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File: 1614405677450.jpg (86.5 KB, 614x767, fghf.jpg)

No. 129780[Reply]

I feel like there isn't enough hate on tropes, so please do it here
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No. 390753

Same. Sometimes it's subtle enough but it makes it look like pokemon now are mascosts more than monsters. That's why I picked the plant type starter in Shield (it's a monkey so it's a bit more believable somehow) and why I put the starter I picked in the PC box asap in Violet.

No. 390812

star butterfly only fits that if you haven't watched the show. she's not super quirky in her home world, she's more of a trendy socialite and rebellious teen. she gets sad, angry, jealous, and nervous a lot. that type exists but star is a weak example of it.

No. 391363

File: 1718086194912.jpg (73.93 KB, 732x736, tumblr_inline_ozne7ylnyA1r00j0…)

No. 391368

token black woman being the tallest/largest/strongest of the female cast, if not more so than non-black male characters as well

No. 391384

Every time! And they're nearly always made by "anti-racism uwu" creators. They create a diverse cast, yet somehow when you line them up all the big muscly and burly ones have dark skin

File: 1653775280464.jpg (119.62 KB, 736x920, 67e19a46d8131e6ed367b2417bb17c…)

No. 209644[Reply]

Post art of personified objects, animals, foods, brands, etc!
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No. 391324

File: 1718080153046.jpg (257.17 KB, 1280x1804, tumblr_mvrh6zEOdo1s3kee8o1_128…)

No. 391348

File: 1718084960544.jpg (221.63 KB, 600x900, tumblr_mvdn3m9W2m1rtqmgno1_128…)

No. 391353

File: 1718085334878.jpg (289.33 KB, 1280x1713, tumblr_o8h65zmzwQ1ul8uj1o1_128…)

No. 391355

File: 1718085360389.png (922.18 KB, 1280x1713, tumblr_0c23acdfac248e011fea03e…)

No. 391362

File: 1718086035955.jpg (252.53 KB, 900x802, tumblr_pss85bKH2m1rn1ey3o1_r1_…)

File: 1685626646061.jpg (168.41 KB, 1500x500, FxcXIAALVfsVA.jpg)

No. 299904[Reply]

Post the worst of the worst character designs you can find. From the uncannily realistic to terrible reboots to oversexualized. It doesn't matter if it's from movies, TV, video games, comics, just has to be awful.

Previous threads
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No. 391282

beelzemon what happened to you kek
(I know they're separate mons but also I hate whenever the 'female version' of an originally male design looks more like a horny cosplay than an actual character design, so lame)

No. 391307

File: 1718073385886.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.52 KB, 1280x720, disgusting.jpg)

Said this in another thread, but it's disgusting when moids do this to Gardevoir and Lopunny even though they never have tits in the first place and to point of drawing them as pornified Pokemon ocs. Also Hex Maniac too because of that one time she was selling moomoo milk in XY. Anything involving with milk = massive tits. Moids are fucking retarded.

No. 391308

File: 1718074100743.jpeg (279.35 KB, 850x1111, IMG_4833.jpeg)

I despise tomboy characters like picrels left

No. 391311

File: 1718074734484.png (30.05 KB, 425x278, Screenshot_2024-06-10-23-00-45…)

No. 391314

Is it natural or culturally enforced.

File: 1710165331385.gif (824.57 KB, 500x500, picmix.gif)

No. 361706[Reply]

This thread is dedicated to Blingees and Picmixes only! Post your favorites or post your own creations! You can create a Picmix without an account on their website linked below. Blingee no longer supports account creation, but if you find stamps you like on Blingee you can import them as stickers on Picmix to use in your creations by creating an account. If you want to keep your account a secret from other farmers, you can share your 'unpublished' Picmixes in this thread.
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No. 390603

I also have the faggot in my computer

No. 390604

>husbandoing Komaeda
This is always so strange to me since he’s such a fag, it’s like husbandoing Jeffree Star

No. 390607

she also kinned komaeda at the same time

No. 391165

File: 1718035232423.gif (878.83 KB, 500x417, 1d5ee6e7-840e-434d-8b64-2b3f1a…)

No. 391214

I kekked

File: 1652197636639.jpg (284.13 KB, 1342x1680, 23653e6b06882db61ef37aeeee4831…)

No. 205070[Reply]

in honor of meido day, let's get this going again
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No. 376847

File: 1714961379744.jpeg (255.93 KB, 672x2048, IMG_1656.jpeg)

No. 388431

File: 1717310020086.png (165.69 KB, 1223x1300, GOL_KpFa4AA8DEM.png)

No. 391190

File: 1718041208415.jpeg (438.08 KB, 1188x1410, IMG_4834.jpeg)

Can a Japanese speaking anon translate this? I know the premise is the type of cross dressing men that men like vs the type women like, but I can’t read the text in the picture.

No. 391203

i'm not great at jp either but I'll give it a shot, hopefully a talented nonna can fill in the gaps

left 'crossdresser that men seem to like'
- shota
- at first glance looks just like a girl
- wants to be more manly
- teased by friends at school
- crybaby
- has a poor family
- somethjng about not being able to say no
- likes reading books
- ?? google tl puts this as 'distorting the sexual habits of male classmates'lol

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No. 391205

File: 1718044868896.jpg (46.64 KB, 1440x1440, umi__k_a00.jpg)

File: 1682013286101.png (1.18 MB, 1999x640, vomitemoji.png)

No. 291015[Reply]

I'll start…

1. person of gender art. beside the obvious gender shit, they all have horrible stylization. very derived from cal-arts. the eyes and faces are ugly

2. procreate-core. i dont care what le heckin brush pack you downloaded, it all has this very generic obvious "texturing" that is not in any way interesting. instead of learning to add depth to art they rely on brushes that just repeat the same texture over and over. subjects are usually boring normie tier pretty girl and boring moths and leaves. once you've seen one, you've seen them all.

3. woman of gender who can render really well. coloring and body anatomy is really well done but the faces are usually styled badly, they always do the huge eyes with pointy eyelashes and huge noses. usually a fujo and draws her husbando OCs. faces ruin an otherwise really well done piece.
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No. 390929

File: 1717969235993.png (744.3 KB, 1024x576, rfQj5sN.png)

No. 390940

Jorge Gutierrez's style looks good in Book of Life, but not really in his 2D cartoons. It's one of those rare cases where the style is better in CGI.

No. 391006

I got used to Legosi but Haru remains so hideous and expressionless. Luis too.

No. 391167

the manga looks way worse, at least the anime is watchable

No. 391197

I think he nailed it in El Tigre but a lot of his other 2D illustrations can be hit or miss. I do have a bias though because I'm Mexican, I think it can either be very ugly or hit a nostalgic spot for me.

No. 1706[Reply]

I have been thinking recently I'd love to have a thread where we could post documentaries. I watch a lot especially when doing stuff around the house so I can post a couple of favourites I recommend here in the OP, more in the comments if anyone is interested, and would love to find some new ones!

Interview with a Cannibal: Guy who met up with another guy online who consented to being murdered and eaten. Morbid but interesting watch. German, so subtitled.

Polygamy Doc: One Man, Six Wives, Twenty something kids. A guy in utah who keeps very very young wives and at the time of filming, being 40 ish, was trying to woo a 16 year old kid. (not a spoiler but he subsequently went to jail and a few wives left him, some stayed. Very interesting to watch and to look into after)

A historical one for variety: The truth about hygiene etc in Versailles. Stumbled across this and left it on while doing my makeup and really liked it! Sent me down a nice historical rabbithole, not of actual history per se but of little tidbits like this about daily life and lesser known shit (literally)

Ok back to morbid. If you haven't seen this already, it's insane, a little girl, "child of rage". Another one interesting to look into what happened afterwards (she was later put through attachment therapy)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 377384

This doc has stuck with me since I watched it as a high schooler. It partially inspired me to become a child care aide. I still think of Didi from time to time. I really hope she's doing alright it's impossible to find updates about anyone in this doc.

No. 390007

No. 390837

No. 391168

love this documentary. does anyone have other 9/11 documentary recommendations?

No. 391170

Have you watched the Naudet brothers documentary? It's all raw footage and they're able to follow the firefighters around in the office lobbies. They were there to film a documentary about a rookie firefighter and then…9/11 happened lol.

File: 1650128733474.jpg (24.98 KB, 480x360, Eartha_Kitt_-_I_don't_Care.jpg)

No. 197864[Reply]

Post your favorite/interesting/bizzare music videos here
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No. 352904


No. 359668

Always loved how batshit insane the KLF were.

No. 382949

Just had this video recommended to me. The song is alright but I like the styles of the girls in the video

No. 382975

No. 391156

not their weirdest mv but I like this one the most

File: 1648234079173.jpeg (207.89 KB, 850x601, 8ABC36CB-D03F-47C5-975F-6A6BAC…)

No. 192164[Reply]

Use this thread to discuss reading and writing fanfiction. Feel free to discuss personal grievances and things you like about fan fiction and fanfiction communities
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No. 390762

Almost every fic writer I know has the same story of a badly written smut fic they wrote when they were thirteen getting more kudos and comments than a cherished fic they spent months/years on. I would give the example of Harlan Ellison, who always resented being famous for I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream (which he churned out in just a night) when the story he actually loved and worked hard on (Grail) received very little recognition. It's a tale as old as time, popularity has basically no correlation with quality. Many (most) fic readers are not interested in a unique, original story or in interesting ideas, they just want to read the same coffee shop AU or omegaverse smut over and over again.

No. 390765

i'll post here since the writing advice general has like 0 posts, but… nonnies, i need aid.

i have had unmedicated adhd my whole life. i used to write 24/7 in my freetime until i got one bad review on a fic (when i was like 13) and ever since i've been frozen in fear with writing. i managed to retain some of my ability through roleplay and i don't know why but i am able to write if it's roleplay.

roleplay scenes are a haven for drama though, so i ended up quitting that entirely. i've been using chatbots for the past few months which has been a lot of fun, but i can feel my writing stagnate and i can feel myself WANTING to write complete works by myself - but i'm still freezing up whenever i want to write.

there is this overwhelming feeling of not being good enough, of anxiety, of pressure, of failure, and i am so, so scared. and i have no idea how to fix it. i don't know how to get myself to write. i am a recovering people pleaser so i think if i had the pressure of someone enjoying what i write on my shoulders i MIGHT be able to write, but i am also so comfortable with failure now that i am worried i will just give up immediately.

does anyone here have any tips or has anyone here ever felt similarly? sorry for the long post.

No. 390941

You have to let yourself be shit at first. Accept that you're rusty and let yourself write anyway. Don't edit, try not to re-read what you wrote, let it all out and then re-read and edit it a few days later. It won't all be good but it won't be all bad either.
Do writing exercises using prompts or challenges. You can write short stories, scenes from the same story, it doesn't matter. Read what you wrote a few days after and see how it compares to the stuff you used to write. Look at it from a technical point of view. Do you still focus on the same things? Has your style changed at all? Do you have a better understanding of the characters and canon? Fanfiction is a hobby, not a job, so there's no pressure to churn out pages of excellent quality work for a deadline. Work on whatever parts of your writing bother you and leave the bits that other people might find annoying but you don't care about.

No. 390943

there's one on /ot/ but it's also pretty dead. >>>/ot/231750

No. 391130

thank you for the words anon. i don't just wanna write fanfiction, i wanna write original stories too. i'll ask in the /ot/ thread as well, but i really appreciate your input.

File: 1675621744489.jpeg (51.03 KB, 350x350, bigtop_burger_5.jpeg)

No. 273619[Reply]

Post anything clown related here, except anything fetish/porn related
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No. 363290

File: 1710688150182.jpeg (181.55 KB, 828x758, IMG_0207.jpeg)

No. 364218

File: 1710944157488.jpg (227.89 KB, 949x678, 1710566480984.jpg)

No. 390857

File: 1717958689328.png (536.32 KB, 1200x1200, EqkcOoN.png)

No. 390900

File: 1717964633279.png (572.38 KB, 720x734, d4w942a.png)

No. 391120

File: 1718022549492.jpg (62 KB, 680x664, GN3DFkWXQAAvcLc.jpg)

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