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File: 1635035890110.jpg (73.49 KB, 1024x1024, lucy_airhead_airways__colored_…)

No. 166120

Post weird, gross, and stupid fetishes here so we don't clog the bad art thread. SPOILER anything upsetting or NSFW.

No. 167196

>three days later
>no posts

No. 184469

File: 1644048174119.jpeg (Spoiler Image,158.64 KB, 560x420, E57F595F-D1F3-494F-BF33-97B0B6…)

So we gonna actually start using this thread or…?

No. 184471

I sure hope so because I'm tired of checking the bad art thread to be greeted with fellatrix and hyper futa shit. Needs a containment thread for sure. I don't know why people were so against it

No. 184483

Me neither, anons got mad at this thread and ignored it for whatever reason and immediately started posting fetish art in the bad art thread anyway, nonsensical

No. 184484

File: 1644061123677.jpg (Spoiler Image,645.38 KB, 850x1917, whatthefuck.jpg)

same idk what the big deal was.even if the fetish abominations are intriguing,not everyone wants to see them

what the hell is this supposed to be?her limps are amputated and have nipples on their ends and she has extra nipple limps that work as legs/feet??

here's my contribution.dunno if it fits enough for this thread but it's fucked up enough.it's a headcanon about how smurfs reproduce in case anyone wants to avoid it kek

No. 184486

File: 1644062011832.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.89 MB, 3840x3840, 579049CF-73AD-4222-9D8E-7E6999…)

I guess it’s because if we used this one regularly it’d keep showing up on the front page and nobody else wants to see this shit. As long as this is all spoilered I don’t see an issue tho, still better than clogging the art thread.

No. 184514

File: 1644073485789.jpg (Spoiler Image,844.75 KB, 1023x1200, Futa Gyaru confess.jpg)

Thank fuck there's a thread for this crap and it's finally being used. I've wanted to share this abomination since forever. Ignore the cringe caption that was edited in (or not, it's so stupid it's hilarious).
I refuse to believe anyone would seriously make this as fap material. It's so fucking dumb.

>average fetish art by a male

This looked so normal and pretty well-drawn until the image loaded below the face kek

No. 184605

This pic makes me want to a-log

No. 185015

File: 1644246244619.gif (Spoiler Image,8.08 MB, 1096x1100, 2C935CA6-DE9D-42CF-B279-6EAD37…)

Reason 2453366533 why I hate deviantart

No. 185016

they allow THIS on deviantart now??

No. 185017

Kek wtf is this??

No. 185018

File: 1644248086724.jpeg (Spoiler Image,229.25 KB, 1000x719, you ever just.jpeg)

It's disgusting, but the legwarmer on the penis made me kek. I'll give the scrote a point for creativity

No. 185112


i bet it has like 1k favorites

No. 185213

He wants to suck it

No. 185949

File: 1644621848954.png (Spoiler Image,292.86 KB, 846x891, strangerthings hopper.png)

captioned: Y'all if I get crucified for this one, just know the coochie drew it, not me

No. 185951

File: 1644621900520.png (Spoiler Image,417 KB, 955x942, s.png)

this has 500+ likes on twitter

No. 185964

shidding on the haters

No. 330086

File: 1698229600442.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.28 MB, 3000x3551, Roku6enashi-147074270656582042…)

necroing to share this masterpiece

No. 330091

Who's the artist?

No. 330114

No. 330116

i hate that i immediately recognized it as rokudenashi

No. 330127

she was asking about the mpreg smurfs…

No. 330249

File: 1698275187440.jpg (Spoiler Image,828.65 KB, 2048x2235, Tumblr_l_229029680883515.jpg)

No. 330252

File: 1698275656735.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.38 KB, 827x644, reagan_ridley_revenge__by_macr…)

Footfags are so retarded imagine obsessing over fictional characters feet instead of actually having a life btw this artists draws foot fetish art of underage characters too

No. 330259

File: 1698280436324.jpg (Spoiler Image,319.57 KB, 900x1272, 13.jpg)

I love hate this artist
I like how he paints the skin and the level of detail in some drawings, but at the same time I'm desperate at how hard-core fetishist he is.
but well it shows that it's just a porn comedy

No. 330264

oh oops, it's hard to tell with all the spoiler images. but tbh rokudenashi would probably draw mpreg smurfs too.

No. 330269

File: 1698282980071.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.34 KB, 774x1032, barbie_girl_in_a_voracious_wor…)

Not even Barbie is safe from vore garbage seriously…wtf is this?

No. 330271

File: 1698283093086.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.29 KB, 885x903, muriel_by_alt_ninja25_dewa5qp-…)

They got Muriel too ,just how autistic can these vore artists get?

No. 330277

File: 1698286263122.jpg (630.08 KB, 4096x2304, Roku6enashi-127126385760910950…)

same anon he's one of my favourites artists by skill alone i laugh my ass off at his fucked weird use of his skills

No. 330428

File: 1698360405554.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.04 MB, 1455x1364, Tumblr_l_436167810438572.jpg)

Partycoffin is seething right now

No. 330429

File: 1698361584799.png (361.48 KB, 736x1169, Untitled14_20231026190631.png)

What am I looking at

No. 330437

kek is that saitama? why does he have poorly drawn hair

No. 330441

i think it's supposed to be a female edit lol, notice the breast

No. 330610

File: 1698434731082.png (689.66 KB, 1200x686, 1692634660.aquajack_comsale.pn…)

This same greasy degenerate draws inflation art of Sofia The First & diaper pound puppies art.absolutely disgusting.

No. 330618

File: 1698436779784.png (1.28 MB, 3236x2476, 2816550_tradicon666_giantess-t…)

No. 330619

File: 1698437033151.png (Spoiler Image,566.94 KB, 1280x1280, 1230369_ech0chamber_countryhum…)

I can feel the sheer autism from this

No. 330652

File: 1698444226172.jpg (247.78 KB, 1360x1860, i keep laughing looking at thi…)

I've had this saved for so long, so happy I can show it to the world. I will never understand why this is a fetish. Why is this arousing? How do you fuck a flattened person

No. 330656

File: 1698445195039.jpg (Spoiler Image,154.66 KB, 1280x597, 1667628219.dlrowdog_ケーキmatome.…)

Found this on Furaffinity,are all japanese fetish artists like this???wtf

No. 330657

File: 1698445386521.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 2200x1700, EeiqvUNVoAAOcq5.jpeg)

It gets worse…

No. 330667

idk man but when i think about shit like this i i feel great about my own sexual desires that i think are weird. thank god i am not THIS far removed from humanity

No. 330801

File: 1698507125542.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.16 KB, 1032x774, yukari_tanizaki_with_a_muscula…)

TERF queen Minamo

No. 330810

File: 1698509797455.jpg (142.4 KB, 969x825, daphne_and_samus_fart_on_champ…)

this one cracks me up, it's so fucking baffling. From the fucking weird tilted panelling, to it being, i assume, lupin husbandos. This is some bizarre stuff and i wish i could interview these people and ask them about how they developed such an specific fetish.

No. 330906

File: 1698527668263.jpg (370.38 KB, 1408x2048, F5Q4Yq0XIAAnjkZ.jpg)

No. 330981

File: 1698539561578.jpeg (Spoiler Image,138.51 KB, 900x666, Eaf9zF4UcAEBcAR.jpeg)

You know what's even more fucked up?Nonnas? This is obese fetish art of a real life person…Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax.why the fuck would anyone even draw this in the first place?!?

No. 330983

File: 1698539819470.png (Spoiler Image,38.76 KB, 450x623, FpxSpHmWAAMhLYB.png)

He's so unsexy & ugly,I don't get the appeal.cant believe there's vore art of him

No. 330985

File: 1698540078676.png (Spoiler Image,74.38 KB, 1483x829, F8_3WHLXIAALqdC.png)

Ew why

No. 330990

its TIFs and gay men who want to fuck him. its always their fault…

No. 331031

File: 1698556229348.jpeg (Spoiler Image,435.5 KB, 1902x2048, F0EcZVXWcAExDWB.jpeg)

Steddie shippers are uniquely insane, they're basically the same type of whackos who used to ship Klance. According to the OP, it's an "MTF!Steve/FTM!Monster!Eddie," with oviposition. They're not even the characters they're supposed to be fanart of anymore, might as well just draw weird porn of tranny OCs at that point.

No. 331033

i hate men but when i see art like this i never know if i hate tif art or tim art more

No. 331034

>TiF art or TiM art
Tranny art is vile in general, even when it isn't NSFW. They're a bunch of mentally ill autists with a million paraphilias, it's to be expected.

No. 331036

This person probably popped his first boner reading Flat Stanley and it was all downhill from there.

No. 331051

How did an entire generation of fangirls get memed into thinking trannies are sexy??? It truly boggles my mind. Like how do so many of them see a male character and think “He’s cute. You know what would make him even hotter? Turning him into a mentally ill Frankenstein’s monster with chest scars and a vagina or hormone moobs.” I don’t get it. Even the most terminally online girls a decade ago just drew male characters fucking each other and that was it. What is going on? I don’t know what’s worse: if they are all doing it for attention and social clout and it’s all an act, or they actually seriously find that stuff arousing. You can’t even write this stuff off as a niche fetish anymore. This is like the fandom standard now. It seriously is what slash shipping used to be. I can understand the appeal of slash shipping, it’s easy. Hot guyx2 wow. But what the hell is this? I can’t understand the appeal at all. Sorry to rant, but I swear if I see one more piece of fanart with top surgery scars, I’m going to snap.

No. 331087

No. 331259

File: 1698615784898.png (1.45 MB, 1574x1829, 14086f1917955235d76a.png)

No. 331274

for awhile, i was "okay" with trannies sexually and even into them. but nowadays when i see a tranny i just instantly think about how much they must stink and how mentally unstable and obnoxious they must be. so i don't think it's hot anymore. i will admit that sometimes i'm into "guy with a pussy" art that isn't a tranny, just some guy born with a pussy cuz that's a fun idea in fiction.

No. 331303

File: 1698631072033.jpg (Spoiler Image,367.06 KB, 1925x1726, Untitled.jpg)

how about this? it's leon/krauser… allegedlyy (i still censored dick just in case)

No. 331304

File: 1698631106370.png (Spoiler Image,112.82 KB, 346x544, e4770cc69b2c405c3326c6d8381e6a…)

this is what krauser looks like btw

No. 331306

File: 1698631303613.png (Spoiler Image,220.92 KB, 579x834, Screenshot 2023-10-29 190018.p…)

utterly deranged artist

No. 331313

Sometimes I think my sexual tastes are completely unconventional in every way but then I see shit like this and realize I'm normal

No. 331384

File: 1698684453067.png (Spoiler Image,358.32 KB, 1387x1168, 1689521020.jusosleep_218_sin_t…)


No. 331385

File: 1698684485125.jpeg (Spoiler Image,401.71 KB, 1885x2150, FtH6gfNWcAE0DNh.jpeg)

No. 331387

File: 1698684651228.png (Spoiler Image,2.94 MB, 1807x2039, 1692540809.resivirus_166862342…)

Why would they draw poor Mike Wazowski like this???

No. 331404

File: 1698689600838.jpg (150.58 KB, 1404x2048, EngrdfBXUAIApPW.jpg_large.jpg)

No. 331405

File: 1698689731218.jpg (120.78 KB, 1147x1200, EfWCsUMU4AAf5Id.jpg)

No. 331453

File: 1698701634346.jpeg (67.42 KB, 900x740, F5B54heXkAAMAcU.jpeg)

There's something about this "artist" that gives me zoophile vibes I don't know why

No. 331456

File: 1698701660757.jpeg (Spoiler Image,81.73 KB, 900x523, Fz8zaEQXwAAYt5q.jpeg)

No. 334224

File: 1699495477353.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.78 KB, 828x671, ruby_reference_sheet__sfw__by_…)

6 balloon tits for this abomination?

No. 334362

File: 1699561300026.png (Spoiler Image,541.08 KB, 890x466, lolll.png)

This Japanese artist just does gifs of girls being electrocuted and their skeletons. Oof.

No. 334363

File: 1699561324063.png (Spoiler Image,561.36 KB, 800x1131, wat.png)

I also found out about petrification fetish recently. ?!?!?!?!?

No. 334753

File: 1699677248615.png (78.04 KB, 256x256, m399v4r7br301.png)

I saw a fucked up kissing fetish animation from Fur affinity (I was looking for kissing references on Google) where a realistic looking feral horse kisses a man who then turns into a horse while still kissing the horse with a lot of drool…what the fuck is wrong with furries I don't think I want other anons to see the monstrosity i saw it was so disgustingly detailed

No. 335269

File: 1699844890205.png (Spoiler Image,864.68 KB, 1080x2295, Screenshot_20231112-210840~2.p…)

Found this on Etsy, someone (probably some worthless greasy manchild) wants this as a custom plush ew it costs almost $200

No. 336029

File: 1700142505826.png (Spoiler Image,2.98 MB, 2500x3500, 1482864_ber00_charlie-hazbin-h…)

Can't browse newgrounds without shit like this showing up

No. 337042

File: 1700450209444.jpg (Spoiler Image,126.35 KB, 1198x1382, F_FWCLxbAAAbZJb.jpg)

hot mlm porn

No. 337044

File: 1700451002938.jpg (196.56 KB, 540x1480, lana_s_family_on_mother_s_day_…)

This retarded moid has an eye popping fetish which I didn't even know existed until now.what the fuck is wrong with men?

No. 337052

anything in the world you can think of that involves a female body, there's a man out there who is 100% devoted to and obsessed with it. men need to be put in concentration camps until they can prove they aren't retarded.

No. 339396

File: 1701544649998.png (481.59 KB, 954x355, Screenshot 2023-12-02 111731.p…)

literally was just trying to find a pic of shiny fennekin cuz its pretty and stumbled across this fucking retard, i hate men, why are they so fucking braindead? how is this sexy? why do they want to have sex with animals so much?

No. 339493

there is another eye popping retard?! this has to be another guy, i remember the other one was waaay more skilled

No. 339962

File: 1701775330781.png (1.55 MB, 1280x960, fe9M7Ii.png)

There is so much retarded Sonic fetish art out there.

No. 339967

wtf is even fetishized here? giant cheeks? these images are so bizarre.
also notice how every time you stumble upon such individuals their entire galleries are nothing but uncanny fetish art. are deviantart coomers so autistic that they cannot post about literally anything other than their bizarrely specific fetishes?
what woman would even want this

No. 339986

>implying femdom is for women

No. 339992

i know but sissy shit is like the most egregious example of that

No. 340229

File: 1701891392098.png (Spoiler Image,232.31 KB, 375x442, _com__dommy_and_sissy_movie_ni…)


No. 340230

File: 1701891491071.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.39 KB, 640x905, jaiden-breast-expansión-2-by-a…)

Why can't retarded males leave JaidenAnimations alone?the semi realism in this creeps me out it's very much hideously grotesque and uncanny.

No. 340348

File: 1701928660189.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.11 KB, 393x2030, debt_1___story___by_lemonxchan…)

I don't want to know what this skin wearing/flesh wearing fetish is all about,it's so disgustingly disturbing that only a psychopathic murderer would have.this artist is also a pedo.this is completely accessible without a mature filter on DeviantArt btw.

No. 340350

Horrible but I can't help but laugh that the moid who drew this doesn't know what nipples look like. The only 2 he actually drew are obscured by mist or green???

No. 340354

ugh i despise this, i hate it when they draw "woman" only content but i hate it even more when they do this sort of stuff with a man, it's such an obvious psycho tranny fantasy

No. 340355

File: 1701929587733.png (Spoiler Image,882.37 KB, 2254x1000, 1619033824.blackshirtboy_occai…)

I hate TFfags so much
In their commission info says they won't draw any underage characters even though he drew Shinji turning into a woman and a man turning into Sailor Moon…eww.

No. 340357

The male brain is not only defective but primitive,that's why they always have such fuck up kinks and see nothing wrong with having them.

No. 340359

this is AI 100%

No. 340634

File: 1702025497107.png (644.67 KB, 1024x745, ijxeAtO.png)

No. 340635

Lol, I can't even. How does ANYONE find this sexy?

No. 340636

Oh shit. Body positivity was a mistake. Let's go back to shaming anyone who isn't conventionally attractive, PLEASE.

No. 340971

File: 1702177669720.jpg (81.56 KB, 828x531, mommy_long_legs_by_albatroswar…)


No. 340973

File: 1702178019571.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.73 KB, 941x1200, F84OdSNXkAAi0Fs.jpg)

This popped up even with SafeSearch on.

No. 340974

File: 1702178294350.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.86 KB, 850x687, 9af3ce2236e0ef1bbd7ee9339387ea…)

This also counts as bad art because this is just horribly drawn too.her boobs look like two giant eyeballs,the badly drawn legs and feet..I could go on.

No. 341012

File: 1702191558535.png (1.22 MB, 1024x2048, Jack_Krauser__28RE4R_29_Render…)

anon you dumbass, it's not that they made him fat, that's an extremely male character they turned into a disgusting troon.

No. 341135

File: 1702245379844.jpg (295.65 KB, 1280x854, 1381003815.riproarrex_scoobydo…)

Only a zoophile would find this attractive

No. 341136

There are people attracted to scooby doo?????

No. 341137

i wouldn't find Scooby-Doo attractive not even if i was a desperate porn rotted moid and they gijinka him into a 90000 years old balloon boobs waifu

No. 341174

File: 1702260134399.png (326.95 KB, 696x1000, 1642449334.badroy_01_nonsm.png)


No. 341194

File: 1702264156702.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.51 MB, 3579x1915, 1517059296.half-dude_big_girls…)

I despise everything about this

No. 341200

>it's literally a car
>still needs to have boobs
men are SO retarded

No. 341202

No. 341955

File: 1702499061151.png (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 1500x1122, 67i8mq.png)

They got grimace too

No. 341957

File: 1702499940112.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.59 KB, 828x481, aynocorrinda11_request__5_by_f…)

Wtf is this insanity?

No. 341995

Men are such bizarre creatures.

No. 342127

File: 1702528533125.png (5.61 MB, 4523x1851, 1649598837.axiomtf_charliemorn…)

Absolutely retarded

No. 342129

Some companies could make an actual terrifying and disturbing horror videogame if they took inspiration from stuff like that

No. 342166

File: 1702551517505.png (691.51 KB, 845x508, balloon fetish turian.PNG)

No. 342964

File: 1702801514895.jpg (Spoiler Image,175.25 KB, 1582x1278, GBGHx8nXwAEdCt5.jpg)

No. 343101

File: 1702859269450.jpg (59.79 KB, 828x633, louanne_s_big_problem_by_skale…)

Turns out that the artist is a greasy,smelly,fatass in irl.

No. 343102

File: 1702859828023.png (452.75 KB, 827x786, funky_feet_by_chujam_dec1ioi-4…)


No. 343864

File: 1703112970628.jpg (170.7 KB, 751x1065, elsa_mask_transformation_by_na…)

Retarded men and their retarded fetishes,how exactly is this supposed to make someone horny???

No. 344645

File: 1703460838466.jpg (Spoiler Image,442.96 KB, 1200x1137, dumb.jpg)

a brain broken by supernormal stimuli

No. 344648

His feet mKe up most of his body weight, and are probably bigger than his dick.

No. 344750

File: 1703532591907.png (2.79 MB, 2600x2600, 114059807_p0.png)

my fucking sides

No. 344761

and still a huge chunk if not most of the fanbase will be tf fetish coomers

No. 344947

File: 1703617615742.jpg (Spoiler Image,209.7 KB, 2048x1529, male characters btw.jpg)

no misgendering

No. 344949

File: 1703617649976.png (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 1995x2000, still male btw.png)

i wonder if they think liking this stuff makes them more masculine

No. 344956

Some of this stuff is genuinely horrifying, I wish some of them would just pursue horror art instead with how insane they are at grotesque details

No. 344957

The lengths some people will go to just to draw a male character with boobs and a vagina and still have the gall to call the character male will never not be funny to me.

No. 344959

I just wonder, do they all learn how to draw grotesque shit for the coom? Or do they all know how to draw grotesque shit but they all just happen to get into disgusting fetishes?

No. 344998

i think it's fat ftm cope, they know they'll never have a masculine muscular body so they try to sexualize their fat by pretending it's just a big bouncy ass and tits

No. 345052

File: 1703643723526.png (3.08 MB, 1687x2184, 1703286034.immelmann_002805_fa…)

The art is bad too

No. 345243

File: 1703729108344.png (Spoiler Image,2.59 MB, 2145x1718, 1699813062.bunearyk_espeoncomm…)

It's very bizarre and gross to see furries sexualize the four legged pokemon animals,I guess anthro art wasn't already bad enough.

No. 345244

File: 1703729295337.png (Spoiler Image,771.21 KB, 1310x980, 1703504672.roppu_20231121skeb-…)

I'll never understand Pokemon fetish art but a lot of it are drawn by obvious zoophiles.

No. 345760

File: 1703958522209.jpg (97.03 KB, 994x814, retard.jpg)

found some fucking retard whose brain is overtaken by the extremely specific fetish of "woman helps kid/teen get through a tight space". men are so fucking retarded i hate them

>Imagine you're a teenage kid, being lifted up so you can crawl through some small shoulder-high opening. In this position, you're giving Ellie an unrestricted view of your rear end, after your head and shoulders disappear inside it. As she hears you make soft, muffled grunts of exertion, she might sneak an opportunity to take in the sight of your delicious curves, mere inches from her face as she holds you aloft; and she might even notice how delightful your natural scent is. Then as you slip through the opening to your hips, she hears more muffled grunts, sees a few meek kicks of your legs, and finally the muffled cry of, "I'm stuck!" The cause would be blatantly obviously, as your prominent rear and developing hips eclipse the opening, unable to fit through it. At this point, social norms are thrown completely out the window, since you both are completly reliant on each other to solve this problem. With the clock ticking in this perilous situation, the only thing for it is for her to plant her palms on those warm, pliant cheeks, spread her thumbs and fingers for a good grip, and start pushing…

>Stuckage is a form of involuntary restraint, with a heavy ass-focus and elements of sensory depravation, struggling, and embarrassment. Essentially, a character must pass completely through some small hole, to solve some critical problem, or to advance the plot. The problem is, the character in question is unable to fit their lower half through said hole; which awkwardly draws the plot's spotlight away from the initial adventure, and focuses it instead upon their ass. Ultimately, the victim would finally become unstuck, but not after copious amounts of pushing and degrading troubleshooting by their helper. For example, manhandling their rear, removing clothing, applying a lubricant (vaseline, lotion, butter, etc) to their hips (and/or to the sides of the opening), providing the stuckee something to pull on (or bringing in another character or two to help on either end), waiting several days (to slim down, let any swelling settle down, to wait for help, etc), or any other concept we might come up with! While popular in pornography, overtly lewd themes do not interest me in these settings. Instead, I am very much here to tap into the emotional experience of the predicament, while leveraging teamwork in a way that friends realistically would. However, I love the embarrassment of the stuckee displaying their bottomless lower half to their helper(s), who must then push against bare skin; consequently spreading their cheeks and incidentally exposing private parts!

No. 345779

she doesnt even look like she's stuck that vent look it could fit both of them pretty easily

No. 345781

one of the creepiest things i've ever read wtf

No. 345782

yeah for some reason the "innocent" fetishes where nothing overtly sexual is happening really freak me out, someone being SO obsessed with it is really scary. serial killer vibes

No. 345942

File: 1704069419263.png (2.48 MB, 2027x1817, 1673386304.two-ton-neko_madam_…)

Prune boobs 2
I can't look up simple Disney stuff without repulsive results from Furaffinity I even saw beastiality art that was not even blurred by Google,fuck you Google Images.

No. 346416

File: 1704329732867.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1200x1275, 1677134010.diggermantg_nickimi…)

What the fuck is this?This is so disgusting and racist why is this a thing?

No. 346484

Why is her uterus in her chest? Moids are mentally ill.

No. 346500

The fucking foot peeking out of the bottom right figure. They look like a troll doll. This artist used to draw normal porn a few years ago and the acceleration to those freaky proportions and grotesque sex acts happened fast. Eating and breathing porn will do that too you IG.

No. 346561

File: 1704405268099.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.75 KB, 1041x1717, 3.JPG)

It’s fucking bionicles

No. 346586


No. 346855

File: 1704521924541.gif (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 636x598, dorse.gif)

I found these things called ''dorse'' . They seem to be some form of super autistic fetish species, and there are thousands of images of female characters transforming into dorses. I have been trying to find where did these things come from to no avail, it's like a creepypasta without an author.

No. 346860

Theyre a /d/ staple, I think the d in dorse comes from /d/ even (I hate that I know this)

No. 346969

This is why all male autists should be aborted how do you even get turned on by this in the first place??

No. 346980

File: 1704592905219.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1242x2130, IMG_2538.jpeg)

If you want a goldmine for this, go on 4chans /d/ board. The catalogue alone has disgusting art

No. 347233

Jfc these are all so weirdly specific. We need to lock these moids up in a zoo and study them.

No. 347479

File: 1704809674748.png (Spoiler Image,455.16 KB, 542x768, ok.png)

found another "sick fuck who gets off on small things being abused" fetishist but this time it's a weird monster

No. 347480

that thing deserves to be beaten to death actually

No. 347488

I expected so much worse when I opened that spoiler, you have no idea kek

No. 347510

lol, yeah it’s pretty ugly but their whole gallery is abuse and molesting of this thing, kinda scary

No. 347802

Wtf, the whole gallery? What's their username?

No. 348009

I feel bad for it, he/she even drew a fucking butthole on it.

No. 348189

File: 1705099274315.jpg (158.2 KB, 850x478, sample_32e5eca082e33f5d3885be9…)

No. 348191

kek please post gallery

No. 348197

Poor Suezo lol… these things do reek of animal abuse.

No. 348203

its basically animal abuse in all but name. its the same as touhou fans who make yukkuri abuse art.

No. 348205

can't find the gallery but i found more by this "artist"
not even gonna post it here because it's vile and like >>348203 said it feels like thinly veiled baby animal abuse


No. 348207

File: 1705106781123.jpg (Spoiler Image,228.73 KB, 1200x845, Fqk-EX3WYAACN7r.jpg)

holy fuck anyone who draws this shit needs to be killed by firing squad

No. 348244

File: 1705117260530.png (Spoiler Image,2.37 MB, 2189x1683, 1694213209.crestdraggy_creeper…)

Creeper doesn't deserve this, how mentally retarded you have to be getting horny to this?.

No. 348245

File: 1705117440413.jpg (97.06 KB, 827x916, king_sized_kinger_by_remvelvet…)

No. 348250

Kek why are autists like that

No. 348252

File: 1705120316134.png (Spoiler Image,374.66 KB, 675x689, wt.png)

Artist on Skeb (japanese art commission website) who seems to only draw characters as inanimate objects like cloth and sofas.

No. 348258

File: 1705122542474.jpg (63.61 KB, 888x900, it-was-all-just-a-matter-of-ti…)

Found another one unfortunately

No. 348263

Usually the divide between fiction and reality is obvious, but I can’t help but shake the feeling that moids who enjoy small creature abuse art are a step shy of those moids who paid for baby monkey torture videos

Why does this make me feel so much pity for a Minecraft character?

No. 348264

i always assume they tortured their pet hamster as a kid. fucking psychos

No. 348269

File: 1705126242129.jpg (163.14 KB, 960x1280, 1477241086.darkzeus_hni_0024.j…)

Why is his foot hairy?

No. 348272

File: 1705126466044.png (815.91 KB, 1213x1280, 1671189971836.png)

No. 348274

imo what makes these particularly disturbing is the way he took pains to render the fear and terror on the creature's face. you can tell he gets off to it

No. 348281

That's supposed to be wrinkly skin texture, but the artist isn't practiced enough to convey that. It tells me that the person who drew it still had time to turn back at the time of making that particular drawing, since the foot texture isn't in 4K HD.

No. 348383

File: 1705166725282.png (415.36 KB, 1280x1201, zbnffEr.png)

apparently quicksand fetish is a thing.

No. 348386

this is some of the most american autism art I've seen outside of 9/11 tributes

No. 348395

Wow. That is actually vile. This person needs to be kept far away from animals and children

No. 348400

The fact that moids will sexually fixate on specific things they see in cartoons as children creeps me out. Like even in elementary school they're gearing up to be unhinged sex weirdos.

No. 348403

>there are two wolves inside of you

No. 348410

I like that the look on her face portrays that she's only mildly annoyed and inconvenienced to be shoulder-deep in quicksand while trying to perform.

No. 348432

>>348272 you should have spoiler it
Anyone who is into this is a damn zoophile,it's fucking repulsive.human vore is already bad enough but feral animal vore is crossing the line.do they find real life animals eating other animals hot too?I'm sure they do.

No. 348438

File: 1705182390684.png (Spoiler Image,294.06 KB, 900x750, full.png)

Spoiler because Haram NSFL

(i mean it)

No. 348442

what the actual fucking hell.

No. 348445

File: 1705184429644.png (273.29 KB, 1920x1719, larr.png)

bronies being a blight on humanity as per usual

No. 348447

Christ I had forgotten about fluffy ponies, that and baby smurfs is the go to example of batshit insane male autism.

No. 348464

there was a debacle about some famous reptile youtuber who was a vorephile, he had a giant anaconda who was purposely kept unhealthy so it would drool constantly because the owner found it "hot", and he was discovered to be feeding inappropriate things to the snake and keeping count of it like puppies and small dogs, and he had a whole deviantart gallery full of edits he made of dogs being eaten by snakes. it was fucking revolting and deranged. i hate men.

No. 348465

holy shit anon do you remember his name?

No. 348471

File: 1705189511537.jpeg (Spoiler Image,184.98 KB, 600x888, 22A257FF-FA18-465D-A158-3F0B1A…)

I can’t tell if this is scrote art or a weird joke. I want to kill myself

No. 348472

Probably neither, Japanese women just draw their self inserts like that.

No. 348475

it was just called "reptile channel". huge nsfl warning if you decide to google about him

No. 348487

File: 1705194229483.png (Spoiler Image,4.12 MB, 1860x2630, 1578522425.inkanyamba_just_a_t…)

Furries claim they don't want to fuck animals yet drawn insane realistic shit like this.what is it with snakes and vore? this is disturbing it doesn't help how detailed everything is.

No. 348490

Plenty of cute guys in TWST and this person chose to draw grim this way….why….

No. 348620

What kind of mental illness causes someone to be into vore?

No. 348697

File: 1705282427018.jpeg (Spoiler Image,564.12 KB, 575x789, 1691728634721.jpeg)

NSFL, fluffy pony abuse comics are the worst example of this. Actual disgusting moidslop. Ik it's a hidden board but how the fuck is the /sty/ thread still up? Anyone whos into this, or has been into this needs to be shot on site idc

No. 348742

File: 1705313422302.png (657.43 KB, 1024x665, 7EnQkbW.png)

No. 348744

Topkek this is hilarious. If the giant tits didn't make it so obvious that this is some retards fetish art this would be rad.

No. 348768

i dont disagree with you but
>insanely realistic
nigga thats just a well-rendered kaa from the jungle book cartoon kek

No. 348952

File: 1705362998792.png (Spoiler Image,155.02 KB, 1280x720, 1522431117.topkekm9_city_3b.pn…)

Plane vore is also a fetish among these retarded autists.

No. 349004

File: 1705388119542.png (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 1414x684, v312t.png)

TIMs who take photos of random men (sometimes young boys) and edit them into female bodies.

No. 349137

File: 1705444513797.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.75 KB, 374x543, _cm__no_way_fag_2__vore_eproct…)

Why do they do this to Leon tho?

No. 349203

Kaa from the Jungle Book broke generations of people. I remember seeing so much hypno fetish shit with him on the Internet when I was younger.

No. 349366

That's how it feels to work in customer service.

No. 349396

File: 1705545490647.png (465.23 KB, 1000x1000, 1566065330.da~blueguy_2.png)

No. 349413

I can't believe this made me feel so disguted that I had to hide this dumbass shit.

No. 349476

File: 1705573979139.png (966.98 KB, 720x978, Uaf1Gh6.png)

No. 349503

This one isn't so bad, maybe he likes it platonically.

No. 349506

>feels platonic

No. 349512

What do you have against Pandemonium-san?

No. 349587

I don't think any man who has a flat fetish has realistic expectations on what he is physically capable of in relation to the flattened woman.

No. 350341

File: 1705849815175.png (396.9 KB, 828x1071, 1swpcKB.png)

apparently genie fetishes are a thing,

No. 350343

I actually like genie men tbh.

No. 350365

Why is everything that has existed in cartoons somehow a fetish?

No. 350389

something about this is really hilarious and innocent at least

No. 350511

autism ofc

No. 350674

File: 1705957693698.png (Spoiler Image,874.02 KB, 999x800, HADiiE7.png)


No. 350678

File: 1705957993406.jpeg (Spoiler Image,947.19 KB, 828x920, IMG_0186.jpeg)

Who the actual fuck would ever get something like this permanently on their body? Also, aren’t a few of the princesses minors?

No. 350696

File: 1705960185529.png (623.83 KB, 610x1016, ff0442ef10a59d54bc3886d3d569fe…)

Almost all of the ones pictured here are. The oldest one here is Cinderella (19), and the youngest is Snow White (14). So that's… yeah.

No. 350862

This is hot actually

No. 350879

File: 1706067295682.jpg (156.59 KB, 1024x768, 5e2babf8364b72c444fb5a7a1bc570…)

>MLP shirt
Of course

No. 350880

File: 1706067441446.jpg (29.52 KB, 400x554, kim_kardashian_blueberry_infla…)

Blueberry tf fetishes are hilariously retarded

No. 350881


No. 350883

File: 1706069312629.gif (2.07 MB, 640x640, AB4AA0FC-F5AF-449C-B123-FCFA51…)

What is your logic here anon

No. 351181

File: 1706191255000.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.11 KB, 1280x1555, 40.jpg)

No. 351197

that artist went to jail for being too degenerate

No. 351205

I heard he got sent to a chinese labor camp, I wish every nation had that.

No. 351753

File: 1706416424308.png (Spoiler Image,2.75 MB, 2201x1674, 1686184859.fox0808_birdo_ych_c…)


No. 351754

For real?

No. 352115

File: 1706586024735.jpg (71.11 KB, 750x875, teasing_clawroline_by_killhalo…)

No. 352124

nta but yes, I still remember twitter coomers being so distraught over it, taking about how evil china was

No. 352386

File: 1706703303216.png (Spoiler Image,361.49 KB, 850x850, ShK1Wzs.png)

No. 352389

Kek why.

No. 352596

File: 1706774669908.png (340.73 KB, 719x691, GDxsZ3ibkAA7Q22.png)

I will never understand why moids find absurd-looking prolapsed anus "lips" like picrel hot. Supernormal stimuli, maybe. Couldn't even tell what the hell these were supposed to be until I read the caption.

No. 352628

I thought that was supposed to be Ikuina x Towa fanart at first.

No. 352630

File: 1706800117691.png (403.58 KB, 720x1244, 8XhgPWb.png)

No. 352672

That's Larry for Sally Face isn't it…

No. 353130

File: 1706935075915.jpg (112.47 KB, 540x764, tumblr_e5bc6d878f0c33aecd66694…)

Did he swallow a car tire?

No. 353200

File: 1706979085469.jpg (18.52 KB, 735x329, b9d11e549593c9d527e61b44b86b1b…)

I checked out this guy's nhentai gallery out of morbid curiosity and vomit inducing isn't the word. I couldn't stare at any of it for too long because it made me so, so fucking sick. I can't even begin to fathom how porn rotted his brain is. Literally nothing can rival this, not even dorses. No amount of labor would've ever been enough, he needs to be euthanized.

No. 353208

Scrotes like this deserve to be flayed alive. I used to believe no one could possibly be worse than Jun Hayami, and since then, I have been proven wrong several times. There is no hope.

No. 354142

File: 1707258944496.jpg (434.4 KB, 828x824, df611ep-3e6ed458-b3c0-413e-a06…)

I cannot grasp this one at all

No. 354533

File: 1707410836598.jpg (136.7 KB, 1015x787, marynn_locks_brigitte_by_loenr…)

Wtf is even happening here?

No. 354534

another day in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 354552

File: 1707418752373.png (Spoiler Image,487.32 KB, 603x626, Screen_Shot_2023-07-06_at_10.2…)

No. 354651

File: 1707452651027.png (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 1997x1969, 1707164942270810.png)

don't even know what to say. highly nsfw

No. 354654

omfg anon, u had me laughing out loud

No. 354658

I've scrolled past this like three times and only now am I beginning to realize that it's some kind of… wedgie fetish? Not sure how it turned her butt backwards, but I think that's what it's supposed to be.

No. 354660

The man who drew this needs to be put in glass box and studied like Hannibal Lecter.

No. 354662

This is somehow more gross and unsettling than guro. I think it’s the attempt to make everything seem cute and sexy except there’s bizarrely detailed cartoon physics. It’s a bunch of pretty and shiny and clean anime bitches with their gigantic veiny eyes exploding out of their heads.

No. 354696

Anyone have a link with info about this? I love a happy ending.
I don't know what you're referring to, but I feel like I will regret it if I google the name to find out.

No. 354969

File: 1707603819969.png (Spoiler Image,2.96 MB, 2484x1484, 1685203188.sokz_kuromirender.p…)

What the fuck

No. 356662

File: 1708126839421.jpg (355.46 KB, 1280x1280, 1000008165.jpg)

No. 356664

File: 1708127218961.png (1.14 MB, 1280x720, 1000008164.png)

No. 356672

spoiler this shit
also it looks like ai tbh

No. 356686

They were both made in 2015 so sorry, this was thought up and drawn by a human being. Moid sexuality can just be that bizarre.

No. 356765

And it's rendermaxxed to hell too what the fuck.

Why can't male coomers use their precious time to find a cancer cure or something.

No. 356766

Bruh, I just realized the countries' flag printed on the suits. Artist is probably a race fetishist too eeeeew.

No. 357013

File: 1708292362702.jpg (28.01 KB, 828x465, adopt_10__sold_____by_cailauni…)

Why do people unironically buy coomer garbage like this?why willing waste your money on something like this?shaped like a god damn heart.

No. 357030

File: 1708297945031.jpg (Spoiler Image,344.26 KB, 2048x1610, wtf.jpg)

i love women but we are a different type of cringe
tranny kim kitsuragi being fucked by werewolf harry du bois

No. 357037

What's even supposed to be going on here? Is the alien cutting off their oxygen supply?

No. 357039

Paraphilias cluster, and autists are way more likely to have fetishes than non-autists. Autistic women are also way more likely to get roped into the troon cult. The sum of all that is that TiFs draw some of the most bizarre porn of any female artist. Hence weird shit like beastiality tranny ABO of disco elysium and tranny oviposition pregnancy porn of Stranger Things. Autistic troons collect fetishes like Pokémon cards.

No. 357041

KEK WHAT THE FUCK?????? Just how does one turn them into that??? Kek lmao wtf??? This is hilarious. What the fuck?

No. 357043

it makes me laugh how the werewolf has eyelashes, he looks like those yassified normie memes

No. 357046

File: 1708303039585.jpg (206.68 KB, 1280x906, tf2__tentaspy_vs_tentascout_by…)

it makes me think of the way so many women draw weird fantasy AUs of characters turning them into mermaids or whatever. so bizarre and unappealing yet it always happens
tentaspy comes to mind

No. 357058

I wish there were some way of knowing what the rate of teratophilia is among women. So many tawdry romances about vampires, werewolves, aliens, etc. are made for (and often by) women. I think it's a reflection of how women are socialized to see the good in people and overlook superficial flaws, a thought process that unfortunately causes a lot of women to settle for worthless moids who don't deserve them. It's the same reason why so many horse girl stories involve the main character befriending the ~untameable wild horse~. A lot of women just like the idea of being the only one who understands the guy they're into. I think women are also averse to risk-taking, so instead we just fantasize about risky scenarios like dating a werewolf or mothman or whatever to satisfy a desire for thrills.

No. 357095

What exogenous testosterone does to female sexuality

No. 357154

imagine this being your take away from de kek what is wrong with these mfs

No. 357323

File: 1708437976951.jpg (Spoiler Image,752.08 KB, 1998x1879, 116198428_p0.jpg)

Apparently degenerate genderswap pedo incest art is her whole thing. The period fetish might be new though.

No. 357329

is that gojo?

No. 357354

File: 1708453012998.jpg (393.6 KB, 1846x2048, F8gCQHuWEAAkEOF.jpg)

Why Killua and Illumi out of all characters? kek what the fuck

No. 357394

File: 1708468359005.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 2009x1981, 116198428_p1.jpg)

Nah, like >>357354 said, it's female!Killua from HxH. She says in her comments that she just loves drawing fucked up stuff, and ig these two ticked enough of her kink/aesthetic boxes…?
I've seen her stuff before on Twitter; the gendies were swooning over it despite being fragile woke types because it was tranny-adjacent enough for their liking ig, kek.

No. 357812

is this supposed to be "cis" female Killua or tif Killua? At this point you can't even tell anymore with gendies

No. 357913

File: 1708655837882.png (655.75 KB, 1275x1650, 3397714_gooeyblob_human-disgui…)

No. 357914

File: 1708655871516.webp (Spoiler Image,193.88 KB, 1097x840, 5471261_510057_s-l-b_untitled-…)


No. 357923

File: 1708657882856.png (Spoiler Image,286.65 KB, 591x627, Screenshot 2024-02-22 191338.p…)

weird tbh

No. 358251

File: 1708806546643.png (1019.2 KB, 770x1295, OGROLC7.png)

Troon brain-rot degeneracy could be it's own separate thread.

No. 358306

File: 1708836663585.png (Spoiler Image,2.15 MB, 1790x2489, 1694296348.sapphiix_finches_fa…)

The worst thing I've seen today,furries are mentally fucked.the semi realistic animal face makes it worse.

No. 358308

What the fuck. This atrocity actually made me laugh

No. 358639

File: 1708985458233.jpg (Spoiler Image,234.55 KB, 2048x1566, 329482309482.jpg)

The craziest part is that this and the pic related were drawn by a woman

No. 358660

… was she paid to draw this or is this what she enjoys drawing?

No. 358766

kind of odd that the hyper/exaggeration doesnt actually extend to the vulva, just the mons is inflated. i dont think ive ever seen that before.

No. 358924

File: 1709083894589.webp (Spoiler Image,428.41 KB, 850x1084, 5469056_507481_nessvii_lemon-m…)

This is supposed to be Lemon Meringue from Strawberry Shortcake.why can't these low IQ,autistic,depraved moids stop ruining everything?

No. 358934

She enjoys it. Porn addiction, not even once.

No. 358935

File: 1709090534677.webp (Spoiler Image,133.09 KB, 764x637, iu_658690_10397628.webp)

Disgustingly bad, aside from it being nasty the commission sheet is incomprehensible I can barely tell what's going on with their bodies not that I want to know.

No. 358981

Not the japanese eating sushi juice in a pouch kekk

No. 359491

File: 1709289312856.jpg (76.07 KB, 720x558, Screenshot_20240301_133646.jpg)

Chloroform does not deserve this.

No. 359512

File: 1709301313653.png (72.29 KB, 327x236, IMG_9360.png)

No characters are safe. shit popped up when searching general terms

No. 359515

File: 1709302882368.png (8.16 KB, 287x312, 1505683372093.png)

This sickfuck probably traced a baby or a very young child's feet for this.

No. 359574

File: 1709324536729.jpg (Spoiler Image,159.99 KB, 1000x1300, just plain rancid.jpg)

I personally cannot stand this anteater ass face moids love to draw. it's disgusting. i literally have no idea how they find it hot, but i wouldn't be surprised if it's derivative of the dorse faces, or if the dorse faces are derived from this stupid ass anteater face.

This artist is pretty lulzy and apparently has a history of spazzing out on people for making art like hers. I had to look up who this was to confirm if it was who i thought it was and it seems like her art has really deteriorated over the recent months.

No. 359598

File: 1709342619751.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.17 KB, 828x953, voracious_marceline_by_blackou…)

I hate vore artists so much.

No. 359605

I don't understand what the hell is what in that photo, there's so much distracting shit

No. 359759

File: 1709422283291.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.79 KB, 800x800, Hd2dc8c796c5d45cfa34b9cdbd6b54…)

Casually found this atrocity on AliExpress

No. 359762

File: 1709423109539.png (Spoiler Image,846.51 KB, 1050x1532, Screenshot_20240302-174104~2.p…)

Absolutely disgusting,this retarded scrote is also an animator on Planet Dolan.almost 200,000 followers on Twitter.

No. 359767

Jesus fucking Christ I wasn't expecting that

No. 359781

File: 1709436590860.jpg (Spoiler Image,741.41 KB, 800x1200, 1347262_transmorpherdds_bcc-32…)

Typical tranny fetish

No. 359782

Imaging wasting your energy ,time and life rendering and modeling this, couldn't be me.

No. 359830

File: 1709451767520.jpg (769.95 KB, 1700x2161, tumblr_bfea22b489e43f456cfb12c…)

It's more horror than hideous, but I find it very offputting.

No. 359831

File: 1709452185763.jpg (679.96 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_b8b328696f99bb0b9ce25ab…)

Why is TiF fanart tagged under Attack on Titan?

No. 359931

Comedy gold, holt shit

No. 359932

This level of period fetishism has to be the work of a TiM. I refuse to believe otherwise.

No. 360161

File: 1709582338223.jpeg (238.23 KB, 652x782, a3a27d782f0a274d3e39_small.jpe…)

I thought her shoulders were boobs at first

No. 360163

File: 1709582696277.jpg (215.52 KB, 1535x2048, F-gMyGTXoAAP9ew.jpg_large.jpg)

This is so fucking ugly.the colors,the anatomy,the huge,badly drawn manly feet.

No. 360180

File: 1709587064978.jpg (Spoiler Image,578.75 KB, 1024x1024, imagine being male.jpg)

lol(spoiler this and please no ai art)

No. 360212

File: 1709599320742.jpg (23.09 KB, 375x485, keep_calm_waddle_on_by_cowcat4…)

Cowcat moved onto fucking AOT now? Her DB mpreg art was notorious for being used in jumpscares.

No. 360455

File: 1709690729410.png (Spoiler Image,77.06 KB, 1280x411, 1545676631.featherhead_horsefa…)

I always get a feeling furries who draw feral animals like this are actually Zoophiles,how could you possibly find this sexually attractive??it's literally just an extremely obese animal they need mental help.

No. 360457

Kek I can't help but imagine people like this getting off whenever they watch one of those anti factory farming documentaries. I will never comprehend fetishes like this.

No. 360468

>Quite the hands on man. Not a homosexual myself… but wow.

No. 360599

File: 1709784282942.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 1333x1200, 2522540_spacefur_adoptable-lim…)

This is the worst thing I've seen today,so fucking nasty who would be retarded enough to buy this ugly monstrosity?

No. 360602

The neon colors, bizarre anatomy, and ugly patterns here legitimately caused this image to hurt my eyes.

No. 360603

File: 1709784969533.jpg (183.59 KB, 1020x904, 5195177_181459_oviidraws_untit…)

Gosh this is so retarded and terribly drawn this scrotes entire gallery is filled with trash like this.

No. 360609

His signature looks like a hairy mole

No. 360614

File: 1709791682752.jpeg (136.95 KB, 877x1200, GEfhCdgW4AEFCoL.jpeg)

I'm so tired

No. 360659

how tf can anyone actually find this fugly cartoony style sexy

No. 360714

They look like saggy ballsacks instead of boobs lel typical moids

No. 360715

File: 1709841848962.jpg (48.33 KB, 720x771, a52.jpg)

Extremely cursed

No. 360717

File: 1709841917948.gif (928.08 KB, 540x221, transparent fat pony.gif)

kek this is hilarious, reminds of this retarded gif

No. 360720

Lol what awful anatomy and couldn't even walk properly. Also shouldn't the udders be between the hind legs like that one MLP coom OC?

No. 360739

Nah, this is based. This was most likely concocted by an omegaverse-addicted fujo. It gets a pass.

No. 360759

File: 1709868116591.jpg (75.81 KB, 749x1174, shoe_ride_by_greenmatcha_dfi64…)

No. 360760

File: 1709868144443.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.75 KB, 827x496, tricks_and_treats_by_titantigr…)

I don't even want to know what this is…found on DA

No. 360770

LMAOOOOO how broken does your brain have to be to be aroused by the subject of, idk, "being a microscopic person on the mouthparts of a cockroach while it eats food" holy shit

No. 360789

Confirmed being male is being born disabled.

No. 360857

File: 1709907080177.jpg (104.97 KB, 900x638, extra_spain_by_prisonsuit_rabb…)


No. 361220

File: 1710031336738.webp (Spoiler Image,341.23 KB, 1014x909, 5514531_561470_fancyblue_untit…)

A pregnant duck?I fucking hate men I think it's supposed to be that mom duck from that shitty illumination movie Migration seriously this is just poorly drawn and gross.

No. 361236

File: 1710035546415.png (492.38 KB, 999x999, 38011643-be7c-4872-8175-116978…)

Where is her nose???her horns look like Hershey chocolate kisses

No. 361243

Is this fucking spamano from hetalia holy kek

No. 362166

File: 1710287866094.webp (Spoiler Image,279.89 KB, 900x1024, 5418542_451077_jinti_untitled-…)

I cannot even comprehend what I'm looking at

No. 362167

File: 1710288079509.webp (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 2318x3988, 5510510_556638_jongraveart_tig…)

Retarded scrote with his nasty retarded art.this is too grotesque.

No. 362172

The fuck are these proportions? She looks like some kind of monkey with a ballhead

No. 362190

File: 1710299331581.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.22 KB, 700x302, sailor_loon_by_rubberfrills_df…)

This is one of the most weirdest most retarded transformations I've ever seen so far.men truly are a plague.basically it's someone transforming into an inanimate balloon with Sailor moon on it.

No. 362191

I wish autistic moids weren't allowed online, they could do hard labor in camps so society could completely forget about them.

No. 362212

File: 1710308400559.jpg (314.03 KB, 1080x1725, 2k5nxhJ.jpg)

Coomer draws "tomboys"

No. 362485

File: 1710399504093.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.2 KB, 1024x924, GHd56I_a8AAh_Me.jpg)

Surprisingly not by a tif, but rather a gay moid into drawing men with huge boobs

No. 362486

Kek what the fuck???? Pure brain damage

No. 362542

File: 1710433569475.png (2.41 MB, 2670x1502, n2rXCWy.png)

No. 362979

File: 1710569359731.jpeg (Spoiler Image,48.33 KB, 700x491, FBtw5EdXEAEllfT.jpeg)

Can someone please, please explain to me why are scrotes obsessed with everything being big? Like balloon sized muscles/boobs/ass, giant cocks, even giant people. I see it so often in both straight and gay male porn. I can't understand, is there a psychoanalysis for this deviancy?

No. 362994

Supernormal stimulus. They're obsessed with things being bigger because 'it's better'. That's literally all there is to it, their conception of beauty is "this acorn is big and shiny".

No. 363001

It's like those beetles mating with glass bottles instead of female beetles. I'd say they're a bit brain-damaged.

No. 363002


No. 363003

how many autistic fetishes have been triggered by this cartoon? I loved Totally Spies as a kid and I never saw anything weird about it until I went online and neither did other girls I knew who grew up watching it. It's quite disturbing, was this show intentional fetish bait or are so many moids so deranged that they cannot watch a show with female characters without cooming over every aspect of it? (see also MLP as probably the most infamous case)

No. 363009

Super late, but female ('cis') afaik.
'Art like hers'? Like period fetish sex-swap art or the quasi Powerpuff Girls style?

No. 363479

File: 1710732056108.webp (Spoiler Image,919.41 KB, 2000x2400, 5149559_121916_oddbuffet_digit…)

Pomni eye ball licking this artist also draws Bee movie porn.how revolting

No. 363518

most of these are just
>women with hobbies are tomboys!

No. 363566

is the butthole-looking thing in her stomach supposed to be a colostomy bag port?

No. 363568

it's supposed to be a nipple i think

No. 363570

woman or "woman"?

No. 363664

If these are "tomboys" then all of us are tom-men kek. Also this scrote doesn't know what "phenotype" means.

I think the male interest in Totally Spies mostly boils down to "stereotypical hot girls getting into situations". TS is like a weird crossover between regular western cartoon and old scrote anime, in a way (even though it's said to have been inspired by Charlie's Angels, with the creators being french there's no way they didn't ogle at the girls in Cat's Eye). Spergs get their weird fetishes from typical cartoon animal shows often and then apply it to human female charaters that they find hot, but since TS has typical cartoon things happening to anime-y girls, it spares them the effort of having to imagine their own fetish content. If you don't have their disease though, it's just cartoon gags with a cool fancy girl makeover.

No. 365260

File: 1711304679615.jpg (302.68 KB, 1080x1715, Nightmarefuel.jpg)

I don't know if this counts as fetish art but I had no idea where else to post this. I found this store on Etsy when looking up handmade plushies. Worse part being they had innocent dolls too, so if you come looking for more of that, you get assaulted by this nightmare fuel. Etsy really should have NSFW warning or something.
>Only 1 left in 10 peoples cart

The store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/YataToyShop

No. 365264

File: 1711304882352.jpg (264.31 KB, 1078x1475, Poorisabelle.jpg)

The only 1 left in 10 carts was meant for this one kek

No. 365267

File: 1711305391564.jpg (515.69 KB, 1080x1330, Wa.jpg)

A more "normal" doll

No. 365285

My man Waluigi looking dapper… that better not be a sex toy.

No. 365312

File: 1711312120631.jpg (98.94 KB, 794x1253, il_794xN.4271152835_rouu.jpg)

I would be terrified to touch anything made by them.

No. 365313

File: 1711312428151.jpg (646.64 KB, 1079x1806, Ewwnasty.jpg)

No. 365375

File: 1711326819053.jpg (108.63 KB, 1518x607, 5468262_506590_thelovelyvocal_…)


No. 365580

File: 1711408696240.jpg (Spoiler Image,177.83 KB, 902x1565, GGmidYraoAAXRdT.jpg)

this drawing, which appears to be a malnourished 9 year old boy forced into a female stripper's outfit, has 6.5k likes on twitter with many professions of love

No. 365587

The artist is an actual pedo so ofcourse he'd draw pedo shit.god I hope the korean police gets on him soon and investigate him since he's so afraid of being found out

No. 365590

I hate mossa so fucking much it's unreal

No. 365603

>he's so afraid of being found out
can we get 4chan or KF to dox him?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 365671

Mossa cannabis artstyle is so fucking ugly and stiff and his colors are always so muddied. He's also incapable of drawing anything but a poker face.

No. 365672

the person who drew this is 10000% a pedophile.

No. 365676

he's a self admitted pedo in his baraag account

No. 365689

Post caps. I had a feeling this guy was a pedo, some of his art just smelled of it

No. 365690

Nonnie, it's a genderbent version of the coomer wojak. He also has lolicon shit on his pixiv fanbox.

No. 365691

Anyone who has a fucking baarag account is a pedophile anyway.

No. 365694

>>>/ot/1668197 this thread has archives on it. be warned it is utterly graphic and vile

No. 365710

Woman as in porn addict TiF
That is her breast
I pray mossa and his audience all die of cancer

No. 365837

File: 1711522483451.mp4 (2.15 MB, 854x480, kz8WOIx.mp4)

peak troon delusion.

No. 366018

Does anyone know whatever happened to that rotted trashtrashtrashtras deviantart account? It got mentioned on here years ago and I'm still so upset and disturbed by its existence I haven't been able to shake it.

No. 366084

File: 1711629426557.jpg (555.97 KB, 1567x2351, 1683843752.footparadiseart_low…)

No comment

No. 366098

are you talking about the person who drew extremely disabled kids?

No. 366111

That’s the one. I know the account got deleted from DA but I really wish they got fully doxxed.

No. 366122

File: 1711637304601.png (321.84 KB, 660x1000, 1370198970.fivel_loreal.png)

No. 366124

dear god why did you make me go lurk for it
it's so fucking weird and its so well drawn too wtf

No. 366125

I honestly do wonder if a woman drew this something about the handwriting makes me think so. But the content is so disgusting I want to believe only a depraved coomer moid created it but idk. For sure should be investigated by the FBI though ngl.

No. 366126

Honestly fuck you guys for reminding me of that fucked up shit im sending viruses to your computers.

No. 366331

this is really cute if you take away the coomer body lol. anthropomorphized l'oreal bottle is an adorable concept
seems like a woman to me. a man would have put more emphasis on giant tits or child pussy
actually same, i thought i had mentally recovered from that shit and then i went to go look at the images again and i feel like i'm going to throw up. i remember actually tearing up and crying a little the first time i saw it. and i've seen the depths of the internet, i've looked in morbid fascination at all kinds of horrible guro galleries and such. there's just something deeply upsetting about someone fantasizing about severely disabled children and obsessing over that sort of thing. making fetish characters out of them. it makes me wonder so much about the artist and their upbringing. someone mentioned that perhaps the artist grew up with many medical problems in a hospital herself? (it was sleuthed out that it's likely to be a woman.) don't click that link if any of this sounds too gross to even read about because it'll test the most iron stomach.

No. 366613

File: 1711836997816.jpg (114.7 KB, 827x1205, 1710083246.samashtommy_sapp4_2…)

I don't get how this couple can draw a circle and think "oh yeah, this is exactly how a full stomach looks like".

No. 366745

File: 1711904648860.png (1.21 MB, 1051x754, 1688726756210.png)

No. 366748

sqrlyjack is a piece of work

No. 367173

File: 1712049585355.jpg (196.09 KB, 1280x1463, tomoko_s_new_life_by_ampu_cute…)

trashtrashtrashtras got me thinking

No. 367174

File: 1712049667762.jpg (Spoiler Image,217.33 KB, 1280x1463, zoe_s_new_life_by_ampu_cute_de…)

No. 367176

File: 1712049985744.jpg (Spoiler Image,209.33 KB, 1280x1463, pov_feeding_zoe_by_ampu_cute_d…)

No. 367181

Disabled fetish art always makes me sick to my stomach but this is reminding me of a case I heard about recently of a disabled girl who was raped by here step father and stopped eating as a result and passed away.

No. 367309

Why are men so fucking evil

No. 367347

This actually made me laugh holy shit. You just KNOW whoever drew this has a fetish for airplane furries.

No. 367711

File: 1712206985263.png (371.65 KB, 1024x448, IMG_10072017_220024_0.png)

No. 367713

These make me so uncomfortable

No. 367744

File: 1712226060219.jpg (42.38 KB, 900x652, ecd77de2d6d8c03c1458a907a5c298…)

Kek they made my favourite character fat and retarded. Hate this

No. 367788

File: 1712248641112.jpg (114.5 KB, 690x1019, big_arm_by_karinto_d1cf1o1-375…)

No. 367800

The older drawings by this guy (gal?) actually made me cry a little. I very much like degen-watching, and i've never cried because of a drawing before, but this got me. Hope you're proud, anon.
Checked his/her DA and there's a mention of a past real-life experience with wheelchairs. Somehow, picturing the user as someone who identifies with horribly disabled and humiliated children doesn't make it any less awful.

No. 367834

Didn't this user mention working with disabled children at some point? If that's true this shit is even creepier.

No. 367924

That's what you get for liking Hetalia

No. 367984

Oh this isn't his work. This is another disabled fetish artist called ampucute or something.

No. 367985

File: 1712309575944.png (251.76 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20240405-022917~2.p…)

There's a whole community for devotism on deviantart

No. 368066

File: 1712343077661.jpg (47.2 KB, 600x583, hetalia america may be stupid.…)

He already is.

No. 368196

File: 1712359740033.jpg (147.17 KB, 796x1003, rumiko_by_045coconutsugar_dgzv…)

The way her body is drawn ruins the entire artwork especially those egg boobs.

No. 368215

I can't help it, it's in my dna
Dang, can't argue with that KEK

No. 368367

File: 1712404556346.jpg (90.86 KB, 751x1024, FGM_uXZXsAIb8f8.jpg)

>Sir, I need that stomach of yours inside my grocery store

No. 368737

File: 1712521395970.png (Spoiler Image,2.55 MB, 3000x3000, whatthefuck.png)

I've never heard of trashtrashtrashtras before this thread and I am absolutely boggled it's so disgusting and disturbing I just need to see more, By the writing I think it's a woman and I need to pick at her mind I need to know why
image tax (quad amputee TIF Link by deviantart user bbeebbug, You have been warned)

No. 368744

File: 1712524644344.jpg (69.76 KB, 763x1048, reading_with_daughter_by_nolim…)

I wonder how many tifs are apart of this community. My tinfoil is that the men who like these drawings are pedos and the women have some kind of vulnerability fetish. And maybe also pedos kek.

I found this image which is pretty innocent. But the art style gives me lolicon vibes.

No. 368746

Why is she am amputee, wtf?

No. 368747

one phenomenon I've always been fascinated by is extremely degenerate porn and fetish art drawn in a tumblr/Steven Universe art style of all things
trashtrashtrashtras was definitely an insane TIF imo

No. 368748

Because that's the fetish lol. Missing limbs or drooling retards.

No. 368753

I want to kill myself

No. 369039

My tinfoil is that the women/tifs into this shit feel subhuman (because of autism/parent abuse/being touch starved) and self-insert as the amputee/disabled child that needs to be cared for and that nobody hates.

No. 369352

File: 1712687393661.jpg (125.51 KB, 1024x780, daimu_akutsu___keeping_his_pro…)

No. 370507

File: 1713065518577.jpg (882.91 KB, 2150x1600, lesson_1_by_rikugan-d8bx40a.jp…)

No. 370580

>self-insert as the amputee/disabled child that needs to be cared for and that nobody hates.
Doubt genuine amputees would like to be seen like that. Kinda feel bad for them.

No. 370582

Eeeewww. Fuck, now I'm paranoid if there are legitimate nurses out there who enter the medical field just to fulfill this fetish.

No. 370589

There's a surprising amount of female devotees out there. So I wouldn't really be surprised.

No. 370593

Not really surprised. We are socialized to be nurturing and caring. Still creepy though.

No. 370767

File: 1713138432224.png (4.37 KB, 284x56, Screenshot 2024-04-14 164521.p…)

how are these retarded moids not aware they're gay? you put a cock on a woman and have "her" fuck the ass of another "woman" with a cock. you're gay

No. 370803

This dude has been doing this for probably two decades or longer now. I'll give him credit, he's got dedication. The saddest part is, as far as moids with fatty fetishes go, his art is relatively benign.

No. 370860

….dude? i gotta say, im surprised. i thought that was for sure the work of an aspergic woman with eating disorder tendencies

No. 370865

Hilarious, i also think it's funny how probably the whole futa thing started because moids were uncomfortable with naked men in their porn but now thirsting over huge dicks on women and anal is a staple of the pornrotted moid career.

No. 370911

I'm doubting more and more that sexuality for most moids has that much to do with biological sex but with aesthetics and tropes, often framed around domination and submission dichotomies. For all the "female sexuality is fluid male sexuality is rigid" pop-psych pseudoscience it's actually male sexuality that is highly fluid and malleable, the usual male projection.

No. 370931

When I think I've seen everything….

No. 370954

No. 371443


How does an attraction to this shit actually form? If, when he was young, he watched a documentary about life with cerebral palsy, got bricked up and then had this as a fetish for his life, what was the spark that made the rotten mental connection between paralysis and sex? I'm asking this question more broadly than just this paralysis fetish. I've seen people say "supernormal stimuli" which is interesting but that doesn't answer the question of how it actually first began, as in why there was a first person to open the doors to there being a paralysis fetish.

No. 371448

it does kinda make sense in a way, disabled people are very vulnerable and moids tend to prey on women like that. you can imagine it's just taken to an extreme by someone who is mentally ill, they're attracted to the idea of someone who is completely "helpless" and dependent on them

No. 371766

File: 1713446944886.jpg (Spoiler Image,284.01 KB, 1000x1346, 7f010514be20a787088a47b7f7b398…)

Warning for gore/guro. Something weird I found on a Korean website.

No. 371767

File: 1713446992368.jpg (Spoiler Image,276.66 KB, 952x1984, 03297142c6139a6ddd7ac4c473c79e…)

No. 371769

violent fetish aside, this is so fucking ugly. honestly more offended at how ugly it is. bad taste all around.

No. 371777

Yeah it's got that ugly 2000s/early 2010s cartoon porn art style

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