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File: 1646340578922.jpg (66.27 KB, 595x483, 1646340527125.jpg)

No. 186862[Reply]

This is a thread to post all our favorite female content creators! All kinds of female talent welcome, from animators and artists to vloggers and video makers, and anything in between. Post your favorite youtube channels, blogs, instagrams, twitch streams, etc. A short description is always appreciated.
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No. 261315

if she's debating people online she is not mentally well please be serious

No. 261506

>neither a libfem, radfem or a tardthot pick-me

Let me guess, she's en enlightened centrist ? Anyone who does streaming for a living is a weirdo.

No. 261512

she identifies as a moderate and she's actually an academic who streams for fun

No. 261635

Recommending some of my favorite channel that are more on the obscure side

No. 261636

EvenBadWolves Gaming is a channel I just subscribed too a week ago, she does mostly game story recaps but also makes videos on her personal feelings about certain games and what they mean for her

File: 1665774949123.png (1.06 MB, 800x691, anyataylorjoy1.png)

No. 247412[Reply]

Can we remake the Cute girls Thread? It doesn't match the "Women I'd like to f", and the old one is from 4y ago.
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No. 258123

File: 1669486518480.jpeg (2.06 MB, 2000x3014, 2DD9E464-718E-41E7-B381-65B06E…)

looking for pics of edie and seeing andy warhol is the biggest jumpscare ever oh how i hate that nasty ugly homosexual man

No. 258959

i used to watch peter pan repeatedly when i was 8, and i would look for her in every scene and wonder how nice it would be to kiss her

No. 258961

File: 1669679055836.jpg (63.69 KB, 600x849, FOm17SAaUAYKpfR.jpg)

anna yamada

No. 261623

File: 1670438209525.jpg (825.2 KB, 1300x1728, saskia-10.jpg)

Saskia van Rijswijk, who was a Muay Thai champion and Hong Kong action film actress, she was used as a inspiration for King from the King of Fighter series

No. 261646

King was my main was I played KOF in arcades. this is so cool to know!! thank you.

File: 1646237741032.jpg (219.48 KB, 720x891, 94db11942c071f0534d1a58c092fed…)

No. 186701[Reply]

Discuss here your mangos while /m/ is still kill
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No. 258930

File: 1669670510286.jpg (159.82 KB, 1200x675, 1669669752009612.jpg)

Speaking of Urasawa, now that France is finally releasing the volumes I am thinking of getting them unless my own country will finally decide to do so as well. From what I have heard about it it's pretty wholesome.

Has anybody here already read it?

No. 258950

Yawara is really fun and cute. I read it forever ago but remember liking it

No. 261095

File: 1670283404767.jpeg (132.63 KB, 478x741, 1395618A-F246-40D7-84AB-C83623…)

Not the most blatant example, but I hate how women in Blue Period are so fetishized and everyone is a manic artist pixie dream girl uwu
Especially when they ALL do this stupid pose

No. 261175

Blue Period got really weird when all these characters were suddenly introduced after MC went to college. Everything got too messy for me, I hate character flooding. Like, they're all just excuses to draw some quirky "type" and nothing is really explored to make me care about them… MC was pretty shallow too but I was hoping for growth.

No. 261614

>I hate character flooding
Damn me too, this is a turn off. I liked the anime quite much and thought of picking it up. Will probably do one day, but there is a high chance I won't like that either because an abundance of characters is one of the main reasons for why I usually drop.

File: 1670421862221.jpg (81.51 KB, 750x1334, 196f2830fc20009daf23959d4f2d14…)

No. 261529[Reply]

previous thread

No. 261532

No. 261533

as someone who had a turbulent relationship with their own mother and grew up without many friends, this songs always make me cry, as its something I never had but also something I want to give to my own child

No. 261537

a lot of people hate joanna newsom's voice but her songs are like oral epics to me. this song is about the fleetingness of life, tied up with the theme of a dog burying her bone and hoping to save it for later

No. 261566

No. 261570

included in my playlist for my long gone cat. i cry to it for hours on end

File: 1649065676294.jpg (53.92 KB, 340x277, 1639169624081.jpg)

No. 194634[Reply]

Old thread:

A thread for posting WOMEN ONLY indie artists and musicians you feel need more recognition or just like.

>Post examples of their work and if needed a brief description.

>Any type of art is welcomed.
>This isn't a milk thread, you can go to the "Indie Band Cows General"
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No. 215322

Also, what do nonnie think of youth code? I really liked them, but was super disappointed in this most recent release. It felt… cheesy? Just lacking any originality they had.

Sarah has an amazing stage presence and they’re so fun to see live.

No. 261446

I usually fucking hate youtube's recommendation algorithm but i must admit they got it right for once. The music video is kind of amateur but the song is dope and the plot about killing johns is based (and unexpected. But it looks like she's from eastern Europe so that might explain a lot). Hell yeah. Anyway just wanted to share for any nonnies who might also like it

No. 261522

oh anon. you took me back to my teenage punk years.
i always liked this band. it's got two women and a dude for vocalists but the women stood out to me so much. they are so loud and discordant and i love it. was really great to hear as a self-hating teen

No. 261523

melt-banana, female vocalist and female bass player, love em

No. 261524

all female japanese noise rock

File: 1669662821438.jpeg (18.07 KB, 480x360, the head.jpeg)

No. 258875[Reply]

Share your weird or nightmare inducing characters and tv shows from when you were a kid.
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No. 261057

god, this scene always really distressed me as a kid. the way the little toon shoe squeaks and whimpers… the way it looks up at Christopher Lloyd's character so imploringly as it's forced to die a slow, presumably painful death… absolutely terrible. ;_;

No. 261081

File: 1670279102743.jpg (3.41 MB, 1365x2048, MV5BNzQwMDM2MjE4N15BMl5BanBnXk…)

It was only heavily promoted to children and not technically a children's show but a lot of Doctor Who freaked me the fuck out as a child. Especially the episode where they went to the mars base. For a while I was convinced the suicide scene at the end was only a deleted scene I had remembered from somewhere and was shocked when I watched it again as an adult and it was actually in the episode.

No. 261238

yeah i genuinely thought myself too that i must have made it up, that it possibly couldn't be as bad as i remembered but no it is real. the nightmare part starts at 7:30

No. 261247

DW is kind of infamous for spooking kids sometimes, yeah. That was among my favourite episodes for being so dark, I always respected shows that didn't shy away from the topic without shoving morals down your throat or doing it for the edge, although tbh that might be because I had shit absent parents and had to learn how to deal with heavy shit like that through TV.

No. 261499

It was like a real life rpg with cgi of the time. One kid was in the medieval world with a helmet on so they couldn’t see, and the other three would be in the real world giving directions from room to room and solving puzzles. This was your life counter that would show if something bad happened and you didn’t get away from the deadly room/witch/etc. Or if you had daft friends, vidrel.

File: 1646665097842.jpg (248.2 KB, 1280x720, Asobi Asobase - 04 - Large 36.…)

No. 187564[Reply]

Want to diss some ships? Have any particular tropes you dislike? Annoyed by how the fandom treats certain pairings? Feel free to rant about anything NOTP related here.
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No. 256205

And the shippers always manage to be the worst people in fandom somehow as well

No. 259454

it's so weird because I even liked daemon in the first episodes and started to think I could tolerate the two of them together, then he killed rhea (rip legend) and took rhaenyra to the brothel, left her there, then kissed her at her wedding, once again left her there while criston moidraged and I was like this man is even insaner than thought before and I don't think he cares about her at all. Alicent really is her best option, which is funny because they made that up on the spot.

No. 259508

Also notice how the lesbian aged fast and died in her early 20s. Her only purpose was to improve life for the breeders. The show was pretty damn clear about its themes and the themes sucked ass.
Also notice how Zorome and his gf are the only ones not pro-creating and she is also having grey hair but not him, basically blaming the women for no kids. And the villains were asexuals that had to die, so not being gay isn't enough, not pro-creating alone is giving you the death penalty. I am honestly surprised that outside of LC I never saw people picking that up when it couldn't be more obvious.

No. 259510

Really? I've seen it picked apart all over the place, the whole "Abe Shinzo funded it part as his population replacement campaign" memes and conspiracies took off. It's only teen boys that got hard over 02 going "dahling" and e-girls cosplaying that act like this anime had anything else going on, or even a romance plot. I mean it's not so much subtext but characters clearly stating that human liberation can only be achieved by pairing up men and women and fucking.

No. 261484

that's why chichi is a cuckqueen for kakavege. or a fujo

File: 1648107443984.jpg (118.87 KB, 906x510, VN.JPG)

No. 191784[Reply]

A thread to discuss old, new and timeless visual novels of any kind.
>talk about what you like
>talk about what you hate
>share your favourite VNs
>share recommendations
>ask for recommendations
Also pls no infighting pls pls
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No. 261432

File: 1670379768165.jpg (3.03 MB, 2441x3479, Aoi.Shiro.full.717988.jpg)

Damn I was looking up the reading time for Aoi Shiro because I wanted to recommend someone this VN since it's one of the best I have read and now I coincidentally see that it's not only getting a remaster and official English release, Akai Ito, an older VN by the same team, is getting the same treatment.
The latter was never translated afaik so this is fucking awesome, I always wanted to read this.

I would recommend Aoi Shiro to everybody that likes yuri, supernatural things and Japanese mythology. I cannot really describe it, it's not exactly horror, but not far from it either. The atmosphere it had was cool, I was interested finding more hints that explained the characters and mysteries and the title is fitting because most of it takes place in the night, so many scenes have this blue hue that made it special.

Think it was also the only VN with I think 40 and more different bad endings where you had to play every one of them to understand 100% of the story. I like it when bad ends aren't shitty 5 minute scenes without CGI but story relevant.

No. 261447

Is it true that this game has a lot of troon shit in it? It's hard to get a clear answer without outing myself as a terf given how dense it seems to be and how prone to latching onto shit troons are.

No. 261479

There's one character born intersex, not trans though.

No. 261573

yeah that character intersex but it felt more like a tranny reveal

No. 261611

i read fata morgana before peaking, loved it to bits, and will continue loving it while mocking irl trannies from a feminist pov it has flaws, but i don't let it get in the way of my enjoyment. imo give it a try, if you dont like the vibe of the first door drop it

File: 1648762707889.jpg (258.59 KB, 1440x1085, 20220331_165406.jpg)

No. 193738[Reply]

Link to archived J-Music thread active at the time of the /m/assacre: >>>/m/14863

This will serve as a temporary (?) J-Music thread since weird things seem to be happening in the JRocker realm.

>Yoshiki broke up with his longtime Russian sugar baby Natasha/Natalya in December 2019 & ran back to Japan "until further notice" using the pandemic as an excuse, but flew back to LA quietly less than 3 months later like nothing happened

>…right as Russia invaded Ukraine?
>he also has yet another ~international superband~ project, "Yoshiki SUPERSTAR Project X, only this one is supposed to be a boy band. I guess some people just don't learn.
>Yoshiki also unfollowed Marilyn Manson on all his socials, despite their friendship going back decades and involving hide
>Kisaki is a literal pedophile. Literally. See archived thread link for more info bc I'm just not comfortable linking it myself
>Gackt suspended all activity indefinitely due to health isssues, moved back to Japan & is still an aging cringelord
>Miyavi (and Yoshiki) may be trolling Instagram to scam fans out of money and ideas, needs more investigation but apparently back in 2020 an anon was sent a DM by a Miyavi fake on IG who she claims was the real deal, & that he stole a bunch of ideas from her like Miyavi sake, Miyavi hair wax and that he styled his Imaginary tour backup dancer to look and dress like her
>A theory is that Miyavi and Yoshiki have been making fake private accounts since the onset of the pandemic to contact fans for ideas and to scam money from them. One Yoshiki fan lost over $100,000USD and then killed herself because she was convinced she was talking to the real Yoshiki, and she even received details about his Baccarat deal before the real Yoshiki ever announced it on his official channels. This apparently happened the day before Yoshiki posted the first story to his IG about "not having private accounts'.
>There's an IG account dedicated to keeping track of the Yoshiki fakes, @for_yoshiki_attention run by a Russian Yoshiki fan trying to get to the bottom of this (slow updates lately bc of the obvious)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 258268

>30 year old women reliving their lj days
that was too personal ouch

No. 260463

Jrock is really dead isn’t it? I miss the 2000s and early 2010s days.

No. 261474

I don't know what I was expecting but these sound like kpop songs with a twist

I guess I thought they would go for an older 90s/00s sound but maybe they're actually trying to court new fans

No. 261708

35 and me. But yeah, going just because. It's kinda wild how Yoshiki manages to stay afloat without releasing real music.

definitely died in 2010. I miss it too, but Japan doesnt like to advertise or do anything outside their country. there are so many good bands I never got the chance to see because they refuse to play overseas.

No. 261710

So happy Mana has been his unapologetic and unproblematic self for this long.

Yoshiki has another project? Sucks and rip to the vocalist, but that man jumps from project to project without completing anything. New Xjapan album never.
dont make me bring up Violet UK

File: 1661368695767.png (591.02 KB, 750x750, A Dance with Dragons by Rosefr…)

No. 233370[Reply]

discuss the books, the hbo series & spinoffs, media amd fan content
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No. 261176

Kek same I hate that ship

No. 261415

Because there's no evidence for or real canon content to support Aemond/Helaena (please correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't read F&B yet) but it's become popular with the twitter/tumblr crowd as a uwu softe incest ship that changes Aemond as a character imo. Aemond telling Aegon that if he was bethrothed to Helaena instead he'd "do his duty" isn't romantic, it reminds me of Stannis kek. But yeah I love Aemond as a character, I just prefer my ships to be spicier for lack of better word and find the whole Taylor Swift Hozier playlist she/they side of ASOIAF/HOTD fandom really annoying and tryhard

Let's be friends

No. 261448

I was asking what compels you to ship a mother and son

No. 261469

You and those like you quite literally are on the same level as pedo coomer moids and tifs. Dgaf about "BuT He'S an ADulT" or "My AU is that they arent related raises nerd lenses" its the same as the 100yr loli/shota argument. You are the reason womenkind cannot advance forward properly in this reality.

No. 261891

Harsh but I agree kek

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