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File: 1649118020806.jpg (338.91 KB, 1080x1072, painpeko.jpg)

No. 194814

/VT/ Is hot garbage and I wanna talk about Vtubers with non coomer pick me women. This will be a comfy vtuber thread full of no porn. Who do you love,who are you watching right now,favorite type of streams?

No. 194823

>implying anyone likes vtubers besides coomer pickme (((women)))

No. 194824

nonnie we tried this before and we got bigraded by ESL,SEA, and scrotes. Sorry to say, but I honestly don't think its possible to have a vtuber thread without men ruining it.

No. 194846

Why must men ruin everything even slightly anime related

No. 194894

Yeah its best we don’t do this… I genuinely don’t believe any woman exists beside myself who isn’t a retarded scrote or extremely cringe in vtuber comm. I am alone.

No. 194918

Why are there women into vtubers when it's all moid pandering shit? Get some self respect ♥

No. 194962

They might or might not be trannies, but the /yu/ board on Fujochan is full of Vtuberfags who simp (and that word really applies here) for male Vtubers, though maybe that's not what you're looking for.

No. 195017

Cuz I’m a weeb. I like anime girls playing video games and interacting with each other. They don’t pander to males all the time… I mostly just watch gaming streams and not so much the idoru yuri bait stuff.

No. 195045

File: 1649196988450.png (4.78 MB, 2300x1645, T_bcz9s_TwjDWfbqQPzsuVGsGohU7c…)

It's not ALL scrote pandering. It depends on the Vtuber some are really wholesome and nice I use their streams to practice my Japanese too! Also I just really like Karaoke streams it's a really fun way to interact with an audience. For example Tsukinoki Tirol has a really cute cottage core aesthetic and these really nice lil morning streams. Her Japanese is simple and easy to understand and she sings well.

I love anime and I think vtubers are nice because there is an art angle to it,also I just love that they're playing a character because you also get these really fun little lore videos when they debut. They spark joy! I just really don't like the Vtuber community it feels like nothing is sacred. No matter how non lewd a character is they always gotta make it weird.

No. 195124

I love watching pikamee, although I’m conflicted now because her new model puts me off.

No. 195275

File: 1649270711625.jpg (356.2 KB, 1403x4096, __amano_pikamee_voms_drawn_by_…)

I like Pikamee's original a lot more too the new one feels so basic. It just isn't as unique or stand out anymore. I love the toony model she had before.

No. 195280

I watched the video because I love the Model but he screams so much to keep your attention. He's so annoying and his voice doesn't match his model like at all. It annoys the hell out of me. Maybe I'm being dumb,it seems that he has a lot of fans.

No. 196369

File: 1649610756267.jpg (964.73 KB, 1730x4096, 20220410_131239.jpg)

I love Ike Eveland!

No. 196430

I was sort of interested in the Niji EN guys, but then they all turned out to be zoomers/fudans/fujo panderers who play the same boring games as any other streamer.
I sometimes watch some of the JP guys though.
But mostly I watch normal LP'rs who don't show their face or Jerma archives…

No. 196546

The only Vtuber I've ever watched for more than 3 seconds is Himono. She does anime art tutorials/step-by-steps, I only found out about her because I was looking for Japanese tutorials on YouTube for anime-style eye coloring.
I actually considered posting her in the female creators thread because I didn't even consider her a Vtuber at first. Her avatar's design is normal as fuck compared to 99% of all other Vtubers, and she doesn't seem to be putting up a super fake obnoxious persona. Since she's so down-to-earth I liked her.
I haven't watched her in years but it appears she got married recently. Happy for her.
idk and idc about if she has any moid simps or drama or anything like that, her tutorials are good.

No. 196549

I actually got the impression they're all too straight/closeted fuckboys for my taste

No. 196688

okay i made more research on their previous accounts and apparently uki is gay, mysta is a femboy wannabe…? and fulgur is a genuine fudanshi interesting

No. 196745

The way 4chan scrotes gossip about vtuber women is so fucking disturbing, malicious and autistic on the level that the most unhinged farmer can’t compete. Every time I even peak at /vt/ I want all of them to fucking die.

No. 196749

Ikr? I just stick to the Nijisanji Males and Holostars threads. Every other thread is shit talking Mori from HoloEN and talking about raping their oshis. Fucking hate them

No. 196779

The only good thing on /vt/ is the aspiring vtubers thread. The anons who post in it are actually helpful

No. 196792

I’ll keep this brief because this is not a drama thread but, Tbf mori creates drama too often. I don’t keep up with her but I’m aware of it because her antics leak into everyone else(even my oshi) which is concerning.

Love her!!! She married recently and I’m just glad for vtubers with balanced lives. Menhera can be fun but stressful.

No. 196803

I honestly don't know what she did, I don't like the person behind her char though. I just see people on /vt/ constantly making threads about her and it's really vague and annoying to see her on every other thread.

No. 196903

File: 1649789709105.jpeg (2.01 MB, 2258x8241, EF82993D-6AA9-4874-8625-04642D…)

I saved this to read it personally, but I’ll
share it here too.

No. 196965

I’ve never watched this girl but 90% of this is the most nitpicky non-issue retarded complaints I’ve ever heard holy shit really? They really take every little innocuous interaction and imagine a whole anime betrayal behind them. She’s not a perfect little waifu who acts accordingly to grimy otaku expectations ruining their parasocial fantasy. Lmao if the company doesn’t like the way she deviates from the status quo, they can terminate her but they aren’t bc she’s clearly earning money. My god, all of this would get laughed off lolcow for being dairy free.

No. 196980

> She’s not a perfect little waifu who acts accordingly to grimy otaku expectations
True, but why willingly apply to become an idol, the embodiment of living to an expectation; and then shitting on it? I love idol culture and it boggles the mind she thought it’s fake and gay until recently. That’s so disrespectful to her coworkers who work hard towards their dreams.

No. 196982

Well even if it's English it's still Hololive, the most idol like of the vtuber groups. At least the girls. So the fans are going to be that annoying idol lover type who put way too much importance on purity and cuteness.

No. 196984

>I love idol culture
you're the problem

No. 196986

>why willingly apply to become an idol, the embodiment of living to an expectation and expect basic human empathy
Idol culture is fake and gay and predatory and garbage. Idolfags truly don’t view women behind the personas as people. You just want 100 sex dolls with the same 3 stock personalities. I’m not even defending Mori specifically but this attitude is extended to every female vtuber, whereas male idols get asspats no matter if they’re literal groomers and cheaters from handmaidens. You’re exactly the kind of vcoomer I came to lolcow to escape from. Go back.

No. 197016

Literally why get into an idol fandom and then complain about it being idol centric? There are other vtuber companies you can watch that aren’t idol focused.

> You just want 100 sex dolls with the same 3 stock personalities
No? You’re pulling a lot of assumptions out of nowhere. I want to watch girls who empower each other to become stars. If you watch their streams you would see how hard they work. Their managers do not control what they do or say to the degree you think. The fact you talk this way makes me think you aren’t even a viewer.

No. 197019

>prepares ahead for male streamers but acts uninterested with other female streamers
idk who this mori girl is but she has pick me red flags

No. 197022

I agree, I like the image of female friends working together and supporting each other to become stars, ik it's weeby, but when they do stuff like drawing for each other, helping each other with games/pc issues, whatever, prepare in advance, etc. it's just sweet.

Wtf… How did you get that "sex doll" bit from what she typed? Honestly, nobody would care if she had a rough personality, that's popular with female and male fans too, but being disrespectful towards her coworkers while worshipping random males who act like autistic coomers is embarrassing.

No. 197037

>not a pick me

No. 197399

File: 1649969624941.jpg (188.09 KB, 1280x720, uxktzgaocqi.jpg)

Thoughts on the vshojo faction?

I think hime hajime has the weakest design

No. 197505

This is why I don't use /VT/ anymore

No. 197752

File: 1650089804526.jpeg (323.89 KB, 864x540, D05A811A-EAC1-4375-BC18-14E740…)

How about we avoid talking about vt and not attract scrotes here?

Anyways I love Selen’s laugh and her streams feel like watching an older sister play games

No. 197832

File: 1650115395335.jpeg (95.14 KB, 707x816, 2873EEC4-5D88-4F1A-BA1C-8C1254…)

Not everything revolve around scrotes, dumbasses.

I am sad about nijiEN having so many males now, I enjoyed watching basically all of them until it all was only about collabs with males. I still love Selen, Nina, Yugo, Enna, Wosemi, Ike but everyone else I’d rather ignore, especially Vox and Mysta. I loved Mysta at first but he’s such an attentionwhore it’s difficult to ignore that. Vox on the other hand has so many redflags he seems like a toxic groomer to me.
Ike was a blessing, though, I have so much fun in his streams and his music taste is top notch, I can’t wait to listen to his music

No. 197838

rumors say ike is also a groomer
the guy behind mysta is a straight up incel

No. 197839

also if these vtubers are trying to play virtual boyfriend/girlfriend crap it doesn't work cause it's obvious some of them might be dating (mysta and mika, vox and reimu)

No. 197842

Most nijiEN boys seem to pander to fujobait but I’ve surprisingly been enjoying Shu, maybe I just have basic tastes.

No. 198028

What are some vtubers you think are good or at least alright? Since alot of anons tend to be a bit critical and I'm way too happy with whatever so I wanna know what critical anons think. Who is the most charismatic? Most entertaining?

No. 198067

The only vtuber I enjoyed watching was gibara when she was screaming like a monkey, puking and making pervert jokes while playing sausage dueling games

No. 198087

File: 1650201489827.png (461.44 KB, 750x1200, Mayuzumi.Kai.full.2900608.png)

Mayuzumi is my favorite, he's the only vtuber I can truly stomach through since he doesn't scream every 5 seconds and doesn't act like a 5 year old retard that ate too much sugar. His personality is pretty autistic but so am I.

No. 198127

they get shit on a lot but holostars has some really good streamers within the group. Roberu, Shien, and Temma are my favorites. They also came out with a new gen called uproar and they're pretty good too.

No. 198191

My favourites are Ina and Korone. Ina is really soothing, especially after a long day at work. Korone is fun to binge when I'm cleaning or cooking, she is very energizing and thanks to her commentary you don't need to pay as much attention to what's going on on the screen. I watch their every stream besides minecraft/FPS games/collabs.I don't watch any other vtubers besides those two, I'd love to find a male version of them tho. But they all seem to have mature voices or fuckboy voices? Idk I can't focus on their personality, as cringy as it sounds I need a guy who sounds like seiyuu with prettyboy anime voice.

No. 198198

Pomu my beloved. I generally like all the NijiEN girls expect for nina

No. 198250

I never cared about vtubers because I think it's mostly scroteshit cringe and "ara ara" pick mes until I've been seeing male vtubers popping up like Luxiem. Vox Akuma, Kamiya Juu, Seto Kazuya and Kanae got me interested. I just think the guys are neat.

No. 198252

Good is subjective, I can easily rattle off who I don't like, based on their professionalism, personalities, stream content, etc but when it comes to good it's going to vary greately. And people have some really small things that filter them, I get really put off by too much movement and the way some indie's models zoom in and out and bounce around, people might have good personalities and streams but if their rigging has them all over the place then they're in my personal shit basket. I really enjoy Selen and Luca but they're not for people who just want something chill, both are really fun if loud and high energy on stream are for you though.

No. 198808

What are some of the worst guys? I've been looking at Twitter drama cause I got distracted and I was wondering who gives off or is confirmed sexpest?

No. 198966

File: 1650409448234.jpeg (610.9 KB, 2619x4000, E17YKqmXEAEWmsA.jpeg)

Shoto,Mori,and Juniper Actius for English streamers,for JP streamers it's Korone,Polka,and peko. I'm really big on design but personality and stream style matter a lot to me too. With Japanese streamers I expect more cutesy stuff from jp streamers I guess but with English streamers I expect chill vibes.

No. 199437

File: 1650590794043.jpg (47.36 KB, 564x1113, 4531e1ec6152b6a779185754634236…)

I'm not interested in Vtubers, not for anything related to the fandom, I just find them kind of boring; but some time ago I found out about this guy Kanae and ngl, I want to give this a try. He is so cute… ♥

No. 199531

Kanae is nijisanji, they have well over 100 streamers at the moment, try the rest of the company first (if your type is suicidal ikemen types, then Fulgur from en also wants to die).

No. 199534

idk why but kanae gives me weird vibes

No. 199598

I've seen someone else (on some other thread or site) say the same. Maybe I'll watch him too especially since I'm into meganes
How so?

No. 207224

Enna is underrated imo. Amazing singer and one of the few in Nijisanji EN to have original music, good at making natural monologue and has a lot of interesting and funny stories, very quick witted with jokes when around other people. I think her design is kinda offputting because it's overdesigned and overly moe, which is a huge shame because I think she's got a personality that's very amusing to watch. I hope when Ethyria gets new outfits hers is something more widely appealing.

Kanae is one of the few male vtubers I trust because a ton of female members of Nijisanji have openly talked about how kind and reliable he is. They could just be dicksucking because he's popular, but it seems like he's genuinely professional and helpful because of how many people have said it.

No. 207448

I think all the girls in nijiEN are underrated. Thanks to the males, they're finally getting more traction.

slight salt derail, but as someone who loves both holo/niji, it upsets me that Pomu/Finana were rejected from En2 for Sana. A lot of the niji girls show passion and constantly want to push content to become idols. Then there's Sana who did this on a whim and didn't really care for vtuber/idol culture in her previous life.

No. 207485

I agree, though I'm ultimately happy they both ended up in Niji (I was Niji biased beforehand though, on top of somewhat being disappointed by HoloCouncil). I was a fan of Sana in her previous life but it really feels like Holo took her in because of her relation to Ina, or because they wanted a second pro artist like Ina. I know a lot of NijiEN people could also be said to have got in through relations to each other, but at least they all knew each other from literally being vtubers already.

No. 209483

File: 1653730825498.jpg (724.54 KB, 2000x1857, 20220528_112704.jpg)

I may have found the first VTuber I like after Gibara? She showed her endoscopy images on her first stream, unhinged

No. 209497

File: 1653738033814.png (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1277x715, firefox_GBRH6sPkL5.png)

No. 209745

i was wondering why everyone was using desu wa suddenly, based vtuber onto my membership list

No. 210662

File: 1654081331793.png (351.45 KB, 500x500, 1654002380806.png)

No. 210676

File: 1654087193002.jpg (90.35 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

my favorite vtuber is pastaroniravioli! she's so sweet and her laugh could cure millions.

No. 212500

File: 1654625112138.jpg (76.96 KB, 1008x839, 1654509383751.jpg)

Sooooo…somebody on /vt/ leaked that Ollie mentioned in her members stream that she is organizing an all-branch collab (implying Holostars are included), and that IRyS was invited. Now the whole board is up in flames.

No. 212502

It feels like an all out war right now lol.

No. 212511

Who cares

No. 212512

Kek cope and seethe faggots.

No. 212515

shitposters, tribalists, falseflaggers, trolls, simps, etc…

No. 212517

Who cares

No. 212518

File: 1654627756853.jpg (207.9 KB, 1811x690, Dcb3IIcWsAA-5zw.jpg)

Everyone on /vt/ should be gather up again a wall and shot in fucking skull.

No. 212547

I genuinely don't understand why or how this is a bad idea? Why are they mad?

No. 212567

>my anime waifu is gonna interact with charming male colleagues
>vcoomers on suicide watch
I hope at least 10 of them neck themselves over it.

No. 212720

File: 1654707723721.jpg (86.96 KB, 1801x280, irysoautistic.jpg)

No. 212766

>me: kizuna so failed because she was playing a character
>also me: wtf I love salami

No. 212811

I know people throw the word "schizo" around all the time now, but this is literal schizo posting.

No. 212854

Sonny gives me 4chan incel trying to reform himself vibes

No. 212859

a lot of anons seem to think so but I don't get why?

No. 212862

I hope all the girls collab with men just to get rid of their more retarded fans. This shit is so pathetic I can hardly believe it's real.

No. 212863

File: 1654730193353.jpeg (87.57 KB, 429x640, D5C30E95-47ED-4A28-986D-5D1163…)

>watch the girl I liked gets fucked while I hand the couple condon and tissue
KEKKKK just give in you useless waste of space, you are just a subhuman paypig. How do they possibly feel NTR’d now, when the same anime girl regularly gets cum tributed by 1000 other fat ugly bastards.

No. 213041

I watched his intro vid and his taste in stuff aligns entirely with 4ch lol his humour too, he just screams "I'm one of you based bros too! I just can't say it!"

No. 213129

You’re absolutely right, the sen to man on his favorite list was a dead giveaway. It’s hard though, i want to hate dudes like that but his model has my favorite looks(blonde, blue eyes, twink). If it helps any, the clips of him are fairly inoffensive and he doesn’t play into the queer-baiting as much as the others

No. 213130

He is literally the old tf2 youtuber who faked his death anon

No. 213630

File: 1655024567508.jpg (714.97 KB, 4067x2879, 3e5b7ef88ce56a62142af26ea0b57a…)

Literally me

No. 213720

she just like me fr

Really though, I think vtubers should stop trying to branch out into anime/games and such (there are old examples from peak Kizuna Ai era that everyone seems to have forgotten already) but the Alternative trailers do have gorgeous animation.

No. 213912

File: 1655131304294.jpg (67.99 KB, 540x621, 4.jpg)

Why is 4chan so misandrist?

No. 213922

cuz they're trannies; can't stand other men unless they're disfigured coombrained freaks like them just like how they can't stand real women and the things that appeal to them

No. 213923

I love desuwa so much

No. 213966

I like Marine. Sorry I know she's a moid panderer but she's just funny as hell

No. 213968

If I wanted to self harm with scrote bullshit I d go to their board so please spare us all. I dont even want to spare them a thought.

No. 213969

Same I like Marine. She feels more like an oldfag perverted fujo friend than just pure waifu bait.

No. 213972

Shes not a moid pander if you dont only consume her clips, half of her fanbase are women too. Its ok.

No. 213990

>She feels more like an oldfag perverted fujo friend
Yeah I think that's exactly why I like her so much, I wish she was someone I knew irl or something

No. 213991

samefag but I always laugh when she tells an anecdote about her time working because I can't imagine her acting the way she does behind her avatar in an office setting kek

No. 213997

Strong agree. The clip of her talking about being obsessed with Shin-chan yaoi during her office job days cracks me the fuck up.

No. 214008

Marine is my absolute oshi! I love her, and her songs are absolutely the best. Her humour and charisma are absolutely beyond pandering, she sounds also very mature and the way other members talk about her makes me very happy. She seems a cool girl all in all.

No. 214065

There's something refreshing about an unapologetically horny woman. She seems like she is mature, great at art, and a good singer as well.

No. 214072

>There's something refreshing about an unapologetically horny woman
Most of them are unapologetically horny, it's annoying.

No. 214074

File: 1655173812673.jpg (273.36 KB, 900x720, cring.jpg)

No. 214083

I hate when I see men on 4chan posting stuff like, "WHAT?11 Women like vtubers? Why?"

Bitch, who do you think the funny/interesting/entertaining vtubers you love are? That's right, WOMEN. Of course women like vtubers, women ARE vtubers.

(Ofc nothing wrong with not liking vtubers, some are definitely annoying. But there's good to be found in some, too.)

I like Ollie, she reminds me of a childhood friend I had, who I still talk to occasionally.

No. 214085

Imo, there's a difference between a woman putting on a show for men and being like "haha yeah I'm totally lesbian you guys" vs. being unashamed about liking stuff that terrifies men, like fujo. That's just my two cents tho.

No. 214105

Kiara comes off as a hard ace/aro person. Like I genuinely can’t imagine her being in a relationship ever

No. 214136

Kiara and Mori are one of THE straughtest holos in EN if you know Moris yellow'fever towards asian men and preHololive Kiara. The only actual lesbian in EN is Kronii, and she went through "nonbinary" phase. Hololive always had forced ships by their management, but when they released EN gen1 it become painfully obvious because Mori was shit at acting tsundere. Hololive is built on Yuribaiting because of GFE and Idol culture. Men would always rather believe a holo is a lesbo than imagine then even liking a man.

No. 214168

All of that is the worst part about them. I just want to watch otaku women have fun together. Even if you wanted yuribait, they are so overt and corny, men must have omega brain damage to be turned on by the fake as fuck porn acting. What happened to subtlety.

No. 214180

I keep seeing peeps saying that Kronii definitely is a lesbian. Where does that come from? I don't watch her.

No. 214198

She is a freelancer VA and you can find information about her dating other women and slowly transitioning into a non-binary-wannabe on her twitter

No. 214275

>and preHololive Kiara.
She used to post about wanting a gf on her old tumblr though. She definitely plays it up now but I think she likely has some interest in girls.

No. 214280

>The only actual lesbian in EN is Kronii
kronii is cool
also when i heard of irys "being a terf/transphobic" i thought i would find sick leaks of her ranting about trannies or being transphobic with friends in a group chat… no it's a clip of her saying she like traps i guess?

No. 214289

Then why did she post selfies with her bf and kept pandering to men with lewd cosplay photos, while also being a jealous bitch towards other weebs (talking shit about venus and others in public while trying to make herself look superior)? I remember she had a lot of boyfriends and her last one in Japan ended badly.
There was a clip where she said trap word but TRAs claim its a transphobic one. She has a lot of Sjw haters for some reason, they started spreading that she is a TERF because they noticed she started lighting up the color of her model to make sure the skin is a bit lighter and ever since these people cant shut up that shes racist. You can find these people on Twitter

No. 214290

Irys does holds up on saying n-thing, though. Other than that I don’t care about her, I hate her voice and personality.

>men must have omega brain damage to be turned on by the fake as fuck porn acting.
Men have no idea what irl women are like. That’s why they gravitate towards the fakest women and fakest acts.
I can’t stand Fauna and how obviously fake she is, yet is the one that attracts more goslings, others being Ame and Irys.

No. 214312

I doubt that was anything more than a le grabs boobies from behind gag
>role plays a huge titted anime girl
>NB shit
Disappointed but not surprised

So, do you consider it ~*problematic*~ to enjoy Masaru Suzuki (shota avatar)? It’s clearly a woman and the fanbase is women. I think the crossplay thing is cringe tho.

No. 214475

She hates the fact how her vtuber avtar has a huge underboob window and it shows, but in Hololive, just like in Nijisanji you don't get to choose the avatar they give to you, nor change. I recall Mori said she would have wanted to be tomboyish and have a flat chest with her vtuber avatar during one of the Jump King streams, and she doesn't remove the jacket off her second outfit too often, as it becomes coomerbait-y. Regardless Mori is still a NLOG weeb, but I appreciate her for being honest for using Hololive to climb in fame. It's obvious she will graduate once Hololive will stop giving her big music opportunities.

How long have any of you been into corpo vtubers? I've been watching Hololive and Nijisanji since 2019 all because I discovered Mito. She is way more shameless in terms of degeneratory (but still doesn't pander to men, just doing her own 'haha funny' thing) than Marine but also pretty creative when it comes to that. For example her ACNH streams were the only vtuber NH streams I was interested in watching.

No. 214667

I was really into Kaguya Luna back in the older vtuber days, when she stopped updating I stopped really caring, then in 2020 during lockdown I saw this video about Kanae and it pulled me into Nijisanji and later Hololive. Even though I generally dislike the corporatization of internet creators, for some reason corporate vtubers are just more appealing to me than indie vtubers or regular streamers. Maybe because they have to be vetted in so they're not as boring or problematic and the designs are generally cute.

Mito is absolutely based, I love her.

No. 214911

I think Fauna has a relaxing voice but one day I noticed that she giggles after almost every single sentence and it drives me nuts. What the fuck does she keep laughing at? If she was still early on in to her vtuber shtick I could pass it off as a nervous habit, but now I just can't stand it.

No. 217189

The new Holostars song is really good, specially bossu's rap.

No. 217242

File: 1656281656284.jpeg (Spoiler Image,35.92 KB, 471x331, D358A40F-6C04-4B2E-9EDB-74E131…)

I hate this parasocial groomer so much.

No. 217482

Kek I knew who it was going to be before I even unspoilered. I only heard a minute of that stream and I couldn't stop fucking laughing, how do people seriously listen to this stuff?

No. 217497

I hate how he told people he was going to stop pandering to his crazy ass fans after the drama with Reimu but then a day later he was tweeting like "I luv all my fans sooo much" and is still doing bullshit like this. He made a big apology stream and everything but then doubled down on the fanservice? It's weird.

No. 217549

File: 1656400113951.png (295.67 KB, 498x498, Otogibara_Era_Portrait.png)

I miss her so much

No. 217560

+887k people think otherwise. He must be doing something right when he is the second fastest growing in Nijisanji.

No. 217563

I don’t touch the males at all, is this actually real?

No. 217574

I hope some crazy ass bitches make him fear for his life lol just a taste of mens own medicine

No. 217698

>I hope somebody's life be threatened because I find his content cringy
Sanest Vox anti

No. 217699

Nta but did his cringe videos at least make you orgasm? You seem a little hurt people are making fun of your parasocial boyfriend

No. 217720

Stay mad, kindredfag

No. 217877

He won't be my parasocial bf anymore once I join wave 6

No. 217889

Just remember that he doesn't clean after he pisses whenever you get the chance to suck his dick

No. 217890

File: 1656516251373.png (645.31 KB, 1362x614, file.png)

>On the topic of taking a shit

No. 217907

I don't follow Susei that much but I like the music she puts out and how calm her streams are, they're good for background.

No. 217911

IMO Moona is one of the best singer out of non-EN holos too, It's amazing listening to her improve her vocals over the year of karaoke streams. She is generally lovely too. Awkward, cute, shy but not pretentious and doesn't push 'parasocial' content. And I love PekoMoon friendship dynamic.

No. 217969

Moona singing High Tide during the Hololive 3D concert made me fall in love with her voice.

No. 218139

File: 1656617973720.png (130.84 KB, 361x1062, Gridmam Rikka Takarada.png)

Clearly inspired by:

No. 218212

I feel bad for Kiara, I think she has the creepiest fans.
Sad that women can't even take a simple picture of themselves without a high chance of being creeped on.

No. 218214

More like traced. Look at the shit edit on the legs to give them a different pose.

No. 218245

I'm like 95% sure they actually hired the same character designer from that show to draw the character in the game

No. 218247

File: 1656643255062.png (702.58 KB, 1116x692, Screenshot 2022-06-30 214020.p…)

No. 218291

I watched Kiaras zatsudan streams, she is the only one EN that shamelessly pushes the parasocial window, it's almost pathetic to watch IMO. I would never want to bait my viewers to pretend that they have a chance to get closer to me and that they must feel attracted to me.

No. 218763

Kaguya Luna went back to her old persona (Pmaru) if you were ever wondering what happened. Here's a translation of the shit she went through in her old company if you're curious.

No. 219400

I don't think Vox would have a better experience. That's what comes with fame (and gachikoi baiting).
We call that an "artstyle".

No. 219488

How the fuck is lack of creativity and shit editing skills an artstyle

No. 220656

Is Yuzu trans? The voice is so weird. And looking at selfies of “her” they’re air brushed to hell and back


No. 220685

This is an imageboard and that losertuber is a man, baby.

No. 220691

File: 1657493143727.jpg (87.42 KB, 850x1133, mayuzumi kai.jpg)


unrelated but the bit about having your creativity restricted or the company trying to control it is similar to the situation that mayuzumi kai from nijisanji was going through. It apparently got to the point where he decided to graduate.

It's a lot harder because you don't have a big name to boost you but going indie looks more preferable than joining a company

No. 220696

File: 1657495309213.jpg (304.58 KB, 1537x2048, kome633 FW241H8VEAAH7sp.jpg)

Mayuzumi's graduation genuinely pains me. I've been watching his story unfold since debut, and him leaving while it hasn't been completed hurts. I wish he could have graduated in a similar manner as Ikasumi— when he had felt that had done everything he could have as "Mayuzumi Kai".

No. 221010

File: 1657585048675.png (908.61 KB, 1200x1200, Tsukumo_Sana_Portrait.png)

Another one graduating at the end of July. I don't watch Hololive so I don't know anything about her. Were there ever any clues before the announcement that she was planning on graduating, like there were for Mayuzumi?

No. 221016

ran here to ask about this too. I mean, I know there were some people calling her out for not actually being black irl, so I was wondering if that ever affected anything.

No. 221018

I'm actually not surprised about this. Right after she debuted she had a lot of personal life issues that made her unable to stream, so she lost a ton of growth early on. She apparently is also dealing with a back injury, I don't know much about that but I can't imagine that it didn't play a part in it. And then ofc she is also a full time artist outside of Hololive, so it probably came down to choosing one or the other. Early on she said that she auditioned for Hololive because she wanted to have a life outside of her art, but ultimately I don't think she was ready to be a streamer full time for such a big company.

From my perspective Mayu is someone who was very ambitious with creative decisions as a streamer and had a lot of success, his downfall came from the company holding him down, where Sana had a rough start from the beginning and seemed to have struggled all the way through, the only thing really keeping her relevant as a streamer was the Hololive brand and she probably felt that she couldn't live up to it. That's just my perspective though.

No. 221056

just gonna drop the whole roommate taboo bs and just say names(literally no one outside the internet actually respects these unspoken rules)
not at the time but yes in retrospect. Everything >>221018 said is spot on.
>ina crying randomly on stream a week ago
>vague tweets from all her genmates referencing crying/feeling sad a week before
>sana's gen having merch to celebrate a "half" year. At this point people already speculated how weird it was but this was probably the time she decided to quit. Ofc cover wanted to squeeze as much money before her contract was up
>sana's radio silence compared to her constant art twitter updates
>creating her own youtube channel and streaming last month despite barely streaming as sana

Anyways here's my schizo rant on this whole thing, Namie being a vtuber is the worst fucking thing to happen to her. I'm speaking as a fan of her Pokemon/touhou art for years and was cheering for her success. Like previous anon says, this was her chance to let people know the real her. There were moments where she was an endearing dork, but the majority of what little she streamed showed her awful work ethic, awkwardness, and shallowness tbh. I always thought it was kind of weird she loved tourabu/FGO despite not being able to read JP fluently. Turns out she gets into things purely for aesthetic. In vidrel, she says she hasn't played through any of the genshin story, but that she spent a lot of money off stream for the past month to get the pretty characters.

If it truly was health issues stopping her from streaming, I would be more forgiving, but there is so much evidence she put out there where her condition was not as bad as she made it out to be. It's infuriating, she could've been the next hit vtuber but she didn't even fucking try. I wish I never knew more about her and just blindly enjoyed her art, now I can't unsee how much of a lazy and hollow person Namie is.

Anyways I'll end this rant with this funny moment from one of her streams https://youtu.be/dmHmjrVAyAE?t=1625
tl;dw someone gave her $500 for curing his depression with her streams and she just awkwardly laughs at him lol

No. 221496

Such a shame. I used to like her a lot, but since she went indie it was a fast downhill. I wonder if she still enjoys vtubing or just does this to get some money, honestly.

No. 221500

File: 1657731857322.jpg (74.41 KB, 915x526, 20220713_190157.jpg)

It's sad that Sana is graduating, because I think her and Baelz (If Sana could have more opportunities; after all she made a huge effort during her debut, made sure to stay in character and keep the quirks, astrology streams, knowing Japanese) are the best ones out of the Council. I am biased towards Kronii, but I would put her as the 3rd best.
Out of all graduations, I think Sana one is the best one by far. In my opinion (and from her artist activity) I think she realised that she would rather earn money with her art talent (you earn a lot from making artworks for FATE franchise, which she does) than by sitting in front of a camera and play games for 8 hours. Its a shame, really, but in Hololive even under contract they tell you that you should deliver content 3 times a week. Idiots compare her to Ayame but in Ayames case, she have been streaming daily for a long time, and only later started facing IRL problems which still did not mean she wasn't doing anything for Hololive; if you watch Marine or other JP streamers they would tell you that they see Ayame in COVER office quite often. She works on dancing, voice acting the holograph and their other projects (and ads), etc. You can't compare a person living in Japan where the company is and someone who is overseas…
…and thats what vshojo gave to her. A painfully stupid pornhub outfit that is so thoughtless you can tell its drawn by a different artist. It looks like as if she used some random Twitter copypaste for vtubers. I think their choice to take Rushia is both smart and stupid. Its smart because vshojo is not a "talent agency", its just a rich man hiring everyone who has a huge following and is already a cashcow (Rushia was the top superchatter under Coco), but they don't care that Rushia is a mentally ill BPD woman in her mid-30s. I mean, none of the vshojos even speak JP besides Kson…

No. 221534

I genuinely don't know what VShojo as a company does. With Holo and Niji, the companies are the ones commissioning and providing models and facerig software, as well as providing spaces for large scale collaborations and events. Because VShojo recruited already established streamers what the FUCK do they do? Is it really just a marketing trick and nothing else? Is it just to make selling merch easier? I'm genuinely asking for an explanation here. Kson is already one of the most famous and successful vtubers of all time, I don't understand what she gains from joining VShojo that she couldn't do by herself.

No. 221537

It’s probably the same as streamers joining a streaming house/org anon. It helps being part of a company when negotiating brand deals, sponsorships, collabs. Yes it is also marketing and branding. They benefit from the viewers of all the streamers combined.

No. 221548

>made sure to stay in character
This was arguably the worse decision she made. If she just chilled out and opened up instead of sticking to a script like a 12yo komaeda roleplay account, she would’ve been more likeable.

In a recent stream, she did a rare anecdote about her life . Instead of saying “my sister did x” she fumbled and tried to fit it into her lore/character in real time “my sister- er uh- my space sister- no my earth sister, from earth…. I went to the toilet- no I mean I did idol duties “. The best part of streams is when the girls share their life, like marine’s sister drove off while picking marine up out of fear - that shit doesn’t fit into the pirate narrative but who cares!

No. 221680

File: 1657786685661.jpg (112.45 KB, 585x465, oof.jpg)

The super depressing part of this whole thing was Sana said she wanted to have a life outside of art and to choose her health over everything. But in the end, she chose art and broke her body to wheelchair bound levels. This is such a tragic fucking end overall.

No. 222098


No. 222102

How much do you want to bet that they'll debut, fail, and then be chained down and left to rot in Yagoo's basement with the rest of the Stars?

No. 222116

File: 1657886985217.png (49.8 KB, 600x565, 1657881513650.png)


vt was having a fucking meltdown over this, I couldn't tell if they were being serious or not about hololive being ruined even though collabs between the stars and the girls have rarely been a thing.


I hope they do well tbh. I think the surprise of the announcement will attract more people and the fact that they speak English will draw more people into the stars.

Apparently the stars didn't even know they were being announced though, which is weird.

No. 222118

Unicorn suicide line on the left, thank you.

I can’t wait for the tears of the scrotes once they realise they can’t compete with any other male out there.

No. 222123


No. 222150

hope the designs are good
I wish she had done more art streams

No. 222160

The simple fact that they are English speakers (thus, associated with Hololive) means that they won't fail, they just need to PUT IN THE WORK.
The only reason Sana stayed so far behind is because she made people forget about her due to barely streaming.

No. 222237

I'm pretty sure Randon is confirmed since he graduated. Pretty happy for that since from what I've watched post-graduation, he seems like a non-coomer. I also wouldn't mind if Manlybadasshero was in the line up but he has a pretty solid gig as himself so that's unlikely.

I heard some meme picks speculating it's Joel from vinesauce and if so, hololive gets all my respect lmao

No. 222334

I doubt it is gonna be Randon since he graduated because he wanted to pick up the better position into his day job he’s pretty much passionated about. Plus he was training some guys for bike competitions or stuff. He may have lied, but I think he wouldn’t have worded his graduation announcement like that or made up such a specific lie.

No. 222344

To be fair Pomus previous account ended up lying by making it seem like as if she died or something, so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 222353

Dying and getting reincarnated is vtuber lingo, though

No. 222437

Wasn't her old model ghost themed? It was part of her "lore" that she was moving on in the afterlife, iirc.

However, Mysta's old reason for graduating was supposed to be focusing on getting a "real job" because he couldn't afford to be a vtuber any more. Some people definitely stretch the truth.

No. 222477

I guess we’ll find out in a day who’s “in”.

No. 222511

how did she end up in wheelchair?

No. 222538

She said she has to use a wheelchair when she goes out and a walker to get around the house. Her mom was her caretaker for a month apparently.

No. 222717

File: 1658109911540.jpeg (232.26 KB, 1200x675, AD9069E3-8D6F-4FF1-9B84-233E47…)

>1) A Twitch streamer with a relatively high following. Known for competitive games and has competed at EVO among other tournaments multiple times in the past.
>2) An indie music artist who has dipped into multiple genres in the past, including power metal, EDM, rap, and ska. The biggest unknown factor of the group considering the size of his current fanbase.
>3) Well known (100k+ twitter followers) artist. Has worked within the anime and games sphere for over a decade, serves as the bilingual member of the group (and is native Japanese.) Very little streaming experience. Is the papa for a current 3view vtuber.
>4) A Twitch variety streamer who's also known for their singing ability, with multiple covers on YT breaching 40k+ views. Has excellent technical knowledge regarding stream setup, audio, and VR.

No. 222718

My predictions from left to right
Porter robinson

No. 222776

ayyy lmao

No. 222784

This is supposed to be the FGO Domon artist? He didn't put any effort in. Maybe it's the uncanny Live2D.

No. 222786

Apparently If might be professorLandon and if so, we got ourselves an actually funny zoomer

No. 222789

Doubt it, the dude's entire schtick is that he is a black and gay, I don't thing his Vtuber would be white.

No. 222843

>Porter Robinson

No. 222849

File: 1658150811990.png (8.7 MB, 3236x1640, corpo.png)

COVER gives their vtubers cheap L2Ds, so I am sure the artist didn't get paid enough this time. Sana's artist was FGO one too and his FGO designs looked better than the L2D, not as bad as this guy at least.

No. 222873

Douman is such an ugly abomination, eugh

No. 222887

No he is perfect but that's not the thread to talk about that.

No. 223216

File: 1658264267703.jpeg (43.13 KB, 750x224, 959C267D-E2F6-4765-93F8-279BBA…)

Is this a proposal?!

No. 223220

No. 223237

if he's the artist of the group, I'm pretty sure that's ina's boyfriend minsgraph/omega

No. 223251


He got kneecapped hard by this design which sucks because so far he seems really charming.
NijiEn just announce wave 6 for EN and they all look so good, could Cover not just send the art back and say "fix it" or just find a new artist altogether?


No. 223254

I am sorry Anon to break this to you, but all those designs are horrible.

I am getting so tired of vtubers…

No. 223285

Not to play company wars but
>Holo finally drops long awaited male EN project
>fugly ass designs, gets made fun of relentlessly
>Niji randomly drops new mixed gender gen IMMEDIATELY after
>gorgeous designs, hype as fuck
Holo really dropped the ball with these designs.

I am worried about NijiEN growing too fast though. I hope they slow down with the gen releases after this, I love NijiJP but I don't want 200 EN members.

No. 223309

Compared to when Nijisanji was releasing vtubers every month in 2019 the pace NijiEN is going by is fine. I understand the sentiment though.

Is this NijiEN's first mixed gen?

No. 223325

File: 1658311053368.png (357.39 KB, 728x419, 8A232796-993F-4BD6-9ED1-E20F52…)

oh look, he suddenly looks infinitely better!

No. 223334

That hair is so butt ugly I can’t. I just get angry when I look at it.

No. 223360

Reminds me of that one Twisted Wonderland character.

No. 223376

have we talked about how awful all these designs are yet?

No. 223393

File: 1658338716366.png (775.4 KB, 2480x1861, 5039DA37-4847-4C91-9A67-04AB07…)

Shit taste

No. 223396

File: 1658338856329.png (89.64 KB, 218x227, E2DA3879-44DA-42B2-A813-3D335E…)

la abominacion

No. 223405

File: 1658339947618.jpeg (273.72 KB, 2048x1907, FD2CC1C8-E28C-4285-9B7A-97CADD…)

The edits on /vt/ are so funny.

No. 223562

File: 1658392315840.png (212.34 KB, 683x878, B64C875C-6DFD-45F5-8950-F88929…)

I still can’t believe how popular this guy has gotten on /vt/. Mf somehow turned unicorns into Tempus’ biggest supporters simply by mentioning that he likes bionicles.

No. 223569

His model is so goddamn bad it makes me want to watch him out of pity

No. 223932

I keep finding out old cows I knew about years ago became vtubers and it blows my mind.

No. 223994

OK I like Magni

No. 223996

The love potion thing actually made me laugh

No. 224000

File: 1658546879456.png (36.47 KB, 599x306, Capture.PNG)

anyone here follow YFU Baby? Looks like there some drama stirring up right now

No. 224002

Yes there is. She scammed a person who wrote her most popular song. There is alot.

No. 224003

Can you post more about the milk? Never heard of her but it sounds interesting.

No. 224006

File: 1658547848802.png (76.8 KB, 601x298, Capture.PNG)

Yeah for sure. So allegedly she and her manager scammed this guy who wrote lyrics for one of her most popular songs.

Here is the google doc if you're interested in scrolling through all of it. There is plenty of screenshots of discord conversations https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X3XiOo0ZPvus9vrjscWiPXCPEQXWyIxuIy__I4bY248/edit

Also just by doing a bit of searching, I've found the pintrest account that was screenshotted in the doc

No. 224007

forgot to link the pintrest account https://www.pinterest.ca/nikkimochi/_saved/

(sorry, first time posting)

No. 224020

Thought we’re not supposed to post drama here because that belongs on /w/ and we know how that went

No. 224021

I agree, Id rather not ruin this general with the infestation of moids.

No. 224022

How were Altare and MAGlord? I was asleep and missed the streams.

No. 224023

That's so fucking boring

No. 224026

Altare is a basic zoomer normie american-korean guy. His anime taste is the most basic one too, he sounds like he is going to be the 'gay' one. The handy guy had an amazing debut, I liked it because he handled it well, and was very funny and charismatic, he is one of the IRL twitch YouTubers that got popular this or last year, I think you would probably recognize his voice.
If you are an obsessed dramafag it would be better for you to visit /trash/ then, newfag.

No. 224027

>browses a website purposely created for the sake of cosplay community drama
>calls others drama obsessed newfags
Summer in its full glory.

No. 224029

Didn't watch Altare's full stream, his voice is nice but his taste in anime/games is lame. Magni seemed nervous at first but he started getting into it and was really funny and entertaining.

No. 224030

Anonchama, have you SEEN the w vtuber threads and what they brought? There were literally moids trolling and spamming CP with gore in these threads because people talked shit about Kiara along with chinese copypastas. Stfu

No. 224032

Why are you so triggered and defensive about a single post that said "that's so boring"?

No. 224033

Sorry nonna, I took this post way too seriously. The raids and moid infestation was huge when the threads were live which sucks, and the moids keep saying that its our board that talked shit about vtubers when in fact vt is the only place that is obsessed with dramafaggotory.

No. 224046

I share the same feeling of OP, if we’re found again with a vtuber thread by scrotes it will be the same shit all over again

No. 224056

Why do moids always retaliate when you say something negative about their anime girl by posting CP. You're pathetic.

No. 224073


If Magni wasn't kneecapped by his design he'd probably be the most popular right now. I'd argue he has potential to be an en version of Roberu once he finds his groove.

No. 224076

Every normie knows who he is because he built his career onto talking about vtubers, so he already has a lot of connections (eg one of his vtuber 'friends' was in the chat), so he will become popular, dw about it.

No. 224081

I don’t watch male streamers period but I do have a craving for ikemen energy. Why can’t we get more women to play school prince, or just generally andro/masculine archetypes (that is not just male-pandering tomboy bait).

No. 224118

It's very easy to get money out of horny scrotes so most people will go for the pandering. I don't watch them much but you might like Subaru from hololive or Ange Katrina from Nijisanji.

No. 224121

File: 1658604859854.png (566.08 KB, 839x854, AC2CD996-C54F-410F-8413-4D3817…)


No. 224125

I like Ange yeah, Shuba is cool in collabs but she didn’t click with me in solo

No. 224213

File: 1658641419216.jpeg (62.26 KB, 600x600, F71A4A11-0FD1-44AA-BF13-F0A670…)

Nonna, I present you nekozono shin and she’s precious. On the topic of androgynous female vtubers, I get really paranoid when I see an androgynous presenting vtuber only to be disappointed when they turned out to be a tranny. There really needs to be more gnc fem vtubers.

No. 224290

Ooo thank you anon! She looks lovely, I’ll check her out ♥

No. 224291

File: 1658659921855.jpeg (477.43 KB, 828x940, F92EB30D-0756-46FD-B8C7-9C747D…)

Literally just an ethot

No. 224293

Back to your containment site

No. 224303

File: 1658675572117.jpeg (271.62 KB, 1200x1200, E5590290-1B58-49D9-AFB4-B0AC41…)

I found love. The Orc made it and I am so, so happy. His debut was beyond words. Him and Dezmond made my faith in Hololive come back

No. 224325

File: 1658679283223.jpg (165.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I really like this vampire guy, he is an incredibly lovely person who seems to have strong 'father figure' vibes and I wish him all the best. He seems to be the only one who actually expressed his interest in holostarsJP other than the girl branch. I think he will make the best chatting streams, at least to me personally. He expresses such kindness from what I can tell. He really reminds me of picrel, an actual 50yo+ man who is just out there, vibing and enjoying his time in hololive. Afaik was a teacher in the past and last year's super chats gave him an opportunity to have a small vacation for the first time in many years. HolostarsJP are awesome, and of all the guys only he and Axel actually give me the 'starsJP' feel.

I've got a question about the orc guy, is it true that he is married and has a kid or two? If yes that makes him extremely cute.

No. 224366

> an actual 50yo+ man
Aruran is only around 30, though.

No. 224372

The whole starsen managed to surprise me tbh. I can't say I really dislike any of them

No. 224421

I legit cried a bit hearing how happy he was. Relatable grandpa for sure, I’m looking forward to his zatsudans

No. 224462

My thoughts on the new boys that no one asked for:
Can't stand his voice. Feels way too put on and fake. He reminds me of sykkuno and that is not a compliment.
Cute and charismatic. I like the stupid hand cape.
Actually my favourite. I love blonde men, I love aussie accents on men, we have the same taste in vidya (I love crisis core!) and I find him both engaging and relaxing which is all I can ask for. I'm surprised that so far he seems the least popular. Maybe I have unpopular tastes.
Cute, but not my thing since I dislike his voice and design. I can completely understand the appeal though. Shy guys are adorable. I wish him all the best.

No. 224471

Samefag. I'm taking it all back.
After careful consideration Vesper has won me over.
he should keep the glasses off though…

No. 224489

Wonders, some say he is a gay black man and some he’s married with kids. Either way, he apparently never mentioned his wife/husband or any kids, once he said “before vtubing I had nothing to come back home for” but he could be just divorced, for all we know.

No. 224530

Does anyone know Ren's pl? His music fucking hooked me and I want more.

No. 224573

I’ve heard that he’s wolfychu’s boyfriend

No. 224611

Nta but it’s confirmed him and he looks awful irl I wish I didn’t see it while scrolling my TL

No. 224615

He's not that bad

No. 224720

File: 1658861398372.jpeg (337.96 KB, 1080x1714, BA9D7B8D-09A1-4B07-8BF6-08EB50…)

No. 224721

are people who like this stuff autistic

No. 224729

Feel that, I also really think when I see stuff like this people can become autistic later in life or like learn how to be one, stg hate this fucking timeline

No. 224741

Isn't this character supposed to be a little kid? This is so weird, Vtuber fans are seriously braindead and should get their internet access forbidden until they get a new brain or die.

No. 224742

They excuse it because “it’s anime!” or “just because she LOOKS 13 doesn’t mean she isn’t a 100 year old demon!”

Anyone who finds attraction to anime characters is brain rotted.

No. 224744

He's not ugly but he looks like 2000's emo hot topic aesthetic and that is disgusting (to me)

No. 224745

Honestly I find ascribing any age to the models to be pointless. They're just a visual for a streamer who is an adult, saying the character is supposed to be xyz age never sticks anyway because it's pretty easy to tell the general ages of the streamers.

No. 224746

Okay? Some clearly LARP as a literal child harder than others, Gura in particular knows what kind of pedo she’s enabling.

No. 224752

So you're ignoring the ones who change their voices to appear younger and LARP as children/young teens, cool. Gives me the same vibes as people who say 'pedopandering e-whores aren't doing any actual damage'. If you're pretending to be a child for pornbrained scrotes, you're a scumbag. Don't care if it's an anime character or not.

No. 224761

File: 1658873740258.gif (8.1 MB, 640x640, 5348F3F3-2C60-4507-8017-B49331…)

I don't know, anon, I'm not a Vautism fan, but this character looks like a child to me and un this gif it moves like a sped, so I think it's safe to say that the character is childish enough to be considered pedobait.

No. 224763

fuck off with your scripted vendetta sperg and go back to /vt/

No. 224764

File: 1658875423344.png (243.41 KB, 400x400, 1658533777392809.png)

>Vtuber fans are seriously braindead
>I'm not a Vautism fan
Go make a vtuber hate thread or something instead of shitting this one up talking about things you don't know anything about.

No. 224770

no one moves like that besides a child or a sped. idk why anime fans will cape so hard for designs like this.

No. 224771

I'm not gonna try to defend Gura pedobaiting or comment on the model's design, but it's moving like that because she's showing the full movement capabilities of the live2d model, only the upper half needs to move well because the bottom half is almost never on screen. Literally all she's doing is shaking her head back and forth and up and down to show how it tracks and moves the model, she's not actually standing up and keeping her feet and arms perfectly stiff while wiggling around, presumably she was just sitting and looking around while this tracked her face.

No. 224775

>that retarded meme
Now I know where the underaged retards and autists come from, it's from this cesspool of a thread.

No. 224780

File: 1658881114574.png (542.42 KB, 669x747, 1658549572716542.png)

No. 224782

i think if you're going to criticize vtubers for being loli/ethots, choosing gura who barely streams is poor choice. There are so many vtubers who admit and play into those problematic elements and more.

No. 224783

File: 1658881253133.png (1.2 MB, 680x454, uwu.png)

unironically why are you here

No. 224794

nyart but none of these are funny.

No. 224801

What’s wrong with not pretending to be blind to lolicon pandering?
Gura isn’t the only one doing it, it’s kimoi when kawaii desu jp girls do it too, they all self-infantilize unless they’ve been instructed to play the big titty onee role specifically. It gets in the way of normal audience who just want to enjoy charming personalities interact. I can enjoy lewd jokes, crude humor, I much tolerate general weeb bullshit, but you must be retarded to not notice when bitches lay it on thick like they have hentai tags quota to fill per stream. It’s a good topic to discuss especially because corpo pedos really want to make it clear that chuuba is for men since they know anime brainrot handmaidens will pretend they also like it to feel included.
If you can’t tell between criticism from female audience vs men’s surface level “hurr ~ is a whore/lolicon” as an excuse to shill their own coombait then maybe you should go back.

No. 224802

>maybe if I use flavor of the month bland male memes they won’t notice I’m a faggot

No. 224828

can you not shit up the vtuber general thread with this though

No. 224836

No. 224934

No. 224976

God he’s so ugly but the gapmoe isn’t real

No. 224989

sorry im retarded i meant to write "the gapmoe IS real", autocorrect is fake and gay

No. 225050

I wish my japanese was better so I could understand all of the goodbyes everyone is saying to Mayuzumi right now. He's so loved.

No. 225098

File: 1658993685835.jpeg (382 KB, 1518x1075, D9D8F821-2335-445B-B01D-DAAA7A…)


No. 225134

File: 1659015624969.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2894x4093, 4581C15D-4EA2-4A89-BC0A-919C72…)

I love Pippa design but I hate her behavior. Her and Lumi’s self deprecating misogyny will come back to bite them in the ass sooner or later.

No. 225136

He's cute I like him

No. 225141

what did she do?

No. 225147

I like her non caring about image vibes, but I hate the misogyny. I WILL become a terf vtuber and tell scrotes to kys on the daily. Please support me, nonnies.

No. 225150

Nta shes a kiwifarms-pandering vtuber that talks shit about women. Honestly a lot of big numbered vtubers on twitch are doing the same, larping as "one of the boys" while pandering to coomers. At least shes not a coomer pander, i guess?

No. 225153

I wonder how the artist must feel about that

No. 225189

File: 1659033639444.jpeg (113.63 KB, 744x1098, 1D902AE4-D845-4715-B7C1-732AC2…)

>Axel is too retarded to do his own taxes
>everyone is worried about him going to jail for tax evasion by accident
>Axel thinks a treasurer is a guy that finds treasure


No. 225192

File: 1659034423640.jpeg (Spoiler Image,516.08 KB, 2357x2619, 855BB1EC-FD89-45C1-B3AB-9D4162…)


No. 225196

I hated his models mouth movements at debut but It’s become an endearing trait now. I love this retarded furry

No. 225631

File: 1659177475504.jpeg (304.7 KB, 1860x1860, 35599A90-F80E-40CD-A9BA-4F1142…)

A week has passed since Tempus’ debut and it was definitely the most fun I’ve had watching vtubers.

No. 225692

There hasn't been a stream yet where I haven't smiled and laughed. They're a really good gen.

Also I know I'm late but how was the newest niji wave? I've only seen people talk about the alien dude

No. 225725

Can't really say much as I've only really watched their debut + like one stream (still not over Mayuzumi's graduation) but I like Scarle & Maria. I'm a sucker for Maria's design and she's very bubbly and cute. Reminds me of Rosemi in a way. Scarle likes joseimuke stuff such as otome & drama CDs so I'm hoping her and Petra interact.

No. 225796

File: 1659281356359.jpg (224.34 KB, 1806x1000, 20220731_172814.jpg)

>no one said anything about Sana's cute graduation concert

No. 226014

>rumors say ike is also a groomer
3 months late but Ike is my favourite vtuber at the moment, got any deets?

No. 226061

File: 1659380181179.png (293.39 KB, 449x371, 【Escape_Simulator】My_INT_ain't…)

My favorite thing is how his model looks down so much, which makes him look angry, when in reality it's because his posture is utter shit.
Man, they're really growing on me. I'm not the biggest fan of Eng Vtubers because they tend to annoy me a lot (way too focused on becoming twitter memes and clog shit up with "HEY GUYS BOTTOMS AM I RIGHT, HAHA SUSSY L RATIO BOTTOM OR TOP ENERGY MY LITTLE DISCORD KITTENS AMIRITE", but they're all endearing.

No. 226064

I mean… can’t miss someone we don’t even know.

No. 226111

File: 1659395632498.png (280.85 KB, 659x604, FNJVJUCUUAEyp4p.png)

So is this thread just for bitching about awful corpo-chubers and not spreading good ones?

No. 226547

Different anon, but the actual drama is that his ex gf (who is also an online micro celeb) accused him of being abusive, a rapist, a cheater, etc. He came out with his own side of the story to defend himself. His ex gf apparently has a history of lying and public meltdowns so I'm more inclined to believe his side of the story. idk where the groomer stuff actually came from other than possibly from something the ex gf said. I'm usually inclined to believe the woman in situations like this, but she seemed like an obsessive BPD-chan, and there are other people unrelated to this situation who have bad stories about her, plus Ike's later gf supported him and said it wasn't true.


No. 227021

File: 1659638260366.jpeg (606.35 KB, 1695x2048, A32BF058-7AC1-48F1-B83C-8DC0C0…)

idc about shoto, i find his fujobait humor forced and cringe but goddam his fanbase has the best fanartists for some goddamn reason? What about his stale generic ass design make every single chinese ikemen artist go crazy I don’t get it.

No. 227059

File: 1659644227185.jpg (172.28 KB, 1340x2048, FYV8bRWUUAA7MXX.jpg)

I just started watching him and don't really care for him either (but he's nice bg noise) but he really does get good art ugh. I think it's his ~*~ASMR voice~*~ that lends to that sexy anime man appeal- sort of similar to how Corpse was some decent fanart despite only half a face shown in his avatar and a vague description of his features.

No. 227061

File: 1659644553653.jpg (174.96 KB, 1000x1204, FTc6KPqaMAEdN19.jpg)

His design might be fairly simple, sure, but he's really cute, his model looks amazing, he has a calming/relaxing voice to listen to, etc. He knows his fanbase and tries his best to appeal to it, I don't think there's much wrong with that.
I know a lot of people find his humor to be annoying but as a fujo I'm not going to say 'No' to getting pandered to, and most chinese fujos are probably like that as well.

No. 227120

File: 1659655515702.jpg (72.02 KB, 680x680, media_FP1Kg0aagAAJIXK.jpg)

tbh i hate it when irl men make money off fujoshi culture. idk why. like i feel like it was supposed to be a women only thing where we sexualize men together, i hate it when men make money off of that especially within the comfort of being behind a vtuber model, like when irl dudes like kpop boys try to fujobait they at least must deal with the firsthand embarrassment of it. anyway im going off topic so here is another cute shoto fanart i found.

No. 227330

File: 1659703773745.jpg (84.4 KB, 1200x708, FY1bOknVEAEFTzY.jpg)

It kills me but makes me really happy when I see Magni get fantastic looking fanart. I'm glad all the tempus guys are doing well, especially by holostars standards.

Also Axel and Magni's fight crab stream last night was funny as fuck, I love when people play stupid games like that

No. 227339

I agree about fujobaiting tbh. At the same time it’s good that men are motivated to finally appeal to true female fantasies be it fujo or yume stuff. But alsooo, I always assume these men get a big fucking head from it all and are inevitably abusive behind the scene because men can not be responsible having power over women.

No. 227376

Can't wait for the day Vox is finally outed as a pedophile. Fucking hate that faggot

No. 227379

File: 1659718054873.png (369.13 KB, 532x750, pedo.png)

He's so cringe in general and I really hope this screenshot gets my circulation, say whatever you want about 2D vs 3D porn art of children, it's still fucking weird.

No. 227380

It's bound to happen, isn't he the one who constantly talks about kinks and sex and said his favorite porn genre is teacher x student?

No. 227381

Interesting, I'll remember this if something else comes up, but for now I'll choose to give him leeway.

No. 227389

…this is the reason people have called him a pedo? For liking a fucking drawing? I thought nonas here were mature enough to tell fiction apart from reality but I guess not. It really feels like people hate on him for the stupidest reasons like your pic related.
I do agree with you all calling him cringe though, but I sort of find his cringiness endearing and cute, I guess.

No. 227391

isn’t he already out for doing shady shit with kids back in his undertale fandub days? We will hear about something similar sooner or later. It sucks that his model is so good though, it’s wasted on a dude like him.

No. 227460

Len lewds are halal, I won't hate on him for this. If it were at least Rin then I might feel weird about it, especially since he has so many young female fans but this is nothing.

No. 227862

File: 1659858819163.jpeg (252.18 KB, 1125x889, 693F7D2B-794F-4182-91BF-4268C0…)

Lied about her back, lied about her health, fuck her

No. 227942

You sound retarded

No. 227976

File: 1659916195724.jpg (200.66 KB, 1125x1164, 1659137212686.jpg)


No. 227978

This is such a weird fucking thing to say after not commenting about her health during graduation. She probably meant it just like "hey I'm fine now dw" but it really comes across like she straight up lied considering most people associated her health with her graduation. Why is she like this.

No. 228240

At first I was kind of surprised, too, but I could see twitter fawning over her/worrying over her when she mentions doing work (I think she is still a full time artist.) Maybe she wants people to lay off and let her do her job.

I don't think she ever explicitly said "I have to leave because of my back," maybe having the back injury for some time made her realize she values art so much more than vtubing. It's unfortunate, but valid.

I dislike Ren based on him dating Wolfychu (an uwutuber.) I normally wouldn't care if a youtuber has a relationship but I just don't like uwutubers kek.

No. 228309

He’s jordan sweeto on yt and he is pretty darn cringe. I’m so sorry anon. I also think his model is gorgeous but it’s hard to ignore the cringe personality behind.

No. 228324

She honestly seems like one of those cases where people try being a vtuber or streaming in general and realizing it isn't for them. I think because she was in a corporation people are taking it more seriously than an indie vtuber but even then it's a huge overreaction. It's better she back out now than try to force it, especially if her back was killing her. It's not like she completely ruined Cover's image anyways, why are you taking vtubing so seriously?

No. 228329

It’s because she was a nepotism hire and took the spot away from someone else who would’ve put in the work.

No. 228374

File: 1660010218047.jpg (205.51 KB, 1080x1202, Screenshot_2022-08-08-20-56-06…)

Nonnas is it true? Why was the video privated?

No. 228392

>why are you taking vtubing so seriously?
>I think because she was in a corporation people are taking it more seriously
You answered your own question there. Really, I don't care that much at the end of the day, but like the other anon said, she took that spot away from someone else and then left because she wasn't doing as good as the others, it's just something that leaves a sour aftertaste. She could have easily made her own model and been an indie at any point but she didn't, she jumped into Hololive because she had a friend on the inside and huge twitter/pixiv presence, only to hardly ever stream art. She was also the first ever Hololive girl to actually straight up quit without controversy. Hitomi Chris, Aloe, Coco, and Rushia all left because of extreme controversies that couldn't be blown over. When she announced graduation everyone said "it was because of her injury guys!" she straight up said it wasn't and is continuing on exactly as she was before and will also continue to stream as Namie. It's honestly just a weird situation overall and I came out of it disliking her for continuous poor decisions. Yes I am aware that caring about this in any capacity is cringe, but that's what the thread is for.

No. 228412

>altare had a gf
what? I thought for sure he was gay kek
>Axel doxxed himself, that was the only thing that was removed
rest of the stream is still up, it's from axels 4 guys 1 raft stream

No. 228452

>asking why you’re taking vtubing seriously in a vtuber thread

Probably is bait but I’ll bite. I’m upset with namie/Sana because every decision she makes is so fucking selfish with disregard to her teammates. Idk how much you know about idols but tl;dr they typically debut in groups and work together to make it big. Stupid Japanese customs aside, it’s an underdog story, what’s not to like?

In namie’s group, these girls fucking grinded so hard before and after their debuts. Namie streamed just enough to have audition footage to submit and that’s it. I blame management more for this fucking disaster hire decision, but I’m hoping that Irys can officially fill the void in council

No. 228572

Everyone is like "grrr Sana stealing spot" and I get it to some degree. It was sad to see her leave so soon. But also, I'm not 100% sold on most other female vtubers, including Council and Myth?

I like the idea of a woman gaming with a cute anime avatar, and having cozy and entertaining interactions with a chat.

But too many female vtubers dip into pandering, uwu voices, lolicon, yuribaiting, and so on. Its hard for me to completely view them as hardworking intelligent young women when they have to pander so hard.

Who was the spot "stolen" from? Another uwutuber? Horny ASMR streamer?

Tldr I just wanna see more mainstream female vtubers who don't stream purely for straight men.

No. 228602

I believe Calli has the highest percentage of female viewers in Hololive EN. She also has the highest number of antis.

No. 228609

I really want to love cozy vtubers but the en ones are too male oriented it makes me cringe to see the interactions (and I can't undersand jp lol). Most of the time I like the character but I can't stand the audience.

No. 228624

(replying to myself but) If she had stayed in Hololive thru merch selling and anniversaries, y'all would have complained that she was being a leech and a deadweight.

If she did stream at this point, most the people bitching about her leaving wouldn't have even watched the streams, since I doubt most of them were fans to begin with.

It sucks that it turned out like this, but it looks like vtubing wasn't for her whether it was due to her back, other obligations, or a lack of passion. I only watched a few of her streams but she did seem funny and unique to me when I did!

No. 228629

Same, if there were mainstream ones who oriented themselves more towards a female audience I’d definitely support them. It would be fun to watch cozy streams watching them play AC or SV or just talking about media that’s more woman-oriented in general. It would be nice for when you feel lonely.

No. 228730

Actually I like Scarle for that reason, she openly talks about otomes and husbandos and I find her relatable

No. 228917

File: 1660130306861.jpeg (436.52 KB, 1297x2195, 543202E2-ABF1-43A3-A1B1-D71061…)

Join the cult!

No. 228919

post some clips

No. 228999

I need Scarle to collab with Elira and Petra so they can have more of these discussions

No. 229205

All I know about this one is that clip of her announcing Pomu's surgery to the audience in a huge collab kek.

No. 229374

File: 1660224130598.jpg (227.26 KB, 957x1280, How-Draw-Enna-Alouette-Nijisan…)

Is Enna trans or does she just have an unfortunate voice?

No. 229459

File: 1660230999806.jpg (114.05 KB, 850x478, __takane_lui_hololive_and_1_mo…)

Takane Lui is pretty cool & quite good EN fanbase, since she does both JP and EN chat and interacts with other EN/ID members.

No. 229473

Her voice is slightly nasal but she sounds like a normal young woman to me.

Are you here from 4chan or something? Every time a vtuber talks in a voice that isn't ultra-high-pitched-baby-uwu like Fauna everyone thinks they're a man.

No. 229475

No, she specifically sounded that way to me in a video, but like I said it's probably just unfortunate.

No. 229584

>Another uwutuber? Horny ASMR streamer?

You don't know, it could've been the perfect streamer for you, maybe even someone among us.

No. 229727

Iirc she speaks that way to not put strain on her singing voice. Idc either way as long as she protects her godly vocals lmao

No. 229840

Seeing the moids on /VT/ seethe because TEMPUS has female fans as if that wasn't the target demographics is fucking hilarious

No. 229957

File: 1660299967801.jpg (650.8 KB, 1536x2048, 1659759672737.jpg)

No. 229964

before their debut most of the /vt/ 4scrotes seemed to agree women are the target audience, what gives?

No. 230003

idk about /vt/ but after their debut all I saw on the virtualyoutuber subreddit were comments about how cool they were because seemed like a bunch of bros. maybe they thought women wouldn't like them because they don't "fujobait" like luxiem

No. 230791

File: 1660501650244.jpg (371.78 KB, 1280x1792, tumblr_a4857f2b4d7bbb501912d01…)

I think I'm falling in love with this oddly designed alchemist. He says so many dumb lewd things during his Spore streams. His improv voice acting is so cute.

No. 230854

His intros are so fuking amazing

No. 230861

kino animation
I love the amount of innuendos he makes, too. He can't go more than 15 seconds without saying something lewd.

No. 230876

Ugh I hate it.
Not the (human) little girl, she's cute.
But that this little girl is being dragged into this hobby, and now this photo is being passed around on 4chan, and inevitably sexualized.

No. 230983

This one is living rent free in my head.

No. 230989

I feel like vox and shoto go overboard trying to appeal to shippers, often to an uncomfortable and annoying level.
I’m actually a fan of shoto but I tend to avoid his collabs with vox because it feels like every 5 to 10 minutes it’s them talking about wanting to jump each others bones.
Doesn’t help that vox gives me the creeps too.

No. 231030

i like shoto as a solo streamer, his collabs with vox are cringe af, vox is so annoying trying so hard to play that dom daddy role when in reality he is an undertalefag virgin, i really hope after the last controversy they don’t collab for a while

No. 231037

>i really hope after the last controversy they don’t collab for a while
feed me the tea nonna, I haven't been following them

No. 231040

voc made shoto do a batsu where he confesses his love to him, fans went crazy and accused vox of forcing shoto into uncomfortable things, shoto made a whole statement saying if he wasn’t ok with it he wouldn’t do it but the backlash was crazy still

No. 231052

I'm a shipper so i enjoy their interactions, I do think they try to push it maybe a bit too much but in my opinion having more content isn't a bad thing. Both of them are flirty and make a lot of sex jokes so it makes sense that they would be the way they are with each other. However, like with any vtuber ship, I think it should be kept to just shipping their characters without getting obsessed over their irl(like extremely parasocial fans do).
I wouldn't really call it a controversy, it was just another case of a vtuber's fans getting weirdly defensive on their behalf but it could've been a lot worse. I think Shoto did good addressing it before it gets out of control, that's all you can really do to prevent your fanbase from getting too insufferable. I'm pretty sure they'll keep collabing like normal since most of his fans seem to be ok with it/enjoy it.

No. 231057

They are doing that because their richest fans are chinese fujos.

No. 231068

That's so dumb, how are people surprised that women like regular guys? Do they think their mom married their dad because he was really good at fujo baiting?

No. 231072

File: 1660592792545.jpeg (177.5 KB, 840x1300, F2B2A587-7D2B-44BD-8F79-0DF1D8…)

I can’t stop watching this old man. Especially his collabs with Magni are so fun and soulful and they reignited my passion for vtubers.
It is also upsetting how men and women stand on different standards even in this hobby, but I don’t care. I will follow their steps and create the content that has “value”, I do not care I won’t be able to stand out from the uwu cutesie crowd, I have love for this and I have the drive to make it real. They showed me that it is not true that vtubers are just cute girlfriends, and I want to keep on believing there is still room for creativity and passion.

No. 231074

Woah, I didn’t even know that happened. Tbh as cringe as it is when voxto try to appeal to there shippers. It’s dumb to get so defensive and treat grown men like kids when it was clearly there choice to do something.

No. 231075

Vox would be a lot less creepy and a lot more likeable if he didn’t constantly push this image of “dom daddy top sadist” and consistently talk about how much he gets off to sexually degrading people.

No. 231076

Im glad to see tempus getting so much support after how much hate they got because they were given wonky models.

No. 231083

Tempus guys don’t deserve the hate. Cover does, I wish my support to the guys didn’t went to that company…

No. 231086

He seems so sweet and down-to-earth. I like him in a completely non-romantic way, like I just want to chill with him and have some tea and talk about life. He truly does have grandpa energy.

No. 231096

Absolutely yes, this! I have no sexual/romantic attraction to any of Tempus, which turns out to be a great thing because they're just so entertaining! If anything (probably sounds like cope), if they had prettier models it would be a debuff.

The way I would describe Tempus is like watching an older brother play. Except Axel, he's like if you gave your controller to a dog(atill entertaining though!)

No. 231104

He can carry conversation so naturally, and him being slightly older than the average vtuber gives him advantage in knowing a lot about interesting niche topics as well as having clear emotional maturity. If Vesper is someone you're looking up to then I'm rooting for you nonna, keep it real.

No. 231143

I only watched the power wash simulator stream and if this guy is an 'old man' then the LP'rs I usually watch are dust. Damn zoomers.
Him talking about having a 'bit' for a stream made me think he's influenced by Jerma.

I like that he knew the lyrics to Escape From the City.

No. 231189

I know mysta and vox are awful but i genuinely love luca and shu. They carry the group for me.

No. 231234

File: 1660643925571.png (182.46 KB, 1920x1080, FaOGHvOVsAAw-tg.png)


No. 231266

Mysta is low key a guilty pleasure because he’s actually pretty funny sometimes.
Even though he says a lot of questionable stuff. And his fav anime is…..nagatoro…
Vox I feel like might be a misogynist in secret, or at least have some biases.

No. 231277

Nagatoro creator has an open secret where before making Nagatoro he would just draw zoophilic loli doujins. Let that sink in.

No. 231282


No. 231283

I know said mysta is awful but he can be really funny so i just watch some of his clips sometimes kek. But like some anons here have commented before, he does kinda give off former incel vibes. Vox i cannot defend in anyway, what a waste of a good design and voice. I remember him being a lot cuter during debut times. Not even japanese fans like him that much anymore, it really is just the chinese. Usually i would be into men humiliating themselves for attention but vox is trying gain a edge over his cringy RP with pretending to be a alpha male. Still glad for luxiem though since without them we would never have male EN vtubers in the west.
The nagatoro manga itself is fine, though i do question his normie taste with picking a popular meme fetish manga as his favourite.

No. 231296

She's probably my favourite design, her and Botan.
Just makes me want to become a TERF vtuber even more.

No. 231302

The thing that creeps me about voxs rps is that almost every asmr he does seems to be either noncon or dubcon.

No. 231311

Don't forget the amputation shit too (and weirdly enough he drew the cutest NaruHina doujinshis too, no idea what this guy's deal is).

No. 231319

Anyone here watch the vox and projekt melody collab ? I’ve only seen clips and it seems to be exactly what you’d expect.

No. 231320

Clearly he's comitted to have shit taste in everything.

No. 231323

This is off topic but I remember someone in an old vtuber thread (I think it was the one here in /w/) said melody was played by a tranny? the hyper sexual anime girl played a coomer trooner makes so much sense that it would be bleak to me if she played by an actual woman.

No. 231324

Nonna what. You could be mistaking Melody with Zentreya because its most likely a troon.

No. 231327

Oooh thank you! I knew it was someone from vshojo, I don't watch those tubers because I find all the talents annoying kek.

No. 231344

It's so hard to watch her be "embarrassed" and do fake cutesy stuttering, like girl you literally masturbated on camera for money why are you hiding your face after talking about youtube safe ASMR… Also I hate maledoms, this combo is such a nightmare for me personally.

No. 231350

vox felt like he was pushing it too far in a couple of the clips I saw trying to “dominate” melody.
I can excuse his dom persona when it’s with guys as Yaoi and shipper bait(obvi not saying it’s any less uncomfortable) but with women it just feels…. Weird sometimes. At least it did in the clips I saw.

Especially when the talked about him wanting to enslave shoto…eughh.

No. 231352

Nagatoro is mainstream normiecore I think you should be fine about liking him. If they say a red flag like reading ComicLO, then you should be concerned

No. 231356

Fair, it’s just I associate it with the string of male oriented incel anime’s. So it makes me a bit biased against its fans.

No. 231383

File: 1660686364701.jpeg (339.75 KB, 1428x2048, 69F5D0C6-CCFA-4DC6-95B7-14DA86…)

Mysta is my guilty pleasure as well nonna. His design is god tier and he can actually be very funny when he’s not tearing himself apart to pretend he likes cock for the fujobait. His streaming hours also match me so that’s always a plus.

No. 231384

i would expect there to be a lot of troons in the vtubing world tbh. I know that Nijien’s Yugo is a themlet aiden.

No. 231395

It'd depressing seeing a cute model of a vtuber girl and clicking the stream only to hear the most tryhard attempt to have a cutesy voice like gura or nyanners or some shit, babygirl I promise you don't have to do that

Speaking of which, remember Artemis? Poor thing could've at least tried to be an interesting streamer

No. 231408

Idk which is worse, grown women who loli bait to try to appeal to gross men, or women who constantly talk about how much they LOVE porn, especially misogynistic porn genres like ugly bastard such and overall sexually degrade themselves.

No. 231414

Honest to god I think loli baiting is pretty bad. Have you heard of lilyhops? Her whole thing is acting like a little sister towards chat. Trying to sound like gura is cringy but listening to lilyhops always makes me uncomfortable

No. 231419

I've heard of lilyhops but I figured she was just another uwutuber. Her voice is actually disgusting, I can't stand it. Sounds like her tongue is swollen or some shit.

No. 231423

I remember seeing somewhere that they're a troon. maybe on kiwifarms? It's gross either way

No. 231429

nijijp side has a few troons too
nijijp mayuzumi is a troon, even worse he is one of those creepy troon males who says he is "lesbian"
I'm so glad he's graduated honestly good riddance
and melissa from nijijp is a genderspecial who also happened to graduate recently

No. 231430

Anyone else thinks it is weird that people collab with v tubers and they themselves are not vtubers or have a persona. It likes super weird to watch someone who has a normal cam on and talk to a loli demon girl.

No. 231434

I don’t like it mainly because I don’t want vtuber fags to come sniffing around my comfy streamer community. For some reason chuuba watchers are eternal newfags who can not learn to integrate into different chats. I prefer the two to stay separate.

No. 231444

I don’t mind when streamers with a clear identity/follower base do it, like seeing rae and sykkuno collab with nijisanji and shoto doesn’t feel weird to me at all.

No. 231453

It depends on how much chemistry they have. Also I think it’s fine with the vtubers who don’t lean into there persona too much and act more like regular streamers just with an animated avatar.

No. 231503

>nijijp mayuzumi is a troon, even worse he is one of those creepy troon males who says he is "lesbian"
I had no fucking idea about this, I didn't believe you until I looked it up myself… this is fucking devastating. At least I found out after he graduated so the memory of Mayu the character will remain clean in my mind. How does this even happen, he's handsome and has a voice that literally millions of people loved, and his avatar even had some gnc traits at times (hair clips and cute accessories and such), and rarely even talked about ero stuff afaik. Is it purely coom or just severe body dysmorphia? Was it not enough to be desirable as a gnc man? Are all tech bros doomed to troon?

At the very least this probably explains why he left Niji after citing "creative differences", unless he talked about it somewhere as Mayu and I was just completely in the dark on this somehow.

No. 231511

It's literally a tranny kek, he got exposed long time ago.

No. 231512

File: 1660736632568.png (76.14 KB, 1174x220, gross.png)

idk my japanese is pretty bad but he seems to be one of the creepy "I'm totally a lesbian and pls let me into womens spaces uwu" types so he is probably doing it for the coom
he also has tweeted some weird troon related stuff on his personal twitter before, like picrel is him talking about how someone told him it would be possible for him to be a mom but then got sad it wasn't actually possible (someone with better jp please correct me if I'm off lol)
sorry kek I did not mean to ruin him for anyone who liked the character he played, but he just really creeps me out

No. 231517

I tried listening to one of her streams and it makes me so uncomfortable how she sounds like an actual little girl. Most loli baiters. Just sound like grown women faking or just having a naturally high pitched voice. But this chick both in the tone and the overall way she speaks just is so….uncomfortable

No. 231529

File: 1660740069043.png (116.78 KB, 341x351, Untitled.png)

>old man wheezing
that coupled with the fake child voice is horrific. reminds me of the pedo who was behind pipergate and also pretended to be a little girl

No. 231533

File: 1660740577938.jpg (86.5 KB, 824x458, Untitled.jpg)

reminder that if you like vtubers you're in the same shitpit as these wastes of life

No. 231542

File: 1660744560657.jpg (377.04 KB, 819x999, 81559365_p0.jpg)

>Reminder that if you like Naruto you're the same as Osama Bin Laden

No. 231546

this is because of moids being disgusting pedos/sexpests and not specific only to vtubers
people aren't just going to drop whatever hobby/interest they have because some nasty loser scrote is also into it or else there'd be nothing left to enjoy

No. 231547

If you like art , your just like hitler. That’s the logic your getting at dude.

No. 231555

90% of vtubers may be shit but trying to make a point with scrotes being retarded as usual is stupid.

No. 231559

You’re actually so right. Have you ever met someone who’s “into” art?

No. 231561

File: 1660750997726.jpeg (49.96 KB, 400x400, 27B38677-7A22-478E-B9BD-74E262…)

eh i only watch ikemens that fujobait i have nothing in common with those creatures

No. 231562

Why isn’t anyone posting about Korone? She’s the only “v-tuber” I used to watch. She’s the only good one.

No. 231564

wtf you can't just say something like that and not post any proof.

No. 231571

Why do people that have no knowledge on the hobby nor ever watched any stream give their opinions? Just fuck off and hide the thread

No. 231577

Its an open secret by now, you can try finding it throughout searching the searchbar on KF. It's a lolicon tranny.

No. 231588

Thanks nonnie, I'll go do some sleuthing.

No. 231618

people shitting themselves in the comments that "omfg who knew ironmouse could go so deep with her voice" bro are you seriously not realizing this is her real voice and the anime squeak shit is her clenching her throat? are people really this retarded? how do they not know better?

No. 231670

Can you take this to the ironmouse thread ? Mouse discussion brings in newfags and it would be nice to contain it and not shit up this one

No. 231677

What’s y’all’s thoughts on iluna overall ?
So far kyo has caught my attention and I’ll probably try and watch him more.
Ren seems ok but the constant yaoibaiting when he has a gf is slightly off putting.(then again it’s common among English male vtubers.
I haven’t seen enough of aster to have an opinion on him. Same goes for aia.
Maria’s gotta stop with the loli voice.
Scarle seems chill overall.

No. 231679

People who like uwutubers make me wonder if they've… ever spoken to a female person over the age of 5. Like, name ONE adult woman who speaks like that.

Bonus (negative) points if the uwutuber goes "ohh this is my natural voice… I always got bullied and teased for it uwu…"

No. 231690

They already lost me with their predebut tweets. Cringe

No. 231692

Ren is horrible at streaming, he is too much of a normie to be a vtuber, doesn’t know about the most basic weeb shit and can’t keep a convo alive for life. He also keeps doing that fake dry laugh that annoys the shit out of me. Fail.

Kyo and Aster have potential but there are better streamers out there imo. Maybe once they find their niche they might be good but as of right now I find them mostly mediocre.

Scarle has potential too but it seems like she doesn’t know what to do. Is she gonna become a retarded big booba fanservice girl or a based husbando lover for us girlies? Only time will tell.

Aia is garbage and everyone knows already, girlie cannot even hit 1k ccv sometimes, she is dry as fuck and her art is ass.

I know they have 1 more member but I never checked her out because she never stood out to me in any context

No. 231699

>reddit spacing

No. 231700

bitch shut the fuck up i have never used reddit in my entire life

No. 231701

Praying scarle appeals to girls because few female streamers do.
Every stream ren is in feels awkward.

No. 231702

So congenital retardation. Learn2integrate.

No. 231703

Nonna, you are annoying as fuck

No. 231712

get better at spotting redditors then retard

No. 231718

I wanna see LESS horny content from both male and female vtubers. No more "anatomy reviews", fujo/yuribaiting, or ahoge tier lists. Just play games, be wholesome, and be good at conversations imo.

No. 231744

They assume that doing all that will get them on the fast track to earning a lot of money which can be true but Tempus, especially Vesper, proves you don't have to do that to get a good amount of money but they all have a talent or good personalities. They're a part of a huge corporation which is unfair to compare to people trying to make it as indies I will admit but still

No. 231753

I want to like Scarle and Aia but I feel like they haven't quite found their rhythm yet. I get what Aia was going for with the "looks cute but is a delinquent" theme but I like her more when she's being natural. She accidentally punched the mic in a stream recently and her apologizing about it was funny and cute. I don't get why people hate her so much, I'm rooting for her and want to see her improve. Also I want Scarle to do more otome games.

Ren is cringey but I like his music. I haven't seen enough of the others to form a strong opinion but I feel like Kyo fits the current vibe of NijiEN the best out of the whole group and he has good ideas for streams. I plan on going back and watching his full nuzlocke.

No. 231756

File: 1660789301986.png (51.06 KB, 793x249, ew.png)

Idk what prompted this but here you go, youtube.

No. 231773

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only female vtuber fan that isn’t attracted to Vox. He’s the opposite of my type.

No. 231775

Scarle playing twisted wonderland is so fun to watch. I’d love to see her play obey me or possibly some other otome game. She’s the first vtuber I’ve ever seen play an otome game besides mika playing the nekopara catboy game.

No. 231793

His voice is generic and he is a virgin 20yo so his daddy dom LARP makes me kek. He is the typical case of a "discord daddy".

No. 231899

Any indies you gyns enjoying? I know most farmers only watch the corpos but I'm looking for more indies to enjoy.

LilyHops is a TIM who LARPs as a little girl. He's good at it and he's mostly personal so it doesn't get too degenerate but I can't watch his ASMR streams.

No. 231910

File: 1660841421050.webm (4.66 MB, 576x1024, yIS6gGcq.webm)

i almost only watch indies, got quite a few i'm enjoying

Lex Parté, deep voice lawyer apparent boomer who usually plays horror games without screaming
he sounds a little sussy when he stretches, but he doesn't play into the whole 'flirting with chat' thing, nor does he react to anyone trying to hit on him

No. 231914

I mainly watch Shxtou(minus his collabs with Vox)
I also watch Porcelain Maid quite a bit, he’s pretty funny.

No. 231926

im new to the vtuber stuff, i started watching his streams because he has a nice voice. But i must ask, why does his model look like that? When i look at other vtubers the quality is really different. His model looks goofy, like his proportions of his model are very weird. Is it a budget thing or will they ever get an upgrade? Idk how this "industry" works.

This makes me uncomfortable. I really hate loli characters. Idc that people say its fictional this picture shows that it looks like a kid and doesnt that vtuber have tons of porny fan art that she also encourages? Disgusting

No. 231932

I really like Maria because everything about her appeals to me, and we share a lot of favorite media like Aikatsu, which I've never seen an eng vtuber talk about, also I have a bit more of a bias because she's talked directly to my messages twice now, though I do agree that the voice gets a bit grating, especially when mixed with her accent.

I don't really like anyone else, tbh that's me with nijisanji as a whole, I don't like Nijisanji, but instead just a couple of vtubers within it. Agreed on Aia though, I want to like her, but she's relying WAY too much on the way her model looks rather than her actual streaming.

Most of the group left a bad mark for me the day they started, when you compare them and Tempus, iluna went straight for le epic twitter memes L + Ratio bottom top sussy baka etc etc instead of just properly introducing themselves and creating a persona for themselves yet still having fun with their followers and each other.

No. 231937

I think it's because his artist works on FGO and they wanted to preserve his ugly style but it didn't translate very well to a Vtuber model.

No. 231958

imo it really is a case of the artist not being used to drawing vtubers. Just theorizing on why his movement looks weird too, but maybe the artist didnt properly separate the layers and the live2d rigger was just working with what they had? They do sometimes get live2d updates for their models and also new models for new outfits so in a couple months he might look better.

No. 231979

Ah im a bit confused now. In my mind these vtubers are very similar to like jpop stars you know. Like a company recruits them and manages them. So i thought that because he was from a big vtube company that they would take care of his 3d model? Like i just assumed all vtubers from the company he's from use the same group of 3d artists so that they can like stay consistent with the style or something.

>the artist worked on fgo

I really hate that art style kek. I hope he maybe gets an update on his model then!

No. 231986

So there are two different people that make the models, the artist who draws the design, and the rigger that animates it. With the big corporations these days, they tend to hire artists that have famous works or big followings moreso than ones who are experienced in making models. This is very clear when it comes to Tempus, all of the artists have character designs that have been successful in games (Fire Emblem, FGO, Touken Ranbu), but none of them were known for vtuber models in particular. Despite all of their artists being well regarded, the Tempus designs got a lot of hate right off the bat for looking wonky. It could be a mix of poor direction from the company, lack of concrit towards the artists, the artists being unfamiliar with how to set up models for the riggers properly, or just misjudgement from everyone and the whole staff loving the designs kek, we don't really know. When it comes to setting up the models to be rigged, almost everything that moves has to be separated onto different layers, so if the artist didn't properly do this, it makes the rigger's job harder to do. Magni's rigger has worked on a lot of other models and none of the others ever looked weird to me, so I'm thinking it was an issue from the artist's end.

tldr they hired artists for popularity rather than vtuber experience, the animators just had to work with what they had.

No. 232000

Ngl I don’t think there’s anything wrong with lewd humor, if done right it can be plenty funny. The issue is so many vtubers who aren’t funny think that they can make up for their lack of being funny with unoriginal lewd jokes.
Calling themselves a bottom, moaning, or just making unoriginal innuendos are the go to.
Overall in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with lewd humor, it’s just that so many vtubers that use it aren’t actually funny.

No. 232014

I agree. I'm at the point where I expect dirty jokes from most vtubers, but I at least want it to be funny and natural instead of forced.

No. 232015

Thoughts on merrydawg/merryweathery ?

No. 232016

idk much about their vtuber activities but i know /vt/ hates their guts for low effort content. In the overall community, people don't have respect for his work but people suck up to him anyways for clout. personally i dislike them because they used to hire artists from 3rd world countries and pay them shit rates.

No. 232027

I’ve watched him a few times when vtubing, had no clue he treated some of his artists like that though. That’s horrible if true.
Overall his vtubing content is decent, his models are nice but I feel like he has way too many of them, it feels like every month at this point he’s bringing out a new model. As for the content itself it’s not bad, sometimes a bit cringe though.
I watched his collab with mysta and I remember him going on a tangent about how he hates writing comedy yet still does it because it gets the most reception from weebs.

No. 232042

File: 1660889879233.jpeg (325.35 KB, 1125x1009, 010EE79F-4131-4516-B8AE-6DA63D…)

Namie started using a pngtuber so I guess she’s officially entered her villain arc. Picrel is addressing two things:
1)her fans keep mentioning Sana in her replies
2)people keep calling her design pink korone/pink dog. Especially Chinese arknights fans on weibo

I want to root for her but come the fuck on this is Streisand effect happening in real time. Even ina/nagu knows better and just hides replies. I’m shocked no one is telling Namie to let things go, because all this attention is just feeding the antis.

No. 232056

His vtubing stuff has changed a lot since collabing with Vox - games haven't maybe changed that much, but he keeps mentioning his Chinese fans and constantly loving on them, also adding some fanservice that wasn't there before. Before Vox, his streams were very different styles - sometimes full of energy and banter, sometimes being calmer and more sophisticated with writing or reading, and sometimes being a downer and falling for every troll and complaint, getting depressed if he doesn't get the stream numbers he wants (he kinda still does this, ngl).

He's also ignoring Lumi (his company's first Vtuber), noticeably he didn't really acknowledge her birthday stream. It might be just that he doesn't need to leech from her anymore now that he has his own, very different fanbase, but their interactions do feel different now. It might be just me reading too much into it, but I feel that he has changed with "fame".

No. 232059

I always hated his comics and I won’t change my mind now. Cringe and untalented.

No. 232060

I’ve noticed on his Twitter he also has started randomly getting his artists to draw comic versions of random Twitter convos he’s had with other popular vtubers. Idk what to think of them. Utterly harmless technically, but something is so off putting about how he makes a whole comic out of a random interaction simply because it was with a popular vtuber.

No. 232101

Thank you for explaining, it seems silly to me that they are hiring unexperienced artists to work on the 3d models. I truely hope they will get an updrage for there models kek

No. 232163

Does anyone have any good male Japanese lvtuber recommendations ? I’ve thought about checking out Kanae , possibly Kuzuha.

No. 232167

idk your tastes nona but here are some decent ones also from niji.
shikinagi akira is a fudanshi, yashiro kizuku for typical dude with barely to none fanservice during streams. kanda for gunpla and he's pretty funny, sometimes, leos vincent for quirky old man, nagao kei for quirky old man with lisp. genzuki for music streams.

No. 232189

it's not that he's mistreating them, but he can afford to pay them more. Also it's not just him that's doing it, this is commonplace for streaming groups. For example offlineTV uses a lot of Filipino artists for their promo art. they're on record in a podcast boasting about how:
-they're helping these people from shittier countries with their strong USD
-they save money because they pay a lot less than artists from japan/america etc.

anyways i've derailed enough, its just my own personal gripe with the scene

No. 232267

Remember when Mysta stated he no longer enjoyed seeing nsfw ship art between him and other streamers because he had become friends with them. And then apparently a bunch of Fujos attacked him for it .
He even stated he was ok with sfw ship Art and he didnt state that people had to stop making nsfw art, just that he no longer wanted to see it.

No. 232271

I knew him back when he just started, as a fellow vtuber we hang out in similar spaces and I can confirm this guys is a sweetheart and very kind. Sadly he left the server I was in because some stupid fuck was being homophobe and a general asshole. I miss reading his texts, but I still watch his content and I am very happy he’s growing every day.

No. 232407

Axia Krone left for similar reasons didn't he? He hated being babied and being shipped and stated it but fujos went ballistic. I get their frustration but I feel like being a vtuber comes with constantly being objectified and shipped with others because people WILL see you as a character. I'm not even sure how you can avoid that.

No. 232422

men are such pussies, you never see female vtubers complaining about the same thing

No. 232426

mysta is an incel lmao i've seen his pics, incel face

No. 232427

all of luxiem look like incels i think the only semi-decent looking on was the gay dude, like real life

No. 232442

how do you know what they look like irl? plz post

No. 232465

Why you had to tell us this. I'm so heartbroken

No. 232467

dafuq does "incel" even mean anymore
I think Ike looks cute, and Vox is okay.
Honestly, I don't like caring much about what they look like behind the avatar. That goes against the whole point of being vtubers.

No. 232470

File: 1661074233060.jpg (54.55 KB, 377x349, 1661048904983890.jpg)


No. 232479

Female vtubers appeal to a incel coomer audience , the moment they complain about anything they get bombarded with being called a bitch, slut, whore etc. remember the finana incident ?

No. 232481

I’m suprised how easy it is to find vox’s face, ngl the thing that suprised me the most was that he’s white.

No. 232494

Axia isn't leaving, just on hiatus. Partly because of what you already stated, like not wanting to be babied and not wanting to see fujo art in his main art tag (women who make NMMN works almost always hide them behind private locked accounts, whether it's BL or Yume. I feel like fujo artists in particular have grown a little too comfortable with posting it publicly ever since Luxiem debuted.), but I would say the major reason would be because of how fucking insane his gachikois and viewers are. Being rude towards the people he would collab with to the point where he would have to apologize off stream, acting bitchy in chat when he didn't act the way they wanted him to (I remember there was a time where he apologized to whoever he was collabing with for being late and they got mad he didn't also apologize to the viewers), or accusing him of cheating based on a dating rumor he had with Hima. Besides his yumejos, he also attracted dramafags who would spam the rumor in unrelated liver's chats.

I really respect Mysta a lot, especially after he decided to put his foot down the first time when his viewers were harassing Mika. He gained a shit ton of antis because of it, but he never backed down on it unlike that whore Vox who tried (only AFTER people said he was a piece of shit for not defending Reimu, and instead opted to make it seem like everything was her fault). And then a day later couldn't take the heat and basically told his viewers that he loved them parasocially like they do towards him, and that he didn't care if anyone thought it was weird. It was genuinely so fucking pathetic to watch in real time.

No. 232519

Honestly part of the reason I watch mysta is because he’s the most willing to put down toxicity within the community and set hard boundaries without being nice about it.

The thing with Vox is that, similar to many streamers who play into the bf or gf experience. They will attract and extremely toxic fan base and then because they like the attention so much, they will put their fans and fame before anything else. The sad part is Vox is so popular that he could easily get away with being stern to his fans with little backlash. Yet he isn’t a lot of times unless it’s smaller stream rules.

Also, remember when voxto shippers went into Ike’s stream and told him to leave Vox alone and harassed him over a ship.

No. 232540

Seriously I hate moids who bitch about shipping. Boo fucking hoo your anime avatars are being objectifIED? Those likely underaged shippers make you feel unsafe, violated? I swear it must lowkey be their fantasy to be victimized by a bunch of girls.
While women are constantly one sentence away from scorning a thousand insane males. They have entire community dedicated to cum tributing their face dox.

No. 232541

Im relatively new to vtubers but im shocked how easily all of them have their IRL pics found online. Internet is wild. Also kinda embarrasing how many of them threw away their old channels and audiences just to become vtubers… for the money? Hype?

No. 232546

well damn! had no idea magni was such a qt

No. 232563

God you Fujos are so god damn annoying. Why can’t we just respect all streamers wishes and if you can’t handle that then go Jack it to some bakudeku yaoi or something. Nasty ass.

No. 232575

no one is shipping the real people behind their vtuber persona, they're shipping the vtuber avatars that are completely fictional lmao that's so stupid, if i were a vtuber i'd let my fans do literally whatever they want with my avatar because it's not me

No. 232576

samefag, something i forgot to add but most of the big vtubers didn't even choose their own avatar, so they can't say "that's my OC which represents me therefore nsfw art of my OC makes me uncomfortable"

No. 232581

Men don't deserve respect in any capacity, and these guys crying over it didn't create their avatars as the anon above said. It's like a voice actor crying about people shipping the character they voice. They can suck it up and face the fact that people don't like them because they're genuinely funny or charming, but because they sit behind sexy anime boy avatars and make homoerotic jokes with other men doing the same thing. If they're uncomfortable with that, they can try (and fail miserably) to grow a fanbase through normal boy streaming instead.

No. 232583

it's obviously their moid instinct kicking in, they're facing a dilemma because they want to bait fujos for the attention but at the same time fujo ships makes them seethe

No. 232592

File: 1661116820775.jpg (207.17 KB, 780x2048, FaYO7xqUYAA0S03.jpg)

I dont even understand how people enjoy male vtubers while ''respecting'' them. I find all these streamers as modern day court jesters, here to make fools of themselves so we can laugh at them and use them as we wish while they get paid for it.

No. 232601

You're surprised that an Englishman is white?!?!

No. 232604

File: 1661118081892.jpg (15.35 KB, 250x250, 1661048904983890.jpg)


No. 232606

File: 1661118233968.jpg (219.26 KB, 1170x981, 1660835166654.jpg)

No. 232620

Not everyone that lives in England is white though !!

No. 232622

>respecting men
Lmfao no. Cope and seethe handmaiden. He will never pick you.

No. 232646

>Also, remember when voxto shippers went into Ike’s stream and told him to leave Vox alone and harassed him over a ship.
When did this happen?
This. I don't get why some of them bitch about shipping so much, I feel like it's fairly harmless since it's just pairing up the fictional characters together.

No. 232658

I think instead of seeing it as a job/them playing a character, I think they view it as an extension of themselves. I kinda get it but at the same time, if you've met up with or have seen your coworkers actual faces I feel like you can come to the conclusion that "oh they're not shipping me and my coworker, they're shipping this character and this character". The real problem comes in when viewers start being shits in other people's chat or shitting up your own

No. 232668

I’m pretty sure it happened sometime time in May.

No. 233007

File: 1661286881449.jpeg (255.02 KB, 1169x2026, 9A53BC42-E71B-4B35-8FA1-AEC8EA…)

Does anyone watch Ashton Marten? I love her theme and whole aesthetics. She’s been playing Hamtaro and is super cute and girly. Also most of her watchers are girls, which I think is really telling.

No. 233016

I’ll have to check her out, we need more female vtubers for a female audience to be honest.

No. 233077

I’ll check her out. What kind of vibe would you say she has?

No. 233200


Looks good enough for dating:
Shoto (too bad he's annoying as fuck)
Yugo (if they were a lesbian and not a TiF)

Too little provided:

Below average/Not my type/Get a haircut/Lose weight:

No. 233266

File: 1661348071979.png (3.55 MB, 2200x1358, ENTubers.png)

Made this.

No. 233277

care to link her? i cant find her

No. 233287

Holy shit most of the Nijien males are bottom of the barrel ugly. Especially Fulgur, to the point of being comedic. Ike is really cute though, and Vox is pretty good looking but looks like the stereotypical middle class English man. I really like Axel out of the StarsEN line up and he’s cute too.

No. 233288

I’d say her vibe is easy going a bit airhead but in a carefree way. She’s really engaging and kind to her chat and loves talking about cute stuff.

No. 233331

You could’ve just googled the name and it would show up. This reeks of selfpost. I thought the VTuber was cute but now, fuck off. Imagine trying to pander to anons, pathetic.

No. 233334

I still can't believe Kyo is white lmfao. Also I think Shu's pics are pretty old, he looks like a literal child in them. Uki and Yugo are gorgeous though, idc if Yugo is a fakeboi, she's literally more attractive than her vtuber model.

No. 233344

Alban looks like THAT? He literally has the cutest male voice ive ever heard, this is fucking me up kek.

No. 233458

Why would I be shilling myself on fucking lolcow, if I were her?

No. 233463

Vox's voice makes me think of CDawgVA and it's funny how it kinda looks like him and I always thought Ike would be Asian and Shoto would be white. Though most of these I wouldn't think their voices fit with their irl self.

No. 233493

idk it's either you're extremely retarded and don't know how to google, or you/your friend are self-posting.

No. 233494

Nta but stop, who cares if she’s shilling, not like she’s sperging about it like you are. It’d be nice to have more anons post their thoughts on indie tubers around here since we wouldn’t know otherwise.

No. 233524

No I get it, I’m always open to watch new vtubers but what the fuck is
>care to link her? i cant find her
Her twitter is the first thing that comes up and then her stream link right below that. I refuse to believe a fellow nonnie can be this fucking dumb on the internet

No. 233536

File: 1661416517462.png (4.27 MB, 2150x3035, Uki.Violeta.full.3685666.png)

Is Uki actually gay, or is he a fudanshi, or is it just fanservice?

No. 233550

tbh i also agree that its a pretty obvious selfpost, so im with you kek

No. 233552

I was just being nice and doing Nonnie a favor, my twitter is all about vtubers now and I have no idea if she comes to other people’s twt. Gosh, why do you need to be always so paranoid on someone sharing a new find when we have way worse issues on this board?
I was so happy to share a new find with you but you’re really emotional vampires sometimes…

No. 233582

He's actually gay or at least bi, there are irl pics of him and a boyfriend from before he joined Niji.

No. 233703

I kept meaning to watch her streams but after she made a couple moid-pandering tweets I unfollowed kek. Maybe I should give her a fair chance though.

No. 233753

my oshi has finally reached partner and i'm so happy for him, i love him so much

No. 233808

File: 1661509440064.png (943.97 KB, 598x761, Professor-Lando.png)

Really shouldn't have posted maggins and axel in cosplay

No. 233813

I just ripped what I could from the website provided, wasn't gonna look TOO hard into it.

No. 234000

File: 1661582791693.jpg (572.78 KB, 1395x2048, 1661537717478141.jpg)

nonas, I am down bad for IkeAkuma and that drunk stream fed me so well.

No. 234046

I like it when vox collabs with other non coomer vtubers because he holds back his gross habits more. I didnt watch the drunk stream so idk how that went though

No. 234050

I feel like most coomer vtubers like Vox, shoto, etc are always more enjoyable when they don’t lean into whatever image their coomer audience gave them. I don’t like Vox still but I’d be lying if I said the guy wasn’t atleast a little funny and entertaining when he isn’t leaning into his uncomfortable hard daddy dom image.
Tbh I don’t like Vox a whole lot, but Ikeakuma as a dynamic is a lot more appealing than any other Vox “ship” l.

No. 234053

I agree! I like the nerdy, funny Vox who doesn't mind making a fool of himself, but really dislike the ASMR daddy dom Vox who we usually get… So I mostly just watch his collabs and FNaF-stuff.

No. 234076

It always sucks when genuinely entertaining vtubers pander to coomers because then you can’t excuse it with them not being charming enough to hold a crowd without the lewd jokes.

No. 234092

File: 1661618524503.png (24.95 KB, 605x191, lmao.png)

What did she expect? Of course pandering to a cesspit like kiwifarms is going to make people want to avoid you

No. 234124

Who is the vtuber that hates her?

No. 234134

don't know for sure but some people are certain it's either selen from niji or cdawgva

No. 234136

File: 1661625545994.jpg (212.48 KB, 1123x554, why.jpg)

looked her up and lmao one of her most recent tweets

No. 234145

>says hololive only takes up 5% of her actual time
I don't understand this complaint at all. Do they expect them to play their character when grocery shopping too?? It reminds me of when ppl complained when Gura said she doesn't think of hololive much outside of streaming.

No. 234158

If true for selen then i will love her even more than i already do

No. 234202

I think she's talking about Josh, but he doesn't really seem hate her, he's just very dismissive of her simping.

No. 234220

Astronomical level cringe

No. 234231

She’s not pandering to kf she’s pandering to vt which is arguably worse

No. 234278

File: 1661675158969.png (1.02 MB, 1000x1288, uki violeta.png)

Am I the only one who is wigged out by this dude? He comes off as a massive misogynist every time women are collabing around him/with him. I get that homos tend to be threatened by women, but I don't understand how he has so many fans. I'll admit I've never seen his personal streams, but every time there's a collab he is so unlikeable towards the girls.

No. 234285

Any clips anon? I hate gays attempting to profit off women while looking down on them.

No. 234315

I agree! Glad im not the only one who gets this vibe from him

No. 234319

File: 1661700420106.png (290.43 KB, 817x1077, 9F1A5A05-101B-450B-8BD5-7F414A…)

Pink rabbit is saying fuck you to every chance of ever being someone.

No. 234341

I don't think this is a real but I wouldn't be surprised if she actually thought like this

No. 234383

Why do Voxto shippers get so weird about Ikeakuma ? I just saw a tweet from a voxto shipper about how they are sad that vox was liking and rewteeting a lot of ikeakuma fanart from his recent collab. Like this is some top tier delusional Fujo behavior. Vox liking some fanart ain’t gonna ruin your fake ship.

No. 234387

I'm not able to embed the timestamp, but it's here:
At 1:01:25, the way he is just so aggressive about his disdain for Enna the entire time makes me really uncomfortable. There's some other incidents too, but I need to find them.

No. 234390

I agree. Especially when you consider that she was touring and animating full music videos during 2021 and (iirc) was also working a second job irl during 2020, like of course video game streams don't really take that much time or mental effort in comparison. I actually respect streamers more when I know they have a life outside streaming.

No. 234402

He’s being p obviously sarcastic imo.

No. 234435

All ships have fans that can get a bit extreme and weird, and when a ship is as popular as Voxto is, there are obviously going to be some people that take their shipping a little bit too seriously. It's not only fujos either, parasocial yume fans can arguably be way worse.
As for why they dislike Ikeakuma specifically, I'd say it's because their dynamic is a bit different compared to other Vox ships so it might not appeal to the same shippers. It's like that for me at least, I love Voxto, Fukuma and Foxakuma but Ikeakuma doesn't do much for me. I don't mind seeing cute art of them though.

No. 234465

tbf he is talking about Enna in this clip and Enna says the word bitch more than anyone in Niji, for Uki and Enna specifically it doesn't feel too weird to me. I do think he overuses the word bitch and got too comfortable with it because "haha sassy gay guy" but other than that his behavior towards the girls usually doesn't bother me, vid rel.

Especially compared to Vox, whose "banter" with Reimu always made me so fucking uncomfortable, then lo and behold he threw her under the bus to comfort his gachikoi fans.

No. 234469

That makes sense I suppose, I just tend to notice it more with voxto shippers because they are more vocal about it. I personally am not into voxtos dynamic . Shoto is my oshi and for him I like violoto and foxslayer more. I don’t watch vox much but I tend to really like ikeakuma clips.

No. 234472

you've never hung out with real gays and it shows lmao

No. 234486

I found Vox’s old YT channel and saw he was subscribed to Candance Owens Jordan Peterson and The Rubin Report kek it’s funny given his current audience and the content he makes

No. 234518

I can't tell for comparisons sake, but like I said in my first post I've never seen his personal streams, but in most of the videos I've seen where he is present along with the girls, he is hostile in some way. The fault might be mine for not looking around more. Maybe he's trying for the "sassy gay guy" appeal, but none of the people I know or work with IRL who are gay act like this, so it's just offputting to me. It's just a vibe though, so I guess time will tell when I've seen more content with him in it.

No. 234530

Woah…Vox is based?!

No. 234542

If I had a IRL GF, I would not care about any of this shit.

No. 234546

File: 1661781934800.gif (1.81 MB, 498x280, AD6C3ACF-F598-4964-A54E-E72305…)

No. 234570

anybody else had a vtuber they liked and they turned out to be yucky when youve found out about their past?

i enjoyed watching nanashi mumei but then i found out about her past regarding another youtuber called einshine now i feel uneasy watching her streams

No. 234574

File: 1661789285406.jpg (117.22 KB, 1024x928, FV3jaldUcAAO1Bu.jpg)

>Shoto is my oshi
Mine too, good taste nona! I think every Shoto ship is a good ship, but I can understand not liking Voxto, some ship dynamics just aren't for everyone. I'm generally not really picky about ships but there are some cases where it just doesn't click with me (like with Ikeakuma).
Foxslayer interactions are definitely always fun, I'm glad we'll get to see them collab later this week before Shoto goes on his vacation break.
I tend to not go out of my way to look at any past/doxx info, I try to just enjoy the vtuber for the character they're playing. Maybe that's just me though.

No. 234595

Nonna, this is lolcor. Give us our milk already…

No. 234616

i actually didnt go looking for it my friend brought it to my attention it was really weird

it kind of had a thread years ago its einshine thread she went in there to whiteknight him after getting exposed for being a pedo

No. 234625

I totally forgot about the einshine shit that went down. I didn’t know what happened to her.

No. 234641

Wtf are you talking about, it was proven that the einshine shit was a smear campaign by his menhera ex. At least he stopped doing coomer shit like his ex friend theanimeman, yknow the whole make loli hentai my personality. If anything you should be more concerned about ren zotto for dating wolfychu and her “problematic” past

No. 234650

What did wolfychu do ? I thought people just considered her cringe.

No. 234658

i really doubt its fake considering all the people involved especially since mumei/shachi specifically went into the thread because she knew one of the victims (not yuki)

but milk on wolfychu please

No. 234665

I'm a fan of Hololive of all branches and Nijisanji EN. Besides a couple of Holostars and Nijisanji guys during collabs I don't watch any males because I personally do not enjoy fujo or bfe content (which most seem to do a lot). Plus idk the girls are just more entertaining to me. My favorites are Marine, Korone, Moona, and Ina. I'd be interested to know what nonnies here like to watch too.

No. 234716

Shoto has better looking hands than me what the fuck

No. 234717

They dramafagging in here

No. 234720

that was me when i found out that sonny faked an illness AND his death on his PL. i can’t really enjoy his shit anymore that’s just low. I never liked vox to bein with and hate him more now that i know he was a creep

No. 234780

The opposite thing happened for me, I disliked Vox because of what everyone here said, but he's super pleasant and funny in collabs and seems to genuinely care about his Co workers. I don't care for his coomer shit because I'm not a teenaged girl, but I don't find it offensive either. In fact I think it's refreshing to have a man primarily pander to a female audience willingly.

No. 234858

I'm watching the VOD right now and I said that too, I really have to grow out my nails.

No. 235269

Does anyone here actually care about vtuber lore, I personally can’t get invested into it.

No. 235281

File: 1661984961190.jpg (415.29 KB, 1200x1697, 99508699_p0.jpg)

It depends on the vtuber, some of them do have pretty interesting lore and/or play into it a decent amount, plus they matter for writing/reading fanfics (and shipping in general I guess, since you're just shipping the characters). I really enjoy Chronoir's lore, their MVs got me interested in checking out both Kanae and Kuzuha's streams despite the fact that I only really watch EN vtubers most of the time. But most vtubers won't explore their lore that much, some of them even just completely drop it after their debut stream.

No. 235290

It depends on if they release good music about it kek. Like the other anon said, Chronoir lore music videos are great, I also love Enna and Uki's music. Other than that and the occasional lore based jokes, I don't really care.

No. 235299

considering it was from the tf2 community, i dont blame him. it was super toxic and childish back then, and i cant image a 16yo to think rationally

No. 235334

i would care about vtuber lores if they didn't fucking suck. they are all so generic and low effort.

No. 235385

File: 1662017620583.jpeg (458.99 KB, 1125x1311, 2B637808-05A4-4160-9508-59BC0F…)

Shoto complaining about Jelly copying him on his alt.

No. 235386

File: 1662017818771.jpeg (779.15 KB, 1125x1163, 4E3B1B54-FFF4-4B5D-9290-490366…)

samefagging to add what jelly looks like. apparently he’s been commissioning the same jp artists as shoto LOL.

No. 235389

Tbh if it was just the design i wouldn't care because he didn't invent tops and hoodies, his design is generic and looks good only because of artists artstyle. Instead of whining for pity on his alt, he might aswell call a person out.
>my art tag
>the tag is just ArtOf

No. 235468

File: 1662053171066.png (341.14 KB, 475x439, 1662052310321221.png)

Can we talk about streams here instead of doxxshit and drama? Maybe share clips and fan arts that we like?

No. 235469

File: 1662054000755.jpeg (750.08 KB, 2149x3035, 95F5E061-7F50-4069-9CD7-2F754A…)

I love that this thread is having some activity!
I love this art of KSon, but I haven’t watched her for a long time. Is her content any good nowadays?

No. 235470

no way he posted pics of himself
he looks like an asian gym gay

No. 235473

I'd post more nice stuff if people here weren't so hostile to males.(waaah waaah waaah no1curr)

No. 235492

Kek kill yourself

No. 235518

File: 1662062884676.jpg (207.28 KB, 1372x835, FbL-O8SVEAM155L.jpg)

He is literally the definition of generic, i cant stop laughing at this kek
Cant we have both? Nothing is stopping you or anyone for talking about streams. Im personally interested in both the good and the ugly of vtubing

No. 235520

>he looks like an asian gym gay
Well, he kinda is one. I was surprised to see his pictures on a somewhat public account too but I suppose he's comfortable enough with showing that much. He pretty much looks how I expected him to.

No. 235567

you are on the doxxshit website my dear nonna, lol. But yeah I would love to see more fanarts/clips here personally.

No. 235568

i find it funny that shoto is crying about people stealing his ideas as if he didn’t copy demon slayer and sao alicization for his lore LOL the way he gatekeeps the word “slayer” is just so funny to me.

No. 235615

I like shoto but this is definitely a stretch. But as someone who’s been in the oc making community for a while, people being overly protective over generic oc’s is nothing new. I can see where he’s coming from to an extent, but I feel like it’s most likely nothing.

No. 235643

Why make yourself look so insecure and pathetic. Mf be like donut steel and it’s literally just the default anime boy with black hair.

No. 235684

because he IS insecure and pathetic he knows how unoriginal he is and how his fame only exists because he leaches off nijisanji en and is afraid that he will lose his status as the most popular indie en vtuber (i hope it happens soon bc he is so mediocre)

No. 235696

File: 1662139441956.jpeg (1.49 MB, 4096x2467, 3B9B85AE-4026-4E41-8B13-ED1909…)

What are y’all’s thoughts on shotos new design overall ? I think the outfit is a step up from the purple hoodie ngl.

No. 235699

File: 1662139862402.jpg (556.97 KB, 1473x2048, FbOtGVVagAA0xP_.jpg)

Im late but i finally watched the stream and wow… that was adorable. Submissive vox is based actually?
Im reminded again how in all the nijiEN leech streams shoto would be constantly overshadowed by nijis because they have strong personalities.
Improvement but still obviously generic. The gold chain is was the most offensive thing in his old design for me so im glad its gone at least.

No. 235700

super mediocre, looks like he googled edgy anime boy and animated that shit, but again we are talking about shoto here, the standards are nonexistent. I bet CN bitches are eating it up
I loved the stream too, vox is pretty fun when he’s not acting like a pornsick scrote. His synergy with Ike was great

No. 235701

Looks like your typical spy anime boy or someone from Eternal return.
>inb4 he made that whiny tweet on his alt account to hype up the new design
If i have to be blunt, the only thing that 'carries' his model is the artists face style. That's it.
He got the following only because he's been lewd and yaoi pandering to people, which is not the biggest market yet on twitch, then he started leeching off every NijisanjiEN because they are easy targets.

No. 235708

File: 1662142291574.jpg (1.29 MB, 2635x4000, FbO63N5UIAUJ7kZ.jpg)

His purple hoodie was cute, but I do like the new design a lot even if it's pretty simple. I prefer designs like this to overdesigned/complex ones. Also all the toggles and expressions that came with the outfit are fun.
I do wish he kept the hip window that was in one of the design variations though.

No. 235713

File: 1662146647511.jpg (275.31 KB, 790x1000, 1661957649723506.jpg)

I love the two of them so much and I am so glad they're finally collabing and giving us more content again.

No. 235723

Tbh I don’t think there’s anything wrong with shoto having a basic or simple design, all that matters is that it’s an appealing one. And I would say his design is pretty appealing.

No. 235724

I like Ike and vox collabs because vox actually let’s go of his “I’m a dom daddy” persona that I honestly hate. Bottom vox is honestly >>>>

No. 235856

He just becomes a lovesick puppy around Ike and it's honestly so adorable. Gap moe all the way.

No. 235953

Since we had been on the topics of designs . What vtubers designs are y’all’s favorites ? Whether it be the outfit or the overall design itself.
I really like Mystas design, porcelain maid also has a really appealing design(and concept overall)

No. 235961

I don't watch his streams anymore these days but izuru from holostars has a cute design/outfit, the few vtubers I still watch have kinda ugly or plain designs kek

No. 235975

File: 1662237856803.jpeg (962.57 KB, 1125x1110, AED13AD7-A6B8-4BA8-91F0-BA3C9E…)

rosemi, mysta, alban and vox are my current favorites . I have also been really into chronoir’s music and love their design tho I have not been keeping up with them as streamers

No. 236002

File: 1662250708649.jpg (971.02 KB, 2894x4093, E8L431SUUAACkdN.jpg)

Kanae's design has got to be my favorite, it's so simple and yet so appealing. He's really pretty.

No. 236004

On /vt/ there was a general that talked about people aspiring to become vtubers or apply to an agency; is there anyone here who also wants to be one or has thought about it?

No. 236008

I’m making plans on becoming on but only as a hobby. I’m fortunate enough to have decent drawing skills so I can just invest in rigging. I don’t really have any grand schemes to be perfectly honest. I just want to draw and chill with friends.

I’m curious about the other nonnies here that are going into/thinking of starting vtuber activities. Any goals in mind?

No. 236011

i love the idea of having my own VT model so i can stream shit to my online friends but the idea of being a streamer doesn’t really appeal to me. Being stuck in your room streaming for hours trying to entertain thousands sounds like hell tbh

No. 236014

File: 1662255199657.jpg (902.81 KB, 1800x1200, FX7MeadWQAE4rg5.jpg)

For boys, Kanae and Kuzuha of course, Alban, Kanade Izuru, and all of Luxiem. For girls, all of Obsydia, Millie, Ina, Kson (delinquent model), and Korone. Strong concepts with clear and cute executions are the best to me.

I want to be a vtuber mama. I'm currently making a model for someone and it's definitely harder than the average drawing, and I also have a lot of anxiety that something will get fucked up along the way, but I hope the commissioner likes the design at least. I've considered making one for myself but I don't think I'd be interesting as a streamer.

No. 236032

I like Marine, Peko and Kobo designs. Very iconic and recognizable while also not tacky and try hard. All the outfits are cute.

No. 236063

Juniper is best monster girl hands down and deserves so much more respect for doing it herself.

Towa and Aki both have overall great designs and fits.

Selen's brand new fit is my current new fav I think.

Honorable mentions for Chloe Sakamata, Botan and Layna Lazar's design but Layna seems like an insufferable type.

I was ready to audition to NJ EN. My long term nigel made some very good points, probably didn't want me to be sad if I failed and knowing my pc isn't great. Part of me wonders if I should have anyways.

I definitely can't afford a model and my artfag skills are none so I have toyed with maybe dipping my toes into PNG tubing possibly.

I have so many good character concepts I wish I could art.

I really just wanted to do it as a hobby at first but I honestly am starting to think this is the future of marketing so might as well find something to market alongside right. I honestly want to make fashionable merch inspired by and featuring vtubers. Obviously UwU market and omocat have done a very base level but personally I think their shit is all so ugly and basic and with NJ boys bringing all the women to the yard there could be a market for better maybe even dare sat fashionable merch.

No. 236064

File: 1662277554174.jpg (466.92 KB, 1500x827, E_2-FEeUcBAQQLm.jpg)

Selen's old design was my favourite, I'm really torn on her new design cuz it's way too coomer now.

No. 236066

I wasn't a fan of Selen's old design only because it didn't fit her personality in my mind idk

Am bit sad NJ EN is becoming the "boba wars" but at the same time kinda expected from them.

No. 236069

why is your post so unnecessarily huge

No. 236072

Juniper's design is stolen from a shotacon rape manga.

No. 236074


No. 236097

File: 1662292853460.jpg (261.85 KB, 900x1485, FbvWAuGUUAAI32Q.jpg)

I have to say everyone in luxiem all have solid designs and i like how they match with eachother. I used to hate shus design but its really grown on me. Alban has a amazing design as well. Im also in love with the new rosemi and petra designs they got, so damn cute.
I just know i would get cancelled at some point for saying something offensive and im not sure if i could mentally handle a hate mob

No. 236099

>I just know i would get cancelled at some point for saying something offensive and im not sure if i could mentally handle a hate mob
Just apply for NJ or some unknown agency or be indie. Views are views nonna.
Coco was just weak and had a fall back/probably done with "seiso" hololive and just milked her hate right to the end and into her next life

No. 236109

File: 1662299845103.png (168.18 KB, 350x350, 1662123057668574.png)

/vt/ has been in total chaos for weeks with no sign of slowing down. I feel so bad for Kronii.

No. 236122

Can you redpill me what the hell they're so mad about with Kronii specifically? Or is it just because she's hanging out with Tempus?

No. 236127

Their problem is that she enjoyed so much. No really, that's the whole story.

No. 236142

this made me laugh so much, bless the holostars boys

No. 236177

An asp style thread here would be really nice actually. The one on vt is a trashfire with no actual help avaliable.

No. 236178

I was actually gonna ask if someone could make one but I figured Nonnas wouldn't like it that much

No. 236180

i’m not an aspiring vtuber myself but i would love a thread like that to give advice to other nonnas

No. 236182

Funny how fast it went down the drain and is run by babinikus now

It'll probably be a slower thread because I don't think this one is pretty fast to begin with but I still wouldn't mind dropping a bunch of recourses in there to help get started

No. 236186

Maybe we could give resources to streamers and content creator in general? To give it more life, I doubt many nonnas would be into vtubing itself

No. 236240

What's the Nina drama about?

No. 236243

are you talking about the bitch catalogue or is there new drama

No. 236256

No idea about either, I just saw some random video about Nina talking about haters or whatever and the comments say that she treated other members rudely or whatever, I saw a video with some stuff but it was going by too fast for me to comprehend,

No. 236258

this is actually a great idea, a thread for general content creation advice and resources would be very helpful

No. 236337

I've gotten useful advice if I ask for it directly, but other than that it's just spamming people from their discord.

No. 236417

Do y’all think vox is actually Bi curious ?or is he just queerbaiting for his femcels?
Or maybe he’s the type of person who thinks because he thinks another guy is good looking that makes him bi.

No. 236420

Did you see my schizo tinfoil post on /vt/? I made a post saying I think he's not actually gay because while he almost exclusively flirts with male co-stars and rarely female (with exceptions, like Melody), whenever the topic of relationship comes up he always mentions wanting a GIRLfriend, a wife or dating a woman. I also think that during UTT, he was and is only flirty with Ike when it's one-sided, and the second Ike reciprocates he chickens out. When Ike was asking for a hug and calling him pretty/cute, he just waved it off as a joke. I think Vox is 90% straight and doesn't know what to do if a guy actually came onto him seriously.

No. 236437

File: 1662408763381.jpeg (109.84 KB, 1000x1000, A06F7371-F810-410E-B816-C9B569…)

He’s the straightest of the straights kek only a retard would watch vox and think woah that dude is gay. He’s like the harry styles of the vtubing world.

No. 236438

anonchama, you sound like the same person who believes that any female vtuber that fakes liking women sexually is bi.

No. 236441

He's terminally online so he probably jacks it to femboy or futa porn and calls himself bi because of it. I would say the same for Mysta but he talked about how he had a crush on a guy before, though I think ultimately he definitely leans more hetero.

No. 236442

aren't uki and shoto the only fag vtubers? from the more well known vtubers of course. the rest seem straight to me

No. 236445

sounds about right. i think fulgur is a big fan of danmei tho i’m not sure if he’s just terminally online or actually attracted to men

No. 236454

The fuck is that image ?!

No. 236462

File: 1662414622917.gif (156.05 KB, 220x301, A87B6E97-10F9-43EE-9FCD-512F66…)

what about it nonna?

No. 236464

Vox drag queen era

No. 236479

Which Vtubers have the prettiest and ugliest design in your opinion?

No. 236482

god nonna just scroll up we just had that discussion the other day

No. 236518

talking about vox, what do you nonnas think about his month long break? do you think such a long break will affect his popularity? do you think it will calm down some of the delusional parasocial fans?

No. 236520

File: 1662429075610.png (1013.73 KB, 1427x807, 2022-09-05 204713.png)

I think Magni's character design itself is cool as fuck but that design needed to go to literally any other artist

No. 236540

I haven’t been into vtubers long enough to properly gage how longer breaks effect popularity. But in my opinion a month won’t be long enough to truly hurt his popularity, especially if he continues to post on Twitter.

No. 236560

I 100% think he knows his audience and just does it for them.

I would bet that Mysta is bi tbh

Regis gives me serious gay vibes

I would agree I think Fulgur is just terminally online and faps to weird hentai

Idk if ugly is fair unless it's a super jank model but I will say I did not enjoy any of the latest NJ EN gen and the actual talents behind them didn't make me like them either. The maybe exception would be the doll girl but I also feel like shes just let me copy Ollie's homework.

Depends on a lot of things. If he is his usual self on twitter then no probably not. If he is completely radio silent it could hurt it. Honestly as much as he hopes all his minor dramas calm down that would also mean his name not being posted as much.
I am personally not into boy tubers at all and don't think any of my fav talents have ever taken a break that long but I definitely wouldn't lose interest if they were a fav just over a month. Hell I still think about Mana Aloe sometimes and she is never coming back as that char.

>tl;dr his fujos will be counting down the days until his return and he should keep on his twitter shit as that is a part of what people enjoy about NJ EN imo.

Agreed but I also don't think it was right for artists to "redo his design" before he even debuted. I do like that he really leans into the memes though.

No. 236605

Especially for big corpos it tends not to matter, Miko from Hololive went on a break for a few months pretty much exactly when the big Vtuber/Hololive boom was happening and when she came back she immediately started getting post-boom numbers as if she had been there streaming all along.

No. 236660

File: 1662484963004.png (507.38 KB, 745x747, FbvE2a4akAAKfXB.png)

Im still waiting for niji to make a new male group dream team like luxiem. Iluna was so disappointing. Noctyx is just ok (only really like fulgur and alban).
Im so glad fanartists draw him really well but it really is weird how everyone in that group had bad model/rigging. I cant help but believe in the tinfoil that holo didnt want the boys to become more popular than the girls so they sabotaged them intentionally

No. 236663

I think the new male gamer group they are recruiting for rn might be it

No. 236670

dumb dog

No. 236691

File: 1662496681055.jpg (235.59 KB, 912x1200, Fulgur.Ovid.full.3718320.jpg)

Tried watching this guys' single streams but he comes off as such a tryhard douche when he's only engaging with his fans. I only like him in collabs, because he acts nice or funny there at least, which is weird because it's usually the opposite.

No. 236694

isnt he the one who writes self-insert fanfiction about his OC…..so fucking weird and reminds me of CWC.

No. 236718

What’s something y’all wish that vtubers would do more for content ?
Tbh I wish I could see more vtubers react to stuff and do commentary on it, and I’m not just talking about meme compilations.

No. 236720

More variety games instead of the same 8 games that everyone and their mom has played holy fuck. Also more art streams.

No. 236724

I second more art streams. I would love to see a vtuber that also knows how to make vtuber models, and stream as he works on a new model, I think that would be really cool.
Vtubers that can actually sing and can write actual good songs would also be great kek I would kill for something Chronoir quality in EN vtubing scene.
Last but not least Before i die i want to see at least one stan twitter vtuber. Some twink obsessed with charli xcx or something like that.

No. 236725

File: 1662504670216.jpg (555.99 KB, 1322x691, dsadadadada.jpg)

seeing kronii go through a hard time just makes me angry thinking how much preferential treatment sana/namie got compared to the others. it's no secret kronii hates how coomer her design is, meanwhile they allowed sana to get whatever she wanted. If they gave a little of the special treatment to the other girls like they did Sana, maybe council would stream more.

No. 236726

He was also shittalking about hololive in that one discord leak kek, he’s a rather unlikable guy

No. 236730

I want a vtuber to stream playing something like animal jam.

No. 236736

more variety of games especially older/nostalgic ones and indies (honestly would love a vtuber who plays toontown or nintendogs or something I played as a kid), maybe like art tutorial streams or teaching the audience some sort of skill, handcam crafting streams (knitting, sewing, stuff like that), and ouji board/other esoteric horror stuff (mashiro from nijijp does niche horror streams but he's a menhera trap who talks in an annoying voice so I'd like if there were more options aside from him)

No. 236750

File: 1662512937032.jpg (221.62 KB, 900x1200, FXn_MpSXkAEUlkY.jpg)

i love rosemi so much nonnas. she's such a sweet girl and her design is so cool too. i love putting her stream on the background while doing other tasks in my room

No. 236757

A lot of good mentions here. For me, it's Kazuya Seto. I love spooky themes and the character design is so cute. Beautiful art style as well and it kinda looks like Hanako mixed with a bit of Tim Burton. Smoothest model I ever seen with lots motion and expressions.

No. 236759

Has Kronii ever outright said she dislikes her design or just implied it?

No. 236773

I’ve seen them before ! I’m obsessed with their design, perfectly creepy cute.

No. 236780

Based on the clips I’ve seen of Iluna their issue is that most of them seem to be trying to emulate other vtubers in the company rather than be original.
I see this a lot with Ren especially.
The only one that’s caught my interest is kyo. Scarle seems cool but sometimes I think she try’s to hard to appeal to coomers when she doesn’t need to.
Then again this is mainly based on clips.

No. 236791

wait did Sana have a lot of say with her design? I know some girls got to suggest some things like Gura requesting to add teeth but I'm curious if it's possible for them to ask for bigger ones.

No. 236800

kronii’s PL identifies as nb. Also when she got her New Years outfit that covered her chest, she used it for months straight. Otherwise she tries to hide the bottom half of the her OG model as much as possible

Typically no, Kiara said they were only able to give input for future outfits. But it’s my rrat that Sana had all hands on deck for her design. It can’t be a fucking coincidence they just happened to have pako lined up, the person namie admires and simps for the most(because of nobu). Namie and Pako are IRL friends prior to hololive, which makes the whole situation worse imo. I honestly believe people have to be intentionally naive to not see that Sana got special treatment.

No. 236842

File: 1662545115181.png (255.11 KB, 829x364, us48q3gn30r81.png)

>kronii’s PL identifies as nb
She said she is "genderfluid" in ONE (1) comment and used they/they pronouns in one of her profiles. Her reasoning is that "My gender is obvious unless your stupid".

No. 236902

>>236718 wish the agency vtubers weren't all playing the same damn games at once like >>236720 said. It cycles but sorry I do not care about my youtube feed having 20 different vtubers playing rust. Indies are able to at least mix it up more which is refreshing, I know hololive doesnt allow emulated games so they're trapped in whatevers usually newest which gets stale fast cause then everyones playing it

No. 236904

That does sound fun.

No. 236934

Do they even have permissions for retro games? I know Ngo from Nijisanji often plays them but I don't think she has permissions for it(?) while the EN branch cares more about permissions if I'm not mistaken. And Hololive definetely can't play them either, aside from a few.

No. 236938

I love Fulgur Ovid

No. 236950

I've seen jp nijis and holos playing retro nintendo and sony games before but it's usually only the really popular ones, I'd imagine it'd be difficult getting perms for a lot of the lesser known retro games

No. 236957

Yeah I know Korone also plays a lot of them but I think obscure ones would be unlikely. And I don't think retro games will ever work in EN because you aren't allowed to use ROMs.

No. 236979

File: 1662576560394.png (353.25 KB, 500x600, 74b727c80bbb1974b936484bfd26af…)

so… how do you all feel about the minecraft server fuckup?

No. 236982


No. 237009

I need context

No. 237029

nonna spill the tea im too lazy to go to nyfco and read everything

No. 237033

nta luca wanted to play a certain type of minecraft world that required him to switch to an older update, which caused the njsjEN world to reset.

tbh its not his fault
1) why the fuck did they make the person in charge of the MC world in austrailia, the place with the worst fucking internet
2) rolling back on your personal account shouldnt rollback a world's progress

No. 237034

thanks for the tea nonna. i think it’s funny, i have never played mc in my life but i have seen many streams, it’s always hilarious to me how serious people get over the game.
Luca should prooobably say sorry if he haven’t already other than that it’s no biggie, retarded niji fans will probably get annoying about it though

No. 237046

Why didn't they have staff host the server? This isn't even the first time they've had issues because of members hosting the server. Imagine if the nijiJP world got reset because of something like this, literally hundreds of hours would be gone, they should have been more careful about how it was hosted in the first place.

>it’s always hilarious to me how serious people get over the game.
I've never played mc either and am not super into gaming but it does suck to lose progress on something you've put a lot of time into, even if it's something silly.

No. 237092

I'm a relatively small (20 viewers) hobby vtuber myself, also applied to a couple of auditions (I'm a mediocre skill ESL though, so it was mostly for fun). Honestly the idea of being affiliated with a corpo looks worse and worse to me, streamers there have little to no control over the design, schedule, everything else. I really love being an indie and stream when I want, what I want and in any outfit I want.
The only two issues are promotion (most people don't even bother to answer my requests to quote the prices) and searching for the decent model/outfit artist.

No. 237101

>I cant help but believe in the tinfoil that holo didnt want the boys to become more popular than the girls so they sabotaged them intentionally

This may be the delusional part of my brain talking but I fully believe that if they got better designs/artists they probably wouldn't be Luxiem levels of popular but they'd at least have the same amount as Iluna by now

No. 237208

aren’t they doing better than iluna? aside from scarle iluna seem to be mostly flopping

No. 237212

ahh nonna i wish i knew your @ kek but it’s probably not wise to share it here. good luck with your streams!

No. 237254

It sucks that they lost all that progress but if this means they wont be playing minecraft anymore im all for it, thank the heavens i hate that game kek
I have to agree you on that, tempus boys get some good fanart but in the end you can only polish turd so far. Better designs would have attracted more people. Not sure how popular they would be though. Personally im not super into the group yet since personality wise i find them a bit boring at times but i cant tell if its because ive been following luxiem who are all loud and chaotic. Also they get to be ''brotubers'' but their coworkers are idols who have to pander the GF experience to scrotes? Ok.

No. 237263

Pomu goes into detail about what happened in this video, go to the timestamp at: 6:00 to see the damage.

No. 237271

File: 1662639228236.jpg (745.25 KB, 1920x1605, E8-pat_VkAIOR8I.jpg)

You fucking retard, Hololive always has at least 1 FGO artist in their gen.

No. 237376

Yeah no shit there are two, but what are the coincidences that Sana gets someone who is 1) her friend 2) someone who draws her favorite character that she whales thousands of dollars for, and dedicated a whole fucking room in her house for?

No. 237383

>>237101 Nah, Your a fucking delusional. Holostars is Yagoos personal project. He became a manager of stars in the past to micromanage them.

Yagoo literally promotes Tempus's post on Twitter and wears a MaggingTime shirt on CRX. The Tempus has an ugly design because its target audience is different than gaybaiting NijiEn Boys.

Lucien fanbase is a bunch of fujo/yume baiting fanservice and the majority are from China this is why they always stream at North American Morning or Chinese primetime.

Tempus is catered to guys Brotubers and females who are not into fanservice.

Also, most of Luxiem subs are from China where Holopro got kicked out because of the Taiwan issue,

So you just being delusional.

No. 237387

>>237101 Why do you care about subs? Most of their subs are just dead subs,

No one really cares if iLuna has more subs if no one is giving them superchats or watching them live.

Only Scarle is doing fine in Superchat but her 900 CCV is just sad for an Corpo EN talent,

Then there is Aia who only got 800 CCV. which is more pathetic.

ILuna boys superchat is also not good, especially Aster,

currently, no Iluna is average over 3k ccv.

while tempus have good superchats and CCV, especially Vesper who got 43k USD in SC and 4k CCV.

In short, ILuna has more subs but most talents have low superchat except Scarle. also, low CCV after all that pre-debut hype.

Which means Iluna fans are bunch of casuals.

No. 237389

ESL and numberfags chama, I appreciate the info but you need to integrate better

No. 237391

>>237389 I mean the person who is talking about subs/dead subs above is integrating?

No. 237439

I feel like a lot of iluna s followers are people who followed pre debut expecting them to be Luxiem levels and just forgot to unfollow after getting bored of them.

No. 237561

Scrote /vt/ newfag, great. How long this thread gonna last now.

No. 237648

Report newfags and dramafags

No. 237650

Get outta here you incel /vt/ loser.

No. 237680

What do y’all think of merry weather as a vtuber overall?

No. 237702

File: 1662761245708.png (1.66 MB, 1323x723, unknown-384.png)

>stops getting enough money off his "professionally written (by him)" comics that is about nothing but anime Tesla and Nintendo Switch (and whatever else is popular) human versions which are not even drawn by him
>starts going full china pander because of a huge and hungry yumejoshi market in China that is full of rich parasocial women
Noty. The model looks ugly too.

No. 237722

I only saw clips and I grew to dislike him
>ugly model with punchable smug face
>annoying voice
>makes scrote-pandering cringe comics and coomer anime girl gijinkas

No. 237736

would be more tolerable if he didn't constantly engage with corpo vtubers.

No. 237768

File: 1662783612150.jpg (6.79 KB, 187x270, download.jpg)

This gives me the heebie jeebies. A little fanservice can be nice but I don't like when they lean full force into it. It just feels disingenuous at this point. We all know most of these men were straight as arrows a few months ago. Merryweather creates creepy loli-adjacent female characters like picrel.

No. 237772

File: 1662783846682.jpg (Spoiler Image,135.75 KB, 1085x795, DlDiqd7U8AAzSXV.jpg)

lmao sorry if the pic is messed up, I don't feel like crawling the web for art of his creepy characters. But the webtoon is called Winter Moon and the way this character is designed says enough about Merryweather for me.

No. 237780

kek he looks like a nerd irl, yet somehow looks better than the abomination that is his vtuber model

No. 237782

File: 1662786394028.jpeg (432.76 KB, 1125x1465, 9605D163-AEDA-450F-ABE6-34194B…)

Look at the shit Mysta has been posting on his alt. His troon era incoming???

No. 237801

lmaoo, an anon near the start of the thread said he's (apparently) a femboy wannabe. Would be funny if that really is true.

No. 237805

He is annoying tbh. Before nijisanji he was just a Marine from HL copycat, but the "i only watch the clips " version, aka "i am a horny pirate guise". Won't be surprised if he becomes a tranny, after all he is a huge pervert.

No. 237814

apparently he used to crossdress on stream kek, also he gives me chronically online vibes he probably faps to weird porn and lurks r/egg_irl
How much time do you think we have left before he comes out as a he/they nonbinary nonnas?

No. 237893


No. 237903

I feel like after Merrys vox collab he has begun leaning more into the femboy yaoibaiting.

No. 237911

I heavily doubt Mysta is trans, he probably just gets off on crossdressing.

No. 237936

Why is it so hard for these men to stay as internet funny men? First shoto and now mysta. Any other popular vtubers who have embarassing alt accounts?

No. 237940

What did Shoto do?

No. 237958

He just has an alt account
I don’t really consider it embarrassing though, he mainly tweets the same type of stuff he tweets on his main.
He posted a selfie on there, but part of his face is censored.

No. 237968

I meant its embarrasing that he went on his alt to whine about someone ”copying” him when hes generic as fuck

No. 237976


I'm really glad there's some Selen love in here. She's so refreshing compared to all the loli voiced and overly horny girl tubers. She actually feels like a real woman instead of scrote bait.

No. 237977

she’s amazing at apex too! I like her

No. 237978

Shoto be like “I like supporting Indie Vtubers uwu being indie is hard er gotta support each other uwu” and then he shittalks and targets an indie dude that have 1/1000th of his followers.

No. 238027

Fair enough ngl.

No. 238066

>the guys who posted their underwear on twitter are brotubers
the cope

No. 238076

Someone mentioned Mysta used to retweet a shitton of loli shit on his old twitter and I am very curious to see if this is true

No. 238103

i said before that mysta is a creepy incel but his handmaidens quickly defended him with "he's fun to watch"

No. 238120

Most male vtubers probably have some fucked shit in there past. They are male anime fans after all.

No. 238132

File: 1662910959923.jpg (97.98 KB, 900x1200, 20220911_095745.jpg)

Hope its ok I post about this here, I preordered my first hololive plushie (Hakui Koyori's Assistant) and I'm very excited

No. 238133

Idk much about hololive, but that’s a pretty cute plushie ngl.

No. 238150

File: 1662915192974.jpeg (455.13 KB, 681x1094, 5AEFF3C2-9DD4-44C3-B256-4CC90C…)

his old model was a shota model so it wouldn’t surprise me kek

No. 238269

There’s a clip of him on YouTube back when he was still an indie vtuber openly talking about how he got hard at the gym thinking about someone walking in on him naked.

No. 238288

File: 1662938248808.jpg (283.33 KB, 2048x1252, FZjTVy5VQAEz5YE.jpg)

She is my kamioshi, I adore her. She's good at games, doesn't do fanservice, loves animals, is good at bantering even with strangers and across languages, and even though she's jokingly bantery with people she streams with, she's really nice to her fans and the artists she works with. She was one of the ones leading NijiEN into VRchat content and commissions a lot of people to make cool things for the fans like the lo-fi music videos and open VRchat world. In her PL she mentioned having BPD but I would have never guessed from the way she conducts herself in Niji, she stays out of drama and streamed very consistently and always has a positive attitude, as someone that struggles a lot with my own mental illnesses it makes me happy to see someone working hard against their own illness and making funny, happy videos so consistently.

No. 238305

I hear nothing but good things about Selen, I'm gonna give her a watch. Do you have any streams you recommend?

No. 238311

Halloween Peppa Pig, any of her Pokemon drawing streams, Trial By Trolley (the birth of NijiCanceled), NijiWWE, and any of her collabs with Pomu, Luca, or Enna.
She's most well known for her Apex stuff because of how good she is at it, though I'm personally not really into Apex so I don't actually watch those full streams, I find her clips/highligts entertaining, would still rec at least checking those out to see her being cool and having fun with her teammates.

No. 238391

She has BPD??? What the fuck? I've never seen someone with BPD so low-key and not drama mongering.

No. 238412

…Most women with BPD only struggle with their most intimate relationships. They’re not hysterical retards to the general public. Kinda weird and stigmatizing to assume that BPDs are visibly walking disasters.

No. 238425

Every BPD I've ever known was a walking disaster and its a massive red flag, sorry nonna.

No. 238427

how do you know that this is his alt

No. 238467

he pretty much confirmed it himself saying people found the account way faster than he thought, he streams on the twitch account and has the same voice, he is also mutuals with other vtuber/artist alt accounts. nyfco.org also confirmed it that it's him

No. 238601

Boys being boys innit

No. 238646

No. 238855

File: 1663113511198.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.22 KB, 720x934, 1663027626414100.jpg)

This tweet from Gawr Gura makes me uncomfortable. I want to enjoy and support female vtubers but I'm not a fan of this.

No. 238869

There is not a shortage of female tubers out there so you don't have to support boring pedobait #876

No. 238891

I really liked Gura early on because she had a sense of humor I love, but now she's gone so far into coomer territory, it's hard to watch her.

No. 238895

this is business as usual, I don't think you watch her at all, otherwise you would've dropped her for the cum jar.

No. 239041

Gross. All the hololive EN girls make me uncomfortable and gura is pretty overrated but like other anon says you can support bunch of female vtubers who dont coom bait. Funnily enough niji EN has a few which you wouldn't expect.

No. 239043

I don't think Mumei and Ame have ever coombaited, as far as I remember.

No. 239044

How anyone could watch this person's shit and not realize from the get go that it's weeb pedo bait is beyond me.

No. 239045

Dont know about ame but i would not go support mumei since shes a pedo defender

No. 239048

Here's a chumpedo trying to explain Gura's appeal. It's a cringefest.

No. 239055

go support female vtubers who arent under some big company and possibly made their own 3d or 2d model. they will probably even give a shit about you depending on their size.

No. 239071

Ame does not coomerbait and she pretty much hates her own fanbase for being parasocial addicts. She is a cool woman, but of all the ENs i prefer Ina and Kronii, because they never thought of coomerbaiting and in fact don't like being sexualized while also not baiting for a parasocial relationship. They are cool. I don't like Mori anymore sadly, Gura is okay but her fanbase is insane, Kiara is the og "mean girl" of german coscommunity who seems to talk about poop a lot while having a sexualized avatar with a pacifier and does her best to make fans depend on her way too much so thats a hard pass for me… I think Mume got accepted into hololive because she sounded almost exactly like Gura and her previous vtuber was sea themed too.

No. 239072

>>239071 I had to stop tuning into Kiara's streams once she got that pacifier asset and would randomly use it and start making baby noises. Shits uncomfortable

No. 239075

>she pretty much hates her own fanbase for being parasocial addicts
Has she said this? I thought this was literally the point of holos with the idol culture thing kek

No. 239131

I recently watched the 2nd Anniversary 360 stream and honestly, Gura was awful. Plenty of cringe, she clearly only cared for shilling merchandise and bait coomer memes (the “UOH”, references to the cum jar). Was constantly being distracted even when her genmates were singing in front of each other.
The other girls were amazing and truly entertaining, I miss watching them as a group of friends and not corporate idols.

On a separate note, the most annoying thing to me is scrotes constantly crying how western is destroying “idol culture” when they are the ones that have no idea what an idol is. I might get spergy, but an idol is someone whose dreams are contagious and want to bring happiness and entertain, parasociality became a thing only in the last 10-ish years with AKB idols. Those imbeciles that think of idols as virtual girlfriends are deluded and shouldn’t be allowed part of the community, I don’t blame the girls for hating their fanbases at all and think less vtubers should support what scrotes want.

No. 239162

i love layla alstroemeria from nijisanji. i wish more people talked about her, her design is so lovely and so is her personality. i don't care much for her content and neither does niji at this point because they let her do whatever.. i feel like she'll get cut sooner or later along with the other ID members.
i still won't forgive nijisanji for what they did to the India branch, I thought Noor's design was so cool.

No. 239225

Not trying to be an asshole, but if you really think possessive annoying scrotes are a recent idol thing you must be young or autistic. if anything its gotten MORE welcoming to women despite still being atrocious. I've been an otaku my entire life and I couldn't look anywhere in the early internet for my interests without predatory scrotes being insane about teenage girls. I tricked myself into thinking I didn't like idols when in reality I don't like when a woman's image is tailored for the lowest common denominator. Turns out I enjoy them a lot when they're allowed to act like human beings the way a lot of vtubers do.

So I'm not completely off topic I'm leaving my oshi's 2nd anniversary song! Would not have given this subculture a chance without her, she's dedicated to being an amazing performer above all.

No. 239246

>that video
help…I can't lift my jaw and knees off the ground…

No. 239252

>thinking I didn't like idols when in reality I don't like when a woman's image is tailored for the lowest common denominator

No. 239261

> if you really think possessive annoying scrotes are a recent idol thing you must be young or autistic.
LOL I am autistic, but yes I know I don’t believe it is recent, I am just saying that back then fans weren’t allowed near idols, cutting the parasocial thing off. One thing is being obsessive, another is considering a whore whoever comes near a male because idols always had collabs or works with men performers. All in all, I totally agree with you.

No. 239262

Based Polka fan

No. 239264

i've been trying to find some comfy art vtubers to watch but if i have to hear one more retard add nya or wan wan to their sentences i'm going to hurl

No. 239265

>Gura is okay but her fanbase is insane
Her likes and retweets are nothing but lewd loli fan arts, and she does stuff like >>224720. What I dislike is not that she looks like a child, it's that she panders to her cancerous "uohhh cunny ToT" audience.

No. 239268

I don't watch her much but I recommend >>196546

No. 239269

Nta but THEORETICALLY, I could get behind someone gaming with a cute kid avatar. Like I've seen some Kobo clips and idk why an adult woman sounds like that, but I'll admit as someone who likes kids (NOT LIKE THAT), her clips of her acting ridiculous and shouting kind of cheer me up. Idk if she does loli/dogwhistle stuff like Gura tho.

I guess my problem with anime culture as a whole is that child characters seem to almost always have a sexual subtext to them. If there's not a sexual subtext to the character, the fans will IMMEDIATELY create one.

Tldr: nothing is safe from pedos. I legit like cute child characters but anime has ruined them.

No. 239272

Idk what else you expected from Gura when she's been screaming that she is Senzawa even before debut by putting her most popular cover photo on a background art of the debut. She is nothing but a 4chan pandering shitposter who suffers from alcoholism and gets mad whenever anyone even says something about drinking in front of her (eg the new years donation butthurt stream). She also started doing >>224720
this a week or so before holostarEN came out, which was weird. It made me think she would be forced into collabing with them, but i doubt.
Polka is best girl, one of the few actual lesbians in hololive and a feminist on top of that. I love her for helping others and I hope she will help herself one day. I remember I was watching her previous vtuber getting kicked out of the company, just to later get rescued by Yagoo, one of the few cases like this.

No. 239275

>actual lesbians in hololive and a feminist
wtf based I will watch polka now

No. 239278

sadly i have no idea if she is a libfem or actually a radfem, but i would assume leaning towards rad because of how shitty japan is towards their own women. Polka might not be my oshi but i respect and relate to her a lot, she always takes care of all of her genmates, like Nene when she overworked herself to a point where she had to get fixed by a doctor. Vidrel is my favorite song and mv from her!

No. 239284

File: 1663192919878.png (1008.51 KB, 1192x668, FcmdtBgagAAHHZh.png)

Watch Vesper's Microsoft Paint streams. He's not the best at drawing, but his streams are really fun and comfy (not boring "comfy").

No. 239285

>i have no idea if she is a libfem or actually a radfem
She was a radfem in the fanfiction that I read.

No. 239295

Thanks for insight anon. I can only hope that adult women aren’t pure retarded about gendershit and sw. And I trust jp women to be sensible because they know too well the way their society is built on male degeneracy. I really liked polkas vibe in the few clips that I’ve seen of her.

No. 239298

Yaki Mayuru is a great art youtuber, she does more short form instructional/tip videos than streams but she does do drawing streams on occasion. She really feels like an artist who just happens to be using a model (that she made herself.)

No. 239454

Okay if you’re going to go off on a moral-sperg about people playing characters, You’ll need to cancel all of hololive+Pikamee because they’ve all said weirder and fucked up shit about children than gura.

No. 239487

>>239272 Do you have a source on Polka being a lesbian feminist? I don't speak japanese, so it's hard to look it up myself.

No. 239515

>muh cancel
Fuck off, we just don’t like her. Chumcels can only whataboutism and deflect.

No. 239711

Weirdly, a lot of people just kinda accept Kobo as a kid character. I've even seen a lot of the moids on vt say that they don't care about her interacting with the boys because she's just a kid, but they have meltdowns when Irys or Kronii even mentioned interacting with males because "muh pure maiden waifu".

No. 239803

all im saying is if you don’t like gura for her shit humor, be honest(I don’t like it either). Just don’t moral sjw crusade that shes pedopandering with that shit humor when vtubers are out there literally saying “12yos are hot”

No. 239824

File: 1663329033741.png (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 680x778, FcvRGlaagAIuSt5.png)

Yeah, here is the source.

No. 239827

>no sage
Amazing bait anonchama. It was revealed on one of the jp websites that may have been mentioned here at some point.

No. 239843

Wtf are you even trying to say? Just bc other bitches also pander to pedos doesn’t mean your precious oshi doesn’t.

No. 239954

She’s not my oshi and it’s really delusional of you to dismiss any criticism as stan behavior. If you actually cared about children, you should be more upset at the literal pedophilic things vtubers say/do IRL(like vox) vs what you interpret as “pedo” behavior.

No. 239968

wait what did vox do?

No. 240188

File: 1663590263575.jpg (507.76 KB, 1332x1493, 65f087d854962f3bcdc6e5822e836a…)

If Aster hasn't started his transitioning by the end of 2022 I'll be extremely surprised.

No. 240193

It is so fucking nasty when scrotes rt shitty hentai of themselves, it’s not pandering and baity like when the women do it, it always just gives omega coomer vibe, a total attraction-killer. The art itself being dA tier just evokes anger.

No. 240213

File: 1663596124234.png (Spoiler Image,292.4 KB, 581x711, Screenshot (330).png)

It's not surprising at all considering his past life as a coomer vtuber. Spoiler for moid nonsense

No. 240247

Isn't Megumin like 14?

No. 240397

I used to think he was tolerable, even somewhat fun, but then he became the usual vshitter who barely streams, trades in one decent looking avatar for a godawful one, makes a big deal about new backstory that will be forgotten about immediately

No. 240454

File: 1663639100886.png (39.55 KB, 600x351, da.png)

the most recent drama about merry was his uninspired designs look similar to the new fire emblem. in the comments people were accusing him of paying his artists low rates.I looked through old tweets and one of his artists was there to defend him. see how the artist specifies "the rate you ask for" vs standard industry rates.

No. 240506

am i the only dramafag that doesn’t even watch vtubers anymore and only keep up with the drama kek. since both the streamers and the fans all socially isolated weebs the drama tend to be so juicy idgaf about streams or the other shit anymore

No. 240508

That’s retarded

No. 240509

tbh i am pretty retarded. nyfco is super entertaining though

No. 240553

I respect the hustle anon. Do you have any juice to share?

No. 240582

File: 1663676428593.jpg (450.06 KB, 2048x1448, FcWFWyjagAATAN1.jpg)

I started as being only interested in vtuber drama to actually getting into some vtubers. Still interested in the drama too though. I find vtuber drama so hilarious because these people have one of the easiest jobs out there and a management team helping out as well and still they manage to fuck up somehow.

No. 240635

File: 1663692744929.png (715.05 KB, 1231x1233, 1663689280549385.png)

found this gem on /vt/ catalog

No. 240642

File: 1663693658329.png (2.3 MB, 1280x1097, 1661767275407.png)

The whole board is in a constant state of bait and falseflagging.
>anti-tempus=Idol (don't you dare bring up sora)
>pro-tempus=whore (don't you dare bring up sora)

No. 240651

I think it's so funny that Fauna is always listed as being on the anti-boy-collab side. She's been in a long term relationship with a guy for years but thank god she's not interacting with male coworkers, right?

No. 240671

There was a day she had finished up her stream and asked who she should redirect to and her chat kept saying Tempus (Vesper and Altare) because they were the only ones live and she ignored it to raid IRyS who's stream wasn't going to start until 2-3 hours after her stream ended. When the redirect failed she only linked Mumei and IRyS' stream and no one else.
During a member stream she was complaining she wouldn't know how to build a computer from scratch and people kept mentioning asking Vesper and she ignored all those and picked out a comment about Ame of all people
There was another instance where she was talking about wanting to play DnD and the whole chat started telling her that Vesper wants to hold a DnD campaign. Ignored again.
One time one of her members gave her a superchat rainbow with the final one mentioning Vesper (she reads all superchats), she read all of them except that one.

No. 240672

So virginal so pure so modest. I wonder if her boyfriend is also controlling about it.

No. 240727

Gotta be tiring having to be on edge like that in fear of angering your fanbase just because you mention a coworker by name. Kinda messed up situation but the pandering streamers also are part of the problem.

No. 240773

She’s playing a character, don’t be as bad as a unicorn fag by mixing the two

No. 240834

nonna you get me. easiest job they don’t even show their faces, handed a model and a personality by their company, automatically adored by thousands, all you need to do is play video games (you don’t even have to be good) and crack a joke here and there. Yet they still manage to fuck up somehow.

No. 240907

File: 1663761969279.jpg (229.1 KB, 537x550, 1663698999409361[1].jpg)

Still can't believe Pekora actually got a monkey

No. 240912

wait what the heck?!

No. 240913

She got herself a cat not a long time ago, but tbh this is what she gets for
>earning a whole lot of money and being one of the top talents
>living with her whole family who will take care of her food and the house

No. 240918

File: 1663766474973.jpg (419.29 KB, 206x202, 1662742655009.jpg)

look at those freakishly large eyes

No. 240939

File: 1663770578426.jpg (34.71 KB, 1024x535, Bush-baby-isolated-1024x535[1]…)

It is a trait shared by nocturnal primate

No. 240946

File: 1663772486406.png (449.46 KB, 680x665, ogey rat.png)

she got an irl ogey rat

No. 240973

isn’t that the animal from the madagascar movie

No. 240975

Exactly. Not all drama surrounding vtubers is entertaining though, especially those stemming from /vt/ since men are retarded and delusional. But its very fun seeing vtubers fuck up when all they need to do is just stay in their lane. This extends to regular youtubers too, i cant believe the amount of drama these people get it in from messing with minors to stupid twitter beef or scams. Literally easiest jobs too, i feel nothing for them.

No. 240983

It was a goodman's mouse lemur in the movie, this is a senegal bushbaby

No. 241024


No. 241028

nayrt but agreed. I remember a few months back I stumbled on a vtuber drama channel (with an accompanying vtuber model to deliver the gossip) and just going 'does noteworthy drama even happen that often?' I didn't check out any of the videos though, it mostly looked like boring spats and minor twitter beef.
Speaking of, do any of you anons have any favorite pieces of drama? The Lauren JAV one cracks me up whenever I think about it, especially since his dad apparently watches his stream.

No. 241032

I can understand. I like watching men seethe because a woman spoke to a man who's not them, or so-and-so "only" had 10,000 live viewers or whatever. I watch vtubers but I still like going on /vt/. It's like visiting the circus.

In a sense I feel bad that the female vtubers have to control their actions so much, but at the same time, they put themselves in this boat. They decided to pursue the "girlfriend experience" thing for money. There's definitely successful female vtubers who made it clear right off the bat that's not their thing. No one cares if Ollie or Calli collab with men because it's in line with their character. Anyone who acts pissed over it was not a fan of them in the first place.

No. 241036

Kiara wants to make Hololive in Eurovision happen by trying to reach out to one of the staffs on twitter. Interesting…

No. 241062

>The Lauren JAV one cracks me up
Same lmfao. Also Calli's "hitting the lean" drama made me laugh so hard I was in tears while it was happening. Half of the reaction being her fans sobbing over "drugs" while the other half made memes had me dying.

Right now my favorite drama is Finana secretly playing offline with her fans. I like Finana but it's interesting to check her nyfco page and see her fans nervously waiting for everything to come crashing down while they all hate on each other. I think it's kinda sweet she wanted to play together with her fans but it's clearly blown up over time into something toxic.

No. 241065

File: 1663799602571.gif (1.52 MB, 498x250, mort-madagascar.gif)

damn ok sorry nonna i'll go kill myself now

No. 241082

Ecology femanon… I kneel.

No. 241102

ogey monke

No. 241186

File: 1663837423124.jpg (122.11 KB, 598x712, 1663834679235810.jpg)

Looks like Luxiem is in trouble again.

No. 241188

File: 1663837450913.jpg (330.56 KB, 640x998, 1663821840639123.jpg)

No. 241200

How many people are actually mad at this? These two can't possibly be just someone 2 random autists

No. 241207

i had a quick glance at the 3000 quote retweets and there seems to be a lot of 'rising sun = nazi flag' posts from korean accounts. still not 100% on the idea theres any actual controversy though, seems similar to the whole coco/taiwan debacle which was a total nothingburger to everyone else but had nationalists in a frothing meltdown.

No. 241232

>taisho roman retro aesthetic is now problematic
we really can't have shit, should we cancel now all victorian inspired media because of british colonialism? it's just an aesthetic not that deep

No. 241238

Time to cancel all characters wearing gakuran since they originated in the same area, also all people on the internet wearing lolita because it's inspired by rococo which is from the same time as the French revolution. Also there are literally members of NijiJP like Kaida Haru whose default outfit looks like this. And if we want to get REALLY technical we could actually call this Meiji style, which was before Japan's occupation of Korea and was actually when Japan was being "colonized" by America, checkmate atheists.
Sorry for sperg, I'm personally just a big fan of this era of clothes so seeing what are presumably American Koreaboos cry about some shit they know nothing about.

No. 241243

File: 1663853428563.png (209.82 KB, 559x526, 301A0BB0-86A9-4579-B0D9-D6406B…)

Did you nonnies watched yesterday’s Nowa and Kronii stream? I thought it was hilarious, but often times Kronii made me a bit uncomfortable, in a sense I related HARD to her dark humour and it seems like she had lot of shit going on in her past, I am sure she’d make a great irl feminist friend but I still can’t shake off the awkwardness from the collab itself.
I’d rate the stream 8/10.

No. 241339

File: 1663872519917.jpg (64.14 KB, 842x610, FctAk4paIAAR1fr.jpg)

This is just so dumb and this sort of ''logic'' can be attributed to so many periods of world history that many of modern day outfits take inspiration from or is drawn on fanarts period accurately etc all the time. Funnily enough i do follow korean luxiem fans and i did see most of them did like the outfits so it really isnt all of them who think like this.
My thoughts exactly.

No. 241340

File: 1663872873637.png (586.2 KB, 906x720, 1663798547593.png)

>is this secondary kronii in the room with us right now?

No. 241376

i would understand the backlash if they were wearing military clothes but these are just some basic ass peasant clothes.

No. 242020

I’m a guildie and I like shoto, but sometimes Ill see his alt account tweets and he just looks like such a douchebag.

No. 242073

File: 1664074127423.jpeg (308.89 KB, 1125x979, C3F38166-A1D9-468C-9E8D-F0F052…)

Shoto complains about being called a “bottom”, accuses fans as if he wasn’t the one to fuel and encourage the bottom jokes.

God his alt is a gift that keeps giving

No. 242074

Having a public alt account is honestly such a dumb move. idgaf if they want to complain or vent or shittalk to their friends or on a private account, but doing it in public on a second account is both attention-seeking and just lame. Yugo had balls enough to say this on main, if it's not something you would say to your fans outright don't say it in public.

No. 242079

Shoto is such a passive aggressive person I have noticed. It sometimes shows on his streams, he seems to be chronically online and obsessed with validation. He played into the whole bottom thing when it made him popular on tiktok, now people are calling him annoying for it, and he is telling people to stop, but he doesn’t have the balls to say it out loud on his main because he knows his cashpig CN fans won’t like it

No. 242083

I hope they turn on him, chinese fujo built different

No. 242093

Ngl what’s even the point of making your alt account public if it’s just meant to be a vent account ? That shit will go south fast.

No. 242094

I’m glad he’s acknowledging the jokes ‘being annoying, just wish he’d own up to the fact that it’s mostly his own fault.

No. 242127

>spends all time lewd and fujobaiting
>guise i am tired of the bottom jokes

Kroniis original twitter was following korean feminists, not sure if rad ones or not, but considering how bad it is to be in Korea as a woman, I would assume rad. I admit i barely watch Kronii now but one of my friends complains that she started slowly leaning into openly expressing her opinions towards it, but I am not sure since I can't find time to watch her anymore. I do wish she didn't tweet about the collabs, could have just silently kept collabing like holoIDs did at the start when people were weirded out by their holostars collabs.

No. 242148

this guy is such a piece of shit lol

No. 242243

File: 1664124806573.png (918.63 KB, 1287x1584, 7b9914b15046ddbb5b835928670470…)

mysta getting cancelled for a nothingburger again


No. 242246

Elaborate please. No one here wants to click on shitty twitter links.

No. 242252

Why are you even bothering listening to this rando? I have no idea what’s even going on here.

No. 242254

>”i hope i dont get cancelled by 13 olds on twitter”
>a 14 year old is trying to cancel him on twitter
Like pottery kek. But also genshinfags on twitter/tiktok are all underage and woke who get offended by everything so i would not pay them any mind

No. 242281

post real milk pls what is this

No. 242343

File: 1664143682417.jpg (448.56 KB, 2560x1440, 1664136133993361.jpg)

oh no

No. 242346

What am i looking at here

No. 242351

Putting my tinfoil hat on also I’m drunk as shit but I think Ycey Narrates is Vox Akuma they sound and act way too similar and Vox’s ASMR shit is super similar to Ycey’s stuff. I made this shit up but I also believe in it 100%

No. 242379

In a way, I can kind of understand why all the big vtubers end up hating vtubing.

Imagine being a famous, cute, beloved teenage anime girl online, but irl, no one cares about you, you're aging, and you rarely leave the house. A lot of vtubers don't seem to have any formal education or skills that mean anything outside of the internet.

I still think the job is ridiculously easy and I'd definitely try to set myself and my family up for life if I worked with Hololive. But the job does seem kinda depressing to me in a way.

No. 242421

being the punching bag of sweaty weebs that try to doxx you at every turn probably fucks up their mental health eventually. imagine seeing porn of your character every day, i wouldn’t be able to do it

No. 242425

Yeah, I think this has more of a negative affect than lack of notoriety irl. A lot of famous people hate being recognized and talk about how it fucks them up mentally. But it also seems so fucking obnoxious to have people constantly talk about fucking you and drawing scrotey porn of your character while you're just chilling playing games. When Ame planned a collab with HolostarsEN she got a shit ton of weird comments like she's "acting out of character by planning collabs with people she doesn't know". I'd go crazy with all the weird moids thinking I'm their anime gf.

No. 242432

>I can kind of understand why all the big vtubers end up hating vtubing.
Do you have any examples of this? Genuinely curious.

>imagine seeing porn of your character every day, i wouldn’t be able to do it
I kind of hate how normalized it is for even die-hard fans to draw porn of their favorite Vtuber. A mutual of mine on Twitter got really popular drawing porn of Pekora and he absolutely loves her. Also, see the 'Ina's Back' thing a few weeks ago, she addressed it by saying to at least keep it in her streams, not to go around to other people's streams mentioning it and only bringing it up when appropriate; I'm probably projecting but I got the impression she disliked it but couldn't outright say it since it was so popular with her fans.

No. 242444

File: 1664164849267.png (70.36 KB, 1486x322, Screenshot 2022-09-26 000007.p…)

i just found out that aster arcadia used to host sofcore porn events on VR chat and then got banned from YT and twitch kek. he was also a brony.ngl i kinda hate that niji is giving losers like him a platform and a chance to be popular again under a new name

No. 242456

>Do you have any examples of this?
Calli complains about vtubing on her DemonDice streams and now Shoto and Mysta have alt twitters and other accounts where they complain about the stress. Maybe saying they "hate" it is going too far, but there are definitely issues.

No. 242464

File: 1664169800530.png (240.1 KB, 599x685, 9A635BBC-A169-4BD8-9812-457BF6…)

What happened to Kizuna Ai? She used to be inescapable online, she was the first vtuber to make it big but then she just disappeared

No. 242469

Brief history as I remember it
>got super popular for being the first real vtuber and coining the term, kept up with youtube trends at the time
>got big enough to be on tv, throw concerts, and do a lot of things outside of youtube
>so big that the original Ai couldn't keep up and they introduced multiple people to play her
>backlash at this decision + the vtuber sphere increasing exponentially and following newer trends cause her to not remain as relevant
>go on indefinite hiatus earlier this year after 6 years of almost nonstop work despite decreasing popularity
She is a good entertainer but I think as vtubers grew the novelty kinda wore off and more people were seeking vtubers that fit more niche tastes and in different formats (live 2d and long form streaming with direct audience interaction being huge factors).

No. 242475

i knew this retard would join holostars to do nothing but promote the people who gave him fame. no soul in this man.

No. 242489

who are you talking about here?

No. 242493

It's not the same person, their voices are different.

No. 242494

Hoping Shoto attaches onto an indie vtuber at some point so I can stop seeing him in NijiEn content.

No. 242507

Not again, im begging can he just fuck off
I want nothing more.

No. 242509

Dont most vtubers have nsfw tags? Honestly i doubt the porn part is giving them that much grief since most vtubers to me come accross as huge weeb coomers themselves. Though i do wonder how much do these people see themselves in their avatars. Most dont play a character and only use a cute avatar to avoid showing face. Is there even real attachement?

No. 242553

Magni obviously. He was nothing but a teacher making random twitch streams and ended up blowing up only by making ' i am a teacher and i am gonna tell you what vtubers are uwu!! ' videos/streams in which he would target mentioning any indie, after all corpos wouldn't give a shit. Also hangs out only wit the biggest twitch dramafags (Bao and Daph for example).

No. 242567

Why does this read like a /vt/ shitpost

No. 242577

I am glad that you never heard of him before holostars, then.

No. 242586

Bc it is. They have a /vt/ accent and reek of vendetta feelings.

No. 242587

is it true that Vesper is a nigger? i can't watch his streams without having this narrative bother me now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 242588

Fuck of my board

No. 242601

Cope more, anonchama. The unsaged post above is an actual troll. I dont give a shit if you support a leecher, i am just speaking my truth.

No. 242603

Nowa is NOT black
Nowa is NOT married with 4 kids
Nowa is NOT bisexual
Magni is NOT a femboy
Magni is NOT racist
Regis is NOT racist either
Regis is NOT a psychopath
Regis does NOT want to fuck Nowa and/or Magni
Axel does NOT actually like Nodoka, he just uses her to pretend that he has no IRL girlfriend (me)

No. 242604

Why the fuck the race of a vtuber messes you up? Fuck off Nowa's streams, he would not like some racist asshole in his chat.

No. 242608

nonny for the love of god, don't respond to an -actual- bait. calm down

No. 242677

Why does Magni keeps collabing with Twitch streamers?
Also, is this the point in tempus where they will go from no homo jokes to juvenile degeneracy? Ngl tho, I'm curious about how much of a mess will be having Shoto on the collab

No. 242714

this is what holostars, jp or eng, have to do. they dont get the boost like the girls so they /have/ to network and be active. roberu constantly collabs with indies and other corpos. please dont let tribalism get to you, the boys are doing this to build an audience.

though i do agree with you i wish it wasnt shoto, since he's a clout chaser.

No. 242779

The thing that I'm afraid of is Shoto becoming the greenlight to actual coomer behavior on Tempus. But he's popular, so hopefully it will only bring new fans, that aren't retarded 14-year olds

No. 242794

Actually Nonna, Axel is my boyfriend.

No. 242823

I'm so over dumbshit English comments being spammed in JP Vtubers' livechats like 'can you say ara ara' or 'hi honey' as if she was some sort of goddamn parrot. Either that or entitled requests like 'can you speak English' and 'can someone translate what she's saying'.

Yeah yeah, I know it's not uncommon to see ever since Vtubers exploded in the West, but my oshii recently got a boost in viewership, there's been an increase in comments like these and although I'm happy more people are noticing her, it feels like the vibe in chat is markedly different and I just want to vent.

No. 242830

I don't know how you found this place but I promise you it is pointless to post 4chan bait in a place where it will be seen by 5 people.

No. 242905

nonny you are dumb

No. 243063

I saw Marine make cringe BL game, I want to make cringe BL game.

No. 243067

Me too anon, me too.

No. 243261

File: 1664385322016.jpg (121.67 KB, 1080x1001, Screenshot_2022-09-28-08-45-49…)

I hate how coomer some of the NijiEN accounts are, especially the male ones. This shit is not funny at all and it's not doing it as Fujo bait, fucking gross

No. 243263

File: 1664385416079.jpg (424.04 KB, 1080x1365, IMG_20220928_121229.jpg)

Samefagging but why? Why does it have so many likes?

No. 243305

CN fans eat it up that’s why. Watch this cringe ass CN fan video they take those tweets seriously like idiots kek

No. 243352

>CN fans
No wonder its impossible for NijiEN to collab with anyone from Hololive

No. 243640

She's just joking here about having long nails, Vox just cannot stop talking about sex recently with no punchlines in sight.

No. 243657

I prefer vtubers like Marine over twitch and nijiEN-tier vtubers who do nothing but lewd-pander to others by screaming sex everywhere. Marine is a degenerate, sure, but she doesn't show her degeneracy to get attention from people and she doesn't make it her whole personality, despite EN clip-watchers thinking that she is nothing but a horny woman.

No. 243658

It sucks that to casuals Marine does just look like walking coombait. I feel like they force her to pander, esp those coomer shorts non stop.

No. 243668

You can't complain about people mischaracterizing Marine based on clips when you base your entire impression of Nijien on Vox

No. 243758

>marine is coombait who panders to men but shes ''based''
>NijiEN who coombait are bad because they pander to women
Ok retard

No. 243949

File: 1664625672497.png (66.21 KB, 583x747, 9elDDvE.png)

wonder if he'll join a corpo
if not i'm gonna be real upset

No. 243961

Realistically speaking, he might have gotten into a Firm as a lawyer, but his “as Lex Parte” thing is making me hope for him to reincarnate in the near future.

No. 243973

File: 1664635796632.jpg (289.81 KB, 1080x856, IMG_20221001_094627.jpg)

I don't understand his chat saying this was hot, it sounds like a tranny. Do zoomer fujos really like this shit? MtF arc when?

No. 244004

Luca is the only one in Niji that does a convincing girl voice, all the others just copied him but can't actually do it.

No. 244015

i am 100% sure his only watchbase is other trannies and pickmes

No. 244026

Praying to god that Asian gnc female vtubers don’t catch the tif disease. Please let me live the dream of having a princely female vtuber as an oshi w/out all the gender bullshit. The entire anglosphere is fucked. Oh and don’t get me started on the coomer vtubers that goes by he/they. You ain’t fooling no one.

Sage for sperging

No. 244138

File: 1664681899010.jpg (67.75 KB, 1024x474, 50P73PMUUDeEL7p1YGgaDD.jpg)

Mysta built a hugeass Bilibili logo right at spawn point in minecraft to appease CN fans, now each time someone streams minecraft it's a commercial for the Niconico copycat, damn I know NijiEN is full of CN clit lickers but to make that an attraction on their minecraft server, whew.

No. 244153

That’s weird actually. Like are you getting paid by bilibili? Looks desperate on top of soulless.

No. 244155

Bilibili is a shareholder of Nijisanji, but even so it's weird af to pander this hard, maybe it's to celebrate National Day in China (1st Oct)
Aia's structure is right next to it, God forbid she accidentally blows the tv up or something and incur the wrath of rabid CN fans

No. 244157

there is a japanese woman who is an artist but she plays as a 'prince femboy'. shes wonderful and got married recently too.

No. 244226

You mean Tamaki? Her model is based on her manga which is pretty much 100% trap fetishism for scrotes, nothing princely about that.

No. 244235

I’m the nona before the one you responded to but I really just want to see more gnc female vtubers that that are okay with considering themselves as female without kowtowing to the gender crowd. I see a lot of well designed vtuber models only to get hit with he/they on their twitter profile.

No. 244239


No. 244447

Kiara dreams about getting peko'd though.

No. 244450

It's just a joke dude, it's not like the character model is supposed to look attractive or anything it's even the jokey model.

No. 244453

Fuck off scrote

No. 244520

File: 1664808457991.jpg (1.62 MB, 1671x1080, FeJau99WYAEedEi.jpg)

this is asters fault

No. 244554

File: 1664818294146.jpg (397.93 KB, 878x1542, Fc4P4oLaUAEdnlT.jpg)

Anon you do realize thats the outfit his pubg character wore, right? That being said i think it looks cute.

No. 244754

and? it's tranny shit

No. 244787

No. 244886

i want to punch in the mouth whoever told me that /vt/ was a good place to talk about Vtubers, holy shit

No. 244948

It's probably the worst place to talk about vtubers. Even the nyfco comments are preferable.

No. 244953

No place with scrotes is a decent talking place, Nonna. Especially lately it’s a dumpster on fire.

No. 244977

The Tempus general is comfy on dead hours because fujos and yumes take over and it basically becomes husbandoposting, that being said is full of mysoginy and trap shit, and it got shitty after the female collabs begun. There's no way in hell I'll join the twitter fans tho.

Is there any Vtuber that panders to yumes to Vox levels but without the degeneracy?

No. 244981

I dont think there is any man out there who knows how to pander to women without making it weird kek its just how their coomer brains work

No. 244989

Maybe you should stay away from the catalog? I only post on /MANS/ and I've never had any problems.
>that being said is full of mysoginy
Anon, "Greetings from Kazakhstan" jokes are just that, jokes. And they are mostly making fun of how much /vt/ hates m*les.

No. 245037

Its a containment board for the holo menace what did you expect

No. 245048

File: 1664994129606.png (184.62 KB, 479x450, 1664987754601291.png)

i-impossible…I thought we were friends…

No. 245142

>any Vtuber that panders to yumes to Vox levels
There are probably some indies out there who base their entire character off this shit but for corpo boys Luca's taken a turn for this recently. His bfe is a lot more boyish than Vox's but he's developed a two way parasocial relationship with his viewers that could potentially backfire on him one day but has this effect.

No. 245160

nta. out of anyone, luca does get infantilized a lot. so fan tend to baby him more and since he persona is less sexual than vox, he's welcoming to a wider demographic. it'd be career breaking if there's a scandal about him that'd ruin his image.

No. 245248

>Maybe you should stay away from the catalog? I only post on /MANS/ and I've never had any problems.
Yeah, maybe I should. They actually have a general for a Vtuber I love, surprisingly quite decent discussion going but still more coomer comments from drive-bys than I'd like.

As an aside I'm just amazed (not in a good way) about the Niji/Holo tribalism they have over there when the talents themselves don't give a shit, but that's moid behavior for you.

No. 245270

But the way they baby him is nearing Axia fans' levels, it's basically another variation of yume. Not to mention the fanartists that baby then sexualize him into a big-boobed bimbo are popular.

No. 245420

I haven't been to the Tempus general much, but is it just as gross as nenmen? The amount of pickmes and unironic pedophiles posting there makes me uncomfortable as hell. Not to mention trannycapers.

No. 245424

>everyone I don't like is a pickme

No. 245426

File: 1665143510070.jpg (427.92 KB, 1000x1000, 1664977926183167.jpg)

>"A woman who claims or acts as if she is unlike most other women, in order to gain attention from men"
>"to gain attention from men"
>on /nenmen/
>the general that is pretty much entirely female

No. 245459

Just say you dont like women and go lmao you niji complainers are getting weird

No. 245463

What is this weirdass tribalism? 4chan is full of pickmes, especially around western indies who try pandering to 4chan to become relevant.

No. 245471

Just tourists trying to stir shit.

No. 245505

4chan is a anonymous site. Threads anon mentioned are full of women and about corpo vtubers. Nobody is trying to get dick or put other women down there even if they act edgy or cringe. The original post is literally tribalist itself.

No. 245523

File: 1665171857757.png (590.57 KB, 1820x622, FeOIGSlVQAEHKAW.png)

Is this an pickme?

No. 245533

Yeah nonny, seems like it.

No. 245536

>If any woman acts different than me then they are pickmes!!
Not this shit again.

No. 245538

I'm not sure who is more insane, the anon in pic rel or the one that actually posted a pic cutting herself.

No. 245540

Majority of the people who post there are shotacons and incest lovers. Can't blame anon for wanting to be around normal people for once.

No. 245553


What the fuck? Pics?

No. 245558

>going to 4chan and /vt/ of all places to search for ”normal” people
Are you guys actually retarded? Is calling women pickmes losing all its meaning kek

No. 245572

File: 1665191344511.png (1.77 MB, 1280x720, hell.png)

I was just commenting on them not wanting to be surrounded by women with scrote tier interests anon, not the pickme part, relax. But honestly, I think it just comes with the territory of liking vtubers in general.

I haven't watched vtubers in a while, but I forget how weird they can be with their pandering. I guess it's hard to be embarrassed when you can make money and hide your face at the same time.

No. 245585

Is this the future of corpo vtubing? Bleak
Also, ew a future tranny on thumbnail.

No. 245639

File: 1665217588892.jpg (Spoiler Image,586.61 KB, 1280x720, 1665188559881893.jpg)

I don't like Finana personally. The first thing people even found about her when she debuted was her "kink list", on top of that a lot of stupid tweets that end up making her streams seem hypocritical…
Spoiler for cursed "please give me attention" pandering.

No. 245652

File: 1665225569200.png (1.08 MB, 2696x1308, FeOIGSlVQAEHKAW.png)

Here are some reactions

No. 245656

This was terrible but I won't lie, it was fun to watch unfold. Really keeping up the reputation of 4chan as the degenerate dump its been labeled as.

No. 245685

All you faggots ever talk about is WHAT 4CHAN SAYS. Fucking fan behavior, embarrassing. If I wanted to see what scrotes say I’d go directly there. Fuck off all of you.

No. 245688

File: 1665233476874.png (211.38 KB, 1136x928, jmmm.png)

pickme or not, nenmen is cringe

No. 245700

Ngl, I'm glad somebody saved some reactions. I wished I had archived the whole thread tho, because it was an otherwise chill thread and it suddenly went unhinged.

No. 245706

File: 1665242777206.jpg (179.23 KB, 1920x2048, 1665194861941205.jpg)

Chill out, you can always change the subject by posting literally whatever vtuber related thing you want here.
oh here's the thread

No. 245755

I never knew about this, this is so funny. Thanks for the link
From that screenshot they seem kinda nice and harmless. Though you should really stop with the tribalism already

No. 246288

Thoughts on the Regis/Alban collab?

No. 246301

I'm hype, I want more Holo/Niji collabs, fuck tribalfags.

No. 246317

Not that excited for the collab itself because I really don't vibe with Rongus but happy to see HoloEN and NijiEN collabing.

No. 246394

Really excited for it! Too bad its terraria lol but i hope this means more holo/niji collabs in the future.

No. 246765

File: 1665583112341.png (71.58 KB, 199x258, 1665391159324711.png)

If Regus streams, I am hyped. Simple as.
idk much about Alban, thoh.

No. 247876

File: 1665931531066.png (94.65 KB, 930x111, KsdxUVn.png)

it's finally happening!

No. 247941

so how'd you like the collab?

No. 248082

yawn…it'll be constant yuri garbage

No. 248683

File: 1666196584979.png (186.56 KB, 368x356, 1664594957552.png)

>/cbdct/ general on /vt/ is created
>this thread becomes dead
I see…

No. 249396

Guys… how do I gain followers as a starting vtuber…

No. 249397

C omission fanart, join self promo discords, kiss ass

No. 249481

there must be some subreddits for that + pre-debut.

No. 250081

I love reading the iketog pages for my personal Nijisanji cows. I don't know what the hiring team is smoking but Nijisanji EN can get so milky. Nina and Finana are the big ones, between Nina having an actual callout document and long video of her crimes circulating and Finana's sad (concerning?) spiral with the Valoguard.

No. 250086

That’s cool but this isn’t the place

No. 250104

what callouts and crimes does nina have during the time she's been nina? she doesn't seem that bad compared to some of the other nijiens honestly

No. 250106

samefag out of curiosity I went to her iketog page and the comments are filled with schizos and what appear to be underaged retards arguing kek why would you subject yourself to reading that

No. 250115

File: 1666606975461.jpeg (394.62 KB, 834x569, 3CC9F08F-CB09-451C-B28E-478C56…)

I’m so tired of normie fags sucking her dick and using her to whine about how misogynist Japan/idol culture/cover is for firing her. The reality is she is ticking time bomb and brand risk. Casual fags are ruining idol culture and I hate it.

No. 250120

>ruining idol culture

moid detected

No. 250121

>caring more about some Vtuber drama than the reality that idol culture in Japan is extremely creepy and misogynistic

No. 250128

Honestly you really have to dig for it but she's the most disliked Niji EN member on there. I think Yugo outranks her with JP audiences tbough, judging by suki-kirai rankings.

Her page is like that because peoole have reappropriated her page into a general Niji discussion oage out of disrespect, most of the comolaints directed at her are about her being an asshole who throws coworkers under the bus for the sake of her own channel's growth (unsuccessful because her actual viewership is disproportionally low compared to her sub count).

No. 250192

lolcow.farm isn't the place?

No. 250217

>implying that /media/ general thread is all about gossip
alright newfagchama

No. 250319

File: 1666660968725.jpg (366.51 KB, 1920x1299, alexis-pflaum-amemiya-nazuna-d…)

The Mikeneko model was so damn cute. Her new identity is so… bait-y to me, makes sense since she's part of VShojo now. The design's fairly cute until you see the thong peeking out that so many low-effort designers seem to flock to.

If the rumors are true that it is her, at least.

No. 250387

>if the rumors are true
Come the fuck on

No. 250580

Rushia's always been baity, love it or hate it. I think it's compatible with her character.

No. 250581

The only people who mald over this shit are 4channers and their adjacents. If you don't care for it, just get over it and move on.

No. 250592

Why are vtubers so over designed?

No. 250621

Try-harding in an inundated market where your visuals can make or break you regardless of your actual worth.

No. 250642

>The design's fairly cute until you see the thong peeking out that so many low-effort designers seem to flock to.
>so many low-effort designers seem to flock to.
Yeah that's definitely the problem and not the fact that the character looks like a sexualized child

No. 250660

I liked the way it looked on a concept art, because this artstyle looks really cute, but the actual vtuber model looks meh imo.
This design really makes me believe Kson wanted Kanata to join VShojo with her, especially after they took Rushia Kson had to move out from Kanata and start living alone / with someone else.

No. 250664

Fuck off retard, women love idols too

No. 250927

Is there enough milk in the vtuber sphere to have a thread for them on /snow/? I really wanna talk more drama, but talking drama on /m/ is so counterproductive I feel.

No. 250931

File: 1666880733496.png (588.83 KB, 659x893, bde7c12ba061f7a30cedccae4795b6…)

No. 250934

holy newfaggotory. the vtuber threads were so cancerous and full of 4chan raiders (shitposters, wks and fans of holos who would spam gore in vtuber threads), that including stupid underaged vtubers themselves never learning how to write on an imageboard and ask to be spoonfed. it reached a point where admin and moderators decided to stop vtuber drama threads altogether.
>nijiEN getting cancelled
nothing new.

No. 250958

these people dont even watch her shes said way worse stuff than this

No. 250959

I would love a vtuber drama thread but it attracts retarded males.
Kyo is cringe but i really love enna, hope she wont get harassed for it too long

No. 250992

Holy shit seriously where the fuck are these new dramafags coming from. You missed the fuckin boat with /w/ like GO HOME

No. 251008

Convinced its kiwifarms since they had an active thread that was full of drama, discussion and kiwifarms-pandering vtubers together. Also /vt/ keeps thinking that all of the doxx came from lc when it's always been on 4chan in the first place, especially during /jp/ days.

No. 251028

No because we had one before and it became a place for indies to sling shit at each other

No. 251053

I don't pay enough attention to know what has and hasn't been debunked, sorry.
That is absolutely the issue I'm talking about, tho. The short-shorts and whale tail that every vtuber and their mom has slapped onto the design is what makes it feel absolutely bait for lolicons. Rushia pandered to them from the start, sure, but at least her design wasn't so immediately recognized as that.

No. 251101

holy shit you two take off your tinfoil for a second, i've been here for 10+ years i just don't follow every single thread on this board. fucks sake.

No. 251114

I'm starting to tinfoil ever since /cbdct/ was created, this thread is ironically being invaded by moids kek

No. 251406

Stream Bad End Night nonnas

No. 251799

How? I've never seen anyone mentioning lolcow on /cbdct/.

No. 252408

Why is Magni doing the Mori Applebitches thing…

No. 252575

i dont blame them, is everyone purposely forgetting the backlash ves/mag got when cover first dropped their models? their personalities really pulled them through that shithole.

my rrat is, since this happened right after axel's bday and his creator make him art, it implies vespers/mag's creators didn't really give a shit and thats why their models looked so offputting.

imo because of their personalities, their models have really grown on me. also ves/mag get the best fanart

No. 252740

No. 253028

There's a new male from a small corpo with the same designer as Vesper and he looks so much better than Vesper's model. I don't know what went wrong with the Tempus design process but they really got shafted for some reason. Unfortunately considering what it has taken for bigger talents on the girls' side to get a redesign I think we're stuck with these downie ass models.

No. 253657

File: 1667771677724.jpg (86.41 KB, 640x540, 1667771562806005.jpg)

i want uki violeta to fuck off from this company

No. 253659

I honestly think it's disrespectful of him to call his given model ugly in public. I don't think its -that- bad, he could have gotten worse treatment (Roberu's original model art AND rigging), so he should be grateful. But hey, in the end he is nothing but a man that blew up for leeching off vtuber hype anyway. He is nothing but a generic normie.

No. 253677

I mean if it were any other male I would agree with you, but that’s a certified irl gay that fucks

No. 253680

It’s very strange right after his birthday stream where he said he wakes up everyday excited with purpose etc. I think shinove left because he was unable to vouch for the boys and got pushback from the company. And someone in the holopro management said some out of pocket shit about the Tempus. I think yagoo genuinely loves the men but yagoo actually doesn’t do shit concerning the day to day of talents and stuff.

No. 253800

i dont give a shit that he's an "irl gay that fucks". imagine if vox did this to pomu mid stream. just because you're gay doesn't give you a free ticket to act like an unhinged whore.

No. 254030

you're valid nonny. im just saying even though it's tasteless, i would rather it come from a gay than a queerbaiter

No. 254052

Vox says coomer shit all the time, what are you on?

No. 254225

File: 1668094724351.jpg (571.24 KB, 750x1000, 1667924932420196.jpg)

Difference is that it's hot when Vox does it.

No. 254277

eughh gufffre eyghhh eughh spoiler this shit i almost threw up

No. 254303

This is ugly

No. 254410

trigger warning, please

No. 254452

File: 1668167057230.jpg (965.04 KB, 900x1249, 1668035341152444.jpg)

Sorry, dyke friends. Didn't mean to make you question your homosexuality like that.

No. 254469

File: 1668178400272.jpeg (135.06 KB, 1242x399, AF4B1CD9-7899-4042-897A-1BEF7F…)

Was she finally kicked out from every circle and commissioners? She sounds rather salty

No. 254482

No way this is not a scrote

No. 254485

File: 1668187465681.jpg (399.03 KB, 2048x1534, 1668042352746372.jpg)

No. 254490

>male gaze ideal body art
Scrote confirmed

No. 254509

File: 1668195157677.png (Spoiler Image,742.37 KB, 896x896, FgwnfdSXgAIRrN8.png)

Behold! Female gaze ideal body type.

No. 254510

just don't respond to a baiting retard.

No. 254511

unironically i think that’s hotter
ok mom. sorry

No. 254532

Its the schizo unicorn kindred from vt

No. 254559

I'm not into Vtubers and usually ignore this shit thread but I don't see what's so bad about these posts. They're indistinguishable from any other 2D hornypost on this site

No. 254668

Cannot wait for the new niji en wave, we need some fresh blood. Let’s hope they have good sexy designs

No. 254685

You're not allowed to enjoy things in this thread.

No. 254827

lolcow only allows simping for fictional men and since vox is semi-real anyone who likes him is unwelcome

No. 255288

File: 1668550906317.png (26.79 KB, 445x234, FhoqTTvXEAA6tJx.png)

based kyo

No. 255296

Liking male vtubers including Vox is welcome. Liking pickmes and scrote pandering moeblobs like Gawr Gura is not.

No. 255297

LMAO i love kyo so much. Get his ass quinn!

No. 255339

Kek called a whore a whore