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File: 1671127427457.jpeg (610.2 KB, 960x1064, FA383975-6A2C-4484-8949-36AFBE…)

No. 263786

Previous thread >>>/m/194814

/VT/ Is hot garbage and I wanna talk about Vtubers with non coomer pick me women. This will be a comfy vtuber thread full of no porn. Who do you love,who are you watching right now,favorite type of streams?

Current niji lives: https://niji-mado.web.app/home
Current holo lives: https://hololive.jetri.co/#/

No. 263788

I am convinced that Fulgur checks nyfco/iketog. During his stream he was directly referencing to stuff people were saying on nyfco like people saying noctyx went on break on purpose etc.

No. 263794

Thats stuff people on /vt/ and twitter were also saying

No. 263795

Apparently people on twitter have said similar things, but considering his personality I wouldn't be surprised if he spends time on /vt/ for example.

No. 263797

Ver definitely does. Deleted stuff that people found and posted on nyfco at light-speed.

No. 263803

Ibrahim and Yugo’s models were drawn by the same artist iirc, pretty sure that’s the only relation they have

No. 263832

File: 1671136824374.jpg (109.54 KB, 1080x830, IMG_20221215_133324.jpg)

Shit, sucks that she's gone but retards are acting like she died kek
Based on what if I've heard about her drunk streams and gender fluidity tho, sounds like the right choice

No. 263833

She already opened a youtube channel kek she is not going anywhere. These zoomers dramatic af

No. 263882

What anime is that in your pfp

No. 263970

File: 1671184304692.jpg (126.47 KB, 1322x739, FifSPZGVIAEptOX.jpg)

I really hope she's okay.

No. 264178

Threadposter is a an idiot who can't even write the thread's name properly, no wonder the OP pic is vox.

Anyway… Do you guys think Nabi (Amelia's artist) is going to be a part of the new Hololive gen? She spent time with Kiara IRL last week in Austria and people have noticed that she got rid of her twitch streams and Hololive covers on Youtube. HololiveKR confirmed…?

No. 264181

I don't watch Hololive because the girls all feel fake as fuck. Can you give me the appeal on Hologirls?

No. 264201

File: 1671291186767.png (1.59 MB, 3264x1563, collage.png)

some fan in twt felt betrayed that fulgur is interested in playing hogwarts legacy, maybe even streaming it.

how much flack he will get if he decides to stream it when it's available to play. fortunately, this is the only person in my timeline that got vocal or 'emotional' about it but who knows.

No. 264203

now i NEED to play it

No. 264205

Masae stream broke nyfco again lol

No. 264206

Cope and seethe lmao

No. 264207

a lot of people think she's going to release her original songs now that she's not a part of nijisanji. but don't nijisanji has some sort of partial ownership with her songs as well? won't that be risky in her part? iirc, wasn't there niji jp vtuber that left because of that?

No. 264209

Honestly as much as I hate yugo as a streamer and think she doesn’t have what it takes to be a vtuber, i think she is a great singer. I hope she continues making music.

No. 264211

true. wish she stayed around for a bit and form some networking with producers and etc., then leave when she knows she got people to back her up in her music career if she's planning to go that route.

No. 264233

If this is what it takes to get trannies off the vtuber scene, so be it kek
Hopefully that will diminish the number of coomer femboys on vtubing, regular moids are bad enough

No. 264273

Yes please. Fulgur please stream Hogwarts Legacy!

No. 264275

all holo girls suck ass. stop being a pick me and pretending you care about those e thots
there is no appeal really they are just coomerbaits

No. 264305

I like ina cuz she draws pretty, has a quiet voice, and is nice.

No. 264375

got a link to the stream itself?

No. 264378

Fulgur is too weak, in his first month he gave up playing Disco Elysium after one stream because he was worried about saying anything too political.
He'll 100% cave in and not stream the Hogwarts legacy game.

No. 264379

There's an archive link in the nyfco thread.

No. 264392

Same can be said about Nijisanji, in fact they allow them to coomerbait even further. Your point?

No. 264411

it's a generic karaoke stream, basically the graduation stream she would normally have if she wasn't kicked so quickly lol no milk in it

No. 264413

my point is that you are tasteless
yeah he is a crowd pleaser we are not getting that hogwarts legacy stream

No. 264434

How can you call others pick mes when you use scrote language yourself like ‘e thots’? I mainly watch Holostars but I like Hololive JP + EN and they aren’t coomerbait, if you think that then clearly you just watch clips. Korone has never done anything like that for example and Kronii actively hides her boobs on her model etc.

No. 264444

I feel like I'm going to get some sort of backlash for saying this but I really hope she's going to be mentally okay. She's clearly unstable, and has an issue with depression drinking. This can't be good for her. I don't like her as a streamer either but I also don't want her to off herself, or fall to deep alcoholism.

No. 264454

I only recently got into them after thinking they were all just coomer bait, but they are genuinely really funny. U have to ignore the stupid clips ppl upload of them saying lewd stuff but honestly, having watched some of them, the context wasn't even that bad usually (unless it involves certain holo girls like choco, noel or marine etc who are actually just unrepentant coomerbait/coomers).

as for their good points, they give me the same feeling i got when i was into kpop ggs and watching their variety shows where they just hung out and had fun with each other. it's entertaining seeing women joke around and have fun playing games and there's some really hilarious gags and comedic timing stuff that's only possible from ppl livestreaming together. it's kinda like watching actors playing as anime characters doing improv or something like that…? also some of them are really good singers (they are supposed to be idols after all).

my personal faves are suisei, polka, botan, sora and kronii (when she's collabing with others)

No. 264456

I know that personality accounts for a lot, but in terms of content, what do you nonnas want to see in female vtubers that hasn't been given to you?
Personally, I'd like someone non-coomberbaity whose content and interests are similar to Vesper Noir's.

No. 264459

I feel the same way, nonna… I'm more concerned for her than anything else, and I'm a little relieved that she's being given a chance to work through whatever's going on with her in a less public setting. I hope she can bounce back and find something that works for her, even if I'm not personally going to watch her content.
Pretty much sums up my experience. I really like Korone myself, she's very cute and wholesome and I like her taste in games. I don't watch Suisei, but I'm always cheering her on because I find her work ethic admirable. I used to watch Subaru the most, but I think she's changed a bit over the past couple years… I still wish her the best, but I definitely got filtered.

No. 264462

I have yet to find someone with the perfect blend of 1. Having a design I like (a cool design that is non coomer) 2. A deep soothing voice 3. Likes the same types of games I do 4. Is good at games/or tryhards them and 5. Makes interesting or funny commentary

Botan is kinda close but she plays too much fps for me and her design is fine from the torso up but the rest is kinda… idk. She also baits sometimes which annoys me. I just want a female streamer who actively avoids leaning into any coomerbait

No. 264471

Okayu tho.

No. 264476

Yuribait is coomerbait

No. 264477

Lize Helesta comes p close for me

No. 264481

Why do you act so defensive? Get a chill pill or go outside, you are deranged.

No. 264487

Are there any fujo vtubers? Or at least ones that have never pandered to men sexually or do yuribait?

No. 264490

File: 1671372801152.png (22.98 KB, 493x286, chrome_4d7qXn1SOJ.png)

Might be unpopular opinion but it cracks me up how often kyo whines about shipping fanart being made of him and has failed to get rid of it before so now hes using his illnesses as a weapon kek. ILUNA really have always come across as the weird normies who dont fit the scene.

No. 264492

Probably most the otaku women are fujo but they also pander to men. Those things aren’t mutually exclusive unfortunately. It’s probably impossible to expect corpo tubers to not pander to moids in one way or another.

No. 264493

Maybe the point of ILUNA was to attract normies, but that defeats the point of vtubing.

If anything I would say at least some of the girls in hololive are a little sanitized because they're part of a company; on the other hand the indie scene is depressing. Very often, one of the first clips a new vtuber posts about her model is boobs bouncing and some coomerish comment inviting people to act like retarded degenerates.

No. 264494

Men are such piss babies. Imagine if a woman liver said this, the amount of unfavorable hentai would triple.

No. 264512

Watch Selen.

No. 264531

Seriously, I struggle to watch a lot of female vtuber skin reveals because of the cringe amount of time they spend talking about thighs and booba bouncing and whether their boobs have grown or not. Do people genuinely find that entertaining? Even if you're into that, it's the same shit every time.

No. 264541

Utako from NijiJP is pretty openly a fujo and a shotacon. If you want someone from EN, I like Selen, she doesn't pander much (if at all). The fanfic writing stream was pretty enjoyable, I hope they do that kind of thing more.

No. 264547

VTuber here.
I am thinking of a “soft rebrand”, keeping my model and concept, but I need to keep my “self” separated from my vtubing activities.
The indie scene is a mess and I hate most vtubers which affected my enjoyment of the hobby.
I believe I have a lot to show and I dislike whatever is coomerish, I draw NSFW but my model is completely covered and not sexual at all, which is bad for my growth but that much I can enjoy.

What type of contents would you nonnies enjoy watching more of? What type of vtuber would you enjoy watching? I want to rethink of my content and I am looking for fun suggestions that are not only gameplays.

No. 264553

…did you mean that as a positive thing

No. 264557

>openly a fujo and a shotacon
Nta but based, I’ll check her out

No. 264560

Anime pedos aren't based.

No. 264562

That fanfic stream was amazing, i also loved all the fanart that came out of it kek
>a fujo and a shotacon
Extremely based. I will give her a shot too

No. 264571

I want to see somebody engage in less commonly streamed hobbies… Like IRL crafts (a crafting zatsudan would be cute), or sperging about niche subjects.

No. 264594

Are there any English speaking vtubers who commit to playing a funny cartoonish character to the extent that people like Pekora, Korone, Miko, etc. do? Or are westerners too cynical and cringe adverse to earnestly roleplay as a goofy anime character 100% of the time? I think I really enjoy that style of vtubing more but I don't speak any Japanese and it seems to be way more rare among EN vtubers.

No. 264596

How thin-skinned does he have to be? People draw them because of the lore. I can't believe he takes such crap so personally. Both him and Vox are immature crybabies.

No. 264607

its funny because the type of art from what ive seen has been really sweet and innocent. Sick fics and ''healing'' art is super common in literally any fandom too. I know its not really the illness thing but shipping that bothers him but lol i feel bad for the kyomies who drew that stuff thinking nothing bad of it

No. 264628

I can’t explain how much I love selen. Her voice, her gap moe, her determination, god please protect her from every other menhera tuber

No. 264632

Based. Those are strong male repellent.

No. 264633

It's fucking weird. That shit affects people's lives, and you're weird for being a sycophant.

No. 264634

Just close ur eyes faggot

No. 264646

How stupid do you have to be? Grow a brain. They were given characters. Its not like people are drawing their irl appearances.

No. 264654

I really wonder why he became a Vtuber if they can't handle fujo art? Ffs they are playing characters

No. 264664

Does anyone have an example of the art he is complaining about? Sounds milky.

No. 264697

I haven't found anything, the artist probably removed the tweet.
For real, livers need to stop identifying with their model, it's a character for fucking sake. Let the fanartists have fun

No. 264757

I love unhinged fujoshi or yumejoshi who aren't shotacons.

No. 264787

Post your favourite Vtuber song. Currently, I cannot stop listening to NEZUMI Scheme.

No. 264789

Not really, she tends to talk about enjoying coomer degen stuff like hentai as well, especially when collabing as part of the SKB club.

No. 264813

Ah well that’s too bad

No. 264819

Kyo is chronically ill irl. Mf had an experimental brain surgery that didn't even fully work.

No. 264830

>experimental brain surgery that didn't even fully work
Is that why he’s retarded. Like I saw a few collabs and wondered if he’s actually low IQ.

No. 264840

his raps are garbage/jarring and i hate how karen's influence is helping him become big. i also dont know why shes helping him so much when he wrote a jealous diss track about her

No. 264941

axia krone plagiarized his own fan's fanart for his autograph/signature and it was buried by both the management and his aids fans

No. 264946

I like electro-swing and rap, but I just don't enjoy Mori's singing and rapping that much, unfortunately. That being said, she does seem cute and dorky when I've watched her streams.

No. 264967

Please give screenshots/proof, Axia was my oshi so I'm dying to see this. Did this also contribute to the anti hatespam/his graduation?

No. 264968

Westerners would cringe too hard at that nonna

No. 264983

I didn’t know niji made debut songs available as ads my professor was showing us something on youtube and the xsoleil debut song came as an ad lmfao.
currently Western vtubing scene is filled with people that want to turn themselves into hot anime characters to make people simp for them. They don’t want to play a character, only play out a power fantasy which is also why all western vtuber lore is shitty and generic

No. 265190

File: 1672211688029.jpeg (673.37 KB, 2320x2896, EF6DCE0C-D245-4536-AA42-3B1F77…)

Now that they have been around for a while, what do you think of XSOLEIL nonnas? I never expected to love Pio-chan this much. He is such a great streamer.

No. 265580

Doppio and Ver are comfy.
Kotoka would be fine if she would ditch the degen talk about her poor hygiene since it's attracting gross moids.
Haven't watched much of Zaion.
I can't stand Hex's voice. All I hear is thunder.

No. 265655

i had high hopes for zaion but shes already become boring
doppio is holding on strong
kotoka is the most fun so far
the rest idgaf about (but i heard ver is comfy like ike so i might try his studying streams when i start classes)

No. 265688

Nonnas, if I asked for examples of vtubers who were essentially "quiet quitting", who would you pick? Don't say Nakiri Ayame, that's too easy.

No. 265700

No. 265707

I don't understand how they beleive Ayame leaving meme when despite not streaming too much, other holoJPs mention that they see her in the office all the time. She also ended up taking even a longer break now because her mother got diagnosed with cancer and now she is worried about herself and her mother too. I tuink the quiet quitting meme works only for ID/EN branches since they don't have anything else to do in comparison to JP.

No. 265709

Gilzaren… Honestly, there are quite a few NijiJP who are famous for this.

No. 265726

Good . I hate her pedo baiting.

No. 265727

I personally like vtubers who are more genuine and talk about their interests like movies they like or telling some life stories like tenma from phase connect her design is pretty chill for the personality she has . Or even chika fujilisa . Hopefully a company contracts you vtuber noona ! Good luck!

No. 265768

I won't miss her. I don't hate her but I do hate chumbuds and I feel like a lot of the worst people in the HoloEN fandom are chumbuds. These days I mainly watch Tempus just to be around their fans instead of HoloEN fans. Tempus fans aren't perfect but Holostars fans have always been a bit more tolerable I think.

No. 265773

How is Amiya Aranha lately, if you still watch Tsunderia? I dropped off a while back during all of the graduations, but I think abt her sometimes. Is she still pretty wholesome?

No. 266773

I think we need a more specific definition of "quiet quitting"

No. 267063

File: 1672906978000.jpg (508.22 KB, 1908x1350, 1672890150933.jpg)

Finally, the guild TEMPUS is complete.

No. 267124

shinri caught my eye because of his design. glad the second group of tempus boys have better models. hope magni and vesper have adjustment to theirs. honestly, im more excited with their debut than when xsoliel was announced, even beyond that i think i lost interest with nijisanji. idk, why.

No. 267126

i didnt end up keeping up with any of the tempus boys even though i can see each of their appeals. this group has much better models which won't hurt, i hope one of them gets my attention after xsoleil got boring in the first week

No. 267132

okay never mind i just saw the full models and i have no idea what they were thinking while designing the bottom halves but at least the part we'll see in 99% of the streams, their faces, are better looking

No. 267136

File: 1672932513514.jpg (127.38 KB, 1125x1350, 38h4a0n.jpg)

this sure is a design!

No. 267144

For sure one of the designs ever made

No. 267165

who's the red haired boy, he cute

No. 267166

was this drawn by yana toboso? lmao

No. 267169

No. 267170

he sounds and acts like a TiF, is he?

No. 267172

I'm not sure tbh. My gf did told me that this new batch, apparently, had a girl behind one of the characters, guess it might be him

No. 267173

why? do women want to watch tifs larp as anime boys? she's probably going to stand out like a sore thumb. Just when i finally really liked a holostars design, hope its not true but seriously he just writes like a girl trying to sound like a cute uwu rori, down to asking about what ages they think he is.

No. 267174

I agree kek, she also told me that they are apparently going with the shotacon approach with this one? I don't like reading leaks/rumors about debuts, but apparently the source is the same that said Professor Lando was going to be Magni.

No. 267176

as soon as magni posted drawings to his twitter though everyone could tell (pre voice reveal). It's not a huge sign of credibility to be able to tell that much

No. 267181

Wouldn't be surprised. Doesn't need to be a TiF, considering that holostars JP had a woman behind a shota character in the past, and her other account never labelled herself as a TiF or anything, after all for hololive you 'voiceact' as a character.

No. 267182

samefagging, everyone knew that Lando was going to be in Holostars so this 'source' is just someone pulling bs out of their ass.

No. 267184

File: 1672955444346.jpg (37.67 KB, 400x400, 1672913163919.jpg)

I don't see what is the problem with Vesper's model. He looks fine.

No. 267185

File: 1672955880663.png (1008.36 KB, 1164x1440, 1672950246626805.png)

>i have no idea what they were thinking while designing the bottom halves
Seriously, what WERE they thinking?!

No. 267187


No. 267189

Wtf is this an edit?? How is this allowed kek

No. 267197

ew what the fuck

No. 267198

KEK do the balls sway if the character moves?

No. 267202

File: 1672963889381.png (102.31 KB, 321x395, machina.png)

omg i knew this was fake noway, why did you bait me like that kek

No. 267209

It still looks like shit though. Is he a cyclist? Is he a soccer player? And he has a Ken doll crotch.

No. 267210

Yes it's shit but i prefer the ken croth over the huge dick and balls outlined. Like seriously why even edit that in the first place and not even spoiler it?

No. 267211

vesper express disliking his chin, more vocally on his off collab with magni and have liked that one prof. lando tweet with his pl account about hating his diner costume. its kinda nitpicky on his part but a minor adjustment on that wouldn't hurt.

No. 267212

File: 1672971102274.jpg (73.62 KB, 680x680, FlvCFJGaEAEfonf.jpg)

Nonnas I already love him…

No. 267213

i love him more.

No. 267214

Nonna you're based

No. 267230

Who are you talking about? I can only think of Kira, and Kira was male.

No. 267231

If this is actually Yana Toboso, I'll finally be fully convinced that it's something that it's an issue on Cover's part that's resulting in mid designs.
I could understand the awkward models for a lot of the other artists, but Yana Toboso is long accustomed to designing for live2D and hasn't had any glaring misses despite designing every single outfit and character for TWST.

No. 267236

It’s definitely not yana toboso. The lineart would’ve been different. The actual artist is senzawa makoto.

No. 267238

File: 1672989078754.jpg (150.89 KB, 940x1156, 1672932197120.jpg)

>i have no idea what they were thinking
sex, they were thinking of sex

No. 267240

everyone is saying it's this guy, and if so he does the kusogaki thing pretty well

No. 267242

Figures, it didn't resemble her art and I doubt she has the time for vtuber motherhood.

No. 267243

File: 1672995987851.png (3.22 MB, 1100x1579, 1672950246626805.png)

I am more drawn to the other because of their Twitter posts, but Shinri looks SEX. Literally my favourite male vtuber design so far.

No. 267245

Nonna, he looks like every random twitch indie vtuber. I saw at least 3 people have the exact same outfit. It's sad.

No. 267246

nta but do corporate vtubers have this kind of thirst trap design though? corps usually don't put out designs for obviously only mature female audience. they do either dudebros or shotas

No. 267251

File: 1673000704161.jpeg (767 KB, 1179x1820, 81AE6239-C892-4340-948E-E751B0…)

What’s better is he actually is Lex Parté. I am so excited, he’s a great comfy vtuber and a genuinely good person (I used to know him). I am so happy Nonnies!

No. 267252

I don't watch indies so idk.

No. 267262

Nonnies all that yaoi porn is rotting your brain, Vesper's model looks absolutely ridiculous to most people

No. 267265

File: 1673011513368.png (144.29 KB, 800x1481, 1658113327285.png)

I want to get stab to death by his chin.

No. 267273

Idk who she’s talking abt but p much shotas are voiced by women

No. 267274

It’s giving Tracer genderbend

No. 267279

Pretty sure that nonna is getting confused with Nijisanji. There have been no women in Holostars.
Kagami Kira was definitely male and using that voice must have been a strain on him because he hasn't streamed in it at all since graduating. Maybe she's getting confused and thinking that Masaru is from Holostars.

No. 267287

shota tummy…uohhhh

No. 267289

wow this shit is awful, he looks like a fridge

No. 267291

i hope thats him and not a tif. I am not a shotafag but i like cute guys and i am tired of all the fat fucks in stars/nijis larping as chads when irl they are mordbidly obese basemet dwellers, i hope he's bulleable.

No. 267292

who are fat in niji/holo boys nonnie? im too scared to go into nyfco and see their faces myself

No. 267296

all of them except the faggy guy from luxiem

No. 267297


No. 267306

File: 1673025729310.jpg (Spoiler Image,152.63 KB, 1920x2048, 1661257998403.jpg)

Summer triangle
>Altare (Altair)
>Dezmond (Deneb)
>Vesper (Vega)

Winter triangle
>Syrios (Sirius)
>Flayon (Procyon)
>Better (Betelgeuse)

Xenokuni (No stars names)
>Pic related

No. 267326

Alban and Fulgur

No. 267333

Flay is being really cute on twitter I'm on the verge of posting a crying emote and getting banned

No. 267366

I am with you, Nonnie. He shouldn’t underestimate adults…

No. 267389

nta the only one I distinctly remember of the jp niji and holo boys being fat is oga, and iirc arurandeisu and astel are a tad overweight too. I don't know about most the en boys but I know fulgur is like obese kek

No. 267410

File: 1673067168251.jpeg (1.83 MB, 2563x1405, 9D67EC00-9339-48BE-B6D8-DE0170…)

why were there males working for sana

No. 267567

Astel is fat?? How does he dance like that then

No. 267577

didnt he do a leg stream? and it was skinny

No. 267580

nonnies… the jester is kinda funny… if he names his fans jesticles i will have an autism attack and stop watching him but he really nailed this debut

No. 267582

Garvis is indisputably Lord Commander Chaos… Good to see him back.

No. 267583

take your bets will this turn out to be a woman?

No. 267584

a man…. please…

No. 267585

personally i'm thinking a woman but like tara strong doing a timmy turner voice

No. 267586

it's a man!

No. 267587

male indeed! i was a doubter

No. 267588

damn his voice is so attractive

No. 267589

it's so nostalgic, got me thinking about watching dubbed anime in middle school

No. 267591

wow they really put in a lot of effort into their debuts. it's nice to see so much stuff prepared to show off their characters instead of going through slides in 20 minutes (former nijifag here)

No. 267596

Tempus is just so high effort… It's a breath of fresh air when the industry sometimes feels like it's stagnating. Only time can tell the quality of the new boys' characters, but I'm willing ti be patient when so much effort is evident.

No. 267608

File: 1673162434289.png (23.31 KB, 500x500, 1672945488737.png)

Flayon and Hakka are cuties and deserve endless hugs and kisses.

No. 267609


No. 267610

it's actually quite good. i love the vibe

No. 267611

Hakka's original song. He's def the singer of his gen

No. 267618

i though i was over with vtubers but machina is cute, i hope he streams fun games and not only weebshit

No. 267619

flayon* k, his name is so weird

No. 267620

Looks thin to me. Maybe he lost weight or something.

No. 267639

File: 1673174206466.jpg (32.32 KB, 496x619, images.jpeg-16.jpg)

a favourite vtuber of mine has kept hinting at being fired or leaving because of management issues. she's the first tuber I've become parasocial with. I watch quite a few but I like her the most . I'm kinda nervous she keeps hinting that'll this might be her last year . Is she quiet quiting?

No. 267659

are you talking about tenma?

No. 267671

Yes nonnie

No. 267723

alban lost the weight there was a newer picture of him leaked on nyfco a few weeks back kek

No. 267812

I go on 4chan's /vt/ just to feel angry at men and keep up with vtube drama. I know it's low hanging fruit, but lol @ how they bitch and moan about female vtubers making so much money by doing so little, when we know damn well none of them have any plan to donate to their fellow male streamers.

No. 267851

>lol @ how they bitch and moan about female vtubers making so much money by doing so little
They rightfully bitch about people like gra and ayme because they never stream and have fake personalities.

No. 267872

>fake personalities
Thats every vtuber though.

No. 267930

dont male BFE vtubers earn almost the same if not more than female vtubers? i remember i used to read /asp/ and the moids crying about ''waaah i will never be popular like nyanners, male debuff'' and when i told them no, they werent if they kept using their ugly avatars and acting like retarded moids instead of anime boys they would seethe really hard and pretend they are above ''fujos''. lol, if they had followed my advice they could have been vox akuma before vox akuma and be loaded.

No. 267932

i wonder what its like to work for the ''political vtuber company'', i heard tenma was denied a collab once for that reason. I fucking despise pippa by the way, she's so incredibly fake and jarring and i despise how every kwifag moid loves her because ''she's not like other vtubers''.

No. 267941

File: 1673279579250.png (108.11 KB, 319x319, 1669789618385.png)


No. 267942

They should be angry at their brethren donating millions of dollars, not the women playing the game.

No. 267956

am i the only one who gets war flashbacks to vox every time shinri laughs? do all low voiced men laugh like this i actually have a hard time listening to him with that laugh right now

No. 267997

Nah, same, I didn't finish his debut because of it. Felt lile it was going down the same route in terms of audience interaction, too.

No. 268009

File: 1673286321425.jpg (224.17 KB, 1000x1000, FmC0a5GaYAEGaCI.jpg)

It's nervousness, he will get over it eventually.
I remember Magni used to go "ummmm…", Axel having lots of dead air, and Altare's voice being too annoying.

No. 268030

I kind of liked her when she was bit less into politics but if it weren't for her i wouldn't have discovered tenma . I like her more than pippa now

No. 268032

She talked about that in a zatsudan saying maybe she'll stop asking pippa what "certain" memes mean . She also said she feels sad that management doesn't allow to collab with some vtubers she likes also one of the reasons she says maybe management will fire her considering how involved she is with the community.

No. 268050

Yeah, Pippa's become less enjoyable in the past year specifically, I think. I have to wonder what it's like to be in the same company as her as I sometimes feel she goes out of her way to be politically caustic.
I really love and respect Tenma… If she ends up leaving PC, through whatever means, I hope that she eventually resurfaces. She has so much potential.
Not sure if having been part of the political company will effect her chances elsewhere, though.

No. 268055

If she leaves I hope she resurfaces .her English is quite good for a Japanese speaker (although she thinks otherwise) I am quite a big tenmafan kek. She's the only vtuber I've attached to after the big vtuber boom .she kind of reminds me of kson who I also liked a bit.pippa is a bit too volatile she can be the biggest reason phase goes out of business considering the people she likes .

No. 268170

Phase Connect rubs me the wrong way entirely tbh. Tenma is alright, from what I've seen, but so many of the others just remind me of when I spent too much time trying to connect with people who make the fact that they're a girl but also spend all day on 4chan and such their entire personality.
Also, I'm probably going to get backlash for this, but the high amount of lolicon and onii-chan uguuuuu pandering is gross to me.

No. 268294

>with non coomer pick me women

No. 268301

No, that's pretty much how it is lol. Not much to backlash about.

No. 268310

Fuck Pippa all my homies hate Pippa, she panders way too hard to Pol/kiwi scrotes and I wouldn't be surprised if she was a tradthot behind the generic bunny girl avatar
>She has a bias against city-dwellers, and holds a strong preference for country life

No. 268324


No. 268346

IIRC from the dox, her old twitter had her as somewhat liberal and pro-LGBT, but that was years ago.

No. 268351

She followed the incel neet bux

No. 268354

She married a furry.

No. 268355

i know selen is a terf i can feel it

No. 268359

I wouldn't wish the backlash for that on any woman, kek.

No. 268374

anything for scrote approval

No. 268385

We can weed out TRAs by seeing who plays the new Harry Potter game.

No. 268393

i want to see my favourite vtubers play it just to see trannies seethe but theyll get doxxed on twt by 13 year olds

No. 268426

You don't watch vtubers

No. 268532

It would be great if Tenma left, then she could have much better opportunities as an indie. Plus people would finally stop mixing up Tenma (PC) and Temma (Holostars).

No. 268578

I think it would be best for her to be a indie but considering shes not that well off and works a full time job its debatable. Tenma is clearly the outlier from other gen mates most of them either are loli panderers or are ara mommies . Tenma hates both of that kek shes kinda like marine saying shes eternal 19.. her jokes do not pander and shes genuinely funny(compared to pippa) .for the time being I think phase connect is alright for her

No. 268595

I fucking wish lol

No. 268600

File: 1673536525268.png (21.66 KB, 890x653, 1659736206758.png)

Let us discuss STREAMS, okay?

No. 268602

Then you start.
Yeah, I think that she'd work out best with a vtuber company that fully supports her due to how on that grind she already is.

No. 268605

File: 1673537647417.jpg (33.68 KB, 496x619, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

Based working fox ♡

No. 268606

As in? Also saw a ironmouse concert.. not to be offensive or anything… but I thought she was crippled?

No. 268620

It was clearly a paid dancer, there’s no way she could dance like that with little practice. Even big corpos do the same.

No. 268624

File: 1673545480963.jpg (11.65 KB, 200x200, 1umfHQN.jpg)

just watched bettel's vod. was torn between thinking he's a dumbass and thinking he's funny. first time i watched a vtubers stream/vod without my tiktok attention span brain clicking onto a new tab and doing something else while listening. did you nonnies see it too? thoughts on his first stream?

No. 268631

his design is cute. maybe it’s time for me to stop being a nijifag and start watching holo instead

No. 268638

As she said >>268620. First time I realized that they hire professional dancers was when she was still in the US, but still somehow showed up for a concert.

No. 268642

This disaster of a man…this pathetic, useless LOSER…is my new oshi.

No. 268644

>Even big corpos do the same.
Niji doesn't, their members talk about consistently doing dance practice. Is that not the case with Holo?

No. 268645

What they say =/= reality

No. 268648

the prank he pulled at the start of the stream really got me good. two twitter spaces in a row, and i was emotionally invested and legitimately upset on his behalf when the "feed" started crunching kek.
bettel has a sense of humor where, he's somehow clever enough to seem like he knows what he's doing and still comes away so incredibly incompetent at the end, you're left wondering whether or not his shenanigans aren't all just some hyperbolic bit. which i suppose is the point, yeah? but that doesn't make it any less funny. i was genuinely entertained the entire hour and was a little bummed to see it end so quickly. it probably helps that i've always been a fan of the pathetic/sad entertainer paradox, but i'm absolutely down to clown for this purple, boo boo the fool motherfucker.

No. 268662

she literally travelled to jp?

No. 268663

"when GURA was still in the US, but still somehow showed up for a concert"

No. 268669

Hololive definitely does on the JP side as we see marked progress and different levels of skill between the girls. Also, they talk about required singing and dancing lessons quite frequently. It's less mandatory for Niji unless it's part of your individual brand or you're in the lineup for an upcoming concert.

No. 268670

hololive doesnt put effort into anything and you think they learn and practice dancing?

No. 268671

File: 1673563145900.webm (1.05 MB, 960x540, 1673502753899445.webm)

yeeaah I don't believe them

No. 268678

Korone doesn't count as she is literally extremely into fitness, and also known for having a huge passion for boxing. Find someone else. JP hololive concerts were always known for being pre-recored too tbh.
It's not about Gura, but that would make sense too. In the end EN branch is not as important as JP.

No. 268679

they do both - hiring dancers and the talent dancing themselves. Korone kick boxes so that cartwheel is real. Other girls though can be doubtful.

It's funny, you can usually tell it's not them because most of the girls get really tired or are off beat (mori, pekora, mio). w/e im rambling tl;dr if its perfect its prob fake if its scuffed its kino and real

No. 268697

Mm fair, I was mostly thinking of Korone, Coco, and Suisei as those are the ones I watch.

No. 268705

He's so stupid and useless, his stream issues and actual streams have been making me laugh, I like him so far.

No. 268750

File: 1673603467231.png (42.91 KB, 713x495, 1673456502343186.png)

he's such a disaster and always seems like he's on the brink of tears, it's so funny.

No. 268784

Got curious and decided to check him out. Holy fuck, this guy is a walking catastrophe kek. I'm only 10 minutes in.

No. 268792

File: 1673628662441.png (670.18 KB, 1080x849, 1673612236204526.png)

I hate Pippa so much, and i like edgy humor but she's so painfully unfunny, reminds me of 4chan newfags that think saying the nword and being as edgy as possible and posting wojaks is the peak of humor.

No. 268793

At this point I fully believe that having an anime avatar of any kind is a clinical symptom of brain damage.

No. 268796

dont put all vtubers into the same bag, Pippa is probably hideous IRL and this is her only form of male attention. I wonder what its like to be Pippa knowing that Ayame and Gura get triple the attention she gets just from streaming once a month and giggling for 5 seconds. She's like the shuwu of Vtubing.

No. 268801

Tbh her entire -career- is built around kiwifarms, that is the only reason why she gets numbers. It does suck that most of the EN PhaseConnect girls now (new gen and her) are pandering to 4chan. Makes it seem like its a groom corpo.

No. 268810

It’s always newfags that pander the hardest

No. 268811

What are doing here, then?

No. 268815

Grandnoona this is a vtuber thread

No. 268816

I liked her a bit at first thinking she was quite blunt and took no shit the longer I watched I got uncomfortable in her streams her co"partner" tenma is way better and treats chat much better… its a shame really

No. 268833

hes really funny and i like the flow of his stream. he made about no progress but it was a very fun time to watch him. until he started to make fun of his own stream. i couldnt tell if hes seriously bothered by his own stream or not. i hope he stops that because the stream was going just fine even without good gameplay

No. 268866

i honestly fear the day she does something ''bad'' that angers her followers, they are straight up schizo. Dont know if anyone knows about kiki, another 4chan pandered but more agressive, she collabed with pippa and when her simps found out her boyfriend was a pippa admin they were furious and ended up doxxing her. It was pretty wild.

No. 268922

I remember how Kiki started. She kept making self-threads on 4chan at least 3 times, and 3rd time worked as a charm. Still continued self-posting, and got groomed by anons into having their own forced /pol/ opinions, would instantly say slurs because they like "muh edgy women" and other political bs. It's hilarious and pathetic.

No. 268946

Lmao imagine being so fucking retarded with no spine

No. 268966

File: 1673735259622.jpg (505.67 KB, 1920x1080, FmZdMaoaEAEaltB.jpg)

Thoughts on IRyS' new kimono?

No. 268967

I like it how even with kimono you can tell its irys, so the kimono still stays true to her character. Its pretty unique if you compare others kimono outfits, that tend to just be "a cute random kimono". Tbh i miss the way her old dress used to look like…

No. 269001

File: 1673761648228.jpg (1.08 MB, 2000x2500, xMcroNT.jpg)

it's been a week since holotempus 2 debuted nonnas, did you decide to keep watching any of them? for me, even though none stream in my timezone (except for shinri zatsus) i cant not watch hakka's vods. his laugh alone is enough entertainment kek

No. 269007

Bettel is genuinely funny as hell, I'm usually a clip watcher but he streams at convenient times for me and every time I tune in I watch til the end and stay engaged.

No. 269022

I can't imagine being so desperate for an audience that you literally pander to the place with the worst type of moids. I hope she doesn't fuck up and angry them in someway

No. 269096

The only thing I’ve seen of her is this clip where she’s talking to merryweather about some dumbass theory that school shootings are because of the government brainwashing teens into it so they can establish gun control laws or something.

No. 269100

on top of that 4chan vtuber moids are all poorfag thirdworlder so she cant even scam them

No. 269149

It's so detailed and pretty. Kinda unexpected after what IRyS had gone through last year with her first model lol.
I don't why, but something about Flayon filters me. Maybe it's his voice, idk. But I also was initially filtered by Altare before I started warming up to him over time.
Otherwise, I loved the other three. Hakka is cutie little hermanito who deserves all the hugs and kisses, Shinri is so comfy and I could listen to talking about anything without getting bored, and Bettel is retarded (in a good way).
But most likely I will only be watching Shinri because of timezones.

No. 269168

i discovered her thru a stop motion animation (she was annoying in that too), i bet she lurks here too since she has mentioned lurking kiwi and lolcow to find out info about her oisshis just imagine the most retarted vtuberfag becoming one ,sakana really hit it off with her , im so sad that theyre are some good members in the group but because of her retardation they might have to pay the cost of her pandering , if she just stayed with the shitick of her being a bit blunt but funny nonetheless but she represents the most vile of vtubing

No. 269169

im in love with this trashfire racoon hes so idiotic its funny

No. 269170

File: 1673886666834.jpg (308.63 KB, 600x800, dumbass.jpg)

nonny love

No. 269200

I feel really bad for Tenma being squished between 4chan pickmes like Pippa and Lumi, troon lovers like Rie and Shiina, and the rest of the coombaiters in that company. Going indie might be really hard, but it's probably worth it

No. 269233

i feel like i'm going crazy he sounds a bit like jerma

No. 269236

You're far from the only one lol. He even acknowledged it in his last stream where he also acknowledged.
He also acknowledged that his fans are freaks who want to beat him up and humiliate him (lovingly).

No. 269247

File: 1674055454959.jpg (360.75 KB, 800x600, tenmA.jpg)

tenmas community is small so its hard to imagine everyone migrating if she does go indie but im sure some will. tenmas a true gem in that shithole of a company.(also pippas upping her anti seems someones lurking kek)

No. 269487

Marine barely play games anymore. Just colllabs and coomshit now. I’m sad.

No. 270606

I feel like she's in a similar position to Aqua, she's checked out of the daily stream grind and now she just shows up every once in a while to remind people that she exists and participate in events. Her recent lives have been some of the most successful ever (I think her latest live was the best performing "individual" live ever) and her latest song release was a huge viral hit in Japan even outside of the usual vtuber circle, she's #1 in HoloJP by sub count, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if she feels like she's done grinding.

No. 270711

File: 1674173395069.jpg (189.77 KB, 1920x1080, 1674105991179574.jpg)

god i hope so deeply this was unscripted, the kusogaki energy is so pure

No. 270768

What Nona above said plus her returning throat issues, iirc she has/used to have radio programs and a bunch of other projects that are very heavy on her voice. She’s my oshi and I am very sad that it’s becoming increasingly harder to catch her streams, but her collab with Kiara was super fun! I hope she doesn’t destroys completely her voice.

No. 270867

File: 1674253429911.jpg (141.25 KB, 720x864, Screenshot_20230120-161814_Twi…)

Nyanners calling pippa a pickme is sooo ironic considering she used to do the exact same thing when she was younger, the only difference is nyanners panders to lolicons.

No. 270902

Are her voice issues because of the voice she uses for streaming? Not too familiar with her.

No. 270908

Nta but she's always been using this voice her whole life, or at least there are proofs that she spent at least a decade doing it, without realising it would destroy her throat in the long run. I am glad to see another fellow Marine fan >>270768, she is a wonderful woman and I cherish her a lot. She is one of the few holos who i would be happy for if she graduates, after all she's been working so hard for so many years, and she is open about -why- would she graduate. I just want this woman to be happy!
I don't believe the blowjob rumour since it's coming from a random moid. But imo, Pippa is a lot worse than /a/ days Nyanners. And i used to watch her streams before her vtuber model (which is funny). Pippa, on the other hand, despite 4chan thinking she panders to 4chan, actually kneels towards kiwifags. She is going in a dangerous territory by trying to get attention from K3ff4ls and Keemstar, seems extremely desperate tbh. Do any anons even watch anyone from Phase? I used to watch Tenma, and got surprised that the thread has at least 2 fans of hers. She's neat, but it's been awhile.

No. 270994

Nyanners learnt from her past mistakes, if anything. I guess.

I agree that Pippa is a lot worse than Nyanners, she panders to KF, 4chan, constantly makes backtracking on her stances according to what is convenient to her at the moment and keeps on putting down other women for her own gain without understanding that her "based and redpilled" audience will absolutely annihilate her the moment she's tired of her fans. I would love to have milk on her, I am sure she would sustain a whole thread alone, but I don't even know who her roommate is. If any anon has information, please share.

Also, she's friends with Lumi which is even bigger of a pickme than Pippa is. I will never get off my head the stream where she was singing "White women fuck dogs" while wearing a "be patient I am female" hat. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 270995

>>Also, she's friends with Lumi which is even bigger of a pickme than Pippa is. I will never get off my head the stream where she was singing "White women fuck dogs" while wearing a "be patient I am female" hat. Absolutely disgusting

No. 271241

She literally has nothing to lose by graduating at this point, her popularity is growing and being associated with Phase is just holding her back. If anything her new identity would get more popular because it wouldn't be attached to Phase.

No. 271251

Roommate info was posted earlier in the thread and then deleted. You'll have to dig through the other farms for that info.
Speaking of the other places, in the kf vtuber thread offshoot forum, when the Pippa Pickme video hit, it caused a multipage meltdown of them losing their minds defending Pippa.

Lumi's even more 4chan-poisoned than Pippa and all the guys who watch her praise her for parroting /pol/ copes about women like the TRS wives.

No. 271296

>tempus feels weird due to Vesper's mental episode
>nijisanji still cringe
>I don't speak japanese
Anyone got any recommendations for English speaking male vtubers who don't suck?

No. 271307

>>tempus feels weird due to Vesper's mental episode
was this related to the two-week suspension or did something else happen

No. 271309

I don't know the causes but he has been ghosting multiple big events (first full collab with both gens and the 6 month anniversary celebration for gen 1) while refusing to communicate or giving terrible excuses when pressed (such as "being too busy" to attend big once in a lifetime landmark streams). Yesterday was the 6 month anniversary for Tempus and he did a stream in the morning where he ate 7 cold fast food burgers that he had bought several days prior, said nothing about the anniversary, stopped streaming after one hour, and then didn't show up for the big celebration stream a few hours later (while also being radio silent on twitter and everywhere else). Feels like he's going through some major mental episode or something.

No. 271351

File: 1674493533453.jpg (806.9 KB, 1800x2638, __noir_vesper_holostars_and_1_…)

anyone here who understands wtf is going on with picrel and his group

No. 271378

All Hololive EN vtubers are doomed to spiral down on some mental health issues sooner or later. If all of your streamers get heavily mental then the issue is on the corp and/or fans. It is hard to me to not put on the oshi glasses on Vesper, I wish we could have at least a little bit of explanation on what is going on, don’t want him to pull a Gura.

No. 271381

I don't pay attention to the holo ENtubers can someone fill me in on what's going on with gura?

No. 271397

i just hope its a nothing burger, i enjoy the square so much

No. 271406

I think it's just the fate of being a vtuber in general. I remember way back when HoloMyth debuted, Botan said that every single member of Gen5 struggled with mental illness at watching the EN girls instantly dwarf their success, on top of them losing one of their members who already had her own issues. Rushia's mental breakdown leading to her firing, one of the HoloX girls said her doctor was like "what the fuck is wrong with you, you're going to die", members constantly having throat issues. I think most people who gravitate towards streaming are already living unhealthy lifestyles by the time they get in, then having to actually keep a schedule while spending all day in their rooms pretending to be anime people probably does something fucked up to a person's head. I'm surprised Vesper is struggling with this though, as he seems to lead one of the most healthy lifestyles out of any Vtuber I know, but who knows.

No. 271449

Unfortunately, that's just how male EN vtubers seem to be, they mostly either suck at vtubing in general or try too hard to pander. I don't really have anyone to recommend to you anon, if I want to watch male vtubers I just watch jp.

No. 271475

>>tempus feels weird due to Vesper's mental episode
Tempus has only gotten better for me.
>Pummel Party
>Minecraft collab
>Fall Guys collab
>6-month anniversary
>All the current Magni-Altare off-collabs
>Anything Bettel does

No. 271479

Wow. I didn't expect the crazy bitch Saku rear her head to cause a bunch of drama surrounding Vox. I've only known her from old /cgl/ drama back in the day.

Funny to see that this crazy hag hasn't grown despite her saying she's a better person now. #q152818

No. 271515

I don't like any of the new guys and the big collabs and anniversary celebration felt weird with Vesper's very conspicuous absence

No. 271527

i tried looking it up what are you talking about

No. 271565

File: 1674624228635.jpg (57.14 KB, 483x132, 5154141.jpg)

i was missing sana's old pokemon art and when i tried looking it up i got this. she fucking hates the internet enough to send a dmca danbooru, damn

No. 271568

Weird self post, nobody cares

No. 271598

Isn't Vesper in his 30s? I really don't care for a grown man having a mental breakdown over a corpo he works for.

No. 271619

TF does "producer" mean on Merryweather's comics? As in, just the commissioner? What a cringe way to put it.
Encountered him for the first time today and his whole feed seems pornsick.

No. 271636

No. 271637

literally who

No. 271640

this. no other job gets its workers this babied. they chose to make a living performing as vtubers so i have no reason feel bad when they start throwing fits over a job that pays them for talking whatever in front of a screen. when he said he had anger problems i knew he was just another moid who cant stand people not letting him get his way so its no surprise he cant be bothered to get along with his genmates enough to go on a single stream

No. 271651

I think that it's a fact of reality (especially as a grown adult) that you need to work within realistic bounds for yourself, and understand the consequences of overshooting if you want to move outside of your comfort zone.
Vtubing at this scale isn't healthy for people who are not mentally sound. It's been made clear through his past stories, even before he admitted to having anger issues, that he has a history of mental illness that causes serious disruption to his life.
That did not keep me from thinking he was a good vtuber. Because people can grow beyond that. He modelled himself as somebody mature who had learned how to manage his issues, and good on him if that had turned out to be the case. That's called being a role model, and showing other people that they can achieve growth and a healthy life as well through hard work.
But he's made it clear over time that he's not that person. He's not somebody who should be vtubing as a member of HoloStars as he's causing detriment to himself and his fans. It's honestly painful to watch this unfold.
I don't know the right way forward since he's already in Holostars and they can't really eject him without serious cause… But I just hope that this doesn't turn into another Yugo situation where we all get first row seats to somebody having a prolonged mental breakdown ending in abrupt termination.
I know full well what site I'm saying this on, but it seriously makes me cringe to watch.

No. 271654

>He's not somebody who should be vtubing as a member of HoloStars
Eh, when he's not having a meltdown he's my favorite vtuber to watch by far, if he can patch things up in the background I'll keep watching him for sure. In the meantime I'm happy to tune out and do my best to avoid the second hand embarrassent of watching a ~40 year old manchild go through a mental breakdown.

No. 271669

nta but he would be better off as an indie imo he seems to be struggling with the corpo vtuber image.

No. 271690

File: 1674711691045.jpg (123.11 KB, 1407x2178, Sasaki_Saku_3D.jpg)

i thought you initially meant picrel which might have been juicy but instead its some nobody?

No. 271721

He's my oshi and I won't pretend the criticism doesn't get to me, but like you said, it really is painful to watch… I hope he can figure out a path that's healthier for him, because this ain't it.

No. 271745

I don't follow him, so what exactly happened with his having breakdowns?

No. 271750

Ntayrt but I know he got suspended for two weeks one time (probably) for having a shit fit with management about something. He clearly hates management the most of the four of them (though magni comes close)

No. 271753

I love this woman. I think she's so cute. I have a crush on her and her weird and aggressive humor.

No. 271754

He's been doing a lot of things that he's explicitly stated in the past would be detrimental to his mental health as a result of this job, and the effect is showing. He said that he's not one for substances that alter his mental state, and the reasons for this are obvious when you hear about insane shit like him getting stabbed while drinking and not remembering it. And yet he's been drinking heavily on stream. Following his two week hiatus as a result of blowing up at management, he decided to travel to Japan to apologize in person… and now he's withdrawn to the point of not showing up for important streams due to the deterioration of his mental health from being away from home and socially burnt out.
Like other anons said, it's not that he's a bad vtuber, but I think that the demands placed on corpo vtubers, espcially for an agency like hololive, are not gelling well with him. He's best when he's doing zatsus and let's be real, he doesn't need to be a corpo to achieve the types of streams he excels at.
Aside from the publicity, I don't see what he gains from being a corpo that he couldn't just get from being an indie.

No. 271757

I hadn’t heard most of that myself, since I don’t watch him super often. Thanks for the write up!

No. 271770

I feel bad for him. It would be better if he were a indie.

No. 271794

He was an indie for a few years. When he graduated, he hinted at a big opportunity of growth, career wise.
At the time, everyone thought about a chance at his previous job, or his brother’s start up.
In his pastlife he streamed zatsudans a lot, basically his content was the same but it’s also true that you can see how drastically he deteriorated lately.

No. 271834

I actually love her too nonna! Which was why I was morbidly curious if there was any drama. I just love her accent.

No. 272011

I love her too, she's really quick witted and makes me laugh almost every time I see her.

No. 272057

>feeling bad for some autistic male with moid rage who also has the easiest job imaginable
Maybe i just dont get it lol. Also holoENs state in general feels like a huge mess at the moment, i wonder if we will see graduations.

No. 272102

I think he had a fallout (?) with the others living together because he used to be a neet or something. Something, something, he got overwhelmed with lots of people around and whatnot.

No. 272115

I feel all of the male EN groups are a mess atm. It's honestly impressive how fast it all goes to their heads and at this point I'm just waiting for the first sexual related allegations to drop.

No. 272126

File: 1674943845257.jpg (522.14 KB, 1920x1080, 1671551937833158.jpg)

Honestly it impresses me how well luxiem are still doing despite being the first corpo male EN group to debut. Im hype for the AR live to see the guys (and girls!) in proper 3D

No. 272134

i bet mysta is already grooming someone he openly posts about his jerking off habits on his alt and bunch of people interact with his tweets
Imagine making thousands of dollars off larping as an anime character from the comfort of your home where you have thousands of fans that adore you and still complaining every day. People starve out there damn. You won the goddamn lottery in life, just stream your stupid games how hard could it be

No. 272335

After seeing all the Tenma shilling here I finally gave her a try yesterday since she was streaming one of my favorite games and turns out she is actually great, how the hell did she end up in the trashiest corpo imaginable?

No. 272422

I'm not sure, but her TTS streams are my favorite.

No. 272438

I trusted nonnies opinion on her but never actually went out of my way to watch so wtf is this you guys. This is just another pippa. Is she pretending to be Japanese with French intonations? The accent is so off

No. 272450

She's a hard working woman with a full time job on top of the vtuber grind, and a big part of why she joined Phase Connect EN was to work towards English fluency. So I guess it's because they were an EN corpo willing to take a chance on that. But I wish that she was elsewhere.
She's just Japanese, get filtered IG.

No. 272453

Where would you guys actually like to see Tenma? I could have seen her working well as part of NijiJP c.2020, but nowadays… I'm not sure what would make me happy.
IG the best case to me as a viewer would be her leaving with her identity intact, like what's happened to a lot of Tsunderia. But for her health, I wish that there was a decent corpo that vibed with her.

No. 272552

I genuinely don’t understand the point of making a side account that’s public as a vtuber then getting upset when people find it, just make the damn account private. Fans are crazy and will follow it even if you say you don’t want them to.
So don’t complain when people find your Publc account.

No. 272569

Love the vagueposting nonna but you can link to what you're talking about here, I swear we won't tell

No. 272590

Nonnie please spill the beans!

No. 272623

you guys can enjoy her but quote me on the day it comes out she was just larping as a japanese woman

No. 272637

is this about mysta kek

No. 272683

I always see male fans squirming over Gura being ‘tiny’ irl and actually just like her model guiz she looks like a child and is 4,5, but only word of mouth is the proof of this and people claiming her hands looked tiny in her handcam stream - to which you could barely see them and what you could see of them, they looked normal sized. One time Fauna talked about how the highest weights she lifted were 55 pounds and Gura replied saying Fauna could squat her. My tinfoil is that Gura is one of the taller Hololive members and all of this is an elaborate larp because she’s the biggest streamer and she needs her fans to believe she’s actually ‘just like her model’. Sorry for the sperg kek

No. 272713

It's definitely about Mysta, lol. He made a public side account well into being a vtuber (I think some time within the past 6 months) where he'd vent and all that jazz. I don't remember the handle but I do remember seeing one obsessed fan who had found him and was replying to all of his tweets, kek.

No. 272733

Nah, it’d be too elaborated for her. She’ a uwu smol pickme at best.

No. 272737

File: 1675290736911.jpeg (258.14 KB, 960x851, 850FA71B-4BBD-4D38-A63A-433DD7…)

it’s @/bakuwunawa and the whole account is pure cringe. i used to like mysta’s vtuber persona but turns out he is just some embarassing coomer. he also complains about streaming 24/7. As if he doesn’t make thousands just playing games

No. 272739

i dont see pick me at all, she offers literally nothing up about her life besides being a raging alcoholic and playing with little pet shop toys. i do agree chumbuds are insufferable though

No. 272753

So he can "vent" while still getting attention from the fans dedicated and parasocial enough to find it.

No. 272755

>paying for verified check mark for a personal/vent account
Fucking why?

No. 272774

no way is that really him? he's a literal neckbeard ew

No. 272775

File: 1675308053675.jpeg (65.85 KB, 828x475, 486BACA5-4561-4CEA-A9F2-485CE6…)

what do you nonnas think about the whole shoto/hiroshi drama. i personally find kt funny that all of shoto’s friends are dropping him one by one. everyone is tired of his fake, attention seeking, farming for content personality it seems.
i’m so sorry nonna but it’s really him

No. 272781

prays for his gachikois

No. 272782

File: 1675314031047.jpg (146.77 KB, 600x432, lmaoooooo.jpg)

This explains why everyone has been subtweeting lol embarassing honestly

No. 272783

Suicide baiting over being unfollowed? Fr?

No. 272784

and being unfollowed by shitto out of all people lmfao. isn’t merry a grown ass adult this is so fucking funny

No. 272785

moids were a mistake

No. 272786

i can smell this video

No. 272787

omg he's so ~sensitive~~~ uwuuuuu…

No. 272788

Why are people in the comments acting surprised that he's a man? One look at his webtoons and you can tell. All the female characters look like pre teens.

No. 272790

maybe they thought he was a fujo because the mc is gay?

No. 272804

File: 1675322513951.jpg (41.82 KB, 400x400, duju66kJ_400x400.jpg)

Bump, don't scroll.

No. 272811

who drew and who is this? it's cute

No. 272881

File: 1675338551548.png (1018.98 KB, 1400x1050, pas1j1swunn91.png)

With the way he acts online, i honestly thought he was a fat neckbeard. Wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being revealed as a groomer in a few years, this man brings a huge 'pretentious nice-guy softie that acts all pure' vibes. Can't stand him honestly. The comics are also embarrassing as hell.

No. 272928

The pic is of Axia, unfortunately now graduated.

No. 272933

I am very happy for it and I hope Vox drops him too so Voxto can fucking die finally, it's a cringe fucking ship. Sorry to anyone here who likes it, it's just my opinion.

No. 272934

He looks like Neville Longbottom.

No. 272940

File: 1675359284540.png (42.61 KB, 680x408, asdfadfdsfadf.png)

Looks like the Nijisanji concert has been cancelled and a lot of people are suspecting its because of Millie's deleted yab stream. Looks like the livers themselves aren't super happy about it all regardless.

No. 272955

Do people actually believe that it’s because of her stream? That’s retarded. It’s obviously because the timeline for it was scrunched. How the fuck were they going to do all that recording and planning in the span of two months? They jumped the gun and announced it too early, simple as.

No. 272958

shes very good at larping as one then since she knows some old ass Bilibili lore that only asians know kek,theres no ethical vtuber agency that treats its idols well.tenma is my oisshi so ill keep watcing if she is a imposter nipponjin

No. 272979

fuck you neville's actor is actually attractive in a tumblr man way now

No. 273021

This is the worst I've seen so far

No. 273027

It's either bait or somebody talking with way too much confidence on things she doesn't understand. Stop replying to her either way.

No. 273029

Wtf are either of you even saying, are we being raided

No. 273037

Out of the loop, what happened with Millie?

No. 273040

Millie made a stream titled "Secret GC" where she and other members of Niji parodied the /VT/ boards.
It made some people uncomfortable as a lot of people don't even know what /vt/ is. The worst part was some members weren't aware this stream was going to happen and a lot of Niji members were thrown under the bus. Pomu was extremely uncomfortable and the stream basically became "anonymously shit on your coworkers".
Apparently one of the girls in the stream stopped participating in the chat because "it got to real".
The VOD was gone in practically seconds after the stream ended.

No. 273042

The vtuber milk never stops flowing…

No. 273043

Holy shit this is so hilariously embarrassing for them, what the fuck.
Didn't Millie get into some hot water in the past by saying she wants to make it her goal to sexually assault all the male nijis or something? It's been forever.
She seems like she'd fit right at home in Phase Connect with her "humor."

No. 273044

Yeah, she did do that, and she makes jokes like that all the time. It’s funny to see how people defended her tooth and nail when it was and is still just extremely unfunny. Her and her wave are known for dragging out jokes until they become an actual issue, so it makes sense that she’d make up a stream idea so stupid that it’d get her and others flamed. Funny, her main issue after the stream was people “harassing livers and speculating who was in the stream” when the concept from the beginning was a “guess who’s who” stream.

No. 273046

> Funny, her main issue after the stream was people “harassing livers and speculating who was in the stream”
Yeah seriously, what the fuck did she expect? This is the type of thing to do between friends in your own time, not make an actual stream for strangers to watch, of course it's going to turn into guessing who's saying what.

No. 273054

what a retarded idea. like i can’t imagine a single scenario where this wouldn’t go horribly wrong. i always got chronically online vibes from millie but holy shit this is so embarrassing.

No. 273068

I kept reading about this butt this is the first time I saw the video. Was it literally just this- a discord chat box? If so that’s retarded but also really inconsiderate to their fan base full of children, literally why

No. 273071

What kind of commentary/chatting was she doing during this video? Or was there any? I haven't seen any videos of her actually streaming this chat.

No. 273082

whats happening with nijisanji? first millie poking the 4channers(which was retarded since now theyll be twice as stupid now) and then postponing the concert? did 4chan do something or what?

No. 273083

most people thought her account was hacked or sm so they kept reporting it kek its strange though now that hololive and some jap only groups have included online defamation(trolling) as sueable offenses dunno if they would apply aboard

No. 273097

>She seems like she'd fit right at home in Phase Connect with her "humor."
Millie wouldn't fit in PC at all. She's more Vshoujo tier, or Nijisanji tier. She's actually right where she needs to be. Phase is one of the best corpos out there, it's insulting to suggest Millie has a place there. Pippa alone is one of the best vtubers in the industry for instance.

No. 273141

Do you really think 4chan had anything to do with the cancellation of the concert? If anything, it’s obviously scheduling issues. They’ve done it before with axing a ton of EN member’s appearances at NijiFes due to Visa issues after planning it too close to the event date, then they did it again with this.

No. 273166

File: 1675435829349.png (92.53 KB, 304x244, 96631FB9-B050-4BFE-8128-87B001…)

> Phase is one of the best corpos out there, it's insulting to suggest Millie has a place there. Pippa alone is one of the best vtubers in the industry for instance.

Fuck off scrote. You don’t belong here,

No. 273175

>best vtuber

go back

No. 273177

File: 1675439830128.jpg (286.92 KB, 1080x1535, 1675432965910344.jpg)

Omg nepobaby millie destroys her career over a egotrip whaaaat? Kek

No. 273186

Does anyone actually know if Millie's stream had anything to do with the event cancellation or are we just repeating /vt/ console war bullshit?

No. 273188

>Retarded stream idea that just ended up being more boring and cringe inducing than juicy
>The “worst” thing being said in the stream is something that could be taken as a jab at another liver: “My oshi is Aster Arcadia” and a message of one of them mocking unicorns
>Twittersisters come out of the stream hyping Millie up for “getting back at the 4chinz haters” and /vt/sisters calling her dumb for letting the hate get under her skin so bad she makes a whole stream dedicated to it
>Mysta having a fit about it on his alt and main (because when is he not) because his fans are attributing things said in the stream to him and calling him a comedy genius, then deleting the tweets
>Millie still streams normally afterwards
>Millie keeps bringing more attention to the stream and apologizing for it, making the situation seem worse than it is, causing people to spread rrats
>Niji having chronic planning issues for the longest time, with even JP livers constantly calling them out for it and it rearing its ugly head just a couple of months ago with Lazulight’s first 3D appearance at NijiFes being canned due to it
Gee, I don’t know. It was a retarded stream but enough to cancel a concert that could rake them in millions of dollars? I don’t think so.

No. 273189

heard that the 4channers have started their…uh.. vengeance. racists bird ina tweeted shes in space so likely shes suspended i dont feel bad for her since she has a past of being a bully so its deserved, you dont negotiate with channers has she not seen chirs-chan?

No. 273190

File: 1675450151651.jpg (342.73 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_20230203-234327_Gal…)

Tenma radfem confirmed?

No. 273217

4chan moid roleplayers should stick together, thus why I said PC. Go back.

No. 273225

Kek I'll start watching her.

No. 273252

You caught her. She's actually Canadian.

No. 273275

To be fair, you have to have a very low iq to understand pippa. The humor is extremely shitty, and without a solid grasp of terminal autism most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also pippas pickme outlook, which is deftly woven into her characterisation - her personal philosophy draws heavily from incels on kiwifarms, for instance. The friendless scrote viewers understand this stuff; they have the lack of intellectual capacity required to truly appreciate the autistic edginess of these jokes

No. 273292

Subscribing right now nonnas

No. 273299

File: 1675495603097.jpg (12.3 KB, 241x453, candama.jpg)

No. 273303

Considering how many livers Nijisanji has and how many controversies they've had (going all the way up to legal cases with Yuzuki Roa suing another vtuber to Lauren's nipple porn piracy lmao), I honestly really doubt that one of their EN livers with less than 1M subs making fun of 4chan is the most of their problems. Some manager probably fucked something up or something crazy happened behind the scenes more likely. That said, I love Millie and I love drama so idgaf even if it somehow is related to her.

No. 273338

what do you think lol

No. 273359

I doubt the concert was cancelled because of the stream. They probably wanted to steal some of the holofes hype and quickly realized it would be a logistical nightmare if done this soon, although it's stupid because it was cancelled around 10 days after the announcement. Still, it's funnier to think it was because the talents were so retardedly butthurt over a schizo minority.

No. 273364

File: 1675529940015.jpg (93.16 KB, 1080x580, 826679cda9824614b5e4635cb2dc25…)

Okay, I'll admit, after enough shilling from farmers I checked out Tenma, and she is delightful. I'm glad farmers never lead me astray.

No. 273392

I actually quit watching vtubers a whole about half a year back, but Tenma is the only one I check back in on once in a while.

No. 273403

File: 1675541217041.jpg (62.83 KB, 500x500, artworks-dNye2Me2jEw9z0ZD-2XHu…)

I wonder which female vtubers have a lot of female fans. I like the idea of women playing cute anime characters, but I feel uncomfortable when the content is too pander-y. I used to watch Kureiji Ollie because I like her energetic personality, but I'd feel really uncomfortable when she'd try to act sexy, because it didn't seem like she even enjoyed it, and it was like watching a little sister act sexy (I know scrotes like that, but I hate it.)

Her new loading screen makes me hella uncomfortable (tldr: it's art of her basically flashing the audience, with a lollipop over her pubes. Why…)

No. 273411

>Her new loading screen makes me hella uncomfortable (tldr: it's art of her basically flashing the audience, with a lollipop over her pubes. Why…)
Her "mama" drew it, I assume without her asking specifically for a massive panty shot. Anime stuff is just coomer shit all the way down.

No. 273416

Apparently Salome is pretty popular with female fans in Japan, and her content is pretty inoffensive. She was somehow the only Vtuber to end up on the list of the most popular characters with Japanese yumejoshis last year, which is pretty funny.
I think you have better chances of finding girls that don't try too hard to pander outside of Holo, sadly it's pretty clear what that company's main audience is. They even have girls that openly say they don't want to be sexualized but as you might guess moids don't respect that at all.

No. 273426

reimu has a lot of chinese women artists drawing her so I’m assuming she has some female audience? i don’t really watch her myself

No. 273453

I'm still subscribed to her, but every time I see she's streaming and that loading screen comes up, I feel icky. Idk if I sound sensitive but I just want the cute genki zombie girl to not be lewded lol. Also, I like her design, but when I see that image, it makes me think of how bad she would smell kek.

Iirc Suisei asked to not be lewded, but it just makes 4channers lewd her even more, because she's forbidden fruit. I actually really like her singing and she seems like an interesting woman, but I don't have a ton of interest in watching entire streams in Japanese, only clips.

No. 273455

File: 1675557893390.png (1.18 MB, 1279x717, Screenshot 2023-02-05 004254.p…)

To be fair Ollie has been using a conveniently placed merch ad to hide that part of the loading screen for a while now lol

No. 273456

Aw man, now I feel kind of bad for her. I thought she might be trying to be more pander-y since the vtubing scene is dying, but maybe this image was just forced upon her. RIP.

No. 273458

Then again, her tumbler merch is apparently called "You're thirsty for Ollie, aren't cha?". At the end of the day it's just impossible to divorce vtubers from coomer shit.

No. 273461

Tbf, I wonder how much input they have over the merch. Apparently Kronii hates her booba model and tries to cover them as much as possible, yet they're selling an oppai mousepad for her bday. Who can say.

No. 273496

Kinda OT but does anyone else feel really embarrassed with the whole "mama"/"papa" thing? Like, I get it, I get why it's used and I know it's not said in weird context but there's something just uncomfortable when I heard it said out loud especially from male livers

No. 273516

Holos who don't make lewdbait their content:
jp: Susei, Subaru, Watame, Mio, Botan, Korone, Miko, Aqua, Towa, Koyori, Laplus, Iroha, Sora, AZki, Nenechi (love her and her story)

EN-speaking: Kaela, Ina, Kronii, Anya, Mumei, Fauna
Its that simple.

No. 273533

Slightly related, I applied for Nijisanji and I hope I can attract mainly female viewers. I want to talk about female shit with other women.

No. 273536

From what I understand it's more normal/less cringe in japanese but when english speaking vtubers use the same term in english it makes them sound like they're doing adult baby roleplay lol

No. 273545

i wish streamers could say they want a mostly female audience without males getting triggered. would make everything much easier for us

No. 273546

> Laplus,
I really, really love her, but I wish she would stop RTing lewd fanart of herself.

No. 273549

>They even have girls that openly say they don't want to be sexualized but as you might guess moids don't respect that at all.
I have a feeling some of the girls who say they're okay with it actually aren't, but know their fans are going to do it anyway so might as well contain it somehow, like Ina having to come up with a NSFW art tag to keep her coomer fans from contaminating the regular art tag.

No. 273588

It would be so nice to have a female vtuber that talks about nerdy girl media. I thought maybe Aia could be that but she's so desperate for attention it's embarrassing, plus she's apparently a sjw

No. 273590

I haven't watched her in a while but I used to love when she would go on crazed rants about her and her sister thirsting over Haikyuu characters lol.

Reimu is one of the only female vtubers I know of who has actually openly talked about how she dated women before, she's pretty based.

No. 273640

I like nenechi but she panders pretty hard to men, i dont know if thats changed nowadays though

No. 273657

Rooting for you!!

No. 273658

I can't stand Fauna's high-pitched uwu voice. She seems like a nice girl, but with the stuff like encouraging cow fanart of herself, I can't really put up with her. Plus, in her past life, she was a loli character, which is a no from me.

OT but I laugh whenever uwutubers insist it's their "natural" voice and they can't help being high-pitched. I have NEVER met a woman irl who sounds like that. Some women have a naturally high-pitched voice but they don't sound like an anime teen on the brink of tears/orgasm.

No. 273659

So are we ever going to have our own version of /asp?

No. 273660

Fuck no

No. 273690

On the uwutubers, I feel that. And when I point it out to some moid they start getting pissed off lmao.

No. 273700

In Nijisanji JP, Salome is pretty popular with women like >>273416 said. In NijiEN Enna and Elira seem to have a decent number of female fans (I think there are more female fans of Nijisanji in general). They had a meet and greet at a convention recently, and they said they were happy/surprised by how many girls came to see them. Elira, Petra, and Pomu have said they want more female fans before.
I like Elira. She doesn't have a grating high pitched voice, she's easy to listen to and her laugh cracks me up. She gets genuinely invested in the stories and characters in the games she plays. She's also into husbandos and shipping and likes shounen and utapri, hypmic, enstars etc. I remember she did a stream with Luca where she spent half of it explaining tumblr sexymen to him. She also likes Harry Potter.

I don't watch Hololive as much but I feel like in EN the only one that doesn't pander that much (or at all) is Ina. I like her drawing streams. In JP there's Suisei, and Pekora is pretty inoffensive.

No. 273718

>Aqua, Korone, Watame, Nene
Waifu shit tbh, lots of male fans, although I liked some of Aquas content
Funny so probably popular with everyone but I literally get a headache after awhile
>Botan, Mio, Towa
I think they’re chill, do a lot of gaming
>Shuba, Suisei
Still have male gaze shit going on but I think they’re funny, charming and talented enough to have many female fans, they’re great in groups

No. 273722

Kroni is a radfem on her way to becoming a FtM troon, so that's not surprising. She shouldn't be a vtuber in the first place, kinda like Mori. These are just failed women who can't be idols, so it's a case of being in an entirely wrong industry. Sadly, many grifters have infested the scene.

No. 273729

You’re a fucking retarded tourist who has no idea what any of these words mean. Kys.

No. 273730

>radfem but wants to be troon
>muh failed woman
>muh idoru
Ok scrote, remember, those anime girls will never love you

No. 273753

I used to laugh at those but I've seen so many people in the Tempus community claiming that Shinri's purry voice is completely natural that I'm now convinced that everyone's just universally retarded

No. 273759

Retardchama, Kronii can and should be a vtuber because she is a decent voice-actress with an extremely wide voice range. I would only agree about Mori, but we all know Mori will sooner or later leave Hololive once she gains enough money and fame from COVER, or even move to Vshojo to be with Kson.
Just because Kronii had a non-binary phase and openly shows that she hates men doesn't make her a radfem.
>They are just failed women who can't be idols
>implying that HololiveEN branch -are idols-
You are funny.

No. 273769

File: 1675691379508.png (244.14 KB, 431x673, 205AC5A5-F60F-4479-BAA5-765EB0…)

I almost felt bad hearing Pippa cry about wanting to off herself on stream.
Then I remembered she’s a 4chan grifter cow who laughs at edgy racist and misogynistic shit. I desperately need a thread on her.

No. 273770

She was also a mod on a imageboard and has confirmed she used to bully others when she was young. there's some milk to be found

No. 273771

She was buddy buddy with a notorious pedophile so that’s something

No. 273772

Thought I should share these here, figured you guys might get a laugh:




No. 273775

>crying and saying you want to kill yourself on stream
Lol why would she do this?

No. 273777

kek do you have a link?

No. 273798

that’s cow behavior for sure
>laughs at edgy racist and misogynistic shit
I would love a compilation

No. 273857

Please link I need to see this!!

No. 273871

I am curious how she even got hired? Did she manage to act less unhinged in her audition? Apparently the creator of Phase Connect is not pleased with her behavior.

No. 273889

Just delivering, nothing to see here.

No. 273891

No. 273892

No. 273895

No. 273910

Why do the worst pick-me cows always suicide bait?

No. 273911

File: 1675731503097.jpg (70.29 KB, 1079x936, E5MBpGXWQAo_oNo.jpg)

No. 273962

File: 1675747193963.jpeg (324.2 KB, 1878x2048, 69E9001A-6401-4A06-83F1-E9D2E1…)

Loved Masae’s debut, her new design is pretry cute, I have always disliked Yugo’s model tbh. It seems like she will focus more on covers instead of streaming which is a good call imo, I think she’s too unstable to stream but is a good singer. I will be keeping up with her future releases.

No. 273994

what in the yugo and scaramouche lovechild is this

No. 274008

File: 1675772029654.jpg (10.39 KB, 218x227, 1643456168171024.jpg)

twitter and reddit troons are waging an all out jihad again all streamers who play Hogwarts Legacy

No. 274012

File: 1675772297811.png (57.45 KB, 623x466, 1675769065665417.png)

No. 274024

File: 1675777049131.gif (133.25 KB, 150x120, 1675306927385.gif)

the honking dono sounds while she's crying kek my fucking sides

No. 274029

Salem witch trials be like

No. 274046

makes me want to go buy this game even though i have never seen/read Harry Potter in my life kek this is so funny

No. 274074

>OT but I laugh whenever uwutubers insist it's their "natural" voice and they can't help being high-pitched. I have NEVER met a woman irl who sounds like that. Some women have a naturally high-pitched voice but they don't sound like an anime teen on the brink of tears/orgasm.

I give asians some leniency on this because they're socially groomed to talk like that from young ages, so they're just used to contorting their voices. I have met a few people who have similar pitch tones but it's so easy to hear those who are forcing it, for example; IronMouse.

No. 274076

File: 1675790526717.jpg (408.04 KB, 1080x5834, orzkc9nmitga1.jpg)

Mental illness

No. 274079

I hope this makes her consider transitioning, I really liked her, but I think the troonshit is just not good for her.

No. 274083

*detransitioning, idk why it automated to transitioning

No. 274129

Unlikely since she is still larping as an anime boy and people are feeding into her delusions

No. 274207

Yeah, I like this one more than Yugo. She could always run the reverse trap angle if she finally gives up troonery.

No. 274238

Can also confirm Salome is very popular with women, she's praised a lot in the Vtuber Tanuki thread.

No. 274244

We really need more reverse trap vtubers imo
I need to check her out then, I've always loved her design

No. 274270

I think it's beautiful how Asian girls put in the effort to be cute and presentable. It's so refreshing compared to mannish white women.(racebaiting)

No. 274271

kys moid

No. 274281

File: 1675855116540.png (180.03 KB, 474x453, 1675286632687.png)

No. 274287

>OT but I laugh whenever uwutubers insist it's their "natural" voice and they can't help being high-pitched. I have NEVER met a woman irl who sounds like that. Some women have a naturally high-pitched voice but they don't sound like an anime teen on the brink of tears/orgasm.
When Hololive EN was first announced, my number one worry was that they'd be like Ironmouse with obviously fake pitched up voices so it was surprisingly pleasant to hear them talk normally. I wonder if that contributed to how popular they got on top of everything else.

No. 274292

File: 1675860878365.jpg (95.76 KB, 724x620, 3MuqgmC.jpg)

Zaion suspended. Anyone who kept up with her and has the milk?

No. 274296

People are attacking her for playing a transphobic game(imagine being this mad over a game) so much so she disabled the chat rooms. Stay seething twitter mob.

No. 274298

She wanted to play the new hogwarts game and I think nijisanji got scared seeing all the shit people do to streamers who play the game

No. 274300

JP livers were playing and streaming the game though

No. 274307

No. She’s just a dumbass who has gotten more streams privated than uploaded due to sheer incompetence. She called herself queen of the Jews and asked livers about their locations in one stream.

No. 274310

just wanted to ask, how many "women" here are actually men?

No. 274325

None. Imagine thinking females exist at all. Go away.

No. 274328

Based transphobic japan. Lmao game is hype in every country, the world fucking loves HP. Only terminally online americans are this pressed, literally no one cares.

No. 274333

No. 274334

Samefag but for those who don't feel like clicking the link, I don't know what game it is, but the character is a rape victim and in her underwear, to which she comments
and of course the comments are all moids defending her.

No. 274338

(can't attach pic of the tweet either currently bc i cant access twitter) but i saw it too and got so disgusted. the comments saying they'll now watch her make me give up on vtubing altogether because this is the kinda moids that watch your stream and get off to the image of you getting raped regardless of whether you want them in your viewers or not. im starting to feel sick for real. hope she never comes back

No. 274339

She also talked about using nintendo emulators and mods for FFXIV.

No. 274341

i thought hex would be the first one to get suspended out of xsoleil but i guess he makes too much money for that kek

No. 274363

File: 1675882997082.webm (5.54 MB, 888x1732, FullSizeRender.webm)

No. 274365

Don't be jealous nonnies. Your failure to perform makes them shine even brighter. You are the shadow to their light, and thus provide contrast. We wouldn't know how valuable women who try are if it weren't for girls like you. You've been outclassed, outmatched, outperformed, utterly demolished by feminine Asian women. You should take them as an inspiration and an example to follow, not as enemies. you too may one day be a good girl and a respectable woman. You just gotta try and give your best.(bait)

No. 274369

File: 1675884944628.jpg (12.27 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-23.jpg)

Don't engage and report the moid

No. 274376

I hope she graduates, or even better, gets terminated.

No. 274378

ew i hope they terminate her ass

No. 274386

Exactly. Makes me ashamed to be American

No. 274425

>I've seen a couple of comments um… I've seen a couple comments asking if I'm going to play the new Hogwarts Legacy game. And I don't know there is a LOT of controversy over that game. I won't say exactly what it is, um… there's two reasons…
>sigh I really want to play it, but I'm not going to play it. Two reasons; 1, because for a guy who's gotten so much hate in his life- y'know especially here in Holo, I don't want to invite more hate. Um… also y'know, gotta support the cause. Y'know, can't really do that…
>But also I feel like I'll be outed as a fake- as a fake Harry Potter fan. Y'know. I enjoy it, I think that the world is very interesting. I read a couple of the books, I re- I watched most of the movies, but I'm not one of those guys who's like "OH, I KNOW THIS THING, I KNOW THIS THING, I KNOW THAT CHARACTER!" I think- I think I'd rather have people who know the whole genre play it.
>gotta support the cause

No. 274428

No. 274433

Lmao yikes, Regis disappoints me

No. 274446


No. 274461

>says retarded on stream
>based terf
time to start watching her

No. 274463

to be fair if i was a vtuber that didnt want to get cancelled and lose my job i would say a similar thing. you have to pretend to support them especially because a lot of female viewers of male streamers are troons. i hope a bunch of en livers stream the game so they cant get mass cancelled but it seems unlikely

No. 274472

Lame and humiliating seeing jp streamers are business as usual lol he’s basically just saying “I don’t wanna be cancelled” and that’s the extent anybody gives a shit about troons, people mostly resent and disregard them

No. 274484

i thought she would be the most professional since she's been sponsored by mhy and is 30+ but holy fuck. unironically choosing the name zaion and being an antisemite and making rape jokes is such braindead move

No. 274496

File: 1675911569777.png (33.61 KB, 820x416, Zion_Definition_&_Meaning_-_Me…)

Not them, but they might be referencing that it's really close to "zion"

No. 274498

Sounds like Zionist. Nijis from my recollection get to choose their names, so idk why a Japanese American would choose a name like that

No. 274563

the livers don't choose their names, the only antisemitism related to her i've seen is the "queen of the jews" comment that someone else made, but the rape joke and the shotacon shit is unforgiveable.

No. 274589

Implying corp vtubers choose their name. Between this and the tenma shilling this thread is beyond hope. No native speaker can listen to her long term. Good luck on your studies.

No. 274622

>Gotta support the cause
Ugh, so he's one of those "allies"

No. 274628

You don’t seriously believe a corpo chose doppio dropscyth on purpose? Also why would nijis share and lie about that info

No. 274629

mysta and scarce literally admitted to picking their own names…

No. 274642

Since there's not an exact amount of time in the announcement, is this implying the suspension has an undetermined amount of time/could end up in graduation?

No. 274653

fingers crossed it does.

No. 274676

It’s not the same for every corpo, but Niji EN livers do pick their names. Yes, Mysta named his detective avatar “mysterious” and has made jokes about this several times. People have also talked about wanting to talk to Doppio because of the name he chose for himself. Sorry you think Holo rules apply to every corpo.

No. 274694

Idk what you expected from a pretentious uwu-guy whose first thought after joining Holostars ended up being 'I want my favorite youtuber/streamer to collab/interact with me asap uwu' as he started trying to get attention off LilyPichu on twitter during his first day (but failed miserably). Lol.
At least from what I know Axel is gonna play it. I am sure ENstars would realise that them playing Hogwarts Legacy won't make them cancelled and won't hurt them if they look at how StarsJP, LiveJP and even LiveID are having the time of their life by playing Hogwarts Legacy. Moona's been addicted to it from the start and she made sure to have decent mods if anything bad pops in the chat (which after 10+hrs of her streaming the game didn't happen, she even made sure to put the chat in sub-only mode). The only people who tried cancelling her were two literal whos (one of which got blocked by StarsJP for whining) and then they moved on.

No. 274859

It would be hilarious if anyone from tempus starts playing after he said he wants to "support the cause" kek

No. 274928

So did Vox actually get doxxed?

No. 274930

nyfco is going crazy, so i guess we'll find out soon enough. i don't know how to navigate the website so i can't figure out where the information is.

No. 274932

He’s been doxxed for a while. This seems like an actual family emergency.

No. 274933

File: 1676048288346.png (14.09 KB, 839x133, ea316f0605e3bdeec45de4f6c050bc…)

naw, a photo was posted to instagram of his room where there was a candlelit dinner set up? and the person who uploaded it claimed that he was cheating.

No. 274939

File: 1676049238178.png (28.5 KB, 740x341, 95da5fa9286852641f0eb63bde11d5…)

more stuff

No. 274942

File: 1676049323668.png (910.39 KB, 640x1010, gjfkldgjaldkfg.png)

No. 274944

File: 1676049470955.png (917.41 KB, 689x638, 1fc163e13f25917e754ef5d2ad4fe6…)

No. 274948

Goddamn, this food looks like shit

No. 274950

Not the rug!

No. 274966

Of course this whore is a whore, anime boys aren’t real nonnies

No. 274969

kek nonna you made me laugh out loud in the bus

No. 274970

so anyone knows anything about vox's face reveal? wondering if that was somehow leaked

No. 274972

I like some male vtubers, and usually I like pandery content. But Vox has always made me feel icky for some reason. He's just way too tryhard and self aware. He probably got off on posting this photo, thinking his fans are going to nut to his nasty feet.

His face has been doxed for a while, check out nyfco.

No. 274997

>poached chicken
euro sisters what the actual fuck

No. 275001

He better have been. I can't stand him

No. 275014

Hes a brit, we europeans dont claim them (especially when it comes to food kek)

No. 275021

This is huge if true

No. 275032

File: 1676076428392.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.25 KB, 552x424, sussy.jpg)

he's not atrocious, but god i would never

No. 275045

This would be whatever if it was some indie but what the hell are you doing posting anything like this on both accounts when you're that big? You're asking to be found out

No. 275048

Petra has talked about how staff tried to suggest adding stuff to her name and she shot them down, EN members, if not outright choosing their own name, can at least have the final say.

No. 275051

vox is equally parasocial to his fanbase, he cant distinguish it from his own person

No. 275077

He looks like a skinner version of cdawg kek.also apparently he has family issues to deal with so he's on a hiatus totally not because people found out he's a pasty white boy..nooo way

No. 275090

HoloEN are gonna have a concert in L.A this summer, wow!

No. 275100

We've known he's a pasty white boy the whole time, this is about him potentially being a cheater.

No. 275101

According to rrats, the photo was posted to a girl's instagram and a third party was the one to dox it online. The third party claims Vox is in a relationship with a co-worker and was cheating on said co-worker with this instagram girl. I've not been able to verify this yet though as her instagram has been privated.

No. 275103

Reimu sweetie I'm so sorry people think you would ever be with that nasty sleaze. Real ones know you would never settle for a man that doesn't wash his own ass.

No. 275112

That can't be true. Reimu doesn't seem broken up about it in any way.

No. 275126

Imagine if it was some normie chick that doesn’t know what an anime is who potentially full doxed one of the biggest vtubers in the world.

No. 275130

The Reimu rrat is purely made up out of speculation. It also didn't specify gender so my rrat is that it's Ike because I'm a fucking fujoshi.

No. 275137

poached chicken is good in a green salad with some vegetables, weird to put it in pasta though lol

No. 275142

Isn’t Reimu a lesbian though? I saw in her PL twit that she talks about seeing a girl and going on a date with her.

No. 275170

>one of the biggest vtubers in the world.
if you look at it in westerns eyes, sure, 'the biggest in the world', but realistically speaking, that's a bit of a stretch.

No. 275172

I got recommended this and now I feel dirty seeing it.some vtubers should have their pc taken imagine falling this low for clout

No. 275179

Is this a weird attempt at shilling bc why tf would you post this here after seeing it. I get a lot of weebshit in my recommend and it’s never this level of westerner degeneracy, pretty sussy on your part. Some “vtubers” are just plain old pedos.

No. 275187

I didn't know this kind..of vtubing existed but I guess i shouldn't suprised since gura exists. Its just gross

No. 275220

Isn't this that pedophile with the $9000 vtuber model? I remember hearing controversy regarding this person a while back.

No. 275225

Yes, it’s him. He’s a legit pedo commissioning lewd art of his shota model. He also tried/groomed underage people yet still wines on twitter because people keep calling him out.

No. 275237

She said she is bisexual but has confirmed that she has dated girls before and iirc has never dated a guy.

No. 275238

it's clearly a woman, what the fuck do you mean "he"

No. 275246

File: 1676168928244.png (36.34 KB, 543x533, rosemi.png)

People are speculating it's Rosemi he cheated on, not Reimu. Everyone is comforting her right now for some reason.
She's the furthest thing from a lesbian. She just likes to get male attention and doesn't really care if it hurts their numbers. She got Ike to say he loves her on stream, too.

No. 275247

$9000 for that…? I guess money can't buy taste!

No. 275252

Transphobia was one of the reasons that Taiga got "cancelled", so no idea. Not really interested in dedicating time to figuring it out.

No. 275257

tbh vox does give cheater scrote vibes. kind of man that would cheat because he felt emasculated over some dumb shit in an attempt to feel in control.

No. 275258

File: 1676173189477.jpg (62.07 KB, 678x680, FoENy1UXEAAVwZv.jpg)

no fucking way this bitch is getting an official nendroid now hell no

No. 275267

Ew, not deserved at all.

No. 275268

She barely even interacts with the males wtf do you mean? She hardly does fanservice, mostly hangs out with the other girls, and is openly a fujo. She has said she is bi and not lesbian, but she also openly says shit like "men were a mistake" and was the only person to openly be disgusted by Vox (albeit jokingly) before his fans started harassing her for even daring to speak to him.
>She got Ike to say he loves her on stream, too.
It was very clearly in a lighthearted way??? She didn't even make him to say it, his fans did.

No. 275269

I feel like I've gotten those vibes from him for a while now, too. Normally I'd be like "oh hell yeah, a male vtuber who is pandering to women." But he just gives me the vibes that he is overcompensating for something. Sure, you could say that about any male vtuber, but other male vtubers seem slightly genuine on some level.
Like, his past-life content was raunchy undertale comic dubs. Why? I know that's not a reason to disregard someone, but it feels like it was to get attention from pre-teen girls. (Yes, I sound like a 4chan tinfoiler. Sorry.)

No. 275273

See, that's a perfect example. Why did she go out of her way to confess she loves Ike? He's clearly caught off guard by it and is uncomfortable. He even asks if her account was hacked.

No. 275294

File: 1676192289387.jpg (79.1 KB, 620x540, 1676191911425478.jpg)

Lol. Nijisanji other than the JP branch will always be nothing but a laughing stock.

No. 275300

File: 1676198676140.jpg (46.42 KB, 552x751, 18403193_665506610313353_52185…)

fuck this grifter

No. 275302

Honestly EN vtubers were a mistake in general. Saying this as a person with a male oshi from EN kek

No. 275304

Obviously not Kyo’s account (because Kyo already has a roommate account that is active and why the fuck would any sane person make that their bio.), but Jesus Christ they should’ve made sure the @ was right before making the tweet. A day ago, the tweet @ was empty, now it links to something because someone took the fucked up @ to start shit.

No. 275307

No. 275312

I've been watching corporation vtubers for 5 years now, including Nijisanji, Hololive and VOMS but I lost all of my respect for Nijisanji after all of the NijiKR dramas and especially with the way JP managers dealt with Lulu's situation. I will not be surprised if they will force him to stop streaming because of the leaks. Unlike 'woe is me' Vox, Lulu had actual stalkers IRL to a point where they would even come to her house, throw junk in her mail, etc, they would even go as far as send her hate-mail in Nijisanji JPs fanboxes. Lulu grew to deal with this kind of hate, in fact it made her even more stronger as she never cried or vented on social media, unlike Vox. She went as far as started working out like crazy and learned self-defense, streaming for nijiJP was her passion but they kept telling her to stop streaming altogether everytime deranged antis would try doing something towards her. Instead of providing her security and taking care of her, they would do nothing but tell her to stop working. I am so happy she left, but fuck Nijisanji.
You want to know why she was hated? Because she was an idol in the past and japanese men are major creeps, claimed she betrayed them by becoming a vtuber.
I watch maletubers only if they don't start pretending to be softboys and manipulate their fans with parasocial bs, same goes with femvtubers too.

No. 275339

His twitter is full of coomer shit, no wonder he has severe brainrot.
She also knowingly called Vox in the middle of a GFE ASMR, she clearly loves male attention.

No. 275387

She was getting his attention while playing Jump King because he can speedrun the game. They're friends and it's not that deep. She also does stuff like this to Petra and the rest of NijiUK because they're friends and no one cares.

She didn't call him, she MESSAGED HIM because she was stuck while playing fnaf, famously his favorite game, and HE CHOSE to open HER stream and respond to her live.

No. 275389

>I'm going to whine about vague bullshit for 5 minutes but please don't speculate about it or stir up any drama
She doesn't sound very smart. Anyway I'm not listening to the whole thing, what happened?

No. 275402

sage for blog turns out someone gifted me membership for alban and i’ve been wondering why the hell i’ve been getting notifications for everything he does despite ot even being subscribed smh youtube is also turning into twitch

No. 275407

kek, then why did he got all jelly and spammed her chat during one of her parasocial-pandering streams, distracting her from her own paypigs?

No. 275410

So this is turning into /w/ again. Keep your parasocial autism on your own board you pathetic freaks, none of these people will fuck you.

No. 275429

not our fault there's not a vtuber drama thread

No. 275456

no the /w/ thread divulged into petty vendetta from literal who? indies trying to sabotage their friends. at least this thread stays on topic of corpo vtubers and their antics.

No. 275459

What truly matters in the end is that Gura is back. Everyone else is just a sideshow.

No. 275460

He looks completely fine. Do you live among elves or something?

No. 275464

>Why did Vox act like an annoying narc and try to make himself the center of attention in someone else's chat?
Why is the sky blue?

No. 275465

File: 1676244127993.jpg (423.53 KB, 2480x1748, Fmf0I21aUAAQLVj.jpg)

But nonnie, I don't want the clown to fuck me. I just want to watch him squirm and cry as I edge him so much till he's mind broken.

No. 275467

Half this thread is now unironically /vt/ posters who came here to shitpost arguing with each other

No. 275471

Please don’t treat this place like that stupid moid /vt/ board. Go make posts like that on your containment board.
This is why the other threads got deleted. This kind of circle jerking can be done elsewhere.

No. 275477

nona please raise your standards

No. 275507

Apparently it was lumi( I can't tell the difference between lumi or lia they're both pickmes) who has revealed that she was groomed and may have visited the pedo….how did phase connect find these women?

No. 275509

No. 275511

File: 1676276735826.jpg (12.26 KB, 250x358, images.jpeg-33.jpg)

Her.shes a member of the company pippa is

No. 275529

stop posting shit about nobodies ffs

No. 275540

I mean every terminally online girl probably got groomed one way or another at some point. Just some discord pedo or someone with relevance?

No. 275551

File: 1676296557252.jpg (152.72 KB, 1130x1063, FoWOmA_WcAE0eIM.jpg)

I want an axelotl plushy SO BAD AAGHGHHHH THEY LOOK CUUUUUUTE punches wall

No. 275555

File: 1676296893984.png (978.88 KB, 1092x942, 1675303780774626.png)

Best fan mascot ever

No. 275556

sorry, are you saying blonde woman visited vox? i don't understand who the pedo is

No. 275557

Do I look like I watch his streams or any content? I assumed it was a moid considering the vile shit she has done and how much of a whiny bitch continues to be.

No. 275562

fuck off pippa

No. 275565

in a unlisted stream lumi revealed that she was groomed when she was underage(i forgot to add that in sorry ) and nows theres speculation that she may have slept with the ceo to get the gig by her own fans kek, she always gave the tumblerina vibes so im not surprised

No. 275566

File: 1676298221372.jpg (643.95 KB, 2000x2000, FocrGSkagAAf1pz.jpg)

It's Axel's fan mascot

No. 275580

>Calls his audience pet names but it's not in a "parasocial way"
>Even when said petnames are "sweetheart, darling and princess"
>It's just "banter" and if you get it the wrong way it may be due to "cultural differences"
>But still wants to get payed to play therapist and skinwalk Vox
>And tweets shit like "break up with ur boyfriend 4 me"
Seems like the doxx scared him kek
He should at least have the balls to own up to what he's obviously doing to bait for chats

No. 275588

i can't take cancellations seriously when fucking google docs are made
here it is btw

No. 275596

walmart vox is getting bold

No. 275623

Go away

No. 275624

Mental illness on both sides holy fuck. The doc is strangely well made though, they should invest their time in being a P.I. or lawyers assistant or something

No. 275638

>encourages fans to vent and trauma dump through a donation service
>farming more parasocial fans through boyfriend yandere rolepay
thought his pseudo-intellectual therapist larp on his debut stream was sus enough, but wow is he shameless. i dont think streamers should encourage parasocial behavior in any way, but i feel bad for his mentally ill fans who are likely underaged.

No. 275639

>calls fans sicklings
>not hexagoners

No. 275643

>Entire internet personality is being an emo dude with a deep voice
i like how the document for the most part tries to be serious and then all of a sudden just lays that line on there. then there's stuff like stealing a coworkers sword on minecraft kek

No. 275667

I mean, yugo got kicked so his stuff is kind of like a mural, since he will never be able to join again. He did that right after he got kicked too

No. 275789

Does any of you like vtubers?

No. 275793

No, everyone is shit except my oshi, that btich whack too

No. 275795

File: 1676387595593.png (732.22 KB, 555x1200, Selen.Tatsuki.full.3427845.png)

I have a lovehate relationship with most of them except for picrel. I love picrel.

No. 275808

Yes, I love Pomu, Marine, Elira, Kiara… us criticising rotten apples have nothing to do with out enjoyment of the good ones.

No. 275819

I'm very tempted to check her out as farmers have been promoting her.. whats her overall vibe? Since I already have a dedicated oisshi I also love her design too!

No. 275820

Selen is so calm and such a sweetie. I also really love Enna, and the friendship between her and Kyo.

No. 275838

File: 1676403694420.jpeg (73.03 KB, 426x576, 97C398BE-D505-4B40-9AB3-6F592F…)

yes? not my fault so many are cows though

No. 275861

she feels like an older sister and doesn't try to be cute, but that's where gap-moe comes in and she unintentionally becomes very cute

No. 275886

I love vtubers, but watching them so regularly, you sometimes want to criticize or just talk shit without being negative to their faces. I've been a Niji and Holo fan for years, but I also like drama.

She just genuinely loves gaming and is also a bit of a troll in a funny way. She's just silly and chill and is good at getting along with anyone. I think the reason she truly became my oshi is that she always sounds like she's actually having a lot of fun when she streams, it makes me smile.

No. 275889

She both likes games a lot and is good at them, a combo that makes a big difference for me. She also is good about stream variety.
She's also mature and takes the job seriously while having great energy. I like that I don't have to worry about whether controversy is going to hit her.

No. 275897

seriously though, I appreciate Selen hires so many people and pays them fair prices. So many content creators tend to outsource to 3rd world artists to save some $$$. Also I'm glad Selen reinvests supas to make streams more enjoyable.

No. 275905

Is there ANY good place to keep up with vtuber news aside from here? I fucking hate /vt/ and Twitter isn't much better

No. 275954

File: 1676446221527.jpg (1 MB, 890x1705, VbDQWZ1.jpg)

>hires so many people and pays them fair prices
agreeing with this so much. whenever she has a huge celebration going on it really feels like a big deal, you can see the efforts of everyone that put work into it. she gets very stressed but seeing livestreams or videos made by a collective effort always feels more fun than sitting in an endurance stream of a game for a birthday celebration lol

No. 275992

my oshi is an indie vtuber, and i love him with all my heart
he's such a sweetheart

No. 276009

HoloJP, especially Fubuki, Suisei, Miko, and Subaru are my favorites. Also NijiJP Inui. But lately, I've been watching Kaela from HoloID and she is one of the most underrated girls, really. She reminds me of Selen a lot, but if Selen was extremely socially awkward. Very cute, she was a pro at LoL in the past. She doesn't pander to anything, only does her own thing. I have a feeling she is in her 30s or something, pretty calm and mature.

No. 276030

i never knew her voice is so beautiful

No. 276051

File: 1676500514439.png (322.31 KB, 800x900, Fo5nlCXXEAIUYkQ.png)

The Virgin Parasocial Panderer
>thinks he is a sex god - is just some 20 year old with a deep voice who spends all day online
>says he doesn't support his parasocial fans but continues to do parasocial roleplays
>complains all day on side accounts despite having one of the easiest jobs in the world
>boring streams

The Chad Jester
>knows he is a clown only here for entertainment - embraces it
>has beef with his chat
>has genuinely funny and unique streams
>blessed by the gods with inhuman luck, truly a modern day jester

No. 276103

Based, I don't watch enough of the clown's streams but you perfectly encapsulated why I find Vox distasteful

No. 276106

Truly a best boy, amazing taste

No. 276149

I can’t find his PL name right now, but he’s also good looking IRL. Still looks a bit like a fuckboy, but I’d be down for him

No. 276151

File: 1676548497097.jpeg (Spoiler Image,583.66 KB, 1132x633, 2A6D15A3-C35C-488C-9AC3-C70ACD…)

Samefag, I lowkey want to beat his face.

No. 276153

ah so this is who this dude debuted as. i thought he stopped vtubing altogether

No. 276157

Saw a post that said
>went from purple commander to purple jester

No. 276163

I want to shave his silly mustache. Bettel is a fantastic addition to holo btw.

No. 276166

If you find his open PL twitter please share!

No. 276167

For a moment I thought nonna was talking about Hex but I guess it applies to both kek

No. 276174

I'm another dragoon. Selen's way of conducting her business even in the face of a company who wants to restrict her is really admirable. I watch Elira, Rosemi, Luca and Alban on top of her and think they're generally pretty solid too, though I won't defend them like I do Selen.

No. 276178

Idk who anon is referencing, i just assumed Vox, but it could definitely be both lol. When I was maybe like 14, a male gamer having a pleasant deep voice was enough to intrigue me, but now I realize that muh deep voice alone does not a streamer make.

That being said, I'm assuming a lot of their fans are literal children.

No. 276180

idgaf what anons say, hex is way worse than vox.

No. 276232

the male gamer wave can't come faster. hopefully it wont be full of manchildren who mald and scream at games and has at least one thats calm and collected like an adult and can make great background noise without making me jump out of my seat with the yelling

No. 276242

Are you only watching Luxiem? There’s non-noisy men in Noctyx, Iluna, XSoleil, and Tempus.

No. 276342

i watch bettel and fulgur as males. i like listening to them while im doing mindless work but what im looking for is specifically gaming content for the most part because i want someone to listen to while im drawing. if i focus on drawing and not listen properly i wont miss anything and will rarely feel like i need to go back and listen again if i hear laughing, and if i want a quick break from drawing i can instantly understand where the stream is at since it's gonna be a pvp gaming stream. no plot or streamer's thoughts about the story to keep up with, and i also want them to be good at the game kek i watch selen a lot but im hoping for someone whose voice/talking is calmer and lower in the new wave

No. 276355


No. 276356

kek i said good at games. i heard about ver's study stream though so maybe ill use it. any of them pro level good? it's why im waiting for the gamer wave after all

also i hope theyll do a female gamer wave after this one

No. 276363

anyone keeping up with the silvervale drama? thoughts?

tl;dr for those who dont know she streamed the hogwarts game and got massive amounts of hate from troons had a breakdown on stream and is now taking a break apparently

No. 276368

It is what it is, Vshojo in general has been pandering to the terminally online twitterite crowd with their muh talent freedom anti-"""idol culture""" shtick, it's inevitable that they'd end up with a bunch of weirdos in their audience.

No. 276372

I don't really follow her but from what I've seen, she literally did nothing wrong. I wish her a relaxing break away from TRA bullies.

No. 276377

Anon, do you mean good at shooter games? Is it pro level shooter game players that you’re looking to watch?

No. 276379

froot and some of the other vshojo are troon asskissers so she has to be a complete idiot to not have seen this coming. troons have been melting down over this game en masse for many weeks now so there's no way she couldn't have known how angry it makes them

No. 276384

yes im an autistic esl i want a streamer with some personality and is good at shooter games

No. 276399

I was going to recommend Altare from Tempus but he fails the "some personality" part

No. 276440

File: 1676663143860.png (516.62 KB, 2041x830, 1b0.png)

added a few more

por que no los dos?

No. 276485

is nyfco down?

No. 276487

It's dead nonna

No. 276490


I came here for the same reason… So is this where us sisters are relocating now?

No. 276496

well, that's a shame. i was looking forward to sharing a new pic of bettel's face for the girlies to admire… c'est la vie!

No. 276499

that's too bad, i liked using that place as somewhere to check up on my oshi's other activities. i'm not really interested in gossip or drama, i just wanted to follow my oshi and have some english speakers to talk with about it. but i guess it is what it is.

No. 276502


No. 276503

The cancer is defeated

No. 276505

Please go ahead and post it, I wouldn't mind one bit…

Me too, I just wanted a place where I can have some real talk about vtubers and not an absolute hugbox that doesn't allow even the slightest criticism like Twitter…

No. 276506

I wish we could have a drama-free PL website. I guess it just comes with the territory.

No. 276513

I wasn't even concerned about that, I literally just wanted a place to talk about my oshi with other fans of him without the "no PL talk allowed" autism that exists almost everywhere else.

No. 276514

BASED, I was the OP and I actually was referencing both Vox and Hex (and a little bit of Shoto lol) so I'm laughing my ass off that you actually included them both. Good edit, love that clown man.

No. 276525

shoto and mysta both lol

No. 276529

here you go, nonnie!

No. 276532

i just want the cheating to be confirmed or not. i am ready.

No. 276533

PLEASE share twitter PLEASE

No. 276540

the way this would break nyfco…

No. 276546

No. 276547

Nah my boyfriend is hotter. Thank you I didn’t want to have another oshi after Vesper left my heart.

No. 276549

i didn't get the picture from some super secret twitter account, calm down.

No. 276556

Thanks, I blew my wrist out on ms paint on my work computer.

No. 276558

Based meme artist nonny!

No. 276593

No. 276616

He looks like he smells bad. He could have been cute if he was clean shaven with a nice haircut. I hate men with long hair they all look unkempt. I’m glad to be an axelotl.

No. 276624

Hopefully that yellow fever of yours will pass soon sweetie

No. 276629


No. 276648

Eh…he's funny so .. Still cute to me kek

No. 276649

File: 1676725738302.jpg (11.01 KB, 554x554, radfema.jpg)

Silverware cried tenma made the bullies cry kek.my oisshi is literally streaming harry Potter for 3 days straight kek

No. 276663

what’s up with nijien constantly going on trips to fuck their coworkers

No. 276690

nona learning about the concept of friendship

No. 276691

keep covering for their unprofessionalism, it’ll get you far in the world of cope.

No. 276697

I hate PC but admire Tenma for standing up against pickme shit and other parasocial pandering. I remember people tried pressuring her into talking about Pippa's feet pics buts he told people to shut it and said it's disgusting. Pretty cool gal, wish more fem streamers were confident enough to tell idiots to stfu..

No. 276753

I love Tenma and I have the nonas here to thank for it. Still hate the rest of Phase though

No. 276775

My tinfoil is that it was bait and she 100% expected it either for attention or because she’s an actual terf doing the lord’s work(I hope).

No. 276823

Can somebody explain what the deal with Amelia's PL is? I see it referenced now and then that she had a real shit time prior to joining Hololive (not as a child, but in regards to her career (?) as a streamer) and as a result finds it hard to trust people.

No. 276824

Normal and acceptable.

No. 276891


What country is she from? I always thought it was somewhere in Europe but people said shes Japanese?

I found the accent really charming

No. 276894

As far as anybody know, she's Japanese and living/working in Japan.

No. 276920

guys…. Will Nyfco come back one day? :(

No. 276925

No, newfag.

No. 276926

Go away

No. 276945

honestly i kinda miss nyfco too nonna it was like reading the morning news lmao

No. 276948

I highly doubt it, but if the admin isn't JP-based it might come back on the deep web like KF did for a while? But again the chances are close to zero.

Me too, it's so hard to find similar communities and I refuse to watch "news" vtubers or visit the mind-numbing shithole that is /vt/, like where am I supposed to get my daily NijeEN updates and insane theories now?

No. 276949

I was wondering what happened to it… hope someone managed to archive the stuff that was on it

No. 276955

I agree. /vt/ is way too toxic. While nyfco has its toxic trash days, a lot of their theories & criticisms were valid and interesting to read. Idc for pl much honestly. Its just nice to know where we can find them once they decide to graduate. I guess I’ll stay here until a better place spawns from satan’s ass kek

No. 276958

newfag begone

No. 276985


Well wouldya look at that, it's back.

No. 277008

just use the webarchive

No. 277078

nyfco is back

No. 277112

File: 1676920004558.png (600.95 KB, 827x751, 1676918679226552.png)

the winners… absolute trash

No. 277125

Absolutely atrocious kek

No. 277137

File: 1676923977311.jpg (338.23 KB, 2048x1536, FmDByreaUAITUbV.jpg)

No. 277165

western vtuber scene is a joke

No. 277319

I’ve never seen a single second of these people

No. 277352

I've never heard of Shylily but ffs this wiki desc
>does not shy away from making lewd stuff. She is known in particular for interacting with lewd sentences in the cutest way possible.
>However, despite being lewd, she's often unexpectedly wholesome at times

I've pretty much made a rule for myself that if a vtuber is ever described as being "lewd," they're trash. The word is so cringe for me alone.

No. 277361

So I'm not very familiar with vtubers but I used to listen to this girl on Youtube who had a really lovely voice. She disappeared about 1-2 years ago now and deleted all her socials. I was just wondering if anyone recognizes her voice? I've been searching to see if she possibly reappeared as some VTuber since that's so common among those sorts, but no dice. I thought for a second she could be ironmouse, but I'm second guessing that now. I would appreciate it if any nonnies can have a listen and tell me if she sounds similar to any vtubers they know or if they have a similar sounding vocal recommendation!

No. 277378

>>No. 277361
i recommend u looking through nyfco
its worth a shot(good try, newfag)

No. 277392

Two coomerbaits, a talking GoFundMe and a leech. So beautiful.

No. 277396

All 4 of them are coombaiters, more or less. The state of western vtubing…

No. 277559

People can't resist referencing current personas on old accounts because it makes them feel very wink-wink nudge-nudge "I know my oshi better than others" when they know their PLs. I'm not really seeing that there, so I don't think she's a current vtuber.
It could be that she's a vtuber, but just not a very well known one. However, socials usually get deleted in the case of somebody getting hired on by a corpo. So if she is planning on resurfacing in that manner, I'd consider it more likely that she got hired by one but hasn't debuted yet.
If you let us know around when it seems like she disappeared, I'm sure some other nonna that keeps up better with the corpo scene could give you a guess on where to keep an eye out based on when auditions for corpos rolled out.

No. 277667

File: 1677110190560.jpg (61.12 KB, 330x298, 1630158446046.jpg)


Thanks. I found her… wow she's a lolicon pandering chinese vtuber now… does ASMR and shit and everything on Bilili. Disappointed but at least I can listen to her songs again.

No. 277668

What a disappointing outcome, her voice is really nice

No. 277700

Yikes, that's a bit of a horrifying outcome. I'm glad that you're at least able to listen to her sing again.
Are you able to post a cap? I'm curious as to what she ended up pciking for herself.

No. 277701

If I had to support a Vshojo girl, it'd be ironmouse, though. Maybe it's because I don't actually watch her and have only seen clips of her talking about being into the same niche hobby as me, but I've at least never seen her be cringe coomerbait.

No. 277706

give 茉里Mari a try if you're on bilibili. she has a nice singing voice too. don't know if she also panders to coomers since i mostly listen to her covers.

No. 277709

She used to be the type of person to say dirty/crazy shit really loud to be funny, but yeah these days she doesn't really pander to coomers besides commissioning sexy models at times. tbh I respect that she's been a vtuber for 7 years, way before it blew up in popularity. Also it's still crazy to me that she's a mother and swept it under the rug. I'm wondering when the info will make it big again and she has to make an apology about hiding her daughter.

No. 277721

Really? Ironibegmouse? She's the least talented and is only popular because of her I'm so sick guys shtick.
>does the retarded baby voice despite saying she's a opera singer
>omg she can die anytime my 60 $ dono will save her
>leaves her child to be risen by her parents
>if she's so frail and sick that if she steps out she can die how can she go on streaming for 14 hours
>only is popular for pretending to be a born yesterday girl who doesn't know any better despite being in her 30s
>is being shipped with a popular streamer and milks it
>wow just like anime
Nice try moid

No. 277728

has nijien opened applications after the one for the gamer wave? i wonder if they will also come in 2 waves, but it must be questionable if they will succeed as the first full gamer wave

No. 277754

After the male gamer wave audition last year there was one new audition open from Jan 6th to Jan 23rd, but so far no one was chosen from these batches (Xsoleil are from the Iluna audition batch) and some people are saying they scrapped the gamer wave altogether but it's too early to tell.

No. 277756

idk what you expected with that voice.

No. 277759

File: 1677149610678.png (320.28 KB, 577x911, Shaun_Full_Body.png)


I believe she's 勺Shaun from VirtuaReal. She has the typical white/pink sheepish little girl persona you'd expect from anime. It's a cute design but I know for a fact she's a grown woman because I used to do some mixing for her a while back so it's a bit offputting for me + she talks really sheepishly and soft. They should've just gone for a more Reol-like stylish, cool girl vibe with her since that's what she sounds like imo. Anyway I guess it's mostly me just being nitpicky since I'm not a huge fan of vtubers to begin with(no offense). But I've been a long term fan so I'll just listen to her songs and avoid the streams.

For reference this is what she sounds like in her songs:

And this is what she sounds like in her stream:

I thought she'd take on a persona similar to REOL or even join a jrock group or something maybe. Just wishful thinking.

No. 277790

i feel like if you are a really good gamer being a vtuber is kinda detrimental for you because a lot of normies find vtubers cringe still. look at rpr, so many people think it’s cringe and say the wish he would drop the vtuber act.

No. 277827

Mm, again, I don't watch her, but your statements are just… generally incorrect about chronic illness. Sorry if I'm wrong, but I don't think you're chronically ill or understand how it works.

AYRT, interesting. Didn't know that she's a mother- that sounds pretty hard to hide. Again I've mostly just seen her talking about tokusatsu but that's an interesting shift as well. Good for her.

No. 277838

jokes on you i AM chronically ill so i know, the claim you dont have so you dont know is stupid as hell. if youre that frail doctors would try to help you assimilate into society like even cancer patients try to socialize more im just waiting for her to be outed as a hack because she has all the things to be a larper

No. 277883

this sounds like a lot of shilling for garbage run of the mill uguus. if you guys are doing this unironically, please get better oshis

No. 277894

File: 1677185380719.jpg (867.17 KB, 3000x3000, Fo2s2RSacAAUDHH.jpg)

my oshi is this guy
roast me

No. 277901

Good taste I miss grandpa

No. 277911

He's so likable that I still enjoy him even after knowing he chimped out on his manager. idk how they did it but Tempus is just so good.

No. 277916

I did say sorry in advance because it's not like I can claim to have full comprehension of every chronically ill individual's experience through my own, but whatever.
Is it even shilling? It's more a reaction to how aggressive you're being. I think it's a normal instinct to try to chill out somebody going on full rants about somebody who is, as you yourself said, just run of the mill.

No. 278029

you like an ugly moid with anger issues who would throw a fit because you told him to put the dishes in the sink i dont think you need to get roasted any more than the self roast from admitting to liking this guy

No. 278061


No. 278083

How do you know no one was chosen from this recent audition yet? Ive heard the same thing about the gamer wave being scrapped so I guess we’ll see around summer time which is prob when they’ll release the new wave.

No. 278097

File: 1677253792203.jpg (186.04 KB, 902x990, tMwSKEa.jpg)

so what happened with the vox drama? checked his twitter to see that he posted picrel. i dont want to scroll fifty pages of hetheys sperging over their ships on nyfco

No. 278229

Dude got hard doxxed. Posts were quickly deleted and reports conflict but it was likely someone who follows his personal insta. Anons suspect it was a girl he was cheating on/with.

No. 278237

God Vox is so embarrassing. Every time I come across anything with him in it I cringe so hard.

No. 278260

File: 1677297224146.jpg (259.41 KB, 1500x1500, FpxhvCtXoAIJPKs.jpg)

What an interesting lineup. I wonder how Vesper will do in a situation like this? Considering he hasn't even really done collabs and all that and clearly has a lot of anxiety with large scale 'event' type things.

No. 278318

i want to go to there

No. 278606

He has been collabing just fine and has another collab with the usual group (Magni, Mori and Kronii) this week. The Tempus collab stuff is clearly due to some internal beef, probably with Altare.

No. 278653

>nearly an hour in and just passed the first area
God bless my retarded oshi.

No. 278657

what's the beef with altare?

No. 278773

Why am I not surprised there would be beef with Altare kek

No. 278807

It's mostly just speculation. Vesper's been cancelling collab streams with Tempus since his return after the suspension arc, even though he collabs fine with other people. Some people think he got into a fight with Altare behind the scenes and is now avoiding him. There's not really any concrete evidence of that that we know of, except Magni mentioning that he talked to Vesper and told him to go easy on Altare and his leader act.

No. 278841

i just wish regardless of what happened, that it would go back to how it was the first 3 months. the unity was so nice and it was good times. i hate that every collab stream, there's people constantly asking "Vesper doko" "vesper muted". it really brings down the mood and make it seem like parents fighting.

No. 279149

File: 1677601974860.png (181.23 KB, 358x181, 1660260052584.png)

>leader act
n-no, it can't be…not my immersion

No. 279173

Always remember nonna ….vox is a pasty white boy (being parasocial with a snail is more worth it)

No. 279177

>pasty white boy
What a breath of fresh air. Kinda gets tiring when nearly everyone else is Asian.

No. 279370

that post didnt even have anything to do with vox

No. 279371

No. 279374

Preach, I'm not a racist but it is kinda weird that the EN vtubing scene is so heavily dominated by asians

No. 279377

File: 1677677100219.jpg (91.19 KB, 642x900, 20230301_142448.jpg)

Trannies bullied Pikamee into graduating. I hate it.

No. 279379

I'm absolutely baffled. I feel beyond bad for her. Didn't she even not play the game and only said she was planning to?

No. 279380


No. 279382

File: 1677679123338.jpg (226.79 KB, 850x1282, __amano_pikamee_voms_drawn_by_…)

Yes. She only had a waiting room set up and people started barking at her. She apologised, said she just wanted to play the game and they started harrassing her even more. Pika always had it tough with socialization, she was bullied in school and used streaming as a way to connect to people. Heck, even the past few months she was more or less tired of streaming, too. It just sucks.
I think VOMS is gonna be gone by next year altogether, she was the only person who carried this tint project. I can't believe only one gename out of 3 will have a 3 year anniversary now.

No. 279383

Yeah VOMS was basically just her for the most part so I doubt it'll last unless they manage to bring in someone new that can carry such good vibes too.
Already seeing people that the harassment was actually some sort of reverse psyop and while I don't doubt some did just cuz they could, it's wild how little people are willing to just go: hey don't harass people for a game.

No. 279386

File: 1677680745649.jpg (11.13 KB, 275x229, 1648853438154.jpg)

NOOOOO she was my comfort streamer why…

No. 279387

So sad tbh. She will always be a legend to me.

No. 279389

No. 279390

File: 1677681197869.gif (2.51 MB, 231x445, 6b95f40d3fc89d33.gif)

God tenma is too good for phase.i love this fox

No. 279397

File: 1677683316695.png (18.01 KB, 663x283, fab2fba635dcd02cbfc6d99acf0cf6…)

absolutely based

No. 279402

It got taken down for violating rules…

No. 279404

File: 1677687857671.jpg (295.46 KB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_20230301-172235_Twi…)

>Being a trans vtuber is about to get a LOT worse

No. 279405

It better fucking be

No. 279408

File: 1677689324937.png (78.67 KB, 875x353, chrome_6squa53Wj9.png)

>/vt/ leaking over onto /lgbt/ with their autistic rage
What response did they honestly expect? Being vitriolic with the transphobia will not bring Pikamee back, lol.

No. 279427

>implying vitriolic transphobia is wrong
>on my lolcor.farm
41%, newfag

No. 279428

kek /vt/ finally doing something good for once, good on them. trannies are vermin.

No. 279429

Nyfco refugee…. You don’t know where you are

No. 279432

is on lc
Go back troon also they deserved it they shouldn't have chimped so bad over a fucking game

No. 279433

>You don’t know where you are
Yes I do, and I don't like trannies either but I do think that poking the wasp nest is dumb as fuck and just asking to get clapped back.


>Also if they're so scard of transphobia maybe they shouldn't have chimped so bad over a game they deserve it
If it was just a silly little wizard game, why didn't Pikamee just do what Silvervale did and continue on with her career anyhow?

No. 279436

Fucking finally, it's a shame Pika had to die for our sins. It's actually funny that so many people are waking up to how utterly annoying and shit trannies are thanks to them harrassing several vtubers, dont mess with the big titty anime girl.

No. 279438

you idiot newfag, pikamee was comming back from a hiatus because of her family members being hospitalized and other problems and just wanted to play the fucking wizard game to have a good time and rest from her problems, but trannies as always have to make everything about themselves and had to harrass her.

No. 279439

>make an AI image of Pikamee burning the trans flag
>post it on the lgbt board to try to start a flame war
I don't have to be a troon to say this is laughably cringe behavior.

I don't watch female vtubers and it sounds like she's probably quitting from other shit besides limpdick troon ""bullying"".

No. 279441

>I don't watch female vtubers
then why come here and defend trannies if you have no idea of what's going on? if you are a woman you are pathetic and a disgrace for getting angry at something as retarded as a shitty thread made by ONE /vt/ user on an anonymous board that's gonna be prunned by tranny jannies anyways, while defending trannies that harrassed a woman and sent her death threats for playing a fucking game.

No. 279445

>If it was just a silly little wizard game, why didn't Pikamee just do what Silvervale did and continue on with her career anyhow?
being relentlessly harassed, doxxed, bullied, threatened, etc by demented terminally online incel trannoids all over playing a video game takes a toll on someone, especially considering pikamee has apparently been bullied a lot during school. silvervale was also crying on stream over the insane tranny harassment
it may not be her sole reason for quitting but it was definitely the final nail in the coffin, she would've continued streaming for a little bit longer without tranny failsons dogpiling her

No. 279447

Funny as fuck that you think placating unhinged rapehons will make them stop harassment

No. 279449

For all the support she's getting right now it seems like the ones that were "harassing" her were holding empty guns, as these genderspecial kids often do. It sounds like her family being hospitalized badly enough that she already needed to take a break sounds like a bigger issue, and she may need a more stable career than vtubing to handle something like that. I'm just fucking tired of the current climate of a-logging being trannybashing because shit like that is going overboard and making the vtubing community look bad.

How is common decency not to break global rules and shit up the catalog with pointless anime drama "placating unhinged rapehons"? That's just called not being a drifter shitposter.

No. 279451

File: 1677695563079.png (398.2 KB, 678x621, 1655153399765.png)

what do you gain from defending troons, who cares if they get their shitty coomer board spammed by animefags, you reap what you sow. Stop defending troons who harrassed several women(friendly reminder they ONLY harrassed women over the wizard game) for wanting to play a game based on a beloved franchise and whose creator is literally Hitler for funding a women's shelter.

No. 279453

File: 1677695841146.png (38.33 KB, 677x213, tranny jannies.png)

Also, anyone else getting banned on /vt/?

No. 279454

File: 1677696106290.png (33.99 KB, 997x590, 1677695187535306.png)

>if you laugh at pikamee simps flaming and a-logging that means you're a tranny/tranny supporter
Please, for the love of God, take your meds.

The /vt/ mods have been working non-stop, it seems. Between that and adding random graphics all over the board, seems like a chaotic day.

No. 279457

File: 1677696392729.png (25.27 KB, 1247x98, troon janny.png)

man whatever it's going on rn at /vt/ is hilarious, most posts saying anything negative against troons are getting deleted while trannies or bait posts flamming pika are left untouched

No. 279458

Also here,

This is where you can complain about mediocre moderation, though you should try to make it sincere, well thought out, and concise.

No. 279461

the tranny jannies removed the sticky

No. 279462

File: 1677697051744.png (88.88 KB, 1866x215, chrome_HsNjVbCKjH.png)

The sticky looks like it's being actively raided by /pol/fags spamming copypastas spouting the usual–

Ninja'd, holy shit it's true.

No. 279463

not everyone that hates troons are /pol/fags, you idiot. Obviously people are going to joke and get angry at the group of people who harrassed Pika into graduation.

No. 279465

>not everyone that hates troons are /pol/fags, you idiot.
Not everyone no, but that screenshotted post in particular?
Here you go: https://archive.is/THPv2
Stalest copy/pol/sta.

No. 279475

You don't even have to harrass them, you just have to adress them by the "wrong" pronouns and they will have a full-blown panic attack kek

No. 279541

probably gonna get flack for this but I'd care far more about Pikamee's situation if she wasn't a lolicon.

No. 279604

Kys. Trannies are not welcome here.

No. 279605

File: 1677745080534.png (990.83 KB, 750x1334, 1677691711525173.png)

You won't get flack, instead you can have this proving your point.

Her bullying stories also sound like she's just kind of a spineless person in general that lets bullies walk all over her. Japan girls didn't like her hair or eye colors so Pikamee dyed her hair and wore contacts. I see a pattern of bending the knee.

People like that won't make it in such a cutthroat, overcrowded industry.

No. 279606

>if you disagree with me you're trans
Tired of the scroteshit, fuck outta here.

No. 279608

god i fucking hate lolicons so much i fucking hate that vtubing is so full of it and you cant say anything against it without scrotes trying to cancel you.

No. 279609


No. 279610

>Japan girls didn't like her hair or eye colors so Pikamee dyed her hair and wore contacts
Japanese schools require students to have black hair, look it up. If you were a brown haired person in Japanese, you would have to to dye you hair.

No. 279611

>in Japanese
in a Japanese school*

No. 279614

In what policy does it say that colored contacts are also required? Also, if that's school policy then it's not bullying at all. That would be plain old systematic oppression, which sucks, but isn't something that can be fought against like rebelling against bullies.

No. 279616

I am a real woman and can you not bump the thread if you have nothing relevant to contribute, newfaggot?

No. 279620

File: 1677751895264.png (71.54 KB, 649x864, 1677749114350869.png)

This is what you get for joinin Nijisanji lol

No. 279623

damn niji is un route to become like wactor huh?

No. 279624

Niji always had shitty management outside nijiJP. The way they "dealt" with NijiKR alone is something.

No. 279634

You’re fucking stupid if you don’t realize almost all of the hate was alt right trolls and bait.
Pikamee was on graduation ground already it’s just poor timing at best and she decided to anticipate at worst.

No. 279653

kek, okay transdefender-chan.
i saw it myself that the people w pronouns and 'im transgender vchuba uwu' personality were on cancellation bangwagon.

No. 279657

I'm not sure, just because the claims that she was harassed with genuine death threats and doxing are not founded in any hard evidence to prove it one way or the other. I don't count wimpy "go play in traffic" hateposts that most streamers deal with on the regular to be remotely relevant. IF that is the reason, vtubers are snowflakes that want special treatment above the usual fair of popular streamers and we deserve to have a vtuber general again on /snow/ or /w/ to laugh at them. The whole graduation is being blown out of proportion. Pika didn't even play the goddamn game, and in the past week the twitter freaks were focused more on Silvervale than Pikamee since Silvervale had more milk and more to lose. Silver also lives in the US while Pika is in Japan where trans shit doesn't even matter.
Journalists and dramatubers are all over Pikamee now like stink on poop using whatever flimsy "bully" posts they can because they want those easy rage clicks.

You really are annoying if you think all dissenters are samefagging, if that's what "transdefender-chan" means. Go put your sword back in the retard war and stay on Vtwitter and /vt/, assuming the mods there haven't given you a free vacation already.

No. 279782

File: 1677819027539.jpg (152.49 KB, 1277x1081, Fo1XvnHaUAAlrfb.jpg)

Realized while watching Bettel's Fall Guys archive where he works out that I think I prefer male vtubers/streamers because I like streams where the audience laughs at the person as much as with them. I don't like when the butt of the joke is calling a girl stupid or watching her embarrass herself, but I'm totally ok doing that to a guy (with love and respect to Bettel lmao). On the other hand, I think this is also why I love Selen and why she's popular with women. She's actually pretty clever and she's good at games, so a lot of her humour doesn't come from her making a fool of herself but her bantering and playing around in the games. There are lots of other female vtubers I do like, even some that do the dumb act, but I really do feel more comfortable laughing at men being clowns.

No. 279845

File: 1677841962336.png (596.5 KB, 659x624, 9e175854996155a8e31fd2a6be32c3…)

No. 279848

File: 1677842771237.jpg (218.15 KB, 600x600, 1658937567634.jpg)

No. 279849

although i fucking hate pippa i cant be mad at her for this,im still bitter over pikamee being bullied to graduate over a fucking game

No. 279853

Male vtubers will go all in on clown coin and still be attractive to us. Female vtubers usually don't go all in because they still want coomer points and they know they can't actually fully unlock their humor potential due to laughter being a "boner killer", so I've been told.

The irony is that some of the ones like Pippa who try to be funny end up having some of the creepiest/most mentally ill fans. Not sure about the psychology on that one. Or you have Kiara "humor" that isn't really funny but is just typical CGDCT content.

No. 279855

File: 1677846557980.png (193.08 KB, 1272x1138, 1677822365003795.png)

Seriously, learn to integrate and sage your shit when you have nothing to add, 4channer. Lolcow is not a fast moving website.

That said, picrel is from June. Pika was dealing with a lot of problems long before the hogwarts drama, and I'm really fucking tired of rubberneckers thinking it was all harry potter related.

Moving to twitch was a mistake and her content wasn't as good as the youtube days.

No. 279858

sage and integrate says the 4channer himself. stop sucking on troon dick. who was pikamees bully was pretty blatant to see you cant just say"*its just that her numbers were falling'' despite being the most popular voms member out there

No. 279862

It's amazing to see how you troons still try to so shamelessly gaslight people. You attacked an innocent woman and everyone saw you for the monsters that you are. Everything beyond that is bullshit. Evil always exposes its real face and this was what happened in the vtuber community now. Nobody will forget what you did and those who still think you eunuchs are somehow "normal" will start to notice how pestilential you are to women, little boys and girls, and society at large. You are thoroughly loathsome predators and abominations. And you will never be women.

It was beautiful seeing so many people come to Pikamee's defense though. Pippa's fans legit surprised me because I was expecting them to… I dunno, just stir shit up? But all I saw was unanimous support for Pikamee from them.

No. 279863

You do not have to sage on non-cow boards

No. 279889

Kson's thoughts on the pikamee shitfest.

No. 279891

File: 1677859213362.jpeg (25.6 KB, 640x429, 1652482720519.jpeg)

Gavis Bettel

No. 279895

>don't bring real life problems to the virtual world
Kson preaching the truth, this would solve so many problems right now. Seriously.
The quote about only talking about what you love too is also nice, although lolcow is definitely not the place to take that to heart. But it's nice for vtubing spaces that do truly want to stay comfy.

No. 279923

File: 1677875284971.jpg (429.82 KB, 1080x1914, cringe.jpg)

This clipper I used to follow (that claims not to be a clipping channel kek) hearted a comment calling JK Rowling a c*nt while throwing meaningless empty words of "support" for Pikamee. Trannies and their supporters are actually fucking braindead, I hope more vtuber fans will peak-trans because of this incident.

Also I don't think Pikamee will come back to streaming, at least not in the near future. It sucks to have your escapism ruined like this, I wish her the best no matter what she chooses to do from now on.

No. 279938

>Woman literally does nothing but say Biology is real on Bird app
>Is now responsible for trannies harassing everyone and is the true source of evil

Make it make sense

No. 280005

tranny brainrot, it defies logic

No. 280014

Sorry, nonna, you have to sage your posts here because the vt newbie troon says so.
I truly love Bettel’s streams so much and how I can always tune at whatever time and fully enjoy whatever’s going on. I’m glad he doesn’t bring drama onto his channel and isn’t an annoying cunt who whines about meta and his job (at least yet) like a great deal of male vtubers do.

No. 280018

It really does sound like the shit she has to deal with IRL is kind of worse than the internet, honestly. I expect her to re-debut randomly in the future and maybe just not bring up her IRL life at all next time. It would be for the best.

No. 280019

File: 1677939317746.png (455.86 KB, 1512x808, C95DF70A-9605-4EDF-A3A6-62DDE3…)

Zaion’s gone. Good riddance.

No. 280020

No official announcement yet but she apparently has been teasing a redebut in her pl account anyway. As expected, even twtfags are not supportive. Hope no one tops her graduation speedrun record in nijiEN's next waves kek

No. 280025

Whoever hired this idiot beetle goose deserves a medal

No. 280039

oly shit why do yu defend troons so vehemently, unless you are a newfag it's well known that trannies arent beneath harrassing women(and only women mind you) for disagreeing or even just playng a fucking game. Out of nowhere trans defenders have a million excuses, ''she wasnt even entertaining'' ''she was a lolicon'' '''her numbers were failing'' etc, as if it justifies the troons harassing and doxxing her.

No. 280040

what happened? i mostly watch indies. Man, i didnt even know niji debuted yet another wave.

No. 280043

Why do you type like you're having a stroke.

No. 280044

she got suspended for saying weird shit that includes making jokes about rape

that said i dont know why people keep saying they should do more "background checks" as if people have "might make a rape joke" in their twitch bios

No. 280045

Here, it was brought up earlier in the thread

No. 280046

What is this picture of? Her Youtube page is still up.

No. 280047


No. 280049

minor typos, fucking owned

No. 280050

I am going to get shit on for this but it's just a retarded joke, i don't see the problem. It's just a cartoon character, not a real rape victim.

No. 280051

File: 1677955401386.png (405.44 KB, 336x502, 1d4874baa5ee7e73e1202c822b0700…)

this outfit is horrendous what the fuck

No. 280053

the weird choose of color and how the jacket blends with the suit make her look really fat. Is this the one that won the contest? how many suits does she have now?

No. 280054

Are you not capable of spending more than a couple of seconds to actually look back at what you type? It would explain a lot about how much you're seething and acting like this discussion is an argument you need to "win", as well as how you're jumping to the conclusion that pointing out that Pikamee's had it rough throughout her career means I support her harassers. Maybe you should chill.

No. 280055

She got suspended for countless company rules & permission fuck ups that she would tell her manager that she’d get better with following but never did. Shit like doing a live reaction to her genmate’s cover with it being streamed on-screen (already a retarded copyright fuck up), along with some other incidents. She even had a habit of privating streams if she thought she did something wrong to avoid the consequences of her actions from management, having 10 whole streams privated in the span of her 2 months of being a niji member. She had it coming to her, even her fans weren’t shocked that she got suspended and admit she isn’t really cut out for a corporate streaming environment. Her jokes did also get her the boot, but it was her inability to keep streams up in the first place that got her fucked.

I don’t feel any remorse for her since she’s older than 30 and should know better.

No. 280056

Always remember, most scrotes don't know how to dress themselves and only care about how much skin is showing. Swimsuit with fur coat looks completely retarded but that doesn't register to cumbrains. Sometimes they'll even argue that it looking like shit is the appeal with "I can fix her" simp logic.

No. 280057

niji JP has countless open pedos, so dont start with that corpo bootlicker bullshit. I am glad the indie scene exists because the corpo scene is so shitty and boring, i dont know how they expect to have 50+ sucessful livers if all of them have to adhere to their strict conduct rules that only apply to their EN livers, or do you not remember the niji yabai cat literally making a shitting stream.

No. 280059

I found that kinda funny ngl

No. 280060

I… just said that she broke copyright rules enough times to get her vods privated ten times along with her privating shit on her own to hide it from her manager to not face management consequences. If you really want to make the argument that “Oh, JP does this!” then keep in mind that they have completely different management teams and Zaion herself has made a ton of jokes about fucking little boys to the point it made people uncomfortable, nonna. If you think I’m being a corpo bootlicker by giving you the facts, then I don’t know what to tell you.

No. 280061

Did you actually read the post? It wasn't about being "teehee yabai" it seems there was actual misconduct like copyright issues, political comments, and other behind the scenes management. One of the most popular NijiEN streams is the Trolley Game where they purposefully say the most edgy and insane shit and it's still up because saying crazy shit isn't the issue, actively breaking rules that get the company under fire is. Tbh I think Zaion's actual breaking point with her management is something the public isn't really privy to because it probably happened behind the scenes, but people just point out her weird behavior in public because it's all we have.

Anyway, I dislike her personally because she made a distasteful comment to Maria. Maria said she struggled with ED in the past and Zaion made a comment to her once like "omg I just get so full so quick it sucks lmao, it's good that you can eat so much." I think she's unpleasant and I never watched her streams so I'm fine with her being gone.

No. 280064

File: 1677957643653.png (102.86 KB, 596x614, 1673058026758.png)

>having 10 whole streams privated in the span of her 2 months of being a niji member
that's it?

No. 280077

Here she is Zaion talking about how she doesn't get along with the other members too. I am not surprised she got booted.

No. 280081

She also risked the entire company's permissions for Square Enix and Nintendo games by talking about Final Fantasy mods and romhacks (which happened in her 2.0 debut, literally her second stream as a Niji member). Sasaki from NijiJP already graduated once because she couldn't play Nintendo games, imagine the shitshow that would go down if the company really did lose the perms because of a single member's loose tongue. Her nasty "jokes" probably just sped up the suspension but they weren't the main cause.

No. 280145

kek this is even funnier than yugo’s case

No. 280161

shittalking your coworkers on stream 2 week into debut… i just know they were all happy she got kicked out

No. 280194

dont reply to bait and report

No. 280247

It looks like Dya made this and I can't tell if her silence on it was because vshoujo paid her to keep it private or if she kind of knows it looks uncanny and bad.

Can anyone confirm?

No. 280276

I think he took away some of the big superchatters from Hex, good on him kek
Holo really struck gold with Bettel

No. 280380

It was careless of her but god japanese IP law is so fucking insufferable and bullshit. Get the stick out of your ass japan and learn how to torrent like the rest of the world. I need my niche childhood NHK shows.

No. 280388

Nah, it’s Nanoless. Dya’s color palette is more desaturated and leans more towards a monochromatic scheme. Mouse actually mentioned this model artist somewhere but it’s definitely not Dya’s.

No. 280470

File: 1678102580906.jpg (74.62 KB, 770x600, 20211005.jpg)

4chan is down. can't get the captcha.

No. 280471

File: 1678103191707.jpg (385.08 KB, 2510x1412, FpUtNObakAMQeT8.jpg)

Guess we just have to shitpost here. Anyway;
i'd give this man the sloppiest wettest leg trembling hands desperately grabbing the sheets legs stretching out again and again waist slowly moving up and down small heavy breath "i can't take it much longer" breaths getting quicker twitching throbbing eyes shut lip biting back arching edging begging for relief warm hot rush bubbling up spit upon spit tongue twisting around tip-tapping against mouth sideways licking spit from the end and lick from the bottom to the top then spit from the top and lick to the bottom deepthroating mascara dripping down my face slower then faster then a little faster then perfect pace twisting mouth around each side spiritually enlightening chakra balancing golden light like a halo around the tip noise from the very edge of his throat for the final release head

No. 280473

sisters i really wish i had a friend group like holoen grils.

No. 280481

Holy based

No. 280486

No actual woman uses the phrase ‘sisters’. Gtfo dirty troon

No. 280508

File: 1678113000413.jpg (209.94 KB, 1080x760, IMG_20230306_082448.jpg)

>Constantly pandering to 4chan
>Openly admits playing Hogwarts Legacy despite hating HP just so she can shit on Twitter freaks
>Somehow angry her fans turned out to be retarded 4chan trolls
She curated this fanbase and yet she's surprised about her unhinged fans being unhinged kek

No. 280509

I believe she's an attention whore and wanted to take all the attention away from the pikame situation, and so 4chan scrotes will call her based.

No. 280530

> constantly being ultra misogynistic to pander to 4chan scrotes with absolutely zero remorse
> decides to pander to them further by playing hogwarts legacy
> has to make a cowardly “don’t be bullies” statement when said scrotes say transphobic instead of misogynistic things

I hate this dumbass like you wouldn’t believe, its so easy to throw other women under the bus but being edgy by being transphobic falls under the category of “too edgy”, of course

No. 280632

File: 1678137613301.png (32.18 KB, 1546x238, 1678065405129532.png)

more "zaion is likely booted" rrats

No. 280635

File: 1678137794572.png (12.49 KB, 570x186, c0ec4ce0168f5c1d082aa40451700a…)

No. 280677

Another terrible entertainer and singer to the dust. Maybe Niji will learn to be better with their recruiting tactics next time.

No. 280679

what mental gymnastics will the kiwispergs make to justify this? their based bunny allied with their worst enemy

No. 280680

Based word salad schizo nonna

No. 280732

>it’s their loss
Like as if there aren’t hundreds of niji livers out there kek they are planning the next wave as we speak she’s even more delusional than yugo

No. 280734

At least Yugo was one of the few singers in EN, Zaion just…. has nothing special about her except for the model that lolicons drool for. Even the covers she dropped were shitty.

No. 280787

I get it, this is how I felt about Sana but Zaion was even worse.
>show up
>makes gross jokes
>get suspended for as long as she streamed in niji
Very lame. For all the things people give Niji shit for, they're still home to some of my favorite streamers, so it sucks when stuff like this happens. It only makes it worse that I actually really love Meloco and Kotoka so far, could have been 3 cool girls…

No. 280813

Do niji viewers really enjoy this?

No. 280824

I like when Millie does the Filipino accent.

No. 280839

File: 1678194735082.jpg (313.61 KB, 615x1280, 1661605757371.jpg)

Now compare him to everyone else in NijiEN

No. 280848

It’s okay, kindred, not everyone finds Mr. Beast attractive.

No. 280867

Why are 90% of them asian

No. 280957

>why do asian people like asian subcultures

No. 280999

>asian subculture with high monetary barrier to entry
>not expecting it to be filled with asian nepobabies

No. 281015

…honestly, same

No. 281115

nta but tbh there are so many cringe white weebs out there that would kill to look like an anime character so I am surprised that there aren’t more crackers in the industry. Compared to the amount of white anime-relates content creators there isn’t really that many whitey vtubers

No. 281117

plenty of indie white vtubers, especially on twitch. not that it matters since what you see is their avatar anyway.

No. 281206

it triggers me that these arent sorted by wave

No. 281286

I am very parasocial towards my oshi and I want him to be my bf.

No. 281295


No. 281301

my condolences

No. 281303

No. 281381

No. 281424

Whats with the constant Vtuber hate on Twitter? They used to be fine with them but now anyone who watches them is problematic? I fucking hate twitter as a platform sm.

No. 281455

can you blame them? most vtubers are nuts. (my oshi is perfect though)

No. 281461

Blame the indies for being retarded attention seekers looking to get any boost to their numbers by inserting themselves in shit that has nothing to do with them. They are fucking cancer.

No. 281504

Is it bc of recent events with PrObLeMaTiC vtubers and their fans telling troons to kys?

No. 281516

File: 1678381809095.jpg (60.42 KB, 680x680, tenm lolcowma.jpg)

i refuse to believe tenma doesn't lurk here, i love this fox

No. 281588

When I saw this earlier I couldn't help but think she lurks here kek. I love her

No. 281674

File: 1678441370212.jpg (367.03 KB, 1975x2048, 1668959272208905.jpg)

Are you implying shitting on vtuber watchers is wrong?

No. 281686

File: 1678446542022.jpg (274.98 KB, 1080x1530, lmfao.jpg)

ZaiGone LanZa

No. 281688

File: 1678446744556.png (116.74 KB, 2048x1152, Fq2oeajaMAA8Wb5.png)

No. 281689

File: 1678446960186.jpg (3.42 KB, 300x300, kekw-emote.jpg)

No. 281691

File: 1678447937772.jpg (543.21 KB, 1527x2160, 1678367942110811.jpg)


No. 281693


No. 281695

I loved her model but jesus fuck, she must be really stupid.

No. 281698

>Giving false information to other Niji Livers regarding contents of what she communicated with ANYCOLOR
Didn't Kyo do that? And Enna

No. 281699

Nijisanji is a black company confirmed

No. 281700

her biggest mistake was joining nijisanji

No. 281701

what was there to like about a pedo bitch who shittalked her co-workers?

No. 281702

okay now how many niji members have done ALL of those things?

No. 281703

/vt is lagging so there have been moids here report their ass and don't reply.

No. 281704

Nearly, if not all, JP holo and niji livers are pedo bitches tbh

No. 281705

honestly, her design. I always wanted to watch her but never bothered.

No. 281706

Fair, but I don't know for sure who is what because most of them don't talk about molesting little children like she did.

No. 281707

Ngl I kinda find it funny that compared to when Yugo graduated, only some of the members of Nijisanji cared

No. 281708

honestly? I really wanted to watch her solely because of her design, but I never got to do it and now she's dead.
she's not part of the elira clique.

No. 281713

No. 281717

Holy mother of moids. Stay in your containment boards and kill yourselves. You don’t blend in the slightest.
Finally announced it. Goodbye, useless member.

No. 281719

>You don't (share my exact opinions and beliefs) = moid

No. 281720

Yes, thank you for understanding.

No. 281721

No. 281722

File: 1678453445108.jpg (98.26 KB, 689x689, FqowxvMaMAwmxcf.jpg)

This clip is more relevant now >>280077
Go back to twitter

No. 281723

because she wasn’t around enough to bond with anyone plus she was already shittalking other niji livers so chances are they just didn’t like her kek

No. 281730

Most of them already knew each other before Nijisanji. And based on >>280077, I think they hated her because of her unacceptable "opinions" behind the scenes.
I imagine she refused to call Yugo a "he" or something.

No. 281734

all JP vtubers are into loli/shota or at least okay with it, it's part of otaku culture

No. 281737

ew, isnt the first one a sex pest? or was it another white guy with emo hair i am thinking about

No. 281750

Sounds like either Dahvie Vanity or Onision. Or that Boyinaband guy. There’s a couple of guys who fall under the white emo sexpest label lol.

No. 281751

sage your retarded takes newfag
nah he is just extremely cringe no sex crimes so far

No. 281752

>sage in /m/
Delete this, it’s embarrassing, newfag

No. 281753

The fuck is going on here? Don’t you cunts have somewhere else to be??? Might as well type in the name field: I’m a fucking tourist. Get off my board.

No. 281754

This is a moid thread. Nothing you can do about it unless it gets auto deleted like the kpop threads.

No. 281758

can someone tell me why all holostars jp riggings are off? they all move so weirdly, constantly moving back and forth, facing left and right too much and randomly. i thought it was just one retard moving weirdly but its all of them now that im watching clips

No. 281760

>3rd point
So, they're terminating her for something she did when everyone already knew that she was going to get terminated?
Couldn't they provide a better justification than that? The last point says that there are other things she did that got her terminated.

No. 281761

Was Tazumi's cock that good, nonna?

No. 281763

File: 1678465188584.png (Spoiler Image,1017.37 KB, 1620x2009, 69925886-8468-46FA-9274-15F6D7…)

Yes it was, thank you for asking.

No. 281766

File: 1678465867039.png (18.04 KB, 492x87, 1678454348544.png)

No. 281768

Genuinely, what was there to even like about Zaion? Her debut didn't hook me because she seemed boring, and then I saw her in a collab, and it confirmed it. She's unfunny nor had any good dynamics with anybody. I even forgot she existed before I remembered her controversy. This is not a loss at all.

No. 281773

The design

No. 281774

Loooooow budget. It was the same way with EN, too, before they saw the success that they actually had.
Nonna? Are you a newfag? Why are you riding Tazumi’s dick, nonna? Zaion is the most talented and influential streamer to Nijisanji. Why are you eating up obvious lies fed to you by the company? No, please don’t look up archives of her streams.

No. 281776

"I'm not in a place where I can wish her well in her future activities"
- Kotoka, talking about Zaion's graduation

No. 281781

Sure, it's a waste of a good model, but I don't get why you'd watch a vtuber just for their design if the personality isn't entertaining. It's like watching a full 5-hour stream just to see anime girl png #10000 emote every once in a while. Just look at fanart or something.

No. 281794

good thing you are a fast learner and saged this time, newfag

No. 281796

Once again, you only have to sage non-milk in cow boards (/pt/, /snow/, /w/)

No. 281817

File: 1678475208391.png (1.65 MB, 2048x2048, 1678455497995526.png)

Learn to integrate or you're gonna get the thread locked, retards

No. 281832

File: 1678477901964.png (28.33 KB, 150x150, 1671722015805.png)

Based axel yumejo

No. 281835

Yugo was there for a year, Zaion made it one month lmao.

No. 281854

Got a timestamp? I wanna see this.

No. 281860

Please just lock it already

No. 281861

don’t know who ever thought a vtuber thread would be a good idea

No. 281867

The hide button is right there

No. 281889

File: 1678510950276.jpg (144.8 KB, 1080x761, Screenshot_20230310_230222_Twi…)

He's so real for this

No. 281913

True. He's still my favorite from Luxiem

No. 281920

File: 1678519544715.png (3.28 KB, 196x85, Zaion_LanZa__Virtual_YouTuber_…)

not to "um actually" but it's been 3 months, exactly. Posting also because I just find it funny how she was terminated exactly on the date.

No. 282067

You're counting the time she's been suspended too; it was barely 2 months of actual streaming.

No. 282069

He's extremely talented but why is character design so fucking ugly

No. 282073

This guy is so fucking annoying, why does troon/kweer shit have to infect literally every online community, I'm so tired

I think you posted in the wrong thread nona

No. 282074

I know they look like malnourished British chimney boys but believe or not nonna those are gura and Watson ..which are vtubers

No. 282083

He's literally a troon himself. In his PL he went by she/they and IRL he's a queer gay man so of course it would infect his content.

No. 282113

Fucking hate this retard

No. 282116

I thought it was They/them, where’d you find the she/they?

No. 282134

This is so horrifying holy shit I love it

No. 282171

Ugh, I watched him, he reeks of "Yass queen", but I didn't know about the PL troon shit. Dropped.

No. 282172

he has the most retarded voice. people watch this loser live for hours for real??

No. 282173

I don't watch him because I find it grating to hear a man use the word bitch almost incessantly.

No. 282189

"British chimney boys" made me kek, have a nice night Nonna.

No. 282225

I don’t hate this. It’s weird creepy uggo but it’s original and it’s vaguely amusing and there’s no tryhard lolivoice dub. deserves an updoot

No. 282277

I don't think the artstyle itself is the worst, I just think the juxtaposition of this retro claymation style with kawaii desu modern anime girls is a little off putting. Almost like the uncanny valley.

No. 282497

File: 1678699375246.png (13.49 KB, 748x265, 1678694079431311.png)

I fucking hate Aster.

No. 282498

Is this real???

No. 282499

Looks like he's finally returning to his roots kek. Doubt it will fix his main channel's abysmally low CCV and donations though. (But seriously, if this is legit how tf did management approve this?)

No. 282516

Does he stream with his real dick out or the character I’m confused

No. 282518

no way this is real??? please tell me it’s fake

No. 282525

i don't know for sure yet because i refuse to get a membership with him so we'll see if it's real or not

in other news, finana talked about the zaion situation:

No. 282528

From what I heard, this dude hates his coomer fans with a passion and this was on /vt/‘s catalogue. I’m going to deem it fake because it’s from there.

No. 282544

really? my only introduction to him was when a nona posted a clip of a coomerbait stream with finana where they streamed their legs in thighhighs

No. 282545

Yeah, he’s a serious hypocrite. He fujobaits and immediately says it’s gross or cringe when it goes too far. He coombaits and gets pissed that his fans act horny in his live chat. A lot of what he does on stream is lecture his fans and say he doesn’t like how his fanbase acts, especially with the porny messages and “Asterbaiters” thing they constantly brought up. If he acts like that, I don’t think he’d make a chaturbate account for them to be even bigger degenerates. Anyways, if this was actually allowed, wouldn’t Vox had moved his ASMR operations to their a long time ago?

No. 282552

>he hates his coomer fans
my sweet nonma, he IS the coomer. his PL stuff was posted on the previous thread he is disgusting kek

No. 282553

I couldn’t really care to find the timestamps because I don’t watch him, but he complains about them and gets pissed with them and says he doesn’t want his fans to only be known as “Asterbaiters”. Again, he’s a hypocrite who flip flops on most things so what he says doesn’t correlate with what he does.

No. 282554

she is saying bunch of filler words while giving no milk at all. but i guess this is the most we can get out of corpo livers

No. 282573

to recap, she said zion lied to the other vtubers what she got in trouble for and she felt betrayed that she was trying to comfort and give advice for what was essentially lies. pretty much all she said.

No. 282596

I'm calling fake only because I did a quick twitter search and saw absolutely nothing about it, and if it was real, it would have exploded there.

No. 282609

File: 1678742986600.jpg (168.59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Does anyone have any milk on Rurumi Yumemi? Apparently people have theorized that she's Himepen.

No. 282658

anyone who thinks this is real is genuinely retarded

No. 282665

I do wish anons would stop bringing the most low effort catalogue bait from /vt/ here but it is what it is.

No. 282674

She earned her early numbers by pandering to ''le edgy'' 4chan crowd, but over time once she got enough recognition, it seemed like she stopped. Her early days were cringe. Afaik shes not Himepen but people have been tinfoiling a lot. One of the new PC girls sounds closer to Himepen than Rurumi. Also, the tinfoil on her went as hard as Rurumi's company had to make a statement that it's not her.

No. 282710

Searched her up, her voice immediately gave me a migraine.

No. 282719

i wish it wasn't so hard to find a comfy vtuber who doesn't do the retarded pissbaby voice

No. 282752

No. 282826


have we talked about Enna being a pedophile yet…

No. 282833

Shes a fucking racist and pedo nothing new what else would you expect from a nepo baby?

No. 282847

Yeah this was from a while ago. I wish those twitter vtuber fans who screech about vtubers being shit actually watched streams so they could blow this up when it happened, cause what the fuck was that photo? Even Nina the motormouth went completely silent after seeing that.

No. 282850

is my hearing impaired or did she show a weird picture of a real child she works with? how they couldnt pass it off as cute and all denied it rings alarms in my head

No. 282894

Enna is fucking disgusting I am ashamed that I used to like her and her singing, after all this shit she's been pulling I barf everytime I hear of her.

No. 282923

I can tell none of you have worked with children before if you think weird pics of kids (especially ones taken by a woman) must instantly be sus. You really think any of them would still associate with her or even not report her to the company if she had anything actually awful on her phone? Please use your brains.

No. 282930

This thread is filled with /vt/ people/scrotes nowadays, theyre obsessed with drama but especially shitting on nijisanji specifically even if theres no milk and its clear bait. Im just waiting for this thread to get locked at this point, its almost getting kpoop thread tier cringe

No. 282933

Sorry for thinking that the clip was very awkward and suspicious based on how the rest reacted. Jesus, I found it strange when I watched it during the month of their anni and I find it strange now.

No. 282945

Enlighten us, what kind of weird picture of kids can make everyone very cleary uncomfortable? Mh?

There's a hide thread option up there, newfag.

No. 282946

Like, come on now. I’ve had friends work with kids and send me selfies or pictures with them that never made me uncomfortable, especially to the point they got to saying it was wrong or going silent.

No. 282954

File: 1678920011534.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.88 KB, 1125x633, 1678917987176458.jpg)

No. 282956

Later in that stream they say the kid is really ugly and has demon teeth and don't even think her regular pictures of him are cute. I'm just gonna list random things it could be, but he could be putting the phone in his mouth, eating something gross, screaming and crying, idk man. I've seen babies pic up dog shit from the ground and smear it all over their face, the kids I used to work with would always ask me to take pictures of stuff like them pretending to kill each other with baseball bats because they thought it was funny. Kids can be weird and shocking at times. Ik Reimu joked about her getting cancelled but why would she laugh and show them if it was actually something bad? I just think it's weird to call a woman a pedophile over a picture we literally have not seen.

No. 282962

What the fuck? I swear I hate him more and more every day

No. 282965

“omg supachat me please please please please”

No. 282979

Because Enna is a degenerate that has said a lot of gross shit on stream, including and not limited to suicide jokes, racist jokes and lots, lots of black humor. I know because I watched her regularly. I believe if it was something like that they would have mentioned something other than laughing nervously. I am not saying it needs to be straight up cp, I hope it was that he was just ugly and they didn’t had the heart to say that on stream.
Thinking women are above doing or thinking disgusting stuff is naive and lowkey mysoginistic, women can be pedophiles and perpetrators of violence as much as men are. Difference is men are socialized to think it is fine for them to be horrible human beings and are incentivized to.

No. 282995

is this more shitty edited /vt/ bait or is this genuinely in one of his streams?

No. 283001

for all we know she couldve dressed the kid up as hitler or some equally dumb shit, everyone jumping straight to pedophile just because they dislike her is tiring

No. 283003

File: 1678953370073.jpg (758.31 KB, 1080x6966, 1678925031838771.jpg)

It's real and there is even a clip about it. He was showing jis assets and "uwu woopsie" showed the commissioned dildo asset.
This guy is a pornsick and manipulative moid, his fanbase are a bunch of girls who traumadump him with superchats (the only way he encourages that) and they cut themselves for him. Vox is a cringe kid in his early 20s, but Hex is a lot worse than him to a point that Vox fanbase is scared of Hex and made a google doc with everything he has done. (But that also could be them being worried he would overtake Vox)

No. 283011

Everyone begging this person to delete the tweet as if he didn't show it precisely so it would get screenshotted and shared to get people to remember he exists lol

No. 283019

Then why the "this would get you cancelled" comment?

No. 283028

>sex toy
I don't like him either but come on.

No. 283032

…do people actually find this shit entertaining? do people really sit down and watch "hehe haha i'm gonna kill you babygirl thanks for the superchat" for hours on end?

No. 283043

There was this Vtuber named kuromiyalucien who copy's Shylily's voice and bans anyone who calls her out in her chat for it, she also makes weird noises for some odd reason when talking. Mind you she also copied Shylily's model design and slapped a cape on it with sheep ears to try to make it look like she changed the silhouette. She used to talk normally without an accent/uwu voice and then Shylily got big and she changed her model and started trying to mimic her voice as well.



No. 283106

Just look at the BG, was that even surprising at all?

No. 283189

It all started with Veibae to be fair. There’s tons of vtubers that are copying her, including Ywuria and Lumi. I know there are others but it just adds to the weird clones. Now we have clones of clones. Creepy.

No. 283193

It did, i am shocked that there are new people who think that Shylily is the original.
Shylily had a different model, different voice and accent (at the start of the vei drama you could still find her old vods). Then she started sounding like veibae and jumped on the sea creature vtuber hype. At that time I also saw the same thing happen to Ywuria too, she sounded different and when vei drama happened she changed her voice and accent to match Vei. Some people used to tinfoil ywuria and her are the same people, but that's not true. Kek its insane.

No. 283209

yawn stop posting nobodies

No. 283222

would he actually get in trouble for something like this? it's a censored dildo.

No. 283293

I'm not sure, but all his followers were begging for the posts to be deleted and the clip was deleted from the VOS

No. 283551

File: 1679085231962.png (146.86 KB, 444x876, 1679059390676522.png)

I like Gura but this is such a tacky idol outfit. I honestly don't care for the idolshit in vtubing in general, I just like streamers and internet personalities.

No. 283556

File: 1679085338481.png (6.05 MB, 1481x2500, j33dwjjhalea1.png)

It was designed differently for each branch. I like how it looks on holoJP.

No. 283567

Ahh, I see. Looks like all of HoloEN got forced into the same bad outfit. My condolences.
The only one it looks normal on is Kiara because she usually wears that type of long sleeve.

No. 283717

File: 1679133594036.jpg (642.84 KB, 1920x1080, FOBe_j-agAIT4Tt.jpg)

I had a relatively big argument with a mutual of mine about how the majority of Hololive's designs are bad designs. They said that they are good designs because they have recognizable silhouettes and are popular, while I said they're only recognizable because they're popular and that from an artistic point of view the designs are messy, lazy coomerbait. Do you guys have any input on this?

No. 283718

>a mutual

anyway theyre all bad designs. at least holostars have different body types while hololive are all just loli with huge boobs. that's how you know they specifically commission those coomer designs

No. 283723

I'm only using they because I want to be vague, not because of gendershit.

No. 283724

>all just loli with huge boobs
How?! What about the pettan """meme"""? And do Marine, Aki, and Botan really look like lolis to you?

No. 283797

It's all moeblob with cluttered outfits to me.

No. 283811

I feel like the designs stopped being decent (not great, but decent) after Hololive Fantasy.

Still not over Botan's design being a ripoff of Siege from Arknights, kek.

No. 283830

Dat anatomy lmao

No. 283907

Gura looks like an inbred baby here.

No. 283946

> at least holostars have different body types
lmaoooo holostar designs are all fucking shit. The only reason why trash like starsENs get views its because of the name attached. No one would click on those designs on twitch.

No. 283971

I actually kinda like the HoloEN outfits, but I might like it better if the sleeves were even.

No. 283984

i said theyre all bad designs in the first sentence kek

No. 284058

File: 1679236532876.gif (5.02 MB, 270x480, b89.gif)

>theyre all bad designs
ITT jelly 2-view twitch crabs in a bucket trying to bring more successful vtubers down

No. 284060

Wait, there are actual fans of the hololive girls here? How do you tolerate the pedobait and moid pandering as a woman?

No. 284092

File: 1679242389281.gif (603.84 KB, 220x151, This-thread-is-full-of-men.gif)

I am convinced that the fans of different corporations who keep listening to vt and spread the war between the corporations are sad newfags, neckbeards or teenagers.
I watch both corporations, and you can't be serious when you claim that Nijisanji is some non moid pandering corporation and they don't have lolicons, when even a small example would be their OG and popular male vtubers whole personality is a lolicon, then you have Finana with porn ASMR and Hoshikawa and other JP girls who talk about sex and virginity a lot to their male audience.
Can't we just grow a brain and enjoy whatever we consume and like without turning it into an argument?
There is a bad sheep in every corporation, especially if it has a lot of generations/members, but you can always filter out whatever shit you don't like.
People really don't know what its like to act like a normal person anymore. This retarded tribalism always reminds me how western vtubing is nothing but high school-like behavior.
And if any anon accuses me of being a person above, i am not.

No. 284094

who said niji doesnt have any kek youre the one bringing them in like you have a complex about secretly thinking theyre better

No. 284095

I didn’t turn anything into an argument or ask for an argument, I’m just asking how you can tolerate those things cause it’s the main reason I don’t watch any female vtubers at all.

No. 284122

am i the only one who cringes hard when my fave vtubers mald at games? either laugh it off or get good… if niji managed to find actually good players ill be really happy cause i dont want to watch people mald at their own mistakes anymore kek

No. 284127

Get help.
I have found a lot of great otome game or shojo streamers who are, obviously, women. Not every hololive member necessarily does anything for male attention. There is Suisei, who is a talented woman that chases her dreams, there is Mio, a woman that is into retro games and fortune telling… I think I will need to write a whole wall, but I really don't want to do that if you are not interested, which is fine, its your opinion. I don't like watching male vtubers outside the japanese branches because western malechubas are cancerous most of the time (Hex, Vox).

No. 284129

Are you this poster >>276356 ? I find it funny when he malds at games because he sounds so damn pathetic and cute and doesn’t really curse when he does it, he just makes retarded noises. I do get frustrated when the malding forces him to rage quit though because he does it often since he’s a raging autist and a perfectionist. The malding that’s truly cringe to me is the stuff where the mood of a stream is completely ruined, especially in collabs. So damn awkward to watch.

No. 284133

I'm not the anon you were responding to but I'd be interested in what you have to say. I mostly watch Niji (the main branch, not EN) and I'd like to watch some Holos too but I'm always put off by the general culture surrounding them. I like how Suisei handles it, but I don't know anyone else who's similar.

No. 284134

If you watch a Korone video game stream and what you get out of it is "coomerbait for pedos" your brain has been rotted by internet culture war bullshit.

No. 284135

I more or less agree. When talking about clasically good character design, less is more in most cases. Instantly recognizable color palette, silhouette, and even personality are key. Also for animated characters, it's better to not have a million details that kill your artists when they draw them thousands of times. Most Holo girls don't have these points lol. I will argue that for vtubers, there is actually some benefit in focusing more on detail and rendering than simplicity. Because a vtuber model is one image that moves, if there is a lot of visual information it's more engaging for the eye to look at during a stream that lasts for hours. There are some vtuber designs that I think are good even despite being a bit cluttered because they keep my attention during long periods of time, which is how they're supposed to work. For example, I think Polka looks like a clusterfuck and I couldn't even tell what animal she was supposed to be for the longest time, but when I watch her streams, my eye is drawn to looking at all the little details in her face and hair when she makes expressions. All that said though, yeah, over half of the designs are pretty trashy.

For designs in Holo I would actually argue are classically good: Gura, Ame, Ina, Okayu, Korone, Kanatan, Ollie, and Risu. Even if they have some cluttered elements, they have clear concepts, pleasing color choices, and outfits that are cute or interesting.
For designs in Holo that are either kinda trashy, ugly, or boring but still manage to work well enough to be successful: Marine, Pekora, Polka, Watame, Aqua, Suisei.

No. 284136

File: 1679249749129.jpg (Spoiler Image,562.01 KB, 2048x1152, FrjH-udaQAAZV-k.jpg)

Alchemist jester selfie just dropped

No. 284137

What internet culture war are you even talking about? I just don’t really care for things that have the sole purpose of generating fanservice geared towards males. I’m not the target audience so I am asking how others tolerate it despite also not being the target audience.

No. 284138

Holy shit the height difference. This is cute. Their offcollab streams were really funny, I hope they had fun.

No. 284149

Who do you usually like to watch from Nijisanji (or even other streamers)? I can easily drop you a recommendation. I admittedly mostly watch JP/ID, but that's also because I've been learning Japanese for a long time, so it's easier for me. However, ID speak ID/ENG too.

I believe that generally NijisanjiEN audience would love Baelz. She is an awkward dork, and never pushes GFE. Extremely talented, and has A HUGE vocal range. (she made a tiny visual-novel-like series where she showed how different she can sound and how many different roles she can play). Loves gushing about holostars, hololive and vtubers while also talking about otome games every now and then. A lot of men filter her out because she doesn't pander to them at all, she is out there vibing.

I generally enjoy watching skilled art streamers and learning through them, so Inanis art streams are great to me. She also has a good choice of games, but she ended up developing a disease because of the amount of stress of working as both a streamer and a professional artist on the side, so she had to take a break. But she is a calm, reserved type of person, so I understand why people could find her boring, but I personally don't.

No. 284158

aww hes so cute! he really is like jerma kek

No. 284171

things that have the sole purpose of generating fanservice geared towards males

No. 284190

You don’t watch vtubers, get off.

No. 284194

I do, as I said, just not girl vtubers.

No. 284217

I used to watch Ame. Her voice is not overly squeaky enough to make me uncomfortable (like many JP girls). And she BARELY did any blatant moid pandering at all.
Now I pretty much only watch Tempus, but I still love her a lot.

No. 284245

You seem like you legitimately harbour hatred for women in general. I’d wager that the holoen girls cause less drama and pander much less than the males in the western vtuber scene by far. Fauna does asmr, but it’s very tame especially in comparison to Vox. Gura is another more obvious example of pandering, but even there, very tame compared to male vtuber pandering. Indies like shylily or corpo vtubers like pippa pipkin and finana do the kind of pandering you talk about and it really isn’t present in Hololive in comparison. Also on the topic of Shylily I don’t believe she is 147cm or whatever she was claiming to be, even seeing a picture of her irl she looks to be an average height woman.

No. 284265

I guess I just generally prefer women. The only male vtuber I ever liked was Vesper and I don't like him anymore, sorry to any Vesper fans itt. I think the female vtubers I like also appeal more to me because I want them to be my friends, I'd never want to befriend any of the male ones tbh. And as long as I'm not outright disliked idc about not being the target audience for something, if you like it you like it.

No. 284268

same. i would love to be friends with someone like Selen or even Scarle. Male vtubers always give me vibes of sweaty boys making moaning sounds at the back of the class. Yuck.

No. 284281

For such a supposedly radfem site the vtuber fans simping exclusively over moids like they're the second coming of jesus and saying every girl vtuber is a whore without even watching them is making me kek.

I exclusively watch holo and niji girl vtubers, they are comfy and I appreciate their friendship and hard work a lot. Hololive girls did great at the live.

No. 284284

File: 1679298627095.png (566.65 KB, 1920x1080, image.png)

I think it's mostly some newfag, don't mind it too much.

I've only seen day 1 of the live so far but it was really fun, the vocals have all been really good and it was fun to see the audience and tech. Now that things have opened up more since rona, it really puts into perspective how big these events can get. Also Risu fucking BODIED, her voice is so beautiful. I'm looking forward to the day 2 recordings, when they go up on nyaa I heard Bae's performance was really amazing, and I really want to see Moona perform again because she dominated so hard last event.

No. 284285

File: 1679299005786.png (61.32 KB, 735x116, oklol.png)

I gotta wonder that too sometimes. But its good to keep in mind that both niji and holo are companies with a lot of talents, and you will face couple duds in there. Some are better than the others clear as.
The guy on the right looks unkept

No. 284298

Bae's dancing was nuts, I wish the camera work was less spastic so we could get a better view of her choreo. The Olliechama Lost One's Weeping was still my favorite performance of the whole event, kinda came out of nowhere but they were great.

No. 284348

A bit basic but I mostly watch Kanae and Kuzuha, and while they're mostly FPS streamers I'm not too picky about stream content as long as I find the Vtuber entertaining. I would prefer someone who can stream for long hours somewhat consistently though, and being good at singing is a plus(but not necessary).
From the Niji girls, I love Deron's personality and think she's really funny, though I'm not sure if Holo has anyone similar to her.

No. 284383

If you like Deron, maybe check out Flare. I don't actually watch her much myself but every time I see her I feel she is very charismatic and has a lot of fun playing games. Plus she does pretty long streams and is good at singing. Towa as well, very silly and good at Apex and at singing. If you want to try Holostars too, Astel is really fun. Lately he's been extra trollish so he's kind of a wildcard.

No. 284404

Astel's into too much weird stuff for me to like him, although I was originally a fan of him because of his well-rounded skillset as a vtuber. When he went off about being into kemoshota and having indiscriminate sexual tastes in relation to that, it was too much.

Honestly, there are way too many male vtubers who are into shotacon. Kenmochi is the popular bashing target for his loli fixation amongst nonnas, but Akina's gross interest in shota goes way too far and gets readily accepted way too often by fans. I genuinely find both of them entertaining (especially Kenmochi) but those proclivities are too sickening for me to stand.

No. 284501

I was following Tenma, but I guess she's not my cup of tea. She's unhinged and retarded but not in the fun way. I respect her shitting on SJWs, but I don't understand why she's so hyped here

No. 284544

Non milk threads on this site are just 4chan for girls with all the juvenile contrarianism and low grade edge of the real thing

No. 284587

File: 1679462489218.jpg (Spoiler Image,628.42 KB, 1536x2048, x8p5jYu.jpg)

new alchemist and jester pic. twitter seems to be having problems so the tweet of these is up for some and disappeared for others

No. 284589

File: 1679462561309.jpg (Spoiler Image,677.8 KB, 2048x2048, 79xcvLC.jpg)

No. 284600

I always wondered why haven't Kiara and Mori done this already.

No. 284632

I know they're "below average", but man I would love them wholeheartedly if they were nice and not shitty moids in relationships.

I hope they fucked.

No. 284648

>and not shitty moids in relationships

No. 284659

she's mad that they're married to each other and not her.

No. 284660

Sorry, ESL moment, I'd love them if their real life selves weren't most likely stereotypical guys who are awful to be in relationships with, hope that clears that up.

No. 284669

What does this have to do with an anon not liking Tenma?

No. 284672

I feel really bad for Mori. Twitter is filled with pieces of shit.
oh it makes sense now lol

No. 284673

File: 1679499905382.png (8.33 KB, 442x409, Screenshot 2023-03-20 161059.p…)

No. 284678

who are these ugly moids and why do you guys keep posting them

No. 284681

I think nonna is pointing out the blog posty post saying tenma is not the anons cup of tea. Tenma is well liked here and saying you don't like her contributes nothing

No. 284682

Why do you normies keep posting in this thread if you don't know who vtubers are just fucking hide the thread and stop asking to be spoonfed

No. 284689

Could be a good segue for reccing some clips of her, but going ahead and calling her a contrarian for not finding her content appealing is pretty strange.

No. 284694

Sperg about yugo i never enjoyed her stream tbh i was excited to hear a "male" female streamer when they debuted because im into masculine women but her bit about liking bitches ruined her image in like her debut stream kek but i still have a soft spot for her, maybe because i used to be an aiden in my teenage years and i feel bad seeing her not being able to get out of that misogynistic cycle. she had over 2k ccv just now so im glad at least shes getting money from streaming still, i thought she would be jobless lol anyway i still hope nijisanji doesnt let in trannies any more after seeing how unstable and cringe they really are. we need true self accepting dykes in niji badly. her design and dj gimmick would be so hot on another woman who wouldnt leave after crying about not having a pp on stream

No. 284697

I don't support it, but Uki is a troon and is pretty stable so I could see them hiring from that demographic again.
They did it more than once in JP prior to EN's existence as well.
I get what you mean though, I loved Melissa from NijiJP for the same reasons. She was way less off the rails about it compared to Yugo, though, and seemed like she'd entered NijiJP after her most distraught years.

No. 284739

mori is one of the most utter cringe-worthy members of EN, and tbh holo as a whole, maybe if she could create good music, people wouldn't shit on her so much

No. 284740

File: 1679513884489.png (122.2 KB, 1852x868, FronJ5TakAA3aN1.png)

here's your radical feminist vtuber

No. 284745

She literally said who they were in the post.

No. 284768

I get your sentiment, but this is not the time or place for it. She doesn't deserve to have a disgusting deepfake like this made of her, I can hardly think of a woman that does.

No. 284772

what does this all mean
It’s a japanese company, they would never debut a masc dyke i’m sorry nonna

No. 284774

sorry i don’t know what your oshi’s fat face looks like irl

No. 284777

How could anyone have known you were talking about a deepfake if you were so vague in your original post? I agree that it’s disgusting, though. It’s retarded 4chan bullshit that leaked into twitter and reddit because of containment breakers, and there’s even more of those things of the other girls. I remember that the company who made the AI had to start restricting use of the product because of how out of hand it got, which they should’ve known from the start what bullshit it was gonna cause.

No. 284786

>every imageboard is 4chan
New and gay

No. 284787

No. 284788

It's not my post, I did a basic Google search bec