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File: 1593469146105.jpg (493.04 KB, 1818x1750, 72356466.jpg)

No. 97601[Reply]

Post images, playlists, media etc with this general vibe/theme!

Maybe you're content, maybe not.
Maybe you're just idling away.
Time passes, you're not in a hurry.
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No. 178185

Love this anon. Makes me happy to be out of the call center industry. I hope you’ll share the rest with us!

No. 178540

I haven't worked in the call center industry personally, but I know someone who did, and love learning about the bullshit salescripts techniques the employees are forced to do. It looks so alienating.

Th-thanks, I need to re-make my website, sadly I have a problem with my host which is a pain in the ass to fix.

No. 179306

File: 1642164985415.jpg (389 KB, 1932x1820, iimememe.jpg)

A little different but really resonates with the sense of everyday solitude for me

No. 179397

It’s lonely but somehow comforting

No. 179671

File: 1642371350981.jpg (263.95 KB, 3200x1635, FJN0woVaUAQzl97.jpg)

File: 1629260558465.jpeg (123.98 KB, 640x471, 8F5AFDAD-883F-4717-987B-6F2C19…)

No. 156424[Reply]

> What Hogwarts house are you?
> Which character is your favorite?
> Which character do you dislike the most?
> Who is your favorite professor?
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
> What spin-off would you like to see?
> What is your favorite book + movie?
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Feel free to discuss any and all other things HP related.
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No. 179309

I always disliked how they had harry so early and while fighting in a war.

No. 179369

it absolutely was rape, it's like hypnotising someone so they will fuck you (doesn't work irl, I know). And I think Riddle fucked off asap as soon as the potion stopped working.
I need to look up quote on that power of love thing

No. 179376

It was even more tragic then that, Merope stopped giving him the love potion hoping he'd fall in love with her for real and stay with her but instead he immediately left and she was already pregnant with his kid
she didn't even know him really, he was just the rich good looking guy who she had a crush on and viewed as a knight in shinning armor to save her from her crappy life

No. 179482

File: 1642262880635.jpg (128.74 KB, 594x457, 111.jpg)

technically speaking he did unintentionally end up saving her, its strongly implied without intervention Merope would have been forced to marry and have kids with her own brother to keep the bloodline "pure", however Merope's brother and father ended up getting arrested by the Ministry of Magic when her brother used magic to assault Tom Snr. cause he was jealous of him, Tom was tall, handsome and had a natural aristocratic look that attracted women(witches and muggles born) and so her brother and father's arrested ended up saving her life

so he did end up being her savior indirectly

No. 179632

I like her as a character but the hate people have her for her is insane, like people really fucking hate her

I do understand why, one is not likely gonna encounter a Voldemort like figure IRL but most people will meet plenty of Umbridge's, petty and mean teachers or bosses who like having authority over everyone and may even be subtly racist

File: 1522861048952.jpeg (70.53 KB, 640x501, 2B073B4A-B96C-402F-9468-401266…)

No. 9088[Reply]

Can we get a true crime thread that doesn’t delve into what serial killers you want to fuck?

Talk about things you find interesting
>Unsolved Mysteries
>Overrated Killers
>Favourite Podcasts
>Zodiac or EAR//ONS?
>Have you watched Mindunter?
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No. 179332

Holy shit, I can't believe I've never heard about this case before. Thanks for the video, anon.

No. 179391

Her doing that actually saved the man in a strange way, because Nilsen decided not to kill him, and let him leave.

No. 179399

>I was too Hegelian

lmfao who writes like this?

No. 179620

I know the sole purpose of reading the victim's diary out loud in court was to defame his character (since none of what he wrote could even generously be interpreted as intent)… but Jesus Christ, dude had it coming.

No. 179631

>cover multiple cases on your channel where men brutally murdered and raped unrelated innocent teenage girls for FUN
>scrotoids: I sleep
>a woman who was raped and abused by her father as a child and suffered FGM grew up to be a GOLD DIGGING MAN HATER and castrated and killed a fat criminal 33 years older than her who cheated on his wife and married her for sex and forced himself upon her
>scrotoids: REAL SHIT, this actually made me want to puke, first time I am deeply disgusted

File: 1603282358203.jpeg (93.33 KB, 600x434, E06AAD98-4A06-45B9-AE93-5A8226…)

No. 112565[Reply]

Post any image you want to post
prev >>48159
best if lesser known
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No. 179598

File: 1642329403299.png (448.27 KB, 868x486, fuck round and find out.png)

No. 179604

File: 1642329864824.jpg (84.85 KB, 655x767, njosgtihapa81.jpg)

No. 179611

oh poor becky

No. 179624

File: 1642338527782.jpeg (152.48 KB, 800x584, C22BDB18-9D37-454A-A81A-363202…)

No. 179625

omg i love mitski

File: 1596625800646.jpg (153.41 KB, 540x635, tumblr_pv4rk09bnK1v831lzo1_540…)

No. 102700[Reply]

There is no active artist judging thread in here so I thought it might be nice. There's no rules: you can post digital art, charcoal, anything.
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No. 179384

File: 1642196143027.jpeg (340.98 KB, 1910x1558, 83C16AAE-15F8-4D96-A61B-B2CDDE…)

another try at the foundation guy. digital has so many advantages, the freedom of all of it, no fear of mistakes, but simultaneously i feel like it takes some of the fun away. i’m trying to retain the texture and the looseness while not loosing the likeness. the best thing so far is that I don’t have to clean all the mess, but i miss the smell of turpentine sometimes.

No. 179446

I don't like to deal with all the mess and prep traditional painting requires but i wholeheartedly agree there's just something about traditional process that is just more fun. Your painting looks good though! I think having more fun with digital will come with practice too.
Have you heard of heavypaint app? With the limitation it forces on you it can inspire you to be more creative and adventurous with digital medium, maybe it could be good for what you're looking for

No. 179543

You’re so good at art babe

No. 179607

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve tried heavypaint, but the brushes there are kind of weird though giving interesting results. When I started doing digital, I downloaded a ton of brushes, but lately I use just one brush for everything.

No. 179608

Thank you!

File: 1557022158807.png (167.6 KB, 900x506, bpc.png)

No. 30296[Reply]

Basically if it's not anime but still animated, post it here

>Your favorite cartoons

>What are you watching right now
>Cartoon Recommendations
>Western animation studio discussion
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No. 178941

but this is already happening. there is a lot of crossover in the animation industry it just isn't noticed.

No. 179019

the trailer for the Critical Role cartoon, it looks gorier than invincible.

No. 179049

Is this for adults? Because even with all that gore, it seems very juvenile

No. 179092

I like Critical Role but this seems so unbearably cringey. I suppose stripped of Matt Mercer excellent narration and ambience-building maybe it really is not that great of a source material

No. 179561

I caught the whole season on the adult swim premier and it gave me some laughs. May as well just watch an oneyplays video instead though, it's just those jokes given visuals. The first three episodes were a vehicle for complaining, mostly about internet people being triggered at menial things which is always lazy and boring. We get you hate twitter. Move on.

File: 1640483952226.jpg (9.35 KB, 300x232, downloadfile-1.jpg)

No. 175675[Reply]

This is a thread to share music made by women who are unapologetically angry.
>Angry at society
>Angry at life
>Hateful towards people
>Frustrated at societal pressures
>Frustrated with stupid shit
>Angry because of the opposite sex
Any genere is welcome. If you share a song tell us why you like it. Recommend stuff. Discuss!
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No. 178487

it's not especially easy tbh. it's only a select few by le tigre that i enjoy as compared to the 0 i can stand by bikini kill. her voice fits some of the electronic rock better. it's kind of b-52s-like in certain songs. if i'm honest i don't understand why bikini kill is held in high esteem when shit like the gits or especially 7 year bitch tend to be left by the wayside. other than her influence itself i just don't get it

No. 178490

The Gits and 7YB are very sonically tryhard to me, Kathleen's music sounds more organic/spontaneous

No. 178553

File: 1641834225515.jpg (40.57 KB, 697x282, Capture.JPG)

I agree Hole's music was great up to Celebrity Skin

No. 178703

I never knew that much about her or her music. Kinda just missed it somehow. I was into QOTSA for a while. And here I was thinking her and Josh Homme were still married. I google it and it's a bitter divorce with problems concerning the children. God, are men even worth it ever. Instead of being an artist with no interruptions, she's dealing with kids, the court and a man. Real depressing shit.

No. 179540

I love Bully so much is indescribable

File: 1639857400151.jpeg (119.09 KB, 1100x1055, 78130A72-B745-4D3E-8CB3-CA8F2C…)

No. 174377[Reply]

Post pictures of anything military or law enforcement related. /K/ discussion, as well, is welcome.
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No. 178468

File: 1641791067285.jpg (39.03 KB, 342x509, c2da2f940b729a97fb3c39aa4339a8…)

No. 178469

File: 1641791097265.jpg (52.23 KB, 500x694, b89f9b3c4e17b9f346f0e74c9e0c6e…)

idk why I have these two saved but they appear to be a bit different so whatever

No. 178603

File: 1641847921199.jpg (181.01 KB, 1500x742, tank-shaped-pool-float-with-wa…)

No. 179453

File: 1642249140283.jpeg (63.77 KB, 325x488, B8A8535E-B283-4795-836B-962929…)

No. 180116

File: 1642595903163.gif (8.79 MB, 540x304, jl2.gif)

File: 1619542603271.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1082, 1616452180742.png)

No. 139588[Reply]

A containment thread for us driverfags to sperg.
Post here about Adam Driver's:
>film roles and characters
>different looks
>homemade AD memes to die for! ♥
>insane people and conspiracy theories from r/adamdriverfans
Notable happenings in last thread:
>the rise and fall of chair drama feat Lidia Franco
>Anette trailer finally gets released, the movie is coming on the 6th of July 2021
>House of Gucci (release in November 2021) is being filmed, charming photos make driverfags wish they were Lady Gaga
>Adam Driver to star as a professor in Hitler studies in another movie by Noah Bauman - "White Nose", to be released in 2022
>More upcoming AD movies: historical drama-thriller "The Last Duel" (release in October 2021), science fiction thriller "65" (TBA)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 177544

File: 1641476307896.jpg (50.68 KB, 600x800, Hobo-19-Adam-Driver.jpg)

Picrel made me kek
nona you know where to reach me! Email added. I still believe in the original anon (she sent me a gorgeous sketch 1,5 months ago), but I wouldn't say no if you wanted to draw a daki!!! Of course only if you had something out of it. I think anyone who makes an Kylo daki should sell covers on etsy or somewhere lol. Imagine the profit! There is nobody else selling atm AFAIK
Aah happy to see you! Welcome to lolcow and to the driverfag thread. You don't have to sage on /m/ (especially if you post on topic), it's better not to since the board is so slow and people should see your post!
I agree completely with you about Marnie and Shoshanna! Also you are right, Lena Dunham was based when she hired hot dudes for sex scenes that she wrote herself lol. You are in for a wild ride in the next seasons.
>Ive seen Adam as Kylo ren first and after girls, I can definitly say I want to watch everything he is in
Please feel free to share your thoughts if you do! Also there is a driverfag movie night planned for January (Paterson plus something else), so feel free to join! More info about movie nights >>>/ot/979576 and
I'm curious who is your husbando, but you don't have to tell if you don't want to!

No. 177547

No. 179312

File: 1642168365935.jpeg (95.08 KB, 750x850, 42025F61-06A7-48FA-AA08-DE6502…)

Horse girl confirmed

No. 179433

Measuring his physique by horse standards did him well, I think his body never looked better than in that add. It could be argued that he has never looked better than in it. I'm not a fan of Adam being extremely buff like in picrel. Or is that only my perception that his chest looks bigger than in the Burberry and?
Has anyone smelled that perfume? I need to the next time I'm in a beauty store
>Horse girl confirmed
I wish they asked him about the shocking ending to the ad lol

No. 179434

File: 1642238242404.jpg (737.32 KB, 1538x1538, 00-tout-five-things-adam-drive…)

oops dropped my picrel

File: 1623087140147.png (211.88 KB, 754x548, 1623086578264.png)

No. 147329[Reply]

Since the farmhand allowed it, here's Board-tan own /m/ thread!

For the history and origins of board-tan: >>>/meta/23817

Post picrews, memes and art starring our board's mascot!

Crossposting to the /meta/ thread is allowed.

No serious discussions or suggestions about Board-tan here!
Go to the /meta/ thread gor that.
This is mostly for pics and for fun!
Hopefully this will allow more visibility for her.
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No. 178872

I love it nonnie

No. 179129

♥ I wanna see more pixel arts so cute

No. 179247

File: 1642125931907.png (116.89 KB, 1144x1284, lucy shows her art.png)

Board-tan decides to show you her sketch

No. 179320

KEK I love it

No. 179342

You did great board-tan

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