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File: 1568295735914.png (50.32 KB, 316x316, 233FA1A7-E9A4-4270-98E8-1E4828…)

No. 49285[Reply]

Need to rant/rave about a webtoon?

What are you reading at the moment?
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No. 49979

File: 1568591770243.jpeg (259.8 KB, 828x819, 1437E4E1-3077-4E6D-83CB-DD8733…)

Did we read the same Webtoon? I went back and re-read the prologue and first chapter and it clearly states in the first chapter that she started doing makeup because she got rejected by a guy. The author herself is crazy obsessed with looking perfect too but she ends up in uncanny valley territory.
>pic related she shopped herself almost as tall as the door
>bonus: compare her body shoop in this pic to the body shoop here >>49533

No. 50076

It blows my mind that the author herself actually has that obsession irl and that the comic was unironic. Yes, I thought it was based on her past experiences and she was shining a light on it.

No. 50105

God I hate Hades’s nose

No. 50110

You can have a problem and still call out the problem, like me and social media addiction. I tell everyone to limit their screentime but I'm probably the worst at it.

No. 50126

OT but god yes me too. Thanks anon I'm going to block this site and others for a week so I can get shit done.

File: 1564754649170.png (36.06 KB, 700x425, toy.png)

No. 43388[Reply]

Dolls, action figures, plushies, model kits, and other collectables are all welcome here. If you've got customising techniques to show off or just wanna share pics or toy news, this thread is for you! Or do you have some memories to share? Statues are cool too but there should be a focus on articulated things.

Here's some questions to generate discussion:
>What's your first vs your latest toy?
>If you're a collector, when did you start?
>What's on your wishlist, is there anything you're saving up for or something you'll never get your hands on?
>On the other hand, is there a figure you regret buying?
>What's the most expensive item you own?
>Waiting for a package to arrive?
couldn't think of a pic to use so I threw up a logo, yadda yadda graphic design is my passion
also never made a thread before, hope I didn't do something wrong/thread doesn't die
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No. 48951

tbf this line came out years after they first started the brand so they were running out of ideas for monsters, kek.

Good for you, anon! That version of Spectra is one of my favorites.

No. 48977

File: 1568143637812.jpg (76.11 KB, 794x1191, songbird barbie.jpg)

Thank you to the anon for posting this doll in the other thread! I had her as a kid but her dress is long gone, maybe even the doll too, but I still have the bird and it somehow still tweets!
Seeing this photo allowed me to reverse image search her and brought back so many memories of how I would just stare at her dress and pretty necklace in my room. Little girls really are a whole different species, that glittery fabric would send me into a dream world.

No. 49021

can you imagine a month and a skeleton trying to fugg

No. 49026

To be fair, her dad's listed as the Mothman, not just a moth. But it would be a lot funnier if he was just a regular moth.

No. 50086

Nice! I own one too, she's my favorite. I really wanted bigger doll version of her and Holt Hyde, but they never made ones.

File: 1543793862057.jpeg (68.36 KB, 447x455, 3_jpeg5d3e0045fa7ed76ff37ea367…)

No. 16053[Reply]

Welcome to meme hell!
Post old, bad, unfunny, ironically funny memes, memes that make your skin crawl, memes you're ashamed you like, etc
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No. 48727

File: 1568051718090.jpg (139.21 KB, 1080x1558, 1552440823557.jpg)

No. 48729

File: 1568052260562.png (1.24 MB, 1788x525, b50.png)

No. 48730

File: 1568052448263.jpg (72.53 KB, 646x960, shitposting.jpg)

No. 48731

File: 1568052584953.jpg (37.02 KB, 700x452, tricks.jpg)

No. 50011

File: 1568598800752.jpg (29.7 KB, 500x319, tumblr_maxwlu5iJT1qamhyd.jpg)

File: 1551702352145.png (195.68 KB, 600x600, download20190301121729.png)

No. 11874[Reply]

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No. 49774

File: 1568499356843.png (546.33 KB, 600x600, download20190501220806.png)

No. 49775

File: 1568499750880.png (299.19 KB, 600x600, download20190906232333.png)

No. 49792

File: 1568509749531.png (143.26 KB, 600x600, download20190906181043.png)

>mfw trying to do something other than gossip on lolcow or play dressup

No. 49847

File: 1568538542433.png (168.58 KB, 600x600, mewo.png)

i'm in a bl binge phase so all attention is on shoveling chocolate down my throat and giggling

No. 49978

File: 1568591305880.png (319.67 KB, 600x600, 9CA22549-B04B-4057-A5A0-EA1C7D…)

File: 1555212975876.jpg (236.72 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ph48uyn8iO1vjlqzdo1_128…)

No. 25707[Reply]

Previous thread

Post art you find bad or hideous.
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No. 49894

File: 1568559797758.jpg (137.98 KB, 789x1013, reaction_to_the_sad_life_of_sy…)

this isn't really art but i thought you guys would like it anyway
god i love deviantart collage style reactions to serious events

No. 49927

File: 1568572588548.jpg (29.75 KB, 900x563, game_of_thrones__sam_design_by…)

No. 49929

File: 1568573411287.jpeg (762.13 KB, 1125x1381, EFA94D5E-6FD2-4E7E-84F1-1ED82A…)

No. 49939

File: 1568576068760.jpeg (79.25 KB, 1095x730, 5B8A50E9-C700-4CD5-A150-B9FBEE…)

This is why anime does not translate to real life. Terrifying.

Not sure if that thing is Sam but no worries, I’m not touching it.

No. 49942

9/11 tributes are always something

File: 1546981366033.jpg (59.5 KB, 1200x675, DF0Vaw0WAAEmZGB.jpg)

No. 7318[Reply]

last thread >50546 is about to lock. post the best boys.
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No. 49913

File: 1568566296167.png (289 KB, 540x404, vegeta.png)

I don't know what's come over me but I've been obsessed with Vegeta lately

No. 49916

File: 1568567839314.png (460.3 KB, 647x780, eyeballemoji.PNG)

oh my god, I have too! I followed an artist recently that draws a lot of him and Bulma.
They make Vegeta look so… appealing

No. 49922

File: 1568569738910.jpg (55.16 KB, 736x1037, e9b481af8cbaa3bd930e4e3589ec1d…)

the unholy union of vegeta weebos. my life is complete. i can die in peace now.

No. 49950

File: 1568581061967.jpeg (257.54 KB, 1400x1400, Vegeta_goku.jpeg)

Just looked them up and omg yeah they draw a good Vegeta. Too bad they don't have an insta, as I don't really use twitter. (Also I am goku/vege trash, but I can still appreciate him with Bulma, they do work well together.)

Glad I'm not alone in this! I've decided I'm gonna make a Vegeta ita bag, my love for him is so strong~

No. 50394

File: 1568697216685.gif (1.4 MB, 498x372, hiei.gif)

Then of course there's Diet Vegeta.

File: 1538155152003.gif (832.99 KB, 500x626, daphne.gif)

No. 6325[Reply]

Previous thread: >>81746
Post pics or gifs of pretty girls.
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No. 49609

File: 1568429648234.jpg (400.97 KB, 1719x2400, LP_7767882.jpg)

No. 49764

yeah but lesley would be down to be your gf

No. 49870

File: 1568547757944.jpg (51.68 KB, 500x500, miley-cyrus.jpg)

I hate that I like the video and all 3 singers individually but can't stand the song.

No. 49911

File: 1568565805504.jpg (285.64 KB, 1000x1500, 34e5c54ae51f2999991af3f9ebace3…)

No. 49914

excessive photoshop isn't cute

File: 1468150467808.jpg (132.93 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amanchu! - 01 […)

No. 3894[Reply]

Can we have an anime thread? I can't find the other one for some reason, what are you watching this season? I really missed this Ariaesque atmosphere in SoL anime and really enjoyed the first episode of Amanchu.
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No. 48569

Those pics show the exact 'new anime' vibe I don't like, it's somehow more washed out and flat and boring than when they were stuck with painting physical cels in the 90s. I theorise hand painting forced them to think about what colours they used because they only had so much paint and that's so much older anime screenshots like this have much tighter palettes.

No. 48656

Everyone else already recommended most of what I would in the replies but I'd like to add Fate/Zero too, it's a dark series but really, really good. Paranoia Agent was also pretty good.

No. 48657

Hate saber's character.

No. 49805

Just watched season 2 of One Punch Man. It was…dissapointing.

Huge drop in quality when compared to the first one even after waiting all this time, not only with the animation, the story was neither funny not particularly interesting, it felt repetitive as fuck, always looking for excuses to remove Saitama so the rest of the cast can whine about meaningless shit that Saitama will solve with one punch anyways. I guess the first season was like this but the build ups and animations were amazing.

I'll probaby won't watch a third season if it is anything like this one. Or i'll just read the manga instead.

On the bright side. The second season of Mob Psycho was fucking amazing and even better than the first one, so at least that show did lived up to the hype.

No. 49859

File: 1568541060324.jpg (66.98 KB, 736x736, 8d1540c0646b3dd2102105b312fa4a…)

I'm currently obsessed with Kyouso Giga. I can't understand how it went undiscovered while it is so enthralling, both worldbuilding and storytelling is magnificent. The colours are so charming and the story heartwarming with a cute tomboy protagonist and other characters are written very strongly.
10/10 suggested.

No. 49952[Reply]

EuroGunZ (GunZ The Duel)
One of the best TPS I've ever played, I've been playing this in the last 10 years and this game never gets old. It's amazing all the different things you can do and the different game modes you can play. This game really needs more recognition.

Website: https://universegunz.net
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uc3eGbyiyo

What's your favorite old game?

No. 49953

shouldn't this go on >>>/m/

No. 49954


File: 1545906219001.gif (8.04 MB, 300x545, aim.gif)

No. 21336[Reply]

Discuss internet communities you grew up with or spent a lot of time on. Some off the top of my head: (but not limited to)
>MSN Messenger
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No. 49018

Me too, seriously. I've met up with 2 people irl I met on tamatalk lol. I still have some tt people on facebook. Finding the image of the welcome screen gave me warm fuzzies.

No. 49075

I miss older web page design, the ones where you'd have the content in a column in the middle of the page and huge borders. It's kind of ugly but my eyes can focus better vs today's flat UI they insist on using for everything. The internet is so young who knows if design trends will wrap around like fashion?
WHy is it always Memphis? I'm not even from the US.
I checked and it's not gone, it looks like they massively rebranded. I wonder if my own logins worked, I had like 4 accounts

No. 49084

every day i miss msn messenger … it really was the perfect chat program and i've so many memories of doing dumb shit w my friend on there, ahhh, yeah trolling was fun 10 years ago.

No. 49100

In chronological order:
MySpace Punk Forum
/mu/ (4chan)
/leftpol/ (8ch)

I'm 30, and now I'm not really a regular anywhere. I got burnt out on the political stuff real quick because of how crazy some of the really far left people on the leftist boards are. I still love music, but at some point I got tired of just talking about the same bands over and over again, while no one there cares about basically the non-rock, more folk music I've been getting into.

No. 49708

File: 1568479429966.gif (14.68 KB, 518x329, 71720410038d6bacc57e63c6ef3a21…)

Same! Somewhere in the depths of my old hard drives is a plethora of saved and made 100x100 icons. I remember teaching myself how to make them thanks to LJ tutorials, Photoshop and a free gif program (giphy?).

Even though I wasn't social I loved playing MapleStory. My ex and I would play it together and the aesthetic was just so damn cute! I tried going back to it a few times (and gave MS2 a go) but it just seems like a pay-to-win environment now. Not only that but after a certain level your progression pretty much grinds to a halt and it takes fOrEvVeR to level again.

Re: MSN and Yahoo! Chat, I'm sure it's been said but I miss the days when there was a disconnect from the online world and real life, if that makes any sense. Almost everything connecting back to you through FB and Google and shit gives me the heebs and makes me paranoid. Not only that but I would go online to get AWAY from the people I knew irl.

On the flip side, those usernames gave me flashbacks.

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