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File: 1683666459331.jpg (1.29 MB, 1700x3052, 1621191920277.jpg)

No. 295261[Reply]

A thread dedicated to anything Naruto-related - manga, anime, games, fanfic, fanart, doujinshi, memes, speculah.
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No. 298286

File: 1684925797166.jpg (28.99 KB, 437x576, 35c96faf4c2213b405a4118acc1c6e…)

When I say I like Karin people accuse me of just hating Sakura. Why is it so hard for scrotes to understand that maybe I just like all women. Annoying or not.

No. 298409

File: 1684955627159.jpg (137.64 KB, 900x1228, Suigetsu.jpg)

More like mizukage? He's not even from Konoha.

Hinatafags have always been the worst.

No. 300625

File: 1685975045758.jpg (179.08 KB, 1575x886, vg.jpg)

Anybody playing Naruto games? Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is quite fun.

No. 300627

Cannot lie, I believe that Founders fans are the most based of all Naruto fans.

No. 300663

i loved arlong park's naruto thread. good times.

File: 1589867109924.jpg (15.75 KB, 500x147, tumblr_oryc5gFF6T1qd7kpzo1_500…)

No. 89824[Reply]

Post manga panels you like here
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No. 299547

Kek this is cute.

No. 299710

File: 1685548967109.jpg (126.42 KB, 834x960, 25z186e5i0s11.jpg)

No. 300654

File: 1685985874902.jpg (104.34 KB, 640x1171, FvjSvWAXwOAQ.jpg)

No. 300655

File: 1685986049298.png (273.12 KB, 1200x1082, FvwWcAMvPoK.png)

No. 300656

Shigahime was such a let down.

File: 1621275053259.jpg (21.15 KB, 225x470, So what IS a Cloistered Heart_…)

No. 142261[Reply]

Post images regarding religious imagery, particularly in regards to Christianity. Post nuns, angles, Jesus merch, cathedrals, churches etc
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No. 300096

File: 1685723029318.png (96.64 KB, 676x791, 766666.png)

No. 300099

File: 1685723181112.png (2.72 MB, 2229x2877, 1673131303391.png)

No. 300650

File: 1685985459874.jpeg (65.93 KB, 600x414, depositphotos_58951979-stock-p…)

No. 300652

File: 1685985518831.jpg (1.01 MB, 2362x3150, 8428-soshestvie-svjatogo-dukha…)

No. 300653

File: 1685985574057.jpeg (79.45 KB, 600x587, depositphotos_54235337-stock-p…)

File: 1646506409179.jpg (440.27 KB, 828x1601, 1645974888322.jpg)

No. 187240[Reply]

Hi nonners until /m/ is cured can we use this thread to rate art
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No. 300573

in traditional art lean is common i had it myself,i recommend buying a transparent grid or making one your self at home with a transparent sheet and the other trick is to use a mirror like this nonna said >>300530 good luck

No. 300593

File: 1685956678863.png (25.7 KB, 797x796, regersdcadb gfrewdc__.png)

I love this nonna, I'll just leave a suggestion that you plan for the line's directions and weight when you are drawing shadows or stronger features. The angle of the hatching really changes the end result. You may like Kotteri's work, he's great at giving the messy line vibe.

No. 300645

Kotteri is a woman

No. 300648

File: 1685985395027.png (89.49 KB, 499x1051, FT_B-LeaIAAIrwh.png)

Oh I didn't know that, I probably got her twitter posts confused with another artist then. Good to know!

I can't find her tweet but I'll leave this image where she pointed how she was trying out to shade the jacket by drawing in the same direction of the outside line, rather than the top left. Thought it was interesting and illustrates the difference the direction of the line can make.

No. 300661

Thank you for a rec, kotteri is a great artists and her artstyle is something that I want to achieve!
I'm still trying to produce a piece that I can post itt, since I learnt a thing or two about coloring and rendering… but rn I can't force myself to finish anything except some doodles… sigh

File: 1676005423084.jpg (458.82 KB, 2048x1152, LzLs5eA.jpg)

No. 274808[Reply]

HoYoverse's new space fantasy RPG. Currently in the final beta testing phase. Soon to be published on mobile and PC platforms.

Pre-register via the official website. Follow twitter for all announcements, youtube for character and story trailers, and twitch for new version livestreams.

Official website



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No. 300639

Sauce pls for da wei being a lolicon?

No. 300642

File: 1685982232222.png (142.51 KB, 599x599, himeko is over 25.png)

I think its pretty obvious. dw is around 30 himself

No. 300676

is loli used for late teens too? still gross though

No. 300738

loli used to include any teenage girl , but now that it's normal for otaku moids to openly lust after high school girls it's not "taboo" enough for the label

No. 300748

it would be fine if it was a dead woman at this point but blade has too much shipbait with kafka ugh so he's definetly a skip for me. i know he also has shipbait with danheng but his relationship with kafka is very anime tropey for my liking. and i'm also skipping luocha for obvious reasons

File: 1681661243183.jpg (27.7 KB, 400x400, 858e3c1e0a31a159671ff8c0d1eb55…)

No. 289927[Reply]

No discussion, no recommendations, just pictures.

Please avoid 3DPD, fanarts of them is okay. 3D models welcome.
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No. 300421

No. 300423

File: 1685884126453.jpg (211.15 KB, 1205x1772, FgArPiyUUAA_8Pe.jpg)

No. 300521

File: 1685926617440.jpg (180.36 KB, 1000x1000, 20220819_061748.jpg)

No. 300524

File: 1685928485436.jpg (349.05 KB, 1338x2048, 20221231_211315.jpg)

No. 300630

File: 1685978173615.jpeg (121.26 KB, 1200x909, IMG_1118.jpeg)

Cutest boy’s birthday today

File: 1591416917034.png (95.1 KB, 500x375, ummm.png)

No. 94822[Reply]

Post your favorite anime screenshots here.
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No. 96472

File: 1592531180663.jpeg (116.35 KB, 1280x720, E3994291-7FE6-4CFB-97A2-FC326F…)

No. 300495

File: 1685913734765.png (118.78 KB, 1031x777, eva.png)

No. 300535

File: 1685934626732.gif (1.85 MB, 540x300, tumblr_oaiy6irkvM1tmp8rdo2_128…)

No. 300624

File: 1685974986224.jpg (81.11 KB, 1366x768, s1 good.jpg)

No. 300646

File: 1685985209987.jpeg (87.49 KB, 1000x742, TekkenAnimatedHeihachi.jpeg)

File: 1647632737491.jpg (127.93 KB, 937x1171, jay.jpg)

No. 190380[Reply]

thread for comic books, et cetera - DC, marvel, whatever you like (picrel is red hood). not a purist, so feel free to talk about movie/game adaptions as well, as long as it's related to source material.

what comics have you been reading/have read? do u think the recent trend of superhero movies is good for the industry? DC or marvel (with minimal infighting)?
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No. 300444

Nonna I half read the first issue of her comic, she goes to whole food gets mad at the price, we see a full page of her masturbating and then responding to a "back page ad" then doing on a date and then fucking an ugly manlet, how is that "feminism"?

No. 300519

File: 1685925929432.jpg (21.27 KB, 200x260, 64032743071327.jpg)

this comic was kinda mediocre in story but the MC stuck with me for years. She's like the archetypal goth in my head


No. 300525

> we see a full page of her masturbating
i didn't realize women masturbating and depicting it is somehow antifeminist, holy shit lol

No. 300536

Nta but:
> Anon says: masturbation isn't feminist.
> You: Are you saying masturbation is antifeminist?
It's not either or, don't be purposefully obtuse just because you enjoy the comics, retard.

No. 300621

i have never heard of this woman and her comics before this thread. there is multiple people posting on this site you fucking schizophrenic

File: 1648234079173.jpeg (207.89 KB, 850x601, 8ABC36CB-D03F-47C5-975F-6A6BAC…)

No. 192164[Reply]

Use this thread to discuss reading and writing fanfiction. Feel free to discuss personal grievances and things you like about fan fiction and fanfiction communities
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No. 300613

File: 1685967484074.jpg (9.08 KB, 231x158, tumblr_a65f79e8021d8cda9a7f2c5…)

i've thought about this goddamn fic every day for almost three months i think i might actually die if it gets updated ooooooh the red hot gates of hell. it's preventing me from functioning normally. don't ask what fic btw i don't want to traumatise you by linking it again, just imagine the most unhinged thing you can

No. 300620

f/f pairings always gets the short end of the stick. Even when a f/f pairing is canon and has a lot of shippers it still doesn't get many fics. Worse thing is when the characters gets genderbended
I'm in a similar situation except that my fandom has only been shitting out fics for a shitty f/m pairing. It's not even a small fandom but any other pairing regardless if it's f/m, m/m or f/f gets no attention. You would think after decades people would realise that this one pairing just sucks but noooo

No. 300634

which fandom? is it reader-insert?

No. 300695

>my fandom has only been shitting out fics for a shitty f/m pairing
I have this same problem with the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. Granted I haven’t watched the show in forever, but how is Adrien/Marinette still popular?

No. 300696

lotr. dont ask.

File: 1646704759879.png (701.69 KB, 852x477, Asobi Asobase.PNG)

No. 187706[Reply]

Want to gush about some ships? Have any particular tropes you like? Pleased by how the fandom treats certain pairings? Feel free to rant about anything OTP related here.
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No. 291871

File: 1682374503148.jpg (86.54 KB, 1095x683, tumblr_9f6fc966ffdc239d07a8a3e…)

alternatively merry/eowyn/faramir ot3

No. 292012

File: 1682417020914.jpeg (151.64 KB, 1372x1116, FgtCY-cWIAE0Nyq.jpeg)

No. 292067

File: 1682443359961.jpg (76.37 KB, 850x1082, togachako.jpg)

I like this pairing because it's rare for F/F relationships to have a controversial dynamic and because it gave Uraraka a narrative beyond being the irrelevant love interest. It's also nice to see a shounen character have explicit feelings for someone of the same sex, too bad it will always be one-sided. It would be really funny to see Dekufags mad.

No. 292357

File: 1682533860097.jpg (311.03 KB, 1860x1536, kristina-meinig-jack-and-miran…)

Commander Shepard is the real villain of Mass Effect for interrupting Miranda and Jack's fight in ME2. Let them hate-fuck and work it out!

No. 300614

File: 1685967489953.jpeg (87.26 KB, 720x1024, 1BCC7EB3-DDC9-43C8-84F5-60A9D3…)

They’re cute, bonus points if Neige is the top and Vil is the bottom.

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