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File: 1551241095008.png (1.07 MB, 2700x1520, 1543976662713.png)

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All threads posted here must revolve around some sort of literature, music, game, film, show, or image topic. e.g “pictures of cute animals”.
Please read https://lolcow.farm/rules

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##spoilered text## => spoilered text

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K-idol spam threads to be merged at the next bump limit

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Any race related posts or discussion is prohibited per global rule 7.
Repeat offenders are subject to a permanent ban from /m/.

File: 1585399976378.png (228.57 KB, 600x600, 16952_SYy5wTJU.png)

No. 80879[Reply]

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No. 98094

File: 1593835920222.png (218.16 KB, 600x600, 257699_xjFEPMRX.png)


couldn't help but make my husbando

No. 98100

File: 1593840163885.png (304.22 KB, 600x600, download20200705222155.png)

No. 98104

File: 1593854217467.png (352.26 KB, 600x600, 32223_uecrwx6Y.png)

No. 98119

File: 1593878916523.png (402.35 KB, 600x600, download20200706120822.png)

I'm in love

No. 98134

File: 1593889418884.jpg (409.57 KB, 600x600, 2sIBTch.jpg)


>Tfw no qt pastel goth bf

Why live?

File: 1593469146105.jpg (493.04 KB, 1818x1750, 72356466.jpg)

No. 97601[Reply]

Post images, playlists, media etc with this general vibe/theme!

Maybe you're content, maybe not.
Maybe you're just idling away.
Time passes, you're not in a hurry.
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No. 97966

File: 1593729401365.png (1.71 MB, 1900x1070, 1571009405265.png)


No. 97979

File: 1593739673305.jpg (233.11 KB, 970x1417, ambition_10rdc_by_pascalcampio…)

comfy cat /10

No. 98010

The Ghost in the Shell soundtrack is perfect for this theme

No. 98128

File: 1593882449594.jpeg (196.05 KB, 1201x741, FCBD0024-ED87-4821-AD24-469725…)

No. 98132

File: 1593887874291.jpg (328.92 KB, 1080x1080, 70692292_825987567854330_44599…)

File: 1590682640678.png (569.84 KB, 1080x1081, 1590368197112.png)

No. 93235[Reply]

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No. 98117

File: 1593877632877.png (1.06 MB, 1072x1253, Screenshot_20200704-113527~2.p…)

I got this as a sponsored post.

No. 98122

You are aware there's more than 3 same people speaking in this thread, right?

No. 98123

Lets commission her to draw lolcow-tan

No. 98131

Her art style isn't terrible but the Dumbo ears ruin it

No. 98133

File: 1593888366490.png (1.74 MB, 945x1234, daxofjx-e25eeb62-7fd4-4f6f-8c9…)

Anyone remember supersachiko from DeviantArt? She never improved and always hated getting criticism. This is so ugly when compared to the anime character she referenced…

File: 1480241306979.jpg (262.41 KB, 1240x775, books.jpg)

No. 8561[Reply]

Book thread - recommend books, share what you're reading or what you're planning to read

No weeb mango shit, but books about Japan okay
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No. 98106

It's children's ficton, but what do you anons think of Jacqueline Wilson. Personally loved her as a kid.

No. 98108

I also loved her as a kid!! Read Suitcase Kid, The Double Act, The Illustrated Mom, Lola Rose, Girls in Love, the Tracy Beaker books, Best Friends and Love Lessons. Loved that she tackled serious subject like dysfunctional families and mental illness with empathy and humour. Funny btw, I was literally about to post about fav childhood books when I saw your post

No. 98114

Love her to pieces! I've read most of her books. Honestly they are so well written and were so relatable. I love her type of heroine - a smart social outcast with a passion. Recently I felt like rereading some of her books, they are so comforting.
It makes me sad that nowadays she would get canceled for her books not featuring PoCs and LGBT kids (well, she tackled homophobia pretty well in the Kiss, but the guy was 'only' bi lmfao). She portrayed the lives of troubled children so well and didn't talk down to her readers.

No. 98118

Any recommendations for wholesome romance novels or novels with sweet romance subplots?
Haven't read much of the genre, only some Austen and Brontë but had a hard time getting immersed in the feelings because the writing was too antiquated for me as an ESL.

No. 98126

I used to love Jaqueline Wilson as a kid! Read basically everything she put out. Her characters are great. I even read all the Hetty Feather books even though I was too old for them but who cares.

File: 1589437106588.jpg (89.27 KB, 1000x600, acthrd.jpg)

No. 88648[Reply]

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No. 98098

File: 1593838909496.jpg (93.16 KB, 1176x783, come back, redd.jpg)

The furry dataminer on Twitter found that the update patch changed NPC visitor priority, for the better I'd say. Now Saharah, Kicks and Leif are no longer guaranteed weekly visitors to up the chance of someone more interesting/useful showing up.

idk what I'm going to do with the time I spent cursing Kicks and his inventory that rarely rotated.

No. 98107

Anyone know if it’s worth saving scallops for pascal or if I don’t get the encounter should I just sell them?

No. 98111

So far it seems like he only appears once a day, and that it's triggered by you catching a scallop. So he'll only appear right after you catching a scallop, if he doesn't then just sell the extra ones.

No. 98125

What do you think is the ideal number of villagers to have on an island? I know that you can have a maximum of 10 villagers and that you need 8 for a three star island, but just out of curiosity- how many villagers do you think is the golden number for an island? I have nine right now and I already feel like it’s a bit much, but I’ve heard other AC players complain about the ten-villager maximum and even wish that they could have more!

No. 98129

To be honest purely because of the personalities being less varied, I would probably be happy with just one of each type (so 8 I guess). For this game I’m basically just picking villagers by the ones I liked the most from previous games or the ones I like aesthetically

File: 1563128182008.jpg (51.01 KB, 1024x576, 075.jpg)

No. 40244[Reply]

Not to be confused with anti anime.
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No. 96452

There are plenty of shy female characters who are a lot better written, anon.

No. 96522

so fucking what? doesn't mean op can't have a soft spot for Hinata.

No. 98018

File: 1593777646870.gif (966.86 KB, 270x216, tumblr_me3mjpYsc91qc1ee2540.gi…)

Since I saw someone in this thread praise Rose of Versailles, did anyone else find it extremely disturbing that Andre flat out attempted to rape Oscar and she still fell in love with him? Nobody seems to talk about it but it ruined the entire series for me and kind of soiled Oscar's character. And no, I don't ship her with Rosalie.

No. 98121

As someone who was never invested in the Oscar & Andre couple it didn't soil the show for me. I see it as kind of being the point that the characters (all except for Oscar) live within their own morality and rarely give thought to how their morals affect others. It's divine law that the nobility can spend as much as they want, that Oscar can't be Andre's beloved without being subservient to him (hence he snaps), etc. Oscar doesn't hold it against Andre as she doesn't hold the nobility's actions against them, as she was born and raised in the system that fostered their beliefs.

No. 98127

Tbh I didn't mind it when I read the manga. Could be related to what anon said >>98121 but IMO it doesn't have to do with the historical setting but with the fact the author is Japanese and the 'your love is so strong you can't control yourself' trope is a common thing in anime, I'd even say it's something cultural. If you watch closely you'll identify this shit in every shoujo and yaoi out there.

File: 1568295735914.png (50.32 KB, 316x316, 233FA1A7-E9A4-4270-98E8-1E4828…)

No. 49285[Reply]

Need to rant/rave about a webtoon?

What are you reading at the moment?
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No. 97946

File: 1593721966385.jpg (37 KB, 500x500, yuna.jpg)

Park Yoona has also been cast as Sujin (the mean girl) in the TB drama

Probably with (ironically) more makeup. I wouldn't be surprised if they took out the part where she's ugly and instead made it so she's just plain without makeup.

No. 97984

It sucks compared to Melvina's Therapy and i'm highly disappointed. It feels so disjointed and i'm worried the creator is gonna try to pander with the LGBT/SJW community.

No. 97985

the creator has a really bad habit of trying excuse a person's flaws and toxic behavior because MUH CHILDHOOD.

In Melvina's therapy; the serial killer who butchered all the parents and left the kids alive had the worst reveal. Ziggy killed everyone's parents because his own abused him? it was so random.. and nothing ever came from it. they still acted like it was sad he killed himself. what the fuck

And now with Gremory Land, we have Bruno, who seems to be a closet gay, but acts super homophobic and toxic because muh childhood. It's exhausting

No. 98001

File: 1593759702775.jpg (13.18 KB, 225x225, bruno.jpg)


No. 98116

File: 1593876338605.jpg (60.57 KB, 798x638, thistoiletwad.jpg)

Sorry, not Bruno! I meant this dude. Haha, my apologies, anon.

File: 1567835698448.jpg (138.19 KB, 960x741, 1558809914962.jpg)

No. 48159[Reply]

Post any image that you want to post.
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No. 98102

File: 1593849082964.png (333.86 KB, 512x512, 2020-07-04.png)

No. 98103

Is Angel of Darkness good? I remember it having shitty reviews for some reason.
Thanks for explaining the mystery!

No. 98105

I personally really enjoyed the atmosphere of it - very dramatic and dark, with a beautiful soundtrack. The setting is urban in contrast with the previous games, you're not discovering tombs in Egypt, but walking on the streets of Paris trying to solve a murder. The bad reviews were earned because the controls and the combat are really frustrating and the game is riddled with bugs. I would say give it a try anyway!

No. 98112

Ooo I love this one!
Heheh the smaller moths have little boots

No. 98124

as >>98105 said, the game had bad reviews because of the controls,glitches/bugs(to the point it could become unplayable) and the fact that it was obviously rushed so it would come out alongside tomb raider-the cradle of life.Also content was cut from the game like a whole tutorial area and a cutscene explaining how Lara was alive as she supposedly died in the previous game which added to the confusion.

It sucks because,even though AoD deviates from the previous games in terms of gameplay(it's more stealthy than puzzle solving) and has a darker tone,it had a nice atmosphere and good OST.I personally never finished it as the bugs were so bad I couldn't even proceed in the game so I eventually rage quit.I would also suggest to try it and I think there are mods out there that kind improve on the game so it's a better experience

File: 1592193910105.png (102.11 KB, 500x561, sasuke.png)

No. 96027[Reply]

I thought it would be appropriate to make this thread as this series is being discussed in 3 separate threads right now.
>Favourite character?
>Least favourite character?
Debate is welcome but keep it civil.
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No. 98078

File: 1593825635945.jpg (429.6 KB, 400x1403, 34527215.jpg)

No. 98079

File: 1593825705771.png (1.75 MB, 1526x1600, i cant believe u died for this…)

No. 98081

Isn't this incest

No. 98084

that's rock lee not hinata lmao

anyway happy bday man sorry you had to die so your slaveholder's daughter could get laid

No. 98113

I still dont understand WHY the creator decided to kill of Neji. it's such bullshit. yes, i'm salty cuz he was a character i really liked and could have had so much more development.

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