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File: 1564754649170.png (36.06 KB, 700x425, toy.png)

No. 43388[Reply]

Dolls, action figures, plushies, model kits, and other collectables are all welcome here. If you've got customising techniques to show off or just wanna share pics or toy news, this thread is for you! Or do you have some memories to share? Statues are cool too but there should be a focus on articulated things.

Here's some questions to generate discussion:
>What's your first vs your latest toy?
>If you're a collector, when did you start?
>What's on your wishlist, is there anything you're saving up for or something you'll never get your hands on?
>On the other hand, is there a figure you regret buying?
>What's the most expensive item you own?
>Waiting for a package to arrive?
couldn't think of a pic to use so I threw up a logo, yadda yadda graphic design is my passion
also never made a thread before, hope I didn't do something wrong/thread doesn't die
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No. 48949

File: 1568132479715.jpg (190.84 KB, 926x1024, 8555845096_d878236e8e_b.jpg)

I finally got a monster high doll! I've wanted Spectra for a few years; she's so stinking cute.

No. 48951

tbf this line came out years after they first started the brand so they were running out of ideas for monsters, kek.

Good for you, anon! That version of Spectra is one of my favorites.

No. 48977

File: 1568143637812.jpg (76.11 KB, 794x1191, songbird barbie.jpg)

Thank you to the anon for posting this doll in the other thread! I had her as a kid but her dress is long gone, maybe even the doll too, but I still have the bird and it somehow still tweets!
Seeing this photo allowed me to reverse image search her and brought back so many memories of how I would just stare at her dress and pretty necklace in my room. Little girls really are a whole different species, that glittery fabric would send me into a dream world.

No. 49021

can you imagine a month and a skeleton trying to fugg

No. 49026

To be fair, her dad's listed as the Mothman, not just a moth. But it would be a lot funnier if he was just a regular moth.

File: 1556154566144.jpeg (329.46 KB, 537x445, EFC09BA4-F919-433B-A6DC-1D3E2C…)

No. 28299[Reply]

A thread to discuss all things metal! All genres welcome. Post videos, albums you love, pictures of metal heads, thoughts on the scene, or anything your sweet black heart desires.
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No. 48874

Since I didn't leave comments on these, I'll say something -

Eyehategod are one of the key sludge metal bands, maybe THE key one besides Melvins (who someone else posted), though bands like Acid Bath (also above), Down, Neurosis, Buzzov*en, and Dystopia are also significant. EHG are my favorite for just communicating pure misery. They wanted to sound like "if Black Sabbath was a punk band," though there's also a strong southern blues element.

Behemoth are an amazing semi-mainstream death metal band comparable to bands like Gojira. If you like their style but want something more underground, I'd also recommend Archgoat and Beherit. This isn't the best Behemoth video, but I wanted to promote House of Strombo, George Strombo's new music/talk show (he's a great journalist).
Napalm Death are actually a fascinating band that gets underrated for how thoughtful they were. They had their roots in the Crass-centered anarcho-punk scene and were very influenced by early crust punk, but they tied in major Celtic Frost and Slayer influences to their sound, spawning grindcore. They're connected to lots of other major bands, like Carcass and Godflesh/Jesu. As time went on, they became more and more death metal, but always with a noisy avant-garde edge.
Martyrdöd are a really great band that fuses melodic death metal and crust punk, with a little black metal. They have their roots in the band Skitsystem.
Dawn Ray'd are a solid black metal band with references to peasant revolts, paganism, and revolutionary themes. Sorta like the Rage Against the Machine of black metal. They're notable contemporaries of Panopticon.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 48893


No. 48926

I can't believe I forgot to mention Crowbar for sludge

No. 48992

This is my favorite thing right now

No. 49820

I primarily listen to Nordic folk music though I have never really liked Myrkur… I dont hate her either, just kind of neutral towards her. But the fact that she's naming her kid Viking is beyond cringey. Not to mention it doesnt even make sense because the word Viking is actually an English word and vikings didn't call themselves vikings. They did call themselves drengr, you'd think shed name her kid that.

File: 1454810315690.jpg (92.22 KB, 700x526, 1404706201172.jpg)

No. 17472[Reply]

Dump what you got
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No. 48941

File: 1568129907653.jpeg (152.02 KB, 1921x1280, 1556372610118.jpeg)

No. 48942

File: 1568129975177.jpg (59.7 KB, 549x670, 1567196515257.jpg)

No. 49234

File: 1568262166979.gif (1.78 MB, 490x642, moralsupport.gif)

No. 49235

File: 1568262211164.jpg (28.72 KB, 350x390, lindsay.jpg)

No. 49267

File: 1568276547495.jpeg (17.28 KB, 355x236, D8LmYf0X4AMJ-xu.jpg large.jpeg)

File: 1538849358954.jpg (249.03 KB, 1000x924, Marias-Fanfic.jpg)

No. 16434[Reply]

>whens the last Time youve read fanfiction?
>what kind of fanfiction do you tend to gravitate towards
>have you ever written fanfiction?
>how frequently do you read/write fan fiction?
>whats the weirdest fan fiction youve written and or read?
>what fandoms tend to have the best and or worst fan fics?
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No. 48370

File: 1567915956634.png (834.17 KB, 543x720, Untitled.png)

Anyone know of some good Snape/Lily smut fics? I don't care how weird or degenerate it is, I want to read it.

No. 48371

Have you considered not clicking those tags? No one is forcing you to read Hagrid x baby Hedwig fanfics.

No. 48668

File: 1568033948860.jpeg (289.88 KB, 650x600, 5018AAFE-6938-4207-A566-6BE6BF…)

i recently dug up all my favorite izakida fanfics from when i was like 14 lol. they’re so nostalgic and wholesome to me even though they’re all quite dark and edgy.

does anyone remember the kink memes? i distinctly recall the drrr one being huge but i’m not sure about other series? they were so much fun and some fills were genuinely good.

No. 48905

File: 1568098121238.jpg (103.22 KB, 689x1000, 47e2749f58a6dd963dc5103057a6f7…)

I wish kink memes were still a huge thing they were. I filled out a few of the requests in my days. Now I am going through the endless expanse of the Ace Attorney kink memes and I am crying for the days the fandoms were alive.
We have one going in my current fandom, but it is dead and I cannot singlehandedly revive it.

No. 48925

Wasn't the Ace Attorney kink meme the biggest one by far when kink memes were still a thing? I remember reading a lot of Edgeworth/Wright fics back then and now it's a miracle if I can find anything Ace Attorney related that catch my attention on ao3.

File: 1549059924770.jpeg (183.43 KB, 640x905, D701F416-AC5C-4B3D-B48B-2C785A…)

No. 13342[Reply]

Share your favorite fanart, artists, and pages!
No drama please, just cute/cool anime related shit. Also try help others identify artists if you can!
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No. 13387

At least spoiler the works for those who don’t want to see school boys being hurt for adults to wack off to

No. 13388

I agree, I like Kaneoya but these have no special artistic merit or interesting concept, it is just abuse of anime boys.

No. 13389

Saw isn't just in reference to sexual imagery but violent imagery and I think it's reasonable anons might be ok with tr former and less so the latter. Sachiko's work isn't exclusively erotic and doesn't incorporate violent imagery in a lot of her work. I think spoiler tags are a good idea. And regardless it is nice to share a variety of artists while this one has been posted across various threads.

I think something like fan art with bloody zombie characters, for instance, is another example of the sort of artwork that would merit spoilers.

No. 13390

File: 1549398087204.png (2.78 MB, 1096x1592, 72453156_p0.png)

No. 48835

File: 1568074175502.png (570.21 KB, 540x672, tumblr_opb5jhu0oL1qmkgeno1_540…)

File: 1521749396415.jpg (49.69 KB, 800x450, universal constant.jpg)

No. 15093[Reply]

needed some way to vent about this, and i always love reading about other people's raging hate boners for (insert x title here). this isn't limited to books alone - it can be a show, comic, webcomic, etc. as long as it has your blood boiling almost every time you see it and you can't begin to imagine how anyone could get into it.

i'll start us off: "a matter of life and death" (https://tapas.io/series/A-Matter-of-Life-and-Death) is kind of the brainless beauty of western BL. now, it didn't start off that way, but between the author deciding to start acting like a spoiled brat instead of taking responsibility for her growing fanbase during the past year, and the story itself taking an olympic nosedive into overwrought, melodramatic, needlessly vindictive (while somehow still failing to deliver all the emotional punches during actually appropriate scenes), everything-that-makes-BL-shit territory.

now, as a disclaimer, i will admit that i'm not a fan of BL in general. i've seen way too many works that portray stuff like rape, abuse, etc. way too voyeuristically for my comfort, and even in more lighthearted series it usually feels like the authors don't know how guys interact with other people, let alone how gay guys do it. it's just not for me. but for fuck's sake, even i can recognize that BL fans deserve better than this.
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No. 48686

Thank you anon, I've never seen anyone else agree with me on this before. I was so excited for the movie, everyone had told me it was amazing and I loved the premise, but it ended up being a Disney movie with some sex stacked on top.
I wish the alien had actually learned to speak; it's hard to feel invested in a romance between a normal adult and a child-like, abused alien who mostly signs "egg" and "music". He didn't have his own character at all, so how can there be romance between them? The only part where they had actual, fully sapient interactions was when the protagonist imagines dancing with him. It conveyed a lot more about her desires, their relationship and limitations than any other scene did. He just came off as a clingy pet in every other scene.

Also I was super put off by how the movie uses gay men and women just to seem woke. Sassy black woman sidekick, gay man whose only purpose is to suffer so you can see how happy the protagonist is in comparison, even the MC's muteness only serves the purpose to make her "different" and quirky. I understand that the very point of the movie seemed to be about accepting differences, but it didn't seem genuine at all, since it was all so surface-level. It really felt like a movie made by a bunch of old men for what they think young women want.

No. 48707


Exactly. Its super creepy how he doesn't even talk. There's nothing ever that validates them having sex as a sane thing and natural course of events or them being in love as relatable or believable or even less something to root for. It reminds me of Twilight, it is basically the same thing of spezhul self insert girl loving a monster for reasons and when you think about it the whole thing is full of red flags and i wonder why so many girls keep falling for this trope.

All the characters almost look like some right wing guy wrote them to make fun of the usual leftist stereotypes too. The quirky ~disabled~ uwu girl that is not like other girls. The strong black woman that needs to learn she don't need no man, the incel gay guy who is oppresed by society because the straight dude he stalked didn't want to sleep with him. Come on, its the cheapest, hackiest screenplay ever, and of course in typical tumblrina fan fic fashion the main villain is an extreme "evil guy" caricature of the most satanic demographic: a conservative white male with a job. Soooo lazy and baity. Its great to have social commentary and all but he set out to do it at the expense of a interesting and believable story and well rounded characters and the actual social commentary there is is extremely shallow and cliche.

You are right about the dancing scene, the whole movie stands on one single aesthetically pleasant scene and nothing else.

No. 48721

Holy shit thank you anons. She taught it to ask for eggs and then she fucked it, that is not romantic. And this is coming from a total degen who thinks the fishman is hot. Also I'm sorry but if you eat my fucking cat you're not getting this poosy.

No. 48734

I didn’t completely hate this movie but I’m super fucking salty Del Toro made this and not At the Mountains of Madness.

It was already halfway done, at least let the fatso make a Netflix show out of it or something, ffs.

No. 48766

>I’m super fucking salty Del Toro made this and not At the Mountains of Madness.

Me too, a Lovecraft movie would be so perfect for him. I am very salty about all the cool projects Del Toro was involved with that went south. Like Silent Hills and The Hobbit, i think he was supposed to be making a remake of Dr. Moreau. It is heartbreaking, all of those would have been a lot cooler.

>Also I'm sorry but if you eat my fucking cat you're not getting this poosy.

omg i had forgotten about that scene. I would even strangle Antonio Banderas himself if he harmed my cat in any way. That didn't make the creature endearing at all.

File: 1552439535349.jpg (217.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 17333[Reply]

post webms, youtube links etc. of random videos that don't fit in any other threads.
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No. 48021

The flashbacks you’ve given me, anon…
I swear there’s another version of this and I liked both and would be an actual cringy tween weeaboo memorising the lyrics to this.

No. 48031


Thanks anon, now put on your best Jack Skellington t-shirt and dance with me.

No. 48720

No. 48722

No. 48755

I love this and the original (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ony539T074w)

File: 1543793862057.jpeg (68.36 KB, 447x455, 3_jpeg5d3e0045fa7ed76ff37ea367…)

No. 16053[Reply]

Welcome to meme hell!
Post old, bad, unfunny, ironically funny memes, memes that make your skin crawl, memes you're ashamed you like, etc
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No. 48726

File: 1568051608305.jpg (53.72 KB, 800x450, anime (1).jpg)

No. 48727

File: 1568051718090.jpg (139.21 KB, 1080x1558, 1552440823557.jpg)

No. 48729

File: 1568052260562.png (1.24 MB, 1788x525, b50.png)

No. 48730

File: 1568052448263.jpg (72.53 KB, 646x960, shitposting.jpg)

No. 48731

File: 1568052584953.jpg (37.02 KB, 700x452, tricks.jpg)

File: 1566925304371.jpg (140.27 KB, 750x738, 1566078970557.jpg)

No. 46267[Reply]

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait. Doing so will get you permanently banned from /m/.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

Previous thread: >>44372
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No. 48649

of course they wouldnt have. the whole thing's scripted

No. 48651

That hair style + hair color + red lips combo is ugly

No. 48652

File: 1568024203247.jpg (56.21 KB, 640x640, 69028441_407288929927749_13951…)

She doesn't look like herself anymore. Is she trying to look like taeyeon? The "everyone morphing into one person" phenomenon is beyond scary.

No. 48732

No. 48741


we already have a new thread >>48633
how hard is it to spot it on the first page,stop replying here

File: 1557022158807.png (167.6 KB, 900x506, bpc.png)

No. 30296[Reply]

Basically if it's not anime but still animated, post it here

>Your favorite cartoons

>What are you watching right now
>Cartoon Recommendations
>Western animation studio discussion
114 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 48364

It’s actually not obnoxiously tumblry but it’s a mediocre show at best, why suffer through it for the ‘good parts’ when you can watch a show of consistently higher quality? Imo most of it is filler and the pacing to get to the plot important parts is frustrating, plus they can never decide how serious they’re being and how much of the comedy is straight slap stick or self aware. No villain is ever really a threat, they all get talked out of being bad because ‘they’re just sad and hurting!’ and the show even acknowledges this as a "joke" but still does it anyway. Imagine a show that wants to poke fun at the power of love and friendship but they also want to do it completely straight? I’m salty 3 out of 4 Diamonds have ugly sausage lips when they would look more appropriately goddess like with some mature lipstick.

No. 48385

Just watch the plot-heavy episodes you won't miss anything important if you completely ignore the filler, is not really tumblr-tier (to the point actual sjw's hate SU because it's representation it's mediocre) but brace yourself for shameless favoritism and blatant self-inserting from some of the writers including the creator of the series herself, you should avoid filler especially because there are literal prank episodes that bamboozle people into thinking something cool will happen because the titles of those episodes are misleading.

No. 48405

>but brace yourself for shameless favoritism and blatant self-inserting from some of the writers including the creator of the series herself

Nepotism on western cartoons is insane right now, i am personally very tired of how it is always the same little group of creators blowing each other horns or how it turns out they are all dating or longtime friends or related. All the teams are inbred, their affiliations and shilling are blatant. I wish there was more variety and openness towards more diversity of talent, styles and ideas but a lot of the sjw bigotry that keeps new influences out comes from within the industry, fueled by those same creators that got too influential and turned these companies into shut tight cocoons. I used to like Rebecca Sugar, by now i am so sick of her, i wish she were replaced, her stuff gets cringier and cringier.

The cal arts meme is a bit misguided because not all of them went to cal arts and the idiosincratic style is not really a thing from the school but from a social clique that is employed right now, but it is still kinda valid as an umbrella term for all this seemingly samey cartoons made by pretty much the same branches of people.

No. 48575

File: 1567999674168.gif (452.42 KB, 166x178, tenor.gif)

Tbh I always got that vibe from them. In the commentary they've done on Invader Zim episodes, they do come off a bit strange.
I can't necessarily blame them though since I've heard of them having very strange experiences with nutty Invader Zim fans. Like, one of them talked about how when he was signing an autograph for a fan and the fan then proceeded to bite his hand. Hell, even Jhonen used to get sexually harassed at panels because his fans are fucking nuts.

I have to agree.
Glad I wasn't the only one noticing a pattern in the credits of some cartoons.

No. 49617

File: 1568432623143.png (129.46 KB, 382x421, Eye.PNG.png)

12oz Mouse is absolutely hilarious to me although I'd get why some people consider it shit.

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