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File: 1666825774580.jpg (19.16 KB, 500x464, webkinz-signature-cow.jpg)

No. 250832[Reply]

The old m thread was lost, use this to discuss/post anything you want about plushes again
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No. 317849

File: 1693042724080.jpg (103.1 KB, 1000x749, FSH6hIuWQAAsU6b.jpg)

No. 317957

File: 1693084356648.jpg (54.91 KB, 800x800, 33675_800x.jpg)

A little axolotl my mum gave me for my birthday

No. 323325

File: 1695615462442.jpeg (90.96 KB, 736x579, 406EB8B3-F168-4303-9758-796A3A…)

No. 323326

File: 1695615483822.jpeg (104.57 KB, 960x717, 5B0C10BC-0FF8-456E-8B29-AC0AB2…)

No. 323980

File: 1695887887415.jpg (153.47 KB, 540x540, Tumblr_l_272267142776656.jpg)

File: 1649316785188.png (101.98 KB, 226x260, foundongoogle.png)

No. 195463[Reply]

don't google "dumb bitch memes" on google edition

What is a Dumb Bitch meme?
>has bitchy or feminine undertones
>usually looks feminine or cute stylized
>most likely to be used by internet communities that are female spaces.

previous threads:

give some love to the manhate meme thread too:
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No. 318901

File: 1693550584764.png (178.66 KB, 487x520, wat.png)

No. 323128

File: 1695551954766.jpg (112.39 KB, 1242x1017, 1654325280173.jpg)

No. 323969

File: 1695887099491.jpeg (67.86 KB, 734x528, D08M8u8U4AACjtL.jpeg)

No. 323975

File: 1695887291118.jpg (67.63 KB, 634x475, Fuji_betray.jpg)

No. 323976

File: 1695887312509.jpeg (44.35 KB, 500x496, images (40).jpeg)

File: 1621275053259.jpg (21.15 KB, 225x470, So what IS a Cloistered Heart_…)

No. 142261[Reply]

Post images regarding religious imagery, particularly in regards to Christianity. Post nuns, angles, Jesus merch, cathedrals, churches etc
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No. 322708

File: 1695353131229.jpeg (66.06 KB, 594x796, Theophile_Lybaert_-_Old_Flande…)

No. 322906

File: 1695423307696.jpg (58.43 KB, 960x804, Alexey-Kondakov-5.jpg)

No. 322911

Christian cow

No. 323519

File: 1695700807965.jpg (91.99 KB, 635x800, Hugues Merle Faith.jpg)

No. 323972

File: 1695887209881.jpg (106 KB, 736x736, 5cf32f47187e3c3a04b772dc1bbe0c…)

File: 1663705199681.jpg (67.79 KB, 545x1043, cea38e2023c4e7db61a0f577200a1c…)

No. 240697[Reply]

post artowrk or recreations of historical warrior groups or specific individuals
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No. 320382

File: 1694256543257.jpg (190.18 KB, 1024x685, 1024px-Edward_Burne-Jones.The_…)

No. 320852

File: 1694509161233.jpg (26.32 KB, 424x480, A Spanish Soldier of the 16th …)

No. 320853

File: 1694509234704.jpg (395.76 KB, 800x1037, 800px-Albrecht_Dürer,_Knight,_…)

No. 323208

File: 1695583838795.jpg (93.67 KB, 907x960, u2gmqmmduax61.jpg)

No. 323965

File: 1695886856716.jpg (146.31 KB, 800x555, 800px-Ivan_Bilibin_Koshchey.jp…)

File: 1648391384003.jpg (66.21 KB, 550x800, FIGURE-130853_03.jpg)

No. 192563[Reply]

A thread to discuss anime figures/merch!

Post new releases and announcements, your current preorders, collection/display inspo, ita bags, things you want to see released, what you're on the hunt for, etc!
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No. 322429

You're supposed to assume you'll have to pay taxes, since it's so expensive.

No. 322430

Autistic answer apreciated.
Yeah the cheap hobby part was mostly a "I'm glad I don't have any expense outside rent/daily utilities". About space, I live on rent since I'm single so I can't own a house yet, depending on my luck I may or may not live on a bigger place in the next 2 years hahah…
I technically have the money already thanks to savings, but I prefer to not touch that. I easily can see her being +5k euro after shipping and taxes, I will try to convince my local shop to order her for me so I can pay a fixed amount with today's rate (or at least paying in installments).

No. 322435

>my house is very sunny, I can hardly display the few small figures I own
buy uv blocking curtains and get a tester you should be fine

No. 323947

File: 1695874760846.jpg (73.26 KB, 600x700, snoopy!.jpg)

I just found out there will be a Snoopy nendo! It's got me down a rabbithole now, there are so many cute recent and upcoming releases

No. 323948

File: 1695875353235.jpg (195.75 KB, 700x700, alexander nendo.jpg)

whoops I got so excited I didn't see it had been posted already kek >>306012
This one is much more recent, there is also an Iron Fist Alexander nendo upcoming!

File: 1661837295121.png (2.06 MB, 1044x1044, topsters2022.png)

No. 234762[Reply]

Post/share your topsters chart here

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No. 322485

File: 1695243824126.png (2.42 MB, 1819x1140, chartt.png)

*no skips only edition (still hasn't been updated in years)

No. 322509

I watched the Princess and the Goblin so much as a child! Oh my gosh, I haven’t thought about it in years.

No. 322518

File: 1695260008005.png (2.14 MB, 1352x1044, topsters2.png)

Some albums I've been enjoying lately since making a top of all time is too much pressure. My taste is all over

Great chart anon. Cibo matto is so underrated. + M.I.A, weyes blood, black marble, and the best talking heads album

No. 323946

File: 1695874556213.png (5.12 MB, 2911x2276, E1D0BE40-9F1A-400C-ABA9-C91988…)

Some favorite albums, movies, shows and games

No. 324042

i wish i could be your friend nona

File: 1622703500895.png (333.76 KB, 530x298, megan_doja.png)

No. 146690[Reply]

Discuss new and recent releases and other developments and trends in popular music. This can include any artist or song that is massively popular, not limited to just the pop genre. Salty opinions and hot takes welcome.
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No. 322300

her music has gotten worse what are you smoking. she hasn't released anything good since 2017

No. 323753

File: 1695802856454.jpg (87.58 KB, 1028x665, Doja-Cat-Scarlet-Spotify-Recor…)

Reposting from celebricows thread since it would be appropriate here

I'm both impressed and extremely disappointed with Doja's new scarlet album. I def thought it would be cooler than what it actually is, because it was hyped up as this new artistic endeavor from her, and then it turns out at least two songs from the album are about her new ugly moid and how much she would do for him while also shouting "fuck the girls" and being too obsessed on social media drama (we get it your faghag fans suck). Also, kinda sad there's still hypersexual shit considering this album would be totally different from her previous stuff, but whatever it's not as bad as it could had been (and I still enjoy her old stuff despite saying that her pussy is an Alakazam. I like it. I just don't listen to it anymore because I believed in scarlet more than I did with planet her).

Anyway, I liked paint the town red, attention, balut, skull and bones and demons. Nothing else was that noteworthy to me.

No. 323756

Everyone sleeps on Carly Rae Jepson because her singles are absolute annoying trash but then every single other song on her albums are the best pop I've heard from the past 10 years. Mogs Lana and these other boring pop goblinas.

If you don't believe me go listen to Cry, it's a crime that song is just a B-side, it's perfect.

No. 323828

Post her good songs then

No. 323945

Yeah, I like Carly. She's not my most favourite but Lana is awful and overrated, her voice sounds like shit. I like Rufus Wainwright kek so The Loneliest Time was a bop for me

File: 1648583477192.png (367.97 KB, 540x319, VTDr0gr.png)

No. 193190[Reply]

Until we get the old vampire general back:
In light of recent events (the death of Anne Rice, AMC announcing a new Interview with the Vampire show, Twilight nostalgia) let's have a vampire thread. Any IP with vampires in it is fair game for discussion.
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No. 318662

This, and even Rice's novels jumped the shark in the 90s. "Sympathetic vampires," is a really hard concept to pull off if you're not willing to fully interrogate the underlying moral questions it raises. A lot of vampire media shits the bed by trying to separate vampires from their inherently immoral qualities by having them drink animal blood, donated blood, or not even drink blood at all. Without the ethical paradigm, it's just goths with a kink, basically. Rice never shied away from examining taboo in her books, and I think that's part of why they were special. Additionally, her origin story for vampires as a species is so delightfully bizarre that you can't help but admire it. I won't spoil it because it's an important part of books 2 and 3, but the weirdness honestly does make it feel like an old folktale.

As an aside though, American Vampire is also a good book series, if you count comic books.

No. 318772

File: 1693497642024.png (1.29 MB, 1585x1199, troika archivedotorg.png)

Someone at the internet archive uploaded vtmb, looks like it's really the whole game. Files for the unofficial patch are included too, but I'm not sure which version:

No. 323933

File: 1695869326075.png (1.76 MB, 2292x900, 9127986226515.png)

Right now is an amazing time to be a vampire enjoyer. This thread should be more active.

No. 323940

File: 1695871517876.jpg (528.85 KB, 1707x2560, kffoWJ7FfPRlFFBGixOMbq3blQp-sc…)

Rewatched this gem last night, I love it. The vibes are immaculate and Tilda looks amazing, even Tom Hiddleston looks hot for once.

No. 323942

I watched this movie a long time ago, so idk if maybe there’s things I didn’t pick up on or something, but they had zero chemistry. Such an odd casting choice for a couple. Individually, I think they were amazing! But the scenes where they’re meant to come across as deeply in love just did not give me that. It was almost negative chemistry.

File: 1683817488603.jpg (154.16 KB, 1280x720, totk.jpg)

No. 295708[Reply]

Since the new game comes out tomorrow, I figured I'd make a thread for it, but all zelda games can be discussed.
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No. 317119

mipha is definitely better than yona, but to be fair mipha isn't all that interesting either. not really their fault, its more on nintendo writing these females characters to just be bland love interests.

No. 321890

Ok, now that the totk honeymoon is over…this game was a fun disappointment. One of my criticism of this game is the lack of Zelda, and how she is treated by the NPCS. I was REALLY hoping we would get companion Zelda and have her personality more fleshed out/have her interact in the world. But nope, she disappears and we have to rescue her (again) even though we did this in the BOTW games(like why not change it up for the sequel?). Its also annoying how the NPCS and the game insists we need to care about finding Zelda, but tbh it just felt like a task to check off my list.

No. 321933

File: 1694952805294.jpeg (312.74 KB, 963x963, IMG_1112.jpeg)

My gripe with it is there’s too much to do and not enough rewards for doing the most. Controls can be clunky and I forget the combat system all the time. Crushing rock walls suck and shouldn’t take 5 weapons to break through. Weapons breaking still sucks. Getting 1 shotted in “easy areas” sucks. The depths look and feel the same throughout and felt rushed. No I haven’t finished the game I quit from frustration. There are some nice moments like I appreciate Zelda’s story but I wish we had more of Zelda like you say. Her sacrifice was worth it but I think bringing her back makes me feel iffy they just wanted that ghibli reference lol.

No. 322201

I just finished ToTK and played most of BoTW around when it released. I really didn't care for either of them, favoring ToTK more than BoTW. I'm much more a fan of Minish Cap, Link to the Past/Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Story of Seasons, Phantom Hourglass, & Link's Awakening. I don't think the massive open world did them any favors. They need to keep it smaller and more curated like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. I agree with all your criticisms.
For both games - I hate the weapon durability nonsense. In ToTK: I did not like how restrictive the building system is. I'm glad I turned on cheats at some point because the game was massively frustrating for me between the restrictions of the build system, the crafting, the stupid amount of gathering of materials they expected for upgrading your gear, the stamina system, etc. I have very little patience for grinding. I liked the creativity that you could have with the build system but that they tied it to your limited amount of inventory resources I felt was very silly. It hampered my desire to mess around with the build system because of how it was so easy to mess up and waste items/zonai devices, before I turned cheats on. It wasn't friendly towards making mistakes and experimenting. I can't believe there isn't a free build area and that you can only have, what, 8 favorite slots? They have a HUMONGOUS world but only 8 favorite slots for builds. Just lol. I did really like most of the abilities and the fusion system with weapons/shields, that was pretty fun to mess around with. The dungeons in both games fell really flat for me. I laughed out loud at the boss fight for the spirit shrine in particular because of how simple it was and easy to beat. I could not get myself invested in the plot, maybe I'm just too old now. The voice acting left much to be desired. The depths was a really neat idea but suffered from the overall game issues mentioned above.
You might like ToTK a bit more than BoTW like I did, but I think from what you said, you'll feel pretty let down overall. If they want to continue down this path, I hope they make some major improvements to the building system and encourage freely building. I want to see them discard with the weapon durability silliness entirely. The amount of grinding needs to go away too, I do not ever want grinding in Zelda of all places. They nePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 323934

File: 1695869410133.jpg (85.58 KB, 640x768, 1692413138242579.jpg)

>Her sacrifice was worth it but I think bringing her back makes me feel iffy
They should have kept her as a dragon, especially since Mineru states you can never turn back, so it doesn't feel like a sacrifice. Also, I miss the champions. The sages don't feel like a family or team like the champions did, the sages just feel like random people who were put together. I wouldn't mind an Age of Calamity game for TOTK, it could really help flesh out the sages.

What do you nonnies want for the future of TLOZ? I really want a re-release of Windwaker and Twilight Princess for the switch. Haven't played both of those games in so long and I really want to play them again. For future new games, I want to explore somewhere different…maybe Termina. Or a Zelda game with like sci-fi like elements to it, would be cool.

File: 1662074352194.jpg (143.76 KB, 894x894, naoto.jpg)

No. 235564[Reply]

>what is transwashing
Transwashing is when a character is forcefully made into trans, even if they're just gnc, homosexual, or crossdressing. When a character dresses or behaves in a way outside of the gender stereotype associated with their biological sex, oftentimes fandoms (and, even the creators themselves to appear "woke") start percieving them as trans. And, sometimes, even if those characters don't have "any sign of being trans", some people's headcannons becomes too out of control and fall into the gender ideology. This unfortunately happens to real people too.

Post those characters, discuss why they're transwashed, and vent if you want to. Please don't infight and ignore any shitty bait.

Previous thread:
1188 posts and 276 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 324051

File: 1695906530051.jpg (100.81 KB, 1394x1200, F4Rk9JkaAAAQBBZ.jpg)

Even in spite of a confirmation that he's just a feminine-and-cute-things-liking autist, westoid fans will still keep referring to him as a tranny, no matter what. They continuously call some female characters, like Ichika and Mafuyu (picrel) "he," and draw them with titty scars/binders or just straight-up turn them into bulky, wide, stubble-having moids. I fucking hate this entire fandom, I hope all the westie, gendie teenagers fuck off to some other game soon.

No. 324081

Horikoshi already created troons in the series whats wrong with western fans wanting to troon out some more of the main cast…

No. 324167

File: 1695939507082.jpg (73.05 KB, 564x771, 66751a0824fae3c0b73fc6bb15a657…)

Asagiri: creates a character that was born "out of nowhere" to take care of a Casino where there is money laundry.

These rats: He's a non-binary symbol!

No. 324170

they've been doing that to shu because he used to wear dresses as a child too and he has stereotypically feminine tastes in general. what happened to clothes =/= gender?

No. 324178

I need them gone fr. This is the second time they're trying to troon out one of the characters from my fave units. I just stopped interacting with the fandom altogether but it gets so boring when you have no one to share the things you like with.

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