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No. 319720

What is a vtuber?
>An online entertainer or live streamer who is typically represented by a digital avatar generated by computer graphics such as Live2D.
This thread is made to discuss your favorite Vtubers, news surrounding the topic, and other stuff!

Current/Upcoming streams: https://holodex.net/
Chat logs: https://hololyzer.net/youtube/

Previous threads

No. 319721

Mori seemed like the popular choice for next threadpic, but it's hard to find art of her that isn't horny to some degee, and I didn't want to inflict that on random farmers in the catalog. Maybe if other nonnas find good, clean art of her and post it here we can use it for the next thread?
I also tried including some resources instead of recent news/milk as requested. In case it's not clear, Hololyzer's best use IMO is for VODwatchers seeking to view interactions from other corpo members in chat at the time of the stream.
Feel free to suggest further resources for the next thread. I considered adding some of the newbie vtuber resources from the last thread, but I wasn't sure how others would feel about it.
Hope everything looks alright!

No. 319722

I don't even think it's that. His PL wasn't like this. He's just trying way too hard at BFE as GB he has no business doing, and a subset of yumes lacking taste eats it up. It reminds me of Hex Haywire, except GB's only saving grace is that his branding at least doesn't involve traumadumping.

No. 319723

GB doesn't have much presence in Armis as a group outside full collabs if that makes you feel any better. Most of the best material has been from the other three interacting, they seem to pretty well matched on the same wavelength while GB is often over there in his own corner. To me Ruze is one of the best male vtubers to have debuted in a pretty long time through a corpo. Partly because of shared interests that match mine and I like his game choices, partly because he's been really fun at conversation with others and having fun himself in a somewhat mischevious way through gameplay

No. 319724

I totally agree, and I was glad to see that he got something of a sub boost through the Palworld stream (which finally pushed Goldbullet down below him as the least-subbed member of Armis, kek).
It just goes to show that he's not only a great addition for existing fans, but also capable of snagging fans from the normie sphere. Dude is just a great streamer and I'm looking forward to seeing him go far.

No. 319725

I really dislike that Doppio has to be in the same gen group as Hex since I like Doppio

No. 319726

The other thread wasn't even done yet? Why do we have anons on /m/ that keep making threads too early just so they can use the specific threadpic they want

No. 319727

File: 1705566057511.png (3.03 MB, 1710x1404, emote.png)

Idk if it's just me but I hate these thick outline type emotes. They're so fucking ugly and unappealing. Every emote artist uses the same bases so every vtuber and their mama has emotes that look exactly like this.

No. 319728

What type of emotes do you like? I can't see what's going on in most nonchibi emotes when they're small in chat. I like simple ones in these that are obvious like the heart, clown, question mark

No. 319729

Sorry for my newfaggotry

No. 319730

I just found a very cool predebut vtuber with amazing voice and design, I hope he does actually debut and go into ASMR and shit but I'm afraid his accent will be trash since he's Indonesian

No. 319731

I think it's really fortunate Ruze ended up in the Holostars English environment rather than getting muddled somewhere in Niji EN's environment. Part of his thing is being gruff but I enjoy how he's capable of using whatever he has to make lemonade out of lemons, almost. His character class inside Holostars English is axe fighter and he leans into it whenever he wants to, but there's some surprisingly graceful aspects about how he handles certain things. Like how he spun the comments from people who don't like vtubers or his voice when he was playing Palworld in order to entertain everyone else watching

No. 319732

You heard his voice but not accent? Who is he?

No. 319733

File: 1705582408411.png (4.93 MB, 1447x2160, Mori.Calliope.full.4059824.png)

I found a few pics of Calli that might be usable for a new thread in a few months, I'll post them here.

No. 319734

File: 1705582469972.jpg (2.18 MB, 1191x1684, Mori.Calliope.full.4025581.jpg)

No. 319735

File: 1705582513539.png (1.96 MB, 1200x1696, Mori.Calliope.full.3969886.png)

That's it! Don't wanna spam too much.

No. 319736

they kinda need thick lines or it's impossible to tell what it is when small in chat. also curious what you think looks good?

No. 319737

I vote for this one

No. 319738

are there really women in these threads or is it just a bunch of moids
i have a hard time believing women like vtubers since they're so pedo- and scrote-pandery

No. 319739

Eh, I've been to /vt/ a few times and there's zero discussion of male tubers. It makes me think this place is pretty mixed at least.

No. 319740

File: 1705587900228.jpg (684.16 KB, 2048x1626, GAkIAP8XwAAX_2b.jpg)

I'm a woman who used to keep up with franchises like Hypnosis Mic and a bit of Paradox Live (and often searching yt for any anime music videos of any type) as my pick of easy and casual junk food media in between other things, but either they go into inactive periods or I simply got bored. I was casually aware of those clips of corpo male vtubers and watched them now and then, over a period of time I had seen a lot of Tempus clips. I browsed around for a good while, and honestly I didn't really like what I saw of Niji outside of a few select things: Doppio, Vanta's social/conversation skill (not really his games though), and a bit of Fulgur's content and game choices. Ren made a good impression in terms of being nice and not coomer-y, but eh.

Tempus I found much easier to get into with casual watching and I got in deeper once Armis debuted and I saw how well Jurard, Ruze, and Octavio got along and bantered like they've already been used to it for a good while. I think it was their Apex commentary that was one of the early big hooks. I have very little watch time with any female vtubers besides having listened to several Amiya Aranha vods (since I like learning about retro games) after she was recommended here a long while ago because I mostly want to look at anime boys, so idk much at all about them.

No. 319741

A lot of them are just people that play video games with an anime avatar.
Not all of them do that boyfriend/girlfriend experience thing.

No. 319742

File: 1705589392027.jpeg (393.1 KB, 1600x900, GAu8VxeaEAAGXwp.jpeg)

He posts shorts singing in Japanese, so I'm not sure about his English lol

No. 319743

Yeah his voice and design are nice but
>speaks (probably) Indo in the introduction video
so he probably won't even stream in English

No. 319744

Such a waste of design and voice if he's gonna be ID ehhh

No. 319745

File: 1705593524194.jpg (369.44 KB, 1920x1358, thumb-1920-1291592.jpg)

I'm a straight woman who mostly watches female vtubers, so I'll give my perspective.
I think vtubing is just another medium, like anime, video games, whatever.
Like, I'd say video games have been historically riddled with sexism and terrible communities, but are there still gems with awesome female characters, or games that don't even have human characters at all? Yes.
Same thing with anime. Every season, there's harem garbage, with lolis, little sisters, 13 year olds with huge boobs. However, there's a lot of great anime that have little or no sexuality, and well-written stories with beautiful artwork.
If anything, I think vtubing could be liberating for female streamers, depending on the streamer herself. Maybe a girl who's chubby or ugly irl and would be shy and harassed as a 'facestreamer' can become an excellent entertainer who sings and plays games for hours because she doesn't have to expose her real self.
You could argue that women could just stream without any camera or model, but I like the experience of becoming attached to these 'characters', their designs, their goofy lore.

Tldr: Vtubing encompasses a lot of types of personalities and content. Not every female streamer is lolibaiting like Gawr Gura or coombaiting like Shylily. I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea but it's not that farfetched that some of us would enjoy it, especially when we already love gaming or anime.

No. 319746

Females liking cute cartoon avatars just isn't that hard to grasp imo
And it's a medium that allows women to play games and stream, have endless customization options, be completely anonymous, not have to be disriminated for weight, age, appearance etc

No. 319747

Thanks nonna! Hope our reaper can be repped next thread

No. 319748

If they could replace GB's VA with Shinri's, it would be perfect, but alas. (Sorry, I just can't get into Shinri's design no matter how much I try)

No. 319749

>there's zero discussion of male tubers
this is not true

No. 319750

i like the cute side of them, the dances, songs, funny clips etc. not the scrote pandering aspects

No. 319751

Alright I checked and it's 5 holostars and 1 Niji. Still that's 6 vs like 130+ threads. Still though, better ratio here.

No. 319752

2 for the holo boys, 2 for niji (3 if you count the jp one), the vshojo one, the orc one, and 1 where you can talk about any boy (corpo or indie). all of this threads are extremely active, but the discussion here is way more pacific

No. 319753

I know people mostly use general threads in /vt/ or the doxsite to livepost anonymously, but have you guys ever thought about posting about active threads here? Or do you think that would be too spam-ish and incoherent?

No. 319754

That would be way too spammy and there’s no need for it since this thread itself isn’t that active to begin with.

No. 319755

New FSP boys are so good looking what the fuck

No. 319756

I like watching women working towards their dreams and the vtubers I watch would be ideal friends for me not all vtubers use a moe uguu voice or are lolicon panderers, most are really down to earth and entertaining, creative, hardworking, talented.

No. 319757

File: 1705661973983.jpg (73.45 KB, 800x489, Pacific-Ocean-Map.jpg)

>the discussion here is way more pacific
i love talking about the ocean

No. 319758

No Selen for Pomu's final call-in video… It's over. Damn, and I just started watching Selen a few weeks ago because of anons here recommending her. I really hope her next incarnation is a good one.

No. 319759

This is her PL. She started being active on this account again recently so graduation from Niji is inevitable.

No. 319760

I guess it's just a question of whether she will return to Dokibird or if she's gearing up for VShojo or something else.

No. 319761

Pomu's graduation stream is on. I can't really bring myself to care when she so blatantly made it clear she's going to Vshojo. I just look at fans giving money like there's no tomorrow and pity them for being so gullible.

No. 319762

File: 1705695532221.png (287.48 KB, 587x470, CCD3D3E7-8C24-48FD-99FA-96CB84…)

No. 319763

Did she…? I haven't seen anything convincing on that end. Pomu of all the recent/potential grads seems least likely to head there.

No. 319764

I thought she was continuing college to get a degree, unless she lied which is a little sad. It would be nice to see if she returned to minto.

No. 319765

File: 1705705728541.jpeg (846.01 KB, 4096x4096, IMG_0537.jpeg)

I hate to sound like your typical sapling, but I really missed my oshi so much! I coped hard by watching a bunch of Stars (Bettel and Hakka) while she was gone but there's really nobody I find more engaging to watch both in gameplay and conversation. I'm glad she's back…!

No. 319766

I think if she is getting a college degree, even if she only streamed once or twice a week, she could still be successful. She seems very well-loved and already put in the work to build up a fanbase.

No. 319767

File: 1705723199224.png (13.02 MB, 2480x3508, c7e11d6e6.png)

I'll miss this fairy.

No. 319768

File: 1705727242427.png (667.08 KB, 518x710, IMG_0538.png)

I take it back, putting a shirt on did so much for him.

No. 319769

I didn't think I'd cry but I did. I expect her to come back as an indie or in vshojo but when she started stalling to end the stream I got emotional. Godspeed Pomu, wherever you go, even if you leave vtubing forever,

No. 319770

Tbh I want her to play the long con and wait to join EN4 just to see the drama it would produce kek. Although I also think she's best suited for Holo, even though waiting to audition for the who-knows-when next gen without even a guarantee of getting in would be an unwise career move. People keep comparing this potential scenario to Luna since it's a Niji to Holo progression, but it's more comparable to Polka and I'd like to see her thrive.

No. 319771

VShojo's next concept is school/University.

No. 319772

Oh, well that sucks. Happy for her I guess but baffling decision, even if it was because of perm autism.

No. 319773

File: 1705754923395.jpg (66.32 KB, 1200x895, GEOBzdvWkAQrXnl.jpg)

I hope she doesn't get the bimbofication treatment every vshojo member gets, it would be very gross and unfitting for Pomu. I do hate that every terminated and graduated member ends up in there because I can't stand their company image and how extra coomery every talent becomes, it's like a black hole sucking up the talents. Wouldn't be surprised if Mel also joins their JP branch eventually

No. 319774

It's their main brand but that's not all of them. Geega seems pretty cool. (Idk where she's from but I hear she's ex-Niji).

No. 319775

The info of her being an ex-Nijisanji member comes from one anon on here and nowhere else, anon. There’s no way she can be an ex-Nijisanji member because everyone already knows where the ex-EN members are and she doesn’t speak Japanese or live in Japan to ever have been in the JP branch.

No. 319776

I can also confirm that she's not an ex-ID or KR member as those were my primarily watched branches. No idea where that notion formed.
The outright poaching of established vtubers only for them to become react content trash is just sad. I don't respect the "brand".

No. 319777

Highly doubt it as Geega was a nepo hire from the troon dragon

No. 319778

File: 1705796995691.jpg (120.45 KB, 720x540, 1d00382b-3835-4a1a-9fa1-8ba63d…)

sage for intrusive thought
I've been following Hololive for a few years. But I feel like we haven't really seen a 'top' Holo graduate yet, aside from Coco, who helped trailblaze the EN vtubing sphere. It was sad, but she immediately came back as Kson.
But I'm morbidly curious about what it'll be like if someone like Pekora, Marine, or Korone graduates.
I'd add Gura but meh, she's more of a figurehead at this point.
Off topic, I was a bit surprised to see Kobo is the 6th most subscribed Holo. I knew she was well-liked, but I didn't know she beats out most of the company. I guess it's partially english buff.

No. 319779

What does nonnies think of this cover? It's nice. I headcanon them loving each other very much.

No. 319780

Not really into vtubers anymore but Geega streams sometimes with my favorite moid streamer and it’s really annoying. Idk why he’s cozying up with these western coomer vtubers

No. 319781

File: 1705855745705.gif (1.77 MB, 398x500, rabu.gif)

I had no idea there's a vtuber thread on this website again.. damn I've been missing out. Last I remember there being one was like 3 years ago and it got locked because some downie was throwing a fit over Kiara 24/7, not just on this website either. Anyway, thank god, now I don't have to browse that other board (outside of dedicated general sometimes), dingo love!

No. 319782

Who is it? I've noticed her a lot in ENstars' comments but I didn't know she also welcomes herself into JP streamers' chat
He's an autist but I appreciate this guy for sticking with StarsEN. Looked like the most chaotic at first but turned out to be an anchor

No. 319783

File: 1705859194200.png (617.78 KB, 1920x1080, Where-To-Find-VRCHat-Models-2.…)

Hi nonas I'm not a vtuber watcher, but I'm sort of interested in them so I hope it's ok if I ask some questions here.
1. What kind of vtuber(s) do you watch?
2. What makes you like a new vtuber? Design? The content?
3. Speaking of design, what kind of designs are you drawn to? I've seen a lot of people (who don't watch vtubers) call vtubers ugly and overdesigned but I've always found them quite charming and cute. What is the design discussion like within the community?
4. Interesting details about vtubers that aren't known to non-watchers? (I saw people in here mention graduation for example, idk what that means in this context)
5. What are put-offs that would make you instantly stop watching a vtuber even if everything else matches what you normally love to watch? (for example ugly design, annoying voice, political opinions, playing bad games, pandering of some kind…)
6. Who would you say are the most popular vtubers?

No. 319784

>1. What kind of vtuber(s) do you watch?
I tend to watch almost only girls, I enjoy just chatting streams usually, but also karaoke and games I already like.
>2. What makes you like a new vtuber? Design? The content?
I'm usually drawn in because of the design, initially but a number of factors contribute to me staying, is she female friendly? Does she pander to males openly? Is her personality vibrant?
>3. Speaking of design, what kind of designs are you drawn to? I've seen a lot of people (who don't watch vtubers) call vtubers ugly and overdesigned but I've always found them quite charming and cute. What is the design discussion like within the community?
I'm an artist myself, so I have an harsh eye for designs, they have to be interesting at least for me. I tend to judge an indie by their choices in design, because that gives away a bit about the streamer's personality itself and I don't lose time with tasteless people lol.
>4. Interesting details about vtubers that aren't known to non-watchers? (I saw people in here mention graduation for example, idk what that means in this context)
Graduation and debut are both terms from the idol industry, graduation is leaving the group/activities, debut is well, debutting.
>5. What are put-offs that would make you instantly stop watching a vtuber even if everything else matches what you normally love to watch? (for example ugly design, annoying voice, political opinions, playing bad games, pandering of some kind…)
Pandering to males by being a pickme and being overtly sexual. I don't think there's anything wrong with being sexual itself (unless it's pickmerism) but I'm just not interested in people constantly talking about their boobs. I'm also a fairly good judge of character, if I sense someone being a bitch behind the scenes or being stuckup I walk away.
>6. Who would you say are the most popular vtubers?
Hololive girls are the most popular for sure, then idk, maybe VShojo but it's not everyone's cup of tea (I don't like them either). Japanese Hololive is bigger for sure, my favorite vtuber among the big names is Houshou Marine.

No. 319785

>1. What kind of vtuber(s) do you watch?
I watch a lot of indies. When I watch company vtubers, I typically only watch them when they're in collabs. I watch indie men, but company women. Not sure why.
>2. What makes you like a new vtuber? Design? The content?
Personality! Design matters only if they're absolutely ugly, but I'm not too picky. Just make me laugh.
>3. Speaking of design, what kind of designs are you drawn to? I've seen a lot of people (who don't watch vtubers) call vtubers ugly and overdesigned but I've always found them quite charming and cute. What is the design discussion like within the community?
Simple and recognizable designs. I don't like overdesigned ones, and I am drawn to ones with a unique style. Especially if the VTuber says they drew it themselves.
>4. Interesting details about vtubers that aren't known to non-watchers? (I saw people in here mention graduation for example, idk what that means in this context)
Majority of VTubers are about grifting, especially on Twitter. If you want to get into VTubers, find one who seems genuine and has a love for streaming, not a love for views.
>5. What are put-offs that would make you instantly stop watching a vtuber even if everything else matches what you normally love to watch? (for example ugly design, annoying voice, political opinions, playing bad games, pandering of some kind…)
Baiting for followers. Constantly making follower goals and egging people on. I mean the "1000 retweets and I'll reveal my neck" type of VTubers.
>6. Who would you say are the most popular vtubers?
As others said, the Hololive girls, both JP and EN, being number one. NijiEN Luxiem is popular in the East. NijiJP is even more popular in the East.

No. 319786

how old do vtubers tend to be? i know most are pretending to be teens but do any in their thirties exist?

No. 319787

I think most the popular high-profile corpo streamers (Mori, Kiara, Pomu, and so on) are in their mid 20s to early 30s. After all, a lot of them had already been streaming for a few years before being recruited to a corpo. Also, seems like a fair amount of popular female vtubers had some kind of past trying out the aidoru lifestyle in Japan (Pomu and Kiara, I believe.)
I'll also mention that to start being an indie vtuber, you generally need a little bit of funds, so I guess either having an adult person job or having rich parents.

No. 319788

Quite a few of the popular Holo girls are in their 30s. Marine, Botan, Mio, Korone, to name a few. Korone is the oldest Holo girl, though, IIRC, as she's approaching 40.

No. 319789

Axel being an autist is new to me LOL He's just super ESL

No. 319790

Thanks for answering! Could you post pics of the designs you do like? Perhaps even examples of what you think is bad

This is kinda interesting and it gave me some further questions. Are the real identities of vtubers usually secret? And it's just accepted that these people act as their character, so adults playing a teenager is fully accepted and so on?

I actually had an acquaintance/friend of a friend who got into being a vtuber a few years ago (from already having a franchise based following online) and she just fully advertized it with her usual stuff that had her face on it. I never actually watched her though, her vtuber avatar seemed very male-pandering to say the least and that just doesn't interest me personally. She also portrays a race/culture she's not from in a sexy manner, that sort of thing usually brings backlash but I don't think there's been any for her. Is that typically the case, people just see it as a character that anyone can voice?

No. 319791

It's the ID buff in Kobo's case. Her huge subcount comes from a massive ID fanbase that the other ID livers just haven't been able to capture im the same way. Indonesia is a massive country with a big anime scene and she's one of the few vtubers who manages to properly play into it.

No. 319792

Although I don't know much myself, every case I've read about where the person behind a character gets replaced there's been huge fan backlash. But obviously it's not seen as a big deal at all if that one person has had 2-3 different characters/avatars as a vtuber they've been through because of company moving reasons or personal reasons like changing image or audiences. There's often no "writer" behind a vtuber character except for that one person who was performing it so it's almost like a deep instinct where people don't want to see that mind swapped out at all, only brought to a final conclusion (graduation) if that person has to leave for whatever reason. One of the most infamous cases was with one of the early popular groups that made skits like Kizuna Ai, Game Club Project. They were kinda like the natural next step (within vtubers) to the already existing culture where some anime voice actors are pretty idol-like with fanbases of their own beyond their anime characters that buy up their personal merch. The Game Club Project members voice acted for comedy videos written by other people and that was a main part of their channel growth on youtube, but they were also expected to perform as their characters on streams and interact like that and so they'd be the ones doing the mental work for the characters many hours on stream. When it was found out the original VAs were replaced the fan backlash was unanimously negative and the company abandoned the whole thing.

There's always some kind of loose or vague narrative to a vtuber, especially with a group environment that's consistent and has frequent interactions. So I guess it's reflexive that a major interruption in that by trying to switch out the person feels way too jarring to accept

No. 319793

For anybody who might have been an old fan of the Game Club Project that somehow hasn't heard about it yet, Domyoji Haruto is now living on happily in Holostars as Fuma.

No. 319794

Exactly why he's an autist, grew up in Australia so online that he didn't learn to speak English properly. That doesn't bother me as much as his tendency to end his random sentences with yo but I can stand it because he's not as coomer as the others
I only saw Kenmochi's rap battle video with him but didn't catch onto the fact that it's Fuma. Glad he's doing fine now. Kinda wish JPstars could do more collabs with big names outside of Hololive

No. 319795

I love how Mori seems to be liked here. I'm tired of /vt/ /cbdct/ specifically constantly bitching about literally anything she does or doesn't.

No. 319796

Honestly /vt/ just proves the assertion from men that only women gossip is false. All they do is sit around gossiping about the most insane imaginary things instead of actually watching streams from their alleged favorite chuubas. It's so pathetically catty.

No. 319797

>he's not as coomer as the others
The others being the ENstars? Do you watch them at all? Axel’s whole shtick used to be being a pervert and it still kinda is, while some other members make it a point not to even talk about topics like that on stream, especially Bettel.

No. 319798

Ignore them, I'm pretty sure they're operating mostly off of hearsay about Axel. You only need to watch 1 Axel stream to know he's a coomer kek. He's just less socially graceless about it than, say, Flayon

No. 319799

Too many indie vtubers with cute female models are either men irl using text-to-speech, or straight up TIMs. Luckily I imagine most of them won't get extremely popular. Zentreya already fills up the TTS niche, with a pretty expensive-looking model as well.

No. 319800

Stay on nyfco retard

No. 319801

Nonna, this thread is a lost cause. We already had one ranting about terfs last thread and then another that referred to Yamien as a woman.

No. 319802

File: 1705957829478.jpg (172.29 KB, 850x1570, __takanashi_kiara_and_takanash…)

Ntayrt but I disagree. Yeah, some crazies come in sometimes, but I've learned about a lot of good female vtubers from this thread. Seeing other anons post about their oshis is wholesome to me. Pretty sure I read the entire last thread and I don't remember the terf rant, unless it was deleted before I could read it.
Post for the Kiara anons, I haven't watched her in a while but I love her knight outfit.

No. 319803

File: 1705958277290.png (1.03 MB, 1506x1208, Elira_Pendora_-_October_2023_o…)

I love her knight outfit. It's a shame that Cover doesn't really allow hair/eye color changes in outfits (outside of that one time Rushia did it), because I think this design could really have been elevated by toning the saturation of her hair down a little or something. Sort of like what Elira's done before.
God the boob exposure in this outfit is so unfortunate because I do genuinely think it's beautiful outside of that

No. 319804

Such a beautiful outfit ruined by the need to add coom material. They need to start hiring artists with no gacha brain rot. If I was a vtuber and my company gave me this I would quit.

No. 319805

I love the little keychain on her hip. It's drawn and rigged so cutely.

No. 319806

Knowing Elira, I'm pretty sure the boob window is something she specifically asked for. Her mama usually does pretty tame designs for Selen and her.

No. 319807

File: 1705992119397.jpeg (Spoiler Image,299.31 KB, 1200x966, IMG_0606.jpeg)

Any Asian nonnas here who want a good laugh should check out the other site's Tempus page whenever pictures of Axel or Altare get posted. It's so funny when the girls there lose it talking about how they can't believe somebody with an angelic KPop face like Axel's swears like a sailor, but when you open the link it's the most generic Asian man you've ever seen.
Not racebait, I'm Asian and I'm just amused by it.

No. 319808

Anything is better than when we had to keep hearing about how hot Magni's uglyass roommate is. Let them have their average men.

No. 319809

who are these 3

No. 319810

Left to right: Altare, RPR, Axel.

No. 319811

File: 1706003288961.jpg (27.97 KB, 350x350, 2790175_cf55acb7773f489ba1c100…)


No. 319812

Well obviously, I'm not Asian and I find him cute.

No. 319813

I mean /vt/ is /vt/ but Mori had some major fuckups early on that got her a lot of warranted hate. Like when she "ironically" retweeted a hater's comic about her having sex with Cdawgva, then when people on the hololive subreddit said that was a bad look she went there to defend herself and say she was just having fun, then when it turned out no one thought it was funny she blamed "the lean", then when people said that was an even dumber thing to do she said that she didn't know what lean was and she thought it just meant alcohol. Like, she's obviously gotten a lot better since then but I still find it hard to take her too seriously after that lethal dose of second hand embarrassment.

No. 319814

>Pandering to males by being a pickme and being overtly sexual.
>my favorite vtuber among the big names is Houshou Marine.

No. 319815

Ntayrt but isn't it more of a gag/skit on Marine's behalf, and the majority of her content is pretty normal, just her occasional lewd joke gets clipped?
That's what I've heard anyways, that a lot of hololive JP (hell, even hololive EN) gets portrayed out-of-context in clips, especially when you can't speak the language.
If you have a 3 hour stream and you have 2 minutes of thirsting over an attractive character or whatever, that's the 2 minutes that's gonna be clipped.
I'd love to hear from a Marine fan though. I do like her singing a lot, and I like that it's an open secret that she's at least 30. I don't speak JP though so I can't make a fair assessment.

No. 319816

Yeah, Marine's think (as well as Koyori's, although Koyori is a lot more unicorn-pandering) is tongue-in-cheek burikko. It makes sense that it flies over Western fans heads, but most of it isn't meant to be taken seriously. And she's got a lot of merits as a person that make her worthing of making her your oshi, even if you're not into that. Her social skill, willingness to be drop everything for the other girls, and drive to finish massice projects, is unparallelled.
IDK, I used to like her, and you're being fair in your opinion that you can't look past it, but I think she's had one of the most distinct and drastic positive character arcs in EN. She went from being an asshole who was drunk on her own ability/not processing sudden success well to somebody who is a pillar of not only the branch but also the company. She's shown many times that she's acquired a lot of humility over the years, and she's even admitted openly to and apologized for being a douche to Kiara early on because she superficially didn't value her friendship and skills. I think it takes a lot to admit to your flaws so publically and change as much as she has, so it's easy for me to get behind her now. She's actually earned it where a lot of people would have instead double downed on being an asshole or folded into themselves.

No. 319817

it was cute, i like the outfits and it's wholesome seeing all the girls sing together. a bit jarring and inconsistent in some parts since you can tell some of them are more fluent in jp and better singers, but yeah

No. 319818

Neither are ugly but, compared to the selfies I saw of Axel he looks a lot worse in candid kek.

No. 319819

It's because every selfie I've seen of him has been heavily filtered. Although Altare does that too, he just doesn't use as many of the extreme Asian filters.

No. 319820

I know you might know Marine from clips and I understand where you might come from, but Marine is actually very entertaining while not making sexual remarks. As other Nonna said, it's all a gag, she flirts with chat, chat rejects her and tell her to get an husband.
She's extremely passionate, works on lots of projects outside YouTube.
Half of her audience is actually female, you should give her a chance.

No. 319821

No. 319822

We go through this in every thread lol, Marine is my oshi too but I've given up on defending her from nonnas who only know her from viral clips from three years ago.

No. 319823

I think unicorns are stupid and at the end of the day they really shouldn't get what they want, and I genuinely feel bad for the girls who have to walk on eggshells and have gachis blow up on them… But I'd be lying if I said I didn't sort of enjoy seeing men be so disadvantaged and maligned in a career field. It's a small bit of schadenfreude for all the accompanying trouble it brings.

No. 319824

>the comments
Unicornism has officially become the dominant ideology

No. 319825

Management put them in a weird situation here, but it was unprofessional of FWMC to stay silent the way they did. Even Koyori told her gachis recently that there's a difference between interacting with/acknowledging men in a professional capacity for the sake of her career vs cultivating personal relationships with them. And I say this as one of the Ruffian nonnas defending the dogs to death in the last thread.
Making at least some sort of neutral comment, if not a positive, "Oh, nice!" comment would have been fine, and nobody could justifiably have gone berserk on them for that. Staying silent the way they did made a negative statement and I'm probably going to dial back how much of them I watch from now on.

No. 319826

Which vtuber do you think has the best design? Even if you don't watch them

No. 319827

File: 1706171676826.png (492.3 KB, 720x720, IMG_0610.png)

Simple and memorable, works really well as a base for other outfits. She's the peak of vtuber design for me, although I'm not sure a vtuber of her scale with her design is possible anymore, with how overdesigned things have gotten by way of market saturation.

No. 319828

i agree with >>319827 also, gura

No. 319829

File: 1706175672791.jpg (27.93 KB, 500x375, a915cf1502cbfa3d8ab11bf7ffb50e…)

This is going to sound mean, but I hate this kind of pick-meism so much that I hope all of it backfires and blows up in their faces.

No. 319830

I don't really see it that way. Men are not disadvantaged here because unicorns are almost all men, and they are getting what they want.

No. 319831

>I've been to /vt/ a few times and there's zero discussion of male tubers
I'm so late, but you obviously don't know where to look.
I'd say 50% of /nijien/ discussion is fujoposting about cute make chuubas, same or more for /mans/. Even more for /stars/. I think a survey made in the board in 21 or 22 said that that about 40 to 45% of the users were women.

No. 319832

File: 1706182201089.jpeg (2.03 MB, 4096x2304, FEEDVbraQAE2hCg.jpeg)

Seto Kazuya. Love the spooky theme, colors and art style. Plus the model made by the artist himself.

No. 319833

isn't that a shota boy just wearing underpants tho

No. 319834

those are shorts, retard

No. 319835

File: 1706183195727.jpeg (46.96 KB, 563x611, psych ward now.jpeg)

At what point do you find yourself unable to enjoy a medium you once loved because of the fanbase? Shit like above is one of the reasons I stopped watching a lot of the holo girls if not most vtubers both jp and western. There's been a gradual enshitification of vtubers as a medium as the once "vocal minority" of unicorns is now the predominant culture, even when applied to vtubers who aren't "idols." I dont understand how anyone is supposed to look the other way and pretend like nothing is wrong when the space you enjoy your hobby in is infested with insufferable moids who now have heavy influence over the creator's content and the market. And if they're not a unicorn then theyre an annoying leddit-humored chode, a casual coomer, a vapid aspuring indietuber leech, or a rare insufferable lesbian unicorn.

No. 319836

i've genuinely never seen a boy wear shorts like that, i feel like if i even browsed for pics of boys in shorts that short and tight i'd be accused of being a pedo. might just be a cultural difference, you're still allowed to like it nona

No. 319837

File: 1706185439743.jpeg (118.79 KB, 1200x546, IMG_0043.jpeg)

I cannot understand why women might like FWMC. I tried several times but I just find them so annoying, constantly talking like toddlers. I still prefer Mococo over Fuwawa.

I like this stupid bitch design. I don’t watch her and don’t plan to, but I enjoy her design.

No. 319838

Those shorts are way too tight to not be underwear. At least the artist could've made them slightly longer or slightly looser to avoid making them look like simple underwear. But something tells me that this character is just shotacon bait.

No. 319839

File: 1706185718571.jpg (378.76 KB, 1414x2000, 1749447646044094510.jpg)

Anyone here /aokun/? I lost interest in Vs like two or three years ago but a friend keeps sending me her streams and I think I've been charmed right back into watching them, but Ao-kun specifically. I'll become her yume at this rate.

No. 319840

She really does have a good design, shame its wasted on the cocksucking queen of all pickmes. Has her mama done any other vtuber designs?

No. 319841

I'm having a tough time following Hololive lately, I can't get into Advent as much as Council and Myth, the FWMC moment being an example of why, they don't feel like human beings I want to care about as much as the other gens did with the pandering. Can't deal with the absolute barrage of Palworld tweets and streams either, it's a dogshit looking game and all of the mems are obsessed with it tweeting about it every single minute. I miss Ame and the effort she put into making memorable 3D collabs for EN.

Fell off kurosanji too for obvious reasons. So I wouldn't say it's the fanbase's fault, but the way things are going

No. 319842

File: 1706188654421.png (939.1 KB, 1000x1556, 57F97A2F-BC78-4B0C-950A-3A7F48…)

Not only her design, but she’s the reason I’m grinding JP reps

No. 319843

Do they hate holostars just because they're guys or is there some deeper reason? I don't hang around many holostars fans but some people act like they are the ones starting these fights. I know there are a lot of people that hate when idols acknowledge the opposite gender but I feel like I see it more for hololive and holostars compared to nijisanji en at least.

No. 319844

They don't. It's just an old moid carryover from idol culture in Japan. A girl must remain pure in the eyes of a consumer, not necessarily avaliable but untainted, if she even knows what a penis is she is a thot, and so on. Think of it like the old fujo custom of arbitrarily hating on female characters in series because they get in the way of their favorite yaoi ship. It's completely insane and disgusting but its the dominant culture in hololive, it is what it is.

No. 319845

Seto Kazuya's really talented, but isn't the artist behind the model obviously a female?

No. 319846

Seeing this whole debaucle unfold was so stupid that I decided to just cut off my casual watching of other Holopro and solely watch my oshi's personal streams. This is getting ridiculous.
It's idol stuff like the other anon said, but Vesper made it a lot worse when he was having his menhera arcs and would openly antagonize these guys by dragging unrelated girls in like the time he raided into Kiara's stream. Like, it shouldn't have been an issue for him to raid his senpai in the first place, don't get me wrong, but he knew what he was doing when he did it.

No. 319847

Pekora and Marine, they have very cohesive themes and distinct silhouettes

No. 319848

I could have seen FWMC acting like men don't exist because of unicorns from day 1. Literally no one should be surprised by this. But it is certainly funny to see it play out in reality.

No. 319849

File: 1706214540836.gif (424.24 KB, 900x900, 1705723733760578.gif)

Had to delete and repost because I forgot to greentext the questions!
>1. What kind of vtuber(s) do you watch?
Not my oshi, as of last weekend…
That aside, I have a preference for chuubas that have a passion/respect for otaku hobbies, are laidback and/or goofy, have a gap moe aspect, or have good kayfabe. The ones I watched the most after Pomu were Amelia, Salome, Shien, and Korone. I'm also subbed to Mumei, Fubuki, Pina Pengin, Risu, and Roberu, but I don't watch them nearly as frequently as the others.
I haven't properly watched anyone from ReGLOSS yet, but Raden was very cute in the clips I've watched of her! I'm also very intrigued by Ao's design and character description.
>2. What makes you like a new vtuber? Design? The content?
Content. Designs are important to a degree, but it's never what makes me stay, and it wont make me leave, either. I didn't like Pomu's model for the longest time (the design and the art style). I still think Amelia's art style is butt ugly, and yet I'd consider her 2nd in line of my most-watched.
>3. Speaking of design, what kind of designs are you drawn to?
Korone and Risu are the first that come to mind for models that simultaneously have the kind of art style + character design that I like.
As far as designs go, I love cutesy comfy clothing, whether it's loungewear or something fit for cold weather. Moesode, sweaters, fur trims, big boots, round silhouettes, etc. Especially when paired with warm and neutral color schemes, namely brown and red.
I also find it cute when models have a little "mascot" on them, like Lize or Machita from Niji, just because it gives off a fun 00's anime type of energy. It seems like a very niche design choice, though.
>5. What are put-offs that would make you instantly stop watching a vtuber even if everything else matches what you normally love to watch?
Coomer stuff (ironic or otherwise), and trying too hard to be funny (especially with gross or edgy jokes).

No. 319850

File: 1706217605876.jpg (125.21 KB, 1541x822, GEtXIiPakAAswLd.jpg)

No. 319851

So is Nijisanji no longer taking auditions for Korean and ID vtubers moving forward?

No. 319852

They haven’t for two years, anon.

No. 319853

>"vocal minority" of unicorns is now the predominant culture
Not necessarily, the 60-100 people from number thread on /vt/ are just very dedicated with their astroturfing and roping in trolls and similar "unicorns" from unrelated generals. It's pretty obvious with how they post comments under the expo vid and immediately like them en masse. Same for other stuff where they raid tweets and clips. Even knowing that I stopprd watching girls and unfollowed most of them on all platforms save Bae and couple of IDs. Not interested in them and their fanbases, it genuinely has gotten out of hand (and tbf I do have less time nowadays). It's gotten to the point where even normies are like "can you pls stop this shit" and even /jp/ posters are baffled.
Anyway, what surprises me is how Fuwamoco are fine with being used to shit not only on stars, but other holos too. I would've expected them to tell others not to harass other Cover talents and to stop associating with them if they do attack other members. Maybe that's the kind of people they are and they're happy with those aggressive incels as their fans that constantly attack others, no clue, but it's surprising nonetheless that not even managers have told them to say anything. It wouldn't be anything new either.

No. 319854

Man, I actually watch a lot of StarsEN, but it's impossible to talk to other fans because my inability to see men as people with interior lives and feelings always gets in the way. This sounds satirical, but there's always a point at which it becomes obvious the other person actually cares about the streamer as a person when to me the guy is just an entertainment monkey, kek.
I know I'm probably lowering myself to the level of, like, 4chan moids who don't see the girls as people, but I just don't care about the wellbeing of men. The boys might as well be actual anime characters to me.

No. 319855

You and incels will never be the same. Male vtubers are all 4chan moids that probably spent hours everyday shitting on women on /vt/ before getting employed anyway.

No. 319856

Even if they were uncomfortable, what is done is done and saying something afterwards would mean acknowledge what they did in the first place and the fact that it was a calculated move.
In my opinion, it was a stupid move to stay completely silent in the first place, not even an “oohh” or “woow” as they usually do when they don’t know what to say. Everything about the twins is fabricated artificially, but this one was a strategically stupid move imo.

No. 319857

File: 1706287489297.jpeg (185.79 KB, 2048x1413, GEx3aa6bwAAeRfB.jpeg)

Any anon aware of the MafuMafu & ALLEDGELY Rushia/Mikeneko situation?

No. 319858

They have to have planned the utter silence in advance, no? Not only were they completely silent, no "wow" or anything, but there's two of them.

No. 319859

I usually try to give the woman the benefit of the doubt over the moid in situations like this, but with Rushia it's really hard. This makes too much sense given what we know of the people involved and the strangeness around her in the given timeframe.

No. 319860

All threads on this get deleted on vt but I got this link https://twitter.com/takigare3/status/1750842049686065377

Knowing Rushia/Mikeneko I put my money on the truth if not 100%, a good chunk.

Not necessarily “planned in advance” per say, but probably they have discussed to completely ignore HoloStars altogether… I don’t know, it’s too weird.(screenshots are needed on an imageboard)

No. 319861

Big utaitefag and it was insane to see him get shit on so much at the time, and even up to this day for associating with Rushia for “ruining her career”. Meanwhile the reason he messaged her in the first place was probably due to the shit she set up about him needing to constantly update her about his whereabouts on Discord or being subjected to a menhera meltdown where he gets accused of cheating. If she truly was spreading rumors about him killing their cat and domestic violence on anonymous boards, she’s getting what’s coming to her.

No. 319862

Man not to sympathize with a moid too hard here but the guy really has the worst luck with women. Wasn't he a shut-in for a long time before Soraru "saved" him because he was severely stalked and harrassed by a female fan?
I wonder if Kson knew about the reality of the situation or if Mikeneko gave her a onesided lie when Kson helped her get back on her feet by bringing her into Vshojo.

No. 319863

Its so easy to villainize the woman in these situations. I dont expect much from utaite twitter handmaidens or /vt/ moids but even nonnas here are shitting on Rushia. Sad.

No. 319864

That's because Rushia is legitimately BPD and we know for a fact she's dumb enough to do this shit based on her multitude of public meltdowns. It's not villainizing when she's proven again and again that's exactly how she really is.

No. 319865

When did we started whiteknighting for BPD cows, exactly?

No. 319866

I know nothing about utaites but I've been a HoloJP fan since 2019 and the allegations are completely consistent with Mikeneko's character thus far. I'd like to know what you think is actually going on here, though.

No. 319867

Please, tell us everything you know about their relationship, because you apparently enough to call these allegations false.

No. 319868

uhh that sounds really fake because who would get married after not even dating for a year????

No. 319869

Nah, you'd be surprised. I wouldn't do it myself, but it's not uncommon. Both of the people involved also have a track record of instability even prior to the time they allegedly got married, so it's not a shocker to me.

No. 319870

Have you seen how much nonnas ITT hate men? You can barely mention a male vtuber without getting shat on. Get a grip.

No. 319871

I saw a couple on JP love live twitter get married a month after meeting, then the girl announced she got pregnant. They broke up, and then there was something about her threatening to kill him or their baby, but the details escape me. This is absolutely unsurprising, though, yeah.
Mikeneko is fucking psychotic and I'd never support a BPD cow, but I love it when moids get abused and their shit dealt to them, so she was pretty based for that, at least. I know nothing about mafumafu other than that he makes shitty, whiny music, but there's no information that would ever make me take his side (or either side, really).

No. 319872

He makes garbage music and is using this sob story to gain back the fans he lost with their dating rumors. Typical moid acting like the victim.

No. 319873

Yeah, that'd normally be the case, but this is Mikeneko/Rushia we're talking about here. She has shown obvious signs of mental instability before.

No. 319874

Isnt that the point? She was ALWAYS a menhera and he went in the relationship knowing that, enjoyed the sex and now wants to cry victim when it no longer feels worth the effort. Moids date BPDettes until they get sick of putting up with it. Rushia never hid how mentally ill she was.

No. 319875

Nah, she killed a cat by slamming it to a door, I have no sympathy for her

No. 319876

That was a mistranslation. The correct translation states that she was accusing mafumafu of killing a cat by slamming it into a door. Still awful, but not actual animal abuse.

No. 319877

nta but for me its the paid 5ch account just to shitpost about him. you'd have to be fucking obsessed and ill if you're at the point where you're shilling out money just to smear your ex. She'd fit right in with the other cows on pt if she was western.

No. 319878

He probably deserved it

No. 319879

>Mikeneko is fucking psychotic and I'd never support a BPD cow, but I love it when moids get abused and their shit dealt to them, so she was pretty based for that, at least
Yeah, this is the stance to all this for me. I couldn't care less what happens to men but I also acknowledge that she's verifiably insane and probably to blame in all this.

No. 319880

you guys are fucking dumb siding with a BPD-chan just because hehe she's abusing moids you think insanely jealous and possessive women like that make good friends to women?? this is the type of crazy bitch to attack random women she sees as a threat(infighting)

No. 319881

>Mikeneko is fucking psychotic and I'd never support a BPD cow
>She was ALWAYS a menhera and he went in the relationship knowing that, enjoyed the sex and now wants to cry victim
>I couldn't care less what happens to men but I also acknowledge that she's verifiably insane and probably to blame in all this.
Go back to English class, retard-chan. None of us are siding with her (or want to be friends with her/like her lol???).(infighting)

No. 319882

File: 1706360968824.jpeg (182.03 KB, 991x1593, 8A6830D3-AAFF-48C3-8919-26E178…)

One of the only professional BPD vtuber ever (I miss her so much, man).

No. 319883

Work on your reading comprehension stupid bitch(infighting)

No. 319884

>>319863 seems like you've forgotten what mikeneko aka rushia has done before this situation happened when her contract was terminated the reason was given that she was spreading false allegations on anonymous forumboards(5ch)and had allegedly doxxed one of the hololives (her own coworkers) face.she also contacted a Japanese dramatuber to leak some hololive drama from the inside that got leaked kek.even her own "fellow" genmates didn't say goodbye to her (you can see why they keep a distance from her too and not kson) she's been schizo for a while even before she debuted as a hololiver (taking the jirai kei stereotype to heart). She's a major bpdchan and has had multiple physical freak outs on stream too so thinking she may have killed her cat is not of out of the possibility. I don't care if the moid got abused or shit but why should I support a bpd woman who panders to moids on lolcow of all places kek

No. 319885

Her intro is the cutest. Something about it gives me nostalgia for old flash games.

No. 319886

I don't know enough about either of them to have a strong stance on the situation, but I think you hit the nail on the head about men wanting sex with BPD women until it's inconvenient.
spoilered because this is somewhat derailing but Men love the idea of 'crazy' women based on what they see on TV or anime. They think it's gonna be crazy sex, cute clingy behavior, whatever. But once that 'crazy' woman actually does something that inconveniences him, e.g. 'I don't like you watching porn 18 times a week, I don't like that you let that female coworker flirt with you, I don't like you out drinking until 3 AM' suddenly her mental illness that was a fetish a few weeks ago is a huge nuisance and he's gaslighting her out the wazoo.

No. 319887

File: 1706397748304.png (250.92 KB, 2048x1277, 1706394066207234.png)

You can tell e-celebs are becoming actual celebs because they’re having marriages that don’t even last a full year.

No. 319888

File: 1706397797675.png (Spoiler Image,7.89 MB, 1900x2533, 1706384958085807.png)

No. 319889

Yeah, you can tell she's a woman in this vlog she posted. The character is very cute though, I really like his 3D model as well!

No. 319890

File: 1706413122634.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, GE5C3N1bgAA7dvO.jpeg)

I used to get ads for this company's male wave auditions on Twitter all the time and now they're finally debuting the livers. Is anybody considering checking out these moids or know anything about who they could be?

No. 319891

They have an nyfco page, better off there.

No. 319892

My bad, I didn't think that they'd be on there because they're not Niji or Holo or any of the other bigger vtuber companies. That was quick of them!

No. 319893

They got one quickly because some fan of theirs went around asking every big page to request a page for them from the admins while getting massively downvoted LOL a noble sacrifice

No. 319894

First Stage Production's first EN wave

Gale Galleon
>drinks on stream
>voice acting
>roguelike games
>calm and collected, seems like a pretty experienced streamer
>has a cute parrot on his shoulder but it doesn't make a sound

Cassian Floros
>can't tell if he's actually older than others or if it's just an elf gag
>speaks German, French, Japanese and a dialect of Chinese
>fps games, gacha
>voice acting and singing
>Overdose civer

Lucien Lunaris
>very soft spoken
>Spanish speaker
>artist and singer
>Pokemon, LOL
>Akuma No Ko cover

Zander Netherbrand
>soft spoken again
>long story games and ttrpgs
>asmr and zatsudans
>yume pandering

Rosco Graves
>finally an energetic guy
>Spanish speaker
>latina apparently but uses black American slangs (he said finna…) so he's either a faggot or just a zoomer
>rpgs, dnd "im a gamer did you know im a gamer i game btw"
>video editor
>had an original rap section

Are you camping this thread just to promote that site filled with trannies and moids?

No. 319895

What is this paranoia kek, it's the doxx site, nonnie asked for a doxx. You didn't even provide the information she would have gone there for.

No. 319896

Did he send her a voice message on Discord? I seem to recall something about a male voice.>>351724 kek
Reminds me of the Ike statement I read before. I wanna hear her side cz I seriously doubt his POV.
I've had guys try to spin things in ways to make their exes look more unstable than they are. This is just another one. I'm willing to bet he did that (talking in her stream) on purpose, knowing she was streaming and she did GFE.
BTW, has anyone seen her be actually GFE beyond “You're not watching other vtubers, right?!” She always seemed headstrong and dumb, like Finana, from the clips I saw.
>>319807 Lol someone said it. He's cute enough. But the level of horny is not justified. I still go there to watch though. It's funny.
>>319875 Says who? The ex that says she's "falsely blaming him" for it. This board runs on US laws. Hurting someone's reputation isn't enough for you to be believed. Men (especially Asian ones) are better at playing victim. People can be talented and generally nice while being awful partners. People can also do that thing where they only care about their own pets.
All I see is a bunch of people upset about their favourite Utaite being emotionally hurt. He wasn't a kid. He was almost 30 when that started, just like her. He's crying foul behind an uwu image now, when she's actually making progress in her career. I've only seen clips, but I agree with the gachis. He's ruining her career.

No. 319897

I'm glad I don't speak jp or I would've been her yume by now.

No. 319898

GFE was well-known enough as her selling point that a wedding ring was one of her merch items. IDK much about the mafumafu situation as I didn't continue following her activities beyond holo, but the whole menhera GFE thing def existed, whether it was an act or not.

No. 319899

I've heard that a lot. I'm asking if anyone has clips/examples cz all I've seen is, “You're not watching other Vtubers, are you?” or something tho that effect. About the same as Marine (and it didn't seem much like GFE to me, even with marriage applications). Is that moid logic? Did I miss the relevant streams? So if you have something leftover, please send it my way. She always seemed pretty chill to me.
And I've heard one MafuMafu song. Typical menhera Vocaloid stuff. I heard he did BFE as well, so they seemed like a match made in heaven. The fact that his announcement came right after she got a job opportunity and seemed to be moving forward is kinda sus. This is the second time I'm watching a male Utaite make an announcement about his ex where it looks like he thought issuing a statement first would cause her problems. I'm not impressed. I'm sure his fans are, though.

No. 319900

AYRT, to be honest? Yeah, I went looking after this to find what I "remember" about her being super GFE and I'm just not seeing it. A lot of the so-called evidence comes from the same period of often misrepresentative clips that still plagues other talents like Marine to this day.
The only real sticking points I can really find about her lean more into her making stupid impulsive choices, like the things that got her fired from Cover or her suing Delutaya/Mana Aloe on what now seem to be false libel charges. Like, sure she's menhera, but it doesn't seem any worse than Mafumafu, except that the latter has influential male friends and a rabid yume fanbase, which is seen more as a pro than a con when a male is doing it. And the timing is definitely sus.
If a JP speaking nonna can speak to the contrary, by all means do, but I'm convinced to at least be neutral here.

No. 319901

If you feel like following this development, follow the milk in /jp/. Info will come in either, it's dedicated thread, or fused with shit posting in the hololive thread.

No. 319902

No. 319903

AYRT. I'm not surprised. She was definitely menhera, but here's to hoping she'll get better (she's an Asian woman. There's no choice.)
This is even crazier in context of MafuMafu's statement.
TL: https://twitter.com/idkbria/status/1751462085580464355
I think her statement is in response to his. I knew he sounded sus. He said — based on chatlogs — he wasn't rude to her (or whatever moral harassment means) on Discord. Not Line.
I think he's using the other dude to harass her, but that's just me. (I don't like him. He assigned malicious intent to all her actions. I think he was projecting.) She's kinda impulsive and dumb, but not evil. Which would explain the shotgun wedding and divorce.(this is an imageboard)

No. 319904

File: 1706478119937.jpg (128.43 KB, 850x1170, __uruha_rushia_and_mafumafu_ho…)

I don't speak JP or closely follow either of the talents. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the actual truth is somewhere in the middle.
Sounds like Mikeneko was being insane from the beginning, asking for 24/7 monitoring and being honest right off the bat that she distrusts men and feels they will cheat on her. However, Mafumafu seemingly easily went along with it, maybe due to some combination of pity, wanting the BPD pussy, or thinking he could 'fix' her.
Not that Mikeneko's actions were okay, but sounds like she was pretty upfront with her trauma and crazy behaviors. And when you upset an unstable woman, lo and behold, she rushes out of the hotel upset, texts flirtatiously with other men, and such.
Tldr: I wouldn't be surprised if neither of them were great people. She probably did in fact have crazy behaviors, but was honest about it from the start. He decided to go along with her behaviors, for whatever reason, then got upset when it became an inconvenience.
kek @ this fanart

No. 319905

>she's an Asian woman. There's no choice wdym?

No. 319906

After seeing the FWMC talk a little earlier in the thread, I decided to check them out. Their models are really cute, but fuck me, I can't stand the childish voices at all, even if twins running one channel together sounds like a very fun and innovative thing in terms of vtubing. Them upholding their retarded unicorn moid fans is a huge drawback, too. What a shame.

No. 319907

>the latter has influential male friends
This is what makes me really leery of the situation. Regardless of what she's like, Mikeneko is and has been in a vulnerable situation because of the nature of her job as Rushia. Most of the friends she built throughout her career literally can't publicly back her even if they want to without jeopardizing their own positions in Hololive, and she was never really a social butterfly outside of Hololive beyond maybe her joke relationship with Tamaki to begin with.

No. 319908

Hard agree. If it was two sisters chilling, nerding out over anime, and having fun, I'd be so down. But out of all of the pet peeves I have for vtubers, uwu voices is generally a hard no for me, and damn do they go all-in on the uwu voices.
Having a character voice is one thing - I think it's totally fine if a streamer talks a little more energetically or expressively on camera. But the slurring the words together, the baby talk, making English sound like a second language despite them being white Canadian? No thanks.
They also seem like they lean into the twincest/sexy aspect, at least in terms of the artwork they like and repost. I've seen some anons defend this with 'oh of course there's twincest, being twins has always been their selling point', but I've 100% seen sibling-run youtube channels that don't feature twincest. In fact, I think the vast majority of sibling channels.
No offense to anons who like them, I believe that they are very hardworking and passionate about anime. But I need more fem tubers who speak in a normal pitch…
Hopefully no anon here is delulu enough to say 'oh that's their natural voices' but there's clips of them in their past life speaking in much more normal english.

No. 319909

The only thing I have to say about this is that with everything that's come to light, Mikeneko's continually stated financial issues now make sense. She's talked about being broke constantly since leaving Hololive despite her relative continued success as both Nazuna and Mikeneko, and people constantly disparaged her for being financially irresposnsible. Which she very well could be, but it seems more likely now that she was being financially drained by what looks, from her new statment, to be continuous legal disputes with Mafumafu. And abusive litigation is a well known tactic of relationship abuse.

No. 319910

File: 1706481003849.jpg (19.13 KB, 356x356, 0e516a77532c3f1dc338d2e8ac8ba6…)

samefag but another intrusive thought/complaint on their voices, don't read Fuwamoco anons: why does Mococo grunt like that, 'un un, uh huh, mm', it will always sound to me like she's constipated on the toilet

No. 319911

File: 1706481378635.jpg (26.74 KB, 429x421, 1612088881075.jpg)

>They also seem like they lean into the twincest/sexy aspect, at least in terms of the artwork they like and repost. I've seen some anons defend this with 'oh of course there's twincest, being twins has always been their selling point', but I've 100% seen sibling-run youtube channels that don't feature twincest. In fact, I think the vast majority of sibling channels.
Godddd why. I know the majority of vtubers WILL egg on their fans acting like absolute degenerates (I'm primarily a holofag so I know this first-hand) & Japan is huge on incest, but, seriously? I really wanted FWMC to be good, they sounded so promising. Sibling characters tend to attract shimaidonfags, too, which is just even more terrible.

No. 319912

I actually don't care about the twincest but the shimaidon angle disgusts me too much to support them.

No. 319913

I get you. Shimaidon is far more disgusting to me than incest. I still dislike both heavily, though. When will the moid pandering ever end.

No. 319914

No. 319915

Unironically interesting piece of japanese culture, anon. Thanks for sharing it. But I still don't like Mococo doing it for whatever reason… maybe the babyspeak…

No. 319916

File: 1706486202830.png (859.18 KB, 844x1404, 29E3940D-9D7E-4F9D-853D-525EB4…)

What’s one design you wish belonged to an actual fictional character instead of a vtuber? For me, I choose Millie’s design.

No. 319917


No. 319918

Nayrt, and idk if I'm just desensitized by anime, but as far as young female characters go, this is pretty tame imo. If she was tweaked a bit she could be a shoujo protagonist. Ofc you could argue that shoujo protagonists are sexualized too, but meh…

No. 319919

If this was considered lolishit, nonnas wouldn’t be allowed to talk about any magical girl anime on this site.

No. 319920

The list of interesting vtuber designs that are wasted on streamers with zero kayfabe is endless lol.
That being said, I do like that StarsEN at least builds lore by having all of its members be part of the same narrative universe, regardless of whether any individual plays heavily into their character or not.

No. 319921

File: 1706499406364.png (548.49 KB, 735x1440, Kazama-Iroha_pr-img_01-735x144…)

No. 319922

AYRT. Sexism is stronger in Asia. Women are usually blamed for divorces, getting raped. For example, there was a case in Jp long ago about a woman being forced to quit from local elected office cz she talked about getting sexually assaulted. If mfmf implied that she got raped and impregnated from that, it's dishonourable to HER. Women talking about that stuff are considered problematic.
Meanwhile, he's on social media crying about what a victim he is. And people are treating him with kiddie gloves.
There's also reports of women being told they “seduced” the perpetrators of sexual assault in Korea. There's whole YouTube video from foreign women. (It's not much better in other places.) And there's that Ike who accused his ex of similar stuff to what MafuMafu is doing rn, (right after 5 years, when his sexual crimes would have expired under Swedish law). The page on nyfco is full of CN & KR gachis implying it was all the ex's fault cz there's no police case. She was also menhera, but definitely didn't do everything he implied. (Both dudes are salty about wanting money, really.) From what I gather, Mfmf wants his ring back and Rushia wants the urn with her hamster's ashes.
Songs like “Not All Men” hit particularly hard in Asia. Women are pick-mes and grey situations like this one are used to crush a woman's image, which hurts her career prospects. Her ex manufactured a whole affair. Her coworkers will not step forward cz they mainly pander to males. Even Vshojo.
In most breakup situations, women are expected to grow and improve but men are coddled. Her wording is already a lot more neutral than his. I doubt the truth is in the middle. It's probably much closer to her statement than his. She admits her role. He's just saying that he didn't do anything according to Discord logs, but he left out Line.
“oh I didn't stab her with that knife, but ignore the bloody one”.
And most news channels are eating it up “it's Rushia, so she must actually be menhera yandere.” The Jurard ryona nonnie here is probably a perfectly sane person irl.
I wonder if the coverage from female channels will be different. I've almost never seen a woman win those drama scandals on YT. All she said was that she didn't neglect her cat and that the previous cases are already settled, so it's not fair to bring them up now. It doesn't get more middle ground than that.

No. 319923

File: 1706503446516.jpg (407.02 KB, 1080x2156, Screenshot_20240129-100735.jpg)

AYRT. I think both their fanbases are gachis.
Old thread:
I think their fanbases are a lot more menhera than them. I can't be sure if there was actual BFE/GFE or if the fans decided it was that.

No. 319924

I wish vtubers did more kayfabe too, nowadays they debut and are instantly in the fleshtuber mood. The design is completely wasted (Krisis and TTT comes to mind). I also like StarsEN lore but the boys can't do anything about their lore by themselves and that's a shame. I watched Shinri a few times and he brought up lore at some point and had a lot that he wants to expand on but can't because management says no. If management did more stuff with the lore at least it would still be good enough. If they can't invest in more manga or videos then let the boys do it themselves.

No. 319925

File: 1706510382415.jpg (34.13 KB, 474x818, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 319926

Shinri was kept in the dark and told to wait for a long while, which was a big source of frustration for him with management, but it's seemingly improved since the drop of Armis and they've been allowed to do more with it. IG managenent wanted to wait for the bigger picture, but I feel like they should have at least told VG what was coming (they were kept in the dark about Armis as well until right before they debuted).

No. 319927

Probably because of the Flayon-gorimane thing. Off topic but I still don't understand why it's such a big deal and why he would've lost his job if he spoke instead of making indistinguishable noises. The boys were in the wrong vc, and even if he did fuck up, what's so bad about viewers hearing one future member's voice?

No. 319928

Lmao I can't believe I used to like that fucktard. Imagine being in your 30s, pandering to obsessive highschool girl yumes (even after you got stalked) and then acting like the victim of an abusive relationship with your wife. I get this is lolcow so we're all used to hating dudes but it's so funny how BS this dude's statement is. And I agree with the other nonnas that he has multiple famous male friends (btw it's funny he went to Korekore, after knowing how his friends were harassed by him) while Mikeneko has everyone against her.

No. 319929

Truly a match made in heaven, two menheras with infamous gachis. Who would have thought this would end in a scandal.

No. 319930

yeah like you reap what you sow lol. about rushia herself i never actually gave a fuck about her dating life or whatever to begin with like the fact that i'm supposed to care she cheated on her moid or whatever is funny to me. even funnier when moids get away with much worse and still have a career

No. 319931

Even in previous announcements where they showed something with Holostars, no-male talents like Miko still reacted with "oooh" or clap.
I do find FWMC to be rude here especially since Sora once said that it's very rude to just say I don't know about them because of their gender, especially in an official stream.

No. 319932

File: 1706538078129.png (2.44 MB, 3840x2160, 3857a259941e60cca5e4b8ecefeed9…)

>Matara (if only it were less coomer)
There's others that I like the design of more than their content, but I'm still fond of their personalities. I can't stand the ones I listed above and at least wish their nice designs went to better streamers.
Also I loved Sana's design dearly and I'm sad it didn't get a lot of use.

No. 319933

Sana's design was good but the art was trash. Don't know why Holo was obsessed with ugly artstyles back then. Nowadays the art at least looks better than a middle schoolers' first design

No. 319934

>the art was trash
AYRT; I agree with that. But the fanart was always cute, and I liked her personality, so I could allow it.

No. 319935

File: 1706549374741.png (304.09 KB, 500x1000, 56f4dda945780b88b4d592ff4021c5…)

No. 319936

File: 1706549530388.jpg (84.6 KB, 1000x1000, 629576.jpg)

Alternatively, this is more of my personal taste but I think she's super cute including the artstyle. The company though kek

No. 319937

Oh wow color me surprised, another case were retarded yumes and moids jump on the hate train early to villainize 1 party (always the woman) when both mafu and rushia had their own issues. I've definitely never seen this happen before.

No. 319938

File: 1706553229026.gif (472.88 KB, 220x265, sana-tsukumo-sana.gif)

Nayrt, I believe you, but I'd avoid putting things like 'she's Asian' and then not explaining, I don't want you to get the banhammer for 'racebaiting' nonnie lol.
I feel like I'm one of the only ones who's always liked Sana's art! It gives me 90s or 2000s anime + oil painting vibes.

No. 319939

N-Ko, the official Netflix VTuber.
I completely forgot about her until that anon posted her. It looks like she has been inactive for well over a year, now. But I have to agree about how cute she looks! Her voice is nice, too, even if the actress sounds like an awkward intern reading off of a script.

No. 319940

File: 1706562759579.png (607.62 KB, 824x790, 1611922586307.png)

>friends in group chat where we talk about weeb shit bring up mfmf/rushia a few days ago
>now that the info on rushia is out, i would expect them to be more sympathetic towards her
>one of them calls her a crazy bitch
>i don't want to argue with her or post links to correct her because i just know my manhater side would slip out and i'd seem insane in front of all of them for siding with someone on whom they clearly have such strong opinions

No. 319941

What's wrong with Kanae and Kuzuha as streamers? I don't think anything they do is particularly offensive, unless you just dislike their game choice in which case I understand.

No. 319942

Talking about how he literally decided to not give back Mikeneko's dead hamster's ashes when they broke up, even after a lawyer got involved, and took them to his own home might make them more sympathetic. Or the fact that he sued her and his conditions were that she 1) Has to quit her streaming career (mind you, she's had an online presence since 2011), 2) Can't use and post on social media ever again, 3) Have to pay 1million JPY and 4) Have to submit a public apology saying she's sorry and did wrong, that requires approval by him personally.

I used to be a fan of his but this whole ordeal made me realise how much a menhera fuckboy he is and how patient Mikeneko is. Imagine going around for years saying you're asexual and just don't wanna date to appease your followers of highschool girls, all while you're married at the same time. Then, when it gets found out you messaged her, you decide to backpedal and say the one you're supposed to love is actually a stalker who just has one sided feelings for you, that you would totally never reciprocate so your yumes don't get upset, and in the end your actual wife gets harassed for YEARS all while you're still selling out your concerts. And then some random article saying you're married pops out of nowhere just after your ex wife is thriving and managed to get a VA career after everything that's been done to her, and now you reveal, whoops I've been married this whole time! But don't worry, she was actually an evil witch and to prove how evil she is, you go onto Japanese DramaAlert and start crying about how you were abused. Lol. lmao even.

No. 319943

Even anons here were quick to believe his pathetic lying ass

No. 319944

Thanks for the clarification, lol. I'm Asian and am aware of evth you stated but, like the other nonna, thought it might be racebaiting because of the lack of elaboration.

No. 319945

Now that I'm thinking about it, I think I just had a bad first impression with them forever ago and then rolled with it kek. Up to this point, Kuzuha has had an "obnoxious" image in my mind and Kanae has had a "condescending" image in my mind. The former can be fun in big collabs but I still never really enjoy the latter (and sadly, I prefer his design between the two of them by a long mile).
>unless you just dislike their game choice
That, at least, is definitely why I've never thought twice about my aversion to them.

No. 319946

Even as someone who loves both of them, I can sadly see why you would have those impressions, the translated clips and the things more casual fans say about them definitely portray them in the wrong way, to say at the least. Kuzuha tends to act bratty and annoying but he knows where the line is and he is actually pretty considerate of his collab partners. To give an example, when he was put into a team with a lot of people he didn't know (during Valorant Vsai) he behaved really politely until they got more comfortable as a team and he only started to banter with them after that. When he collabed for the first time with Kanae he stayed super quiet because he didn't want to say anything that could potentially upset his fans.
Kanae isn't condescending at all, he tends to be kind to everyone and will usually try to make sure other people are having a good time before he himself is. He has a ton of connections (even outside of Niji) and everyone has a positive image of him, whether it's online or behind the scenes. Even if you think him being nice and kind is an 'act' he has somehow managed to keep up for over 5 years of daily streams, I don't think everyone would speak of him so well if there wasn't truth to it. He does mess with people often but he'll pretty much never do anything that's not ok with the other person.
I'll admit to being a bit biased but as someone that dislikes plenty of male vtubers, I think both of Chronoir are as respectful and professional as it gets, and they're pretty hardworking too. Being filtered by their fps spam is understandable, although they still put out plenty of other kinds of content, especially on their shared channel. Shame about the translated clips situation, but plenty of vtubers (especially jp ones) have that problem.

No. 319947

You can probably tell how long it's been since I watched Niji given the question I'm about to ask, but I'm guessing Kuzuha doesn't have crazy social anxiety anymore, then? Good for him.

No. 319948

He's still far from being a social butterfly and he still prefers to stick to his close friend groups for the most part, but overall he's gotten way less awkward compared to how he was in the past. He really had to step out of his comfort zone during Vsai(he didn't even have a single person he knew well there) and while he was really worried about it initially, it worked out without any big problems in the end.

No. 319949

I didn't even realise he actually started crying in the interview. Fucking pathetic, not a shred of sympathy from me.

No. 319950

frankly im just thankful both of them are such massive lying whores that the truth can only be worse than any of what weve heard

No. 319951

IDC about all of this, I just want to know what's going on. Good grief, though, the sources of controversy in this hobby are truly endless, aren't they?

No. 319952

Sorry nonnas. I'll be more careful from now on. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know that was a thing till now. I'm Asian too, so I forgot context.

No. 319953

File: 1706684231513.jpeg (387.62 KB, 1200x1043, IMG_0616.jpeg)

I disliked it at first because I'm a fan of Pako as an artist and felt like her model was a bad example of his work. But it really grew on me with time, especially since her warm personality helped endear me to it.

No. 319954

How do I weed out my male viewers? It's driving me crazy. They're all 40-year-old men who talk about lolis and mansplain basic facts to me. I draw yaoi on stream, I invite my female friends into calls, I don't know what else I can do but tell them to piss off, but I want to keep my nice image. Do I do it slowly or is this the fate for all female vtubers?

No. 319955

>saying you're asexual and just don't wanna date to appease your followers of highschool girls
>all while you're married at the same time.
He did what? I guess mfx2 is an accurate name for him. I shouldn't be thinking of Njsj but I am. Pretty sure I've heard “asexual” come out from Ike and maybe Alban (or his fanbase). And their pls are… not. Shitty partners, too. They also have a bunch of yumes, afaik.

No. 319956

Manifestelle blocks all comments from men (on YT). There must be a filter somewhere, cz I doubt she finds them manually.
I'm not sure it exists for chat, but you gotta look around your settings. Or you can ban certain words in chat.

No. 319957

>Hopefully no anon here is delulu enough to say 'oh that's their natural voices' but there's clips of them in their past life speaking in much more normal english.
I'm officially delulu, anon. That's what I get for not looking up past lives.

“I don't care if you disagree but if my friend was dating a guy like him, I'd tell her to dump him.”
I think it's undisputed that she has his ring and he has her urn. One of those things is of high monetary value, the other is priceless.
>one of them calls her a crazy bitch
Yeah. She is one. “I would be too if my ex was holding the ashes of my beloved pet hostage. And he was into crazy. He's not a kid. That's not man hating.” (This is from a covert man hater. You got this!)
How open you wanna be is up to you. I definitely wouldn't care for Discord hobby groups, but I'm pretty open with some Discord friends. Of course, this place is the best for man hating. It's so peaceful out here. You can say whatever comes to mind as long as it's legal in US.

No. 319958

Does it even have to be legal? Let's be honest, some of the shit Bettel's fans say they want to do to him is way more illegal and unhinged than any man hater could come up with.

No. 319959

You don't have to look up past lives to know that no woman naturally talks like a loli chihuahua crossbreed

No. 319960

Genuinely curious as to whether nonnas who hate the way FWMC talk have an issue with similar high kayfabe chuubas like Luna and Korone. I personally dislike FWMC, but can't fault their speech because I love Korone. If they fell further into baby talk territory like Luna, I'd neg them on that front, but they don't for me. An example of an EN chuuba who does would be FallenShadow

No. 319961

>I guess mfx2 is an accurate name for him.
What does this even mean….…

No. 319962

I've never been able to watch Luna but Korone was my first ever oshi and I still love her a lot. Her behaviour isn't too childish so I can look past it. I've been into JP media for long enough to get used to baby voices on women/female characters; it's usually how a vtuber acts that determines whether or not I'll be able to stand listening to them. In the case of FWMC, it's the subtle baby talk and the constant yelling, barking, and loli noises. It's a shame because I'd genuinely want to watch them but I just can't. I feel the same about Bijou, Hajime, Pekora, and Miko (although, I'm on the fence about the latter two sometimes but I suppose it makes sense, given that I've watched them a lot over the years and have come to tolerate them a bit more (and I feel a bit bad about disliking Miko's voice because I'm pretty sure she has a speech impediment so there's not much she can do about it)).

No. 319963

This one sucks, looks AI generated

No. 319964

File: 1706725107006.jpg (351.23 KB, 1080x2134, Screenshot_20240131-234632.jpg)

No. 319965

Mother fucker. x2

No. 319966

Agreed. I don't understand JP, so I can't call myself a true 'fan' of any of Holo JP outside of clips. However, while Korone's voice is a bit high-pitched and energetic, I wouldn't call it childish per se, at least not to my westernized ear. Some women really do have high-pitched voices, and that's fine. However, I dislike how FWMC purposefully slur/trip over their words together in a googoo-gaga fashion.
It's possible I have lower standards for Korone since I don't understand JP. But you can definitely hear the forced baby thing with Luna despite the language barrier.
Hell, listen to this clip of FWMC past life from 2 years ago. There's still some of the baby thing going on, but their English is much clearer and easier to understand, imo. (Still a lot of dumb baby noises tho.)

No. 319967

>Does it even have to be legal?
I don't think so. If it's something you wouldn't wanna hear about a woman, then it's probably sus. So make it into a joke.
>Let's be honest, some of the shit Bettel's fans say they want to do to him is way more illegal and unhinged than any man hater could come up with.
Kek. Tell me more. Have you met the Jurard ryona nonna yet?
BTW: type “sage” in the email field to sage posts.

No. 319968

Sorry for the blogpost, but I just want to vent a bit on this. I'm a small time vtuber and I am considering graduating because I genuinely dislike vtubing culture. I dislike how it conflates with anime fandoms and how most viewers behave in chat. I hate how everything is oversexualized and how lolicon/shotacon is so normalized. Call me a normie or whatever, but I am hating it so much it's keeping me from streaming. I just wanted to be a vtuber because I enjoyed the prospect of streaming and wanted to hide my ugliness, but vtubing in itself is just so, so, tainted by anime.

Does anyone else feel the same? I can't imagine that many vtubers come to this place so maybe I'm alone here, but I can't be the only one who hates it.

No. 319969

You can stream without a cam if you dont like the vtuber culture.

No. 319970

Sage isn't mandatory in /m/
Jurard's fanbase is really into ryona, but Bettel's fanbase founded ryona in Holostars. I've seen essays about how they want to dismember him while he's conscious.

No. 319971

Korone speaks oddly in JP, but a lot of it is that she has a notably uncommon accent, sort of like Yuzuki Roa from Nijisanji.

No. 319972

> I've seen essays about how they want to dismember him while he's conscious.
Kek, if this is the one I remember seeing, you're really downplaying how sadistic and graphic it was. I actually think that Magni had a ryona fanbase too, but Bettel is definitely the flagship boy for it in StarsEN.

No. 319973

I'm lucky enough to usually have 10+ ccv on youtube, and tbh, things haven't been too bad for me. I guess I'm lucky that I found a few mods who are willing to crack down on nonsense for me, and I try to make it pretty clear that it's okay to like or be attracted to my character, but my streams and discord aren't the place for explicit lewd behavior.
If you're in the 10+ range, do you have some mods and rules in place? Or do you only have a few ccv and they happen to be sex pests? Regardless, sorry it's happening to you.

Just curious, so it gives off the vibe more of her having a legitimate but odd accent, or does it give off the vibe of her putting on a super strong character voice?
I don't mind accents or even speech impediments, but for some vtubers, it's clear they're trying to sound a certain way (aka anime lolis.)

No. 319974

Vtubing was always for otaku. Its normies like you who want to cash in on the hottest trend that ruin things and try to change our spaces.

No. 319975

NTA and I mean I do agree with you, vtubing would not be what it is today without the old Nico Nico Douga Ryuuseiguns and Vocaloid boom of yesteryear, but
>I hate how everything is oversexualized and how lolicon/shotacon is so normalized
Is a sensible and common complaint that many women have about the vtubing industry, even the most otaku-est of otaku women within it.

No. 319976

File: 1706745312814.jpg (61.42 KB, 617x900, 81fc82083ce634538cfd5ef06ff610…)

I decided to try out watching Flayon because he seemed up my alley. But the first stream I watched, Goldbullet ends up joining in somehow and won't shut up. Urgh, his vocal fry…
I'm probably extra biased against GB because he sounds like a sex pest from what I've heard here.
But for .5 seconds it made me understand why 4chan is schizo about random men joining in collabs kek.

No. 319977

Does she really sound like a normie to you? You'd have to be blind to not see the sad state of vtubing as a hobby nowadays, at least in the mainstream.
I understand your frustration, but I hope you don't give up. There need to be people who add diversity to the pool otherwise we'll really just end up with only coomerbait vtubers across the board. The medium is full of untapped potential.
I'd say it's half half, she does have a unique accent that I think is natural to her, but she's also an innately goofy person which results in her making all of the ridiculous noises she does. It doesn't come off annoying to me though because she's more like a kid's cartoon character to me than a hypermoe anime girl.
KEK Honestly, I'd love to see where Goldbullet's career goes. He's so oddly isolationist in comparison to his genmates, too.

No. 319978

This. Whatever anons like it or not vtubing is for and by otakus, you cannot change it and its why every vtuber that tried failed at it. If anon feels like vtubing is too ''anime adjacent'' she can try streaming without a cam and attract a normie audience.

No. 319979

>she's more like a kid's cartoon character to me than a hypermoe anime girl.
Oh my god, that's it. I've wondered what it is about Korone that made me like her so much compared to the other holos who spoke with a similar voice. I used to (and sometimes still) watch jp kids' cartoons to improve my Japanese and I can see exactly what you mean. Her cuteness comes from how chaotic and full of energy she is, not the other way around.

No. 319980

Yeah, there's really just nobody quite like Korone, and that's what you want to see in a Holo talent (I feel like this about Pekora and Suisei too). She's just innately the way she is, striving for a personally set standard rather than the popularity of the mainstream, and that's why she doesn't burn out.
I like Ollie, but she's emblematic to me of the other chuubas who make being loud and chaotic their brand in a forced way. People keep framing it as some sort of sad thing, and her process of getting here is a little bittersweet, but I'm glad she's shifted her persona away from something inauthentic that was draining her. Kayfabe is great, but it's only sustainable when there's something real in it.

No. 319981

File: 1706749530539.jpeg (76.43 KB, 550x550, IMG_0618.jpeg)

It's a legitimate accent, just very distinct. It's a mix of Kansai-ben and an undisclosed rural accent from one of her parents. IIRC, she actually tones it down when she streams, but you can hear it get unintentionally stronger after the periods when she's done extended stays with relatives.

No. 319982

I hope this isn't a rude question, but how many anons here speak Japanese, and how many of you did it for the sake of understanding vtubers/anime culture?
It just seems like some anons are super knowledgeable… I've begun studying it, but mostly for vtubers and japanese music.

No. 319983

Not for vtubers, but enabled by them, I guess? Like, if I'm spending hours weekly listening to Japanese, it makes it pretty easy to get listening practice in to supplement fundamentals, so might as well.

No. 319984

Originally because I wanted to read untranslated doujin manga and fan comics which then evolved into wanting to read jp fanfiction. Similarly to the other anon, listening to vtubers helps with listening and comprehension and teaches me new words and phrases.

No. 319985

I'll keep up my studies, it'd be awesome to listen to JP vtubers someday!
Anyone know if there's a language studying thread in lolcow, I'd honestly love to hear more from you anons but I don't want to derail this thread.

No. 319986

there is. ctrl f is your friend.

No. 319987

File: 1706754985963.jpg (261.32 KB, 1280x1280, Korone_estore_bg1__59557.jpg)

oops, sorry for being smooth brained, been up for a long time
here's a cute Korone figure to apologize to thread readers

No. 319988

File: 1706755098316.jpg (338.68 KB, 1024x1024, 2c23df09-0773-49f5-a79f-c5747b…)

NTA but I can't help but find it a bit amusing how much they've leaned into the whole pathetic man shtick- it definitely carved him a good niche when he debuted and iirc he's the highest earning male holoEN now. Hell, even his mama is embracing it.

No. 319989

I'm an anon who has been complaining about uwu voices in vtubing and let me just add, this also applies to men.
Goldbullet's normal voice seems fine, but I've also seen him seemingly talking with an over-exaggerated tryhard sexy voice, like drawing out words really long and adding a growl. It gives me the heebie-jeebies.
Men can also do a uwu voice although it's less common.
I just complain more about female vtubers because I watch more female vtubers because women are better.

No. 319990

File: 1706756409082.png (550.23 KB, 2264x930, 1z1z.png)

Do any of you believe him fully in all of this? The truth should be in the middle, but knowing how japanese culture is, R is going to be buried in shame…

No. 319991

Kek the bias in that screenshot alone, acting like he's some helpless child when he's a man in his thirties who knowingly chose to get involved with a mentally ill woman. Tbh I have never fully believed a moid when he whines and cries about his 'evil crazy ex' and this is no exception, I'm sure she wasn't innocent or anything but he's definitely spinning this to make himself seem like a victim. Unfortunately in these situations everyone automatically sides with the guy (and that's not exclusive to Japan either) so he'll probably get off scot-free while her career is ruined like he wanted.

No. 319992

Can you elaborate more on the Ollie thing, what is she like these days? I think she's a sweet girl and I really wanted to watch her but just like with Bae her loudness filtered me really badly.

No. 319993

File: 1706764575834.jpeg (229.82 KB, 850x1202, IMG_0620.jpeg)

She's a little more toned down these days, so I'd try giving her another shot and see how you feel. She's just not tryharding as much to be insane enough to stand out. Sperg incoming:
She feels like being "crazy" isn't unique, and has been done to further extents than she can by talents like Haachama. Additionally, she feels she's hit a wall in what she can do as a Holo talent, having already accomplished all of her goals and feeling like she's not of outstanding skill (not exceptionally talented in "hard" skills like art, singing, etc) where she can push even higher.
I think it's mostly that she's burnt out trying to make a character misaligned with her natural self stand out in a sea of talent, and her underappreciating the link she provides between branches with her conversational and linguistic skill. But she seems at peace with things and resolved to just continue onwards at her own pace, as herself.

No. 319994

File: 1706764925704.jpeg (225.85 KB, 1424x425, IMG_0621.jpeg)

Yeah, Bettel actually earns more than some of the girls, while the rest of the boys IIRC are below them.
I loved his bday illustration that had him in obvious distress in a burning room… I can't find the pic (there are two versions, the distressed one is cropped and visible tho as his twitter banner) or the tweet but Senzaki-mama was very amused by the novelty of the commission.

No. 319995

I love Bettel because he's one of the few male vtubers who is actually side-killing entertaining IMO while also being seiso. Proof that you can be successful as a male chuuba without doing femcoomer fanservice as long as you, you know, actually have talent.

No. 319996

>Proof that you can be successful as a male chuuba without doing femcoomer fanservice as long as you, you know, actually have talent.
I mean, that has always been the case with the popular JP males, they might appeal to gachikois here and there but it's never the only and main thing they have going for them, and even then I wouldn't consider any of that to be coomer fanservice. Some of them completely stay away from sexual stuff too, so you can fully blame the current state and image of male vtubers in the west on Luxiem for being the first big english speaking male vtuber group(especially Mysta and Vox).

No. 319997

She was never the same after she accidentally showed her face in a stream. It was a big blow to her self-image issues she always carried around. Doesn't help so many assholes wouldn't stop pestering her about it. >>319992

No. 319998

Should have been clearer, I am talking about the EN scene.

No. 319999

IK that this is what a lot of moids say about Hololive, but StarsEN is proof that I can like men as long as they're placed under strict regulations that police what they can do and say. Big part of why I'm not into the PLs or postgrads of any of the members. Shinri would be unwatchable for me if he was as horny on main as he is on his RM. Magni and Vesper are actual coomer/moidslop outside of Holo.

No. 320000

I feel bad for her. She's not ugly, just very average. And I personally really think she has one of the cutest voices in EN vtubing (ID vtuber, but speaks enough EN that I don't feel weird saying that). Something about her diction, dynamism, and the clarity of her voice all just hit right for me.

No. 320001

I average between 20-30CCV and I have 6 mods, but they're never around. I don't know who else to trust, but part of my problem is that the people who are the most vile in my chat are my regulars and other vtubers who are in my circle, and I am worried that if I ban them they'll cause drama.

I agree the medium has untapped potential, but in it's present state I feel like it's a mismatch for me. I just wanted to stream without worrying about being shredded to bits for being an ugly woman.

No. 320002

I think she's cute but the angle of her accidental reveal was the worst possible scenario for a first impression. No one can look good in a thumb boomer low angle.

I agree that vtubing is for otaku and if you don't like attracting them there is not much you can do about it other than stream without a model. The only suggestion I have to get a completely different audience while vtubing is to pander to vtweeters, tumblrites and gendies getting a western, tumblr styled or furry avatar. I doubt it's what you'd like to hear but I know some people who have a non-otaku chill audience of fellow gendies where mentions of fanservice, sexualization or loli is too problematic to ever be mentioned. This is the only other somewhat sizable audience for vtubing I've found.

If you can't stand woke gendies either idk what to tell you though, cartoon avatars will attract either type of autism so pick your poison. If you want a normal audience don't do vtubing, just do camless.

No. 320003

Jsyk the same time at Christmas he is complaining about, is when there was a Hololive Christmas medley. He's literally upset because she had to do her job.

No. 320004

20-30 ccv is pretty good, I wonder if you're a certain vtuber with braids who's posted here before. If so i should say hi on twitter. For what it's worth, I disagree with the other anons who think vtubing is full of coom and that's simply how it is. Maybe start by finding some new mods, getting them in a discord chat, and clearly explaining your expectations. Godspeed.

No. 320005

Lines up with her claim that he wanted her to quit Vtubing. Some men prefer women to be dependent on them. And some hate it when their partner (or anyone around them, really) is happy and successful.
Tldr of that screenshot: “I'm not sure if she actually cheated, but I think she did.” But when she thought he cheated, she didn't pull this bs. He's crazier.
She's not better in that regard cz she did say she thought he was cheating but didn't divorce him anyways. I'm not a huge fan of either, so he looks much more childish by statements alone.
He's mad that she didn't touch his presents. He's also mad that she didn't return his ring. It's like he can't decide whether to make her appear greedy or not.
This should classify as slander in Japan. He didn't need to do that, but he did. “I fucked your oshi.”

No. 320006

As a frequent crier, let me tell you a secret: he's not necessarily crying out of sadness.
I cry when I'm angry. Or scared. Crying is sometimes a natural response to increased heartrate.
He's upset. But it's entirely possible that he's upset because she moved on to voice acting.

No. 320007

AYRT. I need to know where. It seems interesting. If you or >>319972 have a source, I would greatly appreciate that. For research purposes, of course.

No. 320008

File: 1706790440572.png (1.43 MB, 1536x1298, 1706760107985951.png)

Anyone else concerned for Selen?

No. 320009

I wonder what will happen to niji if they're going to "graduate" her (although it would be best considering how much shit they give her but considering how large her projects are it may hurt her motivation) this sucks because I actually really like selen even if she isn't my oshii her dedication to her fanbase is inspiring.

No. 320010

Anyone know when contract renewals happen in Nijisanji? Is it possible that she has several more months in her contract, but they're going to make her sit it out, as punishment for misbehaving?
Maybe they know it's too desirable for her to graduate and start a new life asap. It might be more detrimental to her fanbase if she's stuck in the niji dungeon for several months.

No. 320011

File: 1706796969240.png (248.66 KB, 2480x3508, bruh.png)

No. 320012

didn't he move back to his parents because his health was getting worse and also kinda drop out of college as well? guess, the constant streaming from being a vtuber didn't help with that either.

No. 320013

I've been thinking about this for so long. How do people even manage? I guess from what I gather Vshojo (and probably Holo) do edit stuff etc but I've heard Scarle talk about needing to hire her own staff to edit the videos. So they probably need to hire editors and prior for projects anyways. When I look at creators who have a team, it makes sense. How are these streamers managing almost daily streams (where they have to be entertaining) and then recording music in top of that?
The must famous streamers I know of stream and talk and are interesting. But they usually don't do extra stuff like songs, karaoke etc. All you find on yt are clips front streams.
Vtubing is probably more draining if you go the idol route and STILL do streams.
Plus, I don't get the point. Fans are still divided into stream watchers, clip watchers and music listeners.
Kyo didn't really do music, but I've seen old videos where he talks about but knowing if he would be fine before he had brain surgery. Tbh, his videos were more fun. I'm not surprised he can't keep all this up. It's much more time consuming than a few videos a week.

No. 320014

They're having the most random graduations ever. There's no more omegle so I guess he's gonna do "reading/rating my viewers' X" type of videos on his pl with his Kyo audience? I just hope it's not an undisclosed health issue, as far as I can tell it can be really bad for him.

No. 320015

File: 1706800241625.jpg (1.73 MB, 4096x2304, 1000009908.jpg)

oh sweet another Seto fan! he actually got a redesign after moving on to NoriPro. It's still spooky but it's more cutesy than his previous one.

No. 320016

this might be bad for your view count, but try giving less verbal responses to your viewers because if they don't receive attention then they will probably also feel less need to type in chat to get noticed. the streamers i watch who have clean chats are those who don't respond much because they're busy with something, so chat occupies themselves with shorter messages and wholesome spam of emotes and messages when needed. pretend you're too busy with something on stream like gaming or that you're too deep in another topic to respond to their messages? this might make your chat slower or kill your view count but having a chat you like enough to continue streaming is probably important. there are streamers who just do solo ranting streams

No. 320017

Alright, I'm calling it. Selen is in the naughty tubers dungeon and will be kept there until the end of her contract. Then, she will be dishonorably discharged with no graduation for daring piss off management. I have no other explanation for what's happening.

No. 320018

This thread is really infested with /vt/ faggots huh

No. 320019

No? But I'm ready to hear your explanation.

No. 320020

I'm guessing this is why we still haven't gotten the notice for Selen's graduation? It's been established that resignations are typically turned in and planned several months in advance, so if Selen's departure is a recent development, and Kyo himself doesn't want to/can't delay his own graduation, it means she has to wait on hers.

No. 320021

This is really starting to feel like Niji ID and KR's exoduses, just a little more strategically spread out. Will not be shocked if we hear about another not too soon after this.
Vtubers from Niji and Holo can go on breaks. They can go on long breaks or stream sporadically. It's always been an option. Leaving the corpo is just more preferable than riding out whatever issues these livers are experiencing. Like with Sana, she left because of her health issues, and leaving made sense instead of going on hiatus while she recovered, because she wanted to pivot back to focusing on her career as an illustrator. Kyo doesn't have similar prospects, so you have to wonder what pushed the hard separation for him.

No. 320022

For talents in Hololive who are pulling in $100k+ USD per year, I guess it makes sense to put the rest of your life on hold and go all in on this. A lot of them are probably making money equal to or greater than a fairly educated professional.
I don't know specifically about Kyo's income, but I would suppose a lot of the more mid-tier talents in Niji or small corpos are making more like $10-50k a year in a field that may or may not be popular in another 5 years.
I wonder if at some point it's time to say, "Well, I'm almost 30. I can't live with my parents forever. This isn't retirement or house-buying money. It's time to go back to school and finish that degree."
Blogpost but as someone vtubing, even just a few hours for fun, I'm beginning to realize it does, in fact, take work and time to be a vtuber, especially if you want to be a GOOD one. Streaming itself takes time, but do you want to cover songs? Make music videos? Commission animations? Come up with fun projects to impress your audience? All that stuff takes time and money, and if any of these talents also have a part-time or full-time job, the time spent vtubing or preparing to vtube is time you weren't with family, taking care of yourself by exercising or cooking, touching grass.
Sure, you could just sit your ass down at a PC and stream vidya for 15 hours a week, but that's probably not enough for most fans unless you have a super captivating personality or a cult following, like Gura. Any vtuber worth their salt will be innovating and trying out new technologies and projects that take a lot of work.

No. 320023

>Niji is midtier
>Mysta bought a house
>Maria, a relatively low earner of EN, spends thousands of dollars on covers every month
>Selen is the only breadwinner in her family and she still has tens of thousands of dollars to drop on projects regularly
Do you guys even have any idea what you're talking about? No wonder we had so many fuwacoco shills, it's just moids replying to moids in this thread.(>everyone is a moid)

No. 320024

What's his rm? I heard he's streaming today on his old account but I can't find it

No. 320025

Anon, deep breath, in and out… In and out… It's gonna be okay. It's just vtubers. Not everyone who you dislike or disagree with is a moid. Believe it or not, women aren't a hivemind. I'm not coming for your favorite or saying they're a piece of garbage for not making a million dollars like Gura, and I'm sorry my wording of calling Niji 'mid' upset you.
My whole point is that, yes, Niji has some people making great money like Vox ($1 million+ in superchats) and Mysta (~$600k) or people making money that allows them to comfortably stay at home with family or even purchase a home.
However, I wouldn't apply Vox money or Selen money as a generalizability to all of Niji.
Kyo's total superchats are estimated to be around $80k from Playboard. Not sure if there's a better source, but I'd guess it's similar on other websites.
Not sure how much of that actually goes to the talents, but let's be generous and assume they're making 50% of those superchats (doubt, it's probably less.) Making $40k over a year and a half isn't… a TON for most parts of the USA. Maybe enough to buy a humble home or apartment in a cheap part of the country, and perhaps buy groceries for your family. You could re-invest some of it into a flashy music video or animation. You'd really have to be pinching pennies to set up any kind of retirement fund for your future, if you're a forward-thinking person.
For some people, that might be perfectly fine, especially if the alternative is working a regular minimum-wage job. However, I'd bet that a lot of vtubers are intelligent in their own ways. Clearly they're alright with tech, and have some social skills. If they don't have a college degree, a lot of them could probably do quite well getting one and pursuing a more long-term career.
Alternatively, they could leave Nijisanji and hope to strike it out as an indie or Vshojo, where they'll have much more freedom and probably less of their incomes taken.
Tl;dr: Obviously we can't 100% say the financial situation or life goals of everyone in Nijisanji. The income probably goes a lot further in some countries, like Indonesia. But if you're making $30-50k a year (if you're NOT Luxiem or part of the first few gens that came out during the vtuber boom), is it absolute insanity to say, "You know what, I'm 28, I'm going to go get a college degree"? I don't think so.

No. 320026

Even the worst performing (in terms of numbers) in NijiEN, Aster, still seems to be doing OK financially. Depending on where they live, everyone in NijiEn has a roughly middle class level of income.
I don't think it's moids, but it does seem like most people in these threads don't follow NijiEn's talents as a whole.

Not defending Niji, all corporate jobs will suck one way or another, but the only Niji grad to be a shock or indicative of deeper misgivings BTS was Pomu since a lot of people (including me) thought she was devoted to Niji and will stick around no matter what.
All the other grads were kind of expected and seemed like they were more influenced by reasons other than the company.

Yugo was crazy menhera and obviously couldn't handle being corpo, but left on good terms with everyone.
Zaion was crazy menhera, but also almost cost them Nintendo perms, possibly put other perms/sponsorships at risk; terminated and left on bad terms with everyone.
Nina had a rocky start fitting in; both in terms of meshing in with some of the other livers as well as the (sub)cultural difference between vtubing as a western indie on twitch vs under a Japanese corpo. But it was all resolved amazingly well, which made her grad bittersweet but still kind of expected.
Mysta is yet another menhera, but had the most financial incentive to stay. People may gripe about the difference in opportunities between the JP and EN livers, but Luxiem is insanely successful and had way more opportunities than most other livers in the company. Despite his financial success, it really looked like his mental health kept getting worse and he didn't seem like he could handle having to be "Mysta". His grad felt overdue if anything.
Kyo definitely has ambitions outside of Niji, and I think anyone who found out about his PL will know it was gonna happen sooner rather than later. It's a bit of a bummer, but I do think he made a good move since he's so young and already has other prospects outside of vtubing.

Like with any career in the entertainment industry, success is fickle. Most online personalities and creators have a hard time maintaining relevance, I can only imagine it'll be even harder as a Vtuber with a significantly nicher audience pool. I feel like it should be expected that a lot of the "mid-sized" corpo vtubers will inevitably leave even if they're currently successful. People who act like it's drama worthy must be young or ignorant to how the world works.

No. 320027

I feel like we keep getting the same aggressively pro-Niji anon accusing people in this thread of being moids or tourists every couple months. And it's always the same tone with the same shit.

No. 320028

Quinn Benet, but I don't see where he's been recently active.

No. 320029

Honestly, I still like this thread, even though I don't agree with everyone's taste in vtubers and I've actively criticized some people's oshis. Even my least favorite corporate vtubers still have some strong points that draw fans. No one needs to lose their marbles because someone had a differing opinion on their oshi.
In fact, I have some 'guilty pleasure' vtubers who would probably be torn to shreds in this thread

No. 320030

every new niji graduation makes it funnier that fulgur is still there

No. 320031

It's annoying (and kinda sad) to see anons shilling corpos instead of their oshis. You like who you like.
> 'guilty pleasure' vtubers
Spill, anon. I'll share mine.

No. 320032

File: 1706819864801.jpeg (230.99 KB, 1200x675, D409A715-A02C-4FC7-B3EF-10FD41…)

Why is every vtuber related space like this! Anyways, Axel and Altare are having their 3D debuts very very soon, which is always fun. Excited to see what they’ve set up for us.

No. 320033

>Why is every vtuber related space like this!
Like what?

No. 320034

Same, this thread is my favorite place to discuss vtubers despite the occassional assholes.

No. 320035

>shilling corpos instead of their oshis.
my oshi is from a corpo… wtf

No. 320036

Marine is hilarious. I love her so much:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCwWp5_XKA8(embed youtube videos)

No. 320037

Sorry I just came back from nyfco. I don't want this site to turn into a corpo-shill/hate zone at the cost of creators.
I assume you like your oshi because of their personality, not a corpo tag. Some people cite graduation and a reason to hate ex-corpo vtubers.

No. 320038

My bad as well, I don't really try to shill anyone myself, but yes I like my oshi because of who they are. If they graduate I would still follow them. I really hope they graduate at this rate…

No. 320039

Is expressing your love and appreciation for your oshi considered shilling at this point? What are we allowed to post about?

No. 320040

Nayrt, but personally I'm happy for people to shill their favorite vtubers or discuss criticism of ones they dislike. I just don't like the vibe of "you dare question my favorite? You must be a moid from 4chan!!1!"
Simping for a corporation (Hololive/Nijisanji/whoever would never act unfairly! How dare you!) Is pretty cringe tho. They are still companies at the end of the day who ultimately value profit.

No. 320041

Anon, my post was wondering why talking about your favorite streamers here is considered “shilling”. I don’t think posts like that (at least not every single one of them) exist just to promote the streamers and instead are just posted so they can find someone else to discuss their favorites with.

No. 320042

I think anon in >>320037 is saying they want to discuss individual vtubers, not argue over corpos. They didn't say shilling your oshi is bad. Unless you're referring to another post?

No. 320043

IDC about shilling of corpos or vtubers or whatever. What's weird is when people get aggressively defensive or tribalistic or push objectively problem-fraught chuubas. Examples would be the recurring Vox poster who thinks its feminist to enjoy a guy who makes money off of rape fantasies and has meltdowns over people using the site wrong when they disagree. Or the person upthread accusing random nonnas of being infiltrating moids from other sites just for having a negative opinion of Nijisanji.

No. 320044

This. Honestly? Just be calm and have discussions without getting insanely paranoid or aggressive. Which ig is historically a big ask on this site in general but still.
I like the discussions we have about FWMC here, for example. There's definitely strong disagreement but nonnas for the most part don't attack each other and actually lay out the reasons why the channel does/doesn't work for them.

No. 320045

I wish Marine was my aunt or older sister. She just seems like such a fun and caring older female figure to have in your life.

No. 320046

Agreed with both. Shilling a corpo is fine as long as you're not a delusional bootlicker about it. Holo and Niji objectively offer different things, even between their branches, and sometimes it's nice to hear about what's new with them or how people are feeling.

No. 320047

TA. Yep. I was replying to a post about a pro-niji anon. I like my oshis, and of course it's great that their corpos support them, but companies aren't what I'm here for. I'll follow my oshi unless their personality completely changes after leaving.
I go to the other site and sometimes read the corpo war stuff but seeing it here annoys me.

No. 320048

He conveniently forgot to mention what made her mad in order to make it sound like it was random and irrational

No. 320049

In a way Bettel's pretty in line with the spirit of OGs like Game Club Project who stayed inside the boundaries of past comedy focused anime that were pg13 at the most from what I saw. Except for the obvious difference of Bettel being American and raised on past western tv shows

No. 320050

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Dude puts a surprising amount of deliberation into what makes good comedy, which IG is fair to be aware of since it's his one big marketable point.

No. 320051

That is bad ngl

No. 320052

I'm surprised at how controversial Seto's design is turning out to be ITT. I think it's nice to see unique styles.

No. 320053

Regardless of opinions on his design (I think it's cute and creative) it's still pretty impressive that he designed and rigged his model himself (yes I know it's a woman). Pretty interesting watch if you're at all interested in the process behind it all, he has a great range of expression.

No. 320054

Yeah, it's a real feat. Reminds me of Flayon who is similarly cringe and only for a specific subset of viewers but objectively very technically skilled as a vtuber.

No. 320055

I liked the older design better because now his head looks too small for his body and the pigeon-toe pose looks really awkward and unnatural IMO.

No. 320056

Genuine question, how are they similarly cringe? Flay has always struck me as loud and coomerish (and is an actual male), which puts him in that category to me. You can draw comparisons design wise but thats where it seems to end.

No. 320057

I wanna be friends with her. Marine is really nice. I feel the same way about most Holo talents.

No. 320058

Pretty cute! He looks kinda doll-like here.

No. 320059

Yeah and him not being blue makes him more generic + stupid generic ribbon. I’m not even a chuubafag who knows who that is but the previous one is so much better, unique, cooler.

No. 320060

I don't think it's surprising, considering where Bettel started out. He's been doing it long enough to know how to avoid controversy. His fans archived his old videos and he's always been funny. Just moved from edgy humour to more PC stuff. It wasn't really bad imo, but enough to get Twitter cancelled for sure. I'm surprised the Vtuber hating commentary channels aren't trying to use old videos of his to hate on all chuubas. They do that with Gura.
Dude's been doing it for about a decade. Being PC is probably his default by now. It also helps that, AFAIK, he's never been coomer. Just edgy.

No. 320061

Bettel just isn't that interesting of a target for whatever reason. Even the usual Holostars haters treat him with less vitriol than the other boys get just for existing. Not really sure why, other than that I've seen it expressed multiple times that they think he's actually funny compared to the others (aka watchable even for men)?

No. 320062

That redesign was needed, the first one really made it look like he was in his underwear while this I can at least buy is meant to be shorts, even if I personally think they should be a bit longer because it's still giving me some coomer shota-bait vibes. I think those vibes are made stronger by his legs being so fucking long, the proportions are so off that it makes the shorts look even shorter. Overall I think the design is cool, the shorts are the only icky part for me.

No. 320063

He is watchable. But I'm still curious why PLs aren't being used to shittalk chuubas. It's fairly common to bring up stuff from edgy teenage years to try and cancel people. Do they simply not know yet? Did someone try to cancel them using pls and get sued? We may never know…
Maybe no one thought to target the normiest looking chuubas like Bettel.

No. 320064

I mean, it's been tried a plenty of times (Vox, Ike, Calli, Nina, the list goes on). It just never gains proper traction because of the nature of the medium. The only time past life really haunts a vtuber is when it's their notably famous vtuber PL haunting them, like Mikeneko. Stuff from your nobody days isn't worth much salt to the average fan. The only people who care about that stuff are the people who already were looking for reasons to hate you (Calli is probably the biggest example of this), and it doesn't spread.
People actually like Bettel so it's plenty easy to divorce anything from his past from his current persona. I've definitely seen his old content brought up a few times, but it's always along the lines of, "I was worried when he debuted but what a delight that he turned out so seiso!"

No. 320065

I was thinking of people with reach like Brittany Venti. I know she got banned off one platform for Gura content, but I'm surprised people like her never attempted to look up pls. There's a lot of content there. I'm wondering if PL info is just not well known yet. On some level, I'm kinda waiting for a fleshtuber with reach to cover that.

No. 320066

Probably because of how time consuming it'd be to go comb through a past account's vods list and the required mental illness to sit through everything, especially if they didn't have many or zero clippers and don't do anything worthy of scandal currently

No. 320067

I've never self-posted here because I am very scared of getting some bullshit callout post in the future for going to the "transphobia website", so unfortunately I am not the braided vtuber.

I'm going to have a talk with my mods and hire some new ones. I might just need a small, proper break instead of fake-out hiatuses.

Thank you all for the feedback though. I'm on a crossroads with what I wanna do for vtubing right now, but I do love streaming still…

No. 320068

FYI anon, don't start 2 new paragraphs between each line, people will get angry at you and tell you to integrate (it's a board culture thing.)
Regardless, let us know how it goes! I like vtubing and I don't think it has to be all coombaiting and putting up with mens' shenanigans.

No. 320069

You either avoid it like the plague because it ruins your immersion in vtubing, or you respect it as an open secret. The one guy who famously did publicly speak about PL stuff got massively cancelled and booed off of his platform for months.
IDK why you're so persistent in thinking it hasn't been done. Literally just think about the nature of vtubing and its fans and its obvious why it hasn't gained speed.

No. 320070

>But I'm still curious why PLs aren't being used to shittalk chuubas.
Anon..? Are you new to the hobby or something? People use past lives to talk shit about vtubers all the time. Even the major shit starting place that bans the talk of past lives all together always talks about people’s past lives. People famously shit on Mori for her terrible music before she became a vtuber (and still do shit on her new music, understandably) and even last thread we talked about Sonny Brisko from NijisanjiEN getting exposed by cr1tikal on a twitch stream along with having a video with more than a million views doing the same thing.

No. 320071

NAYRT, kek, I forgot about Sonny. The list of vtubers who have had their shitty past activities exposed is a mile long, it's just that for the most part nobody cares. Nonna has to either be new to the hobby or new to sites that don't hang you for discussing PLs

No. 320072

I checked out some of FSP and I ended up liking specifically Gale a lot more quickly than I thought I would. I like his style of leading a conversation when called for and in general how he talks with his genmates. But they're really new so who knows

No. 320073

Didn't look to deep into it, tbh. I like what I like, so I didn't know how much was going on. I heard about Sonny getting cancelled, but didn't see the video.
>Nonna has to either be new to the hobby or new to sites that don't hang you for discussing PLs
The second one. Plus, I haven't seen the clip of the Moist Critical thing. Idk if it just doesn't work for me or in general.
I know some channels are taken down for criticizing Vtubers in general (calling Gura/lolis pedobait), but I haven't seen people go after them based on pl. Even the shitty people whom you'd expect that from. I assumed they either didn't care enough to look over companies took that down.

No. 320074

I kek’d a lot her sick voice is adorable I also have a cold so feeling extra parasocial

No. 320075

On top of what other nonnas have said, I think some other really sour cases of PL things being brought up to the harm of female chuubas (Pomu's underage nudes and Kiara's sexual assault tape) have additionally made open discussion of PLs a no-go.
The guy talked about here >>320069 that got booed off his platform is a reference to Kiara's case IIRC.

No. 320076

File: 1706947083142.jpg (459.49 KB, 1536x2048, 1706937053274301.jpg)

I wish Hololive merch was more available. It's all so pretty…

No. 320077

Agreed, I really love how personalized each birthday merch set is as well (as long as it's not their first bday merch on a date soon after debut). I'm forever kicking myself for getting into Fauna too late for some of her past bday merch drops…

No. 320078

File: 1706952150173.jpg (168 KB, 850x1373, __hakui_koyori_and_hakui_koyor…)

Can somebosy give me a qrd on what Koyori's deal is? I almost never hear about her from English-speaking fans but I've noticed that she's one of the biggest earners in Holo. What makes her successful– is she really talented and worth watching, or is it one of those deals where she just garners lots of oil baron gachis?

No. 320079

I know about the pics. I got it. I thought their exes leaked/shared those. Moids are gross.

No. 320080

From what I understand of Koyori, she's like the Kiara of JP. Streams consistently, hosts a talk show thingy where she interviews other members. She also worked as a VA and there's a clip of her and a weather girl (Sayaka? The one who was dating/marrying the Wimbledon meme dude and everyone freaked out.) from that one channel that's known for pretty weather girls. Her debut was also nice and fun.
I personally started simping when she said she wanted to kabedon her senpais. It was hard to find her again after that but I figured, “How many pink fluffs could Hololive have?”
Plenty. But she still stands out.
Tldr; she does a lot of collabs, streams consistently and is sussy. What's not to like?

No. 320081

Oh, sorry, I forget myself sometimes because that's how I prefer to read posts. Believe it or not I have been here for 10+ years by now. Anyway, I will do my best, I will probably take a little hiatus though while I sort out some other stuff. Thank you all again for your feedback and thoughts, I really appreciate it! May all your oshis flourish and grow.

No. 320082

Her main thing is being the biggest numberfag in Hololive if you'll excuse the /vt/ terminology. She's up there with Kaela in terms of total streaming hours but while Kaela just likes to nolife grindy games Koyori is constantly making an effort to do "event" streams (not sure how to translate 企画), she's usually the first or one of the first in Hololive to stream big FOTM hype games (in the context of streaming, so things like the watermelon game, Palworld, etc.), she basically just tries really hard. Ultimately I don't think she's a great streamer naturally, she tries to match the energy of other Holo streamers like Pekora but without having the same charisma or entertainment value in my opinion, but she's become very successful because as long as there are people awake in Japan there's an 80% chance that Koyori will be streaming something interesting so she ends up getting a ton of viewers outside of prime time when most of the more popular members aren't streaming.

No. 320083

Thanks nonnas. Nice to hear that the hard work is paying off for somebody who really grinds at this job like it's a true career.

No. 320084

i always wanted to ask what happened to this group of vtubers… the group stopped streaming entirely last year and it sucks cause i like their designs, this song from a member also seem to be well-produced so in some way, the group's company might have funds to provide whatever project the member come up with. i guess bankruptcy could be a possibility? but idk, i dont speak japanese or know a forum that discuss about them as well, in the english-speaking part of the internet.

No. 320085

this is the last video updated in the main channel of the group with an introduction of a new character/member.

No. 320086

The project ended and everyone went back to their old streaming identities. I really did like these guys though, all of them were good streamers, but it was a temporary project with a set goal that they reached so it was never meant to last long

No. 320087

oh damn, sucks that it ended but glad they got what they wanted from the project. are all of them vtubers in their pl or regular streamers? out of the group, i really did like kei nagisa the most since i like his singing, can you tell me where to find him?

No. 320088

File: 1707020382827.jpeg (272.84 KB, 1284x642, 60DDB2B3-D61C-4F3E-BDB6-19F806…)

They actually have all of the member’s actors listed out on wikitubia! Nagisa’s actor is Ramuda-jyan (or らむだーじゃん).

No. 320089

thank you so much anon! mystery solved. i was worried about these group, if they faced any sort of misfortune for having a small audience or smth, but glad it's none of them. i am relieved.

No. 320090

What was the goal?

No. 320091

Anyone watched Axel's 3D? It looks really good, I hope he can have more chances to use it in the future.

No. 320092

File: 1707032171743.png (257.17 KB, 511x404, MxhVM3.png)

He did a great job but I enjoyed the axelotl slaptstick more than anything else. RIP little guys 300 dead.

No. 320093

File: 1707053651704.jpg (583.57 KB, 1080x2145, Screenshot_20240204-190404.jpg)

Has this been posted before? If yes, then I apologise. The more I learn about FWMC, the now I like them. They just like me, Frfr.
Man, I Love FuwaMoco.

No. 320094

He's floofy? So cute! I wanna grab that tail. It looks so soft. My cute aggression is acting up.

No. 320095

What digusting pickmes.

No. 320096

I thought everyone knew about this already? I wanna get into Fwmc because I like vtubers who really play into the character role but then I remember they've played eroge together (emphasis on together)

No. 320097

I mean they've been known as lolcows for years, you can find old threads on this website covering all of their activities before Hololive. I actually think it's both wholesome and a little surreal how the vtuber thing has given some of these weeaboo lolcows the unimaginably perfect opportunity to become the anime girls they desperately wanted to be by taking advantage of all the weird quirks that used to make them prime bullying targets. Case in point Fuwamoco, Kiara, Pomu, etc.

No. 320098

I'll be honest, I have no idea why nonnas call them pick-mes or get seethe at them when they're pretty much two weeaboo girls who just want to fulfill their dreams. You'd think they'd be pippa tier but no, they're kind of cringe ultimately harmless even if their fanbase is full of schizos kek.

No. 320099

>eternally 18
>boasts about playing eroge at 13
>w-we can't even say bad words!!
>we're good girls
That screenshot alone tells you why they're not just innocent normal women that want to fulfill their dreams.

No. 320100

Is this a fucking selfpost or something(hi cow)

No. 320101

Anon. This is Fuwamoco.

No. 320102

>literal decade old nitpick
Many girls in this company also have and embarrassing past but for some reason people tend to get spergier than usual with them. Looking at their more recent interactions and posts in their PLs they seem quite normal and down-to-earth.

No. 320103

And? Vtubers are known to do that, unintegrated shilling really sticks out like a thorn

No. 320104

NTA but why you say “it’s just an embarrassing past” now but you were just singing about how relatable and likable such pickme cringe was. No one here has to like them just because you do.

No. 320105

AYRT that shill post wasn't even mines, it's not even the same writting style kek.

No. 320106

File: 1707066527361.jpg (132.93 KB, 1100x709, F2VovQYXgAAUW1P.jpg)

I don't know if you glossed over the actual criticisms on them, but I can provide some present-day nitpicks.
>clearly plays into the twincest shtick, look at their choice of fanart
>uwu character voice becoming stronger and stronger compared to their past life streaming or videos of them irl, slur words together and nonstop barking and loli noises
> targeting unicorns by straight up acting like their male coworkers don't exist
The fact is, most people are in two categories: penis havers who get a boner from this, and vagina havers who find it highly artificial and distasteful.
I'm not saying that no one here is allowed to watch them, and I believe that they are hard workers and a handful of anons find them relatable and wonderful. But it's not that farfetched that a lot of anons would be turned off by this behavior, even weeb anons.

No. 320107

I don't like FWMC but if you think they're going to spend time shilling themselves on this site you might need more help than they do kek.

No. 320108

Agreed, FWMC has 600k+ subs (I forget how many), they don't need to shill to the 3 or 4 anons on here who'd like them (no offense anons, I respect your taste in vtubers even though I don't agree.)
At the end of the day, lolcow is a drama board, and this is the vtuber board. I think most anons on this particular thread avoid the hardcore drama. For me, discussing of past lives is pretty iffy, unless it's well-known, they were already a public entertainer, and/or it's in support of the talent.

No. 320109

AYRT. I don't go on Twitter and mostly watch clips. And I think MC is cuter, but FW's baby talk has never hit the annoying limits. Yes, the loud collabs with everyone screeching in high pitched voices hit an unpleasant part of the brain.
Considering the fact that there was complete silence for a bit, I was under the impression that the reaction to men was planned. Badly. The comment section on that video was creepy, ngl. But still kinda funny. The worst part was actually that the “protecting our smile” comments were not removed, while others were.
Considering their target demographic, it makes sense. I don't feel filtered yet. I'm not 100% sold, but I do relate.
And I've seen porn with friends. It was funny.
I get why the high pitched voices alone could filter you from watching entirely, though. I think part of my obsession is MC's design.

No. 320110

All I can say is that I'm a vtuber (small one, obviously) but I'd rather shoot myself on stream than write something like 'Even when my barker doesn't bark too good, I will continue to wag my tail by your side. Bau bau' without a hint of irony. To each her own, I guess…

No. 320111

Part of why I started listening to vtubers at all is probably because the fan enthusiasm for them like with fanart or edited videos/clips (or a combination like this video) got me increasingly curious. Of course I also would see several bad things but there are individual fanbases that have been for the most part fun to observe

No. 320112

>Be deadbeat only fag
>Watch this
>Immediately get swooned.

No. 320113

Their eroge autism makes me wonder if they’d actually get along with Flayon and/or if they actually bond over that behind the scenes

No. 320114

File: 1707131091697.png (193.94 KB, 667x710, 85e570be757346b4d193443a1c0a29…)

No. 320115

I am so happy for her that she's finally free [crying emoji]

No. 320116

File: 1707131274082.jpg (1.63 MB, 2481x3509, GFkXA0ZbsAAviqR.jpg)

Page 1.

No. 320117

File: 1707131596353.jpg (1.7 MB, 2481x3509, GFkXBagaMAAnsRF.jpg)

Page 2.

No. 320118

File: 1707131767512.jpg (1.33 MB, 2481x3509, GFkXB9KasAAnosr.jpg)

Page 3.

No. 320119

File: 1707131988155.png (460.32 KB, 1440x2191, 1707131060035523.png)

No. 320120

File: 1707131994718.png (54.98 KB, 647x478, e1925717cf6cfe1b36ccc8a182434b…)

Selen's PL statements.

No. 320121

I wonder who are the people who were bullying her internally

No. 320122

Wow. I wonder what will happen to the company's public image further, especially with the bit where Selen claimed a few other members in Niji were not exactly nice to her about the situation going on behind scenes.

No. 320123

File: 1707133210026.jpg (237.95 KB, 1133x1404, 1674847687043.jpg)

I wonder who

No. 320124

Holy fuck, WHAT is going on at 2434.

No. 320125

I remember seeing that around the time when Selen (or just Dokibird now, I guess) talked about her hospitalization on official account, it might be likely that everyone else was told to simply avoid her and the issue for the time being. Ren, Victoria, Doppio, Rosemi, and Kyo were the 5 who replied and wished her well

No. 320126

File: 1707134942480.jpg (10.23 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

gee i wonder who could be a bully

No. 320127

>unpersoned because she didn't defend Nijisanji in her tweets when they did, in fact, private her video

No. 320128

selen always hosted and planned events and tried to keep nijisanji spirit alive. she didn’t deserve this, fuck that company.

No. 320129

ANYCOLOR so long as it's black amirite

No. 320130

At least when her fanbase goes over to her first new stream as Doki she'll be getting the main cut of all the donos. But to be cut off so unceremoniously from the environment she had invested in for years is very harsh to look at even to a casual bystander

No. 320131

The more you read this the worse it gets. The last paragraph implies that Selen was indeed being bullied, but she deserved it for creating a situation and not kneeling before management.
Honestly they should have gone with 'both parties have mutually agreed to not continue with the contract.'
Also idk how to post Twitter sound files on here but Enna just uploaded a clip of her singing a stupid meme song. Incredibly tone deaf, no pun intended. If I were in Niji and even if I disliked Selen, I'd take a day or two off and at least pretend to be sad.

No. 320132

I imagine the gossip speculation on who Selen was talking about with the bullying (besides the management) will linger over them for a good while and make all the doubts even more severe. Unless she simply states it outright despite the risks

No. 320133

It's highly likely its enna considering her pl being a bully although I'm so glad selen got out! It was clear the company wasn't treating her fairly even though she was the best face the company could have.niji is going to face a shitstorm kek

No. 320134

File: 1707143540853.mp4 (1.67 MB, 720x720, 25.mp4)

Here's the clip anon's >>320131 talking about

No. 320135

This sucks, I was hoping they would've came to an agreement so she could at least graduate properly. It's not surprising they had issues regarding dealing with perms and copyright since Japanese laws are crazy strict and litigious about all that. I thinks it's an open secret dealing with all the corporate red tape is an issue for the livers, but to hear that (allegedly) both Selen and other livers may be accusing each other of harassment is sad. We all know that not everyone in a corpo can all be friends, but it's shocking that things were escalating to that level behind the scenes. There's a lot of NijiEN livers I like and enjoy watching, but I'm gonna take a break for a while.

Look at the time nonnies, that tweet was hours before the announcement. It looks like no one's posted after the announcement.

No. 320136

More details on Enna's PL being a bully?
Agreed, not everyone has to like each other, but if it's turning into bullying and harassment, management should have stepped in. If they can make a mountain out of Selen breaking some rule (putting Nina and Mysta in the video?) they can also make a mountain out of any bullying going on.

No. 320137

Am I the only person who doesn't give a fuck that Selen was fired? I know people make a big deal about not supporting le big company vs. indie vtuber, but if you breach contract multiple times, you're gonna get fired, simple as. And making voice tweets about how you were crying and crying just seems like attention-seeking behavior to me. If she were bold, she would tell us who was harassing her in Niji so we know who to stop supporting.

No. 320138

That makes sense but if she outs who it is she can get sued kek,also nijitard already confirmed that the statement was true .i mean even with discussing pl of livers can be a liability since Japanese companies have been known to force anonymous forums to tell them who leaked the info so I dunno how they'll react with lolcow how holo found out rushia posted anonymously and most pl of livers is on 4chan Japanese defamation laws are retarded.

No. 320139

Who confirmed it and is there proof? I didn't see anything. I would feel more comfortable from both sides if there was at least further explanation or evidence that correlates. Everyone is taking sides based on hearsay from a company and the individual. Maybe it's because I was only a casual enjoyer of Selen, but I seriously don't see how this is a huge deal. Especially when others have different opinions of the company.

No. 320140

>"multiple contract breaches"
>Selen has lead several niji-approved projects over the past years, she clearly understands how to get project approval
>Niji staff notoriously difficult and unsupportive to work with, probably a major reason in Pomu's leaving
>the brunt of the termination letter is not about Selen publishing the video, but instead Selen's reaction to privating (it's not enough to say the video was privated, Selen needs to say it was privated + bootlick and apologize to staff and blame herself in the tweet)
>letter openly admits that Selen was being bullied, but makes no mention of what was done to alleviate the bullying (probably nothing)
It's been a few hours, give Selen a few weeks to sort herself out and lawyer up if needed.

No. 320141

Samefag, I'm not even a hardcore Niji follower, but it's not like it's just Selen's POV vs. Niji staff POV. There's months of many livers, even the most dedicated ones, feeling upset and frustrated with the staff.
If something like this happened in Holo, people would still be sad and frustrated, but I think people would move on quicker because Holo has a better track record, at least publicly. See: Yozora Mel's termination a few weeks ago.
However, the tides are already against Niji, based on everything we know.

No. 320142

>>320117 Read the last part nijitards confirmed it was the livers while selen vaguely said it was "from within" not outing it was her genmates these retards saying they dont want a witch hunt literally gave a hint who to hunt down also didn't one of the livers pretended to have a anti group chat stream? plus the previous scandal with zaoin? Doesn't help since if I recall she also stated she had problems with management and gen mates.selen was probably under a nda so it's likely she'll never out who it is but who knows maybe it'll leak,I mean people being happy selen being terminated should tell you how people feel with niji kek

No. 320143

It's sad and all and I'll probably get shat on for this considering how this thread circlejerks her as le based sistuber but there is no one but her to blame for her lack of compliance with the staff. All this pity party and her fans harassing her ex-coworkers give me such a bad image of her.

No. 320144

File: 1707159951595.png (504.82 KB, 844x1028, 1703754546563712.png)

>there's a chance my oshi bullied another egotistical menhera shutin into leaving

No. 320145

>assuming enna isn't one too
I mean that was to be expected of zoomer vtuber weeb fans and nijisanji reputation was already in the gutter so this just gave them a reason to reee over nijisanji. I don't watch selen that much either but you can't deny the shitty job management did if they were smart they should've taken the holo route .

No. 320146

File: 1707161704139.jpg (33.67 KB, 600x600, da rules.jpg)

>Pomu has talked about issues with management
>Nina has talked about issues with management
>Selen has talked about issues with management
I wonder who the common denominator might be…
Tbh idc if Nijisanji says "oh she broke rules #407 and 591", it's clear this has been an ongoing problem for years and this was just the boiling point. Selen was probably facing more frustration due to being a streamer who actually tries to set up special events, rather than just showing up to game a few times a week. Of course they'll cite Muh Contract and how Selen broke it in an attempt to get the first word in before she spills more details, but tbh I think that's maybe 10% of the story at most.

No. 320147

This is basically how Facebook treats moderators from overseas who need visas. “You broke this one minor rule like no smoking, so I won't take any action against you if you work 80 hours this week.”
I'm not surprised though. Many contracts are designed so it's nearly impossible to not cause any breach at all.
She has a lawyer already. I'm relieved. This is just, “Her lawyer
won't let us get our way.”
I thought you meant it was from her genmates Rosemi and Petra. Other livers, right? Did she ever say, “genmates”?
>Secret GC stream.
Millie did. It was implied that dragged others into it. I think she got stealth suspended.

No. 320148

This board runs on US laws. Karoshi is bad. Workplace harassment is bad. Abusing positions of power to coerce employees into doing what you want is also bad.
Selen seems to be suing her employer currently. I think it's gonna be like Sayu: if there's no statement from either party about the proceedings, either no lawsuit happened or it's currently in court. We'll see how it goes.

No. 320149

>Enna pl being a bully
What? Details?

No. 320150

Does anyone know where Doki used to stream? YT? Twitch? I gotta learn to use Twitch now.

No. 320151

Agreed. It seriously can't be that hard. I believe her when she says she's upset and has been going through it considering her BPD, but her fans and the amount of drama from tourists this is causing is too much. And moids are just using this situation to try and push their holy Sayu once again, it's ridiculous. Also, there were mistranslations within the English letter that people on the JP side have been clearing up.

No. 320152

File: 1707164555658.jpg (71.75 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

>'was being harassed by other affiliated Livers due to mismanagement […] while refusing to acknowledge her responsibility for violating the Activity rules'
Are we all gonna gloss over Niji casually throwing their talents under the bus for bullying, or is this somehow Selen's fault, too? Legitimately interested in hearing a take from one of the 'but the contract' posters in this thread.
Everyone is on a witchhunt and pointing fingers at every Niji member, but that's the only thing you could expect from adding that in a public statement. Is this supposed to make Niji look good?
also sorry janitors I'm stupid and accidentally made this a new thread instead of a reply before realizing and deleting it, pls forgive

No. 320153

Hopefully you're right and she didn't actually know beforehand.

No. 320154

I doubt she or any other liver knew since they were all tweeting normally.
Meloco literally made a tweet about learning the word shart about an hour before the announcement. If she ends up taking a break like some of the other livers, I think it's kind of hilarious that would be her last tweet for a while.

No. 320155

I didn't watch Selen at all and don't give a shit about her, but I think the way this has been handled shows its bigger than just her breaking a few rules and why it's such a mess. Considering it's been common knowledge that management sucks and even Pomu jumped ship, I don't see how criticizing Nijisanji means it's a Selen circlejerk. She probably did do shit she wasn't supposed to, but also their rules and processes seem unclear and the notice Anycolor posted was petty for a company. Compared to when Rushia's contract was terminated, Cover just posted a short notice that she broke rules and that was it, not a paragraphs long defense.

No. 320156

Did Pomu jump ship because of management or is this just an assumption?

No. 320157

I never watched Selen but Niji looks like their EN management has had various problems with clear communication across levels and being a manager that's paying attention and checking in on a project regularly enough. Problems that they haven't bothered to do much with. And if Selen's claim of being bullied is pretty much flatly true and she was picked on much more disproportionately compared to a standard fight/argument, there's that not paying much attention issue again. Ultimately because the whole corpo vtuber job is still a luxury job to have it's not the end of the world, but there seems to be a lot of missed potential going on from muddy communication in management at minimum

No. 320158

There's no way to know for sure because she hasn't explicitly said that to be the case, but there was that clip of a members only stream where she was crying about management denying her a huge opportunity, which certainly doesn't look good. Clip for reference (I have no idea who the vtuber that uploaded this is, sorry, just watch the first minute or so). In general it seems pretty clear she was frustrated with opportunities being canceled by management.

No. 320159

Hearing her cry like that made me sad, too. I never watched her regularly but her moments with Uki always made me smile, she seemed like such a fun personality. I feel really bad for her.

No. 320160

I believe Selen. Permitting bullying has historically been an issue for Nijisanji. Most notably with the KR branch– the constant flow of graduations from the branch even prior to the merger was due to internal bullying from a liver who had already been well-known as a bully in her PL prior to hiring.

No. 320161

If it's these two it would explain why Rosemi but not Petra out of her genmates responded to her tweet.
The saddest part of Selen's drama to me has been the way her BPD has been weaponized against her by people in the know. She was an incredibly productive and stable liver and when people first found out about it from her PL, the general consensus was that you never would have guessed. But now that she looks bad for the company (WITH more obviously justifiable reasons than any other ex-EN liver) so many suddenly think she's just an irrational BPD woman intentionally producing drama where there is none. It makes me so sad.
INB4 somebody calls me BPD, I'm not. I just understand that the weaponization of BPD diagnoses (which is, btw, very overdiagnosed in ignorance of the many real reasons deteriorating women's mental health) is a feminist issue.

No. 320162

Wouldn't be the first time they lost one of the biggest members of a branch due to bullying, too. Nun Bora cited schoolwork as the reason for her graduation, but confirmed in her reincarnation that bullying was the real motivation. At the time of her graduation, she was the most popular and well-known member of the branch by a notable landslide.

No. 320163

Tbh, I'm not really sure why some people in this thread are hardcore Niji simps. Do you not realize your oshi could also be getting bullied and be the next to graduate or be kicked?

No. 320164

File: 1707172771151.png (732.22 KB, 555x1200, Selen.Tatsuki.full.3427845.png)

She could literally take a fat shit live on Nijisanji's personal youtube account and I would STILL support her over that company.

No. 320165

I don't think people are necessarily mad at Selen for her occasional dumb violations, but she is at fault for not reeling back her fanbase full of entitled manchildren attacking everyone and everything like its scorched earth. I think some branch management restructuring and paradoxically more restrictions on the livers would do them good, because its clear most of them aren't miserable and the ones who are were for personal reasons or have already left.

No. 320166

For what it's worth, Selen mentioned internal bullying, keeping it vague enough that no one had solid evidence to suspect the tubers themselves being bullies, as opposed to a manager or staff member.
However, it's Niji themselves who confirm that it is their own talents doing the bullying, in an official letter.
Possibly hot take: it's not Selen's job to defend Nijisanji from Nijisanji.
Nijisanji made an official letter saying 'yeah some of our talent are bullies', and now Nijisanji is under fire for saying 'yeah some of our talents are bullies.'
Who coulda thunk.
But seriously, Selen mentioned going to sleep 6 hours ago, so she could very well be asleep or staying off the internet for a few hours. Nijisanji can protect Nijisanji by doing actual damage control, like, hours ago.

No. 320167

File: 1707173842670.png (158.16 KB, 586x753, 1707167282308825.png)

I think seeing three livers leave within the span of a little over a month and thinking that things are over is a little unrealistic.
I get that the Dragoons are annoying, but the good outweighed the bad. There's no way Niji was planning on announcing Selen's terminatiom before Kyo's graduation, it's likely their hand was forced by all of the outcry. Even her mama spoke publicly on the issue. And I'm glad that she was released sooner than later so that she can get back to business.
Management needs a huge overhaul. In addition to more than one Selen artist coming out of the woodwork to say that Selen paid them out of pocket after management was truant on payment, an ex-employee of Niji who left for Holo said that livers excluding management from projects was the norm due to management severely underpaying commissions. Citing an instance where a liver paid $500 out of pocket for something that management only wanted to pay $20 for as an example. This isn't a, "They need to wrangle talents better" situation, it's a, "They need to do their jobs" situation.

No. 320168

File: 1707174045224.png (16.76 KB, 304x265, 1707170625768810.png)

I've seen some speculation that Niji is deflecting blame to talents to mask their own culpability, but who knows what the truth is. Both situations are bad.

No. 320169

File: 1707174177235.jpg (162.16 KB, 760x497, 1707167876410092.jpg)

How do they keep goofing on something this simple, lol

No. 320170

File: 1707174242754.png (103.71 KB, 452x504, dct4v7c-90c81838-9e9c-4d95-aab…)

I've never been a dragoon, but I've been hardcore defending her on this board today, because the pro-corpo stuff just isn't working for me, when we've had various vtubers speak out against niji. If she can not only come out unscathed, but also spill some details on niji, I might just be a dragoon (or whatever Dokibird's fans are called.)
Yeah, I'm a little confused at everyone who's going 'oh typical BPD behavior' in this thread… Has Selen ever done anything wrong in her several years of Nijisanji before this? From what I understand, she did a great job promoting the company and planning events despite management pushback.
I wonder if this is a death by 1,000 papercuts scenario - for years Selen puts up with lack of response from managers, events being cancelled, big collaborations being lost, then the 1 time she rebels by tweeting 'Oh no management privated my video' it's 'Aha! I knew she was an insane BPD contract breaker!'

No. 320171

File: 1707174466086.png (17.5 KB, 591x253, 1707156989704463.png)

No. 320172

Imma be honest, this sounds like a cope, and it's reminding me of the poster who was calling other moids for saying Selen was going to graduate.

No. 320173

are we even sure she's corroborating correctly? one time that guy rpr called her a boosted bitch on apex and she got so triggered she logged off and didn't collab with him for weeks

No. 320174

And they're still friends, and he even was one of the first "big" figures to speak on the #WhereIsSelen issue. This one always sounded like a big rrat blown out of proportion to me given how things played out.

No. 320175

All the people boycotting the company are idiots to me. They always forgot about it in a week and will be back to their daily vtuber posting. It's better to not say anything about the drama and stick to your own oshi. Everyone right now is just grifting off of the situation, making posts about how glad they are they were rejected by the company to mentioning random issues with contracting.

No. 320176

I'm still not sure why the company was even that detailed in the statement versus something short. Rep damage to the ones remaining at Niji would still possibly hurt the revenue in like a cold logical money way, right? Were they trying to beat Doki to the punch somehow by stating the harrassment situation outright instead of being caught in a stance where they have to be reactive on the fly to the things she could say?
But more than once the company has contributed to unstable situations that lead to this kind of sudden publicly viewable surprise, isn't becoming open to the vultures simply the natural consequences? And regardless of how many stick to their convictions it's actually better if people can easily make the decision to drop a vtuber or a company at the drop of a hat if they don't like something. Keeps an entertainment company from getting too relaxed. The main unfair thing is if Kyo's graduation gets tied in since that simply seems like him still being young and seeing more engaging opportunities somewhere else

No. 320177

File: 1707179122130.jpg (97.42 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Don't listen to what 99% of indie vtubers are saying, there's way too much "W-why won't Hololive accept me, I've been drawing anime since 2008 and I like vidya, I only have 2 ccv but I'd be perfect…" (am indie vtuber kek.)
But actually, I was hoping to get more into Niji a few weeks ago, especially after a lot of anons recommended Selen. Now, I don't want to watch any of niji, even if some of the individual talents are wonderful. It feels like it's only a matter of time before they all (fairly enough) reincarnate into Vshojo, and I just don't wanna be brought along for the emotional rollercoaster ride. In Hololive or hell, even Phase Connect and other smaller groups, most the talents seem pretty happy and seem like they stay for years, even if their output slows down.
I don't like the whole graduation thing, even when there's a good chance they'll reincarnate 6 months later. I'm fragile…

No. 320178

They've never been good at PR so who knows.
Boycotting doesn't work because of oshi culture but it does stop growth with people refraining from new or expanded interest, like >>320177. The continued floundering of Holostars with its ideal audience by association with Holo is an example of this in action. The general flatlining of growth with each new generation of EN itself is similar.

No. 320179

Other than a few obvious bait posts, this thread has been the most sane compared to other sites so far. NYFCO is full of Niji stan's weaponizing her BPD against her and 4chan's full of anti-Niji tribalists using it to shit on other livers. As someone who's a fan of a lot of the NijiEN livers including Selen, but not the company, there's not many places to vent anonymously without feeling my braincells dying lmao.
She's fumbled before with perm issues and was a bit unprofessional in how she aired her grievances like with the Fall Guys tournament IIRC, but she's also done a shit ton for the branch as well as for fans of the branch. She's mentioned how she's been given the newer managers to help them train because she's largely self-sufficient, so I hate seeing people say she's always been irresponsible when it clearly isn't always the case. Her even doing so many big events just showcases how incompetent the NijiEN management is if anything since she shouldn't have had to pick up the slack.

No. 320180

People mention bullying being a problem in Niji, but what does "bullying" mean in this context? When I think of bullying, I think of immature high school shit, which I can't really see grown women with jobs (even vtubing jobs) doing.

No. 320181

There's 100% bullying amongst immature adults, including workplaces and graduate schools. Idk exactly what it looks like for a majority online company like Niji, but I've definitely seen grown ass adults do stuff like: loudly whispering about the victim to a friend in a work setting, making ugly faces during victim's work presentations, purposefully leaving people out of important emails, and so on.
Not sure your age, and I truly hope you never face it, but some adults act like stupid teenagers their whole lives. You'll find it among a select few even in the most prestigious settings.
Bullying might look a little different in an online setting, but it could honestly be anything. Giving Selen nicknames she doesn't want, leaving her out of important collabs and groupchats, making 'jokes' about her sensitive spots, and so on.

No. 320182

Workplace bullying and harrassment is a real thing. Every corporate job I've worked has mandatory training from HR for dealing with it and if you google "workplace bullying" you'll easily find examples if it without us having to spoonfeed you information about the real world.

No. 320183

I don't doubt there's bullying, but I just think that trying to "boycott" a company is really stupid. There's about a million posts about boycotting right now, it must be twitters favorite buzzword at the moment.

No. 320184

Your issue is that twitter is just retarded as usual.

No. 320185

There's obviously a hard limit to how bad it can be through internet but in a company group setting where the imagined ideal is to be able to get along well enough and tread properly with all or most of the others for the sake of the collabs and bigger events being possible to entertain the viewers with a positive attitude, a negative harrassment or bullying situation seems pretty socially stressful over time

No. 320186

True kek, but I think it's the added issue of holofags and random tourists on both the doxsite, /vt/, and here that make it obnoxious. I wish the company wasn't so vague, or at least hired a better translator, so we could avoid more drama.

No. 320187

Oops, my post about adults bullying was meant for >>320180 who was wondering about adults bullying not >>320175
my bad.

No. 320188

For the average rando tweeting about boycotting, it's pointless, but I do think it's significant that I've seen a number of popular artists and merch vendors saying they're going to boycott Niji. Given the fandom-oriented nature of Niji's business, that sort of thing is actually harmful if it sticks. Really sad for Niji fans though since Niji's in-house merch is absolute dogshit generic.

No. 320189

File: 1707182512923.jpg (27.13 KB, 516x434, rw3osqm40q561.jpg)

Indie vtuber twitter is generally pretty distasteful and unprofessional.
Naturally, today, there'll be a lot of clout chasing and virtue signaling, but even on a good day, you can expect
>"why won't this 2,000 follower indie collab with 25 follower me, they only care about numbers waaah (it's definitely not a numbers game for me)"
>"I decided I'm okay with only having 100 followers and 3 ccv. I-I can't sell my soul to a corpo like these other losers (but I'll keep applying every month)"
>nitpicking and scolding their 3 viewers for minor things
(This isn't directed at any vtuber nonnies here though kek, there are definitely diamonds in the rough in indie vtubers. That's usually how you get into a corpo after all.)

No. 320190

File: 1707183131250.gif (2.09 MB, 450x306, sassy-who-the-hell-cares.gif)

':^) Akshually you guys I applied for Nijisanji wave 1, but I'm so glad I got rejected because-'
samefag but I had to use this gif(unintegrated retard)

No. 320191

Can't even remember what was in that video that caused all this drama in the first place. I feel bad for her but tbh they probably did her a huge favor. They just made themselves look bad in the process even if she was being irrational like they are claiming. Though I feel like if there was fighting/bullying between the livers over this thing I don't even know if I'd want to do graduation stream. Just let the company clean up their own mess.

No. 320192

I sort of understand Millie and Enna, but why does Elira keep getting brought up as a probable bully? She's never seemed at all like that type of person to me, but maybe I don't know something behind the scenes? The only thing I can think of is that she was the first Hanamori hire so people keep acccusing her of nepotism, but I always thought that was ridiculous since it's so unlikely that she's in charge of hires.

No. 320193

Idk myself but from the outside view maybe because she holds some amount of senpai pull that looks more prominent than the others

No. 320194

She’s used as a scapegoat for any management wrongdoings ever. She has never even engaged in drama and doesn’t even acknowledge anything like that, not even in a way of making hints towards drama. People are just annoying because she’s friends with Enna and Millie along with her being one of the first members of NijisanjiEN.

No. 320195

there was nothing coomerish about his first design either? shorts are standard for shota type characters. It may just look like he's in his boxers to you because they're vertically striped. it works with his creepy preppy aesthetic imo

No. 320196

>shorts are standard for shota type characters
Ntayrt but you're halfway there… Change 'shorts' to 'short shorts' and you'll get it. Purposefully showing off shota legs is something a lot of anons are gonna be bothered by.
Not gonna argue on the vtuber page about the ethics of shotacon/lolicon but just understand that a lot of anons dislike it, even when the design is otherwise cute

No. 320197

File: 1707191431255.jpeg (86 KB, 1080x1010, pomus-pl-account-speaks-on-the…)

From Pomu.

No. 320198

Depends on the corpo. There's too much content on YT for it to be hard, but I think I won't be watching any Vtubers for a while. Except Doki's stream. IDC about boycott, but I don't wanna watch.
I liked Nina, Pomu and Elira. Also, some vtubers from other corpos. Calling everyone who dislikes Niji mangement a holofag is incorrect. Akshually, we're more likely to be VShojofags at this point.
They don't want a repeat of the Sayu situation. I feel like the first few weeks after going to old identity is where you expect ranting the most and they wanna be more pitiful than Selen. Which is hard when you've seen things like “Annual report says EN isn't making money cz they need more Vtubers.” and it's not even profits, usually. It's profitability, which is dumb af.
In this case, there's a clip of her mentioning that she did, in fact, personally DM the producer to ask for permission. And she told him to email her mangement. I think that's what the workflow thingy in >>320116 means. She was expected to wait for management to come through but the producer (Ryan Higa, I think) didn't know there was an email to reply to. She mentioned asking him to reply.
They're actively lying about the music related stuff, AFAIK. If they wanted to be specific, they could've mentioned the specific parties like they mentioned specific Rule (which they didn't actually tell us what it was. Do they want Selen to do it and violate NDA?)
Because of zuttomos? It's funny because at one point other Livers were being rude to Petra.
“Kouhais come and they're very respectful and then they're ‘What if we just… Stop?’”
I've seen psych DX being used to discredit petite a lot. Even non-psychiatric disabilities are used to try to deletimize people. It's ableism.
I don't think she is one, but she's known Enna and Millie for 15 years or so. People assume her not being able to cut off IRL friends means she's actively enabling them.
I know exactly what you mean. After organizing possibly hundreds of projects, people are shitting on her for maybe 2-3 mistakes she made. I'm not really into corpo Stan's. I like Selen. I'm gonna miss her design, but she'll still be her.

No. 320199

I wish Holo wasn't a place where women get shat on for collabing with males because it would have been nice to see her again in Holo so that she could continue collabing with Axel and Altare. As things stand, I feel like we won't be seeing collabs with ex-Nijis to avoid risk of blowing up tenuous company relations.

No. 320200

So Kuro made a stream with his real face, and he is not as ugly as I thought he would be. That being said, if he was my oshi I would want to kill myself because he looks like a hobo kek
These men need to understand that women only support them because the anime avatar helps them forget there's a real moid behind the character, still can't get over his terrifying feet pic

No. 320201

I know it's a clip but showing a real moid face in this thread without some sort of spoilering feels like it should be punishable by law kek

No. 320202

what is the point of being a vtuber IF THEIR JSUT GOING TO FUCKING SHO

No. 320203

Nonnie was so disgusted she hit New Reply before she could finish

No. 320204

What are the details on Millie and Enna being bullies? I saw people speculating about Millie because of her initial response to Selen’s cover being privated but I feel like people were reading too much into her comment.

No. 320205

AYRT. Seconded. All of it.
Hopefully she can Collab with them as Doki and slowly ease into Holo.
Hololive would probably look at past behaviour before letting her in. She was kick-ass and she hasn't breached NDA yet. She also gets asking with a lot of Holo girls. Plus, it would be really nice to have more Holo girls who aren't extremely high pitched.

No. 320206

Right? I feel like Selen was a vtuber who, while very talented in her own right, benefited a lot from the specific group dynamic that only a major corpo like Holo or Niji brings. I get the pushback against the notion of her in Holo due to her not being very idol-like, but I think she'd add a lot of fun to the group dynamic. I wouldn't blame her she's been burned on that sort of corpo employment though.

No. 320207

Didn't rpr unfollow both enna and millie after the termination

No. 320208

File: 1707204232480.jpeg (220.5 KB, 1170x1863, IMG_0627.jpeg)

I'm so happy for her!

No. 320209

He did.

I am also reminded of the video, that I can't find right now, where Nina talks about how she was excluded from an Ethyria group chat when she first joined. Ethyria warmed up to her over time, but knowing that was the precedent they set…

No. 320210

No. 320211

Very high school mean girl of the other three

No. 320212

Moid vtubers are truly only good for letting me forget that ugly moid mugs exist in real life.
>the comments praising his looks in the most backwards way possible
kek, I can't decide if it's moids trying to be quirky and nice by using the weirdest ass compliments or if it's women coping that their oshi is ugly and fat

No. 320213

kek i just know if he was a women the people in the comments would literally bully him for his looks looks, again men have it so easy

No. 320214

Apparently, ReGLOSS are all between 20 and 23. That's fucked up, I'm not ready to be older than my oshis… I'm used to most vtubers being in their late 20s and early 30s, at least the ones I've been watching.

No. 320215

Nonnies, he never followed them to begin with. Ethyria has been through some stuff as a whole including Nina, remember the "bitch catalogue"? They've admitted they all misunderstood each other and have since resolved their issues and have been on good terms since. They've even hinted at meeting up recently.
Let's not fall for 4chan tier rrats and bait. Anything anyone says is going to be baseless accusations and speculation at this point.

No. 320216

Is that their actual ages, or just their character ages?
I figured they could be older, but they were just trying to avoid the "teehee eternally 17" thing a lot of vtubers have to play into.

No. 320217

Kanade was in middle school either during or after a 2014 Yonezu Kenshi song came out, so it's their actual ages. I expected Ririka and Ao to be in their mid-20s, so I'm shocked to find out they're so young.

No. 320218

Now I understand how people felt when dream did his face reveal. He looks nothing like I imagined and isn't cute at all.

No. 320219

Don't get why are nonnas delusional enough to ever thing she'd join holo. Nobody expects the girls to collab with moids unless it's something professional, if anything she's more suited for VSPO.

No. 320220

Learn to read? They both acknowledged that and the fact that her in Holo is just wishful thinking.

No. 320221

He did himself no favors by streaming in a dungeon. I hope he's investing in better lighting.

No. 320222

>he is not as ugly as I thought
Pick the bar off the ground jesus christ I don’t even know who that vtuber is but that guy is fucking hideous like a south park caricature

No. 320223

It is that hard when we know for a fact that nijiEN management is useless at best, working against you at worst. It is also known that the 'talent manager' for EN is very likely some random nepo hire that doesn't have any qualifications. The current rrat is that since he is still under UMG contract, he didn't let Pomu have her once in her lifetime opportunity because it was with a different record label.
Also why would you take the Japanese version of the letter as the main one when we're talking about an EN talent? the English one is the main one.
It's insane honestly. The only reason other niji talents are being harassed right now is because of their own statement. Selen's words just made people assume it was management bullying her.
Luna also very likely left niji because of bullying.
That was never going to work and you know it. Also how do you know many of them aren't miserable when EN is seemingly dropping talents like hot coal? It's barely the second month of the year and they already lost 3.

No. 320224

Was there anything genuinely concerning in the Bitch Catalogue? I watched a few of the videos linked and it seemed like an oversensitive child who thought their siblings making fun of them was abuse. That's like saying Enna's jokes about killing Nina were genuine death threats. IMO, they were funny.
Maybe I missed something though. Any links?
Excluding Nina from Discord calls is even worse in the context of Millie once saying (this is in an old Collab with Luca) that if she (Millie) joined a Discord call and someone just leaves, she wonders if she did something wrong.
“At least say Bye!”
I think Millie knows how things look and is particularly aware of how people feel, so if she chooses to ignore everyone's feelings but her own, that's not a good look. It means either she only recognised and cares about her own feelings or she understands others but didn't care. I'm assuming she's not malicious.
Niji got what they wanted with their employees fighting instead of them. I wouldn't be surprised if they threw Livers under the bus on purpose.
Also: what, exactly, is bait here? We like Doki and want her to move forward. Not ones gonna start a bitch catalogue for Millie. Or whoever the bullies turn out to be. We have other priorities, like breaking Vtuber CCV records for Doki stream.

No. 320225

Ironic how the video that ended up being the last straw was such a good farewell video.

No. 320226

Interesting. According to Cy Yu (who is a VA that has multiple roles in anime and Hoyo, so his claims of having gottrn far in the audition process are probable), while an unspecified other agency, presumably Holo, asked him to prioritize work with them over his VA career if he joined, when interviewing with Niji, he was rejected full stop because they wanted him to quit voice acting outside of affliation with Niji completely.
I already knew that Holo permits PL activity after a certain time period, but the information that Niji EN so strongly prohibits it was new to me. Ironic considering that Niji EN livers are on average more likely to need the supplemental income or suffer from favoritism when it comes to opportunities.
Not to say that this applies to all branches or all types of other work, given examples like Sukoya Kana, Harusaki Air, and most of the exID branch being confirmed to have day jobs,but it does sound like entertainment type jobs are banned.

No. 320227

They really wouldn't, men literally have no standards.

No. 320228

I'm not sure how popular this theory is, but I thinks it's at least somewhat commonly speculated they can't use their voice for other projects unless it's as their Niji persona.
All the livers who started being active on PL accounts or made alts have never used their voice as far as I'm aware. I think the only exception was when Enna was credited as her PL in a song by her friend, but she got in trouble for it and hasn't done it since.

No. 320229

Man IG that makes sense, but if I was a creator whose only marketable skillset was voice-based entertainment (as opposed to being able to transition into another career path if things go south) I'd definitely skip Niji. Your finances would bank way too much on popularity that isn't even guaranteed.
Although at least for women, IDT anybody that could go to Holo would go to Niji? Pomu gets used as an example a lot, but Niji did take a risk hiring her and it made sense that Holo didn't because she'd only been streaming for a brief time when her PL graduated.

No. 320230

I wish this was enough to stop me from being yume for Ao since I'm usually only into older women. But her appeal is just too strong.

No. 320231

You post scarily like me and I'm an Ao yume, wtf. But yeah, if she does turn out to be younger than me, I won't stop loving her. She's enough of a dork that I can just imagine she's my kouhai who's trying really hard to impress her senpais by being cool and charismatic but constantly failing (in typical Ao-kun fashion). I'm into that.

No. 320232

…Y-younger ikemen kanojo >>>>

No. 320233

File: 1707265588204.png (131.65 KB, 612x344, 5evmqx.png)

No. 320234

He's a hideous fucking goblin, have some standards

No. 320235

The Bitch Catalog had no merit for anyone from the West or NA. Doxxsisters are notoriously SEA and they hate successful women existing. I remember when they went off on Alban for collating with a JP girl around the same time.(racebaiting)

No. 320236

File: 1707267733096.png (12.45 KB, 935x387, 1707267135203711.png)

The fact that they had to publish an investor statement because the optics of firing Selen were so bad is laughable. Source in link

No. 320237

men bully women for their looks all the time, so yes they would

No. 320238

AYRT, sorry, should've explained myself better! There's absolutely nothing noteworthy in the bitch catalog, but it used to be brought up elsewhere to villianize Nina. The RPR unfollowing Enna & Millie is just false 4chan bait and shouldn't be taken seriously the same way the bitch catalogue shouldn't be taken seriously.
The other 3 Ethyria members were friends before joining and didn't intentionally leave her out, but also didn't make an effort to include her. It seems like it was a situation where they kept making small mistakes and misunderstanding each other. They cleared up their misunderstandings and made up a long time ago at this point.
Millie seems like she can be kind of sensitive and reactionary, but I don't think she's malicious.
I'm rooting for Selen/Doki too, and not to be a numberfag, but I hope she finally reaches the 1mil milestone!

Also, if anyone happens to be reading this right now, Pomu's live on Twitter doing a GRWM and it's really comfy!

No. 320239

Not all the time, only when it suits them. They bully Ollie and Mori for being """fat""" but then ignore Polka and Okayu.

No. 320240

File: 1707311635471.png (19.01 KB, 671x232, 5fb6c43eb5828c8a2fa59ba5fff7fb…)

No. 320241

File: 1707311793674.png (75.2 KB, 785x445, GFtdOrmagAAGFPG.png)

Either she's a culprit or she's legit retarded.

No. 320242

wouldn't be the first time she forced someone to almost die shes been a narc bitch for a while

No. 320243

And what the fuck is this cap supposed to be?

No. 320244

Nta but don’t be naive anon, just because men bust a nut to you doesn’t mean they don’t denigrate you, I see polka get called slam pig by supposed fans all the time.

No. 320245

She auto-likes every single comment on whatever is her most recent vod, this has gotten her into trouble before since it ends in her liking some really retarded comments lol. Is this from a members stream, by the way? I don’t see this on the onigiri stream.

No. 320246

Enna liked the comment.

No. 320247

They actually do it more. There's info in fleshtuber circles about women voluntarily going on Redpill podcasts and then getting an increase in OnlyFans revenue.
Men literally try to neg women into sex. (Video attached).
Yes, they would. Not because of standards (they still would fuck the women they insult in a heartbeat), but because they're more like gossipy old ladies than ACTUAL gossipy old ladies.
I think it depends. Women don't follow other women for looks, but personality (I project). A sus/GFE dude is different. If he was hot, I bet a lot of the men would've hated him cz they'd assume he got laid. He's mid, so he's probably “friends” with them (trying to screw then when they're vulnerable). The few unicorns are fine for now cz they don't think he has a chance with the oshis. You want honest opinions? Try reddit, 4ch etc.

No. 320248

Nonna your youtuber taste is immaculate

No. 320249

AYRT. Thank you! So is yours, clearly.
I'm in the no dating zone, but if you WANT to date, her advice is reasonable. There's also BurbNBoughie. (I just don't recommend depending on moids. I don't trust them). I'm sure there's another thread for that though.
Manifestelle works hard at the theory portion (Theory: most men are assholes but there's a good one out there, so be picky). Abba & Preach just go and expose other men on the OF women thing (Men are assholes because they don't think you'll fuck them but they want to. And they hate the guy who may have a chance.)
Everyone seems to think he's dating Mika, so they're not worried.

No. 320250

all fairness to the screenshots leaked, she liked every comment there
even ones basically saying to let 2434 burn just to let her members know she read them

No. 320251

can you elaborate anon? thats so crazy

No. 320252

File: 1707341403091.jpg (162.23 KB, 924x660, 1707339730742435.jpg)

Still not convinced it's real, but leaks have come out alleging that Aster is responsible for harrassment in NijiEN as well, not in the Selen situation but of the female livers from Iluna onwards. Supposed route of these leaks is from Scarle>Luca>one of his mods.

No. 320253

Aster has to be the most ignored NijiEN, I rarely ever hear about him or see him even in tangential contexts to others. Read some negative things about his attitude before but I had never actually watched him so I tried to not make a judgement. So if it's fake it's because he's disposable and easy to target onto to take some heated attention away as a distraction, but if it's real then it shows more of being unable to trust that management was ever able to tard wrangle okay enough

No. 320254

People have analyzed the artefacting on the caps and determined that ay the very least, they're not shooped. The conversation itself would have to be an actual Discord RP that was then screenshared to a third account, and then the caps would have had to been redistributed multiple times to result in the variance in quality between the 3. Not impossible, but really high effort if fake.

No. 320255

>Ao-kun('s mom) revealed during the silent stream that her hands are 18cm long
May god forgive me for the thoughts I had when I first heard that

No. 320256

I'm going to die.

No. 320257

This was taken out of context. Moments later she said not to do that. People making up fake scenarios to push an agenda against Enna are retards. I can't believe there were men who were complaining that niji is favoring all of the male vtubers, and then they go and create fake rrats that only target the women. Male vtuber fans fucking suck.

No. 320258

File: 1707349584367.png (322.84 KB, 1242x2688, IMG_3353.png)

Idk if this is the right thread but like. Is the money really worth it.

No. 320259

Sage because off-topic, but I never bothered to learn about Scarle's pl because her fake latina schtick turned me off, and now that I found out I feel so bad for her to be stuck in such a shit company. I used to follow her old channel and was a huge fan of her videos, so I hope she can pull through everything that's happening right now. On a side note, her PL explains why she sucked at the mommy shit kek she's just a sweet yumefujo and I wish she could keep doing that content, but I'm glad she's doing good money with the superchats

No. 320260

This uoh meme and (in general) 4chan culture/memes escaping its cornered shithole onto public websites was one of the worst things to happen to the internet.

No. 320261

>not as ugly
the standars for men are so incredibly low, he looks like he belongs on a list

No. 320262

Wasnt selen one of the most proffitable vtubers? i dont understand why they treat her like trash while the supossed bullies they are covering over werent even popular to beging with.

No. 320263

greekgodx but 5'6 and still fat

No. 320264

I wonder how much she makes, being an indie vtuber is really expensive.

No. 320265

I wonder why Shiori is still streaming Sonic Frontiers when she obviously isn't into it (her most frequent joke about it is that Sonic is collecting onion rings not that insane deviantart pairings) and admitted to not being into Sonic in her recent members stream. A friend gifted it to her but that still has limits, perhaps that "friend" is more than a friend.

No. 320266

Like it or not, it's politics, the same you would find in any other company. Selen may have made money, but she was not in the good graces of staff or management, which clearly pick favorites, as petty as it may be. Selen was bargained with because she was a money-maker, not because she was well-liked within the company.

No. 320267

Selen's constant numberfagging is atrocious. I never realized how smug and fake she sounds all the time but everything about this has put me off of her 100%.

No. 320268

I didn’t notice it until now but yeah the numberfagging is atrocious. The dragoons were always like that too, I guess fans really do reflect the idol.

No. 320269

that and her finding the perfect opportunity with this stream to rake in as much money as possible has also put me off from her personally lol. I wish her the best though.

No. 320270

I really couldn't care less about boyfriend rrats as baseless and stupid as this. Try again when you have some Mafumafu tier stuff.

No. 320271

>wanting to finish a game you don’t really like means the person who gave it to you is a boyfriend
What’s up with vtuber fans?

No. 320272

I've looked into her PLs and 4chan history + current actions so as small as it is now it's a red flag to me.(obsessive weirdo)

No. 320273

Is her having a boyfriend a red flag? Why would you even care about that?

No. 320274

File: 1707357171550.jpg (22.93 KB, 227x222, download (6).jpg)

I was initially happy for Doki's return but all of this feel somewhat meanspirited. Former corporate vtuber mask-off moment I know I know but it's not like any other former niji or holo members were any better. At the end of the day, they're still a human being and can be just as flawed as anyone else. This might be the push to put me off of vtubers forever.

No. 320275

in what way? unless i missed something, she's only been talking about business stuff like merch, PO box, and new hashtags which is fine since she seems to want to just introduce people to her old/new brand.

No. 320276

She's always been a bit of a number-fag, but she also always did something big to give back to her fans whenever she would hit a milestone.
I don't think she's any different this stream compared to any other stream. Or maybe I just have rose colored glasses on since I'm glad she's back lol.

Yeah, I don't think anyone here will care if she has a boyfriend. I think this is the last place on Earth that'll care if they don't abide by the idol and gachikoi culture present in Holo.

No. 320277

>red flag
AYRT Lol? Did anybody actually sane care about her alleged body count? I've looked into her PL a lot too and honestly the only thing I can really criticize about her is that she initially marketed herself as a litfag when she's actually just really into a couple genres. She's just a dork who does light GFE and has an unfortunately insane fanbase.

No. 320278

Yeah agreed, she's always been a numberfag because she approaches this from a serious career angle. I don't think there's anything wrong with that as long as the chuuba isn't manipulative about it/fails to actually produce content deserving of the numbers.
An example of a negative numberfag to me would be Magni. He delivered good content while he was active as a Stars member, but would get menhera over numbers + he actually said in a Lando stream late last year that he was disappointed in the lack of loyalty from his magmite fanbase postgrad. His numberfaggery also negatively impacts his content because he can't stick to one thing and keeps doing lowhanging coomery shit for easy clicks.
Doki OTOH has a consistent brand and grinds on it while also innovating and bringing benefit to others.

No. 320279

My eyes immediately and reflexively glaze over with an approaching wave of apathy when reading anything about Shiori, can it get any more boring than whatever this kind of sonic gossip is

No. 320280

Magni often seems/ed like he fundamentally lacks basic gratitude and at least some understanding that ultimately no viewer or potential viewer owes any streamer anything at all, even one minute of watch time. Maybe it's just always safer overall for the company to debut male vtubers who had lower ccv/numbers before their corpo debut to the point they should make it one of the rules

No. 320281

How is this even interesting? Vtubers stream shit they don't actually want to play all of the time

No. 320282

This is crazy what's he doing the other female livers?

No. 320283

aster is such a coombrain i wouldn’t be surprised tbh

No. 320284

Right? Especially not when you go from Magni's content to the nonstop coomshit of being Lando. What is there to be "loyal" to?

No. 320285

China rolled out it's regulations about anonymity in the web; hundreds of vtubers have been exposed:


This is horrible. Can you imagine this happening in the west? It seemed like fiction when I first read the proposition, and they went and did it all…(imageboard)

No. 320286

What the fuck is that link.

No. 320287

chinese characters turn into code when copied; link is safe

No. 320288

If I'm gonna spend money on any woman that isn't related to me I need to know what I'm getting into, there's a bit too much about Shiori that makes me go this bitch is lying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 320289

I didn't think we'd have any tourists straight from /vt/ but here we are, a moid-passing lesbian unicorn in the flesh.

No. 320290

Are you genuinely lost? Why are you posting weird unicorn shit like this here?

No. 320291

Do those even exist?

No. 320292

It's a vtuber. You pay her to play a character. Get a grip.
And frankly if you pay her enough money to be upset about her behavior, you should probably reinvest that money in improving yourself, lowlife.

No. 320293


I said my piece, no amount of shame from totally not 4chan and it's self-proclaimed holier-than-thou users is making me change my mentality. You approach life the way you want to, I'll keep going my way.

When shit hits the fan for her I'll be back to laugh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 320294

So creepy and slimy and that's from purely text posts

No. 320295

Genuinely confused as to what this seething embarrassment was expecting here.

No. 320296

File: 1707371799460.jpg (380.7 KB, 1466x2439, GD6KQBaaQAAm_FS.jpg)

Daydreaming about actually handholding with Ao-kun…
I agree with you, she's one of the few that deserve to numberfag, and she returned it to the fans so much she made no profit last year apparently. Pretty sure she meant she didn't save much after spending on her bills and projects but it's still so much to be spending given how much she was making.
On that topic, why's nijisanji not linking livers up with sponsors for big events when her one man manager claims he can? Niji has a long list of sponsors waiting to be given a chance.

No. 320297

Ao-kun would be the gentlest and cutest girlfriend… I just know that at the end of a bad day she'd make me feel instantly better with her goofy ikemen charm.
Cover cooked so hard with this model+casting combo.

No. 320298

File: 1707373720195.jpg (208.98 KB, 1080x574, Screenshot_20240207_222903_You…)

I think the cutest thing about Doki's persona is that the concept came from a childhood OC. Seeing the shitty teen art is so, "she's just like me FR"

No. 320299

I can imagine her making faces and joking around to cheer (You) up. Then holding your hand and hearing you out properly… They managed to cover my exact niche with her and I couldn't be happier. Here's to so many more entertaining lives, great covers, fun collabs, and hopefully many years of being with Ao-kun!

No. 320300

Yes, exactly!
It made me so happy when she debuted because she fills a similar voice/personality niche to Ange Katarina from Niji, who I also used to yume for… Except Ao-kun is less of a coomer and plays a lot more heavily into the "'GFE' for girls" angle. Plus the added bonus that I love all of ReGloss.
Watching her interactions with Raden and Ririka has me kicking my feet and giggling from both comedy and yume feelings.
She's everything I've ever wanted in a chuuba and I feel so fulfilled watching her… Cheers to good taste, nonna!

No. 320301

Cheers to you too, nonny! I don't think she's had a collab or an interaction I didn't like yet (perhaps that's on me because I'm so gachikoi for her right now, lol). I used to think the whole "tries to seem cool but is a lovable loser" wasn't my thing but it turns out that I just wanted to see it on an actual ikemen girl and not a guy or the usual feminine girls who have done it before. Ao-kun seems like she's supposed to cater to women so much that I can't even imagine what a man might like about her. Thank you for making me insane, Cover.

No. 320302

It's Holo so I'm scared to fully buy into it, but you're so right. She just feels incredibly catered towards women and I can't help but eat it all up.

No. 320303

Yikes. You sound like a moid.

No. 320304

Fuck off and die(infight)

No. 320305

I am so happy to see so many support her, I hope she gets the success and happiness she deserves now that she's free.

No. 320306

I thought I was a sucker for drama but I feel so tired of the Selen stuff, it looks like every shameless grifter in the scene is flocking to this situation for clout, so many supposedly reasonable people in the community going completely berserk, it's like the whole scene turned into the worst parts of /vt/ for a week except with this insufferable "we did it reddit" energy. It's like a greatest hits of cringeworthy internet behavior too, the people looking at relatively minor fluctuations in Anycolor's stock price that they go through every few months and claiming that it's proof that they're finished, the small literally whos making big announcements about no longer working with/covering Nijisanji (not Hyte since I think that's kinda big, I mean shit like clip channels and people who sell hand made merch at cons or whatever), like, I've never particularly liked NijiEN since I think many of their more popular livers seem kinda trashy (and before those joined they just kinda felt like a discount HoloEN) but I find myself hating all the bloodthirsty weirdos foaming at the mouth to shit on them even more. And while I actually liked Selen from what I saw of her (mostly collabs with other people I followed more closely) I am so tired of the le wholesome reddit warriors propping her up I'm almost wishing she'd just fuck off. Idk maybe I'm just a retarded contrarian.

No. 320307

The negativity does not need to be directed at Selen. I'm happy all of this shit is in her favor.
But yeah I agree that I'm tired of everything surrounding the situation. I'm a whore for vtuber drama and love to read the stupid shit that comes out of the scene, but in this case? I'm tapping out and checking back every month or so to see what's new, I don't need to be in the thick of it.
Vtubing has really attracted some of the worst subsets of online culture to its ranks and the ugliness really came out in spades here. Niji's current deterioration and Selen's excellent transition to indiehood are well and fun, but 90% of the people throwing their two cents into the convo are modern tabloid suckling lowlife trash. And that's coming from me.

No. 320308


No. 320309

>redistributed multiple times to result in the variance in quality
not necessarily, you can easily lower the image quality while saving as a JPG in paint.net, which results in authentic artifacting. i doubt it's an uncommon function for other image-editing programs
(that being said i still believe they're real atm, i'm just having an "erm ackshyually" moment here)

No. 320310

AYRT, thank you, nonna! Good to know.
And yeah, Aster's track record as a ugly moid whose claim to fame was pretending to be an oversexualized anime woman in VRchat lends credence to whiny sexpest tumors.

No. 320311

>Aster's track record as a ugly moid whose claim to fame was pretending to be an oversexualized anime woman in VRchat
Wasn't that Luca?
Assuming it's real, I'd like to point out its Scale we're talking about. People-pleaser, scared of offending anyone, zero boundaries Scarle. Idk how common it is to be in VCs but getting talked over and ignored is annoying. My solution has been to just text and tag people. Scarle presumably asked him why he's quiet. And he told her. With no tact. It's not her fault he gets talked over. It's like being in a Live Chat.
I haven't seen much of him so I can't say how coomer he is, but those messages (assuming they're genuine) look like a regular argument between friends. And he's the whiny childish one.
I kinda forget he even existed. Him having the guts to bully Selen? Doubtful. He's definitely a scapegoat at best. Tbh, I wouldn't be too surprised if he leaked it himself to finally get some attention.

No. 320312

Oh look. A bunch of men who want to get pregnant. I wonder where the baby will come out from. Will they have anything left to fuck after giving birth? Only time will tell.(are you okay)

No. 320313

If someone asked me how they can help me not feel excluded, I told them, they made it about themselves and then ghosted me I'd be mad too. Not to defend a moid but people like Scarle who want to have a reputation of being friendly with everyone but not even bothering to do simple things like not cutting people off piss me off.

No. 320314

What the hell is this post

No. 320315

This clip was made for you nonnies

No. 320316

No, it's Aster. I know nothing about Luca's PL but Aster's has been discussed here before.

No. 320317

I seriously hope you don’t actually behave like this pathetic imbecile. Adults have no obligation on coddling other adults behaving like little kids.
Yes, Scarle is a pushover but he’s emotionally manipulating her and god knows how long has this been.

On Luca’s topic:

No. 320318

Sorry to all the other Ao-kun yume nonas but I will be taking her as my ikemen wife. She's too perfect.

No. 320319

File: 1707421074380.jpg (Spoiler Image,5.6 KB, 224x225, 2Q==(1).jpg)

I don't think you read the texts or the post because it was specifically stated that he's NOT involved in the Selen situation but rather the harrassment of women from Iluna-onwards. And yes, I know about both of them, but when has a woman being too nice ever been a justification for a man to persistently pester her and take advantage of that?
You can see him getting pissed at her for not responding to him after only 10 minutes. It's not "ghosting", it's him being a controlling asshole.
It's insane to me that both of you are so overeager to defend a moid that you barely even looked at the post. Is picrel really that worth it?

No. 320320

File: 1707421133526.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.58 KB, 640x360, med_1551697539_image.jpg)

Especially when he went around larping as this in his PL?

No. 320321

Please for the love of everything, start attaching pictures to your link posts.

No. 320322

Is that Akita Neru with tits kek

No. 320323

I fucking knew something was up with Luca "rebuilding" in the Minecraft server he destroyed but people kept calling me a schizo and 4chan user. Just shows you should trust your gut regardless of whether that moid is another nonna's oshi. I feel sorry for her, she was constantly attacked because nobody knew he was deliberately lying. Also kek at the making accounts to harass people getting into Nijisanji, I remember that and how quickly it got brushed under the rug (some people even denied it)

No. 320324

I've seen some people defend him by calling her a groomer for meeting him when he was 18 and she was like 24 I think

No. 320325

I think it's a case of them both being weird people, it's been known for a while that she was partially upset because she funded the start of his vtuber career. Which, yeah, I'd be upset about too given how things turned out, but she shouldn't have been giving so much money to a guy that much younger than her.
If everything here is true, though, I do agree that Luca is the worse one.
Anybody have QRD on what she's referring to when she talks about people excusing poor behavior from him on account of his upbringing?

No. 320326

NTA but I think it's fake mostly because it's coming from the "source" is just a random post from 4chan. If you want to start a good rrat, just make a post on 4chan and pray one of those banned vtuber meme accounts on twitter retweets it. The holofags will surely eat it up. Besides, someone mentioned how certain things didn't align with the timing of those screenshots.

No. 320327

File: 1707431132686.jpg (129.56 KB, 752x1221, raziel.jpg)

Double-posting to add, but Raziel herself seems like a cow as well, or at the very least an e-thot beggar. I could care less if Luca turns out to be a creep because I can't even be bothered to watch him, but everyone involved trying to further push against Niji is all annoying as well. Is it just normal for vtubers to be constantly riding drama waves for attention? In Raziel's own screenshot, she's clearly acting obsessive. I would not have shared this if I were her.

No. 320328

It's a warning, resist ao Kun before it's too late

No. 320329

>Is it just normal for vtubers to be constantly riding drama waves for attention?
How could you do this… At least duel us for her hand in marriage… I can't believe you'd deprive the rest of us of her funny old man voice…

No. 320330

Leave her out of your gross shit wtf

No. 320331

Oh. I didn't read all the posts and I don't see Aster much so thanks for the tldr. I thought it was Luca because he does a convincing girl voice. I didn't think he was in a position to harass Selen. My point wasn't about defending him, but that it's normal to get talked over by others (usually males) in VC and it's not something that Scarle can fix individually. That's typical moid behaviour: take it out on the person who gives a shit. That's an explanation based on experience, not a defense. It's common and frustrating and NOT her fault. And then there's my desire for Scarle to stop giving a shit, but she's too sweet for that so that's just wishful thinking. She can't make him feel better, and she should stop trying because it's not her job.
I didn't notice how fast he got whiny, so thanks for pointing that out.
Not pl.

No. 320332

Honestly given the track record of clearly Nijisanji themselves posting on 4chan with previous leaks, I don't think saying the source is from 4chan makes the claim as ridiculous as it sounds. The way Scarle talks sounds like her, it doesn't seem like the same person was writing it. I'd be surprised if it's fake but who knows.

No. 320333

Yeah, there was a previous 4chan leaker whose predictions all came true that most people are now sure was Mysta given the timing of everything.

No. 320334

>How could you do this… At least duel us for her hand in marriage…
Realistically, she'd just say "please, you're all so cute, there's enough of me for everyone" and make all of the aokn yumes in this thread her wives

No. 320335

I'm sure he is a creep, but almost all of this sounds like stuff that did not need to be public and was just him being a shitty friend. She's definitely trying to ride the attention wave by posting

No. 320336

File: 1707457271264.jpg (28.43 KB, 221x276, GFz9RPQagAAr9Rd.jpg)

Servile butler Bettel talking about his mangled limbs in the new Valentine's VP is really doing something for me. I'm so glad Cover understands and plays into the feeling of wanting to attack incompetent men.

No. 320337

I just realised. If the DM is real then Scarle will be the one in trouble because that's her side of the conversation.

No. 320338

No, the it showing her in a call with Luca and the images are artefacted the way they are makes it more likely that these are caps of a screenshare with Luca. It's generally presumed that the leak got outside of Niji through him.
Updates on the situation:
>Aster and Scarle had an unscheduled impromptu collab today
>Later today, Scarle held a members-only stream where she talked about how difficult today was for unspecified reaons. The general vibe of the chat was reassurance that her fans would stick with her whether she stayed in Niji or not.
Events are open to interpretation.

No. 320339

Nah, it’s always fun to air moid’s shitty behavior.

No. 320340

File: 1707478735625.jpg (239.41 KB, 1894x924, GFzRiO6WgAAiYms.jpg)

Agreed. I'm just of the opinion that he genuinely isn't at fault for much other than taking advantage of her free time and friendship. All that's been confirmed about Raziel is
>met Luca when he was underage and she was married
>paid for him to get a model to join her egyptian themed vtuber family
>left her husband for him when Luca became an adult
>became a mod for him when he joined nijisanji
And all other information beyond that is basically what we already knew about her/Mizuchi. Despite the sketchy account, they have a lot of screenshots of their relationship.

No. 320341

Luca comes off as more of a retard than a creep imho, I don't think he's the worst one in this situation.

No. 320342

I don't care for Luca but has anyone bothered to point out that she essentially groomed him? A married woman groomed him when he was underaged?

No. 320343

If he was 17, meh, it's a bit creepy.
If he was in fact 18 like she claims, then sure, an 18 year old + a 24 year old is a bit dubious and may have some power imbalances, but I wouldn't call it 'grooming.' It's like a college freshman dating someone in grad school.
I just feel like calling literally everything 'grooming' dilutes the meaning of the word and will make people take actual predators less seriously.
Hold up, does she have 'Java' rated as 5 hearts and her own husband rated as 4 stars? I don't know how much of this is literal and how much of it is ~lore~ but kek.
I read her first few tweets but there was one super long wall of text yesterday that I can't make myself sit through.
As usual with these scenarios, I bet the truth is somewhere in the middle. I can believe that Luca had someone doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes, and I can also believe that this woman may be troubled and terminally online.

No. 320344

It's a moid, stop caring so much. Most of them would say he was lucky anyway, save your sympathy for the women suffering in this industry.

No. 320345

Isn't Aster PL famously a bpd-chan famously hard to get along with a lowkey abusive and unstable?
Idk, the whole "best-friends" stream followed by a crying members only feels like Scarle was pressured into saving face for Aster and the company. She strikes me as the type to assume blame for stuff other people did so she probably thinks she's the problem not the victim.

No. 320346

The worst and most suspicious part is that the stream was originally supposed to be on Scarle's channel as seen on her schedule, so not only it became a collab but it was also moved to Aster's channel, where Scarle was going "support my boi Aster he deserves it" on chat. If management wanted to disprove the leaks they failed spectacularly.

No. 320347

The comments under Aster's stream were filled with "sigh" kek

No. 320348

>missing the cup completely
kek he is such a gem. one of stars' best finds if not the best.

No. 320349

File: 1707503675884.jpg (14.62 KB, 345x245, Kek.jpg)

Most of these comments are gone now or deleted kek but god the forcefullness and the drama of being friends is giving me second hand embarrassment..they're not helping the rrats..

No. 320350

We get it, you don't like men, but some of us laugh as cows regardless of gender. And Raziel, just like every other vtuber, is a huge cow. In this case, I agree with >>320343 where it's not grooming but creepy and weird.

No. 320351

The compliments that begin at 2:07:51 are so cringy and forced, I can't believe anyone at Niji thought this was a good idea

No. 320352

File: 1707509015659.jpg (366.18 KB, 1800x1284, 1707495100809540.jpg)

I love shiny spicy so much

No. 320353

i can see why they forced the collab - scarle and especially aster are by no means the most popular livers in niji, so random twitter users who saw the leaks likely dont watch them and have no clue about the state of their relationship, especially considering they have few formal one on one collabs. i guess the stream was meant to appease/convince those people, however both do seem to be genuinely friendly with each other, and are often in each other's chat, and join each other's streams in VC frequently. whatever happened, the leaks are pretty old so they must have patched up the relationship or something because they often hang out and even planned to fly to japan together for the iluna offcollab.

No. 320354

File: 1707512521479.jpg (102.02 KB, 849x520, __gavis_bettel_and_crimzon_ruz…)

I think a lot of them are good finds for various reasons, but Bettel and Ruze are tied for best recruits in terms of talent as character streamers to me. I love it when they interact, I hope they collab more when Bettel's better.
From the sound of things, Ruze was actually scouted as opposed to applying of his own initiative, which gives me a lot of confidence in the hiring staff.
(Sperging but Octavio and Hakka are also up there IMO when you consider the full idol-streamer package. Is it just me or is Octavio one of the best vocal hires in EN?)

No. 320355

ShinySpicy LOVE
I may not oshi either of them but I respect the way these two relatively young talents (compared to the rest of their branch) really endured and became good daisenpai of StarsEN. Looking forward to celebrating Leader's 3D this weekend!
I need more Jurard Altare content for the casual Jurard abuse.

No. 320356

Damn. Scarle’s voice does not fit the model

No. 320357

File: 1707527380763.png (70.73 KB, 520x528, Screenshot.png)

>his profile
FWMC moid post, typical

No. 320358

Bro you can go fucking anywhere and there’s everyone’s PL, what is their drama? /vt/ right now is people shittalking enna, scarle, etc. and twitter has people disregarding that Niji is an awful company and defense forcing them. Its almost like anywhere you go is cancer and you need to just not take it seriously and you just picked women to hate.

(Sorry for double post forgot to sage)

No. 320359

People need to stop being deeply offended just because something critical is said about their oshi. I'll defend to death your right to have any oshi, but if they're doing uwuspeak, promoting lolicon, or stirring up drama, am I gonna roast them? Yes. Are you still a free woman who's allowed to watch them? Yes.
For what it's worth, I'm not interested in shit-talking other womens' appearances, especially vtubers, and I don't think other anons on this thread are. No one likes that K9kuro gets a free pass for being soft but female vtubers like Ollie are torn into for leaked photos.
If anons come here just to stir up nonsense, like >>320293 getting upset over Shiori potentially having a boyfriend, they get banned. Alogging is insta ban anywhere on this website.
Imma be honest, this thread is pretty civil for the internet imo and people who are acting like dumbasses get called out.

No. 320360

No. 320361

How dare women criticize my favorite fat fuck grown man with porn addiction and the pickme’s who enable them

No. 320362

'Fearing' other women for being petty in 10 year old threads when moids on 4chan regularly make revolting posts about said women. But oh no, women bad!!!

No. 320363

Nobody tell her about the amount of traffic lolcow gets compared to the amount of traffic the far more vile 4ch gets kek

No. 320364

For real
4chan: “i want to bully scarle the way aster did”
Lolcow: “fuwamoco are pickmes”

No. 320365

Her voice got so damaged since her debut. Not surprising since she's always streaming and her main thing is zatsu but it's worrying to hear her debut voice and her voice now.

No. 320366

File: 1707578009327.jpg (101.67 KB, 850x1133, __tsunomaki_watame_and_tsunoma…)

Not really related to any of the drama going on, but what are peoples opinion on Watame?

No. 320367

Doesn’t stand out at all, standard waifu stuff I guess

No. 320368

stacy nonnas scaring poor wittle chuubas for pointing out their obesity and porn addiction. i’m proud of you all.

No. 320369

plus at least half the posters on here are men from /vt/ and nyfco anyway. but yeah sure women are the problem. you really cannot cure a pickme she will see an opportunity to be a pickme in everything

No. 320370

As opposed to the rape fantasy threads on the male site with a vtuber dedicated board that will get 100s of affirmative replies in a matter of hours with the exception of the few replies calling the chuuba a fat cunt?
And people wonder why I hate and fear men. Not or, and.

No. 320371

Her voice is calming (and her laugh is soft, she's really pleasant to listen to) and the highlights I've seen from her streams were always comfy, but I don't think I could tune in and watch a whole stream of hers. Cute sheep, though. I like her design.
>not related to any of the drama going on
Good, honestly. It's getting tiring, so it's nice to talk about regular chuuba-related things that aren't just drama.

No. 320372

The most repeated sentence on /vt/ has to be “I want to rape ○○” and from both antis and gachis

No. 320373

Seems like a nice, stable, hardworking talent dedicated to the idol dream. Not awfully exciting, but not everybody needs to be. I respect her and how she's climbed up to where she is now.

No. 320374

fun woman who really keeps up the act and adores her funny faces, maybe has the same issue as selen and a lot of vtubers (but on a smaller scale) where she spends way too much money on her song and other commissions
also draws a lot of ire for being very emotional and adoring her fans while still being in a long term relationship but frankly if mukkun left her or hasn't put a ring on her yet after ~8+ years I'd be liable to harm him myself

also I find it really fun when she plays a game shes not into and just reads chat for 8 hours while walking in circles or playing minigames

No. 320375

weird side question: Are nonnas very familiar with eroge? It's basically the equivalent of saying watching HBO is a porn addiction. If you're into visual novels at all its 90% of the market.

No. 320376

I have a weird soft spot for eroge because I grew up terminally online from age 10 or so and started playing eroge at like 12.
But also, as an adult now, I do have a lot of problems with it, mostly that it's centered around high school or younger girls. Adult women are attractive, and it's weird that anime pretends they're not.
I'm assuming this is related to Fuwamoco, since usually eroge discourse in this thread is related to FWMC.
I'll say what I always say: It's FWMC's right to be adult women and enjoy those kinds of games. It's anons right on this thread to enjoy FWMC and their love of eroge. It's also my right to find it odd and cringeworthy that two 30+ year old Canadian twins are barking, speaking incomprehensible Engrish, and pretending men don't exist for pay online.
Now I better not see any tweets going 'omg noooz they insulted my precious aidoru incest twins!!!1 E-bullies!' I think this is the most mild and polite criticism of Fuwamoco you could find on the interwebs.

No. 320377

File: 1707601014745.gif (1.31 MB, 640x640, 1678462083477195.gif)

Let me guess next you're gonna say fanservice in anime is just part of the culture therefore above criticism.
Playing eroge because you're a coomer is one thing, using it to farm engagement is not only giga cringe, it fosters a chat full of cumbrain retards who are incapable of shutting up about their piss and shit kink for 5 seconds, ruining the atmosphere for everyone. There's a reason why coombaiting tubers all eventually backpedaled and complain about brand risk and oversexualization from their viewer base.
Now go back.

No. 320378

>implying HBO isn't literally ran by porn addicts

No. 320379

But they’re making a point that they play specifically EROGE together to appeal to the guys who get off to sisters doing sexual stuff together. I don’t know if this is a point you’re purposefully missing or what.

No. 320380

Yes. I play eroges (BL ones usually, sometimes GL). But commercialising the fact that you're a coomer, especially to a male audience, ESPECIALLY with your own fucking sister is peak pickme. They can do whatever they want but behaving like this is embarrassing and pathetic. Don't expect us to not criticise them for it.

No. 320381

It's not about the eroge, it's about FWMC and the specific way they talk about it. Pomu is a huge eroge fan too but it doesn't bother me with her.

No. 320382

I wouldn't care if they played it by themselves on their own time. I bet you they sure aren't playing nukige together for the story. Oreimo isn't a manual

No. 320383

This isn't even remotely a good comparison. Fuwamoco are deep into the eroge culture, they've posted about nukige many times before. I don't at all think it's a crime or anything, but its an extremely cringe thing to do with your sibling that doesn't compare to watching Euphoria or whatever together.

Well said, this is exactly how I feel about it.

No. 320384

>fanservice in anime is just part of the culture therefore above criticism.

No. 320385

>me when I'm intellectually lazy, media illiterate and clinically retarded(infighting)

No. 320386

What do you gain from infesting this space instead of spending tine with your likeminded peers elsewhere?(taking bait)

No. 320387

It's my pet peeve when anons accuse everyone of being a moid, but goddamn, if you really think a reply like this is cool and edgy and you have nothing more to contribute to the conversation, you're probably on the wrong website.
I'm sorry it hurts your fee-fees when anons have valid criticism of Fuwamoco, but I don't think they're ever going to have sex with you.

No. 320388

Leader 3D let's fucking go!

No. 320389

He's so cute. I don't like calling grown men cute but his movements are just adorable. I like 3D mostly because I love seeing their mannerisms, hope my oshi gets it soon too.

No. 320390

I don't know what it is exactly besides Ruze seeming to especially like reactive people like Bettel, but they only had 2 streams together and were really fun right away

No. 320391

>fanservice in anime is just part of the culture therefore above criticism.

No. 320392

File: 1707634796961.png (3.56 MB, 2250x3180, when-the-jokes-on-you-a-gavis-…)

Who's your oshi, nonna? Fingers crossed!
I think their characters do play really well off of each other! The way you describe it reminds me of how well he gets on with Jurard as well.
Bettel also just seems to like Ruze a lot lol. Something about them having the same obscure taste in music and such.

No. 320393

Go back

No. 320394

Pretty sure all of the sudden on-the-nose /vt/ garble we've been getting the past few days is all from the same troll. Women may not be a monolith, but at the same time, nobody whose spent decent time lurking this thread would post these specific opinions in the specific retarded way they have and proceed to act all belligerently shocked by the negative response. Just ignore and report the bait.

No. 320395

File: 1707635372603.jpg (57.15 KB, 736x668, 3461ea4a9cf9c2b5ecf2ef80b6dced…)

I hope Bettel dies live on stream when his 3D comes. At the very least they should utilize the trapdoor of death trick they've used in past 3D Holo streams.

No. 320396

True, I just wish the random moids and others from /vt/ would just stay there. At least proper discussion can be had here at times.
I don't watch a lot of holoboys, but for some reason Axel and Altare's 3D's are winning me over. They're so cute, are they worth getting into?

No. 320397

rushia must've really done a real number on mfmf for him to go this hard on a song thats almost for certain is about what she did to him

No. 320398

Depends, who do you usually watch? They're both really committed Holo members who are in it for the long haul after enduring a lot, but I wouldn't really say either are the type to be blanket recommendable to a wide variety of people.

No. 320399

I feel you, nonna. Just continue to have our discussions to promote a better thread.
So cringe he bends back around into being good, whether you're into that or not depends on you, but it grows on most people. Yandere but in a goofy way. THE daisenpai of StarsEN that everybody respects for a reason. I don't watch a ton of him (sorry his voice filters me), so maybe the ShinySpicy anon can shill him better.
Incredibly unseiso man who says whatever comes to mind, so a lot of his VODs get deleted (aka not the best if you're the dedicated viewer type but can't make it to his streams). Socially well-adjusted and mentally very healthy so his degen moments don't rub me the wrong way the way a lot of male vtuber's do. Not much fanservice, closer to the brotuber end of the spectrum out of StarsEN. I mostly tune into his zatsus because he frequently shows a very insightful and mature perspective on life despite his age. Just a solidly nice guy. His fans call him aniki for a reason.

Neither are weird baity coomers IMO, they're solid streamers who have trusted the process through a rough start and endured to get where they are now. Interesting info is that they actually didn't have much syndergy at debut, and you can really tell they got close through working hard together post-MagNoir graduation.
Also worth noting that both of them are extremely straight, so if you're a fujochan (no judgement), you'll have to use your imagination.

No. 320400

File: 1707643694570.jpeg (106.12 KB, 1632x1078, IMG_0636.jpeg)

But snailtare 3D debut when?

No. 320401

The DARVO song.
“Why am I apologizing?” idk bro. Maybe because you were living with another woman?
Between the lyrics and the comments on the original vehemently denying that he did it to get clout off his ex-wife's new VA job, it's giving “it's me. Hi. I'm the problem it's me”.
The song is actually pretty decent if you don't know the story. All I can hear is “I'm being gaslit. I don't even know what I did wrong! DOESN'T ANYONE WANT ME TO BE HAPPY?” but I'm biased.
Sounds like DARVO to me.

No. 320402


we'll see once the court case comes to an end but i just think its funny how hard you guys are defending a woman who's already lost a different court case despite hiring 8 lawyers lmao

https://x.com/kr3stal/status/1756036357951029538?s=20(this is an imageboard)

No. 320403

I hate to say this but as someone who's been following StarsEN since the HQ debuts I don't really watch either. Altare I guess is fine but I get filtered hard by his voice and generally cringe demeanor. Some people like those things, so if you do or at least have a higher cringe tolerance give him a try.
Axel though is a tragedy, I love his singing and personality but he's just not a good streamer. His schedules are erratic, he hardly ever streams anything interesting, he makes big enough mistakes often enough that rather than "cute" or "funny" it just becomes frustrating, people have been saying that he has a lot of potential since he debuted because everyone likes him and wants him to be good but if anything he's gotten worse over time. At least at first he had the enthusiasm and the early HQ unity, nowadays he'll spend entire weeks doing nothing but 2 hour long guerrilla of some boring game not even he cares about, but then he'll show up in an 8 hour long League of Legends session in some random Japanese woman's twitch channel without mentioning it anywhere, so even if you're Axel starved enough to want to watch that you're probably not gonna know it's happening.

No. 320404

I'm sorry but I burst out laughing when I heard even the first lyrics of the song. If Mikeneko's a menhera, he straight up needs to be institutionalised.

No. 320405

Who's defending her? No one here likes “uwu I'll kms” men (or women, for that matter) cz most of us are sick of that kind of behaviour. There's only so much of self-victimization one can deal with, especially when the supposed pain gets commercialized. What I see is a dude who's profiting off his ex. And I don't begrudge him that. He's making bank. Good for him. But I'm not in the target demographic of children who will blindly believe his side and/or try to ruin her career “for him”.
The court case will pan out how it pans out, but most of us will still dislike him. Because we've seen enough salty dudes trying to ruin anything positive their in their ex's life.

No. 320406

AYRT ikr? It gets better afterwards. 2:05 “gaslight in the background” and “murky aquarium” like the cat bowl. I wonder if she'll sue again. I could learn JP for this milk.
>If Mikeneko's a menhera, he straight up needs to be institutionalised.
Kek. Put that in a song, nonnie.
I wish Mikeneko was making original stuff as well. Her anime is okay, but we don't hear her personal rants. Imagine both of them constantly releasing songs about each other. The lawsuits!

No. 320407

Why is it always moid dickriders who lack basic reading comprehension?

No. 320408

>he did it to get clout off his ex-wife's new VA job
Come on, the VA job is a side character in an isekai that's about hot springs that's definitely going to be an ecchi. It's hardly a big jump into the VA scene.

No. 320409

I prefer watching indies who are more laid back and don't bait a lot, more just casual gamers who just so happen to be vtubers. Of corporate vtubers, I watched only Enna, Pomu, and Kyo. A lot of the men put me off for some reason because they try too hard to be "attractive" or do too much fujobait. But I'll check out some of the holoboys like >>320399 said!

No. 320410

I think this is a little harsh. He's improved a lot and as for the current state of his channel, he's always made clear that during the stretches he spends in Japan, streaming takes a backseat. It does make him hard to kamioshi though as I think consistency is key if you want a lot of fans who show up for everything you do.
Most of StarsEN actually sounds up your alley in that case, I'd just avoid Flayon and Goldbullet. Given your taste, though, I think the other members might be more your speed. I respect ShinySpicy but unfortunately I agree with the nonna above that the later members are better as streamers and I don't find myself watching those two a ton. Bettel probably has the most blanket appeal, but he's currently gone due to an ongoing health issue.
Energywise, you may enjoy Hakka?

No. 320411

for holoboys, i recommend ruze. doesn't seem to try to do the boyfriend angle for his viewers and tells off his chat in a reasonable way without sounding angry or entitled to something if that makes sense. he is good at playing his character for holostars and is into DnD and games in general if that is one your preferences.

No. 320412

Off topic rant but anon recommending Hakka reminded me of something. I like Hakka's voice and he's fun to watch but he's so gross sometimes. I keep malding by myself when he burps right into the mic. Is it that hard to mute for a second? Why are men so open about being gross? Wish we could shame male vtubers into acting like human beings. Fulgur also just revealed that his new model will be a hairy bara model. I feel like we've given men too much freedom with what they can do in vtubing. If the vtubing scene wasn't full of handmaidens defending moids like they're kpop moids we could be forcing men to keep pretty models and act decent on stream. It just feels more and more like vtubing is just streaming without showing your face, most of the popular ones are just normie burgers on twitch now. The vtubing culture is dead.

No. 320413

His songs have always been edgy and chuuni-tier though, this is pretty standard for him

No. 320414

Is he that gross? I think he's not that bad from the streams I've watched of him, although I'm by no means a Hakkito so I might have just gotten lucky. I have a pretty low tolerance for this stuff and dropped Gibby because he burped on stream once LOL

No. 320415

>If the vtubing scene wasn't full of handmaidens defending moids like they're kpop moids
Tragically true statement

No. 320416

Thank you for the recommendations sisters! Since I only have one niji oshi left I may as well leave this sinking ship.
>hairy bara model
Why are men so obsessed with destroying their appeal? Does he think his main audience is gay men? I thought maybe he wouldn't be like that because of him calling himself a fudanshi, but gay moids really are all the same.

No. 320417

not surprising tbh but it'll be funny watching his fans silently start leaving. it was the same with that one guy with holo who was a orc in his pl. once the hot anime guy is off the screen they realize it's just an annoying faggot behind the screen

No. 320418



and he’s done the op for Pokémon, detective Conan, berserk , etc……amongs others, as well as officially collaborated with Disney and had produced lazulight’s debut song so not sure why he would go through all this effort just to get clout of his ex’s minor va role

yknow, considering he’s also had a minor va role himself and he’s already friends with amatsuki who’s done multiple va roles and ono yuuki who’s ono yuuki

No. 320419

Read the full sentence.
“The comments (on the video) denying that he did it to get clout off his ex's job”
>It's probably ecchi so it's not a big deal
Isekai Onsen Paradise IS Ecchi, but that is still progress. One thing shitty people don't like is you moving on with life and doing better, which she seems to be doing now.
Being successful doesn't make you less likely to be petty and vengeful. If anything, it facilitates that.

No. 320420


sure buddy I hope you’re still washing that rushia body pillow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 320421

File: 1707687451592.jpg (3.96 MB, 2318x4031, Fulgur.Ovid.full.3718274.jpg)

Never watched Fulgur and not really planning to based on what I've heard.
But white-haired man + robotic arms is hot, why mess with perfection??
>body pillow
At worst, you're not female, and at best, you haven't integrated…

No. 320422

You're exactly the type of faggot who makes some of us have sympathy for mknk. Go wash your balls.(taking bait)

No. 320423

>It just feels more and more like vtubing is just streaming without showing your face
I saw a woman from VShojo deliberately showed off an IRL selfie on stream recently. I don't really understand what some people think the appeal of VTubing is if it's not about giving your audience an immersive experience of interacting with an "anime character."

No. 320424

A lot of western moids seem to let fame get to their head and they end up thinking that they're actually funny and entertaining, so they end up having too much pride to even bother trying to act like a cute anime boy as they think they're now ''above'' it. I've seen this happen multiple times and it usually happens gradually because their fans don't ever give them shit when they start being obnoxiously gross.
>It just feels more and more like vtubing is just streaming without showing your face
This is also true, there's too many people that just want to hop on the trend without actually wanting to appeal to vtuber fans and they tend to look down on them and vtuber culture in general, even though that's supposed to be their audience.

No. 320425

men are not used to "performing" for women, and even if they perform, they see it as a temporary thing until they sleep with the girl or in this instance, until they create an audience. after they get what they want they all drop the act. like, you are vtuber, you were supposed to be a bishie anime boyfriend, why are you being gross? why are you sabotaging your own immersion? as much as i hate him i believe this is why shoto is fairly popular- as cringe as he is, he at least plays into the soft anime bf thing consistently

No. 320426

Fair point about shoto even though I hate him too, kek. Most equivalent male vtubers usually have had a mental episode by this point.

No. 320427

File: 1707705972623.png (1.62 MB, 1058x1104, 1706831775665.png)

All vtubers drop the act eventually except for Pio-chan.

No. 320428

I'm pretty sure however Piochan acts when he goes to the grocery store and stuff is the act while his vtuber self is him finally unleashing himself

No. 320429

File: 1707708466374.png (746.46 KB, 1242x1388, GGCQWOiW4AACVqc.png)

They can never be him

No. 320430

I can't find it but the tweet exchange that was like
>Hex: I'm in love with you. Parasocial.
>Doppio: I'm afraid of you. Paranormal.
Cracked me up. I love piochan

No. 320431

Phantom is so cute

No. 320432

did he actually lose viewership or talk about it when he went back to being an orc? nonnie mentioned before that magni bitched about his viewers not sticking around when they realized his pl is a coombrained dipshit, but i don't think anyone's talked much about him.

No. 320433

He did lose some viewership but IDT he's really the type to bitch about it like Magni. IIRC he's pretty much semi-retired and set for life financially from his previous career‐ vtubing is more of a hobby for him.

No. 320434

Despite the really ugly model there's not a lot of differences it seems to his audience to the way he talks and plays games as Randon anyway, versus how bad and offputting Lando gets

No. 320435

The transition between art styles is also not as bad as having to go from an anime man to Lando's ugly face lol

No. 320436

is he really that ugly?

No. 320437

He's the one who deserves the kind of money Luxiem got back in the day for the spirit and attitude he puts forward

No. 320438

File: 1707721732773.jpg (71.55 KB, 722x800, eyedk.jpg)

I've never wanted to see inside someone's brain so much. Everyone says he's the same off stream too. I don't think anyone could keep up with this act for so long anyway lol

No. 320439

I feel bad because I love the dude, but I can never actually watch Doppio's streams. He's only entertaining condensed down to clips and Twitter interactions for me. Maybe it's because I'm a VODwatcher and his streams aren't really conducive to that or something? My interest isn't held.

No. 320440

Nothing wrong with that, sometimes a streamer simply won't match enough with a viewer despite any other positive factors

No. 320441

Be glad you’re not in any medical job. I will never fucking go back because of this.

No. 320442

File: 1707739994856.png (399.07 KB, 799x755, GFb428lXAAA4-zY.png)

What do you Nonnies think of Coqui? I really like her design but somehow there's something that ticks me off. It might just be an accent thing.
What do you think?

No. 320443

I've come across her channel by chance one time and from what I saw I liked that she's high-ish energy without being overbearing. I think her model design is cute and matches the slight rasp she has in her voice. That's all I can say though

No. 320444

>men are not used to "performing" for women
Yep, and as women are more accustomed to performative femininity they can more easily portray anime waifus (even the western English girls can perform better than the most guys).

No. 320445

File: 1707758409431.jpg (128.56 KB, 658x708, neopets.jpg)

Dokibird playing Neopets later. I probably won't catch it live but I wanna watch the vod, sounds super cute and nostalgic.
I don't even care if she's cashing in on her graduation and subsequent new merch or superchats. I feel like she actually takes vtubing seriously, and deserves the money.

No. 320446

File: 1707758610138.jpg (111.13 KB, 1066x1147, mori.jpg)

Mori raising money for cats. Can't wait to hear how she's actually a bad person and grifter for doing this.

No. 320447

you are fighting invisible enemies

No. 320448

No. 320449

Good luck to her, I'm sure it'll be a runaway success! She's so chill that anybody who's still obsessing over their hatred for her is just delulu at this point

No. 320450

Fuck off

No. 320451

You know what, I like 'delulu', anon. Don't fuck off, we already have too few women discussing vtubers.

No. 320452

I don't know ifyou're the same anon, but I'm going to imagine you are because it's funny.

No. 320453

Ugh, it's not over….

No. 320454

File: 1707788596867.gif (1.15 MB, 815x692, 1707788073102750.gif)

omg sorry to laugh at a serious situation but kek

No. 320455

not a collaborative takedown kek I can believe some of what they are saying but even if it's true this just looks so corny. And everything about this sounds like they were told to make this by the higher ups but if they're doing this on their own free will then they're stupid.

No. 320456

JFYI, i'm done watching it and it's weird how they were forced make this announcement because of her.
>teehee i'll move on from my past
>drops a big accusation
Why would njsnj, ignore the situation and release that doc anyway?

No. 320457

File: 1707789948118.png (27.53 KB, 590x301, doki.png)

Big if true. I don't think this scorched earth tactic is making anyone but Niji upper management feel good.

No. 320458

Really inept PR move to make the livers handle this instead of management releasing the statements themselves.

No. 320459

anycolor has officially lost it lmfao

No. 320460

>uses most popular livers who were personally affected as a pr meatshield instead of moving on
ssg anykara

No. 320461


Sigh. This is so stupid, truly. I could care less about Vox and Ike yapping (which they shouldn’t, this is a legal issue they need to let the company and it’s lawyers speak to and handle), but I’m pretty disappointed that Elira is caught up in this, whether management forced her (and Vox and Ike) to do this or they all truly decided to do this themselves. I always thought of her having a pretty good head on her shoulders but…

Anyways, they are not hired to be legal spokespeople for the company and discuss ongoing legal issues at any length, this is literally not their job. So, I see this and it’s like “Yeah, sure y’all. But seriously, legally, shut the fuck up.”

And here I was thinking that maybe this week be peaceful lol. Also to drop this video while Doki/Selen was streaming is wild and very obviously calculated. :/(:/)

No. 320462

i guess the livers were tired of being harrassed over the situation and wanted to speak their piece but like… i feel like the whole thing was about a week off from being mostly forgotten, now they've just made it worse

No. 320463

If Elira wasn't forced to do this…
Jesus Christ, I can't believe that stupid Elira rrat is starting to sound real, especially because if her and Millie's adresses are in the document, it implies they are the ones behind the bullying. This is Wactor levels of retarded

No. 320464

It doesn't even matter much what the actual content of the video is. It just looks so bad for their public image to still go after someone who already had a dramatic termination. The upper management has no real sense of reading the room or basic grace for the sake of their own image

No. 320465

It almost comes off as a futile attempt to briefly interrupt the flow of money from her fanbase to her legal funds at the timing they dropped it lmao

No. 320466

This whole statement shtick is seriously stupid, but I still feel bad for the way the three PR meatshields are getting dragged by everyone. Even if it was 100% their personal decisions (which, let's be real, is dubious), it'd still suck. Elira aside, the other 2 have nothing to do with this and I can't fathom why they'd even want to speak about this. Feels bad man

No. 320467

Vox and Ike I understand, because they were actually her friends, but why did management include Elira? Just to have her state that she and Millie were named in Selen's document and paint an even bigger target on their backs for bullying accusations?
There's no way Selen was planning to publicly doxx them, nobody is that retarded. So there's no real reason for Elira, somebody who famously had little to do with Selen despite their shared base lore, to be there of her own volition.

No. 320468

Honestly, I hope Doki recuperates, then come back and streams stronger than ever. She unironically deserves all the betabux and viewers at this point, even if it's out of pity. I watched her on-and-off as Selen, but I'm definitely going to try to support her now.

No. 320469

The part where they're all taken aback that the document had their legal names in it was ridiculous. Of course it did, it was a private legal document presented to a company for serious discussion- they're not going to be calling somebody Millie Parfait in court lmfao

No. 320470

the fact that njsj keeps digging themselves an even deeper hole with this whole situation is both impressive and hilarious. they just need to leave doki/selen the fuck alone already because it's just making their rep worse at this point, like what's the point in dragging some moid with an unwashed ass into declaring he was gonna "graduate in solidarity" (calling horseshit on that, btw). and the whole legal document hoo-ha is insane, they're literally just shooting themselves in the foot over and over again

No. 320471

Yeah I don't really get it either. Selen is in a legal battle with NijiEN management as a company. She and her lawyer were speaking internally in private with them and it's not something meant to be shared outside the closed circle of company management, Doki, and her lawyer. Feels like they're really reaching to make it into A Thing because they're desperate in the face of Doki legally battling them for a good while and how bad that looks and will continue to look for the company, whether or not she wins anything

No. 320472

File: 1707793814456.png (206.91 KB, 576x536, 1707793451947850.png)

Medium-sized indie graduates a few days ago, then ungraduates today… HMM… sounds like she dodged a bullet.

No. 320473

What 'good' options are even left as a company to save public face? Quickly paying out a settlement to Doki to end that legal part, and then someone from even higher up over at JP saying they're going to overhaul how EN operates?

No. 320474

doing literally anything except stirring the pot like they did today, basically. they could've settled this all privately which doki would've likely mentioned had it happened, and move on instead of dragging it all out when it was starting to become old news.

No. 320475

is this really worth the fear that a civil suite might go public instead of settling
do they have any understanding of Canadian, UK, or even Japanese law?
All they had to do was hunker down until it was over.

Now I literally don't see how I can support NijiEN without acknowledging that most their talents prioritize making a piss-easy 50-200k a year over the wellbeing of even their coworkers, let alone parasocial simps.
Over what, a fucking hostile workplace suite and one over outing that she was 5150'd?
I actually thought Ike was better than this too…

No. 320476

also holy hell wtf. yes selen is clearly a crazy bitch, but mother of fuck
on a 'professional' account?
https://twitter.com/ReimuEndou/status/1754946895951077887(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 320477

File: 1707797476082.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1284x1911, 13F2CD82-E1F0-4792-9A4A-3897CE…)

This was posted on February 6th. Did you link the right tweet? Cause I don’t see what you’re talking about.

No. 320478

File: 1707797643845.png (18.58 KB, 604x228, an attempt.png)

the 'an attempt' part
probably just trying to throw shade, but at least go for that level of edge on an alt or something

No. 320479

>calling Selen a crazy bitch
>the level of reaching you're doing to claim shade
Toe to tip, this is a certified shit post

No. 320480

Riku finally posted his video and the comments are all negative kek

No. 320481

He's clearly reading off something but couldnt they have bothered to place the teleprompter close to where the camera is? He's staring at the ground the entire video.

No. 320482

I gotta wonder what different companies are thinking about all this. I wonder if all the negativity around NijiEN will open up some smaller scale chances for a newcomer like FSP to take advantage

No. 320483

EN vtubing sphere being full of twittards that think everyone owes them agreement is going to bring the end of ENvtubing lol why is anycolor doing the western appealing to the audience thing? JP livers have been terminated for less and they just let it die down instead of making statements all the time. The drama was dying down already anyway, most EN livers were streaming as normal. This is where silence pays off but EN larping got to the management I guess. There's no reason why Riku Tazumi should be telling my peasant ass anything directly

No. 320484

Someone mentioned Elira is currently in Japan on a work visa and can't decline “suggestions” to prove her dedication to the company.
The screenshots at 4:43 look fake, especially if that's Discord. They could've kept the date but chose to write that on top.
5:23 The outfit contest thing has been brought up before. OMFG. They gave permissions and then withdrew.
I think they choose the British dude cz they want yumes to side with them and do extra PR. Ike and Vox have significant fanbases in China (and other Asian countries with white fever, like Korea) and AFAIK, significant funding comes from Chinese investors. I guess they took the joke about insulting a lunar dragon at Lunar New Year very seriously. Looks like they're trying to make it into a popularity contest. Some KR fans were pissed about Chinese NY instead of Lunar NY.
You know what's sad? In her videos (intro and outro) Vox is always there as a supportive figure. Like a best friend or maybe even more. Many Dragoons put up with him despite knowing his PL stuff because Selen liked him. Same with Ike. At least she wasn't stupid. Glad she recorded stuff when she did.
It could also be to provoke fans to dig deeper into the PLs of the 3 for harassment purposes.
Some people think he's speaking in English to show he cares, but I think he just doesn't want the JP fans to fully get what's happening. Someone mentioned a lot of information about Nijisanji never being translated to English, so it's only available in Japanese.
I wouldn't be surprised if they started deleting comments, turned comments off or private the 2 videos.

No. 320485

File: 1707814045076.jpeg (351.07 KB, 1170x1121, IMG_3742.jpeg)

They chose to do this and I’m pretty sure they’re (the livers) are showing a united front. Parasocial fans and your typical /vt/ tripling down on the mental gymnastics. I don’t like Vox, but how can you defend Doki when she used that recording in her legal defense? Exposing Enna, Millie, and Elira’s address? For a legal case that only benefits yourself, Doki?No one leaked anything to be clear because no one can fucking think. Good job Doki on cultivating the internet’s parasocial pissbabies.

Doki is naive and ignorant. Overcome with emotion and can’t stop herself from ruining her every connection. Also her manager needs to STFU if he doesn’t want to hurt her case. I can’t wait for her wackass case to be thrown out. Can’t trust Doki as far as you can throw her. Had her chance to leave on good terms but she clung to Niji for as long as she could.

No. 320486

Im really enjoying narcissistic niji moids getting exposed and btfo

No. 320487

It’s a private legal document you stupid fuck, not a tweet, you really think they’d use anime names?? obviously there is a reason Vox is TERRIFIED of the content of the recordings kek she can’t falsify those! I don’t give a fuck that a woman secretly records scrotes being a piece of shit.

No. 320488

Because they felt betrayed by Selen Doki that they had to speak up. You’re so close to coming to that conclusion idk how you didn’t think about that. Whatever she included in that doc was serious enough for them to speak up voluntarily. Vox especially because she recorded him and submitted that recording. She’s not sorry for what she did; she’s sorry it came out to the public that she recorded it. She cannot be trusted by anyone or she’ll use it against you one day.

Sucks that she felt so emotionally tortured she felt she needed to attempt something drastic and go to the hospital. Maybe she should’ve stayed under watch for longer and stay away from the internet. Self inflicted mess (in many ways) by an unstable youth.

Also Doki is dumb as hell to think that the evidence she submitted wouldn’t be shared when she included personal info. It’s within corporate protocol to do an internal investigation. She’s Zaoin with extra steps.

No. 320489

>I don’t like vox
Lmao and you’re not chinese(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 320490

Then where’s the doc? Show if it was leaked. They talked about it WITH legal approval. You just hate Vox, which good for you. She’s been exposed at throwing her coworkers and friends under the bus. You have have no idea how law works. You don’t even know in WHAT country this legal case is happening in.

I don’t give two shits about big corpo, but the mental gymnastics being done is crazy

No. 320491

Go back. You sound underaged. When implicated in serious accusations, the wrongest move you can do is run your mouth. No one would even know who were in the doc if they didn’t admit that themselves. Did you even watch the stream. It’s hilarious if you think they volunteered to commit career suicide live.
Wtf are you talking about? Soooo you don’t even know what’s going on stfu. The doc was leaked to the livers not the public dumb shit. It was supposed to be between selens lawyer and the company’s.

No. 320492

Elira even says she volunteered her channel to do the stream on. They’re doing this because what Selen Doki has done HAS hurt them personally. You don’t even know what else was included. Ike was vague because they said all they could legally, with approval. Something Selen Doki couldn’t wait for.

They didn’t “leak” anything by talking about the evidence that was related to them and could potentially hurt them. Like stalkers who think they’re the bullies and go harass them at their address

Selen Doki actual lolcow

No. 320493

>she included personal info
Which is what?? Their flesh names and contact informations? You don’t think selen’s info is on that very same paper? Claims of misconduct isn’t “personal info” kek
This is the equivalence of going through your moid’s phone, finding out he’s cheating, and he DARVO’s you with the “you violated my privacy waaaah”. Even that scenario has more leg to stand on.

No. 320494

She should doxx Vox and Ike, I think it would be cool and based for them to feel like their sense of safety has been violated. Also go back, there's only one shithole echo chamber of an anonymous forum delusional enough to suffer your tirades on the internet and it's not this one.(infighting/baiting)

No. 320495

She’s the PLAINTIFF, of course her name and address would be in there. She wanted this case, but wasn’t smart enough to keep her mouth shut during the MV fiasco and even now. The other livers got dragged into this, like Vox and Ike. If you’re willing to backstab your friends and break their trust so that you can win money bucks from corpo, you cannot be trusted. Sneaky how she already had her merch ready to go and for sale so quickly after termination. As a former dragoon, I’m fucking sick of her and Niji. I was on her side before it came out that she’s just menhera but hasn’t been called out for it. Enjoy Zaoin Russia 2.0

No. 320496

>Selen Doki actual lolcow
Go make a post about her in one of the cow boards with all of the totally real milk you have, then. Since you're so convinced.

No. 320497

We don't defend moids here sweaty.im sure voxcuckuma is seething he doesn't have the undying Chinese yume support after he pissed them off kek he deserves the lashings hes getting.you clearly don't know that canada is a one party consent country meaning if you feel endangered and need to record or take evidence you don't need to notify the other party of your evidence. Second every documentation within a company is under a nda as someone who has worked with a vtuber agency all of my documents are under nda if the company disclosed that they shared my information with parties I did not consent to like how niji did with their livers they can be held for liable as niji is about to ,since the retard trio already confirmed they've seen the legal documents which they weren't supposed to these retards just implicated themselves dokis lawyers are going to laughing all the way to the bank kek I'm so glad I was never a nijitard

No. 320498

>Whatever she included in that doc was serious enough for them to speak up voluntarily
Are we 100% on the voluntary part in the first place? And why? It's a terrible move to do this right after a drastic termination even in a completely cold logic way. Versus battling it out in private or in a legal way where no one on the outside would know anything without someone saying something like what happened today.
On some vague level I kind of understand using "the popular kids" to try to alleviate the brunt of the damage across the rep of the company for everyone else's sakes but look at what the results are with the flames reignited again against them.

No. 320499

I don't want Niji to die because I'm worried its livers and shit culture will leak out and infest a corpo I actually enjoy watching.

No. 320500

You have no fucking clue what you’re talking about lmao maybe if lawtube had a Vtuber you’d know you’re AI generating your paragraph

No. 320501

Based and ble55555ed post
>muh rushia

No. 320502

File: 1707816540033.jpg (47.15 KB, 587x498, haha sweet.jpg)

Seems like niji pr team found the farms kekkk.(hi cow)

No. 320503

>he doesn't have the undying Chinese yume support
But he does, it’s ITT right now

No. 320504

Based on even the logic of the mental gymnasts, there’s no reason these three even had to say anything at all. They said it because they wanted to. That’s why Elira, someone who barely publicly interacted with Selen, and two guys who were close friends to Selen, would put their necks out to read out a Niji approved announcement. Why would they commit career suicide otherwise?

No. 320505

Oh okay so they're just retarded. Got it.

No. 320506

There's been so much muddled non-logical thinking from NijiEN's management that it's foggy to determine which party still inside the company is the one with the tiniest peanut brains. So if they're that dumb on their side of it and has made the ENTIRE air and environment over at NijiEN even worse and highly tense for every stream for a decent amount of time, why should anyone continue giving them attention and money

No. 320507

I doubt niji will. Niji En? Sure but other niji branch's? Don't think so in japan they can shut up a liver real quick by threatening with defamation wasn't there a liver who tried to kill herself but wasn't allowed to disclose it because she was being harassed by a manager?? niji won't die but they have no sympathy in the western sphere now

No. 320508

EN is what I'm concerned about though. I can count the number of current EN livers I wouldn't mind being forced to watch interact with my oshis on one hand.

No. 320509

Ya they should’ve hired a fucking PR company and not allow their Vtubers to say it themselves. Stupidest decision ever. Back to Yagoo

No. 320510

lmao a random adult picked up off the street could probably do better PR for the company's image than what happened with this situation on their side

No. 320511

I’m so fucking horny to hear the recorded convos. Vox sounded genuinely scared.

No. 320512

File: 1707817607738.png (2.06 KB, 266x130, 1707634293585.png)

oh fuck the yumes are here

No. 320513

I just wanna know if the American or Japanese court will handle this and when we'll have results. I trust that the winning side will spill everything unprompted anyway

No. 320514

Where do Niji fans even get off calling Selen menhera to defend Vox as if he hasn't been having his own personal meltie for half a year now

No. 320515

If it's between Doki and Niji, has to be the Canadian court. It can't be done in JP unless both parties consent, and that would be too disadvantageous for her to agree to.

No. 320516

Well Vox's meltdowns only affect himself by pushing cashcows away, Selen makes it everybody's problem even when the only source of the problem is herself

No. 320517

Is Enna good person or bully?

No. 320518

He tried to e-sex her a little too hard.

No. 320519

You're still here? Kek

No. 320520

>Well Vox's meltdowns only affect himself
Even after today you'd say that? Hmmmmm

No. 320521

Selen menhera’d her way into sympathy and now everyone is a bully

No. 320522

Oh yeah Mr. Rape Fantasies versus the woman who maybe posted a music cover too early. Obviouss whose side we should take.

No. 320523

Girlboss behavior tbh

No. 320524

Based Selen, total nijien death, everyone worth a shit bailed.

No. 320525

Not every anon you don't like is the same person you retarded newfag. I don't even know who you're referring to
I'm talking about the public meltdowns they had, not this situation. Anon I replied to was talking about the general lack of mental stability in both

No. 320526

cant wait for the case to get thrown out because Niji doesn’t have any business locations in Canada or US kek. like how are u even GOING to get money if u do win?

No. 320527

What part of that post indicated newfaggotry? Do you know what that means? Are you lost? Do you need help?

No. 320528

Wish we got a lawyer's comment on all this but I guess they can't know how it'll go without having actual documents. Selen vs Niji court watchalong when
It's too obvious, just stop

No. 320529

girlboss gatekeep gaslight,Selen Doki. Gaslit herself that it sent her into a spiral kek

No. 320530

on your next judge judy. but tbf it’ll get thrown out. the company isn’t in her jurisdiction and she’ll run out of money before long kek

No. 320531

I guess the pro of all this drama is that we'll probably hit thread limit by the time we know enough to figure whether Elira should be scrubbed from the threadpic.

No. 320532

Sigh never had a corpo job? Likely they’re just gonna do some arbitration, settle out of court. All can be done through zoom and third party arbitrators. They’ll write a check and tell her to fuck off.

No. 320533

>they settle everything and neither side talks about it publicly
Literally the worst possible outcome

No. 320534

Nyfco needs to go back up so that nijifags will stop shitting up this thread

No. 320535

Lmao says the person who doesn’t even know where this case is even going to take place

No. 320536

For the dramatubers yeah

No. 320537

>what is international arbitration

No. 320538

go on. explain how it works, and which countries selen doki is dealing with. quickly

No. 320539

Definitely a good person. All the "clique" rumors are just scrote seething

No. 320540

>how can you defend Doki when she used that recording in her legal defense?
because it's a legal defense you fucking retard(infighting)

No. 320541

File: 1707821812907.jpg (1.55 MB, 3507x2481, download.jpg)

nonnie is right after all it isnt like she said not to dig for any truths now did she retard

No. 320542

Honestly, we should probably plead with the mods if we can get a separate drama thread in one of the other boards so we can talk about Vtubers we like here…

No. 320543

Why is everyone's posting style here so unintegrated all of a sudden

No. 320544

What are you struggling to comprehend? The point of arbitration is to entirely avoid court proceedings, it’s a fancy way of “talk it out” with a third party who, if international actually has their own set of non-country specific guidelines. Most of these conflicts simply settle, that’s the same everywhere, no one wants to go to court. It would be unthinkable for a relatively new and small company branch that is bleeding money on top of the expectation that they’re about to execute half of Luxiem, wants to take some foreign girl to court, least of all sue her.

No. 320545

…Technically vtuber drama is banned here.

No. 320546

This thread would die if we only talked about sunshine and rainbows kek
Nyfco is struggling that's why

No. 320547

In that case it's more likely this entire thread will be pruned and all vtuber discussion will be banned entirely… don't blame them.

No. 320548

Can we all just forget about the Niji drama? Let's all listen to this instead:

No. 320549

File: 1707824444578.jpg (63.18 KB, 700x1000, we-are-not-the-same.jpg)

I'm defending selen because she's a girlboss. You're defending niji because you want to have sex with vox. We are not the same.

No. 320550

I've never seen a good reason to think positively of Vox. He also seems lazy

No. 320551

did anything else happen to vox recently? last i heard his ccv was down because he wasnt allowed to do the kind of asmr his chinese fujos wanted and abandoned him kek

No. 320552

It's probably a list of different factors including some viewers getting bored, but it looked like a large bulk of the fujo fans were already gradually leaving NijiEN entirely for a while over time

No. 320553

i don’t go here but i don’t understand thinking positively of any male vtuber. it’s a male beneath an anime avatar…

No. 320554

didnt he also groom an underage girl or something? i remember reading chinese yumes saying that they would molest him as shota to make up for it kek god i miss the unhinged chinese vox yumes

No. 320555

File: 1707827987152.png (319.49 KB, 905x1850, 1707825473208098.png)

At some point they just need to stop.

No. 320556

Things would be clearly easier for them if they had waited it out silently without any videos like what they did

No. 320557

File: 1707830150087.png (613.14 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1663.png)

mori beam

No. 320558

KEK google-lawyering to defend themselves on twitter is crazy, save this wall of text for your legal team holy shit they’re so unprofessional.

No. 320559

File: 1707837396811.jpg (135.87 KB, 1200x1200, FVYpcisXoAIZl04.jpg)

Can't make this shit up…

No. 320560

File: 1707838418780.png (11.69 KB, 447x249, 1707834211764209.png)

No. 320561

File: 1707838701153.png (244.98 KB, 1499x1737, 1707837687518950.png)

pls don't an hero

No. 320562

No. 320563

Elira, I think.

No. 320564

Fake Elira PL account that was clearly made after she "graduated" and has 200 followers… why are we falling for every retarded /vt/ bait?

No. 320565

I won't whiteknight for the men but I wish Elira wasn't forced to get involved in this. I feel bad for her. She's just trying to keep her job but jobless twitter incels and gendies are ganging up on her. It's hard being stuck between your boss demanding you do damage control and retards spamming useless hashtags calling you a traitor everywhere. If they don't protect her properly the EN branch might get fucked soon, since she's the face of NijiEN.

No. 320566

Why are you acting like she was forced to say anything she could've stayed silent like Scarle? Are you seriously trying to convince us she was totally innocent? she was alluded to bully others in the zaoin termination too
Even if this Eliza pl it wouldn't matter,these retards acting like they don't know how rabid vtuber fans are? Why backtrack now?

No. 320567

elira basically outed herself as one of the bullies when she said the documents contained info on her, enna and millie so my empathy for her has just about run out if im being honest

No. 320568

I wonder if there's any recovery from this if they wait it out or like another nona said, this is the possible end of the potential for the EN branch to grow. Would it get bad enough that a group of the ones who were distant enough from all of it would end up leaving to form some kind of group of their own with some hired help who manages things like merchandise for them

No. 320569

I'm not convinced the bullying is anything more than managers asking her to give Selen a friendly push to do what they want her to do tbh. I don't believe no other liver from western cultures made an issue of this before if it was real workplace harassment. I'd believe it if it happened in JP, but the west just doesn't have that exploitable seniority culture so they wouldn't just take it lying down. I don't know about the Zaion thing though, when did it allude to Elira or bullying?

No. 320570

i dont think friendly pushes would make someone attempt to kill themselves

No. 320571

Which one is the real one?

No. 320572

>the west doesn’t abuse workers
Do you hear yourself? Do they even have an HR department??

No. 320573

i wouldn't be surprised if a simple "hey dont do this" would've caused selen to go nuclear, she seems really unstable and impulisive.

No. 320574

She never said it contained info about Millie and Enna though?

No. 320575

Why is anybody even seriously engaging somebody so uninformed that he/she doesn't know how Zaion's name is spelled?

No. 320576

It's called a company sponsored work visa. Elira is in Japan. Is it the same for Scarle?
And what exactly did she do where she was alluded to bullying Zaion? I thought that was because Hex complained.
So, are you saying the other bullies are Vox and Ike? I don't think it's the Livers, but during the Ethyria collab, they were making jokes about the Apex Predator.
I think employment issues would go to jp courts. They have a long and terms and conditions page for applications. But she's not a jp citizen so they can't shut her up. Afaik, if they yap, she can sue them under jp laws but she's got the right to yap outside of NDA breaking. She hasn't though. At most, they could sue to have those statements blocked in Japan. They're gonna lose their overseas cash cows, except the Vox and Ike yumes. Some of them might even leave if it's a choice between them and Doki, considering how fast the Live Chat reactions changed.
I thought they would try to turn it into a Chinese girl catfight w/Enna or Petra (or even maker it an international fight with Millie/Reimu), but it makes sense to use white men as meat shields instead. This isn't actually for EN speakers. It's for people who follow Niji only and don't want outside info, like the yumes currently here.
Note that she still hasn't named a single person or designation, just a toxic workplace environment. Niji is building a narrative and we'll find out more only when things go to court.
Is that even possible? I'd say we wait till it's confirmed because Doki never said anything at all. >>320570
KarOSHI culture. They can make a lot of suggestions that aren't really suggestions.

No. 320577

She literally said it contained doxxable info on her and Millie.

No. 320578

Timestamp? The company has their full address, FYI. And emergency contacts.

No. 320579

All I see in the arguments against Selen are misogynist weaponizations of her BPD against her to dismiss the spades of evidence in her favor when the only 'evidence' we have of her actual instability throughout her employment with Niji comes from the mouth of the known menhera moid, Vox.

No. 320580

We don't do spoonfeeding here, especially not when the spoonfeeding in question involves you being too lazy to rewatch a 15 minute video.

No. 320581

can i get a qrd on what’s happening?

No. 320582

This was literally her stated reason for participating in the stream

No. 320583

She deleted her nova twitter and youtube accounts when she graduated to join nijisanji, someone must have made a fake account with the same handle when she deleted the original one

No. 320584

yes the company has all of their info, but those three were listed SPECIFICALLY in selen/dokis complaint. she says this not even 5 mins in can you please think before you speak

No. 320585

There’s currently a bunch of newfags coming here en masse to bait and shitpost, no clue why. People have been posting about it in meta’s complaint thread so hopefully something will be done soon.

No. 320586

Fixed that for you, nonna.
Izuru really has such a nice sound.

No. 320587

If having some amount of impulsive tendency dooms someone to being unreasonable and incapable of discussions how did she sustain for as long as she did for years inside Niji doing collabs, having things like the Apex customs approved and trusted by management for her to host, talking with artists and others for projects over periods that can last several months and such before termination

No. 320588

Please! This is usually the only sane public place to discuss vtubers despite the occassional retarded takes.
The fact that anybody is taking this sudden disproportionate influx of takes usually only acceptable on the Nina page of nyfco seriously is mind boggling
Anyways, linking my own chuuba music to add on to >>320586 . Shiori may not by any means be a great or experienced singer, but I thought she made a really good song choice for her first solo cover, it really suited her. Reminds me of how Fauna's Cute na Kanojo was a similarly good fit for a typically inexperienced vocalist. I still feel bad for Shiori that this cover sort of flopped due to the upload mishap.

No. 320589

Fauna's cover for comparison. FWMC for example also did a cover of the same song, and even though they're better singers, I'll always prefer Fauna's over all others because the clear and almost fragile quality of her voice here adds such a distinctive touch to the song.

No. 320590

Not going to lie, both of these sound really bad in my taste but it’s nice to see inexperienced singers try to release covers instead of cowering into a corner and never doing any cause they’re lazy

No. 320591

I didn't hear anything concerning. Doki can't doxx anyone without legal issues. Doxxable info didn't mean shit when doing so could lead to a private lawsuit between Doki and the others. No info has been leaked. Except by Nijisanji (unless the screenshots were fake, which would lead to a different kind of crime.

No. 320592

AYRT that's understandable, liking the people behind the covers does a lot for me. It's why I losten to the majority of vtuber covers, otherwise I'd just seek out the best possible cover of a song/the originals.
And same, I actually wish talents who didn't specialize in music would release more covers, Fauna included. Not to be too much of an autist about 'muh idol culture' but Holo really should, as an idol company, require talents to do some minimum quota of music per year. I feel like there are some talents that really underutilize covers resources.

No. 320593

I agree, I'm waiting for actual evidence against selen other than 'she has BPD, she's totes insane you guys I swear, trust me bro', 'she broke the rules' or 'she tried to commit suicide (therefore she can't be a hard worker or good vtuber)'
Until I hear a more nuanced take against her, I'm going to assume the naysayers are vox simps and/or underaged.

No. 320594

Genuinely confused what about ANY of this is DOXXING??? Of course paperworks have parties’ names and contacts on them?? They were never meant to see the light of day. Do these retards expect people to interact with coworkers as anime characters and euphemisms IRL? The most bewildering part is self-reporting themselves as the investigated parties in question then claiming breach of privacy wtf. No matter how you look at it, management just threw those idiots to the crowd like
>Here are your bullies, attack them, not us!
How did those guys even agree to that social suicide? How can they be threatened by termination when the inevitable decimation of their rep means they’ll get discarded anyway, if not immediately then soon. Wtf all around.

No. 320595

Those voice chats must be creamy as fuck since she got vox SHOOK and she definitely can’t exaggerate or fabricate those.

No. 320596

How does Selen allegedly having the addresses of Enna and Millie mean they were bullies though?

No. 320597

Retarded question engineered to obfuscate. You should spend less time yabbing and more time archiving your oshi’s VODs.(infighting)

No. 320598

AYRT, I don't think it's actual doxxing, either. I'm just telling the anon claiming that Millie and Enna weren't mentioned that Elira did indeed mention them, and gave the context in which she mentioned them. Because HER implication was that she had to come forward because she was sooo scared they were going to get doxxed by Selen otherwise, as stupid of an extrapolation as that is to make from a legal document that's obviously going to have their information on it. You need to learn to backread more than one or two posts in a chain.
You're right maybe Selen was just listing her very bestest friends in the company kek, get real

No. 320599

NGL I think that whole "Elira did it for her visa" rrat is stupid, too. If I was in Elira's situation, I'd rather just leave Japan as opposed to committing career suicide. The only explanations are that the three are really, really, really stupid and this was their own idea, or Niji swore (lied) to hell and back that this was the best and totally most functional route to take.

No. 320600

are you being dumb on purpose? its not the addresses that proves theyre bullies its the fact that those three were named in a document where doki was talking about being bullied. now think very carefully, why do you think they would be named in a document about livers bullying other livers?

No. 320601

AYRT. Weird vtuber logic, I think. I heard about Elira being in Japan, so she's kinda stuck. Idk and idc about the other 2. I still think it's management (or someone from Ethyria) but I'm fine with never knowing. I wanna occasionally watch my oshi without caring about her ex-employer and their BS. I'm so glad there probably won't be these two on her channel in any capacity.
I think there trying to do with Hex vs Sayu thing again but Vox vs Doki. The thing is, people like Doki more. She's done so much as Selen that only (some of) the CN yumes who pay for paywalled 18+ rp would go after her. I'm curious about the voice call now, nonnie. I bet he was shitty to her.

No. 320602

Not looking forward to the state of this thread when Doki's promised followup drops

No. 320603

>implying this thread isn’t nuked into space by thursday

No. 320604

I don't get how these moids don't understand that the issue lies in the company itself not handling anything properly and letting a toxic work environment fester. Selen could be the devil incarnate and it really doesn't even matter, it's Anycolor that is supposed to handle it professionally and instead they're just posting things the public does not need to know like a bitter ex.

No. 320605

This. Even in the Zaion situation, while I've qlways thought that she was not a good person who made obvious mistakes, Nijisanji made stupid choices and inadverdently confirmed things that led to a loss of faith in their word. It's just that Niji was lucky enough that Zaion was unlikeable and most chose to dogpile her instead of hearing her side of the story. I wouldn't be surprised if that situation made EN management cocky and led them to think they could handle Selen's situationthe same way.

No. 320606

Somehow, after all this, I still dislike Selen. I feel like it's telling when all the livers of EN are in agreeance over her behavior, and she is the only one who is not. And to throw all her previous friends under the bus like this really puts a bad taste in my mouth, especially knowing she's lied in the past before. I hope this all blows over eventually though because I can't take seeing literal who's post shit takes and think pieces on why they're "stopping their nijien fanart". Half the people riding this wave are 2views and generic gacha-artstyle fanartists.

No. 320607

>having sex with vox
wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy

No. 320608

isnt vox the one who looks like a typical british moid? never in my right mind would i fuck that

No. 320609

> especially knowing she's lied in the past before.

No. 320610

So Millie and enna are bully?

No. 320611

The way each sentence gets more schizophrenic. Could have stopped typing after the first one.
1/ they aren’t friends, they’re coworkers and some are her tormentors. Privately litigating your workplace grievances isn’t throwing anyone under the bus, unless by“the bus” you mean accountability and justice.
2/ everyone isn’t in “agreeance” ESL-chan, besides those implicated who basically committed career sudoku. Everyone else doesn’t dare to touch the poop beyond being forced to like a few company tweets.
3/ “she lied before” just like you’re lying now. If she made all of this up with no good evidence, why is the CEO of kusosanji himself groveling for forgiveness? One (1) menhera gaijin vs. a multi million dollar company, tensai desu ka?
4/ wash your mouth, it smells like cocks(infighting)

No. 320612

Obviously. They are angry femcels who are jealous of Doki's success(baiting)

No. 320613

File: 1707860865313.jpg (124.35 KB, 989x867, 1722678447020138870.jpg)

Did any of you watch Ao-kun's "learning Korean with Kanade" stream yesterday? I love their dynamic so much, Kanade enables Ao-kun's loser flirt side a lot and I love to see it. Especially when she starts to beg her for something…
for the love of god if you lot get this thread killed and we have no place to discuss Ao-kun I'm single-handedly going to make your lives hell

No. 320614

I'll watch Ao-kun just for you, but you'll need to give me the source of that art because I can't find it.

No. 320615

File: 1707862198823.jpg (871.65 KB, 4096x4096, mozu_xxxu-1755990445103133008.…)

If the filename looks like it could be the numeric part of a twitter link, try putting it in with any username, it'll redirect to the original post. I usually save them like that. And thank you. I need to spread the Ao-kun gospel, she has a hold over me like no one else.

No. 320616

She's so good and it's nice to see how everyone at Hololive seem to really like her. She tweeted out that she hung out with Sora and Ririka today too, and Marine was mentioning her in her stream.

No. 320617

File: 1707863309725.png (19.44 KB, 210x210, c4371b64-ad6b-4230-8ff9-3baa1a…)

Dokibird sucks. It was very rude that she personally held a gun to Vox, Elira, and Ike's heads and made them read a poorly written PR speech that cost them a lot of fans and respect. That was very un-pog of her.

No. 320618

Started simping for ao-kun because of you nonnas, and my goodness she's charming. Thank you for leading me her she's such a gem. Her attempting to write and read Korean with Kanade was so cute and wholesome. And her ikebo is just cherry on top of everything since I personally can't stand the higher pitched uwuvoice, nothing wrong with them, just not my personal taste. She might be my new oshi ngl

No. 320619

File: 1707872176636.jpg (258.4 KB, 1200x675, GGL2gMdbYAAydbU.jpg)

Cannot wait, knowing the jester, at least some part of this stream is going to be premium entertainment.

No. 320620

File: 1707872247595.png (1.49 MB, 3492x2098, 1707864095263279.png)

Senzaki mama always delivers when it comes to her son, praying she works her magic again. (artist in picrel unrelated)

No. 320621

It's nice hearing Hakka cover calmer songs. He should do it more often.

No. 320622

File: 1707894505781.jpg (228.34 KB, 1551x754, GGQ8U0JXoAADfaX.jpg)

Last week:
>Unconfirmed Scarle and Aster drama, discord leaks allegedly involve Scarle being harrassed by Aster
>Soon after, unscheduled impromptu collab between Scarle and Aster occurs, confirming Niji and the livers are aware of the allegations
>Night of same day, Scarle cries in her membership stream and references how hard the day was and that hopefully "they" (unspecified) will be satisfied with this for a while
>Scarle likes "kurosanji" comment on youtube after last night's debaucle, not an instance of the vtuber indiscriminately liking every comment
>Notably is one of the couple livers who does not retweet Elira's announcement in solidarity
>Scarle completely misses her scheduled members stream today
>Scarle is now 3 hours late for her scheduled regular stream
>Still no comment from her regarding her absence as of now
Very likely looking at another shadow suspension