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File: 1608510853640.png (2.5 MB, 1920x1080, 1608459514465.png)

No. 119076[Reply]

a thread for discussing and sharing stuff about higurashi and the things that ryushiki07 does, including umineko, ciconia, gerokasu, etc
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No. 158640

File: 1630651202709.jpg (240.69 KB, 800x567, sanriohigurashi-1.jpg)

The Sanrio collab is pretty cute.

No. 158641

File: 1630651381748.jpg (45.35 KB, 640x361, Ezc25nXVoAMhAUX.jpg)

saged for samefagging

No. 158642

File: 1630651408975.png (653.99 KB, 850x478, _w850.png)

No. 158822

Fair enough, I meant the shower scene at the beginning and then the weird innuendos about how Satoko and Rika can't sleep without each other. But in general, how all of the lighthearted scenes throughout the series have had some kind of sexual undertone, like the punishment games in the og series.
I agree about Rena, they wouldn't have shown that if it wouldn't be important. These arcs have been way longer than they needed to be, I hope the final episodes are really impactful.

No. 160732

I've just finished Episode 5 of the second season, and so far the second season is much better than the first to me. Rika and Satoko are my favourite characters so maybe that's why. They're both such brave and unfortunate girls, I really wish I could protect them both.
The parts where Satoko started seeing a man watching her and everyone telling her it was just her imagination is the scariest part of the anime for me so far. I guess because Shion's fucked up shit felt too unrealistic for me to empathise with I was less scared?

File: 1559537586104.png (4.5 MB, 2052x1350, 1501702956-got8.png)

No. 34157[Reply]

post fictional husbandos and waifus from live action media.
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No. 160717

Brienne in the show is fucking neutered trash watered down shit ass bullshit. She is so fucking dumb in the show. Her last scene is her barefoot in the snow crying over a sisterfucking man. I will never stop being mad about it.

No. 160721

File: 1631842203224.jpg (63.54 KB, 640x638, Briennewiththebookofbrothers.j…)

NTAYRT but her last scene is actually her as a kingsguard for Bran filling out Sisterfucking Man's page in the kingsguard book.

No. 160735

Wonder what the entry is.
"He fucked his sister and died. RIP, thot"

No. 160743

You know she's fangirlin hard about his beauty, smarts, fighting prowess and most of all, kindness. Probably seething over Cersei as well

No. 160747

Who isn't dumb by the end of the series lbr, at least she's pure and a good person unlike basically everyone else.

File: 1613359503901.jpg (541.63 KB, 1920x1080, 20210214_192020.jpg)

No. 127929[Reply]

Anyone here fans for the cookie run series? Aside from the cute game, the fandom is also very milky

Feel free to talk about:
> your fav cookies
> game play experience
> any of the cookie run games
> share fan art you like or hate
> gossip about fandom drama

Notable discourse in the fandom
> Devsisters receny released a valentine video sharing fanart they received for the game. It became a disaster after many users accuse dev sisters of supporting whitewashing and fictional pedophilia
> Accusations of the company misconduct because they did not delete a guild with an offensive name, burning sun
> milk cookie / yam cookie and other cookie designs are borderline disrespectful/racist.
> Dev sisters accidently using a slur in the recent game update

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 156638

File: 1629355652904.jpg (200.1 KB, 1010x1280, PWFEc2n.jpg)

I got Spinach Cookie on my first days. I gave her quite a few upgrades and a costume, so currently one of my strongest characters. I love her, she is very cute ♥

I'm also trying to upgrade Sorbet Shark Cookie and Pancake Cookie I want his cute unicorn costume. They are both at level 3, my babies. ♥

No. 156650

File: 1629364059001.png (19.62 KB, 176x260, Popping_Candy_Cookie.png)

I was looking at the character list in the wikia/fandom page to find a favorite but it doesn't seem updated(?) but the cookie idol is stupidly cute

No. 160703

File: 1631831751762.jpg (31.4 KB, 680x506, xX0w31w.jpg)

I need your help anons. I've been trying to play Cookie Run Kingdom on Bluestacks, because my phone can't download the game, but Bluestacks goes way too slow and it closes the game after minutes of lagging, is really hard to play with this. This is an issue that only happens with CRK because I tried with other games and it works just fine.

Does anyone has experience this? And there's something I can do to fix it?

No. 160706

Did you enable virtualization in bluestacks?

No. 160713

Yes, I have.

File: 1534991177094.jpg (253.1 KB, 831x560, podcasts.jpg)

No. 17258[Reply]

Thought this would be nice to have since podcasts are huge right now. Every Tom, Dick and Harry now thinks the world can't be deprived of their opinions and starts a podcast.

>Podcasts you like
>Podcasts you hate
>Podcast/Host drama
>Crazy Podcast Fandoms

There is a thread that already exists for one of the biggest podcast cows, Mike Boudet, but it's pretty dead.

Another totally dead thread that seems to be only for recommending podcasts.
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No. 117676

I've just started listening to this yesterday! It's great so far, feeds into my past teen obsession with lolita

No. 141541

File: 1620839205156.jpg (96.34 KB, 700x700, 12059641a9959c8166bd91f15f83f2…)

Reviving the thread because I've pretty much gone through my entire backlog and I need new stuff to listen to at work. Do you guys have any recommendations for good solo/scripted podcasts (preferably historical or non-fiction?) I can only listen to so much banter and improv. For reference, and also as contribution, I really enjoy:

>You Must Remember This

Fantastic looks into Hollywood history. I recommend her very first episode (on Frank Sinatra's weirdest album) for starters, then her Dead Blondes miniseries when you're really getting into it
>Nice Try!
Stories about attempts at utopian societies. Their first episode about Jamestown is sobering but interesting.
>The Memory Palace
Short, bite-sized "weird history"

inb4 "Just listen to audiobooks" kek

No. 141679

File: 1620935512469.jpg (29.63 KB, 564x407, 572bbd739888a4bd8196d466ca6277…)

Does anyone know some good cinema podcast? It could be about any genre or style!

No. 141842

Are there any good podcasts where women (or just even just one woman) just casually discuss random stuff and make jokes and that's also NOT about romance/dating/sex or true crime?

I like this one too.

No. 160626

CaptainBlackbeard Radio

>CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a psychedelic audio thrill ride of interweaving stories, humor & music unlike anything ever created ye won't hear anywhere else! CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a service provided to bring humor, music and culture to the lads and lasses of action across all Eight Seas.


File: 1614405677450.jpg (86.5 KB, 614x767, fghf.jpg)

No. 129780[Reply]

I feel like there isn't enough hate on tropes, so please do it here
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No. 160267

>Rejected love interest ends up in a rushed, undeveloped relationship as a consolation prize
>Traps. They make zero effort to make the character look androgynous, and it isn't funny
>Relationship dynamic is burdening one of the characters with the emotional baggage of the other one

No. 160279

Character hasn't actually done that bad thing we believed they did, it was all a misunderstanding. And I hate when horror movie characters have no personality and story, they only exist to be killed

No. 160378

I hate the trope of "slutty and less attractive best friend" who's only there to make the main girl (or sometimes male) look prettier and more innocent. I always thought it must be rough to always be cast for those roles.

No. 160559

i hate the tropes in fiction about eating disorders. it's always the same bullshit.
>mc is a generic teenage girl or 20 something woman but if she ever goes to a recovery program or a support group all the other patients there are an overly diverse mix of people to make mc stand out as the attractive one despite the unrealistic premise of it all
>mc somehow develops extreme anorexia from the most trivial hardships imaginable like divorced parents, moving houses/switching schools, fading friendships, being "invisible" among their peers, struggling with grades etc
>either that or they play sports/dance but never on a really highly professional level yet somehow there's soooo much pressure
>mc is "smart" and a special snowflake with deeply intellectual interests such as music and reading
>the disordered behaviours depicted are taken straight from proana tumblr posts
>parents always depicted as evil, selfish and neglectful despite trying their very hardest and being in constant emotional distress caused by the situation
>a concerned friend, love interest or sibling single-handedly motivates mc to get help but the desperation of their parents has zero effect
>all the doctors/psychiatrists/nurses/therapists are depicted as uninterested and lazy or otherwise severly lacking in competence
>insert the magic pixie not-like-the-other-professionals who can see right through mc's fa├žade and is a misunderstood asocial galaxybrain just like mc which instantly cures them

No. 160589

I hate the "tough girl" trope. The one where the girl has short hair with bangs to the side, is super tough and masculine, rolls her eyes at feminine things, etc.
I find them way worse than the overly feminine pink loving stereotypical characters, at least those embrace femininty without being ashamed

File: 1581314637375.jpg (65.47 KB, 630x420, 5cd36fb62300003100b7a15a.jpg)

No. 75016[Reply]

We have a thread on music that makes you cry and feel sad, what about the opposite? Post some feel-good tunes that always put you in a happy mood and lifts you up, makes you motivated, smile, dance, laugh etc.
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No. 157260

No. 157289

No. 157292

been listening to this song on repeat for the last 3 days. its so addicting and it makes me feel like a bad bitch

No. 159672

This song just gives great vibes no matter where I am. It's just that good.

No. 160545

every summer I blast the album this song is from

File: 1607787249859.jpeg (85.03 KB, 396x395, 86B7616C-1A94-4F6F-B8C3-0FA8B0…)

No. 118153[Reply]

This thread is for posting photos/memes/art/videos relating to cows, the animals. It's best if they're funny and remind you of this site
>no lolcows themselves unless they are actual bovine dairy cows or one is involved in the image. you can say a post reminds you of someone, of course
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No. 160357

She's my hero

No. 160394

File: 1631632669095.jpg (148.62 KB, 1242x1210, tumblr_9c9d056d8c0f10cfc2a471e…)

No. 160396

File: 1631633523119.jpeg (89.1 KB, 1200x1200, D2D0E9F6-A12C-4674-8A23-193B65…)

No. 160505

File: 1631707790464.jpg (2.36 MB, 1800x1350, DSCF4786.jpg)

Highland cattle is probably my fave cow type, but look at these belted galloways. Such fluffy ears.

No. 160506

File: 1631708060048.jpg (554.95 KB, 1024x683, White_Park_cow_with_calf_on_Ha…)

Also, look at these beauties.

File: 1538933298921.jpeg (174.32 KB, 624x768, E6D87481-61A4-4422-B131-64D532…)

No. 33729[Reply]

What is your favorite Pokemon and generation? How did you get into this series? Discuss.
136 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 160440

Not much is being said.

No. 160447

A slightly unpleasant childhood memory about Pokemon games follows. Spoiled not to creep out anons just enjoying cuteness of this thread. Sorry, I randomly remembered and wanted to get it out.
I want to complain that I understood the concept of a furry/zoophile before I even learned those words thanks to Pokemon games on Gameboy. There was this Pokemon Fanclub and I think a radio show where characters were uncomfortably fawning over Pokemon. I found it fucked up and it creeped me out. Those people were salivating too much over vulpix's shiny coat for that to not have some sinister connotation. Has anybody else been weirded by that? An even weirder thing was that I got scared of getting squirtbottle because I didn't understand what it meant and somehow assumed it's sexual. I did not know about squirting porn, or so I think. Why the fuck did I assume it means something bad instead of something related to Squirtle? What was wrong with me

No. 160450

perfect hugging size

No. 160459

File: 1631662317783.png (739.17 KB, 800x694, 02015120125.png)

i have this plushie and he's the perfect size for hugging. also a very good boye

No. 160461

File: 1631662589073.jpg (134.34 KB, 1329x886, tongue.jpg)

What a perfect and round boy.

No. 136281[Reply]

A thread for terrible music and music videos.
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No. 154960

No. 160230

A lot of these popular remixes on Tiktok really suck

No. 160236

Its so bad but I love it?

No. 160259

British boyband cover of Jackson 5's Can You Feel It? The music video manages to make it 1000x more painful kek.

No. 160370

I just randomly remembered this after 10+ years, it's not as bad as I remember, but I do remember when I first found it all the comments were saying how terrible it was.

File: 1607592052858.jpg (1.03 MB, 2552x3432, EojXGf3VEAEmAdC.jpg)

No. 117815[Reply]

Can we have a maid thread?
433 posts and 365 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 159070

File: 1630859276937.png (453.6 KB, 1200x1331, 80135090_p20.png)

No. 159342

File: 1631022699066.jpg (176.74 KB, 736x1308, pyt5vsg4hdl71.jpg)


what about this kek

No. 159353

File: 1631029489482.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.63 KB, 800x600, tumblr_n6kn4dc2kq1rity2bo1_128…)

you are seen and appreciated arjuna anon

No. 159492

File: 1631110005736.png (1.06 MB, 800x1129, IMG_8622-1.png)

No. 160351

File: 1631596932434.jpeg (149.59 KB, 1502x2048, EXstMVrXgAYI3yJ.jpeg)

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