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File: 1614265512959.png (74.31 KB, 680x480, 1600992275397.png)

No. 139494

Previous thread >>90367

8chan thread


Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She tries way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody, Kuronekoknaifu, Ruru-chan, Kuro Hime

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

- Doesn't believe in bathing everyday and only bathes twice a week

- Doesnt like the smell of clean clothes

- Refuses to clean room unless forced

- Tends to smell terribly because of poor hygiene

- Tried to get a girl doxxed by using tumblr simply because she didn't like what she said

- Posts her nudes on 4chan's /b/

- Constantly looks for SDs on /soc/

- Tried selling nudes on FetLife while in a relationship with ex-boyfriend, Adam P.

- Cheated on every single one of her boyfriends

- Continually starts shit with Amina

- Tried to play tough guy by picking a fight with Taylor online, only to actively avoid her irl, out of fear.

- Claims to dislike lolicon and ddlg while actively posting both on her blogs

- Only started to claim mental illness when she got into menhera

- Made multiple threads about Taylor and Amina on here

- Whiteknights herself and Himeka/Angela very often

- Tried to get her threads on this site shut down by threatening suicide

- Got dumped by her boyfriend for lying and cheating. Claims he was abusive and racist after he dumped her.

- Tried to manipulate him into staying with her by faking a suicide attempt.

- It's been revealed her mother enables her shit behavior and knows she's had pedophiles for boyfriends. Despite this, Micky continues to claim her mom is abusive.

- Has no mental illnesses but claims to have them as way to avoid taking responsibility for being shitty.

-Tried to sell nudes and get a sugar daddy despite having a boyfriend.

-Posted on her Twitter about how she would be happy if Amina died

-Claimed to have "tea" on Amina after being outed on Amina's Facebook for all the shit she's done to her.

-Former friend outed Micky's cheating to her current ex-boyfriend.

-Was riding on the digital artist bandwagon with trash artwork.

-Trying to sell her low quality lewd videos for way more than they're worth.

-Currently trying really hard to prove shes bisexual despite constantly talking only about dick

-Had her friends attack a mental ill girl until they deleted their page.

- Moved out of her parents place to mooch off someone else.

- Recently revealed that she double crossed her now ex-friend, Emi, by sleeping with Emi's, at the time, boyfriend behind her back and bragging on Discord about it.

- She was also outed as being physically absuive towards her mother, as she was bragging to Emi about it.

- After being exposed, Micky hid out on Discord and changed her personality again.

-She has made a new Instagram and changed her name on Facebook to accommodate her new friends that don't know about her shitty ways.

-After essentially scamming people on her ManyVids, she deleted it and her NSFW Twitter.

-Now trying to act wholesome and shit since the release of Animal Crossing.

-Has a new boyfriend and so far has not cheated on him.

Social Media

https://twitter.com/tamathotchi_0w0?s=09 deleted

https://twitter.com/stuffieland1997?s=09 deleted

https://twitter.com/harajukub4ddie?s=09 current

http://aminoapps.com/page/alternative-fashion/6343572/micky-bunnie-bear status unknown

https://www.youtube.com/user/MickyAmaziclez/ inactive

instagram.com/hatsunemicky deleted

instagram.com/h3llokittyhotgirl current

https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/51-milk/ inactive

https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/348797/tamathotchi_0w0/Store/Videos/ deleted

https://anony.link/https://ko-fi.com/hatsunemicky deleted?

Make sure to screenshot and archive anything you find. She has a habit of going on a deleting spree.

No. 139533

File: 1614300501310.jpg (171.62 KB, 1079x2036, Screenshot_20210225-194530_Twi…)

No. 139668

File: 1614446697700.png (252.25 KB, 597x653, wheresyerfakebf.png)

Probably every time she goes against what she's touting (all men are trash blah blah) she deletes it, like I guarantee this will get deleted too. If her job makes it so she can't afford this, she needs to get a better job.

Or ask her "amazing boyfriend" she only brings up/shows off when she lurks here or just admit she's only pretending to hate men yet still does shit like this.

No. 139745

>If her job makes it so she can't afford this, she needs to get a better job.

She was bragging not to long ago about how here job pays her well and she got a raise. Not to mention she also claims to bought a new-ish car and rents an apartment, two bedroom I believe, with no issue. Yet, some cheap ass fairy lights and a tapestry is when she has to start begging for help? And even to her boyfriend, but strangers? Something just doesn't add up to me.

No. 139802

File: 1614575343987.png (15.85 KB, 603x168, bs.png)

Yeah, she's lying about stuff as usual..also as expected:
She never fails to keep true to her nature lol. I'm pretty a "boyfriend" like this would buy her $35 worth of stuff for her "dream gaming room." She lies about the oddest shit.

No. 140008

File: 1614698281565.jpg (591.58 KB, 1078x1924, Screenshot_20210302-101317_Chr…)

He's also been cooking for the both of them. I'm sure he's also paying for that apartment too. Same with the car. She's likely just mooching off of him until she finds a proper sugar daddy to leave him for. Then she'll go on and on about how awful this dude was to her, despite clearly spoiling her.

Also looks like she figured out how to adjust the filters in Snow. Nice to know she still reads the threads.

No. 140009

File: 1614698614845.jpg (120.1 KB, 1080x1920, instagram_story_h3llokittyhotg…)

>Lowkey or maybe highkey I had a racist experience when I was taking Japanese class at Oakland community College and it traumatized me and I felt too triggered to try to learn for literally years lol but I think I'm finally over it uwu

This the biggest load bullshit I've ever seen. Micky, jist fucking admit you were too lazy to learn and would rather sit on your ass all day getting high and being sent money by simps for just existing.

No. 140010

File: 1614698666234.jpg (133.29 KB, 1080x1920, instagram_story_h3llokittyhotg…)

Micky, it's seriously not that hard. You're just too lazy.

No. 140013

For real..what "racist" experience? She was pretty open about her daily life while she was passing out nudes (as if people cared beyond the nudes) she never mentioned this, only thing shes mentioned was how "hard" it is and dropped out.

No. 140016

Right? And was using Google translate to post sentences and shit and acting smug like what she put made sense.

No. 140020

File: 1614700097563.jpg (537.23 KB, 972x1778, Screenshot_20210302-104433_Twi…)

This shit here explains why she's always gonna pretend like the fucked up shit she's done before never happened and won't openly apologize for it. Straight up trash thinking she's got here.

It doesn't matter if you're 17, you know better. Which means you need to apologize and do better. Otherwise you'll become a scummy ass adult.

No. 140064

File: 1614718648293.jpg (1.08 MB, 971x2706, Screenshot_20210302-155042_Twi…)

Something about this smells staged. Starting to wonder if the indoor picnic thing was a load of shit too. Like she's doing this to pretend as if her openly going on about hating men has no effect on him and he'll still do nice things for her.

No. 140221

File: 1614796549332.jpg (66.11 KB, 1080x1920, instagram_story_h3llokittyhotg…)

She needs to realize that this post describes her perfectly and that's pretty pathetic.

No. 140222

File: 1614797026343.jpg (51.75 KB, 1079x187, Screenshot_20210303-134151_Ins…)

She even had the audacity to comment on the post. Micky, nobody has copied you. Everything about you is copied from other girls you claim to hate.

Also, good job on letting people know you have threads here. They get to see how god awful you truly can be. Dumbass.

No. 140231

Hopefully her boyfriend takes a gander lol.

No. 140270

File: 1614824953458.jpg (82.48 KB, 910x1709, 156704908_428052494933380_4698…)

There's something really off about her face here. What the fuck is she doing to it when editing?

No. 140279

File: 1614834986002.png (706.52 KB, 677x677, big ol eyes.png)

It looks like she enlarged her eyes like crazy. Like that scene from Spongebob in reverse.

What's interesting is that despite that, her eyes are still wildly far apart.

No. 140290

>all the fruit cups you ate made your kitty taste like skittles
wtf who the fuck says this shit loooool

No. 140291

holy fuck this is so rich, this is literally her lmao

No. 140292

>as someone who has lolcow stalkers
bitch wtf?

No. 140594

File: 1615081259846.jpg (113.57 KB, 1079x602, Screenshot_20210306-203723_Twi…)

Stating something factual doesn't make someone a "pick me", Micky. Just admit you're only spouting this bullshit to get simps and clout chase.

No. 140609

Which is odd..given she has a whole ass "perfect" boyfriend.

No. 140642

File: 1615118493418.jpg (170.87 KB, 1079x786, Screenshot_20210306-203656_Twi…)

Hasn't Micky copied both of them?

No. 140694

Yes, she has.

No. 140701

Yep..and its hilarious how she always talks about herself acting like she's done none of this shit despite the over 15 threads about her.

No. 140926

File: 1615433391632.jpg (174.44 KB, 1058x697, Screenshot_20210310-212902_Twi…)

No. 141058

File: 1615570165587.jpg (270.19 KB, 1079x970, Screenshot_20210312-122416_Twi…)

That's not a fucking traumatic event at all. It's just rude. Also, I highly doubt she's asking any of those questions at all. She was likely the one eating their stuff.

No. 141066

lmao the TRAUMA of her parents eating her birthday cake

No. 141083

File: 1615583503046.png (13.77 KB, 597x139, dumbasspartofcycle.png)

We're coming up to the part of the cycle where she's 'overly woke' again and basically talking about herself, in this case, why she'll never be a good person lol.

No. 141345

File: 1615777411853.jpg (408.32 KB, 1079x1485, Screenshot_20210314-225844_Twi…)

I feel like this is going to be quite milky. Especially when she eventually fails at it.

No. 141359

why would anyone take advice on being a good person from a actual piece of shit

No. 141366

>pretends to be woke/activist
>wants to be completely oblivious to news
Pick one. kek.

I haven't been in this thread in forever. Good to see this cow is still cycling on through the usual. And she's still living at home too? How old is she now?

No. 141382

She supposedly moved out and into an apt with her bf (that he's no doubt paying for everything), that conveniently she only talks about/posts about whenever she's being pushed into a corner or browse here and gets a reminder she mentioned having one.

No. 141468

File: 1615866635154.jpg (1.25 MB, 1439x2562, Screenshot_20210315-234843_Ins…)

I know there's the whole "abusers can be nice TOO" thing but if you're really trying to convince the internet that your parents are terrible awful people who gave you trauma why share this lol

No. 141470

Exactly. I highly doubt her mom gave her that anyways considering she was beating her prior to moving out.

She needs to come clean about how shitty she was towards her parents.

No. 141471

So she just moved out then? Is that why she's trying to cycle back into "slut" mode again like the time she moved out with those coomer twinks that kicked her out as quickly as she had moved in? I wonder how long it'll take for her to bomb this one.

No. 141507

It might be a minute since she's living with her boyfriend. He seems to lack a backbone considering he's just a-ok with taking all the responsibility of owning an apartment by himself while his girlfriend sit on her ass, e-begs and blows money on useless shit.

No. 141550

OT, because of the possibility of mistaken identity, but there is someone else who goes by the name of Kuro Hime.
They're a cow themselves, but it's not Micky

No. 141552

File: 1615927735340.png (13.95 KB, 601x138, Thendoit.png)

And yet another example of how she always contradicts what she says. She rather make her own money..but begs constantly, leeching off her spineless boyfriend and pretended she didn't hit up her sugar daddy recently when he "randomly sent me money despite being blocked everywhere."

Yeah fairly common thot name, unfortunately.

Yeah, her mother sounds insanely abusive with the whole gifts and watching tv shows together etc..fucking hell mucky keep your story straight.

No. 141755

File: 1616102853897.jpg (123.7 KB, 1079x797, Screenshot_20210318-172232_Sam…)

Micky, you really shouldn't be sharing posts like these when you've said absolutely nothing at all about the subject itself. Especially since you're claiming to be a bimbo now.

No. 141757

File: 1616102941092.jpg (102.13 KB, 1080x317, Screenshot_20210318-172552_Twi…)

Seriously, does she not see how much of a hypocrite she comes off as when doing this?

No. 141760

She knows, she sadly doesn't care. 90% of her followers/interactions is from retweeting stuff about current hot topics she doesn't give a fuck about.

No. 141790

lol anon she doesn't think any of this applies to her - she has hot takes such as Racism Bad Black Girls Wear Pink Too so she's allowed to keep doing these things

No. 141983

File: 1616293691767.jpg (63.9 KB, 1079x358, Screenshot_20210320-221232_Sam…)

She needs to kill that thought because running your own business so requires similar effort. And we all know she doesn't believe in putting in effort at all.

No. 141995

File: 1616300910967.jpg (620.34 KB, 1079x1799, Screenshot_20210321-001219_Twi…)

Because you know it's edited, Micky. You're not slick.

No. 142367

File: 1616565535147.jpg (762.46 KB, 1078x1731, Screenshot_20210324-015227_Ins…)

Looks like Micky's getting bigger. Also, is her boyfriend a manlet or is she actually as tall as a full grown man?

No. 142368

File: 1616565556076.jpg (755.87 KB, 1078x1730, Screenshot_20210324-015252_Ins…)

No. 142379

She is indeed that tall. Anons that knew her irl said she was pushing 5'11.

No. 142383

Her bf is absolutely a manlet. He looks a whole 5'5" here.

She's no taller than 5'8", but she's probably pushing 6ft in some of the shoes she wears.

No. 142393

the audacity to claim that people try to cop her style when she's walking around dressed like that

No. 142415

her style is so plain, tacky and musty..

No. 142446

Does she have diabetes because her knuckles are looking pretty dark.

No. 142457

File: 1616629955759.jpg (99.53 KB, 1080x1920, instagram_story_h3llokittyhotg…)

Her thumbnail looks gross. Also whatever shop she went to did some pretty shoddy work. Also weird she went and bought colourpop eyeshadow after spending days on complaining about their products.

No. 142520

File: 1616681825801.png (10.43 KB, 600x447, lol.png)

Looks like she said some dumbshit and redid her twitter handle..again.

No. 142521

It's @nekomimisw1tch btw, forgot to add it.

No. 142544

File: 1616691854310.jpg (776.76 KB, 1079x1393, Screenshot_20210325-130331_Sam…)

She changed her name on Facebook too. Looks like she's about skinwalk random asian girls and lie about being blasian again.

No. 142605

File: 1616726303841.png (147.74 KB, 410x351, mimi.png)

and she's 18+ now lmao

No. 142612

It's weird because her other nails look so thin compared to the thumb. They almost look like cheap press ons from underneath, but the thumb in a whole different situation.

No. 142614

File: 1616732141928.png (17.31 KB, 598x316, fakebitch.png)

Explains how her relationship is setup, so she definitely will be assed out if he ever dumps her.

No. 142616

of course her idol is this creepy uncanny valley monstrosity
micky will complain about girls overediting themselves but its OK if kawaii ugu asians do it

No. 142619

do you guys think shes going to start saying shes part asian again

No. 142634

She should get a sugar daddy on the side if thats what she wants. And clean her fucking room.

No. 142651

and the cycle continues. it's nice to have something stable in my life.

No. 142652

She has one that she supposedly "blocked everywhere but still somehow managed to send me money randomly and it made me sick" lol.

No. 142661

File: 1616773506715.jpg (528.23 KB, 1079x1768, Screenshot_20210326-113642_Twi…)

She posted these tweets, so looks like we'll be seeing her in I'll fitting ali express lingerie soon.
Exactly. I feel like it's not even her apartment or car. It's his and she's just lying to flex. Like, the moment he dumps her she's gonna right back in her parents house and being for rides again.

Wouldn't be surprised if she already song it on her Facebook. Posting Google translated Japanese and shit. Lying that her mom's part Japanese. Lol

No. 142664

File: 1616773740241.jpg (194.15 KB, 1079x1036, Screenshot_20210326-114719_Sam…)

In what way was this girl ever gifted? She was in remedial classes in high school and dropped out of college because it was "too hard". Lol

No. 142665

File: 1616773789871.jpg (290.55 KB, 1079x1158, Screenshot_20210326-114742_Sam…)

She's really going the bimbo route. Guess she's copying Angela now.

No. 142791

File: 1616886087605.jpg (202.95 KB, 1079x793, Screenshot_20210327-190045_Twi…)

There's nothing cool about being an idiot, Micky. It just makes you a laughingstock.

No. 142835

She has 0 ounces of smart in her lmao

No. 142855

File: 1616964212155.jpg (1.91 MB, 2560x2560, 1556002511401.jpg)

Same chick that will forever post pics like this then blame "the apps"..you'd think after all this time she'd learn how apps worked.

No. 142907

honestly, pic on the left is 100% cuter.

No. 142932

entire generations of feminism, activism, fighting for our rights and to be taken seriously by men only for morons like micky and every other woke liberated zoomer like her to try and glorify "bimbofication". why do we even fucking try anymore ladies.

No. 142935

No money in it apparently..they're ready to throw away progress to take money from men they claim to hate so much lol. I feel bad for our newer generations of women..

No. 143096

They noticed when their customers notified them that the meat they sold did NOT taste like ass

No. 143120

File: 1617058597987.jpg (282.37 KB, 960x964, MYXJ_20210329155620778_save.jp…)

Do I even need commentary with this
Micky you WISH you were mixed, tf you on about??

No. 143124

I guess she counts herself as mixed because I believe her mom is mixed, and mixed with white at that. So, not sure why Micky is pushing this lie. Unless she really is back to lying about being half asian again.

No. 143127

it's such a weird fucked up thing to say since people can't help who their parents are or what they're emixed with? and even funnier for her to shit on anyone mixed black while trying to be this "kawaii black leader" or whatever

No. 143184

what's wrong with a white mother? she's just fucking nuts and hates women

No. 143186

there's this meme that mixed black people with white moms can't take care of their hair and are weirder than the rest. if only the "worst" thing about micky was having a white mom…

No. 143188

Way to out your racism mucky.

No. 143195

White women arent oppressed karen

No. 143198

Im not surprised shes going this route. She has never been smart. I wonder if she will ever try to be “gyaru” again. Her obsession with it as funny. I used to feel sad for her but its been like 4 years since shes a dumb bitch. Her internet personas will forever follow her. Even if she becomes popular she will get dragged for her antics (says shes against sexualization of women but had a lolicon tumblr acc and now shes going with the bimbo route).
I miss her jfashion phase. Now shes just pathetic and self hating to the max because she will never lose weight and get the v line face shape she wants.

No. 143217

oh my god micky as if black people dont have a hard enough time trying to be ok with being black. you would think herself living with self hate for being black she would understand. hilarious

No. 143220

That anon didn't say they were? Are you illiterate, anon?

Micky has a history of competing and hating on women of any color.

No. 143263

Stop racebaiting, retard.

No. 143405

File: 1617292910017.jpg (308.65 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20210401-115043_Chr…)

Pretty sure she's lying about HR not doing shit and left because she's lazy as hell. I'm sure she's definitely not gonna last at that new job either.


>60 days a week

Damn she's fucking retarded.

No. 143406

File: 1617292940373.jpg (254.01 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20210401-115221_Chr…)

No. 143409

File: 1617293203866.jpg (701.46 KB, 1078x1899, Screenshot_20210401-115403_Chr…)

No. 143621

File: 1617428699778.jpeg (672.21 KB, 828x1410, 7E6356E2-5BA7-40F0-A35D-C1025A…)

sage for no milk but there is a micky 2.0

No. 143627

Funnily enough, they follow each other. Micky likely is following old girl to eventually copy her or make up a new catfish.

No. 143928

>kitchen assistant
she better be smart enough and found a job that pays her more than what she used to make, overtime included.

No. 144106

File: 1617809708041.png (91.66 KB, 337x202, typical.png)

She switched her user name again shortly after posting her.."art."

No. 144107

File: 1617809738143.png (381.5 KB, 597x443, nanithefuckisthis.png)

No. 144108

Not really a meme, it's actually pretty accurate. It's not an issue of them being weird but more so the fact that they very frequently have weird inferiority or superiority complexes about their skin and/or hair - definitely more so than their counterparts with black moms. Super common for them to 1.) hate themselves and all other black people or 2.) to think they're better than other black people because of their "whiter" features. It's weird though, because despite mucky not being mixed, she still cycles through all of those same thought patterns because she has no true sense of self and loathes the nothingness that she is. Besides that, she's just a stupid hypocrite, but we all know that ain't news.

No. 144122

The fact she hasn't improved after all this time is sad.

No. 144300

File: 1617878365416.jpg (455.06 KB, 972x1743, Screenshot_20210408-063506_Twi…)

Why even mention taking nudes and talk about making an OnlyFans in the first place if you have a boyfriend then? You really shouldn't be picking and choosing when to throw out the boyfriend card.

Honestly, you shouldn't even be doing anything nsfw since you like to cheat once you get into that space. Especially if you truly care about your boyfriend.

No. 144302

File: 1617878741790.jpg (315.09 KB, 1079x777, Screenshot_20210408-064346_Twi…)

Funny Micky says that when she's caused issues within her own community by doing all three of those things. Of course, she'll never acknowledge that fact and apologize for it. Doing that wouldn't allow her to play victim.

No. 144306

Forgot to add that she's only openly mentioned her boyfriend in passing once, recently. Pretty sure the amount she's mentioned him could be counted on one hand.

Though I'm sure she does that so her "sugar daddy" won't stop giving her funds.

No. 144320

For real lol, why even post that you took "fire nudes", what purpose does that solve other than to bait people and give it to your sugar daddy?
She only mentions him when she lurks here and sees people callin her out on her bs as usual.

No. 144339

Exactly. If she wasn't lurking here she would never mention him. Lol

She'd honestly be better off on doing makeup tutorials or streaming animal crossing, if she's not really down to do nsfw and deal with the crowd from it.

No. 144341

File: 1617895877362.jpg (109.89 KB, 1045x301, Screenshot_20210408-113043_Twi…)

Ofc Micky would retweet some toxic shit like this. Then again, this is the same girl who ran away from a fight that she started. I can't be too surprised.

No. 144392

he didn't ask if she had a boyfriend.

No. 144393

Her response is stating he should have known she did since he follows her and she "talks about him all the time" supposedly. Why would he have to ask?

No. 144465

yeah but he didn't ask

No. 144466

with her teatering around sex work i dont know why she thinks its not normal to assume she's talking about nudes because she's going to sell them.

No. 144468

mucky callout round 3 begins now


No. 144582

Lol I was just about to share this. She's gonna start deleting her social media soon, watch.

No. 144587

this bitch just said a whole lot of nothing for an hour straight. she is too focused on using hot words to even make sesnse at all. like for people that dont know about micky that video is impossible to understand what she is talking about

No. 144588

even a girl in the comments said they dont understand

No. 144589

it's because it's supposed to go hand-in-hand with this Google document

No. 144597

nobody has time for that doc

No. 144598

Only you, anon. Everyone else has functioning eyes.

No. 144599

ok watch how this cancel round gets no traction

No. 144600

what is her plann exactly? is she suing micky?

No. 144601

File: 1618001419470.jpeg (180.4 KB, 828x396, 5CF15920-E626-409F-A6D0-1B8C6B…)

No. 144603

Pretty sure she's posting the doc so people are aware of how slimy Micky is and avoid her.

No. 144607

The part where she talks about that dress micky sold was pretty wild. I knew Micky was trifling but holy shit, she's just constantly chilling in musty, soiled clothes? Yikes. I bet she left that warehouse job because she could hear people talk about how gross she smelled.

No. 144620

Can you summarize that part? I cant sit through an hour of disorganized story telling.

No. 144625

Well if a thot says she has onlyfans and takes nudes what do you think it means? that she has no fucking boundaries or self respect and if she can take nudes for other people having a bf that makes her extra disgusting and she gets what she deserves. Act like a hoe get treated like one, simple.

No. 144627

File: 1618014087942.png (429.89 KB, 670x598, callout.png)

at least post the screenshots please this is an imageboard

No. 144628

File: 1618014354694.png (35.81 KB, 672x440, callout.png)

Why do you still whiteknight this disgusting smelly ass prostitute self degrading bitch? Go suck on her herpes ridden roast beef slit please

Told ya, and the cycle continues.

No. 144629

File: 1618014868632.png (236.05 KB, 614x558, callout.png)

For everyone who still wants to defend mucky, saying she's just another black ethot, wrong. She's still a pedophile. She's still a nasty narcissist. She's still dumb and only has 1 braincell but pretends she's a smart manipulator and scammer.

No. 144631

I also saw something like this in her recent tumblr, but didn't post screenshots because any time I posted them people would say I was nitpicking and the whiteknights would arise. But she definetely had some lolicon and ddgl shit on her recent tumblr, who knows what she had in her likes.

No. 144633

the video says she sold a lolita dress with piss on it. And when she had a bad review she just bawwleted it.
Do people really want to defend this disgusting pig?

No. 144634

Funny seeing Micky ignore everything. She's only making it worse for herself.

Not surprising considering she spammed her CP everywhere. Even after people told her that wasn't ok. Remember, she had a nsfw tumblr while underage.

Just scroll to the 33:41 mark. She talks about it there.

No. 144645

who is defending her? post screen caps

No. 144647

i want to hear what she has to say but her trying to hide trigger words and having an add stroll off rant i cant keep up. to me it sounds like its leas about micky and more about she is mad at the k club admins

No. 144659

Nta, but I'm pretty sure they're just recalling people who've whiteknighted her before. Which can be seen in previous thread.

No. 144661

tbh i never saw people defending her before either. besides maybe 2 people period

No. 144669

go back on the previous thread and see for yourself then

No. 144686

If you actually followed the thread, you'd notice whenever she gets called out you always have herself and a group of people come to her defense and always pretend she's the victim in every situation.

No. 144688

i have been for years and its always not that many people

No. 144689

Nta, but it's still a group of people. Especially on her Facebook page. That shit is a pure echo chamber.

I'm beginning to think that you haven't really been following this. Until yesterday. Take a moment to read through all the previous threads and you'll see what we mean.

No. 144723

File: 1618069850974.jpg (67.62 KB, 1079x370, Screenshot_20210410-115024_Ins…)

Somebody please, make sure to record that shit. This is gonna be good as fuck if she goes through with it. Lol

No. 144724

File: 1618070027882.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x2560, 21-04-10-11-53-51-532_deco.jpg)

Nevermind, the fucking coward ran away again. Lmao

No. 144728

Lmao, yep she can't ever take responsibility.

No. 144729

File: 1618075438082.png (249.53 KB, 1152x648, lolbitchran.png)

Yep, she edited her info and hiding, cycle will forever continue.

No. 144730

File: 1618075608367.jpg (1.25 MB, 2560x1920, 21-04-10-13-25-04-664_deco.jpg)

Micky probably gonna try and manipulate whoever hops in her DM or post about them on Twitter. She ain't slick.

She's likely about to talk shit about the girl that called her out. So I won't be surprised if that chick gets some hate her way soon. Micky is such a scummy chicken shit.

No. 144739

File: 1618077463300.jpg (766.16 KB, 966x3595, Screenshot_20210410-133436_Sam…)

The doc about her got posted to the Kei Club group. Wonder how far out this will reach.

No. 144743

i follow this. i dont follow her. i only see people canceling her is probably the difference and why i dont see people defending her

No. 144744

>I would like to do a livestream with you
Jesus fucking christ this is pure harassment
Like "let me make you uncomfortable and harass you live", she's definetely special ed tier kek

No. 144748

Yeah, you're missing a lot of context and what happens. This is just how it looks when she's "quiet" compared to when she's full on wilding out so you can imagine why someone states what they state about her and her defenders.

For example this is the same girl that shutdown her "passion project" and discord server because other girls in it were getting more attention than she was SW wise.

No. 144750

Jeeeeez that response was too aggressive

No. 144751

This document is extremely old, hasn’t this came from older threads?

No. 144761

It's like she doesn't care about looking guilty as hell.

That's why the girl is asking for more info. She's making a doc with updated info and what not. So we might see some shit we haven't posted about yet.

No. 144763

File: 1618088926691.jpg (316.49 KB, 971x2077, Screenshot_20210410-170734_Sam…)

Her boyfriend is highkey a fucking idiotic simp. I can't imagine wanting to defend someone wbo has evidence of being abusive, manipulative, lying, and a pedo. Just how down bad is this chump?

No. 144764

File: 1618089149201.jpg (127.67 KB, 1079x980, Screenshot_20210410-171152_Ins…)

Locked her Instagram account. Lol

No. 144765

>why are people so mean
Because she's pedo scum that's why

No. 144766

Yeah all of her profiles have little to no info now..yep she's in hiding again lmao.

No. 144773

She even deleted her Facebook. Lol She's likely going to hide until she thinks everyone forgets this happened.

No. 144774

Yep, if she did nothing wrong or "I change/Imma do better" why go to these lengths? Best part is she'll always be found because her simp posing as a boyfriend will link/make her stuff easily found.

No. 144775

She's also purging her followers on IG/Twitter it looks like.

No. 144777

Got a document link?

No. 144778

Not even shocked. She really doesn't want to change. Pathetic,as usual.

No. 144786

True, if she was truly "changed" she wouldn't delete shit, just face that some people don't like her and move on.

I told ya'll she was the same girl. I warned you about the cycle. But you were like "nuhhh poor micky she's so boring now" well here's proof you don't need defending her anymore.

No. 144850

File: 1618156328188.jpg (1004.83 KB, 960x3230, Screenshot_20210411-114308_Doc…)

So the new document did have much in regards to Micky. The skirt incident was posted and the DMs between OP of the doc and Micky.

The conversation is way more than enough proof to me that she's never changing. She might get worse honestly.

Also, I hope someone else makes a better, far more detailed document. There are all these threads with info. The earlier ones have archived links in them too. It would likely make more people speak up on shit that happened that wasn't documented here too.

No. 144852

File: 1618156411285.jpg (872.83 KB, 971x3059, Screenshot_20210411-114330_Doc…)

No. 144853

File: 1618156567312.jpg (871.62 KB, 971x3065, Screenshot_20210411-114350_Doc…)

No. 144854

File: 1618156814766.jpg (1.1 MB, 949x3760, Screenshot_20210411-114516_Doc…)

No. 144857


"But but anon, she's changed, she's a new person! She's for real this time!"

Lmao. Holy god why is it so hard to just own up for being a shitty person, you'll get 100x more likable probably actual support showing initiative in being a better person.

No. 144858

I love how quickly she jumps from trying to match OPs serious tone and then
>wahhhh but why ME why are you so FOCUSED ON ME
>b-b-but YOU exposed minors to this document containing CP (that I posted)

I like how this OP didn't fall for it. added bonus for Micky really trying to pull the "muh traumas" BS she always does

No. 144859

File: 1618158115993.jpg (864.49 KB, 972x3230, Screenshot_20210411-121536_Doc…)

Gonna post the skirt incident now. It's mainly just the DM. Micky acts the same there too.

Seriously, all she has to do is acknowledge all that's she done to others and sincerely apologize for it. That "trauma" shit can stay personal. Nobody needs to know it. Even though it's all mostly bullshit to excuse her behavior and avoid growing.

No. 144860

Mucky: "I do not condone graphic material involving children."
Also Mucky: "I'm going to pedobait, my tumblr is full of pedo material and I dress like an underage asian school girl during my virtualpetzz days."

No. 144861

File: 1618158257243.jpg (406.66 KB, 972x2512, Screenshot_20210411-121617_Doc…)


What's even wilder is that she let a pedo into the group she was modding and blocked people told her about it. She's gross af.

No. 144862

File: 1618158379693.jpg (398.28 KB, 967x2386, Screenshot_20210411-121640_Doc…)


Don't forget she went on 4chan and posted her own CP several times too. With time stamps! I swear she's vile.

No. 144863

File: 1618158435270.jpg (542.28 KB, 971x2345, Screenshot_20210411-121700_Doc…)

No. 144864

File: 1618158571671.jpg (767.39 KB, 969x3177, Screenshot_20210411-121730_Doc…)

No. 144866

File: 1618158876410.jpg (423.42 KB, 971x2170, Screenshot_20210411-121754_Doc…)

No. 144867

File: 1618159090922.jpg (1022.18 KB, 968x3676, Screenshot_20210411-121817_Doc…)

No. 144868

File: 1618159246120.jpg (473.32 KB, 971x2504, Screenshot_20210411-121847_Doc…)

No. 144870

File: 1618159419570.jpg (114.32 KB, 1079x744, Screenshot_20210411-115552_Sam…)

What's with her manlet simp need to get in a physical altercation with women? Also, why isn't questioning his partner about her pedo behavior and her abusive acts towards her mother?? Dude has bis priorities fucked up.

No. 144871

Yep, this is mucky in a nutshell. She'd rather hide/delete things than own up to it, it's pretty apparent when she did manyvids and charged people 25-40 for customs, 100+ for longer than 5 minute videos and resold it on her main page and through CA for $10-15 to make more money on it lol.

No. 144872

File: 1618159865459.jpg (763.56 KB, 1063x1639, Screenshot_20210411-124821_Dep…)

For real. Oh, I found the seller Micky originally bought that skirt from and the seller even says it's a Medium. So Micky knew, she was just in the mood to scam.

Also, didn't she scam people on her Kawaii Black Girls page with a contest and never gave the winner anything she listed?

No. 144883

It looks like her simp deleted his status. Doesn't change the fact he wants to beat up women for pointing out his girlfriend is a fucking abusive pedo.

Also makes me wonder if he's been looking at these threads. If so, dude, you need stop defending Micky and dump her. You're only making yourself look stupid. Oh, and get tested.

No. 144892

This lol.

Xavier, my guy..I know you're entranced by her bellybutton level tits and fake personality, she's not worth it. The fact you deleted your status proves you know the blowback will be real. There's a reason you didn't "land a catch" and rather reeled in what no one else rightfully wanted.

Mucky, just admit you're a piece of shit, move on and people will like you more.

No. 144920

File: 1618179230081.jpg (174.83 KB, 1079x661, Screenshot_20210411-155621_Sam…)

They still haven't turned on the comments, which comes off as cowardly. People should be able to vent about Micky's dumb ass.

No. 144941

>we can talk on live
>actually no I won’t cause I’m the actual victim here waaaahh

never change mucky lmao

No. 144976

File: 1618242974051.jpg (123.39 KB, 1080x548, Screenshot_20210412-115523_Twi…)

So it looks like she's still posting on her Twitter. Wonder what else she's tweeted while protected. Also makes me wonder if she has a secret Facebook or Tumblr that she's using right now.

No. 144979

Just a selfie and liking stuff that shows she doesn't care she's been called out again lol. On instagram bragging about her boyfriend's gamer setup. She's slowly thinking she's "safe" again after a day.

No. 144993

Man, she's pathetic. She could have been made an apology video at this point.

No. 144996

I still don't understand why she would rather go out of her way to lie and say the evidence against her is fake, instead of owning up to it being real and acknowledging she genuinely needs to get her shit together. She would come off as so much more mature and put together if she did the latter.

No. 145128

File: 1618324596425.jpg (157.83 KB, 1079x720, Screenshot_20210413-103254_Sam…)

What's up with this Callie chick? Is she like best friends with Micky? Cause she been absolutely silent and the mods in Kei Club won't turn comments on for Micky's post without her saying anything.

Also, has Micky mentioned anything about recent events on her Insta or Twitter? Or is she still ignoring it all?

No. 145129

File: 1618324649978.png (11.55 KB, 603x125, muckymindsetlol.png)

Easier to ignore and pretend you're safe.
She has not, she's going on like nothing happened and retweeting stuff like this.

No. 145165

Callie is the owner of OtaQ who has scammed customers out of thousands of dollars

No. 145177

So the mod team for Kei Club was stupid enough to add a pedo and a scammer? Wow. Now it's really fucking stupid that they're waiting on her then.

No. 145373

File: 1618446874631.jpg (190.33 KB, 828x1472, 173254024_1763179803890737_775…)

So her Twitter and Instagram are public again. Her Facebook is still gone though. Likely using a different account now.

No. 145496

Her Facebook is back again too. She's still pretending like she didn't get exposed. More people have seen that document now too. Soon or later one of those drama/tea channels will make a video on her.

No. 145601

File: 1618587798092.jpg (111.6 KB, 1079x548, Screenshot_20210416-114252_Twi…)

Yeah, I highly doubt that, Micky. You waste all your money on bullshit and leave bills in other people's names.

No. 145628

She's leeching off her boyfriend, so when you don't have to pay your own bills or use your own cards…you will be in perfect standing.

No. 145648

She still has student loans, so her credit score definitely ain't looking the greatest.

No. 145670

File: 1618631028230.jpg (405 KB, 1079x2075, Screenshot_20210416-234209_Sam…)

I wonder what made her share this to her Instagram story. Especially when we all know she the one who skinwalks others.

No. 145674

especially because she already posted it lol >>140221

No. 145686

File: 1618669388405.png (16.78 KB, 601x197, dumbbitch.png)

She says this..while telling her followers to spam people she hate and discords and lolcow with gore hentai and literally roleplay as a asian middleschooler in most of her porn.

No. 145688

File: 1618670345592.jpg (583.65 KB, 1080x1796, Screenshot_20210417-103604_Twi…)

Here Micky goes with the lies again! She neglects telling her followers how she lied to everyone about her age. She also still neglects to speak on how she sent some the people she told this lie, CP. Knowing that it's illegal.

No. 145689

File: 1618670690023.jpg (521.86 KB, 1079x1587, Screenshot_20210417-104050_Twi…)



This never happened either. In fact, she was the one doing the slut shaming and still lying about her age. This was also when she was trying to get the other actual adults around her to bully Amina. Including one of the other maids.

But I'm sure if she admitted to any of that, she wouldn't be able to get any victim points. She'd had to own up to being a piece of shit from the beginning, and that's not her thing.

No. 145690

File: 1618671016324.jpg (154.33 KB, 1079x722, Screenshot_20210417-104633_Twi…)

Micky, you do not have CPTSD. At all. Stop using others illnesses and trauma as your own to fry absolve yourself from the bullshit you've done.

Also, you sat on fat, smelly ass and made fun of someone experiencing a miscarriage, someone else who experienced rape/sexual assault, and another being bullied into near suicide. So don't speak this bullshit now.

No. 145692

No. 145699

Like clockwork, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. she gets called out she makes up a lie and excuses to try to be a victim.

No. 145725

Right? And I'm pretty sure these excuses she's using are things from the lives of the people she's harassed all these years. It's disgusting.

No. 145733

File: 1618696627403.jpg (199.46 KB, 1079x789, Screenshot_20210417-175534_Twi…)

And now she's back to suddenly having bipolar disorder and BPD. Lol The bullshit never ends with her.

No. 145760

Queen you’re just PMSing. Like why is she so insane lol

No. 145765

File: 1618711993618.jpg (1.42 MB, 2560x1920, 21-04-17-22-10-14-149_deco.jpg)

She trying really hard to push the whole "I'm soooo mental ill omg" bit so people won't try to hold her accountable for anything. Oh, and for TikTok clout. Which will definitely blow up in her face.


No. 145965

File: 1618838565047.png (15.28 KB, 600x161, dumbassbitch.png)

Of course she defends Titty Twitch Streamers because she wants to be one. She's always flipflop on her "morals" because she's the one who leaks her own nudes and still passing them out to this day.

No. 145982

File: 1618847185905.jpg (655.99 KB, 1079x1745, Screenshot_20210419-062112_Twi…)

Sorry, accidentally deleted the post.

But yeah, it's not surprising she wants to be one. She gonna be crushed when her shit get shutdown though because she's not a thin white girl. The Twitch mods seem to simp for those girls. Micky is fat black chick. She also has zero personality so even if she managed to avoid a ban or deletion, she wouldn't get many views. Hell, she's likely to get bombarded by all the people who have read that document and want answers.

No. 146003

File: 1618866033020.jpg (130.03 KB, 1079x666, Screenshot_20210419-165701_Twi…)

Micky's just trying to poorly cover her tracks and manipulate people into thinking the accounts she listed on there prior weren't hers. She's not slick at all.

No. 146004

File: 1618866645889.jpg (307.7 KB, 1078x1666, Screenshot_20210419-170405_Sam…)

Somebody else made a post about Micky on Facebook now. It's mostly what's talked about in the document.

No. 146005

File: 1618866908770.jpg (244.2 KB, 972x2355, Screenshot_20210419-170333_Sam…)

Here's a comment about how Micky tried to claim that the person was lying about having an eating disorder.

I censored the name of OP and the person commenting so Micky wouldn't try to sick her simp on them or stalk them herself to subtweet.

No. 146006

File: 1618867192708.png (32.41 KB, 601x367, missedthepoint.png)

No surprise this dumb bitch missed the point, and "pokimane" being labeled a wholesome streamer is fucking hilarious in its own right.

No. 146033

She renamed her tiktok. Couldn't find it for a second. She has uploaded decently.

No. 146053

File: 1618916861275.jpg (887.52 KB, 1078x1836, Screenshot_20210420-070352_Ins…)

Them doing this is gonna blow up in their faces once they find out about all the bullshit Micky's been involved in.

No. 146054

File: 1618916939917.jpg (889.18 KB, 1078x1803, Screenshot_20210420-070507_Ins…)

Seriously, there are far better and less toxic people they could have reached out to do this with.

No. 146057

She couldn't even smile for her sponsored photos? Pathetic. She looks so fat too, like when she tucked in the shirt she left it all balled up over her midsection… But I'm pretty sure that's just her gunt.

No. 146086

her hands look comically massive in the second photo

No. 146095

this is such a weak nitpick. dont make me take her side. smiling? really?

No. 146097

Here we go lol. Look, you want to defend mucky and probably her bf or one of her "friends" or mucky herself but seriously, when you get sponsored you kind of…want to present your sponsor in the best way possible. It's not a nitpick. Just say you want to support her, no need to act autistic.

No. 146131

nta but saying something is a weak nitpick doesn't make you a supporter nor is it worth a 'hi cow'.

No. 146182

hi cow what

No. 146555

File: 1619144289577.jpg (154.16 KB, 1080x1920, 176130220_153801243333459_1216…)

Micky, you knew damn well what was going to happen and posted it anyway. Just admit you live off of drama and causing unnecessary issues.

No. 146565

This is such a bullshit argument lol. if Micky was smart enough she would put some money aside for more sustainable/ethical brands or whatever instead of constantly buying cheap garbage clothes off of aliexpress and Amazon. I’m so tired of this argument coming from “alt girls” with 0 impulse control who spend 95% of their money on clothes they don’t need in the first place

No. 146718

So i guess thrift is out of the question for her? Not kawiwi enough.

No. 146723

If she would be honest with herself about her size she could easily just buy plus size clothes on ThreadUp or some shit like that. That's an ethical way that isn't too pricy.

Honestly though, why the fuck does this matter to her? She blows her more Demonia shoes and overpriced poorly made shit on AliExpress. She really shouldn't be talking at all.

No. 146777

Is she pregnant? Cuz it 100% looks like she's pregnant

No. 146827

No, she just has a weird body from a bad diet and being tall asf with no actual shape. Last set of pics she sent me recently she still looks like this.

No. 147093

Probably yeah, Micky probably thinks she’s too good for thrifting, even though that’s literally the best option for getting clothes. Even though you can find Hello Kitty shit at most places lol

No. 147113

File: 1619390067323.jpg (142.1 KB, 1080x1920, 177067200_324522072351750_6308…)

Micky needs to realize that physical thrift stores exists. If you're poor, you can deadass hit up a local thrift store and so fucking for so little. Especially if you pay attention to any sales happening. Hell, shopping in clearance at stores at the mall ain't too bad either. Shit, you can even hit up people you know and see if they're willing to donate some clothes. It's not hard at all. Micky just doesn't want to face that fact because she's shit at shopping smart and taking care of her clothes.

No. 147158

File: 1619414005700.jpg (143.39 KB, 1079x725, Screenshot_20210426-011228_Twi…)

Micky, you do not having fucking OCD. Cut the bullshit.


No. 147893

File: 1619751937194.jpg (585.43 KB, 1079x1531, Screenshot_20210429-230350_Twi…)

Micky, you know damn well you ain't built like Sonico, at all.

No. 147903

KEK. She's super delulu at best.

No. 147905

How the fuck can she saw this so confidently knowing she looks like a fucking gremlin with no hips. It always looks like she had her legs bound together with how close they are when she stands. She’s built so fucking ugly.

No. 147934

File: 1619765793325.jpg (27.23 KB, 551x662, Td9jON8.jpg)

This delusional bitch is built like legs go all the way up Griffin

No. 147979

File: 1619789085635.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.59 KB, 779x960, Et_wrq6XMAIJsil.jpg)

lol..ok mucky.

No. 147983

File: 1619789944204.png (Spoiler Image,278.85 KB, 402x395, flatasstits.png)

Least she isn't wrong about the tits..except even on the sonico model it still has a semblance of a shape..mucky is just a fridge with tits. Bonus, she seems to have deleted the tweet lol.

No. 148055

Theyre right though. males sexualize anything that has a pulse so who cares. Saged

No. 148057

Is this old or recent? That wig looks tragic.

No. 148058

Honestly what is even her end goal? Shes too notorious to gain fame, shes fat, she could look pretty if she took care of herself but she cant even manage to clean her room, shes mentally unstable and she doesnt go to school. I dont understand why she thinks she can still get e-fame when she made too many enemies. She could do a youtube video apologizing for absolutely everything, get therapy and personally apologize to the people she hurt and lose weight. Would she get fans? No, but at least some of us would stop hating her. How old is she? Shes probably in her mid twenties. Its crazy how she cant seem to do anything right

No. 148076

Old, I found where she traded some recent ones where her wig/hairstyle isn't as tragic (it's only 2 months old so she lied about her sugar daddy lmao) but yeah, she's just a delusional mess in every way.

No. 148077

god she looks like Roz from Monsters Inc with those glasses lmao

No. 148099


>it's only 2 months old so she lied about her sugar daddy

So she really is cheating on her boyfriend. Hilarious.

No. 148105

Of course lol, but considering how he behaves in defense of her, it's probably his idea

No. 148297

Does anyone remember that Tearzah copycat, Rae? Mucky has the exact same style lmfao.

No. 148494

File: 1620068837769.jpg (172.05 KB, 1079x853, Screenshot_20210502-132409_Twi…)

I wonder how awful her streams are gonna be this time around.

No. 148784

File: 1620241328799.jpeg (159.54 KB, 540x960, BF04803F-6382-433A-83E1-447A9E…)

Micky has been removed from kei club and the group will now be deleted.

No. 148785

File: 1620241370105.jpeg (174.06 KB, 540x960, 3E914A4D-772B-4D66-BEA1-0F67D8…)

No. 148786

File: 1620241462224.jpeg (168.39 KB, 540x960, B5927EE0-1E81-48D8-8CFE-AF4278…)

No. 148787

File: 1620241568151.jpeg (170.82 KB, 540x960, 9F2AE841-BA80-45AD-A8D9-C697EA…)

No. 148788

File: 1620241669146.jpeg (168.83 KB, 540x960, EAE2BCAF-1417-4E4A-AA65-96A1AE…)

No. 148871

who cares

No. 148875

This will only prevent Mucky from doing her attention shit. It's about time retards are finally seeing what Micky and Courtney are up to.

No. 149094

File: 1620396691589.jpg (388.96 KB, 1079x1904, Screenshot_20210507-100927_Twi…)


I wonder how long this will last and which of her bf's "friends" she'll end up cheating on him with.

No. 149096

File: 1620397205500.jpg (Spoiler Image,746.84 KB, 971x1815, Screenshot_20210507-101524_Twi…)

She looks so stiff and awkward. The granny glasses with the drag makeup doesn't help either.


No. 149107

Lol considering she was already passing around nudes/vids prior..I doubt it'll last long and she's gonna slip up sooner than later.

No. 149119

I really wish she wouldn't….

No. 149125


she looks like she's in a wheelchair

No. 149127

>the shooped tiny head

No. 149151

and the cycle continues lol. place your bets on how long it'll take for her to freak out and claim "I'm too traumatized for this!!! I'm only such a whore because men sexualized me I am repulsed!!!!!"

No. 149158

File: 1620418753363.jpg (202.55 KB, 1079x788, Screenshot_20210507-161655_Twi…)


Here she goes again pushing that child abuse lie. Guess she's looking to start the cycle over soon than we thought.

No. 149169

From the same chick literally placing down a spot under her boyfriend's desk to suck his dick while he play games.

No. 149324

File: 1620538394347.jpg (702.41 KB, 972x1825, Screenshot_20210509-013004_Twi…)

Micky is now bandwagoning being a fae to gain followers. It's insulting how little effort she put in when compared to some of fhe girls she's retweeted. Makes it real obvious how little she genuinely cares about it and how she was just looking for an easy way to gain followers.

No. 149331

its not an easy way to gain followers
she is a bandwagon hoe. she does whatever is trendy whatever everyone else is doing.

No. 149345

Everyone else is putting out effort into their stuff for Fae Day and the results look amazing

Meanwhile this hog is doesn’t even try at all and looks like a sloppy mess

No. 149373

File: 1620595667978.jpg (151.38 KB, 1079x727, Screenshot_20210509-172647_Twi…)


Girl bye. If you honestly loved your mama you wouldn't have abused her and then bragged about it like it's cute.

No. 149376

And literally said not too long ago her mom was bullshit (basically) and they did nothing but argue lol. This chick really needs her head examined.

No. 149377

Fuck you moid

No. 149383

Didn’t she try to fight her mom with a knife at one point tho?

No. 149388

"Fuck you mood" lol..Don't like being called out on your BS?
My head is fine, thank you lol.
That she did. She always circles back to abuse when she has nothing else going on in her life.

No. 149913

File: 1620943948623.jpg (414.1 KB, 1079x1081, Screenshot_20210513-180325_Twi…)

>You cannot bait pedophiles

Chris Hansen would certainly disagree with that statement. The amount of gross ass pedos he's tricked by getting a 19 or 20 something decoy to slap on a wig and a baby voice is astounding.

No. 149916

Not to mention mucky loves pedobaiting..most of her fucking Sex Work on Manyvids and personal sales were asian elementary school kid motif.

No. 149971

>You aren't the one who should be held responsible for pedophiles actions
Being a pedo/abuse enabler is almost as bad as being one. She is 100% sperging and trying to defend herself because she feels guilty.

No. 150034

File: 1621024151801.jpg (274.32 KB, 1079x991, Screenshot_20210514-162750_Twi…)

Exactly and here she neglects, as always, to mention that she was the one approaching grown men and lying about being an adult to spread her CP more. Even in /soc/ and /b/ on 4chan.

No. 150037

The men who go after older looking teens are more interested in taking advantage of their lack of experience rather than the fact they "look young", still pedophiles absolutely, but a different breed. The pedos who specifically go after "barely legal loli" types are still pedos just skirting the line. They actively seek out girls who look underage. Pandering by wearing children's clothes, underwear, ageplaying, etc. is obviously pedo-baiting.

Micky is out here buddying up with girls like Shayna and Himeka/Angela too. Angela straight up admitted to being a pedo? Shayna constantly does disturbing ageplay clips? Like, you really aren't fooling anyone Micky, birds of a feather.

No. 150083

File: 1621048715328.png (114.96 KB, 587x480, 111.png)

she pretends she doesn't shut people up when she gets asked where her things come from lmao

No. 150084

File: 1621048761868.png (19.64 KB, 599x178, 111.png)

>nobody talks about the good things you did
because she never does anything that might be considered "good"

No. 150458

assuming being an influencer selling products is what everyone wants.

No. 150610

File: 1621302992337.jpg (Spoiler Image,445.15 KB, 1079x1680, Screenshot_20210517-215232_Twi…)

Guess she's trying to appeal to the edgy crowd. Wonder who she stole this idea from.

No. 150639

What in the fuck is this stinky smoothbrain doing..? Is she trying to attract men who enjoy penetrating assholes with knives?

No. 150672

More than likely, she also uses her SW name she last used knowing people may search it up.

No. 150727

File: 1621373117758.jpg (295.39 KB, 1600x1200, PC111455.JPG)


No. 150735

File: 1621378750303.jpg (158.91 KB, 1079x753, Screenshot_20210518-185631_Twi…)


She's coming off as very, very try hard with all of this. I really wonder who she's copying because she didn't talk about any of this before nor did it seem like she cared.

No. 150736

File: 1621378903369.jpg (212.47 KB, 1080x1756, Screenshot_20210518-185707_Twi…)

No. 150762

alla that for 2 rts and 3 likes

No. 150763

Aaron Philips auntie

No. 152700

File: 1621956297653.jpg (399.43 KB, 1079x1833, Screenshot_20210525-112308_Sam…)

Looks like Micky changed her name again. It's back to Kumicky Moon. Wonder if she did that to try and hide from any criticism. It also looks like her simp deleted his Facebook. Guess he realized talking about beating up women for his abusive pedo gf wasn't a good look.

No. 152710

She's pushing back towards doing sex work, her simp..erm boyfriend deleted it because he was getting huge backlash yeah, it's why she stopped putting him in stories. (She will not once she reads this.)

No. 152808

File: 1621999396084.jpg (500.13 KB, 1080x1240, Screenshot_20210525-231335_Twi…)


She really needs to put some actual effort into her pics. Especially if she wants make good money from this.


>he was getting huge backlash

Really? All I saw was his friends agreeing and laughing with him. You got any screenshots?

No. 152924

File: 1622050887783.jpg (376.57 KB, 1079x1351, Screenshot_20210526-134059_Twi…)

This is going to be an awful video

No. 152963

File: 1622062039828.png (1.47 KB, 306x57, oldname.png)

Looks like she's definitely trying to get her old Sex Work and Old names going again.

No. 152964

Tbh? That's good that she's sticking to a name. At least she isn't hiding anymore and calling her "mimi" or whatever was weird. Not white knighting her.

No. 152967

Definitely not a white knight post, it makes sense. At least now she'll have her history attached to her still, so she can own it if she wants, every time she completes her cycle she gets less and less support, so we'll see how long this lasts.

No. 152974

Honestly I am surprised she is aware and wanting to own it, it's way better that way IMO. The name changes were stupid and annoying. She's Mickey and will always be Mickey and she will never change. The least she can do is be a drama slut and own it.

No. 153029

File: 1622092143952.jpg (329.54 KB, 968x2406, Screenshot_20210527-005822_Twi…)


Micky really sharing a bullshit tweet like it's facts. Why am I not surprised?

>The least she can do is be a drama slut and own it.

She'll never do that because then she can't play victim and get people to try and hate the people she doesn't like.

No. 153177

File: 1622153257028.jpg (250.08 KB, 1079x987, Screenshot_20210527-180200_Twi…)


Gonna need her to understand that people with a smoking fetish like to watch and support those who solely smoke cigarettes and/or cigars. Also, it seems to be filled with leather daddies and leather mommies and shit like that. She's way out her element with that shit.

No. 153255

Tf is going on with the part of her thighs that’s near her asscheeks? Jfc use a loofah Mucky

No. 153359

I mean, this is the same girl that admitted to not liking the smell of clean clothes, cried when her parents made her clean her room, smokes using dirty ass bong water, and sold clothes that has piss stains on them and smelled awful. Don't be shook now and don't expect her to properly bathe herself anytime soon.

No. 153411

She always goes heavy into SW when she's single. We sure the manlet is still in the picture?

Is she using OF? Watch her get banned for posting smoking vids and clips. kek

No. 153438

Don't believe she's using OF/MV again yet, just usual pandering every now and then. I know her and her manlet got an apartment together so he's kind of stuck with her regardless but I wouldn't put it past him to have "lost control" on of this idiot like ALL of her boyfriends seem to, I'm just shocked she hasn't accused him of anything yet.

No. 153441

>I'm just shocked she hasn't accused him of anything yet.

I'm sure she's putting together a lie to use as we speak. Probably gonna claim he beat her.

No. 153543

File: 1622362253600.jpg (Spoiler Image,481.59 KB, 1079x1741, Screenshot_20210530-040239_Twi…)


Here we go again with this shit. She's trying to the hardcore kinksters' money. Doubt it'll work though.

No. 153544

File: 1622362305735.jpg (Spoiler Image,200.03 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20210530-040342_Twi…)

No. 153582

File: 1622390064011.jpg (212.8 KB, 1079x783, Screenshot_20210530-114836_Twi…)


I'm calling bullshit on this considering we know she doesn't do any general up keep with her clothes and how shitty she was to the last person who purchased from her.

No. 153584

File: 1622390400255.jpg (311.64 KB, 1079x1105, Screenshot_20210530-115054_Twi…)


I really can't imagine letting someone as unskilled as Micky, braid my hair. Especially if it's going to be box braids. She needs to focus on doing her own hair and practicing various styles that way before trying to take on clients. Box braids take too damn long (and be pretty expensive depending on size and length) for someone to be giving you janky ass braids for woke points and clout.

No. 153621

Definitely BS as we have proof in THIS THREAD ALONE no one left nice reviews because she deletes/remakes her account. She likely paid or her manlet paid someone to leave fake reviews.

No. 153627

"My abusive boyfriend doesn't support my sex work!! buy my musty porn so I can leave him!!" saga coming soon

No. 153717

File: 1622485490661.jpeg (102.92 KB, 1080x1920, download (1).jpeg)

Micky posted to her story and I find it hilarious that she thinks this applies to her in any way, shape or form.

No. 154335

File: 1622773096432.jpg (82.16 KB, 1080x1920, instagram_story_h3llokittyhotg…)

That hairstyle looks better on her than her braids. Also, good lord, she is poorly built. I wonder if she would look better if she started dressing in way that fits her body type.

No. 154342

I think this is one of the better outfits I've seen from her. Still needs work but definitely better than the stuff she posts. Dressing for your body type in clothing that fits will pretty much always make you look better

No. 154359

why do I feel like she's just trying to be bella poarch

No. 154385

She probably is trying to be like here. You know Micky has to skinwalk every girl she comes across.

No. 154925

File: 1623088470272.png (18.65 KB, 598x316, NoOneWantsYourCrustyPanties.pn…)

This chick really thinks she's at a point someone would buy these, let alone "forget" about a an insanely popular market. We get it, you're trying to weasel into fetish markets to later bitch about men who approach you, just be real and say you want to sell your nasty underwear lol.

No. 154951

File: 1623102568846.jpg (346.02 KB, 1079x899, Screenshot_20210607-174213_Twi…)


>calls self a music elitist

>"happy hardcore" (why the air quotes? The genre is older than her)

>calls Eurobeat "ddr music"

>refers to Aqua as "bubblegum dance" and not just Europop

If she's gonna play the elitist card she could at least say the correct genres. She would also realize that DDR has songs from various genres. Also, the tattoo idea is cringe as hell.

No. 154952

File: 1623103359180.jpg (854.7 KB, 1079x1926, Screenshot_20210607-180042_Chr…)

Looks like Micky found a new vict–oops–I mean friend. Wonder how long this will last. Lol

No. 154953

File: 1623103398441.jpg (100.7 KB, 1080x1920, instagram_story_h3llokittyhotg…)

No. 154971

File: 1623117722960.jpg (602.19 KB, 1079x1803, Screenshot_20210607-175546_Ins…)

She looks like a whole dumpy drag queen in this tiktok. Goddamn.

No. 155078

She’s going to traumatize her

No. 155173

Micky is definitely the type who befriends women she deems as unattractive or fat so she can feel like the prettier friend.

No. 155219

File: 1623283681047.jpg (680.6 KB, 1079x1772, Screenshot_20210608-213940_Ins…)

God her tik toks are awful.

Which is wild bc most of time the girl is prettier than her. Also can't wait for her to start skinwalking this chick and then sleep with whatever partner that girl has. Gonna be a wild ride.

No. 155222

File: 1623283907086.jpg (148.62 KB, 1079x727, Screenshot_20210608-215656_Twi…)

Yet, you're not too shy to show yourself pretend to get off with a kitchen knife and show your gross naked body to strangers? Sure, Micky.

No. 155321

She only says this because she had to remember she even had a bf or she lurked and seen someone mention her manlet lol.

No. 155449

File: 1623362947682.jpg (456.8 KB, 1079x1503, Screenshot_20210610-180744_Twi…)

>bpd bipolar anthem

I'm really gonna need her to understand that being wishy-washy is not the same as having a personality disorder or being bipolar. Nor are those two conditions similar.

No. 155596

She’s literally wearing a Barbie necklace in this picture

No. 155679

File: 1623563166327.jpg (251.13 KB, 1079x914, Screenshot_20210612-182228_Twi…)

If that happens, I hope they immediately ban Micky.

No. 155812

I’m almost certain there is one, and if I’m not mistaken, she’s on the immediate ban list.

No. 155852

this is true. the black e gitl discord already knows about her

No. 156547

File: 1624116317745.jpg (520.33 KB, 1079x1592, Screenshot_20210619-110734_Twi…)


She seems to be completely ignoring the fact these girls are also flashing their coochie at potentially underage viewers. Not to mention one girl doing straight up weird fetish shit by farting into the microphone. That shit is trifling and should only be on 18+ sites. Not shit like Twitch.

Though, I'm sure Micky is defending this fuckery because she wants to make money the same way.

No. 156583

Literally why camgirl sites and OF exist? Let kids have safe places to do kid stuff, you fucking creep. For all the talk about being exploited as a minor, she really doesn't seem to care about exposing other minors to adult content.

No. 157150

File: 1624556449781.jpg (635.07 KB, 1079x1786, Screenshot_20210623-211611_Twi…)

She needs to realize that black alt people have also worn cyber locs. So her post is pointless.

No. 158088

File: 1625088760053.jpg (316.04 KB, 1079x1055, Screenshot_20210630-172839_Twi…)

No. 158363

She sure as hell acts like Trisha….
Come to think of it, they do really kinda look similar….

No. 158425

she looks wendy williams

No. 158426

File: 1625258416676.jpg (111.36 KB, 640x1138, 1nCnNd4ozD.jpg)

I wonder what made her do that. Is she about to copy someone?

No. 158427

File: 1625258870298.jpg (452.38 KB, 1080x1615, Screenshot_20210702-164457_Twi…)

Pretty sure anyone caught using any form of drugs can be banned. Xan included.

No. 158438

She stopped getting the amounts of asspats she expected, she only does this when popularity of xyz dies down or someone does it better than her.

No. 158728

inb4 she hops on the gyaru bandwagon

No. 159789

File: 1625864536296.png (1.75 MB, 1165x2048, twitch.png)

No. 159826

Her stream is so scuffed and her voice is so god damn deep lol, I read she had one but jesus, now i'm glad I missed her porn phase, it'd sound like a dude moaning in my ear with tits down to his knees.

No. 159827

File: 1625879738007.jpg (345.07 KB, 1079x1631, Screenshot_20210709-194339_Twi…)

No. 160088

File: 1626010837742.jpg (783.36 KB, 1080x1830, Screenshot_20210711-091958_Twi…)

What's the point of her editing her face when she knows she's going to be streaming?

Also, her stream was really dull. She comes across as someone who's genuinely boring and dull to talk to irl and so she compensates by making her appearance very "eccentric".

No. 160556

File: 1626139015240.png (23.15 KB, 598x341, Porn Saga Continues.png)

Looks like some people have been inflating her ego and she's gonna try selling her crusty lewds or nudes again. Wonder who the simps are

No. 160557

File: 1626139066698.png (15.92 KB, 598x160, Part 2.png)

No. 160559

>Uses her appearance to make up for a lack of personality
That's every weeb and e-girls ever kek

No. 160580

> her stream was really dull.
yeah she's a very boring person, she can't even dress herself without looking like a fat retard.

No. 160592

File: 1626150800993.jpg (227.95 KB, 1079x1045, Screenshot_20210713-002620_Twi…)

Weird she quoted this tweet when most of her pics are heavily edited.

This reads like she's gonna give up on doing "sex work" soon. Lol

Yeah, that outfit looked like it didn't really fit. Gave her a bloated look. She also said that the apartment is hers and so is the car. Though, I highly doubt that. I'm pretty sure that both of those things belong to her boyfriend. It's gonna be hilarious seeing her explain why she doesn't have the car and apartment anymore when they finally breakup.

No. 160594

>She also said that the apartment is hers and so is the car
can't wait for her to move back into her parent's house

No. 160596

File: 1626151149841.jpg (Spoiler Image,755.59 KB, 1079x2160, Screenshot_20210713-003520_Twi…)

God, this clip was cringe. Also, it's hilarious seeing her with the typical Snow filter dorito chin.


I can already see Patreon not working out for her. Especially since her content is cringe, dull, and low quality.

No. 160597

Don't forget her lying about her boyfriend either being abusive or cheating on her. Or both.

No. 160611

KEK that fucking photoshopped face

No. 160710

File: 1626202441838.jpg (1 MB, 965x3268, Screenshot_20210713-144902_Twi…)

Micky intruding on a subject that has nothing to do with her because she needs "oppression points" and asspats is annoying. Also, funny how she seems to suddenly forget that she purposely always has her chest pushed up and out. Even when she was underage, which was fucking creepy as all fuck. Pretty sure if she wore clothes that fit, covered her chest, and didn't push this whole "teehee hypersexual bimbo" nonsense, she wouldn't have to deal with any issues.

No. 160715

>Big chest since elementary school
What the fuck? Does she know that age range is 11 and under?

No. 160735

>Does she know that age range is 11 and under

Are you talking about starting puberty? Because that can happen as early as 8. Though, a girl wouldn't suddenly wake up with large breasts. B or C cups can happen but nothing insane unless you develop breast hypertrophy.

No. 160809

Obese kids have a tendency to start puberty early. Plus the fat probably make her chest look bigger, like porky mantits.

No. 160978

File: 1626314714598.jpg (284.03 KB, 1079x1098, Screenshot_20210714-215709_Twi…)


Weird she would say any of this when she's bullied and harassed mostly girls. All of which stemmed from her being weirdly jealous of them. Which was likely because they got attention that she feels only she should be getting. Of course, if she were to actually admit any of that, she would lose the attention she craves, so she's just gonna stay playing the victim and lying to her idiot followers.

No. 160980

File: 1626314888748.jpg (629.96 KB, 1079x1419, Screenshot_20210714-215746_Twi…)

I wonder if she'll sperg about being a "victim" on this stream because of the previously tweet.

No. 160981

Damn. She’s bigger than the cheap pink “gamer gurl” chair ever ethot has.

No. 161015

Remember when she bragged about fucking her best friends bf and how special it was that he liked her more. I wonder what kind of trust issues girls who have been friends with her have.

No. 161020

Im a girl and i started my puberty at 8. It happens anon

No. 161021

Anon teenage girls are extremely sexualized and having big boobs is a curse. Even when you dress like a nun, men still harass you. Micky is a shitty person but what shes saying isnt milky.

No. 161041

File: 1626347844155.jpg (153.7 KB, 1079x749, Screenshot_20210715-013643_Twi…)

Seems she completely forgot about that. I'm sure she'll suddenly remember once she checks here again as usual.

Pic unrelated, but I wonder why she made this tweet. Trying to garner some asspats for an upcoming lie? I feel like that's what's about to happen and she's about to wrongfully drag someone's name through the mud.

No. 161048

Remember anon, she's NEVER at fault and can do no wrong. Just like how its MEN who are evil and FORCED her to post her nudes on 4chan and spread them everywhere and how she stuck pens in her ass because she didn't want to and how she signed up for numerous sugerbaby and nude sharing sites because of men and having trust issues with other women!
Okay micky lol.
Outside of her streams not going well who knows with this chick.

No. 161164

She doesn't have friends because she's genuinely a cunt with a personality like dry macaroni…. I love watching her retweet about herself kek

No. 161167

File: 1626389805692.jpg (869.85 KB, 971x2108, Screenshot_20210715-185221_Twi…)

Micky can't talk shit when most of her dates consist of sitting a low quality fast food joint, stuffing her face with food or just shopping. Like, girl, you don't have any right to judge at all.

No. 161173

File: 1626390620685.jpeg (213.3 KB, 1125x992, 1558241301082.jpeg)

anon you don't understand it was like an irl hentai to her

No. 161196

sage for commenting on old milk/posts, but why didn't they ID her? micky is a disgusting cow in her own right for many reasons, but so are people in michigan attempting to make a maid cafe for neckbeards if they couldn't even be bothered to vet properly. they're all shit stains

No. 161199

Sometimes I wish people would show her shit like this when she plays victim.

No. 161201

File: 1626403041948.jpg (935.31 KB, 967x2999, Screenshot_20210715-223333_Twi…)

Was checking to see if anyone else made an attempt to alert people to how shit Micky is and found out the girl who called her out a few months back was contacted by Micky. Micky lied and said she wanted talk with her over the phone about everything then blocked her the day the chat was supposed to happen. What fucking slimeball.

No. 161236

She usually blocks those people or twists the story immediately.

No. 161284

Micky? Being a coward that lies? A coward that lies and flip-flops? Say it isn't so!

No. 161292

How hard is it to just apologize for being a shitbag? Fucking typical Micky, running around here like she’s hot shit and uwu so perfect but as soon as someone wants something from her (in this case, taking basic accountability for the shit she’s done), she jumps ship and scurry away

No. 161347

I'm just waiting for a big youtube channel to cover her. I just know that shit is gonna be hilarious. Especially since she wouldn't be able to hide and it would spill into her real life.

No. 161395

Where are the "she's changed! she's not a cow anymore!" whiteknights at? This is classic muddy behavior.

No. 161403

They're too busy buying her crusty nudes again lol

No. 161427

File: 1626468526454.jpg (556.01 KB, 969x2149, Screenshot_20210716-164414_Twi…)


Ah, typical out of context screenshot from Micky. Gotta build up them victim points before the fall, yeah?

No. 161435

File: 1626470831371.jpeg (Spoiler Image,409.51 KB, 2048x2048, E5kgX7JWQAIh8x1.jpeg)

Big booty? Sure Jan.

No. 161463

File: 1626478522251.png (10.45 KB, 597x97, Nooneislyingmucky.png)

Exactly what she's doing, because she seen the post here calling her out, also this.

Ironic she posts this after someone posts about her bs earlier today.

No. 161487

So Micky must be smelling herself because all she does is post cap.

No. 161492

File: 1626482102312.jpg (320.86 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20210716-203014_Twi…)

Lol She deleted the tweet. Anyone gonna bite the bullet and watch her stream?

No. 161508

I watched for a few minutes, she's playing animal crossing and she just stood in the same place scrolling through her inventory the whole time. she's boring as hell, for someone who insists she's the most interesting person on the internet she's a poor entertainer. her voice is also very mannish and nasally.

No. 161511

okay finally stopped because she kept smacking her lips and sucking up the spit in her mouth. she's a mouth breather lol, it was disgusting to hear with headphones.

No. 161513

lol I lasted all of 30 seconds. I also see whoever she use the layout from, she failed to reduce or remove the owner of it..none of those are her socials.

No. 161533

lmao what ass? all I see is a fucking box

No. 161535

Imagine spending years obsessing over how much you hate someone. Honestly if she’s as bad as y’all say she is y’all are even worse for bullying her. If you want to see her change why do you pray on her downfall so much? It’s giving very much jealousy

No. 161536

Of all the girls in /w/, you chose MICKY to accuse us of jealousy KEK

No. 161537

Why else would you still be on a thread that’s YEARS old. Giving very much projection. If you wanna see her change be open to her changing. All I see is a bunch of bashing and name calling. What makes you better than anyone else in the world? Answer that

No. 161538

Just because you're simping hard for her now that she's selling nudes again doesn't mean you need to defend her. She's proven she is NOT changing and WILL NOT CHANGE.

What cow has 17 threads if they were a good person? What cow is constantly called out because they don't and will not ever change? This isn't the place for white knighting, you clearly are someone new buying her nudes or fell for her bullshit, literally go back and read the last 16 threads and educate yourself.

No. 161540

Lol you thought 😂

All I see is a bunch of anons harassing her over screenshots that’s old as hell. I’m pretty sure the screenshots speak for themselves, but the question is why are y’all STILL here? Y’all follow her every move and I bet YOU bought her nudes just to see what she posts because that’s exactly what stalkers do 🤣

If micky ain’t shit why you so obsessed with her? que Mariah Carey in the background

No. 161541

The only thing worse than being a lol cow is being a bitch obsessing over one for years 😂😂

No. 161542

It's funny, because that idiot probably searched her up looking for nudes after seeing how she's dressed on stream and stumbled upon this thread and trying to score points lol.

No. 161543

I see making up shit to fit your narrative and talking out your ass is a trend in this thread 😂

No. 161544

It’s kinda funny how you havnt denied being obsessed with her not once 🤣 it’s giving very much self report

No. 161545

IP banning is useless btw(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 161619

I'm 99% that this was either her boyfriend or herself. Pathetic either way.

Just know she does this for 3 fucking hours.

>she's a poor entertainer
Hard agree. Her audience had to be the ones to carry on conversation because all she was doing was talking about Animal Crossing and decorating. Would have been better if she talked about other random shit. Also, it shouldn't be 3 hours long. It's not enough action or talking for all that.

No. 161705

I'm convinced it's either her "bestie" from the stream last night or her boyfriend.

No. 161726

>Like I said it’s giving stalker and obsessionnnnn
Yep, its mucky.

No. 161728

If it really is her manlet boyfriend, don't come and to talk shit about her when she inevitably cheats on you with some white guy.

No. 161732

Remember when you talked shit to Taylor and then at a hotel room party in tears when Taylor told you to get up fight her? Remember when you tried it with her best friend and at another room party you ran away when she swung at you? Remember when you proudly announced to your former best friend how you beat your frail ass mom and wanted to stab her? Remember sicking your "friends" on a random girl and causing her to attempt suicide? Remember using suicide as a threat to try and make admin remove your thread? Remember when you lied about attempting suicide to make your ex Adam stay with after you cheated on him?

Sounds like the real coward here is you, Micky. I mean, even now, you're still running and hiding from taking accountability and coming forward to let everyone how shit you are.

No. 161734

Lol, yeah the way this anon is acting and talking makes it clearer now its micky.

No. 161736

File: 1626542897955.jpg (387.36 KB, 1080x1113, Screenshot_20210717-132604_Twi…)

Not surprising considering she posted picrel. Funny she thinks posting CP, threatening suicide, doxxing, harassment, and bullying are "simple mistakes". Those are far from it, though. They're genuinely all illegal.

No. 161737

Yeah,not sure why she thinks she's fooling anybody.

No. 161741

So she sent her manlet boyfriend, who she will most likely cheat if she's not already, to come and defend her honor. kek

No. 161742

Micky, you spent years and years lying about and harassing Amina. You even made a thread here and on PULL. Made a fake nsfw tumblr with someone else's nudes and claimed it was hers. Made a whole tweet about being happy if she died. We are far from the bullshit you listed but those definitely on the nose descriptions for you.

No. 161746

Says the dumbass who is anonymous.

If this is her really her boyfriend,he's just as gross for defending her despite their being multiple threads with archived links and screenshots. Like, we don't need to bullshit. She makes an ass of herself on her own.

No. 161748

Not understanding why you're acting tough on an anonymous image board. Also, why are you defending someone who posted CP on various platforms and wished death on someone. Tf do you gain from that?

No. 161753

Micky isn't gonna give you the CP you're craving dude.

No. 161754

That or it’s her friend from her stream. Either way stop responding to obvious bait. You’re bumping the thread and giving her more attention

No. 161755

NordVPN got you idiots thinking y'all true HaCk3Rz". Hilarious.

No. 161756

It's a good laugh, anon. I'm sorry.

No. 161763

Embarrassing, but keep making a fool of yourself and posting your phone number here.

No. 161767

The fact they they thing page and thread are interchangeable is highly embarrassing.

No. 161772

Just let the spammer scream into the void and ignore them, thank you for being patient.

No. 161865

File: 1626559881536.jpeg (311.55 KB, 827x1356, 379BC9D4-3821-4741-AC85-18DE0D…)

Guessing it’s micky or her bestie spamming

No. 161867

Talking style was definitely micky lol, the over exaggerated spelling of certain words was a dead giveaway because she types how she talked last night on her stream.

No. 161868

Damn she's skinnier than micky, micky is definitely going to fuck her over in the future.

No. 161871

And far more liked (judging by socials), not as many followers so engagement is whatever but is actually talented, unlike mucky. Yep definitely gonna be fucked over.

No. 161875

can someone post her tiktok?

No. 162124

Didn't someone fuck her in a McDonalds kek

No. 162126

I remember seeing a pic of her having a date at McDonalds so is that what you were talking about, anon?. But regardless, you aren’t any better, Mucky, lmao

No. 162127

She stated they fucked, which she later says he "took advantage."

No. 162148

It was the pedo ex. He fingered her at a McDonald's they were eating at. She made a tweet about it. I think it's posted in the first or second thread.

The pic of her eating fries in the McDonald's was different dude. She didn't have sex with that guy, but I do remember her trying to label him as a pedo for being friends with her and talking shit about his daughter on one of her old Facebook accounts. She got shittied on by the whole local community for it.

No. 162258

File: 1626624832875.jpg (1.42 MB, 2560x1920, 21-07-18-12-08-09-949_deco.jpg)

God, she looks so busted. Like, even compared to her friend. She's looking like a middle aged compulsive smoker lady who gambles away her paychecks at the local casino.

No. 162278

Is she still photoshopping her eyes closer together

No. 162400

File: 1626649811385.jpg (31.65 KB, 800x176, 1425635489078.jpg)

Had to do some digging but I believe you're referring to this tweet.

No. 162409

She is because that's basically 2 different people in this pic haha.
Yep that's correct.

No. 162616

File: 1626728007940.jpg (401.63 KB, 1079x1387, Screenshot_20210719-165140_Twi…)

No. 162618

She is so desperate for asspats I'll never get it lol. No manager/director would be that "hands on" unless asked.

No. 162699

File: 1626757023710.jpg (598.46 KB, 971x1921, Screenshot_20210720-005440_Twi…)


>food trauma

God, that shit is a spit in the face of people who experience truly traumatic events. People eating your shit maybe aggravating, but it's extremely far from traumatic.

No. 162711

food insecurity is real and can be common in abusive situations but Micky literally only ever talks about this scenario with the cake lol. and pretty sure last time the story was her bf made her the cake too? unless oh no, every cake she's ever been given she's never been able to gorge herself on the whole thing all alone
and yeah Micky, when I had a whole leftover birthday cake in the fridge for days sometimes my parents had some. sometimes without asking, shocker. once in a while it was annoying, but please stop acting like you were some battered child because your parents at your birthday cake, when you were the one beating your mother

No. 162742

File: 1626776163104.jpg (555.89 KB, 807x1874, 1597337280709.jpg)

She had two cakes. Her bf made her one and she gorged herself on that. She was gonna gorged herself on a fucking sheet cake too. It was really far from abusive, this lard ass was just being grossly greedy.

It's wild she tried to paint this as being forced to starve. Micky could have easily just bought herself a cake. Though, doing that would ruin the ability to get undeserved asspats from her braindead following.

No. 162780

I'm half tempted to post this in reply to her on twitter but she'll just delete/block/rename to try to hide she even said something.

No. 162786

What a fucking fatty

No. 162996

File: 1626875256834.jpg (Spoiler Image,317.4 KB, 2048x2048, what ass lol.jpg)

Her ass is just…so fucking flat lol, she has like no body shape whatsoever. Whoever is buying her crusty nudes must really not know who this chick is.

No. 163025

once again, I see a box with legs lmao

No. 163081

File: 1626903348090.jpg (852.21 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20210721-142242_Ins…)

I see her manlet bf took cues from Shatna's Fupapa with the dainty gloves

No. 163082

File: 1626903377787.jpg (231.83 KB, 1080x1287, 20210721_142314.jpg)

No. 163089

I thought she was dating some other manlet with curly hair? Is this a new guy? His hair texture looks different to me.

No. 163122

Same manlet, its his apartment.

No. 163131

File: 1626911401349.jpg (50.91 KB, 999x1000, 51lON8OYZmL._AC_UL1000_.jpg)

kek, the bulk disposable latex gloves to handle his hambeast. very sexy

No. 163170

File: 1626918620232.jpg (628.72 KB, 971x1764, Screenshot_20210721-202042_Twi…)


Bullshit, she probably had them turned off so people wouldn't expose her in the comments.

No. 163206

>youtube disabled comments on my video
Uh-huh, youtube doesn't do that by itself, ever. She probably closed them when she was called out some months ago by that one other black girl.

No. 163207

This is far from hot lmao this looks ultra retarded

No. 163231

Yep, youtube only disables comments on content tagged for kids, which her makeup shit was not.

No. 163282

File: 1626975034548.jpeg (524.04 KB, 828x1332, AC73E8EE-5C2B-4E04-BFF1-A2810B…)

she made her goal, can’t wait to see this shitshow

No. 163750

File: 1627092987834.jpg (667.33 KB, 965x2355, Screenshot_20210723-221155_Twi…)

She could easily work out at home and eat better but no, she rather claim to have an ED. Sickening.

No. 163786

What is the logic here, I don't like remembering that I'm fat and shaped like a fridge so I must have an ED? Mucky is so desperate to be mentally ill instead of just taking responsibility for what she does and what she looks like.

No. 163874

File: 1627146496945.jpg (601.29 KB, 971x2043, Screenshot_20210724-130308_Twi…)

She also keeps spitting this bullshit about SW being harder because she's black and fat but there's plenty of women like her that are thriving from SW. She just doesn't want to admit to herself that her content is low quality trash compared to others out there. Like, if she truly put some effort into making her shit look presentable and professional, she'd be making plenty of money. Even Himeka is doing better than her. She should stick to regular work.

No. 163880

Shes probably just mad she's not getting a ton of buyers. It has to do with her SHIT PERSONALITY, LAZINESS AND THE FACT NO ONE LIKES HER. Like there's literally tons of black, and fat and black chicks who do even shit, pegging and vomit porn these days, if they can make a killing it's not the industry.

If anything black chicks are making up a more significant number of onlyfans creators now. Just from reviewing the times she did do sex work:
1. She isn't open to suggestions or custom content (she scams)
2. She's a fucking fridge.
3. She claims she's a "chubby alternate fetish model" but does no fetish content.
4. Her quality is shit, my phone back in 2001 took better pictures and videos and that was the advent of camera phones.
5. She runs away the second she actually starts getting custom requests.
6. She says on twitter she'll never do nude, no one is paying you for underwear pics or lewd cosplay when people offer the full package.

She has to face facts, she's the problem and always will be. I know she lurks here so maybe she'll take the advice to either stop being a shit person (lol never) or MAKE YOUR SHIT PRESENTABLE AND MAYBE PEOPLE WILL WANT TO BUY FROM YOU!

No. 163902

>no one is paying you for underwear pics or lewd cosplay

There's a market for it, but like you said, she's not doing what she needs to stand out in that market. She also sets herself up for failure by sharing pics and vids from other girls who content looks way better by comparison. Shooting herself in the foot even more.

No. 163923

Oh no doubt there's a general market, people just aren't going to HER for that as much as she'll wish, she already choked on dildos, stuffed markers up her ass, played with her butthole in a jigglypuff shirt etc, no one is going to pay for her downgrading while she complains.

No. 164053

File: 1627227262243.jpg (201.77 KB, 1080x889, Screenshot_20210725-112952_Twi…)


Micky, you're still shaped like that. Nothing has changed. Lol

No. 164054

File: 1627227362569.jpg (839.01 KB, 969x2429, Screenshot_20210725-113045_Twi…)

Like, look at how you're built. You have zero shape to you. You still have a linebacker body. You got fatter, that's it.

No. 164055

File: 1627227509869.jpg (516.71 KB, 1079x1396, Screenshot_20210725-113134_Twi…)



I highly doubt any one is looking at you for the reason you think, Micky. You're poorly dressed and badly built. People are in awe because of how unfortunate you look.

No. 164058

Throw in what we seen here:

vs heavy filter use, that also should give an idea why someone would turn their head. "What the fuck is this?"

No. 164068

So corny, is her smol bf also a suburbanite larping as a hardcore hoodrat?

No. 164188

thats what she meant. her body started storing fat in different places not just her arms and torso

No. 164236

File: 1627315491156.jpg (506.34 KB, 971x2068, Screenshot_20210726-120235_Twi…)


So she can't twerk nor does she have any rhythm. How embarrassing.

No. 164373

File: 1627377477325.jpeg (154.76 KB, 1125x879, 2FB80D3A-E92D-4E09-931F-04F526…)

Bless her heart she tried

No. 164489

File: 1627415996522.jpg (427.95 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20210727-155650_Twi…)


I'm 100% sure she already fucked said dude. Probably had a a threesome with him as well. Just wondering how everyone will find out.

No. 164492

File: 1627416200224.jpg (350.49 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20210727-155731_Twi…)


This is gonna crash and burn like her last Discord. Can't wait to see what girl she gets jealous of and tries to bully this time around.

No. 164493

Her flapjack ass tits aint making anyone lose anything other than their shit laughing at how they touch her knees at her age. I agree though, we know she fucked him by now.

No. 164501

She’d probably move better if she took off that stupid backpack but even then…whew, this girl just so awkward and trashy at everything she does lmao

No. 164682

why would you make a discord for perverts to be closer to you..when she could just make one for her twitch supporters instead. weird choice for a i hate men type of bitch

No. 164685

she acts like he is wrong for thinking that as if she wasnt a third in emmys relationship before

No. 164695

Like last time she'll:
1. Block men when its OBVIOUS you're a dude.
2. She'll shut it down if a girl gets more attention than her, especially cuz unlike mucky, other SWers rather or not their intention, will gladly show off if there's any 18+ or NSFW channels while mucky is "Refusing to do nude or actual sex work" and basically get one upped in every aspect.
3. Bitch and complain men are trash then go back into hiding.

No. 164781

She SHOULD just go full pick me and have a server full of pathetic males, I think it would make her manlet bf happy to know that his gf, who has a history of cheating is talking to other males on her sex work discord server.

No. 164915

File: 1627567434060.jpg (503.44 KB, 1079x1660, Screenshot_20210729-100122_Twi…)


Weird of her to say this when she was one the people who would talk about Dakota. She's also obsessively posted and talked about Amina.

No. 164917

Its amazing how this bitch is NEVER at fault and somehow "forgets" she does all this and has done all of this before.

No. 164940

Dakota had weird ass haters. She’s a boring cow now and don’t post anymore. Somehow, Dakota weird ass haters still trying to make old milk to keep her thread alive.

No. 165110

File: 1627660703631.png (39.44 KB, 600x391, Projecting1.png)

Look who's been lurking and got a reminder. So looks like she's probably revving up to play victim incase her simps discover these threads.

No. 165146


Posting link to archive

Funny she says that because she got caught using that site herself. She even posted an hour long livestream Amina did. Matter of fact, she was the one who started that thread and posted in it the most until she got caught. Then tried to lie and say it wasn't her.

No. 165164

Micky you have done this yourself on lolcow and PULL and you know you also have a thread on yourself for the stupid shit you do lmao

No. 166055

File: 1628002337032.jpg (716.32 KB, 971x2483, Screenshot_20210803-075430_Twi…)


She barely puts out decent content and she expects gifts? Fuck that noise. She needs to do better before begging like an idiot.

No. 166074

File: 1628009117464.jpg (264.36 KB, 1079x1152, Screenshot_20210803-075638_Twi…)


What's with her response? The responses under OP's original tweet are people being nice and encouraging even if they did misinterpret what was posted.

No. 166094

File: 1628016249463.png (347.29 KB, 598x818, Youhaveabfforshit.png)

She's still begging, like chill I doubt anyone is buying your content, why would they spoil you?
Trying to fit in probably lol

No. 166095

No. 166128

File: 1628025238728.jpg (2 MB, 2560x1920, 21-08-03-17-12-19-528_deco.jpg)


They're trying waaay too hard and it's coming off as extremely cringe.

No. 166129

The caption though..while she's ebegging people to spoil her.

No. 166162

This guy looks bored as fuck

No. 166171

Serving real fat barbie bimbo Shay and Tumblr era Fupapa vibes in these. Bonus points for her one thigh being bigger than her whole man. kek

No. 166188


Does he not want to touch her without gloves or something? Not that I blame him. She look like she ALWAYS smells. And is probably weirdly sticky

No. 166217

He isn't too ugly.. So his personality must be extra rotten if he's dating Mucky

No. 166226

File: 1628077957483.png (615.44 KB, 515x920, lookwhoslurking.png)

It's a "style"
If its the same manlet that came here to defend her and on FB basically telling people they're the problem, not muckey, yes he's a shitty person. Also look who's been lurking this morning.

No. 166232

She really thinks we have to reach for any of this? She's stupid enough to make it obvious how she rolls and what's bullshit. She also needs to realize nobody here follows her. It's always people that use to follow her or be her friend.

No. 166234

File: 1628085196531.jpg (Spoiler Image,765.3 KB, 965x2042, Screenshot_20210804-094944_Twi…)


She really tried to make it look like she got hips. Girl, that pose and holding a lone butt cheek ain't working for you.

No. 166242

>her one thigh being bigger than her whole man.
fucking kek the only smol uwu thing about her is her man

No. 166332

Right? If he’s such a catch why the fuck is she begging strangers for cheap Chinese clothes? bitch ask your fucking boyfriend that’s what he’s there for queen

No. 166333

File: 1628136132159.jpg (192.1 KB, 1079x818, Screenshot_20210804-235814_Twi…)

No. 166335

a bf that wants to help you whore yourself out, how progressive

No. 166336

We also see the simp in replies thats feeding her ego lately.

No. 166344


Yeah, he's only with her because she's quite literally a giant slut. Her sexual deviancy turns him on and makes him feel important and cool for "owning" that.

What a catch Micky

No. 166362

he is ugly. do you smoke crack?

No. 166378

This made me go wtf out loud. This isn't attractive, kinda degrading and nasty.

No. 166379

It's what she's into as long as she's dating the dude.

No. 166387

It is so disgusting that micky just gets away with all of their bad behavior by continuously finding different communities. I keep seeing her comment on my friends post. She stalked amina and no one seems to give a fuck i cant even find the one youtube video on the matter

No. 166390

lmao this dude looks like fuckin Sid from Ice Age, idek what y’all anons are seeing

No. 166470

File: 1628261110155.png (28.9 KB, 600x490, shit.png)

I see she dropped the "Fetish model" part of her description, this chick really doesn't know what she's doing. Also I'm pretty sure no one is interested in her dropping her tits to the ground.


No. 166499

File: 1628286796209.jpg (317.66 KB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20210806-175216_Twi…)


I already know this is gonna blow up in her face.

No. 166532

File: 1628308150641.jpg (Spoiler Image,852.46 KB, 971x1954, Screenshot_20210806-234231_Twi…)


That pose makes it obvious she's got a Hank Hill ass.

No. 166635

File: 1628370088411.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 972x3465, Screenshot_20210807-165805_Twi…)


I wonder how long she'll run this scam before "taking a mental health break" and cheating on her boyfriend.

No. 166636

File: 1628370396421.png (290.54 KB, 1113x722, Screenshot 2021-08-07 at 14-04…)

No. 166637

File: 1628370452524.png (95.9 KB, 356x792, Screenshot 2021-08-07 at 14-05…)

You have to give this chick 25-35 a month for her crusty low tier content..just to get anything she likely doesn't post on twitter.

No. 166675

Someone should compare this to a better nsfw content creator's tier list and see just how bullshit this is.

Also, $35 is pretty fucking high for it to have zero nudity or actual sex. Wonder if any of her braindead simps will take the bait.

No. 166691

you are really trying to tell someone how much someone should be selling themselves for? thats where you are at right now? funny as hell

No. 166697

I don't believe that anon is dictating anything, there is however such a thing as value. For example if you kept up with mucky and you see she's gonna sell her shit for $35 that includes 0 actual nudity and her already stating she will never do sex or "close-ups", do you think that's worth it compared to someone who offers way more including actual nudity and NSFW type content for less?

You seem oddly offended by that anon's logical suggestion though.

No. 166701

Shouldn't at least a dozen or so of her 4.2k combined followers (not counting whats on tiktok) have subbed to her patreon if it was worth it, anon? She's still at 0 lol.

No. 166705

>forgot you guys in here hate logical realness
Was pretty logical and real? There's no hate comments, it's just I promise you even horny as fuck men wouldn't pay $35-45 for clothed pictures and "lewd" when they can get MUCH MORE for their money for even less. No one is saying she can't price her shit however much, the point is KNOWING her it's hilarious she's trying to charge that much. She always overpriced her stuff when she used to charge 45 for customs for the same content and had to take "mental health breaks" because she actually got requests.

So calm down, anon, no one is hating on her, we're simply commenting on the patented micky cycle lol.

No. 166712

It's either a wk or Micky. Though, it's likely Micky. I remember her saying shit like that when it came to her pricing for art commissions. She was salty af then too. When people told her prices were too high for the shit she was creating. I think she sperged similarly when she was selling lewds before on that camgirl site.

No. 166737

Her prices are too fucking high and not worth it. Shes an ugly nobody, other girls do it better for cheaper. Only extremely retarded stupid coomer men with 0 braincells would pay 35 dollars a month for absolutely no content. She will cry and say it's not fair and say some shit about how much she suffers as a """"sex worker"""" but 35 dollars? That buys you a whole hooker out there. Plus she sucks dicks for weed discounts… kek

No. 166739

Yeah, checking other SW's pages they have OFs that are only $5 a month. These girls have way more subscribers, as well as money, because of the affordability. Not to mention they all seem to include nudes and actual sex with that. Easiest way to line your pockets.

No. 166743

File: 1628441500667.png (27.76 KB, 599x370, sure.png)

Might be why she said on twitter few days ago (now deleted) she chose patreon instead of onlyfans, because people have expectations if you do onlyfans even if you still do dumb shit like this, you ACTUALLY can post more nude/sexual stuff (for now anyway) on OF. She also still talks shit/has low opinion about men as seen here and wonders why she never succeeds at doing this.

No. 166757

Was most likely micky or WK yeah. I'd almost feel bad for her if she wasn't such a terrible person because SW is a minefield to go into.

No. 166798

And she’ll continue to get away with it since she switches names more than she does underwear and clothes….

I wish people could just see her for what she is. It’s low entertainment, but I actually kind of feel bad for the people she roped in at first.

No. 166841

File: 1628482068974.jpg (214.62 KB, 1080x1020, Screenshot_20210809-000615_Twi…)


Of course this shit for brains liked that tweet. Really not sure what Emi saw in this shit stain.

No. 166847

File: 1628483121308.png (443.95 KB, 419x434, 3928y4u.png)

All that editing and she still couldn't bother to hide her sad excuse for edges.

I fully expect her to post to twitter bout how YT SWers have it sooo easy and that's definitely why her patreon flopped and not because she's trying to charge $35 for mediocre edits of her in the same few skimpy outfits.

No. 166850

Maybe I missed it but why is she doing patreon instead of OF? Didn’t a lot of SW go to OF because patreon doesn’t allow this stuff?

No. 166869

Who got any of her videos let me see them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 166871

She mentioned in a deleted tweet she didn't want to do Onlyfans or Manyvideos but instead of Patreon, this is because if she does OnlyFans people would expect nudity and/or Sex and she's making it a point on Twitter and Patreon to say: "NO NUDITY or SEX" so she's literally trying to charge people $35 for stuff she posts on Twitter.
Either browse the net or sub to her subpar patreon lol, I HIGHLY doubt anyone here actually bought and saved her videos the last 2 years.

No. 166976

ever thought maybe shes not trying to post porn on it

No. 167001

Okay micky lol.(hi cow)

No. 167020


She's gonna post the shit on twitter anyway, so she's literally ripping off her few simps lol.(imageboard)

No. 167021

Who would even pay that much for a fatso like her?

No. 167050

File: 1628631600222.jpg (456.27 KB, 971x1738, Screenshot_20210810-125836_Twi…)

Yeah, she not gonna make any coin like this.

No. 167348

File: 1628799776193.jpg (289.84 KB, 1079x1078, Screenshot_20210812-161547_Twi…)


Micky once again showing she knows little to nothing about anime and its community. Most, if not all, take magical girl seriously and know it's similar to Shonen. Otherwise the genre would have died off in the 80s.

No. 167379

what is sailor moon, madoka magica, kill la kill? All popular with male and female viewers. Though to be fair, grown men being into anime that revolve around tiny, cute, little girls are probably suspicious as fuck. Just look at bronies.

No. 167401

this take about ppl dont give magical girl anime credit is so untrue and bad and just shows how misogynistic she is and the circle she chooses to run with

No. 167474

Literally no one thinks this…. Like >>167379 men and women watch it (I’ll admit though, men watching magical schoolgirl animes are a tad sus and I’d put them on a list just in case….)

I swear to god, Micky is such a bad Pick Me

No. 167605

File: 1628943525473.jpg (505.81 KB, 972x1748, Screenshot_20210814-081112_Twi…)


Micky, people have you blocked to prevent your toxic, shitty ass from entering, and potentially, ruining their lives. Nobody wants to deal with your bullshit besides brainless simps and other toxic girls you call "besties".

No. 167619


Wow what a revolutionary hot take that's factually accurate. Mucky is so intellectual.

Has she ever been actually involved in the anime community? The side that has more to offer than girls dressing up in sailor outfits and cat ears? The side where people discuss things?

No. 167623

Shes right though. Shoujo ai is always made fun of when shounen is extremely shallow and retarded. Magical girl animes are always shat on if its not sailor moon or madoka. Then again scrotes have the worst taste in anime.
Shoujo ai and josei get the most shit for no reason.

No. 167624

Anime circles are always misogynistic unless youre friends with josei fans lol

No. 167626

Mostly because most magical girl animes are dog shit which is why the few talked about actually stands out.

No. 167645

>shoujo ai
>magical girl

Anon, those are two completely different genres and both are liked by males. Hell, even some josei and shoujo can attract male fans.If it's well written and animated nicely, it's going to draw people of all kinds.

So again, Micky know shit all about the anime community and what's liked. She bases all her thoughts off former tumblr now Twitter users say. It's already known that crowd talks out their ass all the time.

Of course not, like I previously said, all she knows is tumblr bullshit and likely skims over wikis for shows that are popular. Otherwise she wouldn't spout this kind of stupidity.

No. 167666

Magical girl animes are shoujo ai many times and men hate anything that has a big female fandom. There is a lot of misogyny in anime circles and animes catered toward women or young girls are dismissed for no reason. Shounen is still seen as the standard besides half of it being garbage with shitty waifu female characters. I think thats what she meant.
Its the only thing shes ever said that isnt retarded. Other than that, her takes are autistic.

No. 167675

Nigga, shoujo ai is girl's love/yuri. A whole separate genre. Shoujo ai and magical girl are not same thing. And they aren't hated or dismissed by men. Take this dumbass thought process back to Tumblr.

>There is a lot of misogyny in anime circles and animes catered toward women or young girls are dismissed for no reason

Bull-fucking-shit. You and Micky are smoking crack for honestly thinking this is fact.

No. 167829

Shoujo ai "girls love" is yuri you fucking doof

No. 167858

Ok scrote. Its a fact magical girl/shoujo/anything popular with teen girls are dismissed. Youre delusional as fuck if you think misogyny isnt common in anime circles considering how misogynistic anime is. Now i know this thread is full of retarded scrotes kek

No. 167859

It was a typo. Point still stands. Denying stuff enjoyed by women and teenage girls get bashed by males is fucking autistic

No. 167860

Has nothing to do with tumblr. Its all over online, tiktok and irl. Thats why anime scrotes are garbage

No. 167862

Theres literally tiktoks of males complaining that women find male anime characters hot kek. Out of everything she said this is her only take that makes sense

No. 167863

Most shounen animes are just as bad.

No. 167876

Micky is not gonna eat your pussy, whiteknight. You and her both know shit all about anime. Go back to sperging on your tumblr.

No. 167878

File: 1629077299275.jpg (428.35 KB, 1080x1279, Screenshot_20210815-212556_Twi…)


I'm shocked she hasn't deleted her Patreon yet. She's still sitting at 4.

No. 167879

Once it sinks in she'll bitch and complain long before deleting it, then she'll say: "This is proof men only want to exploit women and see us spread our pussies, they don't appreciate true beauty" or some other woke bullshit.

No. 167973

this is only true among entry level retarded anitwitter scrotes who started watching anime 3 months ago and have only seen hxh and aot and whatever flavor of the month shounen. but keep caping, whiteknight

No. 168145

File: 1629237355417.jpg (196.83 KB, 1080x821, Screenshot_20210817-174837_Twi…)


What abusers is she even talking about? She never had any. She herself was the abuser.

No. 168147

Every guy she fucked or messed around with that left her toxic ass. Every woman that called her out on her bullshit, and of course, Emi.

No. 168248

Black women thinking they’re dating material is the biggest joke of the century.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 168249

Sad to see this nigger bitch still thinks she’s hot shit(racebait)

No. 168359

File: 1629347826309.jpg (186.17 KB, 1079x796, Screenshot_20210819-003413_Twi…)


Didn't she get to this point last time and then freaked out when some rando on her sever got more attention than her? I wonder if she's gonna do that again.

No. 168362

Yep, katie lol. She's probably gonna use it to try to wrangle together her simps.

No. 168420

File: 1629384807966.jpg (250.54 KB, 1079x1002, Screenshot_20210819-104818_Twi…)


Pretty sure she deleted the first tweet, but why is she acting like she's so "traumatized" when was actively defending her ex and telling people for years to fuck off. Like, she knew it was wrong and fucked up, but still proceeded with it. On top of that, bullied and harassed another girl he groomed and physically abused for years because she had the audacity to warn her about this guy. This shit all falls on her. She made the active decision to go through with it all and not listen to anyone, as well as lie about her age for years as well. Not sure why she's trying to garner sympathy now.

No. 168436

She needs more simps for her discord and patreon lol

No. 168443

I hope she makes a server full of male simps, an ex friend of mine currently has that and she's fucking miserable surrounded by nothing but her twitter subs and no real female friends

No. 168480

why would you hope someone surrounds them self in a bad situation like that lmfaoo seek therepy girl

No. 168569

File: 1629442849211.jpg (227.45 KB, 1079x936, Screenshot_20210820-015647_Twi…)

No. 168585

"People dont want to pay up to $35 for my shitty content and already bailing..so i'm gonna make an excuse."

lol classic micky.

No. 168587

File: 1629458217000.jpg (541.62 KB, 963x2038, Screenshot_20210820-071002_Twi…)

Of course she stupidly believe you can get traumatized by being kissed. This is so insulting to victims of actual sexual assault. Though, I'm sure she doesn't care. She does what she can to always look like a victim.

Now all that needs to happen is her cheating, getting exposed, and then "leaving" social media.

No. 168681

File: 1629509528697.jpg (788.35 KB, 972x2714, Screenshot_20210820-211545_Twi…)


Story being totally fake aside, I highly doubt she'd do anything she tweeted. She'd most likely cry on social media about it, call them a bigot and beg for money.

No. 168763

File: 1629564991183.jpg (542.14 KB, 968x1996, Screenshot_20210821-125040_Twi…)


Nobody bullied her for being fat, the fuck? People only told her that she needed to stop shooping her bodied and stop lying about being slim. She really needs to stop pushing this "helpless victim" bullshit.

No. 168767

File: 1629565983456.jpg (1.29 MB, 970x3456, Screenshot_20210821-125314_Twi…)

No. 168769

Lol this bitch REALLY is trying to ride the hype train as if anyone will want her low quality shit when big names are moving to fansly.

No. 168770

File: 1629567492250.jpg (96.96 KB, 1079x459, Screenshot_20210821-133615_Sam…)

Why is she acting like 18/19 year olds are minors? They're adults, they are fully capable of not drinking, doing drugs, and fucking or not. They don't need to be coddled.

No. 168772

Current American culture, you're a absolute fucking retarded at 17 according to law but you can consent, go to war and do whatever the fuck you want besides drink the second you hit 18. Even then there's literally nothing wrong with 20s dating 18/19 year olds..she's from Michigan, same city as me, we were dating and fucking people OUTSIDE of school in their 20s while we were still IN school at 16-18.

No. 168918

File: 1629661091732.jpg (296.8 KB, 1079x1385, Screenshot_20210822-113009_Twi…)


Imagine crying over losing your shitty TikTok account. Pathetic.

No. 168971

File: 1629698459968.png (458.23 KB, 598x783, trash.png)

She got it back and immediately posted this trash lol

Imagine crying over your tiktok being banned because you post this kinda shit, then get it back and go straight back to posting trash like this immediately.

No. 169002

File: 1629712184418.jpg (268.49 KB, 550x972, Screenshot_20210823-054724_Sam…)

I hope they genuinely ban her soon. Also, wild how her gut sticks out much further than her already non-existent ass does.

No. 169021

File: 1629728136585.png (355.81 KB, 322x521, tf.png)

The proportions are so funny wtf did she do

No. 169023

she looks like a fat midget with her skirt hiked up that high

No. 169066

Part of me wonders if this was a preview from her patreon or something. Back when she did manyvids she always resold custom requests for cheaper and posted full shorter videos on tumblr/twitter to try to lure in more simps despite how she always on her shit about how men are trash in some way.
>The proportions are so funny wtf did she do
She just has NO figure whatsoever. Her tits reach her belly button, she has no ass she's shaped like a 70 year old drag queen.

No. 169089

File: 1629755968596.jpg (519.84 KB, 1079x1849, Screenshot_20210823-175110_Twi…)


Why did she think that it would be ok to post a slight nsfw video on an all ages site that little ass kids frequent??? Sorry, but this bitch a lowkey pedo. I bet if the FBI raided her boyfriend's apartment and took all her devices you'd find CP.

No. 169121

wow looks like she has a male adam's apple here

No. 169129

File: 1629772929272.png (25 KB, 601x231, Nah.png)

She's probably back to buying followers again, she literally offers nothing no one would flood to her for.

No. 169130

File: 1629773512774.jpg (882.95 KB, 970x2846, Screenshot_20210823-204550_Twi…)


Micky sperging out because nobody wants to see her crusty coochie on an all ages app is hilarious.

No. 169131

File: 1629773993710.jpg (300.25 KB, 1079x1140, Screenshot_20210823-224925_Twi…)


The fuck is she even going on about?

She 100% bought a bunch of followers. She's probably about to buy some more tonight or tomorrow. She's not slick.

No. 169133

"I say it's men, there could definitely be gross people of any gender but it's definitely men."

Gee, mucky, I wonder why no one wants to support your shitty lewd selling? Women ain't buying your shit or subbing to Onlyfans/Patreon/Fansly.

No. 169144

That's…not a good thing, nonnie.

No. 169163

No shit? That's the point lol

No. 169193

File: 1629818999193.png (323.65 KB, 598x644, Cuzyoureugly.png)

No. 169224

And of course, she deleted the tweet lmao

Micky, you dumbass, you were literally trying to show off your puss puss and pretend to give a bj then you upload the vid on an app where minors frequent at and I’m pretty sure you have some of them following you. How is it this hard for you to comprehend?

No. 169292

File: 1629855352152.jpg (968.35 KB, 968x3269, Screenshot_20210824-210334_Twi…)

No. 169366

Lol Twitter report system going to snatch her account

No. 169396

File: 1629901899116.jpg (369.25 KB, 1080x1442, Screenshot_20210825-102804_Twi…)


Ugh, so she's one of the ones that believe in "talking white/talking black" . That's such an ignorant mindset to have. Guess that would explain why she always tries to sound like she's from the hood. Woke racism is wild.

No. 169427

Good giggly gosh you all say that like this thread does begin with n*gger 1000 times(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169463

File: 1629928815058.png (24.55 KB, 598x218, refrigeratorlookingwhore.png)

Nothing milky, but I love the dynamic of her trying to get simps, pander to simps then brag about her boyfriend fucking her, like girl..do you even know how sex work works? You don't have a base that wants to pay to see you fuck.

No. 169465

File: 1629929078831.jpg (299.07 KB, 1080x1170, Screenshot_20210825-173337_Twi…)


Hilarious that she's trying to claim it's a coworker when, knowing her track record, it's definitely her.

No. 169497

File: 1629939456489.jpg (377 KB, 1080x1127, Screenshot_20210825-203929_Twi…)

Like fucking clockwork

No. 169556

Lol but she can't do this for the people who paid for her patreon, all 3 of them. It's amazing how she is beyond predictable.

No. 169600

Didn’t this bitch say that she doesn’t shower before lmaooo

No. 169614

didn't she use to talk like that. i like how she always lied and said she was half asian and white washed her pictures but now that black people are the hot topic now shes black and doesn't "talk white". pathetic

No. 169639

File: 1630015499136.jpg (645.37 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20210826-175641_Twi…)

Why does she feel the need to keep posting shit like this on Tik Tok? She does realize it's full of underage users, right?? Fucking pedo.

I remember her saying on one of her old twitter accounts that she only bathes twice a week and that she hates the smell of clean laundry. Pair that with the fact she sold soiled, smelly clothes to people on Depop and didn't see a problem with it.

Exactly, she's highly fake. The only reason none of her followers catch on is bc she keeps changing her name. Plus, there isn't any proper videos about her on YouTube. At least if a video was out there, people would call her out more often.

No. 169640

File: 1630015546852.jpg (713.79 KB, 1077x1918, Screenshot_20210826-175722_Twi…)

Also, again, her body is very unfortunate.

No. 169641

Because she should be "free" to post this kinda shit based on her crying when she got banned before barely a week ago. She's also trying to lure in simps.

No. 169666

Searched her TikTok and she is shadow banned kek

No. 169674

so someone make a call out tiktok(no)

No. 169727

How can you tell if someones shadow banned?

No. 169741

File: 1630087978388.jpg (360.26 KB, 1080x1310, Screenshot_20210827-141211_Twi…)

No. 169743

A sudden drop down on views. It makes sense for it to happen to her based on what she posting lol

No. 169765

File: 1630113679641.jpg (1.02 MB, 971x1684, Screenshot_20210827-212011_Tik…)

When I searched for her profile her page popped up. Her page only gets views when she says something out of line or has someone better looking in them. Picrel

No. 169766

File: 1630113856036.jpg (961.12 KB, 970x4595, Screenshot_20210827-204347_Tik…)

Also, it's nice to know other people find her bullshit weird.

No. 169767

File: 1630113937728.jpg (1.14 MB, 971x5177, Screenshot_20210827-204700_Tik…)

No. 169776

File: 1630122719147.jpg (436.43 KB, 971x2126, Screenshot_20210827-234618_Tik…)

I feel like she's one more fucked TikTok away from being called out.

No. 169777

File: 1630122847664.jpg (991.45 KB, 1080x2002, Screenshot_20210827-234704_Tik…)

Also it's an insult to Koda Kumi that she even dares to call this gross shit "erokawa". It's nothing more than typical trailer trash looks and a wannabe hoodrat attitude.

No. 169779

File: 1630123216701.jpg (228.13 KB, 972x1397, Screenshot_20210827-235532_Chr…)


Wonder how long this is gonna last.

No. 169781

Not long, just like her patreon when she sees no one wants her low quality shit lol.

No. 169782

$12 a month for basic low quality pics.
$25 a month for vids and probably old custom requests she made for people before running away before that she charged $50+ for.

No. 169822

File: 1630170184717.png (30 KB, 597x297, Yourejustworthless.png)

She is so salty about being called out, holy shit lol

No. 169823

No. 169830

File: 1630173107543.jpg (147.44 KB, 1080x726, Screenshot_20210828-132447_Twi…)


I can't believe she wants to start a "movement" just so she can show off her coochie to minors. She's really not helping her case. Sis, you're a pedo.

No. 169837

File: 1630181233945.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x2560, realfuckingsus.jpg)

Looked at her following on her NSFW Twitter and she's definitely buying followers. Hell, if you look at some of the accounts, they're either dead accounts, new accounts with just numbers in the name, or locked accounts that are likely both. She likely does this with her Instagram and main Twitter page too. Would explain why there's no major YouTube video or TikTok call out post about her. Her popularity is faked.

No. 169847

File: 1630192855584.jpg (1.56 MB, 2560x1920, 21-08-28-19-16-46-574_deco.jpg)

Spot the difference lol

No. 169978

>erokawaii feminist movement
???? she has 0 braincells

No. 170067

how can her popularity be faked when shes not popular. the only place i hear about her or see her is in this thread thats it.

No. 170081

She literally has the ugliest face I’ve ever seen. The editing does nothing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 170082

Anon, they literally just pointed out she bought followers. Anyone can buy followers and make themselves look more popular than they are.

No. 170097

File: 1630368803569.jpg (1.53 MB, 1920x2560, 21-08-30-17-59-25-161_deco.jpg)

She really loves to try and catfish people.

No. 170120

File: 1630387149563.jpg (459 KB, 1080x1574, Screenshot_20210831-011224_Chr…)

I'm lost on why she even has a Fansly if she's just gonna post vids and pics of herself on her Twitter.

No. 170135

nothing but fuckin legs, this Wendy Williams looking mf lmao

No. 170148

Same reason she had a patreon, to try to make money. When the money doesn't come through, she'll post it all on tiktok and twitter. Also I guarantee very few of those people are actually paying, since you can follow for free (and get nothing) and it increases her count.

No. 170156

Oh, I figured her followers on ther3 weren't the amount of subscribers. I'm guessing that's what the heart is for?

No. 170158

Hearts = Likes, person = followers, then photos and videos. So she has 13 likes for 46 followers and based on the likes, its mostly on the "free" stuff. $12 isnt much, but it doesn't get you much either apparently.

No. 170160

File: 1630420679391.png (10.95 KB, 598x98, Askyerbf.png)


You lurk here, so ill say this as nice as possible: Ask your fucking boyfriend to spoil you. You are not hot enough nor have a good enough personality to be spoiled by anyone.

No. 170169

Oh, ok. Well, looks like she failed on Fansly too. Lol Not surprising considering she's got a following mostly made up of bots and dead accounts on her Twitter pages.

Knowing that her followers are mostly bots and dead accounts makes this so much more hilarious. Like,she'd have a better chance of getting something from her Facebook friends at this point. Speaking of, I wonder what she's been posting on her Facebook outside of what's visible to non-friends.

No. 170205

can she PLEASE learn how to wear a skirt flattering for her body type. Jesus christ she hikes them up so much that her torso just looks non existent.

No. 170256

File: 1630472961394.jpg (1.56 MB, 1920x2560, 21-08-31-21-51-18-896_deco.jpg)

She keeps thinking that she fits a medium. In reality she's like an X-Large. Funnily enough, the store she bought this from offers plus sizes.

Oh, here's a side by side of a model wearing said skirt vs Micky wearing it. She looks sloppy.

No. 170279

it’s funny, if she would just buy clothes that fit her she wouldn’t look like leggy blonde peter griffin

No. 170287

>>leggy blonde peter griffin

my sides

No. 170357

File: 1630533533501.png (Spoiler Image,751.29 KB, 598x864, Still no ass.png)

She also seem to be feeling herself a bit too much despite begging to be spoiled.


Still has no ass and I guarantee she drops this crusty video under the category no one subs at.

No. 170470

File: 1630601438261.png (28.09 KB, 601x263, Neverhappenedfridgelady.png)

On today's episode of things that never happened,

Why does she need to lie about this shit, no one likes you, wants your crusty content and no one is buying wishlist items for you, you have a boyfriend, ask him. If it did happen he probably blocked her after discovering these topics lol.

No. 170533

File: 1630619645447.jpg (263.01 KB, 1080x935, Screenshot_20210902-174838_Twi…)


The fact she would lie and say people are using her to clout chase when 99% of her followers are bots and bots utilizing dead accounts is highly hilarious. The 1% that are real are mainly girls far more popular than her in the sex work community. So not sure why she felt the need to tweet this.

>he probably blocked her after discovering these topics lol.

I guarantee you that's what happened. Probably someone he knew let him know what's up.

No. 170537

As if she’s not using them for her own personal gain? The audacity of people. Fuck off.

No. 170555

File: 1630630681598.jpg (247.5 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_20210902-205259_Twi…)

Whole tweet smells like bullshit.

No. 170644

File: 1630689951812.jpg (233.52 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20210903-120428_Twi…)

No. 170654

Says the dumb cunt who literally stole her (now ex) best friend’s bf away from her and played it off as some sick NTR hentai fantasy but ok lol

No. 170872

File: 1630853128127.jpg (304.63 KB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20210905-104249_Twi…)


I highly doubt they're saying that considering she's still as fat and grimy as she was when she initially left.

No. 170873

File: 1630853385968.jpg (248.79 KB, 1080x925, Screenshot_20210905-104341_Twi…)


I like how she's trying to explain away not wearing properly fitting clothes by claiming it's some kind of "fetish". Micky, just admit you see yourself as thin and buy ill-fitting clothes for that reason.

Also, why is she still pushing this trauma bullshit. Everyone who knew her and family knows she was spoiled and did what she wanted. The only time she didn't get what she wanted is when her parents finally realized that they raised a shit child and tried, and failed, to fix the damage.

No. 170926

is she admitting to doing kink outside her room wich is considered s a to social justice people like her because other parties cant consent

No. 171002

File: 1630942540781.jpg (1.41 MB, 1920x2560, 21-09-06-08-25-17-852_deco.jpg)

I feel like if she would stop editing herself, the real her wouldn't come across as so damn dumpy.

No. 171200

File: 1631056202555.jpg (968.5 KB, 968x2630, Screenshot_20210907-180647_Twi…)


Oh god, she's selling her musty, dirty clothes again.

No. 171235

i'm losing it at the bundles of used yarn. like anyone is really going to pay to have that shipped when they can just go to a craft store

No. 171252

File: 1631110432929.png (11.22 KB, 598x98, Noonewantstoseeliteralpornofyo…)


Looks like she's about to start posting B/G content lol, can't wait to see how shitty this is compared to someone, you know actually talented.

No. 171254

God she's still shrinking her head? get over the big head comments micky, the tiny head just makes your body look bigger.

No. 171273

talented.. at making porn?

No. 171277

Yes, it surprisingly takes SOME skill to actually have decent lighting, angles, quality and so on. She misses the mark every time.

No. 171343

File: 1631155714537.jpg (Spoiler Image,468.53 KB, 1080x1743, Screenshot_20210908-224721_Twi…)

No. 171344

File: 1631155965505.jpg (Spoiler Image,281.5 KB, 971x1747, Screenshot_20210908-225043_Chr…)

She wants $35 for this cheap looking shit. She's out her fucking mind.

No. 171348

So she raised her prices? Thought it was $25 lol. I guarantee it gets no love unless her simps don't realize she tacked on $10 more.

No. 171349

Oh looks like she actually dropped prices to sub lol, guess she really wasn't getting subs.

No. 171396

She is charging that much for people who don't subscribe. If she was charging her fans that much it would say Pay $x OR Subscribe and pay $y

Still…. stay mooing girl. No one is paying that.

No. 171431

File: 1631225317958.jpg (386.88 KB, 1080x1524, Screenshot_20210909-180653_Chr…)

Yeah, it's down by $2 and $5, respectively. Which isn't much of a drop. I think she's just trying to cheat people out of their money.

No. 171598

File: 1631334406800.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x2560, 21-09-11-00-25-13-264_deco.jpg)

I feel like she's wearing these glasses to try and make her nose look smaller. Doesn't really work that well when she's live streaming.

No. 171599

File: 1631334539977.jpg (616.24 KB, 972x1716, Screenshot_20210911-000740_Twi…)

Also, her streams are absolutely boring as all fuck still. You'd think she'd be able to engage the small audience she has but no, she's awful at it. She should honestly just stick to showing off her smelly, dieased pussy for money.

No. 171603

Her chat was literally just one sad, lonely scrote trying to talk to her about vampire the masquerade the entire time. She had no idea what he was talking about either. kek

No. 171667

File: 1631397213968.png (27.01 KB, 598x257, Juststop.png)

And on cue, WITHOUT FAIL.

She will forever blame mental health when things dont go her way instead of owning up to her shittiness in ANY regard.

No. 171850

File: 1631516912200.jpg (139.39 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20210913-013408_Twi…)


She only tweeted this because she knows nobody wants to watch her boring ass streams.

No. 171882

File: 1631530777408.png (204.58 KB, 515x921, Noonecared.png)

Correct, on IG she stated something else.

No. 171913

I don’t get it she posted the same thing

No. 172001

what do you mean by "something else"

No. 172134

File: 1631656933479.jpg (669.18 KB, 971x2077, Screenshot_20210914-174650_Twi…)


Fucking hilarious. Also, doesn't she get tired of tweeting shit out to mostly bots? She must be really lonely.

No. 172222

File: 1631712501784.jpg (228.35 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_20210915-021217_Twi…)

Is she just now getting her license? If so, that means she lied about having it previously. Meaning her manlet simp was driving her everywhere still. This probably means that she really is living in his apartment and is lying that it's hers. She really using someone else's shit to make herself seem more put together. Tragic.

No. 172230

Her last round of posts shows she's desperate for asspats/attention, she's mentioned she's been driving for the past few months at minimum, meaning either she's been driving without a license or, as stated, just seeking asspats because she's not getting the attention she feels she deserves.

No. 172239

I think she's had it, she just wants to play into this dumb girl aesthetic, which is hilarious because she always insists and tries to talk like she's the smartest person in the room.
so which is it mickey - are men terrible for oversexualizing because you're actually Really Smart? or are you a helpwess bimbo who shouldn't even be driving? you can't call yourself stupid and then act insulted when people think that, y'know, you're stupid

No. 172325

I mean it took no great lengths to get the thing. Most states aren't requiring applicants to take and pass a driver's test anymore because of covid. So, yeah, totally believable that the government is giving out licenses like candy to anyone.

No. 173268

File: 1632112602051.jpg (260.17 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20210919-174815_Twi…)

Sure, Jan.

No. 173270

File: 1632112650844.jpg (521.42 KB, 971x1717, Screenshot_20210919-174943_Twi…)

She lies about dumb shit.

No. 173410

All the guys who:
>Abused her
>Mistreated her
>Molested her
>Talked shit about her

She really is a nobody lol, if she has so many people "simping" for her, she shouldn't have to beg people to spoil her or sign up for her crusty "porn"

No. 173437

Says the bitch who got fingered at a Micky D’s lmao

No. 173503

File: 1632173846639.jpg (163.37 KB, 1080x804, Screenshot_20210920-173210_Twi…)

>slim thick

Does she not see her body? She's not capable of being built that way unless she get surgery.

She wouldn't need to use bots to inflate her numbers either.

Wild how she seems to forget that.

No. 174132

File: 1632510077353.jpg (418.65 KB, 971x1692, Screenshot_20210924-024342_Twi…)

Can't wait for this to fall apart again.

No. 174133

All its gonna take is a better looking girl to join again to make her implode, unless she has rules about promotion or talking about their own shit kek

No. 174299

yeah the horny men from onlyfans want to talk about art and animal crossing with you micky

No. 174429

Why is she pretending to be a succubus now? didnt she use to help bully another succubus themed swer over that? Don't you also have to like men.(sage)

No. 174563

jealous incel women insulting lol cow whores on the internet. what else is new(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 174573

No other fucking cow gets this much attention from retarded and pathetic whiteknights.

No. 174574

Other cows seem to not be able to pull off pretending to be different people that fools enough horny men to come defend them. They gotta justify overpaying for her crusty porn.

No. 174626

awwwww lol cow farm is mad. no wonder people see this website as the female version of wizardchan(ban-evading )

No. 174633

woah i did it again. cool! these ppl do not pay this website enough to have horrible moderators. why do you guys have to find one every year? because all of you are just toxic deranged trannies/femcels that stay inside and have nothing else to do with their lives than to be on some image board like they’re a part of something.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 174634

Notice how every time mucky opens a discord she sends her white knights/simps to post here?

No. 174638

File: 1632799340117.jpg (382.3 KB, 1080x1547, Screenshot_20210927-231809_Twi…)

Yup. That or it's her playing pretend as usual.

Also why is she looking for a sugar daddy when she has a boyfriend? He let her drive his car and stink up his apartment.

No. 174647

Lol shes about to get scammed if she texts that number lmfaooo

No. 174677

It amazes me because she hates men supposedly and has such an "amazing boyfriend" but she certainly love men's money.

No. 174825

File: 1632889021628.jpg (590.21 KB, 966x2058, Screenshot_20210929-001222_Twi…)


Oh god, here she goes again with this lying and bullshit. Micky, you have a documented history of being a liar, an abuser and a bully. Of fucking course no one is gonna waste their time feeding into your bullshit. Also, you've been documented screenshoting and mocking people constantly. Many who have done nothing to you. Don't try and play victim for whiteknights now.

No. 174886

The best part is she's said countless times she doesn't interact much with people irl and she's not smart enough to keep drama to herself, so like who is she even talking about to begin with? The only thing she's been doing lately is trying to find a sugar daddy for some reason despite having a "perfect boyfriend."

No. 174949

File: 1632951185007.jpg (Spoiler Image,634.18 KB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20210929-013835_Twi…)

Exactly. She really just looking for some asspats and whiteknights.

Also, she's back to posting old lewds.

No. 174984

File: 1632964863976.jpeg (267.65 KB, 584x613, 87AEA3E6-AC19-4DA5-9C9D-0E5FD4…)

This does not spark joy.

No. 175049

She REALLY thinks no one seen her old stuff or still have it (that kept their purchases of this shit from manyvids.) She really is setting herself up to get knocked down insanely hard.

No. 175306

I am really amazed this lolcow is still going after all these years. Like I really have to commend y’all for continuing to talk crap about this nobody, who does nothing but cause drama(sage your shit)

No. 175397

File: 1633207820562.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2004, Screenshot_20211002-144339_Tik…)

She says all this but she was, and likely still is, the one out here bullying other girls who alt and acting like they weren't good enough or just copying her. So not sure why she's posting shit like this.

No. 175885

That skirt is so tiny on her she's basically wearing it as a belt. kek

No. 176422

File: 1633748577155.jpg (154.95 KB, 1080x973, Screenshot_20211003-221321_Twi…)

Micky, you shouldn't be proud to proclaim you're a cowardly shit starter.

No. 176459

why dont u comment that on her post instead of wasting thread space on here with this pointless shit

No. 176460

NTA but..
>Post anything other than supporting or kissing her ass
>Expects it to not get deleted
We know she lurks here and sends her white knights here, she'll get the message and people who search her up will find history SHE can't delete.

No. 176461

Ignore them. It's likely some wk (or her) who doesn't know cowtipping is against the rules.

No. 176463

File: 1633791837322.jpg (1.32 MB, 2560x1920, 21-10-09-11-01-17-772_deco.jpg)

She posted a new selfie on Instagram. Pretty sure she edited it.

No. 176464

File: 1633792522086.jpg (631.51 KB, 1078x1593, Screenshot_20211008-003158_Ins…)

Also learned she did a shoot with some small brand.

No. 176497

File: 1633830870144.jpg (Spoiler Image,448.43 KB, 954x1774, Screenshot_20211009-201512_Twi…)

No. 176498

She -ALWAYS- rips people off in the end, you'd think her simps would realize this lol. I archived a lot of her stuff that I'm half tempted to just spam on her socials so people can get all her future content for the next year for free in one day..but unfortunately that'd count as cow tipping.

No. 176501

File: 1633833182319.jpg (298.45 KB, 1080x1200, Screenshot_20211009-222939_Twi…)


It's sickening that she still feels the need to lie about her parents being abusive. I wonder if they know she posts shit like this.

If you did that she'd probably try and blame an ex or one of the girls she's bullied/harassed over the decade.

No. 176509

kek. I don't know why she tells on herself like this. She looks awful and nothing like her editing

No. 176536

Trying to gain simps basically lol
>If you did that she'd probably try and blame an ex or one of the girls she's bullied/harassed over the decade.
Most likely! Like every update on her fansly so far has been content she sold to people as customs back in manyvids days and she's reselling to people for cheaper like an anon said in last thread she'd do.

This chick is pathetic.

No. 176540

big deal whats new.

No. 176541

how is it wk to acknowledge that shit is a wate of soace. you guys are fucking gay

No. 176574

>you guys are fucking gay
Are you a scrote? what is this kek
Cowtipping is against the rules, but hey at least you know how to sage I guess.

No. 176575

File: 1633913827619.png (352.59 KB, 600x824, Not sexy.png)

This confirms it it's wk or mucky.

This scrote aside, she's retweeting/posting stuff she sells to her simps on Fansly with literally the only difference being (sometimes) no censorship and SLIGHTLY longer.

I'll give her credit for not running away yet because she hid long enough from her last bullshit that some people were in a fap drought or something.

No. 176577

how is it cow tipping to think you are retarded please explain you sound retarded(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 176697

File: 1634008972077.jpg (841.98 KB, 971x1837, Screenshot_20211011-231706_Ins…)

I just know this shit is going to be boring as all fuck.

No. 176698

No. 176703

I was gonna say "wow it looks like she lost weight" but then I remembered how much muddy edits her pictures in snow

No. 176825

File: 1634084443219.jpg (233.72 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20211012-201423_Twi…)

Is she not aware that cbd edibles exist? Like, for someone that's into drugs, she's surely ignorant.

Speaking of that, is it weird to y'all that she claims to be afraid of taking pills but says nothing about that when taking Molly.

No. 176906

Yea she tryin WAY too hard to communicate with people and be friends lol

No. 177065

File: 1634239944221.png (21.97 KB, 598x240, Stop lying.png)

Here this dumbass go lying about things yet again just to try to get noticed.


No. 177098

All her old af threads here have evidence that she's making shit up. Even old ass pics she still has floating around on social media prove otherwise.(sage)

No. 177269

File: 1634409483390.jpg (192.15 KB, 1080x969, Screenshot_20211014-201006_Twi…)

She has a job and a fansly. Why is she still e-begging for shit?

No. 177271

And a boyfriend lol.

No. 177418

File: 1634508140034.jpg (552.54 KB, 972x1913, Screenshot_20211017-175659_Twi…)


This dumbass is always spouting some false bullshit. Micky, gyaru is genuinely about giving a middle finger to asian beauty standards. It has always been that way. And yes, while B-Gyaru is inspired by black culture (mainly hip hop) other substyles are not inspired from that. Hell, one sub style is based on the japanese mountain witch.

I swear, I wish people like her would stfu when it comes to cultures they're not natively a part of. It reminds me of that drawing someone made where the white girl has her hands over the black girl's mouth and speaks for her.

No. 177435

she was also just showing off a brand new AP dress she bought and inevitably won't fit into a few days ago

No. 177484

File: 1634557148056.jpg (1008.8 KB, 1080x2002, Screenshot_20211018-023544_Tik…)

Her outfits are so godawful. Especially this one. Dirty looking leggings, crusty ass bra showing, cheap collar, and an ill-fitting top. Nothing about this is erokawa or just generally kawaii. She showed two other "outfits" in this tiktok but this one was the worst of the three.

No. 177509

File: 1634569088951.jpg (470.18 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20211018-105624_Twi…)

Why does she keep saying "substyles"? It's only one substyle like that and it's based off of Hip Hop culture.

No. 177542

File: 1634585045818.jpg (277.07 KB, 1080x1022, Screenshot_20211018-152225_Twi…)


The lolita community does their best to not be associated with weird fetish shit, yet her goes Micky trying to do just that.

No. 177545

Link to this video? her tiktok link doesn't work.

No. 177546

For real, it's bad enough lolita gets linked to lolicon shit at times, now that community has to deal with crusty chicks like mucky trying to be a 'sexual lolita', which is literally the OPPOSITE of lolita fashion.

No. 177593

File: 1634610936801.jpg (950.94 KB, 1080x2002, Screenshot_20211018-222526_Tik…)

She also posted this tiktok. Which is hilarious considering she ran away, crying, from the last two times she was "tested" and told to square up.


No. 177595

File: 1634611174569.jpg (1.35 MB, 2560x1920, 21-10-18-22-37-31-004_deco.jpg)

I think it's stupid of her to use a heavy filter, when you can easily scroll down and see her real face.

No. 177674

You think TikTok will call mucky out for Asian fishing

No. 177691

Oh, that's invetiable. Just how she's eventually gonna cheat on her manlet simp.

No. 177789

Her setup is so fucking weird. She has "an amazing boyfriend who does everything and spoils me", continues to beg to be spoiled by random dudes on the net. Continues to hate on dudes on the net. Is back to doing sexwork but won't do "full nudity", yet she gets dicked down by her manlet in a video.

No. 177955

File: 1634821790298.jpg (557.04 KB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20211021-020336_Twi…)

She posted more old content. What's the point of making a fansly if all you're gonna do is post the same shit everyone's already seen?

No. 177956

File: 1634821987718.png (32.62 KB, 598x297, Dumbslut.png)

Here's the best part, anon.

She posts this just before reposting old cntent, and on her fansly she's posting stuff "she'll never do again", it sounds like she's back to her manyvids days when she gets ONE request she goes into "my mental health uwu" to get out of doing it.

No. 177960

File: 1634822621711.jpg (1.19 MB, 970x4402, Screenshot_20211021-092158_Twi…)



Of course Micky keeps trying to use B-Gyaru as evidence. Lol

>using fandom wiki

That shit is not accurate. Also, why is she using a dead style to try and justify her shitty post? I swear I don't understand her need to be "lowkey" racist.

Yeah she's about to end her little scam soon. Probably mad she's not getting the money she wants. Lol

No. 177961

Yeah it's ironic the chick shes responding to is actually correct, to a point (for that subject) while mucky is just, being retarded as usual. Honestly it sounds like she lost her simp(s) that was actually doing something for her because she was getting money and not doing anything so she has to use her tried and true lie of "my mental health", why would someone requesting customs, that you offer as a service, stop you from doing SW altogether?

No. 177987

File: 1634834401369.jpeg (109 KB, 1122x1106, 3EFAC529-B6E0-47DD-B416-094C95…)

this bitch really used a fandom wiki to back up her stupid claim omfg

No. 178005

She edited herself lighter too, check the other threads. I don't get it

No. 178134

File: 1634898650971.png (28.69 KB, 798x144, Mymentalhealthuwu.png)

So this idiot talks about her mental health and she won't want to do custom content or do content in general because people actually request content and fetish content and "stuff I used to do I will no longer do" is out of her comfort zone, then she talks about doing shit like this, like why not just say you want to do the shit you want to do and not care about other people's requests or even feedback, like anything else? I know you lurk here, you'd be far more likable when you stop thinking you're a delicate princess that deserves everything.

No. 178241

You know she won't do that. The girl didn't even try to make or give a proper apology to all the people she hurt. Shit, she still hasn't come clean about her pile of lies she's told. Micky enjoys being a sneaky, slimy snake.

No. 178274

File: 1634978417101.jpg (822.18 KB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20211022-173324_Twi…)


How is this pastel goth or a witch? Micky really need to work on her styling. Also, why post this to nsfw Twitter? None of the coomers there care about this.

No. 178311

what is up with her doing that weird “I gotta pee” pose whenever she post a full body pic? I don’t get it, it looks so fuckin stupid

No. 178312

She outed herself as someone who's into that when she resurfaced because she pretended someone asked her for pee video customs on twitter lol, I think last thread? She thinks it's cute.

No. 178346

File: 1635011750896.jpg (364.7 KB, 1080x1398, Screenshot_20211023-135022_Twi…)


So she posted this video to Twitter. You can see how crusty her panties look during the cowgirl part of the clip. How is this sexy to anyone?

No. 178364

Holy fuck her saggy granny titties.

No. 178369


I don't know why I clicked on that video link and expected something not mortifying but… Ew. She's bad at censoring shit too. Definitely saw some lightskin cock that I didn't want to see.

No. 178494

File: 1635094899170.png (45.46 KB, 601x506, Whataboutfemalesimps.png)

Yep, was called.
Looks like she lost her simps/no one is buying her shit or spoiling her like she expected. Face it, mucky, no one cares for you or your low quality tier content. Funny how she wants to do SW that she knows women ain't schlicking to yet she wants to talk shit about her client base and the only way to communicate with her, as a male, would be to talk about sanrio or fakass gyaru culture shit.

No. 178558

File: 1635125313367.jpg (503.88 KB, 1080x1383, Screenshot_20211024-210053_Twi…)

Damn she's pushing those filters to their limits.

It's wild she calling people broke when she's on twitter constantly begging for people to buy shit or give her money.

No. 178584

File: 1635136921728.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920, 21-10-24-21-30-13-729_deco.jpg)

I wonder why she's editing her eye color.

No. 178591

She already lightens her skin, might as well lighten her eye color too I guess.

No. 178749

File: 1635224916170.jpg (451.97 KB, 1080x1508, Screenshot_20211026-010356_Twi…)


Oh so now that job at the bakery is shitty, despite her saying she loved it there? Wild. Also, this makes her calling her simps broke even more hilarious.

No. 178750

File: 1635225223364.jpg (453.92 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20211026-010624_Twi…)

No. 178769

Because, for all her prostration, she is ashamed to be black.

No. 178772

Has she ever kept a job for more than a few months at a time? I feel like this girl is going to be stuck in min wage forever with her work history.

No. 178782

she hasn't worked at the bakery for months anon, she got a job somewhere else

No. 178860

She went to another bakery. It's the job she just quit.

No. 178872

I don't think so. I wanted to say Forever21 but I think she left them only two months into being there or something.

No. 178892

File: 1635302312679.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 2560x1920, lolthefuck.jpg)

Her tits are so god damn saggy. This is what she's trying to pander to simps and wonders why she no longer has any outside of the people tossing her bucks on fansly.
I believe her Forever21 saga she lasted about a year, since then she's been hopping jobs citing her mental health uwu and everyone hates her and how her boss ONLY lets the white people take breaks etc.

No. 178893

File: 1635302312914.jpg (Spoiler Image,257.49 KB, 2560x1920, 369zwi39qiv71.jpg)

fuckin flapjack ass titties
they're going to be down to her knees by the time she's 30

No. 179017

This is just sad

No. 179119

File: 1635429796245.jpg (687.83 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20211027-115617_Twi…)

Christ she is so dumpy. Also, when will she buy some proper fitting clothes? This ill-fitting shit makes her look worse.

No. 179409

File: 1635557840382.jpg (336.32 KB, 1080x1288, Screenshot_20211029-213025_Twi…)

No. 179414

File: 1635559305273.jpeg (571.91 KB, 1242x1573, 0D74629C-D80C-4E4D-8F80-A32ED5…)

Cow crossover

No. 180004

File: 1635869958827.jpg (283 KB, 1080x1114, Screenshot_20211102-104007_Twi…)


What in the actual fuck is she going on about? I swear she goes out her way to be a victim in some form.

No. 180327

File: 1636028368591.jpg (106.87 KB, 390x453, Screenshot_20211104-081749_Twi…)

She streamed on her Twitch yesterday. Same old boring shit as usual.


No. 180524

File: 1636112078178.png (24.6 KB, 600x277, Fuck off.png)

So boring she has to keep making up shit when she doesn't get enough attention.


No. 180527

I wonder what girl she's stalking now that's making her pretend she's autistic.

Also it's funny she's claiming to be special needs when she spent all that time awhile ago claiming she wasn't and didn't get put in special ed classes.

No. 180545

>inb4 she starts doing hand flapping on stream or in her tiktoks

No. 180812

File: 1636297185535.jpg (230.15 KB, 1007x1801, Screenshot_20211107-095307_Goo…)

So in the comments of this tiktok >>169777 she posted picrel as a response to someone. She acts like it's some type of gotcha when it's not.

No. 180848

File: 1636311430213.jpg (236.45 KB, 1080x922, Screenshot_20211107-102451_Twi…)

No. 180917

I feel like it'd be more like a dude posing in front of his Thomas the tank engine collection in nothing but boxer briefs and a too small dirty tank if we're looking for comparisons.

No. 181089

File: 1636435186101.jpg (510.54 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20211109-001706_Twi…)


This girls comes up with the dumbest lies. Micky, if you're truly have trauma from someone buying you shit, it would be like that for friends and family as well. Not just your boyfriend.

No. 181148

This shit..doesn't even make sense. No wonder she gets butthurt when no one buys her shit. She really loves playing victim for absolutely no reason.

No. 181203

Wtf even is this logic? If a young guy was posting shirtless and saying shit like "uwu mommy!" with room covered in minecraft shit and toys that looks like a childs room WHILE being sexual yeah it would make any sane person uncomfortable.

No. 181924

File: 1636777370542.jpg (415.51 KB, 961x1911, Screenshot_20211112-232114_Twi…)

No. 181925

File: 1636777467695.jpg (124.6 KB, 1191x984, 20211112_232117.jpg)

Pretty shit prizes considering how repetitive her content is

No. 181926

File: 1636777523587.jpg (784.46 KB, 970x2037, Screenshot_20211112-231853_Twi…)

Anybody gonna bite the bullet and watch?

No. 181951

You can see the VOD on Twitch, it's just boring Animal Crossing. I think she looked cute but I absolutely hate how nasal her way of speaking is so I had to turn it off.

No. 181976

Basically, she wants to see who'll simp the most for her. She has to continually beg people to spoil her still. Her content is literally reuploading old content she claim she "deleted" when archivist (who cares) can just dump her next 1-2 years worth of content today.

No. 182150

File: 1636865881094.jpg (235.75 KB, 1080x932, Screenshot_20211113-235353_Twi…)


It's also weird she begs for stuff and still make tweets like picrel. Pretty sure whatever these dudes are saying is not that serious and if it's that annoying she could easily block them and move on.

No. 182151

File: 1636865977945.jpg (146.34 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20211113-235323_Twi…)


The bullshit she spews for attention. Ain't no way she didn’t realize she was following Da Baby. Whole tweet was unnecessary and dumb.

No. 182166

Sounds like she's seething from something and just wanted asspats lol.

No. 182186

She's just seeking attention. She has a whole ass fansly that doesn't say she offers customs so what interaction is she even having?

No. 182202

File: 1636909090085.png (18.02 KB, 1316x96, Here we go again lol.png)

I haven't been to her discord in awhile because it's boring as fuck and she only posts content she sells on fansly anyway but looks like we're about to enter the next phase of her cycle.

No. 182241

File: 1636931653809.jpg (572.72 KB, 971x1717, Screenshot_20211114-180545_Twi…)


Micky, this kind of weirdo shit is not cute at all. Should have learned your lesson when that one girl you stalked and fantasized about called you out.

No. 182242

File: 1636931692312.jpg (360.42 KB, 1080x1302, Screenshot_20211114-180849_Twi…)

No. 182245

This bitch is really just on a man hate streak right now lol. MANY women have done that, including the ones she follow that went from problematic to loved.

No. 182250

fucking CARDI B. she killed a man. she was a prostitute. she did a lot of actual bad shit, not just doing edgy shit in a yt video.

No. 182271

Don't forget how Micky's idol, Nicki Minaj defends genuine pedophiles. Or how Azealia Banks got away with being homophobic and antisemitic. Shit, just about any woman that the twitter "stan" community goes full retard over have gotten away with worse and still end up successful.

No. 183274

File: 1637252456891.jpg (765.33 KB, 970x2253, Screenshot_20211118-111822_Ins…)

This doesn't look gyaru at all to me, but I will say the color looks nice on her.

No. 183279

File: 1637254488165.jpg (624.86 KB, 1080x1706, Screenshot_20211118-114755_Twi…)


Not sure why she's posting vomiting emojis when she initially uploaded these to nsfw pages. Ones she lied about her age on. That left specifically was on her old nsfw tumblr she shouldn't have had back when she was with that Anthony guy iirc.

No. 183283

File: 1637255362369.jpg (120.27 KB, 1080x493, Screenshot_20211118-114924_Chr…)

Also curious as to how she found them so quickly.

No. 183294

Her butchering of j-fashion will never get old

No. 183310

I love when she pretends to be a catfish because she's not getting the attention she craves, I peaked at her discord and its already dead too, you'd think she'd call her simps and white knights there to arms lol.

No. 183318

File: 1637260863197.jpg (123.49 KB, 1080x454, Screenshot_20211118-115125_Chr…)

Like, the account has been on reddit for six years but only just now started using her pics. Makes you wonder.

Can't wait to see who she claims the catfish to be this time. Had a friend of mine get blamed last time.

No. 183326

File: 1637261797086.jpg (44.13 KB, 1080x2115, Screenshot_20211118-135434_Twi…)

And just like that, she deleted the tweet. Hilarious.

No. 183327

File: 1637261896980.jpg (153.69 KB, 1080x726, Screenshot_20211118-135417_Twi…)


Micky, you are the only personal
ruining it. You ruin it for yourself by being a liar, manipulator, and just overall gross and unnecessary.

No. 183328


This is the same musky bitch who “wanted to be sexy and still be surrounded by shit that reminds then of their childhood”

Mickey you are gross people; fuck off

No. 183565

File: 1637324714333.png (383.9 KB, 638x770, mk.png)

>the account claiming to be Japanese and Jamaican
>that "Puppi" camgirl from >>>/snow/1370147 claiming to be the exact same mix

No. 183583

File: 1637335861289.png (413.25 KB, 760x768, ttt.png)

No. 183584

File: 1637335982210.png (363.54 KB, 684x506, ttt.png)

No. 183585

Wasn't dumpy just talking about people ruining shit by being creepy or whatever…so the dumbass posts not only lolicon but LITERALLY infamous lolicon shit?
No surprises here..

No. 183586

File: 1637336435080.png (Spoiler Image,450.65 KB, 686x554, ttt.png)


Wait until you see this
I feel so fucking grossed out

No. 183590

File: 1637336832690.png (1.02 MB, 1330x654, ttt.png)

No. 183591

File: 1637337062831.png (1.22 MB, 1300x644, ttt.png)

No. 183593

It never fails to watch her contradict literally every thing she says all the time.

No. 183594

File: 1637337305944.png (1.31 MB, 1296x636, ttt.png)

No. 183595

File: 1637337921854.png (203.26 KB, 682x540, omfgwtf.png)

No. 183623

Wouldn't be surprised if Micky is copying that puppi chick. You know she has a hard on for copying and bullying girls darker than her. Lol Also, people from her local comm say she use to claim to be half chinese.

Not too surprising considering she openly defended lolicon material on her main Twitter awhile back.

Now, this kind of shit would likely get her some hate on twitter. Especially considering how this can easily be mistaken for cp.

No. 183785

File: 1637444749192.jpg (932.37 KB, 968x2339, Screenshot_20211120-024849_Twi…)

I wonder how this is gonna turn out. Do y'all think anyone is going to show up?

No. 183789

Based on how dead her server is, she probably has no one left lol

No. 183791

Shes right. A woman would never be able to do that. Women get cancelled for everything. Cancel culture doesnt work on men lol also people would be too triggered at women with dark humor.

No. 183792

If cardi b killed a male who visits strip clubs then thats fucking based. A woman could never do what filthy frank did. She would be doxxed and removed easily.

No. 183794

Filthy franks humor is racist, he says the n word and says a lot of fucked up shit. Including rape jokes about teenage girls. No woman could do that then have a successful music career and have a good reputation afterwards. Youre retarded. Saged because idgaf about this cow but your moid logic is worse than her kek

No. 183797

Okay mickey.(hi cow)

No. 183815

File: 1637456885135.jpeg (208.57 KB, 828x554, 4B6649D3-318B-4B43-916F-F5A7B1…)

Her dumbass is late to her own stream

Ducking embarrassing lmao

No. 183816

*fucking, god I hate autocorrect

No. 183831

File: 1637467757592.jpg (714.16 KB, 971x1709, Screenshot_20211120-230744_Twi…)

She should have said all this during the stream instead of posting it to Twitter. Or post in the chat if she really felt the need to text it.

No. 184198

So am i the only person noticing that she's horizontal squishing her webcam capture to make herself look skinnier?

No. 184248

File: 1637684146118.jpg (446.88 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20211123-111010_Twi…)

She goes on and on about this fake catfish. I wonder who she sent her simp after this time.
Now that you mentioned it, she does look a bit longer.

No. 184309

File: 1637710138159.jpg (678.57 KB, 970x2379, Screenshot_20211123-111041_Twi…)

God, there's more.

No. 184352

File: 1637731984832.jpg (400.15 KB, 1080x1472, Screenshot_20211123-230638_Twi…)

And then she wonders why nobody wants to buy her shit.

No. 184396

Lol, she definitely lost her simp(s) that bought her shit so now all she has is bottom feeders to deal with. Maybe if she wasn't such a shitty person people would treat her better. Even her discord doesn't really care for her, they talk to each other more than they do her.

No. 184532

File: 1637872543190.jpg (443.11 KB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20211125-153405_Twi…)

She's definitely gonna lose more followers and money tweeting this dumb shit.

No. 184535

Yeah, that definitely confirms she chased away the only people/person who actually even cared to get custom content from her lol.

No. 184572

File: 1637899715740.jpg (1.86 MB, 2560x1920, 21-11-25-23-05-37-227_deco.jpg)

From yesterday. She then posted a bunch of old pictures in her nasty old bedroom and at Walmart. Micky your "trauma" didn't make you lurk around Walmart, and your outfits weren't cute then and aren't cute now.

No. 184594

why the fuck would she not jus say her room used to be messy. like come on why out yourself so thoroughly

No. 184620

File: 1637952941380.png (Spoiler Image,600.67 KB, 598x618, Absolute Garbage.png)

Her attitude aside, no wonder she lost her simp(s) that actually paid for stuff, you can get better content literally anyone else for free.

No. 184653

God, she still looks musty.

No. 184666

Her complete lack of hips is so unsettling, it's such an uncanny body shape.

No. 184685

>Her attitude aside
can actually attest to it, it happened to me. Not a scrote.
I don't want to say the details because she lurks. But it was funny. She said some weird shit.

No. 184692

Word. It's hilarious she'll subtweet, subpost on tumblr and facebook instead of actually owning up to shit.

No. 184725

File: 1638035188825.jpg (299.94 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20211127-124253_Twi…)

I highly doubt this hearkened considering she ran away from two fights and in one of those she apparently looked like she was about to cry when approached. Not sure why she keeps trying to come off as tough. When she's just a scary, musty loser.

No. 184773

So you're going to smoke ink filled papers? Explains alot of why you act like a fucking retard.

No. 184913

File: 1638145801149.jpg (503.57 KB, 965x2401, Screenshot_20211128-192630_Twi…)


She thinks it's because she's black. Lol I'm 100% sure she was doing something quite sexual and the audio had something fucked up in it.

No. 184914

its clips from her video on her fansly, it's literally softcore porn, she knows damn well why it was removed. She doesn't seem to care KIDS use tiktok.

No. 185027

File: 1638226926412.jpg (195.32 KB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20211129-094355_Twi…)

They probably used her pics as fatspo.

No. 185049

File: 1638256009659.jpg (557.38 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20211130-010227_Twi…)

Funny seeing her tweet picrel after tweeting this >>184532

No. 185068

She must be desperate after losing people that even paid for her stuff lol

No. 185082

File: 1638294180770.png (28.1 KB, 598x369, whatthefuck.png)

Sperging more shit she's read from 1 person somewhere ignoring the obvious holes in that theory. It's hilarious because the fanbase of modern MLP is largely men who purely get off to pony shit.

No. 185112

She's off put by that but not lolicon or pedobait porn? That's stupid as fuck.

No. 185127

She's not exactly smart. Her issue is: "Men!" so of course she finds nothing wrong with what she does.

No. 185177

File: 1638335986657.jpg (152.99 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20211130-232130_Twi…)


So I guess she finally admits she's a scammer and manipulator.

No. 185212

Yep, it's definitely going to bite her in the ass though.

No. 185304

File: 1638411043294.jpg (947.85 KB, 972x2959, Screenshot_20211201-210925_Twi…)


I'm pretty sure this bullshit. She always tries to make all her relationships seem like a work of fiction. Lol

No. 185305

File: 1638411187117.jpg (417.27 KB, 1080x1449, Screenshot_20211201-210839_Twi…)


And here she goes lying for sympathy. Especially with the therapy shit considering she still acts the same way. I'm pretty sure she's about to cheat on this dude.

No. 185307

File: 1638411937138.jpg (48.62 KB, 945x414, Lol Therapy my ass.jpg)

This is the same girl that says this shit and immediately deletes it.

No. 185399

wow so romantic, switch on top of a dirty toilet, the bar is surely high

No. 185436

File: 1638479584019.jpg (Spoiler Image,469.55 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20211202-092041_Twi…)


She posted this clip on her other Twitter and good lord, her ass is flat. Dude barely had anything to grab. Lol

No. 185455

I’m fucking cackling this dude grabbing air

No. 185497

File: 1638538730066.jpg (247.16 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20211202-232654_Twi…)


Micky is the last person who should be saying this. Girl has spent most of her time being completely delusional.

No. 185643

forever laughing at how she's easily twice these manlet's size, he looks so tiny underneath her

No. 185700

File: 1638651752373.jpg (374.57 KB, 1080x1267, Screenshot_20211204-155814_Twi…)


Pretty sure they don't force any to try and make someone buy the card. Also, credit cards are for building credit. The thing that helps you get a decent car, place, and a loan if you need it. Anyways, I'm sure Micky is lying again and she really could have just said she's broke and has no simps to buy her shit.

No. 185985

File: 1638810157538.jpg (584.33 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20211206-120121_Twi…)

So did she just abandon the other Discord server she has?

No. 185986

It's still active, it's pretty dead though and seems set up for people who buy her crusty porn. So I guess this one is for the "non porn" shit as if she has friends.

No. 185999

is there any place to find her nudes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 186007

begone scrote

No. 186011

Yeah, you can pay for her Fansly subscription. Don't come here begging.

No. 186013

Micky probably baiting by making us believe people want her nudes

No. 186645

File: 1639077417451.jpg (1.25 MB, 971x4320, Screenshot_20211209-141130_Twi…)

No. 186650

File: 1639078929775.jpg (759.36 KB, 970x3298, Screenshot_20211209-141322_Ins…)

No. 186657

She just trying to be her "bad ass bitch" self as usual. The same girl begging people to buy her content and spoil her.

No. 186667

She doesn't look like Trisha at all outside of being fat but it's pathetic she did this back and forth publicly. Like the girl said, delete the comment and move on

No. 186670

That person is transparently trolling and throwing shade while writing the lowest iq responses I have ever seen, not sure this makes Micky look bad kek

No. 186687

>can I ask you what made you say that?
That's exactly what she said when I refused to buy things for her.

No. 186688

As someone who used to have a crush on her let me tell you, you are defending her for nothing. She needs to grow thicker skin if she's going to be on the internet

No. 186690

File: 1639091867160.jpg (1.66 MB, 1920x2560, 21-12-09-14-38-41-309_deco.jpg)

Care to give us screenshots or at least some more details about how she was when you spoke with her.

It might have been the lips. Though, they do kinda look similar when Micky isn't hiding behind Snow filters, picrel. That said, at least Trisha has some sense of style and makeup.

No. 186693

You too, huh? She wants justification for everyone else's actions, attitudes or decisions but if you so much as question her's she'll either block you, manipulate chat to make it look like you're in the wrong or she'll go 'gangster' on you.

No. 186701

File: 1639095794900.jpeg (98.2 KB, 1100x825, FA51F8DE-CB1B-44F0-ADA9-EC30DD…)

Maybe the girl thought of 2011 gyaru Trisha when she scroll on micky

Why is micky so mad? I thought she wanted to be a Trisha paytas.

No. 186728

File: 1639105813407.jpg (890.51 KB, 971x3493, Screenshot_20211209-220710_Twi…)


Damn she's really mad about a dumb comment. Also, it seems like she's trying to get people to go and attack this girl bc she's made no effort to cover up her username at all. Typical shitty Micky bullshit. Love to see it.

>Girl…….see a therapist

Micky needs to take her own advice.

No. 186733

>Care to give us screenshots or at least some more details about how she was when you spoke with her.
Nope, not doxxing myself.

No. 186780

File: 1639138506760.png (57.46 KB, 1168x252, Lurking Bitch.png)

>Micky needs to take her own advice.
She really does, she also needs to stop lurking here, convo from discord since it was only here she was called out for her pedo-baiting, i.e wearing Asian ELEMENTARY kid backpacks while dressing like a little girl.

No. 186805

Seems like she forgot about how she was running a nsfw tumblr when she was underage, as well as posing nudes online while underage. Also, her sharing nsfw images of another underage girl out of spite. Then there's all the pedobait Japanese porn she posts and nsfw shit for kodomo no jikan, which was about 3rd graders trying to fuck a grown man. The bitch probably has a folder on her computer that would get her snatched by the FBI. So she needs fuck off with the nonsense.

No. 186818

File: 1639153678722.png (390.42 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20211210-1…)

>I don't dress like an age player!!!!!
Then why is her wishlist full of ddgl shit?

No. 186819

File: 1639153704455.png (185.97 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20211210-1…)

No. 186821

File: 1639153799265.png (209.76 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20211210-1…)

ageplayer shit.

No. 186823

File: 1639153852931.png (190.23 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20211210-1…)

This bitch is really doing some mental gymnastics to pretend she's a person she isn't but she's so transparent

No. 186858

It's the fact that she's not going to fit into a single item on her wishlist, but then maybe she's used to the burst sausage look.

No. 186879

File: 1639163026653.jpg (441.42 KB, 1080x1629, Screenshot_20211210-134401_Twi…)

She's still pissing herself over this. Embarrassing.

She really needs to just be honest with herself and stop it with the mental gymnastics.

No. 186880

You could easily censor your name. Plus I doubt Micky has enough brain cells to figure out who's talking about her here. I mean, she spent years thinking three people she harassed were posting here.

No. 186887

Because she can never be wrong, YOU will always be wrong and YOU have to admit to being in the wrong.

No. 186987

Nah, not risking it. I deleted her conversation anyways. Was really on the verge of posting it here though.

No. 187051

>not risking it

You're acting like she's gonna do anything besides cry to her bot followers and useless online "friends".

No. 187194

she does look like trisha. if her and trisha didn't wear makeup they do look alike in my opinion

No. 187604

File: 1639469281654.jpg (1.1 MB, 965x3741, Screenshot_20211214-022244_Twi…)


Micky goes out of her way to find some drama to stick her greasy nose in, christ.

No. 187724

File: 1639522413880.jpg (153.97 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_20211214-174950_Twi…)


Wild of her to say this when she openly admitted to masterbating to thoughts of Amina. Or how she posted pics of her disgusting room and dirty ass bong like it was cute. Or how she sold people musty, piss scented clothes.

Like, I need her to gain some real self-awareness instead of mindlessly tweeting.

No. 187726

File: 1639522906305.png (16.44 KB, 476x146, Youareweirdtoo.png)

The same bitch that says shit like this.

No. 187727

File: 1639522953561.png (29.3 KB, 676x193, And this.png)

It's safe to say she doesn't practice what she preaches, ever.

No. 187729

why is thinking about kissing weird anon

No. 187742

Nta, but I think it's the fact she brings up spit. Though, all these threads have better examples of her being weird.

No. 187767

I could give deets but since the conversation is lost I don't think it's good to bring it up anyways

No. 187773

You were likely bluffing anyways.

No. 187782

Manlet bastes ham kek

No. 187792

Not at all. I actually told the story at a lolcow movie night we had some days ago. I used to find her very pretty. Maybe if you ask in that thread some anon will corroborate.

No. 187798

File: 1639558026160.gif (778.04 KB, 358x200, 200.gif)

No. 187799

File: 1639560957992.jpg (558.75 KB, 971x1520, Screenshot_20211215-043340_Twi…)


Funny she replied to this tweet since for the longest time she was claiming to be "blasian" and posting in Japanese by using google translate.

No. 187800

“Blackfishing” definitely came before “asianfishing”, that’s why it sort of rhymes with “catfishing”

No. 187841

Uhhh, what does that have to do with Micky's response?

No. 189156

File: 1639866457788.jpg (242.24 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_20211218-143321_Twi…)

So she's either at Amazon or Fedex now. Wonder how long that's gonna last.

No. 189541

File: 1640073593424.jpg (195.31 KB, 1080x860, Screenshot_20211221-025252_Twi…)


I'm guessing she forgot about the times she ran away when someone wanted to fight her. Like they asked her to hit them and she cried. Not sure why she's acting like a tough guy.

No. 189647

File: 1640119697425.jpg (724.12 KB, 972x2387, Screenshot_20211221-154547_Twi…)


She could have made this point without involving a random person who did nothing wrong. I'm starting to think she has some form of a hateboner for asian women.

No. 189651

She has a hate boner for anyone who gets attention, especially more attention than her. Both her discords are dead except 1 or 2 simps, no one cares about her streams, anyone who tries to be her friend she immediately shits on them or schizo posts about them on twitter then deletes it.

No. 189675

She really things that black people (herself) should be praised for everything they do but she only spouts that because she wants to be included in her wish for all black people to be praised. Too bad there's still thousands of black creators who make better content than her and arent disgusting leeches.
Also gelled hair to the face exists in lots of cultures including white people in the 40s?

It feels so weird and gross that she bases her whole 'visual' personality and interests on and around japanese culture and white people bimbo stuff but then wants to act like no one else is allowed to touch anything from other cultures.

No. 189706

It's also weird that she thinks being "hood" and "ghetto" is the epitome of being black. Though, it's likely she has that view because she's lived her whole life in the suburbs.

No. 189753

File: 1640191520550.png (Spoiler Image,858.71 KB, 598x855, Noassbellytitties.png)

This chick has no ass..and titties down to her belly. Her body is too tragic for her to have the attitude she does.


No. 189763

More like a seething jealousy of Asian women tbh

No. 189764

Smells like vendetta in here who cares about this

No. 189765

We went so long without you crying about 'vendetta', what did she promise you this time? a free year of her fansly? a custom? 'pastel goth' tips?

No. 189817

Mucky obviously cares about it since she constantly complains about people 'making it big' ripping off other cultures and it's fun to point out how hypocritical she is and this is a thread about her so?

No. 189920

File: 1640234717625.jpg (619.51 KB, 971x2151, Screenshot_20211222-232936_Twi…)


Micky neglects to mention how she wanted people to pay 30 or so for absolutely amateur art. Her shit was not comparable to the art Maple makes. She also neglects to mention that people were politely telling her she should practice more before trying to take commissions. She was the one who started being rude and shouldn't have been shokced when people responded in kind.

Also it's bullshit that she calls it her coping mechanism when she immediately tried to make a profit from when she started doing it.

No. 190008

Her art is ugly garbage

No. 190138

Even putting this on 2x speed couldn't prevent it from being the most dull thing I've watched. She has the personality of a potato sack.

No. 190148

The body of one, too, woof. This "blasian" faking bitch has some fucking audacity trying to criticize ANYONE about appropriation. She's really so fucking butthurt she's not and will never be Japanese lmao. Pathetic.

No. 190336

that comment from years ago has to be the most traumatic thing to ever happen to her, based on how fucking often she talks about it.

No. 190337

File: 1640402288879.jpg (861.72 KB, 1439x2087, Screenshot_20211224-221638_Ins…)

also she confirmed she works retail, I wonder if it's amazon like >>189156 said, or if she's doing shipping for a store like target.

No. 190365

Nah, she's definitely working at Amazon. They've been giving 2k to 3k sign on bonuses. She's likely gonna leave in a few months though. She did that last time when she worked for them before.

No. 190366

File: 1640420965038.jpg (204.06 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20211224-170942_Twi…)

She's also butthurt about white girls making more money for less effort on nsfw Twitter. Despite there being just as many black girls in the same boat.

No. 190385

i love how fatty victimizes herself constantly and pulls the race card at every opportunity.
>my shit tier content isn't working
>must be the whyt wymin's fault

No. 190386

For real. It also doesn't help the "networking" she's trying to do by retweeting FAR better NSFW twitters/sex w