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File: 1555682152406.jpeg (151.36 KB, 425x640, 59D1D065-F7D7-4E40-A549-76F33C…)

No. 26971[Reply]

ITT: post pictures of traditional/cultural/religious dress from various cultures around the world

>please state culture in comments

>no racebaiting
>no nitpicking
>no fighting
>look at the pretty clothes

Thread pic is traditional dress of Maio ethnic group in China
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No. 122009

File: 1610641508410.jpg (457.18 KB, 1892x680, 1933(S08)年5月の『婦人倶楽部』の履物.jpg)

heeled zori

No. 122010

File: 1610641729157.jpg (66.08 KB, 481x659, 94e1a6c036f429b8084be06dab67f4…)

Based mogal poster

Here's Taisho era but modernized somewhat to be mori

No. 122011

File: 1610641802892.jpg (48.89 KB, 368x450, yinka-shonibare.jpg)

Meiji Era dresses. The Japanese take on edwardian dresses is super underrated

No. 122012

File: 1610642316416.jpg (371.87 KB, 1000x1224, 7-2-1.jpg)

Junihitoe. Fun fact part of why your underwear (bottom layer kimono skirt, they didn't wear traditional underwear styles like fundoshi only men and pearl divers did) was red is so Heiana Era women could have their periods freely. Its still a chosen undergarment color for women in a lot of layers like Oiran also wear red.

No. 122168

File: 1610727346651.jpg (44.52 KB, 450x304, 20090130120204.jpg)

File: 1434856228596.jpg (56.92 KB, 300x300, babby toast.jpg)

No. 47492[Reply]

post ur fav plushies
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No. 119734

She's so adorable! What brand is this plush?

No. 121930

File: 1610574305754.jpeg (102.5 KB, 749x500, F7F19CB9-6696-44C7-A712-CBADE5…)

No. 121946

https://piglette.ru/en/ Idk if they sell them elsewhere but heres the actual website.

No. 121965

File: 1610594780309.jpg (83.66 KB, 1023x878, EphMIfyVQAErUlV.jpg)

For those looking for repairs, I found this is a business article recently. Depending on the severity of your stuffed friend it could cost up to $1000s though, just a heads up.


No. 121969

File: 1610605933976.jpeg (59.19 KB, 572x607, EA14CB08-D7DD-4104-AA76-F7D10F…)

Jellycat plushes are the cutest. I have one of the bunnies but they have soooo many adorable animals, i want to buy them all ahhhh

File: 1528543035724.png (783.05 KB, 800x500, tumblr_o46qkpSei11uplhxro8_r3_…)

No. 8880[Reply]

Old thread has been dead for more than a year now so I'm starting a new one.

Discuss everything Sims related here, mods, cc , what you like and dislike.

Also feel free to post your own sims.

I've been playing Sims 4 and what I miss the most is the memory system of Sims 2. For example, in TS2, sims used to have good and bad memories - for example first kiss, starting a business, relative dying etc. They would remember those memories - a sims that has been cheated would randomly start crying etc. I wish that kind of system was implemented in Sims 4.
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No. 121953

File: 1610582857016.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.55 KB, 279x500, bootspanpic.jpg)

Even at this stage of my life, there's still rabbit holes I regret exploring.

No. 121968

oh no thats a lot

No. 121972

I'm laughing so hard, shave your pubes bro

No. 122020

he is all pubes tho

No. 122090

this looks so incredibly fun, I wish it came out with the spooky packs way back then! I also wish this game was finished. Imagining how much money it would cost to have every pack and a computer that could run it all makes my head hurt.

File: 1526770152876.jpg (80.65 KB, 498x586, 117646614588.jpg)

No. 119852[Reply]

I don't know if this is the place for such a thread or if this thread is even allowed, but I'm curious. Did anyone here ever follow the "glamfur" craze in the early 2000s that was all over the place on deviantart and such? I loved the characters as a teen and the drama was always out there for everyone to see and constant, it was hilarious.

I have tons of pics from that era if anyone is interested.
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No. 121936

my favorite thing about the art from this time is how many characters looked like they was smoking those capri 100 cigarettes like my grammy does lmao

No. 121942

File: 1610576268785.jpg (62.9 KB, 379x500, medicide.jpg)

i just saved these from the site/dramachan way back when. they're still on my photobucket, lol

No. 121943

File: 1610576305954.jpg (78.35 KB, 800x608, 11932033746.jpg)

funny hitler mustache

No. 121944

File: 1610576329540.jpg (62.66 KB, 651x800, CONTAMINATE.jpg)

No. 121945

File: 1610576394175.jpg (70.78 KB, 716x800, 000.jpg)

File: 1480241306979.jpg (262.41 KB, 1240x775, books.jpg)

No. 8561[Reply]

Book thread - recommend books, share what you're reading or what you're planning to read

No weeb mango shit, but books about Japan okay
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No. 121901

…actually I may have been thinking about In Order To Live by Yeonmi Park. Both of those books are good and kind of heartbreaking at times.

No. 121907


I'll have to check these out. Sounds interesting.

No. 121908

Hasn't there been some talk about the legitimacy of yeonmi's accounts? Her stories have kept changing

No. 121914

I really wouldnt believe anything North Koreans refugees in South Korea say when they get so rich off of it, that Yeonmi Park girl the other anon mentioned got into various scandals over lying and completely changing her story

No. 121918

I think it's best to read and decide for yourself.
Haven't heard about it though, I will look into this issue.

File: 1591473770591.gif (1013.9 KB, 491x263, 7c8e0d48523c731ded84ae6d237cf0…)

No. 94950[Reply]

Thread to post cute metal guys!
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No. 121886

File: 1610559551633.jpeg (155.03 KB, 770x1160, 57953BA5-B5AC-4E20-8AED-B9BF8C…)

He’s been in ten million different bands and rumored to be the temp drummer for Slipknot

No. 121887

File: 1610559961995.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 13.9 KB, 240x240, 96782869-06CD-4E2D-A3C2-D6A61D…)

sage for same anon but here’s his angry dick

No. 121888

Spoiler that shit ya dip

No. 121903

Ot but why are dick pics so fucking boring?

No. 121904

they're always taken at the same angle. moids lack creativity

File: 1596625800646.jpg (153.41 KB, 540x635, tumblr_pv4rk09bnK1v831lzo1_540…)

No. 102700[Reply]

There is no active artist judging thread in here so I thought it might be nice. There's no rules: you can post digital art, charcoal, anything.
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No. 121875

I think the shadows are a bit distracting, everything looks like it's floating above the floor and not immersed in water. The composition is cool

No. 121877

Got it, thanks! Will try without it, and with it bur closer to the fish bodies. Might make it less distracting.

No. 121879

Aw thank you, also no I completely get it! I end up drawing very differently digitally and it is so unsatisfying because it does lose that sketchiness because I try to render and make it look more put together which ends up looking like ass. So I am still figuring out what I want to do digitally
Oh I am happy to hear! Sketchbook doodles are peak comf.
Also yeah I definitely should just sit my ass and push through it. I also never seen those pens, I've been using micron ones since the dawn of the times but I feel like the tip is too brittle. I dont know how similar they are but if I find them I will definitely give it a shot if they sell them here, thank you so much!
I think the fish turned out cute and I agree with anon above with the shadows and composition, I also really like the texturing on the lily pads

No. 121919

>everything looks like it's floating above the floor and not immersed in water
I thought this too, but I fucking love it, the thumbnail looks like papercraft art

No. 121963

This is so cute. I wish I had better feedback, I just really like it. I like the coloring and something about their little googly eyes is just adorable. Good shit anon.

File: 1609981235683.jpg (26.42 KB, 620x373, My600LbLife.jpg)

No. 121285[Reply]

Since there isn't a topic for this guilty pleasure of an absolute freak show, I decided to make one now that season 9 just started.

>Opinion on the show?

>Predictions on how the pandemic affected the recordings?
>Favorite episode?
>Biggest trainwreck?
>Best Dr.Now moment?

Also, since the Slaton Sisters thread is long dead and their show is a spin-off I figured they might as well be included here since 1000lb Sisters got a season 2.

The Slaton Sisters are two blubbering rednecks from bumfuck nowhere that got semi-popular on youtube for being fat, disgusting and stupid, and later got a tv show about them being fat, disgusting and stupid while working towards weight-loss surgery.
>Tammy: 600lb mentally disabled woman that never learned that hands are meant for more than just eating and texting with obvious catfishes
>Amy: Tammy's less fat younger sister, married to someone that looks like he needs to use all his brain power to remember how to breathe
>The Show is TLC's attempt to combine the best of Here Comes Honey Booboo and 600lb Life with mediocre payoff
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No. 121536

I wish Thederick's mom could be my mom.

No. 121742

File: 1610426791858.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.79 KB, 1024x574, GINA-1024x574.jpg)

Gina K, season 8 episode 5 was a ride of an episode. She pissed me off so much but I couldn't stop watching lol. She said something along the lines of "a benefit of being over 500lbs is that I qualify for disability" and I was floored. Or another scene when she was crying for her wife to pick up take out but her wife insisted on cooking when she got home instead. Gina and her mom were treating it like the wife did something abusive because she wouldn't get take out food. Also her wife was the only person in the house who seemed to work and she still had to cook for them! She also did fetish porn with her own sister wtf.

No. 121777


God people getting on disability literally just for being fat as fuck pisses me off so much. It's really common in the UK. The strain they put on the healthcare system solely bc they can't stop stuffing themselves with 10,000 calories a day is infuriating.

No. 121782

There really isn't a good reason to help these people. If anything, keep feeding them till they croak and forget about it. These people are a waste of resources.

No. 121852

File: 1610536165440.png (3.85 MB, 1920x3226, fat bitch.png)

Last time on 1000 lb Sisters
>TLC still editing Amy to seem like a sweetheart, but if you know your Slaton lore we all know she is actually a cunt
>Fake live streams and YT videos that was never released for the sake of the show
>Amy eating like crap again and blaming it on pregnancy cravings (like pineapple + lasagna) and that "the baby wants it" like she's 6 months pregnant
>Tammy and Chris calls Amy out for eating like shit, Amy does not take it too well
>Eight years since Tammy could fit in a vehicle seat
>Dr. Proctor goes full Dr.Now on both of them
>Dr. gives Tammy another chance, but assigns a doctor closer to her instead and will welcome her back when she is ready to do surgery
>The probability of Tammy dying in 5 years is 80%, maybe finally Amy will give scamming people for a giant casket for Tam-Tam another try

File: 1457311425596.jpg (122.53 KB, 500x532, tumblr_lu8t4tlZx71r168ymo1_500…)

No. 104102[Reply]

>What is an otome game?
tl;dr, enjoy a beautiful 2D boy harem as either a girl (otome) or a 2D boy yourself (BL).

Discuss what you're playing now, what you're looking forward to, ask questions, talk merch, etc.

You can find a thorough FAQ and a lot of download links in halfchan's BL + otome general, but most of them are out of date or only in Japanese.

Please spoiler spoilers! CGs are fine unless it's an important plot point.
335 posts and 86 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 119470

Reminder that multiple high quality otomes are on sale at Steam right now! More info here:

I have already bought Amnesia, both Psychodelicas and I am considering getting Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome and Steam Prison.
Have any of you guys played any of the discounted games? What is worth buying?
I usually shamelessly pirate my PC games but since otomes are still are relatively unpopular, I want to support the releases so we get more shit translated.

No. 121472

Is it worth it to play through the games on your own? I have a history of getting bad endings when not using walkthroughs and have since relied on 'guides' online for what dialogue to pick so that I get the good ending first. Then I just watch the bad endings on Youtube. Does anyone have an opinion on why I should/shouldn't do this? I'm envious of people who play through each route tbh but I'm scared to not use a walkthrough and go in totally blind.

No. 121740

I usually look up recommended route order and then use a guide and play through each route in the recommended order. I also get each bad end as well. I honestly think going in blind hinders enjoyment

No. 121792

Which games (preferably on Steam) would you recommend to a noob just starting out? The only one I’ve played is Obey Me. Are there any in which you can date both men and women?

No. 121826

My personal habit/rule for this kind of thing is pretty much this:
>mobile game
Walkthrough from the start
>PC/console game
First playthrough blind, then walkthrough

File: 1582931084063.jpg (85.65 KB, 625x428, hstry.jpg)

No. 77294[Reply]

a thread for anything and everything about what has happened on the planet up to now. for students, experts, and laywomen alike


>questions about the craft of the historian
>movies, book, docu recommendations
>anything interesting
>anything complementary

all time periods, all aspects, all peoples, all locations, etc etc etc
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No. 121736

File: 1610423675834.png (78.29 KB, 720x742, Screenshot_20210112-084845.png)

So there's this fairly recent trend on tumblr and twitter of gaywashing certain historical figures or even entire civilizations, yes historically there have been instances of lgb individuals whose stories have been suppressed however the leaps certain Tumdards make are rediculous
I have seen people try to imply that Cleopatra and Marc Anthony were both Bisexual and Poly cause they were "Greek" and Greeks are now all apparently Pansexual Poly woke people suddenly
The most common same sexual relationship practiced in aincent Greece was Pedastry between adult men and Boys, it was also something practiced by the aristocracy, this was also present in various Islamic societies, Pedastry still is common in those countries

Now it would be thing if they were fictional characters that they try to argue were actually gay but these are actual people who lived and died and loved and these dumb asses are treating them like their some stupid show or something, I mean they'd rather trust the works of gender studies professors who are not at all qualified historians rather then actual Historians who spend decades of their lives trying in their research

No. 121741

THey don’t actually care about the history at all. I fucking hate the “ X historical figure is gay/trans/POC” trend, especially when it come to stuff like Hamilton, woke twitter likes to parade around how all the actor are POC ect. But fails to mention that the majority of the male historical figures, jefferson in particular raped all of his female slaves. I get that historical fiction is a thing, but constantly rewriting actual historical figures lives and have it be presented as fact is extreamly gross ad disturbing, especially when the majority of the stories subject to this are ones about women, like cleopatra, ada Lovelace ect. Why is it always the gender studies crowd outdoing the,self’s in mysogieny

No. 121743

The founding fathers of America were interesting though, I remember one of my teachers described them as "Enlightented Anarchists and nigger stealers" most of them were Diests and Freemasons, If they'd existed today they'd be hated by /pol/ and tumblr

The modern discussion of Cleopatra is just tiresome, especially with regards to her race, they try to argue she was a "POC", like she was of Greek and slight Egyptian ancestry, she, her family and the Egyptians themselves wouldn't have appeared that different from the Mediterranean Italians

They really add in neo-liberal modern American concepts of race to every thing

No. 121744

I hope you can learn more about your roots anon, that is if you care about it.

No. 121752

I find early America / founding fathers to be extremely interesting tbh. I’m still learning/ educating myself on a lot of there works but its so interesting to see how our modern times/perspectives and struggles we still face somewhat echoed in the early works/what they fought against Britain for. You really turn into the monster that you despised

Applying our modern US western centered idea of race onto past historical figures and times really just makes no sense at all. Ive only seen it rewrite facts in order to pursued opinions. Is it a form of colonialism that people in the future will recognize or is it just a passing trend to be forgotten? Who knows

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