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File: 1704991334029.jpg (778.48 KB, 1500x1701, 1704696826303.jpg)

No. 1953751

Admin note:

Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.

News sites/Studies:
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885#pone.0016885.s002 (relation between committing a violent sexual crime and srs)

Gender Critical Writings and Websites:
https://www.chimamanda.com/ (Writings of Chimamanda Ngozi, a Nigerian gender critical feminist)
https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/ (JK Rowling's essay)

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cOANC_ykPxL_TZGnkxZCb4HNc-2tvfuK (vile comments made by TRAs)
https://odysee.com/@Skirt_Go_Spinny:7 (documentaries about TiMs and Trans activism)
https://web.archive.org/web/20231021212912/https://www.tumblr.com/chlorinatedpopsicle/654101574490161152/new-and-improved-not-our-crimes-this-never (Violent crimes by TiMs)

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No. 1953765

tras will swear up and down that agps and tims arent the perverts people think they are and then agps and tims will react exactly the way you expect them to.

No. 1953771

>People asking me "who's that sign for?"
So many of these tranny oppression stories leave out important details. Sounds like he was holding some kind of "punch terfs" sign and got confronted about it.

No. 1953775

The thread pic sent me kek

No. 1953777

I bet money on this moid being a former out and proud MRA. Everything in this post reeks of the most basic misogynistic crap:
>men are honest and straightforward, whereas women are tricky and deceitful
>I want to slap women who don't behave how I want them to!
>society treats women as perfect wonderful angels who can do no wrong, but I see them for the evil demons they are
>women should not be allowed in my hobbies unless they cater to me

No. 1953778

File: 1704994451177.jpeg (84.47 KB, 480x640, main-qimg-80e06041d439de6e9632…)

Looked at his profile and predictably it's AGP hell.

No. 1953819

Everything about this is unnerving as hell. The lighting, the creepy background, his expression, and the weird discoloration all scream "serial killer."

No. 1953825

Legitimately looks like a photograph that would be attached to a mass killing event/diddling ring article

No. 1953835

genuine nightmare fuel

No. 1953848

File: 1705002741675.jpeg (562.75 KB, 1498x2768, IMG_0126.jpeg)

kek definitely not a fetish

No. 1953868

>I started wearing black bikini panties under all my outfits, even when I boy mode
>even helped me curb my porn habits
>Such a relief, so empowering
fucking kek

No. 1953871

i found the post hoping someone in the comments asked what the sign was, no one did
just all the comments saying how he the band would have supported him confronting them, how he should have punched them, how terfs are fascists, and suprise suprise any post disagreeing is deleted

No. 1953874

>no turning back now as the trash has just been taken
as if he would've been wont to fish them out of the trash if not??

No. 1953878

How many women reading this were immediately compelled to look up "women's boxer briefs" or similar searches?

No. 1953884

File: 1705005650246.jpg (120.87 KB, 1200x675, huhcover.jpg)

I think he's just a poor writer and was referencing this meme,like- the "sign" is that the band is called bad cops and the ebil cis bitches who…I guess, gave him mean looks? Didnt automatically offer to suck his girl cock? That means that they are being like "cops" themselves. Because nothing says punk or anti authoritarianism like trying to control every person's thoughts, actions, movements and now apparently even facial expressions.
Like, you are free to dress as you do and call yourself a woman, just as I am free to scream it in your face that you aren't and try to make you feel unwelcome!

No. 1953885

File: 1705005783492.png (131.27 KB, 581x619, fascists.png)

the amount of upvotes is also extremely telling. how can anyone deny this is a fetish?
even a lot of women (for which panties are designed for, genitalia-wise) don't wear them and prefer the shorts or full brief styles for comfort.
>boring guy underwear
so he just wants sexual excitement. and this sexual excitement is SO important to cater to.
there were a couple of heavily downvoted comments at the bottom. picrel is a funny one. this person still attempts to validate the troon but made the fatal error of giving a well measured and logical response.
>Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/ FASH-iz-əm) is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation or race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy.
this is the description they apply to feminists kek. it's soooooo pathetic.

No. 1953895

This op pic is genius.

No. 1953896

The hyperbole is wild. Even if TERFs were discriminatory and bigoted (which we aren't, just because we know what biological sex is), that wouldn't make us fascists. Did gay people ever call homophobes fascists? They never needed to because it was self evident that homophobia was unfair and cruel. TERFs are not doing or saying anything anything wrong so trannies have to give them the most insanely exagerrated label to distract from the reality of a lack of wrongdoing.

No. 1953900

>nothing says punk or anti authoritarianism like trying to control every person's thoughts
it's hilarious and tragic in equal measures. punk = anti-consumerist, anti-corporate, anti-conformity, anti-authoritarian, anti-gentrification, free expression, promoting class consciousness etc. now it's filled with the exact kind of people punks would have given the finger to - uppity middle class, sexist, homophobic gender phd academics who are state-supported and corporation-sponsored try to censor women who are fighting for their rights and calling out abusive behaviour.
they can say "fight the fascists" all they want but it means absolutely fuck all and distracts from direct action on real issues. which is exactly what the "system" wants. so congrats, punk-troons.
>most insanely exaggerated label to distract from the reality of a lack of wrongdoing
yep. the average normie doesn't know wtf a "TERF" is, but they just keep hearing how ebil and nazi they are. it doesn't register that "punch a TERF" actually means physically assault feminists.

No. 1953908

Oh, fuck them, did any of their grandfathers fight in WWII, was any of their family living in Germany while it was an absolute shithole? No? So, just be silent, none of them knows the real meaning of Nazis or has any family members that had to survive those times. I'm sorry if I take this shit too personal, but those guys never had to endure any form of suffering or adaptation to a norm they dislike. They get cuddled and told that they are special and important, while in reality they are just mentally ill baby men that need to be slapped by reality very hard.

And no, I as a woman won't sneakily make them aware that I dislike them, I will tell them right in their face that they don't belong in our spaces. The whole thing about women acting silently and behind the backs of others is because women were taught to be silent, discreet, friendly, never being allowed to be loud and outspoken and I hope that this will be different in the future.

No. 1953920

They call everyone fascist because THEY are the fascists. I thought that was pretty obvious by now. They project costantly. Constantly.

No. 1953937

>and even helped me curb my porn habits
How does that work? wearing boxers made him want to watch porn more? Something about that is so disturbing, they’re just fucking freaks and perverts.

No. 1953940

no need for fetish porn when you can indulge in the fetish irl, ofc this is just temporary "gender euphoria" and he'll go back to porn in a week or two

No. 1953944

because wearing the woman's underwear made him coom more, so he needed porn less. or in other words, his cooming requirements transcended porn and has spilled out into the real world manifesting in a paraphilia. a sign that he is a danger to be around women because his fetishistic desires are escalating, and therefore he must be welcomed into the spaces where they are most vulnerable. it all makes perfect sense.

No. 1953950

File: 1705010331393.png (380.25 KB, 475x477, punk.png)

>Because nothing says punk or anti authoritarianism like trying to control every person's thoughts, actions, movements and now apparently even facial expressions.
here is a relevent edit i saved

No. 1953955

>terfs are fascists
i think i missed jk rowling's tweets about the nationalisation of industries, creating a totalitarian one party state, private enterprise being prevented from going against the national interest, and the abolishment of welfare

No. 1953961

File: 1705011366898.jpg (191.33 KB, 1920x1472, returntheslab.jpg)

No. 1953964

>If your feminism is not intersectional, you're a fascist
Ah yes, the only two political opinions on earth: intersectionality and fascism.

No. 1953972

File: 1705014474495.jpg (426.51 KB, 971x1206, 2Fwy8egyraypjb1.jpg)

>JKR rn

No. 1953980

"Look at Florida" Right because DeSantis is a radical feminist? Kek. It's already hyperbolic to call Florida "fascist," but it's even more unabashedly retarded to lay this at radical feminist's feet as if women are responsible for the actions of a man whose largest voting block was other men.

No. 1953982

Tighty whities makes this guy have a hard on? Lord. Not to blog post but this guy should keep is manny panties because the fabric is thicker and designed to pack down is schlong

No. 1954009

File: 1705024101971.png (815.64 KB, 687x1172, Screenshot_20240111-195111~2.p…)


No. 1954010

File: 1705024221499.png (599.82 KB, 720x842, Screenshot_20240111-200238~2.p…)

You know , I don't think every guy that tries on dresses is destined to troon but I can understand why that would be the one stereotypical female clothing that parents don't let their son's even think of wearing.

No. 1954017

why is it always TERFs that TRAs bitch and moan over? TERFs aren’t the ones “taking their rights away”

No. 1954018

The balls of a tranny to be smirking and trooning around all those blue collar, tranny hating type men kek wow. I’d pay real money to hear what the men on the job site will say.

No. 1954027

Despite the fact that we've been subjugated for most of human history, males still blame us for everything they've managed to fuck up. Pandora opened the box. Eve took a bite of the fruit. The goddesses caused the Trojan War by fighting over an apple. "TERFs" are a small subset of women online, yet we're somehow responsible for Republicans (who openly hate feminists) deciding to make trannies a wedge issue. Nevermind the fact that Republicans have completely different reasons for hating trannies. TERFs hate trannies because they reinforce gender stereotypes, ignore sex-based oppression, and sterilize people for being gay or autistic. Republicans are against them because they're still bitter about losing the gay marriage fight and associate trannies with "wokeness" and the end of "traditional values."

No. 1954028

The tranny is probably one of the only gringos working there.

No. 1954030

File: 1705029934464.jpeg (149.49 KB, 1200x720, New-Project-2024-01-04T201954.…)

Lately it seems construction companies like to act inclusive, I wonder if trannies fulfill the "woman" hiring quota. Yes there are female construction workers but not common and certainly not Stacies like they always depict…

No. 1954043

This is pretty old, 8 years ago, uploaded on a channel called Nowness which is about LGBT issues and such, the guy already passed in 2021 or 2022 I believe, either way, back then you could search his Ytube channel but now everything is scrubbed clean except a blog of an interview of him mentioning he has a fetish for big hair and 80s ladies look, I'm guessing he has remaining family members that had his channel taken down, point is even back then watching it, idk why this is supposed to be considered an inspiration to the LGBT people, he lives in a dirty house, alone like he's reminiscing the better days with his grandpa, with smudged lipstick on a fur coat, doesn't even look like he showered, felt like people were a lot more desperate to search for trans positivity back then


The blog if you anons wanna read

No. 1954050

Yes, troons count as diversity hires (also seen as wayyy more diverse than a regular ol' woman) and more and more men are cottoning on to this golden ticket. Also they're taking up more and more female scholarships etc simply by changing their names or through self ID laws.

No. 1954055

I see nothing but staceys on construction sites, however all they do is direct traffic

No. 1954064

I see a similar thing, except it's usually a larger woman who could definitely do some heavy lifting if they'd let her. I think a lot of trannies would be adverse to doing such a masculine job if they didn't have it pre-trooning out.

No. 1954080

He looks like a monster geez

No. 1954111

They're always about LOOKING like a woman.
A delicious-looking plastic apple might look exactly like an apple but it's still not an apple, but they don't care.

No. 1954130

File: 1705055843576.png (317.09 KB, 582x360, Wachowski bros.png)

No. 1954131

>trooning around those blue collar type men
tbh he doesn't even look like a troon, he just looks like an ugly man with long hair and crusty emo nail polish. that's not uncommon. he will get mad that he's being "misgendered" in an environment where people don't give a shit about gender theory and where he looks like an average alt dude.
but it's ok because even in the make-believe scenario where those men hurl horrendous abuse at him or physically assault him, it will still be the TERFs fault.

No. 1954144

File: 1705057914370.jpeg (1.5 MB, 3464x3464, 6CA8D089-D01E-41DC-8092-E76788…)

Troon doesn’t realise these girls are literally snickering in their photo. They’re making fun of him also I feel bad for this guys kids and new granddaughter imagine going out looking like a GTA hooker hulking 65yo man edition

I wish I had half the delusional confidence these men have

No. 1954145

File: 1705059023483.png (1.13 MB, 750x1018, pronounpolice.png)

I was once followed by someone on Twitter who I had similar interests with and was a bit older. Imagine my disappointment when the first thing I saw they'd reblogged was a meme saying 'you can't be punk and be a TERF. Punk IS trans!!!' Uh, no.
Because they can't just say 'women'.

No. 1954157

>these indigenous girls
It's so off the way he worded it, as if he were in a zoo or circus. You're the only clown here mfer

No. 1954186

AYRT and yeah sad but true, a woman will take the blame if anyone says shit to him. I’m from an area where I think any troon showing up to a construction site of any kind would be mocked and maybe even beat up. The troon in the pic might be some kind of engineer who has to go check stuff out on site but doesn’t actually do anything physically taxing or important to the job.

No. 1954193

File: 1705070039044.png (48.21 KB, 201x118, dipstick.png)

state of his lipstick. fucking gross.
>iterally snickering in their photo
100%. this reminds me of when me and my friends would come across a random weirdo who entertained us.

No. 1954194

they always have to apply labels to women and girls. they place females into categories because they are incapable of simply viewing us as people

No. 1954215

File: 1705074679629.png (474.3 KB, 640x751, IMG_4305.png)

The moid got his vagina cross stitch handed to him lol. Look at that balding hairline.

No. 1954220

KEK the expression of realization that’s brewing on his face. He is gonna 41% soooo soon.

No. 1954221

creepy looking AGP.
from looking at his profile he seems obsessed with the clitoris (he shares posts from 'Clitorally the Best') so I'm wondering if he really thinks he has had an actual magical sex change operation now, and has a clitoris.

No. 1954227

Can't wait for his fake one to rot off then.

No. 1954232

File: 1705080356940.jpeg (173.47 KB, 875x420, IMG_0135.jpeg)

I find male redditors complaining about getting cucked after opening their relationship endlessly amusing. this time, with a twist

No. 1954239

File: 1705082294039.png (454.53 KB, 744x472, Screenshot 45.png)

Spot the difference

No. 1954240

>I'm a cute delicate lady
>I'm funny
>One time I read a book
>I smile a lot
>I play the trumpet
>I'm friendly and curious, like a little cat
>I have a cock and balls
>Someone who is good at the economy tell me why lesbians don't want to fuck me????

No. 1954241

File: 1705082584691.png (33.78 KB, 751x372, Screenshot 34.png)

I read through the AMA and it sounds like some TRA pretending. ANd it's a one month account with only two posts and both AMA's


No. 1954242

the entitlement lmao.
>why arent women lining up to date me??????

No. 1954243

>I have a good sense of style
Please tell me he has pics because I wanna laugh of what is certainly an ugly man skinwalking teen girls.

No. 1954245

Is this supposed to be a before and after? Hilarious. No amount of HRT could make this guy look feminine, not with that colossal forehead shelf. If he relaxed his eyebrows would he even be able to see?

We're really expected to look at these men and say "Yes, this is a woman, she's just like me", when they make ZERO effort to look even slightly feminine. You know this incel would have a rage induced aneurysm if he ever saw a woman dare to go outside with her hair looking like this.

No. 1954249

the other AMA is about having a "bdsm affair", so yeah. attention-seeking false flag shit.
>radical feminist
>my beliefs didn't change I just got to know that not all TIMs are perverts
but whether or not a radfem knows of nice trans people doesn't change their belief that humans cannot change sex and that trans ideology is rooted in misogyny and homophobia.
>I was asked to prepare a dossier on a known transactivist to get him sacked from his job
kekkk not even trying to sound real

No. 1954252

It's just a haircut

No. 1954253

To be fair, everyone is calling him a liar/fake in the comments. So at least there’s some hope

No. 1954255

File: 1705083698664.jpg (261.04 KB, 1080x1440, boy-girl-or-neither-v0-5r6tsgc…)

they're all just incels

here you go, most of his profile is about trading card games though

No. 1954256

File: 1705083879928.png (83.74 KB, 872x452, Screenshot_20240112_132550.png)

samefag but holy shit this is the same guy
terrifying question for him to be asking

No. 1954258

you know hes wording it like that because ""where can i buy a sex slave" would get deleted. put this mf on a watchlist

No. 1954259

>is there anything known specifically about trans people being trafficked?
what the fuck is wrong with trannies. is he hoping he's 'worth more' than his gf? if no one would put up with him for free, why would a single person even pay to be in the same room as this loser. im genuinely serious, is he typing this with one hand?
ugly + thinning hair + freak ghoulish anachan body

No. 1954260

He dresses like an old man. Is that considered stylish to him? This dude can't even wear his proper size with his ill-fitting self.

No. 1954261

Apparently "she" got radicalized on mumsnet lmao

No. 1954264

jfc. the absolute best case scenario possible is he wants to know if trans people are targeted more in human trafficking so he can score some extra oppression points to lord over his suffering girlfriend. but even in that hypothetical instance it's a very weird fixation to have.
checks all the boxes for a TRA's fantasy. secret undercover powerful TERF who got radicalised on a website for mothers, and who secretly loves BDSM and cheats on her partner. even if this were real, which it very clearly isn't, it's all about feelings and emotions for this person. they didn't discuss any logical flaws or inconsistencies. they just claimed to hate trannies and then liked trannies. pathetic attempt.

No. 1954266

File: 1705084590092.png (360.61 KB, 854x671, Screenshot_20240112_133659.png)

>getting lecherous looks from creepy men is so ~validating~
does he not realize creepy gay dudes exist too?

No. 1954267

File: 1705084675181.jpg (25.94 KB, 680x188, lol.jpg)

>I've always felt as if me being trans was something that my previous dates have only accepted as a compromise
>Even my current GF told me she wouldn't be looking for hook-ups if I didn't have a penis
So even his bisexual gf doesn't want his gross girldick? lol
(Picrel is from the comments, just too funny not to post kek)

No. 1954269

I don't even know which pic is supposed to be before and which one is supposed to be after lol. Also, it's always the ugliest men trooning out kek

No. 1954284

File: 1705089104260.png (538.02 KB, 720x940, Screenshot_20240111-210938~2.p…)

I just can't. These Franken freaks really think they're more attractive than they really are kek

No. 1954295

File: 1705089459912.png (707.13 KB, 709x891, Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 16-09…)

I knew this troon a long time ago. Why are they always grifting? Just get a job like the rest of us

No. 1954299

Lol I would die if JK tweeted that

No. 1954300

I would walk out of the store, because he looks creepy as fuck and I hate interacting with creepy people. I also would never visit that store again, like many women would handle that matter

No. 1954303

Sir, you don't need any more food to eat, less calories won't be bad for your health.

But yes, I noticed this a lot, too. They always want to get everything for free and people helping them. Imagine every second woman would behave like that.

No. 1954304

this is one of the funny things about AGP denialism. they're literally cooming over themselves. talking about themselves in third person and assuming the viewer (which is mostly just them looking at pictures of themselves) is meant to be allured or aroused. the only time women do the "she's eyeing you. wyd?" stuff with a picture is when they're selling porn and making money off of retarded men. he looks like he's just been eating tar.

No. 1954307

I see this with grifters so often. Not just troons, either. "I'm trying to get a job in (insert industry here). I won't have any money until that happens. Give me yours until I have my dream job."

Get ANY OTHER JOB like the rest of us have to. Sorry you can't get a very specific job in a very specific sector right now. Go work at Kroger so you don't have to leech off everyone else.

No. 1954329

A lot of my family members work in construction and it’s not really like that. The older guys tend to be quite “live and let live” especially with younger dudes. Piercings, tattoos, weird hairstyles, alternative lifestyles etc. aren’t really uncommon on construction sites, and most likely no one would give him grief for trooning out if he pulled his weight and was cool with everyone. If he started screaming about being “misgendered” and demanding special attention though, he’d definitely be shunned. It would likely be his personality rather than his appearance that would get him in trouble, since troons are insane and can’t get along with anyone.

No. 1954334

File: 1705095243712.png (303.04 KB, 1345x1699, vetted.png)

capped some of his comments.
>vetted as a radfem
>radical feminism doesnt focus on minority women at all, only troons
>supports sex work
>only sex offenders are perverts
>thinks theres only a tiny margin of troons that are pedos/sex offenders

ok, buddy.

No. 1954336

File: 1705095270084.png (202.48 KB, 1404x1347, secret-spy-radfems.png)

this is the most male-brained, military larping bullshit i've ever read.

No. 1954338

File: 1705095480122.png (77.27 KB, 1388x936, i-hate-men.png)

>all those typos throughout his comments, definitely not typing with one hand
>online BDSM relationship where he's the bottom
>asking some dude how he jacks off with his microdick
>weird comment asking a TIF about "how it felt to know she wasn't a girl"
>the last comment….
i often wish there was some magical way we could deny men access to our spaces, they're literally jacking off to this shit all the time.

No. 1954339

this came to my mind immediately too kek. radfems are women discussing feminism and protecting single-sex spaces, not going on secret missions to destroy their targets like trannies do. the projection is actually a good insight into how they operate.

No. 1954340

forgot to mention that he's posting those pervy comments literally as he's larping as a former radfem in the other thread. foul.

No. 1954341

File: 1705095722650.jpeg (510.44 KB, 750x2444, IMG_3913.jpeg)

they’re still obsessed with dick sizes after getting their junk inverted kek

No. 1954342

I will never understand the obsession with sizes that moids have. Do they all really think they're going to go out and find a moid with a dick that's the size of an adult's forearm?

No. 1954347

this is one of the funniest troon tropes to me. they will either brag or feel less-than for how deep their axe wounds are, in the exact same way men talk about their dicks.
>most cis women have less depth
women have muscles in their vaginas that can dilate and lengthen. even so no woman has ever bragged about their "length" kek. troon's axe wounds cannot dilate (they stole that word from women who have vaginismus etc. to feel more valid even though it's inaccurate when applied to a wound).

No. 1954350

they’ve traded dick measuring contests for rot pocket depth contests.

No. 1954359

>Most cis women have less depth
Source: my male ass. Women's vaginas can expand so much that they can push out a newborn because the vagina is a complex organ. Rotpockets can barely fit a handle-sized dilator and they will close up in 6 months, create pus and gunk because they can't clean themself or they will fall apart and fuse with their colons. I hate when males compare mere meat holes (of human nature or not) to actual fully functioning female organs.

No. 1954362

>"my tran (sic) friend was being called a pedophile on Twitter and I stood up for her and that's how we became buds."

No. 1954363

"Depth" isn't even measurable on normal women because of the degree to which an actual vagina can stretch. We can push an eight-pound kid out of there. Trying to "measure" your genitals as a form of social capital is such moid-brained behavior. The fact that surgeons use it as a selling point indicates that they know they're marketing to males.

No. 1954364

Move to a different checkout lane.

No. 1954368

Right, also it varies throughout the month (and changes during arousal) due to your cervix moving up and down, as any woman who has used tampons knows. But troons wouldn’t.

No. 1954370

We're just porn categories to them. Just look at all the trannies who describe themselves as "big titty goth gf," or "catgirl," or "MILF," or "punk lesbian," or "blonde bimbo." They're not even modeling themselves after actual female human beings, they're just emulating the figments of other moids' imaginations.

No. 1954371

Ewww look at all the spilled cat food on the carpet around that little cat bowl on the bottom left. At least put a towel under the food bowl before filling it jfc. Why are men such slobs?

No. 1954383

I don’t believe any “ex-GC” was an actual GC, once you peak there’s no going back.

No. 1954385

Fat fuck lost some weight and got a haircut.

No. 1954389

File: 1705102681280.png (550.65 KB, 748x826, tranny.png)

I can't believe restaurants actually fall for his grift.

No. 1954391

I think there are some idiots calling themselves gender critical who are not at all critical of gender but are basing their tranny-hatred on homophobia or anti-woke shit. Sometimes either they will realise that trans ideology is essentially gay conversion therapy and decide to support it, especially as it becomes more normalised, or move past the woke thing because the anti-woke trend is getting old. usually men or a class of woman who doesn't rely on safe single sex spaces. these are not people with any convictions or beliefs, they will just jump from one position to the next depending on what will get them more attention. even if they still hate transvestites, they might choose to support the ideology when it suits them to. these people exist in every movement and will always be used as an example of the typical average person with _x_ belief by those with opposing beliefs who are acting in bad faith. because they cannot stand up to women whose arguments are rooted in sound logic and who stand by their convictions.

I have thought a lot about what, if anything, could make me change my position even slightly and I honestly think it would have to be something extreme like brain damage or intense brainwashing that turns my entire understanding of reality upside down.

No. 1954393

he has a thread here >>>/snow/1927025 unfortunately he gets a lot of donations, including from minors who watch his streams for some reason. he's currently asking for $7k to go to disneyland and people are actually donating even though he could easily afford it.

No. 1954394

File: 1705102962069.jpg (55.96 KB, 297x500, troon patrick scared.jpg)

Only moids would think women have vagina measuring contests.

No. 1954395

I love you anon who made this thread

No. 1954396

File: 1705103292451.jpg (111.05 KB, 1400x1400, miss-freda-wallace-uyq6r5bQpe2…)

Apparently the GC is referring to Frodo Wallace here in that ama.

No. 1954397

File: 1705103401594.mp4 (817.16 KB, 320x568, 705047460472.mp4)

Nasty ass moid

No. 1954405

File: 1705105180519.jpg (927.32 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20240112_191748_Red…)

Ugly dude posts Shein and Walmart outfits on a FEMALEfashion subreddit and gets pissy in the comments when people point out he's in the wrong place. Any woman who posted half-assed garbage fits looking all greasy would get roasted but the handmaidens came out in full force for him. All the handmaid comments were downvoted by everyone else who is sick of playing this game. 1/2

No. 1954407

File: 1705105253285.jpg (637.23 KB, 1080x1276, Screenshot_20240112_191635_Red…)

Neanderthal lies to other Neanderthals about the effects of HRT. He looks exactly the same other than shaving his face and getting a fringe to cover his massive brow ridge.

No. 1954425

File: 1705108227288.mp4 (7.53 MB, 576x1024, dd5613a418993f9ac9a68f6c015ff5…)

So, the clip starts out with the comedian referring to the audience member as masculine, but when the audience member says they're a troon the comedian immediately reverts and says they thought they were a "vagina owner"… What? Why do women cape like this..

No. 1954428

She was actually pretty funny. I lolled ngl. Shame she can’t even do a bit about masculinity without it becoming a need to validate transvestites. But no matter how much she tries to spin her seeking out the most masculine features in her eyeline and spotting the transvestite, he will know it’s cos he looks masculine. And masculine = man vs feminine = woman is all their “vibe” (identity) rests on.

No. 1954430

I sincerely feel so bad for her. You could see the fear in her eyes when she realized she chose a TIM and was going to need to save herself to avoid getting cancelled on Twitter. ive seen her videos before, her whole comedian act is lesbians and lgbt community, and accidentally saying the wrong this to the tranny would have ruined her whole career.

No. 1954433

File: 1705110422421.jpeg (342.84 KB, 998x1179, x3h6sp82o2cc1.jpeg)

Transwomen are real women right up until the point where "transbians" try and date, and suddenly they all have a "genital preference" that they insist is transphobia.

No. 1954439

>my 9 year old daughter said everyone should just be friends she's so profound
lmao absolute bullshit

No. 1954440

lord the vocal fry

No. 1954441

File: 1705112168120.png (264.6 KB, 748x658, tranny (2).png)

Why do these trannies even try?
The op even posted a filtered photo of himself and it just backfired.

No. 1954447

Misogyny such an ownnnnnnnnn

No. 1954450

that is… not how human trafficking works. At all. Did this troon get his knowledge of modern slavery from hentai?

No. 1954452

File: 1705114249257.jpg (137.87 KB, 1200x680, iohok2k-3124397419.jpg)

im sorry but she's just giving off "down with the kids" energy, it's cringe as fuck.

No. 1954455

File: 1705115249212.png (74.29 KB, 935x558, Fellowkids.png)


>Why do women cape like this..

Ashley Gavin is a lesbian comedian who blew up last year or in 2022 on tiktok with clips of her crowd work, most of it talking about lesbian and gay stuff. And she was able to do a special last year because of her increased audience from titkok. She used to work on cruise ships so this is come up for her. But her audience is now mostly lesbians so she can't afford the backlash from pissing off troons.

But none of that matters because she's a complete fucking handmaiden (not sure if it's for pay or if she's a true believer though). She started a podcast in 2020 called We're Having Gay Sex and she has two co-hosts, both are enbies i.e. women. And she's been having troon guests on since the beginning. She had Jammidodger on back in June. But I did watch her special and some of her clips and troonery didn't come up once. She is funny.

>im sorry but she's just giving off "down with the kids" energy, it's cringe as fuck.

lol, this is how she describes her co-host in the summary of the first episode of her podcast: "Ashley is aided by her snowflake-sidekick Gara, a non-binary, pansexual, 23-year-old “youth in the soundbooth”, equipped with a gen-z themed soundboard." The second enby came later.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

No. 1954463

gara kek, im having visions of sasunaru shipping at a tender age…

No. 1954482

gen z and the majority of older millen white women are unrpentant self-flagellaters, and the largest propagators of troonshit outside of troons themselves, it's unfortunate but true

No. 1954486

File: 1705123633780.jpg (373.68 KB, 1280x1413, GDptEvQa0AAR2y0.jpg)

Ugliest crowd I have ever laid eyes on

No. 1954488

they all have a look in their eyes that's like they're about to pull out a knife and either kill the viewer or themselves, freakish shit

No. 1954489

File: 1705125515511.png (3.55 MB, 1682x2048, 1687556582524.png)

Which troon wouldn't want to kill themselves and everyone else when surrounded by visual evidence of what trannies look like outside of their anime PFPs/heavily filtered and angled selfies? Imagine how crushed and demotivated each and every one of them feels, having to look at each other and notice how ugly and masculine they all are.

No. 1954490

it's just jumpscare after jumpscare after jumpscare…

No. 1954493

File: 1705126712755.png (691.55 KB, 805x527, canonically_male.png)

some artist drew a trans character with believable, adult proportions, which triggered troons who heavily rely on moeblob online personas.
not included but i saw a bitter troon replying with how he could 'smell afab art'.. well nonnies, how would we describe 'amab art'? sonichu? inflation fetish art? bimbos/futas with super detailed fluids or penises but ugly/bland faces?

No. 1954499

KEK I know you’re joking when you’re asking about what is considered amab art but it would probably be the same anime style as what is shown. It’s afab art since the body is actually semi-realistic of what a TIMs body could be. Moids stay away from drawing trannies unless it’s extremely fetishized TIM who, if you ignore the penis, looks like a woman with huge boobs and hips. This drawing was made by a handmaiden trying to inclusive who thought that TIMs would be happy if she drew a realistic trans person with a male body. She actually broke the moid’s delusion of TIMs being womanly women who happen to have a penis and got all the trannies angry kek

Also I honestly think her art is really beautiful. I love the anatomy and if it was supposed to be a pretty man like Griffith from Berserk I would approve.

No. 1954513

File: 1705131230518.jpg (203.76 KB, 1080x1277, 1000024791.jpg)

this shit was an ad on YouTube.i hate how normalized and mainstream this is

No. 1954515

why the fuck is it little kids though

No. 1954535

I don't dare imagine what those poor Blahaj plushies have been through…

No. 1954547

7k for Disneyland? How on Earth could it cost a single person that much to visit the lamer of the two American Disney parks? I doubt it would cost that much even if his goal was to eat at every restaurant there.

No. 1954556

A look that really screams "outfit an eight-year-old wears to Easter mass." I guess I have to give him credit for not dressing like a porn stereotype, but ffs why do so few of them dress appropriately for their age?

Jfc, you could dump any one of those guys in a pond and skim ugly for weeks.

No. 1954572

kek thanks for posting this, nonna! Every time I see an anime pfp with the trans flag I wonder how the hideous troll behind the pic looks like (it's just much worse than I thought kek)
lol the way they worded it, looks like a call for a cosplay con kek
It's not his fault, nonny. After all, fucking another beautiful, brave twanswoman could trigger his dysphoria so better stick to cisbians. But for real now, have you noticed how they often say "I already bring too much bs to the table for being trans, so dating a cis lesbian will help balance things out" ffs, these mfs know very well that they're a pain in the ass and not even they themselves want to deal with tranny drama (not to mention that most of them are straight) so they want to enter a relationship clearly expecting that an actual woman will be responsible for doing all the fucking emotional labour that is affirming a schizo moid, I mean, a trans girl. Fucking selfish, they couldn't have more classic moid behaviour not even if they tried.
Fucking clown, I feel for the bi/straight woman he fucked, she must suffer from a serious mental illness

No. 1954575

File: 1705145685086.png (511.19 KB, 694x356, plushies.png)

next threadpic pls

No. 1954576

kek hilarious. the steampunk one is my favourite. just pure delusion and fantasy juxtaposed by the grim reality.

No. 1954577

This artist was quite gentle, actually. 99,9% of troons do not (and never will) have such a pretty face kek. Most feminine/pretty men and twinks I know in real life are just regular guys. More often than not it's the ugliest and most obese moids trooning out lol

No. 1954582

Doesn't working as a construction site trigger his dysphoria, since that is literally a male job?

No. 1954583

File: 1705147619486.png (568.47 KB, 748x773, Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 20-21…)

Never even watched Naruto and my first thought was that she's a Naruto troon kek. I know Tiffanys like him for some reason or other
These groups need to advertise more widely. People should see more honest pictures of what the average (unfiltered) AGP looks like on a 'good day'.

No. 1954647

It’s one of the weirdest and funniest things. I have no idea how long my vaginal canal is nor the length of any other woman I’ve ever met. I just assume most people are the average length other nonnas have brought up, and even then it doesn’t matter since the vagina can stretch so much. It’s like who the fuck cares and how is this a thing kek. Only scrotes I swear to god.

No. 1954651

File: 1705160099172.png (236.82 KB, 748x658, 1705112168120.png)

No. 1954652

This. They don’t seem to realize how much more there is to being radfem than just being gender critical though. I feel like they think every terf only cares about the trans issue and not anything else related to women’s exploitation and oppression.

No. 1954662

Peter pettigrew trooned out

No. 1954665

File: 1705162883946.jpg (1.25 MB, 2736x3648, Fx2uqXbacAEx1HF.jpg)

>his over lined lipstick
holy kek

No. 1954666

File: 1705163123091.jpg (286.54 KB, 1290x1515, GDsgLB-aIAAWsdr.jpg)

>no filters
yeah we can tell

No. 1954678

File: 1705165368682.png (996.49 KB, 793x832, am i a sinner sandwich.PNG)

those feet

No. 1954679

Things that I would’ve seen in r/itsafetish and would’ve helped me peak

No. 1954692

The way he positioned the gown to look like a woman’s hips and thighs while sitting but I can clearly see his moid body’s actual outline KEKKKK

No. 1954693

Troons absolutely hate the fact that women who reject gender stereotypes will still always be women. That’s why they make these bizarre posts about how they’re more beautiful and terfs are just ugly and bitter women. Even though there’s about 2% of trans women who actually pass as women.

No. 1954696

File: 1705167581083.jpeg (371.3 KB, 1170x741, EDDD5BCB-E7F8-460C-9DC1-A6EE73…)

I’m convinced the trans flag is just the men’s right activist flag at this point. Listing a bunch of reasons as to why women should be including men in their feminism when most of these are issues that are caused by a system that men set up. But of course women are the ones that are expected to baby men and their needs when men don’t even care about them until it comes to invalidating women’s struggles.

No. 1954697

Should he really still be wearing nail polish shortly before surgery? But nevermind, posing for cringe photos for reddit karma is more important. Maybe I am more anxious than the average tranny, but I'd have other things on my mind before major surgery.

No. 1954700

File: 1705167732609.png (26.34 KB, 1151x147, Heterosexuel dreams but i am a…)

No. 1954701

File: 1705167983901.jpeg (210.95 KB, 1440x960, 16rezs8b12bc1.jpeg)

this dude is a nurse..hopefully he is no where near vulnerable women.

No. 1954704

File: 1705168773557.jpg (480.25 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20240110_130324_Red…)

This dude was on tosh.o because of his degenerate furry shit

No. 1954705

File: 1705168842784.jpg (689.4 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20240110_131617_Red…)

No. 1954723

File: 1705174241961.jpg (395.3 KB, 1022x1363, whatlips.jpg)

KEK you're right, this is their actual size

No. 1954725

>about 8 years hrt (1 year with proper levels)
He’s been stealing a female relative’s birth control, hasn’t he?

No. 1954728

File: 1705175824058.jpeg (395.55 KB, 1772x3189, graham linehan HER app.jpeg)

kek in the top right he looks exactly like Graham Linehan when he pretend to be a TIM on HER app. perhaps this guy was his inspiration.

No. 1954735

You just know he's going to put that cross in his rot pocket the first chance he gets.
I agree with you but also the 2% of trannies who pass as women are >>1954583 tier and they know it. That's why plain average women trigger them so bad. Ugly, frumpy, boring, unkempt women with bad hair and no makeup are still undeniably female. No matter how much surgery and makeup and fetishy bimbo clothing a man has, he's undeniably male.

No. 1954739

a tranny in hungary? he would be beaten up in the street, probably to death. also kek at the idea of hungarian stacies dating a troon. what a fucking fanfiction

No. 1954749

File: 1705178530247.jpg (264.8 KB, 1284x1801, 20240113_224211.jpg)

This is not real someone please tell me this is AI

No. 1954758

File: 1705179784466.jpeg (65.84 KB, 894x811, IMG_3940.jpeg)

Kekk what a unit

No. 1954771

File: 1705181020027.jpg (177.54 KB, 1079x1444, 1683670603063.jpg)

Sad that I know this, but no, he's real.

No. 1954772

slightly ot but damn this cgi aged way worse than I remember

No. 1954776

KEK those gigantic clown sized ogre feet, holy shit

No. 1954819

Sucks about the troonery, but I guess good on him for losing that much weight.

No. 1954827

the absolute perfect irony to be name your account after che guevara, a man who
>hated gay people
>hated black people
>hated women
>hated the poor
>was a sex pest
>and said that killing sexually aroused him

No. 1954830

>men are told not to cry
by men
>men deal with stigmatized mental health more
stigmatized by who? other men
>men aren't allowed to dress fem the same way a woman can dress masc
again, who says they can't? other men
idk man sounds kinda like men are the problem here, not women

No. 1954834

File: 1705191744315.png (399.98 KB, 720x1012, Screenshot_20240113-183331~2.p…)

If you aren't under the age of 14 , maybe even younger , why are you wearing cat ears in public , especially at the doctors ?

No. 1954835

He looks like an uncanny version of the Gorlock troon, jesus.

No. 1954841

To add…
>Men suffer more with homelessness
It's because of their own actions and/or drug use. They're not even thinking about how much more dangerous it is to be a homeless woman with the chances of being raped.
>Men have to register for the draft
A law created by men. Don't they also say men are meant to be the protectors? If so, why is the draft such a problem?

No. 1954842

men absolutely do not deal with stigmatized mental health more. just because they're more successful at offing themselves (bc they're more violent….) doesn't mean they really deal with the stigma surrounding mental health.

No. 1954845

as far as I know; society has been completely supportive of men going to therapy to get help. But they just fucking refuse to go with a bunch of excuses. Even in male friendships they can't do any emotional labor for each other, then they think some fantastical future gf/wife will fix it for them, but can't get a gf and cry about 'male loneliness". And god i hate it when people say "feminism is for men too" fuck off

No. 1954848

File: 1705198164145.png (381.28 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20240113-230953.png)

What does he think they are going to do with him LMFAO

No. 1954849

He typed all that with one hand.

No. 1954850

this tranny is such a loser his mom is trying to find him some friends LOL

No. 1954854

File: 1705198969242.png (43.67 KB, 1041x316, Screenshot.png)

I can't believe they thought this was ok in the first place.

No. 1954863

>men have to register for the draft

What draft? There hasn't been a military draft in over half a century. "Registering for the draft" at this point is just a 5 second administrative task that won't actually lead to anything. Is he crying because he has to check a box when he renews his driver's license?

No. 1954871

What's with the trans community and these sharks? I never see an explanation.

No. 1954873

and seriously when was the last time any man was affected by the draft? vietnam? it's not a realistic complaint, it's just brought out for pity points

>he thinks his mom telling them he's her son is what outs him
>and not the fact that he looks like a man

No. 1954874

It's the IKEA shark that was weirdly claimed by the LGBT community in general it's honestly so dumb it's called blahaj or something

No. 1954875

no its just a troon thing. lesbians/gays/bisexuals aren't associated with the shark.

No. 1954876

Tell that to my cis lesbian bestie, it's on and off in the entire LGBT community and there's no point derailing for it

No. 1954877

yet another example of a tranny getting off on roleplaying feeling unsafe and scared, meanwhile he's just hanging out with other males his age that his mom and her friend invited. also kek @ him calling them "strange men" like he isn't a porn addicted troon that everyone feels super uncomfortable around.

No. 1954878

You can say lesbian and woman.

No. 1954880

the younger they are the easier they are to indoctrinate into the gender cult

No. 1954881

she was probably upset with the troon's blatant attempt at faking the identity of a woman not the "misgendering/deadnaming"

No. 1954882

Yeah blåhaj is Swedish for blue shark, always makes my skin crawl hearing some troon screeching about his blahhajj when a decent English approximation of the word would be "blow high"… Making some sweatshop Ikea toy their icon really sums up troon consoomerism, tho I think they specifically also stole this meme from Russian tumblr actually. Nothing about trannies is unique or genuine.

No. 1954898

zoomer or troon
either way, fuck off

No. 1954906

File: 1705220077833.jpg (22.96 KB, 666x418, 1xf7kl.jpg)

Louie Anderson??

No. 1954907

File: 1705222110580.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20240114-054946.png)

It's always the shark and Bridget from Guilty Gear

No. 1954922

File: 1705227462322.jpg (97.04 KB, 1392x600, nothanks.jpg)

many such cases

No. 1954926

Bridget was trans in the same way Jazz Jennings is trans. His story is that he was forced by sexist, abusive parents to live as a girl despite being a boy. Now Bridget, growing up, is struggling to reclaim his real identity as a boy.

Even the new woke, coomer-pandering, sexist Guilty Gear game has actually put the ending with Bridget living as a pretend female as the bad ending.

But trans coomers are too dumb to understand this.

No. 1954928

File: 1705228791361.jpg (57.65 KB, 320x449, bfa809e05.jpg)

That collage perfectly illustrated this tumblr post

No. 1954936

oh fucking great. So they can assault and rape but it won't be rape because they're "wimin". And they can touch women in custody too for searches I presume. Barf barf barf.

No. 1954938

If he's a "she", let's have the doctors treat "her" accordingly. Let's see how that works out for "her" health in the long run.

No. 1954940

No horror movie can reach this level of visceral fear.

No. 1954943

File: 1705233217772.jpg (205.11 KB, 694x390, 24-01-14-12-53-59-306_deco.jpg)

No. 1954945

File: 1705233312961.jpeg (338.93 KB, 960x1266, IMG_9663.jpeg)

>radfem questions tra behavior
>tim immediately threatens rape

No. 1954949

they just can't help themselves kek. all their larping goes out the window the instant a woman tells them no and they're unable to suppress their moid rage

No. 1954954

File: 1705234961802.jpeg (79.08 KB, 679x680, agp.jpeg)

after those deranged hunter schafer scribblings were being circulated and TRAs were trying to cope by saying that "nooo autogynephilia is good actually - it's gender euphoria! and even women have it too! don't kink shame!" i started to notice more AGP-defending posts. you can see it becoming more normalised for a while now.

No. 1954955

File: 1705235517789.png (2.01 MB, 1440x1620, Screenshot03846.png)

It's literally just a dude

No. 1954960

File: 1705236163253.jpeg (444.71 KB, 960x1259, IMG_9665.jpeg)

the original post is about why ariana grandes new song sucks. ofc its about them, always.

No. 1954964

It’s also funny to me because women have had their emotions weaponised against us. We are told that we’re too emotional and sensitive and we aren’t rational so apparently we shouldn’t have the right to vote.

No. 1954965

progress = cooming in a skirt.
>social gender
people have been gender nonconforming for decades. it was about free expression, challenging stereotypes and rejecting sexual objectification for women. trans movement has literally stifled that. people can no longer just be gender nonconforming without being labeled or medicalised, stereotypes are enforced and free expression is hindered (because everything is fucking "transphobic") and everything is sexualised and pornified.
>society shrinks from it
i wish it did

No. 1954968

Lesbian here, have never once seen it associated with anything other than trannies. Your bestie needs to log off TikTok (you too).
Yeah, John Money said exposing kids to porn (and other confusing imagery) at a young age made it easier to 'manipulate their gender identity'.
Waitwaitwait, it's only the bad ending?? I thought they'd just bowed to the woke cultists and made it canon…?

No. 1954969

only "temporarily withdrawn" so we'll have to see how seriously they take this review. one of the things i wish most people realised about trans ideology is how much you have to push back on things that shouldn't even be debated. like you say, "I can't believe they thought this was ok in the first place" but they did think it was OK. and they will keep trying other insane shit. when people say it's not a big deal or that GC people spend too much time dying on this hill - this is why they have to, because it takes a lot to defend rights that are being threatened or taken away. i don't believe any normie woman would be ok with being strip-searched by a TIM but few will actually protest it, which is how it gets through.

No. 1954971

File: 1705237582671.jpeg (76.14 KB, 840x560, likecistersfromanothermother.j…)

Apparantly Louie Anderson crossdressed for a female role at some point. I didn't know this until I Googled him for the sake of comparison, but the resemblance is uncanny kek. Picrel is Louie, in and put of drag.

No. 1954973

He like JKR are one of the few celebrities who took the hit for us in calling this shit out. Wish more people would stand up for women. I know I'm preaching to the choir here but I'm genuinely scared and outraged how everyone just bends over backwards in society to confirm trans delusions. I wonder how bad it will get.

No. 1954981

File: 1705240981212.png (584.56 KB, 703x1015, Screenshot_20240114-085434~2.p…)


No. 1954984

pfp and username scream degenerate but it makes me feel a little bad when they actually do put in the effort to look presentable

No. 1954987

And of course she's trying to find him some male friends, cause she knows very well he's a guy. She might even be thinking that some male friends could help him with his schizo delulu

No. 1954989

this one is especially retarded, i wondered when he'd show up here. everything is stagnant because 'the west' is going through an economic and cultural decline, troon proliferation is simply a disgusting symptom of that.
>freedom and progress
it's always a goofy marketing tactic with them. they won't seriously challenge gender hierarchy because they benefit from it so they play around with kinks, labels and porn addiction. they try to sell it as some liberating transhumanist adventure but it only works on redditors (not what i'd call mainstream society)

No. 1954990

File: 1705241934169.jpeg (65.29 KB, 300x368, robsmih.jpeg)

makeup = woman. every time. by this logic Robert Smith and every other dude who wears lipstick or eyeliner should be called ma'am.
>look presentable
why does makeup = presentable. this guy is a misogynist with a fetish of being perceived as a woman, don't feel bad that his attempts aren't working.

No. 1954992

How can an arm be this long? what a freak show

No. 1954993

>simply a disgusting symptom of that
good point. also on that note i also agree with tarantino when he said that culture (he was talking about cinema but it can be broadened to all culture) becomes repressed and sterile during periods of political correctness and censorship. 1950s and 1980s were also examples of this but not as bad as now. 1980s now looks amazing and creative in comparison to 2020s, but at the time was considered stifled, especially when you think of it in comparison with what the 70s and the 90s produced.

No. 1955009

Looks like a Pritzker.

No. 1955011

Does the anti depression effect of estrogen curb binge eating disorder? Was Wellbutrin all this guy needed?

No. 1955012

This is honestly so funny because those 4 and a half inches will most likely become 4 or even 3 due to how much of the wound closes in the long term. Also horrifying that he’s shoving the dilator in so far it hurts, he’s going to burst the end of his rot pocket. And I love seeing the “women only have a few inches of depth” cope. Women can push a baby out, vaginas are made to stretch and expand when needed, an aroused vagina can most definitely take more depth than 3 inches. Not to mention the cervix sits at different spots throughout the month, we might only be able to take 3 inches one day and the next be able to take 5 or 6. He will never be able too because the seam of his graft will split, that’s something no women even has to think about it. Also kek at the “it’s my pussy” it’s a wound Tim, it’s a wound.

No. 1955018

kek i work in the medical field and misgendering troons by calling them by their legal name is one of the few pleasures of the job.

No. 1955019

That’s you putting words into my mouth. I meant presentable as in shaved, have a clean face, know how to style their hair, shower, unlike 90% of the balding ogres who think putting on thigh highs and a wig makes them a girl.

No. 1955026


No. 1955028

They always pick the same names, Skye, Steph. Also kek at Cherry. I feel bad for women with names that troons co opt all the time.

No. 1955040

he makes a better fake tranny than any real tranny does.

No. 1955042

File: 1705252453336.png (150.59 KB, 748x494, mandia.png)

Threatening to kidnap women who don't follow your ideology isn't a great look Mandia.

No. 1955047

I thought the image was a joke– dude in front's arm is obviously going backwards towards the guy behind him, and the guy behind is the one whose hand had red nail polish?
That's probably not the worst threat this guy has ever made. Wild he still has followers when most of his tweets are unhinged BS.

No. 1955057

If you’re ugly as a man why would you think you’d look good as a woman?

No. 1955059

to play devil's advocate, isn't their goal supposedly to look like a woman rather than to look good? though most tims probably think women are only attractive and ugly women don't count as women or something

No. 1955062

in moid logic: woman = easy mode. they think unblended and sloppy makeup and moobs means theyre worth something now

No. 1955067

File: 1705256033584.png (37.79 KB, 748x350, Screenshot.png)

This guy was sent to a women's refuge before he even started his transition. He totes promised to the worker that he was totes a woman and then got sent there..

No. 1955068

Have you scrolled through twitter? All trannies think they somehow look like "hot women"(like they like to call themselves) just because they put on some makeup and a "skirt go spinny"

No. 1955099

File: 1705261067029.jpeg (318.17 KB, 750x956, IMG_3935.jpeg)

wash your nasty dick, kevin.

No. 1955100

Different nonnie, but you said you felt sorry for him being 'missgendered', not about someone being rude to him or calling him ugly etc. Him showering doesn't entitle him to be called 'she' or to sympathy for not being.

No. 1955113

God I wish YouTube would stop showing me that Hunter Schaefer commercial for perfume or makeup or whatever; it’s so ugly, the editing is obnoxious and he looks massive. It’s insulting YouTube thinks I want to see that shit.

No. 1955116

>I pulled my panties down to "cool off"
yeah, sure…

No. 1955120

these are the people lecturing us about womanhood

No. 1955122

>I am a 42yr old Veteran transitioning to save my life.. I will post pics when I get "there"..
we need to make a bingo sheet for these degenerates

No. 1955123

File: 1705264345224.png (104.45 KB, 804x355, Sonichu.png)

the most autistic collab ever is happening soon

No. 1955124

my god. this will be like the chernobyl nuclear disaster but with autism instead of radiation.

No. 1955131

Holy fuck I can't wait to see this trainwreck

No. 1955132

this is gonna be fun. I forgot keffals existed.

No. 1955134

KF must be having a fucking field day right now.

No. 1955135

someone is going to bait chris chan into saying the hard R and get keffals turbo banned, cant wait

No. 1955140

File: 1705268877490.png (868.46 KB, 1216x1080, kellycadigan.png)

Kelly Cadigan discussing what he thinks 'all women' (such as himself) should devote themselves to.
(I only have the actual TikTok with someone's face reacting, so I capped what I could that didn't show them.)

No. 1955145

Reportmaxx those ads as obscene/offensive so companies will see a poor metric and stop hiring troons

No. 1955147

File: 1705270262181.mp4 (2.1 MB, 720x1280, 419618292_947589014003188_5272…)


No. 1955149

I wonder if keffals will have an “I get it” moment when he sees his sperg cringe reflected in Chris. What’s even the goal of this, squeeze views out of chris or denounce him as a fake trans and expel him from the community?

No. 1955152

why do these faggots try to pull us down with them

No. 1955153

His male face is really distracting

No. 1955171

File: 1705273709764.png (45.15 KB, 728x485, Seelengst date1.png)

No. 1955173

He's definitely going to have the body in his freezer after the next date

No. 1955175

troon-on-troon, though.

No. 1955192

thank fuck it's not an actual woman he's sperging like this about

No. 1955196

This has attack on Titan vibes. That troon is so tall and hulking, with the desparate attempt to look cute, creeps me the fuck out

No. 1955197

he broke his tape?

No. 1955199

To tuck is penis in to give a pelvis a smooth appearance.

No. 1955200

File: 1705280551623.jpg (29.8 KB, 600x568, 180efc3227b70e92b88fd3e71826fb…)

i thoroughly regret asking

No. 1955204

I support this thoroughly.

No. 1955209

File: 1705283442875.jpg (550.99 KB, 2370x1148, nast old man.jpg)

No. 1955212

>although thinking about my sister and mother i may be disappointed
fucking GROSS

No. 1955215

i don't dwell on troons' features but i can't get over how ugly he is. it's beyond manliness, he looks like a sentient thumb.

No. 1955219

>ugly old man
>freely admits to creepily ogling random women in public
>sexualizes both domestic labor and "being taken advantage of" aka assaulted/molested
>demented obsession with boob size including his own mothers and sisters
>types like a weirdo adding random emojis and signing his name off as if he were writing a letter
what a freak. he has similar paraphilias and mannerisms to serial killers. makes it even worse knowing that there are other creeps out there similar to him upvoting his posts.

No. 1955221

I know this screenshot has much more awful things going on but nonnies never talk about how troons love to put their female names and use a lot of cute emojis. That's how I clock them on Reddit, besides the pornsickness and the degeneracy

No. 1955242

File: 1705298253520.png (173.27 KB, 843x871, Screenshot 2024-01-15 135646.p…)

I hate to break this. My troon cousin wants to make his troon status hidden under the guise he is a true and honest woman "like all women who just are" in front of my kids and newborn and somehow implies he's not allowed that. He doesn't want his younger brothers all coming with kids and spoiling his moment for his kids (and my kids too) to know he's a troon or else he'll threaten them (the kids). I need general advice to safeguard the kids, nonas.

This is quite deeply radicalized in this generation of juveniles, considering what tras did to schools and the education system. The definition of 'pronoun' has been warped and teachers are no longer able to teach grammar and propositions with disruptions.

No. 1955243

>boob size
He should be limited to finding out his own in any case.

No. 1955253

Whats the issue?

No. 1955278

>and said that killing sexually aroused him
sounds very troon to mes

No. 1955285

I decided to check this person out and coincidentally he was on live soon after this was posted, he said something along the lines of "the more you tell me I'm not allowed in the women's bathroom, the more that just makes me want to go in there" (disgusting) and then something about how he always has a pepper spray, taser and his boyfriend with him, implying he would use all of those if someone confronted him in a bathroom. I've heard troons talk about carrying self defense items like pepper spray before, and it's always so silly to me. You know you don't actually need those, you only want them cause women keep them.

No. 1955288

No contact, I know that sounds extreme but why risk your babies being around a fucking degenerate? Why would you even consider humoring this freak? The fact he wants to pretend to children to be a “real woman” is chilling. There is a troon in my family tree and he is not permitted anywhere near my children, and most of the family is understanding about it. The people who are on the troons side also aren’t allowed around my kids kek

No. 1955289

>sentient thumb

No. 1955319

Good job on figuring out that he's gay and leaving real women alone! We can only hope that whatever disgusting sissy fetish shit they did in public on that date peaked everyone who saw them. May they both continue to stay the fuck away from real lesbians, and women in general.
The upvotes on that retarded hotness increase post fills me with hope and wonder. Hope and delusion really spring eternal. Posts like this are why so many men get hormones, SRS and FFS despite so much photographic evidence that it does fuck all to make them look more like women.

No. 1955326

File: 1705327271560.jpg (84.07 KB, 540x533, EXVHPTWUYAEmto2.jpg)

considering many members of the gender cult like to threaten women with weapons, carrying self defense items allows them to have something to use against women in addition to their physical strength. that it also feeds into their fantasies of being dainty and delicate and in need of protection is just a bonus. their pornsick minds see being harassed or assaulted by moids as a validation of femininity when in reality the only men they have to fear are fag bashers.

No. 1955347

They are not serious people. Can their horse-piss filled minds even comprehend what will happen if they bashed anyone's head with these weapons for whatever reason? Trying to cosplay some kind of tough punk group but will fold immediately if someone misgenders them especially the TIFs.

No. 1955350

Men are so fucking weird lol

No. 1955352

I hate that people will lump normal gays and lesbians in with these people. I just want to be quiet and live with my wife in peace.

No. 1955353

File: 1705333764633.jpeg (885.57 KB, 2000x3000, daftne.jpeg)

Yet another man who decided to indulge in his transvestism fetish whilst his wife was pregnant with their child. But he calls himself the mother, of course. I blurred the baby's face because she doesn't deserve to have her face shown amongst all these gross men (even though she is stuck with one for a father, tragically).

No. 1955364

They look so retarded with their little painted Home Depot axes

No. 1955366

I also blame the women that enabled this bullshit. She is almost as guilty as the father. Now that kid will grow up to be a mentally disturbed individual and the cycle continues.

No. 1955370

File: 1705336150031.png (14.26 KB, 657x527, Apustaja petynyt.png)

>trans motherhood
so the be-penised ejaculator thinks he's a mother for having impregnated a woman with his sperm?

No. 1955376

agree to an extent. i don't know this particular woman's position but generally i have a lot of sympathy for a woman who thought she married a man she could trust, fell pregnant and is now dependent on said man and has to deal with his narcissistic fetish. it must be very very scary, the idea of losing your husband and father of your child. i don't necessarily blame women in this position for placating, especially since that's the advice they're likely been given from multiple sources.

No. 1955377

File: 1705337063915.png (3.3 MB, 1170x1992, cXK0CIz.png)

he seems very sane and safe to be around.

No. 1955379

I've read a few of these trans-widow stories and wow the signs the are always obvious.
>'he sometimes like wearing panties'
>'he liked being pegged'
>'we were in an open relationship'
and I'm like WTF did you expect, these men are never normal, they are weird porn addicts.

No. 1955381

7 months into his brave journey towards ultimate perversions and holding a newborn means he came out when she was pregnant like a lot of these crusty fucks. One of the most important times of your life forever tarnished bc your husband thinks pornography consumption is part of his identity. I'd be in the fkn news if a man pulled that shit w me.

No. 1955384

i remember reading before that it's not only that they feel they need more attention when their wife is pregnant or just given birth - but also that it's the best time to "trap" their wives, because the woman is so dependent, vulnerable and hormonal that she's unlikely to leave. it's extremely abusive and it makes me sick.

No. 1955391

weirdly enough, the ones that do this annoy me so much more than those who dont.

im surprised bottom middle was downvoted, albeit only by one person seemingly. i want to do unspeakable things to them when they equate femininity with house chores. as if these filthy retards can even shower regularly. no one is going to take advantage of you, stephen, because youre ugly, filthy and a hulking male.

No. 1955399

File: 1705339938821.jpg (106.89 KB, 593x531, 5edcf192-52a5-462f-915c-018e69…)

>In December 1992 Thorsten Heinz P strangled his wife to death with a clothesline at their home in western Germany. He was originally sentenced to 13 years in prison for his wife’s murder. While incarcerated, he held members of prison staff hostage on two separate occasions. One of the victims was a nurse who Heinz tied up and forced into performing ‘completely degrading sexual acts’. His sentence was extended to 25 years. When released at the end of his prison term, he threatened two couples with robbery in their homes, later claiming he had done this so that he would be returned to prison.

No. 1955414

Abusive men often get even more abusive when their wife is pregnant for what I’m sure are the exact same reasons that they’re more likely to troon out during that time.

No. 1955431

Imagine the outrage if any so-called terf posted things like this

No. 1955432

But trannies just want to pee! Ugüu.

No. 1955459

Null said on Twitter this will blow up in Keffals face and I agree. Keffals thinks he can get Chris to talk about what a victim of Josh/KF he is, but Chris will definitely just talk absolute schizo shit about his magic universe sonichu rosechu blahblah crap he obsesses with.

No. 1955464

File: 1705347756384.png (105.43 KB, 667x933, jokermoment.png)

Where to begin with this one…
>respects his dad's opinions but still tries to shove his fetish shit in his mom's face (of course)
>calls not getting to wear a spinny skirt "the world devolving into fascistic control and autocracy"
>claims he was "1000%" "better" at being a man than all other men (x)
>trooning out in the name of increasing female leadership
>the narc male assumption that he's going to have great influence and power in the world
>pretending to hate himself for pity points
>the big Herculean trial of this pansy's day is leaving mommy's house to go pig out on treats at a cafe
I stg at this point, all AGP troons are personality-disordered autists.

No. 1955466

yeah actually you pretending to be a woman is bad and probably incredibly offensive to your mother(sage your shit)

No. 1955467

>if you want the world to descend into fascistic control and autocracy, then sure I'll dress like a man again
Holy shit does he genuinely believe the world revolves around his retarded fashion choices? Talk about narcissism. I didn't realize a random tranny putting on pants would cause Hitler to rise from the dead and take over the world.

No. 1955468

Alexa, set a reminder for 3:00 pm on January 16th. I can't miss this shitshow.

No. 1955470

>he always has a pepper spray, taser and his boyfriend with him, implying he would use all of those if someone confronted him in a bathroom
He brings his boyfriend into the bathroom with him? Damn, he really is a faggot.

No. 1955471

Abusers typically wait until the woman is "trapped" by marriage or pregnancy to go mask-off. You have to remember that most trannies are cluster B sociopaths who go out of their way to target women who are particularly vulnerable or naive.

No. 1955473

>retard tries to indoctrinate kids with gender woo
>gets BTFO by an eleven year old

No. 1955474

>I'll dress like a man again
all this suffering over fucking clothes. just wear the damn skirt without saying you're a "woman" and your mum will be way less concerned. she'll just think you're a gross coomer but a lot of sons are.
I always think about how if these people got stranded somewhere without their accessories (clothes, make up, hormones) their identities would cease to exist. it's pathetic.
>the world needs more powerful women!…i feel a world of possibilities opening before me…
they see women getting more positions of power (but still a tiny fraction of what men hold) and they can't stand it. it's barely been 5 minutes since women started to have a real shot at power and success in their fields and already men have found a way to invade, by inventing "trans women" for extra diversity points. the narcissism is sickening.

No. 1955489

Did you even read the post retard? It’s a teacher giving a fucking grammar lesson and some zoomer shithead trying to be funny. At no point was there any troon shit.

No. 1955495

Chill the fuck out, I just misunderstood the situation. The part at the bottom about not being political is partially cut off.

No. 1955497

File: 1705353572890.jpg (129.14 KB, 640x853, 4hk5raqz1jcc1.jpg)


>I felt a big fake smiling growing on my face (one of my natural responses to hating myself)

Psychopath behaviour. Joker-style grinning while driving alone.

Pic is the scarves he was wearing along with visible heavy chin stubble. His mum freaked out because he went out looking like a prime twat. I need to know how he defines "three layers on the bottom" because I've seen enough of these guys to know that might just be "mini skirt, fishnets and heels"

No. 1955511

I was confused by the three layers on bottom too like what, is he counting his underwear?

No. 1955516

Or his shoes kek.

No. 1955518

I'm struggling to understand what you're saying, but it sounds like your troon cousin wants to forbid you from telling your kids that he's trans. Honestly, I'd just minimize the kids' contact with him as much as possible and avoid talking about it. If the kids ever ask about it (unlikely), just be honest and say that he's trans. Worst case scenario, the troon will cut you out of his life and you won't have to deal with him anymore. I would never lie to my kids for the sake of another adult's feelings.

No. 1955524

Is it just me or did the mother act in an incredibly mild and kind way? She felt surprised and emotional, but did her best to be calm and supportive. She didn't belittle him. She didn't yell. She said she was going to do her best to understand, and OP acknowledged that it might take some time for her to understand.
Women already have to bend over backwards to take care of other people and be fragile with their feelings. What did he want his mom to do? Smile and jump and clap her hands? Say, "Omg you're my new bestie, let me give you some of my bras and panties"?

No. 1955540

I usually avoid this thread like a plague bc i honestly find all that troon shit annoying rather than funny, but the thread pic is chef's kiss, thanks for making my evening

No. 1955550

File: 1705361882290.jpg (57.57 KB, 907x516, GD6qEA9bwAAXqky.jpg)


No. 1955559

Hope his balls get cut off

No. 1955568

File: 1705367507416.jpg (1.23 MB, 1536x2048, GD4FDGjWAAAs8xe.jpg)

Remember it doesn't happen never ever

No. 1955572


No. 1955574

It's the persons weight. it's 101 kg in freedom units

No. 1955576

File: 1705369185774.jpg (592.01 KB, 2015x1664, GD5aK-AXQAAtDiA.jpg)

No. 1955589

Americans don't measure in stone

No. 1955592

If you're going to make a joke about "freedom units," use pounds. 101kg is about 223lbs.

No. 1955596

man: (threatens TiM)
TIM: omg so gender euphoria!!!

woman: (uncomfortable around TIM)
TIM: I'm gonna bash that TERF'S fuckin skull in

No. 1955617

My friend is in the process of getting pregnant with her wife, and never does the wife refer to herself as just "the mother" she's "she second mom", or "non-biological mother". This is always how lesbians do it. They acknowledge that they did not carry the baby and leave that glory for the bio mom. But troons want to be equal and never want to acknowledge all of the work the mother did.

No. 1955620

The trannytards dilemma

No. 1955622


As someone whose stepdad has worked construction, he would not last a day before pissing and shitting himself like a faggot. Construction is very hard, dangerous work. This fucker would scream bigot and sexist if he gets so much as asked to lift two fingers.(learn to sage)

No. 1955627

The people who hold the stop and go sign up are brave and important too.

No. 1955649

File: 1705387794432.jpeg (579.2 KB, 750x1208, IMG_4017.jpeg)

moids’ furry fetishes are getting them castrated. GOOD.

No. 1955672

I wish everyone was shown these posts so they could peak faster

No. 1955713

>Trans cyclist Emily Bridges branded the decision as a 'genocide against us'
Lmao. If ONLY these creeps would all spontaneously croak by being banned from women's sports.
That chin…
Get this guy speaking for the trans movement. Let people see more of the 'women' being let into the locker rooms.

No. 1955718

File: 1705402657828.png (72.66 KB, 649x343, dm.png)

here are some more examples from the same report

No. 1955720

this is the logical conclusion of self ID

No. 1955756

File: 1705410994783.png (247.85 KB, 706x398, 1671335304172.png)

they can violently injure women and teenage girls but the instant you call them a man they fall to pieces and demand protection. it's maddening that handmaidens will see this report and still continue to pamper these deranged fetishists instead of exercising a modicum of critical thinking.

No. 1955758


this is very true. i have a lot of sympathy for these trans widows… unfortunately when i was a naive 20 year old i dated a moid w agp tendencies. he was outwardly masculine presenting but in private liked wearing panties and being pegged and all that stuff. i went along w it bc i had low self esteem, lol. but anyways he was so addicted to porn it was unreal…broke up cause i caught him on hella reddit porn groupchats. he was also crazy and abusive. an unhinged cluster B pervert. seriously the most traumatizing relationship ive ever been in.. sry 4 the traumadump but this shit just really makes me seethe bc i know firsthand how maladjusted these troons are. i wonder if we'd have this "phenomenon" without the blight that is reddit porn.

only a matter of time before my ex troons out kek(sage your shit)

No. 1955759

not to mention there's also a lot of pressure from TRA-ridden society, which tells them they are transphobic for not enabling their coomer husband's degeneracy, which should instead be celebrated as totally "Valid and Brave" <3(sage your shit)

No. 1955760

i think we dated the same guy. except my ex also proudly wore nail varnish etc. and thought that's what made him a "feminist". he also claimed to relate more to women and feel like he should have been born one. meanwhile, he hadn't a fucking clue about any women's issues and made my life hell, became physically violent and was just the most basic abusive autistic porn-brained man. found out he was addicted to really weird porn from a mutual male friend and his misogyny didn't becoming blinding obvious until it was too late. women's low self esteem sucks. i wish there was more i could do to prevent other women going through the same. so many red flags we're trained to ignore and taught to no longer trust our instincts.

No. 1955761

Gay with the same agp disgusting type, not even the hsts kind of gay
Still disgusting as straight men, stay away from that types at all costs even in platonic interaction

No. 1955762

Why is it so common for BPD males to troon out? I don't have a troon ex but TWO! There were both dramatic (always find something to bitch and whine about), had grandeur delusions, horrible relationship with parents, they stole my makeup…maybe they felt I was an enabler because I'm bi and I like femininity but them being "feminine" it's just weird, I'm starting to think that troonism is rooted in BPD in men, due to the identitiy issues and attentionseeking behaviour

No. 1955763

one of the weirdest things about coming out of an abusive relationship is seeing how many parts of their personality were just mental illness. whenever I talk to another woman with a BPD ex it's like we're talking about the exact same guy, it's creepy.
>rooted in BPD in men, due to the identity issues and attention seeking behaviour
very interesting nona. i think there is something to it, with the lack of identity thing

No. 1955764

Ah, troon wants to fool his nieces, nephews and my kids that he is an actual woman for the rest of their lives (basically using this window of time until one of the kids knew hes actually a man, and if they ever grew up to find out) but is afraid one of the kids would point it out something is off. He would retaliate on them if they ever spoke about his troonhood.

No. 1955795

>broke up cause i caught him on hella reddit porn groupchats
The very idea of joining a group chat solely to talk about porn… wtf….

No. 1955801

Elder BPD nonna here. When bpd folk are younger and/or haven't gone through the necessary two rounds of DBT treatment this is common behavior. Unstable sense of self, you have no sense of your identity and are desperate to create one, often times "skin walking" occurs

No. 1955811

File: 1705420257615.jpeg (105.61 KB, 749x631, IMG_1079.jpeg)

I get recommended this video out of nowhere by youtube. The title is a massive wtf. Didn't watch it because I don't even wanna know. Let me guess though; he was a creepy incel who scared all the girls and overstepped major boundaries. He probably lies about how bad he was too. They always lie to make their victims look crazy or irrational. Gross as fuck.

No. 1955822

That just looks like a tall girl besides a really short girl. That’s basically how I look beside my short friends. But I don’t know spanish so idk(no1currs)

No. 1955829

According to google translate it’s just talking about how their outfits are trendy

No. 1955861

File: 1705430186483.jpeg (491.27 KB, 750x1956, IMG_4020.jpeg)

woman has sex with a man and is surprised that there’s cum in her vagina. shocking, i know.

No. 1955865

Non binary and MTF (not taking hormones). Sooo… just heterosexual PIV sex then? Is this girl mentally handicapped? Her boyfriend's dick "pulsed" inside her and left a bunch of goop in her pussy and she's legitimately questioning if it's cum? If this isn't a fetish post then there's legitimately no hope. Is her IQ even high enough to legally consent to sex? Fucking Christ

No. 1955868

isnt this akin to stealthing? i imagine this person has boundaries and most likely communicated those boundaries and her degenerate boyfriend ignored them bc his sexual satisfaction trumps even science itself.
leftists love the phrase 'leopards ate my face', ironically.

No. 1955870

File: 1705432633892.png (162.6 KB, 1114x700, Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 19.16…)

defending her moid lmfao. jesus christ girl.

No. 1955872

>Just trying to be crystal clear on what happened

He came inside you and then immediately started fingering you to try and shovel out the evidence like the rapey moid that he is, you moron.

No. 1955873

She's clearly had, assumably straight, sex before and she somehow doesn't know what a male orgasm is like? She's in extreme denial or this bitch is retarded, and in either case should probably refrain from having sex until she grows a brain.

No. 1955874

Jesus fucking Christ. It doesn’t take having male anatomy to know what sperm is. Her tranny boyfriend came inside her without consent. Rapey as fuck. Why is she running to a tranny hugbox asking this? She’s retarded.

No. 1955879

Guys goes after easily manipulated women for sex and cums in them, because if you claim to be a woman, for this retarded logic, then you can't impregnate, right? How new, how unexpected. Rapists go after weak victims, no shit.

No. 1955882

at least she said she’s on birth control.

No. 1955887

Jfc, why would you ask a bunch of seedy trannies their thoughts about one of their own? Bet nobody in the whole thread had anything negative to say about a fellow rapist. What a dumb place to look for advice/support, how depressing. If they jumble up our language enough, there won't be any way for women like her to even describe rape or abuse.

No. 1955897

I believe that Santa and bigfoot are real more than I believe trannies are all being catcalled in the street.

No. 1955898

dumb moid misspelled feminism and wrote 'femenism'.

No. 1955899

File: 1705438488634.png (60.54 KB, 1230x214, Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 20.54…)

i exclusively avoid ubers and taxis and cant remember the last time i was in one alone. i hate trannies man.

No. 1955900

Freudian slip lmao

No. 1955911

>thinking that man's trans identity cancels out typically predatory behaviors
>thinking that because she identifies as trans that she will be immune from predatory men
This thinking is so common with TIFs and they are getting played like fiddles by these men.

No. 1955916

The company I work for just hired ANOTHER troon. If anyone here wants to be work in games, too bad, you're not oppressed enough. His Discord profile is a fucking trip, too.

No. 1955918

File: 1705443368128.jpg (189.3 KB, 1200x811, 90_Day_Fiance_Nikki_plastic_su…)

The 90 day fiance troon is the scariest thing ever on tv. When he talks it's as if any second his face mask falls off and a hideous monster comes through and eats you, like a Meatcanyon creature come to life.
His man also clearly hates his guts but somehow doesn't leave.

No. 1955922

this face give credence to reptilian conspiracies. do we know what he looked like before he got bogged?
>advice on plastic surgery
his face is all the advice anyone ever needs. don't do it.

No. 1955929

File: 1705444910820.png (247.98 KB, 510x574, shitty man.png)

man smears his own shit over children's milk bottles and leaves soiled adult diapers at nurseries. he has been told he cannot go within 10 meters of a children's nursery but has already broken this rule. doubt he will spend much time in prison but at least if he does it will be a men's prison.
no doubt he uses his female-sounding name to gain access to children's groups and areas more easily.

No. 1955931

fucking disgusting. this man is 100% a pedophile

No. 1955934

wtf is with troons in game studios?! I worked for a video game studio too and we had THREE troons in our small division alone.

No. 1955938

I work not in game development but another service related company and luckily my team so far is troon free. (It's still super woke, tough.) Another team in the company had someone troon out recently though and while he's not the unwashed incel type, he picked an absolutely ridiculous name and I try to avoid him.

No. 1955941

File: 1705447040780.jpg (178.61 KB, 728x728, e0282f51bb8463920b3ec2a7b0.jpg)

>do we know what he looked like before he got bogged?
Before he got botched he kinda looked like his Moldovan sugar baby.

No. 1955947

Forgot link
>His man also clearly hates his guts but somehow doesn't leave.
The Moldovan sugar baby doesn't want to let go of his cash cow or is fishing for a green card. These past 2 episodes the sugar baby has been asking for a threesome with a actual woman.

No. 1955948

>Before: doesn’t pass as “woman
>After: doesn’t even pass as a human
Many such cases

No. 1955950

File: 1705448110656.jpg (36.09 KB, 490x383, Icanhasseatoverhere.jpg)

Saw this in the old thread, wanted to reply to it:
This won't stop them. I can tell you this because my dad's been a big time cycling fan for a long time, and when all the major cyclists in the world were doping in the 2000's (like Lance Armstrong, etc.), nobody knew. Only insiders knew. All the teams had special "doctors" who were on their payroll, they would repeatedly fool the drugs tests because they knew every trick in the book, and every single cyclist knew to keep their mouth shut, because cycling is a tight-knit industry. Almost all cyclists had made cycling their life. If you spilled the beans, you were shut out and couldn't get a job in it, afterwards. That's a mostly-male competitive sport. Just like boxing.

No. 1955951

Oh shit, nonny, please, c-can we be Discord friends, I can't talk about this shit with my other women coworkers ('cause they all call the troons by their pronouns)

No. 1955953

sad epitome of female socialization trying to convince herself she wasn’t just sa’ed
this take is super common among TIMs but I genuinely believe they’re just too autistic to tell the difference between being hit on vs mocked
I’m sure these stunning and brave “women” are getting diversity hire points too and stealing real women’s spots when they’re already vastly over represented in the industry and women continue to be pushed out

No. 1955954

This reads like a moid wrote it with one hand.

No. 1955956

>allowing troons to be officers in the first place
Are they fucking kidding?

No. 1955960

Why would this make anyone happy? This would be terrifying.

No. 1955963

File: 1705450649457.jpeg (649.09 KB, 2560x1440, IMG_4021.jpeg)

pedro pascal took his brother to the emmys. everyone is gushing over how well the tranny passes, which is retarded. imagine your greatest accomplishment being having had so much plastic surgery you no longer look like yourself, and shrinking or mutilating your genitalia. clown world.

No. 1955969

The fuck is up with his eyebrows? It's like one got way more botox than the other. Also inch resting how any normal woman who got thus amount of surgery would be shamed for it. Just look at how women like Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande are dragged for being botched.

No. 1955979

Joke answer: only men are allowed to criticize other men! Women need to stfu and accept these moids or else!!!
Real answer: it’s because they view sexual abuse from men as a quintessential part of being a woman. It’s why the euphoria guy trooned out. He said his sexuality was just wanting to be abused by men so obviously he’s a true and honest trans woman instead of a fucking lunatic who needs therapy

No. 1955993

I'm not going to embed it because I don't want to give that faggot views, but Keffals "interview livestream" was a complete letdown, to the surprise of absolutely no one. It wasn't a livestream at all, and it didn't air at the posted time. Five hours after it was supposed to go live, Lucas uploaded a heavily-edited 45-minute interview with Chris that uses recycled footage. At least half of the thing (likely the most interesting parts) wound up on the cutting room floor. That's why almost no one is talking about it here or in the CWC thread on /pt/. Keffals wasted the attention boost he could have gotten from CWC by sharting out a total nothingburger of an edited video.(sage your shit)

No. 1955997

File: 1705457871785.jpg (554.26 KB, 1461x1290, GD-kI4eacAA-9xV.jpg)

that's pretty lame

No. 1955999

File: 1705458414631.png (364.62 KB, 748x600, Another one.png)

No. 1956001

GAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Fucking of course he'd edit the hell out of it. But typical troon, bitches and whines and makes a bit effort on social media, but then doesn't actually follow through because it's too much stress sigh work.

No. 1956002

File: 1705459031993.png (863.56 KB, 695x1237, Lance Hart (@lancehartofficial…)

No. 1956004

File: 1705459530715.jpg (259.72 KB, 837x854, GD4y9YFaIAA8Qkz.jpg)

The four trannies of the gender apocalypse

No. 1956005

Please don't, I don't need reminded

No. 1956012

File: 1705462824480.png (47.74 KB, 739x427, Woman’s Place UK on X “A major…)

> reveals in shocking detail that leaders in the women’s sector who advocate for female-only services are routinely subjected to investigations, ostracisation, bullying and employment loss, and have been pressured into adopting policies that compromise women’s welfare and safety.


No. 1956013

File: 1705463067887.png (3.71 MB, 1622x3388, belltyj.png)

No. 1956015

Literally that one south park episode. I don't have the screenshot but you guys know what I mean

No. 1956032

>Gender dysphoria so bad he needs free bolt ons, free housing, free makeup, etc
>Not bad enough to walk around with a full beard even though razors are literally sold at the dollar tree

I'm so fucking confused. Women who have conditions that cause facial hair will do all sorts of painful methods to get rid of it, when it's remotely visible they get extremely uncomfortable and insecure. You mean to tell me someone who is so dysphoric they need to change their gender somehow has enough confidence to look as manly as possible in a dress?

No. 1956040

File: 1705473002616.jpg (1.83 MB, 810x7232, Screenshot_20240117-011303_Chr…)

Feminist subreddits are such a joke:

No. 1956045

Trannies acting like they know women more than women themselves. These are the same people who think they can carry a baby.

No. 1956050

>Your reproductive system is the target of your cycle, not the cause

Okay? In your body, neither the target nor the cause exist.

It's like listening to someone trying to explain why god is real and they're pretending to speak in logical terms but nothing they say actually makes sense and they just keep talking.

No. 1956052

File: 1705476576332.jpg (58.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Reminds me of in oitnb when they had the tranny teach the girls vaginal anatomy.. A tranny wet dream I imagine and completely laughable

No. 1956081

All that plastic surgery and he still couldn't fix that lazy eye

No. 1956087

File: 1705488746119.jpeg (58.5 KB, 503x499, F65O0GdXkAARaNq.jpeg)

No. 1956093

File: 1705490976880.png (119.64 KB, 317x220, belt.png)

the waist belts offering zero cinching is hilarious. it's like tying a ribbon around a fridge.

No. 1956120

File: 1705496485245.jpeg (20.08 KB, 400x400, Lucas Balmaceda.jpeg)

another gay man trying to avoid twink death by boarding the troon train.

No. 1956123

they get off on pretending to be the most persecuted group of all time, meanwhile women face misogynistic harassment and the destruction of their livelihood just for saying that an autogynephilic male's fetish shouldn't take precedence over our safety

No. 1956127

I bet this guy goes online to brag about being catcalled.

No. 1956130

the really telling thing is that the answers they give contradict each other
>the uterus is not the cause of the cycle its the target
>oh its not a real cycle it just mimics it

No. 1956131

the catcalling thing always reminds me of when i see lads out on a stag do, and at some point the groom will put on a wig or dress "for a laugh" and will get wolf whistled and cat called all night from other blokes because they think its funny. it's a common thing in the UK at least.
basically if a man, any man, goes outside in a dress - he is almost guaranteed to get comments like "hello gorgeous!" followed by laughter from other men driving by. but it's understandable that male banter is a foreign concept to these autistic shut ins.

No. 1956134

Man it’s crazy to me that they can’t see themselves for how they actually look

No. 1956136

Something hilarious about a man teaching women’s anatomy to a room full of lesbians kek

No. 1956159

File: 1705506369616.jpg (51.61 KB, 680x666, 1705506168688.jpg)

MtF troon accuses Chuggaconroy of being a chaser whos after feet pics. 1/

No. 1956160

File: 1705506461158.jpg (57.48 KB, 592x839, 1705506389362.jpg)

No. 1956162

File: 1705506522150.jpg (33.19 KB, 594x459, 1705506181458.jpg)

The hiding chin pose is so clockable 3/

No. 1956164

File: 1705506622536.jpg (64.44 KB, 827x1087, 1705506396976.jpg)

No. 1956165

File: 1705506752392.jpg (108.84 KB, 828x1792, 1705506416169.jpg)

Im on my phone and these are not my screenshots, so apologies for flooding or whatever. It looks like some messages were deleted here to make it seem Chuggy was left on read. 5/

No. 1956166

File: 1705506785828.jpg (110.58 KB, 828x1792, 1705506401398.jpg)

No. 1956167

File: 1705506885804.jpg (55.27 KB, 828x1220, 1705506420317.jpg)

7/7 That's all of them.

No. 1956168


>idk I wanna date cis lesbians

Actual translation: eww I don't wanna date a guy, I want an actual woman

Everytime people point out the hypocrisy of troons saying they don't want to date each other but the rest of us should date them it becomes more painful

No. 1956183

why do they always skip diet and exercise and nosedive right into hormones and wigs lol

No. 1956200

I'm so tired of moids acting like they know anything about periods just to be loud and wrong. the shedding of the uterine lining IS the period. everything else is more of a bug not a feature.

No. 1956221

The long reply talking about biology is factually wrong. Most of the pain of periods is caused by prostaglandins released by uterine tissue. No uterine tissue = no uterine tissue releasing prostaglandins.
If anyone here has been on oral contraceptives, you may have noticed your period gets lighter and less painful. That's because your uterine tissue gradually thins out on OCPs, giving you less uterine tissue and thus less prostaglandins. A bit hard to do with no uterus.

No. 1956255

File: 1705519465839.jpeg (321.04 KB, 1366x2048, Fo0iUDXWAAAueMm.jpeg)

tbh he does pass really well compared to pretty much all other white troons out there

No. 1956268

This still looks like a white man to me. He has that pointy joker smile that skinny white men tend to have.

No. 1956270

you can literally see his adam’s apple in that photo.

No. 1956271

kek i searched for a video interview of him and found this.
>'The Woman in Me'
he's in the credits but as his original name - Lucas. so he was even pretending to be a woman in a video about women's oppression (even in this clumsy, rich performing art school's cringey interpretation of it) before he started larping as a woman full-time.
yeah i was point that out too. tbh other than that he is just about passable, from a distance. twinks tend to get away with it more (except for Dylan and a few other notable examples).

No. 1956278

File: 1705524718607.jpeg (Spoiler Image,935.25 KB, 1179x1533, IMG_0134.jpeg)

No. 1956279

File: 1705525243180.jpg (14.53 KB, 400x267, The-Simpsons-Zia-Simpson-1-400…)

Since tiktok no longer allows people without accounts to view their content, can we start downloading them for posts instead?

No. 1956283

File: 1705525578330.png (600.07 KB, 721x667, Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 20-34…)

Ew, the moobs.

No. 1956291

This is probably a better question for /meta/ tbh.

No. 1956292

File: 1705526863965.jpg (Spoiler Image,319.94 KB, 1080x1972, Screenshot_20240117_212752_Ope…)

Saw the title and the picture and guessed it had to be a troon. Lo and behold. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1956330

File: 1705536319273.jpeg (53.05 KB, 680x328, 1705108814267.jpeg)

>complain about white women
>inserts a white man pretending to be a woman in her film

No. 1956331

File: 1705536446135.jpg (186.1 KB, 1290x1416, GD-TvgObEAAexO0.jpg)

How could moids be so confident in things they are so wrong about.

No. 1956333

File: 1705536609612.jpg (446.54 KB, 2048x1064, GD-UevHbIAAKZxs.jpg)

No. 1956335

File: 1705536740792.png (72.58 KB, 1448x426, IMG_3166.png)

No. 1956336

kek they make these "aw I'm so sad" posts hoping that handmaidens will flock around to coddle them. such manipulative narc behaviour.
>straight men: "i don't know why lesbians don't want to worship dick"
>women explain what the word lesbian means
>straight men: "SHUT UP AND DIE TERF"
they are even aware that they are in an echo chamber of straight men, after they drove all the lesbians out of that sub, but still think it's women that are the problem. truly fascinating levels of delusion.

No. 1956346

It's not enough to be granted access to lesbian spaces, it has to be centered around them as well. Male entitlement is so consistent.

No. 1956350

>"does anyone want to mindlessly validate articles me while I force my disgusting fetish onto literal defenseless babies? I mean send me articles on trans wimmin breast feeding?"
>"sure! the articles say it doesn't work."
> "no, not those articles. send me the ones that validate me"

No. 1956351

Sage for out of topic but ive been watching recaps of them and somehow all commentators believe that the issue with igor not having sexual attraction to nikki is because of "not acting like a moldovan woman" or igor's masculinity is challenged by nikki. Im 100% convinced that the reason why igor doesn't have any sexual attraction to nikki is because the moment he found out nikki was born a man, the sexual attraction flew out of the window. Simple as that

No. 1956352

Something about his face deeply gives me the ick, maybe it's the cold dead eyes. These people shouldn't be within 100 miles of a child.

No. 1956353


This makes me want to a-log more than I ever have. The fucking level of pure selfishness, to try and validate their sick delusion over a baby's health. Especially when there's a 99 percent chance they're not just trying to validate their delusion, but wanting to use a baby for their sexual FETISH. Causing harm to the baby on both a physical and more than likely later, a psychological level. But why I am surprised since troons have time and time again demonstrated they are mostly all pedos. The rage I feel right now. I pray 41 percent grows by a few percent each year

No. 1956354

They always do this. Posting about their dicks in the echo chambers they created and then whining that "cis lesbians" aren't as enthusiastic about their dicks as they are. They're sooo close to getting it, but their egos won't let them admit it kek

No. 1956355

File: 1705543405262.mp4 (3.94 MB, 320x568, punchable.mp4)

This guy is so punch-able in matter and face.

No. 1956356


I've just born-again peaked from this shit.

No. 1956357

I only disagree with the two lesbians on one point: that's not a straight man, that's a gay man. "Bottom for bottom"? KEK

No. 1956359


His smug evil face at the end after saying "cisbian". Seedy joker stephen King IT clown ass smile.

No. 1956362

The way he is so self-righteous and speaks in such a condescending tone proves that they were all formally neckbeard incels.

No. 1956365

File: 1705546519557.jpeg (104.24 KB, 843x532, D2E7FA60-28AA-4CCB-B9CF-EDE3C6…)

The faggot “MAP” known as broccoli has resurfaced

No. 1956366

File: 1705546544842.jpeg (207.98 KB, 828x1269, IMG_4692.jpeg)


No. 1956369

Yup. they pretend they don't know what they're doing.

No. 1956374

File: 1705549838410.png (1.71 MB, 1622x2353, femthrowaway155.png)

Fucking degenerate

No. 1956378

why did I think this was James Franco

No. 1956387

File: 1705553926090.jpg (11.7 KB, 480x360, taylorphelps.jpg)

He fucking looks like Taylor Phelps (Drain)

No. 1956391

"cisbian" is so commonly used on tranny incel boards too kek. They made up the retarded "all lesbians are evil transphobes!!" thing after realizing lesbians aren't just special straight women, and are actually homosexual therefore will not date them. Almost like le pornz lied to them.

No. 1956393

For once, I'm glad human body can reject some organ transplant, specially if it doesn't fit. I cannot imagine them having a pregnancy and giving birth for… gender euphoria more than for wanting to raise a kid on their own.

No. 1956399

>I don’t know why very few cis lesbians join in
Hmm me neither, it truly is a mystery why lesbians are less interested in conversing about dicks than they are about breasts & vaginas. Maybe if you make 50 more whiny posts about it, someone will explain it to you (and then promptly get banned.)

No. 1956401

The way they smugly say “cisbian” like it’s some kind of gotcha is so funny. Women will continue calling themselves “lesbians” and ignoring you on dating sites, but have fun with that guys kek

No. 1956409

File: 1705557296831.jpg (369.96 KB, 1200x1523, Sophia_at_the_AI_for_Good_Glob…)

Why does he looks like sophia the robot, kek.

No. 1956411

File: 1705557409476.jpg (1.58 MB, 810x6624, Screenshot_20240118-005149_Chr…)

Apologies if this has already been shared. I can't keep up with these threads like I used to. Just saw this on r/masskillers. A literal nazi TIM was recently apprehended by the FBI. Here's the article:
And a reddit post with some screencaps from his Twitter account:

No. 1956415

First things first, i wish mainstream media would be held accountable for calling these violent trannies "women". The very least they could do is mention that he was a tranny. Racist women exist, but none of them have the masculine energy required for this. Men will purposely use the actions of a man in an amazon skater skirt to try to raise the female crime rate to match the male rate so they refuse to address their issues.

No. 1956421

Was thephoto posted here before? It sounds familiar.

No. 1956422

Someone just needs to tell them to go talk about their dicks in one of the 50 other subreddits catered to them.

No. 1956423

It just makes me depressed that there's money and resources and time spent on men roleplaying having periods, meanwhile women are told to go on BC at age 15 because doctors don't want to investigate any period troubles. It also makes me depressed that women correcting this men would probably get them attacked. How do you even begin pointing out these insane lies? Your hypothalamus doesn't know you have ovaries? Intestinal cramping can cause… a period? Estrogen is the only hormone in the menstrual cycle??

No. 1956433

I can't deal with men making up all these elaborate theories in their heads and using big scientific words to describe how their male brains totally know how to have a period when not even the medical community has studied periods that well. Like they come up with all these reasons while having no basis for their claims kek. HRT mimicks the period cycle? But a quick Google search would tell you that women's estrogen drops at the start of a period while testosterone and progesterone spike up. HRT is estrogen, and they don't take it in a way that they could create a cycle, and even then the spike of estrogen would be like the opposite of what a period is. These people are "educating" others with their complete bullshit.

No. 1956435

his profile displays an interesting cluster of fetishes. wants to be 'nullified', wants to have zero sexual secondary characteristics, also wants periods and pregnancy, wants to be baby, wants to be a housewife, cries over flat chest, wants a vagina, likely pedophilic… loony troons like this shed light on the claims of trans PMS/periods. AGPs can desire anything if they associate it with womanhood/childhood enough, it's not about being 'more female'

No. 1956455


Read all of this, then realised you didn't use a plural when saying "fucking degenerate", my slow realization of horror that this is all posted by the same troon

No. 1956460

I've been thinking for a while that we need to gaslight these fuckers into trying period/birth simulator machines. I'd enjoy watching them suffer ngl!

No. 1956464


Terrible idea. Don't encourage this in any way whatsoever. You're forgetting about coom brained individuals that get off on pain. Now make that pain tied to validating their sick fantasy/delusion and soon troons will be peddling these machines in sex shops

No. 1956465

All I can see is gay white man face nona…

No. 1956470

Fair enough! It's impossible to hurt creeps who will get off on anything.

No. 1956483

Yes, it's common in the US for men in dresses and wigs to be jokingly catcalled. Men will yell out lines like 'hey, sexy!' at the guy, then drive off cackling. A man in a dress is literally one of the oldest jokes in the book, and so is the comedic bit of a man hitting on an obvious man in a dress. It's painfully obvious they aren't really being catcalled like real women and girls are, they're being made the target of a joke that has existed for millennia.

No. 1956484

>I want to interact with both….
does anyone else feel like the "I want" comes across as creepy, it feels entitled
its not up to what you want, if a cis lesbian doesnt want to talk about penises then thats her right

No. 1956485

The thing that grosses me out the most is how the picture shows a pretty pic of a mother bonding with her child and genuinely loving them when the scrotes just want to fetishize moments like that because they saw unreal lactation in hentai. It has nothing to do with caring for a baby.

No. 1956486

File: 1705586510501.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.88 KB, 696x392, ABBIE-TAYLOR-ABDL-696x392.jpg)

reduxx has a more in-depth article about this freak. he was smearing shit on children's milk bottles. he also wasn't supposed to be near nurseries which means he's probably gotten in trouble for something similar before. unsurprisingly his twitter is full of diaper porn.

No. 1956487

Do they not fucking understand how women are constantly subjected to jokes about dicks, drawings of dicks, etc. holy fucking shit I hate them

No. 1956489

File: 1705587076767.jpg (309.18 KB, 1080x836, ramasay.jpg)

Hi nonnas, there is a what seems to be a fake story going around at the moment about Gordon Ramsay kicking Lia Thomas out of his restaurant

I was going to post it but i did some checking and i think its fake based on the fact I found a story form the same source from a week ago saying it was Gordon Ramsay kicking out Dylan Mulvaney and there are the same stories from last year from the same source about him kicking out other 'celebreties' for what seem like wierd reasons

People have taken the story and added their own reasons to it
>one story is Lia kept sending back his risotto, and changed the complaint each time so Gordon kicked him out
>the other is Lia asked for a dish that had pigs in blankets in it but the dish came out it didnt have them so when he complained, Gordon told him he already had a sausage and kicked him out

No. 1956490

>Gordon told him he already had a sausage and kicked him out
fucking kek

No. 1956499

It never ceases to amaze me how they clearly know lesbians want nothing to do with them, and instead of concluding that there's a reason for this and they should fuck off, they decide lesbians are evil bigots and guilt trip and shame them. Male entitlement knows no bounds.

No. 1956507

Don’t forget banning & excluding lesbians from their own communities for the crime of homosexuality, and then sitting in their male echo chambers wondering why there aren’t any lesbians around to worship their dicks.

No. 1956509

"Lesbians do not want to date me, is because they know I'm a biological man and they like biological women instead and I should respect that? No, is because lesbian are bigoted terf".

No. 1956511

Yeah, not only they take over lesbian space and spam how much they love "girldick", they get mad when no women join in. I bet most of them are fully straight and only pretend to be into each other to show " s-see Im a lesbian so I like both cis and trans and you cis whores should too."

No. 1956512

A lot of the things they whine about having 'dysphoria' over are things that happen to women, but no one cares or calls it 'dysphoria'.
Some women can't get pregnant. Some women can't produce breast milk. Some women don't have access to makeup. Some women still look ugly with makeup. Some women don't have periods. Some women's periods are light and don't have much cramping.
But how many people worry about the effects of these things on women? Who demands free 'lifesaving treatment' for the women with the ugly nose or jaw? None.

No. 1956513

YES SO MUCH. It bothers me that these creepy looking mofos feel entitled to support, like being ugly and unfuckable is a disability for which society needs to provide equity.

No. 1956524

File: 1705597485947.jpg (608.92 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20240118_120450_Red…)

In today's transdelusional news: man thinks no one can tell he's a man, not even his doctor! 1/2

No. 1956525

File: 1705597519268.jpg (921.4 KB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_20240118_120216_Red…)


No. 1956526

The bottom two comments are such obvious one-handed tranfiction.

No. 1956528

File: 1705598625143.png (588.3 KB, 509x612, repent.png)

KEK comedy gold. I had to look this guy up. He keeps posting about "My experience as a trans woman" in catholic subreddits and getting massively downvoted and told to repent. I think it must be a fetish because he keeps going back and posting more. Either that or he approaches Catholicism in a similar fashion to how he approaches being a "woman" (by imagining he is those things, by his own ideas of what those things actually mean). Which judging from his other comments is likely the case. Tranny in wonderland.
In his transition pics he posts a photo with his wife before he trooned out. Hope she got the hell out of there.

No. 1956537

>Some women can't get pregnant. Some women can't produce breast milk. Some women don't have access to makeup. Some women still look ugly with makeup. Some women don't have periods. Some women's periods are light and don't have much cramping.

They would claim these women are tifs, but even then, they don't care about tifs in general.

No. 1956539

One of his posts in the catholicism sub was about he left the faith for 15 years and recently came back (after transitioning). My impression is that he's a terminally online 4chan moid that's susceptible to every trend those greaseballs are chasing this week. They're all on their trad-cath shit so he is, too. He just took the "trap" meme too far and can't turn back now.

No. 1956549

No troon should even be a cop though, ACAB, right? That's what they love to screech among their many other ridiculous slogans.

No. 1956557

I’ve noticed that they never seem to wear concealer or foundation, only shitty eyeliner and lipstick. They must think they “don’t need it” or something, kek. They just look like men wearing lipstick and a wig as a joke.

No. 1956571

The ones that do aren't much better, every TIM i've seen irl who's wearing concealer and foundation especially is too retarded to color match and doesn't know how to blend it into their neck either. They just be walking around with trump-esque oompa loompa makeup and their shitty cat eye

No. 1956573

He looked normal, if a bit too soyboy.
Then he turned himself into a deranged serial killer.
I wish there would be a psychological study on this.

No. 1956580

File: 1705605348199.jpeg (956.05 KB, 1179x1704, IMG_0139.jpeg)

Gets a boobjob, can’t be bothered to shave, and of close begs for money because he’s “broke.” I think he was posted here before camming with his ugly tiny cock but I guess that didn’t get him far.(selfposting)

No. 1956582

>Either that or he approaches Catholicism in a similar fashion to how he approaches being a "woman" (by imagining he is those things, by his own ideas of what those things actually mean).
sage for obvious tangent
but this is almost certainly the case, there has been a big trend in recent years of people identifying as christian but not actually having any idea about christian beliefs or practices
so yes entirely like how he approaches being a woman

No. 1956588

Just goes to show how much of it is about invading spaces they know they're not welcome in and cooming from sought after victimhood

No. 1956591

it's the incel mindset, they literally cannot grow out of it even when trying to larp as women

No. 1956592

Yes. Male wants to lie down and be serviced during sex: such a lesbian bottom! Bottom girlies!

No. 1956597

Oh look ! Trans fiction!
I love how they seem to think any part of that story could appear remotely true lmao.

No. 1956598

File: 1705608714865.png (81.04 KB, 592x341, catholic subreddit.png)

ayrt. and no doubt the two are entwined in his mind. he probably cooms to catholic school girl porn.
i'm non-religious but at least catholicisim has some kind of philosophical world view that relates in part to material reality, unlike trans ideology. i mean, the reply in picrel was pretty based, you ARE your "soul" (or your mind) and your body. there isn't one that becomes mismatched to the other and it's fucking retarded anyone thinks that way. it seems to be a wider problem than just gender - applying this magical thinking to everything. changing meanings of words, concepts and reality, without boundaries, to fit yourself into a label because you like the vibe or aesthetic (based on a TikTok or Tumblr post, or porn video).

No. 1956601

File: 1705609546896.png (1.51 MB, 1080x762, v7xMl49.png)

reminder that this is the type of person who calls you a "transphobe chud" on twitter.

No. 1956604

kek the little measuring stick clipart made me chuckle

No. 1956614

These unwashed men need to groom themselves. They look foul.

No. 1956616

File: 1705612473345.jpeg (43.12 KB, 442x618, average trasvestite.jpeg)

No. 1956622

wait was this on a legit thread and not a ragtag collage? feels like I've seen some of those photos for years at this point

No. 1956643

File: 1705617404573.png (146.8 KB, 689x579, pathetic.png)

This is so pathetic… Maybe you're stone because you don't like dick. What's with these libshit (most likely larping) lesbians who have absolutely no backbone? What makes them suddenly fuck with males as soon as they call themselves a "she"? They make our community look so weak. There's so many troons in the comments of this post being disgusting too, why do so many women pander to their disgusting lesbian-rape fantasies?

No. 1956646

File: 1705617924838.gif (Spoiler Image,415.34 KB, 400x226, IMG_0115.gif)

oh my god it’s literally picrel KEK(except at least garrison was post-op this is literally… you’re not scissoring at that point lol)

No. 1956647

i just KNOW she's gonna TIF out

No. 1956650

They should've put Lilly Contino in their fake story instead of Lia Thomas, would've been more believable.

No. 1956654

that is so sad…what are these confused people even doing

No. 1956659

he could also just be skinwalking a christian girl either a real one or his version of the 'ideal woman'
also why catholicism of all denominations there are more liberal christian ones, but maybe your right he may just want to live his catholic schoolgirl porn fantasy

No. 1956684

Neither of these people are lesbians. No woman who enjoys sucking cock is a lesbian.

No. 1956685

it was the threadpic for the first thread: >>867400

No. 1956686

Oh ew I didn't even notice that until now I was too disgusted to actually read and process the whole thing… Larpers are really infesting the lesbian community like roaches.

No. 1956696

Why even call yourself a lesbian at this point? If you’re not going to get with a woman whom you’re actually attracted to and could have a fulfilling relationship with, why not just find a straight man who isn’t a degenerate?
You can still give unfulfilling and sad blow jobs and hand jobs every night, but at least your partner won’t blow all your money on horse piss and spinny skirts all the while crippling and wounding himself with “affirming” treatments.

No. 1956708

File: 1705627869509.jpg (587.53 KB, 1442x1290, GEIqUJza0AAoeCx.jpg)

I'm surprised families/workers aren't kicking up a storm after hearing what he did.

No. 1956710

>already greying hair
men age like wine

No. 1956711

File: 1705628439236.jpg (34.96 KB, 500x500, simpsons.jpg)

>Is it I who is imposing my dick into Lesbian spaces, no it must be the terrible evil lesbian terfs who are wrong!

No. 1956718

File: 1705628920204.jpg (577.87 KB, 1231x2048, GEIm_VNaIAAEWYB.jpg)

How do you identify as a Grandma?

No. 1956722

File: 1705629522990.jpg (413.9 KB, 1675x1290, GEGd7s5bwAAR34r.jpg)

No. 1956734

File: 1705632920779.jpeg (160.49 KB, 2270x1334, IMG_2889.jpeg)

Immediately reminded me of LiamKyleSullivan except Liam passes better I think.

No. 1956735

File: 1705632993330.jpeg (638.39 KB, 1170x1581, IMG_0125.jpeg)

(you will never be a cartoon woman)

No. 1956738

File: 1705633348655.jpeg (757.61 KB, 1105x1113, IMG_0126.jpeg)

It’s always so funny when the people who crossdress for a gag pass better than trannies kek. Picrel is comedian Dave Foley, passing better as a woman than 99% of trannies.

No. 1956741

File: 1705633775899.jpeg (42.92 KB, 306x448, IMG_0810.jpeg)

No. 1956745

File: 1705634867883.png (91.84 KB, 600x338, UyPQf1y.png)

No. 1956746

File: 1705635127976.png (694.79 KB, 540x706, mpauyEd.png)

This reminded me of the back how AGP-ish book Norman Bates is
>In the original novel psycho while the base events are still basically the same, the character of Norman bates is drastically altered, instead of the boyish and meek Anthony Perkins, Norman is a middle-aged, overweight, balding man who wore rimless glasses, he's also an alcoholic and degenerate, who keeps books with various violent sexual illustrations(its implied he maturates to this) as well as works by Marquis de Sade and the end double twist of the Novel was that the mother personality was not the murderer, it was Norman all along
he even had the typical AGP appearance, down to the blading and tranny stare
>>The light shone down on his plump face, reflected from his rimless glasses, bathed the pinkness of his scalp beneath the thinning sandy hair as he bent his head to resume reading…"Looking for a room?“ Mary made up her mind very quickly, once she saw the fat, bespectacled face and heard the soft, hesitant voice. There wouldn’t be any trouble…The puckered lips were beginning to tremble…The eyes behind the fat man’s glasses seemed vacant.

No. 1956749

File: 1705635818224.jpg (201.48 KB, 1290x1395, GEDX3neaEAAQsR1.jpg)

the complete opposite of what trannies do, this guy is in lala land.Case in point; this thread.

No. 1956750

File: 1705636128751.png (328.45 KB, 748x485, man in charge of womens shelte…)

No. 1956753

File: 1705636851902.png (2.31 MB, 1936x837, 68.png)

No. 1956760

What a great Klingon cosplay going on here! Seriously the levels of delusion just boggle my fucking mind.

No. 1956772

Needs Sam Pritchard

No. 1956782

Why go after traumatized rape victims. What the fuck is there to gain from this.

No. 1956798

these threads were the first step to peaking me back when i was a libfem unironically reading the chapo sub lol

No. 1956801

Reddit TIMs begin to realize you can force someone to endure your presence but you can't force them to like you. Even the handmaidens who support "inclusivity" on paper don't want to actually engage with these moids.

No. 1956811

Anon I still wanna be friends with you, god damn it, I wanna talk mad shit!

No. 1956814

>the boyish and meek Anthony Perkins
The first time I saw "Psycho", my dad and I were watching, and my dog was next to me. At the end, when Norman does that Kubrick stare at the camera, my dog lifted his head up and growled. Even animals can detect psychotic scrotes.

No. 1956832

Demoralization thorugh an automated, unerring sledgehammer blow to rationality, duh.

No. 1956837

File: 1705660335191.jpeg (13.69 KB, 500x368, g6etqt64xmq01.jpeg)

Mrs Fingerbottom?

No. 1956842

File: 1705662878622.jpg (393 KB, 810x1429, Screenshot_20240119-053234_Red…)

Tranny mystified as to why indoctrinating the masses to gender ideology doesn't work:

No. 1956844

File: 1705664129446.jpg (379.54 KB, 810x1590, Screenshot_20240119-063127_Chr…)

>gets called ugly by someone outside the hugbox
>concludes they just think I'm hot!

No. 1956845

>”these people won’t fall for our manipulations exactly as we want! How can I force people to think what I want them to think ???”
Fixed it for him. God I long for a troon killing-only plague…

No. 1956856

>God I long for a troon killing-only plague

They already have ropes and stools and butchers, very few of them will get old, most of them are castrated. They're walking corpses, dw nona.

No. 1956863

If she was actual a lesbian, she'd know that scissoring isn't a real thing. Also she wouldn't be sucking dick.
His chin is so fat the AI thinks he's looking upward kek. And he's only 36?? Holy shit
They really believe their own memes

No. 1956865

Good potential threadpic

No. 1956866

her scrote is gonna throw a fit once she troons out 'cause he won't be able to get off on being with a "cis lesbian" kek

No. 1956867

36????? With that skin? Is this dude lying about his age? There is no way.

No. 1956868

This is the first one I’ve seen who wanted to try and pass as a matronly old woman.

No. 1956871

File: 1705673414035.jpg (303.07 KB, 1076x1435, Screenshot_20240119-201757_Red…)

Hate that they got more attention from handmaidens but funny at the same time that when his pics gets posted on mtf adjacent subreddits it barely catches any other tims attention

No. 1956872

File: 1705673520737.jpg (290.84 KB, 1080x1308, Screenshot_20240119-221312_Red…)

No. 1956873

File: 1705673561269.png (524.98 KB, 1080x861, 1000010313.png)


No. 1956877


I'm so sick of seeing this hideous obese lump of a man in every fashion subreddit. Occasionally he gets banned and just starts another account to spam his grotesque potato body and sped haircut. And the handmaidens eat it up with their obviously insincere compliments. Like we're not all looking at the same disgusting man.

No. 1956878

I was also going to post that ogre. He is always in all the fashion adjacent subreddits and everyone is just blowing smoke up his ass. It is ridiculous. He looks bad. And when someone says something critical about him, he gets massively but hurt. Clown world.

No. 1956921

Anyone have good sources on what HRT does to the male body? Its negative effects I mean.

No. 1956926

I've blocked this fat sack of shit so many times. Any woman who posted pictures like this would get absolutely flamed.

No. 1956928

it's the lack of fetish/sexual gratification imo. They're not dressing up to get off (not outwardly at least) but instead for a gag or a bit, leading them to try and look more like actual women than weird coomer shit. Troons tend to have a general "sexual ick" about them, which could be a contributing factor to them trooning in the first place

No. 1956948

I've always enjoyed how the cast of KitH portrayed women in this cross dressing/gag kind of way. It's almost Shakespearean if it wasn't so funny. Dave Foley always looked so genuine in how he played a woman.
I think this anon >>1956928 got it right. I never took any of the cross dressing in this show other than just how funny a man pretending to be a woman can be.

No. 1956952

I'd imagine they also benefit greatly from having onset stylists and make-up artists tbh

No. 1956956

File: 1705693309735.jpeg (40.63 KB, 1280x720, dave newsradio.jpeg)

I loved that episode of NewsRadio. the joke was that it was humiliating for him to not only be dressed as a woman, but to actually look half-way decent. Normally men look completely ridiculous but his colleagues were disturbed at how pretty he looked. Or that he looked "better" than he does as a man. It was funny. But of course, stood next to Lisa, Catherine or Beth he looked more obviously like a man in drag.
I hate that we've lost this humour but I also hate how it's more difficult to have the conversation about gendered fashion and who looks better in what styles, without it becoming a trans thing. Dave Foley does look good in "feminine" styles, because of his bone structure. Long hair suits him, in particular imo. It changes absolutely nothing about the fact he is a man. Frustrating it needs to be said.

No. 1956961

File: 1705694426042.gif (5.31 MB, 640x520, 1701293312052.gif)

Ty for stanning News Radio to dunk on troons

No. 1956963

File: 1705694567154.jpeg (1.14 MB, 958x1081, IMG_0134.jpeg)

Real. I agree with all of you 100%.

Ot but Newsradio is such a funny show with the weirdest fucking cast kek it’s weird as fuck looking back at it.

Yes that’s Joe Rogan, yes that’s Andy Dick. After Hartman passed they actually cast Jon Lovitz and he hated Andy so fucking much, before and after being casted. Big part because Lovitz holds Andy partially responsible for Hartman’s death since Andy got him and his wife back on drugs.

No. 1956973

>Joe Rogan
and I love that he just plays himself. a dumb jock named Joe who talks about aliens and government conspiracies.

No. 1956980

File: 1705696519285.png (1.37 MB, 1308x1196, Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 1.36…)

platypus ass nose

No. 1956983

File: 1705696632349.jpg (158.79 KB, 1084x724, proboscis-monkey_01.jpg)

No. 1956987

Monkey wore it better.

No. 1956991

File: 1705697089623.png (1.91 MB, 1043x1629, MainMr.Tweedy.png)

He looks so much like Mr. Tweedy. Truly unfortunate

No. 1956994

File: 1705697311660.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x2210, 9AFDCFE2-BB75-4019-B464-A2EA23…)

No. 1956996

Goddamn this moid is ugly as hell. He looks low IQ

No. 1957000

Those are the most terrifying of troons because not only does he have standard issue male anger issues, you know he's got that tard rage too. If I saw this man in person I'd make a point of getting as far away from him as possible. One of those people you can just tell from a glance is waiting for any excuse to fly off the handle.

No. 1957002

Looks like the down syndrome from american horror story

No. 1957006

Also going through his post history and he is 33 apparently lmao men age like milk

No. 1957015

Do you mean milk? Kek

No. 1957023

100%. terrifying looking man. i worry for the women who will have to share confined spaces with him.

No. 1957038

File: 1705704898229.jpeg (595.02 KB, 1500x1500, medieval history .jpeg)

>Dr Tim "Tess" Wingard
>Medieval historian
>Writes about how transgenderism has always existed
>Uses the word "transmisogyny" to describe happenings in the middle ages
>The word 'queer' appears 79 times in his article
I honestly can't make it through the whole thing - not because it's particularly long but it's just so nonsensical I cannot actually follow it.
I think these academics like to focus on transing history so it appears like they've been fighting for their rights for centuries, instead of being a made up thing in recent history based on very regressive stereotypes people are trying to get away from. And that they've never experienced real oppression.

No. 1957040

File: 1705705146850.jpeg (285.3 KB, 1170x1170, E2429614-FC21-4C18-8C75-B97300…)

It’s not my best work but I digress

No. 1957053

They always say “no makeup/filters!” As if we’re supposed to be shocked or impressed kek

No. 1957063

ntayrt but lol. Jamie Brewer doesn't deserve being compared to a fugly man tho

No. 1957067

Ayrt but I agree wholeheartedly. She was a great actress in murder house and is quite pretty. I just remembered this scene and thought it would be funny to edit.

No. 1957083

Dasha mtf.

No. 1957099

It's crazy that the KitH guys do a great job as these woman characters for their skits, yet men who spend all their time and energy trying to play pretend the same way can't even hold a candle. I love that show and watching it cements for me that trannies are all in for the coom and not to "be" women, because a man genuinely trying to act like a woman has the capacity to do a decent job and not be a creepy, sexualized caricature.

No. 1957101

what the fuck. serial killer level disturbing. the specificity of the outfits and wigs make me feel like he is dressing up as a specific woman. like… his own grandmother. some of these could even be stolen clothes.

i'm worried for the elderly women in his life. it's a group that can often be targeted for rape, similar to children, because they are physically vulnerable.

No. 1957107

File: 1705717858033.jpg (213.89 KB, 1090x1655, GDXD0-nbAAAyxYE.jpg)

the capcom troon next to a normal woman

No. 1957108

hilarious how you can clock him solely by looking at his forearm

No. 1957110

File: 1705717986872.mp4 (5.83 MB, sad.mp4)

>I would marry myself
Christ this poor lady

No. 1957114

File: 1705718458024.mp4 (3.05 MB, 480x768, 11DN1wpzALL0xpEN.mp4)

Another TIM trapping his wife

No. 1957115

File: 1705718640941.jpg (170.15 KB, 1053x1684, GEOdDfXXAAAXCPG.jpg)

Bruh it gets even crazier

Hope Reduxx picks this up if they haven't already.

No. 1957116

Why do they talk about it like it's some sort of psychoactive drug? Is there any evidence that it alters their cognition or are they placeboing themselves while giving themselves a hormonal imbalance and all the associated health issues?

No. 1957119

Apparently it reduces their moid rage, they claim it clears "their head"

No. 1957120

Looks like a Lazytown character

No. 1957121

File: 1705719072840.jpg (641.7 KB, 1658x2048, GENwzYlaQAALkA1.jpg)

No. 1957122

They always skinwalk their wives, so fucking weird

No. 1957123

File: 1705719300602.png (86.11 KB, 283x231, mfw.png)

No. 1957134

File: 1705721578488.png (1.91 MB, 1435x1110, Screenshot.png)

lol at him with his dAiNtY hAnD next to a normal woman

No. 1957135

File: 1705721635870.jpg (500.61 KB, 1290x1955, GEPA8c5bQAA7hFU.jpg)


No. 1957136

“Hey Brian, remember that time I was a troon?”

No. 1957138

File: 1705725024535.jpeg (867.61 KB, 2400x3000, IMG_0193.jpeg)

why are troons so obsessed with black women

No. 1957139

Its true. They should leave us alone.

No. 1957140

Like most white males, they are desperately obsessed with black people

No. 1957142

the fact that this spoiled brat expects all women to police their thoughts to not even think anything "mean" (truthful) about him…incredible how grown men end up so delusional and coddled

No. 1957156

File: 1705730971119.jpeg (489.03 KB, 1440x1800, IMG_0194.jpeg)

everything about this is retarded and delusional but one thing that really gets me is his obviously male way of describing “lesbian” sex, which he’s based on the porn he watches like the fetishist he is. this tranny lists all the wonderful ways you can have “lesbian” sex with a transbian but he can’t even admit, as varied as real lesbian sex can be, it always involves eating pussy. the end.

No. 1957159

File: 1705731699774.png (Spoiler Image,497.16 KB, 1048x4216, The Crisis For Edinburgh's Rap…)

No. 1957160

not only does he want all women to police their thoughts, but he's worried that the women who are ALREADY policing their thoughts are perhaps not doing a good enough job and might be letting some bad thoughts slip through sometimes

No. 1957162

She loved her husband, you can tell she's actually grieving the loss of their marriage while he's experiencing narcissistic euphoria over this. His wife walks our crying, "yeah she's fine." The woman seems so normal, like any of my married middle aged coworkers. How do they end up with such freaks for husbands?

No. 1957165

I dunno if this is true but apparently now she's with a woman. Imagine how horrible her husband had to be that she turned into a lesbian coz of him. She probably has trauma thanks to him.

No. 1957168

Lol the best part is he's absolutely right.

No. 1957169

File: 1705732994738.jpg (353.34 KB, 1080x1201, 1682956752720.jpg)

Thanks for putting this together nonnie.

No. 1957174

'Stone lesbian'? This fucking zoomer gendie terminology never ceases to be annoying as shit.

No. 1957200

File: 1705741117248.jpg (56.53 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

reminds me of jack horner from puss in boots lmao

No. 1957201

That's because it is one. In the sense that it fuels their drive to become increasingly delusional, that is.

No. 1957204

File: 1705741974250.jpg (60.58 KB, 600x900, egyptian-mummy-24270001-245118…)

No. 1957211

as obviously male as he looks somehow I have no problem imagining a scrote would just look at his head and claim "this is the proof transwomen look better and more feminine than real women ackshually"

No. 1957222

He also posts in r/BPD so that's another example for the BPD theory >>1955762
It wouldn't matter if every woman in the world was lobotomised and 100% brainwashed into believing he could be a woman and worshipped him for it, he would still feel the same way. But he will continue to blame them for being TERFs.

No. 1957232

Seeing stuff like this makes me feel better about the pro-tranny tweets with tens of thousands of likes.
11th Hour should get on this too. It's always about money or sexual degeneracy (or both).

No. 1957234

three local women's crisis centres denied funding for being female-only and a male-run rape centre that refuses to let the women receive female-only care gets ALL the funding that the previous women were denied??? ARSDKJGLFkljslg i actually feel sick.
hope Jennifer looks into it

No. 1957240

sage for year-old milk but i hadn't come across this before and it's hilarious. 'Finland Debuts The World's First Transgender National Figure Skater'

No. 1957241

File: 1705754040996.jpeg (251.46 KB, 1125x1366, IMG_1161.jpeg)

Of course this account never tweets “known rapist” or “known racist” when a man with a history is involved with something. And making it a big deal that the CREATOR of the series is involved with the adaptation, why not just not report it if you’re that assmad?

No. 1957247

nona the term stone lesbian (i'm guessing she means stone butch?) emerged in the 90s. though it has been revived by the tranny zoomer """lesbians""", primarily on tumblr from what i've seen(sage your shit)

No. 1957251

samefag i found another one of his "performances" as a Geisha and i'm dying. it's so offensively bad.
apparently he was just a random 50yo farmer who had a dream of becoming an "ice princess". there are men who make wonderful figure skaters too so it's not even the excuse of his male physique making it more difficult… he literally just sucks, but is allowed to perform at these events cos of his fetish.

No. 1957263

casually scrolling and I thought this was Tom Sandoval in the thumbnail so I played it and holy kek

No. 1957267

NOT TOM SANDOVAL he’d def troon out tho

No. 1957271

can't wait for them to seethe when this show is immensely popular just like hogwarts legacy was

No. 1957282

Did people not care to call out how racist this is if it's not proper to call this sexist because of "twansphobia"? Why the hell is an old white man making a performance of a geisha figure skating? This looks like a troony toons special.

No. 1957283

He's a trans-skater, too, seeing as he identifies as an ice skater but obviously isn't one kek. Why he would choose a sport he has zero skills in is baffling, what a joke.

No. 1957292

Then why are they still always acting so murderous and rapey?

No. 1957293

but not before harassing anyone they can find who is involved in it, especially the child actors. same as bullying streamers who wanted to play HL.

No. 1957300

File: 1705762490995.png (564.67 KB, 584x579, Hailey Davidson.png)

A man who calls himself 'Hailey Davidson' won a woman's golf tournament by 150 points ahead of the actual woman who should have won. Notice his stunning nail varnish.

No. 1957301

Omg is this sphere hunter? I don't watch his shit so maybe it's obvious in videos but I had no idea he was a troon. Disappointing because he's dating the one hot guy from HEALTH

No. 1957302

Holy shit, is Christopher Reeve!

No. 1957305

File: 1705762888426.jpg (5.42 KB, 300x168, huehuehue.jpg)

Notice the video is under "Youtube Kids" category so no one can comment on it. He knows he did a racist performance but no one can comment how racist it was.

No. 1957307

My thoughts exactly. I remember the comments on all the vids of this guy last year totally ripping him to shreds so they must have tried to avoid that this time by just turning off comments. Having it in the pool of what's recommended to kids isn't great though..

No. 1957311

he won second place for this absolute shit show btw

No. 1957318

File: 1705764136554.png (210.98 KB, 604x661, david.png)

samefag to add these quotes:
>“I had tried playing golf professionally as male prior to coming out, but I was such a headcase it was not only affecting me but the other players around me,”
>I was finally able to get back into playing when I was lucky to land a job at GolfNow. This got me back into playing for fun, and for once I was playing without anger or this mental time bomb waiting to explode.”
also this man is only 30 years old wtaf he looks dreadful

No. 1957332

Holy shit, he genuinely looks like an old man. There's no way he is 30. 50 at the youngest. They're killing themselves.

No. 1957337

File: 1705767753427.jpg (Spoiler Image,616.84 KB, 1521x1290, GEQ2T6GacAARMGD.jpg)

spoiler for close up

No. 1957338

Women need to stop playing with troons. Simple as that. Plenty are stepping out now when hulking troons are inviting themselves. I know it's not always easy but fucking hell! Look at the smile on the women here. Can they at least not top pander to troons for fucks sake.

No. 1957351

This is hilarious! I thought it would be one of those skinny little twink figure skaters but it's just some out of shape old man! The contrast between him falling and the actual women skating around him effortlessly is like art.

No. 1957352

ok this really pisses me off. on their feed i've seen them mention michael fassbender (known abuser), mark wahlburg (known hate crime commiter) and ezra miller (known..everything). and yet none of these men get a cheeky callout, curious!! men can commit real, tangible violence/abuse and they get to keep their dignity, yet when a woman asks for women's rights to be maintained and her entire name is slandered. gonna a-log

No. 1957355

cool neutral reporting retards

No. 1957359

the shoes make it look like hes got pig hooves

imo the more a twitter tranny yaps, the lonelier he truly is. the likes dont really mean anything kek.

No. 1957362

File: 1705771505426.jpg (253.52 KB, 1536x2048, GDBtNjfXAAA-JSP.jpg)

No. 1957381

File: 1705773437854.jpg (203.95 KB, 1290x1221, GESZASVaoAAYARi.jpg)

Having a kid with a tranny lord.

No. 1957382

>I invaded your boundaries and private space and nothing bad happened! Now you know a man is lurking about in a confined space with women and girls and there is nothing you can do about it!
I can see the frustration from whoever tried to clean it off but the bastard used permanent ink cos he is a selfish, entitled little brat who does whatever he wants without consequences.

No. 1957383

>Perhaps next time I should carve it on your forehead with a knife.
Totally not unhinged. And pic is the reason I carry a bunch of anti-troon stickers in my purse in case I ever see their cringe graffiti/stickers in a bathroom.

No. 1957385

"nothing bad happened" except the vandalism i guess.

No. 1957387

Don't forget Sean Penn beat the fuck out of Madonna. No one gave a shit.

No. 1957388

>I could've hurt you but I didn't, be grateful for it!
If you weren't a monster you'd go to your own bathroom instead of writing thinly veiled threats that are 100% more likely to terrify women than reassure them

No. 1957396

keking at all the replies to this troon on Twitter. Glad to see reasonable people that can spot an aggressive male.

No. 1957406

File: 1705775557074.png (1.26 MB, 1080x2345, Screenshot_20240120-183247-723…)

No. 1957408

The downvotes are killing me kek, I love that the actual lesbians on that sub just silently downvote the troons and there’s nothing the mods can do about it

No. 1957410

Yesss and there's nothing they can do about it but seethe. Probably pushing Reddit to de-anonymize voting, like Facebook. May they never truly feel welcome taking over women's spaces.

No. 1957411

The silence of multiple anonymous downvotes paints a great statement. Based.

No. 1957428

File: 1705779485112.jpg (323.04 KB, 1080x1652, FrBB3Bz.jpg)

I don't understand Tumblr activists. Being a woman apparently, has nothing to do with biology. You just "become" one. But how does one "become" a woman? Is it the same as becoming "Black" or "Asian?" Are all those people on TikTok who want to become Korean by watching those "race hypnotism" videos just as valid? Funny how they have an issue with biological determinism, but no issue with enabling and adhering to gender roles if it helps their dysphoria. What would be the need to transition, to wear women's clothes, to put on makeup or heels, if it's so harmful? How do you scream about the makeup industry being bad for women (which is true) yet in the next breath scream that makeup is affirming to trans women? Trans-exclusive feminists are just as reductive. How are the TERFS misogynists yet a man can throw on a skirt and suddenly that makes him "valid" enough to tell an actual woman what being a woman should be?

No. 1957432

File: 1705779885350.jpg (323.22 KB, 600x1309, Untitled-1.jpg)

need to make a new TIM bingo for all the "puppy" people these days

No. 1957434

Where could one purchase said stickers?

No. 1957453

File: 1705781176106.jpeg (374.51 KB, 1017x663, IMG_0163.jpeg)

oh GOD I remember the “puppygirls” from when I was on tumblr, these dudes are FREAKS somehow saying more unhinged and disgusting shit than even the average tranny kek.

No. 1957454

I know trannies make no sense, but how can you be a bi lesbian? It sounds like an oxymoron.

No. 1957459

I've got some from wildwomynworkshop (UK based) and also reduxx once, and if you can print your own, there are some templates online. and of course there is also KJK's website (apparently now called "let women speak"), but maybe some people don't wanna support her? It has a lot of stickers though.

No. 1957461

Just like the word woman, these tumblr fucks do not care about word’s actual meanings and force themselves into identities they do not belong to, and have the gall to then act like they have the right to redefine everything.

No. 1957464

File: 1705782489904.jpeg (420.14 KB, 750x1610, IMG_4142.jpeg)

it’s so ironic how trannies act more manly after deciding they’re women.

No. 1957465

It's been the latest huge schism in Tumble queerio politics. No one can explain it because it makes no sense. TIMs use it the most, so it has become impossible to criticize. In their desperation to cancel the term, TIFs invented a claim that TERFs coined it to ridicule women who date TIMs, but this only caused TIMs to double down and use it more to spite the fictitious TERFs who invented it. Just standard retardation.

No. 1957468

Op is a tif, looks like another het couple who trooned out together

No. 1957477

They can put the maximum amount of filters on their photos and wear as much makeup as they want, and you can always clock them as a man.

No. 1957479

No no no, you just don't get it, anon. It's about the 'fun' and 'easy' parts of being a woman, like makeup, pink, stuffed animals, being hit on by men, and magical girl anime.
Doing actual traditionally female labor isn't quite as glamorous. No one wants to schedule doctor appointments, keep a calendar, plan a grocery list, act as a therapist to the men in their lives, keep family happy during holiday seasons. Nevermind that women have been working full-time jobs while continuing to run households for the past several decades. Why not pick and choose from the female experience?

No. 1957496

I love when trannies remind me of how ugly and brutish men look LOL

No. 1957497

File: 1705790448634.jpeg (123.37 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_2899.jpeg)

How does being with these useless moids not trigger dysphoria for TIFs? How can you feel like a man when you’re literally this dudes bang maid? You have more in common with Lois Griffin than any man.

No. 1957504

scottish nonnas… is there any hope left?

No. 1957506

A dude skinwalking his wife, must be a day ending in y.

No. 1957510

This is like having a kid with cancer throw the first pitch at a baseball game
>>1957432 “it” needs to fix those stumpy ass nails.

No. 1957517

Why does he steal her flag tho??????

No. 1957523

File: 1705795186303.jpg (349 KB, 1080x1884, Screenshot_20240121_010137_New…)

The comments under the video…I'm wheezing.

No. 1957524

Trannie is seething because he can't police the internal thoughts of a woman. How very womanly of him!

No. 1957525

You never see them insulting or complaining about regular men. If men catcall or yell at them, they just take it as an ~affirming~ compliment and enjoyable part of the female experience.
But if women literally do their best to be nice and placating and befriend them, it's still not enough.

No. 1957527

>i thought we had progressed past 'dresses are for women and pants are for men'
trannies literally squeal about how wearing skirts make their dicks hard but ok

No. 1957529

File: 1705796693795.jpg (97.38 KB, 736x1104, 8dc5fecc3168045717f0e71e283a3f…)

Because Mary Weiss passed away I have been seeing pictures of the Shangri-Las and…

You're telling me these are her sisters and not her brothers? They literally look like the two men in drag in Some Like It Hot wtf(retard)

No. 1957530

File: 1705796774522.jpg (218.55 KB, 1082x1390, shangri-las-us-group-with-mary…)

More, I'm not cherry picking just do an image search for Shangri-Las and look at any image

No. 1957531

Look at the two of them dancing in the background I'm kekking

Actually a good idea since they could look out for their sister in the predatory 60s music/media industry but hilariously obvious in hindsight

No. 1957532

I think it's dumb to nitpick this. some women just have unfortunate jawlines. Look everywhere else and they're built like reg women

No. 1957533

There are women who look like this but not in the same family, how can their sister look like the main singer. That's not how hormones and genes work.
Look at any video or photo, it's glaringly obvious (but a good idea like I said)

No. 1957534

File: 1705798045223.jpg (41.8 KB, 529x621, shangrilas1966.jpg)

Kindly fuck off, nona. First of all, Marguerite and Mary Ann Ganser weren't related to Mary Weiss. What you consider ugly women are still women. And no, this isn't the same as when the tunnel troon speculations, not when there's decades of proof someone was a woman compared to some transracial weirdo doing dumb shit on the internet.

No. 1957536

dont engage, just report. Its probably a tranny.

No. 1957537

Ignore the retard

No. 1957538

It's fine, I'll take a derailing ban I just had to point out they weren't related.

No. 1957539

ah yes, the strict beauty standard of not having a cock and balls

No. 1957541

Stay being a sucker I guess, people in this thread claim you can "always tell" until someone mentions one of your precious celebrities kek

It's so obvious, like I had never seen a photo of them before and I could see it instantly.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1957544

File: 1705799057291.mp4 (1.78 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_732368742872677098…)

This troll has no right to call anybody ugly

No. 1957545

File: 1705799101483.mp4 (1.5 MB, 576x1024, d1b969b1b5a52e74325078ad065121…)


No. 1957547

their shoulders are still much smaller than yours, tranny

No. 1957549

Two gay men larping as lesbians. Just… why. So many people called him out for pressuring his bf into “transitioning” and he denies but it’s so obvious he encouraged him to get FFS. He’s gonna regret it so hard when their relationship ends.

No. 1957553

the gayer one seems fucking insane, very unsettling vibes. anyone know anything about him?

No. 1957562

File: 1705803772654.jpeg (Spoiler Image,409.48 KB, 1536x1890, IMG_3519.jpeg)

Old trannies are a special kind of horror. Seriously i am struggling to accept he is real. Is this ai? A larp? A glowie? Does e realize he’s like 80 years old? How the fuck does he still have a libido? Here’s his account it was kind of tricky to find if you want to see the mashing of a boomer humor and horrifying troon shit. https://m.facebook.com/CarmenPeterson63/about?nocollections=1&lst=100054527761031%3A100001831721013%3A1705803588&eav=AfYVJN-w1aHwLZwmZNbh2zdulMhHj9GmkfSK9_nySF4ll2xH1_Z8YeP21cNO6gwar5U&paipv=0

No. 1957563

I was able to clock sphere hunter after hearing him speak for like two seconds on a stream with some of the voice actresses from re8, the choice in username, makeup and his voice is enough to make him clockable kek

No. 1957565

File: 1705803979974.jpeg (225.37 KB, 642x798, IMG_3520.jpeg)

The only headline you’ll be in is the news after 41%

No. 1957567

clocked him instantly from his thumbnails

No. 1957570

this is I WANT TO BE NINJA tier cringe holy kek

No. 1957576

File: 1705804721887.jpg (149.53 KB, 719x1297, 1000009664.jpg)

not even milk, just stating I hate transbians

No. 1957577

clocked him solely from the name "suzi the sphere hunter"

No. 1957578

that blades of glory joke was a good one.

No. 1957589

He looks so smug at the end, like he really thought he did something there lol

Troons are so delusional about their appearances. I bet he thinks he passes too.

No. 1957605

I thought it was common knowledge, but he is also known as sue lightning and has done porn. Also Anthony cumia allegedly had sex with him.

No. 1957607

Looks like The Beetus took his toes, but not his smile

No. 1957612

Anthony Cumia allegedly brought his botched breast implants. Most scrotes tell on themselves, I cannot tell you how many times i've been in super anti-trans spaces and see these scrotes going
>yeah all troons are gross pedophiles, but hey, Sue/Blaire/Ella (The troon outted alledgely as a pedo) /some random trans pornstar) actually passes!"
They bring it up unprovoked. Thats literally how i know about this scrote, someone brought him up unprovoked as "One who passes".

No. 1957618

Jim Norton literally married a tranny and he is like cumias best friend.

No. 1957625

from Jim's Wiki-
>Norton is a supporter of prostitution and transgender people
yeah he's a huge coomer and isn't Anthony a pedo/woman beater? I vaguely remember a story of Jim talking about sucking a dudes dick. They both are disgusting moids. Of course his troon gf is a pornstar as well.

No. 1957650

wait, ella grant? is there somewhere i can read about this? i don’t recall him ever being talked about in the mtf threads

No. 1957659

No ella hollywood

No. 1957693

Why would wee hate that? Ana-chan gay man dating another gay man is the natural order of things.
>Ms. Andrist
Really sticking it to the guys by bragging about how much you love sucking their dicks, gj.

No. 1957737

I saw this message as a sticker stuck to the door of a toilet in my city centre that I was just about to use. Just when I thought I found the cleanest toilet, I just went and used another. r/it'safetish completely changed my perspective on this shit.

No. 1957749

File: 1705846615299.mp4 (Spoiler Image,9.12 MB, 1280x720, thisneverhappens.mp4)

NSFL Vidrel is a compilation of times when transvestites "just wanted to pee" in women's bathrooms. The women sharing these toilets didn't know anything bad was happening at the time, so it's totally fine! Their dicks are blurred but it's still horrifying and NSFW so be warned.
and here is much much more documented evidence: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1544830284838871045.html

No. 1957752

It probably is common knowledge I just don't pay attention to youtubers. I did go look at one of his vids finally though and the voice gives it away in half a second

No. 1957756

This is a big verified film account, that's considered an authority when it comes to accurate reporting on film and TV news (think Hollywood reporter, Deadline, but in Xitter form). It's supposed to be neutral and NOT editorialise. This is so irresponsible and annoying. Can someone please show me any reporting these days about Harry Potter that doesn't put a massive cavate/asterisk about how JK is a massive, nasty bigot that deserves to be removed from the annals of entertainment (and women's) history, because she states the fact that we are a sexually dimorphic species and that fact matters?

It gets even worse if you go to the tweet source. Its follow up tweets are about 'Trans law centre', completely going off it's film topic and has limited comments. This is the first time I've ever seen it do something like this.

Why is it this one topic where ''journalists'', will throw off their etiquette practice?

No. 1957766

File: 1705848244493.jpg (296.43 KB, 1080x1070, why.jpg)

They really think a straight man playing dress up struggles harder than a lesbian

No. 1957768

If he’s been on HRT for three years, she knew he was trooning out before getting pregnant. Who would willingly do this to themselves?

No. 1957769

That is just a whole ass man.

No. 1957779

This is some methhead shit.

No. 1957782

This is a GL artist this person is responding to right? Did she piss off the trannies?

No. 1957798

More on sexpat degen Rod Fleming, abusing kids and troons in Asia

No. 1957805

the guy who owns the account is a fucking furry so it's no big surprise he'd do this.

No. 1957806

File: 1705853741623.jpg (100.47 KB, 1242x685, GEAz9UtbAAALW2A.jpg)

I use to argue this on twitter and retards use to be like, DEH WOMEN DO THIS TOO, and when I'd ask for proof they went quiet.

No. 1957809

Ew, even with the censorship, so much nasty dick jiggling.

No. 1957810

I can get with a lot of what Helen Pluckrose says about wokeness, but then she says shit like this that shows she's a massive pick-me favoured by the right-wing. They completely miss the point, too.

No. 1957811

Yeah they've been harassing her about drawing butches with tit scars or mtfs and someone went digging through all her tweets to find 'proof' she's a terf. They're gonna end up chasing her off social media.

No. 1957815

File: 1705855191727.png (530.44 KB, 720x1280, vlcsnap-2024-01-21-16h41m11s41…)

That website is a very meticulously documented horror show, thank you for the link nonnie.

One of the freaks on there does videos wearing on of those full-body skin suits. Holy fucking shit.

No. 1957820

File: 1705855748011.jpg (214.48 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20240121_113508.jpg)

Yes. Someone went through her tweets and found some where she talks about how women and tims are different which she made because of a korean woman being sexually assualted by a tim

No. 1957822

holy shit i just went through her account and TRAs are fucking psychotic as usual. imagine forcing a woman to apologize about being assaulted. if pointing out sexual assault by trans wimmin is terfism… they tell on themselves every single fucking day.

No. 1957833

yes, lots of women fighting back. lots of groups and organisations

No. 1957847

Yesterday while I was waiting in line at the shops I saw a tranny
It was surreal as initially they were reaching behind the counter to get something so I only saw a few strands of hair above the bags and stuff on the checkout counter.
The hair was really frizzy, looked unbrushed, and was poorly dyed this light blue color (looked uneven and washed out).
I immediately thought about how bad troon hair always looks and wondered if it was a tranny, only to see that it was when they stood back up to reveal a man with long hair and makeup and wearing a tight women's cut shirt.
Not even a single strand of hair on their head reads "female". what a fools errand

No. 1957848

File: 1705860006894.jpeg (782.78 KB, 1170x1175, IMG_0175.jpeg)

Christ, the ones where you LITERALLY SEE the poor women in the background just trying to use the facilities.

No. 1957854

That's a natal woman? Christ, she's rough-looking. That combined with her retarded take made me think that she was a TiM.

No. 1957859

? She just looks like a regular fat woman

No. 1957865

Just makes me feel bad for whatever person is being paid minimum wage to clean those bathrooms. Painstakingly scrubbing this garbage off probably puts them behind schedule. I doubt that person is an ~evil TERF~. If it were normal for them to use women's bathrooms, they wouldn't feel the need to commemorate it with vandalism.

No. 1957899

I hope whoever has to clean that makes them hate trannies a tiny bit more.

No. 1957902

File: 1705868960499.jpg (19.06 KB, 390x294, 46b3746df3985df16a8cb1a68a3984…)

these ghouls need to be lined up and shot(alogging)

No. 1957907

Filming in restrooms is actually a crime in the US, and definitely against the store/company policy. If any of you nonnas ever experience this, and I pray none of us ever do, make a huge deal about it. Start yelling and pointing and calling for an employee, run out of the locker room screaming about how some sick freak is jacking off in the locker room and that you’re going to call the police. The company will 100% side with you because if it got out that they had sex pests for customers profits will tank.

No. 1957958

What's disturbing is that so many of these degenerate perverts get off on humiliation. We literally cannot win.

No. 1957976

Exactly. I’ve never walked into a bathroom to prove I belong there. I don’t think any other woman has. Why do they care about bathrooms so much? We get in and out as fast as possible. Maybe spend a minute or too fixing hair or on a girls night, but they seem to treat women’s bathrooms like some sacred chapel they can spend hours in

No. 1957978

This moid is in my women of Warcraft gaming group (I left because they allowed troons) BUT what makes them funnier is he’s married to the “she runs the McDonald’s like the navy” lady who actually was in the navy at one point

No. 1958005

Men have the elegance of a hippo propelling shit

No. 1958028

File: 1705883803389.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1986, BA82D665-29BA-4995-B008-0CBC8D…)


No. 1958035

“Proof of human freedom and progress”
As if more people aren’t killings themselves now than ever. If it is so free and liberating, why are their kind most likely to end up miserable? Ask them and they resort to the same victim mindset “outside influence mean bullies” kek

No. 1958041

File: 1705884826307.jpeg (492.5 KB, 750x2732, IMG_4199.jpeg)

trannies casually planning a civil war on reddit

No. 1958053

File: 1705885735905.jpg (215.63 KB, 720x1310, 1000009683.jpg)

yes. she's double downing on it but that hasn't stopped the hate. she shouldn't need to apologize for being objectively right

No. 1958055

File: 1705885833852.gif (1.62 MB, 400x305, beyonce.gif)

The audacity of this moid, eurgh.

No. 1958057

the fake ass translating when all they’re really doing is picking and choosing what parts of her sentence to make her look like a bad person

No. 1958058

File: 1705886159556.jpg (162.52 KB, 1125x1247, 1000009684.jpg)

in addition to this "cancelation", this was a tweet that was unironically said without a single critical thought

No. 1958062

Omfg a tranny rampage on the capital would be fucking gold. It would peak so many people, kek. I want this to happen so bad.

No. 1958065

File: 1705886410826.jpeg (58.59 KB, 320x463, IMG_3967.jpeg)

this lady? Noooo, I thought she was a butch lesbian and not an troon fucker

No. 1958069

>tims are considered wrong/deviant women
by who?? they are literally men, they're not a different type of woman like masculine women are

No. 1958080


He always refers to his wife as his "partner" and I vaguely recall him mentioning her being non-binary on one of his older/banned accounts. I'm 90% sure she's a TIF.

No. 1958087

>”going stealth is the safest option”
Is so angering knowing women can never “go stealth” and have to face harassment and discrimination unlike TiM’s who can just go “back” whenever convenient or feel threatened.

No. 1958099

Literally the definition of presentism.

No. 1958117

if she's apologizing then it's not called "doubling down". "doubling down" would mean she sticks by what she said and doesn't kneel to trannies (which I wish she'd do)
>comparing butch women to TIMs
I wanna alog so bad

No. 1958128

Most troons are on spiro? It's never advised for women on spiro to breastfeed or even get pregnant. Obgyns won't even give patients the pass to TTC until a few weeks after they stopped spiro nevermind breastfeeding. I don't see why troons who are on that and typically a plethora of other medications would get a pass to give a baby life long issues because not breastfeeding hurts their feelings

No. 1958151

>It's never advised for women on spiro to breastfeed or even get pregnant.
It's been well established at this point that the rules don't apply to trannies. These days, they'd let a heroin addict with AIDS breastfeed a baby if he were trans because they're terrified of being sued.

No. 1958154

There was an AIDS troon a couple threads ago who was moobfeeding

No. 1958179

Omg I went to high school with this guy. Dude was a freak even back then

No. 1958180

Can you post your experience with him on 2X? I'm interested to hear about him without this turning into a blogpost.

No. 1958190

File: 1705930980186.jpg (367.87 KB, 1080x1065, AndrewandWill.jpg)

Andrew Steele (a writer from SNL) transitioned and Will Ferrell made a movie about their relationship. A redditor pointed out that it's weird that "harper" is dressed like a child and a bunch of trannies jumped in to say that they dress like children because they never had a childhood and "this is how educated creative women dress". This dude never dressed "creatively" as a man. If he was a whimsical lil artist he would have worn something other than wrinkled suits at least once in his life.

No. 1958191

File: 1705931189463.jpg (825.93 KB, 1055x1716, Justsomeguy.jpg)

How Andrew Steele looks when not getting his rocks off dressed like a pedo

No. 1958194

File: 1705931471839.png (538.21 KB, 603x958, lmaowhat.png)

Fish tattoo instead of eyebrow? What?

No. 1958209

Larper more like

I watched the clip and Will jokes about mansplaining and talking over Andrew, as if Andrew has suddenly retroactively dealt with decades of sexism. But because he has adopted the word "woman" now everything under that applies, magically. They live in their fantasy liberal hollywood bubble and have no idea that basic things like being a woman actually MEAN something in the real world. Utter cancer.
Trooning out is the new mid life crisis for bored rich men. I guess new sports car or motorcycle is a tired cliche now? Instead it's all about dungarees, pigtail and she/her pronouns.

No. 1958214

File: 1705937550052.jpeg (762.58 KB, 750x4641, IMG_4222.jpeg)

he claims to have been doxxed by libs of tik tok, but i think he’s lying.

No. 1958218

File: 1705938626817.jpeg (373.71 KB, 1242x1382, 43C7D4BD-DC4C-498C-9210-B38A20…)

These fuckers ruin everything I hate them so much omg

No. 1958226

File: 1705941974672.bmp (137.87 KB, 196x240, xr0kl2b2.bmp)

The pain in her eyes

No. 1958233

alog material. I would freeze in horror if i had to rub elbows with an ogre transvestite in frills, these lolitas are masters of stoicism

No. 1958236

File: 1705944615484.png (490.73 KB, 1284x1314, IMG_0480.png)

Didn’t need the trans flag in the icon to know the person saying this was a scrote.

No. 1958252

Why is he dressed like Woody from Toy Story after raiding Bo Peeps wardrobe?

No. 1958260

Found the "former" incel.

No. 1958261

Poe's Law and all, but I think this might be a troll. Ticks too many boxes: being a drag queen, still having his beard, working at a school, indoctrinating kids at the school, etc. Part of that is also just me coping because I sincerely hope there isn't a school somewhere putting 20% of its students on the path to self-mutilation.

No. 1958262

>Roast beef supreme
Very original and clever. Can moids at least come up with another misogynistic degrading joke, please?

No. 1958263

I usually find troons funny and pathetic, but something about this one triggers my fight or flight response. I wouldn't be surprised if he was living with his mother's mummified corpse.

No. 1958268

File: 1705950282660.gif (63.42 KB, 220x166, snl-phil-hartman.gif)

>sassy mood
hehe no i'm not an old fashioned misogynist creep, i'm just saSsY!

No. 1958280

File: 1705952248158.png (310.86 KB, 589x442, spain trans laws.png)

Francisco Javier, the guy on the right, has legally changed his sex to female but has no plans to change his name or go on hormones, have surgery or even wear women's clothing. this is very much the logical conclusion of self-ID and unfortunately this guy is using it to his advantage by demanding access to female changing areas in the Army (apparently in Spanish laws all that's required is self-declaration and anyone who denies him access to these spaces can be fined) https://reduxx.info/spain-male-soldier-claims-he-is-being-discriminated-against-after-being-prevented-from-using-female-changing-rooms/

The TIM on the left, Elizabeth Duval, is accusing him of faking or abusing these laws, but only because it reflects badly on TRAs. But what he is doing is completely legal.

No. 1958285

clown world(sage your shit)

No. 1958286

Surely the brave and stunning transwomen who say this guy is faking are campaigning to change these laws to make them less vulnerable to exploitation, right? No?
>gatekeeping kills and nobody would pretend to be trans just to prey on women!
>except that guy tho he’s fake

Would they have had a problem with him if he grew his hair out a teensy bit or slapped a wig on? IIRC the Wi Spa flasher took no steps to transition but TRAs still mobilised en masse to defend his right to expose himself to naked girls. At this point they don't even care anymore if someone makes them look bad (don’t misgender Chris-chan!!), just when something pokes holes in the narrative. When a deranged fetishist runs around with his dick out they can say “well women can be mentally ill perverts too” but when a man who is 100% undeniably a completely regular bloke demands trans privileges it makes people think, and that’s a problem.

No. 1958288

Kek male retardation is just predictable and self serving. These dudes get to argue over being a woman, fulfilling their coom fetish in the process. Meanwhile the victims are the actual women that have to share the changing rooms with this ogre.

No. 1958316

File: 1705962708625.jpeg (122.97 KB, 1400x1050, Spider_Man_meme.jpeg)

No. 1958317

File: 1705963848716.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1586, markup_1000004226.png)

One of them is also a pedophile, who could've guessed?

No. 1958325

On twitter it’s acceptable to call troons ugly only if they’re pro-israel, noted

No. 1958330

Surely there must be a terrible, soulless shampoo or toothpaste company he could support instead of Starbucks. The real war crime here is his personal hygiene.

No. 1958335

To be fair, Starbuck probably paid for his troonsition. Apparently, his thinning greasy hair and crooked yellow teeth were not clear contender for a change.

No. 1958336

the one on the left is an actual gremlin

No. 1958340

File: 1705967633663.jpeg (710.42 KB, 2376x1902, 7533A1D6-E5C8-4CEE-84E2-ABBE34…)

These dudes constantly encouraging each other deeper into delululand

No. 1958341

File: 1705968136233.jpeg (417.32 KB, 1290x1668, IMG_4703.jpeg)

That’s for fucking sure.

No. 1958342

File: 1705968335451.jpeg (396.18 KB, 1290x1815, IMG_4701.jpeg)

…maybe the hormones are making them blind somehow? It’s literally the same guy with a different facial expression.

No. 1958343

bleak. even with the filter applied his moid chin makes him so easily clockable.

No. 1958350

File: 1705971009611.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1144, Screenshot_20240123-005104.png)

No. 1958360

I would never dream of taking autism away from them

No. 1958362

I still don’t understand how they can take photos like this and think they look good. The level of delusion is almost admirable

No. 1958364

It's interesting in a way because it helps to conceptualize just how far bodily dysmorphia and faceblindness can go. I had no idea how wild it could get until I started going on these threads.

No. 1958371

Yep, at least his disgusting fetish was useful to improve something of his shitty life…(sage your shit)

No. 1958382

but I thought by TRA logic anyone who says they're a woman is a woman?

No. 1958386

Actually, the logic is that TRAs get to decide who the True and Honest trannies are when it's convenient for them and everyone else just has to shut up and agree or be called bigots.

No. 1958391

File: 1705980041332.jpg (572.21 KB, 720x1544, 1000009699.jpg)

being a troon really is a magical get out of free card

No. 1958394

I've seen this photo like 70 times today

No. 1958398

I hope he's not married

No. 1958401

File: 1705981950688.png (1.91 MB, 1237x928, km.png)

He still looks terrible.

No. 1958402

File: 1705982096172.png (2.16 MB, 2040x1058, canadian schools.png)

Thank goodness I don't have any kids rn.

No. 1958404

File: 1705982224672.png (332.43 KB, 748x630, dumb.png)

No. 1958406

File: 1705982365401.mp4 (2.86 MB, die.mp4)

>cheating on wife with cancer
>couldn't even be in the room while she was passing away to comfort her
>came out as a tranny right after

No. 1958411

next threadpic pls

No. 1958413

this makes me feel so much rage. peak male entitlement. it’s not only about sex, and even if it was, trying to “teach” women about how you can have totes really and awesome PIV LESBIAN SEX. the fact that they can’t comprehend WHY “AFAB only” spaces exist and want to abolish them seems really bleak to me. I really really really hope this mindset doesn’t gain much traction

No. 1958416

like it's ~actually~ her or she just looks like her? hope shes not a spicy straight

No. 1958431

File: 1705988315064.png (714.19 KB, 1080x1329, piBbq5v.png)

This has to be peak shitlib.

No. 1958444

File: 1705990098164.jpeg (1002.67 KB, 1180x1445, IMG_7461.jpeg)

In a stunning turn of events, TIM steals OP’s man after getting involved in her poly disaster.

Read for context.

No. 1958447

so many words trying to humiliate and shame women and yet he still won't get laid by them

No. 1958456

He looks like Harpo Marx

No. 1958483

File: 1706007881719.jpg (303.97 KB, 1169x1307, nbs.JPG)

>the slow factory
slow as in retarded, i assume
this is awful and i saw gendies in the comments saying that TERFs are getting more angry at the wording than the content when they're the ones projecting this bullshit onto women who have much more to worry about than fashion and pronouns. as if our whole thing isn't women's sex-based rights (obviously including menstruation).
this shit is even worse than when i saw picrel.

No. 1958487

>mother told him to stop stealing her bras and he refused
>preferred to observe and emulate women than empathise and have relationships with them
>refers to his wife as a constraint
because he cannot indulge in his fetish wit her around
>feigns a small amount of grief but then immediately talks about how relieved he is she died so he can wear frilly bras again
>"I want to be in the public eye as soon as possible"
>daughter found his fake breasts at the age of 14
he thinks this is a cute lil anecdote
who is this self-obsessed sociopath, nona? also die.mp4 made me lol

No. 1958493

(I thought this was the polyamory thread, wrong tab but I guess this is an example of how down bad tranny handmaidens are)
After finding out he’s a chaser, she worked for a whole year to pair them up? Self esteem underground but she’s also in a bad way in general. Sounds like unconscious self harm but luckily enlightenment via crab bucketing.

Even the way she writes about their flirting and dating is in this lofty, self deprecating tone, probably due to some ingrained need to praise TIMs for girl-ing but it alsooo makes the post sound really fake and like a tranny’s fantasy, plus it doesn’t really scream “princess” but idk.

At least it’s opened her eyes to whats she wants and what not to tolerate anymore—from someone else hopefully, as this whole setup is doo-doo and the guy turned out to be lovebombing the tranny for sex before his usual act:
https://old.reddit.com/r/polyamory/comments/19cuz5a/introducing_my_lover_and_my_bestie_resulted_in/kj1uyos/(wrong thread)

No. 1958499

The catholic church one is like double indoctrination kek

No. 1958501

>>1958493 is a reply to >>1958444 (also is there a char limit or something?)
Summary because the whole thread’s not worth the story:
>“poly” woman is miserable with no self esteem in general.
>identifies as “low maintenance”, get’s shitty married poly for a (fwb) “boyfriend”.
>boyfriend never has time for her and basically meets up once a month for sex.
>bf is a chaser and requests threesome upon hearing OP knows a tranny/friend is starting to transition.
>handmaiden OP plays matchmaker/pimp between the two for a whole year.
>OP tells bf to treat tranny well as it’s his first relationship with another man.
>OP expects same relationship she has with bf
>bf lovebombs tranny for 3 months
>OP writes odd praise of tranny friend’s flirting and idk sexting skills? Bc libfem/TIM.
>envies seeing bf actually be nice for once.
>”deals with it” bc poly?
>realises she doesn’t like his scraps and is unimpressed by bf’s new “better treatment” towards her as well.
>lovebombing ends on the way home from brokeback mountain.
>both op and tim now fwb poly m/sisterwives BUT tranny also does online dating, whereas OP loves garbage bf and wants proper monogamy.
>OP has Reddit epiphany and assumedly leaves the whole mess for better

No. 1958524

"Master has given Dobby a venti iced latte!"

No. 1958527

I feel like this is tranfiction.

No. 1958533

wth…is that a relative of the guy from Who's Line is it Anyway trooning out?

No. 1958535

File: 1706021797022.png (284.75 KB, 454x335, colin.png)

holy shit i didn't even look at the guy until you mentioned Whose Line Is It Anyway. That's Colin Mochrie's son…. He trooned out in 2017 apparently. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4137578/Colin-Mochrie-opens-transgender-daughter.html

No. 1958538

funny bc the tour is called NXXT not NXYT, males are so defective

No. 1958541

They really think the citizens in those countries follow the gender voodoo like we do here in the states?

No. 1958542

Couldn't handle having a famous daddy who would always outshine him and get more attention

No. 1958543

Sorry nonnie I don't have a name but I can give you thread I found the video on. https://twitter.com/Jonnywsbell/status/1749480861618081807

>also die.mp4 made me lol

I'm happy my disdain for this tranny came across clearly

No. 1958544

what really gets me is how these people look at a situation like this - where the women in a warzone, regardless of their personality or fashion sense - are at a disadvantage because of their sex. then they have the nerve to say feminists who fight for sex-based rights are "white feminism" when they don't even consider menstruation a worldwide WOMEN's issue. By their own logic this isn't a feminist issue (they will call it a reproductive issue) because men can have periods too. Completely ignoring the fact that no woman in Gaza cannot identify her way out of those struggles. And no man can claim the same experience.
These people simply completely out of touch with the real world. And yet many of them get to dictate how so much of society functions. I'm so fed up.

No. 1958547

File: 1706024326283.png (171.67 KB, 482x441, clark.png)

thanks, found him. He's "Stefanie" Clark. of course he is on a lot of boards, and has been CEOs of various things. Looks like he worked in finance all his life and now he is, as his profession, a "Renaissance Woman, Activist and Storyteller" . He also describes himself as two-spirited. narcs are so predictable.

No. 1958549

File: 1706024930918.png (380.33 KB, 1080x2151, Screenshot_20240123-094708~2.p…)

how could someone see this and have any reaction other than total revulsion and rage ? instead, this evil freak is celebrated. iwillnotalog iwillnotalog iwillnot….

No. 1958552

File: 1706025321488.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20240123-095613~2.p…)

No. 1958556

>hows that for a lark?
hows that for a larp
fucking hell literally the day after she died

No. 1958559

Every time I read this thread I just peak over and over and over. These are the narcissistic wastes of skin we women are supposed to support and ally with? Fuck that shit. I'm so sick of this.

No. 1958562

How long did my wife have cancer? 2 years? Or was it 3? Yeah my dead wife had 2 or 3 years of cancer, who could remember such insignificant details, look at my dress

No. 1958565

terrifying to think you could marry a man and he could be paying a woman to make him crossdress only for him to wear your skin after leaving you alone to die from cancer and talk about the relief he felt from your death
oh it gets worse, he has poor children
oh god his youngest daughter found his fake breasts when she was fourteen that poor kid what the fuck

No. 1958572

I just hope that these organisations don’t make their aid contingent on the recipients’ conversion to the gender religion, like old school missionaries did. Will they still provide care to women in Gaza who refuse to disrobe in front of a TIM? These organisations have always attracted predatory men who extort sex from the girls and women they’re supposed to be helping and I have no doubt that some of these men are more than happy to troon out for even more access and plausible deniability.

No. 1958579

File: 1706035868119.png (119.17 KB, 805x914, Screenshot 2024-01-23 185003.p…)

self esteem must be but a myth for OP

No. 1958582

Didn't feel like listening to the whole thing but did he fucking troon out to his mourning kids and family? fucking psychotic

No. 1958583

is dessert disguised as coffee really the best option when your teeth are quite literally going grey from rotting? kek


No. 1958602

File: 1706041337731.jpg (508.8 KB, 1080x980, Picsart_24-01-23_12-15-14-918.…)

Actually, history will say that you were men.

No. 1958603

File: 1706041938256.jpg (1.78 MB, 2000x1270, Little_Britain.jpg)

No. 1958605

kek you just beat me to it

No. 1958607

God, imagine having xe/xem/xirs pronouns at fucking 30…

No. 1958610

>Tumblr quote
Seems like he's trying to skinwalk fakebois.

No. 1958613

'Bean' is also Irish for 'woman' (pronounced "ban" like banshee) not saying that's what they're going for but I hate when TIMs use the smoll bean shit even more so, for that reason.
>You will never be a bean!

No. 1958647

Idk the clown looks like a female thembie to me, especially with the neopronouns. Some people genuinely need hobbies.

No. 1958656

File: 1706051257740.jpeg (684.19 KB, 828x1352, IMG_7798.jpeg)

There isn’t much milk to this post but goddamn, I can’t even look for hair advice without stumbling across troons. I feel like every subreddit centered around women has to have a bunch of these guys invading it.

No. 1958674

>another tranny taking over a position that should have went to a woman
every single time

No. 1958682

They look better tho.

No. 1958684

File: 1706053974277.png (244.25 KB, 731x811, fashion model my arse.png)

He was too busy with his fetish to remember something so insignificant to him. He was waiting for her to die.

Yeah, >>1958552

No. 1958692

He's going to get the exact same level of male pattern baldness as his dad and it's going to look absolutely hilarious with those little orphan Annie tufts sticking out to the sides. Like a fledgling bird.

No. 1958702

I swear I watched this episode of the simpsons the other day

No. 1958736

This is gonna be unpopular but these were most likely put up by students not teachers. I feel like schools keep getting unfairly blamed for what the gendie students do.

No. 1958751

File: 1706065255092.jpeg (391.22 KB, 750x1576, IMG_4382.jpeg)

too late, groomer, your shitty posts and ugly picture are all archived.

No. 1958757

I'd love to believe you, when you were in school, were students allowed to simply post whatever they wanted up? Schools are typically not that permissive, but times may have changed. I'm old

No. 1958766

his torso is so long jesus

No. 1958772

You can't just post anything on the walls willy nilly without permission from the staff/teachers.

No. 1958775


Same here. Full peak happened when I ended up getting banned from CTH in 2018 for "being a terf" because I had the audacity to say that children shouldn't be put on hormone therapy.

No. 1958787

this guy is the only reason I know people fetishize Ashley from RE4

No. 1958818

Sure, but good luck being the Canadian teacher who says "no" to the high school GSA posting ~affirming~ stuff on the wall. When I was in high school, some retards in my GSA put up Assigned Male comics in various places. Teachers are very permissive with this kind of thing.

No. 1958826

File: 1706092603163.jpeg (205.5 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_1124.jpeg)


This edit is good, but you need to change the band tee. Against Me is known for its tranny singer. Pic is the actual cover of his book.

No. 1958829

File: 1706094906184.png (343.84 KB, 536x549, tom gabel.png)

nta but just looked him up as this band was never really on my radar. him and his wife seem like serious cows, holy shit. he got FFS but kept his dick and adam's apple.
>"Right around the time Heather (his ex wife) got pregnant, in February 2009, the feelings “started coming back really strong.” For about a year, he vowed not to act on them, to make sure it wasn’t some passing thing. But then in 2010, around when Against Me! got dropped from their label, the feelings became unavoidable. He started taking weeklong writing trips by himself, checking into hotels dressed as a woman."
she was right to leave him
>now he's married to Paris Campbell who describes herself as "bi-gender"

No. 1958833

File: 1706096704890.png (468.23 KB, 656x541, pisstroon.png)

Presumable troon talks about his experience of sampling 'about half a dozen' people's piss.

No. 1958837

He looks like a foot.

No. 1958840

here is the full video in all its horror. wearing a diaper, pigtails and proudly talking about piss in a middle class British accent.

No. 1958847

I really don’t think so. There are enough millenial and elder zoomer teachers out there who are still very into gender ideology.

No. 1958849

I mean..its a troon they inject horse piss already,and those pigtails…totally not a fetish noo…something tells me this moid likes lolicon for sure

No. 1958862


Oh my god I know this creep. https://twitter.com/jenetaltorture

Posts horrific kink content and also has some really disgusting fetish content posted on the the sex blog Girl On The Net (I used to read her stuff because we had mutual friends) under the name Jenby. An absolutely disgusting degenerate and yes, troon.(newfaggotry)

No. 1958866

File: 1706104162249.png (403.07 KB, 747x485, Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 13-50…)

Thank nonnie! I saw the clip on a reaction video and didn't want to track down the original video. I hadn't realised it was a diaper, ugh.
Just the username… good lord. And he thinks these are his best pics to advertise his account with? Kek.

No. 1958868

File: 1706104304286.png (1016.06 KB, 727x1048, Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 13-52…)

One of his most recent tweets. After that the tweets go into what children's shows developed kinks and got you into 'little space'. So I'm gunna call it a day there lol.

No. 1958872

File: 1706104664344.jpeg (24.87 KB, 241x275, 1688893469853.jpeg)

>adult baby SWers

No. 1958873

File: 1706104894524.jpeg (575.99 KB, 1170x1147, IMG_2415.jpeg)

Idgaf about miss universe but why do fags love to invade woman spaces so much? I'm speechless nonas. He's a candidate but he stole that oportunity from a woman.

No. 1958874

If he were a bio woman, they would call her mid

No. 1958876

I second this nona's response >>1958872
absolutely vile

No. 1958879

File: 1706107377333.png (179.92 KB, 296x312, cordero.png)

he reminds me a bit of AJ Clementine. Just an effeminate gay man with inflated fish lips.

IMO they can have Miss Universe. Let these contests become the mockery they deserve to be. And let performative femininity become a thing for transvestites whilst women chill in their natural form. Miss Universe is already going bankrupt so I think more transvestites should enter and push it over the edge. Good riddance!

No. 1958881

this is sad and brainwashing, San Felipe and all of the V region it's known for their very high and gruesome rate of feminicides and hate crimes against lesbians. but look how progressive they are, having an ugly tranny in a contest, problem solved

No. 1958883

How can you listen to this and not hear him blatantly describing a fetish. "Most gratifying time in my life" is when he paid a dominatrix to sissify him… come on. Not even going into how he mentioned he was married at that point. His wife isn't described at all besides "she was reluctant to move with me but then eventually agreed" and then he moves on to mention the first thing he did when he arrived in NYC is to hire a prostitute

Couldn't have his wife's death take attention away from him for a nanosecond

No. 1958888

This. OP is valid for feeling like they took something but there’s something so funny about it becoming literally mostly trannies. It’s just a beauty competition sold as something better (and it’s probably all men/trannies view it as) so let them feel like the prettiest girl in the world, live a year off the adrenaline, and then 41% when they fall off relevancy for the newest, hotter tranny pander. Feel the same thing women do lol.

No. 1958891

File: 1706109178966.jpg (261.39 KB, 1080x1440, Thomas_Middleditch.jpg)

Thomas Middleditch plus greasy pigtails does not a woman make.
Fuck Twitter and Reddit for their relentless campaign to make kink shaming bad, actually. This is how we've ended up with AGPs dressed as little girls publicly posting how they get hard from drinking piss. I fucking hate this shit.

No. 1958893

Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.

No. 1958898

File: 1706109961597.jpg (138.34 KB, 1170x1120, 20240124_162712.jpg)

lol(lacks context. post the cow)

No. 1958900

Am I misreading this, or is he really saying "we wuz the real women and they stole it from us"?

No. 1958901

So another tranny that "realized" he was a tranny when his wife was expecting? And he left her at home with a new baby while he was out cross dressing for weeks at a time?

No. 1958903

I've never heard of this dude but it's yet another example of pregnancy/childbirth bringing on these thoughts. Are there any good theories floating around as to why this is a thing? Sorry farmhand in advance if this is too general of a question.(discussed a million times before. lurk more)

No. 1958905

File: 1706112049642.jpeg (186.7 KB, 1000x563, 1699646470224.jpeg)

P.sure 'don't kink shame!' once again came from Tumblr. Could be wrong though! And in Tumblr's defence (lol) I don't think they ever envisioned it applying to baby fetishisers.
There's actually multiple troons in the finals this time around, nonnie. But the tranny Miss Universe owner declared bankruptcy, so it's not all bad.

No. 1958910

File: 1706114364732.png (237.14 KB, 490x256, waller.png)

every day the thing that never happens, happens
>worked as a disability carer
>previously caught for watching child porn
>previously caught by vigilante pedophile hunters
>arrested for serious child sex offences
>continuously tries to message young girls
>now identifies as a woman

No. 1958911

Every pedo and abuser will now start identifying as a woman to get a lenient sentence. Member' when before the tranny craze, people said this wasn't going to happen?

No. 1958951

>he is going to
he already has it nona. zoom in

No. 1958966

File: 1706127591402.jpg (233.82 KB, 720x544, ericidle.jpg)

He looks exactly like Eric Idle in drag, holy shit

No. 1958975

File: 1706129171461.jpeg (4.54 KB, 318x159, download (5).jpeg)

my first thought was "wtf happened to Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle?"

No. 1958997

File: 1706133248437.jpg (13.67 KB, 250x187, Wallace_and_gromit.jpg)

No. 1959000

So the feelings arose first when his wife got pregnant and then again once he got dropped by his label, it's like he's admitting he resorted to troon shit because of events in his life that prevented him from feeling like the center of attention. Very telling.

No. 1959004

File: 1706134240508.jpg (392.85 KB, 1080x1254, Screenshot_20240124_231114_Chr…)

>People out of my trannie hugbox don't cuddle me! What?? Shocked Pikachu face

No. 1959005

File: 1706134440098.jpg (58.26 KB, 1046x360, Screenshot_20240124_231333_Chr…)

In the same thread. Tell me you're a scrote without saying it

No. 1959006

the world is healing.

No. 1959009

Just 3-4 years ago, I was on the pro-trans side. I believed in so much utter billshit, and I assume most of us were in a similar boat. I was perfectly okay with them living their lives, especially since they had the entire media and academia supporting them. Therefore, there was no sort of "terf propaganda" that made me realize how ridiculous it all was. It was troons own active degeneracy that opened my eyes and made it impossible to ignore(blog)

No. 1959011

I think this is the most common way for people to peak, it's like a law of nature that eventually any given troon will annoy anyone around them so much that they become terfs

No. 1959018

File: 1706137077468.mp4 (18.56 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_732439328037907997…)

not our problem

No. 1959025

You can tell off of this picture alone that he got his nose done in Turkey by that doctor who does “Barbie” nose jobs. That surgeon really needs to have his license taken away.

No. 1959029

I like how every time a TIM gets a comment he doesn't like from a man it's somehow women's fault.

No. 1959036

>crying over a comment like that vs what any woman on the internet gets called much worse by men and trannies alike

No. 1959044

File: 1706140763218.png (635.11 KB, 623x704, hannibal.png)

so he thinks men being dicks to other men is the same as misogyny? and that women should be defending him when he thinks our lived reality is something he can just wear? amazing that this is an interaction between two men - one who is porn sick and is projecting his ideas of what a woman should be onto another man and the other so clueless about women that he thinks he can actually become one - and yet he thinks it should have any bearing on women lol. "not our problem" is right.
>one of the reasons it makes us a woman
you have to be a woman to experience what it's like to be a woman. tired of these retarded men.

No. 1959048

File: 1706141603103.png (1.03 MB, 661x1320, -99-Chihoyo-s-TownHouse-on-Tum…)

Don't know if this was posted before, but trannies trying to claim historical figures again, and a really degenerate one at that. (1/2)

No. 1959049

File: 1706141727321.png (928.7 KB, 659x4364, -99-Chihoyo-s-TownHouse-on-Tum…)

Getting his shit kicked in by terfs in the notes (2/2)

No. 1959050

Yes it's been discussed in previous recent threads.
The last comment really destroyed the dude kek.

No. 1959051

kek i love how his hair is suddenly long in the comic, because woman = long hair.
this was discussed last year >>>/snow/1932323 but it was an interesting discussion because it turns out that most likely:
>all the accounts are false or inaccurate
>even if all those accounts were accurate it paints the most unflattering image of a TIM
in some ways, they got it spot on because the perfect representation of a TIM is a of a mentally unhinged rapey coomer who hates women. these are the notes they're going from, and they relate to him.

No. 1959055

shiiiiit burned the fuck out

No. 1959059

It made me think in this video. Imagine using Women History Month to draw a TIM that called himself "a woman" and not think there wouldn't be a backlash. No, the artist didn't apology and only said a "be kind".

No. 1959061

good. trannies are monsters.

No. 1959063

File: 1706144648676.mp4 (16.69 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_722782100038833284…)

tired of these ugly ass men thinking they're oppressed like women/lesbians.

No. 1959064

File: 1706144937314.png (1.58 MB, 2754x1934, 195345.png)

the original autogynephil with a plethora of other kinks. reading his wiki page is fucking dark, but interesting in that it so closely aligns with today's sexually deviant troons.

No. 1959066

these white males are the troon equivalents of Rachel Dolezal (the white-as-a-toilet lady who pretended to be black) – if black people had the right to call her out on her skinwalking bullshit, women have the right to call troonies out on theirs.

No. 1959070

File: 1706146336287.jpg (110.55 KB, 1080x1193, GEnX7JEXQAAnINm.jpg)

No. 1959072


Their heads are so far up their own asses they don't even think about how fucking retarded they sound. So what is womanhood then, troon? Wearing glasses with flowers and having shoulder length hair??
They equate being a woman to playing dress up and being fetishized like we're just dolls/objects and try to gaslight us into thinking we're the misogynists. Can't take the fucking moid out of the troon.

No. 1959099

I don't want to derail this thread with historyfagging but the claims about Elagabalus LARPing as a woman were part of a smear campaign. It was common to portray publicly disliked rulers as having effeminate traits and Elagabalus was the extreme example of that. He was widely hated because he was a vocal monotheist. Most of what we know of his life came from a book that is known to be heavily fictionalized and exaggerated. At most he was gay or bisexual and the Romans really ran with the accusations.

No. 1959107

File: 1706156781016.jpeg (646.56 KB, 2224x1326, C023D0B1-4DB2-4455-89B3-F174EE…)

Many such cases

No. 1959108

Kek at his heavy breathing at the end, he really thinks this was suuuch an own. In reality, he should probably reflect on why he parses "women have vaginas" as "women are walking pussies," but that'd require too much introspection I suppose.

No. 1959123

If he knew she didn't want him to become a tranny, why didn't he just break up with her?

No. 1959130

I hope she divorces him, and that her kid never knows him as its father, let alone as its "mother".

No. 1959135

Hope she aborts that thang asap

No. 1959143

Tbh why didn't she break up with him too? And why did she get married, then pregnant by this degenerate after he told her about his mental illness beforehand and apparently has tried to "transition" a couple times already while with her. It doesn't make sense to me why she stayed if she was against it and now she's putting a baby at risk with this sick and twisted moid as a "parent"

No. 1959144

I don't understand why neither of them decided to break it off those three years ago. Her, because she could never accept it, and him, because muh transphobia. It wasn't as if he were hiding it from her and decided to tell her as soon as she became pregnant.

No. 1959147

Checked his profile, he claims to have been trafficked. Some users have questioned this and gotten blocked over it. I'm suspicious of how he'd bring that up just to make certain points ('i'm not a victim like those weak people' 'let's not cancel rapists'). Like this is a pedophilic man who wants to look like a little anime girl, you can't ignore the possibility it's another sick LARP or a way to access testimonies to get off. Just when i thought it couldn't get worse than 'pedophile libertarian troon gun fanatic'

No. 1959150

He's baby trapped her and started transitioning as soon as she got pregnant. That's not her fault, why are y'all so quick to blame her and not him? He says he attempted to transition twice - who knows if he actually told her? It's not hard to believe a guy who transitions the second his wife got pregnant had been crossdressing or using horse piss or whatever the fuck DIY transitioning means, behind her back. He resented her for three years for not but chose to get her pregnant and chose to ditch her for his fetish the second he did.

No. 1959152

nah there's no way she didn't have any clue about what was up with him for those 3 years after he first initially told her. It's true that troons love to baby and marriage trap women, but in this particular case it didn't come out of the blue after she was pregnant, he told her well before and had been dabbling in his fetish for those 3 years. she can't have been completely in the dark. and she's an adult, and it IS selfish of her to have a baby by this seriously sick degerante that is a psychological and physical danger to a child. for whatever reason she did. maybe she's been ignoring it because she desperately doesn't want it to be true about him. but she knew. and no one's blaming just her, everyone here abhors troons behavior. but in this case the fact is she knew what he was like and what could potentially lie ahead which is up to her if she decides to stay and its just her well-being on the line but she selfishly chose to have a baby with the freak

No. 1959154

He even says in the post he's "always keeping her informed" of his "diy" exploits. You can't say she didn't know

No. 1959159

That's only his side of the story. He might be lying or exa