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File: 1703915421200.jpeg (673.64 KB, 828x1391, IMG_1925.jpeg)

No. 345693[Reply]

Have you seen those stupid ass short comics that people make and are unfunny as fuck? Of course you have, they're all over social media. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, DeviantArt, they're the bread and butter of unskilled artists and writers. Unfortunately, there's a ton of these bad short form comics floating around the internet (and people who make a living out of them, as perplexing as it is). Post the hilariously bad, terrible, lukewarm, mediocre, lazy infuriating, and most annoying ones here!

You can post
>Short comics
>Multiple pannels or illustrations
>4koma/4pannel comics
>Abstracts from a bigger comic

Previous threads:
thread #1 >>>/m/232318
thread #2 >>>/m/256627
thread #3 >>>/m/314190
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No. 383877

File: 1716100562827.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, 1658796619497.jpg)

same vibes.

No. 384133

File: 1716151252035.jpeg (685.6 KB, 1000x1389, IMG_3847.jpeg)

No. 384136

This honestly takes the cake for me it's so fucking retarded.

No. 384167

File: 1716156766549.gif (41.87 KB, 588x588, 2787.gif)

its a redraw of jerkcity, which is a very old comic made out of silly conversations between friends

No. 384205

the original still looks pretty damn retarded tbh

File: 1646360745494.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1646314900215.png)

No. 186908[Reply]

Post all the manhating pictures you have!
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No. 384099

File: 1716146674379.jpg (42.36 KB, 540x741, 5c5cc761abc4244249f780af2e81ea…)

No. 384100

File: 1716146761698.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.13 KB, 736x736, 44366c882944be475703061ad3d313…)

No. 384117

File: 1716149364255.png (118.65 KB, 1686x1502, GCM84e5WIAAx4iC.png)

No. 384125

>you had 50% chance to be born into this fate
Thank you egg-sama for allowing an X chromo sperm inside

No. 384197

File: 1716162286843.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1179x2190, IMG_8388.jpeg)

Holy shit, this fag put his wife in a headlock and got domed by the LAPD after charging them with a sword(!).

File: 1715951796358.gif (757.5 KB, 500x378, IMG_6500.gif)

No. 382896[Reply]

Post and discuss your favourite AMVs (anime music videos) here.
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No. 383898

No. 383912

Kek nonnie I saw Ayato in the thumbnail and clicked immediately. It's kind of randomly put together though.

No. 383938

Black Lagoon AMVs are always the best

No. 384045

My favourite song thanks for sharing nona! ♥

No. 384109

Made me fell in love with him

File: 1655271759268.jpeg (85.73 KB, 700x543, 4C25EF4C-5537-4AE5-A49C-6C67AC…)

No. 214453[Reply]

Drop funny images here that don't fit other /m/ threads. GIFs are permissible if they make you laugh, but no videos please.

If yours belongs in one of these, post it there instead:
Dumb bitch memes >>195463
Manhating memes >>186908
LC-specific memes >>204843
Tumblr/Twitter posts >>191778
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No. 383659

Seething fatasses can't get over a meme that's over 10 years old.(infighting)

No. 383664

File: 1716062128659.jpg (56.49 KB, 640x604, C0t-ut2WgAAumim.jpg)

ayrt it's also me nonna i get you

No. 383995

And you can’t let go of the past LOL(infighting)

No. 384074

File: 1716143622736.png (1.9 MB, 1021x1024, GN3pwqhXAAAMiXm.png)

No. 384089

File: 1716145008486.jpg (62 KB, 680x664, GN3DFkWXQAAvcLc.jpg)

File: 1648391384003.jpg (66.21 KB, 550x800, FIGURE-130853_03.jpg)

No. 192563[Reply]

A thread to discuss anime figures/merch!

Post new releases and announcements, your current preorders, collection/display inspo, ita bags, things you want to see released, what you're on the hunt for, etc!
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No. 382576

File: 1715833944961.png (928.38 KB, 562x665, aroma princess chrysalis.PNG)

I am also a shameful blind box enjoyer. I've got internal conflict of hating to support the mass production of plastic but I love these art toys for several reasons: 1. I don't really watch enough anime nowadays to be considered a fan of anything, so I prefer the idea of having an original character figurine. 2. Despite being cheaper than an anime statue, they're really well made and the designs are so creative.
Picrel is aroma princess, one of my favorites. I love the calm bunny-like faces.

No. 382814

File: 1715914194813.webp (49.39 KB, 1200x720, sonny_angels_2048x2048.webp)

speaking of blind boxes, I'm completely addicted to sonny angels right now, there are so many cute releases. do anons here have any sonny's?

No. 384085

File: 1716144382368.png (1.02 MB, 728x825, paris hilton hello kitty.png)


No. 384131

I have an urge to get this hello kitty figure

No. 384151

It's likely one of those Jimmy/Danny Choo things where the artist has enough money to manufacture a bunch of figurines of their characters

File: 1526426979712.gif (141.56 KB, 900x787, funny-cartoons-jim-benton-154_…)

No. 9288[Reply]

Post any kind of comics, they only need to be short
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No. 383518

Nekojiru please lmao you were taken from us too soon RIP

No. 383537

>the brown cylinder with the white square.

Kekekekek White right-wingers' homosexual obsession with Black dicks never fails to amuse me.

No. 383917

the weirdest thing is he's a mixed race Puerto Rican IRL, chances are he probably has black ancestors on his mother's side.

No. 384084

File: 1716144379369.jpg (67.41 KB, 680x591, GN4mLfEawAA3MRj.jpg)

No. 384086

That bird must be chocking on that human-size cigarette kek

File: 1664291526485.jpg (69.51 KB, 728x410, computer-headphones-anime-girl…)

No. 242911[Reply]

Lost the original thread in the /m/assacre, wanted to bring this back. A thread for discussing and learning game development, women/projects to check out, and venting about things that are impossible to talk about in regular game dev spaces.
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No. 382209

I'm going on YouTube tutorials for anything more than basic visual novel stuff the built in tutorials teach

No. 382598

Hey nonnies, I'm trying to pursue gamedev as of late, but the problem is that I can't code. My only option is to "handle the art" side of the game I want to create. Could anyone here give their experiences on how they started as beginners?
Also, I'm guessing you should probably make connections - so, where is the best place to find people who can hopefully help with your project? At least for free/cheaper

No. 382796

Start with a simple visual novel in any engine. If you really get stuck make your trial game an adaptation of a public domain book or play.
Just make Romeo and Juliet as a visual novel in Ren'py or RPG Maker or Visual Novel Maker so you can wet your feet and then think bigger and focus on having fun with art first.

No. 384037

File: 1716140045563.jpg (316.02 KB, 1599x913, 1000007480.jpg)

There's two game jams, otome and josei and I'm going to make a basic demo of the closet mechanic for it.
I'm going to have it be how the player chooses their outfit for each daily task they schedule out. In the game jam version it's just a
>choose outfit for date
Game with some fluff before and after.
The final game will also have a different date thing but that's a ways away. The final game is a princess maker with superheroes, but the closet dress up game won't have any mention because that's a little too much for essentially a tech demo.

No. 384079

My best tips are
>start with the game/story you can afford to make the most mistakes on
If you start with your dream game for your first project and it ends up trash, you'll be demotivated to finish any other game in the future
>start with easy, low-end programs like godot, RPG maker or renpy
Lightweight programs with lots of tutorials and plugins will help speed things up when you don't really know your way around coding. Avoid unity and unreal engine for first-time projects. Unity is good with lots of tutorials, but as an artist too, I didn't want to have to code that much. For unreal, it's really easy to use, not a lot of tutorials though, and the amount of space it takes up is crazy. Will also give you the "look of a cheap AAA game" whether you want it or not
>itch.io game jams will help you build connections and make actual games
They will help you get connections with other indies and will give you experience in working on a game in a group. You'll also be able to realize what you really like to do when working on a game, or find people who will literally code your game for you. I've met coders, musicians, voice acting companies, etc. all through game jams on itch.
>accept criticism
I was upset because I didn't want anyone to play my game because I knew it was trash kek but you'll have to live with the fact that your first game likely wont be an indie hit. If it makes you feel better, I found out my first game got uploaded to the VNDB and it had been secured in history as mid.

File: 1649316785188.png (101.98 KB, 226x260, foundongoogle.png)

No. 195463[Reply]

don't google "dumb bitch memes" on google edition

What is a Dumb Bitch meme?
>has bitchy or feminine undertones
>usually looks feminine or cute stylized
>most likely to be used by internet communities that are female spaces.

previous threads:

give some love to the manhate meme thread too:
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No. 377313

aww im so glad you do nonnie

No. 378533

File: 1715376302131.jpg (32.67 KB, 526x521, 439873815_7405336396181135_263…)

No. 378573

File: 1715382687026.png (326.48 KB, 583x456, Screenshot 2024-05-11 015820.p…)

No. 384075

File: 1716143710653.jpg (86.97 KB, 1084x1191, GN42tU6XMAEZTRu.jpg)

No. 384076

File: 1716143830846.jpg (94.18 KB, 680x679, GNz1RfdW4AAj8Sl.jpg)

File: 1648107443984.jpg (118.87 KB, 906x510, VN.JPG)

No. 191784[Reply]

A thread to discuss old, new and timeless visual novels of any kind.
>talk about what you like
>talk about what you hate
>share your favourite VNs
>share recommendations
>ask for recommendations
Also pls no infighting pls pls
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No. 383653

Yeah, the seiyuu did a great job, I just like hearing male screams of horror kek
I did actually enjoy what I've seen of his route but once I get into it more I suddenly get taken back from it when he says something like "It's important that you let him fuck you" and I can't take it seriously anymore.

No. 383956

>People also seem to love Takuji but I'm not going to root for a fucking porn addicted weeb

I don't think you're supposed to root for Takuji or at least think he's a good person, in It's my Own Invention the appeal is more like watching a fucked up character and it being interesting seeing his descent into madness. I don't really like when people act like every character has to be likeable in order to make watching them fun and I actually think it's more interesting from a writing perspective to see flawed characters. I agree with you on the sex scenes though and how you could cut out most of them since it's just Sca-di's thinly veiled fetishes and as you said misery porn, it'd definitely make the game better overall, but it's an eroge so it's to be expected unfortunately. I'm surprised Subahibi even took off as much as it did recently since I expected all the extreme content to scare off anyone not already into vns from trying it but I guess not

No. 383970

i'm not going to read your entire post (you need to learn what a linebreak is) but
>the CGs disgust me way too much and they feel so over the top and ridiculous that it doesn't even register as psychological horror to me
it's a denpa game, it's supposed to be over the top and ridiculous

No. 383996

Yeah, I get that, I'm just shocked at how many people sympathize with him. I actually like that he's insane, but would never sympathize with a character who's involved with so much rape. I'm mostly just dumbfounded at how it's championed as this life changing incredibly deep story.
I know it references actual philosophical texts but it doesn't appear to be as groundbreaking to me as it people make it seem.
And I'm also surprised with how many young zoomer girls like it, although it does have an "aesthetic" that's popular rn
>(you need to learn what a linebreak is)
Sorry, nonnie, I was too focused on my rant.
>it's a denpa game, it's supposed to be over the top and ridiculous
Yeah, I only recently discovered denpas but it still completely eliminates the horror aspect for me… I guess it's not as ridiculous and degen as Sayooshi.
I thikl I'd enjoy the ridiculousness if it wasn't shock value porn, I liked Takuji's deranged screams.
I have a low tolerance for moid fanservice which leaves me with BL only I guess.

No. 384018

Yes, sympathizing with him is kind of odd to me, though I suppose I can see people feeling that way because of how he's bullied or whatever, and a lot of women tend to make excuses for their flawed male faves rather than just accept they like a fucked up character. I see that whole part as more like watching a moving car crash, it's fucked up but you still feel morbidly curious to see how crazy things get as an observer, and it's an interesting character study or look into an crazy man's mind. You can find him tragic and wish things were different especially by the end of IMOI but I don't believe you're really meant to condone his actions since he's 100% framed as insane.

As for it being a deep story or life changing or whatever, I do think people blow that out of proportion to the point where it just becomes a meme, it does have as you mentioned some philosophical aspects to it and a an overarching message about life and death it's trying to convey, which can be helpful and impactful for some people as it does focus a lot on mental illness, suicide, lacking purpose, etc. It's easier to see this by the time you've finished it, though. I suppose with that in mind it makes sense a lot of zoomers would latch onto it since mental illnesses seem really rampant nowadays, and yep, it does fit the trendy 2000s and denpa aesthetics they're currently into.

>I guess it's not as ridiculous and degen as Sayooshi.

Sayooshi is definitely much worse and also more poorly written overall.
>I have a low tolerance for moid fanservice which leaves me with BL only I guess.
Reading eroge definitely requires a bigger tolerance to that stuff but you could also read all ages vns with no sex scenes, or stuff that doesn't have content as extreme as those two.

File: 1683398197885.png (113.36 KB, 694x677, very_angry_kat.png)

No. 294550[Reply]

Post images here that accurately depict your reaction to things that have incited a reaction.
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No. 383606

File: 1716055883484.png (38.17 KB, 480x320, V5GXzcT.png)

No. 383824

File: 1716091464423.jpg (112.28 KB, 540x699, 1716082965146.jpg)

No. 383945

File: 1716127626286.jpg (28.47 KB, 563x314, cf0e2ecf21af08d3b0f24ab1a4f3fd…)

No. 383947

File: 1716127701930.jpg (23.91 KB, 564x307, 1dc7446980eb98c65a6583ea568cfc…)

No. 383969

love this……..

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