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File: 1587760064636.jpeg (528.29 KB, 1046x584, FF024EE1-6FED-4845-B982-1FBD64…)

No. 90300

>Gen info
Self-proclaimed “king of the trolls” who’s “iq is 20”, Sora The Troll is loved and lusted by girl and guy weebs - because he panders to them by dressing as a skinny visual kei animu protagonist (spoiler: he’s not skinny! He uses camera filters and tightens his clothes to not appear chubby since being fat in Japan is illegal among other reasons) despite not being into anime himself aside from the ones he grew up watching (mainly Dragon Ball). He is a former English teacher and current voice actor and translator: https://youtu.be/Qh_Fa6wGhK4

It should be noted that Sora is NOT his real name nor has he ever revealed his and his family’s names yet he has doxed himself many times if you look at his YouTube bio and: https://youtu.be/Ss_pbL8fgl8 and has admitted to his dad being a local politician for the city council (see Venus stream)
Originally a nobody for the past 3 years until mid-2019 he decided to sexually harass some random girl on discord: https://youtu.be/sM488PK_3lU for views and made multiple videos harassing her afterwards. In short, he gained 100,000 subs out of the suffering of others.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlj1zf8flOhed-xZB1u4ev3BnMuQ_11Zu

After many months of harassing, collaborating and livestreaming with “discord girl/Usa-chan ” and their friend “apple guy/Apple Luna” whom he also met during during one of his harassment videos, he got tired of making videos with them and paying them off to continue the “trolling” but ragedquit YouTube for a month back in December. He addressed this on a current stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj0g43v9nfc and previous streams that are now privatized.

His last and only irl collab with them: https://youtu.be/yQ1Fkf_yeck every other collab was usually via the web. It seems more clearly that he wants nothing to do with them despite being on good terms, according to him.

He has since then collaborated with other people, his most prolific collaboration (to us at least) was with Venus Angelic: https://youtu.be/q-nzhPgO2MU anons on the Venus threads suspect they traded sex for collabs as they stated multiple times they are not dating:

Afterwards, Sora no longer mentions her again and continues his troll life as usual. Venus hasn’t posted her collab with Sora like originally promised, hence the suspicions.

When he’s not trolling weebs online:
He trolls his local community by doing…this:

Sora does not have normie social media but here are his other profiles:

No. 90301

sora does not deserve to be here

what are you doing

No. 90302

Like Onision, he claims that “Sora” is just a character and is not really like this irl. He also stated that he has many personalities as well.

Please take that with a grain of salt.

No. 90303

Please tell me you’re not one of those weebs that wants to fuck him

I thought he was cute too but come on

No. 90304

please fuck off OP with your shitty ads

No. 90305

He doesn't deserve the thread cause he is nothing but a boring trollface-kun who became popular only by saying pervy stuff in japanese while also knowing eng so he abuses this fact. Inb4 he reads the thread for his YT vid or spregs about it on Discord.

No. 90306

Wait until you see his livestreams - this is a reason why they’re private and are usually accessible if you post the links, he says and admits to doing really fucked up things: i.e: masturbating to his parents

No. 90307

finally! his own thread. he's getting worse the moment he quit his teaching job and tbh it's better that way. cause god knows what the school might do if they ever found about his content while still an employee in their school

No. 90308

Didn’t his job know about his creepy channel? He supposedly told his job about it and also asked creepy questions to his managers with recorded footage.

I feel like his job sort of kept him grounded for the most part but it still irks me that he was blurting out “penis” to the natives while knowing they did not speak or understand English while still teaching kids to old people.

Oh and his most recent ballad

No. 90309

He's fucking cringy and annoying. I hate this guy. Only thirsty weebs disagree.

No. 90310

What level of weeb do you have to be to find him attractive? I can get the appeal of some vk/host/kpop looking dudes, but this one is wrinkled, crusty, and has a average face at best. I don't get it.

No. 90311

>>90308 i stopped watching him when he confessed on quitting tho so i haven't been updated with what's going with him. but i did watched tidbits of a video that involved with some of his co-workers but i don't think that's enough to get him in trouble idk. they (the coworkers and colleagues of his) supposedly didn't see it enough as a bad image to the school. maybe japan still hasn't understood the magnitude influence of youtube besides travelling foreign vloggers and other basic youtube videos. idk

No. 90312

I only watched some of his Q&A about Venus, then half of their collab video before I had had enough.
He springs from the same well as Hiding In My Room, except he's self-aware enough to try and frame everything as "trolling".

No. 90313

It’s how he styles his hair like some k-pop or visual kei/anime idol.

Not only that, he’s supposedly being told that he looks ten years younger than his current age yet he looks older with his hair down and 5 o’clock shadow.

Personally I thought he looked to be in his early-mid 20’s at 28

Tl;dr: he seems really insecure, especially when he’s pushing 30

No. 90314

Yeah this guy kept popping up in my recommended, Couldn't figure out why at first but I do hate-watch Hiding In My Room every now and then.. similar vibes.

No. 90315

File: 1587831907691.jpeg (188.61 KB, 1125x507, 20EB5036-36BA-497F-852E-902FB7…)

His “friends” stopped making videos altogether after Sora dumped them, supposedly.

These comments are from an upcoming livestream

No. 90316

Holy shit I remember when I found this video. It was very cringe.

No. 90317

Sora’s live with another suicide attempt

He’s allergic to alcohol yet is trying to exceed his intake for the 4th or 5th time

No. 90318

he still wont look good but he would look soo much better with a professional haircut like the japanese guy yuta, that try hard anime hair just dont work in reality

No. 90319

He’s doing a “serious” livestream rn which he will delete later, it’s mostly just him answering questions atm

No. 90320

So I’ve seen the livestream last night and…

>the lighting filter was way too high that it made his room almost entirely white

>he talked about his paid collaborations with “discord girl” and “apple guy” over 9,000 times, sometimes in the middle of questions
>only mentions collabing with Venus once or twice then quickly moves on, ignores questions asking about the collab on her channel
>is still hung up on his ONLY ex-gf from 7 years ago; said they met 6 months ago in a restaurant, messaged her 2 months later and hasn’t gotten a reply since. It is safe to say she ghosted him
>he only went out with her after she let him continue the game even though she sort of “forced it” upon him days prior
>speaking of ghosts, guitarist Ichika Nito also ghosted him when they were supposed to be collaborating on a song. Sora explains that Ichika simply “forgot” about their project and won’t bother him about it anymore
>goes in depth about psychology and how “mirror therapy” can help you when you’re feeling down ‘cause it worked for him and others
>talks more about his ex speaking Japanese while fucking him and English during normal conversation as she was Japanese American
>talked about his voice roles in games, anime and hentai, says that he doesn’t even know what shows he’s doing and is just given scripts to record from home
>is totes extroverted
>more psychology rants

It was 2:30 in the morning so I went to sleep after 2 1/2 hours and I don’t remember much

No. 90452

Last livestream for at least two weeks:

>is tired of bringing up discord girl and apple guy, wants nothing to do with them and the feeling is mutual

>continues to ignore Venus questions and only mentions her if it’s convenient
>he’s empathetic towards simps, understands what a simp is but does not give out the whole definition of what it really is
>”Sora the troll” is just a personality, he is not like this irl and is actually embarrassed of his troll behavior
>will continue to “troll” anyway because it’s Japan and “WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY!!!”…and it keeps the yt bux rolling
>admits his voice acting gigs pay more than jewtube
>states that Japan loves weebs, no matter how cringey and degenerate they are because they love Japan
>is not interested in having a romantic relationship, supposedly his fans insisted he should
>has many female friends
>before the end, he plays a “nerd song” he wrote and the “fuck my ass” song

I’m starting to get those “hiding in my room” vibes too

I have a feeling he’s lying about the Japanese loving weebs and he’s setting them up for failure, is there any truth to this?

No. 90464

>I have a feeling he’s lying about the Japanese loving weebs and he’s setting them up for failure, is there any truth to this?

It’s is not too far from the truth. While 2channelers like to mock weebs sometimes, those kind of threads are not that popular and most Japanese just get an inflated sense of nationalism when they see these obsessed foreign people. Like, “Yeah, they look like a fool, but why wouldn’t they love our great culture?” Kind of what Sora is doing now. But this doesn’t mean Japanese will accept those people into society easily. It’s just that Japanese enjoy the admiration, cultural exchange and tourist revenue most, as long as the weeb doesn’t go all kanadajin3 on them. I guess Japanese don’t get that upset about weeaboos because they feel no threat about them forcing Japanese to change their culture or becoming a dominant minority. True weebs don’t get long term visas, high-ranking job positions and rarely marry Japanese. If that were to change, THEN you would see a lot more Japanese become anti-weeb.

No. 90559

>But this doesn’t mean Japanese will accept those people into society easily.
That’s what he’s implying though

No. 90685

Well this was nice, a bit cringy but really thoughtful

Sora and some fangirl planned a surprise visit for her husbando’s bday and everything went according to keikaku.

No. 90701

I initially thought he was pretty attractive until I noticed how fat he actually is and just good at hiding it. He has good facial structure and symmetrical features unlike a lot of hideous Japanese men out there. But the fat ruins it

No. 90984

Sora is another Japanese guy that thinks being Japanese is a personality

No. 91022

File: 1588590866013.jpeg (167.84 KB, 1425x2047, 8F27166A-D5AD-461C-897E-90E133…)

>a lot of hideous Japanese men
You’re gonna call this man “hideous”?!

No. 91052

Sora teaching Jap fetishists how to get Jap gfs through sexual harassment. It's obviously a joke but some of his drones take it seriously. The guy who successfully did it looks and seems closeted gay.

shows pic of middle aged jap man
no anon

No. 91102

B-but anon, he’s a legit voice actor! Unlike Sora-san’s crusty ass

There’s something “off” about Sora: when he does normal q&a streams; he comes off as cocky and his “normal self” seems forced but whenever he streams as “Sora” the madness feels real and on a high.

And since when do seiyuu work from home? I know there are exceptions but usually it’s the veteran va’s who might have that option, right?

If he is such an extrovert like he claims to be, why can’t he go to the studios and do his lines with the people he’s working with?

He gave me hikikomori vibes after watching a few videos

No. 91108

Sora keeps falling out with his friends and they always make up, this has been like the 3rd or 4th time.

As for him trading sex with Venus to have her appear in the vids seem kinda plausible since he's thirsty for pussy and she broke up with Manaki and loves Jap dick. In one of his Youtube lives 2-3 months ago Sora was asked if he likes South American girls or something and he said he liked South American, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, White, Black, etc, he liked all types of girls "as long as they gave him it". That comment really stuck out to me he genuinely seemed creepy af when he said that and he sounded like he can't get laid and I instantly thought he was a virgin til someone in this thread said he had a gf at some point.

No. 91111

File: 1588646307397.jpeg (966.69 KB, 1657x1125, 055B4444-20F1-41B9-A8B4-66C66B…)

So she’ll sleep with fat Japs too?

No. 91115

I remember feeling bad for him the first time I watched his music video lol

No. 91125

File: 1588651824620.jpg (736.51 KB, 3500x2281, 105238054-GettyImages-50086517…)

That guy looks fine. I mean the unfortunate average Japanese male as in pic related.

No. 91129

Why are chinks so ugly?(racebait)

No. 91137

File: 1588659389411.jpeg (259.41 KB, 480x720, 4602FE5F-2886-4B2F-9D29-0C20E1…)

Loving the miserable energy of this picture

No. 91159

>>91102 i doubt him being a seiyuu tbh, since seiyuu these days are a jack of all trade kind of idol. He could be a beginner or an amateur in the profession but it's an aggressive industry, the fact he does youtube and used to be a teacher meant he doesn't have a time to market himself and do voice acting and most often time, newbies tend to gravitate themselves to bl or hentai voice acting first as it is somewhat in a way, the bottom of the barrel kind of voice acting.

I don't know if my information is accurate but that's what i know and understood

No. 91161

His voice isn't even that nice

Even if he does fail he can fall back on teaching again or his politician daddy

No. 91164

>>91161 his dad's a politician?! when did he say that? It's still a miracle his dad hasn't hound his ass for his behavior.

No. 91168


It's literally mentioned on the start post of this thread… He's also mentioned this on numerous videos.

No. 91170

>>91168 i kinda skim through the info, and i also stopped watching his videos when he began to splurge a lot of weeb like content after quitting his job. But I don't remember him saying his dad's a politician or maybe I forgot about it.

Still, I don't think its cool to brag about that though. Since he's getting popular, in a way, someone might tell his dad about what he does in the internet and that would be an interesting fall to sora. Or idk.

No. 91183

File: 1588699343571.jpeg (467.45 KB, 1125x1926, 23C55125-6B3B-4A40-A6F1-9D6279…)

His dad kinda knows about it, he talked about it in a livestream which is now unlisted and idk how to access those.

His mom already knows as she was in one of his videos but hasn’t told her husband about it because “it’s not her business to tell anyone”.

I don’t think they or his dad know the full extent other than a few dumbass videos. When Sora asked his dad if he wanted to be in his videos, he asked; “well, what’s in it for me?” Implying that he wanted to be paid or something.

I don’t remember much else of the stream other than him screaming “DAD, PLEASE FUCK MY ASS!!!” every few minutes.

In later streams, he revealed that his dad barged in his room once while Sora was jacking off in virtually reality after he heard screaming. Otou-san also comes by to use one of his rooms to work or to masturbate in private since he can’t do that while living in his other married son’s house,

No. 91185

Where he sometimes gets his voice acting gigs

No. 91938

Sora literally takes Filthy Frank’s advice and shoves lotion up his ass

No. 91950

Sora is 28-30 and he acts like a cringey edgelord teen

No. 91987

“It’S jUsT a ChArAcTeR u GuIzE! PrOmIsE!!”

No. 93234

Wee he’s back and he may have found this thread while on break

No. 93239

Sora gets shit for his out of date hair style but I give props to him for staying with a look that works with him. Kinda OT, you guys don't have to hop on the current trends, do what looks good on you. I see some older people rocking their 80s hairstyle in 2020.

No. 93241

>works for him
Am I the only one who think his hair looks crunchy, crusty, and stupid? I don't get it. He uses way too much product for it to be such a mess and his dye job is shit too. Why are you thirsting after the 100yen shop equivalent of a host boy. kek.

No. 93247

Sora is also fat and probably has stds from Venus, you still wanna tap that?

No. 93248

>why are u thirsting
Not thirsting. Ppl are too judgemental when it comes to style. He would look even dumber if he did that Korean pineapple cut.

No. 93252

File: 1589427704799.jpeg (763.54 KB, 1257x1125, 8C84470E-40DD-474E-AB24-86DE12…)

He’s pushing 30 and going bald, but at least it hides his horse face

No. 93260

>Ppl are too judgemental when it comes to style.
This is lolcow. Of course we're going to laugh at this tubby loser and his crusty coif.

Literally the male equivalent to horsefaced weebs getting hime bangs. kek.

No. 93334

File: 1589462846030.jpeg (206.82 KB, 760x523, 23187629-F853-4BA2-84A9-C29DC6…)

At last he seemed to take his former job seriously

No. 93544

I think he’s running out of content

No. 93574

Is this milk or are we just promoting his shitty videos here now? kek.

No. 93577

Sora is a snooze fest, he's half a flake at best. He's cringey and has a lot of growing up to do.

No. 93643

File: 1589598274703.jpeg (127.4 KB, 1125x331, A35EB4DF-8428-420D-A609-C2CA32…)

Sora decided to jump on the #jojiisoverparty hashtag for obvious views, it’s been heavily implied tin the past that he literally wants to be the next FilthyFrank.

No. 94632

ugh hes so unfunny it makes me feel sick and his teeth gross me out. does he make anything NOT cringy.

No. 94895

What took her so long to upload this?

I get this video is scripted but the obvious cannot fake it for the camera; Venus keeps rolling her eyes and cringing with a disgusted look on her face throughout the video meanwhile Sora looks fat and wrinkly without his precious filters.

I’m sure she’s changed her mind about “trolling” after signing up for OnlyFans

No. 94898

File: 1590003822688.jpeg (65.75 KB, 1125x296, 8C8BE550-82D7-4BBC-8DC9-47C3CA…)

There are no feelings of excitement behind that sentence

No. 94913

She's trying to be fake shocked and fake digusted/confused by being minimal and mouse about it because she's trying to attract a Japanese audience who are into quiet girls, but sluts you take to love hotels and fuck and they love it even if they hate it. That's who she is trying to attract, but her acting is just bad.

No. 94917

Now it makes sense why he no longer mentions her and ignores questions about her, he saw right through her and seemed disgusted at the very end.

I don’t think they ever hooked up

No. 94919

Absolutely not. She is a wreck but look at the dude. At least Manaki is good looking enough by Japanese standards. This guy is like Nobita.

No. 94936

File: 1590013709056.png (870.11 KB, 555x684, actualtroll.png)

Dude looks like a goblin

No. 95073

File: 1590077056605.jpeg (484.74 KB, 1125x1041, F0A325DF-EB95-4BBB-AA99-E21CA5…)

He’s literally asking to get doxed and wouldn’t mind it because he lives in Japan anyway and only people from other countries watch him yet purposely excludes the native Japs that watch him.

Supposedly, people have already found his real name and whereabouts .

No. 95076

So what is his alleged real name

No. 95081

Not sure, but there’s a video he did with his mom where he bleeped his first name but I could make out the “o” at the end - I think his first name ends with o.

@ minute 11:00 “*o haha desu”

No. 95237

uhh… im not gonna watch or listen to this cringey guy but if thats what you heard the *o is prob just the ending of 'no' and not part of his name because 'no' would have to be between 'his name' and 'haha'

sorry for language sperging

No. 95794

File: 1590372240552.jpeg (643.95 KB, 1108x1125, 515C4520-48F4-4ADA-8932-11F082…)

Sleep paralysis demon

From his 12-hour stream where he played Minecraft all day

No. 96086

He’s milking this stupid collab for as long as he can

Why is he giving a shit now when he stopped mentioning her and ignored any questions regarding to her?

No. 96125

I thought the early 2000s host hair cut was bad, but look at that white tongue. gross

No. 96147

LOL ew! god why is he so ugly! total nightmare fuel.

No. 96148

File: 1590508876796.png (86.28 KB, 212x257, oXd9TDW.png)

No. 96257

He's one of the most disgusting incels I've stumbled upon in the last months, and God knows he has good concurrence. This is basically a pervert 30 yo hikikomori with the mind of a 3 yo, who thinks that saying aloud penis and boobs is peak comedy. And he's ugly as sin. The internet never ceases to amaze me

No. 96316

He thinks women are only good for sex

No. 96318

File: 1590555888549.jpeg (587.79 KB, 1012x1025, DB677276-7312-4183-A19A-766690…)

Sora The Shoop

No. 96324

He got fat, anon, and the camera isn't slightly raised and above him this time.

No. 96325

men don't shoop anon

No. 96327

he's pretty sexy tbh i loved his vid with venus, he's the annoying weeb degenerate with some weird charm, i'd let him try out his weird hentai fantasies on me no cap(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 96347

He's definitively posting there. Be gone, nobody here wants you.

No. 96378

He can’t control the camera when he’s on other people’s videos like he can his own.

He tends to hide his flaws with lighting filters, I should’ve been more clear. My bad

No. 96464

He’s live and playing dumb about Onlyfans while laughing at his own videos

No. 96485

so now he's acknowledging that she's divorced and not "happily married". the 5 mins spent protesting them dating is making me think that maybe they are.

No. 96492

If she's divorced how is that gonna work for her visa? Entertainment visa?

No. 96508

this thread is obviously made by sora¿¿ advertising all his videos

No. 96571

Talking points:

>“we are not dating u guiz, we are just trolls!”

>apparently Venus is seeing someone else who is not Sora and is divorced
>the cringey “weeb character” is based on his fans and other people calling him a weeb even though he’s Japanese
>teaches how to say in multiple ways, ”virgin” and “you” in Japanese
>no one cares if you’re gay in Japan
>spergs about Joji’s accent when speaking Japanese but the anime man’s Japanese is perfect
>plans to play Minecraft and other vidya while streaming regularly starting Sunday, Japan time

No. 96883

His band was named Cramb Crashers

No. 96888

File: 1590817431356.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.12 KB, 960x720, 182584_518294901563737_1162054…)

A picture from his band days

No. 96983

Dang, where’d you find this? Do we finally know his real name?

He looks uggo without the jpop/kpop hair

No. 96985

Wait, so this dude’s stealing his previous band’s music and passing off as his own?

Sora The Thief

No. 96987


I found his name:

西松 清海 Nishimatsu Kiyoumi

No. 96988

File: 1590863705612.jpg (25.24 KB, 845x322, Sora.JPG)

No. 96990

Huh, his hourly wage is $5 and up for recording on the fiverr site

His name sounds very girly, no wonder

No. 96992

"Kiyomi" sounds like the Korean word for "cute", from my Kpop stan days I remember this dumb Kiyomi game that idols used to do:


Is it a common name in Japan?

No. 96996

File: 1590867954701.jpeg (91.38 KB, 1125x510, CCBEF7CF-F7EE-4E0C-88FF-393D53…)

I think it’s a unisex name, depending on the kanji used, like pic above

I also remember a Kiyomi Takada from Death Note lol

No. 97010

Huh no wonder he said in a video that his name was a word for cute

No. 97011

korean and japanese have common language roots so it's not surprising.

No. 97014

Sora’s live rn

Should we reveal his real name to his face or nah?

No. 97017

He was egging people on to guess his name and was giving “hints” that were Korean like anon said: >>97011

I think he found us!

No. 97619

Since he’s no longer teaching and is focusing more on voice acting and translating, why doesn’t he move to Tokyo to expand on those fields? He may become more marketable and develop connections there if he hasn’t.

I’m sure his politician daddy would help him climb up the latter, right Kiyoumi-san?

No. 97626


He's likely not that influential a person to be honest.

No. 97627


I was referring to his dad in responce to the comment above i'm still new to this site

No. 97638

His dad is apart of the city council though

No. 97830

File: 1591155561927.jpeg (617.54 KB, 1125x929, 6E69DAB9-CEDC-44DE-A4E1-E84761…)

You tell us, fatman?

No. 97906

Men who can't embrace they're balding are so pathetic

No. 98857

you know he payed the discord girl to act right? he mentioned it several times in his streams. Also, he is a troll, take a fucking joke. He doesn't mean the creepy things he says, you no-lifers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 98858

seems like someone talked about lolcow in front of their autistic audience again.

nodody asked you to WK, be gone

No. 98860

It makes sense now as to why he sports that hairstyle kek.

Good job retard WK.

No. 99454

Just because he doesn't mean them they're still unfunny and cringy as fuck. They're jokes a 12 yerar old would find funny and in 2020 he's still doing that kind of cringy skit where changes wigs or glasses saying painfully unfunny creepy shit.

No. 99993

He's not fat he's just old and ugly as sin. How any of the yellow fever weebs here found him attractive is beyond me. Where's the milk?

No. 100156

I know this is meant to mock him but I actually kind of enjoy Cramb Crasher's music.

No. 100362

File: 1592066610488.jpeg (729.17 KB, 1144x1125, B9857B79-5796-4BE2-B390-64A348…)

Sora looked pretty rough in the last stream
One of his top bitches; purimetal told him about lolcow and how we are all bullies with no life and claims we were mean boolys to her (bitch where? I dunno who u are) while Sora was asking for more information about us to his audience which some of them did “give”. He also doesn’t mind us talking shit about him because “it makes them happy then go ahead”.

Says he doesn’t mind getting doxxed as long as no one knows his real address and if we try to find out, he’ll set up “traps”.

As for purimetal - here’s what I know about her: she likes to say gross sexual things to him on live-streams after paying him a few shekels and had sent him pics of her discharged-covered panties multiple times.

No. 100363

He'd look better bald tbh

Anime hairstyles need to burn

No. 100432

>while Sora was asking for more information about us to his audience which some of them did “give”

He's probably one of the more frequent posters in this thread but sure.

No. 100646

File: 1592171798647.jpeg (397.99 KB, 1125x1470, D349ECBC-0D20-471F-9431-0424F9…)

Like Onision, he shows up anywhere that he’s mentioned; even on other people’s channels.

No. 100710

Sora’s live and ditched the suit, will probably come back with a summary when my internet stops lagging.

No. 100713

File: 1592196927118.jpeg (701.55 KB, 1146x1125, 76D586B0-21BC-47E8-B671-E9703B…)

He’s aware of the sexual rumors between him and Venus, confirms they never fucked and this is the (supposed) proof.

The only people who suspected they did were us, no one else on jewtube talked about them that way.

No. 100716

File: 1592197519376.jpeg (768.13 KB, 1150x1125, 0DE44FF4-A155-47C4-AF81-BDF0B7…)

Edit: he doesn’t see females romantically if they have a significant other and claims to having “lots of female friends uwu” and regularly goes to their houses but does not partake in sexual activities with them.

Dude sounds like he got friendzoned a lot

No. 100723

he isn't really transparent, ya. but then again, type venus name in google, one the first webpage that will appear is lolcow kek. so if his fans are typing in her name, they will see all the rumors. no doubts he's getting messages about it.

Also venus just wants to make friends for once?? guess turning into a pornstar wasn't her best decision.

No. 100771

they fuggin. this essentially proves it.

No. 100930

a lot of comments on his videos were wondering if he and venus were dating or fucking, so not necessarily. i think the constant protesting of the idea is proof that are they indeed are fucking

No. 101129

I’ve tried looking him up as well as his voice acting career via Japanese google but nothing came up. First, I used his full name in kanji then his full name again with “seiyuu” afterward - all in kanji but nothing still.

Only things I found were his lyrics on Japanese websites as Sora the troll, his wikituba page and Cramb Crashers stuff. Everything else was PDFs, a Twitter account probably not related to him and other people who share his last name. Probably not a “well-known” voice actor anyway.

No. 101155

Anon no one cares about his voice overs, we just want to know if he’s with Venus.

No. 101223

I care, I wonder how is he gonna “build” his voice acting career if he keeps being a creepy hikikomori youtuber when there’s nothing listed about his roles.

No. 101880

Sora must be feeling lonely again. He made another cringey video asking randos in vr chat if they would date him and still brings up his ex-girlfriend from seven years ago…like he does in every stream.

No. 101881

File: 1592812942282.jpeg (178.37 KB, 1125x571, E09788BB-47C8-4301-A2F2-A73BB1…)

Oh, yeah and:

>plz take me Sora-senpai gasp gasp I can’t breathe! OMG ILY continues to hyperventilate

No. 101891


Weebs creep me out so much. Ugh

No. 101892


Imagine, a greasy walking skeleton who wears cheap Chinese aliexpress tat and this fucker with a face like a dried walnut

Can’t say I’m envious

No. 102878

Whoever made this shit is trash.

No. 102890

the fuck

No. 103117

Some cringy SEA weeb i'm guessing? I wish I could unsee this cheesy fucking trash.

No. 103637

File: 1593706852660.jpeg (340.13 KB, 482x620, CC15F124-9CE0-4602-8BB9-97A7DB…)

There’s a reason why he sticks with the 2000’s anime hair

No. 103691

That hairstyle works better for him than the anime hair imo

No. 103695

No joke. This is the best I think I've ever seen him look and that isn't really saying much. The hair/glasses combo balances out his facial features. Shame about his teeth. >>94936

Maybe he could get his gumline lazered and it'd help. kek

No. 103700

He doesn’t want to look his age though, that’s the thing. Without that Sasuke hairstyle, he looks his exact age and lord knows he basques in those “omg u look 16, can I fuk u daddi?” compliments. Sora wants to be immortal.

No. 103708

It’s ironic. His wannabe hair makes him look so much older. It makes his face look saggy and weighs down his features, particularly making his nose look bigger.

No. 103727

Maybe if he wore this look more often, he can finally get laid. Will he really stay with the anime boi style in 2 years?

No. 103795

>Maybe if he wore this look more often, he can finally get laid.
You forget that his profile looks like this >>96148 and his smile looks like >>94936 though. kek

His only hope really is desperate weebs. If girls are desperate enough to fuck auntie Kei and contract STDs from him, they'd fuck shitty host hair Sora I bet.

No. 103817

I’m surprised he hasn’t gone to a brothel tbh, surely he could get some action there.

No. 103844

File: 1593861917196.jpeg (804.59 KB, 1129x1125, 621DE1D6-9839-4F2F-AD54-9AB0A1…)

He’s currently doing a private livestream and has dropped the anime host boi hairstyle

Cliff notes:
>is not in sex with other women unless he’s in a relationship with them cuz “muh responsibility”
>doesn’t actually want a relationship
>is really attracted to older women and younger “mature” women because they are responsible and experienced
>will not gaf if his future girlfriend cheats on him, she can do whatever she wants as long as she’s happy - Sora the Cuck
>had a culture shock when he found out his American friends are manwhores
>hates communicating with people through technology (texts and social media) because “muh emshunal connecshunz”
>is constantly pulling his hair throughout the stream, anxiety maybe?
>I’m a gud acktor lel
>brings up the same old shit about not wanting to work with discord girl and apple guy for the umpteenth time
>watches his videos while smiling
>continues to pull on his hair
>will not release a song he worked with Ichika Nito because they couldn’t agree with the direction the song should go and didn’t want to compromise their music or something, although he has mentioned being ghosted by Ichika in a past stream

Video died on me

No. 103866

Guy has a lame haircut wow top tier milk right there. Stop trying to make this thread happen.

No. 103867

>had a culture shock when he found out his American friends are manwhores
What the fuck. Asian men are encouraged to cheat and sleep around. What kinda culture shock is that? nigga lying

No. 103887

Hush, he listened and now he looks better. We're changing lives in this thread

No. 103933

Asian men are pretty traditional and conservative in general. Chinese especially. Japanese not as much but still much more than Americans. Where are you getting this?

No. 104312

File: 1594185024805.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1753, 29DC018E-70B0-45D4-AABA-968658…)

I’m starting to think this dude is mentally disturbed and “Sora is just a character” is just an excuse to freely act out his degenerate ways.

>after trolling someone into talking to his girl-self:

VR Player: d-do you have schizophrenia?
Sora: me or my girlfriend?

No. 104324

why do i feel weirdly attracted to the female version

No. 104345

mn? isn't it a well known fact that eastern asian men cheat? in korea, as a woman you are often told your husband's chances of cheating on you is very high. And japan has kyaba and all these soap shops. and it's popular amoungs married men.

No. 104354

The female version was modeled after his older sister kek

No. 104355

File: 1594211432842.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1125x1604, C89EBBE4-D902-4B32-8A40-69369D…)

Who tf wears a jacket to sleep in this heat?

No. 104530

In today’s (?) live-stream, Sora reveals that he may feel a “burnout” incoming in a year and warns that he may suddenly quit YouTube without notice.

He says YouTube is very limiting to what he wants to do and his fans ask him to do this and that all the time.

No. 104556

You sound retarded. Like other anon >>104345
said, asian men are literally encouraged to cheat. It's why they have love hotels. and love hotels have a radio machine that make sounds like on a train or traffic, so you can lie to your girlfriend or wife. What does being conservative have to do with anything

No. 104587


sorry but that's the same logic as saying 'American men are encouraged to be obese because McDonald's exist.' or 'European men are encouraged to be gamblers because casinos exist".

This stereotyping is what is really, really stupid.

No. 104599

Asian men don't cheat any rates any higher than men from other countries, and definitely are not encouraged to sleep around over seeking marriage. Hookup culture does not exist in East Asia like it does in USA.

Btw Asian does not mean just Japanese, weebs.

No. 104623

Found his professional seiyuu video, video is privatized on his channel

Dude, just go to the studio if you want to be out there

No. 104792

Is it true that voice acting for anime is a rarity/becoming rare? He just said rn in a livestream.

I know Japanese va’s do other things like movies and tv acting, narration, singing and whatnot but the anime industry? Rare?

No. 104852


A shit TON of new low quality anime(crap animation, rubbish plot) is released all the time. Someone has to voice all that

No. 104893

Then why tf is he lying lol? Are you ashamed of anime, Sora?

He also released a video about Japanese people claiming to love weebs because they are grateful that weebs love their country and its products, but like one anon said; they will never accept a dirty gaijin into their society.

So what is he gaining from deceiving his own fans like that?

No. 105161

New livestream:

>talks again about abruptly quitting jewtube sometime in the near future

>from this point forward, he will troll weebs on Omegle because he declared his channel is officially “for weebs”
>implies that if you’re not a weeb, than his channel is not for you
>wants to have an online meetup on Omegle, fans are having doubts
>more Omegle talk and age concern

Yeah, time to throw in the towel

No. 105174


>from this point forward, he will troll weebs on Omegle because he declared his channel is officially “for weebs”

That's going to alienate non-weebs who are actually subscribed to his channel.

>wants to have an online meetup on Omegle, fans are having doubts.

I've never been on Omegle before but I can only imagine it being just as toxic as Discord, which he spergs on so much.

No. 105202

This is Sora’s childhood friend whom he’s helping to get YouTube clout

He has only uploaded two videos where mainly Sora is yelling “fuck my ass” behind the camera. Yeah, good luck being the next pewdiepie!

No. 105204

Where does he hang on discord? Supposedly he doesn’t have one.

No. 105285

He doesn’t discuss anything about where he is on Discord.

No. 105473

File: 1594964305422.jpeg (449.07 KB, 1125x1107, B3D73E26-A4A8-4028-97A2-09B742…)

Soraplans to upload the Omegle video in two weeks and says he might not do it again.

Also, ew.

No. 105477

YIKES i hate it here

No. 105593

lolol he took off the Omegle post!


No. 105878

I can smell the b.o in this video

Hey Sora, that lighting won’t fix your looks, stop abusing it!

No. 105902

why is he shocked at fat unattractive guys being virgins? i wonder if he buys into the "just be white" incel logic. i wanted to see the chad hapa guy's face

No. 105939

There were a couple of hafus and a Jap American thrown in there but they all loved anime chicks over real chicks

Kek not even having a big white cock could save them

No. 106156

File: 1595384448461.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1125x1352, 249F9264-EFA4-4ABB-9D0B-C08A8A…)

Found his creepy friend’s sm and a candid pic of Sora

He’s a very stocky man

No. 106173

wow, is he 5 feet tall?

No. 106177

He claims to be 5’6

No. 106193

Every man under 5ft6 claims to be 5ft6. Guys will literally be 5ft even, put 3 inch lifters in their shoes then claim they're 5ft6. It's like the magic # for munchkin men.

No. 106329

Anyone want to see “a Japanese man” killing himself with spicy noodles?

>started watching Bella Delphine videos
>gets offended when (jokingly) called a simp
>is visibly disgusted when a fan jokingly tells him he had a gay dream about him
>plans to start his music career once the corona pandemic is officially over
>admits his life is going the same path as Joji’s

Edit: typos

No. 106333

File: 1595484520160.jpeg (712.27 KB, 1710x1125, 0114B4E0-E470-48D4-AAA4-86BADF…)

Sora’s creepy friend unintentionally gave us a tour of Sora’s kitchen

No. 106334

File: 1595484555487.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1919x1125, A9D58CFB-E66F-427D-B8B5-884853…)

No. 106335

File: 1595484605195.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1971x1125, BDEA5F57-48A5-4E9F-BF44-0876DC…)

No. 106336

File: 1595484641654.jpeg (870.39 KB, 1985x728, E9BC3533-C823-47CF-B572-0F4ADA…)

No. 106337

Source material

No. 106345

so what's the milk here with the kitchen screenshots anon?

No. 106346

That his politician daddy never bought him a nice house and doesn’t clean much like most cows?

No. 106347

That looks like a typical Japanese house to me. What’s your problem??

No. 106355

the table looks nasty otherwise It's kinda like a regular clutter? for example the sink area looks okay. seems like it's a house too. this is definitely not an apartment lol.

No. 106356

I’ll give him credit, his kitchen is a lot cleaner than onion and jizzlain’s McMansion

No. 107377

File: 1596086681778.jpeg (638.31 KB, 904x1125, 9577887C-123D-4511-B892-24CF5E…)

Sora’s balding!!!

For more serious news;

>still tells weebs to visit Japan and make assess out of themselves in front of real Japanese people so they can be friends

>talks getting doxed and stalkers, he doesn’t mind either one and plans to make a video about them (us?)
>has a friend who uses his psychic powers to dox people and belongs to an organization similar to cicada 331, CIA or whatever glow in the dark org but “I can’t talk about it u guz, dis is srs bsns!!!”
>”our computers are being monitored! This is for real!!!”

No. 107622

File: 1596264079761.jpeg (529.72 KB, 868x1125, E810FA52-F0AE-40FD-A170-4F337E…)

Sora larped as Sasuke in a livestream

No. 107623

File: 1596264120933.jpeg (716.38 KB, 1139x1125, B71A85A0-C806-46AC-8A65-CF9A68…)

No. 107640

Kiyomi sounds like a fat boy’s name(no1curr)

No. 107647

His messy ass one room always looks so unorganized and tragic

No. 107857

People in past streams have told him to clean or remodel his room, he doesn’t want to and always has a look on his face when asked.

No. 108330

File: 1596813152160.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1955x1125, 2E5B3AEA-70EC-4EB8-AA04-61B312…)


No. 108455

Sora’s inviting his former manager from his old teaching job to a livestream tomorrow, poor manager-san.

No. 108492

so fat. what filters does this guy use in his vids to look skinny?

No. 108499

No filters, just the yellow fever of his viewers.

No. 108958

File: 1597275987335.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1907x1125, C30C1F7E-C53E-479F-B6A0-C81403…)

Nah fam

No. 109153

I’m not sure what’s going on but please suffer with me, this is a grown ass man.

No. 109473

Private livestream:

>talks about his Copland with discord girl and apple guy

>admits his “how to say” series was killing his channel while his react and vr chat chat videos were helping him stay above water
>still likes huge tits and Nicki Minaj but “appearance isn’t important u guiz”
>politely calls his ex girlfriend ugly and felt like he had to settle with her “but appearance is not important u gaiz!”
>dislikes when girls buy nice things for themselves (expensive clothes, watches, etc) and it’s a big turn off for him
>is confused to this day on why his rich ex likes to wear cheap clothes
>in Japan, if a guy admits they like girls based on their personalities, they are considered gay
>he doesn’t consider a person “cute” or hot” unless he gets to know their personality (so much mental gymnastics)
>Nicki Minaj is a great person because I saw a documentary on her (lol)
>likes to watch porn because he has no feelings for the actors participating but is loyal to some of his favorite actresses and their content
>admits that the birth rate is low because anime waifus and one of his students was a statistic, is dumbfounded because his student is rich, good looking, popular with the ladies and great with kids but preferred anime waifus
>continues to shit on his former student for being an otaku
>continues to sperg about loving weebs

k I’m done.

No. 109480

File: 1597660422665.png (659.3 KB, 1287x760, rtydye54r464we67o.png)

Jesus grow up Sora.

No. 110031

>wow, is he 5 feet tall?
>He claims to be 5’6

Venus Angelic seemed to be way taller than him and she's like 5'7


No. 110095

He is not 5 feet tall. He is 5'6 and growing. He also does look like Sasuke. If Sasuke was real he would be as tall as Sora. He is not balding. His hair is quite voluminous.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 110197

Who let the white knight in? Ew

No. 110238

Probably Sora himself. This is like that ogre face Onision constantly convincing himself that he looks like L from Deathnote.

Sora, you look closer to Ega-Chan than Sasuke. Gets some bangs or something.

No. 111247

Sora live-streamed himself playing a “panty-game” and deleted said stream out of sheer embarrassment from his irl friends, ex-coworkers and possibly family.

Some fan was nice enough to reupload it though!

No. 114371

File: 1601396802179.jpeg (973.6 KB, 1463x1125, DB5668ED-C361-4176-AC50-B6181C…)

He got another anime boi haircut, this time from Demon Slayer: 鬼滅の刃

He looks good, however…

No. 114372

File: 1601396866636.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1907x1125, 1450B69C-1A25-4452-8D10-951D0A…)

Maybe you should keep your hair down?

No. 114419

>he looks good
He looks like your average middle aged asian dude with a receding hairline in a mask anon, what.

good to see his hairline isn't only fucked from the front, but he's developing a bald spot at the back too.

No. 114605

I can't tell which is dirtier, his hair or his room

No. 114639

Sora’s back to “trolling the weebs” in vr chat

Should probably call it quits, buddy. You’re running out of content.

No. 114959

He needs to do a Venus Angelic Q&A if he wants views/money.

No. 115478

File: 1602276837186.jpeg (636.38 KB, 988x1125, CD22AA8E-B44D-4F8B-B6EE-95532C…)

He got a new anime/vodya boi haircut and looks like he lost weight, or is aging

No. 115479

Will he sleep with her then?

No. 116625

“Filthy Frank saved my life and made me proud of being Japanese uwu”

No. 118540

File: 1604050875362.jpeg (614.69 KB, 1113x1078, 469B4D7E-C1C4-411D-A80F-AFC24C…)

>I’m nearly 30 but l look 16- lel

No. 121521

Why is a grown ass man sperging about his 7-year old nephew having a girlfriend/wanting to be a vtuber and is boastful about beating said nephew on fortnite?

No. 123923

File: 1606968015558.jpeg (445.45 KB, 1034x526, E5F09D73-4F96-4C55-A18C-96D854…)

He looks very stocky in this recent picture(necro)

No. 125137

He’s definitely autistic, check out his latest cyberpunk stream. Laughing uncontrollably while rocking violently at some of the weirdest stuff, not being to understand a tutorial for the game when what you have to do is written on screen and rocking slowly now and then.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 147122

I feel sorry for Mr. and Mrs. Nishimatsu-san, their retarded son brought shame and dishonest for the family.

No. 148569

Has he committed sudoku yet?(necro)

No. 154287

File: 1622755187447.png (139.9 KB, 268x304, IMG_20210602_175227.png)


No. 164295

Hello everyone. I wanna share something disgusting I found about Sora. This is one of his worst livestreams he's ever made, and the most offensive once towards Koreans. I actually found it from a channel that reuploads his livestreams since he unlists them for some reason Basically the stream just hurts to watch in my opinion. He disrespects korean culture and language. Calls himself OPPA?! he also made his viewers call him that Not only that but he just reinforced stereotypes about Korean idols that they are all gay which isn't even true. I'm sorry but as a Korean i feel offended and disgusted. Then in the end he says that he's just acting and trolling, basically brushing off the fact this could be offensive. I bet he lost his korean friend's if he even had them at all, which i doubt it. Please share your opinion about this, because i need to know if other people think like me or not. Thank you for reading and have a good day. :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 164302

You necro for your kboo shit? Sora is cringe, big fucking news, unnie.

No. 164314

Damn so pressed for what, anonymous-chan? So sad that I'm speaking against your kawaii baka kun? Awww how cute <3

No. 165103

You are embarrassingly sensitive. This is not milk.

No. 166279

This dude has admitted in previous livestreams about wanting to fuck his mom and masturbating to his parents; his dad almost pulled a Bob Chandler and barely caught him jacking it to vr porn.

I thought he was just TrOoLlInG but after the shit that went down with cwc, I’m side-eyeing him like a motherfucker.

No. 166441

He just wants to ride on chris chan fame

No. 167926

Except he said this a year ago, before his thread was made.

No. 169702

kimi wa hitori janai(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169769

File: 1630115120924.jpg (158.09 KB, 1073x971, sorawanthis.jpg)


No. 170303

I wonder if truley, him and Venus had a thing going on for a moment.
They just seemed so perfect for each other.(necro)

No. 170581

I have no words, he is so disgusting wtf

Why didn’t he ask the servers for help for help holy shit

No. 178886

I hate his hairstyle. So 2000's…(sage your nitpick)

No. 184422

Some weeb interviews Sora about his love life, at least he wasn’t his cringey self in public

No. 195030

Wtf is that hair did he smear his head with period blood? I can’t believe girls simp for this thing, how deprived do you have to be to stoop so low

No. 197082

OMG. I can't beleive Sora's actually got a thread on here. I mean, why?
I love him.

No. 197115

Because he’s creepy and fat.

No. 197135


There's got to be something wrong with your eyes if you think he's fat. Have you seen him doing his kung fu moves? He looks lovely, not fat by any sense of the imagination.

No. 197136

His 2 friends are really cute too. Can't remember their names, Hiricky I think one's called. He should do more videos with them.

No. 197215

Get lost, simp.

No. 197445

Sora's worth simping for. He's gorgeous.

Not just how he looks, but is a really nice person too.

Only really nasty people could ever dislike Sora.

No. 197930

Why are you still here? Simping for cows isn’t allowed on the farms.

No. 198007

sora is now apparently gay, according to a recent stream.

No. 198059


That's just certain people hoping he is, probably because they are and would like to get it on with him.

No. 198090

he's buty ugly and you guys will just open your legs for any eastern asian man who look like your husbando. shave off his hair and he'll look like a blow up sex doll.

No. 198099


Bit of jealousy creeping in there I think.
You can actually have love dolls made to resemble certain people, I'd love one made to look like Sora, especially if he really has got a small pp, usually I'm asexual and I think penises are really ugly, but at least if they're small, not so bad, it's only after seeing certain lovely looking Japanese men that I now know I'm not as asexual as I thought I was. Takashi from Japan is also gorgeous, though would prefer him without the face fungus and even Nobita is looking good these days, certainly better than any caucasian men that's for sure. But I find Sora more attractive, but have to admit I do like his friends too, Hirocky and the other one, can't remember his name, but he's cute, but still like Sora best, does he really like being spanked? He sort of said he did in an earlier video. I'd be happy to do that to him if that's what he wants. Quite honestly he ought to be on Only fans, he's losing out by not being on there, he could make a lot of money on that, with sexy poses and a lovely smooth body that he most likely has.

No. 198103

Sora's live now and was just singing that he wanted someone to fuck his ass so hard. I'm getting turned on.(love yourself)

No. 198309

kys faggot

No. 198571

Sora had condoms in his car for if, or when he has sex with his mom, apparently. I assume it's just a joke. I don't know if mommy dearest would think it's that funny though. He had sunglasses on and people were telling him how good he looked in them. I don't watch that much but who is this J character he keeps on about? Some sort of sugar daddy going by the money he keeps throwing at our boi.

No. 198694

Knowing how strait laced, boring and muslimized Youtube has become these days, (cant even show people on the beach because certain types in the middle east would complain and call it pornography) I'm surprised they don't just delete channels like Sora's where the talk often verges on what can be called sexualised. I hope they don't but I hope he's got an alternative platform he can upload videos to, because Youtube is just getting worse with more and more restrictions.(sage)

No. 198811

File: 1645850968818.jpg (142.15 KB, 910x676, Sora beautiful !.JPG)

OMG! His eyes. He's beautiful.

Seriously, I'm in luurve! He never used to be this gorgeous. And his hair looks really good too.

I want him! God, it's so frustrating.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 198869


Oh come on. You gotta admit, he looks good here.

No. 198954


No. 198955


No. 198964

What's the tea about this stalker been troubling Sora for a year?
Was she the one in that Bday video going on about nine months and how they could have had a baby or something like that she was going on about? Or was that just something else and not the stalker?

No. 198966


To follow on from what I just said there, there are comments missing now where the people who had done the Bday video were talking about how they didn't know his stalker was in it and they were re editing the video to take her out and reupload when done, but the video that Sora showed in his live stream is still there included, so which of them in it is the stalker? It was somebody called Electric Vagabond saying something about 9 months, but I think I've seen that name before and didn't think that was the stalker, so if the video on his live showed the stalker, who is it?

No. 198967


Okay, I've had a look at the re edited Bday video, and she is now gone from it. In the live stream she is still there in the video and Sora is looking a bit uncomfortable and not saying anything. Her name is Heidi the Eclectic Vagabond, not Electric as I thought on first watch when I wasn't paying that much attention, but did think that what she said seemed a bit weird.
Also does Sora wear a wig sometimes when filming in his house? His hair looks completely different than when he was out a couple of days ago filming in a Mcdonalds and in his car, his hair looked real in that as in the picture up above>>198811 but in the Daily Dose of Internet video it doesn't look the same more like a wig, so ?

No. 198969

File: 1645990487834.jpg (61.93 KB, 589x657, 1.JPG)


That is the crazy bitch. She thinks Sora looks like Sebastian Michaelis the Black Butler.

No. 198970

File: 1645990537069.jpg (30.3 KB, 760x261, 2.JPG)


But now…

No. 198975

File: 1645992804784.jpg (43.86 KB, 446x385, Heidi Eclectic Vagabond Crazy …)


Screenshots from Sora's video where you can still see her in the Bday video. I bet there's loads out there thinking "Get away, bitch, he's mine!"
Comes with the territory I'm afraid, the more well known someone gets and the more followers they get, the more something like this is likely to happen. There's so many sad and lonely mentally ill people in the world and this loon had convinced herself that Sora had been giving her secret messages in his videos and that they were having a relationship even though he'd never seen her or spoken to her.

I recall a comment on his video before the current one, comment gone now, from someone saying something about he can't go on denying her for ever or some crazy shit like that and I thought at the time it seemed like some nutjob had written it but didn't take any more notice, because, well, the Internet, full of them! Anyway, maybe she and anyone so afflicted will be forced to know now that obsessive illusions like that are just illusions in their own minds and on nothing based in reality. I swear books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne make people like her worse, because they convince people they can have anything, or anyone, they want if they only believe it. Dangerous for their own mental health for when they find out that actually that just isn't true and can be dangerous for the person they are obsessed with.

I don't know what the laws are like in Japan, and Sora said in his video that he didn't think it was against the law, but in Britain that sort of thing is illegal, bombarding someone with unwanted attention in the form of email or whatever is stalking and is against the law.

No. 199041

Sora recently turned 30 and is still rocking this hairdo

No. 199044

>that thing
>Looking anything like Sebastian
Delusion is such drug, the moid is like 7 shades darker than Sebastian, has a cheese looking face and deep fried hair.

No. 199048


Why not? It suits him better like this than how it usually looks when he's in his room filming. His hair usually looks kind of dry then, here it looks soft and flowing, like you could run your fingers through it easily, whereas when he has it the way he has it in his room, it looks like your fingers would get stuck in it.

And really, who cares what age someone is if they look good? This is 2022. No need to be so ageist about things, it's restricting, people should be themselves regardless of what age they are, trying to stifle someone's creativity or personality because of what number their age happens to be is just wrong.

No. 199049

>if they look good
this is why he needs to stop

No. 199051


Matter of opinion. He does look good, specially compared to most caucasian men of that age who often look a bit frazzled and gnarled and rough at age 30. But then Japanese do generally age much better. Just look at how many Japanese actors there are over 30 who can still play the part of schoolboys.

No. 199054


Sora's deleted that live now, but thanks to the archive channel it's here. Crazy stalker bitch is at 1:18:22

No. 199059

He won’t fuck you because you’re too ugly for him. Please stop your simping, it’s gross.

No. 199065


Well LOL, I wasn't planning on hopping on a plane anytime soon just so I could try and find him and see if I'm in with a chance of such a delectable delight. - And not at all ugly, which is one reason why I don't put myself publicly online, have had enough problems irl with people thinking they're in love with me and look at the problems Sora has had with that because of being seen on the internet.

I just happen to think he's nice looking, and obviously am not the only one who thinks so, what with him attracting obsessive stalkers and all.
So I'm just one of many people who find him attractive. Puzzled as to why that fact is a problem for you.

No. 199067

Why are you here? Go simp in his comments. He looks busted as fuck.

No. 199091

It’s probably that premeido chick or whatever you call it. Same bitch who donates to him while telling him she wants to fuck him and sending pictures or her discharged panties. I feel gross just typing this and will probably need a second shower.

No. 199093

I haven’t kept up with this faggot, he has a sugar daddy now? I thought the guy was just ~uwu no girl wants me~ in the hopes he could get some but that’s it.

No. 199104


Nope, not me. Never donated one cent to anybody and couldn't even if I wanted to as I believe you have to have an account with youtube and I don't and am not gonna give those cunts who own it all my bank details just for the privilege of being on their fucked up platform where you can hardly do anything now anyway what with all the restrictions.

No. 199116

Good for you but you’re still a faggot pick-me for wanting a poor man’s Kim Jong-un

No. 199222


TBH, Mr Kim just needs to lose a bit of weight and grow his hair out and he wouldn't be too bad at all.

No. 199282

File: 1646248495207.jpeg (22.28 KB, 512x328, 51FD877D-E6F5-440B-B87E-C7C8C6…)

Kimmy was kinda hot 10 years ago, probably the same time-span he last saw his dick.

No. 199571


As batshit crazy as that chick may be, seeing as how she's deleted her social media, maybe we shouldn't be posting pics of her.

No. 199572


He did look good then. He still could again, just needs to lose a bit of weight, not good for his health anyway to be overweight like he is.

No. 199575

what the fuck is this concern for a literal dictator’s health

No. 199595

yellow fever anons be wilin

No. 199600

File: 1646519078325.jpeg (23.5 KB, 741x494, D1940E66-D90A-4452-8CF9-BB85F4…)

He lost weight but he doesn’t look as good as he used to and his new hairstyle makes him look like a thumb

No. 199633


Damn, I guess he just got older. Let's hope he's not too vain or when he goes on even further to lose what's left of his looks, he might just wanna blow up the world.
- A bit like what's happened to Putin, although I never thought he had any looks to begin with but he looks as old and ugly as fuck now, which probably explains a lot.

No. 199636

I read somewhere that he lost weight to not risk anymore health issues and his wife was partially responsible as she wants him to stick around long enough for their kids. His peasants were sad though, they liked him better when he was fat.

No. 199684

File: 1646581285403.jpeg (104.78 KB, 1080x565, D6BB011E-3C72-4441-AD7E-C98DDB…)

ot but awww he looked so human here. Like, rocket-man was genuinely happy for that one night

No. 199703


He's very human really but has an image to keep up in the eyes of the world.

Who is that black American baseball or basketball or football or whatever (sorry not into sport) player he's friends with? The one who reckoned he was the one responsible for getting him together with Trump?

No. 199704

>>seeing as how she's deleted her social media, maybe we shouldn't be posting pics of her.

Deleted willingly or just got kicked out?

And this is Lolcow, it's what we do here.

And anyway it's probably done her some good, made her know it's all just a delusion in her own mind. Now she can face up to that fact and maybe move on.

No. 199709

Dennis Rodman

I dunno man, I see the guy as the victim and the contributor to his regime. Some of the killings and the way his country is being ruled may not even be by his orders but by those who really are in power. Maybe he did want to take NK out of it’s third-world status but seeing what happened to Kim Jong-nam, he won’t.

No. 199720

i turn away for a second and you guys are talking about kim jong un

No. 199738

File: 1646627784665.jpg (27.33 KB, 757x360, sora twitter.JPG)

Okay so has it ever been talked about on here what happened? What did he do? Why'd he lose his twitter account?

No. 199743

He had a Twitter account?!(sage)

No. 199772


Obviously. As in the screenshot. He obviously 'violated' some of their rules so they suspended his account. But Sora is quite professional so it's hard to think what he did that was so bad, presumably it has to be something really serious for twatter to suspend an account?

No. 199911


He's said before he doesn't maintain / want to use social media. Maybe someone else made it and it got taken down for impersonation…


Looks like she got rid of them. YT and Twitter both gone.

Still, something doesn't sit right about screenshots of her face. She wasn't exposed on the channel or anything, by him or directly by anyone else. I'd feel differently about it if it had been made public elsewhere, or if it had been limited to just her username.

No. 199948


No, it looks like it really was his twatter account.

As for loonytunes, she was exposed on his live video, she appeared in the birthday video that he included in the live stream, and then there were comments saying sorry they had no idea his stalker was in it and they would edit her out and reupload it on their channel, which they did, and she was no longer in it, but still in it on Sora's video, still there on the archive channel, and also there are still images of her online if anyone cares to search for her user name. The woman's a loon and deserves no sympathy, been fucking stalking and harassing him for a year or so with insane messages, can't have done much for his mental health having to put up with all of that.

No. 200607

Sora was complaining about getting older recently and said he thought he was ageing, to be honest he doesn't look any older to me, in fact he looks quite good these days, but maybe if he's worried about ageing, he should rethink the unhealthy American diet he seems to go in for.
All he ever seems to do is to go to McDonalds and eat junk food.

Japanese are known to look young for much longer, maybe that is down to more than just genetics and is actually something to do with having a healthier diet than in the West, but he seems to follow a mainly Western style diet and I've read before of how when Asians come to live in Western countries, they start ageing faster, and their hair starts thinning and getting bald spots, whereas if they'd kept with their healthier Asian diet, they wouldn't age so much.

He might want to rethink eating all that junk food if he seriously wants to go on looking young. I hope his diet that we don't see is a lot healthier than what he shows in his videos.(love yourself )

No. 200638

Ew stop simping for this creep. The nigga was a gross fatass before he hit the dirty 30, least he could do is stop using the same outdated hairstyle and dye his hair back to its natural black color.

No. 200699


Now you're just trolling. In no way, shape or form, is he fat. Saying he is is just ridiculous. Did you not see the private stream he did the other night? He dropped the troll persona and was just being himself. Much better really, and his hair looked nice and not all dry looking how he usually has it in his indoor videos. People were telling him how good he looked in the live chat, he was testing out a new app or something, he went to the sea, it was a lovely day.

No. 200716

Okay but take your simping somewhere else. Anyone who claims “it’s just a personality lol” is bound to be sus. Now fuck off.

No. 200796

Anyone know why he deleted the stream tonight practically as soon as it finished? He usually leaves them up for a couple of days. He seemed to finish it quite abrubtly too. Maybe got copyrighted over something? Or perhaps the stalker had come back under a different name and maybe he recognized them or something, I dunno, but it seemed a bit unusual.

No. 201170


The private test stream? He always deletes those.

If you meant the one from Sunday, he unlisted it immediately because of copyright (he posted so in a comment). It's still there if you have the link.

No. 201231

I often wonder if he's seriously into scat. He talks about that sort of thing so often, poop. It's gross, I hope it's just for fun to get laughs.
I can't believe he'd really be into that.

No. 201555

So did no one record any of the Going to a gay town stream? Some woman came up and grabbed hold of him and tried to take him off somewhere. He thought she wanted to use him for sex, there was a hotel nearby and he thought she was trying to take him there, but that's only what he thought, who knows what she really wanted? He said he was standing looking at an ad for hosts so maybe she thought that was what he was, or was trying to recruit him. There were people in the live chat saying she maybe was a scout looking out for attractive young guys for some seedy older men, but all that was just speculation. Whatever reason she wanted him for remains a mystery but she was quite insistent and he was obviously perturbed by it, and he deleted the steam straight after. The whole thing seemed weird and needless to say, he never went to any gay bar or whatever it was he had in mind, but seeing as it was the middle of the day, maybe none would of been open at that time?

No. 201891

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 201952

Does he have an Onlyfans account? People keep asking about it and he always says he has and it's called Justin Beiber vevo and tells people to look for it, but that's obviously not true. Why doesn't he just say no he's not on Onlyfans so that people can just stop asking? It's so annoying that they just keep on asking about it when he's obviously not on there. And why the Justin Beiber reference anyway?

No. 202065

Sora asking repeatedly if he's fuckable in that live stream earlier just proves he's trolling. For one thing, he has a mirror and can see himself quite plainly in it, and seeing how many people there are who have the hots for him in the chat makes it obvious that people find him fuckable, so why does he feel the need to keep asking about it? It's like he's fishing for compliments though I'm sure he's said before he's not bothered about that sort of thing to do with looks, but he must be or he wouldn't keep asking that because he just wouldn't care about it one way or the other. I think he must be insecure about himself, because why the need to be reassured about that? It was funny though, and he was talking about going onto Grindr, that I would love to see.

No. 206369

He did the shortest stream he's ever done, was going to end the stream if a stream sniper turned up and one did even before he started, then two turned up, eventually three once he'd ended the stream.

Has he actually thought it through? Isn't it a bit dangerous encouraging random strangers to turn up and find him? What if that nutter who was stalking him makes her way over to Japan and turns up at one of his streams all angry and confrontational? How would he deal with that? He's got nearly a million subs now so is quite famous. He really ought to consider his personal safety before doing this kind of thing.

I know Japan is really safe compared to the rest of the world, but even so, it's usually foreigners who turn up at his streams anyway, so he should be careful about his safety.

No. 221489

Guys, I think Sora’s having a midlife crisis and I’m a little worried about him. In each thumbnail, his appearance looks younger and younger despite turning 30 and is still rocking that pink visual kei style in the roaring 20’s.(necro)

No. 223218


I can't get over the fact that he thought he owned the house he lives in and didn't know his dad owned it and thought his dad was just visiting when his dad was actually just coming home. That has got to be one of the weirdest things ever. He has not really explained it despite saying he was doing so in yesterdays' stream, it sounds really complicated.

Most hilarious was the wagyu stream from Thursday where instead of focusing the camera on the meal he was supposed to be focused on, it was focused on Sora's bare legs the whole time. People in the comments were going crazy with lust over his legs. I LOLed at one guy in the comments on his community page the next day saying he'd been licking the screen. I never thought Sora would definitely have simps. He said he doesn't want simps on his channel, but I think he's secretly flattered, and at the end of yesterdays stream he stood on the chair and exposed his thigh for no real reason it seemed.(sage your shit)

No. 224369

So this thread has gone quiet now that there is actual milk. Sora is spilling a load of tea in a live stream about drama with his dad. Feel kind of sorry for him.

No. 224373

I remember in one of his old livestreams he revealed that his dad gave him a spare house he owned and his dad would sometimes use one of the rooms as an office either to work or watch porn on his laptop.

His dad probably sees him as a disappointment tbh, like any other Asian dad really.

No. 224464


Does anyone understand the situation? He went into a lot of detail but I was even more confused at the end of it. His mum kept calling or texting because she wanted to talk to him about him. He said his brother and sister are mad at him but I didn't get why, he has moved into a new place, helped by donations, one guy had sent him 35,000 dollars, it all sounds craZy and convoluted and I don't know how much of it i beleive.

No. 225183

Looks like there's going to be another serious stream later about his sorry family situation. Isn't this sort of thing unusual for Japanese people? Isn't this what is called airing your dirty linen in public?

I feel bad for him that he's going through all this shit, but he might need to change his channel name to just Sora, at least drop the troll part because a lot of people won't know he's being serious when he is and will wonder if he's just trolling given that he's calling himself the troll still.

Might be time for a name change anyway as he's a bit more grown up now to be doing a lot of silly trolling all the time. I prefer him being himself but he needs to take the troll out of his name if he intends being more real from now on.

No. 225663


It's confusing as hell because he's all over the damn place, but it sounds like :

1. All of the family lived in that house

2. Brother gets a new house that has enough room for everyone; sora declines when they ask if he wants to move there

3. Dad asks him to pay money monthly, e.g. rent if he wants to stay in the old house, saying he can have it eventually (?)

4. That money is sent to his brother to help with new house loan (brother saved all of those payments because he didn't think the situation was fair)

5. His dad comes back and starts living at the old house despite being registered as living at the new one, starts blasting porn, banning him from the first floor etc.

This was all clarified yesterday.

Well, whatever. He's in a new place now. He'll probably turn this around into content somehow.

No. 226001


He did a house tour video, which he said his friend was going to be helping him film, but it looked like he was filming himself the whole time with a selfie stick or just holding the phone out like he was taking a selfie. I thought he meant the friend would be filming him talking about it and showing the house.
He said he hadn't told Hirocky yet about the move, but that he might get him back there to film.

He also said his dad never used to be like this and was always quiet and nice, and that there is thought from the family that his dad might have dementia, but he's only early sixties so seems a bit young to be affected by that. He had also said before that his mum used to rage at his dad and he thought she was bullying his dad and that is why his dad moved in with him, to have somewhere to escape to to get away from the mum as they don't get on. Presumably they did at one time as they have three kids.
Sora said in another stream before that they had let him beleive he owned the house, which seems so weird. I mean, why?

He said he was buying the new house for filming, but intended still living in the old house or using that for streaming, can't quite recall which way round it was, he seems to contradict himself quite a bit, but apparently his dad went mad about it and said he couldn't do that because his dad didn't want him to move out. None of it makes too much sense, I feel a bit sorry for the dad because it seems something is not right with him and he can't be feeling very happy or he wouldn't act that way. If he didn't want his son to move out then he's gone the wrong way about it as it sounds like Sora never wants to see him again.

He hinted at going through some really awful mental turmoil over the years there because of his dad. I almost wondered if his dad had ever done something untoward to him which would have screwed him up mentally obviously, but I'm hoping that's not the case at all, but the whole thing seems so weird. Why tell him he owned the house when he didn't?

No. 227468


Considering how much in taxes his dad would have to pay to have the deed transferred, maybe he'd kept it in his name and just raged out when Sora moved.

No. 227469

>tl;dw: summary

His dad is borderline abusive, wants to exert power over his family, has a porn addiction, is part of some cult and is now suffering from dementia.

No. 227494


I started to wonder if Sora's dad had ever mucked about with him. It would explain a lot.

No. 227826

I bet Kim has a big package down there.

No. 228887

Sora's last few streams have been Sora the Serious, and after the awful thing that happened to poor Mr Abe, Sora's afraid to go out so may likely become full hikikomori.

No. 228974

Nishimatsu-san was always a betafaggot to begin with and already had hikikomori tendencies, why do you think he quit teaching besides “hurr durr YouTube and my dumb fans pay better”?

No. 229007


I mean.. who wouldn't quit and do youtube if it paid more?

No. 229032

Except it doesn’t like it used to back in the day, but at least he’s grateful and considerate that he’s living off his fans donations and the voice acting gigs so there’s that.

No. 229099


I can't believe how many crazy women have been obsessing over and stalking him and saying they're in luurve with him. I mean it's not as if he presents himself as an idol or anything like that. And why does that J guy donate so much money to him if he didn't even like him, it makes no sense. His fans sound really crazy. He said he doesn't mind male simps, but has a problem with the female ones, presumably because they fucking mental.

No. 239785

This site is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I honestly thought Twitter couldn’t be topped, but this shit blows Twitter out of the water.
All these worthless retarded pieces of shit shaming people (not just Sora) for the sake of being an asshole (like 70% of this entire thread) should either kill themselves or be dragged into the street and beaten to death with metal baseball bats, then (seeing as the site name has “cow” in it) carved up into steaks and fed to their surviving family members, RAW.
Also I love how Sora (probably, might’ve not been him) left a comment here saying he does look like Sasuke and stuff. Was the only remotely funny thing in this whole thread.
Sora, keep doing your thing if you’re here (I hope you’re not, for your sake) and hopefully one day this repulsive site will be shut down forever.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 240059

File: 1660564658112.png (219.69 KB, 373x327, 544 (1).png)

No. 240109

You're clearly seeking gossip if you found this site, sorry you couldn't find the dick pics you were looking for. Simping for a below average Japanese man whose sense of humor hasn't evolved beyond low brow, crude and unfunny middle school jokes. I guess since you put Japanese on a pedestal he must be like a unicorn to you but you wouldn't give him the time of day if he were any other nationality. Loser.

No. 244583

I watched start of the latest live he has up, and he was talking about a private strean he'd done the day before, which I didn't see, and apparently some mad stalker bitch turned up and went beserk. He spoke like this was yet another one, but one of his regular virwers said it was the same one that was in his birthdsy video his fans made gor him which had to be edited to temove her from it once he:d told them she eas in it, and that is the crazy loon thst was shown earlier up in this thread, so does anyone know? Was it her? The one who at the time was calling herself heidi the eclectic vagabond, if my memory serves me correct? Or is this another one? Just how many stalkers can one man have?
Surprised this is not being talked about in here when it seems like actual milk.

No. 245194


It's her, yes. She showed up in the stream again with the same name, and he basically trolled the shit out of her until she deleted the account.

No. 245216

You'd think she'd of got help after the last time after he talked about it and exposed her. She sounds deranged and frightening. Sora doesn't seem to know that people like her can be dangerous.

No. 245989


This is an image board, so caps plz?? We can't have milk with just unverifiable hearsay alone and most of us aren't keen on giving him views nor are we avid watchers of his content. Any of you 2faced simps in here care to screen record or screencap his streams next time?

No. 246290

Sora has no water for two days, so didnt stream as usual Thursday.

No. 246966


If she shows up again, sure. It was a private stream so it is made unviewable right after, and a mod banned her from the channel shortly after she started commenting, so the messages went away.

I'll see if the stream archive channel caught it.

No. 247771

File: 1662950844354.jpeg (719.54 KB, 1125x637, 86D9BCAD-9FD6-417C-83B5-B9FFCD…)

Without the filters, he looks a bit rough for 30.

No. 247781

Even with em he looks fucking rough lmao there's no saving that ugly ass mug

No. 247868

No. 256260

The missiles missed Sora’s house

No. 262519

So I watched thw start of his stream where he was talking about selling his youtube plaque and his forehead looked really smooth and unlined and he definitly used to have lines across his forehead, even a few years ago. So either he's somehow got younger or he's used botox or something.

I dont understand Sora, he says, quite rightly, that he takes no notice of looks, doesnt even recognize what's nice looking or not, he just wouldnt know, yet sometimes he appears quite vain, as if he secretly is aware of his looks, so I'm wondering who the real Sora is? Is he honest in what he says? Seeming like quite a nice genuine person under all the goofiness or is he just a liar and putting on an act to make people think well of him?

No. 264558

File: 1667770197623.jpg (456.48 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20221107-062803640 …)


He posted a community post comparing his off-stream appearance to on-stream.

Right side has the lines / wrinkles, left has none. Looks like he just has a skincare / makeup routine; not uncommon for Japan.

No. 264560

File: 1667770239315.jpg (625.99 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20221107-062904129 …)


Another one

No. 267567

I can't get over how good he looked as a girl.
Funny as fuck how many Western guys getting uncomfortable over it but the few Japanese who commented werent so impressed.

No. 269343

So he streamed for about 9hours waiting for Yuta to show up, but he never did and the stream was meant to only end when Yuta showed up.
He must thought he would show up or he wouldn't title the video that way. What a fool.

No. 289454

I never said, did, nor even implied, any of the things you said. This was the 3rd result on Google at the time and I only got here from googling his channel.
I am also a straight male and not gay in the slightest. I also don’t give a shit about Japanese people, they are the same as everyone else. You are just a retard, blatantly trying to feel better about yourself in an absurd way, assuming false things about me (and likely other people as well considering what this shithole site is), and making yourself look like a complete fucking retard. And I wasn’t assuming just then, I was speaking straight facts.
Btw I only came back to see if this garbage cyberbullying website was real and not just a nightmare I had. Also to laugh at you because bullies like you are retards.
There is no use in replying to this comment, the only fuck I give about this place is the hope that it will be taken down one day. Peace, fuckers. I hope the owners of this website delete every one of these shitty forums and turn this place into something nice and useful, like a site where you can buy used cars for cheap.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 289487

Admin lock this thread

No. 289810

I come to find out that Kiyomi-san has a girlfriend in a love hotel stream, I wonder why any woman would downgrade to some incel or she’s barely legal and naïveté? I can’t imagine any bitch in her 30’s who probably has her shit together dating this fucker but anything’s possible!

Won’t sage because this is new to us

No. 322000

I don’t know. how can anyone watch this guy is beyond my comprehension. His videos are not just cringe and boring, but when I watched a few minutes I feel like I’m losing braincells… I’m 30, european and look less haggard than this dude… so that’s it for “superior” asian genes. All his retarded jokes just make my stomach turn. He is your typical incel, loser who can’t seem to grow up. Also I thought japan was such a super developed, modern country yet I see these literal shoeboxes they live in, and the mess this guy has in his room…. He is literally home ALL DAY and can’t be bothered to clean. Looks almost like he lives in a dirty warehouse

No. 323186

(necro, not milk, no context)

No. 323891

(necro/not milk/no context)

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