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File: 1649118020806.jpg (338.91 KB, 1080x1072, painpeko.jpg)

No. 194814[Reply]

/VT/ Is hot garbage and I wanna talk about Vtubers with non coomer pick me women. This will be a comfy vtuber thread full of no porn. Who do you love,who are you watching right now,favorite type of streams?
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No. 261990

RIP to the idiots who went off of the deep end and outed themselves as racists over the Vesper suspension.

Not talking about the people who had valid criticisms of Japanese corporate culture.

No. 261996

I haven't seen much of him but from what I've heard, he seems dissociated from anime/vtuber culture and got in due to his music talent. There was some incident where he claimed Debiru is his favorite Niji, but was confused by someone's basic reference to Debiru, or something like that (sorry for my lack of receipts lmao)

No. 262003

I can’t get into him because of his pl. I just can’t.

No. 262020

Ntayrt but I also feel that. His mid 2000's floppy emo hair makes me cringe. And he's in a relationship with Wolfychu. I strongly dislike the uwutuber thing. Makes me lose respect for him. Petty reasons on my part but I guess vtubing is a pretty shallow hobby to begin with!

No. 262027

I don't care for his or Wolfychu's content individually, but for some reason I find their relationship sweet. It's like finding out the emo couple from middle school is still dating and they're both separately making equally cringey stuff.

File: 1668989738577.png (1.65 MB, 1131x1740, 6D2C16F9-E5DA-4F97-B238-329D3D…)

No. 256627[Reply]

Have you seen those stupid ass short comics that people make and are unfunny as fuck? Of course you have, they're all over social media. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, DeviantArt, they're the bread and butter of unskilled artists and writers. Unfortunately, there's a ton of these bad short form comics floating around the internet (and people who make a living out of them, as perplexing as it is). Post the hilariously bad, terrible, lukewarm, mediocre, lazy infuriating, and most annoying ones here!

You can post
>Short comics
>Multiple pannels or illustrations
>4koma/4pannel comics
>Abstracts from a bigger comic

Previous thread: >>232318
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No. 261991

>I'm… neither? both?
She literally looks like half of the people in my lesbian friend group. Hard mascs or femmes are honestly a lot less common than people would think from just being online. idk she should maybe just make more lesbian friends.

No. 261993

Genderless being is just an anime pretty boy.

No. 261997

Being busty, I get how breasts can be annoying since they are fat and hide pectoral muscles. But breasts shouldn't be seen as undesirable. Hating femaleness isn't progressive.

No. 262006


These women want to act and dress girly because that's what they genuinely like, but don't want to be seen and treated like a girly girl.

The problem is society (men) not respecting women based on the way they dress. They want the respect of men, but they don't want to dress and look like men. They hate their boobs because men sexually harass them for existing with breasts.

None of these girls want to be men, they just want ugly moids to treat them as equals. They want to dress cute and not be sexually objectified.

No. 262021

That blue wig looks so fucking bad.

File: 1667333937218.jpeg (110.62 KB, 600x470, ED657600-38B9-4F5C-9111-E2013B…)

No. 252152[Reply]

anything goes, as long as it’s cute
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No. 257632

File: 1669320315170.jpg (344.6 KB, 729x746, 81080614_p4.jpg)

No. 258035

File: 1669447649455.png (95.76 KB, 600x600, 361e8a73-da54-4600-a73a-754369…)

No. 258151

File: 1669494226895.jpg (132.17 KB, 400x400, Tumblr_l_160732312013266.jpg)

No. 261972

File: 1670530334842.jpg (1.67 MB, 2000x1396, 82235158_p0.jpg)

No. 261987

File: 1670535408446.jpg (335.61 KB, 2048x2030, hongniang1-1428645642545483777…)

File: 1654521891331.jpg (266.34 KB, 1280x680, tumblr_28f61265f61910f34cb61b4…)

No. 212213[Reply]

For the girls who are monster lovers.

Please post/discuss your fav monster bfs/gfs! It can be from any tv show/movie/book/video game, etc. Or even OCs!
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No. 261865

File: 1670504983765.jpeg (127.54 KB, 1200x676, B04EE362-347B-423D-8B30-A3B8C8…)

They are starting to have some cute stuff at Universal, like this plush

No. 261866

File: 1670505038642.jpeg (148.74 KB, 1200x900, A053CD81-1F73-4EB9-B2DD-664B55…)

And this hat

No. 261977

Is universal in orlando cuz I'm going there next week. I love bowser so much!! this is adorable

No. 261983

Not to sound like a consoomer but holy shit, so cute! At least where i live, it's a tad difficult to find decent bowser merch.

No. 261998

I think those should also be at Universal Orlando! All I know is they are definitely at Universal Hollywood.
Ikr? I regret not getting them and will probably give in and buy at least one next time I’m there. So excited for Nintendo World to open!

File: 1668669115184.png (407.74 KB, 640x727, 0579bw0blg0a1.png)

No. 255702[Reply]

last one hit bump limit

ITT post shitty art. This can include:
>shit anatomy
>confusing compositions
>bizarre, autistic subject matter
>uncanny valley faces
>incompetent technique

Do not:
>Post loli, shota, or any other kind of fetish art depicting children
>Leave gross material (ex. porn, fetishes, gore) unspoilered
>Constantly post generic porn. It should be only be posted if it is uniquely bad in a way that is funny or novel.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 261978

Judging by the shitty mouth she might be a vorefag too.
I hate it because it could actually be decent art without that mouth and the tranny shit.

I don't even get why fantasy characters have to have scars. If you headcanon them as trans why not at least doing it in a less cringe way and imagine that they simply changed their gender with magic?

No. 261979

I'm always unsure if these types of art belong here or the art salt thread. I'm an art major so I tend to be hyper critical (I literally do art critiques all the time so it's just wired in my brain) when looking at art while nonas here would be applauding the most basic art (which isn't bad). From first glance the jaw seems fine to me? But the mushroom haircut is jarring to look at (unless it's suppose to represent an existing character?) The coartoonish ears look so misplaced compared the level of detail on other parts. Forshortening and angle on right forearm is a bit awkward but other than that it's a decent piece.

No. 261980

Is tit chop scars the new tumblr red nose art gimmick for self hating women?

No. 261981

Damn that's like a forethousandhead

No. 261992

>his butt
Wow, just wow

File: 1670530185410.jpg (1.18 MB, 5184x3456, marcela-laskoski-YrtFlrLo2DQ-u…)

No. 261971[Reply]

Share/discuss your favorite songs, albums, artists.

File: 1646208941372.jpg (298.74 KB, 828x1025, 4bc7e490_1280.jpg)

No. 186682[Reply]

Recommend books or ask for recommendations, share what you're currently reading or what you want to read, discuss favorite genres and authors, share reviews, etc.

What have you been reading, farmers?

previous threads:
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No. 261809

>Badri's convenient 'I'm too sick to say anything' at just the right moment spouts were a little tiring after the sixth time

I agree lol. I really liked this book overall but it wasn't without flaws. as an american I had assumed the author was british but I read someone saying it felt like an american's assumption of what oxford would be like although I'd never be able to tell. and I'm in love with father roche lol

No. 261954

File: 1670525285395.jpeg (285.17 KB, 828x1502, 0E0C807B-36C5-47A4-9136-E13A94…)

Is animorphs actually super gay and the bird boy is actually a metaphor about troons???

It’s almost like…it’s about children soldiers and how war fucks people up.

Is a Nam veteran the ultimate allegory of troonism becuase they can’t re-integrate into civilian life and are caught between two worlds of war and peace?

The reeeeaaaaaaacccchhhhh.

No. 261955


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 261961

Yeah he was pretty kind to the Kivrin. Absolutely called that he had a thing for her.

No. 261973

If youre narcissistic enough, anything is about you, which is the case for trannies

File: 1660306984502.jpg (381.45 KB, 1164x1600, lady-maria-by-betty-jiang.jpg)

No. 229988[Reply]

We have multiple husbando threads and threads for both real life women and men, and a waifu generator, but the actual waifu thread was lost in /m/assacre and no one has remade it yet. Post your waifus and any 2D/3D female characters you have or used to have a crush on here and sperg about them.

Going with this pic of Lady Maria because it's one of my favorites and I want to marry her.
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No. 261410

File: 1670371284620.png (945.97 KB, 755x720, 9B78D6F1-8E2D-4CFC-94BB-547851…)

ik she eats pussy like shes a fucking cannibal

No. 261686

File: 1670447182229.jpg (149.68 KB, 745x884, Tumblr_l_183516517373898.jpg)

I cant wait for the remake to come out and finally be able to marry my waifu as a lesbian

No. 261713

I see you're a woman of culture as well.

No. 261717

She is so cute, earnest personality and good voice actor. Wish we could play as a nymph and date her.

No. 261953

File: 1670525044429.png (74.79 KB, 300x225, HM_DS_Nami_BH.png)

Based nonna, I'm excited to be lesbian with Nami myself.

File: 1652659619005.jpeg (54.92 KB, 610x711, 6DD78F17-2D62-4D14-9D48-44F609…)

No. 206467[Reply]

The informal scary media thread >>>/m/100539
never got remade so here’s a more inclusive general.
Discuss all manners of horrors and thrillers, the goods and bads. Give recommendations and reviews. All genres welcomed, including short films, and TV shows too. Shill your letterboxd.

>What is your most recently watched?

>What are you top 5 of all time?
>What’s your favorite genre/subgenre?
>What are some unpopular ones that you actually like?

Related threads
Movie gen >>>/m/186735
Vampire gen >>>/m/193190
Yandere >>>/m/204509
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No. 261773

Plus even besides the pandering the writing was just too dumb.
Are we just gonna forget the unnecessarily long scene of jennifer coming out the water..

No. 261805

Anon this was clearly played as a dumb pretty girl joke. Also Jennifer was portrayed to be wrong throughout the movie. It's okay to like the movie but acting like it's feminist or "female gazey" is on par with saying liking makeup and color pink is feminist lol It is very much pandering to moids, I don't get where the whole evil wrong marketing take came from when the promotional materials portrayed it quite accurately aside from the posters leaving out the teen drama aspect.

No. 261876

opinions so braindead they rendered all movie discussion threads on /m/ pointless

No. 261938

For pointing out a factual scene that happens in the movie or for saying that the writing was shit?

No. 261949

Diff anon but explain? It’s just a traumatized woman turns into monster story. I enjoyed the movie and I can still see the characteristic 00’s sexy horror in the directing and branding. There was nothing deconstructive or subversive about Megan Fox being hot. The development between Jennifer and Needy was a big nothingburger, you’d really have to reach to see their relationship as being more than stacy and her duff. Needy was so down bad for her gay ass scrote, he was portrayed like the only thing making her feel better than Jennifer, it annulls every lesbomancy demons fanfic tiktokers bend over backwards to write. You didn’t even get to see the retribution, the revenge act, but you got to see them fighting over a boy and then killing one another over it.

File: 1668340245799.png (3.45 MB, 1457x1877, loa.png)

No. 254795[Reply]

The trick is not minding that it hurts edition

What have you watched? What are you looking forward to? Oscar season is now upon us!

Previous thread :

Movie Nights thread : >>>/ot/1257659
Adam Driver thread : >>186733
Paul Dano thread : >>236067
Robert Pattinson thread : >>189967
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No. 261767

File: 1670465475735.png (1.31 MB, 1497x850, trueromancefest.com.png)

Watched this film pretty recently, I was pretty tired and I'll probably rewatch it some time down the line, but I really didn't get what about it makes people love it or review it so positively. Any funny/quirky scene or quotable dialogue or anything maybe stylish…all pretty much overshadowed by what there is to Not like, as far as I'm concerned on this first pass. And was this film really one of the most quoted films of the 90s?

I kinda think it's respectable that people would organize a fest about it and gather with fans/cast/crew to celebrate it if they like it so much, though. Between that and things like Dudecon (for Big Lebowski fans but as far as I read it wasn't a recurring thing) I look at more recent modern movies coming out and I don't even know what has a chance of acheiving classic status or getting fandom similar to this. I guess people do throw Mean Girls-themed parties? But in current year, that movie must be considered old so I don't know

No. 261779

I don't, most are very tolerant of pedophiles and work with them

No. 261803

That's 99% of the movie industry

No. 261807

File: 1670483014536.jpg (1.22 MB, 2025x3000, MV5BOTNjM2Y2ZjgtMDc5NS00MDQ1LT…)

Just watched Another Round, was never a Madsfag but I kinda get it now, he's pretty handsome for a man in his 50s. Also I know it's the wrong thing to take from the movie but it made me want to day drink LMAO.

No. 261944

It made me want to drink so badly, I know how you feel. My shallow interpretation of the moral of the story is that drinking is fun as hell up to a point but it will literally ruin your life if you're an alcoholic or drink to excess. But, again, it's fun as hell.

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