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File: 1500506149996.jpg (64.08 KB, 300x300, TalkingHeadsRemaininLight.jpg)

No. 4532[Reply]

Just curious of your guys' musical preferences. And mainly looking forward to finding new bands
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No. 98360

No. 98581

cool post-punk/darkwave from Iceland

No. 98582

I also enjoy old Japanese pop music, but never heard this one before. This is great

No. 98718

Anyone listen to Allie X? Found her through my discover weekly on spotify recently

Big rina fan. She released a remix of XS with Bree Runway yesterday

No. 98726

love allie, especially this song and that's so us, but use the yt field babes!

File: 1594174762134.png (2.21 MB, 2560x1440, 24762875f8406489aa19ca7305383d…)

No. 98410[Reply]

Any anons dabble in the mainstream competitive esports games?

I love playing CS:GO even though I'm not very good. My favorite map is train, because that is the only map where I can awp okay-ish. I'm really bad at sniping in CS:GO even though I love snipers in other games. Experienced players can peek me with an ak47 faster than I can scope in and find them. One thing I wish about the game is that they should get rid of free armor and defuse kits in casual, it's hard to get good in casual when it holds your hand like that.
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No. 98497

I like SMITE

No. 98536

I honestly want to get into LoL and Overwatch so bad, but i only want to play with mainly women because men are dumb.

Nice! How is it?

No. 98580

For some reason the men on OW are the most incel and misogynistic

No. 98608

I used to be into Overwatch, was Masters and had a team in the Open division, even went to the OWL Season 1 finals and >>98580 is entirely right. People will scream at you if you don't use mic and tell you you're throwing and report you for bad teamwork but the second they hear a female voice doing any kind of callout they call you a cunt and tell you to shut up. There's no winning. Don't bother. Overwatch should only be played casually.

No. 98664

sucks so much. This is why i want more female friends into gaming. A lot of them are really casual, but i'd love to do more competitive stuff together. Men ruin everything. We cant win

File: 1572111762612.png (85.79 KB, 500x456, rpbfrr.png)

No. 59396[Reply]

This community is always full of drama. All tea, all shade.
>Favorite/Least Favorite Queens
>Favorite/Least Favorite Seasons
>Who was robbed? Who's overrated?
>Spinoffs (UNHhhh, Alyssa's Secret, etc)
>Best Lipsyncs
>RuPaul/Judges Drama
>Edits Edits Edits
>The Fanbase, Celebs
>Drag Race UK/Currently Airing Seasons
>General Community Drama
>The shade of it all.

This is a thread to discuss RPDR drama, not your opinion on LGBTQ+ or the concept of Drag.
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No. 98459

File: 1594230870156.jpg (59.71 KB, 821x481, sharon's a predator.jpg)

This shit is so nasty. it's hard to read.

No. 98466

Didn't RuPaul delete all of his instagram posts? Is this why?

Fucking disgusting.

No. 98491

Yeah I don't see how drag can ever be family-friendly. Seems it's straight white women and gay men that wanna push that idea but it has no place in a child's life imo. I don't think gay culture itself is inappropriate for children but Drag most certainly is. It's overly sexual, vulgar, and leaving kids unsupervised around grown men just bc they are gay is insane.

No. 98538

it probably had more to do with people spamming his account with "lol fracking" stuff, you just know he wouldn't care about a past contestant

No. 98825

Where the fuck were her parents. JFC who lets their kid go on a cruise with a 31-year-old man.

File: 1522861048952.jpeg (70.53 KB, 640x501, 2B073B4A-B96C-402F-9468-401266…)

No. 9088[Reply]

Can we get a true crime thread that doesn’t delve into what serial killers you want to fuck?

Talk about things you find interesting
>Unsolved Mysteries
>Overrated Killers
>Favourite Podcasts
>Zodiac or EAR//ONS?
>Have you watched Mindunter?
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No. 98217

File: 1593966758336.jpeg (145.32 KB, 843x617, 406F6E09-66DF-4EF5-96E7-73E1FA…)

No. 98218

File: 1593966786840.jpeg (379.49 KB, 992x567, 599960AB-C8FA-4F15-BE23-6A5526…)

No. 98219

File: 1593966905315.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 15.98 KB, 250x168, 93A73C64-5DDF-4035-8849-8125CA…)

The sign rigged with a gun set to fgo off. A poorly erased serial no. Lead to her brother in law. This happened after her husbands death. The allegations from the writer (she washaving An affair with the school superintendent) turned out to be true

No. 98420

Has anyone watched the Unsolved Mysteries reboot on Netflix?

I just finished it and I thought it was really well done. I was worried it was going to be in name only but they kept the creepy theme and made it even creepier. I didn't care much for the 5th episode because I'm not really into aliens and stuff (it's not that I don't believe it but most paranormal stuff is simply "take our word for it" which doesn't interest me as much). My favorite one was the French episode because I'm a sucker for missing person cases (I know the girl from the six episode is also a missing person but it's so obvious she was killed so she wouldn't rat her mother out).

Also fuck Rob.

No. 98422

I liked it a lot too! I skipped the 5th episode and then watched it later for the same reason (don't really like paranormal stuff) but I thought it was pretty well-done, considering. The French one was so eerie, I read some more about the case later because I couldn't get it out of my head and the detail about the father having dinner alone with the oldest son while the rest of the family was dead was haunting. Apparently they didn't speak much at the restaurant at the time. It really makes you wonder if he knew what was about to happen.

File: 1593927663412.jpg (58.6 KB, 258x333, Punk-Rock-RiotGrrl-poster-009.…)

No. 98176[Reply]

What is Riot grrrl?
Riot grrrl is an underground feminist punk movement that combines feminism, punk music and politics. It is often associated with third-wave feminism, which is sometimes seen as having grown out of the riot grrrl movement, and has recently been seen in current fourth-wave feminist punk music. Riot grrrl bands often address issues such as rape, domestic abuse, sexuality, racism, patriarchy, classism, anarchism and female empowerment.

Famous Riot grrrl bands include:
♥ Bikini Kill
♥ Hole
♥ Bratmobile
♥ Babes in Toyland

Discuss anything Riot grrrl-related here.
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No. 98267

There are bands who still use the term Riot grrrl to refer to their music.

No. 98274

File: 1594031058668.gif (1.64 MB, 487x353, 8dfd51075ba4b91dd75d007095681c…)

Courtney love is both for and against everything and anything, so it doesn't matter what she says. Hole's first record definitely fits the riot grrrl label.
I live for the kinderwhore style created by her and/or Kat Bjelland.

No. 98348

File: 1594112777820.jpg (537.75 KB, 642x852, Kat_Bjelland_1992_(crop).jpg)

Bjelland started the style, Love just popularized it.

No. 98403

I love this shit! My favorite bands that identify with riot grrrl are the Regrettes and Skating Polly, but there are some other female fronted riot grrrl adjacent bands that I'm really into too.

No. 98452

Loving this thread, added all bands to my playlist and I hope anons will add more bands to listen to.

File: 1556154566144.jpeg (329.46 KB, 537x445, EFC09BA4-F919-433B-A6DC-1D3E2C…)

No. 28299[Reply]

A thread to discuss all things metal! All genres welcome. Post videos, albums you love, pictures of metal heads, thoughts on the scene, or anything your sweet black heart desires.
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No. 84275

randomly bought it a while ago and freaking love it! Does anybody know something similar? Any recs?


>Once a metalhead, always a metalhead.

very true

No. 84318


No. 86355

Another huge favorite of 2019 is the latest Midnight Odyssey record (atmospheric BM). I still get teary eyed when listening to "From a Frozen Wasteland" from the previous album.

No. 86458

All Altarage releases are free to download on Bandcamp today! https://altarage.bandcamp.com/

No. 98283

I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole
diggy diggy hole
diggy diggy hole

File: 1552439535349.jpg (217.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 17333[Reply]

post webms, youtube links etc. of random videos that don't fit in any other threads.
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No. 97268

I wouldn't be surprised to find out she's a farmer.

No. 97295

File: 1593251372738.webm (2.08 MB, 640x640, 1593146512804.webm)

Don't worry about the dog.

No. 97301

No. 98207

No. 98282

I love john goblikon of nekrogoblikon
I can't believe I watched all of this

File: 1587984249749.gif (135.19 KB, 500x280, original.gif)

No. 86291[Reply]

Got inspired by the internet nostalgia thread.

Post cute pixel gifs that were popular on the internet, forums etc in the early 2000s.
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No. 92660

File: 1590546162031.gif (29.29 KB, 200x200, Pictures That Remind Me Of Lun…)

No. 92664

File: 1590546963674.gif (49.56 KB, 250x250, tumblr_static_tumblr_mzg3k8xhn…)

No. 92666

File: 1590547127006.gif (540.23 KB, 500x475, tumblr_n4w85syp811s559q7o2_500…)

No. 92699

File: 1590561468784.gif (310.6 KB, 400x250, 7d85d5984bcf4945e9686ea3958252…)

No. 98273

File: 1594028376019.png (1.18 MB, 1280x843, Zarg1tmflxzo1_1280.png)

File: 1593191416201.jpg (697.12 KB, 600x776, oceantann.full.1330752.jpg)

No. 97202[Reply]

a collection for forgotten early 2010s videos from the weeb side of YT.
Let's take a trip down memory lane.
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No. 97784

I miss these types of AMVs. Sometimes they would make these style of videos with manga pictures too like vid related. I know they still make AMVs but it seems to mostly be just clips edited together with no further editing like this. What do kids do online to be creative these days?

I still play on PS2. You can buy the games for cheap from thrift stores and the pad from used/retro game shops or online.

No. 97795

No. 97822

12 years ago, damn.
Brings back memories of being a tween weeb.
When I was in 7th grade my German teacher actually allowed me to show the first 3 Hetalia episodes to my entire German class. I'd hyped up the cultural/educational aspect so she was probably not expecting, well, fucking Hetalia. Needless to say the class didn't really know how to respond.
This was such a cringeworthy memory for so long but at this point it has passed the cringe stage and turned into a warm nostalgic memory.

No. 97860

Surely this counts lmao

No. 98243

File: 1567835698448.jpg (138.19 KB, 960x741, 1558809914962.jpg)

No. 48159[Reply]

Post any image that you want to post.
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No. 98178

File: 1593930184436.jpeg (30.42 KB, 240x240, 83780599-1924-4B46-A5D6-443AC2…)

No. 98203

File: 1593949096749.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 61.64 KB, 749x408, 0892FEC2-E893-49F6-A26D-2C6972…)

No. 98205

File: 1593950319402.jpg (332.03 KB, 1024x683, 3c67fcca07903fa2ef5d62acdefc7d…)

do you think rohan could actually make this happen? his stand is pretty omnipotent. I think he could. Wonder what he'd have to write

No. 98213

No. 98220

File: 1593967684533.jpeg (92.24 KB, 500x500, 92994229-8F05-4C50-A172-FF2D02…)

He definitely could, someone should ask Araki just so we can be sure.

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