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File: 1649986133928.jpg (287.03 KB, 1280x853, Untitled.jpg)

No. 197446

>FromSoftware, Inc. is a Japanese video game development company founded in November 1986 and a subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation. The company is best known for their Armored Core and Souls series, including the related games Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring.

Talk about Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring or any other Fromsoft games you like here! Help each other out, post pics of your protagonists, talk about your favorite pieces of lore, your husbandos, etc.

No. 197599

File: 1650039977435.jpg (414.59 KB, 2197x2386, 1504917717053.jpg)

Oh yeah I've been waiting for this!
So what's your favourite soulsborne game? Mine is Elden Ring and Bloodborne, not sure which one is better though. I love Bloodborne's Lovecraftian vibes, but at the same time Elden Ring is just so amazing.

No. 197613

Mine is probably Bloodborne- I really like the atmosphere coupled with the change in combat mechanics. If anyone is interested in the lore there's an analysis called The Paleblood Hunt which I found pretty interesting!
Currently replaying DS3 in anticipation for Elden Ring. I don't have online right now, and for some reason I miss all the 'finger but hole' messages.

No. 197668

File: 1650057688052.jpg (70.68 KB, 564x564, 3847932043726895.jpg)

Sekiro. Kind of makes me feel like an imposter since I know it was a departure from their other titles but the environments are just so pretty and I preferred the faster combat. Bloodborne was fun too but the atmosphere got a little too oppressive for me.

No. 197701

File: 1650067374999.gif (1.55 MB, 500x208, tumblr_o1vs80uAcc1rf5ar6o3_500…)

DS:PTDE for me, definitely, just because it was my first fromsoft game and it blew me away. i didn't care for the "graphics update" of DSR, i like the old graphics.

but i find it hard to compare to bloodborne, sekiro and ER because they are all so very different and good in their own ways. for me, bloodborne has my favorite overall story and atmosphere, but low replayability. sekiro is gorgeous to look at and explore, but also has low replayability for me. elden ring has a story i don't care much about, but the atmosphere/environment are fantastic, and i cannot wait to replay it once i finish because i love it that much.

ds2 was okay, i don't hate it like most people and replayed it a fair amount. ds3 was also pretty good, but i only replayed it once.

of course not! all fromsoft fans are valid and never let a stinky elitist tell you otherwise

No. 197702

File: 1650067525281.jpg (118.38 KB, 762x595, tumblr_ob1drvjKEN1v7znyxo1_128…)

what are your guys' favorite bosses in the games you've played so far? mine:

ds1: four kings
ds2: looking glass knight
ds3: nameless king
bb: gascoigne
sekiro: genichiro
er: not finished but so far, rykard

No. 197783

Elden ring is my first game and I'm having a lot of fun but I have a feeling it'll be hard to play other fromsoft games after because I'll feel limited. I really like the open world and ability to just leave a place that's too hard and have a completely new adventure.

No. 197820

Manus, Fume Knight, Midir

No. 197850

File: 1650123198226.jpeg (271.43 KB, 1280x720, 7D630831-0573-44B2-87CC-E40F0F…)

To be fair, most of the other games have branching paths you can choose to take. It isn’t open world, but there are still options. If you can, Demon’s Souls might be a good choice for you because after the first area, you can choose from any other main ones and play through them or move to another as you’d like. I played the remake this year and it was very beautiful, I’m sure the original is still fun too though. Pic related, my DeS waifu.

No. 197851

File: 1650123771656.jpeg (130.78 KB, 796x850, E45C51A5-F7B3-41AF-8AA7-22223D…)

Samefagging to answer these.
DeS: Astraea
DS1: O&S
DS2: Velstadt, Sir Alonne
DS3: Nameless King
BB: Bloodstarved
Sekiro: Never finished it but I plan to after I’m done with ER
ER: Malenia or Mohg

No. 197879

File: 1650132380940.jpg (429.92 KB, 1197x1063, tumblr_c9615d47e0f53dcafb3c7d1…)

i will say the other games are much more "you should do this in this order", but at the same time, you are given the option to go wherever you want even if you're technically underleveled.

No. 197891

File: 1650134677265.gif (1.9 MB, 540x300, 9ECACD66-5A72-423B-9568-8ADE3D…)

Sister Friede. That’s boss fight gave me chills.

No. 197906

Trust me, the other souls games are incredible. If anything, ER being open world is what is making me dislike the game. The levels of the enemies can be insane depending on where you go and i like a more branching but still linear story like BB or DS1.

No. 197913

ok what about WORST or least favorite bosses? definitely not inspired by me raging at fire giant (i beat him, but i had no fun doing so)

No. 197915

Demon Firesage, no joke. Like, Bed of Chaos is bad but it can be cheesed. But Firesage is literally just a reskin boss with an annoying AoE attack in a room full of roots that you get constantly stuck on. Fuck this boss

No. 197919

Manga wyrm from Elden Ring can kiss my ass in a million places. I also hate any boss in elden ring that is just a stronger version of an enemy X 2. it's so freakin lazy.

Asylum demon in DS1 had me raging.

No. 197934

In ER, the ulcerated tree spirits are annoying. I don’t even find them hard to fight, I just hate how they flail so much and it’s one of those types of FS bosses where you can’t tell what the fuck is happening. In general I also hate most of the gargoyle fights in souls games, especially that awful redo of the Bell Gargoyles that they put in DS2. What’s worse than fighting just two of them? Six. Idk what they were thinking.

No. 197938

File: 1650143910656.jpeg (32.41 KB, 693x462, 473C3245-F04A-4B12-B0F9-BAB517…)

Here’s a question for you guys who have played other FS before getting into ER. How do you feel about the addition of things like spirit summons and summoning pools? I personally don’t mind spirit summons, but I don’t like bosses where it’s almost necessary to use them (like for the duo crucible knights, it’s just extremely hard on your own because of their aggression levels). As for the summoning pools, I kind of enjoy them. I like doing summons but sometimes don’t know where I want to go to do it, and this just takes you to any pool you’ve touched in the past where someone needs help. I think it’s a nice mechanic.

No. 197942

I think that’s why I hated fire giant so much. I’m a caster who relies on fire and dragon skills mostly, so with the wyrm and tree spirits I could take them down fast. Fire giant is a gimmick boss with a horrible camera that forces you to play a certain way and you can’t see any of his telegraphs. Sucks cuz I like the design and felt bad killing him lorewise but it was such an inexcusably awful fight

Also why are there like 5 different tree spirits? Too much boss repetition in general in this game

The summon pool is great as are spirit summons. As someone who mostly deals with bosses using casts, I can typically do enough damage but I need time to cast so anything that helps take aggro off me is perfect.

No. 197947

File: 1650149918732.jpg (180.65 KB, 850x1177, 1650149467157.jpg)

i rly like the godskin apostle design. i especially love that you can find one in the windmill village. i imagine he has crazy orgies with all the women there as they delightedly peel skin off of men and torture them to death. sounds like a great life, id be one of his sluts.

No. 198004

Oh my god I pirated Elden ring on release and the regular magma wyrm, not makar, made me DESPAIR. Then I bought the game two weeks later and killed it first try. So idk if it got patched or what.

No. 198024

File: 1650181746186.jpg (59.43 KB, 479x299, IMG_20220417_024817.jpg)

I pray to miyazaki for bloodborne remastered, and sekiro dlc. A futile fight but one can only dream.

I also wished they kept the boss fight rematch mechanic from sekiro, it was a damn fucking good addition especially since i reckon ER is a long ass game, being open world as it is.

No. 198077

Okay, can anyone tell me what's the best way of getting through the swamp in Dreg Heap without getting fucked up by the angel? I know about the alternate route that lets you skip the swamp altogether but what is the best way to get to the swamp angel's "cocoon" (or whatever that thing is that you have to destroy in order to get the angel to stop spawning)? What I usually do is run to the little shack in the middle, wait for the angel to de-aggro, run into the cave with the poison mushrooms, wait for the angel to de-aggro again, and then run up the branch and hope I don't get killed. Are there better ways of going about it?

No. 198081

File: 1650199840384.jpg (112.21 KB, 500x434, 1511072886097.jpg)

DS3: Champion Gundyr, Dancer of the Boreal Valley & Pontiff Sulyvahn
Bloodborne: Father Gascoigne & Ludwig
Elden Ring: not yet finished but so far Godrick and Radahn and maybe Rennala. I also like to fight the dragons as well, even though I first was a bit bored with them.

No. 198082

Bloodborne: ROM.
DS3: Dragonslayer Armor. Fuck that guy.
Elden Ring: Commander Niall's two summon knights were a pain in the ass so I cheesed the fight. Also Rykard was really painful

No. 198085

File: 1650200600861.jpg (191.27 KB, 800x1133, tumblr_nyq2nv7JoH1rkgvzro1_128…)

DeS: False King Allant, bosses were definitely not the game's strongest point but he was a great climax and I think he's kinda hot
DS: O&S, the one moment when I fell in love with the game
DS2: Nashandra, she's cool looking, otherwise I didn't care about the game
BB: Ludwig, fave boss fight ever in any game, I've already sperged about him in a video game in the old /m/ but I could go on for hours
DS3: a toss between Sulyvahn, the Nameless King and Sister Friede, the game was kinda redundant but it had some great moments
I suck at Sekiro and I haven't reached her yet but I love the Corrupted Monk, she's very me-core.

I fucking hate Laurence, reusing the first boss's model for a 20$ DLC is by itself cheap as fuck but he is way too hard, even the Orphan is more fair.

Btw am I the only one who has almost zero interest in Elden Ring? None of the trailers managed to grab my attention and from what I've seen it uses the same gimmicks as DS games in its narration and characters. I feel like FromSoftware is pigeonholing itself with the same formula and is going backwards after Sekiro. I wish they'd make another weird survival horror game, even a AAA remake of Kuon could be interesting thanks to the speculation around the game.

No. 198102

File: 1650206265060.png (1.24 MB, 960x1183, my guiding moonlight.png)

Oh yeah Kuon remake would slap!
And Elden Ring has a lot of same stuff as previous games (so much it could be called Dark Souls 4, kek) but it being open world helps a lot. I see how people wouldn't want to try it out, even though I personally like the game.

No. 198104

Rennala’s fight was sort of tedious but it was so beautiful imo, both parts. She kind of has Bayo vibes lol

I have to admit Dragonslayer Armor kind of sucks but his music slaps really hard.

No. 198106

Rennala's fight made me really sad, so when i won, it didnt feel like a victory. Beautiful and one of my favorite fights in the game so far.

No. 198107

File: 1650208246705.jpg (93.76 KB, 564x959, micolashbb.jpg)

I haven't play Sekiro yet but i hear lots of good things about the mechanics of that game. I feel as if Miyazaki dropped the ball with ER. The fights can feel chunkly sometimes and the hit boxes can be weird. I honestly still think BB had the best mechanics from all the souls games i've played.

Micolash was my favorite fight in BB.

No. 198108

>that pic
kek. i both loved and hated that fight. I like that you had to strategize. My biggest issue with ER are the enemies get aggro from like 200 feet away and their attacks home on you. I hate that they chase you into another area too. it feels relentless and exhausting. I just made it a bit further into the Capital and i'm just tired of this place already.

No. 198123


Bloodborne:Ludwig, lady maria & gehrman

Sekiro:all of them lmao except the fucking headless

No. 198125

File: 1650210996971.jpeg (261.25 KB, 1347x729, 535D8D31-C690-4B9A-BB9A-877097…)

I’m glad that she still sticks around after at least. I feel so bad for her.
nayrt but yeah I agree w you. I enjoy ER but I have so many gripes about it too. I feel like there are a lot of things that could have been implemented better and it still has classic FS jank that I think should have been worked out by now.

No. 198131

The capital was really tiresome for me as well. Too many powerful and annoying knights. Also I don't like how repetitive some bosses are in ER. I don't want to fight the fucking Ulcerated Tree Spirit 30 times, like come on.

No. 198157

File: 1650223544115.jpg (24.13 KB, 288x422, 1649989258592.jpg)

i felt sad for greyoll (dragon mother, who you kill by killing off her injured babies) and the fire giant (even though i absolutely hated his fight)

lol this pic

boy wait til you get to the damn haligtree. too many annoying enemies, and a shitty boss fight to top it off (sorry malenia). i rushed the whole area because i don't care for the lore of miquella and malenia and just wanted to do it for completion.

btw anyone else choosing to go lord of frenzy? i hate this round of gods and demigods and their stupid bougie golden order worship. i cant wait to kill it all

No. 198159

I got touched by the three fingers but I haven’t decided if I’ll cancel it so I can have a diff ending. And yeah Haligtree was a rough area. I liked it, but it was pretty hard.

No. 198167

File: 1650227089864.jpg (50.21 KB, 640x761, cz26klhfrzt81.jpg)

Yeah. I got to the Haligtree area yesterday and it's… bad.

Don't know which ending I'd like to have yet. I spent too much time getting to the Three Fingers (damnable platforming) anyway so maybe I'll get that ending kek

No. 198169

>Bloodborne:Ludwig, lady maria & Gehrman
Based. Adding in Amelia and Father Gascoigne in there myself. All great fights with even better backstories. BB had the best lore of all souls imo. I felt so invested in every npc. In ER, i only care about like 3. I cant be bothered with setting Dung eater free either. I keep getting killed by that giant hand.

No. 198192

i feel like the overarching story in ER is full of very unlikeable people who influenced it all, even moreso than say gwyn, where some part of you wonders if you should continue the dying flame or finally snuff it out

No. 198227

File: 1650241348319.jpg (1023.71 KB, 1200x1138, 97642026_p0_master1200 (1).jpg)

Big knights!

No. 198228

File: 1650241391008.jpg (Spoiler Image,261.56 KB, 1157x782, 97641994_p0_master1200.jpg)

Big knight dick!

No. 198236

I feel like ER should have been way smaller. They just reused bosses and boring dungeons to fill up empty space. They could have made it smaller and put more energy into making the bosses have different movesets and more variety of design. The bosses all feel like the same physic breaking slowed down swing, combos that last an eternity, and AOEs that are easy to master since they all follow this pattern. It all feels kind of boring and repetitive 70 hours in, but I did like Volcano Manor's interior design lmao I'd like to live in the clean part. It is definitely not better than DS3, Sekiro, or Bloodborne, it's more like a 5/10. I wish the bosses were better designed, the regular enemies have more soul. Maybe I'll have a change of heart even further in?

No. 198264

File: 1650252238509.jpeg (52.64 KB, 946x749, B8FA7450-9D03-4067-9D3A-8071F3…)

Killed dog boyfriend so I’m sad. Ranni ending is not worth it. At least his clothes smell like him.

No. 198282

i loved all the areas, disliked all the catacombs and caves and felt they could have cut those by like 90%. WAY too many bosses as well, i agree. however i do think it's much better than ds3 and has more important QOL changes we didn't have in bloodborne. story was overall meh tho.

No. 198771

File: 1650373427865.jpg (1.71 MB, 1694x1199, 4ea.jpg)

has anyone else seen the "let me solo her" guy? it's some dude who solos malenia naked with a jar on his head. it's funny and has achieved meme status, but something else i find funny is how much impotent rage it creates in a certain type of dude who seems upset that someone is getting more attention than them

reminds me of how insecure dudes tend to get instantly triggered by varre because it reminds them they have no gf and are angry about it, while normal people / women love varre.

No. 198777

thanks for posting and have a great day

No. 198779

my mind instantly starting playing an AMV when I saw your image.

No. 198780

I'm hoping I'll meet the legend when I'm going to get my ass whooped by Malenia.
Kek are some dudes really getting triggered by Varré? Seriously they need to go outside and touch grace ffs

No. 198782

I love him and i really hope to meet him on my journey. I'm 120 hours in and really taking my sweet time. Doing Rya's questline right now, even though i progressed too far and missed her necklace. I dont know if i can interact with prawn guy now because he just keeps telling me to fuck off. I'm pretty annoyed it's so easy to mess up NPC stories..

No. 198783

im gonna keep him alive. i cant do it. i love him too much. Ranni is a bitch who can rot.

No. 198785

Gwyn is such a good character! I felt the weight of the choice i made at the end of DS1. In this game, i literally dont care for any choices I make because i don't like half these npcs. rofl

No. 198788

People are getting angry at a random guy having fun? What the fuck…

No. 198791

Not only is he having fun, he's extremely helpful for both new and veteran players. ER seems to have brought out the worst in the toxic community. I barely ask for help because you still get the 'well, he was easy for me.' and 'get gud' crowd chanting at you. fuck em

No. 198793

File: 1650377808346.jpeg (162.35 KB, 1070x602, F51E0321-0C91-448B-943C-A587CD…)

Scrotes are mad as hell about Let Me Solo Her. I’m in a FS group on FB that’s really big and every hour there is a new post by a man whining about how they’re not getting attention. And yea, they HATE Varré, which I think is hilarious compounded with the fact that a lot of girls love him. I’ve seen some of them say they killed him because he called them “maidenless” then get upset because they can’t get the permanent invasion item. It’s comedy.

No. 198794

I should do his quest next. I am starting Wolfboy now.

No. 198795

the whole thing is kinda lame
all the redditors praise him like he's some kind of marvel superhero character and draw fanart and shit its not that funny or anything

No. 198796

>meme status

No. 198797

I’m glad someone else doesn’t really like her. I think her design is gorgeous but she gets on my nerves. It might be partially due to how sexualized she’s been though. I hate seeing moids take a character with a BJD body and turn her into that cookie cutter hourglass shape just for the coom. Her design is so perfect the way it is already, I guess their dicks are just broken and pornifying her is the only way. Tired of seeing it done to Malenia too, who is just so strong and beautiful and horrific with the body horror. If I have to read the words “scarlet rotussy” again I’m going to cry.

No. 198798

I think a lot of the toxicity comes from how people knew this game was going to become popular with normies and would be a jumping on spot for many, so a lot of them feel the need to puff their chests out and say how good they are and how long they’ve been a FS fan. As someone who has played every game from Demon’s Souls on, it is just stupid imo. I got excited to hear some of my friends were going to be playing who had never taken an interest before. I don’t care if they sucked or needed help, it’s fun to help newcomers to the series. But damn, the salt is very real and gamerboys have lost their minds with this one.

No. 198799

Also, samefag. Wasn’t implying you are new, just a reason it might be more toxic this time around. I also had to have help on some bosses through either spirit summons or real people.

No. 198801

You're all good. I played D1,D2 and bloodborne. I got too frustrated at the very beginning of DS3 and gave up. I actually forgot ER was out until my buddy who played DS2 with me reminded me. My biggest issue is that the game isnt getting critiqued as it should.
Enemy mobs, endless AOE attacks and magic spamming and hits through walls. I got hit so many times over 100 meters away by a dude with a crossbow or a lobster while i was on a platform. Half the time I didnt know what hit me.
But yeah, shit has gotten toxic due to the new players having ER being their very first DS game.

I like Malenia as a character design, but yes,we cant have nice things because all men do is pornify everything. I remember when no one really did that shit for DS or BB, even with doll and fire maidens. But for some reason ER is getting so many scrotes. I think it's a combo or porny scrotes and mtf trannies. Also, i was on the ER reddit and saw Vamps posted. She's such an annoying person. Between her and Jnig and other costhots hoping on, ER is the worst fandom yet.

No. 198806

They sound extra stupid considering how FS makes it a point to keep ER accessible. Like shut up faggot, I know you only beat such and such boss post patch like the rest of us.

No. 198825

There's a part of the community that believes the fromsoft games aren't for "normies" and everything around "let me solo her" is the epitome of norminess. Not the player nor what he does, but the coverage: it started as a reddit post, every single gaming publication has an article about it, the guy got interviewed, he even has a wikipedia article ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let_me_solo_her ). Same thing as "the cake is a lie", more or less

No. 198833

Both redditors and twitterfags love running jokes into the ground. Like it's funny the first couple of times but when you see this meme shit all the time it loses its charm

No. 198834

I can’t find it in me to be mad at him for it blowing up though. It seems like he’s mostly stayed private on a lot of it or at least not spoken on it too much. I think it was a case of someone doing something for the fun/love of it and getting memed into oblivion. I wonder if he likes the attention or not? It must be weird to have that happen in such a short amount of time.

No. 198835

The fact that this guy gets a Wikipedia page and Chris-Chan doesn’t is a sin.

No. 198844

File: 1650389115934.jpeg (46.12 KB, 917x887, let_me_solo_her.jpeg)

I hate moids

No. 198855

I saw this shit on reddit the other day. they literally cant let women exist without sexualizing them.

No. 198865

I feel like with the release of ER, the day has come where it's well and truly normie. Apparently its popularity is bigger than Skyrim at the moment and that means a flood of newcomers and all kinds of irritating people here to ruin the comfy From mood. W/e I guess it's my time to finally become an invader - except, oh wait, no fun convenants, less phantoms, less everything!

I really don't know how to feel about ER, I can't say I love it, I really can't, and I keep thinking they need a SOTF-style overhaul to polish it up.

No. 198866

Yeah, you've locked yourself out, I did the same thing. Always get her necklace to open up prawn man's quest and never ever skip to a point that makes her arrive in Volcano Manor without it.

No. 198879

Moids also get really mad when people draw Miquella according to canon (blond long haired little boy with braids) because he isn't manly enough kek

No. 198885

I hate the lack of covenants, especially when there are characters who seem like they would lead them. Ones like Gurranq or even Dung Eater who you have to go return items to just feel like covenant leaders. I miss being a sunbro and a mad phantom.

Why would they get mad about that? He's canonically supposed to have the body of a child because of his curse. Even the statues in the Haligtree depict him as such. Men are so weird.

No. 198908

Do you guys think FS can get away with another souls-like game? Like i've seen people refer to elden ring as being basically dark souls 4, so, do you think if their next game is a "dark souls 5" it will still get hyped or will people finally start to get bored of the formula?

No. 198909

I hope they break off again from the medieval/fantasy stuff and do something either different or a return to something like BB wrt setting. A futuristic sci-fi soulslike would be cool and I know a couple exist but I mean specifically one by From. I wonder if they’ll make something again with mechanics more like Sekiro or if the formula they use now for most games has become so popular they’ll stick with it.

No. 198911

It probably won’t be another massive open world. 10+ years down the road mayyybe. They’ll likely just return to more linear, classical souls and making more dlc.

No. 198914

ER: anons I need a good strike weapon that works with dex for my samurai, preferably with some range. Any suggestions?

No. 198949

It's usually very hard for players to get bored of the same formula, game series in fact lose players when they try to change the basics

No. 198979

who cares, fromsoft elitists are obnoxious fucking faggots with no interesting achievements in their lives so they cling to being "good at dark souls" as a way to look down their nose at everyone else. i'm glad they're mad about it

No. 198985

File: 1650416030698.jpeg (116.73 KB, 1600x900, 18A80DC7-0B6E-4327-B658-7F7108…)

I’d honestly rather watch people like the dude in question who just show good and impressive gameplay w no commentary than listen to endless amounts of manchildren whining about the dude in question. That gets old much faster to me. Even watching streamers who primarily focus on Soulsborne is more interesting because it at least gives me ideas and hope that I can learn to be better. The people hating on him are literally offering nothing.

No. 198994

solo guy is very nice and humble from what i've seen and didn't expect such a response. i think he represents the good parts of fromsoft fandom.

No. 199005

We have a guy like that on the sekiro fandom, his yt channel is ONGBAL. Anyway, guy is a fucking master at sekiro and i've literally never seen hate thrown his way, not even from the elitist weebs that plague the sekiro fandom.

I don't know why elden ring fans are being loudly salty about a guy who has mastered one boss (maybe he has mastered more but his entire shtick is just being awesome at beating malenia if i'm not mistaken)

No. 199010

File: 1650436174959.jpg (65.31 KB, 720x585, fda319fed689edb53ced39dcce7c99…)

Who is your favorite NPC, besides Solaire? Who is your least favorite? What boss do you wish you could've interacted with as an NPC?

No. 199025

File: 1650446626159.jpg (Spoiler Image,206.86 KB, 1216x2048, let me solo.jpg)

The pornification of everything is really really making me annoyed. Picrel.

I decided to have a little break from playing ER, because in Ordina Liturgical Town I just felt so tired. Don't get me wrong: I absolutely love this game but at ~200hrs in I'm really fed up with some shit this game throws at you. I also grinded a lot by killing the sleeping Albinaurics because I felt I didn't do as much damage as I should've done. And yes I get games get harder in later stages but still.

No. 199055

File: 1650461145613.png (260.21 KB, 640x537, 053D8367-064E-4C12-B16D-35CDEE…)

I’m just going with original DS chars for this since you mentioned Solaire. I wish we could have interacted with Artorias or Ornstein as NPCs, even if it was on their deathbeds after their fights. I also wish that Ciaran and Gough had boss fights though, one together might have even been cool if you could fight Ciaran while Gough fires off from his tower. I really like the four knights of Gwyn lol.

As far as actual NPCs, I’m a filthy Lautrec enjoyed. He’s shitty but I enjoy that when it’s fictional men.

No. 199056

File: 1650461663994.jpeg (40.05 KB, 600x320, 82C07A23-B64A-4DFD-B771-1C7CDF…)

Same about the sexualization. It’s just really fucking tiresome because every time we get an interesting female character scrotes have to try and ruin her that way. I finally finished the game a couple days ago and near the end, as much as I enjoyed it, I was just getting tired and ready to be done. I had fun with a couple of the endgame bosses but I’m sort of glad it’s over now. Feel like I can finally look at spoilers and just enjoy exploring leisurely. I believe in you and good luck.

No. 199060

File: 1650461973623.jpg (96.26 KB, 850x877, __blaidd_the_half_wolf_and_dog…)

Can't stop thinking about him, nonnies

No. 199064

File: 1650463411196.png (66.34 KB, 1008x1008, n67q17v8dzt81.png)

Thank you anon. I'll manage, having breaks really helps.

Blaidd is husbando material. Who wouldn't want a tall, loyal knight who can really fuck shit up with his huge ass sword? I died many times to him.

No. 199065

File: 1650463490405.png (232.29 KB, 900x732, EEC4938F-F75F-4E9D-B249-856AC3…)

That pixel art of him is so gorgeous. Saw it the other day and couldn’t stop staring. He has a lovely voice too.

No. 199067

I've tried not to let it bother me. Thinking ugly and smelly scrotes can ruin something because they jerk their flaccid weenies to it gives them too much power. They look pathetic drawing, looking at, saving, and sharing cringy fanart like that. They're only outing themselves among other sad desperate retards. If I was pathetic enough to sexualize every woman I came across like that I'd off myself, it's such a pitiful existence.

No. 199072

I get insanely jealous every time he talks about ranni I wish he would stop

No. 199141

i hate that they took guts desgin and slapped a dead bloody wolfs head that looks like its had a stroke and is already rotting.
the devs making him do a cringe cookie crisp "AWOOO" ruined him for me, but I suppose furries like anything.

No. 199143

I’m nayrt nor a furry but I thought his howling was hilarious bc it just sounds like a guy howling. Gave me micolash flashbacks.

No. 199162

File: 1650496617426.png (273.17 KB, 500x444, tumblr_op2k0wp1411rqai3go1_r1_…)

he is cute. not into him sexually but i understand it now. i also hate furries but i think it's based that furries have absolutely spammed the elden ring tags on porn sites with as much blaidd porn as there is ranni porn. i hope it makes scrotes mad.

fave - least fave:
ds1: patches - lautrec bc duh
ds2: p8 AND cr8 - the annoying bitchy blacksmith forgot his name
ds3: leonhard - the firekeeper because she's insanely boring
bloodborne: eileen - gehrman bc hes a creep
sekiro: wolf - kuro, annoying child
elden ring: varre - melina, annoying boring waifubait

No. 199299

File: 1650554617340.jpg (2.15 MB, 4096x5120, Polish_20220421_172238321.jpg)

On every art of Miquella on reddit, there's at least 10 comments about 'but he's a male child!!1! Too girly!' 'isn't he a guy?' 'miquella looks like a girl in this why'

No. 199305

File: 1650555173852.jpg (768.14 KB, 4096x1744, Polish_20220421_173213749.jpg)

Bonus pedo comments. Peak reddit "humor" . 'unalloyedussy' jesus christ

No. 199310

I think some of these people must not have even played the game. There are statues of the character everywhere in Haligtree and the tree in Malenia’s boss room is also supposed to look like Miquella. He just looks like a little kid with long hair, I don’t understand their whining.

Men really have no shame about anything. The way this kind of language has become so commonplace is so gross to me. I don’t really get up in arms over the Mohg/Miquella storyline because whatever, weird gross shit was expected with GRRM and Miyazaki, but it gets so annoying seeing dudebros act like the only brain they have is in their dick.

No. 199391

No. 199511

he looks like an aged bald man in the egg though? people have clipped through. i don't really get the "he looks like a child thing"

No. 199516

File: 1650634954966.jpg (4.34 MB, 2565x4096, pt2022_04_22_15_39_04.jpg)

>i don't really get the "he looks like a child thing"
Uh haven't you seen all the statues and intro art? He's a small child with long blond hair, he's literally cursed with eternal childhood.
Art of him with Melanie is pre-coccoon of course. What's there not to get?

No. 199533

One of the anons you replied to. This is true, I’ve seen the vids of that, but it’s way down the line after he went into the cocoon and was kidnapped by Mohg. I’m not sure if leaving the Haligtree was a thing that could have broken his curse or something Mohg did since I think one of his intentions was to break the curse. Like the other anon posted though, there are statues of Miquelon everywhere starting from Ordina and the through the Haligtree. I think it’s very safe to say he didn’t always look like he did in the egg, considering the game literally says he was cursed with eternal childhood.

No. 199535

*Miquella, sorry phone typing

No. 199550

That’s not what he looks like anymore… ?? What’s not to get? He won’t look like that when he inevitably comes out of the egg. Statues are not current reality, you know that right?

I’m sure we’ll get DLC of him where he basically looks like Orphan of Kos and probably fights like him too.

No. 199551

File: 1650649133621.jpg (77.66 KB, 1080x1018, FB_IMG_1650636752156[1].jpg)

No. 199587

The art of him is before he went into the cocoon. Usually with Malenia. It's the only canon depiction of him we have. So yeah he looks like a child in the art. Are you having a stroke? You sound like those scrotes that get triggered that people draw him pretty.

No. 199606

I didn’t even read the Reddit caps I just see everyone freaking out over Miquella supposedly looking like a child. He does not anymore. Canon confirms it. Are you mad you can’t jerk off to a shota?

No. 199609

What the fuck

No. 199614

File: 1650665178985.jpeg (147.2 KB, 750x1334, 16D05D60-D0D7-4804-AA57-2C1BC5…)

This is what Miquella looks like. Sorry, pedo.

No. 199615

Yeah and? The fanart of him is when he was still with Malenia and looked like a child, what do you not understand?

No. 199616

Just report and ignore them. They probably just came here to start some shit for whatever reason. All anons were doing was clarifying information.

No. 199621

I’ve seen more degen moids creaming themselves over a “femboywife” than being mad. Stop the blackknighting.

No. 199622

>little boy = femboy
I love it when trap/troon fetishists out themselves as pedophiles

No. 199641

"troon" and "pedophile" are the same word

No. 199644

File: 1650671579280.jpg (546.34 KB, 1200x900, 97512715_p3_master1200.jpg)

i want to see rogier get MOLESTED!

No. 199675

i can't pick favorites but these are the bosses i always look forward to fighting
ds1: gwyn, bed of chaos(unironically), artorias
ds2: pursuer and ivory king
ds3: nameless king and gael
bb: ebrietas and gehrman
er: radahn, godfrey and mohgwyn
still trying to finish sekiro (castle genichiro is still kicking my ass) and never played des sadly

No. 199677

I’m actually curious nona, just because there’s so much hatred for bed of chaos. What makes you like it? I personally love the lore, and the fight didn’t enrage me like a lot of people, but I was still a bit neutral on it.

No. 199678

nta but i don't love bed of chaos, however i also don't hate it and i LOVE izalith even though i know it's totally unfinished and it shows. still huge into the demonic/hell themes, and it all looks awesome.

No. 199680

when i first played ds1, bed of chaos felt unique to what i had fought leading up to lost izalith. i love the platforming and how it felt like a puzzle. (bc i had 0 clue what to do vs the boss) and i could take my sweet time. satisfying in the end for sure
so tldr, nostalgia. looking back i can see why the community dislike it but it does make me feel some joy when i play and fight bed to this day.

No. 199716

I've never got why people raged so much about BoC, yeah it's a bad level design and they were originally planning a more traditional fight, but it dies in three hits that don't reset after death and the path from the bonfire is pretty short iirc. The second asylum demon is way worse because you have to hurt yourself to reach it unless you waste a spell or a ring slot.

Speaking of cut content I keep wondering what they were originally planning to do with Bloodborne, it was supposed to be some kind of sequel to Demon's Souls and there was more focus on Pthumeru/Cainhurst. The final game is still a masterpiece and doesn't suffer from cut content like DS2, but it seemed to go in a more traditional gothic horror way.

No. 199764

File: 1650721257974.jpg (672.45 KB, 1000x1356, tumblr_5a468afaa1742ab1408877a…)

it feels like a meme tbh, just one of those generic and stereotypical things people parrot like pInWhEeL sO eZ (like yes he is but we don't need to have a discussion about it anymore let alone the jokes about him being the hardest boss) or giantdad or havelmom or whatever sort of shit

No. 199772

File: 1650724971640.jpg (294.54 KB, 1169x781, Untitled.jpg)

astonished and endlessly entertained by how retarded men are

No. 199880

File: 1650742008488.jpg (242.97 KB, 946x1527, FMc5-unWUAImKEV.jpg_large.jpg)

I hate scrotoids.

No. 199916

File: 1650753024270.jpg (140.58 KB, 1280x1280, 8pbws0o6v1p81.jpg)

No more talking about worthless 3D, talk more about souls cuties.

No. 199934

File: 1650756946093.png (700.21 KB, 540x700, ABF7C3E9-F68E-4D6B-BE28-7426C1…)

It’s hilarious how much they hate Varré. I hope the fact that he’s popular with women makes them seethe further.

No. 199936

Kek, I don't even play any of these games but it's so entertaining to watch pathetic worthless scrotes seethe this hard at an attractive fictional man that lives rent free in their heads only because he poked fun at losers once. I might even end up playing it thanks to it and this thread tbh.
Is that the artist that draws the coomer comics?

No. 199939

File: 1650760418893.png (Spoiler Image,441.67 KB, 585x587, ew.png)

Varré wasn't even referring to not having a woman in his dialogue, which makes it funnier.
Yes, including the ones with dismemberment, rape, cucholding and death (all in one). He actually made another version of that image sometime afterwards and replaced Varré with a random tarnished because he's that obsessed

No. 199941

File: 1650760788278.jpg (223.88 KB, 1400x1300, tumblr_e511d77966ccf43e3bf470f…)

they are absolutely obsessed wtf lol

No. 199946

File: 1650762246693.jpg (653.46 KB, 1469x1379, Tumblr_l_18315578810147.jpg)

Wish they kept his "go die in a ditch" line in the released game. It was hilarious how much he pissed off the moids during the network test

No. 199947

Oh I thought it was Baalbuddy, I meant "coomer" as in the character. But I've unfortunately seen this guy's art a few times, I hate him

No. 199949

File: 1650762590126.jpg (264.51 KB, 850x1341, __white_faced_varre_elden_ring…)

I haven't even bought the game yet but I was spoiled with his lambkin lines here and I've been obsessed. I can't wait to hear Blaidd's voice everyone keeps talking about, I assume it's like Vilhem's from DS3 hhhhhhh

No. 199950

Damn yeah, Vilhelm’s voice was sexy. Between him, Leonhard, and Eygon idk who had my fav voice of DS3.

No. 199958

File: 1650765751128.jpg (532.38 KB, 1240x1754, tumblr_336770de5d770d020563623…)

blaidd does sound really cute, made me like him a lot even though i initially was like "Who cares about this stupid furry". also his armor is really nice and he's SUPER TALL which helps

No. 199962

Get Seluvis out of the pic and this would be perfect lol

No. 199970

File: 1650769477413.jpg (92.81 KB, 1093x681, FQTzOL4aIAI41FY.jpg)

Nobody likes Seluvis… (other than me and that one artist who husbandos him)

No. 199972

i like the porn of him that one artist does, but he needs to keep the helmet on cuz he ugly af under it

No. 199973

File: 1650771424805.jpg (222.67 KB, 938x635, Untitled.jpg)

kinda horny tbh

No. 199974

File: 1650772802055.png (1.06 MB, 923x1101, f201ccdd594b_brigandine boy.pn…)

You mean Hamfoot? I love their art (and their writings) assuming it's not trannyshit, which it usually isnt.

No. 199976

I didn’t expect to see another Hamfoot enjoyer here.

No. 199977

File: 1650774275717.png (1.22 MB, 887x1066, f76924dfb7c9_plumes.png)

I even edited some of their art to de-trannify it. I'd say I'm proud. (literally just took a dick from one of their other works, copied and pasted it onto the tranny art and did minimal cleanup work)

No. 199978

no hamfoot is totally based minus the trannyshit like many good artists who are sadly blinded by their mental illness and think other people want to see mutated genitals


No. 199981

They fr changed that line? It was the best fucking part! Is it really gone forever or can you still trigger it?

No. 199982

Nah, it was removed after the network test unfortunately. Not sure why. A couple weeks ago the removed the line “You have the sweetest scream, my Lambkin,” but it was put back in. I saw multiple people test to make sure it was actually gone and yeah. Don’t know if it was a mistake or what.

No. 199983

oh well, RIP

It was such a classy way of saying "lmao bitchless, kys" and i will forever treasure it

No. 199984

File: 1650781183185.jpeg (155.58 KB, 600x637, DEE89123-79A4-4D62-A001-1598A2…)

Agreed. It should have stayed!

No. 200075

File: 1650818554140.png (718.31 KB, 711x1090, 1650761622093.png)

>A couple weeks ago the removed the line “You have the sweetest scream, my Lambkin,”

what the fuck?? i heard that maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago bc i finished the game recently. why the hell would they remove that it was so good?

No. 200080

I haven't played or plan to play Elden Ring but this character is so cute and his design is so appealing that I wouldn't mind playing someday… or maybe just watching a playthrough. How big's the download?

No. 200088

They put it back in but I have no idea why it was removed for a bit.

No. 200090

it's huge, and the game itself is huge, so i feel like watching a LP would be kind of boring? spoken as someone who enjoys LPs. you should really try it for yourself

No. 200131

File: 1650832950254.jpg (510.02 KB, 1376x1808, FQhnukDaQAE4qQv.jpg)

any miquella/mohg loving fujos here? i haven't gotten to mohg yet (i actually rage uninstalled after dying to mobs in caelid lmao) but i plan to pick it up again in the summer

No. 200132

spoiler but miquella is also st. trina, who is said to be androgynous/feminine. that's probably what they're referring to

No. 200139

File: 1650834102269.png (4.31 MB, 1280x1642, CD779630-00F5-4923-A10E-48B3EC…)

I’m ok with it. I prefer Varré’s obsession he has for Mohg though (and the strange sort of love triangle that it makes). His desperate devotion is hot. I’ve seen a surprising amount of people enjoying Miquella x Mohg though and of course all the discourse that follows. I’m old so that kind of thing doesn’t really bother me. There’s a lot of good content for it out there, esp from JP fujos.

No. 200141

i don't find little boys attractive so no. i'd prefer mohg/the gross thing in the egg that miquella is now.

femboys are disgusting

i agree i dont ship mohg and varre fucking but i love an obsessed character

No. 200143

File: 1650834996191.jpg (554.86 KB, 1862x2048, s.jpg)

who is your NUMBER ONE fromsoft husbando, anons? the one who you'd choose above all others?

mine is picrel. he always sticks out to me because ds1 was my first and he's the first person you meet to be really genuinely nice to you. it takes a lot of strength to not be a piece of shit in lordran.

i also prefer when artists draw him as sort of builtfat, so muscular but with a soft belly. so cute.

No. 200144

File: 1650835068177.png (889.61 KB, 800x805, FFPN4qnaUAAhJxl.png)

jp/krn fujos are definitely based. western ones barely exist these days – the fandom over here is totally chock full of normies and troons and worse.

>the gross thing in the egg that miquella is now
well ackshully there's no confirmation that he looks like that; it's a generic corpse model used throughout the game.
i kind of hope he's some kind of butterfly (moth?) monstrosity. but still in a cute way like my husbando gwyndolin
>femboys are disgusting
each to their own i guess!

No. 200145

gwyndolinfags are the worst

No. 200146

it's like ~60-ish GB. totally warranted though as the game is fucking massive

No. 200148

File: 1650835273125.jpg (272.7 KB, 880x737, tumblr_o6vi7dEtXA1qhksomo1_128…)

solaire will never love you

No. 200149

>every single named character has a distinct face
>even enemy invaders
>n-nooo, they just used a generic model for miquella, he totally looks like a 10 year old still!

No. 200150

File: 1650835388350.jpeg (195.16 KB, 800x788, EA19887D-338B-4D59-9BB4-FA9C59…)

Is that Sleepy’s art? It’s always really good for FS boys, and I like a Solaire with a bit of belly too. I think my favorite husbando is NK but mainly because of all the people who draw him really hot and give him a fun personality before he betrayed Gwyn. I’d like to party with him and Ornstein.

No. 200151

NK is so hot. love him.

No. 200152

File: 1650835468810.jpeg (264.06 KB, 1000x1400, DEF7E41D-A6E6-4885-B85D-2353B2…)

Me too nona. One of my fav FS boys of all time.

No. 200155

Why do some bitches make bara tits look so female-like. Such a turn off.

No. 200156

File: 1650835676580.jpeg (30.43 KB, 720x727, ddc.jpeg)

helps that his fight is spectacular too. totally worthy of being the firstborn. for all of ds3's flaws, i'm so glad we finally got that bit of canon wrapped up.
im also gross and enjoy his corpse form, but i can take him either way

confirmed for never looking at juicy gymbro bodies

No. 200158

File: 1650835856377.jpeg (146.06 KB, 1024x724, 4C09C3EC-544E-48EA-9147-E7A1C6…)

Yeah, honestly wouldn’t say no to his corpse form either. Wouldn’t say no if he had replaced giant Gwynevere either.

No. 200159

File: 1650835986029.png (769.38 KB, 773x899, FQt41yQVIAA-DXi.png)

i never said i wanted him to look like a ten year old (i'd prefer a bishonen/another femboy like lothric or gwyn or something), but even in the art of mohg stealing him his arm is much longer than a child's arm, so one can guess he was in the process of getting an adult body…if he doesn't have it already. data miners have also found deleted assets for what was meant to be a miquella model, in game, so.

if i find the reddit post that highlighted the fact that the model for his corpse was reused elsewhere (multiple times) i'll definitely share it here.

No. 200160

That’s a cute pic. I wish they had just made him another bishie to be honest. Then at least people wouldn’t be sperging out as much. Men would still be upset, but that would be a plus really.

No. 200163


No. 200164

File: 1650836576352.jpg (131.44 KB, 1400x908, FQ60ceEVEAAqFBB.jpg)

https://www.reddit.com/r/Eldenring/comments/u33tfj/til_that_miquella_and_morgotts_body_are_the_same/ here's one of them. i'm kind of the opinion that it was just a lazy-quick solution/you weren't ever meant to see inside of the cocoon. makes sense when you realize tons of content was cut out for release or straight up removed/left unfinished/etc., imo.

the only "people" mad are westerners, to be fair

No. 200166

File: 1650836680335.jpg (784.09 KB, 3548x3000, gezuma_ on twitter.jpg)

I like it although I find the discourse in the western fandom to be exhausting. Japanese and Korean fans are way more chill. Varré/Mohg is also good

No. 200170

Yeah I know. People would be a lot happier if they stopped trying to virtue signal all the time and just let themselves enjoy the ships and characters instead of engaging in morality battles. Western fandom is tiring in general.

No. 200177

it's not DiScOuRsE to not want to thirst over a character described as "eternally youthful" lol cope pedofaggots.

No. 200181

File: 1650838778486.jpg (512.56 KB, 2048x1258, FQQfNO2UcAIfcrS.jpg)

exactly, video game gods aren't real people. hope a dlc is released in the future so we can get a more accurate look at whatever's going on with miquella.
kind of hope there'll be weird time bullshit and mohg will make a reappearance too, but it's whatever

No. 200183

Mohg looks so handsome here!

No. 200184

File: 1650839231802.png (672.8 KB, 900x451, tumblr_nm5l5h9NEd1rn9ge0o9_r1_…)

It's gotta be Navlaan for me.

No. 200186

File: 1650839304302.jpg (509.64 KB, 1126x1916, FQA84c3aAAIqN-5.jpg)

the artist is @NNg3107

No. 200187

I thought he had a super interesting concept. I wish From would do something like that again.

No. 200188

File: 1650839321141.jpg (130.23 KB, 828x1002, porn_sickness_19.jpg)

No. 200190

File: 1650840015959.jpg (110.58 KB, 564x773, bf469de4ea6f25a88d9e5d21b088ba…)

Solaire will always be #1 in my heart

Same! The amount of cut content involving Miquella and Malenia is kind of depressing. I wonder what happened during the game's development that caused them to axe Miquella's ending and focus more on Ranni

No. 200191

File: 1650840099728.jpg (187.13 KB, 1280x758, tumblr_pn0s5qqJGC1r94fjeo1_128…)

based ds2 enjoyer

based truther, stop whining

No. 200192

Not sure, but I wish I found Ranni more interesting. Her design is really pretty and I enjoy her voice but I don’t really care about her any more than that.

No. 200197

File: 1650840719148.jpeg (171.41 KB, 756x1200, 37F2D80E-83DE-41DC-859F-73CC9D…)

Ty nonna!

No. 200206

File: 1650842807060.jpg (112.91 KB, 745x492, Untitled.jpg)

i really love the raging wolf set and the fact they chose it as the "default" tarnished, fromsoft always knocks it out of the park with the protag gear but this one is especially good. it will look great as a statue.

No. 200208

File: 1650843274704.png (1.06 MB, 800x1124, E81849AC-78AE-4C3B-AC9A-5FBCB5…)

It looks really nice. I find it interesting though that they used the Fingerprint Armor (Vyke’s set) on the cover, since he was apparently on track to become Elden Lord before us.

No. 200210

File: 1650843801750.jpg (73.72 KB, 680x680, EWuGwf_WAAY3WMM.jpg)

Darklurker is actually the #1 character who's stood out to me the most all these years later but Navlaan wins by having actual characterization. It's a shame he's such an extremely obscure character in-game and in all of Soulsborne bc his design is absolutely beautiful.
>That fic where Pate mocks Creighton by acting like he's proposing when giving back the ring, puts it on his ring finger and tears his lips on the thorns while kissing it
DS2 enjoyers unite.

No. 200211

File: 1650843934608.jpg (459.74 KB, 2254x2063, FN0b7kEVsAAJ6kK.jpg)

i think i'd like ranni a lot more if my view of her wasn't tainted by scrotes. i've seen one too many coomer images of her (which is really odd to me because isn't her body like, a doll's body?)

maybe miquella's stuff was harder to implement? i get the vibe he was meant to be a secret boss. afaik you don't actually fight ranni – her larping as her mom aside

No. 200213

File: 1650844627657.jpeg (209.1 KB, 1152x2048, 6B06FCCC-465E-475C-8614-486A46…)

Yeah. The scrotes turning her into an hourglass sex doll is just tiring to see day in and day out. I think I could deal with seeing Ranni porn if it was on model at least.

No. 200215

File: 1650844850318.png (1.77 MB, 1220x1419, Miquella.png)

There's content in the files that was cut from the game involving Miquella and his association with dreams. It'll probably end up as a DLC. At least, I hope so. Him, Malenia and the Haligtree are my favorite parts of the game, and some of the most interesting pieces of the story. It would be a shame if they never expanded on it.

And yes there is an unfortunate amount of off-model art of Ranni.

No. 200217

File: 1650846001472.jpg (750.89 KB, 922x1356, tumblr_1b9cebe0cc7c188530217fa…)

>i think i'd like ranni a lot more if my view of her wasn't tainted by scrotes
same. i like her concept a lot. i try to just pay attention to her in canon instead of fandom.
i also just pretend she has no interest in men.

No. 200228

File: 1650849840327.jpg (404.27 KB, 2048x1152, 1650847654072.jpg)

for the mohgfags

No. 200235

File: 1650851771746.png (85.48 KB, 662x419, Capture.PNG)

Yeah I'm assuming it was harder to implement or they switched to Ranni for waifu bait. There's datamined dialogue that suggests that they had planned a Ranni-esque ending for Miquella where you would become Elden Lord in his name

God the sex doll jokes are so tiresome. I know scrotes will stick their dicks into anything but she is literally a mannequin

No. 200238

nonny who is the artist?

No. 200252

Nta but the artist is tendermiasma/suzannart

No. 200267

fucking gross

No. 200272

File: 1650863958371.png (2.77 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (369).png)

good shit
my tarnished looks just like that btw now i feel kind of lame (i know this doesn't show his face but this message made me lol)

No. 200273

File: 1650864047380.jpg (450.83 KB, 1448x2048, FQvjZplXwAQHePA.jpg)

>robbed of a miquella malewife ending

No. 200280

File: 1650867447875.jpg (80.16 KB, 1000x600, 5850439247231.jpg)

The transition from pure sweetheart to psychotic murderer really does it for me

No. 200281

Bump don't scroll

No. 200285

File: 1650868535616.jpg (91.29 KB, 900x613, ht8myikokqx71.jpg)

I want to have violent SEX with Rogier. I want to crush him with repeated blunt force. I want to break him down on a cellular level. I want to flatten his dick. I want him to apologize to me for provoking me. His feeble voice and sweet soft demeanor as I defile him will make me want to defile him even more. I want to bite into his flesh. I want to eat him. I want to choke him until he turns all red and starts drooling. I am getting cute-aggression but also horny. Rogier…

No. 200287

I would do young Isshin, he's got that swagger

No. 200288

File: 1650868922942.jpg (Spoiler Image,169.85 KB, 1472x1274, FRHYVscaMAAT4Z4.jpg)

Thanks for saving what I posted there, anon…

No. 200291

Anon pls be gentle he’s fragile

No. 200293

File: 1650871118243.jpg (370.88 KB, 1696x2203, FRHxLoTaQAYoEfw.jpg)

Cut voice lines imply it was planned for you to talk to Mohg without fighting.

No. 200294

File: 1650871377237.jpeg (249.96 KB, 1444x2048, 9585A0C3-3833-4111-A6D8-C42352…)

I want to marry varre, and instead of wedding rings, we chop each other’s fingers off.
Also, am I the only one who feels there’s something missing to his quest? After he gives us the item that teleports us to mohg’s area, he tells us to wait when the time is right. He then leaves the game. I wish we had a lord of blood ending. To the mohgwyn dynasty with love!
(Sorry for double post I choose the wrong picture the first time)
Don’t break my heart nonna. Has anyone tried to mod it back? Thanks for the info

No. 200301

his fragility is the appeal

No. 200319

Is that what he does in the game? Cuts your finger off?

No. 200320

File: 1650885718301.png (11.47 KB, 200x200, EDDA63DF-CFE0-4CF3-9D5E-ED224F…)

Nayrt, but I thought he was injecting you with blood, but it also seems people thinks he cuts your finger off because of the item you get. It looks like there is just blood put under the nail to look at the item though.

No. 200321

File: 1650885761401.png (Spoiler Image,748.42 KB, 1068x1400, 97711151_p2.png)

Unsure. I imagine it as something like this.

No. 200342

same! god he's cute

people say he cuts your finger off but you'd assume your player model would reflect that since miyazaki is big on details (eyes changing color based on actions, you can get permanent burn scars if you go for a certain ending that stay for the rest of your playthrough etc)

it's most likely these

his quest feels cut as fuck. why are we forced to invade and kill him? why are we forced to kill mohg? i thought it was going to be a special ending too. all of it ends pretty abruptly and without much choice.

No. 200346

I wanted a Lord of Blood sort of ending as an option but oh well. I also don’t really get why we are the one to invade Varré. It seems like it’d make more sense if he invaded us once he realized we were making our way to Mohg in order to kill him. The quest did feel like it needed another step or something. It would have been cool to have someway to get him out of his cult mentality and have him as a summon for the boss too (idk how that would work but I want to imagine it).

No. 200404

File: 1650900092835.jpg (171.74 KB, 915x866, 280.jpg)

Surprised no one has mentioned him as their husbando yet

No. 200406

File: 1650900611001.jpeg (282.17 KB, 1200x1400, 10820911-08CD-44EE-922A-8B1B27…)

I like Artorias but I like Ornstein more, especially when people draw him as a bishie.

No. 200410

would not be surprised if there was meant to be an ending for every outer god + miquella and we just didn't get it because of time crunches or whatever

No. 200413

>the rebirth of miquella the empyrean draws close
>to the nurturing chalice of miquella the empyrean
huhhh who is this by the way? it doesn't sound like mohg

No. 200417

That’s kind of hot

No. 200433

It is Mohg.

No. 200476

File: 1650913294373.jpg (1.33 MB, 1276x836, 1594789773589.jpg)

Based. Alfred is perfect.

No. 200575

File: 1650926664176.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1082x748, 4832098403297.png)

I felt myself converting to the whole eroguro movement after experiencing his questline (intestines/blood/man tiddy warning for the sensitive nonies)

No. 200583

File: 1650928633478.jpg (365.21 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_8dedf71a44208a25eb4bf4a…)

artorias is gorgeous but if we're talking husband material, my fave knight of gwyn has to be gough
totally not due to a size diff fetish or anything
(i want him to frot his dick against my entire body)

No. 200597

File: 1650931785866.jpg (302.66 KB, 1079x1388, Screenshot_20220426-020931_Gal…)

Good that they made him kinda hot under his mask

No. 200600

I love you. I wouldn’t fuck him but he deserves more love for being awesome and sweet and badass.

No. 200629

File: 1650944641282.jpg (167.69 KB, 1000x786, 17-19-24-__ludwig_the_accursed…)

Ludwig. Either human or horse-monster, he is still a sweetheart.

No. 200634

Damn girl you freaky but I respect it

No. 200640

File: 1650948026460.jpg (205.05 KB, 1400x1000, tumblr_d8a1271a7fe284c487dd4d0…)

he IS such a badass. "now watch see how gough hunts dragons" oh SIR. also i think sex with him would be really fun like i said. just imagine a cock as big as your body, giving it all the love you can WITH your entire body. and then he picks you up and just puts your lower half in his mouth and makes you orgasm from his tongue. it would be so awesome. i love him

No. 200642

I was wondering how one could possibly make this work but tbh you've really sold it with that description. Hot

No. 200647

I like some of the art where it looks like a darker, tragic Totsukuni no Shoujo but for a bunch of reasons I don't believe Miquella looks like a child and I really don't enjoy the art that gets hornier and is basically pedarasty.
I was of the opinion that fujos are alright but then I saw this post

No. 200650

correction: I don't believe he looks like a child currently, if Mohg got his way and popped a conscious Miquella out of that egg he would look all deformed and nasty.

No. 200655


No. 200672

Ew? You guys are sick

No. 200676

What's based about pedoshit? Wtf

No. 200680

File: 1650965947987.jpeg (39.03 KB, 614x767, 1F7229A4-EB30-4693-A63E-61B34F…)

The Miquella in the intro cutscene always looked like picrel to me, I didn’t even realize he was meant to be a child kek

No. 200681

Music made him lose control

No. 200703

kill yourself scrotebrain

No. 200705

Why can't you spoiler that shit

No. 200734

Harry potter is a children’s series, if kids can handle seeing lumpy fetus voldemort, so can you

No. 200771

File: 1650991718084.jpg (2.8 MB, 2000x3108, FRRKoi0aMAA6r1X.jpg)

twink miquella will win

No. 200800

File: 1650995269719.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

Sigh, I just feel bad for you, you clearly suffer from some extreme fujo brain rot to think that a character who look like a little boy with long hair to be paired up with a giant monster, like christ idk how one even reaches that point where you think this is alright and sexy
I know I'm not gonna ever change your mind but you could at least spoiler your images, cause I don't wanna see childlike character in sexual positions

No. 200802

I completely agree sis

No. 200803

Nayrt, but person drawn more like an adult sitting down is sexual?

No. 200806

No. 200809

File: 1650996084700.png (197.64 KB, 557x565, face_shot.png)

well still looks like a child, you really wanna convince me that this is an adult man

No. 200818

It looks like a bishie imo. I don’t really have a dog in this fight bc I don’t care that much about Miquella, but the pic isn’t really sexual at all.

No. 200821

Looks like a he got a little too much botox in that egg is what it looks like. But seriously ew.

No. 200822

Is that griffith

No. 200823

I dont play elden ring but he kinda looks like grifith imo. Pretty anime boy.

No. 200824

kek sorry for the samefag but grifith was the first thing that also popped into my mind

No. 200825

nta but that literally stands for beautiful boy

No. 200828

he looks like a 9-12 year old

No. 200829

So is every bishie dude in anime a child? Who even cares, the image was still not worth getting into a tizzy for. If you don’t like it, just ignore the people who post it. They seem to be doing it to make people upset and will continue if you keep giving it attention. Also please learn to sage.

No. 200830

this is /m/ there's barely any activity, so even saging doesn't have a point, also doesn't disprove my point, a character who canonically like a little boy being paired up with a huge monster is not a matter of personal opinion, If you think this is cute or alright, you must suffer form severe yaoi brain rot

No. 200833

Stop arguing with faggot miquella pedos and just post sexy MEN instead.

No. 200834

File: 1650999252498.png (717.09 KB, 613x899, FQJp17HaIAYoID9.png)

he's a literal god who invented magic in his setting and has lived for hundreds and hundreds of years. why are you guys so autistic

No. 200835

hell he doesn't even look like a child in 90% of the fanart posted here. stop sperging out over shit you hate

No. 200836

hmmm i think that is a drawing

No. 200837

File: 1650999432623.png (75.35 KB, 185x185, durr.png)

this is what porn sickness, sure you not even 1/100th as bad as the usual scrote but you are fucked up and suffer from an addiction
are you really using "she looks like a 9 year old but she's actually a 5000 year old dragon" excuse, like seriously
y'all should start dating loli and trap-fags, cause you all use 90% of the same rhetoric

No. 200841

File: 1650999644206.jpeg (132.15 KB, 2047x1152, A86F6AF0-8AEA-4161-9D92-DAE23A…)

i got you queen, disgusting pedo trapfags gtfo

No. 200842

and you types never have an actual argument past "uhhh icky wicky!!!"

No. 200844

Pedo out pls stop shitting up the thread no one else here agrees with you

No. 200846

File: 1651000080967.png (709.92 KB, 899x899, FQt41yRUcAAQ1RS.png)

the only people "shitting up the thread" are you retards who can't ignore posts you dislike. e.g. we would not have be having this discussion if you knew how to be an adult, and keep scrolling past images that personally offend you, or engage in ESL-tier spergs like this >>200800

anyway this will be my last reply (personally) to complainerfags – i'm also not going to stop talking about or posting miquella, so…have fun seething, i guess!

No. 200847

File: 1651000088744.jpeg (158.08 KB, 2048x1962, E0EC2DB1-0E69-4B9F-AAE1-C4430D…)

Shut up there are plenty of arguments against pedophilia don’t act like a retard

No. 200848

ok pedo

No. 200849

I agree with her. the boy is cute and I don't see how she's anymore pornsick than anyone else itt.

No. 200850

because everyone else is posting adult men and “she” keeps posting a little boy? are you dumb?

No. 200851

exactly. girlies were drooling over alfred earlier (guy who gruesomely killed a woman and bragged about it). i guess that's okay? but sfw images and liking a ship that's (physically, as he is an adult mentally) aged-up is "pedophilic"? go back to twitter

No. 200853

>actually he may look 10 but he’s 10000 years old
>it’s aged up it can’t be bad
>go back to twitter if you don’t like pedoshit
Literal moidtier copes

No. 200854

>go back to twitter
as if twitter isnt a pedo sanctuary kek maybe you should go back to twitter you'd fit right in

No. 200860

File: 1651001937406.jpeg (252.33 KB, 1000x1400, 3F8646CD-0BC6-4593-98BF-A50685…)

This thread is becoming insufferable.

No. 200861

it's literally just two retards who need to go back to twitter/learn how to ignore things

No. 200863

File: 1651002849588.jpg (92.85 KB, 590x590, human_male_anatomy_00_590x590_…)

off topic but I feel like people who make comics like this have never interacted with a muscular human(man or woman) even in their lives, its really telling

No. 200864

File: 1651003112045.jpeg (123.17 KB, 1000x1031, 7D8A6C10-E121-469D-94E1-CEFEC2…)

He’s literally wearing a chest plate idk what to tell you. Here’s another from that artist, seems fine to me.

No. 200867

Are you an artist?

No. 200871

What makes you think that? It looks fine to me too

No. 200872

Lc culture is against pedos, go back or integrate

No. 200875

and why does that suddenly make her pornsick, twitterfag? I don't understand. you act like she's spamming literal shota porn. it's fluffy ship art unlike the stuff featuring the older male characters.

this, that "pro vs anti" crap has no place here. it does seem to be only those 2 twitterfag anons.

No. 200877

you forgot the part where she literally comes back to life as if nothing had ever happened, we stan an immortal queen

No. 200879

miquella x malenia is better, sorry mohgfags.

No. 200894

is there art or fic of rogier being raped?

No. 200895

you’ve never seen pillowy muscletits? they’re heavenly

No. 200896

You dumb fucking pedos always use this argument and it’s always weak, kill yourself, no one here likes you. Try the ER thread on 4chan if you want to post about your thirst for children.

No. 200906

File: 1651008873964.png (6.41 KB, 335x187, varre.png)

>bunch of retards arguing shit that has been talked about to death
>im just slowly scrolling through my varre folder which has recently surpassed 700 images
feels good

No. 200907

oh nonny please spam some varre art and cleanse this thread of its spergy chimpouts i beg of you

No. 200910

File: 1651009484382.jpg (268.16 KB, 2333x1010, FRGlCr6VsAAXpvo.jpg)

So be it.

No. 200911

That's incest?

No. 200912

File: 1651009609329.jpg (838.57 KB, 1500x1142, tl.jpg)

"Bloodstained white gown of the war surgeons who were effectively mercy killers. Of the surgeons that were abducted by the Lord of Blood none were able to tame the accursed blood. None but Varré, that is; though he was an exception."

No. 200927

Post art of adult men to kill a pedo.

No. 200956

File: 1651015222947.jpg (465.42 KB, 2048x1900, 1649804947526.jpg)

he is so based. moids will never understand the urge to help him find true love by holding him closely and intimately

No. 200976

File: 1651017018481.jpg (284.57 KB, 1213x1017, 3722248 - Crestfallen_Merchant…)

i wanna violate the crestfallen merchant and his big fat hairy ass

No. 200978

File: 1651017461946.jpg (482.15 KB, 1667x1200, 20220422_111524.jpg)

My true love is for the D sibs.

No. 200979

File: 1651017547441.jpg (236.49 KB, 1397x2048, FQyj7KpUYAISEr7.jpg)

i just sort of stumbled on d's brother in nokstella, gave him a piece of armor or something and then he disappeared?

No. 200980

File: 1651017551318.jpg (175.99 KB, 941x1500, 20220323_002627.jpg)

Glad to see Fromsoft continues to deliver on the cursed twins who share a soul. Delicious.

No. 200995

redpill me on these two

No. 200998

File: 1651018347329.jpg (80.63 KB, 840x936, E-F7GmoVQAUdkFP.jpg)

these two are another good ship westerners seethe over. like all (most) fromsoft characters, i wish there was more content involving them. a lorebook or something.

No. 201000

Please grace us with more delightful Varre art, anon-sama

No. 201002

File: 1651018736330.jpg (112.21 KB, 977x648, Screenshot_20220426-211329_Chr…)

Based Lothric twins enjoyer. They were also my favorite part of DS3. Underrated ship.

No. 201009

File: 1651019217280.jpeg (228.65 KB, 790x1200, 1724FECB-A89F-43A4-988B-07AA31…)

Yessssss. I know other nonnies don’t like Lautrec but I love that D’s armor has a similar vibe.

No. 201011

He will be back if you keep going with Fia’s questline. You will get the armor back too, so yay.

No. 201017

I read an extremely good fic about them. Had to look for it but I think it was called “Rejecting Martyrdom”. The author also posted a version without the more incestual stuff if that bothers you (which kind of weird but I think it fits the characters). Idk if people like fic recommendations but it was long and stood out to me since it was really good.

No. 201020

File: 1651019801084.jpg (172.53 KB, 1365x1005, IMG_20200803_214012.jpg)

Thanks for the fic rec nona, will definitely read. It's sad how little content there is for the Lothric twins, it's the same for the D twins so far. They're really underrated, their boss fight in DS3 is really good and tragic.

No. 201022

File: 1651019830227.jpg (Spoiler Image,549.14 KB, 1097x1525, IMG_20200803_214055.jpg)

Also this artist has really good fromsoft art.

No. 201029

File: 1651021211322.jpeg (106.04 KB, 1280x1280, EDDF78B7-EEB4-4C96-BA6A-D9D029…)

Oh damn, very nice.

No. 201032

nothing wrong with incest if they're consenting adults, nice strawman pedofaggot

No. 201035

File: 1651022333626.jpeg (131.18 KB, 899x740, 5E2CB38B-4FC5-424E-A15A-A68BFC…)

At least she’s posting some content instead of just whining.

No. 201036

File: 1651022822707.jpg (33.06 KB, 450x450, grumpy-cat-copywriting-450x450…)

Idk what's going on in this thread but
>nothing wrong with incest if they're consenting adults

No. 201042

File: 1651024800090.jpg (67.99 KB, 580x640, IMG_20180509_092204.jpg)

That's right.

No. 201043

you're enjoying derailing the thread trying to tell everyone that it's ok to jerk off to art of little kids. kys moid

No. 201044

who's the artist, nonna? love their style, esp the black and white

No. 201048

File: 1651025878427.jpg (1.09 MB, 2048x1638, FKhShdlagAA-v9b.jpg)

man the p2p connection in this game sucks ass

No. 201049

File: 1651025994102.jpg (247.59 KB, 1426x2044, 20220426_230630.jpg)

Artist is Norasame, @3m_0l on twitter.

No. 201058

can i have the names of these ships pls ty

No. 201062

File: 1651027478843.jpeg (159.81 KB, 1070x1305, 1D168C70-EA9B-4B76-849E-695873…)

I’m a woman and no, I won’t. I’m not derailing when I’m actively posting things that are on topic. If you don’t like it then just leave the thread.

No. 201066

File: 1651028372768.jpg (108.51 KB, 1005x628, Screenshot_20220426-235835_Gal…)

First are the D twins from Elden Ring, second are the Lothric twins from Dark souls 3.

No. 201067

What terms do I need to use to get the ship images.

No. 201068

File: 1651028947167.jpg (1.19 MB, 2000x1979, 20220422_104618.jpg)

I don't know of any ship terms, but searching the character names together on pixiv is always a good bet.

No. 201070

This is really cute!

No. 201071

The Japanese Pixiv Encyclopedia probably has a list of ship tags.
Also, sage your posts if you're not contributing anything, newfriend.

No. 201073

File: 1651031146405.jpg (347.17 KB, 1200x619, 鲤里lily on pixiv.jpg)

Love this horrible little man. I want to bully him

No. 201076

File: 1651032107122.png (272.3 KB, 870x573, tumblr_ogolkuOgrz1qhksomo1_128…)

big fan of these two too, even though content for them is rarer than anything else.

here's an account: https://twitter.com/irithyll_soup from here, just poke through likes/rts/etc.

No. 201082

welp it was fun while it lasted til the little boy fetishists came in. RIP

No. 201086

Short male does not equal a boy.

No. 201091

File: 1651037384621.jpg (101.5 KB, 645x481, 111.jpg)

he is literally cursed to look like a little boy, plus his twin sister was a tall and built woman so If he was allowed to grow old, he'd likely be a tall man at least

No. 201100

I love this so much, I need more

No. 201104

have sex

No. 201111

Are we talking about Gwyndolin? Dude has literal tiddies

No. 201120

This is excellent, thank you for sharing good Varre art nonnie

No. 201126

File: 1651042026270.jpg (1.48 MB, 1185x2000, FRQleWVacAAMzip.jpg)

good morning

No. 201129

bless you nonna

No. 201132

File: 1651042828087.jpeg (27.11 KB, 393x457, E4F28E89-AB68-46A6-9413-633FA5…)

Don’t tease us nonna. Be a good tarnished and upload the file somewhere.

No. 201134

File: 1651042897744.jpeg (331.57 KB, 1252x1636, 5D5D952C-4B47-48D2-AABD-E96A79…)

Good morning lambkins!

No. 201137

File: 1651043129448.jpg (945.87 KB, 1258x2000, FRQlh2iagAASC_k.jpg)

No. 201155

File: 1651044006081.png (19 MB, 3333x2950, livingjars.png)

Picrel is blessed.

No. 201160

I thought Rogier was a blonde for some reason but this is fine too
I miss NK and remember dying to him multiple times deliberately after long fights because I didn't want to kill him and have to wait until the next NG cycle to see him again

No. 201163

File: 1651044282573.jpg (647.28 KB, 2048x1874, 1650577902312.jpg)

why is everyone in this thread so thirsty

No. 201206

Are you the same anon who is saying on /m/ that howl also looks like a 9 year old? This thread is so weird, im glad i dont play this game this fandom looks cursed. Accusing someone of being a pedo because they post fan art of a pretty anime character kek.

No. 201214

File: 1651047024801.jpg (279.12 KB, 1300x1854, FRR9U1XVgAE7qem.jpg)

the existence of the characters in your pic dont help.Especially imposter isofeka.

No. 201218

File: 1651047346969.jpg (109.78 KB, 850x1414, sample-a0376ddedd46764e32bb023…)

how could we not be??

No. 201219

I was hoping someone would post some good Gascoigne thirst material, thank you

No. 201221

From Software makes a lot of hot, mysterious, typically not too toxically masculine characters. With sexy voices

No. 201235

File: 1651048727663.jpg (442.6 KB, 2048x1518, FRSp1NIVUAEScs0.jpg)

I love this genre of fromsoft male. Other than these two I know of no others Kaathe doesn't count, he's ugly Would Annalise count?
Exactly, even their crazier characters, Alfred and, to a lesser extent, Solaire, don't come across as toxic. The voices are a massive part of why I find them so attractive. Vilhelm being the only exception. I love knights loyal to their ladies, but his voice is too gravely for my tastes.

No. 201238

File: 1651048835966.jpg (482.57 KB, 1462x2048, FRRKHhbVUAE1gZ4.jpg)

Hope none of you mind the Leonard/Varre spam

No. 201243

please keep it coming

No. 201244

File: 1651049374142.jpg (174.83 KB, 1201x1695, FQhRvhLVkAQrYQU.jpg)

Ask and ye shall receive.

No. 201245

this is so beautiful omg

No. 201247

File: 1651049567550.jpg (129.31 KB, 875x1539, FRSp1NJVcAEap18.jpg)

No. 201248

File: 1651049691421.jpg (86.29 KB, 839x839, FQinlyvUYAE63Re.jpg)

And that's it. For now, at least. Hopefully I'll find more.

No. 201252

File: 1651050770878.png (5.19 MB, 2657x1693, feedmemore.png)

thank you nonna, please share more if you find some, I need it

No. 201258

File: 1651051317315.jpg (543.33 KB, 1746x2510, FRLkv9qaUAEm5bT.jpg)

Don't mention it. I love that insatiable fat fuck

No. 201285

File: 1651055529314.jpeg (561.12 KB, 1277x2048, FQYot1taQAEyMFR.jpeg)

>Other than these two I know of no others
doujun? it makes me blush when he calls you "my dear shinobi" so softly.

No. 201286

File: 1651055603020.jpeg (581.79 KB, 1952x1554, EABFD8E9-C51C-439C-81FA-5E427A…)

Rogier a cute.

No. 201290

File: 1651056155583.jpeg (141.19 KB, 890x641, 80085AB0-BE49-462D-8C61-AFF333…)

I majorly misfired with what I was replying to so let me try again (it’s too early). I love them too, and all the Gwyn kids. I think NK seems like he would have been really fun and a good brother before he fucked off to Archdragon Peak. But good for him. And good for Ornstein too. Gwyn sucks but I could talk about his firstborn son all day.

Idk why they’re being drawn together but I love both of them so I’m very here for it.

No. 201292

File: 1651056360789.jpeg (118.35 KB, 650x727, 85FC6BB6-4D2A-4C16-9107-7D3D46…)

And I want to say NKstein is a very good ship with a lot of good art.

No. 201293

File: 1651056383425.jpeg (581.2 KB, 1699x1850, 92989F49-BA42-4175-A7C5-6F1555…)

No. 201294

File: 1651056413104.jpeg (116.38 KB, 752x753, A42806DA-2A11-4E2C-B6CE-2F3D22…)

Ok I’m done for now!

No. 201301

>Every female NPC is conventionally attractive while all but two males look disgusting as fuck

No. 201305

Speak for yourself, I’d still do Rogier and D.

No. 201325

I realize you’re the same retard posting pics of shota Miquella but in case you’re serious, if you actually looked at the thread, there’s art of an obvious child being shipped with an adult. No one here wants to see that. If you’re “put off” from a fandom because people don’t want to see pornsick fanart like that then good fucking riddance.

No. 201331

File: 1651063000570.jpeg (113.65 KB, 790x720, 0362D7A5-E356-4682-B2B9-AF40FA…)

Yeah but obviously some people do want to see it or can just scroll past if they don’t like it. I don’t think you’re the spokesperson for the entire thread, and no one has shared any purely sexual content of the characters. Suggestive, sure, but again, who cares. I personally have no attachments to this ship but I also would rather just scroll past the pics I don’t like instead of throwing a fit every time it comes up. You are just goading them on by doing that and I’m starting to think you just enjoy the chaos.

No. 201333

File: 1651063180158.jpg (420.61 KB, 1534x2048, FRTtiMSXsAAS3aa.jpg)

Haven't played sekiro yet, unfortunately. But he seems to be my type. I'll keep an eye on him. I can't stop replaying bloodborne
I assume they're being drawn together since they both fill the fromsoft archtype of being the suave, and mysterious npc who urges you to kill and invade by offering you their games multiplayer invasion item. They both meet a grisly end. Both also show a deep devotion to their Goddess/lord.
Agreed. I'm always a sucker for loyalty and forbidden love due to class differences.

No. 201334

File: 1651063183257.jpg (1.23 MB, 1818x2048, 1651000640251.jpg)

knights in distress

No. 201335

File: 1651063228273.jpg (280.39 KB, 1895x1668, 20220323_002247.jpg)

Hide the thread and leave.

No. 201337

File: 1651063263117.png (1.11 MB, 1030x1500, EfAlkkJUYAA6AtD.png)

its forever solaire for me as well, though ive had leonhard on my mind for so long too. built for falling desperately in love with you and forsaking his vows to rosaria to serve you. and also for femdom

No. 201338

oh thank fucking god i wanted these two to meet and im glad people already went way ahead and drew fanart

No. 201340

File: 1651063348874.jpg (250.55 KB, 800x730, c10.jpg)

we aren't going to stop calling you out if you post art of child/adult ships, pedo. staying right here.

No. 201341

File: 1651063367941.jpg (411.57 KB, 2048x1698, 20220426_210522.jpg)

For me, it's Varré/Mogh/Miquella unrequited love triangle.

No. 201342

Oh yeah good point about invasion items. Idk why my stupid ass didn’t put two and two together.

No. 201344

File: 1651063559484.jpg (332.82 KB, 1765x1565, 20220329_203102.jpg)

No worries. Hope you enjoy the art nonna.

No. 201346

File: 1651063731610.jpg (101.03 KB, 630x483, tumblr_o3s4g2QyIc1sqgo0jo1_r1_…)

>I love this genre of fromsoft male.
closely followed by the "lying true bastard"

No. 201347

File: 1651063763876.jpeg (142.52 KB, 600x800, 060A57FD-29B2-4920-AE04-DFA078…)

No. 201348

File: 1651063895748.png (5.48 MB, 1500x2206, 4F6CA51F-2026-41F1-93E5-8785F2…)

That FS char trope is one of my favorites. I’m really into men with smooth voices who are locked in cages that you willingly let out knowing it’s a bad idea. Bonus points if they use a shotel or two.

No. 201349

File: 1651064097183.png (390.19 KB, 637x707, EB594607-3459-4C5C-94FF-7C1E9D…)

No. 201350

File: 1651064136478.jpeg (100.74 KB, 811x521, Dark-Souls-Silver-Knight-Ashen…)

No. 201353

File: 1651064303637.jpg (36.77 KB, 313x382, 1642718161142.jpg)

I sure wonder how your Sex Simulator 2017 sessions are going, scrote. You're a disgrace and disgusting fuck who has no respect for women's privacy or boundaries. Fuck off

No. 201354

Who are you talking to kek. Is the scrote in the room with us rn?

No. 201355

Yurt my beloved! I will never forgive the remake for replacing his va. never forget what thet took from you.

No. 201356

I was banned from their discord cult since they required voice verification for all members randomly and now they're obsessed since they don't like black women's voices, lel

No. 201357

ok brenton who sent a vocaroo using a fake AI robot voice. So much for being a black woman. You're a moid, fuck off

No. 201358

File: 1651064835747.png (495.42 KB, 699x432, ChjfzJDWkAAdtFH.png)

i fucking knew scrotes were ITT. i fucking told you guys. imagine pretending it's okay to post this sort of shit and act like it's a woman who's enjoying ruining a female space, esp for a game like this which notoriously has a bunch of stinky elitist dudebros in it.(derailing)

No. 201359

File: 1651064866012.jpg (84.88 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

agreed nona, i miss yurt. this is so autistic ill never be able to say it anywhere else but i also hate how his redesign removed the leather straps from his pauldrons. it makes no sense. theyre just stuck there with glue now

No. 201360

File: 1651064946146.jpg (125.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

let me be autistic with you because even tho i appreciate all the work that went into des remake, i prefer the old graphics and aesthetic. it just… is so much of its era.

No. 201361

File: 1651064973502.jpg (148.02 KB, 900x600, EZzRVZfXkAEJVe0.jpg)

Whose side are you on? pate saying pied-à-terre with that sultry voice extends my lifespan everytime. he can manipulate me anyday

No. 201362

File: 1651065051877.jpg (280.42 KB, 2000x1731, FQ0jeJ7XEAMX49U.jpg)

random drama unrelated to this thread is brought in for no reason, time to post fromsoft boys

No. 201363

File: 1651065067828.jpg (268.45 KB, 1280x744, tumblr_oehu1i05gl1r94fjeo1_128…)

man. i really love them both. i always just let them fight to the death for my amusement rather than picking a side tho

No. 201364

i want to groom creighton into the perfect himbo

No. 201365

File: 1651065113996.jpg (106.63 KB, 1280x853, cb28e15ed83d2c8de2a5ef4d4581d0…)

Neither, they're both annoying, I let them fight each other and then kill the survivor

No. 201366

File: 1651065230056.png (3.03 MB, 1280x1667, 62B71CBE-9E14-4CA3-93CA-1AD79D…)

Nayrt and I think the remake was beautiful but something about it felt kind of soulless if that makes sense.

No. 201370

theres a scrote here to be sure. i saw posts saying the exact same things as ones in here on /y/.

No. 201371

Ive seen at least two separate people here mention being on /y/, so does this mean two?

No. 201372

File: 1651065474030.jpg (223.93 KB, 850x800, FQZDT9_XsAowACl.jpg)

pate brainwashing creighton into a submissive and needy little bitch!

No. 201373

he's also replying to himself so people don't notice him being here.

No. 201376

File: 1651065663884.jpg (56.98 KB, 640x640, tumblr_e1187a38cf7f4497064cd5b…)

it does make sense, i just feel like a contrarian jerk if i say it. i have a fondness for old graphics like this, and i enjoy seeing how much they pushed limitations of the engine they were using for the time. i feel the same about ds1. never installed any graphics mods, for i love the old aesthetic too much. i enjoy seeing the original vision the designers had.

No. 201377

File: 1651065700883.png (346.2 KB, 800x1017, 0c2bf18b5bf081e6f56828774f0a84…)

Creighton might've been the dumber of the two but at least he was interesting enough to bring back for the third game

No. 201378

File: 1651065773919.jpg (312.87 KB, 1280x960, 10706940_p0.jpg)

You're not being autisitc nona, this is a valid complaint! Also, what's with the unnecessary designs to his helmet and chest plate? They went out of their way downgrading my mans.
Same. As much as I low-key support gatekeeping, I'm glad the beauty of demon soul's lives on. Even if some parts of the art direction took a hit. Especially the music. Don't get me started on that.

No. 201380

The original Demon's souls had the most unique and best sounding music imo

No. 201382

>men giving unsolicited advice on my game
>is fucking bad at the game
How are they not embarrassed

No. 201385

So you both picked the lover's spat route? Based.
He's so low-iq. In a cute way, of course. Makes you want to spoil him a bit.
The world couldn't handle Pate's sexiness in more than one game. They even had to nerf Creighton by not giving him voice lines.

No. 201387

File: 1651066594215.png (213.09 KB, 500x342, 1503226685265.png)

More like:
>men giving unsolicited advice
How are they not embarrassed

No. 201388

Wdym, Pate is in DS3

Men be like looks up exact values for every stat that some other guy came up with to minmax perfectly then tries to give any advice

Who am I to get between two dramatic boyfriends?

No. 201390

>men existing in our reality
How are they not embarrassed

No. 201393

File: 1651067107572.png (727.18 KB, 1272x1121, tumblr_d0b1bcf6374767d6e33910a…)

What are your favorite ships, nonnas? Picrel is one of mine but it's baffling that the few fanfics that exist for them are all trannyshit

No. 201394

File: 1651067245995.png (4.74 MB, 2283x2696, unknown-48 (2).png)

theyre cute

No. 201395

File: 1651067414298.jpeg (168.02 KB, 1000x1400, BECDF8C1-FBFE-4969-AADD-4DC04B…)

I wonder if people are just turned off by the size difference? I think it is a very cute ship though. I’m the nkstein anon so I’m gonna sneak another pic of them in here. I just love Ornstein’s devotion to NK. I really like this pic bc it’s nice to imagine them starting to fall for one another while Orn is still a silver knight.

No. 201396

File: 1651067442276.jpg (132.34 KB, 747x2048, FRN_ekIVUAAy_hT.jpg)

You're a real one nona. I saw some dude bros on twitter complaining about bloodborne's graphics saying they're outdated. I'm convinced people who refuse to play a game due to "dated" graphics are the same people who refuse to watch b&w movies.

No. 201397

Me and everyone. I want them all. Noone is safe from my reach.

No. 201398

Oh damn, i hated fighting him but this is hot

No. 201399

Even the loathsome dung eater?

No. 201400

I take that back…

No. 201401

File: 1651067901478.jpg (2.45 MB, 2040x2640, FLSYExAUUAA6gZG.jpg)

Literally made for each other. I always summon solaire before gwyn's. Your ship is so cute anon.

No. 201402

Moid alert

No. 201403

First thing i thought when I met D, was he reminded me of Lautrec (the armor)
I wear it all the time, so as long as i get it back, i will give it to his brother.

No. 201404

How do you know it's a moid?

No. 201406

It’s a really nice set, so ornate. I would have been really sad if I couldn’t have gotten it back.

No. 201407

Pricilla is so cute here! I both loved and hated the painted world in DS1.

No. 201408

They're insane. BB still holds up imo. Especially the school in that game. it still has such an eerie, terrifying feel.

I accidentally let Fia kill D. Should I give his armor to his brother and take revenge? i just want Rogier to be happy

No. 201413

It’s okay, for her quest she is supposed to kill him. I’d say just keep going with it, their questlines are very intertwined. Unfortunately though it has no bearing on bby Rogier’s happiness.

No. 201414

I'm the one they are spamming off-topic stuff about and I didn't even post that. Anyone who posts varre or solaire will now be called a moid and the thread will be spammed to oblivion.

No. 201420

why do you, AS A MAN, feel entitled to be here? just because you're a faggot doesn't mean you're a woman, you're ruining actual female fromsoft fans experiences by being here.

No. 201423

Nayrt but I’m still confused as to why we are calling this anon in particular a moid.

No. 201430

An anon in /ot/ mentioned some male that pretends to be a fujofag and a husbandofag that posts in the from software thread and in other threads about violently raping his husbando.

No. 201431

It is 100000% a moid spamming this thread, I can't reveal more due to privacy reasons but he's strange and predatory pretending to be a girl to gain access to women's spaces.

No. 201432

File: 1651071590071.jpeg (54.4 KB, 640x541, oji_harem-Silver-Knight-(DS)-D…)

hes a 4chan moid who tried getting into a female-only server by faking a voice recording. his posting style is very distinctive.

No. 201435


No. 201436

Oh. Ty for explaining, I hate it. I wish they would just leave us alone.

No. 201437

I want to see it. More Miquella pics pls.

No. 201440

Lmao pathetic, must suck to never experience being loved or a sense of belonging.

No. 201441

File: 1651073135604.jpg (19.36 KB, 400x400, 557ea07ba5ee32ec52541469c4080e…)

What are your thoughts on this guy? Do you watch/like his videos?

No. 201443

File: 1651073279552.jpg (280.56 KB, 1131x934, 95620525_p2.jpg)

holy shit I didn't come into this thread for moid drama. at least post Fromsoft images when you're arguing.

No. 201444

I enjoyed a few videos but I swear most of it is forced Reddit tier rambling just for the sake of pumping out content these days.

No. 201446

Who's the dude in the black?

No. 201447

Soyjak meme incarnate

No. 201450

Leonhard from DS3

No. 201451

Tired and getting washed up. I appreciate some of the things he’s done for the community but I’m so bored of people acting like every word that spills from his lips is Word of God. I do feel a little bad for him recently because before he put out an ER lore video people were hounding him for it, when he was obviously trying to put a lot of work and thought into it so he didn’t fuck something up (probably did anyway). I’m just overall tired of him though.

No. 201452

File: 1651073776576.png (791.37 KB, 600x845, 1612586979754.png)

>gwyn (moon) hiding behind gwyn (sun)
very cute.

mohg/miquella, gwyndolin/nameless king, most recently rennala/marika (there's surprisingly a lot of good content for them), the lothric twins…soulsgames are like the most anti-shipping thing ever but my heart finds a way.

No. 201454


No. 201455

Gross. Why? Sorry for you nona I hate when a rareship is overtaken with tranners.

Anyway, my fave ships are: P8Cr8, Patches/Chosen Undead, Solaire/Chosen Undead, Velstadt/Raime, Malenia/any woman tbh, and now Varre/Leonhard. Wew lad

No. 201456

Is this vaati? Idk the icon but I’m just assuming it’s him. I tried watching a video and got bored. No idea why the community worships him

No. 201461

Yes it’s vaati. I think some of his vids are good for newbies who just want a run down of lore on certain chars and stuff, but sometimes he does drone on and on. At least his voice sounds nice I guess.

No. 201462

File: 1651075006329.png (759.67 KB, 1280x840, 6D72BA55-DAA6-4E16-90F4-529ACB…)

A nona of taste.

No. 201464

File: 1651075202379.jpg (232.12 KB, 1280x1791, based.jpg)

Honestly, Onion Man's the furthest thing from a bishie, so I really have no idea why they would choose to trans him



No. 201469

he's short and fat, like they are. also smelly (assumedly) that's my theory

No. 201472

But he’s not even fat. They should cancel him for appropriating body positivity.

No. 201476

File: 1651076946542.jpeg (412.82 KB, 1920x1063, 89BEA323-2C80-4B1D-AE9E-F90EBC…)

kek true. nonnies I wish I could go to Catarina and have a beer and some soup with the onions.

No. 201480

I'm the anon who posted this, I then left cause I got busy and posted these:
this and the leonhard and varre drawings, yurt, asked the anons who they sided with (cause I notice most people choose creighton and not pate so I'm curious to see the opinions here) and the soliare/chosen undead pic since I liked how if we try hard enough he can be saved in the end. A rare thing for fromsoft npc questlines. I never once mentioned rape as it makes me uncomfortable and sounds sick to say in front of others (as you never know who might be hurt by it or not). Not a fujofag, tho the art nkstein anon posted was well made.I'm really sorry if I made anyone uncomfortable, the finger-chop comment was too far. I also never used discord in my life as I can't trust that place.If you guys don't like varre or soliare I won't mention them (soliare is popular with everyone but I thought scrotes hated varre?)
My apologiez again, because I know I'm derailing but some anons said they felt uncomfortable. I promise not to respond again unless on-topic.

No. 201485

He was fine back when there was only the first DS game and it was a nice introduction to the Deep Lore™ as a new player but he got boring real fast, the way people treat his words as gospel is obnoxious, never mind the fact that he tends to steal theories from various sources. I have no idea what he is up to nowadays, but he apparently shilled the DeS remake, which is some kind of redflag to me.

No. 201488

Don't worry, it wasn't your fault, people thought you were a 4chan moid who also posts in this thread about Varre. He actually admitted that he uses the thread here >>201356 so now you know it's true, but the accusation wasn't meant for you. You can continue posting about those characters.
>I thought scrotes hated varre
People say it's a gay moid which would explain it, and if he really posts on 4chan /y/ about Varre, it's probably true since that place is full of fags who hate women.

No. 201490

I don’t think you did anything wrong in your posts if you’re truly not the moid. You didn’t say anything out of line nona.

No. 201503

You’re fine anon. Simply being conscientious of peoples feelings means you are welcome

No. 201505

I thought the finger chopping was very sweet and based. Ima sucker for grandeur romantic gestures.

No. 201506

File: 1651080357302.jpeg (76.8 KB, 350x515, 7C8C436B-223B-4E05-8F86-203201…)

I thought /y/ was at least 50% female, every woman into fandom I know goes there to find ship art every once in awhile.

No. 201511

File: 1651081126089.png (780.74 KB, 922x1015, 85904385043856.png)

Love how female fans simply had to know the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst had long silver hair and took that as a cue to make him a gorgeous vampire-esque god kek

No. 201512

File: 1651081152684.jpg (63.52 KB, 540x608, 4382942398013.jpg)

No. 201513

File: 1651081246550.png (869.42 KB, 898x686, 10983402843290875.png)

No. 201548

I haven't been there in ages but all I've heard lately from other women on imageboards is that /y/ has been taken over by gays who hate fujos and that's why the fujo general on /trash/ (from where Fujochan came) was made in the first place.

No. 201550

This is why we need lolcow so bad. Crazy that a fujo board would be taken over by hateful gays and most likely aidens

Anyway wanna play Elden Ring together?

No. 201552

It really is like that. I’ve gone to look a couple times before and it’s just gay men posting a bunch of bara shit that isn’t even attractive to look at.

No. 201556

File: 1651087757528.jpg (65.59 KB, 540x372, tumblr_odm7z5AQfH1rs0igg_540.j…)

Another one of mine is Greirat and Patches. Also, there was this amazing semi-dubcon fic involving Patches and Lautrec that I read years ago and still beat myself up for not saving because it was gone when I went to read it for the fifth time in like three days. I don't remember the author or the fic's name so I can't even look it up on wayback machine, sad

No. 201562

File: 1651088489354.png (349.82 KB, 536x550, 66838D2D-4D99-4F74-9401-F627A2…)

Yesss Patches and Greirat is really cute. Greirat is so adorable in general. He is a moid I could love with no regrets other than if he accidentally got himself killed I’d never forgive myself.

No. 201577

Did they orphan the fic?

No. 201588

No. 201599

File: 1651102783108.png (27.06 KB, 129x172, proper_bow.png)

ive been thinking about this shit all fucking day. i NEED more varre/leonhard content. i dont use twitter so i cant find anything. please help and post more please please plase

No. 201600

File: 1651103237150.jpg (462.5 KB, 1536x2048, FQiKG7TagAIdLbq.jpg)

i found some cosplay of it nona.

No. 201602

damm, people are fast.

No. 201639

this picture is astonishingly erotic

No. 201648

the BCoC is an omega simp

No. 201745

I don't think so, I think they straight up deleted it. If it was orphaned I would still be able to find the fic by searching the tags, right? Sometimes life disappoints

No. 201757

File: 1651142387121.jpeg (357.88 KB, 1536x2048, FQywHLPVEAYSoMa.jpeg)

whats your favorite weapon in the games nonnas?

No. 201764

File: 1651145072939.jpg (139.73 KB, 1357x1920, 32fdf0d3543fb1008c300c2278fdd9…)

Bare fists. Jk, I love the longsword, the claymore and the flamberge in DS3, it sucks that the drop rate on the flamberge is so bad though. I'm pretty basic in my taste. If we're talking about aesthetics only, Onyx blade.

No. 201767

File: 1651145500811.jpeg (86.04 KB, 632x544, 256DF8BA-B1E5-46C2-9390-AE2089…)

this angry little thing kek, although the longsword is my go-to

No. 201784

File: 1651152601637.gif (1.51 MB, 540x235, tumblr_nwylqgyOz21rn9ge0o2_540…)

ds1: the claymore. i know it's basic but it was what carried me through my first pt so i have a fondness for it. i also love how it sits rested across the shoulder. however, the dragon tooth is also absurd and amazing.

ds2: notched whip

ds3: fume ultra greatsword

bloodborne: blade of mercy! those were amazing. i also think the saw cleaver just looks cool

sekiro: n/a? but i abused the purple umbrella a lot

elden ring: been using godslayer's greatsword and i really like that

No. 201790

File: 1651153583964.jpeg (736.48 KB, 1284x678, 6E74F9C0-DC17-4CC4-BB45-FCC075…)

I love heavier weapons, and rn I’ve been enjoying Ghiza’s Wheel and the Beastclaw Greathammer. In past games I’ve kind of alternated between UGS, hammers, and greataxes (and Logarius Wheel in BB). Idk I just think they’re neat and I don’t mind being slow for the damage output. Someday I will try a dex build when I replay a game, maybe in ER or BB. I never have because I like my str weapons too much.

No. 201793

File: 1651154079981.gif (1.14 MB, 408x474, tumblr_nohue5xPEc1qenj0wo1_500…)

i hate dex too and cant imagine using only dex. in ER i used dex weapons solely to clean up after my spells because i was going hardcore faith and arcane and that was my main damage. dex just tends to work better with a spell-based character

No. 201795

File: 1651154279981.jpeg (67.53 KB, 685x791, 2FC4CCCB-0C8D-4610-B158-EEF918…)

Nice! I’ve also done a lot of faith and arcane stuff. I think they treated faith really well in this game with the diversity of things you can use that aren’t just healing miracles and lightning spear. And I don’t necessarily hate dex weapons or anything, I’m just more into the unga bunga. It’s always fun to be summoned and show us to just smash things to death. Pic rel, just me.

No. 201806

File: 1651156928840.png (543.97 KB, 625x899, E575C3BC-B921-4A51-8D6E-9A0383…)

Who is your least fav char in any of these games? I want to hear them get roasted. Does anyone actually like Seluvis btw? The only good thing about him imo is when he dies, his robes are kind of nice to have.

No. 201809

File: 1651157969325.jpg (15.11 KB, 385x217, d_twin_brother_npcs_elden_ring…)

hate his incel ass, his brother is sexier

No. 201813

I hate Priscilla. I hate how the game built her up to be “an abomination” and she’s just some anime child with a tail. I hate her fans. She’s a boring fucking boss with a boring fucking design.

I also hate Gwyndolin because he’s a whiny little faggot bitch.

No. 201814

File: 1651158772935.jpg (28.8 KB, 300x415, petrus-of-thorolund.jpg)

This fat fuck, he makes me think of those inbred looking Amish guys

No. 201815

EW seconded

No. 201817

Petrus is such an annoying cunt. The other guy was kinda cute tho

No. 201818

File: 1651159604171.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x1317, 5F239772-184C-43BE-87DF-7FBD60…)

Literally one of the ugliest and most unlikeable characters on the planet. Honestly, most faith teachers suck and it makes me kind of sad. Irina was boring but kind I guess, her quest was not very interesting though and I feel like they could have done more with it. Brother Corhyn seemed to have the most going on and I enjoyed his questline and seeing how he became frustrated with Goldmask and disillusioned with everything. I don’t even remember who the faith teacher was in DS2. I know it’s a meme to hate on that game but I just found a lot of it not very memorable. I’m sorry DS2 nonas. I liked some of the boss fights a lot if that makes up for it. Raime and Alonne were really cool, even if they weren’t in the base game.

No. 201820

The merchants who keep complaining about “s-sorry I don’t have much uwu” after I bought 30k in arrows, shut up you attention seeking bpd bitch

No. 201821

File: 1651160075864.jpeg (244.59 KB, 640x531, 5E23E0F5-FA31-42F0-9917-CBE509…)

This is the funniest comment I’ve seen on lc in awhile lmao

No. 201822

Sometimes I love this place.

No. 201823

Hell, DS2 was the first one I played and thus will always hold a special place in my heart but even I'll admit that it's the worst Soulsborne game, janky and the graphics look like shit
>Raime and Alonne were really cool, even if they weren’t in the base game
Feel free to disagree but I'd say that in every game the best bosses were always in the DLC

No. 201825

I agree with you on that. There are always a couple that stand out to me in the base game but usually some of the coolest and most challenging bosses are in the DLCs. And I have respect for your nostalgia glasses. I’m the same way about some other games, nothing wrong with still liking them, I can admit their flaws as well.

No. 201827

Typically the best bosses are DLC yeah, but like, Nameless King.

Also Placidusax. Holy shit.

No. 201829

>i'm an INT/DEX build
Kek it's so true though

I was a pyro in DS1 and str build in DS2. For BB, i was all about that saw cleaver. It was so sexy once you get the hang of it.

No. 201830

If DS2 was complete without DLC like how BB feels, i'd like it more. I really need to get around to playing the DLC, because base game really sucks.

No. 201835

File: 1651161921718.gif (2 MB, 540x200, tumblr_oo16rxyFLb1unxlj8o2_540…)

You win $100 if you beat one boss without taking any damage, what boss are you picking?

No. 201840

Mist Noble

No. 201843

The real King Allant

No. 201845

High Lord Wolnir

No. 201862


No. 201870

File: 1651166349305.jpg (212.03 KB, 606x764, 20220426_210110.jpg)

How dare you. He's cute.

No. 201874

File: 1651166974075.png (4.61 MB, 2480x1307, unknown.png)

he is, and i hate it. he shouldnt be.

No. 201876

Weak males are subhuman

No. 201880

File: 1651167701864.png (602.19 KB, 1037x986, unknown.png)

i agree anon.

No. 201883

i've never beaten a single boss without taking damage

No. 201885

Yeah but some would be WAY easier to figure out the patterns of. Hell Sekiro has a few bosses where all you need to do is time parries and nothing else.

No. 201888

File: 1651169158283.jpg (70.31 KB, 540x436, alonnemybeloved.jpg)

One of my life goals is to beat Alonne without taking damage to get his special death animation, but the run up to him is so fucking annoying. They seriously couldn't put a bonfire close by so you don't have to run through that annoying ass area all the time

No. 201895

God same. That run took off days of my life, insufferable. Alonne is such a badass though. Someday we will achieve our goal.

No. 201904

This felt like a nice QOL change in ER. There were only a couple areas that had annoying runs to the boss, unlike previous games where it was just expected that you’d be going through some real bullshit from each bonfire.

No. 201918

I’m one of those people who doesn’t mind long boss runs if the boss is relatively underwhelming, because then the run kind of feels like part of it. I appreciate the short runs for chars like Malenia and NK though where they just know people are not going to want to be doing that shit lol.

No. 201931

Saw cleaver
Honestly fuck brador. He does nothing but whine and be a smug punkass from inside his cell

No. 201945

i just killed selvius and I regret nothing

No. 201972

File: 1651182643871.jpg (457.26 KB, 1841x2048, FQ-8JolXEAMbouo.jpg)

twin princes
lady maria
Happened once by some miracle:
Ludwig (first try at ng+ and no hit)
Happened only cause I my build was op:
Artorias (I had an op magic build while using the tin crystal staff and gwyndolin's crown and magic damage rings)

No. 201991

File: 1651188897813.jpg (164.41 KB, 1149x926, FRc-gVAVUAAPSIc.jpg)

No. 201992

File: 1651189093803.jpg (180.96 KB, 1498x1793, FRXCAHDXEAAFCeW.jpg)

No. 202004

This is esp funny on some level since Leonhard is one of Rosaria’s fingers

No. 202040

Me @ both of them: try fingers

No. 202159

File: 1651239286068.png (277.11 KB, 346x756, 163226.png)

No. 202164

File: 1651241246749.jpeg (184.55 KB, 750x1200, 29CDA99A-FB7D-4FE6-856E-760630…)

Rya is so cute. I would take her to get a Happy Meal too. I though Volcano Manor was interesting and I still can’t stop laughing at Rykard’s voice line delivery.

No. 202170

Did anyone else love Rykard’s fight? I thought it was spectacular

No. 202172

It was one of my favs of those types of gimmick bosses where there is a weapon you’re intended to use for the fight. The one in DeS is visually stunning and I liked the lore of Yhorm, for instance, but the Rykard one felt the most fun. Plus the weapon you use looks like NK’s swordspear so that made me happy too.

No. 202174

Visually I found it a bit busy, but the voice delivery was great kek

No. 202175

File: 1651246069173.gif (8.2 MB, 540x400, tumblr_19c04d876408c313fa9fd65…)

Just came across some disgusting porn of Malenia and that solo guy while looking up fanart of her and I wish anyone who draws that shit a very pleasant scarlet rot in their dickhole

No. 202176

File: 1651246304612.png (1.39 MB, 1051x1024, BEFF5EA7-4D28-417B-8A75-1E5E24…)

I hate seeing porn of Malenia or even her draw in like that awful coomer bimbo style. She is such a cool character and has a very beautiful design and fighting style (especially in her second phase imo). I hate when they take a muscular, lithe and graceful woman and turn her into that run of the mill pornified shape and just keep talking about her “scarlet rotussy” or whatever, like their dicks aren’t infested with god knows what. By the way, does anyone else like her little lore stuff with Cleanrot Knight Finlay? I’m in love, it’s so tragic and sweet.

No. 202179

File: 1651246762216.jpeg (458.53 KB, 1000x1053, E74BD3F0-5062-4426-9175-8EA6AA…)

In my headcanon Malenia is fully lesbian and she would vaporize any of the stupid faggy coomer type moids who dared made themselves visible to her, and not in a sexy way, just fucking dead and forgotten about.

I do like Malenia/Finlay and I have started to like the pairing of Malenia/Gwynevere due to this artist.

No. 202182

Anyone who draws porn of Malenia should die in seven days. I really like her (even though she's a horrible person) as a character and it's cool we finally get a female antagonist in a souls game that is a main villain. Also, i feel bad because i doubt let me solo her wanted to get as big as this but scrotes as sucking on his dick like a bunch of faggots. scrotes are so annoying and gay

No. 202183

Based lesbian fromsoft fan.

No. 202193

Agreed. One could argue that him posting it was a cry for attention, but tbh I enjoy seeing some of the crazy things souls fans can do and it was neat to see. Once it blew up though it kind of was out of his hands as far as the fanart and memes went. I am glad he’s stayed (relatively) silent. I’ve seen an interview with him under a fake name and another video upload about how Malenia was healing for no reason after a recent patch, so at least he’s still trying to just help people out some. If someone knows otherwise about him actually being super attention seeking though, tell us. I’m just going based on what I’ve personally witnessed and don’t follow him or anything.

No. 202194

I’m going to samefag to add though that there have been plenty of other neat women bosses/villains. Nashandra, Friede, and Lady Maria are the immediate ones that come to my mind.

No. 202196

File: 1651249829382.jpg (129.53 KB, 1080x600, 01f7fb036cd9d7a1d4cb0bce6a720e…)

How are we feeling about the Malenia vs. Radhan discourse that's been happening since the game was released, and the overblown hatred for Malenia in general? Retarded moids acting like Malenia is an irredeemably evil bitch while their fave is a wholesome saint who just loves his ~horsey~ and has done nothing wrong, ever

No. 202198

File: 1651249891959.png (143.83 KB, 645x672, img.png)


No. 202201

I like Radahn more, so i'm biased. I think that Radahn is a really cool character who outstood a huge battle, despite the odds to help hold up the stars.
And Leonard is adorable.

No. 202203

Ive seen this happening and it’s so stupid and pointless, saying this as someone who really likes both of the characters. And idk what that dude is saying, Malenia obviously has a purpose and lore other than that one fight. She was her brothers protector and I imagine coming back and finding him gone would be a pretty shitty thing to go through. Also having to live with her curse and being THAT good while being severely physically disabled and missing three limbs/having no sight is pretty damn cool.

No. 202205

File: 1651250462745.png (1.24 MB, 850x1133, unknown.png)

it feels like scrotes are assmad about how malenia won the fight against him. i don't think the discussion surrounding her would be as it is if she were a male character. her use of the rot against him would be lauded as "smart" or "badass" instead of criticized.

No. 202206

Radahn just looks like mr krabs to me (from afar) so I can't take him seriously kek

No. 202207

>steam forum male
>anime avatar
>multi paragraph rant
Why are you posting this like it’s an opinion we should care about?

No. 202208

Oh you know it. If the character roles were reversed, basic design aspects included, they’d be lauding male Malenia and talking shit about female Radahn abusing her horse and being fat and ugly.

No. 202209

File: 1651250803826.jpg (2.4 MB, 2117x1080, pe2ntu074br81.jpg)

I haven't yet beaten the game and haven't even fought her yet so I personally like Radahn more because he's hot cool and also because I like horses so… But the 'rivalry' between these characters in moids' heads is so silly honestly.

No. 202210

File: 1651250869389.png (3.1 MB, 999x1773, sheisperfect.png)

I love her

No. 202211

File: 1651251123745.jpeg (462 KB, 1326x2048, BB2555ED-BE06-4B95-9AC3-91CFFE…)

Me too nona

No. 202212

File: 1651251251444.jpg (264.98 KB, 1000x1072, __tarnished_malenia_blade_of_m…)

I can save her

No. 202217

File: 1651256143283.png (2.01 MB, 1280x1851, tumblr_c2e2b03aa1288108c943044…)

he sounds like a faggot
i feel like men also hate her because she's such a tough boss.
then again i guess it's weird that lady maria didn't see this level of moid vitriol? unless she did.

No. 202219

actually; how is malenia a villain? i thought she was a tragic hero.
kind of fuzzy on what she did to the gravity horse guy but she was responsible for defending miquella (arguably one of the kindest characters in canon).

No. 202229

I don’t think anon meant it as actually a villainous role, probably were just using it interchangeably for boss.

No. 202241

Basically mad cuz bad

No. 202244

>weird that lady maria didn't see this level of moid vitriol?
I feel like a lot of scrotes fetishized Maria but also saw her as a pure waifu because her looks were used for The Doll and she offs herself out of guilt for what she did with the villagers in the Fishing Hamlet. It's more tragic so they pity her compared to Malenia being presented as an undefeatable badass

No. 202258

Moids never fail to be predicable as hell. It’s the Madonna/whore thing as usual.

No. 202261

File: 1651263057180.jpg (82.66 KB, 1024x838, Eb_yvbgUcAAutpi.jpg)

you will post your favorite fromsoft lady NOW

No. 202265

File: 1651263717588.png (466.93 KB, 540x810, lucatiel.png)

Cool hat

No. 202266

File: 1651263793134.png (436.47 KB, 450x600, C5A3347F-85DA-43E9-8A19-2D109D…)

I know she isn’t very interesting and is kind of old now, but I love Astraea and her lore. I like a lot of the more badass women too, but idk nonnies. She just has a special place in my heart. Her theme is also fucking incredible.

No. 202268

You can literally make the same argument about several other fromsoft characters. They never explain how they got so good at fighting, it's already implied by the lore surrounding them.

No. 202269

My fav one he brought up was Lothric who sat around doing fuck all being whiny bc he didn’t want to light the flame. At least the other lords of cinder had more interesting reasons to not go apart from “wehhh but I don’t wanna!”

No. 202273

File: 1651264714785.jpg (32.89 KB, 329x500, sweetshalquoir.jpg)

She is literally immortal and adorable as hell, I mean just look at this little fluff ball

No. 202275

File: 1651265773712.jpeg (137.82 KB, 950x1190, 4E1DBE08-5902-494B-9E9C-5EF30C…)

No. 202293

File: 1651271939826.jpg (1.47 MB, 4096x2659, FPRBJbrWUAEprxm.jpg)

Based Headcanon nonna. Malenia and Lady Maria are canon lesbians, and are living happily ever after with their wives Finlay and Adeline, respectively.
Scrotes aren't genuinely attracted to women. They have an aneurysm when they see hair on women's arms, legs, etc. I saw scrotes call Malenia's body "a man's body". As though men could ever dream to have such a beautiful strong body. I think fromsoft did a great job with her. She has a graceful amazonian figure. One earned through hardwork and training.
I'm convinced it's mad cause bad moid rage. I recall Sister Friede recieving vitriolic hate. Not as much as Malenia, of course. Also, a healthy dose of moid latent faggotry.
They'd also call her scarlet rot "a wise strategic choice".

No. 202295

File: 1651272455900.jpg (2.81 MB, 3277x4096, FNaqXjEXoAYP5i9.jpg)

Incoming Rennala spam

No. 202296

File: 1651272489982.jpg (1.3 MB, 982x1625, FOtAZEYUYAo-U1G.jpg)

No. 202297

File: 1651272558410.jpg (896.59 KB, 2894x4093, FOOFYp4akAAlApf (1).jpg)

No. 202298

File: 1651272591918.jpg (307.98 KB, 1463x2048, FRFY9M7WYAELIzR.jpg)

No. 202300

he wanted to live with his brother forever

No. 202301

File: 1651272795096.jpg (576.54 KB, 1204x1200, anato-finnstark-web-petit.jpg)

No. 202303

File: 1651272855194.jpg (2.58 MB, 2410x2647, FRWFI_maIAA0nXQ (1).jpg)

Marika is Radagon

No. 202305

File: 1651272932084.jpg (498.73 KB, 1000x1418, 1649091329846.jpg)

No. 202306

File: 1651273148422.jpg (692.38 KB, 2560x1440, 20220313175850_1.jpg)

I love her headpiece

No. 202307

File: 1651273360305.jpg (403.56 KB, 2560x1440, 20220314214758_1.jpg)

okay that's it for now. Don't wanna spam too much.

No. 202310

the idea of a supreme god-empress seducing her husband's cute, nerdy ex-wife gets me so much idk why

No. 202311

When Malenia released her scarlet rot while fighting Radahn, she essentially nuked Caelid and infected the entire region with rot, which isn't great. But Radahn isn't innocent either. He participated in the fighting following the Shattering and would have eventually gone to the Haligtree to kill Malenia and Miquella and take their great runes if Malenia hadn't already fought him.

It's 100% moid rage. I also think they hate Malenia because she doesn't look the stereotypical doll-like Fromsoft waifu.

No. 202318

Hot. I like this ship a lot.

No. 202360

File: 1651293118381.png (521.5 KB, 440x440, 2348932403284738.png)

No. 202362

File: 1651293299346.jpg (113.83 KB, 985x986, 940328493275451.jpg)

Loved seeing a cool older warrior
Also a great choice

No. 202373

wait why is malenia a horrible person? my eyes kind of glazed over the deeplore of elden ring

No. 202374

Another anon talked about it here >>202311

No. 202405

File: 1651314821187.jpg (454.46 KB, 1239x970, IMG_20201125_085111.jpg)

Beasts all over the shop…

No. 202406

I never knew how much I liked this until just now, thank you anon. I kept thinking about Radagon's split from Rennala in a conventional way but this is even more interesting.
It's a heart! (almost)

No. 202423

eh, she probably didn't intentionally fuck up caelid… unless she didn't care?

No. 202437

File: 1651329493537.png (1.37 MB, 1221x1441, 304DC81E-E10F-4994-A5E8-C2903A…)

You’ll be one of them, sooner or later.

No. 202438

File: 1651329531647.png (917.63 KB, 782x1200, F5B67DB8-768D-4A0F-AED0-77B03B…)

I like Gascoigne but I love my manlet Henryk. His hat is very charming.

No. 202442

i fucking love his outfit. browns in a world of black and white is a choice

No. 202443

Very much agree, I think it’s my favorite set.

No. 202454

File: 1651335249146.png (1.41 MB, 670x869, dimo_8u8.png)

She is so cute

No. 202455

File: 1651335464002.jpg (100.75 KB, 1000x1444, IMG_20190330_203630.jpg)

My favorite set from BB is the Choir set. So stylish.

No. 202456

File: 1651335525544.jpg (115.01 KB, 917x655, IMG_20190519_115801.jpg)

Some Alfred for the nonna upthread.

No. 202457

File: 1651335877801.png (124.28 KB, 487x664, 192341.png)

I love them so much nonitas

No. 202458

File: 1651335916229.png (620.21 KB, 663x889, 192357.png)

No. 202466

gorgeous. Who are they?

No. 202468

Lothric and Lorian, the twin princes!

No. 202476

I really need to finish DS3.

No. 202478

File: 1651338318349.jpg (272.12 KB, 820x2048, 23138888-0-image-a-14_15784741…)

i gotchu

No. 202479

File: 1651338348562.jpg (196.18 KB, 610x2048, FQiKG7TagAIdLbq.jpg)

No. 202480

File: 1651338355097.png (51.04 KB, 408x600, 200543.png)

do it for them nona!

No. 202506


No. 202517

Sometimes I love being alive

No. 202558

Anyone else think that they kinda have O&S vibes in this picture?

No. 202569

But how would he open his mouth in the mask

No. 202600

kinda retarded for sure but i love the pairing

No. 202622

File: 1651376057558.jpg (132.99 KB, 1567x1365, FRg3d6qagAADLGn.jpg)

this is yall

No. 202624

File: 1651376187662.jpg (496.22 KB, 1337x2000, FQI65syacAUGC7E.jpg)

No. 202628

This thread makes me so horny anons

No. 202631

File: 1651383785342.jpg (428.75 KB, 1446x2048, FQyKV3oXoAwu5aQ.jpg)

not complaining

No. 202634

File: 1651384685825.jpg (1.22 MB, 2500x3573, FRpnLAsUcAAyHJ8.jpg)

No. 202635

File: 1651387295369.jpg (123.17 KB, 1180x900, 093950.jpg)

No. 202636

File: 1651387317922.jpg (63.4 KB, 455x926, 094013.jpg)

No. 202637

>tfw when I love FS games but have 0 interest in Elden Ring and 70% of the thread is about it

No. 202638

Post more about your fave

No. 202644

File: 1651395321158.jpg (48.63 KB, 516x365, fabulousyes.jpg)

praise the sun nonnas, praise the sun!

No. 202646

File: 1651397320030.jpg (62.59 KB, 640x411, 3m92tcszslv81.jpg)

Frenzied flame superiority

No. 202681

No. 202693

Oh Ranni looks so cute here. Love when people draw her how she actually is instead of pornified.

No. 202694

File: 1651419882247.jpeg (271.12 KB, 778x879, 0F39A421-18D1-432B-96E5-CC38C6…)

May chaos take the world!!!!!! Finally another nona gets it.

No. 202695

File: 1651420008234.jpeg (119.86 KB, 695x888, 4D6E1455-4DE5-4C50-9340-656DD4…)

Praise it!

No. 202708

File: 1651422891238.jpg (74.2 KB, 436x373, Untitled.jpg)

No. 202716

File: 1651423961288.png (1.74 MB, 1205x1920, D54B89B7-DED5-4B47-9D02-CF17B7…)

Solaire a cute.

No. 202725

File: 1651424688214.jpg (1.88 MB, 1500x2121, 20220501_134047.jpg)

First for brothers

No. 202737

File: 1651425971674.jpg (545.4 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220501-192531_Gal…)

Marika Supremacy

No. 202744

Ok that’s hot. Do you know who the artist is?

No. 202840

Unhinged stacys only!!!!

No. 202842

File: 1651442348779.jpg (385.78 KB, 1229x2048, FRdSiNTXsAM6SUm.jpg)

It's really starting to grow on me.Melina being alive and dying her hair black also helps
Agreed nona, the artist not being a scrote helps.
Despite getting the frenzied flame ending, I've yet to meet her. How much did I miss out on? She seems lovely.
At first, I was disapointed with Radagon for abandoning Rennala. Now I can see why. Hope Marika dumps him for Rennala tho

No. 202900

File: 1651451038641.jpg (1.38 MB, 1600x1186, aa.jpg)

this game turned me into a god damn furry

No. 202962

File: 1651468591603.jpg (168.46 KB, 737x909, PRAISE.jpg)

No. 202980

Can some Nonny redpill me on this >>202737 and this >>202205

No. 202994

File: 1651477839271.jpg (237.38 KB, 1284x2048, FRrw5-LUYAALGmg.jpg)

No. 202997

File: 1651478660363.jpg (165.8 KB, 1206x1688, FRnasRVVcAAW28H.jpg)

No. 203012

File: 1651491057054.jpg (167.94 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20220502-133043_Gal…)

柏銳 (Kashiwa?) on pixiv.

No. 203013

File: 1651491258066.jpg (Spoiler Image,215.9 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20220502-132940_Gal…)

She draws a lot of r18 elden ring stuff, mostly fujo-ish.
Spoiler for dick (crab dude)

No. 203019

omg this is the best

No. 203021

File: 1651493417566.jpeg (341.19 KB, 1905x1652, 216F5646-AE37-4B5F-9126-0E6AEC…)

Ty, much appreciated.

No. 203037

File: 1651501837492.gif (2.24 MB, 445x250, gorgeous view ahead.gif)

You are forced to live out the rest of your life in one area of your own choosing from any of the games, but it cannot be a hub area (Firelink Shrine, Majula, Nexus etc). What area do you choose?

No. 203040

so correct me If I'm wrong, but these two are essentially male and female versions of each other, binary biological male and female forms

No. 203042

That midsommar village in Elden Ring, I genuinely wish I could live there kek

No. 203046

File: 1651504244770.jpeg (310.88 KB, 2048x1152, C8A82B6C-52DB-4693-8170-D857EF…)

Seems chill. I’d like to have tea with the screaming ladies, admire the snowy landscape, and look at the paintings in the halls.

No. 203047

actually same! and i love that godskin apostle hanging out there, i headcanon they all have crazy sex with him amidst killing their prisoner males.

No. 203049

Excellent taste, may I join you? I think other places I wouldn’t mind would be Irithyll in DS3 or the Capital in ER. Volcano Manor would be pretty nice too, the atmosphere is amazing in the home part.

No. 203053

omg yes I love that nonna!

No. 203150

It's not clear if they've become one as a fusion of sorts or if they've always been one. They have conflicting ideas (Marika breaking the ring, Radagon repairing it) so they're opposites in a way and they think seperately. So it may be more like an alter ego or they somehow became one another.

No. 203226

I would kill and die for Solaire. He's still my favorite dark souls character of all time.

No. 203227

oh fuck, is that prawn guy?? hot af

No. 203275

File: 1651557194574.jpg (47.77 KB, 500x731, 36a3563aea59ba7a01ce63e5b8d27d…)

me too nona, me too

No. 203321

File: 1651582572883.jpg (122.28 KB, 750x1000, tumblr_ndl08v256o1tk8cqmo1_128…)

same. hes one of the only genuinely kind people in the entire series, who not only helps you but is helpful himself, the embodiment of a chivalrous knight, and it makes his fate all the more sad and horrific. i want to save him

No. 203322

or rather i should say POSSIBLE fate since thank god it's possible to save him, just in the most convoluted way i have no idea how anyone would organically do without looking up a guide lol

No. 203324

I dunno, I can see somebody being totally dedicated to the Fair Lady, maxing her convent early on and randomly killing the sunlight maggot, the PT/Silent Hills demo was extremely convoluted yet the first person who solved it randomly triggered the last puzzle because she was a streamer talking in her mic, anything is possible.

No. 203354

random but i'll never forget the first woman to end the PT trailer. It was so wholesome.

No. 203567

File: 1651637052534.jpg (733.39 KB, 3187x2549, FRlQ0CfaAAAApam.jpg)


No. 203582

File: 1651647725118.jpg (56.09 KB, 615x566, 100134.jpg)

No. 203608

File: 1651656270002.gif (7.32 MB, 778x768, e95e93ce0b2c7062b4f6eb18c226da…)

darkroot. i want to go on walks through that place with my frombandos

No. 203623

File: 1651661355345.jpg (147.83 KB, 817x810, 348a713f7d6be0eb459c3b33679afd…)

best boy

No. 203761

god, i love Jp fromsoft fanartists.

No. 203775

File: 1651697715382.jpg (165.38 KB, 1382x1037, FPv2BNaacAAwP9U.jpg)

No. 203812

I love her but oh my god I am in Malenia hell!!!! How do I dodge waterfowl dance help meee

No. 203821

Run away then roll into it when she does the break in between attacks nonnie

Also maybe just summon someone lol

No. 203871

I heard Bloodhound step works.

No. 203872

File: 1651719221096.png (1.05 MB, 1113x903, unknown.png)

No. 203898

File: 1651724854078.jpg (255.78 KB, 1334x2048, FR7kne0VEAcmtko.jpg)

No. 203900

File: 1651725050600.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.27 KB, 1978x2048, 1651425709060.jpg)

also here's art of rogier getting a face full of cum for those of you who hate /y/ for some reason(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 203916

Gooood I wanna be in a mmf threesome and use my pussy to rub all that cum into his mouth

No. 203995

File: 1651753395099.jpg (509.64 KB, 674x700, 55441202_p6_master1200.jpg)


No. 203996

File: 1651753487790.png (401.35 KB, 800x750, tumblr_pptcgcNXn31uqi2bro1_128…)

reminder that wolf is very cute

No. 204001

Gross. Are you a moid?

No. 204002

ew. wtf.

No. 204003

Dang, I really need to finish DS3. This art is so beautiful.

No. 204040

File: 1651761533091.jpeg (210.31 KB, 1280x391, DE0C207D-56C7-4C68-BDED-895D62…)

You should nona. People will hate on it sometimes for having a lot of DS1 fanservice (which I honestly consider a bonus), but it really is a good game in general. It feels very nice mechanically and has some pretty neat bosses and locations. I always support people finishing this game.

No. 204101

File: 1651785323617.jpg (544.63 KB, 1706x2003, 20220505_174929[1].jpg)

No. 204128

Wait, could someone explain this whole thing? I know the demo exists but not about the puzzle or her, this sounds interesting.

No. 204134

Just watch a video explaining it since that's just gonna derail this thread. Also, learn to sage newfag

No. 204140

File: 1651814693149.jpg (358.76 KB, 1383x1822, FDBXYcSakAAjnyJ.jpg)

i read a theory that suggested gwyndolin actually had complete control of aldrich. i don't think it's true but it's a better thought than him being eaten up by some monster

No. 204145

File: 1651819076797.jpg (407.63 KB, 1357x1920, 00159.jpg)

Is this from one of the art books?

No. 204146

File: 1651819559543.jpg (533.39 KB, 1357x1920, 00060.jpg)

More artbook stuff. Idk if people have already seen all this. I really like the motif of the Lumenflowers around the healing church and Maria. They're neat looking.

No. 204148

File: 1651820006486.jpg (1.11 MB, 2714x1920, 00214_00215.jpg)

No. 204158

Don’t tell people to sage outside of drama boards lmao

No. 204159

You can cancel the move with freezing pots!

No. 204197

that theory makes no sense and is a cope. also gywndolin sucks, glad he got murdered

No. 204239

Nta but I like him a lot, he has a cool design and an interesting backstory, too bad the troons appropriated him.

No. 204254

File: 1651861944355.jpg (334.87 KB, 1129x1761, 20220506_133108.jpg)

i love duty-bound characters/characters shackling themselves to a terrible fate so he's definitely one of my favorites.

No. 204264

NTA you're amazing. im gonna try that

No. 204298

File: 1651881054894.jpg (153.03 KB, 1346x2048, FSBWOhVVcAAg6m8.jpg)

No. 204320

I'm doing his quest now. He's so hot

No. 204328


No. 204333

Absolutely love him. Also imo the JP and english VA's sound pretty hot

No. 204374

File: 1651918435347.jpg (292.46 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20220507-121015_Chr…)

I hate this coomer bullshit. All the comments are pretending this is 'totally not loli' and calling people who call out this sexualised shit 'the perverted ones for seeing this wholesome fanart as something else'.

No. 204417

There's nothing sexual in this image

No. 204427

Do you blush when you brush your teeth?

No. 204436

>By me
As if this shit wasn't traced from some shitty moe anime

No. 204438

File: 1651942940980.jpg (2.13 MB, 2836x3007, 20220502_161204.jpg)

Come on, anon. As far as coomer bullshit concerning Ranni goes, you can pick something better than this low-hanging fruit to complain about.

Now let's get back to waifu and husbandoposting.

No. 204441

Do you remember what the theory was, nona? As much as I'd like to subscribe to it, you can see from this video that he's literally moaning in pain from slowly being digested ngl sounds kinda hot

No. 204442

File: 1651943541005.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1284x1837, EE5D5CC2-865D-482F-A2EB-827634…)

I just opened Reddit and was greeted with this fucking shit. Nsfw, spoilered for pregnant naked loli Ranni and a rape joke. What the fuck is wrong with scrotes.

No. 204446

what did you expect

No. 204447

Idk, normally the FS subreddits aren’t that terrible imo, and good for finding people to help or to help you. Seems like people were reporting this pretty quickly though so it’s been taken down.

No. 204451


No. 204452

Moid in the dungeon it looks like, or a sad sad pickme, how many terabytes of CP do you have on your computer btw just wondering?

No. 204454

there was a scrote raid on /ot/ the other day, clearly residual from that.

No. 204456

Can you appear any more male, what the fuck. Rape jokes aren’t funny to most women.

No. 204462

Repost Reddit degeneracy needs to be a bannable offense in this thread. I didn’t go here to see more display of XY brain damage.

No. 204463

They’re obsessed. Seething that they will never have Fromsoft lolcow gf lmaooo

No. 204476

File: 1651955803012.jpg (17.14 KB, 236x353, 1516145534421.jpg)

Valtr is lovely. I definitely would join The League for him.

No. 204479

i need the artist name please

No. 204480

No, I fucking hate moe loli art. With passion.

No. 204485

i sure am tired of reporting retarded moid posts in this thread and them going ignored!

No. 204492

File: 1651961600896.png (2.48 MB, 1890x647, xuguojun artstation.png)

The artist is tachiloltachi

No. 204500

while i 100% agree valtr is hot, i feel like he is too much of a schizo to be a proper husbando

I still would fuck him tho

No. 204518

File: 1651969254603.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.56 KB, 991x989, 1651517104143.jpg)

varre coom

No. 204522

Chinese fanartists are always legit when it comes to souls stuff. I want more from this artist.

No. 204536

File: 1651983808367.png (5.38 MB, 1580x1725, BC5C666A-5505-4E75-BE86-C23CD3…)

No. 204537

Well wtf would I search for, I wouldn’t even know what to type into the box. Also fuck your sage, this is an /m/ thread.

No. 204592

File: 1652017090318.jpg (118.51 KB, 850x1104, m.jpg)

>get pocket Ranni
>"Oh Tarnished I didn't expect anyone to think I'm possessing that doll as well"
>"Well, now I order you to get rid of all monsters inside this area"
>"I do not accept any disobedience btw"
>Your opponent hears muffled threats coming from inside of your pocket
She's such a dork I love her

No. 204596

she's really cute and a great character. i just pretend moids dont exist

No. 204598

File: 1652018113231.jpg (143.14 KB, 775x759, EvuYerKVkAgDOeK.jpg)

No. 204600

File: 1652018443770.jpg (292.63 KB, 1782x2048, FJVIP3CVUAAH_IH.jpg)

solaire with chub makes me absolutely feral. builtfat is the best male body type

i wanna fuck him all day long til we chafe. then cuddle the rest of the day. hhhhhh

No. 204622

File: 1652024605443.jpg (43.71 KB, 724x752, ua0inabimhi81.jpg)

tfw killed Varre but not because I was mad at him but because at some point I was like "ohh I know you can attack him I wonder if I am strong enough now to beat his ass" and wasn't aware that he is now gone for good. I'm not horny for him but his flower weapon is cool and now I have no way to get it I think??

No. 204624

in order to get the weapon you have to invade him at mohgs palace after doing his quest

No. 204625

so NG+ left then, thanks

No. 204628

Yeah, this is a rule in all souls games. Dont attack npcs for no reason. Kek. you kinda did this to yourself.

No. 204630


My head canon for Solaire is also that he's muscular but a bit soft too. I wanna squeeze his chest.

No. 204633

File: 1652027592474.jpeg (233.38 KB, 900x1214, 776C8159-CB22-4EF0-BFFB-F9823B…)


No. 204634

File: 1652027669634.jpeg (216.98 KB, 900x1214, E3DEFFBC-8819-417A-8E1F-A035AF…)

No. 204635

its hot though i want more top varre

No. 204650

File: 1652031860600.jpg (640.06 KB, 950x1343, tumblr_455472f63160d915c958bd2…)

miquella's getting such good art
dlc fucking when

No. 204651

File: 1652032151424.jpg (566.47 KB, 2500x3000, 5007644 - Elden_Ring Jenpie2 T…)

No. 204705

I want the DLC so bad, but considering how broken the base game is, it better be good. I've been at the Haligree tree for like 4 hours and i wanna punch people.

No. 204708

File: 1652056958046.jpg (Spoiler Image,187 KB, 1678x1256, 3642944 - Dark_Souls Dark_Soul…)

vengarl appreciation

No. 204824

File: 1652104663272.jpeg (100.77 KB, 730x899, EE3243E5-F97A-4643-A70C-FC3394…)

Have a good week fromsoft nonas!

No. 204833

File: 1652106335772.png (321.7 KB, 500x375, tumblr_0546e69ce19f50c42073812…)

Aww thanks, you too nonna

No. 204846

this fanart is ultra blessed.

No. 204860

File: 1652117916015.jpg (128.49 KB, 796x912, 16520989765262.jpg)

Who's your favorite dragon from the games?

No. 204868

Honestly, I love Kalameet. I like Midir’s lore better but I just have a thing for Kalameet’s design and moves. I really like Gough too and watching that cutscene where he shoots the arrow gets me every time.

No. 204873

Ha, I'm the exact opposite actually. I like both designs but while I think Kalameet's lore makes more sense/feels less like an afterthought, I just find Midir's fight so much better. His laser in the second phase is probably one of my favorite boss attacks, that and his grab attack are absolutely brutal

No. 204884

That’s fair! I think Midir has a visually stunning moveset but he’s one of those bosses that gave me so many problems sometimes it hurts to think about it kek. I just suck at that fight so much.

No. 204926

The hellkite wyvern! He made such an impression on me and is frankly iconic

No. 204928

File: 1652137951565.jpg (249.25 KB, 650x473, 46598260_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 205078

File: 1652198966107.jpg (57.03 KB, 540x398, tumblr_5d056ebe0bb94a938d6ac6d…)

I just got to Mogh. Wish me luck nonnies!

No. 205091

do your best. say hi to miquella for me.

No. 205114

Enjoy withered bald old man Miquella

No. 205125

Are ya winnin, nona?

No. 205173

Did you say hi to Varre-chan?

No. 205221

File: 1652240370609.jpg (102.22 KB, 1000x560, EjojQ_CUcAIQkG6.jpg)

No. 205252

File: 1652255479377.jpg (991.02 KB, 811x1387, 1507224484356.jpg)

Bloodborne should come to PC. We don't want to settle for the demake made by a troon. Though I have to commend him and say his game looks neat. It reminds me of Nightmare Creatures which actually was a bad game… but anyway.

No. 205277

File: 1652275997393.png (608.57 KB, 712x820, gross.png)

I hate moids

No. 205287

Yeah it looks cool but knowing who made it made me never want to touch it.

Well, I won’t doubt that the man has a micropenis, that’s for sure. As someone who has posted an example of moids being gross in this thread and felt bad about it later, I think we really should stop posting these though. We know scrotes are nasty and porn-addled. Let’s just have a nice space for women who enjoy the games without any maleshit for once.

No. 205290

File: 1652282981368.jpeg (184.46 KB, 1280x960, D9137670-B2A8-437B-9982-BCDE10…)

Samefagging to add a cute and wholesome pic, Rennala and Radagon with the kids

No. 205346

File: 1652299479520.jpg (1.02 MB, 2836x4096, FSJ40gZXoAAgMkw.jpg)

I refuse to touch it due to it being made by troon hands.
Seconded. Don't mean to police anyone, but I'd love to talk abt fromsoft without mentioning degenerate scrotes.
It's so beautiful anon. Thanks for sharing. Who's the artist?

No. 205351

The artist is Raviollies on tumblr. They might be on twitter too but I don’t have one so I’m not sure.

No. 205353

File: 1652302200196.jpg (198.69 KB, 960x894, 280081220_700149341294965_1902…)

No. 205374

Haha yes. It took a few tries, but as long as i smashed him with bleed before he reached phase 2, it wasn't terrible. I even helped other people win against him on co-op.

Yes I felt like an asshole, but i felt worse if i let him live when Mogh was dead.

No. 205376

I want more lewds of that slut Radagon.

No. 205377

Zorayas is so adorable. I want a tiny plushie of her.

No. 205378

Yeah so do we so stop posting their ugly art here

No. 205422

Rya-chan deserves happiness

No. 205493

File: 1652363264808.png (273.49 KB, 640x701, 3293EAE5-3A7A-4084-96C0-6B9EBD…)

Good job! Have a fashion Mohg as a reward.

No. 205683

is there even a reason to hate varre? he doesn't do anything antagonistic to you unless you attack him first or at the end of his questline when you invade him, doesn't fuck you over, gives some advice and items. it seems literally the only people who hate him are insecure scrotes who feel personally insulted for some reason?

No. 205693

No he’s perfect

No. 205701

He is a great character. Scrotes seethe when they should be taking notes on how to be helpful, courteous, and travel with a bouquet of roses.

No. 205703

File: 1652417170136.jpg (488.92 KB, 546x499, foundyou.jpg)

what do you think of the malenia fight criticisms? she was tough but fun. it feels like men are crying over nothing

No. 205704

Not big into elden ring. What do they hate about the malenia fight?

No. 205709

Most of them just seem to hate her in general because they have a boner for Radahn.

No. 205710

They also have a boner for Ranni and she is opposed to Radahn. It's probably because she is a "hot Loli witch" and Malenia is a queen.

No. 205715

i'd kill for any bloodborne related news that isn't figurine or the 100th bloodborne 2 rumor

No. 205748

File: 1652435937794.jpg (299.01 KB, 1448x2048, _banished_knight_oleg_and_the_…)

Big man

No. 205751

Is it just me or is the Rogier/D questline really boring? I was expecting so much more. I got to the area it leads to without even doing the extra stuff. It's disappointing because they are hot and actually interesting characters. Ranni questline was garbage to me though.

No. 205764

All the quest lines are bad tbh

No. 205773

File: 1652446991090.jpg (1.06 MB, 900x1200, 98048305_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 205774

File: 1652447814548.jpg (277.44 KB, 1390x2048, FSY1mQMVkAIxFnq.jpg)

No. 205784

Oh Oleg. So dreamy.

No. 205786

File: 1652450968558.png (2.06 MB, 1280x903, 7D5B0713-CDD0-4CC3-804A-D2C0A2…)

I feel this. Usually there is at least one that really draws me in, and this time even the characters I really like just didn’t have great quests. Varré feels like his should have another step imo, Patches’ quest wasn’t even complete before a recent patch, and one part of it doesn’t even lead to anything (the castanets), Rogier/D/Fia was a little more involved but still fell a bit flat and could have been more emotional. Even Ranni’s, while it has a bunch of different moving parts just felt like there should have been a little more with her. I liked a lot of Blaidd’s parts, but I never felt that connected to Ranni since she fell asleep for so long. Oh, and don’t even get me started on Nepheli, who I expected to be a badass only to be one of the most boring personalities in the game. Idk. It might just be that I have nostalgia glasses for some older questlines, but none of these got me as emotional as some ones from the past. And I know FS loves their tropes, but they depend on execution a lot of the time to really pay off (like no offense to D’s brother, but Alfred did it better). Anyway here’s the Varré tax for talking so much.

No. 205787

Ayrt,I agree lol.

No. 205816

new bloodborne comic is in the works. Or perhaps it already dropped idk, it's called lady of lanterns or something like that

No. 205825

Idk about Bloodborne but the 'official' comic for Dark Souls sucked. It was garbage lol

No. 205832

File: 1652467463130.jpeg (271.29 KB, 780x1098, 816CAEFD-C716-4F66-B039-68C4EC…)

So true. On the topic of FS comics, have you all read the ones by qizeaqfile? He is a moid, but I like the artwork and his dedication to some of the lore. I think his comics are on webtoons, but I can’t remember them all right now. There is this one, a Lady Maria one, a Yhorm one, and one that’s more nsfw about Alva and Zoey, maybe more but I don’t recall off the top of my head. I just find them pretty nice for a fan-made comic.

No. 205923

Oh the first bloodborne comics were also kinda sucky.
There were 4 issues, i personally think issue 2 is actually kinda good, but the rest sucked major ass (uninteresting plot lines, too much vagueness done wrong, too much headcanon stuff etc)
I haven't read the newer ones, i fear it's probably more of the same

No. 205934

File: 1652514001746.jpg (246.65 KB, 1200x1675, pl0dniu5i6z81.jpg)

No. 206002

File: 1652547869474.png (939.39 KB, 988x900, Tarnished-Maliketh-Elden-Ring-…)

I found them to be kinda ehhh. I admire his dedication but I feel like Dark Souls and Bloodborne just aren't the type of games that translate over well to other media, like comics. The magic of those games comes from exploring the world and piecing the story together yourself through small snippets of information, with a lot of it left to your own imagination

No. 206089

File: 1652558374622.jpeg (145.94 KB, 1200x675, E5155906-0923-4273-9289-92B41C…)

Ayrt. I don’t necessarily disagree with you, especially since the games are kind of meant for you to interpret things as you want. I do at least like seeing how some artists interpret events we don’t get to see but just have a little information on. Of course it’s just one person’s take on events, you’re quite right that part of the fun is making your own.

No. 206348

Nope. He's actually a really cool character. Only moids hate him because he's the first npc you see and he calls you maidenless, which is just stating facts. Moids hate facts.

No. 206350

Compared to bloodborne and DS1, I really couldn't get into these quest lines as much. I liked Millicent's and Varre's and that's kinda it.

I accidentally killed Rogier by speaking to him before doing the blood stain thing.. sigh. But i did give D's brother the armor so i can try the Fia's questline.

No. 206351

I started watching more videos involving the fell omens and started to feel really bad for Margott. I actually like him a ton now. I wish the game did a better job of explaining his role better. I understand the aspect of exploring, but sometimes this game was too much and overwhelming. I'm glad someone else did a video about margit/margott , mogh ect. Their stories are interesting to me.

No. 206363

Yeah the omens are really interesting and I find both Mohg and Morgott tragic in different ways.

No. 206501

File: 1652674908736.jpg (109.65 KB, 942x942, FJaCFwxUcAATgY5.jpg)


No. 206503

File: 1652674942994.jpg (80.97 KB, 635x900, FSuqmamUEAAuWyJ.jpg)

No. 206504

File: 1652674976474.jpg (203.22 KB, 805x1466, Dx-2O_eVsAAFBDD.jpg)

No. 206626

I love these kinds of things where the abyss watchers are fangirling over Artorias. It’s always so funny to me.

No. 206630

File: 1652706921941.jpg (259.6 KB, 2048x1561, FS3EwIYUYAEZL08.jpg)

for d twin fans

No. 206640

File: 1652707422101.jpg (962.8 KB, 1350x1080, 812289385c336383c794fabc7d6b6b…)

I wish there was more non-coomer art for the Dancer. Her design is so beautiful

No. 206641


Is she from DS3? Her design looks interesting

No. 206643

Yes, she's a DS3 boss. Her fight is pretty fun and the music is beautiful

No. 206679

File: 1652710873247.png (1.56 MB, 1600x1131, E622F541-FD76-4335-95D3-ECC31D…)

Another badass female character that men just won’t stop sexualizing. Hearing jokes about her ass gets old. She’s so cool though, and I enjoy the lore with her and Vordt.

No. 206686

File: 1652712009832.jpg (94.96 KB, 700x1050, 00cc75835986c450c512945280f71e…)

Yep. Friede is another good example of that. Though at this point you could say there probably isn't a single female character who doesn't get sexualized.

But I looove the depiction of Dancer in the upper left corner of your pic, it's so menacing

No. 206693

Am I the only one who doesn't want a Bloodborne 2? The game is perfect by itself and I feel adding sequels would ruin it, and there will probably be complaints about how it's too different (DSII) or too samey (DSIII). I also want FromSoft to do other games than dark medieval fantasy action RPG stuff, I feel like they are pigeonholing themselves with Elden Ring.

No. 206695

she is my favorite, so stunning

No. 206698

I agree. We don’t need it. I do think it deserves a remaster but nothing more. Personally I would love to see FS branch out and do something more on the sci-fi side of things. I know there are soulslike games that have done this, but I would like to actually see their take on something like that.

No. 206702

They should remake King's Field

No. 206785

I wish to see some cute Varre cosplays this year in cons

No. 206793

EVERY Outrider knight has a fat ass, even the ones assumed male. Sulyvahn is a freak. Coomers want to pretend fromsoft isn’t gay af.

I don’t want it either. Give us a new IP. We don’t need the Dark Souls treatment for Bloodborne.

No. 206801

I really want to cosplay him. It would be so much fun.

No. 206805

Yeees. If you do would you go full Varre cosplay wise as creating his face behind the mask?

No. 206808

Maybe, depending on the con and how hot it is/how comfortable it would be. I think I would want to though just for authenticity.

No. 206872

File: 1652761748277.jpg (943.77 KB, 4096x2665, BloodhoundKnight.jpg)

I think the Bloodhound Knights are kind of hot lol, they remind me of the Dancer and Outrider Knights. There is very little lore, so who knows what sex they are supposed to be. I wish there was more about them in the game.

No. 206885

File: 1652771513940.jpg (186.63 KB, 937x1200, FPPFG77VEAMkKPY.jpg)

Morgott needs a hug

No. 206914

File: 1652783823653.jpg (1.14 MB, 900x1323, dbsgcec-91b24264-0671-4bb7-b78…)

Their animations are exactly like the Outrider Knights. I'm not sure whether I'm okay with that or not, FS reusing animations, because it makes everything easier when I realise I'm just fighting the contents of Lothric Castle with whacky stats.
pic related is my favorite fanart of the character, it highlights the tragedy the Pontiff forced on her (and on Vordt too I think) and I love that cleverness with their dual weapons.

No. 206949

FS reusing animations and assets is nothing new, though I kind of wish they didn’t do it so much with ER. I knew it was to be expected, still a little sad. For as much as I think the BluePoint remake of DeS felt kind of lifeless, I have to give them credit for putting a host of new animations in it, particularly with weapons. Watching behind the scenes videos of that was really cool. I can’t find the particular one I saw about the mocap, but there are lots of vids on YT showing it if anyone is curious and wants to see.

No. 206954

File: 1652796180351.png (488.57 KB, 480x650, Long-arm_Centipede_Giraffe.png)

the centipede guys in sekiro are similar. i don't mind it really, because the idea of a "feral" knight or warrior crawling around is so creepy and uniquely fromsoft, it's iconic.

No. 206960

They made big sales with Elden ring. Hopefully we see new animations and assets with the next game.

No. 206962

Haven't they reused the door opening animation ever since Demon's Souls? Reminds of Castlevania reusing SotN enemy sprites well into the DS games…

No. 206964

yes, there are several. AAA games do this all the time, i don't really care when a smaller company does it.

No. 206968

It is true. FS definitely has their tropes that they love to stick with, both with NPCs and enemies. You can always count on the trope that started with Biorr in DeS, for instance, the friendly fat armor guy who falls asleep easily and/or is very encouraging (I guess Alexander fits the onion knight sort of role in ER). Things like that, female assassins who use daggers, paladin guys with big hammers, that one guy who is always going to murder someone else, the list goes on. I don’t mind these sort of things at all but sometimes I wish they’d update more animations a little bit.

No. 206969

damn I need to play Sekiro now kek

No. 206998

A bitch of culture. The crawling armored feral men are so hot.

No. 207046

>literally covered head to toe in armor
I dont get it. Men are brainless monkeys. She looks gorgeous. i love her design.

BB is one of my favorite games next to DS1. I think a sequel to BB would be pointless except to pander to the Elden Ring crowd. I wanted to like Elden ring, but it really does feel so off compared to the earlier fromsoft games. I think BB wrapped things up fine. there is literally no need for a sequel. Miyazaki should focus on a different formula and story at this point. ER was a bust imo.

No. 207071


No. 207106

mte nona

No. 207297

Fromsoft cowboy game. They had guns in BB and horseback combat in ER. The game basically writes itself

No. 207300

File: 1652896070059.jpg (26.31 KB, 739x415, 12-47-05-images.jpg)

Not the ones in sekiro lmfao

No. 207305

File: 1652896620483.jpeg (134.08 KB, 750x753, 3864C2F7-5C39-48FD-9EB1-34EE94…)

Radagon and Elden Beast can kiss my fucking ass. Took me 10+ hours to beat Melania without summons but I don’t feel like I’m getting any better at this fight even after the same amount of time.

No. 207352

File: 1652902283307.jpg (126.43 KB, 640x1332, FB_IMG_1650171887690_3[1].jpg)

No. 207363

File: 1652903402941.png (2.07 MB, 1280x1218, B052D643-FB1F-4947-9B0B-DD42B1…)

Made me think of the scrotes who hate him.

No. 207402

File: 1652907439158.png (1.17 MB, 700x900, unknown.png)

men are too fragile for their own good tbh

No. 207449

File: 1652920040894.jpg (98.91 KB, 541x321, Untitled.jpg)

they're such crybabies. anyone who paid a shred of attention to the lore would know that "maidenless" isn't synonymous with "lol no bitches" but it's really hard to tell the people who are joking about it from the people who are seriously upset over it. oh well, varre gets nicer fanart than their waifus.

also interesting how no one screeches about trying to kill melina for calling them maidenless. it's just ooga booga moid rage

No. 207450



No. 207523

File: 1652948247168.jpg (240.43 KB, 1500x2048, 02ebcb270a22bb_07544475_6441b3…)

Anyone who unironically gets angry over a video game character calling them names needs to go outside and touch some grass

No. 207578

Nice art

Do you nonnies think we would give more coherent and finished quest lines without George R. R. Martin's involvement?

No. 207690

With or without summons, I suck at this game. I beat DS1, DS2 and Bloodborne and it's very frustrating to not be able to time things quite right or by frame perfect with some of these moves. I really hate that I want to love Elden Ring but can't.

No. 207691

I legit don't get the scrote idiots who killed Varre in the very beginning. Shows how absolutely lame and fragile men are. I want to call them all maidenless.

No. 207702

anon what level are you? i have a character who who had a build that made most bosses pretty simple, i can help if you're in summoning range.

No. 207703

i read that they recently buffed malenia. who tf knows why. she is a bad boss. i would say don't bother basing how good you are at elden ring on her because she's so overtuned it's almost a parody. it's an astonishingly bad fight, honestly, despite me loving malenia and thinking a lot of the moves are really cool and beautiful. it's just not good.

No. 207708

File: 1653020070371.jpg (335.23 KB, 2048x1050, Tumblr_l_621341200500943.jpg)

No? If I recall correctly, GRRM actually didn't do that much. He just helped with some of the worldbuilding, which would have happened during pre-production. He had nothing to do with all the content cut/shuffled around during the game's development

I believe in you nona, don't give up! Radagon and Elden Beast kind of suck as bosses. I don't know why Fromsoft decided to lump them together without you being able to save your progress. They both deal holy damage so try to build defensively around that

No. 207715

She used anime moves, it felt so stupid. All of the bosses feel that way. Either their movesets are the same as previous bosses, they spam moves, or they have one move that kills you instantly even with high vigor. The delayed swings that make no sense are annoying, too.
It makes me sad because in previous games strength was a viable build, but it's just too slow to use for bosses now unless you want to just do jump attacks. If you have a dex/bleed weapon, you will do a lot better because you can attack faster and bleed is OP.

No. 207785

File: 1653050400580.jpg (880.93 KB, 4096x2759, 793077d40747a51f9fbfb38cd70af4…)

No. 207786

File: 1653050523392.jpg (320.39 KB, 2048x1812, 0398749843e09658f3bfaca304ba85…)

I kinda want to read some Godfrey x Marika x Radagon smut

No. 207789

i really enjoyed some of the bosses, but too many are like "why the fuck did you design it this way?" fire giant also comes to mind. he's not that difficult, you can literally stand in some spots and not take any damage from him, but the fact that he rolls 50 miles away constantly and you can't even see his windups from where you're supposed to be hitting him is SUCH bad boss fight design.

anyway malenia's fight is cringe, just summon people for it to help you, it's honestly not worth expending effort on.

No. 207816

Delayed swings were fun in DS3 when they did it with Nameless King because it felt new and different. But now it feels like every other boss does it and some of the timing is an absurdly long wait. Idk what they were thinking with that.

They are so hot.

No. 208245

i don't even remember NK having delayed swings, at least not ones that bothered me? they got fucking ridiculous in sekiro. i HATED the monk bosses because they had just crazy weird delays, and it seems like ER did similar.

No. 208323

I did not know this. I am glad GRRM did not have that much involvement with the game.

No. 208393

File: 1653250420025.gif (590.95 KB, 480x360, qts.gif)

i hate fighting them but they are cute

No. 208430

I really like fighting them. It feels like a dance we do.

No. 208465

wanted to say "ew men are so weird for wanting to play the game as a naked woman" until i remembered my tarnished running around half-nude in the goldmask gear + the fact that i went to modnexus looking for a male body mod in the first place. let me sit down

No. 208467

kekk okay nevermind, found a ranni mod where she has humongous tits. coomers are so ridiculous

No. 208474

the dynamic is very different when women objectify men tho

No. 208475

File: 1653268620796.jpg (207.19 KB, 1130x2048, FP-NPw2aMAM-bBH.jpg)

No. 208476

This. Anon shouldn’t feel bad. Men sure don’t.

No. 208479

File: 1653269948219.png (990.2 KB, 679x563, 3.png)

rya is so cute

No. 208491

File: 1653272708467.jpg (210.26 KB, 1591x999, SuUG4Y8.jpg)

ranni is so pretty

No. 208496

File: 1653273198137.jpeg (120.22 KB, 1428x1428, 811EAE7A-C02D-49DA-97BD-F9C0D2…)

No. 208508

File: 1653275668504.jpg (288.89 KB, 1080x1550, tumblr_d77df85fc86d9d8056b74fd…)

Can someone translate?

No. 208541

File: 1653289564897.jpg (514.99 KB, 1668x2224, 20220522_053202[1].jpg)

Try using Google Lens on it

No. 208551

She's so feckin precious. Do you think she likes to eat bugs?

No. 208557

File: 1653297872142.jpg (791.84 KB, 2492x2921, godskin-apostle.jpg)

More hot art of this guy pls

No. 208570

Idk the skinned dude's face just turns me off the hot guy under it

No. 208573

Me too. I still can’t get why people are into this guy. The skin disgusts me.

No. 208607

File: 1653326160279.jpg (92.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

ugh yes please I need it so bad

No. 208620

>likes to skin other men and presumably have orgies with the women who also like to skin men
He’s based

No. 208621

File: 1653332290634.jpg (1.31 MB, 2731x4096, FOc4qQ-XEAIIquD.jpg)

based and beautiful

No. 208623

Id rather just have orgies with the windmill women and him not be invited.

No. 208627

I'm down for both kek

No. 208675

File: 1653343448075.jpg (273.64 KB, 1920x1080, 20220508190039_1.jpg)

my sister…

No. 208761

File: 1653386092825.jpg (71.41 KB, 850x806, tarnished-and-blaidd-the-half-…)

That Tarnished of yours needs to do more squats

No. 209050

File: 1653520581955.png (1.33 MB, 806x896, 1645841735750.png)

No. 209113

File: 1653551844396.jpg (332.43 KB, 2048x1152, ab087981e1d92b7babbf05a02acf70…)

Tail worship

No. 209131

Nonnas I just beat Morgott and read the description of his remembrance. I kinda wanna hug him

No. 209152

Yeah, shit is sad. I really like him.

No. 209262

Rya is my favorite npc. I love her so much.

No. 209263

I ended up watching videos on his lore and he's really sad and really deserved better.

No. 209281

Why is this hot…

No. 209544

File: 1653755048265.jpg (828.7 KB, 1638x2048, 1613573318525.jpg)

No. 209545

File: 1653755105081.jpg (230.13 KB, 950x1343, FB_IMG_1653746484522[1].jpg)

No. 209563

Omg this is so precious.

No. 209691

I was one of the people defending FS from those who were 'calling them out' about recycling animations, I really don't care if they reuse stuff like opening doors but the overuse was why I made that post. Elphael is one of my favourite places, it's beautiful, but when the soldier enemies are exactly like Lothric and it's another end game castle area, those are the things that robs ER a little of its replay value for me.

Then again I didn't even notice the Asylum demons/stray demon/erdtree avatars movesets so maybe I just have a problem with repeated humanoid enemies.

No. 209990

File: 1653873451083.jpg (198.33 KB, 817x2023, Untitled.jpg)

hot fresh delicious solaire just dropped for us sunny boi enjoyers

https://twitter.com/_imlooking__/status/1530656614612492288 nsfw link

No. 210109

OH MY GOD bless you nona, praise that ass

No. 210187

File: 1653929383909.jpg (99.55 KB, 350x560, 59674622_p0_master1200.jpg)

it hurts that hes not real. i have not wanted to kiss and fuck and cuddle a fictional character so hard ever

No. 210959

File: 1654173192400.png (1.3 MB, 1198x782, 276053283.png)

How would you feel about Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Elden Ring getting made into a movie or a TV series?

No. 210960

i would fucking hate it

No. 210961

I would hate it too, I've yet to see a video game I've enjoyed made into a good show or film

No. 210963

God no. They should stay games. I wouldn’t mind if Sekiro was though since it actually has a canon protagonist character and is the least played.

No. 211007

only if the armor props are good

No. 211103

I want a full lenght sekiro film like one of those old school samurai flicks

No. 211111

That honestly might be kind of cool. I think it’s really the only FS game that could be worked into a decent flick.

No. 211169

Video games are their own media and do not translate well into movies. Look at all the resident evil films. It would be horrible like that garbage silent hill movie. The atmosphere is gone.

No. 211296

Just want to update that I finally beat Malenia. It was very much just me waiting for the perfect rng run. Regardless I still feel proud of myself.

No. 211298

Nice nonna, that’s awesome!

No. 211313

Arcane was good

No. 211336

File: 1654279644659.png (1.19 MB, 960x812, a3249460433b536b.png)

Kek, I actually liked the 2006 Silent Hill movie and thought it was decent for what it was. But yeah, I agree with the anons above that Sekiro is realistically the only one that could be made into a movie while staying mostly faithful to the game. Like I would love to see an Old Hunters miniseries or a movie epic about Anor Londo before everything went to shit there but I do not trust them to not fuck it up spectacularly. I feel like a lot of the iconic armor sets would end up looking either horrible or completely unrecognizable because a lot of the designs don't translate well into real life

No. 211337

Is she an rng based boss? I just got up to Malenia and I'm so nervous, but preparing myself.

No. 211418

She is to me because I can't figure out how to consistently evade her big fuck you move. You can do it anon! Report back when you fell that ass.

No. 212138

File: 1654486716200.jpg (371.7 KB, 2394x1342, FUcbR7EVUAA9us5.jpg)

i very much enjoy art of seluvis being humiliated

No. 212178

So…does anyone make OCs for Fromsoft games and make backstories for their player characters? I always turn mine into ordinary people who fit in the game world doing their own thing so that they're not the 'main character'. I even try to find others to roleplay with in From's comfy dark settings but so far I've only found boys (I'm not calling them men) who suck at writing and only want to rewrite the storyline of a game with their player character ploughing through gory fights.

No. 212244

File: 1654531576553.png (1004.25 KB, 1920x1080, saint.png)

i do nonna! its so much fun. wish it was easier to find other people to do this with, playing a co-op run with ocs who have some kind of relationship between them sounds so cute. this is my gary stu acastius, more or less during the events of ds1 he was a noble cleric sent out by the way of white in thorolund to link the fire, was presumed successful and sainted, but his soul wasnt actually strong enough to do it. so then he ends up an unkindled in ds3.

No. 212260

I love doing it because these games have such good character writing and I adore the "you're in a group of people who could do everything you've done, you just did it first" thing it has going with your character.

My Elden Ring lass is blind in one eye (to fit all the eye motif in the game) but I love that her legacy is being built while we play, similarly to Roderika we didn't have a name for ourselves. In contrast with characters like Gideon who are well known.

No. 212281

Absolutely. I’m super cringe so I RP them with friends too. Most of the girls I play Souls with and write with I met on tumblr and am in discords with (and yes, they’re actually women, most are pretty chill). We are out there nona, just gotta look more.

No. 212325

File: 1654556639928.jpg (648.91 KB, 900x1200, 98511140_p0_master1200.jpg)

i rp the npcs against ocs cuz im a loser

No. 212328

Then we can be losers together nonnie. Praise the cringe.

No. 212341

File: 1654560607047.jpg (124.69 KB, 1200x799, 98856899_p1_master1200.jpg)

No. 212541

I have a severy low tolerance for cringe, so if i ever take the time to make an OC i never interject it with headcanons or re-writes of the plot, much less pairings lmao

No. 212569

how sad

No. 212658

Might be fun to let yourself be a little cringe? You don’t have to share it with anyone. Sometimes it’s nice to just create a character based on you or another char or just something completely stupid you would have thought of as a kid. But if it isn’t for you it isn’t for you, nothing wrong with that. I tend to think there’s nothing wrong with a drop of cringe either though if you enjoy it and aren’t bothering other people (unless they’re also into it then I guess be cringe together to your heart’s content).

No. 213431

I think you got that Fromsoft style backstory down, lol. Love that way you linked him across two games and gave the boi some nice fashion. I've been trying to make a character who was a Spear of the Church back in its prime and is one of the last few people left still fighting for Filianore. And maybe something about a lover that unfortunately among the ranks of the Ringed Knights.
What's wrong with that?
I agree. Being a canon purist and whatnot is a restriction that just ends up punishing people if they're just making OCs for themselves. It's not like our roleplays or notes are going to be seen by anyone but ourselves and maybe two other people. I used to hate 'cringe' but it's people's personal hobby, I'm unlikely to see someone else's reader x Blaidd writing that they made purely for their own fun.

No. 213490

im >>212325 and was mostly just poking fun at myself. i love rping. it's basically collaborative fanfic

No. 213554

thanks nonna! your character sounds really cool too, do you have any fashion in mind for her/him?

No. 215893

What platforms are best for all three DS games? I'm really tempted to just buy the complete pack for PS4 rather than get the first two for the PS3 and III for the PS4, but it would also be hilarious to have the remastered version for the Switch to whip out on commutes.

No. 216227

File: 1655907941031.jpg (407.12 KB, 2481x1754, f77174bd2e11500b9029c8ee279e0d…)

ps4 for all three might be the best. the online servers for pc have been down for a couple of months now.

No. 216343

Ps4 so you can also enjoy bloodborne

No. 216416

I agree with PS4 unless you can magically procure a PS5 because even though DeS og was an experience, the remake is really pretty. And tbh nonnie, I have a copy of DS remastered on Switch and I do like being able to take it anywhere. The online community isn’t as inactive as you would think either, there is at least a dedicated discord server for it though I left because it was obviously filled with scrotes. Just saying though, in case you like playing online. The only weird thing to me was the sound being kind of strange but it was still worth it when it was on sale.

No. 217654

Thanks for the recs, anons. I ended up buying the PS4 bundle but something went wrong with the shipping so the eBay seller is refunding me, and I caved and bought the Switch port in the meantime because it's half off right now. So far I'm enjoying it, though the Switch controls took some getting used to. If I ever beat DS1, it's gonna be PS4 all the way.

No. 218243

enjoy anon!

No. 218449

Definitely PS4. I never had issues with the controls or frame rate drops. Also, Bloodborne is the reason I got a PS4 in the first place. So worth it.

No. 221653

File: 1657772984697.jpg (438.96 KB, 760x1054, ds3_tsorig001_2.jpg)

big boys

No. 221654

File: 1657773030737.jpg (447.58 KB, 956x561, ds_solaire042_2.jpg)


No. 221657

God yes, I love him.

No. 221717

File: 1657805051853.png (7.06 MB, 1816x2402, download.png)

No. 222057

File: 1657859110512.png (1.95 MB, 1400x1001, im a furry.png)

No. 222161

What is your favorite soundtrack from any of the games, nonnas?

I always liked the original Flamelurker theme. It's slow but very menacing and sounds almost like a funeral march. Overall I find the soundtracks in the original Demon's Souls to be the most unique and atmospheric out of them all. Maiden Astrea's is a close second for me.

No. 222167

Astraea’s is sooo good. I actually like both versions of it even though they’re different. My favorite is kind of low hanging fruit but it’s Ludwig the Holy Blade. I love Dragonslayer Armor’s OST too and feel like it’s way too epic for that boss.

No. 222207

One Who Craves Souls, it's poignant and perfect to conclude the game. I agree, Demon's Souls has an amazing atmosphere and the soundtrack reflects the bleakness and drabness of this world suspended in the demonic fog, this is why the remake is shit, it tried way too hard ti be bombastic and grandiloquent à la DSIII.
Btw when I listened to Univers Zéro's album 1313 I was extremely surprised by how similar it sounded to DeS's OST, same instruments, same atmosphere. I wouldn't be surprised if Shunsuke Kida was influenced by weird 70s music but finding information on the guy is impossible.

No. 222296


Shit, that's a hard one. I like literally 99% of Bloodborne's OST

But sekiro has some top tier bangers too

Bloodborne top 3: Ebrietas, Ludwig and Maria's OST

Sekiro: Demon of hatred, lady butterfly and apparitions OST

Other games' soundtracks have yet to grow on me i guess

No. 225124

File: 1659013492200.png (1.84 MB, 2000x1410, 55.png)

No. 225125

demons souls' character creation, dark souls 3's dancer of the boreal valley theme, bloodborne's father gascoigne

No. 225144

File: 1659018748423.jpeg (93.27 KB, 1199x542, 247AEAC3-EC43-4A94-81BF-B3CF78…)

Who is your favorite level up lady? I love the Maiden in Black, but I think DS3 Firekeeper and the Doll have the best designs. I’m a bit sad about Melina in ER because even though she had a bigger role in the story, she still felt like bland waifubait to me. I liked her cutscene after the Frenzied Flame ending, but no idea if it will come to mean anything in DLCs. Do you think we will ever get a male character in this role? Would you want one?

No. 225148

File: 1659021023872.png (734.92 KB, 822x605, 9171fee7a13e107d74a8350e9add89…)

I don't have a favorite but a male firekeeper would be incredibly based. And make him look like a hot man, not some gross femboy. I want to see scrote tears. Pic unrelated

No. 225164

File: 1659026145454.jpg (379.28 KB, 750x1053, IMG_1511.jpg)

I agree. Male firekeeper (or what ever the new leveling up person will be called in the next installment) would be BASED

No. 225171

File: 1659028097211.png (2.23 MB, 1200x1500, varre.png)

In fact I want it to be not just a man but someone Varre-esque, someone who will insult males to their faces and call them maidenless while, ideally, being submissive to female characters. That way if moids rage and kill him (after 20 failed attempts where they get their asses beat), they aren't able to level up anymore and have fucked themselves over because of their fragile egos. But Fromsoft are cowards so this will never happen

No. 225181

The Doll is my fave! Love her design, especially her clothes, she's so cute.
>not some gross femboy
That's what's so depressing. Fromsoft probably would make him a gross femboy, fucking cowards.
>someone Varre-esque who will insult males to their faces and call them maidenless while being submissive to female characters
oh nonny this is so based of you… if only this would come true…

No. 225182

I was literally thinking the same thing. Varré himself would have been perfect.

No. 225287

genuinely i don't really like any of them. they're too stereotypically "submissive boring female character" to me but i like the doll's appearance/story the most.

No. 225330

File: 1659066019200.png (654.51 KB, 857x748, sets.png)

ok anons, now post your favorite armor sets from each game

elden ring was really tough bc i like pretty much every set, so i had to put two

No. 225331

No. 225339

There's cut dialogue that suggests at one point, Fromsoft was planning on letting the players refuse Melina's accord and Varre would help them instead. Not sure if he would have ended up as a level up person but still, I'm sad at what could have been

No. 225397

File: 1659101180719.jpeg (259.64 KB, 1200x1345, EAA7E338-309B-41FC-AAC3-761BE1…)

A fellow Henryk’s set enjoyer. Always loved that one. Night’s Calvary is one of the best in ER I think. I’ll have to put together a proper favorites later.

That would have been awesome. I feel like his quest needed another step or something. A lot of the questlines in this game were just fucked up or weird. Patches for instance, feels incomplete because of the castanets thing you can’t do anything with. The stuff with Nepheli Loux and that group felt weird and abrupt. I will say most of the things with Fia and D and Ranni’s questlines were better but idk. A lot felt incomplete or didn’t make sense.

Sorry for reddit spacing, but just thinking about all that, does anyone else miss covenants? The game seems so set up for them with how you can give certain items to certain characters, and some of the NPCs just feel like covenant leaders. Varré made me think of it, but NPCs like Gurranq and Dung Eater felt that way too. I realize the latter have reasons for receiving their items, but I really miss having covenants and there are so many different factions in this game it would have been fun. Even the ring system feels bland without them.

No. 225403

File: 1659102490954.jpg (582.13 KB, 1294x2000, victor medina.jpg)

Yeah I miss covenants too. There could've been such nice rewards and perks too if ER had them. Truly a missed opportunity. I guess they scrapped them because the game already is large as hell, but still.

No. 225411

File: 1659104522921.png (1.13 MB, 736x736, image.png)

What's your favorite ending (any game), nonnas? Frenzied Flame looks really neat, ngl. I also like the End of Fire from DS3, the way it fades to black and then the Firekeeper's voice comes from the darkness, asking if you can still hear her.

No. 225418

Frenzied Flame bc I hate Melina and enjoyed watching her suffer, while also dooming the elitist Golden Order and Empyrean fuckers to be the same as everyone else

No. 225601

File: 1659158289896.jpg (433.9 KB, 1494x1678, Untitled.jpg)

It's too bad we couldn't fuck Varre or something. Honestly, the part where he jabs your finger is so weirdly intimate and sexual, especially for Fromsoft games which are severely lacking in anything sexual; it felt bizarrely erotic.

No. 225729

Ds1: silver knight set
Ds3: literally fatorias or any build similar to that lmfao
Bloodborne: tomb prospector set
I guess all my favorite endings for all games are the ones where there is less tragic stuff happening. Most of them are the "secret" endings where you somehow break the cycle of shitty-ness that consumes the world. What can i say, i'm a sucker for happy endings

No. 225762

File: 1659263330354.png (260.01 KB, 282x463, eldencheeks.png)

i can't get over the fact that Radagon walks around with a butt cleavage

No. 225793

He’s such a slut

No. 225839

File: 1659296991030.png (424.16 KB, 800x800, radagon culo.png)

radagon culo

No. 226101

I don't like her either but why 'hate'?
I feel like in true FS fashion they must have cut the Blood Cult stuff heavily from the game. You're FORCED to use the item against his wishes to progress the quest that results in what feels like a failure. I'm always kind of unhappy about the way FS handles this stuff no matter how much development time they get.

No. 226112

I hate her for being yet another fucking boring "submissive uwu" fromsoft woman who only gets a personality when she throws a hissy fit that you aren't doing as she told you to do, then vows to kill you.

No. 226118

She’s one of the more involved firekeeper types, and yet she’s so damn boring to me. Any moment she was speaking I felt like I would go to sleep. I feel bad saying that but I just thought both her design and role were kind of uninteresting. I’m curious about what she will do in DLC though, maybe I will find her more interesting then.

No. 226219

File: 1659442296985.png (2.27 MB, 1748x2480, nk.png)

I actually like her design, I thought it was simple but cute, but yeah other than her promising to have revenge on you, she's just your bog standard firekeeper. I wish that for the next installment we got either a male firekeeper or a non humanoid one, I think that would be interesting. I'm honestly tired of the waifubait characters at this point. Is the DLC confirmed?

No. 226246

File: 1659453995555.jpeg (75.15 KB, 550x561, BF269FD5-CC56-4794-9CC3-2F7B55…)

I don’t think confirmed yet. Also nonnie thank you so much for posting a pic of NK I’ve never seen before. He’s my favorite, do you remember who the artist is? That smile is so cute.

No. 226249

samefag but nevermind. I realized I recognized the style and was able to find it, artist is timnehparrot.

No. 226357

File: 1659492513009.jpg (886.53 KB, 1536x2048, tumblr_f1b753b0ae886d89af5115f…)

ALL firekeepers are gross submissive waifus. they dare to put those bland bitches next to characters like malenia and ranni and marika and nepheli and tanith and rennala and… like every other female character in elden ring.

No. 226477

You’re not wrong, I was just saying she does more than the rest by traveling alongside you and has more voice lines than the others. Wrt your list though I was disappointed by Nepheli too. Felt like she was going to do more shit on her own, thought overall she was annoying and boring. Malenia I was very pleasantly surprised by because I thought I’d just find her overrated when I got to her but I legitimately fell in love. Her voice gave me chills, her second phase is gorgeous because it’s grotesque and even though she’s nude I didn’t feel like she was overly sexualized by it because of how fucked up she was. I hate when I see coomers draw her with a huge hourglass shape and a cutesy waifu face when she clearly is lithe with some muscle and has a stronger facial structure. Men ruin everything I s2g. Sorry for getting off tangent.

No. 226914

tales of old! its so beautifully somber and i adore the strings in it.
aldia's in ds2, 100%. his dialogue is fantastic.

No. 230603

File: 1660439325463.jpg (370.48 KB, 1280x1387, tumblr_fd2e5a8d592d011151fa758…)

reminder that varre is gross, DO NOT kiss him

No. 230614

i love this little freak so much. wish his questline had been longer. it felt cut short honestly, as if there was supposed to be an alternative step that didn't involve you using the item he gives you right away. the game needs more varre….

No. 230633

his questline definitely feels unfinished

No. 230634

File: 1660447940623.jpg (79.41 KB, 676x695, 20220813203000_1.jpg)

i made a nasty little nightfolk! do u guys like his face?

No. 230657

Yes, he's very handsome you did a good job!

No. 235047

File: 1661912871075.jpg (713.01 KB, 920x1200, 97577393_p0_master1200.jpg)

would you a patches?

No. 235056

oh my goodness gracious

No. 236295

File: 1662350905854.jpg (621.07 KB, 866x805, 6145698.jpg)

the dark souls 3 servers are back online, nonnies!

No. 236411

he's so handsome nonna!

No. 236458

No. 236459

File: 1662414352715.jpg (573.66 KB, 1293x2048, tumblr_a6aa8e8bbf8f06aed2f42d2…)

i just love them. i think the designs are weird and beautiful

No. 236742

Anons, how do I get gud? DSR is my first Fromsoft game and I'm absolute trash at it. I picked pyromancer as my starting class and kept getting my ass kicked in the Undead Burg, so I dumped some levels into dex, strength, and vitality and nabbed the Estoc. As a consequence I can get past most hollows by spamming R1 for the thrust attack and rolling away if too many show up, but I feel like this is just enabling my impatient, button-mashy comfort strategy. I can't really get parries down either because I keep misreading the attack animations, and forget about fancy shit like kicking, backstabs, or jump attacks. Is it really just muscle memory?

No. 236743

how do you WANT to play the game, anon, it kind of sounds like youre just reading a guide on what is the "best" way to play? not sure if that's true but. my first build was shitgarbage and i was bad but i was having a lot of fun regardless.

i also have played every game since dark souls and never worry about parrying or backstabbing. tho i backstabbed a bunch in ER because they made it easier.

No. 236754

You raise a good point - I fucked up by watching a let's play up to about the Taurus Demon, so when I got to the Undead Burg and ended up having a shitload of trouble before I got to what I thought was the first 'real' boss I assumed I was just playing the game wrong. That lead to all sorts of autistic bullshit like reading the wiki, practicing movesets, aiming for perfect no-damage runs between areas, and so on. I have a bad habit of doing this with games I like, and with this game I get so absorbed in perfecting my combat approach I just end up missing the forest for the trees.