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File: 1592937958724.jpg (155.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 96900[Reply]

Since my frontpage is mainly garbage I'm interested who other anons like to watch on YouTube

> Share interesting YouTube channels you discovered or watch regularly

> Ask for specific recommendations

> Discuss your favourite channels and why you like them

> Foreign language channels are good to post
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No. 153607

Give it a few months… the drama bubble around her is about to burst. There’s a reason why she doesn’t work for Pat McGrath anymore.

No. 153645

I always thought there was something off about her. The way she talked about other muas, industry events, her scrote etc came off as very NLOG. She also seemed super offended when people assumed she was queer.

No. 154288

Any recommendations for channels like Azusa Barbie's? Not necessarily interested in the Barbie part, but looking for people who are obsessed with a color (preferably purple, but any color) or an aesthetic and incorporate it into every aspect of life with lots of diy.

No. 158267

Ack. Samefagging but I can't believe I forgot to mention tiffanyferg. She was the first commentary channel I ran into a couple years ago.

No. 161360

Regardless I cannot take this man seriously. I remember seeing his channel years ago and he sounded like a normal dude and now he puts on the obvious fake voice which is just distracting

File: 1522861048952.jpeg (70.53 KB, 640x501, 2B073B4A-B96C-402F-9468-401266…)

No. 9088[Reply]

Can we get a true crime thread that doesn’t delve into what serial killers you want to fuck?

Talk about things you find interesting
>Unsolved Mysteries
>Overrated Killers
>Favourite Podcasts
>Zodiac or EAR//ONS?
>Have you watched Mindunter?
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No. 161324

I think the amount of things multiple different authorities did wrong, and the extent to which they all fucked up, is so insane and so sad. so many little things done sooner or differently and she'd still be here. His entire family needs to be heavily investigated and interrogated, especially if the worst case scenario ends up happening (him taking the coward's route and killing himself without her family ever getting answers) and they need to be searching for his stupid bald ass in puerto rico at this point, not in florida and sure as hell not anywhere in the direction that the family claims he went, since they're so blatantly covering for him. sorry i'm super biased but like, it's hard not to be biased when so many of the Laundrie family's actions are SO sketchy.

No. 161337

god damn I didn't hear about that, who was that?

No. 161345

I want them to catch him and for justice to be served but a part of me really hopes he walked into the woods and topped himself. Fucking psycho.

No. 161349

Confirmation that young (/any) men with shaven heads and beards are fucking unhinged and should be avoided at all costs. Never met a single one of them who wasn't either a hair-trigger hothead or a smarmy self-deprecating narc.

No. 161354

He's hiding under his sister's neck.

File: 1557022158807.png (167.6 KB, 900x506, bpc.png)

No. 30296[Reply]

Basically if it's not anime but still animated, post it here

>Your favorite cartoons

>What are you watching right now
>Cartoon Recommendations
>Western animation studio discussion
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No. 160756

I'm not trying to be cunty but the art is just hideous and feels so inauthentic. And I definitely didn't like that CGI establishing shot of the school or whatever. It just seems so low effort to me… Even the dialogue just from the trailer seems stilted and unnatural.

No. 161112

File: 1632115278217.jpg (315.28 KB, 960x1440, Amphibia_season_1_poster.jpg)

Have any of you checked out Amphibia?

It's about this magic music box that warps three girls to a land of amphibians. I snubbed it at first because it reminded me of Big City Greens but I watched it again and it is surprisingly good. The first couple of episodes in S1 are a little meh but it picks up big time. The writing, attention to detail, the characters are pretty great. The three girls have a perfect blend of feminine and masculine traits which is kind of a treat because typically you'd have the girly-girl character and the tomboy character so I'm glad they subverted that. The plot is pretty solid and interesting and plot twists make sense and don't come out of left field to outsmart the audience cough cough Steven Universe cough cough
There was this new blue haired girl in the S3 trailer and I'm worried they'll make her nb or add some dumb kweerio zoomer pandering as that seems to be the trend nowadays
If you like Gravity Falls/The Owl House, you will like this. IMHO I think it's a little better than GF. It certainly does the spooky mystery shit better and the worldbuilding is better.

No. 161134

i really enjoyed ambphibia, what i liked about it the most was the way it portrayed friendships, it showed the toxic and healthy friendships which i think is important for kids to see. they don't realise that a kid can say they're your friend but still be evil to you on purpose.

it's mainly just super wholesome content but also still funny. i did struggle to follow the plot in the last season but that's just because i wasn't expecting it, i just expected more froggy hijinx so that's on me.

No. 161299

I watched the first two episodes when I was sick in bed. Pretty comfy! Thought I was gonna find it annoying cause it has the certain aesthetic lol but yeah I’ll probably put it on again when I’m trying to relax.

No. 161357

I just started watching this the other day! Cozy show but I was pretty surprised to see one of the first episodes had Anne and the old frog guy literally tripping on drugs, I mean it wasn't even subtle like damn how did they allow that for a kids show in this day and age

File: 1618313689598.jpg (9.15 MB, 540x540, iKXT8Mo.jpg)

No. 137122[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/m/105134

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Receives its meaning from the belief that a woman who enjoys fictional gay content is "rotten", too ruined to be married.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
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No. 161305

Hopes: Horus face reveal, Seth and Horus fuck
Fears: Anything AnuSeth, Seth getting raped again.

No. 161311

I’ve been meaning to, ty for reminding me!

No. 161365

>Anything AnuSeth
Do you mean as slash? my favorite moments were between them, and can't fucking wait to have them meet again (as father and son, no slash)

No. 161410

Are there any fujo image boards out there?

No. 161450

Yeah as slash. It's easily the most retarded ship.
I want to see them as father and son as well. Chapter 12 was such a tease only for it to be a brief timeskip.

File: 1611176652741.png (27.56 KB, 288x288, 44f915a6b06a1204c18da1756b84c9…)

No. 122979[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/m/49285

Discuss your favorite webtoons or ones you hate. Feel free to gush or rant and get things off of your chest.

What are you reading at the moment?
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No. 161281

waiting for updates… anyone have any translations past chapter 35?

No. 161292

File: 1632267076069.png (788.59 KB, 519x747, medea.PNG)

if you want female power fantasy, have you tried "your throne"? it isn't without its faults, but i liked the main female lead better than the one in princess' jewels. she isn't afraid to kill a bitch either. i liked that the author doesn't go the common route of pitting two females against each other and have one of them just be a one-dimensional villain that gets easily taken down. the author focuses on the character growth of both female leads and they actually have each other's backs. they are my guilty ship.

No. 161300

File: 1632269320775.jpeg (265.66 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0676.jpeg)

I keep getting "your throne" recommended because of reading men of the harem and the remarried empress I'll have to try it
pic from the princess's jewels

No. 161304

File: 1632271992416.png (430.54 KB, 389x771, psyche.PNG)

please do! i forgot to add that really it's lacking in romance though, so if you're looking for that you might be disappointed. there is a male lead, but at this point main female lead actually has more moments with the second female lead lol. i havent read men of the harem, but i'll give it a try too.

No. 161348

I feel this picture.
I don't get why she doesn't want to do anything sexual with the guys. Harems are wasted on asexuals.

File: 1582673979927.jpg (22.32 KB, 462x300, Capture.JPG)

No. 76929[Reply]

Do you have any Apps you use on a daily basis, whether just for fun or to schedule workouts/diets etc.

Share some recommendations for :

-Photo Editing
- Shopping
- Mobile Games
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No. 160424

I only played a bit of Shining Nikki but isn't it set like 800 years in the past? I don't think Nidhogg(or any ln characters) will show up in the storyline, but there's other evil cuties.

No. 160430

nayrt but shining nikki takes place in a different timeline so no nidhogg but they went hard on the fanservice-y 2d guys and parasociality so you might still find someone to simp for tho.
i personally think LN is better. in SN there's just way less to do unless you're spending. It's basically just a gacha game.

No. 160997

File: 1632016957554.png (443.07 KB, 459x429, q8JK7qS.png)

Gacha games with good husbandos? I'm on-off playing Dragalia Lost and it's okay but I'd like to try something else.

No. 161237

File: 1632228666078.jpg (116.99 KB, 971x1332, 20210910_142534.jpg)

Granblue Fantasy, Twisted Wonderland and Helios Rising Heroes are the games with husbandos I play

No. 161270

File: 1632250781562.jpg (401.39 KB, 1244x1567, x14fu46zpk01pmtc.jpg)

onmyoji! it takes a long time to make good progress but there's no need to spend money on anything besides certain cosmetics and the fujo fanservice is sweet

File: 1630448621167.png (1.44 MB, 1920x889, TF2.png)

No. 158368[Reply]

Post about Team Fortress 2 here.
If you don't know what that is, it is a free-to-play multiplayer FPS. There are also free comics online outlining the story of the TF2 universe, which you can read on the official site: https://www.teamfortress.com
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No. 161218

I’ve never actually played tf2 but love the fanart/comics etc is 2021 too late to actually start playing or nah

No. 161229

File: 1632217352023.png (530.51 KB, 1040x919, tumblr_f2f98001e7e42f9537510c4…)

No I started playing recently too, it's never too late to have fun but I just play against bots for now because I'm a chicken
Thanks for posting the images, that one is very adorable

No. 161230

File: 1632219245996.webm (4.52 MB, 320x240, dmo.webm)

Imagine if every anime had a demoman

No. 161312

i dont play, but my brother used to religiously. heard that it's mostly full of hackers/bots now and valve has given up on it or something. i did enjoy the official comics though, sad that it doesnt seem likely to continue

No. 161452

File: 1632378429698.webm (3.8 MB, 1280x720, tf2 characters complementing y…)

File: 1621854532467.jpg (76.04 KB, 1500x1001, tv.jpg)

No. 144770[Reply]

A thread for media that you loved to watch when you were a kid, it doesn't necessarily have to be a children's cartoon and movie, just anything that you watched that left you with fond memories. Anything that made you laugh, scared you, your favourite characters etc
207 posts and 103 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 160318

Hey these were my favorites, too! I have to mention Karlson and Nu Pogodi. Also the soviet animation of The Little Mermaid was my favorite soviet one-off cartoon, I constantly watched it.

Since I'm pretty young, I also used to watch the early movies from the Три Богатыря franchise (and i think I had a crush on the tsarevich, kek).

No. 161203

File: 1632193948031.jpeg (66.44 KB, 640x459, 4AB5C7F2-512F-4781-8DD0-1B47C7…)

When Jane put on the armor and went to protect Sir Theodore from Dragon was so badass. I was always dying to know what happened with the dragon stones and sword, I lived for that lore kek

No. 161210

File: 1632201934853.jpg (61.14 KB, 352x500, redwall.jpg)

Redwall! I was obsessed with this show as a kid, but now I can't tell you a single thing about it. I've been considering reading the series though.

No. 161239

Hell yeah anon, I used to check out the redwall DVDs from the library and I loved the show too. Maybe we should read the books lol

No. 161407

oh my god anon hearing this again made me almost tear up, I forgot how wonderful the theme song is!

this show was wonderfully comforting, I used to watch that and Ruby Gloom whenever I was at home alone during school holidays

File: 1578247560849.jpeg (114.21 KB, 275x260, 1577751492585.jpeg)

No. 71129[Reply]

The mother thread >>31355

>What is a Dumb Bitch Meme?

Hailing from the peak meme culture of the mid-to-late 2010s, Dumb Bitch memes seek to subvert the traditional male meme perspective, exposing the inner and outer frustrations of being a woman in the 2st century. Rising from postmodernism, Dumb Bitch memes are not built from the ground up— they take elements from the patriarchal capitalist hegemony and subsume its elements. The media that is pandered to women from a young age is appropriated into a meme format and repackaged into a radical, often vulgar expression of the worldview of a contemporary femme. Dumb Bitch memes are a continuing meme sub-genre, evolving into the present.

You may have a Dumb Bitch meme if it:
-expresses nihilistic existential themes that are tied into the growing pains of womanhood >>51672

-shows a hitherto hidden side of female sexuality, most likely with angry frustration overtones >>66251

-is a distinctly feminine reaction pic >>62427

-takes pleasure from relatable aspects of femininity almost all can relate to >>51670

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1056 posts and 856 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 160079

File: 1631434146825.jpeg (235.29 KB, 1076x1063, AF4F0DAF-1589-4EB8-B7BA-6EA112…)

No. 160080

File: 1631435010964.jpeg (70.81 KB, 1077x564, B2064C3A-47B0-4705-A363-5194D9…)

No. 160081

File: 1631435080704.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 281.66 KB, 1026x1283, 7C68D1E5-FC0A-471A-9FCD-4F5F63…)

No. 161204

File: 1632195808864.jpeg (150.34 KB, 680x1360, 74DBF2CB-4C86-4CA2-BEA9-6EB443…)

No. 161209

File: 1632201830334.png (2.46 MB, 1204x1182, 23490877866.png)

this isn't a dumb bitch meme smh

File: 1593469146105.jpg (493.04 KB, 1818x1750, 72356466.jpg)

No. 97601[Reply]

Post images, playlists, media etc with this general vibe/theme!

Maybe you're content, maybe not.
Maybe you're just idling away.
Time passes, you're not in a hurry.
472 posts and 395 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 160090

File: 1631444031358.jpg (1.89 MB, 1012x1795, 81524703_p0.jpg)

No. 160280

File: 1631553705840.jpeg (199.82 KB, 1516x2048, 2695369852.jpeg)

Nice thread

No. 160304

I love this lol

No. 161183

File: 1632174236635.png (154.54 KB, 1922x2284, pantsu_ripper (8).png)

No. 161184

File: 1632174345195.png (103.99 KB, 1324x1650, pantsu_ripper (9).png)

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