to look for my replacement

No. 1871830

i wanna see you creations

No. 1871864

There's some very cute planners with grocery checklists that could work. You also can just go to the grocery store a weekend or some day you don't have to work so you can take your time and check out simple recipes to buy plenty of vegetables.

No. 1871940

Obesity causes inflammation and slows healing. If she has a shit diet that's going to worsen the inflammation which will in turn slow healing. Putting weight on newly healed bone is bad enough at a normal weight, if she's massive it might fuck things up completely. Your boss is not going to have a good time. Enjoy the schadenfreude, nonna.

No. 1872009

File: 1706627659029.jpg (172.59 KB, 1588x1588, Amigurumi turtle.jpg)

Learning crochet is like a cheat code. Now, if my ennui is making me a lazy piece of shit on my day off, I can bang out an amigurumi figure in only an hour. Then, it doesn't matter that I did nothing but scroll the rest of the day, I accomplished something. I then give the figure to any of my coworkers who help make my day smoother, and it increases how much they like me and they're more willing to help me in the future. So I encourage you all to learn crochet as it's super simple, you can do it while watching Youtube, and it creates endless gifts for parties, baby showers, and Christmas so you never have to run out and buy something.

No. 1872018

>shes a fat assed bitch
How fat are we talking? Because if she's that much of a fatass it's no wonder she's not healing.

No. 1872025

File: 1706629256747.png (22.96 KB, 209x165, BLOODL.png)

on my period like

No. 1872057

I keep wanting to get into crocheting but I get overwhelmed, what YouTube channel would you recommend for a complete idiot beginner

No. 1872089

I learned through reading patterns, and then I would look up how to do individual stitches when I came across ones I didn't know, but that's a really roundabout way of doing it, so I would recommend this video to start on. Jellyfish are really useful because everyone thinks they look cute, and they can also be turned into a mobile as a babyshower gift.

No. 1872252

File: 1706646566468.jpg (775.02 KB, 3024x4032, 20240113_234320.jpg)

All the recent stuff about palestinian slacktivism and posting pics of dead babies in between fan art has me questioning how I managed to tardrangle my Twitter into just showing me anime, random Japanese photography, malaysians, and furbies.

No. 1872287

I can't say I miss X/Twitter nor Facebook since they blocked my account but that picture is so adorable, definitely saving it.

No. 1872356

No matter what I do my focaccia never looks as good as the ones I see online

No. 1872375

I just rewatched the very first AVGN review after god knows how many years and for a 2004 video it has aged surprisingly well, a few lines still got a hearty chuckle out of me including the very first one.

No. 1872386

File: 1706654394873.jpeg (88.45 KB, 932x865, IMG_3531.jpeg)

at work i always sit with middle aged mechanical engineers. i work with something completely different, but like sitting with them because they are kind and funny and remind me of my grandfather kek. my contract ends in a about 6 months and i’ll have to find a new job, but it upsets me that i’ll never see them again. i hang out with a former coworker who is in her 70s, but i feel like i can’t do the same thing with men in their 50s or. 60s. they are the only men who have never made me feel uncomfortable or creeped out so i’m going to miss them a lot.

No. 1872390

I need to focus, I have some carving to do, but I'm not sure about the story I planned, it's cute but idk.

No. 1872396

I'm going to give it a rewatch. It's crazy has it's been 20 years at this point? I remember watching his content in 2006 and laughing my ass off. I loved his character and the games he played, since I could relate not being able to beat a lot of nintendo games. It sucks he looks so worn out now, dealing with a buncha scandals, the plagiarism thing and now having a kid.

No. 1872409

the angry reviewer genred aged really well in my opinion. Pretty much the only youtubers i watch are boomer dudes who started off angry reviewing videogames.

No. 1872436

Id really recommend trying a sourdough foccacia instead of a regular recipe. Its a little bit more effort making a sourdough starter but its so much more yummy and has always turned out better than a recipe that uses yeast in my attempts

No. 1872475

I love his old content too, I remember when he landed on the aircraft carrier in Top Gun with the Power Glove (hopefully I didn't fuck that up). My jaw dropped. All the lore about the console wars and the weird bootleg games some companies made… his old content was really good. I remember liking his long vid on Earthbound, even though it wasn't a rant.

No. 1872519

File: 1706663788128.png (1.08 MB, 1527x738, mfc profile.png)

MFC's profile customization tag is seriously the most female dominated area I've seen on the internet in quite a while, even with there being some fakebois here and there I don't think there's a single Y chromosome on that tag

Anyway customizing my profile is fun.

No. 1872522

Am I mistaken? You're using deviantart stamps on a camgirl website?

No. 1872524

MFC could probably mean MyFigurineCollection.

No. 1872526

Oohh, I see. I've been using /snow/ too much, sorry.

No. 1872528

Yes it's referring to this, I'm not a hooker >>1872524

No. 1872645

File: 1706677715744.jpg (63.5 KB, 480x652, 1692714217170.jpg)

started my first credit card in order to build credit for emergency situations, and I expected my credit score to be in hell bc I was rejected from about 10 prescreenings. nope, it's actually really good, like, top 10th percentile good. I might not have anything else going for me, but I'm glad for it, it's mine and literally no one can take it from me!!

No. 1872775

I got some unexpected (expendable) money, trying to decide what to buy. Maybe some new fragrances, a wig and jeans.

No. 1872886

I ate scrambled eggs and a baked sweet potato for breakfast, listened to Björk & the Sundays on my drive to work, I’m wearing my cutest work outfit, and my boss just gave me a bagel I’m going to eat for lunch. Im going to the library after work and going to start regularly reading during the evenings instead of doomscrolling. I’ve also haven’t drank in a month! It’s gonna be a good February nonnies.

No. 1873005

I've been seeing way too much Hazbin Hotel fanart against my will, for some reason a lot of Japanese artists I follow are into it.

No. 1873319

i got a random day off from work today, I was planning on going to the arcade but it's like an hour's drive away and I'm feeling super lazy. Hate feeling like I wasted this day off though

No. 1873478

File: 1706749979667.jpg (204.14 KB, 736x920, 0a310f3bee140792c6871c77bb8e09…)

I'm eating Chinese food and watching a show. I got lo mein and orange chicken. I rarely eat Chinese takeout so it always is a magical experience when I do

No. 1873485

File: 1706750368204.jpg (35.17 KB, 500x444, 26a9c3276223c2445f92074b860ac5…)

Samefag, I'm already full. Damn it. Old me would just keep eating but I'm eating "intuitively" so no thanks

No. 1873488

I remember one time I saw a video of trisha paytas eating fast food all day long but in the middle eating two blueberries ‘for intuitive eating’ and now that’s what i think of everytime i read that

No. 1873664

When I'm cooking chicken it always turns out fine but for some reason the one I just cooked now is extremely hard. Trying to eat the skin is tougher than chewing on a swimming cap. I feel so bad for the poor chicken that died just so I speak like that…

No. 1873680

I just watched Lance Reddick's last tv appearance (Zeus in the Percy Jackson show) and now I'm sad. What a captivating performer.

No. 1873696

File: 1706773504620.gif (475.48 KB, 400x162, IMG_7966.gif)

God should've killed someone else, dude didn't deserve it

No. 1873860

Bored at work so I'm just looking at random places on Google Maps and read the reviews, I came across a dog trainer and every owner is so satisfied of her work and they are posting dog pics, this is adorable.

No. 1874023

File: 1706802007697.jpg (34.76 KB, 260x406, 68b5507c529ac488d337a794159590…)

Little less than an hour and I'm going for a haircut. It's been since July so I'm really excited. Should also be quick, I have very fine hair. Gonna clean up the cats room, vacuum the whole house, and fantasize all day. I also want to go and buy a pack of cigarettes but I'll resist, supposed to quit for the new year and I've been off them for a week. I just love writing and smoking.

No. 1874580

my cat gets so happy and blissed out when I talk to her in a special sing-songy voice. She starts purring super loud and here eyes get sleepy and she rolls on her back and flexes her paws like she's kneading the air. It's so silly lmfao. I just talk nonsense to her in the voice she likes while I'm sitting browsing the internet and she has the time of her life.

No. 1874716

I went grocery shopping today. Haven't ate all day so I immediately devoured a sushi roll when I got home, and I planned on eating a Caesar salad but it's so chilly outside and a little chilly inside so I might make something else that's warm. I'm sad cause I forgot to get tzatziki sauce.

Also, I did something kind of stupid. I saw a beautiful apple pie with a caramel drizzle on top, the top was so golden and it's like it was just glistening. I don't need a pie so instead of leaving it, I bought it and gave it to my grandma kek.

No. 1874719

Awww that’s cute as fuck nonnie

No. 1874732

I'm back cause I finally tried the FROZEN tru fru. I got the chocolate raspberry and Pina colada pineapple. The raspberry one was pretty much exactly what you would expect. It's nothing crazy or special, but for some reason it was incredibly addicting. It's like it has crack in it. I did find that it was a little too sweet even despite the tart raspberry, but maybe I just ate too much. The pineapple one was the best. The white chocolate, coconut and pineapple just blend together so well and they're not too sweet. It's perfect and so nicely balanced.
Also, I took them home on a car drive that was a little less than an hour in a warm car, and the chocolate didn't melt so everything wasn't mushy and messy. Only the fruit inside defrosted.

Speaking of crack, I'm gonna go find some sort of drug documentary to watch

No. 1874752

>be me
>oh boy I better change my pajamas
>put on fresh pajamas
>be happy
>it's Friday
>be sad because I have to change my pajamas
>put on other pajamas
>be happy because I love all of my pajamas equally
I wish I could work somewhere I can wear pajamas at.

No. 1874753

oh fuck nonnie before i was vegan i would eat the blueberry tru fru all of the time…it was my favorite!

No. 1874806

"I'll drink so responsibly, I'll make sure to brush my teeth before blacking out" seems like it'd be a line in something.

No. 1874813

Some Twitter user is going to see this and generate 30k likes for their tweetdeck

No. 1874817

Better than me doing nothing and then forgetting it tbh.

No. 1874883

It's almost 5am, I'm about to try to go back to sleep. My sleeping is messed up so this is the first time I've been able to sleep through the night but I keep waking up every 2 hours like a baby.

I got referred to a doctor's office like 2-3 months ago, I wonder if they'll still take me if I call to make an appointment

No. 1874895

File: 1706868709217.png (1018.57 KB, 600x1116, Artboard1copy10.png)

Samefag but before I sleep, I need to talk about this damn Olipop. This is more like OliPOO. I tried it because I kept hearing people rave about it and because I like while whole pre/probiotics and fiber thing. I've been trying to take more care of my digestive and excretory system so it seemed appealing to me. Well, this stuff is gross. It tastes like soda syrup, but without the sugar. I'm sure it does have significantly less sugar than regular sodas, but it's just not good. Maybe I have to get used to the flavor. I got two cans, I chugged down the can I opened and I'm planning to do the same with the other one cause no way I'm wasting soda that costed over $2 a pop.

Ok goodnight.

No. 1874908

File: 1706870658312.png (99.97 KB, 400x670, Capture.PNG)

my sim is going to look great in this

No. 1874910

That's looks like sims studio, is this your own cc anon? It looks really nice

No. 1874911

no i downloaded it, I check all my cc before I put it in my game, to make sure it's not tagged sleepwear or some shit. Another modder made this.

No. 1874938

That's Ariana Grande

No. 1874950

I remember taking a cough medicine that knocked me out immediately and I always got the most amazing and surreal dreams under its influence, I kinda want to drink some just to see if it can help me dream of my husbandos.

No. 1874959

Please don't, nonnie, that's how people get addicted to cough syrups. Some people at my uni were addicted to that shit and would always smell gross.

No. 1874961

Getting ready to go to the gym, yet another day in which I hope I don't fart, yesterday I didn't fart but I thought I was going to throw up.

No. 1874964

Do you lift? Maybe you can take anti gas medication if you're that scared (not sure how good it is for long term)

No. 1874966

Nope, I do lots of stretching and yoga poses because I do pilates and such. I do want to take anti gas medication again, I mean, I usually have flatulence issues so this whole not wanting to fart every second thing is a feeling I constantly have.

No. 1874973

Ohh, well that just sucks. I heard yoga and lifting can make people more gassy in general. I wouldn't be too worried- you're probably not the only one. Enjoy gym nonna

No. 1875018

If it makes you feel better, I very recently loudly queefed in a dead silent yoga class. Nobody laughed, which made it worse.
My friend once did a fart that echoed across the university chapel during a meditation session which made several people crack up laughing and others start tutting because of the disruption. The class was so big that we didn’t actually know it was her until we got together after the session and she was crying with laughter. She died of cancer a couple of years ago and it’s one of our fondest memories of her.
We are animals and we are alive and we make funny noises sometimes. It’s all good.

No. 1875051

Aight thanks for the heads-up, that's a sure-fire to get addicted to over the counter medicine. I'll just wait to catch the flu once again, but I'm almost never sick so I'll just keep on dreaming about work and riding the train.

No. 1875098

What is everyone cooking this weekend? I bought a head of cabbage so I’m going to use half of it making soup tonight, and the other half in a stir fry tomorrow night. I’ve never cooked with cabbage before so I’m excited! I’m also going to try to make meringue cookies on Sunday- emphasis on the try because I haven’t had any success with baking in the past few years, I think my oven runs hot.

I’m also getting frozen yogurt at some point since it’s been years since I’ve had it. All the froyo places near me shut down so I have to drive 15 minutes to get it, so it better be as good as I remember.

No. 1875217

I’m kind of regretting working 2 jobs lol. Working til 4 today then I have to go back at 11pm til 2am. Kill me

No. 1875236

File: 1706894538528.jpg (137.63 KB, 1500x1000, 1000009135.jpg)

I honestly want to get McDonald's this Saturday because my best friend and I want to the the dumb squishmallows that come with the happy meal.
I hope I get the calico cat, or maybe the axolotl, the panther or grimace.
Other than that, I really want to eat simple stuff this weekend, like ham and cheese wraps with plenty of veggies and a salad with onions, cucumbers, tomato and cheese, and something with eggplants, it has been a while since I've had eggplants with mushrooms.

No. 1875404

File: 1706902113183.jpg (37.49 KB, 540x405, tumblr_3942289d27b272d7ed5bc40…)

I sometimes feel like my left eye isn't an actual organ I have but a prosthetic out of which I can see. It's a bit difficult to put it to words, but the place for my left eye feels hollow even though I have it and I have no problems with it. Kinda like a reverse phantom limb; it's there but it's not supposed to be.

No. 1875444

This sounds like nerve damage..

No. 1875455

I wouldn't be surprised by that. Both sides of my family have some kind of problem with any given conceivable body part.

No. 1875458

File: 1706907483017.jpg (14.95 KB, 564x365, sick.jpg)

feeling like picrel. i tested negative for covid + flu but i feel fucking awful

No. 1875467

Same, nona. I don't know what's going on because I don't normally suffer from allergies. The fatigue is the worst part.

No. 1875614

I just watched this video of a doctor performing lasik eye surgery. I'm amazed at how the person doesn't move their eyes at all, they hold them so perfectly still. I would never ever get lasik anyway, but if I did my dumbass would accidentally shift my eyes while the doctor is cutting or while the laser is on or something and duck everything up. I heard that they tongue can't be still because of all the nerves and I believe the same must be true for eyes. Anyway, surgery videos are so interesting to me.

No. 1875617

Are you right handed and do you rest your head on your left hand often when in resting? Like on the phone reading resting etc

No. 1875652

They numb their eye nonnie

No. 1875684

They can still move their eye though, that's why the doctor tells him to keep looking at the green dot. You can also see his eye move somewhere around the end of the video. See vidrel where the lady moves her eye.

No. 1875697

Just looking at the thumbnails for these makes my eyes itch

No. 1875704

File: 1706928674406.jpeg (49.1 KB, 551x689, aa.jpeg)

>think about dumbass thing
>no dumbass shit thread to post it in

No. 1875708

you should've spoilered this really, nonna

No. 1875710

You can't spoiler videos, and it's really just an eye anon

No. 1875716

File: 1706929784190.jpg (203.76 KB, 1300x855, 1700920413112.jpg)

trying to move the horrible eye video thumbnail off the front page

No. 1875718

It's not on the front page? Videos don't show on the front page.

No. 1875719

I meant the first page of /ot/

No. 1875779

ive been eating way too much sushi for my wallet but its just so good

No. 1875787

File: 1706934508543.jpg (152.22 KB, 736x1103, 89d59523adfe57bef250aa1527691c…)

I just had pistachios (pistachio froyo) for the first time in a very long time. Such a peculiar and lovely flavor.

No. 1875851

The public transport strike is finally over. I don't have to walk to work today and I don't have to walk to the main station to catch a train on Sunday to go watch live Rugby. I'm not religious but thank the Lord.

No. 1875857

just dripped ranch on my nail file

No. 1875945

What the fuck? I'm doing that right now and I usually read my ebook reader like that, too. Is that why my eye feels weird?

No. 1875957

I stubbed my toe super hard and now it's bleeding. Too lazy to clean it so I just wrapped it with paper towel.

No. 1875958

work from home. jammies all day

No. 1876004

My nails aren't sharp enough to itch me properly and it sucks

No. 1876072

I want a massage but I'll just have to stretch instead sigh

No. 1876090

Nonna, if it's black tomorrow, go to the ER. No joke I broke my toe last year and I couldn't walk without excruciating pain for 8-10 weeks because I didn't go to the ER the day after I stubbed my toe cuz I hate going to the doctor/hospital . Don't be like me.

No. 1876124

If it's black you can puncture the nail with a paper clip after heating it, create a small hole that lets the blood out and relieves the pressure. Makes a massive difference, I've done it two or three times myself before.

No. 1876142

File: 1706979417496.png (5.39 KB, 205x246, 1000010451.png)

my retarded father can't even flip burgers properly. isn't that like your one job as a man

No. 1876293

my dumbass went outside and didn't bring my earphones case so now I have earphones no case

No. 1876319

Far better than case and no earphones

No. 1876473

I need a haircut badly

No. 1876490

Haha it's ok anons, part of the nail just broke. I am ashamed, though, I still haven't cleaned it cause I've been sleeping all day but I'll do it in an hour when I shower.

No. 1876503

i hate buying pedialyte because it makes me feel like an actual sped retard since it's marketed to kids but i don't get enough salt or magnesium and it helps me drink more water. i add two pinches of salt to half a liter and only use half a packet to offset all the sugar they put in.

No. 1876513

File: 1707004428340.jpg (32.64 KB, 276x361, The_Lost_Thing_.jpg)

I read this book today

No. 1876523

I recently found out that if you eat a babybel and a dark chocolate almond together, it tastes like a cheesecake. Anyway, I ate too many almonds and now my back teeth hurt.
Love that cover.

No. 1876645

i’m thinking of this moid i used to make fun of for liking persona and jojo’s bizzare adventure i would laugh at him and call it gay kek but now i like them both and i feel embarrassed

No. 1876663

File: 1707012111868.jpg (9.24 KB, 320x250, 1000009362.jpg)

The update no one wanted:
I got the hippie shark, I'm squeezing it while playing DnD. I'm a bit sad.

No. 1876671

How cute! It has a lot of personality. Maybe you'll get the cat or axolotl next time

No. 1876693

File: 1707013480988.jpg (17.68 KB, 564x564, orangesnail.jpg)

Tried to make this but I couldn't round the curves so it was very pointy and looked more like a cat.

No. 1876707

Aww, congrats on making a snailkitty!

No. 1876812

File: 1707022155330.jpg (165.82 KB, 960x400, sweetbitter.jpg)

This show was my biggest media letdown ever and I don't know why kek. It was just a generic story about naive girl moving to the big city but I'm a sucker for those narratives because I relate so well and I'm the same flavor of white as the MC so it was kinda a self insert thing for me but the show itself was poorly paced and had a lot of editing choices that wanted to be artsy but came off extremely awkward. They used LCD Soundsystem in all the ads too and for some reason it stuck with me so much but when I finally watched it I was just let down kek.

No. 1876853

File: 1707024921601.jpg (53.92 KB, 700x467, 1000002517.jpg)

Who is the ugliest person you know and why do they have some variation of "jesters priviledge" or "idgaf" in their bio(wrong thread)

No. 1876886

The ugliest person I've ever met is some moid. He's basically a butter face but male. Beady close together eyes, pedo stash, naturally sunburnt skin, some variation of FAS, short greasy hair that looks like it was cut by a 12 and probably the most unflattering variation of freckles I've ever seen. He had a 7/10 body though. Some how get the hometown Stacy and reproduce with her on multiple occasions then leave her in the dust while she's fat with his fugly little crotch goblins

No. 1876911

are the kids hot?

No. 1876914

Well they're toddlers so no but they are ugly and extremely fat

No. 1876921

I didnt actually ask. Stupid posts like this in response to me ruin any positive perception of lolcow I have for the day.

No. 1876922

you said they were toddlers, I don't get how a baby can be ugly?

No. 1876927

Don't give it attention

No. 1876933

>Talks about uggos
>Gets mad when anons continue to talk about uggos
Take your meds

No. 1876937

It's the mundane thread faggot. I didn't ask. You contribute nothing except autism. Cannot wait til dumbass shit is back so you can contain your cancerous vibes and non-contri there, where I can hide thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1876940

Nta but the OP wasn't mundane shit either and that anon was directly responding to the topic on your post. Stop being so autistic.

No. 1876963

I need a vacation, I've started dreaming about traveling again and this time I went to London with shops from Tokyo (the two cities I visited last year), hope I can have a weekend in April.

No. 1876972


No. 1876986

I hate falling asleep early only for my body to wake me up 4 hours later, like why don’t you stay asleep for more? Aren’t you tired? Why are you messing with our sleep schedule on purpose?

No. 1877098

File: 1707053009493.gif (150.84 KB, 400x267, 1706428353667.gif)

I'm addicted to the today confetti animation on kiwi. Click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click. I can't stop.

No. 1877206

What are they celebrating this time?

No. 1877276

Snow outside is up to my shoulders. It was only at my knees this morning…

No. 1877358

Drank a ton of macha today, I probably won't be able to fall asleep until 3am or so.

No. 1877572

samefagging sourdough nonna, heres my recipe for foccacia
Ingredients: 50g (1/4 cup) sourdough starter, 375g (1 1/2 cup + 1 tbsp) cool water (a bit below room temp),
20g (1tbsp) honey,
9g (1 1/2 tsp) salt
45g (3 tbsp) olive oil.
Whisk sourdough starter, water and honey together with a fork. In a seperate bowl, combine flour and salt. Incorporate the dry ingredients to the wet and mix by hand. It will b very sticky.
Cover the bowl with a damp towel and let it rest overnight (12~18 hours). Preferably at around 70°F (21°C). The dough will be doubled in size. When removed from the bowl it might be a bit stringy.. thats ok!.
Pour olive oil onto a lined sheet pan (the flat kind of tins you use for making slices and stuff) make sure its evenly coated. Tip the dough onto the tin and then flip it so both sides get a coating of olive oil. Don't pull or stretch the dough at this time, let it be a blob for about 1.5 - 2 hours or until its very puffy.
Preheat oven to 425°F (220°C)
Now gently stretch the dough fit the tin or whatever shape ur heart desires but dont stretch it to the very edges! Use ur fingers to put dimples in the dough and squish it around a bit (this is the fun part) and now cover with toppings. My go-tos are fresh herbs, basil and sundried tomatos with flakey salt or minced garlic and rosemary.
cook for around 25~30 minutes or until crispy and golden.

No. 1877582

I made the shittiest foccacia the other day I blended it into breadcrumbs I can't wait to try your recipe instead interesting how it uses honey

No. 1877595

File: 1707091473537.jpg (733.71 KB, 1500x1125, Coachtopia-Bags.jpg)

I've always hated Coach bags and thought they were ugly but their new zoomer line that's ironically ugly is super cute to me and I want to get one.

No. 1877597

File: 1707091682400.jpg (167.08 KB, 600x1200, 8d077e760ecdd7ba1c607b4fa68321…)

Making an Alfredo bake (just chicken and broccoli with the sauce) for dinner.

No. 1877607

let us know how it is nona, looks delicious! i think my dinner was the opposite of "low carb" but i made honey roasted carrots with a couple different herbs and drizzled some garlic oil over them from garlic confit i made this morning

No. 1877608

Don't skimp out on the amount of oil u use, be generous measure with your heart.

Making sourdough starter from scratch is the annoying part. If you can't be bothered find ur local sourdough community on Facebook and ask for some starter. When you use it in for recipe make sure its a bit bubbly

No. 1877611

Omg error in my ingredients.. sorry
Forgor the flour
500g (4 cups + 2tbsp) all purpose flour

No. 1877614

The brown bag with the colorful bordes is really cute. I honestly prefer my bags without patterns, because then it's more annoying to me to mix and match them.

No. 1877645

They have an olive green one with the same borders that I've been eyeing. I love the patterned ones but I feel the same way, it's so much harder to incorporate them into a lot of outfits.

No. 1877844

I just remembered, when I was a kid, whenever my parents wanted to have an adult conversation they'd speak to each other in pig Latin. They were quite speedy at it.

No. 1877852

My family used to speak in "cuti" or "cuti cuá" they also were pretty fluid, to this day I'm a bit amazed by that.

No. 1877940

File: 1707110039728.jpg (127.77 KB, 720x528, 1000002581.jpg)

Omg I would never use a machete, that's so violent and awful! Unless it were to cut down bamboo that qas extremely dense and close to me, preventing me from moving forward. Then I would definitely use one, and really hack into the shoots. But only if it were completely necessary, in which case that is the only valid and utilitarian use.(wrong thread)

No. 1877956

I came across vidrel a while back on Tumblr and I remembered it when I saw your post. This leather expert dissects one of these purses and reveals how poorly made they are. If you like these, buy a knockoff, because even the actual coach ones are garbage fast-fashion quality. Buyer beware.

No. 1877976

File: 1707113081965.gif (2.24 MB, 450x356, 1000002582.gif)

Assembly workers, or any workers of a supply chain really, undervalue their position on the line. They don't know how important their place in the grand scheme is, and how unique their individual act as they bring the item down the line is. I believe they think they are forgotten, but that is far from the truth! Your job is very important on this assembly, and you leave your own unique action every time you send something down the belt, every change is itemized and important, and distinguishable from the next. You may feel like your hand in the chain is obfuscated but it absolutely is not! Take pride in knowing that your hard work is recognized and seen, and often immortalized for a very long time. Even better, if you make a mistake, fret not. The mistake can be isolated and often localized, removing the faulty piece and replacing it with something else. Your role in this assembly is just as important and as significant as the person on either side of you, no matter how far or how more impressive their step is. Your place in the machine matters. Never forget that you are a part of the process and keep it moving forward and that your spot is always alive within what you created, even if you step away and someone else takes your spot. Smiles.(wrong thread)

No. 1877986

File: 1707114886201.png (51.41 KB, 1580x896, MuhChort.png)

I am learning how to use excel and it is fun. I made a chart of the ages of people posting in the friend finder thread. I wonder if it's representative of the average user, are there more younger users? Do the older users just know not to go looking for friends on lolcow?

I just like charts.

No. 1877992

Using the ff thread is crazy

No. 1878055

File: 1707123251395.png (608.35 KB, 531x711, s-l1200.png)

Hoping my skis and ski boots sell for the price I listed so I can put that money towards new tires for my lil corolla. Winter is really kicking my ass this year and I'm hoping this next cold wave passes quickly and spring is right around the corner, inshallah.

No. 1878068

I have the worst fucking migraine, I can feel inner pressure on half of my head from the top of my head up to my temple and behind my eye, it hurts so much. Here I was, thinking I'd do some chores on my day off, but I feel absolutely miserable.

No. 1878490

I should get into journaling, I loved writing in a diary as a kid and it would be a great way to occupy my brain.

No. 1878515

There are a few Cillian Murphy character fanfiction writers on tumblr and somehow all of them are trainwrecks and throw regular hissy fits. Two of them even went through a divorce or something.

No. 1878529

File: 1707169078490.jpeg (431.47 KB, 1104x1056, IMG_5511.jpeg)

Why does this reptilian creature even have fanfic writers, how disturbing

No. 1878558

File: 1707169976695.jpg (22.93 KB, 318x347, Screenshot 2024-02-05 135133.j…)

I've never been good at doing nails because I dont have a steady hand or a single artsy bone in my body, but last night I did them and I'm really happy with how they turned out for once! I used a ziploc bag and made little hearts with nail polish, then peeled them off and cut them out for stickers, then I painted my nails a dark red and added the white hearts on top. Kind of like picrel but darker red and no glitter. I think they look cute, I hope i can keep them nice and not chipped for Valentines day.

No. 1878592

File: 1707171785404.jpeg (97.98 KB, 792x948, IMG_8159.jpeg)

I had no idea until yesterday that she was lesbian but it makes sense and I feel stupid for not realizing it

No. 1878596

File: 1707172064803.jpeg (216.85 KB, 820x650, IMG_3340.jpeg)

She looks so much here like this one Polish actress, picrel. Anyways she’s hot.

No. 1878598

her character in this film reminds me a lot of micarah tewers, i love her so fucking much. we should watch it for a movienight sometime if it hasn't been done already.

No. 1878611

He used to look "decent" now he looks like shit and everyone is coping.

No. 1878872

File: 1707186264563.jpeg (21.21 KB, 400x673, rs=w_400,cg_true.jpeg)

A man told me I look sexy today and I said I wasn't interested (I am a traffic controller) and he said "that was ok it was just a compliment and he had a girlfriend." ALL THAT after I said "not interested" so anyways surprise surpise men are trash fucked and unloyal

No. 1878875

My phrasing is retarded but he said i looked sexy (i am a traffic controller) and i said im not interested (because ew) * and im back there tomorrow ugh

No. 1878956

If he (or any other guy) does it again, call them a pedophile and then tell us their reaction.

No. 1878967

Kek I'm 23 but I can try

No. 1878992

I put on some fresh out the dryer socks and sweater after my shower, it was so good. Now I'm about to eat a pomegranate with my bare hands. It's ok if it gets on my sweater cause it's red but maybe I'll go full cave woman and just eat with my tits out

No. 1879035

I just looked up TLOU cause I was considering buying it, and honestly the price made me choke. I usually just watch let's plays for those type of games cause I only purchase games that don't really have an end, so I forget how expensive games can be.
Also, it's so interesting to me how the TLOU fandom just seemed to not care about spoilers at all. I remember when the second game came out, I wasn't even a fan yet I knew that Joel had died kek.

No. 1879053

> A man told me I look sexy today and I said I wasn't interested (I am a traffic controller)
I don’t know why but this is making me cackle lmao I I love the way you described it, but I’m sorry that happened and that you have to be there tomorrow

No. 1879104

I slept for almost 9 hours last night and I'm still exhausted, I should get some vitamin D or something.

No. 1879107

Try vitamin B12 too.

No. 1879412

playing the bioshock collection again (1, 2+dlc, infinite+dlc) just finished bioshock 2 a few days ago, my favorite of the 3 and felt empty. i finished minerva's den (its dlc) today and feel even emptier. ending still makes me cry, love this game

No. 1879442

Looks like I may be able to get a job, so now I will proceed to study basic English grammar and syntax so I don't look like a retard.

No. 1879450

just woke up. i de tangled my hair yesterday so today i’ll wash it, maybe around 1. hope the days of neetdom end soon

No. 1879471

I successfully used the valentines display at a supermarket to get a random moid to stop following me around. I started looking at the cards for husband and doing some acting of being heartwarmed by the sentiments. I don't have a husband but your man in the shop left me alone

No. 1879569

I just ate a tangerine, I love them so much, they're cute and delicious, I wish I could eat a bunch of tangerines so I could rub the peels all over my house, then my house would always smell like delicious tangerines.

No. 1879582

Nonna I'm going to revolutionize your life. Take the tangerine peels and put them into Mason jars. Add white vinegar into them, close the jars tight for a good week and after that you have a vinegar cleaner that smells of tangerine. You can do the same with lemon peels or orange peels, I do that with oranges and I love the natural smell of it when I clean anything at home.

No. 1879589

Ntayrt but thank you for this mwah

No. 1879649

there really is something about a specific voice tone/calm that just is very attractive. which i just encountered again while watching local news and the weatherman did the forecast
one of my undergrad professors had hit that same voice tone too, and i even recorded his lectures on my phone because of how much i loved his voice

No. 1879968

Today I discovered that you shouldn't freeze salad.

No. 1879990

I got one of those essential oil diffusers and put in orange oils every day, it smells so amazing and instantly improves my mood. Maybe this would work for you too tangerinona.

No. 1879992

Today I was a lazy fat fuck, a compete waste of human potential. I started my day off bitching and angry. I skipped both of my classes (to be fair I was not able to sleep until 4 am) and ate about 2400 calories while sitting on my ass all day browsing internet gossip forums and stupid Reddit threads. Somehow the comments on the Reddit threads made me angry even though they were mostly about food. The only thing else I did was complete two easy assignments that took me less than 30 minutes each. I can barely spell today and my thinking has been on an overall primitive level. I will try to do another low-level assignment or study something before going to bed, but I'm not expecting much.

No. 1880056

File: 1707269622403.jpeg (371.18 KB, 1125x639, IMG_4895.jpeg)

I like when there are animals in the background of videos, I’m watching this one for knee pain and the cat rolls over and justly in the same position for the rest of the entire recording

No. 1880060

*and just stays in the same position
Damn knee injury making me incapable of typing, yeah

No. 1880182

I've been listening to the instrumental and regular version of Pony by Ginuwine all day for hours. I just love the part of the instrumental that goes "aaaah aaaahhh uuuuuhhh uuuuhhh".

No. 1880212

File: 1707287676527.gif (899.96 KB, 244x200, rinsed-clint-eastwood.gif)

It's pouring outside and I have to leave for work in ten-twenty minutes. I hate having to be outside when it rains, I wish I could stay home with a nice cuppa, watching the rain from my living room window instead, while wishing for sunlight to be back soon again.

No. 1880219

File: 1707288669304.png (483.78 KB, 633x840, 5901dRw.png)

Off-topic to your post, but this reminds me of the fact that if Clint Eastwood started acting today, he would be considered an "emaciated feminine soyboy" or whatever, because he only got roles because he was attractive and played charming young male characters before transitioning to his more serious roles. But even then, he was still objectively a good-looking male that would make modern insecure moids seethe.

No. 1880227

File: 1707289549704.png (335.55 KB, 904x646, SonAquK.png)

samefag, Like all his first roles up until he was 30 centered around him being eye candy, which is what more men should have to do.

No. 1880588

I sometimes miss the mid to late 00s.

No. 1880589

File: 1707313197796.jpeg (60.6 KB, 532x799, 523F7BF1-3AA3-49FD-9A77-3E895A…)

The men looked better too.

No. 1880627

im obsessed with palworld and i can't help but feel sad whenever I dont get to play it.

No. 1880692

Wish my Nigel would let me give him an emo boy for a day makeover that would be so fun and cute

No. 1880740

meet me in the pit nonna lets bring it back</3

No. 1881027

File: 1707344511616.jpg (64.73 KB, 581x580, who ARE YOU.jpg)

This baby just popped up out of nowhere in my sims game. Do i delete it or keep it? It's a moid, if that helps

No. 1881029

Definitely delete

No. 1881042

delete if male

No. 1881044

The tribe has spoken. He's deleted

No. 1881085

oh no I'm too late, it was immaculate simception, you just deleted baby jesus

No. 1881110

Gonna make a salmon dinner tonight, with cauliflower rice. Despite be having been vegetarian for years, I don't think I've actually ever had cauliflower rice

No. 1881111

Did you not have a grill in your sims home or something?
There'll be no salvation.

No. 1881113

I realized I can't do math with small numbers, which is probably also the reason why multiplication and division is easier for me than addition and substraction, as dumb as that sounds. 6x18? 6x10+6x8=108, easy, didn't need a second. 6+18? Okay so that's 6-4+18, which is 20, and I'm left with 4 which makes it 24, so 6+18 is 24… probably. Is this some form of dyscalculia?

No. 1881114

Hope it turns out well nona! I tried cauliflower rice once and hated it kek I didn't like the texture and the cleanup was annoying. Cauliflower is much better when you just break off the pieces and steam or bake them

No. 1881143

your mental method just suits larger numbers more. The smaller ones some people just have memorized tbh. I do rapid, voiceless, mental counting in my head for things like 27+6, nothing calculated.

No. 1882584

I drank a vial of vitamin D yesterday night and I already feel a little better, I wasn't as sluggish this morning when I had to get up, maybe it's just some kind of placebo effect but at least it's doing something.

No. 1882674

I'm trying to get back into painting so I painted a little this morning. Just a small painting of a sky and clouds, clouds are always fun to paint. I called to make some doctors appointments. I was watching a random Boiler Room set on YouTube as background noise and some lady flashed the camera, no idea why they didn't blur it.

No. 1882682

I have dyscalculia and my eyes glaze over at the very sight of numbers so I think you're alright nona. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses with skills.

No. 1882774

File: 1707493208983.jpg (410.69 KB, 1500x2487, ss-ice-skating-fashion-1992-to…)

Watching old Tonya Harding ice skating videos. My husband is taking me ice skating for our 11th anniversary next week, it's a tradition of ours and I'm excited. I'm gonna go for a run and get some stuff from the store. Anyway, these videos make me feel nostalgic, even though I was not even thought of yet, kek.

No. 1882832

my makeup looked really good the other day and I only have 1 photo so I'm going to attempt it again. Its like a brown smokey eye

No. 1882833

File: 1707497963272.jpg (80.52 KB, 465x273, enter_sand_banner_465_273_int.…)

it's finally warm enought to wear my battlevest again yuppii

No. 1882962

i love moving and catching ban messages from previous anons it makes me feel connected to the women whose footsteps im following (they were all banned for alogging)

No. 1883145

Crossfit looks so scary, everyone seems to be suffering and everyone is doing crazy shit. I wonder if I will reach that level someday, but I'm genuinely afraid of fucking up or looking retarded.

No. 1883153

just tried to crochet a lil tapestry to see if i could… this shit is so hard but i want to make cute things…

No. 1883165

I want to start crocheting but I just know I would fuck up lol

No. 1883170

you can always unravel and try again

No. 1883190

Im gonna workout and take such long shower. Then, I am going to use my new skincare routine! So excited.

No. 1883241

>worked out
>skincare routine
>mocha with beautiful espresso shots
>Dark Souls 3
Life is good

No. 1883253

File: 1707530861370.jpg (83.69 KB, 701x720, 2b35974161d7b92f9b520b36e33c8e…)

I rarely ever use my reaction images and I have almost 8GB worth it of them. But I feel bad if I delete them. Should I just put them in a zipped folder?

No. 1883257

Start with learning to make chains into yarn with a hook. Then start learning basic stitches (0,5x speed on YouTube video tutorials helps a lot). Even with the three basic stitches simple crochet, half double crochet and double crochet you can make cute things.
Then try yarn that's thick and yarn that's thin to make stitches into and see with which size of yarn you feel more at ease to work with. And from there, look into crazypatterns or ravelry for free patterns to try out and get better at crocheting.

No. 1883259

File: 1707531591778.jpg (17.79 KB, 275x155, 1648516636299.jpg)

my condolences, but you should cull them so you can enjoy the ones that actually spark joy and/or are easy to use. seriously. 8 GB? I feel like we need to stage an intervention for you kek

No. 1883264

Post all of them.

No. 1883272

File: 1707532293312.png (41.33 KB, 185x200, mirrorcry.png)

lmao, I've been collecting them slowly since 2015. I honestly felt like others had more than me and my own collection was small. I could post some more and then delete as I go.

No. 1883279

tamales taste so good but I'm on a diet…

No. 1883290

eat 12

No. 1883293

File: 1707533690367.jpg (45.01 KB, 564x527, train.jpg)

I had some eggs and potatoes for dinner. It was fucking delicious

No. 1883312

Post all of them in the reactions image thread on /m/. Maybe you could toss like 10 per day and nothing too similar. also back them up somewhere. It’s fine to have a collection even if 8gb is a retarded amount of reaction images.

No. 1883364

Reaction images are my favourite part of being a data junkie. I am impressed by your 8GB, I'd buy you a drink just for that honestly. And I'm not talking about a cheap beer either, I mean like a nice expensive cocktail with prosecco or something, that's how impressed I am by your strength and perseverance.

No. 1883726

File: 1707574660377.png (473.6 KB, 680x324, 579.png)

I have ~20gb of images saved from 4chan, lolcow and internet in general in various folders going back to over a decade ago. Reaction images probably make up 25% of it. I do go back to look at them when I'm bored sometimes and have a great time but I also don't want to just delete them because it justifies all my time spent rotting online in a way, kek.
picrel, relevant

No. 1883811

wow, that is impressive. I want to see them all

No. 1883824

File: 1707582856987.jpg (2.28 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20240210_160137809.jpg)

Made my yearly batch of fresh kimchi, 5kg of it, picrel is how many containers I made. I've managed to keep the last batch for a good while (still have some in a mason jar), I love kimchi.

No. 1883860

File: 1707586507897.gif (1.47 MB, 400x270, fuck this.gif)

you probably don't really, I used to be a massive pickme.

No. 1883907

You also post all of yours please

No. 1883953

pls share the recipe nonna!

No. 1883972

Tbh I just use the one from Maangchi because it works for me
https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/tongbaechu-kimchi . There you go nony. I do adapt the veggies cuz we don't have Korean radish, I take a normal radish, we don't have buchu nor the water dropwort here either so I just add more scallions instead and I use another type of fermented shrimp paste from the Asian store that still does the trick. It's never failed me. If I can give one advice, if you have the habit of biting your nails or skins around the nails, try to leave it for a few days before doing the kimchi or wear gloves. Because doing the salting of the napa cabbage for them to release water WILL hurt the wounds around your fingernails/skin around the nails like a motherfucker. It's not fun..

No. 1884046

File: 1707599401673.jpeg (60.82 KB, 749x897, me.jpeg)

i'm going to stop eating food with e numbers/additives. i think they are really bad for me and my eating habits. i eat healthy, homemade food most of the time, but i'm convinced that processed food triggers binge episodes which lead to a binge/purge cycle. i know that not all additives are bad, but i'd rather just cut all of them out. what i'm trying to say is that i'm going to start eating really healthy kek.

No. 1884063

yummy and cute pic

No. 1884154

Try to prep easy access snacks, it helps! Like precut carrots /portioned hummus, fruits, portioned trailmix, etc

No. 1884166

I'm eatng Pringles and just remembered that one time a friend of a friend I met for the first time said her uncle works at a Pringles factory and I asked her if he ever told her why the sour cream and onion Pringles taste worse now, to which she responded incredibly annoyed that she doesn't know and to stop asking stuff like that. She didn't talk to me again afterwards. Also, tangerines and sour cream and onion Pringles? Surprisingly non-bad combination.

No. 1884228

Sounds like she did know the reason why but didn't want to reveal it. Some people are really annoying about that kind of stuff, she probably thinks she's sooo special because she knows all the Pringles secrets. Ugh whatever. I agree the Sour Cream & Onion Pringles taste a lot worse now and I think it's because they've switched to a different "cream" flavoured chemical. The old one was probably carcinogenic or something. I'm not surprised the two go together though, sour and sweet is a good flavour combo and McDonalds even has a sour and sweet flavoured dipping sauce, that's how popular the flavour combo is.

No. 1884339

File: 1707619819577.jpg (120.09 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,…)

I have 3 cats and what I love most is trying to figure out their opinions and preferences on things. It's like a puzzle game every time you get a cat, trying to figure out the rules it operates by. Because they all operate by entirely different rules. I think the reason a lot of people have difficulty with cats is they think there's a cat rulebook of behavior sort of like with dogs, but in my experience you can deal with most dogs in very similar ways, but each cat requires a totally different way of interacting and the only way you'll figure it out is by paying really really close attention to them and their individual opinions. You absolutely never know what you're going to get with a cat… luckily I have been really lucky and all my cats are well-behaved, although severely autistic in a variety of highly entertaining ways.

No. 1884340

Love this image. Have a good day nona.

No. 1884349

When guests are here they are here forever. Its hours out of the day.

No. 1884353

File: 1707622013010.jpg (102.9 KB, 736x748, 1000010325.jpg)

I had lots of fun today, and I'm happy because I think I'm beginning to understand the changes of my body, I tried to try on some clothes on a size that usually wouldn't even fit me (I was in denial about being plus size for a long time) and they actually were too big, like the skirts would fall from my hips even closed and the pants would be just too big too.
It feels weird, but maybe now I will begin to actually see myself?

No. 1884486

that feeling when you shower and the skin on your feet are all soft and smooth when you rub them together >>>>

No. 1884521

i trimmed my pits with scissors and half-shaved the left after several years and now it itches like hell. i never should've broken the creed.

No. 1884557

I got invited to a birthday party specifically because there's going to be a lot of SSA women, am I finally going to score?

No. 1884574

I signed up for a two hour Mahjong course in the adult education center in mid-April. I'm kinda looking forward to it, I always wanted to learn how Mahjong works.

No. 1884637

File: 1707654970332.jpg (35.49 KB, 700x694, ajGa6qMx_700w_0.jpg)

I'm back from an apartment viewing and I hope I will get this because it has everything I need and also the moid who showed me the place was kinda hot. Fingers crossed.

this pic is very, very adorable

No. 1884673

Last night I saw a fanart showing a sad scenario that involves a character I currently love so much, couldn't help but cry. Barely rested and woke up feeling sad feeling so pathetic right now

No. 1884720

I put way too much bleach in while washing my sheets and even after 3 washes it still smells like bleach. Ew.

No. 1884900

File: 1707672903301.png (75.15 KB, 345x241, tumblr_pap7tbZKvo1tbb76yo3_r2_…)

i moved into my new apartment a week ago and i'm almost the only person living here.
>hair salon downstairs that is closed on sundays
>apartment across from hair salon is rented as archive space by city administration
>apartment across from me is an airbnb, only used during the summer months
>neighbor down the hall shares no walls with my apartment, we can both be as noisy as we want
>apartment directly above me is rented by a swiss couple, never there
>apartment directly above my neighbor is used as a storage unit by the guy who owns the airbnb
i hate having neighbors so this is ideal so far, kek. can't believe i managed to get this lucky.

No. 1884960

finished reading all the soren hayes threads again… now what am i supposed to read on my commute or when i'm eating?

No. 1884987

uploading photos onto my phone so I have to use my computer to use lc and yeah

No. 1885026

This shit is why people can't find places to live anymore.

No. 1885027

Holy shit I'm on break right now and my coworkers are so fucking annoying. I feel like I'm sitting at a table full of Redditors. Kill me.

No. 1885352

Making lemon pepper wings right now. I couldn't find anywhere to watch Usher's Superbowl performance so I'm just waiting until it's uploaded on YouTube

No. 1885390

People have posted it on Twitter. Luda and Lil Jon joined in and then he did a duet with Alicia.

No. 1885453

I actually really enjoyed the performance! Hopefully you'll be able to catch it soon

No. 1885535

Tried some beers from a new local brewery and my favorite was the cranberry orange sour. I wish I could get a non-alcoholic version of it's because it's so tasty. Perfectly juicy and tart with a tiny bit of sweetness.

No. 1885543

i've been sick and fell off of working out and eating healthy but i'm finally on the mend and excited to eat healthy again (already started to night with a salad for dinner) and working out. I really wanna lose weight and get muscular again.

No. 1885684

This is my first day off since November where I'm finally home alone, I just want to laze around and do nothing.

No. 1885718

File: 1707735345549.jpg (175.93 KB, 736x680, da9565eaf40064c02b09b65d28e162…)

I'm going to attempt to make coffee jelly. I've never had it before but the flavors sound right up my ally. I have a bunch of oui yogurt cups and I feel like this is a perfect use of them.

No. 1886000

Used some leather paint on a peeling pleather jacket I love and it was surprisingly effective. Needed a few coats but I think I can wear this again now

No. 1886106

i need to stop daydreaming it's actually ruining the enjoyment i have in my actual life. i don't even daydream about things i want, just random shit like a movie but i've done it since i was a kid and it's like second nature and so hard to quit.

No. 1886125

i've maid coffee jelly with instant coffee many many times and it is SO good and SO easy. good luck nona!!

No. 1886162

Fighting the urge to cut and dye my hair again after it's been so many months since I did so. No, me, you'll ruin it

No. 1886164

Don't cut it, nona. You will regret it. Maybe you just need a trim or some layers. You could always try a semi-permanent dye that eventually washes out.

No. 1886343

One of the most goated fictional characters ever

No. 1886353

Lucille 1 is everything I've ever wanted to be. She's the reason I'm going to become an alcoholic once I retire. Only 40 odd more years.

No. 1886365

I think arrested development is the best aggressively Caucasian show that exists

No. 1886381

File: 1707792509302.png (113.43 KB, 526x457, Bild_2024-02-13_035036802.png)

lined up nicely on the front page

No. 1886390

My town does this thing twice a month where you can bring broken smaller appliances and electronics to the library and volunteers will try to repair or diagnose the issue or sometimes they have spare parts for things too. They were able to repair my record player that was no longer turning on! The only thing they ask is for you to donate to local causes if you are able.

No. 1886392

File: 1707792968554.jpg (47.57 KB, 728x546, im not cringe!.jpg)

Some mean anon just said I was cringe for using a picture of Mary Katherine Gallagher and another anon said she was a Gen X reference… I don't know what to do nonas I feel so dejected and defeated and another negative adjective that starts with D I can't think of any right now but still… I tried fighting back and I landed a pretty good insult in and probably made the anons that bullied me cry pretty hard but I don't know… Revenge isn't as sweet as I imagined…

No. 1886396

jiggle giggle

No. 1886397

I got into law school on Friday but I only told one of my coworkers today because it was my other coworkers birthday and I didn’t want to take any of the attention off of her. I feel like a saint for not making it all about me today but I usually don’t like being the center of attention so I’ve felt really weird telling people about it anyway.

No. 1886399

You're very lonely, arent you?

No. 1886405

File: 1707793483412.jpg (28.6 KB, 300x174, best insult.jpg)

My response to you is best expressed via picrel.

No. 1886414

File: 1707794206418.jpg (307.06 KB, 1080x1076, tumblr_2ab02453db7e333788e86a9…)

im giving up image boards for lent
I will come crawling back like a dog

No. 1886420

Good luck to you, nonners.

No. 1886441

File: 1707795540904.jpg (62.52 KB, 736x414, c2d97f3e6b32d9d8e3bdf8e0edc5aa…)

I've started playing sims 3 again. It actually hasn't been that long since the last time I've played TS3 but for some reason it's making me so nostalgic. I'm on a new computer so I've had to start from scratch. I'm still on CAS because I have to keep leaving the game to download CC. If this was sims 4, I would've been done with my sims in like an hour or two kek.
This game is so painfully 2000s, I love it. I wonder how dated sims 4 will look in 14 years.

No. 1886467

File: 1707798429418.png (33.57 KB, 744x116, Screen Shot 2024-02-12 at 11.2…)

Okay everyone, let's stop with all the posts that belong in the dumbass shit thread. Anons are starting to complain about the content in this thread being too dumb to be posted. We have to keep the LC Mundane Shit thread standards in mind before we post itt.

No. 1886482

I fell. I have so many laundry baskets in my room and I just tripped over one. Really embarrassing even though no one saw. I guess I have to finally fold my laundry I'm still not going to

No. 1886502

File: 1707802444516.jpg (84.18 KB, 800x1000, gross.jpg)

i don't understand men haircuts. for a long time i thought that they just shaved everything and let it grow naturally. what the fuck is this shit? why would a straight man cut his hair in such a silly way? it looks ridiculous.

No. 1886520

I miss when moids had varied and often long hair hairstyles. This buzzcut shit is so pussy repelling.

No. 1886556

has there been any racebait at all since hellweek ended? no

No. 1886612

New coffee place opened near me and it’s really really good. I thought it was some weird not food related place but it’s a coffee shop that is much better than a starbies. Yay!

No. 1886628

whatEVER I love that movie and I love her, don't listen to them everyone here is mean nowadays

No. 1886640

It made me kek when they kept calling her Tina Fey

No. 1886716

File: 1707823148325.jpg (63.76 KB, 735x719, 2a6c5a5557ada05d4db2e53c2db487…)

Best decision I made this week (so far) is just to go to bed when I wanted to, regardless of the time. Yesterday was a shitty mental day for me, so when I started feeling drowsy and even worse than usual I said fuck it and went to sleep at 6 pm. Even though I had stuff to do before today's afternoon, this was a great decision. I slept soundly, woke up at like 3:30 am and am now getting my stuff done without the depression cloud I was wading through yesterday. And everything's so quiet and dark! The morning is mine and it feels nice to be forgiving towards myself instead my usual "suffer and bear it" demeanor. I won't make it a habit to wake up early because I'm usually a night owl, but this was a great experience!

No. 1886853

I feel happy for you nonny! I wish I could do that without the upstairs neighbor screwing my sleep over by making noises. I've had to relocate to my couch in the middle of the night yesterday until he finally stopped.

No. 1886904

Is this thread also being autosaged?

No. 1886906

that sounds amazing, makes me want to wake up super early too. though if i wanted to be awake at 3 am chances are i'd stay up until then rather than wake up then

No. 1886951

I think some hippie stopped by the thrift store today because I found so many cool patchwork things

No. 1886964

Cute post, nona. Reminds me of Dolly Parton's morning routine.

No. 1887117

File: 1707850202406.jpg (39.07 KB, 600x588, ef1f08a59a494b55cf743308c3e718…)

My washing machine is doing a 2 hour cycle.

No. 1887351

What do you all think about gold teeth?

No. 1887830

I really hope the sun shines today because I want to go to the mall and get my favorite coffee. I don't even need anything from there, I just want to have a great time and enjoy the warm spring day.
Nonna I love sims 3 too! At this point I thought I must be the only one still playing the game every now and then, I think most people completely forgot about it once TS4 came out. But for me TS3 is very nostalgic so I'd never trade it for sims 4. Do you have any favorite expansions?

No. 1888049

Why was the Presidential fitness test prevalent in so many cartoons and movies I watched, yet we never actually had to do it? No way my ass was ever gonna climb that rope anyways

No. 1888085

I had to google this, we did something very similar twice a year during middle school and high school and I'm eastern euro.

No. 1888141

Every time someone at work asks me “what days of the week are you in?” And I say “Monday through Friday” they look at me like I have 2 heads. Everybody here but me is working hybrid or remote but I will never understand wanting to do that. And I say this even as an extreme introvert. It’s not good for people to never have face to face contact with coworkers.

No. 1888204

i disagree, if i had the chance i would have always work from home, no friends since middle school so i guess that makes me awful at socializing, thank god for the covid lockdown.

No. 1888219

The way you improve at socializing is by socializing, and you can make friends at work. I hadn’t had friends since high school and I made a friend at work immediately and many friendly acquaintances. I’m an extreme introvert so I don’t even particularly enjoy casual work socializing, but even I realize that I get much more stuck in my head and depressed if I sit at home all day. Being present somewhere gets you out of your head, it’s literally not natural to be solitary all the time as a homo sapiens, we did not evolve for that and our mental health suffers as a result. Even if you consider yourself a loner like I do.

No. 1888224

Are you nonnas going to do anything special this evening since it's Valentine's day? Personally I'll just prepare my favorite pasta, drink some wine, maybe watch a nostalgic movie/series and take a nice long hot shower before bed. Basically I'll invite myself over for a romantic dinner kek. What about you?

No. 1888227

eating lots of sushi and hanging out with my husband ♥

No. 1888229

Eat praline pecans like I do every night, but this time I will have more than the 1/4th cup serving size. Maybe even 1/2 cup… who knows

No. 1888231

Eurofag here too and we also had to do fitness tests in school.

No. 1888239

File: 1707936051162.jpg (145.02 KB, 651x791, stuff.jpg)

I'm making stuffed shells and a salad for my nigel. He's taking me on a date this weekend to celebrate. I hate going out on Valentine's Day itself even if it does make for good people watching

No. 1888244

My bf and I are getting takeout ramen & cracking open a bottle of wine I got for free a couple months ago from work. We probably won’t even have sex cause my brother and his gf are going to be home tonight too kek.

No. 1888253

>It’s not good for people to never have face to face contact with coworkers.
But I hate my coworkers. It's good for me or else I'll snap.

No. 1888256

File: 1707937231516.jpg (104.58 KB, 700x500, how-to-make-heart-shaped-pizza…)

my bf and i are going to make heart shaped pizzas for dinner and i'll probably put on some dumb romcoms to watch tonight. i also got some really big nice looking strawberries from the store (shocking because theyre usually small and kind of tart for us this time of year) and a chocolate bar so i'm thinking of melting the chocolate bar and having it with the strawberries for dessert.

No. 1888260

There’s a muslim moid in my class who keeps flirting with me and trying to get me to hang out with him and i’m goth and dress immodestly kek

No. 1888262

Aww this sounds so sweet and quintessentially valentinesy

No. 1888472

Going to the movies tonight with my boyfriend to watch madam web! Heard it was shit, wish me luck.

No. 1888480

The Easter decorations are up in the stores since February started wtf

No. 1888488

Me and my bf made cauliflower pesto pasta, and we had rosé and chocolates for dessert. We played a tabletop game he’s been excited to try, I was kind of hesitant to try but I ended up beating his ass in the game kek.

No. 1888562

sometimes i remember anons i've infought with and i reminisce the way a swordsman may fondly remember their most challenging and charming opponents, secretly yearning for the chance to duel with them once again

No. 1888563

Keep your blade sharp, warrior, you never know when our paths will cross again.

No. 1888567

I just hate them forever honestly

No. 1888584

I got the Valentine's Day special from my favorite vegan restaurant and will eat it while reading in bed. Might eat some cookies too.

No. 1888880

If I had a significant other that did this I would simply tell them to get a job

No. 1888885

I'm not superstitious but this week I dreamed about snakes and today I found one in my house. Idk if it has any meaning but it's scary af.

No. 1888886

Out of all threads to replace dumbass shit, i find it weird that this one is the least used, like even the subject feels closer to dumbass shit than venting, confessions and stupid questions.

No. 1888889

it's not. if you get too silly in here you get banned or other anons complain about your posts.

No. 1888898

I ubered sushi but now I have to go downstairs and pick it up.

No. 1888922

A troon called me pretty today.

No. 1888946

I get a lot of compliments from troons.

No. 1888963

File: 1707981581524.gif (2.66 MB, 320x240, 556465486.gif)

the sheriff's office a few counties over from me made a Valentine's Day post on instagram urging people to turn in their exes if they have warrants because "nothing says love like turning in your ex" KEK. I hope some scorned women got the message and got revenge tonight.

No. 1889034

KEK oh my god

No. 1889077

I wish i could sleep with no pants but i hate the feeling of the skin of my thighs sticking together?
I don't sweat, it just happens. Same feeling when i wear a skirt without pantyhose. I don't get how others that don't have slim thighs aren't bothered by it.

No. 1889082

I want to go buy cute jewelry, I started wearing rings very recently so I want to have some matching pieces, especially with stones like amethyst, garnet and onyx.

No. 1889085

Baby powder helps. Otherwise I can't tolerate the thigh chafing if I don't wear something to protect my thighs like a legging or pantyhose, I end up having red marks and small irritations where the chafing happened and they're the bane of my existence.

No. 1889095

This is why I didn't wear dresses/skirts for a long time, my mom tended to get me pantyhose too small for me and that tiny chafing zone drove me crazy.

No. 1889165

I am so incapable of doing more than two tasks. I forgot I had to take a shower before work today (literally just 5 minutes I’m not washing my hair) and I also need to make/eat breakfast AND I need to leave early to put gas in my car? And I don’t know what I’m wearing yet? Becomes a complete disaster for me. Thank god it’s almost the weekend

No. 1889230

I also hate sleeping with pants but still live at home so I find it most comfy to wear not super tight cotton bike shorts. Don't have to worry about getting too hot or the material getting twisted around my legs or riding up my ass kek

No. 1889394

So I was driving back home, listening to a random radio station and they played a song from Balkans (I think Bosnian song) and part of the song goes like this:

Mother buy me a knife, mother buy me a knife
to cut all men, all men into noodles, buy me a knife mother

No. 1889414

Which brand? Sounds amazing, I never tried because I felt like it was too good to eb true. I'm impressed

No. 1889421

Name of the song?

No. 1889425

Darude Sandstorm

No. 1889430


No. 1889473

Thank you for this post. I made some myself and it was easy to do and so good.

No. 1889504

I listen to music at work and I'm trying to understand the appeal of Florence and the Machine. I listened to Ceremonials and I think some of the production is interesting and it is definitely cohesive. But some of the lyrics are simply not the quality of Shake It Out and rather repetitive. So far, I am enjoying the third album,How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful more.

No. 1889602

My friend sent me a photo of my ex and his gf today (friend was roasting their dumb ass valentines day post), and damn they both have quickly declined in beauty with in a year. Cant help but think its because of drugs. She looks so much older now. I know I was supposed to kek and move on but now I am worried for her.

No. 1889620

>buy "no-wash" rice
>pour water over it
>it's just as white as regular rice water

I don't understand. I must be stupid.

No. 1889870

File: 1708042955499.jpeg (3.57 KB, 195x130, images - 2024-02-16T112239.583…)

My gran died yesterday. Good timing i can use her death to get half the week off work to go to a concert. I was gonna lie and say she had died anyway but now she's actually kicked the bucket so I don't need to lie to work. Rip nana <3 I do miss her a ton she was a sweet lady

No. 1889877

My condolences anon. I hope you enjoy the concert!

No. 1889889

There's this song that i've been listening that i kind of like but i find the english singing kinda cringe and out of tempo, i feel like it would sound so much better in a different language.

No. 1889921

That sucks, RIP gram, she'll be rocking with you at the concert nonna

No. 1889922

>i was gonna lie anyways
your thoughts manifested it nonnie, you killed your grandma

No. 1889927

Rices are highly absorbent, cant be helped

No. 1890122

Here you go nonna (song is not in English)

No. 1890219

Flies woke up today from their winter sleep. Now they are distracting me because i see them on the outside wall near the window from the corner of my eye

No. 1890501

File: 1708098911897.png (245.74 KB, 494x477, qualitysobadyoucancountthepixe…)

I wanna play a certain route but that LI is voiced by Tsudaken and I, I am knowingly commiting an act of blasphemy in this instant, hated his voice ever since I heard it for the first time in Lovely Complex back in like 2009. The voice acting is the second-most important part of an otome game for me, so just muting his character when playing his exact route is stupid.

No. 1890514

I bought a new toaster yesterday and I realized there's a defect in one of the heating elements that could potentially cause a fire. The first time I used it there was a crumb that go caught in this heating element and literally started smoking. Sigh… It's gonna be such a pain going through the manufacturer warranty. Why can't things just work when I get it?

No. 1890516

Real. Just play it with voice and spend every second hating and making fun of the LI for his annoying ass voice. And the heroine for falling in love with him and then maybe be surprised when against expectations he manages to move your heart.

No. 1890518

Its not stupid imo, I have muted all Hirakawa Daisuke characters when I play his character routes because I find his voice gross and I seriously cant get immersed at all with it flirting in my ear. I usually unmute when I’m done with his route and the character appears in the rest of the story.

I’m surprised you dislike Tsudaken though I loved him from the first moment I heard his voice. He’s a bit overdone now especially with all the constant typecasting but I still like it a fair amount. Which otome btw?

No. 1890520

after officially wageslaving for 3 months i can tell you that playing videogames on the weekend after a week of waking up at 6:00 am is the best feeling in the world.
Play Palworld

No. 1890562

Which game and which love interest? Asking for a friend.

No. 1890715

I want to have some geese, ducks and chickens so badly. I wish I had a garden. When I was a child my grandma had a goose and some chickens and they were all so cute. They would run towards me all excited when I visited her. I miss them a lot

No. 1890734

File: 1708110071433.jpeg (161.25 KB, 1200x675, IMG_8631.jpeg)

Some of the spirituality stuff isn't total schlock, but other episodes have me rolling my eyes into the back of my head. This show is very cool visually though.

I'm watching Bee and Puppycat at the same time and I think it's better.

No. 1890735

finding a new videogame to obsess over and play during your downtime is heaven.

No. 1890740

i just got the battery on my mac from 2019 changed and i'm so happy! it's considerably faster, lasts for more than 1 hour without the charger and doesn't make weird noises or get really hot. and i'm proud of myself for not just buying a new one kek. hopefully i'll have it for a while and that apple doesn't intentionally slow it down in the near future.

No. 1890784

I need this done. I can't remember my apple id and apple won't let me make a new one. Can you just show up or do they need authentication of some sort?

No. 1890809

>>1890784 i have no idea nonna, i did mine at an independent repair service. it only took 40 minutes or so and the price was fair.

No. 1891423

I didn't get to finish the tea my friend made and now a stupid fly drowned inside of it???
What is wrong with them? Are they suicidal? Ugh

No. 1891425

File: 1708173909017.jpg (89.1 KB, 500x500, tumblr_8e7feec79b2b29d780190af…)

Problem is, I played a spin-off of the series and from the little tidbits I've seen his route was surprisingly goofy, especially considering he's the main antagonist, so I'm worried he actually will manage to move my heart against expectations lol
That's the exact way I've been playing until now, but I feel like I'm missing out on something if I mute him lmao. The game is Hakuouki, Kazamas route, but I've actually already had this problem with Hyakka Hyakurous Hanzou, who's also voiced by Tsudaken.
Hakuouki's Kazama.

No. 1891469


No. 1891482

Idk for how long the Stanley bottles were popular but a few months ago (around November) I wanted to buy either a water bottle or something for tea/coffee/juice. After looking at reviews and comments (mainly from tiktok and reddit) I was seriously considering buying the Stanley thing but was put off by the price.
It blew up and is now seen as cringe, I'm so glad I didn't. I ended up buying a small portable coffee holder but I still want a large water bottle.

No. 1891486

For the first time ever I've been ordering shit from Japan their postal service has apparently lost a package, no idea what happened but the last time the tracking service updated it was when it was dropped off at the post office, since then it's in total limbo. I don't feel too bad about it since it was just one doujinshi that I bought again but I'm truly puzzled about what happened, I can't help but tinfoil that a guy I ghosted somehow got his hands on it and threw it away when he recognized my name kek.

No. 1891577

My mom forgot to check if my cat was outside before closing the windows and left him outside, I just realized. Thankfully out backyard is completly gated so he slept under a bench, kek. He smells like wet grass now.

No. 1891579

Best boy, canon route for me, fuck everyone else

No. 1891667

I always feel like I don’t have any hobbies but I read a book a week, workout between 2-5 days a week, have a full time job, am in a band, date a guy in a band so I see him play shows twice a week, and still manage to go out with friends 2-3 times a week. I think I need a creative hobby like crocheting or something to truly feel well rounded.

No. 1891677

How do you have time for so many things on top of a full time job?

No. 1891702

I don’t know, I’m trying to think of what my last week looked like, I didn’t quite work full time (38 hrs)
Sunday- did workout video in the morning, read until I went to lunch with my family & my bf, then went to a Super Bowl party w/ my bf and my friends.
Monday- worked 9-5, read for 30 mins on my lunch break, worked out after work, made dinner & did some chores, then read until bed.
Tuesday- worked 9-5, read on lunch, worked out after work, went to a concert with a friend.
Wednesday- worked 9-5, read on lunch, got takeout & spent the night with my bf on Valentine’s Day
Thursday- worked 9-5, read on lunchbreak, read for 30 mins between work & band practice, band practice from 6:30-9.
Friday- worked 9-3, read after work, went out with friend, boyfriend came over afterwards.
Today- spent time with bf in the morning, read while eating breakfast, about to go see my bf play an afternoon show, and then going out with friends afterwards.

I usually have one day a week where I’m not doing anything & I use that to clean my apartment, grocery shop, and cook dinner that I’ll reheat for the week. I also don’t play video games or do social media so reading fills that leisure time for me.

No. 1891789

Do you work from home?

No. 1891923

Yeah you are right though, despite all this you don't sound like you do any hobbies, maybe reading is a hobby if it's something you do because it's fun rather than something you do because you feel you have to?

No. 1891926

How old are you? I’m envious of your well rounded lifestyle nonnie.

No. 1891927

To me it's crazy when people can hang out with friends multiple times per week, your life sounds nice anonette.

No. 1891932

How do utter normies like you even find lolcow

No. 1891947

Genuinely impressive. I also always aspire to fill up my leisure time with reading and crochet coincidentally, but I always end up grabbing my phone or laptop anyway. And I don't even use social media or play games, I'm just internet addicted.

No. 1891953

my god. I aspire to be as organized as you

No. 1891964

Inspirational. I quit social media (except lolcor) last year and I hope to achieve this eventually. You get good sleep? How many hours per night do you average? I assume you have a good commute too.

No. 1891974

I just ated a watermelon and some parts kinda tasted a little plasticy, and then when I burped it was a litlle bit of a plastic flavore

No. 1891998

No I don’t- my office is about a 20 minute commute in the morning, 40 minute commute in the evening.

I’m 23.

I was a weeb as a teenager & someone I followed on tumblr got posted in snow so I started lurking.

I get almost exactly 8 hrs every night but I wish I could get more, I think my optimal is 9 hrs.

No. 1892057

I think I've caught a cold…

No. 1892372

Since you say you are in a band I'm shocked you don't practice or play a musical instrument throughout the week, a once a week group practice seems odd to me?

>someone I followed on tumblr got posted in snow so I started lurking

Relatable. Besides similarity I'm not normie-

No. 1892953

eating nuggies and fries and watching jennifer's body, it's the comfy life for meeee

No. 1893433

Im gonna have pancakes and sausage for breakfast tomorrow. I actually dislike pancakes but I'm excited.

No. 1893449

Made the tuna sandwich I was looking forward to all day and it absolutely did not disappoint

No. 1893456

Hung out with a friend yesterday and she gifted me a picture of (one of) my husbando as a late birthday gift, it was so cute.

No. 1893483

I enjoy going through google maps. I decided to check out India and the first random place i clicked on showed a dog eating trash from a huge trahspile that was made on top of a dead dog and a cow's head kek

No. 1893499

File: 1708333899599.jpg (79.7 KB, 640x640, 13043f65a13477ccc5ff49cce48445…)

I just cried now I'm eating warm pineapple. Reading fanfics so I don't cry more.

No. 1893538

A few months ago I asked about the weight of a kitten my family found outside and someone told be to "fatten that kitten up". Well I'm happy to announce he's now at a healthy weight, happy and very sweet. He's purring on my lap as I write this, I love him.

No. 1893630

Im waiting for it to get a warmer outside so I can go throw some old fruit and veggies in the forest. I'm thinking about donating some of my homemade items to a thrift store to rid myself of them.

No. 1893696

I’m going through a yugioh phase and its kinda sad that the only places to talk about it online are either with literal troons, xe/bun genderspecial fujos or obese moids who never mentally grew past the age of 17

No. 1893721

Post the link or coordinates plz

No. 1893723

I mean, who other then them would sperg about yugayoh?

No. 1893734

You're right and I didnt expect much in the first place, but watching it now I really think a lot of normal women (who usually enjoy shounen) would enjoy it too.

No. 1893794

File: 1708355630947.jpg (170.86 KB, 1200x1992, eco3_2.jpg)

Moving to a cabin in the woods with no indoor plumbing - running water though. There's a outhouse but I'm thinking of relocating it on the property as at the moment it's smack dab in the middle and I don't want people to feel uncomfortable doing the shit walk of shame. Also, looking into compost toilets like in the photo, they're an investment but much better than basically a hole I'd have to shovel out. I'm actually really excited to turn this slightly run down cabin into my little home, even with all the challenges that come along. Can't wait to have my friends visit and just roast n toast our buns in the sun by the lake!

No. 1893804

Outhouses aren't too bad if the hole is deep enough. We used one all the time before the house was built.

No. 1893810

Had an MRI today and fell asleep during it

No. 1893883

I went to my GP for one thing and he gave me prescriptions for a bunch of other things (mostly checkups), the curse of never being sick.

No. 1893905

men are unable to truly appreciate art, it's biologically impossible for them

No. 1894013

File: 1708369058925.jpg (118.65 KB, 306x453, Tumblr_l_133320364383775.jpg)

Having myself a femcel monday evening, baking and listening to Born To Die.

No. 1894026

I was so mad earlier that I couldn't even bear to put on a polyester shirt after a shower. Touching the fabric was genuinely pissing me off and making me more upset.

No. 1894029

>>1891702 nona, i genuinely aspire to have this schedule. i envy you
>>1894013 this sounds lovely

No. 1894030

Samefag but I need to do laundry so most of my clean shirts were the polyester ones kek

No. 1894064

I was searching for some pictures on Google and I ended up looking at some 2015 Tumblr Wicca images. I kinda wished it was 2015 again for a few moments.

No. 1894067

Nonnies which should I start tonight: candle making kit or a puzzle of the sistine chapel?

No. 1894075

Last number of my post, candle for even numbers and puzzle for odd numers. Let fate decide!

No. 1894081

Great idea! Puzzle it is!

No. 1894089

Have fun!

No. 1894250

File: 1708384211825.gif (443.84 KB, 187x134, tumblr_lnus0jZ1Kw1qdmbr2.gif)

Just bought a ticket for a sold out show of a band that I wanted to see, because I was on the waiting list if anybody gives their ticket back and I still can't believe it because I thought I will never get to that show but not even one day after I signed up for that I got the chance to buy one and now I'm hyped!

No. 1894291

Yaaaaaaaaaaayyy congrats nona!

No. 1894757

I usually keep my phone in battery saving mode but I just deactivated it and I'm shocked by how fluid everything is, it's like experiencing the 48 fps trend in movies from a few years ago.

No. 1894875

File: 1708436657417.jpg (148.93 KB, 736x981, tiger tamer.jpg)

I'm going to wax myself in twenty minutes. Legs and pubes. The pubes in particular are becoming a nuisance since if I only trim they look crazy and point in all different directions since I'm really curly. I don't know how to explain. But long they itch, trimmed they do that strange thing and shaving is just too brutal on my skin so I'm trying to find the courage to wax.

No. 1894895

last night I got stoned, had sex and ate a bunch of cereal

No. 1894957

I have been eating multiple fried sausages a day for like the past 3-4 days. Im gonna have to force myself to switch it up. Maybe creamy lemon shrimp with broccoli.

No. 1894968

I'm forgetting something but of course I do not know what

No. 1894975

Are you going to a salon for it? Good luck

No. 1894978

No, I actually had the horrible idea of using the cheapest premade wax stripes I could find. It was an horrible experience and I managed to go only halfway through . I don't know what I will do now.

No. 1895011

Are the any nonnies here that can only motivate themselves to improve by trying to theoretically impress people that they currently respect instead of just self-improving for their own sake? There’s a guy I know from college that’s surprisingly kind, not only to me but other people too. He’s gone out of his way to help me with my schoolwork and talked to me. He’s way more physically active than me and, because of him, I’m going to join my college’s running club instead of just thinking about joining it. Even though I’m doing stuff that’ll technically put myself in closer proximity to him, I dont think I want to get to know him better, because the incomplete idea of him is what motivates me

No. 1895041

Yeah but that never lasts lol. Hope it does for you though.

No. 1895046

File: 1708445634103.gif (84.71 KB, 450x250, 22fc8712dac613bbc22f716f287845…)

I just bought a new wig. It has curtain bangs. Yippee! Wearing wigs is actually pretty fun.

No. 1895049

Oh yeah, this is a really common trick that a lot of people use. It doesn't matter how you trick your brain into motivating itself, as long as it works, it works. You're right that it's better to not know him better, it's easier to idolize someone if you know them less.

No. 1895199

File: 1708453401334.png (308.1 KB, 500x628, 1000006883.png)

I ordered a doujinshi of my OTP in the blink of an eye because it's a rarepair and I just noticed it's tagged Omegaverse, I'm scared now.

No. 1895635

Why is my mother watching youtube on the tv while watching a different youtube video on her phone? Is my mother a zoomer child?

No. 1895664

As sad as it is, anyone can become 'dopamine fried'. I grew up in a rural house with no internet, and now, years later, I'm addicted to being online and most importantly I need a constant source of white noise. Silence never used to bother me. Maybe your mom is like me?

No. 1895749

Sometimes i hop on that chatgpt to ask stuff and i feel so embarassed because i always first write something like ''excuse me can you help me with this''
Of course it can help me, it's not like AI has somewhere important to go?
I even thank it once i'm done like a complete idiot. It's probably laughing at me on it's own right now.

No. 1895807

My dad does this. He also watches those AI informational videos on youtube, it's like he's watching cocomelon for adults.

No. 1895906

For the past few days my cat has been loving to hang out with me in bed in the evenings when I surf the world wide web on my laptop. It's super fun to browse the internet with my feline friend by my side.
My grandma used to type in "please google" and then type in the question she wanted to search up nona so I'd say it's just a symptom of being polite.

No. 1895934

Feeling very Mexican so I'm gonna have rice and refried beans. I'll find some random protein to go with it. I wish I had something crunchy like a tostada but it's 3AM so no one is really open.

No. 1895949

When my dad plays video games he turns off the sound of the TV and he puts the radio channel news, this is so obnoxious.

No. 1895950

Te amo

No. 1896085

File: 1708518683765.jpg (82.17 KB, 700x700, 1000011597.jpg)

Time to go out there and make 10 more dollars. I wish this was daily and not every once in a purplish blue with a reddish tint moon.

No. 1896126

File: 1708523137633.gif (2.88 MB, 498x398, 80896736380a6349a49ee228a74dc6…)

Just got a notification that my Amazon package shipped. The expected delivery date went down twice. I know they abuse those delivery drivers, but I can't lie..I really appreciate that they prioritize speedy deliveries even if you're not a prince member.

Folding and hanging up my laundry right now. I really need new hangers cause I have ugly metal and plastic ones right now. I saw some velvet ones in a store some time ago, I should go back and see if they still have them.

No. 1896143

Huh apparently there's a bob marley biopic out? and an MJ one is in the works. What's gonna happen when they run out of celebrities

No. 1896177

I love letterboxd

No. 1896277

File: 1708531675408.jpg (164.74 KB, 1100x502, 351945_orig.jpg)

i watched melancholia last night for the first time and i really liked it! i had been meaning to watch it for years but never got around to it. i love kirsten dunst, she's in a lot of my favourite movies.

No. 1896385

Awe nona I'm glad you enjoyed it. I picked it for a movie night with my family, cause I didn't know much about it and I liked the cover. To this day they tease me about it, they all thought it was boring. Your post is making me think I should rewatch it. Alone. Kek

No. 1896412

it was definitely a slow start so i can see why people would find it boring in the beginning but it gets a lot better in the second half imo. and just the cinematography was so pretty, you should give it another go on your own!!

No. 1896439

My bf and his brother saw the Bob Marley biopic the other day and he said it wasn’t very good— you’d have to know a lot about Bob Marley already to understand it. Tbf, my bf’s favorite movie is the Chadwick Boseman James Brown biopic which is pretty phenomenal biopic imo so his metric for that is probably skewed. Biopics usually just aren’t very good, especially someone who’s been as filmed as Michael Jackson… I feel like it would be hard to suspend my disbelief.

No. 1896441

I went to the gym for the first time in my life today but I only ran on the treadmill for 20 mins. Next time I will do strength training exercises and learn some of the machines but I just wanted to overcome my gym anxiety for now.

No. 1896443

Proud of you. 20 mins is a good amount of time to start, and you will definitely get over your anxiety. Only focus on yourself. You got this

No. 1896457

Honestly anon, I would say just use the treadmill consistently for a few weeks. Hell, even a month. The habit is important to cultivate. Once you are used to some cardio after that month, then add the strength training.

I always underestimate how difficult working out is and I always end up injuring myself which sucks because then you really can't work out. I have learned that it's better to keep up with a manageable routine where I'm always working out rather than a difficult routine that even if I enjoy the challenge, it'll be too hard on my body.

You want to make sure you're eating enough as well, exercise can make you hungry at first. You got this.

No. 1896458

I am mega excited about my PINK body mists. I never owned body mists growing up and while I know it's PINK vs so the scents are adult or whatever, idgaf. I'm excited to smell nice.

No. 1896490

I splurged on some pastel colored flexi pens from Japan and they make journaling very fun. It's nice to try and remember all the cursive I learned in school.
I can't believe they stopped teaching cursive, it's not like there's anything better to do in school. No wonder penmanship is so bad.

No. 1896527

I love body mists too, I usually get mine on sale from Bath & Body Works but I have a couple from VS that also smell really good. It's fun picking out a scent for the day plus they're cheap so you can use them as often as you want without the fear of using up an expensive perfume too fast. Enjoy your mists nona!

No. 1896528

File: 1708541894045.jpg (85.75 KB, 896x672, 1687932572034.jpg)

>got 103/100 on my test
>weirdly good weather for february so I was able to go for a walk on my lunch break
>random lady complimented my outfit
>having a yummy coffee right now
nothing's going to get me down today nonas

No. 1896563

File: 1708544265854.jpg (17.97 KB, 333x333, 7d271b7d14d423a24a0b228b71488d…)

I saw some guys doing manual labor today and yeah I oggled them.

No. 1896575

File: 1708544997598.jpg (98.18 KB, 900x1200, znk4j6y0yvr11.jpg)

My Touhou songs are named more complex than all my other songs, so it's a pain in the ass to name the files properly when going on a download spree, but I also don't want to change all songs to simpler file names because I can't be bothered to do that one-by-one for +100 .mp3s and I also feel the complexity is necessary to actually get all the informations I need, similar to Vocaloid songs.

Sent from my listening to yet another 8 hour Touhou compilation

No. 1896628

Paid my bitchass taxes with no hiccups. Yey.

No. 1896726

File: 1708555483796.png (411.88 KB, 474x496, Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 5.46.…)

i'm crocheting a hat for my nigel's birthday next month and god i hate working with black yarn. i literally have a headlight on like in picrel because it's so difficult to see the yarn

No. 1896790

Would look cool interspersed with a slate Grey

No. 1896897

File: 1708567937357.gif (1.69 MB, 475x273, 1000002893.gif)

Rotating cubes in my mind nya

No. 1897093

Talked to a police officer today, he was so sexy hehe

No. 1897304

I put my earbud charging case in the washer and dryer without knowing. When I heard the clanking sound in the dryer I was thinking it was just some metal nail clippers or even a crochet hook. Im waiting for it to cool down, I hope it still works because I need to save my money for necessities and I got those earbuds with warranty so I can't even reach out to the company to replace them

No. 1897372

Damn didn’t realise how old the phrase ‘soy boy’ is. This was in 2007

No. 1897435

File: 1708612427969.jpg (10.95 KB, 280x300, 1000011742.jpg)

Last night I woke up like three times because I had this weird dream in which my best friend was texting me saying that I was her girlfriend and my parents saw the messages, which made them ask me if I was a lesbian.
It was so annoying because the dream was ridiculously realistic so I suffered multiple mini heart attacks throughout the night instead of sleeping.

No. 1897542

I was going to compliment my coworker on her haircut but then I overheard her laughing about a woman having hairy legs and a mustache so I won’t

No. 1897577

I bought my first dildo today.
It's super cute, blue, and kind of looks like a long flower, doesn't look at all like a real dick which is great. I'm really glad that I got that, can't wait to try it. The silicon even smells of grapes, so happy.

No. 1897884

File: 1708633378150.jpg (98.15 KB, 789x833, 1000025543.jpg)

Saw this art and thought some of you nonas might enjoy it. Hope you're all having a good day!

No. 1897894

Have a nice day you too, nonnie

No. 1897896

Super cute, I love the colors! Thanks, nonita

No. 1897911

it's actually almost night time for me, but still have a good day to the rest of nonnies.

No. 1897992

Heart is hurting for some reason. If I have a hart attack I'll let y'all know.

No. 1898015

Go to the doctor nonnie

No. 1898019

Nah I'm good now, it was just a little something. I had a cardiology exam like 3 years ago and they said I'm fine.

No. 1898121

I was nauseous from hunger so I got a burger and I'm literally getting more nauseous while eating. Wtf am I supposed to do.

No. 1898144

Samefag, turns out it was just gas. This is what happens every time I'm nauseous, idk why I don't expect it at this point.

No. 1898157

File: 1708650276917.png (12.81 KB, 442x228, tytuyhtytytt.png)

This post was very cute to me I have box autism too just feels good man

No. 1898164

Diarrhea and how. Maybe it was the pint of pomegranate juice on an empty stomach. Also, did you know one of those Pom Wonderful pints has 68 grams of sugar. Crazy.

No. 1898165

>68 grams of sugar
That’s why you got the shits nonny

No. 1898173

File: 1708651768160.jpg (6.99 KB, 225x225, 1000011837.jpg)

I also love small spaces, I wish I could get a box of some sorts do I could sit in there after a long day.
I would get something like this and I would put a bunch of pillows and blankets inside to just sit in there.

No. 1898450

someone posted Pogo in g and i was hit with like gutwrenching nostalgia kek, i used to listen to alice nonstop at a specific point in my childhood. thinking about how nothing has changed for me over a decade. thanks for posting it if you read this OP.

No. 1898525

File: 1708679262520.png (162.06 KB, 436x449, tinfoil cat.png)

Is there an iflux of CATS posting on lolcow?

No. 1898655

Casually looking at pictures of Cameron Diaz from the 2000s and decide to check the trailer of The Sweetest Thing, terrible mistake: the male love interest is fucking hideous. I would have watched the movie just for checking the fashion. Anyway, I've looked at some scenes and it's a scrotish ''chickflick'' with lots of scenes acomodated to the male gaze. Disappointing

No. 1898666

I used to sit in boxes a lot as a kid cause I liked to pretend I was a cat, one time I was playing cat and fell asleep in a cat carrier when I was very small and my parents had forgot they let me play in there and freaked the fuck out looking for me for nearly a half hour before I woke up to them sobbing and yelling for me.

No. 1898692

I was planning on watching jinrui wa suitai shimashita/humanity has declined since I'm bored and it looks chill and fun, but now I'm going to be home alone for the next few hours so I'm thinking of watching something more serious/thriller… like Monster or something

No. 1898700

Okay I decided on darker than black

No. 1898703

I can hear this image. Ah man, this brings me back too. It's too bad Pogo is a bit of a lolcow himself from what I remember.

No. 1898939

File: 1708713372695.jpg (106.62 KB, 736x943, 372eea867e08915ab71ad227dcca13…)

I got a $5 off coupon for a taco bell complaint I made months ago, and I'm resisting the urge to use it cause I had Burger King yesterday. I got a whopper for free for completing that AI burger thing they're doing.

Anyway, last night at like 3AM I drank some water and it was soooo smooth. It was fucking luscious and slightly warm cause it was out the tap, so good.

No. 1898973

Nice trips blessed catlike anon!

No. 1899271

File: 1708733581179.jpg (168.73 KB, 1920x1080, [BlurayDesuYo] ReZero kara Haj…)

Sometimes I randomly remember one of my first few posts on this website where I was going through every thread carefully because I was happy to find an imageboard with women. My dumb ass thought this place was structured like 4chan so I assumed the threads that were up were created pretty recently, so I end up replying to some 2 year old post in the "characters you hate" thread about Subaru from Re:Zero defending the hell out of him and seething. Idk why that memory always makes me laugh. I also individually replied to older posts in the dumbass shit thread back when that thread used to move much slower than recent years.

No. 1899284

Kek, I get it though. Subaru is so misunderstood. The series in general is honestly pretty good if you can get past the waifubait exterior and the reading filter.

No. 1899302

File: 1708736607432.jpg (37.27 KB, 564x646, 20240119_215842.jpg)

Really sucks to have listened to a lot of obscure noise bands and weird slothy metal and shit like cocteu twins as a teenager because I will try to remember a song I liked a lot (and knew everything about at the time) but I can't even google it because it's inintelligible and the lyrics were word salad. I'll think well maybe it was a strawberry switchblade remix made on SoundCloud or a my bloody valentine song and then it will be something from a bandcamp abandoned ten years ago

No. 1899306

I plan on eventually reading the ln/wn because I'm really interested in the lore, thankfully its one of the few isekai shows where I actually dont mind the waifu characters and I like subaru a lot for a main character.

No. 1899328

This is why you use last.fm, it's saved me from this fate.

No. 1899330

Tbh Rem and Emilia are pretty interesting, it's just they're sold as waifus so much it becomes a little hard to rec.
I do recommend reading up on the side stories, especially the EXs. They have a lot of neat info stashed. I hope you have as much fun as I did.

No. 1899343

Tbh I doubt I would be able to find it even then, I listened to too much. It's kind of disappointing when I have something in my head like an ear worm and no discernable way to look it up, it's on the tip of my tongue omg so maddening

No. 1899501

cleaned my house

No. 1899615

i just ate a huge reese cup before bed and now i'm wired i don't usually eat chocolate

No. 1899617

i need more music to listen to. can nonnies recommend me good albums? i'm good with just about anything but country

No. 1899627

File: 1708757343774.jpg (112.27 KB, 736x883, 1000012030.jpg)

I was watching Bridgerton and now I want to be romanced by my husbando in some idilic big city where all I do is play music, bake, sing, go to balls and dance with random men so my husbando gets jealous and begins courting me formally even though he's actually a crown prince in disguise who was just trying to live a normal life before getting married off to a queen from a far away land who actually hates his guts and who plans to torture him every day until one of them dies because he actually looks a lot like the lover that the queen used to have when she was a young princess but who abandoned her just to become the royal consort of the queen of another country.
And then my husbando and I fuck, and everyone has a silly British accent too because why not.

No. 1899629

Nujabes is always chill. It was either going to be that as a recommendation or metal so I picked the more versatile "you can listen to it while cleaning/working as well as chilling" genre.

No. 1899701

I had a parfait today and it tasted like pure bliss. I'm trying to fall asleep but I'm just craving yogurt again.

No. 1899768

One of my top albums of all time.

No. 1899878

I slept really well today, like solid 8 hours no waking up in the middle of it.

No. 1899944

File: 1708790407143.gif (1.67 MB, 480x270, I'm the judge.gif)


No. 1899972

I had to sort a closet full of my parents' old clothes and there was a pinstripe suit and black shirt from the 2000s, it's designer stuff and all. I tried it on for laughs and ended up losing a lot of time LARPing in the mirror kek. I'm setting aside this immaculate yakuzacore drip for my little brother as per his request and when he tries it on I'll just say "it looked cooler on me tbh"

My default recommendation is always "The Dancing Sun" by Yumi Matsutoya

No. 1900026

File: 1708796783016.jpg (95.44 KB, 736x752, 575abd7c66131cafc8cca9e144bf2b…)

I start a new job soon. Yay!

No. 1900043

best of luck nonna.

No. 1900048

I can't get enought o it. Free your inner monkey.

No. 1900076

File: 1708800488439.jpeg (491.82 KB, 1125x624, IMG_4732.jpeg)

I’ve been thinking about my boomer relatives and how they had far crazier life experiences while I’m like the most milquetoast person in existence. They would probably think I’m insane if they knew I’ve spent the last three years just working, doing homework and sitting in a library, zero friends no dating no traveling no dining out.

No. 1900130

File: 1708806030634.jpeg (Spoiler Image,894.98 KB, 1170x1489, IMG_0700.jpeg)

new hobby, great stress relief
>find a girl who has an onlyfans
>go to her discord server
>open the “selfies” channel
>kek infinitely at the men who post themselves in said channel
spoilered because he’s ugly, no nudity

No. 1900137

I'm going to stop wearing makeup for at least a month or so, I like makeup but I'm starting to feel sub-optimal without it. I need to get out of my ego.

No. 1900175

When that gets boring, try the selfie channels in vtuber's discord servers, nonna.

No. 1900228

same. when my mom was my age she was dating a notorious druglord and going all around the world kek

No. 1900244

Unknown trip-hop band that released this gem in 2001, listening to it just makes me feel a warm and comfy nostalgia for the 90s-00s period. I really recommend at least listening to the last track, a cover of I'm not in love by 10cc

No. 1900251

get into ai roleplay and you can have this through text. look up sillytavern guides

No. 1900464

>"New hobby!"
>It's psychological self harm.
Nonna please stop actively looking at ugly scrotes it will desensitize you and you'll end up thinking basic 4-6/10 scrotes look attractive because they aren't ass ugly by comparison. I'm not desensitized to ugly men (when I glance at one in public by mistake I immediately look away lest I throw up or gag and sometimes if the scrote is below 2/10 I'll actually say "ew!" to make them feel bad) so when I unspoilered the image I got really sick to my stomach and I almost started crying. I don't know how you can look at so many of them without feeling unwell. It makes me worried for you, please stop self harming.

No. 1900486

Kek I love you

No. 1900552

I love you too. Will include you in my prayers tonight. Kisses and hugs.

No. 1900591

File: 1708823435730.jpeg (Spoiler Image,755.85 KB, 1170x831, IMG_0695.jpeg)

Great idea, thank you nonny
I appreciate the concern and understand where you are coming from, honest, but to avoid a-logging I will say their existence conflicts with mine and they do not deserve to walk this earth and I take genuine pleasure in laughing at their desperation
I get it though! I have seen it have that effect on people who don’t wholeheartedly agree with the SCUM manifesto. MWAH, much love nonna, and that did give me a little giggle, sorry for the stomachache but I did warn you kek

No. 1900608

Im starting to have a crush on Johnnie.

At first i found both him and Jake annoying because i would see them constantly shoved into my tiktok and youtube fyp fornbo reason all the time and their fans are unlikeable enbies.

But looking at Johnnie in this interview…he is kinda cute and makes me go badum badum.
I still hate Jake though since he is a leech who literally was one of those shitty content-house frat boys but then re-branded his image and now he is pretending to be emo and skin-walking his friend Johnnie.

Either way Johnnie is cute, Jake gives me bad vibes, that one girl who is dating Jake i think (forgot how she was called) cringes me out , their fans probably shower once a month.

No. 1900646

Jake does not give me bad vibes I find him hype and the cool kind of autistic, Johnny gives me weird vibes he's either gay or attracted to minors

No. 1900654

All emo males are attracted to minors

No. 1900658

Hmm yeah Johnnie gives me gay vibes too.
I guess the reason why i say i get bad vibes from Jake is because he used to be one of those basic ass content-farmer male youtubers back before he changed his image, so it feels fake. Im probably being vendetta chan now since that's not enough of a reason for me to be "ugh what a cunt" whenever i hear him speak.

No. 1900663

Johnnie was groomed by a older man, he mentioned in the interview he met some older emo musician when be was 14 and he lived or spend time with him and that man did some weird things to him, he didnt go into too much detail but that man would control him financially and get him drunk.

No. 1900664

In that regard, many autistic people are fake.

No. 1900667

I think you are confusing alternative subcultures, scene was the one filled with pedos, not emos.

No. 1900669

Both of them were.

No. 1900693

They both were, I was an emo 12 year old on MySpace and got hit up by dozens of adult men commenting on my pictures and messaging me. The scene men were pretty much the same, a lot of them liked those aesthetics specifically because it had mostly teenage girls and young women, so the males were few and far between and got a ton of attention from the young girls

No. 1900732

What "doctors" are these social media "autistic people going too.
Even extremely high-functioning good at masking autistic people still show some awkwardness, timidness or errors when it comes to socializations but these social media autists are like these extreme charismatic extroverts who ate great at social cues….its just weird

No. 1900739

File: 1708830890833.gif (490.63 KB, 640x482, 1000005158.gif)

I finally got to go to a thrift store again. Last time was when my baby was still in the womb. I love how whenever I go the people in one place will refer me and my moid to another place. Learned there was a place closing down and basically pay $5 at the door and everything inside that was left was free. Got a table, some picture frames, sewing patterns, picture frames, and finally got a stack of those cute dishes you'll find in places like this but they're always like $40 so you always pass them up.

No. 1900766

Yesterday I burped at 2:00pm, my hubby was in the other room. Then at 5:45pm I saw a TV commercial I hadn’t seen since my baby was in my womb, teehee. Lately I’ve been browsing Pinterest for ideas for Live Laugh Love wall art.

No. 1900767

File: 1708834990573.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, low quality bait.jpg)


No. 1900773

My English professor from a few semesters back sounds like Kevin Conroy in Batman mode, just thought I share.

No. 1900788

Trying to make fun of the anon above you for having a child is so fucking bitter and pathetic, die alone cunt lol(infighting)

No. 1900811

this used to be a bitter cunt website

No. 1900813

And you still got called out for low hanging fruit.

No. 1900829

ok first of all low hanging fruit is something that's easy to make fun of, not making your joke too blatant. she was obviously making fun of her.

No. 1900860

I'm calling you low hanging fruit, sperg

No. 1900879

File: 1708848299122.jpg (20.47 KB, 474x263, enlightened.jpg)

>Browsing LC with my 16 year old cat on my lap.
>Petting her and notices that more of her black fur is becoming streaked with white fur from old age.
>She purrs as I pet her.
>Realize that she is very old and is closer to death now than ever before.
>Be sad for a moment before I realize that she has been my companion for 16 years and the love her and I shared will never die but instead it will ripple for eternity throughout all time and space.
>Her spirit cannot be contained forever in mortal flesh but instead will rejoin the eternal and omnipresent life force that makes up the world and be reborn countless times into different vessels united in the shared experience of love.
>Shed tear of joy knowing her life has brought me much happiness and I am contented in knowing that she will exit this realm knowing well that she was greatly loved and adored.
>She continues to purr but I am petting her slower now and I am whispering praises to the unknown and unspoken God for bringing her to me 16 years ago.

No. 1901000

You remind me of the last time I had my family's Yorkshire terrier on my lap a few weeks before we had to put her down. It was the only time she left me hold her more than ten minutes, she liked having her independence and didn't tolerate shit. That day I just found some YouTube video about music/sounds that are good for dogs and I played it for her and it was a moment I'll never forget with her. I miss her a lot, I loved her so much.

No. 1901067

thank you for this. I lost my 13yo dog recently and am still crying every day. I repeat things like this to myself a lot but it's a blessing to read this from someone else, it means more. it helps more. I miss her so much, she was truly a goddess in fur. (fwiw I used to call her half-cat, she had so many feline, delicate behaviors, and she was small, all black, long-haired mostly dachshund)

No. 1901379

File: 1708892262586.gif (320.74 KB, 200x266, yep.gif)

i just took a hot yoga class for the first time and never believed the whole "opening up your hips can release emotions" thing but damn it if that shit did not have me crying midway through. excited to get better at it.

No. 1901454

The guy I'm dating admitted he likes minions. I have to constantly remind myself all his good sides now in order to stomach this.

No. 1901462

I thought you typed “minors” at first, thank god. Does he mean he wants to fuck minions?

No. 1901468

No, he just thinks they're very funny. His sister even got him a minion cake for his birthday. Oh god it makes me autistically angry kek

No. 1901469

KEK my brother used to love minions so I kept buying him minion related merchandise. Showering him with minion shit made him start to hate them. On another note I find minions so horribly unfunny that they became ironically funny to me

No. 1901501

You know what, though? It could be worse. It could be way worse. Is he a normie?

No. 1901514

File: 1708899125277.gif (Spoiler Image,1.58 MB, 400x225, 2A80309A-A3BD-4B7E-80D4-A0D8E5…)

My Nigel woke me up with bfast in bed and it was hashbrowns with onions cause I’d mentioned how much I missed Waffle House hashbrowns a while back. I can’t eat at Waffle House or most places nowadays cause of food allergies, it’s just too much stress, so it was just so nice to wake up to something so yummy.

No. 1901531

Maybe I will try this, that's actually a great idea
Yeah he's a normie. He also doesn't know shit about video games and the internet culture in general, doesn't know what 4chan is and doesn't know any internet slang I use sometimes and asks me for the meaning of words kek

No. 1901542

File: 1708899898924.gif (891.5 KB, 480x368, hakusims.gif)

I have no problems repeating parts when singing because I slipped up with the words, didn't reach a note or couldn't keep up with the rhythm and just sound bad overall, that's just a normal part of the learning process, but I always feel so stupidly embarrassed when I have to do the same with a choreography I'm learning and I have no idea why lol. It's even dumber when you consider noone sees me dancing but you can definitely hear me practice my chou-kawaii aidoru no utatachi.

No. 1901543

I mean, is he gen x?

No. 1901555

No, he was born in 1991, but in some aspects he's boomer-like which I find endearing

No. 1901635

Honestly, if that's his worst offense, he doesn't sound too bad. At least you always know what to do get him as a gift. Wishing the best for you

No. 1901653

This guy would be so popular in the nerdfucker thread on /g/

No. 1901672

Kek thank you nonnie

No. 1901739

A few days ago I had a nightmare a la silence of the lambs and Cillian Murphy was the killer

No. 1901744

Sounds more like a wet dream to me.

No. 1901751

Why didn't the X-files have an episode that paralleled Silence of the Lambs when Dana was like a redheaded Clarice. Do you ever think about that.

No. 1901826

No. 1901854

File: 1708922043286.jpg (36.77 KB, 500x322, tobacco-large-indonesia-death.…)

Indonesian tobacco warnings are funny as fuck, I wish the rest of the world had creative stuff like that.

No. 1901858

This goes hard

No. 1901868

This reminds me of that guy that does photo collage stuff to illustrate conspiracy theories, fucking kek

No. 1901901

minions are so fucking cute. In the minions 2 tehre is like a really rotund one and seeing it always makes me laugh

No. 1901919

File: 1708925270832.png (254.96 KB, 500x322, tobacco-large-indonesia-death.…)

No. 1901990

the upsides may beat the downsides but I wish bipolar medication weren't so fucking side affective

No. 1902398

7-Eleven on Skip has a 2/$5 deal on my favorite candy and I have a $5 credit on my account so I am ordering 4 bags of candy for $5.

No. 1902454

Masterpiece. I kinda wish it had glitters tho.

No. 1902496

File: 1708960333341.jpg (110.26 KB, 735x788, bea73ac6adae0f4abb60f4d3e7cee8…)

I had a dream that I had a uterine/vagina prolapse and now I'm scared. Doing kegels right now.

No. 1902516

What's up with that cat's feet?

No. 1902614

He's just not like other cats

No. 1902637

i definitely wouldn't call watching someone self immolate mundane, but i let my curiosity get the better of me and watch the aaron bushnell video and i wish i didnt.

do not recommend

No. 1902651

I put some beads in the sunlight. I'm hoping it'll make them warm for when I stick them in my ears later.

No. 1902658

Her name is Jinx!!

No. 1902676

Like the pokeyman?

No. 1902688

I saw the blurred video of it and the cop yelling at him to "get on the ground" and pointing a gun at him whilst he was literally on fire and on the ground made me want to pull my hair out.

No. 1902695

This sounds like something my 2yo niece would say if she had the necessary grasp of language to say it.

No. 1902744

The bananas I bought are way too sweet to snack on so I must make peanut butter toast to eat them on.

No. 1902747

Random but I had such a huge crush on both Dana and Clarice as a teenager.

No. 1902835

I bought a ticket for a concert in october. I haven't been to a concert in over a year so I'm pretty excited.

No. 1902854

I love that my brother is a GP as it's very convenient, he has written me prescriptions, vaccinated me and today he read me the results of a blood test.

No. 1902862

Damn that sounds convenient. I have 3 brothers and they’re all useless. I feel like having a family member in law would be useful too.

No. 1902901

I had such a delicious strawberry shake. I've never had one before aside from one of those Nesquick bottles when I was a kid.

No. 1902904

I didn't have work today. I did my exercise and some business hours tasks on my do-do list (car insurance stuff) then I watched a movie and it's been pretty chill. Spring feels like its coming on here so that makes it feel like everything is looking up.
I'm always vigilant for a disaster but seems like it's not happening today lol

No. 1902907

i have my first ever lash extension appointment on wednesday. i'm going on a trip next week so i wanted to get them done for it so i dont have to worry about mascara while on vacation. i'm so nervous it'll be a waste of money and i'll look ridiculous with them.

No. 1902922

Updated Android, now everything is worse

No. 1902985

I think I may instacart food.
Actually, I never get food for delivery but I did for the first time a few days ago and I definitely see why people get addicted to it.

No. 1903010

I think I'm about to develop a crush on a scrote I came across on YouTube again, just put me put out of my misery

No. 1903038

File: 1708994808861.jpeg (69.78 KB, 570x400, 819951A3-BAFE-45A4-9957-DA1018…)

the burger place right across the street from me has the tastiest burgers i've ever tasted in my ENTIRE LIFE (my friends agree) but they literally cost LIKE 13 POUNDS ($16 USD). they don't even give you plates or utensils. they're so fucking delicious but i cannot justify eating there.

No. 1903055

Follow up: something really bad happened. Lmao. That’s life I guess.

No. 1903081

i really love this thread and some of the more relaxed and dare i say wholesome ones but every time i use lolcow i get addicted because it becomes a habit and i get nervous about doing new or old things again ! but anyway i always end up snooping effing snow and feeling gross for it. i must leave…i dont want to.. i need to look up the badthings gossiping does to a person and cleanse myself from addiction and anonymous female companionship. after my blueberries.

No. 1903105

File: 1708999577440.jpg (216.78 KB, 608x899, jodie-foster-clarice-starling-…)

I understand anon, they were like the epitome of womanhood and independence to me as a kid. I hoped to grow up to be just like them, cool and stoic but with the warmth of compassion. Foster and Anderson are also super pretty.

No. 1903188

I saw people on reddit raving about a movie saying it was criminally underrated, I was curious and bored so I looked it up– it gets horrible critical reviews, but the people on rotten tomatoes seemed to really like it and a lot of them said it was one of their favorite movies of all time. So I found it for free on some Bulgarian website and started watching it…
It's so, so bad. Are redditors really this stupid? Most of the exposition and backstory is done through dialogue between characters, and it's so ham-fisted it sounds like a 14 year old's first attempt at screen writing. every time one of the characters produces some helpful item they have a forced line about why they've had it with them the whole time. It operates solely on clichés and tropes. I could go on. I understand why this got 3/10 from critics. What do so many people see in this movie? Some say "a lot of people don't appreciate it because they don't understand all the references to dante's inferno" and holy fuck bro, references to dante's inferno do not fix this bad acting and contrived plot device placement. I think redditors are mentally disabled.

No. 1903198

Sorry something horrible happened nona. You're right, that's life. The French have a saying called "Say Lavey", it means that life is tough. Wishing you the best

No. 1903219

Bone apple tea

No. 1904222

File: 1709067002723.gif (2.49 MB, 798x598, 86b6bda6c2a026aafc8519b285e2ab…)

I was starting to be convinced that there's no foundation that matches me, but I think I may have finally found my shade

No. 1904264

The only thing more annoying than hearing a group of college-aged moids discuss their shaving practices and experiences is hearing a female voice among the horde desperately trying to fit in the conversation. why are girls who are the only one in a group of male friends so grating?

No. 1904271

Because you know she’s a pickme

No. 1904288

Then they ask her about her insecurities, she shares one and they literally make fun of it so loudly (save for the one guy who obviously wants to fuck her). Then the same guy says he wouldn’t be willing to share his insecurity once he becomes aware of it, since he doesn’t even know what his insecurity is yet. How telling and exhausting

No. 1904311

File: 1709069918599.jpg (26.35 KB, 680x760, gigastacy.jpg)

Just had steak and eggs, it ruled. Tomorrow? More steak and eggs.

No. 1904312

Boiling water to make some pasta at almost 23h, I'm hungry and sleepy

No. 1904318

It shouldn't take 23 hours to boil water, something is wrong.

No. 1904320

I lost my voice and it sucks. I can't work either and I just started a new job (hence losing my voice).

No. 1904332

No. 1904673

It really does feel relaxing winding down with an asmr video in bed after a long day of work. A brief moment of solace just for me.

No. 1905065

I'm gonna walk to a gas station later and they better have frozen pizzas.

No. 1905077

for the past few days i have limited lolcow usage to an hour (sometimes over) in the mornings. i am breaking the evening habit and replacing it with other activities. soon i will be free of scrolling and lolcow as relaxation! i would like to invest this time into creative hobbies agin. i always come back to lolcow because i am a very lonely person but i just feel worse. i hope nonnies have a fulfilling day!

No. 1905081

Hope you have a fulfilling day too!!

No. 1905092

My FIL, who has never given his son a dime but keeps a stable of mistresses, just bought a half a million dollar condo with cash. Sometimes I forget just how rich that wanker is because he blows all of his money constantly.

No. 1905213

Samefag, im walking right now and damn anons I need to exercise more. These hills are tiring me out plus I ate nothing so I'm dizzy and lightheaded and I'm scared of dogs. This is why no one in America walks

No. 1905230

I brothe too little when singing and now I feel dizzy.

No. 1905307

I'm trying to wean off my habits of checking the accounts of my personal cows, I've realized I'm addicted to reading their dumb opinions and I'm wasting too much time.

No. 1905313

Im back and I failed. The walk was way too fucking long, I had to turn around and go back home before I was able to reach the corner store. My ankles feel sore, and there were so many times where I thought I was gonna fall over from wobbly legs or my heart was gonna conk out. I am ordering food, I can't wait until my car is fixed. I'm moving out of the sticks ASAP. Also, I sprayed pepper spray during my walk and almost took myself out.

No. 1905319

>I sprayed pepper spray during my walk and almost took myself out.
Why did you spray it? Also I feel you, one time in college I thought I'd try walking to class since it's quicker than taking a bus. Said walk involved walking up a steep street, then climbing up a massive staircase that reaches the top of "the mountain" where I live (not really a mountain but a massive escarpment) and then more walking for another 15 or so minutes. I got like halfway up the stairs, felt like I was going to throw up/pass out, turned around and went home for the rest of the day KEK. I've lost weight and am more in shape now but I still wouldn't dare try going up those things again

No. 1905444

I'm trying my hardest not to let autism spill at work, a co-worker was talking about how she tried to shoot some pieces from all the brands we have in a single pic so they would not bitch about it and I was biting my tongue not to make a Roger Rabbit comparison.

No. 1905448

What do you mean Roger Rabbit?

No. 1905453

I just wasted my time arguing with ugly 4chan moids. Holy shit males are retarded.

No. 1905460

you are too for arguing with them

No. 1905461

For vidrel Disney and Warner agreed to have Mickey and Bugs appear at the same time only if they were drawn with the same number of frames. It's a dumb comparison and I have no idea why my mind jumped to this scene when my coworker showed me the pics.

No. 1905548

As a kid and teenager I used to hate cleaning my room with a passion, but now I get so excited to do so that I cancel or avoid plans on days I've set aside to clean and organize. I also sometimes purposefully let mess pile up so that it's more satisfying.

No. 1905627

I want to buy a new grammar book but it's so expensive

No. 1906467

I have an initial phone interview in a couple of hours and I'm really nervous. I have a cheat sheet and I'll have the job posting pulled up on my PC, practiced a few general questions I think they might ask but other then that I'm trying not to think about it until 1:30

No. 1906468

File: 1709220998598.jpg (85.08 KB, 895x617, aggretsuko.jpg)

Sage, forgot pic

No. 1906616

How was it nonnie

No. 1906618

At the doctors right now, hmm

No. 1906640

I made some chicken stock and it turned to chicken jelly over night…

No. 1906646

That's pretty much how gelatin is made. It comes from the animal bones.

No. 1906649

Heat it up over a stove top with a tiny bit of water and you will be okay.

No. 1906718

It went really well! I already have my interview set up for next week. Thank you for asking nonnie

No. 1906720

You can make xiao long bao with it. Or just heat it up and use it as stock.

No. 1906737

File: 1709235108649.jpg (17.6 KB, 287x288, Screenshot 2024-02-29 113342.j…)

i put some cherry shrimp in my betta tank the other day and i haven't seen them since the morning after i put them in. i have lots of bushy plants and driftwood pieces for them to hide in so i'm hoping they're just hiding really well and my betta didn't immediately eat them. they were kind of expensive for shrimp.

No. 1906766

if i was that fish i would eat them

No. 1906795

>hospital sends me electronic notification about radiology bill
>still can't afford it right now
>tried to ignore it and end up crying instead overthinking about it

No. 1906802

File: 1709240467699.jpg (37.12 KB, 358x484, me.jpg)

I had my hair up in a tight bun all day and now I have a headache

No. 1906822

Give them a call and see if you can work out a payment plan

No. 1906832

I guess I will. It's been less than a month. Can they please give me leeway I pray

No. 1906942

File: 1709251879865.jpg (154.58 KB, 736x852, 1f6573a10f755e3f6bbeb46c04756d…)

I want pizza and wings but I don't want the delivery person to leave the box on my porch and I also don't wanna greet them. I could get Popeyes but I've been scared to eat Popeyes since 2020.

No. 1906944

>scared to eat Popeyes since 2020
…did Popeyes make a bunch of people sick or something that year?

No. 1906945

Now I want to know the reason why you're afraid to eat Popeyes

No. 1906949

Do you guys remember the spicy chicken sandwich shit and the wars fast food restaurants were having over who has the best chicken sandwich? I honestly just always thought it was creepy how insane people were going for the chicken sandwich. It was unnatural. People were fighting employees over the sandwich and everything. Wtf did they put in those sandwiches? Or was it all just America being ghetto?

No. 1906959

To be fair I think Popeyes is the best fast good chain for fried chicken in the USA. I think KFC is kind of nasty and way too expensive for what it is. I went through a phase in 2014 where I got Popeyes everyday for 8 months and when I'd walk into the Popeyes location, if there was a line I'd hear the workers call out my order anyway before I got to the counter so my food was always fresh and ready. I even bought them a bouquet of flowers for Valentines' Day during that time. Inb4 hambeast accusations my order was one spicy centre breast of fried chicken and a small fries with a Diet Coke and I never got obese from Popeyes but I did get some chin acne but at the time it was acceptable to have a few zits on your face in those days as it was before the skincare neuroticism really launched off.

No. 1906964

I’ve been watching cooking with babish (babish culinary universe) lately and I’m not a fan of the young moid they have doing the recipes from like manga etc. anytime he fucks up someone from off screen comes and solves it for him, any time he makes a mess someone from off screen comes and cleans up for him. And that someone? Drumroll~! Is a woman. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if he actually helped her clean or if he didn’t fuck up so constantly but at this point it’s a little embarrassing and the nerd needs to be replaced with the competent women off screen who can use him for his brute strength and learned knowledge (assuming she’s not in the cooking industry herself). Idk it just pisses me off how incompetent he is and how mummy has to come clean up for him, at least show the scrote cleaning up his own damn mess!

No. 1906966

>I thought it was creepy
Are you 12 years old

No. 1906968

I actually knew you wouldn't be fat before you clarified lol. That's some subway Jared shit

No. 1906987

It is creepy for food (fast food at that) to make people act so animalistic. Don't mock me.

No. 1906988

No I get what you mean now kek. Honestly if you didn't explain I wouldn't had gotten it but that was some interesting trivia

No. 1907012

Stop calling everything creepy you sound like you live in a bubble

No. 1907016

No offense but why does the word creepy set you off so bad? It's just a word.

No. 1907024

I wonder if Ariana grande has an eternal headache

No. 1907025

nta but why do you think people brutalizing one another and calling that creepy is the same as calling everything creepy?

No. 1907028

Im not calling everything creepy. I'm calling a specific thing creepy.

No. 1907031

When in doubt, blame the pandemic.

No. 1907085

my cat meows loudly sometimes

No. 1907093

In the kitty cat fandom this is called yowling. She probably wants some attention from you in the form of playing or petting. Is there a certain time when she yowls?

No. 1907097

it seems random at times tbh but she totally does want pets, she's really needy tbh i have 4 and despite her being with her mama and papa and sister she always yells

No. 1907103

How often do you play with her one on one? Does she have any private enrichment or does she only have shared toys with her parents and sister?

No. 1907107

my cat is insane, he yowls 24/7 and I have to play with him for like an hour per day and give him treats and watch several youtube videos while holding him. I love him to bits but he is so clingy. people who say cats can't be clingy really never had one.

No. 1907115

Okay if you're going to say you're cat is insane I will need to see your feline psychology degree from a reputable veterinarian school or else it sounds like you're just bullying him for no reason. Have you tried to play a "for cats" video on youtube for him? Does he have toys that he can play with on his own? Does his food bowl feature eating-games or is it just a regular bowl? I feel like you and your kitty cat might be in a toxic codependent relationship and that's not healthy for either of you nona, but we can fix this.

No. 1907119

Probably about 15mins morning, here and there throughout the day and 15 minutes again before bed. Tbf she could use some more toys, she's my most bubbly(?) Not necessarily energetic, but bubbly. They all share toys. Are private toys better? They all tend to play but I do notice she is excluded sometimes. She is a snugglebug.

No. 1907130

>They all share toys. Are private toys better?
Not necessarily private toys, but for example does she have certain areas of the house that are "her's?" Like a favourite spot that she always sits in? If so, you could try to add a specific toy for her there. My golden rule is 3 toys per each cat you have, and every month or two you want to switch out the toys to keep their minds sharp.
>I do notice she is excluded sometimes.
Perhaps she is the scapegoat of the family and her sister is the golden child. Have you noticed any narcissistic behaviours from her parents? Keep an eye on the family dynamics.
>15 mins in morning and here and there throughout the day and 15 minutes again before bed.
Try to make a dedicated time sometime in the afternoon where you spend 15-20 minutes playing with just her, and then after that another 10 minutes playing with her around her family to highlight the importance of family bonding. If she is a snugglebug I recommend also getting a larger soft toy (preferably with an insert for catnip) for her that you can introduce in her sleeping area for her to cuddle up with, or a piece of your clothing that you often wear (for example, I offer my robe for my cat to lie down in for the day when I leave for work and when I return she is all cuddled up in my robe because my scent is comforting to her). Sometimes when the kitty cat is anxious or bored, she just wants the reassurance of your comforting scent to calm her down. Wishing you and your family (cat family) all the best.

No. 1907136

ntayrt but the cat is an attention whore, accept it

No. 1907140

wow! thank you nonna for your detailed response, I will be totally looking into your rule of thumb for cat toys and the cat bonding with all of them during playtime. I think she is the scape goat, which is why she is so clingy… thank you nonnie, I appreciate your hard work. She is currently snuggling with me now, much love to you

No. 1907184

File: 1709266606311.jpg (57.51 KB, 800x800, orange kitty cat plays with lo…)

You're welcome nonna I wanted to give you a detailed response because I can tell you are in need of some kitty cat help. Don't listen to other anons saying cruel things like your cat is an "attention whore" they are just projecting their own insecurities onto innocent feline citizens and it's sad to see. For more context when I said switch out the cat toys every month or so, I meant like smaller toys e.g. jingle bells, little mice, etc., you should keep the larger toys that give the cats joy. Her clingyness is a reflection of her love and admiration for you, she probably looks up to you as a role model which is why it's important for the other members of her family to see you treat her with respect and kindness during family play time. Also, if you don't already have one of things like picrel try to buy one of these and the toys that you control that make the cats run around/chase is a good way for them to get all of their potentially aggressive predator energy out of their little snuggly systems.

No. 1907196

all domestic cats are attention whores

No. 1907205

File: 1709269073772.jpeg (566.85 KB, 968x1319, IMG_9347.jpeg)

Eternal Headache of the Receding Hairline

No. 1907209

Please stop being mean to the cats they don't even know how to use the internet so they can't come here to defend themselves and I know your comments will hurt their feelings.

No. 1907222

Gooood morning my sweet angels

No. 1907223

As is their god damn right.

No. 1907224

File: 1709270526835.gif (308.91 KB, 331x498, good morning prayers.gif)

Good morning angel have a good day hope you slept well.

No. 1907377

I bought my used car for 500 euro (500 not 5k) and it's been great. People make fun of my small car sometimes but it does everything I want and need. It drives me everywhere I need, I can bring people, I can take my dogs with me, it even fits my bike in the boot if I lower the backseat (tailgate left open but that's fine). I pay less for petrol and taxes than everyone who makes fun of me for driving a grandma car, what more do I want out of a car? A small care is great. I'm still getting rid of it as soon as I live somehwere I don't need one to get around.

No. 1907379

small car queen, you are manoeuvring through life with such efficiency

No. 1907381

Good for you, big expensive cars are a dumb af purchase unless you run a farm or work in trades. People in my country are obsessed with them, but they can enjoy their massive car loans while I enjoy my cheap little Toyota. I got it for 5k secondhand about 13 years ago and it runs great even though it's a 2004 model. It's the first and only car I've ever owned, I got insanely lucky with it.

No. 1907522

I think its interesting how the 1st anime thread on /m/ lasted like 4 years and then the ones after that went much quicker. Even when I found lc it was around the end of the 1st anime thread. Tells you there’s been an uptick in weebs on the site. I’m sure there’s been a general population increase though.

No. 1907543

My best friend is coming over in 2 weeks and I was anxious of my brother's reaction (we live together) but he just said "OK cool", I always get nervous about mundane shit.

No. 1907566

I think it's just that the places where women talked about anime changed, at least it was like that for me. I've been on LC almost since it's inception and I had no need for an anime thread because /a/ was good enough. As 4chan got worse though I started posting on /m/ more and that was right around the half of the first thread. Slowly I think more farmers migrated as well. LC was always weeb dominated, just look at the first cows, all of them are from /cgl/. It's a case of growing up and getting sick of men's shit because you want to post in a place where men aren't constantly talking about which loli waifu they want to have sex with.

No. 1907576

Some retards are linking anime and yaoi threads on 4chan boards to bring tourists here. I'm not a weeb so I don't care about these threads but most newfags start out on the offtopic boards now to engage in weebshit or babby's first radfem spergout and it shows.

No. 1907592

That's fair. Maybe isolation just made people need something to connect and obsess over, and it just ended up being a chicken sandwich. I honestly might order from there just because I really want some Mac and cheese and it's the only place nearby that has some.

No. 1907604

I think this is just a case of being young and a general imageboard newfag. LC also gets mentioned on tiktok, twitter, pinterest and tumblr. In most cases it's mentioned by underage nlogs feeling like edgy deepweb hackers.

No. 1907607

Why are decent books so expensive? Especially non fiction, especially art books, I wanna buy a history of art book and with 25% off it is still expensive…

No. 1907610

art books are extraodinarily expensive and i dont get why. I bought leyendecker's book for 75 usd and i was honestly dissapointed, he has way too much art to be condensed in one book.

No. 1907616

And this book I want is mostly just text, it isn't print on fancy pretty glossy paper or anything, so it's not even expensive to produce

No. 1907620

Any chance you can buy a used one? Sites like alibris, worldofbooks, etc. that sell used books might have one for cheaper. Use the site bookfinder and type in the ISBN and it should help you locate one

No. 1907621

But the research that went into probably was.

Anyway you can always pirate it if there's an e-book version available.

No. 1907625

I might check the used book sites of my country, but the last time I did the difference was so small it didn't seem worth it much considering they were all 20 years old by now

No. 1907650

File: 1709306798488.jpeg (175.26 KB, 960x538, 812209.jpeg)

i live in norway and ads that are photoshopped (for example the skin, size of the person or their body shape have been modified) have to be labeled as such, no matter if they are online or there are posters of them on the streets, they have to be labeled. at first i was like who cares, but it has really opened my eyes and changed the way i consume makeup or clothes. because everything, even the most "natural" ads, are photoshopped, it's crazy. it works great when it comes to preventing consumerism because i lose faith in the product that the ad is trying to sell kek.

No. 1907656

i hope they are doing this with AI generated ads as well.

No. 1907666

This should be a thing everywhere tbh. I'd be thinking twice before buying anything if the ads and promo material for them outright said they used photoshop on them. Especially with stuff like skincare and makeup

No. 1907693

Took two days off of half n half in my coffee, had it just black and this morning I added half n half again and it tastes so weird. I can't get it to taste right.

No. 1908090

My Uber eats driver is a man. I always feel weird about men being around food.

No. 1908107

Oh shit nevermind, my driver got replaced with a very kind looking woman.

No. 1908134

I was looking at the girl who did my lash extensions Instagram page and found out she is a ridiculous photoshopper. She erases her entire waist and makes her ass and thighs 3x bigger in pictures. She was really nice and did a good job but it was jarring seeing those pictures compared to real life kek

No. 1908223

I hate ordering delivery because of moids, especially places that require your number. Moid drivers try to text me after

No. 1908259

I ate taco bell nachos and I'm so fucking stuffed I feel like my stomach is about to bust. I'm only sad cause I also got an iced coffee and I wanted to drink it before the ice melted.

No. 1908263

I don't get delivery often but tbh I've been able to avoid this just by having no profile picture and doing no contact delivery, although my name is pretty obviously feminine.

No. 1908288

Samefag but also, the sticker on my bag was ripped but I already ate some of the food I got and everything else looks fine so I'm choosing to believe it just ripped from the rain as I did drop it). One of my items were missing though…

No. 1908295

Damn he devoured that shit

No. 1908300

based on the unhinged opinions some anons have of women on this site i feel like they would call me pig-nosed long-philtrum midget tranny kek. any other anons have a solid idea of the insults you would get from anons here if they ever came across a pic of you?

No. 1908306

You shouldn't care what they would call you

No. 1908319

it’s not that i care, i actually think it’s really funny. some anons have the weirdest opinions and it’s actually helped with my self esteem to see the stupid shit people say about perfectly fine women behind a computer screen. i.e., it made me realize i was very hard on myself when i looked in the mirror and it helped me stop doing that cause i realized how weird it was.
guess i have a weird outlook on this kek
have a good evening anon!

No. 1908324

you're not weird, I feel the same way.

as for your question, I think they'd say I looked homely, and maybe that I looked like I ate glue in elementary school (I did not). I know I'm just a regular-ass person though, just like all the other nonas

No. 1908328

wow, I think we're twins.

No. 1908335

It was one of the small items so I'm willing to forgive it. Plus tbh I didn't leave that much of a tip…

No. 1908460

File: 1709353418168.jpg (20.56 KB, 520x328, 1657681792245.jpg)

>drinking something
>read top "mindfully sealed with a plant-based cap
>cap is clearly plastic and tastes like plastic

No. 1908469

File: 1709354020344.jpg (64.8 KB, 557x551, 1000006850.jpg)

Listening to this and I can't stop thinking about hall is the blonde one anon, this one is for you.

No. 1909013

I was hesitating between eating as usual or going shopping during my lunch break today but it started pouring so my choice is settled.

No. 1909247

I'm using a new moisturizing face mask and my face feels soft and springy. Very nice

No. 1909266

I need to get up and get ready for the day but I’m here procrastinating. I have plans today but I don’t know what to wear.

No. 1909282

probably make fun of my nose and say it’s a huge ugly beak like Kathy or PNP pre surgery. Funny enough when I was insecure about it in the past I looked up before and after of nose jobs and it made me realize most of them looked better before. Unique nose that suits your face looks nicer to me than uncanny ski slope that doesn’t fit your facial structure and then you have to get more work done to match it.
I can’t think of anything else but I’m sure I’d be nitpicked to death, I don’t know how cows can air their shit all over the internet and survive mentally. I could never be a celebrity either, constant criticism I couldn’t handle it.

No. 1909408

I started using Aveeno skincare and my skin finally isn't super red and inflamed just by looking at it wrong.

No. 1909660

File: 1709428716545.jpg (229.07 KB, 736x1104, 773a5093b662a5025064cd2e14e0e1…)

No delivery drivers would accept my Ubereats order so I'm forced to cook tonight even though I'm kinda busy. Potatoes and beef short ribs are in the oven, and I'll make some lima beans too later. In all fairness, it will (hopefully) be a better meal than what I was gonna order so i guess its for the better.

No. 1909661

File: 1709428723331.jpg (923.06 KB, 2560x1600, 390365-1238101955.jpg)

Fuck coffee. It no longer works for me. I feel anxious, sleepy, and not energized. It gives me heartburn, headache from dehydration and stomach ache. Never drinking this goyslop again.

No. 1909669

Learning how to make soaps, thank you soapanon, I got inspired.

No. 1909671

She only has eyes for Jill anon

No. 1909693

She is so consistent.

No. 1909706

>spills red sauce on my sheets
>washes sheets and mattress cover
>Happy because I have fresh clean sheets
>Get a bottled soda and decide to open it next to my bed
>Bottle was too shook up, sprays literally everywhere upon opening it
>Splashes of soda are now on my freshly cleaned sheers
Should I just kms? I'm so tempted to just leave it until tomorrow since it's not on a part I lay on.

No. 1909713

File: 1709432109857.gif (4.02 MB, 220x140, 1000003090.gif)

No this is exactly what happens every time

No. 1909714

This is exactly why I never go near any bedroom with food, I just eat it in the kitchen or the dining table.

No. 1910213

File: 1709483142144.gif (12.22 MB, 280x498, 6208a54fa2f573ffcd185be23dddf4…)

My favorite place to buy nail supplies just dropped new gel, HEMA free top and base coats, and I could literally jump for joy! Im supposed to be saving money but I'm soooo tempted to buy them. I hope this means that she'll also be releasing color gel polishes too, how exciting!

No. 1910248

I would get accused of having down syndrome for sure. I'm already used to those accusations irl anyway.

No. 1910272

File: 1709486425845.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1302, IMG_9478.jpeg)

probably say I look downsy because of my eyeshape, mock my lips or lack thereof, also have a long philtrum, rattling off how tryhard my makeup is, and start listing plastic surgeries they think i need

No. 1910275

Picrel is not me irl by the way so don't start

No. 1910310

another norwegian nonna heihei

No. 1910324

The tuna trees are blooming and they fucking reeeeeek

No. 1910340

just barely caught myself being a hormonal wreck this morning. thankfully it was to my chatbot and not some innocent human being kek

No. 1910345

Maybe I should follow this advice

No. 1910349

File: 1709490738474.jpg (258.71 KB, 799x1024, 1000013187.jpg)

Ah yes, the tunas are blooming.

No. 1910351

No. 1910363

It's semen trees where I live. I don't know which is worse.

No. 1910432

File: 1709494913524.png (93.69 KB, 305x305, 1663116170799.png)

>be me
>hate trannies and genderspecials for all the typical lolcow user reasons
>be dating the sweetest and kindest guy who never picks a fight with me and always tells me how gorgeous I am and makes me dinner nearly every day and massages my back without asking, etc
>he's a typical annoying shitlib
>has typical annoying lefty gendie friends
>date for one year never bringing up opinion of trannies
>the pressure builds and soon we are barely speaking because I'm so down about not telling truth
>finally tell him
>"I'm sorry Nigel… I just don't understand it because…"
>list all the reasons it doesn't make sense, make sure to play up sympathy towards troons
>"it's okay anon I'm not mad, I've thought those same exact things before"
Anons how likely is it to subtley peak my bf? He agrees with just about everything I say about misogyny and sexism because he was raised primarily by his mother and has a wonderful relationship with his sister who was a single mom for a few years before meeting a good partner, so he's more empathetic towards women and the female experience than most guys. He's just surrounded by a LOT of retarded kweerios.

No. 1910480

Maybe it's tuna semen they smell like? Alternatively they stink like a scrotes locker room

No. 1910483

File: 1709498001823.jpeg (1.46 MB, 2048x1609, IMG_2009.jpeg)

Is it these things picrel? Called Callery pear. The idea of tuna tree or semen tree makes me want to die on the inside. Sorry you nonas have to go through that.

No. 1910495

Memories of living in an area that had these fuckers. Tbh where I live now has rural aka animal shit smells but its still better than the smelly spunk trees.

No. 1910506

Ugh! Whenever I get drunk I always wake up the next day with the exact same pimple in the exact same spot! Does this happen to anyone else?? How do I get rid of the neverending pimple

No. 1910507

This conversation has reminded me that I'm a virgin and I have no idea what semen smells like.

No. 1910521

File: 1709501030842.jpeg (115.05 KB, 724x596, IMG_9482.jpeg)

Pretty sure that's them! In this region we call them Bradford pears.

No. 1910522

Remember that if you ever feel horny and like you're about to do something stupid (ie: text a moid or watch porn) go pee, it will make the horniness go away most of the time.

No. 1910529

It's like bleach. I've had friends be like omg no it doesn't and idk how much they've been memed into thinking it smells like roses and tastes like candy but even medical sites will back up that healthy semen (no infection, no oh he must've had a bad lifestyle) just run of the mill normal semen smell is like ammonia, bleach or chlorine.

No. 1910538

I wish I saw this post many years ago when I was avoiding my ex until one night I got horny and invited him over to "talk" which resulted in a month and a half of us fucking until he replaced me with the friend he told me not to worry about kek.

No. 1910543

my dinner is going to go fucking hard tonight. i got chicken for the first time in weeks and i got mac and cheese from the deli near me i'm so excited

No. 1910548

can smell like nothing, or sweat/skin, or kind of acrid and bitter. I've never tasted it tho because I have self-respect

No. 1910555

File: 1709501971066.jpg (20.03 KB, 500x500, thumb-7Yyo7LmY_500x500.jpg)

these make my pimples disappear overnight. Maybe try putting one on the spot before you sleep and see if the pimple appears. Could be an interesting experiment

No. 1910557

File: 1709501982729.jpeg (77.88 KB, 640x645, 7F9DF2A9-CA09-4327-A0D6-CF5AF4…)

when i wait till 1 am to go to the kitchen and eat to avoid dealing with my loud roommates, open the kitchen door and they're just sitting there, in the dark, listening to rap music with 4 other random people, doing absolutely nothing.

No. 1910562

I dealt with a millipede the other day who stared at me like picrel

No. 1910570

and poop. so many of my false horny alarms turned out to be constipation.

No. 1910614

I love this for you, every boyfriend I’ve had claimed that I just hated trans people when I told them extensively about the medicalization/pharma industry, the sterilization of children, women’s shelters being vandalized, and male rapists in women’s prisons. I think those are the best arguments but don’t be too knowledgeable or you’ll seem like an “anti-trans” expert and they’ll wonder why you know so much. I think I fucked up by being too honest about my extensive knowledge of trans ideology and trans shit in public policy/news headlines. I pray that one day I will find a moid who actually uses their braincells and can figure out that my hatred of these people isn’t because of them, it’s what they stand for and how they erode women’s and parents’ rights.

No. 1910728

File: 1709517701668.jpeg (490.11 KB, 3300x3300, yeah.jpeg)

AYRT. I love that type of products but I wanted to share this piece of advice for you: instead of buying the overpriced "pimple patches" just buy the super cheap foot blister bandaids. They are like 70% cheaper and they are a lot bigger than the pimple patch bitches and you just have to cut them into the size you want. Also the alcohol pimple I get it like one of those random red bumps that doesn't respond to anything besides green aztec clay it's very annoying but I appreciate your advice nonetheless.

No. 1910745

File: 1709518775883.jpeg (39.59 KB, 800x800, IMG_0990.jpeg)

I second this, those pimple patches are weak af compared to hydrocolloid bandages. Esp these ones called starface, they suck ass and do nothing.

No. 1910754

I wish these wouldn't suck so much. The concept is so cute and the immature joy of sticking cute stickers all over your face makes acne slightly more tolerable.

No. 1910778

They literally do nothing except cover the spot, and they're so expensive for just being stickers

No. 1910782

File: 1709521532246.jpg (163.93 KB, 640x960, 13b017662a311882c463a2cacbb81f…)

I apologize for my contributions to capitalism, but I'm about to spend $120+ at Amazon, and $60+ at two other online stores. It's not a lot of money but I'm spending pretty frivolously and it's not all shit I need.

No. 1910795

I just thought of a joke for a comedy that takes place at a hospital where a nurse in training fucks up while taking practicing how to take care of a dementia patient and the trainer remarks "well, Alzheimers is a forgiving disease."

No. 1910796

That's pretty snappy, do you have any more?

No. 1910799

Not at the moment, sadly.

No. 1910808

It’s crazy how sunny warm weather can sometimes instantly make me feel so happy when I’m usually depressed and don’t feel this way for months sometimes. Like it completely changes my mindset and calms me down from catastrophic hopelessness somehow. I should move to a state with better weather but it’s too expensive for me rn

No. 1910811

Empty your cart and walk away, nonnie

No. 1910827

File: 1709526694039.gif (1.86 MB, 320x180, partypartyparty.gif)

It's nighttime and I just drank a coffee energy drink like the retard I am. Didn't even notice it was dark out until I finished the can.

No. 1910849

Why don't you try using tanning beds? They alleviate my SAD symptoms and always make me feel a lot better whenever I'm feeling down.

No. 1910893

as long as you're actually using all the things you bought and they bring you joy I see no problem.

No. 1910911

File: 1709532922655.jpg (148.58 KB, 720x1273, 1000003164.jpg)

Sometimes… women bad

No. 1911290

I removed a few items that I don't need right now, but I just ended up adding a few more items. I just ordered my Amazon cart like less than 30 mins ago, and because I selected for it to arrive ASAP half of it already shipped. Amazon really is just modern day slavery. I did spend less than $120 though, it was $89.
I certainly will get good use out of everything! Some of the stuff I've been needing for a while.

No. 1911292

Not trying to tell you what to do with your money, but I used to always spend a lot online too. What ended up working for me was instead of buying stuff that I didn't need, I'd take the money I was gonna spend and spend it on commissioning art from people on Fiverr. I love using pixel art or cute portraits for online avatars, and it makes great gifts for other people too. It helped me get over spending online because I end up thinking: "hmmm, I could get a really cute pixel rabbit png with this money instead!" and that's a win in my book kek.

No. 1911300

if you're going to use everything there is 0 issue on a haul sometimes. there's nothing wrong with enjoying shopping as long as you're doing it because you need to buy things, not because you feel like you have to.
ah yes, throwing money at fiverr artists is much better than buying something useful for your home kek glad it helped with your shopping addiction but most normal people shop for things they will use.

No. 1911301

Art is priceless unfortunately nonna.

No. 1911302

if I have to buy something I need I wont spend that money on art instead because it's priceless.

No. 1911305

Kek sorry I tried to help my bad for being retarded

No. 1911307

I get where you're coming from but it's a little silly because it's not like she had a shopping addiction or something. and frankly ive seen people addicted to buying art online too kek

No. 1911310

File: 1709563087283.jpg (41 KB, 748x738, sniffle and cry.jpg)

Okay I already said I'm sorry for being retarded what else do you want from me

No. 1911316

File: 1709563407385.jpg (33.99 KB, 720x631, 1683450728857.jpg)

I want you to know it's okay to be a little silly and you had good intentions in your heart even if you're a silly goose you were trying to help.

No. 1911321

File: 1709563664387.jpg (51.58 KB, 500x375, okay now i feel better.jpg)

Okay now I feel better for being a silly goose sorry I got so sensitive I love you nonna

No. 1911330

Ayrt, I actually have been really wanting to commission art of my husbando, but I just don't know what I would want and I'm so picky about him that I'm not 100% sure who I would want to draw him. The two artists I do really, really like and would commission I don't think are taking commission.

No. 1911338

I hear you but if you ever do want some art you can just look up anyone on Fiverr I've found sooo many good artists on there and some are even from Indonesia so it's really cool and you feel really cosmopolitan when you're on Fiverr and honestly I've never paid more than $15 for anything yet but I also leave tips sometimes

No. 1911344

I'll check it out! I've heard of it and seen videos of people using it, but tbh I've never really considered going there myself. I'm sure I can find something good there even if I don't get any art.

No. 1911345

I bought a big and expensive Lindt chocolate bar and it kinda just tastes the same as store brand chocolate really…

No. 1911346

>Swiss chocolate company
Never trust those rat bastards Swiss people. Haven't you heard of the 2015 Swiss Leaks? Foul country. Nothing good comes of it.

No. 1911350

Maybe it's cause I'm american but lindt tastes so luxurious to me (compared to brands like Hershey's, Reese's), Its my favorite. I use it everytime I make cookies.

No. 1911352

Hershey's chocolate has this really funky stink to it that I can't get past, same with M&Ms. I feel like they put something dirty in that chocolate and I refuse to take part in it.

No. 1911356

Apparently it's some kind of acid they put in a lot of cheap chocolate that makes it taste/smell bad. A lot of people say it tastes like vomit, but it's just a strange taste to me.

No. 1911359

Acid in chocolate… That's sick and twisted… I feel sick to my stomach… Vomit smelling acid in the chocolate… And we're supposed to give that to children… There needs to be an investigation into this and citizens' arrests made on the guilty parties. I'm shocked.

No. 1911362

Only tried reeses and hersheys a couple years ago cos it hadn't hit my country till then. Reeses.. met expectations. But idk anyone who finally tried hersheys without noticing the vomit thing.

No. 1911363

What does tax evasion have to do with chocolate lol

No. 1911365

File: 1709566142970.jpg (88.46 KB, 610x818, lindt-gold-bunny-limited-editi…)

But anon, she tastes as good as she looks

No. 1911369

Delete this post NOW. I'm not sure if you're trying to be "funny" or if you're just a troll but that image you uploaded is NOT funny at all. What you posted is a "chimera," AKA a testament of humanity's arrogance. That is an unholy combination of metal, rabbit, and leopard. That is an unnatural hybrid beast that should not even be on my computer screen right now. It's honestly horrifying to witness how casually you can find, save, and upload that. Not only is it a godless chimera, it is also Swiss. Those Germanic people want to play God and create monstrosities to mock the Lord's creation and it's devious. It's repulsive to me. It's repugnant to my spirit. I feel aghast seeing that image, in fact I clicked "hide" button beside file as soon as I saw that hideous creature because I knew in my heart that it wasn't right. I'm not going to get into the metaphysics on why Switzerland is the closest point on planet Earth to Hell, but I want you to know that you should stay far away from that country and even farther away from those "people." I want what's best for you and I can tell you in plain English that what you posted is NOT good for you. It is a detriment to your health, physical and spiritual. Please do not post an image like this again.

No. 1911373

i cant buy these for myself because i cant bring myself to unwrap and eat them so they just sit in my freezer forever. theyre just too cute.

No. 1911502

File: 1709574511996.jpg (22.17 KB, 480x429, c8c18ed9738364e33ab4710e529056…)

Ate like shit today. I used to have great self control with snacks, something like a bag of chips or a sleeve of cookies could last me weeks, but now I devour it all almost in one sitting and then I feel awful and can't eat proper meals because I'm too full. I'm not buying snacks anymore, this has to end.

No. 1911516

File: 1709575016095.png (2.37 KB, 294x293, GHYdoV1bkAA-_PF.png)

Calling my father and telling him that I'm going vegan (again) shortly. After I've been thoroughly laughed at, I'm going to bake myself one last batch of thin, crispy chocolate chip cookies. Or maybe I'll make those thick slutty fat fuck brownies. Haven't decided yet.

No. 1911525

For some reason this post plus the pic is hilarious to me

No. 1911526

you can veganize your recipes nonita, you don’t have to give them up! best of luck ♥

No. 1911531

I'm meeting my doctor for a breast augmentation today. I lost a lot of weight in the past three months (I'm finally under 129!) but I still have my E cups and it's giving me the worst back pain I've had in my life. I've been bed bound for the past two days since it's been so bad lately. Wish me luck anons I really need this surgery, I don't think I can take lugging the girls around anymore.

No. 1911532

It's the face I'll make when my father walks through the door and sees me feasting on rice and beans.

I've gone vegan off and on for years and vegan recipes get mogged so brutally by indulgent animal milkenbutter desserts imo

No. 1911539

how do you 'gift' an online avatar. who would i even give that to? i would be disappointed tbh because i can just make one in picrew or some dollmaker

No. 1911545

I get portraits for my friends. For example, for Christmas I asked an artist to draw my friend and her nigel in pixel art. They really liked it and she used it as her phone background. For the same price as a McDonalds meal I gave her happiness which is worth it!

No. 1911547

Srs—are Swiss people typically assholes? I once worked with one and he did everything in his power to make my life hell. I was shocked that such a miserable person could come from such a beautiful place. I feel like if I was born and raised there I would have excellent dopamine/seratonin levels at all times and be an extremely pleasant person.

No. 1911550

same I am seriously considering moving because of how much the weather affects my mental health. but it feels a little crazy to admit that to people

No. 1911552

Have you tried tanning beds before nonna?

No. 1911555

Didn't you mean reduction?

No. 1911561

No I haven’t used them, but isn’t that bad for your skin?

No. 1911563

File: 1709576981929.gif (3.78 MB, 300x424, 1709258585648360.gif)

Daydreaming about Japan trip randomly and stuff I'd wanna do
>Otome road
>Tokyo Disney land+sea
>Fuji Q highland
>Kyoto tourist spots and tons of pics
>Nara because I wanna feed some deers

No. 1911566

If you believe Big Dermatology, then yes. If you're a Christian and you have faith in Lord, then not really no. I have used tanning beds for many years to combat my seasonal affective disorder and mild mood disturbances. It is like getting hugged by an angel: warm, soft, breezy, beautiful. Not only does it leave you glowing like a Caribbean vacation, it's usually very inexpensive and a great source of vitamin D. If I didn't have tanning beds or fluoxetine I don't know what I'd do in winter time. It's not as bad for your skin as what Big Dermatology and their shills make it out to be, in fact being in a tanning bed for 15 minutes every week is just the same as having an hour of sunshine time per week. It's healthy for the mind.

No. 1911574

The deers in Nara are awful. Violent and greedy. I am so sorry anon. I went in spring and perhaps that is just not the best season for that then or something. Have a good day, anon.

No. 1911576

File: 1709577654526.jpeg (24.54 KB, 600x400, 05.jpeg)

No. 1911579

Oh that’s why you type like that. Because your brains are cooked. Makes sense.

No. 1911592

So I have I kek, I really want to go next year since it's been a dream of mine since I was in high school. I think taking a day to go cafe hopping and exploring without any real destination in mind would be so nice. I'd love to see some of the countryside and nature as well

No. 1911593

Yeah but I'm a beautiful golden tan so it's worth it. Also I type this way because I'm retarded. UV light doesn't penetrate your skull.
Thank you. I wish I could get her colour but alas.

No. 1911595

Wingstop gave me 3 free fries yess

No. 1911597

File: 1709578706114.jpg (82.05 KB, 750x563, 4-08-55.jpg)

>She doesn't want to feed the funny greedy deer

No. 1911598

>it's usually very inexpensive and a great source of vitamin D
and so is a bottle of vitamin D3 tablets without the risk of cancer KEK

No. 1911599

But doesn't that age everyone by 50 years, that would make me even more depressed kek. I can't think of any tanners who aren't super wrinkly for their age.

No. 1911601

Nonna by 2050 we'll all be uploaded we wont have physical forms by then you'll be fine.
Okay well I guess you checkmated me but where's the fun in vitamin d3 tablets there's not even a glow…

No. 1911602

Why do I always get so anxious about getting fucking paid for a service I did? Shouldn't I feel relieved?

No. 1911610

God you’re hilarious I’m dying.
But don’t use tanning beds anons, I used to go to them as a preteen thanks to my insane mother and to this day it’s one of my biggest regrets bc of the risk for skin cancer in my future. My mom was stupid and would rather have a tan dead daughter than a pale living one.

No. 1911613

Samefag but despite tanning beds being death toasters, I do think they are strangely calming/peaceful. But you could honestly get the same effect meditating kek.

No. 1911635

File: 1709581784948.jpg (60.05 KB, 466x700, 1449762484768.jpg)

pt shit the bed recently. For some reason my brain reminded me off this in the middle of the supermarket and couldn't stop laughing for fifteen minutes.

No. 1911636

File: 1709581826937.jpg (188.92 KB, 1920x1080, resident-evil-2-verdict-7.jpg)

I've been really enjoying the RE2 remake but now i've gotten to the part of the game where the tyrant follows you around and he scares me too much so idk if i can finish the game kek

No. 1911649

I've been losing a lot of shit lately, objects falling somewhere never to be seen again, I'm joking that my 30+ year old virgin powers is creating pocket dimensions.

No. 1911684

He can't enter some rooms (dark room, stars office, clock tower, interrogation room), just hide in them and wait for him to walk away gl nonna kek

No. 1911714

somewhat ot but good god this moid is ugly as fuck, i will never understand the hype for him

No. 1911715

fucking love eating

No. 1911724

i'm sooo glad, i finally found a song i've been looking for for so long because it was in a movie i was watching. the only lyric i could decipher is "love you love you love you love you" so i kept looking that up on spotify and google and it kept giving me results for ptolemaea and it pissed me the fuck off because the "love you" part was really similar but not quite it. turns out it's angel by massive attack, which sounds so much better than that tranny's fuckass 'music'.

No. 1911726

Those are fighting words

No. 1911731

I'm taking care of my sisters two cats because she is on vacation and they are upset that she left. They always bite my legs when I give them food

No. 1911755

Got so many baking ideas for the next month. Give me more, I really want to hunker down and bake the nights away!

No. 1911779

All day I've been emotional and feeling on the verge of tears and suddenly it all just started coming out randomly out of nowhere. since I was home I decided to retreat to privacy and put on a sad tv show so that no one would question me and just have a cry fest but as soon as I did this everything just dried up as suddenly as it came. WTF emotions are wild

No. 1911824

stop feeding them for a day and see if they feel like biting then

No. 1911834

thanks nonna, i'm gonna wait until its light out again to try and play kek

No. 1911869

File: 1709600134721.jpeg (115.97 KB, 702x702, 4FDDD47B-261B-4980-824E-9019CC…)

To the nona who posted the Nina Debrov comparison pics at the tail end of celebricows before it ran out of posts, that was a yassified and edited image, Nina never looked like that, and it does seem like she got a bleph. She is still beautiful though!

No. 1911872

does it seem like she got a bleph or do you think maybe her eyes hollowed out as she’s gotten old? Because my eyes looked different when I was fat and young but when I lost the chub all over my face as I got old my whole upper eye looked darker and more sunken, along with my lower lash line and eyebags.

No. 1911879

the only natural explanation for that drastic of a change in just what, 20 years? is long term anorexia which it looks like she may have judging by nearly every shred of her cheek fat being gone.

No. 1911904

Blephs worst victim even more tragic than Renee Zellweger

No. 1911906

Yout eyelid fat doesn't scoop out and lift your brows and extra 2cm

No. 1912178

I also have gotten recurring pimples in the same spots and only careful and complete extraction fixes it. There's some issue in your pore/follicle (dirt, sebum, hair, small cyst – something is up in there) and you or your dermatologist need to clean it out. It's probably just not noticeable when you haven't had any alcohol but the alcohol causes some inflammation.
I have a pore on my back that's perpetually clogged and I gave up on it because I can't reach it and it never gets infected or inflamed but I think about it sometimes and entertain the idea of having a dermatologist fix it… maybe I should.

No. 1912269

File: 1709642493583.gif (6.13 MB, 400x300, iXkqdc.gif)

I'm trying to get the hang of curling my hair with a flat iron right now. I've found that it's easier with a skinny iron, but that also means it will take longer to do your whole head and you also won't get big curls. They also come out different depending on which direction you use. This shit is harder than serving in the military.

No. 1912323

I grew up in the country, and we had a lot of skunks in the area. Now I live in the city and every day I will smell what I think it is a skunk, but then I remember it's just people smoking weed. It's so funny to me that every time my brain thinks it's a sku