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File: 1647202481062.jpg (159.17 KB, 640x960, 65c0fb398528d825ecf35a39f146c5…)

No. 189103[Reply]

In case /m/ decides to never come back, use this as a searchable catalog for all /m/’s lost threads.

All these threads are still here, you just need to use the search function to find them. Copy paste the text into the search engine at the bottom of the page!

This isn’t a complete comprehensive list, feel free to add any threads you remember here! Some threads have temporary remakes until the old ones are restored, if you want to continue the discussion.

>Keep in mind, links to these threads will appear broken and you won’t be able to post replies atm.
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No. 240020

Reminder that /m/ is the best and most quality board

No. 241742

I know the mods gets a lot of shit around here but I've yet to come across any cp so i just want to shut out a thanks for that kek

No. 241854

random thread to say it in but I agree

File: 1655928389739.jpeg (46.65 KB, 640x480, 1F33FE66-4515-4C46-A567-308061…)

No. 216287[Reply]

This thread is meant for sharing pictures of computer setups. All battlestations are welcome, even the shitty ones.
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No. 243395

File: 1664438034141.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2560x1920, Fdqe9h8XkAIR9SY.jpeg)

gm nonnies

No. 243400

i need to visit the website, i wanna see !

No. 243454


No. 243584

File: 1664498557411.jpeg (2.82 MB, 4032x3024, D75E50E9-7104-42B9-8A4D-05C5C0…)

My set up, I swear I like pink in a not weird way pls don’t bully!

No. 243587


File: 1646253150892.jpg (138.69 KB, 1000x1561, darkest dungeon.jpg)

No. 186735[Reply]

Temporary movie thread, until the Criterion Collection re-releases the old thread

What have you been watching, are you going to go watch the new Batman?

Previous threads: lost to the Shimmer
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No. 243157

same, also the male love interest was super ugly

No. 243167

Yeah couldn't watch any of the scenes with main guy without cringing and feeling like I need to puke

It feels like writers of the show took Twitter as an inspiration of how teens are nowadays

No. 243198

File: 1664368466498.jpg (135.17 KB, 1000x707, Tetsuo-The-Iron-Man-Shinya-Tsu…)

sounds like a worse version of tetsuo: the iron man. watch tetsuo instead because it's based

No. 243350

The leads couldn't really act but Maya was far worse of the duo. It just felt like Robin from ST and Veronica from Riverdale in a movie together
>the mean popular kids that represent the status quo
>look like the United Nations
This movie would have been better if it had better actors, better writers and tried to be its own thing and not some Heathers/Mean Girls clone. It wanted to be Mean Girls so bad.

No. 243582

File: 1664496725287.jpg (227.51 KB, 1059x1376, IMG_20220930_021058.jpg)

oh my god. oh my fucking god

File: 1663340632915.jpg (983.26 KB, 1181x1181, 1662103749156.jpg)

No. 239869[Reply]

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo/Hoyoverse. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to login

>Check your spiral abyss data


>Wish simulator (feat. old banners)


>Damage calculator


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 243550

he's literally featured in the promo art for the new archon quests

No. 243570

Okay, you have the taste of a 3rd grader than. The plot stinks, seethe.

No. 243572

The more to it in question is husbandos. There's a ton to do in the game that doesn't involve the plot so whats the big deal? This is even more embarrassing than getting elitist over meta.

No. 243573

File: 1664491776764.jpg (105.33 KB, 800x960, very sweet.jpg)

The event quest got me all emotional. I love Razor he's very precious.

No. 243581

File: 1664496376643.png (190.76 KB, 450x446, image01.png)

I have big hopes for this mad scientist.

File: 1646360745494.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1646314900215.png)

No. 186908[Reply]

Post all the manhating pictures you have!
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No. 242857

File: 1664276065477.jpg (73.63 KB, 720x535, Tumblr_l_603686109331948.jpg)

No. 243075

File: 1664319998179.jpg (141.29 KB, 625x1139, 3bd.jpg)

No. 243077

No. 243579

File: 1664495708377.jpg (195.88 KB, 1038x798, 165116.jpg)

No. 243580

File: 1664496322161.jpg (338.73 KB, 997x985, 170421.jpg)

File: 1662277896612.png (2.21 MB, 2048x1152, dano pt 3.png)

No. 236067[Reply]

Previous thread: >>207726

A containment thread for Danofags to sperg.
Post here about Paul Dano's:
>film roles and characters
>different looks
>his notable title as hollywood punching bag due of his majority roles

Do not come here to talk how ugly Paul Dano is according to you, how Danofags have no taste etc. This is a Paul Dano positivity thread
(though healthy criticism is okay). If you hate him, just hide the thread!
If you see hater posts, please report them as derailing and do not reply
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No. 243537

He looks like he would be posting about his “2 years on estrogen” anniversary on Twitter. Sorry

No. 243540

I'm sorry that it looks like that to you. Not to me though.

No. 243564

File: 1664489452396.jpg (17.79 KB, 400x217, ruby-sparks-2012-5707.jpg)

Ruby Sparks gym scene.
I want to brush and style his hair. Not cut it, just brush and style a little.

No. 243574

File: 1664492023685.jpg (714.26 KB, 1920x1289, the-good-heart-film.jpg)

You really should see The Good Heart nonny, it's my favourite movie he's been in. Not my favourite of his performances although of course his acting is great in it, but it's so good that you don't have to watch it specifically for dano although he's extremely cute as lucas.

No. 243578

how does a movie with brian cox and paul dano have such an abysmal RT score?

File: 1663303966813.png (2.66 MB, 1200x1400, tp.png)

No. 239761[Reply]

ITT post shitty art. This can include:
>shit anatomy
>confusing compositions
>bizarre, autistic subject matter
>uncanny valley faces
>incompetent technique

Do not:
>Post loli, shota, or any other kind of fetish art depicting children
>Leave gross material (ex. porn, fetishes, gore) unspoilered
>Constantly post generic porn. It should be only be posted if it is uniquely bad in a way that is funny or novel.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 243560

File: 1664489013041.jpeg (205.26 KB, 828x1303, 1A7DEE47-BA35-41B8-A0B9-15273E…)

is it just me or is this person deliberately tracing and making characters off of dead black metal vocalists

No. 243562

Yes, now ask her to make them fuck each other.

No. 243569

No. 243583

based, a masterpiece even

No. 243585

It looks so unanny, so yes, probably traced

File: 1647233937076.png (487.04 KB, 1200x1174, ash_tame.png)

No. 189183[Reply]

Golden Kamuy is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Satoru Noda. The story follows Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the early twentieth century Russo-Japanese War, and his quest to find a huge fortune of gold of the Ainu people, helped by a young Ainu girl named Asirpa.
There is also an anime adaptation.

The manga is, as of March 2022, around 300 chapters long and the anime is three seasons long with 36 episodes total. A fourth season is happening but its release is on an unknown date.

Where can I read scanlations? Here: https://mangadex.org/title/8847f905-550d-4fe6-bcda-ac2b896789c7/golden-kamuy
Where can I watch the anime in English? Here: https://www.crunchyroll.com/golden-kamuy
Where can I buy official volumes in English? Here: https://www.viz.com/read/manga/golden-kamuy/all
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No. 243526

File: 1664474769793.jpeg (103.23 KB, 681x1251, C84D3922-5249-4BB1-B8DA-3827DC…)

it really is noticeable that he took a lot of time to elaborate on mini arcs and whatnot before. I dont like to speculate too much about people I don’t know but didn’t he become a father during the serialization? Maybe he simply wanted a longer break to spend more time with his family sooner and not wait another year for this. If you’re working for such a big publisher (and want them to publish your other works as well in the future) you probably need to inform them about when you want to be finished in time for them to fit the schedules for the marketing and events. It would be a very humane and understandable reason, maybe its just me but I always wondered how he manages to keep up at this pace while supposedly raising a small child when it was still ongoing because he always seemed like a guy who thinks family is important. Lets hope he talks about it in another interview for the release of another fanbook yes I am coping
It will be there soon. I love Usami and his character design so much can’t wait to see him engage in an epic cum battle in 4k. I havent even watched a trailer to be honest, idk if we have to wait for this until next season or this one I just hope they make it glorious.

No. 243531

File: 1664476620936.png (Spoiler Image, 362.45 KB, 1061x1500, FR1QrvZVkAEBITN.png)

>third spoiler
Yeah this. The worst is that something like that must have happened since we know that he saw him because he made that artwork. We just didn't see how it happened which is a bit sad. It felt like there was no time for this anymore. It would have made Vasily's arc feel more concluded IMO

No. 243543

File: 1664479896056.jpg (91.04 KB, 750x929, FdmBk9tUoAIlbRj.jpg)

God a new fanbook would hype me up. I wish I would find the first one second-hand, I really want it. Think the pharao scene was from that book as well IIRC.
>It will be there soon. I love Usami and his character design so much can’t wait to see him engage in an epic cum battle in 4k.
Same. I also can't wait for more UsamiO fanart.

No. 243568

A little late to this topic, but I did see a theory that the reason it went the way it did for Vasily was in case the editors didn't approve of Ogata's suicide and wanted to cut it, Noda could use Vasily as a back-up plan for Ogata's death. Which makes sense why he didn't have more time to wrap his story up. Personally I really like Vasily's ending.

No. 243575

You think the same editors who allowed an extended scene of a midget with drag queen hair fucking a bear in the ass wouldn't allow a suicide scene? KEK

File: 1654106097004.jpg (1.27 MB, 4096x2086, NgoqykJENQpYhuZVgJfjSOISsCBu0a…)

No. 210757[Reply]

Post crossover art of characters from different series/franchises together or have them referencing, dressing, or drawn in a different artstyle from other series/franchises.
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No. 242084

File: 1664075802975.jpg (46.23 KB, 563x454, baacff6827df7f2b452876f2ae9a71…)

No. 242234

File: 1664122594987.jpg (53.04 KB, 413x600, 1_506651538l.jpg)

No. 243565

File: 1664489465799.jpg (107.36 KB, 735x539, 9570aa9692226eb59ffcd952163158…)

No. 243567

File: 1664489609957.jpg (107.16 KB, 736x681, 63d81b96f57706912f91bf65705cb4…)

No. 243571

File: 1664490030317.png (488.68 KB, 1080x641, Screenshot_20220929-171934.png)

File: 1646208941372.jpg (298.74 KB, 828x1025, 4bc7e490_1280.jpg)

No. 186682[Reply]

Recommend books or ask for recommendations, share what you're currently reading or what you want to read, discuss favorite genres and authors, share reviews, etc.

What have you been reading, farmers?

previous threads:
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No. 243183

??? There is absolutely no mention of this. Did I miss something? Or was that the clue? Did you both read this book?
Edit: I googled it welp. I guess it makes sense then why he spoke about women joining the Gallacian military. Omg and all the shit about the weird pronouns in his language. Oye, thanks nonnies.

No. 243215

Samefagging hours later to say I meant to say she, her in my above post. I feel like a retard kek I thought it was just some antiquated European shit that I didn't understand. Figures, as the female author writes under a male pseudonym. I'm kind of glad I didn't realize the tranny nonsense when I read the book because it was a good book but I would have stopped reading had I realized it was dumbass gender shit.

No. 243320

Kek you're adorable nona. I'm glad you were still able to enjoy it!

No. 243566

File: 1664489494249.jpg (382.59 KB, 1544x2176, 38496725._UY2176_SS2176_.jpg)

please recommend me any creepy, spooky or scary books set in new england. can be modern or historical. pic related is on my list

No. 243586

File: 1664499056581.jpeg (92.35 KB, 531x800, 101D76B3-5466-4CFD-B246-32C76F…)

I got this one from the thrift store a couple days ago and it’s intriguing so far.

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