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File: 1591447018546.jpeg (57.23 KB, 585x632, 579C5DBC-2B37-4D1B-A869-16DB19…)

No. 94854[Reply]

Post tweets that make you laugh or nose laugh.

Rant about Twitter and its users here: >>>/ot/529582
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No. 179443

File: 1642246172354.jpeg (594.39 KB, 828x1182, 0306EC64-5A06-48AD-8569-AC9ED1…)

No. 179470

Ew her nose looks so weird

No. 179510

she had to know

No. 180056

File: 1642558911895.jpg (43.56 KB, 828x656, tumblr_5b7aa72fc992eff0285438c…)

No. 180077

Based af

File: 1619485574358.jpg (121.02 KB, 735x983, 966260e7e0966bdb4ae20bf27854dd…)

No. 139482[Reply]

A comfy movie thread where we discuss recent movies that we watched and rate them
We can also ask for recommendations and talk about anything movie related like theories, analysis, impressions, etc.
Animated movies, old Hollywood movies, foreign movies, movies you like and think no one has seen, so movies of any kind are welcome!
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No. 179504

File: 1642271933313.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2149x1500, 08D4DB01-2458-47AD-8F45-F45CFC…)

Thelma & Louise, Spring Breakers-esque, foul mouthed girlboss movies that I knew were gonna be pretty shit but watched them anyway
>Never Goin’ Back - two broke girls get in drug fueled misadventures while trying to get money for rent
Honestly it’s not unenjoyable. I have a soft spot for this type of setting, lower class suburbia. It’s just that the first third of the movie has so much sexualization of 17 years old girls that it stifled my enjoyment for the rest of the time.
>Flower - a group of girls plans on exacting vigilante justice on a suspected pedo
Nonsensical, obviously scrote shit, don’t even bother.

No. 179505

these posters look horrible. how is that allowed

No. 179539

i thought flower was okay. i like zoey deutch so i give it a little leeway but you'd probably like Buffaloed with her in it, it's not scrotey at all

No. 180054

File: 1642558481059.gif (2.5 MB, 540x330, 09AB1371-4489-4A90-A901-B6B143…)

Can’t believe I never watched Byzantium until today. I loved it. Yes it’s a bit cliche for a vampire movie but the mood, the acting, the pace were all very engaging. The screenplay is by the lady who wrote Harlots (tv show) which I liked as well. Made me nostalgic for 2010’s vampire obsession.

No. 180107

They made a movie about girls overcoming trauma from a school shooting. Cool, right? That's kind of nice. Then they couldn't be bothered to give the girl playing a 16 year old a bra and had her lift her top a little before the camera moved away. WHY? I don't understand why is it always scrote first. No matter what nothing can be for us it always comes down to trying to get coomers to watch. I'm so sick of it. They do this shit with euphoria too. Can't wait to try and find conversation about this movie only to find scrotes sexualizing the shit out of underaged girls. Epic.

File: 1623917399411.jpg (816.68 KB, 1280x1707, bl3DZ771rzqj6io1_1280.jpg)

No. 148640[Reply]

Finally a new thread!
Discuss your mangos.
Please apply spoilers as necessary.

>What are you reading recently?

>Top 5 favorite titles of all time?

>What are some guilty pleasure titles?

Series specific threads
Naruto >>>/m/96027
Jujutsu Kaisen >>>/m/143500
Golden Kamuy >>>/m/145286
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No. 180030

so i just finished binge watching the entirity of LIFE, and i agree with the og nona who suggested it in another thread long ago; very palatable to watch! Love the "bullying is a cycle: bully becomes bullied and bullied becomes bully", bullshit and that the head bully is just a rich bpd bitch who was honestly never That popular in the 1st place. Also personally love that it potrays cross sex bullying; american media barely ever/fucking never potrays that or at least with a female victim - as if boys don't bully girls in america!! I feel like alot of japanese media, in regards to if/when it potrays bullies, actually do that shit justice!
Some of the bullying that ayumu got was SO fucking real it hurt!!! - an alleged "friend" setting you up and getting her boyfriend and his friends to run a train/rape you is some serious college girl shit!!! Theee party girl horror story!! That was TOO real!! Though, I wouldn't actually say LIFE is completely realistic - very wish fulfillmenty towards the end. Like, watching the last 3ish eps made it obvious that the author was bullied and wishes the shit that happened to ayumu would have happened to her lol. I wouldn't say that that's a bad thing tho…I just wish ayumu stopped giving a fuck about her middle school friend who had a superiority complex towards her and completely ghosted her after they started high school!! Like, absolutely nothing about the original situation was ayumu's fault!! It's not her fault that her middle school bestie had a fucking narc meltdown!! She shouldve ignored her!!!!! FUCK HER!

No. 180035

damn your blogpost makes me want to watch now, havent watched live action for quite awhile

No. 180037

Do it nona!! It's only 11 eps long, it's short as fuck! And I need to have someone to sperg about it to!

No. 180087

if you liked life, you may also like this one


No. 180098

nona!! I'm in 3 eps in and I'm reminded I had read LIFE in the past too, also around mid-late 00s because during that time I thought the manga was Heavy as fuck lol. Now I'm more of a writer and has another highschool girls complex relationship as backburner for one of my stories, LIFE really makes me motivated to get back to writings.
I like how the editing (sound effect, zoom shots) and the exaggerated acting didnt take that long for audiences to get used to, and I'm hooked! Plot progression and characters narrative are so even out, I'm actually impressed at the Live action adaption did so well even if it's over the top highschool drama.
Also sperg away! My sperg is going be really sapphic lesbian brainworms since the interaction between Ayumi and the long haired delinquent girl really hits me just right. Though I vaguely remembered it's going to have a hetero ending with the shy moid, I'm rooting for these two, idk, badass delinquent girl that gives no fuck vs traumatized girl doing her best to cope is my favorite GL dynamic so I dig it a lot.

(Feel free to disagree on this because, yeah, I like Girls' Love whoops)

Going to check this out after LIFE, thanks miao ♥

File: 1638548210679.gif (934.93 KB, 498x498, gif.gif)

No. 172556[Reply]

Post anime OSTs, be it OPs, EDs, character themes or BGMs, you like, whether because they're genuinely good or because it's a nostalgia flash.
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No. 179418

Here's a recent one I like, it appeals to my inner chuuni.

I love this song too. I didn't even bother watching the show since I knew it wouldn't be my thing, but I've listened to its OP too many times.

No. 179924

Death Parade's OP is catchy as hell

No. 179938

extremely based and boomerpilled

mahoujin guru guru isn't really talked about much since it was a kids show, but my god does the ED slap

No. 180005

The BNA OST was really good and is to me more memorable than the show, though it was cute.

No. 180036

File: 1591473770591.gif (1013.9 KB, 491x263, 7c8e0d48523c731ded84ae6d237cf0…)

No. 94950[Reply]

Thread to post cute metal guys!
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No. 177513

Omg pls, Phil in the 90s. I could cry.
This is him in 1992. I could waste 2 hours like this watching him do pushups.

No. 177663

We Philposting now. Ik he's completely wasted in this but his little smile at 1:12 is so cute.

Shaved head Phil is best Phil.

No. 179071

God I wish that was me.
What is that gif from?

No. 179075

Alex is very cute in a cheesy kinda way and I love it.

No. 180031

This is the video it's from.

File: 1624009884026.jpg (43 KB, 423x600, b4dd7f467e0f0ecc.jpg)

No. 148861[Reply]

ITT:post hot guys and girls from the pages of history who turn you on

No Kink Shit,extreme lewding, shipping and try to be respectful
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No. 179901

File: 1642474956220.png (1.34 MB, 1612x1966, Cesareborgia.png)

I could've fixed him

No. 179919

I swear he looks like someone but i can't remember who

No. 179962

Cesarefags unite

No. 180014

Anytime I see his portraits I just think of the Christian Facebook sperging id always see

No. 180015

File: 1642546380357.jpeg (342.18 KB, 1024x768, C99378AE-D75C-4B82-91A4-DC20FE…)

Forgot pic sorry
I’m also now thinking of all the nonnies who had a crush on Jesus kek

File: 1599234934980.jpg (66.66 KB, 750x642, 1.jpg)

No. 106870[Reply]

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No. 179985

File: 1642536151678.png (22.7 KB, 1280x225, Screenshot 2022-01-17 222139.p…)

No. 179986

File: 1642536188444.png (21.6 KB, 1200x255, Screenshot 2022-01-17 202616.p…)

No. 179987

File: 1642536228605.png (265.87 KB, 1322x1632, Screenshot 2022-01-17 214606.p…)

No. 179990

Losing it

No. 180013

What does this mean

Ofc he can

File: 1632915719208.png (33.71 KB, 600x500, jxdxkpqHv9.png)

No. 162268[Reply]

Thread for general video game discussion

Previous thread: >>>/m/122390
Animal Crossing Thread: >>>/m/88648
Pokemon Thread: >>>/m/33729
The Sims Thread: >>>/m/8880
Overwatch Thread: >>>/m/1641
Genshin Impact Thread: >>>/m/158229
Dragon Age thread: >>>/m/121911
Team Fortress 2 thread: >>>/m/158368
League of Legends thread: >>>/m/161804
Elder Scrolls thread: >>>/m/157373
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No. 179894

>102 Dalmatians puppies to the rescue
That was the first PC game I bought when I was a kid and I bought it with a copy of Who Let the Dogs Out lmao

No. 179917


Thank you all so much for the recs nonnies I'll check them out :)

No. 179920

I like how you don't even try to claim that the game is good or fun. It's a bit like recommending smoking cigarettes

No. 179968

I like ff8 because theres no need for level grinding, and I loved getting magic, summons and cards.
I love old rpgs but level grinding is the worst. Did it in ff7 before getting in the temple of the ancients and holy hell that was boring but i really wanted to have aeris with her last limit break. First time I played it I ended up in the crater with a low level party (and messed/swapped materias cus i was a dumb kid) and god, that was hard.
Also to this day I have no idea what ff8 was about, the story was kinda bad

No. 179976

Kek true it can be bad and frustrating, maybe because of that, when it’s good the chemicals in my apebrain really go crazy. We’re all just in an abusive relationship.

File: 1607787249859.jpeg (85.03 KB, 396x395, 86B7616C-1A94-4F6F-B8C3-0FA8B0…)

No. 118153[Reply]

This thread is for posting photos/memes/art/videos relating to cows, the animals. It's best if they're funny and remind you of this site
>no lolcows themselves unless they are actual bovine dairy cows or one is involved in the image. you can say a post reminds you of someone, of course
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No. 179772

File: 1642420436159.gif (942.1 KB, 498x339, cowwww.gif)

No. 179931

File: 1642508772237.jpg (33.45 KB, 540x358, _c87a60ce97abe03c6a224e0c02417…)

looks so peaceful……

No. 179936

File: 1642515901675.jpg (70.53 KB, 367x550, ed3656b01e76575d25fd05870a3070…)

No. 179946

File: 1642521621339.jpg (85.78 KB, 736x731, cdc7bbd189492d18aa70f4610719e9…)

Cow and friends

No. 179950

File: 1640205850916.png (1.85 MB, 1280x1688, 83244B75-6945-4715-819A-400760…)

No. 175180[Reply]

Welcome to the Bad/Hideous Art Thread, here, you can post
artwork that are (actually) bad or hideous, but not well drawn or detailed artwork you don’t like simply because you either have a vendetta for an artist you despise, or don’t like the way they draw.

Here's the guidelines to try to maintain the thread's quality:

>Don’t post drawings that are made by beginners (doesn’t matter how old they are) or drawings that are made by anyone under the age of 18, even if their bio doesn’t clearly state the age. This is a thread made to post and make fun of terrible drawings with weird mistakes and/or stylistic choices, not scribbles created by toddlers and beginners just because they don’t know how to draw a hand or the other eye.

>Please limit the amount of fetish art that is posted here a lot, specifically the foot, fat and brap fetishes, because they’re boring, unfunny and we’ve already seen them countless times before in previous threads.
>No loli/shota art or fetish art depicting children of any kind, no matter how hideous. We don’t need to see it and we don’t want it on this site.
>Don’t post well detailed or well drawn artwork made by professional artists
>Don't post drawings that are made by someone you hate. Take your vendetta somewhere else
>Feel free to edit, redline, or redraw anything that's posted here, but don't post them in this thread since there's already one on /ot/ which exists for that purpose
>Remember to spoiler any NSFW, gore, fetish or grotesque drawings that you post here
>Always sage your posts when going off-topic
>And no, photo-edits aren't allowed here

Previous thread: >>>/m/163186
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No. 179992

We literally have a "weird fetish art" thread but everyone shits up this thread with ugly anime girls anyways.

No. 179996

you bean the one with one reply where the threadpic is the inflating balloon head?

No. 180027

Islam shouldn't be anywhere

No. 180034

her lips were photoshopped right off a bratz doll

No. 180092

twitter woke crowd kills you if you get skin colors wrong but let degenerate men get away with this. i'd love shit like this to go viral on normie twitter and be torn to shreds

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