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File: 1535188230634.jpg (17.94 KB, 400x400, FB_IMG_1486907858286.jpg)

No. 14121[Reply]

previous one : >>>/ot/111835

Post any image you want. Bonus points for pictures that are rare, interesting, and/or have gone out of circulation over time.
Post the most obscure and weird ones you have
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No. 39717

File: 1562801195172.jpg (431.24 KB, 712x712, FB_IMG_15578281862238292.jpg)

No. 39769

File: 1562835932914.png (865.17 KB, 720x1280, 2jk8ko68c7y01.png)

No. 39770

File: 1562836003323.jpg (1 MB, 4000x6000, 9aa6cdepm3831 (1).jpg)

No. 39897

File: 1562903627600.jpg (42.06 KB, 889x585, D7YzDM_W4AATaks.jpg)

No. 39902

File: 1562905492096.png (Spoiler Image, 12.08 KB, 300x250, B66Sfj1FEg-8.png)

File: 1495116066611.jpg (38.07 KB, 500x375, 2147261d920df597624d8749c2a243…)

No. 1850[Reply]

All the videogame threads have been dead for ages, so let's start a new, hopefully more active, one!
Not sure if /g/ worthy, so putting it up on /ot/

>your favorite games (old or new)

>online or sp
>what are you playing on pc/console/mobile
>games recs
>great deals
>shit-games discussion
>basically free discussion on any games
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No. 39790

File: 1562849359849.jpg (98.8 KB, 640x613, 6H068vr2oDzJ9AUcRvM31K__nnEZRi…)


It is true that some games are garbage in handheld mode (Hyrule Warrior for example) and some games are playable in handheld mode BUT some actions can be only made if you play it with separated joy-cons. They used mario Odyssey as an example in the trailer for the handheld mode, which is one of the games that has some only joy-cons actions in the game (jumping and throwing cappy around) and therefore not really suitable for the Switch Lite. (Speaking from my own experience because I'm a mostly handheld mode person) I only see this for some casual games like SSBU or Mario Kart, but not where you have to wank around your switch like an idiot.

No. 39791


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 39808

Yeah, Mario Party is actually joy con only, so I wonder what would happen in that case.

No. 39856

That thing looks so uncomfortable to use. Why can't Nintendo make a decent controller/comfortable handheld?

No. 39881


new thread >>39880

File: 1468150467808.jpg (132.93 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amanchu! - 01 […)

No. 3894[Reply]

Can we have an anime thread? I can't find the other one for some reason, what are you watching this season? I really missed this Ariaesque atmosphere in SoL anime and really enjoyed the first episode of Amanchu.
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No. 39233

>you're the one who sees it as dirty, not me! you must be the pervert here!

typical reversal from a perv.

No. 39243

I liked the art style of that show. I liked that the female characters all looked like people you'd actually see in that kind of hobby. The guy being an uwu perfect feminine princess that looks even better than all the women reeks of handmaiden shit to me now. It's still an endearing show and I don't hate it or anything, but after the Develv threads (the eunuch artists) it has more than left a bad taste in my mouth. The drag part isn't really an issue for me, just that he's drawn as a flawless ubermensch.

No. 39659

I'm looking forward to next season, but i agree with others about Anai's arc (was hoping he would at least apologise or idk) and also I want the side characters to have a bit more depth since we're 2 seasons in already and they're all still mostly defined by one or two traits (except for Ton, I really enjoyed his character this season)

No. 39780

Has anyone here watched DNA²? I'm looking to get into some older anime because, holy shit, it seems that the quality drop has been huge recently.

No. 40100

I've enjoyed other things by Katsura, like Video Girl Ai and I"s, so based on that I would say give it a try. His work is very ecchi though (sometimes to a weird degree), so keep that in mind going in.

File: 1555682152406.jpeg (151.36 KB, 425x640, 59D1D065-F7D7-4E40-A549-76F33C…)

No. 26971[Reply]

ITT: post pictures of traditional/cultural/religious dress from various cultures around the world

>please state culture in comments

>no racebaiting
>no nitpicking
>no fighting
>look at the pretty clothes

Thread pic is traditional dress of Maio ethnic group in China
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No. 38199

File: 1561747493754.jpg (40.81 KB, 500x727, 6036f1f1bbd43a62d18fdeb47c329c…)

Greek immigrant at Ellis Island

No. 38200

File: 1561747709180.jpg (67.97 KB, 820x1117, enizglmvwy-1549367509.jpg)

Anandi Joshi from India, Kei Okami from Japan and Sabat M. Islambooly from Ottoman Syria. The first women from their respective countries to obtain a medical degree from a western university.

No. 38202

You could sage some of those posts you know, considering it's the samefag at least.

No. 38315

It's not like this board moves fast enough for that to matter.
It's fine to bump with content.

No. 39777

File: 1562838834226.jpg (347.23 KB, 736x676, ainu-people.jpg)

Ainu people

File: 1480241306979.jpg (262.41 KB, 1240x775, books.jpg)

No. 8561[Reply]

Book thread - recommend books, share what you're reading or what you're planning to read

No weeb mango shit, but books about Japan okay
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No. 39662

File: 1562777252277.jpg (3.86 MB, 1606x2560, things-in-jars-hardback-cover-…)

I've been reading Things on Jars, by Jess Kidd, this past week.
It's about snail eating Merrows, Irish folklore death mermaids, stolen death bodies, early butcher style medicine in London, criminal limping nannies, corrupt doctors, detectives and ghost boxer bfs.
The protagonist is an awesome Sherlock Holmes style detective, and also doctor on the side, that used to work as a Resurrection man when she was a kid, the people that stole cadavers and sold them to medicine students and teachers, and is investigating the kidnap of a strange 6 year old girl from her recluse anatomic novelties collector "father" with the help of her huge muscular maid and the ghost of a handsome boxer who claims to know her.
The atmosphere is very Gothic and even better, story wise, than Kidd's last book, The Hoarder.
Sorry anon, I only lurk on GR.

No. 39664

File: 1562777840699.jpeg (202.33 KB, 498x641, 51A77C84-458C-48B1-9B88-C2EF13…)

Currently reading redder than blood. New spins on fairy tales.

No. 39677

i love this book. i reread it last year and i didn’t realize on my first just how much cocaine the main character was doing in every chapter.

No. 39706

File: 1562800032825.jpg (42.53 KB, 768x1200, 9200000023229838.jpg)

Started reading this, am like 1/4 in and have a feeling the entire book is gonna be the same as so far but I don't mind. It gives me the same sorta disorientated feeling reading Nesbiths Enchanted castle gave me when I was in primary school (yes, I know, a bit out there comparison lol), it's weirdly cosy.

No. 39740

I have one, but all I read are sci-fi novels so we probably have nothing in common.
I really just use it to track stuff, not for discussion.

File: 1548676083767.jpg (138.1 KB, 1080x880, 1546772943626.jpg)

No. 14863[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/234968

What was discussed in the last thread:

Yoshiki (X Japan)
>is an attention whore, is still milking hide’s death and is so desperate for American recognition that his band even performed at Coachella
>has a Russian sugar baby who’s nearly 30 years younger than him
>announces monthly that the new album is 99% finished (it’s not)
>hangs out with Marilyn Manson, Poppy and Titanic

Hyde and Gackt are aging terribly (plus the latter is possibly gay) and Atsushi Sakurai thinks he no longer needs to wear pants.

Kisaki (ex. Phantasmagoria) is a literal pedophile. And of course he gets away with it, because this is glorious Nipponland we’re talking about…
More can be found here: https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/53544-kisaki-drama-2k18
Warning! Absolutely appalling details, pictures as proof.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 39560

Disgusting how he got away with it

No. 39581

File: 1562708103006.png (240.04 KB, 480x476, birthday-party-pepe-png-16.png)

>>39551 julie kitagawa is in charge now tho

No. 39622

What do you expect. It's japan.

No. 39633


I saw those ones, those rumours have been around for such a long time, and don't even seem that legit tbh… I was talking about recent stuff, really can't manage to find new drama on them

No. 40020

Luckily, they are now

Good. you know that piece of shit molested every child he recruited. Jin Akanishi of KATTUN had to leave japan to get away from him. Glad he did. I know Yamapi also left Johnny's Entertainment. Too bad Japan doesnt give a shit about child sexual exploitation.

File: 1548657857154.jpg (80.87 KB, 1024x1024, lucas-chan.jpg)

No. 1166[Reply]

post pics of cute idol boys. rap monster posting is banned because he is ugly.
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No. 39457

File: 1562614781502.jpg (61.37 KB, 1080x1069, 61761885_2087526421549582_6066…)


No. 39458

File: 1562614915687.jpg (83.1 KB, 682x1024, D5FMkWyUYAAA6zE.jpg)

No. 39861

File: 1562876785057.jpg (544.51 KB, 1080x1539, IMG_20190711_162212.jpg)

I really like this outfit

No. 39862

File: 1562877031216.jpg (524.07 KB, 1080x1614, IMG_20190711_162159.jpg)

His bare face looks really good…his face tends to look weird with all the makeup and heavy countour

No. 39863

File: 1562877121509.jpg (337.49 KB, 1080x1884, IMG_20190711_162146.jpg)

This boy is on firrrrrrrrrrrre
(It's Jaehyun)

File: 1557022158807.png (167.6 KB, 900x506, bpc.png)

No. 30296[Reply]

Basically if it's not anime but still animated, post it here

>Your favorite cartoons

>What are you watching right now
>Cartoon Recommendations
>Western animation studio discussion
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No. 37015

It really was an example of 'good show, bad time'. The show would be amazing in todays culture. A 'mystery space theater 300'-Esq reboot would be awesome.

No. 39351

How do people feel in general about more recent cartoons?
I'm constantly surrounded by jaded people who hate the more laidback and softer cartoons like craig of the creek, summer camp island, OK KO etc etc

I miss shows that were more slice of life but still had interesting settings that made you interested in seeing the characters face new challenges.

No. 39397

Honestly, I think a lot of kid's shows that are made now are also made with adults in mind because the creator is usually thinking of what they would like to watch/have watched as a kid. Of course, "kid's shows" in this context meaning those with a target audience of like 12-17 or something. Personally, I like all of the ones you mentioned plus Regular Show, Clarence, Over the Garden Wall, We Bare Bears, and The Amazing World of Gumball. I kind of prefer the cartoons that exist now over the ones I grew up with.

No. 39434

> I think a lot of kid's shows that are made now are also made with adults in mind because the creator is usually thinking of what they would like to watch/have watched as a kid

Cartoons have always been made with that in mind.

No. 39451

I feel like some shows were made solely for the enjoyment of children. But because the creators weren't children, it ended up being terrible.

Top of my head, shitty shows during the mid-late 00s like Fanboy and ChumChum.
Never have I experienced a more disgusting cartoon.

File: 1529203897944.jpg (6.17 MB, 7680x4320, wp-1.jpg)

No. 3199[Reply]

The last wallpaper thread has been dead for about a year now. Dump some of your fav mobile or desktop wallpapers!
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No. 39382

File: 1562569403197.jpg (1.92 MB, 1080x2094, 20190707_212933.jpg)

No. 39383

File: 1562569639699.jpg (1.77 MB, 1080x2094, 20190707_212939.jpg)

No. 39385

File: 1562569889211.jpg (1.76 MB, 1080x2094, 20190707_213927.jpg)

No. 39386

File: 1562570016990.jpg (1.62 MB, 1080x2094, 20190707_214056.jpg)

No. 39387

File: 1562570288949.jpg (1.56 MB, 1080x2094, 20190708_021752.jpg)

I have more of these than I thought.

File: 1461895202006.jpg (703.83 KB, 1073x1650, this kills the man.jpg)

No. 15655[Reply]

We're living in the age of reboots and most of them are awful. Let's talk about it.
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No. 39036


She’s a dark skinned black Woman of course she looks nothing like the original Ariel

No. 39064

what licenses? the movies they're adapting into liveaction are all fairy tales with no copyright, what they're trying is to appeal to 90s kids nostalgic for their childhood while also building up a excuse to release more merchandise of princesses and popular animal characters

No. 39075


And they’re all awful

No. 39110


They weren't abused in homeward bound, the trainers even explain intensely how the scenes were made and how many cuts were needed + "Hollywood magic" to make it seem realistic/happening at once

Milos and Otis, though… The cliff and bear scene, oof. It was never a thing in my country and I didn't watch it as a kid, and now I can clearly see why. Disturbing

No. 39244

Disney is also involved in R&D when it comes to just the tech side of all the graphics tools theyre devleoping. Those tools are later appropriated in other industries. Think of these movies as not just cash grabs but basically public funding to improve visual tech that can later be used in scientific and military use.

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