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File: 1645974683186.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, FMm_TGYXwAsDztH.png)

No. 186496

Since the threads are still not back in /m/, I wanted to make a new Pokémon thread for the time being. Especially with the latest news that has come out.

Spoilers for Generation 9 will be in this thread so you have been warned.

Pokémon Presents 2022: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoiwcdqMlCA

Pokemon Day List of Updates: https://serebii.net/news/2022/27-February-2022.shtml

No. 186497


No. 186498

File: 1645977609446.png (976.59 KB, 1141x1041, FMnJwJcVcAAnXMe.png)

More info has been updated on the official website. They look like fan made Pokémon tbh but I don't know if it's just because they are so new. They just look off.

No. 186499

i love how goofy fuecoco looks. the cat looks like it was designed by a furfag tho

No. 186500

File: 1645977792550.png (1.87 MB, 1150x1261, FMnJwTiVcAMyQ5g.png)

More from the website

No. 186501

File: 1645977944522.png (2.27 MB, 1042x1284, FMnJwf8VEAkclP1.png)

Last image, it looks like the new region is either Spain or Portugal. Most likely Spain, imo.

No. 186502

Why are they wearing gym shorts on a preppy goodboy outfit, it looks stupid

No. 186503

File: 1645978327981.png (83.55 KB, 280x346, 96028e47a757455168240c43d708ea…)

They lowkey look like these catholic scout kids. Kind of like pic related.

>region based on Spain
>looks like dogshit
Spain needs to sue Game Freak.

No. 186504

File: 1645978499873.png (420.61 KB, 673x811, Map.png)

This is definitely Spain + Portugal

No. 186505

I agree. Fanmade was my first thought. I told myself after SwSh that I’m never buying another Pokémon game again. We’ll see if I can hold myself to it.

No. 186506

I mean I'm glad they're using the Arceus engine but it still feels too soon and the human characters look ugly to me. The starters also look like fakemons, the grass one is just a green fennekin.

No. 186507

Just pirate if you can nonna. I pirated swsh and I'm enjoying it, but I'm sure if I paid actual money I would have felt like it was a waste.

No. 186509

i like the looks of it
i like that for once, the protags have a unisex ouftit instead of the girls always having impractical skimpy ones

No. 186510

The fire starter should have been an ox/bull if they still wanted to tie it into the Chinese zodiac theory with fire starters. And it would have been perfect because it was Spain. What a waste.

No. 186511

nta but I bought Shield with the DLCs directly in the cartridge for the price of the og game and I don't regret it only because I liked the DLC more than the main game. I don't have hope for this new game at all, I'm not gonna buy it and if I ever get a better computer I'll pirate it.

No. 186512

but there are already several Pokémon versions that are red-colored… Red, Ruby, Y, Omega Ruby. Couldn't they pick a more original color?
FUCK YOU I was working on a fan game where the protagonist is called "Violet". Couldn't they have picked "Purple" instead?
BTW this new gen is gonna be shit. (Though if it turns out that it isn't that'd be cool but I would never not pirate it.)

Also, is it just me or is the art style for the protagonists' official art kind of familiar despite being different to old Pokémon art? I feel like I've seen those faces elsewhere.

>it still feels too soon
It always feels too soon but they never learn. Or rather, they don't give a shit because they care more about selling some new pile of shit ASAP than they care about quality.

>the protags have a unisex ouftit instead of the girls always having impractical skimpy ones
You can bet your ass that "certain people" are seething because of that. I like it too tbh

Maybe one of the cover legendaries is gonna be a bull, who knows.

No. 186515

Speaking of which, Japanese people on twitter called the versions "aka" and "murasaki", as in "red" and "purple/violet", but wasn't the red version of gen 1 games called "aka" too? I should look it up because this is super weird.

No. 186517

File: 1645989471709.png (1.13 MB, 2001x910, all_female_playable_characters…)

The designs aren't nearly as unique and cute as they used to be. I get they want to make them simpler in design since there just base models for character customization but this is still really lackluster without reason. The newest characters stick out like a sore thumb. And I don't understand what other nonnies mean by older protags having skimpy clothes. Gym leaders and trainers, sure, because a lot of them are gross and revealing for literally no reason. Its an all ages game, why do they do that? But the playable characters have always looked appropriate to me.

No. 186518

The new protagonists don't even look like they're from the same series. They even look like shit. I'll never complain over the male MC in BW2 and his stupid hair ever again.

No. 186520

Meh, the design looks boring but inoffensive to me. Looks like it would be a trainer model for like a random npc, like schoolgirl Clara or something. I wish they would for once have the mc wear a longer skirt or dress, though the hat is very Spanish inspired to me at least

No. 186521

The hat is less Spanish and more "grandma is going on a hike with her nursing home friends" but whatever.

No. 186522

File: 1645991031568.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 684x1024, alexandrapereira_spanish_fashi…)

It's a sun hat anon. I know it's not exclusive to Spain but people of all ages can wear sun hats, not just grannies lol

No. 186523

File: 1645991978879.jpg (151.08 KB, 900x868, FMoFzKzWUAkWagG.jpg)

The hat you posted looks cuter though. I like how Spanish fans are reacting to the announcement btw.

No. 186524

File: 1645992322307.jpeg (39.74 KB, 980x447, CA1CCE6F-B932-4883-9886-3D4C35…)

I thought the cat was a fake waifumon at first, learning the name doesn’t help either…
She’s still cute tho.

No. 186526

I can't bring myself to like any of the starter pokemon. They just look fake to me, I said that about gen 8 but I could at least tolerate Sobble and Grokey. The designs are getting so round and simple, I guess to make toys easier? If this is the direction the new pokemon go in I don't want part in it

No. 186527

Well, duh… it's a sprig pussycat and it's called sprig pussycat

No. 186528

I don't think they are skimpy but it's a bit strange how the female characters always wear either very short skirts or shorts. I actually think the designs are pretty cute for the new trainers.

No. 186529

my friends say they like the starters, but i dislike the water and grass designs. And now reading the grass type's name, it's so unwieldy! fire type is cute but makes me think of an apple.

No. 186530

It's "gatito" as in "kitten".

Yes, Red is called that in Japanese. You'd think they'd use the actual word for "scarlet".

lol Serena was the last one with distinguishable knees
>And I don't understand what other nonnies mean by older protags having skimpy clothes
You don't see the tiny-ass skirts and shorts?

No. 186531

File: 1645998632640.gif (1.9 MB, 454x384, nngxwtm6vja71.gif)


No. 186532

its a chili pepper not an apple

No. 186535

There was an anon in, I think, the awful character design thread, who posted an image comparing new and old pokémon designs, and swapping artstyles. That pic explained why the new designs are so un-pokemon looking pretty well.

No. 186537

It's stupid but I always associated shorts with kids so I don't think that's weird. I'm from a very strict and sexist family and I could wear shorts and skirts as much as I wanted as a kid but was strictly forbidden from wearing them as a pre-teen because I was considered too old for that and that would have been "vulgar". So when I see the female MCs in Pokemon wearing this kind of clothes I just thing "oh, they're just kids", I don't know if that's a normal thought process or not.

>Yes, Red is called that in Japanese. You'd think they'd use the actual word for "scarlet".
So I checked online and Pokemon Red and Blue are respectively "aka" and "ao". The green version is named "midori". So that means that there are now two unrelated Pokemon games with the exact same version name? What the fuck were they smoking at Game Freak?

I remember when everyone wanted to fuck them back in 2010. Good times.

No. 186538

samefagging but are you talking about that sort of chart that showed that first gens had more monster like designs with more angles and with some of the details omitted in the actual games because of technical limitations from the GB and GBA, and today's designs are more cutesy mascot like and more rounds and simplified just for the sake of it? Or is it another one?

No. 186539

File: 1646001523523.jpg (618.68 KB, 2048x2358, Tumblr_l_450814654603182.jpg)

I'm slowly warming up to the designs. I think the crocodile looks the cutest but I'm afraid that they'll all evolve into being furry bait

No. 186541

File: 1646001752903.jpg (149.06 KB, 1200x1019, 1618175316966.jpg)

I've seen at least 2 different pics like that but this is the one I was referring to

The starters look better here than in official art kek

No. 186542

made choke on my drink. The buff kitty looks high, it's fitting considering.
Tinfoil the water hat on top of the duck is controlling him.

No. 186543

File: 1646001858271.jpg (35.58 KB, 1121x1064, FMnVOL9XMAAMdFj.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 186544

Nevermind, almost all the Japanese fans called the new game "aka" and "murasaki" on twitter for some reason (I guess it's the character limit idk) but the official trailer uses the words "scarlet" and "violet" in katakana. I was a bit worried for nothing there.

No. 186545

>It's stupid but I always associated shorts with kids so I don't think that's weird. I'm from a very strict and sexist family and I could wear shorts and skirts as much as I wanted as a kid but was strictly forbidden from wearing them as a pre-teen because I was considered too old for that and that would have been "vulgar". So when I see the female MCs in Pokemon wearing this kind of clothes I just thing "oh, they're just kids", I don't know if that's a normal thought process or not.
That in itself isn't that bad, but when you compare the girls to the boys, it becomes creepy. The boys always wore longer and wider shorts or pants, whereas the girls, for some reason, always had to show a lot of skin, and if they wore shorts they had to be tighter than the ones the boys would wear.

No. 186546

tbh that's exactly how it is irl too if you look at what's sold at stores for kids. At least for the shorts, the skirts can sometimes be too short, and when you combined that with the exaggerated anime proportions of all the characters it's even more obviously short.

No. 186549

showing legs in japan is not considered "skimpy" or "lewd" even if internet cumbrains think it is

No. 186550

File: 1646009450729.jpg (23.88 KB, 300x400, s-l400.jpg)

people still want to fuck them, all their merch sells out instantly and they were shilled hard in masters + ingo coming back in legends kek

No. 186552

Why are these dudes popular again? I skipped B/W

No. 186553

The art style reminds me of New Pokemon Snap's human characters. I wish they kept with the old style.

No. 186554

Could you link it?

No. 186555

They were always loved in Japan but the black clothed one, Ingo, got some more lore in Arceus so they're gaining more popularity again. He's hot so I like it.

No. 186557

I think it's a hat but I can't stop seeing it as his hair and it bothers the fuck out of me!!

No. 186559

File: 1646020069482.jpg (227 KB, 1240x775, 140831-PERS-David-Muir-ftr.jpg)

It looked like news-caster hair to me at first glance and I can't unsee it. Image found on google to try to show what I mean.

No. 186561

already posted it >>186541

I could never get into them tbh
Their outfits are too goofy for me, they look like clowns

No. 186562

i didn't get it at first either but i want to fuck them now. idk why. i just do.

No. 186563

File: 1646022733514.jpg (38.39 KB, 680x680, 1645986619170.jpg)


No. 186564

No nonnie don't do it, don't get attached to a starter before their evolutions are leaked. I did that with Litten and I was heartbroken

No. 186565

well that's why i'm avoiding enjoying the grass cat, i know they're gonna incineroar its ass

No. 186566

no latter what its evos end up looking like i will always love it. goofy lil fucker

No. 186567

File: 1646025775781.png (358.92 KB, 578x327, season24_ep06_ss01.png)

I did this with Sobble then I saw the leaked evolution. Then I looked at mine and told him he will never grow up

No. 186568

Because of train autism and because they look like Raidou Kuzunoha.

No. 186569

I always choose a starter after I see the final evos. No exceptions.

No. 186573

File: 1646042404475.png (1.08 MB, 1531x1236, volo.png)

i can't fix him.

No. 186581

File: 1646068204372.jpeg (113.49 KB, 1080x745, 2E62762E-3CFA-4114-85E6-478853…)

because the grass type starters have all been based on extinct animals so far, i’m willing to bet the cat will evolve into a sabertooth or similar. hopefully gamefreak will contain their furry-pandering and keep it on four legs.

someone on twitter mentioned the fire starter’s final evo may be fire/ghost as it may be inspired by the mythical monster coco that can take the form of an alligator or dragon (pic related is an excerpt from the coco wikipedia article).

i love the kitten so much idc if the evolution is hideous like incineroar, i’ll just give her an everstone and keep her small and cute forever

No. 186589

>the grass type starters have all been based on extinct animals so far
>the fire starter’s final evo may be fire/ghost as it may be inspired by the mythical monster coco that can take the form of an alligator or dragon (pic related is an excerpt from the coco wikipedia article).
If it's not a thing in Spain, and not just Latin America, I doubt it. Unless Game Freak really mixed some Latin American stuff with Iberian culture…

No. 186591

Samefag but I just realized that it's called "Fuecoco" because crocodile in Spanish is "cocodrilo". So that makes it even more unlikely that its evolutionary line is based on the coco myth, imo.

No. 186593

I didn’t realize owls were extinct.

No. 186599

Anon is wrong about the grass type starters as a whole, but the one from gen 7 is based on a specific breed of owls that's extinct. That's why it's last evolution is ghost type.

No. 186610

NTA but that's pretty cool, I didn't know that.
I've been reading about the Grass starters = extinct animals theory, which I hadn't heard about until now, and it seems that there's not a lot of evidence for it (you could make similar connections between any other group of Pokemon and extinct relatives of the animals they're actually based on). But the Decidueye = extinct Hawaiian owl thing seems to be true at least.

No. 186616

wouldnt be the first time a pokemons name was like 2 or 3 different meanings

No. 186627

Actually, the gen 1 and 2 grass starters are based on dinosaurs, right? Besides that and the gen 7 one (sorry but I'm not gonna try to learn their English names) I can't think of any other that are based on extinct species, unless they're also based on specific breeds.

No. 186628

File: 1646129179353.png (180.64 KB, 900x475, new pokemon.png)

so unless the fire crocodile becomes an ox, snake, ram, or horse, gamefreak broke their chinese zodiac firestarter streak

No. 186629

I wouldn't be surprised if it turned into a dragon. It's a reptile, it's more than enough, even if Charizard already exists. Keep in mind that the Alolan version of the coconut tree pokemon is dragon type because it's referencing a very specific species of tree that has the term dragon in it and it makes perfect sense imo, so nothing is impossible.

No. 186642

File: 1646149716728.png (226.69 KB, 800x640, DYqiPEt.png)

I hope they won't be as ugly as picrl and >>186539 I think Quaxly is the cutest of the three reminds me of donald duck

No. 186643

File: 1646151036632.jpeg (52.5 KB, 420x575, F4E1E853-2F3E-4927-B92F-032F2F…)

He gives me vintage Donald Duck vibes too!!

No. 186646

Japan likes trains and cute twins

No. 186647

When will double battles come back in the main campaigns like in Emerald and Colosseum? Please, Game Freak…

No. 186667

File: 1646179865114.jpg (67.71 KB, 790x657, 99b21657-6845-47c5-a412-5629c5…)


No. 186687

ngl, i love the pokemon starter theories including this one even if i don't fully agree with them. the designers have hinted at and revealed that a lot goes into making a starter trio so having a hidden theme isn't really out of the question imo. for example the gen5 final evolution trio represents the west, china and japan to tie in with the human racial diversity of the region (representing the US). they've also explicitly said that a dog can't really be a grass type because it doesn't seem right, and that reptiles make good grass types.

No. 186693

Dogs play in grass and like to fetch sticks, they could easily make a dog grass type

No. 186737

I played that Legends game and it reinvigorated my interest in Pokemon. Guess it was a bench warmer for gen 9. Hopefully it's "open" like Legends and not theme park-esque like every other generation after the DS.

No. 186741

Gen 9 is confirmed open world! Maybe even more so than Arceus. Crossing fingers that it'll be good.

No. 186768

File: 1646266425581.jpeg (408.4 KB, 2048x1536, 67BCCAC6-5499-4DB6-B150-EAB733…)

No. 186774

omg new leak confirmed?????

No. 186784

>garfield evolves into cat in the hat

No. 186790

Starter autism

Grass type:
> Gen 1: frog/toad
> Gen 2: dinosaur
> Gen 3: gecko/dinosaur
> Gen 4: tortoise/dinosaur
> Gen 5: snake
> Gen 6: armadillo/pangolin/hedgehog
> Gen 7: extinct owl
> Gen 8: gorilla
> Gen 9: some kind of cat

Fire type:
> Gen 1: lizard/dragon
> Gen 2: weasel/porcupine
> Gen 3: chicken
> Gen 4: ape
> Gen 5: boar
> Gen 6: fox
> Gen 7: tiger
> Gen 8: rabbit
> Gen 9: some kind of reptile

Water type:
> Gen 1: turtle/tortoise
> Gen 2: alligator/crocodile
> Gen 3: mudskipper/axolotl
> Gen 4: penguin
> Gen 5: otter
> Gen 6: frog
> Gen 7: sea lion
> Gen 8: chameleon
> Gen 9: some kind of duck

> dogs can't be grass type
Shaymin sky form is a grass/flying dog.

No. 186806

Girl that’s a deer. It has antlers

No. 186812

File: 1646286538642.png (59.66 KB, 1080x285, Screenshot_20220302-214625~2.p…)

it's a fairy dog

No. 186819

lmao cyndaquil's pokedex entry LITERALLY says fire mouse

No. 186822

i agree that they could but THEY, as the literal pokemon creators and designers, said a grass dog doesn't make sense. although they might have meant specifically for a starter, or for some concept they had in mind at that time.
shaymin is kinda a dog isn't it kek

definitely more so than legends! they never claimed legends was open world (because it isn't really)

No. 186823

In french it's called héricendre so it references hedgehogs, I wonder if there are other animals referenced in other languages.

No. 186824

I looked it up now and cyndaquil is indeed a "fire mouse" in Japanese so the English name is a direct translation. Never knew that, but I sort of see it I guess? It's name references porcupines too, so it's a mouse with porcupine-like "spikes" made of fire. Considering it only has the fire up for battle I suppose it does technically look more like a "mouse" most of the time.

No. 186825

Yeah I always saw the fire as spikes because of its French name. And the Japanese word for hedgehog is "haranezumi" and each kanji for that word mean "needle" and "mouse" separately so I guess it's still close enough. btw I always thought pikachu looks more like a bunny than like a mouse because of its long ears.

No. 186829

agree about the Pikachu thing, always thought the Japanese were mental in that regard

No. 186839

I based the list off of the final evolutions. Typhlosion is some kind of weasel/porcupine

No. 186840

You can't really trust the "mouse" thing since they seem to call every tiny mammal a mouse lol. Cyndaquil doesn't even have mouse ears or a tail.

> Cyndaquil's appearance is based on the echidna, but it also has traits of shrews, anteaters, and tenrecs, such as its long snout, and having little to no tail. Its closed eyes may be a reference to baby honey badgers, as its final evolved form is based on one. When its fire is lit, the fire resembles the quills of the porcupine.

No. 186841

it's japanese name is hinoarashi which means "fire porcupine".

No. 186869

File: 1646342993216.jpeg (595.04 KB, 750x1022, 85DCE004-0699-4AF6-B514-E3AA35…)

look i wasn't the only one confused!

No. 186870

YES I thought this too but no one else cared LOL

No. 186875

It’s just in comparison to the guys - the outfits tend to (well, universally) show more skin or look plain stupid. The posing is always uwu by comparison too.

At any rate we’ll probably get to customize them like we have been.


Kek I have embarrassing Pokémon OCs from back in the day named Scarlet and Violet.

Yeah but this isn’t real life, it’s just fantasy.

No, but arms are - hence why the prim girls in anime always wear sweaters over their uniforms even if their skirt barely covers their ass. So either way, kind of applies (not that I think any of it is ‘sexy’, just that it’s suspect the girls are designed this way while the boys aren’t).


I don’t agree with all of what she wrote but damn, the pageant outfits in G3; yikes.

I did that with Braxien

lmao I s2g

No. 186890

> http://www.rigelatin.net/staircase/pokemon-playercharacters.php

This made me realize I'd rather play a game that has 1 male MC, rather than choose between a moid character and a skimpy wimpy looking girl.

No. 186984

The root of this issue is that old school Japanese as a language didn’t differentiate the words “mouse”, “rat”, or “rodent” that way. Traditionally, there’s one word that encompasses all rodents, but modern language has had to differentiate because of scientific classification.
So actually, what’s probably happening is a general word for “rodent” is getting generalized through localization into “mouse” because in a lot of places, a “mouse” is more marketable than a “rat” or “rodent”.

No. 187015

>We appreciate this change because it's more inclusive for players outside the gender binary.
Entire article writers opinion discarded.

No. 187052

File: 1646411126198.jpg (35.38 KB, 346x615, 96b1cb7517aabb3b09cdbbbd04b106…)

I picked up Pokémon Unite again after not playing it since launch kek but fuck I am so obsessed with they outfits that they've added, I'm grinding for picrel it's too cute

No. 187087

>In the HeartGold/SoulSilver chapter of the manga, Crystal is forced by her mother to wear an outfit that she hates and she thinks looks really unfashionable: Lyra's clothes. She's right. Who would wear that willingly?
Kek, maybe I should read Adventures after all.
>We don't hate Lyra
Too bad, I do.

No. 187089

Which gen do you think is the worst?

I'm playing through swsh right now and honestly, I'm enjoying it more than sun and moon. Lillie could be a great character for all I know, but all of the cutscenes which are unskippable being shoved in my face just makes me hate playing through sun and moon. I don't like any of the starter's final evos, the story was a big focus yet it didn't engage me like Gen 5's did, Alola is just 'meh'. I never liked gen 4 either, but I only had access to Pearl as a child and not Platinum, which I'll play one day.

No. 187090

I hate Lyra too. Worst main character design in all of Pokémon idc

No. 187091

>Yeah but this isn’t real life, it’s just fantasy.
You're right, but it's very heavily based on reality, the mainline games' universe is basically our world if animal had superpowers. All the regions are based on real places for example, and fashion wasn't all that weird until like gen 5. But now I feel like this isn't a problem anymore thanks to customization, and the male and female playable character in gen 9 wear the exact same outfit or uniform.

No. 187093

File: 1646434468815.gif (51.15 KB, 500x393, tumblr_npy3yjti2Z1tmftjeo1_500…)

samefag but mine would be gen 7 or gen 8 but I'm kind of answering by default:
>gen 1 will always have a special place in my heart because Blue was my first game ever, it plays like a traditional retro JRPG so you have world building and a minimalist story so you're free to do whatever you want whenever you want
>same deal with gen 2, it added a shit ton of content compared to gen 1 and Johto is a great region, I lost my shit when I unlocked Kanto. Only real problem is the levels of trainers compared to wild pokemon
>gen 3 was fun because it was its own thing, I loved Emerald and the contests, the battle frontier, and being able to redo battles against a lot of trainers with improved teams
>gen 4 was mostly OK, I played Platinum a bit late compared to its release date. Making the physical and special stats more coherent was really great, but I didn't like that so many pokemon introduced in previous games gained new evolutions that involved trading, it was annoying
>I found gen 5 a bit boring in BW but BW2 was a vast improvement imo, I couldn't even tell you why, that's just how I feel about it. I didn't mind the brand new pokemon in BW unlike some people, but changing how you get berries and small things like that was a bit annoying.
>I loved gen 6, I didn't care if it was full of Kanto fanservice at all. The added content was very fun, like customization, mini-games, pokemon amie, etc. The last gen to have proper dungeons and routes, rip. To bad the gym leaders and the league were easy as fuck
>gen 7 doesn't have proper dungeons and proper labyrinthic routes, the game is full of unskippable long tutorials and cutscenes that nobody cares about and its starters look obnoxious as fuck, but the challenges that replaced the gym leaders were a great idea. Too bad my 3DS nearly shat itself to death during double battles and totem battles. You can't surf between each island so that's an automatic 0/10 anyway.
>gen 8 is a complete joke unless you get the DLC and focus more on completing the pokedex for each section of the map and doing raids online. At least Raihan and Leon look fuckable

Basically it gets worse and worse, and I'm not even gonna bother with gen 9. It doesn't even look like a Pokemon game. I think someday I'll replay all the Pokemon games I have in order just for the nostalgia, I'm biased but I don't care at all.

No. 187094

File: 1646435751230.jpg (181.68 KB, 1024x768, 1406043426745.jpg)

I refuse to play any Pokemon Game after Gen 4.
I played White until the 5th Badge and lost interest because I rushed the game with one Pokemon and I got an lucky egg for free. I disliked how most of the New Pokemon looked like, half of the new ones in Gen 4 were also ugly.
I remember how happy I was when I finally caught a Chansey with an Lucky Egg after 8 hours of hunting in Pearl.
Like >>187093 said I only play Pokemon Games for the nostalgia.

No. 187096

I bet my ass these meme evos are gonna look good in retrospect when the actual ones are revealed.

No. 187107

whichever game introduced that fully party exp share garbage

No. 187109

I really, really miss Pokémon amie. The toys and curry in swsh are cute to me, but sometimes I just want to pet my mons again, feed them berries etc. It felt like I was really bonding with them.
I think gen 6?

No. 187114

It was a thing in gen one but you had to make specific efforts to unlock the exp share item. And then you could easily never learn about its existence if you didn't read a walkthrough or didn't backtrack enough. In gen 6 you can turn it on and off at will, same thing in gen 7. Gen 8 made it an automatic feature but didn't adjust the exp you receive on top of that so your pokemon gain level way too fast and the game is even easier than gen 6.

No. 187149

as far as what?
gen 5 probably has my least favorite spread of pokemon.
gen 8 has the worst storyline and general gameplay. i'm actually shocked you prefer swsh's story over sumo's personally

No. 187151

File: 1646453994445.png (152.02 KB, 880x1678, 6452837_marshadow-marshadow-an…)

i too hated gen 7 the most. i loved gen 6 so i was super disappointed in the next one; the unskippable cutscenes made the game such a bore, the characters wwere insufferable (both uwu helpless babby lillie and obnoxious litle spastic hau) and the world was so repetitive.
even the 'mons weren't that great for the most part, like the ultra beasts and the island deities all suck.
the only good thing is that it gave us mimikyu and marshadow.

my fave is still gen 6 but i found swsh and arceus legends very ejoyable. then again my focus is alway on filling the dex so the game difficulty doesn't bother me.

No. 187165

I prefer swsh's story because it's easier to ignore. I couldn't care less about Leon or Hop and they are pushed onto you, but I feel like I have more freedom in swsh than sumo. Nobody plays Pokémon for the cutscenes. If I want a good story I'll pick up a VN. I don't care about Lillie or her mother or Hau or the ultra beasts

No. 187167

>both uwu helpless babby lillie and obnoxious litle spastic hau
honestly if they're gonna force us to interact with hateable rivals, they should at least make them smug assholes that we will love to hate, like Blue.

No. 187171

kinda hard to say… I loved hgss but hated diamond and pearl, also liked oras but hated x and y. maybe it's a tie between those two and 8?

ngl sumo was my favorite main series pokemon game and it's not close

No. 187179

Do you guys do Nuzlocke challenges?

I did one in Gen 4, only use/level your starter for the whole game, I chose Turtwig. By the time it evolved to Torterra, it wasn't much of a challenge though. One-shot KO the whole elite four, it was kind of lame.

No. 187181

That's how 5 years old me beat Pokemon Blue kek. But I never do these sorts of challenges because I get too attached to my pokemon and I don't want to lose them. What I've done for a while though, before I started playing other jrpgs, was using mostly "normal" pokemon and not the ones given to you by NPCs, legendaries or the very rare and powerful ones I managed to catch during my runs because it felt like I was cheating. I've only done this in gen1 and gen2 as a kids trying to understand everything about the games. I know it's really dumb but now I kinda want to replay all the games and change my strategies because I SMT taught me to use high-tier demons as much as possible.

No. 187183

Gen 7 was the worst, I barely got to the third island before quitting. I had Moon. I was so fucking bored. I adore Pokémon even at it's worse because it's my escapism for sure but that one? Couldn't get through those cutscenes if my life depended on it. So long and drawn out. I've heard the story is really good (for a Pokémon game anyway) but I'll never find out.

Gen 4 holds a special place for me because it was my first gen. I had to buy it myself and had wanted previous gens but my mother refused to spend the money. I got Pearl. I was proud of myself for saving as a kid and then loved the game. Then some kids stole it before I got to the end plus my DS. And my mom beat me for it kek miserable time but I really loved the game while I had it.

I love having exp share because I'm not into grinding, I like exploration and bonding with my Pokémon. Grinding bores me. But I don't understand why they won't just… add an option to turn it off for those who don't want it. I may like having it but why is it forced? It'd be as easy as adding an option under text speed in the menu. It makes no sense for Gamefreak not to add it other than not giving a shit what fans want.

No. 187185

I don't have an issue with exp share as an item, just when they changed the mechanics where it shared exp with all the pokemon in your party. before it was just to the pokemon holding the item. that felt really lame to me and ruined some of the experience.

No. 187187

Didn't you unlock the exp share in gen 1? Because that one was also working for your whole team. If anything gen 6's exp share was basically the same as the one in gen 1.

No. 187190

Yea I think it was Exp Share and Exp All. I hated having to go hunt for them. Should be things you get right away at the start of the game. Then you have the option to use or not. It would make the games so much better if players could scale their own difficulty with options like that but god forbid GF do that.

No. 187206

The only time they tried to offer difficulty settings was in BW2 and the way you could unlock them was so needlessly complicated I don't think most people even knew about it. Yeah, I feel like letting you choose if you can turn on and off the exp share, if you can have access to a computer only in a pokemon center or everywhere and maybe other small features could easily help players create their own difficulty settings, kind of like how in Bravely Default you an choose the encounter rate and the amount of exp you gain. This can also make replaying one game very different during each run.

No. 187258

idk seems like a bit of a weak argument if we're talking about story. swsh's is horrendous, every task is essentially done for you, rose is a terrible villain, the "villain team" is ugly and forgettable.

No. 188962

To all the nonnies nostalgic for the old Pokémon, check out these recent animation collab done. I don't really like the newer animation style of Pokémon but maybe I just sound like a grumpy old person drinking nostalgia juice. But the old style looks so pleasing here, nice colors and animation.

No. 188963

Pokémon's Japanese YouTube channel posts so many nice little things.

No. 188966

>the "villain team" is ugly and forgettable.
And Team Skull isn't? Team Yell imo is supposed to be based off of chavvy football fans, incredibly obnoxious in who they support, fat and ugly etc, which makes them slightly more memorable to me as a Brit. The story isn't good but it's still better than SuMo's which is just ugly ultra beasts and poor little Lillie and her mummy issues or whatever I don't remember it that well

No. 188967

lol agreed team skull was shit
teaml yell at least was consisent with the seting

No. 188969

AYRT agreed! I love their Pokémon baking series, I wish they would post an English translation of the recipes. I'm a pastry chef irl and want to make nerdy little Pokémon treats lol The fact that the English channel lacks the charm and cute videos is so disappointing, a lot of companies make the worst localization for America. Even though young people tend to prefer the original Japanese media 9 times out of 10. Why do they not get that.

No. 188972

File: 1647114203335.jpeg (732.3 KB, 1488x2083, 220E42E7-0525-4572-BF01-2BB98A…)

>I love their Pokémon baking series
Me too nonna. I also love their asmr series, not for the actual asmr itself but for how well animated, cute and lively the Pokémon are in them. It's one of the great things about Pokémon being as popular as it is, we get a lot of little nice side things like these.
>I wish they would post an English translation of the recipes.
Have you searched around online?
>I'm a pastry chef irl and want to make nerdy little Pokémon treats lol
That's adorable nonnie! Now I want to make some too. I always get the urge to bake things whenever I look at Alcremie.

No. 188977

A bit late but gen 6 gave me the same vibe as gen 1 to 4 than gen 5 did. Gen 5 really feels like it's its own thing, esp BW.

No. 188978

I also love Alcremie! If she's not in the Gen 9 games, I'm going to fucking riot. They said once again that we won't have the full pokedex. It sucks when Pokémon you really like aren't included in newer games.

No. 188980

File: 1647118148035.jpeg (111.99 KB, 540x810, CFA7702A-581B-4534-9C37-0E3268…)

>It sucks when Pokémon you really like aren't included in newer games.
It does, but I also find it fun having a fresh new team every game. I think that's one thing looking back I actually liked about BW. Every Pokémon you saw was new and it definitely made it feel fresh. But I've never dabbled into transferring Pokémon from old games or Pokémon home or anything like that. We also don't know yet how many new Pokémon gen 9 will have, I'm going to try my hardest to avoid leaks for them all aside from the starter evos!
Here's a cute lil pastry Pikachu for you nonna, he made them for u

No. 189005

File: 1647129890218.jpg (96.76 KB, 850x728, sample-949bb4b3c9e742a76fa3dd1…)

team skull is cute and made for bullying

No. 189006

File: 1647130484732.jpg (36.33 KB, 800x450, Pokemon-BDSP-Pachirisu.jpg)

I love Pachirisu ever since I was in elementary school and it sucks that Pachi is only in the remake that I don't want to buy because…it's just a remake.

No. 189017

That sucks, I'm sorry, anon. Pachirisu is so cute, one of the cutest of the Pikachu clones imo. But the Pikachu clones likely aren't intended to be in the other regions since they are just a checkbox for Gamefreak to chuck into each gen, sadly. I hope eventually they'll make main line games with all Pokémon available to trade in and use at some point in time. It's not like it's not technically possible with the current number, it would just take a lot of effort. But The Pokémon Company has more than enough money to invest heavier into their games so it's totally doable. If only they were willing to.

This is so cute, ily anon

No. 189025

File: 1647139635708.png (1.18 MB, 1072x645, samelmao.png)


i love team skull. you wanna talk about shit villain teams, then team flare wins that trophy lmao

No. 189030

I found SwSh so hideous and empty. I can't believe it's supposed to be PokeEngland lmao.

No. 189032

I can't believe they did Poke-Britain and made it all about fucking soccer. Long history of queens and kings, wars, mythology, victorian era shit, etc. and all they cared about was sport. Still seething.

No. 189037

File: 1647154330336.png (496.89 KB, 539x1280, plumeria.png)

get out of here

No. 189038

File: 1647154635057.jpeg (53.71 KB, 800x800, 9A5B872B-6865-4397-AD29-E9D8C5…)

any other gen 5 fags? i really think bw1&2 have the best stories in all of the series

No. 189047

All the things you've mentioned are there but they only footnotes. I think it vaguely implies the war mentioned in XY was Kalos vs Galar, just like real life I guess.

No. 189054

File: 1647164480976.gif (151.51 KB, 500x378, 7F03D1A7-2277-4027-9510-D46717…)

No. 189055

File: 1647165572224.gif (74.65 KB, 540x404, tumblr_pgyy5pNwnR1vigt38o1_540…)

I thought BW was a bit boring despite being a fun game, I don't know why I found it kind of linear? But I loved BW2. Maybe it's because by then I got used to Unova. I'm seriously thinking about transferring all my pokemon from until gen 6 to the pokebank so I can replay gen 1 to gen 6 one after the other. Maybe I'll have different opinions, it's been a while since I played some of them.

No. 189076

File: 1647186174379.gif (999.12 KB, 177x200, 8adfca6d332375aa38f3.gif)

gen 5 games were good,not my faves but still great.
but most of all gen 5 gave us some great pokes

No. 189083

File: 1647192788290.gif (3.18 MB, 268x305, tumblr_436375909e27eaccbc846b4…)

What's your favorite pokemon from your least favorite game? I played through Sw/Sh and didn't rlly care for it but it added one of my favorite pokes of all time

No. 189094

File: 1647197661163.gif (2.94 MB, 360x360, de1zp5p-6593c8e6-dd37-4454-b7c…)

swsh was also my least favorite but it had some amazing pokemon. i adore eiscue, idk why it got hate

No. 189099

File: 1647200108193.png (101.35 KB, 400x500, __marshadow_and_marshadow_poke…)

least fave was sun/moon but marshadow is my favourite poke after genar

No. 189115

It's a shame because Marshaddow is so cute, but so easy to forget. It had no impact on the story in the games at all, just a random mythical added in. Was there even an event for it?

No. 189118

It had a major role in one of the movies but not in game, standard stuff for mythicals. Got the usual gamestop code release while the movie was still being promoted. If you mean events like Darkrai's in game one or something, they haven't done those since gen 4.

No. 189138

File: 1647213666904.jpg (92.97 KB, 850x525, 2fef2805b6e49415dccadefbef77fb…)

ayrt, i really dgaf about the story, i just use marshadow for battling and it's fantastic. ghost/fighting is a god tier type combination.
it's incredibly cute too

No. 189177

This is such a good style, honestly, and I don't even like the Pokemon anime.

No. 189211

File: 1647247068222.gif (455.36 KB, 1000x1250, F5E4075A-6A73-4D3F-91D4-C44F07…)

Least fave is SuMo but Mimikyu is one of the best designs and concepts in all of Pokémon. How can I not love them?
I'm also surprised you like that Pokémon nonna I hate it. Togepi did the whole baby shtick better.

No. 189214

File: 1647248343251.png (18.45 KB, 580x719, 296-Makuhita.png)

bdsp was whatever but they brought my spirit animal back

No. 189241

File: 1647260399424.jpg (97.31 KB, 680x688, Untitled.jpg)

i hate humanity, but actually i just hate men, because only men would be drawing porn of a kitten en masse and putting it on the internet.

i genuinely wish all pokemonfuckers would fall off a cliff and break every bone in their body. i get pedophile/animal abuser vibes from this shit. i dont find it funny, even when someone says "its just a joke" it severely creeps me out to see talk of fucking pokemon in general fan spaces. it feels sinister.

No. 189247

It's funny how male fans draw porn of the cutesy animal-like mascots and ten years old female characters while the female fans just draw the male characters holding hands or the adult male characters buttfucking each other consensually and they tag their posts online. Thank god I almost always manage to avoid male fans.

No. 189392

Oh god, after the trailer dropped, I went online to see what was being discussed by the community. I don't go on Twitter much but Pokémon was trending and I wanted to see the reactions / cute fanart. There were so many wholesome posts but immediately there was furry fetish shit about Sprigatito within 30 minutes of the trailer dropping. I was disgusted and just thought "Really? Immediately this??". I hate men. She's so cute but I knew it would be furry bait - Pokémon better not make it become a bipedal furfag like previous starters, everyone has voiced how ugly it is but they keep pandering to furries these days.

No. 189396

doesn't matter if it's bipedal or not, there's porn of baby pokemon and every four-legged first evolution. fucking serial killer shit.

No. 189635

I have so many friends on pg that i added from internet codes, i dont really know them and you can’t communicate ig, so i try to match the pokestop postcards they send me, like if they send me a church I’ll send them a church, if they send me street art I’ll send street art, etc. I think only one has caught on and we’re in a streak of graffiti cards

No. 189637

File: 1647376659593.jpg (176.06 KB, 1441x1960, ddlnag7-d7c7a8ca-61ee-4dcb-9fa…)

I love him because he looks like such a punk-ass kid, togepi is just cute but not really much else to me and the evolutions are meh. Mimikyu is another fav of mine though

No. 190613

I hope Gen 9 brings back Pokémon Amie. The boosts you get from bonding with your Pokémon are a little OP but I just find it really cute petting and feeding my favourites.

No. 192304

I wish there were a series or more shorts with Pokemon only

No. 192377

Have you noticed how the Japanese Pokemon channel heavily features piplup? I guess because of the Sinnoh games releasing again but so much of the content in the past few months has Piplup in it. I don't remember seeing them do this as much with other starters besides Charizard is piplup just that popular in Japan?

No. 193165

File: 1648579350597.gif (625.35 KB, 500x281, goomy.gif)

Gen 6 is probably my least fave but Goomy is perfection

No. 196851

File: 1649770998226.jpeg (424.34 KB, 750x751, 298D97C9-A66F-4D05-94AA-300ED2…)

i hate that trannies latched onto sylveon. it’s such a beautiful pokemon and it was designed by a woman. trannies trying to dig their claws into things meant for girls once again.

No. 196895

File: 1649787750634.png (166.38 KB, 246x342, PL1_EN_42.png)

I was reading Cacturne's pokedex entry and it says it stalks it's prey through the dessert during the day and exhaust it then strikes at night when they're too tired to move. That sounds metal as fuck and nobody talks about it. That's all

No. 196896

Awesome, a pokedex entry I like is that feebas is so ugly that no trainers want to train it, yet it's so hardy and can survive anywhere, that scientists are starting to study it. Go feebas

No. 196897

Cacturne is super ignored, but its typing and general aesthetic of being a creepy living desert scarecrow is so cool!

Feebas reminds me of tilapia. Ugly, hardy garbage fish

Also, a lesser-known Pokédex entry I like is that Klefki will furiously jingle its keys at people as a threat display

No. 196898

Kek, I think one of the entries for Magikarp says its the most useless and pathetic pokemon in the world, but then there's one that say it can jump over a mountain? Idk what they are on when writing some of these

No. 196899

You know what, that sounds like Magikarp is very powerful, and just doesn't want to show people its power or let humans benefit from it, good for them.

No. 196902

File: 1649789379511.jpg (77.55 KB, 951x717, 70ef8-magikarp.jpg)

Kinda harsh of the devs tbh, though I guess the joke is that it becomes a very strong pokemon. Though it ticks me off that people still believe the strongest=survival, survival in nature means the fittest for its environment survive, of course if take a fish out of the water it'll fucking die dumbass

No. 196929

File: 1649795557727.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1235, 9Rc4qsA.png)

i love cacturne!

my favorite entry

No. 196944

Just ignore them

No. 196952

Based. We all need this pokemon in our lives

No. 205255

Anyone want to be pogo friends ?

No. 207003

File: 1652807284239.png (786.63 KB, 718x667, 84912232_p0.png)

late but search up project piplup, its a social media campaign that theyve been doing since last year although i feel like theyve only really been doing it in japan and not really anywhere else a whole lot

No. 207072

OT but GOD how do I draw and paint like this?

No. 207111

File: 1652838037705.jpg (108.64 KB, 800x960, thumb-1920-152722.jpg)

I hate how we haven't gotten any more news, images, videos, or anything about Gen 9 when it's supposedly slated for release late THIS YEAR. Where's the hype train build up? We're already half way through May. I remember many years ago they would sprinkle a little at a time over a longer time span but this feels like it'll all be crammed for the few months just before release which is lame.

No. 207113

Ah the fire type starter and the shota are so cute!!! I hope we get more news soon too

No. 207118

File: 1652840020935.jpg (26.68 KB, 736x376, 623d9bfe8d1f75401a6a51615c2c5e…)

You sound like a pornsick scrote when they say "the loli there" instead of just referring normally to kids

No. 207124

File: 1652842260851.jpg (628.91 KB, 856x1200, illust_98135557_20220516_14304…)

Me no care

No. 207125

This is either a scrote or a fujo, ew

No. 207127

File: 1652843009836.png (329.33 KB, 931x1321, 1651085553038.png)

Fine, antifujo-kun. I'll give you one last (You) before bed.

No. 207128

I'm not anti fujo, the ew was in reference to liking "shota". Even other fujos shame the pedo fujos because that shit is gross.

No. 207137

Yeah, I'm a fujo but shota is just demented. The brainrot is strong there

No. 207139

File: 1652846328955.png (734.44 KB, 1452x2048, illust_96579483_20220517_22413…)

I just think they're cute, dude. I don't get off to them. you're pressed over a word and a fanfic you wrote in your head about someone who used it on an anonymous imageboard.

If it makes you feel better, if I ever one day find myself pregnant with a male embryo I promise to abort it as soon as humanly possible.(derailing)

No. 207140

Then don't use hentai terminology.

No. 207142

No. 207165

I hate all you scrotes in the Pokémon fandom. Disgusting. You are not welcome here.

No. 207170

When the terms pertain to males, I'll use them however I see fit

No. 207371

Practice! Copy artists you like (no shame in that) a bunch until you think you you've established a style you like, then turn it into your own thing.t Referencing and tracing are both good practices.

No. 210605

I am so excited. What do nonnies think will be revealed? They have to reveal at least the region name right? Probably the legendaries? Hopefully we see the early route rodent and bird Pokémon, too.

No. 210682

New trailer dropped. Showcased new professors, some locations, few new pokemon, and the box legendaries

No. 210683

File: 1654090787770.png (1.43 MB, 1033x808, scarlet and violet.png)

Beat me to it, was about to post lol here's the legendaries. All the new Pokémon shown feel so fakemon-like to me but idk if it's just the newness of them right now.

No. 210684

File: 1654091071861.png (1.3 MB, 1355x738, professors.png)

And two new professors, that's interesting. Professor Sada for Scarlet and Professor Turo for Violet. The future versus past theme reminds me of Gen 5, like with Opelucid City.

No. 210685

File: 1654091078279.png (403.42 KB, 601x724, FPwHBltaIAUCiTogp.png)

I'm not sure how I feel about version-exclusive professors, or their outfits lol. The theme being about old vs new seems interesting at least

No. 210686

File: 1654091406507.png (385.24 KB, 566x1158, nemona-m.png)

Trainer Nemona, our rival for the games it seems. I like the cool persona she has, was kind of sick of losers like Hau and Hop. She's supposed to be skilled, too. I'd like an actual challenging rival, like back in the day.

No. 210688

File: 1654091697294.jpg (220.74 KB, 1049x945, Spectrobesjpg.jpg)

they remind me of spectrobes

No. 210690

I can already feel twitter lewding her, I mean they would've even if she dressed modestly, but this outfit…

No. 210692

This looks like shit. Especially the legendaries.

No. 210693

The male professor looks fucking retarded. I hate that fuckboi hair cut so much.

No. 210694

Why is EVERY female scientist in a game ever like 'omg gotta put a labcoat over my bikini so they know I'm smart.' wtf. it's like every single time I see one.

No. 210695

File: 1654092241063.png (1.61 MB, 1186x1943, newSVpokemon.png)

All the new Scarlet and Violet Pokémon so far

No. 210697

Uh.. in what world are professor Magnolia and Juniper wearing bikinis anon

No. 210699

I hate that someone on the localization team obviously uses internet lingo, with shit like 'smol' and 'le chonk' in the names…

No. 210701

In fairness, the localizing of Pokémon names has always had weird pop culture references that weren't in the original Japanese. Especially for the first few Gens. I do wish they had more direct translations.

No. 210703

The legendaries are generic to me

No. 210704

It's to compensate for Kukui being half naked all the fucking time.

No. 210706

kek even the names are half-assed. They just called the legendaries "ancient" and "future" in Japanese and added the -don suffix to remind you that these abominations are anime dinosaurs.

No. 210708

File: 1654093337405.jpg (165.58 KB, 1920x815, FUK1DTeWUAMeOhs.jpg)

I do like the textures we've been seeing, at least.

No. 210710

File: 1654093562764.png (175.5 KB, 840x702, 1654089128726.png)

No. 210711

File: 1654093683523.jpg (394.43 KB, 862x1122, 1654090692466.jpg)

No. 210712

File: 1654093723012.jpg (158.69 KB, 1069x1200, FUK4f8rWQAAQ2x6.jpg)

All of twitter has been comparing him to that weird chad photo lol here's just one of the countless memes I saw posted. Both professors look weird to me.

No. 210713

That use those awesome textures in the trailer, don't expect them to be in-game

No. 210714

We see the textures on the actual Pokémon models throughout the trailer, though, during actual gameplay footage. And on trainers clothes. They clearly are making the models with more detailed textures than ever before. Still not as good as they could be with the kind of money The Pokémon Company has, though, I wish they would invest more and get a bigger team but they are dead set in their ways.

No. 210721

File: 1654095696502.png (346.06 KB, 600x615, masudanews.png)

>>In leaving Game Freak, Masuda will presumably no longer be hands-on with development of future Pokémon games, and will instead oversee the production of Pokémon products in general in his new role at The Pokémon Company.
>>According to The Pokémon Company, Masuda “will utilise his deep understanding of the Pokémon brand to develop new services and products […] tapping into his years of experience and creative thinking”.

No. 210722

No. 210724

Yeah, great, textures and more details on an artstyle that's barely related to what we're used to in the entire series, so amazing… Honestly I'm not looking forward to this at all. To me gen1 to 4 are the real, most basic and iconic Pokemon games, gen 5 and 6 are very close but also seem to want to try new stuff and be creative in ways that make them a bit apart from the previous games, and then the next gens are just regression in terms of quality and creativity. I feel ok with giving up on this franchise now.

No. 210733

Same. Actually, I was done after I played even a little bit of SwSh. It was terrible. So, I’ll absolutely be skipping this game, and likely all future games.

No. 210738

I hate his hair, why are they giving them those ugly ass haircuts lately?
Her design is fine though

No. 210746

A cool, challenging female rival? Now that's new (excluding the player characters that also act as rivals such as May in Gen 3). I really like this! I'm still not gonna buy the game but at least this decision they took was a pleasant surprise. Her design could be so much better though.
And speaking of pleasant surprises, I can't wait to see how >>210721 will affect the quality of the games.

I like Lechonk's (haha get it? Lechón + chonk) design even though it looks like it belongs in another franchise, and Smoliv, whose design is pretty simple but solid, and cute and pokemon-like; its face reminds me of a couple other pokemon. The rodent looks weird and bland like so many pokemon in recent generations, but maybe it's just the artwork that looks flat (I haven't seen the trailer so idk if its model is shown there). Or maybe it's the generic "cute fluffy pokemon" eyes, I'm not sure.

I didn't play SwSh but Magnolia truly was a god-tier professor design. Juniper was obviously the first "hot" professor though (coincidentally also the first female one).

No. 210770

Her outfit is abominable. They really gave her a fucking caveman costume to wear under her lab coat. Jfc
Dude looks boring
I really want Lechonk
Still hate how the protags look like very young kids
That’s all

No. 210772

File: 1654108813561.png (366.7 KB, 396x416, Tree.png)

the trees again…

No. 210773

If the rumors are true and the legendaries are Dragon/Fighting and Dragon/Electric, then I think the outfits make sense. I like her design. It's cooler than the guys, that's for sure. Her outfit represents the past and his the future. Hers is like a MMA fighter, shows off her abs, and his lights up and looks Tron-like. It's cool. I think people just like to hate everything right out the gate when it comes to Pokémon.

No. 210785

He looks like Drake.

No. 210788

I didnt mean pokemon games specifically, but pretty much every Japanese game I've played has a woman in a labcoat with either her tits showing or wearing the shortest skirt known to mankind.

No. 210790

File: 1654111583317.jpg (144.44 KB, 1500x844, toy story 3.jpg)

Iconic, they are really sticking to what works.
I also like the complete lack of anti aliasing that makes every edge look like a saw blade and in the coalossal scene we even get to see the return of the excessively shiny rocks.
Honestly these games are starting to feel like cheap movie tie ins. The designs are seemingly the only thing where they put in real effort.

No. 210834

no that's Davey Havok

No. 210895

File: 1654138420385.png (90.41 KB, 321x248, Untitled.png)

i dont understand what im missing here. everyone keeps calling them hot

No. 210898

I think giving the professors this look was completely unnecessary. Maybe they're the League champions.

No. 210900

She's really pretty! The man looks like my 2nd grade teacher

No. 210905

Idgi either. I think she’s kind of hot (hate her outfit though) and he looks generic as hell.

No. 210908

Why do these games look like such shit? Its embarrassing. Legends Arceus was fine but graphically so fucking ugly.

No. 210910

she's okay. but like >>210905 i cannot stand her clown-ass flintstones outfit under the lab coat it looks horrible

No. 210922

Should've just kept it a normal pants and lab coat outfit with the feather collar, tooth necklace, and hair weirdness for the past design parts of the outfit. Then she wouldn't look as retarded, while still evoking the theme she is designed to represent. It's mostly the jagged flinstone looking shirt and shorts that are the problem.

No. 210923

+ the dumbass leg warmers, just have her wear sandals (though it would be against the rules to wear open toed shoes in a lab).

No. 210957

Professor Sada already has over 212 images of smut artwork on rule34.

No. 210964

It's a bleak future Pokefags. At least it's not the pokemon…

No. 210979

File: 1654182023279.jpg (134.11 KB, 644x1200, 1654097230311.jpg)

Turo is "hot" because his head looked like gigachad and fanartists started drawing with an extremely muscular body because of that.
Does any of you find this kind of body type attractive or is it just the gays who are into hairy gorillas? I personally don't like it.

No. 210982

kek I love it but only in 2d

No. 210983

File: 1654182131969.jpg (171.69 KB, 1555x2047, 1654098424319.jpg)

No. 210984

Kek im glad im not the only one who doesn’t get this. I think its part of the marketing packet tbh, like to journalists and content creators, “we’ve gone with a hot, trendy new style for the professors!” But yeah to me they just look quite generic and normal?

No. 210987

File: 1654182344763.png (57.83 KB, 750x900, 1570845463517.png)

No. 210990

pretty much… this is why I stick to anything pre Gen 5.

No. 210999

Does anyone here play on Showdown! AKA competitively? I used to despise the elitism of a certain community, but now I'm considering learning new generation mechanics and new pokemon movesets just to play and kick ass with my favorite pokemon in their respective tiers. I'm still stuck in ORAS doubles official rules, but last time I tried playing with those rules on Showdown! I couldn't even find an opponent, kek

>I think its part of the marketing packet tbh
It definitely is a marketing strategy and I strongly suspect that the game news sites talking about it are being paid for it. Game Freak is deliberately designing the professors (along many other characters, obviously, including some pokemon) to be attractive so people will talk more about it. They admitted to making them hot on purpose in Gen 6 or 7, I forgot (it was probably about Kukui but they also referenced Sycamore). It's pretty obvious that they're resorting to making sexualized character designs to compensate for the (relatively) abysmal quality of the recent games and controversies. And now that Pokemon games are more popular than ever (I think?) it seems to me they're also trying to appeal to mainstream tastes which is why so many of these "sexy" characters look so out of place in some way (like the fuckboy haircut/face).
Why do the professors have to look like they're part of some weird fashion show instead, like, you know, a professor? lol
Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if they actually made this guy look like Gigachad on purpose considering what I've just said and the fact that they're referencing popular memes/internet slang.

>the fucking Digimon
KEK it's so true… They could've also drawn a Yo-kai and it would've still been true

This fanart is fine, it could be much worse. It's sexy but I'm not particularly into it. Maybe if the head was another character's

No. 211003

>though it would be against the rules to wear open toed shoes in a lab
That's not a problem, Birch wears flip-flops because he does field research so he spends a lot of time outdoors. She could do something like that, too. But the shoes are not the problem, it's her whole outfit that makes her look like a total hobo

No. 211010

Fuck them. Sycamore and Kukui are actually hot. These new profs look boring at best.

No. 211015

The male professor looks as if he has an alpha male podcast and probably plays boring video games like fifa

No. 211018

So they just take a random country and make pokemon games for them now?

No. 211022

No, only first world countries that are popular with tourists
Game Freak visits the country in question to do research for their new Pokémon game

No. 211087

Here's how I like to imagine the thought process behind it:
>game freak is filthy rich thanks to gen 1 to gen 4 games
>the higher ups can afford to travel on the clock thanks with the company's money instead of their own and nobody can do anything about it
>they go to NY just because
>shareholders ask them wtf they're doing
>"we're, uuuh…. doing research? for games? uh, yeah, that's it we're doing research, remember when Sega visited Mayan temples for Sonic Adventure? yeah, that's convincing!"
>they have to prove they were doing actual research instead of fooling around, BW takes place in not!New York
>suddenly, they want to go on holidays in Paris
>and so on and so forth

But let's be real, the reason why is probably because they thought they couldn't do anything else based on Japan after basing regions on Kanto (the real Kanto I mean), Kansai, Kyushu and Hokkaido and they want to appeal even more than usual to the international audience instead of making other markets an afterthought and releasing games in Europe a year after they've been released in Japan as one example.

No. 211134

File: 1654216518586.jpeg (84.64 KB, 1170x895, 2F1C4CCA-40E5-4EA6-AF9F-336D99…)

I'm excited for the game and I love the duck

No. 211163

Probably an overdone criticism at this point but the trailer reinforced my hatred of how young the main character designs are, made even worse that we see the youngster design which genuinely looks like they're an age they shouldn't be unsupervised.

Also, I'm convinced size is gonna be some weird trait or something because every pokemon shown (all made out of circles it looks like) were absolutely tiny. Also motorcycle legendaries, I'm such a gamefreak simp but I don't know about this one.

I like the female professor I kinda hope the profs are the bad guys somehow

No. 211165

That's my theory after them being the champion.

No. 211166

What if they both show up in both games, but one is the other's antagonist for the other's game? Like they both have opposing ideals fir the advancement of Pokemon study. I wish Gamefreak would be cool enough to pull something like that off, but let's be real they were too chickenshit to make Leon the true villain in Sw/Sh

No. 211171

im so mad we dont have the rest of their evos yet god dammit im dying to know

No. 211516

File: 1654336352133.jpg (3.7 MB, 2984x3888, 1574192078276.jpg)

>but the fandom around the newer games can be painful
Pretty much, maybe it's because I got older but the coomerism wasn't as overbearing in the older generations as it is today.
These things always were part of the fandom but less prevalent in the early to late 00s.
I blame social media and that the world as a whole got more interconnected.

No. 211517

File: 1654336830279.png (152.03 KB, 323x378, Dawn_and_Turtwig.png)

Sorry for double posting but they look like from a Fan game or Fakemon Game, they don't really have the Pokemonish look.

No. 211521

What even is 'the pokemonish look' nowadays? Those characters and pokemon look the same as in Sword and Shield and other recent(ish) crap.
I have to say I hate how Sprigatito looks like at least 2 other Pokemon. Lame as fuck and generic.
Could someone patient please explain to me why is this a good thing?

No. 211525

File: 1654342102657.jpg (154.98 KB, 794x1187, 1611734165136.jpg)

>What even is 'the pokemonish look' nowadays?
I prefer the non cutesey look from Gen 1 but that is just my opinion.
But it's definitely not the style that is prevalent since Gen 6.

No. 211528

File: 1654342697492.png (204.08 KB, 480x640, a6d8dae07c5d4f06c235d3ef491284…)

Unrelated but I am still mad at gamefreak for ruining Brendan's design in the remakes and making him goofy.

No. 211529

File: 1654342724809.jpeg (104.17 KB, 480x640, 67db9e51e8f4c90c45ea40f389b237…)

No. 211530

File: 1654342831768.jpg (72.66 KB, 637x642, b31ed7729bd2f783da34917663de41…)

No. 211531

File: 1654342904461.jpg (633.52 KB, 800x600, b37a8924fc1333f324973dcea67cf6…)

>girl in pic

No. 211532

No it was just as bad, but the weird hentai and furry shit was in its own corner of the internet because social media wasn't mainstream just yet, so you had less chance of being bombarded with porn online unless you were looking for it or mistook weird NSFW sites and forums for normal websites.

No. 211533

Pokemon looked like cute and simplified monsters or fantastical animals because of the hardwares of the time, now they look more like cutesy mascots to sell plushies and figurines.

No. 211534

File: 1654343484197.jpg (298.19 KB, 1280x1000, 1596589291299.jpg)

>the weird hentai and furry shit was in its own corner of the internet
That's pretty much my point Nonita.
Haven't played any remakes after HG/SS but they all look goofy to me, almost like a parody of the game itself.
Except LGP/LGE which I consider a non-canon spin off.

No. 211538

You're telling me LGP and LGE aren't spinoffs?

No. 211540

File: 1654345241782.png (109.89 KB, 557x605, 639784095ff96a70f5d01459cf6408…)

I said non-canon spin offs, at least to me personally.

No. 211542

File: 1654346037609.png (484.29 KB, 725x1024, 1654133839369.png)

>Green (female) finally included as an NPC
>she's half-arsed with no real purpose
>in a game that makes no sense in the timeline
what for?

No. 211544

Do you mean character from remakes after HGSS or all main characters or what?

No. 211628

ponyta is the one that gets me. it went from looking like an animal/monster to just a toy. the new designs are so rounded and simplified in order to make merch easier imo.

No. 211631

It's because Leaf is superior.

No. 211646

File: 1654369781538.png (160.93 KB, 288x576, Kris-Crystal-pokemon-kris-crys…)

thinking about her

No. 211649

File: 1654370001144.png (300.18 KB, 514x763, Green__28RBG_29.png)

nah. the OG design was simple, stylish and cute. also bucket hats look stupid.

No. 211666

Yeah I love gen 1 style, it's just that it's no longer The Pokemon Style sadly. It's hard for me to say 'this doesn't look like Pokemon' because Pokemon hasn't looked like Pokemon for years by now. IDC if it makes me a genwunner or whatever, I miss Pokemon looking more like animals (yes I know about Electrode or whatever, but at least the original style was great).

No. 211683

File: 1654374403051.png (361.37 KB, 1200x1108, 1200px-Smoliv.png)

meet my new son, smoliv
hes very cute
be nice to smoliv

No. 211684

I'm still offended she's not in HGSS. It's a crime.

No. 211687

File: 1654374777366.jpeg (113.81 KB, 1299x957, 8C201DA7-0D2E-4DCA-94F3-6C1288…)

No. 211688

>maybe it's because I got older but the coomerism wasn't as overbearing in the older generations as it is today.
No, you're definitely right, it's not nostalgia, both the games themselves and the fandom have become more coomerish. With the games pandering to coomers on purpose it was bound to happen but also, as you said, because of the internet which has led to "rule 34" being normalized even among kids.
I love Hoenn but it always pissed me off how they had green in their Emerald outfits but they were all red in Sapphire. I guess the manga did it right
AFAIK he was kind of the one who pushed for the games to be made easier because people spend more time on their smartphones and lack the patience to beat a slightly challenging game. Or something like that. I forgot lol
Yeah I think most of the new designs would look better if they had a slightly more realistic feel and some thought put into how their bodies work in a 3D space. They not only look more round and simplified, but this causes them to look flatter. Their bodies often seem like they don't really make sense, or wouldn't work in another angle.
And it's funny how, like >>211533 said, when the hardware was more limited, pokémon had more detailed and three-dimensional dsegins, but now that they have the ability to put all those details on a 3D model they're making them more two-dimensional and smoother than ever.

No. 211691

Anon probably meant the character designs in ORAS (which is entirely true, although they ended up growing on me)
Human character designs in Pokemon used to be more "normal" but at some point they decided that they needed to give them all really stupid and bizarre clothes (and body proportions) instead of like, just one funny accessory or two. It's like that flanderization pic kek
Same, I will never accept Lyra as the Johto protagonist.

No. 211704

Prof. Juniper too, imo

No. 211729

I never played them and I never cared enough about them to read interviews from the developers, but since the gameplay is different from the other mainline games and it's a Kanto game I assumed it was a spin-off.

No. 211733

>Human character designs in Pokemon used to be more "normal"
I don't think people realize it because the change was gradual. Gen 1 and 2 have mostly normal people in a urban fantasy version of Kanto and Kansai where the characters with the weirdest looks wear capes and they're made fun of for this, and two ninja. Compare Misty, a young girl wearing normal swimsuits you could buy at any sports equipment store because she's a swimmer with a pool in her gym, to Marlon whose swimsuit looks fucking weird and flashy and who has an atrocious tan line that makes no sense. I suspect it has to do with the hardware again and with the character designers adding more details to match the power of each new console, to make all the new character impossible to confuse with previous ones since there are so many of them. There are more and more character designers working on the games at the same time, probably to avoid repetitive designs.

No. 211761

File: 1654384438188.jpg (111.6 KB, 1028x324, Untitled.jpg)

it hurts. they get progressively more retarded, not just with overdesigned outfits but buttfuck stupid-looking hair, i hate it so much.

No. 211771

File: 1654385879136.jpg (65.57 KB, 316x371, Untitled.jpg)

this is all i see. just matted white guy dreds. hate it

No. 211772

He had the potential to have a solid design but they ruined it with the crazy clothes are proportions that make him look a little bit too… malnourished? for my taste. IDK it feels like they're making them more cartoony now while at the same time trying to make them sexually appealing to it just creeps me out.
And of course the elephant in the room: his stupid fucking Sonic the Hedgehog hair. How the fuck does that even work?

No. 211783

File: 1654387022631.jpg (130.43 KB, 491x705, Frank-Geens-1986-aa-491x705.jp…)

ive heard people say its supposed to look like teased 80s punk-style hair but it… doesnt. at all. it really just looks like big unkempt stinky dreadlocks

No. 211797

I'd love to see a Piers redesign with hair that actually looks like hair

No. 211810

File: 1654389477473.png (107.74 KB, 413x517, EODJObpXsAAo4yI.png)

This is my personal least favourite.

No. 211823

God I hate him too kek

No. 211824

File: 1654390396626.png (655.58 KB, 1994x1994, 1654389409103.png)

nooo my son!!!

No. 211827

At least he was kind of funny in the DLC. Piers is hideous, useless, overhyped and the first time you see him his cutscene looks ridiculous.

No. 211831

File: 1654392242229.jpeg (415.06 KB, 1242x1800, CDBF1712-0813-4534-87CC-EA92D9…)

No. 211841

Yessssss. He looks so fucking tacky.

No. 211842

File: 1654396287696.jpeg (6.88 KB, 225x225, images (3).jpeg)

Wow this image made me just now get what this pokemon was supposed to be, for some reason I thought it was a generic Budew knockoff. This is going to be this gen's 'cute' plant that evolves into a feminine plant humanoid, huh.

No. 211846

File: 1654396609328.jpg (118.31 KB, 719x459, 1654396567879.jpg)

I like the smol cute plant pokemon

No. 211847

NTA but personally I think it looks more like some other pokemon that I can't remember.
>This is going to be this gen's 'cute' plant that evolves into a feminine plant humanoid, huh.
Thanks now already hate the evo before it has even been revealed

No. 211849

Gamefreak isn't even trying anymore.

No. 211850

I think it's unironically the best pokemon design in this gen so far.

No. 211852

He looks like he hates women

No. 211854

The only other design I've seen is the afroduck and even that didn't raise my hopes.

No. 211862

This is the exact same thing I thought about when I saw him. Kek

No. 211864

>Apparently, the scene between Lillie and Kukui during the anniversary gala opened with a quote that turned out to be from a hentai doujin featuring them.
WHAT the fuck

No. 211865

File: 1654401731499.jpg (183.73 KB, 965x893, tumblr_6e5d7dcfcb6f51670d77867…)

>Apparently, the scene between Lillie and Kukui during the anniversary gala opened with a quote that turned out to be from a hentai doujin featuring them.
jfc source on that info?
isn't masters not made by the pkmn company officially?

i love lechonk. i dont care that people hate the name. i fucking love little piggies i love it i love it

No. 211867

File: 1654403256140.jpeg (220.78 KB, 1023x1360, DD320F20-705D-4443-AE11-CD644D…)

anons you better put some respect on his goddamn name for hard carrying the nightmare that was swsh postgame. also kisho taniyama is terrific as a seiyuu

No. 211872

File: 1654404423013.jpg (143.9 KB, 1156x1480, 20211213_141835.jpg)

name one thing roxie did that helps the player plot-wise outside of her gym, quickly. it was nice that she had some vocals in her battle theme, though
but nah, i like her too, i'm glad they even had a interaction or two in masters.

No. 211877

NTA but I just wish he had non-stupid hair that's all

No. 211883

im hesitant to believe that was on purpose since the dialogue is extremely generic

hes ugly and the scene of him silently singing gave me physical pain from embarrassment

No. 211885

>smoliv will evolve into waifumon
GOD no. The -extra virgin- "jokes" from scrotes will be fucking insufferable.

No. 211890

Probably the cotton pokemon from gen2? I don't know it's English name.

No. 211897

>im hesitant to believe that was on purpose since the dialogue is extremely generic
This, I wonder if it's supposed to be in the English version or in the Japanese version too
>the scene of him silently singing gave me physical pain from embarrassment
same and I didn't even play the game
Yeah I was thinking it was Jumpluff too, but apart from the cute round plant thing it has going on, but that's not the one I was thinking about.
Perhaps it reminds me of Whismur, I think that's it.

No. 211994

File: 1654451780483.jpg (343.36 KB, 873x1200, Pokémon.Scarlet...Violet.full.…)

sounds more like useless coomers showing off how pathetic they are by trying to relate literally the most banal dialogue to some porn they read. it's like when men know the names of pornstars. how sad is that.
anyway have some fanart of the girl looking older because i'm still sad we have to play as little kids. i think the design is super cute otherwise

No. 212008

softcore coomer pose kind of ruins it

No. 212024


No. 212069

I mean the autist shoves her ass in our face, but in a way in which you can also see a bit of titty. Typical Escher girl shit. Sorry that I trigger liberals.

No. 212118

File: 1654481671652.png (937.5 KB, 1350x1246, Skiploom.png)

I see the similarities but I love both equally, I just love cute grass pokemon so much. I would definetely be a grass trainer if I could

No. 212174

I mean I like both of them a lot and am enjoying a little of the hype when I don't play these games anymore and never will, I can't believe people are getting upset over dumb names, porn art, and call this >>211994 'softcore coomer'? Fandoms have been like this since the dawn of time and people are letting themselves get so angry over smaller and smaller things when it's not gonna stop rule34.
My opinion is the same as >>210982 give or take how impossibly muscular he's drawn. Tho I kinda hate how Turo's made me like that haircut a little when I fucking hate it on 99.9% of irl men.

No. 212177

File: 1654501870377.png (219.68 KB, 400x424, EECC1545-0B3B-4916-B844-8C27DC…)

i didn't know people cared so much about the human characters in pokémon. i'm just an autist who likes to collect critters so i only care about the pokes

No. 212200

File: 1654515014939.jpg (39.2 KB, 558x694, 7f6fd86222bb62b6ff24f96b88141f…)

I love agencyshipping so much it's so cute

No. 212201

File: 1654515047063.jpg (22.69 KB, 512x291, 60d84eaf9d19997981cfdcc4abde5b…)

No. 212202

File: 1654515098564.jpg (42.08 KB, 750x588, be71db4aeeb950878a567ea132f39f…)

No. 212203

File: 1654515273439.jpg (55.26 KB, 600x600, a6afb26cf9005b0e374837eb28fa6a…)

No. 212285

As someone who got to experience the "Pokemania" craze of the late 90s and early 2000s, this really does stick out to me because I thought it was just me. There were a shit ton of Pokemon fans back in the day, of course we were all kids but it was normal and exciting. And when social media because more of a thing, you still really had to go out of your way if you wanted to see the porn-side of the Pokemon fandom. It was always there like you said but it wasn't as hyper-focused back in the 2000s.

This. I acknowledge that the hentai/porn side of the fandom was always there and probably exploded with gen 3 as there was more time for gen 1 and gen 2 to settle but you had to go out of your way to find it.

Honestly I chalk this up to the Twitter effect. Everyone and there mother are on Twitter and the lines of the clean side of the fandom and NSFW side of the fandom collide a lot more because of the algorithm and how insanely popular pokeporn is.

No. 212286

File: 1654543583263.jpg (612.56 KB, 1920x1080, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Legen…)

So I just watched the last trailer for Scarlet/Violet and I'm sorry but I'm just not digging these legendaries. They don't look like "pokemon" to me, they look like rejected Digimon and/or modern-day Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters.

No. 212319

kyogore and groudons autistic lil bros

No. 212367

File: 1654567058497.jpg (214.99 KB, 1050x899, @noviipop ELILX0DX0AItG2f.jpg …)

I totally get the themes they have going on, but also they don't look like pokemon.
The future dragon looks like they recycled some elements from Lunala's design or something. Funnily enough I did like the SuMo cover legendaries.

>i'm just an autist who likes to collect critters
That's literally why Pokemon was created lmao (even the creator is a literal autist)

No. 212386

I hope we get a Explorers of Sky remake soon, I doubt we will because Rescue Team wasn't that long ago but I really think they did a great job remaking the first one and Explorers is one of my favorite pokemon games period.

No. 212387

No. 212389

The thing about him being autistic is an unfounded rumor apparently? If anyone has official sources for that though I'd like to read them, like interviews. I think people thought catching bugs as a hobby was autistic in itself and it's what inspired the games, not realising that the vast majority of kids does that every summer so it's a normal kids' hobby there.

No. 212392

I can't believe you're right. Damn I've been lied to my whole life

No. 212393

It's a myth, he has never said he is autistic ever. Tbf I wouldn't be surprised if he really was but as far as anyone knows, it's never been proven true.

No. 212443

No. 212449

pokemon have started looking like shitty digimon since gen 3. that being said i like the red one way more than the blue

No. 212459

Not really, I'd say it started more with gen 5. Gen 3 and 4 had some pokemon that looked a bit different than the rest but it felt like it was more of a gradual evolution of the original character designers' art styles and the fact that the GBA is more powerful than the GB and GBC so they could make more detailed and colorful sprites. But I miss the designs that were minimalist yet iconic from the first gens.

No. 212537

I mean you're not wrong necessarily about gen 3, there were some questionable designs in that gen but they seemed to have gotten worse and worse as the years gone on. Like to me, the only game post gen 3 that I think had a majority strong cast of new designs was Gen 6 even though that game has the worst story. I found myself liking a lot of the newer designs in that gen compared to Gen 4 and Gen 5.

No. 212577

Hopefully some kids and their parents are enjoying cooking together somewhere.

No. 212583

File: 1654654323121.png (143.42 KB, 475x475, 384.png)

yes really and it all started with this cunt

No. 212605

I hate this take. I still love pokemon even in the later gens. Some more than others. There's good designs in later games too.

No. 212606

Oi Rayquaza lol I see what you mean anon. I used to be indifferent to it when I was a kid but looking at it now with maturer eyes, this definitely was a WTF type design that really began the beginning of the end. Like the legendaries before Gen 3, they didn't look like Digimon, they had an organic feel to them, even Mewtwo.

No. 212608

AYRT and while I'm happy they translated the recipes, why tf did it have to be put on the kids channel. Now I can't save it to my recipes playlist or see any comments. And they used comic sans kek what is up with the American localizers, they make the oddest decisions.

No. 212642

I disagree, a lot of the early pokemon look more like digimon because of their more "realistic" details, which is typical for digimon. Newer pokemon look cartoonier and rounder.

No. 212654

No, Mewtwo looked like it could have been a DBZ villain

No. 212681

Pokémon designs peaked in Gens 2 and 3

No. 212723

I hope you meant HGSS

No. 212749

Do you mean HGSS specifically or gen 4 in general? imo gen 4 is the last gen where all the pokemon's designs seemed coherent when put next to each other.

No. 212774

File: 1654712796607.png (417.66 KB, 734x734, e32.png)

it took me more than an hour to realize that you were talking about the designs only and not the games as a whole

No. 212778

kek nona, HGSS was excellent, possibly the last true Pokémon games tbh (Gen 5 games were super good too but stopped feeling like classic Pokémon)

No. 212787

XY felt like the usual pokemon game but in 3D, gen 5 felt like some sort of weird break in the series, then starting from gen 7 everything went to shit.

No. 212909

Please stop inventing new pokemon. They all look like shit and no one cares about it. Pokemon died after HGSS.

No. 212913

You know… Now I kind of want to replay all the games one after another just to compare all the games an pinpoint where everything went wrong. I should probably stream it for friends or something, I have a friend irl who's streaming games on twitch and we're shit talking her everytime she loses kek.

No. 213037

If you've got the time, why not? I'm sure it'll be fun going down memory lane with the games and could be a good experiment to see where you think the quality started to slip since everyone's thoughts on that topic seem to differ.

No. 214773

File: 1655357232942.jpg (203.24 KB, 1024x1024, pokemon_scarlet_and_violet_by_…)

Heavy rumors going around that there will be a 2nd trailer revealed during the Nintendo Direct on June 29th. I don't know if they'd release another trailer so soon, though, but on the other hand, they still haven't even revealed the region name yet and there are only 5 months until release. The hype train needs to get going, I feel so impatient kek

No. 214806

File: 1655366626412.png (246.03 KB, 750x463, unknown.png)


No. 214821

I feel like the only one who's not at all into this new "hot" professor. He just looks like an average guy with an ugly haircut.

No. 214824

Shit take. Pokemon is earning more money than ever before, SWSH is about to outsell GSC despite the price point being massively high and basically a luxury item, all while free games are an abundance these days. Thanks to pokemon GO even my local pensioners are massive pokemon fans. More people care than ever.

But even ignoring that, you're literally defending geodude, muk and exeggute as the best designs. They're ugly, boring and uninspired. The new designs are better.

No. 214844

Anon was talking about quality, not quantity. And SWSH being the best selling game isn't shocking at all, it's because of the Switch selling very well and being the only Nintendo console of its generation, unlike the previous generations when a home console and a handheld were available at the same time, Pokemon already being a well established brand compared to when RBY were released, the whole 90s nostalgia trend targeting people who were here during the 90s and people who weren't even born yet, etc. Doesn't change the fact that SWSH doesn't even have dungeons and big routes, and the open world area often makes my Switch shit itself, you need to get the DLCs to actually see how interesting the open world thing can be.

No. 214848

He doesn't even look 'hot'.

No. 214850

The point stands. The first 2 generations have some of the worst quality pokemon. Every pink pokemon in kanto is a round blob jigglypuff, wigglytuff, chansey, cleafairy, clefable, and exeggcute which is a bunch of pink blobs all in one. All the "dungeons", caves i assume? have little to nothing except zubat and geodude. All the routes are just flat grass or water.
Gen 5 was amazing for routes, probably the biggest one so far.

No. 214855

Do you know what a dungeon is in a JRPG? There weren't just caves, when was the last time you played gen 1 and 2? There was the ghost tower with possessed trainers, the various team rocket hideouts including the radio tower and the big company with teleporters, the half destroyed manor on cinnabar island (idk what the English names are but whatever, correct me if I'm wrong), the lighthouse, the power plant, the safari park, even the small forest at the beginning of RBY before you get the first badge counts, etc. And the routes at least tried to give you obstacles and things to explore the second time you went there and had more items and HMs, and some of them looked like labyrinths the more you approached the leagues. SHSW's routes were just short, straight lines with only trainers and wild pokemon, and it didn't even have a victory road, aka a dungeon. They stopped caring past gen 6 about that because they focus more on the battles by adding gimmicks instead of, idk, adding more double battles to mainline games in the actual main quest.

No. 214863

File: 1655392609446.png (13.53 KB, 240x160, Sealed_Chamber_Visual_Braille_…)

Reminds me of the fact that you in R/S/E actually had to use the instruction manual to read Braille insignia on the Rocks of the Regi Trio.
So if you didn't read the instruction manual and didn't had internet in the early 00s, you didn't knew how to unlock them.
Casuals got filtered in an already average Game.

No. 214866

It's juste a side quest designed to sell guidebooks (very common practice before the internet became widespread and made them obsolete), and I bought an Emerald cartridge second hand and knew it was braille because a teacher in primary school tried and failled to teach us how to read braille. There are way worse 90s and early 2000s JRPGs than that when it comes to side quests. Braille wasn't even the worst part, it was knowing you needed to have that one specific rare, ancient nearly fossilized fish in your party in the first place, because that's actually really random. I'd rather have some similar bonus content than nothing at all or lzgendaries stuck behind a DLC or limited time event.

No. 214870

I've played pokemon for 20 years and I've never seen anyone refer to those places as dungeons before, but it makes sense if you aren't a native English speaker. None of those places were very exciting to me personally, knocking out 20 team rocket grunts with the same pokemon wasn't very fun. Gen 5 did it way better, but I did miss some more interactable locations in swsh. For years I've seen a lot of pokemon fans say that "just adding more npc battles isn't fun" so they're just catering to what most fans wanted I guess. The most active and visible pokemon fans are the ones taking part in vgc, a lot of them just want to rush through the game to be able to battle others.

No. 214893

File: 1655404332599.png (537.45 KB, 636x603, tumblr_static_c3ephy8eva0c44ko…)

completely subjective. i remember next to nothing from gen 5 but i've replayed the first two gen games countless times. why are we arguing about this?

i also preferred when pokemon were "pocket monsters".

No. 214895

>but it makes sense if you aren't a native English speaker
No it's unrelated, they're dungeons from a game design point of view, that's just how they're called. Have you played other JRPGs from the 80s, 90s and 2000s? Like, I don't know, Final Fantasy games from the 1st one to the 10th one have dungeons you access from an overworld map, but they don't look like literal dungeons. Even more relevant with SMT since both Pokemon and SMT are urban fantasies taking place in worlds based on ours with monsters you can catch and put in computers, and SMT games have a shit ton of dungeons based on different environments and some dungeons are things like giant stores.

>None of those places were very exciting to me personally, knocking out 20 team rocket grunts with the same pokemon wasn't very fun.

That's subjective, I've seen a lot of people with your opinion too. I personally like exploring places where I have to be careful with my resources because I don't want to have to leave and go back there every 5 seconds just to heal my party. And especially in early games you had puzzles to solve and you had to find your way out despite many weird obstacles (like the teleporters in the office building in RBY or the rocks you have to move around in the ice cave in GSC). Now that I have played a lot of other JRPGs I can appreciate that you can use repel early in these games and you can see most of the trainers ahead of time because some games have crazy random encounter rates. I wish the trainers were a bit stronger and had more pokemon though, idk why they were weaker than the wild pokemon in their respective roads in SWSH

Also yeah a lot of hardcore fans care way more about battles online but I hated beating people online, them disconnecting their 3DS or Switch and my victory not even being taken into account in my stats, and that happened all the time. I liked playing with rl friends as a kid with the cable way more. I'd rather trade online than do battles online nowadays.

No. 214902

It's not about what they are from a design point what I'm saying is that they're just not commonly referred to as dungeons, which you wouldn't know if you didn't frequently talk to native English speaking fans. In general dungeons in pokemon belong to the mystery dungeon series.

I like the exploring, I just don't think the early regions are even fun to explore because everything looks the same. Gen 3 started to have more variation though. I agree about the puzzle parts, the games have become a bit too hand-holdy. Well, the teleporters weren't fun to me tbh. But the other stuff was cool.

>why are we arguing about this?
we're on lolcow babe

No. 214926

I don't care about what other fans calls them, they're dungeons. Too many pokemon fans are beyond retarded and love mediocrity at best, and are degenerate lolicon and furries at worst, which is why we're getting mainline games with less and less content so I stopped caring about whatever other fans say online.

>I just don't think the early regions are even fun to explore because everything looks the same

To be fair, it's due to the technology not being very developed for handhelds. RBY cartridges were already shitting themselves if you did the wrong thing. I remember trying to trigger a glitch that made a level 7 Mew catchable near lavender town in a Yellow cartridge and ever since I did that everytime you save your progress, turn off and then turn on you GB your save file was corrupted and you had to start the game all over again. And implementing Kanto in GSC was very hard iirc so the devs had to remove a lot of parts to make everything work properly. I don't know if you played on a GB or a GBC but on the GBC each town has a different color palette, that helped make things look a bit more varied.

No. 214956

File: 1655430093721.jpg (57 KB, 744x704, 284a10ce2ab4296abae44c0838dbb4…)

I always thought it was supposed to be inspired by a deathhawk?

No. 215215

I feel like a lot of the hype is fake. Like people are only excited for the sake of being hyped, not because they genuinely find the new info exciting. Of course, as long as it results in sales, it doesn't matter to Game Freak.

No. 215509

Nah, I have a lot of nerdy friends and everyone is genuinely excited that pokemon is doing an open world game for the first time ever. People online don't fake hype(unless they're a paid off influencer), there is nothing people love to do more than to complain about any tiny mistake they can find lol

No. 216962

File: 1656192780878.png (272.28 KB, 514x531, 026Raichu_RB.png)

anons if you could have one pokemon irl, what would you choose?

for me it's a matter of ease… i'm sure if i lived in the pokemon world i would dedicate myself to being a trainer and traveling around when i was young, then settling down. what team would you want to have if you lived in the pkmn world, and who would you want if you could just pick one?

for me if i was a trainer, i think i would focus on a team of 3 or so strong pokemon, then when i settled into a more domestic life i would have pokemon to help me raise plants and stuff. but if i could just choose one right now, i think it would have to be raichu! free electric power when i need it, and it's one of my favorite pokemon, it's so adorable.

No. 216964

im honestly hyped about the game because legends arceus was amazing, but idgaf about the stupid professors

No. 216967

If I could have a Pokémon irl I would have an owlet, my brother got me an owlet plushie once and I love it, I think my owlet would get along with my dog, the three of us could play and traveling together would be neat.
In Pokémon world I would have a cute but strong team, with a litwick, poochyena, owlet, gulpin, slugma and a yamask, I would explore many regions and pick somewhere like sootopolis or fortree city for my retirement.

No. 216970

I love swimming and traveling, so I'd get mostly water type and flying type pokemon. I'd definitely want a big water type like lapras because it's cute and I'd love to ride on its back in the sea or lakes.

No. 217042

File: 1656216719988.png (1.8 MB, 2304x1380, d84ne6x-dfbdfda8-70ac-45f6-a0e…)

It's cute pokemon for me. They don't have to do anything useful, I just need the serotonin boost in my daily life. I'll take a combination of any of these.

No. 217196

File: 1656268790395.jpg (211.45 KB, 900x1200, buzzwole.jpg)

No. 217208

i hate pokefuckers but buzzwole hits something uncomfortable for me

No. 217380

Do any of you have some good pokemon fan games recommendation? I'm currently playing xenoverse and you can really tell that they put a lot of effort into it. The only other pokemon fan game i have played before was insurgence but that was a long time ago and its a bit older.

No. 217441

File: 1656356079941.jpeg (40.62 KB, 550x500, C5B53607-5022-4CB3-9117-553BB6…)

Based Pumpkaboo lover

No. 217473

File: 1656368598042.png (154.27 KB, 600x840, e71.png)

Chandelure all the way, no other reason than I love him

No. 219614

if it's irl then something super intelligent like an alakazam

No. 223476

File: 1658358369007.jpg (102.99 KB, 1125x1111, Squishmallows.jpg)

Will you be getting these, nonnies? If they would've made a Slowpoke one then I think I would've finally given in to buying a Squishmallow for the first time, but I think I'll pass. I wonder if they'll be cute.

No. 223477

>"These will all be in 14” sizes, and 20” versions of Snorlax and Togepi will also be available. These will likely be available through Target later this year."

No. 223482

File: 1658363283851.jpg (368.2 KB, 1500x1500, P7730_701-29237_02.jpg)

The thing about squishmillows I don't like is that they cut off/simplify a lot of the features of whatever it's supposed to be to make them a bland egg shape, though I guess they chose some already round pokemon to do it to. I thought they already had this pikachu squishmellow? If you like slowpoke there is already a sleeping slowpoke plush that's very cute

No. 223483

File: 1658363555045.jpg (35.36 KB, 500x500, 1573560130_slowpokesleepufodx6…)

Wow i just realized I spelled Squishmallow two different ways in my post, ignore that

No. 223484

File: 1658364300227.webm (3.37 MB, 720x1280, PokeSquish.webm)

He's beautiful. 10x better than a Squish imho.
But it seems they made some of their own in plush and plushie clips form: https://www.pokemoncenter.com/search/microbead
I guess now they decided to finally collaborate. Vidrel is a sneak peek.

No. 223489

I am so incredibly sick of gen 1 pokemon.

No. 223493

Understandable, nonnie.

No. 223494

File: 1658366150198.jpg (1.06 MB, 1314x683, cute.jpg)

Rowlet and Swirlix would make perfectly cute Squishmallows, but no, we need MORE merch of ugly ass Snorlax.

No. 223503

Oh, these would be just too cute.

No. 223521

File: 1658372539600.jpeg (104.77 KB, 1034x781, 859CB022-4CF9-4C20-9263-326A4F…)

Here's what two of them look like.

No. 223526

oh no i want the gengar

No. 223609

shut up zoomer

No. 223619

File: 1658414832913.jpeg (146.66 KB, 1241x756, 018ED6D2-1047-439A-A6ED-72E36F…)

The back.

No. 223623

Gengar is actually cute, I love pikachu as well though.

No. 223624

Which pokemon would you rather see?

No. 223628

NTA but Gen 3 and 2

No. 223652

There's about 800+ more to choose from, plenty of vaguely round shaped, cute ones like Pumpkaboo and Goomy. Swirlix and Rowlet, as pointed out before. They could cash in on the Bidoof meme, even. There's too goddamn many Pokemon to keep making the same 3 plushies over and over and over and over… I'm not complaining about Pikachu, just all these other gen 1 Pokemon that should not have as much merch as they do.

No. 223759

Ngl, Pumpkaboo one would be adorable. It would be nice to see pokemon merch of other characters besides the very popular ones. There's a lot of pokemon to choose from like you wrote. I think the response would be favorable.
Lots of good candidates.

No. 223784

File: 1658458795260.jpeg (567.29 KB, 1080x1080, 82CECA03-B90D-4935-ADDA-7F2499…)


No. 223793

Snubbull looks adorable.

No. 223812

I will die for chubby umbreon

No. 226475

Thoughts? The new gimmick is pretty shit, but I like the more open story. I still think the legendaries look strange…

No. 226476

Where the fuck are the starter evos

No. 226479

Looks like shit, I think I'm done with the franchise. Maybe the open world thing could be interesting, I think it was fun in the DLCs in SwSh, but the rest seems so awful I can't bring myself to give a shit.

No. 226486

it looks fun. my excitement has gone up!

No. 226506

File: 1659542114365.png (201.02 KB, 449x708, E1C1CA11-EE27-49DD-A8AA-072B5B…)

This is apparently a male.

No. 226507

Samefag to say I’m fine with it being a man I just don’t look forward to the amount of tranny bs and porn that’s going to come with it.

No. 226520

Just don't interact with the crazy part of the fandom and you're good to go.

No. 226521

File: 1659545569495.jpg (243.25 KB, 2481x3508, FZPdCxlUEAE1DPd.jpg)

I love Penny's design but i am worried for her too kek

No. 226526

God same you know she’s gonna get they/them’d to oblivion.

No. 226538

I hate it, but we all know I’m going to play it anyway. Fuecoco superiority.

No. 226554

I'd love to see them push exploration / catching pokemon more, but maaaan does that world look dead. Can the open world meme fucking die already?

No. 226561

I'm excited, but I'm easy to please. I understand where people come from when they get upset at the new games, but I don't really give a fuck kek. The legendaries look so much better at the end of the video, when they don't have the wheels. The blue one look so sleek and cute. I hope you can toggle the wheels on/off, that's really my only gripe atm. I'm pumped for regional wooper!

No. 226609

The legendaries look stupid as fuck. If they wanted to include a motorcycle, why not just give you one instead of designing two pokemon with wheels? One of them doesn't even use its wheels kek. Either a bike or a pokemon without bike parts.
The Terra-whatever phenomenon is dumb. Just bring back megas, for fucks sake.
Most of the human character designs are stupid or just, I don't know, weird.
I like Cetitan. I'd like the dough dog more if it had more original colors and I can't unsee the wonky art (probably the same artist who did Sprigatito's art kek)
The world looks kind of empty.

No. 226620

Remember when we used to get a bicycle in the previous games, which made sense because kids in a shit ton of countries ride a bicycle if they want to go somewhere a bit far away but don't have public transport? Now you get to ride an ugly ass pokemon that's conveniently the same one for flying as well! God, maybe HMs weren't so bad after all.

No. 226622

And samefagging just to say that we can all kiss goodbye to dungeons now. Maybe they'll stop pretending there will be a proper victory road this time.

No. 226633

The gimmicks are so retarded. They last for one game, then get dropped, and literally no one ever cares.

No one gives a fuck about Z-evolutions or mega-evolutions or ultrabeasts or dynamax or gigantamax or any of that shit. I just want to go on adventures with my cute animal friends. Give me a camp where I can interact with them, let them follow me around, that's all I fucking need.

But no, they have to turn into fucking living crystal this time for no adequately explained reason.

No. 226634


I maintain that they should've kept TMs as one use rare items, that you had to really think about who you were going to give them to, like in the good old days.

No. 226635

She has short hair, anon, that means she's OBVIOUSLY non-binary. I swear to Christ, zoomers are so fucking retarded.

No. 226641

I really don't like her hair color combination. It's so random.
And the art looks kinda lazy. It's a shame, because otherwise she'd be perfect.

No. 226647

But I care about megas…
Maybe because it was the first gimmick of its kind, I really liked them. And it had the potential to make weak or average pokemon a bit stronger, with the temporary stat boosts and ability and type changes, and make them look cooler, but not to the point of being ridiculous like gigantamax or this crystal shit, most megas looked like "natural" transformations.

No. 226648

File: 1659566342076.png (1.39 MB, 1566x881, Ursula_Plusle_Minun.png)

The colors initially reminded me of Feraligators coloring but looking at her tights it might supposed to represent plusle and minuns. Maybe those will be some of the pokemon she uses? I at least hope it will tie into her design, I feel like Gamefreak is just designing characters with crazy hair and outfits for no apparent reason anymore

No. 226673

>I just want to go on adventures with my cute animal friends.
exactly! I want to bond with my pokemon, I want them to feel special and unique even though there's tons of the same one out in the wild! I have no idea how they would accomplish this, but my dream pokemon game involves actually bonding with your individual mon, not just its cute design or battle adequacy.

No. 226712

File: 1659578120657.jpeg (531.23 KB, 828x1327, 1553EC1D-E515-4DCC-A5FA-FA059A…)

No. 226718

>Don't we already have characters based on them?
NTA but I forgot who those characters were. I just remember that Plusle and Minun were the starters/partner pokémon in the first Pokémon Ranger.

No. 227065

File: 1659645932133.png (739.51 KB, 1200x1200, Fidough.png)

Bread puppy is so cute!!

No. 227072


No. 227091

I wonder who did they hire to be in charge of the character designs, because they all look worse than anything you could find on deviantart.

No. 227131

This just in, girls with short haircuts are all transmasc whether they want to be or not.

No. 227133

It’s scarlet and violet…

No. 227289

NTA but her design has light blue, not violet in it. Violet is more purple. That doesn't make any sense. I think anon may be right that it'll have something to do with what pokemon she has.

No. 231540

What? Most anons are agreeing with the moid. Stop trying to farm more (you)s.

No. 231566

Yawn look at the inferior sex seething. Still no gf though.

No. 231576

What the fuck does a seething incel spergout have to do with Pokemon

No. 231578

File: 1660753979753.gif (1.49 MB, 300x303, 1610465445358.gif)

Water type best type, don't even argue with me, you can't.

No. 231595

File: 1660755553711.png (1.07 MB, 800x764, tumblr_42d99e6626f9175af95e2d3…)

I'm going to fucking poison you

No. 231604

File: 1660757441443.gif (22.05 KB, 150x160, 1605568765362.gif)

kek good luck with that, poison type was shit until fairy type was introduced to compensate for their mediocrity.

No. 231663

File: 1660762813194.jpeg (174.3 KB, 601x457, 970D504F-0AED-4EB6-8642-20E8BF…)

as much as i love water pokes the only truth is that ghost type best type

No. 231678

File: 1660766316420.gif (2.59 MB, 320x239, tumblr_opkgsobXIN1uh3x51o8_r1_…)

imagine getting ohko'd by ferro-chan's power whip

No. 231680

File: 1660766692378.jpg (96.37 KB, 1125x815, judgmental water pokemon.jpg)

imagine having a 4x fire weakness

No. 231697

I forgot that pokemon existed wtf

No. 231715

File: 1660779822299.jpg (50.38 KB, 600x895, ac2db79e5080e9aaefb0ac1a6ca36a…)

and all the fire types AND their moves stuck in doodoo tier where they belong hehe, the ferroGOD has no fear

No. 231869

File: 1660826034350.gif (474.63 KB, 499x311, g.gif)

No. 231872

Ferrothorn is cute! CUTE!

No. 231873

Weak ass Pikachu can't do anything with its low defense and HP, try again.

No. 231902

File: 1660839052324.png (690.37 KB, 2000x2000, dfajeq7-8b377cf3-cdb2-4f23-95c…)

I love paldaen wooper so much already (people calling it pooper kek) It isn't going to convince me to get the game but I still appreciate it as someone's who's favorite pokemon are poison types and Quagsire. I think the evolution will (hopefully) look sick and have a lot of bones in it as they are based on Iberian ribbed newts which can break their bones to protrude out and use them as weapons. I'll probably get a plush of it when those come out

No. 231913

I love pooper

No. 231917

File: 1660844138466.png (246.05 KB, 337x613, tumblr_236b5503d7e08a60cb7c494…)

No. 231923

File: 1660844877662.png (127.47 KB, 782x908, tumblr_oa7qw94SU71tqqktgo1_r1_…)

This and fairy type

No. 231936

the only acceptable pikachu bootleg

No. 232204

File: 1660964812707.gif (785.36 KB, 499x374, tumblr_ntrt0kYASS1tqptlzo1_500…)

not true

No. 232218

Loved the Pikablu days. It was the first time I had ever experienced "theories" and rumors about media.

No. 232229

I remember hoping they'd release a fire equivalent of pikachu after marill. Ah well. Unless there is by now, I haven't paid attention since X&Y

No. 232262

File: 1661002785181.jpeg (64.75 KB, 1002x1007, 4B371F1E-8A85-4277-943B-E31676…)

Objectively? Steel. Subjectively? Also steel.

No. 232263

XY did that with Pokémon Amie, technically. And I fucking loved it.

No. 232276

File: 1661010816477.png (197.99 KB, 346x398, bigboye.png)

TBH, this is why I enjoy GO. I really don't care what anyone says, especially this late in its lifespan (which is long, for a mobile game). GO is basically AR Amie, and you literally can battle with your favorites in the majority of the GO leagues save for Masters and some of the themed cups.

No. 232277

pokemon died a long time ago by becoming a pay2win but I'm glad you are enjoying it regardless, nonnie.

No. 232281

A few people keep saying this, but I don't really understand the pay2win part. I know with the console crowd, people would spend hours upon hours trying to grind good IVs or whatever to be competitive.
I'm even saying this as a rural GO player. I don't think I've spent more than $70 (mostly GOFest tickets) over the course of 6+ years playing with lots of breaks in between. The only league that comes close to being Pay2Win is Master's, and even then, it's just boring.

No. 232282

Adding onto my post, I think I 'm getting this from people who got into Pokémon as children, and are surprised, as adults, that the franchise is showing its hand. I love Pokémon, but they've always set out to make this into a cash cow franchise.

No. 232283

File: 1661012739290.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.97 MB, 4096x4096, FaJzyd4WQAIF-Ik.jpg)

so the pokedex leaked. thoughts?

be aware that the drawings are all fanart aside from the stuff we already saw

No. 232303

I recently watched this series of videos and it was very informative. When I got into Megami Tensei I couldn't help but feel like there were more similarities than differences between this franchise and mainline Pokemon games, what's with the stories being about people in our world and era recruiting enemies based on animals, mythologies and legends, putting them in computers and electronics, etc. Now I kind of wish the games after gen 1 played into that more and straight up called Unova NY, Alola Hawaii, Kalos France, etc. Once I learned a lot more about Japan I noticed which cities corresponded to which in-game towns when replaying, but as a French anon I felt like Kalos was portrayed more like some kind of tourist place and not like a "normal" region, and Alola was even more like this. I wish Lyon and Marseille had their equivalent in XY instead of the half assed, small postgame city, what a waste.

I'm curious as to how the regional variants will look like for previous gen pokemon. I don't have high hopes for the starters' evolutions tbh, Game Freak keeps making them look anthropomorphic or like mascots instead of making them look like actual monsters. At this point, barely any new games interest me and I have almost 300€ worth of vouchers from selling second hand games to my favorite game store, so I'm actually considering getting either one version. But not at release. I'll wait until they announce either a third version or some version that includes potential DLCs in a cartridge, like what I did with Pokemon Shield. Either way, it's not going to feel like a loss unless the game turns out to be extra shit instead of mediocre and full of wasted potential.

No. 232310

File: 1661018951626.png (244.28 KB, 584x556, Untitled.png)

>Game Freak keeps making them look anthropomorphic or like mascots instead of making them look like actual monsters.
yeah, i hate this. idc if i get called autistic but it perfectly summarizes why i hate the newer starters. they are no longer "pocket monsters", they are pre-made "characters" that won't differ at all unlike the original ideas for starters. picrel example for anyone who isn't aware of this

pokemon starters these days remind me of digimon. another reason i preferred pokemon over digimon. i don't hate the bipedalism, i hate that they are "characters". all incineroar must be wrestling heels. all cinderace must be sassy soccer players. whereas before a charizard could have any sort of personality or interests, thus more like a super-powered pet; these new starters are absolutely "mascots". just like digimon. like they should have a pre-set personality and be talking to you. it's so weird and i hate it. i actually shoved my starter into the computer for the first time in galar and never used it.

No. 232315

>i actually shoved my starter into the computer for the first time in galar and never used it.
I picked the grass starter in Galar because it was the least terrible on when it came to design. It's just a big gorilla that plays the drum, that's way less strange than a soccer playing bunny or a elite sniper lizard when you know how intelligent and social primates are irl. If I picked one of the other starters I also would have shoved it in the computer. And the pic your posted is exactly what I was thinking about when I made that description. They're the best examples imo, I don't know why fire type starters are the most blatant cases these days.

No. 232349

They don't even seem like animals/beasts anymore. They are way too anthropomorphized now, like typical furries, the only thing they're lacking is human speech. What kind of beast species is has evolved around a human activity like soccer or wrestling? The fuck? So many pokemon concepts suck now. Just base them on animals, for fucks sake, not on human sports.

No. 232361

yeah, the way someone explained it to me was "a pokemon should feel like it could exist in the wild". because they do! starters are rare, but they are still wild pokemon. there's absolutely nothing interesting about a bunch of wild rabbit-people who play soccer. that makes no sense. whereas like, typhlosion are based off weasels so you can see them existing running around doing weasel stuff.

No. 232381

I really wanted to like Inteleon because of its slick design and it being a blue reptile, but why the fuck is it a humanlike sniper? Also "haha British spy get it?? James Bond??" That was so cliche it just made me cringe. So not only are Pokemon being based on things from human culture when there's no reason for them to be, but also on real-life popular culture characters.

No. 232509

New trailer

No. 232526

I like the music, it's very different to what we're used to, hopefully it'll be in the game (not that I'll ever buy it). I see they're really trying to do something different this generation, but I don't think a few superficial changes will be enough.
Also, that lizard is so obviously the basic stage of the legendaries.

No. 232527

dumb crowns

No. 232529

im most confused about cyclizar… so, everyone gets one? and they can just use it in battle and it evolves into the box legendary? not much of a "legendary" pokemon if it's just a thing everyone has… i am super not into the idea of this thing and want to use a regular bike. oh well.

i hated the crowns at first but now i think they're kind of cute and silly. definitely pretty to look at. i think having a big hat is the easiest way to tell what the type was changed to, honestly. they could have used some sort of particle effects but it might get confusing as opposed to specific shapes.

No. 232533

They also released a trailer for the SV series for the PTCG (not sure if anyone else here is into the cards, I enjoy collecting them myself).

No. 235079

File: 1661924970527.png (105.12 KB, 413x337, image_2022-08-31_005040121.png)


No. 235134

Pretty sure cyclizar isn't going to evolve into the legendaries. I think it's more like carbink and diancie, they're just related through implication and lore. Even sword and shield had a regular horse/unicorn in ponyta and rapidash and still threw in two new legendary horses as well.

No. 235167

wish pokemon unite wasn't so rage-inducing bc the outfits are so cute

No. 235384

File: 1662016947227.gif (2.08 MB, 400x400, wigglytuffunite.gif)

>>235167 agreed, I absolutely hate mmo games but I love all the cute and silly outfits a lot of mons have been getting

No. 235390

I wish contests were back and we could make our pokemon wear these cute outfits during the contests.

No. 235465

File: 1662052354688.jpeg (65.9 KB, 896x896, A6C37EBA-1E6B-493D-B5A1-37A02F…)

I love the ugly monkey!

No. 235475

File: 1662055120563.png (126.16 KB, 475x475, smeargle.png)

>>235465 Im glad Smeargle isn't a lone artist anymore

No. 235534

If a graffiti-covered alley was a Pokémon.

No. 235596

adorable, he looks like an anime pet sidekick thing

No. 235802

File: 1662169649915.jpg (193.52 KB, 850x850, littlebaby.jpg)

I fucking hate the Vaporeon coomer meme. I can't fucking stand it, it's so overused and every fucking piece of vaporeon media has annoying braindead zoomer cuck-faced faggot coomers talking about Vaporeon sexually. I can't fucking stand it. He isn't even a fucking furry pokemon like Lopunny, he literally just looks like a fucking cat. I fucking hate coomers so much. I don't give a fuck if it's "just a meme" it's fucking overused and tiring to have all the content of one of your favorite pokemon now filled with disgusting coombait comments. Vaporeon is a sweet little creature who just wants to fucking swim and make silly faces. Fuck off. I attached a cute wholesome photo of him since no one can properly appreciate those anymore. He's so sweet and strong and deserves to be treated with respect.
Anyways sorry for sperg kek. Does anyone here collect sitting cuties/pokemon fit? I got one in the mail today and they're realy high quality.

No. 235803

No. 235804

File: 1662170671504.gif (256.49 KB, 220x220, sleepy baby.gif)

I feel the same, anon. The meme should've died long ago, but there will always be a new batch of young coomers who will discover the meme and repeat it until they die. I think anyone who confesses they lust after him genuinely need to be put on a list that prevents them from owning cats and dogs.

No. 235817

File: 1662175259724.jpg (336.32 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_mb3vammxWm1rgvmfqo1_128…)

the meme is reposted every. fucking. time vaporeon is mentioned on the internet. its all men. men apparently want to fuck their pets. men ruin everything. its actually banned on the pokemon subreddit but it manages to be said on every single post mentioning vaporeon. beautiful fanart is shat all over by fucking virgin losers because they are obsessed with it.

ppl who want to fuck pokemon give me the most sinister vibes. i suppose i can understand the stupid furry-looking ones, even if i also hate furries, but at least they are probably imagining them as sentient. the people who want to just fuck a nonfurry pokemon scare me. i remember a bunch of youtubers did the "smash or pass" for pokemon and it actually disturbed me. i guess im also autistic. its just really, really fucking gross to think about pkmn in this way. theyre literally superpowered pets animals.

No. 235821

File: 1662176506163.jpg (368.4 KB, 850x1172, sample_1f55ca23f4bbdae76c4c96c…)

This. Literally every Vaporeon post I see now has the meme reposted in it or people referencing it. I don't think it makes you an autist to be disturbed by it, as most of them have the mentality, and looks of normal animals and just have superpowers. I hate how innocent media can get so easily twisted and ruined by disgusting coomers. They have so much fucking shit for themselves yet they still want to insert themselves into innocent media.

I don't even get the """""sex appeal"""" about vaporeon. There's nothing, he is literally just a water cat/dog. Admitting attraction to him is just admitting you're a zoophile.

No. 235832

like it’s on par with ranking disney animals (including the babies) for fuckability. it isn’t funny. it’s fucking vile

No. 235914

I agree with you on both things nonna. I love the sitting cuties line for making sure plushies of literally every Pokémon, I can’t wait for gen 5 to come out so I can finally nab merch of one of my unpopular favs. I have an anorith from the line and he’s adorable.

No. 235934

Eh they're kinda cute but I'd rather just get a full plush instead because I'm not really digging the gumdrop shape. I do see the appeal though lol.

No. 235939

I really hate to be a downer but it didn't really wow or impress me. The game just feels so… Generic? Mundane? Somewhat lifeless?
Like I'm sorry but I've felt this way since Sword & Shield and I think the biggest thing that makes me feel this way is this move to consoles as opposed to handhelds. It's funny because for years I was hoping that one day we'd see the games move over to consoles and now that we have that, I've found them to be so underwhelming.

Context though, I'm an oldfag, I was around when Pokemon first came out and I've been playing the games religiously until gen 5 and came back with gen 6-7. So I'm a bit older than some of you here and it might be the reason why I'm so stuck in my ways with preferring the handheld experience.
I just feel like as soon as the games went console, the world designs became a lot more lifeless. Like nothing greatly stands out anymore and the color palettes seem to look slightly desaturated which only adds more to the dullness. Also the worlds feel so lifeless because of the lack of NPCs, let alone them doing anything. This is why the portable handheld style was better because you could fit more chibi-style NPCs to help populate the towns more.

The new Pokemon… I only like bread dog, it's kinda cute. The character designs are very meh. I'm fine >>226506 being a guy, so long as they don't pull canonical tranny shit with Pokemon, I'm fine with designs like these existing but yep, prepare for the "OMG he's totally trans uwu" bullshit. Same with Penny, I think her hair looks ugly color-wise but aside from that, cute design but she's already "Non-binary" BS bait so not looking forward to seeing more of that.

It doesn't seem like you'll be able to customize your trainer and are stuck with that ugly school uniform so that's a bummer.

The new gimmick is stupid and I agree with another non, just bring back mega-evolution or even better, continue giving proper evolutions to older Pokemon that haven't gotten any yet.

Overall I'm not hyped for the game. I might play it sometime down the line but as of right now, I'm highly unmotivated to get it day or month long release.

No. 235944

They won't push trans shit in the games and ever since the FE Fates fiasco with the localization rewriting a shit ton of characters and lines and removing 1/3 of the dialogs, Nintendo of Japan is careful that similar shit won't happen again. And they try to accomodate the global market, which is why there are no casino minigames since gen 4 so they won't put trans characters in the games unless it's something very easy to miss the karate man being turned into a beauty like in XY.

No. 235949

File: 1662233720562.png (29.26 KB, 120x127, 120px-Gold_Silver_Bugsy.png)

pokemon has always had gnc characters who don't have special pronouns or are trans. the closest thing we ever got was some random female trainer who says she used to be a blackbelt and it's implied she transitioned but it's not made clear. the only difference is that twitter users decided to tack their stupid zoomer neopronouns on everything.

No. 235971

I've been playing all the ds pokemon games lately and im currently playing pokemon y! It's still surprisingly active. Does anybody want to share 3ds friend codes for friend safari before they shut down 3ds internet?

No. 235978

I'll do if you want, I'm away from home so maybe I'll be able to do it not next Monday but the Monday after. I want to replay all the mainline games too in order actually, maybe someday I'll find the time.

No. 236033

File: 1662261273298.gif (144.55 KB, 128x116, pokemon.gif)

Vaporeon used to be my favorite evelution as a kid (until leafeon came in) and I'm just flabbergasted on why they would turn this pokemon into something sexual. I don't fucking get it.

No. 236162

I really hate it and think it's so fucking ugly kek hate those long fingers - but, honestly, I'm glad GameFreak is willing to make ugly Pokémon, It'd be boring if they all looked the same.

>>It doesn't seem like you'll be able to customize your trainer and are stuck with that ugly school uniform so that's a bummer.
I mean yea you have to wear a uniform but they make it customizable still. I like it, it's a cute function. I did like the full customization in SwSh but it's cool to change it up with a uniform.

No. 236569

>>236162 IMO nothing even comes close to the customization in X and Y, the clothes were so damn cute and SwSh had really cute options but they just don't hold a candle to X and Y. Sun and Moons was kinda ass and for Scarlet and Violet, I'll hold my breath until the game comes out but damn. Still waiting for something even better than X and Ys cute shit

No. 236681

I like the design but I feel like it doesn't belong in Pokemon. Which is a problem I've had with many pokemon ever since gen 7.
I agree, they could've done so much more with contests in ORAS but they fucked it up. Cosplay Pikachu was kinda similar to that concept but not nearly the same. That game was really rushed.

No. 237410

File: 1662686875198.jpg (22.37 KB, 960x540, p08_01.jpg)

this shit in a 2022 game lol

No. 237414

File: 1662687828688.png (248.13 KB, 654x596, Untitled.png)

it is based on the aye-aye which has long creepy fingers.

agree about liking the design but they tend to miss the mark and overshoot a little too much. i made a super quick recolor and tried to tone it down to a level i liked more.

No. 237477

Between this and the ugly as fuck NPCs I'm absolutely not getting this game. This trailer settles it for me. It looks like a parody of a pokemon game, everyone who shat on XY at release need to apologize right now.

No. 237482

I don't get it, what's so bad about that crab in particular? I haven't watched the trailer

No. 237486

File: 1662702612432.jpg (113.36 KB, 640x1818, UbcSAtn5c7OHxOgPJPrg61BafBboqi…)

These guys are pretty cool

No. 237489

I kinda hate them, also why does the first one have Magmar/Magmortar design elements?

No. 237496

Look at its eyes, they don't look spherical at all, you just know the devs half assed the 3D model so now the result is that it looks unpolished as fuck in a way that's very distracting. I usually don't care about graphics in games that much, but this is the first thing I noticed when watching the trailer. Its model isn't polished enough for a Switch game from the highest grossing franchise of all time.

No. 237511

Second one is pretty cool, but they could've put more effort into the first one.

No. 237548

I don't really play Pokemon anymore but I am shocked at how bad the graphics can be. The water in Arceus was so bad, specially from far away. I thought it was gonna be a Botw like open world game but it looks so shitty, I don't wanna try it anymore.
They really need to stop thinking their sole audience is literal children with no standards.

No. 237554

ha, i'm the opposite and like armarogue much more, ceruledge is meh to me but i like the chunky armor on armarogue. it's cute

No. 237576

This game is single-handedly making me hate wide cuff boots.

No. 237630

And when the first games were broken or had shit graphics they had good excuses like hardware limitations or having very small teams for big projects. Now they don't have that excuse anymore.

No. 237683

Their audience is children with no standards and adults who would play with a brick if it had the word “POKEMON” painted on it.

No. 237699

No. 237705

File: 1662761730246.jpg (47.76 KB, 680x428, 20220910_001434.jpg)

I love Marnie design and I find her really cute. It sucks how much twitter pokemon hates her. Its just a character, especially that she is a kid…? I never thought too deep about pokemon, after all its E rated game. I did enjoyed Lillias backstory in Pokemon Sun a lot, same with the main heroine is XY, but eh…

No. 237711

File: 1662762927818.png (180.57 KB, 449x708, mela.png)

What are those?!

No. 237713

Remember when trainers looked fucking normal except for the unrealistic hair colors and for Lance having a cape, which everyone made fun of in gen 2? Because the games were supposed to take place in an alternate version of our world and was supposed to have mostly normal characters in its version of our world? Those were the good old days, I miss that.

No. 237715

File: 1662763711208.png (781.06 KB, 1280x721, tumblr_05eab4954fce77cee204a30…)

What Pokemon need is more husbandomons

No. 237724

Jesus christ what the fuck are these designs

No. 237735

File: 1662771321520.jpg (282.98 KB, 1170x745, Untitled.jpg)

it gets worse and worse. especially gym leaders. they used to look normal now they look like clowns. weird eyes, absolute nonsense hair, floating clothes, all kinds of other stupid shit and yet none of them are memorable. probably my favorite gym leaders in the recent games have been nanu and kabu because they look fucking normal (opal is pretty based too i just like old people i guess.) enough of the neon hair sticking 5 feet up in the air and ugly overdesigned clothes please

No. 237740

Gen 5 and Gen 8 gym leaders weren't that bad and were pretty memorable.

No. 237829

Kek goddamn, current time pokemon designers should have someone telling them to stop designing halfway through, this looks like someone pressed a randomizer button on a character generator.

Late to this but this is probably the best description of why pokemons past around gen 5-6 irk me so much to the point I stopped playing. I loved pokemon because they looked like animals and humanoid bipedals with a set personality like Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan were a rarity, now there's so many of them you'd think a furry is pushing them out. It's almost as if they're wearing clothes or costumes.

No. 237837

I'd say gen 6 is the last gen where this issue wasn't that prevalent. Only the fire starter's looked like a mascot or character more than a monster/animal in that one imo, and the character designs for the humans wasn't too over the top except for some specific ones. Humans in gen 7 looked good for the most part as well but the pokemon really had that "we HAVE to sell toys to consoomers" vibe overall.

No. 237862

The work of someone who apparently never heard "less is more" or "keep it simple, stupid," in their life.

No. 237873

It's like the designers made something over the top to test the Switch's capacities but instead of doing something iconic and stylish like Lulu in FFX (who has a shit ton of belts to show how powerful the PS2 was) they made an ugly piece of shit.

No. 237887

all final fantasy outfits look like shit

No. 237890

Depends on the games and character designers, if we still talk about FFX Tidus looks weird as fuck and unappealing but Yuna and Lulu are fashion icons.

No. 237894

maybe to weebs. they're all the same overdesigned crap as the new pokemon characters

No. 237899

The designs are way too different to be comparable in the first place. My comparison was more about the 3D models for their respective consoles.

No. 237905

Agreed. XY was charming compared to what they’ve done since then.

No. 237906

I would sell my soul for a pokemon game in the style of botw. Is the lack of effort just because GF is forced to crunch and turn out new games so often?

No. 237912

Yeah I think that's why. They have to release spinoffs all the time, create games JUST to have new designs to sell toys and anime DVDs, it's a mess.

No. 237922

Game Freak just isn't particularly talented or driven to do better. Their non-Pokemon games aren't exactly amazing. Little Town Hero was a bad game. Bland story, exhaustingly slow and tedious battle system, boring visuals.

No. 238434

I'm actually currently playing X as I didn't have a 3DS during it's release and I'm only like 4 badges in but there is so little customization so far. Barely any clothes in shops and they are mostly ugly. Are all the cute clothes and accessories later in the game? I hate how my character looks so far lol I liked the clothes in SwSh, there was nice variety. Still limited by other games standards, tbf.

I'm aware that Aye-aye have long fingers, I still hate it kek but the colors you changed it to are far more pleasant, I gotta say.
This anon has it right, it just doesn't look like a real Pokémon and thats like the core problem.

No. 240051

File: 1663568715795.jpg (233.69 KB, 1710x1000, 9341e0fbf0792668d47f883025dd63…)

God bless emulation and piracy! With a combination of these two things, I can play Pokémon Red, Yellow, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Leaf Green, Emerald, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Black, X, Alpha Sapphire, Moon and Ultra Sun on my 3DS without needing to take out my White 2 from the cartridge slot!

No. 240053

The customization in XY isn't even remotely comparable to SM, just wait. I don't think you have full access to the store in the city that looks like Paris yet? Or enough style points? iirc if you don't have enough style points the saleswoman in that store doesn't even let you go inside.

No. 240086

File: 1663575621460.png (158.3 KB, 1004x1570, Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 02-34…)

This is what this anon >>240053 means
honestly I had forgotten about this style points system

No. 243366

They have introduced convergent evolution to the Pokémon world, this is Wiglett. They ae not a new form of Diglett but instead an entirely different Pokémon that just happens to look similar. The design is very meh to me, they could have done something better for this concept.

No. 243369

Fuck you Wiglett.

No. 243464

I realize I'm a bit late to the conversation kek but to me it's the opposite, the old ones look boring, soulless and flat and the new ones are fun and have personality. If you look at them as individulas they're not that strange looking and more often than not have quite normal clothes, apart from the Galarian ones having sport uniforms. But some look like shit like Burgh. I'm saying all this as an oldfag who's played since the Kanto games.

No. 243465

cute but boring, i never liked diglett and they keep shoving it down our throat for some reason. alola had alolan diglett and dugtrio, galar had giant statues of diglett, bdsp had digletts as a special feature all over the underground, and the galar dlc also had that quest where you have to find all the hidden digletts on isle of armor. now wiglett.
at least this should make all the genwunners saying old pokemon designs were better happy

No. 243506

>i never liked diglett
You should be ashamed of yourself. But agree with everything else you said.

No. 243577

File: 1664495421633.gif (1.45 MB, 320x240, diglett.gif)

because diglett is adorable you dumb fucking zoomer

No. 243645

I've been playing since gen 1 I'm probably older than you. I just don't have shit taste, not my fault you like a phallos shaped sausage worm whose evolution is to have its flesh fuse into its friends and becoming a triple dick head mutant

No. 243653

>been playing since gen1 and unironically using the term "genwunner"
the kids don't think you're cool

No. 243720

ma'am you're on lolcow, no one here is cool. even genwunnes call themselves genwunners, do you even pokemon

No. 243840

ma'am the fellow kids are not buying it

No. 244247

Fuck off schizotranny

No. 245277

New trailer dropped. Tl;dw: You can send Pokémon to fight on their own without doing anything. They made it so you craft your own TMs. Girafarig got a new evolution. They showed off some of the character customization. Picnics seem to be the new campsites from Sword, where you can have all your pokemon out and play. Instead of making curry, though, they showed a trainer making a sandwich? And the food causes effects like raising the chance of certain types showing up. You can also find random eggs here in your picnic basket.

No. 245279

I find so funny how you can get pokemon eggs on the picnic thing… your pokemon fucked while you were making them a bocata.

No. 245287

File: 1665078380384.png (1.27 MB, 1157x1080, pokemonsneakpeek.png)

Grabbed from people analyzing this trailer. New Pokémon that happened been revealed yet. These appeared briefly in the corner of the screen in the minimap.

No. 245291

File: 1665079220454.png (197.05 KB, 690x690, farigiraf.png)

>>245277 I'm glad Girafarig finally got an evo, generally its not a mon I care much for but it's definitely one that needed an evo

No. 245292

Some of these pokemon look like they're taken straight out of some Mario game.

No. 245295

This might sound retarded, but how the fuck I get into Pokemon? I never owned a Nintendo console in my life, cause this shit is very unpopular where I live unlike PS and PC. But I liked Pokémon anime back in the day and recently really wanted to try out the games. I figure that I should start with older games cause people keep saying that they are better? I tried running Citra (3DS emulator) but it runs pokegames like dogshit to the point that they are unplayable because of the glitches and lugging. So maybe I should buy a Switch? But I don't want to get it only for one or two games (I checked out other Switch games and IMHO it is not my cup of tea). The price is pretty reasonable though, but I still need to save some money. So, maybe 3DS? I figure this shit should way cheaper and there is some very cool games out there.
Ah, also, newer Pokémon games look fucking retarded. I'm not a grumpy oldfag at all, but nonnas here are right. All the human characters look like fucking retards straight out of looney bin. And pokemons look like low-key furry bait or generic Japanese moeblobs.

No. 245296

I think that you should play the older games, just try using the myboy emulator so you can play games like the crystal version, ruby/sapphire/emerald, definitely try the yellow version as well.
Maybe play with the DS/3DS games like the absolute masterpiece that's Pokémon mystery dungeon.
Also, if you just also want more Pokémon media, there's some really interesting short episodes on the Pokémon YouTube channel, I think they're pretty cool.

No. 245302

File: 1665082269801.jpg (156.56 KB, 2048x1536, 1.jpg)

Brassius has to be my favorite thing about the games so far, he really grew on me since his design was first revealed

No. 245303

Are those new mouse pokemon? They look so cute & I love rodents so I'm so excited for them (they look pretty plain, but maybe that'a their charm…)
Also nice to see how looks one of the 7394 leaked birds for this gen, did they even reveal the regional bird for this game?
The girafarig evo was leaked ages ago, I'm glad it's real, it looks so silly.

No. 245304

File: 1665082985369.jpg (399.94 KB, 2085x1564, 58a6e91f5f9b58a3c918f385.jpg)

The bird looks like it's inspired by the monk parakeet. I love these little guys, I hope the actual mon ends up looking cute!

No. 245310

You can play any game, they arent connected with eachother in the slightest. I would start with the mainline DS games (Platinum, Heart gold/Soul silver, Black/White), but if you prefer to plsy a GBA one (easier to emulate on anything), I would go for Emerald. And for 3DS, Sun/Moon (not the ultra ones) are the best ones imo.
The older games (red/green/yellow, silver/gold/crystal) are good, but since they barely have any story going on I found them more boring.
My favourite ones are BW+SuMo in terms of story and HG/SS when it comes to gameplay (there's so much to explore on it)

No. 245336

File: 1665102807107.jpg (117.4 KB, 945x630, 161362-games-news-pok-mon-scar…)

i am weak for tired old men

anyway anons, idk what game to pick. exclusives dont matter much since i can trade with my friends. i am mostly thinking about these dumb mons. if they are going to force us to use them to bike/fly then im having a hard time choosing. i like the design of the red one more overall except for that STUPID gray tire sticking out of it. the violet one looks much better when it bikes/flies but i dont really like anything about the design itself. blah

No. 245347

>but since they barely have any story going on I found them more boring.
Maybe I'm just being an old fart here but to me having a story in a pokemon story is a huge flaw. Like no offense to the writers but the whole appeal is that you're dropped in a region that looks like an irl region or country and as soon as the tutorial is over I should be able to do whatever the fuck I want without being interrupted every 5 steps. If I wanted to play for a story I'd play other JRPGs like FF or Megaten spinoffs or whatever.

No. 245363

Thank you for your advice, I gonna check out a few games from each platform, mess around with the emulator and see how they run. Nintendo emulators are surprisingly good, DS emulator (I guess it was Citra…) is especially great, I played Ocarina of Time on my phone and it runs perfectly. So, gonna start with DS games then.

Another question, cause I noticed that it Getz brought up sometimes. Is it better to play with few mons but level up them like crazy or make a bigger and more varied team but with less powerful pokemons? Also, what the difference with being overleveled and underleveled? Is there a scaling system in the games?

No. 245368

> Is it better to play with few mons but level up them like crazy or make a bigger and more varied team but with less powerful pokemons?
Pokemon isn't very difficult most of the time, unless you're playing with deliberate restrictions (like a nuzlocke) you probably won't have too much difficulty no matter whach team style you choose. I think the best way to play is to go in blind and choose whichever mons you like the best and work best for you. You shouldn't have issues with underlevelling unless you deliberately avoid battles
>Also, what the difference with being overleveled and underleveled? Is there a scaling system in the games?
People dislike overlevelling cause some later games make it too easy to level up, and make the game too easy, and underlevelling is when you don't level up enough and the game becomes harder. There is no scaling system for opponent pokemon levels. In BW and later games they use a system to prevent you from overleveling and make it easier to raise your pokemon to the same level as opponent pokemon, but previous games (DPPt, HGSS) have no such system.
Basically just play however you wanna play, and you'll probably have a decent time. The DS games are decently balanced

No. 245430

Kek I think it's just we got different tastes. I have been playing since Crystal, but in general I usually don't enjoy games much unless they got a story or lots of text (but depending on the story, that can be it's downfall too…). The gameplay is fun, but I want something else outside "go to town -> beat gym leader -> repeat".
It says lots that I like Mystery Dugneon WAY more than the actual main pokemon games despite not enjoying much the gameplay itself. When I was little & didn't know they were made by separate companies, I was so upset at Game Freak never put as much effort in the story of mainline as in PMD.
Funny that you mention SMT, I started to play it last year and found myself prefering the spin-offs over mainline as you said, even though overall I find mainline's gameplay more fun to play.

No. 245564

>i am weak for tired old men
i am glad game freak have realized a lot of female players like that and started pandering to us a little

No. 245986

File: 1665368483622.jpg (172.58 KB, 1311x2048, tumblr_c507f9f217a2e28534453b0…)

thinking about him

No. 246002

File: 1665374835367.png (146.62 KB, 275x231, 91463827-1777-45D0-80AE-911BF9…)


No. 246005

i do not like the way this fanart makes him look

No. 246062

Fair but it’s the best I found out of a bunch of scribbly Ayden pieces

No. 246588

File: 1665546894603.jpg (774.7 KB, 961x1200, 101747311_p2_master1200.jpg)

No. 246590

File: 1665547333869.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.7 KB, 612x657, FerVIG5UYAAf2Uu.jpg)

possible gym leader face leaks here

usually i dont trust leaks but this is from the same source that predicted farigiraf

No. 246592

much better!

No. 246593

normal gym leader looks like Norman 2.0. Looking forward to it

No. 246785

Ne trailer revealing the Electric gym leader. I hate that she has pink and blue in her design, the trannies are going to head canon her as a tranny and it makes me sick to think about. Fuck.

No. 246786

I think she's cute! But her mouth is really strange looking. I get they were going for fangs, but she looks like she has major meth mouth kek

No. 246789

File: 1665587615598.jpg (267.68 KB, 1791x1080, Screenshot_20221012_104753.jpg)

>>246785 oh yeah twitters already squealing over "shes trans" just cause of the pink/blue color scheme lol. Sorry those colors generally look good it doesnt mean transgender every fuckin time

Personally though I really like her! I think shes super adorable, I maybe bias cause I am a vtuber fan and she definitely radiates that type of energy lol

No. 246796

Part of me likes the design but this is the most obnoxious video Pokemon has ever made. Obnoxious screaming autistic vtuber ass design.

No. 246797

don't let the troons win and get triggered every time you see pink and blue in a design. they chose those colors because they're sexist weirdos who decided to dig their heels into associating pink with girls and blue for boys. her design is ugly, they should have given her a pastel pink jacket or more bold hair colors.

No. 246818

She turned to be way cuter than what I though after seeing the blurry leaked pic. I love how annoying she is, but I can't stand her clothes. She seems to have a simple dress under the yellow square thing, I wish they could've left her with a funky dress instead of that jacket.

No. 246847

Agreed. Pink and blue is one of my fave combos. No one actually says anything about it if I wear pink and blue or show off my pink and blue deco but if they said “omg trans!” I would simply respond with a “no.”

No. 246871

I am seeing the vtuber comparison and ew. I think almost every vtuber is ugly, overdesigned, and talentless kek so I really hope they aren't trying to cater to that audience. She is cute but I hate her jacket. It feels so stiff. If someone were to wear an oversized coat like that, it wouldn't hold it's boxy shape. I know it's cartoon logic but it just looks uncomfortable and weird so it's very distracting. And the oversized sleeves are dumb, too. I hope she takes off her jacket for battle and she's wearing a cool dress.

No. 246950

I hate the design

No. 246968

i guess that confirms this pic is legit
in that case im curious about normal and ghost leaders. i hope normal guy really is another dilf like >>246593 mentioned

No. 247105

>I am seeing the vtuber comparison and ew. I think almost every vtuber is ugly, overdesigned, and talentless
That's why the troons are trying to claim her, they can relate kek

No. 247352

Follow up video revealing a new Pokémon

No. 247353

And gameplay trailer

No. 247359

File: 1665762608374.png (98.8 KB, 470x240, Quagsire.png)

I dont know how that thing works nor it looks like a pokemon imo, but it looks so stupid I can't help but love it, definitely going to my team.
Reminds me of a lovechild between these 2

No. 247362

i hate it

No. 247387

File: 1665771543739.jpg (58.71 KB, 640x518, FfCOu-vaEAAGhMH.jpg)


No. 247531

File: 1665806478121.jpg (507.11 KB, 1380x2064, tumblr_ce1bb68c70f235d82c976e5…)

didnt like iono at all til i saw fanart about her in a rivalry with raihan, pretty cute tbh. i am warming up to her

No. 247532

i feel like i should love bellibolt, since i love fat stupid-looking pokemon, but i really dont like this one. the false eyes kinda gross me out and the real eyes are kind of bizarre. they're so flat and lifeless.

what is he gonna do with that big whip?

No. 247536

File: 1665807453472.png (406.5 KB, 1131x500, idk.png)

something about bellibolt is bothering the fuck out of me so i tried fixing it. i would have preferred smth like the left

No. 247548

It's like Nintendo saw how some girls wanted to fuck Hubert from FE3H and told Gamefreak to add a similar looking guy to attract the Hubert-fuckers.

No. 247556

File: 1665820273028.jpeg (863.77 KB, 2455x2939, 6E4C64BE-64E5-4C45-A6D0-320C1B…)

Bump, don’t scroll

No. 247594

File: 1665832759388.jpg (2.67 MB, 1440x1080, Tumblr_l_121678369526863.jpg)

Not to racebait, but holy shit how do people tolerate this voice acting? It is God fucking awful and so grating. Everything looks dated and not well put together. I think even in their older style the design would still not be appealing. I think it's how weird the shape of her jacket is.

No. 247626

File: 1665837770192.jpg (635.58 KB, 2741x4126, Kogami.Akira.full.271082.jpg)

The inspiration to Iono?

No. 247787

Thank fuck the games don’t have voice acting, she sounds so irritating.

No. 248264

Both of these are better than what we got, but i fundamentally am just not into the design. However I do actually find it has a sort of gen 1 vibe and I think that is fun in theory. It has the sort of disfigured look that you can't really place, yet they claim it's supposed to be a specific animal. Pikachu is kind of like that, they call it a mouse but few would would have guessed it just by looking at it. I think if you put it next to the "odd" looking ones like mr mime, licktung, jynx and chansey it kind of fits right in.

No. 248579

File: 1666165728793.jpg (1.28 MB, 3082x1828, lairon.jpg)

I just bought Switch Online today and got this in wonder trade. People should be ashamed to use wonder trade to advertise their dumb websites as if there isnt enough of that in real life. Very scummy and sad, I felt compelled to release him and did after taking this picture. I've never released a shiny before.

No. 249020

Kind of a retarded question, but do you think the new pokemon games will have troon pandering in them? I know Japan is typically more rigid with gender roles in general, but they're also the country of lolicon catgirls and crossdressing femboys… and there's already an enby character in GO. Every time a new character is announced the genderspecials try to claim them in one way or another: "Grusha has eyelashes so must be trans, Iono has pink and blue hair so must be trans, Penny has short hair so must be an enby" etc. It's making me paranoid

No. 249022

I doubt it. If anything I can see American localizers trying to force that shit on one or two characters to be nb or trans or ambiguous and failing. They tried that shit with ACNH but because of how other languages work it didn't work outside of English. And given how Fire Emblem Fates' localization was so bad it affected the game's reputation all by itself, Nintendo of Japan fired a bunch of Treehouse localizers and they're way more careful now. Pokemon is too big to fail anyway but they're especially careful with their biggest series.

No. 249030

File: 1666267122973.jpeg (2.4 MB, 4732x3633, 8FD0C6A0-CD7F-41CF-B8C1-5C3A52…)

Yeah the Mario Mandate exists for a reason. Wouldn’t be surprised if they made a Pokémon Mandate too.

No. 249041

File: 1666269479200.jpg (103.97 KB, 640x480, Untitled.jpg)

it's about as likely as them animating a cutscene kiss between two dudes. the closest we've gotten in 25 years to anything even slightly mentioning trans shit is this. and the english version censored it anyway.

pokemon is extremely lacking in anything relating to sex; the older games were fine with being violent (literal dialogue explaining that team rocket would "kill" pokemon, mentions of war casualties, gambling, soul-stealing, etc) but nothing sexual. there have been little jokes such as a "couple" type trainer using an onix and cloyster, but of course, all you can say is "omg lol penis and vagina" and GF could just be like "uh, no" so there's nothing at all officially alluding to it.

No. 249071

Yeah, they even just say that eggs come out of nowhere when it comes to breeding pokemon, they keep as vague as possible for their kid audience except for a few dirty jokes that don't seem obvious like the old guy who gives you gold nuggets in each game and it's a pun in Japanese with the word of testicles.

No. 249088

I see this touted a lot, but I don't think it's even a woke thing. Troons are too stupid to understand that okama jokes are a thing, and that "Surprise! This hottie actually had a dick!" is usually considered a gag as an unpleasant revelation.

No. 249089

Oh damn, did people actually get fired over Fates' localization? Good move, the wokeoid shit destroyed that game in the West. I'll never forgive what they did to Zero.

No. 249093

Me too. They tried to ruin Zero so hard, he's my husbando, he didn't deserve this. Marx was the most butchered one though, changing him from a depressed man who blindly obeys his father because of daddy issues to making him a more heroic, rebelious guy ruined like half of the story all by itself.

No. 249095

Honestly, Nohr just got screwed over so hard and I'm forever mad about it. It was a good story with actual nuance and they turned it into… something even worse that whatever they found "problematic" about it, honestly.

I'll always be glad that I read all of the desperate direct translations when the game first released in JP, before all that was available to read in English for a good while was the shitty localization.

No. 249105

I'm also glad I know what the original story and characters are like from the JP release. I don't know why they wanted to make the game more family friendly despite its rating being higher than for other FE games. It's like trying to make Drakengard family friendly, it's absurd and contradicts the theme and story of the game. They weren't actually trying to be woke on top of that, they tried to make the few gay couples less gay (and did this for Three Houses too but to a lesser extent) and they made the spicy straight girl Soleil so gay they had to rewrite a lot of dialogs for it to make sense. All because of some Swedish tranny lying online about her support with male!Kamui, you know, someone whi bragged about not being into this series and not planning to buy the game at all in the first place. So yeah, Treshouse still exists but they're way more monitored than before after this fiasco and there's no way Nintendo of Japan would even let translators ruin a big series like Pokemon now. Especially now that Game Freak is trying so hard (and failing to) add bigger stories in the games since gen 5.

No. 249149

File: 1666294011889.jpg (1.96 MB, 2427x2268, koga.jpg)

I battled Koga on Pokemon Red today.
He used X Attack on his Weezing, his last Pokemon, and it Self-Destructed immediately? It fainted my Clefable but at what cost!
His strategy is beyond me… sorry for no better photo.
I've heard people have the hots for Koga but after this I don't think he's smart enough to be husbando material.

No. 249154

Gen 1 is really funny, the AI is bullshit and some of the moves are so much better than others yet bosses will use the shit ones.

No. 249164

LOL I'd pay actual money to see the clowns that bastardized Fates take a crack at relocalizing Drakengard.

I'm truly mad every time I see people touting Soleil as good gay rep, the girl comes off as predatory if anything but people can't read. I think that a lot of the Western game journalism surrounding Fates prior to its release did have a hand in some of the more extreme localization choices, now that you mention it. A lot of pearl clutching.

No. 249173

File: 1666299236762.jpg (283.75 KB, 2039x1846, 1646229859232.jpg)

I just watched a playthrough online for this one long ago, but imagine Drakengard 3 with all mentions of sex removed and replaced with outdated 2000s internet memes, with all the sisters' relationship changed to make them look like they get along, make Zero the opposite of herself (so a nice, cutesy girl for example) and change everyone's name to make them more Americanized. Remove half of the violent scenes. For the few serious and emotional scenes happening, replace the dialogs with even more American outdated memes. If there are DLCs, make sure half of them are never localized. Imagine that shit. Sage for off-topic.

No. 249180

Kek. Every trainer in the franchise that has a self-destruct Pokemon in their team automatically loses 50 IQ points.

No. 249198

Sounds wretched. I actually never understood a lot of the localized name changes for Hoshido. By the time we got that game, we were already at a point where people wouldn't have had an issue grasping Japanese names.

Now… Let's see them take a stab at D1's pedophile/baby eater/immortal child party members.

No. 249231

File: 1666317347888.jpg (80.68 KB, 700x900, 1.jpg)

why care about koga when surge is right there

No. 249232

Those muscles are fucked up

No. 249233

who cares

No. 249290

I keep hearing woke pokemon fans bring this up and I'm amazed they don't get it's literally making fun of them and they weren't trying to be inclusive at all kek
>If anything I can see American localizers trying to force that shit on one or two characters to be nb or trans or ambiguous and failing.
Even that bothers me, I don't want a cute girly girl who uses boku like Iono to be canonically a they/them/he or some shit for all eternity just because some troon or TRA wanted woke points. Luckily they ended up using she/her for Iono so at least they didn't do it to her.

No. 249291

Not to ruin y'alls fun but this is the pokemon thread, please stay on topic

No. 249292

Based opinion, although >>249232 is right too lmao

No. 249296

Don't worry, that's why we saged our posts. If anon is interested we can take it to the localization thread.

No. 249300

I remember them being really strict on people not being allowed to put pokemon in clothes because then they wouldn't be recognizable to little kids or something similar. That was only in the beginning though, but they still seem pretty strict in what they allow pokemon to wear. Even pokemon GO is super minimal with what they put pokemon in, it's typically a hat or bow at most.

No. 249309

>I keep hearing woke pokemon fans bring this up and I'm amazed they don't get it's literally making fun of them and they weren't trying to be inclusive at all kek
how exactly is it making fun of them? is it some japanese thing?

No. 249311

File: 1666358199211.png (430.46 KB, 582x600, UNITE_Gengar_Masked_Style_Holo…)

the UNITE game has shitloads of pokémon in clothes tho so i'm sure that flew out the window

No. 249313

I think it doesn't matter in UNITE because pokemon you choose is pretty much your in-game avatar, after all you play as a pokemon there.

No. 249317

Where can I check out the localization issues on FE fates? I looked it up and only gut some articles/videos about it, not comparisons of the actual content that was localizes

No. 249319


I don't know anything about FE or modern Nintendo stuff in general but I found this and hope it helps.

No. 249335

File: 1666364278413.jpeg (232.82 KB, 1278x539, E4AAED19-2F75-4FAE-9981-F51E68…)

stop derailing this is the pokemon thread
ackshually you play as a trainer in unite, they have silly costumes for both you and the pokes

No. 249358

Shut the fuck up about fate already

No. 250398

The "no clothes on pokemon" rule was just in the early generations as far as I understand it. Unite only came out about a year ago

No. 250399

>>249309 see >>249088
It's essentially "homophobic"

No. 250427

File: 1666698209049.jpg (64.72 KB, 780x439, medium-d641b82ebc7f6855e2a3a8a…)

sage just means "not new content", not "irrelevant to the thread"

speaking of unite, do you have any favorite outfits? I love the pokebuki styles because I'm a weeb at heart

No. 250521

New ghost type Pokémon revealed. "Greavard has such a friendly and affectionate personality that paying it even the slightest bit of attention will make it so overjoyed that it will follow you wherever you go. Of all the Pokémon residing in the Paldea region, it is known to be especially easy to befriend. However, Greavard will slowly and inadvertently absorb the life-force of those around it, so it’s best not to play with it too much."

No. 250531

I think it's cute but not in a pokemon way? It reminds me more of the dog from Luigi's mansion. This is something I feel about a lot of new designs, they seem out of place or like from another franchise

No. 250648

It reminds me more of Yokai Watch but I can see what you're saying as well.

No. 250666

File: 1666777366792.png (160.51 KB, 412x561, CA889175-B95B-4A33-A293-966697…)

I'm a gengar main but punk azumarill has a special place in my heart. Especially since a based anon used her in a terf manifesto

No. 250684

I'd main azumarill becuase of this meme alone

No. 250694

>This is something I feel about a lot of new designs, they seem out of place or like from another franchise
I very strongly felt this way about gen 5 when it was new, and personally I loved gen 8 but I've seen people say they didn't feel like pokemon either. Heck, I know people even said gen 2 didn't look like pokemon when they were new! Now I see that every generation has its own style/vibe so to speak, so in the end they are cohesive to each other within the generation. I still feel very "meh" about what we've seen of gen 9 so far, but I think they all fit together and I'm sure there will be a few gems (sprigatito is a cutie).

No. 251109

I love him so much because he looks exactly like my childhood family dog. In a morbid way, it fits even better because he's a ghost type Pokémon. Feels like I can meet him again after all these years.
I do agree with this >>250531 but I'll still train one and keep him in my team. Fingers crossed his evolution doesn't look too retarded…

No. 251320

You could call it morbid but I just think it's cute because ghosts are the only ones that could come back. I think I'll keep one on my team because I'm usually a ghost main

No. 251349

File: 1667046260445.png (1.59 MB, 1168x1402, hiker.png)

I hate the female hiker design, it looks super troony to me with the wide shoulders, no curves but has bolt on boobs…

No. 251353

what an horrible design, the body has detailled clothes and a cartoon face

No. 251359


No. 251391

is this real? It looks like a mod made by a coomer. The fabric around the boobs is weirdly detailed…

No. 251397

This has to be fake.

No. 251398

File: 1667058004776.jpeg (80.77 KB, 340x230, CA25D092-CB0D-4008-867E-5CE115…)

No. 251434

I literally took a screenshot of trailer footage, it's real

No. 251442

Post vid

No. 251443

Why is Game Freak trying to make gen 9 more, idk, Pixar like? It's ugly as fuck to begin with AND the designs look awful in 3D since the devs are overworked and have crazy deadlines.

No. 251444

It's in the new demo trailer all game reporters got, there's a clip at around 3:05 in this one

No. 251455

Yeah I'm not crazy about the shitty 3D artstyle in this generation. It looks nothing like Pokémon, both in terms of character design and just the way the 3D models look.

No. 251457

File: 1667077772009.png (152.12 KB, 590x704, audinorevenge.png)

I hate that when I look up some pokemon I always come across nsfw pokemon art. I can´t even find a decent Audino fanart with the copious amount of porn there is.
pic semi related

No. 251466

It's so bad, like a cardboard cutout wearing clothing

No. 251475

File: 1667082496692.jpg (65.82 KB, 720x408, 3-1381721.jpg)

It's specially a shame because lots of the human character designs actually look nice, but the models destroy almost all charm they got, I disliked most characters until I saw their 2D art. At the end, the games are about the pokemon themselves, not the humans, so as long as the creatures look great I'm fine with it, but sucks having to see these ugly humans from time to time.
The new 3D art style kind of reminds me of the Virtue's Last Reward's models lmao, knew they felt familiar somehow

No. 251499

Her face is like a blow up doll

No. 251547

Same, the humans are worse than the pokemon for me and I didn't like any of them until I saw the 2D art. For me it's not even the models themselves because I feel like they COULD be good, but the designs just don't seem to translate well to 3D somehow. Geetas 2D art is cute but her face just looks weird in 3D

No. 251619

File: 1667149733504.png (91.79 KB, 609x497, db89ptz-3cd31346-d2a7-4168-be6…)

i hate it too. you literally cannot look up any pokemon without seeing obese fetish art, vore fetish art, or the pokemon laying down seductively with the genitals clearly just erased by the artist (so many of them do that)

except for like magnemite i guess

anyway it fucking sucks and it's disgusting and i hate men

No. 251736

>except for like magnemite i guess
I have seen it, and I am now blind from the bleach I had to use to cleanse my eyes

No. 251737

Men ruin everything

No. 253609

File: 1667755819490.jpg (12.06 KB, 200x200, 351191d71b7290d0ccb8aa2a4af554…)

why does a treasure-hoarding ghost look like a bug?

anyway im so offended that they still havent shown the starter mon evolutions

No. 253632

Do we know its full typing? I've only heard that it's ghost type. Definitely looks bug/ghost which would be a first in Pokemon.

No. 253637

either way i hate the design. im so tired of these flat, featureless pokemon.

No. 253639

why does it look like the reddit mascot

No. 253643

Shedinja would like a word

No. 253647

File: 1667768060446.jpg (91.99 KB, 902x541, E5H4fdHWUAIzZ16.jpg)

Bootleg Mothman.

No. 253650

I really hate the way it looks. It looks like it should be from a partly educational children's PC adventure game, not Pokemon.

No. 253656

I've had lukewarm feelings about the new mon we've been seeing, but I absolutely hate this thing. I think it's hideous and doesn't look like a pokemon at all.

No. 253661

Was going to say the same thing reminds me of a Funbrain creature.

Though the gimmick of collecting coins to track it down is different, I like that there are pokemon you just can't chuck a ball at and grab. I like the concept but the design doesn't make it seem worth it.

No. 253671

File: 1667776674245.jpg (209.27 KB, 1400x1400, Screen_Shot_2019_11_21_at_10.3…)

me too. polteageist is an example of a rather bland design done well. this is just beyond boring. i don't understand how ditto, of all things, has more life and personality than this ugly little mascot

No. 253686

File: 1667781804375.jpeg (115.66 KB, 2048x1454, E6548D1F-0208-4073-9F51-5411D7…)

don't diss my man ditto like that
ditto is based as fuck

No. 253762

Wasn’t an insult just making an example that a blob with a smiley face is somehow more interesting than most new mons

No. 253764

Man, that model is so bad.
I hate that this sealed it for me, but I just don't care about Pokemon anymore.
I'm not a "genwunner" even though I've played since gen 1 was the most recent. Sad to feel like this finally, but the quality is just abysmal.

No. 253767

File: 1667802882389.png (32.06 KB, 200x210, h.png)

Why do they keep shooting themselves? End it already.

No. 253775

File: 1667808599718.jpeg (271.38 KB, 675x900, D00BBECD-682A-4542-9607-D48111…)

I'm actually super excited for scarlet/violet, i love the idea of being able to explore together with other ppl online bc i'll be able to play with my bff even though we live in different countries
(we've been playing together since gen 1)

No. 253776

It's not even a matter of being a genwunner, that shit looks out of place in a pokemon game when you've made your own idea of what pokemon is based on the first gens, it's really obvious that the devs and designers are different. It was already obvious in gen 5 too except the pokemon who looked out of place looked good or ok anyway, the difference was more subtle and BW was some sort of soft reboot and the entire pokedex was made of new mons so it wasn't necessarily a bad thing to begin with. I'm not getting this game, I got SWSH because I got it for cheap because it included the DLC in the cartridge, aka the best part of the game but that's my last game. Spain doesn't deserve this shit representation, I'm offended on behalf of Spanish pokemon fans.

No. 253777

They started doing shit mons as soon as they started doing foreign countries and it pisses me off, blew english/UK lore on SPORT and not the fucking wealth of cool mythology, France on fashion, and now same with Spain. Absolutely wasting the countries and making shit poke rep.

No. 253780

File: 1667813533761.jpg (Spoiler Image,366.68 KB, 2048x1823, Fg7cOXcXkAI2JTj.jpeg.jpg)

We got a japanese and spanish leakers taking pics of new pokemon rn, there are some in twitter

No. 253781

File: 1667813564633.png (397.13 KB, 988x719, 010.png)

I think it looks better now that I've seen the artwork of it, somehow the models all look lifeless. It honestly looks very gen 1 to me, but not in a good way. I don't hate it though.

But gen 6 had so many bangers like sylveon and espurr!
>blew english/UK lore on SPORT and not the fucking wealth of cool mythology
Galar was actually supposed to be more "medieval" looking but James Turner, the British employee who was art director for swsh (he has since quit) was the one who made them make it modern instead because he thought the old lore was too outdated or something…

No. 253782

Making Kalos all about fashion isn't that weird. But not including the south of France, as in the best part of the country is criminal. And pretending that French cinema is an actual thing is funny as fuck. Idk these regions outside of Japan feel kind of gimmicky compared to gen 1 to 4. In gen 8 the city based on London is empty as fuck too instead of having a much content as the Paris equivalent in gen 6. It's dumb.

No. 253783

I thought James Turner was American because he was shit talked for years for that reason. Or rather, for not being Japanese.

No. 253787

He was known as the one employee who was "white/westerner" among fans so people just assumed he was american but he is british. He was quite popular around the last 2 gens, probably partly because he was one of the few people fans could interact with as most people don't speak japanese

No. 253788

>these regions outside of Japan feel kind of gimmicky compared to gen 1 to 4. In gen 8 the city based on London is empty as fuck too instead of having a much content as the Paris equivalent in gen 6. It's dumb.

I think them being gimmicky is a direction they took on purpose to make every region feel really unique. To this days fans are very vocal about how much they hated Lumiose city ("Too big, too messy, you get lost all the time") which makes me sad because I personally loved it, would love to have more urban areas to roam in

No. 253790

lumiose city was so great, it felt really new and different compared to other cities and the plaza was perfect for cycling around while hatching eggs

No. 253806

>Too big, too messy, you get lost all the time
No wonder they stopped giving a shit and refuse to put decent dungeons in their JRPG series now if people can't handle a city with no random encounters. The bar is in hell.

No. 253810

File: 1667826623321.jpeg (243 KB, 1644x1396, 61907C1A-E90B-49CE-B4FD-EED5DA…)

This does not look gen1 in the slightest.

No. 253811

Fuecoco becomes fire/DRAGON? Jesus Christ

No. 253813

they learned how to make more appealing designs, they've come such a long way

No. 253815

File: 1667830171474.jpeg (86.52 KB, 335x412, 52630732-BEB7-4D08-9B90-82B2DC…)

is that… evil jigglypuff?

No. 253817

It's supposed to be the past version of jigglypuff iirc. Maybe she will look like a caveman? With a bone on her hair tuff or something, with the little fangs it would look cute.

No. 253820

i know you're trolling but it's more like they figured out how to make designs that were easy to make into merch

No. 253825

File: 1667833484801.png (29.03 KB, 250x250, 827.png)

I once read that starter pokemon are more round lately because they wanted children to be able to draw them easily, so that could be another reason.
But yeah considering the crunch, simpler designs are also way easier to translate into 3D, just look at picrel, the head is just a sphere without any modification.
I like most newer designs but I have noticed in this gen and the last one lots of pokemon suffer from "good concept, bad execution". I saw someone on Tubmlr tweaking a few gen 8 designs and it was amazing how very a few small changes to make the design more cohesive changed the whole pokemon.

No. 253826

the new pokemon have way more appeal and stand out more, i really think they're better at designing for their market now

No. 253859

If they make my daughter ugly I'll go to the game freaks office myself.

No. 253868

I enjoy the Pokemon art style from the beginning up to now, it's changed but it's all still appealing.
This art is cute even though I don't like the design >>253781
The models are just so horrible and lazy.

No. 254141

The hardest thing for me with the 3D games is how horrible they look visually. The colors they choose just look so bland and lifeless and confusingly enough it also continues to look low budget or like a game that came out a decade ago. They look like a low budget amateur fan project. I don't understand how the franchise can be so wealthy but is producing content like this….it's honestly mind boggling to me…like they straight up look like 10 years behind graphically. The colors are so effin bland in the over worlds too. The grass looks horrible, and then there's the trees. Fuck the trees, they have to be joking with that model. The trees are like a slap in the face to the consumer imo. I do like the mons still but the graphics and gameplay have suffered so much I wasn't able to enjoy SwSh at all, really. I'd never dropped a pokemon game before and especially not only like 3 or 4 gyms in.
I just wish they'd make good quality games again, as someone who's been playing since Gen 1 it really really makes me sad.

No. 254152

File: 1668060145822.jpg (Spoiler Image,191.43 KB, 1365x353, Untitled.jpg)

so basically the whole dex has been leaked


No. 254154

all of them expect the gator look ugly and scrotes will make pornographic drawing of them especially of the cat. Why do the have to make them humanoid.

No. 254156

I am so tired of humanoid starters. I don't know why they have to design them to be 'characters' rather than just monsters. Are the humanoid starters more popular or something? Or does game freak just like to pander to the furries

No. 254164

I haven't kept up with pokemon since X/Y and I swear every generation after that is ugly. Sword shield had a few that kept the same feeling as pokemon but there's way too many buff dude and hourglass women looking pokemon. it made me happy pokemon go was behind because the ugly designs were not in it.

No. 254167

File: 1668070026174.png (Spoiler Image,478.29 KB, 598x717, FhLjIYvXkAAfaqn.png)

Love how they just doodled a mouse and put in in the game kek Unironically it's one of my favorite pokemon of this gen.
This generation is gonna take some time to get used to… Maybe it's the weird models or how most of the designs are either Circle or Square, but they feel… plastic-ish? I like how they're back at simpler designs, but they look like creatures from another game. A shame because I loved gen 6-7.

No. 254186

i love the duck's final evo. Deffo getting him

No. 254192

I think it went downhill after SuMo. I’m an oldfag and have loved Pokémon for years, always keeping up with new gens and loving it even with so many genwunners coming out of the woodwork to shit all over it. Sword and Shield was the biggest disappointment to me. The world felt so empty.

No. 254196

This gen is hideous and lazy and poorly designed overall. It makes the ShSw designs look great by comparison.

No. 254198

File: 1668087513871.png (Spoiler Image,308.97 KB, 1003x515, new-pokemon-leak-another-angle…)

i don't like the gator. i hate how we went from a cute round ghost-pepper thing to… this. like jesus where's the theme? everyone suspected "ghost pepper" because it looks like one, why not just stick with that? why does it have to go ghost pepper -> sombrero ghost pepper -> uhhhhhh a crocodile that's also an instrument and there's a bird on it that plays it like a musical instrument because it's based on this one spanish instrument and also based on the relationship of plovers and crocodiles irl!!!

like man shut up. simple is always better

anyway i love clodsire

No. 254201

File: 1668088214222.png (338.32 KB, 500x500, 2383901578185783.png)

tbh I like the cat. It has the most clear design. Though I don't know why nowadays each starter pokemon has to have a theme or concept beyond an animal that gets bigger with every evolution.

Also why are so many starter evolutions so skinny now? It was standard for the final evos to be somewhat chunky and powerful looking, up until gen 5 with the snake pokemon and gen 6 with Greninja

No. 254205

Meganium clears, they reached peak starter design with her.

No. 254206

File: 1668089127966.jpeg (43.52 KB, 408x710, B743E7B3-A0C6-4E6C-9E05-9AE65A…)

I feel like I’m looking at a racist caricature

No. 254208

i would like cat if it wasnt bipedal. also im struggling to figure out why im ok with sceptile and blaziken, but the other unnaturally bipedal pokemon weird me out (empoleon and decidueye dont count since they are just birds.)

No. 254210

Blaziken is also a bird and its theme isn't random, it's based on a specific breed of roosters known for fighting, just like in the case of dog fighting. Hence its types. Just like how the types and design of the fire type starter in gen 4 isn't random, it's because it's based on Sun Goku (don't remember the chinese spelling) and the water type pokemon being a ninja isn't random either in gen 6, it's based on Japanese culture and mythology. You could argue that the water type starter looks way less like a mascot and it's gimmick isn't random, otters are known for using tools like rocks and seashells after all, so the pokemon turning into a samurai looking animal is just an exaggerated version of the truth. Meanwhile now we have a a magician cat and football playing rabbit with fur that look like clothes.

No. 254214

Grass starter superiority tbh

No. 254234

This is so bad, like egregiously bad

No. 254267

clodsire supremacy. i love him

bisharp's getting a third evo? fuck yeah

No. 254272

File: 1668102688952.jpeg (807.79 KB, 2000x2000, 2A77BC6A-37FC-40BF-85F8-8D8A7D…)

Her makeup needs to be fixed. The beige is not working!! I wonder if she’s inspired by Missy? If so then perhaps they should take more inspiration from a different iconic fit.

No. 254274

File: 1668106055837.png (278.98 KB, 501x1000, Black_White_Lenora_2.png)

I hope this is a joke. Bring my girl back!

No. 254333

File: 1668121592011.png (Spoiler Image,3.47 MB, 1334x750, 8DBCEA4C-3220-4C31-A96F-207744…)

I actually like a lot of the new mons, but then they come out with something so ugly and stupid I ask “who the fuck would even want to use this”

No. 254335

I almost wonder if it's a requirement at this point. Like the designers got together and decided that each new generation had to have a few hideous ones, just for shits and grins.

No. 254336

File: 1668122428716.png (268.71 KB, 737x247, PAWMI.png)

Bro what's the point of giving evolutions to the electric rodent if it's just gonna look exactly the same??

No. 254338

It’s like it’s so difficult for them to make something that’s not too samey but also not too inexplicable for the design anymore

No. 254343

I'm so fucking tired of GameFreak making furbait starter evos. They totally do it on purpose

It's so obvious they want to repeat the success they had with Gardevoir and Lucario. Like Gardevoir must've been the first humanoid pokemon to have gotten that popular with the coomers. Mewtwo was popular too, but that pokemon was special at the time, and most of its audience didn't talk about wanting to fuck it, they just thought it was cool and badass. Then Lucario came out in Gen 4 and it attracted a bunch of furfags and autists of the same type as Sonic autists. That was also the generation when Lopunny was made, and it's possible that Game Freak made it in response to Gardevoir's degenerate fanbase. Every generation afterwards had their Gardevoir/Lucario clones, each more obvious than the ones before it.

No. 254390

There's some cuties in this game like those lil mice things but I don't fucking understand why they have to make the starters final evolutions ugly as fuck. I'M TIRED OF IT

No. 254400

File: 1668142765072.jpg (Spoiler Image,135.2 KB, 1872x864, FhNmzaSXwAUv4QL.jpg)

i boxed the starter in swsh and will probably do it again. they just aren't cute.
i also like the mice a lot, and some of the basic bird mons. this thing is freakin cute too.

No. 254402

Made to be a pillow

No. 254591

File: 1668239903552.jpg (226.22 KB, 1232x1095, Untitled.jpg)

these starters were the first since gen 2 where i genuinely loved them all and couldn't decide who to pick. then they let us down with the final evos yet again. idk why i expected different.

i guess skeledirge is a pocket monster but the design is so uninteresting i dont even care about it

No. 254619

A good chunk of the pokemon in the fursona category still look like monsters/animals imo
The most furfag ones are the tiger, rabbit, water lizard and the 2 new ones. Maybe delphox too, but the pre-evo was worse than it. The other designs are fine, it's just coomers who ruin them.

No. 254625

I agree. And imo the grass type gorilla looks enough like a gorilla to just in the pocket monsters category too, it doesn't have a weird human like theme like the other gen 8 starters either, gorillas are smart animals so it's not like a cartoon gorilla hitting wood to play music with tree branches is as out of place as a bipedal bunny playing soccer and having fur that suspiciously looks like soccer shorts.

No. 254631

This is the first Pokémon game in 30 years I will be skipping out on entirely. Damn. Feels bad.

No. 254637

File: 1668267683114.png (156.7 KB, 475x475, 49026BB2-20F3-4321-AC8A-245442…)

Pokefags are goofballs. Terrible Pokémon have been around since the start.

No. 254638

Mr Mime is a wonderful character and loving husband, how dare you

No. 254642

This doesn’t look like a fursona, retard

No. 254652

Same and it makes me sad, I was looking through the pokemon list (since it's all leaked) and I just don't like anything. I just like the mafia mice and that's it. Makes me sad but also eh.

No. 254653

same nonna, it doesn't look unique or even 'japanese' at all to me. It looks like some western rip-off game. The npcs remind me of these models from the cursed ads

No. 254654

I saw someone say that modern starters all have jobs now and like yeah true, they can't just be pokemon, you've gotta have the magician, the figure skater, the banker, the mcdonalds cashier..

No. 254656

i will probably be boring and just use a lot of older gen mons that i like since i tend to do that anyway lol. same pokemon but in a new adventure

No. 254671

This is exactly how I feel. When I play a new Pokémon game, I want to play with the mons from the new gen. But none of these are redeemable.

No. 254674

>the grass type gorilla looks enough like a gorilla to just in the pocket monsters category too
I would agree if the drum wasn't part of it's design, that's what makes it more of a character with a set role instead of just a grass monke

I want to like it, I don't regret skipping the utterly empty babby game that was sw/sh, I'm still on the fence whether this is worth spending 70 dollars

There were actually a lot of bipedal/humanoid pokemon in gen 1 now that I think of it(pic rel, electabuzz, jynx, magmar, alakazam, machamp etc.), but all of them were more like fantasy creatures and I don't remember any of them being blatant furry/porn bait.

No. 254679

>There were actually a lot of bipedal/humanoid pokemon in gen 1 now that I think of it(pic rel, electabuzz, jynx, magmar, alakazam, machamp etc.), but all of them were more like fantasy creatures and I don't remember any of them being blatant furry/porn bait.
this is it. they didn't seem designed to appeal to furries. that's because they were more based on kaiju. monstrous animals with many elements put into them. now the standard bipedal pokemon is just "a fox with a stick" or "a lizard with gloves on".

No. 254693

I think the drum looks natural enough. Many animals use tools after all. It'd be weird if the musical thing was more blatant like with the electric/poison type pokemon in gen 8 that can do electric guitar noises.

No. 254746

File: 1668311719758.png (Spoiler Image,2.76 MB, 1484x1695, 960C5E5F-ADA0-4FE6-A9A7-763981…)

I saw this on 4chan and had to share. Spoilered for actual spoilers of Penny’s room.

No. 254753

I think a lot of of the "furry" ones are fine. The gen 9/8 starters, inineroar, and delphox are the ones that push it imo.
I don't have a problem with stuff like Blaziken cause cockfighting is a thing, so it makes sense the chicken turns into a wierd bird man martial artist. Stuff like greninja is so weird looking it hardly registers as anything "furry" to me.
Designs like Cinderace and Intelleon are just too humanoid though. Their proportions are too human-like. they don't have weird builds like emboar or scary faces like sceptile. They're just really uncreative and lame.

No. 254851

I emulated SV for a few hours, and had a lot of fun so I'm probably buying it at release. I've been around since the beginning and there are soo many pokemon now that I don't mind shitty designs, I'll just forget about the ones I hate and there are still too many favorites to enjoy all the same. Maybe I'm desensitised to strange designs from also being a digimon fan.
Speaking for myself, I can be really casual and superficial when I play games and discussions about min-max/meta/strategies mosty put me to sleep, just give me easy mode. I really loved the picnic mechanic and seeing cute pokemon roaming about. There was a little lake at the start with psyducks waddling about, swimming, napping and I just hung out there for a long time looking at all the pokemon.
Pretty lame of me, but I haven't finished a main storyline since XY/ORAS and often just start a new game to enjoy the beginnings of a fresh adventure. I'll probably spend a lot of time in SV just building different teams and looking at them and saving screencaps and videos - and forget about the storylines. Everyone is complaining about character customization, understandably. I actually like that it's just the school uniform, but I really wish you could change your tie or something like rolled up sleeves at least. Also miffed that there are so many hair colors but the ones named pink are more burgundy/wine and rose gold than pink.
Hopefully there will be DLC with more customization, there are logos for top and bottom categories in the shops but they are not accessible - why even include those if there aren't any tops or bottoms in game??

No. 254951

I don't know much about Penny other than she's a shy nerdy girl which I assumed but wtf is going on in that bottom pic? Who is that tied to the bed? Why is Mela under there? Why is there scroteshit and tranny/pride stuff around for a female character? Shouldn't it be filled with female media or 2D/fictional boy stuff with mountains of plushies? Nothing irks me more than moids putting their interests and hobbies onto a female character.

No. 255360

>Pokémon better not make it become a bipedal furfag like previous starters
man this comment aged badly

No. 255362

troons (both male and female) are calling her a tranny, some say she's a TIF and others say she's a TIM. It looks like that pic is depicting her as the latter (bc only maleoids are capable of being into computers and nerdy shit obviously!!1).

>I emulated SV for a few hours
what the fuck I was not aware that it had already come out kek

No. 255571

File: 1668637552113.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 3640x2140, alice.jpg)

that image isn't pro-tranny, the original intent was to depict them as disgusting coomers. editing Penny into it is a joke about how her dark messy room looks the same though it obviously doesn't

No. 256022

so the game is getting universally bad reviews, are any of you actually buying it?

No. 256023

No, I knew it was going to be shit when I saw how ugly the character’s 3d models are. I’m going to pirate it if I NEED to play.

No. 256024

File: 1668782107044.jpg (105.3 KB, 1200x675, Pokemon-Scarlet-Violet-Scovill…)

i hate this thing so much this is one of the most vile designs they have ever made

No. 256026

How is it vile, it's just a pepper. It doesn't feel like a pokemon though, the faces look off…

I will buy it in a year or so. Every game sells millions of copies so they bin super hard afterwards and you can get them for $15. My local gamestop has no idea of what to do with so many 2nd hand pokemon games. Aside for being cheap, I don't want to support them either, I dont know if its TPC, GF or Nintendo the one with the upper hand, but I wish they gave the developers time to actually make a decent game, the problems with SV are insane. But isnt like we can boycott because children + hardcore fans keep buying the games.

No. 256035

How did you find a rom for it this fast?

No. 256064

It leaked a week ago, anon.

No. 256068

File: 1668800949502.png (30.12 KB, 588x243, AB5FD087-32C7-4275-AE22-914852…)

Fuck this scrote. there’s glitches left and right.

No. 256071

I did and im enjoying it so far. graphics range from bad to mediocre but it's still an entertaining game

No. 256074

People have been showing clipping issues, horrible framerate, and all sorts of graphical bugs and problems. The game has some potential but it was released so far from done it's insane.

No. 256102

I don't understand the pokemon fanbase. You can enjoy something while still admitting it has tons of issues. But instead they deny reality.

No. 256124

These arent errors, Spain actually works and looks like that, we clip thru our house walls every day when we wake up. Its amazing how Game Freak did lots of research!

No. 256143

File: 1668823996176.jpg (3.25 MB, 4096x6144, GridArt_20221118_181154285.jpg)

I really don't get it. Just saw this one

No. 256148

File: 1668826842351.png (41.86 KB, 245x239, f45ce9e93e03ca1716008081371a50…)

Bumping for porn

No. 256157

File: 1668828198245.webm (1.14 MB, 960x540, jtFCGff.webm)

yeah no i was hyped for this game after playing PLA and really looking forward to it, but this looks like utter fucking shit

No. 256164

My strategy as well. There's no way I'm paying what they're asking for this game and I don't want to directly give GF my money either.

No. 256166

Seems like a well-designed game, but that doesn't change the fact that they're ripping people off releasing it this underbaked. Wish people would have some self-respect.

No. 256182

Damn, I don't think BRY had that many obvious glitches, and at least in that one they had good excuses like trying to shove a fairly big JRPG with actual dungeons in a tiny little GB cartridge. What's amazing is that it'll be eventually patched in SV and a lot of people will forget and defend this as if Pokemon isn't a super profitable video game series.

No. 256192

I wonder… It's seeming like a memory leak and those are notoriously hard to patch. If anything, it'll take a while.

No. 256194

Are there any fujobait characters in this one?

No. 256197

Are shinies easier to find at the very beginning? Both my friend and I found a shiny Psyduck within the first hour (we were playing at her place together and found them within 10min of eachother.) The game is janky as hell and holy fuck do I wish there was more customization. I'm having a good time but I'm glad someone else bought this for me kek.

Pokemon games never go on sale where I live. Digital sales are minimal, even seconhand games are rarely cheaper than $15 off even after after years.

No. 256204

No they're all ugly as fuck from what I've seen. Just stick to lusting over Raihan and Leon's "rivalry".

No. 256214

My bf did. Was pretty fun laughing at the bad graphics and weird models together, but I feel like if I was playing by myself, it would all sink in and I would be bummed.

No. 256253

All the links and codes that contain it got 404'd by now, fuck. Does anyone have one?

No. 256281

File: 1668879051160.png (29.76 KB, 256x256, 1002Tinkaton.png)

I'm having fun playing it and I like most of the new pokemon designs. I'm one of the easy to please pokemon fans so I don't really give a shit about the graphics. I haven't encountered any glitches (yet). The models of people/pokes in the bg are janky though. I love picrel!

No. 256308

The more I see bugs posted online, the more this new release reminds me of when Final Fantasy 16 got released and everybody was posting the craziest glitches in recent years, that shit is hilarious.

No. 256421

Late, but this is it. These are the Pokemon that make me think "they don't look like Pokemon". I don't care about the franchise much, never had a favorite generation, not even the one I grew up with (Diamond and Pearl), but this gens designs are so hit and miss. Sure, I was there for Bisharp and Gallade who you could say are similar, but something about these two look like Megaman and Sonic fucked and had babies. It's like Gamefreak are trying so hard to appeal to kids that they've ramped up the designs to a screaming 11, throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks, overloading all the people and Pokemon with bright colors and details.

My problem with all the new gen designs is that some of them don't look like creatures I could catch, bond with and raise. They (not just these two) look like rejected JRPG mobs, I can't imagine petting or taking care of some of the ones that look like abstract cartoons. They look like the creature-equivilent of somebody shaking a keychain in front of a toddler's face.

No. 256423

Oh yeah samefag to add that what I mean isn't that GF is just dumbing everything down for kids but they're trying to hit every kind of appeal out so they end up with things that look like they belong in other franchises like Sonic/Digimon/other better JRPGs.

No. 256696

File: 1669018369804.png (81.24 KB, 408x408, gold.png)

Let's goooo also found a shiny Lokix I didn't even know was a shiny until I entered a battle. Maybe my most exciting pokemon moment.

No. 256779

File: 1669062781758.jpg (73.73 KB, 849x551, __juliana_and_arven_pokemon_an…)

The game's a mess but I like Arven. I'm a sucker for people who would do anything for their dog.

No. 256781

I think him and Nemona are great I really like them both.

No. 257002

There are so many troon looking people in these games… I'm all for gnc characters but I feel like they're purposely troony because someone at gamefreak drank the trans coolaid and they're trying to be woke. 99% of them look like shit like >>251349
Human character design is at an all time low for pokemon, I've never disliked so many designs both plot important ones and regular npc trainers, and the clothes options are shit too so you can't even make yourself look nice. Sorry to all Spanish and Portuguese nonas, apparently gamefreak think you all look like troons, you deserved better.

No. 257013

Spain should sue Gamefreak, Gamefreak called them unfashionable ugly bitches in the form of video games.

No. 257044

Hex maniac is so cute. I hate how coomers ruined her. It’s so hard to find art where she doesn’t have huge inflated breasts or engaging in some kind of sexual fetish material. Her source material looks nothing like the way most people draw her.

No. 257065

I love her too, nonny. They're so monkey brained I can't imagine living like that.

No. 257080

File: 1669140739274.jpg (50.12 KB, 333x532, Scarterfandviolentroon.jpg)

I was just laughing at how these npcs looked like the troon vs black woman meme

No. 257133

File: 1669154286029.jpg (66.25 KB, 892x620, EE-iPVLXYAAiAOO.jpg)

No. 257158

Fucking kek.

No. 257428

File: 1669247312359.jpeg (55.19 KB, 1280x720, C2906DE7-E34D-4350-9540-2BAE1B…)

i love clodsire and cetoddle. they're precious

No. 257536

File: 1669293670653.png (621.99 KB, 845x815, 1669291815668842.png)

They will keep releasing pure shit and never improve

No. 257539

it's not that they don't improve it's that the higher ups make them release unfinished games, because money

No. 257592

What is with these linebackers in the game? They're so much larger than the other female NPCs and don't even look like convincing muscular women. It's so weird.

No. 257606

I continue to be fascinated by the pokemon fandom's low standards. I just want to know for how long the pokemon company can keep banking off of pure shit.

No. 257628

trans woman representation

No. 257778

I'm fully convinced it is troon representation for real. You have the pudgy fat short haired blobby females that look male, and skinny 110% flat chested adult female twink - and then the lia thomas shoulders, bolt on boobs and no hips troons. They're just all conveniently exactly the most common troon types. And that male gym leader everyone thought was a girl at first because he has long hair and eyelashes… It's also the first gen where all clothes are gender neutral (which means there are no skirts/dresses because fuck women, only male is neutral ig) Wouldn't have been a problem if it wasn't lobbying the extremist cult that wants to drug and cut up healthy children, in a game mainly aimed at children. Pokemon is my jam but if they keep going down this route I'm finally gonna quit playing it after 20 years of playing.

No. 258358

Well? Where is the porn?

No. 258361

File: 1669546877630.png (239.04 KB, 480x491, Game_Freak_Whitney_Aipom.png)

I'm glad I quiet this fandom in 2013

No. 258423

I feel conflicted and angry over the new games. Obviously they have major performance issues, but they’re actually quite fun and there’s a lot to do. It makes me so sad to think of what could have been, I really hate how this franchise has become.

No. 258770

I wish they could have gotten another 6 months or so to actually finish the game, it's so nearly done but not quite

No. 259039

File: 1669712236502.png (9.52 KB, 256x256, 89DFA880-14AA-49B6-B113-9335B6…)

same, it would have been so much better if not for the graphics. I like he rival and the legendary and a lot of the new pokes. Clodsire and Pawmot are fixtures on my team now. But the graphics are so bad i don't see myself playing it for too long. It takes all the pleasure out of just roaming around to fill the 'dex and hunt for shinies

clodsire 4 lyf tho

No. 259419

I've been playing Pokémon Masters for a couple of weeks now and it's really making me grow fond of characters that I used to ignore or outright dislike.

Also, Pryce is such a cute old man. Curse you, Pokémon Masters!

No. 259673

I love Wallace I want to marry him

No. 259732

File: 1669889833467.jpeg (141.67 KB, 677x1024, 6A7AE4FE-FF0A-4D42-8419-DFD811…)

tbh i'm glad the final evo is still cute and not hideous. especially since pawmot is a really useful pokemon unlike most electric rodents.
it's so annoying when the cute pokemon have shitty stats and you have to evolve them except the evo is ugly

No. 259811

I haven't played the game and don't see myself doing so because I'm just not feeling much of any of the new Pokemon this time around, this is so fucking terrifying and people may think you're being a conspiracy nutjob but you really aren't. At this point in the time, Game FReak has to be aware that a ton of troons play their games and they want to pander to them in some way to make them spend money on the games. They're more than likely trying to be subtle with this "representation" because they now they can't outright say the character is a troon or not so instead, just give a nod to the certain stereotypical look that a troon looks like (or thinks they look like in the case of the A-Cup skinny women).

No. 259817

File: 1669914312439.jpeg (53.63 KB, 1280x720, F40F2187-C853-46BB-83F0-EF2AF4…)

this tinfoil is retarded. roons don't see themselves as women with a hulking male frame they see themsleves as bimbos or cute anime girls. if anything they'd probably be offended by this "representation"
why is this thread so full of ppl moaning about how they won't play the games and don't care about the franchise anymore? you don't have to announce it, no one's making you buy the games
i jsut wanna talk about battles and cute pokes like our terf queen azumarill

No. 259872

>roons don't see themselves as women with a hulking male frame they see themsleves as bimbos or cute anime girls
Troons aren't the ones designing them, the people pandering to them see them as the men they are and don't get that these men think they are smol uwu beans kek
Pokemon GO already has a canon non-binary they/them character and it had to be approved by the pokemon company in japan and got a shit ton of positive attention from the west… they know what they're doing

No. 259873

This is so gen 1 and I love it

No. 262104

File: 1670577448857.jpeg (864.19 KB, 2056x2778, FjZa5T6aUAAMWDY.jpeg)

I'm in love with Rika

No. 262121

Not to derail the thread with more troon talk, but we finally have a cute masculine but soft looking tomboy and the TRAs are screeching for her to be a they/them. It boggles my mind how regressive they are that they can't accept a woman would ever dress gnc and not be in a frilly dress.

No. 262136

File: 1670585410034.jpeg (241.95 KB, 800x873, Anabel.jpeg)

I think the last time they made a female character like this was Anabel way back in Emerald but later loses her androgynous look in SM/USUM. So happy that they gave us Rika who's a very handsome and cool tomboy or a reverse trap. TRAs can fuck off and latch onto traps/femboys instead.

No. 262256

Looks like a Temtem but still cute. Reminds me of Amy. Hate that she's labeled as "loli with a hammer".

No. 262259

File: 1670618974101.jpg (201.24 KB, 1189x1444, 1670379476687114.jpg)

arven is so cute and they definitely got me with his story, i haven't loved a main cast pokeboy this much since sun&moon

No. 262372

She's so hot. The only good thing about those garbage games.

No. 262381

holy shit i'm in love

No. 262536

Every time I tell my woke friends I like her design they sperg about her being a thembie, leave my lesbian queen alone

No. 262919

File: 1670803797575.jpg (462.83 KB, 1506x2048, 1670663691689047.jpg)

>long hair
>saving his dog
>poor boy loses his mom/dad
I love him and deserve all the happiness he can get.

No. 264067

File: 1671225123654.jpg (584 KB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_20221216_130923.jpg)

Ash will no longer be Pokémon's main character. His last episode will air on Jan 13th, 2023. The first episode with the new main character will air around April 2023.

No. 264069

File: 1671225738125.jpg (714.29 KB, 1448x2048, 20221216_131952.jpg)

I worded the information wrong. Jan 13th's episode is just the last in the SwSh part of the anime.
"A special 11-episode series called "Pocket Monsters: Aim to be a Pokemon Master" will start airing from January 13, 2023. All the friends that Ash has met during his travels such as Misty and Brock will also appear.
Will be the last chapter in Ash's journey."

No. 264074

I wonder what made them decide to finally move on from Ash.

No. 264086

the male character looks so ugly and the girl looks cuteish but kind of bland. she reminds me of dawn too much. i hope they actually make her more than another "cutesy female who wants to win contests"
the character designs seem so ugly now. i can't get into newer games at all because it all feels so bland and uninspired. very "uncool". like old characters looked cool and badass. maybe i'm getting too old nonnies

No. 264122

fucking finally

No. 264128


No. 264428

File: 1671327787882.jpeg (50.03 KB, 828x715, 7B580D63-8888-4EA4-BAD1-64EEDB…)

i'm weak for unite's stupid outfits. can't wait to give terf queen azumarill the cute xmas drip she deserves

No. 264518

>>cutesy female who wants to win contests
But I love that about Dawn,, she's one of my favourites. But I also loved contests. I'm still mad they ruined them in BDSP. Contests were so cute and fun in Gen 3 and 4, I was so disappointed in the remakes.

No. 264598

The issue isn't that they never should have done that character, it's that they've done that character over and over again to death like they genuinely can't think of any other way for a girl to be a relatable main character.

No. 264599

No offense to Paldea, but I don't want to spend an entire season in Paldea the same way I didn't want to spend a full season in Galar (and thank goodness we didn't have to). Not very happy that this is the direction they're taking, although I admit it'll be good to change things up from Ash being the main character.

No. 264600

File: 1671406239443.png (75.38 KB, 250x250, 040-bedtime.png)

i had to stop playing unite bc it pissed me off but i agree the outfits are amazing

No. 264601

File: 1671407017548.png (251.01 KB, 977x241, Untitled.png)

No. 264649

And of course the girl has to wear skirt-shaped shorts that show her thighs while the boy gets to wear regular shorts

No. 264655

File: 1671426975200.png (1.09 MB, 1140x1296, pokemons.png)

No. 264680

>i hope they actually make her more than another "cutesy female who wants to win contests"
There are no contests or anything similar in Paldea so I doubt it. I do agree with other anon that I love girly characters tho kek

No. 264681

I'm the opposite, I'm beyond happy they're going back to adventuring instead of slice of life. Alola and Journey seasons bored me to death.

No. 264683

I love your dedication to making azumarill a terf icon, very based nona

No. 264815

it wasn't actually my idea to begun with, another anon made a very based "terf is the new punk" post with her. wish i had a link to it. since then i've accepted azumarill as my reigning terf queen

No. 264948

File: 1671506910888.png (6.92 MB, 1007x1800, notitle.png)

Haven't played all the games, and some of them like Black/White I played them ages ago so my memories of those gens are a bit blurry.
Also, sorry for the retarded tier names, but letters are so ambiguous to me, I always create my own tiers so I can sort charas in peace.
>D Tier
Oh, why do you dislike him so much? He is such a fan favourite…

No. 264985

nta but guzma is obnoxious and he's a bug type trainer to boot. worst taste

No. 265309

File: 1672229353011.png (100.65 KB, 584x436, B5AB075D-477E-4A85-866C-AE0D6F…)

samefag, found the post in question

No. 265424

File: 1672261342691.png (1.13 MB, 1140x921, pokemontrainersmale2.png)

only did the ones I remember. I also really didn't like ORAS Archie compared to RSE Archie so I had to knock him down a tier. Can't believe it came to this.

Also goddamn I used to have such a crush on Brawly and Brock when I was a kid. Probably would have liked HGSS Morty and Falkner a lot if I was younger when those games came out.
I've also come to appreciate Blaine a lot more but based on more of a Cool! factor. I didn't really rank these on pure husbando credentials.

No. 265425

File: 1672261880061.png (1.1 MB, 1140x739, pokegirls.png)

Here's my pokegirls ranking. I think Flannery, Whitney, and Winona is probably my all time favorite. But I really like all of the older woman trainers/leaders/e4 whatever. I have a really big soft spot for them.

I did NOT like SMUSUM at all it seems.

No. 268328

File: 1673391365000.jpeg (194.98 KB, 1878x1039, Fh-cPAmXEAEEQVL.jpeg)

Not really. Bunch of average or middle-aged looking men.

I think Arven and Jacq are pretty cute when first seeing them. Also Larry after playing the game. The courier npc is pretty hot too.

No. 268696

Just caught my 4th shiny in Pokemon Go, a 3* Murkrow! My other ones are Marshtomp, Hoppip, and Alolan Sandshrew. I don't plan on evolving my Sandshrew, and I'm not sure about Hoppip, but the pinkies are fair game.

No. 275207

File: 1676150943647.png (716.25 KB, 1342x691, MALE POKEMON TIER.png)

I like your tier names so I took some inspiration

No. 275209

File: 1676150964882.png (552.96 KB, 1338x583, FEMALE POKEMON TIER.png)

No. 279333

Thoughts on the upcoming dlc for SV?

No. 279350

I like the new pokemon except for the monkey

No. 279485

File: 1677703284740.jpg (116.98 KB, 1412x794, pokemon-scarlet-violet-suicune…)

Didn't expect Paradox Suicune to look so raptor-like. Wish there's some lore to it and Paradox Virizion rather than just a raid battle.

No. 279524

File: 1677716493454.jpg (8.79 KB, 275x259, 1648192013166.jpg)

I wish they gave those poor devs a break instead of churning another game at breakneck speed

No. 279636

They both look like 1/3 of the book legendaries of each game so I'm sure there will be a bit more lore for when the other 4 come around. I bet it will be on the same level as the galarian birds trio though, so not that central to the story.

The fact that they made dlc fully summer festival themed (part 1) but are releasing it in fall points towards them actually delaying it a few months this time.

No. 284198

File: 1679258670734.jpg (86 KB, 720x663, 1678074356362663.jpg)

Anons, just a reminder that the nintendo eshop for the 3DS will be closed soon and if you plan on transferring your pokemon from one generation to a more recent one you'll eventually need to have Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transport downloaded BEFORE they become free in a few weeks. So be careful with that!

I personally have all the mainline games except SV and don't plan on getting that one until they release patches to correct most issues. I'm still going to transfer the pokemon I have from older games, I think I'll start now for my GBA and DS games, and then once the Pokemon Bank app will be free I'll transfer all my pokemon to gen 6 games and beyond. Then I'll start new games out of nostalgia and because I have played a lot more JRPGs since the last time I've played the older games so I'm going to have a very different approach to it. For some reason I felt like using strong pokemon in older games was the equivalent of cheating so I only used shitmons on purpose and made things much harder for myself. There's also the issue that all my favorite pokemon in GSC and its remake are water type for some reason.

No. 284300

>For some reason I felt like using strong pokemon in older games was the equivalent of cheating so I only used shitmons on purpose
the games are more fun this way, especially as an older fan who knows how the type match ups work. just spamming A gets a bit boring, it's more fun when you can beat a fire gym with a grass type

No. 284303

Yeah I get it, that's how I felt when beating the final bosses with my first route shitmons but I also did dumb shit like making my pokemon have these horrible HM instead of having a HM slave so I was just spamming the same strong moves. I think now I should try new ways of playing.

No. 284311

I think mono type runs are quite fun, more so in the newer games because you get access to more pokemon to choose from. As a kid I'd copy the anime characters teams so I could be like them kek

No. 284315

I did that too kek, I just HAD to have a butterfree in RBY just because Ash had one too.

No. 284353

I have never noticed Diantha'sfucked up legs kek

No. 285781

I'm going to transfer my pokemon from GBA games to DS games to prepare for Pokemon Bank being free in a few days, I forgot I gave some of them some stupid nicknames, should I keep these nicknames or not? I kind of want to remove them.

To be fair she only has one fucked up leg.

No. 285792

File: 1679843434100.png (205.58 KB, 997x248, Untitled.png)

here's the fucked up and evil version of my list. most hated characters only!!!

No. 285849

File: 1679852550246.png (78.85 KB, 962x821, Dianta2.png)

I find both legs weird, the left one seems to have her knee pointing at the right while its foot is pointing forwards, and her right leg has its knee pointing forwards/left but the foot pointing at the right. I think if you swap them, it looks a bit more natural.

About nicknames, it depends on how dumb they are and/or if you plan to use the pokemon. I usually like to leave them as if for sentimental value to remember when I used to play when I was little, but I also changed a few that were too stupid.

No. 285970

File: 1679915018157.jpg (73.12 KB, 460x691, street_fashion_japan.jpg)

Having bow legs is common in Japan and is more visible on skinny people, I think that's the cause of why a lot of Japan-made designs have similar legs. Diantha is just one example of how normalized it is in anime art.

No. 287112

File: 1680452162634.jpeg (257.24 KB, 1024x976, FsrnzsGXoAEA3Rj.jpeg)

Watching the GO community blow up feels surreal to me. Niantic keeps sabotaging its most profitable feature, remote raiding, to force the game to be played as intended.
Aside from using GO to ambassador people who wouldn't otherwise play the games, watch the anime, or pick up the TGC into the franchise and collaborate with businesses to bring tourists in, here's probably some truth to picrel. If so, it would make the Tiktok ban extra ironic.

No. 287120

People still play this game? I dropped it once they released PvP and lootboxes. Irc they havent fixed its bugs even a year after. Whats happening?

No. 287129

People still play like crazy. It's a normie game, so the base stands out a lot less compared to the 2016 era and even the 2020 lockdown boost. Niantic upped the price on Remote Raid Passes and stated it wasn't a feature they wanted to keep. Their focus is on population dense areas, and remote passes are (on the surface) meant for circumstances like extreme weather and lockdowns.
There's apparently also some internal pushback to keep it. Rumor has it that TPCi also likes it, too. That's likely why they've been experimenting with integrating something like a remote raid finder within their Campground app, which people normally use Reddit, Discord, or a third party app for.
If you ever see a meme about Singaporean Grandmothers (who they see as the typical player, which isn't exactly a lie; most of the whales in my community are retirees) playing Pokemon GO pop up within the fandom, it pertains to that. People are planning boycotts or quitting. You know that pattern. They'll probably be back in time for GOFest, good or bad.
Shame the game is handled so weirdly. Not badly; weirdly. I actually like the little character arcs between the GO leaders and their rivals.

No. 289535

File: 1681510051670.png (1.86 KB, 288x288, 352.121.png)

'Sup, for anyone who plays Pokemon Fusion Infinite, I made some sprite edits because the originals sucked ass. I only made 3 so I'll post 'em separately. First is Roserade/Starmie, 352.121.

No. 289536

File: 1681510123857.png (2.08 KB, 288x288, 148.34.png)

Next is Dragonair/Nidoking.

No. 289538

File: 1681510183324.png (1.4 KB, 288x288, 181.53.png)

And last is Ampharos/Persian. I'll do more in the future because there are some great combos that have shitty sprites, and I don't wanna look at them.

No. 289540

Is that the game with the gross coomer fusions? Great job btw, this sprite is beautiful and I also like this one >>289538
But I feel this one >>289536 could use a bit more polishing though the overall design is great

No. 289547

>Is that the game with the gross coomer fusions?
Kek yes. Idk about other anons but I plan on replacing that gross shit too. Especially all the Miltank fusions. Blegh. And thank you! Yeh eventually I'll return to Dragoking 'cause I did it in a bit of a rush.

No. 291737

File: 1682303515275.png (749.56 KB, 971x1364, 1682212925433303.png)

any nonnies here collect or play tcg?

No. 291789

I only collect without playing and have been since I was a kid. My friends play and let me have their extra pulls for free

No. 291790

these are great nona!

No. 291884

ooh nice!! got back into collecting again after a long break. I only collect the cards but I have been thinking on learning how to play, seems fun. have one co-worker who likes collecting and thankfully she is a woman.

No. 291988

File: 1682412233080.png (138.88 KB, 245x342, SWSH2_EN_87.png)

The way I structure my tcg collection is by theme, so I have collections of my absolute favorite pokemon, including trainer and support cards if they feature it in the art. Then I have my own created themes, one of such is "flowers" where I put all cards (that I deem pretty enough) that heavily feature flowers. Another is sweets/baking, so there I keep pokemon like alcremie, vanillite and slurpuff and again other cards I think fit.

No. 292607

File: 1682635857393.jpg (25.75 KB, 750x421, FtHF6tjX0AEmoSR.jpg)

I love her

No. 292624

Looks like an OC someone made out of May’s character model. Sorry, I’m sure she’s cool.

No. 292628

NTA but to be fair, her design is tame compared to modern anime character design standards kek

No. 293926

File: 1683105692403.png (80.91 KB, 330x948, liko.png)

Liko is an ok character but there are a few things I dislike, so sperging incoming.

Firstly her name is stupid in English. Her actual name is the Japanese female name Riko, changing the R to an L is iffy because of the whole thing of people making fun of Asians not being able to distinguish R/L. You technically can romanize it with L but that's highly unusual (which is probably why they did it, so if you google it she's the only character that shows up rather than 500 other Rikos).

Pokemon doesn't have a tradition of keeping the Japanese names and typically give English names, why do it now? Liko is from Paldea (Spain) so unlike a lot of the other characters such as Ash, Brock, May, Dawn, Chloe who all could have had Japanese names to reflect their regions real life Japanese inspiration Liko is one of the few for whom it doesn't make sense for. Even more annoying that the new boy IS from a Japanese region, yet his name is Roy. In the same vein, none of the other Paldean characters have Japanese names either, not does the Kantonian people have Japanese names. Like ok.

But if you insist on actually keeping her Japanese name, then at least keep it Japanese and pronounce it right. I don't think they've officially said it yet but I bet they'll mispronounce it as "Leekow" the way English-speaking fans are already calling her without anyone batting an eyelid.

Secondly I hate fanny bags worn across your chest (it usually looks quite awkward and weird in real life too) it draws attention to her chest in that it looks like she has a big mono-boob. The fashion trend is already dying out as well so unless they change it, it will age terribly and quickly.

No. 297851

File: 1684701150967.png (79.91 KB, 619x1040, rip ptcgo.png)

To all TCG nonnies who have a Pokémon Trading Card Game Online account: they're going to release a new game called Pokémon Trading Card Game Live, and until June 5 (which is when they're shutting down the old game's servers) you can migrate your account to the new game.
I just found out about this and to migrate (I really wanna keep my old cards) I'm resetting my TCGO password since I forgot it, along with my username, because I hadn't played this since Gen 7. Make sure to reset your username and password too if you're in the same situation! Requesting your username and resetting your password can't be done immediately after one another, there's a cooldown time to send these requests.

Account migration FAQ

No. 297908

I've only been collecting.

No. 303993

File: 1687424851301.png (100.48 KB, 380x1245, 380px-Scarlet_Violet_Lacey.png)

New official art of Lacey from the upcoming DLC. I'm so deprived of good designs in SV that I think she looks acceptable. I'd thin out her eyebrows though.

No. 307945

File: 1689097832638.gif (2.17 MB, 743x480, 9458e00071760de825d7acc1a3d66e…)

>tfw you realize you will never relive the magical moments of childhood going through a new region for the first time, discovering new pokemon through the game and not the internet, enjoying the mystery absent in all pokemon games before and since.

No. 307963

File: 1689103434228.png (35.01 KB, 1050x1290, FEAexpTWUAojZ1G.png)

gives me anya forger vibes mixed with thick eyebrow zelda from botw/totk. the outfit reminds me of the sports uniform from mha.

i remember how my life changed and the entire world seemed to open up when i found out about roms and got all the pokemon games i missed out on. i had no gaming consoles as a kid and only managed to buy a silver nintendo ds lite for christmas when i was 16, a few months after diamond and pearl had been released. before that i only ever played the earlier pokemon games on my friend's consoles. i feel like the new graphics completely lack the charm that the gif you posted has. the last game i played was sword/shield and that was a chore. i think x/y was the last generation that i enjoyed and then i just lost interest.

No. 307966

File: 1689104145837.jpg (136.86 KB, 1550x802, 1644476726033.jpg)

The Internet?
Nah Nonnie, the game itself is spoilering you with what you can encounter at any route which is much worse.

No. 308039

Remember when we learned Red and Blue were in Sun/Moon because of an official trailer of all things? I wish I didn't see that trailer and just played the game blind.

No. 308141

she looks stupid but incredibly restrained and normal for a typical pokemon design. good for them. they seriously need to reign it in more.

No. 308162

File: 1689178666655.gif (1.37 MB, 400x240, 1688577757084881.gif)

on the same boat nonnie, xy were the last pokemon games i enjoyed playing, games after that felt like a chore. never got sword/shield or lets go!pikachu/eevee, bought violet but still havent beaten it yet. pokemon games now feel so soulless…i still replay older 2D games tho!

nowadays i just collect/play tcg, look at fanart/gifs and replay the older games.

No. 308163

I really do miss pre-main stream internet days. Sun and Moon trailers pretty much revealed 90% of the game. I miss the discovering aspect in the old pokemon games.

Personal take, I miss the random encounters.

No. 308185

>Remember when we learned Red and Blue were in Sun/Moon because of an official trailer of all things?
it's because the new games can't stand on their own legs and Game Freaks has to pander to the older audience that grew up with the originals.

No. 308196

File: 1689194818340.jpg (408.75 KB, 1041x1210, 1689162768333922.jpg)

poke foods!

No. 308197

File: 1689194874124.jpg (482.31 KB, 1353x1337, 1689162839213629.jpg)

poke drinks!

No. 308238

File: 1689212379433.png (1.39 MB, 1600x900, 97784197_p0.png)

I feel this too though surprisingly the last Pokemon game I enjoyed was Legends Arceus. I even had dreams about it too. Still, the current games nowadays felt unfinished, less explorable and soulless. Game Freak has always been in a tight situation since making the main lines more open world but doesn't meet the quality and expectation like BoTW and Xenoblade, especially for having over 900 Pokemon to work on and polish. Kinda missed the classic rpg style where things are much simpler, aesthetically pleasing and everything around you to fill in your imagination. Unfortunately for that matter, BDSP are huge disappointments and it pains me since Pearl was my first and I fear if they ever make Gen 5 remakes. Also Game Freak shouldn't reveal too much in their trailers to try and hype up the fans. It'll most likely ruin the experience in discovering new things in the games and it becomes less engaging. There's even people and riddlers who sometimes leave predictions and tid bits of information of the upcoming games.

No. 308242

File: 1689215860506.jpg (300.59 KB, 1168x1500, 1688607463685956.jpg)

i actually really enjoyed legends arceus, however it pisses me off how much potential this game had. should have gotten a DLC to fix the many issues it had, but nope! gamefreak pretty much abandons it and doesn't use any of its mechanics in violet/scarlet. wish there was more trainers who aren't afraid of pokemon to battle, as well as villages and more interesting places to explore. oh well!

i think gamefreak should just stick to 2D and improved on the rpg aspect of it. the 3D games just look so empty and soulless.

No. 308247

Honestly, I haven't really enjoyed a Pokémon game since Crystal. It just felt… immersive. Like there was so much to discover and that the world was going on even without you playing. The Pokémon designs were also very good and consistent with R/B, felt like a natural sequel.
I guess what I'm saying is that Poķémon + Animal Crossing would be my jam.

No. 308252

Where is my pan-regional Pokémon game, Game Freak? Stop it with the new tryhard shit games

No. 308261

I remember playing Pokemon Diamond and finding someone to trade with online for the first time. My brother and I were huddled around our DS and before the end of the trade we hear "thank you!" in an accent I can't remember. lmaooo we had no idea there was mic feature like that and it scared the shit out of us.

No. 308262

It would have to be made by someone other than Gamefreak. Gamefreak doesn't do cool stuff like that anymore, they limp two generations behind.

No. 308264

It was known for the mic though lol, I remember struggling with it when playing Nintendogs long ago. I never managed to play online with the DS though because of a bunch of error messages, but I could play and trade online on the 3DS just fine.

No. 308273

We got Diamond at the same time we got real internet, we didn't know!

No. 308274

You could record your voice with chatter move from chatot

No. 308295

This is kind of cute, I don’t really mind letting the Pokémon company know how I sleep.

No. 308425

>Personal take, I miss the random encounters
Me too nona, me too! I liked how it was a bit like a lottery ticket, the slight excitement of "what will it be" was enough for me to spend hours just running into pokemon. Occasionally it would be a shiny and it felt great.

No. 308426

I kind of disagree, I think adding old characters back in makes the pokemon world feel bigger and more connected. I love it when they give you throwbacks and cameos, I wish they did more of it.

No. 308437

File: 1689344687390.jpeg (509.72 KB, 1583x2048, 5264EB0D-8E68-4182-AF14-B413B5…)

Latias and Latios are very special to me, sure they aren’t my favourite Pokémon but I still hold them closely to my heart. I remember watching Pokémon Heroes for the first time when I was a child and I was obsessed with it. It was my favourite movie as a kid, haven’t rewatched it since then but I am thinking on it for nostalgia.

Honestly it’s a cute idea but kind of creepy? Also, I don’t like the thought of consuming Pokémon in everything I do, the cards and the occasional replay of the older games are enough for me.

No. 308467

Gen 1 to 4 felt connected in an organic way. Everything after gen 5 feels more like mindless fanservice though, except for Looker because he's an interpol agent. Which is super weird because the interpol HQ is in Lyon yet there's no equivalent of Lyon in Kalos for some reason.

No. 308529

File: 1689382859124.png (245.76 KB, 537x404, bingus.png)

sprigatito bab nonnies!!! she has her lil jammies too!!

No. 308573

Alola did a really good job with Looker and Anabel coming back. Especially Anabel, she was previously just stuck in battle frontier in gen 3 and few people even knew she existed, but they took her and expanded her character and story. I loved that and wish they did it for more old characters.

I frankly don't mind if they put in a bit of mindless fanservice, I'd rather have that than nothing. Paldea currently feels so fucking empty and disconnected from the rest of the pokemon world. I wouldn't mind seeing Red on top of a mountain again just to have something.

No. 308594

I just got an Ultra rare Gyardos card in my pokemon booster and I'm autistically flapping my hands from happiness! This shit is going to be worth a lot of money in a few years (unless our society collapses ofc). A new one in a good state costs around 100 bucks on ebay right now. It made my day so much better YAAAAAAY

No. 308601

File: 1689440242842.png (32.59 KB, 160x160, IMG_8006.png)

Cp bump dont scroll

No. 308810

File: 1689564742164.png (1.23 MB, 2276x1571, download.png)

post your favorite Pokémon! https://cajunavenger.github.io/

No. 308852

Happy to see another person who likes Lopunny, Pearl was my first Pokemon game at 13yo and she has been my favorite pokemon ever since. I love how both Buneary and Lopunny look very soft but hate being touched and will kick anyone who does so, plus Lopunny's eyes look kinda creppy and I like that, they act and look similar to actual real-life rabbits rather than the cuddly image people tend to have about them. Suck all the "fans" are coomers.

No. 308858

Based, I love ninetales

No. 308889

File: 1689606060528.jpeg (710.56 KB, 779x1400, 45CCC147-CF2B-443D-B3C3-7DEF9C…)

Yes!! I love buneary and lopunny! I love feminine Pokémon, sucks they get sexualized by coomer fans ugh.

Thanks nona, ninetales is my absolute favourite!!

No. 308983

File: 1689642012170.png (1.24 MB, 2276x1571, download.png)

(I didn't play sword/shield or scarlet/violet)
Making this made me realize I'm not particularly crazy about gen5 or gen6 mons. Funny because those were the gens that got me back into playing pokémon.

No. 308984

sorry, gen7* not gen5, kek, i'm retarded

No. 308987

File: 1689644443334.png (1.25 MB, 2276x1571, download.png)

No uggos allowed, cutie only crew

No. 309011

File: 1689653945480.png (1.28 MB, 2276x1571, pokeyman.png)

I haven't played the last two gens so I just guessed, I'm a bit of a genwunner so I'm not gonna whine about the new designs

No. 309036

File: 1689669383635.png (1.28 MB, 2276x1571, download (1).png)

I dont want to bitch but especially gen 8 and on have really ugly pokemon. Like ofcourse every gen has a few but it was difficult for me to even choose a fave type for the later gens because they are all so ugly to me. I really wished they would just take there time with the next pokemon game already, the last ones have been just really ugly and buggy.

Pokemon pearl was also my first pokemon game! I really love Buneary, i'm not going to lie i really dislike humanoid pokemon so lopunny is def not my fave but since gen 4 was my first game and i had a lopunny on my team i do have a soft spot for them. I'm also really salty about the shitty gen 4 remake we got.

No. 309105

File: 1689699913521.jpeg (28.83 KB, 300x225, 1E335154-DED2-469E-86DE-C4F29B…)

I miss this so much, why would gamefreak remove it from gen 7? I know gamefreak is known for not carrying over mechanics from past games, but seriously gamefreak was so stupid for replacing it with the dumb plaza shit.

No. 309143

>I dont want to bitch but especially gen 8 and on have really ugly pokemon.
Gen 8 was pretty okay to me. Wooloo, snom, hetterene and alcremie are some i think are super great! Gen 9 on the other hand is oof… even the best ones are still only slightly above average imo. I hope they go a completely different direction for gen 10.

No. 309149

File: 1689711641255.jpg (180.7 KB, 1500x900, pokemon_usum_395_missions_left…)

I think I'm the only person who prefers plaza lol
I loved running around there and collecting all the extra clothes from the other version, doing my daily lotteries and type matchup mini game!

No. 309190

File: 1689723992049.jpg (177.01 KB, 1134x1134, sleep_espeon.jpg)

not a fan of pokemon sleep but this online quiz is cute! pic for me result.


No. 309191

File: 1689724833641.jpg (178.64 KB, 1134x1134, result_img_vigoroth.jpg)

I got Vigoroth

No. 309195

A weeaboo tried to flirt with me using this shit.

No. 309196

File: 1689726619318.jpg (173.95 KB, 1134x1134, result_img_bulbasaur.jpg)

Bulbasaur is so cute

No. 309406

File: 1689798842394.jpeg (376.63 KB, 1050x785, 83740C52-9DAB-4BD0-A418-B006B7…)

Favourite evolution line? Picrel!

No. 309419

File: 1689803693773.jpg (674.98 KB, 1235x898, Pokémon.full.1865965.jpg)

Ralts line! They're all so cute and precious. It's like a happy family.

No. 309420

This! Gallade is my favorite pokemon. I went to the Pokemon center in Tokyo and I was really sad to see no Gallade stuff at all and they even excluded him from the wall art that had all the Pokemon evolution lines

No. 309431

File: 1689805680649.png (1.02 MB, 2276x1571, download.png)

I played Gen 5 but never continued beyond the 7th badge.

No. 309434

File: 1689806884788.png (131.51 KB, 1019x774, download1.png)

We are the opposite!

No. 309439

based taste nona. I love the ralts line!

No. 309622

File: 1689871035868.jpg (109.87 KB, 800x533, sewaddle.jpg)

It's not actually my no.1 fave line but I adore all of them and think they are underrated so my pick is the sewaddle line!

No. 309627

File: 1689871850278.jpg (443.22 KB, 738x520, __magnemite_magneton_and_magne…)

I love the Magnemite line… I'm neutral on Magneton TBH, but I find Magnemite and Magnezone adorable in a goofy way.

No. 309672

File: 1689886200861.jpeg (243.65 KB, 1104x1859, 112FE2A6-6AA5-4C68-A708-6DCE22…)