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No. 10453[Reply]

How do you spend your time online? Which websites do you visit most?

You can recommend fun, interesting, informative websites or anything you think would be useful.
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No. 10548

99% of the thread pics on there are anime girls though, anon. NO MORE!

No. 10549

cute anime girls are fine, but it's shit like the bitch from eromanga sensei that makes it obvious. no woman likes the idea of a 13 year old who draws porn and wants to bang her brother.

No. 10550

They did, she stepped down as a mod and so did the other mod who was backing her up. They got in a fight with some users.

No. 10551

i also think the context is important. if the anime girl is doing/expressing something that goes with your post content, fine. troons and weeb men always post completely random anime pics that don't even remotely go with what they're posting about which screams fetish

No. 10552

When i'm REALLY bored one of my favourite activities is looking at reviews of local businesses/restaurants/fast food places - especially the bad ones. It usually doesn't take too long to find something funny.

File: 1452641289405.jpg (47.05 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

No. 16627[Reply]

Does anyone else watch this show?

I just started watching this on Hulu. I think it's season 2.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry while watching this show.

How do you farmers feel about it? Do you watch it? Do you feel pity for the people featured? Does it inspire you to make any changes to your life?

and why am I wasting my time on the TV?
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No. 16650


I saw her other pictures and shes still cute. For one she doesnt have a disgustya manface with a strong nose and big browridge. Shame she wants to gain all that fat though

No. 16651

File: 1453172556207.jpg (73.75 KB, 640x379, image.jpg)

What I meant was focusing on face and tits, and cropping out the rest. Girls on Myspace did this a lot.


To each their own, I guess? She would look better if she lost the double chin and left her eyebrows alone, imo.

No. 16652

>do you farmers feel about it?
I think it's eye opening and very sad

>Do you watch it?

Ocassionally on youtube.

>Do you feel pity for the people featured?

Yes, obesity is caused by a mental illness so of course!

>Does it inspire you to make any changes to your life?

I pretend it does.

No. 16653

I'm watching the one with Brittani. She's never been out on a car ride longer than three hours until she appeared on the show.

No. 16654

File: 1550949727562.png (1 MB, 1136x640, 5787A6FD-ABFE-40B8-A33D-F9C7F7…)

Hey y’all —soo does anyone else find Schenee Murry from my 600lb life to be a super disgusting liar who milks the system because she’s too lazy and fat to work? Does anyone else think she DESERVES donations from gofundme/other resources to pay for gastric bypass surgery because she blew her chance at getting it done for free? Does anyone else think it’s possible to gain 100+ pounds in water weight?…Schenee sure does! She’s a liar and I’m sick of her stupid YouTube bullshit channel—anyone else feel me? This is a picture of this whale…and yes that’s a leg!…or it used to be.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1421209368299.gif (881.36 KB, 1880x2400, 1395009137336.gif)

No. 19948[Reply]

What sort of cartoons/anime/manga/comics does everyone like?
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No. 19958

Does anyone here actually like Steven Universe?

No. 19959


I liked the first 5 episodes, but then steven started to get on my nerves. The show got harder and harder to watch, so i dropped it.

No. 19960

Stop bumping these stupid fucking threads you butthurt cunt

No. 19961


Thanks for not saging, you've helped the cause!

No. 19962


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