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No. 198294

Discuss lost media, talk about possible lost media, share videos and information, post findings, rare cases, and hoaxes. Any personal input on the matter is welcome as well!
>Do you have any favorite lost media?
>Anything you're hoping to be discovered?
>Is there anything you consider a lost cause?
>Do you have anything that you personally are searching for? Or any media you might think has become lost?
All types of media welcome, including the creepy ones.

No. 198295

OP pic is a lost Studio Shaft anime OVA about magical girls called Prism Nana, only one episode has been discovered. This anime was announced after Madoka aired and it's supposedly still ongoing (seven episodes by different directors were planned, but some think only 3 were actually finished)

No. 198345

I'm sorry if this is too morbid but I've been curious about the blackbox audio for Germanwings Flight 9525. Apparently the real one was played on TV in 2015 but it's completely lost now.

No. 198495

File: 1650306517461.jpeg (24.31 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

I'm curious to find out who is the "celebrity number 6". For those who don't know, it is a mystery celebrity on a fabric print. Other ones are easily recognizable like Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima but people can't seem to find this one.

No. 198501

Samefag, I know it is not related to media but saw it in some lost media compilations. It's just a damn fabric but very mysterious at this point.

Also, I wanna find out the singer of "the most mysterious song on the internet." I love that song but it's unlikely people will find it eventually.

No. 198508

I remember going down such a rabbit hole with this. There is a subreddit and everything

No. 198513

Years ago there was a track then known as "Mixtape" by the singer Sam Sparro floating around online and I've always really loved it. It's 15 minutes long and consists of some of his songs mixed with him covering/interpolating various pop songs, and includes a track that repeats the words "songs not bombs" a bunch of times. A few years later he put out a mixtape called "Songs Not Bombs" and said he'd made it because (he claimed) he'd read he'd recorded a track with that name, but hadn't - basically he denied all knowledge of the earlier mixtape despite it being unmistakably his voice and including his own original tracks. Luckily I still have the MP3 as the original is now impossible to find online, any search for his name + mixtape/songs not bombs brings up the later mixtape. Sage for blogpost but I've always wondered why he disowned it, maybe because of copyright issues with the covers and samples within it?

No. 198545

There's an anon in the help me find thread asking about a dress up game that she played between 2008-2012 that featured a skinny girl in a sewer and you dressed her up in bloody animal furs. I think that it may have been lost to time via the whole RIP flash thing but I thought I'd let anons itt know because it really captured my attention! If you want to, please help with the search!

No. 198553

I don't consider crime evidence unavailable to the public as lost media, we know they exist and where they are but they are kept under locks for a reason, same with accident footage like Steve Irwin's death or the tape of the people eaten by a grizzly.

No. 198556

Not exactly crime, but so many people are obsessed with the recording of Christine Chubbuck's suicide. Some time ago, what supposedly is an audio recording surfaced, but IDK how true that is. I don't really want to hear it.

No. 198576

I thought the supposed recording was ripped from the Chubbuck biopic.

No. 198578

People were debating it, according to some it was too different. Loved the biopic, Christine would be a farmer if she was born much later
Now I'm triggered by the uncertainty and would like to compare those recordings, but don't want to be haunted by her voice.

No. 198583

How the hell do you lose an anime these days, especially one made by a major studio? Old indie shit like Kagiri Naki Rakuen I get it, but this…

No. 198585

Ah, I understand. I hope it's not the actual recording, I can only imagine how terrible it would be for her family if it was the real deal. As an aside, you have convinced me to finally watch that biopic! It looked pretty good but I couldn't find it anywhere a few years ago when it first came out. Thanks, anon!

No. 198589

Hope you enjoy! Christine was such a beautiful person, inside and out. Completely failed by 70's lack of mental health care and sexism.
Sidenote, but there is also Kate Plays Christine, maybe I will finally see it.

No. 198632

I bought all 8 of the VHS tapes for the first Nadia english dub at a used book store, and a few years after getting rid of them I found out that they were considered lost media. I had replaced them with the DVD set because it was the whole series but I kinda liked the VHS acting in comparison.

Checking google now it looks like someone uploaded the tape audio and tried adding it over the raw episodes:

No. 202793

There's a lot of older YouTube videos that seem lost to time to me, like I'll remember a snippet of a vid and try to search for it but even just searching simple terms of what I want to find there's thousands of newer videos I have to slog through that might not be related because of tags. Right now I'm trying to find this old animation with a unicorn but if I just type unicorn animation in I get flooded with HUNDREDS of low quality bizarre kids videos.
And the worst part is I can't seem to filter them by year (at least on mobile) I don't know if I'll ever find it

No. 202795

this really bugs me!!!! what if it's really some random eastern european model they took from a magazine?? we will never find out. to me it looks so much like river phoenix but i think it's a woman.

No. 202796

You can try to add before:year or after:year to filter the result if you remember the ballpark when the videos were released

No. 202797

type "before:year" into the search field

No. 218731

File: 1656814116937.jpg (361.11 KB, 1020x1447, MV5BOTFkOGYzODEtZjYzZS00MWNhLW…)

I want to watch this but it seems to be lost. Allegedly even one of the actresses can't find it. It's 4 hours long. It's crazy how much effort it must have took to make, just for barely anybody to actually see it.

No. 218753

Remember the long lost Sesame Street episode with Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz that reportedly scared so many kids?

Well… it's finally found.


No. 218909

the jaw and lips remind me of Romy Schneider but the eyes are too different. interesting tho

No. 218920

The mystery is
it's just an extremely generic looking silhouette of a woman's face and the features arbitrarily look like many different people because our brains are trained to recognize faces

No. 219046

File: 1656911816637.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.61 KB, 593x600, 17533_600[1].jpg)

Isn't it Brad Pitt?

No. 219087

No, it's obviously Negative Legend kek.

No. 219216

I think you got it. I don't believe it's random face because it makes no sense when every other one is a celeb

No. 232404

Some of the test footage of Chris Farley as Shrek was finally leaked/found. For those out of the know, Chris Farley was originally cast to play Shrek and had recorded something like 80% of the dialogue for the movie before he overdosed. Dreamworks had to do a complete overhaul to the movie including rewriting the script and changing the tone of the movie. They supposedly still have all the original recordings in archive but have not released it. Recently some test footage with dialogue was found on some demo reels and there is a 2 min storyboard floating around as well

No. 232545

They found the Saban Moon pilot

No. 232558

File: 1661111279440.jpg (73.41 KB, 728x455, anime-girl-girls-headphones-wa…)

>Do you have anything that you personally are searching for? Or any media you might think has become lost?
I've been looking for a song I heard on youtube around 2009 for ages now. It's techno-ish, type of song you'd hear a nightcore version of. Starts with a young girl saying something about stars, the night, or cars. Every couple of years I get into a searching frenzy, and I never manage to find it kek
I heard the song around the time I listened to basshunter, if that helps.

No. 232564

Anon have you tried the tip of my tongue subreddit? Even if you have a really vague idea the people on there are really quick with it. But it is more satisfying finding it yourself

No. 232598

Once he recorded the movie Mike Myers convinced the directors to redo the entire thing but this time with a scottish accent, so it means there are at least two whole lost versions of Shrek

No. 232667

File: 1661137843060.gif (3.46 MB, 498x373, Tumblr_l_1699897154046277.gif)

For years I've been looking for the first anime I saw on tv as a child, Tonde Burin/Super Pig. This was back in the early-mid 2000's. It's about a magical girl who transforms into a pig. I'm specifically looking for the local dub but I'd settle for the English dub which is also largely lost. A couple of years ago there was someone on youtube who had a few episodes of the dub I was looking for and claimed to have everything else "on the attic" but said they didn't have time to upload the rest. I don't know if the original Japanese episodes are also lost now that I think about it.

Anyway it's fascinating how many shows from my childhood can no longer be found on the internet.

No. 232681

Oh I didn't even know it existed. Thanks nona I'll try it out!

No. 232729

Holy shit, I remember watching this on British Cartoon Network back in the day.

No. 232733

Now I want to watch it too… Have you found it since?

No. 264037

File: 1671214322073.jpg (45.72 KB, 1000x563, MV5BY2JlMTljMDctYjUxOC00NzY1LT…)

for years I've been trying to find this movie… It's called Body Contact and it was released in 1987 so it's quite recent compared to other long lost films released before the 1930's

No. 264041

Tonde Burin was cool

No. 264042

it's on Nyaa. I assume it's the original japanese audio though, not sure if you want that. the seeders seem to be active; I just downloaded the .ass files as a test (looks like they're chinese subs).

No. 264044

the way sailor moon's skirt is shorter on the sides in the transformation scene because they interpreted the original drawings literally… oh my god lol. reminds me of the Megas XLR cadets except it was a joke in Megas XLR

No. 385968

La canciĆ³n di Alicia was found. I never cared for this song but it's kinda catchy. Unfortunate how horrible the singer is while the remaining band members pulled their weights on the instruments kek.

No. 385982

Oh shit based

No. 386483

Another banger found!

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