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File: 1653407786217.jpeg (534.4 KB, 1230x735, meta_naver_webtoon_jpeg.jpeg)

No. 208781[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/m/122979

Talk about webtoons, manhwas and manhuas here.
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No. 217557

File: 1656408136260.jpg (3.56 MB, 3072x4096, pt2022_06_28_11_20_28.jpg)

I hated both of their new interests. The new blonde girl and Mitchell were both out of nowhere, too perfect, no bad sides to them.
I didn't like Edith's cinnamon roll character development either, in the first season she was very flawed. She was a smoker, a drinker who'd cry alone but still feel like she's better than other people. A bit unhinged, not over her unrequited love. She had dreams almost impossible to achieve and a dysfunctional relationship with Philip. She was interesting. Of course some of that was gonna be resolved but everything went away without much conflict or hardship and she became a totally different person. New Edith is sweet, cute, effortlessly beautiful and a model, (even though she was always a smoker who ate like shit and is never shown exercising), social with many friends who love her, wouldn't hurt a fly, accomplished writer with a movie coming out and every model-level boy she liked fell for her. She became Persephone basically. But even Persephone is more flawed than Edith was in the last season.
I wish she still was a bit mean, unhinged or depressed or whatever, this wish fulfilment slice-of-life fluff romance it ended in is so boring. I hoped for a bit more bittersweet dramatic shit and no her breaking up with Philip but getting another absolutely devoted model guy as her bf isn't bitter or sad. She's been apart from Philip for a whole season, who cared about it at that point.
I loved the first season and I'm sad about how it progressed. But I feel like it's good it had ended already or it would devolve even more.

No. 217564

The drop in art quality is actually depressing

No. 217576

File: 1656418168661.jpg (821.16 KB, 1000x1507, 9k=(3).jpg)

Sage for salt, but I still can't get over the time someone called me a snob for getting annoyed at the badly aliased 3D-rendered assets in Morgana and Oz and considering art quality when I read something.

No. 217582

All that time arranging the model but they wouldn't spare 10 seconds per object to add a smooth line to the knick knacks? Or in the very least they could learn how to export lines from sketchup without them scaling razor thin. Yeesh.

No. 217727

>fujoshi that fetishizes gay men and is clearly intended for straight women but then that statement is redacted when they find out the the creator is not a "straight woman"
Not even that. Usually what I see instead is "just because you're a gay man doesn't mean you can't fetishise gay men" so they still acuse the webtoon of being a fetishisation. I notice a lot with these more random cancelations that gen z will only suddenly remember the concept of internalized homophobia/misoginy/racism/etc whenever it's convenient and justifies the continuation of a bandwagon wichhunt

File: 1646340578922.jpg (66.27 KB, 595x483, 1646340527125.jpg)

No. 186862[Reply]

This is a thread to post all our favorite female content creators! All kinds of female talent welcome, from animators and artists to vloggers and video makers, and anything in between. Post your favorite youtube channels, blogs, instagrams, twitch streams, etc. A short description is always appreciated.
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No. 217511

thank you to anons for posting about them, i love… whatever this vibe is. Brittany especially is so ridiculous i love her energy.

No. 217537

I was looking for a channel like this one but couldn't find one. Thanks nonas.

No. 217572

Great video nonnie, thank you !

>thank you to anons for posting about them
I'm so happy to hear that! This video in particular feels exactly like talking during a sleepover when everyone starts to get giddy and dumb because they are too tired kek, it's great

No. 217596

I love these two dorks, it's exactly the kind of fun girl humor I've been searching for. Does anyone have any more similar recommendations of humor channels?

No. 217706

seconded, I hunger for more.

File: 1646936745340.jpg (392.5 KB, 1425x2048, IMG_20220302_222602.jpg)

No. 188499[Reply]

Post your fictional crushes
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No. 214058

File: 1655167696545.jpeg (287.84 KB, 1462x828, 1FD9C798-2F50-45B3-82CE-2F2093…)

>2022… I am forgotten…

No. 217531

File: 1656392945582.jpg (874.95 KB, 1358x969, 64265786_p0.jpg)

I saw some nonnas talking about Moriarty from FGO in the mobage thread. I've never played a single Fate game but he's hot

No. 217548

>I am forgotten
Never. He will always be my first official husbando. When I was a delusional 13 year old weeb, I tried to manifest snow on my town (I live near the sea) just because of him. Coincidentally, I remember that winter was one of the coldest we had around here, there was a lot of hail, so much it looked like snow if you squinted your eyes.
Good times.

No. 217550

File: 1656401559349.jpg (851.76 KB, 1442x2048, FUttmYGaUAAJdH9.jpg)

As an evil mathematician into crime novels, he very specifically appeals to me.

No. 217552

Nona, that is so cute. I salute to your younger self.

File: 1654997678904.jpg (304.95 KB, 1080x1350, 53763786534.jpg)

No. 213555[Reply]

A thread for everything doll related.
Stuff like Sylvanian Families/Calico critters and Nendoroid dolls are also welcomed. If you can put on clothes and pose them, they're dolls.
>Doll photography
>New dolls
>Vintage dolls
>Custom dolls
>Links to buy dolls, resources or clothings
>Tutorials for customizing, sewing, creating dioramas or doll houses, etc
>Youtube videos
>Favorite dolls, growing up or now

4chan's /toy/ mega link with tons of sewing patterns: https://mega.nz/folder/iFd3wapa#B70grHUe4xsTkLU_s8Ag_Q
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No. 217412

these are so cute!!

No. 217413

File: 1656342439733.jpg (56.03 KB, 736x736, ca8d45b4d9e205cb7ff0840f3390fc…)

I love the adult Licca chan japanese community on Instagram. The clothes are really cute!

No. 217414

Husbando BJD anon here, I decided to shop around for parts that resemble my husbando’s appearance, and I found a wig, shoes and a clothing set. After calculating shipping and customs for all of that it turns out that I’ll be paying about 662 US dollars for it, and I wonder if I’ve practically won the lottery when it comes to BJD prices. I’ve decided that I’ll sew the accessories that I can’t get from the company as well, and after hearing some BJD stories from the internet I’m sure I’ll probably get it by next year or so since I have other, more useful bigger purchases planned for this year. Probably helps that none of the parts for my doll are limited (or so it seems).

No. 217484

I'm going to have to say goodbye to my pet (and #1 best friend lol) sometime soon, and I'm thinking of finally getting a bjd after fantasizing about them for years. Maybe I just want a companion to fill the void without worrying about their mortality?

No. 217502

Congrats! I hope he arrives quickly and everything goes smoothly. As a fellow husbandofag and BJD collector I couldn't even begin to figure out what sculpt I'd want for mine kek. I don't like anime-looking sculpts so I'd have to choose the perfect face for him and I don't think I could commit to one.

File: 1646238078105.jpg (99.83 KB, 736x736, dfd1ddc427266c0c71fbefa17881c8…)

No. 186704[Reply]

Discuss anime here while /m/ is still kill
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No. 217289

File: 1656291675695.jpeg (214.09 KB, 1200x1192, 90FDC3B6-4933-4A66-BF62-1685CE…)

I know it’s been out for almost a year now, but I finally got around to watching Sonny Boy and I fucking loved it
Visuals were off the charts and the character design was beautiful and refreshing. The storyline is extremely confusing but after finishing it I realized it was really kind of simple all along. There are some flaws in plotting and character development but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the show that much to be honest
There’s very little coomer content and the one coomerbait character is relatively minor and is hinted at being that way for a very intentional reason
One of the MCs, Mizuho would totally be a farmer (it’s canon that she uses imageboards)

No. 217346

File: 1656314912890.gif (8.79 MB, 540x304, tumblr_18fc8bf9fb0097ad5cc9ca4…)

I'm glad another nonnie liked it! I remember writing about it here when it aired and recommending it to everyone. Frankly I truly loved the ending, the animation was so interesting, the music was great too. All in all it was really creative and refreshing in the usual sea of harem fantasy isekai and coomerism.

No. 217470

I really liked that anime too, I suppose I'll rewatch it within the next two years because I didn't understand everything (don't know if that's my personal problem or if the show is meant to be confusing but that's exactly the type of anime I like)
Also I've come to prefer simple character designs over oversized eyes and neon hair, the characters were drawn more realistically and still looked more unique than chars from your typical popular isekai.

No. 217488

I ended up watching Sonny Boy because of an anon's recommendations in the old non-sexualized media thread, and I really liked it. If it was you, thanks!

No. 217806

I love mob psycho so much it's one of the few good animes out there

File: 1655119650593.jpg (613.42 KB, 1001x1400, __majima_gorou_kiryuu_kazuma_n…)

No. 213879[Reply]

(Sorry for threadpic being only 0-6, couldn't find one that also included 7 and the Judgments that I actually liked)
ITT we talk about SEGA's Yakuza series and all of its spin-offs. Please take the husbando and/or shipping sperging to more appropriate threads. Other kinds of lore discussion, as well as gameplay discussion, memes and other related topics go here.
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No. 215727

My queen.

No. 216084

File: 1655844220056.png (Spoiler Image, 851.82 KB, 877x871, Jo Amon being haram af.png)

Kiryu in the shower in 0 literally feels less naked than an Amon without his shades.

No. 216091

File: 1655845318733.png (Spoiler Image, 744.04 KB, 877x871, Jo Amon being haram af but in …)

here is his Y4 model looking just as naked without his shades. The inconsistent eye shape frankly triggers my autism. picrel in the post I replied to is his YK2 model btw.

No. 217449

File: 1656361378525.png (975.18 KB, 973x917, Yayoi conceiving Daigo.png)

The Daigo paternity fan theory to end all Daigo paternity fan theories

No. 217469

File: 1656366159648.jpg (84.58 KB, 1024x681, man_at_police_station_making_a…)

>replay yakuza 7
>have Saeko as Hostess in Haruka's outfit
>get to Kiryu battle
>make Saeko do the Sexy Pose

File: 1648638173433.jpg (248.02 KB, 921x1200, FLZhlL4UcAIkIQ0.jpg)

No. 193336[Reply]

Post art and/or artists that inspire you or that you generally really like! Focused on drawn visual arts (illustrations, animation, comics, etc). All artstyles welcome

>what do you like in the piece(s)? (Colors, technique, subject…)

>If it does, how does it artistically inspire you?
>Did you study the artist process?

Links to the artists social medias are appreciated
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No. 215968

File: 1655805162314.jpg (618.72 KB, 1280x953, tumblr_pif18gVzQZ1rqt7xwo1_128…)

I know it's very different to what's usually posted in this thread but I hope still acceptable! It's so uniquely creative and both cute and disturbing

No. 216220

File: 1655905672293.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 116.13 KB, 977x1465, 1698776322.jpeg)

Nonnie I love art like this, so wispy and weird. The art in this book was some of favorite art when I was a kid

No. 217298

This is so sad and special, thank you for sharing

No. 217302

God, I love this artist. I wish I had the words to describe how bad this image hurts and how thankful I am to have seen it. Thanks for posting, nona.

No. 217459

File: 1656362918196.jpg (279.72 KB, 1680x1670, 2011_image39.jpg)

He draws scrotey stuff sometimes but I love Masaaki Sasamoto's paintings

File: 1647350478035.png (661.73 KB, 500x548, f2b7420ad61fb861dbc25363cef5e6…)

No. 189531[Reply]

For all your abdl-tier consoooomer needs

Dolls, BJDs, ponies, stuffed toys, figures, anything and everything related adult collecting of toys

ps. OP is very much NOT into abdl, but you can't escape the kink when looking for aesthetic toy collection pics…..
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No. 217392

this screenshot actually made my eyes sting. The MH girls all have different face sculpts but they're all beautiful in their own ways. These actresses are not kek child me would've been devastated.
lolcow taught me that no predominantly male space will ever be okay. They're all diseased.

No. 217397

please tell me there is a seal themed one

No. 217398

looks like a porn parody of MH

No. 217440

They have the audacity to cry about transphobia too. Fuck off, fags

No. 217600

Where do I buy the Monster High repros as a non US/Latam/EU collector? Other than scalpers. They always seem to be out of stock or grossly overpriced on Walmart.

File: 1648106330700.jpg (79.66 KB, 932x699, Cf7gt-dUEAAewtf.jpg)

No. 191778[Reply]

Because /m/ is kill

Prev >>>/m/106870
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No. 216524

kek at this point I barely do tbh. So many of the loud annoying people moved to twitter and tiktok that tumblr has become almost comfy. If you just carve a niche with people and things you like it’s practically pleasant.

No. 217375

File: 1656326693557.jpg (69.26 KB, 1042x540, 289527371_5514309715267512_507…)

No. 217376

File: 1656326735095.jpg (31.97 KB, 600x511, 289747612_1520634241687076_618…)

No. 217379

Ok I’m late but I’m glad you uploaded because I think this is SO fucking funny

No. 217408

>u have to have a high IQ to understand alvin and the chipmunks

File: 1646506409179.jpg (440.27 KB, 828x1601, 1645974888322.jpg)

No. 187240[Reply]

Hi nonners until /m/ is cured can we use this thread to rate art
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No. 217374

File: 1656326537077.png (219.76 KB, 726x648, bt.png)

this was going to be a full body but i got lazy hehe

No. 217383

She kinda looks like a guy here

No. 217420

True, but it's cute. I like the simple style and especially the eyebrows.

No. 217430

Gnc queen

No. 217508

Anon you just made me realise that I draw all my women pretty androgynously (if i could put a crying emoji here I would), I would try and fix it but i draw my original character all the time who actually is intended to be an androgynous woman.. lets just go with her being a gnc queen

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