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File: 1646183790125.jpg (1.14 MB, 2028x1040, adults-adopting-adults.jpg)

No. 186669[Reply]

Temporary reality tv general!
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No. 216275

All boyfriends are practice boyfriends unless you're going to marry them.

No. 216278

Her parents both seemed awkward about it, her mom was like "he thought it was real though didn't he" and the woman just laughed. Again, creepy. Men on /r9k/ talk about practice gfs all the time as a meme and this chick is on TV bragging about it. Duper's delight smirk and all. It's one thing for it to not work out but saying it like that is fucking weird
Trad pls go

No. 216280

That’s not even the most autist thing she did, though. I love this show and the Australian original. It’s so interesting how it seems that the Australian cast were much better at masking than the US cast.

No. 216326

File: 1655945671763.jpg (11.51 KB, 600x468, 91a.jpg)

>as a meme
Men have no problem dating women without having feelings for them, as they benefit from the work women provide men. This is literally what marriage was created for.

No. 216403

A meme as in the term gained traction

File: 1648646693892.png (158.29 KB, 256x256, lolcowdotfarm.png)

No. 193355[Reply]

Create your own AI generated art here:

Each image is generated by words or phrases you enter! Because they are generated uniquely (even if you enter the same phase, it will generate a new, unique image) there is a wait time of 5-10 minutes for your image to generate. Post your results here, tell us which words you entered, and have fun!

Previous thread from old /m/:
Words used for thread pic:
lolcow dot farm
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No. 215584

File: 1655665658050.png (682.42 KB, 1024x1024, 75ac774d-f001-11ec-b0c9-f99942…)

No. 215585

File: 1655665789499.png (1017.11 KB, 1024x1024, 23420a6e-f002-11ec-b51b-85a41e…)

No. 215588

File: 1655665888304.png (1.02 MB, 1024x1024, 901690f8-f002-11ec-89ab-f99942…)

No. 215589

File: 1655666122223.jpg (283.33 KB, 1080x1920, blank_tradingcard.jpg)

No. 216297

File: 1655932635930.png (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 1024x1024, suicide by hanging.png)

File: 1651007721672.png (306.36 KB, 540x530, tumblr_ea0154417b8b746b636f8ca…)

No. 200899[Reply]

Post renders and transparent PNGs. Try not to upload the ones with fake "transparent" checkered backgrounds or white backgrounds. Feel welcome to post your favorites and stuff you made yourself. A small description of the render with your post is welcomed if you feel like it. The theme and quality is up to you!
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No. 211297

File: 1654267348707.png (228.75 KB, 442x481, rlemon-shape@2x_(1).png)

No. 213179

File: 1654825979759.gif (5.39 MB, 323x480, tumblr_0683403d10fecfdb7e29e37…)

No. 216290

File: 1655931715029.png (12.83 KB, 359x543, 676554466.png)

No. 216291

File: 1655931950475.png (428.63 KB, 908x552, 787786666.png)

No. 216292

File: 1655931975008.png (359.46 KB, 720x720, 3234255.png)

File: 1649316785188.png (101.98 KB, 226x260, foundongoogle.png)

No. 195463[Reply]

don't google "dumb bitch memes" on google edition

What is a Dumb Bitch meme?
>has bitchy or feminine undertones
>usually looks feminine or cute stylized
>most likely to be used by internet communities that are female spaces.

previous threads:

give some love to the manhate meme thread too:
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No. 203540

File: 1651629398146.png (84.98 KB, 500x250, A398BF8F-D6D8-4F5B-AB2D-0F63F9…)

No. 213199

File: 1654832614890.gif (46.66 KB, 220x208, 1654149445307.gif)

No. 214784

kek she had so many men seething.

No. 216193

Does anyone have the one that says "call back later I’m rebranding my whole personality" or something similar

No. 216270

File: 1655922927290.jpg (57.4 KB, 540x525, tumblr_2b5317ef18601e21af8b992…)

File: 1650584384117.gif (770.38 KB, 500x281, 1629351297593.gif)

No. 199417[Reply]

bringing back my fave thread after it got wiped out in the great /m/pocalypse. post your bruised, bandaged, bloody, and hurt 2d/3d cuties.

reminder that this is not a guro/ryona thread
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No. 216225

File: 1655907255212.jpg (255.06 KB, 1280x1979, another_dawn__page_63_by_alamu…)

I clicked on this expecting Leon, but instead it's an OC with yellow nose makeup?

No. 216228

File: 1655907956986.jpg (411.8 KB, 745x1046, 97276325_p0.jpg)

But yeah, I hope the remake will bring more fanarts.

No. 216229

if it's not Ada it's not valid

No. 216230

Actually, if it's not me it's not valid kek

No. 216233

this is so hot omg

File: 1655210111892.jpg (210.51 KB, 1512x660, editing skillz over 9000.jpg)

No. 214165[Reply]

Inspired by awful character design thread >>189168

Either redesigns by other people you find neat or ones you made yourself! "Fixing" bad designs, making them more modern / fit certain AU or what have you.
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No. 216161

File: 1655872142896.png (230.71 KB, 670x800, EQf3_YFUEAERF4f.png)

Since they've ruined and yassified Testament, give us handsome Bridget!

No. 216164

this was the character that made me realize japan glorifies pedo-baiting

No. 216167

In that case, making the braid thinner, with a big bow would be nice, the thick braid mixed with the spiky hair makes him look awkward. Maybe giving him something like a circlet and a medium sized bow could work too.

No. 216172

File: 1655875850164.png (1.08 MB, 1102x1197, 91964833_p0.png)

No. 216174

File: 1655876705933.jpg (554.04 KB, 1600x1984, dark_souls__ornstein_and_smoug…)

Skinny Smough is blessed

File: 1653106943163.jpg (112.16 KB, 828x996, 1653101678532.jpg)

No. 207965[Reply]

Post bad lyrics, poetry, stories etc.
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No. 213674

i sometimes read random cow threads and I always wondered where the big areolas meme came in the Luna thread

No. 216150

File: 1655867480209.png (168.09 KB, 720x1409, Screenshot_20220621-185741.png)

Any song by Flo Rida

No. 216178

File: 1655879762060.png (44.21 KB, 916x255, killer-eminem-jack-harlow-cord…)

Honestly, this whole verse but especially the last line

No. 216179

File: 1655880205098.png (43.13 KB, 690x250, lost-in-the-fire-the-weeknd.pn…)

No comment

No. 216332

Fucking nasty. I miss when I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry was as stupid as it got regarding bi women

File: 1648007717450.jpg (144.79 KB, 894x894, issei_hyoudou_by_tetsuyakyoko-…)

No. 191506[Reply]

Want to rant about characters you hate? Post them here!
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No. 205254

I can't stand women like that irl either actually. That's why she's so annoying. I sometimes wish I could be one of the characters in this manga just so I could slap some sense into her and leave.

No. 216014

File: 1655827639794.jpg (108.47 KB, 720x720, maxresdefault-1678.jpg)

Anyone who watched the breakfast club on cytube with us know why he's so insufferable

No. 216037

No. 216041

I want more loser girl characters like her.

No. 216045

File: 1655834576209.jpg (207.43 KB, 992x1403, e8ea6139482eb601eda52de4da2c53…)

>a whiney, immature and insufferable character
>exists just to bring boob fanservice on the table and create a retarded 'unrequited love' drama
>no personality outside of being wet of her own stepbrother and having nothing but revealing boob armor
>one of the pickmesha animu girls like Marin from Dress-Up Darling
I used to read SAO light novel after the first season of the anime came out back when I was a teen, I am glad that -eventually- the writer actually ended up writing something nice (alicization arc despite the most blantly retarded 'plot twist' excuse, but whatever') I dropped it many years ago, but she is still one of my most hated anime characters, just like Hachi from Nana.

File: 1651783643718.jpg (119.01 KB, 424x541, char-miller-king-wooden-maven-…)

No. 204096[Reply]

Are you in the middle of a project or just finished one and want to share it somewhere? Dump it here!
Woodworking, sewing, painting, sculpting, modeling, embroidery, 3D printing, model assembly, knitting, metal working, pottery, prop-making… Anything crafty goes.

Ask for and/or share:
>Progress pics and processes
>YT recommendations
>Tips and tricks

What are you currently making, farmers?
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No. 208369

File: 1653242118271.jpg (94.36 KB, 720x900, 134fa6959b5a5c07d9e607e3aafa44…)

I love cardboard crafts

No. 210778

File: 1654110445033.jpg (81.57 KB, 460x536, 0c1678fdb450920056dc481ee06f58…)

No. 210781

File: 1654110671322.jpg (114.83 KB, 600x900, 97c2dc59d2ab1ae770e90118e4e0fb…)

No. 216011

I'm a cosplay noob. How do I make a sword? Got any nice tutorials for it?

No. 216029

I have never done it, but this seems like an easy enough tutorial. Just change the sword template for how you like it, or maybe search the internet for a template closer to what you want. Good luck, anon! Report back!

File: 1651436363673.jpg (42.29 KB, 640x800, Romano_in_brooklyn.jpg)

No. 202815[Reply]

ITT: post handsome fictional and IRL priests to respectfully ogle at
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No. 204366

YES! My beautiful angel

No. 204457

Holy shit I'm watching this tonight

No. 215990

No. 216010

File: 1655825223550.png (593.49 KB, 800x943, dcw62k7-795cb346-7b9f-49b3-8e6…)

Sorry for the furry shit kek

No. 216095

The only acceptable furry artist.

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